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 - Class of 1967

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my ww ff 2'Jf,yfW WWJ1 MV' lam? we WW WM M fjffgiif if iw Sjwga fdwgycas-- Q X7OW WW "1 W5 gp gg? MM My W H Q ,,.,1 ,ns :am M' , N 00 f5f."f1?2?f W W Wffffw fy' U5 X Jwffbfgljgzwgcgm fwgibwpwpfpw WG WUVOL 'fywu Wgyggjggwwigggwxgwg Mfl WXWU wgywg iggggofegw FWWA .H AME, QQ, My QN C1E9QjQNNG1UAk3g wyfvvd fdwvtlg, M WMM? , f xp L ' 'x . V 7-5 070 Af ySjSSiJQ'N,, WV gg Z,Wfff'Z"QU7g xy dcgfy km Mwlfff wi? Q4 df, 'K M117 ZWQLM Jxfidwfff EMM , W l WWW' 'TW W5i1fWW7W'5 ,N EB B Sb? TJ 3 Us Q 236 v is S Q 5 , Q 2 Q Ex 331535 W E ,gil 5 935-Zivwg ' CINDY' Dm Qlacwo Know , MGM. SIUCQ VCU! get mlfo 3g F y X Xlcmqubqg sm qorma naw, Q gqk VNQYQ woor 4 x4QdrS F ? ' imffeekw Sad 10 leevb 3 au mx, new Swmx kim, 3 YETWKTYQ' - , J? 5 ic '43,-f J' ygviwf Eiifw mi JY N if H 3 5l iiE 5a xiii ,ff MW6 1 a ,ff Eifgigg? WO! Vim? mfg iixz-QE ii? wfgiffcyifw f lu cy" fi 7 CMC f CL- ! Wa AA! kd if L Uyfyvf ,V 1 l V ff' RT X g 'lf KX U giff! mf A Q 4 1' UR. f My R 6, L qj ,La i A 3 tj UVACLO H !r6LCLh,f?fM"L ' , 'X X fb L 4.1 .45 fb IL ,fjcvwffywwb , A JQLH iw AULJX I C NK' I M" cpu! ,Mu ZW glib ffrpurzizj WT V X , bqqu , f Q , ' gjubbckfk k Q' 1 , v QR , ,gf J UML, Jo CMLJQLW fy it mf' Rv MQW I L f A AHL L 05694 f C1606 'vfefffk mba f ig! , X I WR .wlfffmpffx R R WU ff R A RL ' 1 'Y 111 . bb' 'M Lf M .3 jx if V23 we' 'V 9 43' '59 R J re Q, 'Y'-9 " V' ' L6 R. NJ' Vx- x X 1 tj: .,v, 3 , "J 1 , 'A" 'Qi MU' 5 JM R' EDITOR: BOB GRANT A ,ll . CO-EDITOR:DEBBY GRAFF v iw' -4 uh ,IADVISORI MRS. sl-IAHAN ' j CO-ADVISOR: MRS. ALEXANDER,-"4 I 2' Qu -4zf4f,1,,Q4 I fUf'f lf,, ff! J' ' , ,Ir , vs f . I, I ,.. 4,51 L ik Q , 1 W jf 4? JA 42.1 i, HAV, A .. Jus , xwbfiwu . Mb f VW df A flwvgkvlxtq , J mf' f, V V ' I R, K, ,, if .fq NR .RTV f ,LN V Rf A 'J J I-,JW L ff '-L1 A K I 4.41 TABLE CF A e fbi ,g f-T33 , Q g 5 5s I I . 'W 1 ! ,I as , ff in vs ,sg f N Q as V If va 1 f , g .qw ,W i 9 I t V ' H 7 tb , 1 f W A, w , g If " xii if E INTRCDUCTION ADMINISTRATION Pclges I-I6 six Pages I7-26 I I fxs' YN -v 3 f 5. 5 FRESHMAN Pages 55-64 X SPORTS Poges 27-54 2 gps A HS' , , 41' , ' I I EWQ53 " an .... ' 'fe.sf:.aJ'. ' ,.., . KV.. 75517 5 -A V 3 yn ai Y I ' 1 I I H if W 7592 ,QI I , A l " 'H " : r:5i5ifis'-:- is - Q-, Mm ,E ,wqxfk-gmc I ,Qs " 1-wg., SOPHCDMORE5 Poges 65-711 QQ Q U 47 wyofff Ig? svdgy Q? X f, If X E 1 a my f I S, N Ivo 1 ' -if X I . A Mwssi I - I JUNIOR STUDENT GOVERNMENT Pages 75-84 Pages 85-90 V, K . , A - ' J' ' .af ..f 'w QA. as 'K 4' 1, SENIOR Pages 91-127 ACTIVITIES Pages 128-156 3 INTRODUCTION Since the outset of civilization, man has lived in tear and awe ot that which he couldnt comprehend. Earthquakes were explained as the vented wrath at an angry god, tire to early man was a demon. Slowly, as understanding grew, doubt and apprehension were supplanted by assurance. Education is the means by which one gains assurance, for through education comes knowledge, and knowledge is understanding. The ancient Greeks realized the importance at a varied educa- tion. Plato, as paraphrased by Mortimer Adler, said on this subject: lt tollows that any society which abolishes the distinction ot social classes and which calls all men to freedom, should conceive education as essentially liberal and tor all men. lt should, turthermore, direct education, in all its parts and phases, to the end of each man's living well ... I' I f . ft A . , - ' , J ' 7 N A Q xg-1 Trl' fr L - H it It La or rr ' Ul . liiilx - cl x sf 5,4 X x,,XumX L K ,V x x ,J l ' , if Xt K -4 I 4 s 7 Q- wr 4 , - , as us, sr- i 2 -e-r t aw . li -p"triVkfex . - ,M T 'T to fi 't'Qzfl-7-1-aiu ce-rc cleccx Tkkvwvc f- Sslflftf Lt llxglvj Q xlxxkurix NN 5: -J DVM , Cilx lf-4 - is-ifslx C13 l .- Ocuqa.,l?' QNX .BLQJWLQ Orkol Klilcuf GLX? v L mic, T - l i to -vwcuosajggul Cuvee? ,-Ywclq Ck - is U Q'-'SXJL , I ATHLETICS Since long betore the Panhellenic Games ot the 1 ancient Greeks, man has gained both ioy and satisfaction from physical exertion. ln todoy's modern mechanized world, the methods one has of expressing individuality are tew. Through sportsmmodern man can express his individual- l ity, Through athletics-man can tind competition, teamwork, and leadership. ' , all Ljrirt gil ml Cxvsuwl Gmc' QSM lx awk 4, I 0. 7 1, A ' f 'f,7' l, J kxmflxse 4 ufccc alt,-J' sLl'7M'L OW QL we . I ' i l ' 1 ' . l X T: K Cl! V R 4 i 1 I, J V gr: W' , f""x .l ,Y Li 4 ,J i ' A V gig me aQ,glf5L Cf ' Y Tw 270' Jpi Jvi, fi 35 gf! . , f m f? mf-53 'JD WfM WfWbf1 A A A 59? 0 f,ffM,f ,WA ,WW f, Mfg? QW Q0 1 W ,WyW - gi 5, L g 5 ,ia J M of WM 7? Q k ff z mom 44 U e Q X 14 W f by-f I M Q 25 V9 V5 pf one 5 6 gf ,peffa " ef K 'mizwf 5 K 1 N For the mon sound an body ond serene of mmd There us no such thang os bod vveoflwer. George Grssing 5 , iV6,'yf,,. Jwfirjirwiitf lf' i- X L ,f , 0 X I ,np f ,tv yi' fi f I' Q! - A if W W 1 Jr i f X v i i Af Q90 A I VV ach of the tine arts, whether it be painting, sculpture, music, or ' dance, has one aspect in common with every other art-eoch is a 4 means ot aesthetic communication. Through his individual mode ond means at expression, the artist communicates his observations, im- I' pressions, and emotions to others in order that they too may have some part in the original creation. 7 fy fs K V Q , U Q! X .JK i A I 1 SI r , if 5 Q K' f i f J- QS! Yjjjfu X Lf ff i i i sw ff nc ve m H, ,, yy . 3 U 5 W 5' gi 5' CJ ws v X . -i . is fx Q i L Q5 is , mc e I CJ if YY fha , ,-is i Q .3 , of ia p ick ii.i , iv , X, s i i i ff gi ' iii ' i is qi r, -Q X . -, - , , N i I 175 3 N ga, xiii"-fir it 1 is W5 gf 'E ste 53 335232231 weflagfyiif IvyilIIf Hy' ,QQOI My ffm ' dy W Q S Qxfgp gif MSI I "In a democracy, a liberal education should b f I I M W and women born p t d d I d I If I t res onsible b f In T - - 0 IfIIIjcEJelIda CI dI S pp III? I fy IE p II III ?IdpIIII I? IZ hI S S work,T 1 Q df Ik dg db k f d :gm th d f Q X J of intell T I fy I b d d p d d d J gen llfh h p . XP -Association fA C II g 1 e IQ ii S Cv . W j A ic ""I I I' . 'W I' I, I .I eff I pc I keg W 1' , I' .- , f W J Y .. ff W . XZ 'mayb g. I Q 35. V 3 V Ia -.I I I'-iff i I , ' PM , f . If I ' I I W WF If LA , . 7 A p Z7 I 3 is' f : -H -.L Lin? 4 5- T3 4' L , s .' 5 J' , ,, -ff - iii? .4-'ezwi M' -- 1-gn Mr Q. .. f.,...1 A w ,p.-5zg,,, Q u -1: , ' . 1 Q Y " 0 I X ,, . ,gn P 1 h B s TN ' ' K . ,M - 41:32.4- I, 9. 'iff . 4, ty ul: 'J V If .1 ' ""mfvfvr1'7"""""'N9h'9ffff - 1: L. m 4 e 1' " ' ig- iiig mu .2 X Pm ,,.,...-nun-Q-wvw W+.h.i i 4 lf ' 'ffwi' 'mf ' 'gal ' i A- '-1 ,N I lt Q-rw , X 'J WW um' WI fi. V,,m,w,s -"" s . Q ik ', lQ,,+f'fi.Ii". . Q i l 1 i ll l ' ' Q 5 5 , l Q 1 5 Q , , Q l l i 1 hi Z 1 ' - - 4 f . il t A f i A i , ' W , 5, i 5 1 H- Q - V I , H - 3 g L 5 ! U 2 i .lb - li i , , 1 fi N J i 191 ' 1 igifaixq sf 9. - Y-is . ,if-gag. Jgfiw ' Q73 'L' i,U ,, Mcm is himself plus The books he reads. Henry Fielding 9 W 0jM,f.W UT! i fffrjptififggiri bf ' rc My vocATioNAL ARTS ! n world we are faced with the pressing situation ot having to "adapt" or W i Darwin states that the ability and ease by which an organism can adapt to its environment determines its success in the struggle for survival ln the develop with our society. Man is one animal that must be capable of mentally changing with the times in order to survive. Education is the means by which man may learn to adapt and improve himself. Education or learning takes two main forms, that which can be obtained indirectly or that which can be obtained through personal experience. In the vocational arts man learns to cope with the demands of his environment both indirectly and through personal experience or practical application. Preparing oneself to capably meet the environmental requirements of tornorrow's world miieessenceOffodoyseduwrion. it 1 lllllll 5 ullgll lift? M ll tilt s iillil ,- F ilillt r f l ri it if lt i s 1 X X X X TL' g f - tilltl W n c s W r -sf v f- W I0 Q - M-21555 f gf? 4421 LQL if 2 L e LL? GLJ fn ' l J milf 6' 'AJ ' F,l'fl"-144-ZL Q f Q4-' ' i ' 'Cui-1.1 Seq mom i 600 , ff . Q Ojlk sciENcEA MATHEMATICS Smell Since the beginning of recorded humon history, mon hos looked obout ca himself ond wondered. "Mon is o reosoning onimcilf' stoted the oncient E Romon philosopher Seneco ond it is this very reosoning power thot hos led mon to seek the key to the regulorities ond the very existence of life itself, The oreos of moth ond science were developed through mon's constont seorch for reosonoble explonotions. In the oreos of moth ond science mon hos attempted, through inductive ond deductive reosoning, to both understond ond improve his environment. Mon hos developed theories ond lciws concern- ing his environment ond himself. With eoch step mon tokes into the infinite unknown, whether it be the interior of the otom or all the universe, he builds upon the experiments, observotions, theories, ond lows he hos goined in the field of moth ond science. With this knowledge mon con findcnew formulos ond lows-with fhese he can build the future. - V ' N -6 . Ac, f lwflgy 'mf U ' 493' if Qkqfl-'T P JU MM! fy uw L, J' VU , i - f AJ' es , cf 6,01 ,UJ My , QXX U-If My - . I' i A M2,l'pJU J' ,JU l eiffv.. Q MQ! I W ufjlb .xo JM FJ JJ X j X Q , ' w e , K Qclbfxgjfeb - fe. V4 A Q, Q5 c . S X c 1 i 1 4 di y . fyfefw- A J, K Q K , ykvms g ,ki ' 3 Wit-V N fn' ., S? X 'xv i Q Y Q l N W sf- " A lf W Ms li ,119-:N pu Q ff-'W' .-LW 1 , ' EE ,rg 1 , ,fm X " XIX 1 Q. , .,,, , 1 l fb 1 K" 'sr , ' X " J : Ai'-nn, fl' f. .- . ., ,w , A Sfszegz p ' - 1 ' ..g, . A 1 gf A l K 4 s, ' "'iWx :I 1 "B , Xa, s ' 0 g .M ,,, -1, x, I 1 , ,.. L. , - -.1 , f ,ga f, l"'J'r1' , A - W xx M ,af V. , .ix ,. J ' ,r Y .QLLIX WJ, lv V ' Q:-4 .N.X4:i,J 4 X I , - if ' - AW a , r F ' .355 ' " L1."'2'."U-"-13 ii 3 "fri, A f .3 I .lv y ,fm img I 3 ! 1 1 Q, L 3 5 . 'z EK 2 1, S L 2 5 .TA V V f ml' . WM ,Y gy Es? 1 ' fx flu Wm fa, a -"Su, ii' - 'QfTL-.f ll 4' -,P.h I f 1 Q . if .. u,n.. ., XL , I Q 47 'li 4, W ff! s 3 if A x,,,4-:'gxq-.' A xl Q '55 J N 535 sw fag, ,. l , Q, 9 f V1 . ......-............. F, X xv 4 V I 6 a i D Y 5 V X N H T Q l 3 mf o-asf , ' ll Q-elif ai if .M 1 3.- M 'I 9x4 . M, EJB' lf qgpp r,,..,. , .W 'di f. 32 Q -llwlfv I5 Ox D'?D'Q6tUS?c'?! Mr. George Buonocore, in his generous concern for the student body, hos served in the copocities ot both sophomore counselor ond Director of Student Activities. During the six yeor history of Blocktord High School, his time ond ettort hove been continuolly devoted to the studentsAencouroging not only high levels ot ocodemic ottoinment but promoting hormonious studentsteocher reldtions os vvell. More notoble thon these odvisory services, however, hove been Mr. Buonocores contributions os on outstonding teocher. In o society doily more influenced by scientitic odvoncement ond technology, on elementol comprehension ot this bronch of humon leorning is essentiol to the well rounded ond enlightened individ- uol. Through his excellent instruction Mr. Buonocore hos potiently tronsmitted to his students G bosic knowledge ond understonding ot the world ot science, thus helping to stimulote in them both logicol ond creotive thought. Therefore, to Mr. Buonocore-the teocher, the counselor, the scientist, ond the mon-vve, the yeorbook stott ot i967 grotetully dedicote this sixth edition ot SAGA. lt it wwiiywwflf 15 -re fs' 1. :visa ss- :Q ,gsm , ,s 'ss side : ms mf iw , , ,w-u-, his ,mf N M' 1' -yn' -LLL? --15 -435 W ' w s ww. -nfl' an 'W if N , 'V LJ ,, . 1-7-v'7 ,Q -4 I Lm an 3 .Q fp Q Hard? 9 'Y s..,m 1.9 4 2 'I FF , ..,....-.-,, ADMXNXS I d' Lk X WW wax .QR w fX Qf'vx bow 0 QLL-'6v'x xxx L- 1 May I congratulate you on this T967 Yearbook which reveals so effectively the activities and inter- ests of the students of Blackford High School. Your enthusiasm, spirit and energy are reflected throughout these pages. The Board of Trustees of the Campbell Union High School District ioins me in expressing our hope that the efforts of the staff of the district to provide educational opportunities for you, both in the class- room ond in your many activities, have resulted in stimulating many new ideas, incentives and goals. We are pleased to see evidence of high standards of academic performance and general excellence in the school. To the graduating seniors of Blackford High School, I extend my best wishes for a successful and happy future in whatever endeavors you may pursue. We trust you will remember your years here at Blackford High School as a significant period of your life. Mr. Laurence J, Hill Superintendent of Schools Assistant Superintendents Mrs. Andres Dr. Montesano Mr. Russell Board of Trustees E. M. Arends D. Y. Goble W, N. Lloyd V. R Rutlen Mr. Murphey not pictured 18 My hearty congratulations to the seniors in the class of l9o7, lt is highly probable thot eoch of you has felt, at some time or other, that graduation seerned so terribly far in the future-now at last the long awaited day is near at hand. The time has come to gather together the results of your four years of effort and use these results as a sound foundation to your future success. May the knowl- edge and- experience garnered at Blackford High School serve you well in your future. s s A wifi X -- X K , f xvf M X I Q if Q vidio V vibe? X-s ' , ' "S Mr, Verdun P, Romer X - - i Xxmk QXOQLQ Principal onvyuirx o QQ go X QC W V in -0 Xi My Q! Q r- A kyb XQQ TLC. X1 up N3 Q X UQ A lt.: X U ,Q QL C91 iii? ,AN WX YXQS I7 l XC 6' ft - A ftt 'fc Q s i .l l . . Qt ' fy wr Of sewer iuists Q4 X-5.1 X .852 C C70 A V bb l if 2 Q , 1 2 5 he 9'f WN QN Kg? mm X95 W 03091-yfb' ., 643 2 Nu-3 - X C glow ,, . A N ,gvbxlxjg Qrgllxlx 9 jf, QL tggsffut .isif!g2CCgcxN Y Q U7 ' Qui? Mr, Arrnitsteod Director of Education e f X669 vi Dr, Bennett Mr. Glaze Dean of Girls Dean of Boys 19 Mr. l-lorrrgon Mrs. Couch Senior Counselor Junror Counselor 'Zin QV' 1 f,iz",,'7 X ' 51,11 9 Mrs. Peterson Mr. Keeler Sopnornore Counselor Fresnrnon Counselor V. ""' :,.', Y V We " 5 8 -,nf : l I ,wi E: 5 1 rf' " F 6' -' Q T -,Jl..,..2 MJ -,gl 3, 4 K 1 I' Mrs. Durr Mrs. Fechfer Mrsr Klnzle Mrs. Owen Medlcc1lSecreTory Llbrorlon ASslsTOntLll:JrC1rlon Text Book Clerk 20 mfg? mf B .B WM 'VK Mr. Abell Mrs.AlexC1r1der Soph. Scrence Englush Mr. Bender Mrs. Borwsor Moth English Y Mr. Browning Mr. Buonocore Moth Clwemlstry, Gen. Scrence W , FAC-liLT 4.. A I Mr. Allvm Mr. Arwglus Muslc Physlcol Ed. Mrs, Briggs Mr. Brlclloclclw Spcmlslw PhyslcC1lEd. Mrs. Chew Mrs Clfulcorf Englrsh, SpecrolEduco1lon Lcztm l ....-.A Mr. Cluff Lang. Lab., Spanish ,W MW, li- Mr. Coadeyre French, HISTOVY M155 Cunningham Mrss DeCarh Mr, Dempsey English, Home-EC. Physrcal Ed, Speech 'I' ix Miss Dravecky Mrs, Drexhage Mr. Dragon Hlstory Home-EC. Hlsrary 1 2,1 514.1 A f? M ss C, ss M C Q X ' a -X f 2 Mr Dyer Mwss E1lus Mr, Evans Hnsrory, Physucai Ed. HISYOFY Musxc 22 Mrs. Cooke French Mr. Culp Soph. Scrence Mr. Dockendorf Busrness Mr. Dunfon Biology, Gen. Science AAV,FC1ViOS Mech. Dravvnng, Graphrc Arts Mr. Fisher Bioiogy 4 Mrs, Grolnorn English w" my ia' i 13 Yf"""' , i L? '.k.k S Miss Holbrook Home-EC ii K Mr. Freifcis Record Keeping, Typing Mr. Holl Hisrory, Milirory Science Mr. Holiby Moth Mr, Gorcio Mr. Glondon Spanish History qw Mr, Honseli Mr. Horris Reading Lob Arr Mr. Hunt Mr. Johnson History, Physicol Ed, Soph. Science Soph, Science Mr. Jones Mr. Kruppenbocner English German ' - - As 1 5 A .'3"2f5-v , . .fy 5 Ql ',Q--'Afwia ,. v ' ' V 1 iff -sf wars pig. 1 V , 1 , bi""f:a' as-is L12 7 . 1 , 1 Mr. Kuckuck Miss Kunde Moth Plnysicol Ed. Mrs. Lozono Mass Momfull Art Physica! Ed . . L Mrs. Mitchell Mr. Moon Moth Dnrector of ACTNWES, Soph. Science .qv gg !g"K.J h "' . ff' Q 1 Mr. Nelson Mrs. O Leary Hrsfory Shorthand, TYDIHQ 24 Mr. Like Auto Lob. Mr. Loevvus Enghsh Drama, Mrs. Little Enghsh Mnss Mr Morhroserw Mr McGu4re Hrsrory Moth, Physlcs, Scrence Mnss Moore Erwghsh Mr Mourwreer English Mr. Poddlo Long. Lab., Spomsh -sv- Mr Po pvvorfh Hnsrory 7' W M Moth Mr. Reynolds Wood Lomb., Gen. Merols 'Q- fl .3 . Mrs Sqwer Physrcol Ed lar 1. QW: Mr, Pesut Physrcoi Ed. 3 Mrs. Scbofelh English Mr Srogrwer Soph Screrwce Physrcdi Ed ,aw Mass Porwcey Mr. Roley Typrrwg Soplw Scwervce Busmess Low Mrs Shchon EngNusI'v - .M I 'Q X ' Mrs. Townsend HwSTOry Mrs Voccoro Business AJ ff, K.. X 55. -. A Mr VVorreH PENYSICOL Ed Mr Skromme ErwgMsr1 Mrs. Uh! Phy51COlEd, Englssh Mrss Wmslow Moth Gen Screrwce fix 'WN Mr Yue METONS Mr. Singleton, Mr. Connor, Mr. Dearborn, Mr. Raines, Mr. Thrift and Mr. Troia lkneelingl CAFETERIA STAFF BUS DRIVERS at as 3 w-cv Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Wrigglesworth, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Moretti, Mrs. Titus, Mrs, Swan, Mrs. Swenor Mr. Spears, Mr. Johnson, Mr. McGee, Mr. Murray, Mr. SEC RETARIES CUSTODIANS Mrs. Cardinal lseotedl, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Flaming, Mrs. Fuller, Mrs Perry, Mrs. Skeen, Mrs. Scott 3192052315 S CHEERLEADERS nne Hulsey Head 5 2 H S O v Y Debbie Nissen 28 A Porri Fen SONG GIRLS Jill Nygren A. 1,1 Jon Crump Stacey Spouldmg 29 Becky Nickeil mx uf, Nw- Corolyn Woytus 3 .,, ,fn Chris Yoshihcro Head CROSS COUNTRY FOOTBALL A I J C AND D BASKETBALL 30 T I VARSITY FOOTBALL . . n . I . . . , , -- wwwn9nvfw2Sr.:+fgQ1.,,.-rw...i.: wise- 7' l - - - i' 1' ' .Q Row l. C. Potfier, J. Peterson, L. Sherman, R, Morrisey, S. Wills, J. Bloomfield, J. Whiteside, R. Adams, J. Momsen, T, Abraham. Row 2. B. Kubo, C. Baker, J. Guraro, C. Ratkovich, T. Flood, S. Honna, L. Dunham, J. Ireland, K. Burg, R. Wright. Row 3. M. Zimnicki, B. Rose, B. Hennig, R. McGcughy, D. Hoppin, F, Cote, G. Dickenson, G. Butcher, M. Panus, F. Spratling. Row 4. J Woods, C. Kloes, G. Oiedo, J. Smith, C, Wiggins, M. Shaw, H Schaefer, M. Sharp, M. Lombardo. Row 5. T. McEvoy, J. Henard G. Langworthy, J. VanFIeet, M. Rice, J. Duke, Mgr., M. Fitzgerald Mgr., N. Bennett, Mgr., B. Grant, Mgr., B, Littman, Mgr. 31 VARSITY STARTE RS ia. wing 7 u 3 ir' ' - , 4 w..,,,,r has Ron McGaughy - ' All League Halfback 6 Senior H Tim Flood Quarterback Frank Spratling . . . .V f V Q Duane Kubo Junior Halfback 'hnzclxmggii'-de 9 Halfback Senior ' T "3 K x2.n S J'- K K Craig Ratkovich h Guard h Senior fr T., :' - I , , :TJ K 5 2 V- lg Chuck Poitier A Bob Rose All-League and All-Central Coast Center - End fx Junior sl Joe Ireland ' L.. Tackle 5 K ggvv Senior 1 . .51 1 Q r 8,5 ' . tg' r 31,4 1 .ri er- r ruu r, T ' ' f V -::'x s r rzw rr'r-- .T A he , f.,:,. , Jeff Momsen John Peterson Frdnk Core End Tackle Guard Junior Sophomore SGFUOI' COACH PESUT SCCREBOARD Blackford 27 Mitty 12 Blackford 7 Mission San Jose Blackford 6 Leigh 27 Blackford O Del Mar O Blackford 12 Campbell 19 Blackford 6 Westmont 14 Blackford 13 Camden 6 Blackford 29 Los Gatos O Blackford 21 Saratoga 21 COACH'S MESSAGE The 1966 Blackford Braves fooled the experts. After being picked to finish in last place in the conference and being faced with the possibility of splitting their two practice games, the hard hitting Braves were able to compile a 4-372 record. The season started with all positions wide open, to be filled by the young man with the most ability and a desire to work. There were surprises and disappointments in the battle forthe various iobs. We feel that competition for positions made our season a success. Very few were secure in their iobs-there was always a competitor ready to take each position. Although no title was won by the 1966 Braves, they were in contention all the way. We won our first two non-league games and had some momentum going for us. Then for four weeks we were hurt by fumbles, interceptions, and penalties. Our opponents gained by taking advantage of the mistakes we made. Our offensive unit had some problems maintaining consistency in moving the ball, yet Ron NlcGoughy, Jim Whiteside, and Duane Kubo did an excellent rushing iob along with the receiving of Skip Adams and Jeff Momsen. However, it was the play of our defensive unit, led by Chuch Pottier, Bob Rose, John Bloomfield, and Tom Abraham, that kept our opponents from moving the ball too well. Our defensive unit helped us score at least seven touchdowns in our last three games by taking the ball away from our opponents via fumbles, interceptions, or blocked kicks. lt is our hope that we developed a sense of PRlDE'this past season which will carry on for many years to come. We can attribute our team success to a team effort. Most of our squad will return in 1967. We hope that the competition will continue to be strong for each position. No man can afford to let up or someone else will have his iob. Our motto for next year is "He can who thinks he can." 33 COACH BRKLJACICH HOMECOMING PRINCESS: ELLEN ROEMMELE QUEEN: SALLY DANZER PRINCESS: WENDY MACGOWAN .9 A-Q 1 966 .J .dwwdfai , - Q 35 FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL L i i 1 l il ...Ll x 'il ' W. f. 4 if "lI"4lwf' 4 ig R J if P -rf Row lg M. Ratkovich, R. Jost, W. Cox, T. Gemigrani, M. Flood, R. Mosely, J. Hutson, G, Heidinger, M. Grilly, K. Dike, G. Sakirna Row 2. R. Collette, V. Canestrino, G. Clarke, D. Duggins, R. Miller K. Shirnada, J. Little, T. Bradley, J. Kelly, N. Chase, D. Yoshiharo G. Targontos. Raw 3. M. Shimada, T. Perin, S. Welch, F. Dubois J. Williams, K. Yokurn, G. Gabent, D. Althouse, K. Copsey, R Kehrig, R. McDuff. Row 4: G. Slowell, M. Beigh, W. Rowe, R. DeloRoso, S. Corry, G. Deleece, F. Johnson, F. Williams, L. Whitsitt, Row 5: J. Clevenger, M. Wood, L. Walter, M. Vickroy, B. Curtis, P. Scholl, S. Cook, J. Judge, W. Brill, D. Richardson, Row 6: Coach Glandon, Coach Dempsey, Coach Williams. CROSS COUNTRY Row if B. Kirkpatrick, M. Rock, C. Walters, S. Neff, R Rudden, D. Andrews, D. Fichero, J. Rhodes. Row 2: D Rose, T. Fritz, E. Rhodes, R. Pouiade, H. Netter, Cantamount, G. Cuzner, Row 3. M. Whitefield, S. R 36 Westover, L. Schmidt, S. Bond, K. Larkin, G. Milam, M. Bailey. Row 4: M. Powell, M. Francis, T. Carson, J. Morgan, C. Thayer. C BASKETBALL ,ag 4. Row l: J. Sefhmon, R. Clorlc, D. Moybury , R. Wiley, J. Worden, P. O'Leory. Row 2: Coach Anguis, J. Houghey, M. Lnzenbery, B. Matsui, G. R. McMu1r, D. Gilovuch, C. White, R. Wight. lwwil C XX X . l X , X 1 1 J D BASKETB LL A Fl Row 1. J. Mosso, K. Brown, V. McGhue, L. Ellingson, M. O'Leory, J. Colluro, J. Yoshuhoro. Row 2. Coach Abell F. Polermo lmgnl, V. Houghey, M.Srevens, G. Jensen, G. Toketo, J. Grossodonno, E Pnnon, T. Bonguovonm, D Abrolwom lmgrl. 37 BASKETBALL WRESTLING VARSITY BASKETBALL Row I1 M. Ucci, D. Abraham, S. Adams, J. Momsen, N. Sinnotv, T. Flood, Row 2: L. Cooper, R. McGaughy, R. Toketo, J. Olsen, F. Palermo. Coach Angius, Absentees. R. Wright, J. Jensen, M. Sperou. BIG FIVE Jim OIsen Jeff Momsen Mike Ucci Neil Sinnott Skip Adams 39 BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD PRE-LEAGUE SEASON GAMES: Blockford Opponent 58 Willow Glen 61 39 Bellormine 60 69 Los Altos 74 BUCHSER TOURNAMENT 50 Bucnser 85 52 Sonto Cloro 46 64 Comden 45 SUNNYVALE TOURNAMENT 45 Sunnyvole 50 69 Avvolt 75 51 Son Corlos 53 LEAGUE PLAY 6l Los Gotos 4l 68 Westmont 70 51 Leigh 67 34 Del Mor 42 42 Comden 66 51 Compbell 38 48 Sorotogo 40 54 Compbell 40 52 Del Mor 69 60 Westmont 52 45 Leigh 6l 46 Los Gotos 45 46 Comden 54 55 So rotogo 47 , N, , ,., FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL 5 QR A Vf Row T. A. Tokefo, D. Yoshrhoro, M, Rofkowch, G. Gdberr, J Mcukee, B. Woodheod, M. Mengo. Row 2. K. Morkee umgr., G Oyedo, L. ToyNor, D. Kung, D. Henderson, J. Srmrh, B. Cwtvs, B. Kmght, Coach Sfogner LEAGUE CHAMPS Greg Oiedo-M.V.P. of VVVAL Dove Klngfirst Team Alon Take-To-Second Teom Q i Dove Hevwdersorwrl-Iorw, Mem. VARSITY WRESTLING 45rur IIZS5' ,. , ,J N I' ff -fi'1?,,,.z Left-Right: C. Golden, J. Grassadonio, M. Murata, D. Stowell, S. Feliciano, J. Wilson, R. Mosely, C. Wiggins, B. Patrick, B, Rose, M. Lombardo, JUNICDR VARSITY Row It D. Andrews, B. Pitts, G. Castle, O. Samaripa, R. Westover, K. Self, D. Cucuzza. Row 21 J. McEntee, D. Pitts, M. Rock, J. Williams, P Salazar, M. Santos, M. Salazar, J. Kramer, W. Alexander. Row 31 K, Dike, R. Miller, D. Coleman, J. Peterson, D. Vorheis, H. Brauner, K Anderson, D. Zebell, D. Phelps. 42 ! WRESTLING IN ACTION GOLF SWIMMING TENNIS BASEBALL I J WP blv- Q -I', Q I Lfh,- I I ,.,. ,..., -, L' K',- gg fij i .1 ,LL. ,.,. . 'gsvh .. wg . . arf - 2 ,TY :":i' 'f 'Q ,- -: , Q, I Q! , an W if is I , VARSITY SWIMMING ROW I. B. Grcnt Mgr., S. Getslo, B. Youngblood, J. Olsen, B. Kull, J. Froehlich, J. Woods, ROW 21 Cooch Worrell, C. Thoyer, J. VonFleet, H. McGee, J. Hitchcock, R. Robertson, D. Clore, G. Winebor, S. Clark. Not DIVING TEAM For the post six yeors the Blocktord ROW I. G, Winebor, S. Clark, S. Sorgenti, R, Winer, B. Scott, Vorsity swimming teorn hos held the leod- ing spot in the West Volley Athletic Leogue. Under the opt cooching of Mr. Worrell, the Bloclctord vorsity hos led the W.V.A.L. Lecigue, suffering only three individuol leogue detects during its six yeor chornpi- onship stre-dk. 1 I B SWIMMING Row I. M. Krebsboch, B. Froboni, D. Richordson, R. Smith, J. Vorheis, C. Bonner, R. Winer, S. Sorgenti. Row 2 C. Brown lmgr.i, D. Zebell, Cooch Worrell, B. Allen, C. Redfield, M. Wosch, J. Gill, B. Scott. C SWIMMING Row I: B. Crone, C. Donato, M. Santos. T. Griffin, Row 2. Coach Worrell, J, Cccollori, R. Coletto, D. Gilovich J. Kromer, P, Zeonoh. Not pictured. J, Clevenger. VARSITY TRACK Row l. G. Nash, G. Newgard, R. McGaughy, B. Stobbe, G. Masciocchi, G. Nystrom, M. Chiaravalle, T. Jarnagan, S. Neff. Row 2: K. Anderson, B. Cartmill, R. Taketa, B. Kolin, M. Donato, D. Fichera, R. Rudden, B. Kirkpatrick, E. Rhoodes. Row 31 B. Hennig, G. Dickenson, K. Lefstad, J. Morgan, D. Putnam, M. Sharpe, J Bloomfield. B TRACK Row 1: G. Clark, M. Wood, F. Williams, B. lmus, J. Jensen, G. Okazaki, R, Nantelle. Row 2: K. Brown, P, O'Leary, C. Longmeyer, T. Perin, V. McGhie, K. Yokurn, D. Hedstrom. Row 3: K. Dike, M. Rock, R. Pouiade, R. Putnam, N. Chase. 47 FROSH-SCPH TRACK ROW i. B. Pitts, D. Lawrence, M. Bonacorso, R. Webb, D, Duggins, T. Bradley, S. Cook, M. Whitfield, ROW 2 R. Kolima, C. Young, J. Massa, S, Takimoto, B. Guraro, M, Okashima, B. McKay, D. Mars, C. Langmayer, R Clark. ROW 315. Imsen, D. Jensen, R. Penandn, H. Landman, R. Mainic, S. Cuzner, M. Oba, M. Popoga, B Somers. 48 TRACK IN ACTION ,X VARSITY TENNIS Row ii B. Phelps, D. Zody, D. Bleokly, B. Lipton, B. Thompson, C. Hanson, J. Meogher, J. Rhodes, C. Kloes Row 2: T. Gentry, D. Turnoylmgnl, H. Field lmgr.l, D, Grocier, L. Hole, R. Wright, G. Ahrens, B. Bullock, M Lyons, R. Wight, L. Word. Not pictured: C, Wolters. A Coach Hunt VARSITY BASEBALL ROW 1. B. Liftmon Mgr., J. Guroro, G. Oiedo, M. Worden, M, Murcnc, T. Riley, C. Rotkovich, N. Slnnott, H Hondo, L. Cooper, D, Davis, ROW 2. J. Foy, S, Wills, J. Henord, J. lrelcncl, M. Ucci, J. Hobbs, D. Abrohom, T McEvoy, T. Abrohom, C. Potfier, F. Sprorling. M. Lombardo, F. Palermo, Couch Reynolds. 51 BASE ALL ROW l J Little G Sokima, R. Moseley, G, Gilbert, D, Yoshiharo, M. Flood, D. Ames, J. Williams J Worden M. Shimado, J. Campbell, M. Mengo. ROW 2. B. Knight, A. Taketa p--,,,- I T..,l-, FX ll'-- KAI F, fx ll,',l',,, AA !",L,,',h ROW l. M. Stevens, D. Oblak, T. Bongiavanni, J. Grassadonia, G. Migncino, C Whit Collura, M. Shranclal, J. Grossodonia, L. Ellingson, A. Hutchinson, D. Rose. ROW 2 Durieux, D. Yoder, M. O'Leary, M, Ratkovich, B. Calhoun, R. Kehrig, J. Borgeld Hinckley, B. Curtis, S. Welch, D.Oblak, B. Batinich, R. Santo, J. Yoshiharal VARSITY GOLF -Xa. . -4 ROW i J Velozquez, B, Lewis, D, Perosso, J. Jacops, B. Griialva, ROW 2: J. Momsen, R. Adams R Wright B Cronin B Stewart. 52 MQGQ .l'-J AAI-AAn A . 4 nnnnn ' rx- Row 1. L, Harbour, T. Bonner, S. Gallinger, M. Carmichael, B. Pesavento, L. Jensen, K, Matsui, D. Daniels, K. Orlando, J Stockord, C. Andro, L. Koehn, C. Tollefson, S. Fehr, M. Brand R, Gradel, E. DeKruif, G. Hargreaves, K. Bentson, R Weingardner, S. Keresey. Row 2: E. Schade, M. Griffin, M Andro, D. Getsla, L. Giordano, K. Cacallori, G. Snyder, C Moffatt, K. Sprague, T. Sowa, N. Woods, L. Catan, G. Finch K, Papuga, J. Tl'1rash,YC. wRude, S. Shanahan, R. Sunseri, G Obsniuk, K. Ryan,,N. Zebell, J. Rohe, D. Embody, P. Lindsay Row 3. J. Reyes, D, Crews, D. Barr, N. Hale, J. Backer, G Q , , Fuiikawa, P. Cavallaro, P. McCraney, C, Crombie, S. Moore C. Koehn, P, Lake, C, Sturgeon, D. Harness, L, Martinez, D Russell, C, Robinson, P. Smith, K. Banfield, K. Snyder, S Dobrin, J. Keywood, K, Kelly, A. Reischies. Row 4. J Farnham, J. Santo, K. Stagg, K. Hall, J. DeMay, L. Har greaves, S. Clark, D. Gipson, C, Cook, N. Butler, C. Evan gelho, D. MacKerricher, M, Sims, D. Snyder, K. Silva, B, Quirk S. Batinich, B. Clark, M. Curtis, D. Ryan, R. Crews, M Eyerman, M. Martinez, G. Murdock, C. Hannah. 1 11- rn- 44 L A L , Q v l ll A-44 . L,- 1 . - . i -tw Q V-., 1 f I B ,Nl Qual? im 1 Q D in D ir 7 .v L X4 W fp. Row lr R. Winegardner, J, Reyes, G. Fuiikawa, C, Andro, J. Becker, J. Stockard, L. Martinez, C. Robinson. Row 21 K. Orlando, A, Reischies, B, Clark, M. Curtis, C. Cook, M. Andro, C. Moffatt. 53 A.G.A. IN ACTICN MOL-A54 QQ:n'::-"""""""f,f" ,, , vmpagk , W. ,wg M., is W 'i IC? Q1 J S H . - yv ig, L W, yy J X-W WMV U A- SK Q V1 VM 4 I L1if z E qjjijgxxqf XXQVL 6,1 if J, ,A J 3 LJ K p N U7 " MX X UXQ M PM L W' Q Q by L, M X J N L ,, 5 K A Ry J V 1 1 I-lj 2 XV If A4 , Quvxkj UFM ,U U as FE SHMEN W ,X My 1, WMV " 4 Lfu ' JVN ,VHXJV E ,970 QW GMM Aww A SUNX V ,wx W V 5 Q X SPRING CABINET Ric MCNUH President Chris Wilkenson Vice-President Nancy Ze bel I Secretory Jan Otto Treasurer FALL CABINET Mark Ratkovich President Nancy Moody Secretory Kathy Ryan Treasurer Marg Pellinini Vice-President E2 sf. L L 1 A LL L L .. L n -Q - . N.. I . - . .. K -. -LLL L ' ill i 1 f .553 ...M .. . ' f ka vw 9' LLPL ' -'I -,-, . S L L L ,..v 2 . I .A ..- :, 3. -.,.,f .Q f .2 Inks y z.5'.fA5 m, A. Adams, A. Ahmonn, B. Alford. C. L Althouse, G. Andersen, . Andro, N. - ' Anelo,R. -Lu .LL , 'J' J LL L? L L ' Andrews, L. fL x 1' lla' A ,LL L ms L 2 3 3 s L ,L 5, ,, t N , W . . . Aubry, P. 1 . I :L - f ,N Avalos, R. fl lf Q . -. ' "W f'f Axtell, D. J. A 7 .Li ' Q 'W' .K -+JffQff Azevedo, J. ' ' L I 'f 'fs ' W Bacon, C. LL L L. I 4 Bader B. "-F . 4-f""-' ' . Y if V BMW Jr '-1.5 A L ......-. . W BG-ley. M. L K lfgmf' Boker, J. - ' 4' "' Bales, P. 1: "SJ 1' " J .A ' Boltstrert, J. -' j Q Boltstrert, M. flix M ,. .. 'M' ,Lwf ,liy LLL L 7 Sf Banfneld, K. Q L .. ,Q L, is L A A 4' S W Q Bonford, G. -' 1' h A X ... , L " A-'A il L , Bardo, A. L Eg, . Bos.. .... . Borgelt, J. Lak .f A - , Barrett, J. l lt I . "er . L . .lg ,Y "" ',,, . Bauman B. gg Wav , L ' iw. Q" , .gg Q' Batfnoytclft, D. LL .A 1 . L' f- ll . . 'fi Baty, C. LL -"" 1- M ' Q! It A , L ,,.' S 'A foL Boumgorten, L. L gi, . -W . ' 1 t K A A in L ' 7 A HH.: Boun, S, t7"1"-ff 2 ' f f LL . ... . ,, if 2 Bow R - L - J. :Q . .W 5 I V . W., 'L' . N .. I lv-.Q .521 Befkef SA , 'isx . K. Belanger, L. LF ,A ' LL LL ,LL L , ,.LL ' Bennett, M. . .ei . L BL WX L y . 1 M ,HM .5 Berry, C. 2 L A . ,L -S ,Sa t B' is B h t . 1 1, ' L l A - ' f es ore, . , I " ', 'J A LL A Q Q KL Bully, s. -if ,1' ' .-- -- ' B.. Lg A 3 .fi 4 Y' Brsbee, K. 1 L f- f l A 'ff' Blake, R. y P I X-X LL 1 1, ' t 1 . s Boehm. L. of sl' ' BOSFHVWQGV, W. f L .van t - L L Bonocorso, R. ' J LL A ' M' ' ""L 3' L 1 ff Bond, S. ,- N , l L Bonguovonnn, T. L LLL' " .-' . . L 5 't , L, .. Bonner,C. -Q' - 'L Nt L., - . A -ff A 1 fl " Bofden M- Q ftw-. Q t A f for .s.ttt. lf l BW Vt s st l to . .22 ' '- I - - J W ff B0VQeldt J- 2 - - P' - , My A as ink' K ' Q " Bornstein, M, N555 ,LL mm' l Wm Bull B B . A ,fit A A A' 53. LL L at Brink, L. N' 'A .. L xi 'J .,f'LL m l W? l f E Broekemeur, T. 1 is LL g , fl' f ,L , Q all r Brose, K. A L I - 'Kr r dmv. ', L . Brown, R. J , X ' - 7: X 1 fix' l Brown, V. K - - . , ' ' ' if! . X lx 6 ' f ,ai is Bryant, J. ,, L,f"" L L . Budd, D, , L u L, s g Butcl'ter,G. . - V ""' - "J A L' L L L 8 . 5.5 Burners. . " A-Q W . we +A lf" 't' -A - 1 .' , ,gif . SL, , -. t . ii--r -val Q 5. -V - Butler, G. .., K 1 W L - . , QL ' 5 -st... . 'gif ' 'J Butler, P' A J . I M L .. 4 Cowtlof., J. .ex A A l ,ff A r ' , V5 'gms Codotte, P. J ' L, -L B1 t jl y J Colamua, M. . L . Callwounn, B. LL ' A . '.' lla in , Campbell, A. L y Q L3 3 ,? L LFS " A "' L ". "H JL CQmpben,J. A Q5 . . J. . L . L L 'ft Clif Cannon, C. H 1 ' B gg ' . G A f' ,L j H.. I vi 'P' 'Q ka Copnlla,J. Ein LL? -LM 's,. ., A . X A , A . COVGVOL ML - L L LL L H .LM L L L L XLLLQL L:- CC"9"" L' L T in-il 1-I Q"'aTiFw 2:kr-iii . 57 Carmack, M. Cornett, N Carney, V. Carpenter, E. Carroll, D. Coson, P. Castle, G, Cavallaro, P, 'Y' L Y C .7155 - B?-r . 1 5 two, J if Aibq the v lll . AVQI waowgf ,. J fr A Clwristoplwerson, C. J Chrlstensen, P. -f Clerley, K. ' Q- ,. Clark, R. 'sv' L Clarot, K. . X I C Clevenger,J. , J 3 Clevenger, S. e L LL ,KL ,,,, ,,,', L 1 s x. Q Coffaro, J. fl 19151 , ,im - Colletto, R. 'W f M A Calllns, K. L .rf Q L 'L L :N L xi. L gL Collura, J. fl L "' i ' rl' L .. ' KL , TL g f ' L Conune, S. 5 ' l if D L. Y ," H Conn,C, D -fe H or J, A ' COOK 5- -'gf if M ei elf.: - . or ..,, Cook, T. t K 5 545.55 .L . Cooke, M. f J J X - 4' Ns at J f fi..fziS2 fr 2 N -' ff 'rs Wh' wal Cope, B. L - ' , Cornlslt, D. 3 ,, I L A. , .Q , - ' H Costa, S. .av - L -A L L gw , - D I fi , v' Courtney, C. . N. V ' .L L -.4 Crawford, B. D ,L in L.. ,LQ . ,. . '- , Y . Oowyoyd NL LLL L, l , X Lf ' I 'r ' Crews B. 5 1?-'fGE5'59'bg5? 3 it lf5'f'i' f v x f l4,5a,g7a,.,,,fRi' 3 V 3 ! ,,,:, .,-gf 3 6 .L A L. Crone, R, L ' ...Yi-9 .fftfifeffi W1 -1?-If ' 1 L K -if .1 5 , . ' : I .QF 1 1' fb., L Cruaano, M. , 5 .. A Currle D. .Q J 5V . s ' f L ri ,, , , Curry, S. , J " Q . 'x Q L 61 Cortls, B. D A' N L ' . QZLL ' 'J V V DONQJS D- I 1' r . 'M ' Davrdson, s. ,,-2 W, De Krult, E ' 1, 'Q .. ,-ntl., Delee, K. ' ' - 1 AQ: CMV A 'I .sims Deleece, G. L . :tk r I Demonla, 5. HEMA Y Li ' L ' L WL Dietz, R. LL -A -I , 5 ,. , - nf, " NL, ' DiMarla, P. ' 'ti ' -,QU L 1 .WL L uf - L DlMarco, J. L. I C x J, gif- 'fr QL, .N . C J Dodson, C. Q -jr, v x L M L L Domrose, J L- A LIL ig as L Donato, C " " .. ' ' 5 Donnell, M. ,, , Dorman, E. gg AQYW , . L V L AL .L Drecl1sIer,R. . ., ' X If . 'HEL Q, " DUbellG- .fl .N , U r ffl. L -. , ' -r ' Dubols,,F, QL Q L ' L fn ,. MQ ," r r Duder, D. LAT so A A , L ..,.., . V Dunnugon, R. L 5 qx . '. Q ,W x , J CD'D 1 " 1 . -l E' Dur1eUx,R. 5 lZ'5?'nwx!4M ' 1..misa'e.1 of W5 ' H . . L 5 J Dye, D. LQ ' L K ix!! ' L Dyer, J. 6 f ' A I - , I Elben, G. N 4 J L . L 1 , ,L 9 1 5 LL ' in -s Ellnngson, L. . LLL, J -'WF' . 'Y ' J LR Emerson, M. V "' - x D V Q 5. - f- , Erlclcson, R. . 4 ,Q LL GDN L 3-yi. . .' ' L 25 x . 1. Espinoza, G. Ld' L' K- A L Fogalde, S. t V .., ' . L Faurclath, P. V N L' wr' " f- L ',,,'u " -'visit 1 Q Farwell, B. 'J -A L A I 3 Faulkner, J . L A A., H ' , Feldman, M. My 1' ' ' L Feluclano, G. , Fell, P , Freud, H, 58 . ...Wd . W. A fr b ,, 3- ' mm, K. W K 7 N t . Flsber, E W .,,,, .,, .rf fi. ,Q . ' "' K .Vw in Ford, J, "W F E ,. . A Sr ' , F .,,' , b v , 0 wi ,V Fowler, J. ow. f - 1 .1 1 f r f A ,K ,:.-- Zf 'Y 2? 5 wr, 1 A K I N ., 1 Fowler, S. 6 I ' ... , -,Akasa . .V ,. J: ks fhlvrwkr Frgme! JIFM H y X K3 .,.,. Q ,,g. Frankun' L, A , 'rr 1, ' f,55:.,,'Qf,. g Froser, D. K - wx M Q' I Frederick, S. . ,I X v. . K gk Fry, I.. A . . x A "' " Fucl'1rgoml,A. V W . wg mf J F Fujino, A. I x , Q Gobent, G. - J 4 ' Gollrnger, S. , 1. Gc1rdnser,C, - V f 1 H Garrison, S. N ni C3 . F . Q 1 3- Geyvon, P. F"r-ig t -f 'Q ' . F . Gillrnlng, B. F . ' it 1 - g' I Gillrning, B. My - , Gilovuch, D. ' J- Godwan, B. 5 - V 1 Golden C. . ,L F- H A . Gordon, C. . af Q ' -'H ' 2 Q 'Wi Gordon, P. 0 Q v. 329 .. Q f i ff' mf J Gorln, P. QA i K o W - ie ' F . ,' ' 7 ' . A5 3 . - Q, 5 . I j J Gossoge, I, - .V n its -- C N 5 . 55 1 'ixk f 2 , J . Grossodonio, J. - V. J QL A 5 ' Grossodonus, J. A rf Qi nifty! Grou, C. 2 J C . I x . 2 4 y K 'Q K ? GFGY, J? Q-- 0. n ' ah .H 'F A , Green, T. D ' W A to D Gregory, G. -1 'S g F -mf? xy 12" Gregory, S. A JS' 'X V ,V x W V. . . F M' H .5 .. wi Grnffun, T. r - - VV 'K jg f' F f '."' ?'.."'.-'? f""""I-" xg Gunderson, M. - 'Z LU A - Hole, J, A X, ' fa K K ' , 1 . X 5 Holl, D, f 'Q -f - Holl, K. . V 1.2 I VA? -J A Holiodoy, M. A fgf V WL r ' Gif- ' J,.J Holsteod, D. . " P, 3 A 1 - I , . 4' W a V Hornslton, J. "' T . lga .t A " -f 2 A Hornmond, L, ff . - :.- Y,-r ' ' Cf J F F Ho nd, B. l ' .5 wig, . ' W 5 Honkes, S. A in Q, .I I Hannah, C. fs F ' ' A in Ho nsen, J, K . Horbour, S. f " . -' ' 'W' . Horgreoves, G. , .E -9. ' fr A A ' -. V 'J ' Houghey, V. ' F J . 'V f H9dI9Y, B- A , , if G C . F ,'.. 4 Heggen, L. f ' 'Q' W 1 ' V . ....' - .5 .,.. Hershbergerl J' - 8 'N V J Q 3. . - . " . .ir --A K ,Q Huggins, C. .b 35.5 5 Hulderbrond, K. V ' F Hi", M .. V . . . J fl is Hlhony K- Q Y zrfl., Vx If . .-. Jw , H.nCkmey,5. .Y ' Hobbs, V. A M . KF A I K A A J.. 'K Hodges! 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LL LLL L .w f Yi L :www ,J Marti, C. g V LL M0 rti, K. . rr 'K ' 5 um M0 f ti melt M4 X L 9' Massa, J. . Moro, P, .. mi, Mathias, D. LL 1 "" ' Matsui, B. X. LW L L 'ir 3 Mavrakis, S. ,L ' 3 Moyburyl D, Q McCabe, L. L LL L L McCraney, P, - 70 McDonald, C. rss if "i"t ,igw "'- fr, ,fi , MCDUH, R. . I A . N . - McEmee,J. - A 9 Q Q Q. :Y J 6, W A .,:, Q I . Jzf' P Mcliorlond, G, P 4 S... Q I Q Q A V Q ' " . in A J' '- Mfohae, L. 13 ' N 1,4 Y if ' J ' M J Mcl-efmcnf N' wr. . f .,. I Q, ffl. 'P V- ' gli mcmimionl J, rm... I - 1 Vi. 15-NN .. V .Q E C I lon, . , , J, " 'S H., -7 . ' f J Mehllng, C. gig y " W . X Mello, J. f f P Mendence,J fr G .5 A my ,W K 1 5 Mingo, M. fn ' it A , , .f we 'K 2 nt , M , .., r Metzger, D. X J, 'M ' 7 ,' A i if 5 ' ' N, Yr f Mietzel, D. , P ' fl'-fjill A m f , L. . y millet, DM ,., X' ,- A 2 , ., . it lnlster, . 5 Paw ,, Q Q Qi . L Q. 1 . , 'Q Miyake, M. Monte, R. fl M , Morris, P. 3: N Morse, K. M , . , V Moseley, R. A lf s f V ' rf' M0551 L, ., DTT' 3 ' ,int sz " ,w.,.,j' I Muroco, L. ' ' ll. iii E: MUSQW1 B- si. ' " r-152.2 l-like Myers, C. Myers, G. f m Nosh, C. -- ' Fu- X I '- ,, f' Q ' Neol, F. ,. 3 3' 'F Nevvgord, V. M Q. 4, 'N ,fl :Q A Nielson, P. sf - 1 ' V " 9.5 Noel, D, Q , ,H -. N ds ,J. 2 J . -'Me O' 'H sw x 1 i Y f' Q If Norms, D. X 1 , . . Nott, K. -' .""""' 5 s ,, . , , 4" H x ,, it Nystrom, S. s Q QS P0 s J, . .W J... P xi ff " 1 obo, M . N . if 4 v V oledo, G. , , HW -X., ,. A Okoshumo, M J I " A, fl l 7 M - Olson, B. f , Q .. V Ol , M. I aft f Son I ,rl Ordon,T. ' J ' L VL ,, . Pacheco, D. iw J' rw S, hw? 5 rv .Il Ponighemr I . . L.. A 'W " 5 gy ' . PODUQG, My 1 '55 Q 1' ' 4' 'vii K, P , N ' . Parker, R. I ,M A I wg -N: :I Q - J.. Pdf T4 PG rkhurstl , 8 A ? , 'H . . , Q ci J ,432 Poryu, D. A s . . Pell, L. if K , r ,, f M I sf sh, Perez, D. ' il, fr . 'J ' " - "' , E . 1, J ', V . fl Pemstr M- ' N' A 5 fl- A El . 1. ,gf ,wt fkl' 1 E " Pesoyento, M I Q, MQ- 'fe - so 'J - E . 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P, ,,nA , 3 R 3 fa ,,, 4 Rogers, G. ,, V VW VV .M 'V XL ,Ml Rohe, J, v,, 'ff' "' - ' ' 7 "X ' ' , Romero, M. ,Ez -35 , J n gg V Romelof M' A, . ,,,,, ,,,, ,- . f S222 Q' ' 'Q' . l .W M. Rose, M. V fff V E Rowcliffe, D. ff: in 1 'V 'T -bf: , " Russell, D. V lf yn fVQ , ,V , Q H " "' Rutledge, B. f Q S-F V Y'.,f1?'f3' 5 -W Ryon, D. ' M M V. -'ss' -Q f' . A Sokumd, G. A , 1 ' Somford, L. L A l Sontocroce, L, ' Sorgentn, S, V. R ix V Scenffrlnl, B. V ,,, "" n w -wfif "S 'N SCl'1Olfer, J. jr V 4 V ml R V f' sewer, T. . , W ' " . if ,gf sfhmrdr, J. X . . ' , P Scholl, M, F,"A V A 'J l vp W Schroeder, C. A ' A ' Scam, B. V 3 A If ,g::,:.,' Sedley, S. S Self, P. S V . Serrono, S. , "K ' 5 Sefhmonn, J. hw h ,M V VP! ' Severson, K. M' s , R f Shonohon,S. ' I S Sho nnon, S. : 1-:,,L,VQ5ff":f-, V Sheffer, T. l :fg Shepord, S. 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X Walter, T. qi- Goncolves, S. West, K. Hannon, D. etterstrom, R. I-Iort, J. onnotti, V. rf Hildebrand, S. I Yocum, K. SOPHOMORE ACTIVITIES Speakers at the Sophomore Reception - . , it wg UQGGE "I forgot its a one way street." "Another hair raising experience' 74 IMN JUNK QE kLxf1'f SPRING CABINET Bob Kull President Jim Solozor Vice-President Diane Cucuzzo Treasurer Rich Tokefc Secretary JUNICRS FALL CABINET Tom Abro hom Vice-President Debi Brown Secretary Trudy Hirschfeld Treasurer Rick Lee President sf - izswzlcr. ll' I H nl K Abraham, T. A 1 A ,L , I . N -M ' Abramson, L. ' " Ti W A Q' . "s 5:15-'K A "' A Adams, K. A J, .Sf?'fw 4 . figf T' ubul W l "H ffm Adams, R. A ' , A J Agular, L. ' l ' -Q 'A Ml' 'fn I Akers, C. J. ' 2 J ls Aldmrr. 4 , 5... ,,,,, . Q - A . Alexander, W. - I i Allen, B. , . I ' ff "' Anderson, B. J' r-.2 ffiff -I' Anderson, K. .Ll fftffff If , wk Andrews, D. fl V A ll ,E A' 5, Andro, M. 4 ' - An1onlclc,B. E V J, Anzelde, K. I . W Appunel, K. J ....: ' -' F 'f4'7A ' , A A 55" , vs Argo, D. W Ii r -We A ' " ' Rl' - A 3. 'M' Arfusy, R. 5 .. "Z . - C 'M 'X' ' ' ' Baker C A ...X . A J A 4 Aj re , Q A sm, D. ' or A S flf'77ii75:3Q-+Ff3?""fi' - . -- 1 , B , B. Y if ellie as A ' r , - ... . , ,Har-'ls 'f ' ' - . r.-,, .rf A 'VY .. 'H ' J 'Q ,r.. wk -7 - Bayerl, K. B E, A ' V Begker, J. V A 25, eng s- av ci' I- K Becker' K' I , , YV QA M K iii... 7 .K L 0 ,, L 1. will Begovmhr 'J ' . A f r 1 . Beigh, M. -- , . f . Nl ' 'f Bell, M. .. A X ll fp S , l if Bellrnger, P. D a TL L , -- . V .A Bennett, B. .h . -.r" A "if, Berens,A. ,... 'Q 93' W ,.. " Bernal, E. A . S... C... . ' 4" f.. lk , ral . A 'F . 51- Blass, S. lf "f"- S - 2 L Q , -- . . Bloomfield, J. . ,,, , if ' 'J , Bonacorso, C. f . A Az 1 ' Bonguovannr,L tl X , A Bonner, T, . . Eook, H.L I. ,, N an V ' V H A 'QQ 7, X .-Q owen, . A ' I v- " N -- S.. Bragunier, K. 1- . f-Q. W. - ." ' . L Bragunier, K. 'f W C ' sm E .2 . ,H All f rln , . " z Q .. N Briseno, J. A K fi Broekemeuer, T. f J A ,F . 4 gi P ,- Brown, D. A .. V EJ, 1-Q A Q n " " A ,J .. " A ' Brown, K. 5 ' L ,,. H ' 'ls bfi ' ' ' ff ' A A ' J Y- X A Brown, P. lk 4 A , A E A I Brusaro, M. A U ' V A lv ,Q ' V ' H Buca, P. - 5 - " 2 125552 E" .MT ' f , 4, UI, .559 'E J ,"'f5 Bullock, B. 3 . A . A Burg, K. J A : flol ll Burr, J. is V Xu L A 3' ' 'au ' r '51 mr fi Bush, K. A ' ' gwj. W t , jc 9' J . .M , - - Bush, K. " m L . u w V Y ' " N A " Butcher, G. . l 'A , ' ,gIff?"i'-, Butler N. lf . - wiY,,41jf'.lff3, 5 ' E'Lii:5i?az1- S Coldwell, s. fm' " Callahan, E. 7 33 Q 1' . A Campbell, C. ff' V.. 5, :-5 ,,i,,,,,, -' 72 A Campbell, J. V , f ,, ' V f' 2 J- .gf 3 . 3. w ' Cofbonef M- H ...,, 'Z ff r . A '-x:,:iY, -f .- f X 'F' Ca rboni, B. A J -:.' A ' . '. ' 'Q ' Co rney' J- f I ,L :,v -l k . ' A 77 J L ' C 1 ,C ... . .. - . -Q, L' , in ff 1' 53 y. gi. Carson, T. ' of 'i C0frmm,B A 'J , A Caryer, S a , L' Cosrerson,J. - u .46 Q " ' V L f' Cates, C. guy , xy Chapman, L. 5 , 'C Chateau, M. Q ky 1 ' V L Chouvoux, R. A , C, Chnstensen, K. .. in a kk L , 1' 1 ' 5 CIgLk,L. Y A f . LK ' Coffaro, J. L a 'L . K , J . Coker, C. J f N W ' . f .5 5 . - r'-., J A nj, an in Y I K Ann rf' 'S A X ' , X 5 r .W L QW fp .. - W . rraa, L D' I Jw . V7 I . , 1 fa L Q? ' T1 SWWW I V L' Q 115 Mfg Dre y .. y 5-my .J , - as ff' "ff 4 J I.: Q' Qi M. .. ' ' ' 'V V ' v., , ,mr . --r'L o . , L' A Q 'SSI' J. DYER: L1 , L A , Q I 1' 'V 'il rl 7 I X iq' ' LV J . gs., C' 'fm .. TL I ' , -ig if -in 3' f Af. C L ' lka L . r v. .. - - y , X., tyf L., .. , .. :M r 5 . iq , L' aCCr ' . if . ' D LW rfra , . ir' Hifi. 'qv mr , ' W 5 4.,V -wr: nf v- C Q V , , ,Q " 145.35 ' -. Q " . li-, .. K W ' an HK 1. I ' 'AC' L K A 78 Cole, J. CoLeman, K. ConneH, L Conner, D Conroy, D Cook, C. Cook, M. Cook, V. CorJey, B. Carson, S CouLLonan, Crews, D. L. Crornbie, C. Crosby, J. Cross, M. Cucuzza, D Cucuzza, D Currre, B. DanLey, S. Dasfe, A. Davis, D, Dovis, D. Deerns, M. DeGuoc, H. De La Cruz, Derylo, D. Devens, M. Dewey, D Dickrnsan, Dorseff, S. Dougherty, Drehle, P. DuBois, J. Duncan, P, Dunham, L. Eachus, T. Ellrs, C. Eiweil, A. Embody, D. N N. G. D Emerson, M. Eresh, P. Eugsfer, G. 5' Eyangeirwo, C. Evans, D. Fcdcon, C. Former, T. Famkner, L. enr, R. Fenton, P. Ferrno. P. Fnchero, M. Fnefds, J. Fungerlmr, R. 1, 15, 1 Pdf fax so 2, Q' Zi. P ui F2 W F 232 F J 'Q f O F Q73 L 8 an I I if 4 r f as " '36 Q... 'M Fiesner, T. Finlayson, D. Flrfln, C. Hayerra, F. J T. Food, 4:5 G Forrest, A. Frobonr, F. 1 Francrs, M. Frl1z,B. FFOEDJICD, J. Fry, K Frye, B Frye, C. Fulrkavvo. Gollrnger N.. H . 5 , . of all G- gfr 1 D. Gorrson, S. A Garrett, M, A, ' N Gentry, T fr' J GrlMgon, R. Q GlHUly, G. Giordano, Grpson, D. Glofzel, B. e M L. GW '10 J 'f N' 9, x- H 5 Govyan, D. Grayson, J, Greenberg, , , Gregory, J Grey, M. Grlffun, M. we--is C is ak 3 J' "' k 1' . 1 11 Grlralyo, B. GrrnCevvlCr1,S. L Y Gunderson, R. 'H VJ' Guraro, J. nm Hagwnd, B. Hal'1n,D. Ho1e, L. Hale, M. HoNe, N. Holi, K. HaJlrnark, Hammond Honkes, L. Hannah, S Honsen, S. of K Nl , . . , ,,, ICJ' i . pr rv? Q. E' 'W' Q1 rm f S A. ' 5- .1 ' ,ur e N .. , , . .,,,, .A . ,I . .M . ww.. 1 Qi , Q ,......,. Wig ,y 'HL Ji, :Dv-' 5, A , 'K F . 4 M-M ' f .fu m K. W, an if 'ff Jr ,LJ k+"1f iii L., , as 1 . , ,1- ... 3 . ,.. .. 1 X K ,wi f Q av- my ,J 1. xy fx .5 4 -. X C is .Q JE ..- K. 6 al A Nw ny, Q-1. nf. Q ,--X . , . ge., .', v -' fi. -Q 5 gl J f. f f wi ar 4 - if , . . ,.. rl 1, 91 .gf gl, Q, K. Q1-'Www X ,,.-L 1. -, , , Wk, ,nn ?, ..,,, 1 5, w X av", 4-:I ,wx 3. .1-A. 2. fit E XT .. ir uid' ,J s I ly. . H FJ :gig A , .. ,.,.,,rf'X 41 0. F K H ? ?"1 .hw ak 4 5 if' ,pq .Q :ft 4 'Hi' J . R? I kgs -K . PL N , J E Q r J Q 1 1 'f f he . ,I .. - my Q f ,ff , J ffl! ". , . -91 J .r - -,L 97 M . if' y t ? 4 J , . X ga Q K Y J ff if v l. ' I, T , t Q... .Qi 'L Egg, Ee ml ' I K Ac. A in J , ' 'Lil i L EL A .,' i ...ri "" R il . a-'Vifrf ff ' 5 ... .e -. "- 5 L ji: L ' - in ' 4 iw! 3- R . lb- . , ' ":' ..- 4, 1- S a, . 1- sff WRC: sk i. . .. A-:xl s. 1 ., J R iihsr fl in ff I sv f tng jf, . . f. .5 " 2 'F' 1 , , 'X x X ,fs 5 W.. N , n s . . ,.., M , J,-.-1,3 ., , ..-. 1'-' H Q n J Lv 4 . A lk. K MQ.. 3 V. ,. X A, - Q Q - 's H . W Q . . , .wJs. -sewHaf x 5 '24 'Y' 5,gLJ5g,,rQggt, ,,yf'j . , L .., 1. K L. . ff 4 Cv - . . ' Q l 5 Lkyw . N - I - J t h 41 f t e1 g ...n 80 W! ,. r ,, 2 f , m l Y '1 I Hanson, C. Harbour, L. Harr, E. Harrigan, J. Hawk, C. Hays, G. Heath, J. Heck, D. Henard, J. Hendrix, D. Hentzell, C. Hermsen, V. Herrin, L. Hiltebrand, S. Hirschfeld, T. Hobbs, D. Hodom, L. Honda, H. Hough, J. Howes, J. Hughes, D. Hughes, J. Hutson, P. lmus, R. Jackson, T. Jacob, J. Jensen, J. Jensen, E. Johnson, K. Johnson, P. Jones, K. Jones, M. Jaw, C. Juday, B. Judge, R. Kanagaki, K. Konzaki, C. Katen, V. Kepley, B. Keresey, S. Kermeen, F. Kerr, P. N 3-5, ... - A' . " if ek' . L "e ,. .f 'wa lam R Vu- , 9 Q, X. Y A Quia ll . E J Q i . ,law A J ig Ketcham, M. Key, R. Keywood, J. Kirby, G. Kirpatrick, D. Kloes, C. Knowles, R. Koehn, L. Krieg, J. Krug, C. Kubo, D. Kull, F. LaDossor, S. Laden, B. LoFrance, D. "No, Valley a winter resort Lake, K. Lapp, G, Lawler, J. Lee, N. Lee, R. Lee, S. Leetham, P. Lemp, P. Lizenbery, M. Lomas, G. Lombardo, M. Lopes, B. Lucier, C. Luosey, J. Lupton, T. MGCkley, T. Maddox, D, Manning, S. Manring, P. Ma ntel, J. Marcotte, M. Markee, K. Marrazzo, E. Marshall, D. Mason, K. Mathias, J. Matlock, G, Matusich, B. Matusich, M, McCI'1esney, J. McChesney, J. McCreddin, K. McRaberts, R, Meager, A. Menard, J. Miliviievich, D. Miller, B, Miranda, L. Mitchell, B. Moffatt, C. Momsen, J. Monari, C. wasn'to . 4' '. f 1 'Jn 3 sz Cervix' "' E Us 'N f ... ,K 4 . 4:9 E... 9.-f QM? Wil' , AL, ...J . Q . J Q.. -1 if-fl 8,3 571 i ,N .S . - :'-rw: Jim-." f 455 - N 2' F 'I' . 5 sf- -v f.,-. ,- f rf ,I C as mi M. .W YE . . A K . e f Sis . il. t 4. ff J. Q? Q Li.. J Moody, D. Moore, D. Moore, D. Moore, S. Morgan, J. Morgan, K. Morgan, L, Morris, W. Morrisey, T. Murata, M. Muzzio, A. Nagle, P. Nakayama Nantelle, L. Nash, K. ,L. , . ,C X N -E5 in 9 is g ---' . as 1 f K' 2 K V .15 -vcv inf! .VY . .fur 9 1.1, fx 2 J P 0 5 f A 5 .: . five ,Y 'Q ""r A -V Af .W of .. 35. E- V., . 'L A -nur 7 ,p-F.. 'f"'fff'k 1 if :L -Nw-T 'mix ' . X . t ref. 1 its f " M - ' ' L . ' ..' J 1' . "' if 1 -1.311 ..- - ' , . ,. W W A fs. '- 2 norm Y r Y r . ,. mf . 4. V. f rf ,. A .i wg K X. , E.. ,, H ' 1 J: QQ., 1 was .x . I . , my in "" Lif t , .s-- , - X V f ... Q -K , Q in f .EF '. I J 'wi f '49, fry: -" 571' '- kffgggffr-?,.a-1?-sifgzy. fk 1 23522 4- , Ayn. -,js n rv -,.. - .Hx W . W f. zfffzrwzfswfrfarrs Q, A . wi . ff1f5!m.fQ'asZ5?.:'!i'w+' -, ' L 354' 54 .44 f- ,.. ' . f J' f ,.4.a.,. . . .E A .,m,.. Q.. ,f A z. E7 iiisi 3 17' "J" 81 'SZ I S fs 4- 9 1, s tis 2 K, ' as A V uv' -Q fa - J u 5 i ' ' :S-S 4 Neft, S. V ,jk Nelson, S. ' N -bvg J Neve, S. Nickell, B. Nimtz, B. Nissen, D, Norsvvortliy, J. Norwood, B. :UA VV "v Obsniuk, G. , Okoshirna, K. if lil Okazake, G Olsen, E. Olsen, J. Orlando, T. J , f pGbIOV PV Uf'llOl'S Ol' ' V V . Pacheco, R. .co Panick, M. - fi V . .V A Panus, K. 8 Ponus, M. , Park, R. V Parrirto, T. ' E51 c s . A 5 Popp, J. A9 '- ' V Patrick, B. J J Patterson, G, " Peacocks. Q 'VJ 3 Peck, M. ' ' . V Peepgrass, J. . Perasso, D. 'P Perin, K. . Peterson, M, ,F ,,, 4 Pfeiffer, C. ' " " .V 1" Piasecki, S. W ' ' KV - Piazza, A. Y' l T W' ' Pouiade, G. f 4, ff' N T Pouiade,K. ' ' Prevost,K. 'F T V V Priest, L. , ' P ' Proni, M. A -'J 'I , Puccinelli, L. '. , ' K Purcell, C. .f Quinn, D. E- Quinn, J. f . 9, VV V V . .. ' . :FA RQ nge, R, V V V Reagan, D. V Al 5 'X L . - 'xi Richardson, R. - M gl, Riley, T. . -K V Redfield, c. Q -i ' if 'Lf . V ' ' J .,, Robertson, K. l 3 - ' .4 Robinson, M. A iw 'v'- X 1 ...- f Roche, Ti lg. "54"""5 V: Rock, M. K I V K M Rose, B. , - ' J " " Ross, S, J gf, . T Rowe. .V V, V Rupp, D. ' ' ' Sokamoto M. , I ' Q' "R it J. 'ii FJ f lif- 1 L-Q 51 tl '-f M fl R' ,' A W Qs wi 4 -, ,. '. S ll. .1 .4 , i HV - . V as V V V ,ga ' ' 1 AL f J ., A l A 233-Y A . ..J , my I X ,... .ls if are 'P J 'T 1 ti J f - is . ' . 59 it ig. 'V,fff73l To ' . if I ... P , Q ,Q-., , ,.. .. , -l an 1 5 ' Z - " X V... T N I I . i ve V fu 'Q lv Ji. A J L -5- J'J 'sf' -' 1' "Z .."t t if -V 1 rv V 1 ' 7 .'fl"7a"'x. - H. , 'flag vars, , I 7 1 I , - .Q if T " . , JVVVV V J 1, Vx sk . A - il. f lx. fra ks ia V , f . 7' f5i,VV.f tk is ' .... . f ' ,uA' V-'lxklciuxsls 82 VZ. W' J' A Salazar, J., im.. 35.7 ef U' Clean Campus. Shakespea ShaTk, B. Sharpe, M. Shaw, M. Sheffer, J. Shaudel, D Shrader, L. Shuter, G. re, Srmmans, B. Slmms, M Sitter, J, Sioberg, B. Sheehy, P. Smrth, J Smith, N. Smith, R. Snyder, D. Snyder, S Somers, S. Sarbet, R SorreTls, B Souza, J. Savva, T. Spauldtng Spense, C. ,S Sprague, K. Staley, F. Stewart, B. Stllley, D, Stover, R. Sturgeon, Sukrau, J. Sumner, D Sunsen, R. Suttln, L. Takata, D. Taketa, R. Tailey, R. Tanna, M. TOylor, D. Tennant, T Thomas, J C Saiazar, M 1 W Samarrpa, O 4' -w , ' Sanders, M. K in 3, .i A Q Santa J, T ' r N NZ' Q f I Sanm, S. Satartana, C. Saunders, S. Sc ae er, H. Schaffer, J. COS,. , 'W P 45 D - . f Q 194 f r 4, M I ,fly Y r. AAT 5 Schermerhorn, T, V' ,Ji M SchoIT, B. T K V. L 7 Scarf, L, .,.."'g 1 F Sethrnan, L Z I as Shaffer Dr .ru E 5 1. - S -J M I i ,. Q F I w,.,s,j I W I Q, f ' . J "7 .x A.. , L? x, A' ,, ' m -. .ja 'Y Y' f " ffl' if " W Q X Q A V .. A ..fVJ , ' r- , 5 J' V ary? .Q -K 44' in .Ill 'C . g V. If Q - -T73 . K W J ,sp ., QQ v .tl T M' 'v-. ..,. 1- s, .2 A W., LJ md-rr , 'tt yl rfwwmw ., ,O 'gym . C1 . . ,fi " r Y e. .HW fi . .pr . ,y Mg N f' nf- fs gg f 0 T .4-sf we .. Q X I 95 :L 'Cz L. ,xl 3 5 ,Y 1- . I is ig. Y K. X .. J J ,31.y' xx Q J' A C' RW Akr- x ye H . J . I V V ix Q- ,, 'inf' Iignvr is 'iff T S' ' S Jt,.. . K f -r- , fl ' him J NN T .J J S9321 T he ...A K gl . -, M! L K tl 83 Thorsteinson, J. Tiernell, M. Toombs, P. Torres, L. Treio, L. K g Tronsan, M. ' ' f i gi UCCi, M. Upton, D. H ,, 'V ' Q-f Vales, D. L L, V Vandensteene, T. gh . mmk. . . K"' T 4. g h, ' von Ewen, A. E . gig I Vavra, D. it veiozquez, J. W' ...,, '.,. Q Verrill, Di P- 1 . ' DDD J 1.- . gg ' it gf 2 .i iii. ities iieaiii i vs. .4-i XM 1 444 ' , S .i2i:.'fi1H ' alfa, sigfaiiigsf' - - wif-wi, if W . if Wy? , tx 'L wi , i l. W Q 0 T . ,gg T ,. .M .fr M. V .4 5. X . f 3 'V .. . -'--" , . , '..-- . "DD A Ayyn L IAVV , - b E 7 'fi . it K -kr' f ,, 'V VV K 3. Zkl .Z ,.,... lla F A f s ' T . ..': A "" .,.. Z ff ' fMQ A 7 T - M ' M . , g . . l J E ., :fini A i'w,i7-'ii ABSENTEES Bedegrew, C. lmus, S. Rudden, R. Bengard, D. Jones, P. Sauter, G. Bengiveno, J, Knowles, R. Serafimides, J Calabretta, J, Latimer, S. Smith, D. Cirerol, R. Margherita, S. Vandevort, C. Costa, L. Nix, T. VonDrehle, P. Dovis, J. Quenzer, S. Walker, D. Dellacquo, R. Rearic, D. Wall, T. Evans, J. Reeves, E. Wright, R. Ghiorso, S. Rhodes, J. Wuolle, P. Halstead, S. Richardson, B. Young, R, 84 Woll, T. Wallace, B. Ware, R. Wasch, D. Watson, L. Watson, S. West, J. Whiteside, J. Wiggins, C. Wight, K. Wilhelm, B. Wilkins, W, Williams, D. Williams, K. Wilson, J. Winegardne Winslow, B. Wittman, J. Wood, K. Woods, J. Woytus, C. Wright, R. r,R Yarchever, S. Yoder, N, Yost, J. Young, E. Zimnicki, M. Zody, D. GSJERNMENT Terri Moody Spirit Yearly Sue Wilson Art Frank Cote Awards . iff, ,i rg w i n -iw. . - . . V 59? , ' T ww. f,.Af, ,,e,,g4w. ' ,,.:'Hf3s2" i .1 Zzfwgrezi si L ext' if ' i-, f' My A 5 A t' .- Jett Momsen Boy's Athletics .L Robert Grant Janice Stockard Literary Affairs Girl's Athletics Yearly Yearly ,. , Martha Griffin fi g? Drama Q i TW ,Z-ef v- Q1 f Q T' -" 1 2'-21 -'f , .,,t' N ii jialfggzk-fg,1 y -, TNQ? rs Michou Mars Membership Marianne Rose Music Maggie Cook School Affairs Mem Leslie Fuiino Scholarship Wayne Coates Photography STUDENT Alan Alquist Speech and Debate TERM Linda Harbour Social Affairs John Larkin Utilities CCMMISSIONERS .Av-.v-..u.....-7 hu-1--an-sul l r- F.-.N uw 'U E Z Q M l 'fs..t.a Doug Bleakly Speech and Debate Lo U ise Peterson Social Affairs Mike Bryant Utilities TERM Yvonne Hewitt School Affairs 'U' ' 5 WN ' if if - -q.,-- . f, 4 if . 1, l Peter Pozniak Carla Kloes Sales Finance 9 ' 3 gl x K . H, -, A , , Martha Griffin xl Drama W Barbara Paul 't Art Carol Pintacura Joyce Krieg Scholarship Wayne Coates Photography ri.. o 87 Membership Mike Francis Music Chuck Wiggins Awards Jeff Momsen Boy's Athletics STUDENT FALL TERM Ellen Roemmele Vice-President Selene Seltzer Secretary Rich Montre Neil Sinnott Steve Clark President Councilman Councilman Mark Chiorovolle Councilman Ng Ser Miong Honorary Councilman 5- Vivion Guercio Brion Kimura Yvonne Hewitt A Ham Swdem Councilman Student Manager SSS Mr. Moon Advisor 88 ,M ctc,,tcet g 1 'tti Manager Za ,ff , COUNCIL Rick Lee Secretary Mark Chioravalle Councilman Betsy Germershausen Assistant Student Manager SPRING Neil Sinnott Vice-President TERM Steve Clark Brion Kimura Councilman P Michou Mars Duane Kubo Student Manager Councilman , it , , 9 i E p g was Mr. Moon Advisor 89 resident Carl Hanson Councilman 'W' wah.. Ng Ser Miong Honorary Councilman STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY sue- fs Q sf: i Q X , Rich Mcintre Principal Ellen Roemmele Dean of Girls Neil Sinnott Selene Seltzer Dean of Boys Director of Education ,qpanunv Yvonne Hewitt Vivian Guercio Brian Kimura Senior Counselor Secretary Junior Counselor 'TWV 64. Mark Chioravolle Ng Ser Miong Steve Clark Sophomore Counselor Librarian Freshman Counselor 90 A WWWW As fWz2 as as 49 NZQQQMS WSWSWW NMWSWS MMXWAXM SWNWNWW SENHQQ if SPRING CABINET Chuck Poitier Vice-President Fron k Cote Treasurer Wendy Mc1cGowcin Secretory Dennis Hoppin President SENIORS FALL CABINET Chuck Poffier President Liso Petfersen Secretory Betsy Germershciusen Treasurer Craig Rotkovich Vice-President Daniel Abraham Var., Fr.-Soph. Baseball Var. Basketball Honor Society Block "B" Karakonha Hi-Y Micheal Aguilera Var. Football Var. Basketball Var. Baseball Fr. -Soph. Baseball Block "B" Candy Anderson C.S.F., A,F.S. Sync. Swimming Adv. Orchestra Spanish Club Elva Abraham F.B.L.A. Alan Alquist Speech and Debate Commr. C Swimming C.S.F. Honor Society Paul Anderson Ski Club Drama Comm. Track Orchesis stu. body rep. - 54 Cut o if l ffl 6 20 U, lfyljcjil Lindy Atkinson C I A d WML JAX Speech and DebateC eio n ro -, cF.B.L.A. C-5-Fw A-G-A 0flLZl!lj-flsussian Club Honor Society Senior ploy DrarrEcLComm. ' rd-,esgs O" ' D 'll T Giee Club W f ff' em Spirit Judge. JMU yy 7,3 JW' if l . MM 3, Kim Banfield Paula Baird' I, STU. body rep. AGQA' f , Y-Teens Membership Commbjyxf An Comm- '-Glm Club Letter Girls X 5,Lhnce Sta tt Social Affairs OK Honor Society 0' be Kathleen Barnett OFTIFT1. Latin Club Ron Barnstein F.B.L.A. V.P. , Dennis Bashta Mmhael Ban Speech and Debate Comm. German Club 93 Susan Batinich Y-Teens Lance Staff Press Club A.G.A. Art Comm. Ski Club, Pep Club Linda Beatie Science Club Rifle Club CSF. Harry Bellicitti Track Karen Bentson Y-Teens Pep Club Spirit Comm. B Cheerleader A.G.A. Lance Staff Doug Beshore C Track Swimming B Basketball Glee Club Alicia Biggerstaff Y-Teens Rally Comm. Pep Club C.S.F. Honor Society Howard Bohlin Honor Society C.S.F. French Club Speech and Debate Key Club Science Club Kathryn Baughman Orchesis Pep Club Y-Teens Honor Society Trudy E. Bell Science Club Photo Comm. Math Club CSF. Chess Club Honor Society Susan Bennett Art Comm. Art Hon. Membership Comm. Y-Teens Patrick Bernal Rally Comm. Science Club Chemistry Club Biology Club Speech and Debate Var. Football Natalie Biess Lance Staff A.F.S. German Club Drama Comm. Social Affairs C.S.F. Doug Bleakly Honor Society C.S.F. Science Club Speech and Debate Var. Tennis Sandra Borden ArtCommr. Art Hon. fi: 'L Don Borg Football Wrestling Rifle Club Gail Bowers Honor Society Speech and Debate Drama Comm., F.B.L.A. Membership Comm. Art Hon., Ski Club Senior Play, Math Club Glenda Brouillette Honor Society F.B.L.A, Y-Teens Rally Comm. Pep Club Mike Bryant C.O. in Cadets Karen Borg Marianne Brand Honor Society Social Affairs stu. body rep. A.G.A. A.F.S. Roberta Brown Senior Play Patti Bush N. F. L. Speech and Debate Drama Comm. Senior and School Play Orchesis Utilities Commr. Science Club Drama Comm. Diane Bushard Art Comm. Drama Comm. Glee Club Toni Calabretta Flower Girl Glee Club L 'f9"N Tom Cady Art l-lon. C Swimming J.V. Wrestling Mahlian Carmichael A.G.A., Rifle Club German Club Senior Play State Youth Conference Rep. Judy Cates Thelma Carpenter Debs F.H.A. YATeens X Leslie Caton Saga Staff A.G.A. Latin Club C.S.F. Math Club Karen Chambers C.S.F. Frencb Club Debs Joanne Chateau Mark Chiaravalle Soph. V.P. Student Council Block "B" Honor Society Var., B Track Jr. Pres. David Clare Key Club Var., B Swimming Beverly Clarke stu. body rep. A.G.A. ma Comm. H nor Society Ann Clevenger F. B. L.A. Debs Cheryl Cermak Kaylin Chandler Var. Cheerleader Pep Club, Y-Teens Lance Staff Debs Rally Comm. Flower Girl Barbara Cheek Art. Comm. Art Honorary Rally Comm. Fay Choukas Rally Comm Stephan Clark Soph. Pres., Jr. V.P Var., B Swimming C, D, Basketball Key Club Honor Society Block "B" Janet Claverie Glee Club Choir Pep Club Judo Club Mary Close Latin Club Pep Club Judo Club Sync. Swimming Orchesis Track Team Marcia Coats Honor Society Science Club Math Club Joanne Cole Choir Kathy Conkel F. B.L.A. Art Comm. Judo Club Larry Cooper D B, Var. Basketball Fr.-Soph. Baseball Var. Baseball Key Club Frank Cote B, Var. Football Karakonha Hi,Y Awards Comm, Adv. Band, Orchestra stu. body rep. Block "B" Pamela Cox Y-Teens Pep Club Honor Society Bob Cronin Var. Football Var. Basketball Var. Golf Block "B" Wayne Coats Photo Comm. Science Club Saga Stott Randy Conger Margaret Cook Honor Society Membership Comm Rally Comm. Pep Club School Affairs Commr Y-Teens Gardell Cory Var. Wrestling Block "B" Russell Couch Va r. Track PatCrawford Choir, Glee Club Lance Staff French Club Drama Comm. Ski Club Judo Club Karen Crossen Glee Club Honor Society French Club F.B.L.A. Janet Crump Song Girl Pep Club C.S.F. Math Club Letter Girl Latin Club Curtis GA. Sec. ma Comm. Senior Play Club Society German Club James Dahlen Donna Daniels AFS. Pep Club A.G.A. Drama Comm. Senior Play C.S.F. Catherine Darrah Honor Society C.S.F. sync. swimming Art Comm. German Club Judo Club Karen Daube Y-Teens Honor Society Pep Club .loan DeMay French Club A.G.A. C.S.F. Judo Club Dave Currie B Football C, B Swimming Speech and Debate Kathy Cuzner Girls' Sports Math Club Speech and Debate C.S.F. Judo Club William Dair Cadets F.F.A. French Club Glee Club Sandra Danzer Glee Club Choir Homecoming Queen stu. body rep. Luanne Dato Modern Dance Linda De La Rosa Honor Society Y-Teens Sec. Pep Club Rally Comm stu. body rep. Lance News Editor Flower Girl Laura Dias Head UB" Cheerleader Var. Cheerleader Junior Prom Queen C.S.F., Honor Society Pep Club Y-Teens David DiFranco Rifle Club Speech and Debate Cadets Cadet Drill Team Anita Dimmitt John Duggins B-Football stu. body rep. Edward Dunstan German Club Band Michael Easterly Edward Erickson Choir Band Pep Ba nd David Evans John Dike Varsity-B Track Wrestling Glee Club Choir Fr. -Soph., J.V. Var. Football Mark Donato Sharon Dunn F.H.A. Debs F.B.L,A. Honor Society Vernon East David Eastman B-Football B-Track Lance Sta tt Honor Society David Eugster Var. Football Glee Club Michael Evans Fr. -Soph. Baseball C Basketball Q .4 Stan Evans Kevin Fairchild Fr. -Soph. Football Fr.-Soph. Baseball Sandi Fehr Diane Ferguson Fr, Treasurer Pep Club Honor Society Kenneth Ferioli B Football C Swimming Latin Club Block UB" Michael Field Honor Society B Cross Country Key Club Science Club Greg Firman Vicki Ewers Senior Play Drama Comm. Membership Comm. Pep Club Social Affairs Comm. Art Hon. Ron Fanara Var. Wrestling Art Hon. George Feliciano C and D Basketball Var. Wrestling Linda Ferguson Daniel Fichera C, B, and Var. Track Va r. Cross Country Math Club Spirit Comm. Block "B" Gail Finch A.G.A., A.F.S. Honor Society Science Club Rosemary Fitzgerald F.H.A. Treas. Orchesis Drama Comm. Debs gl Wendy Fleming Honor Society Y-Teens Pep Club Membership Comm. Dennis Foster Bonk Lotin Club Honor Society Glee Club Joseph Franklin Fr. -Soph. Boseboll J.V. Footboll Kathy Freitas Y-Teens Rolly Comm. Art Comm. Cathy Frye C.S.F. Honor Society Membership Comm. A.F.S, sync. swimming Sponish Club Randall Fullner Eliza beth Germersha usen Sr. Treos. C.S.F. Honor Society Y-Teens Sociol Affairs Saga Stott Membership Comm. Kenneth Foreman Honor Society Cross Country Key Club stu. body rep. Robert Foster Vor., B Trock Moth Club Orchestro Bond Gerry Freitas Vor, Footboll Mitchell French Leslie Fuiino Fr. Treos. C.S.F. CSF. Vice-Pres. Scholarship Commr. A.F.S. String Orchestro Wendy Gardner Honor Society C.S.F. X. Judy Godwin Glee Club F. B.l..A. Patricia Gonthier Barbara Goodwin Choir Pep Club Y-Teens Ski Club Spirit Judge Rose Gradel A.G.A. Bonk F.H.A. Judo Club Bill Graham C, B, Vor. Track B Football Rick Gray Karla Greer Misty Grimm Art Honorory sync. swimming Lance Sioff Gayle Gonzales Ray Gra bos ki Deborah Graff C.S.F. Saga Staff German Club Art Club Robert Grant Key Club, C.F.S. Honor Society Swimming mgr. Saga Ed. Vor, Football mgr. Soles Ronda Gray Debs Christine Grevstad Choir A.G.A. Vivian Guercio Soph., Jr., Sec. Pep Club F.B.L.A. Y-Teens 4 Mike Hahn 395 fb Yvonne Halstead Karen Hansen Judo Club 4 Diana Harness Membership Comm. Debs Sherry Hart Debs Pep Club F. BLA. Y-Teens Lengua -Visual Dennis Heller German Club Science Club Photo Comm. Var. Track Ski Club Mike Hendrickson Var.,B, and C Track Wrestling Latin Club Judy Hall Flower Girl Latin Club Judo Club G.A.A. Steve Hanna Var. Football Block "B" Karokonba Hi-Y Lynn Hargreaves A.G.A. Science Club Judo Club Library Practice Honor Society Doug Hart Honor Society German Club Science Club V. it Don Heck Robert Henderson Bob Hennig Var., B Football Var., CTrack Honor Society Block "B" Lance Staff Karakonlwa l-li-Y 4 Sandra Herrick Bank Linda Hewitt Rally Comm, Glee Club Y-Teens Debs Yvonne Hewitt Student Manager Y-Teens, CSF. Debbie Higgins Drama Comm. Judg Club Honor Society Senior Play School Play Michele Hildrelh Sw' Hines G.A.A,Svvimming Gellgclgclub Y-T 9 S eem Llbrary Howard Hobart Key Club Lance Stott Bruce Hoffman B Swumming Drama Comm. Skt Club Mike Horne Mgr., Var, Tennrs William Hughes 4 Dennis Hoppin B, Var. Football B Swimming Latin Club Block' B' Var. Track KLIV Kampus Korresp. Karen Hughes Latun Club German Club Pep Club Senror Play Anne Hulsey Drama Comm. l-lonor Society l-lead Fr.-Sopli Cheerleader l 1- its L Sandro Hunter Floyver Girl Judo Club F,B.L.A. Drama Comm. Debs Judy lnamasu AFS., Debs Biology Club Honor Society Pep Club Rally Comm. Jolene Jorlen Art Flon. F.B.L.A. Latin Club Glee Club Linda Jensen Honor Society Jeanette Jones Barbara Kaiser AGA. Art l-lon. Sandra Karpierz Flower Girl Robert Jones Crass Country Theo Kaskey Terry Hutson Joe Ireland Var, Football Var. Baseball JV. Wrestling Block "B ' Tim Jarnagan Senior Play Block B ' FrenCl'1 Club Drama Comm Var, Track l-lonor Society Kathleen Johnson A Bruce Kalin Track Key Club Block B" Judo Club .l Michael Kellick Photo Commr. Drama Comm. Senior Play School Play Speech and Debate Science Club Debbie Keywood Coo Kim Math Club Sec. Russian Club Treas. Brian Kimura Student Council Honor Society Lance Staff, Band Senior Play C, D Basketball and Track Karakonha Hi-Y James King German Club Key Club Chess Club V.P. German Club C.S F. Dee King sync. swimming Glee Club Diane Kirk Science Club Honor Society F.H.A. F,B,l..A. Laura Klohe Glee Club Ricki Kodish Bank 41 Virginia Kramer Bruce Kirkpatrick B Football Var, Track Var, Cross Country Honor Society Block "B" Key Club, Science Club Arlene Knopp Lang. Fed. Social Affairs Drama Comm. German Club Ken Kolp Cross Country Rifle Team Cadet Drill Team Pam Kulesa Social Affairs Lang. Fed. Honor Society Art Comm. LA Hong Lee Chrishne Leeds Marlene Leidenheimer Social Affairs An Hon Drama Comm. Lance Staff Var Tennis Laurel Locke Block B MembersbipComm Kathy Kygar Drill Team French Club l-lonor Society Drama Comm. Orcbesis Senior Play Karen Langworthy FHA. Debs Wayne Ledbetter Lance Ed. David Lee J.V. Wreslling B Football C Swimming D Basketball AFS. SENIOR LA CAFE TROTTOIR JUNIOR PROM Mrs. l-loword V, Lcirue Corrie Sybil Evvc Lewis MRS. M Mdude Lewis Grcice Lewis Nelson COST Ol Boy il-lowczyl Chef Virgil Dirly Joe Slirilcer Poison Eddie Sclwelleriboclw Mrs. Sclwelleriboclw Mimi Policemori Ugly Witch Beautiful Wi PLAY 'HING Donna Nelson Sue Sincliar Characters Yvonne Hewitt Kathy Kygar Mahlian Carmichael Pam Purdy Mike Kellick Jim Merlclinghaus Steve Tothill Tim Jarnagan Tom McLennan Brian Kimora Bob Schmalzbach Roberta Brown Gina Savage Y .-ci lf-W George Weaver Gail Bowers inda Atkinson J X.-, LA SERENATA DE FLCRES SENIOR BALL Teri Lockhart Jim Lucchesi Lance Stott Var. Track Richard Lyon Lance Statt Audio Visual Aids Press Club Pep Club Kurt Mackley Choir Karakonha Hi -Y Richard Manfre Fr. V. P., Soph. Pres. A.S.B. Pres. Honor Society Latin Club Block "B" C, BTrack Michou Mars Pep Club Pres. Latin Club Y-Teens CSF., FBLA, stu. body rep. Gene Masciocchi Var. Track Honor Society Membership Commr. Jerri Loggins Gary Lucier D, C Basketball Var., J.V. Wrestling Block "B" Wendy MacGowan Homecoming Princess Junior Prom Princess Jr. Treas., CSF. Y-Teens sync. swimming Honor Society Tom Mader Key Club J.V, Football Chemistry Club George Marrakis Loretta Martinez CSF, Honor Society A.G.A. Comm. Math Club Membership Comm. stu. body rep, Karen Matsui Social Attairs Membership Commr. Latin Club A,G.A, Honor Society Mark Matteson Jon Mcnos Loge-gvb Honor Society Marilyn Mcybury Thomas Maxson Key Club F h CI b Lance Stott rem U Lynn McConahey Choir Dennis McConaughey STU' lO0dY V994 Chess Club Music Comm. Elizabeth McDonald Sociol Ahfoirs Honor Society Kenneth McCraney Lance Sfgff C, D Trczck BIock"B" Lynn McDonnell Pam McDonald Lotin Club Pep Club Rolly Comm. Y-Teens School Ploy Honor Society Ron McGaughy HUVVY NlCG?e D, B, Var. Trock VCV- 5W'mm"WQ B, Vor, Footboll 30nd Vor. Bosketboll Gefmfm Club Block "B" Block HB" B Swimming Tom McLennan Key Club . Senior plcy Jim McMurtry Honor Society Cl"e55 Clllb Membership Comm. Chow Moth Club lll L 'K- R' Randall McRoberts C Track Fr.-Soph. Baseball Var. Baseball Block 'B' Joseph Meagher Var. Tennis Ken Medin James Merklinghaus Honor Society Speech and Debate Senior Play School Play stu, body rep. Richard Metzgar Lance Stott Mary Mills Glee Club Debs Arthur Moore James Meader B Swimming French Club Lance Staff Julie Mecklenburg Honor Society Y-Teens Pep Club Membership Comm. Orchesis Ann Melick Y-Teens Pep Club Ski Club stu. body rep. Nelda Gay Merrill Janice Miller Honor Society F. BLA. Pep Club Terri Moody Head Var. Cheerleader B Cheerleader Spirit Commr. Honor Society Fr. Sec. Saga Stott, Pep Club Stephanie Morris 'fi sbs Steven Morris B Trgck Michael Morse Karakonha Hi-Y Key Club Jr. V,P. Block "B" Block"B" B Swimming l-lonor Society L.V, Spanish Club Latin Club Cynthia Mullenix Lydia Munoz Yeleens Y-Teens Pep Club Rally Comm. Junior Prom Princess Pep Club Jr. Playday Queen Flower Girl Mark Murata Var. Wrestling C, D Track Stephen Murphy C, D Basketball C, D Trgck BlOCl4 HBH stu. council rep. Gary Nash Track Chris Myers Eleylglgl? F.B.L.A. SCS F FlovverGirl ' ' ' Glee Club Drama Donna Nelson Marie Nelson School Play CSF. Senior Play Saga Staff Judo Club French Club Orchesis Ser Miang Ng A.l:.S. Greg Newgard Key Ciub C, D Basketball Lmm Club VU' TTCS? some Club Blofk B Photo Comm. Ski Club Student Council Kirk Nielsen Steve Nollet I l 3 Gerald Novack l Garth Nystrom, Jr. Honor Society C, B, Var. Track Key Club Block "B" Bill O'Leary C, D Basketball Kathy Orlando Spanish Club Drama Comm. AGA. Treas. Honor Society CSF. Senior Play Frank Palermo Fr -Soph., Var. Baseball C, Var. Basketball Honor Society Kathleen Papuga French Club Science Club AGA. Honor Society Drill Team Art Hon. Allen Parks Jill Nygren Honor Society Pep Club Song Girl Flag Girl Yvleens stu. body rep. Graig Oba Science Club Math Club Karakonha Hi-Y CSF. Janice Olson Spanish Club Art Hon. CSF. Carol Osborn Ed Papp Karen Parker Barbara Paul Honor Society Membership Comm French Club Art Comm. Art Hon, Mary Peacock Honor Society Library Staff Barbara Pesavento A.G.A., Choir Latin Club Science Club Glee Club f:.l'l.A., Ski Club Louise Peterson Honor Society Art Hon., Pep Club Membership Comm. Social Affairs Adv. Band, F.T.A. Adv. Orchestra Jack Piazza B Basketball Mgr. Var. Basketball Mgr. Charles Pottler B Var Football 'lim Pope Fr -Sdph Var Baseball S Adlj' Bflgd Sr. Pres., Block "B" Pres. ympkpnllcbcmd Karakonha Hi-Y Pres. Vi 'Cf Awards Commr. resl mg Honor Society Mike Pendleton Marching Band German Club Lisa Pettersen Sr. Sec. stu. body rep. Honor Society Speech and Debate Y-Teens, Pep Club A.F.S. Sec., Ski Club Robert Phelps Wrestling Varsity Tennis Key Club Block "B" Cross Country Carol Pintacura C.S.F., Pep Club Honor Society Social Affairs Drama Comm. Latin Club, Debs Rally Comm. l l .l Mark Powell Peter Pozniak C.S.F. Key Club Math Club Science Club Science Club Membership Comm, Karakonha HiAY Finance and Sales Comm Cross Cou ntry Barbara Provan C.S.F. Pamela Purdy l'lOr'1Or Society Drqmq Cgmm, Pep Club Ski Club Membership Comm, Senior Play Social Affairs Comm. Dave Putnam Sandra Puthuff VOL poofboll Clwlf Var. Baseball Debs Jy. Fooiboii Y-TEENS Dance Band Judo ClUl3 Adv., Pep Band Art Hon. Diana Quandt Donna Putnam French Club Treas Debs Y-Teens Sec' Honor Society Pep Club Y-Teens stu. body rep, An Comm Deborah Ramos Y-Teens Soph. Treas. sync. swimming F.B.L.A. Robert Race Craig Ratkovich B, Var. Football Kirk Rashall B Basketball Fr.'Soph,Var. Baseball Block "B" Treas, Key Club Treas, Pres, Honor Society, Sr. VP. Mark Redmond Choir Keith Reed Lance Staff D,C,B, Track Cross Country Block "B" J.V.Track ArtCor'nm, Var. Track Pamela Reuwsaat I G Honor Society Andrea Reischles pep Club, Dromc Comm Youll' for Art Hon., Senior Play Underslondmg Membership Comm, AGA' Social Affairs Ski Club, Judo Club . Marty Rice Judith Reyes Lance Staff AGA. mgr. An Hon' BOW vm. Fooiboii 116 Gene Richert CSF. Rifle Club Pres. Jeannie Robins Pep Club Glee Club Ellen Roemmele Student Council V.P Jr. Treos., CSF, Y-Teens Pres. l-lonor Society Membership Comm Pep Club, Moth Club MoryAnne Rose CSF. Art l-lon. Music Comm. Orcnestro Sago Stott Sharon Roth FTA. Carolyn Rust Y-Teens Pep Club Jerry Russo Wrestling Glee Club Art Hon. Choir Bond EY P Er D i . epe Salazar Var. Wrestling Key Club B Track ica Sargent Y-Teens Pep Cl u b Flower Girl Regina Savage Choir Senior Play Speech and Debate Glee Club stu. body rep. Pat Scanlan C.S. F. Honor Society Y4Teens V.P, Art Comm. rama Comm. Rally Comm. Robert Schmalzbach Drama Comm. Senior Play F.B.L.A. School Play Stephen Schubert D,B Track B Football German Club Science Club Ski Club Cheryl Schwartz Nancy Sanders Glee Club Pep Club Mark Saunders Cross Country Drama Club Ritle Club Cadets James Savstrom Honor Society Ski Club Drama Comm. Steve Scarboro Ski Club Pauline Schott Donna Schumacher Bank FBLA. A.F.S. Selene Seltzer Sales Comm. Soph. Sec. ASB. Sec. C.S.F. School Play Honor Society Social Affairs L l Elizabeth Sherman Dennis Shivers Choir School Play Terri Sims Rally Comm. F. BLA. Y-Teens Neil Sinnott Student Council Var. Basketball Var. Baseball B Football Honor Society Block "B" Hi-Y 1 Linda Shaffer Science Club Biology Club C.S.F. Rifle Club Steve Shaw Speech and Debate .l.V. Wrestling Fr. -Soph. Football Linda Shepard Social Affairs Library Asst. Orchesis sync. swimming Michael Shanahan Speech and Debate Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest Honor Society Var. Track Natl Forensic League Judy Sheffer Bank Lawrence Sherman Var. Football Var. Track Lynne Shertzer Membership Comm. AFS. C.S.F. Honor Society Y-Teens Lynn Shrum Honor Society Pep Club Orchesis Susan Sinclair Honor Society Art Comm., C.S.F. Art Hon., Y-Teens Senior Play Orchesis Drama Comm. Barbara Skidmore if? 91 Anita Snyder German Club Membership Comm. Gary Spiers Frank Spratling Fr.-Sopl'1.Baseball Var. Baseball Var. Football Block "B" Danna Stewart Lance Stott Bill Stobbe Var. I B Track B Football AFS. Science Club German Club Debbie Stowell Y-Teens, F.B.L,A. Pep Club stu. body rep. Glee Club Flower Girl Phillip Strobel Audio-Visual Karen Snyder Honor Society Art. Comm., AGA. Lance Stott Debs, F,B.L,A. Ski Club, Judo Club Flower Girl John Spraggins Adv. Band Marching Band Orchestra Richard Staricka J.V. Wrestling Julie Stewart Y-Teens Ski Club Janice Stockard Natl Forensics League German Club, AFS. Science Club Math Club C.S.F. A.G.A. Commr. JoAnn Strauss Pep Club Donna Sumner Orclwesis Art Comm. Social Affairs Drama Comm. L 'Ml-I GN Mary Swetnam Bruce Thompson Chemistry Club Math Club C.S.F. Track Key Club Tom Tilbury Swimming Block "B" David Tolbert F.B.L.A. Speech and Debate German Club Honor Society Robin Thayer Science Club German Club A.F.S., CSF. AGA. Orchestra Membership Comm Janice Thrash Choir, Debs AGA. Speech and Debate Art Comm. Music Comm. Macys' Hi-Set Rep. Cathy Titus Honor Society Lance Stott Choir, Y-Teens Ski Club, CSF. Judo Club Drama Comm. Paula Tolbert Debs F.B.L.!-X. Glee Club Chris Tollefson French Club Orchesis AGA. C.S.F. Honor Society Saga Stott Diana Trigg John Tuthill F,T.A. Senior Play Key Club Cadets Music Comm. Science Club Lee Tregoning B Basketball Fr.-Soph, Baseball Speech and Debate Soph. V.P. Fr. Pres. Key Club Dennis Tsubahara Orchestra Marching Band Stage Band Honor Society CSF. Terry Tuttle CSF. Honor Society Y-Teens Membership Comm. .lim Van Fleet Band Var. Swimming Var. Football Garry Vita Wrestling mgr. Block B" Audio-Visual stud. body rep. Will Vriend Michael Wasch C,B Swimming Block ' B" George Weaver Senior Play Christine Webster Saga Stott Y-Teens Treas. Art Comm., Ski Club Honor Society Art Hong Pep Club Rally Comm., AFS. Robert Westgate Wayne Viertel Marching Band Orchestra Key Club School Play James vonDrehIe Key Club Honor Society Darlene Wagoner F. BLA. Charles Walters Key Club, Math Club Science Club Cross Country Tennis Membership Comm. Senior, School Plays Nancy Webb CSF., F.B.L.A, Honor Society Y-Teenslreas. stu. body rep. Rally Comm. Flower Girl Sharon Werstler Lance Stott Richard Waits it l vac Whiteside Dennis White School Play Rifle Club DVUVU NlOiOf Frenqh C Basketball YX Concert Band Lynn Wickstrom Honor Society Art Comm. .l0l'll'l Whlllerl Yffeeng Pep Club gm Q! Drama Comm. Gary Wienbar Q- Rlcrlgggdcllggey Var. Swimming Block "B" Honor Societtg if if-M X FFF Cynthia Williams Kris Wilkinson Debg Drama Comm. AGA. X Honor Society Orchestra l Music Comm. David Williams Ill M Stephen Wills Cadet Drill Team Var. Football Choir lx J.V. Football Color Guard Golf Ritle Team Var. Baseball Flies ullmet Nanci Wilson J AAtrEl-lon' Susan Wilson V. Omm' Art Comm. Music Comm. Art Hon Glee Club F School Play of CDM QQ W Nancy Woods French Club Paulwindhag QA' T I Ho or Societ QF nligll, German Club Mike Worden Vor., Fr.-Soph. Baseball Honor Society Gary Wright Chris Yoshihara Heod Song Girl Jr. Prom Princess Jr. Sec., Soph. Treos. Honor Society Lance Stoll stu. body rep. Martha Zurcher Glee Club F.B,L.A. Candace lshibashi C.S.F., Moth Club Science Club French Club Chess Club Richard Morrisey J,V. Foofboll Vor. Football Chris Adamo V., B., Football Fr.-Soph. Baseball V. Track Randy Bennett Kurt Carver Dennis Fleming Art Hon. Block "B" Swim Team Mike Hannagan Chuck Kimball David Lurson Tom Parrino Ernest Aviles ABSENTEES Maurice Boren Brandon Chaffee Gary Frame Denise Herndon F.B.L.A. Robert Kingdom Tom McEvoy V., Fr-Soph. Baseball V, Football Sharon Paulson Bob Voshall Fr.-Soph, Baseball Honor Society 6-1""T"" ,......-v- ,. Bob Baxter Debby Carlentine Nico Claus Teresa Gerard Choir Art Comm. Eric Jensen Latin Club Audio-Visual Kip Lefstad Adv. Band Nick Morono Tammy Spencer Choir Jim Welch CL, I-J V flly A5 SENIOR AWARDS bfd-J Row I. D. Graff, J. DeMay, J. Stockard, M. Mars, J. Crump, K. Cuzner, C. Andro, Row Q: L. Fuiino, C. Frye, C. Anderson, R. Thayer, B. Thompson, G. Oba, M, Powell. NATIONAL MERIT CALIFORNIA STATE SCHOLARSHIP CERTIFICATE WINNERS SEMIVFINALISTS .X if-1 , 'X 4. .. VF? ' Row I. P. Scanlan, J. Stockard, J. Olson, Row 2: G. Oba, Row I. J. Stockard, S. Seltzer, T. Bell, C. Tolletson, Row 2 B. Thompson, D. Bleakly. R, Thayer, L. Shertzer, M. Mars, G. Oba, Row 3: D Blealcly, B. Thompson, B. Kirkpatrick. XIXQBQO 0 I wx BANK OF AMERICA AWARD CERTIFICATE WI fl Row I: P. Baird, Vocational Arts, J. Stockard, Liberal Arts, C. Andro, Fine Arts, B. Thompson, Science and Mathematics, Row 2: D. Nelson, drama, K. Cuzner, social science, E. Roemmele, mathematics, D. Ouandt, home economics, Row 31 M. Rice, art, R. Thayer, Iaboratry science, L, Fuiino, foreign languages, G. Feliciano, trades and industrial arts. I26 7 AGT1cv1cQr1rES SAGA STAFF I 967 u-u""""""-25 Q EDITOR1 Bob Gront ASSISTANT EDITOR: Debby Graff THEME COMMENTARY Bob Gront, Editor For every method or system mon devises for goining his desires ond gools, there is olvvoys o better vvoy of procuring them, In most coses the 'better vvciy" hos yet to be discovered, but is vvell within the grosp of mon s greotest ond most povverful device f his mind. With the coming of on ero thot will demond chonges ADVISOR: Mrs. Shohon Mrs, Alexonder 'I28 or improvements, vve must be copoble of mointoining on open ond progressive reosoning process. It is the obiective of educotion to increose the scope of thought ond reasoning, We connot iimit our minds to only finite ond vveII lit corners, but rother vve must f ond vviII hove tofventure into the infinite dorkness itself. ASSISTANT ADVISOR: PHOTO ADVISOR: ASSISTANT PHOTO ADVISOR: Mr, Fisher Mr. Coudeyre Q i , rf f SENIORS: Chris Websfer, Leslie Caron 2, ADMINISTRATION, INTRODUCTION, STUDENT GOVERNMENT: Chris Tol Iefson, Marie Nelson, Nancy Butler, SPORTS: Doug Zody, Bonnie Simmons, Carl Hanson. ACTlVITlES1 Martha Griffin, Wayne Coats UNDERCLASSMEN: Jan Grayson, Richard Web We wish To thank the following people for Their help: Mr. Nl. Cirimele The Don Bosco Studio, 379 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell, California Mr. Van Warmer l26 Post ST. San Francisco, California Carousel School Photos Santa Rosa, California Marie Nelson for the arf work. CAN FIELD SERVICE T The calendar on my wall reminds me that my year is nearly over. When I glance through my diary in the drawer, I cannot help but think of the happy days we have spent together. I can still see myself roaming aimlessly from one classroom to another during the first few days, with a smiling face but with a frustrated heart, much confused by my new environment, Then you came along with your warmth and friendliness, and helped restore hope in my heart again. I can also remember the school dances and parties which were wild experiences for me, Then there were the football and basketball games, where our Braves fought so fear' Iessly against our "enemies" while the cheerleaders, song girls and the rest of us cheered. I cannot tell you how proud I am to be a Brave. I cannot tell you how much l have learned inthe classroom. There is no way to show how much I have been Americanized or how much you have been Singaporeanized. But when you greet me with "Ni I-low Ma?" so nicely and sincerely, I know that you are one of us- and when I say "I-li" with a mouthful of hamburger or ' decorate" your house with those long strands of paper, you know I have become one of you. To you my fellow students, my teachers, Mrs. Couch, Mr. Harrigan, and Mr, Romer, I owe my biggest thank you for making my stay here so interesting and educational. And because of the Stobbe family and the AFS Chapter, I shall always remember the enjoyable and colorful days. So, till we meet again- Good-bye, Good health, and Good luck, Selamat Tinggal. Sayonara. Auf Wiedersehen. Adieu. Forever, Ng Ser Miang 'QI'-M" .-an 130 YOUTH FDR UNDERSTANDING Andrea at home 6 KA' td' ,,-QQ I-low I feel about thrs year In Amertca nobody can really rmagrne. I never expected to be sent away as an exchange student until a letter arrrved from the Youth for Understandrng Program telling me that I would go to Arnerlca and to Californra, That fulftlled my greatest destre. If I should corne to the states I wanted to see Californta, Now suddenly all my dreams became true, I was very, very happy, but everythtng seemed to me so unreal, I could not make myself a prcture of all that Is now so famtlrar to rne. Maybe rt was good, so I come wrthout pretudices, However, to get ocquatnted wtth my whole new surroundrngs brought me some troubles IU the begrnning Thlngs so natural to you made drfftcultres for me. I had a hard time findrng from one classroom to the other in the short breaks, I drd not know howto open a locker and probably broke several ofthe school rules unlntentlonally. But so many of you, whom I had never met before helped me so ktndly and were so nuce to me that I soon felt at home and after a few weeks was glad that it was Blackford where I should stay for one year. I want to tell all you students, all teachers, Mr. Romer and Mr. Horrlgan, how I appreciated staytng with you. lt is a great difference between lrvtng In a community and heartng about tt from the outsudet When I remember you I wtll thunk about the games and sung, Forever Blackford I-lrgh, Andrea Reischtes I3I MARCHING BAND . ...-,.,....m4,m...wn ' Bond Awords: One of 60 oll-store bonds selected to perform during the half-time First Place-Dedication Porode show ot Stanford Bond Dciy. Second Ploce-Sorotogo Anniversary Festival MAJORETTE 81 DRUM MAJOR FLAG GIRLS C. Robinson, V. Whiteside Row T. E. Begovich, T. Aldrich. Row 2. S. Sontti, K. Bush, N. de lo Cruz. DRILL TEAM Row 1: T. Bonner, C.oSorensen, Row 21 P. Todd, D. Snyder, T. Jones, P. Brown. T32 DANCE BAND Left to right. G, Mavrakis, R. Scholl, M. Francis, B. Laden, S. Parsagian, M. Wood, M. Donnell. THE BLACKFORDETTES Blackfords newly organized' choral group CONCERT BAND Row li D. Thomas, K. Kershner, B. Zamzow, S. Wallace, S. Reeve, E. Gilluly, C. Milco, R. Rudden J. Rhodes. Row 2. C. Hardy, M. Kermeen, E. Unruh, K. Cleveland, S. Taylor, D. Rose, K. Kanagaki A. Valdes, K. Dlckehut, E. ,Startevant. Row 3: S. Harbour, C. Courtney, W. Viertel, C. Kloes, E. Young, V. Whiteside, D. Tsubahara, J. Dutton, K. Copsey, C. Bonner, S. Parsagian, M. Sharpe, M. Stevens. Row 4: T. Lake, R.. Dietz, C. Snyder, S. Zentz N. Stockard, S. Warnock, M. Wood, S. Long, M. Donnell, R Foster, D. Althouse, D. Taketa, S. West, L. Andrews, J. Van Fleet B. Laden. Row 5: Mr. Dyer, J. Gill, J. Kelly, K. Lelstad, K. Brown F. Cote J. Morgan. 133 M CONCERT ORCHESTRA Row lf M. Rose, F. Kerrneen, K. Wilkinson, B. Zamzow, K. Kershner, Thomas, P. Beasley, L. Fuiino, Row 21D,GaIlinger,S. D. Tsubahara, E. Unruh, K. Cleveland, D, Rose, P. Casson G Shiomoto, Row 4: B. Laden, L. Andrews, J. Van Fleet, E. Young Thompson, A. Fuiino, K. Eskeldson, C. Milko, R, Rudden, J. D. Althouse, M. Wood, M. Donnell, B. Foster, K. Yakota M Rhodes, S. Wallace, C. Firth, D. Wasch, Row 3: M. Manthey, K. Gunderson, Standing: T, Aldrich, J. Kelly, J. Gill, K. Letstacl K Close, J. Svvorde, P. Pittman, V. Whiteside, M. Francis, B. Kimura, Morgan, K. Brown, J. Hale, Mr. Allvin, director. STRING ORCHESTRA Row I: D. Gallanger, C. Firth, F. Kerrneen, D. Wasch, P. Beasley, L. Fu iino, M. Rose, S. Thomp- son. Row 2. P. Cason, M, Gunderson, K. Yokota, G. Shiomoto, K, Kloes, M. Manthe, P. Pittman. Row 3: J. Sworde, A. Fuiino, K1 Wilkinson, B. Nickell, K. Eskeldson, Row 11: Mr. Allvin, J. Hale, T. Aldrich. MUSIC COMMISSION At piano. M. Francis, Row I: K. Eskeldson, P. Pittman, M. Man- they, C. Andro, N. Wilson, F. Kermeen. Row 2: S. Tuthill, B. l v Cope, K. Wilkinson, T, Aldrich, M. Rose, B. Nickill. I34 CHOIR 3 S ,1 A , lib. um 4. . Q ., ,,, F5 A ALA Row l: S. Davenport, S. Danzer, D. Biagge, E. Young, V. Novack, S. Tuthill, D. Pitts, C, Coker, K. Kelly, M. Dowlen, R. Savage, C. Hannagan, J. Clavorie, Row 2. K. Nott, P. Kerr, C. Grevstad, D Russell, C. Andro, D. Pouiade, S. Russ, J. Sukrau, J. Pike, R Schwab, D. Walker, M. Chateau, T. Jones, H. Hurst, J. Jones, Mr Allvin. Ravv 31 K. Smith, T. Spencer, J. Chateau, C. Anderson, B York, C. Akers, D, Vorhaise, D. Creighton, E. Erickson, W. Cox Gracier, C. Cates, S. Carver, K. Valdez, V. Cook. Row 4. Vanderford, M, Tierney, N. Tuthill, D, Morris, K. Pouiade, Chiarvelle, D. Shivers, D. Williams, M. Saunders, B. Cope, Pearce, G. Frame, R. Dellaqua, D. Morris, M. Sims, G. Pouiade Christensen, L. McConahey, seated. GLEE CLUB Row l. P. Garison, J. Claverie, D, King, D. Margherita, C. Grow, Wohlgamuth, S. Evans, L. Brand, S. Santti, T. Songer, K. Patten J. Okataki, V. Johnson, S. Harlan, N. Coullahan. Row 2: S. Blass, ger, T. Calabretta. Row 4: L. Connell, W. Morris, C. Magallanes D, Walker, K. Shores, R. Lobato, A. Adams, P. Ferino, P. Torres, P. B. Antonicic, G. Lucier, G. Althouse, T. Orlando, D. Lee, L Hall, D. Carlentine. Row 3: J. PCJDD, S. Manning, K. Rongey, G. Dunham, B. Dair, M. Bryant. T35 A , .gf l . . X - , ,, X A 4. Q i cALiEoRNiA scHoi Row T: J. Fields, M. Mars, L. Shertzer, S. Seltzer, D. Crews, G. Eugster, K. Cuzner, M. Manthey, J. Shetter, C. Wright, T. Bell, C. Mehling, C. lshibashi, J. Grayson, C. Waytus, C. Crombie, L. Shaffer, J. Stockard. Row 21 R. Crone, L. Fuiino, W. Gardner, P. Scanlan, J. King, S. Thompson, L. Caton, R. Sunseri, K. Engstrom, L. Jeong, T. Fritz, M. Rose, K. Chambers, C. Tollefson, J. DeMay, D. Graft, T. Turnwall, M. Grittin, M. Andro. Row 3: J. Jacob, D. Gipson, N. Butler, T, Sowa, S, Shanahan, P. Nielsen, B. Musgrave, E. Schade, D. Maybury, T. Ordon, J. Haughey, G. Oba, R. Thayer, L. Giordano, B. Simmons, P. Tierney, A. Alquist, B. Patrick, C. Andro. Row 41 D. Mars, R. Taketa, G. Gilbert, B. Lewis, R. Rudden, C. Hanson, B. Kull, C, Cook, M. Sims, J. Rhodes, B. Thompson, M. Powell, L. Hale, D. Zody, B. Glatzel, M. Francis, C. Anderson, T. Flood, C.S.F. and Honor Society are the two school organizations set aside tor those students who earn "A" and "B" grades. To quality for Honor Society a student must have a report card with all "Bs" or "As" and "Bs" but no "C's". Qualifications for C.S.F. are a bit stiffer. A student must have a total ot ten points according to the state wide system where an "A" equals three points, a "B" one point, and a maximum ot one point is given tor extra-curricular activities. Both C.S.F. and Honor Society members run the Snack Shack all year and are rewarded late in the year with an all-day trip to San Francisco. NOR Kneeling: D, Couzens, B. Kimura, S. Clark, J. von Drehle, C. Ratkovich, F. Cote, B. Hennig, T. Jarnagan, T. Sinclair. Row lg P. Smith, A. Roemmele, S. Sinclair, L. De La Rosa, S. Spaulding, D. Ferguson, Y, Hewitt, K. Kygar, B. Germershausen, J. lkeaa, C. Yoshihara, C. Jow, J. Miller, C. Frye, K. Popuga, K. Morgan. Row 2. R. Crews, D. Mietzel, B. Somers, G. Finch, J. McEntee, J. Urabe, S. Serrano, J. Honda, M. Okashimo, J. Olsen, B. Provon, E. Roem- rnele, C, Pintacura, K. Snyder, E. McDonald, L, Puccinelli, C. Firth, C. Sturgeon, G. Dalmou, P. Pittman, C. Robinson, G. Patterson. Row 31 T36 C. Carpenter, L. Wickstrom, D. Quandt, E. Jensen, C. Robinson, P. Cavolloro, M. Dair, S. Cantamont, J. Merklinghaus, S. Dunn, W. Fleming, M. Brand, N. Biess, S. Lee, L. Suttin, J. Menard, L. Koehn, L. Har reaves, S. Lietz, B. Brink, M, Robinson, B. Ruthledge. Row 4. L, MclDonnell, S. Morris, K. Wilkinson, P. Cox, F. Palermo, D. Bleakly, R. Webb, T. Bonner, D. Snyder, M. Shanahan, S. Fehr, P. Duncan, G. Gilluly, H. Schaefer, R. Moseley, D. Hart, G. Masciocchi, P. Sheehy, K. Orlando, L. Petterson, L, Lewin. NRSHIP FEDERATICN Row i. M. Carnett, J. Krieg, N. Biess, Kermeen, M. Meneghin, L. Ishimotsu, Wright, J. Yo shihara, C. Woytus, C. Yashihara, J. Crump, J. DeMay, K. Cuzner, J J. Stockard, D. Daniels, T. Turnwall, M. Mars, M. Andro, Grayson, M. Proni, L. Catan, C. Andro, C. Ishibashi, L. Fuiino, B Germershausen. Row 2: R. Grant, M. Griffin, B. Teague, L Trumbull, J. Fields, D. Crews, L. Nakayama, M. Gunderson, S Velazquez, R. Sunseri, G. Obsniuk, S. Dirnberger, E. Raech, P Pittman, K. Eskeldon, K. Engstrom, M. Nelson, D. raff, C Tollefson, S. Shanahan, P. Axtell, L. Baumgarten I 2 A Fuchigami, R. Wright, S. lmsen, G. Taketa, D. Tur o - n, S W. Winkler, M. Morrow, C. Wood. Row 3. A. Piazza, P. Lindsay, D. Waarich, P Butler, S. Keep, D. Getz, K. Bush, C. Moffatt, K. Sprague, G. Oba, B Thompson, C. Frye, P.Sheehy, T. Sowa, C. Sturgeon, K. Schirlie, G Eugster, N. Hale, L. Klein, N. Moody, L. Brady, J. Haughey, J McEntee, M. Cross, S. Hutchinson, E. Sturtevant, N. Butler, E Schade, M. Powell. Row 41 M. Milton, R. Thayer, L. Giordano, E. Unruh, D. Gipson, K. Orlando, B. Clarke, C. Anderson, D. Zady, J. Rhodes, R. Rudden, B. Bullock, B. Glatzel, C. Cook, C. Hanson, G Ahrens, D. Andrews, R. Fingerhut, J. Dutton, D. Maybury, Bl Patrick, B. Cope, C. Mehling, A. VanEtten, C. Bedegrew, B. Simmons, G. Richert. C.S.F. members also receive special privileges. At the beginning of each semester each individual receives a membership card which can be used in place of a tardy admit or as a class-to-class transfer. The card also allows a student to leave a study center after roll. If a student retains membership in C.S.F. for four out of six semesters, he becomes a life member of C.S.F. which entitles him to be eligible for a scholarship and at graduation he will be entitled to wear a gold tassel. Membership pins are available for members of both organizations. SOCI O Row 1. C. Martinsen, S. Gallinger, C. Jow, S. Morris, W. Fleming, J. lkeda, S. Clebenger, D. Webb, B. Guraro, D. Couzens, D. Nelson, L. Martinez, A. Knapp, M. Leidenheimer, S. Thompson, K. Marti, C. Monari, C. Satariano, N. Andro, B. Hennig, R. Winer, K. Banfield, D. Eastman. Row 2. E. Gilluly, P. von Drehle, R. Dunnigan, S. Keresey, J. Santo, G. Fuiikawa, H. Netter, G. Rogers, B. Paul, L. Aguiar, S. Chiaramonte, S. Blass, C. Power, T. Moody, D. Mietzel R. Crews, S. Dobrin, C. Crombie, J. Menard, E. Jensen, S. West, C. Yost, B. Worrell, C. Titus, S. Parsagian, C. Milco, K. Foreman, M. Kellick. Row 3: E. Hubbard, J. Quinn, P. Cavallaro, M. Manthey, J. Young, J. Kuchta, S. Cantamount, D. Schumacher, P. Turney, F. Johnson, C. Grau, J. Otto, V. Standridge, S. Smith, B. Musgrave, C. Butler, V. Paparigian, J. Petersen, S. Watson, T. Gemignani, J. Lee, M. Vierra, P. Zeanah, C. Carpenter. Row 4: K. Morgan, C. Greenberg, J. Dyer, M. Moffatt, E. Dorman, D. Sarba, K. O4 ashima, J. Urabe, K. Kelly, C. Hannah, M. Curtis, J. Wong, J. Wiese, J. Barrett, P. Bales, T. McLennan, G. Targantos, J. Judge, S. Kopp, D. Marstall, D. Bleakly, R. Webb, J. Woods. T37 Editor. Wayne Ledbetter Editor: David Eastman Advisor. Mr. Loewus soF"S.-of Lance Staff: Row if M. Leidenheimer, C. Rust, J. Kramer, D. Stewart, K. Snyder, K, Banfield, M. Grimm. Row 2: M. Griffin, P. Crawford, S. Batinich, E. McDonald, M. Rice, C. Yoshihara, B. Hennig. Row 3. T. Jarnagan, S. Schuber, G. Newgard, J. Hobbs, J, Meader, R. Metzgar, H. Hobart. LANCE STAFF The Lance staff began the year with one goal in mind, to make the '66-'67 Lance the best written and best overall paper the school has ever had. The goal was to be achieved by not only reporting the news but also reflecting the changing attitudes of the students and teachers at Blackford. In the minds of the editors and reporters who devoted their time and effort to writing the Lance, the goal was accomplished with spectacular success. The staff hopes for a first place or at least a second place in the National Scholastic Press Association Standings. David Eastman Editor Y """"E---...... in Poge Editors: Row l: N. Biess, B. Kimura, K. Bentson, Row 2: S. Werstler, J. Lucchesi, K. Chandler, R. Lyon. MU ALPHA TH ETA W . . QUILL AND SCROLL l 4 f 1 i s Row if J. Stockard, J. Fields, D. Crews, T. Sowa, J. Crump, K. Cuzner, Row lr C. Yoshihara, L. Caton, C. Tollefson. Row 21 N. Biess, S. Blass, E. Roemmele, Row 2: C. Hanson, J. Rhodes, R. Rudden, M. Powell, T, D, Graff. Row 3: M. Nelson, M. Griffin, J. Krieg, C. Webster. Row 411 McLennan, B. Thompson. B. Grant, D, Eastman, W. Coats. Mu Alpha Theta, sponsored by Mrs. Mitchell, is a national honorary club whose aim is to increase interest in and knowledge of mathematics among high school and college students. Each member must have held at least a "B" average in their freshman, sophomore, and iunior years of mathematics. Fifteen students from the T966-67 Lance and Saga staff have been admitted to Quill and Scroll, the national honorary iournalistic society. This or- ganization, sponsored by Mr. Loewus, the Lance advisor, is composed of iuniors and seniors who have demonstrated outstanding ability, interest, and achievement in the work with Blackfords pub- lications and have maintained a HB" average in all academic areas. PHOTO COMMISSION The members of the Photo Commission, with the help of their advisor, Mr. Fisher, take and develop all the pictures for the Lance and many ofthe pictures for the Saga. At their meetings, slides and movies are shown of new techni- ques and aids in photography. Row lr T. Bell, Ng Ser Miang, S. Yaste, D. Mars, B. Olson. Row 2: J. Howes, M. Kellick, B. Henderson, VV. Coats, D. Shakespeare. Rovv l. S. Tuthill, R. Taketa, C. Ratkovich, R. Lee, B. Thompson, D Ames, Ser Miang Ng, T. Fritz, S. Clark, B. Youngblood, M Krebsbach J. Salazar M. Morse J. Jacob, Rovv Q. B Kirk atrick, f f i ' - F3 B. Phelps, S. Cantamount, B. Grant, L. Tregoning, J. Olson, H Hobart, T. Maxson, R. Robertson, P. Salazar, L. Cooper, B. Fritz G. Gilbert, M. Rock, Row 3. M. Bryant, K. Foreman, G. Nash, G Nystrom, J. King, B. Kalin, D. Maddox, J. VonDrehle, H. Bohlin B. Stobbe, J, McChesney, D. Moore, W. Viertel, L. Hale, Row 41 R Wiley, J. Howes, K. Rashall, B. Glatzel, B. Kull, T. McLennan, G Gilluly, D. Clare, J. Woods, P. Pozniak, T. Mader, M. Cross, B Bullock, C. Kloes, T. Flood, F. Palermo. KEY CLUB Established in the fall of the 65766 school year, the Blackford Key Club has within tvvo short school years established itself as one ofthe most active and well organized iunior service clubs in the San Jose area. "We Build," the motto ofthe Key Club is avidly practiced through the various community and school activities with which the club has been involved. The Blackford Key Club, sponsored by the West Valley Kiwanis Club lthe Key Clubs senior counterpart? and under the supervision of Mr. Fisher, Mr. Dunton, and the late Mr. Coudeyre, has participated in or initiated such activities as the Santa Clara Heart Fund Drive, "Friends Outside," fund raising for A.F.S., the KYA basketball game, the fall football field clean up and many other school and community affairs. sg MUSClGS?'7? Cleaning the football bleachers land advisorl T4 , l Row T: R. McGaughy, B. Hennig, R. Manfre, N. Sinnott, F. Cote, C. Flood, D. Yoshihara, R. Mosely, G. Heidinger, D, Abraham, D Pottier, D, Hoppin, J. Bloomfield, C. Ratkovick, M. Morse, M. Duggins, Row 4: T. Jarnagan, W. Cox, J. Yoshihara, P. Oleary Worden, Row 21 V. Whiteside, K, McCraney, B, Kimura, K. S. Morrisey, S. Wills, J. Ireland, S. Hanna, T. Gemignani, B Brovvn, F. Williams, R. Wright, D. Pekasso, J. Momsen, T. Cronin. Abraham, M, Sharpe, Row 3: R, Foster, J. Okasaki, S. Morris, M. G SB! 7 Any boy who has lettered in a sport is eligible for Block The boys are supervised by Coach Dempsey. The main project of the service club vvas selling programs for football and basketball games. During football season, Block "B" sponsored the Bashful Brave contest. Clues were given in three different programs telling where the Bashful Brave was hiding. The first person to find the Bashful Brave received a gift certificate for the student store. During basketball season, numbers of the different programs were called off at the games and the winners received 55.00 certificates at the student store. 5132: iwfwff .-,if gu.4t,fx4-5 4 i ' 7 3 .Q ii its V 4' lf' 4542 ' sri is-.LF 1 ....,,. .fn sv l A' t J! f 'fl' 3' ' Block "B" in action T41 - .V WV 1 . W i,"' T . , .- V Row T: M. Leidenheimer, N. Bloomfield, N. de la Cruz, S. Seltzer, D. Daniels, K. Kygar, S. Yarchever. Row 2: M. Andro, C. Loveltt, V. Ewers, Y. Hewitt, P, Purdy, N. Bless, G. Bowers. Row 31 M. Devens, N. Andro, K. Orlando, M. Curtis, P. Reuwsaat, H. Hurst, J, Krieg. Row 41. M. Griffin, C. Andro, M. Bryant, M. Kelliclc, R. Schmalzbach, T. Jarnagon. DRAMA COMMISSION The primary purpose of the drama commission is to help with any theatrical production at Blackford. Members, with the aid of their advisor, Miss Long, either act or work on the stage crew, sets, publicity, props, costumes, or make-up. The big event of the year is the all school ploy. This years production, Li'I Abner, had a cast of over seventy. Leading roles in the musical were played by John Whitten as Lil Abner, Marsha Sims as Daisy Mae, Steve Tuthill as Marryin' Sam, Marty Rice as Earthquake McGoon, Donna Nelson as Mammy Yokum, and both Dennis Conroy and Jim Mer- klinghaus as Poppy Yokum, and Bill Cope as General Bullmoose, The Drama Commission also presented a one act play to other schools towards the end of the year. Li'l Abner tells cronies why he would Mdruther have his druthers lui Everyone loins in for the "Matrimonial Stomp." The wives tell Marryin' Sam about their trip to Washington 142 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE A . i ,a,, 4',,4' . . I . . if N ' EII . A. F.S. Semi-finalists: Gene Gilluly, Rick Lee. Row It G. Finch, K. Eskeldson, G. Dalmau, P. Pittman, Ng Ser Miang, J, Grayson, J Inamasu, L Mor an, M Proni. Row 2, M Griffin E. Schade K. , . g . V . , West, S. Snyder, K. Okashirna, M. Matusich, C. Wood, M. Manthey. Row 3. D. Zody, C. Hanson, G. Gilluly, R. Lee, B. Stobbe, C. Greenberg, T. Ordon, L. Puccinelli. The American Field Service Program raises money to sponsor a foreign exchange student at Blackford each year. The two finalists from Blackford were Gene Gilluly, who was sent to Costa Rica, and Rick Lee. Money was raised with the help of the advisor, Mr. Buonocore, by selling candy, co-sponsoring a hootenanny, and selling "I support AFS." buttons during American Field Service Week Jan Stockard with her sister' in Germany. KARAKQNHA Hi-Y e at t c.s a . Row I: T, Cermak, G. Ahrens, S. Porsagian, T. Jarnagan, F. Cote, Powell, K. Markee, R. Rudden. Row 3. J. Rhodes, I-I. Braunef, C B, Hennig, N. Chase, Row 2. G. Oba, D. Zody, S, Morris, M. POTTIGV, 5 Howto. C Hwnson. Karakonha Hi-Y, a service club, is under the sponsored by Rotary International. The clubs activ- direction of Mr. Browning. This year, the clubs ities Were Cl CCIV wash Gnd O COV smash. name was changed to Interact since they are now G DEBS ml l - A Row T. D. Harness, C. Pintacura, K. Adams, D. Argo, L. Morgan, J. DiMarco, J. Shelter, C. Monari, J. Hodges B. Thompson, J. lnamasu. Row 2: L. Aguiar, J. Fields, D. Quandt, S. Ross, K. Hallmark, S. Hines, R. Range,J Thorsteinson, K. Lester, M, Proni, E. Gilluly, C. Clark. Row 315. Danley, G. Eugster, S. Blass, K. Nott, S. Lee, P Dreble, C, Wood, S. Snyder, M. Matusich, G. Sauter, K. Robertson, Row 4. N. Butler, T, Sowa, J. Cates, F Johnson, B. Brill, C. Kosanovic, K. Hollingshed, L. Puccinelli, S. Chiaramonte, R. Fitzgerald, S. Dorsett Under the direction at Miss Holbrook and Mrs. Drexhage, the members ot Debs learn about the different fields in home economics. At the beginning of the year, they had a picnic with all the other schools in the district. They also had a potluck dinner. During Christmas season, the members went caroling and visited Christmas Tree Lane. JUDO CLUB .y Q Y' W Zxwq... A ,KN ti' Ei if' .viii Af r' f 1 Row l. K. Snyder, L. Thompson, C. Martinsen, J. Gargelt, J. Mantel, N, Crawford, S. Billy, B. Gillming. Row 2 R. Marchello, V. Carney, K. Kelly, N. Ramos, S. Thompson, D. Sarba, K. McCreddin, K. Cuzner, M. Teutsch, C Christopherson. Judo-the gentle way- is derived from the code ot Japanese chivalry. Judo involves the use of balance and timing of the participants. The sport is characterized by many rituals and courtesies: the bow to the opponent before and after confrontation, kneeling in respect to the instructor and other participants. Blacktorcls newly organized Judo Club is open to all girls interested in learning this ancient art. PEP CLUB ff. .. Row T1 J. Fields, S. Lombardo, M. Mars, Y. Hewitt, P. Toombs, C. Pintacura, P. Smith, J. Honda, C. Bardo, J. Urabe, S. Serrano, S. Lietz, A. Fuchigami, R. Koone, C. Christopherson. Row 2: J. Dyer, D. Dye, M. Tanno, V. Ewers, D. Cornish, N. Moody, L. Pettison, G. Nelson, C. Koehn, T. McMillan, D. Sorba, D. Getsla. Raw 3: N. Butler, G. Murdock, J. Krieg, C. Butler, P. Butler, L. Klein, W. Fleming, S, Thompson, M. Dair, M. Griialva, S. Keresey, P. Axtell, P. Cavallaro, S. Harlan, S. Nishiguichi. Row 41 R. Erickson, B. Crews, J. Otto, B. Breil, B. Musgrave, M. Koglmeier, D. Mietzel, L. Brady, C. Kasanovic, P. Reuwsaat, K. Silva, J. Quinn, S. Chiaramonte, K. Valdez, J. Sworde, D. Norris. Pep Club, the largest club at Blackford, helps promote spirit. Everyone gets points for going to the games, meetings, and any participation. Aided by advisor, Miss Kunde, this year the members held a white shirt drive and sold red and white shakers. During the football season, a flash card section was devised. SKI CLUB Row ig K. Cuzner, E. Roemmele, G. Bowers, V. Ewers, J. Bowers, D. Baptist, C. Robinson, M. Dowlen, R. Wadman, V. Lopp, G. Lapp. Row Q: P. Windham, M. Papuga, A. Melick, F. Williams, M. Rose, S. Dobrin, P. Reuwsoot, J. Rohe, D, Eastman, K. Snyder, B. Pesavento, M. Carmichael, C. Anderson, T. Schermerhorn. Row 3. M. Powell, Mr. McGuire, F. Fraboni, K. Titus, S. Watson, L. Brady, R. Crews, J. Savstrom, D. Marshall, L. Sethmann, D. Getz, J. Schafer, Miss Kunde. The Ski Club, which was newly organized at the end of the first semester by advisor Miss Kunde, got off to a good start when Mr. Chuck Helm, former ski instructor and resort owner, gave a talk on skiing history and fashion. Members of the club also participated in a Ski Trip to Dodge Ridge in February. SPEECH ANDDEBATE Row li L. Atkinson, C. Cuzner, G. Bowers, D. Barr, C.. Satariana, L. Baumgorten, S. Yarchever, K. Schirle. Rovv 2 J. Valazauez, R. Schoineiveis, J. Jacob, J. Merklinghaus, D. Andrews, J. Thrash, K. Morgan, E. Hubbard Row 31 A. Alquest, G. Dickinson, J. Carney, P. Bernal, P. Tierney, S. Dorsett, T. Mackley. Row 111 D. Bleakly, B Carboni, M. Kellick, M. Shanahan, H. Bohltn, D. Hoppen. L, Tregoning, D. Currie, K Hall. Members ot The Speech and Debate Commission have particpated in many contests Throughout the Bay Area. It is the purpose oTthis commission to equip the student vvith speaking skills useful throughout his lite. Awards earned this year, under the guidance ot Miss Cunningham, included tvvo Tirst places, one Tourth place, and one fifth place. YTEEN5 Row li C. Yoshihara, K, Chandler, E. Roemmele, M. Cook, D. Roemmele, P. Hill. Row 2: V. Guercia, J. Nygren P Scanlan, S. Nystrom, L. Brady, P. Smith. Row 31 J, Stewart, L. Shertzer, W. Fleming, M. Maybury, S. Sinclair V Irons, Row 11: B. Brill, P. Cox, C. Webster, S. Hinton, L. Pettersen, C, Titus, B. Goodwin. Members ot Y-Teens, a girls service club, went coroling at hospitals during the Christmas season. The girls, under the supervision ot their advisor Mrs. Chilcott, collected UNICEF cards, and sold candy to get money Tor the beach party they held at the end of the year. Y-Teens also operated a Day Camp Tor underprivileged children which was held the Tirst Saturday ot every month. Besides these many activities, the girls made stutted animals Tor The children who go through the childrens Shelter. 146 F.B.L.A. Row 11 K. Barnett, S. Dunn, D. Schumacher. Row 2: C. Dawson, D. Ramos, M. Mars, M. Zuicher, S. Yarchever, A. Muzzio, K. Anzelde, Row 31 L. Atkinson, T. Sims, J. Butero, G. Bowers, K. Engstrom, S. Crossen, J. Luosey. Row 4: M. Emerson, J, Miller, K. Dorsett, P. Tolbert, E, Abraham, S. Hart, C. Godwin, K. Lander. Row 5: J. Jarlen, L. Aguiar, P. Nielsen, C. Titus, K. Snyder, K. Conkel, J. Godwin, J. West, L. Herrin, S. Roth. The highlights ot this years club activities were a trip to the Future Business Leaders ot Americas State and National Conventions at Fresno and San Francisco. The members and their advisor Mrs. O'Leary, held rummage and cake sales to aid in convention expenses. The group also took field trips to, and hosted representatives from local modeling agencies and business colleges. SOCIAL AFFAIRS Row .lt Mr, Evans, B. Teaque, C. Pintacura, A, Knapp, V. Ewers, G. Bowers, J. Krieg, L. Baumgarten, A Fuchigami, G. Murdock, Row 21 P. Reuwsaat, L. Giordano, C. Cook, D. Gipson, S. Blass, L. Harbour, C Greenberg, J. Becker, S. Seltzer, D. Getsla. Advisor Mr. Evans, and other members ot the Social Attairs Commission - help plan all school dances. They assist the Art Commission with decorations, and decorate the catetorium. 147 scieisice CLUB Row l, M. Carnett, T. McEntee, J, lkeda, B. Pesavento, C. Wright, E. Gilluly, M. Andro, J. Strockard, C. Mehling, J. Sheffer, D. Cucuzza, L. Faulkner, L. Shaffer, J. lnamasu, T. Hirshfeld, T, Bell, D. Wan. Row 2, M. Oba, S. Caldwell, G. Finch, J. McEntee, K. Papuga, C. Sturgeon, P. Bernal, B. Thompson, D. Bleakly, B. Kirpatrick, G. Oba, R. Lee, L. Beatie, C. lshibashi, A. Fuiino, R. Wright, Row 3, M. Griffin, M. Coats, C. Carpenter, S. Cantamout, T. Ordon, R. Thayer, L. Hale, D. Zody, H, Landman, M. Powell, H. Field, B. Stobbe, S. Lee, L. Nakayama, T. Roffe, Row 4, D. Leetham, S. Tuthill, W. Coats, J. Borgeld, P. Gallinger, B. Glatzel, N. Chase, B, Bullock, G. Dickinson, S. Schubert, R. Fingerhut, G. Gilluly, B. Nimtz, B. Carboni, J. l-laughey, Ng Ser Miang. This year, Science Club was divided into three sections, Astronomy, Biology, and Chemistry, vvith Mr. Parish, Mr. Dunton, and Mr, Buonocore as advisors. Each club participated in various field trips and activities, and served refresh, ments at various basketball games. Elsa l-lart gave a talk to the entire group on diamonds at the beginning of the year, F.F.A. Row T: M. Sage, Blackford, M. Bennett, Blackford, T. Atkin, Del Mar, P. Bangert, Del Mar, P. Jordan, Del Mar Row 2, K. Becker, Blackford, J. Solorio, Blackford, G. Cole, Blackford, S. Oyler, Blackford, J. Borda, Blackford, S, Brown, Blackford. Row 3, B. Lance, Blackford, P. Cole, Blackford, B. Bast, Blackford, B. Frye, Blackford, C. Minard, Blackford, M, Gebetsberger, Del Mar. It is the goal of agricultural science to study and improve methods of food production. The agricultural program presently offered at Westmont delves into many areas such as soil conservation and environmental control. Row li C. Mehling, G, Dalmou, C. lshibashi, T. Bell, S. Reeve, Row 2: D. Mars, D. Zody, H. Landman, M. Whitfield, V. l-laughey. CHESS CLUB Chess Club had one ot its most active years this year. Members ot the club participated in the A.F.S. Candy sale, and in tournaments at Campbell and llle DUVDOSS Ol The MGll'l ClUl3 'S to Cfeflle Gnd Del Mgr High Schools, stimulate interest in math. Members participated in contests and supplied tutoring for students requiring m additional help in math. Row l. K. Cuzner, G. Bowers, D. Turnoy, S. Seltzer, E. Haughey, H. Landman, M. Powell, B, Thompson, M. Coats Roernmele, S. Wallin, D. Wan, Row 2: G. Obo, J Stoclcard, C. Row 5: J. Rhodes, J. Van Fleet, C. Hanson, T. McLennan, G lshibashi, T. Bell, S. Kopp, R. Wright, Row 31 R. Fingerhut, J. Gilluly, D. Zody, M. Donnell. ORCH ESIS Row I: C. Mehlirig, K. Rose, F. Unruh, W. Winkler, D. Waarich, V. Standridge, Row 2: S. Londerville, S, Smith, L, Thompson, S. Keep, 'Orchesis, or modern dance, is a club devised to teach the fundamentals of dancing to its members. This year, Tiare McMillan taught the girls some Tahitian dances, and a demonstration of Swedish ball gymnastics was given. The girls gave dance presenta- tions toward the end o f the year. ....u....p-ni . 4. I 7 IX LX a - I SALES 8. FINANCE AWARDS SCHOOL AFFAIRS Peter Pozniak, Bob Grant Mr. Raley, Frank Cote Mrs. Petterson, Maggie Cook SYNCHRCNIZED SWIMMING The purpose of this club is to learn new group swimming skills and to provide an oppor- tunity to perform the swimming skills learned. The girls demon' strated new skills to the parents on Back-To-School Night. After planning their own water bal- lets, the girls performed on various occasions. Row lg S. Reeve, N. Tuthill, A. Ball, B. Zamzovv, C. Christopherson, D, Hancock, J Halle, Row 21 K. Cleveland, B, Musgrave, L. Behens, C. Hendrickson, K. Hall, D Wasch, C. Anderson, J Carter 150 CADETS K l' fD. W'll' ,M. B t, M. S d ,K, K I ,R I: J, Tuthill, H. Netter. Row 2: B. Dair, B. Cope, J. Bryant, M. Lee, J. Hgizknei, V- jljcjigjiey, Llngjjjjs, ju Cfjjjfrdecgijj, jgjojpjjcjilgn, 5, Mathias, H. Landman, T. Lake, J. Carney, S. Getsla, D. DiFranco, flevenger, D. Malley, B. Godwin, P. Wagner, B. Winslovv, S. R- Roblflson- H. Netter, J. Carney, S. Gotsla, R. Robinson RIFLE CLUB The Blackford Cadet Corps, consisting of some thirty-tvvo members and supervised by Captain Hall, is a state sponsored program designed particularly for the young man who desires to make a career of military service. Subjects stressed in the Cadet Corps include rifle marksmanship, map reading, first aid, personal hygiene, and group safety. All subjects are applicable to any branch of military service. The Blackford Cadet Corps, Company A of the 55th Battalion, actively participates in various local and stateevvide activities. COLOR GUARD Affiliated with the Nab tional Rifle Association and under the direct supervision of Mr. Hall, the Blackford Rifle Club was first organ- ized during the 65-66 school year. The major objective of the club is to instruct young people in the safe handling and proper use of firearms. The Rifle Club accomplishes its objective through an or- ganized program involving practical experience with small arms. Row l: R. Manchello, V. Borg, D. DiFranco, D. Molly, L. Shaffer, L. Beatle. Raw 2- K. Hall, J. Haughey, R. Robinson, J. Bryant, C. Gardisen, K. Hall. Rovv 31 C. Thayer, H. Landman, D. WlWlTe, K- Kolp, D. Williams LATIN cius ff' V. u.,.'i' x...f'-- ' f i L i 'L .. , , . 1' gk t . . ..f,. The members of Latin Club, under the direction ot Mrs. Chew, took a trip the latter part of January to the lce Palace in Sunnyvale tor an ice skating party. ln early spring a Roman Banquet was held in the cafeteria. Everyone dressed in Roman attire, sat on the floor and teasted on Roman food. The clubs activities ended with a beach party. Raw lg L. Franklin, J. Ford, S. Wallace, P. McCraney, B. Gillming, S. Reeve, D. Russell, B. Pesavento, C. Hendrickson, P. Pittman, E. Franklin, P. Fell, P. DiMaria, R, Winer, Row 21 L. Heggen, C. Young, J. Warden, S. Taylor, P. McHan, C. Kloes, T. Turnwall, C. Nesseth, M. Shimada, M. Lyons, T. Fritz, J. McEntee, G. Dalmau, S. Parsagian, Miang Ng, Row 3. G. Oba, S. MavrakiS,T. Broekemeier, R. Stover, K. Lipton, B. Crews, C. Anderson, M. Cruciano, J. Dutton, K. Barnett, J. Keyweed, B. Somers, M. Skrondal, E. Parrish, M. Mars, Row 4: J. Gemignarii, J. Sethmon, R. Mantre, D. Hoppin, L. Ward, C. Hanson, M. Milton, T. Judge, B. Allen, J. Wilson, H. Schaefer, C. Kloes. S. Cook, E. Sturtevant. GERMAN CLUB lr 41. A ,L . x A The purpose of Blackfords German Club is to familiarize students with the people and culture of this foreign country. In December, the members went to various convalescent hospitals where they sang German carols. The evening was ended with a party reminiscent ot those held in Germany during the Christmas season. The club also prepared for a "Faschingsball", or German carnival. Row l. R. Sunseri, D. Graft, J. Stockard, J. Shetter, A. Forrest, S. Dobrin, L. Faulkner, K. Lander, T. Carptner W. Boeninger, Row 2: M. Pendelton, C. Carpenter, J. Houghey, N. Stockard, S. lmsen, P. Lindsay, S Grincewich, S. Nystrom, R. Ledonois, Row 3: D. Zody, R. Thayer, T. Ordon, L. Ellingson, S. l-linston, S. Lee, F Johnson, S, Kopp, Row 4: W. Ramirez, G. Gillily, B. Glatzel, E. Dunstan, H. Landman, W. Hubert, D. Boshta D. Ryan. l52 ,X w FRENCH CLUB This year, the members ot French Club, assisted by Mrs. Cooke, took a trip to San Francisco and vis- ited the City ot Paris De- partment Store. The club held a iewelry party as a fund-raising activity. In the spring, a French dinner was pre- pared by the students. Row l1C. Kolanda, B. Acton, J. Quinn, M. Meneghin. Row 2: D. Upton, K, Helderbrand, T. McMillan, B. Dair, L. Aguiar, D. Quandt, C. Ishiboshi, K. Eskeldson. QC, Row it C. Monari, K. Sprague, B. Brink, C. Jensen, S. Carrier, G. Fuiikawa. Row 2: D. Kubo, B. Kimura, R. Gunderson, M. Morse, M. Murata. Row 3: M. Cross, V. Williams, A. Piazza, S. Nelson, M. Fichero, Mr. Cluft. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is primarily social. During the year members plan activities such as their annual Christmas party, take part in Pan American Day, and go on a picnic at the end ot the year. Also, students take trips to local Spanish language tilms, live performances by Spanish entertainers, and to restaurants. Other activities are planned for fund raising purposes. One goal ot the club is to torm a Spanish Honorary Society which will conduct all business ot the club in Spanish. LENGUA VISUAL One ot the main aspects ot the Lengua Visual Club is to learn the culture, living condif tions, and social customs ot Spanish - speaking countries. This year, under the supervision ot their advisor, Mr. Clutt, this club took a trip to the beach at Santa Cruz and went to see some Spanish tilms. They had a display in the showcase in De' cember entitled "Las Posadasf' Christmas in Mexico. They also made plans to eat in a Spanish restaurant. .h K ,g.. ,nw Vw, .W , ,.h.V In ,..,:l..,.A, y,gk.V K K. ,. , ,. ka JC YA,zgk,1.., 1-K H ,V , Y., Row l: K, Bantield, K. Marti, J Ikeda, S. Takimoto, I. Panighetti Row 2 L Trumbull C. Marti C Ball, M. Minister M Okashima B Gurroro Pow3 L Hammond, C. Dodson, D Zebell B Gilbert, D Shatter, R Boyd B Musgrave. 153 fx," i' I . , i . Row I: K. Wiggins, B. Simmons, D. Raines, L, Data, K. Rongey, L. Koehn. Row 2: G, Raye, L. Hargreaves, B. Dair, M, Coats, G, Finch, L. Giordano. LIBRARY Anyone who participates in the Library tor the first year, gets credit and a grade, Those who continue, take Library in place ot a study hall. Their duties in- clude circulation processing at the desk, tiling, shelving books, and typing. Mrs. Fechter is their advisor. UTILITIES BANK Row I: J. Larkin, M. Bryant, K. Collins, D. Shakespeare. Row 2. B. Row lg J. Reyes, S. Herrick, K. Borg, R, Kodish. Row 21 D. Clare, R. Ullman, J. Haughey, K. Larkin. Gradel, D. Schumacher, D. Foster. A Q Y , . 4 - Row 1. B. Scott, J. Murdock, H. Netter. Row 2. D. Althouse, A. Mankin, J. Markie, J. Carney, L. Sivils, R. Putnam, B. Ullman, D. Keywood. Row 316. Vita, J. Crocker, J. Sitter, S. Peacock, K Collins, R. Lyon, R, Webb, J. Wittman. AUDIO VISUAL These boys, who are led by advisor Mrs, Owen, con- tribute their time in place of Study Hall, to shovv films to various classes. Beside their usual audio visual tasks, they work in the book room. MEMBERSHIP COMMISSION Membership commission- ers this yeor were Michou Mors ond Corol Pintocuro. The purpose ot this commis- sion is to keep the Student Body membership records ond check the use ot Student Body Cords ot school tunc- tions. The members olso porticipoted in selling Stu- dent Body Cords to eighty per cent ot the student body. Rowi T Hirschteld D Cucuzzo T Bonner E Roemmele M Mars V Ewers, C. Pintocuro, D, Horness, Row? L Shertzer S Coldwell L Honlces Y Hewitt E Schode E Jensen G. Bowers, L. Peterson, Row 3 S Bloss L Giordano B Simmons D Snyder P Reuwsoot D Botinovich, L. Thompson, B. Provon ART COMMISSION ART HONORARY Anyone who hos mode on A in ort is eligible tor Art Honorory. One proiect consisted ot moking spirit ribbons. The sixty dollors they receiyed, enobled them to moke vorious tield trips to ort disploys ond museums. A l b Row I M Dowlen B Pciul B Teague L Wickstrom P Scanlon Row I: L, Peterson, V. Ewers, T. Turnwoll, K. Popugci, G. Bowers, nes w R J Krieg R Schneider Row 2: S. Borden, S. Wilson, P Reuwsoot, N Wilson, Row 3- B Ouondt P Wilson H Hurst S Coldwell L Honkes Row 3 S Koiser, B Brill, P. Wilson, M. Rose, Row A: R. Webb, B. Loden, M. son B Bri onne ine S ms Grimm, S Bennett, Mrs. Lozono, Advisor. w V Y vm A-6' Q, Z 21.11 x ZH w ., N. I gf fi!! X J v ,x f, J X 'Xm,1 A I J KA QD Y ,J N 1 S X ,- K RTL? A. N5 iff, wi f Q Qyqp J J 9 w Lui. 3. X x Q N N ,4 Kei f n yslj my ' Q ,1 .J Q.,x gag J 3 fix ' KVFNJ .Xxx Q xv J f 0.9 JJ ,Q , V .J I QRJ .fy1'?X'J H3 3 f-W, AWK , A , , V1 f J , l J EMM .Q Q lx WG? WWWJ 156 M222 Q0 ,WJ 1 Mb QWWXQSX wx fb VS, V ff'v5g E2 W Q w ! y WRX 'fs ' O54 , x L-ffm' yfygpfagkgi gp K M K: E 0'f?g3357,f'JlgLy!xi3i5j? 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Suggestions in the Blackford High School - Saga Yearbook (San Jose, CA) collection:

Blackford High School - Saga Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Blackford High School - Saga Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Blackford High School - Saga Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 31

1967, pg 31

Blackford High School - Saga Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 114

1967, pg 114

Blackford High School - Saga Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 138

1967, pg 138

Blackford High School - Saga Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 53

1967, pg 53

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