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Bishop Ryan High School - Ryanlight Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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presenied by THE SENIOR CLASS BISHOP RYAN HIGH SCHOOL BU EEALO N EW YORK V I 8 f A ,- I , , T Olllfle Q 'WSIB'- . . , , , , Dedicalion ........, Class and Deparlmenls Alhlehcs ........... Social Acliviiies ..... Pafrons ....,.,.. FOREWORD One of lhe mosl pleasani Tasks of 'rhe senior class every year is 'rhe prepararion of ils yearbook. This is our I956 edirion of Jrhe Ryanlighf. Hs Jrheme is one whose meaning, we lhink, will be grasped immediarely by fhis TV-generalion of viewers, "This ls Our Life." The lheme coincides wilrh +he purpose of every yearbookg we have consciously s+riven lo make i+ so in ours. The piclure of our life af Bishop Ryan School +ha+ if presenis is a "live show," showing as il' does so many candid and many-angled shols of our academic, sporl and social aclivily. ll reviews ifs high- lighls logerher wi+h so many orhers, of persons, places and evenls lhal will ever remain a perl of us. Ryan has prepared us well for life-and for efernify. We hope 'rhal' we will relurn +o The pages of fhis yearbook in +he years ahead of us lo renew and refresh our memories ol ideals so zealously and erfeclively presen+ecl 'ro us here. For we are proud of our life af Ryan. Here, Jrhen, is our produclion of il. 2 jktd L15 lftlf' LIFE CONTENTS Adminisfralion and Facully Clubs and Organizafions in wlizcl. WE HONOR We proudly dedicale this l956 Edilion of our Ryanliqhl To our Principal, Fr. Rufus J. Wicelinski, O.F.lvl. Conv., on The occasion ol his fwenfy-fillh anniversary in lhe l-loly Priesfhood. May lhis book serve as a humble 'roken of ap- precialion lor lhe many unselfish sacrifices which you have made in our behalf. May The words in lhis yearbook be a small pay- rnenl of qralilude for lhe many words of wisdom in educalion and discipline which you have so gen- erously beslowed upon us. May lhe piclures serve as a memenlo of lhe Friendliness, Kindness and Underslanding which you have always porlrayed. May 'rhis enlire yearbook be a genuine proof of our sincere respecr and wholehearred grafeiul- ness which we have and always will have for you. REVEREND RUFUS WICELINSKI O FM Conv Principal H4 R . Z is ,f-ff' REATER slress musl be Land on brlnqnng nnfo lull conlormrfy wnfh The Calholuc Falfh whal as laughl ID Lnferalure IH fhe Scrences The durechves on Educahon by 'rhe Popes nn rheur Encycllcals have guided our admnnusfrahon and facully an promofung our moral and nnfelleclual developrnenl Thus we are now belfer prepared To lalce our respechve places In socuely as nnfellu We musl say wllh hearl fell grahfude fhaf as we malured we came To realsze a dushncf spnrnl of Franclscan Charnly pervadrng 'rhe leachzngs and admonuhons of our facully We are fruly graleful fo lhe Covenlual Francus can Fathers and fhe Lay Facully for fheur unrelenl mg efforfs un our behalf We are cerfann +ha'r come fhe day when lhe need aruses we will be able lo observe and ludge according +o 'rhe sound Calholuc principles nnculcafed In us durnng our four years af Bishop Ryan l-hgh School 5 I gen'r Cafholics and cilizens. I g 'TZ-"' ADMIN Af THE MOST REVEREND JOSEPH A BURKE D D Bnslwop of Buffalo THE VERY REVEREND ANACLETE KACZMAREK O F M Conv Mwms+er Provmcnal of S+ Anfhony Provmce THE MOST REVEREND LEO R SMITH D D Auxiliary Bnshop of Buffalo f Q .qv . T .- ' 4 - T T 4 - S "x u x , Q u "' LL I K. xo Q2 . 'Z t ' 1 T A ' -. NN. ' .ff i - f - f 5 , F -Har.-.,,:f,i .4 ' gi T :I 1 N 1 V Q ' A V 'z . Q D DD E 6 TRATION THE RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR SYLVESTER J HOLBEL Supermfendenf of Ca'rl'1oIlc Schools BISHOP RYAN HIGH SOHOOL THE REVEREND LEO E HAMMERL Assocnafe Superm+encIen+ of Cafholnc Schools THE REVEREND RUFUS WICELINSKI O F M Conv Prnncupal 5 QP- ' , - f Mr I Ilia Regilfh I I?-' I 7 'QU- REV AURELIAN BRZEZNIAK Asst Prmclpal gon I Prefect of Studses EngI 5 is REV FELIX MAZUR e qc S ans I WorId s REV ISIDORE KOWALSKI trc Ctcn c Business WF REV ALOYSIUS BALCERAK REV MARTIN DOMBROWSKI Rewg on I Physwcs Chemstry ICF Boo 8 RE FERDINAND BAKINOWSKI ReI g Bookk ep ng Iypfw REV HENRY SENFT gon m r n s or Bus ness Law Guwdawce A dm Vs Ads REV PAUL KASPRZAK Reug E as IV Llbraran .aux ,.-s..,.w-r- REV BRUNO PYSZ Re gon II Geometry GeneraI Sc ence L5 0,0 gan D Q1 X f. ' 5 Rx , V, . ', " ' Rex I'AeIca Hwtyl, II' ReIaI :Latfn I. II. III1 ll, III. I ' - T U ' I' I.aI I . , Q I ,lf IS f' D I V I ' 1' X I - 1 -- :sf - J fl V A X ' I' V 'IX R II ' " IVE P iI1IA H1 Y- II IC' IIII? 9 I I' 'Q' I' ion II: r19I' I1 I, I I i . cry II, Iv- d, I : ' . xx K ex fxv ,XV I' 7 ' 7 i , -Relig , III4 I I gy. Iwi z. I I- -I 9 K REV BERARD DUDEK Ignon I rs Frenc 'S Q REV ROBERT GRZYBOWSKI nqwon I E I Busrness An metfc MR JOHN MULLEN Enghsh I GeneraI Mathematics AI gebra FACULTY If I x REV CYRIL AUGUSTYN :glen II WorId I-Iwsiory I Soma Stuches I MR ORDEAN J SHANABROOK I-IeaIth PhysIcaI Educatuon Football Coach 4 I4 L MR ALBERT P LOOS Industrval Arts GeneraI Scuence dj?-lQ 5- . .4 . .Vmffxx REV PAUL ZABICKI R Iuqwon IV GeneraI Mathematncs Soc aI Stud es I MR ELMO V DRILLING gebra Int Algebra Tngonometry SoId Geome ry Baseball Coach MISS MARY ANN PLATEK Secretary 9 Rel ' 'I Englh ll: ha. Rel" f ' If I e Q I : ' , I I , ,,1,I 'Z I . r, I N-f 1 1 I ' A I Re" . q ngI'sh Ig ' 'th- I 5 ' I ' g AI 2- . I : ' 7 2 v, wI+"v'X.n W, Aa A E .2 'Q ' is ,III P I ,A . ' 7 I ' ,,,, , I ' f" 2' I aaae1I1IIIIII x x- R " 2 !.v. a l ' I V , 5 I I I L 3- 1' ffm, fd' UR Isle af Ryan I-Iugh rs moslly +he academuc Ixfe nn The broadesl meamng of Ihalr 'rerm We would requlre as much knowledge as possible an all Ihe helds and sublecfs covered by our currnculum Our pasf four years have been spenf In pursuul of Irufh Ihe Iru+hs of rnan of 'rhe world we lnve IH and of God We Ihunlc Ihal as we Iravelled along +ha+ amporlrance of a hugh school educahon II became clear Io us Tha? we were preparing no+ so much for graduahon as lor Isle and eIerm+y We realized Ihe significance of our sludues for our Iulure as responsible members of Ihe commumfy We are confudenf 'rhal' our Isle and sludues aI Ryan have been a wuse vnvesI'men+ In 'rha+ Iu+ure OUR LIFE I I road of knowledge we realized more and more Ihe vi ,I QW? 'Q- FRANCIS P BICIO JAMES B BOECK RICHARD J BONK Scorpuon ec Hippo 72 Mantgemery SS Peter 81 Paul 72 Sanford Bessed Tnrnty 31 Gnttere Street Co pus Clwrlstl Academic A adern C Busmess ess C1 b cence ca u Scle Clu F otbal 2 3 4 Dramatc b Flnoto b o ba 2 lntra r WALTER J CLAYBACK Claybach 2 We rna St eet St Be arc: B sn ss a lntram Prc C 4 St o r L, C1 l ry 2 C5 Club on ol Decency 3 4 Sc u Ryanlgln 4 Eco Manager 2 f it Arn- "Wt-' 1 in Grasplng flue pnncnples of Business Law poses problem as evnclenced by +l1e loolcs of flue srnulung 'Huw M fn nf -r sf' GERALD M BOROWIAK Jerry 41 Domedlon Street St John Gualbert s Bus ness U rary 1 M ltla ary 2 lntramur s C5 ee Club 4 Tlnlrd Order of St Francis 4 Clneereader 1 Q19 Senvors busnly engaged durrng a husfory session Careful now llwaf all llwose figures don? go 'lo your head laces rn +145 .nsffmon class no en i0l'.'j of Back in l952, a carefree group of young men enfered fhe porfals of Ryan High. Yel' foday, as we are abouf fo leave, we see abouf us a mafure and serious group of young men. filled wifh fhe cherished memories of lheir High School Life. I 2 F, K W"-1,.,,n,,' I I K K. kk I . Ill ' J sw '. vriwl, Q L ki - I . V K U ? V V V. A H. -in .,.v n Iy, , I V ' s W 1 Y ,iv 7 H V T ' J Q , 4 'ii l L V ' gif rg A9 , ' fi ke f i A - f-v f 4, "' 'lf fm., , ' N R' . g W- . Y . xxx I . A . M ' f' t .5 fl. Inj VL is K Q., K, it :Q wk A ll '. ll IIB lk!! ll ' .ll Il I ll 4 I , . . . F , . , C11 u 3, 42 S1 Club So 1 l C1 b 13 lvnce b 3, o 5 , , Q 3 Clu i- 3, 4g Militia ol Mary 3, 4: 45 Miltla cl Mary 2, 3, 4. 2, 3, 47 Cilee C1 b 3, 47 J. V. Llb , 2, 3, 4g il" ol Cu 4. Fo t ll , 37 rnu als 2, 3. M . 3, 42. al 22 . I P 3 I 86 ' r r . rr u 1 e fi E J. V, Baslcetb 'l 25 urals ' 2, 3 47 J To lub 1 u le lt C011 ' 1, 2 3, 47 Milled cl V' I H 3 E Ma , 3, 4g 'ee , .47 v ,K 1- Leg' 1 , 5 C-al I 2 " C1 is 3. 1 1 , tba' 1 ,A kr ..,' , 3. W , I K xx kV,gk If 1 1 1 A A -1 9 J 1 1 ' , 2 -. , 4 X . gn V X 1 A A L ' T V l E 'f. 156- 'zo as 'Ran T""" 'x 'iv HENRY F FALKOWSKI Pelican 53 Reed Street St Stanislaus Bu rness B n Club 1 2 Student Council n rn rals 2 3 Legion at Decency Gussle Plwoto Club 4 ary23 RONALD D GOSPODARSKI 37 New cn Street Corpus Chr str Academ c PETER I KENT BX 1999 C1 nton Street St Ber ard I Academic N 3 tball e e 4 Intramurals 4 i So ttus rs Enqlrstm Literature A group ot sensors manifesting mnxed emotions on the sublect study English Laterature during the Elizabethan Period JOSEPH J JABLONSKI oe 790 Sycamore St eet St Stan slabs Acadern c on t Decency 1 2 Ryan q 4 lntramuras SCl9V1 ROBERT A KOLBERT o 2047 Broadway St Ann Academ c o C ub otball 2 a Mar 'Y' RONALD C JAKUBOWSKI Ja e 100 Sw nburne Street St Joaclm m A ademrc c o Club 1 4 Foo rarnatrc ub M is 4.4 mf ,,, fi' IQ -...E-f-r' 'T' X-'va As we look back and uncover fhe sands of lime. we can recall ever so vividly fhe unex pecfed new frials we had experienced as Freshmen. Thaf ferrible day of inifiafion found us shining shoes for Seniors, sporfing red marked faces and wearing rolled up frousers and iackefs buffoned on backwards. Difficulfies also presenfed fhemselves in sfudies. The sudden change from Elemen v ,. 1 age - ' 1 Q ?X - 0 ' C f? .1 g 41 A, I an 3. I 2 ,L ' X ,I A ,. i , ,,. ,v ' V my if ' - . .y,f' ' E I .. ' - .. ..' . .. all .. ..' k .. h ' Q i ' f r 1 si i . 1 . 1 ak ' . 5 ' I . 1 C A 37 J. V. Baseball 1, 2, 3: I tra- Leqr o , , 3, 45 Pla t , 2, 3. 5 tbafl u , 1 I , Mllltla of Mary 1, 2, 3, 45 J. V. 17 D V C1 1, 2, llitla 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 4, Militia Football 15 Varsity Football 2, of Mary 2, 3, 4, Science Club ot M , , 4, 3, 4: II nt J l 3, 4: Social Club 1, 2. 3. 1, 2, 3, 4: ' ce Club 3, 4. , ,. M I 3' -SFX. , -'ff ff, if., - , 4 -- . Y 1- . '33 . . ' ' Ynl 4 "" V W -.T .. HB b.. . rf' 1 . 'W . x 4 1 - ff- , f ' , J. v, eagle 37 sa nf club Pm 1 3, same 3, J, v. ' , 43' , ' . Fc: 5 Mrlti ot y 2, ' In 3, 4. X' ,c,,,X -X X X X 2 ' X VA if Q , J' , f iffwffx ' A 'VESA' 1 1. 1"'1 't -, ' 2, b Fri' ' Ahh- X IK lFi,'f'LA " 'Vffaf T Q K rg-v N: - if . . . . ' . ' .ss 4 y , . 4 I3 Xjllw 'WR 0 M 'mlnlv 'Iyar ' fv- ,QB- VX U' EUGENE A KOPCZEWSKI DONALD S KOZAK FRANCIS F KRAUZA FRANK C KREMBLAS Cup Cake on Frankne Franlue 53k,S d r e G WC6 R a A rw C Z A adem T Oder +' r Lbar C R a Acad Mar H Cx 'Ji 4 9 Rf'- 'vw 3 HENRY P KREMPA Creamy dr Tfwgorwomelff feafher Mf Drl' no exp'a of We mfwou LLP' we of We ' frwafowe 'O a group FNPFDFD ew dew fary School Life fo High School Life necessifafed increased ambifion and inferesf in sfudies. Affer fhe arduous fask of June exams, we emerged as prospecfive upperclassmen. Top scholasfic Fresh- men honors were won by Francis Krauza and Norberf Wloch. I 4 wwf, Q' is 2 L 'f9! Q' Y' cg 2x'K liar' K' out-v' Y' JAMES H KRUZICKI ROGER P KRUZICKI LEONARD R KUBERA LOUIS J KUREK Crulser I44 Stewart Street Kuble e 36 Kopermk Street St Cwmrr St John Gua e I I3 WaIcIen Axemre 24 Crane Street Academrc A udermc St Ada bert e Xl t Deoew rn Academr Afedeam ra s C IIH s 2 Sf en e Ice be C ar, ary 4 a Ba 0 1 Ct emIqwt 4 armras 4, I f-NIQI favs. -..-,.,,o-f avr' IW Amis ., DENNIS F LEWANDOWSKI NORBERTW LEWANDOWSKI ev: Norb I835 BaI A en e e re- Street r t y Nar' e A xdem c A adem C ary 2 4 et Ma y 4 a arm ra c C b ram a enzord of 1956 Actvve bodres create actrve mwos a demonstrated Ire e chem tr sttoen stowrw e-tt nq up an rn as q errr a reecl rw 5 eouretvo erent get e ec Yes we had crossed our Rubicon and we would refurn frlumphanfly nexf fall as Sophomores Wise Fools ln addlhon fo sfudles, our fhoughfs now furned fo fhe Social and Sporfs Llfe The School Social Dances were well affended. an achve mferesf In fhe many clubs and orgamzahons I 5 , -I J I 3 I ' I . -'xml' ., . I xv , . i X A I 1 V h ir 33.5 . f , 'N Q, -af - A f' I ,. " .f - 9 Q ff X 1 so . f , . - , 's.- Yi: K A - ,- Il .1 II Y ' 1 ll 'I II IIR .dll ' . I ' ' . Ib rt f , ' C. '. . .I SS. Pet r Pa II, J. V. Baecbe'I I, 2, 3 4: I tra- I'wIvarrwI,mII. I, 2. 3, 4: J. V. . , It , 'C mu I I, 2, 3 4: Scwerre II Bn QILIII I, 1 .r. ce CI..b 33 Seem CI.Ib 3 4: Bas I .II 3, J. V, FoctboII I. 14? Mfltre I M I I, 2 3, 4. M'IItIe UI M. r I, 2, 3, :Ien- 4: Izootb TI 3, 45 5 b.'I 4i Ms I, 2: Pnctc Ib 4. Ry 5 I 5 Ietv' : I I. -, . 1 1, V . M I' 'IW' . if I w' 71 , 3 ' L , u 5 N 7. , , , , 'iv' 3,3 s ' It - ' I . X. I ,' .Iii I I I .IIL 'll ll- I1 'ey .f tl GI I.: pe , . Cc p.3Cwfst HSI e GIJ :..S 'Q I C 'Q Prcte CIt.b 3, 4, Sciefrge C eb Photo C nb 2 3 4fS:e1ce Mb 3 4: MIIta ct M 3 4: 3 Q Mltfa ' 3 7 Dr - Int' 1. Is I 2. matl E 3, 4g Soda CI,b 37 i Irvt QV I3 2 3, 4. J X 'ro ., -M r C If .1 kgg' Ig.-55,5 I II I U F 'I by t.s If. I,' 1' ts, . 5 74 1 d e t.fI'I CII TQ I Je. t' In pr ,f. ' ru tor CIItI , j . IW S -. gif' 3,6 in-V :3 X' f'- flrlb ""' agp ay.: 4-K ui -3 VX-If xx I HENRY J LEWINSKI EDWARD W LISZEWSKI JOSEPH E MACIEJEWSKI FREDERICK s MAJKOWSKI Ce Id u Tiny rl 1 207 Pearl S' cet We tSeDe li? Rather Avenue St Adal l91 Cc t Street St Stamsla 220 Guvlterd Street Sf Adalbeff B Smegg Academ c St Mary ct Sorrows Acadcm c r mural V Fcc :la at Mary l Busmess C t of Mary 4 Glee Baslce al 3 lntramuras ee Club STEPHEN S MALCZEWSKI Steve s e St Jo ap Academ 4-, of X, 5 M rap, D 34 B f my QM?-.. -H33 IA WV RICHARD L MIAZGA "Duck" 302 Barnard Street St Casumlr Academlc J V Basketball 3 Science Club 3 Photo Club 2 3 lntramurals Q eniord Research and home work may cause many a heartache and sore arms, but here at our school lubrary the students tmd that helptul cooperation and the satustactfon ot a Iob well done often com pensate tor the extra effort was developed: a nofable posifion in Yarsify and J.V. Sporfs was soughf by many, and fhe Infra mural games were enjoyed by all. Af fhe end of fhe year Norberf Wloch and Francis Krauza merifed fop Sophomore Scholasfic Honors. I6 fr R 3 2 A H . E R E W:-"MW ' 4 . , R - . i as , E, I , W K 5 .g Al , A .p-N, j rf, H J fee ' fa? ' I ft, my Q . X s' K, i 3 A 'A , Q, C 4 Q? 4 'Za - Q 1, - fy .. ' I. .. ,,D'd,. I. - .. HF'-t H .r ,. 5 cap , bert 5 , ' Ds ' , Ll . . ' l lrvt a s 2, 3J J. . tball Milt , 2, 3, 4. ' Sf -are Cl.b 4: Photo CLD 4: l, MM, 7a . 1 Club J. V. tb l I l M lila ct Mary 4 Social Club 4- 2, 4: Mllltla Ot Mary 2, 3, 47 2, 3. Gl 4. . -Y I A n "l 7l lrcnqsci Stre t E . 5 hat 1 4 , Sale e Club 3 4: ,Phctcm hf 'ft 9' 3 Q K., Cl b 5 J, V, aslce.bal' 3. 3 I W D X KT' 'Ci' Wi, l x f CA Ex ,, ti 'fi' 1' all :QQ '22, 4' Q S-n-7' 'P'-,C 5 PETER J NOWAKOWSKI JR RAYMOND E NOWICKI RALPH R PAWLAK FRED M PIECZYNSKI Knolaby ay Little Caesar ritz 24 St Mary s Rd 825 Clinton Street 1662 Clinton Street St Casimir 2481William Street St Josaphat Holy Name otalesus SS Peter 8: Paul Academic Academic Academic Academic Y tth Forum 3 M lita ot Mary iia t Mary 2 ramatc Club 2 3 radu r Club 1 co nl: C b I a rary Drama c Cu ry 2 3 4 Sclehc C u Photo Club 2 3 4 Sc erce Club 4 Safety Patrol 4 b S-S in-4 nu- EDWARD Z PIENIAZEK Money Man 45 C Street St Stanislaus Academic Science Club 3 4 of 1956 4 Satequarcling our physical titness is ot vital necessity to our well being l-lere students trom our Health and Satety Course show a practical demonstration inthe art ot tirst and Time marched on and soon we had learned 'lo enioy 'lhe respecf given us as Juniors. Wifh if, however, came responsibilifies and increased inferesf in oufside affairs. Two members of fhe Sfudenf Council - Walfer Clayback and Norberf Wloch. bofh Juniors - represenfed fhe school I 7 ,L-H. ' ,XX , Q' :fav ,ka .. , i,, 1. 2 K., txt' " ii 3 f ,- 25' 'i "1 ' 4 at ' 'M K ' 3. in 4 4 , Q 4 ,, , I A ,-Q 4 ,fe A we -fr ' it 2' ,1 5, s.- 5 ' , 11. ., V ' 'v . ' ,N Y W V kv LM it ' 7 5 ' H .- ' ' HR '-. -. . ' .. JF- H ' 'i or : i'i Milt O , 3. 4. Photo Club 2, 3, 4: Social Club Photo Club 3. 45 Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Social Club 1, 27 2, 3: D i , :G - 3, 47 Militia ot Mary 1. 2, 3. 4. At 1 .2, 3: Tennis 1, 2, 3: ati Ba lu 27 Mil'ti ot Lib lg ti l b 25 Ma , , 1 ' e l b 3 , , 1 1 5 . 3, 4: Chess Clu 1, 2. 3. xi:---. S 4 as A 1 fl 1 .l , ,lg 3 A' I N f 4 A, 3 4 - fi if ' ' K 3 - ,.r l ii' 1' 1 is I . V 11 , Q ,' . T .f N U .. -A H 1 I pyhy I , . if u 2 ,. . I V Q , I 1: x 9' I V my S VV at . VLVVVV if ' ,, f f "4 fi il vc. , V, 48 ,, 5 ,ps , l 34, .,3,,. Mau... fr VV lb' RONALD E PILARSKI WALLACE S PIOTROWSKI ete Peters 84 Warren Avenue St Adalbert 81YOUnq Ayeque S+ Jcl-In Kanfy Busxness BJ5,ne55 F ball lntram ee Club 3 4 Mrlfa f o al' P Clu 4 yan Gee C nb 4 THOMAS V SHANNON rss 94 Dcmed on A enue M tl-le Redeenne A oern 'G CC a fn ra GG O Safety Patrc G ee C ub N-If 3 5' kvgyf- bf as all 1' ind ln a Clvll Defense Cou I 4:44 jg, an-s......, 'mv 1-,,.,, ONALD R ROLLEK on 625 Ful n Street Corpus Cnr st BERNARD J RUDA Bernie 682 E Ut a Street St Mary Maadelene Acaclernrc arnatc Cl 3 .1 AC6d9m1C eball 2 Foetbarl3 4 n rn rals 2 0 0 .J Serene ROBERT D SOKOLIK Cool One 676 mble eenctM tl-l y Acadern c al C Q 0, ss. IMG bm A group of contented Rellgucn students enrich tlwerr understand t rough tn vvewer Certalnly at rs an Improve ment over the tedious teclnnuque I + O Q udyrng trom textbooks alone e ot a sr 4--- jr- Bm Ln rse given ln Albany Thomas Shannon and Roberf Sokollk also Jumor class members parhclpafed on fhe Youfh Forum over sfahon WBEN D T fhe honor of Afhlefe f fh ave orgalsk: was awarded o e School Top Jumor Sch l Eugene Ko o ashc Honors wenf fo Norberf pczewskr I8 Wloch and , X r A ' 41 X xx ,519 ,V C ' A , - . R . . "P " ll ll IVR ll ll - ll Q .. to 7 5 . 32 J- V- OCT li - Urals lr Gl , 7 'l' Mary Bas 7 ' , 7 l tra- l C A 2. 32 Militia ct M y 2, 3, 42 2,,3 45 not: to 7 R llglwt ru 7 Ph t CI4 b 2, 37 Dr 5 ub 4: Plnctc Cl' tn l l' - 4, 4 e Club 3, 3 47 Football 47 J. V, Featball 3, l W I N VV ul '- hu n D n , . g, r v ' ee ' :S ly f C, cs 0' Rosam ' ca' r lc 7: W 5 PH t CJD l 2, 3 47 Sclence So I lab 2 37 Rcarr Rarns VK ' ' Q Club 3, 4, Mwa at Mary 1 2, 3 4, Y:.tH FC' 3 4f M456 4 T' 5 3, 47 Ry nllght 3 47 lntfa' C- 'y l. 2, 3, 4, qw L T' L: ls l 27 R 'Q Forum 3 4: ' F V N 47 l 3. Vw , W- 7 x he f, J 4 . . . ' 4-4' f , ' , 4 ' lw use l'de V K V K V, , rng VVV I, QV f V 3 . V . . . . l ,r ':,,:., kk,- ls. ' V V V x VW l Q W V: f , V ,551 : A , V :yn V V 'V V l l C gg -g. ll , Ku ' 'V Ar A ,, f 1- , ll 7 , ' .fi ' 1 X + y lf 7 Q . , , L ,. , , i VQFX V , fl ! pf ,A . ' - , , il . R " f . . 0 I . ll 'I O 0 "" 53 'P f9"'x an--' S-of V MELVIN E STACHOWSKI Stack 64 Meadowb cck Pkwy St Berna d Academlc rary Club lntrarnura S HENRY F SZYMENDERA Szym 358G1bson Street St Stan slaus Acadernc B ba V Baske c a oball 3 4 J V Baske Bas e a 4 P 0 o 2 4 Sc enc C b Dramatic Club 4 ltla ot Mary 1 4 n lrals 3 Student Cou 2 3 4 Leg on ot Decency 3 4 RAYMOND J WICHLACZ Wot 322 Sweet Aye ue St Adalbert Academlc P o O Club 2 3 4 Sclence Cl nrarnurals l 4 S6 ra14 J Fc bal '-, ma Ag 13" Wi" '1""""" LUKE C TARQUIN UI' 142 Cambra St Bernard Academuc 1 ra ot Mary 2 EDWARD A WIECZOREK Commodore 105 I-'ledley Street St Josaphat Acadernlc DAVID S TORGALSKI Torgy 241Asl-'ey St eet St J ach rn Bus ness ctbal J V Baske F o ball 2 3 4 V Basketball 3 lntrarnuralsl Mllltla ot Ma 4 Ryanllqht 4 Drama Club 4 Glee Club 4 matic Club 3 Cheerleader 1 , h--f .Sg- will s ey not a Greek ln Spanish Class Students learn the proper pronuncuatnon ot varuous Spanish words trom the1r qennal teacher ot wltand humor Fr Felix el'll0l' Cladd And now af lasf, the pinnacle of success - Seniors. For our Senior Year we elecfed as Class President, Walfer Claybackg Vice-President, Henry Szymendera: and Secretary, Ronald Rollek. As the curtain of fime is abouf fo descend on our pasf four glorious years af Ryan, we sfop lo recollect fhe pafience and kindness wifll which fhe faculfy has molded our characfers, flle many I9 alll 'll Gig.. an-as ,.Q:., '50-' Nia- t'V""" 'W NORBERT A WLOCH NORBERT J ZABOROWSKI EDWIN J ZIELINSKI RICHARD D ZlELlNSKl Fly Boy Ace Eddle Duc 399 Walden Avenue St Luke 125 Erb Street St Lawrence 41 Euclxd Avenue 89 Gatchell Street Academuc Acadern C St John Glalbert St John Kanty ee Club 3 Photo C u ess Cl b Bas e a Bus ness Academ C ence Cl b 3 eball 4 Intramurals 4 M rary Cub l 4 Soc Pho o Cl b 2 3 Semen e ry I 3 4 Third Or ot Mary i 2 1 a tMary 2 ancls Soc al n r mur Glee u 3 Student Council 2 3 4 Photo Club SC ence Club 4 STEPHEN R ZOLADZ Steve i 78 H lton St eet St Stan 5 aus Aca em C o Club V Base ""' " 4 Sc en if Learning to be executive tycoons from the bottom up An eager typlng class ot sensors learns penmanshup ala machnne 56 ' Q1 . L-.Q 'W enior Claw blessings received af fhe Fafher and Son Communion Breakfasf, fhe ioys and hearfaches shared of our school Sporfs Evenfs, lhe sincere and fender companionship of our associafes and above all fhe priceless Cafholic Educafion, which we were foriunafe enough fo receive af BISHOP RYAN HIGH SCHOOL. 20 :A ' ' Y x ,Z I Q U ' V x ,.,. ,V K' r, kr Q k,,Lk 'lfl V It 4 A I K, i 5 2. it 41 ' X tp . V K , 4 ' x if 5 .4 i 3 Q l .. ' .. .I .. .. ' --.. .. -'ku GI , 'b3,4p Ch L 4, ktblr 4, I 1 2 V Sci u , 45 Militia ot Bas g 7 Qh- LRb l- , 2, 3, 5 ial t u , : A C 2, 35 Ma , 2, . 1 4 der ot t'a 3, 4, C'tb 5 Mwltla ot Mary 1, 2. Millti o , 3. 4. St. Fr 3, 454 l Club 2, 3, 45 l t a als lg Cl b 1:15-an "Cyl I - it A 5 Vi!-. 2' m 2 FI,- - .. ' .. , W l r , F l QI 3 . d s Z qs ' 1 Phct 3, 45 . ball 45 Xu M 'itla ot Mary 3, g 3 .ce 2 X Club 4. ' 43 Q , . , -1 If I 'l'he Bishop blesses our Two new addifions . . . Most Rev. Joseph A Burke blessing the dedicated as St. Joseph's Friary, Shown with Fr members ot the student body acting as aitar boys. May each biessed drop ot water render un- to every student a ciearer rendition ot scholastic as weii as spirituai understanding. Most Rev. J. fx. Burke dedicates our new schooi annex. new Facuity residence Rutus, our Principai. are Led by our principai, Fr. Rufus, the dedication exercises ot our new annex and tacuity house, are brought to a beginning by the biessing ot the schooi gymnasium. Our student body and guests being addressed by the Most Rev. BGVWOD A. Burke durng tne dedication exercises. Deep is the attention inspired by the bishcp s words concerning Cathoiic Education. afar un ,ami N Gapms m an Msg GLW And a SILVER JUBILEE ee Mas P NJK-1 5 L e as db Dee on Fr S V7 N el G. First Row: N. Wxsrneewsk' G, Resz , B. Amdryelewsku, D, Pajak. Second Row: Reminiscing abouf fhe pasf . Jumvers busiy engaged in Book- keepmq Wcarn that the c'1Wy way to success is through the combined ef'- Forts ef determmeton and bard work. Lewidu, T. Waclwcwiak, N. K D. Rudewrcz, E, Janczak, erpwk, J. Cmja, T. K uczymslm, R, Lewawdcwskw N Bentkowsn Third Row: A. Mauaq, D, Mount, F. Newcz Wejek, F. Hfxrzynsk. WNW' - .--.-5 if M P 1---, 'ww Q n-.W 30 'fx . X! 1 2 A N, v , 1 - 1 n 1 W r 4 1' Q L , 1 'E K .Q 1 -r Q I., +q ' -4? 4' ' ., f L .255 v - . 4,31 . a- A f "4-5 nd 1 H - I-s 4 f , Q, P' s ff 1' Q f 1 X -5, uh.. 4 , an F +?' 2 Svfi' 1' i af Wx. .a 1' V ,qv Q ,L .eff 7 -1. W, U- -av! Vw. Vdw, Vx 'reno '.fnca'W Lain Y-'mgnwsts seen I ' ' 'f rmztof, of twat dead thong' 'vqHy usefn anguage. in experience and learning . . '-Pf ii Ve sractwcan asoect C so . Sc st, e Ze ff- J. Bowsk T. Swefzonga and J. Steafn gather afcmd J Bebe- as Pc d gb nic the dazed tomar Firsi Row: T. F, psku, J. Wcznxak, W. Tamol, F. NetzeN, R, G. Zefms-1 J, Wylde. K, La Vwqne. If w: . Cfxi , R" MM D. Paffl, J. Beback. Second Row: R. MwNer, R Bnczkcwsk R. Zwentara F. Fr g ' , ' r, . a :Q , Bn H sxuwskw, F Krdmzyk. T. Jakubowwcz, P. Kujawa, G. Beiter,'r L. Wulccx T. Tychynskn, J' .5 N f Q q 4 like J -31' 3 x 1 ,- .QE X v I of .g QS D0 I- Y 159' UQ HE J. X Q K A WWA,-4-1m-PM - iff H39 Qsifrgzfy 4 Ax J G If Fr. Brnng ,Jmnta out tc ns Gegmevy Cass tne proper method of bisecting an angfe. Enkindled by fhe fire of frufh . . First Row: E. Mederski, E. Gasxeckw W. Kapela, J. Takes. T. ak. M, Nowak, Third Row: R. Rczek T. Kazrnierczak, R. Budzyns Dandskf T. Swerzenga, W. Horne. Second Row: W. Rudnicki, H. L,1czak,C.GTowny, E. Wrcna C. Steiger. D. La Pose, L. Snannon, R. Makowskw, T. Owczarczalr A, Rydzyn- , X , I T H' ip! , 3' BIPQ. ,af .xx -. C -41--4 X fN N 1 T 1 if V r-. if s Row J Scnrm e! J t rw W K aw r-sim H a Czechowsku D To orczk Third Row: R. Szalwinslcl, W. Zielinski, Schrader, D. Cywmski, E. Proud. Q E EN-111.1 gijf I I .L M - mi 1 f v Q X , I " k ' .6 '.,. :,Q ' ' . ' H rf' .Qtr 5 ' A.. Q 10 .V Q' Q "X - ,X f .ggi Q 7571 L, Pere Berard and his French studerts seem tc have taken the school by storm Seen at he bcarfj wth Pere Befdfd are J' As the' smwhng laces wdmate. the shclehts cl Fv. Rcbefis Bpshess Math cas Scwmlgel. E. Pfcoo and R. Schrader. 1 f W wh M we game the rel el afforded by t'c pmtcgraphers whterrnot Advancing slowly in undersfanding and knowledge First Row: R. B,z-ak R. Jas-rsk G. Hema. S. Lcwclr R. Tame Row: G- LC"d"5-W: R. Leslrw C. Ralewslc. Second Row: R. Warsltz A. Kacafa N. WeSc'elc, M, PQ' Maghy-sk R. Scrramm R. Scbefalsk J, Rrzyby' C, B,.th. Third If ,, i LE. A, , P R M an R. K ak L Ta" .mek E. Pao ' V A3 , Q QQ f I 2 'X f is xni' Nu ' nas! I X 'QQ fe' v "-X K. 1, . ' T K ,- .- N! Q L rw First Row: N. K..-k E. Zewtara D. P:cz.1N.nsk', G. Janiga S. Wm am R. Pe-P click R, K"Uczk:.ffsR J. Brzycki Q. Dx Pwrf: J, Chew... Second Row: P. Haaz L. K'.VTTdniK C, Kama E. Gwen- rgwbk P Bo 1 as J. fflffi Q. Zncb c Q. Wtlcxwsk F. ,sw Gu Q-PF , K. ., f 1.5.5-2 . Funwckcw ak, J. E I -x.-.Q .,. a,ws1 R. Peicck D. Wavdass C. Cramer B. facie .M fj ff A od-.- .sn ,. , vsk Fx, Du Rs-. - . .. X, ,Q-. ,,, 5 1 X Plenty cf work -r rms Ge-'era' Mat' Qcmse ,. rw Fr, Pagi gbcwfg We way and me eaqer Freshmen graspmq for kncwledqe. 35 ffwsaee M. De Pasqdafe. Third Row: M. K, ek 7 .ff HF lub and organ1za'r1ons are an nnlegral parl ol nur l1le al Ryan l-hgh These GC'l'IVIlleS are var n ffl 1 lo appeal lo lhe Clnyerse mleresls o l slu lenl lhe luclenls noi only enloy 'f em s 'ye IH lhese acl1v1l e bul also fund lhal many ol a e helpl n +he1r Sludle A pn nler IU a sublecf may be shmulaled y 1n o The c 1 ,J l9 I1 our sp1r1+ual developmeni' suc I9 e he ceg1on ol Decency and lhe lv11l1 a M y lrnaculale The Safely Palro on e l prolecl us phys1cally Ollen a s L may l1nr1 1 lll6lIme hobby ID 'rhese acl1v1l1es Abwe al clwe parhclpalvon ID lhese clubs helps evclc 1 Jnaluly Qur llle al Ryan 1 ennchel by our aclwe parl1c1pal1on IH + ese a lv1l1es bul more mwporlanl IS lhe lacl lhal +h1s parl1c1pal1on w1ll help develop well rounded 1nl'er esls ID our laler l le 01111 LIFE li F: Q l Pl Yfx 3 I . l he 1', s. s , , . ' h - e. s . 1 s, lhf-11 111 'ivlhes .. ul 1 ' ' s. slu- nl .' f- I 1 Dsl ' ' ' by 1' : 11" rw'11n ' nfl ol llvese clubs, as la ace 'li fllfx '31?e11':e Club. Some ol lhese organizallons len 1 . ' ' 1 , , 1 h f lh func ol l' ' , ' , , "+I ol fer 1' 1' . l, lh wllsfvr lm nw - S ' . ,+1- Ibm X . ,V . L. . ... U . 1, l a f' ' ' ' ' lo 1l. 1 wg ou' persf ' ' l'l'gh ls ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' .l'1 cg 1 , 1 l J. i. I fy pq 4 x Guided by Chrisfian Ideals . . S F 'F f i 2 9 'X 'af - vw . A 'ws TP I L xQ- i -1 I , 'x J lc: ,X .. 5 R w J g da war-cg Starzyris M. Rasrs F. Janczak, T. Jakubowicz P. Gasewicz. F. Gaseck A. tn S W b Second Row R Pyszczynsk ewand if s C, Was ak D. Zeinsici C. Pecnuiis. .U '57 .fi . i '1 ae . obert e rw eac e r oricaes at he investure ceremony af re T' rd Order in the facuity chapei, Pictured are R. Twarcg. L. Starzyrsk R. Pysczynsk. C. Wasiaim, J. Wioch and C. Pec u THIRD ORDER OF ST. FRANCIS Members of The Third Order of S+. Fran- cis. under rhe guidance af Fafher Robert srrive ro come cioser fo Chrisr by foilowing rhe spirii and hoiy ideals of ifs founder, S+. Francis of Assisi. Srudenr members reaiize the priviiege and honor of being parr of fhe Fran- ciscan Order, and benefifing from Gods numerous graces and The Franciscan Family's induigences. Nl novices and professed meme bers wear 'rhe smaii scapuiar and cord, and by fuiiilling rhe requiremenrs of rhe Ruie of rhe Order of ST. Francis, enioy ali rhe righfs and privileges of rhaf Order. fo our efernal happiness ii iv' , . .-f R 1 'U- ,- x N ..j "5 In W""' 4 . y s 1 . K Q me X rw .fr rf ,L . '-.fyaf ' x , 'fm Q, A 3. 'Ji ' "A, 1 3 . I 'gk' s f K - . I E ei r . .. Aff -, Q- lsr. if 1' pg. 1 11"fg .V we Y .': "', - 19 Firsf Row: F. 'VN l K. KH, rtfrf R. Srwtr D, Tercask S. Pasterrralw. Second Row: P. DrVrtc. R, V! ,da N. Berwlc R4 Rczek. J. Lackr. Milifia of Mary The Milllia ol Mary was srarled In Rome by Fnllwer lvlaximillarr Kelbe. a Polish Francis- can Friar Converwrual. It primary purpose is rlwe prepagarlorr ol a slrrcere love and devo- fiom ro Mary Immaculale. Grwe of H5 aims is llwe Cerwverslon and sancflflcarion of slnners llwrpuqlwoul llwe world. Since H5 inceprlorx in Rome. rlwis lvlililia has spread far and wide. l-lere, ar Ryan, Fr. Islclore. our moderafor, has seen 'rlwe Mililla qrow .by leaps and bormdsl In membership and ac+ivi+y. 14' ZQ 57" S. Pennies fer the missions. Mrssron collegters beavwnq wrtlw satisfactlon gcbnf the weekly cellectrefr for tre mrssrons on Ryulcyu Islands conducted by the Francrscan Fathers Mirwcr Ccrwerwhals. 39 1 Our pracfical lesson in democracy IQ 1-'Y X Firsl: Row: J. Nowcki J, Dombrowslci, W. Claybaclc, F Now cl: M onia Secon Row G erger J son Ro e Thurn, E. Wrcna E. Paoln R Ba 'nas l-l Szymendera D Mou STUDENT COUNCIL The harmony beTween a governing body and iTs governed lies in The capabilities ot iTs chosen repre- sentatives. This eTTecT is achieved aT Ryan Through our STudenT Council, which serves as The proTicienT mediaTing pendulum beTween The sTudenTs and The school Taculty. The elecTed oTTicers Trom The various classes comprise The STudenT Council. The Senior Class oTTicers are: WalTer Clayloaclc, President' T-lenry Szymendera, Vice-President: and Ronald Rolleli, Sec- retary. We, The sTudenTs, proudly salute our STudenT Council Tor iTs endless discussions oT perTinenT mat- Ters That constantly TosTer The loesT TradiTions oT high school liTe. Class presidents E, Wrona, F. Now: lu W. Clabaclx and D. Mount with Fr Ru us to discuss relations between students the school administration. Evidently "problems are tew and Tar between. 'L ,-. 41 Us The Kings 7' of concenfrafion 75 xx First Row: E. Lewandowslci, P. Kuiawa, D. Rudewicz, Second Row: C. Glowny, R. Kurel: R. Jaclcscn, D. Sclrolowslci. E. Kopczewslci M. Melerslci, G. Chudzilc. W I MW- B ,.j"5'y:3-, M. 3 Ml CH ESS CLUB A+ regular inlervals, lceen compelilion arises? mind meels mind, inlellecl duels inlellecl in ballles lo lhe biller end. These inlervals, of course, are meefings of our Chess Club, as lhe respeclive members meei each olher in a game lhal has ifs beginning in anliquily. In ils life span Thus lar, our Chess Club has become a source of high pride lor us here al Bishop Ryan l-ligh. Being ably direcled by Falher Ferdinand, ir nor only brings aboul lhe abilily +o play chess well, buf also To lhinls wellfand correclly. Clur Chess Club also brings lame lo us lhrough oul- olfrown school rneers, such as The Queen Ciry Chess Tournarnenr. Now in ils lourfh year here, we can be sure Thar our club will progress irlo an achievemenl' of slill more pride, bolh now and in lhe lulure. erdinand shown cnderin ossibe P Q P moves durin one of our Chess Clubs Q et ng in the "Battle of Wits." Panorama of color and imaginafion . Firsf Row: R, hpawlalc, A. Glad- lccwslci, M. K'Cl, E. Grzankowslci, G. Chudz lc, D. Tcpcrczyln, S, Pasternalc. Second Row: D. Glcwny, F. KVGIAZG, T, Shannon. G, Jalcubcwslv, Fr. Henry, W. Piotrcwslci, S. Zcladz, J. Wc- lanczylc. Father Henry points out a finer way to enr'ch J Wolancz l:'s drawn r 1 - Y i 9 as W, Piotrcwslci, G. Chudzilc and A. Gladkowslri pencil out their designs. ART CLUB Perspecrive. composifion, design, pallern- sirange words from The beginning, buf noi for long. As a member of lhe Ari Club, siudenls soon come lo undersland lhese and many more lechnical lerms for arlisis. Under capable guide ance and direclion ol Falher Henry, lhe num- erous meelings lend 'ro encourage individual crealiveness among ils members. Inieresied members soon produce beauiilul worlcs oi arl of which lhey are iusliliably proud, They glory al being able fo pu? a parf of lhemselves, iheir emolions and imaginalion in arlislic lorm lo safisly Their individual ialenls and lasies. i H, 'X Wifh a focus on fun . . S I sr G ,. Firsi Row: N. W can N. Piotrcwski, D. Zgcda C. Peszvnsk , J. Wiozh E. Gasiec Rosoiowsiri, L, Shannon. Second Row: R. N:-Nicki, R, Kapaiczynsk F. Kaczynsif D. 'sic G Toporczvlc, R. Watrcwsk, J. D Maria E. Lewandowsk R. Haas R, Micha Zieiinsici. Third Row: R. Wfzr an M. Raf rs H. Leczaic N. Lewaridfvnsli, H. Lefvmsk R. Zeinski, S. Zdadz, R. Jakabovvsx, W. Zeiinsici R. Miazqa D. Nowalrrwsiri D. Lewandfwaki, J. SIGVT A. L J. Rods: T. Kazm Qiciak. Fourth Row: M. Sscbyna i. Shannon, W. Pciriwsici CS " tzef J, Nm. gki J. Weis ak. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Through rhe conrinoed eiiorfs and direcrion oi Fr. Marfin, members oi The Phofoqraphv Ciub come fo a deeper undersfand- ing in fhe irricacies oi phofoqraphy. Weekly qarherings of dii- 'ierenf grade divisions process him negarives. make prinrs and produce eniargemenis. No resfricrion is piaeed on duanriryg however, rhe qoaiiry of a members work can never be over em- phasized. A qenerai meefinq of aii divisions is he-id monrhly consisrinq of a film or a demongrrarion by some proiessionai in N Jrhe arf of phoroqraphy. lniormarion in rhe iafesf phorographic: equipmenr and iechnidee is made aveiiabie ro aii members. 5 Micrae Resins ieads tne discsssicn on the -ipzac es or an en afgerg with Resins are photographers R. Ncwtki, C. Schnifzer, J. Stern and J. Wozniaic. 43 'Y .A ' - ' Y' :E il, I J 441.1 5' 4 3 1 1 - 4- 1 f - -. r .3 X -fn isa v as 'V Q. f W sam v,Y.s' E ae' 9. . V Q.. s X1 ...s rx, 7 The world is a sfage . . First Row: D, Rudewicz. S. Wrcbel. N. Wisniewslci, R. Bonk. J. Lewandows Corey G. Steibach. Second Row: M. Wier1e'. E. Gasieclci, J. Stern, R. Wichlacz Kuna Z. Pelczynslci D. Mount D. Wescelc, B. Rude. J. Woznialc M. Suchyna T r aslni , o g . S Pasternalc. DRAMATIC CLUB 'All lhe world is a slage, and lhe people buf aciorsl. Cerlain group ol sludenls become aciors in a world creaied on srage, everylime our Dramalic Club presenls one of ifs pro- duclions for our enierlainmenl. This group of people Consisrs ol boys from Ryan High and, ar limes girls from Bishop Collon l-ligh School. Through lhe elllorls ol ihe club moderalor, Falher Cyril, fhe Dramalic Club gives sludenls lhe opporluniiy 'ro appear before an audience. In This way. ihey alfain a cerlain poise, and 'rhe abilily 'ro spealc before an audience. The aclors 'ralce direcfion and crificism as an experience lhal may prove lo be mosf valuable To Them in laier liie. Fr. Cyfii ard his prep men M. Wiertel. Wczr alc and M. Suchyna gc over final stage plans before the annual Christmas play. And fhe people :fs acfors 51 5' ke -ip, 6 X f 1 s e 14 Q xkfx w .rf 'H 54,1 Q' ' 1 Q x Apost!e." Scene from the Natwwty ph, 'Tne v I rx Q"-,A " In "Tre -tee' fXrv't1o M . gx:e'f Stelbainl L, A IZWM " PaYz,'.k1 a d ' PGUNLS fL.1r' en S090 iw? Sfw' i' Lafff cms Ned Swevzcnqgx fcwate ns "CVV'b:E2 penance cntHntGf:C1Fr can Dexierus fBe-rnavd Rude C- Us fDenn , iekj, Padus Hugwan Swepedw and Lauer-c s U i Swerzenqaj ned Jhdas in :wit BU R..dn1dc'h rn thewr camp fn ine Panic' Drawn: "Tre tg A4152 St r- Mirak fDenms Weisiekl and Korman fffuerad e ' " build confer wwtn Caspar fRa.n'wrnd Vxfwinla 5 r px 6:1 144: jggfit gf 31 W Bethlehem. F: . Baltnozcar ffiornard Rndal of the best r Vernon fBwce Cclemanj Lewandowskw as he folk "WwYdcat WwNNle," fYv ft ,f . if 'x and Joe fDonaid Rudewwcz nsten attentA.'eN V VV TJ .1 ai W fr , nn 5 v C cf bus plans tc wnvent a secret +':rrn.,3a tx q' w Ma' n " nf: ff ' gxnffdy 45 Exploring fhe phenomenon of nafure -cr, K C: - ts L J. Wlocn, M. Ostrowskr and R. Wiatrc'wskr a e the budding cnernsts of the Scrence Crub. Wstrw the splendrd equipment of Fr. AVS Science Cub, D. Zgcda, E. Gasrecld and G. Zrerrnskr study the reratronsnrp af Ire sun, moon and the earth. s Row N a Psa ra R Wra rowx T ar a -1 D w con w M st ows r W Ka 1 Haas H Zrm nsk Thur ow w as ec e ewa a M a e A G a k SCIENCE CLUB Trarifornmng rneorencar knowredge rnro a common under srandung and applrcarron rs rne rnorrvarrng force behind our Scr ence Club Under The drrecruon of our moderaror Fr Aloysrus eacrr member rs encouraged ro worlc on some screnrufrc prorecr and per ornw a pracrrcar dennonsfrarron wrrh rr I rlns way arf members deverop a iense or responsrprlrry anc a cooperarrve ,prrIr. T. ey rerp keep one anorner apreasr of Hne Yafesr scienrrfc rnnovarions and Fearn proper laborarory procedure. 5 f has ? ,ZA y 'm-fQ- er an hour or' filing new catalog cards Skatulslri lleftl and Eddie Lewandowslri to doubt their knowledge or' the old From left to rrght Donald Solrolowslci, Jerry orowak Edde Zielinsk and Tony Slcatulslci ack the heavy reference books into the new elves LIBRARY CLUB The sludenr library assislanls have lhree very imporlanl funclions in lhe school library. Firsl, They develop an appreciafion ol boolcs as inslrumenls ol educalion and recrealion. Second, These young men learn lo use all library malerials from relerence boolcs ro complefe Dewey Decimal lislfing, lo magazine liles, lo rhe verhca file lo rhe piclure colleclion. Finally, fhey use rheir lamiliarily wilh malerials fo help fellow sludenls. Thus, The slu- denr library assislanls acl as a service organizalion so lhar The lbrary may lunclion like a smoolh running machine. Two greal conlribulions of lhis sfahf are lhe research help given 'ro sludenls wrifing lerrn papers and 'reaching younger srudenrs ro find rhe righl boolc Paul Gredzicx hands shelving to Eddie Le- vvandgwski as the two stodent librarians prepare ihe worlr shop in the new library. 47 Keepers of fhe Keys of Knowledge AK? ' x, 1 ,..--.L i l . U ll 2 . i Ll if 'ry ly lf? ,Q ug: 22? C f 25, rf i rr N s. 'Qu f? of 1 . --Q I' , EA A ,I '. N rf . l A4 Satety Patrol otticers get ready to depart tor duty to maintain order during dismissal. , .. tg,f ff it 13 Our indispensable protectors X N -I QI. i i ' N- Sitting: N. Wloch, P. Nowalcowslci. Standing: E. Kopczewslc T. Snannon, D. Zernralm, R, Jalcubowslci, R. Wichlacz. SAFETY PATROL Too tew realize that due to this group ot young rnen, many a tatal accident has been averted because ot the alertness and guiclc- thinlcing on their part. Realizing that he holds the personal well being ot each student in his hands, every member ot the Satety torce has been thoroughly conscientious ot his duties. Many thanlcs to the Safety Patrol trom the entire student body. 48 Virfue fhrough vigilance ' .-55. --5 nsQ Sitting: R. Wichlacz, T. Shannon. Standing: R. Niewiem- ski, D. Zgoda, P. Nowakowslci. ' i l LEGION OF DECENCY , , , A ' i The Legion of Decency is Truly Bishop X il .I Ryan l-lighls Tighling answer 'ro our modern . l - immoral movies. Through The aclivilies ol This N ' club, our alleniion is focused upon The good T . . worih-while movies. We are informed and -. 1 ' ii inslrucied aboul The obieclionable movies which are so classified because of Their un- Chrislian lilce aiiilude Toward iaiih and morals. This organizalion has always offered valuable assislance lo us young moviegoers Through ils unending crusade Tor good wholesome movies. So il is no wonder Then, Thai This club ai Ryan High claims so many aciive parlicipanls ai iis meelings and in ils many worihwhile pro- iecls. Keeping their eyes open for condemned movies-R. Niewiemslci, T. Shannon and P. Nowakowslci check the National Legion of Decency List. 49 ge...- 15 lea , S . 'A' 6 M-.L Chanfing our praises wifh greaf ebulliency 7,414 x 5 Fr Berard and a group cf fellow songsters rehearse during a Glee Club sess cn far 3 4 First Row: W. Sliwinslci, W. Jaworski, P. Back as M. De Pasquale S. VV: C. ?echulis. Second Row: M. Wiertel. W. Pictrcwslci, E. Liszewsri S. P ,pg na: R, Bonlc, D. Torgalslri, F. Majlcowsic D. Jarcsz, R. Ziemba. GLEE CLUB Now in ils second year ol exislence, our Glee Club allfords lo 'rhose of us so inclined, fhe opporlunily lo ioin our voices in song. Under lhe able guidance :ind cirecfion ol: The club moderalor, Fr. Berard, we acquire 'he lcnowledge of harmony and lhe olher aspecls of music necessary for admillance inlo choral groups and singing socielies we mighl wish To ioin aller gradualion. A+ our Chrislmas program our Glee Club look part in lurlher enferlaining lhe audience wilh lheir Chrislrnas Songs and Carols. We are sure lhal, as Bishop Ryan High grcf- ii size and presfige, so will our Glee Club. SO nk' ' Preserving The pasf for fhe fufure .i 'L - KJ' ny: 1 RYANLIGHT fXTTer many hours oT hard work, The Ryanlighm' sTaTT wag ready To announce The publicaTion oT The 1956 edifion oT The RyanTiqhT yearbook. Keeping Ir' mind These hours oT-hard work, we QT The yearbook sTaTT, sincerely hope ThaT This ediTIon oT The yearbook MH be able To Take iTs piace among The preyivu. prize-winning ediTions oT The Ryanhohh YQ- Hffy' mtg: . ' X515-M WW , yy Dead-hnes and more dead-hnes are cn The mmds oT These Ediorkal STaTT members E. Kopczewski, R, Krazrcki, R. Sckohk, R. Rchek, T. Shannon and N. Wfcch as The produchon of the yearbook progresses. Tae ..s..a dsgzsm v- tn These Business Stag rncnabers T-'. Fa kowek' G. Borowrak, N. Za- brrowgkr, D. Tgrgabkr, W. Cayback and E, exzfrek, e nnzney. From thrs pctare we can sxrrse tne staaton to be we' an hand. 'ff :inf 4 A kmrrnbhrg bhtik n ve yearbook product-on scnedule bf W1 t ra ned :at by Fr. Marta ,earboik moderator Working wifh a mafernal concern . . . First Row: NMS. Bivzgw an Mt Zabitwfk MW. Rateck Mfl. Gzerrvek Mft. Law gk Mrs. NdQl'l-pK MQ. VVa'da Mrs. Gwczarzzak Mrs. ZC3Ida 'Ja Ceqelskl Mfi. Kaorf' MW. Lewarwdowskf Mfs. Dombfiw P Second Row: Mr. Mar e Mrs. Kraeask' Mfs, Kotawk N1 'V' 1 Mis. pavvakk 'WS Phzgzvsk Mrs. Miffs Mrs, Krok ' S. Voir M'-. Ls 'Ps Ngo ak Mfs. Plctfgwfk Third Row: Mme. Ma: .mow Cf Mm, P ' a- MQ. Ostrcwsk, Mrs. The gow" no hi fi, rl tw M. iw' C . D iecrm we pleawed A thelr lafeni "oe'vbo'l-"lp dmv. Standing: Vw Owzravzak Mrs. Z5 Fr, Robe? M's G -fmek. Seaied: My af 3-L Mu. Naggwfka Wafoa. 1911 o a EK M2 Klwa Vx. 4 :eww 'Au Zbcio Nlfs. 'fi' " 5. K agzyrfskl Mt. S:,"fe'oc'a T-ffl, Jabowskl Mfs, Lemat: k 5 Wczflak. Fourth Row: Mfg. Sgmarskl Mu. ifmdzl Ml. a Nfs. lun' M 2. 5.5 'A'-, Raoew oz M's. Sfaio ,ik DVM' 'WS Wfoe A Steps' Mrs. Sribealek l-"5 szak Ml.. Ma ao. MOTHERS' CLUB Thanks lo fhe Molhers' Club, va:3r,..a no parlmemls ol ow school may look on vf'l: a graleful eye af lhe variely ol modern eqalo- meml we have acqulred +o keep our school up-lokdale. Cm behalf ol The enlire sludenl body, lhe SGVMO' Class wishes lo pause a momeml and ekpfess our deep-lell graflfuoe lo lhls harolworklhg organizalion. For 'l'he mufual benefit of fhe school and fhe boys Qs il - The sptefdo attendance ct the tathers at the Seventh Annuat Fatners and Sons Communion Breakfast resutted in this targe group picture ot tne members ot the Fathers! Ctub. FATHERS' CLUB One thing that the students ot Bishop Ryan High Schoot may be assured ot is a wholesome eztrafcurricutar activity program throughout the schoot year. Some ot the annual events inctude, "Father and Son Communion Breatctastf' "Sports- Nitef' 'Father Son Nitef' and many others. t-tats ott to the Fathers' Ctub. .1 5 Mr. Panelc, Communon Breatctast Chair- man, receives wett deserved thanks and prafe trcm Fr. Bruno and Mr, Smacznialc. 53 N1 9. qi .5'5's 'AS H 'Tx X "Q 'fl' - x ' . "ls-,137 :ii S , f Q 4 'flak fa,f'2w:,:' ' fx 'U ' if-I ip 3 25.5 . Qi' Q, N ATHLETICS fwz., gk N if-,fi fa' -f. L.. N l945 Pope Plus sard Sporl' rnghlly underslood as an occupafnon of lhe whole man and whsle per leclung rhe body 1+ also malces 'rhe mind a more relnned nnsfrumenl for fhe search and communn cafnon of lrulh These words describe perfecfly 'fhe afhlehc program af Brshop Ryan Hrgh School class Teams lhe fheme ns lhe same namely fo develop 'rhe whole body of lhe sfudenf and 'ro re hne fhe mfellecl so lhal If may see and learn +he rmporlanf lrufhs of sporlmanshlp and lceen com pelmon In frulh lhe gym floor and fhe alhlehc fnelds are exfended classrooms where good lessons are laughl' and clear lrurhs made evndenl Good clean fun among young men wnlh a ball and a par on rhe back of The yucfor afrer a hard game are goals fnrmly eslablnshed IH The sporl program al Ryan 55 From varsify 'reams fo infer-mural reams fo gym Sloofdaf 9 Fnrst Row 've ,A'd'zQjewsk' V" 'a G 'Y' o Row C a ax Ma Dev Payak Ln" E P id'U mucus' SCHEDULE 955 Rye' Qyaf Qva' Ryan Rxaw Rxfaf Qvav . Ryan 5.455 VV Q 6 6 I2 V8 '4 Q2 I3 7 Mei Stachowsi fT'ds bg Yccpfwle rt a rambfes far a 4' Through fhe parhclpafion on fhe gridiron . . . :..'2::2- 455 E !!!E ef s Row D ea e er e Mr N M, r-Janna R. Rozek. Third Row: Z. pe ::,'v,k Q,S1:rsk,D,-a"az Q Z d Second W Sef- W, Kansa Q. Wtn'n.- Q. Razzlfwm 3, 3a,ar N.Ma1 o' V6 R K 9 G. 51, J. V. FOOTBALL Coacned by Mr. Biii Wneian We J. V. rad ore oi Hs fnes+ seasons in Ryan J. V. History. The Junior Varsiiy Foofoali iearn came Tnrooqn ifs season undefeaied wifn a record of fnfee w'ns and no iosses. For fneir bigqesf win of ine year, ilwe Junior Rams irounceo The Canisius Crusaders 20-O. The-y neid ine ooposiiion scoreiess iiirouqhouf The fhree bali games. 1 The parficipanfs are insfilled . . . P f i , x '10 If Th X 1 I 1 K v"' -3- .4571 "LS 3 N Ryan teerr 1:1 gem 1 First Row: E Vifina D Szrcxoefe 2, 'Hoa SP H. Szyfnendem. Second Row W. Pvne 3. 9.375 Q Ben' ' I Zeczwl- fgein J. N ano. W 'rw 5 ve'e'en 'eanf fE'U"4'TQ' iforn Nas? year, fhe school lookeo o haf: 'Q e .'.'nn'ng season. BJ ve'erans are nof SFOLJQF. fi 'earn neeos goocr oencn sffengfh, which fhe Ranw did nc' have fn lei' fne5 Pao fhe srnahe-5+ squad in fhe W.N.Y, Carholc Basvemah Leaqee. Because of fhis 'rhe feam cfldn +5 foo Ne' 'n 're Mn cocrnn. Avnocqh 'he 'ein' pied some vefy dose games, The hack of socsfifei Mein' one o'5le'e'ce cehfeen a vlciofy and a loss. " We seo sei-'e'oa! Vary, The +C: Sccfe' cc' 'ne paws AWS year was Ron Rydza Wifh Ed Wrono Dave Tcfgierf Zevon Pelczynskl and Paul Szy menoera roprcilno of 'he daring feafn. The few capable subshfc we 353 have were Hank Szpnendefa John Bebaclc Dick Ba 'nee in: 3' . '4:"e. cf ine 'cdnstafs C' 78 -yy, 'a"'ef e 'e-bf' nd e And on fhe baskefball courf . . . 4 '52 Y L... ,:'li'i5w L id Torgalslri Guard 32.491 OFS 4' x-I vf X Qi." ' 1 x ff'- i , 13 'I sy 7 ' p . 1 I., gdf P lSyme era Fow d -4051 Q 'Zip no Pl ,L Fowad Wifh a spirif of sporfsmanship Q I -ff vt L I L 0 - I A fr. 1: 4: I L if 'xref . 1 I , Vdj e ' Q. fwx 1, .. A WE: A 4' f . f 4 1 H 47" ATL. L X x i.,L"i' ' XX is 55114 f-, I f - ,f r , ,J x L " bi V- ' ff .P w K PN X ff ' A I' A A I ' I A J N4 A T: gif Froni Row: fx Bfziim E. De S7nv J. B had HL 40 'Jf 3,1-xl' MACZGL M- Wreczivex R Pyszzzw--1 R. S bride' L. Petrgnk. Third Ro D S V 'Mu' L s 'K L S'J'e"aL:". L. Second Row: R. Preza T. -I Starkey. j, W5-ef x 3 , . 1 wi JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Junior Varglfy came fhrouqh wrfh some feceved rhe vahrabie experience fha he'p rhem become future varsiry srars. -f Wt" detefrvv watrff arc "",.Sfc'3 Serrr Dave Tergagyr drry 5 , C t ...Q . 4- ' 4 X 'M Ahhough phgued by a Lack of height rhe rhrrl- ling vrcrorres. Whar is rmporfemr is The? rhey L WVU -.W x-,s Q, f .Ona J., A e r 'w re Gfd IAWCJG PG, . RN Rydza and Ed Wrcna watch the pLay develgp, F r r Ve'sat e J KE Pc ak Q1 e hs usua 5 62 ec 2 :caves ,c V 65:25 irswriz 'N II .I A .fa And a sense of fair play --11-1-1----1 ----s-----------::g.::::::..-::'.:::, v-o ,N ,N Q U5 3 'M f- f- vs P .E First Row: R. Pyszizyrs-1 C. Wesialr J. Wsrer T. K: bed R. Twain, G. Zrrcre' K :'::g A "sw Third Row: L Ledcwsk. Second Row: R. Peza L. Sfarzysk C. Megsce R. G, Stewsici D. 53335 v. Weii 'ex fAN"O'7FFf' - E. D' ' irc. FRESHMEN BASKETBALL ""s"" NWN" - Here is a group oi peppy piayers Hiaf wiii In We meer iuiere, bring some praise io Ryan. Coadiecj by Mr. Eirrio Driiiirig, 'rlwe iresiwmeri are beifdirig Mem- seives info a weii-rounded uni? 'rhaf wil! cause plerify of froubie in Hie forfh-coming years. "'1 . Tee i-vcd! we F U 5 GUS Vigtgr ff UD ded A-ard ts eeitver tw: O: 'its i r Ve Rami 5. e t t o te p , W defeat. Pictured are also: Mr. 0. J. Sree' Zami P9 CZV5' rebreck Wi'y Herve and Rizravd Ba mas. - .tl A J 34. Whefher parhclpahng 'W WILLIAM HORN E Left Field T LEO JAGODZINSKI X Left Field wi RONALD ROLLEK Catcher -nuff, EDWARD WRONA Center Fleld JAMES KRUZICKI Rght Fleld EDWARD PIEPSZNY Pntcher xi.. fix s econ d Base RN , f ,pf PAUL SZYMENDERA Shortstop ZENON PELCZYNSKI Third Base O I O R 0 I , B? . X 5. ' . P L my if In X . P2 1 " Lf rf 1 A A ' A j ,I A ' . A N xx! ? , X , f N N , R A W If I ' uf 1 L fix ff" F ,7 R W E. 7 x if lllf ' L 'V ,X L "X , 1' Y f f ' K 2 , Q If I, I N ' , X 'A' W Q I I i i , - I L A .gli 'n A " XZ' x- x f , Qi- s ,L f Q' in . sf f -5 K , ,..A D A A f-a 'hu t I K f A 4,4 x :fi , E K 4:7 x-4 1,14 A Q A: V A I-,VA I" r :, -X x H -1 A It N A 'Ad STANLEY Lowlcocl ' ', WL Aj . ,ff-mi 7 ' x ! ' '-.,, A v X 'Ev N -i I KX V . - 3 44 L Or lending moral supporf v n 5 "' 1 AX WN ad' 'X , gli Fl 5 .di 2 x p'CSC',A13+-v"3 :avi Sec' eadovb :QM Bvcp Carr Hg' Scfwocf. Firsi Row: Lui, 7'a'ek J,.C1, Bfadioy Sy v a Pskgzmgka. Second Row Namy Skcucsx CNS Hausmk Bernwe Bugaj Bcboe F"aVg:Nsku, Judy Zwcfkcwsk, Rees, a":1 -reefeacug Q Zwemoa R. V 1'-asv and S. VVMDQ pose fu a r: :pre efgfe Qf nt gytflh tri? Rvi' VS, Fa fn 'NYC Team work assures complefe vlcfory A wi NQQQQQQQ ' .' ' X XX X xxxx NN sxwxxxxxxfx X Xsxwxxxxgiiiix xsx Q First Row: W. Zie'insk R. Wtkowskr M. De Pasqsae R. Bekaiarsx' Lcnavrdimki, T. Fnipsici G. Law cki G. Forde" W. Ziinffh E. Zesta Second Row: J. Wozrian D. Poczfewnskr H. Zrnnf,-1 R. Prssietk' Mei eiprwki W. iJm ', A. Rydzyrwxi J. inkac, R. Sc.-co'-1 N. M51 ifi Third Row: M M er, W. Roohizk D. Gawvgnsk J. Bofzvlk T. M f it C. Prfnibs fx. Wrooewsw M. Soryna R. Mxirasx T. Detzyes-c VVtk:wsicr. Fourth Row: D. Wasdass, M. Korek P. Ksiawa R. M :ha R. W in G. Cmdzrk, Q. Jancro J. Ardrzeiewsk J, Dcrnbrewsk. ROARIN' RAMS John Mihon wiii forgive us if we add a iiiiie somef ihinq fo his iine from iOn His Blindness", To wir, "They aiso serve who oniy siand, and sif, and cheer, and Cheer. and che-erfi This siaiemenf apiiy describes our Roorin Rams. The Loyal Fiify, as if is some-iimes Caiied, has ior Hs chief purpose rhe morai, physicai, and verbai sopporr oi oL.r reams, A+ aii games The members ciad is Jfheir goio and maroon swearers ad as ihe core +ha+ srarfs and sosfains We cheers and Whoopi which urge ihe ieamf io iiqhi and To win. Presdort Qi the Qriaws Rams G. Law' exzends an hand oi weiccme to are Ceife'e Cnefyieaders J..d, Braole, aro Coos his Jn. F. Bro., a d i. F os ,Jn L JY ff I 68 HE pucfure slory ol our life al Bushop Ryan Hugh School would surely be lncomplefe wulhoul a pre senlahon of our socral achvmes The admamslrahon reallzzng +ha'r man ns a social loenng who seeks happnness nol by hamsell bul wnfh olhers sponsors dances In our gymnasnum aflordung us wnlh +he opporlumfy fo assocaafe wnfh gerls from nenghloornng Calholuc Hugh Schools Through lhns 'rype of parhcrpahon we mafure our pouse and per encouraged also Here we learn fo lormulale recre ahon and en+er+annmen+ for a homogenous group Fulh more ro nshll IH .ls group parhcvpahon n religious exercnses +he Falher s Club sponsors year ly 'rhe Falhers and Sons Communion Brealclasl And 'ro promole fam ly parhcmpahon In socnal achvuhes The Annual Sporls Nile ss held Thus we leave our Alma Maler beller prepared lo meel lhe challenges of our fulure lule OUR LIFE 69 sonalify In a helerogenenous group. Class Nighls are er I ' in . . I . . . '-s , .0 5- ,Q . -" - J P ' I Q01 'X f C A gif X, lm' ' Nw 1 In fhe form of dances YI Restmg in betweer' dances, Ms grckzp 0? dancers feadwNy pesos for ive photographer. Result - these happy faces. Tme cet fcr e Mile dat. Coed G. Fefqer ard D. TCVQG:SK and Vex' Gates oe dc sg a tie ta R sg aocst tse exams ci tee past week? ,'v'er'wce's :J Te M:t'e's C,b M: Uapercs Pe da' es ps in 'Q' a :scare wr P. SZX,m9"CEV5, R. Babves and te 5555. And in such affairs fx SJ L4 Y' .J N- CELEBRITIES AND MEMBERS OF BISHOP RYAN FACULTY ifting: Mr, J. Qwczarczalc, Mr. C. Will,ams Fr R..l..f Mr. B. Kaitarrowsr Mr, C. Gcrslci Mi T. Ziolrewrcz. Sianding: Fr, Paul Fr, Henry. Mr. L. Depce, Mr. P. Newmaw Mr, A. Karriirs Mr. E. Mallvwifz, Mr, P. I:-vwkrsco, Mr, A. Smacrialr Mr. Felerslci, Fr. Exec Mr. J. Mr. E, Kubialn Mr..l.Gc1c"wbeli Ff. Berard. N-4 Ire master-minds wlwc rrade he Sports N te a row mg success are M2 A. Smaczna-c Fr. Brno, Mr. E, Ma lc ewicz and Mr. J. Owczarczalm. x1 Q -ann Domi. ,f Se" ,' Ra,W:.nd VV crialz add Par Makalk -Enid 1 1i': drink durfg ire fterm sslcs. Dynamic leadership could beef describe 'flue reason lor flue success ol Ilwis year's Sporfs Nile. All who arfended will vouch Ilial 'rliis leadership spilled over info Ilwe crowd in Ilwe form of erillwusiasm of all spec- Iafors. 72 As fhe Annual Sporfs Nife 1 Farr-av: and S f New mmf' sta- at the Sc 'ts Nte, Left to right: R b l and My Vivid ML ywwliyi .VG Q CCT Q'CfI". GHG MY. CV..dZ1LC MV. , Q-., Rygza agg Rgnacl. ex fx lg, M,ts1,.,f f Q ycar Sp Tr m Jw xx . K A SP As We picfures on Jrlwese pages fesfify, all ages wefe represenfed due fo H19 greaf vafefy of affracfioms. EspeciaUy mofabxe and Hearfeming was We large mmber of Mofherf Dresent X SL.. .w . affix A fvewbef Q' Rye' :f"stg'a:1,:atvg Q ass Q. Nagiws-Q S :eff adlaitfg as 'votncff Mm A. Nagfwsn :ww ttee 'obiv aC'K ff: ff , as pfett. fo Rftorfam. a, i R,a'- s!.do"t 1 Qnyyiil f'x6'Y'SE.:2'a 'rye :haf ever at fhg vi, N02 Left io right: R was ago Mn Vxfixgwgk Vjtcr and Mrs, f uf' wg M' S vu,--1 Va. aaa Wu", Szyvefoefa 't' tier mother. ,I RTS MEGHT rss A , D' sq J' 11 "Fin ..": "" VEB GMU F-'-J "" NG NC'D6'T Wifi' FWS The perfrmanfie man be gcao a' M :me W the Capact, em k' "Fd C 'Wad K0 55 fsdfw GVWC7 FV Rfbeq d-'HQ Crowd cared tc Wczk be Dfztcgfapnefs f-a,. the Ut-J N te. Jusf as fhese scenes . . . in. -X 'D if ff A mea if 5-r .u 2-'Nz bofg wr-pqwd by of cFovm'nq CQLKL, MIC R259 Vgfwas cad Mrs, Bertaa Mac efensk. The mer bea ad ve kxiaea .-,a M: Pep keep aeT Ja.. F R. lewaascwsl. , V, JZ,- cafetera Lrvgtcf 'J 'K 3 fee" rd crdefl kb zDNaslvK'c5sk' A 1 Vx Was typeai pwctme of um' secretary, MSS Mary AM we repeated many' t-mes a day rn her dauNy sdwedxje, "A iob well donef Mwcaae Ceffcfysf tHe magazine subscmptxcn wr-'ef 5 be ag comgratdated by Ms Pacmewccm ware' Fr, Robert. 1 1, ,Qi 3 QDU' sg, , A daVy pfactxce f an sdcci, Thomas Shannon recwtes tae fcsaf, +,x , as Fr, Rhfas iocks cf, ,wtr Lie Tarqaw wantwg to read the Gcspeh Rfvad J.n,.c ws: a rvefnbef gf tfe Wah C'x,b pfcparez tc fda? TC xaii X D Lime for tw effwqg. Rada d sewec ia trH.Ny as We schcc phztcgrapaer dx ng ' rw 5 four yoafs at Ryan Are permanenfly picfured on fhese pages . . F, New, armed Brctref Fraecrs gets accaa Med wir Ryan B ., The ,odd Mctrvee ,VJ rare trat nobody at fre Spirt, W e 'e'r'a'rwed mrqry. Left io right: Mrs, Macrejewsk Mrs. Lewarcfffsr MD. Smazzrrak, Mrs. Germek, Mrs. Panel: Mrs, Owczarzzalc M crcwralr. staderts Ccrfac Kasza and Rcbert Haas. ,f 3 wid ,Z if 1 Stancw ,Hppyters cf tre spcrts program senrcrs Bob Kclbert ard Steve Maczewakr srgw trerr passes to Fr, Pea' Zabrcki, Azrretc Drr-eater , I Tee roar dep Qtrng true 'Wgcrry In Uwe Gardcw' represented Ryan Hrqrw at tie Artmal Paqea't cf Prayer rw Cwrc SEad.1m-Corqratfaircrs tc Fr. Dfw! ard members cf tre Dramatrc C ab. Fr. Ferdrraed tape reccrds the "TeerfAge Forum" sponsored by static' 76 AWGYS Om th? icbr MV- qmqcfd CVGVWGW WBEN. Partwparrts are Bernard FdIZC1c,THCVYTc3S Antlowrak and Leo Jagsdzfrrsk. m5'nTe'5UCe enqneeff Checks fre date OH TL? fire extmgursher. So are fhe names of our friends. GOLDEN PATRONS Rt. Rv. Msgr. Peter J. Adamski L.L.D. Mr. 81 Mrs. F. Boeck Dr. John C. Canney Drivers - Father Justyn's Rosary Hour Fathers' Club, Bishop Ryan High Johnnies Friendly Service 441 Fillmore Ave , CL 9470 Mr 81 Mrs B Adamski Mr 81 Mrs Henry Andrzeiewski Mr 81 Mrs Sigmund Balmas Bishop Colton High School Mrs Cecilia Bergmann Mr 81 Mrs Francis Bicio Msgr Michael Biniszkiewicz Mrs Lottie Bonk Mr 8rMs V M Borovv Br vlrs J Broozin Mr 81 Mrs J Bulatek Mr Paul L Cohen Del Mar Provision Company l056 Clinton St MA 22I6 22 Mr 81 Mrs G Dipirro Franciscan Fathers A Friend Mr 81 Mrs J Gardon Rt Rev Msgr J Glapinski V Mr 81 Mrs Casimir Gorski Bakerte Bakery Barron Funeral Serv ce B son Cha r Rental Back D amond Restaurant 307 D ngen St SO 9350 X e s Se ect Meats 20 Broad ay Mkt HU 0620 d Cand o ad ay Home Bakery 420 Br adway ad ay Sa sa e 500 Broadway Ca ys Camera Haven Brca y Cathol c Sto e T081 Broadway Cneekto aga Food Market Ct Char Rental 584 Fllrn re Ave lng a 4 26 Cl nt St SO na m ncm W o 81 203 Je'rerson GR 4000 s P a ma 234 W am St Czar a I 7 Mr. 81 Mrs. Louis Kurek Mr. 81 Mrs. S. Kolbert Mr. 81 Mrs. H. Krempa Mr. 81 Mrs. Walter Lewandowski Lewandowski Bros. 307 Peckham St , WA 7OI2 Mothers' Club, Bishop Ryan High Seneca Dairy, 488 Kensington Ave SILVER PATRONS Miss Rose Ignaszak Mr 81 Mrs Joseph Jablonski Ronald Bc Gerald Jakuloowskl Mr Sam Kraus Tom X1 Frank Kolbert Mary 81 Catherine Kolodzieiczak 81 Mrs Stanley Kopczewski 81 Mrs Henry W Kruzicki 81 Mrs Felix Kubera LouisJ Kurek E L urtz 81 Mrs Lagowski 81 Mrs J Macielewski and Children Rev Bc Mrs Stephen Malczewski 84 Mrs L Mrazga X1 Mrs Raymond L Michalak 8: Mrs Walter Minorczyk Max Ranczakiewicz Mr Ralph Pawlak Faster Acc ufit ng Serv ce 789 Flmo Ave HU 0389 Fd 81 Rose F og Shop M ls in s Mus or ac: yC crete Cons ucton o 440 C 43 F moe n e Ga y 9 St TR 4 ramza C B a, 5300 r Sor 2 6W lam St HU 45 H wht Funeral Serv ce T021 Sycamore St Fl 7625 Hy Grade Tle Co 3l9 Walder A e HU Bql B59 B ad Jay Cee B Team A Jed eye k Pnarmac T342 B cad ay BA 0 35 Joe s Poultry Mk 7Wl am St HU 77 Mr. Ted Sewhuk Mr. 81 Mrs. Francis T. Shannon Stan's lnn Stan 81 Irene Torgalski, Props. Chas. Torgalski, No. 5 Broadway Mkf FI l482 Mr CasperC Urban Rev Henry Wozniak Mr 81 Mrs Bernard Pieczynski Mr Louis Pieczynski Mr 81 Mrs Zygtryd Pieczynski Pietszak Dr 81 Mrs C Pletraszek Rev Medard W Pluta Mr 31 Mrs Francis Proud Mr Patrick Schuh S Suidzinski 81 Mrs M Slisz 8: Mrs Anthony Smaczniak Ronald Stachowski A J Szczepaniak 81 Mrs Henry Szymendera Rev Caletan Wisniewski O F M Conv 81 Mrs John Zaborowski 81 Mrs Adam Zielinski 81 Mrs Wm Zielinskr Zygmund Ziolo Kents Drug Store T999 Cl nton St C L Kick Garage 712 CI nton K bala Furniture Stores Inc T052 Broadway TA 40l5 Art Kubera Music Store 9l0 F llmore Ave BA 5l90 T765 Cl nton Sf TR B57 Loren e i797 CI nton Ave TR 7756 U an B81 Broadway Marks Auto Wreck ng 2070 Wlliam St Market Bar 232 Gibson St Mary 81 Jane Crecl t Jewelers 234 Sears St M Ca ley Workers Ass 660 Grant St Jer me C Melinsku Kendall Service 2190 C nton t Metrcnol tan Restaurant No ck s Grocery 825 Clinton St . i Mr. . . i i . i . r . . . iak Mr, , ' , ' ' ' Mr. l . '. 'i ski lVlr,l ' ',' ' Mr. . . A . . . Mr. . . K Mr. . ' . . Mr. . ' Mr. ' - - Mr. . . ' ' i Mr. . . i ' ., - ' lvlr. . Mr. . . ' . . . . Mr. . . i MF- . -i . . . Mr. I - Mr. . i i i . . . . ' '. .G. , ' ' Mr. . . ' ' ' . . ' ' ' I lvlr. ' l 0 FT C Ll I i V9 .. V - i I 4 3 l , , i i L io3 il. Sf. l r St. i ., Edw ' c St e J i - av' ri T l5l5 Bro way . , vv f ,, Ferr on C fr' 1 C . i Beechwoo y C . o srrbia ' '- T233 Sycamore St, HU 3696 Fvlmrzre Bot: no Works KJ55 Liquor Store Bro W ' 5425 f Ave. ' W f .. 2 T o A dr w 'e' Fzcrist C Bro w u g l3l Cl nic' . r 42 l Y -i 1 Q 5 igar Stgre Lucki - rb se ' . T433 roadv. i BA H81 dwa Gurowoz Liqso t e i , i r 33 ii . ., l l ' A C.. I' l i W , ., . i y i - , i -. I l C . l V ., I ' 7 C 'tow Bown C To A. F, Jakusz Cc. ' C U I - T82 - i on ., 93l7 2357- 'o way - - t I Combi tion Al.. i ' nd w Doors '- ow 'Q C - - T ff , , F, , rz F ws' . ist li S . CY " r gy r N 'N 7 ' 5 Q' V ' X 5- wi ii Jos. 'k 263 i i . T139 - Pol sh VII age A Prechow cz Funeral Director Ray s 2070 Clinton St Rosrnskr Furniture 760 Frllrnore Ave A Rosol s Grocery 178 Stanislaus St Joseph Rozboskr Serv ce Staton Wil rarn Rudnrckr San s Dr ve n Restaurant Freddie s Schrller Park Gr Il Br Bowl ng A eys Fred A White Prop Saturn Beverage C 392 Rerman St HU 1264 Senger Servrce Station 1840 Wllrarn St Srttnrewskr Funeral Home Sloan Auto Parts 1970 Wlram St Slazyk Plumb ng 81 Heatrng 1700 C nton St Mary Adamskr Mr Br Mrs Ralph Amann Arthur Andrzerewskr Mr Stanley R Andrzerewsk E Andrzejewskr Mr 81 Mrs Appletoro M Br Mrs Leo Augustyn Chris Baczkowskr Mr 81 Mrs J Bakows r Mr Br Mrs Van Baxrnas Mane Bartosrewicz Lucretrce Battaglra Mrs Andrew Bednarek 81 Mrs George Bednarek Br Mrs B Bentkowskr .Franc s Bergmenn . Frank Beda . 81 Mrs. Chester Bochenek . James Boeck .Sr Mr'. Artred Bogdan .81 Mrs. Wallace Bogdan Gerald Borowiak B. F. Borowrak Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward Brrgman Mr. Martrn Brown Mr. Anthony Brzoskas Mr. Br Mrs. E. Bu a ek Mrs. George Bullock Betty Burczyk Burczynskfs Bakery Mr. Theodore Purr Buszka Funeral Home Inc. Mr. 81 Mrs. John Bystrak Mrs. Ethel Callahan Mrs. Laura Casper Miss Mary Casper Chris and Carol Sr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Ciapa Mr. S. Ciapa Mr. 8r Mrs. Henry Cichocki Mr. 8: Mrs. John Cwiklnski Clinton Dry Goods Clinton Pharmacy Pop .Cooper Mrs. Eugene Czarnocki Mr. Adam A. Czubaj Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Danelski Mr. Carl Debski Jack Smith s Sunoco Service 1985 Genesee St TA 9647 Soron s Furniture Corp 949 Fillmore Ave Stack s Liquor Store 2030 Clinton St WO 9293 Stanley s Const W N Y Corp Frank Stelmach 170 Miller Ave Fl 427 Sunrise Press 574 Fillmore Aye CL 0101 Superior Machrne Products Co 400 Mineral Spring Road TR 5905 Szrama s Liquor Store 1361 Sycamore Ave HU 3947 Szubarga s Cleaners 1953 Clinton St WO B558 Casimir S Szydlowskr General Insurance HU 3870 The Torcn Mr 81 Mrs J Gorney Prop 39 Kent St Fl 4 PATRONS Lawrence Debsk 81 Mrs Lee Domrnuak 8: Mrs Frank Domzalskr e Doody Boys 81 Mrs E V Drr I Droprk s Tavern Audrey Dreja Mr 81 Mrs Stanley Dubrel Mr Xt Mrs Chester Dudzrnskr M s R ak 8: Mrs J Falkowsi Br Mrs Norman Falkowskr 81 Mrs W M Falkowskr W L Franc F Frankenberger A. Frrend A Friend A Frrend Mr. John M, Frost Mr. Br Mrs. M. Furrnanek Mr. 81 Mrs. H. Gabryszak Mrs. A. Gabryszak Mr, Arthur Galezenski Caffle GGIUSZRG Mr. 81 Mrs. Stanley Gordon Jr. Mr. 3: Mrs. Ss Gardon Joseph Gardon Mr. Joseph S. Gardon Mr. Sr Mrs. Edward Gburek M . Xt Mrs. John J. Gburek Gerst's Hardware, 618 Walden Ave. General Camera Mr. Br Mrs. Charles Gerace Mr. 81 Mrs. Daniel A, George Mr. Br Mrs. Henry Gerlach Robert Gerlach GerIach's Food Market Mr, 81 Mrs. Giczkowski Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank Glras Mr. 81 Mrs. Van Glagosa John Glian Rev. T. S. Glowacki Christine Gluszak Mr. Sr Mrs. Godios Mr. 81 Mrs. Thaddeus Gonglewski Good Old Bob Mrs. Lawrence Gorecki Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Gospodarski Mrs. Agnes Gowgiel Mr, Br Mrs. S. Grabowski Edward L. Graczyk Jr. 78 Town Edge Bowl ng 207 Clinton St Walden Alleys 679 Walden Ave TA 9805 Walden Hardware Sr Appliance 119121 Walden Ave BA 3222 Frank Wardynskr 81 Sons Mr Br Mrs T Wdzreczny 81 Daughters WX RA 1080 KC on your d al Zoladz General Sales 1 89 Barley Ave Joseph Zoladz Lumber Co 1400 Barley Ave Walter Zoladz Lumber 8: Burlder Supplies 1 B 23 Clinton St CL 4580 A E Jakusz Co 857 859 Broadway Sycamore Radro 8: Television Servrce 1245 Sycamore HU 2506 T L Terry Jewelers 792 Seneca St M Br Mrs E Grarek Annette and Pearl Grochowrak Mr 8: Mrs Raymond Grucza Mrs M Idred Grzankowskr David Grzechowrak Susan Grzechowrak Mr 81 Mrs A Grzybowskr Rose Gschwentner Harry Gurbackr Frank Halburd Mr All Hassan Herdie James Hennessy Catherine F Henry Mrs Bertha Herdk H Teen Mr. 8r Mrs. E. Hocieniec Joseph Hont Marie Hotchkiss H and C J. Hycner e Mr. Br Mrs. Anthony lmiolo and Sons Mr. Br Mrs. Donald J. Jablonski Miss Mary Ann Jablonski Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Jakubczak Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Janik Jankowski Mkt. S. Jarczewski .Xt Mrs, P. Jarmack , 81 Mrs. A. Jarzyna .81 Mrs. Raymond Jarzyna ohnnies Barber Shop . 81' Mrs. L. Jonak Jr, and Judy .81 Mrs. F. Kalrnowski .Br Mrs. J. Kajdasz .81 Mrs. S. Kasper Michael Kawa Kawa Credit Jewelers Florian Kowalewski Agnes Kazmierczak Fred Keller Miss Cynthia L. K ck Mr. Br Mrs. Wallace Krjanka Mr. Edward Knoerl Mr. Jack Knoerl Joe Kogutek Mr. 81 Mrs. M. Kolbert Frances Kolodzieiczak Mr. X: Mrs. B. Kolodziejski Stephen Konczyk r I ' ' r . 7 I ., 1 . H r rl .. 3 ' . I . i r. I. r , , , 7 ., ., 10 Y ' .. V i I ' I 858' A I I E 1 . ' Mr, i r. . . i Charles Alarmo Mr. 31. Mrs. A. Dombrowski Mr. Br Mrs. Daniel Gramza V , Mr. , I ' I ' ' Mr, . 4 . . I , ' I Th . I 1 A ' ' Mr. . . . 'llng ' v' ,j j I - l . . . - . . . 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' V ' r. . F I ' Mr. , . k' . V MFA . . . . , Mr. . . . I V Mr. . - r - Mr, I 1 ' Mr. . . 1 Mr r A 1 Mr r Mr Mr Mr s ' Mr lk I t H Bull r Mr Mr Mr J Mr Mr Mr Mr I I Kopans Lrqaor Store F ances Kosrnsk M Br Mrs Bened ct Kosmrnsk Mr Br Mrs R Kostryzk Edward Kowalczewskr Kowalczyk Don Kozak Mr Stanley Kozak M Stanley Kozanowskr Mrs J P Kamr M ss Anne Kozmrnskr M ss Gertrude D Kozrn nsx Br Mrs C Krakowrak Br Mrs J Kramer VT! Llzlckl M Bs Mrs Ted Kruzrck Br Mrs Joseph Krrrzrk Br Mrs Danrel Krrbera Br Mrs Eugene Kubera R crrard Kuhaneck M BrMr A Kuyawsk Mr Br Mrs Anthony Kornr M ss Dorothy Kurek seph F s Jewer Matt LePrell Ar ene Lewandowskr Belle Lewandowskr Jonn Lewandowskr Mr Br Mrs Joseph Lewandowskr Larry Lewandowskr Mr Br Mrs Bernard Lroa M Br Mrs Wa ter Lrszewsk P tr Ltrczak 4 Mrs M Lu as ewr Norman Macrorowskr Mr Br Mrs W Macrorowsk Mr Henry Meyers Mr Edward Mrkler Mr Frank Mrkler A J Mackowrak Mrs Jean Marchrzak S pne Marewskr A na Markowsk Bernard Majkowskr Frederrck S Majkowsk Mrss Loretta Markowsk Mr J Makowskr Mrs Dorothy Malczewskr Mrss Josephrne Malczewsk M war Mal rewrcz M Mrs M Malkrewrz ward M Marchlew z Br Mrs Frank Mar,arsk George A Mason Br Mrs A Ma ur Br Mrs Andrew Mec Joseph Mrazga Br Mrs Edwar M ha skr Ro ert Mrchalsk 59 Mr Br Mrs W Mrchalsk Mary Ann Mrk as Caryrn M as r Br Mrs M a Sam e Mosca Thad eus Moskal Mrs Edgar NeMoyer Mr Br Mrs Alors Mrow zynskr Mr 81 Mrs Frank Murack M Br Mrs Walter Nabo n M Sr Mrs Nabozny Bern ce Nawro kr Mrs Neson rs rt rNeL a e Mr 81 Mrs Edward Nesba e Mr Br Mrs Anthony Ne ba er Mrs Sopnre Neubauer PATRONS N ag a Front er Assoc atron M s Sophre Nr r a M s Pa lrne Nremczykr Mr Br Mrs Raymond Norek Dr Joseph F Nowak M Ss Theresa B Nowak Mr Sr Mrs Nowak Mr Br Mrs W Nowackr Frank Nowrckr The esa Now ckr Mrs Catherrne N wowrejsk He 'r Gkowskr s s Gro er N rbert Olern czak Mr gr Mrs Glen ewskr r XrMrs N B Orowk M Adele Osmola Irene Ostrowskr Joseph and Dorothy Qwczarczak Oe Mrs a re Pac .rt gr r Frank Palys M ss Mara Pantrc Br s M Paradow 81 Pastewskr rey trr M s F Pawa M Br Mrs TheodoreJ Paw Mr gr Mrs Robert Pawlowskr M Br Mrs Joseph Pellttrer Peggy Petrocy 8 JESUS et Pe yn M ss D awe Pen azek Mrs J hn Prenra M Gene Prernrk A tn 'ry Pretras ek Mrs D Prar Edd e Prlarsk M gr Mrs M Prwowarsk F E Plewlfl l l' M Br Mrs S Polanskr Mrs Be ha Pontr os Tor y Pope M B1 Mrs Prorok M Max Radornrnsk M Br Mrs J Rajewskr s J la Rayew r Mrs Sophre Rajewskr Walter Rapewskr Br Mrs Rar Rasn tanley Rrenrek M Br Mrs F Rogac r t' a e Ro e Mr Br Mrs Wm Rolek Rev Henry J Romanowsk Rc es Mexrcan Red Hots Sa ley Rosenb um M Br Mrs V Rosrnskr M Br Mrs B ada A Redn ck Pharma R se Rumtola Mr Br Mrs lorran Jtkcw Me rna Accor ran St o M Le n Ry rns M s S ph e Rybczynskr M s F Santa Mara Mr Br Mrs Henry Saulter Frances Sohnerder r M Schrcede Mrs S zecrnskr The T wn Snanty J sepnrne Srkora Stan ey Sr ora Mr Br Mrs Frank Suda 79 Mr B J Skre Mr B Mrs Edward Son Ange e Sokolrtt Robert Dennrs Sokolrk 56 Walter P Sokolowskr Mr Br Mrs S Sokolnk Soph e and Carol Mr Br Mrs Wm Sroka Stans Sp zrak s Jewelry S J n Kanty Assrstarrts Max Sta howlak Mr Br Mrs Norbert Stac cwslr M F Stankowskr Mr Br Mrs Wrllram Step en Steve M Br Mrs John Stetanrak Mrs Frank Sterbak Leo Srrcharskr Stnset Lodge Ge trtde Suppal Jprerne Sales lnc M Br Mrs Nelson S urnt Ms Swa M ss R ta M Swratek VS S U I M Matthew zak Szatranskr Mrs A Szczepansk Mrs B Szczepansk Mrs Henry Szczygrelsk M s T F Szelagows r H n , e cs Mrs B Szewcyzk Anne S zepanskr Mrss Pa ne V Szczub ewsk Mrs S Szczublews Mr C Sza z Paul Szymendera 57 Mrs Luke Tarqurn and Famrry Mrs F Tomczyk Danny oporczyk 58 Mr Br Mrs A Trylankowskr Mr Br Mrs V Trzeprowsk Bene-d ct Wrsnrewskr Mr Mrs J Urbanek Mrs Irene Wacnowax W Wachowskr Mr Br Mrs S Warchock C Wardenskr rray W Warren Br Mrs Danrel Wass Br Mrs John Wass We kerle and Sons Nara e Weselak r Br Mrs Joseph Wrcl-'acz Br Mrs Raymond Wrc lacz Br M s E Weczorek Br Mrs Albert Wrese Br Mrs S S Wrsnrewsk Mrs W Wrsnlewskr Br Mrs Wrtkowskr and Son Bernard Wrtkowskr Bc Mrs P Wrtzleben Br Mrs R Woodward Mrs J Woraczek Matt ew Woznrak M s L tte Wronskr C Zaborowskr N rbe t Zaborowskr Zawrlsk Jeweler Marre E Zeh s Mr Br Mrs Joseph Zelasko s L Ze n s R Zrerns r s Cr-arlotte Zrelonka epn Zernba ry Pzrxrewrcz Casrmrr Brylskr Raymond Ruszala ' r af r r ' , Mr, Br s. . . tny r 5 '. :et - ' ' P ' F. . l ll l S L, 4 P Y Mr. Br . , , 'nskr r r t. OW I Mr. . . ' Okon kr' Q res 33 - Mr. . . o ' r - - ' J- Kr , 'Sb . . l r r. . ' r M . . . . l s r V- - Mr, . rs r rss - Mr. . , X I Mr, . , 4 1 l L, l eh V l f, s. . ' r . C fr rr S4 P . , r Mr. M s. . '- ' - t Z , , , , ' Dr. Br r . F. tek Jo . . Kash Mr. Mr , . skr ' ' A Len' ly Ed. Rose MV- 81 M 4 -S Sli N N C, pd Ck Mr. Br rs. r S lowsk, r ' rr, . r r Dr- ' r ' ,4 I I gow Mr. Br . . r ' ' A 4 Mr. Br . . l . . T V r. . 5 r Mr' 8' 4 V ' ' Mr. Br r. . . k getty Lewmskr pyryb r Mr. gr Mrs. e Sz lag . . ' Norb r, r C r ,skr - - A B. Lrs r . r r Z: F. . ' 'li Mr, Br . o Zek - ' 5 T I '5 J- Mr. Br . , kr Mngr , , k r Q1 rr 'O Z M0281 S. . d lk ' A Mfr 5. A T r str Mr- A - 4 - ' g 5 Mr. Br . ' . l Mrs, R, Mazurkiewrcz and Sons Mrs. Martha Prlarskl MV- 3 MESA Walter TOMGSZEWSM l ,V 4 ' y Mrs . . , ' Mr.8rMs.. sk,J. 'T l . . ' , rt 'k 4 4 I 'I A . ' H r lr V ' - o W ' r. . - 81 - - W . . xr. - A . , g ' . . ' 1 Mr, ,r ' sk' A - 1 1 I I ' ' ' Mu . s Mr. .. lcki MV- - A , J, , Sk, Mr. . r. Ed d k ' S , ' MV4 C r, Br - - V X V rr. , . k' ll Ed' . rc Kennet C. Rollek MV- 4 - Mr. . rf St n -,r il k M - - Vfl Mr. . . . . l MV- V- - T Mr. . . z . . r Mr. - Mr, , Q5 f Mr. . . . I Z Mr. I l l . . V I ' Mr. . d lc l l' r, . . ' ' MV- - V I b ll ' rr 4 v R Mr. I . . . l , r ry Qrgt MV- - - ' 1 3 r Mr, . . ' rlk . . F ' Rr ' skr ' - M , . on cc Rass ss' d ,di 5 E 4 H u l r. o bl ki V - C - r d r. C r ' - ' , My 8, r , I 1 o r ' r'. . Z Ny' Schnr fer Mr. - 4 rl , f, , r Mr. 81 Mr. . r Ii skr r C' bg " Mr,BrMr..'l'k' ' n : N O r My 'X - Mr. Br M .A he vb r. r O lt J95 l l . A V , f T 'r Mar A " ' . . . s L . r . r Mr, ' ' rl Flp QS" 2+ ff? "' Q , .-2 2 -af-f n Does a Firm handshake, a cheery wave of fhe hand, and 'rwo crackling smiles pu? an end To lour years ol our high school life? ls rhis magic ol pholography wherein our images penelrale a lens and appear on sensirized paper 'ro be a linalily7 No, lor 'rhese pasl four years have been marked by a wonderful rhree fold growrh lhal reached only ils firsl blossom. Physically we have grown from our kid-sizes of Seplember l952 'ro six loolers ol l956. Menlally we have advanced from a simple principle o1cGeneral Science +o a cornplicaled formula of arom energy. Spirirually we have come from lhe sfafe ol gawky youngslers losl in a massive church +o men ol failh well grounded on solid Religion Classes and on numerous good examples given by our Teachers. Can lhis end? Again, no, lor more growlh is in s+ore for us as we leave lhe porlals ol Bishop Ryan l'ligh School. For one ililling momenl, however, our youlhlul energies do bid a farewell. Good bye lo hasly runs from bus slop lo lockers: lo final bells and lardy slips: lo rude awakening and embarrassing pauses when caughr nodding by an ever wide-awake Teacher. Good bye 'ro corridors iammed wilh lwo hundred sludenls one momenl' and emply Jrhe next: ro science labs. lo VA Room, lo rhe Library, lo rhe Gym, and Classrooms. There is no goodbye lo lhe men, bolh priesls and lay, who uncovered and developed lhe God given lalenfs in us. We cannol say lareweli lo fhe brick and morlar, or +o lhe wing and floor of fhe Bishop Ryan l-ligh building because il has lell i+s mark on us as we have on il. Our handshake, our wave, and our smiles, lhereiore, give evidence of a memory for and a hearlielr lhanks lo lhose who were our leachers, guides, and friends. 80 gk 'Nb f 2 L! X f X m K fm , J ifmwx 1 T. K4 If 5,,ff J

Suggestions in the Bishop Ryan High School - Ryanlight Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) collection:

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