Black River High School - Echo Yearbook (Sullivan, OH)

 - Class of 1968

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Black River High School - Echo Yearbook (Sullivan, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 13 of 180
Page 13 of 180

Black River High School - Echo Yearbook (Sullivan, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 12
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Page 13 text:

4? 1 ffm HHMUHXM H s 'll' Cf V Q ,H H HH Ln 5 H ...H 1 - Hf HH 1 HH, HH, ' ' ,, Llbrarlans H gl, Q xg H mfg, QH H, 5- :fr HHH H H.HHSHHffiHgH:H,-4HH1 2 H -H 3f57'S"'1" H He an , 2 35HH2I?HlHH'HHHHH 5 HHHH 5 H 1222155131 5 HH H H HH H HH 35523 -H-HH H, :FQ ia? HH5fff,.QfWI.HI.JHH -E' 'f5HH H5 5 I H HHH H H HH ,HHHHHHHHHH ,HHHHHHH HH-,m 3,HHH, H H H 2 fe HHHHgHHfHiH1Hg2g111iHH,.,,,,,H H 55, HHHHQHH HHHH. H,, HH ,, W HH H HHHH HHHHHH5HH5HHH5 55HH5HH I" ' " - .HHH5 HH HH 5 H,5f5EH55522fffEf?ZH5i.35'HHH 5 H5HHH J HH HH HH H 5HHHH' lHHH552slH . 1 M W, H ,,.L H,ifHH25HHs?Hf53235sHHHHEHH-HHHH ' 5 H H , H V HHHHHHHH HHH M , H HH H,,,HH HHH HH5' ss1wgH:zzH5HH5H 55iHE54,HfHH :wifi x-M5:Hf55H5.55HHtHfHfHH2:HQH-1:H4HH, MsF2ES3HHH:1:fgx1::11::C5g1H::H155H:::z::tHHHH HL 5HH , HHHH H 5H H HH 5 HHHH H U QQEMHHCLHL . HH HH ' HHHHHHHHHQEE HQ HHH, H'1:'HQ'H'HiH:ig5HHHHHHHHH'HHH,:'HH, HHHH H 5. HH2HHH25H:H,fHHf::Hi::H1:H:21fHHHH:2fi:f:::HHHHH. HH H,?gH?f,:eH,a5HHgTH3HH4gf1.,HJ,H5HHH5HfHHMHHH:QHAHMH-HgHHf,aHHH5HHH.H, ,H .H HHH?5.aj' H HH HHHHHHHHHH sHi1:fiHHHHHHHH+HHf - H,g1HH,p,5gHHHH,HfHHHHHH, HH, ,X X, X, X, , H 1Hi5s:i123sxHiHHHLHH:11211HiiiligiligzilHHH5:-H: HH ,, ,, HH IHQQHHHH HH H3525 H,H - H: HHHH : HHH HH 22 H' HHH 9 HHHHHHH-HH H H H H H HHHHHH1HH'HHH ' 5555 555 'WH FHHFQJJHHHAHCH -55553212 H:::',z'WH15T"12HH.HH H ,,5Ei,5HH35H9HHgA.,: H'HH HH HH HHHH HH HH W wHffwHffeHfffH,HHHHHi, V HHHSHHHXHHH-HH HH H H 5 H HHH HHH H H H HHHH HH H H Hf 14wf:1E,X:HfHf2HiH fy, fHHf,H.fHH5mH,z.HHH -HHHH , 1HH,HH,HHHH HH H ,H HH HHH5-Hf-.fy55,155fs5,sHisH,s2,H1?,3HgHLHH,HHv,,gHfgH5i5jH"5, QHAHVHXHSHAHWHHHH v,E:HQH:?H'HH .H H HH HH ,335 ,, :H HH HH 'H H H H H :maze H X , , H HH HH H H HHH 22551: H"- :HH H ,X HHH ,HHkggkijibif'E,3XE,g,5,igLgHv-Q15 H' HHHH. HH H HHHH HH we " 'H HH.gvHi?+dJ?HHHHe,.,e?gsfeHf HH'r:'3H:H1 H MJ55ii5?:: . Zi ff 55 H55 55 5 555 55 HH HH 5531553355 4552: H 5 5 H 5 H SE5fiE5jH5ji55if?b4gv': , , HH, 5 H 5 Qi' 55HH55 55HH 2552153213 H HH HH is32ig3SiH,Z!1'? af-1".:e '?:3?isslHL, H H if2f'.e.4J2h25ffg2ig'?5r sw H H H "1H2lP4 J 2H.5'f?2i1'f.J.-1fH:'f-Elem HH HH HH gsfaszsesiia, 1 HH HH HH HHHHHHHH HH HHH :HHf:HHf1HHf1?f'q, f5192245254 5 HH H H ?'5f,g?'5:HwT-HH-r2f2k,55'zf , HH HH gi 5553535555 H 333535-HZ 1221294 H 5 H H A eH5.+1'-22513551 HEI, ,, HH5 ,H A HHH,H 5HH H HQHHHH ' -H5589 ,, 33 H, E 5 Council Ei - H i Mi' H': E E -. .- H fa me- ,, , L Age H 5 Let your light so shine before mi n that n--,- H - they may see your good wcHgfks. HH H HH HHH H f , H 55HHH 5H H H H H 5 552255 HH HHH f-H 4-H..,f H H . HHH H H , HH HH HH H HH HH HH HH ,HH 5 5 5 5 HHQQQQHIHHHH, -Smi1Ws5555HH55HH55 55 5H55HH55 5 HH HH H HH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH'HHHHHHH1'g5sg4eHi45si4esNHfiffs.-+E?'5z5S1aissi4e214eH HH , ,, LMQH HHH WH HW., 2 HHL HH HH HHHH H HH HHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHH,HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHvisiffsfesfmHHQEHHHZHQHQHS 5 55H 55HH55 5HH HH55HH55HH 5H H5 H 55HH55H H55HH55HH55 55 JHHHSQQ5 HH55 55HH55Q5HH 'WW f5QHZE5HZi?iif?H23??53?iE,2?is3?i 5 55 HH55 5 HHH5HH55HH55HHH5HH5H55H55HH55 55 Qf1HHHHHH55H -'-' ' HHHHH HH Mum 5 ix Hess, ,,.1ss. E if HHH HH HH HH X, XX ..,, 2, H 5: , A ctivitie X X nm XX ,5.., H W: H :r fs:-':::.,:f ex: H V x A H H H: ? H,H,H H ,515 Wg -- M H vim. M A :fe we W H H LZMJLQE iH. .. is HHH ., HH ii?g?Ef2?Ee?,.. , H -, H' H H 255H555i535iS3'2s3?ii3?is5Sw,Hfilfllm H11-'iii QH 2.55 5H .fy H' 5 , HHHH ',H HH , M H.,HHHz2En-.H X X X X ,.f,,,m.E5H3:H2HHHfH5,HHH5HH,L HH HH-H H , 'Q :Hugfr532mes21352Hgsm221552Hssms2Hgs2H5:HHss:Hf H., . .'.. 552144 MAH :M HH5 H P31 Q., H 55HH 1 aemkeae. . .1, H 5 5 M Q- H H H H HHH , HH W W 'Ff5,,,H H 5 ' : M "l""-'l3'..,""57si45is35ib35f:iH..,, '1-iixig H H H A'.:i?J'f?,33YZ . , H 5 ,H 5H H 5 , 'QL ---H.,'l',::.i,,1a?"'5.?i2l.?ff HH55 555f?5HHHH 55H H H My 5 5 H H 5 H H 5 HH H H HHEHHHHH H, 55H HH, HH'1-3?iHHt3fl"5?ff3i'?9'i3Q QXXH, H X531 HH,H HH ,HH , H HH H,X H , H H XXH HH M XH,XX XX XX HH HH,,X,, X HXXX XX ,zefwv L A H HH HHH X,,XX,HH,, X,XX,, XX,Xv, ,HXHX ,,.HHg.,,H3iHEX,HH,i3,,gXg,1HHHx,,X,,H: HQEHXQCSH7 X HH ,X gw.rvfg.w:fmH, m H H H H, aweHswwHLggH5fFH5fgH,HHHQQHQHH,. HH ,5 H H H H EHHHHH -5HH-ws HHyHg:,..H.fU W HH HH HN-We gm ww, JHH HH HH HHH HH H H H H.HH H, HH ,H JHHHTHHH H H fHfHHH'11H2 H MH 7555 235,95 5 535353635 H'?i': HHHH HH H H HH HH V .. HH H HHHH'THx:5FXZHfffYH HMSIHHH H5 MYSSEESH U5 - W HHH H535 -5:5555 H mb H, H Q 5 :jgHEgj5SH,gfgzafgHg,11HggH3gH5g:HjHc95HiHzH:H:5,'13HsHH HH H wr,,,e-,eg,gHHHHH.l?,H,:Hx HHH,fz:?,Hvs'LsH12A2:HH ff HHH5 " 5H HH H HH HH HH ,, , HsHHfH1HH,,H ,HH,,HHXH HHHH HH ,

Page 12 text:

UU I' Nlr. Donald Larabee, Principal Being a native son of Sullivan, Mr . Larabee was born on April 25, 1922 two miles east of Sullivan, the son of Olive Josephine Knapp and Clifford E . Larabee . The family moved to Cleveland, Ohio when he was six years old where they lived until moving to Wellington, Ohio when Mr. Larabee was in the ninth grade. He graduated from Well- ington High School in June of 1941 . Mr. Larabee was in the U.S. Army from October 1942 until january 1946 serving in the South Pacific for two years on the staff of General Douglas MacArthur. After his discharge from the U.S . Army, Mr. Larabee attended Ashland College, majoring in business education. He graduated in June 1949 . Mr . Larabee attended summer schools at Gregg College, Colorado State Teacher's College, Ohio State Uni- versity and Kent State University from which he graduated in August 1957 with a Masters Degree in School Administration. Mr . Larabee's teaching career started at Chatfield High School, Crawford County, where he taught business subjects . From there he went to Perrysville High School where' he taught for three years . Mr. Larabee came to Sullivan as local executive head in 1952 and has been in the Sullivan--Black River School District for fifteen years He was made high school principal of the newly consolidated Black River High School in 1959. Mr. Larabee was married to Margaret Ethel Bohlen on December 29, 1946 . They have three sons: Scott Eric, a sophomore at Ashland Collegeg Bruce Edward, a senior at Black River High School, and Ronald Almer, a freshman at Black River High School. 6

Page 14 text:

ROW ONE: K. Thorne, N. Archer, L. Lieby, S. Runkle, C. Eichel, P. Syzmczak, A. Simmer- man, D. Lamb, G. Klintworth, V. Bilies. ROW TWO: V. Summers, J. Whitney, L. Dobson, P. Ramey, K. Kline, J. Haas, L. Koerber. ROW THREE: B. Riffle, B. Fetzer, H. Whitney, M. Drake, S. Moutoux, P. Powers, L. Gott. ROW FOUR: B. Schuck, D. Davis, D. Kidney, C. Ziebro, L. Rice, M. Gruver, L. Schuck, 'and Mrs. Glover. F.T.A. BOTTOM: F. Gmver, B. T Simcox, B. Scholl. ROW ONE: c. Billman, 1. Geiss, D. Griggs, B. Fet- zer, J. Bodenmiller, B. Bodenmiller D. Rollin w. Breyiey. how TWO,: I. Carmen, B. Finkel, I. Runkle, D. Davis, N. Quast, P. Nagy, Mrs. Dawley. ROW THREE: C. Smith, D. Brasse P. Kiczek, W. Reisinger, S. Nelson, C. Ziebro, M. Swaino. G.A.A. ROW ONE: K. Thome, A. Broome, M. Power, I. Grenzenback, B. Bodenmiller 1. Geiss, F. Gruver. ROW TWO: B. Ramey, B. Hendricks, J. Runkle, D. Linden, S. Moutoux, L. Pomeroy. ROW THREE: P. Bolf, M. Hoffman, P. Power, M. Guyer, L. Lowe, P. Cement. ROW FOUR: M. Swaino, C. Smith, C. Ziebro, I. Brinkerhoff, C. Eberling, D. Davis, T. Smith.

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