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1 Q 'Lf 2 J F . V K Cv Mmfjff, rr X J ff 0 KQQLQ 'Q XY K. X 1 H X ,f Q., ,:V,f,5'3Z:c 3232? A ' , , gym V , K, If-wg 'xx ' Q . Mg, 1 4- ,X M . , mv: Y N' 9 J X L+' 4 muy? pw H , L ' .f"v-t-ef . , - ', -'XX g 'wi ' 5 M N ' f an S w ' I , ' 1 A .- 11' L " ,. V X 'Tw k . v' rv. 'J r ' 1- 1 f ' - A . 1 'i , m, z 'Q -M L f i' ' igmik Y, fm, - ,, - A ft: .RIN frf fg5+ 3 'N rm .V 131 "f - ' -a'9,,.. , " ' . - , 'f"I1'v,': ' ' f ' ff f Vgg?5f f ' . Q N 1 ' .zfrfff 4 ly , 4 , M 1 1' W AJ' r g' ' M f 3 ,M , yr, '- V g, L .. ,M . Mfg 'guy , 1 2.2 , . " 5. 1 ,. "f f .5-.f . . i 4 v-if 5' ' ' ' a . ' 'r .w Q 1 al irxl QL, 3,'y,+Q. 1.4 , 27' , , ,X Q, ,Q 1 f 'Ms . 1 w '- , . ,T I X 15 ' - . . 8 x ,wx ' ' ,: " "f'.YZ! " F, ,ml , X . , . ax ,-A, ' , " ' ' 'K vi nl! N, ' , . , 'g ri f' H- 3' -X wrfaw 1' A 1 1 1 ww-. .mai-IQ: . H- vfflkai, ' ' T ' . .25-11. 1 V31-572. " " A ' AL1'-5,3'i ' . . . xg 'ig'-' , ,- Q ,V ,, I, ,, I, 3- :, 41- 2 " 6315, K,-. 'l ' , M wk. , H... -1 4 4 u - 2 . P BLACK RIVER LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL Weiivia Z Kathleen Herrmann Marilyn Hubler Carol Worcester Editors 7 r We the editors wish to take this opportunity to thank anyone who has had a part in producing this year's annual. We sincerely hope that in future years this issue of "The Echo" will be a cherished momento of happy years spent in high school: a reminder of favorite classmates and of the wonderful hours outside the classroom. M 4 We are proud to be able to edit the first annual under our new school district, THE BLACK RIVER LOCAL SCHOOLS. For most of us, we have been students in our respective schools for four years. And now, though hesitantly, we must leave by the open door and step out confidently to face a future that is very uncertain. In whatever degree of suc- cess or failure we may find ourselves in years to come, if a glance at these pages will lighten our labors and ease our pains -- if only for a moment -- we will deem our year- book work worth-while. Editors : Business Manager: Senior Section: Homer Staff Kathleen Hermann Agnes Wacker Roberta Rowe Spencer Staff Carol Worcester Brenda Butcher Sandy Moore Sullivan Staff Marilyn Hubler Janet Heiffner Betty Wacker Tom Jordan Undergrads: Anita Thompson Peggy Dennison Mike Adkins Calvin Nolt Ierry Armstrong Iohn Temple Activities: Tom johnson Bruce Blake Judy Guyton Denny Irwin Glen Dawson Sports: Larry Wood Gary Larkey Larry Haswell Dick Wuthrick 4 Bud Halada History: Sonja Voorhees Roberta Leach Robert Bell Lorene Stark Will: Sherry Botdorf Mark Smith Gordon Smith Dawn Wilson Prophecy: Robert Rowe Carol Reed Ann McConnell Thomas Pifer Poem: Laura Walder Carol Reed Della Hawley Tom Bowling Art: Ray Rosecrans Advisors: Iohn Kiliany Alice Dawley Donald Larabee -'N If NH . Sf! N If O,-X z ,AN P N ,dpi X NX K If-N . 1 ffr i ' x , Q 1 N . R X ' X x fin A ' , N Q 8 wx - 3 ,H JM With the realization that we are still very young in heart and experience: with the knowledge that with their counsel there is yet peace and love, and a deeper, calmer faith for us to seek, we gratefully dedicate this, the 1959 cr-hnnl :annual "TT-TP PCT-IO ." 110 nllr lVIOthGI'S and FEilh6I'S. U 1 ,s if s+++t'gf 'swf ji QQ . Q . LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Thomas Bangert, Superintendent, Mr. Iohn Fenstermaker, Mr. Stanton Sprinkle, Mrs. Treva Kirkpatrick, Clerk Mrs. Ellen Blake, Mr. Lee McFredericks, President: Mr. W. D. Cunningham. We as the first board of education of the newly formed Black River Local School District have had many problems to face, such as the endorsing of a S820,000 Bond Issue, the selection of a school architect, the selection of a site for the new high school building, and the formation of an educational program that will fit the needs of all youth of our community. We have faced these tasks with deep humility but earnest effort. In the years to come may our deeds speak for themselves and us. MR. THOMAS BANGERT Superintendent . . 'x X .1 . ,, . P fu' ll o -v- " !l"'.V U .ii .1 1 A . 3 . as-' " ' qffs . I .4 ' 1 mfg, R3 31 .' x ,wx 1 i Q.. 1 A In s xg , . .wg , W' nlff' - . .. -.....nQ Spencer School Principal Sullivan School Principal Homer School Principal MR. IOHN A. FLORENCE MR. DONALD E. LARABEE MR, E, B, WORKMAN 7 FIRST ROW: Mr. Nash, Mrs. Neiswinter, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Hines, Mrs. Lowe, Mr. Gottron. SECOND ROW: Mr. Root, Mr. Billman, Mr. Workman, Mr. Klliany, Mr. Burris, Mr. Tsipis. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Bertha Rowe, Mrs. Edna Culler, Mrs. Rosemary Stoll, Mrs. Doris Kime, Miss Naomi Thompson, Mrs. Neatty Baker, Mrs. Alice Dawley, Mrs.El1zabeth Skeeles. SECOND ROW: Mr. John Florence, Mr. Larry Marker, Mr. Harlan Roe, Mr. Robert Burris, Mr. Iames Beck, Mr. David Grenert, Mr. George Gifford, Mr. Alvin Staufer, Mr. Wesley Carr, Mr. Louis Root. new 7awQ adam 34? FIRST ROW: Mr. Ralph Albright, Mrs. Emma Dougherty, Miss Lilian Duncan, Mr. Iohn Kemper. SECOND ROW: Mr. Donald Wolf, Mr. Ferris Klmmell, Mr. Ronald Mack. :Jima Mrs. Edna Kemp, Mrs. Isabelle Clouser, Mrs. Alma Livingston, Mrs. Amanda Welch, Mrs. Twila Painter. E wlfdm 7acaQ FIRST ROW: Io Anne Keep, Bea Yost, Secretary: Hazel Koons, ROW: Alvin Staufer, lack Mellick. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Hisey, Mrs. Weiler, Mrs. Soka. Principal: Myrtle Livermore, Helen Wiggs. SECOND ' wwe 7awdy Sullivan School MRS. TREVA KIRKPATRICK Homer School MRS. MARION HOWARD Spencer School MRS. BERNICE DALGLEISH Sullivan Cooks GRACE CUNNINGHAM and LEOTA HOWE Spencer Cooks MRS. NIXON and MRS. WALTERS Albion MRS . ROGERS r n 1 K Huntington Cooks MRS. EASTERDAY and MRS. PHILLIPS Homer Cooks MRS. TAFFIN and MRS. GENTRY E314 BISZUZI 5262728 U . '-2:7 Q Sullivan Custodian Spencer THOMAS PIPER MR LEIBY S? Ve w.,.....m., x K: 3. yn N x 'S 'W 84 Sullivan Custodian HOMER McEwen ,a+-www fluntgsiilnkcgajsdian Homer Custodian MR. ICE WARD 9 W ii: 4 . Q' ' , X f,,5Qg, f..f t 1 A IJ 2 ,.. -is? .Z p ,--M N.' lv - , xx , S 1 1 M ffff MX Ax KATHLEEN HERRMANN I-Kathyu DE NNIS IRWIN "Denny" TOM IOHNSON "Carrot Top" CALYIN NOLT "r:gghead" ROBERTA ROWE " Berta " SHERRY BOTDORF uloy .. ANN SPELLMAN CREBS ..Anne.. V ANITA THOMPSON "Nita" SONIA VOORHEES "Sonja" AGNES WACKER ..Aggie.. LARRY WOOD "Woody" gil LAURA WALDER "Toot s " RICHARD WUTHRICH "Dickie " f A-irgii if iuagww' 'i X RICHARD BRADLEY "Dick" BRENDA KAY BUTCHER "Brend" TOMMY P. DAVENPORT "Flash" MARGARET E . DENNISON npeggy.. CAT HLEEN I. DEWAR .. Cathy .. IERRY R. ARMSTRONG ..Army .. BRUCE HAROLD BLAKE I Xi ,1- . 51, if S' w1L1.xAM w. KNEPPER " B111 " MARLENE W. DOBSON at A", GARY G . LARKEY ROBERTA IEAN LEACH SANDRA LEE MOORE "Sandy" GRACE A. MULLINS NEVA JANE NORRIS IERRY L. RAMSIER "Pete" ROGER G . SVIRIK CAROL ANNE WORCESTER "Cookie " CAROLINE F . REED "Sadie" GARY A. RAMSIER MARK L. SMITH "Smitty" mt , GLEN OWEN DAWSON IUDITH KAY GUYTON Judy MICHAEL ADKINS "Mickey" 11 l I A Q ,,,,,"N -41 Kkwx .1 at QW x 1,-'ik ""'lQ-f JOSEPH BRUCE HALADA usudu ROBERT BELL naobu THOMAS IEFFERSON bOWI.ING mr' In u IANET ELAINE HEIFFNER nlann LARRY ROBERT HASWELL "Has sy" DELLA IUNE HAWLEY nlune .1 ELIZABETH ANN MCCONNELL ..Ann'. THOMAS WAYNE IORDAN ...1-om.. MARILYN ELIZABETH HUBLER THOMAS HOWARD PIPER .UI-Om.. RAYMOND LE ROY ROSECRANS URBY.. fi Ig In I Q 2 U O -Z WS is 'C :E In Z 'Ci I2 JOHN EDGAR TEMPLE "Little Iohn" HELEN LORENE STARK "Lorie" DAWN LOUISE WILSON BETTY ANN WACKI-IR "Wack " In September, 1947 , seventeen bright eyed children entered the room of Mrs. Owen at Homer to begin their school career. In the small village of Albion, six miles away, were thirteen lst, 2nd, and 3rd graders under Mrs. Welch. There are now only seven of the original first graders from Homer and Albion. They are: Calvin Nolt, Dennis Irwin, Sherry Bordorf, Roberta Rowe, Ann Spellman, Sonja Voorhees, and Larry Wood. In the second grade the Homer students were sent to Albion to join the second graders there which made a large class of 20 students. The class was divided between Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Soka. In the third grade Anita Thompson joined our group making it 21. We were again under the guidance of Mrs. Soka. For our fourth year we were transferred to the Homer Building under the sponsorship of Mrs. Hockensmith. Myrtle Hastings and Dick Wuthrioh joined our class. In the fifth grade we were again divided. Some under Mrs. Hockensmith and the others went into the late Mrs. Beatrice jenkins' room. Laura Walder joined our class this year. We were again united in the sixth year under the direction of Mrs. jenkins. Kathleen Herrmann joined our ranks this year. Mrs. jenkins passed away during this year and Mrs. Hines and Miss Robinson were our teachers for the balance of the year. We were now ready to climb the big stairs and enter junior High School. It was quite an experience to change classes and have more than one teacher for a whole day. We all survived the 7th and 8th grades, however, and were soon ready to enter high school. During our freshman year we had Mr. Workman for an advisor. We entertained the sophomores at a party as our big event of the year. We made money for our class by selling cards and stationery. Bertha Gern came to us from West Salem. When we were sophomores we ordered our class rings. Agnes Wacker came to us from Buckeye. We sold pies at noon to make money. Mrs. Hines was our class advisor. Some members of our class started their dramatic lives by acting in the one-act play "Beware the Bear. " During our eleventh year we had Mrs. Neiswinter as our class advisor. We worked hard to present our class play "Angel of Red Canyon. " We entertained the Senior Class at the annual junior-Senior Prom in the cafeteria. Our theme was "japanese Gardens. " In the fall of 1959 we became the first senior class to be enrolled under the name of Black River Local School. Tom Johnson, from Lodi, joined our ranks. We presented for our Senior class play "You'll Die Laughing" under the direction of Mr. Workman. We helped edit the school annual "The Echo," took our senior class trip to Washington, D. C. , and was graduated on May 28, 1959. Through the years we had a total of thirty different members in our class, but only twelve of us graduated together. There have been sad and happy moments in our twelve years. Only GOD knows what will happen to us next. mm ewbz Zu ' On a warm, sunny day in September, 1947, eleven frightened, but eager students entered the first grade of Spencer Local School. They were Jerry Armstrong, Bruce Blake, Richard Bradley, .Brenda Butcher, Tommy Davenport, Margaret Dennison, Marlene Dobson, Gary Larkey, Roberta Leach, Sandra Moore, and Neva Norris. Mrs. Dickason was our teacher that year. Our class membership remained the same during our second year of school. Mrs. Brewer was our teacher in the second grade. - Our third grade teacher was Mrs. Clement. During this year we welcomed Cathy Dewar and Billy Knepper to our class. The big event of the year was the presentation of the operetta, "Rip Van Winkle, " by elementary grades. We had Mrs. Culler as our teacher in the fourth grade. There were no changes in our class membership. Mrs. Kime was our fifth grade teacher. Again our enrollment remained unchanged. Mr. Parrish was our teacher in the sixth grade. The high point of the year was an operetta in which several of our class starred. The seventh grade was our first year for changing classes and class parties. Mr. Waltz was our advisor. Carol Reed and Roger Svirik joined our class during the eighth grade. Mr. Tossell acted as our advisor that year. Finally in September, 1955, we took the big step to "high school. " Upon calling the roll at the beginning of the year, we found that we had gained one new member, Grace Mullins. Miss Swisher was our freshman advisor. The following year we entered Mr. Marker's sophomore home room. We soon found that we had gained a new member, Carol Worcester. Our money-making projects that year included a bake sale and an ice cream social. Our junior year with Mrs. Dawley as our guide and advisor was one of the busiest and most exciting. Early in the year we ordered our class rings, which we received in March. In the spring we had great hopes of putting on our play, "The Monkey's Uncle." However, because of accidents to two members of the cast, we were not able to present the play. Our Junior-Senior Banquet was the big event of the year. We treated the seniors to dinner at Mozena's in Medina and a show in Akron. We, then, returned to the school for a dance and breakfast. On September 8, 1958, the seniors returned for the final time. At this time we welcomed to our class Mark Smith, Jerry Ramsier, and Gary Ramsier, Our class, along with the seniors from the other two schools in the new Black River Consolidation, sold refreshments at our home football games. On December 12, we pre- sented our play, "Grandad Goes Wild, " which was a huge success. To earn money for our trip, we also made cider, had a paper drive, and sponsored a chicken dinner. ' efwbz mild W One morning in September 1947 , seven members of the present 1959 graduating class , stepped for the first time into a classroom of Sullivan School to begin their education. These seven members were Tom Pifer, Bud Halada, Marilyn Hubler, Ann McConnell, Lorene Stark, Robert Bell, and Della Hawley. They were to become part of the first class to graduate under the name of Black River High School. In the first year of our schooling we were under the direction of Mrs. Fumiss. We continued our education in the second grade with Mrs. Reese as our teacher. When we reached the third grade our class was divided into two groups with one group under the guidance of Mrs. Livingston, and the other group under Miss Miller. In the fourth grade we were all together again with Mrs. Bland as our teacher. In the fifth grade we were once again divided into two groups with Mrs. Cupp and Mrs. Baker as our teachers. This year Tom Bowling joined our class and Della Hawley moved to Ashland. In the sixth grade we were once again one big class and in our last year of ele- mentary school. Mrs. Hassinger was our teacher. This was also the year that Tom Bowling left our class. We finally reached our first year in Iunior High. We were proud to think that we would be one of the first classes to use the new classrooms in the new addition to the school building. Miss Duncan was our home room advisor during the seventh grade. This year Della Hawley rejoined our class. In the eighth grade we were able to laugh at our mistakes as seventh graders. We began to plan our high school courses. Mr. Bowie was our home room teacher for this year. At last we were freshmen in high school. Although we heard the usual remarks about freshmen, we were happy to think we had come this far in our educational careers. Our class was increased by Larry Haswell, Gordon Smith, Ianet Heiffner, Betty Wacker, Dawn Wilson, Ray Rosecrans, Iohn Temple, Tom Jordon, and Tom Bowling from Hunting- ton. Glen Dawson also joined our class at this time. This was the year we met Mr. Albright, who was to be our class advisor for our last four years. In our sophomore year we gave the new freshmen as hard a time as we had, and we also began to think of increasing our class treasury. We were v-ery successful in serving a fish fry dinner. When we were juniors we tried our dramatic skills and put on our junior play, "Rest Assured. " This was also the year that we bought our class rings and played host to the senior class for the annual Junior-Senior Prom. This year our class was increased by two members, Iudy Guyton from Nankin, and Mike Adkins from Elyria. Our last year in Sullivan found us with a class of nineteen members, and most of us were wishing that we were freshmen again. This was the year that we selected our invitations and name cards for graduation. We also chose our class flower, class motto and class colors. We were guests at the Junior-Senior Prom this year and took a trip to our nation's capitol, Washington, D.C. After our Commencement exercises we left Sullivan School with memories of twelve happy and eventful years. We hope to live up to what is expected of us and use our class motto "They Can Who Think They Can" in everyday life. .Q4z' 753 We, the Homer senior class of 1959, being of sound mind and body, do make and publish this to be our last will and testament. We now hereby declare all previous promises to pay wills or testaments made null and void. ' We, the senior class do hereby bequeath to our faculty, who have been our in- structors in all the wisdom of the ages, an unbroken succession of restful nights and peaceful dreams. We, the senior class, will our deepest sympathy to the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen for having to stay in school for a few years to come. I, Sherry Botdorf, will my height to June Kravitz. I, Ann Crebs, will my ability to understand chemistry to Linda Norris. I, Kathleen Herrmann, will my ability to get the part of the housekeeper in the class plays to Bertha Blodgett. I, Dennis Irwin, will my height to Iim Rowe who needs it. I, Tom Johnson, will my football spikes to Jim Gott. I, Calvin Nolt, will my ability to keep away from girls to Eric Kirvel. I, Roberta Rowe, will my ability to go into the ditch to anyone who hasn't had the experience. I, Anita Thompson, will my ability to do shorthand to Nancy Geiger. I, Sonja Voorhees, will my ability not to get mad at Mr. Kiliany to Eloise Gentry. I, Agnes Wacker, will my ability to like one guy for more than a year to Elizabeth Jenkins. I, Laura Walker, will my ability to skip school to Carol Bisard. I, Larry Wood, will my ability to get out of school at least once a day to Dick Brooks. , I, Dick Wuthrich, will my physics ability to Don Hoffman. ogdf WW ea We, the Senior Class of Spencer, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. First: We give, devise, and bequeath unto the school all of our gum that's been stuck under the seats and our old candy wrappers. Second: We give, devise, and bequeath unto the faculty members pleasant CPD memories of the class of '59. Third: We give, devise, and bequeath unto the juniors our school spirit which they seem to need. Fourth: We give, devise, and bequeath unto the Sophomores our ability to get along so well with the teachers since they seem to need. Fifth: We give, devise, and bequeath unto the Freshmen our high scholastic record as a pattern for them to follow. Sixth: We give, devise, and bequeath the following personal chattels: I, jerry Armstrong, will my ability to pass driver training to Delores Van Meter. I, Bruce Blake, will my ability to have a cocoa break, every third period, to anyone who wants to give Spurlock's their business and still be able to get away with it. I, Dick Bradley, will my poor excuses to anyone who needs them. I, Brenda Butcher, will my good grades to my sister who will never get them. I, Tom Davenport, will my football shoes to any freshman who wants to buy them for S4. I, Peg Dennison, will my ability to sew to Carol Elliott and Linda Boone. I, Cathy Dewar, will my ability to talk to people to one who needs it, my brother. I, Marlene Dobson, will all my detentions to Sherry Ramsier. I, Bill Knepper, will all my ex-girl friends to Iohn McReynolds , who could certainly use them. I, Gary Larkey, will my five free periods a day to Mr. Marker, who could use ONE. I, Roberta Leach, will to anyone who wants it, anything left after I get through with it. I, Sandy Moore, will our new car to my brother Dickie, who has it most of the time anyway. I, Grace Mullins , will my southern accent to Mary Ann Higgins, who wants it very badly. ' I, Neva Norris, will my shortness to Connie Converse, who already has a good start. I, Carol Reed, will my freckles to Ricky Myers, who thinks they are cute. I, Gary Ramsier, will my '31 Chevy roadster to Gorder Clark, who drives a '36 Chevy: I, Ierry Ramsier, will my ability to "drag" to John McCourt. I, Roger Svirik, will my inability to think of anything to will to anyone to next year's Senior Class, who may have the same problem. I, Mark Smith, will my ability to have twenty-five study halls a week to whomever wants them. I, Carol Worcester, will my messed up chemistry book to any girl with a guy named Bill. We, the Senior Class of Sullivan School, being of stanch mind and memory, do make null and void all other last wills and testaments made by us heretofore. May we fittingly endow upon our heirs that which is satisfactory and fair to them. To our teachers , we leave our deepest appreciation for their helpful guidance and enduring patience in bringing us up to this memorable point. To the Juniors, we leave our senior priviledges and honors. To the Sophomores , we leave our home room. To the Freshmen, we leave our best wishes and hope they, too, will make it. To our underclassmen, we leave our used textbooks with a word of advice, Study. We, the Seniors , make the following individual bequests: I, Mike Adkins, bequeath my ability to do bookkeeping with the least amount of effort to Henry Cowhick. I, Robert Bell, bequeath my ability to walk to the school bus to George Kish. I, Tom Bowling, bequeath all my old and used wisecracks to Mrs. Dougherty. I'm sure she will enjoy them. I, Glen Dawson, bequeath my ability to make out with all the Lodi girls to Joe Holland sworth . I, Judy Guyton, bequeath my blonde hair to Dianne Priscantelli. I, Bud Halada, bequeath my height and ability to play basketball to Roy Leiningerp who someday might make it. I, Larry Haswell, bequeath my ability to make the varsity football team to Raymond Gast. I, Della Hawley, bequeath my place on the paper staff to Pat Shoulter. I know she'll love the work. I, Janet Heiffner, bequeath my ability to chew gum in English class without being caught to Circle Hawley. I, Marilyn Hubler, bequeath my ability to type 70 words a minute to Ralph Kish. You might make it someday if you work hard enough. WI, Tom Jordan, bequeath my ability to go out with so many girls and never go steady to Ronnie Finley. He can also have my car. I, Ann McConnell, bequeath my position as varsity cheerleader to Marilyn Regal and hope she has as much fun as I did! . I, Tom Pifer, bequeath to all of the high school teachers a rest because they are in need of it after endeavoring to teach me some knowledge. I, Ray Rosecrans, bequeath my ability to get myself in mischief and never get caught to Mike Moskal. I, Gordon Smith, bequeath my ability to ruin new cars to Mike Moskal. I, Lorene Stark, bequeath my long hair to Mary McKean. I, John Temple, bequeath my ability to drive carefully to Virgil Berry who could use it. I, Betty Wacker, bequeath my ability to always get out of study hall to Mike Moskal. X I'-iq, I, Dawn Wilson, bequeathqilny quietness to Betty Miller. Za.: pfzylecy Welcome aboard folks ! Today our educational tour takes us over different parts of the United States and Africa to examine a very rare and eccentric species of human beingf the graduating class of 1959. Please fasten your seat belts until I make the saucer invisible and we get under way. We are now approaching Irwin's pig farm. As we fly over the corn field, take care- ful note of the huge--Ah! Yes, our first specimen. Dennis Irwin. He's there among the rows, hoeing in his bare feet with his pet pig, Herkimer following close behind digesting any grubs that Denny happens to hoe up. Not far from Izwin's pig farm stands the Black River School. Pas sing the first grade window we see Agnes Wacker trying to break up a squabble between two quarreling youngsters. As we leave Agnes shifts the bun on the back of her head into position and stoops to wipe a running nose. Akron is in view now and we see in the distance a grey brick building with the words, "Tombstone Engraving, Embalming, and Ambulance Service--Larry Dean Wood" over the dark doorway. Inside Mr. Wood is busily applying make-up to a motionless figure who lies on a cold, stone slab. As we enter the busier part of town, we spy on the 13th floor of the Federal Building Mrs. Wood, Knee Sonja Voorheesl sitting lightly on the boss's knee. She is now a private secretary. We must move on. Hold on for a second and we'll sneak over to Wadsworth for a secret interview with Laura Polm, Knee Laura Walderl. What's all the racket? There's Laura and her spouce pacing the floor, each holding a squalling baby. Let's now head for the wild blue yonder. Wow! That was close! we nearly collided with a passenger plane. Did you see that man with a noodle hanging over his ear? The stewardess, Sherry Botdorf, just tripped over her size 10's and spilled soup all over the poor Congressman, Tom lohnson. We are now gliding over the campus of P. U. University where we find the news- paper office in a state of turmoil. As we examine the scene more closely, we spot the editor, Kathleen Herrmann, haughtily slinging books after the retreating advisor. We journey now outside the boundaries of the U. S. enroute to Africa. We soar over a tiny island in the middle of the Plantic Ocean and find Roberta Rowe idly swing- ing her feet in the cool ocean waters as she watches her fishing line. On to Africa and a small clearing surrounded by banana trees. Calvin Nolt is perched on a stump, reading out of a McGuffy Reader to a tribe of Pigmies. Out of the jungle ambles Dick Wuthrich, a monkey swinging beside him, each with a banana in hand. We hover over the jungle trees and prepare to leave, something catches our eye. In front of a little hut, attired in a grass skirt, squats Anita Thompson hastily stirring a bubbling brew in a mysterious black pot labeled "Top Secret. " Again we are over the United States, searching for the one remaining specimen of the graduating class of '59, A2 Crebs. We've flown from coast to coast, border to border in Vain. My agent on earth just radioed in and tells me that Ann has gone into seclusion in the Rock Mountains in an attempt to write a book. This concludes our educational tour for today folks. I'll make you visible and then I'll be off towards Mars with my saucer. mm Zu As I sat musing behind my desk at my chicken farm, I started to wonder about my old classmates and friends with whom I graduated from dear old Black River High. In as much as I was curious as to what they were doing and to whom they married, I got in touch with a couple of them. After some delay, I finally received the following in- formation. Richard Bradley had married Connie Clifford, and they had bought a cattle ranch in Texas. Dick always did do things in a big way. Bruce Blake was elected sheriff of Spencer Township. Everyone says he really gets around, even though he still drives a '36 Ford. Brenda Butcher finally learned how to work a calculator, but she uses it in a dif- ferent way than she had intended. She was married soon after graduation: and every night before they go to bed, she used it to count her many "kids. " Tommy Davenport became quite a basketball player. In fact, he became so good that he was able to get a job on the Globe Trotters' team. Peggy Dennison and Bob Yunker got married and are in business for themselves. They have a store in Spencer called "Wee Tot's Apparel Shop. " Qathy Dewar met a handsome salesman and was married. They live in a trailer and travel a lot. She says the only trouble she has with a trailer is that they don't make the doors wide enough. Marlene Qobson is now the head cook at Spurlock's Restaurant. She is quite famous for her unusual dishes. Last year she invented one called "Chocolate Covered Ants under Tin Foil. " Billy Knepgr owns his own drag strip. He just can't stand to sit and watch every- one else race, so he takes his own "Thunderbird" out and races with them. Connie keeps reminding him that he now has to pay on a house and seven little Kneppers. Roberta Leach is now a professor at Ohio State College. She is quite well-known and is thinking of running for Congress. She hopes someday to be the first woman president of the United States. Gary Larkey decided he wanted to rise up in this old world, so he now owns the Cleveland-Hopkins Airport. He married his head stewardess and is now grounded with five little larks. Sandy Moore is well established in her own theater. She has quite a time with such stars as Ricky Nelson, Tab Hunter, and Dick Clark. But seeing as she married Elvis Presley, she isn't too interested in any of them. Qrace Mullins is still trying to lasso Lonnie. She keeps complaining that the darned horse just won't run fast enough. Neva Norris-Marcum just couldn't quit the milling business. She now owns her father's fa.rm and with Whitey's help they 'have quite a herd in the barn and in the house, also. Ierry Ramsier just couldn't get girls out of his system. He now has a line of chorus and dancing girls in Los Angeles that put on a show every week--just for him. gy Ramsier became quite interested in the Navy. He is now commander of a ship named the Nautilus. Roger Svirik finally achieved his goal to become a great scientist. He invented the first 3-stage rocket that can safely carry a man. IE Armstrong has volunteered to be the first to go up on the possibility that he might find a girl like Venus on Mars. Mark Smith went into partnership with his brother. They now own the Ford Company at Chatham. Mark says he had to do something before Ford became extinct. Qarol Worcester got a job as a secretary to a large and prosperous company in Sullivan. She is one of the lucky ones who married their rich bosses. By the way, the four of her kids are -Q Wright. ' M44 pfzyffecy As we gather in the school cafeteria for our first class reunion in this year of 1969 to reminisce about our senior year at Sullivan High School, it is pure wonder how the -prophecies have come true. We find that Mike Adkins is head olive stuffer in the Adkins Olive Plant which is located at Bell, Ohio a new town founded by Robert Bell, who started this town as a pimiento plantation and trucking farm. We are happy to learn that Tom Bowling has become the Democratic Leader in The United States Senate. He is aided by Glen Dawson who is also a Senator of great renown for filibustering against all bills. ludy Guyton, we learn, has founded a private school for secretaries, called "The Guyton Girls' Secretarial School. " Bud Halada and Larry Haswell have just bought out the Reiter and Harter Milk Com- pany of Akron. They have employed Marilyn Hubler and janet Heiffner as their private secretaries. Della Hawley is employed as their chief bottle washer. Tom Iordan has just arrived back on earth this week, from his trip to the moon. He wasn't coming back until he remembered the class reunion. Ann McConnell is now head of the airline hostess department at American Rockets, Inc. Tom Pifer finally graduated from college this june and will be taking over Mr. Albright's place as business education teacher in the Black River High School. Mr. Albright has made his first million now and has decided to retire. Ray Rosecrans, a Rear Admiral in the U. S. Navy, has just made a successful flight from an under water aircraft carrier. lorene Stark has taken up the profession of being a housewife. She stays home all day long and cleans up after her two sets of darling little triplet boys.. lohn Temple, the smallest member of the graduating class, did grow after he gradu- ated. He is now 7' tall and has become a great crabball star. He is also a player coach of the St. Louis Mud Luggers. Betty Wacker has become a first grade teacher. Four of her students are the sons of Dawn Wilson who has become a famous stunt artist, besides rearing her family of quadruplet boys. Gordon Smith, a big business tycoon, has just completed a new business merger. It seems that he always was out of a car. From now on he will not be because he has bought the FoMoCo. efwbz 244 poem Sherry Sue, that little treat, Sweeps the boys right off their feet. She's really neat, and quite slick, We all think she's a regular chick. Ann Crebs makes good grades in school, Always prepared is her rule. Since writing themes is her favorite role, We hope a best seller will be her goal. Kathy Herrmann is a girl and a half, She works on the newspaper staff. Always running to and fro, She's the gal on the go. Then we come to the mischievous Dennis, The class nicknamed him "the Menace. " Although he's big and far from short, You'll find him where there's an active sport. Tom Johnson is a carrot top lad, He's really serrt and not at all bad. But he's another on cloud number nine, Over his girl Mary he will sit and pine. To Calvin Nolt a date is quite a submission. He says, "Come here baby, we'll talk about transmissions." But Cal's really a good kid at heart, From him we will hate to part. Roberta Rowe is quite a lass, She added a lot to our class. She's happy and gay and carefree too, But watch out for the tricks she will pull on you. Next we will write about Anita Sue , She's one that good luck is certainly due. Quiet and nice in all her ways, We'11 remember her the rest of our days. Sonja Voorhees with her golden hair, Is always around to do her share. She's in the clouds over a guy named Larry, This is whom she will probably marry. Agnes Wacker is a sweet blonde, Of Leonard she is very fond. Someday a good nurse she hopes to be, But Leonard might change her mind entirely. One of our other classmates is Larry Wood, He likes to pretend he's a "big bad hood. " Over Sonja, he's on cloud number nine, This, we all agree, is really fine. Dick Wuthrich doesn't dig school, But he thinks basketball is real cool That "bomb" of his is ready to blow, But from talking to him, this you'd never know. Last but not least is Laura Walder, Ready to be led to the altar. We all know it's not infatuation, She'l1 be married before graduation. mm efwbzfhaa Poem Ierry Armstrong, an ambitious f?J guy, Is in love with life, and we know why. To be a hobo is his high ambition, But says he'l1 settle for lab technician. Bruce Blake comes next to mind. A character like him is hard to find. In government class he's never awake, But being such fun, he's given a break. Richard Bradley, as a ladies man, In our group, has taken the stand To see how many hearts he can collect, Before the right girl he selects. Brenda Butcher, we've heard tell, She knows her shorthand very well. A secretary, she's sure to be And take dictation on her boss' knee. Tom Davenport, a well-known athlete, On the basketball floor, is hard to beat. With books and girls , he's really great, And with the class he highly rates. Peggy Dennison can sew a fine seam, To marry in June is her only dream. With her good nature, she'll get through life, And without doubt make Bob a good wife. Cathy Dewar what would she do If she ran out of gum to chew? Undoubtedly, to the store she'd fly And buy herself another supply. Marlene Dobson is quite a gal When it comes to being a pal. She'll do almost anything, Even fight to get a ring. Now for the small fry of our class , Billy Knepper, none could surpass. He's always talking with the girls And has given many a heart a twirl. Gary Larkey, quiet and tall, Is well liked by one and all. Q For skipping school, he is well known And into the office hetis often shown. Roberta Leach is known to all For the way she studies in study halls. Someday we know we'll see Her teaching the little tots ABC's. Two football queens our class has rated, Which was more than we had anticipated. Carol Worcester and Sandy Moore reigned supreme After being crowned by the football teams. Grace Mullins, light and fair, With her blue eyes and golden hair, She is of the boys very fond, And we know they'll miss this little blonde Neva Norris and her practical jokes, At times makes tempers go up in smoke. But we're sure she means no harm, And many a heart she's held with her charm There's Jerry and Gary, the Ramsier boys, Both agreeable, likable, and quite coy. They joined our class in the fall of '58, With them we're glad to graduate. Carol Reed is the quiet one in our class And everyone likes this brown-eyed lass, Her marks are good and her aim is high, She succeeds in her every try. Mark Smith is a special case, He leads the girls on a merry chase. In the office, he is often seen, Could it be he is training to be a dean? Now Roger Svirik we find very scientific He comes to the point and is quite specific To be a chemist is what he plans For this is what he understands. Now you have met our senior class, Each and every lad and lass. After we graduate, Ca dream come truel We leave these memories with you. We're the class of "'59. " For us there's been fun all the time, Tho 12 long happy years have passed: We have now completed our task. Mike Adkins surely goes far, When he's riding in his car. The only problem that he has, Is how to keep the car in gas. Robert Bell is always cool, And very handy with a tool. He walks a mile to get to school, just to learn the golden rule Tom Bowling the guy whom each one knows , Has a wisecrack handy wherever he goes. He's always goofing in the hall, He thinks that life's a regular ball. Glen Dawson is a lad quite tall, As for the girls he likes them all. His favorite sport, as we all know, Is going to the drive-in'show. Judy Guyton from Ashland came, To watch the Pirates play a game. She decided in ouratown to stay, For what we hope is many a day. Bud Halada is our star of the year, To him we give our final cheer. He made the Pirates hard to beat, A nicer guy you'd never meet. Larry Haswell is our football star, In life we're sure he will go far. He likes to get things done real soon, Like fishing, swimming, and hunting coon. Della Hawley likes to laugh, As she walks along life's path. As editor of the Black River Post, The kids all think that she's the most. Janet Heiffner is Larry's girl, We all think that she's a pearl. Now her ambitions are quite few, She wants her kids to number two. ewbz 244 Pom Marilyn Hubler's quite a gal Whom we all think "the swellest pal. " She and Bud work together well, But answers to a test, she'd never tell. Tom Iordan is a lot of fun, A barber he hopes to become. We are sure that he'll do well, But if he doesn't, we'll never tell. Ann McConnell is short and cute, And on her horn she likes to toot. She plays the drums and all that jazz, Cheerleading ability she surely has. Ray Rosecrans has been all around, And knows just how to paint the town. In his mind he has a notion, To spend his life upon the ocean. Gordon Smith has real red hair, Loud sport shirts he likes to wear. Pizza is his favorite food, He's always in a happy mood. Lorene Stark has pretty hair, And with her clothes she takes great care. She has fun along life's way, But an awful lot she does not say. Tom Pifer, a senior we all know, Says to college he will go. He's very smart in geometry, A success we hope he will surely be. john Temple's not so very tall, But then again he's not so small. Football is his favorite game, just to graduate is his aim. Betty Wacker is very smart, Her homework she will always start. But because she's smart don't think sh e's dull Because her wisecracks are never null. Dawn Wilson is so kind and sweet, A pleasure to know and a joy to meet. To college she will go in the fall, To study her subjects one and all. We' A 'flf 1 TOM LARRY if . ' ff , ' -' , if? if A L '. W . ,M f' 'H x 'i",,2 7 -'ee-E ," I X' " - . Af 'f'hgg6x- f- 'X if 31" 154' ffl? ,h A ,Af-skzfx , f .-22 x -, fr'ff.f-.4 S-.f .. 'Q .. ,yiky P1 .W Ay: - . ,, DENNY 'ov-"' AGNES SHERRY SONIA ROBERTA ANN 36 an 5 2 I ffhf' ' 'iv T? X kr 12,3 -'f 7 AN ITA CALVIN KATHY if 3 it PEG TOM SAN DY BRENDA GRA CIE ROBERTA IHRRY A. CAROL W . BRUCE MARK and GORDON ' x "' "' CATHY IERRY R. CAROL R. X Q, C 91' A YAY MARLENE DICK BILLY - . Q--Ny, 'T MIKE LARRY ROBERT TOM B. DELLA M if I A R . ik IANET V' 3 . . . ,I V ! . It TOM I. TOM P. BUD ff gy 1" 5 A A 311-as 311 , 551 Y-1 Wai 3 MARILYN LOREN E DAWN Lg dx if ,ffm 3 L - , I X! ffl:-ns7'...g ,V W O i iQQ1 'fh f ' OOOO, J X 1' F ' , S- , JUDY ANN SHERRY BOTDORF Class Plays 3,42 Class Officer 2,3,47 Mlxed Chorus l,2,3,47 Ensemble 47 Bandorama 2 , 3, 47 Poetry Reading l , 2 , 37 Annual Staff 47 Drivers Road-e-o 3,42 Y-Teens 1 , 2 , 47 Librarian 1 , 27 Scholarship Test 17 Majorette 17 2,3,47 Head Majorette 47 Office 17 Homecoming Attendant 4. ANNE CREBS Class Play 3: Mixed Chorus l, 27 Class Officer l,2,37 Bando- rama 2,37 Y-Teens 1,21 Library Club l,27French Club l,274Schol- arship 1 ,2,3: Bookmoblle Asst. Office 1,27 Honor Society 3,4. KATHLEEN HERRMAN N Class Plays 3,42 One-Act Play 27 Newspaper 1 , 2 , 3 ,47 Editor 47 French Club 1,27 Officer 17 Natl. Honor Society 3, 47 Officer 47 Y-Teens l,2,47 Future Teachers 3,42 Officer 47 Band 1,2,3,42 Mixed Chorus 2,47 Dist. Schol- arship 37 Annual Staff 47 Library Club 2, 47 Office 2. DENNIS IRWIN Basketball 1,2 ,37 Football 47 En- semble l,2,37 Mixed Chorus 1, 2,32 Class Plays 3,47 One-Act Play 27 F. F. A. l,2,3,47 Band 1,2,3,4I Bandorama 2,37 Quartet 37 Class Officer 4. TOM IOHNSON Basketball 17 Baseball 37 Track 27 Football 47 Class Play 47 Boys' euoziaa Ensemble 47 Mixed Chorus 47 F. F. A. l,2,3,4. CALVIN NOLT Class Plays 3,47 F. F. A. 1,2, 3,47 Officer l,2,3, Basketball l,2,37 Manager 47 Baseball 1,2, 3,47 Football 47 Ensemble l,2,47 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,42 Band 1, 2,3,47 Track l,2,4. ROBE RTA ROWE Class Officer l ,2 , 3 , 47 French Club Officer 1,27 Student Coun- cil 1,27 Officer 27 Natl.. Honor Society 3,47 Officer 47 Class Plays 3,47 One-Act Play 27 Y- Teens 1,27 Mixed Chorus l,2,3, 47 Ensemble 47 Band 1,27 Bando- rama 2,3I Basketball Cheerleader 1,2 ,37 Football Cheerleader 47 Scholarship Test 1 ,2 , 37 Office 1,27 Betty Crocker H. T. 47 Girls' State 47 Annual Staff 4. ANITA THOMPSON Class Play 3,47Y-Teens 17 News- paper l,2,3,47 Latin Club 2,37 Mixed Choms 27 Office 17 Natl. Honor Society 3,4. SONIA VOORHEES Mixed Chorus l,2,3,47 Girls' Ensemble 47 Band l,2,3,47 Class Play 3,47 Class Officer 3,47 Natl.. Honor Society 3,42 Officer 47 French Club 1,27 Bandorama 2,3,42 One-Act Play 27 Library Club 2,37 Scholarship Test 17 Ticket Sales BB 37 Y-Teens 27 Office 1 ,27 American legion Essay 17 Annual Staff 47 French Club Officer 1 , 2 . AGNES WACKER Class Play 3,47 Class Officer 3, 47 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,47 Girls' Ensemble 47 Band l,2,3,47 News- paper 37 Library Club 2.3, 47 Y- Teens 47 Annual Staff 47 F. T. A. 2-,3,47 F. T. A. Officer 3,47 Scholarship Test 2, 37 Natl. Honor Socitey 3,42 Officer 47 Student Council 3,42 Student Council Officer 47 Poetry Reading 37 Betty Crocker H. T. 4. LAURA WALDE R Class Officer 1,32 French Club 1 ,27 French Club Officer 17 Mix- ed Chorus l,2,3,47 Ensemble 47 Class Plays 3,47 One-Act Play 27 T-Teens l,2,47 Library Club 1,27 Office 1 ,27 Betty Crocker H. T . 47 Ticket Sales BB 17 Annual Staff 4. LARRY WOOD Mixed Chorus 47 Boys' Ensemble 47 Class Officer 47 Student Coun- cll 47 Officer 47 F. F. A. 3,47 Hi-Y l,27Basketball l,2,37 Base- ball 1,2,32 Class Play 3,47 One- Act Play 27 Library Club 27 Divers Road-e-o 3,41 Ir. High Coach 4. DICK WUTHRICH Basketball l,2,3,47 Baseball l, 2,3,47 Track 17 Class Officer 27 Mixed Chorus 1,42 Boys' En- semble 47 F. F. A. l,2,3,47 Officer 2. mm ewbzZ44c4" IERRY ARMSTRONG Class Officer 37 Football 2,3,47 Basketball 2,37 Baseball 27 Track 37 Scholarship 1 , 2 , 37 Senior Scholarship 47 Annual 47 Class Play 4. BRUCE BLAKE Class Officer7 Football 2 , 3 , 47 Basketball 2,32 Baseball 1,3,47 Track 37 Projector 47 S. A. A. 47 Band 1,2,37 Newspaper 37 Annual 4 . RICHARD BRADLEY Class Officer 1,32 Football 3,47 Basketball l,2,3: Track l,2,3 , 47 Projector 1,2,3,41F. F. A. 17 Chorus 1,2,37C1aSS Play 3. BRENDA BUTCHER Class Officer 1,42 Ensemble 1, 2,3,47 Newspaper 3,47 Chorus l,2,3,47 F. T. A. 2,37C1aSS Play 3,47 Librarian 2 ,37 Annual 47 Band 2,3. TOM DAVENPORT Football l,2,3,47 Basketball 1, 2,3,42 Baseball 1,2,3,42 Track 27 Projector 2,42 Senior Scholar- ship 47 Class Officer 1,3,4I An- nual 47 Newspaper 27 S. A. A. 47 Class Play 3,4. MARGARET DENNISON Chorus 1,22 Class Play 3,47 Class Officer l. CATHLEEN DEWAR Chorus l,2,3,47 Newspaper 47 Class Play 47 Librarian 3. MARLENE DOBSON Chorus 1 ,2. WILLIAM K.NEPPER Class Play 37 Basketball Man- ager 2,31 Track 37 Projector 1, 2,3,4. GARY LARKEY Class Officer 3,42 Football 27 Basketball l,2,3,47 Band 1,2,37 Baseball 1,27 Projector 3,42 An- nual 47 Newspaper 3,42 Class Play 3,4. ROBERTA LEACH Class Officer l,2,3: F. T. A. 2,3,47 Librarian 1,2,3,41 Score- keeper 3,47 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,42 Annual 47 News- paper 3,47 S. A. A. 47 Scholar- ship 1,2 ,3 ,47 Senior Scholar - ship 4 . SANDRA MOORE Chorus 1,2,3,4I Band 1,2 ,3 Cheerleader 27 Class Officer 2 47 Class Play 47 Newspaper 3,42 Homecoming Queen 47 Home- coming Attendant 2. GRACE MULLINS Chorus 17 Class Officer 1,2 Homecoming Attendant 17 Class Play 3,47 Newspaper 4. NEVA NORRIS Chorus 1,2. GARY RAMSIER Basketball 1,27 Baseball 47 Foot- ball 1 , 2 . IERRY RAMSIER Chorus 4. CAROL REED Chorus l,2,47 Ensemble 47 Class Play 47 Newspaper 47 Annual 4. MARK SMITH Class Officer 17 F. F. A. 1,27 Football 17 Baseball 17 Basket- ball 27 Track 27 Annual 47 Class Play 3,42 Scholarship 27 Senior Scholarship 4. ROGER SVIRIK Track 1,2,3,41 Football 37 Bas- ketball l,2,3,42 Board of Control 27 Projector 1,2,3,4I P. F. Ar. 17 Class Play 3,47 Senior Schol- arship 4. CAROL WORCESTER Class Officer 37 Chorus 1 , 2 , 3 , 47 Ensemble 2,3,47 F. T. A. 2,32 Class Play 3,47 Newspaper 3,47 Annual 47 Librarian 27 S. A. A. 3,47 Band 1,2,3,4j Homecoming Queen 37 Scholarship 1 ,2 ,3. MICHAEL ADKINS Lorain H. S. 17 Elyria H. S. 27 Sullivan H. S. 3,47 Basketball 37 Class Play 3. ROBERT BELL F. F. A. 1,2,3,42 Annual Staff 47 Class Play 37 Scholarship Test 1. THOMAS IEFFERSON BOWLING Football l,2,3,47 Basketball 1, 2,32 Mixed Chorus 1,27 Class Play 37 F. F. A. Officer 37 P. F. A. 2,3,47 Senior Scholarship 47 Scholarship Tests 2,37 Paper Staff 37 Annual Staff 47 Student Council 3. GLEN OWEN DAWSON Football 1,32 Baseball l,2,37 Track 1,22 F. F. A. 2,3,41AI1' nual Staff. IUDITH KAY GUYTON Ashland H. S. l,2,37 Sullivan H. S. 3,47 Mixed Chorus 47 An- nual Staff 47 Paper Staff 4. IOSEPH BRUCE HALADA Football 1, 2 , 3 , 47 Basketball l,2,3,47 Baseball 1,2,32 Class Officer 1,3,41F. F. A. Officer 3,42 F. F. A. 2,3,4I Senior Scholarship 47 Annual Staff 47 Student Council 47 Scholarship Test 3. DELLA IUN E HAWLEY Mixed Chorus l,3,47 Girls' Glee l,3,47 Annual Staff 47 Senior Scholarship 47 Class Play 3. ' 6l8JbZmdd6"!" LARRY ROBERT HASWELL Track 17 Baseball l,2,37 Foot- ball 1,2 ,3, 47 Annual Staff 47 F. F. A. Officer 37 F. F. A. l, 2,3,4I Student Council 47 Class Officer l,3,4. IANET ELAINE HEIFPNER Homemaker Award 47 Mixed Chorus l,2,47 Paper Staff 2,3,47 Annual Staff 47 Scholarship Tests 1,27 Class Offlcer 2,3. MARILYN ELIZABETH HUBLER Band 1,2,3,4f Mixed Chorus l, 2,41 Girls' Glee 1,2,42 Girls' Quartette 47 Class Play 37 Senior Scholarship 47 Paper Staff 47 Class Officer 4. THOMAS WAYNE IORDAN Track l, 27 Basketball 1,2 , 37 Class Play 37 F. F. A. l,2,37 Parliamentary Procedure Teain l,2,37 Mixed Chorus 47 Boys' Ensemble 47 Annual Staff 47 Paper Staff 27 Senior Scholarship 4. ELIZABETH ANN MCC ONNELL Cheerleader 1,2,3,41 Band 1,2, 37 Mixed Chorus 1,2 ,47 Girls' Glee 1,2,42 Girls' Quartette 47 Class Play 37 Senior Scholarship 47 Paper Staff 1,2,3,4i Annual Staff 4. THOMAS HOWARD PIPER Senior Scholarship 47 Paper Staff 47 Class Officer 37 Football 3,42 Basketball l,2,37 Track 27 Base- ball 2,32 Class Play 3. RAYMOND LEROY ROSECRANS Mixed Chorus 1,47 Football 17 Track 17 Annual Staff 47 Boys' Ensemble 4. GORDON EDWARD SMI'I'H Baseball 1,2, 37 Basketball 27 Football 2,3,47 Class Play 37 F. P. A. Officer 47 F. F. A. l, 2 , 3 ,47 Senior Scholarship 47 Paper Staff 37 Annual Staff 47 Class Officer 37 Parliamentary Procedure Team 2 ,3, 4. HELEN LORENE STARK Girls' Glee l,2,47 Mixed Chorus l,2,47 Band l,2,3,47 Paper Staff 47 Annual Staff 47 Senior Schol- arshlp 47 Class Play 37 Girls' Quartette 47 Class Officer 4 . IOHN EDGAR TEMPLE F. F. A. 1,2,3,42 Mixed Chorus 47 Football 47 Track 2,31 Annual Staff 47 Parliamentary Procedure Team 27 Class Play 3. BETTY ANN WACKER Paper Staff 47 Annual Staff 47 Mixed Chorus l,2,47 Girls' Glee l,2,47 Girls' Quartette 47 Band 17 Senior Scholarship 47 Schol- arship Tests 2 ,37 Class Play 37 Class Officer 2. DAWN LOUISE WILSON Band 2 7 Mixed Chorus 1,4:Gir1S' Glee 2,37 Paper Staff 27 Class Play 37 Seal-pr Scholarship 47 scho1arsrQ'ag5s,ga,2,3. 1 . YW "ANGEL OF RED CANYON" S E 5 K "REST AssURsD" "GRANDDAD GOES WILD" 'ia I 'fn N.- X wx-7'?mw ' Q- 3' l W ' F I : " U XM 4 g 5 I A , .5 fl' 5 f .' -' 'N 'F 5 W 3 vb, Q A. 3 L 'u11fT X :zzz K if ' xii 4 f o i ,. ' F ' '?'?.'V' ,QQ-,, ,vm .o XI If Mu- ii Q7 W7 M6602 mid FIRST ROW: Nancy Campbell, Louise Howman, Linda Norris, Pat Wandel, Nancy Geiger, louise Welch, Mary Ann Bfidgeii, Eloise Gentry. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gottron, Bertha Blodgett, George McWilliams, Ian Reinhardt, Eric Kirvel, Donald Hoffman, Dick Brooks, Iim Rowe, Harry Leiby. ABSENT: Kathleen Weimer, Iune Kravitz. FIRST ROW: Carol Sutz, Connie Converse, Betty Stuart, Ieanne Lieby, Mary Walkden, Carol Elliott, Sandy Taylor, Delores Van Meter. SECOND ROW: Mr. Marker, Mary Ann Higgins, Linda Boone, Donald Beach, Warren Waltz, Bill Benford, John McCourt, Calvin Breyley, Robert Williams, Sherrell Hovorka, Dolores Larkey. THIRD ROW: Iohn Nagy, Larry Kuchenrither, Rickey Myers, Bette Jackson, Dennis Neptune, Kenny Dalgleish, Larry Wolf, Robert Stroup, Robert Fitzgerald, Gary Weidrick, Artie Weidrick. 61060 zawbv dd 44 ,wiht ra 28 zawbz M44 I-yr 'll ljl Vll sis' gn li I1 I c, fix 11.1 , FIRST ROW: Norma Britt, Marilyn Regal, Iudy Raider, Patricia Shoulter, Linda Pifer, Drema Britt, Thelma Weber, Jean Clinker, Illl Clark. SECOND ROW: Virginia Rollin, Dianne Priscantelli, Barbara Wright, Betty Orcutt, Okal Messmore, Mrs. Dougherty. THIRD ROW: Ronald Finley, Russell Grenzenbach, Carol Mengerlnk, James Bassett, Stanley Ward, Ralph Kish, Dean Farnsworth, Emma Messmore, Virgil Berry. FIRST ROW: Sharon Rex, Connie Billheimer, Kay Fenstermaker, Pat Stevenson, Carole Bisard, Susan Bridgett, Anna lohnson. SECOND ROW: Duane Snoddy, David Fuller, Charles Napier, Ioe Majce, Arnold Wacker, Philip Slmcox, lJ1f:l.I3l1.nlI1-y, Mr. Kiliany. ABSIINT: Bill Morris. r.. golomoze mid 45 616005 W 244 FIRST ROW: Rose Ann Kurtz, Karen Karl, Carolyn Wasson, Linda Shultz, Ianet Avery, Virginia Bradley. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Stoll, Connie Clifford, Richard Hellman, Jerry Veverka, Raymond Garn, Nancy Elliott, Linda Butcher. THIRD ROW: Fred Walters, Richard Rook, john McReynolds, Ianet Svirik, David Liedorff, Gary Dewar, Donald Van Meter. S90 M44 46 FIRST ROW: Kathryn Baker, Susan Burkhart, Sue Keillor, Kenneth Berry, Gail Neuman, Rosemary Bowling, Ioan Shoulter, Raymond Gast, Patricia Bryant, Mary McKean. SECOND ROW: Connie Hyde, Loretta Dawson, Iudy Dennis, Henry Cowhick, Elaine Forster, Carolyn Rosecrans, David Weyer, Doyle Oxender, Brenda Boyde, Robert Briggs, Ioan Helffner, Mr. Wolf. THIRD ROW: Patrica Balkin, Leslie Meininger, Dean Figley, Iohn Iordan, Thomas Hawley, Larry Blessing, Richard Marshall, Richard Pfieffer, David Howe, Iohn Bell, Randall Bryan, Ioan Davis. N 'ga' K Zahn mid Long, Elizabeth Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Rowe, Margaret Geiger, Sue Linda Fuller, Ellen Bishop, Noreen McWilliams. THIRD ROW: Robert Clark Blll Herrmann, Max McFredrlck, Robert Allen, Ilm Botdorf, Eugene Snoddy. 1 FIRST ROW: Dlane Ilopklns, Iudy Giar, Bruce Miller, Ioan Hopkins, Ernestlne Hardin, Iudy Kurtz, Jean Hopkins, Basil Moorehead. SECOND ROW: Peggy Myers, lrene Kozub, louise Baker, Sharyn Scheck, Carol Blake, Lois Worcester, Kenneth llardln, Robert Breyley, Kenneth Byrd, Judy Walkden, Susan Boone, David Taylor, Loralee Rook. THIRD ROW: Mr. Gifford, Pal Baker, Harold Van Meter, Dieter Storl, Francis Stuart, Teddy Kosteckl, Gene Clifford, Iames White, Gordon Clark, Sam Slmmerman, Ioe Kobylskl, Andy Higgins. ABSENT: Walter Weidrick. FIRST ROW: Leslie Clevldence, lack Grlsslnger, Ronald Wandel, Phyllis Smith, julia Ramsler, Vivian Ramsler, Iudy Schmetzer, Ted Fetzer, Ann Shorts Dick Crebs, Ilm Gott, Carl Rogers in exam A7 Zalman M44 A .XX AN vf if, 1 ':t:'93i,', fiifisi PIRSI' ROW: Anna Lee Robbins, Roy Lelninger, Cheryl Elliott, Ianet Iewett, Richard Pifer, Donald Britt, Virginia Davis, Elaine Querin, Gary Westervelt, Lena Hollandsworth. SECOND ROW: Iohn Nesbitt, Ioan Dauge, Carnetta Blankenship, Richard McConnell, lean Twining, Phyllis Haines, Marjorie Wright, Betty Miller, Mary Cowhick, David McMillan, Margaret Harris, Layton Meininger, Mr. Mack. THIRD ROW: Donald Channell, Ray Iacquet, Clarence Swope, Charlie Robbins, Martha Free, Alan Briggs, George Kish, Jeffrey Keep, Ianice Ballou, Ierry Bauer, James Given, Eldon Barone. FIRST ROW: Robert Wuthrich, Lawrence Kardsa, Carol Napier, Linda Pummel, Dara Hanners, Raymond Howman, Virginia Vanetta, Maxine Trapp, Ronald Shanks. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Halliwell, Roger Peck, Phillip Rowe, Paul Lowe, David Workman, Tom Williams, Richard Markley, Gerald Weimer, Mrs. Hines. THIRD ROW: Ronald Steele, Dennis Howe, Barbara Howard, Robert Kirvel, Dick Chabot, Bill Johnson, Linda Kline, Ann Herrmann, Bill Thompson, as iw :biw- 'SQB 3 'S' Somew W? l FIRST ROW: David Bowen, Teresa johnson, Patsy R an Evel H h y , yn orvat , Dave Manning, Iames Thompson, Sherry Ramsler, Gene Butcher, Dan Rook, john Regal. SECOND ROW: Mr. Grenert, Diana Gonzales, Sheila Dennison, jack Hellman, Raymond Riifle, Ieffrey Armstrong, Tony Lepka, Russell Temple, Dolly Ward, Carol Stuart. THIRD ROW: lack Veverka, Nancy Wasson, Elizabeth Allemang, Loren Hastings, Kick Moore, Larry Steele, Janet McReynolds, Cheryle Walkden, Carol Kari, Tom Hord. 'IRST ROW: Ann Meek, Donald Berry, Oliva McMillan, Iean Hollandsworth, Larry Nalley, Ceilan Baker, Shirley J 1 ' ' Q ' mutt, C,arol Crawford. SECOND ROW. Iudy Parker, Glen Sifread, Evelyn Herald, Nancy Iordan, Susan Ballou, .valon Priscantelli, Beth Stark, Fred Forster, Mr. Kemper. THIRD ROW: Shirley Balkin, Sharon Famsworth, Charles i uccaui , Larry Handley, Gary Wacker, Richard Fugltt, Thomas McKean, Larry jordan, Carol Humphrey. 7 AQ 7057 FIRST ROW: Lois Sooy, Ronnie Fuller, Donald Foster, james Williams, Ierry Shadley, Barbara Kline, Rex Ramsier, Charles Carter. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Long, Barbara Baker, Gail Hoyer, Ronnie Wood, Greg Barr, Wilma Allen , Carol Hlsey, Stephen Wandel, Mr. Nelswlnter. THIRD ROW: Howard Steele, Scheryl Lelby, Phyllis Daniels, Iim Patton, Betty Long, Danny Cole, Allen Blodgett, Mary Ann Fleming, Gwen Foster. 059' FIRST ROW: Connie Gam, Marilyn Balke, Beverly Converse, Ralph Roub, Darryl Taylor, Iames Wolf, Linda Thompson, Ronald Rogers, Fay Dennison, Deana Iaycox. SECOND ROW: Mr. Beck, Dick Van Meter, Rose Weidrick, Dana Roberts, Alyce Clifford, Roger Carey, Robert Brouse, Bonnie Rowley, Eleanor Ward, Donna Dobson, Fred Zeroll, Dora Clabough, John Gonzales. THIRD ROW: Russell Sage,Chester Horner, Dale Ely, Paul Whate, jack Kuchenrither, Tom Smith, Linden Giar, Harold Lraper, James Vaughn, Thelma Worcester, Susan Scheck, lean Stroup, Donald Hayden, Paula Kurtz, Iohn Ward, Absent. A - U FIRST ROW: Karen Sifread, Karen Gullett, Gary Easterday, Harold Messmore, Shirley Britt, janet Runkle, Donald Sprinkle, Sherry Rlngler, Cheryl Regal. SECOND ROW: Teara Smith, Darrell Elllott, Iudy Lamb, Kay Blankenship, Karen Scakacs, Carol Ringler, Iudy Roice, Edward McKean, Ronald Quast, Ronald Blessing, Madge Barone, Miss Duncan. THIRD ROW: Donald McConnell, Patty Cole, William Messmore, Ronald Davls, Ronald Cole, Donald Rosecrans, Kathy Twlnlng, Iames Rosecrans, Louetta Dawson, Linda Krueck, Virginia Hawley. FIRST ROW: Illl Grlssenger, Glenn Clevldence, Patrick Gern, Jane Workman, Pat Kardas, Gary Wandel, Richard Clevldence, Ianet Fleming. SECOND ROW: Roger Smith, Bob Grant, Don Weimer, Ronnie Adamson, Patty Wood, Susan Archer, Barbara Howman, Ilmmy Markley, Mr. Blllman. THIRD ROW: Karl Kolb, Frankl1n.Slmcox, Fred Owen, Iean Carpenter, Stanley Null, Mary Herrmann, Rick McFrederlck, Linda Carey. ABSENT: Lillian Dexter. .-. W7 FIRST ROW: Patty Owsley, Dlann Balkin, Betty Merrlll, Myra Myers, Lanny Meadows, Michael Bosse. SECOND ROW: Rhonda Huggins, lean Swalno, Robert Parker, Martha Baker, Linda Manmng, Calvm Davis, Karen McKean. THIRD: ROW: Mildred Fugitt, Ioan Swalno, Thomas Keep, Robert Bowling, Robert Wilhelm, Darathy Rosecrans. 626 52 6? FIRST ROW: Douglas Bowen, Seth Slmmerman, Karen Hopkins, Danny Baker, Llnden Lleby, Gloria Clifford, Danny Riffle, Lloyd Shellhom, Terry Yeaples, Joyce Yeaples. SECOND ROW: Mr. Carr, Norbert Larkey, Gerald Stra1t,Iack Byrd, Danny White, Duane Taylor, Dean White, Alma Riffle, Gracie Ann Braddock, Ann Cooper, Charles Galt, Katherine Thompson. THIRD ROW: Carol Nash, Tommy Smith, Robert Rice, Iudy Pitz, Joanne Moore, Marilyn Lledorff, Ricky Stuart, Bonnie Psota, Robert Myers, Dwight Long, Susan Lepka. ABSENT: Carolyr Williams. dba 7 FIRST ROW: Roberta Cole, Larry Iacquet, Duane Tedrow, Diane Goble, Stephanie Kanpp, George Given, Rita Ward. SECOND ROW: Terry Beard, Linda Moneysmith, Donald Denbow, Thomas Cowhlck, Leslie Handley, Gerald Nalle Albert Forster, Rrchard Figley, Mrs. Welch. THIRD ROW: Wanda Crawford, Donald Nalley, Iohn Clark, Alva Pa Thomas Sooy, Peggy Davis, Ralph Bauer, Roger Mayes, David Wandel, Barbara Bryan. FIRST ROW: Aurie Carey, Danny Ramsier, Sue Wood, Mary Owen, Gary Carpenter, Marsha Schwarz, Nicky Fetzer, Linda Ramslcr. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Lowe, Margaret Rowe, Ronald Spangenburg, Gloria Steele, Kerry Gump, lay Kast, Jack Geiger, Charles Jenkins, Jimmy Foster. THIRD ROW: Martin Haas, Linda Steele, Carol Hoffman, Tommy Fxsher, Gcorqlu Scridwltz, Pamela Fenstermaket, Helen Shorts, Karen Owen. Y, Y, Qmaf 53 W7 FIRST ROW: Marsha Runkle, Cathy Tomlinson, David Britt, Shirley Horvath, Richard Whitney, Linda Haines, Walter McMillian, Linda Kay Lamb, Beverly Floyd, Patricia Fugitt. SECOND ROW: Joseph Horvath, David Hawley, Dan Lee Jordan, Raymond Twining, Barry Floyd, John Horvath, Randall Brown, Emest Bakos, Larry Lance, Laura Hayes. THIRD ROW: Charles Welsh, Estelle Dobbins, Thomas Wilhelm, Rosemary Draper, Phyllis Ely, David Twining, George Ely, Linda Bowling , Frances Balkin, Terry Simonson. FIRST ROW: Peggy Ody, Jane Zeroll, Ann West, Nancy Johnson, Cathryn Benford, Janet Moore, Emma Vaughn, Ralph Shearer. SECONDROW: Mrs. Kime, Phillip Nagy, Gary Burden, Mary Jane Rice, Joy Veverka, Mary Miller, Iois Nash, Joseph Hejduk, Iarrywalkden. THIRD ROW: Emest Worcester, Peggy Hardin, Danny Roe, Tommy Weidrlck, Charlene Reinsinger, Martha Breyley, Leroy Yoak, James Weidrick. ABSENT: Dora Ryan, Dreama Emerson. 95? z ww Seam 7 FIRST ROW: Steve Brown, George Crawford, Scott Larabee, Linda Painter, Susan Wright, Sara Weller, Trudance Smlth, Denny Rlngler, Sara Meek. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Skeeles, Margie Blankenship, Paul Wright, Luella Hollandsworth, Sandra Koons, Phylous Hamilton, James Hawley, Donald Brown, John Raider, Laray Bassett, Mrs. Clouser. FIRST ROW: Lonnie Ramsler, Donnie Wuthrich, Dallen Botdorf, Richard Foster, Carol Hachtel, Margaret Hemnann, Penny Shadley, Carol Adamson, David Gruver, Clayton Dillenbeck, Beverly Belghly. SECOND ROW: Charyl Spangen- burg, Ronnle Williams, George Fleming, Fred Grant, Donna Howard, Erma Shellhorn, Bonnie Barr, Linda Dexter, Peggy Elchel, Keith Jackson, Rlta Thompson. THIRD ROW: Janice Clark, Pam Slmcox, Donnie Thompson, Beverly Phllllps, Llnda Drury, Bllly Gump, Sarah Senz, Priscilla Owen, John Carey, Betsy Massie, Merle Archer, Mrs. Campbell. 'VY W? FIRST ROW: Connie Riley, Donna Sprinkle, Mary Baker, Karen Larsen, Larry Garra, Kim Myers. SECOND ROW: Barbara Honeberger, Sherry Hayes, Chris Krueck, Iane Huggins, George Keep, Alice Twinning. THIRD ROW: Dennis Rosecrans, Lee Wilson, lack Wilhelm, Charles Twinning, Roger Draper, Mike Bakos. iam W7 56 FIRST ROW: Elmo Hord, David Puie, Rebecca Dobson, Linda Baker, Sandra Blatter, Tommy Clifford, Scherry McGraw Ianls Billman, Mickey Baker, Larry Riffle. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Rowe, George Swartzfager, Blaine Biddinger, Linda Shearer, Kathleen Kusmik, laura Lee Stuart, Douglas Dobson, Betty Linden, Irene Pomeroy. THIRD ROW: Carol Wolf, Daren Norris, Edward Braddock, Gary Rice, Melvin Reisinger, Cheryl Rowley, James Braddock, Deloris Long, Russell Hendricks ,. Nelson Strait. ABSENT: Gary Emerson , Larry Johnson, Ruthann Williams. 1 as 7' FIRST ROW: Iune Tedrow, Crystal Elliott, Linda Graham, Rodney Mayes, Mary Iaquet, Gerald Pay. SECOND ROW Mrs. Clouser, Douglas Knapp, Samuel Raider, James Skeeles, Linda Wooton, Janice Kirkpatrick, Larry Farnsworth. FIRST ROW: Frances Carey, Gary Clevidence, Donald Smith, Sammy Shellhorn, Scott Rowe, Diane Calfee, Mary Ramsler. SECOND ROW: jane Haas, Bonnie Wandel, Kathleen Kline, Doris Allen, Ruth Snoddy, Marion Halliwell, Eva Massle. THIRD ROW: Ronald Chabot, Iudy Haas, Susan Fenstermaker, Frank Hoffman, Sonny Swlnehart, Melissa Ramseycr, Cloyd Rogers, Mrs. Soka. .i ....Ty5... olflm .. W7 I as W? FIRST ROW: Lynn Koerber, Stan Rice, Iames Emery, Thomas Isenhart, Carol Lance, Samuel Clark. SECOND ROW: Hazel Whitney, Iennie Welch, Richard Ely, Ierry Meadows, Glenna Weber, Sharon Britt. M? 58 FIRST ROW: Gary Bowen, Wanda Breyley, Iames Rogers, Billy Linden, Russell Rlffle, Alice Simmerman, Rose Anna Higgins, Jane Kratzer. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Baker, Ralph Horner, Darly Vermilye, David Kurtz, Edna Long, Linda Gott, Hope Butcher, Linda Neptune, Kathleen Blllman, Ralph Mullins. THIRD ROW: David Aker, Iudith Long, Gail Stuart, Donna Smith, Iohn Osborn, Grace White, Patty Giar, Llnda Rice, Clyde Galt. dba glam, 7 FIRST ROW: Clair Dennis, Sherry Denbow, Mary Bassett, Robert Ward, Iames Neubrander, Neal Quast, Danny Cllnker, Iames McConnell, Mark Lance. SECOND ROW: Iudlth Grenzenbach, Barbara Thomas, James Crawford, Joyce Denbow, Bruce Larabee, Donny Berry, Richard Brown, Delbert Burkhart, Iane Smith, james Cole. THIRD ROW: Danny Hawley, Ronald Denbow, Philip Dawson, Regina Mokosh, Diane Davis, Ronald Bennett, Roger Langford, Donald Davis, james Sooy, Shelby llamllton, Mrs. Llvlngsotn. FIRST ROW: Charles Rogers, Marlene Kolb, Charles Cary, Cynthia Elchel, Iane Fuller, Nancy Archer, Eric Steele, Rlchard Elchel. SECOND ROW: Cathy Drury, Loren Broome, Glen Foster, Patty Klezck, Gay Kast, Steven Foster, Donald Holmes, lane Lelby. THIRD ROW: Ioan Lelby, Patte Power, Melissa Gruver, Herbert Phillips, David Owens, Charlene Zeebro, Ilmmy Hlsey, Bobby Slmcox. TEACHER: Mrs, Hlsey. . nu- il. , 1 V9 MMM Zee' Qaeda 'wav 1-, me-r 'Hen' Qmf FIRST ROW: Douglas Hastings, David Riddle, Mimi Welch, Robert Lamb, Sue Runkle, Dianne Duncan. SECOND ROW: Beverly Flnkle, Nancy Bigelow, Anne Martin, Helen Weber, Thomas Bakos, Richard Manning, Billy Nesbett. ,owen My 60 FIRST ROW: Ronnie Claybough, Bobby Englet, Deena Baker, Theresa McGraw, Richard Linden, Lana Iewett, David Roberts, Bobby Colley, Nancy Lepka, Peggy Yeaples. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Culler, Beverly Ross, Dianna Roosa, Paul Pomeroy, Leon Sprinkle, Patricia Haynes, Barbara Hendricks, Ierry Pitz, Helen Ross, Beverly Roub, Tracy Shirk. THIRD ROW: Mary Blatter, Paul Pomeroy, Wayne Relsinger, Tommy Mitchell, Virgil Strait, Patricia Ward, Dianna Puie, Mike Cooper, Ronald Baker, Barbara Riffle. Zed FIRST ROW: Coleretta Cole, Mary Given, Laura Blankenship, Dennis Neubrander, Gary Keener, John Skeeles, Klaren Klmmell, Nancy Knapp, Delores Shoulter. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Clark, Paul Koons, Tonya Smith, Alice Hamilton, Kenneth Scakacs, Mary lou Caine, Vlckl Coble, Cynthia Beard, Gary Markham, Larry Warren. FIRST ROW: Patty Carey, Marv Alice Foster, lane Botdorf, Cris Rex, Ann Broome, Blake Iackson, Frank Carter. SECOND ROW: Sharon Seldwuz, Dawn Asselln, Margaret Hoffman, Iim Repp, Steven Badger, Iimmy Senz, Pletta Cruvcr, Dav1dZemanclk. 'lxlIRD ROW: Ralph Shorts, Iohn Spldel, Kay Sheppard, Allan Gump, Margaret Patton, Rick Williams, Larry Zlebro, Mrs. Weller. ABSENT: Dlck Relnki, Richey Mitchell, Shelly Ramsler, Louise Trout, Martha Vunctta. an i dam " wa G' FIRST ROW: Nancy Tomlinson, Gloria Andel, Leslie Martin, Nylon Draper, Ioanne Runkle, Marquerite Baker, Ruth Rollin. SECOND ROW: Bobby Miller, Donna Rollin, Darrell Emery, Diana Griggs, Timmy Slmonson, Denny Yost, Ronnie Twinning. THIRD ROW: Terry Isenhart, Lynn Britt, Marion Swalno, Betty Ely, Rick Leiby, Raymond Leiby, Tom Moskal, Janice Whitney. FIRST ROW: Charles Roosa, Danny Strait, Luasia Vaughn, Regina Spies, Forrest Yoak, Ronald Hange, Danny Iewett. SECOND ROW: Miss Thompson, Alice Smith, Stephen Rogers, Linda Leiby, Susan Billman, Karen Browand, David Walkden, Cynthia Billman, Linda Grieve. THIRD ROW: james Clement, Martin Scheck, Frank White, Carole Smith, Iohn Kusmik, David Roe, Harold Rowley, Marcia Guyer, George Colley. ABSENT: Iohn Brown, Clarence Walkden. wen at en KM FIRST ROW: Patricia Lltteral, Cynthia Crawford, Cynthia Stewart, John Painter, Karen Swope, Harold Hamilton, Ben Dennis, Cathy Bryan, Gary Slfread. SECOND ROW: IoAnn Rook, Gary Famsworth, Duane Nalley, Carolyn Wooten, Glenda Wright, Monte Mokosh, David Mulkey, Prank Berry, Delbert Dawson, Linda Lowe, Ianice Raider. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Painter. FIRST ROW: Mary Power, Vernon Snoddy, Cindy Foster, Linda Owen, Eulynn Hastings, Connie Ramseyer. SECOND ROW: Teddy Calfee, Michael Carpenter, Karen Kiczek, Boyd Baker, Kathleen Lance, Eloise Zlebro. vo ro- .45 1'-14" M...-..q., M394 l l , FIRST ROW: Dean Griggs, David I-lorvath, Nancy Blessing, Deble Welsh, Linda Brock, Kent Knight, Richard Querin, Artie Twining. SECOND ROW: Glenn Bursley, Jerry Martin, Ronald Larabee, Marcia Hawley, Iohn Duncan, Timmy Langford, Larry Mitchell, Karen Koons, Donnie Harris. new ' mam 64 FIRST ROW: Terryl Stroup, Elaine Reisinger, Doris Linden, Susan Sprinkle, Paula Clement, Gale Worcester, Laura Dobson, Darlene Clifford, Roberta Smith. SECOND ROW: Lou Ann Pomeroy, Charles Swartzfager, Kenneth Roosa, Roger Shelly, Richard Yeaples, Ronald Hopkins, Jeffrey Grieve, Stevie Englet, Margie Sherer. THIRD ROW: Iessie Biddinger, Warren Gott, Claudia Baker, Melissa Guyer, Mark Shirk, Timothy Roberts, Laura Scheuman, Douglas Scheck, Wanda Neptune, Timothy Taylor, Donald Hange, Mrs. Skeeles. ABSENT: David Kostecki. I H I it - f- ivk . eil C , wwe ' afzd ,pf 4- w 1 . x -, BN AFX lx glldilq- f fx QB UQ. o V xfxxiw 0 .3 v N XXV- -:gg X Ogg, i k. gi ' 1 , xv. X .'.6VK " ' - J' f -v . N A Wx , L0 J digg. :ell- I fs' --s C . Hem 5 M ,K kiwi X IF. u- Q E5 . wil V Q K - I' ' 33 Sy ,- X .,J' D 9 FIRST ROW: S. Bridgett, E. Gentry, N. Campbell, M. Bridgett, A. Johnson, M. Rowe, S. Rex, K. Fenstermaker, SECOND ROW: P. Wandel, E. Jenkins, M. Gieger, N. McWilliams, E. Bishop, P.Stevenson, N. Gleger, B. Blodgett, A. Wacker, S. Botdorf, K. Herrmann, S. Vorrhees, A. Shorts, R. Rowe, L. Norris, L. Welch, D. Crebs, B. Wandel. THIRD ROW: I. Botdorf, D. Shadley, D. Brooks, P. Simcox, I. Majce, I. Reinhart, D. Hoffman, A. Wacker, L. Wood, C. Nolt, T. johnson, I. Rowe, D. Snoddy, Mr. Nash. QVC? 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SECOND ROW: Ioan Dague, Betty Miller, Ann McConnell, Iudy Guyton, Dawn Wilson, Ioan Helffner, Betty Wacker, Linda Plfer, Margaret Harris, lean Twininq, Nina Blankenship, Brenda Boyd, Virginia Rollin, Drema Britt, janet Heiffner, Phyllis Haines, Connie Hyde, Julia Pay, Marilyn Hubler, Rosemary Bowling, Carnetta Blankenship. THIRD ROW: Martha Free, Ioan Davis, Iorene Stark, Della Hawley, Donald Britt, David McMillan, Rusty Grenzenbach, David Howe, Robert Briggs, lim Basset, Carol Menqertnk, Emma Messmore, Ray Rosecrans, Tom Iordan, Ronnie Finley, Jeff Keep, Richard McConnell, Rusty Piier, Iohn Nesbitt, Barbara Wright, Okal Messmore', Loretta Phillips, Betty Orcutt. FIRST ROW: Iill Clark, Susan Burkhart, Linda Plfer, Marilyn Hubler, Pat Shoulter, Marilyn Regal. SECOND ROW: Ann McConnell, Virginia Rollin, Barbara Wright, Betty Ucutt, Carol Mengerlnk, Della Hawley, Lorene Stark, Betty Wacker. I u c-u FIRST ROW: Sharon Rex, Connie Blllhiemer, Laura Walder, Linda Norris, Pat Stevenson, Kay Fenstermaker, Eloise Gentry. SECOND ROW: Mr. Nash, Pat Wandel, Roberta Rowe, Sherry Botdorf, Agnes Wacker, Sonja Voorhees, Louise Welch. 616605 mid an Emeaeli Brenda Butcher, Janet Avery, Carol Reed, 'Carolyn Wasson, Linda Shultz, Ioan Hopkins, Nancy Elliott, Carol Worcester, Bette Iackson. .Enya ' 5e4em0'Q FIRST ROW: Duane Snoddy, Ilm Botdorf, Ilm Rowe, Tom Iohnson, Dick Crebs, Bud Wandel. SECOND ROW: joe Majce, Phillip Slmcox, Arnold Wacker, Larry Wood, Calvin Nolt. Rusty Pilar, Ronald Flnley, Rusty Grenzenbach, David Howe, Tom Iordan, Ray Rosecrans, Ilm Bassett, Marilyn llubler. Enya ' iaemzlk an SECOND ROW: Marilyn Hubler, Pat Lorene Stark. Umann leen He th KB Denny Howe 1 Slmcox hillip P andel, W Pal Rogers , nald Ro ROW T IRS F THIRD uise Welch. Lo 1 OU right , Janice Ball W Margie Russel Sage zer , el, Sue Schmet lI'V Robert K asson, W YH l IO Ca 61' orcest W l FO evenson, Ca St Duane Snoddy , ds, cReynol M ger Carey , Iohn Ro Brouse , Robert y Stroup, E-obb nker, l C essmore , lean M kal O 1 rris Son a Voorhees Lxnda No ROW : Nancy acker nold W Ar Majce lv1n Nolt , Joe Ca 9V Carol Humphr h SWOH Sharon Fam 1 ark S ralee Rook , Beth Lo W: RO H RT U FO ker. BC W HES AQ , Janet yers M Peggy 1 Gentry Eloise W: RO PTH PI alkden. lW Chery oward H Ia :ba Ba uit y Orc san Ballou , Bert berrs , Su na Ro Da 1 EI K 811 mpbell , Ca Root. Louis Mr andel W Higgins, Frances Stewart, Bud dy An McFrederick , Tom rk Gordon Cla Peck, Sf R09 K, H gen EH 1M ery , Caro Av OT RO UIS LO MR. Director Linda Boone Nancy Hovorka , ell n Higg ns, Sherr ryAn Ma cMlllan, Virginia Davis Olvia M 7.4 OW: TR FIRS cu .J .. as In o -.-. ru 2 'U m an E5 'C o E 3 Z' L-1 ev 1: ua fi Z I3 na Burkhart. Jordan, Susan The newly formed Black River marching band performed at each of the home football games and several of the away football games We participated in the Medina County Bandarama and ir Fa County Ha i ed M concert at the 6 gave The concert band gave performances at each of the schools for an assembly program and OHCGNZ . C Spring 5 ed I presen Root. uis Lo Mr 5.5 W OI' iI'eCt rd Ou 606602 Fam' FIRSI' ROW: Gary Wandel, lpis Sooy, Janet Fleming, Barbara Kline, Barbara Baker, Rick McFrederick, Karl Kolb, Iay Kast, Steve Wandel. SECOND ROW: Mary Fleming, Mary Herrmann, Iim Williams, Tom Williams, Paul Lowe, Mr. Root. www :awbz 72 Iames Wolf, Douglas Bowen, Ronald Rogers, Russell Sage, Gary Burden, Mr. Root, Norbert Larkey, Robert Myers. ' 'gawaf FIRST ROW: Peggy Davis, Karen Scakacs. SECOND ROW: Karen Sifread, Sherry Rlngler, Susan Wright, Patty Cole, Ronald Quast. THIRD ROW: Teara Smith, Carol Ringler, Donald Sprinkle, Scott Larabee, Glen Sigread, Cellan Baker. FOUMH ROW: Carol Humphrey, Sharon Farnsworth, Beth Stark, Conductor: Mr. Herold, Susan Burkhart, Ronald Blessing, Gary Easterday, Linda Painter, Trudy Smith. The junior bands under the direction of Mr. Louis Root and Mr. Richard Herold have worked hard this year. They have performed at various P. T. A. meetings, gave a spring recital, and entered several of their members in the music contests. A few of our more "matured" members are looking forward to being in the senior marching band next year. FIRST ROW: Leslie Clevldence, Duane Snoddy, Ted Fetzer, Eugene Snoddy, Robert Clark, jim Rowe, Harry Lelby, lack Grlssinger. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gottron, lim Botdorf, Ian Reinhardt, George McWilliams, Charles Napier, Bill Herrmann, Dennis llwln, Arnold Wacker, Larry Wood, Carl Rogers, Bob Allen, Jim Gott. zzzbm mam FIRST ROW: Gary Westervelt, Mr. Kimmell, Kenny Berry, Bud Halada, Gordon Smith, Ronald Finley, Leslie Meininger, Ralph Kish, Roy Leininger. SECOND ROW: David McMillan, Iohn Nesbitt, Bob Briggs, Henry Cowhick, David Weyer, Doyle Oxender, Andy Llptak, Eldon Barone, Layton Melnlnger, Donald Britt. THIRD ROW: Ray Iacquet, Ieff Keep, Iohn Iordan, Iohn Bell, Rusty Grenzenbach, Stanley Ward, Richard Marshall, Ierry Bauer, Mike Moskal. , -L l ...nn ... M Ma FIRST ROW: Nancy Campbell, Sharon Rex, Connie Billhiemer, Linda Norris, Mary Ann Bridgett, Eloise Gentry. SECOND ROW: louise Welch, Agnes Wacker, Arnold Wacker, Kathleen Herrmann, Bertha Bloduett, Mrs. Hines. Md . . FIRST ROW: Mrs. Dawley, Dolores Larkey, Bette Iackson, Sharyn Scheck, Irene Kozub. SECOND ROW: Judy walkdun, Janet Avery, Roberta Leach, Karen Karl, Llnda Shultz. awe: We 75 Ann McConnell Linda Plfer Della Hawley Kathryn Baker Mary McKean Ioan Shoulter Loretta Dawson Iudy Dennis Susan Burkhart Patricia Bryant Avalon Priscantelli QF o o Kathleen Herrmann Bertha Blollgett Agnes Wacker Mrs. Hlnes Dara llanners Louise Welch Pat Wandel Nancy Campbell I WJ Mary Ann Hxggins Iudy Walkden Carolyn Wasson Ianct Svink D1ane Hopkins Irene Kozub Sharyn Scheck Linda Sue Shullz janet Avery Roberta Leach Ibm 1 l SX SH mug pweww' ' 'za 6445 FIRST ROW: Nancy Campbell, Eloise Gentry, Louise Welch, Connie Billhiemer, Mary Ann Bridgett, Sharon Rex. SECOND ROW: Pat Wandel, Anita Thompson, Bertha Blodgett, Phillip Simcox, Kathleen Herrmann, Nancy Geiger, Pat Stevenson, Mr. Kiliany. ' pw! S' FIRST ROW: Mrs. Dawley, Carol Worcester, Brenda Butcher, Mark Smith, Carol Reed, Gary Larkey, Bette Jackson, Russell Sage. SECOND ROW: Roberta Leach, Grace Mullins, Connie Converse, Dolores Larkey, Irene Kozub, Sandy Moore, Cathy Dewar, Linda Shultz, Mary Walkden, Janet Avery, Sandy Taylor. FIRST ROW: vlrgmla Roilln, Ann McConnell, Elliot, Nomla Britt, Susan Ballou, Pat Shoult Hubler, Drema Britt, Sue Kelllor, Marilyn wright, Donald Rosecrans , Emma Messmore, McMillan. FIRSI' ROW Ann Shorts Mary Ann Brldqett, Ioe Majce, Larrywood, Agnes Wacker, Mr Workman SECOND ROW Susan Brldgett, Barbara Howard, Erlc Klrvel, Eugene Snoddy, Dennis Howe, Stephen Wandel Q.. er, Iudy Guyton, Ioan Shoulter, Betty Wacker, Linda Pifer, Marilyn FIRST ROW: Carol Worcester, Roberta Leach, Mr. Florence, Bruce Blake, Roger Svirlk, Tom Davenport. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Blake, Sandy Taylor, Karen Kari, Warren Waltz, Louise Baker, Mary Walkden, Carl Sturart. JJZMM BO WMM Donald Sprinkle, Sharon Farnsworth, Linda Pifer, Ieifrey Keep, Martha Free, Larry Haswell, Bud Halada, Dean Farnsworth, Bob Briggs, Brenda Boyd, Larry Handley, Cheryl Regal. FIRST ROW: Sonja Voorhees, Anita Thompson, Roberta Rowe, Kathleen Herrmann, Agnes Wacker. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gottron, Linda Norr1s,.Ilm Rowe, Ann Crebs. FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Ienklns, Nancy Campbell, Sharon Rex, Marilyn Rowe, Connie Billheimer, Bud Wandel, Judy Long. SECOND ROW: Mrs. limes, Eloise Gentry, Dick Crebs, Ioe Majce, Eric Klrvel, Arnold Wacker, Max Mcfmclcrlck, Philip Slmcox, Loulse llowman. -Zffw FIRST ROW: Anna Johnson, Eloise Gentry, Mary Ann Bridgett, Laura Walders, Connie Billheimer, Susan Bridgett, Louise Howman, Nancy Campbell. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hines, Noreen McWilliams, Pat Wandel, Louise Welch, Linda Fuller, Sherry Botdorf, Agnes Wacker, Kathleen Herrmann, Nancy Geiger, Bertha Blodgett, Pat Stevenson, Margaret Geiger, Linda Norris, Sharon Rex. 496164 - ' FIRST ROW: Lois Ella Sooy, Bonnie Long, Carol Hisey, Wilma Allen, Linda Pummell, Gail Hoyer, Barbara Kline, Carol Napier. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hines, Barbara Baker, Cheryl Leiby, Dara Hanners, Phylis Daniels, Barbara Howard, Linda Kline, Ann Herrmann, Gwen Foster, Maxine Trapp, Virginia Vanetta. r ' , -w Q' '.'. -x-KA-lxx'.N'u I I I adam . 1 Marilyn Hubler, Ann McConnell, Lorene Stark, Barbara Wright, Pianist: Betty Wacker. ll ' 1 -1' A' ' , M' 'fl L " M - -- N V Q . h S, , ,.:. sf, 5. gg Q i .' . - ff 9 Y if -in, ff v 1 "R':"Nf-fi, ' 'T - 'amp - A -.M -,f.' , 'wwf W- M6 u-nga ,I my mf. . Iwi - w Agfa., , Q SQL wil s-Wgm F, P W"i'f',.f , 4 , , vm , ., af 'A U in no ,mm ...f 5 v :wx Q-noi , .1 mngl ii- 1-5 53: xa-- Q ., X w' ffm 'W I 7? 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Dick Brooks, Bill Benford, Gary Larkey, Ian Reinhardt, Iohn Nagy, Bud Halada, Roger Svirik, Dean Famsworth, Tom Davenport, Dick Wuthrich, Warren Waltz. 1958-'59 e They O 660 50754 Polk 99 47 Lagrange 65 47 Lodi 73 55 Buckeye 73 60 MANAGERS Savannah 59 47 LeRoy-Westfield 72 59 wvln NO" Highland 79 so Rusty Pifer Townsend-Wakeman 56 59 Lagrange 71 53 Brunswick 66 59 Seville 51 46 Lodi 71 46 Buckeye 85 54 Ieromesville 67 58 Seville 77 66 LeRoy-Westfield 73 72 Highland 69 51 Brunswick 63 58 MEDINA COUNTY TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS Black River 77 Seville 62 73 Lodi 55 Mr. Marker, lack Grissinger, David Taylor, Don Channell, Iimmy Gott, Jeff Keep, Francis Stuart, Tom Hawley, Bob Allen, Dave Howe, Artie Weidrick, Larry Blessing, Gene Clifford, Mr. Mack. Polk Lagrange Lodi Buckeye Savannah LeRoy-Westfield Highland Brunswick vaaewea 1958-'59 We They We 41 32 Seville 22 21 36 Lodi 20 31 19 Buckeye 23 28 29 Ieromesville 45 41 35 Seville 31 34 33 LeRoy 41 41 35 Highland 30 30 32 Brunswick 32 They 34 31 35 57 37 39 31 35 Q-rm Q . A . M ,wv-ua-,, -x 4 so-fan, . 1 Q. 1...-Mean -. Y . v x- .oafsw-annum-9-cfnunnvf-fn wm- W.. . - Y.-sw ewan: vm w new . fn up wp 4. p-wwpgg un.-,. X.: M - uw aw -A 1 .v nmoniunsils-.w.vaQ ., , , Q ,p n an. wen-nnnnun-uiuslbcmwfvnu vuvuwanus 9, 1 oonwgnll qfwtvqlsn as xa ,wshfw -1- -R y .anna Wqannnf hdunnuwfwan www s- wx M4 n-an-vom--wanna 'minimum wh- .svn A-.M Q -aw :uw ,, asnsvsuvlnlwo .fm-xuah-2.5 X, Z 1 Av sv'-wiiwmfw .nw MQ W . , - 1 - wnasnn- svrvvw-MM' -up 5 uf f 1- ww .A ar nungna-ww. sf Qxuwf-wma-ilmwvff f M" llpuqnw , - summon V 'nf Aiwg-'A 'Qkw-M ' 'H Q' Q0 . aa s .A-aww 4, x N .N M. X .. 2 45 Bud Wendell DiCk Cfebfu Allen Briggs, T0m Hawley, George Kish, Sam Simmerman, Coach Ronald Mack, Bob Allen, Jeffery Keep, Eldon Barone, Don Channel, Bruce Miller, Basil Morehead. 5 MQ aaeeziaw a4f6ezKz!Z FIRST ROW: Lois Ella Sooy, Ann Herrmann, Dara Hanners. SECOND ROW: Donald Foster, Bob WuLhrich, Stephen Wandel, Gregg Barr, lim Williams, Rex Ramsier, Charles Carter. THIRD ROW: Mr. Tsipis, Ronnie Wood , Howard Stelle, Gerald Weimer, Allen Blodgett, Dick Markley, Raymond Howman, Ronnie Shanks, Larry Wood. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Williams, Dennis Howe, Danny Cole, Bill Johnson, David Workman, Iim Patton, Roger Peck. ezacez zaeabz Qi 346541 FIRST ROW: Danny Rook, john Regal, Davld Bowen, john Gonzales, Darryl Taylor, Carl Stuart, Gene Butcher, Dlck Van Meter, Ralph Roub, Ronald Rogers. SECOND ROW: Connie Garn, Marilyn Blake, Dana Rogerts, Raymond Riffle, Robert Brouse, jack Vuverka, Russell Sage, Mr. Carr, Loren Hastings, Tom llord, Roger' Carey, jeffrey Armstrong, Fred Zeroll, Bonnie Rowley, Beverly Converse. Wm moe 2 G-xry Easterday, Darell Elliott, Ronald Blessing, Edward McKean, Iames Rosecrans, Larry Handley, Ronald Davis, Coach Tom l'1fr:r, Gary Wacker, Coach Ronald Mack, Donald Rosecrans, Tom McKean, Glen Sifread, Ronald Quast, Donald Berry, Donald Sprinkle. CHEERLEADERS: Iudy Lamb, Sharon Farnsworth, Elizabeth Stark, Ianet Runkle. ABSENT: Ronald lloneberger, Gary llndurlly. ,N. xx, . .J .ff A - Wwffiff L, 1 , l ,ax W 5 M Lia Lf VM A c im- K A ff f , -'A,. fi . .1-1 x N I 4 K sw . If gif QR X X ,.l,.. . JF .E I I 3, amz' 5Q OP ,IOE'S I. G. A. SUPER MARKET I I LOUIS H. WILSON AGENCY "FOR FAMILY SECURITY AND HAPPINESS" YOUR INDEPENDENT AGENT SERVES YOU BEST. COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE FIRE - LIFE - ACCIDENT - AUTOMOBILE - LIABILITY BURGLARY - HOSPITALIZATION - SURETY BONDS NOTARY PUBLIC PHONE 463 WEST BURSLEY ROAD WELLINGTON OHIO 1 UHIO EIRMERS CUMPANIES 111 YEARS OI' SERVICE AND PROTECTION : QXYSI NATIONAL8 I ftp 'QQ Y, 5.44, - Ds OLDEST ASHLAND I Main At Orange 5, xmfiifi 93, Claremont Avenue v - I, ip , '.M,,,,,a4 IEROMESMILLE I At Smith Road EMBC I I Co p1 e t Of The Ashland Bank Q Savings Co. .P go I Q11N R44Qb Q ' H ., A n d i f wi g Ohlo 'feuais' I WILLIAM M. PRYMAN Gulf Service Stalwlm Gulfix Registered Lubrication-Battery Service Tires-Tubes -Acces sories Wheels Balanced X W Mufflers And Tail Pipes Installed Phone: Elgin-6-2292 Sullivan Ohio Compliments Of The ova Elevator Compan Phone OXford 2-3200 Nova Ohio Ashland Compliments Of The F aultless Rubber Co BEST WISHES Manufacturers Of: Drug Sundries Rubber Surgical Goods Balls And Balloons Industrial Rubber Goods Ohio Compliments Of 0 FOR THOSE WHO CARE PHONE 4-1566 Denbow FUNERAL HOME 313 CENTER STREET ' ASHLAND. OHIO 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE 0 OXYGEN EQUIPPED MARRY DINIOW, DIIECYOI OF ?UN!lAl.S Compliments Of The First Wllington Bank Lorain County's Oldest Bank lf , A - U ' L-0:33 ,1 2 Wellington MEMBE9 Ohio Polk The Polk State Bank S1 WSUR4 I as ee ' 5 g "'.?.".1'.-" N sl 2 fer! ' Community Banking Service Convenient Banking Service Complete Banking Service Ohio Compliments Of Moore 's Une Hour Dry Cleaner And Shirt Laundry Compliments Of Wells Insurance Agency Scottish-American Group Guy S. Wells, Owner Public Square Wellington, Ohio Office Phones: 555 or 556 F.H. Rice, Spencer Branch Office Phone: 2431 For Over Fifty Years With Our Fifty Companies Our Policy Has Been Your Protection Compliments Oi Best Ready Mix, Inc. Ready To Serve You Ready Mix Concrete Building Supplies Phone Lodi 5191 Phone Lodi 4491 106 Prospect Street Lodi, Ohio Compliments Of Lodi Equity Phone 2 5 81 Lodi Ohio Compliments Of Orin Zemancik Light Excavation Telephone Homerville 2261 Homerville Ohio Compliments Of C. W. Sommer, Inc. 24 Hour Wrecker Service Chevrolet-Buick-Oldsmobile Phone 261 1 Lodi Ohio Compliments Of S 's Amoco Service Statilm Phone 2481 West Salem Ohio Compliments Of ,lim 's Place Good Food - Open 24 I-Irs. "Hope To See You After The Games" Junction Of 224 G 42 Lodi Ohio Compliments Of Lodi and and Gravel Wholesale And Retail Washed Sand And Gravel Mason And Concrete Sand Telephone 2251 Co. Rd. 92 Lodi Ohio Compliments Of Mack 's Food Center and Locker l 1X2 Miles West Of Lodi Complete One-Stop Food Market Lockers And,Freezers Custom Butchering-Chilling-Cutting-Grinding-Rendering Curing And Smoking And Freezing For Home Freezers Or Lockers Lodi Ohio IO7 Compliments Of West Salem Equity Far Better Quality Feeds West Salem Ohio Compliments Of B. H. Mining Company O. C. Warner, Owner Phone 31 1 5 Box 278 Lodi Ohio Compliments Of Hightower and Morse Spencer Oh1o Q7 t Mobllgas D nun 'una How MUCH you remember is perhaps less important than how FULLY you and how W'ISELYyou put to use what you DO remember. Spencer Elevator Compliments Of TheF. E. Myers Xe Bros. , Inc. Best Wishes Ashland Ohio Hostettlefs Inc. Your Office Supply Store Supplies-Office Machines-Office Furniture-Gifts Phone 38771 10 West Main Street Ashland Ohio Norton F umeral Home William And Lois Norton Funeral Directors 24 Hour Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped 370 South Main Phone 150 Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Don Fetzer ,ll "59 Ford" "You Can Pay More But You f' f its if ' E Can't Buy Better" Lodi Ohio Compliments Of Clarence M. Crum Real Estate Broker Specializing In Good Farms And Residential Property Phone 46 7 l Lodi Ohio Compliments Of Lodi Lumber Co. Special Industrial Wood Working Phone 4131 Lodi Ohio 112 Lodi Fo undry Company Producers Of Aluminum Castings For Aircraft Earl Martinson - Carlton Brewster Phone Lodi 2141 Lodi Ohio Always Compliments Of At Yougefvice Weekly Implement SALES AND SERVICE Juris-chaimefs nlusfuglmins Sales And Service Phone-Wadsworth FE 4-7100 Seville Ohio GOOD LUCK Compliments Of ' 9 Allison s Hardware Phone 4801 West Salem Ohio Compliments Of 0 Rex Brothers Ea 49 Ea 43 Shell Service Station Leroy Ohio Compliments Of Perkin 'S Jewelry Diamonds-Watches-Glassware Expert Watch And Clock Repairing Phone 52 Ol Lodi Ohio Compliments Of Bartholamia Hardware City Hardware Phone Res. 4402 Store SOOO Lodi Ohio 1 w 1 Compliments Of Plumbing Fixtures Heating Moncrief Furnances Kohler GHG r5I'iQQS And National Boilers ,lack De Voe Phone 5055 Lodi Ohio Compliments Of uillin Bros. Construction Co. , Inc. Lodi Sand And Gravel Wholesalers And Retailers Of All Grades Truck Delivery To All Points In County Phone 2387 Ohio We Wish To Thank Our Advertisers For Placing Their Ads In Our Annual. We Hope All Subscribers To The Annual Will Patronize These Advertisers THE ANNUAL STAFF Congratulations To The Class Of 1959 The E. Biglow Company Vitrified Extra Quality Shale Drain Tile -- Drain Tile Fittings New London Ohio Compliments Of Hall 's Restaurant Home-Made Ice Cream Phone 3-3292 Polk Ohio The Ashland Hardware Company Speed Queen Washers 61 Dryers Ashland Ohio The Uld Phoenix National Bank Medina County's Oldest And Largest Bank Member Of F. D.I. C. Member Of Federal Reserve System Offices At: Brunswick - Medina - Seville Chatham Lumber and Supply C0 . Doors - Windows - Roofing - Blocks - Hardware Lumber Telephone Chatham NOrth 7-2 33 3 Spencer Ohio Compliments Of arlisle Drive - In Theater Route 20 Between Elyria And Oberlin PhOne FA 2-6896 Box 639 Elyria Ohio Spencer Electric Shop Phone 2641 Lew Iewett - Iim McKisson Electrical Wiring Electrical Supplies Electrical Appliances "No Iob Is Too Small" Compliments Of Wible Pontiac Cadillac , Inc. 321 South Court Street Medina Ohio ,lim and Ruthfs Sac Mor Market Groceries - Fresh Fruits Meats - Vegetables Phone 2561 Spencer Ohio 118 Compliments Of Dunlap as Milk Transport Phone GL 8-2433 Bulk or Cans Lagrange Ohio The Farmer as Savings Bank Member Of F. D. I. C Maximum Insurance Of S10, 000. 00 For Each Depositor Spencer Ohio Boosters FRIENDLY INN Litchfield, Ohio IAKE'S GULF SERVICE Medina Ohio ANDERSON'S DRUG STORE Medina Ohio HANSHUE AUTO COMPANY Medina Ohio TUBBS AGENCY Medina Ohio A. H. DUDAS, BROKER Medina Ohio BECK BROS. HARDWARE Medina Ohio MEDINA FARMER'S PRODUCTION Medina, Ohio I Compliments Of ' 1 Benton s Store "On The Square" Phone 3192 Lodi Ohio Compliments Of I , O O Halladay s Sohlo Station I Complete Ignition Service Phone 4951 Lodi Ohio Rama bw R. E. Bensons 81 Sons B.E Goodrich FIRST IN RUBBER Shell Iobbers I B. F. Goodrich Home 8: Auto Supplies Lodi Ohio 7 My lady s Salon Haircuts Manager-Betty Lewis Permanents ' Operator-Ianet Underwood Hair-Styling - Shampoos Phone Lodi 3911 - Medina Street Lodi Ohio 120 West Salem Compliments Of Matteson Funeral Home 24 Hour Prompt Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Service Phone 2501 Ohio Lodi "Buy It From Platt" EIIiott's Funeral Home Distinctive Funeral Service Modern Invalid Car Licensed Lady Attendant Phone 2391 223 Wooster Street Ohio Lodi "Buy It From Piatt" Clyde Piatt and Sons Ohio Lodi Compliments Of The lodi Advertiser Serving This Area 111 Wooster Street Phone 3264 Ohio I Lodi Compliments Of Joe Warner General Insurance And Real Estate Broker 215 Mill St. Phone 2333 Ohio Compliments Of Parker and Sons Funeral Home And Home Furniture Phone 3281 Lodi - Phone 3281 Spencer Phone - 3253 Lodi Wertman's Dry Cleaning New-Pro Process Free Pick Up And Delivery Service Phone 3831 Elyria Street Ohio Lodi Compliments Of Underwood's Market Home Of Quality Meats 6: Groceries Your Complete Food Market Phone 3341 Ohio Wackerman's General Store Groceries - Fresh Meats - Dry Goods Hardware Phone 2122 Ohi Be Proud Of Your School Wooster lumber Company Phone HO 2-801 5 t Ohi Compliments Of Homerville Service Center General Repairing Phone 2195 Ohi Compliments Of Harl's Body Shop Oh Alloy Fabricators, Inc. 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Goodrich Store 159 Union Street Phone: 39921 Ohio Sullivan Compliments Of Brockway Sohio Sewice Gas-Oil-Tires-Batteries On Route 58 -- Phone: Elgin 6-2181 Motor Repair Front End Alignment Wheel Balancing Ohio Ieromesvllle The Fikes Company Home I-'urni shers-Funeral Directors Phones: Funeral Home - FOrest 8-6011 Furniture Store - FOrest 8-6021 Ohio 1?-7 128 Compliments Of Medina Supply Company Dealers In Ready Mix Concrete And Builders Supplies , Plants Located At: Wellington - Medina Wadsworth - Strongsville Congratulations Prom Wellington Greenhouse Irving Dunford Phone 268 121 South Street Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Glenn Jennings Ready-Mix Concrete Concrete Blocks -- Builders Supplies Phone 90401 New London Ohio The Savings and loan Banking Company New London A State Charted Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. New London Ohio Congratulations To The Class Of 1959 The Ashland Vault Good Luck Ashland Ohio Heyl-Robbins Funeral Home Ambulance Service Phone 31561 Leo Heyl Rex Robbins Ashland Ohio lou's Flower 81 Gift Shop Flowers And Gifts For All Occasions Phone: Days 285Y Evenings 5 W 134 Herrick Avenue, West Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Gravely-Ohio Co. 516 Herrick Avenue Wellington Ohio Gordon's Paint-Paper Store "33 Years Decorating Experience" Phone 23083 235 Orange Street Ashland Ohio Ashland Home Owners B ' B tW' h er S leweln' Stores es 15 es Kastan's To Leibfarth's Class Of 1959 Ashland Ohio Compliments Of H. C. Wheeler General Contractor Residential-Commercial-Industrial-Institutional Phone 37761 - 21575 W. 12th Sli. All Erie RR Ashland Ohio Gilbert Furniture Company Two Oxygen Equipped Ambulances Ambulance Funeral Service Director Compliments Of Millers Market Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Burketfs Cities Service Route 58 So. Of City Limits Phone 249 W Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Rexall Drug Store Phone 65 Wellington Ohio The Farmers Bank of Ashland Main Office East Branch 19 W. Main St. E. Main At Eastern Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Ashland Ohio The National latex Products Company Toy Balloons Se Other Genuine Latex Toys Ashland Ohio Wellington Hardware 81 Furniture "A Complete Shopping Center" Phone 242 Wellington Ohio IME SHOP Authorized Elgin Distributor Pine Watches -- Clocks -- Repairing Complete Selection Of Watch Bands Ralph E. Snyder, Watchmaker 118 East Main St. Palace Theater Bldg. Ashland Ohio Art Printing Company "Printing That Pleases" Phone 21520 147 East 2nd Street Ashland Ohio i lent Service Tires-Batteries-Accessories-Minor Repairs Brake Service-Engine Tune-Up 206 Herrick Ave. , East Phone 570 Wheel Alignment Wheel Balancing Wellington Ohio - 0 Whitney Shell Service I 52 f9 Motor Repair-Tires-Batteries I Phone 520 Wellington Ohio I L K. Coates Service Station Lubricating-Washing-Tires-Batteries M 'I' I Phone 290W 130 Herrick Ave. East Wellington Ohio Skeeles Ford Sales, Inc. The Only Complete Car In Its Field -YURD, .dfwaizly mnnunv Phone 369 228 N. Main Street Wellington Ohio l 1 r A. J. Weber 81 Company Heating--Plumbing--Sheet Metal Office Phone 86 A.I. Weber, 100-K 247 - Y Wm. L. Weber , Wellingto Oh Compliments Of Dr. S. R. Stone Wellingto The Sterling Foundry Company Wellingt Wellington lumber Company H.V. Kime T.C. McMahon Ph ne 256 Phones - Office 83-251 H E SS Garage 83-231 Prescription Pharmacy Hart Construction Co. Prescriptions - Sick Room Supplies Highway Contractors Cosmetics Wheel Chairs 460 Oberlin Road Asphalt - Tar - Road Oil 148 Middle Avenue Furnished And Applied Phone FA 2-4525 Elyria Ohio Elyria Ohio Insured Savings Loans To Build Or Buy Homes Nodhern Savings First For Fashions 114 Middle Avenue and loan Co. FA 2-2429 200 Middle Avenue Elyria Ohio Elyria Ohio l u 135 Spurlock's Restaurant Compliments We Specialize In Good Food. Prepared As You Like It. Of Located At The Light Concrete Masonry Co. Phone 9491 P.O. Box 519 Good Food Elyria Ohio Spencer Ohio Hill Top House Restaurant When Dining Out,Dine At The Hill Top House 338 East Bridge Street Elyria Ohio Dallas G. Auble Insurance Agency For All Your Insurance Needs Insure And Be Sure Telephone 2924 Spencer Ohio Spencer Gas and Oil Co. Our Factory to you plan, which eliminates two profits, makes it possible for us to under sell our competitors , three to seven dollars on passenger tires, and five to twelve dollars on truck and tractor tires. Office Phone: 2401 and 2012 Compliments Of Clarence And Zelma Allison Griesinger's Shoe Store Founded 1859 Phone PA 3-5612 Spencer Ohio Medina Ohio yfheck - And - Save Boosters TowNE TOURIST CAMP Medina LAKEWOOD BAKERY El ' The SaVillgS DHDOSH Bank Yr1aLENNY'S DRIVE IN Elyria Member F. D. I. C. Medina Ohio THE WATCH SHOP Elyria BEHNER'S GARAGE LaGrange Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio N. E. Walters Store Medina Farmers Exchange Quality Meats I Groceries Massey -- Ferguson Dry Goods Phone Park 21511 Phone 2382 Medina Ohio Spencer Ohio I i i Looking For News Of The Black River School District? Sheck Brothers lHardware and Blacksmith Shen YQU Wm Find It In The General Farm Machinery Repair Complete me Of Hardware Chronicle Telegram Welding -- Electric and Acetylene 225 East Avenue Phone 3314 FI-Xirfax 3-3321 Spencer Ohio Elyria Ohio u FORD Farm And Industrial Compliments Equipment Of f s gg 4 H 29 The A. I. Root Co. I to A Manufacturers Of Medlna Tractor Sales Bee Supplies Candles 144 North Court Street Toys Phone PA-2-7034 Medina Medina Ohio Compliments Compliments Of Of INGRAHAM'S M.LFuIIer Gulf Service Nationwide Insurance Spencer Ohio Spencer Ohio 139 Compliments Of . . O Jrm and Dan Sohro Servree lodi Paint and Body Shop Tires And Batteries Phone 3513 Phone 2635 Lodi O1'1iO Homerville Ohio Compliments Of Wayne County's Most Compliments Complete Dry Cleaners Of Coo er 1 Hour Na tmrzrn p P g Franchester Farms The Most In Dry Cleaning 140 South Market Wooster Ohio B rb k Ohio . . . Any Amounf, Anyfime . . CURRENT Awww Open Your Accounf Today! RATE ON Insured h .1-, sAvrNcs 0 110,000 .S ff ,. dfeflf 40100 9.2 Peoples Federal Savings Wooster Home Office Ohio Compliments Of Smith Dairy Products Co. Milk 81 Ice Cream FE 4-5961 Wads worth Ohio Best Wishes To The Class Of '59 Bond Shoe Store landes 84 landes Real Estate Insurance Established 1 9 05 Wooster Ohio Compliments Of Carl C. Hummel 81 Sons Hancock Hybrids Compliments Of Coolstream Farm C. A. Power Phone 2444 Phone 3115 Homerville Ohio West Salem Ohio Compliments Of Compliments Kenneth Breyley Of Ohio Certified Hybrid Seed Co' Corn Phone Chatam No. 72759 River Street Spencer Ohio Lodi Ohio Compliments ' Compliments Of ' Of W. H. Heffelfmger . Insurance Of All Kinds Chippawa Elgyalgr 218 Church Street Ph01'16 3921 Phone 2111 Lodi Ohio Chippawa Lake Ohio Compliments Of Best Wishes O , U Duck s Gulf Statron and Welcome Washing, Greasing, Waxing, T0 Tire Changing , Wooster street IsaIy's Dany Store Phone 4071 Lodi Ohio Lodi Ohio Compliments Rowland Bros. TV Drug And Prescriptions Zenith Products 11 3 Wooster Street 114 Broadway Avenue Phone 3251 Lodi Ohio Lodi Ohio HaII's Barbershop And Compliments Of Modern Beauty Shoppe . Ba,be,Sho,,-Ph0ne 3351 Western Auto Famrly Store Beauty Shoppe-Phone 3355 Phone 5161 Lodi Ohio I Lodi Ohio Compliments Compliments Of Of ffflamingoff Ray Adamson Lodi Ohio Homerville Ohio Compliments Of Ray' s Sohio Station Sq. Of West Salem Complete Lubrications West Salem Ohio Compliments Of F The Value Shop New And Used Furniture Paul Renfew We st Salem Ohio Compliments Of Steel's Dry Goods Compliments Of See Nlck and Duck Shoes And Notions Phone 2641 For Your Haircuts West Salem Ohio West Salem Ohio Compliments Of Harry E. Ramsier Buyer Of Scrap Iron, Metals, Etc South Of West Salem Rt. 301 To Road N. 132 First Road Left West Salem Ohio For The Best In Mobile Homes West Canaan Trailer Sales R Phone Burbank 2520 I West Canaan Ohio Mclntire Company Home Of Lane Cedar Chest Furniture, Floor Coverings And Gas Ranges Phone HO 2-7791 Wooster Ohio Canaan Market and locker Storage General Store Fresh Meats-Groceries Hardware-Dry Goods County Rd. 51 Call Creston 2211 Creston Ohio 143 Compliments Compliments Of Of Mr. 81 Mrs. Aurther Stevenson Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank Sooy Homerville Ohio Homerville Ohio Compliments Of Compliments 0 K Rubber Welders of ihnlilfriiitii 225556 Ripley? Drug Store Tire Recapping And Repairing 222 West Liberty WOOS'CeI' Ohio West Salem Ohio Compliments Compliments Of Of Hines Jewelry John Shaw Insurance Agency West Salem Ohio West Salem Ohio See W. G. Smith For All Your Insurance Needs West Salem Ohio Compliments Of Hawkins Service Station Gas-Oil-Tires-Tube s-Acces sories Phone 32 6 l We st S alem Ohio Compliments Compliments Of Of West Salem Food Market D, G, Keener Phone 3693 Optometrist West Salem Ohio Compliments Best Of Luck To The Of Class Of '59 Mr. Auto Store l. R. Kindsvatter West Salem Ohio Congratulations Compliments Of Class Of 1959 Kirk's Garage Brenner Bros. Wrecking Service Woosters Largest Exclusive Store Phone 2651 For Men And Boys West Salem Ohio Wooster Ohio . ' . Compliments Wertzels Radro and TV Of Sales And Service All Makes Television 707 Bank St. Tel. 8061 Lodi Ohio Fuhrman Ford Sales West Buckeye Street West Salem Ohio The Best People In The World Read The Medina County Gazette Compliments Of lawerence Memorials Modern Ignition Servite Tune-up Service Bear Front End Service Balm-Tru Service PArk 3-4645 Gerald Mong, Owner 4'07 W. Smith Road Medina Ohio For Fun And Recreation Medina Skateland Medina Ohio Feckley Auto Sales, Inc. Ford Sales - Service M i I to n ' s Your Credit Ieweler Nationally Advertised Watches - Diamonds - Iewelry 544 W. Broad St. Medina Ohio Elyria 01110 Compliments Compliments Of Of laribee and Cooper S. B. 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Elyria Ohio Compliments The Beauty Nook Qf "Complete Beauty Service" WoIf's Garage Phone 2634 Phone 2231 North Main Street SDGHCGI' 01110 Spencer Ohio Kenyon's Grocery Frozen Foods - Ice Cream Groceries - Meats Fruits - Vegetables Gulf Gas - Oil Phone 2792 River Corners Ohio Hendrick's Farm and Home Supply . Hardware - Paints Plumbing Supplies Iamesway Barn And Poultry Equipment Spencer Ohio Compliments Compliments Of Of ' 7 Finley s Drugs Day 61 Nite Prescription Service Phone 90441 Sullivan Ohio New London Ohio Compliments Of Wennefs New london Compliments Of Rapkin's Garage Greenhouses 18 "Flowers For All Occasions" Allis-Chalmers Phone 9-1585 Massey-Harris 139 First Street Sales 6: Service New London Ohio Wellington Ohio Compliments Of Reynolds lumber Company Lumber-Bui1der's Supplies Roofing Minnesota Paints-Oils Phone 9 089 1 New London Ohio F. A. 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Suggestions in the Black River High School - Echo Yearbook (Sullivan, OH) collection:

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