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IHFF' ' x Q K ' ' A A E, ' , ..4 in fx A- yn' A ,V ,G kdm? f. X N Q I an " 4 Y 4 vf , 1 AV'-3 ? K n 4 .. vn , - ...Q f 5 'gm " Y a ' 17-5 . ,V V 1 ' .ff fi: I va l 1, f gi 4 . ,fu lx A I. ' ,4 . I '31 54' L! . - 4 V Qi ' " ' . ssl. " . f fm' 1 - - ', : f T11 L in .T I ' 7? . 55, , ' xiii' . Q ' 5 F' L. Q 1.21 2 . K Y 1 .- w , . ' , W 9:5 2 4 gk .' - PAQ: -Q - I 5,11 A 3 Ja 1 , ' 'L " . 2,6 2, Qgff 5 - s :fs , X gm-1 ,N ' . ' L ' . ' V ' - .,f' ' l . , v 1 ,.', ' F: ' : W1 . ,.-1 ' 112 ,., ' ' - I "Q,-C . E' c ' ' - - A - V ffm ' . . ' RFQ? . i' :M , .3 V - L' v , , 1 . - A , . , . W . x 'Z I f - ia 'Ne Fzwl ,egg 4 K2 -H1 3-, , ' 1-gs . A V fi 51 ' Es. , . . Y 4 5-QQ " X i N . 2 ' -f fx -iv. '55, , A , .V . .- A . , .3 .Y ,qw W i yulqhzjv. " 54, ' 1. - -f F fag -1. P, v-l ,- --ff' . . -,.: A . , ,V ,..-' 3' '-.':xLQ:f-V,-.,,,: . ' ' . ,- " . ' -'f -"" ' -1 BLACK RIVER HIGH SCHOOL Sulllvan, Ohlo 56160 ozewoza! Once again an eventful year is brought to a close at Black River High School. There are happy memories and sad memories for each of us as we look back over the year. The end of the year is a time for the Freshman to look forward to September and a return to school. For the Sophomore it is just another summer vacation to anticipate. The Iunior sees it as his last summer vacation while still a student at Black River. For the Senior it is the final "good-bye. " For all it is the end of another year. The 1960 ECHO attempts to record these memories for all to remember. The editors wish to take this opportunity to thank anyone who has had a part in producing this year's annual. larvae! S Co-Editors: Business Manager: Senior Section: HOMER STAFF Eloise Gentry Pat Wandel Mary Bridg ett Eric Kirvel Nancy Geig er Bertha Blodgett SPENCER STAFF Sandy Taylor Mary Walkden Bill Benford Sherrell Hovorka SULLIVAN STAFF Virginia Rollin Linda Pifer Betty Orcutt Iean Clinker Undergrads: Louise Howman Betty Stuart Drema Britt June Kravitz Bettie Iackson Norma Britt Kathy Weimer Activities: George McWilliams Carol Elliott Dean Farnsworth Don Hoffman Mary Ann Higgins Ronnie Finley Sports: Dick Brooks John Nagy Ian Reinhardt Warren Waltz HiSt0ry: Linda Norris Connie Converse Marilyn Regal Okal Messmore Will: Nancy Campbell Dolores Larkey Thelma Weber Emma Messmore Prophecy: Mary Bridg ett Jeanne Leiby Virgil Berry Dianne Priscantelli Poem: Louise Welch Carol Sutz Carol Mengerink Iill Clark Advisors: Mr. Massey Mrs. Dawley Mr. Larabee b...N ff . wg .L 1. ' I E fg Lf W 'img If K ,Ma ,s 55 fb 1 - saw T- I". - 9 .nf ea,6bez2bw As the student departs from Black River High School he leaves behind a pattem of footprints representing his success, his disappointments, his pleasures, and his hardships. The pattern of each student is significant and remains forever a part of his school. Like footprints his experiences here leave upon his memory an indelible impression which he carries with him through life. We the co-editors of the 1960 edition of "THE ECHO" hereby dedicate this book to the student body of our school in the hope that it will bring back joyful memories of your school days. We further hope that these pages will act as a memorial to one of our fellow classmates , Earl Coe. K afEV'Eb-bb qu' Ab 'ofefa lam! aww! gf Jaafzacadbw Mr. Thoma s Bangert john Fensnermaker Stanton Sprinkle Mrs. Treva Kirkpatrick, , i Mrs. Ellen Blake Mr. Lee Mchederzcks i Mr. W. D. Cunningham MR. THOMAS BANGERT Superintendent Clerk Sullivan School Princlpal MR. DONALD E. LARABEE Homer School Principal MR. E. B. WORKMAN Spencer School Principal MR. JOHN A. FLORENCE Loo O g f ? ' Q f N : 4, f -- .m,kk,,, N ,, - . .. - " . Q 1:1 I K - 53- M N ' Y 3 I K A ff , M' -545 .. 'E 1 F gf N xg N M Q W L ' 'nf 3, 3 4 R , , . 4' . 55 - ,L ' 1 , , Us A L . s L 5 x 1 S , im 'gr i Q-.memfsfff 'ft f fx ..'--- H ,- - - if -X ,, .. W , 41, 4 w x Xik" - -3, 1- .. .gevxql mm Sk - , ,E i ------ , , Ewa Y . A ' , -'i- I is fi 12 ' r ,: . 52 . ig, k e 5 4 5 is A N LZ, A . . sf A 2, xi- f 1 i il i Q Nb 8 K figigx NVQ X Q, i , A Q gi X Figs S 5 . K . . . pw . -. W.,-. S .wwgv 'if 5 iw if Eg iw www i F L v i , :fi . rg? -59 . wi , 5 , . , .. , -4. :mf -Q,f:.5.L J ' - uw- JSQQEQT--:5.'1Hf f b a I2 J W .M sk - f- k U' W VT ,gig " .. .M m.m, Ev f - K w W .... ,L is ,, it W ay 5 N sz SY-TLA afzg 1, 1 ----- 1 ,wi af "' " ,H .. Md. 9' wa--Qwss 53? ' lm. 4 Q , m Q., y, ,K ,, V .. M f , . P Ag-'M ski ' xg. 3 F 4 W ,lg -N .. 2 s was 5 .k v x L' ,F Ji if . K 14- , if N sv 44 qi it s . . 3 , ,. -1.14 af is we, Mrs Edna Culler, Mr Wum. Sullivan School MRS. IOYCE GARVER ciao! Homer School MRS. MARION HOWARD Spencer School MRS. BERNICE DALGLEISH ememaba ciao! Zfefefzak Sullivan Cooks MRS. HOWE and MRS. KEENER 0064 Spencer Cooks MRS. WALTERS and MRS. NDKON Homer Cooks MRS. GENTRY and MRS. TAFPIN Huntington Cooks MRS. EASTERDAY and MRS. PHILLIPS ' Wi f Q W X- zv my M. 455 f. " , A ga' 5 X V J . A 'wad if Lffw 1 .Sv . me SQ? 1 ki? .4 Q' Q .hi 5 ,i i 2 .5 Q A- . Ik: :ffl 'I' f,-is Z 1 ffikwx- .V- iw sw 'em 5 -- zssx is iiiiafxr, , fybgfjz g, -I if45S5?3555s2Q " MM1P2f' ,Q .. 1 ag 'Ei Q Ti ml r Y 33 , Q4 S X 1 ' K ..f,::,:h'53g5,, ew , Q 1 E Q, .Q 1 Q 9 fr :nigga ww Mm L . N W H L-" R 5 L , I J H mf ,gg X 5 ' ,- is. , , Q . "" 15. 1 " wzi I . NZT5?,,' .:. iii: , I I 'Q z Wm? 4 5535"F 7 Q ' . " F ia Y F3 'X-,L f 5 3' .WE-,gif QL .Q,A,.Q. W Q 1 -Stk . 1,3 , is, I .T g A7 fa 1 Pi M A-5 'f 53 i s 1' r ? 1 S N 1 l e Q -my 3 wr: K W M ,. ,, 4:5 Y 'K :sf Q1-.4 ,iw-iw-W m, 1 ' -N . X, g Vi Swglfiii-M ww nn 'Q 5 i 4 -in Q., . . 'cf :- I?" i I 153' Sw 52 DH' X 5, + ' x X + 4' 4 pau Ill! ,Ill u n 4 - i . ' ffjasi gllfflf xuswsv f f 5 Hill! Q f" j' f f fg2?Q9i . lV .u 5 JAK Z ,- ,. Ig . sip x we J, xs n, A - --ws k.., -Xwf:wL.:.'1 -W , K, - . ,,,,. w www - z ' Qgswwgg -,gnu- ' Wx 3' ll! GRY- 'E -411 W , , a, "f 1 .eg A , . , -, . .. ww. , ff -"-W" --V I Q .. .EL . V ,. 1' f M .. tm- ' iz'-:,,,: "". . " 15 . ' gm ' - I " " ': ,, JH 5 -- A .i S1 A F - 'Vin V wi .... V" 1 E'2 W-:. ...,., " " X" " :pf 'ff 5- - Qfiffilff ' . A ,,.. 1 K' .. ' ' . if-'A--"-1' ' -f' :.dgg.ss1f',lM,,' ff' ff-L , " , 2" 4' g ' ' -'f"- - V A-. 'Lg4 ,,,,aa..w BERTHA HARRIET BLODGETT .. Ben .. NANCY IANE GEIGER H Nancy H RETI-IA ELOISE GENTRY ..Ege.. RICHARD D. BROOKS NANCY MARIE CAMPBELL "Dick" "Nano" MARY ANN BRIDGETT ll I-Y ll DONALD H. HOFFMAN ..DOn.. GEORGE N . MCVVILLIAMS "George " CAROLINE LOUISE HOWMAN "Weezer" I LINDA LOU NORRIS -.Lou-f ANTHONY ERIC KIRVEI. JUNE ANN KRAVITZ "Eric " "June-Bug " IAN HERMAN REINHARDT JAMES ALLEN RQWE Ilmneyn ul-im-u LOUISE ARLENE WELCH "We1chie " PATRICIA PAYE WANDEL KATHLEEN RAE WEIMER -.Patn -.Kathyu DONALD E. BEACH "Fred" KENNETH EUGENE DALGLEISH "Kenny" CAROL LEE ELLIOTT CALVIN K. BREYLEY CONNIE LEE CONVERSE WILLIAM LEE BENPORD "aiu " ', ROBERT JAMES FITZGERALD "Fitz-' SHERRELL LYNN HOVORKA " Lynnie " l x DOLORES MARIE LARKEY MARY ANN HIGGINS "Higgie" .-Dee.. CLARA JEAN LEIBY "Jeanne " ' BETTIE LEE IACKSON Y , ,, ,, IOHN THOMAS MCCOURT T- A ,nw Q. - - " -f - -- Q NQ?uz:- q,i,'ffi ' 1 L,'L . Q- -, 11 ff, .i .. 1- .- Q, -4- -1- fsff ' 1:1 -f .QS , f "sa .W ww '- -'wfx xv fx - ., zz -'-ffw f my Y - "LA , 2 - A U iizizeggzgj- -1 :15, fqf mifg. ' - A - ' f A . T as XV' X 9 av A as via 93? QA I 4 ig? 9 Ck 5 , . -' -imffiff , erase? gf - 'R A 2 PATRICK ALLEN MYERS T Q X "Rick" DENNIS NEPTUNE "Denny" CAROL ANN SUTZ ROBERT A. STROUP IOHN R. NAGY BETTY NOREEN STUART usobby.. SANDRA LEE TAYLOR ARTHUR KENT WEIDRIGK uf-1.09 u MARY LOUISE WALKDEN LARRY I. WOLFE ...Anien GARY WAYNE WEIDRICK "Sau5 " WARREN MELVIN WALTZ ROBERT LEE WILLIAMS "Willie" IAMES RICHARD BASSETT nnmn NINA LEE BLANKEN SHIP "Nin1e" N ORMA JEAN BRITT "Shorty " VIRGIL LEE BERRY nvirg n DREMA MAE BRITT ..Dee.. PHYLLIS IILL CLARK U-nn .. IEAN LOUISE CLIN KER "Shrimp" RALPH JOHN x1sH MELVINE DEAN PARNSWORTH -.Deann RONALD DEAN FINLEY "Ronnie " ANDREW IAMES LIPTAK ..Andyn RUSSELL GEORGE GRENZENBACH "Rusty" CAROL S UE MBNGERINK "Susie" OKAL IRENE MESS MORE "Dimp1es " EMMA LOUISE MESS MORE BETTY IEAN ORCUTT MICHAEL DAVID Mosxzu. "Mike " LORETTA SUE PHILLIPS "Butch " LINDA SUE PIPER VIRGINIA ELLEN ROLLIN ..Red.. nlenny.. DIANNE PRISCANTELLI STANLEY CHARLES WARD PATRICIA MAY SHOULTER ..Dee.. uchuck.. upat.. MARILYN RUTH REGAL THELMA KATHERN WEBER "Shorty" Www Zum 244 Mdlbtf In September, 1947, twenty-nine bright-eyed children entered the room of Mrs. Florence Welch at Albion to begin their school career. There are now only ten of the original first grade. They are: Nancy Geiger, Pat Wandel, Bertha Blodgett, Eloise Gentry, Nancy Campbell, Louise Welch, linda Norris, jim Rowe, Dick Brooks, and Donald Hoffman. In the second grade we remained at Albion. Mary Bridgett, june Kravitz, and Louise Howman joined our class. The class was divided between Mrs. Soka and Mrs. Cupp. In the third grade we were again under the guidance of Mrs.. Soka. For our fourth year we were transferred to the Homer building under the sponsorship of Mrs. I-lockensmith. Kathy Weimer joined our class. In the fifth grade we were again divided, some under Mrs. Hockensmith and some went into the late Mrs. Beatrice jenkins' room. Ian Reinhardt joined our class this year. In the sixth grade we were under the direction of Mrs. Cupp. Twenty-five were in our class. We were now ready to climb the big stairs and enter junior High School. It was quite an experience to change classes and have more than one teacher for a whole day. We all survived the 7th and 8th grades, however, and were soon ready to enter high school. Eric Kirvel joined our class. During our freshman year we had Mr. Gottron for an advisor. We made money for our class by selling cards, and stationery. George McWilliams came to us from Lodi. When we were sophomores we ordered our class rings. We sold pies and cakes at noon to make money. Mr. Gottron was our advisor. During our eleventh year we had Mr. Gottron as our advisor. We presented our class play "Maybe You're Wrong. " We entertained the Senior Class at the annualjfr.-Sr. Prom in Ashland at the Ashland Terrace Hotel. Our theme was "A Song in My Heart." In the fall of 1959 we became the second senior class to be enrolled under the name of Black River Local School, and as usual we had Mr. Gottron for our advisor. We presented for our Senior Class Play, "Curtain Going Up, " under the direction of Mrs. Neiswinter. We helped edit the school annual, "The Echo. " wow eww hu mdlttf In the year of 1948, 45 happy-go-lucky children entered the doors of Spencer School. Out of the 45 that entered, 19 are still in our class. They are: Donald Beach , Bill Benford, Calvin Breyley, Connie Converse, Kenneth Dalgleish, Betty jackson, Dolores Larkey, Ieanne Leiby, john McCourt, Ricky Meyers, john Nagy, Dennis Neptune, Bobby Stroup, Betty Stuart, Sandy Taylor, Mary Walkden, Warren Waltz, Robert Williams , and Larry Wolfe. Mrs. Dickason and Mrs. Clement were our teachers. In the second grade we had such a large class that we had to be divided into two groups. Mrs. Parrot was the teacher of one class and Miss Lawrence was the teacher of the other. That year, we gained Mary Ann Higgins and Robert Fitzgerald. In the third grade, our class was still divided. Mrs. Clement and Mrs. Parrot were our teachers. In this grade, we had two more additions, Carol Sutz and Artie Weidrick. In the fourth grade, we were together again with Mrs. Culler as our teacher. No changes were made in the fifth grade and Mrs. Kime was our teacher. In the sixth grade, we had Mr. Lizotte, our first man teacher. We were moved to the high school building as there was no room in the grade building. We, also, gained one more member, Sherrell Hovorka. We were very proud to be in the seventh grade. Mr. Waltz was our homeroom teacher. Our money making project was a bake sale. Mr. Marker was our teacher in the eighth grade. Carol Elliott joined us that year. As Freshmen, we decided we were pretty well grown-up because we started to change classes and have different teachers. Mr. Bihn was our homeroom teacher. During our fresh- man year, we received our school jackets. For a money making project, we sold school pins. The next year, we were happy sophomores. Again, Mr. Marker was our teacher. Our biggest money making project was the school fair. Our junior year was a very exciting year. Our teacher was , you guessed it, Mr. Marker. We had our first class play which was called "The Beauty and the Beef." Mr. Marker was our director. We had a paper drive which was a big success. We ordered our class rings in the junior year. Our junior-Senior Banquet was held at the Spring Valley Country Club, May 1. Gary Weidrick became a member of our class. A sad event occurred during our junior year. One of our members, Earl Coe, was killed in an automobile accident. Well, here we are, seniors at las t, with 26 members in our class. We started our exciting year by soliciting for the annual. Brown Studio, Wellington, made our senior pictures. A paper drive was held as one of our projects. We gave as our class play, "The Angell Brats, " directed by Mr. South. We are looking forward to our senior trip, but mo st of all, we are looking forward to graduation night. zaffztwaa Sfefubz Q44 ' In September of 1948, six eager children walked through the doors of Sullivan School. We, Dean Farnsworth, Ronnie Finl6Y. Rusty Grenzenbach, Okal Messmore, Linda Pifer, and Pat Shoulter, were under the direction of Mrs. Long. In the second grade Mrs. Livingston was our teacher. There were no additions or losses that year. In 1950 we entered the third grade and Mrs. Livingston was again our teacher. Betty Orcutt joined us from Sevill and Carol Mengerink from Akron. Dianne Prescantelli joined us in the fourth grade. Mrs. Hellen Cupp was our teacher. In the fifth grade we were divided into two groups. One group was under the direction of Mrs. Hassinger and the other under the direction of Mrs. Cupp. In the sixth grade both groups were united into one class again under the direction of Mrs. Clouser. In the seventh grade Emma Messmore joined us. Miss Duncan was our homeroom teacher. We had two new members join us in the eighth grade. They were jean Clinker and Virgil Berry. Mr. Bowie was our advisor. Our first big step was taken when we entered our freshman year. Norma Britt, jill Clark, Marilyn Regal, Mike Moskal, Loretta Phillips, Virginia Rollin, and Thelma Weber joined us from Huntington. Drema Britt from Wellington, Ralph Kish, from Ashland, and jim Bassett from Elyria also joined us in this year. Mr. Snyder was our advisor. In our freshman year we started our annual picnics at Finley State Park. We have had one every year since. We had a hay ride and went to Bassett's afterwards. We also sponsored several bake sales for money making projects. In our Sophomore year, Andy Liptak joined us from Cleveland. We were under the direction of Mr. Kiliany. We made scrapbooks in World History which required much work and were displayed for open house. We decorated our room at Christmas and got second place in the contest. We had a skating party on Davis' pond and built bonfires around it for wiener roasts. We held our annual picnic at Finley State Park. During our Junior year Nina Blankenship came to us from West Virginia and Stanley Ward from Belden. We were under the guidance of Mrs. Dougherty. We presented our class play, "No More Homework. " It was directed by Mr. Larabee and we spent many long hard hours working on it. Our girls' basketball team played Spencer two games. We decorated and were hosts for the annual junior-Senior Prom. We spent many long tedious hours and late nights making our junior-Senior Prom the success that it was. Our theme was "Blue Moon" and the David Rose Orchestra played. Finally we have reached our long awaited goal, our Senior year. In our Senior year we had many good times. We went on our class trip to New York and Washington. To get the money for this trip we had many money making projects. We edited the annual, sold candy, held dances and took our second step before the footlights in our annual Senior Class Plays "Take a Letter" and "He Tried With His Boots On." ,QM W!! clam! eateaveaat We, the Senior Class of Homer High School of 1960, being of unquestionably sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following: To the Juniors, we leave the ability to get away with as many things as possible during their senior year. To the Sophomores, we leave the ability to have a fight during every class meeting. To the Freshmen, we leave the ability to drive their teachers crazy. To Mr. Gottron, we leave the ability to be the advisor of the 9th grade so that he may be their advisor for 4 years. To Mr. Ward, our janitor, we leave our ability to clean the auditorium the day before the senior play. We, the Seniors, make the following individual bequests: I, Bertha Blodgett, will my bottle of Adorn hair spray to anyone who has their senior pictures taken at Brown's Studio next year. I, Mary Bridgett, will my ability to type to Linda Brooks. I, Dick Brooks, wi ll my part as the Negro servant in the Senior play to Ioe Majce. I, Nancy Campbell, will my strength and ability to defend myself to Max McFrederick. I, Nancy Geiger, will to my sister, Margaret, my ability to do algebra in the hope that she will someday pass it. I, Eloise Gentry, will my ability to end up sitting on the floor while roller skating to Lillian Dexter. I, Donald Hoffman, will my ability to have all the girls chase me to anyone who wants it. I, Louise Howman, will all my dues to Susan Bridgett. I, Eric Kirvel, will my ability to sleep in algebra class to Mr. Kemp, who would probably enjoy class more if he would join me than try to pound algebra into my head. I, June Kravitz, will my government grade to whoever wants it. I, George McWilliams, will my ability to get good grades in chemistry to any brain like me. I, Linda Norris, will my ability to play the piano to Iill Grissinger. I, Ian Reinhardt, will my ability to own a fast car to Jim Botdorf. I, Jim Rowe, will my ability to get run out of Spencer to Duane Snoddy. I, Pat Wandel, will to my mother some hair dye, so that when Bonnie starts pulling capers like I do, poor old mom's grey hairs won't show so much. I, Louise Welch, will my natural curly hair to Carol Hisey. I, Kathy Weimer, will my ability to get away witl murder in general math class to any Senior who is dumb enough to take it. I W!! wha! 7241.0 We, the 1960 Senior Class of Black River High School Spencer, State of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. We devise and bequeath our many talents and investments as follows: To the Juniors , we will our ice cream freezer. To the Sophomores, we will our ability to be a class that never gets into trouble. To the Freshmen, we will our charming ways and winning dispositions. To the Faculty, we will all the gum under our desks and left-overschoolequipment. We, the SENIORS, make the following individual bequests: I, Donald Beach, will my wish to get out of school to Tommy Smith. I, Calvin Breyley, will my ability to stay out of trouble to anyone who ne eds it. I, Connie Converse, will my hot-rod driving to Susie Boone who already is well on her way. I, Kenneth Dalgleish, will my ability to think of so many "wills," I can not think of which one to put down. I,- Carol Elliott, will my five study halls a day to anyone who needs them. I, Robert Fitzgerald, will my seat next to John sixth period in the office to anyone who wants it. I, Mary Ann Higgins, will my ability to "goof off" in the library without getting caught to Diane Hopkins. I, Sherrell Hovorka, will my majorette plume to Avalon Priscantelli, who will make a good head majorette. I, Betty Jackson, will some of my height to Virginia Bradley who could use a little. I, Jeanne Leiby, will my temper to Nancy Elliott, who already has a good start. I, Dolores Larkey, will my ability to catch a ride with Mr. Gottron to my little brother. I, Ricky Myers, will my natural curly hair to anyone who wants it. I, John McCourt, will my eighth period girls' physical education class to John McReynolds who needs some education. I, John Nagy,,will my sixth period study hall in the office with Mr. Florence to anyone who wants it. I, Dennis Neptune, will my ambition and love of school to Dickie Moore. I, Robert Stroup, just leave. I, Betty Stuart, will my position of varsity cheerleader to Loralee Rook, who already has a good start. I, Carol Sutz, will my ability to suffer through Physics to Karen Kari, who is already doing a pretty good job in that class. I, Sandy Taylor, will my nickname "Frog " to any little tadpole who wants it. I, Mary Walkden, will my problem, "to think of something," to will to any Junior. I, Artie Weidrick, will my brains to Danny Rook, who needs mine and his to get out of school. I, Gary Weidrick, will my ability to graduate to talk my way out of trouble to Walt Weidrick. I, Robert Lee Williams, will my ability to graduate to whomever needs it. I, Larry Wolfe, will my free period to anyone who can get away with it. We, Bill Benford and Warren Waltz, will our positions on the football team to John Regal and David Bowen. aaa' W!! adm! eamwemz' We, the Sullivan Senior Class of 1960, all being of sound mind make the following last will and testament. To our teachers we leave a word of THANKS plus quiet Study Halls and Classes. To the Juniors we leave our homeroom and Advisor, Mrs. Dougherty. We hope you enjoy her as much as we did. To the Sophomores we leave our privileges and honors for when they reach their Senior year. To the Freshmen we leave our hopes that they will all become Seniors. To all underclassmen, we leave our textbooks as marked up as they are and a wish--GOOD LUCK. I, James Bassett, leave a pair of elevator shoes to Mrs. Ioyce Garver. I, Virgil Berry, bequeath my ability to Hot Rod to George Kish. I, Nina Blankenship, bequeath my southern accent to Connie Hyde. I, Drema Britt, bequeath my long hair to Mary McKean. I, Norma Britt, bequeath my shyness to Kathryn Baker. I, Iill Clark, bequeath my ability to catch the bus on time each morning to john Nesbett. I, Jean Clinker, bequeath my place in Senior Band to Sherry Ringler. I, Dean Farnsworth, bequeath my ability to sleep late every morning and make it on time for first period to Randy Byran. I, Ronnie Finley, bequeath one hub cap from my Ford to Dave Howe. I, Russell Grenzenbach, bequeath my ability to get along with everyone to Tom Hawley. I, Ralph Kish, bequeath my ability to be late for Mrs. Dougherty's 9th period study hall to Larry Blessing. I, Andy Liptak, bequeath my ability to overhaul cars and have parts left over to William Haswell. I, Carol Mengerink, bequeath all of my old jokes to Carol Hawley. I, Emma Messmore, bequeath my red hair to Doyle Qxender. I,t Okal Messmore, bequeath my nickname "Dimples" to Janice Ballou, who seems to like it. I, Mike Moskal, bequeath my ability to be a wolf to Donnie Berry. I, Betty Orcutt, bequeath my position as Business Manager on the annual staff to Ioan Heiffner. I, Loretta Phillips, bequeath my height to Roy Leininger. I, Linda Pifer, bequeath my position on the Varsity cheerleading squad to Ioan Shoulter. I, Dianne Priscantelli, bequeath two quiet study halls to Mr. Wolf. I, Marilyn Regal, bequeath my shortness to Iean Twining. I, Virginia Rollin, bequeath my ability to crack gum in study halls to Pat Balkin. I, Pat Shoulter, bequeath my Shorthand pen to Gail Newman. I, Stanley Ward, bequeath my ability to run into ditches and telephone poles to anyone who wants or needs the experience. I, Thelma Weber, bequeath my ability to play checkers and lose to Lyn Bassett. aww 6Qdd gb0j0f90f In 1970, curiosity finally overcame my good judgment andl started an investigation of the Senior Class of 1960. The sensible thing to do in order to find the members of a class graduating from Homer, would be to start in Homerville. In Homerville, I found 9 members of the class. After making an appointment with DICK BROOKS, who is now -a Ford Dealer, I crossed the street and found NANCY GEIGER, who deals with badly used 1959 Chevrolets. Well, compe- tition is the lifeblood of free enterprise. Directly behind the Brooks agency, I discovered a small garage just chucked full of good things for cars. Above the door hung a sign, "George's Paradise." From under a car emerged GEORGE MCWILLIAMS, covered with grease. In behalf of mechanical interests, IUNE KRAVITZ gave a series of lectures on "The Functions of the Transmission," in the Public Auditorium. After arriving, I discovered IAN REINHARDT in the back row intently listening to the lecture. Ian told me he spends most of his time driving through Spencer. Near the school house, is located the fire department. The fire chief is IIM ROWE. He fights fires loyally, one torch right after another. Three blocks beyond the fire department I noticed a small, neat white house with a sign on the front lawn. I read "PAT WANDEL, President of the Lonely Hearts Club." Pat has only one complaint about her business and that is the location. The airport in back of her property affords too much noise. I went to the airport only to find LOUISE HOWMAN as the head airline hostess. After making reservations on a 3:45 flight to Columbus, Iwent in search of DON HOFFMAN. I found him with a group of boy scouts. Don is a scoutmaster still leading a faith- ful gang. One of his scouts, I learned, was the eldest son of NANCY CAMPBELL. Deanny, Nancy's son, told me that Nancy teaches the 4th grade at Black River. I went to the 4th grade room to visit Nancy. She told me that BERTHA BLODGETT is the Vice President of Gilbert's Furniture Store. She sits on the President's knee and when he makes a suggestion she quickly says, "Yes, Jimmie. " Nancy also told me that ELOISE GENTRY couldn't take the ha zards of tGBC1'1i1'1Q the SSTHOI' Class of 1965, so she lives on an island in one of the Great Lakes. There were some rumors of an unhappy love affair between Eloise and a commercial teacher, but Eloise denied them. I left Homerville on the 3:45 flight to Columbus. After checking into a hotel, I decided to compliment the manager on the excellent service. In the office, I found MARY ANN BRIDGETT. Mary told me that KATHY WEIMER is married and she divided her time between her job as a secretary and her husband and their children. After a visit to Kathy's, I returned to my hotel, to find LOUISE WELCH in the elevator. She was returning to her penthouse apartment. She said that she is currently the secretary to the President of the City Council. Louise stated that, although LINDA NORRIS was touring Europe and Asia, giving concerts in such cities as Paris, London, Madrid, and Rome: she is the Professor of Music at the college of Notre Dame. Last but not least, I learned that ERIC KIRVEL has been Mr. Universe for the la st 3 years. mow ffaaa gaqalecy By 1975, having made a good-sized fortune from my uranium mine on the planet Uranus, I decided to see what had become of the scientific and air-minded class of '60. I boarded my new Transoplanet saucer and got on the air-freeway that would take me to Saturn. Whenl stopped at a fuel station, I thought I saw a familiar faceg and surely enough, it was "RICK" MYERS. He had started as a station attendant and is now owner of a whole chain of service plazas. Upon inquiring about my other classmates, Rick told me that: KEN DALGLEISH had an experimental farm on Pluto, but he couldn't find anything that would grow there. IOHN MCCOURT, who always wanted to get rich quick, is searching for gold on the rings of Saturn. DENNY NEPTUNE has just opened a barber shop on the moon, but he said he is going to move to another planet because so far the only customer he had was the man in the moon. DONALD BEACH is Denny's assistant in the barber shop. He sweeps up all the hair that falls on the floor and ships it to a wig-maker. BILL BENFORD and SANDY TAYLOR, who have been engaged for fifteen years, are lawyers and as soon as they win a case, they're going to make it a permanent partnership. SHERRELL HOVORKA is the proud owner of the first drag-strip on Mars. Now she can drag any time she wants and be sure of winning. DOLORES LARKEY is a third grade teacher in the school right next to Sherrell's drag-strip. Dolores liked teaching the little Martians, but she said her only trouble was that there were no men teachers on Mars. ROBERT FITZGERALD is a successful ice cream salesman on all nine. planets, but he com- plained that they don't make the "hatches" on these new saucers wide enough. CAROL ELLIOTT , who finally learned to drive, is enjoying life as a lady saucer-driver. CALVIN BREYLEY, who seemed very shy in school, is a famous interplanetary playboy. CONNIE CONVERSE, tired of waiting for Bill to come back from the Army, decided to join too, but she was quite disillusioned because she had to be in the women's instead of the men's Army and couldn't be with Bill. BOB STROUP has started "beatnik" colonies on Jupiter and when he was asked why he chose this particular planet, he said he wanted to get as far away from that "happy" sun as he could. JOHN NAGY, who seems to like blondes, has opened a peroxide factory on Neptune when he heard that all the women there have dark hair. MARY ANN HIGGINS, who always liked to be up in the air, is head-librarian on the thirty- first floor of the new Skyscraper Library on Mercury. ART WEIDRICK and BET'I'Y STUART plan to be married, but Betty is making her own wedding dress and it seems she just can't get it finished. MARY WALKDEN is still on good old Earth because Tom gets air-sick and sllie can't bear to leave him. CAROL SUTZ is a successful nurse on Satum, but she is considering moving to another planet, because she hasn't any rich patients. LARRY WOLFE has started a dance studio on several of the planets, but he said all his pupils could learn were "square" dances. BETTIE IACKSON is a successful newspaperwoman on Venus. The people can't read our language, but they were wild about the pictures. ROBERT LEE WILLIAMS is the owner of a Gulf Station, but he does not get much business since cars are practically extinct. GARY WEI DRICK is rapidly gaining fame as a butcher on two or three of the planets. Last, but certainly not least, WARREN WALTZ is playing on that famous basketball team, the Harlem Planet-Trotters. zafhmm Q44 gzqofieoy "Sullivan Graduates Make Good" VIRGIL BERRY is now the star of the Peter Gunn series and NORMA BRITT is co-starring as Edie. On the Bob Cummings show we find DREMA BRITT as a model. IILL CLARK is still mopping up floors at the Huntington United Church. She is married to a well-known carpenter's son. IEAN CLINKER, the Champagne lady of Lawrence Welk's Band, is now back in Sullivan. DEAN FARNSWORTH, a retired millionaire, was recently vacationing on the French Riviera, with his wife. Recently a visit was paid to Sullivan by NINA BLANKENSHIP, World's Champion Lady Wrestler. After being star athlete at Black River High, we find RON FINLEY head coach at Ohio State University. Vo-Ag teacher, RALPH KISH, was recently visited by the reporters of the Unsuccessful Farming Magazine. OKAL MESSMORE, the Senior Class Advisor at Black River High, has just announced her engagement to IIM BASSETT, school custodian. CAROL MENGERINK is a member of the Lady Globe Trotters, but often is put out of the game because of fouls. The town mortician, MIKE MOSKAL, is driving around town with the mayor's daughter in his black Cadillac convertible. In the heart of Africa we find missionary ANDREW LIPTAK converting the natives into "beatniks. " Former owner of the Sullivan Garage, CHUCK WARD, has retired after making his first million. LINDA PIPER and RUSTY GRENZENBACH, physical education teachers of Black River High have started teaching yogi to all the girls. Winning the World's cup for Championship Deep Sea Diving is a reward for BETTY ORCUTT since she loves "marine" life. VIRGINIA ROLLIN is a happily married farmer's wife and still resides in Huntington. Recently on leave we find DIANNE PRISCANTELLI now a commanding officer of the W.A.C. MARILYN REGAL is now self-employed at her own beauty shoppe in Lodi. EMMA MESSMORE is now head food taster at General Mills. Along with raising a family LORETTA PHILLIPS is also a cook at Huntington school. Supervisor of the nurse's staff at Ashland Samaritan Hospital is THELMA WEBER. PAT SHOULTER is now an air line hostess for TWA and is trying to ground a pilot. Now we will put this item in our scrapbook and look at it from time to time with fond memories of our good friends. K 579mm fa. Bertha Blodgett, that cute little chick The girl who made our Homecoming click She is sweet and kind-hearted, And would cry if, from Iim she were parted. Mary Bridgett is quite a lass She's the secretary of our class She's good and has a kind heart And from her we'll all hate to part. Dick Brooks is our basketball star We owe him very much by far He is a happy-go-lucky fellow And with Roberta he is very mellow. Nancy Campbell is small, but mighty And you'll find She's very tidy She plans to enter the teaching profession And we all know this is no obsession. Nancy Geiger is quite a gal Whom we all think is really swell She'll always greet you with a smile And you'll find She's happy all the while. Eloise Gentry is quite a singer She plays the drums and hits the Stinger She plans to go to Kent next fall And with her go best wishes from us all. Don Hoffman is quite a guy He has a laugh that money can t buy He doesn't want to be a knight in shining Armor He just wants to be a plain old farmer. louise Howman is so kind and sweet A pleasure to know and a joy to meet Quiet and nice in all her ways We'll remember her the rest of our days. Eric Kirvel, a boy we all know Someday hopes to be a ping pong pro His marks are good and his aim is high He succeeds in his every try. 6-MQW Donald Beach, who is first on the list, From the classroom he is never missed. He's always happy for 3:45 to come, So he can don his coat and hurry home. Bill Benford is the next in line, At playing basketball he's just fine. Ask him where he likes to park his feet, He'll say "a certain house on Liberty Stree t. ll 6644 poem Now for the small fry of our class Iune Kravitz, no one could surpass She may be little in size But we all think she's mighty nice. George McWilliams comes next to mind A character like him is hard to find. Dragging is his favorite game To graduate is his only aim. Linda Norris is known to all She usually studies in study hall Her talent in music is far above par And with her career we hope she goes far. Ian Reinhardt, the guy whom each one of us knows Has a wisecrack handy wherever he goes He's always goofing in the hall He thinks that life's a regular ball. Iim Rowe is an ambitious lad Concerning his looks, they are not at all bad To most of us he is no stranger He someday wants to be a forest ranger. Pat Wandel is a girl and a half She's co-editor of the newspaper staff A secretary she wants to be And sit on some handsome boss's knee. Kathy Weimer is quite dandy She likes to make sugar candy She loves to cook and to sew And would hate to give up Bob, her beau. Louise Welch is a cute little lass And this fine girl completes our Senior class In business she plans to seek a career And we wish her the best from year to year Mr. Gottron, our class advisor Has seen us through four years and made us much Wiser He's friendly, kind, and full of cheer And we are sorry to say that our parting is near QM.: poem Patrick Myers, better known as Rick, Out of sports gets quite a kick. Around the girls he's rather shy, But really and truly he's quite a guy. Now there's Iohn Nagy, tall and thin, No one gets the best of him. In sports activities you will find, That he is quite athletically inclined. Calvin Breyley, third in line, A better student is hard to find. His aims are high, his marks are good, And he usually does the things he should. Connie Converse is number four, And a blue-eyed blonde, like men adore. In typing class, she is very fast, As a secretary, she should be first class. Ken Dalgleish, the tallest of all, Likes best of all on Annie to call. And often times he's heard to sigh, "Why, oh, why can't lgo to Buckeye?" Carol Elliott whose eyes are green, Was chosen as our homecoming queen. All who know her thinks she's swell, Whatever she does, she does it well. Robert Fitzgerald is our ice cream man, He eats all the sundaes and drumsticks he can. From doing his lessons, he likes to shirk, And it takes much effort to make him work. Mary Ann Higgins says she wants to fly, And be a stewardess up in the sky. She'll get her man up there, we know, And then through life, together, they'll go. Next is Sherrell, tall and fair, She and jan make quite a pair. Here is one that we won't forget, For we'll all remember her as head majorette. Bettie jackson will graduate with us, She's always friendly and very ambitious. She works very hard for the P.T.A. In hopes that she'll be a teacher someday. Dolores Larkey, often called Dee, A very good teacher she's certain to be. One thing she is anxious to know, Iust how fast her Dad's car will go. Jeanne Leiby with her ready smile, Hopes some day Mike to bequille. In school she is very steady And with a helping hand is always ready. john McCourt, who everyone knows well, Has big ambitions to hear him tell, But in study halls, he's not so serious, And talks until the teachers are furious. Larry Wolfe, it is hard to s Dennis Neptune with his casual air, May be found almost anywhere. Especially in Wellington he is often seen, Going to visit his girl, Charlene. Bobby Stroup is fast with the jokes, And sometimes the teachers he provokes. But we definitely know, he means no harm, For Bobby's really full of charm. Betty Stuart has been here all twelve years She's known for the way she helps lead the cheers. Having a home is her special ambition, Where she can cook meals for Artie in her shiny new kitchen. I Carol Sutz has an academic mind, A better student would be hard to find. Someday a nurse she hopes to be, And find a job in some nursery. Sandy Taylor, a dark haired lass, Is always a favorite in our class. She'll cheer for the team and we know why, Several points were just made by her special guy. Mary Walkden who is shy and serene, Wishes that she was at Bowling Green. In all of her classes she does quite well, She'll be a success, that you can tell. Warren Waltz, a college prep, In all classes, he is really "hep. " In all sports, he just soars, As he helps run up the score. Artie Weidrick is full of fun. In Betty's affections, he's next to none. He's at his best on the football field, When the opponents see him coming, they a yield. l Another Weidrick is a guy named Gary, After school he does not tarry. He jumps in his car and heads for the store, To grind the hamburger when you need more. Robert Lee Williams is often seen Going places with a girl named Iean. A car mechanic he hopes to be, Then settle down with a family. 35" just what he will do someday. But knowing Larry as we do, He'll not give up till his dreams come true. afdmfv Sfeawbz Zeaa poem First is Iim Bassett, who is quite shy, But for all the girls he does try. He says he's going to try his best, To travel all the way out west. Virgil Berry is quite a lad, You never see him when he's mad. The teachers give him awful looks, When he gets out his hot rod books. Next is Nina Blankenship with her southem drawl, We like the way she says, "Hi ya all" She drives her car all through the day, She lives her life in a carefree way. There is a girl named Drema Britt, With all the kids she's a hit. There is one thing she likes to buy, And that is clothes that catch her eye. Norma Britt has long blonde hair, As for her complexion-it is fair. She is the quietest girl in the classy We all think she's quite a lass. Here's Jill Clark, short and thin, Goes about with a little grin. We wish her happiness and all she'll need, For she is really and truly a friend, indeed. Now Jean Clinker who's on the beam, To see a mouse she'd surely scream. She's always carefree, happy and gay, We hope her wishes come true in every way. Dean Farnsworth, one of our best looking QUY51 Finds it easy to catch all the girls eyes. Vlfhen he plays basketball he's real neat, For with him playing we're harder to beat. Ron Finley is our boy, He thinks school's a little toy. We would be wrong if we said he was calm, For as a football player he is a bomb. Rusty Grenzebach, with eyes of blue, To our class shall be true. You'll always find him in a crowd, As a member of our class we are proud. Ralph Kish, whom we all know, Always seems to be on the go. He does the chores and runs the tractor, But chasing girls is his main factor. When Andy Liptak came our way, He drove from Cleveland all in a day. He came with wise cracks and new words, Some of his lingo is for the birds. Carol Mengerink is our all. And with us kids she has a ball. In her dancing she has the beatp We all think she's real neat. Emma Messmore has bright red hair, Her complexion is freckled, yet is fair. Her sister and she like to dance and sing, Rock and roll to her is the thing. Okal Messmore with clarinet in hand, Adds a little something to our band. When she gets mad and starts to spout, Look out buddy, she'll chew you out. Mike Moskal is the guy, Who for the girls he has an eye. He laughs and giggles then he grins, Say, "Who's that girl that just walked in?" Betty Orcutt, walking down the hall, Seems to laugh at nothing at all. She never has a gruesome day: She's just good-natured, we all say. Loretta Phillips who likes to sew, Really makes her machine go. There aren't many things that she can't make Except, of course, a little ole' cake. Linda Pifer cheers with ease, Her task, the school to please. We all think she's pretty great, And glad to have her as a classmate. Dianne Priscantelli has a long,.long, name. But we all like her just the same. With her black hair and her dark brown eyes, She's a hit with all the guys. As secretary of our class, Marilyn Regal is the lass. When she goes to a record hop, She is chosen the cream of the crop. Virginia Rollin likes to drive, Although late, she does arrive. She handles the car with the greatest care, At 35 miles an hour she always gets there. Pat Shoulter with her wild, wild, tricks, Usually ends up in a great big fix. Even though she whispers too loud, We're all glad she's part of our crowd. Chuck Ward drives a white convert. All he knows is how to flirt. He has his eye on a certain girl, She seems to have him in a whirl. Now we come to our last pal. It's Thelma Weber a real nice gall At playing checkers she's real neat. But we all know she wins and also gets beat. X' 5 1- X is Qiimikfi H ,mv f K .. N Bobby S . Donald Dolores Jeanne Sherrell PM carat s. Bx Bob W Kenny Carol E. Gary Calvin Mary Sandy Wa rre n Betty S. Larry Denny Connie Artie john MCC . john N. Mary Ann Bettie I. Ricky Ronnie Pat Betty Virgil 2 . "' ., -Q m y M :pt l nu Thelma Chuck Ralph Q A ,::' I Linda Rusty Dean Okal Virginia Nina mumps: ..Q, .-mae. amxui Carol -I Andy Drema ' if ? ..,, 'gtg V fx K . . ggwekiih Dianne N Y , Jim k xg NN ,bw Emma Mike 1.:e w.sfw Norma Marilyn Loretta Indy 61 Jean 34mm emma 6!e44 olankezwa BERTHA BLODGETT Future Teachers . . Newspaper Staff . Mixed Chorus . . . Class Plays . . . Y-Teens . . . . . Service Club . . librarian . . . Annual Staff . . MARY BRIDGETT Latin Club . . . Honor Society . . Future Teachers . . Girls' State . . . Class Officer . . Mixed Chorus . . . Class Plays . . Y-Teens . . . Service Club . . Librarian .... Annual Staff . . Betty Crocker Homemaker Of Tomorrow Award . . . . . Newspaper Staff . . . . . DICK BROOKS F.F.A .... Basketball . . . Baseball . . Football . Track . . Hi-Y . . . Class Plays . Class Officer . . Chorus . . . Projectionist . . . Annual Staff . . . NANCY CAMPBELL Honor Society . . . Annual Staff . . Newspaper . . . Class Plays . . Librarian . . Y-Teens . . . . Service Club . . F.T.A. . . . . . Girls' Ensemble . . Mixed Chorus . . Class Officer . Latin Club . . . Band.... , NANCY GEIGER Newspaper . . Class Plays . Librarian . . . . . Mixed Chorus . . Y-Teens .... . Service Club . . Annual Staff . . ELOISE GENTRY Band ..... . Mixed Chorus . . . Newspaper . . . . Girls' Ensemble , llzl l,2, . 2,3 3,4 3,4 . 3,4 1,2,3 . . 4 . 3,4 . 4 . 1,2 . 3,4 2,3,4 . . 3 2,3,4 2,3,4 . 3,4 1,2,3 . 4 . 4 . 4 , 4 1,2,3 2,3,4 1,2,3 . 1 . 3 . 3 . 1 2,3,4 . 4 . . 3 1,2,3 . 4 . 3,4 . . 4 2,3,4 . 3,4 2,3,4 1,2,3 . 4 2,3,4 . . 4 2,3,4 . 3 3,4 2,3,4 3,4 3,4 3,4 2,3,4 1,2,3 . 4 . . 4 2,3,4 2,3,4 2,3,4 . 3,4 Honor Society . . F.T.A ..... Y-Teens .... Service Club . . . Scholarship Tests . . Class Plays . . . Latin Club . . Annual Staff . . Librarian . . . County Band . . Class Officer . . . DONALD HOFFMAN F.F.A ....... Basketball . . Hi-Y .... Class Play . . . F.F.A. Officer . Mixed Chorus . . Annual Staff . . . LOUISE HOWMAN Newspaper . . . Mixed Chorus . . Latin Club . . Class Plays . . Y-Teens . . . Service Club . . Annual Staff . . ERIC KIRVEL Class Officer . . Class Plays . Honor Society . . Latin Club . . Mixed Chorus . . Hi-Y ..... Projectionist . F.F.A .... Football . . . Annual Staff . . IUNE KRAVITZ Mixed Chorus . Y-Teens .... Service Club Class Play . . Annual Staff .... GEORGE MCWILLIAMS F.F.A. . . Basketball . Mixed Chorus . . Class Plays . . Hi-Y .... Baseball . . . Projectionist . . Annual Staff . . vans LINDA NORRIS Honor Society . . Band ..... Accompanist Cheerleader .u .. .. .. .I .. All County Cheerleader F.F.A. Queen . . , , F.T.A. . . . . Class Plays . . I s .l, . I I 1, .1, . l, 1, 1, o I I . 3,4 3,4 1,2,3 . 4 1,2,3 3,4 3,4 . . 4 . 4 . 4 . 3 2,3,4 . 1 . .1 . 3 . 3 4 . . 4 . 1,2 2,3,4 . 3,4 . 3 4 1,2,3 . 4 . 4 2,3,4 2,3,4 . 3,4 . 3,4 1,2,4 .12 2,3,4 . 1 . 1 . 4 2,3,4 1,2,3 . 4 . 4 . 4 2,3,4 . 1,2 . . 2 . 3,4 . .1 . 2 2,3,4 . . 4 2,3,4 2,3,4 2,3,4 2,3,4 2,4 . . 4 2,3,4 3 4 I Class Officer . Annual Staff . . Scholarship Test Librarian . . . Y-Teens . . . Service Club . Latin Club . . IAN REINHARDT F.F.A. . . . . Delegate for F . F . A. Convention . Band ..... Mixed Chorus . Hi-Y .... Basketball. . Baseball . . Class Plays . . Class Officer . Annual Staff. . HM ROWE Honor Society . F.F.A ..... Mixed Chorus . Student Council Class Officer . Class Play . Hi-Y .... Basketball . . Projectionist . Boys' Ensemble Annual Staff . . PAT WAN DEL Newspaper Staff F.T.A ..... Mixed Chorus . Class Plays . Y-Teens . . . Service Club . Librarian . . Annual Staff . . Girls' Ensemble Band..... County Chorus . LOUISE WELCH Class Plays . Mixed Chorus . Girls' Ensemble Band ..... County Chorus Cheerleader . Honor Society . Librarian . . . F.T.A. . . . Y-Teens . . . Service Club . Annual Staff . . . KATHLEEN WEIMER Service Club . Class Play . . Y-Teens . . . Annual Staff . . State -no 1, ..l, ....l . 1, 1. 1. 1, l, 1, . 4 . 4 . 2,3 . 4 1,2,3 . 4 1,2 2,3,4 . 2,3 . 1,2 1,2,4 1,2 2,3,4 . 1,2 . 3,4 . 2 . 4 2,3,4 2,3,4 2,3,4 1,2,4 2,3,4 2,3,4 . .1 . 1 1,2,3 . . 4 ,2,3,4 . . 4 2,3,4 . 3,4 1,2,3 . 4 2,3,4 . . 4 . 3,4 2,3,4 . . 4 . 3,4 2,3,4 . 3,4 2,3,4 . . 4 . 2 . 3,4 2,3,4 . 3 1,2,3 . . 4 . 4 . 4 . . 4 . . 3 . . 4 DONALD BEACH Class Play . . . Football . . . Basketball . . . Projectlonist . . . Football Manager . BILL BENFORD Football .... Basketball . . Baseball . . Track . . . F.T.A. . . . . Class Officer . . Class Play .... Homecoming Court . Newspaper Staff . . Annual Staff . . . Scholarship Test . CALVIN BREYLEY Baseball .... Class Play .... Scholarship Tests . CONNIE CONVE RSE Mixed Chorus . . . . Girls' Ensemble . . Senior Sextet . . Mixed Octet . . Class Play . . . Pep Club ..... Newspaper Staff . . . Annual Staff . . . Band Reserve Cheerleader Typing Page Club . KENNY DALGLEISH Class Play .... Football . . . Basketball . Projectionist . . Band..... Mixed Chorus . . CAROL ELLIOTT Mixed Chorus . . Class Play ,... Pep Club ..... Homecoming Queen ROBERT FITZGERALD Football ...,. Basketball . . . . Baseball ..... Scholarship Tests . Band ...... Projectionist . . Class Play .... MARY ANN HIGGINS Mixed Chorus . . . Majorette .... Class Play . Librarian . . Pep Club . . SHERRELL HOVORKA Mixed Chorus . . . Class Officer . . . Majorette .... Head Majorette . Class Play , . . PSP Club ..... Girls' Ensemble . . Senior Sextet . . Newspaper Staff . . efwee man flea olcziwfaea . 3 2,3,4 . l 2,3,4 . 1 z,3,4 2,3,4 2,3,4 2,3,4 ..1,2 2,3,4 3,4 . . 4 . . 4 . 4 . 4 . 1,2 . 3,4 2,3,4 l,2,4 . . 4 . . 4 . 1 . 3,4 1,2,3 . 3,4 . 4 .2,3 ..4 . 3 . . 1 . . 2 Z,3,4 . 1,2 . 1,3 .1,2 . . 3 1,2,3 . .4 3,4 . 1,2 1,2 . ..l,4 1,2 2,3,-1 ...3,4 ......1 2,3,4 3,4 2,3,4 ...1,2 1,2,4 . . l 1,2,3 . . . 4 3,4 1,2,3 . . . 4 . 4 1 . 4 BETTIE JACKSON F.T.A. . . . . Pep Club .... Newspaper Staff . Class Play .... Scholarship Tests . Girls' Ensemble . Mixed Chorus . DOLORES LARKEY Band ...... Mixed Chorus . . Newspaper Staff . Annual Staff . . F.T.A ..... Librarian . Pep Club .... Class Play . . . Scholarship Tests . Typing Page Club . IEANNE LEIBY Mixed Chorus . Class Play . . Pep Club .... Senior Sextet . . . Newspaper Staff . . Annual Staff . . . Typing Page Club . JOHN MCCOURT Football .... Basketball . . . Track ...... Boys' Ensemble . Mixed Chorus . Manager .... Class Play .... Newspaper Staff . . Mixed Ensemble . Projectlonlst . . RICKY MYERS Basketball . Football , . Class Play . . IOHN NAGY Class Officer . Football . . . Basketball . Track ...... Class Play .... Homecoming Court Newspaper Staff . . Scholarship Tests . Baseball . . . . DENNIS NEPTUNE Basketball . . . . Class Officer . BOBBY STROUP Boys' Ensemble . Mixed Chorus . Band .... Class Play . . Class Officer . Projectlonist . BETTY STUART Football Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader . . Band . . . . . . . Mixed Chonis . PSP Club .... Class Play . . . Typing Page Club . l,2,3,4 ..1,Z ...4 .s,4 ..4 ...3 .1,3,4 1,2,4 . 1,2 1,2,3,4 . . . 4 1,2,3,4 ..1,2 . 1,2,3 ..3,4 4 4 1,2,4 . . 3,4 . 1,2,3 . . . 4 ..4 .4 .4 . . 1 . 1,2 . 1,2 . . 1,2 . . 1,2 . . 2 . 4 . . . 3 . 1,2 1,2,3,4 .. 1,2 . 2,3,4 . .. 3 ..1,S l,2,3,4 l,Z,3,4 . 3,4 . ..3,4 . 3,4 . . . 3 . . 4 l,2,3,4 .2 .3 . . 1,2 . 1,2 1,2,3 . . 3,4 . . .4 . 1,2,3 . 3,4 . 3,4 . 1,2 . .1,2 . 1,2,3 ..3 .4 CAROL SUTZ Class Officer . . Mixed Chorus . . Senior Sextet . Class Play . . . Newspaper Staff . Annual Staff . . . Scholarship Tests . . SANDY TAYLOR Class Officer . . Band ..... Mixed Chorus . . . Girls' Ensemble . . Senior Sextet . . . Class Play . .'. . . Football Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader . Reserve Cheerleader Newspaper Staff . . Pep Club .... Annual Staff . . . S.A.A....... Scholarship Tests . . MARY WALKDEN Class Officer . . Pep Club . . . Band ..... Mixed Chorus . Girls' Ensemble . . Newspaper Staff . . Annual Staff . . Class Play .... Homecoming Court . Senior Sextet . . . Reserve Cheerleader - Typing Page Club . . S.A.A. ..... . WARREN WALTZ Football .... Basketball . . Baseball . Track . . Band .... F.T.A ..... Mixed Chorus . . Class Officer . . . Class Play .... Homecoming Court . Newspaper Staff . . Scholarship Tests . . ARTIE WEIDRICK Class Officer . . Football . . . Basketball . Class Play .... Track....... Homecoming Court . GARY WEIDRICK Boys' Ensemble . . Boys' Quartet . . Mixed Octet . . Mixed Chorus . . Class Officer . . Projectionist .... ROBERT LEE WILLIAMS Mixed Chorus . . . Boys' Ensemble . Class Play . . . LARRYWOLFE Football . . . Band ..... Mixed Chorus . . Class Play , . Projectionist . Pep Club . . 1,4 . . 1 . . 4 . 3,4 . . 4 . . 4 . . l,2,3,4 . 1,2 ..1,Z ..1,ll . 1,4 . 4 . 3,4 . . 3,4 . 3,4 1,2 vo an ..3,4 . 1,2,3 ...4 . 2,3 l,2,4 . 2,4 .1,2,3 . 1,2 1,2,4 . . 1,4 l,2,3,4 . . 4 . 3,4 . 2,3 . . . 4 . . 1,2 . 4 . 2,3 1,2,3.4 l,2,3,4 l,2,3,4 . 3,4 . 1,2 . . 1,2 . . .1 . 2,3,4 . . 3,4 ..4 ..3 . 2,4 . . 2,3 l,2,3,4 . . 2,3 . . . 3 . 3,4 ..4 . . 1,2 . . . 3 . . 2 .1,2,3 . . . . 2 1,2,3,4 . . .1,2,3 ..1,2 ..3 .2,3 .1 ..1,z ..3 ..3 ..1 JAMES BASSETT Mixed Chorus . . Boys' Chorus . . Projection Crew . F.F.A. . . . . Class Play . . VIRGIL BERRY Parliamentary . F.F.A. Officer . . F.P.A ..... Class Play . . Class Officer . . Annual Staff . . . NINA BLANKENSHIP Gilbert High School . Mixed Chorus . . . Annual Staff .... DREMA BRITT Mixed Chorus . Annual Staff . . . Newspaper Staff . . NORMA BRITT Mixed Chorus . Girls' Chorus . . . Newspaper Staff . . Annual Staff . . . PHYLLIS CLARK Mixed Chorus . Girls' Chorus . . . Newspaper Staff . . Student Council . . Class Play . . Annual Staff . IEAN CLINKER Mixed Chorus . Girls' Chorus . Band ....... Newspaper Staff . Class Play . . Annual Staff .... MELVIN FARNSWORTH xfdwem Sefubz Q44 olcdwlwa . 3 . . 3 . 3,4 . .1,2 . . 3 . . 4 . . 1 . l,2,4 . . 3 . 3,4 . 4 . .1,2 . 3,4 . . 4 . 3,4 . .4 . 3 . 3,4 . . 1,3 . .3 . .4 . .3 . . 1,3 . .4 . .3 . . 3 . 4 . . 3,4 . . 1,4 . . 4 . 4 . . 3 . 4 Baseball . . . . . . . . 1,2,3,4 Basketball ..... Football . . . Track ..... Student Council . Class Play , . Annual Staff . . RONALD PINLEY Mixed Chorus . . Boys' Chorus . Football . . . Parliamentary . F.F.A. Officer . . . .l,2,3,4 ... 4 ..l,2 .2,3 ..3 . 4 ..3,4 . . . 3,4 . .l,2,3,4 . . l,2,3 . . 3 F.F.A. . . . Class Play . Annual Staff . . . . . RUSSELL GRENZENBACH Mixed Chorus .... Boys' Chorus . . Projection Crew . F.F.A. .... . Student Council . Class Play . , . Annual Staff . RALPH KISH Projection Crew . . Parliamentary . . P.F.A. Officer . P.P.A. . . . . Class Play . . ANDREW LIPTAK Projection Crew . . F.P.A ..... Class Play . . Annual Staff . . . CAROL MENGERINK Mixed Chorus . . Girls' Chorus . Band . . . J Librarian .... Class Officer . . Class Play . . Annual Staff . . . EMMA MESSMORE Mixed Chorus . Girls' Chorus . . Newspaper Staff . Class Play . . Annual Staff . . OKAL MESSMORE Mixed Chorus . . Girls' Chorus . Band ...... Newspaper Staff . Annual Staff . . . MICHAEL MOSKAL F.F.A. . . . . . Class Officer . Class Play . Annual Staff . BETTY ORCUTT Mixed Chorus . . Girls' Chorus . Band ...... Newspaper Staff . Class Officer . . Annual Staff . . 1,z,3,4 . . . 3 . 4 . .3,4 . . 3,4 . 3,4 1,2,3 .. .4 . 3 .4 . . 3,4 1,z,3,4 z,3,4 1,2,3,4 . .. 3 . . 4 . 2,3 .. 3 .4 .. 3 . .3,4 1,2,3,4 ...z .4 3 . 4 . 3,4 . 1 . 3 . 3 . 4 . 3,4 .. 1 1,2,3,4 . . .4 . .4 . 1,z,3 . . .2 . .3 . 4 . 3 ..1,3 . .z,3 . 4 .2 . 4 LORETTA PHILLIPS Mixed Chorus . . Girls' Chorus . . Newspaper Staff . Class Play . . Annual Staff . . LINDA PIPER Mixed Chorus . . Girls' Chorus . . Band .... Librarian . . . Newspaper Staff . Cheerleader . . . Student Council . Class Officer . Class Play . . Annual Staff . . DIANNE PRISCANTELLI Girls' Chorus . . . Newspaper Staff . Class Officer . . Class Play . . Annual Staff . . MARILYN REGAL Mixed Chorus . . Girls' Chorus . . . Newspaper Staff . . Homecoming Attendant Student Council . . . Class Officer , Annual Staff . . VIRGINIA ROLLIN Mixed Chorus . . Girls' Chorus . . Newspaper Staff . Class Officer . . Class Play . . Annual staff . . . . PATRICIA SHOULTER Mixed Chorus . . . Girls' Chorus . . Newspaper Staff . . Librarian .... Class Officer . . Annual Staff . . STANLEYWARD F.F.A. . . . . . Class Play . . THELMA WEBER Mixed Chorus . Girls' Chorus , . Newspaper Staff . Class Play . . Annual Staff . . 3 ..1 . 4 ..3 2, ..4 3,4 1,3 1,2 . 3 . 3 3,4 3 . 4 . 3 ..4 1 ..3 2, u o 2. 4 ': no Q v v . l . 3 4 . 3 1,3 . 4 3,4 . 2 3,4 4 .3 .3 .3 3,4 .3 4 . 3 1,3 2,3 . 2 1,3 . 4 . 3 3 3 . 1 4 . 3 4 x '45 'N 1-A, ,.i 5 - um A ?x' 3 5 Q .Em ii Qkgy, :A 'QW -wa - as 5' 1 1+ WW .X fa iakmxgg' " - -.-W . qv Q ,H 51 2, XJ jx . XM, 5 Lf! . . Q klqm .sf i. um . his we as J , Sl' , 25 4 .. E Q fr I 'W 5 . ' we 5 N ,fa- K 'vi g," fw-1f,1f?J,MM.. Q ,-.Q ' "I V if . h DA CE -. 2 -5 sw 3 ,Q 'f Jag? Yizgzkjw ? 5 M5 Y Q 'A-- QXFF. an 1 fn. 1 'thx-f Q A ,, Begfx 1' kg' W H , Af? li ii , f xi Q55 4 E-'F V. ...jfls -f Qi . Y' r ' KL ff 5: 7 1 ,, , 4, 5 l SIJZQUQIG zaeabz 65044 FIRST ROW: Ioan Heiffner, Connie Hyde, Rosemary Bowling, Ioan Shoulter, Lynette Bassett, Julia Pay, Sue Keilor, Gail Neuman, Susan Burkhart, Mary McKean, Kathryn Baker. SECOND ROW: Kenny Berry, Henry Cowhick, John Bell, Elaine Forster, Brenda Boyd, joan Davis, Patricia Balkin, Carolyn Rosecrans, Iudy Dennis, Loretta Dwason, David Wyer, Doyle Oxender, Mr. Wolf. THIRD ROW: Layton Meininger, John Jordan, David Howe, Richard Pfeiffer, Larry Blessing, Mike Owsley, Gary Floyd, Tom Hawley, Randy Bryan, Raymond Gast, Richard Saegert. Wana opfimmofe 69244 FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Jenkins, Marilyn Rowe, Clarice Gern, Dian Smith, Margaret Geiger, Ann Shorts, Sue Schmetzer, Phyllis Radley. SECOND ROW: Bud Wandel, Robert Breyley, Iim Gott, Tom Brooks, Jack Grissinger, Mr. Tsipis. THIRD ROW: Ted Fetzer, Dick Crebs, Bob Allen, Max Mclfrederick, Bill Herrmann, Tim Botdorf. 49 ,awww Sqolowne 64,644 FIRST ROW: Peggy Myers, Sharyn Scheck, Loralee Rook, Judy Walkden, Irene Kozub, Jean Hopkins, Diane Hopkins. SECOND ROW: Basil Morehead, Ken Harding, Bruce Miller, Susan Boone, Louise Baker, Carol Blake, Judy Kurtz, Pat Baker, Walter Weidrick, Mr. Gifford. THIRD ROW: Deiter Storle, Francis Stuart, Teddy Kostecki, Gene Clifford, Harold VanMeter, Sam Simmerman, Andy Higgins, Kenneth Byrd, Joe Kobylski. efdwm Sqwimvoze hu FIRST ROW: Carol Hawley, Phyllis Haines, Martha Free, Shirley Coffman, Mary Cowhick, Joan Dague, Elaine Querin, Cheryl Elliott, Lena Hollandsworth. SECOND ROW: Mr. Mack, Gary Westervelt, Roy Leininger, William Haswell, Jean Twining, Janice Ballou, Gail Britt, John Nesbitt, Richard Pifer, David McMillan, Donald Britt. THIRD ROW: Layton Meininger, Joe Hallandsworth, James Given, Jeffery Keep, George Kish, Alan Briggs, Eldon Barone, Donald Channel, Richard McConnell. 50 T on-vez Ze fha FIRST ROW: Carol Napier, Maxine Trapp, Virginia Vanetta, Barbara Howard, Iudy Long, Linda Kline, Linda Pummel, Dara Hanners, Alice La Mar. SECOND ROW: Philip Rowe, Ronald Steele, Tom Williams, Gerald Weimer, Linda'Brooks, Ann Herrmann, Roger Peck, Dick Markley, Paul Lowe, Bobby Wuthrich, Mrs. Hines. THIRD ROW: Raymond Howman, Kenneth Halliwell, Dick Chabot, Bill johnson, Bill Thompson, Denny Howe, Carl Rogers, Eugene Snoddy, David Workman, Robert Kirvel, Leslie Clevidence, Ronald Shanks. emeee Zed 694 4 FIRST ROW: Sheila Dennison, Diane Gonzales, Elizabeth Allemang, Janet McReynolcls, Patsy Ryan, Carol Kari, Bette Hawley. SECOND ROW: David Bowen, John Regal, Carl Stuart, Jim Thompson, Tony Lepka, lack Heilman, David Manning, Eugene Butcher, Danny Rook, Mr. South. THIRD ROW: Loren Hastings, Dick Moore, Larry Steele, Larry Flint, Tommy Hord, lack Veverka, Ieff Armstrong . i 51 Q' l gm 39'- 'i wm- QQ Ha Nm iga, figs . was e 55 fi 1 - f S .Y Q r--2 L+ FWS was Y f Ziissv sw, W A Q 'B ZKTQE Jim, i - S an VE 4 1, M 1 -- iw "f' ivf " 5? 'R S 3 Q 3 E .X .QA in is w SSL 1 xy w 1 v 'T Yi: ,',' Ka-. Q k YW N W- , ,fSiw'l'! '5 W X f as ex . I .ik W 1 3, . 'Ak 3 . -'L . , 4? . . fi- 'K vigx-Q.. ff ff .ii ws. . -2 'za . as Q S S1554 Q we N M km f if? , W ,J .A ' f":2 1 f '25, Q N K -sq! MQ V iii +s A ,.. Mm SEAS A w E gif feed FIRST ROW: jill Grissinger, Lillian Dexter, Barbara Howman, Ianet Fleming, lane Workma n, Patty Wood. SECOND ROW: Donny Poster, Patrick Gern, Mary Herrmann, Susan Archer, lean Carpenter, Scheryl Leiby, Linda Carey, Richard Clevidence, Gary Wandel, Glenn Clevldence. THIRD ROW: Donnie Weimer, Franklin Simcox, Ronnie Adamson, ferry Shadley, Karl Kolb, Stanley Null, Fred Owen, Charles Emory, Rick McFrecerick, Larry Boldman, lim Markley, Mr. Kemp. afdvmv 796 Qmd FIRST ROW: Carol Alltop, Rina Ward, Dianne Goble, Betty Merrill, Linda Moneysmith, Wanda Crawford, Peggy Davis, Stephanie Knapp, Judy Brockway, Barbara Bryan. SECOND ROW: Richard Pigley, George Given, Albert Forster, Leslie Handley, Terry Barker, Linal Alltop, Donald Denbow, Terry Beard, Fred Coffman, Sam Christian, Mr. Rose. THIRD ROW: Iohn Clark, David Wand-ell, Alva Pay, Donnie Nalley, Tom Sooy, Robert Bowling, Tom Cowhick, Ralph Bauer, Richard Honeberger, Jerry Nalley. 54 3 Y .4 G .Q .11-B ' J. xi ,Mr-uw 2 w Y.. at . ,.m'f1' W , .4- f 8 5 ffsx args Q Riff 9 dst a..' gov ,gn , Fifa ,mu kwa X -,N-2911 44.4 xxx ff ,Wg Q is, if if E W .. vw nw we - f R Q J 1-Q: ' 92 is 5 .13 J 5 SM TY af' we Sf -4. xi wg .. 1 , P, WS, V .LZ gm 7-IEW -Q, M, J .S fl ? wifi f- V E 22 .AX ga 2 ex., 5 K x 4 E Qgavu Mi feed FIRST ROW: Helen Shorts, Margaret Rowe, Sue Wood, Linda Smith, Janet Radley, Mary Owen. SECOND ROW: Gary Carpenter, Iudy Vanetta, Karen Owen, Linda Steele, Carol Hoffman, Pam Fenstermaker, Gloria Steele, Marsha Schwartz, Aurle Carey, Iackie Leisure. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Foster, lack Geiger, Martin Haas, Douglas Smith, Tommy Fisher, Iay Kast, Charles jenkins, Bobby Haynes, Nicky Fetzer, Mr. Billman. SzQad3vy1twe 666 Qzew FIRST ROW: Patty Fugitt, Cathy Tomlinson, Laura Hayes, Linda Lamb, Marsha Runkle, Beverly Floyd, Linda Haines. SECOND ROW: Barry Floyd, Danny jordan, Rosemary Draper, Frances Balkin, Phyllis Ely, Estelle Dobbins, Richard Whitney, Raymond Twining, Larry Lance, I. W. Mellick. THIRD ROW: Randall Brown, David Hawley, Charles Welch, George Ely, Andy Glavich, Thomas Wilhelm, Ernest Bakos, Walter McMillan, David Britt. 56 -wr f ' 962 N -f. QQ fV,. A f-4 ui 'H is fp .K -Qfi g N B Q xx EE? ff 5 W 5. EF if LJ , ,, U S A fi , Q 2 ' 3 . E tm Q .31 1 74 f, -31, Y S' ' 533' x"' ya 'T '--- . A A "" - W aww ' 3 i g I 1 f Ag, f : 5 ,Z L S?4avea .526 Qaeda FIRST ROW: Margaret Herrmann, Carol Adamson, Linda Dexter, Carol Hachtel, Donna Howard, Peggy Eichel. SECOND ROW: Betsy Massie, Erma Shellhorm, Pam Simcox, Sarah Senz, Annabelle Radley, Linda Drury, Beverly Phillips, Priscilla Owen, Mrs. Lowe. THIRD ROW: Gary Boldman , Ronnie Williams , Keith Iackson, Richard Haynes , john Carey, Donnie Thompson, George Fleming, Richard Foster, David Gruver, Dallan Botforf. I Myrna gaze? FIRST ROW: Donna Sprinkle, Barbara Honeberger, Alice Twining, Karen Larsen, Mary Baker, Cheryl Hayes. SECOND ROW: Helen Wiggs, Kim Myers, Chris Krueck, lane Huggins, Mike Bakos, Larry Garra. THIRD ROW: Calvin Dick, John Wilhelm, Dennis Rosecrans, Charles Twining, George Keep, Roger Draper, Lee Wilson. sf 4 2 Q an w R amd K K 54.0 3 1,59 SW K A , -x x xy, 1 .If .ff Q sy if R., v ig 4 Q 2 Q E Y .ly NMR .. x ., M, A-wean. 1 "-ww www '36avez Q95 Qaeda YIRST ROW: Frances Carey, Shirley Emory, Doris Allen, Kathleen Kline, Bonnie Wandel, jane Haas, Susan Fensterma ker. SECOND ROW: Diane Calfee, Dorothy Schwartz, Ruth Snoddy, Judy Haas, Penny Shadley, Melissa Ramseyer, Rita Thompson, Eva Massie. THIRD ROW: Cloyd Rogers, Sammy Shellhorn, Ronald Chabot, Sonny Swinhart, Frank. Hoffma n, Merle Archer, Donnie Wuthrick, Scott Rowe, Gary Clevidence, Mrs. Campbell. avyfvzo fwak FIRST ROW: Lynn Koerber, Suzanne Boose, Carol Lance, Hazel Whitney, Sharon Britt, Iennie Welsh. SECOND ROW: John Bayorek, james Emery, Emmagene Lewis, Glenna Weber, Randy Owsley, Stan Rice. THIRD ROW: Gerald Meadows, Bruce Sugaski, Richard Ely, Sam Clark, Mrs. Koons. 45 A if . x QQ? i 5 H EQ' QW gf 'ii U 9 I . . 5 0 5,1 5 , W Q jg? 1- x 5521 . kia FWHM 2 1 ' ' wg Wt .. 1 9 F 55' ss 'R Y Q . gg 'E 3 A .Gw f 0!!0Qbw agzaf Qaeda FIRST ROW: Ioan Leiby, Cathy Drury, lane Leiby, Marlene Kolb, Charlene Ziebro, Patty Kiczek, Patti Power, Melissa Gruver. SECOND ROW: Charles Smith, Charles Rogers, Richard Eichel, Calvin Voorhees, Iames Hisey, Herbert Phillips, Cynthia Eichel, Nancy Archer, Craig Nichols, Steven Foster, Charles Carey, David Owen, Bobby Leisure. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Soka, Tom Emory, Donald Holmes, John Haynes, Gay Kast, Robert Simcox, Loren Broom, Eric Steele men Poster Szlzavdigyfmv tha' Qaeda FIRST ROW: Marlane Welsh, Ann Martin, Beverly Finkel, Susan Runkle, Nancy Bigelow. SECOND ROW: Tom Bakos, Helen Weber, Hazel Paine, Ricky Tomlinson, Robert Lamb. THIRD ROW: Douglas Hastings, William Nesbitt, Henry Cesare, Richard Manning, David Riddle, Mrs. Koons. V I S7 ia! Qmd FIRST ROW: Peggy Yeaples, Nancy Lepka, Deena Baker, Dianna Roosa, Lana Jewett, Theresa McGraw, Beverly Roub. SECOND ROW: Richard Linden, Betty Williams, Helen Ross, Beverly Ross, Patty Ward, Grace White, Barbara Hendricks, Barbara Riffle, Patricia Haynes, Dianna Puie, Bobby Englet, THIRD ROW: Paul Pomeroy, Virgil Strait, David Brasse, Ronald Baker, Ralph Horner, Leon Sprinkle, Wayne Reisinger, Tommy Mitchell, Jerry Pitz, Mike Cooper, David Roberts, Mrs. Carrie Baker. eafdbwe .Zed Que? FIRST ROW: Alice Hamilton, Carolyn Clark, Jean Van Dyne, Diana Crawford, Laura Blankenship, Nancy Knapp, Delores Shoulter, Mary Ellen Given. SECOND ROW: Larry Warren, Roger Barker, Tonya Smith, Vickie Coble, Mary Lou Caine, Cynthia Beard, Gaylord Coffman, Mrs. Livingston. THIRD ROW: john Skeeles, Dennis Newbrander, Paul Koons, Klaren Kimmel, Gary Keener. 63 -W , ,im....... ..,,i t, l ,..,. ...a-1,.,. ,, ,T Olffabza Zta' flea? FIRST ROW: Ann Broom, Mary Alice Foster, lame Botdorf, Cris Rex, Martha Vanetta, Louise Trout, Vinian Browning, Dawn Asselin, Blake Iackson. SECOND ROW: Billy Browning, David Zamancik, Kay Sheppard, Fleeta Gruver, Elaine Brooks, Jerry Haynes, Frank Carter, Mrs. Hisey. THIRD ROW: Larry Ziebro, Ralph Shorts, john Spidel, Dick Reinki, Jimmy Repp, jimmy Senz, Richard Williams. muzkyfow faaaf Qmafe FIRST ROW Nancy Tomlinson, Diane Briggs, Ruth Rollin, Marguerite Baker, Kathy Whitney, Lynn Britt, Diane Terrill. SECOND ROW Betty Ely Cheryl Sugaski, Marian Swaino, Janice Whitney, Donna Rollin, Gloria Andel, Ioane Funkle. THIRD ROW: Timmy Slmonson, Bobby Miller, Ray Leiby, Ricky Leiby, Thomas Moskal, Denny Yost, Roger Cesare, Ronald Twining. ' fi fi. if JE 5 . 2 5521 . .vw 14 4- , Miagigw .Q "KA ga . . 1 Ng ,3-1 a:,..w. b Q. - - W..-.H 1 -rw -1-190' .1 -. W l Q-Qxxs. CPS 1. 1 M N . M Q L is QS W 511152 K V 'gi' 5 4 ff Q A L f k ' " F' , iss S 1 . V 5 M K fu " 1' ' gf W- S gg ' . Q ' i N 1 .,,. b si , A J M f QQ is k Wm we whsf Qi ' A 'ffl' Q wwf? f , b 3 t H - " iXQaf+'v 5 ui? .V 5 .W W + gg, J -. 44 ,W .M if 113' Aix A fy 'il 1-w-f f 1.: .Hww E f' .f x f- . - jf: g mfimzs Q ,qi ,X-W. - A 11. , ,fu -3'-' 4 L, U Q QE sf fm Q , wi W. S' 1 9.5 W aussi 45 ,as iv K 2 .N..e:,,,g3L Q4 R X 367555 in " is Q52 EWS , . . 1 v W, -- 1: k QW iv? -4 3 ls 54 M . 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THIRD ROW: Ernest Ackerman, Mark Shirk, David Smith, Jim Moskal, Duane Terrili, Ierry Martin, Ricky Fransworth, Nylon Draper, Ricky Ouerin. 66 mea hx ,ww FIRST ROW: Roberta Smith, Nancy Straight, Margie Shearer, Dons Linden, Claudia Baker, Susan Sprinkle, Terryl Stroup. SECOND ROW: Richard Yeaples, Jeff Grieve, Paula Clement, Melissa Guyer, Darlene Clifford, Laura Dobson, Gale Worchester, Wanda Neptune, Kathy McCourt, Laura Schueneman, Harold Vaughn. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Rossa, Stevie Englet, Charles Swartzfager, Ronnie Hopkins, Donald Hange, James Williams, Warren Gott, Dennis Kelly, David Ko stecki, Jessie Bidinger, Philip Brassie, Timothy Roberts, David Dickerson, Teacher, Mrs. Waters. wfdmm lu' fine? FIRST ROW: Pamela Bryan, Mary Cole, Karen Koons, Barbara Brockway, Kathleen Mokosh, Vicki Trammell, Nancy Blessing, Lona Timko. SECOND ROW: Billy Caine, Joseph Forster, Richard Lowe, Marcia Hawley, Judy Van Dyne, Gleen Bursley, Donald Harris. THIRD ROW: Timmy Langford, James Hamilton, Scot La Mar, Ronald Larahee, Mrs. Painter. 67 1 O Er' o '4- W Q05 x -5 y Q. AY Q, H -......,,, X Q4 'R ,.. K. 'Miz za g, I 'V ' F' 'fffif in T A-.P 5 3111 XA M I ' p it 'fix 'fx pf ' ...,. iggk 'VF u ML ,-.,. W. -f is t A .w , K - , , . ,aw . L will 3 'gg 1 W .N ' Y S541 E .. 5 W? f E tg fs, 19' taxi: avg '- 'fl' ang 512, nAl'x' f n 1 ., 1 .,1 'M ?slJ:,1-2 ' at-1-. 5- :ix gf,,Q'A ,Y ,, V "Mi 'fag Y 'i ::- ii gl , , X f .. . ft. ffnfgfy-'F' ' W fh ' W 9 .fi Q ' zavmvynrm Jiikafuyozzfem FIRST ROW: Mary Ellen Ieandervin, Danny McFadden, Barbara True, Ernest Lance, john Denbow, Edward Archer, Janice Bigelow, Joyce Rollin, Debra Eicholtz. SECOND ROW: Iudy Walter, Deborah Ackerman, Susan Kelsey, Steven Kimmell, Kathi Knapp, Cindy Pifer, Harold Paine, Allen Rollin, Loran Van Buskirk. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Skeeles, Nancy Weber, Larry Barker, Randy Yost, Valerie Brown, Sara Nesbett, Jeannette Andel, Marjorie Rook, Mark Handley. 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SECOND ROW: Linda Norris, Eloise Gentry, Ann Shorts, Paxtsy Stevenson, Marilyn Rowe, Louise Welch, Sharon Rex, Mrs. Poor. efwea Jada ' fmemdfe FIRST ROW: SandyTay1or, Mary Walkden, Connie Converse, Sherrell Hovorka. SECOND ROW: Virginia Bradley, Ianet Avery Linda Shultz, Mrs. Poor. 74 ff' M0260 Faya 'fuewlk FIRST ROW: Duane Snoddy, jim Rowe, Dick Crebs , Bud Wandel. SECOND ROW: Philip Simcox, Jim Botdorf, Ian Reinhardt, Ioe Majce, Don Hoffman, Arnold Wacker, Denny Howe, Mrs. Foot. afdwm Eoya 5fvaew0?e FIRST ROW: Rusty Pifer, Charles jaccaud, lem Keep, Ronnie Finley, Dave Howe, Rusty Grenzenbach, Mrs. Poor. F 1 Qkmewr A-qggsg iQf,:-.wt if sf, -W4 5 , . , l , L l , s xxlfx 3 uise s Larkey. Lo fe Do lo 1 Beth Stark e Clifford, onni C ok Ro 99 al , Lor F9 l Messrno ka nker, O li C 511 Ie 1, 6 Robert Kirv 1 GFLSOH GV I tsy S Pa W: RO RST FI Humphrey, l YO Ca Ballou, C6 Howe, Philip Simcox, Jani Dennis gers, Sharon Farnsworth, Ro ND ROW: Ronald O SEC Welch, Sharon Rex, Linda Norris. BIB rb ifread , Ba S Karen 1 le Donald Sprink W: RO RD I TH lf Wo H165 Ia Majce, ana Roberts, Ioe D etzer, Russell Sage hm , Sue Sc Co le Patty Kari , l BYO C Bdfbafa bert Brou se , Ro EY1 Roger Car ns, Hiqg Andy 1 freed Si en G1 a nclel W Carol Ringler, Steve ce, er, Judy Roi ingl R Teara Smith, Sherry Kline , illiams , W Merigerink, Tom 1 IO get Peck , Ce Ro a ndel , W Pat loise Gentry, E yers , M QQY ,Pe eck Kni Linda W: HRO FOURT pbell . m Nancy Ca Howard Root. del, Mr. BH W Bud 1 den Walk Karen Ka ri Cheryle llou, san Ba Su Ivffgfbzeatea P LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Davis, Nancy jordan, Mary Ann Higgms, Susan Burkhart, Avalon Priscantelli, Drum Major, Sherrell I-Iovorka. SENIOR BAND DIRECTOR Mr. Louis Root I 7 7 N M W. . ..... -, , , , vs ' .+G-Ns., 1 . -6 v::'5fi:g',-- - X V . MM W, W ,g g 513,35 'r ii? T"?' . - fmmu. 4,.q,A.3---, :- ms .- . . ,. Az.. K X ..- 'if' - - Wa., .... . --.-- 1w2'4 ' L .,., .N is me Q 'uf ,,., .1 A, , TW11'.f'34,-'.f' M' Nw- I, 'Q Q Y ,. Ef f S gtg ,.,..,.,,- , . i 1 v 1 :RN 'E 3 Q- ff.: , Ly: , ,Q , Q, J' fu Q' . 4. ., . ... 'k if IJZQVQM zawbz Em! FIRST ROW: Sherry Ringler, Teara Smith, Karen Sifread, Peggy Davis, Crystal Elliott, Glen Sifread, Mike Owsley. SECOND ROW: Caro Ringler, Donald Sprinkle, Patty Cole, Judy Lamb, Iudy Roice, Ronald Quast, Scott Larabee, Thomas Sooy. THIRD ROW: Marjorie Skeeles Linda Graham, Trudance Smith, Linda Paintee, Linda Kreuck, Mr. Harold. The junior bands under the direction of Mr. Louis Root and Mr. Richard Herold have worked hard this year. They have performed at various P.T.A. meetings, gave spring recitals, entertained the band parents club and entered several of their members in the music contests with excellent results. A few of our more "matured" members are looking forward to being in the senior marching band next year and wearing those brand new uniforms. - if law ,, J, ., S. . ,W if ' if FT " Q22 ,, : x faqs' k :s .VF , X - we ' Q gba s Hz Q: iAg - :X f -Y gm .. , si . 2 -:'-.. if Q S E ii . is i Y 555 A 5 if f if W 'Sim fig Em. .fi ii: 2? me .qv .qua UEQLIVAE3 QI'-XAFTEQ Y ,Q . L ff, '13 -X 2 -rfal Y J K, , ':sx ' v s , X . , ' " -lzhh W I Q fs its if , Q ff. fe tg? L l 5 1.4 5 , , Q I A y i g ,A - 3 1 M A, M y . ,9 fifffis Q K -' 5' X N .Qs-ga. A if ff' 'A - 1 2? . V ,K iix igii x i' if, .K 2 1 SL L. Va, Q 3 vi jig , i Im fr at' ew P Zafwe 7'afmpefza Q! olwefwba new lfQ02l FIRST ROW: Leslie Clevidence, Duane Snoddy, Arnold Wacker, Jim Rowe, Jan Reinhardt, Iim Botdorf, Ted Fetzer, Mr. Gottron, Bobby Wuthrich. SECOND ROW: George McWilliams, Joe Majce, Robert Breyley, Dennis Howe, Paul Lowe, Carl Rogers, Eugene Snoddy, David Trapp, Dick Brooks, Don Hoffman, Raymond Howman. THIRD ROW: Phillip Rowe, Dick Markley, Ronald Steele, Bill Johnson, Jim Gott, Bill Herrmann, Charles Napier, Bob Allen, Dick Chabot, Dave Workman, Roger Peck, Kenneth Halliwell. ,Ima-an-, ia? af Wana Zia we FIRST ROW: Pat Wandel, Nancy Campbell, Connie Billheimer, Sharon Rex. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hines, Eloise Gentry, Linda Norris, Patsy Stevenson. wwe eecfioza olaaowbzkwv ewee 6640124 SITTING: Lett to Right, Bettie jackson, Linda Shultz, Dolores Larkey, Mrs. Dawley, Carol Blake, Judy Walkden. STANDING: Irene Kozub, Janet Avery. Kathleen Weimer, Linda Norris, Louise Welch, Mary Briclgett, Nancy Geiger, Alice LaMar, Eloise Gentry, Pat Wandel, Joe Malce, Arnold Wacker, Bertha Blodgett, Nancy Campbell. - MZMJQIKJ Peggy Myers jean Hopkins Betty Jackson Mary Ann Higgins Linda Sultz Janet Avery Diane Hopkins Joan Shoulter, Susan Burkhart, Lynette Bassett, Mary McKean, Kathryn Baker, Linda Kreuck, Loretta Dawson, Judy Dennis . Iack Grissinger, Eric Klrvel, Joe Majce, jim Botdorf, Jim Gott, Arnold Wacker, Tom Brooks, Duane Snoddy, Mary Bridgett , Louise Howma n. Kenneth Byrd, Kenneth Dalgleish, Robert Fitzgerald, John McCourt. -'am sr-V fzgglecabmlafa da! Ru sty Grenzenback Andy Liptak Iames Bassett Ralph Kxsh Iohn Iordan W 5 km X gm K Q vw xx. 'Q 54' ,Q M. gif Q . Q 9 M as S 355 . ' Q 6 ie Y Msthu .fy 6 QA' Q .. "' 1 f ' f 'N 1 E., .- ' 'Q - La W' 5 . is QM , X Q 3 ' SS? -if. S1 5 i i .X , AG if 'W- 86 FIRST ROW: Ioan Heiffner, Brenda Boyd, Rosemary Bowling, Elaine Forster, Mr. Albright. SECOND ROW: Virginia Rollin, Sue Keillor, Connie Hyde, Joan Shoulter, Susan Burkhart, Carolyn Rosecrans, Loretta Dawson, Mary McKean, Ioan Dague, Cheryl Elliott, Iudy Lamb, Alva Pay. THIRD ROW: John Iordan, Thelma Weber, Betty Orcutt, Carole Hawley, Loretta Phillips, Thomas Hawley, Okal Messmore, jean Clinker, Marilyn Regal, Iill Clark, Larry Handley. aafefzf dmoz! zymgedhm S?9avez taafefaa' fowwaf mama FIRST ROW: Susan Bridgett, Barbara Kline, Jeanne Carpenter, Marilyn Rowe, Linda Norris. SECOND ROW: Dennis Howe. jim Gott, Arnold Wacker, Allan Havel, jerry Shadley, Mr. Workman. Sfoeww Smdemt fwawaf Ricky Stuart, Francis Stuart, Richard Heilma n, Bill Benford, Warren Waltz, Mr. Florence, Sheila Dennison, John Gonzales Douglas Bowen. elm-mv Stefani Qorawaf FIRST ROW: Ianet Runkle, Sharon Farnsworth, Martha Free, Elaine Forster, Jill Clark, Peggy Davis. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Blessing, Layton Meininger, Richard Pfeiffer, Rusty Grenzenbach, Donald Berry. B7 I gfomzez Manoa aww? FIRST ROW: Sharon Rex, Connie Billheimer, Louise Welch, Nancy Campbell, Mary Bridgett. SECOND ROW: Eric Klrvel, Eloise Gentry, Linda Norris, Philip Simcox, Mr. Gottron. . Avefz ,Qdm QM FIRST ROW: Eloise Gentry, Linda Kline, Barbara Howard, Patsy Stevenson, Alice LaMar. SECOND ROW: Gerald Weimer, Elizabeth Jenkins, Louise Howman, Marilyn Rowe, Iudy Long, Nancy Campbell, Phillip Rowe, Mrs. Hines. THIRD ROW: Bud Wandel, Robert Kirvel, Max Mclfrederick, Eric Kirvel, Dick Crebs, Denny Howe, Tom Williams. X. K k is X s Wana ezwbe ffel FIRST ROW: Louise Welch, Linda Norris, Nancy Geiger, Bertha Blodgett, Nancy Campbell, Mary Ann Bridgett, Eloise Gentry, Louise Howman. SECOND ROW: Kathy Weimer, Patsy Stevenson, Anna johnson, Susan Bridgett, Connie Billheimer, Pat Wandel Sharon Rex, Virginia Vanetta, Maxine Trapp, Mrs. Hines. THIRD ROW: Dara Hanners, Carol Napier, Linda Pummell, Alice LaMar, Ann Herrmann, Barbara Howard, Linda Kline, Iune Kravitz, Linda Brooks, 1 I emma ezfef Sandy Taylor, Mary Walkden, Sherrell Hovorka, Jeanne Leiby, Carol Sutz, Connie Converse. Q i I E S 1 ,ff 4 Y' - 1+ Q ,' L A ' g Y L. 5 X S X 7 , L , W .bk .L Y, . I 3 5 " A ' 4 A I 35 ' 'S . 5' f fx . 4 .W 4: 22 ,fx x 5 2 0 fy f A f ZA A 1 ix 1' X Q v an ax 4, 'W NX x Q A X A Y, fl Q " at i nf -Q 1 ' x 7 'K if if W Su. N x , A , Q ' - ,V -. 1 'V " K .III il W 1 .5--v Q 4k FIRST ROW: Basil Morehead, Ronnie Finley, Dave Howe , Donald Beach, Iohn Regal, Don Channel, Harold VanMeter Francis Stuart SECOND ROW: Tom Hawley, Alan Briggs, Bill Haswell, Jeff Keep, john Nesbett, Dick Pfeiffer, Gary Wacker. THIRD ROW: Gary Bowen Danny Rook Carl Stuart, Donald Britt, Rusty Pifer, David McMillan, Bruce Miller, Raymond Garn. FOURTH ROW: Tom McKean, Bill Benford Warren Waltz Artie Weidrick, John Nagy, Robert Fitzgerald, Gene Clifford, Ricky Myers, Larry Blessing. 4,6446 abfefz dawned wife? 7001055 azieafefe Team played LaGrange LeRoy Plymouth Towns end-Wakeman Milan Lodi Seville Berlin Heights 92 We . They 0 6 0 16 6 22 6 13 28 0 6 22 0 18 14 14 gaze ' Warren Waltz, Artie Weidrick, Robert Fitzgerald, Donald Beach , Ron Finley Head Coach Ron Mack, Assistant Coach Pat Gallagher SENIOR LINEMEN . fl Connie Billheimer, Bill Haswell, Marilyn Regal, Warren Waltz, John Nagy, Queen Carol Elliott, Terry Taylor, Cindy Walkden Bill Benford, Ioan Heiffner, David Howe, Linda Butcher. mwewmf , Marilyn Regal, Connie Billheimer, Queen Carol Elliott, Linda Butcher, Bertha Blodgett Warren Waltz, Iohn Nagy, Queen Carol Elliott, Joan Heiffner, Terry Taylor, Cindy Walkden, Bill Benford. hee levee afzady meeffeff COACH Lou Tsipis,.Iohn Nagy, Larry Blessing, lim Gott, Warren Waltz, Bill Benford, lack Grissinger, Duane Snoddy Ian Reinhardt Francis Stuart, Dean Farnsworth, Gene Clifford. O Mace 0 O eadfde 60704 1 9 59 -6 0 We They Highland 59 44 Buckeye 50 34 Lodi 66 65 Leroy 67 50 Ruggles-Troy 69 78 Polk 69 55 Seville 75 53 Hayesville 55 66 Savannah 71 73 Brunswick 57 41 Highland 86 66 Buckeye 68 52 Savannah 87 76 Lodi 68 56 Leroy 82 64 Ruggles-Troy 81 68 Seville 65 72 Brunswick 64 5 2 04,6 Eva gamma FIRST ROW: Tommy Brooks, Basil Morehead, jeff Keep, Donald Channel, Dick Markley, Allan Briggs. SECOND ROW: Max MCFYSGBUCR William Herrmann, Gene Clifford, George Kish, Sam Simmerma n, Bob Allen, Coach Mack. , . ylfeafaea awzafy eaeeae larger: 1 959-60 We They We They Highland 26 24 Brunswick 37 35 Buckeye 40 23 Highland 28 26 Lodi 26 33 Buckeye 22 29 Leroy 33 2 0 Savannah 36 3 3 Ruggles-Troy 39 22 Lodi 43 31 Polk 33 2 1 Leroy 62 37 Seville 26 42 Ruggles-Troy 32 1 6 Seville 29 2 7 Brunswick 38 34 Medina County Tournament Black River 35 Seville 30 ':iP35 g ,. 'A,,, O' 'Q f my Q Q Qin a Zu Bw46efJeW een FIRST ROW: Ronald Adamson, Jerry Shadley, Glen Clevidence, Charles Emory, james Markley, Karl Kolb, Franklin Simcox, Patrick Gern, Gary Wandel, Donald Weimer, Stephen Wandel, Richard Clevidence. SECOND ROW: Iames Williams, Fred Owen, Allan Havol, Allen Blodgett, Daniel Cole, Stanley Null, Ronald Wood, Nick Nichols, Howard Steel, Richard McFrederick, Mr. Tsipis. M006 fa. igaaleffeff new KNEELING: John Regal, Dan Rook, Thomas Williams. STANDING: COACH Pat Gallagher, Raymond Riffle, David Workman, Dick Moore, Loren Hastings, Tommy Hord. 98 ,oewwevz mubz Say! Eeafetfaff FIRST ROW: Ricky Stuart, Tommy Smith, Iack Byrd, Iim Wolfe, Norbert Larkey, Douglas Bowen, Tom Keep. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Blake, Connie. THIRD ROW: Iean Stroup, Dana Roberts, Roger Carey, Russell Sage, Ioe Ward, Cidk VanMeter, Fred Zeroll, Robert Brouse, Ralph Roub. rafdzfaa :aww geafefleff FIRST ROW: Terry Barker, Roger Mayes, Ronald Blessing , Donald Sprinkle, Harold Messmore, Gary Easterday. SECOND ROW: Darrell Elliott, Edward McKean, Rick Honeberger, Donald Rosecrans, Ronald Davis, Thomas Sooy, Iames Rosecrans, Alva Pay, Dean Farnsworth. E ga f 1 :QQ K 1 A 11 9 QQ 1. . . -K C. kg. . Q - 'V ' 'zgif TLT . wc. .NK ,fi ,,,.., T, . 1 'WY Nm .. . N. ,J ' . ,wif . M H e I K was ,gi . qkq, --. I 5' - Q., b X f 2 N X 1 if Q . 6 Q A. E .. ,, 2 f E' 'V X 1, 2 s K 3 x is H . .. 51 31 .. .. t . "l'i ni 5 . ' - Z-Q, ., V. 'im 1 a X " ' ' 5 f ' E'.? 5? Q . X. gif.. J ,,5.,3N :Q .L Q, 1 : , K' 5 M511 A, 5, m 34 ,K W .1-Q.. K if W x .il Q... 3,22 f Q ,Q s :1 , X Q + A y, 3 5 3 R 9, X , X . . . X 7: Q , ,.,w f . f i 'ix k " iff Q X 1 5 K I Lb am S , ...Twp 2 5' .. 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W. Sommer, Inc. 24 Hour Wrecker Service Chevrolet- Buick - Oldsmobile Phone 2611 LODI OHIO I i Compliments Of Mack's Food Center 8i Locker I V2 Miles West Of Lodi Complete One-Stop Food Market Lockers and Freezers Custom Butchering - Chilling - Cutting - Grinding Curing and Smoking ond Freezing For Home Freezers Or Lockers Complimenfs Of Lodi Sand and Gravel Wholesale and Retail Washed Sand and Gravel Mason and Concrete Sand Telephone 2251 Co. Rd. 92 Lodi Ohio B. H. Mining Company O. C. Warner, Owner Phone 3115 Box 278 odi Ohio Complimenfs Of Locii Equity Phone 2581 Lodi Ohi0 Compliments Of Grin Zemancik Light Excavation Telephone Homerville 2261 Homerville Ohio William M . Fryman Fryman's Marathon Station Marathon Smile-maker Service Lubrication, Battery Service Tires, Tubes, Accessories Wheels Balanced Mufflers and Tail Pipes Installed Phone 2-5223 Ashland Ohio Bill Knafel Pontiac, Gldsmobile Inc. 720 Claremont Avenue Ashland, Ohio Complete Sales and Service Facilities "Our S uccess Depends On Your Satisfaction" 109 The Polk State Bank QXNSU 4? W 'Clk X1 2 Q X f i f " " Community Banking Service Convenient Banking Service Complete Banking Service Polk Ohio The F. E. Myers 81 Bros., Inc. Best Wishes Ash land Ohio 1 g i 6351 NATIONAZ 6 Zgiggi J' ASHLAND S Main At Orange falls!!! Claremont Avenue El ,Q 'cf is .IJSQPXNQ Qk""'fff'f At smifh Road "ENV JEROMESVILLE Compliments Of The Faultless Rubber Co. Ashland BEST WIS HES Manufacturers OF: Drug Sundries Rubber Surgical Goods Balls and Balloons Industrial Rubber Goods Ohio Binninger's Jewelry Diamonds Are Our Business! Our Genuine, "TRAUB ORANGE BLOSSOM" Diamond Rings Are Well Known For Their Top Quality and Beauty Expert Watch Above Fay Co . and Clock Repair 385 Broad Street Elyria Compliments Of Spencer Manufacturing Co Banking For The Entire Family At The Old Phoenix National Bank Offices At Meclina- Brunswick - Seville Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation KN C7l'l'0 FEEDS How MUCH you re- member is perhaps less important than how FULLY you and how WISELY you put to use what you DO remember. Spencer Elevator av""? i fl Er B F w ev F : Eifiifiiiiii 0' 35 i'::ifi:3.i'i'ifgi5i:m u, i -.-. If. in ln 57: " ""' . .,.....m-as-wwrrf """"'TT. ll .,.q I v , ' The First Wellington Bank Lorain County's Oldest Bank 3 CM: Paid On Savings Certificates NSU .pf , 5 E i f Ngusgi. Wellington Ohio Merthe's Sportswear - it 3rcl Floor 1 .gt H So smart ----- yet inexpensive - - - at NteQthe'S Office Phone Roger. L. Bloclgett Well D ri I ling Contractor Home Phone West Salem 3601 HAVE RIG West Salem, Ohio West Salem 5-3218 WILL DIG Be Proud Of Your School Wooster Lumber Company Phone HO 2-8015 Ohio Wooster "fl . Irr- lx W XFX X' i - I X- I 1 I I I. itz, l.,f I ,TT - fi. West Salem GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1960 Wayne A. Shorts 81 Son Oil and Gas Well Contractors Ohio Compliments Of 0 Rex Brothers E5 ia . . - L Shell Service Station LeRoy Ohio Compliments Of I f Perkin s Jewelry Diamonds - Watches - Glassware Expert Watch and Clock Repairing Phone 5201 Lodi Ohio Always Compliments Of At Your Sefvice Weekly Implement Aung-chqimefs fll.llS'CHHlMERS Sill! IND SIHVICI Sales and Service Phone-Wadsworth FE 4-7100 Seville Ohio Compliments Of hi Don Fetzer its --W .iso Ford" fl E' "You Can Pay More But You Can't Buy Better" Lodi Ohio Compliments Of Lodi Foundry Company Producers Of Aluminum Castings For Aircraft Earl Martinson - Carlton Brewster Phone Lodi 2141 Lodi Ohio GOOD LUCK Compliments Of Allison's Hardware Phone 480i West Salem Ohio l I 1 1 - Compliments Of Bartholamia Hardware City Hardware Phone Res . 4402 Store 5000 Lodi Compliments Of Lodi Lumber Co. Special Industrial Wood Working Phone 4131 Lodi Ohio Compliments Of Best Ready Mix, Inc. Ready To Serve You Ready Mix Concrete Building Supplies Phone Lodi 5191 Phone Lodi 4491 106 Prospect Street Lodi, Ohio Compliments OF o ron moss wno CARE PHONE 4-1554 Denbow FUNERAL HOME 313 CENTER STREET ' ASHLAND, OHIO 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE O OXYGEN EQUIPPED HARRY DENIOW, DIRECTOR OF YUNIRAIS Compliments Of The Nova Elevator Company Phone OXford 2-3200 Nova Ohio Congratulations To The Class Of T960 The E. Biglow Company Vitrified Extra Quality Shale Drain Tile -- Drain Tile Fittings New London Ohio I l fl I White City Truck Stop Sandwiches Lunches - Din and I Sohio Gas Station Phone Elginffb-2598 S llvan R'D' 1 Oh The National Latex Products Co. Manufacturing Toy Balloons and Plastic Balls I A hl nd Oh O . O . Gerwig and Sons White Barn Market "More Eating Pleasure For Your Money" A hl nd Oh 41 l l - Chatham Lumber and Supply Doors - Windows - Roofing - Blocks Hardware Lumber Phone: Chatham NOrth 7-2333 Spencer Ohio The Farmer's Savings Bank Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Maximum Insurance of 510,000,000 for Depositor Spencer Ohio Jim and Ruth's Sav Mor Market Groceries - Fresh Fruits Meats - Vegetables Phone 2561 Spencer Ohio Compliments Of Spencer Molcl and Die Compliments Of Wible Pontiac Caclillac, Inc 321 South Court Street CADILLAC Md O Spencer Electric Shop Phone: 2641 Lew Jewett Electrical Appliances Electrical Wiring - Electrical Supplies "No Job ls Too Small" I , Compliments Of lodi Implement Company River Street Lodi Ohio Compliments Of The lodi Advertiser Serving This Area Phone 3264 Lodi Ohio Compliments Of TurSco Inc. STRIKE AND SPARE BOWLING LANES Phone 3033 odi Ohio C. E. 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Bason General Insurance Lodi Ohio "Buy It From Piatt" ElIiott's Funeral Home Distinctive Funeral Service Modern Invalid Car Licensed Lady Attendant Phone 2391 224 Wooster Street odi Ohio Compliments OF Parker and Sons Funeral Home and Home Furniture Phone 3281 Lodi - Phone 328l Spencer Phone - 3253 Alloy Fabricators, Inc. Stainless Steel Equipment For School Kitchens Lodi Ohio Compliments Of Benton's Store "On The Square" Phone 3l92 Lodi Ohio Compliments Of Medina County Bank Lodi and Valley City, Ohio Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation "Buy lt From Piatt" Piatt and Sons Electricians Wooster Street P hone 3434 Lodi Ohio Good Luck Seniors M. 81 T. Chevrolet Inc. lmpala, Belair, Biscayne, Corvair Chevrolet Sales and Service Phone 2511 Cherry Street West Salem Ohio Compliments Ot Yarman Bros. ls -ir Famous Holmes County swiss CHEESE Hickory Smoked Hams and Bacon Phone 2581 West Salem, Ohio Compliments OF West Salem Bowling Center Telephone ------ W.S . 2221 West Salem Ohio 127 128 My lady's Salon Hoircufs Manager-Betty Lewis Permonenfs Hoir-Styling - Shompoos Phone Lodi 3911 - Medina Street Lodi Ohio gamut by R. E. Bensons 84 Sons . B.E Goodnch Shell Jobbers FIRST IN RUBBER EE 53 B . F . Goodrich Home ond Aufo Supplies Lodi Ohio 1 X 1 ' S r' f r' tm' , o is oc ion - X 4 0 of A T ' Since 1884 V 1 I WOO, I M Freelanders ' 'bl Q' A I , 1fPoys To Buy Quality Wooster Ohio Compliments Of Farmefs State Bank Wes1'Solem Ohio Lodi Compliments Of locke Manufacturing Company Railings-Columns Metal Building Products American Foremost Wrought Iron Craftmen" Phone 5881 Ohio Lodi Compliments Ot The United Dairy Company Dairy Products Phone 4721 Ohio Homerville Compliments Of Homerville Service Center General Repairing Phone 2195 Ohio Homervi I le Wackerman's General Store Groceries - Fresh Meats - Dry Goods Hardware Phone 2122 Ohio Y, 130 Compliments Of McKean's Groceries--Meats Carry Out Beverages Gas-Oil Phone 581W - Wellington Huntington Ohio Compliments Of Millers Market Wellington Ohio A. l. Weber 81 Company Heating--P lumbing--Sheet Metal Office Phone 86 A. J . Weber, lOO-K Wm. L. Weber, 247-Y Wellington ohio l. K. Coates Service Station Lobricaring-washing-Tires-Bafferies l3O Herrick Ave. East Wellington ohio Art Printing Company "Printing That P leases" Phone 21520 147 East 2nd Street Ashland Ohio Compliments Of Smith Dairy Products Co. Milk and Ice Cream FE 4-5961 Wadsworth Ohio lent Service Tires-Batteries-Accessories-Minor Repairs PX Brake Service-Engine Tune-Up 206 Herrick Ave . , East Phone 570 fl Wheel Alignment Wheel Balancing Wellington Ohio Wellington lumber Company H. V. Kime - E. H. Kime Phone 256 Chi-Namel Paints Lumber Johns-Manville Products Millwork Insulation G lass Wellington Ohio 132 MAGNETIC Pipe Plugs - Filler Plugs - Drain Plugs With Permanent Alnico Magnet Magnetic Drain Plug, Inc. Wellington Ohio Norton Funeral Home William and Lois Norton Funeral Directors 24 Hour Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped 370 South Main Phone i50 Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Medina Supply Company Dealers In Ready Mix Concrete and Builders Supplies Plants Located At: Wellington - Medina Wadsworth - Strongsville lou's Flower 84 Gift Shop Flowers and Gifts For All Occasions Phone: Days 285Y Evenings 5W l34 Herrick Avenue, West Wellington Ohio 174 , Compliments Of Rexall Drug Store Phone 65 Wellington Ohio Wel lington Wellington Hardware 81 Furniture A Complete Shopping Center" Phone 242 Ohio Ashland Heyl-Robbins Funeral Home Ambulance Service Phone 3l56l Leo Heyl Rex Robbins Ohio Ashland Residential Compliments Of H. C. Wheeler G eneral Contractor -Commercial -Industrial-l nstitutional Phone 37761 - 2l575 t t trre GMO W.l2hS.A E' RR I 134 The Farmers Bank of Ashland Main Office East Branch l9W. Main St. E. Main At Eastern Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Ashland Ohio Compliments Of Brockway Sohio Service Gas-Oil-Tires-Batteries On Route 58 -- Phone: Elgin 6-2l8l Motor Repair Front End Alignment Wheel Balancing Sullivan Ohio The Savings and loan Banking Company New London A State Charted Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation New London Ohio Compliments Of Glenn Jennings Ready-Mix Concrete Concrete Blocks -- Builders Supplies Phone 90401 New London Ohio Motor Repair Tires Batteries Whitney Shell Service Ee fs Phone 520 Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Dr. S. R. Stone The Fickes Company Home Furnishers-F un eral Directors Phones: Funeral Home - FOrest 8-60ll Furniture Store - FOrest 8-6021 Jeromesville Ohio Gordon's Paint-Paper Store "34 Years Decorating Experience" Phone 23083 235 Orange Street Ashland Ohio 136 Ashland Home Owned Jewelry Stores Bear's Best Wishes Kastan's To LeibFarth's Class OF l96O Ashland Ohio Gilbert Furniture Company Ashland, Ohio Two Oxygen Equipped Ambulances Ambulance Funeral Service Director "Over Two Acres OF Floor Space" Tame Shop Authorized Elgin Distributor Fine Watches -- Clocks -- Repairing Complete Selection OF Watch Bands Ralph E . Snyder, Watchmaker ll8 East Main St. Palace Theater Bldg . Ashland Ohio Hostettler's Inc. Your Office Supply Store Supplies-Office Machines-Office Furniture-Gifts Phone 38771 l0 West Main Street Ashland Ohio Ed A Ringler Pole Type Farm Buildings R. D . l Nova, Ohio Phone: Sullivan Elgin 6-2740 Sullivan Sohio Garage Body and Fender Work - Auto Repair Emergency Service Phone Elgin 6-2323 Sullivan Ohio Compliments Of , 0 Bob s Bowling lanes Sullivan Ohio Compliments Of Rochester Cement Block Co. Cement Blocks, Cement, Mortar, Brick Windows and Other Building Materials . Rochester Phone Q65-W Ohm l Compliments Of Hardware and Blacksmith Shop General Farm Machinery Repair Complete Line of Hardware Welding--Electric and Acetylene Sylvania Televisions P . O . Box 519 Easy Washers and Dryers Phone 33l4 Elyria Ohio Spencer Ohio Compliments Of Hill Top House Restaurant When Dining Out, Dine At The Hill Top House 338 East Bridge Street Elyria Ohio lngraham's Gulf Service North Main Street Phone 2073 S pencer Oh io Compliments . O, Hart Construction Co. Highway Contractors 460 Oberlin Road Dunlap Milk Transport Asphalt--Tar--Road Oil Furnished and Applied Bulk or Cans Phones-Office 83-251 Phone Elyria GL-82433 Garage 83-231 Elyria Ohio Elyria Ohio Insured Savings Compliments Of LM 'O Md of Bruce Firestone Buy Homes Studio EVERYTHING in PHOTOGRAPHIC and 1.0811 C0ll1DHl1Y EQUIPMENT and suPPLn5s COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 200 Middle Avenue 237 South Main Street Phone 2091 Elyria Ohio Spencer Ohio O There's More ln The Chronicle Telegram 225 East Ave . Fairfax 3-332l Elyria Ohio The Best People ln The World Read The Medina County Gazette Medina Ohio Spurlock's Restaurant We Specialize ln Good Food Prepared As You Like lt. Located At The Light Clifford's Tin Shop T Roofing - Spouting Heating - Plumbing Myers Water Systems Phone 2795 Phone 9491 Residence 2363 Good Food Spencer Ohio Spencer Ohio Spencer Gas and Oil Co. Compliments Of our factory to you plan, which eliminates two profits, makes it pos- se.. fo, Us .O Und., Se., Com- Medina Farmers' Exchange Co petitors, nefee to seven aenefe on passenger fires, and five to twelve dollars on truck and rreerer tires. Phone Park 2-1511 Office Phone: 2401 and 2012 Spencer Ohio Medina Ohio Compnmems Medina Farm Bureau C0-op Assn. OF Supplies For Farm and Home M. l. FUllER Owned and Controlled By Farmers Of Medina County Nationwide Insurance Phone PA 2-l52l Spencer Ohio Medina Ohio Compliments Of N' E' Walters Store Bear Furniture Co. Quality Meats "EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME" Groceries Dry Goods Furniture, Appliances, Carpeting, Radios, Television, Draperies. Phone 2382 Spencer Ohio 525 Broad St. 3I9 Broadway Elyria, Ohio Lorain, Ohio iheck - And -'gave Restaurant Public Square THE SAVINGS DEPOSIT BANK "You Will Be Glad You Shopped ." Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Medina Ohio Medina Ohio Skeeles Ford Sales, Inc. The Only Complete Car In Its Field 17' i f Q'-Z0 f U Phone 369 Owaw Herrick Ave., West Wellington Ohio Compliments Of The Sterling Foundry Company Wellington Ohio Compliments Of H. B. Owens Xl Son Breeder Of Purebred Holstein-Friesian Cattle Phone 2462 Homerville Ohio Fono Farm and Industrial Equipment -- Parts, Sales and Service fl 1 an NJ, A J ' h lx we ei Reed Ford Tractor Sales Fairground Road Phone 566 Wellington, Ohio Compliments Huber M. McCuen, D.D.S. Ashland Ohio K. H. Haulk Dependable Insurance Fire-Hail Extended Coverage Lite-Health-Accident Hospitalization Phone Elgin 6-249i Sullivan Ohio Compliments Ot Newt Dilgard 81 Son Complete Auctioneering Service Phone 44548 46W. Second St. Ashland, Ohio A 'A Full Line of General Hardware" shland Hardware Company Lowe Bros . Paints - Varnishes and Enamels Delta Power Tools Speed Queen Electric Washers and Dryers Siegler Oil and Gas Heaters Phone 29591 42 West Main Street Ashland Ohio Spencer Screw Machine Products Reed Street Spencer, Ohio Phone 3584 Compliments Of Compliments Of HawkmsServlce Station Qarlg, Hummelggons Gas-Oi l-Tires -Tubes-Accessories Hancock Hybrids Phone 3261 Phone 2444 West Salem Ohio Homerville Ohio Compliments Of Compliments Of Harry E. Ramsier Buyer OFScrap lron, Metals, Etc. South Of West Salem Rt. 3Ol To Road N . l32 First Road Left Mr. 81 Mrs. Arthur Stevenson West Salem Ohio Compumems HaII's Barbershop of And Modern Beauty Shoppe Fuhrman's Ford Sales Bs,befSh0p-pn0ne 3351 W tB k St t Beauty Shoppe-Phone 3355 West Salem Y Ohio Lodi Ohio COmP'fmmfS Rowland Bros. Of Drug and Prescriptions ll3 Woos er Stree Ray Adamson l f Phone 325i Your "MOBILE DEALER" Homerville Ohio Lodi Ohio Mclntire Company Home Of Lane Cedar Chest Furniture, Floor Coverings and Gas Ranges Phone HO 2-779l Congratulations C lass OF i959 Brenner Bros. Woosters Largest Exclusive Store For Men and Boys Wooster Ohio Wooster Ohio Best Compliments OF Wishes and . . welcome T lodl Paint and Body Shop lsaly's Dairy Store Phone 3513 Lodi ohio Lodi Ohio Canaan Market and locker Storage General Store Fresh Meats-G roceries Hardware -D ry Goods County Road 5l Call Creston 22ll Creston Ohio Compliments D. G. Keener 81 J. A. 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Heffelfrnger RipIey's Drug Store "'?l'5'EiTUfZL?lleil"dS Phone 3921 West Salem Ohio Lodi Ohio leland Badger Compliments Of FU,,k.5 G, Dealer leatherman's Hardware West Salem 3171 Phone 4231 West Salem Ohio Lodi Oh H- Dean W00ll Burbank Hardware Well Drilling ancl Pumps Speed Queen Washers Polk 5-3156 Lowe Brothers Paints Telephone 2675 West Salem Ohio Burbank Oh Compliments Compliments Of Of John Sreddv Harold Foster Nest Salem Ohio Compliments Of The lee McFrederick Family Compliments Of Ideal Gas Service Inc. Distributor of Pyrofax Gas 1 Wooster Oh Compliments Of Compliments Wenner's New london of Greenhouses A 81 P Tea Company "Flowers For All Occasions Phone 9-1585 139 First Street New London Ohio 'New London Ohio Dilgard Auto Parts, Inc. Wholesale Replacement Parts and Machine Work Donley Motors Studebaker Phone 42421 Phone 31564 Claremont Avenue Ashland Ohio Ashland Ohio Compliments OF Compliments , 0 Tony s Sunoco Service Of W. Herrick Avenue ' and Bennett Street Phone 197-W Wellington Ohio Wellington Ohio Best Wishes Class OF '59 Glenn E. lamb lumber Company "Drive A Littleg Save A Lot" V2 Mile West Bursley Road and 58 Wellington Ohio Dean Regal 81 Son Painting lnterior and Exterior KoolKote Roof Coating Phone Wellington 465W R. D . ta Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Ashland County Farm Bureau Your Landmark Cooperatives Gray's Furniture Store We Sell New and Used Furniture Phone 32782 24 West 2nd Street Ashland Ohio Ashland Ohio Compliments 7 For The Best Of Geralassiuaia And Camera Shop Recd The 212 Center Street Ashland Ohio Ashland Ohio Phone 3055l Compliments Ot Barrett's The Office Supply Store Typewriters-S chool Supplies l45 West Main Street Ashland Ohio luRay lanes Open Bowling-10-6: 30 lMon .-Fri J Saturday-l2:00 P .M . - Closing Sunday-l2:00 P .M .-C losing Phone 22973 Ashland Ohio Compliments Of A. B. Furniture 257 N . Main Street Curtis E . Truman Funeral Home Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Curtis E . Truman, Owner Phone 84 Wellington Ohio Ashland Equity Exchange Wayne Feeds, Sunoco Gas, Oil Fuel Oil, Seed and Fertilizer Phone 3625l Miller Street Ashland Ohio lsaly's Restaurant 81 Dairy Store P . S . Jeavons, Owner "On The Square' Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Wight lewelry Store Diamonds and Gifts " 100 Years Friendly Service Wellington Ohio F. A. Irish Market 130 West Herrick Choice Meats, Groceries Fish and Poultry Compliments Of Miller's Dari-Delite Herrick Avenue East Phone 237 For The Best lce Cream Cone Sundaes, and Shakes Wellington Ohio Wellington Ohio 1 9 Ralph s Grocery and Rolling Market Groceries - Meats - Produce Phone OxFord 2-3112 Try Our Rolling Market West End Greenhouse "Victor and Cecile" Weddings Our Specialities Cut Flowers - Arrangements Plants - Sprays 177 West Main Phone 92411 Nova Ohio New London Ohio Compliments -T Compliments Of Of Reynolds lumber Company Finleyfs Drugs Day and Nite Prescription Service Phone 90441 New London Ohio Lumber - Builder's Supplies Roofing Minnesota Paints - Oils Phone 90891 New London Ohio lyn-Way Drive In Fine Foods Courtesy Service Cleveland Road Ashland Ohio lohnnyfs Food Basket, Inc. "A Complete Food Market" Ashland Ohio Mansfield l. l. Donley 84 Bro. "The Elevator" Feed, Seeds and Coal Grain, Tile and Builders' Supplies Phone: 3-l556 3-T555 Phone: 4232l For Ready-Mixed Concrete Ashland Ohio HaroId's Motor Co. Dodge-Plymouth Dodge Trucks 333 Orange Street Ashland Ohio Cooper Bros., Inc. General Contractors Corrugated Pipe Black Top and Concrete Work Cleveland Road Ashland Ohio Dean Wallpaper 81 Paint Wholesale Wallpaper Distributor Of Paints Phone 20001 125 W. Washington Street Ashland Ol1l0 Compliments OF Appersons Greenhouse When You Need Flowers - Try Ours Phone 3525i Rear 509 West Main Street Compliments Of lim Myers Television and Record Shop 458 Cleveland Avenue Phone 4528-4 Ashland Ohio Ashland Ohio Dick's Truck Service R. E . Hawley, Owner Bulk or Bag Agricultural Lime Limestone - Sand - Coal Phone Sullivan Elgin 6-2791 Sullivan Ohio Terrace lake Park Sullivan, Ohio The Finest Recreational and Swim Club In The Area . Fun For Young and Old In An East To Take Country Club Atmosphere Limited and Restricted Membership Compliments Of Chet Howk Water Hauling 1500 Gallon Loads -- Reasonable Rates Phone 32OY Wellington Ohio LANDRACE HOGS Gilts -- Boars -- Bred Sows PFISTER HYBRID SEED CORN Kim-Mell Farm Phone Elgin 6-2566 Sullivan Ohio Compliments Of Dr. E. l. Clem yum F. fcl Nrlonwlne INSURANCE FIRE - LIFE - AUTO Francis W. Bartley 219 West Main St. Tel: Off. 35721 Room 1, Wahl Bldg. Tel: Res. 35152 Ashland, Ohio .v' Wx Don K. Cooper Realty Realtor City - Farm - Business Properties H . G . Nisson - Salesman Office and Room 10, Farmers Home Phone 44551 Bank Bldg Ashland, Ohio 1' 4 5 'aff zx ' z Hunan 2 413121.5- "1:.'.':q:" X- : 55519 GRANGE INSURANCE G. E. Tucker 130 E . Main Street Ashland, Ohio C I' t ' ' ' 'mp 'mens Waite Radro 81 Electric Of RCA - Admiral ' TV Sales and Service Grar Cleaners Phone Wellington IO6 129 East Herrick Avenue Wellington Oh Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Church Radlo 81 TV - f Rapkrng s Garage 305 Prospect Street Route 18 East Allis-Chalmers Massey-Ferguson Phone 522-K Sales ancl Service Wellington Oh Wellington Ohio EGGS Compliments Of Wholesale and Retail Gravely-Ohio Co. Brown and were Phone '24 Edward Kish 81 Sons Phone Polk 54l48 Wellington Oh R . F . D . W3 West Salem, Ohio Compliments Of Shepherd Chevrolet Wellington Oh Compliments Of lorain County Implement Co Incorporated John Deere Phone l59 Wellington Ohio When Your Car Needs Repair Come To Bates Garage Automatic Transmissions -- Brakes -- Tune-Up Etc. Phone Ashland 3-8159 Nonkin Ohio Boyer Printing Co. COMFLITI PRINTING IIIVICI Ollset Lithography and Letter Press Reproduction 0 Art Direction 0 Methods Ki Planning 0 Bindery Service ' T pographic Direction 0 Production Scheduling 1 Shipping and Mailing 0 P i ai D'rection I Type Composition l Business Forms 0 I i i g I Ollscl Plate Makin! l60l Cottage Street Phone 2024i Ash land Oh io Compliments Of Anderson Tile 81 linoleum "Ashland's Tile Center" Located At 300 College Avenue Phone 445l7 Ti le--Linoleum--Metal--Formica Ashland Ohio P Compliments Of Union Hardware 42 E . Main Street l350LexingtonAve. Ashland, Ohio Mansfield, Ohio Compliments Of Darie - Dolly E . Main Street Cone, Soft Drinks, Coffee, French Fries and Sandwiches Phone 4-2903 Ashland Ohio Polk Hardware 84 Supply Electrical Appliances - Norge Radio and TV Speed Queen Washers - Hoover Sweeper New Ideal Farm Machinery Ralph Conwell, Owner Phone 53551 Polk Ohio Compliments Of Glenn Roofing 81 Supply Co. Cottage and Ohio Streets Ashland, Ohio Roofing, Spouting, Furnaces, Aluminum Siding Phone 27802 "Your friendly Paint and Color Service Center" Automotive Refinishers Automotive I . Paints Body Panels Sherwin-Williams P2 Abrasives R-M olrzusn l30 Claremont Ave . Ashland Phone 3466-2 Ohio House Paints 155 Chick Sez "Fill Your Middle At The Griddle" Phones 49554 - 31570 Corner Of 3rd Orange Streets Ashland Ohio Compliments Of CHARLES E. COOPER Representative Amherst Memorial Studio Phone 278-Y Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Yost Service Center Groceries, Gas, Oil Phone Wellington 58l K Huntington Ohio Brenner Shoe Co. Wellington, Ohio Established In l9l9 Where Lower Prices and Large Assortments Prevail Compliments Of Wellington Implement Co. Herrick Avenue East Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Keith Barber Shop Phone 497K Wellington Ohio Compliments Of The Market Basket Wellington Ohio Compliments OF Gibbins Sohio Wellington Ohio Vanity Beauty Shoppe Grace Kemery, Owner The Old Nankin Road Phone 45833 Ashland Ohio Dan's Gulf Service Dan D . Hollandsworth Sullivan Ohio Fo Compliments Of Pam's Delicatessen untain Service -- Dairy Products Jeromesville Ohio Compliments Of lim's Repair Shop Phone 583Y Huntington Ohio Gault Cleaners l-Hour Service Free Pick-up and Delivery l08 East 2nd Street Phone 357ll Ashland Ohio Maynards Beacon Inn Jct. 89 and 42 Restaurant -- Garage All Kinds Mechanical Work Open 6A.M. To '??'? - 7 Days A Week R.F.D. 52 Ashland, Ohio "lt'll Pay You To Drive Miles" Ashland Furniture Discount House Aluminum Fence Company l4O Center St. - Next To Woolworth S . High Street Jeromesville, Ohio Direct Factory Dealer Phone: Hayesville 8-6591 Ashland Ohio yi J . W. "Bill" Kyler 157 Compliments Of P 81 R Electric, Inc. "The Stores That Service Built" Appliances, Service, and A Complete Western Auto Associate Store "Your Home Owned Family Store" GEORGE W. JOHNS Line of Electrical Supplies and 2 E . Main Street Phone 9-0921 Fixtures. New London, Ohio Norwalk, Ohio N L d Oh- Phone 9-1587 Phone 3-0572 ew on On' 'O Compliments Of larry's Barber Shop Phone 92021 Compliments Of Bridge Drive-ln Open All Year Steaks Dining Room Chops Short Orders Service , Phone 94214 New London Ohio New London Ohio Compliments Of Smith Tire Sales Phone 9-3931 New London Ohio "Your Headquarters For Sewing Needs and Service" Singer Sewing Machine Co. 23 W. Main Street Phone 38981 Ashland Ohio Compliments Of Montgomery Wards Compliments Of Hannon Motor Sales International Trucks Sales and Service 4 .1 Phone 2 202-204 X Kel ly Street Ashland Ohio p Wellington, Ohio 4 LaGrange Tractor Sales Case Sales and Service Bob's Gulf Service Minor Mechanical and Electrical Repairs Telephone Robert Maringer, Proprietor GLendale 8-5283 or 8-5201 Phone: Glendale 8-5050 Corner of South Center and Union Sts . LaGrange Ohio LaGrange Ohio 4 -0 , Morse Super Service Bfllllllfl S Grocer Y Groceries - Gas and Oil Meat Tires - Batteries - Etc. Ice Cream - Soft Drinks Phone GL 8-4084 Groceries 602 Oberlin Road Elyria Ohio LaGrange Ohio Compliments . . Ray's Sohro Service Of The lorain County Savings Trust Co. Elyria, Ohio Amherst, Ohio "On The Square" Phone: GLendale 8-5303 LaGrange Ohio Fred J. Martin Excavating and Grading Phone GL 8-44 219 South Center LaGrange, Ohio Compliments, Seniors Industrial Wire Products lafayette Division Medina Ohio I 1 Rufo s Hardware Hardware, Glass, Sporting Goods TV's and Appliances Electrical and Plumbing Supplies Elyria Ohio Phone: GLendale 8-5321 617 Oberlin -b No. I0 Club Route 10 on 301 Elyria Ohio Compliments Of Hotel Sedreris By Mrs . Seclreris Phone: FA-2-3791 Elyria Ohio ' 7 M r I t o n s Your Credit Jeweler Nationally Advertised Watches - Diamonds - Jewelry 544 West Broad Street Elyria Ohio Compliments Of Star Shoe Shop 109 4th Street Elyria Ohio lorain Co. Farm Bureau Cooperative Assn., Inc. Everything For The Farm and City Folk's Needs Elek' Beauty Studio 110 Lodi Street Hair Styling and Cutting Phone: FA. 3-1462 - FA. 3-1828 Elyria Ohio Erb Radio and Television Sales and Service Motorola Radio-Television Phone: FA . 2-4190 West Avenue At 2ncl Street Alley Elyria Ohio lflmilnge l00l 8' Die, lllf- Elyria Office Equipment Co. Tools - Dies - Jigs - Fixtures Phone: Elyria T 607 Middle Avenue GLendale 8-4432 T Near Sixth Street LaG range Ohio Elyria Ohio The House Of Service T0 Tower Drive-In Theater Real Estate 23Ol Lake Avenue Sales Farms Appraisals lnvestments Insurance Mortgage Loans List Your Property With Us Always The Best Shows T38 Middle Avenue . . El h Elyria Phone: FA-3-sees ohio YH" O 'O HEADQUARTERS FOR - LEVl'S Compliments Denims and Casuals 01: Men's and Boys' Sport's Wear and Furnishings Men,,. The Wesenmen PGH" C0- Eederal Store 307 Broad Street Elyria Ohio Elyria Branch Diamonds - Watches - Gifts K. Bali Tux Rental 84 Tailoring Formerly Wesserman's For Any Student Activities We Have Special Rates TT9 V2 East Avenue l Phone: FA. 2-5724 Elyria Ohio Elyria Ohio Next To Sears Compliments Flash Cleaners Of l owerll-sheffield W0If'5 Garage Shopping Center l Phone: 3231 Lorain Ohio Spencer Ohio l . ' 9 Compliments Nersner s Bros., Inc. Of O'Neill-Sheffield 9 ' ' Young s Pure Oil Service Shopping Center l32l North Ridge Road Spencer Ohio Lorain Ohio Hendricks Store C0mP'imenfS On The Square Of Groceries Meat Dry Goods Hardware Mr. 81 Mrs. Ralph Waltz Shoes Boots Spencer Ohio Spencer Ohio the Beauty Nook p Pomeroy Plumbing 81 Heating "Complete Beauty Service" Bathrooms Water Pumps Rybolt Furnaces Phone: 2634 Chlorinotors 202 Stuart Drive Phone: 35l4 Spencer Ohio Spencer Ohio ll I Hendrick's Farm and Home Supply Wilford Hatchery Ohio U. S . Approved U . S . Pullorum Typhoid Clean Wilford Broad Breasted Whites , Turkeys Hafdwcfe ' Poms Hall Road Fmffax 2-0697 Plumbing Supplies P . O . Box l85 and Spencer Poultry Equipment Ohio Elyria Ohio Higgins Jewelers G ood Taste Whispers FA 34639 FA 34638 Phone 2474 ' Studio Evenings Monday, Thursday, Friday Till 9:O0P .M. Spencer Ohio Elyria Ohio Compliments Compliments Of Of , o Stone s Rainbow lanes Spencer News 30 Brunswick Automatic Pinsetter Phone 257i G Lendale 8467i Spence' Ohio Elyria Ohio For Fun and Recreation Medina Skateland Medina Ohio Castle's Wallpaper - Paint 2l2 Second Street FA 2-5575 Elyria Ohio 164 Compliments Of litchfield Gulf Service State Route 18 and 76 Phone: PA-2-4242 Litchfield Ohio Vogue Kitchens, Inc. PArk 3-6513 245 So. Court St., Medina, Ohio "Your Kitchen Planning Center" "Bui lt-ln Appliances a Specialty" Elmer Vunderink Res. PArk 3-2169 Good Luck To Class Of 1960 Dave's Truck Stop R.F.D. ffl u.s. Route is Phone: PArk 2-4245 Open 24 Hours lenkin's Flowers State Route 162 Between Chatham and Spencer Phone: NO. 7-2702 Litchfield Ohio W. Firms-Acreage-Homes usiness- n ustria oofin -Furnaces , Will-lgurt Sgokers-Spouting Co. Lightning Rods Sheet Metal Work Phone: PA. 2-0022 Medina Ohio Chatham-Phone: NOrth 7-2154 Medina County State Routes 162 at 76 Elm Farm Milk Company Quality Milk and lce Cream Phone: PA. 3-8044 The Squire's Shop Men's and Boys' Wear 861 North Court Street Medina Shopping Center Medina Ohio . Compliments Of Crumle 's TV 81 Radio . . . I Y d Ma 1ce's lodr Shell Service Sa es an Service And Phone 3625 Phone 496i West Salem Oh Lodi Ohio Compliments Cornelius Oldsmobile, Inc. Of Oldsmobile and Jeep , Sales and Service Furhman s l. G. A. Market Ph AN 3 3735 West Salem Oh Wooster Ohio ll Compliments Compliments Of OF D. E. Crabs Rav- Mae - Farm I "Contractor" Registered Holstein West Salem Oh Homerville Ohio Best Of Luck To The Congmlulollons Seniors moss of '60 Hausted Manufacturing Ted C. Walker Company West Salem Ohio Medina Ohio Compliments Compliments Of of lim's Place " F I a m i n g 0 " Hopfififf Xiflfinllodrimes Junction Ot 224 and 42 Lodi Ohio Lodi Ohio Best Wishes To Compliments The Class Of '60 Of Th W D ' ' Bond Shoe Store e ooster Farm alrles Co Wooster Ohio Wooster Ohio Compliments Of TRIPLE "0" Service - Hob Nob Restaurant Lodi Ohio Everybody comes to ---- ELSASS Ben Franklin Store Wadsworth, Ohio For The Little Things ln Lite Compliments Ot The A. I. Root Co. Manufacturers Of Bae Supplies Candles Toys Medina Ohio at Melody Motors Quality Used Cars Across From Penn . Station Owners: Frances Paulus Charles Dillon Warren Stanley Wooster Ohio C0mP'iff-enfs Security Federal Savings Of and loan Assn. Walter Zergler Of C'eve'e"d Don G . Koehler Vice-President . , Medina Shopping Center Nationwide Insurance Telephone PArk 3-i526 Spencer Ohio C0mP'i"f'e'1fS LANDRACE Hoes Of Boars -- Gilts -- Bred Gilts Sows -- Bred Sows -- Shoots ' Weoning Pigs Henry E. larrbee A., Reg,s,e,ed B Of Oh' Clark R. Cooper fs' 'O Kish Brothers Medina Ohio R .D . 53 West Salem, Ohio - Phone POlk 54148 Mennonite Mutual Insurance FORD Farm and lndustrial Insurance Against Fire, Lightning, Equipment Windstorm, Hail, and Aircraft, At Cost 200 N . Main Street, Orville, Ohio g --' if ' For Further Information Call Or Write 5, lg h zj w' ' f CHESTER Lowe X Phone 2l69 Medina Tractor Sales l44 North Court Street R .F.D. ts west Salem ohio Phone PA.-2-7034 Medina Wertz Dairy Products lce Cream Made For Church, Social, Or Other Groups Virgil Wertz, Owner Ashland Ohio Boosters Town Pharmacy Ashland Ohio Thomas 8. Brown New London Ohio John K . Coffey Creston Ohio LaPearl Beauty Chateau West Salem Ohio Burbank Grain 8. Feed Burbank Ohio A Friend Durstines Beauty Salon Wooster Ohio Dr. Siddall West Salem Ohio Commercial Auto Parts Elyria Ohio The Watch Shop Elyria Ohio Lakewood Bakery Elyria Ohio Lake Avenue Floor Covering Elyria Ohio Town and Country Beauty Salon Spencer, Ohio O Donnell Carpet and Paint Co . , Inc. Elyria Ohio Elyria Model Hobby Shop Elyria Ohio AnderSon's Drug Store Medina Ohio Stanley E. Mersing Medina Ohio Beck Brothers Hardware Medina Ohio E . A . Morton Medina Ohio Elyria Welding Service Elyria Ohio S . S . Kresge's Elyria Ohio The Bell Co. Elyria Ohio The Fitch Co. Elyria Ohio Al and Lu Sterner Restaurant Elyria Ohio Packing House Market Elyria Ohio Traczek Bros. NuWay Market Elyria Ohio Elyria Dairies, lnc . Elyria Ohio A. and W. Market Elyria Ohio Cantleberry's TV Spencer Ohio Boosters Bill Nash Spencer Ohio Mrs. Ted Richards, Avon Representative Sullivan Ohio Blessings Insurance Sullivan Ohio William Baisl Litchfield Ohio Doctor Hartman Wellington Ohio Warren Clothing Co . Wellington Ohio West End Sohio Wellington Ohio Bassett Apparel Shop Wellington Ohio Farm 8. Dairy Supply Wellington Ohio Hilliker's Music Store Wellington Ohio Welch Radiator Services Ashland Ohio Cornwell Ashland Ohio Fulmer's Gulf Ashland Ohio Standard Oil Co . Ashland Ohio Nickles Dairy Isle Ashland Ohio Akers Beauty Shop Nova Ohio Neals Grocery Polk Ohio Bodqger Hqrdwqre Jel'0meSVllle Ohio Dale Drug 8K Hobby Shop Ashland Ohio Gribben's Grocery Polk Ohio Home Hardware Ashland Ohio Amstutz Hatcheries Ashland, Ohio Varner's Sporting Goods Ashland, Ohio Smith's Music 8 Appliance Store Ashland Ohio Fashion Company, Nate Fliegel Ashland Ohio Ganyards Toggery Ashland Ohio Stahl's Hardware Ashland Ohio Patterson Electric Ashland Ohio Nova Shell Service Nova Ohio Snyder Electric New London Ohio Miller's Friendly Service New London Ohio Clark Ewell 8. Son Rochester, Ohio Dr. Meyers Wellington Ohio Wellington Telephone Co. Wellington Ohio Sponsellor's Insurance Wellington Ohio Aldrich Lumber Co . Wellington Ohio Ashland Monument Co. Ashland Ohio Dr. Robert C . Howell, D .D .S . Ashland Ohio A . W. Garrett, D .S .C . Ashland Ohio W. M. Spreng, Jr., D.D.S. Ashland Ohio Dr. William D . Paisley, O .D . Ashland Ohio Dr. J . M. Straits, M.D. Ashland Ohio Ashland Vault Ashland Ohio Sullivan Post Office Sullivan Ohio Ruggles Garage Ruggles Ohio 169 il V ,I 1 5' 1 L 4 umwupmushmrq wuswom-1 I-nu.h.u.1.usA. . - . .. . . . ,, ,. w ,A . Y . .. 4 . -1 - 5' 1. . v, t g mf A -A I l 1 .Ji-Q J 1 u A 1 nav' '4 "" N 0 . 5 l Q I 1 E i ? V if fl Aer l 1 Q 1 :'. ,,,,,, ,,,,,..,,,.-.,,...W,,,,--,,..- -,,. Y.,,- Y- .. .,,Y ,.. V - Y- ----.---1----4-q-+V --f ----Q-.-4---,V--QA x ,K . 4 1 kf,g,F----'----H -1- A---'-""""'- I , I . b W . V 3 Q.. , Id 1 'H -, s y , -- A ' gr ,' U ,, A ' -1, ff ' ' + ,

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