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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1963 volume:

R ' K . X '75' 5 - A 'N i3 ' nr 45' .v.H,f 'f' "1 ' " ,L K, ' ,'ff12,.',,'5':' ,R U , R , W' ' f 5 4, ' f , fix 4 "F"fY1R"2aQg-Qw, ' ,2w 1 , X ' ' In ' 1 1 .. , j V "Y, S gk! W ji -, V",'f1L, k A lx xi hi ,U a Wjqwn L' V Y' av .,Nxi1.iVs,r,. , za M?P 1 f if ff 1 5 ' I ,, ' Q W if-5 is . if ' Vff 1 - YJ .fig 1 Earn 1 rv v.,,. Kuxtfi, 5?-Q . givi- E , f uv ll - V X v ' ' Af -If m. gh' 5 .1 nr . - '3"". , F. , f Ai" ,S 5 ' , C ui: Q k "vt ss 4 Mi hui' '15 ,X gum -. X 45 , M -gl ' '5 k ,I -, , A , :iff L, 4 4 "' 'Y nw 5 .- IP, fn' 'E 5' 35 ,, 3'- ,', . 5 , 1, X 'Wm , ,ffv5'wAfwi Q . Wim, A -1 K 9' ' ,f f" "pW'M J: 4' im x 'V 'if L1 ' . 1 w ', ,sg , .ax .1 Q.--Q., Q! 4 , f 1-',i'1'f , A ' i" 9-1 "" rw I st 1 A 4 ' 9 - A E V: 'I Q, ' Q X, 5:4 i 1:1 A 4 . LL , 4 in . . .. -4-W 1 . Mx. ' kvwlwb Q , :R c L 1 -Qsiffsi F 1. ,. g f ...Q N-vga, d jp- Vtgh va Wm x hdffry b 'va .V be vs mdbk 'SE 1:5 'S in if . "' ""' . 4 k ,L::. .lc 'fl LKN. i f Q, If 1 -, 'hz 1, I I A ge Kai X' , 15 W -H " + x? , A ii . f' .6 A4 . .A it L- A t X M, tg I 3 .. if 'N ' Q: V 'Q ' 1 I x , , A 5 3 gc N .K , ' ' , - f .W Ne " 1 -, M, A Q iii A A My .xxx 1' In my fs M k 1 1 ' fu. u M - W 5' x A , 1 X. , ,, ,ia Q, i L 5 1 ,S , s . ' f 1- ' 'R 'H " vm., , .. , v- L "' ev A K I E , 2 Y' , flkit W vi 5' is , , ,sta ,Vi ti X M A. ' -H ' 3, 4 . SA M xi' . Q x. ,W " ,-, fa- A 16 N . fs wg ,, R, W' K R ' 'H x , 4 w Q1 . K ' .. - 1 Q Aw ' -fri fr, , , b if . M A -.K 1 iz Q Q. - K V.. . an . ir, '9 A ,. ., . v. an ., , X . . Q , X . 2 Q K 5- xy :xx 's K N wx ' M Q S 'tx x WN w ,N N X 'xxx hi' y - ,, 1. . Q ,LA,4zxRu-.Q S My ,kth f xx- A 'sei Q - X Q X .X nw Q ,ww .ks in xfss' 3' ' -,-va . F- 15 -L K - 6 -LQ Arai h N KJ A ,f X 'al 1 img fx, s ' 'f 'Mkt gmt: f 2 . 'N it . . .K " ' ' - -X Q. ' ' e. ,f K. X W Hi, in .P 'k ,K Ax' . "Siu ,' t QQ- M-nil 1 z H , N , x K 1 X V, Vs? x K . wsfx' ' fy H ' 'W 1 1 in X K If s, gp . 5 -5 'Ki' ww. -, I N N' E' A k, M ,L i - 1 v- A A . . 5 ". , msgs. " N ' ' D ' ,x ww- H . -N K we 5351 L xii my ft f NNN u y e P . " 1 'Q gh 1. :MQ s R f'fg'b rm .1 4 . V 1 X K '. x 'ax any '1' X -1-' ' ' sig I Q b Q Q " .Q Q., il I 3 , mr. Q. 0 x A 'JM 5 h x 'I b L -5 x if A I K A iiimf- gg . , +A . ,tg . ' ,M rl' P V 5 ,. Q Q , . 51 ,A..Li! - ,EK Xzi- !f N 4' bhx A mx.. im 0.-x aura wht, 'g'F4i4 V ,Q N . ' qi rf 1-1-fm. we-sf, .Lim - - s ' 'M-,wx - ., " , ..., 3, ,Nh , b,.,k Q1.-Qv1 1. A X .txibxig :f-2 . ff fjnx. Rx IP' .K ascii: .Q .. ah. A W n .,. it PM ug.. me g Q 'KX-M In 'hffx . in Q.-as x Ml ,AMN -'3'N.' M., 1' fl , , A 0 x - ' '- .1 slfffff Vw '4 ' F iw 1 x 1. ,f ', 1'- . ,., Q x -1 .1 -Q xii: . " L. '01 , f 5, . 4.51, , X 1 if .Wi f x i 'gill , PE.. . 1. 6 ., ,,. .,: i 5.. '53-'ilf Q q-1 9 .wig , 94 Zi-, . i. lift , 'P 15 iif.Q.-T' Qzi ilhlff ' ,YQ . ,N , 14?-1'g' ,h 'C . 'Ji W? . 1 .E 9. ' X 1 we 5 A -- f .L g 'fw 32 , -15, 4 S QQ 41,3 " -Si? Q, , 5 Q, ' .li ,QW f' ' im 1i" 1:"4' f F . V1 iw K .. Y. A N,1Y.-f- W 'fff i k -. 1,5-.,,.: Xa - fi . H..-, ,ri 33217 - ' J 'TG' A :Tfmnn 2553? T , 5:1335 'Q f :,.g,:s- fi .-,Y 'Cl , ' J -,, llcfggjg w'18m.: . ,.,.,,, '51 2: :ul :T K 5 -fa .IL .lgagvif ff 'Q--1 ,, ESF.. .hiqnl v 'f 5, 'gif ,., ,. ,Q . ,.,, 5.1 ,gi 5 .1 LQ, V!" -JM.-: si aj:-Q if -cl -s , I 13555511 sf- bww ' f- 'H .Sv .WV , S X Y. 5 Q 2.1636 ,,-L .Q 'XXLX 'W he Mme - ,Q ' THE ECHO Presented by The Senior Class Of BLACK RIVER HIGH SCHOOL 'Foreword and taff This book brings to a close the record of another year at Black River High. We have tried to record the most important happenings throughout the year. When you get in the reminiscing mood you can pick up your "ECHO" and view the memoirs of your friends, faculty, classes, activities, and social life. NNN N .Nw EDITORS: Charles J accaud Anne Herrmann I imw PROPHECY --------- ,- - La1'1'yHaHd1ey,D0HBer1'y ADVERTISING ED. . . . . . . Bill Johnson, Fred Forster HISTORY .' . . . Olvia McMillan, Carol Kari,Carol Napier Linda Kline, Cheryl Walkden Beth Stark, Carol Humphrey, Bette Hawley COPY and LAYOUT ,,,,,, Beth Stark, Pat Ryan SPORTS ED ...... ..... D ick Markley, Tom McKean Nancy Jordan, Cheryl Walkden POEM ................. Janet MCReyn01dS BUSINESS MANAGERS .... Nancy Jordan,TornWilliarns PHOTOGRAPHERS . . . . . . . JackHeilman,BillJohnson WILL . . . . . . . . . . Diana Gonzales, Carol Humphrey We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there. Charles Kettering . , ,N sw . A Q .X DEDICATION MR. SANFORD SPOTTS MR JOHN SOUTH MR. JOHN PURTELL Dedication We, the fifth Graduating Class of Black River High School, wish to express our gratitude for the guidance we have received throughout our Senior year, dedicate this annual, the ECHO, to our Senior class advisors. ADMINISTRATION MR. LYLE STUART MR. JOHN FENSTERMAKER MR. LEE MCFREDERICK MR. DONALD WANDEL Www MRS. TREVA KIRKPATRICK MR. BURT ROLLIN .N mmm Mr. Thomas Bangert Executive Head Mr. Thomas Bangert graduated from Kitts Hill High School, in Kitts Hill, Ohio, in 1942. For the next three years he served in the Navy. In 1951 he graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University. In 1954 he obtained a Masters in Education from Kent State University. Mr. Donald larabee High School Principal ' Mr. Donald Larabee attended Wellington High School in Wellington, Ohio. During his four years of Army service, he attended Washington Jefferson Col- lege, Washington, Pennsylvania. In 1949 he graduated with a B.S. in Educ ation from Ashland College , Ashland, Ohio. During the summer of 1950, he attended Gregg College in Chicago. After he attended Colorado State Teachers' College, in Greely, Colorado, he graduated in 1957 from Kent State University with a Masters Degree in School Administration. ,mm ,,1.+.-qpn-rv-'Wk QC .X.x. m,..., en- A MR. RALPH O. ALBRIGHT MRS. ALICE DAWLEY Oh yes and Debits must equal Credits Co--workers if ,. 3 ,Q ' X ,g Xf fit w 5' K 5 'xx L, Q eeggw X 1 N 53 3 555 X . LL ex ,Q X' Y- w X MRS. EMMA DOUGHERTY MR. GEORGE GIFFORD Checking Composition explaining Atom StI'1.lCtl1I'e MRS. ANN FOOR MRS. MARY HINES no sour notes now its A A11 right here e Q- A . - ' V ,, i 2 f - . 1-new - -we-ef Ammun- MR. GEORGE GIFFORD fCritic Teacherj MR. JACK PURTELL CAROL CAMPBELL fStudent Teachery this E nds the C hapter qw t S O -." Q L Q ,:,. . QS E X - LCLLC LLLL C N Q 'S' A A Q. MR. FERRIS KIMMELL MR, JOSEPH KEMP Planning an orbit trip? MR' HQSKEY FRY this Care of your instrument s1mp11f1es Mathematxcs MR. DOUGLAS GOTTRON MR. JACK GALLAGHER w1th keep Corn pickers mwnwlmxmmw,X,,xAQ.mmmx-num'w.xA-wwmmv L xw . A - .,, L .xxx Q ,. d that plate clean C-www QQ. X . O .Sq,,.i.,t t . X.. MRS. VIRGINIA ZIMMERMAN MISS LILLIAN DUNCAN Attention all eyes Don't drop that stitch MR. WILLIAM HAWKINS MR. JOHN SOUTH Explaining Use art techniques correct punctuation It at .ta ikist - Q is I tt ifks X Msg I , A A gl Q 3 t s,itf.g s MR. MR. ROLLAND HARING Algebra HARLEN ROE Simple iSn.t it MR. SANFORD sPoTTs Observing Was just a gg: Nwsvx .QA last cut A 3 X ...i..r. an Sf V ft- 1 ' s Political idea .sm t .ws :mmm MRS GENTRY MRS TAFFIN MRS JACKSON MRS COE MRS. NIXON MRS MCFADDEN, MRS. PHILLIPS MR. RALPH LEIBY i 'T MRS. HOWE, MRS. KEENER BUS DRIVERS DEAN REGAL--A11 this snow and it isn't even winter. MRS. PFEIFFER MRS. MARIE TAYLOR MRS. BERNIECE DALGLEISH MRS. DONNIE REGAL ah SQA, x X x , , ' if I X ,::,. , K 1- , x , V Q i: X. Q Q X NS X5 Xxx XX X WN XX ,:::,,.,... . X S ws X Qxx X X Sr X Q55 .:.: X X N X SRM! S5 . .,., I FN 5 www X W S X XX 4 W ff 7 gf ,,,. MW, 1 Qwfn 1 f ,, W X XS x . S' S ky "1,,MWww.wW.M N - WX. Q .... Q.. 121. ' . , . N N 2' ' ' x ' - X ' x 1 :- Ex . N. N s X X Q S ki x 2 l i X 6 Senior Class GARY DUANE WACKER "Wack" F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. Officer 4g F.F.A. Dairy Judging 35 Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3g Varsity A Club 2,3,4g Class O ffi c e r 3,43 Homecoming Court 4. LARRY ALLAN HANDLEY F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. Officer 2,3,4g F.F.A. Gen. Livestock 1,2,3g Wool Judg- ing 1,2,3g Parliamentary Staff 2,3,4g Nat. F.F.A. Convention 3g State F.F.A. Con- vention 1,2,3g Class Officer 4. ELIZABETH ANN STARK "Beth" Mixed Chorus l,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Beta Club 3,45 Home Ee. Club 1,2,3,4g Home Ec. Club Officer 2,3,4g Class Officer 43 Class Play 3g Annual Staff 4. BETTE KAYE HAW LEY Cheerleading 2,3,4g Class Of- ficer 1,3 ,4g Spanish Club 1,2g Pep Club 3,45 Homecoming Queen 49 Homecoming Court 35 F.F.A. Queen 33 Newspaper Staff 2. Officers ELIZABETH ANNE ALLEMANG Mixed Chorus 33 Majorette 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Beta Club Officer 4g Stu- dent Council 3,4, Spanish Club 1,2, Art 2,33 Drivers Training Rodeo 3. v-Lizw "Jeff" JEFFERY B. ARMSTRONG Basketball lg Football 2,3. EDWARD BAHL nEdu Football 4. SUSAN PEARL BALLOU County Band 1,3g Mixed Cho rus 1,3g Girls' Ensemble 1, 2,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Band Of- ficer 3g Latin Club 3,45 Coun- ty Solo Contest 1,3g Art 1, 2,3. 2 BETTY ANGELENA BARKER Mixed Chorus lg G.A.A. 3,4g Home Ee. Club 1,4. DONALD JAMES BERRY IVDOHH F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. General Live- stock Team 33 Wool Judging 1,23 Parlia- mentary Staff 1,2,3,4g State F.F.A. Con- vention 1g National F.F.A. Convention 3g Art 1. N S DAVID BOWEN Football 1,2g Scholarship Tests 3g Science.C1ub 4. 2. LESLIE C LEVIDENC E VlLeSIV Football 43 Baseball 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. 1,2,3. SHEILA DENNISON llRayelV Mixed Chorus 1,2,4g Girls' Ensemble 2g Home Ec. Club 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 3g Class Officer 2g Student Council lg Class Play 3. LINDA LENORE BROOKS EUGENE BUTCHER H Brooksie" "Gene" Mixed Chorus lg Home Ec. Club 3g Baseball 1,3,4g Student Council 4. Pep Club 2,3g Girls' Athletic Association 1 KAREN ANN DAVIDSON "Randi" County Chorus 3g Mixed Cho-. rus 3,4g Cheerleading 33 Pep Club 3,43 Student Council 2g Librarian 25 Newspaper 45 An- nual Staff 4. FRED J. FORSTER Scholarship Tests 1,2,3g Li- brarian 2,4g Annual Staff 45 Chemistry Lab Assistant 3,4g Science Club 4g Science Club Officer 4g Boys' State 3. DIANNA SUE GONZALES KENNETH J. HALLIWELL Mixed Chorus lg Girls' Ensemble 4g F.F.A. lg Scholarship Test 3. Home Ec. Club 1,2,3,4g Home Ec. Club Officer 4g Librarian 1,2,4g Annual Staff 4. wwtw DARA LEE HANNERS LOREN HASTINGS "Stub" Beta Club 3,45 Pep Club 3, Class Of- ficer 1,2g Scholarship Tests 2,35 Class Basketball 1,2g Football 1,2,3,4g Base- Play 35 Librarian 1,2,4g Newspaper 2, ball 2, Track 35 Varsity A Club 3,4g 3,4g Annual Staff 4. Officer 4g Varsity A Club Officer 4. JACK EDWARD HEILMAN "Peach" Class Play 3g Annual Staff 4. ANNE HERRMANN TOM HORD Mixed Chorus 1,3,4g Latin Illfaslliegbfyl lt? Fgogvflgi Club 3,43 Beta Club 3,45 Pep 1'-'10 3 a1'Si Y U Club 3,43 G.A.A. 3gClass Play Class Officer lg Student Of- 3g Annual Staff 4, One Act fiCe1'4- Play 3. x DENNIS HOWE RAYMOND HOWMAN County Band lg County Chorus 3, Band F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 Football 4. 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. Officer 3,4g Latin Club 1,2g Science Club Officer 4, Annual Staff 4, Public Speaking 1,2,3,4. Play 3. WILLIAM LEROY JOHNSON "Bill" F.F.A. lg Basketball lg Track 1,2g Annual Staff 4. N ANC Y LOIS J OR DAN Mixed Chorus lg Majorette 1,2,3g Newspaper 2,3,4g Home Ec. Club Officer 1,2,4g Class Officer lg Student Council3,4g Staff 4 g Student of Class Play 3. A n n u al Director CAROL ANN HUMPHREY CHARLES WADE JACCAUD "Chuck" County Band 2,33 Mixed Chorus lg Band l,2,3,4g Latin Club 2,33 Annual Staff Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Boys' Ensemble 45 Pep Club 3,43 Class Officer lg Class l,3,4g Annual Staff 4, Driver's Training Rodeo 3 ,4. LARRY ALAN JORDAN F.F.A. l,2,3,4g F.F.A. Officer 2,3,4g Parliamentary Staff 3g Football 45 Track 2,3g Varsity A Club 4. CAROL ANN KARI County Band 35 Mixed Chorus 1,3 ,4g Girls' Ensemble 23 Band 1,2,3,4gC1asS Officer lg Scholarship Tests 25 Spanish Club 2g Annual Staff 4. LINDA KAY KLINE ALICE ADELL LaMAR "Hotrod" "Frenchie" County Chorus 33 Mixed Chorus l,3,4g Latin Club lg Beta Club 3,4g Pep Club Girls' Ensemble 2,43 Girls' Glee Club 3, Class Officer lg Class Play 3g 2,33 Latin Club 1,23 Beta Club 3,43 Librarian 1,45 Newspaper 3,4g Annual Librarian 2g Annual Staff 3,4. Staff 4. ss RICHARD MARKLEY lVDickH F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g F.F.AIOfficer 4g F.F.A. Judging 33 Basket- ball 1,2,3,4g Football 3g Base- ball 3g Varsity A Club 2,3,4g Class Officer 3. OLVIA MAE MCMILLAN Mixed Chorus 1,25 G.A.A. 35 Class Play 3g Annual Staff 4. PAUL LOWE DAVID MANNING County Chorus 3g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Football 4g Parliamentary Staff 35 Dairy F.F.A. lg Librarian 2g Chemistry Lab Judging 2g General Livestock Team 3g Assistant lg Science Club 4g Science F.F.A. 2,3,4. Club Officer 4. issue THOMAS MCKEAN !!TomII F.F.A. Officer 1,2,3,4g Wool Judging 1,23 Parliamentary Staff 1,2g Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,3,4g Varsity A Club 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Manager of Teams 3,4. JANET KAY MCREYNOLDS Mixed Chorus 3,45 Majorette 3,4g Beta Club 3,43 Scholar- ship Tests 1,23 Spanish Club 1,23 Annual Staff 4g One-Act Play 3g Prince of Peace Con- test 4. ALICE ANN MEEK C AROL NAPIER "Shorty" Home Ee. Club 1. Mixed Chorus 13 Girls' Glee Club 2,4g Newspaper Staff 1,4g Sophomore Girls' Ense mble 2g Y-Teens Officer 1. DAN ROOK Basketball 1,2,3,43 Football 2,3,43,Baseball 23 Track 2,32 Varsity A Club 3,42 Class Officer 13 Student Council 33 Spanish Club 2. PATRICIA M. RYAN Ilpatli Mixed Chorus 1,3,43 County Chorus 33 Girls' Ensemble 43 Girls' Glee 2,33 Latin Club 2,33 Pep Club 3,42 Class Play 33 Librarian 2,3. ROGER CHARLES PECK JOHN REGAL Mixed Chorus 1,3,4: F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 F.F.A. Dairy Judging 2,3,43 Parlia- Baseball 1,2,3,43 Track 3,42 Varsity A mentary Staff 2,3,4. Club 2,3,43 Spanish Club 3,4. PHIL ROWE F.F.A. 1: Track 33 Latin Club 1,22 Scholarship Tests 1,2,33 Librarian 23 One-act Play 3. RONALD EUGENE SHANKS ROBERT GLEN SIFREAD RONALD STEELE H "Bob Band 1,2,3,43 Football 3,42 Track 3,42 Varsity A Club 43 Art 1. F.F.A. 1. X R ax CHERYL ANN WALKDEN Band 1,2,3,4g Beta ClubOf ficer 4g Pep Club 2,3,4g Stu- dent Council 1,2,4g Scholar ship Tests 1,2,3g Spanish Club 1,2g Annual Staff 43 Home- coming Court 4. Mixed Chorus 3 4 Band 1 2 Home Ec Club 4 THOMAS EUGENE WILLIAMS DAVID B WORKMAN County Band 1 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Basket Basketball 1 2 3 Football 3 Class Play ball 1 2 Baseball 3 Varsity A Club 3 Parliamentary Staff 3 4 LandJudg1ng 49 Scholarship Tests 3 Class Play 3 1 2 3 Dairy Judgmg 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 x Stir X x xxx 5 x ls S Nancy J Charles J. HWS Elizabeth S. Loren H. Richard M. xx Q xx XQ X X X X XS' X ,. X xx Nxxwx Q N l Q ,h,.hhhhhhh R XX X x X . A mm X X 3 " Q M E if X x x X Sxwxwwmwm wxwwxx - 1 Q . Ronald S O1v1a McM Cheryl W gl Bette H xww la D. ' sq '-Q' ' x x X W w 6 N Tom H m i Denn1s H. X Sharon S Memories of Our Past Years On an early September morning in 1951, fourteen eager students entered the doors of Albion School. Those who started were: Linda Brooks, Kenneth Halliwell, Denny Howe, Linda Kline, Alice LaMar, Richard Markley, Roger Peck, Phillip Rowe, Ronald Steele, Ronald Shanks, William Thompson, Gerald Weimer, Tom Williams, and David Workman. We were under the guidance of Mrs. Ethel Bland. Mrs. Margaret Sooy, our second grade teacher, welcomed Anne Herrmann from Euclid to our class. Our third grade teacher, Mrs. Kathryn Soka, taught us that we weren't in school to enjoy recess. In the fourth grade we moved to Homerville where we were' under the direction of Mrs. Icle Campbell. This year Carol Napier joined us from Rittman and Robert Kirvel from Cleveland. Mrs. Neva Lowe was our teacher in the fifth grade. Paul Lowe joined us from Magadore and Leslie Clevidence from Seville. In the sixth grade we were anticipating junior high. Our teacher this year was Mrs. Eunice Leach. We finally reached junior high and were under the direction of Mrs. Mary Hines. Dara Hanners joined us from Cleveland and Virginia Vanetta from Ashland. In the eighth and ninth grades we were still under the guidance of Mrs. Hines. Bill Johnson joined our class from Lodi in the eighth grade. During these two years we sold Christmas wrappings, beanies, and candy. One bright September morning in 1951, eight eager-eyed children entered the first grade at Huntington under the guidance of Mrs. Gertrude Smith. These children were: Bette Hawley, Larry Jordan, Nancy Jordan, David Manning, Olvia McMillan, John Regal, and Cheryl Walkden. In the second grade we were still under Mrs. Smith's supervision. Shirley Balkin and Loren Hastings joined us this year. After what seemed a very short vacation, we entered the third grade with Mrs. Hazel Koons as our teacher. This year Gary Wacker joined our class. In our fourth grade Mrs. Koons was our teacher again. This year Cheryl Walkden left us. Our fifth grade teacher was Mrs. Hunt, but due to serious illness Mrs. Agnes Crawford taught us for the remainder of the year. This year Judy Parker joined our ranks. In our sixth grade Mr. Charles Dally was our teacher. In our seventh grade we were under the guidance of Mrs. Rowland. Thomas McKean joined our class. Among the excited children entering the first grade in September 1951 at Spencer were: Elizabeth Allemang, Jeffery Armstrong, David Bowen, Eugene Butcher, Sheila Dennison, Dianna Gonzalas, Thomas Hord, Carol Kari, Janet McReynolds, Daniel Rook, and Patricia Ryan. Our first teacher was Mrs. Wreatha Dickason. In the second grade our teacher, Mrs. Edna Culler taught us to write and also, add and subtract. Mrs. Lanila Kozlouski guided our third grade class. This year Jack Heilman came into our class. In the fourth grade Jack Veverka joined our forces, This year Mrs. Bertha Rowe was our instructor. We welcomed Cheryl Walkden to our fifth grade class which was under the direction of Mrs. Doris Kime. Cheryl came from neighboring Huntington. Under the supervision of Mrs. Carrie Baker we made final preparation for Junior High. Finally, we made it to the seventh grade. We could change classes and this we enjoyed. Mrs. Dattilo was our homeroom teacher. We also had several projects to raise money. In the eighth grade, which we had looked forward to for a long time, we had several teachersg first was Mr. Frank Thornton, who was succeeded by Mr. David Grenert, and in the last semester Mr. Arthur Gosling was our home room teacher. During this year we also had several projects to raise money. Then high school!! This year we could "choose" some of our subjects. We also enjoyed working on some money making projects such as: bake sales, school fair, and sale of school pins. ' One bright sunny day in September 1951, fifteen anxious children danced gaily down the hall of the Sullivan School. These were: Don Berry, Larry Handley, Charles Jaccaud, Larry Nalley, Glen Sifread, Susan Ballou, Carol Humphrey, Beth Stark, Alice Meek, Sharon Farnsworth, Avalon Priscantelli, Harry Calame, Shirley Orcutt, Paulette Goodson, and Nancy Pfeiffer. Our teacher was Mrs. Rose Workman. The most memorable time was the first two weeks, which all the mischievious little boys spent chasing the girls and trying to kiss them. We then progressed to the second grade and were under the guidance of Mrs. Alma Livingston. One student joined us this year. Robert Gregg. In our third year Mrs. Livingston "stood over" us again. Jean Hollandsworth joined our happy group. In our fourth year Janet and Lyle Baon, and Marie Hall were the new members. Our teacher was new too, Mrs. Isabelle Clouser. It was a wonderful year, especially our fights on the football field. Everyone loved those except the person who got hit with a tin can full of water and orange peels. The fifth grade .found us with no additions to our group. We were "ruled" by Mrs. Miller. In the sixth grade Tom and Sue Christian, Gary Enderby, Gerald Rinard, and Fred Forester made our class larger. Many members spent this year by standing in corners for punishment. But we really didn't mind because we knew Mrs. Miller was just preparing us for the seventh grade. Then this group went on to Jr. High. It was a big thrill to change classes and have different teachers. Above all other teachers, the Sullivan students remember Mr. Weaver. A day never went by without some boy getting a spanking. On a few days every boy in class got one but the girls didn't fnot that they didn't deserve itlj. He just didn't believe in spanking sugar and spice and everything nice!! This year our home- room teacher was Miss Duncan. In the eighth grade eight new students joined us from the Hungtington School. They were: Nancy Jordan, Olvia McMillan, Shirley Balkin, Larry Jordan, Gary Wacker, Tom McKean, Judy Parker, and Richard Fugitt. In this year interest of the students changed rapidly. For the boys it was cars, sports, and girls. For the girls it was boys, clothes, and hair styles. Our "warden" this year was Mr. Kemper. Finally, we were high school students. Larry Thompsonjoined and left our class this year. The teacher who "spied" on us all year round was Mr. Albright. Since we were the lowest form of high school students, all the seniors looked down -on us. Through these nine years many students left us. They were: Harry Calame, Paulette Goodson, Shirley Orcutt, Nancy Pfeiffer, Robert Gregg, Janet and Lyle Baon, Marie Hall, Tom and Sue Christian, Gary Enderby, and Gerald Rinard, A new year and a new school. We were now high school sophomores in the newly consolidated Black River High School. It was a strange world of mass confusion. Turmoil filled the halls as the students tried to find their classes. Electricians and builders worked for completion of the school. ,The buzz of saws and the hammering of nails could be heard in many classes. In our sophomore year, we held a dance which proved quite a success. Various bake sales were held to raise money for the class. Ed Bahl, Karen Davidson, and Sharon Sweet joined us this year, while Sharon Farnsworth, Avalon Priscantelli, Judy Parker, and Richard Fugitt left us. Our junior year started out somewhat more organized than our first year at B.R.H.S, Many new things and much excitement was ahead for a fun-filled year. Vivian Morgan and Alice LaMar joined our ranks this year. The class of '63 chose and received their class rings, which was the highlight of the junior year. I The juniors were given charge of refreshmentnsales at the basketball games. Magazine subscriptions were sold as a class fund-raising project. The junior class presented the play "The Great Big Doorstep," with an outstanding cast. Much work went into the Junior-Senior Prom to develop the theme "An Evening on the Islands." Our Prom night was a big evening for all. This is the year we were given the Iowa State Development Tests. We also lost three members of our class: Vivian Morgan, Robert Kirvel, and Carl Stuart. The big year had finally arrived. We were now seniors. With continual events, members of the senior class were kept very busy. Numerous projects were used to make money for the class. Among these were: football game concessions, candy sales, and annual advertisements. We, as aclass,chose our motto,flower,class colors, color of robes for graduation, and our invitations. This year Virginia Vanetta left us. Baccalaureate, Commencement, and the promises for the future engross each senior as he faces a broader world full of opportunities for him. "Class Willsf' We, the Senior Class of Black River High School do hereby bequeath the following: We will our good behavior and undying effort to make Q of our teachers happy. We, the Seniors make the following individual requests: I, Linda Brooks, will my dirty corduroy tennis shoes to Alyce Clifford whose are always clean. I, Larry Handley, will my Ford and all of my unpaid bills to my brother Leslie. I, Alice LaMar, will my sweet, gentle, even-temper to Barbara Kline, who won't benefit by it at all. I, Olvia McMillan, will my naturally blonde hair to Linda Manning, so she can throw her peroxide away. I, Dick Markley, will my ability to do things well to anyone who needs it. I, Stub Hastings, will my halfback position to Jim Rosecrans. I, Gary Wacker, will my football uniform to Butch McMillan. I, Ed Bahl, will my ability to do nothing in shop and get away with it to Mr. Roe. I, Shirley Balkin, will my shyness to Jean Swaino. I, Denny Howe, will my straight pipes to any dragster who can out run the cops and my slide rule back to Mr. Fredefick Joseph Kemp. I, Carol Napier, will my ability to keep my tongue quiet to Cheryl Regal, who can use it. I, Bill Johnson, will my knowledge of what makes the world turn to Howard Steele. I, Ron Shanks, will my ability to type sixteen words a minute to Dan Freitag. I, Glen Sifread, will my careful driving to Roger Carey, who could use it. I, Dara Hanners, will my ability to lolligag in the halls without getting caught to Bonnie Rowley, who doesn't need it but can have it anyway. I, Chuck Jaccaud, will my ability to understand cars but not girls to Allen Blodgett. I, Randi Davidson, will my "affectionate feelings" for Phil Rowe to Ann West. I, Gerald Weimer, will my ability to get in trouble to Ron Rogers. I, Janet McReynolds, will my ability to eat thirteen times my weight and not gain a pound to Thelma Worcester, who doesn't need it, I, Beth Stark, will my naturally colored hair to Lois Sooy, who during the past three years has had trouble keeping her hair one color. I, Tom Hord, will my ability to do nothing in shop class to Danny Roe. I, Pat Ryan, will my ability to read the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and not get a thing out of it to our teaching staff. I, Alice Meek, will my quiet manners to Karen Gullett. I, John Regal, will my position at end on the football team to Terry Simonson. I, Virginia Vanetta, will my lack of sarcasm to my sister, Judy, and hope she will use it to her advantage. I, Tom Williams, will my quiet, refined manners to Don Rosecrans. I, Ray Howman, will my ability to get in trouble on the bus to Dan Freitag. I, Sharon Sweet, will my ability to tell jokes and laugh at them during lunch to Linden Leiby in hopes that he will laugh as much as I have. I, Nancy Jordan, will my ability to go with the same guy for three years and marry him, to Kay Blankenship, who can't seem to accomplish this. I, Bette Hawley, will my position as varsity cheerleader to anyone who might acquire it. I, Fred Forster, will the cooks of Black River High School to Buckeye High School. I, Paul Lowe, will my Physics and Trig. book to anyone who thinks he can use them. I, David Bowen, will my ability to control my temper to Mr. Gifford. I, Gene Butcher, will my American Government textbook to Carol Hisey. I, Susan Ballou, will my place in band to anyone who appreciates music. I, Larry Jordan, will my ability to do nothing and get away with it to anyone who needs it. I, Jean Hollandsworth, will my naturally curly hair to anyone who feels, that they could use it. I, Betty Barker, will my ability to chew gum in school and never get caught to Teara Smith. We, Liz Allemang and Linda Kline, will our ability to drive fast and not get caught to any of the careful, law-abiding Juniors that feels the desire for some excitement. I, Anne Herrmann, will my ability to get caught talking in Study Hall to Alyce Clifford. I, Ken Halliwell, will my books, and former teachers to the seniors of next year. I, Bill Thompson, will my ability to chew gum in English Class to Mrs. Doughtery. We, Dianna Gonzales and Carol Humphrey, will our ability to stay up till 2:00 in the morning studying for a Government test and still flunk it, to Mr. Spotts, who must stay up all night thinking of those darn questions. I, Raye Dennison, will a package of Tums to any Home Ec. girl who could use them. I, Dave Manning, will my ability to keep my car clean to Mr. Albright who needs it. I, Ron Steele, will my American Government book to Charles Carter, in hopes he will get more out of it than I did. I, Tom McKean, will my left football shoe to Jim Rosecrans, who borrowed the right one and will look funny playing with only one shoe next year. I, Don Berry, will my ability to talk about government in Mrs.Doughtery's EnglishC1ass to anyone who can get away with it. I, Jack Veverka, will my ability to stay out of trouble to John Dildine. I, Dave Workman, will my ability to behave myself in school at all times to Roger Carey. I, Carol Kari, will my English and Government books to some unfortunate Junior and hope they will be more successful than I. I, Leslie Clevidence, will my ability to study in Study Hall to Allan Havel. I, Dan Rook, will my 7th period Gym Class to Andy Glavich. I, Jeff Armstrong, will my ability to drive to Don Weimer, who is going to need it. I, Jack Heilman, will my driving ability to Dick Van Meter, who could use it. I, Cheryl Walkden, will my place on the homecoming court to any Junior girl who has the honor of having it. 3 mmxvgwmwmm Axwmwmm F, W, Y Y i - I Betty Crocker Homemaker award gg .. 3 S 'N or Qi ,li su IE X Q 3 , giii ii rw he Industria1Commission ofOhio Safety "Prince of Peace," contest winner B,R,H.S. books worms ard. Proofs! High yield in corn production and Fair Entry Winner Class Poem Elizabeth Allemang is very smart: A pretty lass with a flare for art. She often appears as a red and white streak. Her personality is unique. Jeffrey Armstrong tries his best To get out of school and take a rest. He likes to ride around in his car And peel his tires on the fresh new tar. Susan Ballou is very nice. She's full of humor and good advice. She never complains of too little fun And she's always around when there's work to be done. Karen Davidson, known as "Randi," With a clever remark is always handy. She knows what she wants and has made up her mind To be at her best--whatever the time. Bette Hawley is never too loudg A Homecoming Queen of whom we are proud. She's always neat and she dresses so well, And at all of our games you can hear her yell. Eugene Butcher is nobody's fool. He's always calm, collected, and cool. He can take a joke along with the rest, And among our class he's one of the best. Dara Hanners is very funny. Her personality is oh-so sunny. She works real hard to get good marks, But when she doesn't--watch out for the sparks. Patricia Ryan is a real treasure. Give her a change and she'll fill youwith pleasure. She's never too quiet, never too gabby, Always smiling, and never crabby. Elizabeth Stark is quite a gal. You couldn't ask for a better pal. She's pretty and witty with never a frown. You can depend on Beth, she won't let you down. Philip Row is hard to describe, A nonconformist he'll always ascribe. He won't mind leaving come May twenty-seventh In fact, he'll probably think he's in heaven. Alice Meek, sometimes called Ann, Teases her teachers whenever she can. She's always been loyal to her friends and her school, And she wouldn't "think" of breaking a rule. William Johnson with hair so red, Is very sharp it is often said. With a pretty girl he's seen quite often. His favorite pastime is just "goof-offin'." Carol Napier is small for her size, But look at her closelyg look in her eyes. She always smiling, gay, and sincere. A heart of gold is beating here. Linda Kline has many fans. She can tear out a clutch or put in a trans. Linda is striving to sing high "c", And a good beautitian she wants to be. Carol Humphrey is lots of fun. She has a smile for everyone. You'll hear no sob-story from this gal. Everyone says she's a real pal. Gerald Weimer is a real whiz, He'll pass every test and pass every quiz. He'll get where he's going by working hard. And to top it all off, he's a real card. Sheila Dennison,-often called "Raye," Will make a good wife for someone some day. She's always so neat and friendly to all, That although she's short, she's not really "small." Thomas Jay Hord, a witty lad, Has a way of driving his teachers mad. His grades aren't always the very best, But he always manages to pass his test. Carol Kari is very loyal. She does everything according to Hoyle. This little gal is neat as a pin, And she warms your heart with her pleasant grin. Donald Berry is on the beam. His personality is supreme. In FFA he's really tops, Because when he starts something, he never stops. David Workman, whom everyone knows, Likes to bowl and go to the shows. He is fond of hot rods and cars that are fast, And when he gets going, he's really a blast. Olvia McMillan, with complexion so fair, Can't help being noticed for her pretty blonde hair. She's very amusing and also quite nice, And soon will be seeing the shoes and rice. Roger Peck is handsome and tall. He is very well liked by one and all. From a first impression, you'd think him quiet, But when you know him, he's really a riot. Janet McReynolds, with the nickname "Curly,'-' Has white teeth that are so pearly. She's tall and slim and quite a poet, And if she's modest, she doesn't know it. John Regal is quite the rage, Especially when he's on the stage. We call him "Little John" to get his goat, But he's a good sport, we're glad to note. Anne Herrmann would be a nurse. She sometimes forgets things, such as her purse. Anne's a good kid, ask anyone. Not only that, she's lots of fun. Shirley Balkin is very nice, too, To her.friends she'll always be true. She's quiet and shy but always gay, And she'll always help to brighten your day. Dianna Gonzales is sweet and shy. She'll always be true to one special guy. She always makes sure she looks very neat, And she's made a habit of being discreet. Dan Rook, with his dark, dark hair, Has a personality that is quite rare. In basketball he's quick on his feet. Without him, our class would not be complete. Richard Markley is on the beam, The star of the Pirates basketball team. He's friendly to all and loads of fun, And he has a good word for everyone. Gary Wacker is known to all. When you run into him, he's like a brick wall. He cuts up in classes once in a while, And greets all his friends with a great big smile. Linda Brooks is a real peach, Who keeps us all awake in speech. She likes to dance and she likes to "twist." Her witty remarks will no doubt be missed. Tom Williams, a member of the band, Is always willing to lend a hand. He likes to dance and on occasion, He plays his tuba, with a little persuasion. Alice LaMar has a mind of her own. She doesn't babysit the telephone. When she gets mad, she says very little, And what's on her mind is really a riddle. Fred Forester is one of a kindg Play a joke on him ---- he doesn't mind. He's really a wit and a very good sport. And for every remark he has a retort. William Thompson, with his very light hair, Has a personality beyond compare. You might say he's quiet, or even shy, But we all agree that he's one right guy. Nancy Jordan will soon be a wife. We know that she'll have a wonderful life. Pretty and blonde, she does her best, And Tom likes her above all the rest. Larry Jordan is handsome and tall. When it comes to girls, he likes them all. He likes to rod around in his Ford, And in study hall he's never bored. Larry Handley is clever and sly. Judy will tell you he's quiet a guy. He's a natural leader of the mass, That's why he's the president of our class. Leslie Clevidence, with hair so dark, Quite frequently has a fitting remark. He can handle himself like a real pro Except with the girls he met in Chica-go. Cheryl Walkden is just the sort Who looks very good in our Homecoming Court. Where there's a party she's bound to be seen. In all of her classes she's very keen. Edward Bahl is quite a clown. Wherever there are girls, he can be found. He's really a card and he jokes all the time. For he wants to have fun while he's still in his prime. Now we come to a youth whom we call Paul Lowe. He's a very fine fellow, as we all know. He tinkers around in the chemistry room, While everyone's waiting to hear a loud boom! Loren Hastings, known as "Stub," Is a standing member of the Letterman's Club. When there's a party, he's bound to be there. He's easy to please, but hard to scare. Charles J accaud works all the time Trying to get this annual in line. He's a pretty good egg and really a tease. He thinks that English 12 is a breeze. David Manning is tall and blond. Of hot rods and lassies he's very fond. When he's embarrassed he blushes so red That you can't tell his ears from the top of h Jack Heilman, known as "Peach," When wanted, is often out of reach. He likes to tinker around with his car, Which never seems to be up to par. Jack Veverka is quietly strong. With him as a friend you can't go wrong. Good hard work he doesn't mind, For he's the energetic kind. We all know a fellow called Ronald Steele. He's a friendly chap with lots of appeal. is head. He enjoys -his summers, when he likes to swim. He really likes people, and people like him. Denny Howe is clever in math, When he misses a problem he shows his wrath. He plays a swinging saxophone For which he someday will be known. Robert Sifread, who's also "Glenn," Cuts up in classes now and then. He plays a trumpet in the band, And as a friend he's really grand. Betty Barker is the silent type. She doesn't quarrel or ever gripe. This little gal is never loud, An able typist in any crowd. David Bowen is a whiz in science. He faces his homework with firm defiance. He likes to kid and joke around. For the Air Force he is bound. Raymond Howman is full of the devil. At some of his tricks his teachers revel. Around Black River he's quite a wheel, And he likes todrive a car that will peel. The boy in our class named Tom McKean, Is great in football from what we 've seen. For our class he's willing to work. Any great task he will not shirk. Next there's a fellow named Ronald Shanks He gets a kick out of playing pranks. When we call him "Dimples" he gets quite red So we usually call him Ronnie, instead. Jean Hollandsworth is a very sweet gal. She's a marvelous friend--really a pal. Home economics she finds quite a breeze. She' likes to cook and she does it with ease Kenneth Halliwell makes little noise. He likes to run around with the boys. As a radio operator he's quite a "ham," But don't get me wrong---that's not a slam i BLACK RIVER PUST The 1963 Graduating Class of Black River High School reunited recently at a spectacular reunion held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Graduation. The POST 'S roving reporter picked up this information about the alumni. FRED FORESTER is now the star center ofthe West Point Basketball Team. KENNY HALLIWELL haS just succeeded in consolidating RCA, Westinghouse, and General Electric Companies. LARRY HANDLEY, the widely known sheep farmer, is being kept quite busy raising little Lambs. LOREN HASTINGS, notorious playboy, has just invested his fortune in his own Key Club and PHIL ROWE is managing the keys. RAYMOND HOWMAN has just finished his ninth year in American History at Black River High School. He should get his Ph, D. in a few years. Good luck Ray! DICK MARKLEY, after twenty years has finally been nabbed by the draft board. His last civil statement was "I thought they'd missed me." DAN ROOK has developed a new method to get cows to give more milk. "Milk them once a day," he says. Professor PAUL LOWE is presently teaching Chemistry and Physics at Black River High and is accompanied by RONALD SHANKS who is teaching Business Law. GERALD WEIMER won last years Indianapolia 500 in his 'Weimer's Pontiac Special. His master pit assistant is PAT RYAN. GARY WACKER now has his own cast for "Cheaper by the Dozens." BILL THOMPSON is now hauling bodies for the Ohio Body Co. SHARON SWEET rode her winning horse, Molasses in the Kentucky Derby this year. CHERYL WALKDEN received a scholarship from Bowling Green's biology department to study the movement of the human jaw muscles. JEAN HOLLANDSWORTH is changing tires for her father at his garage. LARRY JORDAN and TOM HORD have just taken over the High Performance Division of Ford Motor Company under the leadership of Vice Presi- dent ROBERT SIFREAD. Admiral LESLIE CLEVIDENCE and his Seabee's are starting construction on a bridge to span the Atlantic. DAVID BOWEN, the first astronaut to journey to Saturn, is due back to-Earth next month. JACK HEILMAN has moved to the southern states and is running a huge farm raising lots of Peaches. ED BAHL, nationally known dairy product producer has just succeeded in producing two pounds of milk per cow. DAVE WORKMAN is now employed at Starkeys Auto Wrecking. Their new slogan is "Just Roll'em In." BILL JOHNSON has been promoted to chief tobacco plucker for Ligget-Myers. ROGER PECK has gone into the basket weaving business. He calls his firm The Peck Basket Company.AL1CE MEEK has just passed her 45th try at getting her drivers permit. In the "near" future she will open her driving aca- demy. CAROL NAPIER recently released her designs of fashions for tall ladies of 5'6" to 6'3". GENE BUTCHER is now the owner of Gene's Bar and Grill, Chattanooga, Tennessee. DAVE MANNING has just published his third volume of children's fairy tales. TOM MCKEAN will soon leave for darkest Africa in search of Coots. We wish him luck, he has been searching for them for quite some time. JOHN REGAL was just hired as head coach of the Harlem Planet Trotters. JEFF ARMSTRONG, a carpenter for Acme Con- struction Co., has been recenly engaged by Gene's Bar and Grill to construct cellar steps for it. JACK VEVERKA just put in his fifth year as Boy Scout Leader in Black River School District. CHARLES JACCAUD was honored, by the President at a luncheonjust after being promoted to Admiral. DIANNA GONZALES and DON BERRY have consolidated and are kept busy on their Berry farm. ELIZABETH ALLEMANG, having just received her Ph. D. in doodling from Harvard, has just purchased a nationally known commercial artists corporation. SHIRLEY BALKIN has broken the worlds talkathon record by having talked continuously for 38 hours 49 minutes and 12 seconds. SUSAN BALLOU is the new champagne lady with the Lawrence Welk orchestra. She also helps out the bubble machine with her trumpet. LINDA BROOKS now owns a nation wide chain of automotive fender shops. She says "You mash 'em, we straighten 'em." KAREN DAVIDSON has just returned from Paris with her new line of woman's apparel. She says, "If it's Randi's, it's original." SHEILA DENNISON, a columnist for the NEW YORK TIMES, is writing a column on Racial Problems of the U.S. LINDA KLINE narrowly missed winning the National Drags last year. But was disqualified due to flying debris. She says "That was the brakes." DARA HANNERS is private secretary to Rockefeller Incorporated. DENNIS HOWE has received his Masters Degree in Dairy Technology from Ohio State and owns a 750 cow dairy farm in the southern suburbs of Homerville. CAROL KARI has just led her "Brownie" troop over the Alps. BETTE HAWLEY has been made head cheerleader for the West Point Basketball Team. RONALD STEELE is now playing violin for the new Liberace Show. CAROL HUMPHREY was chosen for Sadler-Wells Ballet Tour. She goes under the name "Twinkle Toes Humphrey." NANCY JORDAN Pifer has just given birth to her 12th baby. She says she is still hoping for twins. ANNE HERRMANN has just recently recognized her hidden talent. She is employed by the Ajax Auctioneering Firm. BETH STARK has assumed the duties of Betty Crocker and is trying to consolidate with General Mills. JANET MCREYNOLDS was appointed Ambas- sador to the United Nations by President THOMAS WILLIAMS. ALICE LaMAR has recently been hired by WEWS to replace Page Palmer. OLVIA MCMILLAN has just returned from a nation- wide lecturing tour. Her topic was "The Malfunctions of an Auto- matic Transmission." BETTY BARKER is now a hair stylist for Lady Clairol. Many of the graduates brought pictures to show their class- mates. Some were kind enough to give theirs to the POST reporter. Also, a picture was taken of MR, WACKER's "cheaper dozen." As you can see, in MISS HERRMANN's picture, she has quite an auctioneering firm. MR. FORESTER's picture shows him in his worst basketball game---he only made 63 points.MR.WORKMAN's picture shows him after he has secured more business for his wrecking yard. He doesn't go anywhere without his private nurse. UNDERGRADS Ronald Rogers Class Officers Linda Krueck Donald Sprinkle Richard VanMeter Juniors Marilyn Blake Barbara Baker Kay Blakenship Madge Barone Ronald Blessing Roger Carey Alyce Clifford Allen Blodgett Robert Brouse Shirley Britt Barone Burkey Charles Carter Danny Cole Patty C016 Bill cover Beverly Converse Louetta Dawson Faye Dennison Darell Elliott Elmer Drake Dan Freitag Connie Garn Allen Havel John Gonzales Carol Hisey Karen Gullett Deana Jaycox Barbara Kline J Howard McConeghy Paula Kurtz uw Edward McKean Judy Lamb Harold Messmore Ronald Quast Carole Ringler Cheryl Regal Sherry Ringler Dana Roberts Ralph Roub Judy Roice Bonnie Rowley Jim Rosecrans Robert Royce Janet Runkle Karen Sifread Susan Scheck Esther Sines Thelma Shick Teara Smith Lois S0037 Jean Stroup Ralph Steele Steve Wandel James Williams Ronald Wood James Wolf Thelma Worcester Gayle Dalgleish Roger Mayes Class Officers Rhonda Huggins Glen Clevidence ophomores v l Ronald Adamson l Ralph Bauer Diane Balkin Terry Beard Terry Barker Douglas Bowen Robert Bowling Judy Brockway Gracieann Braddock Barbara Bryan Rex Brinkerhoff Gloria Carpenter Richard Clevidence L Charles Creswell Dianne Coble Peggy Davis Ann Cooper Donald Denbow Lillian Dexter Albert Forster Donna Dobson Millie Fugitt Barbara Dorn Linden Giar x 2 George Given Mary Herrmann Jill Grissinger Larry Honeberger Leslie Handley Richard Honeberger Karen Hopkins Tom Keep Judy Hughey Stephanie Knapp w x Karl Kolb Marilyn Leidorff Norbert Larkey Richard McFrederick Karen McKean Linda Manning Leah McMain James Markley Betty Merrill Robert Myers Linda Moneysmith Carole Nash Myra Myers Fred Owen t Qkbt i gkfxk K' N X x X X 2 Q xy 1 X X x Q r X A .R mx: -i Patricia Owsley Bonnie Psota Alva Pay X , , Q Alma R1ff1e Judy Pitz , try. iffig lgx K Jerry Shadley Jesse Shepherd James Shepherd Franklin Simcox ii 51 it wgsqqx-S X Q Q ESL 'Nz YS x X Seth Simmerman Ricky Stuart Tom Smith Jean Swaino Tom Sooy Joan Swaino Tom Swiger David Wandel Katherine Thompson Gary Wandel Linda Thompson Rita Ward Dan White Donald Weimer Dean White Robert Wilhelm Joyce Yeaples Jane Workman Terry Yeaples - Class Officers Tom Wilhelm Jackie Freitag Freshmen Susan Archer LaRay Bassett Ernie Bakos Cathy Benford Frances Bakos Josephine Bohland Linda Bowling Gilbert Burkey David Britt Jack Byrd Gary Burden Charles Canfeild Aurie Carey Gary Carpenter Linda Sue Carey Steve Cover Thomas Cowhick John Dildine 4 f Wfll 1 7 f Z A,,,,A aa " ef 7' fx y W, sal M f fwwfhzea . . N -1 SX ESN X55 . X1 , ,XIQ 'X " ..f 4:0 r J iii' "'- . -I ,. , x 'RSX V ,Za y X X X X X. ,, '45 ., ,., ,, ..,.. 'A 45 f 3 if Q J t ,QZWWM A WwWwWwl Estelle Dobbbins Rosemary Draper Steven Drake Phyllis Ely Harry Epps Pam Fenstermaker James Evans Nicholas Fetzer Richard Figley Andy Glavich Thomas Fisher Charles Gleisner Patricia Fugitt Martin Haas - Roberta Hahn R ,Q,. S "" Leon Hamrick Linda Haines X X .M y X X , X B q N X Peggy Hardin X X '-Q. Phylious Hamilton David Hawley X X ,. .- X Laura Hayes Carol Hoffman Robert Haynes Luella Hollandsworth Joe Horvath Charles Jenkins John Horvath Dan Jordan Shirley Horvath Jay Kast it Ricky Kidd Robert Kratzer ,X . James Klipstein K Linda Lamb X QW Sandra Koons T I 1 l l ":' ' Q if sen S Scott Larabee X? NXR XM SY XNXYX S X XXQXXX X t X Q-SX N X Q 5 XX X XR XAXXSX X X s W X X X SX X XXX Y X N X X XX XX X RN RX S X X , X Linden Leiby Walter McMillan Soheryl Leiby Sara Meek Xb , XNSLQFX X M " ii X.X, I - e'XXXXXfiXfs '- t NY ,..,,. I X "' QQNSQ sf XSXAX-X t X '- SX X X XA . x SY Q N is X X r . X X ., S mi X .xx f S QNX ' is f figs ' , ff Mary Miller Harold Morehouse A XXXRXX. X 7X XXX X X , S ISL it 5XX Donzel Murphy ' xi X t Q.. X Sr s x X t. K E tt X Ernest Worcester Paul Wright S B X X X W X X XX X X Wx X NX X X 1 Q S as S N X X X X QNX X05 s X M . ,,.. X ::,. V1,. ,V., X . S ,.,:',,::. ,,..: X '2s.:.. as- 11+ -sau' X: X .E Xk .11:1:.,,:,: ,,:.'.: , X .. 1,.. X X X 'W N X: XY is XSS X XNXNXESN X WXQNM Nam wk M X K R 'Qi X, NX X X N X N X X Y X N -X :R XX Q S .X , X X N S X X X , NNXXXX I N-A. NXK X-XXX, XXQ, XF X -X Q X rw XXNN X C+, gyfggyfw 5 JN, jrxmgu X, - xi, J , XX XX f ., : 1bgf'XX, w .N " XXX- 5 ik ,XXX Nw X XFN . K - XF Rx X SN-S, X A . A xc X A A . x X- -A . x XX ,. ' 3' xl ' X Q J' X A XS X- XX X LX,:::::s:: fs- Q "" 2 -NN Y x mp.:-:: w ' x X Q . XX . . , -X - 6, X . X X .. XX w A3, '55 X X X X XXX XXX. Spencer 8 - I ROW ONE: Wayne Varney, Dick Haynes, Jerry Pay, Priscilla Owen, Beverly Phillips, Denny Rosecrans, Doug Knapp, Cheryl Rowley. ROW TWO: Karon McCourt, Dwain Parks, David Puie, Linda Drury, John Wilhelm, Karen Norris, Betty Linden, Miss Wiley. ROW THREE: Larry Riffle, David Gruver, Marge Herrmann, Linda Dexter, Bob Klipstein, Peggy Eichel, Scherry McGraw, Carol Adamson, Ronny Williams. Spencer8 -2 ROW ONE: John Carey, David Baily, Gary Rice, Rodney May, Jim Burke, Bob Shepard, Bert Payne, Leroy Yoak. ROW TWO: Mary Jane Rice, Martha Breyley, Peggy Ody, Russell Hendricks, Jerry Shellhorn, Roger Draper, Linda Wooton, Barbara Honeberger, Margie Blankenship. ROW THREE: Kim Myers, Blaine Biddinger, Emma Vaughn, Larry Gum, Ricky Hietchkiss, John Barker, Erma Shellhorn, Carol Dildine, David Bodnar. Spencer8 - 3 ROW ONE: Janice Kirkpatrick, Jane Huggins, Kathleen Kusmik, Chris Krueck, Pam Simcox, George Keep, Lydia Payne, Linda Graham, Carol Wolf. ROW TWO: Rebecca Dodson, Jim Skeeles Laurie Stuart, Sherry Haynes, Rodney Mayes Margie Ward, Charles Eberling, Linda Austen, George Swartzfager. ROW THREE: Dellen Botdo r f, Janis Billman, Irene Pomeroy, Crystal Elliott Larry Johnson, Karen Larson, Cheri LaMar Alice Twining, Diana Fasnacht. ! ! Spencer 7 - I ROW ONE: Neal Quast, Robert Ward, Randy Owsley, Dan Hawley, Don Wuthrich, Bruce Peters, Mark Lance. ROW TWO: Douglas Dobson, Regina Mokosh, Ellen Wandel, Donna Smith, Diane Davis, Sharon Nelson, Susan Fenstermaker, Melvin Reisinger. ROW THREE: Doris Allen, Judy Grenzenbach, Susan Nagy, Cloyd Rogers, David Kurtz, Judy Haas, Hazel Whitney. ROW FOUR: Gary Bowen, Jim Newbrander, Rebecca Shadley, Eva Massie, Kathy Kline, Gary Swiger, Jane Kratzer, Bruce Larabee, Sam Clark. l 1 Spencer 7-2 ROW ONE: Glenna Weber, Frank Hoffman, Linda Gott, Donald Thompson, Paul Godsey, Linda Rice, Edward Braddock, Barbara Thomas, Bruce Sugaski, Bill Ritter. ROW TWO: Janice Carmen, Marlena Smith, Shelby Hamilton, Ronald Denbow, David Aker, Richard Ely, Donald Davis, Elmo Hord, A1-linda Hamilton, Ronald Cover, Mrs. Fish. ROW THREE: Gary Clevidence, Billy Linden, Gene Kidd, Dan Davis, Lynn Koerber, Alice Simmerman, Philip Dawson, Russell Riffle, Pat Ramey, Odbert Hamrick. Spencer 7-3 ROW ONE: Linda Canfield, Michelle Sweet, Gail Stuart, Kieth Jackson, Fred Schaub, Jim Braddock, Merle Archer, John May, Jim Sooy. ROW TWO: Penny Shadley, Bonnie Wandel, Kathy Billman, Jane Haas, Joe Wigfield, Hope Butcher, Marsha Kratzer, Ruth Snoddy, Rita Thompson, Sherry Denbow, ROW THREE: Kathleen Thome, Becky Scholl, Wanda Breyley, Mark Wallace, Elizabeth Massie, Mary' Bassett, Rosann Higgins, Tom Baughman, Scott Rowe, Jim Rogers. lr. High Basketball 7th Grade ROW ONE: Kathy Billman, Jim Rogers, Dan Hawley, Tom Baughman, Bruce Larabee, Russell Riffle, Don Wuthrick, Scott Rowe, Sam Clark, Bill London, Becky Scholl. ROW TWO: Gail Stuart, Ronald Denbow, Elmo Hord, Donald Davis, John May, Kieth Jackson, Frank Hoffman, Jim Sooy, David Aker, Jim Newbrander, Linda Gott. lr. High Basketball 8th Grade ROW ONE: Carol Adamson, Jim Skeeles, Russell Hendricks, Doug Knapp, LeRoy Yoak, George Keep, Dick Haynes, Rodney Mayes, Charles Eberling, Marge Herrmann. ROW TWO: Chris Krueck, Ronny Williams, Larry Riffle, David Gruver, Blaine Biddinger, Larry Johnson, George Swartzfager, John Barker, Dallen Botdorf, Ken Myers, Laurie Stuart. Spencer lr. Beta Club ROW ONE: Linda Gott, Carol Wolf, Doug Knapp, Diane Davis, Priscilla Owen, Kathleen Kusmik,Chris Krueck, Gail Stuart, Jane Huggins, Sharon Nelson. ROW TWO: Crystal Elliott, Dwain Parks, Barbara Thomas, Linda Drury, Margie Ward, Laurie Stuart, Linda Austen, Rebecca Dobson, Becky Scholl, Mrs. Fish. ROW THREE: Scott Rowe, Judy Grenzenbach, Jim Newbrander, Kathy Kline, Bonnie Wandel, Bruce Larabee, Susan Nagy, Kathy Billman, Wanda Breyley, Jane Kratzer. lr. High Football ROW ONE: Ronald Baker, Paul Pomeroy. ROW TWO: Carol Adamson, Linda Gott, Jerry Pay, Kieth Jackson, Doug Knapp, Gary Rice, LeRoy Yoak, George Keep, Dick Haynes, Denny Rosecrans, Wayne Varney, Laurie Stuart, Becky Scholl. ROW THREE: Kathy Bellman, Chris Krueck, Mr. Campbell, Frank Hoffman, George Swartzfager, Larry Gum, Elmo Hord, Bill Sweet, John May, John Wilhelm, Jim Skeeles, Merle Archer, Mr. Freeman, Gail Stuart, Marge Herrmann. ROW FOUR: Jim Rogers, Mark Lance, Scott Rowe, Ronny Williams, Bruce Larabee, David Aker, Jim Sooy, Blaine Biddinger, Larry Johnson, Sam Clark, Randy Owsley, Russell Riffle, Kim Myers. Spencer Home Ec. Club ROW ONE: S. Hayes, C. Wolf, C. Krueck, P. Simcox, K. Kusmik, P. Owen, G. Stuart, L. Payne, B. Phillips, D. Smith, L. Rice, J. Huggins, M. Ward, L. Austen. ROW TWO: C. Elliott, M. Rice, I. Pomeroy, J. Haas, P. Ody, L. Stuart, L. Graham, D, Davis, J. Kirkpatrick, M. Sweet, B. Honeberger, K. Larsen, H. Butcher, J. Billman, Miss Wiley. ROW THREE: P. Ramey, R. Higgins, A. Hamilton, A. Twining, J. Grenzenbach, S. Hamilton, K. Billman, L. Dexter, Shellhorn, J. Hass, L. Canfield, M. Kratzer, P. Shadley, C. LaMar, M. Blankenship, M, Bassett, B. Scholl, L. Koerber, B. Shadley. lr. High Band ROW ONE: Linda Grahm, Alice Twinning, Larry Johnson, Hope Butcher, Janis Billman, Laurie Stuart, Crystal Elliott. SECOND ROW: George Swartzfager, Scott Rowe, Tom Baughman, Jim Skeeles, Kathy Kusmik, Becky Scholl, Kathy Bellman, Merle Archer, Jerry Pitz, Marsha Kratzer. THIRD ROW: Dianna Uie, Ronald Baker, Chris Krueck, Linda Austin, Fred Schaub, Barbara Hendrics, Roseanna Higgins, Kathleen Thome, Charles Eberling, Jim Rogers, Gail Stuart, Bonnie Wandel, Karen Larsen, Janice Kirkpatrick, Dallan Botdorf. ROW FOUR: Mr. Fry, David Kurtz, Judy Grenzenback, Donna Sprinkle. Homer Sixth ROW ONE: Sonny Swinehart, Gay Kast, Sharon Moutoux, Jill Brinkerhoff, Melisa Gruver, Valerie Royse, Charlene Ziebro, Patricia Kiczek, David Owen, Herbert Phillips. ROW TWO: Sam Shellhorn, Darrell Blanchard, Patti Power, John Haynes, Nancy Archer, Cathy Drury, James Hisey, Bob Simcox, Joan Lieby, Effie Murphy. THIRD ROW: Marlene Kolbe, Francis Cary, Eric Steele, Cynthia Eichel, Calven Voorhees, Craige Nichols, Ronny Kidd, Donald Holmes, Danny Murphey, Jane Lieby, Mr. Billrnan.ABSENT:Charles Rogers, Nancy Lepka. Homer Fifth ROW ONE: James Kratzer, Sharon Seidwitz, Kay Sheppard, Richard Williams, Penny Harlan, John Spidel, Loren Broome, Larry Ziebro, Fletta Gruver. ROW TWO: Ann Broome, John Freitag, Debbie Hothem, Margaret Hoffman, Kenny Kidd, Addie Ensign, Jerry Haynes, Charles Carey, Mrs. Lowe. ROW THREE: Martha Vanetta, Bobby Englet, Jane Botdorf, Richard Eichel, Elizabeth Cover, Blake Jackson, Kim Boales, Frank Carter, David Murphey. Spencer Six ROW ONE: Ronald Baker, Beverly Finkel, Theresa McGraw, Connie Eberling, Helen Weber, Bev Roub, Arnold Sidwell, Wayne Reisinger, David Brasse. ROW TWO: Linda Rodriquez, Patty Ward, Barbara Hendricks, Vickie Summers, Patricia Haynes, Hazel Paine, Diana Puie, Patty Giar, Barbara Riffle, Vicky Goehring. ROW THREE: Douglas Hastings, David Riddle, Paul Pomeroy, Mike Burk, Rickie Tomlinson, Dale Dewitt, Jerry Pitz, Mike Cooper, Richard Linden, Tracy Shirk, Edwin McConeghy, Mr. Campbell. ABSENT: Peggy Yeaples, Grace White. Sullivan Six ROW ONE: Mike Canfield, John Skeeles, Dennis Newbrander, Klaren Kimmell, Larry Warren, Gary Keener. ROW TWO: Paul Koons, Cynthia Beard, Alice Hamilton, Laura Blankenship, Mary Caine, Susan Runkle, Tonya Smith. ROW THREE: Leon Sprinkle, Delbert Burkhart, Nancy Bigelow, Vicki Coble, Warnie Shepherd, Tom Bakos, Dean Hamann, Robert Smith, Mrs. Welch. ROW FOUR: Nancy Baughrnan, Delores Shoulter, Bob Lamb, Roger Barker, William Nesbitt, Butch Dennis, Nancy Knapp, Mary Given. ABSENT: Danny Clinker. Sullivan Five ROW ONE: Ronald Twinning, Robert Scholl, Victor Peters, Denny Yost, Charles France, Charles Hamilton, Gary Sifred. ROW TWO: Kathryn Whitney, Patricia Nagy, Diana Griggs, Harold Hamilton, David Godsey, Janice Whitney, Karen Swope, Robert Miller. ROW THREE: Renee' Sweet, Delbert Dawson, Lucy Wallace, Ray Yeager, Monte Mokosh, Donna Rollin, Linda Lowe, Carolyn Wooten. ROW FOUR: Kathy Bryan, Ben Dennis, Ruth Rollin, Joanne Runkle, Diana True, John Hahn, Thomas Canfield, Cynthia Stuart. ABSENT: Joanne Rook, Ann Gum. Homer Foui1h ROW ONE: Kathleen Lance, Boyd Baker, Lester Markel, Joe Seidwitz, Martin Scheck, Dick Renike, Elaine Brooks, Karen Klczek, John Brown, Jim Keep. ROW TWO: Dennis May, Evlynn Hastings, Mike Carpenter, Eloise Ziebro, David Zemancik, Judy Shepard, Harold Vaughn, Gregory Gould, Roger Moutoux, Douglas Sheck, Randy Bailey, Karen Smith. ROW THREE: Sara Schmetzer, Lou Ann Pomeroy, Mary Power, James Blankenship, Charles Roosa, Kenneth Roosa, Vernon Snoddy, Stevie Englet, Patty Cary, Dottie Hothem, Melvin Gould, Mrs. Campbell. Spencer Five FIRST ROW: Charles Thome, Michael Drake, Robert Colley, David Walkden, Dennis Colley, Dennis Carmen. SECOND ROW: Diana Roosa, Violet Davis, Harold Rowley, Tom Moskal, James Clement, David Roe, Clarence Walkden, Billie Ramey, Nancy Tomlinson. THIRD ROW: Tommy Mitchel, Bonnie Gleisner, Mary Ann Swaino, John Kusmik, Betty Ely, Richman Manning, Carole Smith, Diana Terril, Ronald Hange. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Andel, Alice Smith, Susan Billnan, Jessie Swiger, Cheryl Sugaski, Mary Guier, Cinthia Billman, Betty Fetzer, Louisa Vaughn, Mr. Melllck. ABSENT: Betty Moore. ' Y Spencer Fourth ROW ONE: Timothy Taylor, Waren Gott, David Kostecki, Ronald Hopkins, Forest Yoak, Mark Shirk, ROW TWO: Dennis Kelly, Steven Rogers, Susan Spunkle, Philip Brasse, Paula Clement, Jeff Goehring, Linda Lieby, Margie Sheaer. ROW THREE: Doris Lynden, Eliane Reisinger, Jessie Bidinger, Gayle Worcester, Buddy Gleisner, Frank White, Beverly Fetzer, Darelene Varener, Melissa Geryer, Teriyl Stroup. ROW FOUR: Roberta Smith, Charles Swartzfager, Mickey Rodriguez, Lora Dobson, Duane Terrill, Donald Hange, Roger Shelly, Clauda Baker, James Moskal. ABSENT: Daralene Clifford. Homer Third ROW ONE: Rita Hastings, Jim Smith, William Schmetzer, Nancy Eichel, Steve Payne, Robin Rogers, Charles Fenstermaker, Steven Dickenson, Layton Broome. ROW TWO: Ray Kast, Marva Spidel, Linda Owen, Diane Kiczek, Ramona Allison, Jenny Kratzer, Gloria Christy, Sandy Lieby, Debra Trout. ROW THREE: Susan Repp, Penny Steele, Danny Ensign, Ronny Goble, Nancy Fitzer, Kathy Perkoeich, Gary Cemancik, Mrs. Baker. Huntington Third ROW ONE: Allen Rollin, Allen Drake, Randy Yost, Murry Miller, Ricky Querin, Ernest Lance. ROW TWO: Jeanette Andel, Charles Wallace, Nancy Weber, Valerie Brown, Bill Fetzer, Harold Paine, Jerry King, Chris Nelson. ROW THREE: Bonnie Rice, Susan Kelsey, Janice Bigelow, Joyce Rollin, Lynda Brock, Sara Nesbett, Robin Tomlinson. ABSENT: Judy Watter. Sullivan Four ROW ONE: Robert Wallace, Joseph Forester, Arthur Twining, Scott LaMar, David Smith, Roy Balkin, Bill Caine, Dean Griggs. ROW TWO: Fred Salmons, Nylon Draper, Richard Lowe, Mary Cole, Karen Koons, Christine Knapp, Barbara Brockway, Nathan Salmons, ROW THREE: Craig Sidwell, Gary Klipstein, Raymond Lieby, Richard Lieby, Rosie Rollins, Marcia Hawley, Ronald Larabee, Timmy Simonson. ROW FOUR: Janice Sugaski, Glen Bursley, Kathleen Mokosh, Pamela Bryan, Albert Frye, Janet Haley, Nancy Blessing, Terry Klipstein, ABSENT: Donald Harris, Mrs. Clouser. O Spencer Third ROW ONE: Mary Guier, Ricky Yeaples, Diane Thome Dewight May, Dale Jaycox, Rebecca Gott, Bobby Harlan. ROW TWO: Elaine Packard. Tommy Scheck Henry Morgan, James Kusmik, Richard Summers Bonita Lieby, Elaine Rodriquez. ROW THREE:Vickie Roosa, Kenny Billman, Cindy Sheck, Randy Johnson Timmy Wehman, JoAnn Ingraham, Bruce Smith, Mrs Mantz. Sullivan Three ROW ONE: Cathy Knapp, Carol Mashburn, Given Crossen, Kenneth Binnie, Daniel McFadden, Dan Caine, John Denbow, Mark Handley. ROW TWO: Margie Rook, Cindy Pifer, Rita Mokosh, Edward Archer, Barbara True, Jimmy Tewlis, Larry Barker, Donald Richards, ROW THREE: Art Shornberger, Gayle Stuart, Jane Gum, Ron Bryan, Loren VanBuskirk, James Hamilton, Steve Kimmell. AB- Mick SENT: Ernest Lux, Mrs. Livingston. Spencer Second ROW ONE: Ruth Ellen Billman, Robert Gott, Jean West, Robert Rusch, Linda Sheffield, Russell Brasse, Carl Ensign, Cindy Clement, Linda Rook. ROW TWO Artie Lundquist, Billy Sumter, Eddie Roberts, Gochring, Jerry Brietkienz, Donald Kostecki, Danny Aker, George Brown, Charlotte Rice. ROW THREE: Dan Linden, Randy Colley, Bill Hamreck, Elaine Lieby, Maynard Davis, Beverly Clifford, Dale Roe, Linda Smith, Betty Jo Clifford, Patty Parker, Mrs. Livermore. ABSENT: Robert Riffle. Homer Second ROW ONE: Frank Stickles, Billy Goble, Danny Doughety, George Carey, Ronnie Shepard, David Shepard, David Carter, Larry Hines. ROW TWO: Judy Englet, Marybeth Grissinger, Debra Slarb, Jimmy Power, Jack Snoddy, Carolyn Gould, Debbie Boales, Martha Murphey. ROW THREE: April Hogthem, Patricia Givens, Cecil Kristy, Keith Phillips, Barbara Roller, John Ziebro, Ginger Billhierner, Steven Henry, Debra Bottomlee, ROW FOUR: Sally Royse, Keith Kline, Gara Hartong, Susan Royse, Steven Moutoux, Larry Herrmann, Lenny Broome, Connie Steele, Mrs. Hisey. Huntington Second FIRST ROW: Ricky Nichols, Billy Shirk, Bobby Sines, Rodney Patton, Mark Maye. SECOND ROW: Edward Turnning, Mike Sidwell, James Stroup, Betty Haley, Steve Huggins, Ronald Patton. THIRD ROW: Kathy Rice, Scott Myers, Terry Taylor, Dale Terrill, Patty Burke, Mrs. Crow. FOURTH ROW: Laura Riddle, Tommy Ramey, Darlene Finkle, Gloria Glavich, Clifford Salmons, Gail Yost. ABSENT: Tom Sprinkle. 5. .Q . P n -f nmmuilsnt is-..i Sullivan Second ROW ONE: Roger Peters, Fred Given, Terri Rook, Debby Kaina, Charles Coble, Beverly Swope, Janet Wright. ROW TWO: David McFadden, Howard Quast, John Loclux, Leroy Eustin, Peggy Cowhick, Marina McCasin, Janice Mokosh. ROW THREE: Kathy Caine, Bill Bodmar, James Bryan, JoAnn Clinker, Debbie Smith, Susan Koons, Debbie Thewlis, Edna Kemp. ABSENT: Susan Handley, Patsy True, Timmy Baughman. Homer First ROW ONE: Russell Eichel, Robert Napier, Michael Stine, Duane Slarb, David Buchanan, Robert Christy. ROW TWO: Danny Trout, Kevin Smith, Tommy Allison, James Owen, Frank Hughey, Roger Eichel, Howard Hartong, Marlene Kiozek. ROW THREE: Kim Schmetzer, Lyn Bottomlee, Linda Givens, Terrie Cover, Mrs. Harris, Elizabeth Perkovic, Connie Goble, Susan Snoddy, Rhonda Boales. Huntington First ROW ONE: Paul Andel, Bill Glavich, John Runkle, Dale Nichols, Richard Salmon, David Varner. ROW TWO: Stephanie Haley, Bob Swigger, Edna Rollins, David Rice, Phyllis Wallace, Vicki Nelson. ROW THREE: Rickie Brock, Eugene Rich, DonnaE1y, Diane King, Eva Rollin, Kitty Drake, Mike Lance, Mrs. Keep. ROW FOUR: Patty Draper, Marilyn lngrahm, Ralph Kelsey, Douglas Larsen, Karen Smith, Janet Koerber, Bonnie Weber. ABSENT: Mike Sprinkle. Spencer First ROW ONE: Roseann Kungl, Welma Hardin, Sandra Hord, Howard Fortune, Rose Williams, Tom Colley, Florence Ferguson. ROW TWO: Keith May, Debbie Eberling, Donna Yoak, Timmy Zieger, Joseph Kusmik, Craig Nixon, Billy Hange. ROW THREE: Gary Grieve, David Kuntz, Pamela Rogers, Kathy McDevitt, Toni Hall, Mark Bowen, Mary Sutz, Mrs. Dickens. Sullivan First ROW ONE: Danny Archer, Randy Hubler, Leonard Bursley, Debby Harris, Patricia McConnell, Joan Beard, Kitty Sylvester, Billy Bright. ROW TWO: Russell Rook, George Richards, Andy Rook, Terry Burke, Thomas Smith, Gary Frye, Bonnie Crossen, Bradly Bright. ROW THREE: Barbara Cowhick, Jeff Cleugh, Charles Hamilton, Frank Hawley, Ethel Gill, Katherine Richards, Mrs. Painter. ABSENT: Mary Sheperd, Jenny Sheperd, John Sylvester, Sandra Denbow. Homer Kindergarten ROW ONE: Terrie Farkas, Debra Hines, Jenny Daugherty, Robin Cesare, Kenneth Reink, Valerie Steele, Jessie Bottomlee, Vivian Tripplet. ROW TWO: Sarah Dickenson, Ted Spidel, Deborah Mace, Mary Lea Moutoux, Mike Steele, Gale Stine, Randy Patton, Lorie Honelburger. ROW THREE: Audrey Barnes, Bobbie Badger, Forest Wandel, Rodney Twinning, Theresa Sugaski, Mrs. Gorey, Teresa Rogers, Jack Sidwell, Linda Cote, Linda Nichols, Karen Zemancik. Spencer Kindergarten ROW ONE: Billy Gleisner, Jeff Nixon, Martin Swanker, Torn Vorhees, Cordan Leiby, Bill Parker. ROW TWO: Chris Sheck, Alan Shelly, Pam Boreman, Jeff Neptune, Beverly Gott, Debra Miller, Cindy Walkden, Jeff Miller, Jim Thornton. ROW THREE: Diana Kostecki, Sandy Kelly, Jerry Witfeild, Bryan Smith, Dean Horn, Terry Lyn, Dickie Gair, Denise Puie. ROW FOUR: Mary McDivitt, Matthew May, Bob Hange, Joan Clement, Mary Ann Kungl, Joyce Fortune, Jody Gott, Douglas King, Mrs. Gory. AB- SENT: Vicki Williams, Mike Neptune. Sullivan Kindegarten ROW ONE: Steven Pifer, Marcia McCa1lin, Dean Rollin, Mike Mennell, Mark Hubler, Larry Hollandsworth, Alvin Finkel, Nancy Peters. ROW TWO: Debora Welch, Daniel Rook, Walter Rolin, Steve McGee, Nannette Sweet, Barbara Rollin, Devona Parks, Donald Rollin, Linda Fetzer. ROW THREE JoAnne Harris, Brenda Bauer, Andy Keener, Susan VanBuskirk, JoAnn Kaina, Ginny Kosk, Danny Bigelow Patti Richards, Douglas McFadden, Mrs. Skeeles ABSENT: JoAnn Baughman, Dennis Rook, Brenda Aukerman, Jeffrey Merrill, Connie Kimmell. we Jr. High Vocal Group Mr. Allen Scholl Clarinet Quartet Flute Trio Trumpet Trio Coronet Quartet ... X X- T ff A xx 'give wr 'f s ! Jr. High Vocal Group ACTIVITIES I III V 1 L sl se - Keep those dogs off my bed!! W Great Big Doorstep Bottoms up! Thank God, for Dewey's money Q! eloome brother Dewey That's all Folks! 2 W ppm Q .,,. Q XX NX N y x ' fn Q 3 Q 5 X Q ggxmgg gxx ' Rxxwwq NmSSE X ' ,- v was 1 X: X, J J WW SSX xx uMN E QS F ' X BSYAQ Q ,.,..., xx Q u V9 6 Xt! N Nz I .M :Ss ESKX f'?QfQx 4, 4: Q X X X SX xxx - N. 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H Q. .Q 100 yard dash John Clears the bar A . ...M .,i, X, sm - V 1 Beezer makes a nice jump Official conference I as Sw. The Shoot-A-Mile Kid I'm not a horse shakes with Snake-Eye but I'11 try Drop that pistol Sagbrush-Sarie Cheaper B The Dozen Shoot- -Mile-Kid Bowser and friends But Daddy 1 didn't do it Girls' Glee ROW ONE: C. Napier, D. Ryan, C. Benford, L. Lamb, S. Weller, P. Hamilton, S. Meek, J. Vanetta. ROW TWO: M. Runkle, L. Hayes, C. Hoffman, J. Veverka, M. Rowe, A. West, L. Bowling, L. Haines. ROW THREE: M. Miller. K. Owen, P. Fenstermaker, E, Dobbins, M, Skeeles, P, Hardin. Girls' Ensemble Judy Brockway, Carol Hisey, Pat Ryan, Jill Grissinger, Marilyn Blake, Gayle Dalgleish, Linda Kline, Susan Ballou, Linda Krueok, Cheryl Walkden, W ssss s ss-- - X ss.,-s sse- W.- 'f" ---A ----- M--N ---e---.-e- M -..Xs X .N..X.W:NMN...asa..........,..M.,,,m,.W,.Yp.N,,...N, ,,,, ,lkMNM,.,,,,..B5l,xm,,,,.lxwmbxwmmmx-MMMMNms ., ,X ,QR Wkwm K X i Mixed Chorus ROW ONE: P. Kurtz, R. Ward, S. Dennison, P Ryan, K. Blankenship, M. Barone, J. Runkle, B Kline, B. Baker. ROW TWO: C. Garn, M. Blake S. Sweet, J. Roice, L. Kline, C. Walkden, S. Scheck J. Williams, T. Beard. ROW THREE: S. Wandel D. Sprinkle, A. Herrmann, J. McReyno1ds, L. Dawson C. Kari, A. Clifford, P. Cole. ROW FOUR: R. Peck D. Howe, D. Elliott, R. Wilhelm, P. Lowe,C, Jaccaud librarians ROW ONE: B. Baker, J. Pitts, D. Hanners, Mrs. Hines, A. LaMar, C. Garn, S. Ringler, C. Ringler. ROW TWO: T. Williams, F. Forster. ! Science Club ROW ONE: M. Runkle, L. Bowling, M. Owens, J. Hughey, T. Worcester, G, Galgleish, P. Ward, E Dobbins, M. Myers. ROW TWO: D. Bowen, W. McMillan, D. Bowen D. Leiby T. Fischer D. Sprinkle P. Nagy, J. Williarris, N. Fetzer. ROW, THREE: D: Ringler M. Haas D Hawley F. Forster, P Lowe D. Howe, Mr. Kimrnell, Mrf Gifford. ROW.FOUR: C. Canfield, J. Byrd, E. Worchester, J. Wolf, E McKean, R. Brown. F.T.A. ROW ONE: G. Bradock, C. Garn, B. Stark, B. Rowley, J. Lamb, L. Lamb, Mrs. Dawley. ROW TWO: Mr. Spotts, M. Leidorff, C. Walkden, E. McKean, B. Brouse, D. Rosecrans, L. Krueck. G.A.A. ROW ONE: K. Gullett, P. Owsley, K. Hopkins, D Coble, G. Hoyer, L. Bowling, M. Barone, B. Barker M. Runkle. ROW TWO: L. Moneysmith, P. Hamilton S. Koons, C. Nash, P. Davis, M. Leidorff, E. Dobbins M. Skeeles, J. Rifile. Home Ec. Club ROW ONE: J. Yeaples, K, McKean, J. F reitag, K. Blankenship, S, Dennison, J. Hollandsworth, K Thomlison, P. Fugitt. ROW TWO: P, Kurtz, L Manning, S. Shafer, B. Psota, S. Sweet, B. Barker B. Dorn, G. Hoyer, Miss Duncan. ROW THREE: J Runkle, D. Rosecrans, D. Coble, M. Fugitt, P. Davis S. Koons, N. Jordan, B. Stark. 4 J Beta Club ROW ONE: J, Swaino, B, Baker, C, Ringler, B, L, Krueck, K, Hopkins, J, Runkie, S, Knapp, D, Converse, R, Huggins, G, Dalgleish, C, Garn, S, Hanners. ROW FOUR: L, Kline, M, Fugitt, J, Ringler, M. Myers, L. Dexter, D. Coble. ROW TWO: McReynoldS, C. Walkden, A. LHMHT, J. Hughey, M. J, Shadley, R, Rogers, L, Moneysmith, J, Roice, Leidorff, A, Herrmann. ROW FIVE: M, Blake, R, B, Kline, J, Pitz, F, Dennison, P, Owsley, B, Stark, Mcfredricks, L, Allemang, L., Honeberger, R, Stuart, A, Cooper, Mr, Haring. ROW THREE: G. Wandel, F. Owens. D, Wiemer, T, Worcester, L, Dawson, B, Rowley, Pep Club ROW ONE: J, Brockway, D, Ryan, C, Hoffman, T, Smith, L, Huggins, L, Moneysmith, A, West, K, Owen, G. Dalgleish, A Krueck, P, Fensetermaker, B, Hawley, M.Herrmann,J.Swaino, Cooper, C, Garn, C, Humphrey. ROW FOUR: J, Swaino, S M, Blake, J, Grissinger. ROW TWO: L. Bowling, K, Gullett, P, Knapp, T, Worcester, J, Hughey, J, Stroup, C, Walkden, J Hamilton, S, Ringler, J, Pitts, P, Owsley, K, Benford, L, Dexter, Workman, B, Converse. B, Baker, J, Roice, C, Ringler. ROW THREE: S, Shafer, R, X-,K mmmtmwwmmm F.F.A. ROW ONE: D, Manning, G, Wacker, D, Workman, L, Jordan, THREE: L. Walkden, D, Berry, D, Hawley, R, Peck, L, Handley, L. Handley, D, Markley, A, Blodgett, D, Wandel, Mr. Gottron. R, Quast, G. Keener. ROW FOUR: A, Havel, D, White, D, Cole, ROW TWO: T, Beard, C, Summers, R, Wood, D, Howe, R, T, Cowhick, A. Glavich, B, Rice, F, Simcox, T, McKean. Bauer, C, Jenkins, R. Twining, C, Gleisner, A, Parker, ROW Parliamentary Procedure Team Queen JILL GRISSINGER Honorary Chapter Farmers Mr. Workman, Mr. Fenstermaker, Mr. Rook, Mr. Blodgett, Mr. Breyley. latin Club ROW ONE: F, Owen, E, Dobbins, R, Mayes, R. McFredricks, G. Wandel, J, Pitts, A, Herrmann, Mrs. Hines, ROW FOUR: R, Stuart, R, Smith, T, Carter, F, Forester, P, Fenstermaker, M, Skeeles, R, Brown, S. Ballou, S, Larabee, P. Nagy, M. ROW TWO: J. Brockway, D, Ryan, A, West, C, Garn, S, Herrmann, J, Swaino, G, Dalgleish, R, Huggins. ROW FIVE: Knapp, L, Moneysmith, C, Hoffman, M, Runkle, P, Owsley, S, J, Kast, K, Kolb, R, Kratzer, D, Weimer, T, Wilhelm, L. Wieler, J, Swaino, L, Dexter. ROW THREE: M. Myers, A, Honeberger, R, Honeberger, T, Barker, Cooper, B, Psota, M, Owens, G, Clevidence, S. Simmerman, Boys' Ensemble Freshman Girls' Ensemble Student Council ROW ONE: J, Grissinger, C, Benford,K, Sifread, i J, Freitag, J, Regal, S. Simmerman, L, Lamb, D, Bowen. ROW TWO: D, Hawley, C, Walkden, C, Nash, B, Converse, J, Swaino, M. Skeeles, S. Larabee, B, Kline, ROW THREE: N, Jordan, G, Burden, R, McFredrick, A, Blodgett, D, Roberts. L. Walkden, S, Wandel. Black River Senior Band ROW ONE: B, Stark, M, Skeeles, E, Dobbins, C, Ringler R, Rogers, F, Dennison, C, Humphrey, J, Stroup, J, Williams L, Krueck, J, Kast, L, Lamb, S, Meek,G, Dalgleish, C, Walkden P, Davis. ROW TWO: L, Allernang, J, McReynolds, K, Blankenship, B, Baker, S, Ringler, K, Kolb, D. Bowen, C Kari. P, Cole, M, Myers, D, Elliott, L, Bassett, C. Reisinger M, Herrmann, L, Moneysmith. K, Sifread, A, West, G, Burden, D, Sprinkle, D, Howe, J, Roice, D, Jaycox, T, Worcester, B, Converse. ROW THREE: C, Gurn, P. Owsley, R, Huggins, M, Runkle, D, Roberts, S, Ballou, S, Larabee, S, Wandel, R, Sifread, J, Wolf, T, Sooy, B, Haines, M, Rowe, G, Wandel, R, Carey, R, Brouse, C, Hisey, R, Quast, B, Burkey. ROW FOUR: C, Jenkins, T, Williams, A, Blodgett, E, Worcester, R, Mayes, R, Twining. Majorettes Thelma Worcester, Kay Blankenship, Liz Allemang, Janet McReyno1ds, Beverly Converse, Deana Jaycox. Black River Post Staff Senior Romans Indulge s X P t X w X Pedro John County Contestants Photographers County Contestants x . X rs . i x SPO RTS .gq' bwgimk N ,. X 9? 'S X' 3' 'S v W :rf 5 H A Qvmj 1 Y f 1 R ff x 4 fe - 1, J i' ifm Fifi' I ft' ,.- ubg, ,, ,mi ,1.q w,, . M Wi if N 'Skins 1. " -- ,ik 321 lf. K ig' ' - 1. M. - ,ww ,. ,,. , , 1'x ,f ,wkksif if 'Gif' QQ if W: ww ' .Al fn H, ww- , K b 5 3:1-glfqliii' Q--' .X .qaqg ' Ag:Ms 'v+iffl. -uf- Q ,J-ff-W5 'kvspqgq Assmuf wh ' x f-'ri ,gig w -Y HE? f " -P K b 5.11 fzifxvfsff ' Fw v if wf 'QQ' fm . f 1' , ,Mx H .- 1-X 4 V 7.-H-2 . Q. 59 9 f f '..1x:,J5L..!l vf .X-.. ,ff A- Lia: 3 Ir. .lk 1 .Q X. S 3 . 1 ,'. X. ffif'A'g9 ffwiifAET' if xp G A A pf' if m 1:wfr1 -R k w, ' :QQ " 2 .4 ...i,,.. ggqwg., ' WA. Nxt wr: .r .. -M, .gf i 5 . if :ik gf.. 335' , :- Niki xg... xii 4 J L, wg ' ' ,JH Y 4 x '- ", ', .. ml' , .: XM Q w X, ' lx V wi ,- , X9321? X .Q We K1 Y I x if- 5' vit . N- .4"'w'5 Y in D M H' T. .. P5 ,mtl , Homecommg ught Queen 's Attendants Queen Candidates S '1 St b. ml e u Deciding Moments Royal Queen's Court Stay OFF The TOES STUB! 5 cs-T X 74 C6639 All County Fullback ROW ONE: D. Rook-Linebacker, L. Clevidence-Fullback, J. Regal-End,G. Sifread- Center, E. Bahl-Halfback. ROW TWO: R. Howman-Guard, D. Manning-End, L. Hastings-Halfback, G. Wacker-Tackle, T, Hord-End, T. McKean-End, L. Jordan- Halfback. Football Team of "63" ROW ONE: R, Twining, E. Bahl, N. Fetxer, W. McMillan, D. F. Paine, T. Hord. ROW THREE: R. VanMeter, L. Jordan, Hawley, L. Clevidence, G, Sifread, J. Regal. ROW TWO: T, D, Manning, R. Blessing, T, Smith, J. Wolf, R, Bowling,G. Simonson, J. Gonzales, R. Howman, L. Walkden, T. Fisher, Wacker, J. Rosecrans, F. Simcox, T, Keep, T. McKean, L, C. Gleisner, T. Wilhelm, D, Rook, D. Rosecrans, E. McKean, Hastings. COACHES: Gallagher, Purtell, Haring. Varsity Team Mr. Gallagher D , Rook D, VanMeter T. Smith T. Sooy D, Roberts B. Brouse R, Stuart R, Blessing D, Markley A. Havel J. Gonzales J, Regal Varsity Cheerleaders Bette Hawley Linda Krueck ' 7 Prrate s Schedule . Lois Sooy Mary Herrmann WE THEY Brookside 48 74 Avon 40 55 Buckeye 49 40 Columbia 59 37 Highland ' 56 49 Firelands 69 57 Keystone 42 44 Brunswick 37 63 S. Amherst 70 47 Brookside 35 64 Avon 51 45 Buckeye 51 43 Columbia 47 29 Firelands 54 51 Wellington 48 49 Keystone 54 58 S, Amherst 64 54 Cloverleaf 60 53 Clearview Tournament St. John .C antius 55 53 St. Mary's 58 67 Reserve Team G, Clevidence Mr. Haring J, Markley L, Walkden T, Barker R, McFredrick R, Bowling L, Honeberger T. Sooy R, Mayes F. Owen D, Wandel R, Honeberger T, Keep T, Smith Pirates Schedule Brookside Avon Buckeye Columbia Highland Firelands Keystone Brunswick South Amhe rst Brookside Avon Buckeye Columbia Firelands Wellington Keystone South Amherst Clove rle af We They 26 24 28 32 28 32 30 16 32 29 37 43 40 31 61 52 48 22 35 34 16 18 29 49 39 29 31 43 30 40 39 35 29 32 44 41 Reserve Cheerleaders Jill Grissinger -Marilyn Blake Judy Brockway Jean Swaino Athletic Assistants Mr. Scholl, W, McMillan, D, Elliott, T, McKean, P, Nagy, C, Garn, Mr. Gottron, w - -. N . X ss - s -X r .- s x Freshman Team ROW ONE: D. Ryan. C, Hoffman, S, Larabee, P, Nagy, D, Hawley, S, Drake, A, Packard, D, Ringler, P, Fenstermaker, T, Smith. ROW TWO: T, Simonson, G, Burden, T, Wilhelm, D, Roe, Mr. Campbell, E, Worcester, R, Brown, F, Paine. letterman's Club ROW ONE: L, Jordan, D, Manning, T. McKean, R, Blessing, T, Hord, J, Wolf, G. Sifread, ROW TWO: T, Smith, D, Rook, L, Clevidence, D, VanMeter, T, Williams, E, McKean, J, Regal. ROW THREE: D, Markley, D, Rosecrans, J, Rosecrans, B, Brouse, R, Carey, G. Wacker, L, Hastings, B, Bowling. Homer Local chool Graduates 1908 Frank Simcox' Gladys Fordyse' 1909 Eva Holshue Branley 1910 Hattie Bennader Billrnan Elsie Freyman' Ballow Grace Holshue Brinker Luella Landis Lane Martha Landis Toomey Ruth Dirk Stroup Columbia Stevenson' Kay Nausel McCarty William Gorham Harry Freyman 1911 Gladys Eicher' Loufman Milo Landes' Elmore Forney 1912 John Wt Fenstermaker Edith Hahn' Seiders Hazel Gault Fenstermaker Cletus Hiller Enos Nolt Orman Keyser 1913 Ouida Holshue Jessie Holshue Parker Grace Garberich Kemery Ellen Nolt Lucy Williams Jeffery Lois Williams Fox Arvesta Garman Eglin Gladys Keyser Harrington Arthur Koons' Herman Owen 1914 Flossie Ringler' Trapp Loah Koons Bixler Beulah Brubaker Owen Clarice Koons Zimmerman Mary Barone Sanders Esyer Falconer Strenick Rose Handwork Henning William Basom Clayton Howman 1915 Loah Koons Bixler Berlah Brubaker Owen Mary Barone Sanders Gladys Keyser Harrington Lela Koons Goodwill Clayton Howman William Basom Enos Nolt Eugene Keyser' 1916 Lena Dickinson Kline Vina Fetzer' Eshelman Flora Belle Harsh Paul Kemery' Harold White Ellis Jeffery Donald Root Daniel Root Edison Eicher James Kramer 1917 Albert Betz Walter Nolt Hope Edwards Greene Florence Eicher Loufman Lois Garman' Palmer Bessie Kemery Krahl Ellen Koons Kromer Kathryn Stevenson Soka 1918 Maude Stine Roberts Mabel Gloser' Haulk Mabel Horner' Lillian Betz Hudenreick Ned Walters 1919 Dana Handwork Kline Cloyd Haulk' Ralph Weimer 1920 Frieda Barnes Holshue Neva Weimer Thompson Jennie Clinker McBride Herbert Holshue Don Handwork 1921 Maggie Howman Reinhardt Maude Edwards Thelma Eicher Haulk Mary Delcamp Spellman Mabel Strenick Jeffery Herman Stevenson Walter Rice 1922 Rex Keyser Kermit Leiby Ruth Horner Tosti Lestia Weimer' Meyers Mary Brubaker Stewart Glee Walters Jeffery Nina Koons Auble Edna Kime Hopkins Mary Stine Warner Eva Tunquist Laribee Florence Correll Hastings Roy Hopkins Marie Owen Swihart 1923 Lois Hopkins Correll Myrtle Trapp Sheets Lester Keyser Herbert Rice Kenneth Findley Coral Edwards 1924 Grace Edwards Rice Neva Spring Lowe Marie Metcalf McFerren John Correll Edmund Hastings Harold McDaniels Chester Lowe Lawrence Stine' 1925 Florence Metcalf Welsh Dorothy Frank Owen Flossie Koons Roberts Glen Weimer Reed Fetzer Carl Hummel Clayton Tunquist Hildreth Knapp Kermit Brubaker 1926 Virginia Koons Reese Francis Ripp' Dague Evelyn Smith Wells Gladys Wandel Daniels Mary Hastings Irwin Kathryn Miller Hummel LeClair Metcalf Kenneth Frank Clyde Weimer Muriel Gloeser Mantz Florence Conrad Leonard 1927 Bernice Clark Cowick Mabel Clark Gordan Cleo Findley Schempp Gladys Gloeser Irma Lance Wolf Irene Repp Brubaker Howard Brubaker George Buchanam Arthur Delcamp Leland Read Peter Reese Arthur Stevenson 1928 Faye Delcamp Soloman Thelma Stair Freeman Opal Horner Barryman Dorothy Owen Peterson Lucille Snoddy Markley Ona Leininger Mann Alvalio Smith' Mong Jean Smith Stanford Herman Spellman Michael Keresman 1929 Walter Gloeser Robert Overholt I-IaroldhArcher Violet Snoddy Burgess 1930 Katherine Fetzer Delagrany Halcyon Overholt Plamer Peral Wandel' Jones Helen Stair Dayton Donna Kimmick Edna Edwards Lawson Beulah Fackler Frederick Carrol Lucas Robert Grissinger 1931 Dorothy Clark Jones Elizabeth Kline' Stentz Ethel Repp Wells Myrtle Hastings Hoskensmith Roberta Curtis Fettler Liberty Curtis Gilbert Fenstermaker Harold Ridle Earl Shank 1932 Albertha Thacker Grace Bishop Horner Letha Wandel Slarb Floy Sowers Shank Jessie Brinker Spellman Carl Barnes Peter Baumgartner William Reese Quinter Findley' Lee Clinker 1933 Mildred Steele Shakley Marion Shank Helen Nash Massie Vera Eshelman Keith John Snoddy Marlow Kiplinger Adam Miller Edwin Betliski Howard Barnes Homer Ridle 1934 Don Edwards' Howard Edwards Mabel Steele Holmes Gladyes Eshelman Rowe Glen Kahl Anna Kiplinger Verbesky Ethel Findley Smith Adrian Betleski Doris Wandel Black Harold Weimer 3 John O. Fenstermaker Cecil Lindsey Kathryn Keller Prast Lucille Jeffery Wasson 1935 Kathy Baumgartner McVicker Clarice Frank Spellman Beatrice Frank Fetzer ' Ethel Reese Voorhees Kathryn Miller Kemery Ray Tunquist 1936 Margorie Basom Bailey Lewis Basom Junior Bishop Warren Jeffery Vincent Delong Ruth Thacker Evelyn Betleski Power Imogene Frank Ommel 1937 Bessie Spellman Kiplinger Elizabeth Miller Hedemann Verlin Krinov Harold Simcox Walter Kiczek 1938 Leona Reese Miller Bette Heeter Reibe Elizabeth Miller Adamson Ruth Smith Bowersock Harold Owen Burton Zimmerman Ossen Ridle Clarence Hummel James Liggett Lawrence Wandel Stanley Kiczek Leon Rumbaugh Gordon Howe' 1939 Rosemary Sullivan Geiger Nelson Reinhardt Gerald Kiplinger Ruth Dickinson Day Chester Dickinson Mary Brinker Owens Metta'Hines Martin Stella Stillman Siononson Eva Prochko Numa Halliwell Knight Phyllis Shank Stenetz Mildred Trapp Thompson Glenn Finkley Robert Heiter Ralph Steele Wayne Archer Cla-ir Eshelman Richard Schoen Raymond Strouse 1940 Ross Williams Ceylon Grissinger Bernice Rowe Wandel Elmer Steele Irene Krinov Maxine Ridle Wirth Virginia Patterson Blessing Robert Bloom Doris Strouse Slarb Marie Smith Baker 3 Bruce Barnes Merle Delong Dorothy Dickinson Vera Kline Keiffer Florence' Kic,zek'Gliebe Jay Sheppard' Florence Brown 1941 Vera Owen Preda Louise Stair Fisher Evelyn Owen Boyd Marcella Cantleberry Zebner Olive Eshelman Bassett Joe Sanuik Gail Archer Elmer Frank Donald Wandel Norman Juchum 1942 Frances Wackerman Keller Virginia Howe Edwar-ds Arlene Frank Broga Hazel Repp Marie Archer Eleanor Kiczek Zeibro Alberta Pryor Elzie Zimmerman Stanley Krinov Orris Hughes Leroy Eagle James Delong Jack Shadley Laura Stroup Chancy Roger Rumbaugh 1943 Earl Hauenstein, Jr."' Donna Houston Hines Talma Kidd Hubler Frank Krinov Donald Neiswender Jean Owen Lance Pearl Owen Elliott Caryol Sargent Leeta Schoen Hildreth Stevenson Mildred Steward Williams Mary Trapp Betty Wackerman Bazur Helen Ward Leatherman Doris Krick Sponsellor Wilma Kline Kolb 1944 Edith Conwell Roberts Irma Janicsek Sheppard Janette Zimmerman Dorothy Allen Archer George Schoen Paul Matus Leland Hines 1945 Forest Wandel Bert Hines Walter Allen Edward Kiczek Karl Wurzman Thelma Steward Reep Betty Havens Shirley Correll Coates Ruth Kidd Agnes Rumbaugh Alexander Krinov 1946 Helen Kristick Saffle Joy Lee Johnson Seward Barton DeCoster Leo Kline Donald Jackson Dixie Rogers Genevive Mantz Hines Donald Franks Frank Friend Andrew Lang 1947 Frank Choma Doris Eldred Hange Robert Fritzsche Agnes Hines Hughes Velma Kristik Clyde Owen Lucille Robinette Temple Louise Robinette Meyer Miriam Rumbaugh Zemancik Wilma Stevenson Barket William Wackerman Duane Welch Edna Zemancik Cutlep Orin Zemancik Dana Null Carl Brown Bert Nettleton 1948 Carroll Brinker Ellis Clouse Warren Bishop John Havel Vernon Jividen Alan Fritzsche Daniel Juchum Jean Allen Eagle Helen Delong Vevian Sargent Grace Mann Mattoux Arlene Smith Irene Smith Gallatin Steven Lang' Charles Spirek Vance Reece LeGrande Foster 1949 Gary Badger Belva Bishop Eagle Melvin Cole Olive Eldred Webster David Fritzsche William Friend Kenneth Gentry Douglas Hummel Alan Lang Natalie Mantz Zelanka Richard Nolt Dean Schempp Fred Stevenson Jean Summertoni' Hudok Charles Taffin John Stine 1950 Richard Lenz Sue Frank Schmetzer Roger Blodgett Carl Schmetzer Phyllis Keener Wolf Melva Leiby Tomasek Janice Reece Emerson Rozella Keen Taffin Ruth Trapp Rowan DeCoster Elwood Correll Cloyd Cole James Metcalf 1951 Ronald Badger Patricia Bogess Budger Donna Eagle Lucille Hines Lozier Richard Lozier ' Dorothy Nihiser William Jeffery Bernard Sargent Rita Shadley Blodgett Marlene Simcox Jividen Margaret Steward Winifred Stine Salmon Patricia Walsh Markle Carl Welch 1952 Kenneth Slarb Duane Schempp Nora Wuthrich McQuate William Snoddy Jo Ann Fenstermaker Doretta Wood George Dorene Wood Underwood Carl Zemancik Phyllis Howe Lillian Czenkner John Juchum Rosemary Kiplinger Bright Ronald Voorhees Boyd Massie Betty Allen Claire Havel Sterzer 1953 Robert Jeffery Jack Nelson Virginia Stine Jean McFerren Stahl Betsy Hines Viering Raymond Markley David Barnes Arthur Spellmanl' Carl Weber Darl Keen Wilma Nolt Betty Wood Hall Marilyn Rex Patsy Cayia Rex 1954 Edward Brazis Wade Brooks Fredaline Frank Healy Geraldine Frank Schlarf Philip Howe Gloria Jeffery Edward Kopylchak Frances Majce Shirley Middour Graven Robert Slarb 1955 Joann Bigelow Claire Bisard Sally Delcamp Darrel Fenstermaker Norman Massie Louis McDanie1s James McFrederick Roger McFrederick Robert Norris Charles Ramey James Reinhardt Janice Sooy McFrederick James Summerton Robert Stine Gary Workman 1956 Alton Bishop Ann Fossnacht Warner Lynn Grissinger Frank Nihiser Wayne Null James Hummel Kay Kast Gern Marlene Peck Arlene Schempp Atwood James Zemancik 1957 Luelyn Cole Billie Anne Frank Massie David Gentry Fred Herrmann Barbara Hursell Banfield Bert Jeffery Keith Lowe Eugene Nolt Jan Pappas Jean Ramsier Marilyn Schempp Binckley Wayne Shorts Helen Rowe Stine Emmajean Stites Nolt Dale Weimer 1958 Barbara Allen Heilman David Blodgett Bruce Campbell Marie Frank Wilma Foster Bunch Linda Grissinger Chirdon Betty Hoffman Stevenson Dixie Ramsier Butdoep Marcia Rex Hershey Wanda Shorts Snoddy Leilani Simcox Savick David Snoddy Homer Sooy Carole Spellman Mary Stites Studer Pat Strine Studer Bernice Trapp Underwood Herman Trapp Fred Hines 1892 J. Edwin Curtice' Monroe Haines' Frances Betz' Sybel Stroup' Emma Coleman' Grace Hart' 1894 Lillian Huffman' Hattie Ingraham' Florence Hendee Estella Oakley' Mina Inman' Bede Rice Louie Rice' Joe Oakley' Jay Inman' David Monosmith' 1895 Charles Miller Frank Cavin 1896 Orlo Mantz' Walter Mann' Edwin Brown' Hawley Sooy' Tenta Eggleston' 1897 Mary Luce' Maud Auble' Florence Curtice' LaVina Stroup Della Oakley Isie Ream' Gertrude Betz' Harry Rice 1899 Charles Mann' Allen Rice' Harvey Miller Fay Odell C, Ray Aldrich' 1900 Mina'Payne Ina Sweet May Rush' Hattie Cavin' Leslie Mann' 1901 Alva White John Firestone Clayton Monosmith' Mabel Luce' Ella Gannett Clinton Bement' Earnest Dirk 1902 Asa Firestone Ralph Aldrich' Talmage Stroup' Dora Fulks' Spencer High School Graduates 1903 Arthur Rice' Clyde Auble Lloyd Smith 1904 Iva Koons Anna Payne Forence Shaw Velma Auble Frank Rice' 1905 Josie Fuller Lillian Ingraham Alfred Fuller' David Inman' Orlo White' 1906 Grace Browand' Marcia Vanderholf Beulah Auble Paul Miller Stewart Booth' Clayton Billman Clarence Thornton 1909 Leona Briggs' Anna Ingraham' Marie Miller Carman Auble Talmadge Auble' Clarence Inman Harry Burgman' Charles Rice' ' 1910 Karl Weidrick' Arleigh Hendricks CharlesFuller Francis Moore Lawrence Kiplinge r 1911 Musa Winters Eddie Ross Grace Rugg Earnest Jeffries Charles Ormeroid Logan Auble 1912 Charles Kiplinger Anna Rook Alma Auble Walter Bowen 1913 Elsie Fuller Leon White Sadie Bridges' 1914 Bessie Breyley Nellie Stroup Mildred Auble Gladys Smith ' Beulah Woods Mary Belle Patterson Ferne Fritz Karl Brown' 1915 Harold Miller Clare Miller Amy Firestone Mildred Patterson Robert Eglin Miriam Dickason Millard Fuller' Paul Nichols Elmer Fetzer 1917 Lucy Walters Grace Firestone Dora Fetzer Ethel Howk Bessie Ormeroid' Carl Dague Marion Wolf' 1918 Dallas Auble John Mantz Harry Sanders Doris Smith Thelma Nichols Winnifred Howe Evelyn Winters 1919 Roy Brouse Olive Awkerman Marion Brouse Herbert Mantz Russell Mantz Herman Friend Bertha Storm Esther Sanders Clyde Dague' Clement Auble Walter Rowe 1920 Frank Brown Linnie Aldrich Rose We-idrick Alice Hayes Quintin Dickason Robert Miller Santa Browand' Carrie Jacobs 1921 Laura Fuller Wreatha Brouse Edwin Walters Charles Walters Lucille Coomer' Morris Weidrick Lloyd Lechleitner Carleton Breyley 1922 Faye Beymer Mabelle Mantz Agnes Strong' Helen Rudd Grace Allison Ellen Myers' Dean Regal Seth Nichols' Walter Ellis Merlin Bement Graydon Griggs Violet Awkerman Trissie Wood Dorothy Johnson 1923 Chandos Varney Elmer Stuart Dale Lechleitner Zepha Eglin Charles Querin Leon Heilman Forest Larkey Dow McVicker Mildred'Coomer 1924 Ray Brouse Odessa Weidrick Bertha Myers Warren Walters Joe Sanders Wilma Wood Edna Lebkisher Robert Smith Robert Regal' Merlin Parent Eva Firestone Veda Brouse Milton Wolf' 1925 Marie Stuart Clyde Fuller Vinton Hein' Gus Querin Burdette Aldrich Mac Donald Stuart Howard Allison Kent Firestone Hazel Brown Mildred Awkerman Melvin Borrer Leonard Black' 1926 Bernice Billman Leona Rogers John-Steiger Norris E. Walters Clifton Breyley Amy Wood Lucille Koppler Maude Hendricks 1927 Vivan Billman Grace Mantz Jack Beck Richard Aldrich William Messner Gladys Gallatin Ruth Coomer Esther Bowman Bernice McVicker 1928 Donald Weidrick Dorson Jacobs' Edgar Mantz Ivan Boone Judson Fuller William Breyley Vivian Breyley' Harold Bowman Hattie Fuller Mabel Fuller Ivory Miller Margarerite Curtice 1929 Evelyn Rice Walter Billman Earl VanBoxel Wilbur Fuller Franklin Carr Marvin Dague Dorothy Conklin Hattie Cardray Donald Brouse Sarah Mantz 1930 Alice Moffett Mildred Fuller Grace Ingraham Lois Zeigler Stella Kasper Annabelle Messner Wilbur Rook Harry Brown 1931 Thursa Reese Elma Clark Anna Lebkisher Arthur Cordray Lenore Billman Geraldine Breyley Lee Stroup Kenneth Breyley Dorothy Wallington Stanley Guyer' Herbert Miller Grover Thompson Howard Brown 1932 Robert Stroup Adrian Dalgleish Burton Rook Karl Gerson Florence Mitchell Margaret Stuart Charlotte Orr Doris Zeigler Ellen Brown Gwendolyn Reese Helen Boone Evelyn Wallington Avolyn Roberts Ruth Bowman Geraldine Walters 1933 Roy Brown Vernon Mantz' ,J Evelyn Fuller Dorothy Hange Della Allen Charmers Messner Walter Ensign Franklin Billman 1934 Brantley Weidrick Dwight Allen Louise Bowen Stanley Bowen Lena Buchannon Bernice Fuller Ray Fiala Gilbert Ingraham Beatrice Nelson Bernice Robb Agnes White Dale White Melvin Waltz Betty Jackson Dorothy Steiger 1935 Wilda Moore Alice Craighead James Hardie Wendell Garwook Nicholay Kruk Earnestine Beal Earnestine Bowman Robert Billman Richard Rook Walter Weidrich Blake Dalgleish John Nagy 1936 Ralph Waltz Jane Spirek Helen Neidhardt Warren Allen Edward Biddinger Clarabel Hange Hazel Ensign Frances Lebkisher Robert Rice Homer Stuart John Kruk Nelson Boone' 1937 Wilma Bowen Florence Breyley James Coomer George Ensign Richard Guyer Karl Hylen DeWill Johnson Geraldine Kuepfer Leota McCourt Frank Nowak Carl Thompson Icieola Thompson Betty Weidrick Geraldine Weidrick Gene White 1938 Frank Allen Margaret Bridges John Cochrell Ruth Clement Mae Eglin Evelyn Fusselman Grace Giesel Robert Hardie Robert Jackson May Lamp Delmar Roberts Harriet Richel F. Robert Rice Doris Rook Elsie Schoen Albert Schroeder Leona Wallington Nelson H, Wood 1939 Anna Mae Ingraham Lawrence Butcher Harry Carey Torrence Curtice, Jr Hilda Eglin Bryce Inman Dallas Hange Kenneth Handley Margaret Fry Frank Fiala LeRoy Ensign Clementine Keupfer Roger Leininger Harold Neptune Fred Querin Oval Roberts Mary Sulhouishi 1940 Stella Leininger Lylle Stuart Mary Hydu Martha Schroeder Irene Duran Dorothy Logan Edith Roberts Leona Clement Betty Myers Mildred Bridges Richard Castor Phyllis Handley Vance Hendricks Dallas Thompson 1941 Kermit Billman I David Bowen Robert L. Coomer Albert Ferguson Bruce Firestone Howard Firestone James Gorfido ' Cameron Hardie Marcella Howe Helen Hydu Blake Ingraham Carlin Martin Robert Querin Kenneth Rook Kenneth Sage Marion J. Sulhowski Robert Schroeder Raymond Spirek Gordon Thornton' Clarence Walkden Darl Hendricks 1 942 F aith Allen Virginia Butcher William Clark' Mae Louise Hall Homer Hange Henry Hillbrook James Martin Gloria McLaren Janice Moore Richard Miller Ralph Neptine Russell Pitz Donna Sanford Helen Stroup Francis Stuart Betty Walters Leonard DeLong Wilbur Thompson Robert Waltz Ronald Stroup 1943 Max Friend Robert Fuller Linus Griece Lois Handley Betty Lowery Keith Mantzi' Hazel Neidhardt June Nixon Francis Reisinger Wanda Rowe Ruth Schroeder Betty Stuart Milford Taylor Dorothy Wakefield M. Joan Walters Betty Yeagley James Croskey DeForrest Colley A. Ray Biddinger Beryle Clark 1944 Gladys Brown Josephine Clark Jeanne Clement Dorothy Crawford Raymond Ferguson Miriam Grim Raymond Henry John Koons Naomi Lamp Helen Mantz Ivyl Martin Allan Root, Jr. Walter Rowe Archie Surrarrer Donnabelle Thompson Eadred Walkden Phyllis Waltz Grace Wood Harold Rabjohn, Jr. 1945 Jean Billman Marie Brinker Wanda Butcher Gloria Coomer Doris Croskey Margaret Ensign Charlene Firestone Claude Grieve John Hendricks DeForest Jackson, Jr Catherine Lowery Betty Miller Dorothy Reisinger Joyce Rook ' Wayne Sage Norma Walters Bernice Yeagley Doris Yeagley 1946 Marvin Grieve Marie Hayes Margaret Denninson Charles Colley Walter Ferguson Robert Henry Merlin Ingraham Mathew Logan, Jr. Lewis McCourt Walter Sprinkle, Jr. George Fayer 1947 Jack Allison Lawrence Battles. Carl Breyley Vivian Clement Ray Croskey Ray Fayer Jeanette Kime Vivian Martin George Colley, Jr. Harold Rabjohn, Jr, Herbert Kuepfer, Jr. Bill Mitchell Herbert Wolfe Mary Pay Alice Reisinger Betty Ross Elizabeth Stafinski Edward Sanford Frank Varney Donna Yeagley 1948 Duane Dawley Joyce Clark Joan Kime Richard Howk LaVerne Ferguson Eileen Henry Irene Henry Carl Trapp John Giesel Marjorie Hagelvarger Neysa Neenan Lloyd Kelly 1949 Walter Zeigler John Sanders Stanley Stefinskit Lois Jackson Lois Beach Velma Schaub Jo Ann Thornton Virginia Caldwell Duane Hendricks Robert Clement Robert Gourlay David Gourlay Donald Grieve Glenn Lechleitner Gene Miller Raymond Leiby George Henry 1950 E dward Sanders Donald Ensign E arl Bellamy Ardith Walkden Lydia Hyde Bruce Walters Janet Walters Richard Hall Phyllis Varney Lois Moore Ruth Giesel Donna Dawley Norma Denninson Richard Gallatin 1951 Frank Kostecki Barbara Rook Audrey Walkden Carol Howk Joan Taylor Thomas Geracioti Betty Bradley Henry Goehring Elaine Howe George Herte Doris Ensign Janet Hall Garold Leiby 1952 Betty Barrett Jo Ann Carr Miriam Clement Joyce Colley Alice Davenport Bobbie Howe Ruth Kari Mary Lowery Shirley McVicher Carol Neidhardt Mary Thompson Harry Brinker Paul Coe Norman Denslow David Firestone Kenneth Grieve Ned Neenan Ronald Packard Frank Rice, Jr. Donald Sage James Schaub Keith Walters 1953 Joe Giar Herbert Porter Phyllis Gochring Loretta Browand Dwight Florence Lavonne Sooy Patricia Croskey Carl Clement Charles Roub David Reisinger Jeannie Breyley Maude Brinker David Allemang Paul Kari Loren Worcester Ruth Ryan Bessie Moran Charles Miller Charles Denninson Lester Fortune 1954 Donald Billman Carl Galt Barbara Wolf Carol Williams Karen Auble Francis Lowery Mary Wilch Mari Allemang Donald Dawley Naomi Thompson Patricia Gallatin Marlene White Leonard Hall 1955 Robert Gallatin Niles Blough Rita Jackson Nancy Myers Dorene Dawley Janet Leiby Joseph McReynolds Clarence Thornton Jean Martin Lyn Beachler Mary Avery Shirley Leiby James Armstrong Harold Clement Paul Lowery Robert Mantz Ronald Larkey 1956 Philip Firestone Allen Weidrick James Giar Patricia White Dale Wolfe Walter Gallatin Sandra Breyley Robert Yunker Shirley Moore Carl Herman Frances Beach Orman McVicker Mildred Sooy Irving Barrett Gary Boone Bernita Wolf Nelson Waltz, Lois Florence 1957 James Mullins Carol Wolf Loren Mantz Karen Wolfe Fred Pitz Beverly Rowe Patricia Dalgleish Wayne Dennis Donna Ody Marilyn Dennison James Dennison James Eglin Mary Lynn Clement Jeannie Converse Sonya Stuart Wayne Boone 1958 Arthur Walkden Robert Beach Philip White Larry Clifford Donald Brouse, Jr, Ronald Walters Ann Stuart Jayne Rook Mary Ann Giar Donna Rae Rook Ronald Roub Keith Pervier Gypsy Pervier Evelyn Leidorf Kathy Bowen ullivan High chool Graduates 1893 E. L.- Chaffe' 1894 E. B. Whitcomb' 1895 Gertrude Thompson Hubler E. Edwin Jacobs' 1896 Eve Dennis Clem Fayette Hubler' Fanny Gorham Clark' Myrtle Hubler Ferguson' Arthur Hyde' Eloisa Drown' Earnest Hubler Charles Hyde' Grace Johnson Garver' 1897 Mabel Smith Offiner' Edna Hubler Smith' Ora Arndt Bertha Park Grissinger' Maurice McConnell 1898 Nina French Johnson' Louise Smith Bradstock' Clement Warring' Ethel Whitcomb Huchinson May Mann Kenny' Clyde Drown' Myrtle Hyde Farnsworth' Earl Heifner' 1899 Sidney Jones Rice Lee House Barrow Ira Garver' L. Murl Frink Edson Hill' Alta Giar Hendee 1900 Zoe Park Dennis' Clara Frink' Rex Drown' Arthur Hill Harry Ingraham' Maude Findley Orton' 1901 David Hyde' Micha Allan Hyde' Wanda Biddinger Pratt' 1902 Ross Drake Pearl Hubler Huffman Grace Heifner Brown' Enola Eaton Roice Ethel Smith Arndt 1903 Mae Johnson Drake Ruth Drown Elsie Hileman Hyde' Guy Findley' Leon Myers Charles Fike 1904 Lulu Johnson Frink Maude Fair Shank Ruby Smith Richards 1905 Ora Fern Drake Franks' Nellie Lindsey Overholt' 1906 Millie Hyde Nichol' 1907 Don Myers' Florence Burge Frank Hawley Scott Larabee' Flay Berry Hannan Joy Drown' 1908 Kent Johnson' Lois Cummings Ray Stine Millie Park Johnson Clayton Spring 1909 Edith Bahl Dunkle Francis Biddinger Harry Dakin Denslow Wier Ralph'Hankinson 1910 Chase Drown' Helen Hankinson Sprague Jessie Wier LaRouche Leon Stine Roy Arndt Charles Cummings' Herbert Miller Donald Johnson' Wayne Maurer' 1911 John Cumminas' Arthur Shull Miriam Rice Biddinger Lucy Rice Winkler Hattie Ward Blinn' Katilla Dakin Furhrer 1912 Flossie Cole Wilkins Vertie Thompson Eagle' Charles Dakin' Kent Underwoon Evan Stine' 1913 Arthur Persons' Irene Bair Miller Genevieve Hankinson Sprague 1914 Ray Rice Ralph Slack Amos Freyman Harold Johnson Ruth Dudley Cole' Gladys Hankinson Hicks 1915 Lois Armstrong Dakin Ruth Thompson Houseman Gladys Ward Shawan' Fern Dudley 1916 Estella Stine Chapman Esta Drown Roberts Lawrence Harris Victor Harris Harry Jay Fisher Wilbur Dunlap 1917 Hope Dudley Knick Mable Fisher Hunt Alva Stine Esther Beem Wood Rhea Sheller Rogers 1918 Mary Gordon Rheinhold Nellie Arndt Haynard' Harold Swindler Berdie Sprinkle Fuhrman 1919 Fern Rice Charles Mayes 1920 Weldon Hankinson Willie Arndt Lofton Lowe Ruth Smith Robinson Goldie Rader Farnsworth Dorothy Dudley Freyman Glenn Botdorf 1921 Ray Ballou Paul Rice Clinton Shank Hollis Rice Opal Pence Gribbens Dora Koons Heifner Pauline Bails Hess 1922 Sarah Koons Oster Marjorie Hyde Nellie Fisher Remington James Weber Wayne Farnsworth Nova Ward Bruce Harold McAdoo Marquerite Swindler Semlar Dorothy Drake Bradshaw Flora Crile Kenney Guy Vaughn Mary Smith Doster Reba Arndt Lowe 1923 Virginia Hyde Taylor Violet Sessions Pratt' Hazel Jones Smith Allan Weber Donald Drake Cecil Towslee Zello Lucas Carroll Hankinson' Freda Thudium Baker Harriett Lebkisher Horn Pearl Shank Asire Dot Dudley Rook Christinia Drake Wreatha Botdorf Dickason Leona Vines McMuldrew 1924 Faye Taylor Bryner Eileen Dennis Sulinsky Rhea Thompson Cowen Alfred Sessions Gloyd Handley Fred Harris Gerald Ringler' Jesse Amsbough Harry Pence' George McConnell 1925 Arlene Lowe Flickinger' Miriam Weber Neilson Esther Harris Sessions Joy Linderman Wilcox' Calista Thudium Harris Cora Zeigler Pettit Vada Ringler Ray Hazel Shank Sprinkle Francis Eaton Meeker Marshall McAdoo Harte Leininger Carlos Arndt Howard Arndt Lester Garver Neville Hyde Gilbert Vines' Weldon Williams 1926 Edith Arndt Greenbank' Harold Arndt Roscoe Bair' Lela Arndt Richards Olive Sessions Barlett Ruth Beard Bowen Mary Botdorf Gantz Lester Bowen Orrie Finkel Geier Rupert Gordon Homer Gill Herman Holbrook' Frances Hileman Mohn Fern Horton Regal Arthur Hawley Paul Immel Thredore Richards Grace Lucas McConnell Martha Shick Ballon Mildred Taylor Stoll Bain Ziegler Fern Thudium Cepec 1927 Zaida Eaton Wallin Warren Freyman Evelyn Garver Bikfasy Forest Handley Leland Gould Kenneth Hoverstock Charles Hyde Maurice Kulp Valna Ringler Gorham Irene Sams 1928 Treva Bungard Kirkpatrick Leo Arndt Jeanette Swindler Topper Roy Wilcox Dorothy Farner Westerfield Robert Handley Mary Amsbaugh Reynolds Ercile Eaton Creta Amsbaugh Maxine Lucas Hartsel Edgar Lowe Vesta Lowe Calhoun Paul Jackson Faye Bair Hignett Marion Crile Sadie Landford Pence Richard Heifner Gilbert Dutro Robert Bails Arthur McPherson 1929 Glendora Swope Bair Maybelle Smith Sooy Pauline Richards Handley Amy Greenbank Spencer Dorotha Garver John Jackson Mary McDowell Price Harold Roice Rhea Shick Groff Helen Kater Elsie Crile Arndt Nola Vance Garey Gladys Botdorf McQuate 1930 Mary Clark McFadden Maurence Frink Parkey Nedra Arndt Keener Evelyn Holbrook Berringer Aileen Regal Rook Irene Hyde Raudebaugh Emma Crile Drage Margaret Straits Wolfe Berdene Dudley Gillette William Bungard George Gott Carlos Beard Helen Bowen Easterday Kenneth Kolbe Nobel Elliott' 1931 Ethel Regal Stroup Ethel Vance' Edith Dutro Doherty Hazel Smith Gibson Pauline Lucas Liston Marjorie Skeeles' Emily Vines Weiler Hazel Arndt Bennett Arlene Richards Barone John Whitmer Merton Farnsworth Russell Nichol Clyde Kauffman Robert Botdorf Charles Botdorf Irene Sage Fast 1932 Kent Amsbaugh' Ralph Smith Lewis Hignett Jean Aubrey Welsh Hazel Beard Whitmore Cathrine Linderman Hartzel Helen Woodburn Jones Charles Skeeles Clyde Bungard Carroll Dennis Charles Null Wayne Lance Henry Reuban Evelyn Wagnitz Moskal Evelyn Sprague Hayes 1933 Judith Aubrey Marshall Cole Edna Channell Ropp Mildred Cole Miller Marie Crile Freyman Beryl Frink Lloyd Cooner Katherine Klooz Abram Eleanor Hyde Sponseller Donald McDowell Donald Manning Ellen Koppler Whitmer Robert Smith Robert Schmink Alice Skeeles' Paul Workman Florence Whitcomb Finkel 1934 Vera Arndt Moore . Pauline Clodwick Smith Vallie Hawley Gillilan Gladys Johnson Kasper Dorothy Crile Fox Fern Ziegler Taylor Robert Cole Helen LaVon Lucas Roy Ropp Darrell Hyde John Klooz George Lucas Vilas Earley Theodore Gregg Victor Swope Charles Johnson' 1935 Allie Beard Hohenshall Catherine Swope Samples Geraldine Burden Bigley Anna Resek Foster Annabelle Gould Orcutt Margaret Whitcomb Heister Helen Earley Morris Bruce Crumrine Dalr Gould Robert Swope Maurice Smith Mervin Donovan John McDowell Guy Lucas Aubrey Ringler Ross Workman 1936 Leslie Woodburn Louise Fast Metcalf Grace Eaton Brown Wilbur Drake Kenneth Ropp Pauline Johnson Ropp Karl Koons Betty Gott Kirt Eloise McFadden Swope Herman Hileman 1937 Grace Morris Jensen Helen Thompson Bajese Allene Werner Lance Frances Skeeles Young Lucille Stine Echelberger Hazel Sifred Shoulter Betty Klooz Skeeles Clarice Johnson Johnson 1938 Eleanor Barone Stuart Alfred Smith Donald Neel Cloyce Lance Arnold Mayes Elmer Klooz, Jr. Russell Koons G. William Dakin Eunice Smith Campbell Morton Cole Ethel Arndt Greenback James Burden Homer Bungard 1939 Anne Moore Swanson Bett Mc Fadden Woodburn Y Marion Dakin Johnson Louise Clodwich Halter Vivian Roach Cole Flora Biddinger Cole Mary Resek Steiner Aleta Kulp Ralph Bright True Archer Frances Earley Strotler Marvel Pence Hall Gahlen Lance Willard Earley Harry Thompson Darwin Hyde William Reed 1940 June Whitcomb Thompson Norma Werner Kraps Virginia Pence Fair Luella Stine Heifner Lucille Heifner Messner Helen Swope Spitler Robert Kerr Lyle Farnsworth, Jr. John Ringler, Jr. George Obermiller Ernest Hartman Quentin Farnswotth Carl Neel 1941 Harold Dakin Orma Farnsworth Lebman Veda Swope Jaccaud Herbert Skeeles Carlos Elliott Loren VanBuskirk"' Neva Jane Lowe Greenfield Ruth Petzke Mulica Richard Swindler Donald Fox Chester Elliott Charles Farnsworth 1942 Thelma Bungard Clarb Ruth Easterday Davidson Ruth Reed Kerr Marjorie McFadden Farnsworth Genevieve Gordon Wacker Jean Whitcomb Hartman Josephine Resek Horton Barbara Cummings Garwood Ida Belle Swope Weining Walter Stine Paul Klooz William Burden Allen Scholl Arthur Shoenberger 1943 Virginia Murgan Drury Dorothy Lance Harper Norma Thompson Wacker Leah Werner Grieve Eunice Hill Weber Norma Repp Elson Mary Lebkisher Pitts Faye Kettering Smith Joe Uniatosky Wilmer Ballou Gilbert Woodburn 1944 Thelma Arndt Nancy Drury .Yant Naomi Gordon Koons Esther Hales Farnsworth Richard Hawley Betty Klingler Musser Harold Koons Edwin Petzke Harold Thompson Marion Thompson Hammond Geraldine Rice Burden Velda Swope Parker Carl Whitcomb 1945 Robert Akers Elwyn Bliss Joan Clodwick Seibert Lois Elliott Sheldon Jean Fisher Dwelle Ted Harris Pauline Petzke Atterholt Jean Swope Akers Franklin Wamack 1946 Allan Asire Richard Ballou Charles Barrick Pauline Berry Wohlgemuth Filson Elliott Marilyn Hawley Matus Robert Klingler P Ernest Lux Anita' Smith Bryan Delbert Smith 1947 Lois Bigelow McDonald Lois Mae Coe Rollin Avis Fisher Stonematz Patty Haulk Siders Jeanette Hawley McConeghy Ethel Hubler Bair Mary Klooz Lamb Burt Rollin Bonnie Swope Masters Lois Twining VonKamp Roy Twining Warren Wohlegmuth 1948 Arthur Berry Evelyn Biddinger Ives Arlene Fast Firestone Jerrie Haulk Yergin Paul Jones Catherine Klingler Harvouth Maurice Landford Carol Lowe Frances Lamb Klooz Pearl Maresh Robinson Betty Pettit Berry Helen Rook McConnell James Sarafin Jean Session Bishop Betty Jean Sheffer 1949 Myrene Sprinkle Tugend Donna Swope Keefer B. Mac Bright Runez Lamb Atterholt Mariella Elliott Gordon Eileen Kelly Swope Donald Thompson Elaine Goodson Ungerer Oliver Bigelow Marion Rollin Bigelow Arthur Hawley 1950 Lucille Ballou Leona Shonenberger Ridgeway Shirley Pfeiffer Bruner Ruth Twining Rook Marjorie Givan Sourvine Ray Sarafin Phillip Rook Richard Immel Jack Rollin Russell Lowe Robert Laborie Elaine Leiby Kline Wilbur Hubler Alvin Keener Phyllis Demaline Lockabaugh Ernest Robb Bill Cowhick 1951 Mary Archer Harris Howard George Clawson Herbert Bigelow James Dague Royal Dobbins, Jr. Harold Hawley Joann Heifner Richards Donald McFadden Ardith Ringler Karse Arthur Walter 1952 William Berry Otis Biddinger, Jr. George Cleugh Phillis Easterday Keener Robert Foster Weldon Gordon Arlen Handley Charles Gene Hawley Barbara Kerr Jenks Lois Larsen John Peters Robert Peters Lewis Querin Janet Ringler Cleugh Marilyn Stark Young Phyllis Stine Lamb Paul Treisler Francis Welch 1953 Glenn Bigelow Joann Goodson Wilma Grum Fryman Ardith Handley McFadden Don Hawley Dean Keener Loretta Keefer Farmer Martha Klingler Jim Markwood Howard McCommell Donna Pauli Boak Jim Patton Richard Reynolds Forest Rice John Richards James Richards Nancy Ringler Edith Rollin Brownson Francis Thompson Allen 1954 Wayne Koons Lowell Patton Jeanetta Peters Foster Walter Robb Roy Wohlgemuth Frances Sexton Smith 1955 Betty Allgire Hummel Shirley Bryan Gast David Cunningham Alice Foster McConnell Rose Marie Free Lyle Freyman Helen Grum Janet Hawley Wacker Lyle Hoffman Mona Howe Forbes Pauline Hubler Patton Joyce Keener Garver John Laborie Pat Lamb Welch Annabelle Leininger Margaret Tahya Carl Pay Charlene Pointer Aukem an Dorothy Querin Wohlgemuth Mary Lou Regal Swope Don Rhoades Royal Stark, Jr. JoAnn Sutton Weaver Robe-rt Taylor Emma Thompson Patton Ernest Weiler David Lee Welch David Lester Welch Carole Weyer Carlyle Juanita Hawley Unangst 1956 Barbara Bakos Hoffman Richard Foster Donna Givan Asire Wayne Hoffman Ben Kelly Ardith Leininger Roberts Kenneth Nichols Bonnie Pettit Hoffer Robert Pettit Janice Pfeiffer Sprinkle Wesley Reese Keith Roice Louis Sandoval Bradley Smith Ronald Sprinkle Sandra Taylor Ropp Edith Thompson Radley' Alan Wacker 1957 David Clark, Marlyn Davidson Decker Janet Foster Novak Frank Graham Richard Hawley Curtis Howe Glenda Keefer Holland Mary Marshall Welch Larry Messmore David Miller Don Miller Daniel Nesbett Edith Ringler .Laborie Roger Weiler Robert Wilson Judy Wright Gott Carol Walter 1958 Frank Allgire Allan Ballou Margaret Brunda Willard Robert Channel Carol Grenzenback Sue Haines Sayers Anna Hastings Puttman Burdette Howe Robert Humphrey Juston Jones Larry Keillor Lois Leininger Alice McClaffin Maynard Tom McConnell Loren Meininger Tom Nesbett Sonya Orcutt Hollandsworth Donald Reese Jerry Rice William Wright GUY B. FINDLEY SCHOLARSHIP 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 AWARD Cecil Towslee Jesse Amsbaugh Hartie Leininger Edith Arndt Greenbankt Irene Sams Creta Amsbaugh Plaster Helen Kater William Bungard Marjorie Skeeles' Evelyn Wagnitz Moskal Alice Skeeles' Edna Channel Ropp Helen LaVon Lucas Ross Workman Leslie Woodburn Betty Klooz Skeeles Homer Bungard Cloyce Lance Vivian Roach Cole Helen Swope Spitler Harold Dakin Carter Farnsworth Paul Koons Leah Werner Grieve' Thelma Arndt Jean Fisher Dwelle Joan Clodwick Richard Ballou Lois Bigelow Jean Session Bishop Myrene Sprinkle Lucille Ballou Herbert Bigelow Phyllis Easterday Keener Nancy Ringler Jeanette Peters Foster Walter Robb Lowell Patton Royal Stark, Jr. Janice Pfeiffer Sprinkle David Clark Carol Grenzenback McConnell Black River High School Graduates 1959 Sherry Botdorf Ann Spellman, Crebs Kathleen Herrmann Dennis Irwin Tom Johnson Calvin Nolt Roberta Rowe Brooks Anita Thompson Sonja Voorhees Wood Agnes Wacker Porter Larry Wood Laura Walder Richard Wuthrich Jerry Armstrong Bruce Blake Richard Bradley Brenda Butcher Reisinger Tommy Davenport Margaret Dennison Yunker Cathleen Dewar William Knepper Marlene Dobson Bowling Gary Larkey Roberta Leach Sandra Moore Mullins Grace Mullins Townsend Neva Norris Marcum Caroline Reed Theil Gary Ramsier Jerry Ramsier Mark Smith Roger Sivrik Caro-1 Worcester Wright Glenn Dawson Judith Guyton Reese Joseph Halada Michael Adkins Robert Bell Thomas Bowling Larry Haswell Della Hawley Strong Janet Heiffner Haswell Marilyn Hubler Halada Elizabeth McConnell Rainford Thomas Jordan Thomas Pifer Raymond Rosecrans Gordon Smith John Temple Helen Stark Armstrong Dawn Wilson Neff Betty Wacker 1960 Bertha Blodgett Rush Nancy Geiger Smith Mary Bridgett Richard Brooks Retha Gentry Nancy Campbell Gast Donald Hoffman George McWilliams Caroline Howman Anthony Kirvel Linda Norris June Kravitz Jan Reinhardt James,Rowe Louise Welch Patricia Wandel Kathleen Weimer Honce Donald Beach William Benford Kenneth Dalgleish Calvin Breyley Carol Elliott Smith Connie Converse Robert Fitzgerald Dolores Larkey Mary Ann Higgins Crane Sherrell Hovorka Rieinhardt Clara Jean Leiby Smith Bettie Jackson John McCourt Dennis Neptune Patrick Myers Carol Sutz Robert Stroup John Nagy Betty Stuart Weidrick Sandra Taylor Arthur Weidrick Mary Walkden Davenport Larry Wolfe Gary Weidrick Warren Waltz Robert Williams James Bassett Norma Britt Bailey Virgil Berry Nina Blankenship Spellman Phyllis Clark Drema Britt Campbell Jean Clinker Melvine Farnsworth Carol Mengerink Ralph Kish Ronald Finley Andrew Liptak Russell Grenzenback Emma Messmore Betty Orcutt Okal Messmore Michael Moskal Loretta Phillips Somsack Linda Pifer Virginia Rollin Kish Dianne Priscantelli Stanley Ward Patricia Shoulter Humphrey Marilyn Regal Foster Thelma Weber 1961 Janet Avery Lynette Bassett Connie Billheimer John Bell Kenneth Berry Larry Blessing Rosemary Bowling Brenda Boyd Virginia Bradley Susan Bridgett Baum Susan Burkhart Bell Connie Clifford Rook Henry Cowhick Joan Davis Anderson Loretta Dawson Judith Dennis Adolph Dorn Elaine Forster Raymond Garn Raymond Gast Joan Heiffner Howe Grover Heilman David Howe Connie Hyde Troxel John Jordan Karen Kari Sue Keillor Rose Kurtz David Leidorff Mary McKean Raab John McReynolds Joseph Majce Leslie Meininger Doyle Oxender Richard Pfeiffer Sharon Rex Stuart Richard Rook Richard Saegert Sheila Shepherd Joan Shoulter Linda Shultz Philip Simcox Patricia Stevenson Duane Snoddy Janet Svirik David Trapp Jerry Veverka Arnold Wacker David Weyer Linda Butcher Albrecht 1962 'Robert Allen Eldon Barone Jerry Bauer Janes Botdorf Robert Breyley Donald Britt Thomas Brooks Kenneth Byrd Don Channell Gene Clifford Richard Crebs James Given James Gott Jack Grissinger Bill Herrmann Andy Joe Higgins Jeffrey Keep George Kish Joseph Kobylski Ted Kostecki Roy Leininger . Richard McConnell Tom McFrederick David McMillan Layton Meininger Bruce Miller Basil Morehead John Nesbett Richard Pifer Sam Simmerman . Wolf Dieter Storl Francis Stuart Harold VanMeter Ronald Wandel Gary Westervelt Louise Baker Janice Ballou Carol Blake Carnetta Blankenship Massey Susan Boone Aretta Gail Britt Mary Cowhick Gibson Joan Dague Janet Dalgleish Cheryl Elliott Martha Free Margaret Geiger Wacker Phyllis Haines E arnestine Hardin Ensign Margaret Harris Carole Hawley Lena Hollandsworth Jean Hopkins Diane Hopkins Elizabeth Jenkins Irene Kozub Judith Kurtz Peggy Myers Elaine Querin Leidorff Loralee Rook Grissinger Marilyn Rowe McMillan Sue Schmetzer Carol Foster Ann Shorts Judy Walkden Marjorie Wright Sharyn Scheck Clifford Ted Fetzer GUY B. FINDLEY AWARDS 1959 Dawn Wilson Neff 1960 Michael Moskal 1961 Janet Avery 1962 Janet Dalgleish FIRE STONE AWARDS 1961 Larry Blessing Linda Shultz 1962 Marilyn Rowe McMillan Elizabeth Jenkins ADVERTISERS DANIEL W. NESBETT 8 SCJNS I E ' COMPLIMENTS OF GERALD'S STUDIO CAMERA SHOP 212 CENTER STREET "YOUR SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER" ASHLAND COUNTY'S MOST COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC CENTER PHONE 3 -055 1 ASHLAND OHIO 1--1? 1 ' - . 0515 Qgzzwnevd cwu M OHIO FARMERS INSURANCE COMPANYXCHAR SUPERIOR RISK INSU 1848-1963 66115 YEARS UF SERVICE AND PRUTECTION 4 ' I .xl 5 1T LOUIS H. WILSON, AGENCY "FOR FAMILY SECURITY AND HAPPINESS" YOUR INDEPENDENT AGENT SERVES YOU BEST COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE FIRE - LIFE - ACCIDENT - AUTOMOBILE - BURGLARY HOSPITALIZATION - LIABILITY - SURETY BONDS NOTARY PUB LIC PHONE 463 WEST BURSLEY ROAD WELLINGTON, OHIO I I I--Fu-' ull ' BROKER AND BUILDER NOW ACCEPTING LISTINGS ON HOMES AND FARMS IN PHONE 5133 OFFICE IN HOME A 532225a:agEQ1w1Qii'f"15EiiEef : ON ROUTE-58 JUST 3 MILES SOUTH OF WELLINGTON AND REAL WELLINGTON AT THE E S TATE LORAIN COUNTIES FOOT OF BURSLEY ROAD WELLINGTON OHIO Best Wishes to the Class of '63 Compliments ' 7 Allison s Shoe Store Of Medina Shopping Center Ohio Body Mfg. Co. Grlssmger Shoe Store 239 South Court Street New London Ohio Medina Ohio F '-' LI .4 22-1-2 COMPLIMENTS OF David E. Matteson, Funeral Director 24 HOUR PROMPT OXYGEN EQUIPPED AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 2601 WEST SALEM OHIO The Farmers Savings Bank MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION OFFERS EVERY BANKING FACILITY CONSISTENT WITH GOOD BANKING 42, INTEREST ON SAVINGS CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT ALL TYPES OF LOANS CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES BANK MONEY ORDERS FREE BANK-BY-MAIL CHRISTMAS CLUB ACCOUNTS - TRAVELERS CHECKS SPENCER OHIO 1 : r- , s..,.: t 2 -t i ,te 3 : as tE5E-2-5 - 5 C OM PLIMENTS OF The First Wellington Bank OFFICE OF THE ELYRIA SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. WELLINGTON OHIO I 5-- : . it -it-I 5- L '- COM PLIMENTS OF Joe 81 Ron's I.G. A. Supermarket SULLIVAN OHIO '-tl The Polk State Bank POLK, OHIO MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 4'Zy INTEREST PAID ON TIME CERTIFICATION OF DEPOSIT N L : 5 5 1. E: II Ig 5 C OM PLIM EN TS OF Lacy Bros. ' Miiifiiif NEW HOLLAND 'V+- l2' Pi , H 2 Binninger's Jewelry OUR GENUINE, "TRAUB ORANGE BLOSSOM" DIAMOND RINGS ARE WELL KNOWN FOR THEIR TOP QUALITY AND BEAUTY EXPERT WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIR ABOVE FAY CO. 385 BROAD STREET ELYRIA 1 I 1 E : I ::... ,. :: --I COMPLIMENTS OF Mack's Food Center 8k Locker 1 1X2 MILES WEST OF LODI COMPLETE ONE-STOP FOOD MARKET LOCKERS AND FREEZERS CUSTOM BUTCHERING - CHILLING - CUTTING - GRINDING CURINGS AND SMOKING AND FREEZING FOR HOME LODI OHIO " "?P'51Ss3'-4 5-4 r-512-:'-n i 100 S ff gp E 5 52 If QANDS OLDESWY' ASHLAND Main At O g Claremont Ave QQSGNSUMQQ At smith Road 5' 2 E . "JZ".'JZ." S JEROMESVILLE a s 41551559 I, Swaino Custom Butchering f ' IV KX. -u-an I if--,J HUNTINGTON OHIO , ! PHONE WELLINGTON 580-Y f 'I 3 5'l'? LY" ' P' ' 5 ' P' I H-' 51 Strike 8 Spare Lanes TWELVE BEAUTIFUL WELL KEPT BOWLING LANES BRUNSWICK AUTOMATIC PIN SETTERS BOWL FOR HEALTH RESERVATIONS FOR SPECIAL GROUPS PHONE 948-1090 HIGHLAND AVENUE LODI OHIO I ' H I ?:555 : -El E 5 : FF Drag Way 42 WEST SALEM OHIO 5:1-E19i":E Et:-?:T 102 T 4 1 'EE nik: H51-' sr:- COMPLIMENTS OF Je Spencer Elevator -.., : ,. : I : zsz. F COM PLIMENTS OF C. W. Sommers, Inc. 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE CHEVROLET BUICK - OLDSMOBILE PHONE 948 1010 LODI OHIO -' 5 ?1" H 5-L"-"3 :- '-law 2- I ' ,,, , 103 H :': COMPLIMENTS OF The Lodi Equity Company GRAIN - FEED - FERTILIZER COAL - FENCING TILE - BUILDING MATERIAL TELE PHONE 948 -1020 LODI OHIO 1 ll BANKING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY AT The Old Phoenix National Bank OFFICES AT MEDINA - BRUNSWICK - SEVILLE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 104 '5' gh? ig :'- in: W 5-: : :lg Medina Farmers Exchange Co. 1904 - 59 Years of Service - 1963 FARM Oliver: Tractors, Farm Machinery Gehl: Choppers, Mixers Remington: Chain Saws Starline: Barn Equipment Medina Quality Feeds Plenty of Parking Space HOME GE: Appliances Dexter: Wringer Washers Glidden: A Paint for Every Surface Bolens: Outdoor Power Equipment Jacobsen: Power Mowers 320 S. Court St. Medina ,,-, In Compliments of Com lirnents of p H. C. Wheeler, Inc. General Contractor Residential Commercial Uwe Take Pride in Your Appearance, Industrial Institutionial Phone 3-7761 Phone 929-0481 or 2-1575 7 East Main Street West 12th Street at Erie RR New London Ohio Ashland Ohio The Staff of the 1963 "Echo" wishes to take this opportunity to thank all advertisers in this annual. We hope the s ub s c rib e r s will patronize these organizations. - ,,.,,. -1- u 105 Compliments of The City Hardware Hardware, Stoves, Oils, Paints, Window Glass Ed. Bartholomai, Prop. 40 Years Service in Lodi Store Phone 948-1011 Residence Phone 948-2585 Lodi Ohio V - I :E - : H: H PE BOOSTERS PERVIER'S GREENHOUSE DON'S SOHIO, New London SULLIVAN GARAGE COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ROBART'S BURBANK GRAIN gl FEED WILLIAM BAISH, W8IIiI1g'1ZOI1 SMITH MUSIC PENFIELE GROCERY HEFFELFINGEIEVS MEAT MARKET HILLCREST MOTEL DR. GARRET WELLS AGENCY, INC. FASHION CO, FLO'S BEAUTY SHOP TIME SHOP STAHL'S GENERAL ELECTRIC LEATHERMAN'S HARDWARE APPLIANCE I'IERSEY'S BARBER SHOP THE WHITE HAT HAMBURG CARRY OUT SERVICE E. 81 M. BEAUTY COLLEGE GANYARDS TOGGERY FISHERS FOODS G. A. NICHOLS, Ashland, Ohio WILLIAM CURTIS DRY CLEANING CORNWELL'S SHOE CO. GENERAL TIRE SERVICE D. B. BARNES, New LOIICIOU KNOLLBROOK GOLF COURSE SNYDER ELECTRIC NIXON'S BARBER SHOP lsf- H HF - -: eng E E. H Q 106 Lodi Lumber Co. Everything to Build Anything 1500 Colors of Pittsburgh Paint In Stock at all Times Phone 948-1311 Lodi, Ohio S., : 1 :- F3 Your Independent Agent Serves You Best C. A. Heck Insurance Agency 112 Bank St. - Lodi, Ohio Let Us Worry For You! Insurance With Us Means Assurance -- Service -- Peace of Mind Agent Charles Heck Res. Phone 948-2235 Office Phone 948-1027 -.e me- I - -.- as - r si: " r -: :ss : Compliments of Hob Nob Restaurant H "Open 24 Hours" II Dining Room Available For Parties Lodi Ohio as is as E g a :H Ll F Hsiir E :H H -1:1 107 er-155' il: -z:: - 2 Check and Save The Savings Deposit Bank Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Medina Ohio i E I S ' L : I .... g , C ompl iments Of West Salem Equity Feed - Coal - Fertilizer West Salem Ohio ,H I 'I Imhotf Brothers-Contractors General Farm Building R. R. No. 5 Wooster, Ohio Gene Irnhoff - Phone Wooster, Ohio 262-9187 Dean Imhoff - Phone 909 Red Haw,'Ohio Fi! Ez... : 108 H :J 5-E-2 Compliments of Best Ready Mix, Inc. Ready to Serve You Ready Mix Concrete Building Supplies Phone Lodi 5191 Phone Lodi 4491 106 Prospect Street Lodi, Ohio Lodi Ohio Compliments of Wimp's Welding 81 Automotive Repair ff Phone OX. 2-3521 Nova Ohio Compliments of The Nova Elevator Company Phone Oxford 2-3200 Nova Ohio i 109 ,A Q X Good Luck Class of '63 1 N L L-YANN -,H Wayne A. Shorts 8x Sons rx -f l lr Well Drilling Contractor V . W ri Q. L E Ni Phone Red Haw 688 r ,g ' ---' 4?i3""' H .. - West Salem, Ohio Do Drop Inn Beer Sz Wine tCa1'ry Out Alsoj Chicken in the Basket Huntington, Center Ohio Compliments Of Don Fetzer, Inc. "'63 Ford" "You Can Pay More But You Can't Buy Better" Lodi ,I N Ohio no Compliments of Phllway Products, Inc. Ashland Ohio ' s 1 Perla aaaa +A- E :E-:F ,5- , ad, Compliments of National Latex Products Co. Ashland 01110 rl - g 3 - - - 'S -5: Farmers Production Credit Association 27 Years of Dependable Farm Credit 1236 Claremont Ave - Phone 32101 - Ashland, Ohio 748 N. Court Street - PArk 38022 - Medina, Ohio Route 4+ Box 12 - Fairfax 22724 - Elyria, Ohio I-'i S :-:Eg-' EEE Compliments Of Walter 81 Patton, Inc. Dealer In Purina Chows Grinding And Mixing On The Farm Wellington, Ohio Phone 6001 ll FINE NIOTOR CARS IN NIEDINA V PONTIAC ' BUICK' CADILLAC Compliments Of Lodi Foundry Company Producers Of Aluminum Castings For Aircraft Earl Martinson - Carlton Brewster Phone Lodi 948-1516 Lodi Ohio 112 ' I E I t ll Scheck Brothers Hardware 8m Blacksmith Shop Authorized Briggs And Stratton General Farm Machinery Repair Complete Line Of Hardware Welding-Electric And Acetylene Sylvania Television Remington Chain Saws Spencer Ohio Always Be Proud Of Your School Wooster Lumber Company Phone HO 2-8015 Wooster Ohio Irma's Beauty Barr Expert Permanent Waving And Hair Coloring County Rd. 83 Phone No. 7-2730 113 Lair rg Compliments of Parson's Jersey Daily Underwood's Market Dam, Products Of Excellence Home Of Quality Meats And Groceries Your Complete Food Market Phone 3241 Member Of Dairy Guild Of America 215 N. Main Street Lodi Ohio Phone 2241 Wellington Ohio as I H l 2 E E H-H - I I: H "g I L-.I 1 Compliments Congratulations Of The United Dairy' Company Class Of "63" Dairy Products From Phone 948-1551 Merthes I L.. : L LH .. : 2 I 1... 114 i , f F I 5 :- The lorain County Savings 81 Trust Company Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Company Compliments Of The Tarmefs State Bank Strength - Service - Security Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Elyria Amherst Oberlin Ohio West Salem Ohio ?:":E .4-iii-5,, 5. -as 5 . - aa : HH Phone PArk 3-1519 Compliments . . of Champion Athletic Supply School And Team Equipment Spencer 0lI Company, Inc. ,tttttttt tttttmttt Club And Team Jackets Medina Shopping Center Spencer Ohio Al Schaefer 883 N. Court Quinn Schaefer Medina, Ohio 115 The Savings 84 loan Banking Co. New London A State Chartered Bank Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance ' Corporation 4? Interest On Savings New London Ohio CIifford's Tin Shop Roofing - Spouting Heating - Plumbing Myers Water Systems Phone 2793 Residence 2363 Spencer Ohio Freeway - Vue Farms Registered Holsteins West Salem Chio E bu inf: Compliments Of Jennings Ready Mix, Inc. Ashland Norwalk New London Ready Mix Concrete Building Supplies -5 :HSS 116 I -x. Compliments Of R. W. Grissinger Building Contractor Homerville, Ohio Phone West Salem 3196 Compliments Of Kelly's Pure Oil 101 North Main Street General Service Work Lubrication Jobs, A.A.A. Phone 9482 Spencer, Ohio Remember - Ashland - Is Our Home Home Federal Savings and loan Association 121 West Main Street Ashland, Ohio Insured Home Compliments Of Carl Cr Hummel 81 Sons Hancock Hybrids Phone 625-2444 Savings Loans Homerville Ohio ""-'i . lr' 117 N : 5-3i1i 5 Medina Farm Bureau Co-op Assn. Wellington Hardware and Furniture Supplies For Farm And Home gg-I-h 7 9, 0l'IIi0Ii S A Complete Shopping Center Owned And Controlled By Farmers Of Medina County Phone PA 2-1521 Medina Ohio Phone 242 Wellington, Ohio as-1 I : In i ' I 1 2 : You Can Whip Our Cream, But You Compliments Of Can't Beat Our Milk. says Gene was Medina County Bank Lodi And Valley City, Ohio PA 3-7662 244 N. Court St. Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Company Medina, Ohio A 118 Compliments Of McKean's Groceries -- Meats Carry Out Beverages H. B. Coe Insurance Agency Complete Insurance Service Office - Chatham, Ohio - NOrth 7-2911 Res. - Spencer, Ohio - Phone 2683 Spencer, R2, Ohio i 2-1 " 1 Ez' Gas - Oil Phone 5811 Wellington Huntington Ohio 1 2 : : 5-1 '- E Satisfaction Since 1884 nT:lEL'2 -y I ,". 5 472 ASQ ' it fu 9 . 3 .few X, . i:"cM wMV,s Freedlandefs It Pays To Buy Quality Wooster Ohio 5-E Your Friendly Paint Sz Color Service Center" Automotive Refinishers Supply, Inc. Automotive Paints Body Panels Abrasives Sherwin-Williams House Paints 6? R-M M DITZLER Phone 3466-2 A ' 130 Claremont Ave. Ashland, Ohio ' H l. 119 compliments Of Hines Body and Repair Shop I S West Salem, Ohio The Nova Telephone Company Nova Ohio Phone 4422 Home 3829 u . I - -11 E Ii .. i F as :A -gs: f- I :L g- x : : "e ri: E ' -r-2 5 5 rs Compliments Nickles Bakery Of Bakers Of Qualit Baked Goods . Y lngraham's Gulf Servlce "At Your Door Or At Your Store." North Main Street Phone 929-3791 Phone 2073 New London Ohio Spencer Ohio 120 ri! ' '?-Ei il- Lil' 55131 Gail E. Heifner The Best People Phone EL-62646 Sullivan In The World Read The Representing Medina Count Gazette Carl C. Ward Realty Agency Y Ashland Ohio Medina Ohio I: 55' l I... Compliments Of Wackerman's General Store Groceries - Fresh Meats - Dry Goods Hardware Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone 625-2122 Ashland Ohio Homerville Ohio ..l 121 Salyer's Garage Compliments Of Studebaker Sales 8a Service Lark Avanti Hawk 17 Rexall Drug Store Wagoner Used Cars 855 Ashland Road Wellington Ohio Phone 524 - 2415 L Mansfield Ohio E '? 5 -3 ' I E :ig ' : E 2 '- is if as 5 i sl: 2 ' For The Best In Athletic Supplies Wellington lumber Company And Best Prices Phone 256 See Us First Chi-Namel Paints Rawlings - Wilson - Spalding Distribution Lumber Millwork Johns-Manviue Products Trophies - Jackets - Sweaters Glass Insulation R. B. Co. 734 Broadway Phone CH. 56977 Wellington Ohio Lorain Ohio ... - I E -L .2 3 S : 122 I - as F El: Compliments Of Tires, Batteries, Accessories Minor Repairs Brake Service Engine Tune-Up Wheel Alignment Wheel Balancing 206 Herrick Avenue, East Phone 570 Wellington Ohio Wellington OhiO 5 as Ig- -g E -.B 5 2' : : ' '1 5 -4' E ll , Spring Hill Greenhouse Jim and Ruth s Sav-Mor Market Groceries - Fresh Fruit R. B. Snell- 8a Son, Florists Meats - Vegetables Phone 4702 Lodi, Ohio Phone 2561 Spencer Ohio Say It With Flowers E-,g h,-S: hun:-z:::s,q :g'.Eg,ggE 123 J' I 124 Compliments Of locke Manufacturing Company Railings--Columns Metal Building Products "American Foremost Wrought Iron Craftsmen" Phone 948-1333 Lodi Ohio H-e I '51- Compliments Of Benton's Store "On The Square" Phone 3192 Lodi Ohio E 5 : -: : ' i r I I 'W Hart Construction Co. The Farmers Bank of Ashland Highway Contractors Main Office East Branch 19 W. Main Street E. Main At Eastern 460 Oberlin Road Asphalt--Tar--Road Oil Ashland Ohio Furnished And Applied Phones-Office FA 20796 Members Federal Deposit Insurance Garage FA 20698 Corporation Elyria Ohio : :fd E L ll: : : :: I Ed A. Ringler Pole Type Farm Buildings Compliments Of Millers Dari-Delite Herrick Avenue E ast R'D' in For The Best Ice Cream Cones, Phone Sullivan El 6-2740 Sundaes, And Shakes Nova, Ohio Wellington Ohio HaIl's Barber Shop Barbershop Phone 948-2422 J Lodi Ohio P Compliments Of Roedel's Shoe Store Wellington Ohio -1 E I l Spencer Tavern Magazines, Candy, Soft Drinks, Ice Cream, Ken's Food Center Milk, SL Bread Ashland, Ohio Spencer Ohio H' F , 2 E e S H-H-H1 L-E IF E 1-1 Elm Farm Milk Company Quality Milk And Ice Cream Phone PA-38044 l. l. lowe Lime Sz Fertilizer Spread Rt. 58 - One Mile North Of Sullivan " Medina Ohio Phone ELgin 6-2113 I- LH ,I : .rf 125 H - 'Ei i-:' f: Compliments Of Whitney Shell Service Walter Krantz Auctioneer Motor Repair Tires, Batteries Phone-8323 Phone 520 Lodi Ohio Wellington ohio ' : r , , :: The House Of Service To Real Estate Compliments Of Sales--F arms--Appraisals Investments--Insurance-- Mortgage Loans List Your Property with Us Dr. George Ravitch, D. D. S. The lehman-lohnson Co. 138 Middle Avenue Elyria - FA 33385 :' ?-r :::1 3 Wellington Ohio The lorain Hardware Co. Giar's Cleaners Phone CHerry 4-2281 Automatic 8a Professional R.c.A. - Whirlpool And G.E. Cleaning Appliances Coin-Operated Laundry 500 - 502 Broadway 129 Herrick Ave. East Loram Ohm Wellington Ohio E-5 ' 1:5 2 '-I : : -HHH:-2 l :H 2 ,E : ,4- Compliments of Compliments Of Brockway Sohio Service Gas-Oil-Tires-Batteries On Route 58--Phone: E16-2181 Phone 3231 Motor Repair Front End Alignment . Wheel Balancing Spencer Ohm suinvan ohio If HH I al ' I I SB- E 126 Homerville Service Center General Auto And Tractor Repair Phone 2195 Homerville Ohio 1"-"-' --fl Skeeles Ford Sales, Inc. Telephone 3691 Herrick Ave. West. KE Wellington, Ohio Villa-Way-Farms Gail Heifner gl Jim Richards Sullivan Ohio RaIph's Grocery Groceries - Meats - Produce Phone OX 2-3112 Nova Ohio z -1 ' I i White City Truck Stop Sandwiches Lunches - Dinners Shell Gas Station N. E. Walters I. G. A. Market Quality Meats 8: Groceries Phone Elgin 6-2598 Phone 2382 Sullivan R.F.D. ei ohio l Spencer Ohio 4 5 E5 i 'S - I r ' -1 : 1 .as g 3 - E., , as u -gg rr Compliments Of lodi Implement Company River Street Lodi Ohio . Packing House Mkt. Quality Meats Phone FA. 2-6124 565 Broad Street, Elyria, Ohio 127 Rochester Cement Block Co. Cement Blocks, Cement Mortar, Brick Windows And Other Building Materials Phone 365-W Rochester Ohio Compliments Of Western Auto Family Store Sporting Goods Phone 948-1626 Lodi Ohio .rf Smith 84 Wharton Electric, Inc. 1250 Middle Rowsburg Road Ashland Ohio Spurlock's Restaurant We Specialize In Good Food Prepared As You Like It Located At The Light Phone 9491 Spencer Ohio Good Food ' 'ogg' -' 1 Q- SIMMONS Hausted Division Compliments Of Town 84 Country Beauty Salon . Phone 2371 M d, Srmmons Co. , e ma Ohm Spencer 01110 1' 3 z Allis-Chalmers Sales Sz Service . , Hendnck s Farm 81 Home Supply ' Hardware-P ' t Rapkrng Garage S Plumbing-Supplies Phone 410 Rt. 18 East Wellington Ohio Poultry Equipment Spencer Ohio S 2- Hr: I 1 i -:gs -'EH 128 Compliments Of Henry E. laribee Clark R. Cooper Medina Ohio Compliments Of Bridge Drive-In Open All Year Steaks Short Orders Dining Chops Room Service Phone 942 14' New London Ohio Compliments Of Hales' Restaurant- Compliments Of Walter Zeigler Nationwide Insurance Phone 3483 Medina Ohio Spencer Ohio S . oh Better Things For Better For Anything And Everything Photographic Folks At The Visit Or Call Bruce Frrestone Studio 237 South M. Street Better Dress Shops Phone 201 Color Black And White Portrait Commercial Candids Complete And Prompt Film Medina-Wooster-Mansfield-Parma Processing Service "The Place Of Friendly Service" Spencer Ohio H' Studebaker Sales 81 Service Compliments Of Hannon Motor Sales International Trucks Sales And Service C1 t A Phone 21 202-204 aremon venue Kelly Street Ashland Ohio Wellington Ohio I r 4- l 129 -:: I A Rowkmd Bros' Gordon's Paint Drug Sz Prescriptions "37 Years Decorating Experience" 113 Wooster Street Phone 3251 235 Orange Street Lodi Ohio Ashland Ohio Phone 2-1592 -- 16 E. Main St Ashland, Ohio 0 C. Welss Drug Co. . Real Estate 81 Insurance Your Walgreen Agency The Complete Drug Store "Where Your Dollar Will Buy More" 120 Church St. "Prescription Specialists" Ashland Ohio -A I ,.:r- Chick Sezs "Fil1 Your Middle" At The Griddle HostettIer's, Inc. Your Office Supply Store Gifts Phone 49554-31570 Supplies-Office Machines- Office Furniture Phone 38771 10 Main Street Ashland Ohio Corner Of 3rd Orange Street Ashland, Ohio ui 130 Compliments Of Ashland Home Owned Union Hardware 42 East Main Street Ashland, Ohio 1350 Lexington Avenue Jewelry Stores Bear's Kastan's leibfarth's Best Wishes To The Class Of 1963 Mansfield Ohio Ashland Ohio 1069 Park Avenue West : -5 1 1 Spencer News 84 Printing "A Weekly Paper" Printing 8a Mimeographing Work Statements, Letterheads, Tickets Invoices, Stationery, Envelopes Etc. Phone Spencer 349 1 ' : 3-':' F" Compliments Of Harold Blake Agency Life And General Insurance Real Estate Service 308 East Main St. Spencer, Ohio . Mrs. Raymond tJean7 Burden ' Spencer Ohm F: l -- -1 : i l E 5 3 ' l 5 3 i 3. Ken's Sohio Station Gas-Tires-Batteries Phone EL 6-2292 Sullivan Ohio Compliments Of Harry E. Ramsier Buyer Of Scrap Iron, Metals, Etc. South Of West Salem Rt. 301 To Road N. 132 First Road Left Phone 4400-3255 H 1 For The Best In Cosmetics See Your Friendly Avon Representative Mrs. led Richards Phone EL 6-2526 Sullivan Ohio Dick's Truck Service R. E. Hawley, Owner Bulk Or Bag Agricultural Lime Limestone - Sand - Coal Phone --- ELgin 6-2791 F West Salem Ohio Sullivan Ohio O O Sullivan Packing Compliments Of Custom, Cutting lohn Shaw Insurance Agency Butchering Wrapping Retail Phone West Salem 3811 El 6-2438 Sullivan Ohio West Salem Ohio 131 ' is-5?i ' Compliments Of litchfield Gulf Service State Route 18 8z 76 Phone PA-2-4242 Litchfield Ohio Robert Eby Auctioneer Complete Auction And Real Estate Service Farms A Specialty Rt. 58 Phone Polk 5-4232 Ashland Ohio in E 2 I 1 Circle Shell Service Lubrication Wash Tires--Batteries--Accessories Medina Park 2-4180 Litchfield Ohio - i -S Edward Allgire 81 Son Ditching Contractor Phone ELgin 6-2658 St. Rt. 58 Sullivan Ohio Curtiss Breeding Se rvice V is l ll n . . l l l l l l 1 l n l 1 l Joel McRober1s Phone Spencer 2326 Elyria GL-85315 Wellington 3612 Kenyon's Store River Corners Groceries-Meats-Ice Cream Patent Medicines Hours - 8-9 p.m. ---Weekdays 8 a m 1 p m Sundays ll D O 1 O l N Wm F ff,, , , ,ggi ' ,, " ll " Q Mclntrre Furnrture if Company H 144 West Liberty St. Wooster O. - K Phone 262-7791 H 132 Congratulations Class Of 1963 Brenner Bros. Lower The Cost Of Dressing Well Wooster Ohio l 'L :E Compliments Of DeKalb Corn Chix The A. l. Root Co. Sorghum MX Bee Supplies And Candles Deiiiighifoige 252386 Medina Ohio Spencer Ohio Compliments Of Congratulations Class of '63 From M. Swack Iron and Steel Co. Denny Neptune W- G- Smith Smiths Barber Shop West Salem Ohio West Salem Ohio .I E - West Salem Body 'Shop lyn-Way Drive-Inn Estimates - Refinishing Fine Foods Courtesy Service Body Work Wash Jobs Cleveland Road Phone 3562 West Salem Ohio Ashland Ohio l l lf Dari-Dolly Rowe-McCracken Electric Co. East Main Street Residential 'af Commercial el- Industrial Where Friends Meet For A Snack Or A Meal 705 Cottage Street Ashland, Ohio Ashland ohio Day Phone 21514 Night Phone P23681 I In E - 133 Maxines A Friendly Place For All Your Needs Ice Cream Sandwiches Magazines Cold Drinks-Coffee Wellington, Ohio Phone 2146 -5 - 3 1 Curtis F. Truman Funeral Home A.B. Furniture Davidson's Elevator Grain-Feed-Coal Telephone: Oberlin ------ 775-0116 Birmingham--W-54333 Kipton, Ohio The Kipton Elevator Assn. Dealer In Grains, Feeds, Seeds, Coal, Hardware And Fertilizer Phone 84 John Deere And New IDEA Farm Equipment Wellington Ohio Kipton Ohio is gg Q- ' F HSS Division of Farmers Gram and Milling Company wellington, ohio Phone 1751 Manufacturers Of Reep Ford Tractor Pride Of The Valley Mme, ine. Ford Pride Of The Valley Wild Bird Food Products POV Wild Bird Food New Holland Kleen Kitty Cat Litter Purr-sun'l Cat Litter Wellington Ohio l S-as H P H E . I L E - Compliments Of Dr. Hartmann, M. D. Phone 30 0 Wellington Ohio 134 Compliments Of Dr. S. R. Stone Wellington Ohio : :E H fr Printing That Pleas es Art Printing Company Fluke, Inc. Slaughterers gl Wholesale Dealers In Meat 147 East Second Street Cleveland Road Ashland Ohio Ashland Ohio Compliments 7 1 of Hyman s Marathon Surrey Inn Phone 4-3021 Tires - Batteries Phone 2-3673 Ashland Ohio Ashland Ohio 2 :: Compliments of Welch Radiator Shop Dilgard Auto Parts, Inc. Wholesale - Retail Replacement Parts and Machine Work 523 East Seventh Street Phone 31564 Phone 42364 Ashland Ohio Ashland Ohio , I lorain Travel Bureau CUHWHY - lull "A Complete Travel Service" Auto Services . Member of Independent Garage Telephones' Owners Association Cleveland: MA. 1-6558 1065 Broadway Ashland Unit Lorain: CH. 5-6924 Lorain, Ohio Phone 4-6921 535 East Seventh Street Ashland Ohio ::.E'.-L.: 135 1' ""' l 0 Best Wishes Class of '63 Yost Service Cenler Glenn E. lamb lumber Lumber - Building Materials Groceries Meats Live Minnows and Fishing Tackle Gulf Gas 1X2 Mile West of Bursley Road and 58 Phone 5812 Huntington Ohio Wellington Ohio C t 1 t' ' ' Onglgggg, igfms lou s Flower 84 Grft Shop ll63ll 119 Herrick Ave. West ' ' 9 Wellington, Ohio Pmkle s Parlor Phone 625 lEvenings 5-WJ Wellington Ohio Flowers for all Occasions I l Compliments of Church Radio 84 TV General Homes, lnc. 305 Prospect Street Phone 522-K Prefab-Shell Homes Wellington Ohio Wellington Ohio I, l Compliments of Compliments of , I Moore s Cleaners Yilhllke Healing Wellington Ohio Wellington Ohio l 136 'Wa Medina Compliments New london Equip. Inc. John Deere and New Idea Anderson Drug Store Sm Gram Bins Phone 929-0551 Your Walgreen Agency Ohio New London Ohio Compliments of Bob's Village Restaurant Reynolds Lumber Company Lumber - Builders Supplies Homemade Pies - Fine Foods Roofing Phone 929-0504 Minnesota Paints - Oils Phone 929-0891 New London Ohio New London Ohio ,sl New london Shell Sewice Ryan's Apiaries Car Washing L b' t' ,, Q A , u rica ion Brake SGI'ViC6 0 N Phone 929-9560 A ' North Main St. New London Spencer, Ohio Phone 2757 .I ' ' 'L " "- I H' Covered Buttons Phone C d B kl FA' f 2-9723 New london Parts Co., Inc. B3g2geHO,gg es lf ax Automotive Parts Machine Shop Service Sewing Machine Sales 81 Service A. C. Lapp Phone 929-1521 . 18 N. Main St' ISMDA President Sewing Machines 304 Broad St. New London Ohio Repaired Elyria, Ohio I ? E 137 ir- '45 3 --' l ll- 2i: Gray's Furniture Store For The Best In Sports Coverage We Sell New and Used Read The Furniture Ashland lrmes Gazette Phone 32782 24 West 2nd Street Ashland Ohio Ashland Ohio l : E l .. , Compliments of Montgomery Ward Ashland Ohio Gault Cleaners 1-Hour Service Free Pickup and Delivery In Town and Country 108 East 2nd Street Phone 35711 Ashland Ohio 0, g, h :.g:,1 5 .2 g 5 ZZ I E Gilbert Furniture Company "North Central Ohio's Largest Furniture Store" H ' ' 2 Compliments of Barrett's The Office Supply Store Typewriters - School Supply 145 West Main Street Ashland Ohio ru l -E ,N l L., . , ,-. I E -- I , Congratulations Books Class of "63" . Stationery Bear Furmture Company Cards "Everything For The Horne" Furniture, Appliances, and Carpeting Radios, Television, Draperies 525 Broad Street 319 Broadway Elyria, Ohio Lorain, Ohio Central Book Store 390 Broad Street Elyria FA 2-7729 : i' 5- : 5 138 -HllH 3 2 g rf An. , H d Compliments rson s ar ware of General Hardware Paints, Pumps, Electrical, Plumbing , Fuhrman s l.G.A. Market Phone 4801 West Salem Ohio West Salem Ohio l. i - -1 : 2 i 3 : :: S 5 l : : f 'i-I ig Compliments Of 7 Fuhrman s Ford Sales D. G. Keener 81 J. A. Wright Wayne County's Leading House Of Ford Values Optometrists West Buckeye Street West Salem Ohio West Salem Ohio : 5 5- 1 i' :: E 5 I 1 5: S, a. 'e :lr i - : H : N si- : :' 5 S l Mr. Auto Store Compliments Of Wholesale and Retail Phone 3691 Rrpley's Drug Store Distributor of Racing Equipment "Complete Machine Shop Service" Dave Billman, Owner West Salem Ohio West Salem Ohio I. .. : 5.3.11-E 5, 5 :.. E. : : ...:. . F- I-I 3 1 rr Compliments Of The lceherge West Salem Milk Shakes " Hawkins Service Station Sundaes . . Sandwiches Gas--O11--Tires--Tubes Drinks Accessories Phone 4391 Phone 3261 Ohio West Salem Ohio EE . 2: E- an L 139 -ff HaIIaday's Sohio Station Pvlk Hardware 25th Anniversary - 1963 Myers - Norge - Hoover - Speed Queen Sohio Public Square Lodi, ohio Sales and Service . Compliments lodr Auto Parts, Inc. . Of Perkins Jewelry Auto - Truck - Tractor Keepsake Diamonds Parts and Supplies Watches - Glassware Machine Shop Service Expert Watch Sz Clock Repairs Mildred Timic - Owner Phone 948-1420 119 Bank St. Lodi Ohio 1' s: 'I ' I Compliments of Yarman Bros. Q Famous Holmes County L- his-g'g' swnss CHEESE 5f?Q?fjii an -'l" Hickory Smoked Hams 8. Bacon . Ashland Hardware M Ph 8 2581 , on Ashland Ohio West Salem Ohio f' -F rs If-:Ha I F i : ,4- Compliments h , of T e Squares Security Federal Savlngs8f loan Shop Assocratron 4 M295 Medina Shopping Center Medina Shopping Center 35 :Ffa 2 ,. 4. -.Eggs L 140 'H Compliments of Compliments of Carl's Diner Gravely Ohio Co. Phone 124 Wellington Ohio Wellington Ohio Compliments of Wellington Implement, Inc. Herrick Avenue East Television Sales and Service Waite Radio 81 Electric Parts, Service, Tractors, Implements 89 Prospect st. Air Conditioning Wellington Ohio Wellington Ohio l Hillikefs Music 81 Appliance Compliments of Elem Appliances Shepherd Chevrolet Musical Instruments Record Players - Records Wellington Ohio Wellington Ohio H' K. H. Best Wishes R B M ers D.M.D. Dependable Insurance ' 0 y 9 Fire-Hail Extended Coverage Life - Health - Accident Hospitalization 157 Forest Street Phone Elgin 6-2491 Sullivan Ohio Wellington Ohio 141 I 5 '1 4 2 I I Brenner Shoe C0- Farm 81 Home Hardware Co. Wellington, Ohio Established in 1919 Chi1dren's and Teen-age Shoes Phone 3631 Wellington Ohio Our Specialty -1 I I Smar1's Musical Instruments Compliments of "Fred's" Welding Service Rental-Purchase Plan Phone 3127 - West Salem 6 S. Main on the Square Pipeline, Oilfield Work "A Real Music Store" General Repair West Salem Ohio Mansfield Ohio ,f :E : 2- : : E 5 1 I p. : " E : : I ' 1-4 The Sigafoes lumber Company Lumber - Roofing - Millwork W. T. Britt Water Hauling Hardware Phone ELgin 6-2313 PH Ashland 2-1624 Ashland Ohio Sullivan Ohio 5 5-1 : F : I ' - ? I I i -IE :S - For Fine Portraits Compliments Of O Smueker Studios, Inc. Oberlin Hardware 43 N. Mulbury G. E. Appliances Gordon Rogers Mansfield, Ohio Proprietor W"1 E: - r - ' 5 : : r is I in 5? 142 5 Compliments Of Denbow Funeral Home Ambulance Service Harry Denbow -- George Goard v Phone 41566 Ashland Ohio Our Compliments To The Class '63 EI--Mist Turkeys Sandwich Meat.Availab1e Year Round Stuffed -- Roasted -- Parts At Thanksgiving And Christmas Miles Firestone RD 5 Wooster Phone An -- 27117 Wooster Ohio 4 Compliments Of Harry's Mobile Service Lubricating - Tires - Truck Sz Passenger Batteries Harry Leonardi, Jr. 130 Herrick Ave., E. Phone 2901 Wellington Ohio 1- A. J. Weber 81 Company Heating - Plumbing - Sheet Metal Electrical Office Phone - 861 Wellington Ohio - .. . 5 143 ,2- gnii' 1 .49 K-11 , Q al ' Yi V WA LS wo Rm Lithoqraphod 6 Bound bv WAISWORTH Marcelino. Mo.. U. S. A. 1 k QL 'xx ., A Y, it X 41. LL . . x M . N -'Q L . 3 If 5 L LL LK. ,fix 5 L. tk W., . f an N. - . rf , L- H Akdi, , V L .5 A jf-Q L, m Q X L A L X X Q , r if S K X 1 - -sw .Ly im fn . -. H . 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Suggestions in the Black River High School - Echo Yearbook (Sullivan, OH) collection:

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