Bible Training School - Vindagua Yearbook (Sevierville, TN)

 - Class of 1944

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Bible Training School - Vindagua Yearbook (Sevierville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1944 volume:

I n I I N in 5 Q itil u X an q X w -N I-gurl . M . , -.-7 qv. L.ljT.:.,. ,f I - ly, 15, , if! ' Q.. ,Y h ' 11 jr 1 V -fi ,W-. N M, 4 U, , j .,. H A , . - .1 ipx- , Y wg , . N Y ., . A- ,is I A ', K , A- 1 4, ,V .Q 1 f + ' 5 'wlrdu Ll M , ,XEJLY-i'uQiy'.m1 ,--' l--xj Y -QR -.1-A A A , ff- -f, VN QP- . 4: A S I A ,T - ' I ' ., - ...E-:,A,: f 4 rx- '1 5' Q1 v 4 .'l 1 k X i E n r n L 2 ! F 2 E I v A i I v F C L. WWC, Annual Publimfivn of flye l5'i!1lv Craiuiug M1001 and Erfllegc SEVIERVILLE, TENNESSEE 0s,,,,w e lcalloiz.. . .. To the faculty for their zmfiring efforfs in our hehalf, their personal iriferesfs in our prohlems, and for fheir inspiring Chris- fimi lives-we, ihe siuzleni hofly of fhe Church of God Bihle Training School czml College, cleclicafe fhe 1943-44 VINDAGUA. ,, y z L--3 V. 1 . -4 r . 1 , f ' N r -1' ', 1 x 1 I y s r A , i 1 - K C K 1 V N , , - ,-if Hffifi, ,, ., ,., -V ,,., ' 4 REV. ZENO C. THARP, PRESIDENT For ten years Reverend Thorp has been our president and leader. His work to promote the Bible Training School in educational fields has been untiring. He is the friend and confidant of every student. ln the class- room, in the chapel, and in personal contacts he radiates light, vitalizing the great truths of Christian faith, and challenging students to live these truths as he lives them. X K., gi .- 7 x . X PN fo. x-, - PLEAS ATCHLEY D. C. BARNES B. S., Carson-Newman College B. S., University Tennessee University ot Tennessee University Florida MATHEMATICS Bible Training School LATIN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY VIVIAN BECKER MARY ELSIE BLACKWOOD ELIZABETH BURNETTE TQQCF S. Dak. State Teacher's College Student, Lawrence Goodman B. S., University Tennessee Northwest Bible Training Graduate, Aretta Course in Union University School Accordion George Peabody College ENGLISH PIANO LIBRARIAN PIANO ACCORDION COMMERCIAL SADIE CLINE HENRIETTA GREEN LAURA HALL 'W wquwuiwllf' 'wwf' B. S., Georgia State College for B, S., Tennessee State Teachers B. A., Maryville College Women College M. A., University of Tennessee University of Tennessee University of Tennessee PHYSICAL EDUCATION HOME ECONOMICS Washington School for SCIENCE MATHEMATICS Secretaries COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL ALGEBRA COLLEGE ENGLISH MARY ELIZABETH HARRISON COLLEEN HUFI: KATHLEEN MGCDONALD fl Qu WSH' B. A., Maryville College Shorter College Part Huron Junior College M, A., Duke University Student, Mrs. A. M. Graves University of Tennessee University of Iowa Whitt Denson, Prof. Worsharn Bible Training School SPEECH, DRAMATICS PIANO REGISTRAR HISTORY HARMONY ACCOUNTANT DORA P. MYERS CYNTHIA E. NORRIS DOROTHY POTEAT WWKN' A. B., Southern Methodist University PIANO B, A., North Carolina Teachers Nebraska Wesleyan University College Columbia University ENGLISH John Hopkins University of Missouri PSYCHOLOGY SOCIOLOGY SPANISH B. C. ROBINSON VINA SILER AVIS 'SWIGER -Nat I Bible Training School A, B, Eastern Kentucky State Salem College VOICE Teachers College Standard Teachers Normal THEORY AND SIGHT SINGING SOCIAL SCIENCE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION HAROLD CATO 5 , G CIL BRIDGES DOVIE COATS Arcade Conservatory of Music DEAN OF MEN DEAN OF WOMEN Bible Training School AND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC MANAGER OF CAFETERIA THEORY AND SIGHT SINGING ESTH ER HOLLAN D J. OVIE RICE lf- RALPH WAGNER xv 'QW MANAGER OF CAFETERIA SUPERINTENDENT OF BUILDINGS ASST. SUPERINTENDENT OF AND GROUNDS BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS OUR ALMA MATER On Sevierville's southern border, reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alina Mater as the years go hy, Praise to thee our Alina Mater, rnoulder of mankind, Greater glory, love unending, he forever thine. Balrny breezes gently wafted through inspiring halls, Me1n'ry's leaflets closely twining shall fore'er recall Yesterdays that waken in our hearts a tender glow, Making greater still the love that we have learned to know Ever onward he our watehword, conquer in eaehtestg We owe a life of loyal service to old B.T.S. Praise to thee, our Alrna Mater, 1noulder of rnankindg Greater glory, love unending, he forever thine. le Administration Hall Girls' Dormitory at Night f . .4 STAND AS SYMBOLS OF TRUE EDUCATION AND CHRISTIAN TRAINING DAY AND NIGHT THE COLUMNS ov B. T. S. Girls' Lobby Maple Hall , . 'f - ,I , 8 1 A r 4 . 1 K y . THE SENICR CLASS 1 9 4 4 . W. KIDD PERDUE STANLEY President Vice-President DORIS LOCKARD REED LYLES Wham Secretary Treasurer .ff if fo .M 7Vl l!' V355 Adv - iaffdyw Another group of students are grad- uating from B.T.S. From this place, dedicated to the form of education that combines intelligence with Chris- tian love, these students will go to many communities throughout the country. We believe that each com- munity to which they go will be finer than it has been before because these graduates carry to it the strength of mature intelligence and the radiancy of Christian love. JUANITA BASHAM Dunlap, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL Missionary Society LOIS BECKMAN Three Forks, Mont. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Missionary Society MI LDRED BLANTON Clearwater, Fla. COLLEGE Spanish Glee Club Ministerial Assn. Student Council Dramatic Plays LOI S BRABSON Dayton, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL Spanish Glee Club Missionary Society WINIFRED BRANSON Miami, Fla. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Girls' Glee Club ELLA BRIDGES Dodd City, Tex. HIGH SCHOOL Girls' Glee Club MILDRED BRIGHT Cleveland, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Spanish Glee Club Sports Club HAROLD CATO Atlanta, Go. CHRISTIAN WORKERS Missionary Society Ministerial Assn. MARGARET CATO Atlanta, Ga. HIGH SCHOOL Ohio Trio Girls' Glee Club Literary Club T. J. COLLINS Greenwood, S. C. CHRISTIAN WORKERS Ministerial Assn. Missionary Society GRACIE CONGER Miami, Fla. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Sports Club Girls' Glee Club lvice-president! DONALD CRANE Pontiac, Mich, CHRISTIAN WORKERS Missionary Society Ministerial Assn. B ETTY DALE Paris, Tex. HIGH SCHOOL Literory Club Girls' Glee Club MIRIAM DEANS Middlesex, N, C. HIGH SCHOOL Girls' Glee Club NORMA DRIVER Detroit, Mich. HIGH SCHOOL Missionary Society Literary Club PAULINE EKLOF Detroit, Mich. HIGH SCHOOL Missionary Society Ministerial Assn. Spanish Glee Club Annual Staff Dramatic Plays EDNA ESAU Port Huron, Mich. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club HELEN G. SMELTZER Pomona, N. C. COLLEGE Spanish Glee Club Ministerial Assn, Missionary Society DORCAS GODWI N Weatherford, Tex. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Missionary Society VIRGINIA GREEN LaFayette, Ga. HIGH SCHOOL Spanish Glee Club Missionary Society Literary Club VESSIE D. HARGRAVE Mt. Vernon, Tex. COLLEGE Spanish Glee Club Ministerial Assn. Student Council Asst. Dean of Men Missionary Society VIVIAN I-IARSHP Ashland, Ohio CHRISTIAN WORK Missionary Sacieti Literary Club Student Council Annual Staff Mixed Quartet Dramatic Plays Millionaire Trio VIRGINIA HEIL Houston, Tex. HIGH SCHOOL WAYNE HEIL Houston, Tex. CHRISTIAN WORKERS Ministerial Assn. Missionary Society Boys' Glee Club y is HULENE HILLMAN Anniston, Ala. HIGH SCHOOL Missionary Society Spanish Glee Club EXELMA HOLLEY Langiey, S. C. CHRISTIAN WORKERS Missionary Society LEE HOWARD Loyal, Ky. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Spanish Glee Club WILLENE HUDDLESTON Maryville, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL Spanish Glee Club Missionary Society Sports Club lsecretaryl DARREL HURLEY McVeigh, Ky. HIGH SCHOOL D X Tampa, Fla. SIA IYWVF D FERNIGAN HIGH SCHOOL Ministerial Assn, Literary Club Annual Staff Band High School Class ltreasurerl WINONA JERNIGAN Tampa, Fla. COLLEGE Spanish Glee Club Dramatic Plays Missionary Society Literary Club Student Council SUE JOHNSON Cleveland, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL Girls' Glee Club Literary Club Y. W, KIDD Tampa, Fla. CHRISTIAN WORKERS Missionary Society Ministerial Assn. Senior Class ipresidentl AARON KILE Electra, Tex. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club JAMES R. KITCHENS Birmingham, Ala. HIGH SCHOOL Ministerial Assn. Missionary Society CECIL KNIGHT Hattiesburg, Miss. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club lvice-presidentl BILL LANDROME Sevierville, Tenn. CHRISTIAN WORKERS Missionary Society lchaplainl Ministerial Assn. J. W. LEATHERWOOD Boaz, Ala. CHRISTIAN WORKERS Missionary Society Itreasurerl Ministerial Assn. JEAN ETTE LEDFORD Cleveland, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Girls' Glee Club Sports Club IRENE LEEDY Ashland, Ohio CHRISTIAN WORKERS Missionary Society Ministerial Assn. Millionaire Trio Dramatic Plays f-. 4194. Z .fwvl DORIS LOCKARD Louisville, Ky. COLLEGE Girls' Glee Club Sports Club Spanish Glee Club Literary Club College Class Isecretaryl REED LYLES Lake Wales, Fla. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club High School Class Itreasurerl ETH EL MCCLI NTOCK Venetia, Pa. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Sports Club Girls' Glee Club M. N. MCPHERSON Townsend, Tenn. CHRISTIAN WORKERS EDGAR MASTIN Alsop, Va. CHRISTIAN WORKERS Ministerial Assn. JOHN L. MEARES Largo, Fla. COLLEGE Spanish Glee Club Annual Staff Student Council Boys' Glee Club Ministerial Assn. Ipresidentl RUBY MOORE Sevierville, Tenn. CHRISTIAN WORKERS ANN MOREFIELD St. Charles, Va. HIGH SCHOOL Spanish Glee Club Literary Club Girls' Glee Club Isecretary-treasurerl MABEL OVERBEY War, W. Va. HIGH SCHOOL Missionary Society ROBBY NELL PYEATT Lubbock, Tex. COLLEGE Missionary Society Spanish Glee Club RAYMOND RASH Sevierville, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL CLYDE ROLAND Stanaford, W. Va. HIGH SCHOOL CHARLES W. SARGENT Ham, Mach. HIGH SCHOOL Ministerial Assn. Spanish Glee Club Annual Staff Missionary Society lsergeant at armsl SAMARA SCOTT Montcalrn, W. Va. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Ministerial Assn. lsecretaryl Annual Staff leditorl H I LDA SHUMAKER Tuscaloosa, Ala. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Spanish Glee Club THOMAS SHOEMAKER Sevierville, Tenn. CHRISTIAN WORKERS Ministerial Assn. Missionary Society HX ELSIE SKINNER Harnilton, Ohio HIGH SCHOOL Ohio Trio Literary Club Girls' Glee Club EDNA SMITH Frolona, Ga. CHRISTIAN WORKERS PERDUE STANLEY Doddsville, Miss. COLLEGE Spanish Glee Club Literary Club College Class lvice-presidentl VIVIAN STEINWINDER Decatur, Ala, HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club IDA MAE TENNYSON Rossville, Ga. HIGH SCHOOL Girls' Glee Club Literary Club Girls' B.T.S. Quartet NOLAN THOMPSON Winter Haven, Fla. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Missionary Society High School Class lpresidentl RUBY THOMPSON Morristown, S. Oak. COLLEGE Spanish Glee Club Missionary Society Student Council Annual Staff LEILA MAE THORNTON Srnithdale, Miss. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS BEN TIDWELL, JR. Nashville, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Missionary Society LUCY TURNER Logan, Kan. CHRISTIAN WORKERS Missionary Society Ministerial Assn. AVIS TYLER Pinson, Ala. HIGH SCHOOL Girls' Glee Club Literary Club l-l ERBERT WALKER, Cleveland, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Spanish Glee Club Boys' Glee Club Sports Club Student Council MARIE WHITENER Lacoochee, Fla. HIGH SCHOOL Girls' Glee Club Literary Club Girls' B.T.S. Quartet MARY WINANS Detroit, Mich. HIGH SCHOOL Literary Club Missionary Society Sports Club JOE WOODWARD Cochran, Ga. HIGH SCHOOL Ministerial Assn. Missionary Society Spanish Glee Club lvice-president! JACK CRAWFORD Highland Park, Mich. HIGH SCHOOL Ministerial Assn. lNo picturel uQ..,,wa-4' .paw , . 1944 IJU 1oR Wflyibk . Q. .J A f KL . sv we E ' Q C in '59 I i:'k 1,. ' . , . ' K , w w . ..,x . ' ' ,..- ., f.b' .:.,, , F 'f.55 . a .x1'f'.' f ' 2: f Q K R Q 1'5 'fffffq -33?-'Ili CLASS OFFICERS: Clifford Bridges, president, Helen Smeltzer, vice-president, L. C. Weigel, secretary. FIRST ROW: Frank Allen, Frances Jane Baker, Agnes Beckman, Dorothy Beckman, I-lelen Blackwell. SECOND ROW: Margaret Bradford, LaVern Borton, Clifford Bridges, Lorraine Burnette, Ruth Carmine. THIRD ROW: Betty Marie Cook, James Cooper, Rachel Deans, Daphne Deans, Newby Dixon. FOURTH ROW: Pauline Ellis, I-lal Green, Leon Green, Vira Lee I-lall, Jennie I-lill. x ,ii A, J' yxfwlyf i. V i 'NI lip fllflr' yll li vfffl tx' 1 F vyy 1 i N T T iv, COLLEGE jsffQ5,'3f yiflljyd 9 45 9 W 'fa' W 'O' , I . ,ii .I . my , tj ,N If it Q t 1 1- what .- .K 4 ',-as x as Hy., W Q 5.5 fg 5 Y per ils? 22,5 'ffl . Q-My ul wr K' l Q FIRST ROW: Willie Ruth Hill, Thomas Lipe, Alice Lynch, Garland Mann, Joyce Marlar. SECOND ROW: Ruth Miller, Virginia Palmer, Guadalupe Bonilla Pane, Charlotte Patterson, Claude Phillips. THIRD ROW: Catherine Pyeatt, Gena Mae Rogers, Charles Sargent, Lillian Savchenko, Lucille Settle. FOURTH ROW: Doyle Stanfield, Martha Swindle, Roberta Tritt, Luther Turner, Joe Woodward, Frances Burroughs 1944 CHRIS f, . :Q ,l'1'r,:,5 ' 4, ' , ,fig-- ..5 A .Q J 1 vi MX: n s I . or ,Q Q A , f'Q5'lf,'X I , .. CLASS OFFlCERS: Grady Alford, president, Eschel Owens, secretary, Olive Weaver, treasurer. FIRST ROW: Grady Alford, Margaret Asher, Pauline Avery, Lillian Beggerly, Michael Belba, SECOND ROW: Myra Belden, Gordon Blanchard, H, E, Boyette, Lewis Branneri, William Brantley. THIRD ROW: J. R. Brewer, Mrs. J. R. Brewer, Sophia Broyles, Ouida Bruhl, Mary Bryan. FOURTH ROW: L, C. Caldwell, Manarma Carr, Evis Chandler, Nadyne Clause, Howard Collier. FIFTH ROW: Kenneth Combs, Arrneline Cousineau, Paul Crane, Ruth Culberson, John Duckett. A iw' N WORKERS 1-945 REEF' FIRST ROW: Kathryn Dize, Mollie Mae Dunn, Mildred Foster, Dorcas Godwin, Rufus Griffin. SECOND ROW: C. S, Grogan, C. L. Hall, Floye Hamilton, Nina Hastings, Clarence Heil. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Clarence Heil, James Hodges, Mavis Hopkins, Lyle Jackson, Alice Josephson. FOURTH ROW: Mabel Killman, J. R. Kitchens, Mary Larsen, Fay Leatherberry, Roy Long. FIFTH ROW: Wilma Lucas, Georgia McCorkle, LaVail McGuire, Hubert McGariety, Ida McKay. ' 1 CHRISTIAN NWORKERS--Continued 1 1 45 4' M, L 'VPD qs- 3 .ai- P IT FIRST ROW: Tulane Mooneyham, Sarah Morgan, Edward Murphy, T, W, Norris, John Oplinger. SECOND ROW: Eschel Owens, Mary Osbon, Alma Sue Patridge, Elton Patridge, Earl Powell. THIRD ROW: Elestine Riggins, Albert Simmons, Thornmazine Simmons, Wilma Simmons, Winston S FOURTH ROW: R, D, Spann, George Strickland, R. O. Symes, Jewel Taylor, Claude Taylor, Louise FIFTH ROW: Lucy Turner, Dorothy Walston, Mrs, W. C. Weaver, W. C. Weaver, Brooks Youngblood, g .msj W V, i x sf 1 f imms. Thomas. Minnie Zenor HIGH SCHOOL J IORS idwkwl' A., L ,aww fl M x 'Q ,L , .J slss E X , ' :. flr - ,ff Il I E If W I-.5 . I .,.:E: 1 ubli 3 U V? N YZ' 'mi i. . P WT' YQ Q 'fr L at i . Xl EQ if CLASS OFFICERS: Harvey Kilgore, president, Harold Palmer, vice-president, Wanda Carey, secretary, Nolan Akers, treasurer. FIRST ROW1 Nolan Akers, Duane Allen, James Burr, Elizabeth Burt, Wanda Carey, Clarone Clark, Reba Crawford. SECOND ROW: Irene Cockrell, Betty Faye Johnson, Eunice Graham, Jarvis Hill, Lorena Harrawood, W. J. Harris, Edwin Heil. THIRD ROW: Velma Hoskins, Elloise Howard, Robert Hum':ertson, Emil Kiesser, Harvey Kilgore, Harrel Kirkland, Marie Lagle. FOURTH ROW: Vivian Logsdon, Kenneth Lowe, Estelle M:Abee, Julian Manning, Jo Ruth Morris, Edna Murphy, Eve- Iine Nesselrodt. FIFTH ROW: Charles Nutter, Paul Owens, Ina Paling, Harold Palmer, Edith Sexton, Mary Starch, Marie Strevel. SIXTH ROW: Harold Thompson, Jewel Whittington, Doris Wigley, Jennings Wilkins, Ernest Winters, Maybell Wood, Violet Workman. I I i, Q, HI SoHo Vs'oPHo oR13s . . x , 1' . , K gf , ,wfif I. y IV I wr , .5 K y af tb N fl we-'ggi mi, . Q Q 5 , ' - me -' it R are A- .. ' ' LN 1 , N - as A y :.. s .a:,. . 9' 1 Own! OEzlCERS: Lois Jernigan, president, Maedell Ellis, vice-president, Geraldine Boatman, secretary, Stanley Rippe- toe, treasurer. FIRST ROW: Wanda Aaron, Lewis Alderman, Richard Atkins, Arlena Ault, Johnnie Mae Barnett, Bobbie Jean Baxter, Martha Blackwell. SECOND ROW: Geraldine Boatman, Doris Bost, Doris Brady, Ruby Brown, Joy Ann Brown, Bobbie Joe Bryce, Evelyn Cannon. THIRD ROW: Allen Carter, John Carter, Edna Connatser, Loraine,Davidson, Virginia Downey, Addie Pearl Duke, Maedell Ellis. FOURTH ROW: Robert Foster, Bertha Gorman, James Hall, Harold Henry, James Higgenbotham, Lois Jernigan, Polly Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Viola Kirkland, Louise Knight, Virginia Jo Lang, Betty Moore, Wilda Moore, Virgil Nettles, Anthony Pe- truccelli, SIXTH ROW: Stanley Rippetoe, James Simmons, Russell Tiday, Lavoy Tidwell, John Webber, Frances lnez Williams, Cleetis Yarbrough. Ijlff-'FEI scHooL FRESHME kv 'is' IM. CLASS OFFICERS: Earl Kellum, president, Fernell Hill, vice-president, Mary Jane Stanley, secretary, Marion McCoy, treas urer. FIRST ROW: Roberta Alcorn, Thelma Brewer, Henry Bristow, Robert Cato, Princess Clark, Marie Clemons, Jackie Clifton. SECOND ROW: Myraloy Colvin, Freda Coppel, Marie Curtis, Nellie Denny, Fay Gleason, Thelma Gresham, Glenn Ham- man, THIRD ROW: Joan Haussermann, Juanita Hawkins, Grier Hawkins, Wanda Higginbotham, Fernell Hill, Charles Holt, Lavola Houck. FOURTH ROW: Earl Kellum, Robert Kilgore, Lucille Lamon, Nadean Lowe, Gladys Lowe, Marion McCoy, Floretfa Mc- Pherson, FIFTH ROW: Anna Lea Malone, Bertha Marshall, Joyce Mills, Gladys Nabors, lrene Nagy, Joyce Osterhouf. SIXTH ROW: Lois Palmer, Mary Jane Stanley, Charles Tilley, Clyde Whitfield, Edward Williams, Raymond Woodby. SECO DSE ESTER ST DE TS iw fps f 1 A -45, ,,. . . t f Q Q ' I zi, ' 2 . fm X Y N Q W .3 1 . , A J. .J Q X Q . t R W X me N3 f X x f 'if fi at oi M f is '- Q - C T I C I N A' g . 2 V it s ' 'V . ' ' X it T 1 . R .... Q' L FIRST ROW: Ruth Armstrong, Robert Ball, Josephine Bradshaw, L. C. Burnett, Garnella Calhoun, lnez Chambers, Donald Chase, Collier, SECOND ROW: Helen Cope, Jack Crawford, Hillis Crawford, T. C. Franklin, Marguerite Franklin, Thelma Gilreath, Avanellc Hall, Imogene Hazelwood, THIRD ROW: Phyllis Hensley, Myra Haggarth, J. B. Kennedy, Mickey Jordan, Wanda King, Juanita Kirby, Marjorie Knight, Ruth Lagle. FOURTH ROW: Merle Sowder, Virgil McCullough, Gordon McDaniel, Charles McGuire, Carl Miller, Raynell Miller, Roy Millican, Wanda Millican. FIFTH ROW: Beulah Mullican, Willie Odom, Helen Patrick, Rachelle Pelegri, Margretta Poulos, Lydia Risk, Tommie Shumaker, Herbert Staats. SIXTH ROW: Thelma Starnes, Norval Thompson, Ella Jean Thorpe, Curtis Tiller, Bernice Vaughan, Betty Walker, C. L. Weigel. 4 Sv. x X s 1 X x 'F ' 'w :Q fwfmszgaf K Mr 5, . 'x-45255 . K-11 5, dxx -w A a 4 1 K H , Q , . , W Q mf' , c-Sm . Ne 5,1 acre ervices eye ln... Religious Drama Sunday Morning Message Sunday Evening Service REV. ZENO C. THARP Classroom Preaching , Q.f'1NYb yi JW ALFORD, HARGRAVE, HAWKI NS aff' Superintendent and Assistants SLUZJQQ SCk00! Class 4 -- Fred Jernigan Perdue Stanley Class 12 Ruby Thompson and Assistants Class 1 Visitor, Mrs. Harrison CX -P 5 t . Fiat, Z Mission Board Guadalupe Bonilla Pane Brother and Sister Hargraves MEXICO +R S sn, 5 Brother and Sister Hawkins CHINA Visitors from Mexico ioioioioioioiozoi oi1x1cx1fx1cx11x24x1o11 n1oi q I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians, both to the wise, and to the unwise. So, as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gos- pel. -Romans I:I4, I5. 'lb 'Hn-wvN'5 . n A Qx,.-M-gm.,1..mmf-'O-'MQNQQWW 4 5 v ' VINDAQGUA EDITORIAL STAFF SAMARA SCOTT . . . . Editor KATHLEEN MQCDONALD . . Faculty Advisor RUBY THOMPSON . . Feature Editor ALICE JOSEPHSEN . . Asst. Feature Editor PAULINE EKLOF . . . 'Copy Editor LUTHER TURNER . . Organization Editor CHARLES SARGENT . . . Class Editor AGNES BECKMAN . . Administration Editor SAMARA SCOTT KATHLEEN MQCDONALD RUBY THOMPSON ALICE JOSEPHSEN PAULINE EKLOF LUTHER TURNER CHARLES SARGENT AGNES BECKMAN 1944 BUSINESS STAFF JOHN MEARES . . Business Manager CLAUDE PHILLIPS . . . Photographer HAL GREEN . . . . Circulation Manager FRED JERNIGAN . . Asst. Circulation Manager LUCILLE SETTLE . . . Religious Editor VIVIAN HARS-HMAN . . . Artist MOLLIE DUNN . . . . Secretary DUANE ALLEN . . Asst. Photographer JOHN MEARES i l CLAUDE PHii.i.iPs Q25 S HAL GREEN FRED JERNIGAN 51533 LUCILLE SETTLE VIVIAN HARSHMAN MOLLIE DUNN DUANE ALLEN I l OFFICERS OF MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION: John Meares, president, Lucille Settle, vice-president, Brooks Youngblood, chaplain, Samara Scott, secretary, Harold Cato, treasurer, D. C. Barnes, sponsor. Top picture, first row: Charles Sargent, W. C. Weaver, Mrs. W. C. Weaver, T. J. Collins, James Hodges, Kenneth Lowe, T. W. Norris, Vessie Hargraves, Y. W. Kidd, H. E, Boyette, Doyle Stanfield, Gordon Blanchard, Nolan Akers, C. L. Hall, Howard Collier. Second row: Mildred Blanton, J. W. Leotherwood, Irene Leedy, Johnnie Oplinger, Pauline Eklof, Elton Patridge, Lydia Risk, Willie Odom, Eschel Owens, Herbert Staats, Beulah Mullican, Wayne Heil, Alma Sue Patridge, Edwin Heil, Harold Thompson. Third row: Mildred Foster, Earl Powell, Floye Hamilton, Grady Alford, Lucille Settle, Samara Scott, Harold Cato, D. C. Barnes, John Meares, Brooks Youngblood, J. R. Kitchens, Evis Chandler, Winston Simms, Mavis Hopkins, William Brantley. Bottom picture, first row: Charles Nutter, John Webber, Stanley Rippetoe, Claude Phillips, Robert l-lumbertson, L, C. Caldwell, C. L, Weigel, Hal Green, Tom Shoemaker, O'Neil McCullough, Garland Mann. Second row: Lyle Jackson, Clarence Heil, Rufus Griffin, Luther Turner, James Burr, Donald Crane, J. R. Brewer, Clifford Bridges, Lewis Brannen, Hubert McGariety, LaVoil McGuire, Leon Green. Third row: Roy Long, Elizabeth Burt, C. S. Grogan, Manormo Carr, T. W. Harris, Irene Nagy, Kenneth Combs, Mollie Moe Dunn, Tulane Mooneyham, Jewel Taylor, Donald Chase, Mrs. Albert Simmons, Albert Simmons, Mary Larsen. Fourth row: Russell Tiday, Armeline Cousineau, John Duckett, Fredo Coppel, Grier Hawkins, Juanita Hawkins, Fay Leatherberry, Helen Gleason Smeltzer, Joe Woodward, Nadyne Clouse, Paul Crone, Ruth Carmine, Glenn Hamman, Sophia Broyles. LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS OF SOCIETY: Dorothy Poteat, sponsor, Hal Green, president, Virginia Green, vice-president, Gena Mae Rogers, secretary-treasurer, Cecil Knight, sergeant at arms. Top picture, first row: Thelma Gresham, Alice Lynch, James Simmons, Cecil Knight, Virginia Green, Dorothy Poteat, Hal Green, Gena Mae Rogers, Wanda Carey, Sue Johnson, Fernell Hill. Second row: Charles Holt, Thommazine Simmons, Wilma Lucas, Lois Jernigan, Virginia Jo Long, Hilda Shumaker, Doris Lockard, Louise Knight, Minnie Zenor, Maedell Ellis, Thelma Starnes, Betty Cook, Margaret Cato, Vivian Logsdon, Tony Petruccelli. Third row: Frances Jane Baker, Reba Crawford, Marie Whitener, Ann Morefield, Gracie Conger, Ethel McClintock, Vivian Harshman, Winifred Branson, Pauline Ellis, lda Tennyson, Jeanette Ledford, Lois Beckman, Gladys Lowe, Elsie Skinner, Lee Howard, Dorcas Godwin. Lower picture, first row: Clarone Clark, Edna Murphy, Jerry Boatman, Novella Tharp, Ruth Lagle, Maybell Wood, Eloise Howard, Lavola Houck, Marie Curtis, Bobby Baxter, Ruby Brown. Second row: Lorena Harrawood, Princess Clark, lna Poling, Willie Ruth Hill, Virginia Palmer, Anna Lee Malone, Winona Jernigan, Avis Tyler, Margaret Bradford, Garnella Calhoun. Third row: Bobby Cato, Harvey Kilgore, Nolan Thompson, Harold Thompson, Betty Dale, Mary Winans, Norma Driver, Ruth Miller, Frank Allen, Herbert Walker, Jack Kile, Reed Lyles. SPANISH GLEE CLUB OFFICERS OF THE CLUB: Duane Allen, president, Joe Woodward, vice-president, Dorothy Beckman, secretary, Martha Blackwell, treasurer, Doyle Stantield, chaplain, John Carter, sergeant at arms, Dora P. Myers, sponsor. First row: Mildred Blanton, Wilda Moore, Doris Wigley, Addie Pearl Duke, Dorothy Beckman, Joe Woodward, Duane Allen, Rachelle Pelegri, Dora Myers, Guadalupe Bonilla Pane, Doyle Stanfield, Mrs, Vessie Hargrove, Martha Blackwell, Edith Sexton, Hilda Shumaker, Anne Moretield. Second row: Betty Cook, Catherine Pyeatt, Lois Brabson, Tommie Sim- mons, Wilma Lucas, Hulene Hillman, Pauline Eklof, Nadyne Clause, Robbie Nell Pyeatt, Alice Lynch, Winona Jernigan, Ruth Carmine, Elizabeth Burt, Wanda King. Third row: Velma Hoskins, Lee Howard, Willene Huddleston, Doris Lock- ard, Lillian Savchenko, Lucille Settle, Grier Hawkins, Juanita Hawkins, Daphne Deans, Virginia Green, Ruby Thompson, Helen Blackwell, Gertrude White, Charlotte Patterson, Agnes Beckman, Gena Mae Rogers. Fourth row: Charles Sar- gent, John Carter, J. B, Kennedy, T. S. Lipe, Robert Humbertson, T. W. Norris, John Meares, Claude Phillips, C. L. Weigel, Hal Green, Luther Turner, Nolan Akers, Clifford Bridges, Vessie Hargrove, W. J. Harris, Leon Green, Anthony Petruccelli, Jennings Wilkins. SPORTS CLUB l OFFICERS OF CLUB: Gena Mae Rogers, president, Willene Huddleston, secretary, Jerry Boatman, treasurer, Laura Hall, sponsor. Front row: Ethel McClintock, Gracie Conger, Doris Lockard, Marie Whitener, Gena Mae Rogers, Velma Hoskins, Mary Jane Stanley, Lois Jernigan, Evelyn Cannon. Back row: Polly Johnson, Joyce Marlar, Floretta McPherson, Fay Gleason, Willene Huddleston, Miss Hall, Jerry Boat- monl DO,-ig Walker, Mary Winans, Lucille Settle, Jeanette Ledford. G L E E C L U B GIRLS, GLEE CLUB IA I A .4,' , , '0 J OFFICERS OF CLUB: Sue Johnson, president, Gracie Conger, vice-president, Anne Marefield, secretary-treasurer, Roger McGuire, mascot, Wanda Carey, pianist, Colleen Huff, sponsor. First row: Joyce Marlar, Jean Thorpe, Vivian Logsdon, Ethel McClintock, Thelma Starnes, Winona Jernigan, Elsie Skin- ner, Edna Murphy, Willie Ruth Hill, Clarone Clark, Avanelle Hall, Margaret Bradford. Second row: Miriam Deans, Martha Blackwell, Ruth Miller, Novella Tharp, Jerry Boatman, Margaret Cato, Fernell Hill, Sue Johnson, Anne Moretield, Grace Conger, Doris Lockard, Tommie Simmons, Wilma Lucas. Back row: Helen Cope, Alma Patridge, Ida Tennyson, Winifred Branson, Lillian Savchenko, Betty Dale, Avis Tyler, Jean- ette Ledtord, Gena Mae Rogers, Marie Whitener, Pauline Ellis. BOYS' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS OF CLUB: Colleen Huff, sponsor, Mary E. Blackwood, pianist, Charles Tilley, president, Harold Cato, vice- president, James Cooper, secretary-treasurer, Donnis Barnes, mascot. Front row: Garland Mann, James Cooper, Harold Thompson, Paul Owens, J. W. Leatherwood, Jarvis Hill, Harold Cato. Back row: Claude Phillips, Charles Tilley, Luther Turner, Herbert Walker, Jr., Duane Allen, Hal Green, Doyle Stanfield, John Meares, Julian Manning. STUDE T COEJNCIL OFFICERS: Winona Jernigan, chairman, Ruby Thompson, secretary. Left to right: Alice Josephsen, Exelma Holley, Agnes Beckman, Helen Blackwell, Ruby Thompson, Virginia Green, Pauline Ellis, Lucille Settle, Mildred Blanton, Winona Jernigan, Vivian Harshman, of F .X A .wwfwlwil 12- r . sa OFFICERS: John Meares, president, Robert Hurnbertson, secretary. Left to right: Duane Allen, J, R. Kitchens, Brooks Youngblood, Luther Turner, Robert Humbertson, Vessie l-largrave, John Meares, Perdue Stanley, Herbert Walker, Jr., Claude Phillips. E' : A PE ' , , ll' 'X 1. if Q :E .i ,G wc 224 vm V' I liiiiliff ' 7? - fi-'TSI ? i f'i 2 'l' ZH sv 1 1 f'2S1?' f ' M-GHUUN fy -4 ' .J ff-H1 www x ' ' A . M , Lxvy I -wie ,QSQEIM 1 1' T 2 K ,1 .i ,ff ,wh :wi-ms I: K f . xi. Xxzw,-M:-,m.H. f .L we v wm,if, ffgggvzwf, 2 yell -as :ar , if iiwtiiyisffgsyf -' H mg, rw is sue . , Mfsfzrfiw-:H::A wa-if -- MF, 3, x5,:Wz,f,, K K xMM,,1:f,,, . mf f L55 kg? ,,. 221323 7' ' A ,Wi -1:f2ftz 7?i?Q ' L !,' 5 A iw 4. Q Wy!! A- f'?f4.,.A .gg xfi W L Q1 lx W M :-2 '-15 55 2 1' ' - M n 1 HX, 15 ,- wr :. ,go xx , w 'QV 3 Y l p n fZS w Q E5 , . M.: .:g12i. if 5 2 , .M lf flg.'x'3 5.-N122 j .5 Q if M 95, 'x QE 3. i l. Be good girls and remember-only an hour. 2. What would B.T.S, be without her? 3, Time out for crackers and soup 4. Miss Cline knows the way to a man's heart. 5. The dignified professor Barnes. 6. Don'f overdo if,'Brother Wagner 7. Always on the job. 8. Five of a kind. 9. Sister Holland figures. lO. And the little bear . . . ll. Oh, for the good old days when we had a porch. l2. A brave stand after thirty miles at it. 1 I I ........ ... V f as ll Wiiiig iaTi ,rmals ' 12 k g ggilets-'Y' I.. ' uf 'Q rn- Ju .tt .K Q , X 'ill' I I .5-.4 U2 l 'T' 5 H1 n , T-'um 'l' n., -sk 'au . Q ' x . .Z-fi: . 'R req.. Q ilu bling.. .I A - , 1 . 10 rim an-4 11 'WG -Q- .na 1.1 .J- M- 4- E' -lu Cl: st ll -1 ug -1 ll 5' mm mm 5 i -...M f I I 3 2 4.6 fe 'I :Hi til t' 5 - 1 , . I 2 3 4 5 6. . lt's ah old Spanish custom Traffic lam' Destmatuoh home . Two blank blanks from room OO Wes chums . No, never alone, Happy birthday Lupe . Seeing is believmg. Regustratnon what a day' Practice makes perfect Fiddle dee dee The young maids. Have you ever been struck by Iughtrmmg9 QW A perfect Sunday atter- noon. Pick ori somebody your size, John. My, what a beautiful sled you have. We think they're pretty too, girls. Babe Ruth, the second, Pondering a serious question. lnseparable! Juoriito takes the offen- sive. Pretty as a picture, boys. To the river you must go. A C K x IL f 7 'N f' fa ENERGY MDB Z ii Red's weekly wash. . The force behind the bread line. . Do you call that energy, Clyde? Energetic bookworms. ji? Bunny dinner in preparation. Miracles still happenAWinters and Walker working! One by one to the land of Nod. Hats off to the Bahamian acrobat. Once a week whether it needs it or nat. lO. By this we know a play is at hand, COLLEGE GI RLS' QUARTET Sarah Morgan Jo Ruth Morris Helen Smeltzer Lucille Settle Garland Mann, pianist B.T. s, MALE QUARTET Garland Mann Claude Phillips Luther Turner John Meares Colleen l-luft, pianist MIXED QUARTET Vivian l-larshman Luther Turner Mary Elsie Blackwood John Meares Hal Green, pianist Hop loftl Ilowcr lcftl OHIO TRIO: Edna Murphy Margaret Cato Elsie Skinner Wanda Carey, pianist Colleen Huff Wanda Carey, pianist BTS. LADIES' QUARTET3 lcla Mae Tennyson Marie Whiteiwer Pauline Ellis Itop right! A TRIO: Myralay Calvin Lillian Beggerly Thelma Gresham Alice Lynch, pianist llower rightl HAPPY THREE: Mildred Foster Juanita I-lawkin5 Maybelle Wood Garland Mann, pianist lcenferl DUET: Lillian Savchenko Helen Blackwell Martha Blackwell, . Msg .bl .fit Q. .Qs pianist ' f S 1 I Y If 1 H 5 '?gi,w,,. .kr M, l. SOUTHERN RHYTHMAIRES: Joe Woodward, Hal Gree 1, James Cooper, D. C, Barnes. 2. SOLOIST: Winona Jernigan 3. TRIO: Vivian Harsnrnan, Harald Cato, Irene Leedy. 4. DUET1 Helen Smeltzer, Lucille Settle. 5, SOLOIST: Lil- lian Savchenka. 6. MELODY BOYS1 James Cooper, Jarvis Hill, Bobby Cato, guitarist, Harold Cato, Harald Thompson Now everybody pose, What, more brain food? Home EC. girls wait for Santa. Another process of registration, lO. The Smeltzers. Full time at the piano. ..... . s ,af 1 X it it 'F v: i'MW:m ' .1 . fin, M.-if- X , , S is MQ' 'S' A J 3 :mx it ' J l g ' P -Q23 lz i Proud papa and Shirley. You look so much better when you smile. Wrapping chairs isn't tedious under the circumstances. Doughboy. Fine for overtime. The winners! Chow line from the reor. Ahftood ot lost. An evening of Mople Holi, Victory Gong. Tearing down the remains Volunteer firernen. Reconstruction under woy. Neoring completion. I in BIBLE TRAINING SCHOOL AND COLLEGE THE CHURCH OF GOD NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CENTER DESIGNED TO MEET THE NEEDS OF 20TH CENTURY CHRISTIAN YOUTH SCHOOL BOARD E. M. TAPLEY, Chairman J. D. BRIGHT J. T. ROBERTS F. W. LEMONS B. L. Hrcxs. JUNIOR COLLEGE: A two-year course so general in character that it provides the basic training for students expecting to complete a college course, including pre-medical, pre-law, pre-professional, and prospective business administrators. COURSES: Bible and Religious Education, English, Languages, Mathematics, Education, Social Science, Speech, Dramatics. EXPENSES: Registration Fee 55.00, tuition per semester 540, per term 580, room and board per month 521, per term 5189, total per semester 513950, per term 5274. CHRISTIAN WORKERS' COURSE: A two-year course designed to meet the needs of young ministers and other Christian workers. COURSES: Bible, including Old Testament, Harmony of the Gospels, Pauline and General Epis- tles, and Prophetic Books, Related subjects, such as Doctrine, Christi-an Evidence, Personal Evangelism, Church History, Bible Geography, Special courses in Speech, English, General Music, Actual practice in Christian Work. EXPENSES: Registration Fee 55, tuition per semester 530, per term 560, room and board per month 521, per term 5189, total per semester 5129.50, per term 5254. ACADEMY: A four-year high school course as outlined by the Tennessee State Department of Education. Broad curriculum offering many electives, such as, Bible, Music, Speech, Dramat- ics, Sociology, Commerce, Home Economics, Languages. EXPENSES: lSame as Christian Workers' Course.I SCHOOL OF MUSIC: Planned to meet the needs of preparatory, college, and special students both in theoretical and applied music. COURSES: Theoretical -Theory, Sight Singing, Harmony, Accompanying, Directing, Ensem- ble, Composition, Practice Teaching. Applied- Piano, Voice, Piano Accordion, Wind and Stringed Instrument. EXPENSES: Private Lessons: Voice-Beginners' course, 16 lessons 516, 32 lessons 532, Ad- vanced course-16 lessons 520, 32 lessons 540. Piano-Beginners' course, 16 lessons 512, 32 lessons 524. Advanced course-16 lessons 516, 32 lessons 532. Piano Accordion, Stringed and Wind Instruments--16 lessons 512, 32 lessons 524. Instrumental rental fee per semester 55, per term 510. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: A two-year course offering effective training for prospective teachers, business administrators, salesmen, accountants, and secretaries. COURSES: Typewriting, Shorthand, Accounting, English, Mathematics, Salesmanship, Com- mercial Law, Office Practice. EXPENSES: ISame as College of Liberal Arts.l For further information write Rev. Zeno C. Tharp, President, Bible Training School and College, Sevierville, Tennessee APPRECIATIQN LET US REMIND YOU that this is not the end. Without the following pages from our loyal business friends it would be impossible for us to publish this book. We can show our appreciation for their aid in making this book possible by patronizing the firms advertised here. -STAFF. Victory demands good vision. To see better is to work better. To see better, better see- DR. S. W. JONES With office at KAY JEWELRY CO. 408 S. Gay. St. Knoxville, Tennessee SELECT The HAM delicious l. PACKING C0 A f EAST TENNESSEE ,C E. B. BOWLES 86 CO. Incorporated Knoxville's Largest Distributors FRU ITS AND VEGETABLES Phone 3-4l 33 Knoxville, Tennessee SEXTON SERVICE OFFERS YOU The only nationally advertised brand of foods prepared exclusively for the in- stitutional market. The security of endorsement by all the leading trade associations in the institu- tional field in the United States. The facilities of the only wholesale grocery company operating plants in the two principal American markets-Chica- go and New York. As rendered by America's largest dis- tributors of number ten canned foods, a distinctive service on a complete assort- ment of quality foods packed in this in- stitutional size container. Home recipe pickles, relishes and con- serves from Sexton Sunshine Kitchens- delicious and appetizing. Carefully selected coffees-blends re- sulting from years of careful study - roasted fresh daily at Chicago and Brooklyn. A selection of your needs from the largest inventory ever assembled for the particular needs of those who feed many people each day. Joi-iN SEXTON Manufacturing Lxilifalelje Grocers CHICAGO-BROOKLYN DALLAS-ATLANTA- PITTSBURGH 0l0XOll ATCHLEY FUNERAL HOME Phone 279 SEVIERVILLE, TENNESSEE BURCHFIEL,S COURT W. W. BURCHFIEI, HMOdemH General Insurance and Bonds REASONABLE RATES Phone 203 Phone 203 Sevierville, Tennessee Sevierville, Tennessee WADE'S DEPARTMENT STORE SevierviIIe's Leading Store PARK ROAD SERVICE STATION COMPLETE LUBRICATION Washnng and Road Servuce H. R. Nave, Mgr., Phones 9106 G IQOWI H In appreciation of the Church of God The CENTRAL HOTEL LEWELLING'S GROCERY FRUITS, MEATS and VEGETABLES ROBERTSON BROS. 81 SHARP Farmers' Headquarters For ALLIS-CHALMERS 85 OLIVER FARM MACHINERY International Fertilizer - Field Seeds - Household Equipment Phone 66 Sevierville, Tennessee Phone 66 SCIIUCICFIS Little WHIZCII CO. Fine Watch Repair Seviervmel Tennessee Public Square, Sevierville SKYLINE CENTRAL SERVICE STATION TRANSPORTATION Homer M. Hardin, Operator Connects with all Major Truck GUI-I: PRODUCTS Lines in United S-'rates GOODRICH TIRES BATTERIES BUILDING CONTRACTOR ' Free Estimates Glaally Given For reference call: THE CHURCH OF GOD PUBLISHING HOUSE Cleveland, Tennessee BEAT HITLER - - - BUY BONDS Cleveland, Tenn. Phone 949 or 124-J D qVww Sevierville Grain 86 Feed Company, Inc. UFLAKE WHITE FLOUR' WWW Sevierville Tennessee WHITE NO' 57 EMERY STORE zz HONEYMOON FOOD Robert Bullock, Monoger SCHOOL SUPPLIES D R U G S D R U G S L E E - H A S - IT ! B.T.S., We Appreciate Your Patronage SEVIERVILLE TENNESSEE 0b Compliments of SEVIER WATER DEPARTMENT SEVIERVILLE TENNESSEE AOQI Compliments of Sevier County Electric System SEv1ERv1LLE TENNESSEE Acme Chemical Company Manufacturing Chemists For Over 40 Years Quality Above All MILWAUKEE :- WISCONSIN Q Compliments Compliments gf of The K. 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A Complete School Service KNOXVILLE - : - TENNESSEE For GLASSES Consult Compliments DR. ROBERT W. HUBERT of Optometrist THE HOUSE OF ABE 605 Market St. Diol 2-7821 FRANK L. ROUSER CO., Inc. Photographic Supplies SMOKE ' TROTTER Motion Picture Equipment ESSO STATICN Accessories Phone 3-0409 317 W. Church Ave. Knoxville, Tennessee W. L. Trotter, Manager IO0W Call Us for All Kinds Furnace and Stoker Repairs MUELLER FURNACE and SSTOKEL STOKER None Better Sold and Guaranteed by W Knoxville, Dial 3-9144 Teeeeeeee K. M. C. CO. SPEC. DEPT. Distributors NUCOA Best Food Products Candies and Cookies S-HEFFORD CHEESE SEVIERVILLE HARDWARE CO. 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Gay St. Dial 2-3533 00l0 ' The 1944 VINDAGUA is bound in a Kingskraft Cover KINGSPORT PRESS, Inc. KINGSPORT TENNESSEE W Phone 43 Delivery Service Phone 43 rATCHLEY'S SUPER MARKET On the Square A Full Line of Meats and Vegetables Service Yourself and Save SEVIERVILLE - TENNESSEE Q ' COOPER BEDDING COMPANY W. L. COOPER, Proprietor COMPLETE LINE OF MATTRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS King and Queen Quality Phone 2-0433 - 1819-25 N. Broadway KNOXVILLE :- TENNESSEE ww W'fff?' W M- M Qfjfi3f,if?5 WW fp?5,52jy dw fm E53 Ei? 5 HMMMU ggi 33 Q45 ffzfi 7753? Q R Ji 5 QQ: W M7 Adam wig ' W 555555 SX 1:2 - -A54 FQ Mgifgw af -'NR fb X QSM W5-Qfsxgi 145' 129 lxigfh 1 1 - by lfixxi W Skfii ij- 3 Qf?Q.j33Efg!3,i M53 Q, X 'f 'EE R 3, . X1 qi 1 'SW uxkmggimbi, ji ' er 5535353525231 OW Cafe, Giga

Suggestions in the Bible Training School - Vindagua Yearbook (Sevierville, TN) collection:

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