Bishop High School - Badger Yearbook (Bishop, TX)

 - Class of 1953

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Bishop High School - Badger Yearbook (Bishop, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1953 volume:

.v v E , funm g'1PL1N vE12s1s 5 FINVFI JVNCG5? A X 15 ef Pllfflgm N.-.- gm . , ,ffaxf-ylrf ,NJQ-. fgfef' "Q W f- 'Ziff NN' 'V A -sig,-'3fg,Q:,-L-,+EfLL-, -- -f"N"0 -' 'f-1,:.6'T-if' "-, ffl'-if 1""' 4 A -f,h:Lx,zl,i4:5'i,,"..:iii? iv A V . , 1-T, "fri-. v1,3f'S...-A--"'f V-T ' . .ehlL,-.1i4'ff':-.'i-g- .K-""' 'Jax ffi.'?f?"l75.1 -,'1Ef""1' X 5 Q 4,451.2-,Q 'lf fY.1.-114,--3?-if! "7 1 7' " 1-EORGE R YI ENN' ART soon or rm. MONTH' RANDOM HC-NYSE 'UIACR A, Q.,-2 f 1 IAQHVN ' N Nl Fw, r vivo! BUUSI .4 f W if ' , ff A if a ff' X f HF 35 ' n I 5 Hz 1' , 445645645 fy -h W I Q66 f 15456512 77-fag! oz Winn tie Zeff' 7055? wx E a i r '? X .5 .,'Q 6 S i 2 Y 5 l E F i 2 1? a Yi W I 52 5 . ,S EE : 15 o'1?"W ,, 'Z' s ,Q-5 -4 f " Z 13'-klz?l',-in If fV"' ff- - " P' .'.'.U A, rv P 451. alflwlfsliuul ffm Q- 5., f r 'z za,- ., .A .fp gt A gf! 'tg' Q, I T.. ' -fIn1ha! I aff' -I-'UQ 'su ,J .,,, d z, "JJ-v '-,Vi 'L' 9 , J """"k'g . in .fm 2' HL 4ff 1 1 ',. 1 X P v 44.- 'f-41. 4 A - Vi Nur' f" 1" 22, ,Q , if W . f" f"'v' I-V ' H' W' vm Q I 1 N ii' Dwzaawm Xvxz X X f which we never grow weary. With much love, She is like a good book o respect, and appreciation we dedicate this issue of THE BADGER to Miss 744 244901 Sm!! Myrtle Wakeland. l . '27- lu Clpiqd . sl! f. 'V 'y vt ' 4 mi? du ememfezed ',M., t A -5 .-, y ia . gauze! af Salacdfldaa H A. I. Burdett, Tax Assessor-Collectorg Hugh Bowersg J. B. Treybig. Vice Presidentg .' J R. Neeley, Presrdentg Al A. Theis. Secretary: R. 5. Morgan. Super- T. I. Brown, Ir , oe inbendent of Schoolsg J. H. West: 5. E. Wllcox. WS 5 uxx . . . ' f ly I , OW N V , JW CXYVLO D 49 x, f 5' p, 5' X ' f X S ff f ff . 'l Gia. ,, 5. f, -f 4 f EDNA MAE MOERBF Secretary cgemiaz' ' WZ To the Students of Bishop Schools: It is my happy privilege to bring greetings to you. one of the finest groups with whom I have had the pleasure of working. This yearbook is a treasure chest of memories. ln the years Io come. as you look back over its pages. may you have real pride in the accom- plishments of the student body as a whole. and of yourself. Your annual staff and sponsor have labored hard and long to produce this book for you. It is a book of which we can be justly us of the great part that good literature appreciation of good books. My association with the Bishop student my sincere wish that you will always have When we think back on our losses and great truth. "lt is not important that you proud. The theme of the annual should remind plays in our lives. May it give you a deeper body this year has been most enjoyable. It is the high ideals you have manifested this year. triumphs this year. may we be reminded of a won or lost. but how you played the game." Very truly yours. A? .I J R. S. MORGAN Q f.. M., To the Students of Bishop Schools: The theme of this edition of the Badger is "Books." By definition a book is "a written or printed narrative. record, representation. or series of these." Thoreau said. "Books are the treasured wealth of the world. a fit inheritance of generations and nations." Addison said, "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." By reading books one learns. By learning one becomes educated. It has been said. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of an education." How many of us need a new beginning of our education? In the years gone by mankind has learned almost everything except how to live together. Therefore. our salvation must come from the realm of the intellect rather than from the hatchings of our laboratories. True, there is a crying need all over the world for food. clothing. and shelter. but there is a greater need for Faith and Hope. One may feed, clothe, and shelter the whole universe, but unless we find a way to fill the head with right thinking and humanitarian ideologies. we are lost. .lustice Holmes. a man of much wisdom. once said, "The cure for most of the things commonly called the ills of mankind can be found in our becoming a little more civilized- through education in its true sense. Once the astronomers ruled me a chart and roundly impressed me. revealing how far the unthinkable distance from star to star. But we must keep searching. seeking a plan that will measure distance from man to man." Some of the things that might cause us to live a better and more fruitful life would be to grab hold. have faith. look up. hold the torch high. and face the sun. Don't look back. and you won't see the shadows. The only difference between the average and the greet is a little self-application and work. May all of you be great. Sincerely yours, far L. K. MERCHANT I ,- '4 MRS FRED CARRETT Comnlffrcial ELIZABETH PFLUGER Homemaking 0 .14 '91 Ns.. A. D. MORGAN Social Sf-if-nce-Assistant Coach ESTILL FOSTER Music'-Band 7 Q fi tn , - r Xl. K 'mix , Wv 4 U V .nf ' MYRTLE W.'XKIfl,:XND English MRF. CARI. PAUL Iillglliwll . 45-...,,,,T. ROBERT LINDSEY Nlllllfill Scivrmcvs 1' -f'- ANDY WHITE 'Nlaxtllrfllmatirw Tl' " " an '17 ",,h n,yff 3 ,A 'J' ,,,, .3 f y .. 6 -vw! M gl-fu f 'li ,iulrf N '. vga: MQ -Ai S I 4,4 CHARLES BULL Man. know thyself! All wisdom centers there. Lois CARBY Joyce Cocslc Hear both szdes and all will be clear Those who late too much hate m llke 6060224 CIIVBIIIC w ,'r 4 1 1 s QI MARILYN DAUCHTRY DON FOSTER A falsehood is the frime of rowarfls. Best men are often molded out of faulrs. 'Uh JERRY FOSTER ERINESTO GARCIA One ear heard ll and at the other out Thlfff Heier uas a good uar or a bad lt went P 6056074 RGC? , S CRAIG JACKSON He jests at sears who never felt a wound. 'Y 5 ,H FLORENCE KUBSCH Distance somelimes endears friendship and absence suxeeteneth it. QR if. JAMES NIONTGOMERY JAMES NIURRAY A goml muse makes a strong arm. The mate for beauty should be I1 man embed and not a money chesr. I 3 Q A8 DON MILLER A' J, JOHNNY PIERCE Minds that hare nothing to eonfer, i K Woffh mf1lff'S U79 771071, and want of it, find little to perceive. the fellow- vr "" g by V ii LUCILA RAMIREZ NINFA RAMIREZ Gently lo hear, kindly lo judge. Act well your partg there all the honor lies. if QW ef FARAON SANCHEZ KATHY SCHMIDT The most infrerlible thing about mira- One honor won is a surely for more Tles is that they happen. L... KENNETH SPIEGELHAUER MARY THE15 Honey is a good servant but a danger- The over furious are not over wise. 0115 7711151671 I fur X af 65 5 X f' G41 ' i PATSY WOOD Ihing of beauty is a joy forvre BOBBY THIELE 2,35 ,ns-2, Every man is the architect of his own future. 'Y embed MYRTLE WAKELAND Srfow SOR l7'hut's gentility worth if it worft stand firf? '41 xxxx x xx QV x X X sx 9 SMX W x NA N x ,xg as X XX XX XXNMXXX xxxx 9 X xx xxxx X Xxxxxvpxx x X x xx W Mx xxQXx X X x xx x Mx xx Q X x X xxx X xxwxxx xx X xxxxxqq xxxxxf xxxx bum xuxxxx xxx XX x ' UQ x N 0 x XXNX R 5:-XTX x WH ' N Cx x UQNKYKYX N X X X Xxx 0 NXEN S X X x X N QE x xx N xxlgga WJUSQWQN xixx , Wx LXCYJ uxXNX'X Z ' x N Lderxi en: 3 X X xxx x 95 NSW ' W 155 re MY X Sure X exxx x Q TYEGOT ef xxx ix xx xx X Rep ' x x N . X19 f x 'Qt ' xx 'Ox xxx xx 1 MVA Qgxx .QQ x M-xxx Nx X'-W -Mx ' x x x x x 'Mx xgxx .lx xxx-'Qx,'-N.. XHQU xmxxx' wbxxxxx xq . 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Nancy Newell jimmy Newton umldw Beatriz Romero 1 Lydia Ramirez an-. 2' Sandra Russell Jimmy Sanders Dennis Schroeder ' Mrs. Fred Garrett Sponsor Mary Ann Smith Ricrhard Smith Ann Tasto , , . s . 1 '2""fW'f'f"f 'K' g'fJ ' A 'K' V 'ff - wi x w 1 . K X. -x x.x x X x X. Nxnfixlx KY X x xx xy x x X xx Amis .Nm .--.5 X W Nw -X M - xy ,mx an ' v., Q-A . , . X M' . . 5- RN xx X 5 X-: x X ry, Ni. X , 'W-W Don Frazier Joyce Justice fi -1 'hu -...I 'UIQ- or-14" -.J Bobby Meyer Dwain Miller Peggy Mfmtgomery Donato Morales Monty Murray Peggy' Pierce Sa -.Amqx 'ETS CTT? ,if :fi N .wkg J: xN,xM,,,,,,,,,, - 3 A K f Jack Plowman Gene Smith S.. Sa Ill , r N .ll ' M 1 Naomi Sanchez Jerrv Shafer Margaret Tasto Herman Temple I lurl l mir 0' Hr-. l.arl l lul Dx E 'Ub- 'lv U"f'-fr Ns..-f ae '-X I R N HH iv BolvThrnl1ilS Bvtty 'lwhmnpsrun Y I A V353 ,rw,,,,d UU- W il4l:-r jimmy Wvilks Spmzwr sin-A ,-'ln ivix 1- T""" new fii L- CENT' Alberto Duarte O. W. Ernst Fran Donalson Marilyn Friedrich Lupe Gallardo 05 Agustin Garcia Yolando Garcia 2 'ir N -6. Barbara Goehring Coece Colladay Werner Louwien wh, . ,Q . Adonis Puente Carlos Romero I . Betsy Remmert Anita Reyes Andy Robertson Eliseo Salazar Elias Salazar ,f js wi --I My-' im'-wg, Qftmti li, I K 45' RW Uvaldo Tamez Harold Temple Elizabeth Terrell Olga Valverde Verna Wilks Jeannie Webb Ruth White Qibf Quai? Q x Mickie Wilson Mercedes Romero Q x L ,k el x 7' L -Lg , 4' L '--' 1 Pat Young Lupe Zepeda - Mrs. W. F. Covert Celeste Ramlrez Sponsor Q -an FLLTES Alice Hudspeth Margaret Tasto Sandra Russell Jerry Foster Coece Golladay Betty Neeley OBOES Marilyn Daughtry Ruth Goericke Bb CLARINET Ruth White Mary Ann Smith Ann Tasto Laura Underwood Dolores Mircovich Betsy Remmert Joyce Justice Marjorie Carby Bert Rucker Buck Pack Jenny Newell Dorothy Singleton Sandra Seale Otis Wilder Flora Murray 245666 ALTO SAX Jackie Ernst Ernesto Garcia Peggy Pierce Myrna Schulze BASS SAX Nathalie Carby TENOR SAX Patty Gibson Joe Alvarado BARITONE SAX Antero Garcia BASSOON Bill Morgan Jodie McCrary CORNETS Bobby Foster Don Frazier Tilden West Bridget Richards Baines Manning Russell Bowers Bobby Butts Garlene Carr game! cada- Dchectcvz HORNS Lois Carby Naomi Butts Nellie Sue Bull Frances Mircovich Virginia Pogue Barbara Donalson Frances Donalson Lydia Montgomery TROMBONE Don Foster Charles Bull Phil Gilbreath Werner Louwien Monroe Jungmann TLBAS Carolyn Dickerson Mariella Duncan Marvin Kaiser Kenneth Anderson James Murray PERCUSSION Gwen Lynam Darlene Osburn Sandra Mathews Elizabeth Sanchez BARITONES Jimmie Duncan Peggy Pack Peggy Bull BASS CLARINET Joyce Cocek Marilyn Menn P Estill Foster DISTRICT BAND Of this group. thirteen went on to Regional Band and three to State. These three were Don Foster, Bobby Fos- ter, and Marilyn Daughtry. Don Foster Drum Major MAJORETTES Laura lnderwood Ann Tasto Marilyn Daughtry Gwendolyn Lynam Joyce Cocelc Mary Ann Smith 'C anna! t -ja-0 1,1 . K A .ol Fjqjlx' W, I A A ' Pvibvlgfg 3' J"'4 '5if"Vw.aA...i. 'wkswrgy,. fr, iv I f. 9 V , 4 1 .41 W Yigi QQ, 1.53 U i S if - Q Q ,Q s u I y . . , g , 5 ,M . Y .,, -. QQ? A X ZX! gs g3, X11 Lucilla Ramirez Jimmie Ruth Wilks Pat Young 514' Janet Melde Q4 7. 71.14, Offdem Ann Tasto, President: Nancy Newell. First Vice Presidentg Margaret Tasto. Second Vice President: Mary Ann Smith, Secretaryg Alice Faye Hudspeth. Treasurerg Betty Thompson. Reporter: Naomi Sanchez, Pianistg Mary Theis. Song Leader: Sandra Russell. Parliamentarian: Miss Elizabeth Pfluger. Sponsor. WG' qw of ,4 ' 1 Otis Wilder FHA Sweethearl ' 15+ -Q ., 5 Pk ww W 1' . If Y, 30 Mr 1' -1 000020 .I hz n' , S P 41, fruity QXQMAKL-'Rs Tiff, My W NEW vk Q5 'Rf ,, .3 ff. 4. ?,?.,-4. 0 gem Melvin Bolland. Presidentg James Montgomery, Vice President: Gilbert Burrell, Reporterg Robert Thiele, Treasurer: Roy Theiss, Secretary: Marshall Sanders. 2nd Vice President: Dwain Miller, 3rd Vice President: 0. YV. Ernst, llistoriang Robert Mickan. Parliamen tariang Antero Garcia, Sen- tinel. Laura Underwood Barbara Donalson Sweetheart Associate Sweetheart 24460 S665 Faraon Sanchez Bobby Thiele W. A. Cook Sponsor Gilbert Burrell Melvin Bolland 423 93 7 all ,JIAUK 9' 7 v...,:'1? F.F.A. Og 1f BUKLDNG 'mf W , Q , 4' Ag, QA fb" ,Q if 1 Q W f r 0 I A -ng f 'Vee 0 'CTIL1 if " '7Q94 n Going to the Farm? Grass Judgmg Contest Wided edema Jimmie Wilks, Gene Smith, Delores Mircovich, Fran Donalson, Barbara Lawhon, Ruth Goericke, Myrna Schulze, Jeanie Webb, Brenda McCoy, Pat Young, Joyce Justice, Sue Bull, Patty Gibson, Mary Ann Smith, Darlene Osburn, Gwen Lynam, Elizabeth Terrell, Ann Tasto, Alice Hudspeth, Florence Kuhsch, Mary Theis, Joyce Cocek, Sandra Russell, Jackie Emst, Marjorie Carby, Betty Thompson, Naomi Sanchez, Anita Reyes, Gertrude Michalk, Vema Michalk, Vema Wilks, Betsy Remmert, Ruth Moerbe, Kathryn Schmidt, Judy Skipping, Ruth White, Marilyn Friedrich, Laura Underwood, Peggy Pierce, Margaret Tasto, Jimmie Duncan, Coece Golladay, Barbara Goehring, Janet Melde, Lois Carby, Marilyn Daughtry, Nico Garcia, Carolyn Dickerson, Jimmie Newton, Faraon Sanchez, Gilbert Burrell, Don Miller, Antero Garcia, Ray Curnutte. Don Frazier, Werner Louwein, Jimmie Sanders, Andy Robertson, Jerry Foster, Johnny Pierce, Charles Bull, Don Foster, James Murray, James Montgomery. Estil Foster Director Miss Mary Deviney Accompanist '31 . , .I mufcvc fed eww acmcdl Nancy Newell. Presidentg Faraon Sanchez, Vice President: Margaret Tasto. Secretary- Treasurerg Patsy Wood, Reporterg Otis Wilder. Andy Robertson. Judy Skipping, Leo Bull. and Mrs. Carl Paul. Sponsor. xlg X .- L: i -fi.: X . fi-I 'f ' 2 f VEIH 'i ' . N f? ? 2 F x 8'5" J' V ,-f 'Viv k lk, Y' 1111 H Mg, I M49 7 ,, W an K 44 W, Jw ' " 4, . 4 .2 X Q J - A b ii , w ' 4- xr. .X -we 5 ' 2 i Xb- I wma . QU in AR J' ' Q 'X 0 1 4' 'Egg U vb 'X KH-Wx -'--0157 5 2 x . E, V L ' i ew. Jeanne Fay Eaves Assistant School Tax Collector 'Lwgr CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Amos Nelson Mrs. Marguerite Smith Mrs. George Dr-nkeler Mrs. Selma Ellelt Golrlie Dory BUS DRIVERS Tharl Johnson Ross Warrl lf. ll. Ward L. VV. Vllilson Ben Schroeder E. L. Miller CTQSTODIANS A ' . 'fx , , I 4 1 QP! 5 J ,v 0 F Mr. A. J. Burditt A ,Tax Assessopcollecmr Mr. George Denkeler. Mr. W. M. Prinz. Pedro Duarte, Antonio ,-, rf ' Lura, Anselmo Morales. 1 Q U X S, ,4 'I is , Q? . fl, . Q 'I' J V . u 1 u K. ex!ll.L A Afghan... Az, A 44 4 . Kfi . . av, . 1' 5' " uf' w dpgifllv' .. wifzk- , fr . V- 1 , ,v -ug 14" 'sw Er I .. 'fit' ,f :,', . 7.9. rv 5 '? 'G 1 i .3 I L 'Y 'fi-.5 l?:i.r,, , 'I A Q- ' K 'lr xx' f-s. ..4, '45f' ' v 2 'Av 4 1, W f-1' ,J"' ' , .. , , . f. , f .vm MMF' , . 4 . ,,,..: . ., .Af , , , E121 L. ' ff -' fy 'Ei' 14,4--X -1 . -1-wwf,-" F.. A F? 6,4 same 1 'fi Aa nf 1, S '34 . fy fs SANDRA RUSSELL HOWARD KING cmdofz l444?cwofuIz'e4 Sentara 61444 7 KATHY SCHMIDT CHARLES BULL N JIMMIE RVTH WILKS JERRY SHAFER Q 'T if PE? ,K D n' lurk A 1 Y A ,'1 I l 1 X444 740425564 hr. rf'S l"1 1 FRANCES DON.-XLSON HARVEY BECKER 61444 ?cwau2'e4 70464 7044 4-i"!' CRAIG JACKSON FLORENCE KUBSCH CHARLES BULL if :SP- Wdaa 7044 ANN TASTO DONATO MORALES MARGARET TASTO fx Q5- 641 14 -Eocwaf JERRY'FOSTER ,, , JOYCE CUCHK KATHY SCHNIIDT ,Q . G, :. ,1- ,- .. at -'Q 77644: mek, 74 S di DON NIlI,I,liIi PATSY WOOD and JAMES MURRAY Escort ,'. .493 .. ,vu 1, . . A WF, N , J ' v . . A., .2- 1 ff? I ,, , .' 2. I 1 3 q -N -- ,g-A., 5 I ,df 444 AL-H QW A My ,ai 'Li QQQ fm, 54' 1, X Q 1 bv or A 4 any Q or , up .. . an no an. J 4' 4.vo 4-lr o tt p I ' ' .7I.' '. 3 ..... .. ,,,--- .- ,TA Q p- 5 Q x - 1 0' 8 1, ' 1-hi .-I ,. m . -f "1 -4: 'ff' " me W I - -mfg . , , - ,---, - , ...Q 'gy-L f-'-QQ. -'s - -- J-' f' .-V - ' . ' ' : '.'.- 'US'-v' -Af ' ' -K -. .V J .., .gag-fi In .- - .,f"'.f--'S-'iff 5 'f -' ,sg '-,1 -, 1-A 'Q Y A- ' ' 'l,x -.f, 1 ,T 'A -- .1 ""f, 'jbf - -.-,,'f,,,i1.., . Hs- , f"- " .' .G ft f ' 'A-uw ' 6955. ' 'f--vs--', X f , -- -- V I Q -33.5 ,dxrji-...,,,,y5 "' 'ff -f.,f.,4, '-A '- ' 4-.J,17.L.ff.,,,.- .- , V ' m . -A 3- 351-f-, 'W '21'1". ,Q-.-. A 2.5, .. . ,. g -15 f'N"'f:.f1 . 'Taxi' 12.0-,,' Y X I z ,,-:Qagvi +P Jo K - ... , N . 1 F' 1.-'pi 'fi' .41 b x x ' fy K V ng Q - . '. or ,I ' - ' . A - rx ' - " , - , 23. A ,,,,, M 4, -.34 I , -'rig li - 7-.D V IQ .U 'gl 1s'xf:Znh:'.,.:z.v ' s,?fk4x 'Q f AJ 'fax in .. . ,:, - X 1- ' .gb -.""' ,Ni N... Ay:-. k ,,,.o'llqb0 'fx A '-Y. 'A-mf' X ' 'Ei' ,L - f u - ,xi 1, S. , s -Q V I Q." .,. - R , :':rNQL . k,.X .. ...IA ,, AMADEO GONZALES ROBERT LINDSEY Coach FREDDIE KAYS "A" TEAM RICHARD SMITH HOWARD KING yr DUB MORGAN Assistant Coach KENNETH BULL "Bn TEAM V! DONATO MORALES JOHN DAUBENSPECK CARLOS DOMINGLEZ ...T... LETTERS DWAIN MILLER Sophomore KENNETH SPIEGELHAUER Manager RICHARD SMITH Iunior DONATO MORALES Sophomore AMADEO GONZALES funior CARLOS DOMINGUEZ Sophomore GILBERT BURRELL lunior ELIAS SALAZAR Freshman ELISEO SALAZAR Freshman MANUEL SALAZAR Freshman Craig Jackson All-District 1951 C0-Captain 1952 Dun Nlillvr CII-C.'lIIJflliH 1932 G, 'Syl cm6afacwdSendafa7mc6 4444-faaaaewz me wld iuww f Q, Q 1 HAY 'fbf " 0. W. ERNST-Pole vault. jun- ior DONATO MOR.-XLES-Shot put, high jump ELISEO SALAZAR-Shot and discus MICKIE WILSON-High jump, broad jump, and pole vault ROBERT MICKAN-High jump, broad jump. and pole vault, junior CARLOS DOMINGUEZ - Shot and discus 71? ELIAS SALAZAR-440 FARAON SANCHEZ-880 CARLOS DOMINGUEZ-mile MANUEL SALAZAR-mile Spziatefw cmd 71446 FARAON SANCHEZ Faraon is a four-year letterman and the only returning member of last year's Regional Championship Team. He is also 1953 captain. Dffdcmoe fcauww Eelaq 7mm MANUEL SALAZAR-220 ELISEO SALAZAR-100-220 DONATO MORALES-high and low hurdles FARAON SANCHEZ-100-220 Y r "1 'fmfwlv , , , -7, an v .5 'inf' ' 1 , 4 4' . ,xii J Agvsgi . X, - :yn .,.s- af V-Jzaixbq 'W' ' -' 1? eww ' . j':'ff.'2+ Q- -, - :fs '55-E "' 'L ,Nt ' Qea6'a77Z .460 fl 1 'rf' 2 H , ,Mawr , xg I take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the fine cooperation shown by you since I came to Bishop, and for the effort you have given to your school activities. This effort has contributed in no small measure to the success of our sc oo program. It is my desire that you be provided the oppor tunity to live as full and complete life as it is possible to live and in so doing, as time marches ,Y on, you may be prepared to meet the problems and responsibilities of life tomorrow I trust that your llfe will be so directed here at school and at home that you will succeed to the fullest extent of your talent and opportunities in whateyer your undertaking may be and that each of you may take his or her place as a worthy and intelligent member of society in your community wherever you may be. f J. L. COMPTON Q A asf Kamen! 7 Q MRS. NIAISEI. ATKINSON Grade' 1 w'f'5lSillf' ,Z was II'f'Y ISARRIFR W " Craflf-1-B ' Q ff, MRS. FRANCES HLANKS Graalf- 6-B MRS. ANNIE L. BOREN flfiltlf' fl-:K un., Q MRS- J. L COMPTON Crude 5 Westside- MISS SOFIA IMVILA Grad? 3 Westside' MISS MARX LSR HER DIAINEY Music MRS. BLANCHE CERBER Grade 2-A I MRS LEMA CRIMES MILTON .IIRASEK MRS OLLIE. MERCHANT MRS- MICHALEK Grade 4 B Grade 8 B Grade 4 A Grade 2 Wf-stsirIf- -I I . N QQ, 9,104-Q MRS. WILLIE MORGAN Grade 2-B MRS. MORRISON Grade 3 W'esISidP MRS. GEORGIA PITT5 Grade 3-A N5 ., 1-v'-' ',..,- . - ,. S ' i 1 1, 'gap 1 . I 1 - f' X 1Q9..eJI1 .Elf Z .1 ',',-Nr,-V, K f uj:f.l-,J,'f'rf 54" aVf,'w.'f. 'ff' V f ,,AA,1rl,e1' ,f,'r,4 2 'JJ',rJ,'7 :fi ' 1 K MRS. ROSABEL SALAZAR -- Grade 4 Westside MISS MARY SAUNDERS Grade 1 Westside b , p 2' 4' M I X4 r I Zemeatmq acadtq 1'-S MR5. MAYME SCHROEDER MRS. FRANCIS SMITH Grade 3-B MRS. Y IQ R A WAGNER Grade 5-B MRS. MARY WILLIS Grade T-B MISS LILLION WIBISATT Grade T-A as Q- i MRS. SPENCE Grade 2 Westside Grade 1 Westside ev i' . I " ' MRS. EULA STARNES Grade 5-A Q-f' N ei Q 3 1 x V, I '- L-lts.. ' ki' " W 3 , in 3 L a r i .174 e- ,. . ,A . .xx lil- . 5 L 95, .L t , A e ' 'S ' im , Ill 4 l l, vi 6 : ' V' l A , n' 9 Q il -Q -- fr' ,' 1 . 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Jr. Thomas Stuart Ducote William Fordtran ,lanice Eileen Fuchs Bryan Hall Irene Hock Susan Ann llumphrey Te-fl Eve-rett jorrlzm B9l'fliCf' .lungmann .leralal Clayton Koch Cheryl Ann l.aec:helin Mary Bernice l,i-ter Cliet! .L l,UWllliilI. lll Sarah .Kun Neel:-5' Pumala liar- Pinkxton Cla-mia Nlarie- Puhlers Hollis l.ynn Robbins Ronald Wilmer Roe-we ,lerrie Sanders Bennett Sawey Richard Gus Schrader Toby Dean Vandermeer Ronnie Yarbrough Sandra Lee Wallace 6 14. df!2Z!f0!f . I if wx :QI X Q 6. t -P 6 wi QL ff, "gif " 'f'3f5 .a J i ,,,. 'M . -1 . 2 -5 lgaeeee' eaie,5az?'5'3' D.. , .,,.. ri' t . 22:61 "Fl, T' .6 fl. L . 5 w - 1 P - QF 'af'-'x V. ' Af' 0 3 1- S ef, x f " .... ' 5 Q, " V '54 hs' M xl' , tx , 5 1- 'i ef! L , of c -. f 4 Q ' L V: fe Mary Ruth Ainsworth Sandra Kaye Bertram Rolland Bielstein Iris Lynn Burnett 61446 2,4 Claude Cooley Jimmie Coulter Jenness Layne Doyle David Duncan Patsy Lynne Garrett James Howard Linda Ferol jackson Linda Lee Johnson 5 sr 1 th . 'D , K f N. .lf it Vfiv i Ar ' , 5- ' 2. 4' ns. R Q' lx L 'L-3' L ti' rflk 've Q 'bn ll't-ut he . f su f - C' M 1- 1 Wayne Lambert Mary Martha Long Louella Menn Gary Merchant Joyce Carol Milstead Robert Newell Barbara Ann Riggs Ronnie Rutledge Joe Tinsley Sandra Wolfinbarger Maurice Johnson ma.. ezlez . X i . ff ' . I ina u- , v .J I . - ,..., I M xg 'lk "2 'x zz 1.3:-..:.v ' .- M t fu ' , , ' Z!! . r f ,Q -' 3 ,. I 5 iii ' f 'Z1 SQ iSi5E.1 1, 'sl Civ' los- ! I fig -. P a'?fCilmtxl.f' . "fi 'H-3. ' ,,, David Ouellett Marilyn Redding Olivia Ricks Cynthia Lu Robertson Mary Ellen Royce Michael Schroeder Cynthia Seale Dale Singleton Ralph Morgan Beth Suggs Lew Wallace Glenn Wolfinbarger r flu - 4 af, if A. L..1 tl Stewart Ash Ray Bunting Della Butts Donna Campbell Tom Donalson Bruce Green Bobby .lohnson Eileen .lohnson Janice Keith Margie McDonald Doyle Moore Errol Muncrief Qi xl, 5 -6' "' ' '-- JP? S .X 5 at 0' 9 . 9 1 heb vs A, if ,1 We S 5-o -W-2, J, Gr 34 ,41 x' ' ,K 'uu- fl 5 . fl 1 it X ' l Lx ,X f' nu 1 QL- -9 ' Q ,,o',, . vu. wk- 9-5 fr 2 Q x-,,NsN L- tp.- , 0- 5 f',x -:E-,t Xa 5,5 , . ." David Amsden jerry .l o Crain Sandy Frick Linda Lou Humphrey Milton Spiegelhauer VY nr w,x'1' b a '. wir. Sandra Kay Anderson Barbara Dahl Robert Ginther Betty Lou .lohnson Patsy Ann Tribble a 1 Wayne Babberl Edith Rae Deaver Ray Goehring ,I ohnny McWhorter Patricia Ann True it Vx an N Johnny Norris Brooks Elwood Donald Dean Gerry Guthrie Ray Patrick Charles Whitford Sybil Sue Brown Lawrence Eckerman James Noel Hamilton Roller! Seaman Lloyd Wolfinbarg 314 Pm CI' Q , J7- Y 'QQ 1 li.dx ,ks ,flfiv 5 sl 1 lZ1...j4 .sig 9 ' 5. . d . i -5 Q 'D ,' 5 . 5 N f , , ,L if K b W 74" W , ' w-:LS KX v N ,J A af X xibx 2 VV ak 3 X ' ,: Q :AV Z 4 V .- ..,. . . I I Q I . x . ff" lw , l X 1. Q' ' L .- x lf Y 'r , , P ' '5' 'N . 'ut . 6 4 v ,. if A A WN' ' 5 .Q ' in Q. V 4, Q Q 1 - ' , A . .1 ' - if I A X Q ra , 5" I g fi fuk' ix 5 '. . ' Q: . K 'Z . H Fug m -' f 8-'Xgvf Q ings. .ks I I f . . . A , , D . , F, fa N s -.Trai E' s johnny Wayne Robert Earl Gary Robert Robert Anderson Bowers Brown Bull Camp Carroll Sandra Lee Louise Marie Calvin Ernest Fred Fluyd Clark Coker Fuchs Grebe Hosey Johnson Mary Linda David Pamela Patricia Linda .leanne johnson Kaiser Ludewig Ludewig Manning Markus HumllCrl0 John Wesley Gerald .ludy Sara Btlbby Martinez Payne Ricks Sanders Sawey Scott Clifton Sharon Lea Gus Ruth Ann Gloria Shafer Taylor White Whitely Wier 32' . S 6 --s 1 My an - 'ff 7756144444: 4 I4 za. S' 4' B 4 i fifvk.-42 ..- I 1 ,aff -f A1 5' wif 7 C Y W A CAB if 5 x 1 - V My ,, A I in I .fr .V 3, ,:::. K: ' , ' Q -W ' , f v - yrz. iQ::::::::.::...,. ' ' ' K N , , f , V ,M Q . '::ff1aes5ssf:sses11'w: 1' P ' swf Q r ef fa X m -dj, .v W3-::::g"'2:S:' ' - "5 r W g' ' ' I -e1jE""' " 2, C , V -,g:':' H- g , M Q 'W , 1, A ' , -- -M-f l' ff- 'ei 1 Szffiiisiz. . a - W ggmmrlh a ,Poli E , , 'CT' Elma Ayarzagoitia Gus Bartram Martha Jo Bowers Judy Bull Peggy Campbell James Clark Claudia Compton Buddy Culp Sidney Donalson Robert Wayne Doyle Larry Graham Betty Sue Harris Don Haygood Ronnie Kennedy Jane Leach Dennis Moore Delfino Morales Helen Newell Mike O'Neal Mary Joyce Pogue Arnulfo Ramirez Dan Redding Billy Sanders Sherrill Seale Darryl Theirs Eddie True Opal Temple Starre Wie-r Jimmy Wolfinharger Margarte Beneon Doloref Aclame ,leanette Ballantine Charles lilair Patricia Ann liull Ronald Bunting Maurine Butts Charles Dexiney Harold Ducote Carolyn Ann Fuchs Abel Garcia Antonio Garcia Ellen Jean Gebert Charles W. Griffith Buddy .lones Billy Lawhon 4? 'Ld' r can ea i ar -1 . H Y 1"".ot t X ina? ' Francisco Lopez - Q E W Key Merchant ' Q 6 Joyce Miekan 2' ' , r Michael Nlontgomery t E 3' Catherine Morgan ' ""'f,3 ' I . , P W1 "1 'i 5-111 3 J gi , - 391-fi . f fl ,S Q . 'x X' W Q, 5 .X an 4 RUXY lluliinworl Sandra Robertson Barbara Seaman David Schrader Robert Schroeder Vicki Yamlermeer Glenda Gail Webb Doyle Wilson Diane Wygrys 6 v Q . ,anus- 3531, lv , Q . . . . , . . 1 .Z-4' ' ar- - .. 'N x '15 J 9 u gf h l ,- . n... .- ' --Q... "" 2'5- a 3 52 2 "5 .: ..".'g::32:::::f Ziffflf .xx AQ ,-, ', 41 3 Quadra 5 ,4 77614. Gail Brown Glenn Carr . VE Virginia Compton Lorna Bess Cooley Q K Edward Lee Dahl G. C. Dean U N la K 25' 54 x A ga. xw,N A.. ' lj Maria Garza Antonio Guarjardo Dianne Hamilton , Scarlet Harris Jerry Jordan Donald Kaiser joel Lopez Rudolph Menn Jeanette Michalk Johnny Muncrief Foy Mae Rankin Herbert Sandoval Sharron Tribble Sharon True .,. P 'if' 0. , ,i I AL-X 4 T v Charles Lee .lordan Melvel White Donald Thomas if ,,,, .,... if -ur- '5 . . j gmde 5 3 77114. Wayan Edith Amsden Barbara Benson Jerry Guthrie Edna johnson xx X t Jimmy Brennan - f ' A Virginia Brightenbaugh 3 Marie Johnson Edward Jungmann 4 Georgia Brooks I " Emilio Gadreil " i N ,nl Q -, K 1 s 9 , B I ' Roel Lopez - 5 ' l Bob Markus ,A 9 K 1 I W , I . "" I J! -l John K. Carroll Fddie Coker I' reddie 0 Neal Dolores Rothlisbergel' Gloria Garcia Donna Gentle ,-1' wus, Sharon Sughrue Barbara Terrell A E- ,w Eutimio Gonzalez Odilia Guzman Gary Tinsley Glenda Winters Qmde 6 14 14.24104 ,xx 'if M Aff? 1 I . 4.3415 1 .V K. .l .,, .L. . ,Q ,il 'K ,I-nu' N Alive Alvarado Lupe Barrientes Elsie Brown Gene Bull "Bubba" Gude ,loe Thomas Deaver .lf-sus Dimas Margaret Sue Dutton Kaye Franklin Harvey Golladay Eleanor Gonzalez Valentino Gonzalez Concha Hernandez Sofia Jimenez Eva Lois Lawhon Eva Martinez Addie Jo McWhorter Richard Montgomery Dora Moralez ,loe Moralez Wendell Newell Ronnie O'Neal Pat Pederson Pete Pederson Cosme Ramirez Carol Ann Roberts Elma Rodriguez Brownie Rutledge Conrad True Gilmer Gonzalez Nan Barkley Stanley Bull Evelyn Christian Tommy Culp Bettie Curnutte Beth Dunalsun Evelyn Duncan Maria Duarte Elw 1v1v d Fuerster Carol Foster William Friedrich Janet Fritz Ofilia Garcia Ruth Harlan C. W. l-lerher xl 5 f 106 Hernandez Mildred Jones .luhn Kocurek Carol Lambert Ramon Nloralez Charles Paul .-Xve-mlmi Puente .Xlfredu Ranm- Carnien Rodriguez Pedru Romero N Uuillermu Seguvia Leland 5tanford Mack Taylor Lupe Tobar 10 Q , I . 1 4 'Y' ,f I Si' 1 Q A s we '-il J Qs ,R I . ' , 1 i' 8 I 9 .' if -1 Q 'C' 1 74 l ' 19 ' 'O-A. as .,- W.. , 4 , -.. -. . 3 ' Xxx V V .' - AM: r y : it , f u .nm ., ,.-33. - f 73:55:55-2' .f"537 ' azz' N, 3 ge 'fl Y, f gl' f Y! L I - 1 - 0 l . I t Y' I sl X am 1.. -M 1. ae" Anne Kyle Peggy Naomi Sherron Garlene Barkley Bull Butts Capers Carr Lynn Carmen Leonard Lyvia Ernesto Compton Cristan Foerster Garcia Gonzalez Tommy Irene Eugene Baines Sandra Haygood Hernandez Jordan Manning Matthews Lydia Bobby Flora Richard Peggy Montgomery Muncrief Murray Orr Pack Hector Bert Barbara Dorothy Margie Ramirez Rucker Shafer Singleton Taylor Rebecca Castaneda Carolyn Harden Frances Mircovich Carl Paul Betty White fr-y vu A 4x QF f 1 5',AT"' N--rw L, Daud Axtell Lucla Duarte ,lackre Jmtrce Qara Salazar 1 Bernard Brooks Dora Garza bamuel 'NIcNabb Rebecca Qandow al Donald Tmmlew ? 2 Wim. 7066664 Ronme Bull ,learldlne Grall Rnchard Nlrlran Donald qatterfreld Y lrglnla Wrlson Epzfanlo Cabral joe Guzman Daxrd Pena Bern Nmrth Le-ter W w grw s ,luanrta Cardenas Favdra Jean Hamilton TOIHHNIIH Pena Robert Sughrue Abel Zepeda Peggw Cate Oralra Hernandez Conme Lee Richardson RlCll3l'd Tay lor Greta Sue Wolfmbarger Q 'y Qmde X 14 M. gamma ,, ? . A 'X in .. 4 1 Q. -25, L. I V -a I 4 Q-wav.. A ' .L fb 4 A Q YB M Li' .A ll tlnhiliffl l h QA L-X X .- ,R . at .J.vf-4 Russell Bowers Nathalie Carley Freddie Cocek Lucia Cortez Blariella Duncan Phil Cilhreath Bnfina Gonzalez Salvador Gonzalez ,llfllllly Day Griffith Roberto Gutierrez Monroe ,lungmann Edwin Lawhon Maximino Martinez Jodie Hay MCCrary Donnie Meyer Bill Morgan Betty Neeley Neal Plocek Ginger Pogue- Sandra Seale Apolonia Segovia Theresa Tinsley Dora Hernandez Kenneth .-Xnflerson May Beth Bowers Rita Browning William Cate Betty lean Deaver Brian Engel Bobby Foster Frank Gutierrez Larry Head Juan Hernandez Marvin Kaiser Clifton Lister Hilaria Morales Jenney N e-xs'tv ll liohby Rich Bridget llichards Carol Ann Short Wayne Stanford Henamay Steed Tilden West Sally Wulfinbarger Jimmy Causey X? X 5 ,Q tw,- 0- 'f lbs, Q4 'idmf L N Q4 s. L K Q. .im-2 Y' Q.. E LF f 2 e- . 'Q tx lv- "3 N4 4 4 ' Q -A -SA Fx- S 'ef,'A,,, yi! avg me 8 sr Q72 fcizaael 5 A -K-X J br 1 9 x.. C an "C" an Q fl t 8 'X in ,HA WW QOH 'ea . de Sec' Fzrst Gm OWN MICHAEL ond Grade N LEOV' BR SCHROEDER E ORDA ILEEN TEDDY 3 JOHNSON T121- WA , rd Cr YNE BOWERS We 1-IXIM M.'1AX'Ax'IANvC veg' , .4- X S ,,'. . 1 ., ,r 1 - '-' ,, - ,""f Dai' Gp' Ll A9 V Q, 'xb ' 5 N' W J 'E .y N .sk 15 I '11 -4" ,H ,J - I 1 ' 7 f ' i jk -1 .-,J A H X ht K X l , a C F ourth Gr nm BULL in NKERCHANT fqfwi M-BW de Sz 1 Fmhs?zKxeTTE WCHALK MAIN Amir sus lifligajfrlde RR STAN GLENN LA LEY BULL fl vig. bl' S de RICHARD oRilventgH?3r0de E1 hih Gm RRON C 3 ER BOBBY RICH WOLFYNBARG A PERS S ALLY ' ee xx A 'f W Q p 4 7, 4 1 -1 3, L,fV - 'iq f ,, 4 , ' 1Q,,,f,,Mx? ' in ' 4'-4 4 .eff 'A , ' sw " aff . -jc. in an xv A ff W f 1 x , - N ' X I X XL x sf , - r :mice einem Mildred Jones, Ramon Morales, Conrad True, Hilaria Morales, Elma Rodriguez, Juanita Cardinas, May Beth Bowers, Renamay Stud, Wendell Newell, Pete Pederson, Brownie Rutledge, Margaret Dutton, Hector Rameriz, Lynn Compton. Ernesto Gonzales, Carl Paul, Richard Orr, Leland Stan- ford, Margie Taylor, Sharron Capers, Janet Fritz, Eva Lawhon, Carol Ann Roberts, Tommy Haygood, Gene Jordan, Ruth Harlan, Evelyn Duncan, Apolonia Segovia, Olivia Garcia, Dora Morales, Addie McWhorter, Barbara Shafer, Alicia Alvarado, Carol Foster, Frances Mircovitch, Sara Salazar, Beth Donaldson, Pat Pederson, Betty White, Elsie Brown, Sandra Matthews, Naomi Butts, Carolyn Harden, Bert Rucker, Baines Manning, Peggy Bull, Dorothy Singleton, Carlene Carr, Peggy Pack, Lydia Montgomery, Jean Hamilton, Flora Murray. Miss Mary Esther Deviney-Director f Slemeataaq Zcuwl 2415666 70450:-Ddzeclofa FLLTE Carol Jean Foster CLARINETS Nan Barkley Richard Orr Lynn Compton Sherron Capers Mildred Jones Tommy Culp Leland Stanford Ann Kyle Barkley Evelyn Duncan Carol Lambert Patsy Johnson Jerry Jordan Rudolph Menn Bob Markos Donnie Meyer Betty Jean Deavers Charles Lee Jordan Donald Kaiser Dolores Rothlisburger Sharon Sughrue Sharron Tribble Edith Amsden Lyvia Garcia SAXOPHONES Betty White Glenda Winters G. C. Dean CORNETS Gene Jordan Margie Taylor Barbara Shafer Tommy Haygood Hector Ramirez Ernesto Gonzales Don Puente Mack Taylor Jimmy Brennan Edna Johnson Edward Jungman Melva White HORNS Evelyn Christian Maria Duarte John Carol Donna Gentle TROMBONES Carl Paul Charles Paul Glenn Carr DRUMS Ruth Harlan Beth Donalson BARITONES Joel Lopez Eddie Sandoval BASSES Eutimio Gonzales Emilio Cadrirel lem! 0 0 0, an' A- 5601605009 ?e,b S Bb Shf if-2' 'szfg' 79 74" k'GqJ 70 55 75 I3 Katia: 76441: Milton Jirasvkf 'Coach Ex r F A ' ' ,QL :ig Panel Sgaad J. L. Compton-Coach 4 0 3 ." '5 I I nr A , Siemwtmq Quia 77 5 ii. 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RADIOS BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY ' 1- BISHOP DRUG STCRE AIR CONDITIONED Good Drinks and Eafs PHONE 23 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE C E KAHFEY o Truefone Radros and Televlsron MOERBE 6' MICHALK Where You Feel A+ Home PHONE 75 Brshop Texas BISHOP INSURANCE AGENCY COMP'-IMENTS OF Aufomoblle Casualry Fa Lf Horace Youn 'e 'e g esi I y ep ese epe dable sf c s a e cpas L F TASTO O ner Frs+S+a1'eB kB ldng ' . . , wner I fi Il u T .Z K F' 3 I I I . ' . An abished .agenc r r nfing d n capi+al o lc in ur nc om nie. . . , w i an ui i COMPLIMENTS OF Som D Nelson Texaco Agen'I' IMKEN S GROCERY STORE Phone 37 .JOHN A KIESCHNICK SERVICE STATION Flresfone 8: Goodyear Tgres Polishing 81 Waxing PHONE 7 WHITTEN LUMBER ond CEMENT PHONE :zo Lock's Associate Store Owner W B LONG Blshop LOCKER PLANT COMPLETE LOCKER SERVICE WHOLESALERS OF BEEF AND PO PHONE I39 Bushop Texas RK EL NUEVO MUNDO LADIES READY TO WEAR GENTS FURNISHINGS Bishop and KlngsvlIIe Texas COMPLIMENTS OF BISHOP GIN Inc I ' I .l. ' I ' - A ,. I . 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