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,, mx gin' 1 1 1 1 1 1' . .1.,' 1. 1. .' 11, 11.1 1 . W1 11'-1 1 1 1 .K-:Q 1 '3"LWvI,,i'.'f11,ij11-1,.V., ,g. , ,. ' , 1 f'5rre'1ie'21"' 1 '1 -1 ' ' J Q, .. L, ,:1:l'1 1., :1'127 V "J1'i'.i11' ' -x 1 g I, 1,,, 5-1 T, ' 1.',.-9111 "'.,If,T' ' I 1. 1 'I 1r- .-.I 351'-2:-,. ,-1 fl, -, .7 H .. A .1 v',m1,,-1 . .a. ,- 1 1 . , . , - ,.,,,1 rw W.. wav.-..1:, A K.-, - 1 , 1 v '1 1 A-w.1. .1 ,.- ff- f -- -v-1---w. qiljac.-. -,wr M11- 1s.L plJg5,2,'Q O I . 1 ,E.'1, x 1 L' L' ,, i, .. i ,I .1. , AAI: u 11 ,A Qxfik' --Q.-Hr. Y I I Y VIH r 'IL -SJLL ix 1 45,9 , , Igbfr' AV, ,' , J ,fl .-'nmk " L J' 4' ' 4'2" 'I 1-if M , M V V ' ..', i. I 1 Y Y 1 IJ' "'.fw"ii1'Q: wigs: ' 'gf' -1 "!'f?'f-':r'!u.f , J l?4?,5,1gQ1gc-E. A 1 IF, ij? i-5 E114 s H1 'QQ I, 4. 'L 19 -I, Advisor Mr. Rayh O. Albright Presented lv The Senior Class W' Black River Hzgh School ECHO Edi tor Danna Kidney Annual Stoyjf Senior Pictures - Helen Weber Poems - Cindy Eichel, Viekie Goehring, Wayne Reiringer, Glenda Clinker Wills - Diana Puie Business Manager - Connie Eberling Advertisements - jaekie Ihctherford, Emibf Batef, Patricia Ward Activities - Patti Power, Sharon Moutoux Sports - Bo Simcox, Doug Hartingf Undergrades - Nancy Bigelow History - Patti Power, Sharon Moutoux, Beoerbf Finkel, Tonya Smith, David Brarvse, Mike Copper, Nanty Archer Typists - Helen Weber, Patti Power, Bo Simcox, jackie Rutheryhraf Emily Bates, Vickie Goehring junior High - Nancy Archer QQDG ll Graduates - Helen Weber, M ry. Lou1kNichol5, Mm. Treoa Kirkpatrick, M ry, Bernice Dalgleifh Photographer - Bob Lamb, Gerald Studiof Miscellaneous Pages - Dauid Riddle, Sharon Moutoux, Patti Power, Doug Hastingy, Bo Simcox, Wayne Reiringer, Patti Ward, Linda Rodriguez, Leon Sprinkle Color Pages - Donna Kidney Senior Assistants - Hazel Paine, Tonya Smith, Beuerhf Finkel, Cathy Drury, Danny Clinker, Vicki Summerf Undergracles Assistants - Roger Myerf, Kim Boali, Micky Rodriguez, Bonnie Rice, Diana Terrill, Pam Ridenour, Fleeta Gruuer, Satan Seott, Roberta Smith, Suran Sprinkle, Gail Worcefter Advertising and Annual Sales - Senior Clan rl worlcroom, leaves little to the imagination. Time, effort, and patience are required to build a book. I hope that someday our work will serve as a re- fresher of these memories of 1969. Editor Donna Kidney lv S Q E X What happens behind the scenes in an Echo 2 yrgr' li l l 1 i i i ll l. il l i i l I W, l , l , ii ii ii! i + Apprecz'atz'0n i i . . . For their never ending patience and long devotion to the Stu- dents of Black River High School, we the Senior Class of 1969 dedicate this yearbook to - Mrs. Emma Dougbergl and Mr. Douglax Gottron 9 155, Alma M ater All hail! Black River High School, To Thee we sing our praiseg To honor Alma Mater, Our voices now we raise. To Thee, Black River High School Beloved black and goldg Our teams will ever conquer For our boys are brave and bold. Administration 1 1 Charge to the Senior Class 1969 As each of you approach Graduation Day 1969, you do so with a feeling of pride in yourself for having at- tained the first important milestone in your life, the completion of high school. It is right and just you should feel this pride, for in this great land of ours where an education is available to everyone who wants it, you have made thc first important choice on your climb to success by taking advantage of the high school education offered to you. For twelve years your parents, teachers and I, as your friend, have stood on the sidelines and watched you grow from eager little tousle headed boys and girls to young men and women. We have attempted to guide and direct you so that the decisions you have made were right and correct ones. Many times you were confused and faltered but in the end came through with a smile on your face, As you leave Black River High School, I challenge each of you to become dedicated young people. Dedicate yourself to the principle of usefulness which will give many people the benefit of your efforts. Enjoy life yourself, and help others to do likewise. Dedicate yourself to always give your best to your community, your state, and your nation in peace as well as in war. Dedicate yourself to be true to your families, your church, your friends, and your own good name. Dedication such as this builds that something in an individual which lasts and gives each a feeling of deep satisfaction. With such dedication at the end ofyour life here on this earth youimay hear the wiurds, "Well done my true and trusted servant." Donald E. Lambee Superintendent - The Six R 's I read the other day a poem by john Donne, a 17th century English poet. No man is an island, entire of itself Every man is a piece of the continent A part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, As if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friendis mr V Or of they own wereg H 'NTi'L'7' Andy Man's death diminishes me, because Iam involved in mankind, And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tollsg it tolls for thee. Probably no one has put into sharper focus the idea of what man owes to his fellow-man and what his fellow-man means to the individual, than john Donne. If man is responsible for his fellow man, if what happens to his fellow man does influence him, as we know it does, what should this school have done for you the graduates, and what should it be doing to help its present students succeed, find happiness, and build a better world? In making some suggestions to that end, I would like first to state a thesis on which the proposals are based: it is impossible to succeed, it is impossible to find happiness, it is impossible to sustain a strong society and by other means than to develop good individuals. If these individuals are inconsiderate or undis- ciplined or unaffected by the values of others, then that society will make impossible success, happiness, or a self-perpetuating society. I think, then, that our school system is obligated to help individuals find success and happiness and to help individuals to advance society in an orderly manner. How do we do this? I submit that our school, an integral part of all education, must continue to carry on the task of transmitting knowledge and skills, but it must also carry on the job of transmitting knowledge and skills, but it must also carry on the job ofengendering and enlarging certain specific attitudes on the part of the students. The time-honored and time-tested and traditional three R's. One of these is Respect. If our students are to Gnd success, any real measure of success, they must show respect for authority. Whether or not it be right whether or not it be ethical, a young man's success will repeatedly depend on his showing respect for authority. The very nature of authority dictates in no uncertain terms that it will command respect. To find happiness, our students must learn to respect the rights of others. Only in this way do we ourselves gain respect. Only if we ourselves are respected can we find real and lasting happiness. This doesn't mean that we must always agree with what others dog but so long, and only so long, as others are operat- ing within the limits agreed upon by society, then they should be permitted to carry on without being badgered or bullied or banned by others. If our students are to help keep our society an on-going thing, they must learn to respect themselves. Alexander Dubcek, then asked by student demon- strators, in Prague, what guarantees there were that the old "Russian" days would not be back, replied, "You yourselves are that guarantee . . ." "You, the young." Only you can be the guarantee to make democracy work better, but you must live your life in such a way that you can respect yourself first then build that on-going, lasting society. Unless you have lived your life so that you can respect yourself, you will not have time to think about, not to help society. The second R is Restraint. Restraint is, of course, the necessary corollary of the respect I mentioned earlier. Without restraint society becomes license. We as citizens of our society must realize that we must restrain ourselves, we must not always use any available means to gain our own ends, we must realize that we do not always get a full and accurate picture the first time and we must, therefore, not act rashly, we must think alternatives through carefully before we act. The young child who wants to throw a hammer at his baby sister because he has hit his finger, is not using restraint. Ifwe, as adults, do not use restraint, then we are behaving on a level with the infant. Daniel Webster at a speech in Charleston, stated very succinctly what I'm saying, "Liberty exists in proportion to wholesome restraint." The third R is Responsibility. Ifwe are happy living in a free society, we must take some responsibility to see that society continues to exist. To do this, we must be responsible for our actions. I read a story the other day which illustrated what l'm trying to say. A vicious gossip passed on a story about her neighbor which caused great anguish to her neighbor. In genuine remorse she confessed her error to her priest. For penance the priest told her to buy two ducks at the market, then pluck them as she walked home, and then return to him. When she returned, the priest said, "To complete the penance, you must retrieve all the feathers and the down that you plucked from the birds." Then did the woman realize that she could not undo what she had done. Students must learn that their actions and utterances have consequences for others. Ifl do some rash thing, I must realize that I am not the only one who will suffer. My family will, my friends will, and so will any person who cares about me, suffer for what I have done. The young person who seeks success, hap- piness, and a good society must learn to accept responsibility for his behavior. The three R's, respect, restraint, and responsibility, along with the traditional three R's are what we here at the school are seeking and have sought to teach you. Whether or not you the map, you yourself must follow the correct path. . ,,, X -X X14 ,K xnxx 3' is xx TX ,Q 2 .,s N Faculty H191 1454. " -14P'i'Q' AUQ fir An. - is l 1 "' I :N 1-3' 1 1.2 111 F 1 51 J fl 1 Q QI 45 11 Y 1 .1 1 11 'l 1: 11 11 if I pg Ed .1 .1 ., .91 5 11 1 5 1 1 .5 1 lr J 1 1 I1 W 11' 5 1" -1 3 1 11 11 1 1 1r.1 1 ff 1 Ll 11- 1 1 1 1 FI: 1 I 5 If 15 1 11 11 , 1 ' 1 1 . 1.1 1-1 1 1' . '11 -1 1 1, . 11 1? 1: 1 1' Q li! 1 11 F 1 1 L 1 H ,-.. N. A , 1 gy? 1 1 .11' f 11' fqfj 1 3,1 if y if P"!T' ..-.. .i.'11 f' 1 A Qylmmgi :1f.-Q-A1 ' 'f-Ar 6 , -PM P? MISS SANDRA ASBURY English RALPH O, ALBRIGHT MRS. DONNA BENSHOFF Commercial Home Economics I0 MRS, ALICE DAWLEY Business Ed. LAWRENCE S. BRANDEL MRS. EMMA DOUGHERTY physics, Biology English I1 and 12 World Geography DOUGLAS GOWRON Vouzirionail Agriculrurc . h ' MARY HINES Library DAVID GRIMM Chemistry. Gen. Science World History TIMOTHY HOOD Driver Ed, Hcalrh and Pluy. Ed., Conch ROLLIE HARING Math and Phy. Ed. Coach kwv' ROBERT KELLY Special Ed. ROBERT jAMES KNOLL Ind. Arts FREDERICK -I. KEMP WALTER RAMAGE Math Am. Govt. and Am, Hist FRANCIS M. STUART Am, History - W. History Coach WILLIAM ROSER ,IAN VUNDERINK English and Spanish EflgliSh Rnd SPCCCIW Coach ANN FOOR Vocal Music RON WEAVER History, Coach 1 ff 1,-Q E . lg f ffl? I T' ' 7? ' ' w,-.A will Bemiere Dalgleirlz Ruth Brorkwfq Chuck Sleeelex J I4 Elmer Genny and H1If0l!l' Srbeck f H zlgh School Emplmfees l Senior and A ctz'vz'tz'es NANCY ARCHER. Band 1. 2, 5. 4: Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 5. 41 Girls' Ensemble 21 Mixed Chorus 5, 41 Girls' Glee 1, 5, 41 Pep Club 3, 41 Class Play 5: All4County Cho- rus 5. EIHILY BA TES, Annual Staff' 41 G.A.A. 21 Newspaper Staff 4. NANCY BIGELOW. Annual Staff 4, Beta Club 2, 5, 41 Home EC. Club 41 Mixed Chorus 5,41Girls' Glee 1, -11 College Club 2, 5. BUNNY BODENMILLER. Annual Staff 51 Beta Club 41 Home Ec. Club lg Latin Club 41 Girls' Ensemble 21 Mixed Chorus 31 G,A.A. 51 Librarian lg College Club lg District Scholarship Tests 41 Spanish Club 'P DAVID BRASSE, Band 11 Latin Club 1. 21 V l'.T.A. 5. -41 Football 1, 5, 41 Basketball 1, 2, 5, 41 Track 2, 5, 41 Lettermc-n's Club 2, 5, 4. Class Play flL bClCI1L'Cf.lLllW l, 2, 5, 41 College Club 5, 4. jILL BRINKERHOFF. Band 1. 21 latin Club ll G.A,A, 1, 2. 5. 11. Pep Club -11 Class Play 51 Science Club 2, 5, -11 College Club 5, 4. MICHAEL CANFIELD. Band l, 21 Spanish Club 1. MIKE COOPER, Latin Club 1, 21 F.T,A, 2. 5, 41 Basketball 1, 21Track 2, 5, 41 Basketball Assistant lg Science Club 1, 2, 5, -11 Col- lege Club 2, 5, 41 Class Officer 1. I6 CLASS MOTTO: Today we follow, tomorrow uc lead JANE LEIBY JOAN LEIBY CLAIR DENNIS CA THY DRURY, Annual Staff 4, Beta Club 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Mixed Cho- rus 3, 4, Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4,Class Play 3, Football Club 2, 3, Science Club 2, College Club 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4. CONSTANCE EBERLING, Annual Staff 3, 4, Band 1, Beta Club 3, 4, Home Ee. Club, G.A.A. 1, 3, 4, Majorette 1, 2, 33 Cheerleader 4, Pep Club 1, 3, 4, College Club 3, 4, District Scholarship Tests 2. CYNTHIA EICHEL, ANNUAL Staff 4, Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls! Glee 2, 3, G.A.A. 4, Pep Club 4, Newspaper Staff BEVERLY FINKLE, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Librarian 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, College Club 3, 4, All-County Band 1, 34 Firelands Conference Band 1, 3, Dis- trict Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 3, 4, Newspa- per Staff 1, 2, Drama Club 1, Spanish Club 3 , 4. iiiiiiii jANET GEISS, Band 1, 2, Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 4, F.T.A. Girls' Ensem- ble 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, Science Club 3, College Club 2, 3, All-County Band 1, 3, All-County Chorus 3, Spanish Club 1, 2. .. W QVICKI GoELi1zzNG, Annual, Staff ,4,s Bofoff Club 2, 3, Latin Club 3giMixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee 1, 2, College Club 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 1. , 4 JANET GRIBBLE, Annual Staff 3, Beta L Club 2,1 3, Mixed Chorus 1,,,2g Librarian 1, 2. 3 MELISSA GRUVER, 3HomoEoq Clubs 1, 5, 4. 1 DEAM HAMANN, Beta Club 1, 2, 3,,4g Librarian 34 ,DOUG HAsT1NGs, Aooool, Staff 5, 4, " Mixed Chorus 2, 4g'Boys? Glee lg, Football 1, 3, 4, Lette-:rmen's Club 2, 3, 4, Basketf ball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 2, StudentCounci1 1. ,, 3 jOHN IjIA YNES,,Annual Staff 5, Football 3 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3g Took Assistant 1, BARBARA HENDRICKS, Band 1, 2, 3, Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 25 Girls'- Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee 1,4G.A.A. 1, 2,,3, 4, Pep Club, ' 13, C1assPlay5 3,3-Librarian 152, 3, 4, Sciencef L t Club 1, 2, 3, 4, College Club 3, 45 All- County Band 3, Firelancls Conference Band 35 District Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 3, Class Officer ,3. , m , JAMES HI3EiY?,,FLF,A.s 1, 2, 1:44, Football 1, 3 Lettermerfs Club 2, 4, Class Play 3g Football Manager 2. ' 13, jf, A- "' -nn ,I , FY. i4 4 f M DON HOLMES, Spanish Club 1, 2, Vfres- tling 2, GAY KAST, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 45 All-County Band 1, Firelancls Conference Band 1, Class Officer 1, 3. ii,i 4 5, GARY KEENER PATRICIA KICZEK, Annual Staff 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, College Club 2, 3, 4, All-County Band 2, Firelands Conference Band 2, Class Offi- cer 4, Spanish Club 1, 2. , DONNA KIDNEY, Annual Staffxl, 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4, MixedgChorus 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Playa3,iQCOllege Club 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 3, 4, Orarna Club 1. VICKIE SUMMERS, Annual St'affl4g Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, Pep Club 2, 3, Class Play 3, Spanish Club 1. NANCY KNAPP, Beta Club 2, 5, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 4, girls' Glee 3, 4, Football Club 2, 3, Cheerl,ea,cler11,Pep Club 2, 3, 4, College Club12f3, 4, Home- coming Court 1, Class Officer 1. TIM KOCH, Beta Club 3, 4, F.T.A. 43 Science Club 2, District Scholarship Tests 3, Spanish Club 2. I9 PAUL KOONS, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. ART KYLE ROBERT LAMB, Annual Staff 2. 3, 4, Wrestling Manager 4, Photographer 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 1, Baseball 4. , DICK LINDEN, F.F.A. 1, 2, 14, Basketball 1. EDWIN MCCONEGHY, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee 1, 2, 3, Class Play 3, Librarian 1, 2, Science Club 1, 2, 4, College Club 3, 4, All- County Band 1, 3, Firelands Conference Band 1, 33 District Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 1, Firelands Conference Chorus 2, 43 All-Ohio Youth Choir 3, 4, P,T.A. 2. GEORGE MEKOLESKE, Fra. 1, 2, 5, 4, Mixed Chorus 2. AMY METHANY. Beta Club 1, 2, Pep Club 43 Class Play 3, College Club 43 Newspaper Staff 43 Homecoming Court lg Homecoming Queen 1, Drill Team 1, 2, 33 Who's Who 1. SHARON MOUTOUX. Annual Staff 4, Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls' Glee1,Z, 31 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4, Class Play 3, Science Club 1, 2, 43 College Club 3, 4, District Scholarship Tests 2, 20 la E1-'L . lf? CLASS FLOWER: White Rose BILL NESBETT, Wfrestling 1, 2, 5, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Football 1, 2, 5, 4, Track 1, 2, 5, 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 5, 4, Parlia- mentary Procedure Team 5, 4. CRAIG NICHOLS, Football 1, 2, 5, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 5, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4, Letter- men's Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Class Officer 5. DA VID OWEN HAZEL PAINE, Annual Staff4, Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Beta 2, 5, 4, Latin Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2, Science Club 2. GERALD PITZ, Band 1, Beta Club 2, 5, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, F.T.A. 5, 4, Mixed Cho- rus 2, 5, 4, Boys' Glee 1, 5, Basketball 1, 2, 5: Track 2, 5: Lettermen's Club 4, Science Club 4, College Club 5, 4, Firelands Con- ference Band 1, , d,, PAUL POMEROY, Beta Clubii, 2, Football 1, 2, 5, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4, Track 1, 2, 5, 4, Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Homecom- ing Court 4, Class Officer 4, Spanish Club 1. PATRICIA POWER, Annual Staff 4, Band 4, Beta Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Home Ec. Club 5: Latin Club 1, 2, Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 5: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 5, 4, Girls' Glee 1, 2, 5, G.A.A. 1, 2, 5, Class Play 5, Science Club 1, 2, College Club 5, 4, District Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 5, Student Council 1, F.T.A. 2. RUSSELL PRUITT, Wrestling'2, 5, 4, Foot- ball 1,a2, 5, 4, Basketball 1, Track 1, 2, 5, 4, Lettermerxis Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Science Club 2, 5, 4, College 4,:District Scholarship Tests 1, 2, Student Council 1, 7' Homecoming Court 5, Spanish Club 2. - 2.I DIANA PUIE, Annual Staff4g Band 1, 2, 4, Home EC. Club 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Ma- jorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 33 Science Club 2, 3, 43 College Club 2, 3, 4g Class Officer 3, Drama Club lg - Spanish Club lg Football Club 2, 3, Head Majotette 4. DA VID RIDDLE. Football 1, Basketball 3, Letrermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball Man- ager 2, 3, Football Manager Z, 3, Student fCouncil 3, Class Officer 4. WAYNE REISINGER. Band 1, 2, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4g F,F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Land judging 4g Dairy judging 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 43 College Club 2, 5, 43 All-County Band 1, Parliamentary Pro- cedure Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 1, 2, Class Oficer 1, 23 Drama Club 1gSpan- ish Club 3. QBARBARA RIFFLE. Home Ec. Club 2, 'Newspaper Staff 1, 4, Class Officer 1., LINDA RODRIGUEZ. Annual Staff 4g Home Ec, Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 5, Science Club 43 College Club 43 Home- coming Court 3, 4. 3 QHARLES ROGERS - jACKIE RUTHERFORD, Annual Staff 1, 4. SUSAN RUNKLE. Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, College Club 21 Class 4 Officer 2, 4, Spanish Club 2. 22 CLASS COLORS: Scarlet and Gold ARNOLD SIDWELL, Latin Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Boys' Glee 33 Football 1, 3g Track 1, 2, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Student Council 4. .3.,3.,, SAMUEL 51-IELLHORN, F.F.A. 1,'f iill fi, Lettermen's Club 3, 4g Football Manager 2. ' TRACY SHIRK, Football lg Lertermen's Club 3, 4, Football Manager 3. ROBERT SIMCOX, Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 25 F.T.A. 2, 3, 43 Footbialsigtgtlai, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Lette-:rmen's Club 2, 3, 4g Class Play 3, Science Club 41, 2, 3, 45 College Club 2, 3, 4g Homecoming Court 2, 4g Class Officer 1, 2. jOI-IN SKEELES, Wrestling 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2g Majorette 5: Science Club 4g All- County Band 2g District Scholarship Tests 3. TUNYA SMITH, Football Club 2, 54 F.T.A. 2, 3, 43 G.A.A, 2, 3, 4g Cheerleader lg Club 132, 3, 4g Librarian 2, College Club 2, 3, 4j Student Council 2, 33 Homecoiif ing Court 2g Class Officer 1, Spanish Club 1, 2. WALTER SPRINKLE, Annual 2g F.F.A. 1 2. iiii ERIC STEELE, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. 23 DA VID TODD CALVIN VOORHEES, Basketball 13 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4. LYNN WAGNER, Football Club 2, 33 An- nual Staff4g Home Ee. Club 43 Latin Club 1, 23 F.T.A. 43 Girls' Glee 11 G.A.A. lg Cheerleader lg Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 23 Librarian 1, Track Assistant 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, 3. 43 College Club 2, 3, 43 Student Council 3, 43 Homecoming Queen 4. PA TRICIAN WARD, Annual Staff 2, 43 Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Librarian 2, 3, 43 College Club 2, 3, 43 District Scholarship Tests 23 Newspaper Staff43 Spanish Club 13 Foot- ball Club 3, 43 Librarian Club 3, 4. LARRY WARREN, Football 23 Basketball 23 Lstrermen's Club 2, 3, 4. HELEN WEBER, Annual Staff 2, 4, Pep Club 3, 43 Home Ec. Club 4. PEGGY YEAPLES, Home EC. Club 13 Class Play 1, Spanish Club 1. CHARLENEZIEBRO, Band 1, 2, Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Home Ee. Club 3, 4,F.T.A.1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee lg G.A.A. 1, 33 Science Club 1, College Club 1, 2, 3, 43 District Scholarship Tests 1, 33 Spanish Club 1, 2. 24 NANCY ARCHER, head of our class, Seldom is found a friendlier lass. One of the cast of our class play, Maybe for her the movies some day! EMILY BATES is full of fun She's a friend to everyone. She's always ready with a joke She's not one of the shy folks. N' B' NANCY BIGELOXW is a card In our book, she's a real star. But there is one thing that gives us a tickle, That is her big, lovely, brown freckles. BONNIE BODENMILLER, smart as can be, Will make something of herself, wait and see. Wllile she gets A's, and others Eiil, You'll never find her personality stale. DAVID BRASSE, so handsome and tall, Thinks of the girls in study hall. He's a real riot ro be around, So, girls, keep your feet on the ground. JILL BRINKERI-IOFF, as tall as a beam, Is always great on the basketball team. You'll probably find her in her Car, E. B i That's how she became our driving star. MIKE BRUKE is a real swell guy, Although at times he's rather shy. You usually find him in the hall, Standing quietly and very tall. Now we have a CANFIELD named MIKE, Girls and games is what he likes. A smile he carries for one and all, I-Ie's a real riot in study hall. DEAN I-IAMANN, slim and tall, A real nice guy who's on the ball. In all his subjects heis a whiz I-Ie does real good on every quiz. MIKE COOPER, tall and handsome Times with him are never tiresome. A friend to all, a foe to none. He'll be glad when his education is done. BUTCI-I DENNIS from down Sullivan-way, Can always be found with something to say. One of the Many F.F.A. guys, Among his classmates he rates high. M JB CATHY DRURY, petite and fair, When she dresses she takes great care. A secretary she could be, With her speed and ability. CONNIE EBERLING helps lead our band, As a majorette she rates grand. Now a cheerleader she will be, To help urge our boys to victory. CYNTHIA EICHEL our Pep Rally Queen, Her cow-bells made them really keen. All that noise made quite a din, Thanks to the cow-bells, We were sure to win. BEV FINKEL, our class brain, Even so she works for her gain. At school Work she is a whiz, That's how she made the T.V. Quiz. VICKI GOEHRING, with her bright smile, With you she'll always chat awhile She lends to all a helping hand, By this she's gaining many a fan. JANET GRIBBLE, at school is new, Her personality is never blue. She has a smile from cheek to cheek, You seldom find this girl meek. MELISSA GRUVER is a real nice gal, Smile on her face, she's always a pal. In F.H.A. she is a whiz, She makes A's on all her quiz. DOUG HASTINGS although small in size, Really is one of our greater guys. Huntington is his stomping ground, There in friends he does abound. We have a HAYNES named JOHN, In all his classes, he's a bomb. Although his homework may not be done, Heis always there to add to the fun. BARB HENDRICKS, our junior class prez, Everyone does as this gal says. Slender, small, and very pretty, In Chemistry, she is quite witty. JANET QUAST, small and blond, Of a boy called Neal is fond. Graduation thought her first rung. But' wedding songs have been sung. 26 C. D. D. H. if Va R fi I 4. 'VIP D50 sv ' ' x Y: 0' ' I 'W . J, - - Aa Q I 4. - 41' Q -.. J. G. M.G JAMES HISEY is the active type, About his homework, he'll always gripe. An F.F.A. fellow, you will find, His corn will grow any time. DONALD HOLMES from Homerville-way, Is happy, jolly, and always gay. He's really a wit and a very good sport, And for every remark he has a retort. GAY KAST is the guy next in line, A girl named Marion he does eye. A football guy, he is great, And with Marion he does really rate. GARY KEENER doesn't have much to say, I-Ie,ll work on your cat down Sullivan way. Although his homework is not always done, I-Ie's always there to add to the fun. PATTY KIZCEK plays in the band, Her french horn she keeps at hand. She's a pal to us all, both girls and boys, In study hall, she makes very little noise. DONNA KIDNEY is the quiet type, You seldom hear this girl gripe. President of our F.I-I.A. She's never unhappy and always gay. WAYNE REISINGER is a real great guy, Ask him anything he's not shy. Tho he's president of the EEA. He'll be a barber someday. NANCY KNAPP rather short gal, But among her classmates she is a great pal. So long is her pretty blond hair, Witli none other can she compare. TIM KOCH rather the quiet type, In Spanish he's always right, In all his classesg he's always there, Answering questions with the greatest of care. PAUL KOONS known as "one of a kind," A nicer guy you'll seldom find. Although he never has much to say, I-Ie's Paul to us and we like him that way. ART KYLE at drawing is best, In this field he has good progress. I-Ie's always such a happy guy, There's nothing that this boy won't try. G. K. D. H. l N. K. D.K T. K. ROBERT LAMB better known as Bob, On the prom did a good job. He worked hard, day and night, To keep order and prevent a fight. The LEIBY' two, namely -IOAN AND JANE, To graduate is their present aim. Quiet and shy is their disguise, But always beneath a smile lies. DICK LINDEN, a farmer he should be, 'Cause farming runs in his family, you see, He'll stop in the hall and chat. Heill win you over with his smile. ED McCONEGHY'S a real neat guy, He can do anything he wants to try. His high ambition is always the same, We're sure he'll achieve fortune'and fame. AMY METHENEY to us is new, But already her friends are not few. Pretty brown eyes and blond hair, Helps bring out her complexion so fair. GEORGE MEKOLESKE has rather long hair But with none other, can he compare. Although his grades are not the greatest, In rock 'n roll, he knows the latest. - SHARON MAUTOUX a sweet little lass Helps on all projects for our class, Hate for none, a smile for all That's Sharon - our Sharon - She's on the ba BILL NESBETT, one of our football guys, During the season, he's found in the line. You can depend on him when the goin' gets rough, Because as one of the Pirates, he's really tough. CRAIG NICHOLS in basketball is tops, Once he's moving he canlt be stopped. Gifted with a personality that charms us all, Witli Craig around you'll have a ball. DAVID OWEN who's over six feet, Wlien it comes to wrestling, can't be beat. In music too, he does join in, A bass seat he did win. HAZEL PAINE plays in our band, And in Beta too, lends a hand. College is her next goal, She'll be a success, we know. 28 A. M. ll. " M. G. M. r Q "? U C. N. LV 1. s. M. H. P. X ' r l 335 I r g il-' all t .L I, if-.B JERRY PITZ, so handsome and tall, In chemistry, he has a real ball. He always has something so witty to say, just watch this boy go a long way. PAUL POMEROY at football is best, As quarterback he stood many ft test. Known in track for a job well done, On our team he is number one. We have a POWER known as PAT, Witli one and all she'll always chat. In Speech she's one of the best, She works at it with great zest. RUSSELL PRUITT joined us in his freshman year, And now has become to us quite dear. His short blond hair is combed so neat, In sports this guy can't be beat. DIANA PUIE head of our band, Greets the many Pirates' fans. Witli a smile and rosy cheeks, She challenges the world without defeat, DAVID RIDDLE is known by all, Likes to have fun in the hall. He's never left without something to say, No matter where or the time of day. BARB RIFFLES' kindness fairly overflows, A pretty smile no matter where she goes. If it is a true friend you need, Barb is that friend indeed. LINDA RODRIGUEZ with her black hair, Witli her career she takes great care. On Friday nights she's seldom at home, She's having a riot, but never alone. CHARLIE ROGERS although small in size, In humor he's one of the bigger guys, You see him skipping study hall, Always talking with one and all. SUSAN RUNKLE very well-dressed, Always manages to look her best. Her accessories 'most usually match, As a model she'd be il good catch. JACKIE RUTI-IERFORD who is in business classes, Is one of our greatest lasses. She is known by everyone, And with the crowd she'll always come. it PP it D. R. L. R. J. R. W.R 'SAM SHELLHORN is in with the action, What he does is for his satisfaction. We hope he fulfills his many dreams, For he has a lot, it seems. TRACY SHIRK is a real nice guy. He's another boy that's not very shy. Graduation is his immediate destination. Then it will be some other occupation. ARNOLD SIDWELL so dark and tall, Has the smile that greets us all. Huntington is where he designates, In many a sports he participates. ROBERT SIMCOX better known as Bo, On the football field watch him go. With a girl named Carol he really rates, She's his one and only date. JOHN SKEELES a Physic's lad, Is always happy and seldom sad. In football he's one of our guys, He has the great Pirate pride. TONYA SMITH her smile so grand, At pep rallies, gives a hand. This gal will soon have fortune and fame, Good grades too are part of her game. LEON SPRINKLE known as Walt, In school he isn't easily taught. He likes to argue and debate, His next goal is to graduate. ERIC STEELE in Vo-Ag class, In one of the guys who moves fast. A friend to all, a foe to none, He likes to laugh and enjoys fun, VICKIE SUMMERS our next lass, The only red-head in our class. In Home-Ec she does well, As a homemaker she'll be swell. DAVID TODD, always in the hall, Really having quite a ball. Full of fun and lots of glee, He's got what it takes, wait and see. CALVIN VORHEES a rather shy guy, Into the future he will fly. To all heill give a helping hand, For success he will surely land. 30 .'f':. , ,. 'ii f : -', .. HJ' ' , W w X M " V , Y . li l.. . ns. .f WTA ' lil . P' A, M. 4' wx? , J 'Q ROBERT WALDING in Government class, Sits in the back behind a lass. Although he doesn't have much to say, You'll always hear him with a "Good-clay." LYNN WAGNER our homecoming queen, Rated number one with our team. I-Ier dimples add to her pretty smile, Black River will remember her awhile. PAT WARD whose job is Ads, Knows about work, she's had gads. She knows how hard the Annual can be, For she has Advertising, you see. LARRY WARREN with his husky laugh, Will soon follow the graduation path. He watches his step and doesn't toy, You know he's one of our Pirate boys. HELEN WEBER a friend to everyone, Is always happy and full of fun. Sometimes you'll find her in a haste, But seldom will she make a mistake. PEGGY YEAPLES our next young lass, Is one of the shorter members of our class. She's friendly and full of smiles, Her personality will take her miles. CHARLENE ZEIBRO one of the brains of the class, Never has to worry, she'll always pass. Although Speeeh to her is a little hard, Her jokes will help her, she's such a card. D. P. L. W. P. W. .awf 'ii V Ff"','.:. 1- l 5, . l 'ff L Y' ' 1 .fm l A xx' lull P. P. f'F'i"i ' i 'R' ,, W I-I E R E. S T H E F O O D 7 T W T H I S I S W O R K Snr THEY GOT ME! 2300 -1-vw I Z 0017 5 Z I WN RX XXRX Klum MY DEAR BOY W Yxxkxx S e n j i 3 0 r W 1 bl-.3 Science Club ROW ONE: V. Peggy, D. jonex, L. Welrlo, Ingmlam, P. Steele, B. Finkel, Briflkelhofff L. R0fll'lgIIt'Z, D. Puie, P. Power, H. Paine. ROW TWO: C. Spoon, R. Rog- er.f, D. Clmrd, D. Zawaki, D. Smilb, M. Rook, D. Tboflze, K. Knapp. M. Wamer, L. Wfezgner, V. Brozwz, R. I-lafringx, B. lflellclrirky. S. Molzfolzx. RO W THREE: Mr. Grimm, R. Lambee, W4 Rei.fil1ger, D. Brzwe. R. Prlzilf, M. Cooper, B. Simfox, Pitz, D. Roe, P. Gem. Blllillilfflibdl, B. Neubell. S. LaMur. G. Sfreezd. E. IVIcMoneglJy, 'Ii Sheik, H. Paine. R. Querin, R. johmon, M r. Brrmdel. F. TA. ROW' ONE: R Gem, Fitz, C Walkzlezz. ROW TWO: Wi Reiyinger, B. Simrox, D. l3ru.r.fe. ROW TH REE: C. Ziebro, B. Finkel, C. Billmon, B. Fetzer, K Kiczek, E. Ziebro. A. Mellwemy, Wi Bodenmiller, R. Rollin, If Ccllflflllff, Rrmkle, P. Kiczek, B. Bo' dennziller, T Smith. 34 ,-11 G.A.A. ROW ON 15: 71 Xmilh. CI Eirbel. D. Zazuuizi, G. lVm'rhc'Jler, V. Belief, P. Klizzlwortb, P. Smilb, M. Ilamzzmz, R, Rogerx, L. lllifltla, D. jomcr, D. 'lerrifl ROW TWO: D. Kidmjy, H. Trout. M. Gigfer, R. Hnytings, C, Eberlirzg, B, Got1,j. Kmtzer, D. Slllflh. Yi Slrrnqz, D. IIZTUIIIZQ K. Kmzjap, D. Pnie. R0 W THREE: K. Kaom, Briizkerbam M. Gzqer, I., Blodgett, IK Carpenter, D. l,imh'r1,.Y. Moulaux. 13. I-lwlcfriwfu. P. Power, F. Grutfer, Rurzkel, B. Rainey, D. True, M. Power. S. Methemy, Vf Brown, P. Clflllwll. Pep Club Sludents QF the Month The Wooster' Daily Record gives an award each month to seniors in the local urea which meet the requirements ofleader- ship, community or school service, extracurricular or religious activities, scholarships, and sports. To be students of the D l . -- month. these must ull be considered. In October, two Black . Q. River students, Paul Pomeroy and Beverly Finkel, received this l l award. Our Congratulations to both of them. , i I 'lv-.,.,Nbs . W , 1 N '1 V4 YI ' n., A -' -" ' V-S -f , " x ' f",J'.. - it , 'nf' I, . L' 1 112 , -N? ' A - T .J 9 'WQCQQQ may ' '51 I 5 ,xi , 1 1 ' ' 1 - .f ' Q gf '-L" f ff 'T ., 4 ' ' ,- ' 5 ., 1 4, ' J-. . , . A . I .,.. 1 v V -, ... - f .- , ,4 . . ,1 V - a+ 1 f , 3' I Q54 ,dll 0 if " 'Jr . , , an D . A - ff . f 53' . L 44 'N A ,. If -. xmiwafv ff' 1 1. . , A sg --9, ' ' 1 j -, ' EX ' " Q g ,A Lu- W V 1 ,E n ,.. P' 'qhxuq "3" wh - ' , .. .. 'J mkqr N, f W 1 'L,' lf"-, 'x ' '-+ - l--..l , fl V - " 1-ff A ii 25? tr QAJ' -141- 1 3' ,xv ,,,,,,. X MT, MI, H st. ' , -.34 . gf .fffqx-um ." XXX J, 'ivy H Va .R 1 , , ' ' y J V x q : 'A c f' -. 59- Y .L ' A ', , F G f 6 6 "' f' . -'w ,:Lf , it 'W 4 , Y Y J 11' fif-1 Q xg ' 5 ,. .f E 2 vq ' . .. yn! r if : gi gd F N v H. . -J i f f- OIT 5' ff rv , ' ' 9' ' - Ang: If ' fy N 0 4 . 36 nfs. it s 6 I 1, P' ' .. ef- ,-f ww" . if -1 I I . fp N I - Q f. 1 1 1 I ' '..II'F 5 ' - " -iff. 3-12 . L11i"'.'r'!."' .. '-1-"'-1 ,. ' W1-?Z!THs'A J, ii- l '5 we Rx E 4' 'Pun eg .. in " 5. Q J.. 4:31 vQ " my . , 2 1 ., ,W . -- 1 .5 Y I ' .' V ' N un N 1 2.I IE, In I 9 'A bww xg I T x ,Am va -4 53,1 I , , E" I I Q ,ily Q 5.17 I ff I . Q, I K ' :XXX f L xi, NI- N:-' A 54 f . 'Y WEE: 'VG N ' f' ! W 1 VY U! Vx I 3-QV fq, IWDJ fi-'l57"w F IW 'iight' N K In 7,518 I 5 ' fn ' J ' - s f I , aa as + -- ' "' UL 1 N I ef I L X I A ' ff Jw V , s'P, "TU ,Q u M III-III 8 I ,n-.L . 5-lffx .nv ,V ,IMI ,ffm-" 9 II 'Hu .4 1 , -'nj U , ,' I, W 1. Aa -, L I I . .I ,, J, . ' Y. f -, ,e . :I -f "r ..- r .Ll 1 va Y , ,,f1 , ,. . . H gh C . -' ,' NN V, , I? 9 I an V-, -V Y 1 l Li A - 1 ff. fl' :I P - Lu V .-. . .::. , . - . .-v- A -7 4: ,f B, - 5 g, I 9 81:5 'Y I -v IJ .. V I I III II ,'If I.--I V' IIIEQL III,I ' C: , II AL E: Aj' IIS?-' Egfr ' :I 52 1 ' 'am .. .: 4 A -r-,fx Q15 'L vp X, I 0 , X 6 :zu Q, at :I ,V 90 ff, 1 L If, W L fl q fp A fi in 1" ' FP 'ff ,. Y HEI, k . -, -. 'I I I I .4 ,I L' 4' Sf f ' Q, ,11 2 2 . 4453 fi gk I' 1 5 , - ,fi-47 ' Q! x gtk 'Ka-3 9 -UF' I ki "' 1... ' " ' fi F". f- r 1 I - .1 1 1 ll ' f QW' ,f Rik 37 J w unlor Girls Ensemble fl 1' I .asv-.J rv vi-25" yrs! Ensemble ROW ONE: M. Slzirk. S. LaMor, S. Belleski, L. Broome. ROW TWO: R. Twining. P. Geiss, M. Carjvenrer. P Nagy, Roole. M. Hojfnun. R. Rollin. D. Rollin, C Billnmn Girls' Chorus ROW ONE: C. PML C. Perkooiro, C. Afdjbbllnl, R, Rogerr, D. Rollin, D. CIIIYIWIIZY, C Borlemniller, G. smmf-1, B. Moore, Rollin. R. Hastings. ROW TWO: If Room, M. Power, M. Guyer. M. Warner, B. Rire, BIg?f0ZL", D. Griggs. M. Cole, E. Parleanl, C. Billnmn, K. Koons, E. Roflriguoz, D. UWM, M. Rook. ROW THREE: L. Koeb, C Srbeck. D. Roosa. Gribble. N. Arrber. D. Kidney. S. Nefoell, N. Knapp, C Drury. P. Alqgy, B. Felzor. M. Hawley. V. Brown. B. Emery, N. Blessing. K. Lame. r - ' "'-"""1 IEW"-'f"-Il'--""'1 11.1 fvavvmgg ' ' " . J, Freshman Gzrls Ensemble C. Bodorzmiller, j. Rollin, B. Rim, V. Brown. M. Rook, R. Hastings, N. Eirbel, C. Mashbum, N F v Freshman and Sophomore Girls' Ensemble V. C.:1I7lfWlt'7'. B. Brorhzuay. li Clwzlenr, L. Blodgell P. Srzlilb. Kmlzer D. 717011120 Senior M ixea' Ensemble gf. Pilz. E. Mdfonegby, P. Power, B. Hendricks 1 I 1 fi " , V X . . I A il ' J - iii J Q QI U69 D Homecoming ..-.-Y fl - . ,Q .eff ' "'- 5 n N ' - ',-- 10-gif' "1'!'3'f.1 . .-, -- -H: ..L- . . f,-,.,, ,-S' 15: I :".2,:g,, , A . , , . -4 .1 V -., , ,.,.,,:, , . .. Y.. , .- x - .,-., -- - ,, if. 'Ip .' ,U - A " - 1 ' L' A .' , , x . V , Y- . - .uf ..,w-,,....,......,........ ,..-.... ,.., , . Wx, -, V. - . .. - .- M.-- 'x . .. ,X .' , 1 ' ' ' ' - '-nf' f w b Q' 'C fl jji-alg A 14 is E H g SYFTGP H123 XML 1 "W 'YTLQJE' 1" 5.5 .1 . i' gg ' ' " T" . jak ui. V Ham w!,3JN J L11 l,lQv'1 '45 jg'-f4' 5K: lgirg' K :ag 5 ' ' ' " " - ' :Q 1 J fn 1 I a 9 E1 'fff:,,::1,'1-f I'xf , f H K , PSF'-2 V A 1 ' ..- y , , ,: .1 Rx y, ,f,Y V 4- . -5?-lhk ' , AQ., rf ' I ea E- , ' , - , - Q.. . - J f ' . , " 11 '.- ,. . -- ' - " . 1 .J - -' . ,.., 'Q QW. '.,., mf-..w . -. ,4....... --..,,,,,,, ,Lug 1, E A M 1 Y-AV 4' , ' H ,U V. in: - .. , i, A , L74 , 1 , ,...,p .,,.. N Arruiv- J " ,FJ v gli-A! .......: -, ,w ,n"1f Q Ja, L V, . . Ill' -5 x A I' I an r 4 - ' ' "' lv , A V Q17 1-L.--A.. I L. T W. A, +-l.,.,. - '- -v-. ' -....-....., V' -..-hh V' 5 ,.- -V I , 'Q I, - lf, - K.: . Q' 2 , Y V VV r . I4 , 43, , X 1 ,A .VI .nl , Lx - 3 1 .4 V , Q- .. 1. .. ., .. I .,. . Q H' ,., - X , fx .X , .QI '14 Tlff' A 1 ' , 1 17 111. 1. . , , X-- 17: YHXSS T' 4 T, '31 wi-" " ' 1. A . f C h 1219- " - A f ' , I ??'L-'ix EQ 1: ik. -if 7:1 -' Ex- ,E -WE .. '- 1A .. E- uf fe iv ' !' P' V9 'I ' ' if? '- ' n 5 .ik .3 - f -1 if? " ' - ' I "V " 9 nu -. sn Asn: F' . - Q, -y College Club ROW ONE: R. Smith, N. Blesying, K. Lame. M. Cole, B. Fetzer, A. Melbemey. W. Bodenmiller, C. Drury, N. Knapp. P. Clemenl, V. Qrpenler, P. Ward, B. Finkle, M. Power, E. Reixinger, D. Rollin. E. MrCorleghy. D. Puie, E. Zeibro, T Slrozqi, D, Smifb. M. Slairk, D. Griggx. Mn. Dougherty. ROW TWO: C. Bill- nimz, R. Pruitt, L. Wagner. S. R1mkle.S. Moizfoux, P. Power, Pilz. Skeeles. B. Hellelrirln, L. Rodriguez, P. Gein. Goelaring, L. Milrlnell, M. Hawley, le Blankemhi P Na M G11 er Ram R Lnrabee Rook G Sfreuel ROW THREE S L1zMur C Eberlmg M Cooper C Sllllfh B SIIIIIUX R1U7k.J- 21. . gy. - yzj. fy.. .j. . . . .-' . . .- .. . D. Breuse, G. Kent, M. Swuino, D. Roe, P. Kifzek, Brinkerbom W. Reixirlger. R. William, C. Zeibro, D. Kidney. C. Walkflen, 'If Lemgforel, K. Kirzek, Bid- rlinger, A. Broome, R. Rollin. Student Council M r. Kemp L. Wagner A. Siflwell C Billmon R. CIJKWIIIIZIY L. Pomeroy M, IWW!! C. Perkozfirly C, Roby,-15 Post S tajjf J. Bl ,.,. kemlsio j. Bieldinger T. Smith D. True S. Runkle A. Mellmnej' C. Billmon B. RIM R. Rogers B. Hemlrirkx B. Moore P. Ward, Billex. S Billzzum, Mn. Dawlq, R. Rollin, D. Kielfzey 42 Spanislz Club ROW ONE: Mr. Roxer, E. Parlmrzl. D. Caqhenfer. D. form, C. Perkozficb, G. Stewart, M. Wamer. K Kflapp. R. Rogerx, C Pfer. R. flllimn. ROW TIVO: A. Broome. E. HaJli11gJ.D. Thorne. Rolfin. B. Brockway. E. Zeibra. If Brown, P. Steele. L. Welch. R. johnson, M. Rook. ROW THREE: 51 Nefbfll, V. Oupmler. P. Cfermfnf, B. Finkel, D. Zflwflfkf. B. Fefzer, D. Kirzele, M. Swfzino. H. Paine. FHA ROW oNE.- 5 Kflfq, j. Rfmffgf. J. Gfilfbff, V. Dcwir, D. Pirie, N. firrber. ROW TWO: H. Wfeber, L. Radriglmz, V. Belilm, B. Felzer, B. W Gall, L. Dobmn, Il. Trout, N. Eicbcf, R. Smilb, G. Dian, B. Badenmillmg B. True. ROW THREE: M. Grmmr, D. Kizlmy. C. Eifbel, C. ZFIOT0, C. Izberlmg, N. lizgeluw, B, RMA D, ' 'P I Limlen, L. lVag11w'. Lz'bmrz'ans B. Badefzzlliller E. Zeibm D. Terri!! B, Hendrick! M rr. Nine! B. Finkel B. Felzer M. Hajzzan R Ward FLP A I N TA NE S Y x 552341 if , w V, 1 1 I ..4 I 'Q " ' , ,mrfu ,. ' 5551- ' ,A ,- -A--f, . , H .' ...-,uawyunhzq nu- , j x A ii-,, " ii+m ,-u ,ffff M ' K" VI' '-jf-..,,x,, .. - H A. ' " 1- LLL., -u -A , M. 12 41 - Qi A--. . . E '33-5 -. a i fi", 'xy QA fir? Fi? QQ: M , . P3 ' T r - - "E .- , 1 .4 ' ' ' 5 y F' P 5 6 I 52 Q 55? 'Q gg' ' - W li ': 1, l -, ' ' ,ee 5? N5-' ,' 14 J' F 'U , i 5 o I- E Q Jr, 1 xx L . i. A-x fx' " Lf I ,, 1+ fi -W , IEW- 9 E925 1 was -1-ai, . mar J X ,T P - -H 3.1 .-....-, W ,. 'D-1 .-,- fu , 1 -77.HI1. ' Hn.-- Ji. ' . '.- L, 4. . U., -, ggi N If .x g '- ,. . Gaim' . lan' I Q - .4 ' ffhj - fy 6 fp X ,Q AK' .J J A5 I ,124-, I X 2 N . H 5 mm mm I JJ- V ' A fb 4 ww 'f".':if 4 i - 'fa Daigf Jaa'gz'ng Team 1 C3 94 Q0 amor F.F.A. ROW ONE: C lfrllllifmll, R. I-lunge. ROW TWO: Freitag, R. Tufinirlg, R. Eirhel ROW THREE: E. El1.IlgI7.-ji Krrlrzor, C Thorne, D. Nalfey. ROW FOUR: R. Man- ning, L.. Broome, j. Spidrf. S. Ilvmy. 71 THHIRIIT. Freshman ana' Sophomore F. FA. ROW ONE: C. Fwlyrermalaer. G. Zumnnzile, 13. Fetzer, R. Kan, L. Beyl, H. Morgan, D. Sham- bougia. S. Ilfmhjf, Tbeuflix, D. Caine. ROW TWO: D. Kofrefki, D, lklange, R. SIIIIIIIINU, N. Vzllllidfffk, D. McFa1lden. R. Iirnglq, Blank- ewfbal. K. Hall. 13. Gielkner, D. Kelly. ROW THREE: M. Wood, R. Krlome, R. Lowe, D. Emegf, A. Tzrfrling. R. IHUIITIIIIX, C Fnmz, 13. Cable. R. Bnlleiu, B. linker. J ' Lana' Jua'gz'ng Team nzlzpmwf J D 1 Class H istogf A large class of' twenty-four began its education in Hun- tington under the instruction of Mrs. ,jo Ann Keep. We had class in the Huntington Town Hall since all the rooms in the Huntington School were in use. The students in our class were Robert Lamb, Helen Weber, Ricky Tomlison, Ann Martin, David Riddle, Barbara Chapman, Tim Simon- son, Mimi Welch, Betty Ely, William Nesbett, Susan Wat- son, Tom Bakos, Richard Manning, Karen Vickers, Beverly Finkel, Douglas Hastings, Susan Runkle, Harold Riley, Nancy Bigelow, Larry Kamp, Dianne Clinker, Kathy Whitney, Ray Leiby, and Rick Leiby. In the second grade, our teacher was Mrs. Myrtle Liver- more. We welcomed only one new student, Dianne Dun- can. Leaving us were Barbara Chapman, Dianne Clinker, and Susan Watson. The third grade was taught by Mrs. Hazel Koons and Mrs. Myrtle Livermore. We welcomed to our class the fol- lowing students: Hazel Paine, Henry Caesar, and Arnold Sidwell. The students who left us were Dianne Duncan, Larry Kamp, Karen Vickers, and Harold Riley. Our class was then divided for fourth grade with halfof us going to Spencer and the other halfgoing to Sullivan. In September of 1957, twenty-three curious children en- tered the first grade at Sullivan. They were Mary Ann Keef- er, Vickie Coble, Linda Klinger, Nancy Knapp, Paul Koons, Barbara Kratzer, Gary Markham, Mike Mokosh, Dennis Neubrander, john Painter, Janice Kaider, Robert Robbins, Ken Scakacs, Delores Shoulter, Tonya Smith, john Skeeles, Larry Warren, Gary Watson, and Carolyn Wooton. Our teacher was Mrs. Twila Painter. Also starting first grade with us were Mary Ellen Given, Gary Keener, Mary Lou Caine, and Cynthia Beard. This year Mrs. Painter taught us all about Dick, jane, Sally, Spot, and Puff. Once in the second grade, we settled down and started to learn. Our teacher was Mrs. Kemp. We were joined by Col- eretta Cole, Laura Blankenship, Karen Kimmel, Carolyn Clark, and Alice Hamilton. In second grade, we were given a treat - we could buy ice cream at lunchtime and watch a movie for only 361 In the third grade we were joined by jean Van Dyne, Dianna Crawford, Diane Crawford, and Gaylord Crawford. Barbara Kratzer and Mary Ann Keefer left us. Our teacher, Mrs. Livingston, gave each of us a flute-like instrument and expected us to play it. We had finally made it to the fourth grade, and a third of the way through our school years. Besides the students coming from Huntington, we were also joined by Roberta Langford, Roger Gum, Ann Martin, Delbert Burkhart, Danny Clinker, Vernon Ellingworth, Warnie Sheppard, Dean Hammon, and Leon Sprinkle. Our teacher, Mrs. Clouser, had to put up with all thirty-three of us as we learned our multiplication tables. In the fifth grade out teacher was Mrs. Wiggs. Mike Canfield was the only one to join our class and we had no one leave. This year we went to the Federal Aviation Build- ing in Oberlin, Ohio, which proved to be very interesting. We were now entering our last year of elementary school in the sixth grade. Roger Smith and Nancy Baughman were welcomed to our class. This year, for the first time, we or- ganized a basketball team. Our cheerleaders were Tonya Smith, Vickie Coble, Nancy Knapp, and Mary Ellen Given. Twenty-two somewhat frightened children entered the first grade at Albion under the guidance of Mrs. Emily Weiler. They were Charles Rogers, Randy Baily, Charles Carey, Eric Steele, Loren Broome, jane Leiby, Cathy Drury, Cynthia Eichel,james Repp, Marlene Kolb, Nancy Archer, Charlene Zeibro, Patti Power, Patty Kiczek, Richard Reinke, Robert Simcox, james Hisey, Gay Kast, Herbert Phillips, Melissa Gruver, David Owen, and Allen Gump. Leaving us were Randy Bailyujames Repp, Richard Reinke, and Allen Gump. Mrs. Weiler taught us all how to act like ladies and gentlemen. Mrs. Lola Hisey was our teacher in second grade. New members to our class werejane Fuller, Richard Eichel, Glen Foster, Steven Foster, Donald Holmes, joan Leiby, and' Craig Nichols. Those leaving were Jane Fuller, Richard Ei- chel, and Loren Broome. The highlight of this year was our train trip from Ashland to Mansfield. This was the first time the majority of us had ever ridden on a train. We all agreed that it was much fun. Also this year, we had a pet show at the end of the year. Everyone brought his own pet and showed it to all the others. Everything went smoothly until C. Z. was holding D. Z.'s pet rabbit and it had an acci- dent. All in all, we had as much fun as "a barrel of mon- keys." Our third grade teacher was Mrs. Kathryn Soka. We wel- comed the following students: Charles Smith, Bobby Lei- sure, Calvin Voorhees, Tom Emery, andjohn Haynes. Leav- ing us were Charles Smith, Bobby Leisure, Steven Foster, and Glen Foster. At the end of the year, the class had an out- door picnic and everyone brought his own sack lunch. This was loads of fun. 49 As we began fourth grade, we moved from the Albion School to Homer, under the direction of Mrs. Icel Camp- bell. We had Eve new additions to our class this year, and they were Danny and Effie Murphy, Frances Carey, Sam Shellhorn, and Jill Brinkerhoff. Tom Emery was the only one to leave. Since we really had to buckle down and study, Mrs. Campball let us have the last day off to wash our desks and have a party. Why, we even had ice cream bars - a rare specialty for us! Mrs. Lowe had our fifth grade class, which totaled thirty-three students in all. New members were Sonny Swi- thirty-three students in all. New members were Sonny Swinehart, Nancy Baughman, Ronald Kidd, Daryl Blan- chard, Harold Dreibelbes, and Sharon Moutoux. Harold Dreibeloes was the only one to leave. Now, halfway through school, we had encountered our first male teacher, Mr. james Billman. We organized a great basketball team this year and great it was - we went unde- feated! New to our class this year were Valerie Royce, Her- bert Pjillips, Frances Carey, Donald Kidd, and Nancy Lepka. B.R.H.S. - here we come! A large group of thirty-five students entered the first grade in the town ofSpencer. They were Tom Dotillo,-John Haynes, Patti Ward, Barbara Hendricks, Helen Ross, Torn Mitchell, John Brown, Beverly Roub, Wayne Reisinger, Virgil Straight, Bob Englet, jerry Pitz, Peggy Yeaples, Theresa McGraw, Dianna Ross, Beverly Ross, Louisa Vaughn, Richard Linden, David Brasse, Mike Cooper, Lana jewett, Nancy Carter, Paul Pomeroy, Tracy Shirk, Rom Baker, David Roberts, Robert Colly, Dave Leiby, Grace White, and Betty Williams. This year was highlighted by a trip to the Cleveland Zoo, which all of us throughly en- joyed. We were under the direction of Miss Thompson. Mrs. Collar was our teacher in the second grade and our new students were Barbara Riffle, Nancy Lepka, Ron Clay- bough, and Deena Baker. Leaving us were Tom Dotillo, john Haynes, john Brown, Karen Barns, Louisa Vaughn, and David Leiby. This year we had a party and invited our mothers. For entertainment, we gave different bird calls. Spencer fourth grade welcomed the new students from Huntington and also Nancy Baugman, Vickie Summers, Rick Tamabrin, Dale Demitr, and Edwin McConeghy. Only Deena Baker left our class. We had quite a time trying to learn our multiplication tables, but we did find out that now it was well worth the effort. In the fifth grade, under the direction of Mr. Rosa, we added four new students to our class. They were Connie Eberling, Patti Gait, Vickie Goehring, and Ralph Horner. Students leaving us were Nancy Lepka, Dianna Ross, Nancy Baughman, and David Roberts. Mr. Rosa taught us ragtime music and some jazz songs. Now, at the halfway mark, we were under the supervi- sion of Mr. Campbell. The newcomers to our class were Mike Burke, and Linda Rodriquez. We played baseball every afternoon that we could. It was also the last year that we could get milk in the afternoon. At last we became part of Black River High School, and as most freshmen, we were scared to death. Our main prob- lem was to learn how to open our lockers. The utmost thought in all ofour minds was what next peril was around each corner. The biggest event ofour freshman year was our class dance, which brought in our first big profits. joining our class were Russ Pruitt, Geraldine Dion, janet Geiss, Roger Gum, Domma Kidney, Pat Ramey, and David Todd. Leaving were Fred Bragg, Shirley Farnsworth, Maron Cramer, Warren Sheppard, Effie Murphy, Dennis Neubran- der, Sonny Swinehart, and Paul Mitchell. In our sophomore year we had three main money- making projects. First, we sold fruit cakes, which didn't go over too well because we only had a week to sell them in. Then, we sold candy and took care of the coat check at all home basketball games. Both of these were a success. join- ing our class that year were Tim Koch, Herbert Phillips, Philip White, Tom Yourich, Charles Bloen, and Joanne Posar. Many students left our class that year. They were Vickie Coble, Tom Bakos, Alice Hamilton, Mike Burke, Delores Shoulter, Roberta Langford, Daryl Blanchard,- Charles Bloen, Herbert Phillips, and Pat Ramey. Suddenly we were juniors, and our most exciting year began. Everyone had received his class ring and was proudly showing it off to all. Our first moneymaking project was the selling of magazines, which added a large sum ofmoney to our treasury. As in the past, the juniors had charge of the refreshment stand at all the home basketball games. This also added a little extra money to the treasury. In january, we presented our junior Class Play, "The Groom Said No!" Up to this time, the play was the one thing the class worked on as a whole. We also had a dance that year, which was i loads of fun for all of us. Next came the Prom, one of the most exciting things of our lives. After working many nights and putting in many long hours, we turned the gym- nasium into one of the most beautiful "Winter Scenes" ever created by man, at least to our knowledge. The gym was just beautiful and everyone looked so nice! Our newr 50 student this year was Alan Duncan. Mary Lou Caine, Bev Roub, Tom Yourich, Alan Duncan, Joanne Posar, Roger Gum, and Phillip Wlmire left us that year. In our SENIOR year, new students were Janet Gribble, Amy Metheney, and Robert Wagzlmarig although he left us in the middle of the year along with Danny Clinker, Glenda Klinthworth, and Geraldine Dion. Our fund-raising proj- ects for this year were selling Christmas paper and a dance in November. We also had the Sweetheart Dance in February and a class play. We were the only class to get the spirit stick Ibree times in a row for the football season. On May 28, 1969, we graduated from Black River High School, some- thing that has given us much from life. As we look back over the years, our class and our school life has been very re- warding and well worth 'remembering ,. 5, ,l :NI E.-. V Y 4' - f in 'V---4 , '. i vfzfviu Q J N ' ":". ' Ml- Y" - .- H, ff'-'pw l Tjdi-yj5l1.' V '- W" . FR ,H 5I Class Will I, Nancy Archer, will to Dorthy Zawacki my "Herman" to keep her "George" company during the rest of her band years. I also will to Dorothy my dilapidated vocal cords. They have never been the same since her first marching season in band. We, Emily Bates and Amy Metheney, being of sound minds, will our "Hillbilly Accents" to Mr. Ramage so that he will have something to laugh about when he gets old and gray. I, Nancy Bigelow, being of fairly sound mind and sore stomach, will my ability to stay healthy for three years and then suddenly develope an appendiciris, the second week of my senior year, to my sister Janice. I, Bonny Bodenmiller, will my complete collection of study hall and library passes to any underclassman who likes lots of variety in a study hall period. We, Dave Brasse, Mike Cooper, Doug Hastings, Russ Pruitt, and Do Simcox, will our ability to blow up mail boxes and only get caught once, to any underclassman dumb enough to try it. I, jill Brinkerhoff, being of sound mind and large body, will six inches of my legs to Jane Botdorf. I, Mike Canfield, will my brother, Tom, my ability to pass most of Mr. Ramage's tests. He will need ir! I, Butch Dennis, will Bob Miller a General Motors prod- uct. I, Cathy Drury, will to Mr. Weaver a cold egg sandwich, and to Mr. Hood a corned beef sandwich. I, Connie Eberling, being of sound mind and able body, will my place on the Reserve cheerleading squad to any- one who is dumb enough not to try out for head majo- rette. We, Cynthia Eichel and Vicki Goehring, will to any jun- ior the job of writing the Senior Class Poem and our sympathy. I I , Beverly Finkle, being almost sound, of mind, hereby be- queath to Mr. Brandel the joy of having my cousin, an upcoming freshman, in his classes. I also leave in the care of Karen Kiczek my French Horn, Napoleon and my E horn, Elbert, in hopes that she will use them well as section leader. ,janet Quast, will to Mr. Larabee a ten pound box of chocolate covered cherries. I, Melissa Gruver, will my seat on Keen's bus to anyone who can stay out of trouble. Good luck! I,john Haynes, will my ability of making a whipped-out 59 Chevy look like a race car to Ray Yeager. QThar is if his Chevy lasts that longj. I, Barb Hendricks, will to Mary Cole and Susan Billman the band "mascot.', I, james Hisey, bequeath my football helmet to the Clo- I 1, I, I, I, 9 verleaf football squad in hopes of a knockout victory against them for Black River. I Don Holmes, will all my hair to Mr. South. Gay Kast, hereby, will Rollie Haring a one year subscription to Play Boy Magazine, to be used as a topic of discussion in his Geometry classes. Gary Keener, will this school to anyone who wants it. Pat Kiczek, will my height to Cindy Bodenmiller fShortyj so that she can look at more than people's legs. Donna Kidney will my naturally blond hair to any poor girl who goes through the trouble of dyeing hers, and to Mike Wood, a little of my height. I, Nancy Knapp, will to Mr. Brandel my position of Edi- tor and Chief of The Dongs Weekbf in hopes that he will keep as regular a schedule of production as our staff did. 53 I, I, I, Art Kyle, will my curly, wavy hair to Mr. South. Robert Lamb, being of sound mind and body, will my seat in the Drivers Training car to anyone that gets the chance to go the places we do, and the things we did. Wlioopie jane Leiby, will my American History book to my cous- in, Linda. I hope she does better than I did. I, Dick Linden, will ajimi Hendrix hair-do to Mr. Rain- age in hopes that he will like it. I, Ed McConeghy, will to Mr. Brandel all of Rupert Fern- baum's belly-button lintg and to Mr. Ramage, a "Vote For W:tllace" badge. I, George Mekoleske, being out of my mind, will to Mrs. Dougherty my record album of"Erie Chapton and The Cream" in hopes that she will play it instead of those lousy poems. I, Sharon Moutoux, will to Billie jo Ramey an extra cor- L I, sage pin for next year's prom and a year's supply of strawberry pie, and to Paula Clement, I leave my good 'ole 1315 basketball penny for good luck. Bill Nesbett, will my abilities to Dewight May, who is doing a fine job of it now. Hazel Paine, will my swimsuit to Janis Bigelow in hopes she will use it as much as I did. I, Paul Pomeroy, will to an unlucky freshman my smelly gym locker, my worn out track shoes, my ripped bas- ketball shoes, and all of our school's delicious meals. I, Patti Power, will my straight blond hair to my loving sister, Mary, my terrific athletic ability to Paula Cle- mentg and a "zipper-gripper" to Billie jo Ramey for next year's promi I, Dianna Puie,-'will my ability of quick "finger" to the band members in hopes they will put it to good use on all the Pitate's enemies. I, Wzryne Reisinger, being of strong mind and body, will my strong hand to Gayle Stewart in hopes that she will get her locker open without my help. I, Dave Riddle, will my ability to get along with Mr. Stu- art to Greg Blankenship. I, Barbara Riffle, will my ability to keep my mouth shut in first period class to David Kostecki. I, Linda Rodriguez, being of sound mind and body, will to my sister, Elena, the "great times" I had in my high school years and to my brother, "Puchie," my sign collection. I, Susan Runkle, will my "itll," and mini-skirts to Mr. Ramage. Ljackie Rutherford, will to anyone who needs it, my abil- ity to go through four years at B.R.H.S. without losing my sanity. I, Tracy Shirk, will to Mrs. Dougherty a box of"No-Doze Tablets" in order to stay awake in English class. I, John Skeeles, will my ability to go to sleep in class to IJCHY Pill, Will nothing to nobody, becausel have moth- anyone who wants to be tied to their desk with their 54 ing to spare. 4 own shoelaces. Tonya Smith, will my little "soft-shoe" dance to Mr. Ramage to entertain his classes with when things start to drag. Good luck Mr. Ramagell Bob Wzrdding, will to Mr. Albright a pack of razor blades. Lynn Wzrgiier, with sincere gratitude, will to my "al- most sister," Elaine Packard, my brother-in-law, Larry Brandel, in hopes her upcoming three years are happier with his help. Particia Wilfd, being of cold mind and frozen feet, fdur- ing the winterl, will to Bonnie Gleisner my goose- bumps and electric blanket in hopes that she can use them during her next winter's ride on bus' 312. I would also like to will to "Hey Lady" fMrs. Morgan, the driver of bus 3125 an automatic transmission so she won't have so much trouble shifting the gears. Helen Weber, will my sisters to Mr. Ramage. I hope he gets them! Peggy Yeaples, will my ability to help my best friend out of trouble to Renee Sweet. Charlene Ziebro, being of unsound mind and body Qa product of B.R.H.S.j, hereby regretfully will to Mrs. Dougherty my beloved, prized, infinitely precious green tennis shoes. May she wear them with good cheer and lots of jeers. Vickie Summers will to Holly Trout, one Toni Home Permanent for her "fall" and to Linda Baker, and Nancy Eichel. I will Mr. Albright. V X SCALES ll. ll'l ILJLII 1 'T' ' Asruoiwsrf I ITJI l'i'lU'illT 4 SULEI -A 55 -1 as ' ll im-,ETB W, xi, Q 1 1 nl D 'Y Sm T :laik 2 .'-Q ' if ' up I! , E iii ang P 5 'x' . 1. I In I - v :Q 85' 1 a.-, I ,Q 1 I I X5 ,vt jf: Qyrfw I 41 Y Q JE? wa ' 4 . J 955' , Z' F V ly W 1 aw, a.1.,, , Yiff' 'L z f , X ii! 1 1 ii .53 'N THE AND Y A EGG 4 f.Q. P :PL T l . 'I-. , - U 5 ,mv ff . V ! i '- ' A -r.. ,: F' ' ' , ",.1. 'Yv7,,Y. V5 C h Time ffl Cl at 5 'Nw IAA Cac 4, 'YS Cl River lb 5 'S' '95 1-fa . -v T X 'A -7 1 ,- V- xxw- fx fax 0-Ax WWW V f HIE ,QL ff M C F 'mf 'hzm 'V ff Qi 114 ll l In 1968, exchange student, Idrovo Rodrigo, from Guayaquil, Ecuador, came to the U.S. and attended our school. Wliile in Ecuador, he at- tended the Colegio Tecnico Simon Bolivar High School. He stayed in the U.S. from February through April, and made his home with Mr. and Mrs. Doren Howe, who live in Sullivan. The courses he took at B.R. were English, Plane Ge- ometry, Wo1'ld History, and Spanish II. Mem- bers of our student body enjoyed his friendship and regretted to see him return to Ecuador. Wfith George Clmpmzln. his aid with the lnn- Rodrigo talking with friends. guage ba rricr. THE GRA C15 COLL EGIE CIIOIR . K Work and Play dl Black River fi I 1 4 ull f 4 JE, 1 al mu, I 1.21.54 'I Iyl' L ' fwnlgv , JJ.. v -.I w 'J' j'?f'.5,l"'F 'rF l,,ff1A if l I all 11" l ZH yr' QQ ' 1. 1 'N - . 3.'A i 1F '53 xv., f ,ir w 4, ' W' I K S f? I 35. . M rj' K iff 4? Q 1 What a way ro go ,,..,...-.- 1,1 , f f :JI '4'L. Ouch Objection over ruled What's this Athletics BY TERRY MORRIS Black River Homecoming queen Lynn Wagner was all smiles after last night's football game, and for good reason. The Pirates had just squeezed out a last minute, 6-0 victory over Western Reserve. It was the first home triumph for the Rivermen in this decade, but that made it all the sweeter for the large homecoming crowd. With just two minutes left in the game, River took over in the scoreless contest when Russ Pruitt picked off a Roughrider aerial and returned it to his own 37. After two incomplete passes, another Doug Scheck pass fell into the hands of an enemy defender, but the interception was ruled out because of interference before the catch. This proved to be a break for the home team as the ball was moved to the Reserve 36 for a River first down. The angry visitors then proceeded to commit a personal foul for another Pirate first down, which advanced the pigskin to the 21. Two end sweeps by Larry Mitchell racked up another ten yards and as the home tean. called time out, just 46 seconds remained on the clock. The fired up Rivermen could smell paydirt as, after Mitchell 'picked up four more to the six, 'Paul Pomeroy went to the right sideline, cut back, shook off a couple of tacklers and bounded into the end zone with the clock showing 0:32. Reserve fumbled the ensuing kick-off away, but the single .touchdown was enough to make the Black River High homecoming a success for the first time in many years. Head Coach Ron Weaver was understandably happy after the context. "This was a big game for us," he said. "Now that we have that first win under our belts we'll be up for Monroeville next week." Black River Win Leagu Medina County Gazette Weaver called -Pomeroy's TD scamper a "made-up play." "It was a power-sweep to the right, but we just told the boys to punch it in," he declared. He was more than satisified with the work of both his offensive and defensive units. "We looked good both ways. It's the best we've moved the ball all year." John Spidel and Chuck Thome were singled out by the coach for outstanding jobs on defense. Both are guards. "We started out slowly but once our timing fell into place we started to move the ball. We should have scored earlier than we did, but a couple of mistakes stopped us," he explained. Reserve came into last night's game with a 1-2 mark and after the contest both teams had 1-3 slates. "This was just what the kids needed," lst Home Win For Pirates This Decade Gam Medina, O., Sat., Sept. 28, '68 Weaver said. "Now we'll go into the Monroeville game up instead of dovm. Statistics were fairly even with the visitors. holding a slight edge 1160-1311 in total yardage. One big difference was the penalty totals, however. Western Reserve was whistled down for 97 yards in infractions and a couple of those penalties aided the Rivermen in their only touchdown drive. Even though the single Black River touchdown was cheapened by the penalties, the Pirates should have racked up an earlier six points in the second period. Near intermission, the hosts drove from midfield to a first down at the Reserve three in nine plays. The drive included a run of 26 yards by John Brown. Brown fumbled a pass from center on a punt and scooped up the football and raced for a first down. Four plays from the three failed to net a River touchdown, as Scheck and Mitchell cracked the Reserve wall four times. Mitchell was the top River ball carrier with 71 yards in 17 carries. Pomeroy, Gay Kast and Pruitt helped out in the backfield also. The River passing attack was in top form for the evening with Scheck completing fouitl of 11 passes. All but three o the aerials were right in the hands of his receivers. The victory avenged a'pair of six point defeats to Western' Reserve the last two seasons. Last year's score was 12-6. Besides Thome and Spidel the "little men" of the Rive defense, Pomeroy, Scheck an Pruitt, all did some fin tackling also. Pomeroy saved what ma have been a touchdown b hauling down a Rider runne after a 35-yard run in the thir period. SCORING Black River 0 0 0 6- W. Reserve 0 0 0 0 - BR - Pomeroy 6 run, run failed STATISTICS B.R. W.R fiYSt downs, fri 7 first downs, qpj 1 first downs. pen. 5 total first downs 13 rush. attempts 38 4 net yards rush. 106 14 avg. rush. gain 2.8 3. Dasses attempted 1 1 passes completed 4 passing yardage 25 passes intercepted 1 net offense - scrim. 131 number punts 4 punting average 26.6 pung returns tyds.i 1? intercep. ret. fydS.D 16 KO returns 1yds.l 22 yards penalized 32 number fumbles 2 fumbles lost 1 Dlays from scrim. 53 lack River Wins Second Straight BY NEYSA STROUP ack River's Pirates put a of wins back-to-back and the process spoiled roeville's Homecoming ration last night, 14-0. Er made it to the Eagles d line once, but it was a less first quarter. th 1:36 remaining on the r in the second quarter, Pirates stopped a eville drive on the BR ay Kast drove to the 27. e next play Paul Pomeroy an acrobatic catch of Scheck's pass on the e for af first down on the 42. ' r two incomplete passes drove another 16 yards ra first down on the lpeville 42. After another plete pass, Scheck hit Nichols on the 30 for er first down. Continuing to the air, still another 'Writ astray, with only five i Guy Karl seconds remaining before halftime. Kast rambled around the left end for 30 yards and a TD. The try for the extra points failed and the Pirates led 6-0 at halftime. - In the third quarter an Eagle punt went dead on River's 25, Kast hit for ten to the 35, but a 5-yard penalty put the pigskin back on the 30.'0nce again Kast carried, this time to the 41. Then Pomeroy, on a reverse around the right end, rambled 38 yards to the Monroeville'21. Two plays later Scheck hit Nichols with a pass to the 11 and a first down. On fourth down came the play that had both the Pirates and their fans holding their breath. A Scheck pass, intended for Pomeroy in the' end zone was tipped into the air, but fell into the outstretched arms of Nichols A . ii i 'ri' for the Pirates second score of the night. Pomeroy ran around the right end for the extra point and it was Black River, 14g Monroeville, 0. " Another BR drive was halted in the fourth quarter when the Pirates fumbled on the Monroeville 25, but it did not make any differenceg the boys in black and gold had wrapped up their second Firelands Conference win of the year. ,N Kast carried 22 times for a total of 81 yards and on defense Bill Nesbett V was credited with 17 tackles. ' ' A happy head coach Ron Weaver claimed it was the Pirates best game of the year. "The offense clicked for over 200 yards, the defense was equally outstanding," Weaver said. "It was that first touchdown 369 Varsity Schedule WE THEY 6 Keystone 16 O Orrville jV's 22 O Hillsdale 18 l 6 W. Reserve O 14 Monroeville 0 ' 12 Nor. Sr. Paul 48 O S. Central 42 O Edison 44 6 Mapleron 8 that gave us the big boost," he clai-med. SCORING Black River 0 6 3 0' 14 Monroeville 0 0 0 0 ' 0 BR - Kast, 30 run: run failed. BR - Nichols, 11 pass from Scheck: Pomeroy, run. , -11.1 STATISTICS BR M. First downs, rushing 9 6 First downs, passing 5 3 First downs, penalty 1 0 Total first downs 15 9 Rushing attempts 35 46 Net yards rushing 217 125 Passes attempted - '18 '18 Passes completed 7 5 Passing yardage 89 121 Number of punts 4 4 Punting average 31 29 Punt returns lydsl. 22 0 Kickoff returns lydsl. 12 41 Yards penalized 45 40 Number of fumbles 4 2 Fumbles lost 2 1 Paul Pomeroy , , H, ,W ii . , M ' .ii 'F . l 3" J is AX T X AF' , . i , W .',1 ., 'J .K ' r . .I ii 67 - Y.. 1 2 lb A': -- lm .-15" A 1 X A 4 K In W . y'-mg., ., 1- , "-s,L:,-f' ii 3 3 ,vo -'e .."47! f w 11 wwf? 369 f V Schedule WE THEY 6 Cloverlenf 50 0 Hillsdale 22 6 W. Reserve 52 14 Nor. St. Pnul 14 6 Edison 12 ,adm . .-V E l I Q as V ,qv v Qs ' - 1 . l 5,95 A-v i . -u :QB 'tg 4 lc F j l ,f l ' R Freshman Cheerleaders Freshman Football ROW ONE: D. May. ROW TWO: Mn Rosar, YY Chapman, B. Fetzer. Mr. Howl ROW THREE: R. Kart. L. Beyl, C Roberts. ROW FOUR: C. Nelson. B. Smith, B. Regal. ROW FIVE: D. Reinke. R. Liehy, H. Vaughn. D. Clword, j. Kralzer. M. Rook, R. Hastings 4. ll 4. 4 1 W Q 69 f f 1? P1 ' 25" f ff KWH we egg! '4 fp ' f. ' Q 1 Lx 'ff f? -, ' LL 4 W- 1 K .- 1 sl ' ,. wif , 2-1-,... ,QW 1 -.U 1 -gill, ' Q qw..-GI P' ' 1. Q .5 U f 3' 5.1 Qt ".fRw'v-IIN' Y V v .glivf-W , , . A Lf 'G' 3 4 1 Wx1F 1 I 5 t"k A' A.-ka, 15' sf fast- ' '- 7 ,pi 'J EJ ' 4 M M . . 1 , .- m- , - .- W . -- . rg' , x.x.r.v.1f- - . ., , 2 ' -' E!-f!5'flf" - 4 '-unsiisz-,f:,n, ., , gf.- fr an li ', . " ' ' E iw Y v" f Q TY ' f i 'J It Q QE, Q-LPUXQ Q pw p w ' ' Y Q I ill! gg Q !!gJ5gf'x 'A' E " - ,fri , 'L ll . ' Ilgri' . NM Q f X g ...,57! x xf n5""5 4 QP' V ' ' fx X N , Q -1 xp.YN-9,3 fi HV ES ul A f" I ,Q 5 Q V ,ef f I-'P' ,257 , I 1 . f 1 ' 4' V i w 1 N A . -1.1 .x 2 3 ' gf ' 3 r"rfW ' X. ,' 4 - 'rf' ' f E gg + f l , ,. if , if 4 m E I M, ii . i H 1 P f, 1 E-'. L f 991 ' X ill 'ED 1 Tc: A TI o N CROSS COUNTRY ,, W , ROW 1: C Voarbeex. D. Al!!l711I0!1. B. Mcfomfghy. G. Sfremf. A. LaMf1r, Coarb. Mr. Knoll. ATHLETIC ASSISTANTS ROW If C VO0If7ERf, R. Mejyen. ROW 2: Mr. Goilrozz. M, Cooper. Mn Bmndel. D. Scheck, D. Haslings. ROW 5: Kmtzer. B. Golf. R. Hfulizlgx. NEW SCOREBOARD DONATED BY THE FIRESTONE FUND R i 'fffaiikv 0 2sf"'o 9 e"..:1'f-9 'A so 4 I 'QM A ' 5 A s ' ev-!f""7774'-EYT YC- rf" ix J ,Zi -f 2 H- c -22 ff "1 V H- 3 "" :vi JL 'ffff-. 1 ,J 7? 'Hsnqw fm' if gm. if . w 3 . J u 1 i ig X X in Q 9 4 ' :iii S 5.4 -Q sk,,..V.N: 1 .3 , 1 ' xx R Q-, x . '5- . 1 if u -z , +R 1 . Vi vvv :JA 'N' l'fg if: X Kg Wire l , -..,., .gf , wt.-,,' X . 1,-rfgff, , ' ,l'g1, .V .'Yv"v','! ' V ' .aft .' 4' " xv- . xii, . . ', V 1? l 1 7' 'I ' f MW II Y! ' RF XWX . X . ff" 4' I x i u ll X I , P ,P 'L 3 f '17, ' in la , 1155. ' 9 bg , ' 75 . 4,-A , 3 ' - 4 I Throw the ball ro mc!! rf :TL " r . , , .4- Opcn your eyes, Alf!! I cam Fly!! Shc's mine!! Come with me Sonny!! ,HT l'm :hc star!! Now hold on fcllzfs!! I burn holes in tables!! just one more hurdle Classes at N, ,HYYYM M "1NN Wg Wwmmmmmm R U l 1 ,N wt . Y Q, 1, -" .big ,ogg Q JZ, H r WW., LQsc'c2,0,W'x 'Pg Wk? J Wu W,!! 4+ wg, Q91 um H Q9 1 Treasurer Kathy Bryan Student Council President Cynthia Billrnan David Wdlltden - ..,- -AFL I l W l i NN l N , t I f W 5 4 af I 78 Loren Broome Thoznae Canfield janzet Clement Robert Colley Violet Davis N.5l,1!1. +2 L' Swan Billrnan Wendy Boelenmiller David Bolen jane Botdmf Ann Broome FY fm 1 S6 5 V 'fa it 5... , . : A , .1 Y xx 1 xii 'lift xx . . -" V K W ' Delbert Dawxon if 'F Ben Dennis Y ' -Q If Richard Eiehel I t 1 Edwin Ensign ' all E 'X 4 A ,-tt. t H N Linda Evans 11' Ronald Evans W ' Betty Fetzer X ' William Fliekinger News Reporte jejfry Blanhens iw' " fo 1 J Q TJ. ls 1 f si Student Council Rithard Chapman I .L Q - l . fv t A . . I Charlw Franlz john Freitag Jw GW David Gorhej' Diana G1-iggx I M Y", V , K . Fleclu Grmfer yn " I ' , , , Marry Guym' , Kg? 5' P-3 Wi -1 john Hahn ' Qi ' 1 X X Q Harold Hfunillon X ' V - - Charfar Halnillon T '1,55'i2f.4 - . K :'.'-Y' 1CLL'XG?Fh f Ronald Hunge f , jerry' Haynex b W, Delilin Herzvhherger vk 5 " ' , I. K P ,1 Sleoen Henry - Margo rel Hoffman ul - A I F' ,Q v - - Blake jnrlamn - A, , Pony Klinlworlh . I uhm wig? ra- .- WL.-ei-' V if -'ng if Vera Kokai jmnex Kmtzer , , john Kzmnih - f ' 1' Glenn Lamb Rohm Lee Linda Lowe Rirhard Manning " Rifhard Maxwell 3 n -gf 1 4 if in' ' J LLAL-L Ffa A , as if- ' 1 ,J ' J V. I 4. " f 5 if N I ' 5 ,. M, tw. XX ,, ,,,,'. '?'.- Roherl Millar , A Y '- - v ' M " o n fn., fi I Bonnie Milh K' , V I ' ki' gf! 1 I I of Q ' ' Rirhnrd Mflrhell V I 'X " A ' , I X '1 Tommy Milrhefl W I V , n ' ' ,,-- .J-' Betty ,ann Moore . , fi, A ' . . T' H , 4 N, 'L ' 'N " , I 'N 'C ' , . 1' ,v """ ., ' 5' ' , . , ' .' h ' 'HN " f . iv ?4'f' n,'a,-5 'ix 79 Thomax Morhal Pat Nagy Duane Nalkfy Billie jo Rainey Pamela Rielenour David Roe Donna Rollin Ruth Rollin jofinne Rook Diana Roma 'Diana Terrill Diana True Louisa Vaughn Raymond Wade Deborah Wade Clarence Walkden Waller Welch Richard William: Raymond Yeager bzrry Ziehro aw Kay Sheppard joafme Runhle Garry Sifread Marian Swaino Renee Sweet Karen Swope A lice Smith Carole Smith john Spidel Cynthia Stewart 1 A 3, ,gf .Kev 4 .Hg C. Sophomore Class Student Council Lou Arm Pomeroy james Blakembip i Nanq' Blesring Kim Boale: Rirlrard Bragg Philly? Bram' i X. Barbara Broekway john Brown Pamela Bryan William Caine Miehael Carpenter Vice President Seo! LaMar Secretary M a ry Power wa ti. if S 1: , gd 1. 4 if , . x " r Vickie Carpenter Paula Clemenl Mary Cole David Como: Laura D0bIOIl QV! 'I LL President Marria Hawley Treapurer ' A Lynn Blodgett I , lkfiiq News Reporter ' jen Bidinger ' ' V gf! ie N' x Student Council Michael Wood -N .. , Boyd Baker Roy Balkin , ' if , Kenneth Bammerlin A. ,X 1 Viekie Belilex ' P 371, ' Gregory Blankenxhie M -'ti , la : iq--' , r ' , ' I ' gli Q-1 ,1 Y I .-'fi P I , N. ei 1:-, is J M sa? , P5 Vw- ki H 1 5 pa A V A V Gary Ellixon "' 'ui' Q' FIX., 5' A T "'l '7 Betty Emery ' Q ,LN , -- .Ll YQ 3 ,F Darrell Emery , I X ' -fl ' Vi' Debbie Emery 1. . f' - ' ' 4.1 "' 1 C . Steve Engle: A ,i fi, I "W . 'g . a X . , i X Sk 1 fv Beoerbl Fetzer Albert Frye Paul Gezlf Bud Gleimer jeyfery Goelaring Warren Gott Cbarlef Gfllggi Melina GIQTI' wait LF. , 'f N T G ? 1 '-f, xy' Kent Hall ' Donald Hange ff ' " , x L A Y, 7 I ' X . ,.., , 1 . L L":'- 1 -1 qi 5 AV R -f l W L If David Kokai Karen Koons David Koxterki Kathleen Lanre Ronald Laraoee Linda Leiby Dori: Linden Richard Lowe Robert MeConeglJy y. -. i ' J de L .1 S' 4 L L R 'I Y 3 Howard Harley Clinton Hardway Don Harrix Eabnn Hastings Barbara Holonzuzki Edward Howellf Dennlk Kelbf Karen Kiezek Ray Kidney 1 xml 3 I f it ' 1 rg H X 1 ,rf X ,, N Phoebe Klintwortla Rirlfard Knouxe Laurie Korlo Q A K i x gf 7 X ft s K , 7' F A M '. QA" 'A i Y A x F .ini- N s x s K' Q ' x W' 1-.-A .. Qrislvi , 131 , SJ 'wgy Vi' W 4 ' ' u 'J -eq Martin Srherk Swan Seal! M argie Shearer J 3 , jzub Sheppard Marla Sbirk Tim Simnmon . , W w- Larry Mitfbell joxejrb Moak jamex Moykal Roger Moulozzx Roger Myer: Elaine Reixinger Mirleey Rodriguez Steven Ragerr Kennerla Room l Douglas Srheele Y. H 'Q ZW, e e e if E, - ' x F lf' , k. . -'X 74 I V , 9- 'lh ,AAL--N --'!'.4i'i N! .A-'Y I! L Diane Smith , T' 'i' fy 25 'J Karen Swirl: , ., V - I V X- ' if , Roberta Smifb w ' ' , - Q - . L .x 6 . , -'-.x . , --Qf 1 - .527-lv ....1'.-'Jia T NN " :F i12iZ31::223?f.: A I V W -, e Vernon Snozldy A . in ' Susan Sprinkle Q -.S ,' Terry! Slroup '7' "-. T L J. ., . ,ps Herne :EQ Q T - we ,- T 1 '1' - 9 A 1.77 X X lk ,Q V -In Q 5- ,Pr , " ' ' :.S,ffA , ,, 1 T fr iff? is 1 - l- -. J ism..',gei1lx.. u A Tim Taylor Duane Terri!! Arthur Twining Robert Wallare Kallay Whitney Gale Woreerter Barbara Yarman Dorothy Zawarki David Zernanrik Eloixe Zielzro 83 6-f" .XM john Adamson Danny Aker Romana Allison Edward Arrher Linda Baker 9 I 4 Q .1 I! . 'rw - Rwsel Bolen Dzyton Broome Valerie Brown Ronald Bryan Daniel Caine is X ,.X Nylon Draper Nancy Eichel Bilb Ellison Nancy Fetzer Sf. President Brure Smith Vice President Terry Chapman . ,sv .,a, . i, , x A c, Secretary Elaine Parka rel Treasurer News Reporter Pat Smith Rohin Rogers H x. -' 3' 'lv' Freshman Class Student Council Student Council Calhy Perkooirh Charles Roberts - ' U X i 11' xl : 'Y' X y .i 9- , G ,, Q 3 s . ' A uh 1 Q ' y 1 'X A tu,-1 ll'-. i. Steve Befhfski Uoyd Beyl janire Bigelow Kenneth Billmon Cindy Borlennziller ,x ig Lai ' Deborah Carpenter Darlene Clwra' john Denhow Rirhard Denhow Craig Dewar Li +1 .f At. A w Bill Pfizer Wzzrozzra Flickingrr Fanny Gallo Niary Giqyer jfmzw I-lamillon V, ,.L 'K A Lx , lm Q3 Q A M Mark Handley 'T - . ,A , .. 4 N- - Connie Hdfflli Q--gf -I 'S Q' 1 Rim Haxlingr . . ' ' 'y 'X -- 1 ' I Robert Hezlghland ,I . 7 A144 'I Mary Herfloberger .V . 1 ., AT' YS 'V 4: A r Emma Hmlaizcrger 'V' y l jo Ann Ingmhafn ,, 7 I Dale jayrox 5 ' ' V Randy johnson ' ,' Debbie jane.: K", , 19,1 -- 4: ' , ' K' ' v, A , N 533- ' ' R:"'-Q.,-. " Q " X 1 nj ' gf: 3 - ' . Y Ray Kan gh I. L . , ' Swan Kelrej' ' V . 'rw 'il' , Diana Kizzek N 'sy -V -N Kathi Knapp V on s 'A " jenny Kratzer .A X Q , 'Y L 'IA I 'M X M. W 4 X V jamex Kamik A F . Ernexl Lanre "' , F V 3 Bonila lfiby ' ,V uma Leioy L Raymond Leiby J , 'A J N X X J Ad 41 J. '. Rirhard Leib 'g Erneft Lux E T ,Q A Carol Mafblmrz fr A 3 P v Dennzk May l ' I 44 Dewzlglnl May W . . I ' M - .A ' .f fin, 1 . in . , 0 . fy ,l Dan MrFuda'en Swan Moore Henry Morgan Clvrlk Nelmn Xo 55 FW 7 Sw ' 'sf . I .gh L Ji .'. K, - a .' ,- 1 ' V' 4, 4, fs. 2 ww . X :Lk-N I ' I 'Eggs 'fiaf 'N Sara Nafbef! Linda Owen Harold Paine ld Y f ,EH Qin Q, 6 Vonna Pegg! f .Wj'R'?, ,, ' , Lzzfincla PUD Q. 5 ,V .H T 51' Riflmrd Querin 9' I X - V ' u 4 ,x Bill Regal iq- 4- ,fix ,Q cm Reiner 'S V 4 I I ,R ' , A - Q ' nl ,R : K X-I 4 5 b Y 1 V 'H ' ' fl' Rirlaanl Reinke V h - 3 Q r F . 6, 'h Bonnie RIN. ' , -3- W 1 l Elena RHIITIQIIFZ . - 5 1 5: ' - . V ' 1 , A - HQ: W 1 joyze Rollin tj R fr A A 7 'F' 1 Cimb Rook f , I :1 qv... -, H . - , F-'vw . "'- A f a erin .'x-55"-9. '53 'gil Marjorie Rook I I X, .4 'R'-'Q' .A M Q ' 5 jfhki Room! il x yg' L 5' , - - . Ng, Q- A may uanila 511111 en 1 ' N , -' - -, " - ' - ' -x. 0' Cindy Szbezk A 557' " i , N q 'iff 'I Torn Srberk X . ' W 1 3 , U V W Y - Y M- . V Q U V, . wx W RX ! -. ,Y H.. , 1' vx N , K ' X 1 I my N w ! 1 Chlff Sflillfk 'V Q K , Qi' A: , lx Q-,.,4 D0r1a!fl5b.anzoaagb .wb N. , - 12, Craig Sidufe!! - " ' 12" , X ' " A jamef Smith ' I If ' Q Connie Spear: M l ', if 51, X -r W ' , N.. ' ' 1 w l , If V 3 Penny Sleefe ,Q J Gfqle Sreuvzrt xx cv R 5 rt f y ,gi "4 h Danrg' Sfrait Q 1 , , - X ,V ' 1 I l ' A X Richard SIIIIIIIIPVJ' X '-' "" K .tv ' , 5 ' ' ' N L' ' 1 X MarySzyn1c2ak f V - f L at A 'r' - .IN "5 Q -J ' ks V ! ,A 3 .9- 1 , X . , 'Rr Q ' '.-, f 1 - - -4,gL.. tv' - v I cms.: N9 W I, james Tbewlh ,, ' , If A Diane Thorne N 1' N ' A N, Holb' Trout 'Lf - ' - ' ' vw., ., L Barbara True ' . - 1 " Loren Van Blukirk 3 X 1 'La yn: Harold Vaughn Charley Wallaw Marlha Warner Barbara Waugaman 4 Loretta Welfb J' gi i X "ff , Arr' D X ws. mg ., ,Q me f 1 ' s , ,KH 27.55 Carobfn Woolen a Rirlmrfl Yeaplex Leona Yourirln Karen Zdwtlfki' Gary Zilllilllffk fu ' ' 1 V' 1 3 ,K 1 X H1111"111 11111 .4 1 "1 3,711 11 xxx . J W X Wm-i -: 11 1.1 vig! neg Nail V '1 junior High 1 ,CA ,Q-1 1 , ... .f W1 5-,ku H,- kl-1 42 1 72 -Q .7-fu- ,-np? ,,-1 .. , ,ik 1 -1-Lum . 1 fm 1-01- .1 .. '1-5119! ' 1 . . 'S 1- 15 , ,571 . Y . --k.. P-'F-7 .YA ,- . 1 ffifii t ::lll.:.:1 , 1 ,,, , 4.1. . 255 gl, 111,,9'.., - K 111531,-M Q ---A-. mm M-.ff . E fx -523.2711 ff: k 1 'KSLQQQQQQM 11s111s111sw11:: :m11121111-- ::11f.W,1.1,, g 1 x:'zf:- H. M Mi' fd? 'A ixfit X 11h - Y, 111 11 "A-5' ' 15213511233 1 ' 11 11 1111 " my -1 'sw NQQQ ' X V! W Y g ig,1T,f'l?'e 1' " W,A. 1 A M 55125511 " ,mis 11-113 54? 1 M 11M11' W W.lT111??f xiiffff 1 1 1 mil, 11 ,fls,1 1 1 W 1111 f 11111 Li . 11 f E 135555, 1 1 ss 1 11 WH 1, Hn 1 11 1 W1 M1 1 1,1 ' 1-1 xi 5 gg: 3 M gin ?g1 W' QZLHH11- "Y 1, 3153163511 11 1535163512331 1H11l111!"11 "1 . gs L:a,: 5, 11 11 1 i1ss?1ss: 11,11 mfW,,ls,fls,yll X11 W1! W1 3.5-. '52 111 kg, W WW H11 - ' ,Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 QSESEZSY' 1 Qyifm 1 11 1 11 111 1 11 117111- 1151131111 ,.1'.s'1.r eigei 11- 'vm MM-M,.,.,m, -M WEKM1 111 1131111 1 11 1:1111- 11 111 , 11 11 Z!! N' ' QQ' 1.1 M . X V ,M 11 11 1 1 11 xg! 11M11 -"' 11 11 11 15 .1 g E SECRETARY Mrs. Tasu In Sh irk MR, GERALD B. ANDERSON PRINCIPAL Elementary und junior High I-:Am-: x I , . fs, , A .1 SPECIAL EDUCATION ROI!" I: R. Slmrlzball. C. Cbzirfy. P. Patlun. B. Rulherfoni ROW 2: D Kaom. 5. Dirkerxorz. Milfbell. B. Licby. ROW 3: Mr. Roslin. S. Lielgy E. Rollinf. N, Weber. P. Dnqner. SEVEN fW1.'D. An'lvw'. G. flflmmulz. G. Frjye. '11 Cbllqy, li Fllfgt'50l1. 17, H11rv'i5. L. Dial rirk, D, Ebvrling, G. Grizfq, M. Bowen. ROW2: S. Hard, D. vz. R. Bqyl, D. lioulm, IV. I-lfmhw, I. Iimg, R. l7nmG. 'II I'lmvl. '11 Iiurleejy, X. Denbow. S. Halomuzki ROW' 3: Mr. Shook, D. Srlmtz, H, Fm'- fc. L. Clvzqmzarl. 'll Gngg. li. Gull. D. 11011-wlbuj. Dfmiels. G. Gulimn, K. Drake. Llallbrook. SEVEN ROW 1: B. Welds, R. llmzgo, S. SIl0l!l6'. C. Oillcf, E. Wojdarz, L. Smalley, C. Evany, B. Weber. V. Nelson. P. Rogerx, C. King. ROW2: G. Reitler, M. L4u1re,j. Klmllik. G. Xlllilh, M. Kirzek. P. fufC0l1l1t'H. Rollin, T Sirkelx. M. Ingram. V1 Knoufe, B. Wade. ROW 3: Min Thonzzu, K. Rifkel, Ozrm. K. Mqy. M. Alqy. R. RjllQ7l0lll'. 'If Brown, P. Sillzmom. S Lixlon, R. Kelley. G. Srbweder. IV 1.' R. William. C. Tmlzl. P. lVvi1lrirk. F. Gam. Raul. 5. Moww. E Klizllufvrlh. E. Perkomb. Ron. Kaber. ROW2: L. Gizfefu, E Haw- D. ivfflwlf, M. Bn.-lajy. D. Rial. R. liifhul. K. wllflli. B. Brigbl, L. Broome. M, Zarlfufki. ROW 5: M r. Worknzan, M. Stine. Runkle. B. zge. D. Eukvn. Ziglar. 71 Drin. '11 I3o1hwn1illvr,j. Gdllilffll. C. Niwu, TI Alfimn. B. Bright. L. Hzgblaurd SEVEN ROW I: R. Belilar. lion, L. Hinef. U7 Boflmzr, R. Bnwling. P. Gizfum. G. Hfmlzmy. S. Hfmlqy. P. Bzzrlae, D. Slmggf. ROW 2: C Elljlgll, D Akon. Clinker. M. 1'101l.ff01I. R. Denbozv, D. Kmrloj C. Svbalz. G. BIWZLVI, M. lJdl'Ll'. lifjyun. D. Karmki. ROW' 3: M r. Moana S. Grqv, S. Hnggizu, C. f1L'1IIf'11f. 13. Cfwbnl. B. Clwfmzl. Lciky. 51 Knwzx. Ezzgfel. G. BiIlL7L'LllIl'l'. B. Lexlie. A. Drake. EIGHT l V EIGHT ROW1.'5f Wand, L. Slvefe. B. Swopa. L. Smifh. B. IHt'lhl'l1tjf. R. RWD, L. Gngy. D. l.imAw. ROW2: M. Sizlzwll. S. IHHIIIUILV. D. YI full B Mar M. MfCmli11. P. T me, D. Smillz. C. Regal. V. SLIIIIIIHIIIUII, 11. Lzzmkjum. P. limwjf. ROW' 3: Mr. johuwn. K. Rive. R. Pzlllwl j Snmllm bjwrmkle, E. Robem. M. Miller. Wrighl. R. Ilvryfffrrz, B. 1fIYlII.l'. Iklrizfgcf. ROW I: D. Drifr. Yi 729-lor. D. Fizzlale. R. Billlmnz, L. lfhklle. L. Smillv. P. Parker. M. Grmfzgqur. G. Glflrirb. S. Al.u'rozz'. D. Huff. ROI!" J: K. Kline. L. Ilerlmnzn. B. Slvirk. Sz1mlLQ'. D. Mrlinldwl. D. Rmnt 1. l'uu'rr. D. EIIIILQII. R. limagfr, D, Tbrwlif. I.. Cmyfvzllw. Il'Qcrl. L. Rank, R0l!f',5.' Mr. MrMillim1. C. Rina Slmlgll. S. Hezmjy. Ziebm, R. Cox, A. Rollin. P. Coubide Tzrizzirzg. D. Bnqyley. Il. Qlmsl. EIGHT 5 V' 1 Graduates 1959 Sherry Botdorf Bordin Ann Spellman Crebs Kathleen Herrmann Dennis Irwin Tom johnson Calvin Nolt Roberta Rowe Brooks Anita Thompson Sonja Voorhees Wood Agnes Wacker Porter larry Wood laura Walder Richard Wuthrich jerry Armstrong Bruce Blake Richard Bradley Brenda Butcher Reisinger Tom Davenport Margaret Dennison Yunker Cathleen Dewar William Knepper Marlene Dobson Bowling Gary Larkey Roberta Leach Sandra Moore Mullins Grace Mullins Townsend Neva Norris Marcum Caroline Reed Theil Gary Ramsier Mark Smith Roger Sivrik Carol Worchester Wright Glenn Dawson judith Guyton Reese joseph Halatla Micheal Adkins Robert Bell Thomas Bowling Larry Haswell Della Hawley Strong janet Heiffner Haswell Marilyn Hubler Halada Elizabeth McConnell Rainfrod Thomas Pifer Raymond Rosecrans Gordon Smith john Temple Helen Stark Armstrong Dawn Wilson Neff Betty Wacker 1960 Bertha Blodgett Rush Nancy Geiger Smith Mary Bridgett Richard Brooks Retha Gentry Nancy Cambell Gast Donald Hoffman George McWiUiams Caroline Howman Anthony Kirvel 92 Black River High School Graduates Linda Norris Sivrik june Kravitz Nolt jan Reinhardt james Rowe Louise Welch Eichelburger Patricia Wandel Thomas Kathleen Weimer Honce Donald Beach William Benford Kenneth Dalgleish Calvin Breyley Carol Elliott Smith Connie Converse Knepper Robert Fitzgerald Delores Larkey Wolfe Mary Ann Higgins Lupino Sherrell Hovorka Reinhardt Clara jean Leiby Smith Bettie jackson john McCourt Dennis Neptune Patrick Myers Carol Sutz Robert Stroup john Nagy Betty Stuart Weidrick Sandra Taylor Workman Arthur Weidirck Mary Walkden Davenport Larry Wolfe Garry Weidrick Warren Waltz Robert Williams james Bassett Norma Britt Bailey Virgil Betty Nina Blankenship Spellman Phyllis Clark Leckrone Drerna Britt Campbell jean Clinker Melvin Farnsworth Carol Mengerink Ralph Kish Ronald Finley Andrew Liptak Russell Gtenzenback Emma Messmore Michael Moskal Okal Messmore Betty Orcutt Loretta Phillips Somsak Linda Pifer jordan Virginia Rollin Kish Dianne Priscantelli Stanley Ward Patricia Shoulter Humphrey Thelma Weber 1961 janet Avery Lynette Bassett Forster Connie Billheimet john Bell Kenneth Berry Larry Blessing Rosemary Bowling Harpster Brenda Boyd Blessing Virginia Bradley Susan Bridgett Baum Susan Burkhart Bell Connie Clifford Rook Henry Cowhick joan Davis Anderson Loretta Dawson judith Dennis Adolph Dorn Elaine Forster Raymond Garn Raymond Gast joan Heiffner Howe Davis Grover Heilman David Howe' Connie Hyde Troxel john jordan Karen Kari Sue Keillor Rose Kurtz David Leidotff Mary McKean Raab john McReynolds joseph Majte Leslie Meininger Doyle Oxender Richard Pfeiffer Sharon Rex Stuart Richard Rook Richard Saegert Shelie Shepherd joan Shoulter Clevidence Linda Shultz Moore Philip Simcox Patrician Stevenson Hutchinson Duane Snoddy janet Svirik David Trapp jerry Veverka Arnold Wacker David Weyer Linda Butcher Albrecht 1962 Robert Allen Eldon Barone jerry Bauer james Botdorf Robert Breyley Donald Britt Thomas Broods Kenneth Byrd Don Channell Gene Clifford Richard Crebs Carol Foster Mantz james Given james Gott jack Grissinger Bill Herrmann Andy joe Higgins jeffrety Keep George Kish joseph Kobylski Ted Kostecki Roy Lenininger Richard McConnell Tom McFredrick David McMillan Layton Meininger Bruce Miller Basil Morehead john Nesbett Richard Pifer Ann Shorts Markley Sam Simmerman Wolf Dieter Storl Francis Stuart Harold VanMeter Ronald Wandel Gary Westervelt Louise Baker Gossmen janice Ballou Carol Blake Carnetta Blankenship Massey Susan Boone Porter Aretta Gail Britt Donelly Mary Cowkick Gibson joan Dague Swiger janet Dalgieish Botdorf Cheryl Elliott Koehler Martha Free Margaret Geiger Wacker Phyllis Haines Davis Eatnestine Hardin Ensign Margaret Harris Carole Hawley Pieffer Lena Hollandsworth jean Hopkins Egbert Diane Hopkins Wallace Elizabeth jenkins Kish Irene Kosub Scott judith Kurtz Lyons Peggy Myers Weimer Elaine Quering leidorff Loralee Rook Grissinger Marilyn Rowe McMillian Sue Schmetzer jutly Walkden Fair Marjorie Wright Shatyn Scheck Clifford Ted Fetzer 1963 Elizabeth Allemang jeffery Armstrong Edward Bahl Shirley Balkin Susan Ballou Betty Barker Donald Berry David Bowen Ralph Butcher Leslie Clevidence Karen Davidson Shelia Dennison Wrolf Fred Forster Dianna Gonzalas Berry Kenneth Halliwell Larry Handley Dara I-lanners Loren Hastings Betty Hawley Moore Anne Herrmann Barbara Hollandsworth Thomas Hord Raymond Howman Carol Hymphtey Presnell Charles Jaecaud Willirtm Hohnsan Larry Jordon Nancy Jordan Pifer Carol Kari Linda Kline Alice LaMar Wendling Paul Low Thomas McKean Oliva McMillian Berry Janet McReynolds David Manning Richard Markley Alice Meek Trapp Carol Napier Roger Peck John Regal Dan Rook Phillip Rowe Pat Ryan Peck Ronald Shanks Robert Sifread Elizabeth Stark Ronald Steele Sharon Sweet Van Wormer William Thompson Gary Wacker Cheryl Walkden Gerald Weimer Thomas Williams David Workman 1964 Wilma Allen Chandler Kenneth Bahl Barbara Baker Madge Barone Roub Marilyn Blake Kay Blankenship Reed Ronald Blessing Allen Blodgett Robert Brouse Baron Burkey Betty Bowling Roger Carey Charles Carter Alyce Clifford Daniel Cole Patricia Cole Godsey Beverly Converse Chabot Louetta Dawson Faye Dennison Eaton Elmer Drake Jr. Darrell Elliott Daniel Freitag Connie Garn Floyd Godsey John Gonzales Karen Gullett Allen Havel Carol Hisey Butcher Deana Jaycan Priebe Darlene Johnson Barb Kline Hogstead Linda Krueck Brandel Paula Kurtz Judith Lamb Handley Ed McKean Howard McConeghy Harold Messmorc Ronald Mitchell Cheryl Regal Berry Carole Ringler Blodgett Sherry Ringlcr Ronald Rogers Dana Roberts Judith Roice Quast James Rosecrans Donald Rosecrans Ralph Roub Bonnie Rowley Workman Janet Runkle Kerr Karen Sifred Reynard Esther Sines Susan Scheck Teara Smith Blessing Lois Sooy Donald Sprinkle Ralph Steele Jean Stroup Richard Van Meter Stephen Wandel James Williams Thelma Worchester Perry Ronald Quast Ronald Wood l965 Ronald Adamson Carol Altop Kochan Dianne Balkin Terry Barker Ralph Bauer Terry Beard Douglas Bowen Robert Bowling Gracieanne Braddock Rex Brinkerhoff Judy Brockway Barbara Bryan Gloria Carpenter Gloria Clifford Nichols Dianne Coble Clark Margaret Cooper Peggy Davis Ackerman Lillian Dexter Donna Dobson Millie Fugitt Birchlield Jill Grissinger Le Gourd Leslie Handley Mary Herrmann Bowling Larry Honeberger Rhonda Huggins Rook Marylyn Joiner Norbert Larkey Stephanie Knapp Smith Thomas Keep James Markley Roger Mayes Richard McFredrick Karen McKean Temple Betty Merrill Linda Moneysmith Stuart Robert Myers Donald Nalley Carole Nash Manning Judith Pitz Patricia Owsley Fredrick Owen Bonnie Psota Brown Alma Riffle Hord Dorothy Roscrans Weyer Jerry Shadley James Shepherd Jesse Shepherd Harold Simcox Seth Simmerman Thomas Smith Rick Stuart Jean Swaino Joan Swaino Gary Wandel Rita Ward White Donald Weimer Danny White Leslie White Jane Workman Thomas Sooy 1966 James Bowling Charles Gleisner Constance Wagner Margaret Jean Rowe Susan Archer Cathy Benford Oliveria Linda Bowling Randal Brown Gary Burden Gilbert Burkey Jack Byrd Charles Canfield Gary Carpenter Estelle Dobbins Roger Drake Pamela Fenstermaker Nicholas Fetzer Thomas Fisher Jacqueline Freitag Murray Patricia Ann Fugitt Edward Godsey Martin Haas Roberta Hahn Linda Haines Franklin Hamilton Phylous Hamilton Peggy Hardin McCollun David Hawley Laura Hayes Richard Haynes Carol Hoffman Charles Jenkins Dan Jordan Jay Kast Sandra Koons Sayler Robert Kratzer Linda lamb Handley Scott Larabee Linden Leiby Timothy Leslie Walter McMillian Sara Meek Mary Miller Glen Monroe Philip Nagy Karen Owen Mary Owen Allan Packard Fredrick Paine John Ringler Charlene Reisinger Cornish Daniel Roe Marsha Runkle Hartmen Dora Ryan Smith Carolyn Seidwirz Landis Susan Schafer Burrer Terrence Simonson Marjorie Skeeles Trudence Smith Gloria Steele Linda Steele Carol Summers Samuel Summers Kathy Tomlinson Raymond Twining Phillip Varney Joh Veverka lawrence Walkden Sara Weiler Twining Ann West Richard Whitney Thomas Wilhelm Earnest Worchestet Paul Wright Barbara Dorn Reanee Yourich Carl Hardway Donald Lyons Lois Nash Bauer 1967 Carol Adamson Donald Bibby Janis Billman Blaine Bidinger 93 David Bodnar Dallen Botdorf Faye Bragg Martha Breyley Betty Carlson Dorn Tom Clifford Linda Dexter Sifrcad Rebecca Dobson Linda Drury Walkden Charles Eberling Peggy Eichel Crystal Elliot David Gruver Linda Graham Larry Gum Carol Hacthel Cheryl Hayes Klipstein Richard Haynes Margaret Herrmann Karen Jane Huggins Freitag Larry Johnson Stephen Kabbage George Keep Janice Kirkpatrick James Klipsrein Robert Klipstein Douglas Knapp Kathy Kusmik Christina Krueck Cheri LaMar Karen Larsen Bette Linden Eberling Rodney Mayes Dan Monroe Karen Norris Priscilla Owen Dwain Parks Gerald Pay Irene Pomroy Phyllis Pruitt David Puie Mary Rice Larry Riffle Dennis Rosecrans Cheryl Rowley Erma Shellhorn Archer Pamela Simcox James Skeeles Donna Sprinkle Laura Stuart Mike Todd Alice Twining Wayne Vatney Emma Vaughn Juanita Wagner Packard John Wilhelm Ronald Williams Linda Wooten Betty Yergin 1968 David Aker Doris Allen Merle Archer Michal Baker Handley 94 Mary Basset Rosecrans Kathleen Billman Thayne Bodenmiller Gary Bowen Wanda Breyley Hope Butcher Linda Canfield Janice Carmen George Chapman Diane Davis Donald Davis Ira Dan Davis Ronald Denbow Sherry Denbow Douglas Dobson Norman Dria Linda Gott Judy Grenzenbach Jane Haas Judy Haas Russel Hendricks Roseann Higgins Frank Hoffman Elmo Hord Keith Jackson Martin Kabbage Kathleen Kline David Kurtz Dianne Lsmb Mark Lance Roger Langford Bruce Larabee Gregory Lee William Linden James McConnell Karon McCourt Elizabeth Massie Eva Massie John May Susan Nagy Sharon Nelson Randy Owsley Neal Quast Patricia Ramey Melvin Reisinger Linda Rice Russell Riffle Cloyd Rogers James Rogers Scott Rowe Rebecca Scholl Larry Schuck Alice Simmerman Ruth Snoddy Iames Sooy Gail Stuart Peggy Szymczak Kathy Thome Rita Thompson Bonnie Wandel Ellen Wandel Chris Warner Glenna Weber Hazel Whitney an 5 . L - 1 sl'- E sl' fr' ,Q , n 1 n rx my 5 f' I l . S , . il QQ elfgyi-77, A ' x 6 I ' 'Q-I X 1 7 3 v A13 ,. a 4 Il ask ,n hs fp, 7 GUY B. FINLEY - A scholarship presented to a graduate of Black River High School. It is based on scholastic achieve- ments during the student's Senior year. This scholarship is 35200. 1959 1963 1967 Dawn Wilton Ney? Dara Hannerr Carol I-Iachtel 1960 1964 1968 Michael Moflaal Ronald Rogers Scott Rowe 1961 1965 janet Avery Millie Fugitt 1962 1966 janet Dalgleiih Botdorf Randall Broun jOHN B. FIRESTONE A WARD - This award is given to the valedictorian and the salutatorian of the Senior class. This is based on their four years of high school record. The valedictorian receives 35100, the salutatorian 3550. 1961 1964 1967 Larry Blessing Linda Krueek Carol Haehtel Linda 571111112 Ronald Rogers Tom Clifford 1962 1965 1968 Mdflbln Rowe Mdviillian Glgyjg 5115477 Nagy Elizabeth jenhinf Kish Millie Fugitt Bonnie Wandel 1963 1966 Cheryl Walhden Randall Brown Ddrd Hdflmfff Marjorie Sheeles STUDENT COUNCIL SCHOLARSHIP - A scholarship based on scholastic ability, need and activities. The scholarship is 35100. 1964 1966 1963 Edward McKean Margarel Rowe Norman Dria 1965 1967 Roger Mayer Prireilla Owen E TA. SCHOLARSHIP - A scholarship based on scholastic ability, need, and the ambiton of going into a field of educa- tion in future years. There is no set amount. 1965 1966 1967 1968 jerry Shadley jay Kart Laura Lee Stuart Diane Davis PTO A WA RD - This award is based on scholastic average, need, and acceptance. This award is the PTO Local Award. There has been no set amount given to this award. 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 janet Runhle Gary Wandel Connie Wagner Donna Sprinkle Roggamm Higgjm james Sheeler james Rogerx DA VID WANDEL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship is sponsored by the Don Wandel family and the Lettermen's Club. A sum of3S50 is to be given to any Senior who has demonstrated outstanding scholastic ability, athletic ability, school citizenship and cooperation. 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 Roherl 13101156 Thomas Smith Randell Broan Douglas Knapp Bruce Larahee SUSAN FENSTERMAKER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - Presented each year to a boy from the Future Farmers of America Organization and the Future Homemakers of America Organization of Black River High School. This scholar- ship is given by the Fensrermaker family and amounts to 3550 for each student. 1968 Scott Rowe Kathleen Kline H. A. WHITE SCHOLARSHIP - is sponsored by the Medina County P.T.A. and is presented in honor of Mr. White, the County Superintendent. This scholarship amounts to 3100 and is for a student from each of the Medina County Schools. 1 968 George Cha 96' Pmm 1908 Frank Simcox' Gladys Fordyse' 1909 Eva Holshue Branley 1910 Hattie Bennadcr Billman Elsie Freyman Ballow' Grace Holshue Brinker Luella Landis Lane Martha Landis Toomey" Ruth Dirk Stroup Columbia Stevenson' Kay Nhusel McCarty William Gorham Harry Freyman 1911 Gladys Eicher Loufman' Milo Landes' Elmor Forney' 1912 John W. Fenstermaker Edith Hahn Seiders' Hazel Gaulr Fensrermakcr Cletus Hiller Enos Nolt' Orman Keyser 1913 Ouida Holshue Jessie Holshue Parker Grace Garberich Kemery Ellen Nolt Lucy Williams Jeffery Lois Williams Fox Arvesra Garman Eglin Gladys Keyser Harrington Arthur Koons' Herman Owen 1914 Flossie Ringler Trap' Homer Loca! School Graduates Beulah Brubaker Owen' Clarice Koons Zimmerman Mary Barone Sanders Esyer Falconer Strenick' Rose Handwork Henning William Basom Clayton Howman Loah Koons Bixler 1915 Loah Koons Bixler Berlah Brubaker Owen' Mary Barone Sanders Gladys Keyser Harrington Lela Koons Goodwill Clayton Howman William Basom Enos Nolt' Eugene Keyser' 1916 Lena Dickinson Kline Vina Fetzer Eshelman' Flora Belle Harsh Paul Kcmery' Harold White Ellis Jeffery Donald Root Danial Root Edison Eicher James Kramer 1917 Albert Berz Walter Nolt Hope Edwards Greene Florence Either Loufman Lois Garman Palmer' Bessie Kemery Krahl Ellen Koons Krody' Kathryn Stevenson Soka 1918 Maude Stine Roberts Mabel Gloser Haulk' Mabel Homer' Lillian Betz Hundereick Ned Walters 1919 Dana Handwork Kline Cloyd Haulk' Ralph Weimer 1920 Frieda Barnes Holshue Neva Weimer Thompson Jennie Clinker McBride Herbert Holshue Don Handwork 1921 Maggie Howman Reinhardt Maude Edwards Thelma Eicher Haulk Mary Delcamp Spellman Mabel Strenick Jeffery Herman Stevenson Walter Rice' 1922 Rex Keyser Kermit Leiby Ruth Horner Tosti Lesria Weimer Meyers' Mary Burbaket Stewart Glee Walters Jeffery Nina Koons Auble Edna Kime Hopkins Mary Stine Warner Eva Tunquist Laribee Florence Correll Hastings Roy Hopkins Marie Owen Swihart 1923 Lois Hopkins Correll Williams Myrtle Trapp Sheets Lester Keyser Herbert Rice Kennet Findlcy Coral Edwards' 1924 Grace Edwards Rice Neva Spring Lowe Marie Metcalf MeFerren John Correll Edmund Hastings Harold McDaniels Chester Lowe Lawrence Stine' 1925 Florence Metclaf Welsh Dorothy Frank Owen Flossie Koons Roberts Glen Weimer Reed Fetzer' Carl Hummel Clayton Tunquist Hildreth Knapp Kermit Brubaker 1926 Virginia Koons Reese Francis Ripp Dague"' Evelyn Smith Wells Gladys Wandel Daniels Mary Hastings Irwin Kathryn Miller Mummel LeClair Metcalf Kenneth Frank Clyde Weimer Muriel Gloeser Mantz Florence Conrad Leonard 1927 Bernice Clark Cowiclc Mabel Clark Gordan Cleo Findley Schempp Gladys Gloeser Irma Lance Wolf' Irene Repp Brubaker Howard Brubaker George Guchanan Arthur Delcamp Leland Reese Arthur Stevenson 1928 Faye Delcamp Soloman Thelma Stair Freeman Opal Horner Barryman Dorothy Owen Peterson Lucille Snoddy Markley Ona Leininger Mann Alvalio Smith Mong' 97 Jean Smith Stanford Herman Spellman Micheal Keresman 1929 Walter Gloeser' Robert Overholt Harold Archer Violet Snoddy Burgess 1930 Katherine Fetzer Delagrange Halcyon Overholt Palmer Peral Wandel Jones' Helen Stair Dayton Edna Edwards Lawson' Beulah Fackler Frederick Carrol Lucas Robert Grissinger 1931 Dorothy Clark Jones Elizabeth Kline Stentz"' Ethel Repp Wells Myrthle Hastings Hoskensmith Robert Curtice Fettler Liberty Curtis' Gilbert Fenstermaker' Harold Ridle Earl Shank 1932 Albertha Thacker Grace Bishop Horner Letha Wandel Slarb Floy Sowers Shank Jessie Brinker Spellman Carl Barnes Peter Baumgartner' William Reese Quinter Findley' Lee Clinker 1933 Mildred Steele Shankley Marion Shank Helen Nash Massie Vera Eschleman'Keith John Snoddy Marlow Kiplinger Adam Miller Edwin Betleski 98 Howard Barnes Homer Ridle 1934 Don Edwards' Howard Edwards Mabel Steele Holmes Gladys Eshelman Rowe Glen Kahl Annabelle Kiplinger Verbesky Ethel Findley Smith Adrian Betleski Doris Wandel Black Harold Weimer John Fenstermaker Cecil Lindsey Katheryn Keller Prast Lucille Jeffery Wasson 1935 Katherine Baumgartner McVickers Clarice Frank Spellman Beatrice Frank Fetzer Ethel Reese Vorheese Kathryn Miller Kimery Ray Tunquist 1936 Marjorie Basom Bailey Lewis Basom Junior Bishop Warren Jeffery Vincent Delong Ruth Thacker Evelyn Betleski Power Imogene Frank Immel 1937 Bessie Spellman Kiplinger Elizabeth Miller Hinerman Verlin Krinov Harold Simcox Walter Kiczek 1938 Leona Reese Miller Rette Heeter Reibe Elizabeth Miller Adamson Ruth Smith Bowersock Harold Owen Burton Zimmerman Orren Ridle Clarence Hummel James Liggett Laurence Wandel Staley Kiczek Leon Rumbaugh Gordon Howe' 1939 Rosemary Sullivan Geiger Nelson Reinhardt Gerald Kiplinger Ruth Dickinson Day Chester Dickinson Mary Louise Baker Owen Metra Hines Martin Stella Stillman Simonson Eva Prochko Numa Halliwell Knight Phyllis Shank Stentz Mildred Trapp Thompson Glen Findley Robert Heeter Ralph Steele Wayne Archer Clair Eshelan Richard Shoen Raymond Strouse 1940 Ross Williams Ceylon Grissinger Bernice Rowe Wandel Elmer Steele Irene Krinov Maxine Ridle Wirth Virginia Patterson Blessing Robert Bloom Doris Strouse Slarb Marie Smith Baker Bruce Barnes Merle Delong Dorothy Dickinson Vera Kline Kieffer Florence Kiczek Gliebe Jay Sheppard' Florence Brown 1941 Vera Owen Preda Louise Stair Fisher Evelyn Owen Boyde Marcella Cantleberry Zebner Olive Eshelman Bassett Joe Sanuik Gail Archer Elmer Frank Donald Wandel Norman Juchuml' 1942 Frances Wackerman Keller Virginia Howe Edwards Arlene Frank Broga Hazel Repp Marie Archer Ruhl Eleanor Kiczek Zeibro Eileen Kiplinger Reynolds Alberta Pryor Holsinger Elzie Zimmerman Stanley Krinov Orris Hughes Leroy Eagle James Delong Jack Shadleyi' Laura Stroup Chaney Roger Rumbaugh 1943 Earl Hauenstein, Jr." Donna Houston Hines Telma Kidd Hubler Frank Krinov Donald Neiswender Jean Owen Lance Pearl Owen Elliott Caryol Sargert Bridensrine Leota Schoon Heldreth Stevenson Mildred Steward Mary Trapp Dudick Betty Wackerman Bazur Helen Ward Letherman Doris Krick Sponsellor Wilma Kime Kolb 1 944 Edith Conwell Roberts Irma Janicsek Sheppard Janette Zimmerman Dorothy Allen Archer George Schoon Paul Matus Leland Hines 1945 Forest Wandel Bert Hines Walter Allen Edward Kiczek Karl Wurzman Thelma Steward Reep Betty Havons Shirley Cortell Coates Ruth Kidd Agnes Rumbaugh Alexander Krinov 1946 Donna Kimmick Crosby Barton DeCosrer Helen Kristick Saffle joy Lee johnsom Seward Donald jackson Leo Kline Dixie Rogers Haas Genevine Mantz Hines Donald Franks Frank Friend Andrew Lang 1947 Frank Choma Doris Elclred Hange Robert Fritzsche Agnes Hines Hughes Velma Kristik Lovejoy Clyde Owen Lucille Robinette Temple Louise Robinette Myers Mariam Rumbaugh Zimancik Wilma Stevcnsom Burkett William Wacherman Duane Welch Edna Zemancik Cutlep Orin Zemancik Dana Null Benner Carl Brown Bert Nettleton 1948 Carroll Brinker Ellis Clouse Warren Bishop john Havel Vernon jividen Alan Frirzsche Daniel juchum jean Allen Eagle Helen Delong Perry Vivian Sargent Grace Mann Martoux Arlene Smith Dougherty Irene Smith Gallatin Steven Land' Charles Spirek Vance Reece LeG rande Foster 1949 Gary Badger Belva Bishop Eagle Melvin Cole Olive Eldred Webster David Fritzsche William Friend Kenneth Gentry Douglas Hummel Alan Lang Natalie Mantz Zelanka Richard Nolt Dean Schempp Fred Stevenson jean Summerton Hudok' Charles Taffin john Stine 1950 Richard Lenz Sue Frank Schmetzer Roger Blodgett Carl Schmetzer Phyllis Keener Wolf Melva Leiby Tomasak janice Reece Emerson Rozella Keen Taffin Ruth Trapp Fraunfelter Rowan DeCoster Elwood Correll Cloyd Cole james Metcalf 1951 Roanld Badger Patricia Bogess Badger Donna Eagle Gcrn Lucille Hines Lozier Richard Lozier Dorothy Nihiser William jeffery Bernard Sargent Rita Shadley Marlene Simcox jividen Margaret Steward Van Winkle Winifred Stine Salmon Patricia Walsh Markle Carl Welch' 1952 Kenneth Slarb Duane Schempp Nora Wuthrich McQuate William Snoddy jo Ann Fenstermaker Snoddy Doretta Wood George Darene Wood Underwood Carl Zemancik Phyllis Howe Eglon Lillian Czenkner Reinke john juchum Rosemary Kiplinger Bright Ronald Woorhees Boyd Massie Betty Allen Allison Claire Harvel Sterzer 1955 Robert jeffery jack Nelson' Virginia Stine Cartwright jean McFerron Stahl Betsy Hines Veering Raymond Marleley David Barnes Arthur Spellman' Carl Weber Darl Keeri Wilma Nolt Troxell Betty Wood Hall Marilyn Rex Burris Patsy Cayia 1954 Edward Brazis Wade Brooks Fredaline Frank Healy Geraldine Frank Predmore Philip Howe Gloria jeffery Pierce Edward Kopylchak Frances jajce Shirley Middour Graven Robert Slarb' 1955 joann Bigelow Claire Bisard Sally DelCamp Nelson Darrel Fenstermaker Norma Massie Louis McDaniels james McFrederick Roger McFredericks Robert Norris Charles Ramey james Reinhardt janice Sooy McFredrick james Summerton Robert Stine Gary Workman 1956 Alton Bishop Ann Fossnacht Warner Carl Fritzche Lyn Grissinger Frank Nihiser Wayne Null james Hummel Kay Kast Gem Narlene Peck Arlene Schempp Atwood james Zemancik Mary Hachtel Norris 1957 Luelyn Cole High Billie Anne Frak Massie David Gentry Fred Hermann Barbara Hursell Baniield Bert jeffery Keith Lowe Eugene Nolt jan Papas jean Ramsiet Rector Marilyn Schempp Binckley Wayne Shorts Helen Rowe Stine Emmajean Stites Nolt Dale Weimer' 1958 Barbara Allen Heilman David Blodgetr Bruce Campell Marie Frak Thiesen Wilma Foster Bunch Linda jo Grissinger Chirdon Fred Hines Betty jean Hoffman Stevenson Dixie Ramsier Botdox Marcia Rex Hershey Wanda Shorts Snoddy Leilani Simcox Saviek David Snoddy Homer Sooy Carole Spellman Mary Stits Studer Pat Strine Studer Bernice Trapp Underwood Herman Trapp 99 1892 j. Edwin Curticert Monroe Hainesi' Frances Betz"' Sybel Stroupt Emma Colemanx' Grace Harte 1894 Lillian Huffmanif Hattie Ingrahmd' Florence Hyland Estella Oakley? Mina Inman? Bede Rice"i Louie Riceil' joe Oakleyl' jay Inman" David Monosmithf 1895 Charles Miller' Frank Cavinyf 1896 Orlo Mantz? Walter Browne Hawley Sooyig Tenta Eggleston? 1897 Mary Lucex Maud Aubleil' Florence Curtice"' LaVina Stroupf Della Oakley Erb Isie Ream' Gerrurde Betzyf Harry Rice 1 899 Charles Mann? Allen Rice' Harvey Miller Fay Odell' C, Ray Aldrich' 100 Spencer Hzgh School Graduates 1900 Mina Payne Rice Ina Sweet May Rush' Hattie Cavina Leslie Manni 1901 Alva Wliite -john Firestone? Clayton Monosmith Mabel Luce? Ella Gannett' Clinton Bernentl' Earnest Dirk' 1902 Asa Firestonel' Ralph Aldirchlf Telmage Stroupi' Dora Fluksfk 1903 Arthur Rice' Clyde Auble Lloyd Smith 1904 Iva Koons Hisey Amina Payne Howe Florence Shaw Velma Auble BiraBeck Frank Ricci' 1905 -Josie Fuller Kyle Lillian Ingraham Sharp Alfred Fuller' Orlo White' David Inman 1906 Grace Browandm Marcia Vanderholf' at Beulah Auble Kremer Paul Miller'k Stewart Boothm Clayton Billman' Clarence Throntonif 1909 leona Briggs Rice' Anna lngraham Dague Marie Miller Taylor Carman Aubleli Talmadge Auhleil Clarence Inman Harry Burgman Charles Ricci 1910 Karl Wiedrickli Arleehg Hendricks Chalres Fuller Francis Moore' Inwrence Kiplinger 1911 Musa Winters Wolf Eddie Ross Row Grace Rugg Miller' Earnest Jeffries' Chalres Ormeroldi' Logan Auhle 1912 Charles Kiplinger Anna Rook Birrell Alma Auble Mowery Walter Bowen' 1915 Elsie Fuller Leatherman Leon White' Sadie Bridges Weidrick' 1914 Bessie Breyley Hendircks Nellie Stroup Henry Mildred Auble Oxford Gladys Smith Waltz Beulah Woods Miller Mary Belle Baker Gerne Fritz McCourt Karl Brownik 1915 Heorld Miller Clare Millers Amy Firestone McKinney Mildred Patterson Butler Robert Eglin' Miriam Diekason Miller Killard Fuller" Paul Nichols Elmer Fetzer 1917 Lucy Walters Hendricks Grace Firestone Breyley Dora Fetzer Stuart Ethel Howk Cook Bessie Ormaeroidif Marion Wolf 1918 Dallas Auble john Mantz Harry Sanders Doris Smith Kime Thelma Nichols Proter Winnifred Howe Bridges Evelyn Winters Dague 1919 Roy Brouse' Olive Awkerman Brouse Marion Brouse Hurbert Mantz Russell Mantz Herman Friend Bertha Storm Rowe Esther Sanders Seibcrt Clyde Daguei' Clement Aule Walter Rowe 1920 Frank Brown Linnie Aldrich Varneyl' Rose Weidrick Moore Alice Hayes Collins Quintin Dickason Robert Miller Santa Browandl' Carrie Jacobs Inemanw 1921 Laura Fuller Wilson Wreatha Brouse Wager Edwin Wztlters Lucille Coonier Dague' Morris Weidrick Lloyd I.echleitner Carleton Breylq' 1922 Faye Beymer Walters Mabelle Mantz Mixon Agnes Strongk Helen Rudd Fortman Grace Allison Hawkins Ellen Myers Manta" Dean Regal Seth Nichols" Walter Ellis Merlin Bement Graydon Griggs Violet Awkerman Trissie Wood Ebright Dorothy johnson Smith 1923 Chandos Varney Elmer Stuart Dale Leclileinter Zepha Eglin Lechleitner Charles Querin leon Heilrnan Forest Lirkey Dow McVicker Mildred Commer Wlonds 1924 Ray Brouse Odessa Xlffeidriclt Peabody Bertha Myers McCourt Wnirren Wlalters Joe Sanders XVilma XVood Beach Edna Lebsisher Flansburg Robert Smith Roert Regal' Merlin Parent Eva Firestone Bcatchler Veda Brouse Milton Wolfy' 1925 Marie Stuart jackson Clyde Fuller Vinston Heins' Gus Querin Burdette Aldriclfl' Mac Donald Stuart Howard Allison Kent Firestone Hazel Brown Brouse Mildred Awkerman Woolding Melvin Borrer Leonard Black' 1926 Bernice Billman Firestone Ieona Rogers Rubaurgli john Steiger Norris E. XY!alters Clifton Breyley Amy Wlood Gurmbine Lucille Koppler Stoffer Maude Hendricks 1927 Vivian Billman Wfalters Grace Mantz"' jack Beck Richard Aldrich Willizttti Xlllayne Messner Gladys Gallatine Sahw Ruth Coomer Wliipple listher Bowman Iatrkey Bernice McVicker Swartz Anges lNIoffett Margaret Cu rtice jelencsics 1928 Donald XVeidrick Dorson Jacobs" Edgar Mantz lvan Boone Judson Fuller Wlilliam Breyley Vivian Breyley"c Harold Bowman Hattie Fuller Coe Mabel Fuller Pikly lvoty Miller Margarerite Cu rtice 1929 Evelyn Rice Wlalrer Billman Ear VanBoxel Wilbur Fuller Franklin Carr Marvin Daguei Dorothy Conklin Devereaux Hattie Cordray Branske Donald Brouse Sarah Mantz Roach 1930 Alice Moffett Leiberth Mildred Fuller Romine Grace Ingraham Williams Lois Zeigler Simmerman Stella Kasper Annabelle Messner Wilbur Rook Harry Brown 1931 Thursa Reese Brouse Elma Clark Lowe Anna bebkisher Mugrage Arthur Cordaay Lenore Billman Throgmorton Geraldine Breyley Browand Lee Stroup Kenneth Breyley Dorothy Wlallinton Gould Staley Guyer' Herbert Miller Grover Thompson Howard Brown 1932 Robert Stroup Adrian Dalaglish Burton Rook Karl Gerson Florence Mitchell Margaret Stuart Barron Charlotte Orr Reinke Doris Zeigler Wicks Ellen Brown Breyley Gwendolyn Reese Baker Helen Boone Evelyn Wallington Perrin Avolyn Roberts Shelly Ruth Bwoman Sears Geraldine Walters Danials 1933 Roy Brown Vernon Mantz"' Evelyn Fuller Platt Dorotyn Hang jaclson Della Allen Breyley Chamers Messner Walter Ensign Franklin Billman 1954 Brantley XVeidrick Dwight Allen Louise Bowen Ludlow Stalney Bowen Lena Buchannon Byers Bernick Fuller Dalgleish Ray Fiala Q Gilbert Ingraham Beatrice Nelson Bloedorn Bernice Robb Williams Agnes White Wolf Dale Wliite Melvin Wztltz Betty jackson Breckenridge Dorothy Steiger 1955 Wida Moore Palmer Alice Craighcxid Mandeville james Hardie Wendell Garwoocl Nicholay Kiuk Earnestine Beal Chapin Earnestine Bowman Wilkinstwn Robert Billman Richard Rook? Vfalter Weiclrick' Blake Dalgleish john Nagy IOI 1936 Ralph Waltz jane Spirek Benford Helen Neidhardt Sooy Warren Allen Edward Biddinger Clarabel Hange Pitz Hazel Ensign Rainsburgh Frances Lebkisher Mugrage Robert Rice Homer Stuart john Kruk Nelson Boone' 1937 VC'ilma Bowen Rockhold Florence Breyley Delong james Coomer George Ensign Richard Guyer Karl Hylen De Witt johnson Geraldine Kuepfer Harbert Leota McCourt Hoertz Frank Nowak Carl Thompson Icieola Thormpson Mitchell Betty Weidrich Beane Geraldine Weidrich Smith Gene White Converse 1938 Frank Allen Margaret I.. Bridges Schmidt john Cochrell Ruth Clement Mae Eglin Brinker Evelyn Fusselman Waller Grace Giesel Bennett Robert Hardie Robert jackson May Lamp jackson Delmar Roberts Harriet Richel Niesninder P. Robert Rice Doris Rook Nagey Elsie Schoen Billman Albert Schroeder Leona Wallington Roberts Nelson H. Wood 1939 Anna Mae Ingraham Neptune l02 Lawrence Butcher Harry Carey Torrence Curtice, jr."' Hilda Eglin Carey Bryce Inman Dallas Hange Kennth Handley Margaret Fry Frank Fiala LeRoy Ensign Clementine Kuepfer Bourquin Roger Leininger Harold Neptune Fred Querin jim Querin Oval Roberts Mary Sulkowski 1940 Stella Leininger jeffreys Lylle Steurt Mary Hyde Martha Schroeder Ferrell Irene Duran Prok Dorothy Logan Butcher Edith Roberts Rook Leona Clement Edgar Betty Myers Knitrel Mildred Bridges Walters Richard Castor Phyllis Handley Hendershot Vance Hendricks Dallas Thompson 1941 Kermit Billman David Bowen Robert Lowell Coomer Albert Ferguson Howard Firestone' james Gorfido Cameron Hardie Marcella Howe Garn Helen Hydu Saus Blake Ingraham Carlin Martn Robert Querin Kennet Rook Kenneth Sage k Marion john Sulkows i Rogers Robert Schroader Raymond Spirek Gordon Thorntont' Clarence Walkden Darl Hendricks 1942 Faith Allen Giar Virginia Butcher Puie Qilliam Clark' Mae Souide Hall Gott Homer Hnage Henry 1-lillbrook james Martin Gloria McLaren Carey janice Moore Stuart Richard Miller Ralph Neptune Russell Pitz .. Donna Sanfork Weekly Helen Strop Frances Stuart Betty Walters Guyer Leonard DeLong Wilbur Thompson Robert Waltz Ronald Stroup 1943 Max B. Friend Robert W. Fuller Linus V. Grieve Lois Handley Singo Betty j. Lowery Waltz Keith H, Mantz"' Hazel R. Neidhardt Walkden june A. Nixon Stuart Francis W. Reisinger Wanda Rowe Bowen Ruth Schroeder Echle Betty M. Stuart Biddinger Milford Taylor Dorothy Wakefield Messner M. joan Walters Croskey Betty Yeagley Friend james Croskey DeForrest H. Colley A. Ray Biddinger Beryle C. Clark Boose 1944 Gladys Brown Winchell josephine Clark Schmidt jeanne Clement Fogleman Dorothy Crawford Alexander Raymond Ferguson Miriam Grim Zuksanovich Raymong Henry john F. Koons Naomi Lamp Barron Helen Mantz Doyle Ivyle Martin Padrutt Allen Root, jr, Walter Eugene Rowe Archie Surrarrer Don nabelle 'Thompson Hartman Eadred Walkden Reisinger Phyllis Waltz Billman Grace Wood Adams Harold Robjohn, jr. 1945 jean Billman Domer Marie Brinker Taylor Wrtndil Butcher Puhr Gloria Coomer Fannin Doris Croskey Oegard Margaret Ensign Raynot Charlene Firestone Claude Grieve john Hendricks Deforest jackson. jr. Catherine Lowery Hall Betty Miller Reed Dorothy Reisinger Feron joyce Rook Vickers Wayne Sage Norma Walters Wood Bernice Yeagley Frank Doris Yeagley Robinson 1946 Marvin Grieve Marie Hayes White Margaret Denninson Cash Charles Colley Walter Ferguson Robert Henry Merlin Ingraham Mather Logan, jr. Lewis McCourt Walter Sprinkle, jr. George Fayer 1947 jack Allison Lawrence Battles Carl Breyley Vivian Clement Bolt Ray Crodkey Ray Fayer jcannette Kime Gott Vivian Martin Clifford George Colley, jr. Harold Raojohn, jr, Herbert Kuepfer, jr. 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Ronald Walters Ann Stuart Giar jayne Rook Weidrick Mary Ann Giar Staples Donna Rae Rook Kimmerle Ronald Roub Kieth Pervier Gypsy Pervier Hommel Evelyn Leidorm O'Mara Kathy Bowen Kari 103 1895 E. L. Chaffe' 189-4 E. B. Wliitcomb' 1895 Gertrude Thompson Hubler' E. Edwin Jacobs' 1896 Eve S. Dennis Clem' Fayette E. Hubler' Fanny Gorham Clark' T. True Goodyear' Myrtle Hubler Ferguson' Arthur G. Hyde' Eloisa M. Drown' Earnest O. Hubler' Charles W. Hyde' Grace johnson Garver' 1897 Mabel Smith Offiner' Edna G. Hubler Smith' Ora C. Arndt' Bertha Park Grissinger' Maurice C. McConnell' 1898 Nina French johnson' Louise Smith Bradstock' Clement Warring' Ethel Whitcomb Huchinson May Mann Kenny' Clyde Drown' Myrtle Hyde Farnsworth' Earl W. Heifner Edna johnson Biddinger 1899 Sidney jones Rice Lee. B. Honse Barrow Ira E. Garver' L, Murl Frink' Edson Hill' Alta E. Giar Hcndee' 1900 Zoe Park Dennis' Clara Frink' Rex Drown' Arthur Hill Harry lngraham' Maude Findley Orton' 1901 David Hyde' Micha Allan Hyde' Wanda Biddinger Pratt' 1902 Ross Drake Pearl E. Hubler Huffman Grace Heifner Brown' Enola Eaton Roice 104 Sullivan Hzlglz School Graduates Ethel Smith Arndt 1905 Mae johnson Drake Ruth Drown' Elsie Hileman Hyde' Guy Findley' Leon Myers' Charles Wesley Fike' 1904 Lulu johnson Frink Maude B. Fair Shank Ruby Smith Richards 1905 Ora Fern Drake Franks' Nellie Lindsey Overholr' 1906 Millie Hyde Nichol 1907 Don Myers' Florence Burge Frank Hawley Scott Larabee' Floy Berry Hannan' joy Drown' 1908 Kent B. johnson' Lois R. Cummings' Ray Stine' Millie Park johnson Clayton C. Spring 1909 Edith Bahl Dunkle Francis Biddinger Harry Dakin' Denslow Wier' Ralph Hankinson' 1910 Chase Drown' Helen Haskinson Sprague' Jessie Wier l41ROL1CllC Leon Stine Roy Arndt Charles Cummings' Herbert Miller Donald -loh nson' Wayne Maurer' 1911 john Cummings' Arthur Shull Miriam Rice Biddinger Lucy Rice Winkler Hattie Ward Blinn' Katilla Dakin Fuehrer 1912 Flossie Cole Wilkins Vertie Thompson Eagle' Charles Dakin' Kent Underwood Evan Stine' Gerald Rice' 1915 Arthur Persons Irene Blair Miller Genevieve Hankinson Sprague 1914 Ray Rice Ralph Slack Amos Freyman Harold johnson Ruth Dudley Cole' Gladys Hankinson Hicks 1915 Lois Armstrong Dakin Ruth Thompson Houseman Gladys Wzird Shawan' Fern Dudley 1916 Estella Stine Chapman Esta Drown Roberts Lawrence Harris Victor Harris Harry jay Fisher Wilbur Dunlap' 1917 Hope Dudley Knick Fink' Malbe Fisher Hunt Alva Stine' Esther Beem Wood Rhea Sheller Rogers 1918 Mary Gordon Rheinhold Nellie Arndt I-Iaynard Harold Swindler Berdie Sprinkle Fuhrman 1919 Fern Rice Charles Mayes 1920 Weldon Hankinson Willie Arndt' Lofton Lowe Ruth Smith Robinson Goldie Rader Farnsworth Gorothy Dudley Freyman Glenn Botdotf 1921 Ray Ballou' Paul Rice Clinton Shank Hollis Rice' Opal Pence Gribbens , Dora Koons Keifner Pauline Bails Hess Doris Fisher Lowe 1922 Sarah Koons Oster Marjorie Hyde Nellie Fisher Remington james Weber Wayne Farnsworth Nova Ward Bruce Harold McAdoo Marquerite Swintller Semlar Dorothy Drake Bradshaw Flora Crile Kenney Guy Vaughn Mary Smith Doster Reba Arndt Lowe' 1925 Virginia Hyde Taylor Violet Sessions Pratt' Hazel Clones Smith Allan Weber Donald Drake Cecil Towslee' Zello Lucas Carroll Hankinson' Freda Thudium Baker Harriet Lebkisher Horn Pearl Shank Asire Dot Dudley Rook Christinia Drake Wreatha Bottlorf Dickason Leona Vines McMuldrew 1924 Faye Taylor Bryner Eileen Dennis Sulinsky Rhea Thompson Cowen Alfred Sessions Gloyd Handley Fred Harris Gerald Ringler' jesse Amsbaugh Harry Pence' George McConnell 1925 Arlene Lowe Flickinger' Miriam Weber Neilson Esther Harris Sessions joy Linderman Wilcox' Calista Thudium Harris Cora Zeigler Pettit Vada Ringler Ray Hazel Shank Sprinkle Francis Eaton Meeker Marshall McAdoo Harrie Leiminger Carlos Arndt Howard Arndt Lester Gawer Neville Hyde Gilbert Vines Weldon Williams 1926 Edith Arndt Greenbank' Harold Arndt Roscoe Bair" Lela Arndt Richards Olive Sessions Barlett' Ruth Beard Bower Mary Botdorf Gantz Lester Bowen Orrie Finkel Geier Rupert Gordon Homer Gill Herman Holbrook Frances Hileman Molina' Fern Horton Regal Arthur Hawley Paul Immel Theodore Richards Grace Lucas McConnell Martha Shick Ballou Mildred Taylor Stoll Bain Ziegler Fern Thudium Cepec 1927 Zaida Eaton Wallin Warren Freyman Evelyn Garver Bicfasy Forest Handley Leland Gould Kenneth Hoversotck Charles Hyde Maurice Kulp Valma Ringler Gorham Irene Sams 1928 Treva Bungard Kirkpatrick Leo Arndt? Jeanette Swindler Topper Roy Wilcox" Dorothy Farver Westerfield Robert Handley Mary Amsbaugh Reynolds Ercile Eaton Maxine Lucas Hartsel Edgar Lowe Vesta Lowe Calhoun Paul Jackson Faye Bair Hignett Marion Crile Sadie Landford Vaughn Pence Richard Heifner' Gilbert Dutro Robert Bails Arthur McPherson Creta Amsbaugh Plaster' 1929 Glendora Swope Bair Maybelle Smith Sooy Pauline Richards Handley Amy Greenbank Spencer Dorotha Garver John Jackson Mary McDowell McCammon Price Harold Roice Rehea Shick Groff Helen Kater Elsie Crile Arndt Nola Vance Garey Gladys Botdorf McQuate 1950 Mary Clark McFadden Maurence Frink Parkey Nedra Arndt Keener Evelyn Holbrook Berringer Aileen Regal Rook Irene Hyde Raudebaugh Emma Crile Drage Margate Straits Wolfe Berdene Dudley Gillette William Bungard George Gott Carlos Beard Helen Bowen Easterday Kenneth Kolbe Nobel Elliott'l 1951 Ethel Regal Stroup Ethel Vance' Edith Dutro Doherty Hazel Smith Gibson Pauline Lucas Liston Marjorie Skeeles' Emily Vines Weiler Hazel Arndt Bennett Arlene Richards Barone John Whitner Merton Farnsworth Russell Nichol Clyde Kauffman Robert Botclori' Charles Botdorf Irene Sage Fast 1932 Kent Amsloauglfl' Ralph Smith Lewis Hignett Jean Aubrey Welsh Hazel Beard Whitmore Chathrine Linderman Hartzel Helen Woodburn Jones Charles Skeeles Clyde Bunyard Carroll Dennis Charles Null Wayne Lance Henry Reuben Evelyn Wagnirz Moskal Evelyn Sprague Hayes 193.5 Judith Aubrey Marshall Cole Edna Channell Ropp Mildred Cole Millet Marie Crile Freyman Beryl Frink Lloyd Cooner Katherine Klooz Abrams Eleanor Hyde Sponseller Donald McDowell Donald Manning Ellen Koppler Whitmer Robert Smith Robert Schmink Alice Skeelesf' Paul Workman Florence Whitcomb Finkel 1934 Veta Arndt Moore Pauline Clodwick Smith Vallie Hawley Gillilan Gladys Johnson Kasper Dorothy Crile Fox Fern Ziegler Taylor Robert Cole Helen LaVon Lucas Roy Ropp Darrell Hyde John Klooz George Lucas Vilas Earley Theodore Gregg Victor Swope Charles Johnsona' 1935 Allie Beard Hohenshall Catherine Swope Samples Geraldine Burden Bigley Anna Resek Foster Annabelle Gould Orcutt Margaret Whitcomb Heiste Helen Farley Morris Bruce Crumrine Dale Gould Robert Swope Maurice Smith Kervin Donovan John McDowell Guy Lucas Aubrey Ringler Ross Workman 1936 Leslie Woodburn Louise Fast Metcalf Grace Eaton Brown Wilbur Drake Kenneth Ropp Pauline Johnson Ropp Karl Koons Betty Gott Kirt Eloise McFadden Swope Herman Hileman 1957 Grace Morris Jensen Helen Thompson Bajesi Allene Werner Lance Frances Skeeles Young Lucille Stine Echelberger Hazel Sifred Shoulter Betty Kloos Skceles Clarice Johnson Johnson 1958 Eleanor Barone Stuart Alfred Smith I' Donald Neel Cloycc Lance Arnold Mayes Elmer O. Klooz, Jr. Russell Koons G. William Dakin Eunice Smith Campbell Morton Cole Ethel Arndt Greenback James Burden Homar Bumgard 1959 Anna Moore Butts Swanson Betty McFadden Woodburn Marion Dakin Johnson Louise Clodwich Halter Vivian Roach Cole Flora Biddinger Cole Mary Resek Steiner Aleta Kulp Ralph Bright Ture Archer Frances Eatley Strotler Marvel Pence Hall Gahen Lance Willard Earley Harry Thompson Darwin Hyde William Reed 1940 June Whitcomb Thompson Norma Werner Ktaps Virginia Pence Fair Luella Stine Heifner Lucille Heifner Messner Helen Swope Spitler Robert Kerr Lyle Farnsworth, Jr. John Ringler, Jr. George Obermiller Ernest Hartman Quentin Farnsworth Carl Neel 1941 Harold Dakin Orma Farnsworth Lehman Veda Swope Laccaud Herbert Skeeles Carlos Elliott Loren VanBuskirk"' Chester Elliott Charles Farnsworth Neva Jane Iowe Greenfield Ruth Petzke Mulica Richard Swindler Donald Fox 1942 Thelma Bungarcl Schlarb Ruth Easterday Davidson Ruth Reed Kerr Marjorie McFadden Farnsworth Williams Genevieve Gordon Wacker Jean Whitcomb Hartman Josephine Resek Horton Barbara Cummings Garwood Ida Belle Swope Weining Walter Stine Paul Klooz William Burden Allen Scholl Arthur Shoenberger 1943 Virginia Murgan Drury Dorothy Lance Harper Norma Thompsbn Wacker Leah Werner Grieve Eunice Hill Weber Norma Repp Elson Mary jane Lebkisher Pitts Faye Kettering jackson joe Uniatosky Wilmer Ballou Gilbert Woodburn Paul Swope 1944 Thelma Arndti' Nancy Drury Whitcomb Yant Naomi Gordon Koons Esther Hales Farnsworth Richard Hawley Betty Klingier Musser Harold Koons Edwin Petzke jarold Thompson Marion Thompson Hammond Geraldine Rice Burden Velda Swope Parker Carl W. Wliitcomb 1945 Robert Akers Elwyn Bliss joan Clodwick Seibert Lois Elliott Sheldon Nixon jean Fisher Dwelle Ted Harris Pauline Petzke Atterholt jean Swope Akers Franklin Wamack 1946 Allan Asire Richard Ballou Charles Barrick Pauline Berry Wohlgemuth Filson Ellitt Marilyn Hawley Matus Robert Klingler Ernest Lux Anita Smith Bryan Delbert Smith 1947 Lois Bigelow McDonald Lois Mae Coe Rillin Avis Fisher Stonemarz Patty Haulk Siders jeanette Hawley McConeghy Ethel Hubler Bair Mary Klooz Izimb Burt Rollin I06 Bonnie Swope Masters Lois Ann Twining VonKamp Toy Twining Warren Wohlegmuth 1948 Arthur Berry Evelyn Biddinger Ives Arlene Fast Firestone jerrie Haulk Yergin Paul jones Catherine Klingler Harvouth Maurice Lzmdford Carol Lowe Frances Lamb Klooz Pearl Maresh Robinson Betty Pettit Berry Sparr Helen Rook McConnell james Sarafis jean Sessions Bishop Betty jean Sheffer Dennison 1949 Myrene Sprinkle Tugend Donna Swope Keefer Mac B. Bright Runez Lamb Atterholt Mariella Elliott Gordon Eileen Kelly Swope Donald Thompson Elaine Goodson Ungerer Oliver Bigelow Marion Rollin Bigelow Arthur Hawley 1950 Lucille Ballou Leona Shonenbcrger Ridgeway Shirley Pfeiffer Bruner Ruth Twining Rook Marjorie Givan Sourvine Ray Sarafin Phil Rook Dick Immel jack Rollin Russ Lowe Ribert Laborie Elaine Leiby Kline Wilbur Hubler Alvin Keener Phyllis Demaline jackson Ernest Robb Bill Cowhick 1951 Mary Archer Harris Wetz Howard George Clawson Herbert Bigelow james Dague Royal Dobbins, jr. Harold Hawley joann Heifner Richards Donald McFadden Ardith Ringler Karse Arthur Walter 1952 William Berry Otis Biddinger, jr, Gioge Cleugh Phillis Easterday Keener Robert Foster Weldon Gordon Arlen Handley Charles Gene Hawley Barbara Kerr jenks Lois Larson john Peters Robert Peters Lewis Querin janet Ringler Cleugh Marilyn Stark Young Phyllis Stine Lamb Paul Treisler Francis Welch 1953 Glenn Bigelow joAnn Goodson Wilma Grum Ardith Handley McFadden Don Hawley Dain Keener Loretta Keefer Farmer Martha Klingler jim Markwood Howard McCommell Donna Pauli jim Patton Dick Reynolds Forest Rice john Richards james Richards Nancy Ringler Edith Rollin Brownson Francis Thompson Allen 1954 Wayne Koons Lowell Patton jeanette Peters Foster Walter Robb Roy Wohlgemuth Frances Sexton jerry Szabo 1955 Betty Allgire Hummel Shirley Bryan Gast David Cunningham Alice Foster McConnell Rose Marie Free Hoffman Lyle Freyman Helen Grum janet Hawley Wacker Lyle Hoffman Mona Howe Forbes Pauline Hubler Patton joyce Keener Garver john Laborie Pat Lamb Welch Annabelle Leininger Margaret Tahya Carl Pay Charlene Pointer Aukerman Dorothy Querin Wohlgemuth Mary Lou Regal Swope Don Rhoades Royal Stark, jr. joAnn Sutton Weaver Robert Taylor Emma jean Thompson Parton Ernest Weller David Lee Welch David Lester Welch Carole Weyet Carlyle juanita Hawley Unangst 1956 Barbara Bakos Hoffman Richard Foster Donna Givan Asire Wayne Hoffman Ben Kelly Ardith Leininger Roberts Kenneth Nichols Bonnie Pettit Hofer Robert Pettit janice Pfeiffer Sprinkle Wesley Reese Keith Roice Louis Sandoval Bradley Smith Ronald Sprinkly Sandra Taylor Edith Thompson Radley Alan Wacker 1957 David Clark Marlyn Davidson Decker janet Foster Novak Frank Graham Richard Hawley Curtis Howe Glanrla Keefer Holland Mary Ann Marshall Welch Larry Messmorc David Miller Don Miller Daniel Nesbett Edith Ringler Laborie Roger Weilcr Robert Wilson judy Wright Gott Carol Walter 1958 Frank Allgire Allan Ballou Margaret Brunda Willard Robert Channel Carol Grenzenback McConnell Sue Haines Sayers Anna Hastings Puttman Burdette Howe Robert Humphrey juston jones Larry Keillor Lois Ieininger Lang Alice McClaflin Maynard Tom McConnell Ioren Meininger Tom Nesbett Sonya Orcutt Hollandsworth Donald Reese jerry Rice William Wright GUY B. FINDLIEY SCHOLARSHIP AWARD 1923 Cecil Towslec 1924 jesm Amsbaugh 1925 Harrie Leininger 1926 Edith Arndt Greenbnnkw 1927 Irene Sams 1928 Crera Amsbaugh Plaster 1929 Helen Karer 1950 William Bungatd 1931 Marjorie Skeclesf 1952 Evelyn Wagnitz Moskal 1933 Alice Slceelesl' Edna Channel Ropp 1954 Helen L:iVon Lucas 1935 Ross Workman 1936 Leslie Woodburn 1957 Betty Klooz Skccles 1958 Homer Bungard Cloyce Lance 1939 Vivian Roach Cole 1940 Helen Swope Soitler 1941 Harold Dakin Carter Farnsworth 1942 Paul Koons 1943 Leah Werner 1944 Thelma Arndt 1945 jean Fisher Dwells ,Ioan Clodwick Seibert 1946 Richard Ballou 1947 Lois Bigelow McDonald 1948 jean Sessions Bishop 1949 Myrene Sprinkle Tugend 1950 Lucille Bztllou 1951 Herbert Bigelow 1952 Phyllis Easterday Keener 1953 Nancy Ringler 1954 Jeanette Peters Walter Robb Lowell Patton 1955 Royal Stark, jr. 1956 Janice Pfeiffer 1957 David Clark Robert Wilson 1958 Carol Grenzenbach 1 .l . f l - me--1 gi, 12, P 1 'B' 6, - nn 1 ..a.-ee.-.:. 2- -1 a s -2 -for gg Ill 5 llllll Ill ufFn"'iii'i , N ff-Q55 Ill 1 llllll Ill 1".'l'..'1"'.":'E r -' "' 1 '--:es 'll E e-,, :1'.'.'E"!r"TaE 1 1 --EEE E E E-.1 a 1 -1 -5' I 1 y 'il' 2. 1 llllln I -E lll I J :Ei- - ' 2 " ' 3 llllll l 2 L P E .UI--I 1 , "" i Il 'UW-U' .-:. --.-is .:.'E-rr.-..-a.:-:- L gg H131 1.. ,R ,e 6 1--.1 1- 'ee-4 L eff m a T, 1 2 6 ,t m 5 Q 2- . , V - -.. -4 XY -., . lx J - 'N Y H is f----- l l i myw1,f!ffli' ji Wsigmff' of 111 A an '0 xdf A , Xj K PJ Es Xx ii I, C IIUZZIIN Uh' I 1 . I 'e vi N x x fx-,XSELA A dvertisers .T-, , 'fl .,. .- ..A-f -, I , ' nv ... M , THE POLK STATE BANK Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of the Federal Reserve System 5'Xa Interest Paid on Time Certificates of Deposit F A X ff xxxvllbiilll , A ,. , V . 1 .1 N , 1 ill .1 c X 1 gf-" -a 'ii 1-,B : ' ,f .lx X f 'W . x 9.-K X , , X?-VA . - f :km cg . f 13: J J' Xl .. Ag! I x Q, 'X '- X .V . c T Q if Polk , Ohio l'TC1'- sy' - "rg 'X J "1 iii'-S A5534 'iiti ilafi' J Sales 0 Service THE TOPPING BROTHERS COMPANY F m 5 X FO Your Friendly Ford Dealer F for so Years ,Q b Q ,J Ashland Fourth and Union Street Ohio PATRONS ASHLAND MONUMENT CO. A hl d Oh 34 East Seco d St t '? HOME HARDWARE, INC A hl d Oh SCCTTLAND ACRES R.D. if l Sullivan, Ohio 736-2314 Quality Registered Quarter Horses and Appaloosas Home of "ATTILA" - Appaloosa Stud Service Horses Trained and Shown Trainers - Jim Kinemond Trainers - Harold Vaughn LA BRINDLE SUE Pa. Halter Champion ATTILA'S DEW DROP '67 filly shown by Harold Vaughn fm,-'i It Ula '-sul! . ., . .,J,- ..A-I-TILA.. Champion in Pleasure, Reining, Trail Best wishes to Beth Metheney, Janice and Ruth Bill- man, and Harold Vaughn on their '69 colts by ATTILA. CHUCK Box 60, Sullivan, Ohio Phone: 736-2187 FOSTER TRUCKING liliK72, suuavan, ohio Phone: 726-2 I 47 HAULERS OF: Limestone Cinders Gravels p Steel Lime Sand - r , The OBERLI N SAVINGS BANK Company Kipton - Oberlin - South Amherst - Wellington Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. 8- FED. RESERVE SYSTEM Helping You Serve the Handicapped THE ADULT VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER, INC. The Staff of the I969 "Echo" wish to Non-Profit 586 Broad Street Elyria, Ohio 44035 MELVIN F. MILLER Director Telephone Shop 323-5953 take this opportunity to thank all the advertisers and patrons in this annual. Your patronage to these organizations will be greatly appreciated. l E?"-ff4,:Y .n"""'-A.: FEET' ll n l n Em '. . ' N rf- " . - . . - -, , rg. . -,AP-L - ' ' Y . Q-..,..-1 r' ' S ,,..-n-'M V . 4"':'1i-,- -.EK ,. '-h-"4"""-I-A.. - , .. a-v..e: .f...w.. f- -. Insurance Protection and Service Since 1848! Superior Risk Insurance Company-LeRoy, Ohio Colonial Heritage Life Insurance Company For "Personalized" Protection . . . Contact Your local Independent Insurance Agent who represents Ohio Farmers Insurance Group. He is a "Good Man to Know"! Q12 55mm five Ohio Farmers Insurance Company-Chartered 1848 Compliments of SULLIVAN TIN SHOP JOHN J. RINGLER Phone: 736-2201 Plumbing - Heating - Roofing Spouting - Oil - Burner - Service WAYNE AUTO PARTS CO 18 North Main Street New London, Ohio 44851 PHONE: 929-1521 N. A. P. A. Automotive Machine Shop LAGRANGE CONSTRUCTION CO. WARD DILL, Owner Grading - Land Clearing Excavating - Pond Digging 303 East Lagrange, Ohio DILGARD AUTO PARTS, INC. 312-14 Cleveland Ave. Ashland, Ohio Phone: 323-1564 or 323-1565 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND EQUIPMENT MACHINE SHOP ELECTRICAL AND CARBURETION SERVICE Compliments of FUHRMAN'S I.G.A. MARKET THE VILLAGE RESTAURANT Homemade Pies - Fine Food lFI1"S GOOD FOOD YOII YlAlI1'-- 1 l I , ' l-,O mf iv N Phone 929-6392 West Salem Ohio New London, Ohio ?f'7 Zz Compliments of STUDIO 84 CAMERA SHOP Photographer: C. W. FINLAY C.P.P. 212 Center Street Ashland, Ohio Phone: 323-0551 PATTERSON 8. soNs, Compliments of INC., STEEL FABRlcAToRs JENNINGS READY Mix, INC P.O. Box 426 wauufd - Ashland - Norwalk 610 Virginia Avenue Ashland, Ohio 44805 Phone: 322-1897 New London Ready Mix Concrete Building Supplies Pre-cast Cement Steps Phone: 929-0401 Phone 725-2523 OHIO FASTENERS "Sewing Industry" 400 W. Smifh Rd. Medina, Ohio CREATIVE CARTONS OF ASHLAND DON COBURN or DAVE FINLEY 43 West Main Street Ashland, Ohio 44805 Telephone 14191 324-6321 Complimenfs of H. RAMSIER IRON AND STEEL West Salem, Ohio Phone 853-4902 DON'S SOHIO SERVICE 20 Souih Main ST. New London, Ohio Compliments of JOE 81 RON'S I.G.A. SUPERMARKET 19" G ' 'fe Q1 ,X 0, 9 41, Phone 736-2173 , NL ff-Q N 9 nz: 'gags I H A.c "' Sullivan -9 ' a Ohio A r t? Ill- l lx Z , u I PQ 'v' THE SAVINGS 81 LOAN BANKING CO. NEW LONDON A State Chartered Bank MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 24 East Main Street Phone: 929-1501 42 Interest on Savings New London Ohio CARL C. WARD INC We Sell Ashland County Ashland Professional Bldg. Phone: 322-1528 Suite 14, West 2nd Street 'JALLS 3 SOQ2 E 3 Q REALTORS J: .E In-Q uql.- C ' 7-:.11::.: -'F 6 ap fSTp,'Y Ashland, Ohio Compliments of BARRETT'S INC. The Office Supply Store Typewriters - School Supply 145 West Main Street Ashland, Ohio Best Wishes MEDINA AUTO PARTS MEDINA, oi-no Congratulations From GIAR CLEANERS Phone: 647-3921 Wellington Ohio MIDWAY TROPHIES 8g GIFTS HARRY and ALICE KULZYNSKI 323-5000 49 East Ave. Elyria, Ohio 44035 "We Do Engraving" Congratulations Graduates of '69 From STRIKEOUT LANES Rt. 18 West Wellington, Ohio SWAINO'S Cuslom Bufchering CUTTING - GRINDING - WRAPPING - FREEZING Wellinglon, Ohio Phone 647-4312 Compliments of SAM HUFF'S Sales and Service O Mudd! Buiuus s. rAsiG, INC. qhmjlqvh -ifQ.-wwf T.V. - Radio - Stereo Firestone Tires and Baiteries Admiral Victor and Admiral Whirlpool Phone 324-l58l ASHLAND 327 Orange Sfreel OHIO AUFMUTH CLIFFORD'S MOTORS, INC. TIN 5l'l0P Volkswagen - Kormann Ghia On Rt. 42 North Healing - Cooling - Plumbing Roofing - Spoufing A MYERS WATER sYsTEMs -I I ' I .. Phone: 3798 Residence 3798 Medina Ohio Spencer, Ohio HAROLD'S MOTOR CO. INC. Dodge - Chrysler - Imperial Dodge Builds Tough Trucks Dependable Used Cars 33 Orange Street Ashland, Ohio Phone 323-1568 WELLS AGENCY Insurance - Real Estate Serving Your insurance Needs N R. A. wALTz M M WELLS AGENCY S Mer W W Bpljznch Phone 2431 ' l QL., llln"3.A X Where Shopping Is a Pleasure and "Quality" Is Always First .f f I . iq U 8 go 63- ,mv l ' . ro t s 'stem NSSHQQQ A ,MQ A' Q H Jfzgoer polhr llariet H End of Union Street Ashland, Ohio HENNY'S DRIVE-INN 'Open All Winter' Featuring - Flavor Crisp Chicken Jo-Jo Potatoes, Shakes, Sunclaes, Cones, Sandwiches Route 58 Wellington, Ohio MEDINA LANES Phone 725-4548 Harding Street Medina, Ohio ASHLAND HOME OWNED JEWELRY STORES BEARS - KASTANS LEIBFARTH'S ii - BP , ll 'rllit' 'Rf 1' E!'E A 1 T' -iw , , M this , J,,"'lllMii X ll' -' l 1 ' .l l 5: l 1 I fr sol.. ".' 'H x ' .jrmi ' 1 Best Wishes to the Class of 1969 Ashland Ohio WELLINGTON LUMBER CO. Phone 647-4131 Minnesota Paints Lumber - Millwork Johns-Manville Products Glass - Insulation Wellington, Ohio "Good Luck" From RADIO WOOSTER WWST - 960 WWST-FM - STEREO - 104.5 Music - News and Local Sports Compliments of THE FARMER'S STATE BANK Strength - Service - Security Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation West Salem, Ohio Phone 853-4631 'x FN ie eege 5 Q QL H N..- .Q Compliments of LACY BROTHERS SALES AND SERVICES Full Line of Farm Machinery HALL'S GENERAL STORE Sunoco Gas and Oil Cold Pop - Candy Fishing Supplies Rifle and Shotgun Shells PHONE: 652-3305 WELLINGTON, PHONE NOVA OHIO OHIO 647-3497 Compliments of THE SEWING CENTER DR. HARRY E. IHARTMANN, Sewing and Knitting Supplies M,D, Fabrics - Yarn 136 South Main Street Wellington, Ohio Phone: 929-5551 Phone: 647-4136 N 33 E. Main St. L d ' ew on on Ohio Hours by Appointment' Only. WELLINGTON IMPLEMENT INC. Heating - Air Conditioning Parts - Service Tractors - Implements Phone: 647-3725 Herrick Avenue East Wellington Ohio Compliments of CARL C. HUMMEL 81 SONS Hancock Hybrids Phone: 625-2624 Homerville Ohio BERLIN E. LAUGHERY JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE ASHLAND, PHONE: OHIO 324-4525 30 DEEQQ THE UNIVERSAL JOINT Au'ro Wrecking 409 Oberlin Road, Elyria, Ohio Late Model Auto Paris - We Also Locale Paris All Over The U.S. by Direcl' HOT LINE Open Daily 9 A.M. To 9 P.M Sundays I2 Noon fo 6 P.M. "Ohio's Most Friendly Retail Stores" Medina, Ohio Buying or Selling Call or See Wm. ATES CO. Real Estate Realtor Appraisals Farms - Rural Homes Commercial P.O. Box 108 R.D. 4553 South of Wellington on Rt. 58 "REALTORS SERVE BEST" Telephone: 322-2146 647-2146 Elyria Wellington WAYNE AUTO PARTS 1 19 Bank Street Lodi, Ohio Automotive Machine Shop PHONE: 948-1420 Auto - Truck - Tractor Parts and Supplies Compliments of HANNON MOTOR SALES International Trucks Sales and Service Phone 647-2050 202-204 Kelly Street Wellington Ohio WHITNEY SHELL SERVICE Motor Repair Tires - Batteries Phone 647-2139 Wellington, Ohio HARRISON TRUCK 84 IMPLEMENT SALES Used Cars and Trucks 257 North Main St. Phone 647-3614 Wellington, Ohio Phone 647-4176 CLAREMONT AVENUE SHELL Corner of Claremont and Walnut Ashland, Ohio Phone 322-1950 I23 A. J. WEBER 81 COMPANY Heating - Plumbing - Sheet Metal Electrical Office Phone 647-3421 5 Ffltffs ,'.-: Wellington, Ohio Compliments of THE LODI EQUITY COMPANY cuzwucm comrnuvx Lodi Grain - Feed - Fertilizer Coal - Fencing - Tile - Building Materials Phone 948-1020 Ohio Eergolg JM. Best Wishes to the Class ot I969 Medina, Ohio Compliments of UNDERWOOD'S MARKET Home of Quality Meats and Groceries YOUR COMPLETE FOOD MARKET Phone: Lodi, 948-1440 Ohio .- 1 ii . 1 . ' . wig? aqbqa 3?-W THE FARMERS' BANK OF ASHLAND Main Office I9 West Main Street West Branch East Main at Eastern Ashland, Ohio Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation DO DROP INN Beer - Wine Steak - Chicken - Shrimp DALE'S MARATHON Gas - Oil - Tires - Tubes Accessories FRED AND GERRIE TIMKO Phone: West Salem, Proprietors 853-4864 Ohio Compliments of BRUCE FIRESTONE STUDIO AND GIFT SHOP S. W. Corner of Square Spencer, Phone: Ohio 3651 MILLBROOK BREAD l728 Cleveland Rd. Ashland Phone: 322-1457 Congratulations Class of '69 WARREN CLOTHING CO. Wellington, Ohio Store for Men and Boys McCULLOUCH'S BARBER SHOP 8: POOL ROOM South Main Street West Salem, Ohio MON. THRU SAT, 8:30 TO 5:30 THURSDAY UNTIL 8:00 CLOSED WEDNESDAY WILD WOOD LAKES Betty and rlflfaynz Glllaatlnga RT. I - HOMERVILLE, OHIO 415253 Phone 625-2467 HOMERVILLE SERVICE CENTER Phone: 625-2195 General Auto and Tractor Repair Homerville Ohio GAULT CLEANERS T.V. STAMPS Free Pick-Up and Delivery in Town and Country I08 East 2nd Street Ashland, Ohio SPURLOCK'S RESTAURANT Good Food and Home Baked Goods On the Corner in Spencer, Ohio Phone: 9491 . TO SUIT YOUR TASTE A QI 41 fs Q 9x 'Giga Q fx-iff ' J ii. THE FAULTLESS RUBBER COMPANY Ashland, Ohio Quality Products Since 1900 Remember Ashland - ls Our Home HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSN. 121 West Main Street Ashland, Ohio Insured Savings Home Loans LENT GULF SERVICE Wheel Aligning and Balancing Radiator Repair and Recore Tires - Batteries - Accessories Minor Repairs - Brake Service Engine Tune-Up QUE? 206 Herrick Avenue, East Wellington, Ohio Phone 647-2592 Compliments of OHIO BODY MFG. CO. New London, Ohio Phone 929-1531 Compliments of WIMP'S WELDING 81 AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR Phone 652-3521 Nova Ohio Compliments of FOREST CITY FOAM PRODUCTS INCORPORATED 216-647-21 15 229 Clay Street Wellington, Ohio 44090 E. C. MOODY President Compliments of WEST SALEM EQUITY Feed - Cool - Fertilizer - Petroleum West Salem, Phone, Ohio 853-4027 LORAIN-MEDINA RURAL ELECTRIC 313 COOPERATIVE, INC. , . -6--Je , A115 v "Owned by those it serves" ,J , I I Wellington, Phone: X C9 ----- omo 647-2 1 33 '5El'?'?L2f!!2Ci'ft,ET purqq GRIMMI INC. SPENCER NEWS AND PRINTING co. Printing - Mimeographing Lodi, Ohio Signs - Addressing - Railing Phone: 2201 Spencer, Ohio 308 E tM ' Marathon Products as am Heavy Duty Trucks Parts Perishable - Trucking DOG "N" SUDS 920 North Court Medina Phone 948-1389 Phone: 725-4507 CHAMPION K. H. HAULK SPORT GOODS CO. Dependable Insurance 'Complete l-ine ffl Fire - Hail - Extended Coverage T"0Ph'95 Und E"'9"C'V'n9 Life - Health - Accident School Equipment and Class Jackets Hosplializohon Phone 723-1519 Sullivan, ' Phone: Medina Shopping Center, Medina, Ohio Ohio 736-2491 COngrCItUlGli0nS Congratulations Class of '69 Class of '69 GEORGE RAVITCH D.D.S. BINNINGER'S JEWELRY - Wellington Ohio 385 Broad Street ElYfi0f Ohio Compliments of FLUKE, INC. ENTERPRISE MACHINE CO. Slaughterers and Wholesale Dealer MlnneC'P0ll5 - Moline in Meat Farm Machinery Cleveland Road Ashland Ohio Spencer Ohio WEST HOMER BRETHREN CHURCH I.APP'S "The Friendly Rural Church" Sewing mfi:"Le Sales Fm! Sefvlce a es epalre 304 Broad Street Elyria, OlIi0 Pastor ROBERT HOLMES Phone: FAirfax 2-9723 l29 Congratulations Class of '69 BASSETT'S APPAREL SHOPPE Complimenfs of Q NELSON'S Music I X Gibson Guitars - Fanfisa Organs Q 7 Guitar and Base Courses fn' Records ACC. 1 1 7 149 Herrick Ave. West 5 Wellington Ohio Women's and Children's Apparel H7 Herrick Ave. East Wellington Ohio Congratulations Class of '69 SUPER MARKET CORNER NORTH AT BUCKEYE . FARM 81 HOME HARDWARE Toys and Sporting Goods Bulk Garden Seeds Plumbing and Electrical Supp. Housewares and Giftwares Glidden and Adelphia Paints Fencing and Farm Supplies 114 Herrick Avenue, East Wellington Ohio Banking for the Entire Family at THE OLD PHOENIX NATIONAL BANK Offices af Court-Harding Hinckley Sharon Cenfer Medina Brunswick Seville MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Phone: 948-1333 Compliments of LOC KE MANUFACTURING With COMPANY "Growing - a Growing Community" WIC!- Lodi, Ohio CAROLE'S BEAUTY SALON Fourth House on South Side of Route 162 East of Huntington 647-4148 JAN'S ANTIQUES Sullivan, Ohio Phone: 736-2171 .IIM 81 RUTH'S SAV-MOR MARKET Groceries, Produce and Meats Spencer, Ohio Phone: 2561 kin! FLOUJERI E0 THE ADVANCE BRONZE 84 MFG. COMPANY Centrifugally Cast Bronze Bushing and Bearings Complete Machining Facilities 13" Maintenance Bars Q U ' 151 Ballmun sneer Spencer ,J ' Rt. 162 Q E a 752322 Lodi, Ohio Ohio ,Fl . "wi-vb., ' , ' 1' PHONE: 948-1231 lv J no Flowers for All Occasions Compliments at lt's the MEDINA COUNTY GAZETTE ASHLAND OHIO 44805 Complete Dry Cleaning Service for EOSTEIVS DRYCLEANER Medina, Ohio Phone: 722-7284 Full School Coverage MII.I.ER'S MARATHON SERVICE CENTER Rt. 58 South Wellington, Ohio Phone 647-3482 PAINE'S MUSIC SHOP, INC. Medina Ohio 106 East Main Street Ashland, Ohio Phone 323-9391 WE RENT INSTRUMENTS Compliments of TRI COUNTY OIL COMPANY and SPENCER ELEVATOR, INC. lf, .T ,J va 'YQ M Q? For Qualify Products and Prompt Service Spencer, Phone Ohio 2I I I . l . I ASHLAND'S LARGEST INDUSTRY WHEN YOUR EDUCATION IS COMPLETED - A FINE PLACE TO WORK f.'2'J' ERA'f.rE-M2CF5EI5E.P5iQ- ' A A BOB MATCHAM THE ICEBERG 5 SALES Q SERVICE uthorized Sales and Service t I Milk Shakes - Sundaes Sandwiches - Drinks '--- Air C00leCl Engines Briggs - Stratton - Tecumseh Kohler, Clinton Phone: 853-4944 Wheel Horse Lawn: Garden Equipment West Salem Ohio Rt. I8 West 2V1 Mi. Wellington, Ohio Phone 647-4950 SULLIVAN GARAGE Compliments of WELCH RADIATOR SHOP General Repair Cars trucks and tractors HAROLD WELCH' Owner Telephone 736-2476 523 East Seventh Street Phone: 324-0844 A.A.A. EMERGENCY SERVICE Ashland, Ohio Sullivan Ohio BATES GARAGE compnmenfs of WRECKER SERVICE General Repairing Carburetor Repairs Electrical Tune-Up Automatic Transmission Repairs PHONE: 323-0011 Nankin Ohio Wellington, Ohio , i 1 1 Compliments of MEDINA PAINT COMPANY "See us for your decorating needs" Dean and Barry Paints - Wallpaper Line Window Shades Walltex - Sanites Woolsey. Marine Finishers 228 S. Court Street Medina, Ohio Artist Supplies Phone: 725-4501 Compliments of THE NOVA TELEPHONE COMPANY Compliments of TOWN 81 COUNTRY BEAUTY SALON Phone 2376 Spencer Ohio IJ is x. Q, IK Nova, Ol1l0 LOUIS H. WILSON INSURANCE AGENCY "For Family Security and Happiness." Your Independent Agent Serves You Best Complete Insurance Service Wlwou Afigllfil ngg ' suncri Bonus S G gel c Q IIOIAIIII lllllilc Fire - Life - Accident - Automobile - Burglary Hospitalization - Liability - Surety Bonds Notary Public Phone 647-2341 West Bursley Road, Wellington, Ohio DAWN WILSON NEFF - Agent Compliments of ARCHWAY COOKIES Ashland, Ohio Compliments of ROEDEI.'S SHOE STORE Wellington, Ohio NU-WAY SALES 81 SERVICES CO. Refrigeration Service Patz Barn Cleaners and Bunk Feeders Chore-Boy Milkers Phone 736-2793 EARL FLICKINGER R.D. l, Sullivan, Ohio Compliments of THE NATIONAL' LATEX PRODUCTS CO. 246 East 4th St. ini. 58 North 1 Milel Ashland Ohio Best Wishes J. B. PALMQUIST and C. P. COURTNEY Medina Ohio PATRONS Casual Beauty Salon, Ashland, Ohio Robert Reed, Burbank, Ohio Rapking's Garage, Wellington, Ohio Bliss Plumbing, Wellington, Ohio Poiner's Grocery, Wellington, Ohio Hillcrest Motel, Wellington, Ohio Dr. James L. Wight, Wellington, Ohio Union Hardware, Ashland, Ohio Nixon's Barber Shop, Lodi, Ohio Snyder's Ben Franklin, Wellington Ohio Edison Co., Medina, Ohio Waite Radio 8. Electric, Wellington KETTERING IMPLEMENT R.D. 2 - State Rt. 250 E. Ashland, Ohio Phone: 323-2118 QUILLIN BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION CO. P.O. Box l55 Lodi Ohio 44254 Auto Home Life HAMILTON INSURANCE AGENCY 21 South Main Street New London, Ohio Phone: 929-661 l Specializing in Farm Insurance Auto Non-Cancelable Policy Farm LlC'blllfY Business Complete Banking Service Wellington 5' W 3 Office I 'K M 'f Qiftglfl' 'Z K If 1 l K Zami' ZW MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURAMCZ CORPORAUON CONVINIENT OFFICIS COUNTY-WIDE TO SERVE YOU Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Convenient Cffices County-Wide to Serve You l39 Compliments of Compliments of PARKER 84 SONS DALLAS G. AUBLE Funeral Homes Ambulance Insurance for All Your Needs Lodi Spencer Furniture Center Phone: 2924 "On the square" Lodi Ohio Spencer Ohio CLEVELAND STEEL PRODUCTS CORPORATION A Subsidiary of Curtis Noll Corporation Magyar Street and Big 4 R. R. Wellington, Ohio Phone: 647-4235 Congratulations Grads of '69 We'd Like to Serve as Your Financial Headquarters in the Years Ahead. WAYNE SAVINGS 81 LOAN COMPANY ASHLAND OFFICE: 233 Claremont Ol'Il0 FARMERS PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION "35 Years of Dependable Farm Credit" ' 1236 Claremont Ave. - 2 - Phone 323-2101 viii" "fI i Ashland, Ohio 748 North Court Street - Phone 723-8022 I Medina, Ohio HA:-5-1'J51,L 'ig Route Ili Box 12 - Phone 322-2724 f"r"" Elyria, Ohio THE NORTHERN SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY Insured Savings Home Loans Serving Lorain and Adioining Counties Since 1920 200 Middle Avenue Elyria, Ohio Phone 322-3781 TERRACE LAKE GOLF CLUB Qg ffv 2 ' 9 Hole Championship Par 3 9 Hole Pitch-N-Putt ---Q----- 1575. . . IW ' 9 Sullivan Ohio Finest Golf Greens of Country Club Quality - Challenging Fun for Everyone - Mom, Dad, Kids, Beginner, Expert Pitch-N-Putt Course With Real Greens Pro Shop Snack Bar Club Rental, Club Repair and Fitting Semi-Private Closed Saturdays COOPER BROS., INC. General Contractors Corrugated Pipe Black Top and Concrete Work 1451 Cleveland Road Ashland, Ohio PATRONS Wight Jewelry Store, New London George Balcom, Cleveland Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hamann Medical Arts Pharmacy, Ashland Reynolds Lumber Co., New London Brewster Dairy, Brewster Clarence Bash, Cleveland Log Cabin Sport Shop, Lodi Joe Pember, Spencer Burger Chef, Ashland Irene Snyder, Sullivan SMITH 8g WHARTON ELECTRIC INC. Electric Motors and Power Tools Sales and Service 1250 Middle Rowsburg Road Ashland, Ohio Phone: 322-7671 SIMMONS CO. Hausted Division Medina, Ohio HAWKINS MARKETS Where Shopping Is a Pleasure Ashland and Wooster RAMSIER MOTORS Box 223 Creston, Ohio Phone: 435-6352 Good Luck to Class of '69 EDWARD ALLGIRE 81 SON Ditching Contractor Phone 736-2658 State Route 58 Sullivan Ohio . f THE ASHLAND TIMES GAZETTE Your Best Source of Ashland County News BOTSFORD EXCAVATING Congratulations Class of '69 Phone: 647-4288 l Rt. 1 8 East Ashland Ohio Wellingfon Ohio Check and Save 406 ,G S S .. sr , M55 THE SAVINGS DEPOSIT BANK I 0 I if IHQ L' Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Medina Ohio CLARE-MAR CAMP ,. ii ...9!.'-', X CAMPING - swlMMiNo . 'flf BOATING - FISHING N g,,, T' V .-'4 , I .fx A New London Eastern Road . - IM Miles West of Route II-i58 ' 4 ln, S -,SA Phone: 647-3318 - 4. Z.i4 S Compliments of LODI FOUNDRY COMPANY Producers of Aluminum Castings for Aircraft EARL MARTINSON - CARLTON BREWSTER Lodi Phone: Lodi 948-1516 Ohio ,na GERWIG'S rue u. . WHITE BARN MARKET l0lIAr rl fi E ll NTY Fresh Vegetables and Fruits B Home Dressed Meats OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9A.M.TO9P.M. Phone: 324-5874 Ashland Ohio Center Mall - Elyria - Amherst Oberlin One-Stop Banking Service Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation -xii Hw- Compliments of SURREY INN Phone: 322-1781 Ashland Ohio Compliments of FRED'S WELDING West Salem Ohio THE KEN RUFNER AGENCY Insurance and Real Estate 133 N. Buckeye St. Phone: 262-1881 Wooster Ohio LAGRANGE TRACTOR SALES Lagrange Ohio KELLY'S FLOWERS WORCESTER'S MISC. HARDWARE Nurs - Bolts - Washers SPencer Ohio 1 19 Herrick Ave. Wellington, Ohio Compliments Phone: 647-3196 - Wellington of Phone: 928-1584 - New London A FRIEND Flowers for Occasions srEvlcK APPLIANCE COMPANY DR. R. J' HERBER ER Phone: 647-4456 G 129 Herrick W. Wellington, Ohio Orthodontist THE GIFT CENTER - - HI E' Herrick, Wellington, Ohio Elyria 802 Elyria Savings and Trust Bldg. Ohio Hobbies - Toys - Sptg. Goods - Gifts N45 Q :Iran CL:-. Q. elfffilld can .. X Q H? It i r- llllllll 1 il " l e 'Q--.. rl Q' frgrsee it ffm WEEZEWD remarkable ELQEEQQMW Spruce your place up evenings if you around! You can do it with a John Deere 1 10 Tractor. Mow.Vacuum leaves. Clear snow. Till your garden. Add pleasure and leisure to suburban living. See the John Deere "110" with 4- JOHN DEERE LAWN af GARDEN TRACTOR John Deere Mwggwiwg like. Take weekends easy the year 26 H D season attachments now. Conve- nient credit. FETZER EQUIPMENT COMPANY John Deere Quality Form Machinery Soles and Service Wellington, Ohio Phone 647-3875 Plantillage outfit shown below consists of T4 Cultlvator with No. 4 tlllage equipment and John Deere 494A Planter with till- luuxmnna here ls me an e aqulp a w p d Mu an air-conditioned cub, a pick el, and an allen. age, fertilizer, Insecticide, and herbicide attachments. ..- - E, H' ABER'S GARAGE, INC. G.M.C. Truck Sales and Service 1722 Claremont Ave. Ashland, Ohio Phone 324-2801 STRIKE Y SPARE BOWLING LANES Lodi Ohio Phone 948-1090 TRUMAN FUNERAL HOME CURTIS E. TRUMAN 218 Herrick - East Wellington, Ohio Phone 647-2626 GAIL E. HEIFNER REALTY Farm and Suburban Properties Sullivan, Ohio Phone 736-2646 GAIL E. HEIFNER Broker JAMES RICHARDS General Auctioneering Compliments of .IUNE'S BEAUTY SHOP 11 1 East Main Phone 3841 Spencer Specializing in Tinting Coloring - Styling JUNE STUART, Owner and Operator Congratulations From NEPTUNE'S BARBER SHOP DENNIS L. NEPTUNE West Salem Ohio PATRONS Dr. R. L. Siddcll, West Salem Pratt 81 Son Electric, Lodi A Friend Drs. H. J. Barth and G. L. Bradford Henry E. Laribee and Clark R. Cooper Terne's Sohio, Elyria Maxil's, Ashland Mr. John Hahn, Sullivan Corner Furniture, Ashland Mr. and Mrs. George Drury, West Salem SIahl's Hardware, Ashland McKinley's Shoe Store, Ashland LITCHFIELD AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE On Route I8 Litchfield 7V2 Miles West of Medina Wrecker Service - Machining Service - Diesel Engines Welding - Lo-Boy Carryall Phone ll6ll 725-5996 Proprietor - J. R. METTER NELSON PAVING CO. BLACKTOP Residential Commercial Elyria 322-72ll Wellington 647-2589 R.D. No. 3 Route 162 Good Luck Class of '69 TED'S TRUCKING SERVICE TED HARRIS R.D. Ili l Sullivan, Ohio Phone: 736-2712 Lime - Coal - Stone Brood Street f N Elyria Of Ohio Court Street BAN KANIERICARDQ ' ' f it 5 Ziw' MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPOIIANON CONVENIENI OFFICES COUNTY-WIDE TO SERVE YOU Q Servicem ks owned and lice ed by B kA S rvice Corporation. AL FINKEL CONSTRUCTION Bosements cmd Ponds Dug - Gos ond Woter Lines Bockfilling - Bulldozing - Leveling Trucking - Complete Sewer Systems Sewers - Leach Fields ond Filters Cisterns Sand - Stone - Gravel Phone: 647-2869 Rte. l62 W. - Rte. 58 R.D. Ili3 Wellington, Ohio 7,-,N Compliments of Your l PIONEER SEED CORN ill it Q COMPANY DEALER Ni fly ff' - f'1w.1illl4f" vyllktgg 31 'fix WWI, Corn - Alfalfa gp mf' Nl Grain - Sorghum Sorghum Sudan' llti EWAM lic-1 El : glliu Nw DON WANDEL Phone: 736-2233 Compliments of ASHLAND BANK 8E SAVINGS CO. ,K 'K 6, - . If - , Illgb I ' U' '-fi, . . ou 6, eggs. 5 9 V .. Liz KL! Members of Federal Deposit Sullivan Insurance Corporation Ohio gk "5.'632MP Ashland ohio WELLINGTON VILLA-WAY-FARMS AUTO PARTS, INC. GAIL HEIFNER and JIM RICHARDS Sullivan, Ohio Parts and Accessories Machine Shop Service Wellington, Ohio 121-123 Herrick Ave., East Compliments of BENTON'S BEN FRANKLIN "On the Square" Phone: 948-1471 odi Ohio Congratulations Class of '69 WELLINGTON GREENHOUSE Phone 647-3273 Flowers for All Occasions Congratulations Class of '69 BINNINGER'S JEWELRY 3 85 Broad Street Elyria Oh io Compliments of MILLER'S DRIVE-IN 'JM' lFormerly Dori-Delightl For the Best in Ice-Cream Cones Sundoes, Shakes, and Food Herrick Avenue East Wellington, Ohio MEDLO REXALL DRUG "On the Corner" Lodi, Ohio Phone 948-1320 Prescriptions Convalescent Aids Cosmetics l , 4 KICZEK REALTY tg- S oc, if 1, : f -5 Congratulations ' I Class of '69' , lREALT0Rs 5 In An:Acn-ll I' Q.. 2'fllf1'fffi I vt .Bnilx' Q Specializing in Farms, Homes, and Acreage. Located 1 Mi. Northeast of West Salem on US 42. Phone l4l9l 853-4950 f .-J ci .-. i -'u 1 iz. ' ' .' . . 1 I - . . . V , i N , Good Luck to Our Classmates FROM CAR 1110: Sharon Moutoux, Susan Runkle, Wayne Reisinger, Craig Nichols "The Class of '69" THE BEER BARREL 1402 Claremont Avenue Ashland, Ohio JONES I.G.A. FOODLINER Lodi, Ohio Better Foods for Less WESTERN AUTO STORE OWEN KODER - Owner Lodi OWU BARBER AND SPORT SHOP 5 East Main Street ,,fg':N':a":'oCx'SE New Lohooh, Ohio Phone 44851 Medina, Ohio Phone 723-257-I Compliments of Larry, Gene, and Bob Congratulations Class of 1969 -1' Q44 L . 1350 ' 11645, ' 1 'I - Diamonds 51.4 -V 9 . BRENNER BROS. 6' ? ' italy ' Watches Glassware V xy ,idly . ff, ff-" I - Gifts Visit Our New Shoe Department. Z3 gwfxl Lower the Cost of Dressing Well. WIGHT JEWELER5 Wooster East 1859 Phone 647-3722 Ohio Wellington Ohio LITCHFIELD ELEVATOR W. G. BENTON WELDING Portable Arc and Accet. Home of Green 24-Hour Acres Fertilizer Service R.D. 3 Rt. 162 West W ll' t h' Ph 64 -459 . . - e ing on, O IO one 7 7 Litchfield Ohio PATRONS Compliments of ED BARTHOLOMAI CITY HARUWARE Keith's Barber Shop, Wellington, Ohio Lodi Qhio Gilger Sohio, Wellington, Ohio Brenner Shoe Co., Wellington, Ohio , Black River Plastics, Spencer, Ohio Comphmenls of FIo's Beauty Shop Wellington Ohio L d, LEATHERMANS HARDWARE Ohio Conway Auto Sales, Ashland, Ohio O l THE JEWEL sox 'Q2j'jV"'Q'bQI1f Wooster's Diamond Store Wooster, Ohio Phone 264-3215 120 E. Liberty St. 264-8504 Wooster, Ohio Acs MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY THE DAILY RECORD Circulation Over 24,000 Wooster, Ohio Phone 264-1125 Your Eshelmon ,i, J,.4' ' i - . -..' f HI 'A xiiuwmw 5' 1 X fvg , "-s. .ill I ' Distributor 5' D. W. NESBETT 81 SONS R. F. D. 3 Wellingfon, Ohio 44090 Phone Q21 op 647-4515 RBCHWOSGB ANIMAL FEEDS .. 'xx MAGNE T REMUVES wil LIJG von OHIO 1, THE MEDINA COUNTY BANK Lodi, Ohio OFFICES AT: Lodi Valley City Brunswick Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of come hungry. . . go happy! RED Wooster Road Ashland, Ohio "You Can't Miss Our Sign" Compliments of 1289 Claremont Avenue Ashland, Ohio Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Daily Holidays and Sundays Noon to 6 p.m. "Home of Quality Foods" MR. AND MRS. ALTON D. COOK A Pure Water is Essential to Health CHERRY KNOLL SPRING WATER CO. AMherst 986-7334 ELyria 322-3219 Amherst, Ohio - R. D. No. 1 44001 Compliments of OBERLIN CLINIC BROCKWAY SOHIO GARAGE Rt. 58 Sullivan, Ohio Phone -736-2 1 81 Complete Auto Repair and Service Wheel Alignment and Balancing Atlas Tires and Batteries Cooper Tires Oberlin Ohio S A 01.05 mwm omce EQUIPMENT 47 East Main - Ashland, Ohio K L 1 N ' Q , KlRK'S GARAGE .. Q If - General Repairs '53 +1 J' Wrecker Service West Salem, Ohio Phone: 853-4463 Boots - Shirts - Pants - Hats YE OLD WESTERN SHOP 248 S. Court Street, Medina, Ohio Phone: 722-201 1 SCHROEDER MFG. CO. Automatic Screw Machine Products 1214 Long Ave. Phone: 245-5479 Lorain Ohio FRANK KOSTECKI, JR. Spencer 3475 Contractor in Aluminum Products " Spouting, "Siding, ' Windows, "Awnings, 1 Doors, Free Estimates Work Guaranteed C. RUE McINTYRE Licensed Real Estate Broker 721 Bank Street Phone: 948-1 130 Lodi Ohio THE FARMER'S SAVING BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Offers Every Banking Facility Consistent With Good Banking 505 Interest Paid on Saving Certificates of Deposit All Types of Loans Checking Accounts Savings Accounts Safety Deposit Boxes Bank Money Orders Free Bank-By-Mail Christmas Club Account Travelers Checks Phone: 2241 42 Interest on Regular Savings Accounts BANKING HOURS Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. gpencer CLOSED ALL DAY WEDNESDAY Ohio Compliments of MACK'S FOOD CENTER 8: LOCKER IV2 Miles West of Lodi Complete One-Stop Food Market Lockers and Freezers Custom Butchering - Chilling - Cutting - Grinding Curings and Smoking and Freezing for Home Lodi Ohio Fil. , .54 "ZW is 2- 'A ' - 7 .,, , . Q A , 5.954-',gi-1-1,-:af-gzgg -:g,i.::,.a. E .4 1.4 .'--sf,"5i3EE52iiggf,gg1.' '- :-A . , .,.y,.g.3,-t..-T F .: ,y A 1 2-P., was-: - X -3:15-5-fri-A V .f. ,agp-I w.:-af. , . .-..-,-.ow NICKLES BAKERY Bakers of Quality Baked Goods "At Your Door or at Your Store' l WATER A modern masterpieceT DALE KRATZER WATER HAULING BAKED BY 9 mm l600 Gallons - Reasonable Rates Prompt Service Phone 929-3791 Phone 2753 New London, Ohio Spencer Ohio HART CONSTRUCTION CO. u ey Rd. Twp. B rsl Asphalt - Tar - Road Oil Furnished and Applied Highway Contractors Elyria, Ohio Applying - AE-l7L Primer From United Products PHONES - Office FAirfax 322-0796 Garage FAirfax 322-0698 460 Oberlin Road N5 'I NATIONAl B S f- f 52 22 ff Vw WVDL9 OLDESWY' Ashland - Jeromesville - Savannah Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FUNK BROS. TREE SERVICE INC. 1260 Wooster Rd. Ashland, Ohio 44805 LEE'S TAVERN Beer - Wine - Sandwiches Rt. 342421 Lodi, Ohio Phone 948-1520 Compliments of WALTER ZEIGLER Nationwide Insurance Complete Professional All-Lines Service Phone 3483 211 West Main Street Spencer Ohio Compliments of THE A. I. ROOT CO. Bee Supplies and Candles Medina Ohio Compliments of THE SHERWIN WILLIAMS COMPANY Milk. For little kids. Big kids. Young kids. Old Kids. Milk makes youngsters strong. Keeps oldsters healthy. Milk tastes good. No other food offers so much nutri- tion for everyone. Every glass of milk you drink is brim- ming with vitamins, minerals, protein and energy . . . at a real bargain price. Make milk your healthy drink. 47 Public Square Phone: 725-5771 Medina Ohio Sullivan, Ohio RUSSELL V. PHILLIS Congratulations to the Class of 1969 May All of You Have a Successful Future. G. T. DERIKITO, M.D. Wellington Ohio Compliments of PHILWAY PRODUCTS 701 Virginia Ave. Ashland Ohio Congratulations Class of '69 WELLINGTON HARDWARE 81 FURNITURE 105 Herrick Avenue, East Phone: 647-4333 Wellington Ohio Compliments of BAUER'S SCHIO Tires - Batteries Accessories Phone: 736-2297 Corner of 224 and 58 Sullivan Ohio HERSHEY'S BARBERSHOP 1 15 East Main Street HOURS: Tuesday 9-6:00 Wednesday 12-9:00 Thursday-Friday 9-6:00 Saturday 8-5:00 Spencer Ohio Satisfaction Since 1884 FREEDLANDER'S lt Pays to Buy Quality Wooster, Ohio Congratulations Class of '69 COLONIAL BARBER SHOPS INC AL KEENER ED FRANK 121 West Herrick Ave. Wellington, Ohio Compliments of NICELY'S Groceries - Meats Carry Out Beverages Gas - Oil Phone 647-4110 - Huntington SPENCER TAVERN Sunday Papers Candy, Soft Drinks, Ice-Cream, Milk, and Bread Wellington Ohio Spencer Ohio THE CHRONICLE TELEGRAM Your Family Newspaper Every Day. Where You Will Find the News of Black River High School and the Whole Area. 225 East Avenue Elyria, Ohio I V X A Q XQ ESL H 61 vii? X 17' Q gf LODI LUMBER CO. Home Planning Center Free Planning Advice on All I X I Phases of Building or Re-Modeling Lodi Phone Your Lumber Number Ohio 948-131 I HIDDEN ACRES Recreation Camp 912 7 .sq NX it M' Z- - " CAMPING - BOATING FISHING - CABINS FOR RENT 3 Mi. West of West Salem - Jackson Twp. Rd 47123 Va Mi. East of S. R. IHI42 E. B. FREITAG - Owner GERHARD'S BUCKEYE PASTRIES 1925 Cleveland Rd. in Youngs I.G.A. Foodliner 207 West Liberty St. Wooster. Wooster Ohio LANDMARK FARM BUREAU Ashland Phone 324-1506 Sullivan Phone 736-2276 Loudonville Phone 994-4721 Ashland Ohio KENYON'S STORE River Corners Groceries - Meats - Ice Cream Patent Medicines HOURS 8-9 p.m. Weekdays 8 a.m.-I p.m. Sundays ALLlSON'S HARDWARE General Hardware Paints, Pumps, Electrical, Plumbing Risk Case Motors Inc. WOOSTER HONDA TOYOTA Economical Transportation at Its Very Best - Top in Service On State Rt. 5 West Salem, Ohio Phone 853-4753 Next to Wooster Airport Wooster, Ohio Phone 264-0290 For the Best in Cosmetics See Your Friendly AVON REPRESENTATIVE HALLADAYTS MRS. TED RICHARDS Phone 736-2526 SOHIO STATION Sullivan Ohio 31 Years of Continuous Service BETTY'S BEAUTY SHOP New London Eastern Road Public SqUGl'e Phone 647-4432 , Rf. :ri Lod' Ohio New London Ohio LAMB BAIT SHOP HOMERVILLE SERVICE CENTER General Auto and Tractor Repair Phone 625-2195 Homerville, Ohio Live Minnows and Fishing Tackle V2 Mile West of Hursley Road and Rt. 58 Wellington OIWIO H 8. H MACHINE 8: WELDING 638 Oberlin Road Elyria Ohio INGRAHAMS Compliments of SUNOCO SERVICE HUMMEL'S CERAMIC SHOP ' Greenware 'Supplies Lessons "' Firing lk Phone: 625-2478 Area Code 216 North Main Street Stale Route 224 Phone 2073 Spencer, Ohio Homerville Ohio Congratulations Class of '69 From THE DOUGS OF BLACK RIVER HIGH SCHOOL MEMBERS: Nancy Knapp Russ Pruitt Mr. Fran Stuart Cathy Drury Jill Brinkerhoff Mr. Larry Brandel Bill Nesbett Doug Hastings J. R. WARD CRUM 81 CHESTER MACHINERY SALES Real Estate Insurance ColnlwilletzngnlelsilllIll1:vl:sl:6?rlelrlr:cEh:l?l'rczoIs Both Metal and Woodworking Medina, Ohio Phone 722-7003 County Road 26, Spencer, Ohio Phone 2129 Compliments of , DORIN ZEMANCIK Light Excavation and Hauling Homerville Ohio Always Speak Well of Your School t ll woosnsn LUMBER CCMPANY Wooster Ohio Phone: 262-801 5 WILBUR KELSEY Milk Hauling " Q' '1 ff, ft' :Ki Rt. fli3 - Wellington, Ohio Phone 647-3687 Exchange Students Freddy Barrentes is an exchange student from Lima, Peru. He is fifteen years old and is the oldest of two broth- ers and one sister. His Rather is a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Peruvian Air Force. His mother is a bilingual secretary in Lima. Freddy is a junior at San Andreas Colegio in Lima. He is studying to become an electronics engineer. At Black River, he is studying English, Geometry, American Histo- ry, chemistry, and physics. He is also in physical education and sings with the mixed chorus. In Peru, Freddy attends eleven years of school: Elemen- tary - kindergarten through fifth grade, and Secondary - sixth through the eleventh grade. He attends an all-male school with an enrollment of about 700 students. He is one of the 65 exchange students sponsored by the 1 International Fellowship, Inc., to atrend school in the U. S. Freddy is staying in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Lnrabee. He will be here for ZW months. l Frezkiy Bammter Maria Beatriz Ororia Miss Maria Beatriz Osorio is our pretty female exchange from Peru. Beatrizfas she prefers to be called, is from Arequipa, Peru, a large city with a popula- tion of about 371000. She formerly attended Sacred Heart School, an all-girls Catholic school. Bearriz's family is rather large, as she has four sisters and two brothers. While she is staying in the U. S., Beatriz is residing with Mr. and Mrs. Vemon Meadors of Spencer, her adopted family. After arriving in the U. S., Beatriz went ice-skating for the first time, and surprisingly enough, did quite well. She soon learned what snow-ball fights were like, also. In school, Beatriz is studying typing, English, speech, American government, and Spanish. Although typing is new to her, she finds it fairly easy and en- joys learning ir. Beatriz's particular purpose for studying here is to' learn to speak English fluently and to learn more about America and Americans. She would later like to study languages in college. Although our two countries are the same in any ways, there are also many differen' ces. For instance, there are some differences in the way classes are conducted in school. In Peru, the classes are conducted very formally, Wlien the student addresses a teacher, he rises, and he remains standing until he receives permission to be seated. Thus, Bea- triz was rather surprised at the informality here. Beatriz has finished school in Peru, but she did not have a graduation. In Peru, the only time one has a graduation is when he finishes college. l65 P 'illlllllllillllllllfQNX? mmm Last Round-Up ,, Arr Ideas? wr- Y What a sticky job! Put me in orbit, Man! ' Take me to your leader! M . H - I d. A The "B0fCd" r app n HS F.F.A. Christmas Treat X ' -2: Brass Choir ' Clarinet QUHIYCC Flute Trio Mixed Clarinet Quartet ' T ' A Instrumental Soloists Vocal Soloists Flute Trio Woodwind Trio I67 F A C U L T Y Thomas S. Bangert, Superintendent Donald E. Larabee, Principal Ralph Albright oo 0 U 0 0 0 0 . 0 . 0 ' 0 Q . . MENU SnOWman's F Cpunc 0 Y Sy"'pl"0l'lY On lce l-lomer Bowers hy Lawrence Brandel P I Vlppetizergj Alice Dawley 0 df Begg- S d . Emma Dougherty fHdm, Fish, glhilgtjg? James Eisinger fx Slwvvflakgg 3, Drizzl Ann Foor Shrimp 84 Sauce C Boiled Penguin Eloise Gentry Wi Q Cchiclcenj Kay Glover rw " ff B0Uquet CFruit Saladj Fur Trees Douglas Gottron fgensh Mary Hamer lc! Cubes es, John Happ fpotato Saladj CMCocklesheHs Roland l-laring Sled, acaroniSaladj ilnljrlhl-llgeip CTOtem Polesj Tgfowiljdlls 2 ' 0 ' Robert McDowell The Junior Class S"0W'C0Dped Mountain 0 les? Walter Remage of CCake0 S J h S th Frjncrls gin Black River High School CSnoWbiTI0gf:flrFs Ronald Weaver pr-,gems lg lcalfab cgffzine qjrankaay Friday, May Seventeenth Nineteen hundred sixty-eight Bruce Lardbee P A55 OFFICERS Scott Rowe vi resident 55 Qrriceras W d 'fe Pfesrd JUNTOR Cl-A P sident K an a Breyley . Sem ent B rbara i-lendriCl4S ' re dflly Kline - T eldry AG yliast - Vice-President A redsllfer 6 Dvrs Dianna Puie - Secrcuwzr Walter 'Ram 6 ge ORS r Craig Nlchols ' TWU MGVY Ann Emma D0U5hert Class C I e Hamer Y ADVlSORS , CldSs Flsvsrsf Mint green 84 f eS Brandel Ralph f"NllO"9hl Class Merril' vzellow rose oresfsfeen Lawrenc U . S F' Joseph Kemp the have crossed the b Mary Hme e ocean lies before gf, l68 IW. 'i3'eL . 5.-5, U. 'if' 5' 1 ' I I' 1 I x w , rf .. JL' 4- - ' ni? ' .H- M . r , V, .L.. V.-i 1,71 '. 11,151 ' ' ,llfffx 2 ,, fl. mei 1 1 I' ' T -: , Ml '-'Lf. J . - . ws- 'X , ' -'jvxfr N Ml" -vass- W, 1 , V. 5.1 .Jw ,, ' " ' ' 'w1I'fv.m'2, ,alia JY. .-.4 .uv .- v V 1. ,f :I ..-34.-':2v.x-.5 . ,. , ... ..., .,-?,....:,..?Tg.,. ... .., M 4 , , I . , lt, , , - ""Li.' ' 1 .-1 ' .fy . ,V ,M ,. a .Hap .. fd' ' '31-3719, 1f . . , 33" il , J' ' R YN

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