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 - Class of 1965

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Y - Q 5 . .4 ' Q.-. a' -H 3 . L b 4 k Q HL . A ,L 'C L. -P , 1 an , 4. ,Q jqlv . . ' .- -V, .1 ' MN .Q , V Kai? ' ' H142 JL 17 Qi. ' qw I s in 5- ' ' QQQ as . 'f . -.E MWF 4 x gf.-Jin F z-wa x . -x 'ji' 'ix ..- ,.. qtk, A f-..1,.i2,-piuf, ML, -ff5'ge,f4f f' ' iff!-, F- 3" 5952 ,. YV 9391. - .fff a in -Q -5, f Q. vu 1- Many names were suggested for Berry's first annual. The Caravel, submitted by Kerry Buckley, was chosen by a vote of the student body, as the most appropriate. The Caravel was an ancient pi- rate ship which sailed the seven seas. 1965 CARAVEL Berry High School Birmingham, Alabama 8 hold in your The Carav memorable and events. When you efforts, you alone can make the following pages come alive so that this first annual will always be a memoir of all that which you loved at Berry. mm., THIS IS BERRY 2 3-- MANAGING EDITOR Brenda Duke ASSISTANT EDITOR Rachel Brown ORGANIZATIONS EDITORS Laura Spencer Karen Ostergren Linda Thompson FACULTY EDITOR Judy Yates ADVERTISING EDITORS Brenda Jerkins Eleanor Viness Karen Loerch CLASS EDITORS Julie Long Jennie Jenkins Lindsey Gordon Floy Hunt Jane Gore Betsy Robbins Alice Hickman STAFF MEMBERS Brand Walton Patricia Stripling Linda Williamson Bob Kolen Rod Bristow John Forrester Charles McGuire Croley Wood Vicki Roberts i A 'X ' ffelv Table of Contents Faculty Features Activities Sports Classes Advertising 19 52 81 136 157 222 Alma Mater Words by Music by Mr. Ted Galloway All our love, respect, and honor, Berry High, we give to you. Always mindful of our promise Ever to be true. This is then our pledge to you All our whole lives through: We will ever hold the torch, Berry High, for you. Through the years as we remember All the happy hours here, We will offer up Thanksgiving, Alma Mater, dear. To express our appreciation, for the fine spirit he has created in our school . . . for the service he has rendered faithfully and abundantly . . . for the splendid cooperation he has shown in student life and activities . . . for the splendid record he has obtained. Because he is all this and more . . . be- cause he possesses the unusual combination of authoritative experience, sound knowledge, and rare taste . . . we take pride in inscrib- ing our first annual, the Caravel, to our prin- cipal, Mr. Clyde Yeilding. 6 l , . V ,L ' ' 'R . V 'V "Lf 1 . it 5 l, . V- V fgfl .' V L pgiv.. V., ,VAL f. .. 5- fgr..-,5.V. V V KV AN V V . .V - V V . , .4 A X Vw z ,-.Q ff'-V -Q A v. -.V ,QV z., .VV-,x A . V ' A -, ' "P, . D Q -,V-' w...,:,,' - tk I Ni ,. . ' Kr . V -- ' VI- 0' - ' . Q. - ' 3 , , An., 'lil' ,,, , . ' " Mix. K' V V. Q3 V ,' H- lx., ', V .... -1 ' Vx.: ,, ' .Q-. V 3. 1 . W 4 , . is Gini Y? . , v.. .uns-'SE' ' ' . 'V -. Vzff v' ...iw 'wi . 5 ""' , V: VIV V V gafvmh, ffl-f V V -V Vw! .-S VN. :1f"1??3 :VQQV -' 'Ll V . VV- Y'55iflQWVf'5lf' 1VVV?i'Efi5?"'TQ- VV 1, ' "V5'i"4Z'-ki Vl'if1Q'MVf 'gijfw VV I, . V- ,.,.i'?f,,. , V, . M- ,,.V 1.f,,., dwg. f5,Q,7m.5,V.VVV.,g.,gpV VH ,.V. l .,.- XV. .. , r B. A - - 1 V -V V Y -VV 3 V- K V - .4 ,V -V aff. .Vg T, , V g .1., nr V , . . vwitifr . V,,,..,-4 K 4 ,V 6-bmw. N 4 I V if 4- KMA 4 H il-M35 V ,V , 'V .' V f,,Vrw'2fiVV.V,fV V' .M pg. .fn .A 'A 5 V' A . 'g'r'V155.V 1., 3 7 T1 , ,- .V ,LVQsf:,:':V"'lV,gi'V V, V ' V V f ' V if ' .."?', .ff , " , QV. V 9' 55 v .,,-V,V'. 'V . Mir 'L W , K M X VVV-V+ Q ... V' V V' V - .. ffgf ' 2. VX Q V 1 VV . 5' " A, .3-I JV V df' .V 1 W .V X ,V J , 44 .V - . . P-2, . ,V .V V A . - Vy:T"wH . ,V WN, '. 1 . 'r-'Wggf-'A V H Q '---, ,L , sq . ff .V .VX1 -JV' gp. N 'N 'V ' . V1 ' ' . Y - .NVVVMVH .4 LM--1 , v . . ,Vw . ".-Vywmg, - VV :.V.VV -V--Vf H- .g-- 'ew 'V ALI - V, . Vw:-ri . ,, ,ng",.,' A - ' " fr, ,V 'V.V "f.M5'f .3 W- V ,-WK . 'V V ,r-Vg., ' . -V v .ltr gy, Q.. V-'Yip , A- :V h V A ' .xi 4 -, , WF l 'V . ?1'3-Xivff.'fj,fV' V' ,P I V 'V Q leaf' V V'.V1L,3iTfn MQ I .. V V VV .V-gVV-..V,VVV,..... , V ., E V ,. 4,.:.V.V.-. ,, V V EA-I, Lg.. il.. V, fr r Y K .V EMEFVN. V ..s...Vrw......... ' V ' -im1-fHa"V.' ' if WM ' . rv V .V-VVV J V 7 1 ,wg A ' My QL--P13 V ' V V V V1 V "' ' .V m VB'- f if-,"' V 1-j,j...v . V V .VWg?.VV.'h , V if ' 2 1 mv , "W V El . ...MV-VfV1f' M, . 4. f. , 1,124 Vi NAM ',,5....- ,,..,.--f ' , V fv,' .V 'TQ' xx 3. . pam Aaivgsizw -V. . ..'V.,,1-Vf , . V 0 , ,r 1 ,UM 7 . V . .. V - .,.f. . . :VL V. ' V.f VT . . 'A ' J" - Q w 4".VVVV' "73"'v ffiw' ' 'Z' ' M , If . , Jw ' Imn, V,TV V. ,NUM . V . "' , f , V Uhr- " ' Q . s . . ' 2 V-'!'fQ,, if ' - 4 'V .AV ,,- 1, VV V V- V ,4 ' :V , - 4 . Jw' VV IHVVYH. M. nf. 'bw V 1- J' ' K- 1. V 'V --' V.- V, V, V V 4 - ' ' Q ' .VV 1 MMV V V VV w , , -VMVMVV-' .V JA' me V fm W VA '7 in V V .iw-V V ' :'l"V V -uf" -.TJ .':J 'W ' " 'Y ' '9' VV 'V . ,I 4.11 ' VV VVVV V V . .- if .VVIVV VVVV-,f 1 V J' , ,- 1 . I .J V .'-'K'W ' . VV' . "V f -V' :'V V I '.V 4- . ,- ' VV.. f '-fL'fVwf"V mf.sV.,VV..g,V VV:.f"f' . Vv?5?wVg -V- V .,- . V .V.V.ffrbi4:VVw..:,V..VVfV'gMy:-f.HV 'V ' ,. . , f"V.wgf99Vf: VV 'V -1 V Vf V UV V"1VV . V1w.yM,Vf..,r3,gVV,2" N - - V W. ' V I f . .f53Ht'fi"g'j?ijV'MVV.VM V V - . . -13-V 2 M-I . wa, Sigfiggl' HV' ' W wf? " ,, 1 :V NV: V X . ' viI,:43:gmFVi-. A, 3 V ' JMNIN' V Vf, ' ' .. ,Sf V ,. . bi V: V ',!'1,.,',1f.,,f.,l',, f A V f ' '- --'Ve' " fa' VV VV V-sz' , .. . " , ' ' ' , 'J . '- QV.3'P'u" pw. .-, 'A ' '. r' 4 in VV V .- -1 , - 1 -V . 'X V ,, . ,Q V' .4'V"fA V' -..V:V-.y- .1 .VV -:VV V V - Y . . '--12551 'fl'-1 M-4,gm.Vx 'L' 'VV Vw V - 1... M . .HV A -I Ii, A . 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B I 6 ,X-+"ff1 ' - --. X , -1 Q , - ee x 5 ,' . Q: J R: rm , - , g-gf, , an 3.5 ' X ' , Sw' -- 4 ' , Ng I , . A l V.. , f K , 1 s N J N- 'Q - .,, 7, GL' - - ' - . -L X - -A f wgg rf' 3 ,L Q , , 1 . , , , fl 1 1'-if - -, H , R r xfssk .-. 1- ! QW-11?wp.A?fiW ' ,- ' 'x 1:2 fl 2' I pl-P" ' '-,R ' T- 4 - -.5 H ' -Y , ':, -lx ' 1 J-4 .M ,W X ' N-QQ rl ' -ww 57 -,V-5 .MN A X . , r - 1-5 ,:, -.. , 5:1 in 4 x - ' -E-avf-., ' 5 ' . k , , . r-mf-... 0 - -. -,Q-1g.':.wfH' 2 1 ' . , , 'fFf4'ffi'f -iff." .W N , f K5 fb - , m ,-,PTM s , , . 5- 'Q'-l"hf:---,z.,- 1-bf ' 2 . - '. . 4 , 3,5 4-Fam. , I , . --i if y ,wma N 2- .5 V k V- ' fi if f ' f',f',qu,s i- .f "" '1 - x ' 'C 'S .4 , - f - 'F' .-- "5 .. 'gf . ' N ,-nr J-au: X--x Q A 1 x, I :vLM,.: 2 . A . QA, K 1 :mp .J - . , M I - U, :fl-gng ,. -' x J - r-H-V k ' ,EF . 5. - ., 4, f . ' ' r-4-' - 3 , - -- Q X -3 .- - -,nw fs,-,Q . -,- 1 ,, 5 Q , ' - Q,-,Qs -"if -' A K ' 051.953,-J: R ,. H ,, . , b Y ,isis -W ,X - ' 5 . Q4 I -., ' 1 1 V' mf - . --H X ' ,K N , 1,515 qi. xx -A V: , . ' ' ' - ,, -V X jx A , 4 W! 'NN' l -4, -' " ' Qfii' A "1-U"4w "- ,. ,,' ' A ,fb -.13 me I w K M, V, V, ,L . 8 .n'. I 'WE , ...qi -'1 ,....1, H E . K5 Idealism and Realism Combine to Make Berry Unique -W if S 4, Q --...W ' Y G The Many Fa of Youth JE-'29,'fwLei?EP'1P.:" --H 1 . .. 'f, W LTL?fL'f19'QfEf5:7 9,'f-kkgaf kf i if Z. - ' 'A X If w-new W C. 'th .fav ,4 ar f X V 'YA I. -IX' f 1, VX, 'Qf'5"f 'Qs r , K m , , wma f "2 , x ' ? QQ, FM ., Youth Is Nlf ,,,,,,....wd-wav 'ff an -'Exp . - . A lex. 1 ,J .uw .Mg ,.,. . ., kg L, 5, kg t - ' 'iaa:'.5f A 4x1Y' 4Q',:xAz'v' ' H s . Vggxi? ii 'jf':g, J .def 1 'W J ,,, ' " " .V ' I V4,, v ,,KzI' -H e t e ' t ' "J 1,V ' AfL l n 'mme L .. L, ,,,L, L, L, ,',f Intent and Interested Schon in SQ' IU ' ,.-.. ....-.......-...U 1 f 3 2 E I8 .-f'1-,1-f--- Fzllcult ?f Our Principal Mr. Clyde Yeilding Dear Seniors, You come to us as junior high school students, wide eyed expectant, uncertain in your new surrounding You leave us as graduates, poised, perhaps a little sophisticated. I would like to congratulate you on the splendid record you have made. Your spirit of loyalty and cooperation, and worthwhile acheivements to which you have contributed during these years. In this interval, we hope you experienced the exhilaration of play, the inspiration of dreams, the satisfaction and pride that comes to those who have fought a good fight. In your new associations with people and with life, my sincere wish for you is that you may retain the ideals of good citizenship that you have learned and practiced while students at Berry High School. are 70247 Assistant Principals Coordinate Activities Under the guidance ofthe assistant principals, Berry runs smoothly and all duties under their su- pervision are carried out in accordance with the rules and policies of the school. Always striving for a sympathetic understanding of all students, these assistant principals have won the admiration and respect the students are proud to bestow upon, Their encouragement to students to pursue trait of Berry 's assistant principals. Teachers are helped and problems solved through the wise advice and experience of Mr. Creel and Mr. Gann. They have always been ready to help students and faculty maintain a high standard and athletic achievement at Berry. MR. ROYCE CREEL Assistant Principal MR. THOMAS GANN Assistant Principal Mrs. Katherine Arnold Mrs. Helyn Autrey Mr. Marvin Balch Mrs. Christine Barton Mr. Kenneth Bishop Miss Margaret Blalock Mrs. Rosemary Bouchet Miss Linda Bowen Mrs. Mattie Bowers Mrs. Aimee Brazeman Mr. John Bush Mrs. Linda Buzzard Mrs. Elizabeth Carpenter Mrs. Mary Cherry Miss Elizabeth Clark Mr. William Clayton Mrs. Earlene Collier Mrs, James Anna Cooper Mr. Royce Creel Mrs. Lois Cunningham Faculty and Staff The Facult on the Job 1. fp 1 at A , M itat if gn' an MRS. RONAT explains physics problem MISS BOWEN keeps the students interested NOW this is the way it is solved, PLEASE pay close attention. l.. lf I Mrs. Rita Jane Daniel Mrs. Revae Davis Mr. Charles Dickinson Mrs. Elizabeth Doty Mr. Jerry Douglas Mrs. Esta Elliott Mr. Robert Finley Mr. Ted Galloway Mr. Thomas Gann Miss Mary Granberry Mrs. Alma Hall Miss La Vondra Harding Mr. Donald Hartman Mrs. Esther Hawkins Mrs. Eva Helms Mrs. Evelyn Herring Mrs. Emily Hicks Mrs. Virginia Higginbotham Mrs. Elizabeth Huffman Miss Edith Hughes Faculty and Staff MR. WOOD knows there is always plmg to bc me Teachlng Is an Art s .s, gs - Q s L - lb- YA if . I , m s s .. sw s ,- 1 - ss s 5 sssss - s I ' M -.-' -:fi , 2 .-' , s s s f ,s s X s ss' .,.A - -.,,nM MRS NEWbOMh puts over a point by illustraung. Mrs. Lillian Jeffers Mr, James Johnson Mrs. Margaret Kelly Mrs. Sarah Kirkland Mrs. Billye Knowles Mrs. Mary Lawler Mrs. Phoebe Lee Miss Joanne Levi Mr. David Logan Mr. Richard Lovelady Mr, John Lusco Mrs. Mary McC1inton Mrs. Betty McMahon Mrs. Phyllis Meyer Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Virginia Mosley Lynda New Toni Newsom Barbara Nicholas Mary Painter Dorothy Pate Faculty and Staff 4339 M .. , ,.,, Y A wa MR. lAl LRINH2 substltu and tmtlerstantllrtgl I MR. DICKINSON liStenS how to solve them, L, ..uL ,WM tes. What a store of knowledge to many problems, He knows 5633 I 5 .X S ,bf 'ii +, I if f- uf , L ,L it , '-maxi, 8-iff f 4 5195 uhm Calm and Patient MRS. nv""4 'E L ':'f U ,V K MRS. MCCI INTON inspires quietly. BOUCHET waits until students are mentally receptive. sh . If iw A Miss Lelia Patterson Mrs. Marjorie Peebles Miss Nancy Perdue Mrs. Drucilla Propst Mrs. LaVerne Ramsey Miss Elizabeth Reed Mrs. Elizabeth Ronat Mrs. Betsy Seale Miss Sara Seay Mrs. Peggy Spear Miss Anna Stange Mrs. Ruth Stone Mrs. Virginia Sutter Mrs. Nancy Wheeler Mr. Larry Wilson Mrs. Melinda Wilson Mrs. Laura Wingo Mrs. Shirley Woodfin Mr. Raymond Woods Mrs. Jean Wright .,wT'..! MR. DICKENSON, boys' counselor. Guidance, an Aid to Future Plans In order that pupils make wise decisions concerning high schoolcourses, college plans, and future vocations, the guidance department works with teachers, parents, and stu- dents to help them toward this goal. Orientation of the student between junior high school and senior high school and between senior high school and college is also an impor- tant function of guidance, Through this department, im- portant educational and vocational material is made avail- able to the student, lt also administers placement tests, Conferences are held throughout the year so that the individ- ual student may discuss plans with their counselors. College- bound seniors are counseled about scholarship and scholarship 's opportunities. In cooperation with this department, College Day is held for all interested juniors and seniors. Counselors Lead Us to Successful Goals With Each Individual in Mind MRS. SUTTER finds interesting work a solution to student problems, ' l K J' , - y'f !! Rx MRS. IiI.LIOT'1', senior Counselor, consults with Carolyn Carr and Burbarzl Sloan on college plans and possiblc scllolarships when they hc Colne seniors, NANCY GOODSON and Gail Mixon wait i11COLlllSk'1UI'S IS. JIZRKINS, C, Wood and L. Spencer, I1lOLlgl1UL,Ll1 seniors, study office. collcge catalogues. Q 2 ,sq 'IH K4 0""'6"" Office Staff and Assistants Provide Help For All tudents 1 sa rm:w:,g1.,.. -- V. f 11 MRS. JACQUELINE HALL Secretary to Principal 4, ' -as A if if 5: , MRS. DOROTHY HOLTZCLAW Secretary to Assistant Principals 32 ,, rm-iitii 'M it 1 s,,,,sA W L JO KAREN Michil and Linda Smart are learning to oper- ate the public address system, THESE GIRLS, E. Pledger, C. Lancaster, L. Carnathan, and M. Wright are trained to do every job in the office. Office Beehive of chool Activity E The main office is one of the busiest places in the school. It is here that our registrar, secretaries, and office helpers keep the school running smoothly. Their duties include keeping student records up to date, altering schedules, and arranging schedules for new students. Also located in the office are the public address system used for making announce- ments, and the telephones by which all incoming and outgoing office calls must go. The office staff and their assistants serve admin- istrative staff, the faculty and the students in various and sundry ways. Thousands of questions are asked and answered, important items noted and filed. Every member of the school is served efficiently and , . ,V patiently by this respected and loved department of i Q our school. At three o'clock when the last student has gone, V the office closes its doors on the routine of a day gg QW well done. E -v:, ,. r"- .., , A 1: CLAUDIA KEALY and Debbie Burch get training from Mrs. Hall. OFFICE ASSISTANTS: Cheryl Lancaster, Marsha Wright, Lynn Carnathan, Elayne Pledger, Diane de Loremier, Sandra Hayes, Martha Whatley, Debbie Burch, and Claudia Kealy. THESE SENIORS study for difficult tests and examinations in preparation for college entrance exams, Berry En lish Department Varies Its Curriculum MISS GRANBERRY teaches a lesson in grammar Familiarity with good literature and adequate skills in writing and speaking are the aims of the English de- partments. From junior high to twelfth-grade, students receive instruction in a variety of subjects. Junior high students prepare for a good foundation in grammar. Sophomores gain a good background in essays, short ,Q stories and novels. Eleventh grade introduces American Studies, a look at America through literature, art, and music. Teachers stress the ability to write clearly and concisely and introduce students to the underlying mechanics in novels. Senior English is a labyrinth of English literature from Shaw to Shakespeare. The stu- dents graduate with experience in various types of writing and with a background in English and American literature MR HARTMAN and Mrs Wingo try out new language department equipment. Foreign Language Department Adds Depth to Student Expression A first-hand knowledge of the culture of foreign societies both modern and ancient, through reading and conversation in the respective language, enables students to become pro- ficient in understanding the world around them. Three years of Spanish, German, French, and Latin are offered, Language clubs and honoraries, sponsored by teachers in the department, develop the interest of their members in the culture that develops their respective language. THROUGH THE language lab students learn to speak their language more fluently. THROUGH COURSES such as typing, shorthand, and general business, students prepare themselves for their place in the business world . CHERYL LANCASTER practices typing to gain the Train for Future Both college bound and non-college bound find an impressive array of courses inthe business department. Students find that mastering the typewriter keyboard is the first step in preparing for a successful business career, Typing aids students in preparing research papers and for secretarial jobs, The Business Education Department initiates and completes a series of classes designed to prepare students to take their places, immedi- ately upon graduation, in the business office or in the myriad detail- selling fields in the Jefferson County area. Students in college have a great advantage over other students by knowing typing and shorthand, Much college work must be typed before it is acceptable, Students in college who can type often pick up a neat little sum of money typing for students and faculty members fastest possible speed Research tud Develops Scientists Logic of the stressed application of scientific methods is essential in studying both biological and physical science, Individual laboratory investigations create interest and dem- onstrate the unique natural processes which occur in our complex world. This department participates in the science fair and is a member of the Alabama Junior Academy of Science. A member of the department holds an office in this organization. A BUDDING scientist tries out an experiment. MRS. HUFFMAN assists Floy Hunt and Jimmy Bailiff, MR. BONES and a microscope are fundamentals for young scientists. x?' MR. CLAYTON, after clarifying the steps involved in solving a math problem, asks how many under- stood the procedure. New Mathematics Program Initiated A well-rounded program of mathematics is offered to Berry students in order to give them the foundation of logic and study necessary in all walks of life. Courses include Algebra, which covers ba- sic fundamentals, and extension of numbers, equa- tions, graphs, and quadraticsg plane and solid geom- etry, which investigates figures using logicg trigonom- etry, the study of angles. The department also offers advanced mathematics for students who have com- pleted the above courses and desire a college prepar- atory course. The department administers annually the math exam given by the National Association of Actuaries and Mathematics Teachers. A team is sent each year to the mathematics tournament. Last year our team placed seventh. MRS. HAWKINS helps a student after school catch up on her work MR. BALCH explains to his math class how geometry may be worked if a little effort and concentration is used Problems . . . Problems . . . Problems STEVE NEWMAN and Iris Wiggin work diligently to get the correct ROBERTHARTLEY doesn't find math answer. hard. in. .gg "-- The Library Is A Storehouse Of Knowledge The library is the heart of the school and all phases of curriculum are centered in the resources to be found within its walls. It is essential that Berry students have opportunity to develop mentally, morally and physically, A v Gm 121 mam Q C. CLEMMONS and R. Rainey shelve hundreds of books. MRS. PHILLIPS and assistants work through the summer MRS. COOPER and Mrs. Carpenter cheek out books to Berry students. -as Your Wilma li '2. .Q 'ar 'AAQ if f' it 1. .. Qi, . D. TAYLOR, R. Northrip, and B. Bowman locate points on map assigned by the teacher. S. PRENTICE, C. Mayfield, and S. Tourney study and dream of far away places. MRS. NEWSOME illustrates material related to the lesson, Social Studies Aids tudents, Understanding There is a past that cannot be denied and a future which must be planned. What is to be done about it depends upon the di- rection taken in the present. Social studies deals with the political, social, and economic problems which will result in a real patriotism which includes the love of a country and mankind appreciation for our heritage, and a preception into our future. Social studies promotes the knowledge of environment, customs, and institutions of man. The study ofthe American past and history of the world explains the broad developments of modern society. An interested student comes to understand the many factors that have conditioned his environments. Under- standing of life gained from these studies helps the individual to better understand himself. N. STRAWB for a speech, Creative SPEECH Speech in high school is designed to make the student aware of the importance of speech, The student is made to realize that the person who speaks best has more chance for success. Organizing and outlining a speech is taught to aid the student to develop habits of speaking logically, interesting, and clearly. By trying to develop personal interest in drama, oral reading, debate, and all forms of public speaking, the student acquires poise and competence in talking to individuals and groups. Training in the forms of parliamentary procedure is also studied and practiced, ART Students in the Art Department learn the fundamentals of their field, such as drawing, painting, commercial art, and postermaking, while developing their talents and a new awareness of beauty, Advanced stu- dents becorne skilled in using many art medias - pencil, water colors, oil paints, pastels, brush, pen and ink, clay, or sculpture cement, Inter- MRS. PEEBLES MR. GALLOWAY MRS. PAINTER -HHHKPDF RIDGE and K. Buckley look up information THESE ACTRESSES will take part in some play, oral reading, and competitive contests during the year. it -ir D Arts ested students contribute all types of art objects to the school on special occasions. The art department is one of the finest in the state, MUSIC The Music Department has two divisions: vocal and instrumental, The instrumental music division consists of the Buccaneer Band and Con- cert Band and Dance Band. The Buccaneer Band provides pre-game and halftime entertainment during football season, The concert band plays for special programs such as Christmas, Easter, and important assemblies The concert band has won superior state ratings, and is recognized as one of the outstanding bands in Alabama. The music department is one of our finest departments. The vocal division, which consists of all the chorus, participate in holiday assemblies and provide music for entertainment locally, The concert chorus gave several concerts for various organizations during the year and participated in local and state contests and won superior ratings, MR. BUSH MRS. KNOWLES MRS. SPEAR PERFECTION ON the French horn means hours of practice for Clayton Gilmore, CLASS AND teacher work on a project to be put on a bulletin board in the school hall, .gf an Y' 43 Home Economies Prepares Girls For Future Homemakin By participation in Home Economics Classes, girls find practical experience for future use. In these classes students become adept at sewing, cooking, and family life. The basic goal of Home Economics is to help the individual girl live a more useful and satisfying personal family and community life. Students are taught to become better citizens through understanding and assuming responsibilities HOME ECONOMICS classes have a lot of atmosphere. THE SHOWCASE is prettier when Carol Raines and Tina Moorhead decorate it with themselves. . , Vmmwsgsiizikiiiiiififtiff of family life. The homemaking program offers an opportunity to practice democratic principles in working and living together. MRS. HESTER and Linda think fashions are funny. ' w E, . H HM i YL raw .s i A' A Q Y A i M ,. ei rsss A i + l fs A i it -'f-f f - - - . ' h'f' -lr .W, I T'J fi: JIM WEEM5 designs the Plans for his df6f1mh0US6- MR, DOUGLAS and Bucky Howard talk over plans for a project MECHANICAL DRAWING requires a steady hand, Mechanical Drawing Classes Create Skills The mechanical drawing classes coordinate interests and abilities and offer students opportunity to develop creative skills. Craftsmanship and good work habits are developed. Accuracy and detail are stressed to promote a more perfect job. Students in these classes develop a new appreciation for beauty and further their talents and specialized skills at the same time, Inge- nuity is the mainstay of the typical mechanical draw- ing classes. Physical Education tresses Fitness Participation in competitive sports, responsible conduct, and health fitness is the purpose of boys' physical education. The carrying out of this program helps develop body mechanics and efficient per- formance from everyday skills of walking, standing and sitting to the most complex. The intramural program provides competi- tion for all students, Intramurals are de- signed for developing physical fitness, sportsmanship, and skills through sports and other activities. MISS PURDUE teaches the girls how to shoot the bulls eye This takes some practice and a lot of skill. School Staff Worliers if PUPILS SERVE themselves cafeteria style in the new senior luuchroom. K . . Y ,gy 522- - 1512? -'ff silgio New' an i ssgwiggi '?igwi:3?i-wise is 'zneiiif ' . is-Q 2 G1 ,si ,1,i.- ..L, . .,,ss,,., , .mgggfgfgl-Qigsfzssr sggfrf? sv1ggzlsszgssfs5 -fgifflf 1113? 3 Mfr wE..s,.:-,ri-was s ,l of mm- , lf DIETITIANS AT Berry, Mrs. Pugh, Mrs. White, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Shook. MRS. PUGH always keeps hot coffee for everybod I 1 a 5 . of A View of Yout p-.M V 11 the Classrooms H R. X The Classrooms .- 'x 1,, N S ,QP Ps Q U 'Y F .3121-f gn, .,, E I fix,"- n V 1 ' W 'xf. 1 fb .0 s s M- f 2 7 M. - Qs I 8 , M.. ,E In KS ,. KMMN. . , - ,Egg 2 H4 wi 1 M S .ww 49" 'S ga? M ,,..,...,.,..,,.w-.w- fm Zx f -ya:-1fsee"l9WFP1f W Wwmwwm v....,.,. , .M MN. Ur. ,MQ .M225 fr 'D , Q X151 x ' ,lik 'FII 1 .- if JA! A . ,.,+ if 1 , '51 , 1: 0 v,..f' 1 9 A ,, .'2c?' , 14? "" vw l .asf . fw,' W.: ,jf-.m 52 , as v ww-1 4' fi.. I X ,-fr.-:J'4j I Features The F11-st Prom GENE GLASS called for his date on the exciting night of the prom XWLJXMSQ ll EDT ... ,R .X 9 ' aff: .-Q...-1l""""""" l"..ZII,.,Q,T',4'Z.'7'A' , . - O UQ JSP A Q f 59. Wk .., ti Qi F, qs l il Liam? A is 'gf 3 3335 slit :egg-, g ft, x , M U -ig 5:11. mb. " gg K ,P 'wif' RACHEL BROWN and Jane Gore discuss the success of the dance, The Prom Recalls Happy Memories A date at last . . . a new evening dress . . . a new hairdo . . . colored shoes. . . excitement. . . a corsage to buy for her . . . l'1l pick you up at nine . . . white gloves . . . new jewelry . . . here at last . . . how glamorous , . , what a swell band . . . Would you like to dance? Let's get a souvenir . . .have you seen her dress? . . . it is pink . . . lovely , , , everything is wonderful . . . it's getting late . . . the band plays its good night song . . . Let's hurry to the breakfast . . . bacon and eggs . . '. look at the time , . . good night, AFTER REMOVING their shoes, the girls relax for a moment, H 'QA ,s, ltr 5 -A v as-eg, f A 'Wu Y V 5 rt wifi . qw, t sf' it M936 ., I X717 g X-.1 fi s ls :St fx K NA I fi 33 ls' if -ta s 3 f as nf if EW A MUSSED hairdo gets a quick going over We 'H eff xi. .HK sp gg :gf , :ga A 5531.8 Q, . J . V q , nw ,. ,VL ,, , ., , QE, BL- if asf - ' ' , ,-:af 1, Q we ,sas K Ik! K ,gy ex A5 wigs gg ,gf A, e , R 5 VW 3 x V . K . ! '- if? W H if? W F e 1311" lea 1 ,M 9' I I lefty L71 JG gf km 4 Q 3 f Q- HA 2? iff' X ig 2. W W Q, va I vi , 'ga 95 V di - fe H53 , W --, 2 1 .,. Q iii. I K 1 -v.. 1 " W 5. E5 Ke , A we , 5 . zl, ,H . ' -, ' ,K ig k f 3 Y I 2 s 3, , sag , Q- ,L M' , K ' 1 5 3 H Ja' WEYEQ ,. 3' Q 'H' . X 1 Ewen-es e . . . and a hem gets straightened, BETSY ROBBINS r. Berr BOB KOLEN RACHEL BROWN, Homecoming Queen LINDSEY GORDON, Dental Clinic Queen Miss School Spirit BILLIE JO PEEK escorted by Mike Rast at Black and White game Junior Varsity Cheerleaders al 3 ' " f- E :,, Zr,r r CHEERLEADERS: Susan Lupton, Donna Pittman, Mickey Kirkland, Michelle Dupuy, Susan Stratlin, Debbie Wells, Cheryl Lehman, Mary Couch, Cheerleaders Inspired B Teams to Victory The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders yelled and cheered for the B team. This is splendid training for them as they will perhaps take the places on the varsity team of the seniors who will graduate this year. They are trained by Miss Purdue to perform as well and efficiently as the Varsity, There are many tryouts each summer before the candidates for cheer- leaders are chosen. This wide-awake group worked hard on their float for the homecoming game and entered it to be judged. It has been rumored that they are going out to win the prize next year as well as cheer the team to victory FLOAT MADE and paraded by the Junior High Students. 'wx 5 .3 3 rfrqs Q? sewjfff' fi I 63 4 J FIRST ROW: Jay Ferguson, Gayle Forrester, Peggy May, Jeanne Clayton, Jane Messamore SECOND ROW: Alice Thomas, Patti Wells, Linda W JEANNE CLAYTON and JANE MESSAMORE Captain Seniors arrington, Susan Phillips, Linda White, Judy Yates PEGG Y MA Y Senior JOY FERGUSON Senior SUSAN PHILLIPS Junior GAYLE FORRESTER Junior Varsity Cheerleaders ,U-N LINDA WHITE Junior LINDA WARRINGTON Sophomore ALICE THOMAS and JUDY YATES Seniors CLASSROOMS, halls, sidewalks, and patios underwent a transformation as buccaneers and sea-going characters created an atmosphere of- ancient pirate days. They took over the school as the teachers looked on in both horror and amusement. Every Buccaneer was caught up in the excitement, and Berry was never the same without those characters from the past, They clown- ed, they capered, they fought battles to the death. They playfully broke up classes and disrupted the studious rou- tine of classes. The student body united in a day of fun and in frolic. School spirit soared to new heights as the pirates of old invaded the campus. Buccaneer Day . . . day of days at Berry High. SHIVER MY timbers' The Buccaneers are going to burn Debbie Gant! ! szikffti . Ilifiiz' lfQS,2l7' WHAT A fight! What a day! THREE BUCCANEERS or is it four? be X EEK-.,,x"'WM '?i j THESE PIRATES, T. Strickland, F. Moore, D. Schlegner, J. Couch and J. Rush hanged, quartered and buried Cris Brown. LYNN SMITH makes a good Buccaneer. '38 so if I M 1 ff W' ar Always on the Stage 68 Q 9 3 . gmt f in m Ds an . L 51,5 3 ,,..f' A . lna, 2 s.. I 5" .'A .. . , " 'L E :..:. ,,., , .a,V. I Q E Y , ' 4 . if ' 'L .ii 3 V , ,,-: , A ff 2 f ' M f 4- Q if 1,23 wif if in I .'M I Q- f , W. Z' A qv 1 -f Wg., .. A Many Things to Many Students 8:15 rush . . . standing by lockers waiting . . . eating lunch with friends . . a cold night and a play practice . . . a football game . . . tardy to class . . . fire and homecoming . . . a queen is crowned . . . school elections . . . being tapped for honor society . . . waiting for ings. . . deadlines . . . book reports . . homework . . . senior thesis? . . library fines . . . dances and proms . . . singing A the alma mater . . . picture taking . . . basketball games . . . college board exams . . . changing classes . . . talking to friends . . . April. . . May . . . Graduation . . . diplomas . . . it's all over. BLAIR TOMB and David Clemmons raise and lower the flag each day. pep rallies and assemblies . . . it's a bon- a bus . . . day dreaming , , . club meet- Hi h School Means 1 8 4 ,,,, H i ' I y WR! ' a A 1 A CAREER DAY is a special day, Many decisions are made and college plans begin to take shape. lui Hi h School Life F f? A JG -4 STUDENTS WAIT each day for thc buses and rides. JENNIE JENKINS and Bob Holman make a wish by the wishing well ' l M ' . T Yiffz? H I . K ' '. Ak VV H , a K I E T4 T 2 " 1 E Q I if ff TTTN T T T5 2' T ,Q H X ' GAIL FORRESTER, A junior beauty ', I u 5 1 1 1 , all I 1 l H 1' Q , , I I 9 I 0 1 as Y a, I nl I F A I 8 i High School Life ,WV Eff' FUN IS the Shades Valley game and balloons. 2 HOW MUCH are the puppies in the window? K. Ostergren and D. Thomas found these cuties at the prom, KAREN TOUSSAINT uses every minute to study for the big test. , 72 l v f A w..,,....-ff Wlwv' 5? H Yi , CROLEY WOOD AND GAIL BAXLEY have a clapping good time. X.. 1 WELL, how is this for politeness? 4 3 EW, W,i -tw BETTER CLEAN that locker out - inspection soon! ! L , High School Life TO ROISISY Moore, there is nothing better than a hamburger and coke. OUR SCHOOL photographer, Robert Hartley, is also L1 magician, 4 ,img D-w..,,,-ummm 74 JANIE STRICKLAND types copy for the Caravcl. KATHY BROOKS solves problems in Mrs. Kelly 's class High School Life Y, 4 -www - W , E5 KAREN LOERCII looks over her history notes GETTING MEASURED for cap and gown. HAPPINESS IS an early spring day and a good friend GORDON KONIG prepares a speech for an English class I 9 " -KWSN! Hi h chool Life WRITE, WRITE, write! ! I Gail Picard says she has to think over what she is going to write in a thenie. PAT STRIPLING works on a required project, BERRY STUDENTS leaving for Spain where they will attend University of Madrid. 76 High School Life JOE FRIDDLE gives the devotional and reads the announce ments each morning over the intercom, MARILYN CORDELL, an honor student works in the library for credit. STUDENTS ENJOY good lunches served in the cafeteria each day. , ,ri pq , . . High School Life A 1 L 3 iiis so ,Qv 1, L A sf 5 an - Q 1 3 .. 5 E fs -.f, 1, ,. is ,, L , - ,L ' ' 2 'Q 3 ' ' is ' ' S 1. 1 72 , -53,1 ,Q ' A 3 f T if- vs Q lf..- o JULIE LONG spends extra hours sewing. This she enjoys. GAIL PATTERSON looks up the meaning of a word. NANCY LlNDE'N and DONALD SCOTT like science and polar bears, Hi h School Life fs W if ' or r JACKIE HORNSBY loves to sew in the Home Ec, living room, EXHAUSIED AF1ER El homer onung pep rally Lynda Sereno takes a breather on a gym tunrblrngj mat THE BALLADIERS perform at many school functions. These boys keep the audrenee howlrnp 'Q - "" E E Q i K E X 2 - 80 1 Activities ROBERT DUPRIEST, President JANE MESSAMORE, First Vice President There is no better introduction to the principles and practices of democracy than tnat provided by student council activities. With a program stressing cooperation, self-reliance, and plain common sense, our student councilihelps to prepare tomorrow's leaders for the responsibilities of adult citizenship. It is the one over-all organization that co-ordinates all other student activities, that teaches citizenship through providing an opportunity for students to do the things which a good citizen does. It helps build school spiritg develops leaders and intelligent followersg teaches respect for law, order, and authority. The Berry Stu- dent Council seeks to develop the best in a student and tries to make him a well-informed, honest, interested, and active citizen of a democracy. JOE FRIDDLE RACHEL BROWN BLAIR TOMB JEANNIE CLAYTON NANCY TILDEN KEITH TICE Chaplain Historian Parliamentarian Treasurer Secretary Second Vice President Senior Student Council Representatives V - 4, J imma- EDDIE ADAIR EMILY BORAH LYNN BRATCHER BARRY COPELAND LORA JEAN DAVIS JED DEASON Senior Sophomore Junior Sophomore Sophomore Senior REID DOSTER JOHNNY GALLOWAY CLAUDIA GOGGANS KIM HUDSON JOHN IVENS BR-ICE JAMES Junior IUHIOI' S9I1i0I Sophomore Junior SCHi01' JACK LOWTHER LYN MCDANIELS CONNIE MAYFIELD DAN MIKOS BILL OGBURN LOIS RAZEK Junior Sophomore Sophomore Senior Junior Sophomore BETSY ROBBINS JANETTE RUSH JANIE STRICKLAND Senior Junior Senior VICKI VOWELL PATTI WELLS CHARLOTTE WOOD Junior Senior Sophomore 83 Junior High tudent Council A. Alvis B. Boon R. Bridwell R. Brown J. Hanson M. Hillhouse J. Hoffman A. Hutto B. Tomb S. Walker D. Wells A. Williams A. Chappelle A. Fowler A. Gore J. Davis A. Lee Pard J. Razek L. Smith A. McMaho OFFICERS, Newman, Carpenter and Jackson The newly organized Junior High Student Council is under the capable leadership of President, Steve Newman, Vice President, Clark Carpenter, Secretary, Randy Jackson. Bill Tomb, treasurer, will see, to all expenses that are involved. The council plans many interesting and serviceable projects for the year. Committees will be set up to carry out all phases of school activities connected with the council, Junior High School Council members become well trained before they go into senior council work. Each phase of council work gives members an opportunity to perform in some capacity. Every student in junior high school is a member of the Junior High School Council. This organization works with the Senior High Student Council and is under the same rules and participates in the same school projects as the Senior High. PAT ROBERTS, Cheryl Lehman, Jan McCracker, honor society members also make good student council members. Eiftibfifliniii - l Die Deutsche Seeriiuber THE STUDENTS of German use their club as a place to learn more about German history and culture, and to practice speaking and understanding German. Various members prepare reports, playlets, and films of slide demonstrations for the meetings. Visitors are also invited to tell the club about German lands and customs. Mrs. Wingo, the sponsor, and Morris Wildsmith studied in Austria last summer and have told of the things they saw and of the interesting experiences they had. They also brought back many things they bought over there. These displays interest all the students in the school, LINDA PHILLIPS and Van Machen locate the country from which these dolls came. MORRIS WILDSMITH wears native Austrian suit he brought from Austria. PATTY BOYD displays authentic German beer steins brought by Mrs Wingo from Germany. 4' 85 Senior French Club . I W ,ff -' 1 g' ' .. . " WM .F L' . W Q 'if ,hh. ' -"" I"'f2 JKK F' K wrwiiymwwpwv' K i:,2I,:,E1E,,i ,,k. I5 , . . K .JK ,Vp ,,k.V . 7 A ,L 3.5 L ,, , . , , t m i . . af... , ,. , ,, i . kk,,kV, , 3 ,f.-,,-Vk W . pri,--,gig .W .f ,L E V . FIRST ROW: N. Barnacastle, B. Goodwin, B. Duke, R. Dunaway, R. Brown, C. Goggins, J. Clayton, A. Thomas, J. Gore, E. Pledger, S. O'Quinn, M. Horton, M. Graves, S. Howell, A. Robinson, S. Northcutt, M. Sellers, E. Dailey. SECOND ROW: P. McHugh, C, Alford, D. Ruzicka, K. Henry, K, Bisset, L. Gordon, J. Long, S. Phillips, J, Jenkins, A. Arnold, T, Wideman R. Daniels, E. Williams, S. McEwen, L. Johnson, L. Myran, K. Graves, N. Ray. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Brazeman, L. Mitchum, C. Duke, M. Burke, K. Wright, I. Schauss, J. Jones, M. Goad, B. Jagoe, L. Fincher, S. Winfree, L. Gibson, B. Robbins, M, Austin, A. Burr, N. Hamilton, G. Barker, J. Liddle, S. Hayes, M. Noojin, J. Couch, D. Monroe, J. Ferguson, D, de Lorimier, L. Sereno, C. Brewton, K. Newell. ,FOURTH ROW: K. Buckley, I. Atkinson, E. Adair, G. Nolen, R. Shannon, B. McFarland, B. Tucker, L. Price, J. Friddle, D, Peterson, M. Houser, L. Heinrich, Y. Rhodes, M. Hallman, D. Moore, P. May, P. Wells. 9 OFFICERS: I. Clayton - Sergeant at Arms, P. May - Secretary, J, Ferguson - Chaplain, S. Emrick - Vice-Pres. , D. Monroe - President, J. Atkinson - Treasurer. J The Senior French Club was organized in October, 1964, by a group of Berry students interested in learning more about the French language and people. The club is open to any junior or senior who is enrolled in any ofthe three French courses offered at Berry. The requirement for membership is genuine interest and enthusiasm, as revealed by regular attendance at meetings and a willingness to assume responsi- bilities and obligations on behalf of the club. At the regular meetings, which are held monthly at the home of a member, native French speakers, educators, and Americans who have traveled extensively in France provide the members with absorbing and enlightening material to satisfy and at the same time stimulate the original interest which binds the club together: France . . . its language, its people, and its culture. "iV:'f7-1- .- - i FWS Junior French Club , gg' I K I , J f .15 fl.: FIRST ROW: M, Meshejian, A. McRay, D. Reale, M. Matsos, L. McDaniel, V. Davis, S. Tourney, L, Razek, D, Duell, D. Little, SECOND ROW: S. Marcus, D. Lulley, M, Deason, C. Davis, J. Hoffine, L. Herlong, M. Burr, J. McCarty, D. Wyatt, M. Roper, J. French. THIRD ROW: G. Malool, S. Robbins, D. Nabors, A. Constintine, P. Robbins, T. Atkins, C. Bellsnyder, G. Cordes, M, Bowen, D. Painter, M, Thacker, C. McCracken, M. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: C. Stoltz, S. Bailey, A. Edwards, L. Rickerson, S. Jackson, J. Wilks, V. Bedsole, L. Foster, J. Vicks, J. Burns, N. Buettner, M. Lindley, J. McCracken, S. Mims, B. White, Miss Stange. OFFICERS: President, Vicki Davis: Vice-President, Lynn McDaniel: Secretary, Suzy Tourney: Treasurer, Judy Knapp: Orphan Fund Chairman, Cindy McCrackerg Historian, Lois Razek. r , The first Berry High School Junior French Club was orga- f nized this year under the direction of Miss Stange, the 1 sponsor, and the language department, All freshman and sophomore students taking French are eligible for member- ship. The purpose of the club is to further interest in and understanding of France, its language and people. The club plans to adopt a French orphan. The members hope not only to help a child but also to gain a better un- derstanding ofthe French people and customs through cor- respondence with him. The first edition of the monthly paper, "The Fleur de Lis," will be published this year. It will contain current business, feature articles, and the letters from the adopted. orphan. The club meeting time is devoted to programs. 1 fit Senior KW t . , ,.-. - w . , ,',7.:: it- Ia' i A " ,,Jtr1i-ww - i t X H f' t. , . . ., aiilfgfiyge 4, - yy f . A 'B 1 ' 1 as 'ali A if t i , The Berry High School Senior Art Club is a service club organiz- ed to create interest in art and enrichment for its members and the school. Members have a monthly night meeting in their homes when guest speakers come to speak on different phases of art advertising, and art appreciation, In 1964 Kerry Buckley, former President, served as President of the state high school Art Clubs of Alabama and presided at the con- vention meetings at the University of Alabama December 4 and 5. The following officers have served ably during the year: Marni Hallman, President Becky Jogoe, Vice-President Pam Hodges, Secretary Cris Brown, Treasurer Robert Paulin,, Sgt. at Arms I , , it it J bg' 'if FIRST ROW: M. Greco, L. Johnson, P. Hodges, B. Duke, D. Painter, S. White, S. Fowler, M. Hooten, G. Hodges, N. Mitchell, E. Borah, R. Gore, C. Lancaster, B. Jagoe, SECOND ROW: S. Malone, B. Tomb, R. Paulin, J, Carother, T. Paracca, D. Monroe, K. Buckley, S. Lawrence, J. Boyd, M. Hallman, C. Brown, M. Schroeder, K. Bowen, C. Duke, J. Peek 1 im Ag If A If 4, f V ,K 5 , x X Vi . 1 1 rt lub ff url J, F L , ' if gf r 3 - f L n , 7, , 5 rr f 14 , 5 r ' wfrga'-f,MmiqigQg5w,A3m mf ., W P . V, V- Wifi wi: ' 3 R , florgan, C. Williams, I. Glenn, B. Gilliland, S. Cook. THIRD ROW: J. Strickland, M. 1, J. C. Clem, L, Smith, J. Logan, S. Howell, B. Wentz, T, lrnler, C. Lanier, B. ns, K. Newell, K. Graves, W. Rasco, M. Grant, Mrs. Mary Painter, 89 sf JS' f"-v-nw 2 iw: gaiig.. J' M 1, 3 , , sw- r..-M4wfi?S'ft s ff T T as iiss T X... ffff?'f'i , is 1,1-In-M , x Hia,.!'4 v ' A , Hgh T f - x X 5 it ' iw? 'tis . E L ., . WL,. - sf: ' 'ki' wt it ,s.'m ,J ,is its'j"'s-i.. ..... if it, it s is, it W t W -W-f"' W s , at . W nf: fi ' ,HM f "fb ,V y , tr 1. .i f-if is L 4 mnf . at . 'K " s T 'aff' it , V , K dk ,,L, .. g M, ,Q 3 ' ' wi V- Qi.. .,.' 7 ' f 4 ' , 1 ,, .t t L, L A w - gi h f ' v Q "' so eww -, . r it J, pg '- .. K. , I rip K 'Sirk p. , "ft-M-s, t A A ' - 7 ' swab" - .-J' Mr K 4, i Vi ,, ffl f 4 is If , I 'J . JUNIOR ART exhibits, paintings and other objects of art made by members of the club. ART CLUB members work on a project for the school, sm ua -ways? '- .. ' -1111.,,':f . 3i'lQfff3D2" i-kaalflifff i f'?: ', '?:'2lii'T-'ti is Junior Art Club Has Many Artistic Interests The Junior High Art Club takes an active participation at Berry. They help decorate for many school assemblies and special programs, providing colorful, original props and back grounds. They design countless posters which announce the dates for future school events in a clear and artistic manner. Throughout the school, bulletin boards are kept up to date with beautiful art work, displayed to emphasize the coming event. They have constructed a beautiful rock garden beside the new Junior High building. The students which are mem- bers of this club enjoy the modern, fully-equiped room they acquired this year, These factors help make these students among the most vigorous of the Junior and Senior High School Library Club fx AY gc? , E it ' i ,, 2- .12 s J. SMITH, P. Mitchell, A, Newton, T. Beal, J. Norris, C. Sharman B Snoddy E Dailey L Phillips K Wyatt K SC C S Library Club performs a vital job for the school, Club nienibc rs help the librarians by making all tht iaeilities of the library available to students. In taking charge ofthe operation oi the eireulition desk and helping to niaintain the card catalogue, they do a great deal in keeping the library efficient Answering student questions about the library is one more job they do that aids the student body through the year, ASHLEY Bagley Brown Clenimons Frasa Gourley Hamilton Huey Jennings Kirkland McEwen Miller Rainey Rew 5 A. Bagley T. Beal K. Brown S. Campbell S. Chapman J. Clayton B. Cox D. Dickerson R. Dupriest E. Eldridge J, Gates J. Grant M. Hackney M, Haney K. Hartley B. Hg S. Horton R. Huey W. Hultgren F. Hunt L. Jackson C. Kersh J, Lawther S. Lemmon Junior Classical League Promotes Interest in Rome and Greece The Junior Classical League is a national organization with a total membership of 98, 910, dedicated to the perpet- uation of an appreciation of the civilization, language, literature, and art of ancient Rome and Greece. At Berry, the Junior Classical League is an active participant in school affairs. Among the annual activities was a Julius Caesar movie, a picnic attended by sixty members, a trip to Nashvilvle to visit the Pantheon. At the end of the year the club went to Mobile to the State Latin Forum. Here they enjoyed the annual Roman banquet where outstanding students were honored. It is at this convention that many of the ancient customs of the Romans are observed. At the banquet they sit on the floor and feast as the Romans did. Each member dressed in a toga added atmosphere to the al- ready festive occasion. A. WESTWATER, E, Eldridge, and B. Wingate check on information for club reports. fn ,ma 'Y I is S .f S ff if WM. ...auf iw 4 as M, W , 4 .. , . .. M. ' ' 7 x ,. f X , f -vw n fimsg' f iz' e I V . I s ll fi C 2 E n E TWC GREAT ROYHPIUS, I. Cates and W. Hultgren meet S. THORPE, D. Berry, S. Reed, C. Kersh, and C. Schooley and greet one anotherg take a Roman Holiday. J, Liddle K. Loerch S. Logan J. McCurdy T. MCLGOG P. Mitchell S. Newman K. Nelson S, Reed C. Schooley B. Sehappert B, Srivers S. Thorpe N. Tilclen S. Turkington C. Waites E. Walsh A. Westwater B. Wilbanks B. Wingate I l " ' 'mule ' Q 1- . .. . I peeeh Club FIRST ROW: K. Buckley, N. Strawbridge, K. Tice, T. Mclnish, J. Bailiff, S. Thigpen, E. Wheeler. SECOND ROW: T. Cooper, D. de Lorinier, N. Tilden, R. Dunaway, A. Morgan, T. Imbler, D. Bates, L. Heinrich, Mrs. Spear. NOW WE are ready to debate the proposition. H133 S a t . mc.,-fail le C, P f . C C PC 3l'CS Ol' Vg I U I :U Competltlon ln i nal Debate ' 4 qr,.T,,wi A ' H Discussing timely issues and controversial K "H r topics is the object of Berry's debate club. fi, . 'W ' - fx' The club racticed various es of manu- ,. '71f3sI'4:p. fzk it - , : E P . 1 H in Ad': 'LWI 2 ' V , script speaking and original oratory. 3. Z W M' Club members are strongly urged to K 'i" " participate in both public and community speech events thus giving the poise and confidence necessary for public speaking. S ,i s gs! if ational Forensic League TOMMY MCINISH holds the certificate won by the team at the University of Alabama. LINDA WILLIAMSON is the only girl who partici- pated on the team from Berry. The ability to speak clearly and forcefully, whether in debate, extemporaneous oratory, or oral interpretation, is characteristic of National Forensic League. In order to gain membership, students must gain a certain number of points in competition. Advanced degrees are given to those with greater experience, This year the members have competed at Howard College, Birmingham Southern and at the Univer- sity where the negative team won first place, The purpose of the National Forensic League is to honor those who have demonstrated ability and perseverance. The emblem of this organization is the key, symbolizing the unlocking and feeling of the powers of expression and personality. Members of this honorary are Linda Williamson, Dan Mikos, Tomm Mclnish, Kerry Buckley, and David Strain. Membership in this national honor society for speech should be the objective of the ambitious and forward looking high school student. DAVID STRAIN is the third member of team who debated at the University. FIRST ROW C Albright J Jones Mrs Bland D Monroe P Braddock A Hickman, M, Alexiou, D. Hahn, J. R. Thacker, SECOND ROW P Clutts A leePard R Brown D Mikos M Johnson D Sanderson, C. Cruze, B. Walker, L. Bratcher, S. THIRD ROW F hdgc A MacCrey D Davidson A Sweeting E Zabel A. Johnson, E. Malcom, Red Cross rganized to Carry Out the Services Planned for Important Year The Red Cross is a service organization open to all members of the student body. The purpose of thelclub is to aid others. The club trains its mem- bers to be good leaders and to give good fellowship to all. Each homeroom is represented by one elect- ed representative, Visiting hospitals is another worthy aspect of the Berry Red Cross. The compassion one gains in seeing people in need is invaluable, This makes a representative more aware of the great need in the field of Red Cross. We hope in the next year we will be able to accomplish our goals, and add our small part in bettering humanity. At Christmas, boxes are sent with gifts donated by the students to the Veteran's Hospital. Through the efforts of the Red Cross, the members hope to help unfortunate families in our community and to promote national understanding. Next year it is hoped that many projects will be planned and carried out. ath Club The Math Club is an organization which is com- posed of senior high students and ninth graders by special permission who are especially interested in mathematics. Our purpose is to have fun with puzzles, unusual problems, and other recreational aspects of math and to learn about careers involving mathematics. We hope to invite speakers who will advise us of the variety of careers in math. At the present time, our club is trying to affili- ate itself with the National Math Society, Mu Alpha Theta, We feel this would be very important to the present members and to the future success of the club, OFFICERS - CAROL GOLDEN, presidentg David Gambill, vice presi- dent, Paulete Mitchell, secretary, Susan Thorpe, treasurer, FIRST ROW: Beth Gregory, Carol Golden, Nancy Barncastle, Suzy Tourney, Lindsey Gordon, Alice Thomas, Sherann Bush, Lee Weed, Mary Pate, Kitty Brown, Patti Faulkner, Toni McReynolds, Floy Hunt. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Chastain, Eleanor Dailey, Susan Thorpe, Paulette Mitchell, Robert Gore, Palmer Bell, Elliot Hughes, Buster Mauldin, Bill Stegall, Hal Helms, David Gamble Eddie Stakes, Charles Kelly, Lee Ayers, Mr. Balch. av' ELAYNE ZABEL, A. Morgan, M. Barnacastle, M. Gravlee, S, Thigpen, and L, Collins are off to study in Spain. El Circulo Esparole Travels South of the Border The Spanish Club travels to Spain and South America through language, art, music, and literature at each meeting. They fight bulls with toreadors, Cal tortillas, and learn Spanish dances at fiestas, complete with the traditional colorful pinatas, The objective of this club is to promote interest and understanding in the Latin American nations and their cultures, One aim of the club is to make traveling opportunities known to the student and to aid him in every way possible should he be able to pursue these opportunities. FLAGS OF Spanish -speaking countries interest students, for e A M z,':i.i'1W!Eig,L..,Q, ,W 15 I IIDVWY-' Dramatic Club ...M ..,..,,,,,,,V. Q A gif stltitt t . ,V", ii., 4 gif S ,ts .t in ff ,Z f ,G .,, ,, ta rl P' 'ff .X 131221 'f- . , . A FIRST ROW: J. Houchin, D. Bates, R. Clutts, A. Bube, B. Childers, M. Pate, T. Cooper, D. de Lorimier, J. Bishop. SECOND ROW C. Clemrnons, P. Braddock, D. Glenn, L. Spencer, B. Duke, B. Gregory, O. Jett, L. Williamson, R. Dunaway, A. Hickman C Ozier. THIRD ROW: J. Jones, J. Jones, L. Heinrich, C. Stokes, L. Bratcher, M. Muir, K. Buckley, J. Bailiff, B. Ray, Mrs. Doty TAMSIE COOPER and Jed Deason take active part in club activities. The dramatic club was organized in the spring of 1964 under the sponsorship of Mrs. Doty. A constitution was drawn and approved. The club is to be called the Kurtin Kallers. The dramatic club helps develop better speech habits, and trains those who have performing ability. Methods of expression are improved. The officers for 1964-1965 are: president, Tamsie Cooper, vice -president, Jed Deasong secre tary, Connie Clemmonsg treasurer, Linda William song historian, Ben Ray. Fellowship of Christian Athletes CHRISTIAN ATHLETES just before a game, FELLOWSHIP OF Christian Athletes immediately following a meeting. Fellowship of Christian Effective Organization Christian Athletes is one of the most inspirational organizations in sports today. Many famous athletes Y are members both in high school and in college, Berry is indeed fortunate to have a chapter on its campus. Headed by president Bob Kolen, the club meets once each week in the gym for prayer and devotion. It is not required that a boy be on the team to attend. Anyone sincerely interested in athletics and its Christian responsibilities is welcome , Lettermen9s Club .sjha YI.- STUART CONNER President J nf' 6 3 a BUTCH KEETGN MIKE O'GRADY FRITZ HUDSON Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Lettermen's Club is an honorary society for outstanding male athletes. With the avid support of the Booster Club and Coach Larry Wilson, sponsor, the boys were awarded their letter at a special assembly. Throughout the years the members have helped to promote school spirit and interest. The club sold T shirts for each sport to raise money for club activities. It is through hard work that an athlete may become a member, It is the desire of every boy to become a member of this organization. THESE LETTERMEN pose for a while to please the photographer. IOI WK an E. ADAIR and E. Stakes recheck their experiment to insure accuracy. cience Interests Widened in Club Worli K. DEXTER, M. Horton, and M. Hooten show chemistry in everyday life. SUSAN! What became of Patti Wells and Freddie Stakes? 33 . . , sl 1 i, L, ,, ri ii 3. if 13: R . gggiwq an 'U ,Q I02 . -. k ., s K i 3 Q7 f x K 5 1 2 Q 5 JJ 4 A 5 L The Science Club belongs to separate organizations: Future Sci- entist of America and Alabama Junior Academy of Sciences and each have special duties and activities. The first is an interest club and shows films and goes on field trips, The Junior Academy futher stim- ulates an interest by encouraging members to participate in science demonstrations, This year they sent eight students to state'convention of Junior Academy, Both clubs jointly sponsor the Science Fair, T, JACKSON, E. Hughes, l. Forrester operate a Van de Graff generator, KEITH TICE busily builds a chemical volcano. Are KATHERINE ISISSETT AND Velimir Luketie making coffee? If they are, I don't want any. What a stench! B132 ,m,,L,m3.,, 5-,X ,wif .. At, U , Tl" ' ,s 'x Q Q an as als., W W H H mug! , if -we 5. 4 t T ,, T SWK wx km T , ,Q Mawr? .. Q 5, it ' 'K v .. ,vi . i . HP' ,.,f1-M, X T q . , r-15-YW 5 'N 'fi S 1 A " .Ffa , ff-1 ,r Wig.. ex , , . if-JWPSE iff" YZ i 5 . 3gserg2f?1,'sf gg, . -if MR. CLAYTON, I. Green, T, Cooper, J. Hawkins, R. Pruitt, T, Goodwin, G. Bishop, E. Rew, M. Henley. Safety Patrol Helps Centro THIS PATROL sees themselves as others see them, a fine group of boys, 5 , , 2 it rr Q1 IO4 rw-MW OUR PATROL is an efficient organization and performs its duty well. he Traffic Problem OUR PATROL department and law officers work together for the safety of our school guide patrol through successful year, and community, LIEUTENANT HENLEY and Captain Pruitt BOYS, HERE is the plan. O' A i, i.,,.r, ,L h,,i . ABILITY TO set a beautifu FIRST ROW: K. Resmoudo, L. Jon B. Richey. SECOND ROW: T. Las wiafkgduiwlalfikf i 'S W SVW? 'N V MQ. ' rect table is an art. SEWING BUILDS a fashionable wardrobe, . Hester, J. Shepard, G, Byrd, M, Mcloeniore, C. Cooper, S. Corrctti, R, Daniels, JAN JOHNSON PICPHICS H 0110106 C8146 Alexiou, S. Reece, O. Jett. THIRD ROW: L. Williamson, B. Adamson. fCCiPC- ., , K xi, ,bgw yr 5 ,f,w,w, ,,y,1, ky.. , ' ,n iw r L1 i , 2 fr i . M 5 3, 5: W 2 'U 32, 'Q U5Qhi -EQilVHZxQ X'fZ-"RTI ' -D ' U V STSk'3LB2'S sM wf'r'Zniff' f.f5:..ii2.+:?' .'2:Q:m.4?f2f - .--f 3 In F sz t xl' , it vi-fifg 3 'N M kr rg, f 1 I - '- Q G. Barker T. Beal P. Bell K. Bisset C, Davis K. Dexter P. Faulkner M. Gibbs S. Hayes S. Horton 1, Houchin K. Hudson V, Logan I. McCurdy A, Newton M. Sellers ational Junior Honor Society Members Worli to Win Recognition R. Brown A. Bube S. Cook B. Cox B. Gregory M. Hanks J. Hardigree K. Hartley W. Hultgren R. Jobe I. Jones J. Knapp M. Sellers S, Thorpe C. Waites G. Watt THE HONOR Society gives recognition to outstanding stu- dents on the basis of scholarship, service, and character. The organization promotes interest in the levels of higher education. Members must maintain a 2, 5 average, The society meets once a month and plans its activities, Among these is the annual tapping and distribution of "A" and "B" honor roll tags at the conclusion of each grading period, ational Honor Society C. Game, V, Luketic, G. Glass, C. Kersh, J. Couch, B. Duke, L. Williamson, K, Bisset, M, Pate, M. Seller, P. Mitchell, A, Newton M. Sellers, E. Stakes, K. Brown, K. Ostergren, J. Ferguson, M, Gibbs, R, Jobe, P. Braddock, B. Walton, D, Glenn, G. Keen, C, Schooley, P, Smripling, S. Morin, W. Hultgren, F. Hunt, S, Emerick, R. Brown, H. Helms, I. Long, B. Gregory, N. Tilden, S. Hays, L. Spencer, P. Wells, B, James. In an impressive ceremony, the charter members of Berry 's first National Honor Society were tapped, The members of the faculty placed the ribbons of honor around the necks of those chosen. Their parents were secretly invited to the ceremony. Admission into the National Honor Society is based on the qualities of character, service, leadership, and scholar- ship. To be selected as a member one must maintain a certain grade average, display integrity at all times, and be a willing worker for his school. MRS. ARNOLD lights the torch of scholarship. I09 Future Teachers of America Bagley R. Bristow K. Brown M. Burke S Campbell C Clark C Clemmons C Golden Goodwin J. Gore N. Hamilton P. Handy L Heinrich H Helms K Henry A Hickman Hunt J, jendrusiak 0. Jett J. Jones J Liddle K Lorch D Mikos P Mitchell Future Teachers Continue to Provide Career Training Future Teachers of America was established for the purpose of helping those students interested in teaching. They become familiar with the processes involved in the field of education. Each member of the club is assigned to a teacher in the school and throughout the year helps them to grade papers, keep records, and other duties which enable them to gain practical experience. By these and other methods, these aspiring educators learn to instill principles involved in teaching and also other per- tinent details concerning educational opportunities. Each teacher to whom a future teacher is assign- ed is very glad to help that student in any way pos- sible. Teachers are relieved of many activities giving them more time to devote actual classroom teaching. The officers of the club are President, Marian Noojin, Vice President, Olivia Jett, Secretary, Karen Loerch, Treasurer, Donna Warmick, Histori- an, Karen Ostergren, Parliamentarian, Nick O'Grady. IIO ft , IANNE GLENN does filing for her teaching assignment. KAY HENRY and Donna Warnick teach as a team, BARBARA GOODWIN listens to student recite lesson. M. Noojin N. O'Grady K. Ostregren C. Ozier M. Pate B. Robbins D. Ruzicka L. Sereno L. Spencer C. Sullivan N. Tildcn E. Viness D, Warnick P. Wells J. Yates 'Un N ,wggng ' ,L E.: l "re N-fs an its f' il The Cutlass keeps the student body up to date on activities and current events. Sports events are covered as are all club and organization happenings. Many aspiring journalists gain ex- perience in the field of coverage, reporting, writing, and editing through their own efforts, Techniques in printing processes and financing through advertising is another part of their learn- ing. Many of the staff members contribute editorials of current interest. BUSINESS MANAGERS: Brand Walton, FEATURE EDITOR: Eleanor Viness, News Editor: Carol King and Dee Piper find page layout and headlines, as well as writing and editing, a part of their duties. Feature stories are often written in advance of the issues. Il2 Colle e Day , I , gm -T ,Wf,r,,i. :,l,,wm:fg:QfQWmvjgv W.q.w , T wat, E W, if S I ,V Q:5jg,i.wwma,M.,,, V D in 0 X . MW i 8 r 4 1 n " I 'U 1 , ' I rw: , i Q l L l , K T A il Q 'E 4. K K ' gf l 5 T H M I , , 1 1 ' 6 1 I s M I lf i W , S! ' if t Z . h Q . R 1' Q ' 5 ll in THESE STUDENTS are interested in learning about college requirements. REPRESENTATIVES FROM twenty-five southern colleges and universities visit Berry on College Day to counsel with parents and seniors, In the afternoon a tea was given in their honor. ,r ,, wp' ' k Milk' ,MH of we Q an ww Tb ,t', A ' llllro Elii 'l""' mf M, vf , -,F .,, me ww 'H+ ,Mui t.,,. -fm . 'GW '42, 'Emizw ,M www ,LW V , , , :Etna ' f' 'LDWL iw Am, ,, " " ' " :,',g1L5'2,f, H i wswm M wi Z H ' L, -' - Qwxf A ' : . ' 7 ,wwf , . L,Li M , , - ,fm Mi , , ,. '-Warm fr K ,.,1+f lI-My if ,L , , ,,,,., . . ,. AW MM? gr' K . -I ,,,i: ir' gpm ww, Q masts -nw wx will If-'YW H 16.35623 mmm, Caravel This is the first year Berry has had an annual. It is a memorandum of activities during the school term, The staff has endeavored to present the stu- dents a truly memorable picture record of the school year. The ambitious students worked hard to establish many precedents in sales, The result of a year of hard and conscientious work was the publication of Berry 's first annual. This student publication represents the efforts and the aspirations of the editors, the staff, the student body, and the faculty. When the book finally arrives, their job is done. BRENDA DUKE Editor-in-Chief LINDA WHITE, Julie Long, Jennie Jenkins, Laura Spencer, staff editors, found that deadline schedules are hard to meet. Yearbook Staff 'flilgrv-3 AX.,.-- RACHEL BROWN KAREN OSTERGREN LINDA THOMPSON Editor Feature Editor Business staff 6' 'MQ' Os C i.Zi A lli LW so 3 5 X ALICE HICKMAN BRAND WALTON JUDY YATES LINDSEY GORDON JANE GORE Class Editor staff Faculty Editor Class Editor Class Editor STAFF ASSISTANTS: D. de Lorimier, J. Long, T. Wideman, J, Jenkins, P. Stripling, L. Spenser, K, Ostergren, C. Moorehead, D Ruzicka, C. King, 'TX If Ml I .il lx. 1 - If ff 2 1 X 1 ff' 2, 2 Q Q. :mean ,1 :MX A Young Cellist, Amanda Douglas, and Her Teacher, Mrs. Linda Mahan String Instruments A GROUP of musicians on the way up: Marjie Mitchell, Mary Katherine Pennington, Lyndal Myrick, Alison Yessick, Jeff Ivins, Ronda Rush, Peter Lanier, Amanda Douglas. Junior Hi h School Choir FIRST ROW: D, McElwee, G, Herron, J. Woods, C, L. Stowe, D. Acton, K. Cain, J. Barnes, B. Robins, F. Robinson. SECOND ROW: T, Hodges, M, Baker, B, Wheat, S, Gester, J.,Holsomback, E. Caver, M. Owen, S. Fullington, L. Wt-ight, R. Dudley, M. Moars, S. Mobley, THIRD ROW: L. Carnathan, P. Evans, A. Tobin, D. McGavock, L. Elliott, P, Carter, J. Lane, D. McCoy, D. Dairdson, J. Armstrong, J. Beasley, J. McKnight, L. Mint, P, Palmer, K. Kelly, S. Winstead. FOURTH ROW: B. Watts, E. Adams, J. Frey, S. Hartley, D. McKinzie, D. Youngstead, D. Pieketts, C. Schrader, D. Girgo, K. Wash, R. Reich, D. Gammill, L. Rainey, D. Shellnut E. Douglas. FIFTH ROW: S. Brooks, M. Porter, S. Gamble, S. Walker, B. Brown, S. Shepherd, M. Woodruff, B. Shepherd, P. Sulli- van, J, Berryhill, N, Smith, S, Segrest, J, Moat, E. Cormack, J, Owens, B. Sims, M, Tomb, N. Moore, I. Dye, G, Ellison. SIXTH ROWg M. Nafoosi, A, Fowler, B. Reynolds, A. Coston, D. Helms, R. McDonald, D. Emrick, J. King, R. Stewart, K. Eddings, S, Vitalis, J, Hoffman, S, Emrick, B. Chapman, D. Warren, D. Nichols, K. Spader, Y. Logan, D. Proctor, C. Barr, B. Sain. SEVENTH ROW: C. Pierson, K. Echols, C. Carson, N. Mitchell, L. Ogletree, E. Lawson, D. Emory, S, Riley, S. Dairs, M. Caldwell, K, Moleski, B. Brady, N. Hamilton, N, Jones, B. Ogburn, D. Gaidner, F. Best, S, Hibbler, B. Free, C. Watters, V, Ault, P. Clutts, I Berry High Ensemble mi SANDRA FULLER, Emily McAnnaly, Ann Biggerstaff, Lynda Sereno, Sherry Campbell, Jane Liddle, Dana Monroe, Donna McLaughlan, Christine Moorehead, Judy Barthalomew, Jan Johnson, Glenn Raines, Joe Braden, Allen Gillespie, Lou Howardf Robert Doyle, Jim Eailiff, Tom Branel, Jessie Weldon, Bruce McReynolds, Micheal Kennedy. Vocal Groups Become Outstandin In their newly purchased black and gold outfits, the music department gave an in- spiring performance at the Christmas Assembly. During the year these choral groups en- tertain at Thanksgiving, Easter, other assemblies, and civic organizations. They participated in the district and state vocal contests, where they won superior ratings. Mr. John Bush, director, encourages students to develop their talents and to excel in scholarship, dependability, serv- ice, and musicianship. Auditions are each spring for prospective members.. MR. JOHN BUSH, Director Sl ss E ll J , , ,QM HHN" f 3 it , ft 'i Fl f s ,,. GQ if 1 , , :,,. f N, , ' '1" ., fn aussi' .iifv . '-H mama-ua H if Q A --fy ., fy "" '51 , V gf x R d w . gy W , QW -:t,,- it K t IQ, ., ' 8 ' H L I' N V, , :K.V fr -W V mi ' g ,fi ,',:,EE.. 3 l, L '- . A l i y .f K 'Q 4 -Q I3 W Y 5 N? il ,iwwwwf an E. 4 W .445 ' ? if 5 bg 5 Band Reaches New Hei hts Completing another active year the Buccaneer Band, under the direction of Mr, Ted Galloway, appeared in halftime shows throughout the football season, participated in district musical festivals, and State Contests held at Tuscaloosa and several sections placed in the first division. 'The hand plays at pep rallies and assists in many assembly candy sale each year in order to buy equipment they need, Berry can certainly be proud of the Buccaneer Band, MR. GALLOWAY, Director THE OPENING game of the season was a difficult one weatherwise, but the musicwas beautiful. programs for the student body, The band puts on a N' , . MQ' . 3 'Z 4133 ':lg "Q,' . , ,f f , ff' 5 """'-. Q S I Q I MR. GALLOWAY presents the first copy of the band record to Mr. Yeilding, Over a thousand records have been sold, BRENDA JERKINS JANE GORE Q. ff 'E F A Beginning practice preparation in the summer, the rnajorcttes began preparation for the busy year ahead, They appeared in halftime shows of football games and homecoming ae- tivities, In March the majorettes began prep aration for both district and state con- tests. 255 V 'N fe V N 'Ways it A A 8 3 SUZANNE CORRETTI, Head Majorette BILL TUCKER, Drum Major ELEANOR VINESS, Majorette THE BERRY MARCHING Band pauses in halftime to form the Berry B. ,M , 'ff . -V .. .. gxefg - Vw ' .V w' ff -Q" V- I . , 6 ,.., . , .- W ,.. .. V , V 4 .. V A . ,.,., V -1 ,,,,Vv VVV L ff H-j--35j1yf,fVa1,. A . , . . . .W K 'IV 4w.h:, . 5 H U 5 5 ykyy ,W ,, M. .,,.,u. . ,.,. ' W V , K VFX! . . ' V ?7V1gV,.11r 1' .,., VV?,'7 Q Va . -V Mu. W J- 'K ix A V ' 'i ' U 35 'X if I Q' T? 1 u , Q U " '- 'TW . it . X Q '63 1 V V A r-3 ' ff ' ' ' V Y , if V V VsV if-B , . . A. .V , V .4rV4,.,,, 'L i' 'Y V V ' ,ir V '- M , af f"'K'- ,L V jVV"'i -V -- I V ' ,-,. ,- 533 M .Ver H . Q ,,.V...Lx,V -V . nf? I L -A V1 gf 6 ' F is 9 V , Ti 2' . X 517 , V'Y!r-'V-'M - fl W, ' 4,1 V, '14 ig , 11 ' " ' , ' V ff,::V,f'-- Via "' M VV , V Q - , L .,, .Q YV " Y -, F5 , fi 'B V 'f R 5, V - , ,Q V - V V ,WVVVV---+VVVVVVV.,VVV.,-VV.-VJ, X f V' V . . A if . '1 - , , T3 ,M1 '- --3 M H- 3 1' qw , I TVV1- .' V- , .Vi K L, VV V 59151 QV-,W VV A Z , W .V A -V - H ,, VV 1 , . ,mg VVVVVVVVVV5-K fwfr V V ,V , . V - " gym, V,Vg.,.,Vw fad .,lw.5 "' 4 u .WV avg ' . V .fi 6 V-X V ,:i'?5P1-,..?cA ' f ' ' ,. V V-V. V, NHS, Y Vw A X wg , , VL V , .V A . V, V Vw V V V , VY, fwVffV"-V-QQ-V . ,,,g- YV V- ' VV 4 V VV, 'V WV V. .Vw V V ' VV " VV Q. "" 1 ik, L ' . , A f Y Q A v it' , V V. W, -V V V 'A -. ' V Q' Q .1 '- f'fV:a5.:'f: Q ,. 1 A , . . .5 V. X . S ' ""'!IW 1 Y .ee Q 2, . "' fy ,, ', 5.-.-... V93-.V L. Vfgfg. : '-'!2Z3fj'AL L V, .Vi m M V, ., V. . A K 1 V A X 'A ""' ',j A fniw. -,,,, - iVhV,,,1,,1,.WVg 'V1ff-. W, V V - V, - WV V V V -"l V PH'-fl! V V -I W ' V, 1 .',fE?',,1 'giiiww' WW W - iw A . A - 'Q , , , X9 Q -V 45 , ., . , I , I .1 i3.i z 'w,y:'5:3gfg,: H253 ,xii VVV- VVj VVjVVliA- WV: .gy J'.f,,gg.g.gg5g5 V k. , -k y t m igf rus I ,V... .?V VVVV,5fyf9f 3-2 ,5 KNVQL V . V V. . 2 . V , ,. . WV V ii, 11 , , if , V ,VV . ..fl41f Y. XL ., V, M gg..-1 ' ,NV VV bv? V B ,yieikiffi KV " V ' B V135 V"f'?wf'V-fN"iFf4f,?zVi . ' FH b IB Aff' V. 4 M . - Q V - V .Vi V "'?2ifV- ' Y in , V V ' iz ' ff-Q ' V - G3 YB V ' A .. ,VV ,V .Vw . q . my W V , .. V: , V V YV V N- - V ,V .f- ' ' V VVfV ' VV WV V V sa. .V V- ,..V:Vwf .V ,V.,Vf.-1--ff . 'S -1 Vgi. , VV.-...K 1 .V "WV . ,VV 'V ,V ,. V SW - .-Q . Vmz Q' x Visa VX M-V V' ,I , VV , HQ, ,SAV fish- ,K,,,,.V V lil VN -fy VVVVV..VV M Qi V , A - -V V - V ,fi - , V . V, A -- , Q V ' ' V A jsmlgg .V E3 ,V . . ,9 Q , 4' V 4 M ' V g .V A Q V - , 5 " ,, Vfw-+":-iQ? K VV' "W VV. . -2 , .sf-fm. . V 'Pix 3.3 '. Z ,,, VVf1"'55'1'VVVQkV ' V-'NZ f 3- VV .V " TE . il . V by 0' I ,,:zy'T if My 1455- , V u M y wi ' V yiifx VfiV +2r 2 V185 ,xfmk-VV. H 4' V Vf V ' 5 VV ' ' ,,, ' I V ' f V, ,. V ,- V . 5 1' fm Vg,. M,+5,, 1, V - - V-, , V. - f V' VV V V ,v a 1 V VM ,V 'Q W " 1" -,- - VV -W V , MV- A- 4, V r,,gg,1VV34VVVIE55? V' Q VV, rVfVV. -- - ik, V if :VV -V , Mk .f"3"- if V , : V K+ V ., .. 1 V V ' - Vis. ' K , A ,kk . . . ., 3V ,V.ff,gVr. ,V. .. V ,V egg V QQ... . V, V V VVS-4415539 ,NVMV V ,mga 1. .4 ,. W V VM,,, ,,Li..,, , . V Vw . f .9 - ' K K , K .fp new VJ. r 60 ,,,,+fyL7e X ,genre . MIMLK ? .f,V,,.'V ,Vgywgi k ,QM P wk A ,Q .hw vga! . I 5 Q U. ,V,,V1 . .,,,:?k, . .- iii W , , N . . vii? . :W 3 4.8 . . Kan, Z' Jin., V , 4, V V , I I 5 ,L N V. . ,, Xi. 1 , , . M ,V V -if V VV,,-V V: - My V . -V1 1 K HV, Wf,V.,,..,,,, ,key , M wr- i . M . Q . :ar y V, Ve H ' VV2,l gg -A111-Qi' PM - R ,ur 4. ,V ,Y Q., . ,Q-, VV V u K' ' ,,,- N I23 Marchin Band Xb It 35 D3 TRUMPET SECTION is the largest section of the band. Q as THE LOW Brass section attracts attention at parades and rallies SAXOPHONE SECTION thrills those who love a parade. TROMBONE SECTION pauses a minute to pose Q-,-., ,.,. WM, ,A,. AAVVV , A ff, 14+ X ectlon adds to rhythm and tone of band, THE DRUM section plays a maior part in the make-gp of the cbncert band ---www,-Q,mv1m,mM - My 1.www1vwf--:f'1w- Harp y. , , , f , ,Jf,,.,-'fe-,,,p,,.W,WMMMWffwxa-Mr' 'ff-Y":'M',, , - M Y ,W L,A... ,, , E 1' X I THE BERRY CONCERT BAND MR, TED GALLOWAY, CONDUCTOR Concert Band ins Superior Ratin A LARGE number of young musicians make up the ranks of the Concert Band. During the year, as well as the summer, they practice diligently, so that musical accompaniments can be provided for various school functions. They hold band concerts during the year, The band achieved superior ratings at state and district contests. The Berry Band has brought great honor to our school during the year. The band performed its duties on the football field, in competition, and in civ-ic affairs with excellent success. V CLARINET ENSEMBLE won superior rating at the State Music Festival. M'-we Kg IZ6 Concert Band w "" Qi , V M mwikixwiffw-wa M W 'Vnmwf any-uf' ,QW BRASS ENSEMBLE won superior rating at the State Music Festival, PERCUSSION SECTION is the envy of all county bands. 1 vw- L ' an KM DR. NICOLAS Nyaradi, Director of Internation- al Service, Bradley University Assemblies Our guest list grew even greater as we received distinguished visitors at our assemblies, Dr. Jessie Stuart told interesting phases of his life and his writings. Dr. Nicholas Nyaradi, lecturer and author, spoke on, "Greatest Threat in the World Today, " Communism. Mr, W. C. Sawyer from the Freedom Foundation talked on Americanism. Students partici- pated in many programs, band, choral, clubs, and student council. . lk , W 4 MR. W. C. SAWYER, Freedom Foundation STUDENTS TAPPING at honor society assembly program. l28 Assemblies ,1" rxk DR. JESSIE STUART, author, lecturer, and world traveler, explains to Vickie Roberts and Brand Walton what became of the characters in his story, The Thread That Runs So True. Dr. Stuart is the author of numerous books, short stories, and a recent volume of poems entitled, Hold April. Dr. Stuart visited our school for an entire day. He spoke for a great length of time to the student body who applauded and brought him back to the stage several times. He interested and delighted them as no other speaker at any assembly ever had. It was quite an honor to have this distinguished author and educator at Berry. We hope he will return to visit our school again. Q Aww. Evaluation MRS. ELLIOTT and Mrs. Autrey serve coffee to Mrs. Wingo and Miss Blay- lock at a reception given for members of the faculty and evaluating committee. On October 12-15, our school was visited by many prominent educators representing many col- leges and secondary schools over the state. They were here to evaluate our school. Teachers and students worked for two years to perfect the curricu- lum, the buildings, and the grounds. We had been expecting them a long time and were glad to present them to our community, our faculty and fine student body. After a week of visitation, the committee's report was made at a night meeting to the patrons of the school and the faculty, There were many favorable comments, and many recommendations that will be carried out as time goes on. The evaluating committee was very much im- pressed with the rapid progress Berry had made in so short a time. It was a splendid committee very interested in the present and future of Berry. MISS HARDING presides over the punch bowl at the tea. , if ' :A , H 1 lg., . lt, f Aw tt, lc. t. I- -M., if W. ax, . 4 t raw s T . ' ' W s 9 f , r 1-1 4 rt 0 ' , a ,, ish, I., ' ' :"- .za -zz' if-fr -' f I I . , s, . , 1 Mau 4., f' ' nw. Y 44 T- ,X ., :, f ' ' fm- r - K weft lv . x. -A ,Q . . , I fm A -, , fs., , , us .gow V, c nu, D r V... ,'.' :Q qv' Y r Cf. If .'- ft" . 'fiat 4 4' " Q, . 5. if 3 ,,. 3, , , Us Q., 1 , ...A . ,. :-- i .v - . , Q gn e ' ,Q 5-, -I Q 1 I A . .- v. , N .5 ' --, 4, ' any nu n . ,wg , SY: gy, . , ,Q -5.2 F!! 5 ,v :nm Q5 v,.,,' I Q e. ip ' , n , -tx i an 3 4 s lf, Q4 ,VV L a. '-'ff ' is - -- l3O FIRST ROW: B. Jenkins, M. Norton, Dr. Johnson, O. Emerson SECOND ROW: S. Doss, W. Kimbrough, W. Berryman FIRST ROW: Mrs. C. Jones, Mrs. J. Brown, Mrs. P.iFoster SECOND ROW: Mrs. E. Mullins, Dr. G. Weeks, Mrs. M. Osterling, Miss E. Egan Stadium Dedication BERRY STADIUM, in an impressive ceremony, was dedicated the night of the Homecoming Game on October 9, 1964, MR. YIELDING, Coach Larry Wilson, Bob Kolen, Alice Thomas, and Suzanne Corretti review approvingly the plans and location the new Berry Stadium, I 5 Q sf! 4? 3. if 1 -e s +4 1 1 , I Q - W Q 5 , iirih i 2 5 if M 4 2 f W .K ,Q W b m 551- 5 Q? .. ' j n Q 2 J Q x Q i Q gg. 5 X fm J if , 2 1 i N 'Q , Q 3 , Y . 1 J RT 4535 'fx QQ: 5 ' lf' vf , ggfiwii , ,R-E A 'Q 4' -A , x XX Q3 1 f Q . Mt: Q x x 'my ' z 31 .. Ei 'Hg . -. , Q K A -mg a 54' f. xr .r, i 3 ' Q Wk Q ww, 'Q UYQ ' I 4' QE Homecomin nm.. if . . Y F6StlVlty Brings 2,8 0 Renewe 0 0 -we 'V Y Spirit Qs s. 'Q v S S 1 I I' S n n 5 4 p i T i t STUDENTS WORK hours to tinish the float. Few Berry students will forget the first homecoming. The students worked all day to get the floats completed. There was no limit to the hard w0rk and effort SXCIICCL As the time drew nearer, the bustle of preparation could not be escaped and the excite- ment of it all seemed to enguir all those who in someway were involved, The night of the game the Buccaneers met Alexandria in a great game in their new stadium to take them 26-14. Later that evening the finishing touch was added as the annual Homecoming Dance got underway, THE CHORAL group's prize-winning float in the making, When it was finished it was a masterpiece. yi-Q-Q 7 was - 4Hf' T2:'z-x. -' yn Ji, ,mph ,nf i 'WW-?a2'T66m'4!tZ.?'Z2,.E4,4f'!,Q'.f1f" 'ZI?9KXH4wwYFQwMg FMJH2Ehf v 3E'nd!wFQ? 1wn ,,.,'YYZB ' 1 'may A ,Y N? figfkfi lf f-gy 5 Aff, w . , . sky 'A-4, V if K? f . ,Y ng At xx V K if K lp I f F 7,1 F5 -ykrv ,- ,. I K TM Q Sports I FIRST ROW: Blair Tomb, Croley Wood, Glen Badham, Bobby Roden, Mike Gorden, Ric Seelbinder, Brice James Son Chapman, Nick O'Grady, Newman Strawbridge, John Ivins. SECOND ROW: Don Bagwell, Sonny Ferguson, John Abe: crombie, Walter Hultgreen, Jay Meyer, Allan Ceravola, Ronnie Kimbrough, Bo Rives, Robert DuPriest, Keith Tice David Thomas, Richard Moore, MANAGERS, Joe Priddle, Steve Higgenbottom. THIRD ROW: Coach Wilson, Coach COACH WILSON, head of the athletic department. Two years ago when Berry began playing varsity football, Coach Wilson faced larger teams with greater reputations. From the beginning the philosophy of Coach Wilson has been that no player is indispensable. "He is a man who knows football, is the consensus of the team, The season started off this year rough and wet. The first game was played in a downfall of rain. Long hours of practice often found the team still on the field, but as the season progressed, practices became less tedious and the jokes were cracked more often than the whip. The season ended in a great victory for Berry with a 14-7 win over Shades Valley. It was a fine football season for Berry. The team has shown themselves to be capable and skilled. Berry is proud of Coach Wilson and the team. np, David Clernmons, Butch Keeton, Mark Watkins, Bruce Butler, Andy Chitwood, Bucky Howard, Mike Kolen, Anderson, Bob Kolen, Jack Lowther, Coach Finley, Coach Johnson. FOHRTH ROW: Fritz Hudson, Greg Cooper, :Cotton, Mike O'Grady, Edward Linley, Mike Baggett, Al Schaeffer, Jerry Carter, Jim Hardin, Reid Doster, Mike ett, Craig Barnard, David Larkin, COACHING STAFF Johnson, Wilson, Bishop, Finley fm 5 Berry 0 Fairfield 13 The opening game of the season was played on a rain -soaked field, as fans hovered under umbrellas and raincoats. Early in the second quarter, Berry backed up on their 15 yard, punted, and Fairfield returned the punt 48 yards for a touchdown. There was no furtherscore un- til Berry fumbled on their 13 yard line in the third quarter. Bishop took the fumble in the air and ran for the second Fairfield touchdown. Berry fought a hard game and showed much skill and promise for games to come later. CAPTAIN MEETS captain before toss up of coin, BEFORE ACTION starts against Fairfield, BOB AND Mike stop the play. Berry 7 John Carol 10 ln a hard fought battle the Bucs left the field at the half with a 7-6 lead. The second half was a rugged defensive battle with John Carrol receiving all the breaks as they trapped Jay Meyer in his own end zone twice. The Bucs blocked a punt, but Rosse scooped up the ball and ran for 28 yards to give Carrol a first down and a game, Standouts for Berry were Meyer, DuPriest and Kolen, Berry Be ins a Winning Streak FERGUSON HEADED for pay dirt. Berry-33 Leeds-6 The Bucs met the Green Waves on Leed 's field. Berry moved the ball until a pass from Meyer to Cooper put the first 6 points on the scoreboard. Baggett's sure toe kicked the Bucs to a 7-O lead. Leeds came back in the second quarter to score, but faulty kick left the Bucs with a 7-6 lead. In the second half, Dupriest intercepted a Leed 's pass and ran 52 yards for a touchdown. Meyer led the Bucs down to the second yard line giving Rives a fullback smash for another Berry touchdown. Baggett again booted the extra point to 20-6. Leeds yielded to Bucs once again and Keetonswept right end for a fourth touchdown. The final touch- down was made when Meyer handed off to Ferguson up the middle for the score, BERRY FIGHTS to win. BERRY WINS the game! Berry - 27 Hewitt-Trussville - 0 The Bucs rolled up 20-O halftime lead over the Huskies. The first two touchdowns were set up by Dick Moore and scored by Bo Rives, Second touchdown came on a 20-yard pass from Meyer to Cooper. Baggett added the PAT's. Meyer went into the air connecting with Thomas scored a third touchdown. Keeton scored man optional play. Coach Wilson played his whole bench in two quarters. l4l fi? WWW Yu A"-TI' QE SHAW "Wil is Berry 26 Alexandria 14- The Bucs, playing on their newly dedicated field, scored in every quarter to win their first varsity football homecoming victory at Alexandria's expense, 26-14. Leading 14-0 at half time, after a one -yard plunge by Bo Rives in the first quarter and an interception by Sonny Ferguson setting up a second Rives plunge in the second period, the wild home crowd thought the Berry boys had the game in their pockets. After the gala halftime spectacular which included a gorgeous display by Mr. Ted Galloway 's Buccaneer Band, the third quarter saw quarterback Bill Keeton pound Alexandria for 51 yards and four straight first downs in seven plays, the last of which was a 13 yard aerial to end Greg Cooper for the score. The P, A. T. failed and Alexandria took a fourth quarter punt behind 20-O. They soon came to life, however, and in seven plays were on the scoreboard. Now ahead 20-7, Berry made for an even wilder fourth quarter by driving nine plays after the kick-off with David Thomas climaxing the ex- hibition by skipping in from the eight, Even though Berry 's extra point failed, Alexandria's final touchdown made little difference in their efforts of upsetting the Berry homecoming festivities, Coach Wilson's gridmen whooped it up as the buzzer sounded, this flawless exhibition being their third victory after two close early season losses. rash play. ALEX COTTEN drives for yardage. BERRY 'S THREE captains f - .Q ff- 3 f- wt ff-- f- - --I v M'-2 ff--f -ff-' fwff-ww wfw.M:a.:..Q:.1tirs,s2::sarswzMeaaav mwmmtanmmfw www-rr-117, m GETTING READY to charge that line. CHAPMAN, DuPri6St BEFORE THE game i f S A LV '-w ifi, I . fy- K ff! I 7 ' 155 f fy ' 1 -. t z ... , fmt, , 7 ft , , A V 7 Q 'X if i1?5gm'f?:gfUfwft+um-w4.gmfii?f:ffg,if15,4g5Q?Q? ' iffffy-'5 fi sv fe., 4-5 f51"?95f,fW Efdfgxi-1Zf l ' f:,'M1!' '9,4f.w'1s',f1,s:- VL ffffw Sigma- , A, f 1m f-,Aim ' it X ,wr - Q, , T5?f5'.J3"' znzfwzf 01 f ' J' A z f'w??'75Z'L1ff:1-'F A -ff H , w1,L,,-wif - - -- Mawr, It t,,Q5,yfA INTENT AND anxious, Berry team burst through the mighty B. BOYS TAKE out a minute to rest during practice. L, DAVID THOMAS FRITZ HUDSQN NICK O'GRADY JAY MEYER Berry 21 McAdory 0 The Berry Buccaneers turned in one of their top team efforts of the season in shutting out McAdory 21-O. The win came despite the absences of key players due to illness and injuries. Nick O'Grady, Bucky Howard, and Mike O'Grady stood tallest on the stout Buccaneer defense. Offensively, Robert Dupriest and Sonny Chapman opened large holes in the line through which backs Bo Rives and Sonny Chapman roared. Bill Keeton hit Nick O'Grady on a per- fect pass pattern and Nick rambled in for the score. Mike Baggett booted the first of three points for the night. In the third period Rives plunged in from the one to end a Buccaneer march. In the final per- iod, Sonny Ferguson made the touchdown, BRUCE BUTLER all 7? 5 4 .ai BOB KOLEN, captain for the year. Berry 6 Minor 0 Quarterback Butch Keeton led the Bucs to a stunning 6-0 victory over Minor for the team"s 5th straight win. The only score of the game came after an 83 yard drive with Keeton applying the coup-de-grace. Alex Cotton, Bo Rives, and John Abercrombie provided key yardage in the drive. Minor was held scoreless for the second time this season by the hard-hitting Berry defense. Bob Kolen, Bucky Howard, and Mike Kolen led the linemen as Fic Seelbinder intercepted two passes. The Tigers did not complete a pass in 15 attempts. This was perhaps the greatest victory in the history of our school, We are all proud of the Buccaneers. Berry 0 Jones Valley 0 Three yards away from their sixth straight victory, the Berry Buccaneers fumbled late in the final period and had to settle for a scoreless .tie in a tense defensive battle with the Jones Valley Brownies The stout Buccaneer defense arose to the occasion and twice halt- ed Brownie drives on their own 17 yard-line, Coach Wilson thought that Robert Dupriest, Bob Kolen, David Thomas, Mike Kolen, Bucky Howard, Sonny Chapman, Nick O'Grady, and Fritz Hudson played excellent defense. In the waning moments of the game Jay Meyer connected with David Thomas for 18 yards and added a fifteen-yard run as the Bucs drove for paydirt. It wasn't to be, however, as Thomas fumbled on the three and the game soon ended. The Buccaneers showed great courage and determination as they did everything but score against a larger and more powerful team, t CHEERLEADERS SPIKE games throughout the season. XT ,f 3,14 f 'Z , Q V S if Aff . ,M ,ggi JA q.,, W ww I gg? e ,, -few if Q31 A f' G2 LQ, L, ,V , N '32 .wil Sh: if 5 QW Q'52"7' wx., -e I H iw? 52? - Sl Am W f ,ML 9, A-ff' xx ,JH ., ,I I I vgf 3, ' H 5 ' 5 K 55422 ' 5 K '- W Y 45 - . jig' V, W j . 1 V g ' V 7' , A rx 1 - fi ,w-Q,gJ 3' W - W 4 - . Si ix ii ,N ks -A5 f. ' , ' A A we, Q . f 0,56 N Q M V , , K A ,- ' , wav-f325jg' f,42.,'g,!":"S ,,Xwf3'gS,i iv . 1 V ,tk A, , ,V 7 if ly in 6 f , sy 7 Y Ig qv f 'I E41 g F 5, 1 gif . Q . -- A - A AM ff NN. V ', , ' -M f .1 -, f, P- , -K+ Q , fi 'If 1- 15" 31 1 H+' Sf, fx b - -p W Fr ' an ,vi +0 Y, ., f , , zwfw, 2, , in , uf ,K , , M . ,' . .. Q gqffpwii, ,K 3r45+,LiX,,,- f Rl , L , gf ,,, V W! .. ,WZ 4 M li. my ., lv is f - SRL .auf ?3w'n WA24g '3fi1,w if'i A ' Af l5 fi'?f? ig'f'3"3', a. JA. 3 S fi 'f Q 159 gifs-Q J affe SONNY CHAPMAN AL SCHAEFER ROBERT DUPRIEST BUCKY HOWARD BILL KEETON CROLEY WOOD N1-ZWMAN STRAWBRIDGE GREG COOPER ALEX COTTON MANAGERS J. LEHMAN, J. FRIDDLE, S. HIGGINBOTHAM have served the team well. Q E E i f g in 1 BO RIVES MIKE GORDON KEITH TICE ALLEN CEREVOLA JOHN ABERCROMBIE BRICE JAMES ' 2 2" E1 'infix "3'fmW5'5E'b5fkE:r'eL1fs1'12-:1ff'L.2tA1stt1 V V V - ' ,- ::"":':'7.:':5..,,"..i17"EE"'i5-35' ' 1: f MW4?!?isixfff.f,. . ,471 ' fa-24:43 ' if ' - g 1, K .,.. t ..,,.,,,L,. . f ,F FIRST ROW: Robert Hartley, Sonny Chapman, Howard Kerr, Mike Kolen, Mike Baggett, Tommy Atkins. SECOND ROW: Bill Bradshaw, Carter Elliot, Joe Lehman, Gary Dilmore, Max Renfroe. ' Wrestling Team Pins Good Record Berry 's wrestling team completed its second successful season this year, under the direction of Coach Bishop. The team members sweated and strained through a three month period of learning holds and running to keep in condition. All members look forward to county and state tournaments held in April and March. CHAPMAN ABOUT to pin his man. HARTLEY ABOUT to make his move for a take down. LEHMAN IN a good ride that Sanders could not overcome. Lehmann wins his second match of the year against Fairfield. BILL BRADSHAW about to make his move against Fairfield for his second win of the season. MIRADA OF Fairfield rides Elliot to the final whistle SANDERS UF Fairfield almost pinned by Lehmann. 4 S r 'Q .: .:f: .:--4- Q ax 'i , if we X , -ew M..,5,5 K, , 1 W ,,.. 5 I f L 5lu 11742558 fx? was ,- Q, Cv-'k' if 0 H . - ya,-J :gas Nu. c 1 1.4 A' 1- sz. 2 R. Q X Q is 2 r VARSITY BASKETBALL team: N. O'Grady, R. Bristow, H. Williams, B, McGuire, B, Stroer, B, Howard, E. Hughes, E. Wheeler, S Conner, R. Cathy, I. Deason, M, Burke. COACH FINLEY 11: fri Sip' A 5 0 l 5 l l rr, Varsity Basketball Builds Successfully For color, for surges from behind and for some of the top individuals, the standards of the Big Eight of this team tops them all, The team consists of ten seniors and two juniors. The starting five players of this number play their best. The other boys on the bench keep the first five in shape to win. Through the efforts of Coach Finley, the team plays very well, The outlook for next year is bright with two returning juniors and an outstanding "B" team, The Bucs this year have had a fine season, The team has fought hard to win and much good sportsmanship has been displayed. B Team Basketball i U ,J lfflzflx, jlllk FIRST ROW: B. Perkins, B. Holtzclaw, R. Frank, D. Carlisle, S. Watkins, K. Hudson SECOND ROW: E. Creel, J. Nolan, M. Jennings, J. Ivins, K. Griffith, H. Wiley COACH JOHNSON NEW SCOREBOARD in gym - .y..,,,v ' . K .. . 'vw ' v. . J: ', E yy, I - f. . M5 W f V T Vml ,,, L h l ,,. , BUBBA MCGUIRE studies the situation FRONT ROW, left to right: Eddie Stakes, Bob Jones, Bobby Holtzclaw, Greg Cooper, Jay Meyer, Rod Bristow, Clint Gassiert. BACK ROW, left to right: Jim Ford, Harold Williams, David Thomas, Bucky Howard, Bubba McGuire, Mike Burke, Carl Posey, Robert Dupriest, Coach Bishop. Baseball Promises Continued Success The Berry High School Baseball Team, under the direction of Coach Bishop, had come a long way in proving that it is one of the best teams in the county. For three years the team has gained recognition and acclaim for its fine play in achieving such a good record. Certainly the members of the team deserve mentioning. As it is for most teams, the hub of the Buccaneers squad is the pitching staff, headed by Bobby Holtzclaw, Clint Gaissert and all-county star Jay Meyer. Holtzclaw and Gaissert have proved very effective hurlers, but Meyer has been depended on to win the big ones. His remarkable pitching has won the acclaim of opponent players and coaches as well as his own teammates. On the receiving end of the pitchers is catcher Mike Burke and utility- man Eddie Stakes, who handle the pitcher skillfully and help keep alive the team spirit during games. To back up the pitchers are the seasoned veterans of the infield and outfield, The infield, with Carl Posey at first base, David Thomas at second base, Rod Bristow at third base, and Bubba McGuire as shortstop, has proven itself to be skillful with the bat as well as the glove. The outfield manned by Robert DuPriest in left, Greg Cooper in center, Bucky Howard in right, and utility outfielder Harold Williams, has kept the defense intact with its speed and strong arms, and has proved considerably powerful at bat. The managers of the Buccaneer squad are also important. They help with many chores during practice and keep accurate accounts of the games. Coach Bishop has done a wonderful job with this group of boys. Placing emphasis on enthusiasm and desire, he has given the team a competitive spirit which can match that of any other team in the league, THESE BALL players help the team win many games 1 l6O ff 1 -f1f, :P ff,: i ,','ff wx: 155' fyy ,,Qa.,1,aas,-.e,, -sa:fffr?wKg,'fs5gQ B15 .-,.,v4Vg'd'g-siwfmrq B' ,Wpvg ' .rgL""':i . ,Q ww' ra M547 ,wk ,.r?hsighp,g'4,f H. ' pig AVL, ig ww' mgaw-M '11 L4 .V ragga aff . N :wr 'Elo -rf' W "' 'J A r If-W f' 'L Q jf," ww-mt-wwf Q "f'f"7"n"" - 1. H B. Yugi-3, MJWQLQWY? wif-'?vF'f'f'i?? ff!! N V wwf-milk , , , if pw magma" rg ,xi . ., 'Sz ng A is iw i f -M' . Q , 4 ! 0' -5 in, , xv, if A Y., A iw f1xawqv?wfxm4 - 'W' MAYBE NEXT time, Carl. Practice makes perfect. BATTERS FOR Berry. Left to right: Harold Williams, Bucky Howard, Bob Jones, Greg Cooper, Robert DuPriest. TQ ? 'W A 1 l I COACH BISHOP MX , ' .. Ibl r pm, Q-J X ,F .J W. fag g gi QEHHQW gf' 3 y, Hr Q A ig Y 7' V . fl 'll if Q,iW7!' , q,iRHI' , KRW 5 5 A 1, A X 2 4 ig i S337 QSSHY H KNEELING: Rodger Clark, Walter Hultgren, Ricky Scarvy, Don Bagwell, Frank Erwin, Bob Anderson, Johnny Forrester, Bobby Whitfield, Brice James, Nick O'Grady, Croley Wood. STANDING: Coach Vesperellie, Mike Kolen, Terry Habshey, Butch Keeton, Reid Doster, Bob Kolen, Ed Linley, Doug Kimbrough, Jerry Carter, Joe Higgenbothern, Glen Arnett, Fritz Hudson. Teamwork, Timing, Speed in Track COACH VESPRILLE MILERS Douglas Kimbrough and Bobby Witfield. I62 ue, Rf' X Track Team Has Good Under the leadership of Coach Vesperillie, 5 Berry had its first varsity track team. The track season opened in late March with some fifty boys trying out for the team. The practices were held at Howard College and later moved to where the football field is now located. The track team had an excellent record for its first year, running against such schools as: Minor, Shades Valley, Jones Valley, Fairfield, Banks, Ensley, Indian Springs, and Hewitt-Trussville, Berry competed in such events as sprints, 440 yards, 880 yards, mile run, hurdles, shot put, discus, and pole vault. This year under the leadership of Coach Finley, another splendid track season is expected. UP AND over goes Don Bagwell. rt a t iLi Eng, Season at ' l 1 . a oyc W2 o,,., . r, ' A of K ' J . 2 1 J . ..- sn. 1 CROLEY WOOD goes over low hurdle with tremendous timing and speed. SCARVEY, ANDERSON, O'Grady catcn a minute 's rest. X 'l 4? 1: V 55 R515 Ul Fl! 1 f TEAM WORK AND timing arc shown as J. Forrester passed baton to R. Clark, Mike Kolen, and Ed Lindley in the relay race. ROBERT ANDERSON ED LINDLEY BUTCH KEETON 'Nh' i Q I R 5533? JERRY CARTER WALTER IIULTCIRISN GLENN ARNETT Shot-put Discus Shot-put BERRY BOYS compete in meet with Indian Springs and Hewitt-Trussville. 491 'if Qi if S W, . ,,,,. ,. iw . . L, . - , sim Z f 2 E 2 E i if i 5 Q 1- 2 L 2 Q2 E 1 E Q 5 M l we A X ,SN-V,--f",...1',2 Classes I At Last the Long Awaited Year Arrived! ammwwvf THE SENIOR OFFICERS: Alexiou, Maria Allen Brenda Abercrombie, John Adair, John President, Kerry Buckley, Vice President, Newman Strawbridgeg Treasurer, Gene Glass, Secretary, Judy Yates. l68 Barnes, Woody Bartholomew, Judy Baxley, Gail Beck, Ben Arnold Allan Ashton, Lucy Atkrnson, J1m Bagwell, Allyson Bailiff, Jimmy Barber, Beverly Barnacastle, Marsha Bagley, Anne We Bennington, Mike Bishop, Judy Bowen, Diana Boyd, David Braddock, Pat We Received Senior Rings, Elected Senior Favorites, C lenrmons, C Cole, Carol onnie Collier, Walter Conner, Janie 'mf Conner Cooper, Cooper Cooper Stuart Charlotte Greg Tamsie Q ,Q-or vnu. Corretti Suzanne Cotten, Alex Couch, Jane Cox, Patty I70 ww, TT 50-'X YW' 'E"""'!' Crisson, Dwight Crisson, Robert Dalton, Shari Daniels, Fred Darr, Richard Deason, Jed Deegan, Jimmy de Lorrnier, Dianne Dickerson, Diane Douglas, Gilbert Douglas, John Doyle, Robert Duke, Brenda Cheered at Football Games, in Our New Stadium, ALL OUR love, respect and honor, Berry High we give to f .2' DuPriest, Robert you. Dunaway, Rebecca er Q: :Q gififdi? at .,r.,,r. si. z?K'f2-M3 Fw? Frame, Randy Frasa, Susan French, Buddy Fuller, Russell Fulton. Wilson Ferguson, Joy Fincher, Linda Forrester, John Fowler, Sherry Emery, Robert Emrick, Steve Enenbach, Joe Eubanks, Doug Elder, Marty Eldridge, Ernie Eldridge, Larry Elliot, Dwight 1:5 fs bv-,wr M , PE 1- YW? wr L at .M Wfsimi Created Buccaneer Week, Daneed at the Gaissert, Clint Game, Clifford Gates, Rodney eysy Gause, Henrie Gibson, Lynn Glass, Gene Glenn, Diane Goad, Marilyn- ISIQRRY BUGS climb to the height of suceess 5 :fre 5 ' ii Q Q 1 1 , fr' I1- nf Applauded the Winners of Awards Da , it .. Gravlec, Martha Guimond, Vicki Hager, Charles Hallman, Marnie Hamilton, Nancy Hand, Bill Handy, Penny Harrelson, Rob 'N ,gl fi '7 X? Um 0""N. Wy' Head, Ralph Heaven, Donna sl' at 'A Heinrich, Lane A -eff? 4. Helms Hal I ,-fy ,,, Hibbler, Larry Hickman, Alice Hitchcock, Ray Holman, Bob Howard, Hudson Hudson Hughes ,HK v 1 Bucky Fritz Mike Elliott are Hunt, Floy lveli, Marianne Jackson, Linda jackson, Tim Jagoe, Becky James, Brice Jendrusiak, Jesalyn Jenkins, Jennie Jennings, Judy Jerkins, Brenda Jett, Olivia Johnson, Jan Jones, Janmarie Jones, Phil Keen, George Keeton, Bill Kennedy, Michael Kerr, Howard Carefully Planned Term Papers, an Konig, Gordon Lawrence, Sherwood Lee, Virginia Lehman, Joe Liddle Linden Nancy Linn, Markee Loerch Karen 'aced Exams With Determination. TEDIOUS STUDYING results in . . . Long, Julie McNamee,f Johnny McReyno1ds, Bruce Malone, Skip Matzek, Marty May, Peggy Meyer, Jay Mikos, Dan Mitchell, Paulette Mclnish, Tommy McLaughlin, Donna McLemore, Mlchelle Lukeuc, Vehmu McAshe, Davld McEwen, Sharon McGuire, Bubba McLeod, Terry Wlt . h . . HMMM. . . NOW I've got your combination. Moore Freddie Moorhead, Christine Morgan, Mary Muncher, Cynthia Graduatlon Our Carefree H1 Monroe, Dana Mooney , Skipper Moore, Debbie Moore , Doug O 'Grady, Nick Ostergren, Karen Ozier, Cathy Pate, Mary Noe, Steve Noojin, Marion Norwood, Tad Ogletree, Jim hool Days Come to a Close Patton, Mike Peyton, Ronnie Peebles, Jene Peek, Jackie Peterson, Drew Pettigrew, Carolyn Picard, Gail Piper, Dee Posey, Carl 'Rm' '3- Rascoe, Wendell Rast, Chuck Ray, Ben Resmondo, Wanda my Rew, Nancy Robbins, Betsy Roberts, Vicki Robinson, Corky -aft' fl' Ruzicka, Dianne Scheinert, Eddie Scott, Kit Scott, Ronald Seelbinder, Ric Sereno, Lynda Salim 'ferr 3? ,,.,... Q ll if Though Uur Lives Will Follow Different Path Sheppard , Jane Shoemaker, Marcia Smith, Cynthia Smith, John Smith, Lynn Smith, Ricky v--9 Snoddy, Barbara Spencer, Laura Stakes, Eddie Stakes, Freddie fd? Strain, David "QQ Strawbridge, Newman Strickland, Janie Strickland, Tommy Stripling, Patricia Sullivan, Cindy Thacker, Thigpen Thomas, Thomas, Serena Stanley Alice David Thompson, Linda Tice, Keith Tilden, Nancy Tobin, Francis Tomb, Blair 'ur Hearts Will Forever Be With Berr . Toussaint, Karen Tucker, Bill Turner, Michael Viness, Eleanor ng 4? Kgs si -AAAQ QW' Walton Brand Warmack Gail Watson Sandra Weems, James 17' MM Wideman, Terri Wildsmith Morris , osaa My illiams en afar W' ' , Ell Williams, Harold Williamson, Linda Williamson, Madeline Willis, Barry Wingate, Billy Wood , Croley Yates, Judy York, Sharon Youngblood, Susan Zabel, Elayne ff W V9 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kerry Buckley and Patti Wells wn Senid "R mf H5 , 1 , X .,,.----' MOST POPULAR Betsy Robbins and Bob Kolen 3 avorites i X"- X 'ww V. Q I f'-Aa. H' ' i 0, 1 K' ' . 's .gf MW N. is. Wm ,V ge .IBS M f A M - A , ' 1 Q, 'W' 41? M at dw Jw, M-Q. J.. H gi Q, ' 4 ,F Qsfifa A 1, -'lm 41, wmxfwfw 'N in - f,a..,wf:a-uf .- New F ff.k, , ,,, FRIENDLIEST Jane Messamore and Nick O'Grady YQHWL H .Q T' WQLEQ, Yu, BEST ALL AROUND Jeannie Clayton and Robert Dupriest ez if if X' BEST LOOKING Alex Ccptten and Lindsey Gordon 'IW' WITTIEST ' Virginia Lee and Keith Tice MOST INTELLECTUAL Eddie Wheeler and Paulette Mitchell -f-mumquw. i ii1"ff55 I :M H dxf N 1, , Q LM i 137 - 7' W I T Q BEST DRESSED Joy Ferguson and Harold Williams THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Sonny Ferguson, Presidentg Gayle Forester, Vice-Presidentg Susan Cook, Secretaryg Jan Moragues, Treasurer. Barrow, Denny Bates, Donna Beal, Tommy Beason, Jerry Bell, Palmer Berry, Donna Bishop, Donna Bissett, Kathy Black, Linda The Junior Class Uphol Adamson, Barbara Alford, Celia Alford, Clay Anderson, Robert Andrews, Dave Armstrong, Lyn Atkins, Tom Auston, Mary George Badham, Glenn Baggett, Mike Bagwell, Don Barker, Ginny Barksdale, Tommy Barnacastle, Nancy Barnum, Jim he Ideals of Berry. Bolling, Blanche Bowen, Karen Brannon, Marion Bratcher, Lynne Brewton, Cindy Brown, Brooks Brow, Robert Brownell, Tom Brush, Frank Bube, Alice Burch, Debbie Burdette, Richard Burgess, Greg Burke, Marilyn Burke, Phyllis Burttram, Bruce Butler, Sharon Carr, George Casey, Ken Cathey, Rocky Ceravola, Alan Chambers, Bill Clark, Rodger Clay, Fred Clayton, Jim Clemmons, David Collins, Lynn Compton, Ronald Cook, Susan Cordell, Marilyn Cotten, Joey Cox, Barbara Enenbach, Debbie Fargason, Crayton Faught, Debbie Faulkner, Patti Ferguson, Jane Ferguson, Sonny Flowers, Allen Ford, Jim Forrester, Gayle Foshee, Harold Foster, Ray Fowler, Tom Friddle, Joe- Fulton, Joan Fuqua, Dan Gafford, Linda Galloway, Johnny Gammill, Len Gates, John Gault, Andy Crisson, Bobby Crooks, Karen Crumpton, Al Cryer, Diane Dailey, Eleanor Daniel, Rilla Davis, Carol Davis, Jessica Demonet, Ronnie Dennis, Clyn Dexter, Kathy Dilmore, Sandra Doster, Reid Doyle, Brian Doyle, Joe Duke, Carol Dunbar, Joyce Edge, Dick Gibbs, Mary Gibson, Larry Gilmore, Clayton Gillilan, Brenda Goodwin, Barbara Graham, Ronny Grant, Marjorie Greco, Marlena Greeg, Terry Gregory, Beth Gross, David Gryder, Tom Gunter, Keith H ackney, Mary Jane Hall, Richard Harden, James Hardigree, Jeane Harrington, Kipp Hart, Stan Hartley, Robert Hauser, Mark They eek Knowledge MRS. ARNOLD teaches these students as they listen attentively . 4 , , Haynie, Waynette Hays, Sandra Helmbolci, Martha Henry, Kay Herring, Glynn Hines, Patsy Hodges, Gayle Hodges, James Hodges, Pam Holcomb, Jeane Hollis, Gene Holtzclaw, Bobby Hooks, James Hooten, Margret Hornsby, Jackie Hornsby, Jim Horton, Mary Evelyn Houching, Julia House, Billy Howard, Lou Howell, Suzanne Huey, Ann Hughes, Suzanne Huie, Richard riendship, and Fun HUP... 2... 3... 4... Lowther, Jack Loy, Kenny Lyons, Pat Mackin, Pat Mancin, Cathy Martin, Chuck Martin, Jane Mauldin, Hugh McCulloch, Billy McCurdy, John McFarland, Brent McGimsey, Ken McHugh, Pam Meinberg, Marty Meyer, Don Miller, Mark Miller, Mary Mitchem, Linda Moats, Elizabeth Moats, Mike Moore Bobby Moore Richard Moran, Scott Moraques, Jan Hultgren, Walter Hunt, Butch Imler, Teresa Ivins, John Jobe, Ronnie Johnston, Lee Jones, Dee Jones, Judy Jones, Lynn Jones, Mike Kealey, Claudia Kersh, Cecil King, Jim Kolen, Mike Lancaster, Cheryl Langevin, Sharon Langston, Lee Lindy, Linda Logan, Joy Logan, Vivian Long, Michael Morgan, Alynn Morgan, Bill Moses, Elizabeth Myrann, Lani Nadolski, Mark Nelson, Karen Newman, Doris Newell, Kathy Newton, Annelee Nicholas, Bobby Nolen, George Northcutt, Sandra Ogburn, Bill O'Grady, Mike O'Quinn, Susan O'Quinn, Tommy Parker, Dudley Pattqn, Jimmy Peak, Martha Phillips, Linda Phillips, Susan Pike, Dinah Pike, Lee Pledger, Elaine Poole, Bill Price, Larry Quanstrom, Chris Raines, Glen Randall, Mickey Ray, Nan Reed, Jimmy Reese, Stephanie .H i r 5 21, fa Sue ry? . , x tr V 1 S Q . . A if L- , ,, , , .WWI , I X 'F x wa- ! 1 ,,,, f Q. S 5 it as 2 4 , e 5 , f Ir' X Q., ,,i, as They Anticipate K , ..,, A , It Q 1 Yi ' I ' . ' Z'Aa i t 3 - ' " '- 1 f V af' K ,. 1 J -,,.,' P i f -fiii it T, ' J W ' i ii , :iiggb ifiiff Q ' W5 ir K 1 ,i X ,M I J :-. I J J xl! R i . " ! 1, f , ,fi-, ,V 1 1 rw-P' ,ft 'f , ' , f A f--iam, , ' . f ff V M ,-,ag ,fi s ' W .. ., -,,..,..,, w 4. no .. , , , ., Y- , .V V. . f , ae- a 4. 1 .. d. M, H-, I L. ii , , an in v- 6 ,K , , ,,, ,.5:,,,,,,,. .. .. . 'P wr 1 it E K ,I N . J, ,.,,, p Richey, Barbara Robinson, Anita Rockett, Ann THIS IS real sidewalk art! Rush, Janette Russell, Angie Sanders, Martha Sargeant, Linda Saunders, Cathy Schauss, Jean Schooley , Robert - i Sellers, Margaret Shannon, Rex Sharp, Jimmy Shell, Donna vs - zs,.w,, ' 4 , s Y' 4 J -ii , Q 1 Seale James z lkvn Sellers, Marjorie J 4 Schoppert, Stuart My 4 yy J., Scott, Donald j ' yi if ! 'S qgjuix SW si ff Their Senior Year. Westwater, Anne White, Carol White, Linda White, Linda Whitehead, Beverly Whitfield, Robert Winfree, Sharon Wintz, Barbara Wilbanks, Bruce Williams, Clark Williamson, Peggy Wise, Bobby Wright, Karen Wright, Marsha Yielding, Bill York, Bonnie York, Jack Youngsteadt, Barbara Siener, Peggy Sims, Cynthia Smart, Linda Smith, Debbie Smith, Elaine Smith, Ronnie Spearman, John Stephens, Charlene Stevenson, Kay Stewart, Bill Stewart, Mike Stivers, Bill Stowe, Perry Strickland, James Stroer, Bill Stuart, Wheeler Taylor, Ina Thomas, Paul Thompson, Rosalina Thorpe, Susan Thrailkill, Melinda Tompkins, David Underwood, Tommy Vance, Jimmy Vinyard, Peggy Vowell, Vickie Waites, Charles Warnick, Donna Watkins, Mark Watt, George Weed, LiAnna Weidenback, Allen 5 . 5 3 mtn....,f.wwgn..,,,r, .., s an, M'-.M ARE YOU looking for the office? '39 Adams, Cecilia Adderhold, .Debbie Aderhold, Dan Aderholt, Cathy Allen, David Anderson, Bill Ash, Louis Atkins, Terressa Autrey, Bill Baker, Ray Ballard, Betty Ballard, Lindsey Barnard, Craig Barnett, Mike Baxter, Earl Beal, Beverly Beard, Charles Bedsole, Vicki Bicklehaust, Nancy Biggerstaff, Anne Birchfield, Gary Bobo, Grahame Boon, Rebecca Borah, Emily Bounds, Sidney Bowen, Nancy Boyd, Patti Bradley, Lynn Brazeal, Carolyn Brock, Rebecca Brooks, Kathy Brown, Barbara Brown, Diane A Sophomore-:'s World Brunson, Kathy Brush, Charles Bryan, Johnny Buckingham, Carole Buckner, Laura Burford, Jim Burgin, Becky Burr, Martha Burr, Robert Butler, Robert Byrum, Lynda Campbell, Sharon Carlisle, Dyer Carner, Lynda Carothers, John Carr, Carolyn Carroll, Donnie Carson, Richard B. RODEN, D. McCavley, C, Wood and J. Kimbrell relax during the senior high dance, Is Filled ith . . . Carter, Jerry Carter, Tom Carty, Paula Cathey, Rebecca Cheatwood, Anjanetta Chitwood, Andy Clark, Henry Cochran, Guy Coleman, Jimmy Collins, Richard Constantine, Anna Cook, Harry Cooper, Karen Copeland, Barry Costa, Nancy Cottrell, Dudley Craig, William Crandall, Homer Creel, Ernest Cremeens, Karen Crisson, Raymond Crosthwait, Joy Cruze, Carol Cuppett, Charles Dantzler, Robert Davidson, Mike Davis, Donna Davis, Lera Jean Davis, Sherrill Davis, Vicki Day, Della Deadman, Ray Deason, Margaret Denton, Dianne Dickerson, James Dickerson, Jamise Dickey, Chuck Dilmore, Gary Dobbins, Donnie Douglas, Herbert Eanes, Buddy Easter, Phyllis Echols, Jack Edwards, Ann Ellis, Gail Ellis, Wayne Ellison, Bary Fiorella, Boo Flymn, Joann Forrester, Becky Forson, Sue Fowler, Debby Frank, Roger Fuller, Sandra Fullman, Milton Gambill, Sharon Gant, Debbie Garver, Becky Gilbert, Ronnie Gillespie, Allen Gilmore, Clayton Glenn, John Goad, Bobbie Goodson, Nancy Goodwin, Eric Gore, Robert Grady, Sydney Gray, Richard Graves, Cathy Graves, Mary Griffith, Walter' Gunter, Neil Habshey, Donna Halstead, Paul Haney, Michaele Hanks, Marsha Hanson, Frieda Haralson, Kathy Harper, David Harrelson, Keith Hartley, Edith Hartley, Karen Hartsfield, Tom Hegenbaeth, Lloyd Hemenway, Bonnie Hentz, Walt Herlong, Lynn Hicks, Alan Hicks, Larry Hildreth, Gary Hinton, Lynda Hodges, Edie Hoffine, Jane Hollis, Doris Holloway, Vicki Hooks, Glen Horton, Susan Hostler, Susan House, Kathy Howland, David Hudson, Kim Inman, Becky Iveli, Suzanne Ivey, Neal Jackson, Steve Jackson, Susan Jennings, Michael Johnson, Lee Johnson, Melanie Jones, Dee Jones, John Kaiser, Terry Kelly, Charles Kelly, Kathleen Kimbrell, Jan Kimbrough, Doug King, Kip Kirby, Ken Kirk, Elizabeth Knapp, Judy Knight, Belinda Knight, Herbert Krueger, Donald Teachers, RICKEY WARD poses for the photographer O O O Krueger, Ronald Kyser, Fred Lanier, Charles Lany, Thomas Lange, Annette Larkin, David Lashley, Selena Lawrence, Steve Lemmons, Susie Lewis, Gordon Lewis, Sammy Liles, Rodney Lindley, Ed Livingston, Jo Locharny, Bob Love, Frank Luketic, Davor Marcus, Sandra Margrum, Erwin Martin, Eddie Martin, Elwin Mask, Jack Matherson, Carol Matsos, Mary Mayfield, Connie McAnal1y, Emily McCracken, Cindy McCracken, Joan McDaniel, Lynn McIntosh, Bonnie Mcjenkin, Patti McReynolds, Toni McShan, Rebecca Miller, Bill Miller, Durben Mitchell, Ned Moeck, Steve Moody, Carol Ann Mooney, Julie Moore, Jim Moore, Walter Morgan, Hill Morris, Susan Mosley, Margaret Mullen, David Murray, Sherry Myers, Charles . J Books, Dances Nabors, Donna Neal, Jack Neal, Steve Nelson, Joel Newell, Curt Nichols, Jim Noland, Jim Ogletree, Pat Openshaw, Steve Orman, Mark Packer, Dale Painter, Donna Paracca, Buddy Pate, Bill Patterson, Gail Patton, Bill Paulin, Robert Payne, Cindy Peek, Billie Jo Pintazis, Cary Perkins, Bill Pike, Danny Pourcian, Brian Prentice, Susan Putman, Jackie Rasberry, John Rast, Bob Razek, Lois Roque, Susan Richards, Ken Rickerson, Linda Riley, Linda Robinson, Peggy Rockwell, Sherman Roden, Bobby Runge, Shirley Rutledge, Lynn Sanders, Linda Sanders, Steve Sargent, Robert Scarvey, Ricky Schaefer, Janice Schaefer, Jessie Schields, Lou Seelbinder, Veda Sharpe, Lance Sides, John Sisson, Jane ,.... WHAT DID you make on the test? Semester Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Skeleton, George Smith, David G ary Larry Susan Wayne Snoddy, Beverly Snyder, Sandra Spain, Sue Steed , Doss Stoltz, Cathy Strickland, Kay Tapscott, Randy Tate, Patricia Templeton, Linda Thacker, Bonnie Thagard, Missy Thomas, Clyde Thornton, Luke Tidd, Paula Exams and Growmg Up Tourney, Suzy Traylor, Cathy Tully, Donna Turkington, Sally Walsh, Ed Ward, Rickey Warrington, Linda Watkins, Steve Watkins, Steve Weems, Ray' Wendland, Joyce Whatley, Martha White, Becky White, Harvey White, Rickey Wiley, Hank Wilkerson, Nancy Wilkes, Joyce Williams, David Wingate, Toni Wingo, Elizabeth Wood , Charlotte Wood , Dickie Woodward , Marylynn Wyatt, Dianne Yawn, Bobby York, Karen Young, Robert Zaragoza, Albert Zimmerman, Dick ,, W '-wi 1- nf I96 ff, -1 5 . I ' I - . 'X .sis li fi. f--K7-if I I Junior High The Ninth Adams, Ricky Alexious, Mike Alvis, Ashley Anderson, John Armour, Beverly Arnold, Larry Arnold, Sally Arnwine, Neal Arrington, Doris Ashburner, Jim Ayres, Lee Badham, Steve Bagley, Tommy Bailey, Bill Bailey, Sherill Banks, Ellen Barnes, Janet Bayliss, Jo Ann Bean, Brenda Bearden, John Bellows, Bobby Bellsnyder, Christine Belshaw, Richard Bennish, Sarah Bishop, Gary Boak, Pat Bohanon, Jenny Bolen, Ralph Bowman, Martina Bracey, Bill Brady, Freddy Brandino, Buster Briner, Ken Browning, Rhonda Buettner, Nancy Bullock, Robert Burgess, Lisa Burks, Larry Burns, Judy Burton, Pam Burttram, David Bush, Thomas Butler, Harriet Byrd, Ginger Byrum, Nancy Caldwell, Marilyn Callis, Jim Cantley, Don Carpenter, Clark Carter, Jerry Carter, Randy Chamberlin, Dan Chandler, Allen Chaney, Raleigh Chappelle, Allan Grade Gains New Cherry, Gale Childers, Bob Christie, Al Cleage, Wayne Clements, Mike Clutts, Peggy Coblentz, Craig Coleman, Harry Collins, Wayne Conner, Cathy Cooper, Tom Cordes, Gail Cox, Doug Crane, Carol Cranford, Charles Crawford, Mike Creel, Bobby Crocker, Ricky Crosby, Robert Crowe, Benny Cruze, Cathy Cryer, Cathy Cuppett, Julie Curtis, Donna Darr, David Deegan, Billy DeLapp. James DeShazo, Dick Deville, Walter Dexter, Davis Dice, Rick Dickerson, Anlie Dorsey, Carole Douglas, Craig Douglas, Elizabeth Drennen, David Drysdale, Douglas Duell, Debbie Dupuy, Michelle Duval, Carlos Easter, Gwen Edge, Ellen Edwards, Mary Eidson, Wayne Elliott, Carter Elmore, Julian Enenbach, Bill Erwin, Frank ouch Mary Etheredge David owan Alan Eubanks Peggy owser, Terry Finn, Cathy 4 Foster, Judy or , Foster, Teresa , Fowler, Albert Frame, Susan Freeman, Bob French, Janis Frey, Jeff Frith, John Gafford, Carol Gammon, Kathy Gennett, Judy Gerstacker, Meg Gester, Steve Gilbert, Mickey Giles, Mike Gilmore, Bobby Gilmore, Clyde Goodwin, Carol Green, Joe Grogan, Jeff Gunter, Wayne Hager, Jimmy Hahn, Doug Hallman, Steve Hamby, Wade Hand, Jim Haney, Ian Hanson, John Harris, Barbara Harrison, Debbie Hart, Lee Hartley, Christie Hartley, Claudia Hartley, Sharon Hawkins, John Hawkins, Paul Haynes, Glenn Hearn, Beverly Henley, Michael Hensley, Johnny Heyward, Susan Hicks, Jean Knowled e Hodges, Lee Hofmann, Bill Hollis, Linda Holmes, Steve Holst, Holly Hornsby, Warren Houchin, Mike Howell, John Hudson, Henry Hultgren, Susan Hultquist, Patti Humphries, Brenda Hutchins, Dave Hutchinson, Clyde -Hutchinson, Rufus lmler, Thomas Jackson, Joan Jackson, Marty Jackson, Patricia Jackson, Randy Jeanes. Robby Johnson, Anne Johnston, Mark Jones, Gwenda Higginbotham, Steve JOHCS, Kathy Hill, Nancy Hillhouse, Marjo Kaiser, Vicki Keydoszeus, Hinrichs, Martine Ric hard and Enthusiasm King, Judy King, Kathy Kirkland, Mickie Klosterman, Terry Knight, Jimmy Knowles, Mike Kuykendall, Barry Lanford, Diane Lanier, Pete Larkin, Paula Lawrence, Bill Leader, Joan Lee, George Lehman, Cheryl Lemmer, Linda Leverette, Bill Lewis, Mary Lindley, Marie Linn, John Little, Debbie Loftin, George Long, Gerry Long, Lauren Lorren, Betty Lott, Richard Lowery, Ted Lupton, Susan Lyons, Sharon Machen, Lee Malool, Gail Maple, Ross Matthews, Skip McCarty, Jane McCay, Sherrie McCollum, Frank McCormick, Leslye McCullough, Mary McDanal, Scotty McGriff, Curt McLeod, Susan McMasters, Kay McNamee, Carolyn McPoland, Robert McRae, Amanda Meinburg, Julie Meshejian, Mary Ellen Metrock, Jim Michie, Jo Karen Mileski, Cathy Miller, Barry Miller, Ray Mims, Susan Mixon, Gail Moller, Oskar Moore, Bill Moore, Susan Moore, Thomas Moorehead, Tina Morgan, Mary Myers, Peggy Nabors, Mike Newman, Anne Newman, Steve Nichols, Debbie Nicholson, George Noe, Jimmy Norman, Lamar Norris, Jimmy Northcutt, Phyliss Oertel, David O'Grady, Darci This Year O 'Grady, Patricia O'Quinn, Charley Parker, Marcia Payton, Ricky Peake, Amanda Pearson, Peppe Perryman, Jeannie Peterson, Kent Piper, Peggy Pittman, Donna Schrader, Connie Schrader, Mary Scivley, Dale Self, Yancey Sellers, Cathy Shackelford, Judy Sharman, Mike Shaw, George Shaw, John Sides, Paul Sims, Sherry Skaggs, Sue Sloan, Barbara Smith, Larry Smith Laura Smith Linda Smith Martha Ann Smith Roscoe Plan, Roy Porter, Mary Ellen Posey, Jackie Powell, Terry Price, Mike Prosch, Sandra Prosser, Cathy Pruitt, Robert Raines, Carol Rainey, Rodger Ray, Kathy Ray, Marjorie Real, Donna Reed, Mike Reese, David Reich, Richard Relfe, Margaret Renfro, May Rew, Rebecca Rhodes, Drew Robbins, Ronny Roberts, Pat Roberts, Richard Robins, Sallie Robinson, Lamar Roche, Bobby Roper, Mary Ross, Alan Roy, Bill Sain, Randy Sanders, David Sanderson, Donna Smith, Teresa Snider, Sharon Spain, Ken Spencer, James Spratlin, Susan Stegall, Bill Steiner, Chuck Stevens, Gay Stewart, Ruth Stoklosa, Joe Strawbridge, Sammy Stripling, Mike Strong, Joyce Stuart, Beth Sullivan, Sue Sumners, Steve Taylor, Bobby Taylor, Brenda Templeton, Ed Terrell, Al Thomason, Bill Thornton, Betty Tilden, Allen Tilson, Hugh Tomb, Bill Tongue, James Truss, Bobby Truss, Chris Tully, Bob Tyler, Muriel Underwood, Wayne Vaughn, Howard White, Clifford Whiteside, David Wilbanks, Glenda Wildsmith, Anita Wilson, Elizabeth Wolbach, Janice Wyatt, Carol Yarbrough, Rachel Zaragoza, Beverly Zimmerman, Danny at Berry Vaughn, Judy Vaughn, Nancy Vinyard, Gay Walker, Barbara Walker, Patti Walker, Steve Walton, Robin Ware, Cathy Warner, Sue Warren, Diane Waters, Kathy Waters, Newman Watkins, Paula Watts, Cathy Wentz, Susan Weidenbach, Steve Wells, Barbara Wells, Debbie Whalen, Susan Whitcomb, Martha White, Barbara .. I FIGHTH GRADERS display school spirit at a pep rally Abercrombie, Nancy Adair, Marcia Adams, Bill Adderhold, Judy Albright, Cary Albright, Jackie Alford, John Allen, Debra Anderson, Steve Atchison, Sandra Baggett, Kathy Bahaler, Margaret Bailey, Karon Bailey, Kay Baish, Lynn Baker, Larry Baker, Mike Bearden, Paul Beasley, Allen Beasley, Joyce Berryhill, Joyce Biggerstaff, Dennis Birchfield, Jan Black, Richard Blake, Chris Bobo, Ann Bowen, Pan Bowman, Bruce Boyde, Jennifer Braden, Joe Bradley, Danny Bradley, Richard Bradshaw, Billy Brady, Beth Branham, Linda Brannon, Margaret Bridwell, Robert Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown Brown Anne Cathy Susan Jimmy Johnny Nancy Pat Richard Reginia Steve Browning, Mike Bryant, Cylia Ann Buck, Gray Buckner, Jimmy Burford, David Cain, Cathy Eighth Grade The Most Difficult, . . . Campbell, Diane Conner, Harold Cargo, Bob Carnithan, Lynn Carner, Wayne Carroll, Jennifer Carver, Edward Chamberlain, Dan Chandler, Pam Chramer, Paul Clark, Jeffrey Clemments, Carter Cockrell, Patricia Collins, Ann Compton, Mona Lisa Cook, Malcolm Cooper, Jimmy Cordell, Tommy Cordes, Lynn Cormack, Elizabeth Coston, Anne .Marie Crank, Kyla Crawford, Johmmy Creamer, Phil Cremer, Karen Crisson, Emily Crow, Bonita Crow, Frank Dalton, Phillip Daly, Jim Dantzler, Jennifer Dart, David Davidson, Denise Denton, Margaret Deville, John Dicky, Eddie Dion, Mary Ann Dobbins, Donnie Donze, Mike Douglas, Amanda Dozier, John Dozier, Judy Drysdale, Virginia Duval, Jamie Echols, Karen Echols, Keith Eddings, Cathy Eddins, Anne Eiseman, Beverly Ellison, Donna Emerick, Debbie Emerick, Sharon Emery, Debbie Enright, James Evans, Pam Faught, Carole Faulkner, Mike Flemming, Louis Frederick, Winston Free, Beverly Fulgham, Peggy Fulton, Jeannie Gamble, Susan Gates, Diane Glass, Gerald Glidwell, David Godfrey, Jimmy Goebel, Mike Gooch, Marilyn Goodwin, Tommy is. Time-Consuming, Gore, Andrea Gore, Donna Grant, Tommy Griffith, Kathy Griswold, Anne Guillot, Pat Gunn, Myrna Gunter, Rod Hale, Terry A STUDENT seeks refuge from the storm in a dry cranny Hall, Susan Hallman, Jane Halmark, Patricia Hamilton, Nancy Hanner, Jerry Harden, Sheila Hardwick, Ronald Harlan, Bill Harmon, Rita Harper, Debbie Hartley, Sandra Hartley, Sheryl Hartley, Steve Hauser, Mims Hays, Patricia Hazen, Don Hefner, Lee Heinrich, Lise Jo Helms, Debbie Henshaw, Juddy Hibbler, Susan Hollis, Carolyn Holst, Paula Horton, Betty Horton, Pat House, Ken Howard, John Howell, Marianne Howell, Sam Humphries, Jimmy Humphries, Lynn Hunt, Ken Hutchinson, Wanda Hutto, Polly Hyche, Mary Kay Imler, Steve lvens, Steve Jackson, Jay Jackson, Kathy Jennings, Joyce Jennings, Royce Johnson, Susan Johnson, Terry Jones, David Jones, Karen Jones, Mark Jones, Nancy Jones, Pam Kerley , Mark Wonderful Thing . . . HEY THERE! You 're not allowed to sample f'11'lV QQ 'I ajeg, E At? wa Q1 .4 if -- gi me W magagge aa F? 2 ,gk Ag 1' K in . fisifo. --Vis" "': 'Z. i:. H'e' -- - . ' ,,. if f Nagy., ,- ., .. J .,.., vs:-w -ge I 4 t 5 w A s 1 Kerr, Jane King, Gerald King, Jennifer King, John Knight, Greg Knight, Ricky Lane, Terry Langevin, Carol Langford, Diane Larson, Glen Lawrence, Bill Lawrence, Diane Lawson, Emilil Layfield, Theresa before you Martin, Hank Martin, Rebecca Martin, Ricky Mauldin, Fitz McAnnally, Carolyn McBride, Micheal McClure, Kim McCormick, Jimmy McCoy, Debbie McCracken, Lynn McCurdy, Rick McDonald, Ramona McEwen. John McLemore, Bobby McLeod, Geoff McMahon, Anne Meshad, Bobbi Mikos, Diane Miller, Beverly Mitts, Ellis Montague, Lyn Mooney, Mary Morin, Jay Morton, Ray Murphrese, Pat Myrick, W. O. Newton, Barbara Nix, Becky Northrop, Ricky Nunnally, Dean Nunnally, Janice Ogburn, Steve Openshaw, Andy Owen, Sharon Owens, Susan Lee, Barry LeePard, Anita Linsley, Peter Lorrin, Chuck Lovell, Nancy Luke, Shirley Malool, Greg Mancin, Beth Marcus, Susan 9 in the World Ozier, Linda Pappas, Dean Parker, Ronald Pate, Ralph Peake, Kay Pettigrew, Laura Pickett, Edward Plaxo, John Plunkett, Iris Poole, Linda Powell, Barbara Prescott, Danny Ptorney, Susan Puckett, Larry Ralph, Alan Randall, Bill Rasco, Michael Raspberry, Edna Rast, Mike Selby, Elaine Sereno, Mark Sharp, Patty Shaw, Cathy Shell, Thomas Simmons, Bill Sims, Beverly Smart, Susan Razek, Joanna Requett, Jeff Robbins , Randy Robbins, Vicki Roberts, James Robertson, Janice Robinson, Dale Robinson, Forest Robinson, Marsha Rorie, Mike Roosevelt, Verdery Rush, Rhonda Saturday, Lynn Saxon, Ronnie Scarvy, Barry Schimidtke, Larry Scroggins, Alan Ray, Jimm Y Smith Rew, Charleen Smith Rew, Eddie Smith Reynolds, Betty , Rivers, Mike Smlth' Smoot, Sosebee , Rusty Clyde Frank Jay Larry Drennan STUDENTS LEARN the geography of other lands Strickland Rebecca Steiner, Diane Stevens, Helen Stevens, Jan Stewart, Maetha Stewart, Malcolm Strickland, Diane Is Learnin . Thacker, J. R. Thomas, Ann Thomas, Karen Thomas, Randy Thomason, Steve Tidwell, David Tobin, Alandra Truss, Tom Tucker, John Vance, Charles Vance , Nicki Vanderbach, Vick Vick, Mary Jane Vines, Frank Walker, Susan Warren, Richard Watkins, Jane Stroud , Pam Watters, Carol Watts, Brenda Wear, Michael Strozier, Elaine Summers, Susan Swanson Nils Tate, Rob Taylor, Debby Terry, Joseph Weed, Jimmy Wege, Bill Weger, Micki Weidenbach , Sherry Wheeler, Paul Whitcomb, Richard White, Bill White , Kathy White, Larry White, Robert Wiggins, Iris BEVERLY MILLER, Kathy Griffith, and Sherry Weidenback Willard, Donald explain area problems in math. Willey Susan Williamson Cathy Williamson Michelle Wood, Alan Wood, Brad Wood, Neal Wright, Barbara Wright, Debra York, Sandra Seventh Graders Ackerman, Vicki Acton, David Adair, Gregg Adams, Blake Adams, Elaine Adams, Frank Agnesia, Barbara Albright, Melanie Alford, Brenda Allen, Marie Allen, Steve Armstrong, Jackie Ash, Tommy Ayres, Bill Barnes, James Barnett, Sherron Barr, Carol Bates, Donald Baumgartner, John Baxley, Bill Beachum, Bobby Bell, Elliot Best, Florence Bishop, Becky Bishop, Lynn Black, Jack Black, Patricia Blackwell, Donna Blankenship, Richard Bohannon, John Bolton, Reggie Bond, Glenn Boon, Beverly Boren, Wayne Bowen, Vickey Bracknell, Melene Branlund, Dale Brantley, Donna Brooks, Bill Brooks, Billy Brown Becky Brown Lana Brown Walter Buck Thoma Burch, John Burford, Benje Burke, Clarence Burke , Homer Burks, Linda Bush, Paul Bush, Peter Bush, Susan Butler, Janice Byrd, Robert Cain, Kenneth Calk, Pamela Campbell, Kenneth Carson, Candy Carter, Larry Carter, Otto Carter, Patricia Carter, Patricia L. Casey, Tom Cathey, Dale Chapman, Elizabeth Cherry, Mike Clark, Jan Clements, Bruce Must Ad ust Comer, Randy J Cormack, Elizabeth Crider, Corretti, Rhonda Crandall, Laura Steven Crim, Mike Crosby, Richard Crouch, Mandy Crouch, Tony Crowe, Kenny Crupton, Dave Cummings, Wes Davis, Heather Davis, Cheryl Davis, Janet Davis, John Davis, Peter Deadman, Neal Deason, Jim de Lorimier, Carol Denneson, Debra Dickerson, Jimmy Dixon, Douglas Dobbins, Kathy Dowdy, Karen Downey, Jon Downs, Alan Drenning, Ron Dudley, Richard Dye, Julia Eddens, Linda Elliot, Lynn Ellison, Glenda Evans, Gaylon Ferguson, Debby Fiorella, Samelia Ford, David Foshee, Barry Foster, Roger Fowler, Alys Frey, Jane Friddle, David Frith, Linda Fritz, Vernon Fuller, Rusty Fullington, Kenl Fullington, Steve Fulton, Joe Fulton, Peggy Gammill, Diana Gardner, Debbie Gause, Charles Gerrity, Keith Gibbs, Martha Gilbert, Jackie Gilliland, Jimmy Gingo, Denise Goggins, Randy Golden, Becky Grace, Jack Grady, ,Steve Gray, Jennifer Grimes, Neal Griswold, Tommy Haefner, Don Hager, Virginia Haltiwanger, Linda Hammond, Andy Han ks M arle ne Haralson Danny Hardy Debbie Harmon, Jay Hart, Dianne Hays, Brenda Helmbold, Dale Herran, George Hicks, Bobby Hildreth, Joy Hill, Anne Hodges, Margaret Hodges, Tommy Hodrett, Cynthia Hoffine, Jimmy Hoffman, Janet Hollis, Brenda Hollis, Glenda Holloway, Marilyn Holsomback, Joe House, Jimmy Howard, Eddie Howard, George Howard, Mark Howell, Lindsey Hucks, Linda Hudson, Jane Hudson, Lynda Hudson, Nancy Huffman, Niniea Huffstutter, Deborah Humphries, Billy Joe Hutto, Ann Ivins, Jeff Jackson, Greg Jackson, Paul IZO3 Jamison, Charles Johnson, Eddie Jones, Debbie Jones, Jimmy Jones, Lea Keister, Jimmy Kelly, Karen Kemp, Andrea Kessler, Ann Kessler, Susan Keuykendall, Larry Kidd, Scottie Kimbrfxugh, David King, Kim Large, Alan Langston, Debra Lanier, Jocelyn Layton, Mike Lea, Deborah Leader, Dean Lehman, Linda Lewis, Billy Lewis, Earl Livingston, Lynn Logan, Lawrence Logan, Yvonne' Long, Greg Lo'ng, Marsha Love, Nancy Lovelady, Rick MacNicholis, Barbara Malone, Judi Malone, Loyd Malone, Stan Mangrum, Gayle Martin, Linda Mask, Steve McCormack, Jim McCoy, Cindy McCullough, Marcia McCurdy, Danny McElwee, David McFarland, Donald McGavock, Diane New Way of Living McGraw, Wanda Mclntosh Sara Mount, Joseph Mulroy, Richard McJenkins, Hank MYfiCh. Lyrldall McKenzie, Daria Nafvosi, Mary Meyer Miller Miller McKnight, Jane McLay, McRae, Bonnie Malcolm Robert Barbara Garry John Miller, Mims, Gail Mims, Linda Mintz, Linda Mitchell, Marjorie Mitchell, Nancy Mitchell, Tom Moats, Milton Mobley, Steve Moore, Bobby Moore, David Moore, Nancy Moore, Robbie Morgan, Elliot Morgan, Gregory Morris, Kathy Morrison, Buddy Mote, Jill Nelson, Kenneth Nesmith, Mike Newberry, Judy Newell, Joe Newman, George Nicholson, Bill Noland, John Nunnaly, Dawn Oertel, Eddie Ogburn, Beth Ogletree, Lane O'Quin, Jeri Osburne, Rickey Owen, Jody Palmer, Allan Palmer, Penny Parker, David Parker, Susan Parsons, Lindsay Patten, Charles Paulson, Deborah Payne, Chris Peak, Jimmy Pearson, Karrell Peek, Garry Penn, Cleg Pennington, Mary Perkins, Pat Pittman, Pam Pitts, Vicky Place, John Plunkett, Hubert Powell, Debra. and Learning Powell, John Price, Richard Procter, Donna Rainey, Linda Rast, Sue Reale, Hubert Reese, Steven Reich, Robyn Rew, Richard Rice, Virgil Richards, Cindy Richards, Neil Richeson, Tom Ricketts, Debra Ringer, Cathy Roberts, John Robertson, Randy Robbinson, Sharon Robinson, Robby Robins, Bill Roche, Peggy Ronat, Jeanne Ruzicka, Gary Rylant, Carol Sain, Betsy Samuel, Bill Sanders, Ginga Sanders, Johnny Schultz, Sharon Segrist, Shirly Sereno, Gregory Shelnut, Donna Shepherd, Susanne Sheppherd, Bettye Shultz, Mary Jane Sides, Marilyn Siener, Barbara Sims, Jack Smith, Charles Smith, Ester Smith, Jenny Smith, John Smith, Nancy Smith, Ree Snoddy, Eddie Snyder, Cathy Spader, Kathy Spier, Chuck Stephens, Richard Stobert, Charles Stobert, James Stovert, Pete Stowe, Cary Lee Strong, James Stuart, James Stump, Andrew Sullivan, Pam Tanner, Tamp Taylor, Linda Terry, Carla Thacker, Laura Thagard, Donna Thomas, Dee . 1 it ' img I if r ., 'zzl 1 A ':2-' Q V Thomas, Jan , I 1.4, 'l ?7'7f5' i it i Thorpe, Florence L ,f A I i Tomb, Mary Ann M K r Truss, Julie Tuss, Ricky Twaddle, Kathy Tyler, Becky Underwood, Danny Urquhart, Bill Usher, Charles Vaughn, Lamar Vaughn, Michael Vaughn, Patricia Villadsen, Martha Vitalis, Susan Von Bevrin, Stephen Waldo, Bryson Walker, Lisa Warr, Patricia Warren, Radford Wash, Karen Watson, Betty Lynn Watson, Clark DISCIPLINE IS necessary in assemblies. Wells, Jay White, Jimmy White, Kenneth Whiteside, John Whittington, Charlotte Williams, Mary Amelia Williams, Rickey Wingo, Gayle Winstead, Sherry Wise, Kenny Wolbach, Stephen Wood, Janet Wood, Margaret Woods, Johnny Woodruff, Martha Wright, Kneeland Wright, Larry Wright, Michael Wysong, Barri Yessick, Alison Young, Stephen You-ngblood, Linda Youngsteadt, Denise Zaragoza, Paula Watson, Elizabeth SW, F wisi55i,5s'.: - Y , arf , T ,,, K I A2 is J I if Z,, , 'ii gr. ff 7 - 'EG Hall of Fame "I agree with you that there is a natural aristocracy among men The grounds of this are virtue and talents. " - Thomas Jefferson October 28, 1813 BRUCE MCREYNOLDS Outstanding Choral Member Award PATSY JOHNSON Latin Award DAVID THOMAS Blanche Bellsnyder Award for Citizenship 'wr JOHNNY GALLOWAY Outstanding Band Member Award WALTER HULTGREN Outstanding Senior Boy Award E5 K if M 33 if 3 XX :fif- X :u , if "T o4e?m .o-.sw LAURA PETTIGREW National Scholastic Art Award TOM DART junior High Citizenship Award ALLEN CIHAPELLE Outstanding Junior High Boy Award ZI8 MIKE STRIPLING Junior High Scholarship Award MICIIELE DUPUY Outstanding Junior High Girl Award CHIP SCI-IOOLEY Etta Lou Youens Scholarship Award TOMMY MCINNISH Speech Award PATTI WELLS Melanie McCormick School Spirit Award National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist JUDY YATES Student Activity Award PALMER BELL Grand Prize in Science KERRY BUCKLEY Student Activity Award Art Award EDDIE WHEELER National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist. KAREN OSTERGREN National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist LINDA WILLIAMSON Cutstanding Senior Girl Award RANNY KITTINGER Math Award BRENDA DUKE Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award ROBERT DUPRIEST Most Outstanding Athlete GENE GLASS National Merit Scholarship Sernifinalist PAULETTE MITCHELL National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist if v Kim, S iw 222 is ,L f wa s, wx 1 W? .ffm Q M , M QT ,MA M, Q., CARAVEL SUPPQRTERS Without the interest. support, and contribu- tions of the following homerooms the "Caravel" would not have been possible. The staff and stu- dent body thank you and wish you the very best in the future. Room 1 Room 3 Room 5 Room 7 Room 8 Room 10 Room 11 Room 12 Room 13 Room l5 Room 16 Room 17 Room 18 Room 19 Room 20 Room 21 Room 22 Room Z3 Room 2.4 Room 25 Room 28 Room 29 Room 30 Room 31 Room 32 Room 34 Room 36 Room 38 Room 40 Room 41 Room 51 Room 54 C mpl'm nts We're Glad to B of in the Valley AMERICAN PITTSBURGH PAINTS RED CROSS 1911 29th Avenue S th Homewood 879-6402 C urtesy Congratulations of STOKLASA GULF STATION SHAW LABORATORY 1487 Montgomery Highway Compliments of THE SQUlRE'S SHOP DIXIE SUPER STORE THE qAs.R Fooo sroney YOUNG MEN'S STORE Homewood 930 Oxmoor Road Compliments of ,f2 mmf "'lfI?5f'm.,, I Visit Us Al In 'WL Bunrou , E S T., ' ' C 1 "" .L 'V CONSTRUCTION 1 1 Clanton S lma BIRMINGHAM BOAT COMPANY C mpliments f FOOD TOWN 215 G Sp ' g Hgh y ROBINS ENGINEERING We se11U s D A Ch Beef O ly We Give S 81 H Green Stamp Home Owned and H me Oper t d RAINES LUMBER COMPANY 52 - 17 Street West Phone 786-3471 CHARLES RAINES CARL RAINES e e 7 , -- Y 1 ij- -- ' 4 -1- if 4 'L 1f"'d"i W 3 A V x K , ' STAPLETON REALTY CO. fOn Viaductj 322- 6647 Sales'- Insurance - Developers Developers of Bluff Park's Finest Residential Community, Bluff Park Meadow Call Us To Buy Or Sell Phone 871-6801 IT'S NICE TO BE IN THE VALLEY CHIC COIFFEURS 1829 29th Ave. So. Homewood, Ala. MUNICIPAL BONDS STOCKS MUTUAL FUNDS First Alabama Securities, Inc First National Building Birmingham Montgomery! Tuscaloosa Mobile! Dothan C ompliments of SAFETY ED MOORE ENGINEERING 8. SUPPLY CO. HERFILJQNES INC- COMPANY "Everything for Safety" Birmingham Mobile Phone TR 1-6937 Phone Phone Residence ST 5-1880 322-5652 473-2548 Z 1 VALLEY .MJ FLORIST 8. GIFT SHOP Flowers and Gifts for All Occasions Free Delivery P. O. Box 1648 P. O. Box lll JOHN F. MORGAN Birmingham 2811 South 18th Street Homewood, Alabama Xxx CONGRATULATIONS, BERRY fx! GARVIN J. DANIEL ORGAN BUILDER Repairs, Rebuilding and Maintenance of Pipe Organs Sales and Service Representative Austin Organs, Inc., Hartford, Connecticut 901 Shades Crest Road Birmingham, Alabama 35226 Don' t Crue s S , Ship rx P-Y"?'PNx HIGHWAY EXPRESS Phone 323- 5821 322 Congratulations, Class of 1965 SCOTT'S APOTHECARY Prescriptions Featured 1007 20th Street South 6627 322- WHERE PHARMACY IS A PROFESSION ROY A. BROWN WALLACE HENRY WELLS 5681 Electrical Wiring and Contractor Fixtures RASBERRY ELECTRIC COMPANY COMPANY Over 15 Years of Experience TERMITES 7708 Georgia Road 2733 Johnson Road S. W. Birrningharn, Alabama Huntsville, Ala. Office 592-4584 Office 881-2822 P. T. RASBERRY Residence Phone 822-0551 Free Inspection and Estimates Bonded - Insured 24-Hour Answering Service Phone 822-3500 LOCKS KEYS HOWELL-WILLIAMS CO. Security Hardware Dependable Locksmiths 2206 2nd Avenue North DAVID M. WILLIAMS Birmingham. Alabama Security Consultant 254-3968 DOOR CLOSERS SAFES Phone 786-2351 CONSTANTINE DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 2800 Lomb Avenue Birmingham, Alabama Q2 GOOD F00 I 'bf' Gag xgv? d'i 7 nXi COMPLIMENTS OF- CHARLES R. REW, President ALABAMA HOME BUILDERS Division of Alabama Appliance Company l20l 3rd Avenue North Birmingham, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF GLIDEWELL SPECIALTIES FOUNDRY COMPANY Phone FA 2-3424 Res. 822-4669 WELLS ELECTRIC SUPPLY CQMPANY INC. Wholesale Distributors 2430 Second Avenue, South JOHN IKIRKJ KIRKPATRICK Birmingham, Alabama President and General Manager KENTILE FLOORS . Solid Vinyl Tile Compliments of . Vinyl Asbestos Tile . Cork Tile SEGREST TELEVISION RENTALS . Rubber Tile . Asphalt Tile Available From All Leading Floor Coverings Dealers Phone ST 5-1284 WOLBACH BROTHERS, INC. -- Wholesale Distributors -1- Birmingham N B 1 Compliments of MRS. STRATTON'S SALADS, INC. Made Fresh Daily Compliments of ACTON PLUMBING AND HEATING PIIIHBIIIG .5 Gunn X 1 K 'SC7 gil? 5 Nt-Q -5 For Dining Delight Eat Out Tonight Congratulations to Berry High School and All the Faculty for a Job at KING'S INN Wen Done RESTAURANT H C DUKE Banquet Facilities 8 Available Specialist Mountain HENSLEY'S SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Sales and Service MRS. MAX GRELLIER Sm 1820 Home: 871-6134 - Office 252-9031 JOHNSON - RAST REAL ESTATE COMPANY Concrete Septic Tanks Our Specialty Septic Tanks and Grease Traps Cleaned and Repaired ll3l Alford Avenue 822-0936 See FIRST WITH THE FEATURES WOMEN WANT MOST QUALITY APPLIANCES Refrigerators - Ranges - Washers - Dryers - Freezers Dishwashers - Air Conditioners - Built-in's at WARREN APPLIANCE AND SUPPLY COMPANY 1506 2nd Avenue North 324-1526 IN MEMORY MYLAN STEPHEN TUCKER JR. Fashion Headquarters for Berry Co-ed's the VOGUE in I-Iomewood, Ala. Sportswear - Dresses - Co-ordinates as seen in 'Seventeen" - "Glamour" - Hlvlademoiselle' 3 to ll Jr. Petites - 5 to l5 Juniors 2842 South I8 Street 871-8823 WALLS Compliments SHOE HOSPITAL PRYOR OPTICAL "SHOES DYED ANY COLOR." 2856 l8tn Street So. Phone 871-6714 HAYES INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION CONGRA TULATIONS SENIORS INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY CCJMPANY "First in Safety - Safety First" "Your Safety - Our Business" 2404 - 33 Avenue North - P. O. BOX 681 Birmingham, Alabama ED W. LANGSTON Pre sident Phone 324-1502 BIRMINGHAM FABRICATING COMPANY C mpliments LORCH DIAMOND of SHOPS PRYOR OPTICAL COMPANY A1 bama's L g 'CJ Welers 1- BLUFF PARK STANDARD STATION 577 Shades Crest Road Nr 822-9958 H Q me ash - ax - L ion .,.,.,........ ,. ..,.......,. .. X - STAN DARD M Q: H z 5 " 7172710 x Mimi' 2 ' I - I . , , 1 I. 1' ' I .Q H X Q I Op t d W W b t I V" .. i xx K" P ck p S ...-.-.V.-:f:'sS:1:1:I:1if?E!Ef251:f1:3531522:5555:53:I:5:5135f55552f2E1E1:7:1:1::-:-: , V.-.-:-:FSF f 2:2-:4-'-'-Y ' ' " ' '-'-'-'-2-':r:r14:r:r:4:..-.-... , N ,,, ""' ' ' ' a 9 OF HOMEWOOD ESTABLISHED 1922 C mpliments f JOHN B. HARRINGTON'S Stt Phone TR 9-6831 DELL'S BOOK 8. GIFT SHOP "For Y Greeting C d 2900 18th St. S. Homewood, Ala. BUTLER'S FLOWERS All Occas ESTIS SHOEMAKER BARBER SHOP A ss From Vestavia H'll Sh pp'ng Ce t Hghway 31, A GEORGE W. STRIPLING, C.L.U C mplim ents of LOCHAMY'S BARBECUE Vt Shpp gC t WHITE TRAILER 81 BODY COMPANY Compliments of NELSON-BRANTLEY GLASS COMPANY 2213 6th Avenue South Phone 324-4556 Compliments of DAVID KOPLON CAHABA HEIGHTS HI-FI AND T.V. SERVICE C ahaba Heights Plaza L. L. ILESLIEI STEWART MACHINERY CO. New and Used Constr tion Equipment Sale s, Rental, Ser "We Cover Dixie Like the Dew" 625 Third Avenue North Phone 251-9363 GEORGE P. DEXTER, Sal WALLS HOMEWOOD SHOE HOSPITAL Shoes dyed any color 2856 18th Street South Phone 871-6714 CHURCH AND STAGG W. A. LANGEVIN OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 967-2130 3421 6th Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama Phone 324-1621 ENSLEY-FAIRFIELD MATTRESS CO., INC. Expert Upholste ring Mattre s se s Renovated New Mattresses and Foam Rubber Mattresses Phone 785- 1 193 VESTAVIA VESTAVIA COIFFEURS HILLS BY DAVID BAPTIST CHURCH 617 Montgomery Highway Congratulations Class of '65 Phone 879-7454 and Prays for Your IAcross Highway from Western Superrnarketj Continuing Success! Owners SUE FORD DAVID CROSS OZ. HALL "dfFordabIes" FA 2-FORD 3001 26th St. No. TOWN 8. I COUNTRY Birmingham's Most Distinctive and Picturesque Furniture Store 1319 Bessemer Super Highway Birmingham, Ala. 35208 BILL HAYS Support Your Home Office 871-5730 879-4677 School Specializing in Come to the Over the Mountain Property Games EMMETT CLOUD REALTY CO. Compliments of COPPEDGE PHARMACY 822-0672 Compliments of DR. PHIL D. TIMBERLAKE BAYLISS MACHINE AND WELDING COMPANY Em 1001 North 19th Street Birmingham, Alabama Courtesy I BRADY FAUCETT STEEL of ERECTION CO. MR. Steel Erection - Boiler Tanks Towers EIGHTH Heavy Machinery Moving and Set PERIOD GEOMETRY CLASS "ANY TIME - ANY WHERE" 104 - North 50th Street Birmingham, Alabama Phone If No Answer D1 595-5547 822-2284 al Compliments of VESTAVIA MERCHANTS ASSCCIATION Birmingham Federal Savings 8: Loan Assn Vestavia Barbara Shop Western Super Market Perfection Cleaners Johnson's Vestavia Jewelers Yeildings Kessler's Fashion Post Bell Brothers Shoes Birmingham Trust National Ba Snow's Woolworth's Hill's Vestavia Shoe Hospital Vestavia Beauty Salon Jack's Hamburgers Inc. The Byrd Companies, Inc. Lochamy's Barbecue Vestavia Hardware nk Compliments f mom A soosren -HuFFsTuTLERs" ' Compliments f IN Homewooo DOW'S TEXACO SERVICE Hwy. 31 at Columbiana Rd. Phone 822-0429 Open 24 Hours Big Name in FROM A FRIEND Little Wheels Cushman - Honda - Vespa ADAMS MERCURY CUSHMAN AGENCY ROLL TIDE 3020 - 4th Ave. So. Birmingham FA 3-8727 C. AND S. AUTO PARTS COMPANY 2425 7th Avenue South "C mplete Machin Sh p S voun -rnouuzs vmusu 235225 kg I KL-QR? I LYNN COLLINS 1. ' CGD dv MORRIS SEALE --"1 ALABAMA NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY , , DUNN'S Modern L fe POLICIES ROCKY RIDGE L'f II'1T1C IHC me S' k A d t 2516 Rocky R dg R d B' mingham, Alabama H me Offic B mer, Alab ma WATKINS BRICK CQMPANY Birmingham fEnsleyl, Alabama 786-4317 "It Is Our Pleasure to Please You" Congratulations on your rapidly growing school. We are proud to have had a small part by furnishing all the exterior face brick. Phone ST 1-2321 SUPERIOR SUPPLY SERVICE, INC. Manufacturer of Brick Making Equipment W. WAYNE COLLINS P. O. Box 382 President Fairfield, Alabama VESTAVIA GULF SERVICE I THE 'F' 705 Montgomery Highway Across From Vestavia Shopping Center G. L. MCCARTER W. R. IBILLI POOL Owner Manager Phone AL 2-5252 D. D. BROOKS, Compliments Ow BROOKS ner CLOTHING 81 FURNITURE COMPANY BOLLING 8. HUEY Furniture and Appliances New and Used 2113 2nd Ave. North 112 S. 14th Street 322-3316 Birmingham, Alabama I Support Your School Join the BOOSTER CLUB Compliments of DEBBIE Compliments of HIGH-KEL DRUG Homewood 871-9671 I 1,9 milf, ' Best Wishes to Berry Graduates swf ART BINDERY 8. RULING COMPANY AND AMERICAN BOOK 8. PUBLISHING CO. Graduation Diplomas Laminated Large Family Bibles Rebound Recapped and Preserved 1316 4th Avenue South 252-6284 I Flovlflers-By-Wire LYNN'S FLOWER SHOP 1406 Tuscaloosa Avenue 785-0592 Compliments of KOPPER KETTLE Homewood 879-9262 YELLOW LABEL Tr ly aFami1y U 7.- 1 Z Syrup .:.gJg,,f'w, '- SYRUP Se O FIRST WITH THE FEATURES WOMEN WANT MOST QUALITY APPLIANCFS Refr gerators - Ranges - Washers Drye Free ers D'shWashers Air Conditio ers - Bu11t-111 s at AMARO-BENNETT FURNITURE COMPANY I Compliments of IF l1"S 6009 FOOD ygu WANT., 3 DUNSTON . f f il GULF mmf F SERVICE V Road Service - Tires - Batteries 400 Green Springs Road Edgemont, Birmingham 9, Alabama Phone 879-9284 Compliments FINE Fooos of R. B. BROYLES I 2107 7th Avenue, south 251-9224 FURNITURE co' CoMPL1MENTs OF BRANDINO SALES COMPANY Distributors for Tappan Built in Ovens and Surface Units "Nothing Cooks Like a Tappan" C mpliments f CROOK-DUN N ELECTRICAL COMPANY Compliments of the Compliments of MANN BROTHERS BUILDING CO.-INC Serving Birmingham Over 60 Yea JOHN B. HARRINGTONS Phone 324-0679 LOCHAMY'S BARBECUE estavia Shopping Center Take Out Orders JEWELERS Phone 879-9116 2822 South 18th Stre t Compliments of 879-3142 A GIFTS FOR GRANDADDY GRADUATES MAC'S CCNSTRUCTION C0. INC. W. M. HUMPHRIES CONSTRUCTION COMPANY GOLD NUGGET RESTAURANT 8. LOUNGE q t Facilities Ava 1 b1 Op 7 Days a Week 2907 S th 20th Street HARRY ALEXIOU Phone 879-9011 GE ORGE W SIMS COMPANIES 822 3320 HOMES DIST INCT ION Congratulations! BERRY HIGH SCHOOL On the Publication of Your First Annual. BLUFF PARK CIVITAN CLUB SHOEMAKER AND ESTES BARBER SHOP Homewood and Ve stavia A. AND A. ASH, INC JEWELERS 201 North 20 Street Downtown Phone 251-6191 Compliments of RAND'S CHILDREN'S SHOP Homewood Mt. Brook "Successful" Appearing Mail Has a PITNEY-BOWES METER STAMP PITNEY-BOWES INC. 5009 3rd Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS TILL CDNSTRUCTION COMPANY 2912 Lomb Avenue, West Birmingham 8 , Alabama Phone - ST 5-3547 ST 1-3341 Compliments of COURTESY OF RAST, GREGORY 81 DEAN INC. I JUNEMAN ELECTRIC "HEAVY coNsTRUCT1oN" INC. 1013 - 3rd Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama JOHNSON-RAST Compliments of REALTY COMPANY Sales Property Development MAC Insurance PRODUCTS Rentals 1020 South 22nd Street 252-9031 EAGLE MOTCR LINES INC. Birmingham, Ala. Congratulates the First Graduating Class of Berry High 1965 QQUDAU3 u W DAIRY PRODUCTS 'Wm fp-26-M7644 CZMZZ-I --- fix QQ' AT YOUR DOOR THE KENT CCRPORATION LOCAL MANUFACTURER OF SUPERMATIC Steel Shelving and Checkouts INSTALLATIONS AT WESTERN MARKETS IN VESTAVIA AND ROCKY RIDGE Best Wishes PERKINS REALTY COMPANY Best Wishes PADEN REALTY AND ASSURANCE AGENCY Dial 428-0156 ARMANDO'S RESTAURANT American and Italian Cuisine Serving Late Parties Open Until 2 A. M. 2905 South 20th, Homewood JOHN C. ALEXIOU 879-5452 C ONGRATULATIONS ICEMAKERS, INC. Distributors Scotsman Automatic Ice Machine s 3116 4th Ave. S. Birmingham, Alabama Phone 324- 1697 IN MEMORY OF For a most pleasant move, 1oca1 or long distance, ca11 MYLAN STEPHAN TUCKER, JR. NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES "The gentlemen of the moving industry WOOD LUMBER CO. "See Wood for Wood" 560 Avenue G Phone 322-1621 Pratt City, Alabama CHARLES H. BATES Office ST 5-1101 Vice-President Home 822-0216 See FIRST WITH THE FEATURES WOMEN WANT MOST QUALITY APPLIANCES Refrigerators - Ranges - Washers - Dryers - Freezers Dishwashers - Air Conditioners - Built-in's LIGHTING 8: LAMP 516 South 32 Street 323-5842 THE BYRD COMPANIES INC. REAL TORS . INSURORS It's a byrd. . . Residential - Houses and Apartments Commercial Stores, Buildings, Industrial. . and Investments Rental and for Sale Insurance - Complete Line "Developers of Vestavia" 808 South 21st Street Office Phone 254-3144 Birmingham, Alabama Field Office Phone 871-5075 . It has been a pleasure to photograph the many happenings and events recorded in this, your first senior year at Berry. . The major portion of your photography was done by . . YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS NICK COTTIS CARL BOATRIGHT o f A BELMONT STUDIO 214 U2 North 18th St. B'ham, Ala ,- f- V-YVV- - VICTORY FREIGHT LINES Serving Alabama 214 10th Avenue South Phone 251-8543 JOHN L. CRIM PLUMBING AND HEATING CO., INC. Contract and Repair Work 2320 Fourth Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama HOOVER HOME 8. HARDWARE 1899 Hover Court Everything for the Home Free Delivery 822-5860 REYNOLDS PHARMACY Accurate Prescription Service 320 Oxmoor Road, Phone 879-4661 Your Valley and Mountain Drug Store JACK K. HOLLOWAY, R. Ph. GAINES M. HUMPHREY, R. Ph. To Buy or Sell Real Estate Call Your Neighbor Specialize in Over the Mountain Property SUE CLAYTON Home 822-1674 Office 252-9031 M. C. REYNOLDS, R. Ph. JOHNSON RAST REAL ESTATE COMPANY WHAT'S NEXT? Congratulations on your graduation.You might find a job with a future waiting for you at Southern Bell. Why not give us a call? SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE 8: TELEGRAPH CO. Abercrombie, John William: Varsity Football: "B" Club: F.C.A.: Wrestling Team: Latin Club: Drama Club: Track Team. Adair, Charles Edward: French Club: Science Club: Student Council: Lab. Assistant. Alexious, Maria Mickey: G.A.C. : Home Ec. Club: Spanish Club: Student Council, Arnold Mary Allan: Library Club: French Club: Drama Club. Ashton, Lucy Hawkins: Atkinson, James Burton: Football: Wrestling: Treas. of French Club: Radio Club: Lab. Assistant: News- paper Staff, Bagley, Frances Anne: Pres. of Library Club: 3rd V.P. of Jefferson County Library Assistants. Bagwell, June Allyson: Home Ec. Club. Bailiff, James Alan: Speech Club: Drama Club: Science Club: Concert Choir: Debate Team: Lab. Assistant. Barber, Beverly Ruth: Barnes, Jr. , Jack Elwood: Varsity Football: Baseball: Basketball, "B" Club: F.C.A. : Science Club. Barnacastle, Marsha Lyn: Spanish Club: Annual Staff: G.A. C. Barthalomew, Judy Anne: Latin Club: German Club: Sr. Music Club: Concert Choir: S. A. T. V. Ensemble Jr. Honor Society. Battle, Lois Dianne: Spanish Club: Home Ec. Club. Baxley, Gail Joyce: Pres. of G.A.C. 3 F. T. A. : Newspaper Staff. Beck, Ben Allen: Sr. Science Club. Bishop, Judith Anne: Cheerleader: Drama Club: Newspaper Staff:- G. A. C. Bowen, Diana Gail: Drama Club: Home Ec. Club. Boyd, David Ross: Braddock, Elsie Patricia: Newspaper Editor: Drama Club: Spanish Club: Red Cross Rep: National Sr. Honor Society, Bristow, Roderick Frank: Varsity Foot- ball: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Baseball. Brower, David Kury: Band: Science Club: Photography Club: Radio Club. Brown, Charles Crisman: Treas. of Art Club: Pres. of Sophomore Homeroom: Newspaper Staff. Brown, Kitty Jo: Drama Club: Latin Club: Library Club: Math Club, National Sr. Honor Society, Brown, Rachel: Sec. of Library Club: Sec. of Science Club: Math Club: Senior Director French Club: Hist. of Student Council: Asst. Editor of Caravel: Homecoming Queen: National Sr. Honor Society, Brush, James Wesley: Buckley, Kerry Wayne: Pres. Sr. Class: Pres. of Concert Choir: V.P. Drama Club: Student Council: French Club: Forensic Club: Art Club: Debate Team: National Forensic League: Most Likely to Succeed. Burke, Michael Steward: Art Club: Basketball Team: Baseball Team. Burr, Virginia Ann: G.A.C. : Sr. French Club: Drama Club. Bush, Joe Anthony: Bush, Sherann Louise: Science Club: Math Club: Spanish Club: News- paper Staff: Marching Band: Con- cert Band: Stage Band: Red Cross Representative. Butler III, William Ormond: Football: Sgt. at Arms of Spanish Club, Byrd, Gail Margueritte: Home Ec. Club: Student Council Rep. 9 Honor Society, Cain, Deidre Ann: Library Club: Spanish Club. Camp, Joseph Paul: French Club. Campbell, Sherrill Dianne: National Jr. Honor Society: Latin Club: Sr. Science Club: F. T.A. 3 Sr. Math Club: Concert Choir: Spanish Club: Newspaper Club: Ensemble, Carter, Glynda Sue: Chapman, Jr. , Wilbur Cleon: Latin Club: "B" Club: Varsity Football: Most Outstanding Lineman: Wrestling Team: Track Team, Childers, Barbara Ann: Drama Club: Band, Clark, Mildred Catherine: F. T.A. : Spanish Club: G. A. C. : Newspaper Staff. Clayton, Jeannie Aleene: Miss Buccaneer: Sr. Homecoming Attendant: Head Cheerleader: Treas. of Student Council: Best All Around: G.A.C. : F. T.A. : Sgt. at Arms Sr. French Club: Newspaper Staff. Clem, James Calvin: Art Club: Science Club: F. S. A. Clemmons, Connie Sue: F. T.A. 3 Sec. of Drama Club. Cole, Betty Carole: Newspaper Staff: F. T.A. : Science Club. Collier, Jr. , Walter Eugene: Varsity Track. Conner, Mary Jane: Home Ec. Club: G. A. C. Conner, Jr. , Paul Stuart: Basketball: Pres. of.Letterman's Club. Cooper, Charlotte Ann: Home Ec. Club: Sec, of Library Club: F.T.A. 5 Red Cross Rep. Cooper, Greg Simpson: Varsity Foot- ball: Baseball: "B" Club, Cooper, Tamsie Ann: Debate Team: Forensic League: Pres. of Drama Club: F. T. A. : Business Editor of Newspaper: Oratorical Contest Winner, Corretti, Elizabeth Suzanne: Head Majorette: Newspaper Staff: Sec. of Band: Social Chairman of Band. Cotten, Alex Laurens: Varsity Football: Most Valuable Player: "B" Club: Most Attractive. Couch, Jane Maurice: French Club: Newspaper Staff: Student Council Rep.: National Senior Honor Society, Cox, Patty Ann: News Editor of the Cutlass: G.A.C. : Girl's Chorus: Jr. Classical League: Ensemble. Crisso, Roland Dwight: Sr. Science Club: Treas. of German Club. Crisson II, Robert Carl: Dalton, Shair Lee: Newspaper Staff, Daniels, Charles Fredrick: Band: Chem istry Club: Band Librarian. Darr, Richard Endsley: Spanish Club. Deason, James Edward: V.P. Drama Club: Forensic Club: "B" Club: Basketball: Baseball: Debate Team: Student Council Rep. Homecoming Parade. Deegan, James Arthur: Football: Span- ish Club: Newspaper Staff: Track Team. de Lorimier, Diane: Newspaper Staff: Drama Club: Forensic Club: French Club. Dickerson, Lois Diane: Latin Club: Honor Society. Douglas III, Gilbert Franklin: V.P. of Latin Club. Douglas, John Mosley: Track Team. Doyle, Robert: Duke, Brenda Joyce: Editor-in Chief of the Caravel: Drama Club: Sr. Art Club: Sr. French Club: F.T. A. 5 Newspaper Staff: National Senior Honor Society, Dunaway, Rebecca Kaye: French Club: Drama Club: Forensic Club: F. T. A. Newspaper Staff: Annual Staff. Dupriest II, Robert Lee: Pres. Student Council: Latin Club: "B" Club: F.C.A. 1 Varsity Football: Wrestling Team: Baseball Team: Outstanding Lineman: Scholastic Award: All County: 2nd Team All State: Most Valuable Player: Savage Award: Best All Around, Elder, Marty Martin: Chemistry Club. Eldredge, Ernest William: Latin Club: 265 Senior Art Club. Eldredge, Larry Foster: Sr. Art Club. Elliott, Dwight Ferguson: Sr. French Club. Emery, Robert- Lucian: Sr. Student Council: Chemistry Club: F. S. A. : Jr. Academy of Science. Emrick, Steven Eric: Honor Society: Radio Club: Science Club V. P. : French Club: Jr. Academy of Sci- ence: National Senior Honor Society. Enenbach, Joseph Henry: "B" Team Football: Track Team. Eubanks, Douglas Marvin: Science Club. Ferguson, Joy Alice: G. A. C. :Chap- lain of French Club: Jr. Homecom- ing Attendant: Cheerleader: Volley- ball Team: Red Cross Rep. : News- paper Staff: Best Dressed: Fincher, Linda Kathryn: F. T. A. : Home Ec, Club: French Club. Forrester, John Espy: Wrestling: Track: F.C.A. : "B" Club: Science Club: Radio Club. Fowler, Beth Sharon: Sr. Art Club: Drama Club, Frame, Randall Knox: Frasa, Susan Parker: F. T. A. : Spanish Club: Library Club: Math Club: Home Ec, Club, French, Edward Milton: Projection Club Fuller, Russell Edward: Fulton. Wilson Lenard: Ex officio of Student Council. Game, Rovert Clifford: National Senior Honor Society. Gates, Rodney Dean: Gause, Henrie McClintock: Red Cross Rep. : G.A.C. : Newspaper staff. Gibson, Melinda Leah: Drama Club: French Club: Home Ec, Club, Glass, Eugene Foster: Science Club: Honor Society: Math Club: National Merit Scholarship Finalist: National Senior Honor Society. Glenn, Diane Lee: Newspaper Staff: F. T. A. : Drama Club: Honor Society Annual Staff: National Senior Honor Society. Goad, Joyce Marilyn: G. A.C. : French Club: Newspaper Staff: Home Ec, Club. Goggans, Claudia Michell: Sec, of Homeroom: Student Council: G. A. C French Club: Sr, Volleyball Team, Golden, Carol Ann: Honor Society: F. T. A Math Club, Gordon, John Michael: Varsity Football: Varsity Basketball: "B" Club: Drama Club. Gordon, Lindsey Carolyn: Honor Soci- ety: Newspaper Staff: G. A.C. 5 An- nual Staff: Dental Clinic Queen: French Club: Math Club: Pres. of Sr. Homeroom: Sr. Volleyball Team: Most Attractive, Gore, Jane: Concert Band: Marching 266 o 1 Band: Majorettes F. T. A. : French Club: Newspaper Staff: Annual Staff. Gourley, Virginia Diane: Spanish Club: Library Club. Graham, Martha Cherie: Sec. of Soph- omore Homeroom: G. A.C. 3 Sr. Volleyball Team: Pres. Sr. Home- room, Grant, Charles James: Pres. of Latin Club, Gravlee, Martha Elizabith: Spanish Club: Newspaper Staff, Guimond, Vicki Lynn: F. T. A. 5 News- paper Staff: Annual Staff. Hager, Charles Jacob: Sr. Band: Stage Band: Spanish Club. Hallman, Marnie Ann: Pres. of Art Club: French Club. Hamilton, Nancy Adelia: V.P. Library Club: Concert Choir: Girl 's Chorus: F. T.A. 5 French Club: Home Ec, Club, Hand, William Glover: Jr. Honor So- ciety: French Club, Handy, Pamela Rae: Red Cross Rep. : Drama Club: F. T. A. : Student Coun- cil Rep. 9 Speech Club: Feature Edi- tor of Cutlass, Harrelson III, Robert Fulton: Band. Head, Ralph Allen: Spanish Club. Heaven, Donna Kay: F. T. A. : News- paper Staff. Heinrich, Lane Lizbeth: Debate Team: Pres. of Forensic Club: French Club: Drama Club: Jr. Honor Society: F. T.A. 5 Girl 's Oratorical Contest Winner. Helms, Harold Augustus: Science Club: F. T.A. 5 Office Assistant: National Senior Honor Society. Hibbler, Larry Elliott: Hickman, Alice Edna: F,T.A. : Drama Club: Red Cross Rep. : Concert Choir: Newspaper staff: Girls' Chorus. Hitchcock, Ray: Newspaper Staff: Radio Club, Holman, Robert Louis: Howard, Elliot Foster: Football: Basket- ball: Baseball: Drama Club: Student Council Rep. : F.C. A. 5 Red Cross Rep. 9 "B" Club. Hudson, Claude Frederick: Football: F.C.A. : Science Club: "B" Club: Newspaper Staff: Track Team. Hudson, Michael Thomas: Football, Hughes III, Elliott McKay: Math Club: Varsity Basketball: German Club. Hunt, Floy Corinne: Pres. Math Club: F. T.A. : Latin Club: Science Club: Annual Staff: Newspaper Staff: Girls' Ensemble: National Senior Honor Society. Iveli, Marianne: Honor Society: Sci- ence Club: French Club: Drama Club. Jackson, Linda Ann: Newspaper Staff: Office Assistant: Choral: Latin Club. Jackson, Wright Timothy: Science Club Jagoe, Rebecca Ann: V.P. of Art Club: French Club. James, Brice DeWitt: Student Council Rep. : Honor Society: Red Cross Rep.: Science Club: Drama Club: "B" Club: Varsity Football: Varsity Wrestling: F.C.A. : Varsity Track: National Senior Honor Society. Jendrusiak, Jesalyn Ann: F. T. A. : Annual Staff: Newspaper Staff. Jenkins, Jennie: French Club: Home Ec, Club: Newspaper Staff: Annual Staff: G. A. C. Jennings, Julia Marie: Library Club. Jerkins, Brenda Kay: Band: Dance Band: Majorette: Drama Club: Art Club: Associate Editor of Cutlass: Annual Staff. Jett, Olivia Austin: Pres. Speech Club: Pres. Home Ec, Club: Drama Club: Honor Society: Choral: Newspaper Staff. Johnson, Linda Janice: Honor Society: Concert Choir Hist. : Sec. -Treas. Music Club. Jones, Bonnie: Jones, Janmari: Drama Club: Spanish Club: F. T.A. : High School Chorus. Jones, Phillip: Jones, Rodney Gray: Keen, George Morris: Treas. Sr. Class: Honor Society: Treas. Sr. Science Club: B Team Football: F.C.A.: Student Council: National Senior Honor Society. Keeton, Jr. , William Hamton: Foot- ball: Basketball: Track: "B" Club, Kennedy, Michael: Kerr, Howard James: "B" Varsity Ath- letics: Sr. Science Club: Varsity Wrestling. Kimbrough, James Ronald: F. T.A. : Science Club: Football. King, Carole Nancy: Newspaper Staff: Spanish Club: Annual Staff. Kittinger, Deith Randolph: Science Club: Honor Society: Math Award. Kolen, Jr. , Robert: Pres. F.C. A. : Capt. Football Team: Varsity Wrestling: Varsity Track: "B" Club: Forensic Club: Mr. Berry: Most Popular. Konig, Gordon Walter: German Club. Lawrence, Jr. , Sherwood Heywood: Sec. Sr. Art Club: Sec. -Treas. of Camera Club. Lee, Virginia: Cheerleader: V. P. Homeroom: French Club: Newspa- per Staff: V.P. G.A.C. : Wittiest. Lehman, Joseph Andrew: Football: Wrestling: Baseball: F.C. A. : Dra- ma Club: Newspaper Staff: Letter- mans' Club. Liddle, Mary Jane: Latin Club: Con- cert Choir: Girl 's Chorus: Ensem- ble: Office Asst. : French Club: F. T. A. Linden, Mancy Carol: Math Club: G. A.C. : Newspaper Staff: Home Ec. Club: Pres. of Library Club. Linn, Markee Eugene: Pres. of Radio Club: Marching Band: Concert Band. Loerch, Karen Sue: Feature Editor of Cutlass: Annual Staff: Latin Club: F. T. A. Sec. Luketic, Velimir: Science Club: Math Club: German Club: Homeroom Pres. : Football Team: National Senior Honor Society. Long, Julie Elizabeth: Pres. of Jr, Homeroom: Home Ec. Club: Sr. French Club: Annual Club: G.A.C.: National Senior Honor Society, McAshe, David Berten: McEwen, Sarah Sharon: Library Club: Choral Club: French Club: F. T. A. Mclnish, Jr. , Thomas Howard: Pres. Forensic League: Debate Team: Drama Club: Science Club: Student Council Rep, McGuire, Charles Polk: "B" Club: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Baseball. McLaughlin, Donna Lee: Concert Choir: Girl 's Chorus: Ensemble: G.A. C. McLemore, Michele: Home Ec. Club: F. T.A. : Speech Club: Red Cross Rep. : Choral. McLeod, Terry: Latin Club: Band. McNamee, John Franklin: McReynold, Bruce William: Sr. Music Club: V. P. of Concert Choir. Malone, Stephen Nelson: Art Club. Matzek, Marty James: Newspaper Staff. May, Peggy: Head Cheerleader: G.A.C. Sec. of French Club: Newspaper Staff. Messamore, Linda Jane: Cheerleader: V.P. of Student Council: G. A.C.: Newspaper Staff. Meyer, Jr, , Jey Ogden: Varsity Foot- ball: Baseball: "B" Club. Mikos, Daniel Henri: Forensic League: Sr. Science Club: Student Council Rep, : Debate Team: Sgt. at Arms of F. T. A. Miller, James Monroe: Mitchell, Geneva Paulette: Math Club: Library Club: F.T.A. : Latin Club: Newspaper Staff: Most Intellectual: National Senior Honor Society. Monroe, Dana Darling: Pres. of Music Club: Red Cross Rep. 9 Concert Choir: Sr. Art Club: Pres. Sr. French Club: Ensemble. Mooney, Otto: Moore, Debby Louise: G. A.C. : French Club. Moore, Doug: Photography Club. Moore, Jr. , Harry Fredrick: Varsity Football. Moorehead, Christine: Drama Club: Forensic Club: Concert Choir: En- semble: Home Ec. Club: Newspaper Staff: Annual Staff. Morgan, Mary Lawrence: Music Club: Art Club, Muncher, Cynthia Kaye: Library Club: Home Ec. Club. Noe, Steve William: Track Team. Noojin, Marion Downs: Pres. of F. T.A.: Concert Choir: Girl 's Chorus: French Club. Norwood, Tad Elizabeth: Sr, G. A.C. Ogletree, Jim Witt: O'Grady, Nicholas Franklin: F. T.A. 5 Football: Basketball: "B" Club: Track Team: Friendliest. Ostergren, Karen Andrea: Science Club: Annual Staff: Drama Club: National Senior Honor Society: F. T.A. His- torian. Ozier, Esther Catherine: Drama Club: Latin Club: F. T. A. 5 Annual Staff. Pate, Mary Lovenia: Science Club: Math Club: Drama Club: F. T. A.: National Senior Honor Society. Patton, George Micheal: Payton, Ronald Lee: Radio Club: Span- ish Club. Peebles, Jene Emory: Music Club: Spanish Club: Sec. Jr. Class: Con- cert Choir, Peek, Jacqueline Louise: Art Club: G.A.C. 9 F.B.L.A. Peterson, Drew Warren: French Club: Drama Club, Pettigrew, Carolyn: Cheerleader: Li- brary Club: Art Club: Spanish Club: G. A. C . Picard. Gail: G. A. C. Edith Morton Piper: Newspaper Staff. Posey, William Carl: Baseball: "B" Club. Prosser, Clifford Andrew: Art Club: Baseball. Rasco, Wendell Howard: Jr. Honor Society: Art Club: Drama Club, Rast, Chuck: Ray, Ben Roland: Drama Club, Renfro, George: Football: V.P. German Club: Lab. Asst. : Radio Club, Resmondo, Wanda Kaye: Home Ec. Club: Spanish Club. Rew, Nancy Claire: Home Ec. Club: Li- brary Club: Mau: Club: G. A. c. Rhodes, Nancy Yvonne: Robbins, Betsy Nan: Red Cross Rep. : Home- coming Queen: Student Council Rep. : Miss Berry: Most Popular: Dental Clinic QHSCI1: F. T.A. : Sr. French Club: Newspaper Staff. Roberts, Vicki Andal: Library Club: Con- cert Choir: German Club: Annual Staff. Robinson, Hugh Jay: Track Team. Root, Diane Claine: Ruzicka, Dianne Elizabeth: Library Club French Club: F. T. A. 3 Concert Choir: Annual Staff: Girl 's Chorus. Schaefer, Earl Allison: Varsity Football: Wrestling Team: "B" Club: Pres, Ger- man Club. Scheinert, Ernest Edward: Scott, Katherine Irene: Library Club. Scott, Ronald: Seelbinder, Ric Brittain: Football: Basket- ball: Wrestling: Track: Sec. of Student Council: "B" Club: F.C.A. : Science Club. Sereno, Lynda Lolette: Band: Concert Choir: Ensemble: French Club: F. T.A. Sheppard, Anita Jane: Honor Society: Home Ec. Club: Spanish Club. Shoemaker, Marcia Blanche: Library Club. Smith, Cynthia Jane: G.A.C. : Office Asst. : Newspaper Staff. Smith, John Mason: Library Club: Forensic Club: Office Asst, Smith, Linda Lee: Smith, Paul: Smith, Richard Morris: Art Club: Radio Club: Science Club: Photography Club, Snoddy, Barbara Jean: Office Assist. : Choral Group: Red Cross Rep. Spencer, Laura: Forensic League: Annual Staff: Newspaper Staff: F. T.A. 5 Drama Club: National Senior Honor Society. Stakes, Benjamin Edgar: Math Club: Student Council Rep. : Science Club: Dance Band: V.P. of Band: Ensemble: National Senior Honor Society. Stakes, John Frederick: Pres. of Band: Pres. of Homeroom: Dance Band: Brass Ensemble: Concert Choir: Spanish Club. Strain, David Robert: Science Club: Forensic Club: Debate Team: B Team I-ootball, Strawbridge, Newman Guthrie: Pres. of Homeroomf V.P. of Student Body: Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling: "B" Club: Forensic Club: Student Council Rep. Strickland, Janie Louise: Art Club: G. A. C. : Student Council Rep. 9 Newspaper Staff. Strickland, Thomas Wayne: Baseball: Basketball, Stripling, Patricia Lynne: Jr. Classical League: Drama Club: Newspaper Staff: National Senior Honor Soci- ery. Sullivan, Cynthia Mary: Editor of Cut- lass: Sec, of Concert Choir: Art Club: F. T. A. Thacker, Serena: Newspaper Staff. Thigpen, Charles Stanley: Forensic Club: Spanish Club: Camera Club. Thomas, David Lee: Varsity Basket- ball: Pres. of Student Council: Most Outstanding Back: "B" Club: Math Club: Varsity Football: Pres. Con- cert Choir: Varsity Baseball: Span- ish Club: F. C. A. Thomas, Martha Alice: Cheerleader: Newspaper Staff: Math Club: Home Ec. Club: Sr. Volleyball Team: 2 G. A. C . Thompson, Linda Rose: Newspaper Staff: Annual Staff: F. T. A. Tice, Robert Keith: Football: Wrestling "B" Club: F.C. A. 3 Forensic Club: V. P. of Jr. Class: Student Council Rep. : Wittiest, Tidd, Diana Lee: Tilden, Nancy: Latin Club: Forensic Club: Sec. of Jr. Class: F.T. A.: Sec. of Student Council: National Senior Honor Society. Tobin, Francis William: Tomb, Frank Blair: Varsity Football: V.P. of Student Council: Pres. of Student Council: "B" Club: F.C.A. 3 Art Club: Wrestling Team: Latin Club. Toussaint, Karen Jean: G. A.C. Tucker, Jr, , William Cox: Band, Drum Major: Science Club: French Club, Turner, John Michael: Science Club. Viness, Eleanor Jean: Majorettes: F. T. A. 3 Associate Editor of Cutlass: Band: Annual Staff. Walton, Jr. , Abbott Brand: French Club: Newspaper Staff: National Senior Honor Society. Warmack, Virginia Gail: Home Ec. Club: Art Club, Watson, Sandra Darlene: Home Ec. Abercrombie, John 138, 151, 168 Abercrombie, Nancy 204 Ackerman, Vicky 210 Acton, David 210 Adair, Eddie 83, 86, 102, 168 Adair, Gregg 210 Adair, Marcia 204 Adams, Bill 204 Adams, Blake 210 Adams , Cecilia 190 Adams, Elaine 210 Adams, Frank 210 Adams , Ricky 198 Adamson, Barbara 106, 184 Adderhold, Debbie 190 Adderhold, Judy 204 Aderhold, Dan 190 Aderholt, Cathy 190 Agnesia, Barbara 210 Albright, Cary 96,204 Albright, Jackie 204 Alexiou, Maria 96, 106, 168 Alexiou, Mike 192 Alford, Clay 184 Alford, Brenda 210 Alford, Celia 86, 184 Alford, Johnny 204 Allen, Brenda 168 Allen, David 190 Allen, Debra 204 Allen, Marie 210 Allen, Steve 210 Alvis, Ashley 84, 198 268 Club: Library Club. Weems'III, James Mortimer: Weldon, Jesse Tilmon: Drama Club: Ensemble: Concert Choir. Wells, Patricia Lynn: Science Club: F. T.A. : French Club: Student Coun- cil: Cheerleader: G. A.C. 3 Newspa- per staff: Most Likely to Succeed: National Senior Honor Society, Wheeler, Eddy Ray: Debate Team: Science Club: Basketball Team: Forensic Club: Math Team: Most Intellectual. White, Donald Houston: Wideman, Terri Marie: Cheerleader: F. H.A. : F. T. A. :Newspaper Staff: G.A.C. 3 Annual Staff: French Club. Wildsmith, Morris Seay: Honor Society Math Club: Science Club: German Club. Williams, Ellen: French Club: Drama Club: Ensemble: Girl's Chorus. Williams, Harold: "B" Club: Science Club:'Spanish Club: Pres. Jr. Class: Math Club: Homeroom Pres. Sr. Class: Basketball, All County: Base- ball: Best Dressed. Williamson, Linda: Honor Society: Debate Team: F.H.A. : F.T.A.: Drama Club: Forensic League: An- nual Staff: National Senior Honor tudent Director Anderson, Bill 138, 190 Anderson, John 198 Anderson, Robert 162, 163, 164, 184 Anderson, Steve 204 Andrews, Dave 184 Andrews, David 184 Armour, Beverly 198 Armstrong, Jackie 210 Armstrong, Lyn 184 Arnold, Allan 86, 168 Arnold, Larry 198 Arnold, Sally 198 Arnwine, Neal 198 Arrington, Doris 198 Ash, Louis 190 Ash, Tommy 210 Ashburner, Jim 198 Ashley, Connie 91 Ashton, Lucy 168 Atchison, Sandra 204 Atkins, Terressa 87, 190 Atkins, Tom 152, 184 Atkinson, James 86, 168 Austin, Mary George 86, 184 Autrey, Bill 190 Ayres, Bill 210 Ayres, Lee 97, 198 Badham, Glenn 138, 184 Badham, Steve 198 Baggett, Cathy 204 Baggen, Mike 138, 140, 152, 184 Bagley, Anne 92, 110, 168 Bagley, Tom 198 Society, Williamson, Madeline: Library Club. Willis, Curtis Barry: Wingate, Jr. , William Hooper: March- ing Band: Concert Band: Latin Club. Wood, James Croley: Student Council Rep. 3 Varsity Football: "B" .Club: F.C.A. 3 Science Club: Varsity Track. Yates, Judy Marie: Cheerleader, Ger- man Club: F. T.A. 3 G.A.C. : Sec. Sr. Class: Annual Staff, York, Sharon Lee: Science Club, Youngsteadt, Norman Stanley: Youngblood, Susan Sharon: V.P. of Home Ec. Club: Drama Club: Spanish Club: G.A. C. : Speech Club: Pres. Jr. Red Cross: Home- coming Parade. Zabel, Alyce Elayne: Girls' Glee Club: S. A. T. B. Chorus: Concert Choir: Art Club: Jr. Red Cross Rep, : - Q Staff: Associate Editor of Cutlass Spanish Club. Bagwell, Allyson 168 Bagwell, Don 138, 162, 163, 184 Bahalar, Margaret 204 Bailey Bill 198 Bailey Lucky Bailey, Karon 204 Bailey, Kay 204 Bailey Peggy Bailey, Sherill 87, 198 Baliff, Jimmy 37, 84, 99, 118, 168 Baish, Lynn 204 Baker, Larry 204 Baker, Mike 204 Baker, Ray 190 Ballard, Betty 190 Ballard, Lindsey 190 Banks, Ellen 198 Barber, Beverly 168 Barker, Ginny 86, 108, 184 Barksdale, Thomas 184 Barnacastle, Marsha 97, 98, 168 Barnacastle, Nancy 86, 184 Barnard, Craig 138, 190, Barnes, Woody 168 Barnes, James 210 Barnes, Janet 198 Barnett, Mike 138, 190 Barnett, Sherron 210 Barnum, Jim 184 Barr, Carol 210 Barrow, Denny 184 Barthalomew, Judy 118, 168 Bates, Donna 94, 99, 184 Bates, Donald 210 Battle, Dianne Baumgartner, John 210 Baxley, Bill 210 Baxley, Gail 168, 70 Baxter, Earl 190 Bayliss, Jo Ann 198 Beachum, Bobby 210 Beal, Beverly 190 Beal, Tommy 91, 92, Bean, Brenda Beard, Charles 190 Bearden, Brenda 198 Bearden, John Bearden, Paul Beasley, Allen 204 Beasley, Joyce 204 Beason, Jerry 184 Beck, Ben 168 108, 184 Bowen, Vicky 210 Bowman, Bruce 41, 204 Bowman, Martina 198 Boyd, David 88, 169 Boyd, Jennifer 204 Boyd, Patti 85, 190 Bracey, Bill 198 Bracknell, Melene 210 Braddock, Pat 96, 99, 109, 169 Braden, Joe 118, 204 Bradley, Danny 204 Bradley, Lynn 190 Bradley, Richard 204 Bradshaw, Billy 152, 153, 204 Brady, Beth 204 Brady, Freddy 198 Brandino, Buster 198 Branham, Linda 204 Branlund, Dale 210 Buck, Thomas 210 Buckingham, Carole 190 Buckley, Kerry 42, 86, 88, 94, 99 168, 169, 180, 220 Buckner, Jimmy 204 Buckner, Laura 190 Buettner, Nancy 87, 198 Bullock, Robert 198 Burch, Debbie 33, 185 Burch, John 210 Burdette, Richard 185 Burdette, Robert Beckman, Mal Bedsole, Becky 87, 190 Ben, Elliot 210 Brannon, Margaret 204 Brannon, Marion 185 Burford, Benji 210 Burford, David 204 Burford, Jim 190 Burgess, Gregg 185 Burgess, Lisa 198 Burgin, Becky 190 Burke, Clarence 210 Burke, Homer 210 Burke, Marilyn 35, 86, 110, 185 Bell, Palmer 97, 184, 219 Bellows, Bobby 198 Bellsnyder, Christine 87, 198 Belshaw, Richard198 Bennington, Mike 169 Bennish, Sarah 198 Berry, Donna 93, 184 Berryhill, Joyce 204 Brantley, Donna 210 Bratcher, Lynne 83, 96, 99, 185 Brazeal, Carolyn 190 Brewton, Cindy 86, 185 Bridwell, Robert 84, 204 Briner, Ken 198 Bristow, Rod 66, 110, 155, 157, 160, Burke, Mike ss, 154, 157, 160 Burke, Phyllis 185 Burks, Larry 198 Burks, Linda 210 Burns, Judy 87, 198 Burr, Ann 86, 169 Burr, Martha 87, 190 Burr, Robert 190 Burton, Pam 198 Best, Florence 210 Bickelhaupt, Nancee 190 Biggerstaff, Anne 118, 190 Biggerstaff, Dennis 204 Birchfield, Gary 190 Birchfield, Jan 204 Bishop, Becky 210 Bishop, Donna 184 Bishop, Gary 104, 198 Bishop, Judy 99, 169 Bishop, Lynn 210 Bisset, Kathy 103, 109, 184 Black, Jack 210 Black, Linda 184 Black, Patricia 210 Black, Richard 204 Blackwell, Donna 210 Blake, Chris 204 Blankship, Richard 210 Boak, Pat 198 Bobo, Ann 204 Bobo, Grahame 190 Bohannon, John 210 Bohanon, Jenny 198 Bolen, Ralph 198 Bolling, Blanche 185 Bolton, Reggie 210 Bond, Glenn 210 Boon, Beverly 84, 210 Boon, Rebecca 190 Borah, Emily 83, 88, 190 Boren, Wayne 210 Bounds, Sidney 190 Bowen, Dianne 169 Bowen, Karen 88, 185 Bowen, Nancy 190 Bowen, Pam 204 Burttram, Bruce 185 Burttram, David 198 Bush , Bush , Bush , Bush, Bush, Bush, Butler Butler Joe Paul 210 Peter 210 Sherann 97, 169 Susan 210 Thomas 198 , Bruce 138, 146, 169 , Harriet 198 Butler, Janice 210 Butler Butler , Robert 190 , Sharon 185 Byrd, Gail 106, 169 Byrd, Ginger 198 Byrd, Robert 210 Byrum, Lynda 190 Byrum, Nancy 198 Cain, Cathy 204 Cain, Deidre 169 Cain, Kenneth 210 Caldwell, Marilyn 198 Calk, Pamela 210 Callis, Jim 198 Camp, Paul 169 169 Brock, Rebecca 190 Brooks, Ann 204 Brooks, Bill 210 Brooks, Billy 210 Brooks, Cathy 72, 204 Brooks, Kathy 190 Brooks, Susan 204 Brower, David 169 Brown, Barbara 190 Brown, Becky 210 Brown, Brooks 185 Brown, Chris 67, 88, 169 Brown, Diane 190 Brown, David Brown, Jimmy 204 Brown, Johnny 204 Brown, Kitty 97, 109, 110, 169 Brown, Lana 210 Brown, Nancy 204 Brown, Pat 204 Brown, Rachel 56, 60, 82, 86, 96, 109, 115, 135, 169 Brown, Regina 84, 204 Brown, Richard 108, 204 Brown, Rob 185 Brown, Steve 204 Brown, Walter 210 Brownell, Tom 118, 185 Browning, Mike 204 Browning, Rhonda 198 Brunson, Kathy 190 Sharon 92, 110, 118, 169 Campbell, Diane 205 Campbell Judith Campbell, Kenneth 210 Campbell, 190 Brush, Charles 190 Brush, Frank 185 Brush, Jimmy 169 Bryan, Johnny 190 Bryant, Cylia Ann 204 Bube, Alice 99, 185 Buck, Gray 204 Cantley, Don 198 Cargo, Bob 205 Carlisle, Dyer 158, 190 Carnathan, Lynn 32, 33, 205 Carner, Lynda 190 Carner, Wayne 205 Carothers, John 88, 190 Carpenter, Clark 84, 198 Carr, Carolyn 31, 190 Carr, George 185 Carroll, Diane Carroll, Donnie 190 Carroll, Jenifer 205 Carson, Candy 210 Carson, Richard 190 Carter, Glynda 169 Carter, Jerry 1101 138, 198 Carter, Jerry Q95 Carter, Larry 210 Carter, Otto 210 Carter, Patricia 210 Carter, Randy 198 Carter, Tom 191 Carty, Paula 191 Carver, Edward 205 Casey, Ken 185 Casey, Tom 210 Cathey, Dale 210 Cathey, Rebecca 191 162, 165, 191, Cathey, Rocky 155, 157, 185 Ceravola, Alan 138, 151, 185 Chamberlin, Dan 198, Chambers, Bill 185 Chandler, Allen 198 Chandler, Diane Chandler, Pam 205 Chaney, Raleigh 198 Chapman, Beth 210 205 Chapman, Ernest Chapman, Sonny 92, 138, 144, 150, 152, 169 Chappelle, Allan 84, 198, 218 Cheatwood, Anjanetta 191 Davis, Clemmons, Connie 40 , Cherry, Gale 199 Cherry, Mike 210 Childers, Barbara 99, 169 Childers, Bob 199 Chitwood, Andy 138, 191 Chramer, Paul 205 Christie, Al 199 Clark, Cathy 110, 169 Clark, Henry 191 Clark, Jan 210 Clark, Jeffery 205 Clark, Rodger 162, 164, 185 Clay , Fred 185 Clayton, Jeannie 64, 66, 169, 181 Clayton, Jim 185 Cleage, Wayne 199 Clem, J. C. 88, 169 Clements, Bruce 210 Clements, Carter 205 Clements, Mike 199 Clemmons, David 138 , Clutts, Peggy 96, 199 Coblentz, Craig 199 Cochran, Guy 191 Cockrell, Patricia 205 Cole, Carol 170 Coleman, Harry 199 Coleman, Jimmy 191 270 82, 86, 92, 99, 110, 170 185 Collier, Collins, Walter 170 Ann 205 Collins, Lynn 98, 185 Collins, Richard 191 Collins, Wayne 199 Comer, Randy 211 Compton, Mona Lisa 205 Compton, Ronald 185 Conner, Cathy 199 Conner, Harold 205 Conner, Janie 170, 171 Conner, Stuart 101, 154, 157, 170 Constantine, Anna 87, 191 Cook, Harry 191 Cook, Malcolm 205 Cook, 'Susan 88, 108, 184, 185 Cooper, Charlotte 106, 170 Cooper, Greg 138, 150, 160, 161, 170 Cooper, Jimmy 104, 205 Cooper, Karen 191 Cooper, Tamsie 94, 99, 170 Cooper, Tom 199 Cordell, Marilyn 185, 75 Cordell, Tommy 205 Cordes, Gail 87, 199 Cordes, Lynn 205 Cormack, Elizabeth 211, 205 Corretti, Rhonda 211 Corretti, Suzanne 106, 123, 132, 170 Copeland, Barry 83, 191 Costa, Nancy 191 Coston, Ann Marie 205 Cotten, 182 Cotten, Alex 138, 143, 149, 150, 170, Joey 185 Cottrell, Dudley 191 Couch, Jane 67, 86, 170 Crosby, Robert 199 Crosthwait, Joy 191 Crouch, Mandy 211 Crouch, Tony 211 Crow, Bonita 205 Crow, Frank 205 Crowe, Benny 199 Crowe, Kenny 211 Crumpton, Al 185 Crupton, Dave 211 Cruze, Carol 96, 191 Cruze, Cathy 199 Cryer, Cathy 199 Cryer, Diane 185 Cummings, Wes 211 Cuppett, Charles 191 Cuppett, Julie 199 Curtis, Donna 199 Dailey, Eleanor 86, 91, 97, 185 Dalton, Phillip 205 Dalton, Shari 170 Daly, Jim 205 Daniel, Rilla 86, 106, 185 Daniels, Fred 170 Dantzler, Jennifer 205 Dantzler, Robert 191 Darr, David 199 Darr, Richard 170 Dart, Tom 205, 218 Davidson, Denise 96, 205 Davidson, Mike 191 Davis, Carol 108, 185 Davis, Cheryl 211 Davis, Donna 191 Davis, Heather 211 Davis, Janet 84, 211 Davis, Jessica 185 Couch, Mary 63, 199 Cowan, Alan 199 Cowser, Terry 199 Cox, Barbara 92, 108, 185 Cox, Doug 199 Cox, Patty 170 Craig, William 191 Crandall, Homer 191 Crandall, Laura 211 Crandall, Walter Crane, Carol 199 Cranford, Charles 199 Crank, Kyla 205 Crawford, John 205 Crawford, Mike 199 Creamer, Phil 205 Creel, Bobby 199 Creel, Ernest 158, 191 Cremeens, Karen 191 Cremer, Karen 205 Crider, Stephen 211 Crim, Mike 211 Davis, John 211 Davis, Lera Jean 83, 191 Davis, Peter 211 Davis, Sherrill 191 Vicki 87, 191 Crisson, Bobby 1123 170 Crisson, Bobby Q95 Crisson, Dwight 170 Crisson, Emily 205 Crisson, Raymond 191 Crocker, Ricky 199 Crooks, Crosby , Karen 185 Richard 211 Day, Della 191 Deadman, Neal 211 Deadman, Ray 191 Deason, Jed 83, 155, 157, 170 Deason, Jim 211 Deason, Margaret 191 Deegan, Billy 199 Deegan, Jimmy 35, 170 DeLapp, James 199 de Lorimier, Carol 211 de Lorimier, Dianne 33, 86, 94, 115, 170 Demonet, Ronnie 185 Denneson, Debra 211 Dennis, Glyn 185 Denton, Diane 191 Denton, Margaret 205 De Shazo, Dick 199 Deville, John 205 Deville, Walter 199 Dexter, Davis 199 Dexter, Kathy 102, 108, 185 Dice, Rick 199 Dickerson, Anlie 199 Dickerson, Dianne 92, 170 9 Dickerson, James 191 Dickerson, Jamise 191 Dickerson, Jimmy 211 Dickey, Chuck 191 Dickey, Eddie 205 Dilmore, Gary 191 Dilmore, Sandra 185 Dion, Mary Ann 205 Dixon, Douglas 211 Dobbins, Donnie 10,191 Dobbins, Donnie 8.205 Ellis, Gail 191 Ellis, Wayne 191 Ellison, Bary 191 Ellison, Donna 205 Ellison, Glenda 211 Elmore, Julian 199 Emery, Debbie 205 Emery, Robert 171 Emrick, Debbie 205 Emrick, Sharon 205 Emrick, Steve 86, 109, 171 Enenbach, Bill 199 Frey, Jeff 200 Friddle, David Friddle, Joe 82, 86, 138, Frith, John 200 Frith, Linda 211 Fritz, Vernon 211 Fuller, Russell 1125 Fuller, Rusty Q71 211 Fuller, Sandra 118, 191 Fullington, Kent 211 Fullington, Steve 211 Fullman, Milton 191 Dobbins, Kathy 211 Donze, Mike 205 Dorsey, Carol 199 Dosrer, Reid 83, 138, 162, 1 Douglas, Amanda 205 Douglas, Craig 199 Douglas, Elizabeth 199 Douglas Gilbert 170 Douglas Herbert 191 Douglas, John 170 Dowdy, Karen 211 Downey, Jon 211 Downs, Alan 211 Doyle, Brian 185 Doyle, Joseph 185 Doyle, Robert 170 Dozier, John 205 Dozier, Judy 205 Drennen, David 199 Drenning, Ron 211 Drysdale, Doug 199 Drysdale, Virginia 205 Dudley, Richard 211 Duell, Debbie 87, 199 Enenbach, Debbie 185 Enenbach, Joe 171 Enright, James 205 Erwin, Frank 162, 199 Etheredge, David 199 Eubanks, Doug 171 Eubanks, Peggy 199 Evans, Gaylon 211 Evans, Pamela 205 Fargarson, Crayton 185 Fulton, Jeannie 205 Fulgham, Peggy 205 Fulton, Joan 185 Fulton, Joe 211 Fulton, Peggy 211 Fulton, Wilson 171 Fuqua, Dan 185 Gafford, Carol 200 Gafford, Linda 185 Gaissert, Clint 160, Farson, Sue Faught, Carol 205 Faught, Debbie 185 Faulkner, Mike 205 Faulkner, Patti 97, 108, 185 Ferguson, Debby 211 Ferguson, Jane 109, 171, 185 Ferguson, Joy 64, 86, 183 Ferguson, Sonny 138, 141, 184, 185 Fincher, Linda 86, 171 Finn, Cathy 199 Fiorella, Boo 191 Fiorella, Samelia 211 150, 185, 75 Galloway, Johnny 83, 185, 217 Gambill, Sharon 191 Gamble, David 97 Gamble, Susan 205 Game, Clifford 109, 172 Gammill, Diana 211 Gammill, Len 185 Gammon, Kathy 200 Gant, Debbie 66, 191 Gardner, Debbie 211 Garver, Becky 191 Gates, Diane 205 Gates, John 93, 108, 185 Gester, Duke, Brenda 86, 88, 99, 109, 114, 170, 221 Duke, Carol 86, 88, 185 Dunaway, Rebecca 94, 99, 171 Dunbar, Joyce 185 DuPriest, Robert 82, 92, 138, 144, 150, 160, 161, 171, 181, 221 Dupuy, Michelle 63, 199, 218 Flemming, Lewis 205 Flowers, Allen 185 Flynn, Joann 191 Ford, David 211 Ford, Jim 160, 18.5 Forrester, Becky 191 Forrester, Gayle 64, 65, 184, 185, Gates, Rodney 172 Gaim, Andy 185 Gause, Charles 211 Gause, Henrie 172 Gennett, Judy 200 Gerrity, Keith 211 Gerstacker, Meg 200 Steve 200 Frank, Roger 158, 191 Glass, Gerald 205 Duval, Carlos 199 Duval, Jamie 205 Dye, Julia 211 Eanes, Buddy 191 Easter, Gwen 199 Easter, Phyllis 191 Echols, Jack 191 Echols, Karen 205 Echols, Keith 205 Eddens, Linda 211 Eddings, Cathy 205 Eddins, Ann 205 Edge, Dick 185 Edge, Ellen 96, 199 Edwards, Ann 87, 191 Edwards, Mary 199 Eidson, Wayne 199 Eiseman, Beverly 205 Elder, Marty 171 Eldredge, Ernie 92, 171 Eldredge, Larry 171 Elliott, Carter 152, 153, 199 Elliott, Dwight 171 Elliott, Lynn 211 69 Forrester, John 103, 162, 164, 171 Forson, Suei191 Foshee, Barry 211 Foshee, Harold 185 Foster, Judy 87, 199 Foster, Ray 185 Foster, Roger 211 Foster, Teresa 199 Fowler, Albert 200 Fowler, Alys 84, 211 Fowler, Debby 191 Fowler, Donna Fowler, Sherry 88, 171 Fowler, Tom 185 Frame, Randy 171 Frame, Susan 200 Frasa, Susan 171 Frederick, Winston 96, 205 Free, Beverly 205 Freeman, Bob 200 French, French, Buddy 171 Janis 87, 200 Frey, Jane 211 Gibbs, Martha 211 Gibbs, Mary 108, 109, 185 Gibson, Larry 185 Gibson, Lynn 172 Gilbert, Jackie 211 Gilbert, Mickey 200 Gilbert, Ronnie 191 Giles, Mike 200 Gillespie, Allen 118, 191 Gilliland, Jimmy 211 Gilliland, Brenda 88, 186 Gilmore, Bobby 200 Gilmore, Clayton 43, 185, 191 Gilmore, Clyde 200 Gingo, Denise 211 Glass, Gene 56, 109, 168, Glen, John Glenn, Dianne 109, 172 Glenn, John 88, 191 Glidwell, David 205 Goad, Bobbie 191 Goad, Marilyn 86, 172 Godfrey, Jimmy 205 172, 221 27l Goebel, Mike 205 Goggins, Snookie 83, 86, 172 Goggins, Randy 211 Golden, Carol 97, 110, 172 Golden, Becky 211 Gooch, Marilyn 205 Hern, B Hanks, Goodson, Goodwin Nancy 31, 192 Barbara 86, 110, 111, 186 Halstead, Paul 192 Haltiwanger, Linda 211 Hamby, Wade 200 Hamilton, Nancy f12J 83, 91, 110, 173 Hamilton, Nancy Q81 206 Hammond, Andy 211 Hand, Bill 173 Hand, Jim 200 Helms, Hal 97, 109, 110, 173 Hernenway, Bonnie 92, 192 Henley, Michael 104, 105, 200 Henry, Katherine 86, 110, 111, 186 Hensley, Johnny 200 Henshaw, Judy 206 Hentz , Walt 192 Herlong, Lynn 87, 192 everly Goodwin, Carol 200 Goodwin, Eric 192 Goodwin, Tommy 104, 205 Gordon, Lindsey 61, 86, 97, 172, 182 Gordon, Mike 138, 150, 172 Gore, Andrea 84, 206 Gore , Donna 206 Gore, Jane 56, 86, 110, 122, Gore, Robert 97, 192 Gourley, Dianne 91, 172 Grace, Jack 211 Grady, Steve 211 Grady, Sydney 192 Graham, Martha 172 Graham, Ronny 186 Grant, Jamie 92, 172 Grant, Marjorie 88, 186 Grant, Tommy 206 Gravlee, Martha 98, 173 Gray, Richard 192 Gray, Jennifer 211 Graves, Kathy 86, 88, 192 Guimond, Vickie 173 Hauser, Mark 86, 186 Graves, Mary 192 Greco, Marlena 88, 186 Green, Joe 104, 200 Green, P amela Gregg, Terry Gregg, Terry 186 Gregory, Griffith, Griffith, Grimes, Beth 97, 99, 108, 10 Kathy 206 Walter 192 Neal 211 Griswold, Anne 206 Griswold, Tommy 211 Grogan, Jeff 200 Gross, David 186 Gryder, Tom 186 Guillot, Patti 206 Gunn, Myrna 206 Gunter, Keith 186 Gunter, Neil 192 Gunter, Rod 206 Gunter, Wayne 200 Habshey, Donna 192 Hackney, Mary Jane 92, 186 Haefner, Don 211 Hager, Charles 173 Hager, Jimmy 200 Hager, Virginia 211 Hahn, Doug 96, 200 Hale, Terry 206 Haley, Joe Hall, Richard 186 Hall, Susan 206 Hallman, Jane 206 Hallman , Marnie 86, 88, 173 Hallman, Steve 200 Halmark, Patricia 206 272 172 9, 186 Handy, Penny 110, 173 Haney, Ian 200 Haney, Michaele 92, 192 Hanks, Marlene 211 Marsha 108, 192 Herran, George 212 Herring, Glenn 186 Heyward, Susan 200 Hibbler, Larry 173 Hibbler, Susan 206 Hanner, Jerry 206 Hanson, Freida 192 Hanson, John 84, 200 Haralson, Danny 211 Haralson, Kathy 192 Harden, James 138, 186 Harden, Sheila 206 Hardigree, Jeane 108, 186 Hardwick, Ronald 206 Hardy, Debbie 211 Harlan, Bill 206 Harman, Jay 212 Harmon, Rita 206 Harper, David 192 Harper, Debbie 206 Harrelson, Keith 192 Harrelson, Rob 173 Harrington, Kipp 186 Harris, Barbara 200 Harrison, Debbie 200 Hickman, Alice 94, 99, 110, 173 Hicks, Alan 192 Hicks, Bobby 212 Hicks, Jean 200 Hicks, Larry 192 Higginbotham, Steve 138, 150, 200 Hildreth, Gary 192 Hildreth, Joy 212 Hill, Anne 212 Hill, Nancy 200 Hillhouse, Marjo 84, 200 Hines, Pat 186 Hinrichs, Martine 200 Hinton, Lynda 192 Hitchcock, Ray 173 Hart, Dianne 212 Hart, Lee 200 Hart, Stan 186 Hartley, Christie 200 Hartley, Claudia 200 Hartley, Edith 192 Hartley, Karen 92, 108, 192 Hartley, Robert 39, 152, 186,72 Hartley, Sandra 206 Hartley, Sharon 200 Hartley, Sheryl 206 Hartley, Steve 206 Hartsfield, Tom 192 Hauser, Mims 206 Hawkins, John 104, 200 Hawkins, Paul 200 Haynes, Glenn 200 Haynie, Waynette 186 Hays, Brenda 212 Hays, Patricia 206 Hays, Sandra 33, 86, 108, 109, 186 Hazen, Don 2706 Head, Ralph 173 Hearn, Beverly 200 Heaven, Donna 173 Hefner, Lee 206 Hegenbaeth, Lloyd 192 Heinrich, Lane 94, 99, 110, 173 Heinrich, Lisa 86, 206 Helmbold, Dale 212 Helmbold, Martha 186 Helms, Debra 206 Hodges, Edie 192 Hodges, Gayle 88, 186 Hodges, James 186 Hodges, Lee 200 Hodges, Margaret 212 Hodges, Pam 88, 186 Hodges, Tommy 212 Hodrett, Cynthia 212 Hoffine, Jane 87, 192 Hoffine, Jimmy 84, 212 Hofmann, Bill 200 Holcomb, Jeane 186 Hollis, Brenda 212 Hollis, Carolyn 206 Hollis, Doris 192 Hollis, Glenda 212 Hollis, Linda 200 Hollis, Ray Eugene 186 Holloway , Marilyn 212 Holloway, Vicki 192 Holman, Bob 173, 69 Holmes, Steve 200 Holsomback, Joe 212 Holst, Holly 200 Holst, Paula 206 Holtzclaw, Bobbie 158, 160, 186 Hooks, Glen 186, 192 Hooks, James Hooten, Margaret 88, 102, 186 Hornsby, Jackie 186, 77 Hornsby, James 186 Hornsby, Warren 200 Horten, Mary Evelyn 102, 186 Horton, Betty 206 Horton, Pat 206 Horton, Susan 92, 108, 192 Hostler, Susan 192 Houchin, Julie 99, 108, 186 Jamison, Charles 212 Howard , Mark 212 Jennings , Royce 206 Houchin, Mike 200 House , House , House , House , Howard 155 , Jimmy 212 Kathy 192 Ken 206 William 186 , Buckey 45, 138, 150, 154, 156, 157, 160, 161, 173 Howard , Eddie 212 Howard , George 212 Howard, John Howard , Walter Howell, Edward Howell, John 200 Howell, Lindsey 212 Howell, John 200 Howell, Marianne 206 Howell, Sam 206 Howell, Suzanne 88 Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Marty 200 Patricia 200 Paul 212 Randy 84, 200 Steve 192 Susan 87, 192 Tim 103, 173 Jagoe, Becky 86, 88, 173 James, Brice 83, 109, 138, 151, 162, 174 Kerr, Jane 207 Kersh, Cecil 93, 109, 187 Kessler, Ann 212 Kessler, Susan 212 Keuykendall, Larry 212 Keydoszius, Richard 200 Kidd, Scottie 212 Kilroy, Sill Kimbrell, Jan 192 Kimbrough, David 212 Kimbrough, Doug 162, 192 Kimbrough, Ronny 138, 174 Jeanes, Robby 200 Jendrusiak, Jesalyn 110, 174 Jennie 86, 114, 115, 174, 69 Jennings, Joyce 206 Jennings, Judy 91, 174 Jenkins, Jennings, Micheal 158, 192 Jerkins, Brenda 31, 88, 122, 174 Howland, David 192 Hucks, Linda 212 Jett, Olivia 99, 106, 110, 174 Jobe, Ronald 108, 109, 187 King, Carol 112, 115, 174 King, Gerald 207 King, Jim 187 King, Jennifer 207 King, John 207 King, Judy 201 King, Kathy 201 King, Kim 212 King, Kip 192 Hudson, Fritz 101, 138, 146, 162, 173 Hudson, Henry 200 Hudson, Jane 212 Hudson, Kim 83, 108, 158, 192 Hudson, Lynda 212 Hudson, Mike 173 Hudson, Nancy Huey, Anne 91, 186 Huffma n, Niniea 212 Huffstutler, Deborah 212 Hughes, Elliot 97, 103, 156, 157, 173 Hughes, Suzanne 186 Huie, Richard 92, 186 Hultgre n, Susan 200 Johnson, Anne 96, 200 Johnson, Eddie 212 Johnson, Jan 107, 118, 174 Johnson, Lee 86, 88, 187, 192 Johnson, Melanie 87, 96, 192 Johnson, Pat 217 Johnson, Susan 206 Johnson, Terry 206 Kirby, Ken'192 Kirk, Elizabeth 192 Kirkland, Mickie 63, 91, 201 Kittinger, Ranny 174, 220 Klosterman, Terry 201 Knapp, Judy 108, 192 Knepper, Nancy Knepper, Pattie Johnston, Lee Johnston, Mark 200 Jones, Bob 160, 161 Jones, Bonnie Jones, David 206 Jones, Debbie 212 Knight, Belinda 192 Knight, Gregory 207 Knight, Herbert 192 Knight, Jimmy 201 Knight, Ricky 207 Knowles, Mike 201 Hultgren, Walter 92, 93, 108, 109, 138, 162, 165, 187, 217 Hultquist, Patti 200 Humphries, Billy Joe 212 Humphries, Brenda 200 Humphries, Jimmy 206 Humphries, Lynn 206 Hunt, Butch 187 Hum, Floy 37, 97, 109, 110, Hunt, Ken 20 6 Hutchins, Dave 200 Hutchinson , Rufus 200 Hutchinson, Clyde 200 Hutchinson, Wanda 206 Hutto , Ann 84, 212 Hutto, Polly 206 Hyche, Mary Kay 206 173 Jackson, Greg 212 Imler, Steve 206 Imler, Teresa 88, 94, 187 Imler, Thomas 200 Inman, Becky 192 Iveli, Marianne 173 Iveli, Suzanne 192 Ivens, Jim 206 Ivey, Neal 192 Ivins, Jeff 212 Ivins, J ohm 83, 138, 158, 1s7 Kolen, Bob 132, 138, 140, 143, 162, 174, 180 Kolen, Mike 59, 138, 152, 162. 164, 187 Konig, Gordon 174, 73 Krueger, Donald 192 Krueger, Ronald 192 Kuykendall, Barry ,201 Kyser, Fred 192 Lancaster, Cheryl 32, 36, 33, 88 187 Lane, Janice Lane, Terry 207 Lanford, Diane 201 Lang, Thomas Lange, Alan 212 Lange, Annette 192 Jones, Dee 4113 187, 192 Jones, Dee f10J Jones, Gwenda 200 Jones, Janmarie 99, 110, 174 Jones, Jimmy 212 Jones, John 192 Jones, Judy 86, 96, 99, 108, 187 Jones, Karen 206 Jones, Kathy 200 Jones, Lea 212 Jones, Lynn 106, 187 Jones, Mark 206 Jones, Mike 187 Jones, Nancy 206 Jones, Pam 206 Jones, Phil,174 Jones, Rodney Kaiser, Terry 192 Kaiser, Vicki Q93 200 Kaiser, Vickie f8J Kealy, Claudia 33, 187 Keen, George 109, 174 Keeton, Butch 101, 138, 150, 164, 174 Keister, Jimmy 212 Kelly, Charles 97, 192 Kelly, Karen 212 Kelly, Kathleene 192 162 Langevin, Carol 207 Langevin, Sharon 187 Langford, Diane 207 Langston, Debra 212 Langston, Lee 187 Lanier, Charles 88, 193 Lanier, Jacelyn 212 Lanier, Pete 201 Lany, Thomas 192 Larkin, David 138, 193 Larkin, Paula 201 Jackson, Jay 206 Jackson, Joan 200 Jackson, Kathy 206 Jackson , Linda 92, 173 Kemp, Andrea 212 Kennedy, Michael 115, 118, 174 Kerley, Marc 206 Kerr, Howard 135, 152, 174 Larsin, Glen 207 Lashley,' Selena 106, 193 Lawrence, Bill Q93 201 Lawrence, Bill f8j 207 Lawrence, Dianne 207 Lawrence, Sherwood 88, 174 Lawrence, Steve 193 Lawson, Emilil 207 Layfield, Theresa 207 Layton, Mike 212 Lea, Deborah 212 Leader, Dean 212 Leader, Joan 201 Lee, Barry 207 Lee, George 201 Lee, Virginia 174, 182 LeePard, Anita 96, 207 Lehman, Cheryl 84, 201 Lehman, Joe 151, 152, 153, 174, 171 Lehman, Linda 212 Lemmer, Linda 201 Lemmon, Susie 92, 193 Leverette, Bill 201 Lewis, Billy 212, 201 Lewis, Earl 212 Lewis, Gordan 193 Lewis, Mary Lewis, Sammy 193 Liddle, Jane 86, 93, 110, 118, 174 McAnnally, Carolyn 207 Liles, Rodney 192 Linden, Nancy 174, 76 Lindley, Ed 138, 162, 164, 193 Lindley, Marie 87, 201 Lindy, Linda 187 Linn, John 201 Linn, Markee 174 Linsley, Peter 207 Little, Debbie 201 Livermore, James Livingston, Jo 193 Livingston, Lynn 212 Lochamy, Bob 193 Loerch, Karen 93, 110, 174, Loftin Logan Logan Logan Logan, Long, Long, Long, 76 Long, Long, Long, George 201 Joy 88, 93, 187 Lawrence 212 Vivian 108, 187 Yvonne 212 73 Lyons, Pat 187 Lyons, Sharon 201 Machen, Lee 201 Machen, Van Mackin, Pat 187 MacGrey, A. 96 MacNi'cholls, Barbara 212 Malone, Judi 212 Malone, Loyd Malone, - Skip 175 Malone, Stan 212 Malool, Gail 87, 201 Malool, Greg 207 Mancin, Beth 207 Mancin, Cathy 187 Mangrum, Gayle 212 Maple, Ross 201 Marcus, Sandra 87, 193 Marcus, Susan 207 Mangrum, Erwin 86, 193 Martin, Chuck 187 Martin, Eddie 193 Martin, Elwin 193 Martin, Hank 207 Martin, Jane Martin, Linda 212 Martin, Rebecca 207 Martin, Ricky 207 Mask, Jack 193 Mask, Steve 212 Matherson, Carol 193 Matsos, Mary 87, 193 Matthews, Skip 201 Matzek, Marty 175 Mauldin, Fitz 207 Mauldin, Hugh 97, 187 May, Peggy 64, 86, 175 Mayfield, Connie 41, 83, 193 McAnnally, Emily 118, 193 McAshe, David 175 McBride, Butch McBride, Michael 207 McCarty, Jane 87, 201 McEwen, Sharon 86, 91, 175 McFarland, Brent 86, 187 McFarland, Donald 212 McGarity, Marshall McGavock, Diane 212 McGimsey, Ken 187 McGraw, Wanda 213 McGriff, Curt 201 McGuire, Bubba 155, 157, 159, 160 175 McHugh, Pam 86, 187 Mclnish, Tommy 94, 95, 175, 219 Mclntosh, Bonnie 213, 193 Mclntosh, Sara Mcjenkin, Hank 213 McJenkins, Patti 193 McKenzie, David 213 McKnight, Jane 213 McLay, Bonnie 213 McLaughlin, Donna 110, 175 McLemore, Bobby 207 McLemore, Michelle 106, 175 McLeod, Geoff 207 McLeod, Susan 201 McLeod, Terry 93, 175 McMahon, Anne 84, 207 McMasters, Kay 201 McMeinburg 187 McNamee, Carolyn 201 McNamee, Johnny 175 McPo1and, Robert 201 McRae, Amanda 201 McRae, Malcolm 213 McReyno1ds, Bruce 118, 175, 217 McReyno1ds, Toni 97, 193 McShan, Rebecca 193 Meinburg, Julie 201 Meinburg, Marty Meshad, Bobbi 207 Meshejian, Mary Ellen 87, 201 Messamore, Jane 64, 82, 181 Metrock, Jim 201 Gerry 201 Greg 212 Julie 86, 109, 114, 115, 175, Lauren 201 Marsha 212 Michael 187 Lorren, Betty Ann 201 McCay, Sherrie 201 McClure, Kim 207 McCollum, Frank 201 McCormack, Jim 212 McCormick, Jim McCormick, Leslye 201 McCoy, Cindy 212 McCoy, Debbie 207 Lorren, Chuck 207 Lott, Richard 201 Lowrey, Ted 201 Lowther, Jack 83, 92, 138, 187 Love, Frank 193 Love, Nancy 212 Lovelady, Rick 212 Lovell, Nancy 207 Loy, Kenny 187 Luke, Shirley 207 Luketic, Davor 193 Luketic, Velimir 103, 109, Lundy, Tim Lupton, Susan 63, 201 Lyerly, Ricky 274 175 McCracken, Cindy 84, 87, 193 McCracken, Joan 87, 193 McCracken, Lynn 207 McCulloch, William 187 McCullough , Charlie McCullough, Marcia 212 McCullough, Mary 201 McCurdy, Danny 212 McCurdy, John 93, 108, 187 McCurdy, Rick 207 McDanal, Scotty 83, 201 McDaniel, McDonald, Lynn 87, 193 Ramona 207 McE1wee, David 212 McEwen, John 207 Meyer, Don 187 Meyer, Jay 138, 142, 146, 148, 160 175 Meyer, Robert 213 Michie, Karen Jo 32, 201 Mikos, Dan 83, 96, 110, 175 Mikos, Diane 207 Mileski, Cathy 201 Miller, Barbara 213 Miller, Barry 201 Miller, Beverly 207 Miller, Bill 193 Miller, Durben 193 Miller, Gary 213 Miller, James Miller, John 213 Miller, Mark 187 Miller, Mary 187 Miller, Ray 201 Mims, Gail 213 Mims, Linda 213 Mims, Susan 87, 201 Mintz, Linda 213 Mitchell, Marjorie 213 Mitchell, Nancy 88, 213 Mitchell, Ned 193 Mitchell, Paulette 93, 97, 91, 109, 110, 175, 183, 221 Mitchell, Tom 213 Mitchem, Linda 86, 187 Mitts, Ellis 207 Mixon, Moats, Moats, Moats, Gail 31, 201 Elizabeth 187 Mike 187 Nafoosi, Mary 213 Neal, Jack 194 Neal, Steve 194 Nelson, Joel 194 Nelson, Karen 188 Nelson, Kenneth Q83 Nelson, Kenneth Q71 213 Nelson, William Nesmirh, Mike 213 Milton 213 Mobley, Steve 213 Moeck, Moller, Steve 193 Oskar 201 Monroe, Dana 86, 88, 96, 118 Newberry, Judy 213 Newell, Curt 194 Newell, Joe 213 Newell, Kathy 188 Newman, Anne 201 Montague, Lyn 207 Moody, Carol Ann 193 Mooney, Julie 193 Mooney, Mary 207 Mooney, Skipper 176 Newman Doris 188 Newman George 213 Newman Gigi Newman Steve 201, Moore, Bill 201 Moore, Bobby 187, 213, 72 Moore, Bobby Moore, David 213 Moore, Debbie 86, 176 Moore, Doug 176 Moore, Freddie 67, 176 Moore, Jim 193 Moore, Nancy 213 Moore, Richard 138, 187 Moore, Robbie 213 Moore, Susan 201 Moore, Thomas 201 Moore, Walter 193 Moorhead, Christine 115, 118, 176 Moorhead, Tina 44,201 Moran, Scott 109, 187 Moragues, Jan 184 Newton, Annalee 108, 109, 188 Newton, Barbara 207 Nicholas, Bobby 188 Nichols, Debbie 201 Nichols, Jim 194 Nicholson, Bill 213 Nicholson, George 201 Nix, Becky 207 Noe, Jimmy 201 Noe, Steve 176 Nolan, Mildrid Noland, Jim 158, 194 Noland, John 213 Nolen, George 188 Noojin, Marian 110, 111, 176 Norwood, Tad 176 Norman, Lamar 201 Norris, Jimmy 201 Norris, Judy Northcutt, Sandra 188 Morgan, Allyn 94,98,188 Morgan, Bill 188 Morgan, Elliot 213 Morgan, Gregory 213 Morgan, Hill 193 Morgan, Lee Morgan, Mary 88, 176 Morgan, Mary M. 201 Morin, Jay 207 Morris, Kathy 213 Morris, Susan 193 Morrison, Buddy 213 Morton, Ray 207 Moses, Elizabeth 188 Mosley, Margaret 193 Mote, Jill 213 Mount, Joseph 213 Mullen, David 193 Mulroy, Richard 213 Muncher, Cynthia 176 Murray, Sherry 193 Murphree, Pat 207 Myers, Charles 193 Myers, Peggy 201 Northcutt, Phylis 201 Northrop, Ricky 207 Nunnaly, Dawn 213 Nunnaly, Dean 207 Nunnaly, Janice 207 Oertel, Eddie 213 Oertel, David 201 Oertel, Robert Ogburn, Beth 213 Ogburn, Bill 188 Ogburn, Steve 207 Ogletree, Lane 213 Ogletree, Jim 176 Ogletree, Pat O'Grady, Cathy O'Grady, Darci 201 O'Grady, Mike 101, 138, 188 O'Grady, Nick 111, 138, 146, 15 157, 162, 163, 176, 181 O'Grady, Patricia 202 O'Neill, Mike Openshaw, Andy 207 Openshaw, Steve 194 Myrann, Lani 188 Myrich, Lyndal 213 Myrick, W. O. 207 Nabors, Donna 194 Nabors, Mike 201 Nadilski, Mark 188 O'Quinn, Charley 202 O'Quinn, Jeri 213 O'Quinn, Susan 188 O'Quinn, Tommy 188 Orman, Mark 194 Osburne , Ricky 213 4, Ostergren, Karen 109, 111, 115, 176 220 Owen, Jody 213 Owen, Sharon 207 Owens, Susan 207 Ozier, Cathy 99, 111, 176 Ozier, Linda 20 8 Packer, Dale 194 Painter, Donna 87, 88, 194 Palmer, Allan 213 Palmer, Debra Palmer, Penny 213 Pantazis, Cary Pappas, Dean 208 Paracca, Buddy 194 Paracca, Teresa 88 Parker, Dale Parker, David 213 Parker, Dudley 188 Parker, Marcia 202 Parker, Ronald 208 Parker, Susan 213 Parsons, Lindsay 213 Pate, Bill 194 Pate, Mary 97, 98, 109, 111, Pate, Ralph 208 Patten, Charlie 213 Patterson, Gail 86, 76, 194 Patton, Bill 194 Patton, Jimmy 188 Patton, Michael 177 Paulin, Robert Paulson, Deborah 213 Payne, Chris 213 Payne, Cindy 194 Payton, Ricky 202 Peak, Jimmy 88, 213 Peak, Martha iss Peake, Amanda 202 Peake, Kay 208 Pearson, Karrell Ann 213 Pearson, Peppe 202 -Peebles, Jene 17 7 Peek, Billie Jo 62, 194 Peek, Garry 213 Peek, Jackie 177 Penn, Cleg 213 Pennington, Mary 213 Perkins, Bill 158, 194 Perkins, Pat 213 Perryman, Jeannie 202 Peterson, Drew 177 Peterson, Kent 202 Pettigrew, Carolyn 177 Pettigrew, Laura 208, 218 Peyton, Ronnie 177 Phillips, Linda 85, 91, 188 1 Phillips, Susan 64, 65, 86, 188 Picard, Gail 177, 74 Pickett, Edward 208 Pike, Danny 194 Pike, Dinah 188 Pike, Lee 177, 188 Pintazis, Cary 194 Piper, Dee 112 Piper, Peggy 202 Pittman, Donna 63, 202 Pittman, Pam 213 Pitts, Vicky 213 Place, John 213 Plan, Roy 202 Plaxco, Johm 208 Pledger, Elaine 32, 33, 86, 188 Plunkett, Hubert 213 Reque, Susan 194 Requett, Jeff 208 Resmondo, Kaye 106, Rylant, Carol 214 Sain, Betsy 214 Sain, Randy 202 Rew Rew Rew, Rew Charlene 208 Eddie 104, 208 Nancy 91, 177 Rebecca 202 Plunkett, Iris 208 Poole Poole , Bill 188 , Linda 208 Rew, Richard 214 Reynolds, Betty 208 Rhodes, Drew 202 Samuel, Bill 214 Sanders David 202 Sanders, Johnny 214 Sanders Ginga 214 Sanders Linda 194 Sanders, Martha 188 Sanders, Steve 194 Posey, Jackie 202 Porter, Mary Ellen 202 Posey, Carl 160, 161, 177 Pourcian, Brian 194 Powell, Barbara 208 Powell, Debra 213 Powell, John 214 Powell, Terry 202 Prentice, Susan 41, 194 Prescott, Daniel 208 Price, Larry 86, 188 Price, Mike 202 Price, Richard 214 Procter, Donna 214 Prosch, Sandra 202 Prosser, Cathy 202 Prosser, Clifford Pruitt, Robert 104, 105, 202 Ptomey, Susan 208 Ptomey, Ed Puckett, Larry 20,8 Putman, Jackie 194 Quanstrom, Chris 188 Raines, Carol 44, 202 Rhodes, Yvonne 86 Rice, Virgil 214 Richards, Cindy 214 Richards, Ken 194 Richards, Neil 214 Richay, Barbara 106, 188 Richeron, Tom 214 Rickerson, Linda 87, 194 Ricketts, Debra 214 Riley, Linda 194 Ringer, Cathy 214 Rivers, Mike 208 Rives, Bo 138, 142, 151 Robbins, Bobby Robbins, Randy 208 Robbins, Ronny 202 Robbins, Vicki 208 Roberts, James 208 Roberts, Johm 214 Roberts, Pat 84, 202 Roberts, Richard 202 Roberts, Vicki 177 Seelbinder, Veda 194 Raine Raine Raine s, Glen 118, 188 y, Linda 214 y, Rodger 40, 91, 202 Ralph, Alan 208 Robertson, Janice 208 Robertson, Randy 214 Robins, Betsy 58, 83, 86, 180 Robins, Bill 214 Robins, Sallie 87, 202 Sanderson, Donna 96, 202 Sargent, Linda 188 Sargent, Robert 194 Saturday, Lynn 208 Saunders, Cathy 188 Saxon, Ronnie 208 Scarvey, Barry 208 Scarvey, Ricky 162, 194 Schauss, Jean 86, 188 Schaefer, Al138, 150, 177 Schaefer, Janice 194 Schaefer, Jessie 194 Scheinert, Eddie 177, 171 Schmidtkie, Larry 208 Schooley, Robert 93, 109, 188, Schoppert, Stuart 93, 188 111, 177, Robinson Razek, Joanna 208 Reich Randall, Bill 208 Randall, Mickey 188 Rasbe Rasbe rry, Edna 208 rry, John 194 Rasco, Michael 207 Rasco, Wendell 88, 177 Rast, Bob 194 Rast, Chuck 177 Rast, Mike 62, 208 Rast, Sue 214 Ray, Ben 99, 177 Ray, Jimmy 208 Ray, Kathy 202 Ray, Marjorie 202 Ray, Nan 86, 188 Razek, Lois 83, 84, 194 Real, Donna 202 Reale, Hubert 87, 214 Reed, Jimmy 188 Reed, Mike 202 Reese, David 202 Reese, Stephanie 106, 188 Reese, Steven 214 Reich, Richard 202 , Robyn 214 Robinson, Anita 86 Robinson, Bill Robinson, Dale 208 Robinson, Forrest 208 Robinson, Hugh Robinson, Lamar 202 Robinson, Marsha 208 Robinson , Peggy 194 Sharon 214 Roche, Bobby 214, 202 Roche, Peggy 214 Rockett, Ann 35, 188 Rockwell, Sherman 194 Roden, Bobby 138, 194 Ronat, Jeanne 214 Roosevelt, Verdery 208 Relfe, Margaret 202 Renfro, George Renfro, Max 152,202 276 Root, Dianne 177, 171 Roper, Mary 87, 202 Rorie, Mike 208 Ross, Alan 202 Roy, Bill 202 Runge, Shirley 194 Rush, Janette 67, 83, 188 Rush, Ronda 208 Russell, Angie 188 Rutledge, Lynn 194 Ruzicka, Dianne 86, 171 Ruzicka, Gary 214 Schrader, Connie 202 Schrader, Mary 88, 202 Schultz, Sharon 214 Scivley, Dale 202 Scott, Donald 188 sem, Kit 177, 171 Scott, Ronald 177 Scroggins, Alan 208 Seale, James 188 Seelbinder, Ric 138, 177 Segrist, Shirley 214 Selby, Elaine 208 Self, Yancy 202 2 Sellers, Cathy 91, 108, 109, 202 Sellers, Margaret 86, 108, 109, 188 Sellers, Marjorie 86, 109, 188 Sereno, Greg 214 Sereno, Lynda 86, 111, 118, 177 77 Sereno, Mark 208 Shackelford, Judy 202 Shannon, Rex 86, 188 Sharman, Cathy Sharman, Mike 202 Sharp, Jimmy 188 Sharp, Patty 208 Sharpe, Lance 194 Shaw, Kathy 208 Shaw , George 202 Shaw, Johm 202 Shell, Donna 188 Shell, Thomas 208 Shelnut, Donna 214 Shepherd, Susanne 214 Sheppard, Jane 106, 178 Sheppherd, Bettye 214 Sheilds, Lou 194 Shoemaker, Marsha 178 111, 115, 177, Shore, Lee Shutz, Mary Jane 214 Sides, John 194 Sides, Marilyn 214 Sides, Paul 202 Siener, Barbara 214 Siener, Peggy 189 Simmons, Bill 208 Sims, Cynthia 189 Sims, Beverly 208 Sims, Jack 214 Sims, Sherry 202 Sisson, Jane 194 Skaggs, Sue 202 Skelton, George 195 Sumners, Steve 203 Sloan, Barbara 31, 202 Smart, Linda 32, 189 Smart, Susan 208 Smith, Charles 214 Smith, Clyde 208 Smith, Cynthia 178 Smith, David 195 Smith, Debbie 189 Smith, Elaine 189 Smith, Ester 214 Smith, Frank 208 Smith, Gary 195 Smith, Jay 208 Smith, Jenny 214 Smith, John 178, 214 Smith, Johm Smith, Larry 195, 202 Smith, Larry 84, 88,208 Smith, Laura 202 Smith, Linda 202 Smith, Lynn 67, 178 Smith, Martha Ann 202 Smith, Nancy 214 Smith, Paul Smith, Ree 214 Smith, Ricky 178 Smith, Ronnie 189 Smith, Roscoe 202 Smith, Susan 195 Smith, Teresa 203 Smith, Wayne 195 Smoot, Drennen Snider, Sharon 203 Snoddy, Barbara 91, 96, 178 Snoddy, Beverly 195 Snoddy, Eddie 214 Snyder, Cathy 214 Snyder, Sandra 195 Sosebee, Rusty 208 Spader, Kathy 214 Spain, Ken 203 Spain, Sue 195 Spearman, John 189 Spencer, James 203 Spencer, Laura 31, 99, 109, 114, 115, 178 Spier, Chuck 214 Spotswood, Rochelle Spratlin, Susan 63, 203 Stakes, Eddie 97, 102, 109, 171 Stakes, Freddie 178 Steed, Doss 195 Stegall, Bill 97, 203 Steiner, Chuck 203 278 111, 160, 178, Steiner, Diane 209 Stephens, Charlene 189 Stephens, Helen 209 Stephens, Richard 214 Stevens, Gay 203 Stevens, Jan 209 Stevens, Raichar Stevenson, Kay 189 Stewart, Bill 189 Stewart, Malcolm Stewart, Maetha 209 Stewart, Malcolm 209 Stewart, Mike 189 Stewart, Ruth 203 Thacker, Serena 178 Thagard, Donna 214 Thagard, Missy 195 Thigpen, Stanley 94, 98, 178 Thomas, Alice 64, 65, 86, 97, 132 178 Thomas, Ann 209 Thomas, Clyde 195 Thomas, David 138, 142, 146, 160, 178, 217 Thomas, Dee 214 Thomas, Jan 215 Thomas, Karen 209 Thomas, Paul 189 Stivers, Bill 93, 189 Stobert, Charles 214 Stobert, James 214 Stoklosa, Joe 203 Stoltz, Cathy 87, 99, 195 Stovert, Pete 214 Stowe, Cary 214 Stowe, Perry 189 Strain, Daivd 95, 178 Stratlin, Susan 63 Strawbridge, Newman 42, 150, 168, 178 94, 138 Strawbridge , Sammy 203 Strickland, Strickland, Strickland , Strickland, Strickland, Strickland, Diane 209 James 189 Janie 83, 88, 178, 72 Kay 195 Rebecca 209 Tommy 67, 178 Sttipling, Mike 203, 218 Stlipling, Pat 109, 115, 178, 74 Stroer, Bill 154, 156, 157, 189 Strong, James 214 Strong, Joyce 203 Stroud, Pam 209 Strozier, Elaine 209 Thomas, Randy 209 Thomason, Bill 203 Thompson, Linda 115, 178 Thompson, Rosalind 189 Thompson, Steve 209 Thornton, Betty 203 Thornton, Luke 195 Thorp, Florence 215 Thorpe, Susan 97, 189, 93 Thrailkill, Melinda 189 Tice, Keith 52, 94, 103, 138 151 178, 1s2 Tidd, Diana Tidd, Paula 195 Tidwell, David 209 Tilden, Allen 203 Tilden, Nancy 82, 94, 93, 109 111 178 Tilson, Hugh 203 Tipton, Milton 215 Tobin, Alandra 209 Tobin, Francis 178 Tomb, Blair 82, 84, 88, 138 178 68 Tomb, Bill 203 Tomb, Mary Ann 215 Tompkins, David 189 Stuart, Beth 203 Stuart, James 214 Stuart, Wheeler 189 Stump , Sullivan Andrew 214 , Cindy 111, 112, 178 Sullivan, Pam 214 Sullivan, Sue 203 Summer s, Susan 109 Swanson, Nils Tanner, Tamp 214 Tapscott, Randy 195 Tate, Patricia 195 Tate, Rob 209 Taylor, Bobby 203 Taylor, Brenda 203 Taylor, Debby 41, 209 Taylor, Ira 189 Taylor, Linda 214 Templeton, Ed 203 Tongue, James 203 Tourney, Suzy 41, 87, 97, 195 Tousiant, Karen 179, 71 Traylor, Cathy 195 Truss, Bobby 203 Truss, Chris 203 Truss, Julie 215 Truss, Ricky 215 Truss, Tom 209 Tucker, Bill 86, 123, 179 Tucker, John 209 Tully, Bob 203 Tully, Donna 195 Turkington, Sally 93, 195 Turner, Michael 179 Twaddle, Kathy 215 Tyler, Becky 215 Tyler, Muriel 203 Underwood, Danny 215 Underwood, Tommy 189 Templeton, Linda 195 Terrell, Al 203 Terry, Carla 214 Terry, Joseph 209 Thacker, Bonnie 195 Thacker, J. R. 96, 209 Thacker, Laura 214 Underwood, Wayne 203 Urquhart, Bill 215 Usher, Charlie 215 Vance, Charles 209 Vance, James 189 Vance, Nicki 209 Vanderback, Vickie 209 Vaughn, Howard 203 Vaughn, Judy 203 Vaughn, Lamar 215 Vaughn, Mike 215 Vaughn, Nancy 203 Vaughn, Patricia 215 Vick, Gordan Wells, Jay 215 Wells, Patti 64, 65, 83, 86, 102, 109, 111, 179, 180, 219 Wise, Kenneth 215 Wolbach, Janice 203 Wolbach, Stephen 215 Wendland, Joyce 195 Wentz, Susan 88, 203 Westwater, Anne 93, 189 Whalen, Susan 203 Wood, Alan 209 Wood, Brad 209 Wood, Charlotte 31, 83, 195 Wood, Croley 138, 150, 162, 163, 179, 70 Vick, Mary Jane 209 Villadsen, Martha 215 Vines, Frank 209 Viness, Eleanor 111, 112, 179 Vinyard, Gay 203 Vinyard, Peggy 189 Vitalis, Susan 215 Von Bevrin, Stephen 215 Whatley, Martha 33, 195 Wheeler, Ed 94, 154, 157, 179 220 Wheeler, Paul 209 Whitcomb, Martha 203 Whitcomb, Richard 209 Vowell, Vickie 83, 189 Waites, Charles 93, 108, 189 Waites, Cathy Waldo, Bryson 215 Walker, Barbara 96, 203 Walker, Lisa 215 Walker, Patti 203 Walker, Steve 203 Walker, Susan 84, 209 Walsh, Ed 93, 195 Walton, Brand 109, 112, 179 Walton, Robin 203 Ward, Ricky 195 Ware, Cathy 203 W arm ac Warner , k, Gail 179 5 Sue 203 Warnick, Donna 111, 189 Warr, Patricia 215 Warren, Dianne 203 Warren, Radford 215 Warren, Richard 209 Warrington, Linda 64, 65, 195 Wash, Karen 215 Waters, Kathy 203 Waters, Newman 203 Watkins, Jane 209 Watkins, Mark 138, 189 Watkins, Paula 203 Watkins, Steve D, 158, 195 Watkins, Steve 195 Watson, Betty Lynn 215 Watson, Clark 215 Watson, Elizabeth 215 Watson, Sandra 179 Watt, George 108, 189 Watters, Carol 209 Watts, Brenda 209 Watts, Cathy 203 Wear, Michael 209 Weed, James 209 White , Barbara 203 White, Becky 87, 195 White, Bill 209 White, Carol 189 White, Clifford 203 White, Don 179 White, Harvey 195 White, Jimmy 215 White, Kathy 209 White, Kenneth 215 White, Larry 209 White, Linda 64, 65, 114, 189 White, Linda White, Rickey 195 White, Robert 209 Whitehead, Beverly 189 Whiteside, David 203 Whiteside, John 215 Whitfield, Robert 162, 189 Whittington, Charlotte 215 Wideman, Terry 86, 115, 179 Wiggins, ltis 39, 209 Wood, Dickie 195 Wood, Janet 215 Wood, Margaret 215 Wood, Neal 209 Woods, Johnny 215 Woodruff, Martha 215 Woodward, Mary Lynn 195 Wright Barbara 209 Wright Debra 209 Wright, Karen 86, 189 Wright, Kneeland 215 Wright Larry 215 Wright Marsha 32, 33, 189 Wright Michael 215 Wyatt, Carol 91, 203 Wyatt, Dianne 87, 195 Wysong, Barri 215 Yarbrough, Rachel 203 Yates, Judy 64, 65, 111, 168, 179, 219 Yawn, Bobby 195 Yeilding, Bill 189 Yessick, Alison 215 York, Bonnie 189 York, Jack 189 York, Karen 195 York, Sandra Weed, Li Ann 97, 189 Weems, Jim 45, 179 Weems, Ray 195 Wege, William 209 Weger, Micki 209 Weidenbach, Allen 189 Weidenbach, Sherry 209 Weidenbach, Steve 203 Weldon,'Jessie 118, 179 Wells, Barbara 203 Wells, Debbie 63, 83, 203 278 Wilbanks, Bruce 93, 189 Wilbanks, Glenda 203 Wildsmith, Anita 203 Wildsmith, Morris 85, 179 Wiley, Hank 158, 195 Wilkerson, Nancy 195 Wilkes, Joyce 87, 195 Willard, Donald Willey, Susan 209 Williams, Clark 88, 189 Williams, David 195 Williams, Ellen 86, 179 Williams, Harold 156, 157, 160, 161, 179, 183 Williams, Mary Amelia 215 Williams, Rickey 215 Williamson, Cathy 209 Williamson, Linda 95, 99, 106, 109, 179, 220 Williamson, Madeline 179 Williamson, Michelle 209 Williamson, Peggy 189 Willis, Barry 179 Wilson, Elizabeth 203 Winfree, Sharon 189 Wingate, Billy 93, 92, 179 Wingate, Toni 195 Wingo, Elizabeth 195 Wingo, Gayle 215 Winstead, Sherry 215 Wintz, Barbara 189 Wise, Bobby 189 York, Sharon 179, 209 Young, Robert 195 Young, Stephen 215 Youngblood, Linda 215 Youngblood, Susan 179 Youngstead, Barbara Youngstead, Norman Youngsteadt, Barbara 189 Youngsteadt, Denise 215 Zabel, Elaine 35, 96, 98, 112 Zaragoza, Albert 195 Zaragoza, Beverly 203 Zaragoza, Paula 215 Zimmerman, Danny 203 Zimmerman, Dick 195 TAYLQISJ 'COMPANY Arnold, Katherine: Indiana University, B. S. Balch, Marvin: Western Michigan University, B. S. Barton, Christine: Alabama College, B. S. Bauchet, Rosemary: University of Alabama, B. S. Bishop, Kenneth: University of Wyoming, B. S. Blaylock, Margaret: Alabama College, B. S. , University of Alabama, M. A. Bowen, Linda: Auburn University, B. S. Bowers, Mattie Lou Chandler: Uni- versity of Alabama, B. S. Brazeman, Aimee: Birmingham- Southern College, A. B. Bush, John: Howard College, B. M. E. Buzzard, Linda: University of Alabama, B. A. Carpender, Elizabeth: Howard College, B. S. , University of Alabama, M. A. Chastain, Audra: Howard College, B. S Cherry, Mary: University of Southern Mississippi, B. S. Collier, Earlene: Florence State Teacher College, B.S. University of Alabama, M.A. Cooper, James Anna: Howard College, B. S. , University of Alabama, M.A. Clark, Elizabeth: University of Alabama, B.'S. , M.S. Clayton, William Donald: Auburn University, B. S. Creel, Royce: Howard College, B. S. , University of Alabama, M.A. Cunningham, Kay: University of Alabama, B. S. Davis, Revae: University of Southern Mississippi, B. S. Dickinson, Charles: Mississippi State,' B. S. , M. A. Doty, Elizabeth: Troy State, B. S. Douglas, Jerry: University of Alabama, B. S. , M. A. Elliot, Esta: Howard College, B. S. , University of Alabama, M. A. F acult Director Finley, Robert: Marion Institute, A. S. , University of Tennessee, B. S. Galloway, Ted: University of Alabama B. S. , M. A. Gann, Thomas: Auburn University, B. S. , University of Alabama, M.A. Cranberry, Emily: Howard College, A. B. Harding, LaVondra: Alabama College, B. S. Hartman, Donald: University of Americas, B.A. Hawkins, Esther: Alabama College, B. S. Helms, Eva: University of Alabama, B. S. Herring, Evelyn: Jacksonville State, B. S. , University of Alabama, -M. A. Hicks, Emily: Alabama College, A.B. Higginbotham, Virginia: Florence State, B. S. Huffman, Elizabeth: Birmingham - Southern, B. S. Hughes, Judith: Jacksonville State, B. S. Johnson, James: University of Alabama, B. S. Jeffers, Lilliam: Alabama College, B. S. Kelly, Margaret: Howard College, B. S. Kirkland, Sara: Troy State Teachers College, B. S. Knowles, Billye: Alabama College, A. B. Lawler, Mary: Howard College, B. S. Lee, Phoebe: Northwestern University, B. S. Levi, Joanne: Huntington College, A. B. Logan, David: Jacksonville State, A.B. , B. S. Lovelady, Richard: Auburn University, B. S. , University of Alabama, M.A. Lusco, John: Birmingham - Southern, B. A. Marchich, Sara: Pennsylvania State Universityf' B. A. McClinton, Mary: Alabama College, B.A. McMahon, Betty: Huntington College, B. A. Meyer, Phyllis: University of Michi- gan, A.B. Mosley, Virginia: Livingston State, B. S. New, Linda: Auburn University, B. S. Newsom, Toni: University of Texas, B. A. Nicholas, Barbara: Alabama College, B. S. Painter, Mary: Howard College, B.S. Pate, Dorothy: Howard College, B. S. University of Alabama, M. A. Patterson, Lelia: Birmingham- Southern, B.A. Perdue, Nancy: Brenau College, A.B. Propst, Drucilla: Birmingham - Southern, A. B. Ramsey, LaVerne: Huntington College, B.A. Reed, Elizabeth Ann: Howard College B. S. Ronat, Elizabeth: Westminister, B.S. Seay, Sarah: East Carolina State, B. S Stange, Anna: University of Alabama, B.A. Sutter, Virginia Hicks: Birmingham - Southern, A. B. Wheeler, Nancy: Berry College, B. S.H.E., Wilson, Larry: Howard College, B. S. , University of Alabama, M.A. Wilson, Melinda: Birmingham - Southern College, B.A. Wingo, Laura: University of Texas, B. A. , University of Michigan, M. A. Woodfin, Shirley: Howard College, A. B. Woods, Raymond: Saint Bernard, A.A Howard College, B. S. Wright, Jean Walston: Birmingham - Southern College, A. B. Yielding, Clyde: Birmingham - Southern Colleges, B. S. , Peabody, M. A. W Edit0r's Page In Appreciation It's all over, the days of going to school without your Math homework and the nights when you didn't get home before dark. You hold in your hands the product of months of work, tension, and pressure, We hope that through this annual, you can relive the many events, activities, and personalities of your high school years at Berry, We, the staff, would like to thank all of those who have made the Caravel possible. We would especially like to thank Mr. Yielding our principal, Mr. Bolin and Mr, Robbins of Taylor Publishing Company, The staff would like to thank our guest photographers, Mr. Bren- nen, Mr, Waldrop, Mr, James Thomas, Mr. Baber, Mr. Naisham, and Mr, Pogue who have made so many beautiful pictures for us. Our deepest appreciation goes to Mrs. Autrey for endless hours of work and her untiring effort in the completion of our first annual. Brenda Duke, Managing Editor , zso

Suggestions in the Berry High School - Caravel Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) collection:

Berry High School - Caravel Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Berry High School - Caravel Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Berry High School - Caravel Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Berry High School - Caravel Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Berry High School - Caravel Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Berry High School - Caravel Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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