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Black River Falls High School - Breeze Yearbook (Black River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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. X- , iv 'gg " J' c' A1 :egg :iff Q ' .ll , :Vw ,-7,55 ' rn , N . i 225' . e J Q: f, 5, f , U ff YQ' Uv ':, :if-,, . :,.a'-Y.,-,V - 42 4531, ' 'vi a 1 milf? up lv. ,,' . 5 ' V 'JE' , X- V Q ,, s J ' 15 E . .4 ffl? fc g s""J . 'FP ,Z :W 'f 'LWQ75 Wgqigigl. , i 'I W 94 2 0 Ju J fff, , 1",xV, 1 aijrf 4. v X ,ff bf' ,R v' JJ?-611, r' x"1'lf4 -A V+ 1 , ,V TJYX e P' J n'.M.'. ' 'MX 1 I fre nv I ll :VZ- m , IND ay". I elf if 5 4 L-A , f ri' I 1,4 ,g CTI , if ' is ff 121 X iv! be 4 an W5 4' 9 f 'Pf.ff ,l Q U?" , ' ff, A . . 'W L- . gi "T A, .-gr gnu-5 Q' Q82 ' if '35-,ag e1-w. L ,.,, ,g 3, 2 ,- LV , , ,f ir My K'Q-Q55 xl X 1 V 'f - " .Eff ?TT?i1l rf? 7'-X11 f'Y!'?"--T"w'l:'1"'2 N ' f ' . N -.Ea-K-,fi -Aif.,9'Ags'. t lf 'tif' ",'7'5'f,.i1,i-gz.3- xg fx m .-tgilrl-F-, X Q. . . ,.- -- --fxa! X5 N I , ., .. .-1,151 .y--4. ,, . . -- f 1 " , , .FV --if" A1is?Ei1?fw 5.,-f --x1,ff-L-4813731-i?'1f914f534fQ'-- "L ' '-'fafxf-,-W ' ' '- z - --1' ' .r 1 ,Au :-s- A. .i 9.-fff-Q ' -4s.,'1+ 5.15 Aff"-ffm i' -t" -4,- 0 -1- V . T. 4- J, - ' -ww-flfwf T34 L " 5.5: ' " I :z :, :, wf:QfT4f?w'. X: ,W in-'M . ' 'W , ,:' , V , -V 5-jlrfjd u'l. ",xTv'n1 qh:G.QVQEsHQ,z' vt: Q, . -Q f - flxl-Reiss meaff . ' ' i'k"5i"L"fi'-I A 4" X TSP, ' 'aa-.w' -if , ' ".. 'f ' - "1 ,--it 1 ' '- ' ' ""-' ' ,ft ':..'1gf 7-fi! , -- ,, - yr 1- f S -L ' 'Tx'-'.Q, f " SA ,TM 2 If-11. ' - J H--if . "f ' A 5 'Sv N' 50 g - 1-1:'f-M: f' - f . , mis? -' ' ' .M- , - ,, z " A 4 -'PE-T5-,.Aex:'.IQ. 'ia' 'V - I K ' xgs A ,V , f 5 d,7qgii3?,.f:? ' ! . A f' .f f' Q f .. 7 'Tri-rg'-i'A'..l 5- ' r' l .D : H , Vi L,-.5 W g'9 24' ,. aug- . 'UI Q f, . v V I '. 'Q . rf .,., ., X4 nip., 4.-ffl' A 5 , ff 'f'. . Q ' 1 'Q : . a-. ' w '- Tf"??5f . if . B .TX ...-17k,,"1.4 .V 1 . .Uf XJ- 11. 1' 'T-'cf 5:12 .4, W . 1, J f,f ' it gr .' ,3fz.a-, 4, J' 3.1.15 'M 5 . . 'v - "V ,'!:,F'-? ' HW..- - ' " .ABF-. .Ji V -,N A. 1: ,. , - , 44,1- , ,I 45-- f- pa-. AQ -vw. ,Q N Z , 4 L., - .15 f sv x S ., 'X Q? Annum up Annum- 1. rn 4, ,- P' ', ,infix ,Q-41.1, in 1 -1,15 4 ' vt ., . "Eva f ' ., ,- :J .,.w"a. 4-aff. QV- ' ,- 1- 13 wp .' ,',.i hfigr-'Q ' ,Q-f Fwiu. '-'V' J H 3 JeiEWw2 E Qggfjjagmmw Www? W if 5 Xi Y E555 gig YES? wx eb Q aww 42: xii REAR XiQX?gwmxw1x2H?miQ Ul...J D an J 3 'EE wwf. Sw?"- Jgnv , 121. .TWH af. r 1 SC In OQES 3, 3 34. sg, 1"!:-1? ' s . N. -1.- .gs +ve! U3 iff. vs' .3 . .2 E6 Fi ..- This Is the Year That Was N '- 'N' ' '35 M Y. is ' is Wt-i.,'7'i5iXgt .QsLM K 4:1 . . W " .md 4 We remember 1967 as the year when the Mercury was the car of the year. A popular mode of transportation by teenagers was the motor bike. The Cold War in Viet Nam was raging. Thousands oi American troops were sent over to help insure the South Vietnamese independence. In 1967, Project Apollo began with visions of reaching the moon before 1970. We will surely remember 'the year that was'. Q' I o.,.t to if ann lllilllllflllllllyv 5 ' 'fl , - it f rsfls "" 1 5 A ' We Declncohon In recogmtion of his inspiring effort and achxevement as a teacher and as a leaderinhxs profession and a participant in community affairs, and because of his high ideals and sense of fair play in his 21 year tenure m the Black River Falls admxration of everyone, it is with smcere appreciatxon that we dedxcate fhe 1967 edition of the Breeze" to Mr Gross kreutz - . education system by which he has gained the respect and fm If Table of Contents 'S "'-H - I t I,, 1 ,Q A A L fgfa gkf. 5 n Ix- ,A gr, - I -A If A A H .Qx NF iw NNE 4 'W ..... lf: 4 I I, 'Sag' 'U LQQ' I 4 1:.- 1 Ns I . N SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES MUSIC ORGANIZATIONS SOCIAL ACTIVITIES JUNIOR HIGH ADMINISTRATION 8: FACULTY img U 5 Q1 1 1 1--5, , V , Q...--L W- H Q - Q THOMAS J. ALFORD "President of the 'Bored of Educa- tion. "' Baseball 4. KAY ELISABETH ARNDT "Her heart is like a propeller, al- ways in circulation. " Band 2-4: Dance Band 4: GAA 2-4: Orche- stra 2 -4: Pep Band 3-4g Pep Club 3-4g Photography Club 4. BARBARA I. BA YER "We don't know much about her, but what we know is good. " Office help 4g Librarian 2-4. GUNNER BERG "Let him be as he is--he needs no alterations." Student Council 2g Track 45 Letter Club 3-4g Photo- graphy Club 3-4, Pres. 4g Science Club 2-4, V. -Pres. 45 Guidance Lab. NED E. BALLIETT "Go little Honda. " RICK L. BA UER "If jokes were a grain of sand, I'd have a desert. " Baseball Mgr. Z: Basketball Mgr. 2-49 Football Mgr. 2-4: Track Mgr. 3: Letter Club2-4 BARBARA JEAN BILLS 1 "Possesses personality, ability, and tactg she will go places with qual- ities like that." Band 2-4: Pep Band 3,45 Orch. 2: All Sch. Play 3g Librarian 2-4g Oriole 4: FHA 4. LEO ALBERT BLOCZYNSKI "l-le's a quiet youth. . . at times. " .Auf rx,sFyf?.F, .LA DA LE BERG ERSON "I study when l'm in the mood-- l'm not a moody person." LEE ROBERT BERGERSON "l'm not lazy, ljustdon't feel like working. " Track 3,4g Letter Club 3.4. 1 V ,-S NICKI C. BOWLER "A girl is always in love with some man even though she isn 't sure which man. " Mixed Chorus 2-4: Glee Club 4. LINDA L. BRIGGS "Did you ever see Linda sad or blue? We never have and we are observant, too!" Arr Club 45 For- ensics 4. WAYNE RICHARD BROWN "Girls are bothersome, but l like to be bothered." Football 2-41 Stu- dent Council 3-4g Track 2-4: Le:- rer Club 3-4. LINDA G. BURGE "A quiet manner wins pleasant friends. " Office Help 4. JUDITH M. DA HL "The world was made to beenjoyed and I will make the most of it. " Band 2-3g FHA 2-31 Forensics 2-3g GAA 2-35 Glee Club 2-33 Librarian 2-S5 Pep Band 2-3g Pep Club 2-3. BIRGITTA M. DAHLSON "Always quiet, always kind, a ni- cer gal you'11 never find." Class Play 35 GAA 3-4g Honor Banquet 3: Pep Club 3-4g Typing Award 3. NANCY JEAN CHAPMAN "At mathematics she's a shark, but most of the time she's a lark. " Forensics 2-4: GAA 2-4g Glee Club 2: Honor Banquet 39 Honor Society 3-43 V. -Pres. 4: Mixed Chorus 2- 4p Oriole Staff 2-45 Pep Club 3-4g Science Club 45 Tigerettes 3-4g Typing Award 2. WILFRED CLEVELAND "A real American. " Class Play 33 Football 2: Wrestling 3-4 Letter Club 3-4. SHARON L. DAVIDSON "A kind and gentle heart has she. FHA 45 Librarian 45 Office Help 4. CARL RICHARD DA VIS "In things scientific he 's really terrific." Science Club 4, Sec. and Treas. 4. CA ROL YVONNE DA MBA CH "Jolly, friendly, and loads of fun If you want a true friend--here's one. " Band 2-4: GAA 2-4g Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 3: Oriole Staff 4g Pep Club 3-4g Tigerettes 2-4. .TILL ELAINE DANA "She's natural, she's sweet, she can't be beat." Breeze 45 GAA 2-4, Pres. 45 Music Awardsg Honor Banquet 3: Mixed Chorus 2-4g Madrigal 3g Oriole Staff 44 Pep Club 4: Honor Society 4. MIKE G. DENSMORE "Each mind has its own method.' Football 2-4g Track 4g Wrestling 3-4: Letter-club 3-4. EDWIN ROBBIN DILL " I am not in the role of a com- mon man." FFA 3-4. RAYMOND L. DOBSON "A good friend, what more be said. " Baseball 4: FFA 2-4. STEVEN CHARLES DORRA NCE "The world clears a path for the man who knows where he is going. " Band 4g Badger Boy's Stare 3gClass Pres. 4g School Play 3: Forensics 2-41 Operetta 21 Honor Banquet 35 Honor Society 3-4: Madrigal 2-4: Mixed Chorus 2-43 Oriole 3-45 Vocal Solo 3. ALLAN LEE DRA NGSTVEIT "I didn't forgetgl just don't remem- ber. " Football 2: Madrigal 3-43 Mixed Chorus 2-4. MA RY E. DUFFY "A newcomer to school but not lacking in friends." IO CA ROL LOU ISE DOUD "Nature made her wha: she is: a real all round kid. " Librarian 3-4 Mixed Chorus 35 Oriole 3-4. MARIE H. DOW "This one needs no introduction, she speaks for herself." Forensics 2: Office Help 3-4g Librarian 2-4: Oriole 4. l RICHA RD E. EVANS "A sport in love - a lover ofsportsl' Class Officer 2-4g Football 2-4: Co-Captainp Homecoming King 4: Student Council 2-45 Vice-Presi- dem 3g Track 2-41 Wrestling 2: Letter Club 2-4g Honor Banquet. SANDRA S. FRANKS "Hep orrfe is 'n haeven, sh ' ere visit." us . wwf ul W tl Qbgzijjm DIXIE MAE DUGAN "Don't thinkl have brown hair and dark eyes for nothing. " Glee Club 2-4: Mixed Chorus 4: Music Awards. STEVE B. ENGEBRETSON "Quietly he proceeded through school. " LARRY E. GEA RING "Good humor, good nature, ready for fun, friendship, and loyalty all in one." Band 2, 35 Orchestra 4: FFA 25 Wrestling 2g Honor Society 4. THOMAS GLEN GEA RING "He is as good natured as the day is long." FFA 2-4: Sentinel 45 Photography Club 3, 4: Science Club 2-49 Wrestling 2-45 Letter Club 3-45 Golf2-4. II BONNIE JEAN GILBERTSON "If smiles were a fortune, she 'd go a long way." Band 2-45 GAA 35 Oriole 45 Pep Band 3-45 Pep Club 2-4: Student Council 3. JANE ALICE GILBERTSON "Ir is the quiet people who accom- plish much." Band 2-45 GAA 3. Vice-Pres. 45 Honor Society 3-45 Oriole 2-3, Editor 45 Pep Band 3- 45 Pep Club 3-45 Tigerettes 2-4. y . il IEANNE ANN HAGEN "A girl with a smile is a girl worth- while. " Band 3-45 Breeze 45 Class Officer 3, Treasurer5 Oriole 45 Pep Club 45 Tigerettes 3-45 Typing Award. CHERYL LEIGH HALDEMAN "She's not a flower, she's not a pearl, she's just a good all around girl." Band 2-4: DHHCC Band 4: Office Help 3-45 Orchestra 2-4: Oriole 3-4: Pep Band 2-4: Pep Club 45 Shorthand Medal, Typing Award5 Honor Society 4. I2 CHRISTINE M. GOLDSMITH "lf there is nothing to look at, start a circus of your own. " GAA 2-45 Mixed Chorus 25 Oriole 2: Pep Club 2 -4. REBECCA LY NN E GRO SSKREUTZ "To blush is beautiful, but oh so inconvienient. " Band 2-45 Breeze 3, Editor 45 Class Officer 4, Sec- Treas.5 Class Play 35 French Club 2-3, Sec. 35 GAA 2-45 Honor Ban- quet5 Honor Society 2-45 Oriole 2- 45 Pep Band 3-45 Pep Club 2-45 Photography Club 3-4. is BONNIE FAYE HANSON "She 's a girl we cou1dn't do with- out." FHA 3,4. GREG HANSON "Tall, dark, full offun. known and Liked by everyone." Basketball 3, 4g Letter Club 3,4. PA TTI A. HALVERSON "She's a maiden fair with pretty hair. " GAA 2-4g Mixed Chorus 3,45 Glee Club 2: Oriole 4. SANDY M. HANSEN "She's the kind of girl that 's nice to know." GAA 2:G1ee Club 25 Typing Award 2: Tigerettes 2. LINDA M. HANSON "Happy-go-lucky, fancy free, nothing much bothers me." Mix ed Chorus 2,49 GAA 2: Breeze 3, 4, Business Mgr. 45 Oriole 45 Pep Club 4: Tigerettes 2-4. BETH A. HARDY "Why should l know everyone, everyone doesn 't know me." Art Club 35 Forensics 2: GAA 2-45 Oriole 4. THOMAS LEE HA RELSON "He'd rather hug a pigskin than a girl. " Basketball 3: Football 2-4: Track 2-4: Letter Club 2-4: A11- Conference Tackel 3. KATHLEEN ANN HARKNER "lf she had been twins they would have died laughing at each other." Glee Club 3: Forensics 2: Office Help S. 4. MICHAEL E. HOFF "l never worry, I never fret: what lremember, Ijust forget." Track 2-4: Football 2: Basketball 2: Let- ter Club 3, 4. KAY LYNN HOLDER "She has a mind of her own. " Glee Club 2-4: Mixed Chorus 3.4: Mad- rigal 3: Oriole 2-45 Band 3,4. SHEA LA M. HARMON "She's nice to see and nicer to know." FHA 45 GAA 3,4. ROE ERT LEE HOAGENSON "1'm quiet until you get to know me." Science Club 3: Track 2. WUHJIJJLS k I4 ll, Vgyflxftll kos FREDERICK D. JOHNSON "Ambition, ambition, where art thou?" KAREN M. JOHNSON "With company she's quiet, with friends she's a riot." Band 3,4: Oriole 4, Pep Club 4: Tigerettes 3, 4. D. PATRICK HOULTON "Not that I like girls less, but that l like athletics best. " Football 2- 4: Basketball 2-4g Badger Boys State 3, Honor Banquet 2: Photo- graphy Club 4: Science Club 4g Student Council 4: Track 2-4: Let- ter Club 2-4: All-State Def. Guard 4. PATRICIA R. HUMPHREYS "She was 'courted' by a 'jury'. " Class Play 45 Forensics 45 Mixed Chorus 2. CYRIL M. KINDT "Did you way women? 1've never heard of them. " Science Club 4. STEVE G. KIRSCHNER "He's quite a student we can't de- ny, but what's that twinkle in his eye?" Class Play 2, Football 3,4g Letter Club 2, 4: Science Club 4, Track 2. I5 FRANCES R. KONKOL "A sense of humor, a good friend too, without Francie what would we do?" GAA 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2g Pep Club 3.4: Oitole 49 Photo- graphy Club 4, Tigerettes 2-4. DAVID A. KRPATA "l don't go to school, l just visit. FFA 2. ROXANNE M. LAMBERT "She's kind hearted and gay, a general favorite so they say." Band 2-4, Cheerleader 2, 3: Soph. V. -Pres.: Class Play 3: Forensics 2-4: GAA 3,4gG1ee Club 3, Mix- ed Chorus 3g Home. Attend. 3: Oriole 3,41 Pep Band 3,41 Pep Club 2-4. JOHN N. LARKIN "He's quiet, but nice." Science Club 3. I6 DENNIS KRPA TA "Sometimes I sit and think, some- times ljust think. " Wrestling 2. MARY JEAN LAMBERT "A girl with a heart and a smile makes life worthwhile. " GAA 2,3 Mixed Chorus 2-4: Tigerettes 3, 4. RACHEL MARY LARSON "She may look quiet, but look againl " Oriole Staff 3-43 Office Help 2-4. DOUGLAS T. MASON "Nor quiet, nor loud, nor short, nor tall, but a pleasant mingling of them all. " FFA 2: Mixed Cho- rus 3-4g Photog. Club 2: Wrestling 3-4: better Club 3-4. DAVE WILLIAM LARSON "A pleasant agreeable sort, well liked and a good sport. " Band 2- 41 Baseball 3-4g Typing Awards 3 FREDRICK T. LARSON "Blushing is the color of virtue." Football 2-4: Track 2: Wrestling 2-4: Letter Club 2-4. ROBERT G. MATHEWS "l never let books interfere with my education." Wrestling 3. PATRICIA MCCLEARY "Then she will talk--Good Heav- ens how she will talk. " Band 4: School Play 2-3g French Club 25 GAA 45 Glee Club 2-41 librarian 2-3: Madrigal 45 Mixed Chorus 2- 4. MICHAEL A. MCNULTY "Caesar was short, Napolean was short, come to think of it I'm not so tall myself. " FFA 2-45 Mixed Chorus 3-43 Letter Club 2-4g Wrestling 2-4. NANCY L. MCNULTY "Light of heart, quick of step, here's a girl that's full of pep." Cheerleader 2-4: Class Officer, Treas. 2, Sec. 3, Homecoming Queen 41 Oriole Staff 2-4g Pep Club 2-4, V. -Pres. 3 8r Pres. 4: Typing Certificates. KARI LYN MOE "A winning way, a pleasant smile: a happy heart is quite a style." Band 2-4: Breeze Staff 4: Pep Club 41 Tigerettes 3-4: GAA 2-4 Treas. 3 8r Secretary 4g Typing Certifi- cates. WILLIAM LEE MOE "Punter ofthe pigskin, playboy of the parlor." Badger Boy's State 33 Golf 3-44 Homecoming attendant 4g 41 Honor Banquetg Honor Society 2-4, Pres. 4: Football 2-4: Letter Club 3-44 Student Council 2-3, Photography Club 4. I8 ARNOLD H. MELBYE "When you have nothing to say, say nothing. " Mixed Chorus 3-4 RONALD A . MITCHELL "Classes should be ten minutes long, five minutes to come and five to go. " Football 2-3. MAHLON R. NORDAHL "No storm has ever ruffed the cur- rent of his life. " FFA 2-4. JAMES I. NORTMAN "Girls don't bother me--much!" FFA 3: Football 2-4g Track 2. HARRY DAVID NICHOLSON "Kind of shy, but a realswell guy! LUDWIG R. NORDAHL. "If you're a man of few words, you won 't have to take so many back. " Baseball 2-4g Basketball 2-4. LESLIE NORTMAN "That is as well said as ifl had said it myself. " FFA 2-4g Sentinel 2 and Treasurer 3-4. MARGARET ANN OESAU "A quiet voice with a pleasant smile." FHA 3-4. I9 NANCY LEE OLIGNEY "l-Iappy, joyous, full ofglee, noth- ing serious ever oothers me." FHA 2-3, Pres. 3, GAA 2-3: Glee Club 34 Tigerettes 3. BRUCE G. OLSON "Quiet, polite, and just the same to all his friends. " KATHLEEN BETH OSEGARD " She 's the kind whose nature never varies. " GAA 4a Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 4. MICHAEL EUGENE OTT "Young fellows will be young fel- lows." Football 2-4: Letter Club 3-4g Photography Club 3-4. 20 HELEN IO OLSON "She is just what she is, what others report, a girl, a pal, a very good sport. " Band 2-4, Treas. 4pCheer- leader 3-4, Dance Band 3-4, GAA 2-4: Majorettes 3-4, Head Major- ette 4: Orchestra 3-4, Pres. 4gOri- ole Staff 4g Pep Band 2, Pep Club 2-4, Sec. 4: Photography Club 4, Tigerettes 2. LEANNE OLSON "I never dare to be as funny as I am." Breeze 45 French Club 2-31 GAA 2-4g Madrigal 3: Mixed Cho- rus 3: Orchestra 2-4: Oriole staff 2-4g Pep Club 2-4g Photography Club 3-4, Sec. -Treas. 4: Typing Award 2, Honor Society 4. SHARYN L. PARKER "Either l find a way or l make one! GAA 2, 3gG1ee Club 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2-4g Oriole Staff 4. GRETCHEN S. PEDERSON "ln scholarships she leads the list, she has the brains the others missed. " Band 2-4, Mgr. 45 Badger Girl's State 3: School Play 3, 45 Foren- sics 2,4g French Club 2.3, Pres. 2 Research and Guidance Labg Honor Banquet 2 , Honor Society 2-4, Sec 4: Oriole Staff 2-4, Society Editor 4, Pep Band 3,4g Tigerettes 2-4. DAVID N. OV ERLIEN "Girls like the twinkle of an athletic star. " Basketball 2, 4: Class Officer 2: Football 2-4, Co-Captain 4: Homecoming Attend ant 4, Honor Banquet 4: Honor Society 3 , 4. Treas. 4: Photography Club 3, 4, V. -Pres. 3, 45 Science Club 2-45 Letter Club 2-4. MARY ALICE OV ERLIEN "Rain or shine. she's never on time. " Band 2-4, Pres. 41 Cheer- leader 2-43 Class Officer 2: Class Play 3,44 Forensics 2-41 GAA 3,44 Homecoming Attendant 2g Major- ettes 3,4: Pep Club 2-4, Treas. 4: Photography Club 3, 4. , If 1. fwl 5 5- ml, ,W , ,LU ,U SHARON ANN PETERSON "Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?" Forensics 25 Honor Banquet 1, Oriole Staff 3, 4. RAE ELLEN G. RAETHER "lt 's nice to be nice when you 're naturally nice. Glee Club 3,45 Madrigal 33 Triple Triog Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Oriole Staff 4: Office Help 3, 4. 21 N, ,ip W4 JANE L. RAVNUM "Man has his will, but woman has her way." Band 2-4. Cheerleader 3-4: Dance Band 2-45 GAA 2-4, Sec. 3: Majorettes 3-44 Orchestra 2-45 Pep Band 2-37 Pep Club 2-4g Prom Queen 3: Student Council 35 Photography Club 3-4, Sec. 3g Tigerettes 2: Music Awards. ARLENE RAE RONINGEN "A merry heart, a cheerful smile, glowing with friendship all the while. " Mixed Chorus 4: Office Help 2 -3. PATRICIA G. ROSENBAUM "Never forward in anything, but always there when needed. " LARRY A. RUDOLPH "lf girls interfere with your work, quit work! I" Baseball 2-4: Basket- ball 3-4: Football 3-4. ELANA HUTCHENS RONINGEN "She has a heart with room for every joy. " JOE F. ROSENBAUM "l'm here even though I don't tell anyone. " 22 1 SANDRA LY NN SCALLEN "Full of laughter, giggles, and fun from the crack of dawn till the set of the sun," FHA 2: GAA 356188 Club 3g Librarian 21 Mixed Chorus 2 -3. VONNIE RAYE SHEDA "Dependabi1ity is the key to suc- cess. " Band 2-4g GAA 2-4g Pep Band 3-4: Pep Club 2-4: Photo- graphy Club 3. ' WILLIAM J. RUMPEL "Give me a future farmerette. " FFA 2-4: Student Council 4. IA CQU ELINE LEA SA NDBERG "True to her word, her work, and her friends." Band 3-4: Librarian 4g Mixed Chorus 2-3: Pep Band 3- 43 Typing Awards 2-3. SHERRI L. SKOUG "Dates are her favorite fruit. " Band 2-45 Dance Band 3-4: GAA 3-4: Pep Club 4: Mixed Chorus 2: Orchestra 4: Pep Band 3-4: Photo- graphy Club 4. SHELDON MARK SMITH "The twinkle in his eye shows the mischief in his soul. " Baseball 2- 4p Basketball 2-41 Football 2-45 Student Council 35 Letter Club 3- 4. THOMAS J. SMREKAR "He puts his cares in a box and sits on the lid and smiles, " Band 2-4g Dance Band 3-45 Forensics 2: Pep Band 2 -4. STEVEN JO HN SPA NGLER "We know why he no hat dothwear --tis to show off his curly hair. " Baseball 2-3g Football 2-3: Wres- tling 4. BARBARA LOU STENU LSON "She can be seriousg but she'd rather be gay. " FHA 4g Office Help 2-3. BRUCE KENNETH STENULSON "Latin is a language that never ought to be, first it killed the Ro- man, now it's killing me." Band 2-4: Madrigal 2-3: Mixed Chorus 2,44 Orchestra 3: Oriole. Staff 41 Pep Band 3-4g Photog. Club 3-4g Science Club 2-4, Pres. 4: A11 School Play 2. 24 MARY BETH SPAULDING "Wouldn't I make a peach of an angel?" Art Club 3: GAA 2: Mix- ed Chorus 3. DEBORAH ANN STEINKE "A ring on her finger is worth two on the phone." GAA 41 Oriole Staff 3-45 Pep Club 2-4: Photogra- phy Club 4: Student Council 4. LINDA S. SWA NSON "Thinking is like living: each of us must do it for himself." Band 3, 4: Class Play 2: Forensics 2-4: French Club 2,3: GAA 2-4: Glee Club 2: French Award 2: Music Award 2: Forensics Award2, 3: Hon- or Society 2-4: Mixed Chorus 3: Orchestra 3: Oriole Staff 4: Tiger- BLISS 2-4. MICHAEL R. TESTER "He seems to be the quiet type-- beware--he may be dynamite." Baseball 3, 4: Football 2-4: Letter Club 2-4. TED M. STUBRUD "If all great men are dead, how come I'm here. " Band 2-4: Basketball. Statistician 2-4: Dance Band 3 , 4: Football, Statistician 3, 4: Wrestling 3, 4: W restling 3: Typing Award , Mu- sic Award , School Play 3: Letter Club 3, 4: Honor Banquet 2: Honor Society 2-4: Mixed Chorus 4:Oriole Staff 2-4, Sports Editor 3, 4: Pep Band 4: Photog- raphy Club 3: Science Club 4: Student Council 2, 4, Pres. 4. MARY L. SUKOPP "She hasbeneath that sheen of red , a witty intelligent, capable head . " Band 2-4: Class Play 3: French Club 2, 3: Research and Guidance Lab.: Honor Banquet 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Oriole Staff4: Pep Band 3, 4: Tiger- ettes 2-4. 'XXZYC-'V DAVID THOMPSON "Everybody's pal, an all around guy, everyone likes him, we don't wonder why." Football 2-4: Letter Club 2, 3: All-Conference Wres- tling 2,3: Prom Attendant 3: Track 2-4: Wrestling 2-4. DONNA MARIE THOMPSON "The better you know her, the bet- ter you like her." FHA 4, Pres.4: Office Help 4: Librarian 4: Mixed Chorus 3-4: Oriole Staff 4. 25 PETE THU NDERCLOUD "Artistic is my middle name. " Art Club 2: Class Play 3: Wres- tling 3-44 Letter Club 4. DANA M. WAHL "Don't look at me girls for it makes me nervous. " Baseball 2-3: Class President 3: Football 2-4, Prom King 3. CYNTHIA LEE WILCOX "From what l've seen of men, l prefer horses." Band 2-4: Dance Band 3-45 Forensics 4g French Club 2-3, V. -Pres.p Madrigal 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Orchestra 3: Oriole Staff 4, Pep Band 3-45 Science Club 4, Tigerettes 3-4. ZACK W ITTKE "The world needs farmers, but don't look at me!" Football 2: Golf 3-4g Photography Club 4: Science Club 4. 26 GA RY L. WALLER "Not too serious, not too gay: a rare good fellow all the way, " Baseball 2-35 Basketball 2-41 Foot- ball 2-3. ELAINE MAE WHITERABBIT "Quiet and assuming, always on the job. " Band 2g Class Play 3, French Club 2-3: Oriole Staff 4. IUDY A. WYSS "The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Mixed Chorus 2-4. WILLIAM K. ZIBOLSKI "He's nor a rule breaker, just a mischief maker. " Wrestling 2. EUGENE A. BARTOS, JR. QNOT PICTUREDJ "If school was like rollerskating, I'd be a whiz." MICHAEL GLA SSPOOLE "His Ford doesn'r burn up gas, il burns up the road. " BETTY I0 WOOF "A merry spoke in the wheel of life. " Band 2-4: FHA 2-4, His torian 3: Pep Band 4. LOIS ANNE WOOF "A quiet mind is richer than a crown. " Seniors ff fx f 1 . , 1 ' i K -'Q L, 1 3 " G . , ' 1 x ' 1 3 A 5 f' V ' g4 1, X ,gh A3 '., y u 1 x ' K is W "Wf Nu 5 v A , . 6 xx-3 f -Kai 'a 40' X fzs www Pimnnvf 'S ,Q 731 Remerrylper When? ea Q e e . e M 3-J? v 4 5' 5 M' x. , . 5 Wm vm ' Q SOA? x ' - Ms. - if 5' we if QI, " Y 5 ul . il 5 '- .54-5 fy' ' 9 Y W e K .e of f ' H , fx' . If , V , I , x e - .V-as W e - fa 56 g V , y 1 Az .4 , Y G' 5 ,gig W' , 5 gi' . A n Q' x f i f ,.,: H ' 119: 4 ' :S ii S5554 bc I 61, 9 35 ,Z it my W .' 5 in z 2 ggi? Q e X 5f"f+?Qz' ,.. , 1 Q ' e A w ' f ' e . . I Q, , ,QR Y.f,. I I ,. W A I I N ' 63 . 'I + ,- X r G15 K K , e e V W my e, .lags ff G7 - For identification refer L0 Page 32 Q Q i' 'HQ J'-.HAT-".'.' JW, a X:f'L1.'u'3il 1. . . Q., . Wim.. 555- , ..i IQ. , .,. 2-5.4 ,-,, . - . . ' K: . "riff .' . "1-Ti! III' .. V A . 7 .X ':'. '.f2.i'5Ti, A , I . .. ... I 311, -,:13,,yf.3 If , W 71-- . YA! ',','.f," ' 'EQ "f,a4L".fl1,Y!A -'-'5:f..HI',f'f,' ,fv fii-..3'rf'af'4-' V . ,l.,v,,....,,,, , , .':'r,V,",."::'::- . .21 JSR. uf. w1N'f'.'V 'QL :zz ffi .-41 ,.-'f:,Qg:, Sin. Q , w 5a,k,f.f,."12 va' '1 1 'Q :iff Lf . HC J' Q K, x .,, 5 nf. gm.. 1 nfs-.. HCLQJQQQS, IQOLDRS: Blue liirid .Gold u:,S21fefSSi fLOwHR:f 1RQse 'l2'f3.'3sfr'f?1::v'f:'r,'1r'.: ei: . 's"ViF.1hfn: ' '.'.".'4ff'.'f.'f .. -isa yw,j,3.3,?f A, ,,g,ygg: . ' :Vx :'s.f,,':.tL1 .Q-m','1C, ..',.'Xp .LP 1, wwf ' 'v'27:2,'?.' i'2Z11'?i3'.QT' ,2 ".".." ". Q , f2Yg2f."-"Sy 'QTEQQ-1'?:-klif,v,m,j ,,f, nm ag, 'A ' " '112:Lt?:'w'e ',3z2'.,-F.'-.w5.'z,"..:' w W " " ' , P wizgli'-!fZ'ZQzavszwi . . .Vw ffxq','z.:.'.fn: vw. Ydffi 2'1" ?"f"fKf'n"i'f'Q'w'AS'- ' ... N,-z Q,., g , .L . Q 435-Zvxifi4-:fa.w,2:Q:' tfAA ,ff In Their Classes J I I I A When we're Seniors. we discover that Black River is pretty great. Sure the studying is the same old grind. maybe worse. but that grind is suddenly begin- , ning ro open new doors. to , give us a direction in life. Time went so fast. Now here we are just about ready to start on our own. Occa- ' sionally the work was fun. We are now beginning to realize the value of what we have learned. Physics students study wave motion. "School is studies, buddies, touchdown passes, rushing to classes. things to do. a point cf view". . . "Books, labs, essay questions, W English themes. softball teams. impomible schemes" . . . "School is hard work. homework. slow work. . . sometimes no work." American Problems debate current issues. Identification of Senior Baby Pictures from pages 28 and 29. 1. T. Gearing 2. C. Dambach 3. V. Sheda 4. J. Wyss 5. L. Olson 6. F. Larson 7. B. Gilbertson 8. K. Harkner 9. D. Overlien 10. M. Overlien 11. B. Hardy 12. M. Ott 13. B. Woof 14. J. Hagen 15. M. Mc- Nulty 16. S. Kirshner 17. L. Grosskreutz 18. K. Moe 19. R. Evans 20. J. Dahl 21. A. Melbye 22. J. Rosenbaum 23. K. Amdt 24. S. Nordahl 25. L. Nordahl 26. B. Moe 27. R. Lambert 28. H. Nicholson 29. G. Berg 30. C. Davis 31. S. Skoug 32. L. Burge 33. C. Goldsmith 34. L. Hanson 35. D. Thompson 36. L. Woof 37. P. McC1eary 38. T. Stubrud 39. J. Sandberg 40. P. Rosenbaum 41. K. Johnson 42. S. Peter- son 43.1. Gilbertson 44. J. Dana 45. N. Chapman 46. B. Rumple 47. N. McNulty 48. F. Konkol 49. S. Parker 50. C. Haldeman 51. D. Steinke 52. L. Rudolph 53. K. Osegard 54. B. Bayer 55. J. Ravnum 56. L. Swanson 57. C. Doud 58. S. Harmon 59. B. Matthews 60. R. Raether 61. K. Holder 62. N. Bowler 63. H. Olson 64. M. Spaulding 65. B. Stenulson 66. R. Larson 67. M. Lambert 32 J . .. i. 1 1 ' 'K 1 ' f , . . , ., X . 1 1 S . 4' ., f Q ,pf 1 , W, ' ' ,.,,. ' A K , . A, , - 1 Q-Q' s ' liresiflgafntz Qmiddley Chucf1gTcSrge.rsQn Virgh 'frqsidklsntky Gerpy'Ca11ihan , ' gibreltarytfifriadg.-:Q'ilsaftty ifiggstakf L 1 M W Junior Closs Row 1: Sandra Peterson, John Pederson, Nancy Drangstveit, James Wyss, Roseanne Rogness, Michael Olson, Deborah Millis, Danny Jelinek, Debra Easley, Ronald Kimball. Row 2: Anne Rykken, Gordon Kleha, Kathleen Ludeman, Thomas Teeples, Kathleen Cook, Larry Densmore, Sue Emerson, David Konkol, San- dra Haralson. Row 3: Roberta Vandervort, Barbara Nimmo, Carlotta Lee, Gary Hansen, Jo Ann Potter, Bill Stenulson, Helen Bue, Vernon Johnson. Row 4: Kathy Smith, Anita Hizer, Edward Olson, Mary Zles- ak, Michael Zindrick, Susan Nordahl, Brian Schneider, Connie Bahnub. Row 5: Rosemary Larson, Wil- liam Arndt, Judy Gohde, Tony Matalas, Patricia Lee, William Harkner, Sherrie Harmon, Ian Turner, Brenda Parker, Dean Chenoweth. Row 6: Steve Speltz, Donna Holder, Byron Steele, Anita Olson, Thomas Burchard, Debra Doers, Gary Weiler, Anita Hanson. Row '1: Michael Bru1ey,'Sanclra Mudd, Larry Olson, Carolyn Olson, George Halik, Cheryl Engebretson, Michael Davidson, Marlene Pfeifer, Scott Williams. Row 8: Terry Kimball, Cynthia Mitchell, Stacey Dawley, Ramond Conant, Barry Goldsmith, Charles Fox. Junior Closs Row 1: Renell Eddy, John Kappen, Renea Eddy, Michael Hyde, Priscilla Laufenberg, Chris Kilday, Kay Wyss, Bill McGil1ivary, Diane Hart. Row 2: John Noble, Mary Olson, Steve Olson, Teresa McCormick, Steve Ott, Lynn Santala, Daryl Cox, Barbara Gilbertson, Gerry Callihan, Shawn Cummings. Rovq 3: Judy Haugstad, Robert Dobson, Gayle Galston, Steve Mason, Diane Casper, Brooke Schneider, Beth Haralson, Carlan Klein, Lynn Pflanz. Row 4: Steve Zahrte, l.aVon Springer, Charles Dolesy, Palma Johnson, Bill Koranda, Marlene Hobbs, Wayne Steinke, Jackie Voeller, Dan Kislinger, Anita Bartos. Row 5: Emily Parker, John Deno, Janice Rogness, Donald Janke, Karen Peterson, Steve Young, Mollie Steinke, Jim Ku- bina, Diane Rochester, Robert Burnett. Row 6: Dan Zillmer, Shirley Doucet, Mark Waller, Iris Kaptain, James Smothers, Rosalinda Krajirik, Dennis Dickie, Nancy Entwistle, Fred Nicolai, Paul Lindbo. Row 7: Dawn Littlejohn, Jim Thomas, JoAnn Bills, Gene Hart, Marilyn Olson, Larry Emerson, Becky Blencoe, Richard Brown, Dale Nelson. Row 8: Orville Amborn, Darwin Johnson, Gordon Olson, Charles Webb, Gayle Nerby, Steven Fisher, Charles Embretson, Craig Voskuil. In Their Classes E 1,1 Chemistry students study solubility. Our Junior year was a big thing. We received our class rings. This was the first proof that we were upperclassmen at last. We held our hands high as the new Junior class. The most exciting event of the year was the Junior Prom. First we chose the band, then came our theme. We decorated the gym with our hopes and dreams. Our prom was fine. The future suddenly seems nearer. College dreams. Oh how close they all do seem. We wish and ponder. looking ahead with wonder. e-:WM " 'it . : 'ig ' lx ,. QA. The over-head projectors help in Algebra X Q X X xxx- XX xygyw - X X Nxxrx. XX X X' X .hkx x ..-x-wwezku v , . --Q, ' Sophomore Closs Row 1: Rhonda Thompson, Wesley Poff, Dixie Dalstrom, Mark Hanson, Janice Spangler, John Hardy. Kathy Paterson, Bert Bush, Veronica Blackdeer, Mike Gaede. Row 2: Christy Goldsmith, Connie Matalas, Gene Radcliffe, Sheila Waughtal, Nick Kampen, Barbara Waughtal, John Hagen, Jennifer McNulty, John Rogers, Nancy Stout. Row 3: Grace Hanson, Steve McNeely, Cheryl Hagen, Ronald Olson, Mary Peterson Tom Hanson, Julie Nelson, Scott Pearson, Kathy Langlois, Bill Linnell. Row 4: Ann Overlien, Bill Parker Vicky Millis, Steve Horn, Mary Eddy, Tim Carlson, Sue Gardipee, Dave Lamon, Charlene Santala. Row 5: Bob Wahl, Terri Jewell, Gary Maki, Roxie Gilbertson, Jerry Brown, Nancy German, Don Brown, Sally Overlien, Howard Gomer. Row 6: Sue Hagen, Richard Rumpel, Diane Dugan, Ken Torkelson, Lois Chen- oweth, Bill Loashing, Linda Skaar, Ted Eich, Kathy Johnson. Row 7: Jeff Amo, Audrey Olson, David Webb, Larraine Walton, David Dolesy, Karen Mattson, Brian Gilberrson, Jayne Kirshner, Forrest Whiterab- bit. Row 8: Doris Hanson, Wendy Fox, Shirley Cox, Janice Straight, Beatrice Avery, Julia Blackdeer, Ruth Snowball, Kathy Ball, l.aVerda Brown, Starr Scallen. Sophomore Closs Row 1: Debbie Engebretson, Jack Curry, Sue Sharp, Gary Sretzer, Sandy Doud, Calvin Casper, Shirley Radcliffe, Stephen Vanderploeg, Jeanne Krajcirik, Larry McCann. Row 2: Tom Olson, Carmen Kislinger. Robert Rasmussen, Diane Nordahl, Ronald Porath, Marjorie Gehring, James Haldeman, Joanne Hale, Mike Lee, Vicky Smickrud. Row 3: Mary Garbers, Lonnie Johnson, Jean Nicholson, Larry Lunda, Karen Enge- bretson, Tim Holmgreen, Laurie Fox, John Higgens, Sheila Engum, Pat Koranda. Row 4: Monty Young, Nancy Haugstad, Dennis Yeskie, Sue Millis, Allan Blencoe, Jewelie Lumsden. Jon Torgerson, Linda Peter- son, Dave Wilms, Jan Hoonsbeen. Row 5: Becky Young, Glen Grosskreutz, Peggy Pierce, Milo Tande, Jean Thompson, Ronnie West, Gail Preston, Terry Mahlum, Mary Hagen, Steve Prochaska. Row 6: Rich- ard Waller, Jackie Pederson, Bill Nandory, Sandy Meyer, Terry Trones, Mary McCoy, Mike Ammann, Gail Christensen, Bruce Linder, Mary Lechner. Row 'la Jenny Lamon, Phil Franks, Sandy Alford, Dwight Steele, Toby Schoolcraft, Gary Gilbertson, Carol Deeny, Tim Finch, Kay Stenulson. Row 8: Mann Falcon, Becky McNulty, Lynn Murphy, Parry Peterson, Annette Gilbertson, Carol Hanson, Barbara Kal- stad, Renae Larson, Andrea Scholze, Rosalie Hermanson. 39 In Their Classes Dissection is a part of Biology. We now realize that our future is in our hands. What our future careers will be may depend upon the classes we choose. We are no longer freshmen--greem horns on the loose--Our school organizations are more varied to give us ideas about world demands. Soon we will be choosing the style of our class rings: that will be a mark of distinction not offered to us in previous years. You can see how Sophomores have made great strides without the benefit of upperclassmen coat-tail rides. We hope in remaining years of high school we will not bid good opportunities good-by. Beginning typers learn fundamentals UE? Q' ,fy all N , Q3 gg uh' .31 I. .u z :px Q 4. .., .in ia 'ij fs: f 'if ei, fx: Sign ' bf, 1 af .fe .Qu 5, 64 c r ft Q5 L if , 6' ,.--1 .ar-V 1 . A ...exif 'W '33 mg? Wir? 233253 . N F3351 X . X X Athi 2 iw., M ,v x ,,.. R1 'aw 'il Q 9,4 4- in 5 5 , FLUTES Lynne Grosskreutz Kari Moe Vonnie Sheda Anne Rykken Anita Olson Lynn Sanrala Grace Hanson Annette Gilberrson Sheila Engum lean Thompson Karen Johnson Jeannie Hagen Carlotta Lee Rosalina Krajcirik OBOES Sue Emerson Nancy Haugstad Bb CLA RINETS Mary Sukopp Cheryl Haldeman Roberta Vandervorr Gretchen Pederson Ja'ne Gilberrson Bonnie Gilbertson Jackie Pederson Nancy German Charlene Santala Mary Hagen Lynn Pflanz Barb Gilbertson Connie Bahnub Terrie Jewell Roxanne Gilbertson Gail Preston Linda Skaar Jewelie Lumsden Cheryll Hagen BA SS CLA RINET Sandra Peterson ALTO CLARINET Diane Nordahl Kathy Patterson BASSOON Jan Hoonsbeen Linda Swanson Kay Holder ALTO SAXOPHONE Gayle Galston JoAnn Potter Judy Haugstad Kathy Johnson TENOR SAXOPHONE Sherrie Skoug Kathy Cook Becky Blencoe TROMBONES Cindy Wilcox Shawn Cummings Peggy Pierce Linda Peterson Sue Gardipee Beth Haralson FRENCH HORN Bruce Stenulson David Larson Kay Stenulson Sally Overlien Kathy Ludeman Nancy Entwistle Marjorie Gehring Susan Millis CORONETS Jane Ravnum Helen Jo Olson Tom Smrekar Debbie Easley Ted Stubrud Don Janke Cheryl Engebretson Jackie Sandberg John Pederson Brian Gilbertson Mike Lee Lois Chenoweth Sue Ann Sharp Anne Overlien TUBAS Mike Hyde Betty Woof Brian Schneider Allen Blencoe PERCUSSION Roxanne Lambert Donna Holder Patty McCleary Steve Vanderploeg Barbara Bills Jim Haldeman Carol Damback Kay Arndt CONDU CTOR Mr. Upton NOT PICTURED Steve Dorrance Pep Bcmcl Row 1: C. Haldeman. M. Sukopp, G. Pedezson. J. Gilbertson, D. Janke. T. Stubrud. T. Smrekar, S. Skoug, K. Cook, V. Sheda, L. Grosskreutz. Row 2: R. Vandervort, B. Gilbertson, C. Banub, J. Peder- son. J. Bills, L. Chenoweth, M. Lee. B. Gilbertson. J. Pederson, J. Sandberg, C. Engebretson. J. Pot- ter. G. Galston. S. Gardipee. L. Peterson. S. Cummings, C. Wilcox. Standing: D. Hansen, D. Hol- der. B. Bills. J. Haldeman, M. Hyde. B. Woof. K. Arndt, Mr. Upton. Dance Bond Row 1: S. Skoug. G. Galston, C. Haldeman. J. Potter, K. Cook, J. Bills. Row 2: C. Wilcox, L. Peterson. P. Pierce. S. Gardipee. T. Stubrud. S. Emerson. Row 3: J. Ravnum, H. Olson. T. Smrekar, D. Janke. Standing: D. Hansen. K. Amdt. , rw -,Jvc Orchestra Ne , f ' X Row 1: J. Ravnum, L. Olson. J. Thompson, N. German, G. Nerby, S. Overlien, M. Pfeifer, P. Flug- stad. Row 2: K. Amdt. J. Hoonsbeen. D. Notdahl. C. Santala. C. Haldeman. S. Emerson. A. Olson. A. Rykken, L. Swanson, B. Nimmo, R. Young. Row 3: C. Paterson. J. Potter. J. Haugstad, S. Skoug, M. Gehring. K. Ludeman, H. Olson. J. Sandberg, S. Cummings, L. Gearing. Row 4: K. Johnson. B. Gilbenson, R. Lambert, Mr. Upton, K. Langlois, S. Peterson, S. Millie. J. Nelson. Modrigal Left to right: J. Hoonsbeen, I. Dana. D. Dugan. R. Raether, M. McNulty, B. Parker, B. Schneider, A. Blencoe. A. Drangstveit. S. Dorrance, D. Mason. B. Stenulson. P. McC1eary. S. Cummings, K. Holder. A. Rykken. Organizations Student Council Row 1: M. Overlien. G. Berg. P. Houlton, B. Harelson--Treas., S. Cox. T. Stubrud--Pres., S. Cum- mings--Sec.. I. Hoonsbeen, R. Evans. J. Haugstad. D. Steinke. Row 2: Mr. Severson, N. German, A. Olson, S. Speltz. J. Pederson--V.-Pres., A. Overlien, M. Eddy. J. Pederson, M. Young. "A student council is established in each school to help develop democratic habits of citizenship. scholarship, leadership, and hu- manitarian values through the sponsorship of activities which provide wholesome and satisfy- ing experiences in democratic living and en- rich the total school program for individual pupils. The student council is a special means for achieving major areas of eductaional purposes. Student council provides an arena in which stu- dents discover and achieve meaningful learn- ings in honest problem-facing experiences. Meaningful student participation in important. urgent experiences is an educational context. is the concept. The purposes for education and for student council are fundamentally the same." A meeting in session. Honor Society Sitting: Kathy Cook. Anne Rykken, Nancy Chapman, V.-Pres.: Bill Moe, Pres.: Gretchen Pederson, Sec.: Dave Overlien. Treas.: Leanne Olson. Standing: Mary Sukopp, Mr. Severson, Peggy Pierce. Nancy German. Larry Gearing. Jane Gilbertson. Chris Kilday. Cindy Wilcox. Ted Stubrud, Kathy Lude- man, John Pederson. Cheryl Haldeman, Lynne Grosskreutz. Gordon Kleba. Anita Olson, Shawn Cum- mings. Jill Dana, Steve Dorrance, Jackie Pederson, Becky Blencoe. Monty Young, Jan Hoonsbeen. Roberta Vandervort. The Black River Falls Chapter of the Na- tional Honor Society is now in its third year of existence. Recognition is given to Eve mem- bers who will be leaving this year- -they have the distinction of being the first three-year members graduating. They are: William Moe. Lynne Grosskreutz, Linda Swanson. Ted Stu- brud, and Gretchen Pederson. One of the characteristics of the national Honor Society is to perform services to the school. The follow ing are a few of the services rendered: Alumni Newsletter Graduate Tea Honor Roll Study Halls Student Tutoring Program Student Publication of Original Literature The Honor Society this year plans to visit area colleges and attend their cultural enter- tainment. As of February. their first visitation was to the University of Eau Claire to see the play, "The Glass Menagerie". The officers of the National Honor Society are: William Moe--President, David Overlien--Treas- urer, Gretchen Pederson--Secretary. Nancy Chap- man--Vice-President. Anne Rykken--Corresponding Secretary. Honor Banquet Row 1: Steve Olson. Jill Dana, Mary Sukopp, Nancy German. lan Hoonesbeen. Blrgitta Dahlson, Paul Bohac. Row 2: yudy Stenulson, Anita Olson, Kathy Ludeman. Gordon Moake, Terri Skoug. Taxi Mc- Donel. Carol McNee1y. Row 3: Dave Over-lien, Jeff Cline. Tom Lund, John Pederson. Jim Noble, Steve Dorrance. Glenn Grosskreutz. 1967 Student Awords D.A.R. Lynne Grosskreutz Badger Boy and Girl State Delegates Outstanding Senior Boy Pat Houlton Chris Kilday, Ann Rykken. Cai-lan Klein Art Club Left to Right: Bob Mathews, Sherrie Harmon, Miss Kinley, Advisor: Craig Voskuil, Debbie Steinke Mollie Steinke, Tom Teeples, Renell Eddy, Dan Kislinger, Fred Nicolai. The Art Club made a trip to Chicago in June uf 1966. The purpose of their Lrip was to see the Chicago Art Institute, the Field Museum, and Old Town. The trip, made possible by money earned from can- dy sales, was greatly enjoyed by all who attended. It is hoped that another trip can be made again this year. Forensics Row 1: D. Webb, L. Lunda, C. Webb, D. Steele, S. Dorrance, S. Speltz, A. Blencoe, J. Pederson, G. Grosskreutz, L. Gearing. Row 2: I. Bills, R. Lambert, R. Snowball, L. Skaar, L. Walton, S. Engum, C. Santala, P. Humphreys, N. Chapman. Row 3: R. Vandervort, M. Snkkopp, S. Harmon, V. Blackdeer, D. Engretson, G. Pederson, Mr. Dahlen, E. whiterabbir, G. Hanson, P, Lee, B. Young, J. Pederson, K. Srenulson, P. Pierce, P. Flugstad, J. Hoonsbeen. Row 4: L. Briggs, B. Bills, C. wil- cox, L. Swanson, D. Nordahl, J. Rogness, D. Litrlejohn, N. German, S. Spangler, S. Overlien, K. Cook, M. Overlien, K. Ludeman, C. Kilday, G. Radcliff. Debate Left to Right: Steve Dorrance, Patti Humphreys, Charlene Santala, Sheila Engum, Mr. Dahlen, John 2 Pederson, Chris Kilday, Gene Radcliffe. Criole Staff Row 1: R. Gilbertson, J. Hoonsbeen, T. Gearing, J. Pederson, T. Schneider, D. Hart, J. Porter, C. I-laldeman, R. Raether, C. Goldsmith, R. Lambert. Row 2: I. Kaptain, J. Rogness, B. Bills, D. Thompson, M. Dow, B. Hardy, S. Parker, D. Steinke, J. Dana, C. Lee. Row 3: P. Flugstad, M. Olson, B. Gilbertson, K. Johnson, J. Hagen, L. Olson, J. Pederson, N. Chapman, L. Hanson, L. Swanson, C. Wilcox, L. Grosskreutz. Row 4: M. Steinke, A. Rykken, P. Pierce, C. Santala, G. Hanson, S. Gardipee, M. Sukopp, E. Whiterabbit, F. Konkol, P. Halverson, M. Zlesak, M. Olson. Row 5: N. Entwisrle, G. Galston, L. Sdntala, L. Walton, C. Kislinger, J. McNulty, L. Fox, R. Kra jcirik, D. Holder, N. Drangstveit, P. Laufenberg, C. Dambach. Row 6: B. Srenulson, S. Dorrance, G. Pederson, S. Peterson, K. Cook, 1. Gilbertson, R. Larson, K. Holder, T. Stubrud, N. McNulty, G. Nerby. Library Club Mr. DeVoe, D. Thompson, J. Rave, B. Bayer, B. Bills, J. Sandberg, N. Oligney, S. Davidson, M. Dow, B. McNulty. 5 w GAA wa, A n A5 "bf . ' lllll, ,J . din, L aug 1 1: f ?...'f i Row 1: Treas., A. Rykken: Sec., K. Moe. Row 2: M. Overlien, L. Chenoweth. J. Pederson, C. Mitchell, L. Swanson, P. McCleary, M. Pfeifer, G. Galston. Row 3: D. Thompson, C. Lee. K. Osegard, A. Gil- bertson, B. Harleson, K. Ludeman, N. l-laugstad, G. Hanson. Row 4: J. Haugstad. I. McNulty, L. Fox, N. Chapman, P. Flugstad, N. Entwistle, S. Gardipee, C. Santala. Row 5: M. Steinke, R. Eddy, M. Eddy, V. Millis, I. Lumsden, N. German, B. Young, S. Overlien. Row 6: J. Hoonsbeen, A. Ovetlien, S. Skoug, K. Arndt, B. Dahlson, L. Olson, D. Steinke, P. Halverson. Tigerettes Row 1, Left to Right, Managers: N. Chapman, C. Wilcox. Row 2: I... Hanson, L. Santala. Row 3: J. Hagen, M. Lambert, D. Millis, M. Pfeifer. Row 4: J. Nicholson, I. Nelson, N. Entwistle. Row 5: G. Galston, K. Johnson, S. Alford. Row 6: K. Mattson. Row 7: S. Hagen. Row 8: M. Sukkopp. Row 9: G. Pederson. Row 10: I. Pederson. Row 11: L. Swanson. Row 12: J. Gilbertson. Row 13: K. Moe. GAA '73 Q? Row 1: V.-Pres., J. Gilbertsong Pres., J. Dana. Row 2: B. Gilbertson, K. Book, L. Grosskreurz, D. Han- son, V. Blackdeer, N. Dransteveit, M. Olson, Mrs. Borchert. Row 3: R. Gilbertson, S. Millis, P. Peter- son, L. Murphy, K. Mattson, T. McCormick, L. Santala, D. Hart. Row 4: P. Pierce, J. Lamon, B. Mc- Nulty, P. Lee, C. Dambach, H. Olson, S. Harmon, S. Harmon. Row 5: G. Preston, L. Skaar, T. School- craft, S. Alford, L. Springer, J. Rogness, J. Voller, R. Rogness. Row 6: D. Millis, D. Easley, l. Kaptain, R. Wright, G. Nerby, S. Nordahl, M. Johnson, R. Eddy. Pep Club Row 1, Left to Right: Sec. , H. Olson: V. -Pres., B. Gilbertson: Pres., N. McNulty: Treas. , M. Over- lien. Row 2: D. Easley, D. Millis, M. Olson. Row 3: K. Cook, G. Galston, B. Harleson, R. Gil- bertson, K. Arndt, L. Peterson, F. Konkol, J. Haugstad, D. Hart. Row 4: M. Steinke, R. Eddy, A. Rykken, V. Sheda, D. Steinke, T. McCormick, P. Flugstad, P. Pierce, L. Grosskreutz. Row 5: I. Lumsden, V. Millis, A. Overlien, C. Goldsmith, L. Hanson. Row 6: N. Chapman, B. Gilbertson, S. Cummings, S. Skoug, B. Dahlson. Row 7: K. Moe, J. Gilberrson, I. Dana, J. Hagen, R. Lambert, C. Dambach, L. Olson, K. Johnson, I. Ravnum. Row 8: C. Haldeman, T. Jewell, B. Young, M. Eddy, S. Millis, S. Overlien, N. German, I. Hoonsbeen. N . ir, X. FFA Row 1: G. Grosskreutz-Reporter, T. Gearing-Sentinel, C. Dolesy-Treas., B. Rumpel-Pres., G. Hal- ik-Sec., V. Johnson-V. -Pres., Mr. Grosskreutz. Row 2: D. Zillmer, B. Linnell, M. Olson, L.. Emer- son, L. Iohnson, I. Deno, B. Linder. Row 3: J. Haldeman, G. Stetzer, S. Nordahl, R. Dobson, E. Dill, B. Bush, J. Wyss, T. Matalas. Row 4: M. Bruley, R. Dobson, J. Thomas, R. Ernst, G. Hart, M. McNulty, L. Densmore, Barry Goldsmith. Row 5: G. Olson, R. Brown, T. Burchard, M. Zindrick, N. Kampen, T. Trones, Chris Goldsmith. FHA 1095 Q3 Seated: I. Hale-Treas., S. Doud-Sec., S. Harmon-V.-Pres., D. Thompson-Pres., J. Spangler-Parl., S. Davidson-Hist. Row 2: G. Casper, B. Bills, K. Ball, S. Radcliffe, R. Thompson, I. Kaptain, B. Stenulson, B. Woof, D. Dahlstrom, Mrs. Mulry. Photography Club Row 1: Helen Olson, Mary Overlien, Dave Overlien, Gunnar Berg, Leanne Olson, Kay Arndt, Tom Gearing. Row 2: Mr. Bjerke, Lynne Grosskreutz, Kathy Cook, Par l-Ioulton, Charlene Sanrala, Mike Ott, Jane Ravnum, Bruce Srenulson. Row 8: Nancy Enrwistle, Larry Lunda, Sue Gardipee, Zack Wirrke, Nancy l-Iaugstad, Grace Hanson, Sally Overlien, Bill Moe. Row 4: Francie Konkol, Lynn Sanrala, Peggy Pierce, Kathy Ludeman, Carl Davis, Ron Kimball, Gayle Galsron, Tom Olson. Science Club Clock-wise from the front: Bruce Stenulson, Fred Nicolai, Cindy Wilcox, Tom Gearing, Zack Wittke, Gunnar Berg, Dave Overlien, Steve Speltz, Carl Davis, Pat Houlton, Cyril Kindt, Steve Kirshner, Ted Srubrud, Nancy Chapman, Mr. Bjerke. Breeze Staff From front to back: Lynne Grosskreutz. Editor: Linda Hanson. Business Manager: Kathy Cook. Junior Assistant: Karl Moe. Lay Out Ediror: Jeanne Hagen, Recorder: Jill Dana, Typing Editor: Leanne Olson Write-up Editor: Anita Olson. Junior Assistant: Mr. DiUlio. Advisor. Producing Your Ann ual Photogrdphing Flaming and Drawing 'N R .W,, .,f,:' A A' 'M , , 1 fx ,J i - ' is Proof Reading Typing L A , it wit' Homecoming Week Senior Social Blazing Bonfire Now What? Building The Bonfire Onward To Victory S . , .qw 6 King Rich Speaks Deck The Halls Junior Jamboree Seniors Rehearse t!""'Q M N Y , F Q... fr 1 If xx. 4:5 6 J , 'XX' , kw- I-Q 'hc i r ' un .' 'Q ,Q w 6'-1. QXQ 436, ,f 1 Qi X, F L ai 3 Yu 'Q V4 ,...,. W . 17. Homecoming Game Working Hard? Warm-up What Are You Watching? N., x V x' L 112. Fight! The Game Goes On Think We'11 Win? Hit 'em Hard! Roses For The Queen The Queen's Domain . R I WVU yy V L I 1 ,Sax K. 'fi VA AE 'Q W .,,', .3 X 1 . N I Qyifgb E1 Q Zzrii ,fu Q 43 H L ' l , ?,-.ij-N ,J Q-w:,.?5' 1 y1'a?Q?' J 3 , I ,Tx TR ! fly' Lgtsr-qi 'UE ylahj PA I 1 u 0 1, 4 7, 7 vzgilligf 3,94 v -K9 X - 1. Moonlight and Howie Sturtz played on. Grand Entrance Prom King Dana and Queen Jane The Crowning Moment Royal Court n , and Roses Here comes the Queen Around the garden Strolling in the moonlight l Smile pretty Are we all in step? Bond Officers Row 1: Jean Thompson, Mary Overlien, Helen Olson. Row 2: John Pederson, Jane Ravnum, Barbara Gilbert- son. Left to Right: Gretchen Pederson, Band Manager: Mary Overlien, Pres.: John Pederson, V. -Pres. g Kay Arndt, Sec.: Helen Olson, Treas. 'VL U er I id :Mug 121 P9 .M Letter Club Row 1: R. Evans, T. Haralson, S. Young, R. Bauer, P. Houlton, S. Kirschner, M. Tester, F. Larson. Row 2: M. McNulty, T. Gearing, J. Nortman, S. Smith, D. Overlien, M. Ott, M. Hoff, G. Weller, B. Moe. Row 3: L. Densmore, D. Cox, W. Brown, D. Wahl, D. Thompson, G. Berg, B. Steele, D. Klslinger, T. Teeples. Row 4: Mr. Young, L. Bergerson, R. Brown, A. Blencoe, K. Torkelson, S. Olson, D. Konkol, C. Torgerson, T. lvlahlum, T. Stubrud. Row 5: D. Mason, G. Hanson, S. Ott, J. Noble, C. Vaskuil, L. Rudolph, P. Thundercloud, M. Densmore, G. Halik. ,- ' U1 f' ' -' -'T V' r 13' 'U '..? 2 -3 P gg ,. ,ge Tv 5' " Jr Jff' 1'-.:s.g-1,'.- ul - -:. ' -. -. Q d x, .u.kk,,,,, - , , . X " - -'-'. l , 2: ,.. iff' Q' A , e-Q mg' ,, t' .:g - Q T.. 4 , '4,,.f kv , fix .,j. . K. 2 :M , 'T A Q" ,,,,,:'fM" I of Ji, f" '22, KJ. f . ' "'.' .F ' 2, M page W ., 1 V W H .. Q3 --1 , 'A .. .4::i?8.a: -, '1 ,:ji?ww. ,UH f ' 3-A 3 4-A-' 1' of 'A -'IJ I any ' mn,-L. 19" - V -- A , " . ,V -,W 4, ' 4 , -N. - f- gg, "' ' . g "I -?s J.u. .--2' 'je T Q fn 2:5 3 wh no 13.11 -1,-,1-ff . .-... . - , V un' Wt' r 45 '97 1 ch. 1 3.41, l 5 ,. K we ,- , " 2414 NX? 'Pl IS, .V . , '54 xf-fy f " H ,., . T, 'W ' , FN , ,.,. .,s3"'w4l QL.-l ,Q3,, ff , rf 1 . ' , "" H 4, ... A " . JP. fl -Us Q' . ' V- .1 V ,, A V wt , -N, LQ", 1 ' ' ' -L' ' .. " Q: B 'Wil ' ' -' ' f RFQ. skit.: ' 1 -L. .3 4- -.v v ,,, .. -J 'ig'-,213-T, Z u . A VR' df 'xx - , . 5 T' ... J . .J -"Ti lA ' .' ','i"""" '- . Q .,: ,' , .' 1 T X- f n-n I .A t - -r ,Jr . I ,f ' l. -- , Q ' , . flfz- l --XR 'if " ' 1 'Y ' f- ay. 2 .ii-2 2, Gigi? .EA B QI.. Q I' - A 0 Q gijjlff A ..l 43,235 B' , f . wr 2 ' Y" Y. -fish, ' Qs- , -3' ' L . ' ' ',1iw...1 f -'li l f of ' ".'1v.. , . .- '.-:w' '-b "".. in Baseball -- 1966 3 - - A ik., .tw t , :l:'-A G "Rr, at A. it wr ti-2 '11, i iii ' twig I Standing: Mr. Halverson-Coach, Junior Lindow -2nd baseman and shortstop, Jeff Cline-Center field, Jim Fredericlrson-shortstop and pitcher, Dana Wahl-3rd baseman, Dave Konkol-pitcher, Chuck Tor- gerson -left field, Steve Olson -2nd baseman, David Lamon-3rd baseman, Gary Weiler -shortstop, Al- lan Blincoe-starting right fielder. Kneeling: Jim Kubina -pitcher, Larry Rudolph-first baseman, Shel- don Smith-first baseman, Lud Nordahl-first baseman, Mike Tester-catcher, Mike Vander-ploeg-ouv fielder, Gary Waller-outfielder,Dave Larson- second baseman, Jack Curry-3rd baseman. Not pictured Mr. Silbaugh-assistant coach. Conference The 1965-66 Baseball Team was outstand- 0 Sparta G ing at fielding and pitching, but needed a bet- 4 Nekoosa 7 ter batting average. The team played very 4 Nlauston 0 well in the tournaments winning three games 1 Viroqua 0 and losing only one. Of those who played the 6 Tomah 3 team will lose only three players. With a 0 Sparta 8 little luck and hard work, the team will do 3 Nekoosa 8 better this year. 6 Mauston 1 2 Viroqua 3 3 Tomah 5 LEA DING I-IITTERS Tournament Jeff Cline . . 324 2 Taylor O 1 Eleva -Strum O Jim Frederickson . . . 319 3 Alma 2 2 Hudson 10 Junior Lindow . . . 278 69 1 70 '66 Conference Champs Standing: Dave Larson, Brooke Silvernail, Steve Young, Coach Sam Young. Kneeling: Bill Moe, Rick Moake. BRF 325 Sparta 318 BRE 161 Sparta 189 BRF 362 Aquinas 354 BRF 368 Tomah 334 BRF 328 Wis. Rapids 320 SRF 326 Aquinas 337 BRF 340 E. C. North 376 Quad. 1st BRF, 2nd Neillsville, 3rd White- hall, 4-th Osseo. Quad. lst E. C. Memorial, 2nd BRF, 3rd Logan, 4th Whitehall. BRF Sth in 15 schools at Sauk Prarie. BRF lst place in Conference Meet at Bara - boo. BRF 2nd in Sectional and 18th out of 27 schools at State Tournament in West Bend. Gene Miller, Pete Kinley, Dave Larson, Brooke Silvemail, Coach Sam Young, Bill Moe, Rick Moake, Bruce Klick, Steve Young. Wrestling Row 1: Bob Wahl, David Lamon, Tom Teeples, Bill Parker, Ronnie West, Ken Torkelson, Kris Konkol, Tom Clark, Mike German. Row 2: Jerry Brown, George Halik, Fred Larson, Mike Densmore, Tom Gearing, Mike McNulty, Doug Mason, Richard Brown, Pete Thundercloud, Lee Bergerson, Larry Gear- ing. Row 3: Terry Mahlum, Dave Thompson, Craig Amidon, Lee McCann, Leonard Dennis, Steve Vanderploeg, Wesley Poff, Ben Bush, Mark Hanson, Don Eich, Mr. Dahlen. Trock .1 R 1 . rs V efjie, 31.-L .egfs Row 1: Tom Lund, Trent Strasberg, Alan Gilbertso 2: Mr. Schneider, Wayne Brown, Mike Hoff, Lee Dan Deener, Craig Waldum, Steve Olson. Row gerson, Gunnar Berg Tom Harrelson Par Houlron, Ber , , Rich Evans. Row 3: Mike Bruley, Chris Kilday, Robert Dobson, Dan Kislinger, Craig Voskil, Danny Ielinek, Iohn Noble, Larry Densmore, Tom Teeples, Gerry Callihan. 71 l Gridiron Row 1: F. Larson, M. Densmore, dolph, M. Tesrer, P. Houlton, L. J. Nortman, B. Moe, R. Evans, D. Overlien, T. Haralson, L. Ru- Densmore. Row 2: D. Konkol, D. Wahl, M. Ott, A. Elencoe, S. Smith, S. Kirschner, D. Thompson, C. Voskuil, B. McGi1livray, S. Mason, J. Hagen. Row 3: J. No- ble, C. Kilday, S. Zahrte, D. Janke, J. Kubina, D. Lamon, D. Brown, S. Prochaska, T. Carlson, T. Mahlum, D. Cox. Row 4: D. Yeskie, W. Poff, S. Hom, I. Hardy, G. Weiler, W. Brown, M. Young, G. Grosskreutz, H. Gomer, B. W ahl, R. West. Row 5: T. Stubrud, M. Hoff, R. Bauer, B. Parker, D. Wilms, K. Torkelson, R. Waller, S. Vanderploeg, G. Hansen, Ass't. Coach T. Larkin, Head Coach S. Young. Pat Makes All-State Team 1 , 7- Pat Houlton was one of two defensive ends chosen to be on the N first string All-State Defensive Team. Pat had great desire and in- it 4 ' spired his teammates all season. Congratulations Pat, on a job well . . 's ii? bfi" done, and an honor well deserved. 4' . a ' "A" SQUAD RECORD lj.: gli j . 1 . i . .1 WE THEY S ' Whitehall 13 6 Baraboo 6 25 CONFERENCE RESULTS Sa,,k-p,a,ie 6 12 Reedsburg 6 19 1. Portage 7 1 vimqua 7 26 2. Baraboo '7 1 Mauston 39 5 3. 'rumah 6 1 1 Spam 23 0 4. Sauk Praire 5 2 1 Tomah 13 0 5- BP-F 4 4 "E" SQUAD RECORD 6. Slarta 4 4 7. Richalnd Center WE THEY 8. Reedsburg 3 4 1 Tomah 0 26 9. was, Dells 2 4 2 Logan 6 0 10- Mausmn 2 5 1 Neillsville 27 6 11. Viroqua 2 6 Sparta 14 8 Neillsville 21 0 Tomah 6 9 Sparta 18 34 Lineup Co- Captains ,. ,gal taxis' . K' i Q Pat ,J Rich Dave I Bill ny: qui.. . 'J' f. V, - 4 ,nr , f . UPN A .SK,,!'e,4 M iaiizi -' ,ru Air' Qvi W' f M Q Tom ' ' Fred Mgl'S. .,'5?q A. ,fi . ,A " mar KF? ' I "Q Mike Dave i Mike Wayne i egg. ,ill - ' -a f' gf .gf- Dana Jim . Steve , 2 , ga: V W 51. bn Y grf.g,i,Q .34 r , ', -9 ' ' xr 'J Lany L' Mike Sheldon Larry , . .'r,'?. -1 fr ' 'I Craig Dave Bill ' f. V M Y John Terry 1 Monty Howard rafllflilifliflifff N4 " " Q, M' wmiwfllffilf ,Q gbl Kneeling: Gordon Kleba, Scott Williams, Dan Ielinek, Byron Steele, Larry Rudolph. Standing: Greg Hanson, Chuck Torgerson, Sheldon Smith, Gary Waller, Coaches Mr. Halverson and Mr. Young: David Overlien, Ind Nordahl. Steve Young, Pat Houlton. "B" Squad Kneeling: Jack Curry, Richard Waller, Dwight Steele. Ion Torgerson, Chuck Torgerson, Glenn Gross- kxeutz, Ronnie Olson. Standing: Mr. Halverson, Alan Blencoe, Gordon Kleba, Bill Miller, Greg Krue- ger, Dan Jelinek, Milo Tande, Gary Hanson. .. kurt, gr 15' 1. gmt, 1 , 1 355 1966-67 Season " f ,rw ffiow-f"f ,P Q .QC .L ' 1 , I Greg Mr. Halverson dr Mr. Young SEASON sconms X "A" Team "B" Team OPPONENT ws THEY WE THEY 4 M Mamhfield 82 ss 44 49 5 Qmfg Neillsville 81 '11 45 29 5:2 Portage 69 'ls 31 53 5 H Richland Center 59 60 48 32 PM Mausmn 45 '74 42 56 , Mondovi ss 60 50 47 5:31 Sparta 88 59 20 40 1: Tomah 64 '13 23 42 H Viroqua 69 67 43 36 Sauk-Prairie 92 'rv 46 so N- Neillsville 52 70 67 51 Gary wise. Dells '16 61 av 35 Numan 52 57 48 av Q. ' Sparta 63 '71 39 41 wg Tomah . 56 57 34 as ' ,M V.5, , Eau cum N. va vs 46 69 Q it Viroqua '79 'lo 42 37 1 1.5 SOUTH CENTRAL CONFERENCE ' TEAM WON t.osT Dave Baraboo 11 2 5-39. .. - ,! Reedsburg 9 4 Q:-1, 'Lit' Richland Center 9 5 , 5 16' Q Tomah 8 4 3' iv 6 ' V Mauston 8 4 gh 'IL Sparta '7 5 V' Portage . 6 8 Sheldon BLACK RIVER FALLS 5 '1 Viroqua 3 9 'ff' Sauk-Prairie 3 10 0'5" Wisconsin Dells 1 12 f?f"A7 .1 fi? Lud ffl ... '2..::?' Ax Larry STARTING FIVE ,4., ' 1 .. stk ' Byron 5??6?S? . 1 - 6' 51 ' , gn, xi-.4 az -img' Steve II :..'5f:r.. -.1.r,,3, ..'1 33' .-' 5 Scott l' ,TQITQ Q26 -H-ra." f'L5111g 5 ' Chuck SETTHXQ tiifgai. -4 4 QW wie, an ' Danny 7 I E-H-ri-,,, , '51 . L - ... 4' Gordy 5' . l' L 4.2 ,af 3 Gary8zTed Varsity Cheerleaders Left to Right: Debbie Easley, Barbara Gilbertson, Helen Io Olson, Nancy McNulty, Mary Alice Over- lien, Mary Olson, lane Ravnum. "B" Squad Cheerleaders U 1 5 Ligrsi 1 X wi B53 13? "es-rf ,iiiifi ligifi eff? 1511? ."3'5'r Front: Roxy Gilbertson, Patty Flugstad. Back: Vicky Millis, Susie Millis, Ann Overlien, Sally Over lien. x. .J f,, -A ,z W r-H ' a . ,tl-M4 - A 1, A.,k ,M JUKDIOIQ Q 'K 1.4-.1 4, ,NW , 'Aix X ' .E N 'ax P., ,.n .. .. - FX QA V' t g .6 1- Q ..v , :Q ,- 7 -fc " '- ' 5,1 Qfgykl 'K fy J 'b -. .v -. -- - r -- ' 9 'V 3' ' Hx- ':-in ,At .. .. Q 1gQ7 ' ., I Mrgni., ' xg 4 aw 4 4 9th Grade Row 1: Vicki Dreis, Debby Zibolski, Debbie Holder, Patty Hart, Jane Bowen, Linda Hopinkah, Char- leen Brown, Diane Gaulke. Row 2: Jovita Brown, Susan Silbaugh, Susan Anderson, Becky Peterson, Linda Wiltsie, Alice Sheckles, Judy Borreson, Constance Bernhardt. Row 3: Christine Wyss, Karen Ristuben, Karen Lawton, Beverly Torkelson, Cheryl Bloczynski, Sharon Zillmer, Jan Severson, Kathy Hubing, Alice Frederikson. Row 4: Joan Smikrud, Connie Lemerand, Nina Swisher. Betty Johnson, Kristen Berg, Sue Drangstveit, Becky Rudloph, Karen Anderson. Row 1: Donn Johnson, Don Galston, Mike Muth, Leland Whitegull, Tim Paulley, David Dalby. Row 2: Barry Stenulson, Norman Converse, John Ravnum, Robert Webb, Kerry Brown, Jeffrey Pettibone, Royce Biackdeer, Dan O'Brien, Dan Harmer. Row 3: David Hutchens, Craig Amidon, Gary Hall, Chris Thundercloud, Jimsever-son, Leonard Dennis, Jim Bell, Richard Kubik, Mike Harelson. Row 4: Greg Krueger, Chris Nelson, Jim Claassen, Dave Jelinek, Bill Miller, Gordon Wold, Steven Swisher, Selmer Emerson, Randy Johnson. 9th Grade Row 1: Gordy McCormick, Dan Evenson, Charles Anderson, Tom Clark, Jeff Skutley, Sam Maki, Tim Voeller, Orv Semke. Row 2: Frank Laufenberg, Mark Drangstveir, Steven l-loff, Dave Nighbor, David Parr, Brad Peterson, Frank Rowlee, Dan Skaar. Row 3: Bruce Poff, Bruce Lahmayer, Dave Meyer, Doug Dambach, Kurt Konkol, Randy Hanson, Pat Schnur. Row 4: KurtSalveson, Kirk Elias, Basil Johnson, Mike German, Rolf Bergerson, Jim Leffingwell, Dennis Chapman, Elmer Berndr, Lee McCann. Row 1: Deborah Casper, Christine Severson, Ruth Payer, Mary Whiteguil, Connie Bruley, Bonnie Jelinek, Susan Gohde. Row 2: Vicky l-lanby, Joanne Falcon, Sara Greyhair, Christina Greengrass, Barbara Payer, Jenny Walter, Diane Amo, Pat Roskos. Row 3: Jill Anderson, Linda Brown, Laurie Gearing, Linda Hagen, Kerry Hagen, Catherine Schultz, Susan Gjerseth, Beth Rykken, Julie Sandberg. Row 4: Diane Easley, Jane Skaar, Candy Lambert, Terri Chrest, Jamie Kersting, Rose Ann Fox, Tayna Doers, Josette Huber, Diane Maurer. 9th Grade Row 1: Ann Turner. Ann Pratt. Sherry Larson, Diane Dinger. Gary Tande, Lisa Peterson, Ruth Thomp- son. Karen Severson. Lois Linberg. Row 2: Dennis Pusateri, Art Rosenberg, Lynn Maier. Larry Sexe. William Potter, Todd Hanson, Steven Peterson, Wayne Peters, William Huber. Row 3: Debby Rosmen- oski. Linda Bergerson. Barbara Pearson. Peggy Gearing, Mary Wahl, Betty Bahnub, Liz Hansen, Maureen Kline, Kathy Kersting. Row 4: Robert Krpata, Peter Kacheris. Kent Fisher, Pat Field, Donnie Eich. Eric Engebretson. Charles Jessie, Calvin Burge, Calvin Snowball, David Olson. In Their Classes r ffl' it.. 2 Science Algebra I 8th Grade Row 1: Mike Rosenberg, Charles Newell, William Krenz, David Teeples, Steven Anderson, Thomas Hagen, Steven Cummings, Daniel Scholze. Row 2: James Stem, Lowell Springer. Donald Kirschner, Steven West, Dennis Bue, Richard Engebretson, Mark Clark, Gary Moldenhauer, Mark l-lolmgreen. Row 3: Donald Mathews, Dennis Ball, Steven Woof, Tim Zahrte, John Ellingson, Richard Scallen, Edwin Hertzfeldt, Fred Bue, Gerald Gilbertson, Bob Bell, Row 4: Donald 'Bru1ey, Roger Youngthunder, Tom Moe, Mark Mason, Darrel Johnson, Steven Smith, Jim Hicks, Larry Olson, David Ludeman, Dusty Vanderking. Row 1: Patty Wilcox, Pamela Williams, Charlene Steele, Rebecca Whitegull, Penny Noble, Barbara Millis, Janet Dambach, Kerry Simplot. Row 2: Nora Kindt, Nicki Sheffer, Marlene Gilbertsort, Debbie Upton, Sandy Peterson, Kari Kilday, Deborah Duffy, Colleen Duffy, Debra Peterson, Jane Wyss. Row 3: Wendy La Vally, Debbie Thompson, Linda lxlyher, Samelia Petribone, Darlene Mauer, Catherine Berzinski, Patricia Klingaman, Shelley Sherman, Reza Whitebear, Ann Mudd. Row 4: Nancy Millis, Joni Steine, Nancy Pratt. Joan Pierson, Janell Wright, Janet Decorah, Jane Avery, An- nette Johnson, Jill Bush, Sally Odeen. 8th Grode Row 1: Lynn Davidson, Cheri Wandrey, Lynn Frankenberger, Mary Myher, Elva Redbird, Vicki Geb- hardt, Kay Roberts. Row 2: Marie Deeney, Kathy Pearson, Kathy Severson, Jill Pearson, Freda Bue, Betty Hanson, Jacqueline Jewell, Mary Nortman, Loretta Norclahl. Row 3: Kim Meyer, Jane Hos- trawser, Cathy Thurow, Cathy lvlcCleary, Ella Mae Garbers, Jane Pearson, Janis Hanson, Kathy Drang- stveit, Dorothy Hoppman, Cheryl Thundercloucl, Donna Reed. Row 4: Vicky Johnson, Kathleen Young, Beth Paterson, Jo Rogness, Kay Stetzer, Vicky O'Rourke, Linda Porath, Darlene Linberg, Lu Ann Goldsmith, Gail Rave. Row 1: Wayne Stein, Arlan Hermanson, Vaughn Trones, Debby Nelson, Susan Peasley, Betty Parker. Marlene Eich, Burt Dawley, Rodney Gearing, John Nimmo. Row 2: Bary Iverson, Eugene Brown, Mike Peterson, Geoffrey Alford, Robert Hanson, Kent Severson, Lonnie Gebhardt, Tim Johnson, Merlin Ner- by. Row 3: Kevin Strasburg, Jerry Hanson, Randy Hart, Conrad Johnson, Greg Linclbo, Roger Olson, Jim Vanderploeg, Doug Schnur, Lynn Embretson. Row 4: Jeff Popp, Kalmer Greyhait, Clifton Kant- ner, Gale I-lizer, Ritchie Brown, James OLson, Clair Wenzel, Mark Stenulson, DavidFox, RichardMur- Phy- In Their Classes Future Scientists Studying Literature N Drawing in Industxial Arts :hw-o ,-Q, 4-Q., Between Classes I- A Busy Study Hall 7th Grade Row 1: Becky Sandberg, Gloria Mudd, Danielle Pederson, Kathy Eddy, Susan Larson, Evelyn Larson, Karen Lund. Row 2: Jayne Mircheil, Suzanne Amo, Vicki Sanford, Deborah Johnson, Marie Wiltsie, Peggy Taylor, Sherri White, Diane Reichenbach. Row 3: Judith Zillmer, Mala I-lolmgreen, Sandra Potter, Virgene Bue, Gail Cox, Julie Bartos, Kristine Rowlee, Debra Nemitz, Cindy Lemerand. Row 4: Jenny Rutherford, Debbie Zillmer, Cathy Zillmer, Velda Roberts, Connie Stenulson, Beverly Wood, Susan Christiansen, Donna Johnson, Carol Hyde. Row 1: Dean Johnson, Keith Miller, Dennis Osegard, Danny Linberg, Daniel Mulry, Doyle Gilbertson, Joseph Paar, Pete Qinger. Row 2: Calvin Larson, Danieljohnson, Randy Cook, RobertKrenz, David Young, Dale Huber, David Deeney, James Thurow. Row 3: Robert Gabrielson, Gary Kalstad, Roger Severson, Rick Relyea, Jon Nortman, Sreven Littlegeorge, Samuel Hizer, Robert Skoug. Row 4: Jeff Peterson, Calvin Olson, Bernard Stubrud, Danny Gile, Steven Hart, Mat: Schoonover, Daniel Mil- nthorpe, Dale Hoff, Randy Hanby. 7th Grade Row 1: Mike Doud, Robert Cleveland, Devere Emerson, David Dorrance, Michael Prescott, Scott Fisher, Lawrence Snowball. Row 2: Mark Pierce, Robert Bills, Mark Zillrner, Daryl Thundercloud, Arnold Brown, Timothy Waughtal, Steven Waughtal, Ronald Wyss. Row 3: Mike Nordahl, John Matson, John Chrest, Karl Danielson, Virgil Pettibone, Lee Grosskruetz, Lyle Dobson, Roger Young. Row 4: Billy Pratt, Steven Dougherty, David Frederikson, Sheldon Doud, Robert Hagan, Mark Rumpple, Scott McManners, Mitchell Engen, David Dennis, Douglas Smith. Row 1: Sandra Peterson, Sandra Blom, Albertina Cleveland, Barbara Mathews, Brenda Olson, Karen Bernhardt, Marilyn Folkers. Row 2: Nancy Mason, Rebecca Waughtal, Peggy Stout, Audrey Suntken, Joan Elkins, Melody Curry, Patricia Brown, Jane Dobson. Row 31 Mary Jean Johnson, Sherry Ott, Lou Ann Kimball, Veonn Casper, Brenda Peterson, Cathy Swisher, Julie Sahr, Miriam Rykken, Debra Will. Row 4: Marlee Lunda, Jane Pugh, Sonya I-lizer, Diane Gilbertson, Julie Anderson, Candia Moldenhauer, Carol l-Ioagenson, Pinkah Greengrass, Lu Ann Marg. 7th Grade Row 1: Linda Olson, Sandra Zillmer. Linda Rutherford. Kay Tumer. Barbara Krpata. Donna Wallace. Row 2: Mary Converse, Becky Peasley. Brent Peterson. Reginald Pettibone, Russell Peterson. Sharon Wahl, Alice Halik. Row 3: Eugene Bruley. Patrick Glasspocle, Bruce Harmer, John Lee. Alan Stras- burg, Vemon Spangler. Kim Rudolph. Dennis Linder, Peter Emst. Row 4: Douglas Bue, Randy Matalas. Emest Engebreison, Gerald Johnson. Ed Maki. Timothy Scallen. Eric Hagen. Jeffrey Brown, Steven Stenulson. In Their Classes Reading English Jr. High Favorites V '- f s, xx -5 X 1 J W Q J -f f J . wljffg xx Xillvm 1. ' . 'I , ' '-'vm f 255 sf 35 44' V555 45 G' fx 4 Qw- Y- ' K X: Ku. f. . '- ,, 5 X .4 xl I-0 '- -.A-X 555 ."4Y' :Mai Q :EQ XA fd. Q W , M N: A A Student Council Left to Right, Seated: Mark Clark, Colleen Duffy, Rebbecca Rudolph, Betty Johnson, Tom Clark, Charles Anderson, Karen Ristuben, Terry Hanson, William Miller, Bruce Harmer. Standing: Cather- ine Thurow, Mrs. Upton, Linda Brown, Diane Easley, Suzanne Amo, Debra Zillmer, Sandra Peterson, Shelley Sherman, Joni Steine, Penelope Noble, Miriam Rykken, David Young. Science Club , , 1 ,, , W, ,,u, , ., ,,,u nwsovw, H .Yv.. Y-...-.. ..-.. -. -...-..... .--..,.,.., ..,..... Dreis, Becky Peterson, Karen Lawton, Alice Frederikson, Colleen Duffy, Wendy LaVal1ey, Kerry Ha- gen, Debbie Upton. Row 3: Loretta Nordahl, Susan Silbaugh, Cathy McCleary, Mark Clark, Mark Holmgreen, Douglas Dambach, Lynn Embrerson, Dan Evenson. Row 4: Kevin Strasburg, David Fred- erikson, Michael Nordahl, Kirk Elias, Steven Cummings, Larry Sexe, Arthur Rosenberg. Row 5: John Chrest, Tom Moe, Richard Kubic, John Ravnum, Norman Converse, Bradley Peterson, Terry Hanson, Mr. Boettcher. Tiger Times Row 1: D. Young, S. Blum, J. Thurow, M. Converse, R. Cook, D. Pusateri, D. Holder, N. Pratt, D. Milnthorpe, S. Peterson, L. Sexe, S. Wahl, E. Maki. Row 2: C. Swisher, B. Sandberg, A. Suntken, M. Lunda, J. Pugh, L. Marg, I. Anderson, L. Kimball, M. Curry, D. Will, K. Meyer, J. Dobson, S. Ott, A. Turner. Row 3: M. Holmgreen, W. Voskuil, J. Hostrawser, C. Thurow, B. Rykken, L. Hanson, N. Millis, L. Hagen, M. Cline, J. Jewell, P. Gearing, B. Bahnub, L. Grosskreutz, E. John- son, C. Eddy, S. Larson. Row 4: D. Zillmer, I. Bowen, D. Upton, V. Dreis, B. Millis, M. Clark, K. Ristuben, M. Engen, D. Duffy, C. Schultz, B. Krenz, K. Kilday, D. Zilbolski, P. 1-lart, D. Eas- ley, T. Doers, K. Hagen, P. Noble. Row 5: C. Duffy, C. Lambert, D. Peterson, B. Torkelson, J. Kersting, S. Drangstveit, B. Rudolph, K. Anderson, G. Wold, S. Odeen, K. Berg, A. Fredrickson, B. Johnson, J. Smikrud, T. Chrest, S. Christiansen, R. Bergerson. Library Club Seated: D. Johnson, F. Rowlee, V. Sanford, N. Swisher, J. Steine, K. Hubing. J. Jewell, J. Rogness, D, Will, C. Millis, L. Rutherford. Standing: P. Wilcox, R. Murphy, D. Peterson, V. Johnson, D. Duffy, S. Peterson, J. Pierson, K. Meyer, S. Silbaugh, D. Gilbertson, S. Marchard, N. Kindt, P. Kacheris, D. Rozmenoski, J. Pearson, M. Clark, R. Krpata, D. Scholze, Miss Amborn. FFA First Table: Charles Jessieg Bruce Poffg Calvin Burgeg Danny Skaarg Greg Krueger: Sam Makig David Dalby: James Claassen. Second Table: Robert Krpatag Steven Petersong Frank Rowleeg Gordon Wold. David Olson: James Seversong Selmer Emerson: Mr. Grosskreutz - Advisor. Boys' Choir Row 1: Mr. Machula, R. Peterson, K. Rudolph, B. Peterson, E. Bruley, D. Johnson, D. Denney, R. Gearing, D. Huber, D. Hoff, D. Gilbertson, M. Schooner, J. Thurow, D. Mulry, R. Skoug, R. Cook, J. Peterson, E. Maki, G. Gilbertson, E. Hagen, Miss Zajac. Row 2: D. Converse, C. Larson, J. Paar, D. Milnthorpe, G. Olson, G. Lindbo, J. Hanson. J. Vanderploeg, C. Johnson, R. Wyss, D, Schnur, C. Wenzel, L. Grosskreutz, J. Mattson, H. Wood, J. Nortman, I. Alford, R. Sevenson, D. 0 Bue. Row 3: S. Peterson, D. Dcrrance. C. Kantner, T. Zahrte, D. Dennis, D. Johnson, F. McDan- iel, G. Wold, L. Olson, S. Daugherty, S. Cummings, S. Anderson, B. Pratt, R. Young, L. Dobson. Girls' Glee Club Row 3: Judy Borreson, Nina Swisher, Sharon Zillmer, Alice Frederikson, Jamie Kersting, Terri Chrest, Kathy Hubing, Jan Severson, Karen Anderson, Beverly Torkelson, Susan Silbaugh, Mary Whitegull. Row 2: Miss Zajac, Josette Huber, Ruth Thompson, Debbie Zibolski, Linda Hopinkah, Christine Black- deer, Diane Mauer, Vicky Hanby, Jovita Brown, Jill Anderson, Bonnie Jeiinek, Joanne Falcon. Row 1: Debbie Rozmenoski, Joanne Meyers, Diane Amo, Beth Rykken, Linda Hagen, Barbara Pearson, Candace Lambert, Lois Linberg, Sherry Larson, Karen Severson, Ann Turner, Ann Pratt. Cl O I' G 9 S Standing: Shelley Sherman Betty Johnson Nancy Millis Kneeling: Cathy Thurow Joni Steine Wendy Voskuil Junior High FLUTES Becky Rudolph Betty Bahnub Annette Johnson Connie Bernhard: Sally Odeen Kathy Eddy Cathy Zillmer Diane Gilbertson Beth Patterson Suzanne Amo OBOES Mary Nortman Jane Pugh Cathy Thurow BA SSOONS Patricia Wilcox Miriam Rykken Eb CLARINET Colleen Duffy Bb CLA RINETS Karen Ristuben Betty Johnson Nancy Millis Julie Sandberg Shelley Sherman Maureen Cline Kathy Kersting Ruth Ann Thompson Karen Lawton Sharon Zillmer Susan Larson Lisa Peterson Danielle Pederson Marilyn Folkers Patricia Brown Sandra Blom Lu Ann Marg Jane Bower Eugene Bruley BA SS CLA RINETS Wendy Voskuil Donna Johnson Eb ALTO SAXOPHONES Diane Easley Jane I-lostrauser Debra Holder Kerry Hagen Debbie Zillmer Connie Millis Charlene Steele Bb TENOR SAXOPHONES Joan Steine Marlee Lunda Eb BARITONE SAX Brenda Mulry Bb CORNETS Debra Upton Bond Wendy LaValley David Meyers Don Galston Steve Anderson Charles Newell James Hicks Steven Cummings James Vanderplueg Elmer Bemdt Tod Hanson Susan Christiansen Melody Curry Debra Wills John Lee Becky Sandberg Alice l-lalik David Dorrance HORNS Peggy Gearing Laurel Gearing Vicki Dreis Becky Waughtal Jacki Jewell Pamela Williams TROMBONES Eliza beth Rykken Sandra Potter Sandra Peterson Ronald Wyss BA RITONES Kristin Berg Nancy Pratt Daniel Mulry TUBA Robert Bills BELL LYRA Carol Hyde PERCUSSION Susan Drangstveit Sandra Peterson Vemon Spangler Rick Relyea Mark Zillmer Brent Peterson Brad Peterson Bruce Lahmayer Eric Engebretson Steven Waughtal NOT PICTURED William Potter Daniel Harmer Cathy Schultz Jo Ann Rogness Kurt Salveson Joan Elkins Steve Dougherty Cheryll Bloczynski Orchestra Row 1: Carol Hyde, Bruce Lahmayer, Eric Engebretson, Mr. Upton, Debbie Holder. Row 2: Larry Sexe, Kerry Hagen, Wendy Voskuil, Mariam Rykken, Betty Johnson, Sandra Potter, Debbie Up,ton, Wendy LaValley, Annette Johnson, Charles Newell, Peggy Gearing, Vicki Dreis, Mary Nortman, Diane Easley, Patty Brown, Marie Wilson, Mary Converse, Sharon Wahl. Row 3: Beth Rykken, Sandra Peter- son, Kari Kilday, Suzanne Amo, Karen Ristuben, Becky Rudolph, Jane Pugh, Marlee Lunda, Jill Bush, Sally Odeen, Jane l-lostrawser, Patty Wilcox. Row 4: Laurie Gearing, Sherry White, Joni Steine. Pep Bond Row 1: Susan Drangstveit, Brad Peterson, Brent Peterson, Bruce Lahmayer, Eric Engebretson, Carol Hyde, Mr. Miwa. Row 2: Becky Rudolph, Betty Bahnub, Annette Johnson, Debbie Upton, Wendy La- Valley, Donald Galston, Steve Anderson, Charles Newell, Nancy Pratt, Kristin Berg, Ronald Wyss, Sandra Peterson, Sandra Potter, Beth Rykken. Row 3: Karen Ristuben, Betty Johnson, Nancy Millis, Julie Sandberg, Shelley Sherman, Maureen Cline, Peggy Gearing, Laurie Gearing, Brenda Mulry, Mar- lee Lunda, Kerry l-lagen, Debra Holder, Jane Hostrauser, Diane Easley, Mary Nortman. Not Pictured: Cheryll Bloczynski, William Potter, Kurt Salveson. Junior High Homecoming Gordy and Liz - Our Elite The Junior High Band i Planting a Vic -Tree Let 's Lick Those Suckers Our Tigers Sedan GAA J. Steine, J. Rogness, P. Wilcox, L. Rutherford, C. Millis. Row 2: S. Larson, D. Gilbertson, C. Wandrey, C. Swisher, A. Turner, S. Peterson, S. Wahl, K. Turner, L. Frankenberger, K. Severson, M. Wahl, P. Gearing, B. Bahnub, M. Eich, S. Blum, B. Peasley, K. Pearson, K. Eddy, P. Brown, C. Melinthorp, J. Zahr, S. Peasley, D. Wallace. Row 3: N. Swisher, S. Ott, S. Larson, M. Lunda, J. Pugh, B. Peasley, D. Pederson, S. Hizer, D. Nemitz, S. Amo, I. Dambach, J. Kersting, T. Chrest, C. Duffy, B. Millls, M. Cline, L. Hanson, T. Doers, J. Jewell, W. Voskuil, W. LaVa1l.ey, M. Holm- green, P, Taylor, D. Peterson, Mrs. Pederson. Row 4: L. Kimball, C. McC1eary, L. Marg, B. Mul- rey, J. Hosrrawser, K. Thurow, N. Millis, J. Pearson, P. Noble, S. Sherman, V. Dies, K. Hagen, C. Schultz, L. Brown, L. Gearing, D. Zibolski, J. Anderson, J. Huber, I. Anderson, J. Elkins, K. Meyer. Row 5: D. Upton, K. Kilday, S. Peterson, S. Anderson, N. Pratt, K. Berg, P. Hart, J. Bowen, D. Easley, K. Hubing, B. Rudolph, K. Anderson, A. Frederickson, B. Johnson, S. Drangstveit, D. John- son, K. Lawton, K. Ristuben, M. Nortman, S. Christianson, D. Amo, D. Zilmer. 7th and Sth Grade Basketball Rpw 1: D. Frederikson, B. Pratt, L. Grosskreutz, J. Thurow, R. Krenz, M. Doud. Row 2: Mr. Bade, F. McDaniel, D. Ludeman, J. Hicks, M. Engen, S. McManners, S. West, G. Moldenhaurer, R. Bell, D. Teeples, W. Krenz, G. Hizer, G. Lindbo, I. Hanson, M. Pierce, D. Young. on Cheerleaders Left ro Right: Linda Hagen, Alice Frederickson, Candy Lambert, Terri Chresr, Kathy Hubing, Jam- ie Kersting. d Laying: Debbie Peterson, Joni Steine. Kneeling: Lu Ann Marg, Barbara Millis, Suzanne Amo Standing: Jacqueline Jewell. Freshman Football Row 1: Randy Hanson, Greg Kreuger, David Ielinek, Bill Miller, Calvin Burge, Rolf Bergerson, Dan O'Brien, John Ravnum, James Bell, Mike Harelson, Tom Clark. Row 2: Billy Huber, Kurt Konkol, Jeff Skurley, Selmer Emerson, Craig Amidon, Pat Schnur, Jim Claassen, Randy Johnson, Mike German, Charles Anderson, Royce Blackdeer. Row 3: James Leffingwell, Billy Potter, Gordon McCormick, Dennis Chapman, Bruce Poff, Eric Engebretson, Pat Field, Lee McCann, Doug Dambach, Dan Evenson, Leonard Dennis, Gary Hall. Row 4: Steven Peterson, Todd Hanson, Larry Sexe, Donnie Galston, Mr. Severson. Bosketboll Left to Right, Kneeling: Billy Huber, Jeff Skutley, Dan I-Iarmer, Terry Hanson, Lynn Maier, Mr. Boock, Todd Hanson. Standing: Charles Anderson, Randy Hanson, David Meyer, James Bell, David Jelinek, Randy Johnson, Bill Miller, Greg Krueger, Mike Harelson, Gary Hall, Royce Blackdeer, Ste- ven Hoff. Administration Mr. M. C. Schmallenberg Mr. Floyd Brenholt Superintendent Ass'r. Supt. Rear: Mr. Mike Bowler, Mr. Eugene O'Brien. Mr. Haldot Jacobson, Mr. Ralph Lund. Front: Dr. R L. Thurow, Mrs. Gile Iliff, Mr. M. C. Schmallenberg, Mr. Bruce Odeen. Senior High M 315:25 Q ...asf .Q Sl j Mrs. Ianet Borchert . Gir1's Phy Ed. Mr. Howard Kinney Standing: Commercial Left to right .-or-'xx--f Mr. Norman Krenz Principal Left to Right: Mr. Fred Wagner Miss Carol Kinley Mrs. Blanche Mulry Q! ' Latin, World Geography Art Home Economics Miss Shirley Hagen Vocal Music Mr. Leo Grosskreutz Agriculture Mr. Sam Young Algebra, Boy's Phy Ed. , Coach Mr. Leo Bell American Problems Mr. Don Halverson English Mr. David Elkins Guidance Mr. Roderic DeVoe Library Faculty ,6MjM,-all-, Seated: Left to right. Mr. Hugh DiU1io Mr. Emerson Hyde Mrs. Lorraine McDonald Biology Driver Education Commercial Mr. Vernon Severson Social Studies, English Mr. Gavin Upton Band and Orchestra Mr. Thomas Larkin English Standing: Left to right. Mr. J. David Possum Mathematics Mr. Bernard Ness Mathematics Mr. Roald Dahlen Speech, English Mr. Gerald Bjerke Chemistry, Physics Mr. Raymond Johnson Industrial A rts Mr. Ivan Silbaugh Social Studies, Visual Aids Mr. David McCullough Industrial Arts Mr. Kenneth Graf Commercial Mr. Philip Meyer Principal Faculty Junior Seated-left ro right Mrs. Doris Frank--Speech, English Miss Cherylynne Zaiac--Vocal Music Mrs. Marian Pride--Algebra, General Math Mrs. Violette Parlow--History, English Mrs. Edith Stodola--Science, Math. Standing--left ro right Mrs. Kathryn Brown--Science Mr. Lester Miwa--Band Mr. Douglas McDonald--Industrial Arts Mr. Phillip Boerlcher--Science Mrs. Ann Pederson--Gir1's Phy. Ed. Phgh Seated-left to right Lawrence Anderson'-Mathematics Mrs. Meda Gilbertson--Science Mrs. Rachel Shankey--History, Math. Mrs. Alma Stark--Special Room David Machula--History, Mathematics Back Row-left to right Miss Lucille Larson--English L.. Q, .. David Boock--Citizenship, Coaching Miss Stella Amborn--Library Mi A H Oliver Bade--seem studies, Visual Aids Henilntffissusgfxlor Mrs. Dorothy Upton--Reading, English Focuhy School Personnel C7 l S. rg' Nr Mrs. Karen Byrns. School Nurse Miss Shirley Peterson. Jr. High Office Mrs. Doris Holder. Superintendent Office A Mrs. Evelyn Kelly. Superintendent Office Mm. Olga Samuelson, Superintendent Office quam-SQjNMw7S5fgLlfffjLJJQ0V.N,0vfg ,Q 6 M 0. ...LJ Mimi MW fwxiff WW . ff H 1,46 WWW 2213 J XM N QCD I f UMf,f21 M iw S M if 9510, ' ,5WWN,wfQxw JM 1fs.J:,.,, ,e-JW MMM? 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Suggestions in the Black River Falls High School - Breeze Yearbook (Black River Falls, WI) collection:

Black River Falls High School - Breeze Yearbook (Black River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Black River Falls High School - Breeze Yearbook (Black River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Black River Falls High School - Breeze Yearbook (Black River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Black River Falls High School - Breeze Yearbook (Black River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Black River Falls High School - Breeze Yearbook (Black River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Black River Falls High School - Breeze Yearbook (Black River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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