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EL RODEO 1976 . f ■ J This land is ours, to love and live upon, to be proud of, and to use wisely down all the generations of the future. (3 0 — 1976 El Rodeo Big Spring High School Big Spring, Texas 79720 Vol. 58 Student Life 10 Notables 36 Organizations Sports Personnel 52 118 162 Classes 184 Ads 272 f-f r pt n Our memories of yesterday and our dreams for tomorrow are joined to become the endless chain of time. Opening :X rea y loot mCu£C( pa o I act yoc og my teaser h ' S j Qr: : S7hr €JC Ouf fhi Gt SS S Q en ' Or Qoof off Gourde, ) t uo.ll rennemb€r ]0W Vhe :3: oeo ' i h a as nnaAy 1 We are that link between the past _ and the future - i if i and a chain is omyy as strong as itj d ' Wyy d Opening ■■ ? 1 H 7 B SM 4 4i U •... T ' w gniTTOiM . ' ' ■■:§■■ . liiLs: Therefore let us strive to be strong, for we must not weaken the chain of time. Opening Student life was the events and happenings in which students panicipated , both in and out of class. Some activities involved all students . Such were class elections and pep rallies . Others , such as productions , involved only a fraction of the student body . Student life was the ' fun and games ' as well as the hard work. Student Life Morning Moods Vary CT Morning provided fun before the work began . Groups of students caught up on the latest gossip . Pep rallies and classes added creativity to the day . As energy surged from all students, the time flew and school thoughts were replaced with those of lunch . A - Junior boys catch up on the latest gossip before class. B - Jill Odom helps promote spirit during morning pep rallies. C - David Fowler finishes his art project. Lunch Lacks Leisure Despite long lines and a short amount of time , the lunch break was the most looked forward to time of the day . Lunch was the best time for friends to get together and visit for a spell , while filling their stomachs . A few students brought their lunch , but most took advantage of the cafeteria and snack bar . A - Mariella Wise, Lisa Fort, and Toni Hansen stand in line in the snack bar. B - Lunch is never too boring for Frosty Reynolds. C - For a mere fifty-five cents, students may enjoy a well balanced meal every day. Lunch was over and everyone resumed the role of a student a little reluctantly. Afternoons were spiced up with exciting intramural games for the great athletes and uninterrupted sleep for those who did not get any the night before . The clock was the thing to watch as everyone waited for the great moment - the three - thirty bell . This was the most welcome time of the entire day . Anxieties of Afternoon DA £▼ A - David Spence jumps high for a spike as Robert Huibregtse looks on . B - Wade Cobb steps out in the height of fashion. C - Harold Sherman takes time out. D - Three-thirty is a welcome time for Audrey Crosby. E - The three-thirty uaffic jam. Evenings The post-school hours were the times when numerous extracurricular activities took place . The band practiced long and hard for several weeks; classes and organizations had meetings and built their Homecoming floats. Cramming for six- weeks tests along with homework were only a few of the many after-school chores . For BSHS students there just were not enough hours in each day . A - Seniors enjoy working on ihe Homecoming float . B - lais Ivey works diligently on her homework . C - The band spends many hours practicing. D - Black Sabbath in concert. E - The Sonic is a favorite weekend spot. F - Jaws attracts many movie-goers. Weekends Provide Welcome Leisure Weekends gave students something to look forward to. Pastimes were shows, concerts, or cruising round the Sonic. Some weekends were extended due to holidays or teacher ' s meetings. These were few , but students were relieved that they had extra days of fun . .- xi»nij 5f»;2jf5;--«iyr5. BSHS Active in Bicentennial BSHS has been actively involved in many Bicentennial activities. The first Bicentennial flag in Big Spring was presented to the school in an assembly last year. A Bicentennial proclamation named Paul Ruiz as Teen- Aged Uncle Sam, the official Bicentennial symbol or ' mascot ' of Big Spring and Howard County . The Student Counci l helped paint fire hydrants for the Bicentennial celebration. Homecoming had a Bicentennial theme, America ' s Great Moments. A - The freshman float in the Homecoming parade well defines ' America ' s Great Moments. ' B - Snoopy got a new suit of clothes in a community beautification project. C - Many colorfully painted fire hydrants help beautify the street corners of Big Spring. D - BSHS received the first Bicentennial flag in Big Spring. E - Paul Ruiz listens attentively to the Pledge of Allegiance. F - Paul Ruiz portrays America in a Bicentennial assembly. Howdy Carnival Ushers in New Year Spirit soared high as the school year began with the annual Howdy Carnival and Dance. These activities were held in honor of the freshmen. A new record was set with participation totalling over 1,000 people. Clu bs sponsored many booths to help raise money. Kent Newsom and Janet Ivery were named Mr. and Miss Howdy. Involvement was the name of the game, and students looked forward to a great year. A - Key-clubber, John Wrinkle, wonders if there are any sharks in the dunking booth. B - Angie Alderton and Steve Evans serve cokes for the Student Council. C - Phil Barber pronounces Henry Holguin and Debbie Carnell man and wife at the Junior marriage booth. D - James Burleson attempts to sell slaves at the Latin club booth. E - Mr. and Miss Howdy are Kent Newsom and Janet Ivery. F - Bobby Meisenheimer gets a pie in his face at the Science club booth. Students Rock Around the Clock Early morning pep rallies were great spirit boosters . Cheerleaders worked many hours a week to make each one a success . The Band played hit tunes while everybody clapped their hands, stomped their feet, and yelled for the football team. Various clubs presented skits each week , and classes competed for the spirit stick . f ' ■ ' SSSSmeKc ' ' A - Members of the Senior class, along with other students, enjoyed the 1950 ' s day pep rally B - Coach Ron Rogers graciously accepts the male chauvinist pig award from Golddiggets Cindy Fowler and Kris Boubek . C - Smiling Seniors David Spence, Lee Ann Mashburn, Angela Hodnett, Robert Huibregtse, and Brad Carr model their nostalgic attire . D - Cheerleaders Jill Odom and Paige Little rock around the clock as mascot Amanda Hughes watches. J STEE ' , STEERS 35 A - Members of the football team file into the gym for another pep rally held in their honor. B - The football players enjoyed having girls tie victory ribbons on their helmets before the clash with Midland Lee that night . C - Spirited Freshmen clap their hands to the music of the band as they sing along. Students Let the Good Times Roll This school year got off to a very early start with classes beginning on August 18 , 1975. As usual, it took a while to get back into the routine of early mornings and long afternoons , but after a few days , everyone was in good spirits and ready to go , for another year of fun . A - How sweet i: is. Basketball coach James Griffin creams football coach Scofield. B - Key clubbers Brad Carr and Richard Affleck explain the Broncho (John Allensworth and Robert Huibregtse) to Steer mascot Denise Crenwelge. C - James Petty, Heddy Danford, and Lyn Garner leap into the year with vigor. A - The Senior circle , the traditional finale of the last home game pep rally, was formed by the graduating class of 1976. This signified the last time that they would sit together as a body before their graduation ceremonies. B - Exuberant senior Lee Ann Mash practices her ballet form between classes. C - A familiar sight to many teenagers is the Sonic Drive In, located at 1200 Gregg. Many students enjoyed the food and atmosphere here during their four years at B . S . H . S . D - Spirited Golddiggers cheered for the football team during a pep rally while some of the Senior class members demonstrated enthusiasm through the use of signs. Winners of the spirit stick were judged on panicipation and enthusiasm. A. A Janet Ivery Reigns Over Activities Homecoming 1975 brought with it much excitement among the students . The parade displayed many beautiful and colorful floats. It was easy to see that a lot of work was put into these creations. First place in the large division went to the band for their carousel . The juniors captured second with a birthday cake , and the sophomores ' lunar landing placed third. In small division the Golddiggers placed first, Bible Club second , and FHA third . Spirit soared high at the community pep rally and game. During pre-game activities Janet Ivery was named queen. Halftime included a fantastic display of fireworks, the band ' s performance, and a mini parade of floats traveling around the field . HRPPY A - Andra Hohertz gets ready for the big parade. B - The sophomore class float, the moon landing, won third place in the big float division. C - The junior class celebrates America ' s 200th birthday on their second place winning float. D - The band displays their prize winning float during the parade. E - The highlight of the band ' s halftime show was the formation of the state of Texas. F - The four finalists and queen for homecoming were Chris Davis, Janet Ivery, Angela Hodnett, Paige Little, and Laura Bickford. The girls are shown with their escorts. G - Janet Ivery was named 1975 Homecoming Queen. H - A colorful flag with the words, " Play It Again Sam, " was displayed as the band played on. With torches lighting the way to the courthouse , the community pep rally staned out well. The football team was in high spirits and they soon had enthusiasm inspired in the whole crowd . The parade was full of hopeful entries , and the crowd enjoyed the display of talent. The dance was held on Saturday night and marked the end of Homecoming 1975. Homecoming Inspires Enthusiasm A - Students carried torches in the torchlight parade, lighting the way to the courthouse for the community pep rally. This marked the beginning of the homecoming activities for 1975. B - Marj Carpenter gave a tremendous pep talk, inspiring more football spirit in everyone. C - Seniors put many hard hours into their float in anticipation of a win. Teamwork was the name of the game. D - Laura Bickford and Cynthia Fierro helped lead the cheers at the community pep rally. Spirit soared high in anticipation of the big game against the Permian Panthers. E - The Seniors ' finished float. It is the retake of the Wright Brothers ' Bicycle Shop and the first American airplane. F - Slaves, Ray Don Box, John Wrinkle, and Marty Herron pull their owners; Jill McWhorter and James Burleson. This was the Latin Club parade entry. D - Directory provided the music for the high school dance. This marked the close of Homecoming 1975. H - A group of flags was marched in the parade as a salute to America. Meister singers Perform Another Hit " Bye, Bye Birdie " received standing ovations both nights as the Meistersingers did a superb job on their two- night performance . A - Telephone talk is the ' in ' thing for the pre-teens of Sweet Apple, Ohio. B - Hugo displays his jealousy by socking Conrad in the face . C - Jana Keele catches up on the latest gossip. D - With a wave of the hand, Conrad has all the girls at his feet. ' J CR Salutes America Bicentennial songs and skits were performed by the band this year in a salute to America ' s music. The production ' s title was " Play It Again Sam. " The songs ranged from " You ' re A Grand Old Flag " to " Yankee Doodle Dandy. " A - Jill Walker, Jana Porter, Debbie Shroyer, Kenny Watkins , Les White , and Joe Edwards display the finale costumes. B - David Trim portrays Benjamin Franklin in one of the skits. C - Angle Fulgham, Ben Walker, Donny Green, and Valerie Richardson are involved in the opener. They perform a medley of songs. D - This year ' s section leaders for the pit band consist of (back) Wayne Pruitt, Russel Burchett, Pat Daniels, Carl Condray, Lee Alexander, (front) Gilbert Chavez, Chris Shortes, Scott Vic, Gordon Birrell, Darla Morrell, and Anita Butler. The March of Dimes received $500 from the Powder Puff Football game, November 20. It was a hard fought game as each team tried desperately to put points up on the scoreboard . The cute cheerleaders and halftime , performed by the Key Club Band , added to the entertainment . Football Is Not for " Men " Only A - Judy Jones and Nancy Baird pin a mum on Ken McMuniey, upper " Head " coach. B - Underclass players watch the action from the sidelines. C - Jodi Grant gains yards for the Jr-Sr team. D - " Under " cheerleaders: Neil Furqueron, Doug Archer, Ricky Cluck, Billy Johnson, Bobby Huff, and Mitch Harris sway to the school song. E - Mariella Wise nears a touchdown for the gold team . F - Tracy McLain , Denise Crenwelge, Judy Jones, and Maggie Gonzales concentrate on the game . G - Upperclass cheerleaders: Tony Vieira, David Trim, and Scott Sullivan keep the cheers going. Yuletide Season Sparkles The Yuletide season this year brought snow , gifts , goodies, and of cotirse, Old Saint Nick to all the students. A - Santa Claus, alias David Trim, comes down the chimney with a bound . B - Greetings from the Journalism Department. C- Here stands the lonely Christmas uee. D - As the lights dim and the music softens, a romantic mood sets in. E - ' Twas the night before Christmas and Nancy Baird and Terry Kelley are quiet as mice . Every year on a certain day in February a little messenger, known to all as Cupid , strikes the hearts of young and old alike. The effects are immediate and the results are contagious . This is LOVE and the day is St. Valentine ' s Day. Cupid Strikes Again For the first time ever the Chamber of Commerce created a program designed to promote student interest in the city . Thirty students were chosen on the basis of character, grades, and the desire to be an effective member of the Chamber of Commerce . A total of 10 Sophomores , 10 Juniors , and 10 Seniors were selected for the Big Spring Area Student Involvement Council - BASIC. Chamber of Commerce Creates Basic E. ▼ A - Junior Representatives: D. Crenwelge, B. Stripling w: _Vakte5 P. Barber, S. Renshaw, T. Churchwell. B - Sophomore Representatives: S. Snodgrass, D. Workman, S. Henry, M. Blalack, I. Little, K. Choate, A. Hohertz, T. Mann. C - Senior Representatives: J. Allensworth, K. Small, B. Carlile, P. Uttle, C. McKee, K. Willbanks, G. Pearson. D - J. Speegle Soph. , V. Richardson St. , F. Reynolds Jr., A. Mathews Jr. , S. Huckabee Sr. , S. Smith, Jr. , C. Wilder, Jr. , K. Rice Soph. E - Board of Directors: John Allensworth and Karla Small. Although every student is special in his own way , some students are given extra recognition each December. Who ' s Who members are chosen by the faculty for outstanding leadership and scholarship. Mr. and Miss BSHS, class favorites, and the Beauty and Beast are selected by the student body on the basis of their personality and popularity . Notables Angela Hodneii: Fish - cheerleader, class favorite , FHA, Soph. -J.V. cheerleader, Latin Club vice-president, Jr. - class vice-president, Latin Club, NHS, Who ' s Who, student council, EL RODEO, Sr. - NHS, EL RODEO editor, student council, Key Club calendar girl, Homecoming Queen finalist. Senior Who ' s Who Fourteen seniors are given the honor of Who ' s Who each year. These students are chosen by the entire faculty. They are elected on the basis of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. ■r ' r V Paige Little: Fish - FTA, forensics, Tri-Hi-Y, Soph. - Demolay sweetheart, Tri-Hi-Y president, Golddiggers, Jr. - Lion Club Queen, Tri-Hi-Y, Golddiggers, Spanish Club, student council, EL RODEO, school beauty finalist, Sr. - varsity cheerleader, Tri-Hi-Y president, student council, BASIC, Homecoming Queen finalist, EL RODEO, school beauty. Kenneth McMurtrey: Fish - football, basketball, FFA , Soph. - JV football, ]V baseball, FFA, Jr. - varsity football , varsity baseball, FFA, Sr. - football all-district honorable mention, lineman of the year, varsity baseball. Chiis Davis: Fish - cheerleader, choir, volleyball. Soph. - JV cheerleader, Meisiersingers, " South Pacific, " Latin Club, Jr. - Meistersingers, " Li ' l Abner, " Latin Club vice-president, NHS, class secretary , Sr. - varsity cheerleader, Meistersingers, " Bye-Bye Birdie, " NHS, FHA, Auto Mechanics Sweetheart, Key Club calendar girl , Homecoming Queen finalist, MissBSHS. Pat Carroll: Fish - UIL typing. Soph. - varsity baseball, Jr. - varsity baseball , all-district second baseman , NHS, Sr. - varsity baseball, NHS, FCA. Jodi Grant: Fish - UIL typing, choir, volleyball, TACH, Soph. - ACC choir, JV volleyball, TACH, Golddiggers, FCA, Jr. - Meistersingers, " Li ' l Abner, " varsity volleyball, FCA, Golddiggers, NHS, Who ' s Who, student council, Spanish Club, UIL history, Sr. -all-district volleyball, FCA vice-president, NHS, student council, golf. Annabeih Deats: Fish - student council, UIL piano region and state , Meistersingers accompanist. Soph. - Meistersingers accompanist, all- region choir, " South Pacific, " " Music Man, " UIL solo and ensemble contest, Golddiggers, Jr. - Meistersingers accompanist, all-region choir, " Li ' l Abner, " pops choir, UIL piano region and state , Golddiggers, Latin Club, Library Club, NHS, Who ' s Who, Optimist youth appreciation award, Sr. - Meistersingers accompanist, all-region choir, " Bye-Bye Birdie, " Golddigers, NHS. Senior Who ' s Who i ■•% ' Mary John Cherry: Fish - UIL Debates, forensics, court jesters and thespians, FHA, Soph. - UIL varsity debate, forensics. Drama Club secretary, Jr. - UIL varisty debate, Drama Club vice- president, NHS, Bible Club vice- president, " Good Morning World " chairman, Sr. - UIL varsity debate. Bicentennial Youth Debates, NHS vice- president. Key Club calendar girl, Meistersingers, " Bye-Bye Birdie. " Brad Carr: Fish - FCA, basketball. Soph. - FCA, basketball, student council, Latin Club, Jr. - FCA treasurer, basketball, Latin Club, Key Club, NHS, Who ' s Who, Sr. - FCA, Key Club president, NHS, Student Council, class vice- president, CORRAL, Optimist youth appreciation award. John Allensworth: Fish - football, track. Soph - Key Club, Spanish Club, Jr. - Key Club, Sr. - Key Club District Lieutenant Governor, Future Scientist of America, Astronomy Club, BASIC, Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Scott Robb: Fish - football, track, FCA, Soph. - JV football, track, FCA treasurer, Jr. - JV football, varsity track, FCA secretary, NHS, Who ' s Who, Sr. - NHS president. Ronnie Mullins: Fish - class vice- president, student council, football, track. Soph. - class president, student council, JV football. Optimist Youth Appreciation Award, Jr. - student council first vice- president, varsity football, EL RODEO, Sr. - student council president, district student council president, varsity football back of the year, varsity track, EL RODEO. Kay Willbanks: Fish - Best freshman athlete , UIL number sense. Soph. - third place local geometry contest, Jr. - UIL number sense, NHS, Abilene math contest, Sr. - UIL number sense, NHS treasurer, FHA, BASIC, San Angelo math contest . Pete Ruiz: Fish - football, basketball, baseball, slide rule , number sense, Soph - football, basketball, baseball, slide rule, Jr. - JV football. Key Club Who ' s Who, Sr. - varsity football, Key Club, FCA, class president, class favorite, student council. Bill Arencibia: Fish - basketball, Soph. - basketball, FCA, Key Club, Bible Club social secretary, Texas State lunior Handball Champion, National Junior Handball fourth place, Jr. - basketball. Key Club, Texas State Junior Handball Champion, National Junior Handball sixth place. Junior Who ' s Who Every year faculty members choose ten juniors for Who ' s Who. The five girls and five boys are selected using the same criteria which is used in the selection of senior members . Beverly Beil: Fish - choir, UlL Solo and Ensemble, Soph. - Meistersingers , Pops Choir, " Li ' l Abner, " all-region choir, UIL Solo, Golddiggers, Jr. - Meistersingers, Chambersingers, " Bye-Bye Birdie, " all-region choir, all-area choir alternate, NHS, Latin Club. Denise Crenwelge: Fish - volleyball, FCA, FHA, Soph. - JV volleyball, FCA. FHA pianist, Golddiggers, advisory student board, Jr. - FHA president, FT A, Key Club calendar girl , EL RODEO, NHS, Golddiggers, BASIC, NHS. Sieve Hughes: Fish - football, basketball, track, FCA, student council. Soph. - varsity football, varsity track, student council, class vice-president , Ir. - varsity football, IV basketball, student council, debate, March of Dimes board, EL RODEO, NHS, Civitan leadership conference. Steve Evans: Fish - student council, football, basketball, JV baseball. Soph. - student council, JV football, JV baseball, TASC, Jr. - student council first vice-president, JV basketball, FCA, NHS. Ann Mathews: Fish - Latin Club, drama, track, Tri-Hi-Y, YMCA swim team, Soph. - Latin Club, varsity tennis , Tri-Hi-Y, YMCA swim team, Jr. - track, cross- country, YMCA swim team, Tri- Hi-Y vice-president , EL RODEO, NHS , Key Club calendar girl , BASIC, advisory student board. Cynthia Fierro: Fish - choir, volleyball, FCA, Tri-Hi-Y, Soph - Meistersingers , " Li ' l Abner, " JV cheerleader, student council, Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. - Meistersingers, " Bye -Bye Birdie, " varsity cheerleader, student council, EL RODEO, Tri- Hi-Y. Junior Who ' s Who 1 Bubba Stripling: Fish - FCA, student council, football, basketball, JV baseball, class president. Optimist Youth Appreciation Award, TASC, Soph. - FCA, student council , varsity basketball , varsity baseball , Optimist Youth Appreciation Award, Jr. - FCA president, student council, varsity basketball, varsity baseball, school beast, BASIC. David Trim: Fish - honors band. Silver Horns, CR, Latin Club, Soph. - honors band. Golden Horns, CR, Meistersingers, " Li ' l Abner, " UIL Ensemble, UIL history, Jr. - honors band, Golden Horns, CR, Meistersingers, " Bye -Bye Birdie, " all-region choir. Who ' s Who in Music in . ' merican High Schools, NHS. Stephanie Renshaw: Fish - cheerleader, girl ' s choir vice- president, Tri-Hi-Y, Soph. - school beauty, Jr. - FHA, Key Club calendar girl, Tri-Hi-Y. Mr. and Miss BSHS Named at Dance Mr. and Miss Big Spring High School were voted on by the whole student body in December; winners were announced at the Christmas dance to be Jim Ray ind Chris Davis. Jim is best nown for his friendliness and iasy going personality. He has 3layed basketball throughout ligh school, being a three-year arsity team member. As a I junior, he was voted Mr. Howdy. He was a school beast finalist as a senior. Also during his senior year, he was a member of the Deca Club, attending school only half the day and working the other half. Chris is recognized not only as a leader but also academically. She was a cheerleader as a freshman and sophomore , and again her senior year. She has been in Meistersingers for three years and participated in three musicals. She has been in various organizations, including FHA, Latin Club, and Honor Society. As a senior, she is a member of Who ' s Who. Her main interests include music and sports , and she is an avid animal lover. Mr. and AAiss BSHS Favorites Chosen During Yule Season Class Favorites were elecied during December and announced at the Christmas Dance. Senior Favorites v ere Laura Bickford and Pete Ruiz. Laura was a junior- varsity cheerleader, and was a varsity cheerleader for two years. She was a band member for three years, and an FHA member for four years. As a junior, she was named Junior Class Favorite and Basketball Queen. During her senior year, she was a Homecoming Queen finalist . She plans to become a pathologist . Pete Ruiz excells not only in sports but also in academics. He plays football , basketball , and baseball , and he has been in slide rule competition and number sense. Pete was named to Who ' s Who as a Junior and Senior. As a Senior, he is class president and a Student Council member. He is interested in the field of medicine. Junior Class Elects Favorites Juniors elected Tony Vieira and Jill Odom as their class favorites. Tony has played football and baseball in high school, and he enjoys playing all kinds of sports to keep in shape . As a junior he is a member of the Student Council and was a finalist for school beast. Tony ' s favorite hobby is working an cars, and he hopes to be able to race them in the future. He plans to attend the University of Tampa in Florida. Jill has been a cheerleader for three years. She was vice-president of her freshman class. As a sophomore, she was class president. Student Council member, and Latin Club secretary. She is now serving as junior class secretary. Her plans include a major in special education. Sophomores Honor Class Favorites Chosen as Sophomore Favorites were Debra Hayworth and Kent Rice . Debra has been class treasurer and a cheerleader during both her freshman and sophomore years. She is a Tri-Hi-Y member and president of Girls ' Choir. Kent is an avid sports fan , being on both the football and basketball teams in school. Outside of school he plays tennis and swims. He is a member of Student Council and Vice-President of BASIC, a committee organized to involve students with community af- fairs. He plans on becoming a CPA in the future . Outstanding Freshmen Recognized Cheerleader Kenda Hughes was chosen by her classmates as Freshman Favorite. Kenda is a member of the Student Council and Tri-Hi-Y. She enjoys all kinds of outdoor sports, as evidenced by her participation in the Girls ' Golf Team. She also likes horseback riding and swimming. Her future plans include a college major of either education or journalism. Class Vice-President Mike Evans was also elected as a Favorite. Mike is Vice-President of TCA as well as serving on Student Council and being on the board of March of Dimes. He plays many sports, including football, basketball, and baseball. He plans on participating in sports through his college years. His plans concerning his profession are uncertain. FINALIST Linda Lester School Beauty — Paige Little FINALIST Donna Carpenter FINALIST Layne Stallings School Beast — Bubba Stripling FINALIST Jim Ray FINALIST Phil Barber FINALIST Tony Vieira Beauty and Beast Organizations add to the variety of extracunicular activities available to all students . Some clubs exist for the sole purpose of performing services for the school and community. Others prepare students for jobs, marriage , or life in general . Still other groups provide students with new opportunities for fun and learning . Organizations -p: 1 f i Organizations Astronomers Observe the Heavenly Bodies Astronomy Club members meet every week in the planetarium. During these meetings they have viewing and observing sessions. This year the students had a booth at the Howdy Carnival . For fund raising projects, the members held programs opened to the public . The money brought in will buy new telescopes and go to repair of the old ones . Mr . John Beasley is the club ' s sponsor. Li " 1 A - Officers are: Front Row: Brenda Gilben, Vice-Presideni; and Danny Smith, Secretary. Back Row: Dana Kennemer, President; and Kim Spence, Treasurer. B - Students study materials before an observing session, in the planetarium. C - A picture taken by Astronomy students. D - Mr. Beasley looks puzzled as he tries to figure out how this machine works. E - Members are: Front Row: Debbie Batt, Dana Kennemer, and Kim Spencer. Back Row: Mr. Beasley, Danny Smith, Brenda Gilbert, Mary Merworth, Tish Tyler, and Mr. Reed. Astronomy Club Encouraged Students Learn Skills Auto Mechanics members entered skill and speed contests this year. The class time is mainly used to teach the students automotive skills. The club ' s Sweetheart is Chris Davis, and Mr. Perry Mathis serves as sponsor. A - Members are: Front Row: Chris Davis, Ricky Morrow, Ronnie Wegner, Steve Patterson, Johnny Renteria, and Mr. Mathis. Second Row: Joe Millaway. Oliver DelBosque, Albert Barrera, Ba Mai, and Greg Mason. Third Row: Frankie Parras, Rudy Hernandez, and Cruz Rios. Back Row: Jimmy Baker, Berney Glanister, and David Clark. B - Joe Millaway does one of the less nicer jobs of cleaning up. C - Officers are: Front Row: Ricky Morrow, President; Ronnie Wegner, Vice- President; David Clark, Parliamentarian; Bernie Glanister, Secretary. Back Row: Oliver DelBosque, Reporter; Jimmy Baker, Sergeant at Arms: Cruz Rios, Treasurer. D - Ricky Morrow, President, presents Chris Davis a plaque honoring her as club sweethean. E - Oliver DelBosque and David Clark work on a differential during class. Auto Mechanics Pride Drive ofBSHS One of the most productive organizations on campus is the Steer band. Work is their key word. In August they begin practicing in order to produce fine half time shows each week. Many activities and contests are attended by the band members each year. Among these are: Solo and Ensemble Contest, Marching, and Concert Contest. Included in this year ' s activities is a tour to Dallas in April . A - Bill Bradley serves as band director for the band . B - Gene Currie is assistant band director. C - Members of the Executive Committee are: (front row) Brenda Emerson, Secretary; Shauna Hill. PR Head; Paul Ruiz, Sophomore Rep.: and Janet Ivery, Bus Captain. Back Row: Scott Vick, Freshman Rep.; Donny Green, Head Produ ction Assistant: Paul Prather, President: Sammy Hammon, Band Captain; and Gala league. Treasurer, not shown . A. A B. A C. ▼ A - Honor Band members, directed by Bill Bradley. B - Symphonic Band members, directed by Gene Cuirie. C - Golden Horns work hard for a stage band festival. Band Members A re Kept Busy Band offers many different areas lo take part in . One of them is the stage bands . Members of the stage bands are chosen according to their ability to comprehend and understand the jazz medium, and the ability to perform on several instruments. Another big part of the band during the year is marching season. Practice begins in August to be ready for the first football game . Hard work is put forth from each member, and satisfaction comes from the large crowds. A - Members of the Golden Horns are: (front row) Paul Prather, Gilbert Chavez, Chris Shortes, Cary Hise, Cliff Graham, and Ben Walker. Second Row: Eddie Smith. Adrian Ayala, Jill Walker, David Trim, and Shauna Hill. Back Row: David Norvelle, Russell Burchett, Gene Cummings, Kenny Watkins, Kim Andrews, Elias Chavez, Cecil Key, Pat Daniels, and Keith McGuire. B - Members of the Silver Horns are: (front row) Lisa Riley, Tamera Hart, Cindy Rudd, and Jennifer Speagle. Second Row: John Burroughs, Barry Fish, Scott Vick, and Joe Edwards. Third Row: Robert Rodriquez, Robin Jodoi, Twain Bledsoe, Larry Wheat, Paul Ruiz, Steve Merrick, Mark Key, and Scott McGuire. Back Row: Gordon Birrell, Jerry Clayton, Chuck Dickens, Joe Dianda, Raymond Pekowski, Kevin Sneed, and Lee Alexander. A - Twirlers are: (front row) Sherry Huckabee and Cathy Cowan. Back Row: Anita Butler, Sonya Worthan, head twirler; and Lisa Kelly. B - Paul Prather escorts Janet Ivery off the field after half-time festivities. C - Drum Majors are: Adrian Ayala, Head; and Ramond Pekowski, Assistant. Play It Again, Sam! Once again this year the Steer Band presented Campus Review. The members of the chorus and crews start getting ready for the production months ahead of time and they work diligently until the very first performance . Much personal satisfaction is attained from working hard and then seeing an audience laugh and cry . The adults in charge were Bill Bradley, Todd Lane , Gene Currie , Dois Pace, and Steve Waggoner. A - Barry Fish and Joe Edwards send the audience inio gails of laughter. B - Margaret McGee shows various talents during the production . C - The chorus opens CR with " Strike Up The Band. " D - Sam brings messages about our counuy to the audience . E - David Trim chooses a unique costume for ' Godspell. ' A - Dois Pace directs the pit band . B - Debbie Samuels gets ready backstage. C - Jana Poner sings " I Wanna Be Loved By You. " D - Eddie Grizzard holds the union flag while the boys chorus sings. E - Ban Walker sings the ever popular " Mame " to Sherry Huckabee. Students Pursue the Religious Bible Club is made up of students in two classes. During the year they learned many things to help them in every day living. The group meetings are held each month in the homes of the club members. One of the many contributions from the Bible Club is Good Morning World , held every Thursday morning before school . A - Second period members are: Front Row: Wane Rodricks, Jeff Moates, Jerry Leonard, Doyla Rice, and Ben Hicks. Second Row: Doris Mitchell, Beth Young, Darlene Stephens, Diane Ferrell, Linda Davis, Debbie Brown, and Jeff Newton. Back Row: Roy Pierce, Charles Walker, Richard Affleck, Ray Luedecke, Curtis Harbin, and John Sanders. B - Mrs. Elizabeth Johansen is Bible Club sponsor. Aspects of Campus Life A - Second period officers are: Front Row: Richard Affleck, Secretary; Debbie Brown, President; Linda Davis, Treasurer. Back Row: Jeff Newton, Good Morning World Chairman; Ben Hicks, social chairman; Curtis Harbin, Good Morning World. B - Seventh period officers are: Front Row: Danny Vigil, Vice-President; Sherri Snodgrass, Treasurer; Kim Crawley, Secretary; Kathy Motes, social chairman; Paul Ruiz, President. Back Row: Robert Smith, Librarian; Linda Cook, Good Morning World Chairman; Mark Hughes, Librarian; Greg Barbee, Good Morning World. C - Seventh period members are: Front Row: Wayne Mayo, Mark Kivi, Mark Pittman, Doug Wagner. Second Row: Alice Sayers, Danny Vigil, Sherri Snodgras, Kim Crawley, Kathy Motes, Paul Ruiz, and Lynne Criswell. Back Row: Laura Green, Tony Claxton, Linda Cook, Mark Hughes, Greg Barbee, and Robert Smith. Builders A ctive in Building Trades Many students took part in the Building Trades program. During their class they worked on projects, which were on display around town. Mr. Hood worked hard to help the students achieve accurate work. A - Mr . Hood is ihe sponsor for Building Trades. B - Officers are; From Row: Roben Stephens, Parliamentarian; Wane Rodricks, President; Mike Salazar, Vice- President; GregCline, Reporter. Second Row: Roy Platte, Secretary; Steve Hannabass, Sergeant at Arms; John Smith, Treasurer. ihf AA BT A - Roy Platte and Manuel DeLeon work steadily to finish their project. B - Members are: Front Row: Roy Platte, Ismael Palomino, Steve Hannabass, and John Smith. Second Row: Mike Guinn, Greg Cline, Sammy Reyna, David Cisneros, Sammy Lewis and Oscar Zubiate. Third Row: Bobby Delgado, Roland Lozano, Mike Salazar, Danny Deleon, Wayne Rodricks, Joe Doporto, Robert Stephens, and Bob Fitzgibbons. Back Row: Klaus Quernheim, Bernell Foster, Manuel DeLeon, John Martin, David Dockter, Chuck Pringle, Ronald Dennis. Building Trade Europe Tour Canceled A - Meisiersingers: From Row: P. Swindell, J. Ivery, R. Bumgarner, M. Wright, C. Fierro, J. Elrod, M. McGee, K. Haught, A. Long, D. Dunagan, J. Williams, C. McKinney, B. Hester. Second Row: K. Hester, D. Adams, J. Yaier, S. Sullivan, K. Knox, P. Hart, D. Trim, B. Walker, S. Andrews, T. Watkins, M. Cheny, C. McKee, D. Fowler, R. Honeycutt, B. Brooks. Third Row: N. Baird, C. Davis, A. Alderton, J. Keele, C. Palmer, B. Jones, D. Scott, M. Newsom, D. Step, J. Mize, L. Cook, R. Newsom, S. Smith, T. Sullivan, K. McGuire , K. Lloyd. Back Row: T. Pettitt, J. Grant, D. Fellows, T. McLain, I. Little, T. Kelley, M. Moore, K. Wheeler, M. Stark, R. Jones, J. Adams, R. Kennedy, D. Workman, K. Cowan, L. Williams, B. Beil. B - Jack Bowers does an excellent job as director. C - Annabeth Deats - accompanist. Charles McKinney is the president of the Meistersingers this year. The choir began the year quite busy with plans of going on a tour to Europe . With much thought and consideration , the students voted against the trip. Of course the choir continued with their yearly fund raising projects, and presented the Broadway smash " Bye, Bye Birdie. " Twenty-two of the members competed and are all region members. A - All region choir members: Front Row: J. Elrod , J. Ivery, M. Casey, M. McGee, S. Sullivan, D. Dunagan, A. Deals. Second Row: K. Lloyd, D. Adams, R. Kennedy, B. Beil, C. McKinney. Third Row: B. Jones, P. Swindell, D. Fowler, B. Brooks, D. Trim, K. Cowan. Back Row: L. Williams, D. Workman, K. Wheeler, D. Fellows. B - Officers - P. Swindell, C. McKinney, D. Dunagan, P. Hart, L. Williams, K. Lloyd, B. Jones, J. Ivery, K. Wheeler. C - Janet Ivery entertains during an assembly. " Bye, Bye Birdie, ' ' Smash Hit! m ' i J 1 u mM H IijS f AD A - " Conrad Birdie " McKinney. B - " Now my life is Rosi . " " Albert , ' ' played by Brian Jones, sings to " Rosi, " played by Denita Fellows. C - Diane Dunagan, Kathy Haught, and Brenda Hester gossip during the " Telephone Hour. " D - " Oh, One Last Kiss. " " Conrad ' pleads with " Kim " played by Beverly Beil. E - " Rose Alvarez - Denita Fellows. F - " Albert Peterson " - Brian Jones. G - " Kim MacAfee " - Bevrerly Beil H - " Ursula Merkle " - Kathy Cowan. A - Teen Trio: Jana Keele, Brenda Hester, and Angle Alderton. B - Teenagers scream over " Conrad Birdie. " C - " Mr. and Mrs. MacAfee " - David Trim and Mary Jane Wright. D - Janet Ivery does an excellent job playing Mae Peterson . E - Hugo Peabody - Kyle Wheeler. F - Kathy Hester and Patti Swindell faint while " Conrad Birdie " sings. G - Patti Swindell and Diane Dunagan are happy to hear that " Conrad " is coming to Sweet Apple. H - " Gloria " - Suzzan Smith tells " Albert " that she uses the touch system whenever possible . Students Strive for Excellence A - Freshman Choir: Accompanist - Pat Hamilton. Front Row: Tonya Partee, Keila Hill, Nancy Porter, Jackie McCuUough, Tammy Wortham , Rachel Barragan , Debbie Thibodeaux, Ressie Mangum . Second Row: Tanga Cain, Jarry Long, Lorinda Lee, Cindy Mullins, Linda Moss, Denise Smith, Brenda Beil, Lisa Wanner, Tracy Decker. Third Row: Kim Preston, Gwen Clan, James Gross, Daniel Sesson, Darrell Canipe, Mark Jones, Phil Swindell, Derek Horton, Tricia Cherry, Cheryl Carter, Sharon Stevens, Julie Britten. Fourth Row: Julie Miller, Julie Brown, Karen Kelley, Bill Hart, Billy Wayne Aldridge, Steve Chapman, Russell Burchett, Jerry Honon, David Altom, LaVoy Moore, Cheryl Loper, Rhonda Willbanks. B - Freshman girls add a lot of atmosphere to " Bye, Bye Birdie. " Acapella - Michelle Coffee - Accompanist. Front Row: Linda Kelley, Brenda Kelley, Ann Clark, Shawana Henry, Barbara Wise, Deanna Douglas, Dianne Cole, Toni Hanson, Libbye Lee, Rosemary Garcia, Alisa Zellars. Second Row: Lucy Horten, April Skeen, Cassandra Green, Eva Rich, Patty Webb, Marie Buckner, Debra Hay worth, Lisa Fort, Gina Simpson, Rhonda Metcalf, Vanessa Welch. Third Row: Lester Stevens, Jesse Saiz, Virgil Dunbar, Raymond Pekowski , Susan Musgrove , Jennifer Jennings, Susan Thomas, Wendy Payte, Tammi Burcham, Tony Lane, Howard Shivers, Jim Pedigo, John Wolf. Fourth Row: Joe Jennings, Jay Turner, Lee Alexander, Paul Nabors, Mike Blalack, Jeff Wilson, John Sullivan, David Kinman, Bobby Huff, Leland Daniels, Tony Partee , John Tettleton. B - Steve Chapman worked lights during stage rehearsals. C - The choir marches in the Homecoming parade with Kazoos . staff Changes Newspaper Format The CORRAL ' S transformation from magazine style to a five- column newspaper format this year was greeted with approval by most students. The newspaper had a total of ten issues during the school year . Ten staff members , along with photographers, covered most school functions and many community activities . Another change was the new sponsor , Mr . Steve Poitevint , who brought many new ideas and outlooks to the staff . Greg Pearson served as editor; Shauna Hill was associate editor . aX . • A. A A - Greg Pearson, editor, dummies in a page for the next issue . B - Tish Tyler, reponer, and Shauna Hill, associate editor , collaborate in writing a feature story . C - Reporter Janet Thome reads an issue of the CORRAL. D - Asking the advice of the sponsor is writer Ben Gomez . E - Sports writers Robert Huibregtse and Brad Carr hammer out one more story of the Steers ' recent victory. F - Doug Mays and Connie Salazar, photographers, prepare to print a picture. G - Ad salesman Lyn Garner, writer Jamie Garner, writer Jamie Petty, and ad salesman Heddy Danford converse while awaiting the end of class. H - Photographers Tammy Plew and Pauick Dabbs study the negatives of recent pictures. Students in the DECA Club work half a day and attend school half a day. The purpose of the club is to teach the members distribution . The DECA Club competes in local, district, regional, and state contests . Mr . Jim Rosson and Mr. Lx)wrey are the DECA sponsors . fe ' Preparing for Jobs A - Members are: Front Row: Patricia Alcantar, Lynn Doss, athy Val4g s! Deborah Berry , Stty Brackett, Jackie Carey, Janet Thome, and Donna Harris. Second Row: Loy Holland, David Buckner, Denise Burns, Bobby Morrow, James Baldridge, Karen D ' Angelo, Johnny Henson, Jay Sanders, and Dick Battle. B - Members are: Front Row: Tommy Billalba, Karen Karwedsky, Charles Nickle, Jimmy Douglas, Cathy Williams, Mark Young, Eddie McCracken, Charles Campbell, Jim Law, Henry Owens, and Mike Lebkowsky. C - Mr. Lowrey is one of the DECA sponsors. D - Officers are- Cathy Valdes gi ident; Janet TTiome, =«fieS° esident; and Terry Prater, secretary. E - Members are: Front Row: Dan ny Tyler, Teela Hart, Tony Vieira, Cindy Brooks, Toni Jo Jabor, and Noel Hull. Second Row: Laura Bull, Jeanne Bledsoe, Ray Lee, Cindy Morris, Ricky Adams, Kenny Menges, Scott Taylor, and Ricky Touchstone. Third Row: Mike llle, Ricky Tray wick, Mr. Rosson, Sponsor; and Cynthia Avant. F - Members are: Front Row: Lori Bynum, Cindy Fulcher, Phil Barber, and Mike Wood. Second Row: Wanda Nix, Diana Pineda, and Charlie Martinez. Third Row: Jim Ray, Allen Garner, Jerry Williams, and Mark Evans. Third Row: Buddy Collins, Tim Parker, Robert Parsons , and James Richhart . Back Row: Curtis Harbin, David Wolfe, Mackie Vaughn, and Rocky Schrecengost. F - Officers are: Phil Barber, president; Cindy Fulcher, secretary; and Jim Ray, vice president. Expansion Is Our Key Word Drama and Speech students have worked steadily this year to expand their organization. They practice hard to compete in U.I.L. tournaments to receive superior ratings. Productions are put on during the year for school and public audiences. The sponsor for the group is Miss Cook . A - Miss Cook holds the atiention of the class while telling about an upcoming tournament. B - Front Row: Scott Sullivan, Tish Tyler, Joe Millaway, and Mary Jane Wright. Second Row: Marie Buckner, James Williams, Charlesta Dickens, and James Burleson. C - Front Row: Angle Fulgham, Celeste Grenier, Mary John Cherry, and Paul Ruiz. Back Row: Susan Sweeden, Marty Latta, Donny Knight, and Woodie Howell. D - Members are: Front Row: Robin Von Rosinburg , Jan Whittington , Clara Brown, and Dorena Bennet. Back Row - Karen Riley, Carol Moreland, James Burlesson, Joe Millaway, Heddy Danford , Tish Tyler, and Jamie Petty, not pictured. E - Students get ready to go to a tournament. Drama and Speech Learning for the Future CT The Electric Appliance Club meets once a month in addition to spending three hours a day in class . The students learn to repair all kinds of appliances. From hair dryers to refrigerators. They participate in local , district , and state competition. Mr. Buckner is the Electrical Appliance sponsor . A - Electrical Appliance members are: Standing: James Gay , Armando Nunez , Oscar Candena, Gary Lawson, Lonnie Greene, Gilbert Perez, Richard Sayers, and Virgie Graves. Seated are: Charlie Florez, Loy Holland, Michael Stephens, Darrell Stephens, Kenny Jackson, Jimmy Combs, David Payne , Royce Carson , and Frank Snell. B - Boys work diligently on a refrigerator. C - Mr. Buckner is the club sponsor. D - Officers are: Standing: James Gay, parliamentarian; Armando Nunez, reporter; Gilbert Perez, vice president; and Lx)y Holland, president. Kneeling: Virgie Graves, sergeant at arms; and Oscar Cadena, treasurer. E - Oscar Cadena and Jimmy Combs try to figure out if it ' s really working . In accordance with the current bicentennial year, the EL RODEO staff decided upon a theme which emphasizes the history of West Texas. They used the beautiful scenery and historical spots of Big Spring . Minor changes in the format of the book were made , but the basic design stayed . The staff worked under the guidance of sponsor Steve Poitevint . A. A Staff Utilizes Historical Theme J. A K. T L. ▼ A - Editor Angela Hodnett proof reads a layout. B - Associate editor is Lee Ann Mashburn. C - Head photographer Beverly Tynes assists photographer Maria Rocha. D - In charge of the sports section are Steve Hughes, Lois Ivey, and Ronnie MuUins. E - Paige Little is senior section and faculty editor. F - Tammy Burrow was sophomore section editor. G - Denita Fellows, organizations, verifies a scheduled photograph. H - Anne Mathews and Denise Crenwelge worked on the student life section under Lee Ann Mashburn. I - Cynthia Fierro and Kim Brock did organizations section. J - Cindy Carlile worked on organizations. K - Donna Carpenter and Karen McCasland were freshman and junior class editors. L - Photographer Felix Perez poses a shot. EL RODEO Staff A - Mike Warren, secretary; Mike Evans, vice-president; and Bubba Suipling, president. B - Coach Lepard is a new sponsor for the FCA Huddle group. C - Mr. Sorley also sponsors the Huddle group. D - Jodi Grant, vice- president; Nora Valles, secretary-treasurer; Lana Williams, president; and Susan Andrews, program chairman. E - Huddle group: Front Row: Mike Warren, Steve Evans, and Teny Howell. Second Row: Mark Poss, Mike Evans, and Michael Gomez. Third Row: Del Poss, David Sink, and Bubba Stripling. Fourth Row: Daniel Gomez and Mr. Sorley. F - Cuddle group: Front Row: Lana Williams, Becky Ragan, and Dana Workman. Second Row: Shanna Farmer and Nora Valles. Third Row: Suzanne Johnson , Jodi Grant , and Karen Tibbs. Fourth Row: Susan Andrews, Tammy Newsom, Mrs. Deason, and Denise Burchell. G - Mrs. Deason sponsors the Cuddle group. Spiritual Aspect Is Emphasized The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is divided into two groups; the boy ' s group is the huddle group; and the girls is cuddle group. The groups have both separate and joint meetings . The girls have many different activities while the huddle group is responsible for compiling a student directory . The main emphasis of FCA is of a Spiritual aspect. Participating in area stock shows is one of the many activities of the future farmers . The boys not only learn to raise cattle , but they learn how to produce and manage stock . They participate in district parliamentary procedure contest . The future farmers meet once a month in the Vocational Building, This year they are led by Mr. Vines and Mr. Seay. Barbie Kothman was honored as FFA sweetheart . BIG SPRING CHAPTER Farming Can Be Fun m i.v ' - Vl b " ■ fc-i= ' • ' w » |H L ' ' ■ J|HKy iSiilB sH L! ' ' PT BsbHB 1 . ; !S9H - ■i H I Jj iS PI HJSjIl ,.. , .T. Ti 1 y-r, ■ QS| ■fc l ' is idB .. iil MR! EA A - Mr. Seay is one of ihe fine FFA sponsors. B - FFA officers are: Billy Stockton, sentinel; Chris Chaney , treasurer; Scott Burt, reporter; Don Adams, vice- president; Robbie Wegner, secretary. Seated is Craig Ingram, president. C - FFA members are very numerous this year . D - Mr . Vines is the other fine FFA sponsor. E - Cute little Miss Barbie Kothman is the FFA sweetheart. F - Boys seem interested in the daily class lecture. :v Homemaking for the Future The many activities of the Future Homemakers ranged from an ice cream supper to Trick or Treating for UNICEF. FHA is one of the busiest organizations in the school . They sold ribbons during football season and still found time to enter a float in the Homecoming Parade . The Career Day at Texas Tech is also a special event of the Future Homemakers. They meet once a month . They are under the direction of two fine sponsors , Mrs. Martin, and Mrs. Wrightsil. A - Front Row: Lucy Holten, Sherry Parks, Jeana Miller, Salena Jones, Shawn Stevens, Rochelle Fair, and Danita Minchew. Second Row: Vicki Philips, Jesse Hernandez, Chris Davis, Tammy Land, Kathy Motes, Peggy Newton, Debbie Batt, Janet Butts, and Kay VVilbanks. Third Row: Renee Thomas, Kathy Mclntire, Twila Nichols, Helen Martinez, Denise Young, Patricia Wilson, Cathy Chavez, Crystal Dean, Sherry Halverson, Rosie Ballon, Sylvia DelBosque, and Denise Young. Fourth Row: Kim Cadzow, Jan Hoover, Deborah Adams, Debbie Reynolds, Dianne Gueverra, Clara Jean Brown, Jackie Forsyth, Terry Deal, Celeste Grenier, Lana Derryberry, Mike Abreo, Janet Gary, Susan Thomas, Donna Clark, and Cheryl Sparks. B - Mr. and Miss FHA are: Kent Rainey and Laura Bickford. C - FHA Officers are: Judy Jones, KendaBorn, Denise Crenwelge , James Zapp, Nora Valles, Janie Martinez, and Edna Velasquez. Kneeling are: Cheryl Ellison and Sheryl Barron. D - Mrs. Wrightsil is one of the FHA sponsors. E - Mrs. Martin is the other FHA sponsor. Teaching Skills Are Developed Susan Musgrove is the president of FT A this year . The club has really come a long way . The club has new members and new sponsors. They have many activities during the year which keep them quite busy. In the spring , they will go to Houston for a state convention which is held in different parts of Texas each year. The members look forward to this each year and work hard at their activities to finance the trip. A - Mr. Reynolds serves as the sponsor. B - Club members - Linda Holland , Dana Workman , Janie Rodriquez , Lori DeLeon, Joe Garcia, Nora Valles, Debbie Ghris:, Debbie Bait, Mary Marworth, Kimbra Spence. Second Row: Susan Musgrove, Linda Conard, Peggy Newton, Brenda Batt, Amelia Morales, Janie Lopez, Charlotte Croft, Suzzane Williams, Brenda Gilbert. Third Row: Bill Hart, Debbie Shroyer, Loretta Crawford, Terri Beard. Fourth Row: Cindy Rudd, Vicki Phillips, Reina Hamby, Janie Martinez, Denise Crenwelge, Beth Young, Helen Gonzales. Fifth Row: Hilda Ramiro, Marylou Saldivor, Delma Yanez. Sixth Row: Sharon Mathews, Dianne Murphy, Clara Brown , Michael Abreo , Joe Granato . AA T A - Maggie Gonzales was chosen by the club to represent them as their nominee for Homecoming queen. B - Susan Musgrove tells some of the members how much fun State convention is. C - Charolette Croft points out a few projects which were brought up in a previous meeting. D - Amelia Morales, FTA ' s most outstanding club member, shows Charolette Croft a list of activities which will appear in the scrapbook . Golddiggers Use Class Time to Prepare Routines Thirty-nine Golddiggers make up the second period class which is held in the Steer Gym. This is the first year that the Golddiggers had a separate class where they could learn and practice their routines, yells, and motions. Recognizing a Golddigger is quite easy as the girls wear black and gold uniforms to school each Friday during football season, and to the games on Friday nights . It is obvious that the group keeps busy with such activities as bake-sales, attending pep rallies and games, selling radio ads for KBYG , making a homecoming float which received the honor of first place in the small group division , selling sour balls, and last but not least , planning a banquet to climax the year. A - Drill leaders: Left to Right: Kathy Haught, Cindy Fowler, and Kris Boubek. B - Officers: Top to Bottom: Jeri Booth - President, Cynthia Standard - Vice-President, and Evelyn Williams - Treasurer. Not Shown: Lee Wiley - Secretary. C - Mrs. Barbara Currie assists the girls in class. D - Mrs. Janice Rosson also sponsors the girls. A - Cindy Fowler ' s group: Front Row: Cindy Fowler. Second Row: Angie Alderton. Jana Keele, Suzanne Smith, Layne Stalling. Third Row: Karen McCasland, Sharon Bryant, Liz Sieler, Kim Casey. Fourth Row: Janie Bailey, Charlotte Croft, Cindy Smith, Susan Thomas, Denise Crenwelge. B - Kathy Haught ' s group: Front Row: Kathy Haught. Second Row: Rhonda Rhoton, Evelyn Williams, Cynthia Standard. Third Row: Tammy Lewis, Windy Payte, Donna Clark. Fourth Row: Vicki Phillips, Amelia Moralez, Elisabeth France, Jerri Booth. C - Kris Boubek ' s group: Front Row: Kris Boubek, not pictured. Second Row: Gayle Webb, Sherry Lee, Annabeth Deats, Kim Casey. Third Row: Mary Jane Wright, Emily Boyd, Peggy Newton, Cynthia Huse. Fourth Row: Susan Musgrove, Sandra Boubek, Debbie Burks, and Sandy Booth. Golddiggers HERO Opens Eyes to Good Job Attitudes A Halloween carnival for the Nursing Inn , a truck decorated for the homecoming parade , cookbook sales, and candy bar sales were just a few of the activities the club members were involved in. To top it all off, a bicentennial employer- employee banquet was held in February. Two classes make up the club of 33 members, where much knowledge of jobs is taught . Each of the students goes to school half a day and works the other half. A - Brenda Hester attended the Halloween carnival at the Big Spring Nursing Inn where she visited with the elderly people. B - Mrs. Nancy Annen is actively involved with the club as sponsor and teacher. C - Fourth period: Front Row: Lupe DeLeon, Janie Rios, Twila Walker, Cathey Parsons, Theresa Cox, Sandy Allen, Rachel Rangel, Brenda Wilkerson, Rebecca Hilario. Back Row; Kim Casey, John Shones, Sam Winton, Jeral Loper, Scott Goodblanket, Dale Martin, Jimmy Berry, Dennis Leggett. B r l i B w B - " 1 1 ■ A - Third period: From Row: Gilbert Cisneros, Jerry Young, Janet Warren, Thresa Daniel , Cheryl Ellison, Tamera Meeks, Lisa Wallace, Randy Honeycutt. Back Row: Denita Fellows, Carla Carter, Lee Wiley, Brenda Hester, Debbie Baker , Cathy Moring , Marsha Atkins, Linda Hyden. D - During the Holiday Cookbook sale, Linda Hyden strives to be the " top " salesman as she shows them to Jamie Petty, Connie Salazar, and Heddy Danford. C - HECE helped the Big Spring Nursing Inn with a Halloween camival which was open to the public . Tresa Daniel , one of the employees, and HECE students assisted. D - Janie Rios, and Denita Fellows exchange " Warm Fuzzies " representing a compliment . On-the-job Training Provides Future Skills Approximately thirty students are involved in the Industrial Cooperative Training club. ICT is a vocational club where the students train on the job half a day, and attend school half a day. Their jobs range from x- ray technicians to dental assistants and nurses ' aids. During the year , the students raise money through candy bar sales. Mr. Morris Dewberry is the club ' s advisor. A - Mr. Morris Dewberry, teacher and club advisor. B - Front Row: Gary Cole, Dean Todd, Rick Gamble. Second Row: Larry Marquez, Mike Puga, Terry James, Terry Carter, Tim Blacksher. Third Row: Ronny Klaus, Burt Ferrell, Joel Adams, David Wilson, Morgan Nichols, Dennis Burns . A - From Row: Magdalena Perez, Elida Hinojos, Mary Gonzales, Donna Sundy. Second Row: Cathy Rudd, Melody Murphy, Donna Brooks, Steve Hannabass, Waleo Horton. Fourth Row: Ricky Arguello, Rudy Puga, David Brown, Brad Beach, Jesse Esquibel, Ronald Shults. B - Cathy Rudd listens to Mr. Dewberry with interest. Year Around Spirit Is Boosted by Key Club During a membership drive , sophomore , junior , and senior boys are chosen by application to be in Key Club. The club puts out a school calendar which has a list of all school activities as well as featuring the " calendar girls " chosen by the boys . Charitable activities are numerous as the members help with such organizations as the March of Dimes , Heart Fund , and the Cancer Drive . Football season is a time when the boys can easily be identified by the " Victory Bell. " The Key Club sees that the bell is at every game and that " victory " is rung throughout! Mr. Harvey Rothell and Mr. Henry Thames are both sponsors . A - Calendar girls: (All are not pictured) Mary John Cherry, Angie Alderton, Chris Davis, Lonnie Thames, Anne Mathews, Denise Crenwelge, and Donna Carpenter. B - Officers: Kyle Wheeler, secretary, John Yater, treasurer; Brad Carr, president; John Wrinkle, 1st vice- president . A A. ▼ B. ▲ A A - Members: Front Row: Randy Phillips, Scott Sullivan, and John Yater. Second Row: John Wrinkle, Pete Ruiz, Kevin Grenwelge, Ed Pekowski, Paul Ruiz, and Scott Campbell. Back Row: Craig Dunnam, Mark Taylor, Wasi Siad, Bill Arencibia, Dyle Wheeler, Tim Honeicutt, and Brad Carr. B - Mr. Henry Thames, Kiwanis Advisor. C - Mr. Harvey Rothell , faculty sponsor. Key Club. Each Latin Club member is in one of Mrs. Mann ' s classes. Every year at the Howdy Carnival the Latin Club holds a slave auction. They also participate in the Homecoming Parade by pulling a slave- drawn chariot . The year comes to an end at the annual Latin Banquet . At this time the second-year students portray Roman citizens and first-year students act as their slaves . It ' s Greek to Me Ck DV k S WttB Ut - ' ■ i - t ' ■B ■ ™ .m mm 1 1 A - Latin Club members are: From Row: Beverly Beil, William King, Laura Allen, Lisa Kelly, Susan Sweeden, and Phyllis Han. Second Row: Elizabeth King, Cecil Key, Reina Hamby, Kim Andrews, James Biurleson, and Robin Hallman. Third Row: Tracy McLain, Steve Wolfe, Larry Wheat, Paul Ruiz, A.M. Nunley, David StuU, and Cindy Rudd . B - Latin Club Officers are: Paul Ruiz, president; Kim Andrews, vice-president; and Lisa Kelly, secretary. C - Students seem to enjoy their • class. D - Mrs. Mann is the new Latin Club sponsor. Library Club Hosts Convention This year the Library Club hosted the Texas Teen- Age Library Association Convention . The students Christmas project this year was to make and distribute faculty directories. Their spring activity was attending the Texas Teen- Age Library Association Convention. The Library Club sponsor is Mrs . Joy Burnsed . DA ET Ca K .-r A - Mrs. Burnsed is the Library Club sponsor. B - The officers are: Pam Dabbs, president; Sherry Stevens, treasurer; Janine McDonald, vice-president; and Patty Chenault, secretary. C - Ricky Arguello, Fred Gomez , and Ray Don Box find the library useful . D - Mrs. Ellis helps students find books from the many selections. E - Members are: Sherry Stevens, Patty Chenault, Betty Lynn, Janine McDonald, Roy Alvarez, Pam Dabbs, and Ismael Montanez. Library Club Annual Safety Awards Banquet Climaxes Year Machine shop and welding are the two phases of classwork the metal trades boys do . Sheds are built durin g the year as well as several other metal constructions. The money from fund raising activities went towards their spring banquet, where awards are given to outstanding members. Mr. Tom Ament serves as sponsor . A - Craig Medley checks out some equipment from Richard Fannin, shop foreman. B - Mr. Tom Ameni. C - Tommy Wegner measures a sheet of metal. II A - Front Row: Roben Creelman, Riley McMilliam, Richard Jenkins, Craig Hodnett. Back Row: Tommy Wegner, James Wilkerson, Jeff Murphy, Jay Holcomb, Bob Goodwin, Mr. Tom Ament. B - Front Row: Kerry Allen, Calvin Cordes, Alben Gonzales. Back Row: Billy Berry , Robert Armstrong , Kenneth Condray, Harold Sherman. C - Billy Berry poses by a giant funnel made by the metal trades boys. N.H.S. Holds Fall Induction The National Honor Society members are chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship, character, and service . Each Member must maintain a grade average of 90 or above. The NHS meets monthly and runs the concession stand at the basketball games. A - Debbie Ghiist and Sean Grathwol light their candles while being inducted into N.H.S. B - Dane Green helps the N.H.S. earn money by working in the concession stand at a basketball game. C - Officers are: Kay Willbanks, treasurer; Mary John Cherry, vice-president; Scott Robb, president. Shauna Hill, reporter; and Theresa Cox, secretary. D - Front Row: Cherly Ellison, Emily Boyd, Deborah Brown, Jo Anna Piper, Cindy Luenberg, Anne Matthews, and Gala Teague. Second Row: Denise Crenwelge, Angle Alderton, Cheryl Weaver, Debbie Christ, Michelle Couvillion and Lyn Gamer. Third Row: Marcie Tettleton, Kathy Magnafrau, Beverly Beil, Suzanne Smith, Debbie Phillips, and Shirley Peirce. Fourth Row: Tammy Plew, Kathy Lloyd, Melinda Cox, Juana Lopez, Robin Hallman, James Burleson, and Dallas Collins. Fifth Row: David Trim, Desiree Wagner, Lois Ivey, Scott Sullivan, Artie Davila, and David Stull. Sixth Row: Mark Root, Tracy McLain, Gary Howell, A.M. Nunley and Dane Green. Seventh Row: Allen Christ, Steven Wolfe, Steve Pearson, Keith McQuire, Cecil Key, Steve Evans and Steve Hughes. E - Mrs. Jane Smith is in her second year as a Sponsor for N . H . S . F - Mr . Wilbur Cunningham is also serving his second year as Sponsor. G - Front Row: Valerie Richardson, Delia Nobles, Angela Hodnett, Lee Ann Mashburn, Chris Davis, Annabeth Dears, and Dianne Dunagan. Second Row: Gayle Glenn, Debbie Vernon, Sandy McChristian, Carolyn McKee, Micki Reed, and Becky Blalack. Third Row: Jodi Grant. Pam Ramey, Ladon Grantham , Jana Keele , and Lupe Moralez. Fourth Row: Lana Williams, Patti Swindell, Cynthia Huse, and Carla Small. Fifth Row: Judy Jones, Jill McWhoner, Scott Bun, Greg Pearson, and Craig Ingram. Students Learn Secretarial Skills OEA juniors participate in a pre-employment lab in which they spend two hours a day learning office skills. The students also participated in school activities by entering their OEA float in the homecoming parade . During the year, the students gain experience in secretarial work. Also, the students earn money to send delegates to contest . •s. ' y ., ■ c f K ' - y ' 1 A - Carol Arbuckle works diligently during her OEA lab. B - Front Row: Glee Burchfield, Carol Arbuckle, Debbie Burks and Mitzi Simpkins. Second Row: Janie Rodriquez, Jan Armstrong, Delynda Barker, Marcie Tettleton, and Anna Marie Abelar. Third Row: Juana Lopez, Norma Campbell, Kathy Magnefrau, Kiane McQuire, and Mike Barton. Fourth Row: Magdalena Hilario, Janna Porter, Lougene Pruett, and Cindy Butler. Fifth Row: Velma Yanez, Patti Swindell, Sharon Smith, Sonja Worthan and Becky Blalack. C - Mrs. Judith Blick helps sponsor the OEA club for the 1975-76. D - Mrs. Vonna Swim is in another year as a Sponsor. E - Front Row: Kathy Haught, Linda Beaird, Diane Russell, and Terri Gillaland. Second Row: Phyllis Schafer, Drewcilla Gilbert, Diana Rodriquez and Debbie Vernon. Third Row: Pam Ramey, Cynthia Standard, Rhonda Rhoton, Lisa Talley and Patricia Puga. Fourth Row: Kay Capps and Bertina Paredez. F - Front Row: Cynthia Standard; president: and Marcie Tettleton; recording secretary. Second Row: Lougene Pruett; parliamentarian: and Debbie Burks; historian. Third Row: Cindy Butler; treasurer; and Kathy Haught; reporter. Fourth Row: Mike Barton; sergeant-at-arms and Anna Marie Abelar; corresponding secretary. Sonora Trip Highlight of Year The Science Club meets the first and third Tuesday of each month. A trip to the Sonora Caverns during the Spring season was a different experience for the students. Mr. Reed and Mr. Beasley are the sponsors for the club . D. A E. ▼ A - Mr. Beasley and Mr. Reed are the sponsors of the Science Club for the year of 1975-76. B - One of the many unusual views of the Sonora Caverns. C - Students take a tour of the Sonora Caverns. D - Officers are: Howard Shivers, vice- president; Karen Riley, secretary; Greg Moore, president; and Roanne Riley, treasiurer. E - Front Row: Dana Kennamer, James Burleson, Karen Riley, Roanne Riley, Howard Shivers, and Greg Moore. Back Row: Robert Brown, Elizabeth King, William King, Shelia Crockett, John Allensworth, and Tony Mann. Learning New Skills Shorthand Club is made up of the students in all the shorthand classes . The purpose of the course is to teach the speed and efficiency of being a good secretary. Mrs. ' Betty Lou Green is the Shorthand Club sponsor . A - Shorthand Club Members are: Front Row: Mrs. Betty Lou Green, sponsor; Lupe Morales, Karen Sneed, Pat Rodriquez, Glee Burchfield, and Bertina Paredez. Second Row: Donna Brooks, Debbie Hanson, Pam Ramey, Paula Smith, Ann Crittenden, and Velma Yanez. Third Row: Cindy Burgess, Linda Statser, Kelly McCrarey, Karla Small, and Jana Porter. Fourth Row: Melinda Patrick, Vicki Johnson, Evelyn Green, KathyForman, and Lana Williams. B - Jana Porter works diligently in order to get her work in on time. C - Shorthand Club Officers are: Sitting: Karla Small, president. Standing: Debbie Hanson, vice- president; and Kathy Magdefrau, secretary. D - Bertina Paredez and Lupe Morales seem to enjoy their shorthand class. Council Increases Student Involve- ment A - Steve Evans, vice-president; Donna Carpenter, recording secretary; Paul Prather, second vice-president; Ronnie MuUins, president; Janet Ivery, corresponding secretary. B - Sophomore Representatives are: Front Row: Mariella Wise, Andra Hohertz. Back Row: Steve Cannon, Lisa Fort, Donnie Knight, Toni Hanson, Irene Little, Mike Blalack and Mike Coffey. C - Junior Representatives are: Front Row: Frosty Reynolds, Leisa Cook, Phil Barber, and Cynthia Fierro. Back Row: Scott Sullivan, Tony Vieira, Casey Wilder, Steve Hughes , and Bubba Stripling . D - Senior Representatives are: Mary John Cherry, Brad Carr, .Angela Hodnett, Angle Alderton, Kim Brock, Jodi Grant, Paige Little, and Pete Ruiz . E - Donnie Knight and Donna Carpenter present the Friendship Award to Permian. F - Freshman Representatives are: Front Row: Barry Fish, James Pineda, and Derek Horton. Back Row: Kirk Mancill, Mike Evans, Woody Howell, Teny Howell, and Kenda Hughes. Student involvement has grown because of a lot of work done by the 1975-76 Student Council . They have organized many successful projects this year including the Hov dy Week, dances, homecoming activities, the Hall of Fame , March of Dimes and donkey basketball. They participated in many activities pertaining to the Bicentennial Year and many conventions. The Council was also represented as being District Eight President . Student Council represents the entire body and helps serve each club and organization of BSHS. Student Council VOCT Provides Leadership Vocational Opportunities are devoted to leadership among each other. Craftsmanship is also a main object among the VOCT members. Throughout the school year , these students help out many businesses in Big Spring . This organization is very much to the members ' advantage as far as training is concerned . Mr. C. W. Tanner serves as the VOCT sponsor as the students gain skills . A. ▲ A - Officers are: Delia Riveria, parliamentarian; DewayneCrow, president; Olga Garza, secretary. B - Mr. C. W. Tanner heads VOCT as sponsor foiu: 1975- 76. C Dewayne Crow, Delia Riveria, Gregory Johnson, and Olga Garza. Thiilling victories and depressing defeats climaxed a year of excitement in Steer athletics . Throughout the year athletic teams represented the school in a highly competitive way . Athletics developed a person ' s character as well as his body, making an athlete a very special breed of person. r Sports Sports Coaches and Supporters Boost Morale Sports involves many people besides the team. Coaches, cheerleaders, mascots, trainers , and fans are some of the many who help make victories happen . A - Athletic director Bob Burris gives pep talk at the first pep rally . B - Some members of the coaching staff are: Front Row: Rex Scofield, L. D. Monroe. Second Row: Ben Neel, Christie Stewart, Rod Caner. C - Cheerleader Jill Odom pins a ribbon on varsity basketball coach James Griffin . D - Other members of the coaching staff include: Front Row: Nancy Deason. Ron Rogers, Tommy Moss, Dickie Lepard. Back Row: Mike Carraway, Phil Irwin, Tom Adams, James Griffin. E - Chosen as Steer mascots were Ginger Brroks and Amanda Hughes. A - Spirited varsity cheerleaders are Chris Davis, Jill Odom, Cynthia Fierro, Laura Bickford, and Paige Little . B - Denise Crenwelge v as Bogo, the spirited Bold Gold mascot. C - Junior varsity cheerleaders were Andra Hohertz, Irene Little , Debra Hayworth , and Connie Jackson. D - Freshman cheerleaders are: Front Row: Selena Jones. Second Row: Johnnie Mitchell, Kenda Hughes, Barbie Kothman , Carol Meek , and Diana Dominquez. Sports Steers Earn 2-1 Pre-Season Record Excitement predominated the beginning of the season as the Mighty Steers gained a hard fought 14-6 victory over the Andrews Mustangs . The game featured a magnificent display of defense with the Steers ' only points coming from Mike Harris ' exciting 70 yard kickoff return and Tommy Churchwell ' s pass interception. In the next Steer outing, the Hobbs Eagles were the victims of a 27-8 stampede. Jesse Doss rushed for 105 yards and scored 2 touchdowns. Greg Spears scored on a 70-yard punt return . The third game of the season featured a heart- breaking 21-17 loss to the Snyder Tigers. Steers ' scoring punch was provided by the arm of Mark Moore . On the receiving end was Ken McMurtrey, catching two touchdown passes of 45 and 23 yards. Greg Spears rounded out the scoring with a 17 yard field goal . A - The Sieer defense takes a rest against the Andrews ' Mustangs. B - Jesse Doss eludes several Hobbs defenders. C - Jerry Marquez dives through Snyder ' s defense for extra yardage. ' ■: %M« Abreo, Mike Baker, Jimmy Birdwell, John Buchanan, Jack Burrow, Chris SVEERSj,ieERSiTEEft5 JTEERS IJ S Abilene Eagles Fly Past Steers 34-6 As the Steers opened district play against the Eagles, they were defeated by a score of 34-6. The Eagles proved to be strong , aggressive , and fast . Abilene had more team speed than the Mighty Steers were expecting. Although the Steers had hard luck throughout the game , they did not give up fighting . During the fourth quarter of play , Moore connected with Ken McMurtrey for the only Steer score. A - The agony of defeat is reflected by the dismal Steer bench. B - Greg Spears evades an Abilene defender. C - Ken McMurtrey is corraled in open field after snaring a pass from Mark Moore. Cadena, Oscar Chuichwell, Tommy Coffee , Mike Doss, Jesse Forgus, Ricky Midland Bulldogs Outshine Steers With an impressive display of teamwork, the Bulldogs downed the Steers 53-25. The Bulldogs combined a powerful ground attack with a stubborn defense . The first Steer score came when Mike Abreo scored on a 10 yard run. The extra point try failed . During the fourth quarter , Mark Moore unleashed two touchdown passes. The first TD pass was to Greg Spears for 50 yards and the other to Ken McMurtrey for 40 yards. A - Midland ' s defense proves to be tough as they surround Mark Moore. B - Mike Abreo finds running room on this touchdown carry. C - A host of Steers converges on a Midland ball carrier. Gomez, Daniel Harris, Mike Huff, Bobby Hughes, Steve Jones, Randle fl ' iTEERsSTEEBsTE Rs P RS Permian Panthers Pulverize Steers Odessa Permian made our homecoming a disappointment by defeating our spirited Steers 27-0. Permian ' s offensive attack was held by the Steer defense throughout the first half resulting in only seven points for the Panthers . The Steers ' offensive squad was unable to move the ball sufficiently enough to cross the goal line . STEERS . S " STEEPS 5TEERS " O % Kf STEERS A - The Steers ' mighty defense is set to repel another Permian Panther charge . B - Mike Harris desperately lunges to block a Panther defender as Mark Moore sets to throw . C - Mark Moore gets off one of his many excellent punts. D - Ernie Nichols, Ed Pekowski, and Mark Stark put the clamp on a Permian ball carrier. Mann, Tony Mathews, Junior McChristian, Jimmy McMurtrey, Ken Millaway, Joe Steers Surrender to Rebels 28-6 Midland Lee ransacked the Mighty Steers during ideal football weather. The Steer offensive squad was effectively contained by the Rebel defense while the Steer defense had their hands full trying to contain Midland Lee ' s running back, Clyde Gary. Gary scored all four of the Rebel touchdowns. The Steers ' only score came when Mark Moore tossed a five yard touchdown pass to Ken McMurtrey late in the game . The extra point attempt failed . A - Jack Buchanan and Alan Partee prepare to block while James Thompson outruns a Rebel defender. B - Mark Moore receives protection by Alan Panee, Daniel Gomez, and other members of the offensive line. C - Mike Hanis leads interference for Jesse Boss . Moore, Mark Morrow, Ricky MuUins, Ronnie Nichols, Ernie Onega, Sammy STEERS STEER- TEEW - Cougars Blow Past Steers 26-5 BPI tl ipi i ■ m 1 9 1 1- - ■ " As STEERS STEER rE W 17 4 74 With high winds blowing throughout the game , the Big Spring Steers appeared to be the ones fighting to keep from being blown away as the Cougars of Abilene Cooper cruised to a 26-5 victory. The Cougars wasted no time in getting started when they picked off a pass on the first down f the game. The interception was run all the way back for a touchdown. The Steers mounted their only offense of the game in the first quarter when Greg Spears kicked a 27-yard field goal. A - Ed Pekowski, Mike Blalack, Steve Hughes, and Mike Harris race down the field as Greg Spears kicks the ball away. B - Ed Pekowski applies heavy pressure to the Cooper punter. C - Bill Stark and Ronnie MuUins put the brakes to a Cougar back while Tommy Churchwell closes in to assist. D - Ernie Nichols and Ronnie MuUins prepare to repel the next offensive play. Partee, Alan Pekowski, Ed Perry, Lance Phillips, Rusty Reyna, Nick Odessa High Broncos Overpower Steers Quarterback Danell Shepard powered the Broncos to a 35-14 victory over the Steers . Shepard scored four times for Odessa. Randle Jones intercepted a pass and returned it to Odessa ' s 15- yard line . The halftime score was 28-0 with Odessa leading . The Steers came alive in the third quarter of action as Ken McMurtrey scored on a pass reception . Mike Harris caught a pass for the two point conversion . A - Steve Hughes sprints for extra yardage against the Broncos . B - Ken McMurtrey flies high in a futile pass attempt. C - Mike Hanis finds little running room after a pass reception. D - John Birdwell, Junior Mathews, Ricky Watkins , and other Steers close in on Odessa High. Reynolds, Frosty Root, Mark Ruiz, Pete Spears, Greg Stark, Bill STEERS f n STEERS 5rBeR5 STEERS STEERS Steers Clawed by Bobcats 44-0 ii SPRiHt BIG 5f.;iN,j 7 Throughout the season , the Mighty Steers faced tough competition. The season reflected many times of harsh punishment and despair. The San Angelo Bobcats ended the disappointing season by shutting out the Steers 44- 0. A - Ken McMurtrey displays his expert running ability by eluding a San Angelo defender. B - A gang of Steers converges on a Bobcat. C - Managers: Front Row: Timmy Trawick, Freddy Marin. Second Row: Randy Pittman, Terry Kelley, Gary Howell. D - Trainers: Front Row: Jack Young, Scoit Lawlis. Second Row: Jeff Cuirington, Gene Froman, Steve Hedges. .STEERS Stark, Mark Thompson, James Valenzuela, Mike Watkins, Ricky Wolfe, Steve Wrinkle , John Junior Varsity Boasts a 4-3 Record A - Front Row: Arthur Cadena, Bobby Meisenheimer, Lloyd Jones, Robert Neighbors , Brett Morton, Danny Nolting, Craig Bailey, Brent Overman, Robby Wegner, Phillip Riegel , Tony Lane, Chris Williams, Jimmy Jones. Second Row: Greg Adams, Kenneth Coffee, Tony Walker, David Root, Gerald Yeager, Kelleigh Phillips, Scott Hughes, Doyle Rice, Wade Cobb, Arthur Nanny, Ben Hicks, Richie Priddy, Tommy Wegner, Tony Pariee, Pete Cerda. Third Row: Coach Ben Neel, Billy Hayes, Tommy Williams, Greg Brodman , Mitch Harris , Bert Sheppard, Steve Pearson, Rodney Floyd, RayLuedecke, Don Stump, Joey Vasquez, Ricky Torres, Ismael Soils, Ricky McNallen, Mike Stephens, Coach Larry Horton , Coach Mike Carraway. B - A mighty Steer holds on tightly while Greg Brodman comes to assist. C - Greg Adams powers through the line. Junior Varsity Is an All Action Team Coaches Ben Neel, Larry Horton, and Mike Carraway should be given credit for producing a great Junior Varsity team. The J . V . ' s posted a 4-3 win- loss record . They defeated Midland High, Abilene High, Odessa High, and San Angelo. It seemed the J . V . ' s always had a lethal combination on the field . The J . V • ' s proved to be enthusiastic and impressive . The Junior Varsity team will supply many players for next year ' s Varsity team. A - Robby Wegner finds himself covered by an avalanche of Bobcats. B - Pete Cerda assists in downing a San Angelo ball carrier. C - Robby Wegner desperately fights for extra yardage. . V. Offensive Squad Is Tough A - The suspense of football is expressed on the faces of Billy Hayes, Brent Overman, Tony Partee, and Coach Carraway. B - Mitch Harris desperately uies to hold on to the ball carrier . C - Tony Panee and an unidentified Steer put a halt to the San Angelo offense . Freshmen Gather Six Victories T hroughout the Freshman season the young players exerted enthusiasm , talent , and plenty of hustle . Their ability and determination was reflected by their 6-4 win- loss record . The Freshman coaching staff consisted of Coach Stump , Coach Monroe , Coach Lepard , and Coach Jones . A - Front Row: Williams, Morrow, Sundy, Terry, McLaughlin, Salazar, Petty, Manley, Gross, Hernandez, Brooks, Henry, Holien, Davis, Pitiman, Pitts. Second Row: Evans, Garcia, Winton, Gomez, Hardeman, Harris, Barber, Allom, Jewel, Rubio, Burris, Gutterrez, Daucedo, Dominguez, Puga, Hurrington, Martin, Cooper. Third Row: Coach Leopard, Coach Jones, Crosby, Tipton, Aldridge, Stevenson, Johnson, Poss, Furqueron, Brown, Archer, Howell, Wrinkle, Barriball, Sink, Eastman, Valenzuela, Garcia, Coach Stump, Coach Monroe. Fourth Row: Young, Ivey, Cluck, Harris. B - The Freshman offensive team operates smoothly against their opponents. C - Super blocking is demonsuated by the offensive line . D - The Freshmen perform with perfection. Steers End Pre-Season With 10-8 Record A - Richmond Zapp launches the ball over a Permian Panther. B - Robert Aldridge brings the ball down court. C - Jim Ray shoots for two points. D - Casey Wilder looks cautiously for a teammate before passing the ball. E - Bubba Stripling searches for daylight as he dribbles the ball. to «iJ A - Jim Ray prepares to make a rebound. B - Robert Aldridge tries to get by a Permian opponent. C - The Steers prove ., to be stubborn during competitive action. D - Excellent shooting form is displayed by Bubba Stripling. E - Robert Aldridge and Bill Arencibia take a short breather before the ball is brought into play. Steers Tip-Off Season Impressively nfliiiiiiii Coach James Griffin led his mighty Steer basketball team throughout an exuberant season. The Steers displayed an outstanding amount of talent, determination, and hustle during their impressive season . Coach Griffin was assisted this year by Coach Rod Carter, These coaches have done an outstanding job in leading the Steers this year. A - Front Row: Cornell Kimble, Robert Aldridge, Richmond Zapp, Casey Wilder, Bill Arencebia. Second Row: James Zapp, Mark Moore, Bubba Stripling, Mike Harris, Jim Ray. Third Row: Mgr. Brian Rosson, Coach James Griffin, Mgr. Freddy Marin, Mgr. Casey Thompson. B - Robert Aldridge goes high to release the ball. C - Bubba Stripling follows the path of his shot . A. A B- T c. ▼ A - Jim Ray ouisuetches an opponent during lough competition. B - James Zapp iaunches a long one for a bucket. C - Robert Aidridge takes a jump sliot over a Snyder opponent. D - Mark Moore makes a rebound for tfie Steers. A - Bill Arencebia prepares lo reverse directions after a rebound. B - Richmond Zapp fires away for two more points. C - Mike Harris flies high for a layup. D - Robert Aldridge rifles a long shot. E - Bubba Stripling and a Monterey opponent struggle for the ball. F - James Zapp brings down a rebound. Steers Face Tough Competition A - James Zapp takes careful aim. B - Steers converge on the basketball as Bubba Stripling unleashes a shot. C - Jim Ray and Bubba Stripling struggle to control the boards. D - Robert Aldridge shows excellent form in shooting. E - James Zapp muscles in two points. t 4: . V. ' s Gain Poise and Confidence Although the Steers did not have a completely successful season , a game never went uncontested . There was never a dull moment as the Steers ♦ struggled to hold their own • against some of the district ' s top junior varsity 10 f talent. A - Kenny Peny is up for a shot in the Snyder game. B - Cornell Kimble maneuvers in for a shot. C - Steve Hughes puts in two points under heavy pressure. D - Ronald Coffman goes high for a shot . E - Steer J . V . ' s attempt to widen their lead. F - Frankie Rubio demonstrates his shooting skill. Bosketball 141 Sophomores Have Winning Season IRiSI ' ' A Under the guidance of Coach Ron Rogers , the sophomore cagers put together a highly successful season . Despite having several players promoted to the junior varsity, Coach Rogers ' team managed many victories. A - Front Row: Kent Rice, Ronnie Fleming, Scott Wilder, Greg Broadman, Ronny Foreman. Second Row: Jeff Wilson, Kenneth Coffee, Tommy Sullivan, Ranee McKee, Coach Ron Rogers . B - Scott Wilder sinks a free throw . C - Chip Wright drives in for a layup. D - Greg Broadman advances the ball downcoun . Sophs Mature During Season c. A A - Kenneth Coffee shows excellent form. B - Kenneth ' I m Perry goes high for the tip. C - Marty Latta puts up a shot in heavy traffic. D - Del Poss drives in for a layup. E - Greg Broadman and Scott Wilder struggle for the rebound . F - Kenneth Perry attempts a free throw. Brahmas Experience Winning Season mAf ,%h.! , Coach Monroe brought out great effort from his Brahmas. The Brahmas played with excellence. They were determined to win throughout the season . This attitude is reflected by their victorious season . Wm ■ kT H ' mac 1 D. A A - Front Row: Eddie Garcia, Freddie Martinez , Ysa Rubio , Roben Lara, David Altom, Kevin McLaughlin, David Pitts. Second Row: David Sink, Larry Smith, Oscar James, David Manley, Mike Evans, Terry Howell, Danny Crosby , Coach Sonny Monroe . B - Ysa Rubio puts in two. C - Rubio demonstrates dribbling ability. D - Mike Evans attempts a jump shot. E - Oscar James shoots a technical. F - Danny Crosby drives for the bucket. Tows Show Strength and Ability D. ▼ Experiencing a successful season , Coach Scarbrough helped the Toros gain experience for the remainder of their high school years. The Toros expressed their talent and skill throughout their season . A - Front Row: Johnny Williams, Mike Brooks, Tony Rubio, Hector Fernandez, Randy Hurrington, Paul Davis. Second Row: Coach Mike Scarbrough, Billy Johnson, Mark Poss, David McKenzie, Byron Harris, Willie Miles, Luis Rodriquez, Mark Martin. B - Byron Harris puts in a layup. C - Randy Hurrington faces a tough defense. D - Billy Johnson shoots over a defender. Steers Runner- Up in District Pride, spirit, and determination are factors that helped the Stee r volleyball team gain the best record achieved in years. Ending the season with a 12-2 district record , the girls barely missed a chance at the district title by losing two games to Midland High. Practice is essential for a winning team , and new coach Miss Nancy Deason made sure her team got plenty of it. Senior Tammy Newsom, " Mighty Mite " of the Steers, was unanimously chosen for the All-District team. Hard- hitting Senior spiker Jodi Grant also was chosen for the team, along with Sophomore Rose Magers . Few sophomores have the abilities needed for a spot on the All-District team. A - Tammy Newsom gets a vital set. B - Steers soundly beat Permian. C - Umph! Becky Ragan practices dives. D - Sr. Susan Andrews. E - Jr. Emily Boyd. F - Jr. Kathy Forman. G - Sr. Jodi Grant. - Sr. Lana Williams. 1 - Sr. Tammy Newsom. J - Kathy Forman ' s bumps saved the Steers many times. K - Denise Burchell pirouettes into a poke. L - The Varsity Volleyball Team. M - Varsity and J . V . Coach Miss Nancy Deason. N - Soph. Eva Rich. O - Soph. Rose Magers. P - Soph. Becky Ragan. Q - Asst. Coach and Freshman Coach Ms. Christi Stewart. R - Sr. Denise Burchell. S - Rose Magers makes a tough spike against Midland High. T - Trainer Lois Ivey. U - Another point by Lana Williams. . V. ' s Tie for First The Juniors and Sophomores comprising this team diligently worked their way through a victorious season . They tied for first place in the district race , ending the season with a 12-2 district record . The girls gained vital skills and confidence , and will be valuable prospects for the Varsity team next year . A - The Steer J. V. Volleyball Team: (left to right, top to bottom) Suzanne Johnson , Sherry Kelly , Nora Valles, Debbie Scott, Karen Tibbs, Shanna Farmer, Connie Jackson, Rhonda Metcalf , Cassandra Green , and Tracy McLain. B - Tracy McLain and Shanna Farmer easily block a hit from the C-City team. C - Little Debbie Scott uses her extremely powerful overhand serve . D - Shanna Farmer lets Odessa have her sneaky left-hand spike . E - Suzanne Johnson spikes while teammates prepare for defense . Freshmen Start on New Skills »z:. EA The Freshman Team began learning basic skills and techniques , and they became fairly proficient by the end of the season. Their coach, Ms. Christi Stewart , has prepared them well for their future years in volleyball. A - Selena Hanis ' completes a good bump sei. B - The Freshman Volleyball Team: (left lo right) Second Row: Starla Mize , Mitzi Balios, Selna Jones, Carolyn Forman, Kathy Birdwell, Selena Harris, Debbie Wiggins, LaVoy Moore , Penny Ray , Brenda Beil , Paula Witte, Sherry Halvorson, and Connie Spears. C - With a hop and a skip Sherry Halvorson gets the ball back over the net. D - An unsuccessful block by Brenda Beil and Kathy Birdwell. E - Penny Ray and Debbie Wiggins were ready for anything. F - Debbie Wiggins slams a spike over as Brenda Beil covers. Netters Nail Competition Many hours of hard work readied the tennis team for a fine competitive season of tough district play . The superb leadership of captains Carolyn McKee and Hugh Porter , and the guidance of new coach Aaron O ' Neal led the Netters to a successful season. Tennis, anyone? A. A A - First Row: S. Smith, D. Phillips, L. Stallings, C. McKee, T. Gilliland, D. Olsen, ]. Enriquez. Second Row: M. Burke, J. Davey, ]. Cline, Coach Aaron O ' Neal, T. Cline, B. Fish, W. Syed, C. McMahon, J. Ray. M. C. Mathews. Third Row: H. Porter, N. Williams, D. Stull, A. Couvillion, T. Mann, D. Cole, D. Brown, B. Little, L. Gagne, S. Fetters. B - Has Coach O ' Neal started a new trend in tennis shoes? C - Debbie Phillips serves and hopes for an easy ace. D - David Stull warms up before playing a match. E - Is Tony Mann fencing or playing tennis? F - Layne Stallings returns with a forehand while playing doubles. G - Mary Catherine Mathews strategically places a serve. H - A cross-court hit is returned with a mean backhand by Hugh Porter. I - Tennis makes Suzanne Smith and Carolyn McKee really chummy. Fish Net a Few Coach Mike Proctor has produced a fine freshman team this year. Many hours of hard work have gone into the making of the team . In the near future , they will be depended on for varsity action . A - Carl Caton expresses the team ' s love for Coach Proctor. B - First Row: Scott Vick, Kelli Brynes, Susan McMurray. Second Row: Carl Caton, Cindy Jones, Diana Dominguez, Jan Hoover, Sonna Head. C - Cindy Jones and Kelli Brynes play doubles on the High School ' s fine courts. D - Diana Dominguez practices on her serve . E - Sonna Head works on her groundsuokes. mim E. T Another advancement for women ' s athletics here was the addition of the Girls Golf team. The girls are maicheu in district against the Midland schools . They attended an Invitational Tournament in Midland , and look forward to tournaments in San Antonio and Amarillo. Under the guidance of Coach John Stiles , the girls practice daily on the city ' s various links. A - First Row: Mariella Wise, Shauna Heniy, Suzeite Young, Debbie Shumate. Second Row: Eva Rich, Kenda Hughes, Carol Meek, Lucinda Flemming. B - Shauna Henry drives down the fairway. C - Mariella Wise is extremely pleased with herself after sinking a terribly hard putt . D - Girl golfers seem to enjoy going on joy rides. Golf Team Acquires Feminine Members Golf Is on the Upswing -.-5 :- Even though golf isn ' t one of the most publicized sports here , participation on the greens is picking up. Play takes the team to courses throughout the district , and the season was highlighted by a trip to a San Antonio tournament in February . Coached by John Stiles , top golfers Bobby Waters , David Howell , and Steve Sledge have the ability to help lead their team to a successful season . A. A B. ▼ ' i " iV " n ' i ' -ii ii A - First Row: Coach John Stiles , John Burroughs , Barry Halvorson, Craig Dunnam, J. Wray Warren , Johnny Hernandez, Duane Thomas. Second Row: David Howell, Tim Hunnicut, Mark Taylor, Randy Crockett, Bobby Waters , Carl Gresham , Donny Knight, Gary Howell, Steve Sledge. B - Steve Sledge takes out a little time from playing cards to hit a few practice balls. Barry Halvorson swings into a long drive. D - Is John Burroughs thinking about baseball? E - Gary Howell swings home on the range . F - David Howell gets ready . . . G - . . . And swings. Tracksters Work Hard for Perfection A - Front Row: Robert Posey, Greg Spears, Tim Walker, Robby Wegner, Lance Peny, Sammy Ortega , Robert Neighbors . Second Row: Kenneth Jackson, Mike Blalack, Jeoy Vasquez, Ray Luedecke , Emzie Woodard , John Wolf, Greg Halfmann, Handle Jones. B - Front Row: David Bates, Steve Tipyon, Gary Jewel, John Petty, Eddie Puga, Ronald Sundy, Mark Young, Ricky Cluck, Johnny Garcia. Second Row: Kenneth Crow, Butch Stevenson, Matthew Hanis, Woodie Howell, Doug Archer, Robby Wrinkle, Keith Smith, David Winton. C - Sprinting from the blocks are Mike Blalack, Joey Vasquez, Ray Luedecke, and John Wolf. Steer tracksters have developed their speed and endurance throughout the season . The freshman track team will be gaining experience during the year. Both teams will display plenty of action at their meets . A - Distance runners are Greg Halfmann, Tim Walker, Robert Posey, Kim Wrinkle, and Robert Neighbors. B - Sammy Ortega practices his shot putting form. C - Greg Spears makes a smooth handoff to Randle Jones in the sprint relay. D - Lance Perry strains in his effort to release the shot. E - Coach Carraway instructs Kenneth Jackson on the skills of high jumping. 1 I I ll I Experience Leads Pace For the first time in the Girls Track Team ' s young history , plenty of experience is added to the abundance of ability already on hand . With nine returning letterwomen, they expect to control the sprints, the triple jump, the relays , the 880 , the shotput , and the discus . These events will be helped by the performances of Regional Qualifiers Michelle Cox, discus, and Helen McCalister, three events. Also Linda Lester, a State Qualifier, will be back in the 880 . The Girls Cross Country team was a new addition to the track program. Coached by Christi Stewart , these girls did a good job on the one mile endurance race. pps a A - Front Row: M. Woods, A. Long, J. McCormick, C. Brashears, L. Lee, L. Moss, T. Can. Second Row: B. Ragan, V. Jenkins, J. Brien, L. Lester, H. McCalister. Third Row: M. Jackson, D. Smith, T. Decker, L. Reynolds, A. Nanny, K. Moore, J. Rodriguez, D. Churchwell, L. Missman, J. Britton. Fourth Row: D. Walker, C. Jackson, A. Mathews, L. Penniman, J. Long, M. Lee, M. Couvillion. Fifth Row: B. Kothman, C. Lee, T. Woodard, G. Allen, D. Mitchell, J. Moten, C. Wiley, K. Pekowski, M. Cox, S. Esquibel. B - Hurdler Cathy Brashears works on her nearly perfect form. C - Hurdlers: C. Brashears, B. Ragan, L. Lee. D - 440 Middle distance runners: First Row: M. Jackson, S. Esquibel. Second Row: J. McCormick, L. Reynolds, A. Long, J. Brien. E - Jumpers: First Row: C. Jackson, L. Moss, B. Ragan. Second Row: C. Brashears, D. Smith, D. Wiggins, V. Jenkins, L. Missman. F - Perfect timing that a relay team must have is very definitely displayed by Barbie Kothman and Michelle Couvillion. G - Shot and discus: First Row: S. Esquibel, K. Moore. Back Row: D. Wiggins, K. Bird well, M. Cox. H - Long distance runners: J. Brien, J. McCormick, L. Lester, C. Wiley, A. Mathews. 1 - Did Coach Stewart clock a bird , a plane, or was it Super Strider? J - Lots of concentration and a little extra effort put Vicki Jenkins over the High Jump. K - Girls cross country team: A. Long, A. Mathews, C. Wiley, L. Moss. L - Sprinters: Front Row: C. Jackson, B. Kothman, A. Nanny. Second Row: B. Ragan, M. Couvillion, D. Mitchell, G. Allen, T. Woodard. Steers Seek District Title With a large number of returning lettermen , the Steer baseball team has high hopes for winning district . Coach Larry Horton has helped the team gain confidence as well as skill and experience . A. Front Row: Kent Newsom, Clarence Palmer, Charles McKinney, KenMcMuruey, Kyle Pfeiffer, Mike Warren. Second Row: Arthur Olague, Dick Battle, Ray Don Box, Pat Carrol, Charlie Vernon, Bill Cudd, Forrest Hany . B - Kyle Pfeiffer takes a swing diuing batting practice . C - Coach Lany Honon observes a workout . D - Pat Canol bears down on the pitch. c. ▼ D. T E. A F. ▼ A - Senior Kent Newsom catches in during practice. B - Pitchers: Pat Carrol , Bill Cudd , Charles McKinney, Charlie Vernon, Dick Battle. C - Infielders: Ray Don Box , Forrest Harry , Mike Warren, Arthur Olague, Ken McMurtrey. D - Dick Battle winds up for the pitch. E - Outfielders: Charles McKinney, Clarence Palmer, Kyle Pfeiffer. F - Mike Warren slides in safely during practice . More than one hundred adminisuators and faculty members serve BSHS in varied ways. Teachers work hard to impart their knowledge to both the receptive and the unresponsive students; counselors and special staffs are always near to make life a little easier; and secretaries and administrators keep the system running smoothly . Personnel Tom Adams - World History, athletic coach. Tarleion State University. Nila Allen - Front Office , enjoys camping and reading. Lila Adkins - Bookkeeping, Typing. WTSU, Howard College Thomas Ament - Metal Trades. Southwest Texas State University. Bobbie Alexander - Audio- Visual Aide. Texas Tech. John Annen - Furniture Repair and Upholstery. East Texas State . Fern Alexander - Home and Family Living, Homemaking. T . W . U . , Texas Tech. Nancy Annen - HECE, U.T. at Arlington, North Texas State. John Bagnall - Vocational Administrator. Catherine Bolding - Secretary, Vocational Aide, Homemaker. John Beasley Astronomy. Jack Bowers - Choral Music. Sul Ross State Texas Tech. , University of Colorado. Velma Blagrave - Freshman English. ETSU, West Texas University, Sul Ross. Bill Bradley - Band. Texas Tech. Judith Blick - Vocational Office Edtication, Pre- Employment Lab. Hardin Simmons, Texas Tech. Ragna Brandon - Algebra I , Intro . to Algebra. Ball State Teachers College, University of Notre Dame. Faculty Mary Breckenridge Biology, Texas Tech., TCU. Joy Burnsed - Assistant Librarian. Hardin Simmons, Texas Womens University. Corinne Buckner - Algebra I 11. Abilene Christi an College, U.T. Bob Burris - Athletic Director. Oklahoma University. E. Y. Buckner - Electrical Appliance Repair . Texas A M, U.T. Koleia Carlile - Counselor. Reading and Travel. Mike Carraway - Health, Coach. East Central State Oklahoma . David Budke - Woodworking. West Texas State University. Rod Carter - Fund, of Math I and II, Football and Basketball Coach. U. of Arkansas, Sul Ross, WTSU. College of the Ozarks. Barbara Currie - Physical Ed. , Hardin- Simmons University. Janice Cook - Speech and Drama. Hardin- Simmons University. Gene Currie - Band , Stage Band, Theory, Hardin-Simmons, San Fernando Valley State College. Royce Cox - Health, P.E. , Driver ' s Education. Cisco Jr. College, WTSU. Joe Dawes - FOM I , Algebra II, NTSU, U.T. at Austin. Wilbur Cunningham - Geometry, Trig, E A, Calculus. University of Texas at Austin. Nancy Deason - Volleyball Coach, Physical Ed. NTSU, Texas Women ' s, WTSU. Faculty Monis Dewberry - Industrial Cooperative Training. East Texas State University. Craig Fischer - Assistant Principal Student Activity Director. Southwest Texas State. Betty Fowler - French, English. Abilene Christian College. Joyce Ellis - Librarian, WTSU, Texas Women ' s University of Denver. Nancy Fulgham - CVAE English. ASU, NTSU, Sul Ross State, Delta State University. Susan Finley - Government; Political Science. Kansas State, Monticello College, Denver University, Univ. of Oklahoma. Bob Glover - Biology, Football Coach. UTEP. Betty Lou Green - Shorthand, personal Typing. TCU. Oakey Hagood - Boys P.E. Sul Ross. Gene Gresham - Vocational on Job Training, Texas Tech. Rebecca Hagood - English (9th Grade) McMurry, Sul Ross. James Griffin - World and Am. History, Head Basketball Coach. Sul Ross, Hardin Simmons. W. R. Hakes - Chemistry, Physical Science. U.T. , Tex. A I, Tex. A M, Pan Am. U. , Univ. of Houston. Billye Grisham - Consumer Education. Howard College , Texas Tech. , U.T. Charlotta Hamilton Homemaking II, Child Development. NTSU. Faculty Nan Howard - English. WTSU, Tex. A M, Fresno St. , U.T. at Austin. Phil Irwin (Doc) - Health. U.T. at El Paso. Mrs. J . O. Johansen - English, Bible. U.T. at Austin, Presbyterian School of Christian Education. Ronnie Jones - Math, Intro. Algebra FOM I, Coach. WTSU, San Angelo State U. Charlotte Irwin - English III. Hardin Simmons, Howard Col. , Tex. Tech. Dana S. Langston - Intro, to Art I, Texas Tech. Faculty Billie Law - Study Hall Clerk. Howard College. Lee Dale Lowery - Distributive Ed . Angelo State Univ. Pat Lawrence - Chemistry. Advanced Science. Midwestern U., U.T. , NTSU, Baylor, U. of Ark. Nadara Lueneburg - Special Ed. Individualized Programs. Bethel Coll. , Tenn. St. U. , Murray St. , Tenn. Tech . , Sul Ross , Texas Tech. Dickie Lepard - Physical Ed. , Coach. O . A . Madison - Audio-Visual Director. Texas Tech. Edward L. Loveless, Jr. - American History. Howard College, Tex. Tech. Virginia Martin - Homemakingl. Tex. Womens Univ. , Tarleton State U . ' illiam (Dub) Martin - Administrator. Sul Ross, Hardin Simmons. NTSU, U. of Colo. , Tarleton. Joan Metzger - Physics, Physical Science. Ohio U. , Auburn, Ohio State, Phillips Univ. , Howard Col. Nellie G. Mathis - School Nurse . Brackenridge Hosp. Howard College. Morris Molpus - Ass ' t Principal. Austin College, Texas r Perry Mathis - Automechanics. Howard College, U.T., Tex. A M L. D. Monroe - Intro, to Algebra , Fundamentals of Math, Football, Basketball, Angelo State, Sul Ross. Ralph Matteson - Economics, Bus. Law, Fundamentals of the Free Enterprise System. Tommy Moss - American History, Ass ' t Football, Head Track Coach . East Central State. Faculty Ben Neel - American History, Texas History, Economics (Fund . of Free Enterprise). Hardin Simmons, NTSU. Marsha Patterson - Geometry, Intro Algebra I. Univ. of Alabama. Steve Poitevint - Journalism I , Publications. Howard College, Angelo State Univ. Gwendolyn Cakes - English, Special Ed. Univ. of Arkansas, East Texas State U. Michael Proctor - Physical Science, Tennis. Howard College, Texas Tech. Aaron W. O ' Neal - History, Tennis. St. Petersburg Jr. Col. , NTSU, UTPB, Midland College. Imogene Puckett - English. Mary Hardin Baylor, Texas Tech. Bernard Rains - American History. Paris Jr. Col. , NTSU. David LeRoy Reynolds - Physical Science, Drivers Ed. Sam Houston State , Lamar Tech., Tex. A M, Allen Military Academy. Caren D. Rawlings - Home Furnishings, Homemaking I and II, Texas Tech. Dorothy Rice - English II and 12. Texas Tech. Yvonne Ray - Attendance Clerk. Jo Ann Ritchey - Physical Education. Howard College, Angelo State Univ. Sul Ross. Joe Reed - Biology. Sul Ross, Univ. of Houston. Ron Rogers - English, Varsity Football. Univ. of Oklahoma. Faculty Janice Rosson - Counselor. TCU. Pedro G . Ruiz - General Mechanical Repair. Odessa Col, Howard College, ETSU, Univ. of Maryland . Jim Rosson - Distributive Education. Angelo State, Sul Ross. Mike Scarbrough - Intro, to Algebra, Consumer Math. Blinn Jr. Col. , Sul Ross, Southwest Texas State. William H. Rothell - Vocational Counselor, Tex. A M, East Tex. State, Arlington State, Texas Tech. Rex Scofield - World History, Government, Football, Baseball. Sul Ross. Clarice Rountree - English. Nonh Texas State, Howard College, Sul Ross, Angelo Stale. Ed Seay - Vocational Agriculture. Sam Houston Univ. , Sul Ross. Colleen Slaughter - Spanish. Tex. Vv ' omens Univ . , Univ. of Mich. , Universidad de Puerto Rico, Universidad de los Andes. Gwen II, III Plains Texas Stanislaus - Art , IV. South Jr. College , Tech. Jane Smith - English, Texas Tech. Christie Stewart - History, Physical Education. John F. Smith - Principal, NTSU. John Stiles - English, Golf. Texas A M, Angelo State. Floyd Sorley - Intro. Alg. 11. , Howard Payne. Sharon Storey - Homemaking. Sul Ross, Texas St. U. Texas Tech ' . Faculty Ronald O. Siunip Physical Science, Football, Track. Oklahoma Stat e, Southern Illinois University. Mary Thigpen - FOMT, Geometry. Nonh Texas, UTA, Sul Ross. Charlotte Sweatt World History, Government. Tarleton State U. Martha Ellen Tucker - General Business. Sul Ross State U. Roger K. Tucker - Counselor. Sul Ross, Southwestern Okla. State . C. W. Tanner - CVAE, Co-op, Driver Ed . North Texas , U.T. , Texas Tech. Doris Vines - Central Office Receptionist. I ' ruett Vines - Vocational Ag. Sul Ross, Texas A M. Dolores Wickline - Typing I. North Tex. State Univ. Anna Walker - Typing. North Tex. State Univ. Sue Willbanks - Home and Family Living, Child Development. Texas Tech. , Sul Ross, UTPB. Howard College, Hardin Simmons. R. A. Walker - Drafting. Sul Ross. Clarinda Wright World History. Howard College, Angelo State U. Jv - ' . Sharon White - English II . Howard College, ETSU, Texas Tech. Mildred Wright - Attendance Clerk. Panhandle A M. Faculty Alma Wrighisil - Home Economics. Prairie View A M University . Evelyn Zellars - General Business, English. Howard Payne University, Sul Ross University . l lHfi Dr. Emmett McKenzie - Superintendent of the Big Spring Independent School District. The School Board Lynn Hise - Assistant Superintendent. Don Crockett - Business Services. Harold Beniley Personnel. Don Green - Business Manager. Roy Watkins - School Board President. Jim Bill Little - Vice President of the School Board. Delnor Poss - School Board Secretary. Don Reynolds - School Board Member. Al Valdez - School Board Member. Tom Fetters - School Board Member. The Clean-Up Gang What a Bunch! Almost everybody takes a clean school for granted, but it takes a lot of hard work to make it so. These individuals are often underrated, but if they weren ' t around, BSHS wouldn ' t be as nice as it is. A big Thanks to these hardworking people for putting up with A - A. G. Martinez is the head of :he custodians, and he sees to it that everybody is doing a good job. B - Front Row: Paula Martinez, Luis Martinez, Juan Hernandez, Herman Romero. Second Row: Marvin Britton, Joel Rogers, John Rodriquez, Weillie Sotello. Boy, I ' m Hungry! ! Most of the time the cafeteria and snack bar workers are taken for granted . Without them, BSHS students would probably be a lot hungrier than they are at the end of a long school day. A - Front Row: Florence Zubiate, Laura nell King, Roberta Marks, Barbara Wilbum, Kitty Andrews, Gloria Puga, Cheryl Ellison, Maxine Barkley, Reese Jennings, Nell Wright. Second Row: Lenora Leal, Melba Camp, Ora Nelson, Vera Sanchez, Eva Churchwell, Dorothy Meeks, Gladine Cate, Mary Virden, Opal Wooten, Sue Creelman, Ruth Roach, Kathcrine Weidel, Jean Little, Dorothy Whitton. B - Ray Lawlis, the school dietician, works hard to make sure that the meals prepared in the cafeteria and snack bar are nutritional as well as relatively inexpensive. Faculty Students of BSHS are placed in one of four categories. Freshmen are called ' Fish ' due to their helpless swimming around at the first of the year; Sophomores have finally escaped the label of being ' Fish ' ; Juniors have only one more year to go; and the big Seniors finally get a little extra deserved recognition . Classes Freshmen Class Officers Carol Meek , Treasurer Terry Howell , President Diana Dominguez , Secretary Mike Evans, Vice-President Fish Find High School Bewildering ' mi;;;;-. The 531 freshmen showed a great deal of spirit in their first year at Big Spring High School. They won the Spirit Stick at the Competition Between the Classes Pep Rally. The Freshmen also showed their spirit by building a float for the Homecoming Parade . Laura Hanson looks for her classes. Abreo, Elizabeth Adams, Carol Adams, Deborah Aguilar, Gloria Aguilar, Marcus Aguilar, Pete Alcanter, Richard Alcanter, Sylvia Aldridge, Billy Alexander, Eugene Alfred, Darla Allen, Gail Altom, David Amaro, Pete Anderson, Colleen Archer, Doug Arriola, Noemi Balios, Mitzi Barber, Daniel Barragan, Rachel Baniball , Dean Banier, Jimmie Bates, David Ban, Brenda Beard, Terri Beatty, Melinda Bedford, Jimmy Beil, Brenda Bennett, Dorena Birdwell, Kathy Brian Jenkins, Gina Tonn, along with other Freshmen wander down the halls. Blalack , Johnnie Boadle Laurie Bokelman, Russell Bonner Pennie Brenner , Steve Britton Juli Brooks , Mike Brown, Dale Brown, Jim Brown, Julie Fish Roam the Halls Bryans, Kelli Bryant, Steve Bryant, Toby Burchett, Ben Burchett, Richard Burris, Mark Burroughs, Teresa Burrow, Richard Bynum, Cecil Cadenhead, Anne Cain, Tanga Calhoun, Peggy Calkin, Maynard Callison, Blain Y Campbell, Scott Canipe, Darrell Carson, Alan Carter, Cheryl Carter, Connie Casey, Kyle Caton, Carl Caudill, Laura Chaney, Keith Chapman, Steve Chavez, Cathy Cherry, Tricia Christian, Mike Christich, Denise Christich, Dennis Churchwell, Debbie Cisneros, Manuela Cisneros, Paul Cisneroz, Luis Clanton, Carla Clanton, Jerry Fish Win Spirit Stick Clark, Gwen Clayton, Jerry Cline, Joni Cline, Toni Cluck, Ricky Collins, Victor Combs, Billy Condray, Carl Cone , Carol Conley, Rene Conway, Trudy Cooper, Bill Copeland, Ray Cordes, Jim Cowan, Cindy Cox, Terrie Craver, Jeanine Crawford, Loretta Crosby, Danny Crow, Kenneth Custer, Carrie Dabbs, Pam Daughtery, Tammie Davila, Rachel Davis, Aubrey Beniia Wright has fun at pep rallies. Davis, Paul Dean, John Deanda, Joe Decker, Tracy Deel, Teresa Del Bosque , Sylvia Deleon, Eugene Delgado, Cynthia Delos Santos, Esther Denton, Tammie Dolan, Donald Dominguez, Diana Dominguez, Johnny Downing, Bill Draper, Jay Dugan, Danny Dutlow, James Eastman, Joe Edgington, Mark Edwards, Joe Esquivel , Joel Evans, Mike Evans, Robert Fair, Barry Fair, Rochelle Fish Study Intently Fernandez, Hestor Fetters, Steve Fields, Paula Firkins, Tony Fish, Barry Fitts, Debbie Fleming, Lucinda Flores, Teresa Forman, Carolyn Franklin, Deborah Franklin, Wendell Freeze, Jay Fritsch, Niel Furqueron, Neil Galaviz, Lupe Galaviz, Maria Garcia, Abel Garcia, Diana Garcia, Edward Garcia, Emilia Garcia, John Garcia, Larry Garcia , Maria Garten, Kim Garza, Eddie Garza, Michael Gerardo, Monje Gibbs, Mary Gomez, Michael Gilbert, Brenda Gonzales, Beatrice Gonzales, Malinda Gonzales, Marge Gonzales, Martha Goodblanket, LaHoma Lots of concentration is needed to pass English. Goodblanket, Renee Grantham, Lyle Green, Jana Griffin, Craig Griffin, Jim Grizzard, Eddie Gross, James Hale, Trena Halvorson, Shari Hamby, Wendy Cheerleaders Encourage Fish Spirit Hamilton, Margaret Hamilton, Patricia Hamner, Charlsa Hanson, Laura Hardeman, Johnny Harman, James Hanis, Byron Hanis, Ernest Harris, Matthew Hart, Bill Hawkins, Vickie Hayes, Willie Mae Head , Sonna Henry, Greg Hernandez, Freddy Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, John Hernandez, Sylvia Herrera, Sylvia Hilario, Arcenion Hilario, Irma Hilario, Rudy Hill, Keila Hill, Mark Hinojos, Lilia Hinton, Pete Hodge, Carla Holten, Jerry Hoover, Jan Horton, Derek Howard , Joel Howell, Terry Howell , Woodie Hughes, Kenda Hull, Janet Humphries, Sharon Harrington, Randy Hutchings, Wes Ille, Russell Immel , Cathy Ivey, Kent Jackson, Maria James, Oscar Jenkins, Brian Jenkins , Terry Jessom, Daniel Jewell, Gary Jodai, Kevin Johnson, Billy Johnson, Gladas Carol Meek and Kenda Hughes do a good job as they lead the Freshmen. Freshmen wail for schedules Jones, Arva Jones, Cindy Jones, Jinrimie Jones, Joni Jones, Mark Jones, Selena Jones, Sherrie Joseph, Jeff Juarez, Rueban Kahl, Thomas f; s J m.! J ' ' s Kelley, Karen Kennemer, Paula King, William Kinman, Steve Kivi, Mark Kivi, Nancee Knight, Bobby Kooser, Vernon Koihmann, Barbie Lamb, JoAnn Fish Have Orientation Lara, Robert Larson, David Laudermilk, Curtis Lawson, Ramona Lee, Linda he.e , Lorinda Lee, Michelle Leos, Linda Lewis, Brenda Leyva , Charlie Little, Bill Little, Ronnie Loftis, Angela Long, Jarry Long, Jackie Loper, Cheryl Loper, Mary Lozano, Phillip Lucio, Celina Luevano, Ricky Lujan , Thomas Lunsford , Donna Lynn, Betty McCullough, Jackie McCumber, Tom McCurtain, Wesley McDermott, Mike McDonald, Janine McGuire, Scott McKenzie, David Madigan, Mark McLaughlin, Kevin McLeod , Jon McMahon, Craig McMurray, Susan McNew, Debbie Maldonado, Roland Mancha, Ben Kirk, Mancill Mangum, Ressie Manley, David Marquez, Gus Martin, Bradley Manin, Jacqueline Martin, Mark Martinez, Freddy Martinez, Joe Martinez, Lorenzo Martinez, Luis Mata, Carlos Mathews, Mary Catherine Matteson, Kevin Matthews, Katherine Meek, Carol Meeks, Tracy Meisenheimer, Bobby Meynarez, Joe Miller, Julie Miller, Mike Minchew, Billy Freshmen Participate in 50 ' s Day Activities Carol Morehead finds dressing up Ff for 50 ' s Day fun. Missman, Lisa Mitchell, Doris Mitchell, Johnnie Mitchell, Josie Mize, Starla Montgomery, Kirena Moore, Donna Moore, Michael Moore, Rex Morehead, Carol Moorhead, Jamey Morelion, Joann Moreno, Maria Morgan, Roberta Morgan, Virginia Morrow, Larry Moss, Linda Motes, Jeffrey MuUins, Cindy Munoz, Anita Myers, Ricky A»l ' i Myles, Willie Nagel, Lisa Nanny, Arna Nassar, Mike Neighbors, Tina Nelson, Randy Newsom, Jimmy Nichols, Twila Nolting, Kevin Noyola, Frankie Nunez, Natividad Nunez, Richard Olaque, Patsy Olesen, Dan Olivares, Jose Two unidentified freshmen are caught unexpectedly at the Howdy Dance. Orr, Craig Osburn, Malcum Owens, Chris Paddick, Nancy Palomino, Arthur Paredes, Fernando Parker, Ken Parnell, Greg Partee, Tonya Paul, Joyce Living, Loving, and Learning Payne, Tammy Pegan, Paity Pekowski, Karen Pekowski, Pamela Penniman, Karen Perea, Teresa Perez, Elfi Perez, Ray Petty, John Pineda, James Pitiman, Dale Piitman, Robert Pitts, Mike Porter, Nancy Posey, Greg Poss, Mark Preston, Kim Pruitt, Wayne E iga, Debbie Puga, Eddie Purcell, Charles Quan, Khanh Ramirez, Canuto Ramirez, Gina Ray, Penny Reynolds, Debra Reynolds, Leigh Rhoton, Kevin Richards, Danny Riley , Mary Elizabeth Freshmen football team scores another win. rtJ.iLr Srf : . f .iid Rivera, Luis Rivers, Robin Roberts, Cindy Roberts, Randy Rocha, Cryz Rodrigrez, Carolyn Rodrigrez, Dorothy Rodriguez, George Rodriguez , Isabel Rodriguez, Julie Rgdrigrez, Luis Rogers, Jody Rogers, Jody Rogers, Michael Ross, Yolanda Rosson, Barry Rubio, Toby Rubio , Ysa Saiz, Ernest Saiz, Jesse Freshmen Strive for Victory Salazar, David Salazar, Debbie Salmon, Robin Santiago, Gloria Saucedo, Gerardo Saucedo, Ralph Sawyer, Donald Sayers, Alice Schaffner, Shane Schooler, Steve Schrecengost , Robby Schumpert, Phillip Scott, Jeff Shanks, Gary Sherwood, James Shipman, Lynn Shroyer, Debbie Shumate, Debbie Silguero, Horasio Sink, David Slaughter, Jess Smith, Denise Smith, Jennifer Smith, Keith Smith, Larry Freshmen Find High School Exciting Smith, Todd Soles, Roy Solis, Josephine Solis, Rafaela Spears, Connie Spears, Tony Spence, Kimbra Spencer, David Spencer, Robin Spriggs, Jimmy Stanley, John Stephens, Sharon Stevenson, George Stewart, Betty Stockton, Terry Stone, Junior Strain, Steve Strowd, Teresa Sundy, Daniel Sundy, Mark Sundy, Ronald Swearingen, Jackie Sweeden, Stanley Swindell, Phil Talamantez, Arlene Takamatez, Jessie Taylor, Marie Tercero, Orlando Terry, Marty Thames, Lynde As a Freshman, Ressie Mangum finds High School can be a lot of fun. Thibodeaux, Debra Thomas, Jackie Thomas, Michael Thomas, Renee Thomason, Billy Thompson, Debby Thompson, Paula Thrasher, Tiffany Thurman, Netha Thurman, Richard Tidwell, Nikki Tipton, Steve Tonn, Gena Torres, Linda Travland, Joe Trevino, Evoristo Trevino, Stephen Turner, Christi Turner, Delphia Turner, Ellen Turney, Jeffery Tyler, Frank Tyler, Landra Vasquez, Cindy Freshmen Set Good Example for Fish to Come Vasquez, Sandra Velasquez, Daniel Vick, Scoit Villa, Mary Villareal, Robert Von Rosenburg , Robin Walton, John Warren, Lisa Watkins, Keith Watson, Sheila Weatherby, Fred Webb, Tammy Welch, Connie Wheat, Larry Whitaker, Sheila White, Dan Whitley, Kerry Whitten, Maria Whittington, Jan Wiggins, Debbie Willadsen, Richard Willbanks, Rhonda Williams, Chris Williams, Debbie Williams, Debra Williams, Johnny Williams, Kelly Williams, Mark Williams, Nick Williams, Sue Williams, Terina Williamson, Jan Wilson, Jim Wilson, Lori Wilson, Valarie Winterbauer, Carol Winion, Daniel Winton, David Witie, Paula Wood , Tammv Woodard , Emmett Woodard, JoAnn Woods, Jan Woods, Mitzi Wooten, Bobby Wooten, Chiis Wonhan, Tammy Wonhy, Roy Wrigh:, Arleiha Wright, Benita Wrinkle , Robert Wyrick, Craig Yancy, Cherlyn Ybana, Albert Yescas, Maria Young, Mark Young, Suzette Young, Tim Ziman, Brynn Sophomores Class Officers Kent Rice, Vice-President Donny Knight, President Debra Hay worth. Treasurer Toni Hansen, Secretary Sophs Plunge Into New Activities During their second year at B . S . H . S . the Sophomores were involved in many activities. The Sophs showed great spirit and enthusiasm . It was a very good year for the class of 78. Mandy Hitt smiles as the Steers gain yardage. Ab elar, Ray Abreo, Michael Abundez, Paul Adams, Severely Adams, Paula Aguilar, Mike Alcanter, Eligio Alcantar, Luis ALexander, Lee Alevario, Angel Allen, John Allen, Laura Allen, Monica Alvarez, Maria Alvarez, Roy Alward, Cynthia Amaro, Alice Ament, Jennie Anderson, Valerie Anderson, William Sopho Andrews, Bunon Armstrong, John Baeza, Jerry Bagnall, Keith Baily, Janis Baldridge , Denise Balios, Molly Barber, Ronnie Barraza, Theresa Bassham, Linda Bay Williams finds lying on the floor relaxing after a hard day at school. Batt, Debbie Becuichamp, Roy Belcher, Tommy Benson, LaDonna Bettis, Keith Bickford, Michael Biddison, Leisha Bihl, VirgiF.Ja Sirrell, Gordon Bishop, Ronald i f . ' ®. ■ Blalack, Mike Bledsoe, Dewayne Bledsoe, Twayne Bonner, Debbie Born, Kenda Bosarge , Sandy Boubek, Sandra Bradberry, Benny Brashears, Mike Brien, Jennifer Sophomores Enjoy Leisure Moments Bristol, Alan Brodman, Greg Brown, Clara Brown, Robert Brunson, Karen Buckner, Marie Bunn, Nancy Burcham, Tammi Burer, Bob Burroughs, Terri Butler, Anita Butler, Calvin Butts, Janet Byrd, Denise Cadena, Arthur Cadzow, Kim Calvert, Ashley Campbell, David Cannon, Steve Carlile, Beverly Sophomores I Sophs Take Part in School Functions Carnell, Debbie Carrillo, Jesse Carroll, Ken Castro, Annette Cerda, Pete Chanfibers, Tomio Chavez, Gilbert Childs, Margaret Choate, Kyle Christopher, Jaime Cisneros, Isabel Clark, Ann Clark, Donna Clark, Petra Claxton, Tony Coates, Terry Cobb, Wade Coffey, Kenneth Cole, Dianne Coleman, Charlotte E- Colemen, Lesley Collins, Jerry Conard, Linda Cooper, Carol Correa, Rudy Couvillion, Andre Cox, Michelle Cox, Wesley Craver, Jim Crenwelge, Kevin Crockett, Randy Crockett, Shelia Croft, Charlotte Cunie, Tom Dabbs, Jolinda Dabney, Melody Dabney, Melody Daniels, Leland Daniels, Sylvia Davey, Jerri Davidson, Julie Davila, Laura Davis, Pamela Dean, Crystal Delia, Camera Bonita Dennis, John Denton, Kelley Denton, Kim Diaz, Joe Dickens, Charlesta Ditto, Doyle Dockter, Paul Dollison, Terri Doporto, Irma Douglas, Deanna Dugan, Shawn Dunbar, Virgil Dunlap, Ronald Dunnam, Craig Duron , Lorenzo Earl, Avis Sophomores Earls, Karen Eckley, Michael Edwards, Geneva Eyan, Mike Elmadolas, Gary Enmon, Danny Enrizuez, Jesse Ervin, Neal Escoredo, Luisa Escouedo, Irene Esquibel, Shelly Evans, Karl Evans, Thomas Eyre, Debi Fannin, Richard Farmer, Shanna Fenley, Michael Ferrell, Brian Ferrel, Diane Fleming, Ronnie Florez, Elizabeth Floyd, Rodney Foresyih, Jackie Forman, Ronnie Forney, James Fort, Lisa Fraley, Trent Franco, Elizabeth Franco, Rosa Fulcher, Judy Sophs Win Third Place Fulgham, Angie Fuller, Clay Garcia, Felix Garcia , Jose Garcia, Rosemary Garrett, Mark Garrison, Shanna Gary, Janet Garza, Ellie Gates, JoAnn Sophomores Sophs Enjoy Pep Rally Gibbs, Wilben Gillenwater, Cheryl Goeiseh, Karen Gonzales, Albert Gonzales, Jesse Gonzales, Manuel Goodwin, Bob Gossett , Ruth Graham, Charles Granato, Joe Grathwol, Colleen Green, Cassandra Green, Laura Greer, John Grenier, Celeste Gresham, Carl Grisham, Paige Grosse, Andrew Guevara, Diana Guevara, Juan Guzman, Mary Helen Hall, Perry Hamby, Reina Hammon, Gloria Hansen, Toni Harmon, Vicki Harris, Mitch Hart, Jeff Hatfield, Tim Hattenbach, James Hawkins, Jowannah Hayworth, Debra Heffington, Rickey Henry, Shawna Hernandez, Javier Hernandez, Jessie Hernandez, Linda Hernandez, Oscar Hicks, Ben Hilario, Connie Hilario, Ester Hilario, Gilbert Hilario, Tommy Hill, Sue Hinion, Ron The J . V . cheerleaders loudly lead spirit. Soph Hitt, Mandy Hodges, Lonnie Hoffman, Harold Hogan, Paula Hohenz, Andra Holland, Linda Horsley, Mike Huanie , Bernard Huckabee, David Huff, Bobby Hughes, Mark Hughes, Scott Hunnicutt, Tim Hyden, Randy lUe, Ronnie Celeste Grenier sells ribbons for F . H . A . Class of 78 Enjoys Life Jackson, Connie Jara, Maria Jenkins, Vikki Jennings, Renee Jimenez, Lee Jimenez, Debbie Johnson, Geraid Johnson, Junior Johnson, Suzanne Jones, Lloyd Joplin, Gene Juarez, Arthur Kelley, Brenda Kelley, Bruce Kelley, Jeff Kelley, Linda Kelley, Sherri Kennemer, Dana Key, Mark Kimble, Leslie King, Elizabeth Kinman, David Knight, Donny Kolden, Dale Kooser, Cindy Lane , Tony Land, Tammy Lara , Larry Larez, Diana Latta, Marty Sophomores Lee, Libbye Legget:, Mark Leonard , Terri Lewis, Tammy Lopez, Rafael Loudamy, Lisa Luedecke, Ray Majers, Rose Mann, Tony Margolis, David Students Spend Time Studying Martin, James Martin, Walter Martinez, France; Martinez, Paul Martinez , Ricky Mata, Enrqueta Mata, Robert Mata, Rosa Mata, Tony Mathews, Gary Mathews, Sharon Mathis, Steve Matthews, Kenny Mayo, Ray Mayo, Wayne Meeks, Jeff Menick, Richard Merworth, Mary Metcalf, Rhonda Miles, Wanda Miller, Skip Miller, Vickie Mize, Johnny Montgomery, Cindy Moore, Greg Sophomores find time to study before class. Moore, Kathy Morales, Margy Moreno, Louis Morgan, Cecilia Morgan, Melody Monell, Darla i - Monis, Alana Morris, Phyllis Morton, Brett Morton, Sandy Sophomores Moten, Jeanie Moles, Kathy Mullen, Shannon Munoz, Linda Murphy, Dianne Musgrove, Susan McBride, Lynne McCracken, Nancy McCurtain, Leslie McCutcheon, David McDermott, Bernadeite McElyea, Tracy McFarland , Terry Mclntire, Kathy Mcknight, Julious McMillan, Riley McNallen, Thomas Nanny, Dee Narbaiz, Gilbert Neighbors, Craig Newsom , Robin Newton, Peggy Nichols, Beverly Nichols, Ernie Nichols, Penny Nichols, Scotty Nilson, Erick Norvelle, David Osburn, Vanessa Onega, Sammy Andra Hohenz hopes for a touchdown at the game. Sophs Support the Bold Gold Overman, Brent Owens, Betsy Owens, Johnny Owensby, Randy Owensby, Reed Padgett, Mike Padilla, Josephine Parks, Sherrie Parnell, Gerald Farias, David Sophomores Sophomore girls joke around at Tri-Hi-Y. Partee, Tony Patrick, Jaime Patterson, Ricky Patterson, Sandra Payte , Wendy Pearce, Lisa Perez, JoAnn Perry, Kenneth Peny, Lance Phillips, Kelleigh Phillips, Vickie Pierce, Rox Pierson, Debbie Pikala, Randy Pittman, Mark Sophs Enjoy Telling Secrets I A Platte, Clifton Pope, Derrill Poss, Del Price, Pam Priddy, Ritchie Proctor, Sherri Purcell, Tom Purgason, Tina Ragan, Becky Ramirez, Rosalinda Ramos, Ramiro Ray, Paul Rayos, Ronnie Reed, Jim Reed , Johnny Reyna, Samuel Reynolds, Deborah Reynolds, Katie Rhoton, David Rice, Kent Rich, Eva Rice, Doyle Richardson, Craig Richardson, Rhonda Riegel, Phil Riffey, Mary Riley, Karen Rios, Annie Roberts, Barbara Robertson, Scott Sophi Sophs Keep Busy Sophomore girls take lime to pose for photographer . Rodriqiiez, Gertrudez Rodriquez, Tony Rodriquez, Tony Root, David Rosson, Brian Rowden, Brenda Rubio, Julian Rubio, Paul Rudd, Cindy Ruiz, Paul Saldivar, Jaime Salehbiriandi, Sahela Salehbirgandi, Soraya Samuels, Debbie Sanchee, Clem Santos, Paula Sayers, Jack Sayers, Richard Schumperi, Bill Schumpert, Steve Scott, Joyce Scott, Kelly Shafer, David Shivers, Howard Shortes, Chiis Shiyack, Bart Sides, Ricky Simpson, Gina Skalicky, Lisa Skeen, April Slape, Thomas Smith, David Smith, Kenneth Smith, Kim Smith, Mark Smith, Maury Smith, Rhonda Smith, Robert Smith, Teresa Snodgrass, Sheri Sophomores Soles, Wayne Solis, Ismael Spannaus, Mark Sparks. Cheryl Spears, Joey Speegle, Jennie Springer, Brad Spruill, Marsha Steagald, Debbie Stephens, Darlene Stephens, Darrell Stephens, Michael Stephens, Shawn Stoberger, Joseph Stovall, Jeff Strong, Craig Stull, Steve Stump, Don Sullivan, Dawn Sullivan, John Sullivan, Tommy Swearinger, Warren Sweeden, Susan Syed, Wasi Tarleton, Mike Taylor, Mark Taylor, Wesley Tettleton, Doug Thomas, Duane Thomas, Leilani m Sophs Get It Together Brad Springer makes some last minute adjustments on Mariella Wise before the homecoming parade. Thomas, Shelly Thomas, Susan Thompson, Bill Thompson, Casey Thompson, Susan Thorp, Ralph Tibbs, Karen Torres, Ricky Towery, Billy Townsend, Glen Trawick, Timmy Vasquez, Frank Vasquez, Joey Sophomores Vela, Harry Vela, Paul Vernon, Charles Wade, Kirk Wagner, Douglas Walker, Tim Walker, Tony Wallace, Marsha Warren, Wray Watkins, Tammy Webb, Patty Weeks, Gary Wegner, Robby Welch, Vanessa Whitaker, Pauletta White, Allen Wilder, Scotty Wiley, Cindy Wilkerson, Gary Wilkerson, Patty Willey, Donna Williams, Bobby Williams, Chris Williams, Day Wilson, Jeanne Wilson, Jeff Wilson, Patricia Wise, Barbie Wise, Mariella Witkowski, Mary Young, Jack Zellars, Alisa Ziman, Bruce Godfather Skit Boosts Spirit Wolf, John Woodall, Tammy Workman, Dana Wonhy, Jeb Yanez, Ricky Yeager, Gary Yockers, Malinda Young, Allen Young, Beih Young, Denise Sophomore Donny Knight wilh fellow student council members guard ' The Godfather ' in their skit at the pep rally. Sophomores Juniors Class Officers Jimmy Brition, Vice-President Jill Odom , Secretary Phil Barber, Presidem Kyle Pfeiffer, Treasurer i We ' re Almost There — Seniors ' 77 During the year , the extra moments that greeted B.S.H.S. Juniors during the school day, and even after school , became prized moments. They found the minutes between classes a time for friends and friendly glances. The lunch hour gave juniors a little time for conversation and relaxation. After school B.S.H.S. Juniors scattered out from going to band practice , to football games, from dates, to meetings, and from running around to home again . A - Beverly Beil and Kyle Wheeler look into the future with hopes . Abelar, Anna Maria Abreo, Elma Jean Abundez, Cynthia Acuff, Johnny Adams, Debra Adams, Greg Adams, Joel Alcantar, Patricia Alcantar, Sofia Alexander, Timothy Allen, Kelly Allen, Kerry Allen, Troy Amaro, Diana Andrews, Chuck Arbuckle, Carol Aremendarez, Vickie Arencibia, Bill Armendariz , Jesse Armstrong, Jan Juniors ' Moments of Thought A - Terry Montgomery and Robert Armstrong learn safety, accuracy, and speed. Armstrong, Robert • I Arrick, Buddy Avant, Cynthia Arouses Sense of Accomplishment B - Greg Hoffman applies new skills in Art. Bailey, Craig Barber, Phil Barrera, Albert Barron, Sheryl Barton, Mike Bates, Jerry Baty, Debra Beach, Brad Beil, Beverly Bell, Bobby 50 ' s Day Is Amusing Bell, Vickie Benier, Scott Bennett, Charles Berry, Jimmy Bickford, Sharon Birdwell, John Blassingame, Eddy Booth, Sandy Bosarge, Jay Boyd, Emily Britton, Jimmy Brooks, Becky Brooks, Cindy Bryant, Sharon Buchanan, Jack Buckner, David Bumgarner, Richard Burcham, Michael Burchfield, Glee Burgess, Cindy Burnett, Chris Burnett, Earl Burke, Mark Burks, Craig Burks, Debbie Burleson, James Burleson, Mike Burns, Dennis Burroughs, John Bunow , Chris Burrow, Tammy Bustamante, Phil Bynum , Lorrie Byrd, Jim Campbell, Norma Capps, Kay Carey, Jackie Carlile, Cindy Carpentar, Donna Carr, Rhonda A - Tammy Burrow finds blowing a bubble a blast. Can, Tess Carson, Royce Carter, Terry Casey, Marvin Chaney, Chris A - Lois Ivey and Jill Odom seem to have a refreshing lunch period . Chavez, Junior Chenault, Patricia Chrane , Carla Churchwell, Tommy Cisneros, Gilbert Jr. Clark, David Cline, Greg Coffman, Ronald Cohn, Gary Collier, Loreita Collins, Buddy Collins, Dallas Combs, James Cook, Leisa Cordes, Calvin Leisure Time Is Spent at Lunch Correa , Joe Correa, Sammy Correale, Mike Courington, Jeff Couvillion, Michelle Cowan, Karhy Cox , Lita Cox, Melinda Creelman, Robert Crenwelge, Denise Cruz, Abel Jr. Cudd, Bill Cummings, Gene Davidson, Donna Davila , Artie Davis, Johnny Dean, Sophia Dean, Todd Deleon, Danny Deleon, Virginia Dennis, Ronald Dewey, Linda Dickens, Chuck Dominguez, Billy Doporto, Jose Juniors Achieve Self-Expression Doss, Jessie Duirow, Jeff Earl, Mary Egan, Tracy Ellison, Cheryl Emerson, Scotl Evans, Sieve Fierro, Cynihia Fisher, Aihony Fitzgibbons, Robert Fonson, Teny Fowler, Kennie Fryar, Tammy Gagne, Learnard Galloway, Gary Garcia, Albert Garcia, Gilbert Garcia, Robert Garcia, Viloiso Garner, Alan Ghrist, Allen Ghrist, Debbie Gonzales, Cindy Goodblanket, Yolanda Grathwol, Sean Gray, Dale Green, Elroy Greene, Linda Greer, Jene Gutierrez, Joe Steer action causes John Yater to do a doubletake. Half man, Greg Hallman, Robin Halvorson, Barry Hamilton, Maricela Hamm, Karen Hanson, Debbie Harris, Mike Hart, Phyllis Hayes, Billy Haynes, Keri Henson, Johnny Henson, Nancy Hernandez, Gerald Hernandez, Rudy Herron, Marty Hester, Kathy Hilario, Carlos Hilario, Magdalena Hodges, Johnny Hedges, Sieve Hodneti, Craig Holcombe, Jay Holden, Renee Holguin, Henry Holland, Loy Holley, Jan Holten, Lucy Honeycuti, Randy Hooper, Wayde Horton, Jeff Howell, Gary Hubbard , Helen (Hughes, Joanna) Hughes, Steve Hull, Gary Humphrey, Gay A - Glenn Prescott thinks of the past and strives toward the future . B - Tony Vierra looks over a pep rally. Past, Present, Future Ille, Richard — j B| Ivey, Lois Jenkins, Richard Jessup, Sandra Jodoi, Robin Johnson, Gregory Johnson, Mike Johnson, Vickie Jones, Jack Jones, Johnny Jones, Randle Joplin, Teresa Jordan, Pam Kelly, Lisa Key, Caihie Key, Cecil Kimble, Cornell Klaus, Ronnie Morning, Afternoon, Night Kushaney, Jeff Ladin, Alonzo Lawlis, Scott Lee, Cindy Leonard, Jerry Lewis, Tammy Limon, Jon Lloyd, Kathy Ix)ng, Andila Lopez, Janie Ix)per, Jeral Ixjpez, Mary Loveless, Robert Lozano, Roland Luenburg, Cynthia McCalister, Helen McCasland, Karen McChristian, Jimmy McCracken, Bobby McCrary, Kelley McCumber, Ed McDaniel, Kevin McDonald, Robert McGee, Margaret McGuire, Diann McGuire, Jesse McGuire, Keith Magdefrau, Kathy Manley, Pamela Marin, Freddy Marquez, Roy Manin, John Martin, Tin Maninez, Helen Martinez, Janie Martinez, Luis Martinez, Patsy Maninez, Tony Mason, Greg Mathews, Anne A - Emily Boyd waits patiently for the Golddigger bus to arrive . B - Layne Stallings arrives. C - Debbie Burks and these spirited girls load up for the San Angelo game. Matteson, Randy Mays, Doug Meek, Tamra Mendoza, Olga Menges, Kenneth ' 9 %m ' ' -J-jt : : .•. Spirit in a Smile Merrick, Steve Meyers, Tom Miller, Jeana Mitchell, Rusty Moncada, Sylvia Monianez, Ismael Montgomery, Terry Moore, Susan Moore, Vicki Moorhead , Julie Morales, Amelia Morales, Juanita Moreland, Jackie Moreland, Milton Morrow, Bobby Mossholder, Leann Murphree, Melody Murphy , Jeff Nix, Robin Nolting, Danny Netting, Danny Nugent, Jimmy Nunez, Armando Nunez, Velma Nunley, A.M. Odom, Jill Olague, Anhar Olivas, Sylvia Padilla, Adela A - Paul Spence shows spirit at pep rally. Palmer, Clarence Paredez, Bertina Parker, Tim Parmenter, Pam Partee, Alan Parsons, Roben Patrick, Kathy Patton, Katrice Payne, Roy Pearson, Steve Pegan, Deborah Pekowski, Raymond Penniman, Linda Pfeiffer, Kyle Phillips, Debbie Phillips, Randy Phillips, Rusty Pineda, Diana Piper, JoAnna Plew, Tammy Poner, Jana Posey, Roben Prescott, Glenn Price , Shirley Priest, Danny Pringle, Chuck Pruiu, Mike Puga, Mike Puga, Pat Rames, Hilda A - Frank Panas and Tommy Churchwell receive help from Mrs. Smith. Ramirez, Daniel Ramsey, Dwyane Rangel , Lupe Ray, Mollie Learning Is Fun for Juniors Renshaw, Steph anie ReynoISs, Frosty Reynolds, Mike Richhart, James Riherd, Joe Ringener, James Rivera, Delia Robenson, Brenda Robertson , George Rocha , Maria Rodricks, Wayne Rodriguez, Janie Rodriguez, Parricia Rodriguez, Robert Rubio, Pat Ruiz, Yolanda Saiz, Mary Salazar, Connie Saldivar, Maryion Samuels, Pam Schofield, Gary Self, Carrie Sellers, Lynn Shaeffer, Larry Shankle, Fritz Shanks, Janet Sheppard, Bert Sherman, Harold Silen, Daniel Simpkins, Mitzi A - Paul Spence seems to find something quite interesting. B - Suzanne Smith is surprised by something very interesting. Smith, Danny Smith, James Smith, Paula Smith, Suzanne Sneed, Kevin Spencer, Candy Spriggs, Sandy Spruin, Danny Stallings, Layne Stark, Bill Juniors Find Things Interesting Staiser, Linda Stephens, Pam Stepp, Danell Stockton, Bill Siull, David Sullivan, Scott Swindell, Elizabeth Terry, Cindy Tettleion, Marcy Thonnas, Karen Thomas, Tammy Tones, Ralph Touchstone, Ricky Trawick, Ricky Trim, David Turner, Jay Tyle r, Danny lesTlleana A - Elroy Green finds happiness in being a junior . B - Juanita Morales finds happiness in having a conversation on the telephone . Valencia, Alex Valles, Nora Vaughn, Kathy Valesquez, Edna Vieira, Tony Vu, Phu Wade, Kim Wagner, Desiree Walker, Jill Watkins, Kenneth Weaver, Cheryl Wegner, Tommy Happiness Is Being a Junior Wheeler, Kyle Whitaker, Sam While, Billy Wilder, Casey Wiley, John Wilkerson, Brenda Williams, John Williams, Suzanna Williams, Tommy Wilson, Mike Winton, Sam Wolf, Kim Wolfe, Steven Wood, Mike Wright , Mary Jane Wrinkle, John Yancey, Darrell Yanez, Adelinda Yanez, Roland Yanez, Velma Ybarra, Joe Yockers, Billy Seniors Class Officers Pete Ruiz, President Terri Roman, Treasurer Mike Warren, Secretary Brad Carr, Vice-President Tradition Remains a Part of BSHS Being a Senior is simply the best , especially during the year ' TS- ' Ve. Combine a new quarter system , Early Admissions, and the realization that this is the last year, and what else could the class of ' 76 be but the best . Some decide to party all year and live it up, while others make a last ditch effort at their studies. There are many different kinds of people with different personalities that set the Seniors of ' 76 apart. Mike Warren and Richard Affleck help keep the tradition of the Key Club bell alive. Adams, Don Adams, Ricky Addy, Don Affleck, Richard Aken, James Alcantar, Anna Alderton, Angie Allen, Sandy Allensworth, John Anderson, Karen Anderson, Kyle Andrews, Susan Arguello, Ricky Atkins, Marsha Bair, James Some Classes Prove Interesting Baird, Nancy Baker, Debbie Baldridge, James Ballard, Linda Barbee, Greg Barker, Delynda Barksdale, Tim Barnett, Twila Bati, Donna Battle, Dick Beaird, Linda Berry, Billy Berry, Deborah Berry, Juanita Bickford, Laura Billalba, Tommy Birmelin, Kenneth Blalack, Becky Blassingame , Jo Lynn Bledsoe, Jeanne Booth, Jeri Boubek, Kris Box, Ray Don Bradley, Karen Brashears, Cathy Brock, Kim Brooks, Donna Broughton, Bruce Brown, Deborah Brumley, Johnny Brian Jones finds Governmeni to be one of his most interesting classes that he has this year. Hard as it may seem, once it ' s all over, most seniors are glad that they ' ve taken it. Brunson, Curtis Buckner, Robert Bull, Linda Burchell, Denise Burley, Erwin Burt, Scott Butler, Cindy Cain, Tim Campbell, Bruce Campbell, Charlie Cantrell, Debbie Carlile, Bruce Carr, Brad Carroll, Pat Casey, Kim Chavez, Elias Cherry , Mary John Coffee, Kim Coffee, Lynette Coffey, Mike 50 ' s Day was great because many people such as David Fowler, Brad Carr, and Robert Huibregtse dressed up to fit the mood. Slicked- back hair and rolled up blue jeans made 50 ' s day one of the most popular schoolwide events. Cole, Gary Condray, Ken Cook, Linda Cox, Theresa Craig, Suzzan Crawley, Kim Criswell, Lynne Crittenden, Ann Croft, Steve Crow, Dewayne Currie, Jerry Danford, Heddy D ' Angelo, Karen Daniel, Pat Daniell, Theresa The Past Is Relived on 50 ' s Day Davis, Charles Davis, Chris Davis, Jamie Davis, Linda Davis, Bill Deals, Annabeth DeKeyser, John Del Bosque, Oliver DeLeon, Lupe DeLeon, Manuel Docktor, David Dominguez, Vicky Doss, Lynn Douglas, Jimmy Dunagan, Dianne Edwards, Debbie Elrod, Jon Emerson, Brenda Ervin, Dan Esquibel, Jesse Evans, Mark Fellows, Denita Ferrell, Debra Forgus, Rickie Fowler, Cindy Fowler, David Froman, Gene Gamble, Ricky Garcia, Anita Garcia, Rose Sports Allow for Self-Expression Garza, Olga Gilbert, Drewcilla Gilliland, Terri Gipson, Evelyn Glanister, Bernie Gomez, Alfredo Gomez, Ben Gomez, Daniel Gonzalez, Carlos Gonzalez, Dede Gonzalez, Maggie Gonzalez, Susie Goodblankei, Scott Graham, Clifford Grant, Jodi Grantham, Ladon Graves, Viigie Green, Dane Green, Donny Guinn, Michael Guinn, David Hammack, Mikkey Hammon, Sammy Harbin, Curtis Harper, Cheryl Harris, Donna Hart, Tamera Hassler, Malinda Hassler, Marlin Haught, Kathy Hester, Brenda Hilario, Barbara Hilario, Oscar Hilario, Rebecca Hill. Shauna Hise, Gary Hodge, Michael Hodnett, Angela Horsley, Jimmy Horton, Waleo Sports tend to be a very important factor in the lives of the Seniors ' 76. Whether it ' s football, intramural volleyball, or basketball , sports allow room for growth and self-expression. Varsity volleyball player Lana Williams works very hard at being good at her sport . Huckabee, Sheny Hughes, Marcia Huibregtse, Robert Hull, Noel Hull, Randy Huse, Cynthia Hyden, Linda Ingram, Craig Ivery, Janet Jabor, Toni ' Jackson, Kenne th flrjl £ James, Terry Jennings, Joe Jones, Brian Jones, Jesse J r The Seniors went all out once they began working on their entry for the Homecoming Parade ' 75. It took many late hours and a few disagreements to get their final contribution to Big Spring High School ready for the public eye. Most seniors agree that it is the best float that they have put together. Jones, Judy Jones, Micheal Justice, D. J. Karwedsky, Karen Keele, Jana Kelley, Terry Kennedy, Mike Kennedy, Richard Key, Randy Kinman, Jerry Kuykendall, Steve Lamb, Donna Law, Jim Lebkowsky, Mike Lee, Ray Lee, Sheny Leggeti, Dennis Lister, Kay Little, Paige Long, Keith Lopez, Armando Lyons, Cindy McChristian, Sandy McCormick, Judy McCracken, Eddie Seniors Make Great Moments Happen McKee, Carolyn McKinney, Charles McMurtrey, Kenneth McWhirter, Terri McWhorter, Jill Madry, Vonda Maldonado, Teresa Mancill, Vanessa Mangum, Chris Marquez, Larry Martin, Ronald Mashburn, Lee Ann Massey, John Mathews, Ulysses Mathis, James Medley, Craig Mendez, Patsy Mercer, Ron Merrick, Geralyn Middleion, Candy Millaway, Joe Mills, Bobby Mills, Patty Mitchell, Brenda Mitchell, Theresa Mitchem , D ebra Molina, Emilio Moore , Mark Morales, Lupe Moreland, Debra Moring, Cathy Morrow, Ricky MuUins, Ronnie Munoz, Susie Nabors, Paul Most of the classes taken by seniors are electives. Because the courses are self-chosen, a lot more is learned and the learning process is often a deciding factor. Scott Burt has decided to broaden his horizons by taking Advanced Science. Experience is the best teacher, and Kathy Haught knows that. Vocational courses are a great means of learning through experience. Students Learn Many New Processes Nanny, Linda Neighbors, Debra Newsom, Kent Newsom, Tammy Newton, Jeff Nichols, Morgan Nix, Hoylene Nobles, Delia Owen, Henry Pacheco, Irene Padilla, Leticia Palomino, Ismael Parras, Frank Parrott, Craig Parsons, Cathey Patrick, Paula Patterson, Steve Payne, David Pearson, Greg Pedigo, Jim Pekowski, Ed Perez, Felix Perez, Magdalena Peitiu, Tammy Petty, Jamie Pittman, Randy Platte, Roy Porras, Louis Porter, Hugh Prater, Terri Prather, Paul Pruett, Melinda Puga, Joe Puga, Raul Rainey, Kent Auto Mechanics tends to be a challenge to Rickey Morrow . Seniors find that there is always room to learn more about almost anything. Rangel, Rachel Ray, Jim Reavis, Donna Reed, Miki Renteria, Johnny Renteria, Henry Reyna, Nick Rhoton, Rhonda Rich, Mike Richardson, Valerie Riley, Roanne Rios, Cruz Robb, Scott Rodriguez, Diana Rodriguez, Edward Rodriguez, Evelyn Rodriguez, Louis Rogers, Robbi Roman, Terri Root, Mark New Things Are Learned Every Day Rubio, Patsy Rudd, Cathy Ruiz, Pete Russell, Diane Sanders, John Santiago, Jo Ann Shaffer, Phyllis Shanks, Jimm y Sharpnack, Ronnie Shortes, John Shults, Ronald Sieler, Liz Sledge, Sieve Small, Karla Smith, Cynihia Smith, Darlene Smith, Sandra Smith, Sharon Sneed, Karen Snell, Frank Spears, Karen Spence, David Spraberry, Sherre Standard, Cynthia Stark, Mark Stephens, Robert Stevens, Dale Sundy, Rita Sundy, Teresa Sursky, Brian Super Senior Golddiggers really add to the spirit because of their enthusiasm and continual support of the Steers. Cindy Fowler, Kris Boubek, Jeri Booth, and Kim Casey help make the Torchlite parade a success. Seniors Show Spirit at Pep Rallies Sri: Varsity fooiball players Joe Millaway, Ricky Watkins, and Kenneth McMurtry indicate their will to win by showing some of that super Steer Spirit . Most of the senior football players gave all they had, every time that a game was played. Swindell, Patty Tally, Lisa Tanner, Mary Taylor, Scott Terry, Mark Thames, Lonnie Thome, Janet Thompson, James Tidwell, Toni Tipton, Jimmy Torres, Ruben Tow, Kim Tyler, Tish Tynes, Beverly Underwood , Kim Valenzuela, Mike Vaughn, Cheryl Vaughn, Mackie Vela, Eddie Vernon, Debbie We Question Our Lives of Today . Greg Spears, Mike Coffey, and Emzie Woodaid take a few minutes to pose for a picture . Walker, Ben Walker, Twila Wallace, Lisa Warren, Janet Warren, Liz Warren, Mike Waters, Bobby Watkins, Ricky Way, Danise Wegner, Ronnie Welch, Teny White, David White, Leslie Wiley, Lee Willbanks, Kay Wilkerson, James Williams, Caihy Williams, Evelyn Williams, James Williams, Jerry Williams, Lana Wilson, Dave Wilson, Elmer Wolfe, David Wonhan, Sonya Wrinkle, Kim Young, Mark Zapp, James Zapp, Richmond . for What Will We Be Tomorrow? Sometimes it is hard to know where we are going and in what direction. More often than not we take the path that we have traveled so often before . As Seniors , we now have the responsibilities that will mold us into the individuals that we long to be . We must give our best today , for who knows , what will we be tomorrow? Community businesses are an important part in the life of students . Food , clothing , and school supplies are only a few of the items purchased by high school students. Perhaps because the students are important patrons of the businesses , Big Spring businessmen suppon many of our school activities . Ads GIBSON PHARMACY 2309 Scurry PHONE 267-8264 Open Monday thru Saturday 9a.m. to 10 p.m. Whi taker ' s Sporting Goods ADIDAS PUMA TROPHIES CONVERSE ALL STARS FAMOUS NAMES AT THE RITE PRICE ALVIN STEVEN " WANDA 1000 E. 4th St. Phone 915 263-2551 Spring, Texas 79720 Paige Little Models HOOT OWL for The Cottage Phone 263-0751 221 Main a ontQ5a Beauty Salon 1508-A MARCY PHONE 267-2187 Big Spring , Texas 79720 COSMETICS BY KOSCOT Is there life adfter h h sduxd? " Congratulations, " they said. " This isn ' t the end... it ' s just the beginning. " They ' ve said it a thou- sand times at a thousand graduations. While many young people just like you sat there thinking, " Where do I go from here? " Where do you go for challenge? And oppor- tunity? Go Navy. If you qualify, you ' ll get some of the best train- ing available in highly skilled job fields. From aviation mechanics to linguistics. And you ' ll live a little, too. Travel. Work hard. Even swab some decks. Get all the facts. Call us toll-free, anytime at 800-841-8000. Or talk to your local Navy recruiter. A good job. And a good life. The Navy: It ' s a good deal. Petty Officer First Class John R. Hall Navy Recruiting Station 1 1 1 E. Third Street Big Spring, Texas 79720 263-3851 Be someone special. Join the Navy. CONGRATULATIONS 223 Main St. Big Spring, Texas GRAHAM ' S OFFICE MACHINES 417 E. 3rd Street AM 3-6901 •:■ ii.i ' .M-?-r ' l; " ' i- iM il b j ; ' SHOES, SPORTSWEAR, DRESSES, ACCESSORIES FOR THE YOUNG-MINDED 2000 S. Gregg SHOP 10-6 . . . CALL 263-3681 WHEAT FURNITURE APPLIANCES Famous National Brand Home Furnishings 115 E. Second St. Phone 267-5722 Big Spring, Texas 79720 WALKER TRACTOR CO. FARM MACHINERY SUPPLIES Shirley Walker, Owner Phone 3-2707 Lamesa Highway, Knott Rt. Big Spring, Texas BIG SPRING I 12 West Second Street 263-7644 THE STATE NATIONAL BANK 124 Main Big Spring, Texas Phone 267-2531 i Texas Coca-Cola Bottling Company 9 MAIN SHORTY TEXACO 1608 Marcy 263 6507 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS VILLAGE SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family — Prescription Shoes — Ballet 1901 Gregg DONandSUEElFERT Owners Phone 263-4709 HELEN HEMBREE, Manager HOBBY CENTER FRAME GALLERY Art Supplies — Free Craft Classes — Prints Mats — Dry Mountings — Sculpture Materials Picture Mouldings — Needle Kits — Antiquing Materials — McCulloch Chain Saws 1005 Nth Place Ph. 263 6241 VAUGHN and HELEN MARTIN, Owners Relax and make more strikes. Let the BRUNSWICK AUTOMATIC SCOR- ERS do your thinking for you at the BOWLARAMA. BOWL-A-RAMA BOWLING LANES East Hwy. 1-20 Ph. 267-7484 _JM h, YOUTH BEAUTY SHOP Complete Beauty Service F MRS. JAMES EASON Owner 1 705 Scurry Street 263 7431 Savings Spring Association RIVER-WELCH FUNERAL HOME 610 Scurry Phone 267-551 Big Spring, Texas 90 iBIIlii taersse Where You Save Does Make a Cash Difference 7th and Main 267-7443 NOVA DEAN RHOADS REALTY ' NOVA DEAN SOLD MiNE " 800 Lancaster 263 2450 a eij- J ichle unK ' al yionie and A(j.sen(j(ja v nape rhOne 906 GREGG ST. 263-6331 BIG SPRING. TEXAS yurjrx First Federal Savings and Loan Association 500 Main St. 267-8252 Big Spring, Texas " We Care About Your Tomonow . . . Today ' AL ' C m B-0 CuSto BftA -B-OiKg anal CM vU q 411 West 4th Call 263 6465 V k- :» . V- y V- ctfi H f ' i ix i ken. ' 94 %t . % .H ■ • f (0 . (j tW icKAnMet r ll» inot aicli OPEN DAILY 10 to 6 BED AND BATH DECORATING SERVICE 1105 11th Place - Phone 263-6111 Big Spring, Texas 79720 BEV MADRY - CHICK MADRY JUNIOR FASHIONS modeled by Denita Fellows Margaret ' s No . 9 Highland Center Monday-Saturday 9:30 a.m. -6:00 p.m. Big Spring Chamber of Commerce Building a Better Community Through Voluntary Action Phone 915 263-7641 215 West 3rd St. COMPLETE BUILDING SUPPLY CENTER PANELING HEADQUARTERS Create A New Indoors ll (jualil room panrllriR priced to fit p ' r budget. Fine paneling will rnbaiH-e aD rm»m ( hw k oar stork and chf k Mllh our hetp- ful personel for free hand) JeeoraUo hUiis Kit us loda Higginbotham-Bartlett Co. 3H Fasl Jnd 263 7441 Bill Coleman Manager Sid Richardson CARBON CO. Texas CARBON BLACKS ® BIG SPRING, TEXAS EDUCATION IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS ■ m-MAIT C - @ CREATIVE VISUALS Chalkboards A SUBSIDIARY ORSIBONEY CORPORATION JBII I 1210 Gregg VALTAI REEVES SCHOOL OF HAIR DRESSING COSMETOLOGY Open 8:30 — 5:00 Tues. — Sat. 263 3937 217 Main CA UDILL ' S DRESS SHOP 5 Highland Center Phone 263-4584 PEST rOXTROI. SrRVICK TEXAS PCL 675G HETAIL SALES FERTILIZERS INSECTIflDES HERBICIDES lissss MACK B. MOORE MAX F. MOORE Frank Brandon 302 East 9th St. 2634198 Barber Glass and Mirror Furniture Tops and Aluminum Screens and Doors Windshields and Au+o Glass 214 East 3rd Street Big Spring, Texas 79720 Phone 263 1385 [el ]) Headquarters For All Your Sport Needs DIBRELL ' S SPORTING GOODS Play More — Live Longer I 308 Gregg 267 7891 FOR EXPERT SERVICE RADIATOR ( . A A MUFFLER AIR CONDITIONER " " - BALANCE WHEEL ALIGNMENT j lO ENGINE TUNE-UP BRAKES " W d SHOCK ABSORBERS MAKE YOUR NEXT STOP AT . . . PERCO 901 E. 3rd " ■ ' ' ' ' Card and Party Shop Hallmark Products Highland Shopping Center 263-4511 lllllllliyilJI Heatoii|»M« » I K J M ■ Big Spring, Texas 79720 ■ One Day Processing of Kodacolor Film 5 Days a Week Monday thru Friday - 9 a.m. -5:30 p.m. Saturday - 9 a.m.-l p.m. Chaparral Mobile Homes Interstate 20 East Gail Route Box 2 Phone (915) 263-S85I Big Spring, Texas 79720 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK MEMBER F.D.I.C. BIG SPRING, TEXAS We can ' t take credit for it. That ' s just the way it happens to be. Natural gas is clean burning. Doesn ' t dirty the air. It helps preserve the clean, blue skies of today for tomorrou;. What we can take credit for is working to provide a continuous supply of clean gas energy ... to warm people, to cool people, to cook their meals, to heat their water, to dry their clothes . . . gas to help industry do its work. Clean, efficient, versatile Nat- ural Gas . . . the blue sky energy for today and tomorrow. PIONEER NATURAL GAS COMPANY (A Division of I ' lON KI-:h t-ORPOHAi ion i r 1490 on Your Did WINSTON WRINKLE - President TOMPKINS OIL COMPANY AtlanticRichfield Jobbers CHARLES TOMPKINS TOMMY TOMPKINS Phone: 263-2003 607 E. 2nd Street Big Spring, Texas 79720 BIG SPRING Main at Sixth Ladies Ready to Wear RCA Whirlpool TEXAS DISCOUNT FVRNITVRE APPLIANCES BIG SPRING. TEXAS 797aO 1709-1717 GREGG PHONE 263-3542 Hi MCMILLAN PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLY PHONE 915 267. 7471 1712 SOUTH GREGG BIG SPRING. TEXAS 79720 A GANDYV Our Best Good Wishes to the BSHS Seniors GANDY ' S DAIRY GENERAL WELDING SUPPLY 605 E. 2nd BIG SPRING, TEXAS aiT 7 ILLIJA m Office Phone 267-2464 BETTLE-WOMACK PIPE LINE CONSTRUCTION, INC. O. S. WOMACK 267-5126 CLAYTON BETTLE 267-7688 Road Boring Big Spring, Texas Ditching Service SOUTHWEST TOOL CO. Complete Welding and Machine Shop Oil Field and Industrial Shop Field Welding Complete Stock of Structural Steel and Pipe 901 East 2nd St. 267-7612 Big Spring, Texas , 4|||[ l3 ||| I 1 3 E. Third Street Phone 267-5528 Big Spring, Texas fmActu ati Building Materials — Masonry Tools Concrete Supplies Box 767, 605 N. Benton Phone 267-6348 Big Spring, Texas 79720 We fix Sunday dinner seven days a week COLONEL SANDERS ' RECIPE K ntu kii fried C lehn. 2200 Gregg Phone 263-1031 Gold ' n ' Crisp FRIED CHICKEN W ' Cosden Oil Chemical Company WHOLIY OWNED SU.S.O,ARV OP AMERICAN PETROF.NA. .HCO.PO.ATED Box 1311 Big Spring, Texas NICK ' S TOQS Highland Center BILL WILSON OIL CO. ' PHILLIPS ' " Serving Our Area With Pride " P.O. Box 508 ' 1501 E. 3rd Big Spring, Texas Dial 267-525 I MEN ' S BOY ' S WEAR 102-104 E. 3rd Dial 263-7701 BIG SPRING, TEXAS HESTER ' S SUPPLY CO. 263 2091 Big Spring, Texas 209 Runnels Party and Gift Goods Office Supplies and Equipnnent juu , ± jLo(ajez± 1013 Gregg 267 257! Small wood ' s Western Wear Where You Buy The Best For Leas Nocona, Cowtown Other Boots Bailey Hats Tem Tex Bus. Phone 263-8882! Phone 263-2054 112 E. Third St. Big Spring, Texas 79720 Millaway ' s Quick Lunch Delicious Home Cooking Breakfast Served Anytime Orders To Go Hamburgers Sandwiches Short Orders Stew Chili 116 E. 3rd Phone 267-9227 BIG SPRING HARDWARE CO. Big Spring, Texas 79720 Hardware and Appliances 115-119 Main Phone: Area 915 AM 7-5265 Furniture I 10 Main Phone: Area 915 AM 7-263! Sporting Goods Guns and Annmunition Plumbing and Heating Supplies Home Appliances Housewares Hardware Gifts 4J: ' t ■Knia PT cnu R70 j[jMm . mr r jHOWl NKHTLY RECORD SHOP HEiOHDS. s KKf.O TtrhS iM) STh.RF.O 7. () .« 211 Mam 267-7501 NEEL ' S TRANSFER STORAGE INC LOCAL Ct LONG DISTANCE norT moving van ' unes world wide movers • crating - packing • bonded warehouse • call for free estimate helpful information 2) a 267-8221 If No Answer Call 398-5497 T. WILLARD NEEL - Owner 101 RUNNELS 305 W. 16th Phone 263-175) O. L (LAMAR) GREEN, Owner Congratulations CARVER DRIVE-IN PHARMACY 310 E. 9th STEER SUPPORTERS Estah ' s Flowers and Gifts 1701 Scurry Phone 267-8239 White Stores Inc. Home of Greater Values 1607 Gregg Street The Sherwin Williams Co. Complete Decorating Service 1608 Gregg Phone 3-7377 Radio hack- MUTEX SOUND ELECTRONICS 1009 Gregg Ph. 263-8300 The Place to Shop for: CB Radios Tape Decks Tapes Stereo Components Record Albums Expert Service Musical Fun Center of Big Spring SAVE on your WAGES by trading wi+h GAGES TOMMY GAGE OIL COMPANY Your Friendy Distributor for Fina Products B!g Spring, Texas TRAVCO ' muim Oodge 1607 East Third, Big Spring, Texas 7972 QuasBi: Works in a Drawer. Color TV For the FINEST in Color Television. SALES and SERVICE Arcand Electronics, Inc. 403 Lancaster Phone 267-5100 LA POSADA RESTAURANT 206 North West 4th 267 9112 Big Spring, Texas NEWELL OIL SHRmROCK Four Locations For Your Convenience 2600 S. Gregg I I I I W. 4th FM 700 and Birdwell 2100 S. Gregg 222 Main 267-6335 i , t More Options " ' C yf ORDER NOW-wear your nng in jusi 3 weeks LEONARD ' S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 308 Scurry PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY 1000 Main We Process Medicare Forms Sam Barron Home Phone: 915 267-8856 Medicare Recipients " Our Specialty " FA MIL Y MEDIC A L RENT A L INC. 24 Hour Service Jack Boyd, Sales 915 263-6652 Business: 915 263-6652 No. 5 College Park Center Big Spring , Texas 79720 GREYHOUND LINES 4S Jim Owens Best Wishes, Seniors From STANLEY HARDWARE COMPANY " Your Friendly Hardware Store " 203 Runnels 267-6221 Taylor Implement Company nothing runs like a Deere 363-7812 Big Sprmg Bicycles Riding Mowers Lawnmowers Chain Saws WE ALSO SELL AND SERVICE TRACTORS JOHN DEERE 2fe7 2506 9tq f vl«q, TivM COOK APPLIANCE COMPANY Frigidaire and Magnavox Our Sincere Good Wishes to the BSHS Seniors 400 East 3rd 267 2732 i ji SECURITY STATE BANK Comple+e Banking Service 141 I Gregg 267 5555 BIG SPRING ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AGENTS PARKS AGENCY, INC. 805 East Third E. P. DRIVER INSURANCE AGENCY 2 I 3 Runnels HOWARD COUNTY INSURANCE AGENCY 204 Runnels JOE POND INSURANCE AGENCY 2 I 5 Runnels REEDER ASSOCIATES 506 East Fourth SLAUGHTER INSURANCE AGENCY I 305 Gregg STRIPLING-MANCILL INSURANCE AGENCY 600 Main BILL REED INSURANCE AGENCY ' 211 Johnson PATTERSON INSURANCE AGENCY 1 6O6I 2 Gregg H. B. REAGAN INSURANCE AGENCY 207 West Fourth WILSON INSURANCE AGENCY l7IOMain Faculty Index Adams, Tom - 164 Adkins. Ula - 164 Alexander, Bobbie - 164 Alexander, Fern - 164 Allen, Nila - 164 Ameni, Thomas - 164 Annen, John - 164 Annen, Nancy - 164 Bagnall, John - 165 Beasley, John - 165 Blagrave, Velma - 165 Blick, Judiih - 165 Holding, Catherine - 165 Bowers, Jack - 165 Bradley, Bill - 165 Brandon, Frances - 165 Breckenridge , Mary - 166 Buckner, Corinne - 166 Buckner, E. Y. - 166 Budke, David - 166 Burnsed , Joy - 166 Burris, Bob - 166 Carlilse, Coleta - 166 Carraway, Mike - 166 Carter, Rodney - 167 Cook, Janice - 167 Cox, Royce - 167 Cunningham, Wilbur - 167 Currie, Barbara - 167 Currie, Gene - 167 Dawes, Joe - 167 Deason, Nancy - 167 Dewberry, Morris Dibrell, Juanita - 168 Doyle, Elaine - 168 Ellis, Joyce - 168 Finley, Susan - 168 Fischer, Craig - 168 Fowler, Betty - 168 Fulgham, Nancy - 168 Glover, Bob - 168 Green, Betty - 169 Gresham, Gene - 169 Griffin, James - 169 Grisham, Billye - 169 Hagood, Oakey - 169 Hagood, Rebecca - 169 Hart, Jean - 170 Hakes, Willard - 169 Hamilton, Charloita - 169 Hamilton. John - 170 Harrington, Gene - 170 Head, Norma - 170 Hood, Paul - 170 Hoover, Freda - 170 Horion, Joe - 170 Horton, Larry - 170 Howard, Nan - 171 Humphrey, Willene - 171 Huiie, Marjorie - 171 Irwin, Charlotte - 171 Irwin. Phil - 171 Johansen. Elizabeth - 171 Jones. Ronnie - 171 Langston. Dana - 171 Law. Billie - 172 Lawrence. Pat - 172 Lepard, Dickie - 172 Loveless, Edward - 172 Lowery, Lee - 172 Lueneburg, Nadara - 172 Madison, O. A. - 172 Martin, Virginia - 172 Martin, William - 173 Mathis, Nellie - 173 Mathis, Perry - 173 Matteson, Ralph - 173 Metzger, Joan - 173 Molpus, Morris - 173 Monroe, Larry - 173 Moss, Tommy - 173 Neel, Ben - 174 Newman, Carolyn - 174 Oakes, Gwen - 174 O ' Neil, Erin - 174 Patterson, Marsha - 174 Poitevim , Steve - 174 Proctor, Mike - 174 Puckett, Gene - 174 I?ains, Bernard - 175 Rawlings, Caren - 175 Ray, Yvonne - 175 Reynolds. David - 175 Rice. Dorothy - 175 Ritchey. Jo Ann - 175 Rogers. Ron - 175 Rosson. Janice - 176 Rosson. Jim - 176 Rothell. Harvey - 176 Rountree. Clarice - 176 Ruiz. Pedro - 176 Scarbrough. Mike - 176 Scofield. Rex - 176 Seay. Ed - 176 Slaughter. Colleen Smith. Jane - 177 Smith. John R. - 177 Sorley. Floyd - 177 Stanislaus, Gwen - 177 Stewart, Christi - 177 Stiles, John - 177 Storey, Sharon - 177 Stump, Ron - 178 Sweatt, CharoUte - 178 Swim, Vonna - 178 Tanner, C. W. - 178 Thigpen, Mary - 178 Tucker, Martha - 178 Tucker, Roger - 178 Vines, Doris - 178 Vines. Truett - 179 Walker. Anna - 179 Walker. Ronald - 179 White. Sharon - 179 Wickline. Dolores - 171 Willbanks. Sue - 179 Wright. Clarinda - 179 Wright. Mildred - 179 Wrighisil, Alma - 180 Zellers. Evelyn - 180 Student Index Abelar, Anna Maria 233 Abelar, Rey 209 Abreo, Elizabeth 187 Abreo, Elma Jean 233 Abreo, Michael 209 Abundez , Cynthia 233 Abundez, Paul 209 Acuff, Johnny 233 Adams, Beverly 209 Adams, Carol 187 Adams, Deborah 187 Adams. Debra 233 Adams, Don 255 Adams. Greg 233 Adams, Joel 233 Adams, Paula 209 Adams, Ricky 255 Addy, Donald 255 Affleck, Richard 255 Aguilar, Gloria 187 Aguilar, Marcus 187 Aguilar, Mike 209 Aguilar. Pete 187 Aken, James 255 Alcantar, Anna 255 Alcantar, Eligio 209 Alcantar, Luis 209 Alcantar, Patricia 233 Alcantar. Richard 187 Alcantar. Sofia 233 Alcantar, Sylvia 187 Alderton, Angle 255 Aldridge, Billy Wayne 187 Alevario, Angel 209 Alexander, Eugene 187 Alexander. Lee 209 Alexander. Timothy 233 Alfred. Darla 187 Allen. Gail 187 Allen. John 209 Allen. Kelly 234 Allen. Kerry 234 Allen. Laura 209 Allen. Monica 209 Allen, Sandra 255 Allen, Troy 234 AUensvtforth, John 255 Altom, David 187 Alvarez, Maria 209 Alvarez, Roy 209 Alward, Cynthia 209 Amaro, Alice 209 Amaro. Diana 234 Amaro. Pete 187 Ament, Jennie 209 Anderson, Colleen 187 Anderson, Karen 255 Anderson, Kyle 255 Anderson, Valerie 209 Anderson, William 209 Andrews, Chuck 234 Andrews, Burton Kim 210 Andrews, Susan 255 Arbuckle , Carol 234 Archer, Doug 187 Aremendarez, Vickie 234 Arencibia, Bill 234 Arguello, Ricky 255 Armendariz, Jesse 234 Armstrong, Jan 234 Armstrong, John 210 Armstrong , Robert 235 Arrick, Buddy 235 Arriola, Noemi 187 Atkins, Marsha 255 Avant, Cynthia 235 B Ba, Mai 235 Baeta, Jerry 210 Bagnall, Keith 210 Bailey, Craig 235 Bailey, Janis 210 Bair, James 255 Baird, Nancy 256 Baker. Debbie 256 Baldridge . Denise 210 Baldridge. James 256 Balios. Mitzi 187 Balios, Molly 210 Ballard, Linda 256 Barbee , Greg 256 Barber, Daniel 187 Barber, Phil 235 Barber, Ronnie 210 Barker, Delyada 256 Barksdale , Tim 256 Barneii, Twila 256 Barragan, Rachel 187 Barraza. Therasa 210 Barrera, Albert 235 Barriball, Dean 188 Barrier, Jimmie 188 Barron, Sheryl 235 Barton. Mike 235 Bassham. Linda 210 Bates. David 183 Bates, Jerry Batt, Brenda 188 Batt, Debbie 210 Batt , Donna 256 Battle, Dick 256 Baty , Debra 235 Beach, Brad 235 Beaird , Linda 256 Beard, Terri 188 Beatty, Melinda 188 Becuchamp, Rohn 210 Bedford, Jimmy 188 Beil , Beverly 235 Beil , Brenda 188 Belchar, Tommy 210 Bell , Bobby 235 Bell, Vickie 236 Benier, Scott 236 Bennett, Charles 236 Bennett, Dorena 188 Benson, LaDonna 210 Berry, Edward 256 Berry , Deborah 256 Berry, Jimmy 236 Berry, luanita 256 Bettis, Keith 210 Bickford , Laura 256 Bickford, Michael 210 Bickford, Sharon 236 Billalba. Tommy 256 Biddison, Leisha 210 Bihl. Virginia 210 Birdwell, John 236 Bjrdwell, Kaihy 188 Birmelin. Kenneth 256 Birrell, Gordon 210 Bishop, Ronald 210 Blackshear, David 188 Blalack, Becky 256 Blalack, Johnnie 188 Blalack, Mike 211 Blassingame, Eddy 236 Blassingame, Jo Lynn 256 Bledsoe, Dewayne 211 Bledsoe, Jeanne 256 Bledsoe, Tyayne 211 Boadle, Laurie 188 Bokelman, Russell 188 Bonner, Debbie 211 Bonner, Pennie 188 Booth, Jeri 256 Booth . Sandy 236 Born, Kenda 211 Bosarge , Jay 236 Bosarge, Sandy 211 Boubek, Kris 256 Boubek, Sandra 211 Box, Ray Don 256 Boyd, Emily 236 Bradberry, Benny 211 Bradley, Karen 256 Brashears, Cathy 256 Brashears, Mike 211 Brenner. Steve 188 Brien, Jennifer 211 Bristol, Alan 211 Britton, Jimmy 236 Britton, Juli 188 Brock, Kimberly Ann 256 Brodman, Becky 211 Brooks. Becky 236 Brooks, Cindy 236 Brooks . Donna 256 Brooks. Mike 188 Broughton, Bryan 256 Brown, Clara Jean 211 Brown, Dale 188 Brown , Deborah 256 Brown, Jim 188 Brown, Julie 188 Brown. Robert 211 Brumley, Johnny 256 Brunson, Curtis 257 Brunson, Karen 211 Bryans, Kelli 189 Bryant. Sharon 236 Bryant. Steve 189 Bryant. Toby 189 Buchanan , Jack 236 Buckner, David 236 Buckner, Marie 211 Buckner, Robert 257 Bull, Linda 257 Bumgarner, Richard 236 Bunn, Nancy 211 Burcham, Michael 236 Burcham, Tammi 211 Burchell, Denise 257 Burchett, Richard 189 Burchett, Ben Russell 189 Burchfield, Glee 236 Burer, Bob 211 Burgess, Cindy 236 Burke, Mark 236 Burks, Craig 236 Burks. Debbie 236 Burleson, Mike 236 Burley. Erwin 257 Burnett, Chris 236 Burnett. Earl 236 Burns, Dennis 236 Burris, Mark 189 Burroughs, John 236 Burroughs, Teresa 189 Burroughs, Teri 211 Burrow, Chris 236 Burrow, Richard 189 Burrow, Tammy 237 Burt, Scott 257 Bustamante, Phil 237 Butler, Anita 211 Butler, Calvin 211 Butler, Cindy 257 Butts, Janet 211 Bynum. Cecil 189 Bynum, Lorrie 237 Byrd, Denise 211 Byrd, Jim 237 c Cadena, Anhur211 Cadenhead, Anne 189 Cadzow, Kim 211 Cain, Tanga 189 Cain, Timmy 257 Calhoun, Peggy 189 Calkin, Maynard 189 Callison, Blain 189 Calvert, Ashley 211 Cambell, Bruce 257 Campbell, Charlie 257 Campbell, David 211 Campbell, Norma 237 Campbell, Scott 189 Canipe, Darrell 189 Cannon, Steve 211 Cantrell, Debbie 257 Capeland 189 Capps, Kay 237 Carey, Jackie 237 Carlile, Beverly 211 Carlile, Bruce 257 Carlile, Cindy 237 Carnell, Debbie 212 Carpenter, Donna 237 Carr, Brad 257 Carr, Rhonda 237 Carrillo, Jesse 212 Carrillo, Jesse 212 Carroll, Ken 212 Carroll, Pat 257 Carson, Alan 189 Carson. Royce 238 Carter. Cheryl 189 Carter, Connie 189 Carter, Terry 238 Casey, Kimberly 257 Casey, Kyle 189 Casey, Marvin 238 Castro, Annette 212 Caton, Carl 189 Caudill, Laura 189 Cerda, Pete 212 Chambers, Tomio 212 Chaney, Chris 238 Chaney, Keith 189 Chapman, Steve 189 Chavez, Cathy 189 Chavez, Elias 257 Chavez, Gilbeno 212 Chavez, Junior 238 Chenault, Patricia 238 Cherry, Mary John 257 Cherry, Tricia 189 Childs. Margaret 212 Choate. Kyle 212 Chrane, Carla 238 Christian, Mike 189 Christich. Kenise 189 Christopger, Jaime 212 Churchwell, Debbie 189 Churchwell, Tommy 238 Cisneros, Gilbert Jr. 238 Cisneros, Isabel 212 Cisneros, Luis 190 Cisneros, Manuela 190 Cisneros. Paul 190 Clanton, Carla 190 Clanton, Jerry 190 Clark, Ann 212 Clark, David 238 Clark, Debbie 259 Clark, Donna 212 Clark, Gwen 190 Clark, Petra 212 Claxton, Tony 212 Clayton, Jetty 190 Cline, Greg 238 Cline, Joni 190 Cline, Toni 190 Cluck, Ricky 190 Coaies. Terry 212 Cobb, Wade 212 Coffee, Kim 257 Coffee, Lynette 257 Coffee, Kenneth 212 Coffey, Michael 257 Coffman, Ronald 238 Cohn , Gary 238 Cole, Dianne 212 Cole, Gary 250 Coleman, Charlotte 212 Coleman, Lesley 212 Collier, Loretta 238 Collins, Buddy 239 Collins, Dallas 239 Collins, Jerry 212 Collins, Victer 190 Combs, Billy 190 Combs, James 239 Conard, Linda 213 Condray, Carl 190 Condray, Kenneth 258 Cone. Carol 190 Cowley, Rene 190 Conway, Trudy 190 Cook , Leisa 239 Cook, Linda 258 Cooper, Bill 190 Cooper. Carol 212 Cordes, Calvin 239 Cordes, Jim 190 Correa , Joe 239 Correa, Rudy 212 Correa, Sammy 239 Correale, Michael 239 Courington. Jeff 239 Couvillion, Andre 212 Couvillion, Michelle 239 Cowan. Cindy 190 Cowan. Kathy 239 Cox, Lita 239 Cox, Melinda 239 Cox, Michelle 212 Cox. Terrie 191 Cox. Orlena 258 Cox. Wesley 212 Craig. Suzzan 258 Craver. Jeanine 190 Craver, Jim 213 Crawford , Loretia 190 Crawley, Kim 250 Creelman. Robert 239 Crenwelge. Denise 239 Crenwelge, Kevin 213 Criswell, Carol 258 Crittenden, Ann 258 Crockett, Randy 213 Crockett. Shelia 213 Croft, Charlotte 213 Croft , Steve 258 Crosby, Danny 190 Crow , Kenneth 190 Crow , Travis 258 Cruz, Abel Jr. 239 Cudd, Bill 239 Cummings. Gene 239 Currie , Jerry 258 Currie , Tom 213 Custer, Carrie 190 D Dabbs, JoLinda 213 Dabney, Melody 213 Dabney, Melody 213 Danford, Heddy 258 Daniels, Leland 213 Daniles. Sylvia 213 D ' Angelo, Karen 258 Daniel, Gregory 258 Daniell, Theresa 258 Daughtery, Tammie 190 Davey, Jetti 213 Davidson, Donna 239 Davidson, Julie 213 Davila. Artie 239 Davila. Rachel 190 Davila. Laura 213 Davis, Aubrey 190 Davis, Charles 259 Davis, Chris 259 Davis, Jamie 259 Davis, Linda 259 Davis, Johnny 239 Davis, Paul 191 Davis, Pamela 213 Davis, Paul 191 Davis, William 259 Dean, Crystal 213 Dean, John 191 Dean , Sophia 239 Dean, Todd 239 Deanda, Joe 191 Deats, Annabeth 259 Decker. Tracy 191 Dell, Teresa 191 Dekeyser, John 259 Del Bosque, Oliver 259 Delbosque, Sylvia 191 Deleon, Guadelupe 259 Deleon. Danny 239 Deleon. Eugene 191 Deleon, Manuel 259 Deleon, Virginia 239 Delgado, Cynthia 191 Delia Camera, Bonita 213 De Los Santos. Esther 191 Dennis, John 213 Dennis, Ronald 239 Denton, Kelly 213 Denton, Kim 213 Denton, Tammie 191 Dewey, Linda 239 Dias, Joe 213 Dickens, Charlesta 213 Dickens, Chuck 239 Ditto, Doyle 213 Dockter, David 259 Dockter, Paul 213 Dolan, Donald 191 DoUison. Terri 213 Dominguez, Billy 239 Dominguez, Diana 191 Dominguez, Johnny 191 Dominguez, Vicky 259 Doporto, Irma 213 Dopono, Jose 239 Doss. Jessie 240 Doss, Lynn 259 Douglas, Deanna 213 Douglas, James 259 Douglas, Marcia 240 Downing, Bill 191 Draper, Jay 191 Dugan. Danny 191 Dutrow. James 191 Dutrow. Jeff 240 Dugan, Shawn 213 Dunagan, Dianne 259 Dunbar, Virgil 213 Dunlap. Ronald 213 Dunnam, Craig 213 Duron, Lorenzo 213 Earl, Avis 213 Earl. Mary 240 Eastman, Joe 191 Eckley. Michael 214 Edgington, Mark 191 Edwards, Geneva 214 Edwards, Joe 191 Egan, Tracy 240 Ellison, Cheryl 240 Elmadolas, Gary 214 Elrod . Jon 259 Emerson, Brenda 259 Emerson, Darlene 240 Emerson, Scott 240 Enmon. Danny 214 Enriquez, Jesse 214 Ervin. Dan 259 Ervin. Neal 214 Escoredo. Luisa 214 Escovedo. Irene 214 Esquibel. Shelly 214 Esquivel. Joel 192 Esquibel, Jesse Jr. 259 Evans, Karl 214 Evans, Mike 192 Evans. Mark 259 Evans . Robert 192 Evens, Steve 240 Evans. Thomas 214 Egan. Mike 214 Eyre . Debi 214 F Fair, Barry 192 Fair, Rochelle 192 Fannin, Richard 214 Farmer, Shanna 214 Fellows, Deniia 257 Fenley, Michael 214 Fernandez , Hestor 192 Ferrell. Brian 214 Ferrell. Diane 214 Ferrell. Debra 259 Fetters. Steve 192 Fielos. Paula 192 Fierro. Cynthia 240 Firkins, Tony 192 Fish, Barry 192 Fisher. Anthony 240 Fitzgibbons, Robe n 240 Fitts, Debbie 192 Fleming, Lucinda 192 Fleming, Ronnie 214 Flores, Teresa 192 Flores , Charlie 240 Flores, Elizabeth 214 Floyd , Rodney 214 Foresyt h. Jackie 214 Fergus. Rickie 259 Forman. Carolyn 192 Forman . Cathy 240 Forney, James 214 Forti Lisa 214 Fortson. Terry 240 Foster. Bernell 240 Fowler. Cindy 259 Fowler, David 259 Fowler. Kennie 240 Fraley, Trent 214 Franco. Elizabeth 214 Franco. Rosa 214 Franklin, Deborah 192 Franklin, Wendell 192 Freeze , Jay 192 Fritsch, Niel 192 Froman, Donald 259 Fryar, Tammy 240 Fulcher, Judy 214 Fulcher. Angle 215 Fuller, Clay 215 Furqueron, Neil 192 Gagne, Leonard 240 Galavis, Lupe 192 Galaviz, Maria 192 Galloway, Gary 240 Gamble. Ricky 259 Garcia, Abel 192 Garcia, Albert 240 Garcia, Anita 259 Garcia, Diana 192 Garcia, Edward 192 Garcia, Emilia 192 Garcia, Felix 215 Garcia, Gilbert 240 Garcia, John 192 Garcia, Jose 215 Garcia. Larry 192 Garcia. Mayva 192 Garcia, Robert 240 Garcia, Rosemarie 259 Garcia . Rosemary 215 Garcia, Viloiso 240 Garner. Alan 240 Garrett. Mark 215 Garrison, Shonna 215 Garten, Kim 192 Gary, Janet 215 Garza, Eddie 192 Garza, Ellie 215 Garza, Micheal 193 Garza, Olga 260 Gates. JoAnn 215 Gerardo. Monje 193 Christ. Allen 240 Christ. Debbie 240 Gibbs, Mary 193 Gibbs. Wilbert 216 Gilbert. Brenda 193 Gilbert. Drewcilla 260 Gillenwater, Cheryl 216 Gilliland. Terri 260 Gipson. Evelyn 260 Glanister, Bernard 260 Goetsch, Karen 216 Gomez, Alfredo 260 Gomez , Ben 260 Gomez. Daniel 260 Gomez, Michael 193 Gonzales. Albert 216 Gonzales. Beatrice 193 Gonzales, Carlos 260 Gonzales, Cindy 240 Gonzales, Edith 260 Gonzales, Jesse 216 Gonzales, Magdalena 260 Gonzales, Malinda 193 Gonzales, Manuel 216 Gonzales, Margo 193 Gonzales, Martha 193 Gonzales, Susie 260 Goodblanket, Lakoma 193 Goodblanket. Renee 193 Goodblanket , Scott 260 Goodblanket , Yolanda 240 Goodwin. Bob 216 Gossett . Rutli 216 Graham, Charles 216 Graham. Clifford 260 Granato, Joe 216 Grant, Jodi 260 Grantham . Ladon 260 Grantham. Lyle 193 Grathwol, Colleen 216 Graihwol , Sean 240 Gray, Dale 240 Green. Cassandra 216 Green. Dane 260 Green . Donny 260 Green . Elroy 240 Greer . Jene 240 Green, Laura 216 Greene , Linda 240 Greer. Jene 240 Greer. John 216 Grenier. Celeste 216 Gresham, Carl 216 Griffin, Craig Griffin. Jim Grisham. Paige 216 Grizzard. Eddie 193 Gross. James 193 Grosse. Andrew 216 Groves, Virgie 260 Guevara, Diana 216 Guerara, Jaan 216 Guinn, David 260 Guinn, Michael 260 Gutierrez, Joe 240 Guzman, Mary Helen 216 H Hale, Trena 193 Halfmann. Greg 241 Hall, Perry 216 Hallman. Robin 241 Halvorson, Barry 241 Halvorson, Shari 193 Hamby, Reina 216 Hamby, Wendy 193 Hamilton, Margaret 194 Hamilton. Maricela 241 Hamilton, Patricia 194 Hamm, Karen 241 Hammack, Mickey 260 Hammon, Gloria 216 Mammon, Sammy 260 Hamner, Charlsa 194 Hansen, Toni 216 Hanson, Debbie 241 Hanson, Laura 194 Harbin. Cunis 260 Hardeman, Johnny 194 Harmon, James 194 Harmon, Vicki 216 Harper, Cheryl 260 Harris. Byron 194 Harris. Donna 260 Harris, Ernest 194 Harris, Matthew 194 Harris, Mike 241 Harris, Mitch 216 Hart, Bill 194 Hart, Jeff 216 Hart, Phyllis 241 Hart, Tamera 260 Hart. Teela 241 Hassler. Malinda 260 Hassler, Marlin 260 Hatfield, Tim 216 Hattenbach, James 216 Haught, Kathy 260 Hawkins, Jowonnah 217 Hawkins, Vickie 194 Hayes, Billy 241 Hayes, Willie Mae 194 Haynes, Keri 241 Hay worth, Debra 217 Head , Sonna 194 Hedges, Steve 241 Heffington, Rickey 217 Henson, Johnny 241 Henson, Nancy 241 Henry, Greg 194 Henry, Shawna 217 Hernandez, Freddy 194 Hernandez, Gerald 241 Hernandez. Gilbert 194 Hernandez, Javier 217 Hernandez , Jessie 217 Hernandez, John 194 Hernandez, Linda 217 Hernandez, Oscar 217 Hernandez, Rudy 241 Hernandez, Sylvia 194 Herrera. Sylvia 194 Herron, Marty 241 Hester, Brenda 261 Hester, Kathy 241 Hicks, Ben 217 Hilario, Arcencion 194 Hilario, Barbara 261 Hilario, Carlos 241 Hilario, Connie 217 Hilario, Ester 217 Hilario, Gilbert 217 Hilario, Irma 194 Hilario, Magdalena 241 Hilario. Oscar 261 Hilario, Rebecca 261 Hilario, Rudy 194 Hilario, Tommy 217 Hill, Keila 194 Hill, Mark 194 Hill, Shauna 261 Hill, Sue 217 Hinojos, Lilia 194 Hinton, Pete 194 Hinton, Ron 217 Hise, Gary 261 Hiti, Mandy 218 Hodge , Carla 194 Hodge, Michael 261 Hodges, Johnny 242 Hodges, Lonnie 218 Hodges, Steve 242 Hodnett, Angela 261 Hodnett, Craig 242 Hoffman, Harold 218 Hohertz, Andra 218 Hogan, Paula 218 Holcombe , lay 242 Holden, Renee 242 Holguin, Henry 242 Holley, Jan 242 Holland, Linda 218 Holland, Loy 242 Holten, Jerry 194 Holten , Lucy 242 Honeycutt, Randy 242 Hooper, Wayde 242 Hoover, Jan 194 Horsley. Jimmy 261 Horsley, Mike 218 Horton , Derek 194 Horton, Jeff 242 Horton, Waleo 261 Howard, Joel 195 Howell, Gary 242 Howell, Terry 195 Howell, Woodie 195 Huante, Bernard 218 Hubbard, Helen 242 Huckabee, David 218 Huckabee, Sherry 261 Huff, Bobby 218 Hughes, Joanna 242 Hughes, Kenda 195 Hughes, Marcia 261 Hughes, Mark 218 Hughes, Scon 218 Hughes, Steve 242 Huibregtse, Robert 261 Hull, Gary 242 Hull, Janet 195 Hull, Noel 261 Hull, Randy 261 Humphrey, Gay 242 Humphries, Sharon 195 Hunnicutt, Tim 218 Hurrington, Randy 195 Huse, Cynthia 261 Hutchings, Wes 195 Hyden, Linda 261 Hyden, Randy 218 Ulc , Richard 243 Illc. Ronnie 218 Ule, Russell 195 Inunel, Cathy 195 Ingram, Craig 261 Ivery, Janet 261 Ivey, Kent 195 Ivey. Lois 243 labor, Toni 261 Jackson, Connie 219 Jackson, Kenneth 262 Jackson, Maria 195 James, Oscar 195 James, Terry 262 Jara, Maria 219 Jenkins, Brian 195 Jenkins, Richard 243 Jenkins, Terry 195 Jenkins, Vikki 219 Jennings, Joe 262 Jennings. Renee 219 Jessom, Daniel 195 Jessup, Sandra 243 Jewell. Gary 195 Jimenez, Debbie 219 Jimenez, Lee 219 Jodoi, Kevin 195 Jodoi, Robin 243 Johnson, Billy 19o Johnson, Gerald 219 Johnson, Gladas 195 Johnson, Gregory 243 Johnson, Junior 219 Johnson, Mike 243 Johnson, Suzanne 219 Johnson, Vickie 243 Jones, Arva 196 Jones, Brian 262 Jones. Cindy 196 Jones, Jack 243 Jones, Jesse 262 Jones, Jimmie 196 Jones, Johnny 253 Jones. Joni 196 Jones. Judy 262 Jones. Lloyd 219 Jones. Mark 196 Jones. Michael 262 Jones. Randle 243 Jones. Selena 196 Jones. Sherrie 196 Joplin. Gene 219 Joplin. Teresa 243 Jordan. Pam 243 Joseph. Jeff 196 Juarez. Arthur 219 Juarez, Ruben 196 Justice, D.J. 262 Karwedsky , Karen 262 Keele, Jana 262 Kelley, Brenda 219 Kelley, Bruce 219 Kelley. Jeff 219 Kelley. Karen 196 Kelley. Linda 219 Kelley. Sherri 219 Kelley. Terry 262 Kelly. Lisa 243 Kennedy. Mike 262 Kennedy. Richard 262 Kennemer. Dana 219 Kennemer. Paula 196 Key. Cathie 243 Key. Cecil 243 Key, Mark 219 Key. Randy 262 King. Elizabeth 219 King. William 196 Kinman. David 219 Kinman. Jerry 262 Kinman. Steve 196 Kimble. Cornell 243 Kimble, Leslie 219 Kivi. Mark 196 Kivi. Nancee 196 Klaus. Ronny 243 Knight, Bobby 196 Knight, Donny 219 Knox , Kerrie 24 Kohl, Thomas 196 Kolden, Dale 219 Kooser, Cindy 219 Kooser, Vernon 196 Kothmann, Barbie 196 Kushaney , Jeff 244 Kuykendall, Steve 263 L Lamb, Donna 263 Lamb, loAnn 196 Land, Tammy 219 Landin, Alonzo 244 Lane , Tony 219 Lara, Larry 219 Lara , Robert 197 Larez, Diana 219 Larson, David 197 Latta, Marty 219 Law, Jim 263 Lawdermilk, Curtis 197 Lawlis, Scott 244 Lawson, Ramona 197 Lebkowsky. Mike 263 Lee. Cindy 244 Lee . Earl 263 Lee, Libbye 220 Lee, Linda 197 Lee, Lorinda 197 Lee, Michelle 197 Lee , Sherry 263 Leggett, Dennis 263 Leggett, Mark 220 Leonard, Jerry 244 Leonard, Terri 220 Leos, Linda 197 Lewis. Brenda 197 Lewis. Sam 244 Lewis, Tammy 220 Lewis, Tammy 244 Leyva, Charlie 197 Linion, Jan 244 Lister. Kay 263 Little, Bill 197 Little, Paige 263 Little, Ronnie 197 Lloyd. Kathy 244 Loftis, Angela 197 Long. Andila 144 Long, Jackie 197 Long. Jarry 197 Long. Keith 263 Loper. Cheryl 197 Loper, Jeral 244 Loper, Mary 197 Lopez, Armando 263 Lopez, Janie 244 Lopez, Mary 244 Lopez, Rafael 220 Loudamy , Lisa 220 ixiveless, Robert 244 Lozano, Phillip 197 Lozano , Roland 244 Lucio, Celina 197 Luedecke , Ray 220 Lueneburg, Cynthia 244 Luevano, Ricky 197 Lujan, Thomas 197 Lunsford, Donna 197 Lynn, Betty 197 Lyons, Cindy 263 Mc McBride, Lynne 222 McCalister. Helen 244 McCasland . Karen 244 McChristian. Jimmy 244 McChristian, Sandy 263 McCormick. Judy 263 McCracken. Bobby 244 McCracken. Eddie 263 McCracken. Nancy 222 McCrary, Kelley 244 McCuUough, Jackie 197 McCumber, Ed 244 McCumber, Tom 197 McCurtain, Leslie 222 McCurtain, Wesley 197 McCutcheon, David 222 McDaniel, Kevin 244 McDermott, Bernadette 222 McDetmott, Mike 197 McDonald, Janine 197 McDonald , Robert 244 McElyer, Tracie 222 McFarland, Teny 222 McGee , Margaret 244 McGuire, DiAnn 244 McGuire, Jesse 244 McGuire, Keith 244 McGuire, Scott 197 Mclntire, Kathy 222 McKee, Carolyn 263 McKenzie, David 197 Mc Kinney, Charles 263 McKnight, Julious 222 McLain, Tracy 244 McLaughlin, Kevin 198 McLeod, Jon 198 McMahon, Craig 198 McMillan, Riley 222 McMurray, Susan 198 McMuruey, Kenneth 263 McNallen, Thomas 222 McNew, Debbie 198 M cWhirter, Terri 263 McWhoner. Jill 263 M Madigan, Mark 198 Madry, Vonda 263 Magdefrau . Kathy 244 Magers. Rose 220 Maldonado. Roland 198 Maldonado, Teresa 263 Mancha, Ben 198 Mancill, Kirk 198 Mancill, Vanessa 263 Mangum, Chris 264 Mangum, Ressie 198 Manley. David 198 Manley, Pamela 244 Mann, Tony 220 Margolis, David 220 Marin. Freddy 244 Marion, Gloria 244 Martin, Bradley 198 Martin, Jacqueline 198 Martin, James 220 Martin, John 245 Martin, Mark 198 Martin, Ronald 263 Martin, Tim 245 Martin, Walter 220 Maninez, Frances 220 Martinez, Freddy 198 Martinez, Helen 245 Maninez , Janie 245 Martinez, Joe 198 Martinez, Lorenzo 198 Martinez, Luis 198 Martinez, Luis 245 Martinez, Patsy 245 Martinez, Paul 220 Martinez, Ricky 220 Martinez , Tony 245 Marquez, Gus 198 Marquez, Larry 263 Marquez , Roy 245 Mashbum, LeeAnn 263 Mason, Greg 245 Massey , John 263 Mata, Carlos 198 Mata , Enriqueta 221 Mata , Robert 220 Mata , Rosa 220 Mata, Tony 220 Mathews, Anne 245 Mathews, Gary 220 Mathews , Mary Catlierine 198 Mathews, Sharon 220 Mathews, Ulysses 263 Mathis, James 263 Mathis, Steve 220 Matteson, Kevin 198 Matteson, Randy 246 Matthews, Katherine 198 Matthews, Kenny 220 Mayo, Ollen 220 Mayo, Wayne 220 Mays , Doug 246 Medley, Craig 264 Meek, Carol 198 Meeks, Jeff 220 Meeks. Tracy 198 Meeks, Tamra 246 Meisenheimer, Bobby 198 Mendez, Patsy 264 Mendoza, Olga 246 Menges, Kenneth 246 Mercer, Ronald 264 Merrick, Geralyn 264 Merrick, Richard 220 Merrick. Steve 246 Merworth, Mary 220 Metcalf, Rhonda 220 Meyers. Tom 246 Meynarez. Joe 198 Middleton. Candy 264 Miles. Wanda 220 Millaway. Joe 264 Miller. Jeana 246 Miller, Julie 198 Miller, Mike 198 Miller. Skip 221 Miller, Vickie 221 Mills, Bobby 264 Mills, Patty 264 Minchew, Billy 198 Missman, Lisa 199 Mitchell , Brenda 264 Mitchem, Debra 264 Mitchell, Doris 199 Mitchell, Johnnie 199 Miichel, Rusty 246 Mitchell , Theresa 264 Mize. Johnny 221 Mize. Starla 199 Molina, Emilio 264 Moncada , Sylvia 246 Montancz, Ismael 246 Montgomery, Cindy 221 Montgomery, Kirona 199 Montgomery , Teny 246 Moore , Donna LaVoy 199 Moore, Kathy 221 Moore . Greg 221 Moore . Mark 264 Moore. Michael 199 Moore . Rex 199 Moore . Susan 246 Moore . Vicki 246 Moorhead , lamey 199 Moorhead, Julie 246 Morales, Amelia 246 Morales, Juanita 246 Morales. Lupe 264 Morales, Margy 221 Morehead , Carol 199 Moreland, Debra 264 Moreland, Jackie 246 Moreland , Milton 246 Mordion, Joann 199 Moreno, Louis 221 Moreno. Maria 199 Morgan, Cecilia 221 Morgan. Melody 221 Morgan, Roberta 199 Morgan, Virginia 199 Moring, Cathy 264 Morrell, Darla 221 Morris, Alana 221 Morris, Phyllis 221 Morrow , Bobby 246 Morrow, Lany 199 Morrow, Rickey 264 Morton. Brett 221 Morton, Sandy 221 Moss, Linda 199 Mossholder. Leann 246 Moien. Jeanie 222 Motes. Jeffrey 199 Motes. Kathy 222 Myers. Ricky 199 Myles. Willie 200 Nanny. Linda 265 Narbaiz, Gilben 222 Nassar, Mike 200 Nelson. Randy 200 Neighbors. Craig 222 Neighbors, Debra 265 Neighbors, Tina 200 Newsom, Jimmy 200 Newsom. Kent 265 Newsom. Mike 246 Newsom. Peggy 222 Newsom. Robin 222 Newsom, Tammy 265 Newton. Jeff 265 Nichols, Beverly 222 Nichols, Ernie 222 Nichols, Morgan 265 Nichols. Scotty 122 Nichols, Twila 200 Nichols, Wanda 222 Nilsen, Erick 222 Nix, Hoylene 265 Nix, Robin 246 Nobles, Delia 265 Norvelle, David 222 Noyola , Frankie 200 Nolting. Danny Nolting, Kevin 200 Nugent, Jimmy 246 Nunez, Armando 246 Nunez, Natividad 200 Nunez, Richard 200 Nunez, Velma 246 Nunley. A.M. 246 o N Nabors. Paul 264 Nagel, Lisa 200 Nanny, Arna 200 Nanny, Dee 222 Odom, Jill 247 Olaque, Palsy 200 Olesen, Dan 200 Olaque, Arthur 247 Olivas. Sylvia 247 Olivares, Jose 200 Orr, Craig 200 Orr. Suzanne 247 Ortega, Sammy Osburn, Dale 247 Osburn, Malcum 200 Osburn, Vanessa 222 Overman, Brent 223 Owens, Betsy 223 Owens, Chris 200 Owens, Henry 265 Owens. Johnny 223 Owensby, Randy 223 Owensby , Reed 223 Paddick. Nancy 199 Padilla, Adela 199 Padilla, Josephine 223 Padilla, Leticia 265 Palmer, Clarence 247 Palomino. Arthur 199 Palomino, Ismael 265 Paredes, Fernanda 199 Paredez, Bertina 247 Parker. Ken 199 Parker, Tim 247 Parks, Sherrie 223 Parmenter, Pam 247 Parnell, Gerald 223 Parnell, Greg 199 Parras. David 223 Parras. Frank 265 Parrot . Craig 265 Parsons, Cathey 265 Parsons, Robert 247 Partee, Alan 247 Panee , Tony 224 Partee. Tonya 199 Patrick, Jaime 224 Patrick, Kathy 247 Patrick, Paula 265 Patterson, Ricky 224 Patterson, Sandra 224 Patterson , Steve 265 Patton, Katrice 247 Paul. Joyce 199 Payne . David 265 Payne , Roy 247 Payne, Tammy 199 Pearce, Lisa 224 Pearson, Greg 265 Pearson, Steve 247 Pedigo, Jim 265 Pegan , Deborah 247 Pegan, Patty 199 Pekowski , Pamela 199 Pekowski , Ed 266 Pekowski , Karen 199 Pekowski , Raymond 247 Penniman, Karen 199 Penniman, Linda 247 Perry, Kenneth 224 Perry, Lance 224 Perez, Elfi 199 Perez, Felix 266 Perez JoAnn 224 Perez, Magdalena 266 Perez, Ray 200 Perea. Teresa 200 Peititt, Tammy 266 Petty, Jamie 266 Petty, John 200 Pfeiffer, Kyle 247 Phillips. Debbie 247 Phillips. Kelleigh224 Phillips. Randy 247 Phillips. Rusty 247 Phillips. Vicki 224 Pierce . Roy 224 Pierson . Debbie 224 Pikala. Randy 224 Pineda, Diana 247 Pineda, James 200 Piper, JoAnna 247 Piitman, Dale 200 Piitman. Mark 224 Pitiman, Randy 266 Pittman. Roben 200 Pitts. Mike 200 Platte. Clifton 225 Platte. Roy 266 Plew. Tammy 247 Pope, Derrill 225 Porras. Louis 266 Porter. Hugh 266 Porter. Jana 248 Porter. Nancy 200 Posey, Greg 200 Posey. Robert 248 Poss. Del 225 Poss , Mark 200 Prater. Terri 266 Prather, Paul 266 Prescott, Glenn 248 Preston, Kim 200 Price . Pam 225 Price. Shirley 248 Priddy, Ritchie 225 Priest. Danny 248 Pringle. Chuck 248 Proctor. Sheri 225 Pruett, Melinda 266 Pruitt. Mike 248 Piuitt, Wayne 200 Puga . Debbie 200 Puga . Eddie 200 Puga , Joe 266 Puga, Mike 248 Puga, Pat 248 Puga, Raul 266 Purcell, Charles 200 Purcell. Tom 225 Purgason. Tina 225 Q Quan, Khanh 200 R Ragan, Becky 225 Rainey, Kent 266 Ramey. Pamela 266 Ramirez. Canuto 200 Ramirez, Daniel 248 Ramirez. Gina 200 Ramirez. Rosalinda 225 Ramos. Hilda 248 Ramos. Ramiro 225 Ramsey. David 266 Ramsey. Dwyane 248 Range 1. Lupe 248 Rangel, Rachel 267 Ray, MoUie 248 Ray, Paul 225 Ray, Penny 200 Ray, Jim 267 Rayos. Ronnie 225 Reavis. Donna 267 Reed , Jim 225 Reed , Johnny 225 Reed, Tama 267 Renshaw . Stephanie 249 Renteria. Henry 267 Renteria . Johnny 267 Reyna, Nick 267 Reyna, Samuel 225 Reynolds. Deborah 225 Reynolds . Debra 200 Reynolds, Frosty 249 Reynolds, Katie 225 Reynolds, Leigh 200 Reynolds, Mike 249 Rhoton, David 225 Rhoton, Kevin 201 Rhoton, Rhonda 267 Rice, Doyle 225 Rice, Kent 225 Rich, Eva 225 Rich, Mike 267 Richards, Danny 201 Richardson, Craig 225 Richardson, Rhonda 225 Richardson. Valerie 267 Richhart. James 249 Riegel. Phil 225 Riffey. Mary 225 Riherd. Joe 249 Riley. Karen 225 Riley. Mary 201 Riley . Roanne 267 Ringener. James 249 Rios. Annie 225 Rios. Cruz 267 Rios, Gus 201 Rivera. Delia 249 Rivera, Luis 201 Rivers. Robin 201 Robb, Scott 267 Roberts , Barbara 225 Roberts, Cindy 201 Roberts, Randy 201 Robertson, Branda 249 Robertson . George 249 Robertson . Scott 225 Rocha, Cruz 201 Rocha, Maria 249 Rodricks, Wayne 249 Rodriquez, Carolyn 201 Rodriquez, Diana 267 Rodriquez, Dorothy 201 Rodriquez. Edward 267 Rodriquez, George 201 Rodriquez, Getrudez 226 Rodriquez, Isabel 201 Rodriquez, Janie 249 Rodriquez, Julie 201 Rodriquez, Louis 267 Rodriquez, Luis 201 Rodriquez, Mary 267 Rodriquez. Patricia 249 Rodriquez, Robert 249 Rodriquez, Tony 226 Rodriquez, Tony 226 Rogers. Jody 201 Rogers. Jody 201 Rogers, Michael 201 Rogers, Robbi 267 Roman, Terri 267 Root, David 226 Root, Mark 267 Ross. Yolanda 201 Rosson, Barry 201 Rosson , Brian 226 Rowden, Brenda 226 Rubio, Julian 226 Rubio, Pat 249 Rubio , Patsy 267 Rubio, Paul 226 Rubio, Tony 201 Ruiz, Yolanda 249 Rubio, Ysa 201 Rudd, Cathey 267 Rudd, Cindy 226 Ruiz, Paul 226 Ruiz , Pete 267 Russell, Diane 267 Saiz, Ernest 201 Siaz, Jesse 201 Saiz, Mary 249 Salazar. Connie 249 Salazar, David 201 Salazar, Debbie 201 Saldivar, Jaime 227 Saldivar. Mary 249 SalehBirjandi Sahela 227 SalehBirjandi, Soraya 227 Salmon, Robin 201 Samuels, Debbie 227 Samuels, Pam 249 Sanchez, Clem 227 Sanders, John 267 Santiago, Gloria 201 Santiago, JoAnn 267 Saucedo. Gerardo 201 Saucedo, Ralph 201 Sayers. Alice 201 Sawyer, Donald 202 Sawyer, Jack 249 Sayer, Richard 227 Schaffner, Shane 202 Schofield. Gary 249 Schooler, Steve 202 Schrecengost , Robby 202 Schumpert. Bill 227 Schumpert, Phillip 202 Scott , Jeff 202 Scott, Joyce 227 Scott, Kelly 227 Self, Carrie 249 Sellers, Lynn 249 Shaeffer. Larry 249 Shafer, David 227 Shaffer, Phyllis 267 Shankle., Fritz 249 Shanks, Gary 202 Shanks, Janet 249 Shanks, Jimmy 267 Sharpnack, Ronnie 267 Sheppard, Bert 249 Sherman, Harold 249 Sherwood, James 202 Shipman, Lynn 202 Shivers, Howard 227 Shortes , Chris 227 Shones, John 267 Shroyer, Debbie 202 Shults. Ronald 268 Shumate. Debbie 202 Shyack, Ban 227 Sides, Ricky 227 Sieler, Elizabeth 268 Silen, Daniel 249 Silguero, Horasio 202 Simpkins, Mitzi 249 Simpson. Gina 227 Sink, David 202 Skalicky, Lisa 227 Skeen. April 227 Slape, Thomas 227 Slaughter, Jess 202 Sledge, Stephen 268 Small. Karla 268 Smith. Cynthia 268 Smith, Danny 250 Smith. Darlene 268 Smith. David 227 Smith. Denise 202 Smith. James 250 Smith. Jennifer 202 Smith. Keith 202 Smith. Kenneth 227 Smith, Kim 227 Smith, Larry 202 Smith, Mark 227 Smith, Maury 227 Smith. Paula 250 Smith. Rhonda 227 Smith. Robert 227 Smith. Sandra 268 Smith. Sharon 268 Smith, Suzanne 250 Smith, Theresa 227 Smith, Todd 202 Snell. Frank 268 Sneed, Karen 268 Sneed. Kevin 250 Snodgrass. Sheri 227 Soles. Roy 203 Soils, Ismael 228 Soils, Josephine 203 Solis, Rafaela 203 Soils, Wayne 228 Sparks, Cheryl 228 Spannaus, Mark 228 Spears, Connie 203 Spears, Joey 228 Spears, Karen 268 Spears, Tony 203 Speegle. Jennie 228 Spence, David 268 Spence, Kimbra 203 Spence, Paul 250 Spencer, Candy 250 Spencer, David 203 Spencer, Robin 203 Spraberry, Sherre 268 Spriggs, Jimmy 203 Spriggs, Sandy 250 Springer, Bmce 228 Spruill, Danny 250 Spruill, Marsha 228 Stallings, Layne 250 Standard, Cynthia 268 Stanley, John 203 Stark, Bill 250 Stark, Mark 268 Statser. Linda 251 Steagald . Debbie 228 Stephens. Danill 228 Stephens. Darlene 228 Stephens. Michael 228 Stephens. Pam 251 Stephens, Roben 268 Stephens, Sharon 203 Stephens, Shawn 228 Stepp, Danell 251 Sterling, Larry 251 Stevens, Dale 268 Stevens, Sherry 251 Stevenson, George 203 Stewart, Betty 203 Stockton, Terry 203 Stone , Junior 203 Stovall, Jeff 228 Strain, Steve 203 Stripling, Bubba 251 Stroberger, Joseph 228 Strong. Craig 228 Strowd, Teresa 203 StuU, David 251 StuU, Steve 228 Stump, Don 228 Sullivan, Dawn 228 Sullivan, John 228 Sullivan. Scott 251 Sullivan. Tommy 228 Sundy. Daniel 203 Sundy, Donna 251 Sundy, Rita 268 Sundy, Ronald 203 Sundy, Mark 203 Sundy, Teresa 268 Sursky. Brian 268 Swearingen. Jackie 203 Swearingen. Warren 251 Sweeden. Stanley 203 Sweeden. Susan 228 Swindell, Elizabeth 251 Swindell. Patti 269 Swindell, Phil 203 Syed . Wasi C23 Talamamez, Ariene 203 Talamantez, Jessie 203 Tally, Lisa 269 Tanner, Mary 269 Tarleion, Mike 228 Taylor, Doris 203 Taylor. Mark 228 Taylor, Scon 269 Taylor, Wesley 228 Tercero, Orlando 203 Terry, Cindy 251 Terry, Mark 269 Terry . Many 203 Tettleion, Doug 228 Tettleion, Marcy 261 Thames, Lonnie 269 Thames, Lynde 203 Thibodeauz , Debra 204 Thomas, Duane 228 Thomas, Jackie 204 Thomas, Karen 251 Thomas. Leilani 228 Thomas, Michael 204 Thomas, Renee 204 Thomas, Shelly 229 Thomas, Susan 229 Thomas, Tammy 251 Thomason, Billy 204 Thome, Janet 269 Thompson, Bill 229 Thompson, Casey 229 Thompson, Debby 204 Thompson. James 269 Thompson. Paula 204 Thompson. Susan 229 Thorp. Ralph 229 Thrasher, Tiffany 204 Thurman, Netha 204 Thurman, Richard 204 Tibbs, Karen 229 Tidwell, Nikki 204 Tidwell, Toni 269 Tipton, Jimmy 269 Tipton, Steve 204 Tonn, Gena 204 Torres, Linda 204 Torres. Ralph 251 Torres. Ricky 229 Torres. Ruben 269 Touchstone, Ricky 251 Tow, Kimberlee 269 Towery, Billy 229 Townseed, Glen 229 Travland, Joe 205 Trawick, Ricky 251 Trawick, Timmy 229 Trevino, Evoristo 205 Trevino, Stephen 205 Trim, David 252 Turner. Christi 205 Turner. Delphia 205 Turner, Ellen 205 Turner, Jay 252 Turney, Jeffery 205 Tyler, Danny 252 Tyler, Frank 206 Tyler, Landra 205 Tyler, Tish 269 Tynes. Beverly 269 u Underwood, Kim 269 V Valdez, Ueana 252 Valencia, Alex 252 Valenzuela, Michael 269 Valles, Nora 252 Vasquez, Cindy 205 Vasquez, Frank ' 229 Vasquez, Joey 229 Vasquez, Sandra 205 Vaughn, Cheryl 269 Vaughn, Kathy 252 Vaughn, Mackie 269 Veb, Eddie 269 Vela, Harry 230 Velasquez, Daniel 205 Velasquel, Edna 252 Vernon, Charles 230 Vernon, Debra 269 Vick. Scott 205 Vieira, Mark 252 Vieira, Tony 252 Villa, Mary 205 Villarea, Robert 205 Vela, Raul 230 VonRosenberg, Robin 205 Vu, Phu 252 w Wade, Kim 262 Wade, Kirk 230 Wagner, Desiree 252 Wagner, Douglas 230 Walker, Ben 270 Walker, Jill 252 Walker. Tim 230 Walker. Tony 230 Walker. Twila 270 Wallace. Lisa 270 Wallace. Marsha 230 Walton, John 206 Warren, Ila 270 Warren, J. Wray 230 Warren , Lisa 206 Warren, Liz 270 Warren, Mike 270 Waters, Bobby 270 Watkins, Keith 206 Watkins, Kenneth 252 Watkins, Ricky 270 Watkins, Tammy 230 Watson, Sheila 206 Way, Danise 270 Weatherby, Fred 206 Weaver. Cheryl 252 Webb. Patty 230 Webb. Tammy 206 Weeks, Gary 230 Wegner, Robby 230 Wegner, Ronnie 270 Wegner, Tommy 262 Welch, Connie 206 Welch, Terry 270 Welch, Vanessa 230 Wheat , Larry 206 Wheeler, Kyle 253 Whitaker, Pauletta 230 Whitaker, Sam 253 Whitaker, Sheila 206 Tiite. Alan 230 White. Billy 253 White, David 270 White, Don 206 White, Leslie 270 Whitley, Kerry 207 Whitten, Marta 207 Whittington, Jan 207 Wiggins, Debbie 207 Wilder, Casey 253 Wilder, Scotiy 230 Wilkerson, Brenda 253 Wilkerson, Gary 230 Wilkerson, James 271 Wilkerson, Patty 230 Willadsen, Richard 207 Wiley, Cindy 230 Wiley, Claudia 270 Wiley . John 253 Willbanks. Kay 270 Willbanks. Rhonda 207 Willey. Donna 230 Williams. Bobby 230 Williams. Cathy 271 Williams. Chris 230 Williams. Chris 207 Williams, Day 230 Williams. Debbie 207 Williams. Debra 207 Williams, Evelyn 271 Williams. James 271 Williams, Jerry 271 Williams, John 253 Williams, Johnny 207 Williams, Kelly 207 Williams, Lana 271 Williams, Mack 207 Williams, Nick 207 Williams, Sue 207 Williams, Suzanna 253 Williams, Terina 207 Williams, Tommy 253 Williamson, Jan 207 Wilson, Dave 271 Wilson, Elmer 271 Wilson, Jeanne 230 Wilson, Jeff 230 Wilson, Jim 207 Wilson, Lori 207 Wilson, Mike 263 Wilson, Pauicia 230 Wilson, Valarie 207 Winterbauer, Carol 207 Winton, Danial 207 Winton, David 207 Winton, Sam 253 Wise , Barbie 230 Wise, Mariella 230 Witkowski, Mary 230 Witte , Paula 207 Wolf. John 231 Wolf. Kim 263 Wolfe. David 271 Wolfe. Steven 253 Wood , Mike 258 Wood, Tammy 207 Woodard, Emmeii 207 Woodard, JoAnn 208 Woodard, Tammey 231 Woods. Jan 208 Woods, Mitzi 207 Wooten, Bobby 208 Woolen, Chris 208 Workman, Dana 231 Worthan, Sonya 271 Worihan, Tammy 208 Worthy, Jeb231 Worthy , Roy 208 Wright, Arietha 208 Wright. Benita 208 Wright , Mary Jane 253 Wrinkle . John 253 Wrinkle. Kim 271 Wrinkle. Robert 208 Wyrick, Craig 208 XYZ Yancey, Cherlyn 208 Yancey, Darrell 253 Yanez, Adelinda 253 Yanez. Ricky 231 Yanez, Roland 253 Yanez, Velma 253 Yater, John 253 Ybarra, Albert 208 Ybarra, Joe 263 Yeager, Gary 231 Yescas, Maria 208 Yockers, Billy 253 Yockers, Malinda 231 Young. Allen 231 Young, Beth 231 Young. Denise 231 Young, Jack 231 Young, Mark 271 Young, Mark 208 Young, Suzette 208 Young, Tim 208 Zapp, James 271 Zapp, Richmond 271 Zellars, Alisa 231 Ziman, Bruce 231 Ziman, Brynn 208 HHffil fc i r H -1 1 1 -So.jj ,». s H[ ' ' V ' la Ml This fleeting glimpse of the past reminds us of many forgotten experiences. Closing The future appears as a white cloud, hovering over our horizon, growing in size as the promises of tomorrow are fulfilled. . . ?7i ;;; - " ,- - ' C:p Closing i . . . but let it not f memories of (j yesterday. Q{ yOi aguvN S nT ' Closing Special thanks to: Lee Ann Mashburn, my associate editor and closest friend , who also tackled the difficult job of student life editor. Paige Little, faculty section and senior class editor, who always helped me in countless other ways. Denise Crenwelge and Ann Mathews, who put together a lively student life section. Kim Brock, Denita Fellows, Cynthia Fierro, and Cindy Carlile, who spent countless hours scheduling organizations pictures. Ronnie Mullins, Steve Hughes, and Lois Ivey , who covered sports events to put together an excellent sports section. Donna Carpenter, Tammy Burrow, and Karen McCasland, who conquered the task of matching names and faces for their class sections. Beverly Tynes, Felix Perez, Doug Mays, Tammy Plew, Connie Salazar, Patrick Dabbs, and Maria Rocha, who took, developed, and printed most of the pictures in this book . Mr. Frank Brandon and Mrs. Clarinda Harris of Brandon ' s Studio, who scheduled and took many pictures and helped us out of any jam. Mr. Norman Dowdy and Mr. Jerry Clark of Taylor Publishing Company, who helped us produce this book just as we wanted it. Mrs. Bertie Hughes, my great- grandmother, who allowed us to reproduce her painting on the end sheets. Mr. Steve Poitevint, our sponsor, who only thrayear took, over a new yearbook staffed helped make this bc succe " ? : ' - ri K.irc Eclipse UiDilmill (iwncd b RiiscdC t , i : rjr y--WW ' ' ■:■■■■ ' f ' S— - 1 r . 77 ' cut Smtutiaw. y • tP-iJ- ' ■( ' - " " ' C1 r z 5 (2 7 i is ours, to love and live upon, to be proud of, and to use wisely down all the generations of the future.

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