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We pfzeatenll '7he ZZ Racleo 'Uolume 38 Bag Spun? Swan Jlzyif .Sched 3.4 spme, -rms seg Jgcqueline ,,,,A,w, ,,,,,,,,A,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,... E d HOF-ill-Chief Nancy King YYYAAYAAAAAA, ........ A CflYlfieS Edlf0l' Sue Bgykin YYYYY Vrrrrlnl. ,,...,. S E fli0f Edif0l' Jean Robinson ,,7,A,,.. Danne Green ,,,,,,, Carol Rogers ,7,7,,,, Johnny .lanak ,,,,,,,,, George Peacock ..,e,, Dickie Madison .,,...., ....,,v,,4.4.,,....-.. Barbara Coffee .....,,,,,.,.. Mary Lane Edwards Brenda Gordon ,,,,,,,,,, Opal Hancock ,,,,,,,, Susan Landers , ...,. . Editor Editor Editor Art Club Copy A, ,,,,,,,c,,,,,,,,,c,,,,c,,, Sports Editor Editor Assistant Sports Photographer Staff Assistant Staff Assistant Staff Assistant Staff Assistant Staff Assistant Sammpe McComb ,,,,,, ,,,,,.,.........Y., S tall Assistant Mrs. Erma Steward Barr Photocenter c. Sponsor Commercial Photographer The Steck Company .c,... ,,,,.Vcc,,ccs L lthographer '7aAle Record of Activities ,,,,,,,,, p . . Favorites ,. , ,, , al Who s Who , ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, School Beauty and Court , Homecoming Queen ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cheerleaders , ,. .,,......, Outstanding Students ., Spofufd Football ,,,,, , Basketball ,, , Track t,,.,,,, Baseball W ,,,,,, , ,,,,, Golf and Tennis , ,,,, , Volleyball , ,,,,,,,,, , 0 . . Student Council A ..,. . Publications , ,, Clubs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Music ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sweethearts H , Pezuonnel Administration ,, Faculty ,, ,, Classes , Adu' FOREW RD We, the Annual Staff, have chosen to bu11d our theme around a symbohsm of our school, our Senror Rmg I IS our sxncere endeavor to emphas1ze each feature hold a deeper and more s1gn1f1c ant meanmg We hope that we may be able to present the charactems t1CS of each of these symbols ID such a manner that hereafter they w111 take on a truer meanmg and that you w111 proudly wear your Senlor Rmg ' ' A . C portrayed on the ring with the expectation that it will DEDICATIO In dedicating this 1956 El Rodeo, we have chosen a woman in every connota- tion of the word--a woman who main- tains the highest standards and idealsg a woman who is always willing to give wise counsel and advice. Such individ- uals are rare, but a few do exist. We know of one. We have attempted to show our sincere gratitude to one whohas aided us in our quest for higher learning and who will continually maintain an interest when the fruition of our desires have been fulfilled. We respectfully dedicate this annual to Mrs. Rita Weeg. XX r il E w Win. - 9' 4' af' N EP- W ffl my I 151,- 3NSsP55r 1 is A The varied and complete ros- ter of both academic and com- mercial s ubj e c t s taught at BSHS by instructors w h o S e lives are given entirely to ed- ucation carries out the dem- ocratic theory of educating the whole man. Following the light from the lamp of learning, these students seek knowledge through books, intense stud- ies, and practical application. iw- -W if 1-if-3 lf ,, t,,. gc, 'M K 54-vixyc: lgicorea yfnosa UQ" i :iw Fa fifftiogggcws rw 1 ,, ,- xv, H'+wx "?aff'+ Y , ,QDOEWM P ff C 1 f , , ft- ,gd T g C alia li ., eunyaat O C e W V ,W ' 7 11 Q' , . f ' S fl Alon f x 335659- I I A-. A 4?' igAug1sAL1A . 6 Q 1 - ' 1 ' Y Sydney: Tnsmun K , 'W I f Sea ' Tasmania New , - , .. M Zealand , Amieammiqisawf-' ' Combined with scholastic achievements, extra-curricular activities play a large part in fully developing the outlook of all BSHS students. The students receive ex- pert training, and those who engage in the various school-sponsored programs reap the full benefit and pleasure that come with participation in these activities. The thrill of commencement brings back fond memories to the se nior sg yet they look forward to putting into practice the democratic principles learned in c l a s s. With humble hearts and a strong sense of pride in their school,the seniors advance to the time when they receive their senior rings and become BSHS GRADUATES. 7 Unity and School Spirit HI se G6 1 'A 0' 5 0 ' 0 Q, 1' 'Sx P-9 Activities E P T E M B E R In the Beginning One of the first highlights of our school year was the crowning of Band Queen Janet Hogan during the half-time activities of the Snyder game. Janet was escorted by Don Anderson. A rather unique assembly was that of artist Bob Wood. We found his sketche s most enjoyable, especially the one of Riss Roberts. Howdy Week September 4-7 Howdy Week Assembly September 7 Class Officer Elections September 17 Si 18 "'-se. fi -s. -ar' X 5 5 Q 7' 53 Y-,X 1-Q ' gm T l OCTQBQR n D ' v And all too soon it was Homecoming . . . "Tame those Mustangs!" This was the motto which rangin the halls of BSI-IS before the annual Sweetwater game. Helping to promote this spirit by hanging a poster were Loretta Bennett and Michael Musgrove, assisted by Ricky Terry. ,,..--"" Mi' K ... 37- ' -,- Q . ,, ar.: ...U N qw, . ,bn , . t,. W 'fflifffg . V Valjean LaCroix, escorted by Dennis Jones, was selected by the student body as the 1956 Homecoming Queen. Members of her court were Toni Thomas, Elaine Russell, Valjean, Opal Hancock, and Barbara Shields. Their escorts were Terry Stanley, Michael Musgrove, Dennis, Bounce Covert, and Don Hewett. One of the most outstanding floats in the Homecoming Parade was that of the Sophomore Class. Those toasting the Exes were Janet Carpenter, Pat Rogers, Judith Shields, Charlene Canibell, and Gwyn McCullough. The Exes of 1934 through 1939 also expressed their welcome. Edith Freeman,IudyCauble,Mary Ann Nugent, and other niembers of the Seba Tri-H-Y tip their hats to the Exes and Steers. .-.ff gif! 3 W ,.,- The winners of the Oil Essay Contestwere announced at the General Assembly Octo- ber 18. Mr. John A. Coffee, representa- tive of the oil industry, presented Lewis Porter, Walter Dickinson, Prissy Pond, Susan Landers, Kelsey Meeks, James Stephens, Janice Downing, and Mary Jane Trego with their prizes. Victorious--at the expense of Sweetwater! As the Steers board the bus their proud and happy faces express the feelings of all. Our victory dance was held in the show- room of Tarbox-Gosset Motor Company. Some of those celebrating our victory were Punky Boyd, J.W. Thompsong Dennis Jones, Glenda Greenwood, Sherry Lurting, and Jerry McMahen. Everyone got into the Swing of Things . . . On October 6, Ronnie King and Sue Barnes reigned as Commanders of WAFB. They are shown here as Capt. Robertson presents them with a honorary diploma. 1 . 1 f fm The Senior Side Show, always one of the main attractions of the Halloween Carnival was no exception this year. Donnie Bryant, Ricky Terry, Kirby B rown, Gerald Lackey, and Michael Musgrove entertained everyone with their version of the "hula" Halloween Queen Kathleen Thom- as, escorted by Bobby McAdams, was crowned during the sock hop Herschel Stocks and Kirby Brown seemed to favor the F.H.A. booth at the Halloween Carnival. The girls sold sandwiches, cake, pie, cokes and coffee. by Ronnie King. Her attendants Sammie Sue- McComb and Sue Barnes were escorted by Bobby Laudermilk, and Ricky Terry. QFMBER Before we could catch our breath, November was here and gone Climaxing the football season was the annual foot- ball banquet, which was given by the Quarterback Club. Some of those enjoying the turkey dinner were Diana Dawson, Bobby Suggs, Sue Barnes, Ricky Terry, Lewis Porter, and Judy Masters. Valjean LaCroix,WesleyGrigsby, Lou Ann White, and Judy Reagan take time out from their meal to laugh at the antics of Bobby Laudermilk. Seen dancing to the music of the "Skyliners" at the T h ank s givin g Dance were Bunky Grimes, Sheila Holmes, George Peacock, and Edith Free- man. , gi--A Q .ff ,dr r 9751 xi s X x ., , ' ' 'x 'Trix 1 I I I I 4.2.x I 1 -Vx N. Q , K X I x if . if , 5' N i :Y f . 5 l ' 1 , A 55. '.': S 9 X it Wk X. Lrowninv the 1956 Steer l'oothf1llQnf LH lwli-SS Suu Bune-2 is Co Cap tiin Lewis POYLOI Sue also Ieceivpd .1 bouquet ol ITIIIUIQ and the tradi tion il kiss fr om the oth Co C' ipti Tohnn I inlilc Bdrhird bhields, incl Tudy Mime-rs were nn Inhez 5 ofthe queen S eonzt Jr ...- ' Jerry Graves, Sue Boykin, Lou Ann W h i I 1-, Gerulcl Lackey, Charles Iohnson, :incl Bairhzini Shields founcl themselves dancing in the midst of Chinn loxxn, as that Weis the Theme ol' the 'l'hsxnksgix'irig Dzznctv. -n ' A Ngmxx X ' T Q, 4 X X MN gm ,ifgvb lb M -, NW Christmas Week The' world 1:w:I1'h1':1Ius I,l11vCI1ris1111:1s season in u vu- I"il'i.Y ol' ways 411111 Lhm' Ch 1'ist111z1:s wack at BSI-I5 has its own spvcinl l1le'JlI1illA.1. Tha- 1-xciicn1u111. of i.i1L?ChTiSi,- 111115 Formal. . .tho ull-School play "Dear Ruth" in which Carol Rojgvrs, Koilu cifilfli., Dunno Green, una 'l'o111111y Pifikla- ilI21'0iI.l'0li. . .thu Jlfllllllli 1Iv1:or:1t.ion ol Lhv 11001-S. . .thu For11'1:1I Prvsontzition Ol' the CIL1:-as l'.1vorii,1-5, Franklin Wiiii2Al11SOl1 fnot 11ict,l11'ecU L1n1I.Io Ann Elmlinq, So11ho111or1-:sgMichzn-I iVil1!-QjQI'OVCi1flliNiPI1 cy King, Hvniorsg Ali!'i-Ill da-G 1'L1l4I'1'l11'0i1i und C11 rlvnv 1:0il'H1Rll'l,.ilU'liOI'SQ lmustull-111-o11111I, Ricky 'l'crry and Sm' IXJIVIILYH, who VV-LS also school h0z.1l1I1y. . .1111 11111-1 ol .1 i,l..fi1i10l1 i,l1:1f. w1ll ncvrrr grow 011i :.n1i Hunt. w1- UZXIT l1K'Vl'I' iOI' 'UL 5 . w ' Px 1? And the days dragged by . .. W An annual project of the Stu- dentCouncilis that of the Fac- ulty Breakfast. The students prepare and serve the faculty their breakfast one morning each year. gg 25 'fit ,- Wl,. 4 .f A 'Gd Michael Musgrove,captain ofthe 1957 Steer Basketball team proudly presents Student Body President, Ronnie King, with the A Team Brownwood and Odessa Consolation trophies and the B Team Andrews and Sterling City First Place tro- phies. January found many of us cramming for semes- ter exams and hurrying to complete semester projects. Here, Bobby Grant and Karen Mont- gomery concentrate on algebra, while R onnie Phillips puts the finishing touches on his shop project, a table. Twirp Week .gi Wayne and .Tan persuade Toni that little things like carrying books do mean a lot. "After you." Susan displays her courtesy as an example for Wendell to follow when Twirp Week is over. Suddenly It Was Open Season On Boys! 23 5 figwfie E Ney 5 ff NIE 3, " A Travelogue Extravaganza, " Q took the audience on an interna- f tional tour aboard the "SS La Musica." The show started with Donnie B r y a nt, a prospective tourist, inquiring at a travel a- fifi gency about some interesting I places to visit. The audience as well as D onnic enjoyed a well W A Q X N l H . 1 rounded tour of New Orleans, .A 'T-T , I Paris, Venice,Hawaii, and Home A. .A 5 ., , Sweet Home. V .J f J 4 I K ' 9 7' xv . fi, NI wa i it Y Wm 22,1 ,. M W F AH THE BEAUTIFUL WOMEIN OF FRANCE' COULD THIS BE "SOAP OPERAH? wo YXNPA E GRA Q99 STRAIGHT FROM FRANCE THE CAN CAN GIRLS mf 5'7"-,. fr 6 , 1 :Sh 1 2 if" A ,rf P' A S ki? 1 1 ho, W.: . fd 5 5 J ! , Rf .aiw -wa xnflaviabqns- x X ' 'Q-n sf My H 3' "2 an y if Haw' 1 , bf 7 FQBRU RY Was a month for Sweethearts. . . Miss Kathleen Thomas was elected Bas- ketball Sweetheart by the 1957 Steer team. He r attendants were Francis Davie and Gay Bownds. ,AG Ny 1 A production which provided the students with many laughs was the Faculty Frolics. The "Ted Smullivan" show played to a full house both nights of its perform- ance. 119015555 our school were the Distri- butive Occupation and the Distributive Education clubs. The D.O.clubwa1ked off with many prize rib- bons at the district meet. Paula Hon was selected outstanding D.E. student in the district. Kathleen Thomas, George Pe a- cock, Ronnie King, and Wesley Grigsby, BSI-IS representatives, prepare to depart for the annual Student Council Workshop which was held in Galveston. Bringing much honor upon Yipee Ti Yi Ah! Ranch Days Came P1 222' XXX if 1 if 'kdm ,f Q Some BSHS "ranch-hands," Riss Roberts, Gerald Lacky, Judy Masters, Lou Ann White, and Donnie Bryant, are found discussing the latest farm and cattle news. Lou Ann, Gerald, and Riss discovered that riding "saw-horses" can be just as much fun as riding real ones--especially since the real horses weren't available. 26 'Wav F' I 3 :fi Looks as if that old cowpoke, D onn i e Bryant, is proudly showing off his beard to Judy Masters. QQ!!! K Q32 Kid's Day found us in an environ- ment of gigantic lollipops, dolls, stuffed animals, and jacks. Here, Billy and Glen are trying to take Ianet's "Pandy-Bear" fromher. Loretta's attention seems to be elsewhere . "High School Headlines," a program designed to provide BSHS students with good Saturday morning music and the latest happenings W a s efficiently broadcastby Valjean LaCroix, Gay Bownds, and Carlene Coleman. At Last--the finishing touch! ,X 6 4'5" if 5- A perplexing problem to many Seniors is where to attend college after grad- uation. Ie r r y Robinson, Gerry Girdner, and Anita Gardner welcomed the aid of Mr. Pierson's office and his many college bul- letins. iii Cne sure sign that school's near its end, is the signing of annuals. Charles Dunnam and Billy John- son are picture d here as they write "sweet nothings" during their library period. s'w.,'f 1' nv' M vgczmm W 'ffm ond' 'Wm Y d' "Un ' 1 'UK' fi K ig., 55" fb is ,- ,, -.. 'Urn Hu. 'Lak rr. EE. I K Ye, l fr' Y 5 ,I I 'Q Bai , 1 ,,.,.k -ffs. ww ? al . f xx-16 HI 50 QXA6' Peace and Self-Regulated Life GHI 'Sf Q S ,,, 4 o W -J 1 Q H g 0 Q, gh Gxn-9 Personalities I A 9 l Sue Barnes Ricky Terry NRQPHENAQI Michael Musgroue Nancy King IIA IIFXDITEC Adrian deGraffenreid Carlene Coleman I'Allt'N Franklin Williamson Jo Ann Ebling Tommy Pickle, senior Who's Who represent- ative, ranks among the highest in scholastic achievements in his class. Perhaps he will be best remembered, however, for his bril- liant performances in numerous school plays and if not for these, then surely for his droll sense of humor. Participation in Key Club, Drama Workshop, and Hi-Y have been some of the clubs in which he has been active . Tommy was outstanding student in mathemat- ics his sophomore year. ,sw Wy ' 'wt A versatile senior, and well know for her willing- ness to participate in all school activities, Danne Green was chosen as senior representative of Who's Who this year. Active in dramatics, Danne has been outstanding in s e ve r al school plays during her high schoolcareer. Serving as pres- ident of the Forum, vice-president of Tri-Hi-Y, secretary of the Drama Workshop, Halloween Queen nominee, El Rodeo staff assistant, and Club Editor have been some of the activities in which Danne has participated. WHO'S i 1 Chosen as senior representative of Who's Who, Sue Barnes' captivating smile, one of her most outstanding features, and her friendly disposition are two characteristics perhaps largely respon- sible for the numerous honors that she has re- ceived in Big Spring High School. Among these recognitions are Homecoming Queen her sopho- more year, outstanding student in chemistry her junior year, football queen, school beauty,best- all-around, cheerleader, and s tu d e nt council corresponding secretary her senior year. Sue has been active in such organizations as Forum, Spanish Club, FHA, and Tri-Hi-Y, being treas- urer ofthe latter this year. wif A Janet Hogan is one of eight seniors to repre- sent Who's Who this year: however, this is not a new honor, for her picture graced the Who's Who pages last year. She has effectively demonstrated her school spirit in the role of l957 Band Queen and as a two-year student council member, serving as recording sec- retary of the organization this year. Her club memberships have included Spanish Club, FHA, and Tri-Hi-Y, having held the office of Chaplain of this organization for two years. Janet has also been a me mbe r of the All- School Play cast and a Beauty nominee. As president of the student body this year, Ronnie King, senior Who's Who representa- tive, led the school in one of its most pro- gressive years. Always a participant in school activities, he is a favorite performer at Big Spring High School functions,being a member of the popular quartet, "The Sportsmenl' Past-president of the Spanish Club, a mem- ber of Hi-Y and Key Club, Ronnie has played high school football for two years and has been a member of the track team during his high school years. Well known as a diligent worker and a capable le a d e r , Jacqueline Smith, senior, represents Who's Who for the first time. During her high school career, she has held the position of sec- retary of the Spanish and Shorthand Clubs. An outstanding student in typing her junior year, Jacqueline has been a me mbe r of the Forum, FHA, and Tri-Hi-Y, being president this year of the latter. Perhaps her most important and re- warding duties were serving as staff assistant of the El Rodeoher junior year and editor,her sen- ior year. WHO'S Representing Who's Who for the second year, Johnny Janak is deserving of this position by his active participation in all the activities of Big Spring High School. Johnny received the honor ol' being class favorite of his sophomore and jun- ior class. A three year representative on the student council, he has also been on the football and track team for three years,beingco-captain of the football team his senior year. Johnny ha received other honors such as Junior class pres- ident, president of the Key Club, secretary of Senior Hi-Y, and sports editor of the El Rodeo. He has also been a member of "The Sportsmen," a popular quartet around Big Spring High. One ofthe best known and well liked students in Big Spring High Schoolis Sue Boykin, a two- year representative of Who's Who. Sue has been cheerleader and on the student council for three years respectively, being student council vice-president both her junior and senior years. During her sophomore year, Sue was favorite and FHA president. Cast in the All-School Play, Homecoming Queen nom- inee, district vice-president of Tri- Hi- Y, Tri-Hi-Y secretary for two years, staff as- sistant and senior editor ofthe El Rodeo have composed Sue's list of honors. In sports, school work, and extracurricular activities, George Peacock is making a name for the school as well as for himself. George, chosen as junior Who' s Who representative, has be e n active in Key Club, Student Council, and Hi-Y, having twice held the office of par- liamentarian. El R 0 d e o sports editor, he has been on the football and baseball One of the highest honors to be be- stowed upon a student in Big Spring High School is that of Who's Who. The selection is based upon schol- arship, character, leadership, and service. Among those receiving hon- orable mention were, seniors: Dar- lene Agee, Don Anderson, Pat Brad- ford, Walter Dickenson, Billy Evans, Anita Gardner, Guinette Gibbs, Bobby Grant, Barton Grooms, Paula Hon, Denise Honey, Mike Hull, Dennis Jones, Nancy King, Jerry McMahen, Kathy McRee, Bobby McMillan, team for two years. Lewis Porter, C arol Rogers, Lo Ann White, and David Yaterg juniors Gay Bownds, Barbara Burchett, Vir- ginia Cain, Wilma Cole, Julius Glick- man, Brenda Gordon, Betty Guthrie Ian Laudermilk, Donnie Mabe, Sam- mie McComb, Johnny Roy Phillips Patsy Potter, Robert Stripling. WHO S Nita .Tones Junior Who s Who rep re sentative has been active in the Drama Department of Big Spring High School A member of the A cappella-1Cho1r Drama Work Student Director of the All School Play Dear Ruth Nita has been selected as Outstanding Student in English speech homemaking and American History Valjean LaCroix although only a Junior has alist of activities that is quite impressive Represent been cheerleader student council representative a member of the Forum Tri H1 Y Spanish Club A cappella Choir and a nominee for School Beauty She was se lected the 1956 Homecoming Queen Y Sh0P, and Debate Club, Nita WHS ing junior Who's Who,Valjean has WHO Representing junior Who's Who, Barbara Coffee is a person who is always willing to do what is asked of her-- and then some. A member of the Spanish Club and staff assistant of the El Rodeo, Barbara has been president of both her sophomore and junior class and historian and president of Tri-Hi-Y. while participating in extracurri cular activities Stephen Baird Junior Who sWho has had an ac tive part in Key Club Spani sh Club Debate Club Student Coun c1l and H1 Y An outstanding stu dent in biology and English Ste phen has held the office of secre tary and vice president of H1 Y and treasurer in debate Selected to serve as editor of the El Rodeo for the c oming year tious worker has been chosen as Junior Who s Who Active in the Spanish Club and Tri Hi Y she was president of the latter last year Mary Lane was outstanding student in physiology this year Chosen to rep1esentJun1or Who sWho Wesley Grigsby has played an active part in the activities of BSI-IS He has been in such organiza tions as H1 Y Spanish Club Key Club Debate Club and Student Council being sec ond vice president this year He has been on the football and track team for two years I if X I I . . D Maintaining ahigh grade average Mary Lane Edwards, a conscien- 4 - Q , u , ' ' I . ' ' . . , ' ' 1 1 " ' I Sue Barnes School Beauty Job: agen' powers: S-Aon! 911+-a.,.u, CLWM.. EBL13. 4sos C:--...Mp 51. md 8475 93-L4 4, 3.144 December 10 , 1956 Miss Jacqueline Smith, Editor El Rodeo Big Spring Senior High School Big spring. Texas Dear Miss Smith: It has been our privilege to be instrumental in the selection of your School Beauty for your annual yearbook, although it was a difficult choice to make from a selection of such attractive girls. From years of experience in the field of beauty, John Robert Powers emphasizes the importance of not only exterior, or physical beauty, ofa girl, but rather the inner beauty as well, which he calls her "inner glow". This was surely taken into consideration when we selected your Miss Sue Barnes a loveliest of your girls, with Nancy Kin Hogan as third. This sh one of th s the g as second ould not be ' e other char ' brin ' and Janet a disappointment to ming girls, but inst g into her own her ind' any ead a chall ividual o ' P--' enge to p tentials. print of t wo members of our competent f making the selection with the writer. 'our letter of November 16th, we would omplirnentary copy of the annual wh SH or giving the John Robert Powers School y to serve you. Cordially yours, JOHN ROBERT POWERS SCHOOL Managing Di rector Homecoming Queen Valjean LaCroix HEER LEADERS Lou Ann White, left, was chos en by the group as one of the two head cheerleaders. A senior, this was Lou's third year as a BSI-IS cheerleader. Se r ving her third year as high school cheerleader,Sue Boykin, right, served as the other head cheerleader. Sue is also a senior. Q I ye l The other girls leading the yells at BSHS this year were Sue Barnes, seniorg Valjean LaCroix, juniorg Sarnmie McComb, juniorg Toni Thomas, sophomoreg and Judy Rea- gan, sophomore. Miss Tomrnye Hill was the sponsor of the group. The El Rodeo takes pride in presenting the Outstanding Outstanding Students for I957. Selected bg the faculty, these students rank highest scholasticallg in the departments they represent. ENGLISH BILLY EVANS, SUE BOYKIN, BOBBY GRANT, Seniors Students k'J!.Q"" -... Q-......... as KOILA GRANT, LOUGENIA SMITH, MICHAEL JARRETT, Sophomores Seated: WILMA COLE, SANDRA TALLY, DIANE CRABTREE, MARIE CLACKUM, NITA JONES Standing: JULIUS GLICKMAN, STEPHEN BAIRD, Juniors V w ' 6' J l' " V "N nkfmd 49 1 fghffffi A ru 0, L n Kliwjx MATHEMATICS BEVERLY VAUGHN, Business Mat BILL OWEN, Plane Geometry NOLAN SEARCY, Business Math WILINAA COLE, Plane Geometry BOBBY GRANT, Trignornetry qsearedp BARBARA BUR- CHETT, BHERRY COATS, DIANE cRAB'rRBB,f5ranf1- my JAMES HOWARD BYB- PHBNS, KAY LOVELANU, IANICE KIRBY, BILL FRENCH. ui s Ll mf QQ ?-ff 5, I 3' rx? ' "QOL axmzwf. asnzfaaaff wiswwe ,yawn WM-44N MWA 3465051 S1644 wiv xwwwiidl abgirndsw www s naw: . WMA! 'xii fam-ann .W au, 3 ww- , .ma 'um-,.w.. ,S , ., ww A hw! ' E5 3 25 . 5 W 5 ,, ?. 1' JOUR ALISM TROY MCCLENDON, Senior KATHY MCREE, Senior LATI WILMA COLE, Junior DAVID YATER, Senior 575 'DCC """' K JL x V 4' 'mf' Z 335' SPANISH KAY LOVELAND, First Ye MICHAEL JARRATT, Secon Year COMMERCIAL BARTON GROOMS, VIRGINIA CAIN, LYNN ANDERSON, KAREN MCKEE, Typing. as -may ,ff f SPEECH JULIUS GLJCKMAN, Junior NTTA JEAN JONES, Junior F-' fseatedj BARBARA SHIELDS, Secretarial Trainingg M I L - DRED HEARD, Bookkecpingg LINDA NALL, Secretarial Trainingg DO N N I E MABE, Bookkeeping. MUSIC BILLY EVANS, LAURA RHOTON, Seniors I BIBLE GARY HOSKINS, Sophomore NANCY MCCULLOUGH, Senior SCIENCE Iseatedj MARY LANE EDWARDS, Physiologyg fstz-1ndingjSI-IERRY COATS, Biologyg BARTON GROOMS, Physicsg JIMMY JOHNSON, Aeronauticsg VIN- CIENT FRIEDEWALD, Biologyg DENISE HONEY, Chemistry. DIVERSIEIED OCCUPATIONS DISTRI BUTI VE EDUCATION 5525253 HON' MECHANICAL DRAWING PHYSICAL VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AGRICULTURE TROY MCCLENDON, he-mor CHARLES ENGLE, Sophomore FREDA DONICA, Senior TOMMY BUCKNER, Junior toy dHo A J O wr W if Sports HEER LEADERS During the spring semester of each year those stu- dents interested in being a cheerleader for the fol- lowing year Work many long hours, After tryouts they are elected by the student body of B.S,H.S. The cheerleaders are present and leading the student body at all football games, pep rallies, basketball games, and other sports activities. The cheerleaders for 1956 were Sue Boykin and Lou Ann White, head cheerleaders, Valj e an LaCroix, Sammie Sue Mc- Comb, Toni Thomas, Sue Barnes, and Judy Reagan. Miss Tomrnye Hill, who spends many hours with these girls, sponsored our cheerleaders this year. STEERS OF I956 TOP ROW L TO R: BILLY JOHNSON, RICKEY TERRY, WAYNE FIELDS, RONNIE KING, EDWARD SLATE, JIMMY EVANS, DICK JACKSON, HERSGHEL STOCKS, GUINETTE GIBBS, RONNIE PHILLIPS. 2ND Row L TO R: MAXIE GARIN, JAN LOUDERMILK, DANNY BIRDWELL, KNOX PITZER, WESLEY GRIGSBY, BOBBY SUGGS, DONNIE BRYANT, GEORGE PEAGOGK, JOHNNY JANAK. 3RD ROW L TO R: GLENN WI-lITTINGTON,GERALD DAVIDSON, BUNKY GRIMES, JERRY MCMAHEN, FRANK POWELL, BUDDY BARNES, BOBBY LAWDERMILK, WALTER DICKENSON, BENNY MCGRARY. BILLY JOHNSON BUNKY CRIMES FRANK POWELL Number 11 Number 72 Number 10 Senior Back Senior Tackle Senior Back Ponies Decision Big Spring, 4I-I9 The Andrews Mustangs had too many horses for the Big Spring Steers and corralled a 41 - 19 verdict before a crowd of 4,500. Andrews put seven points on the scoreboard the first time they gained possession of the ball. In the first two periods, Andrews was leading, 2 1 - O. In the final half the Steers fought the Ponies on even terms but by then it was too late for a possible victory. Fields, Johnson, Stocks, and Bames traveled the final half of the game tallying three TD's. Score By Quarters Andrews 7 14 13 7 - 41 Big Spring O O 6 13 - 19 Herschel Stocks 133, takes a quick hand off from Quarter- Bobby Lawdermilk recovers quickly to stop a back Billy johnson fllj to drive his way for the touchdown. end sweep. jan Loudermilk blocks. twate 'swag ,mf J-fu -fr ' "M" 'ji 31 13- If ,W .. My KX . 1 " is X' B Q ., :Q '11 3' if wwf Q 4 A Q 3? .gig m..M,,w, 3.4- f.,f,5,3f, - f " ' V 'fig-t, S ' - F Herschel Stocks, Steer fullback, goes for a short gain as a Wayne Fields picks up excellent yardage against Snyder host of Snyder tackles meet him- Snyder W011 39- O- johnny Janak and big jan Loudermilk place strong blocki to Wayne 's advantage. Tigers Roar Past Steers, 39-0 The Snyder Tigers sprang open on the third play from the line of scrimmage, and rolled like a tidal wave over the Big Spring Steers, Friday night at'Memorial Stadium. After taking the opening kickoff the Steers fumbled on the second play from the line of scrimmage. Snyder recovered on the Steers 35, and on the first play the Tigers roared for a touchdown. The Steers fumbles and penalties laid the Big Spring reached paydirt once in the game, however an offside penalty nullified the touchdown. The touchdown came in the fourth quarter when johnny Janak knifed through the Snyder line standing up. Wayne Fields, Billy johnson and Herschel Stocks were the top ground gainers for the Steers. johnson completed two passes, once to Suggs, and once to jan Loudermilk. Score By Quarters ground work for Snyder. Big Spring O O 0 0 - 0 Snyder 13 12 14 0 - 39 RONNIE KING WALTER DICKINSON HERSCHEL STOCKS Number 41 Number 71 Number 33 Senior Back Senior Tackle Senior Back 2-ix. Q? 3 5 Q fy Y 1 TIN 'M 1 1 , L, 'W tv 5-? - vm '29 Y i' Q ?x,i l,,, . z rx ggi 1 -ak aff! kan' w . Q 'Q Q ' X555 54,252 f M433' ff 1' f 1, wifi SQ thi ,xt X 4' . W ,Wg 1W f if , fQ . h M , 'Qt .VV Xif X. gi 5 , if 4 . M ,. . ,,, H f f - ' fa gi?-6' -5534 K 'h-' ' Q psy .Lf KW , 'fi Q- nw 5' gf k L -f , 5, K 559: Q ,HQ fa f 'filff'X.3 f ' .gg if ' Wwe' .2 YY? f , Jsizs- ff f 1 .- fl Q 1 'A si, H4 .g,.,, 5:34. Y :- n . '55 'S 1152-' M asf?-5bi:W"iw 1QZ'i' - .1-f , .,, gg - ,Qt-g, W ,',ni.Wjg,: A3 Vw Q. I H 25 f V vv-GZ: f W M nga 'I - W 4. .Q .h ' "le i.'iE",: ff - X mg 5 15: 2 , J :fm-.J f v-ix W 51, k 5 5, G ? ' W-rf V E MW 'QQ Q ,gM3?v 595 ' .-,MW , iicgwlai- gym , .. . -v.. Tix 1 .Z X msffigm., Q., x - fmq mfg. wiv, . . , win 35Q'X V TM Nix, .. f fissireaibeyiw 2 WLM, ,'.11Ef3s-jf' I S mf ,gp X 57 , ef 1 if miifsf Wg ,. di pf gifgg? G F A Midland back 1441 is stopped after a short gain by jerry Midland quarterback Larry Cooper 1191 is throvm for a 1 McMahen 140, as jan Loudermilk 1871 and Knox Pitzer 1601 by jimmy Evans 1341 as Danny Birdwell 181, and Bob come up to help, Midland won 46 - 0. Lawdermilk 1801 come in to help. I I Bulldogs Kaya Midland Bulldogs handed the Big Spring Steers their 'most decisive defeat of the season, winning, 46 - O. Midland went over for the first score after only one minute and ten seconds of play. At the halftime, Midland was leading 34 - O. Hammering their way down to Midland's 21 yard line, the crippled Steers made their only Big Sprung, 46-O offense was probably the junior quarterback, jimmy Evans. Evans, who will retum in 1957, operated half the time at the position and piled up some valuable yardage for the Steers. Midland came back after the half and scored in the third quarter and its final tally was made in the fourth. Score By Quarters threat of the game. Midland 14 20 6 6 - 46 Big Spring found itself almost powerless to Big SPUHS 0 0 0 0 ' O move on the ground. The brightest spot in the BUDDY BARNES BENNY MCCRARY WAYNE FIELDS Number 20 Number 51 Number 31 Sophomore Back Sophomore End Sophomore Back f -W :,g ff ' i -4 iii v' 'il 'QC itxp lui . M init: Y "1 YY in HA ,,, It QM W mtl' 5 B FOGTBALL TEA First row, left to right, Billy Bob Satterwhite, Wesley Phillips, Preston Daniels, Dickie Gregory, Scotty Ellison, Terry 5tanleyC'Hmm' field, Chubby Moser. Second row, Wayne Lynn, manager, Larry Shepherdjackie Tucker, ant, Joe Bob Clendenin, Jim Don Williams, Lanny Hamby, Bobby McAdams, Donny Morrow, Franklin Williamson, Billy Bob Lewallen, Gary Hoskins, manager. Third row, Benny McCrary, Gerald Wooten,GeorgeLoWke, John Puckett, Jimmy Tucker, Dennis Holmes, Donnie Smith, Luther Bell,Sam Copelin, Jackie Calloway, Gale Kilgore, f 4 Qlseftl ' ' " 1 Coach Sam Bell " c ' ff' "7 'Q fRightj Coach John Yates 5-5 X 1 Coaches Bell and Yates are am I the men who directed the rebuilding program of the 5, "B" football team. These men devoted their efforts and knowledge to lead the team in preparation for a strong Steer Eleven next 3 year. 1 I J fy' t v-1""4 1' f I 'fl Y . 1' 1 ' ? Y 1 85 WESLEY PHILLIPS Guard 70 JLMMY TUCKER Fullback 51 ROSS PLANT Guard 93 BILL FRENCH Quarterback 40 LANNY HAMBY Fullback 13 BOBBY MCADAMS Center 4 51 62 96 DONNIE SMITH PRESTON DANIELS DONNY MORRO Tackle End End SEASON SUMMARY Shorthorns Larnesa Shorthorns Lamesa Shorthorns Snyder Shorthorns Snyder Shorthorns Odessa WAYNE FIELDS BAT T L E S WITH A SNYDER D E F E N D E R FOR A LOOSE BALL SNYDER WON THE TILT WITH A SCORE OF 39 O M Q? 91 65 82 Z1 JACKIE CALLOWAY LARRY SHEPHERD JACKIE TUCKER TERRY STANLEY End Guard Tackle Halfback 42 SEASON SUMMARY FRANKLIN WILLIAMSON Guard - Shorthorns 6 Odessa 51 Shorthorns 6 Sweetwater Z0 60 Shorthorns 6 Abilene 32 f II'I' 'I""""' "I"- JIMMY WHITEFIED- Shorthorns Z Colorado City O a Shorthorns l9 Andrews 33 BUDDY BARNES, STEER BACK, MEETS HEAD ON WITH A SNYDER TIGER AS HE PICKS SHORT YARDAGE . LUTHER BELL Tackle JIM DON WILLIAMS Tackle DENNIS HOLMES Tackle L , rr ,Juv 30 31 64 92 73 GAIL KILGORE BILLY BOB JOHN PUCKETT JOE CLENDENIN SAM COPELIN End LEWALLEN Tackle Halfback Tackle Halfback BOBBY SUGGS, STEER END, RETURNS A KICK OFF PLAY FOR A IO YARD GAIN AGAINST SNYDER. sf - 66 80 DICKY GREGORY SCOTTY ELLISON Center Halfback '73 J' Q 64 W K . GEORGE LOWKE Tackle AL iv YA 12 73 BILLY BOB SATTERWHITE CHUBBY MOSER Quarterback Tackle 311. Q54 - -4 A I957 BASKETB LL TE M fLeft to rightl Jesse McElreath, Billy Bluhm, Frank Hardesty, Don Anderson, Jan Loudermilk, Ricky Terry, Jimmy Evans, Donald Lovelady, Mike Musgrove, Billy Bob Satterwhite. Center, Coach Johnny Johnson. Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big 72 Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring 82 75 64 71 57 65 74 62 53 103 52 53 SEASON RECORD Lame sa Sweetwater Andrews Snyder Monahans Jefferson QEI Pasoj Andrews Lame sa Lampasas Tivy fKerrvil1eJ MCC allum fAustinl Victoria Won 18 - Lost 6 63 33 33 55 51 68 59 48 60 40 41 49 Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Alpine Midland Abilene Snyder Midland Ode ssa Abilene San Ang Midland Ode ssa Abilene San Ang elo elo nys .nike Q C '-f,: Q, El 4' 1 JOHN P. YATES JOHNNY JOHNSON SAM BELL "C" Tearn Coach Head Basketball Coach "B" 'Foam Coach Coach Johnny Johnson and his starting five included fright Al' TEAM MANAGERS to leftl Jimmy Evans, Donald Lovelady, Jesse McElreath, Kelsey Meek Mike Musgrove, and Jan Loudermilk. Bill Norred -J .Y f i- ' 5 L 32? 2 +5 N. "wade-, Na,- -3 , fu vi' 1. . '-'vnunqgq,'llini, ---..,,-.-.-,,,,, A . v . ,W 13 , 5 ff.. Q .F 11',f'A"? Eg 'A Q .vw .NX ,J sf. i X Q A 'Q-fi, A SS if X -..-f 41 X , -S2 '52 Q wi -..- 1 ,lx f I Rx ,J f Q , A gh , K A ii 7 Q :lv A E X' ,wk gif' 73- ur Q 51,2 ft Sf? Q35 1 gi K .Ll 3 ix Q 5 1 e K "QE -Hff . QV Q, fiffg if lg A 4 m . 2. KX 1 K I w Wife, 91 fi A3 W if 1 'Vinni- 'i Us 3 2 if 3 K ,,,,. K MA, v.,.f.-.ffm-W., MH -X ff A v A : ,.L, ,, Vv,Q , ,,,, M ,,,,NN,,.M, ,N ,-.,.,.,,..,L ., WN. - - K, W, M W., M, M f ,. ,,,,m,.,..,....,.h....wmf.-W T. -www WM ,...,.,.,. ,..w.M,,, ,,,.,..,..,.W M M .MW ,W,.,N..W,,,.,a.w-MW-ww-W-W 1" ' " "" """'A""""""'k""W'M'V" " A if 5 QQ ' wb Q X flfi ? X .QL-7.-1 23:1-3' M . M N :,., Ex EERS W zu QM-l-uf QKEEPQS , 9115 TS M E A Yi 6 6 is its :K i im ' S 1 E A,b:i I M T Xa' B 971 ,.......i.. .gaps waxes STEERS C 2 6 1' Jvhy H, x X L' : V "Sf W,- STEEQS 9 QKEERS X, hui in ,Y ,441-W if .N 9: x. l957 VGLLEYBALL TEAM Left to Right: June Arm Johnston, Elaine Russell, Peggy lsaacks, Jean Peters, Barbara Hale, Freda Donica, Lynda Glenn, Nita Farquhar. Left to Right: COACH ANNA SMITH MANAGER SHERRY COATS co-CAPTAINS A BARBARA HALE FREDA DONICA "A" SQUAD RESERVES fLeft picturej JUNE ANN JOHNSTON, PEGGY ISAACKS, BARBARA BURCHETT, CAROL SELF. X is as-, TRACK TE M FIRST ROW: B. Johnson, R. Phillips, B. Satterwhite, B. French, C. Russell, F. Williamson, F. White S. Ellison, F. Powell, B. Barnes, and B. Lawdermilk. SECOND ROW: D. Anderson, E. Kenney, D. Phillips, G. Kilgore, W. Phillips, F. I-Iardesty, D. Gregory R. Flowers, J. Forester, C. Green, B. Wallace, and Wesley Grigsby, trainer. THIRD ROW: E. Slate, B. McCrary, M. Smith, I. Evans, B. Grimes, .T. Loudermilk, I. Brooks, D. Holmes E. Eastman, D. Conley, R. King, J. Janak, and H. Bently, coach. BELOW SPRINTERS LEFT TO RIGHT B McCrary D Conley B Johnson I Evans R Flowers G Kilgore R Phillips B Barnes .T Ianak R King S Ellison E Slate andF Hardesty HURDLERS B. Lawdermilk, and D. Ande I'SOl'1 Nm wg 3 '.,,, , 51 if 45 w MVS I ,Q , W f em fsfx., sk shi A u Q T MM' 4918+ 4 hh ' ,s 4. si? RN fn xaif 54 in W- swag fi! ,fm sf . ,,,,,,, J, Jw xg 'WT' 4 ,Q nf-if ini If , - 'P -' . a. J. , ff' X X K I if i .. . V' , ' 2 f' 'er i it T ' . 1 J :V ,X-,QA i , . gf: , ,V ' ' f 'K ,, . -. aw.. ' A ' V if ,, Q nf 1 ' WvJw,,..' . 'Q fia- .? X .A . if A 'A ' '45 ,Y f 1,2 K -Q. WMM QE' 7 M' 4 ',,,,w"' 5, fig 'Uk Ag 7' N J 1 W W' f' 2. f ' " V A wi ' . , ' .. H, 3:25. ' .ig--.7,TA'M1 32? ffm Q' V1 'Q 3 ' '5 , ,'.f1s3+?'ii1tp M 1' , fy ? L ' X . -asf, 'iff-iw-1i1 1QL,Tp M f ' A Q f ,. g .4 .xmclg 55, A ,ffl , V M wh D6 .V S Ll V: . gfjk L 7 'L M V X 5 H" f if W, ' it A . s-N f ,IS ,, Q, A f A fin ff R. wg ,. 1 , 1 ' , . . fr,ff.X,+ -. .4 ,gg ff in .L.4yg- f ' -wa' MH 51, 27,3 X,-v'?ffw" " Q X wig' 0, " X, J' 5? as 96' f ' . W' .riff Y' rep ' -v,-r K f " ' I ' Q if wg, - W rwfwxg V I 'W BASEBALL TEAM First row, left to right: D. Birdwell, B. Bluhm, I. Mclvlahen, S. Sarmiento, R. Terry, G. Whittington, G. Pea cock, P. Daniels, B. Suggs, B. B. Lewallen, B. Rogers. Second row: E. Hollis, K. Johnson, K. Kupper, el9P. Hollis, B. Mclvlahan, I. Thomas, C. Moser, QT. Tucker, R. Del Gado, I. B. Clendenin, W. Bell 1 TBelow left, left to right: Catchers, K. Kupper, S. Sarmiento, R. Terry, standing, Coach Baird. Below right left to right: lnfielders, kneeling, I. B. Clendenin, R.DelGadog standing, P. Daniels, G. Peacock, and W. Bell Bottom left: Outfielders,kneeling, I. Tucker, I. Mclvlahen, Cv. Whittington, B. B. Lewalleng standing, J. Callaway, I. Thomas, P. Hollis. Bottom right: Pitchers,kneeling, K.Iohn C. Moser, B. Rogers, standing, B. Bluhm, D Birdwell, B. Suggs, and E. Hollis. an 7 wp' sl? 14, sta ':S?g"4" xl Sl M' M11 N TENNIS TEAM Right, kneeling, left to right: Nita Farquhar, Glenda Wilson, Patsy Pot- ter, Brenda Patton. Standing, Lynn Porter, Virginia John S on , Janice Downing. Golf Left, kneeling, left to right: Steven Baird, Bruce Moore, C ha rle s Morris, Whitney Reynolds, Rob- ert Whittington. Standing, left to right: Donald L ov e l a d y , Mike Musgrove, Johnny R oy Phillips, Dwaine McRorey, and Coach John Perry Yates. TENNIS TEAM Left to right: Royce Rainey, Bill Norred , Robert Stripling, Allen Glaser, Jerry Bowie, and Jessie McElreath. 83 'x'A5x Mental, Morai,i and Physical Discipline Organizations RONNIE KING PRESIDENT STUDE T COUNCIL ew t 1 1 tt 1 Sue Boykin First Vice- President Wesley Grigsby Second Vice- President Janet Hogan Recording Secretary Sue Barnes Corresponding Secretary Annette Boykin Senior Repre- sentative Lou Ann White Johnny Janak Jerry McMahen Lewis Porter Jean Robison Senior Repre- Senior Repre- Senior Repre- Senior Repre- Senior Repre- 6 sentative sentative sentative sentative sentative Unde r the able leadership of sponsors, Mrs. Betty Lou Ratliff and Mr. Don Green, the 1956- 57 Student Council accomplished much during the year. Some of the activities and projects credited to the Council were Homecoming, var- ious assemblies,the Halloween Carnival, Christmas Formal, Ranch Days, and Kid'sDay. R onnie King, president, and Janet Hogan, re- cording secretary, plan the sche dule forthe Council. ter Dickinson George Peacock Kathaleen Thomas Junior Represent- tive ative Jr Represent- sentative ,,.A gr txwfftb? gn, it f,, , ,W M i Q. K ff Opal Hancock Judy Reagan Valjean La Croix Sophomore Repre- Toni Thomas Sophomore Repre- sentative Stephen Baird Junior Repre- Sophomore Repre- Junior Represent- Junior Repre- sentative sentative ative sentative Brenda Gordon Junior Represent ative 87 IACQUELINE SMITH Jean Robison Sue Boykin Art Editor Senior Editor Samrnie Sue McComb Staff Assistant Dickie Madison Photographer Staff Assistant M. 9 EI Rodeo Danne Green demonstrates the correct wa to mount pictures to the senior membe ofthe El Rodeo staff Mrs ErmaSteward sponsor, watches. Danne Green Club Editor Susan Landers George Peacock Assistant Sports Editor ,ffl , ,,v K :Q 4 Nancy King Activitie s Editor Opal Hancock Mary Lane Staff Assistant Staff Assist Brenda Gordon Barbara Staff Assistant Staff As Q 5 ,W f v' V ' 2 '12 ffl asf'- - A an Q ,, 4 R ' Vfffz , 44 .fig f Q W ef ' .Q xv '46 '21 gf? , Qi , v Ay M. uf' . .V 51A Jggifgfy f 1 if fm :V ,mil V2 ,mira - W 5 if 51" -gif A Wlgivii? .. , . Nw I - ,fy nm, ' 1 17415 in Sivjw Q ff M,-' QF 5 I -" 124352535 if 47 fr SQ ., ....,...... ... ,. , , in f .Wim W .ry - 41 .. -: . 55 2 my ,...A , 55.52 s x Fr. ....,.m.,..,A , , . . , M-MW-.,, m K . if MMT. ,f.-,A,,w..ib ..NA W ,, M ' W, A , ' V g,.7 4 5- gf A 5' A' ' JF J 5165 Q .. Q ua? SF . , , , Qfquf V m J. 'Y ' ' ,-' W E., i ' :" ' .. . ' 3? h M gf? , .W f-x3 Xi if f 335: gi ,- 1 , x V QL - , .MF - - - .-QA 'ss 4: W-.. iw- 6 f ' . fa 1, il" 1,3 in , 1 ' , ,C . . B A . ' fifx' 1 f 'glfvl-M1 F13-np 3- f N., ,H fi 1 YW 33? a L. - ua QQELQ N9 'Ni i Q 6 asf f RY 21 Spanish Club Sammie Sue McComb, president, and Lou An White, vice-president, discuss a Spanish Clu project, that of selling ads for one of the schoo plays. Spanish students follow the ancient tradition of opening the pinata at Christmas. FRONT ROW: Carol Holmes, Lucy Thompson, Sammie McComb, Linda Heflin, Karen Montgomery, Cecilia McDonald, Shirley Burns, Lou Ann White, Charlene Campbell, Koila Grant, Kay Kirby, Susan Landers, Peggy Issacks. SECOND ROW: Marie McDonald, Mary Oliphant, Nancy Cunningham, Virginia Cain, Sue Boykin, Judy Reagan, Gay Bounds, Patsy Potter, Fan Barber, Linda Woodall, Kay Chadd, Beverly Alexander. THIRD ROW: Lougenia Smith, Mary Ann Nugent, Judy Reynolds, Lynn Porter, Mildred Heard, Kay Loveland, Sharon Creighton, Dorothy Robinson, Ronnie Buie, Benard McMahen, Alvin Marin. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Pitzer, Barry Clayton, .Terry Robinson, Charles Arnold, Frank Hardesty, Horace Hamilton, Tommy Williams, Jerry Buie, Thomas Williams, Billy Evans, Wilson Bell, Jerry Brooks, Miss Slaughter, sponsor. Latin Club HILL ecretary discuss plans for the Roman Banquet eld in the spring. aiting for classes to begin, the officers of the Club, Danne Green, p r e S i d e n tg Doyle vice-president, and Barbara Shields, The Latin Club relaxes at a coke party held as a result of one hundred percent participation in the United Fund Drive. FRONT ROW: Jacqueline Smith, Linda Nichols, Barbara Shields, Annette Boykin, Sandy Sloan, Sue Barnes, Wynona Duke, Rae Ellen Gilbert, Beth Ennis, June Vaughn. SECOND ROW: Danne Green, Carol Rogers, Kathy McRee, Charlene Lansing, Wilma Cole, Valjean La Croix, Peggy Autry, Lorene Miears, Diane Crabtree, Sandra Talley, Sherry Coats. THIRD ROW: Jerry Robinson, Doyle Phillips, Bobby McMillan, David Yater, Bob Leach, Robbie Allen. 93 FIRST ROW: Annette Boykin, Francis Davie, Carol Lewis, Claudia Nichols, Pat Hinson, Jacqueline Smith, Darlene Copelin, Linda Nall, Sue Nunley. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ratliff, sponsor, Jean Robison, Judy Masters, Barbara Shields, Carol Rogers, Wilma Moore, Joyce Newton, Dorothy Mabe, Faye McClusky. THIRD ROW: Barbara Hale, Evelyn Hardin, Terral Turner, Laura Rhoten, Shiela Holmes, Londa Coker, Kay Jamison, Willie Lawson, Freda Donica. The officers of the Shorthand Club, Jean Robison, president, Judy Masters, treasurerg Londa Coker, vice-president, and Jacqueline Smith, secretary,watch as the president demonstrates the correct way to file. SHDRTHA D CLUB Barbara Shields and Willie Lawson put into practice the shorthand techniques they learned the first of the year. FIRST ROW: Jerry McMahen, Johnny Janak, Donnie Bryant, George Peacock, D.J. Davis, sponsor, Donald Lovelady, Billy Bob Satterwhite, Jerry Robinson, Jesse McElreath, Kelsey Meek, Don Anderson, SECOND ROW: Tommy Pickle, Dwayne McRorey, Jackie Touchstone, Tommy Buckner, Bruce Moore, Bobby Grant, Guinette Gibbs, Julius Baird, Robert Stripling. THIRD ROW: Bob Leach, Barton Grooms, Ronnie Phillips,Edgar Phillips, Bob McAdams, Buddy Barnes, Bill French, Roger Flowers, Franklin Williamson, Benny McCrary. The officers of the Key Club, D.J. Davis, sponsor, Tommy Pickle, secretary-treasurer, Kelsey Meeks, program chairman, Johnny Janak, president, and Ronnie Phillips, vice-president, smile for the KEY CLUB Cafflera. , ,MSQX ,Vid CLLQXR l ,L all , W, AFQ Noe N'-s,NA5fv f ' Ronnie Phillips and Jackie Touchstone sell re- freshments during the basketball games as one of the projects of the Key Club. 'D I ' Mr. Truett Vines, sponsor, is shown with the officers of the F.F.A., Bruce Moore, president, Eddie Whitaker, vice-president, Tommy Buckner, reporter, Charles Engle, treasurer, George Lowke, secretary, and Lanny Hamby, sentinel, before leaving Charlf-2SEng1e and Leslie White for the livestock shows they attended this year. block a lamb to further their chances of winning ablue ribbon at the El Paso livestock show in February. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Luan Lawson F.F.A. Sweetheart m' nu- AJ TOP ROW: Melvin Bryant, Ronnie -Aison, Jackie Overtu f, Jimmy Whitefieldf arry Nix, Charles Engle, Jerry McCormick, Esco Hamlin, Ronnie Hubbard. SECO . visor, Mr. Vines, Kimmie Long, Jerreyl Marion, Lloyd Cobb, John Puckett, Milton Denton, Charles Russell, Mr. Holmsley, Prac- tice teacher from Texas Tech. THIRD ROW: Jim Don Williams, Phillip Riddle, Leslie White, Roger Fleckenstien, lssak Jones, Kenneth Tindol, Ronnie Bingham, Johnny Lee. FOURTH ROW: George Lowke, Robert Whittington, Eddie Whitaker, Randall Holbrook, Joe McCown, Tommy Buckner, Bruce Moore, Marion Masters. 97 X I TRI-HI-Y Closlng the meetlng 1n regular order wlth th f e r1endsh1p c1rc1e are off1cers CeC1l1a McDonald h1stor1an Sue Barnes treasurer Lou Ann Wh1te f1rst vlce pres1dent Iacquellne Smlth presldent Danne Green second v1ce pres1dent Sue Boykm secretary and Londa Coker parl1amentar1an TOP ROW McDonald Barnes Green Smlth Whlte Boykln Coker SECOND ROW Mohbs Lansmg Rogers Sponsor Holmes Agee Cox THIRD ROW Gardner G1rdner Letcher Don1ca Cray Sluelds Rogers FOURTH ROW Franklln McDonald Isaack Barber Bennett Porter Peters Hancock Montgomery Boyd Hale Reynolds Reagan FIFTH ROW Cunnmgham LaCro1x Caln Ollphant Don1ca Coleman Hawk1ns Sledge Pond Grxfford Greenwood Arrlck Johnston Farquhar McComb Parks Klrby Crelghton Barr Sloan SIXTH ROW Guthr1e Pear son Horton IN1chols McMahen Coleman Gordon Freeman Fuqua Thomas Coffee W1ll1ams Everett SEVENTH ROW Baker Ph1ll1pS Coats Hefley F1ncher Cauble Thomas Chadd Cul well Greenless Rogers Woodall Helms Eblmg Nugent The off1cers ofthe H1 YClub Logan Boles parlumentaman Denms Jones treasurer Donald Lovelady repo ter Donme Bryant chaplaln I hnn .Ianak secretary Walter D1ck1nson ser leant at arms Lew1s 0 Y Porter v1ce presmlent l1sten as the presldent If rry McMahen out l1neS the program for the second semester J J JXT5 'f TOP ROW Bluhm, Grant,Anderson, Terry, Musgrove,D1ck1nson,Porter, J'ones,Ma111n SECOND ROW Pmckle, Kmg, Whmttmgton, Powell, Mclviahen, Janak, Lovelady, Bryant, Forrester, Chbbs, Oldam, Sponsor, Gr1mes, Boles THIRD ROW Grlgsby, Lowke, French, Ph1ll1ps, Baud, 5tr1p Img FOURTH ROW Harr1son, Barnes, Gl1ckman,Peacock, batterwlute FIFTH ROW F1ShOI, h b ons Holmes Gregory SIXTH ROW Parnell -de Graffenrem Moore, Buckner , Leec , 1mm , , MOTFIS, Reynolds SEVENTH ROW Arnold, Ph1ll1PS, Brown, WF1 S-1 :SM 5 . W 't v gg Q ,ai ?1 gifs. I :sf .., I' 5' fm Q I r WF!'f 2 my ,gg 645324 X F his 1 lil .' x if uv as 1? ' J "'i'i Q. 1 I ! 5 :- ' Fvxzw: W Q N, -f ljf: f'Q+f, V, xx X Q i Sv X .f X f A 4 43.1 5 wg J! g 'kg f. 134 4 Q if "iff 'jpg -. ,.,:,- 'K fy ' W ' f f 5 ff? F!! X' N 3 .M 3 f f W 'MMS K ' fd H' EY ly ex. H ,Spice A f '13 if 4 , x M 'fi' ,L n I SEATED: Roni Raybon, Lynn Anderson, Linda Nichols Nita Jones Prissy Pond STANDING: Mack Godwin, Sponsor, Wesley Grigsby Stephen Build Dennis .Tones lxelsy Meeks Julius Glicknum. ,.z""l. ,J-1 fAbovel Dennis Jones, president, gives his opinion ofthe question under discussion while Julius Glick- man, vice-president, Nita Jones, secretary, and Stephen Baird, treasurer, take notes and watch. Here some of the members of the club are shown as they do research of the question of farm pro- duction. fn-aaa -SV .,-,- Future Teachers of America it 1 at if tit ,, 3 ,M , fr- .. , W, , f r Terral T u r n e r , presidentg Melva Turner, reporterg Patsy Potter, his- torian, and Pat Bradford, sec.-treas., discuss the pr ogram for the next club meeting. if Left to Right: Terral Turner,Melva Turner, Pat Bradford, Jennie McEvers,Kay Coleman, Sherry Coats, Camille Hefley, Denise Honey, Miss Hill, sponsor. F.T.A. members look forward to the day when they will teach their own students. Until then, they get a thrill out of spending a day at one of the ward schools putting their knowledge into practical use. The Majors Club Officers ofthe Majors Club plan fu- ture activities following one of their meetings. They are Elaine Russell, historiang Pat Hinson, p r e s id e n tg Sherry Coats, chaplaing Barbara Burchett, secretaryg Frances Davie, reporterg and Carol Self, vice-pres- ident. X ,J lx FRONT ROW: Mrs. Russell, sponsor, Camille Hefley, Carol Self, Frances Davie, Pat Hinson, Nita Farquhar. SECOND ROW: Arlinda Grifford, Elaine Russell, Judy Masters, Kathaleen Thomas, Linda Bond, June Ann Johnston, Miss Phillips, Miss Smith, sponsors. THIRD ROW: Melba Borough, Sherry Coats, Jacqueline Cox, Barbara Hale, Freda Donica,Eleanor Price, Peggy Issacks, Helen Cvray, Barbara Burchett, Lucy Thompson, Sandy Hale, Mary Oliphant, Donnie Mabe. Members of the club enjoy a volleyball game. The sponsor of the club, Miss Anna Smith, watches with interest. FRONT ROW: Eddie Swinney, Mrs. Johansen, sponsor, Patsy Potter, Darlene Calvert, Elaine Taylor, Dorothy Robinson, JacquelineCox, Billie Turner, Lucy Thompson, Janette Caldwell, Katherine Greenlees, Wynona White, Harriett Arnett. SECOND ROW: Lillie Roberts, Gary Hoskins, June McElrath, Janis Kirby,Anna Houchin, Lougenia Smith, Carol Wilson, Carolyn Helms, Linda Bond, Mary Ruth Barrington, Barbara Riggins, Brenda Patton,lrene Rudd, Barbara Sneed. THIRD ROW: Nancy McCullough, Renee Howell, Mary Cathcart, Coy Thomas, Walter Patton, Troy McClendon, Melvin Fryar, Sharon Brooks, Betty Guthrie, Maudene Bennett. FOURTH ROW: Tony Hampton, Benny McCrary, Jackie Tucker, Eddie Kenny, Don Richardson, Burke Plant, Kenneth Pitzer, Billy Ellison, Dalton Conway, Tim Gunn. The Bible Club ,amy One of the projects of the Bible Club this year was the program for the annual Easter assembly. The club officers Eddie Swinney, president, Carolyn Helms, first vice-president, Linda Bond, second vice-president, 104 and Mary Barrington, secretary, were in charge of the assembly. A Cappella Choir TheACappella Choir performed for the students of B.S.H.S. several times during the year, The officers Gay Bownds, sec.-treas.g Patsy Potter, president, Melva Turner, librarian, and Robby Allen, vice-president, are shown with their spon- sor, Mr. Bill Dawes, as they practice for one of the assemblies. FRONT ROW: Darlene Agee, Pat Rogers, Dorothy Mabe, Mary Oliphant, June Vaughn, Melva Turner, Patsy Potter, Janice West, June McElrath, Joan Riddle, Sandy Sloan, Carolyn Hoggard, Janet Dietz, Bonnie Fox, Dorothy Robinson. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Helms, Carol Wilson, Lougenia Smith, Gay Bownds, Charlene Lansing, Helen Gray, Nita Jones, Janice West, Vickie Fritzgerald, Valjean LaCroix, Judy Shields, Janet Carpenter, Stella Haley, Shiela Holmes, Rachel Hammock. THIRD ROW: Bobby McMillan, Kenneth Pitzer, Barry Clayton, David Yater, Robby Allen, Doyle Phillips, Bud Hill, Haley Haynes, Glenda Mahoney, Amelia Duke. -,Q-u ' 'Y , .Y , K ff QQ L P V 1 V . fart Ill! K I kklff A . I x 'N' ' Q. I vp . . ,M .- in v ,Y 5- 5 'gf A 'L-' M: iff: 995' F ' 'V 'Lf Q' V' E ww n f . ,Q Q -N -I " 1 - 'W f . ' Q. if M, ,vt ,Ji Jw .x an yfirfi f A 2 A 9 , -v.. , It ff, V . W - 1 A 'W 6,5 w X V' 1 V .4 5 A,: 1 ,. ..., , - Q 1 I ,., gi Y .M ' A. K kr. if TI Nr Y iw:-M ' Q . ' X . gk W fig -ff? 4 f Ml. ..,,,f, I fgfffi Wag! if it :R 1 N. 1 3 Q P . 'lui . 4 f V 'V Q , X xv!! ' , i ' fkkgy ii 'Ak Wk! 'll W1 1' ui ' fmf l . 4? , W '3 , X 'sf 3 , 15+ fr Q R fr R- L57 K M I 5 A A ' . Y, x , N A W I1 4 ,V mg, 'A -5 , 4 x 1 V 4 -, 2, AI ,- K' Q 1 Y- 'ff , , gg If 1 ' x :il , N V- 2 ,A ' J 'N' ' 'ik i I V, "' ' W wi .nm J. , . ff 3 I , Q ,QV -44 J M r I wi wx , I 3, ,A ' ' f ' -f iw 6 , J 5 5 A F M -w f.-4 w K . LD, Q X Q V M iw R LQ W A. s Q. 01, ws- - A h 5 ' " b- Wai ii, ' ' ix ffx ' - '- I .. , A 5 5' E E , sr, I . XY, . fa 3 Q' L, . I U , ffsgm Q gg ' ' ' 1' 4 K if W K ' ' w.,,m, A-1 .. . - a-QW 'ft L if -U x ff 59 5 'U'- ,, --- I "'. I ' ' 43- 5' L 'Q' m Y. 3 nv' -iv -if 'W' 0 HERSCHEL STOCKS MAJOR S SPORTSMAN CAROL MARKHAM D.E. SWEETHEART AMELIA DUKE V I C SWEETHEART CLUB TERRAL. TURNER F.T.A. SWEETHEART PERSONALITIE .TANET HOGAN BAND QUEEN 4 JAMES FORRESTER F HA DREAMBCY 10 96 H1 02 0A,A9x Personnel ge 5, Mr. Floyd Parson, servinghis first year as Su- perintendent ofthe Big Spring Public Schools, has filled his position with rare ability and un- ceasing loyalty. He has revealed a keen desire to help each of us make our high school careers profitable. ADMINISTRATION ii es, John Dibrell VS- , R3 Omar Jones Mr. Clyde Angel, president of the School Board, highly de- serves the recognition of the student body for the fine lead- ership displayed in the past years. Robert Stripling Tom Guin Tom McAdams G t , Q A ' 1 1, 1 :' l l. f fif R. W. Thompson BOARD OF EI smstant pr1nc1pa1 of Mr.BennyPiersonhas both a trusted friend visor of the students. w DON GREEN GLENN GUTHRIE MRS. I. HARRIS MRS.l HARRINGTON TOMMYE HILL gf?bf'Zi-GPOYTTCNTY Mathematics Librarian Secretary Algebra qijfai- .-.I I , ff x 5' I K' 3 l 5 vos., S. W. HUMPHREY JOHN JOHNSON LOUIS MANEELY MRS. B. MAVES IONE MCALISTER Typing-Bookkeeping P.E.-Coach Industrial Arts Social Science English , 1' I., The commercial depart ent offers courses in typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, and business math. K l. These courses encourag? the students to setup a program to prepare them for vocationalcompetency. 3, ., A E 2, ii x an ' 'NK f 'E af' my 9' 4 Q' . f . . W 1 FRANK MCDONALD EDNA MCGRECOR MRS. PAT MURPHY BETTY L. RATLIFF CLYDE ROWE History Homemaking Library Clerk Secretarial Training Band ED SHIVE C. SLAUCHTER ANNA SMITH MRS. IANN STEVENS MRS. E. STEW Industrial Training Spanish P F' Coach Social Science Journalism- :Q F 5 ., if. 'Q t' wr U' . P A bg Wi W F C Publications Learning of woodworking trades, carpentry, cabinet making, furniture construction, designing, decorating and refinishing is a basis for those students entering trades and industries. This training helps to create a desire for a better quality of manufactured goods. It also offers an opportunity to those students who wish to enter the professional field of this work or to those who want to develop a hobby. A 'QV 11 f if W, 3, Q- 'il' df 259' .. .. 3 ., lf. , ,F V. ,yr I E . .-f" : . ',.- TRUETT VINES Agriculture MRS. RITA WEEG English an it jp f F 3 .IOHN YATES MRS. G. CRENSHAW MRS. E. MILLER MRS. L. MITCHELL History-Coach Cafeteria FACULTY AU ILIARY STAFF L to R - Dan Payne, I. D. Roberts, Joe Turner, Custodians. The course in Home Economics devel- ops abilities and skills which meets the needs of a homemaker. These include the care of children, construction of g a r m e n t s , planning an d preparing meals, practical knowledge of nutrition and etiquette OSCAR WEST R.M. WILLIAMS MRS. H. WORLEY English Biology Study Hall 11 liii I X . 1 g . N Q EDWARD MOORE Cafeteria Cafeteria Custodian ga .. , 4 , K I .-i- T.. 1 if C 5 s - 1 . ' Z 5 , s 5 i , a L f 4 :fi y E: 3 Q Y PS ii: T E W '. gg? , 3 V Q EV , E E 1 i 5 1. Q i iii E ' 'H Q 359 SE ICR CLASS OFFICERS Pres1dent Jerry McMahen V1ce Pres1dent Nancy Kmg Secretary Annette Boykln O BRYANT, BILL -- F.F.A. Rep. BROWN, JOHN -- F.F.A. Parl. Seniors AGEE, DARLENE -- Tri-Hi-Y , Future Home- maker ofthe Year '55-'56, F.H.A. Sec. and Parl., Soc. Editor of Corral. ANDERSON, DON -- Hi-Y, Key Club, Band Capt., A and B Basketball, Trck. AUTRY, ROBBIE BAILEY, JBss JR. -- V.I.C. BARNES, SUE -- Homecoming Queen, F.F.A. Sweetheart, Cheerleader, Student Council Sec., Tri-Hi-Y Treas., Spanish Club V. Pres., Beauty Nominee, Tennis, Volleyball, Football Queen. BEENE, MARY ANN -- Band, F.H.A. BENJAMIN, MARY ANN -- D.E. Club. BENNETT, MAUDENE -- Band, F.H.A. BERRY, ROBERT -- F.F.A., I.C.T., V.I.C., Football, Transfer from Roscoe in Sept, '56, BILLINGS, ILENE -- F.H.A., D.E. BLUHM, BILLY -- I-Ii-Y, Basketball, B Foot- ball. BOLES, LOGAN -- Hi-Y Par1,,Band, Track, Spanish Club. BORDOFSKE, CALVIN -- Football Man a- ger, B Football, BOYKIN, ANNETTE -- Tri-Hi-Y I-list., F.H.A. Pres. and Tre as. , Sr. Class Sec., Student Council, BOYKIN, SUE -- Sophomore Favorite, Who's Who,Homecoming Queen Nominee,Cheer- leader, El Rodeo Sr. Editor, Student Coun- cil lst and 2nd V. Pres. , Tri-Hi-Y Sec., Hi-Y District V, Pres., F.H.A. District Song Leader, All School Play, Spanish Club. BRADFORD, PAT -- F.H.A. Hist., Tri-Hi-Y. - A-x --M W1 The Feta Tri-Hi-Y Club throws toast to the exes and wins third place in the Home- coming parade, BROWN, KIRBY BROWN, ROY -- V.I,C. V. Pres. , I.C.T. BRYANT, DONNIE -- Hi-Y Chaplain, Key Club, A and B Football, Track, BURKS, RONNIE -- Area F.F.A. Entertainer. CATHCART, MARY -- Corral, F.H.A. COKER, LONDA -- Halloween Queen, Tri- Hi-Y Parl. and Treas., Spanish Club, Short- hand Club V. Pres., F.H.A, COLLINS, DON -- Hi-Y, Track. CONWELL, JACQUETTA MARIE CONRAD, JOE -- Baseball, COPELIN, DARLENE -- F.H.A. COVERT, BOUNCE -- Football Manager, Tennis. COX, JACQUELINE -- F.H.A. P arl. , Tri- Hi-Y. CUNNINGHAM, CHARLES CURRIN, MIKE -- Key Club,Transfer from Wichita Falls in Sept. '56. DANIELS, JIMMIE -- F.15.A. DAVIE, FRANCES -- F.l-l.A., Shorthand Club, Majors Club, Volleyball. The spirit behind the Steers take their place in the Homecoming parade to sw hello to the exes, frm . DENTON, LEE -- V.I.C., Aces Auto Club V. Pres. DICKENSON , WALTER - - Sophomore Class Pres., Spanish Club Pres., Hi-Y Parl., Foot- ball, Track, Key Club, Student Council, Who's Who, Outstand- ing Student in World History. 6005 rf- siqbif 'SY' . GIRDNER, GERRY -- Debate Sec., Treas. and Parl, GOWAN, ANGELIA Seniors sec.,Tri-Hi-Y,F.H,A,,F.T,A,, DITTLOFF, WAYNE -- Key Club, Transfer from Wessington Springs, South Dakota in Feb, '56, DODD, KENNETH -- F.F.A., Ace s Auto Club V. Pres. DONICA, FREDA -- Spanish Club, Tri- Hi-Y, Shorthand, F.H,A, Sec., Volleyball. DUKE, AIVIELIA -- V.I.C. Reporter. DUNCAN, OLLIE RUTH DUNNAM, CHARLES -- Hi-Y, Footb all. EVANS, BILLY -- Hi-Y, Outstanding Stu- dent in Music. FIERRO, EMILIANO -- Spanish Club, Band. FISHER, PAT -- B Football, Transfer from Folsom High, Sept. '55, FLECKENSTEIN, ROGER -- F.F.A., Band. FLORES, AURORA -- Spanish Club, Corral Staff. FLOWERS, ROBBIE -- Spanish Club, Major- ette,D.O. Sweetheart,V.I.C, Rep., Volley- ball. FLYNN, PAT -- Band, GARDNER, ANITA -- Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club. GIBBS, GULNETTE -- Hi-Y, A and B Foot- ball, Track. GILLILAND, It seems Helen, Kathy, and Londa are enjoying the football dance but Carol and Jacqueline don't appear too happy. GRANT, BOBBY -- Hi-Y , F.F.A. Sec., F.T.A,, Outstanding Student in L.A. and Bible. GRAY, HELEN -- Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A.V. Pres. and Pres., Spanish Club, Manager Volley- ball Team. GREEN, DANNE -- Dramatics Club Sec . , Latin Club Pres., El Rodeo Club Editor, Tri-Hi-Y 2nd V. Pres. and Pres., Halloween Queen Nominee, Fall and Spring Play. GRIFFIN, STAN -- Band. GRIMES, BUNKY -- Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Key Club, Football, Track. GROOMS, BARTON -- Band, Spanish Club, Key Club, Outstanding Student in L.A., Biology, and Chemistry. HAI-IN, BETTY HALE, BARBARA -- F.H.A., Corral Staff, Majors Club, Shorthand Club, Volleyball. HALL, PATRICIA -- F.H.A. HAMIMOCK, RACHEL -- F.H.A., Spanish. HARDESTY, FRANK -- Spanish Club, Bas- ketball, Baseball. HARDIN, EVELYN -- Shorthand Club. HARRIS, BETTY -- Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A. HARTER, MERL DEAN -- FO0tball,Basket- ball, Baseball, Track. HARTON, DEAN -- Transfer from Camp- bell, California, june '56, HERNANDEZ, RAUL -- Baseball. Receiving help on their projects from their shop teacher, Mr. Manneely, are Calvin Bordofske and Charles Dtmnarn. HEWElT,DONALD -- F.F.A.V. Pres., Track, Football, HILL, BUD -- Band. KC' 4? Af""" HINES, ROBERTA -- Band, Corral Staff. HINSON, PAT -- Majors Club,Corral Staff, Spanish Club, Dramatics Club , Shorthand Club, Volleyball. HOGAN, JANET -- Who's Who, Band Queen, Student Council Sec., All School Play, Beauty Nominee, Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain, Span- ish Club, F,H,A, HOLMES, JAMES -- D.E. HOLMES, SHEILA -- Spanish Club, Tri- Hi-Y, Transfer from Snyder in '55. HON, PAULA -- Transfer from Sheridan, Wyoming in '56, HONEY, DENISE -- Spanish Club, F.H.A., F.T.A. HORBATH, MIKE 55... gig, tT"TF.' My -Gr JOHNSON, JO D.E,, Transfer fro m Rockdale High School. JONES, DENNIS -- H1-Y Treas,, Key Club,B Football, Baseball, Drama Workshop, All School, Debate Club. 124 Seniors HOUCHIN, TROYCE -- Transfer from Monahans in March '55, HOWELL, RENEE -- Transfer from Kenner High School in '55, HUITT, KENNETH HULL, MIKE -- Nominee for Ranch Week Foreman, Football, Basketball, Track. JAMES, NEWLIN -- Track, Golf, Football, Basketball. JAMISON, KAY -- Tri-Hi-Y, Shorthand Club. JANAK,JOHNNY -- Sophomore and Junior F avorite , Student Council, Junior Class Pres., Who's Who, El Rodeo Sports Editor, Key Club Pres., Hi-Y Sec., Football Co- Capt., Track. JOHNSON, BILLY -- Key Club, Student Council, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Washing cars proved to be a good money raising project for the Senior Class. Helping their class out are Don Collins, Ronnie King, Billy Bluhm, and Glenn Whittington. JONES, RONALD LEE -- V.I.C., Tr ansfer from Roscoe in '56, KAY, BEVERLY KENNEDY, BETTY -- F.H,A.Sgt.-at-Arms, Corral Staff. KING, BILIIE JEAN -- Bible Club, Science Club, Spanish Club, Choir, D.E. KING, NANCY -- Senior Class V. Pres. , Beauty Nominee, Spanish Club, El Rodeo Jr, Editor and Activities Editor, Drama Workshop , F .I-LA., Tri-Hi -Y . KING, RONNIE -- Student Council Pr e s . , Spanish Club, Key Club, A and B Football, Track, Hi-Y. LACKEY, GERALD -- I-li-Y, F.F.A., Corral Business Manager, Football, Baseball. LANSING, CHARLENE -- Tri-Hi-Y Parl., F.l-LA. V. Pre s . , Corral Soc. Editor, The Forum, Choir. LAWSON, WILLIE DEE -- F.H.A., Volley- ball, Transfer from Stanton in '56, LETCHER, CAROL -- F.T.A. Sec., Tennis, Spanish Club, F.H.A., Tri-Hi-Y. LOVELADY, DONALD -- Corral Staff, Bas- ketball, Golf, Baseball, Key Club, Hi-Y, F.F.A. MCCLENDON, TROY -- Bible Club, Corral Staff, Baseball Mgr.,Transfer from Lamesa. MCCLUSKEY, WANDA FAYE -- F. H. A., Spanish Club, Outstanding Student in Book- keeping. MCCULLOUGH, NANCY MCDONALD, CECILIA -- Tri-Hi-Y Hist., F.H.A., Spanish Club. MCELRFATH, JESSE -- Corral Staff, Basket- ball, Track. Aurora Flores, like many other students, works in the office during her off period. McEVERS,JENNIE -- F. T. A. Rep. and V. Pres., F.H.A. Song Leader,Band, Downbeat Editor, Spanish Club. McMAHEN, JERRY -- S e nior Class Pres.,l-Ii-Y Sec. and Pres., Spanish Club, Key Club, Stu- dent Council, Football, Track, Baseball. G MCMILIAN, BOBBY -- Spanish Club, Fall and Spring All School Play, MCNALLEN, TOMMY -- Transfer from Forsan '52, MCREE, KATHY -- A C appella Choir, Ssphomore Class Sec.-Treas.,Corral Editor, Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Junior Class Sec.- Tre as. MABE, DOROTHY MARCHANT, CHARLES -- Hi-Y, Spanish Club. MASTERS, JUDY -- Football Queen Nomi- nee, Shorthand Club T r e as . , Volleyball, MILLER, CHARLES -- Transfer from Hous- ton '55. MOBBS,JO ANN -- Corral Club Editor, Transfer from Little Rock, Arkansas '56. MOLINA, ISABEL -- F.H.A., Spanish Club. MOORE, NATALIE MOORE, WILMA -- Bible, F.H.A., Short- hand. MUSGROVE, MICHAEL -- Hi -Y , Basket- ball, Capt., Track, Baseball, NALL, LINDA -- Transfer from Roswell, New Mexico '55. 'U' NEWSOM, NANCY -- F.H.A., Choir. NEWTON, JOYCE ELAINE -- Spanish Club, Band. NICHOLS, CLAUDIA -- F.H.A. 'rf-.ry , , fi A NORRIS, MARY -- F.H.A. NORWOOD, MARY 1 Working madly to meet their deadline are Carol Rogers, Copy Editor, Sue Boykin, Senior Editor, and Jacqueline Smith, Editor. NUNLEY, SUE CAROL -- F.H.A., Shorthand. PETERSON, CHARLES -- v.1.C. PETTITT, DAN PHILLIPS, DOYLE -- Spanish Club v. Pres. PHILLIPS, EDGAR -- Key Club, F. F. A. Treas. PHILLIPS, RONNIE -- Key Club, Hi-Y , Spanish Club, Football, Track. PICKLE, TOM -- Key Club, Outstanding Student in Algebra. PLANT, BURKE -- Band. PORTER, LEWIS -- Key Club, H1-Y, Stu- dent Council, Hi-Y V. Pres., Track, Foot- ball Co-Capt. POWELL, FRANK -- Hi-Y Treas., Spanish Club, Track, Football. PUCKETT, PHIL -- Baseball. RAINEY, ROYCE RASCO, CAROL -- F.H.A., Choir. RAY, SHIRLEY -- F.H.A.,Vo1leyball. RHOTON, LAURA -- Band, F.H.A. Major. Site. RICHARDSON, JERRY -- Key Club. RICHBOURH, ANN -- Tri- Hi-Y, F.H.A., Volleyball, Tumbling. ROBERTS, LILLIE -- F. H. A., Spanish Club. 3' - 2 fi " "You Ain't Nothin' but a Hound Dog" screams Eddie Sweeny at the Senior Side Show during the Halloween Carnival. TALLY ,JAN Aces Auto Club T ERRY , KAREN F T A Outstanding Student 1 n World History Seniors ROBESON, JANE VERNELL -- D.E. Club , Bible Club, F.H.A. ROBlSON,jEAN -- El Rodeo Art Editor, Sophomore V. Pres.,Student Council, Short- hand Club Pres., junior Class Favorite , Volleyball ROBINSON JERRY H1 Y ROGERS, CAROL The Forum, Drama Club, Tri H1 Y, Shorthand Club, Corral Scratch and Make Up Editors, El Rodeo Copy Editor ROGERS, PAT Band, Most Progress Band Member ROSS, FREDDIE Transfer from Bay C1ty I RUDD PAT Band, F H A RUSSELL, ELAINE F H A , Tri H1 Y Ranch Week Queen Nom1nee,Homecom1ng Queen Nominee, Volleyball SCOTT, KENNETH V I C , Ace s Auto Club SHIELDS, BARBARA Tri H1 Y, F H A Homecoming Queen Nom1nee, F ootb all Queen Nominee, Beauty Nominee The Forum Sec SHIRLEY DONNA Corral Feature Ed1tor SMITHJACQUELINE F H.A ,The Forum, Spa.n1sh Club Sec Treas , Shorthand Club Sec , El Rodeo Editor, Tri H1 Y V Pres , Pres , Outstanding Student 1n Typing SMITH SHIRLEY STOCKS, HERSCHEL H1 Y, Corral Sports Editor, Football, Track SUGGS, BOBBY F F.A Pres ,Corral Sports Editor, Football Track SWINNEY, EDDIE Bible Club Pres mn Pancho Mclviahan and Pedro Anderson pantomime "Screen Door" at the Halloween C arn 1 v a l Pancho likes small instruments TERRY, RICKY -- F,F.A., Hi-Y, Football, Baseball, Basketball. THOMAS, COY THOMPSON, LUCY -- Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A. Spanish Club. TUCKER, RICHARD -- D.O., F.F.A. TURNER, BILLIE TURNER, TERRAL -- F.H.A., F.T,A. Pres URIBE, ARNOLD WAITS, JIMMY -- V.I,C, ,f 4 X' WALLACE, BOB -- Track. WARD, C, P. -- V.I.C. WEBB, ANN -- D.E. WHITE, LOU ANN -- Tri-Hi-Y Treas., Pres., Hist., Spanish Club Sec,-Treas., V Pres. , Cheerle ader, F.H.A., Student Colmcil WHITTLNGTON, GLENN -- Spanish Club, Hi-Y Sec., Football, Baseball, WILKERSON, HOMER LEE -- F.F.A.,V.I.C. WILKINSON, DONALD -- D.E. WILLCOX, HELEN KAY -- Corral Exchange Editor, Tri-Hi-Y. YATER, DAVID -- Spanish Q Club. il . Hrs , XM Wh. I957 Kay Willcox and Brenda Barr, exchange editors on the Corral Staff, are sending out the latest edition of the paper to other schools. 129 30 WWI! JU IOR CLASS OFFICERS Presldent Barbara Coffee V1ce Presldent Brenda Gordon Secretary Sue Arrlck Aldridge, Hubert Alexander, Alan Allen, Robby Arnold, Audrey Arnold, Charles Arrick, Sue Aubrey, Roy Autrey, Gloria Baillo, Gwen Baird, Stephen Barr, Brenda. Beard, janey Bennett, Loretta Benthall, Wanda Bond, jamie Bounds, Gay Bradberry, Joy Brooks, Sharon Brovxm, Wendell Buckner, Tommy Buie, jerry Burchett, Barbara fr 1 fl' 1 9 ew 36, nf? f V, g,,,,g,,. , t I ' le',"' wr I L X A S S I ' fr if '31 r iff ,k ,Q i t Q ., ., Allll , rlr 1l'r ' 'rf A ' ul my I r M , f gl 1 l, Q ll: ' ' I , , l mx. Burke, Ed Burnam, Ronnie Butler, jo Ann Homecoming Queen, Valjean LaCroix, is rowned by Roy Worley, principal, while her wrt Dennis jones looks On. Others in her court Toni Thomas,Terry Stanley, Elaine Russell, 1 Musgrove, Opal Hancock, Bounce Co- Barbara Shields, and Donald Hewett. Cain, Virginia Calloway, jackie Juniors I9 8 RN X4 H, S S X ivfviiisxggim vs s 1.gE'5l.,5fss,- .. if rf s X' i r .4 X ,wg si . 3 ,fi xx? ?,1 is Q ,Q F is X 5 . ' :ri-f 1 - W an 3 if ,N .. L ig Q W. l , . , ,.g "If , 76 X " A N ' any L: 1, l e 2,1 -lf' r 2 . 5, ' Q r i A , W Quin - ': .Y 2 ' ' 3 . , , A -z , Vs: is ,. as xyfy , i . li gh, ,ky V X sa, . 4' f , g ig A - 1 7 55' 4 E I ll i 2? J E 132 iiiggsg K , is in aff' 1,1 i M L is is li ' -H: .-ei. . aaa i Edwards, Lane 0 Ng Elliott, Deanna Juniors 6: s ,lA , , Cannon, Don Carey, Maxie Carrell, Ernestine Cervantes, Noemi Clackum, Marie Coffee, Barbara Cole, Wilma Coleman, Carlene E'gI2EL-M325 Cook, Donald Crabtree, Diane Daniels, Preston Davidson, Don Davidson, Gerald Davis, jack Davis, joe Dawson, Diana z AA.-, ,5- de raffenreid, Adrian ,f Dietz, janet Dillard, Beverly Dodd, Nan Duke , Wynona Dunn, Dennis Dunnam, Barbara ' Ebersole , Chemistry 1S not all work' Some of these seen having fun are Bobby Overman,Pr1ssy Pond, Maxie Carey, Ronnie Burnam, deG3af- fen-gid, Gail Kilgore, and Lanny Hamby. Elliott, Phil Ennis, Beth Evans, jimmy Everett, Carolyn Falkner, Avery Farquhar, Nita Beth Fehler, Tommy Fierro, Belen Fitzgerald, Vickie Fowler, Mary Sue Fox, Bonnie Friederick, Eunice Fryar, Melvin Fuqua, Jean Gage, Billy Gent, Margaret Gilbert, Raellen Glaser, Allen Glenn, Lynda Glickman, Julius Gordon, Brenda Grantham, Ralph Gregory, Pete Greenwood, Avanel Grifford, Arlinda One of the attractions in the Homecoming Parade in dovmtovsm Big Spring was Valjean La Croix, the Homecoming Queen .- ' r' 'Us 7' y A ff 1 ' 5. .W i 5 Q 'Q F-r i E ,Y if-Tv , , ,f I, -X I-K eg nn , ,6'1' 5 s A A f- '13 l Mi ' 1 . i if Al ff' lg sq gg, X Q ." ' i 4.-' arf' 'G' Guthrie, Betty Gum, Tim Hack, Edna Halbrook, Randall Hamby, Lanny Hancock, Opal Harkrider, Anna Mae Harrison, Marjie Havens, Sandra Sue Hawkins, Judy Haynes, Haley Heard, Mildred Heflin, Linda Hester, Aline Hilger, Barbara Hoggard, Carolyn Holmes, Carol Jackson, Dick Jewell, Etta Lou johnson, jimmy johnson, Virginia jones, Karen jones, Nita Kcnne dy, Benson LaCroix, Valjean T h e sock hop following the H al l o w e Carnival was enjoyed by everyone Sandy Hale, Billy Bob Satterwhite, Susan 4 ders, Tommy Buckner, and Billy Rosser. Lawdermilk, Bobby Leach, Bob Lee , Shirley Lewaiien, Billy Bob Lewis, Barbara Lovelace, Tommie Lowke , George Madison, Dickie Mahoney, Ralph Markham, Carol Martin, Buddy Mason, Lynda Mabe, Donnie Me ador, Sammy Meel-6, Kelsay Mendoza, Elvira Merrell, David Miears, Lorene Moore, Bruce Moore, Hanna Moore , Mike Morris, Lefty Murphy, Saundra Sue McComb, Sammie Sue McDon ald, Y vonne -6 ,H A' A 3 xii 3,1 fl -Wy 1 NX G' 1 e-. 1' f Q . 0 ' fl , 5 ' N 4 Q N 4 4, KDS' , .34 .4 1 sf 4.3. , ' X? . A g 4. Jig , A , rari 55? f a i f 1 , W 4, Q. X . r l l i M , BK , ,li wi l 7" Virginia Cain, Karen jones, Mavis Cone, and Billy Gage seem to be busily engaged in running down various news stories for journalism during fifth period. 6 A xv lx ,L KJ I ,rf D 5 esp, ex ,X X' fI'l'fx - as V Q ,B qv, 4512 ,y 5 W McKee, Karen ,e st V 4, ' . . - 'Z ,..'1Q, MCMahens I-Yfm "Sf V A A 'friiyll rr,i 4, . , f 'm ff sg 135 K' f' l XF' r- fc- I ai 1 ' Porter, Lynn KN i, ai, A gf, Potter, Patsy if VN ' Juniors , E R. , wi, E9 Z 'f V 'i - ff McPherson, Dan McRory, Dwaine Nance, Charles Navarette, Pete M-H--1, Neal, Barbara Nichols, Linda Nix, Larry Norred, Bill Oliver, Mary Overman, Bobby Parker, Terry PBQQLEUDIW Parrish, Laverne Patterson, Nora Av, N , .. is lg .. 'NA T. , mi J I .lguilfw ik X , 3' P 96 K - fl we Q Patton, Brenda Patton, Larry Patton, Walter Peacock, George Peters, jean Petroff, Nicky Phillips, johnny Pitzer, Knox Pond, Prissy Porch, Barbara ,xxx 4 Einstein's proteges put their heads together to figure out the Chemistry problem of how to make A's. Price, Eleanor Raley, james Raybon, Virginia Reynolds, Herb Reynolds, Whitney Roberts, Riss Roger, Billy Rogers, Rita Kay Rosser, Billy Satterwhite, Billy Scott, Sarah Searcy, Nolan Self, Carol Singletary, Melita Simmons, jimmy Slate, Edward Sloan, Sandra Smelser, Pat Smith, Genie Snowden, Ethel Snyder, Dicky Sparks,juane1le Speary, Al Stewart, Layton Stewart, Nelda ' Q12 Bob 2 xv 1' , 4 I Fa p-s ' is I M Y nfl? R W Hs' si. -,fi , f .t,y'w.1blW ' lg . X Q A. 1 72' Stripling, Robert Subia, johnny There is a big crowd and nearly everyone is interested in watching an exciting game in our new football stadium, except Tommy, whose eyes are on Susan. M X I958 SP .1 x 9 A N I A 3 ff-fs ,.. , J as ,i Q uw X vi ra-3 i'T' XT, 1 V f X ,..,i Z ,V ' ' .52 W I3 Q ,N 1 N , fr v 0 gn X, K 1 v, I f ' i wi 5 17 'K' Juniors I , , 3 aw, W A., "" x ,,, ,A 1 t '14 s as .st if 1 s A, 5 I 1 4 y W s ff T l X ' . 1 Sweeten, Homer Tally, Sandra Taylor, Sandra Thomas, Myrna Thurman, Bobby Todd, Dixie Touchstone , jackie Tucker, jackie Turner, Melva Underwood, Lloyd Vaughn, june Voyles, Joyce Wade, Geneva Watkins, Glenda West, Janice Whitaker, Eddie White, Fred White , jerry White, Leslie Whittington, Robe Williams, Maxine Wise, Patsy Wise, Syble Woods, Nancy EEF! z The Crimemobile attracted quite a crowd especially since they got out of class to find out the tricks of the trade. -i-...s..... I MPN SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICER President .....,............ Bobby McAdams Vice-President ................. Helen Boyd Secretary .....,............. Io Ann Ebling S I ,.' R . , 5, 17 ,Z A A ,lf Alexander, Beverly , Arista, Alice l Arnett, Harriett Aubrey, Nancy Autry, Peggy Bailey, jimmy Baillio, Clayton Baird, Delores Baker, Aleene Baker, Sherre 4 , F , , . . ,ggi s , 4- C Q . 9 Bond, Linda A ' V, Boroughs, Melba w e 3 . , . '+W'fW X. 2 lf? iv T2-K Sophomores Q is if Barber, Fan Barnes, Buddy Banks, Ken Barnett, Eddie Barnett, Ila h it 451 1' I Barnett, Ina Barrington, Mary Ruth Beard, jerry Beck, Charles Bell, Luther Gerald Bell, Wilson Benton, Lois Bingham, Ronnie Birdwell, Danny Bledsoe, Dorene W""ii' SERVE Youksnf "The pause that r e fr e sh e s . " Ken Cobb, Milton Denton, and jackie Phillips are taking time out for between class cokes. Boyd, Punky Briggs, Charles Brooks, jerry Bryant, Lewis Buford, Sandra Buie, Ronnie V , Bumgarner, Jim 5: ' Burns, Shirley V - Buzbee, june Byrley, Barbara is V 6' 'I t 'ffl A u , E, X 'S XP 1 , gg XA ,HL ,,, w Caldwell, Harold Caldwell, Patricia 3, L at Campbell, Charlene A Carpenter, janet xi Cauble, Judy V . , , , -,,, is ft -"N . Ov hr A I Chadd, Kaye Clayton, Barry Clendenin, joe Bob Coats, Sherry Coats, Shirley Cobb, Ken 6 1 Coleman, Kay 5 v Conway, Dalton Conwell, Linda Copelin, Sam Mary Ann Nugent, jan Parks,Judy Cauble, and Koila Grant are counting the days Lmtil we get out for the Thanksgiving holidays. 1 Kg 1 B X 1 Corralez, Eva Craig, Bofus I959 IQ. 'Lv S 9 A. ,lg ,,. , .-i2n,r,n17 G ' ' B ., . ,2 is 1 1 .1 A M" , '13 " A 0 fi " ill s Nil 5 Y ' -.u'. ,I , Jen . ,- W .Q'!'.3,,l y T 0 , .Lv i . ' lr! 'L S S 6 in 'R 'X 4 ., Q ' Q 'I . A 93 515-T ' X, , vt ,lx J, A - L' 'V' '-+99 r , , , 1 - ta i s , ,xk Q S N -5 , .. S , ' S l sy ' , f .tr iv x s , y f ai' 's 'GL S s y if ' f' aa. Q K I Flores, Cruz ' Flowers, Roger Sophomores fn N - . I ,Zi 'H r gi J na- if A v 1 1 f .. if Q' ' 19 fs. 'Q' o 1 Qur- fl' ,sat .f . ,f "'4lL 'f ' eq i-Mr' 2-.,,, MH' sf? Creighton, Sharon Culwell, Janette Cunningham, Kay Cunningham, Nancy Curtin , Pat Deanda, Olga Denton, Milton Dew, june Deiz, Elvira Dooley, Charles Donica, Rosemary Downing, Janice Duckett, Carolyn Ebling, Io Ann Elledge, Sonny Ellison, Billy Ellison, Scotty Engle, Charles Epps, Clift Fencher, Betty Ferguson, Austin Fields, Wayne Fierro, Gabrial Fierro, Nina Fleckinstein, Anit 2. .lA Miss Stephens fifth period class is an in dustrious bunch, aren't they? World History seems awful to Gerald Parnell, Jimmy Bailey, Nancy Cunningham, and Darlene Will1ams Fortenburry, juanette Franco, Gilbert Franklin, jean Freeman, Edith Friedwald, Vincent Fuller, Donald Gates, Alice Gonzales, Beatrice Grant, Koila Greene, Charles Greenhill, Karen Greenlees, Catherine Greenwood, Glenda Gregory, Dickie Groebl, Teddy Hale, Alice Ann Haley, Stella Hamilton, Horace Hamlin, Esco Hampton, Tony Harrison, Johnny Hathom, Shirley Hayworth, jim Hefley, Camille Heise, joan "' he 3 i ,Adi QP' Q l fm 'ear X 5, W ' w, 'F Henderson, Joyce Hickman, jan Bob McAdams, Terry Stanley, and Bill hompson are building props for the play. Bob eems to be enjoying his work. I959 " X ar, 1, -x ., ,, , 1 -3 . K, in 'Sf A nl :WF Q" ,rf 'S V , s ll we 'Q W 5 6 RQ R Q- . fl-3 .lb . ,IL . Q L W r -' . y.- 143 i I Y 'll ,f . , r ii!" fs an gy' 2i,,,, wg, r r ,. , G ff: if QW 'L , Q f Q W Y ,swff?gii?' , R fl ,,P, ,. f 9, if l X L W0 nib K1rby, Janace Klrby, Kay Sophomores Hilbreth, Wesley Hinojos, Rosie Hinson, Jerry Hook, Gene Hollandworth, Mary Hollis, Eston Hollis, Preston Holmes, Dennis Holmes, Sue Horton, Nora Hoskins, Gary Houchin, Anna Sue Isaacks, Peggy Jarrat, Michael Jennings, Judy Jennings, Wanda Jene Johnson, Kenneth Johnston, June Jones, Linda Jones, Issacks Kelly, Berdie Kelly, Elton Kelly, Julian Key, Charles Kinney, Eddie Going through the Texas State Crimemobile are Betsy Pool, Mary Jane Trigo, Dorothy Mabe, and Jerry Robinson. Lane, jo Ann Lane, Kenneth Lindsey, Lloyd Liner, Gerald Long, Kimmie Lovelane, Kay Lynn, Wayne Mahoney, Glenda Marin, A1 Marion, Jerryl Lynn Marquez, Dora Martin, Beverly Masters, Marion Miller, La Vella Millican, jo Ann Mitchell, Donna Montgomery, Betty Montgomery, Karen Moore, Helen Moore, Henrietta Moore, Henry Morgan, Larry Morrow, Danny Moser, Ronnie Musick, Harry Sue Barnes, Sue Boykin, Lou Ann, Judy, and Valjean lead the kids in a yell at one of the bonfire pep rallies. ,Hx I' , ' 7, 2 me 4 'iff L as A ' " if Q HQ' -if X W? 5 +1 W N L X f l 1' ff' Q L I N , P L t i!.ff5' in K er, or K L L t J O I Qtr We 1'e , Q EJ. an is f Fi. McAdams Bob K L1 McCormick, jerry X I959 145 2 l , Ji it . 1 "+: 8, X , fd 1 mel ' 1' . 'Quik , 5 Y., ,rf gi 'f dt, H 5. L. it at ig., J' . 'L . 1.4" -l - - 1 "' .-Q 'G w N I - .4 ' A, - 5 'Q' 1 . . fl 1 1 0 - Q C ' ' 5 A ,Q 5 '. ' ' o 1 lr l l 'Q 9 5 I' Patterson, Shirley 46 Sophomores McCown, Joe McCol1ough, Gwyn McCrary, Bennie McCreary, Warren McDaniel, john McDonald, Merlene Mclilrath, june McMahan, Benard McNew, Beverly Neill, Barbara Newson, Penny Norman, james Nugent, Mary Ann Oliphant, Mary Oliver, Etha Osborne, Beverly Osborne, jane Overtuff, jackie Paddick, Gene Palomino, Victoria Parks, jan Parkhill, jimmy Parnell, Gerald Parson, Floyd Patterson, Sue A131 Glenda Greenwood, Dale S t an al i n d , and Wilson Bell are viewing the display of T History and American History projects in the showcase in the foyer. Pearson, Beverly Petterson, Paul Phillips, Carolyn Phillips, jackie Phillips, Wesley Pitzer, Kenneth Plant, Ross Pool, Betsy Puckett, john Rader, Tommy Rainey, Weldon Rasmussen, Eric Re agan, Judy Reed, Donald Reynolds, Judy Rhyne, Doris Rice, Charles Richardson, Don Richardson, Ronnie Riddle, Phillip Riggins, Barbara Robison, Barbara Robison, Dorothy Robinson, Beverl Rogers, Pat I ' ,mfs 5' 'Q , ,1- - X! 5' -x x. ,. ' w ,rf W. .eh-Q IQ Z is 2 Q X lf ' 'J rg 5 . 1 -n ,Q ff v , i 1 ,. xf'if 1 1 , Mr Bell's birthday is celebrated by his fourth od class. Watching him cut the cake are joe Mc- n Je an Fuque, Ronnie Richardson,Betty jo Fench- janette Culwell, Judy Shields,Delores Baird, jackie , w ,Q W K wr' , W. X , 5 1 if I 'Q a 1' sid 94' 'N' s ,V y bkyi .. , Y' ' 'L A .. 1 ,K ' , ,1 , - ' , 7, 1 X fl rs - ' J! 4: 4- if ' -1, 'Rh Rogers, Tommy Rudd, Irene f 'W 4 :YV :": S! fl , f in Z 5 I 1959 , Kenneth Banks, and Benny Wadsworth. 4 Q 4 '- r 4' WN H- 7 5 25? ': 'T , at W 1 h K ,- A , 4? . .. ' s N ' ' 1 Q iffl-Nea, ' , gi Q, .I " G2 f I "'-ifi"f'?'ia a -, ffl" L ., M I M A. , grief ,..,., . 2 5? ' 'V MJ, ,wi , , 53, nd ' 5 9 -nr.: 4 gf' ' J 5 ,Jia if 35 Zoiigg. gg N if , ga ,f Tindal, Kenneth Trego, Mary jane Sophomores nv W Q? 5 , 2 I 2 , 7 2, 4 is 5? fwal' Russel, Charles Rudd, johnny Rupp, Lawrence Savage, janet Sewell, Morris Sheffield, Tommy Shields, Judy Sledge, Andre Lou Smith, Charles Smith, Donnie Smith, Lougenia Smith, Patsy Sneed, Nell Sosa, Gloria Stanalind, Dale Stanley, Terry Stephens, james Stuteville, David Stover, Madina Summerse ll, Charles Taylor, Elaine Thomas, jackie Thomas, Kathleen Thomas, Toni Thompson, Bill With Bob McAdams escorting, Ronnie King crowns Kathleen Thomas Halloween Queen at our Carnival dance. The Queen's court includes Sammie Sue McComb, escorted by Bobby Lawder milk, and Sue .Bames, escorted by Ricky Terry Turner, Loretta Valdez, Sylvia Waddill, Larry Wadsworth, Benny Waits, Louise Weaver, Mary jane Weisser, Sandra White, Wynona Williams, Darleen Williams, Gwyndolen Williams, Thomas Williams, Tommy Williamson, Frank Wilson, Carol Wilson, Glenda Witten, Wanda Woertendyke , David Woodwall, Linda Wooten, Gerald York, Nina Y oung, I an Yarborough, Preston ' w Vx.. 4 as is :S IN' I K, 1 1 ,ry I up a a 7?-3 f -i' rf: - xx V' ri V, , ju 4, xx, Z -. ... X, Judy Cauble and Mary Ann Nugent are having trouble putting up their campaign sign for Halloween Queen. Those doing their part johnny Phillips, jan Parks. is in X! -ra-:Q ,A Q 9? x ff ' iii ' ' fl. Q if I99 'Nt ' 1' G-1 1 I fflrwflm a ,Www , I .Q ' T 'to' ,-4 Y' ,I A 1 Q as S' ' s , , Nj . as v aff Y 709 too are Glenda Greenwood, Toni Thomas, 149 96 H1 W XA9' ,zy- 'vx Geography 4' 'Vg- 429113 05 v :Elf I c5iT22,'Egj Ad S DIBRELL S Sportmg Goods PLAY' MORE LIVE LONGER sooo muFFn.eR Down SPC I WMM up W-N" Q. IIIII J q X I MUFFLER 901 f2SE8X!flG.B ,EASE 3 RE CLEANING REPAIRING RECORDING I NEW AND USED RADIATORS 4 4 PEURIFOY RADIATOR COMPANY 901 East Th d st Ph e 4 6451 Sunbeqm Drug MANCILL CLEANERS C-zw6 FEATURING D ug Supphes C S t S G1ft DRI CISODIFIQ Co plet Fou t 1n Se PRESSING REPAIRS Nth P1 H ALTERATIONS cross Ireet rom Puggly Wnggly I002 C II PI DIAL 4 8461 3 IZ" - , R A, ' D, Q I' . Sfggfd g 5 0 1' 5 I -, , P, . Q Q m ' -1 II 7 m E 21 Y I! I " - 'IN I ll ll :.'. 5 0 0 0 i X X xt ' - I I I I I 'I 3. X ' . '! I! I I E II II E ...4..,,,M, .... ..X f of - Il U ' ll Ii 5, U I! :. Q 11 1 II II 5 I' D I! II ' , , , , I 9- ,zfnmmruiwfrlxfllrulllsuul, 'P 1 III II.IlI I 67 ik I. . S 50 M FINE JEWELRY Ill! JUN" E ? STRIPLING SUPPLY CONIPANY WHOLESALE GROCER 1 17 W. FIRST ST. BIG SPRING, TEXAS Leu nm CONGRATULATIONS 'f"-'-u- Piggly Wiggly Food Store See Us For Your Complete Grocery Needs ML" M 5.51.5 Z2111."S2Z'Sl's it ,, , Indegzngzzmgiwned "wi-lens ro SHOP' PIGGLY WIGGLY NO 1 009 ll PI 3-2251 1018. 15 ........ 508 M life Brfsfow Haiti: INSURANCE LOANS AND REAL ESTATE B 0 D al 4 5504 Douglass Food Market CONGRATULATIONS 154 GRADUATES 204 Main Sh I BIG SPRING TEXAS AGEES FOOD STORE FRESH VEGETABLES MEATS ll 4 8071 Shoes For M1sses and Women STYLES FOR THE YOUNG AND THE YOUNG AT HEART 4 HOF Mrs Path Gllborf Owner Maron Strut From Courihouul 103 W 3rd Dill AM 4-7391 1' , 1 ox 23 din i - 1 We offer our congratulations and best wishes. IZOI Pl - GUM I I 1 I 00 9 . S I . . I etti Zmf L MCEWEN MOTOR COMPANY SALES - - - SERVICE ,alumnus-..,. U.: Phone 4-4354 403 Scumzv STREET K BIG SPRING TEXAS il ..- K K i X' Sw, , , . , A, wma 'Q' ,A . 1 44 , -..Q-H-4 . , WS4 aww-M ' ,1f,,,,,,4,zz.w.,f14 ea. B18 Springys Favorite DePart111e11t Storen 5 I X S on min al'wn.4 X 7 QA Qmlwff, X, , 1 FROM CENTER BARBER SHOP CACTUS GRILL WE SERVE HAMBURGE RS ETC om, you FURNITURE " DRAPERIES APPLIANCES " LAMPS 81 ACCESSORIES CARPETS 81 RUGS " FREE COLOR HELP BIB SPRING B U D G E T W BLK- N0- PH T E R M 5 SETTLES HOTEL. 205 RUNNELS A QI ,IMA 9 , .J fi if is il-I My V . WI ' N ff , f- xy I - ,Spf I J, I A 1 . ,L A of IIE ' 'EJ ' ,IJ IQ 'I f VF' ja' A fx ,1 'I 'Q ' I II II . I f -, V J wx J fx 1 A 1 :uf 2 AIP Jr pf-0 6 . I , 1 ' ' V I I, My K' J Vu, :J . I I J ,J 0 X 7 I K . AI IIII 7 IX ff " I I "ff J I, I IQ ' I 1. I1 l fu. J ax gy fix AV,, l 5 'I I tl I ,.:, Q xc J I 'J 'I E I ,JI ' t xtjx. .U V S J A. J sh V1 .7 ju 1 M 1-VB J Ar X5 . fx A ' I' X rf I fy' If .- -" l I . A J K sk A I 3 I I, ' If yr J I I R ' .5 . Aff .I A I .x- 'iv 4 IA Y , .,' O COSDEN OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES AND SERVICE STATION DEALERS EXTEND BEST WISHES TO THE BIG SPRING HIGH SCHOOL AND SENIOR CLASS Cosderr Petroleum Corporation 7 G F WACKER S'r0REs,lNC ESQ 'ro S5 oo MERCHANDISE ur Shopp1ng Center In B1g Sprmg L Y Wulf f X MV v L M Nl 'N x, X yy ll 'l Figffk flran ajef' Cv A Electrncxty comes to you wlth the speed of lnght thousands of tnmes faster than the fastest jet! K' W When you flip a swltch electrlcxty IS made and delivered t ' nn a splnt second It can t be stored but must be made and used at the same tnme A For this reason we must be ready at all tlmes with enough SL 6' 2-, power capacity to supply the total needs of our cus X tomers instantly' M We constantly are plannmg ahead and bulldxng ahead QQ to assure you plenty of dependable low cost mx electric service for the future as well as the present fjdfx TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE CQMPANY 158 R L Beale Manager I O . 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V- ,,,...-..,-- ...- ,......m.,,..- f ,LM ,LA "-A------"W ,A . , N' M 47... -,, x W K' ,., 21 Texas lima if Q 2 Mobjlgus ,Ai-A 160 MERRILL CREIGHTUN Consignee Magnolia Products fzf' WW ff , M H W Azzqi A A W,W, wfg sawi g EDERAL SAVINGS :AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF BIG SPRING soo mm nm. 4-nos BIG SPRING. TEXAS RY CLEANERS Gregg Street Dry Cleaners MELLINGER'S Big Spring's Largest Store for Men and Boys MEN and BOYS' CLOTHING SHOES AND FURNISHINGS gm Emi wwf f"'M'wW'L amd, M Wx f"W'e'e N J 4 'V C 1 ,I .A .9'jLON,4,Qi :In 'll-,' fn.: 1700 Gregg Dial 4-8412 U 5W2'Jy?L?f M wf gwiyzifff DIAMOND IIVIPORTERS CMV M0 AVP ZALE'S Greig ymzm H. B. REAGAN Insurance Company 207 West Fourth Street 161 CLICK'S PRESS Cofgijljjfjaiiwyf BEST WISHES C C Graduates And Students ampus anteen ACROSS FROM JR. HIGH ' f PRESCRIPTIONS I , I S Gaaefallq FILLED STATE NATIUNAL BANK 162 4911-I' HX! 'I xc - 9 ff Truman Jones Motor Co. 403 RUNNELS srnsn BIG SPRING, TEXAS Thomas Typewriter ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Rental - Repairing 81 Supplies Complete Line Office Supplies And Office Equipment I07 MAIN 4-662l I ' ' "1 --I DIVE DAY on NIGHT CALL 4-551 1 -A ii f RIVER FUNERAL Home "hi Formerly Eberley-River Funeral Home 51 ..,.. L Ambulance Service Burial Insurance 610 SCURRY "L fu-aEnAL Home fax vi fr- A me 5 is I COMPLIMENTS OF EIROEBL OIL COMPANY VISIT YOUR FRIENDLY SHELL SERVICE STATIONS SHELL 1 II ,Sf S24 llil EI We i gi ., .- TED c1.sRc1saL -- SHELL Jcxaazn 0 Q 4 Q o o 0 9 0 0 0 4,vo,N,N30.00,N,oo0oo,N,oo,Ntu2NIoo2N2oo2oo2oozutuzufuzoozuzuzwtwzoofoozo-0200200204zoozoozoozoofoozufooznzooznzuzuzuf PHILLIPS TIRE CO. 'I'Il'h Place Shopping Center 1712 Lewis 5 81 10 Stores THE BIG SPRING HARDWARE CO. 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MCGIBBON, .IOBBER PHILLIPS "66" 601 East First Street BIG SPRING, TEXAS DISTRIBUTORS Gasoline - Oil - Butane - Propane O. H. McAlister Trucking HOME OFFICE - BIG SPRING, TEXAS 1 67 Scurry Phone 4-5591 JAut9,9WPh SMED J JONES MOTOR COMPANY ff' f ,mf f f' O Dodge O Plymouth WV f SALES and SERVICE :QW t j Hull 8: E'h1111ps F dSt 00 Ore 101 Gregg Box 1390 D1a14 63 31 G gg 6111, Pugh BIG SPRING TEXAS KINGS GROCERY WHERE Youn suocfr Gsrs A BREAK soo 11111 PI ce Pho e 4 8051 ?fZm'.Z7wzm A A Complete L1r1e of GROCERIES VEGETABLES CHOICE MEATS- FROZEN FOODS Pham Open T1II Mldhlghf Seven Days A Week Youk oN:-s1'oP SHOPPING CENTER 1909 Gregg SUPER MARKET INC. "Qual1ty Foods" 168 9100 A-M' 11:30 P.M. I 5 , A' :I 1 .M 1 E I ,T .-'J 1 I ' Ji' 'V I I UL ff 511 1 'L 1 +1 - E JJ Q ff If 3' X' ,3 I if 11 P .1 j I ,f 'L , 2 Us ,I A 'j , ,,-L. . . ,J ' JA if! ,1 El f if ." 1 3 J . I A ' yr' 1 J xx! -I 4 1 . .L 6 ' ll fl ' of' 1 A 1:-ff, -111: 1 - + 7 1 I YH. 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TEXAS 3-A 1,5 ww Q -wa-fgaisssgf ' Im, ' M' ' -'M I swiJs5f?1v'?i1 if 1 h' ARRV' wr.: w-gwgf D. 81 H. Electric Company ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL M. W. HARWELL BIG SPRING, TEXAS gp BEST WISHES' Charles M Ha ell Mrs Lula Ashley T H E M E N S S T O R E Texaco Wholeslle Dlstrlbutors p Dieu 5 9 ppm e 4 7341 l0l Nolu Dal 46l3l 70 BIG SPRING 5114021- WHOLESALE MEAT CO 'gellexu of awe Mui SELECT MEAT CUTS TO x A wr Hotels roce s 5, lnshtuho s Ma kets 2 BEEF PORK MARGARINE CHEESE T y Ou Special Cou t y Sausage Dellvery Service CALL 4 6722 o 4 8011 JERRY S BARBER 100 GoLlAo S H O P . rw - , ' ' '3 I D etr m uildin n - n i - 4 a 1 - ll G' Arg,-v' x, f' Q , X ' Restaurants f , 1-4, . G r a A l 'lf . ' - ,, 2.4-4, x ' " E -Wu ' r E . fl M s ,mx H . ,, r r n r - ,- - 9 I A HUUSEHUU3 SUUDS BONDED WAREHOUSE FURNITURE PACKING CRATING - SHIPPING NATION WIDE MOVING Q1I'Q Dial 4-8221 DAY OR NIGHT If No Answer Call - 4-7577 BIG SPRING TRANSFER 81 STURAGE ALSO NEEL'S TRANSFER T. WILLARD NEEL - Owner T04 Nolan For The Finest In Famous Men's Wear THE ' STORE 109-111 East Third Street BIG SPRING, TEXAS WALKERS AUTO PARTS See Our Complete Stock of Parts 409 East Third Street Big Spring, Texas Sportsman Toyland Center We have for your selection one of the largest and most complete stocks of games, wheel goods and toys in West Texas. PLENTY OF GOOD FISHING SUPPLIES FREE DELIVERY 1608 Gregg Street Dial am 3-2642 171 Westex Prmtmg, Formerly West Texas Stat1oners 111 Maln Street Blg Sprmg Texas STER Offlce Supplnes on Offnce Records 114 E Third Phone 3 2091 Stanley Hardware Co. -JT QI!-1191 1 1115111111115 I l0A11 AGENCY Wrntmg All Kmds of Insurance FIRE AUTOMOBILE CASUALTY AND BONDS :M4 8266 L 0 A N S AUTOMOBILE 8. REAL ESTATE Growmg With Brg Spring Smce 1934 QV9 304 SCURRY McDonald Motor Company STUDEBAKER SALES SERVICE 206 JOHNSON STREET PHONE 3 2412 Big Sprmg, Texas Norred T.V. And "Your Friendly Hardware Store" 203 Runnels Dial 4 6221 172 SCTVICG Dependable - Reasonable 306 East Th1rd 4 5205 5. ' ' ' 9' I I 9 . ' A - :Ei ,f ijv' P D lgg an -. -..- K nc. -4"""'! 'YT 1, ' x A 'Wy N' -4- xy: J : P.. , , , . . . ia l H E ' S d . . . . ' o ' ' A , I ,L ji CUNNINGHAM Ann PHILIPS WIETZEZE SSQSEAGTD THE FRIENDLY DRUG STQRES GLASS AND MIRRORS FOR ALL PURPOSES BIG SPRING TEXAS Ia 9 9051 II W S Phlp H 5 b D f 'Q' Bells Eleventh Place Pharmacy 1003 Eleventh Place 4 5901 PRAGER'S Dress the Well Dressecl West Texan :mga SENIGRS CONGRATULATIONS T E Jordan JONES sz JONES co' JIMMIE JARRELL PRINTERS I BIG SPRING WEEKLY NEWS I I ' ' Mirrors P oleum ld . o ns Steel ' d ws I .QI h' H J df f I oors "1 'I ' NI 909J h D' l 4-6961 I I f' l I re l'. , , one - , liao G4 3363 Blg Sprmg Texas 173 , V 1,1 vf U RE! XJ , 1 xy .1 , - - Bud Green Gro. 84 Mkt. ,-,,wf',:"'..--"" - THE TWINS CAFE Y vlsur THE GARDEN ROOM Cook Appliance Co. MTH: h ' , ih!i.U.'ngl3 lEf? Big SP'i"9f Texas LONNIE COKER A LEONARD COKER 206 WEST 3rd Dial 4-7476 East Thurd Street 0 BIG SPRING, TEXAS Cl G Kl:f.W' I to R ,1. 0 t. Y C O M P A c.R.ANTH -nf 1 ELUEZEIL4 cum w ., . 221 Main E Aqiuikcrxarls Good THE C. R. ANTHONY CO. BIG SPRING 174 There's a one and only ln refreshment, foo www jffpfwp TEXAS COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY EMPIRE . SOUTHERN GAS CO. C. H. RAINWATER MANAGER 17 1 ! 7 7 O , N ? Y f 71: -3' X K I .. , A f 4 I W ' T f f , f 1 J IOTTLED UNDEI AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COM COMPANY ' And so, anethei cIaSs bid5 farewell Ie Black ,and Gold. Another gekzgiggpapces throughthe ring, ever forwafd te fl?!B8fXfhg inevitable challenger-eLi fe! 1 X o ,mf , A I gi ,ji 41 K-C if-fp - , M i'A'L.xQxk,k'.,a'N,,,fX XXQ,,k'x'4 '- X 3' 1 1 K x.,j I XXX kk X ' x L' N ' Y b xx, ,X x. Lxxc X Xp U K X R52 K . X N X K. WL lL.f OR? Cf1Tl 1 fra 4 Af, QQ fy6J0C'f4-4 WK! fffaavggqayqj Mak 'uf gf 'VV 11113 Q j f Wy ? ffl xx T. Q ,. ' I ' ,X - Ak K IRG fa - k L x. " V' ' L' , 5,- , rf. 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Suggestions in the Big Spring High School - El Rodeo Yearbook (Big Spring, TX) collection:

Big Spring High School - El Rodeo Yearbook (Big Spring, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Big Spring High School - El Rodeo Yearbook (Big Spring, TX) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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Big Spring High School - El Rodeo Yearbook (Big Spring, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Big Spring High School - El Rodeo Yearbook (Big Spring, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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