Bessemer High School - Kallista Yearbook (Bessemer, AL)

 - Class of 1943

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Bessemer High School - Kallista Yearbook (Bessemer, AL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 14 of 56
Page 14 of 56

Bessemer High School - Kallista Yearbook (Bessemer, AL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 13
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Page 14 text:

speech on December 8 l94l Many of our boys answered the call to the colors tmmeduately Bully Adaur and Edgar McClaun benng among the farst to leave Marruage took some of our gurl but the rest of us drd our part by buylng bonds and stamps Quute a few romances budded and others burst forth xnto full bloom Buddy Hatcher s favorite song was strll Martha and Srster was really Hot Ours was a royal fomvly that wmter when the prxncess from Muss Massey s room was elected to represent the entnre school nn the Chrustmas Carmval and Martha Moore was chosen as Lady In wanting to the Queen The Natuonal Honor Socuety tapped our outstanding students for membership Mass Massey took at upon herself to get marrued and we had a hard tlme remembermg to call her Mrs Shnelds Our sensor year has held some ofthe happuest days of our luves despute the horrors of Trng and Math 8 for we were at last the hosts and hostesses at the Junlor Semor Prom The decoratlng commrttee almost outdnd Itself In the decoratlons whuch received no end of prause Our number has decreased considerably due to varlous curcum stances The armed forces now clarm eleven of our boys and we are proud of them' Bobby Merrull Freddle Watson and Sara Goodson headed the student government this year and had the sltuatlon well an hand gotten better offncers than Homer Hurd as Presndent and Ruchard Davnes and Grace Foster as Vxce President and Secretary Back through the years we remember the swell fumes we nad at the Muslc Festrvals football games when Suster was head cheerleader and Arnold Polly and Ruchard followed the HIY conferences especnally the one held here and those hayrldes and sock dances We have a 'ob ahead of Us The future of Amersca and the world lS resttng on our shoulders The educatuon and traunnng that we have recelved here wlll determine to a great extent what we make of ourselves In the future Wlth faxth and courage we now step forth to take our part nn the struggles presented to us We hope to preserve our noblest Ideals and wnte the end of thus hlstory wuth deeds of whucb our dear Alma Mater will have every reason to be proud We must so llve that future sensors may read thus glortous record and be proud to emulate nn all thmgs the class of T943 Llves of great men all remund We can make our llves subltme And departlng leave behind Us Footprints In the sands of tnme Footprunts that perhaps another Salllng oer Llfe s solemn maun A forlorn and shupwreclced brother Seerng shall take heart agaln Let us then be up and doung Wuth a heart for any fate Stull achuevung stnll pursumg Learn to labor and to was Olys Ktncaud Page Ten . S . f , ' ' ' ll ll ll ' ll ll ll ' t . . . , . , The class elections seemed to be a battle of the session rooms but we couldn't have I V I ' - - I " A A us , ,

Page 13 text:

1-uv-f"" emot C cuss Htsfary ,Yr 4 by ff' 'Pl' .5-'6' Remember way back wher hrustsne Jo Margaret and Shurley wore theur hour parted un the muddle combed down straught on the sude to fluffy curls at the ends and when freckles were outstandung features of the boys? lt seems luke quute some tume ago but ut was only V739 the year thus class entered uts freshman year of Hugh School Confused and rather amu ed we were tryung to decude whether we should feel superuor ar lust small fry when the upperclassmen took a hand and subuected us to tortures of lupstucked faces and the transportung of trays un the lunchroom Bucklung down to the busunes of becomung accustomed to new teachers and our furst tastes of algebra and scuence we skummed through our furst year of hugh school wuth very few casualtues As a remembrance of that year Muss Sapps sessuon room offered the Tuger Tumes some competutuon by publushung the Bulletun We remember that Ruth Warluck was elected the mast studuous gurl un that class and Mr Turneys class bestowed the male form of that honor upon Stewart Bushop A great thrull for the enture class was when Paulune Carter was tapped for membershup un the Tru Hu Y A number of the gurls and boy lufted theur vouces un song over the fact that they were selected for the Glee Club We came back our ophomore year to fund that Muss Paulune Massey had replaced Muss Sapp who had taken on the Holy Bonds of Motrumony She helped us over the rough pots and we receuved a few pounters on the fuue art of typung durung the new unstututuon called the actuvuty peruod After school candy sales produced money for Muss Gubsons sessuon room to send to the Deaf and Blur'd School un Talladega for Chrustmas and then at Easter they furnushed new dresses for two luttle gorls there At Chr stmas they held theur furst arnual banquet Turney s class was duvuded between Muss Massey s and Muss Gab on s Bobby and Morgue were seen enuoyung each other s company more frequently ana Ruchards Mulluon Dollar Smule was always on dusplay We found that among us was some rare charm when Mu s Gubsons sessuon roonn sponsored Muldred Wesson and Nora Lee Colerudge represented Muss Massey's room un a papularuty contest As wunners they reugned as Queen and Lady un Wautung at the Stunt Nught Incudentally the stunt performed by the combuned sessuon rooms took furst pruze and ut's no wonder as Gene Gwun portrayed Saunt Peter The pruze money bought books for the lubrary By thus tume we were well represented un most of the clubs and had hugh hopes for 'he harmonuca chorus un Muss Gubson's room, conducted by Mrs Merrull As Junuors we certaunly felt our umportance Why we had reached Mr Dovus' solud geometry class and had learned to leave off the handle when speakung of Turney outsude of Phystcs We turned to a more seruous ude as we lustened to the Presudent's Page Nun? -...--... . .... .. UM V -... N A. ' 0 , 1 ' 4 'Af' f A A ' L 'H-' C 7- I ' ai., ., , ls-yup., 1-911-115: - - . - Ty: .r - Ur 32. 0 , ,.., .,, Ii: .E ' 1 . --dr. . Y .:ue-01-2 f- ' 2".Y 1- ak' --. 3.4. .J 'fw- ' ., -. . f.1 s . nf v x - .N--7 . 1 Q . ., :, . ,' . , .f , 61+ ' Nm. f , , -' k ' A ' ' " 1 "ss --- . -- T'2f-vii f 1- . - - u' - '11, . 'Nm V' 1'-H :N '- L v., -- ' I U' l . ., .43 3 , .. 'Q' - . t 512- -r . ' ' A 'bra A -f,,' ,uhm .3-'v , 3 -,L . - -1 .mx-1 - s, f , W ' V' .gr - , ,. . . . . , u 1, I f , S . . . Q . ' . . Q , . . S . .Q . S . N . .I . . - - . , Q - . F.. ., u , S - . s .

Page 15 text:

a a mffff2aym'affQQfwTm'f. .A 1 -G 'F?v"?2+ti' , . ' k' UT? 'T wfffqlj f,' i"'P-Q'1f5f'?a3a:'.1117VZ?'TA2,-"QQ5:rg-10111557,, ' .11 fffifiifwff- 'f"'I,"'Tf, ' .. - - W 4 5- f" ' . A v C Jnlwifi. W PII: fi' ' i 'V l W I asf anal Testament ' ny QC, 1 ' '44-,uit 1, , ' Mfg, Fc Sorwbr C5025 Q! X943 dg fqrarpf prada ww HWS dfzy, MC A" 4'f3"'?'1, 1943, Thfj end Qf The fwfs' mp gf oy p.,"rL-y NYC We Ori COrvpff:'xOr1 1, "f5:'.l I r U ' 1"" "' H QF rhng Wap me mei at 'Wing um! pfgggc' fc lfmnfe HWEEQ beizucsfe YG New .nv-rs-1 'T'-. 'felt .- ' - . 'T' fl -ff' v Qi. , nf A i n , 5, n g' ffx I I' I 1 11 f ' -"'xg'16?:f'V'! .5 I ' 5 -A . who Hue for ye? riurwoeci THQ me-'W Cf rws?'Q1p mu HCVNEY 011: Wg ,ommcl Uwcowrww crwd Coffs me "L Hr ui EXVQTCM We 'o MH amd b que-of? XOJ mc Two of Tumef lowes on D015 We lecwf To ,fob TFC exce 'em fmce on-2 U oder bmp C our P mc po ro PKC J A Dons xx bww I 'H NUM C1 f Nr 1 CU Q KC T C O you me IOUSY bww N 0 fwkf SCVFYWCC WP beilue-oth Yhe common Jr: as fr um me gen momrc of Profggqor G S Tumey ul! ' QIVFW Q KJHCCU C1 F 0 ood N wg , UT demh r Jiy Y Q, Q C 1 f Caro CHQ , 6 H T hmm Q, se. y cron Q TFQ Q , w V , 9 VTE? OXCQ F . CC WV J 1 e L- Vx' 'W R CWID ge af 'ix' ', M, . ' ' lwwvfwf f' Smfw 9 Page Efcvrn Bw l Q. - ' e H Yo X 1 the MEN, 1 , ' " H " d H . il Q, -X r fl rgwcicx. 1 fe 5 ' 5 r i 3 P L-- f . V , lil We Qc V3 y the imeflsiwg 1 ui -I fl edcabie P' Cl 5232 C Ml-, Elm. IV . A 4 X h 1 'J T A' , Wg H WIT, z lg ,r fc A , I ' V T0 'X WM mil 'N -' 1 X iwcs JBA-1 S W, 1, , , , . I gc N f, 'Pm WU, 'Z . 4 V Wh i' me' i w"J53FW ' .4 1 fC , 5 I I 4 W TO il" fwxjwvr LU ,V ' H 'J 1 1 QCPWGWIVQ -f :Am rv, . y . ' ' ' " 'Y 1 Xfiwfy 10019-fix Y - or C1 - w MC AIMS CCM ANU JS G, Av A TOO. VU To fl K f-N ' L -fFf"Uf'? of Mafia Mfr . XD W, , feczrhmfs ch-.,,M.,. WIJGK "M PNMHY 'CO' ' J flknf , J' ., NV, .pi 1,PmYg5Qpr1,537 Wm ,bp ,W T A x M155 5257 wifi yr Kms ' ' ' Y J VU JTSHCOH Span of 'X'-rf YA .pf . . A N-11 " W "2 LJQQQ-vw, vim!-fc nf : H f , liyh' RK H- -my ..,.,N , , 5 v 7' A Q " ' 5 'Wi' 'SCENE L Crp f, MLA' F C G J W DM 'H 'W 'UM5 H9197 ernomg ieirc' Lf 'V X d " kv' 'Vp I :Bl .- V A 5513, -.,,f'l A A-,:.,,, -, ., I, M 1, ,QW ,, , fv,-,-gf..-fi V7, V A' 'jff:fT'fQ5.A'2.QA?V4xT'f'Evil fl'fAali?F - 'Af-'QYZ' "Ls 4, .5 ,

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