Bexley High School - Bexleo Yearbook (Bexley, OH)

 - Class of 1926

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Bexley High School - Bexleo Yearbook (Bexley, OH) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 28 of 124
Page 28 of 124

Bexley High School - Bexleo Yearbook (Bexley, OH) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 27
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Page 28 text:

K H C R O T E H T :gala wp-:NE mmgu E58 Biz M OES W-:QQ wil-swam 25 m-:SOG nigga --miam -5: NERO!! MED-:MQ .A-E :HE-0:0 gamg mE 9:305- 3-53 MEM-Em -E6 wing-m use-EF mi-WED-5 magna MESOS ME:-:m uighgmzgv-L MESH wi:-at :Oman MENS?-W wi-ESQ M-EEE'-L EUMEUE M5552 53,6 mia M5523-:cu E595 wig-NE E-dm wigs-U C um!--0,5 E MCT?-L QEW M5305 aiu rg as NES?- w-Ezoi M:-EQ w-EE-Q 3:2- 9-:wma New-'Ass wing-am rs- as ME:-:6 ME-use 205- E :QE-E EEL UE--Em gina 3?-ash LBEEA M vm 0285 :E Bah as-H aa:- QEE an ham E562 EE 8:33-5: -EE M2555 25 so 22: vm g:hvwn:mE Scum .m .D 3:33 Egg Elcaimgmm 2505354 E323 or-3 isis'-L E: EE one vm 4 A 'EEE I-Muni!!!-oc:-W -:Gaz EEE so It -:azz 1-vacuo? E so ' IIUIIIII -:so-M-g UEAE an ,Sum I :EES is UE: NSEQNEM :EU Ewa hz EE sill: Mo WM-on-HU we hom l'A-"I.r.l.III'I.ll1..-. Ham Pav'- ESK sg ,go Iimacix - U-:Hz-Q 39: gmgo 25 Su :QM EG -".."L-"."LL.'IlI'ILI' Rr?-:-omnq lilllll TAS:-hm 'ago H: NED IIIII EE EO 2.503 Few Els.:-:ll mmaobwvg :O Nh-new ,hm :EIEN3 2 tugs E'- Eliimg aww :gh EQ m-an-Hugo obs: on M!-New ps Ea 35535 Som Euom -5 :its 95 on 5:3 imgo 25 ES: :N :gh Mgr um Bw E fam 'sms-:WE NSBA-Z: ZQOMUEES :Q seam wig 'ENS :E .-Omg:-m gg: .nov-S:-wmv'-Q Amv ,Chaz E5 3 ak M-:Eg 3 at Eimwmog :E E: IIIII BPEV M-UE'-5 IIIIII C OM Ek-5: My-Eg: is M-so kv-Quo'-K 'Q .gm have-annex Malia IIIII 'Eiga 3 pg? wEHm-img P: D: Emu PEE H asm 2-ow in E-Wm Enom ,vac mg: N38 LE V N E-KE flees? Enom 32 .I M286 g-:gh gog- ugcam fav!! H me-so Q :oh SE: 'Kham 33:0 3:5 ga? SSEEEMEOSQ asian-EDD.- I-as-on Quang 205-wuz mcg-:go 3:34 rain-sm mmwistggu 3:31 S::::.: wbhoz Qhzumc -U HSE :M-I 3:02:35 ::::: ho:-HMSH .EE Qocmt-avant is B ,Bianco h:EEr-K mv-hd:-Us I I .vvI.""-.,-r','l'--l xho mmggtaog ME mu-GOA II: woke? 'EEO QS? v--53 QEEEXEQ -get-gm my-Q2 mgzmgo mmgkgm NME-30-E vs: m-K-once :E EEE .5::2.lE:hQEmO S 8 :gigs EES m 2 PF :EIEQEB gow N gsm mm?-U04 E-:cams-Ego we ov or-L Eilllllglizoeog N ya: v.v"ILl :Nu goin oi-KI.: omg-QUE: VPSMEEE-O at-ooo H32 Jan :E HE? 2:2 Ex :Ego--3 Q in OBE: ll I-233 -Stagg!! lillllllillmvumagg Hum or-K ...awww--QQ -:ga aww or-5 HE:-E2-Oz OE-E: H2-do E565-F5 rucgi Emu goaem 02-'EGU BE 8:43, E gow:-Bc! Bwossm ::::-zz usda tastes EEE 'I ll.llllvv.vv'..A wuvggoo oe QU '..v.A!'I. gmthomzool lsgezmocgm Hageman moo-:WU :Fm ME-:Fm momcah S-as III: 1: Msg!-mama 'Il mcmguoiow gcc! III: IZ: sho-he-'om Quo--8 EEE: :llllaowamguhm :G mm l lVllIll.A--iIlIl img ELA- AIIIII l"- H QE lllllll MEEQZ lrbllll .'.v't 5 EEE ammo-om--I.: awww.- ::::v-hokf 302 ow oc :II Il: 01250314 E.:-UvEmE new PH 0-EE '-om-hWm."444! avvam :N B oh. hh-W.-vamg :QSO-EE E254 :llvlitmzmzaog oe ov? ::::: my-QA: krzwbig Digg an-az l Z E use-U 3 H-:QQ I 'rrli' LAIl-IlI-Il-llI-Ik-.'.'L- H A85 :O '-l-... ."'l 0 O:-:avant The mmocmgezv-sm mcg m mt.-PSE :Q caan -S: H-:zz lvlilammta :N 3 or-LEE E:,:HQEOQw :hawaii EEEJ-gsm -W tal? i-on-:mst -20:05 Ezomhsq 25:55 V vlllll :gal ,Ea-ev:- 0:0-Qmllsr hmummiimmz: usa :ml vuvzousl: Luv-G:-mwvhnls: ESX 388: as Emcmvm xy, Nc-vim N550-'E 25'-I lllllliizecmvkr gtgvm 1 "'IIlv,. ms:-mcaowm SEQZ 5'-EEG: 5-LE-U hurl...-SESS an-H ::....m::-S5 :azz litem-E5 mga?-on humrlllhvm--93 grass :EJ-vmcusb 5:5-H sito-haw :BAE-no 'U E'-Oh:-m Qutuswhcz Eslillhwemocgcm uhnauw itsihvamzutsgum can I'lI.IE-.lschokcam oem-9:5 :lgavsncz H52-:QM III.'A.'-vias! NES'-on 'agiwcozsm 3:95 :sihogu-E sewn IEEEWMHQAH ia: 5:5132 SWE -'A'lIm-ce-Zag Em 'III-...Jonas gtg 25:5-S-:NE 5-0: EI?-Qudz up-asm? lliillllll llllvlll m 8:4 :gmhunvxossm Suozego :Ei:isllmccsm hgmogo Eivghsoeg EEE. 15553. U2-:Ea glidadvoz 225: Elica:-tcm Simm- 25,E::'AEN:o: mg-him EEIIWQSE ac?-EQ :almonds -E:-SE xtnwm ENE: ig-Nm 0:26569 Il.v"l-my-Uma'-Q :O-Um Egnzn 2:-htvw EES-5:0 3-iw: lllllvls M-Sm 23:9 :EMEA-was mrs-U 252 enty-f our Tw Page L

Page 27 text:

'Ll ' A T TUH Oli lp! p A- - I"---'--'-"-""'-'!'!':'i ' 'T--p-l ' r 1 r 1 ' 1 e i Class Poem I s Gnd? Q96 , 1.-,,,.--,,-,- --,-. - ---,--a.-,- e- -.1 It is a wondrous work of art, this painting lVhieh the careful time-bound artist, Life, portrays. Of all his many paintings we find this one Outstanding, leading us thru many darkened days. At first 'twas nothing more than bare white canvas On an easel in surroundings all unknown. But the artist ever careful and observing All our unforgetful High School days has shown. The arti:zt's mind a dream of youth unfolded And in weariness and sadness oft he wrought, lVith ever his fair ideal of youth before him, Experience, his brush, with harsh stroke, perfection sought. Four years the artist worked to make it perfect, lVorking with red, yellow, blue and green, lVith dark and light thruout the picture mingled Until a representing figure now is seen. Completed after work and toil and trouble, He paused and pondered with a thoughtful sigh. Then with firm stroke his brush the letters fashioned, "The class of '26 of Bexley Hi.'!l1." And now a beacon to our future is this picture, The artist's dream of glorious youth come true. Oh class of '26 do not betray The lovely, fair ideal life saw for you. -XVINIFRED JOHNSON. Page Twenty-three

Page 29 text:

i THE T-ORCII Mm I.-..-..-..-...-.1--.--1--. Class Prophecy 'I i gang H QISQ i I I I I I L A L L.....-e -g - - gt- -C It had been a busy, bustling day and as I sat down that evening to study I realized that it was going to be an awful effort to get through yesterday's, today's, and tomor- row's Virgil, ninety lines in all Qample pun- ishment for my negligencel. I opened my book, grit my teeth and started out. It was a passage where the hero of the book con- sulted an oracle or prophet on an island to see what the future held for him and if at last he should find a country where he might put an end to l1is wanderings. It was inter- esting and all went well for a while. I could fairly see the cold hollow cave of the seer with his flowing beard. I could almost hear his incantations. I had a vivid picture of him gently casting leaves upon the floor fan ancient method of telling the futurej where a slight breeze entering the door might play upon them and disarrange them slightly from their original position. Then the ancient patriarch looked upon them with his wise eye and to him each little disarrangement spoke volumes. But interesting as it was, much to my own disgust the print began to swim before my eyes. I got up and tried another chair, I even walked around the house but my efforts were in vain. My head nodded, I felt it sinking lower and lower-"and the gentle breeze played over them softly," I translated 'Ano human hand touched them, the leaves tluttered, settled, and all was quiet. And then spoke the seer, bending over each leaf" -My head hit the table, I remember that, then all was peace for a moment until there came to my tired mind a queer frenzied nightmare, due perhaps to fatigue, perhaps to the beefsteak and lemon pie that had tasted so good at dinner. Maybe a physcolo- gist could explain why there appeared be- fore my mindis eye a picture Qhow I wish I could paint itj similar to the pictures you sec of the interior of the Roman Forum where the ancient orators sat in rows upon rows. their togas swathed about them and 1 -L- e..e- -,,--- c- -..I pondered weighty questions. This was not the Forum but seemed more like a rocky cave with crude seats encircling a flat place in the extreme center. In each seat sat a bundled figure, each eye was turned to the old man in the center scattering leaves upon the floor. I looked casually upon the audience CI was in the first rowj and then I looked again more closely and then I positively stared in astonishment. Above the white toga on my right rose the sweet face of Alice Neal topped by a perfect marcel as usual! Next to her was Eldridge Hayes, his big brown eyes all attention on the man with the leaves, then came Elise, then Bee, then Bob, then Betty, then Brick! Oh heavenly days! It was only a dream but on my deatllbed I shall remember the sight of the Class of '26 all solemnly arranged in a big circle, eacll member in a Hopping, bundling toga, every eye on the elderly gentleman on the flat smooth floor of the big dark cave, who canted strange cants and cast leaves gently about as a calm breeze entered through an open- ing on the side. All was deadly quiet except for the rustling of the leaves on the breeze, that ceased, all was still, every mouth opened slightly, every breath was held, the seer bent over and then- "Oh Class of '26, take heed, I must warn, I must warn, for each of you there is danger ahead. For each there is happiness, each is about to enter on his great adventure, some shall wander long, some shall reach their ends soon, so very very soon, but I shall see, I shall see-U All this in a sing song tone, stroking his beard and shaking his head! The shivers creep even now when I think about it for dream as it was, it is still so clear and realistic in my mind that to me it is not half so ridiculous as it may sound. But to pro- ceed, the seer bending over the quiet leaves, slowly lifted one from the group and ap- proaching Hal he spoke. "Nothing but wires, wires, wires, and Page Twenty-fiz'af

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