Berrien Springs High School - Canoe Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI)

 - Class of 1952

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Berrien Springs High School - Canoe Yearbook (Berrien Springs, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1952 volume:

THE 1952 CANOE STAFF Presents 'Rafe 1 frrg Vg Crfzho-, .-.nth og bark through iheg brgh? :rv-error of T51 U' 1 "U -'VH HC- l'hfLf0-fidfj' grow xi- 'O VCU-.L you In 50114: of WL .Cr ro. ,rw whit ,eg-r"1og:gon rrwiarf ., or n zo 1fv'C,1UCC .oo TC-50111: o' fhu. aol lr- Eff'-rr L-h Srrrrrrqg Hrqh Sf1'roVfLCsrri Thar irfgrhape you riwirrf rr-not Uhr Cdrwrjm Camo-., Your fhrough H115 ,JJU 3251001 year! 1:46 LAISO hom, -,rll heir' goo rvcorrf rrvfeluhlrf. those rreoplcr piaccz and oxrverlehcee wh Ch ou -,rsh to hlf w:.a3, OIT Thy Poeruhg him rvemorj, Thug lflrdglfkfify VYIOTLOVI orucforo was Taken through pcrsohal Qdrherag your eyes, wnth dialogue added 'yy the Cahoo Staff. I 1 I f ..- Caper with us .. Our First Stott Is to Dedicate this iicticious Film to... The Sen on Class ot 1952 is proud to dedicate the Canoe to Mr Burton Aldrtrh for ali the wonderful he!p the suggestons, and the cofoperatuon he has given us tnroagiiout our high-sihooi careers. We gatefuil, attend our thanks I f W 0 I 1 0 'Q' -' i, 2 ome in for a close un . . . .of uour advisors in Berrien-Hiuh-Land MR. PAUL EMERICH Superintendent SCHOOL ADMINISTDATIO at Berrien Surinqs MR. CARL GUETTLER Elementary Principal MR. DOUGLAS WATSON High School Principal School Board Nl Hs WW' 1 .LQQMQX X 1lll mmunmu y IICI . :zzz 5 IIZI -I Q- III' ll sl EEF' nmrflf 5 ii:?iF' " D g:::::5g , E 'j sssssssu, 'Q 3 iiiiiiig' 2 E iijiiiq 'L 'E-zu WI: 2 L. llxxl 1 mail wa yy Em! ' a m. ,5 X f 1 "BHK 1 Eizzxzxi..- 1"' :rua K ll -If I' E We lm K U - A Vi, VICTOR KING IULIA HOOPINGARNEE HAXINK KILNDALL AI BVRTA I ONGNLF 2- K7 PHYLLZS G I I O84 LINES NHELMA ERUPPEI. IVV ILL? Ml HBLE J LL f"TlrL'fl1 BURTON ALDRIFH fwii'AJf5 QQNALL ASHEKTNN ummm FFRPUSON NILLIAM MOWRY Ll OYIJ NOGGLE. LL IOHN BHAWDERQ f11f'Ill'T LAN l l1PfuCh'Uf"-.I1 OYD NOTHSTINL SAMUFL SMART ILAN WAGNER ff ri' My , 1:1 V Q I ,iw 1- -A , ix V 4,,.f' f,.C,8Qf Our Thanks o 0 MRS GARK Mrs G nc s retary the three custo dlans also not pictured the cooks and bus drivers MR ARNETT MR JOHNSON MR VANDENBURG 8 I . . ,I ...,e: , - I I 1' '. -A..-v W Third Stop of our main Feature Isalookat... Senior Class A . SENIORS BEVERLY ADAMS General Course HAROLD BISHOP General Course F F A BEVERLY BRANT Commercial Course tff DONALD CLEM Ceneral Course 9 CAROL BAREFIELD College Prep Course IOHN BOAL General Course V SHIRLEY BRANT Commerclal Course DONALD CRAWFORD General Course ar z fazkeig 'f l gi, L5 ' ' ' ' 'f ffm X, A 1 gl, I ' ,- Z K , VJ .-,, ,-- , . .- . -, . E4 1, P' f :A if ' . ' 'V fy ,A -V, Cnc-effa :A ' L f , Q-1-' "f 1 ,V ,f-V Zulu '-37, f L 'rv yn 5 M - ' re f 5.4: 'f I' ,. A ' If I F' A 'ff' Fa'-'f L 1,1 e f I r A 3 rn. fr + V7 my V! f Y A lllklll Pla, 'Alf' fEl'LCFlQ3'li' ' "xl, 'ff g-wtf f Q '31 ' A Bla url,-za. , 'ff "lf .S azz ff' 55 3 AL' H' 5 ' ' '73 'ill' kc-'ful ff '7 ', Dflju AJ'f'r F' ' ' TL S' " ' fx 'nm xl ffl, rg, C tem of fr Q ' -ad A ,, 'VW Self 'i 2 Fl Wlfmll QW V. 'ff F"-J '35 ,X ' "N f 4-1- 'fu Q7 Ce' f aff C2 C' 'L V ' 4 V fflwm 53 'wkwilll V ' 1-AI, , 1 ' , - 1 4 ' ' W . V' , . - 1, ' ,4 N . lui.. , A L 2, li ir.. I, :xy I 'gf' 'Y Q ' A 5- .1 f lv . A V., V 5, , , , yy f ' ' EU SENIORS SHEILA GERARD BETTY FRYMAN College Prep Course College Prep Course 5 K Brofk 9 fd B 135119 L, V r f' r' F H A a r J 6 'A ua 5' J HENRY HEIMBUCH EARL HARDACRE Agricultural Course General Course My J1ba11 1.1S1EV nb A V X I 2 F A ur M 1 e S X. K Ar ar 4, rv I 15 rd k LORAINE HILDEBRAND Commercral Course ROBERT HH-L A General Course A Trua urer O N VL we Our r S Boy Avon S 3 ' L'2f!'?w"' 7 L1me1 11 ' 3 9 ' 1 51 rerary ' 8 ROGER lescnxz WILLIAM HOLLOWAY "e"e"" jaws' General Course 3 F C 1 ' 1 Q 011,311 1 1 1 1 Ab B L C If 'X 1 S Bm ks I U B 9 11 1 Ceerfeaief '52 '51 "Ou M125 E'Qzka" '51, "5 '3'i'i'T5 'L , 2 .ff "ECA Abu' Ezbeue '52, "C-1V MSE H '51 C11 '49, 'ff 'TZ Tfkef- "ins Mig' 'Q ' J' '22 Sen or N 15-ta' D e":r Psa Ceo 96156 11 '51 'fl ,, 'QV 1-ofa' 'fl Cf-'ee'Te de 5 Cf 1,51 '55, we L11 '49 ' p'iE'C.'i1T' 1, M4131 me ri 'ar '51 , , , , FFA "9, ff, '51, '52, 13251, H51 1 5 Cl EF F as QE-rf '5 , F lifd' 10" "1 "ow vu 1' ml' 1 "' ' 'e",Qh B,fJ,,C,, 1 5 ' E'a'f 32, Ddiafe earn Dx ,1 1 ,M T , ,EO F11 '19, '50, '51, '52, FH We '51, FH, ,g ,, , A p ,S MH. ff fvvig 11QIlHq 1?,Nm 53, 51, Book" '51, " ws 1' X S" ' ' ,, V, E1fr1.,11x,-"ig ' 11g1 '52, J' jg ,P1,y,E ' Cie 'jg '51 "1"' Od LM' "2 '52 f' Hgfnb '-19, '50, '51, '52, ff V ,I Trw. '-17, W", '51, '52, Bell ":E"U'1f,'1Q111 1l1-ww EO' 'J' 5 ' D J 'Ene 3111 gh'111e" '52, ' 3 ' . 115 ,O " '51, 1 fn nor M 515 1 '52 1 1 1 SENIORS CHARLES KEELER General Course IAMES KING College Prep Course IANICE KN UTH General Course LOIS KOEBEL General Course Earn, 'i FHA 5? F H A VT-Egg .' 9 12 LOIS KETT LEHUT General Course EDNA KLUG General Course DARLENE KOEBEL Commercial Course 5 1 ll TT DIANA LOU KRIEGER College Prep Cour.e FPA Quan .85 I" El DOROTHY LANSDALE Commercral Course BETTY IO MCINTIRE General Course G 6 U1 A ll AUDREY NEIDLINGER College Prep Course De nat C DARLENE PAIGE General Course G C 9 13 SENIORS CHARLES LINDT College Prep Course BLVA MOORE JJV College Prep Course TED OLIVER General Course Or 5, mx GARY PENNINGTON General Course G an Old 15 ld fl mm - I. "5 ff ',i, 'if ,Z Avia fan ',', QQ ef ::f'f"5 Eg: 1. . V, fu Y ' R , - 721515 "X Y 4, Q , r, , ,. 5 , - my ,fa ,,, wed. fy, as reed ,Z ,t' Q ,fy FMF 12- ii ee 1 REC, M - f' , M' 3'5" L3 Pvie , .' 45 Q , f', 'f2 E-af: '12, ' , Ql, Q4 , Carp '33, 'Ll - 'i' Cl in 'ef SCF 'f' A-'Ui' f, S ref", f my 'ZZ Hep- al "Biff-, U, ' l3'1lD- lff-'ggll '-32, fl 'Ll' 22, 24 M iaff,f,kf," 51, 'L' '. AUM' ft ,lf-f'f" 12, Q" ' NYASY c '12 . , ., F "ef if ' ',l C2 vaferv, liapn-Ewa? ,. ,C LMP 'ff ' rr' 21, ez Eefi '42, 1 Y, '23 me 9, " '22, "Our Mes Erimkf' 'gl 57M 7 N 'A E , fd, me ,J "v Flaiq pred .1 "af ' ' ' , ff r L V I V N L Hg we I WM ,-17 f, 'J' C'J,5i,.?Cl""""' ' " Cami- Sag' '32 'e-'ref '-'EC lui: 'uf ,. :WJ v , - L , iefvvell 39, '55, fl, CHN 33, , F-fall '37 ii, liaeeball C , f ' '12 fl-we -1, If k '49, '51 Dall fi, 'Om M52 ' 'Mew d El, Arla? Club 'ff fi Lg, 'ffl "Our M S , E"'m"fl,E'.'e,'C. - SENIORS NANCY POYSER Commercial Course WILLIAM ROBINSON Commercnal Course Car RUTH RUDLAFF General Course Q C I F H A L PDQIIC LEI LA SCHMAL Commercral Course A 9 ww IANIS PUDELL Commerclal Course IERRY ROSLAWSKI General Course Irxoks '7 DONNA SCHLUNDT Commercral Course va M v 5 CC FILI u O r N115 5 Brcwk Ba ke a a 0 1 b a I I Q DI m 2 Cam Q a HELEN SCHMALL Commercial Course STEVE SIMCO College Prep Course k e re F FQ Q 3 2 Pm 3 p ADELINE STELTNER Commercaal Course B rw 49 F l H CAROL STREIGHT General Course eerleader D l tball ur Mass Brooks B ys About Bobe-fre lm I gh fa CLD 49 a pc er DICK TROPP Agncultural Course Class Treasurer Ea Ketball 9 2 Basketball Cap a rw F F A Reporter e Fa rver 9 15 SENIORS EARN ESTINE SMITH Commercial Course rw a Old Lae P Msa P ELAINE STOVER Commercial Course 2 F r a , 2 Ba ke? a Lmel1gF Saff F2 Lwbrary RONNIE VORRATH General Course A D FFA e r ry 2 Lumelnght Ta Baselall 5 Sl FooTbaH D2 B ETTY TH RAN Commercual Course u r: Fe D Gro FHA 524 '43, if 'fl '52' Traf 'fl '52, "Beg Avia' "ee'ea:e' ff, 'EQ '52, Eibf 'f '52, V FA 5. 'ff ess 49, 'ig '51, Us' 2 Club 'Ley S' eve 'Ate 1: nd 5 " C 'f, ' tgra 'Q ,U Q2 Se 1' J 'C Y '52, '31 ?lZE'i'kvT,E'V1 '52, Sparwglw ,' ,A ,- FH 'fi 'f 'Z ad 5, sw HA. -5 ruff lf TH-A '43 'QD 'Sv 'U deg f 5 53 6' "' Q f 5 b H ,du 1'O,",3Q'H' Lf Cs, Stud-erwf Comer! '52, ij ,ay arm Fa ,N ,, L, N1 aa 52 Cb ,SZ Ch WC, '5, '52, Baske '49, FO, ':l, '52, 2 F HO 4 J 7, ,SI FF 131, f 25 H 3 S. ff J If T72 me '5 , S ff , 4 ' "v ,. f ' f L El T S ff 52, uler, ,K-Q-f J jg' Of I Cl l ' , '52, Cl ss Re- 'F A rf 'ET - '49, li , ' 5' '-5 'EQ 'f', Lfelg' Slaff '52, "Hays 'S 5 ' f , jg, Au: f nga ne" "Z, ' C2 , , EY, 'EZ C .15 '49, 531, . . '43, Stal V W '52, Bagena S-, if i2 ,DI l l SENICRS IOAN WELLINGTON General Course DARLEN E Z ECH General Course A alee Cub Llq llTR lqlwl Sla PHYLLIS ZELMER Commerclal Course L 1 l- X Q Bama wrl Old u M5 ROBERT CHANDLER General Course FFA EO Sl LORETTA WHITMAN Commercnal Course DEAN ZERBY General Courfe a 7 if llJ v baud l Dena S HERMAN SAITZ College Prep Course Tra K 7 Baseball L mel gh all T am V N EUGENE ENDERS Commercnal Course F all 49 O Sl P Basketball 49 SO Cla President 49 50 Band SC Sl 52 Glee Club 49 Class IUIII BEVERLY ADAMS I CAROL BAREFIELD HAROLD BISHOP JO N BOAL I I F I BEVERLY BRANTI II I L SHIRLEY BRANTS BOB CHANDLERS e I ham IIIQ mI Q B P DON CRAWFORD I S IIQI IW EUGENE ENDERS I TY FRYMAN I III IV SHEILA GERARD I EARL HARDACRES II CII II 5 CIJII QCCCIII5 HENRY HEIMBUCH S I I LORAINE HILDEBRAND I I HILLSIJI' IS C II HOLLOWAY QI e II I r II E ROGER JESCHKE Icaxc UIC, I I To DIIIQ Vx IIU IJII CHARLES KEELER KETTLEHUT CISIS I cm II Iam L 0 Cc II A Crew CUT EvaII Fung I II VI 5 Im JAMES KING A KLUG QIIQQ IIer 0 I I fI L QI our Ler Ieffer IIIIPQ IDIIII JANICE KNUTH I IIIS O I DARLENE KOEBEL Ieax VI I BIWCIVQ aIIII Io M III II N I II LOIS KOEBE NA KRIEGER II sw OTHY LANSDALE I a S II IQI RLES LINDT IIII III Inav Ib II TTY MCINTIRE IJ QI0 I UCI P AUDREY NEIDLINGERS I I 'QI II I I TED OLIVER I LENE PAIGE QIa I ,I QIT GARY PENNINGTON I cj NANCY POYSER O JANIS PUDELL In Q II BILL ROBINSON IIC IO II QL Ie Io JERRY ROSLAWSKI RUTH RUDLAFF II: er I I HERMAN SAITZ I I Is XI I II I DONNA SCHLUN HELEN SCHMALL II II wo DOIIIII3 FISIIU I5 IJIPSQIQ FI LEILA SCHMALS IIIQIII C STEVE SIMKO ERNESTINE SMITH LINE STELTNER ELAINE STOVER S Ion CAROL STREIGHTS BETTY THRAN DICK TROPP QI P I3 I RONNIE VORRATH I Q D JOAN WELLINGTON LORE'I'I'A WHITMAN DARLENE ZECH PHYLLIS ZELMER I E, DEAN ZERBY II I I7 O All .,4, I.,,I,r,,J, , Ieggg I ",, I 'L p Ig" 'ICf'E"'. QE'iI H III? Q 72 .IIQ :III f. 'Q If' aI 2 II Az, 'QII.fII'.I'ff NIA' JII DOI Ji ILJ'.dQ Ima II Q ' II I II ' t as ' Q dm 'II1III',. Q. X'I.I.I,Q fx Q I 5 I-Is QIV3' IJ. DON CLEM 'QI if IfIIeI,. 'I 3 ICCIIQ: 515:17 'Q 711' .'II 2' HIS I'IIoIIxIef.QQ If f' II . I.I' 'I II,,I SII- BET II 5 In exIgII'I,IIg IIQ0- 'II IIIIII II IIII. take 'IJ QU 'C Jar? ' 3 I. am- QIIQ' 'Q In EIIIIII,-.gk.I ga e 'I " ' II.IfgI IQICQ. I:.I 2 Ulf 'Ic1IV7J'I, 'II QIIIIIIIIIII Q' I BOB ' ' I II f,1DIl".Of TIII: MIIIQIIQI" I'IIII ' mi II, f,IIc'I' BILL I 5 I2 max, IIII 10 A an rII.gfIg, I wa. IIQI II- IIIQ DQII.: VQOII' ' 1 " I 5 f C, QIQX, '.-, II", III5 II.I I,', Iwo? LOIS I I Q ' ICI' ' I Is.iI.fII IH dI'IIE.III, QIIJIIIII . 'I II 0 I "II . . EDN I- C IECIIOI U L I I3 'Q 7:Xf .a3IIIeI f W I 5 ', -I I Fas Ma Ie Ne II Q I E9 I Q ff I III. I 5 'IIIOIIII .Id ef 'Vex III CIIIQ L'S rIfafIIIIf-12 DIA If II.-1 III1-I 'ILIII IIII I I.I1II.III Iwi, I IIQI4 DOR HQ QT III3 II 'II IRII, IIQIII. CHA I' I 5 S 3 C Q ab IITV, YO JQCI IIJIeeQf4IfI BE Q- '.-. fsI - CLIP QII II QII FIIIII KCIQIIIIII BLVA MOORE WIII3 IIEV .III IHIII .IQIV Ecu IOIIII IIIIIIII ' II II II IIIA'I'I.I DCIVI .I ' Illi' III5 TQ 'If,L3.', LI III JQIII' I"i.,IIIII"'. DAR I. 'I I 2 IIQI QIQIIIIQI ICI MI X I'IrI:.II QIIIQ5 v.IIII IQ VLCVCIS Q II.e.e Ie' FSE 'Q CQIIQI TIIIIIQII :I I IS rQ.IIIQ 'O .lI.IH'II,I ZIIIIIIQ' I Ie I,I. S 'II3 IIIQII. SIIIIIQ ug OII JQII' CIIIIIIVIIQI HIQ IQCIIIII ., ' I QQMIIIQ my 04 C QIIQQI I I '5 III, IIQI QCQI I T0 'NIQVQ e QIIQQI I I, II Iv. III IIQIIIQII TO IIJI' 'I'IIII-IIIIISII IIJIII' VI ww II III Ifs DT'S '-IIJII 'AI ' S I Q' 51? f 'I 5-1. LIIIIQ abII T, 'Q E5III1,I'I'IIf:'IIJ . I - .IQ '1 I.I.I" ' I mis. Ieaee III: IIII: Ies 'G Dear' F.-.aff I IS IIQ' fet III: ' 'L SI' We f .ii ADE ieiarfe To ,C II CII ,C- Ieaxes ITQV levee Q5 wfm' 'Q "wIIiI.I 'CII .Xf5IIj, ' It IIIIIQIQ ' J: 5f7I'. UCSGIITQ IEW II. IGI tbbusfa 'Q IIIII. I ICQ. It II 3 Q21 i:'.3aII :QI 'Ita 'QI 'Iii 'I..I'IlQtI I 'I,'.II -I ggi- ', Lf' L . IIZIII a IIIIII Chu II, I5,,II Ig T. I Cows 3IIeIiII,5II1 Lf CII E I.'I IIS. II., LII. .I ij3fei'I,I .J 'IJ t' I ?'I1'I1 IL:d..I II 'HQ IAJIICII-I.:'S.' -III e IIS IiIf.II . III I I, I '11 . JUNIORS Wi uhhh- .N '53 Jr in 44 I ww aqua: W 'll-or wg 'O 'I' 'ilrfi wwf' .pw-, 271 'gf 4' 'wana' WW 1 In IN -"FI .ui ,Mr ,..,,-W ,.-Q-.W Sai! ,DJ 'ww my 'VX 'W9' Mm! N542 5 N 9 4-s ,,, six-3' Q.-. tug, -. 4'- 18 ,... will JUNIOR CLASS JUNIORS Page 18 JUNIORS rrst Row Vrctor Banlsh Barbara Benlamnn Edna Mae Bodtkc oe Bulkowskl Barbara Burdick Dorothy Carter Second Row ohn Chandler Charles Clark Allen Enders Bull Feather Evan Ferrls Mary Ann Fryman Thurd Row Don Gensler Fhylls George Bob Guettler Charles Harding Ernest Hrldebrand Nancy lonatzke Fourth Row Dcnms Kcttlehut Vnrgmra Klutts Paul Koehler Ronald Lucas Glenda Manasco Bonmc Oliver Frtth Row Emnl Pollard Roy Prullwntz Bll Rudcl lohn Robbms LaVonne Ross Walter Rudowske Snxth Row Lcrs Schmudt Bull Spaulding Leo Spencer M ry Stroud lack Th erbxch Chester Warsco Seventh Row Dale Whetstone Dean Wilson Ruth Zelmcr 19 . , . . ,, ,l. , , , ., ,, yr 1 I , ,, 4, , ,, . .V -, 4' V, -, , , l , ' ., y ,If l . .. . . ., A. , i, y,yMy,..,1 ,V W, , Ay-., .h f ,V X, V ',yl,,- yn, F' - ' , . , I A. ' , -1 . , , ' . 4. . ' - ' , ' . a 2 4 , . SOPHOMORES ,MW vw .1 F71 ,., 'fr l"'i v-1... 'x AA "-5' pug, 2-Sli. "Wh 7? 43' ws mfr -5. .E 1' N-. QQ .pot 1: fr 1 D 41. rwr- -nrt? 'N. Q' I 'il 5' :W !""'?" 'X pv- vw "'-nv A, flung Fin , ,Q-N ,- 'U M ! 'Q' f uh a- X 19? 'WJ' -Q Ah 5 f 5:1 " '- ,sa 'vb L Ll V A A A 1 N Q Ag, A 1 6' V F 1 , g fd 4' A . A A A , , I is b 3 :ka A' Q 1' ' 'v C w Vi A A f A .f -U. . A v - - A . v ' 4 ' 'L fx ' ' A - - N A A .,.. AA , V A A A I ,X A A Q ..,., In f : A :VF V' r X A ..,, " 1 W I 1 ,fi Aff, A 2 A- - A A A ' ' ,A -1 A 1 A - ' xg X A. A f Y Af ' 1 ' -. l ,W V V A .A f,f' Q f' Aw V 4' '- g may -A - 3 , AA' 1 . if -5 " A fffai ' .. A 4 4 f ' f w as f 5. FA' V AV f 5 QA w .. A A ' A ,l gh 4 A V, wg.. .saw 2 G MF- 4 rf 4 Y ,A A " ,aff , ' 1 -:1-- ' fr 2 W-Q W Q - A f A ,Q A M ' 'X A ":f Q'M 'W -.5 A v 7 K ' A -V , Q 75. A 1 , A A - 44 QI, 3 J, A if AA f 3 ' , 1 V ,421 -1 , ' er I It ,W A A, . x , A.. ,- rv Q "V A I V' ' " . ' 2 xg - 3 v -.1 'J -Y K X n "' ,fu K SOPHOMCRES YM? 46' 8,4 'WW SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomore Class ot was lolesserr with threc sets ot twlns at the begunnrng ot the school y ar As the tlrst sehe ter tlasseft anrl the seconr err ester arrived we lost one set to Benton Harbor Hlgh School The tlrst sernester officers were electe l as follows Preslclent Dale Ewalt Nice President Jerry Weber Secretary Alice Shlnkel lreasarer Lois Botterttelfl Re porter Charlotte Mason anc Sta ent Council Dean Ewalt Mtnorlc S rool an, Bonnie Voight Une of the rnost rrnportant a tnltles ot our class was to place orrlers for lass run s Our other actwtues consisted ot tutrge ant bake sales hel to strcng wen the class treasury and sponsoring 1 roller slatlng party at Central Docls XX larg num er of students were tresent at the party anal lt turncl out to lx 1 succt stu eyenlng Whert the second semester cane are clcctlon ot new olhcers na h ltl The were Preslclent an Ewalt V Presltltnt D I Fw lt rort ham Tnasurrr s ttcr IL r tr 1 1 ct Dean walt Marlone St out a rcl o e for soPHoMoREs wage zor First Row-Norman Bauer Glenn Briggs Marjorie Brigham. Lois Butterfield ludy Calay Marlene Craft Second Row-loan Dickson Gail Dailey Ralph Dinges Evelyn Donahue Larry Ely Larry Evans Third Row-Dale Ewalt Dean Ewalt, loanne Ewalt Donna Fisher, Don Gerlach Norma Hardy Fourth Row-Robert Hauch Esther Heimbuch Paul Hoge Vera james Carlton Kerstetter Betty Klug Fifth Row-David Kugel. Dale Lohrafl Allene Ludwig Charlotte Mason Verl McKinney Gen, McBec Sixthkkow-Carol Miars lack Naegele Fae Marie Neidlinger, George Petzke, Gerald Petzke Donovan eisig SeverglLhHRow-Pat Riley Eleanor Rudlaff Nancy Szhlundt. Matilda Schlutt, Ronald Schmal, Marilyn a er SOPHOMORES lPage 2ll First Row-Martha Shelton Lanny Smith, Marjorie Stroud Marie Tropp Carol Tillman Bonnie Voight Second Row-Dorothy Wagner lerry Weber janet West Anna Mae Wilson Shirley Zech 21 FRESHMEN 13? ""7 Nj 'fd' ,V Wulf was ua, fw- Mx 1 is 1' 'aber ,Q FP 5 1-.,,-f Qi,- rf' is . .-...4-Y L ff! 4' ow. in e-Q 22 t"'w K' 1" Q., 'fr 'VUL 'rm srl w 'Vw K'-fl' 'VX "7 lr mf FRESHMEN Ana., WW. Q Sl" 'MW 'QUVQHV I-vu -J' Qwvf' fit at-4' my W7 FRESHMAN CLASS rlhe tlmlo eoole Coma meer thelr nrt N 3 of hugh sehoo last a ow they are no lohger tlmlr Tl arf he ,roar rrfmhers ol the freshman ss Wh rw tw s oo car e e ere ' o owrrm stolehts as ur leers lor Thr l s Geo g Sm r Mfr Preslclerrl George lvlerrlll Serretart Roberta Jessw rrr Tre uso er Dre We el ahrl Reporter e Smokey C lr sho an Ca o Cer lral Do ecenber 1 we rs o r nr thc hlgh srho haslurn ow Nolerhoer l X or the secorw se ester our o lcers x e as follows President Lrh oh wmske Vuce Presrrehr No rr ll S r r S er P uerta Jcsswelh Treasurer r Wel el TU orl r r Artoo ur class lS represented uh alrhost efer, h l o gun aloft S veral mem s of the class are aso muh of hoo Chfrlot e Streught rs the freshman member of the tcp soo Sr e e e hrgh honor Jaymg OIT the xar :ty oasketoal Tam err a vth Shamrock ettes the gurls basketball team 1 Q r rr I 2 aho toe servors O J FRESHMEN wage zzr Flrst Row Fred Argood Shirley Alexander leneane Baab Edward Banlsh Blame Brown Bonne Brown Second Row Lowell Bruce Kelth Burgess Beverly Dahnng Albert Davls Marcla Gark Bull Gelsler Thlrd Row Paul GIlIIS, Mary Grllfendorf Louise Hebner Kenneth Hora, Roberta lessweln, Tommy ohns Fourth Row Shurley Klutts, Fred Krabnll, lerald Kugle, Bull Lansdale Ruby Lausch, Lester Lohrafl Flfth Row Patsy Martln Vnrgnl McKlnney Clarence Melton, james Melton, George Mernll, Marlene Moyer Slxth Row Frances Nelson, Roselyn Null, Grace Ostrom, Betty Patton Davnd Patton, Vlrguma Phnlllps Seventh Row Iemes Rremland Nancy Rudell lanet Rumbaugh, Lmton Schlnske, Marvrn Schunske, George Shafer FRESHMEN lPage 23l Fnrst Row lnm Shank, Bob Shembarger, Marrlyn Smuth Norman Stemm Helen Stephenson, lanet Stover Second Row Rnchard Stover, Charlotte Streaght, Dale Stuckey, Gary Trllstrom, Patsy Tropp, Homer lene Tucker Third Row Duck Wetzel, Harry Wnlson, Betty Wyman, loan Vanderboegh 23 A T, T , lq 1 V2 vjefjjv rw, ' ,, M' 'f' wif? f f V i ,, ,I V .- 4 'Q LW' E ' ,,a -5 My I ' if V ,f ij' A A r 4' of 9 , 4 W" , 'bl X , H 1 .,, 7 1 Z 1 3 .. ,, I fa. ,V f 1' D r we 3' wi' A ,v W " ' 5 Q el , , . M 'I-A4 W Filly- I " rv NE -,l " ll s fefr X. 'A ' l fll. N f ' rex' 3 T + 5 we . Cla . e le sch I yr hvgaw, kool the l ll .T g S r . o oll , 1 lrsl fQllTC'slCVQ Pri-sirferrt, X A r 'feg T A - , g - I lx, .- 'C , 1 r X l R J X-TZ Q , X Dal Th e 'rr less sgrorrvorcxl a r llrereslalurrg garl., helfl at ,iw t eks OH D 'f e f Tl - Clos als syorwsorrwl La flarrre, hell 5 , ol gym! F if rl .ha S, if , vere i ' ' l Scl ' , g ' A A l , r, wa fQT'fUy so clara, il H ' Q , D151 23 Q ff Rell e , lr eff lg 1 O s ' .r -trseoo rar., ef - ber ' I 2 hers the se l lzaoi. e f A e r 'rr' Dali "o'r."r reiewed The of llljr' A I f sl fl h l .- Sevepl grrls ,ly xl The " - l X T . All ir all we are verv proud of our class, the Keshoew or "S T' 5 ,e , f llgfll I - 3 - ' . r ' , ' , 3 l . . . EIGHTH GRADE " i 4-My 12 , uv -.qv N..-v lv' L! 'Q'-5. 4.613 .Z-.. cf at!!- xr' 'Z' A4 if Y-'kv mu 3' -an R -ff' -may xnw' vw' 'lg-wr www, sa-' "P"9F' fp.-av' ps-w ...df -49 'E' x.,-ff' Q1 'env Q 'E ff ff. .44 'x ,ng :NN -a as if rv-.-440' HAR EIGHTH GRADE 'Oh ,191 9.0.5 ,vs War my EIGHTH GRADE lPage 241 Frrst Row Ted Archer janet Brxby Douglas Burgess james Carter Lyle Chrrsty Allen Claar Second Row Larry Clem Delores Coultas Gall Davis Ann Faulkner Frank Frsher Albert Forbes Thlrd Row john Foster james Geisler Robert George Robert Gray Paula Hardy Harold Hicks Fourw Rlfw jean Kelley Beverly Kerstetter Rosemary Kugel Davld Lantz Bonnie Lotsbalch james ar s Fufth Row Dorcas Mayer Barbara McBam Shrrley McGath janet McLaughl1n Lowell McLaugl1lrn Roger Murray Slxth Row joanne Rersrg Darlene Rolph Shlrley Sanders Larry Shaffer Donald Shembarger Herbert Stephenson Severqtlrl Row Floyd Strneback Conrad Stover George Stover Phrlrp Swrhart George Symonds Gaul I man EIGHTH GRADE lPage 251 Frrst Row joanne Trmmreck Carma Tudor Harvey Wagner Roberta West jon Wolcott Donald Wolford Second Row Patrrcra Wregglesworth Robert Zavec Larry Zech SEVENTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE lPage 251 P Sanders M Moore B Tucker R Rowley SEVENTH GRADE lPage 261 Frrst Row E Barnha B Boyer B Boyer D Bruce C Caulpetzer B Coultas Second Row C Craft L Davrs D Dean L DeFrles S Dmges j Fryman Thlrd Row R Flrppo L Harrington A ones R esswern B Kelly R Ke ly Fourth Row D Krueger Kettlehut M Knight F Lausch j Letcher A Long Frfth Row B Maddux M Melton K McNeely A Myers P Pollard R Rolen Srxth Row F Ross K Schaber, D Shafer, j Scofreld W Shoop j Tropp Seventh Row P Stroud, B Utrup E Wallace, H Watson C B Weaver, T Zerby 41-1 'Ov 9' dab -fm' 25 4 " ' ng, - f ,M ., f H 've 11 aa A of A 1 ., 5 l - ' 1, V' ' g fm' , ' M 5 I H A I 'ff fl 1 , . 'fi' P , 1... '. l ff ff 4 !,.,,? ' 'Z' -'-'. 45 1 W ' Q 1 .1 aa Q W' We - be 4 A-we , A ,K ,1 52 T' 1 . 1 1 1 I 1 -' , , l I 1 1 V 1 l 1 I 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 V 1 I . 1 - I . l . ' . ' . u T D I 1 , . 1 1 1 T 4 V 1 1 .. l r 1 I L' l I 1 1 1 1 - . . 1 I ' 1 .1 -' . . . l , . 1 . D 1 . l , . - . , . . . I , . I . . . . I - . . j. . . ' , . . . . . 1 . , . 1 - 1 - , - 1 . SEVENTH Av VU! KH 'lm' 'uf vu- -L., un. 6 GRADE fm pq.. fa at-fn, W, ,W mm M' 'Olds' ,QA i vu-"N 'f i i -Cub if .lush 1 ,fa sv in 20 -up H-1..4nv 'Wx fin JK' Q 'ui , 1' 1 Q A-fy 'nv Wm .ff IV 0' av AH' 40' 'b ,--5 fb' f" ., M 'Q ' ,X 'A fix fy H , ' 4. Q, Y f ' 0,1 N 'I I J 0 A if x 7 an G NX? ,,,, if 1" ,Ni -N 5, ' Q 1 ' ' if I - f ef? ", I 1 2 47 is by v.. Q 4 , 4 A " 'fl A .K 3' 'A ' A " . ..,, , I v ,, ., gl, Alzl A 7 b l 1- 4. vp, , WA T1-,Z 1 , uv 1' My Q E X ,Q wx aww 5 V ,. , 'L 1 .: 'V '- A 7 .:,. M ,H G WW is , A. tj 3 , f 2 fm, Eff Hfv M' , Q 1 ,I ..,,,. ,. x 4 4 xy M-5:4 2 V It A,-E: , - ., ,J . , 1 'I -N I 'K ' V- lg 1 5 1 Eg ,? E 'V wx H .Q " . 2 . ,f ::' , i A 'E T' M " . '03 z -:-1: ' 4 E- K 1-f' ' ,- if ' wifi. X ,S if ...B V, K . 'ig J Q My E 'Q Ii . ,,.1 f , 45- "-1:4-a..Z ,c -,-' .. " uuaznilv 3 , 3 if , Q im f + -1 3 ., ...:.- f -- M , ' . V , , , f I ' I 4 , .,,v' ' ,,,. ' T 5 f A li , Q g F I , , , N 1 :W J t ., F we .,..,: E , ,A , My A I - Q 'V A , , 'A A I V.,, 1 V5 A 1 M ., W I I 1 - sv 1 4 ' lk 'A' . ' 32, xi E -5- 43 4' ' ,F -s f. , A , I X h ,fl As XX 2 j . 9' . vw wx X .A 3, 6 A' Af.. I 2 9 , L A A X GRADE SCHOOL P A.. - SIXTH GRADE Teacher Mr Carl Guettler and Mr Vlctor Kung Flrst Row Seated Robert Calderweek Larry Blshop lohn Gold Gordon Brrgham lerry Glllls Robert Sherwood Duane Knuth I W Id B verl Second Row Gary Wrlqht Ronald Hoad ey Darlcne Balough lerrle Vanderboegh Glenda Stuckey Loeta a en e y Utrup Carolyn Crawford Sandra Balough h Thlrd Row oe Carter Roger Davis Tommy Gull Tommue Aexandcr Shlrley Carter Yvonne Forbes Lrncla Iones Cat y Briggs Kenneth Parrnsh Leon Duckson Fourth Row Mr Guettler Carl Bixby ohn Ruters erry Bohn Shirley Mason Bonme Sunday Loulse Posey An e Spanner Norman Null Sandra Tlllstrom Kaye Schnn ke Mr Kung Fntth Row I B Melton Chester Rundel Earl Adams Harry Haney Walter Whntman P Posey Kenneth Moore Kenneth Peters I L Fosey Frank S oop Absent Sara Gark Clauoua Hun Ioy Ann Crawford 27 .nel WA' ., . , ' . Y i. l H4 ty .gl .AJ . Y , Q . ',.: V . h - , " . GRADE SCHOOL FIFTH GRADE Teacher Mrs Katheryn Noggle Left to Rrght Frrst Row Seated Mary Ann Weber Marlene Moon Charlene Moon Ellen Krlgore Sandra Chrrsty Wanda Denton Davrd Symonds Second Row Phyllrs Ashley Tommy Harpp Barbara Brady Larry Sunday Bobby Moore Eddre Shaffer janrce Forshey Carol Keeler johnny Bohn Thrrd Row Sue Debus Susan Hrrn Alan DeFrres Drck Kesterke Gordon Gossard Bonne Adams julla jones Carolyn Bradley Ronnre McGough Fourth Row-Charles Marks Danny Merrill Tommy Schlutt Peter Rulers Douglas Dlment Bully Gnf ford Mary Vorght Lynn Harner Terry Hoadley FIFTH GRADE lPage 27h Teacher Mrs Phyllls Glmes Frrst Row Seated on Floor Frank Stucky Tom Smrth Marvrn Marlon Wnllre Phrllrps jrm Butterfield Tom Mead Second Row Vrvran Ashley Karen Krone joyce Tucker Nancy Gold Carole jesswern Dons Zech Pat McNeeley Chrrst na Athans Roger jones Dwane Sapp Thrrd Row Kathryn Kugel Chrrstel Stelner Nancy Stewert Wanda Trapp Hazel Alexander Patsy Weaver Lorame McBarn Roberta Gull Nana Rundell Fourth Row-Dorothy Ross judy Bulkowske Amos Bontrager Bully Knuth Dennre Van Antwerp jm Parish Ronnre jessven Arthur Buck Dennis Zech Donna Craft jean Pollard Frfth Row Charles Rrters Floyd Sanders Bob Wagner Boyd Personette joe Manasco LeRoy Smith jrm Bolrn Tom Gexsle Denny Burgess Rocky Nothstrne Davrd Loss Tom Faulkner Absent Liana Keegan Lours Schlutt Charles Russ Edward Rolen jean Floyd Dale Clem 28 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 ' 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l I ' 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 GRADE SCHOCL COMBINATION 3rd and 4th GRADE Teacher Mrs Marnbel Walton Left to Right Fnrst Row Seated LeRoy Bradley anet Prlllwutz lohn Arnold Walter Debus Terry Bender Sharon Ross lames Fllppo Second Row Mrs Walton Ruta Null Ioe Schrader lohn Faulkner Larry Rnck Wanzell Carter ohn Adams Bart Foreman Eugene Sapp Thnrd Row Davud French Chrlstme Schlutt Margaret Carrmgton Nathan Sorkln oy Marlon Shirley lanke Robert Iones Fourth Row Douglas Bunnell Denms Stewart Darlene Thomas Bully Lotsbanch Phul Hora Absent Mary Ann Sherwood DuWayne Craft Charles Andrews 29 AH - ss-.. T. U' . ' I . . x . Q 'i ' ' Y , Q ' V . ' V 1 GRADE SCHOOL SECOND GRADE Teacher Mrs Thelma Druppel Left to Rrght Frrst Row Seated Donald Weaver Davrd Rrck Terry McGath Dckre Buttcrfreld Car letta Denton Brenda Dew Debrah Walcott Second Row Leonard Harpp Dale Whitlock Patsy Schrnske Lana Rae Ashley Kerth Brohman Llnda Lee Storrck Laura Lee lones Thrrd Row Bessre Frsher Kathleen Casselman Fay Ann Thomas Roselea Sapp Rrchard lene Mathcny Mxke Krone Donna Adams Georgetta Denton George Rockey Fourth Row Danny Wroblew kr Denns Stover Rlchard Shunkwrler Roland Drnges Ierry Carrrng ton rmmre Hall THIRD GRADE wage 29' Frrst Row Seated Artre Stewart erry Barefreld Patrlcla Garrison Bunny Nothstlne Donald Russ Donald Phelps Trmothy Watson Second Row Mrs Radewald lay Clark Lawrence Sunday Carl Personett Leon Phlllrps Rosalie Wro blewskl Vennetta Merrrll Carol Dean Carrrngton Third Row Rrchard Calderwood Ruth Wagner Karen Odlorne Carol Lutz Glcnnda Krause Beverly Houseworth loyce Melton Darlene Chrrsty Fourth Row Dale Dc-an Davrd Spenner james Drckscn Howard McLauchlrn Donna Sch nske oyce anke Alan Frrllwrtz Charles Toney Absent Thomas Felder W nda Denton Vcrna M e Melton Drxre Marlon 'QU , H . ' ' . , I ' ' . - , , 6 1 l 1 A I I I f b I I I i K P : '--4 - A - r - , , r Teacher-Mrs. Virginia Radewald , M V. I I . . . . I . I I , -T ' I Q I I I l I I U ' , W I 1 I A I I , - I I , , r , 1 , 1 l r - , S - r B . ' ' ' .. GRADE SCHOGL FIRST GRADE Teacher Mlss Maxme Kendall Flrst Row janet Thomas Kathy Utrup Gary Brown Nancy Bender judy Hogue Larry Parrish Sonya Kempf Second Row james Lantz Elizabeth Vanderboegh Tommy Buzelll Larry Custard Georgia Mae Harpp jane Mead Cleo Harpp Mary Hathcock Third Row Tommy McBam john Rydwelskl Raymond Kmght Davld Clark Richard Bradley jeffrey Porter Fourth Row Mnlton Gensler Perry Graham Ronald McDonald janet Gorham Arthur Colvm jaclue Chrnsty Dons Rusch Absent jlmmy Davls Marcma Krone jvmmy Rlggms joel Whetstone Iva Gean Denton Teacher Mrs Lucille Marble Left to Rnght Fnrst Row Seated Duane Green Nancy Lutz joseph Adams Stanley Van Antwerp Marcus Weaver Denms Weaver Second Row Audrey Knuth Karen Ackerman Mlchael Porter Gerry Cox janet Hogue Sandra Archer Thurd Row Mrs Marble M1chaelEmerlch Gary Schnnske Michael Casselman Darwm Gabbard Rncky Davns joan Walton Fourth Row Paul Buxby jerry Hoffner Gary Chappel Mary Hnrn Ruta Zachary Eluzabeth Smlth Absent jnmmy Davns Marcma Krone jnmmy Ruggms joel Whetstone Iva Gean Denton 32 FIRST GRADE lPage 3ll i I I I I . I I I I . GRADE SCHOOL KINDERGARTEN PM Teacher Mrs Alberta Longner Frrst Row Seated james Michael Fred Butterfield Gregory DeVlew Pamela Gull Craig Kronewrtter Gordon Boehm Rob er Hall Se ond Row Ton-m Mclntlre john Dougan Ronnle Roth jackie Lee jones Nancy Hlrn Suzy Merrlll Hope Capps Karen French Mrs Longner Third Row Sharon Maddux Sandra Gntlendorf Carol Solomon Sandra McCann Kathryn Krause juduth Owen Icuy lesswcm judy Hntchcock Larry Bogar KINDERGARTEN AM Teacher Mrs Alberta Longner Fnrst Row Seated Ccnstan e Shulz jeanne Hlcks udy Ann Walls Ruth Sherburn eamne Bohn Karen Nyborg M rjarre Knuth Wanda Dew Second Row Mrs Longner Alan Kesterke Wllllam Kestcrke Richard Wrre Timothy Barber Lmda McGath Linda Vander boegh jean Stevenson Steven Krgcr Bobby Fllppo Third Row Lynn Gatz joseph Prrllwrtz Thomas Matheny Eddle Hotfner Recd Zachary Ruth Ann Van rloutcn Pch cca Warsco jack Alan Dean Fourth Row Donald Letcher Ar hxr Weaver Brooks Pennell james Brady jerry Melton Dorad Cox : - .y '. , ' , ' , '. '. . , , - c . .I . .I , . 1 i . . - . - 1 v - - . , . . . . . , . - . 'r , . . . Pi SENIOI2 CLASS DIZODLIECY Lols Kocbel w1ltln,. for Nlurrax le lopzs thru ars s hurrx A llne Steltner h1 t the rl1te lor that month shf- fan h1rdll walt Darlene Koebel h1s started to plan 'Xn 1utull1n weddlng, for her 1l'll h r 111 Helen Schmall ls frequentls se lxlnl, her thnx two 11 p.,rel- Shlrley Brant 1 h xlng. gr t f lseeplnq., housl 1s 'Vlrs Roblnson Harold Blshop ls stlll seen Xlsltlnlg., the honlf of Nlla 1-1n John Boal ls stlll telllng tales ln thls llne he new-r falls Dorothy Lansdale IS dolnl, flne Transerlblng shorthand takes up her tllno Jams Pudell now lltes ln Chlcal.,o A soclety gal from her head to her toe Dlana Krleger wlll plat ln C 1rnef.,le Hall Her plano contert 15 scheduled thls 1 Shella Gerard Wlll become 'Vlrs Cast After the year 72 has gone past Earl Hardacre L 1n now be found lnstalllny, T X ln tour home town Loralne Hlldellrand can really cook Shes A No l ln our book As 111 auctloneer hes dolnl., flne For Carey Pennlngton has the llne Elalne Stover has 1 radlo show At playlng popular muslt she s ln the k11ow Ted Ollver holds 1 presldenm Not the Lnlted States but N BC Blll Roblnson IS serx keen At selllng used cars some hlue some green A lawyer now 15 Steve Slmkcl He IS establlshed ln Chlcago Donna Schlundt 15 so nalve She should be a senretary we belleve Joan Welllngton IS a skllled horseman Ask to see all the trophles shes won Jerry Roslawsltl IS a football star llls fame ls known both ne1r 1nd 1r Dean Zerby owns a photograhx shop He develops fllms when people stop Charles Keeler owns a tlshlng., boat Evers week he buxs new flolts Edna Klug ls lelrnlnl., to drlxe eh1snta 1 sr' utsrssl ine Blva Moore ls 1 Replsterefl Nurse l'or tr'1rs she h1s studled 1nd rehelrsc-tl Rlchard Tropp lb 1 tall m1n nov. flle alwaxs was hot and howll EBYDESQIHE Smlth can now be seen Xt your local theatre on the screen Don Clem IS marzhlng, for old Lncle Sam Vfere sure hell be a mllltarx man Batty Thran now studlfs 111 South ll llc mf alles Llndt tll lnf n1 1 on flne Xll rvellent rllfrhlnlc 1 Eugene Enders 1 oxs 1 1 1 1ul11 1115 ml Loretta Whltman h1s lclf th lst to vvor t sr o 11 Q 4 anlce Knulh ls kceplng., house Xnr 1 soldier l her spoust Herman Sa1t7 t s lne 1 h s rlolnx. hne tf-lephonz op1r1tor ls Lvlla Schmal ol long, d sl 1 1 Nancy Poyser h1s left for lsentuckx l11 hopes of ll11k a socl r feel lut 1 Blll Holloway ls l1ow on th: sure-en X Vllld Blll hz ls rurrtntlx sc-en Beverly Brant sur: knows hlr hlz s t rx e ls 1 w Henly Helmbuch ls sure to be X llr1.e dalry flrlner th1t s plaln to ste Bevcrly Adams h s h r ml-.hes To ln 'Vlrs Vtllson and do the .llshts X f1rn1er s vslfa ls Carol Strelght Xml Chester Warsco I5 h r 1111 11 or 13,11 lllnts ls Robert Hlll from stun ll n 1 Carol Bareflelds ln Sln Xrlton lsllplng, house 111 1 brand new holllc Ronald Vorrath makes the l1dles look tml lle models sults' 4That s qulte the llfelr Betty Fryman vwlll surelx sln When she gets that other rlng, Phyllls Zelmer ls on Bro1dw11 P00 a tlcket for her Lurre nt p 1 Bob Chandler IS r1c1n1-1 1 hot rod clr lle s out ln frol1t 1 wlnner bx far Roger .leschke ls now 1n 1ttor llls salary ls an 1n1port1l1t factor Ruth Rudlaff ls 1 ladx t1x1 drlxer Nou rlde wlth her you ll he a su Jlm King owns 1 l9h0 Vlerrurx e Jnt e h 1 s 1 Darlene Zech wrltxs xersfs 1ll ax O11 thls oteup1t1on depends her Lols Kettlehut l1rlrlg,s ln th: dlmcs dr wlnl, nd p ntlnl, 11 h r Don Crawford lu mn le1d ootla1ll 4 1 th N Betty Mclntlre ls a mode-llng, l,al ots of fe :ws would lk to la er 'X rlnl, on the h1nd h1s Darlene Paige mont be long., efore he h1s r Audrey Neldllnger ls somethlrlg to see 'S s the flrst l1dx to lmld the resldentx flers to tl111 L 11,11 ' ls . 11 . ' 1 1 g '-1 ' Q 1, 1 Sl 1 1. 1- ve' will pals: ln 11 lo ha- 11 gf l ss-1 rx-tary is hr-r yen, dr ' 1s se - 2 - Ch ' ' s 1 has his l 1. 'V ' . . 1 V' ' , ks .1 sales 111 he ls d i El ' 1 ' 1 ' -' 1 '. 's h . .- 1 '. ' 1 , 1 ' e1 rllz ll- 1-111 fixing 11 rs 111l l p' '1 7 len , '. H' Q 'en, ' 1 1111 - is rulf-. Dr' " 1 a ' fi ne- 1 n. l' r. . ' kg hm tl t s h.ol. ' 's a " 1 1 1-11 un .' ' - ' 1 . 1, " ' 1 -1 1.' . . ' 1 , ,1 l 1 . ' As 1 . . -. ' '1 J ' , ' . s ill ha. hls l' 1. H ' '. 1 1 ' bl 1 . :XS 11 lady k'll1-r, ef 1 ' 1 , '. ' 1 1 ' l' 1 i. 1111-11. sh fll pl11f'1- your full. 1' ' ' 1 g ' . : 1 'ing ' ' ll'f- Y skj, - ' 1 1 , I. 5 " ' . L . V1 - ' - ' R V ' ff ll, ,Ks 11 ecre 11 Y' sh '1 1 'hiL. .1 l H Q, xl , 1 , - 1 1 . , . A .I "' . , , - 6 I " -.l . ' . A ,f A 1' 1 t . A k i 1 ' ' ' , ' ' :Xrt f-:lit for tht- Chic-1 1 - ' 1- ' , I A, t'l inf. . , . .' Y , . R- 1 R l . , h f 1 - slf. ' - -' 1.11. ' ' ' 1 1 fi . lf ' ' " 1 , ' ' rvlvul, 1 ' 1 U, , ll wr ' driv any ot er rar., 'ou Q1- -. . 1- 1 , V . - .. . K ., I d, ' j ' 1 .. 2' 1 ' . p11v. Sh 1 ' ' li en: , b .h .t'll 1l'1 1. lit' 11 " 1 11 111 ' 1 i e leisure ' -f. " 1 1' .l . L yr 17' sm- R Y' 2 1 . ' 1 1 . , .Ns l 1 f 1 111' 11t ,l.S.C', ' ' , -' , l. . lla 1 iw- elh pal. f ' ' . ' . . lt 1 ' 1 b s 1 5 he 1111111 '. 1'l Y l I ' h I ' ,' . .hr-'. ' X 1 v' 1 P -' Last Dause In our Cinematic Caper... XV . . . Al2evieu1 of Oruanizations . Canoe Staff L0 Stand ng left to rlght Don Clem Mss lean Wagner Ronnre Lucas Bull Rob nson Roger Ieschke Ted OI ve Iery Roslawskl He man Sa tz and Dean Ze by Seated Beve ly Brant and Sh Iey Bra t The CANOE staff under the dIl'ECfIOI'l of Mrss Jean Wagner put In many hours of hard work after school and nights to make this book as enjoyable as pos sn e We hope that this CANOE wlll brmg back pleasant memories of your school days of 52 Its umque and mterestmg features were effectively arranged by the hard work of the followmg staff EDITOR IN CHIEF Bull Robmson BUSINESS MANAGER Shlrley Brant SENIOR EDITOR Beverly Brant ORGANIZATIONS Loraine Hildebrand ADVERTISING Jerry Roslawskl PHOTOGRAPHY and ART Dean Zerby 3F -bl . I u s I v - sPoRTs EDlToR ,...,a,..., s..s s..s,., a,,...s I I D on Crawford llmeliflht Stall Lett to Rlght Carol Baref eld Beverly Adams Betty Thran Second Row Nancy Poyser Dlana Krleger Lots Kettlehut Darlene Zech and Edna Klug Thlrd Row Lois Koebel Darlene Koebel Donna Schlundt Shella Gerard and Beverly Brant Fourth Row Helen Schmall Loretta Whltman Lella Schmal and Ruth Rudlaff Standing left to rlght Ierry Roslawslu Bob Hull Herman Saltz Elaine Stover Betty Fryman Don Clem Charles Keeler Charles Hardmg lohn Boal Ronnrc Vorrath Henry Henmbuch and Mr Doug las Watson THE HIGH SCHOOL WEEKLY Tlne It erl h gh school n xxspaper IS publlshed by members of the Journal sn c 1 s A staff of thtrtt stu rents l9SUGfl a taper each we lc thus tear The axer g paper consrst d o sx rages o Hull act I as a xcry a Art urtor Several members ot the staff se ng as sports ecl tors regular., ptbllshec the results of each tootball and basketball game A new lltor IS electerl each wee b, th mayontx ot the class members and h or sh IS gt en an o, portun tt to furor uce an Issue that ts outstanrlng one that W ll a tu en' lots yetr un er th etltorslrp ot Henry metmbuch ancl assIstecl b, Charles Harcllng our Lnmelrght became a clatl tor one week dunng the month ot Februar Thust one page farlt rssu ohx a e the need tor taplrng Members ot thc class xrstted the Journal Era plant the South Bend Trlbune ancl attenclecl the annual Journ ltsn DI Conttntron hcl on the camr us ot Mrchlgan State Co'lcge at Ea r Lansng The statt ur e I Ion ot Mr D tgl s Vlmson pnnclpa A copy ol the Llmelrght I gnen tree to stuclents who present stuclent season ttclets N tee of 7c per cop IS charged to others The Llmelughr t row c complcte news coxerage ot ull hugh school atfarrs 37 L, "' if I I I "' I I I ' - , , , -' , , I I I I I ' - ,,f, I t - Q , , ' I, A , , l M 1 1 rx, .a MI I F C13 , l V f- 1 I if C . s , yn e If . I 'u.'f1 E f e f Fl 3 1 I I-I f b af - ,Q M Q, , B eu bl, L - , ,VI I ' I , l . f 7 A I , A 'ey -., .4 V S I' , .J C I Q ' vf TV . I I 5 ,l c e I.: , . I - fx ' tlv f fl bmi' I dplu l to .rj A -I I tJ,,I.. 'T ' I 'I , I . t, , C. ,G -,Il If . I I W I I ' ' -2 f t 'N I 1 Y A ,'- ' ' N ' fs , + 4 - ct , : .J I r C I I S f I - . " 1 , ,I I, ' a , I ch I? X at I t . 'I 3 ' K: I . X I, ,l, I I, was YI r the . rect. , at a t, , l, X . . C J 1 A f e l. .V .. I ff At. c , s . ' c -, Student Council Seated left to rrght Bonnre Olrver Lors Schmrdt Bonnre Volght Maryann Fryman Brll Robin cn Norma Hardy Charlotte Strerght Roberta lesswem and Patsy Tropp Second Row Mr Samuel Smart Mr Douglas Watson Margre Stroud Shrrley Brant leanne Baab lanet Letcher Nancy Poyser Betty Fryman Elaine Stover Mr Lloyd Nothstrne and Mrs Lrlllan Ferguson Thrrd row Crarg Caulpetzer Kenneth McNeeIy Alber Forbes Dean Ewalt Casey Clark Don Clem lack Threrbach and Garey Pennington e Burton S rngs Stof ent COlll7fll snonsorrn bt Dongl IS 1 Vtftt on ool llrlrxl W nur, s s r ant l r l OlUlllSOll SLlXCl as nreslclent To sclwerlnle asselnblles la k Tblcrbacb anal lvlarlorle Strour nnoer lllp tltrectlon ot rs l.llll3ll ergoson ang Mr Lloxfl Notlwstlng COlllltVlS Ll tllL A Sbllllbl fOlllllllll e Lrlng tlte wlnter n ontlw Mr ant rnart ean wal l 1 fssnL serxecl as tbe Noon lflonr Cornrnlttee and organ: e a Well roun er rLCr atlon r gram Qonslstlng ot cbess Cards rnones basketball anrl olng bong Norma Hardy Garey Pennlngtol and Bonne Olxer flrectef the su tg ot lunches to r laters coaches anr cbeerleaders attLr ea lw basketball game Tlwls r roxeo to be a tem constroctne program wb cb resultc lll better rLlatlonsbl s arnong tbe scbools s tear the COLlVlCIl contrbutee to tlwr SLno rr ml e s onsore a rt ey basketball Qdllwf, nlone at a ten snr Q s ll a lwgw l l Arsenrc and Lace, l ecter bt lvlr Watson l r ts ue on rluo to e unc' WC 3 r Q s Ola l 5 rng o toalnt cxentn anf LI wtw ra Lrs o r r L Q IYIGS o r blgb sclwool Track ant tlcl l e Lll t 1rL lt L XL L l e a ernoon follower b, a loncbeon ancl Jllfo ln llw Ltr Q cooncll r 1L annorl SWK Q Lf' n r e urn ge of Ll L It llL s t n tor lwa J tonal Slo ent Count' Corxentlon POllllL 'L rn all sCL lOlls o Q lll L ron r r Cer o tlcers lor tlwts ten soccuslu PRESIDENT Bull ROlDIllOll l DRESIDEVT 'L Tm roam SLLPFTIXPY ll EWSUHP lL Po se LPCJFU ER SlllrlL lrant 38 Tb 7 nl , Ll , , , , W If .K L tl . s r Hlgb Seb , , ' fre!! rnet ln tlwe fall for r "rose, of reorg, :zatol l-3 ll l? . f C' .M L F . A S r Q, I -Q .S D1 K l s, S S s , D E f li awll Robertt logs 'llll r' ,- f Y f r Z rz a - 'lil 1 if rlfO- , g l V , f, r lt lf l Qi fmlr' ' , ' l L 12 ff , ijt, . lb: I ' 1 era ra "fr r T rr Ftrfl W .gl -rl do k 1, a N r M all: I a,,Qtsl l 'll- l l rag, " ' Old " rlr W r so Bt, tbese l' olec., f C 1 l teal ffff' tb tt 1 Tl - nnoal lll'llO.-lllQl"l freld day was orL-1 'lu' 'fulent Cotlrul bl' sp: t acc s- - l .Ll fgl I g ft -allrroo lllll'Q s,l1ools xnltlw tb? ta- ll , lon ' L r' N ts ML 1 l :lfl lt Syl tstfr lilelrl 1: th tt I ' L3 X' ' rl 'J tg eww ng Tlw r attelrleff tl G a , rlft S cg Cont 1- or at Kala lazoo arrrl lwaj tb r. lle Q so 'flung a fellgare, Bon lf Cjlner to Euan tor, llll ols, t f lat ' :ia T W 'N ' .1 ri. A rrvt al '." gn' tiea fl Vil rLsL-rltatnes fro f ,ft f l tlwr U tad States ani tr r loregn Cont les t ,I l ' I ' I, 'La l 'ftggl XKCJVC 'VCE J ,ark l e' fl C' S La , fe ,4- "J Ttklawix . r gf" X 1 OV One left to rlght B Brant R George D Paige M Clark I Marquardt D Lantz R Kugel D Bruce R cssweun L Ions.s and B Moore UW Two-B G eftler B Gray L Ely B Burdrck M Smrth C Briggs S REISIQ I Scofield Donahue E Klug Threrbach and E Pollard OV Three-C Barefneld P Tropp F Arrgood C Stover P Swrhart L Harrrngton F Nelson G Pennmgton V McKmney R Ieschke D Zerby D Shafer A Mnars I Tropp I Chandler Stover and C Clark ow me one Qerrnor 1 Loffof rrgur W 0 La r Lu nw r L K lx C IOVNQVCQ a r so L Four A Neldlmger S Brant E Smith B Lotsbarch B Kerstettcr and Mr Burton Aldrich BAND scwool bio rrwemberilwr om Cr the lrectlorw of r Cl tom o VWQ fate r 1 ua orefoo 0 arm ew molar r l N moan o October V A rr uso w at rrr r rr ' Tror .aT 'dV7 0 OG V l C Drrr rw rrrrgi area tore lc De-corarrorr far I' LC I n rw5Vol1 ll-piollll O ro N 5 COWVC L 4 Ulm CON Ln ea oc, av roarr rst ace m als were von or Bob uovlpr Uurlf 5 L arr ld Ga CYQ VLCDHK CCC' G rv 6 4: K K LCLKQTU haf 39 R Tl m ,' ,, hgh l ,W ,'r, U ATI M 'ir 1 fr! rrrclw Carr: Mr Clarence Clor I reaihom 3 .71 fl if rrwloo. - no ore :YTLJS lien ice orzforiww rcfoeerr lmlxe t h : tb.I! Q is ,trrfl rw pl V - ffm :rr rr-ofry C,L1'sf racwytagfs Tlwrfeo g,r3rforrworrce5 rrrilwvol wuorral brrrr, Corr- Tlm' Q rw f axcfloi to l3o2oarra', 'lf r , o f ', to .- rrf e ,eco Q: fir rr 'ro 'W ' 'for the the lJi1T'FC"'flJlCfl :wo 6 seio ri f'1:xl5O'r gh, f Coll .-.ofa P-.lrlmgtarr Uflwor Cofrtgfitl rrr xxrvdw the Ldrrfl grorrrilrngtefi urriloriefl the drwual n rgfrgrrgi fgrrhgsf in Ng.-. lwgfmlv, flwfj- Kd' X Qi rf-q'omzl ,ora-" owl tho 'lollarrrf 'Volt' fe! al CQ" rfarri INV fri TH' ll e Str V o -, tw' r P , Foro ig, we lrljloxxcsf Prra 5'-, the flrwrul Sp rugs Cormvrr mv rlw'1'f' ' 'Q 5 .LM I, T A Pwr -or orr'l,or1 of the lntarr' Lal o M1 rm thu ,ofo Jrrr 1-my ll? TM at Kola, "'rr :Wl ,. Feb I, Fr zil 9.3 1 .f ', I G '- r I R f dl I, 4 ' 5055 Cro. ffb 5 '-11 ff 5 sd, rrlac "fi Tw tjzkvr 3 lmao lm! A ous: Arif ,Lf I .2 Glee Club Z?r.,.1'.r.,'T-T1 V-172 'A M """""" ' ' 3 A A pg ' rnt rcw leftt rght M Lauretfe Loss D Zeh B urdlck V lutts R E u B Mclnhre Dickson B Oliver and C Tillman ow Two D Krueger R Rudlaff R Iessweln S Zech B Volght A Ludwlg M Trapp M Schlutt A Schlmkel G TenHoor L Whitman L Schmal and M Moyer Row Three I Baab P George D Wagner G Manasco B Moore B Adams C Stlcnght H Wlson B Gueftler C Harding and D Wilson Row Four-G Pcnnlngton H S3IlZ G Mcrrlll C Clark G Shafer B Gclsler M Schlnske and Schmske VOCALISTS rw 1ceClubxx1suw . N 19 r The groom C l gsm Me Qor g we I wt efore hmm as l HG C wr me hrl5 we Program Ther aleo presenter .3 llrwe program or se CLTIOHS for he March mee mg ol 'he Parent Teacherg lAX9SOCIdllOFl O9 W xLlW O ' u L 1 L ll llLd Lk Hd 40 Fo o 3 - rs. , . : , , B ' , . K , . Ze.rne:, . KI g R -- ' , . , . ', - , . ' , . ', . , . , T e Cf- ' or rrler fhe cfrrcttor' ol Mrk Laurelle Lo ' li r, gina A 'l Cohglstecl of thrrry-three members, lhlrteerr boys and lwenrr, glrls The Qlee Club - g l , wg! "Tl Ng! E C , x .3 l' lv? 0' 'l C fr L, 1 . 1 I J l ' C leo B l, .L Q: . 1 f - ' H f B M The fl 4: g el - r L lhe -.edr .he GIQC Club lrwele lc S' Joseph ro flrlfllfl- lmilClll thu' VIMUEQ lf? l, librdru Club Left to right Mr Watson P Ma tln L Schmal L Whitman A Schmkel B Patton E Stover anal D Lansdale STUDENT LIBRARIANS St V L C LU l K cf WWMQX nf ll lou 0 Mr Dom IS W on 1 Mk L r V lflill on Wm mam Cml Xl for Qrg ma mf ew ld Ll Q U ' L l Elaine Stoxer A ralm 5 D C lll ll Ufb U ll OUV Q 1 fc 4 bool K Cllxllcl 2 rSOVC l 6 C :rw 6' ,Jc,Vl N LV Qfrl ,dl C Club mx Q au QS crm all mfm Doolg bcrore L t f rw wglw fn vgrwlv Choo Cldyvoorm mu w w also Q mm TUE, L L l X Fl Har or Nllclwlgdm 41 9 l7V1V VW Tim? 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Tlv gg. -ea' garwfjf Q- r ., ' l x V tlvj, wer" plan-l IU he lxlureryy Of l la eclxcl Of eq-lQ"H -, 3. l f, ' ' 'llm Hula lm l.yJvlwlm': " ' 7l as L1 worlroom dnl K 5 lwlis me l'lll,'3K- l ,lr . fxll of llwe -ilnlp has atli-1,364 'lwe ar mal ,tgtcfw in Smfawwf-Ll L ld CU'- x'-rlllol lm-l 3 fp I -2 rl l4w'o'1 lp X ' Suanlsh Club l erwsw me lS We r J lll L, wr eel ln Slwamsl dll fi r e X5 me v L LC, Q wr a n r lemouslllw redrlc mae Gere ar, rm, VI U rem: Ll L K Q Cl Reglrevlrllallxe Clwerlelle Slrelglw Mu! rw 5 are fl vu a el U at llwe memlaug lwevwu er dl New Q l lm soelel e S COWSIQTGKJ e J fe mf Q Q leg l r Ja J me r ,flew e el loam W ll 1 ter The glurpese of Ilwe club lS to ecqua nt memlnere Wllll the custome el Spamlslm peel mg people Standing left to rlght H Saltz Roslawskl Baab C Strexght M Stroud D Krueger Mnss ean Wagner and I Welhngton Seated left to nght D Wulson E Smnth I Callay D Flsher I West A Sclunkel and D Clem 42 I Tle S If l l Ql A 5 rlev.l-.Jer'w'1i- 0' m er e :em the ,eer lv. gt 'S em- , V I I I Q Il Q f roll ' n rl l:m.e' me agnlse r,nl,5 I M Q '-lam V egvlef' Tir, club F mite el lllzew :l'QlVlf,e"S Du, el i3 'll J I-if we il.,2'ef2? Jef I7 J- M, Tlwe elllcers eleetefi le sexe were Preawlem, Dem Clem Vlee-Preseflerwt Jew-' 1 lw 'I S, el , Dm 1 K gy T Ju '5 Qzlr, mg Stllfyewt Cow- 1' . vw u 1 .N I -I Xlwel, tx: 1 nierlllw! th? L 1' I ' ' 1 ' ileol Vla i ment re , l l rellereslqdlumg I wr-. gr l ' el' elle 5 fly 3 4 C 1' 'i I 'XC ' 1 Q, 1 ' ',I. ,.',, ,.','I Arista Club WW '1Qf Flrst Row D Krelger B Oliver S Gerard P George I Drxon L Butterfield and F Neldllnger Second Row Mrs Lrlllan Ferguson D Paige D Lansdale P Hardy C Mason R Null and L Hebner Third Row C Lrndt N lonatzke E Pollard G TenHoor C Hardrng and Stover Fourth Row L Bruce K Stuckey I Baab M Gark and F Nelson ARISTA CLUB the aetrutrcs n rllwl rt tne club engageo rncluclecn 3 Halloween oartv at the ltonoe ot Nflrs Vance Ferguson d Cnrlstnwas Carollng owrtl an a roller slcattng party The ntarn ment ot the leur was the Roman Banquet A to mal lnltlatlon of flrst year stucents tool oltct at the oanotet The trrst tear sturlents aftecl as saves erwng a t ,,r tl Rofnan meal to rnernbers anrl guests uno furlng the Course of the mea ref ne o cusntons at lox t es Tlne ottrcers oertorntrng flutes tlnls ear rrclu efl Presrdent Slwerla Gerard e EI nt totnte ter n rettr Joane Carson Treasurer lots Butterl 43 P7 44 451, '71 Vx, I 3' r , 1 , A ll W A rr,l . - W ' ' ww H 5 ' ' S 1 uv l- 'Q V T 4 JE The Xxrlsta Club, xrnrcn rneets twrce a rnontlw, enrogei an eventful year, Some of - t Q 1 Q ' . f , 1 r V? J ' I' . - , , ' 'I , s Q, r . , W f J ' 1 V I ,Jr 5 rt , abl . , , t A t r Cl X 4 , ' Q VC--Pr skier Q f t Oli. g Set - e Q., A J r H , , f 1, . - teld, .fo '39 Y Q" frm r Hugh Qdwo Future Farmers of America KL U V lA LT L Q Lf W .JO VO K I I S BFS m Future Homemakerc of Amerlca F H A F F A 45 Senior Dlau Standing left to rrght I Wellrngton C Ba efreld B Mclntrre L Hildebrand B Thran E Stover Mr Brawders P Zelme B Fryman I Pudell L Whrtman E Smlth S Slmko and C Steght ed left to right R lschke C Lndt S G rad Kun B Brant B Adams E Hardace an B Moore BOYS ABOUT BOBBETTE Comedy drama In three acts Wrrtten by Albert Johnson Drrected by Mr John Brawders CAST OF CHARACTERS MRS BLAYLOCK BOBBETTE BLAYLOCK MR BLAYLOCK FRIEDA FISH SOCKO PIEFACE SHAMMYNECK MISS BLODGET MRS RADDLEBALL MRS WASHINGTON OPHELIA GUTFIDDLE YOKO MRS STOCKDALE MRS CLARENCE SQUINT MODELS Carol Barefreld Boys About Bobbette I Joan Wellrngton Beverly Brant Sherla Gerard Charles Lmdt Betty Mclntlre Earl Hardacre Blva Moore Beverly Adams Lorarne Hrldebrand Helen Schmall Loretta Whitman Carol Strelght Carol Barefreld Jlm Kung Phyllis Zelmer Betty Fryman Roger Jeschke Betty Thran Earnestrne Smrth . , , r, , , . , . ' , . A , , ' Seat ' - . e , . i , . e r , I. ' g, . , . , . I ll Il MRS. POO V,..e,,.......ase,e,e.,,,,s.e,e,e,e ,,,, .,,, Y , ., e,e,,,.. Janis Pudell . I . I . . 7, r 11 ll ,, , ,, , U I , . 'N , ., : X' O66 6 260 6 Q6 QXO 9? 'Vi dw, YSC ALL-HIGH PLAY "Arsenric and Old Lace Arsenic and Old Lace I 5 E . Vi: . .,x. .VA L., 11 A 11' A Debate Club Front row left to rnghlf Mr Douglas Watson I Knuth A Nendlmger P Zelmer I Pudell and G Pennlngton Second row S Slmko E Ferns C Warsco D Zerby and H Sanz FORENSICS .aclwffl b Dcllg as l fm on lf C xc Sumlfo Edrmsl rw 411 f L l f .3 l Jearl L6 ll x Fl Ferry 1 l The clelnales of the OuIClll Muchlgan Hugh School Forenslcs Assocratlon h ear l'lGVV'lldll Sail aw eral D rmmglon fecom far few rf fs e he Qfhool l 1 ll lvofaliq The quesllom mlnalef was esolwl 1 QVC w I L Slw l U7 Olffl 0 ss llal S o f Q club recelxec a brow Q olaclle var e Mlchugan Hugh School Forenslcs Assoclahon an Th Detrort Free Press lo l ww 5 r Q G Jl x o 5 rw, ff 'lVmllDC'S 0 a C Q LQSCX l f l J we li frlem rw Cla ue Q ww Reglorlal Sew was lwef Hom r 'X lclwg f e some aec ll G+ Bernen Springs Llons u .fl e C me the American Assoclahon of Unlverslty Women 49 1 . I . I . ' . I . I . 2 . . , . . , , , . . . CC : y v l ,h. VN' 2 , llll ll ol, flylllli' lem' llw,-rwlww lelll fc Krwllllw, STGW , fl l Q Sw l, ,ml fwflm NO' llrlqw ll! llflfl lllf' ezfflrl ulvlej WT We S -r Ea , 5 Jen S Plfell dui? lflzfl -Z Iflfrer Qfwi' We 'vi-Qamfe in " . 3 ll G , ,SES , ye fl ly.: zabxly qiireewlgf W JS bslh 3llll!WlC.llXG :TTCS mega' we eil' J, le l p "RW Jr' Tlwel All ,Am l Jr Cllzilli Gulf' Be S l :ml 10 C rg gill ro for E erm omlfg- ll' 1- ff VVJ. " lll , f Z I 'l , 3. "N lolrlllx llg ilk: ' ' ' ' ' ' e ' - , ' "by "lg ,Q abll'f'."Tl1la ' The f' if fgbolel aqua -.0 l lv. the lo gli fi' ffl sw, 121 flll l ,.. l , I 'llc cl.ll3 ll rll lzfefcl 'N f-544' om: wer-eiil1elee'f mi will fjelnalef reicmef a slerlmg fuller llx f-,nge ' Q' if :ll Qfof' Tu lgz x-.ew gfurflw fl zrllw 'wig ralsef' by cup Cale selea lfgl 3 D, the 'lQlDdlQ sguaf: Tr me he Sri A QS S V is er, "sling 'else'-1' wo 955 fQ,rfa'v'ewfs af the - J , L, flj at e, fl l a Tlx fgf ' ELET lnyzfwloms To gjregerfl' 5255-QQ '3 flwe ' ' ' ' Cl b fl Qi the lo al ligglcr of 1 ' ' ' . Science Club Scrence Club ' C s DV D CCD V fl w lLJ V QT UQ l r Jr L l J lVlOOl'f: ll , l L OV pu l lc fel l ffl' V C 0 l Caro Jr l S mu mar el l L ll Owldrw QQ C U illl Feather VGIJJ fu ly VI fa cw mlm rr Vx r wal lerepdrolgd bu rdf ua J s we powble Sldllllllg He mol ld Q TH ' I r on flee l be l e C ul, rw Museum of Science an n ustry ll Ma dw dl ll Q, Umor Science Club liar H re I ml C wud 2 SCIENCE CLUB Fr nt row left to right M Stroud I Threrbach C Clark R Prlllwrtz B Ohver G Brnggs d G Pennlngton Row Two-Mr Iohn Brawders C Tlllman M Brigham N Hardy C Sfrelghf G TenHoor I Calay D Kugel D Zerby and D Gerlach Row Three R Schmal E Pollard I Weber Naegele P Bowman Bulkowskr and P Koehler W " l 50 O 'TM ' . . . , , . Y. , . . ' . , . irlif rf, . - rf: V f I .Lf V Ja: ,YT ,111 Gll -if w., 57 ft' 'xl f':'l1f ' 'fm l," I f' "l yges :Jw lm- 'm.1.ul"g ,RET DASH' p':f' 'f l ' l'll, lj' 'l.'.l'Q . 11: '13 'I 'CQ'l1': Q" 'g'g' l".' ' 'me Olmc, lwdmrrw, Jai- lfmf l bluff' rg: .-.ue rid. 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S 3',:"' ' " iff '12 ,'V' A " 1' Y me Q., 5 Q, , fy, -Q M. : ,. . qf, ., f, 1 Q- ,,. , 1. J - J 'Z ,C V W ,A , . 'Z ,L '- J il . .ft Z Sf f ' ,fg ,1": " f, fr':f.'1 ' f v f "'4. 'Ls i"'L- ..,. 'f Fx" f . :fre r' ' S A K , -S , , .,,, ,N JS, .S ,L ,. , -11 'Q Q1 A ' Q " 31' 'E 4 W" 'Q 1' 'HQ 't Sf' f 21" 1 'WM' "R .- in H 'L ' ' 'rr :ffm 'ef ,Z , U , i, ' 'rim' C,,, i V, f, :- 'fj J' :3eale':,faSF 'ew 'e '5f',J5'uC e1f'Q e 'V 1 2' 'g'- A em S: 'wg Te" may ., 2: :ein ix' '- -Q B 'e 1 or 2 :rye UN. c'a:'3r. U 1,7 , f,4,4 L., VM If ,V ,V ,, ,, , " N, , f , , ,, ,' gway- ., , I , ., ,. . r, ., , ,. V ri ,S ,, V, ,AM U - , H ,U , ,.I ,lf .,U 5,2 fx frrwfk-11 fra' QMM I :gf H5 If 'MQ qv'-, mg, win' Hwy owwff.-fi ff f ,L ,','Q"g Shy SQ: C'g'c'. Z",',",Q' ' icq Sf' ' ': 3" VB, M ffg-V""" ', '1Q.'J X. ' Sf,:i'e'e' - reeewer, err. C1 ft Ltrerghf, Pe: any V' H1 H Efrrgrmirw '1nfT3,' aifwep 10' The dw-g'FeQf,'3VS, ' . righ -- . ar , . . . I' . . ef' . S. . . 't . . t, ' ' ' . ' . - ,l- , A , . . . I - . , . , l- . - , . , . . I- , . I - Cheer leaders Left to rrght C Strerght E Smith B Adams B Brant N Schlundt S Gerard M Stroud and Carol Strerght Earnestrne Smrth Beverly Brant Sherla Gerard and Carol Strerght were frrst team cheerleaders Charlotte Strerght Beverly Adams Nancy Schlundt and Marrorre Stroud served as second team cheerleaders 52 1 , , . , . , . , . , . , . I I ' I I I SG llle move the camera intoadd... the sports reel . .. FOOTBALL LITTLE X CHAMPS P' ,,.. Oliver C Lrndt R leschke R Vorrafh Second Row Asslstant Coach Ashdown D Wrlson D Ewalt G McBee R Pnllwntz C Clark G Briggs E Pollard I Weber Assistant Coach Mowry Thrrd Row Manager B Gray L Ely E Hardacre R Smlth C Hardmg R Lucas D Whetstone Thenrbach D Gensler D Ewalt Managerl Robb ns 54 ,sl 49.-' E -Ei ff- N- 1 ,. First Row Seated- Left to Right-Coach Nothstine, B. Robinson. I. Roslawski, D. Crawford, H. Saitz, T ff A X A TED X X DON ON ng BILL LITTLE HERH Jeaay ? EARL CHuc.K ROGER MOWRY I NOTHSTI NE AS H DOWN I CHHPIPIONSHIP K l IGS! If N il f L 2 R 3 A . -E. 2. my ' W fx X ' I hi! Ea u 4 s ' J 1 if V A Q 5 1:1 dh A i FOOTBALL CG SGH A IIIIQVSF OICN C OO I me Shamrocks rw T Shamrocks smh game X VVILII I c, LC I r 'C pq QCII xjex WAI WL, OS v N CIW ao or Q ng were e W . e IOIS e Qo woh fomodxx L U I 1x Q PI rm S4311 Eugehe Eu ers RorI1Ir Norm 1 Jr Harr acre Crm orrl mer .3 I Lumrt ahI Roslaxxekn were named to me OVIILVFII L our mrex 3 I x I on LVQUCL oerf mr aIso m Taro ur5 ESU III Ld S rrruw Sprrngs Ioo'I3mII ut r L cruaI com He rwfhf ooof foam I Qra our wr msec we he Shamrocks II hhcr one III the Cohf rem e In Coach L'oyr Nofhqhhe mrs Wrfh th s vo woerfol group of gehrlemeh we cant Q7 hw Q IU The tene IQ .3 re me Q IIX the IDOCIIIUIS remar o he recom ,pm Q or meer were Q th Shamroc s recom or Q Ir L , Irrr .4-1 56 Lwsoylolrs Qexr BofIaIo Hartford Co'orha S' Johns S1 Io Pohres NXIaTerxI1e'r Deortor Eerfrerr Sgr 'ge 'ere .pare .W Qeeihee emo e f Ieif IQII, fhe bei? fooTLgII , a o that Iicrrrer Sgr'-ga If QI' S1hooI has eff def w 175 ,ees ol :ohfgewr Io he oh 'if I rhal. 'I ff ,nvger We ejfe Iigozqrzhr oI Ifoegh L,Ior . Nofhefue ' '1 ho? Lie La Qc he rhe .zere urbffor :IIC-'I Q ST ,Iowa 'o 're Iheo' III IIWQ " . Ee ' Som QS Qwm-. therr I.Ifr'e Ch 'QI uhm by herj Iran , I or oIga,fhQ, LII Q ' ri .nor eo Ce X.-..II TC Seb :he 'ghtes' ww the "Mere: Q? h I hs rfrax' INVI1, ho' The rn-, -IwI.'.CrI th Sryrrrl Tha' YY1Ix 5 Charm r Each hoy and eoch coach IS J cIwarvIfor1. N-I XID , xxIII he Ioet hy r,2'frmrIoh I'h , ere MII , hw 9. E I pr ford f- I I -I I e I I I ' I I h CIQ LIr1:It, Icrr, IQQDSIQLIXIV IME QI mr, I Q Z, ' 1 ri , Q, 1 TI and E I IL e, wI MOI 1 S hz, 7 I, v , I f I MIL II 5 S .U CI I-1 Cl rl' agar me fx IAC Ie 1 Q 1 5 r XI fade IXII-S . I I1 I fha IICII, Bo V I . g I ure shorifi be xery prorhiwwg mth the SIIICIICIKI m'1T' I :UIQ Uyr JWI Lrrrhfr .I og 2,13 J f I I: Q , If D I be 5, gr 'I to ':1"T I' or ol e -3 2 V32 .fi o'l III u,rfIf Y Lf' IS I IJ-, - 'Ir Q I WI? 15' OI I , I ht he fiIIecI'I' Ive Iswgkof ,II,I-I e:o'e k'1 of ISIIQ Www- IIVIIICII -f ,,,o ,,,A A,,,, , , , 1 ,X - I Iivfrlu' in A,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , , A, I hurrlrirw ,,.o,,, ,,,,, , ,, , L IIN! LII EI , , ....,.Y.. ,,,... ,,.. . , . . I X M 5 Inf! -Aw .A ,, . . Iwrmrf' I . , , C VARSITY BASKETBALL l VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row L ftt Rught Thuerbach H Sartz R Prnllwtz D Cr wford D Tropp D Whets one C Lindt Weber and Rcslawskn Second Row Coach Faye Chance Manager Dean Wilson 5' its 58 e o ' -I. ' , . ' . . ' i . . a , . . . t . ' ,I. I. ' 4 h Q ' 1 of if 3 of ' A 'Q A A A S I , A o , L, V ,HL L L I r no Atl R5 f , L 4, -41 'Q I -A f . S, x 'f JUNIOR VARSITY Front Row Left to Right G McBee C Warsco P Riley G Brlggs Robbins and L Ely cecond Row E Ferns C Harding Dale Ewalt I Naegele D Geisler D Rerslg L Evans and Coach Don Ashdown rn amrocks fl 0 r L uw U 5 rw 1 f fl kj l l VX Jll L 1 lg lll f Shamrocks Lv or 5 , .rw 1 00 Q gmuw 0 wr L x L 1 L, 1 Tlwa l A tl lWlSlQ I, an V l 1 l S l-'J ' ' R W LVWJ Vf f Dml lropl " J O dp Vg l J L LJ U G ' Lfll fl 59 llw-' lwnrru-rw Sf! Sh fnlv' wp ml Tlx: NCC HJC' ml l ':.1l'O uw'lCV fL,lL:Qll"'j fl M: lan, Um llu, cr TH- flwsfrfl cm fworwzlwr at Nlwlas lv-1 Crfgmffy flu fr-Q Oral Cl 1' gl: ulwwp 'T Kllfgg b, Ili . J 'lwm l,llll7fff,llf,lll Vuflflvlrg mam llms me flu slfwwz ture I the .fl ilm'vllo'SlWl luv fiywl 'QQ Tum' lux J lynfrrmerw Tegam 'H M Vx of S11 my, Hlqlu Sfwnl llv wwf uw Qu tlx. C.. Oll 'fl tlr 'Jung Cllldflmfl Mrdl, '4,rrT:fll1OH ul llwg lXfllClTlQri'l llglw Sflwol !Xrl'wl:31mC !Xvno-m1'or, lmrwg flvfvnlecl 'X 514.-.b,'fulNf'k'.d'l mm Nl Cm' J lun: Tlx- hamrocks plfacu secor-5 lf' me dine "Cl corwfgrcmce Tlwc, Jlso pldceci ' w1'lEl,Cl .Cl lCuV"4f"'uwf, lflf 'Q 'L L. I ov. ' f l l'lr4',Qrrwa'1YQL1fY Ting Form- Tully: Qllg: up YRS lLJllll9 to Ilwcfwr Ol1lUll-3lllSl VS' 1 yn- 'Cf' 'TJ lm cw- lv 'lv 1:-lar ':."lw -ll' l'UHWlS ww Ti Qdrm-L lip was f llox-wf :Q luv" SL1l'1'.'.1'lW ' plurll L" 1' '.w'lw ' ' Jffrr, XM-l,vi-' .awtlw mf J fur lrmgbliilw xxlflw lfg i-.yr 1-' fy'-rg: 'ggi Qc 'L' Q'-5 tsl Q Xmrfo N3-f ,ear wg .-,W ws Dr-QL l-Vgf fig' C,ml-.fcrr JUL, Woe me-' NNW SLUT: wi Lmrrlga lun :T Sf-.1-ml .Mp '. ln .1 ll 'LIN 'ki' .iaff . :", QL! lfvwmzf "-ff'."4'1,l lykguljf- gy .mf at l' - kill Smwwgf l'lf:,fT Slllxhl GIRLS' BASKETBALL Front Row Left to Right Manager M Brugham B Moore C Strerght C Bareheld S Gerard B Brant Manager L Schlundf ow Two B Adams P George A Ncvdlmgcr F Neldlmger L Koebel and N Poyser Row Three Coach lean Wagner R IESSWEIN M Smnfh G Muars M Sfround and C Strelght THE SHAMROCKETTES H1 Shamrockettes T Shamrockettes 1 U L, 1 CLJKLT: LD. ,XLT 3 1' XXL. LIU' 2' I L L ' , fx -- 'X L' T 'LP Mmv 'L' ANU' upfh 4.1 '- I- H 1 1 fr f ,, - , T xfl ' '. .. ' . '. L . . , ,. rf f QW gf' -. Tw, UL 'L w, X ' .- .r ., . ., '. , 'fuhlrs ra Tv-LT SMT L VL :lm xx W MVN - f' Mx, , A ,, ,11 ,V X-, , 1 T ,A ,, , ,,, Thu --L. A rg 'L f In ' W lr VL- , I V Q" Q' 1 F214--'r H, 'Y vw L"T'j"V Vg", 'I A .. -:Lf T . , - 4 . . ,' "" 'T ..: ,: L " , ' " ' " ' ' " .' , . flvuf 7, r ' 1' '-' '- ' T' 'cj 'f A 111 " F fm 'nm' f JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL NINTH GRADE Fnrst Row Coach L Bruce D Wetzel G Merrill E Bannsh D Patton M Schmske Second Row-G Schaffer B Geisler I Shank R Stover K Hora F Alrgood N Stemm P Grllls SEVENTH EIGHTH AND NINTH GRADES Coachcf lax William Mowrv the Seventh gr l haslfelball team enoefl thc s 1 Coach Dohalf Ashdovvhs Enghlh graoe Team s re or was Three whs and hve losses The Freshman squad Camo up with four warms ah four losses lo lhelr coach Wall am Mowry lwof a bar rccori cohsudermg th t vvlth the exceffoh of Berrueh Sormgs all members schools of the Conference are class B schools 61 I , 1 3 lu , 1, 1 s 1 A c. :G , ' s , LC ' soo wmhmg two games and losing six. 4 ' A l ' ' f , A l , ' ' f 1 fl f C. . ll , , . I ' l 2 L ' ' a , sm o ' ' , H ,, , JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL EIGHTH GRADE dung C Stover R George H Hicks Coach Ahdown cstcr A Fo hes R r neelmg C Clark L McLaughlin L Clcm Brrgh I Woco SEVENTH GRADE L. Harrington, L. Davis, T. Zerby. D. Schaffer. Coach Mowry. I. Kcftlehuf. K. McNecly. C. Caulpcfzcr K Schaber, L DeFr:es Absent-frm Fryman lack Fryman TRACK Front Row Left to Rnght I Thlerbach H Saltz R Ieschke and G Bruggs Second Row B Spauldlng D Crawford I Roslawskl C Hardmg I Naegele D Whetstone C Warsco R Pnllwltz and Coach Donald Ashdown THE FIELD TEAM Boostefl ln thc rcturh ot l3 lettorrrerr the Berrreh Sururtgs tra lf team shoul haye nts best s asoh nrt the schools hustory The team last year etteret ahl yyort the Rryer Pouge to oor track meet at Ann Arbor by scorthg 2 pomts It leleatel the rurtrerup team by point lhts meet rs the larges 'hdoor track meet tor hgh school boys nrt the world About GCG contestants take part lrt Couhly OI7IQllllOVl the Shamrocks wort secgr ple e wr h New Bu falo trt rust D ce Returmhg retterrrteh lrtclude Poger Jeschke rm the 4 O Chuck Lurdt nrt the halt mule Dom Crawtorct an the shot out Jerry Roslawslft nrt the mule ,lam Klrtg rt the mule art l-lerm Salt rrt the clashes The yuh ors are Jack Thterbach Dale 3 G NGTGVSVIS The track sche ule ts s tollows or l Practtce Neet at Berrueh Srrlhgs l2 one Aprul lm Rrxer Rouge Relays Aprrl 77 Trrartgular Meet at Berreh Sprrrtgs t2 O I nt Edward hurg Next Troy art Eerrteh Sprung May Q flooh lrtyrtatuortal ay Coottrert e Meet at Berrtert Qprmgs rrttharrt 3 3 y l ortas t lftlthto 2 r s tlartst 63 I x 5, A , I I I M ' X ' r 'gc ,. rl t e 1' r f V X ' tl A ' C 1 t, , ft 1 " lf' ' ' A - . 5 l . I xl . c f ,, ' - f tif C c t , 5 ' ,la , c t y C t y t I d Z s , , 1 , Whetstorte, Chet Warsco, Chuck l-lardurtg, Roy Prrllwrtz artrl Chuck Clarks All 5 ' a ' 1 A rl Un- t l or t l C' C.- . t ' X l 33. T' f .s- , f 5 5 I s, I! .I , lx 1 ! I Nl X T ': C C' A ., I Prelt A is ' fly Frrwals riff' Mui' T-Reg lc gt .L 4 :oo lyluyf rl State Ftuls a :rg BASEBALL R w one H Saltz C Glark D Crawford P Grllls C Llndf I Robbins and R Iesc k ow two B Shcmbarger B Guetfler I Roslawskl N Stemm B Robinson E Ferns G Briggs and Coach Lloyd Nothstnne Row three Therbach K Burgess R Vorrath B Spaulding E Pollard and D Resug THE DIAMOND Borrem Sfrnrqx Shamrocks lm l rom Qrmce ww U VS XCHV C l Q Team mgmbus are Mo r .1 Q T H015 lw Shamrocks J 5 B c NJ IT W plan To get F 64 M oo o : . ' , . , . , , ' ', . ' , . ' , . h e. 1 ,N wg ,L-CQJJM naw hah fwm- efiom m the "C" , l H ' .vw lf-fl Th 54 w lm. for-D if geo. ' gtfvm mv Ilw, ' on .iv all 04 If A B W 'X MHQ To WN LQ mf J fm T 'nl ,B OWL! Tl V00 Low l.'.C'f' L ef fftf ,a ' .Lui fr ir" 1' S" 5,1 iid D L Ste-mlwillverl sworn lvrw, gnu For' LK 1' L ft 'J fw' -mb Q 'L 9 :viz in .-,mv f Q15 5 :V QA' lbdm-lml, tl zwrrgrw 'r ,ni Jr-.,,.: Q R- 3 Qw- J N I vw 'mffm.1gfw,N OU hw TW' lmf,ulDLflf Scefgprw vw!! lu ru L'M'1,'Q 'aw fm I .Lf l Tiff' Yiwu' Huy, " G L X 4, affof'i gfldic, mpg the ui 'or Q50 ."' r f , i i1 X' .4 . M7 5 F A , we L, 42" Senior Class Poem ur lwuglw scliool ra Q are oxer Ol rnemor ee left belwune lnow we Il rnlss xou clearh U me nope that lou wont munrl ve starter out as Freshmen fe were so wen promo joined ln Wllll llwe luglw 5ClwOOl lun fxnrl sometumes acted loud As Soolwon ores me qorerel flown foncentrafed on our Qfudles We mel The Seniors with a frown We slarted malrlng bundles ICI x r C O fller e 1 NN 'ra ,eo wggektlons an mane anrenr Ann oxen u leas dull wc confr e fe re enrore now clasb of J We le frnall reached our goal to socceec, Fu? Stall we In remember our Own Golden Rule lorlax we follow tomorrow we learl Bl Darlene Zech I C l ' , o 1 ,, , rl We x ' ' X ' if B 1 u g f ' Vl e 1 1 L , VX f ' l i f We . . ,, . , . 1 ' ' 5 , ' "2 M JLHTIOVS were trol-, lr ella, We wo lr. l qil A xlrif, by arle . fl Q ,- . fi F L le A ef r rf' f d XA ' S a ' "FZ", ,V V 3 f Q 4 V I flu A , rf ,lrf CONCLUDING THIS CHIMERICAL CELLULOID COMPOSITE WE WISH TO THANK ADMINISTRATION Sup rrtterw ent Paul Erre rch ou u F Vw at J Qar Gu BOARD OF EDUCATION Press ertt Eewar I W Botharn Secreta Candace Kolhott Trustee Waie Gorham Tru tee Robert Jones OFFERING Vufatnurrul Trur rg Corwmeruul T at Q Mu :C Cour e Uteruf Ceur Ire ollege Trurr A Well Rourw 'ei Program For All OUR AIM To helm students to do better thus ries table thrrtgs vthrch NI d rt lat MAKE IEIRIIN SPRINGS YOUR SCHOOL co 6 I - 'Af H S Prrrrfrgra! ----- D' gls t L sum C5 S Prrrrfjrrsrfl- I ettler 'ci 1 tn Treasurer Glenn Bruggs , Y I 'l rr r 3 I I ' V71 'MV s' ss GJ ' I wc? 41C - 'mg . I f,'f 1 L J Q W 1 f they xr II oi er Irte. BILL S NEW IIIIII USED STOIIE PHONE 4161 Krause Pharmacy Photogxaphlc Equlpment an bupplles I"'IlII Top Coal and Ice Company Alfred Bender PHONE 3721 BERRIEN SPRINGS E E Evans 8: Sons HIHCIIHIAH Mlchvgan PHONE 2681 BERRIEN SPRINGS Rl++er s Grill STEVENSVILLE BERRIEN SPRINGS Oscar J LlncI+ Agency Automoblle Flnanclng Insurance Complete Servlce Phone 8051 Berrien Springs ITS A BETTER BUY AT KAISER S Berrlen Auto Supply 105 W 3622 M I1 g SHANK S Men s and Boys Furnlshlnv PHONE 7 1611 A BERRIEN SPRINGS COMPLIMENTS OF SIIGVGTISVIIIG Beaury Shop 7 l Q . l l l l 5- 21. 4 ! I 0 ! ' l l I l l l l . Ferry Tel. . Berrien Sp ' g ici an l l i n C O 1 l ! . I . . i , , . . - - . as ! . l I . . . 1 I . f.-53,42 ' --212' AC.. - -. l l I 70 COMPLIMENTS RDYAL BLUE STORE BLAGKMOND S IEWELRY AND OPTICAL STORE 1 ru ILC 1511 lr1 CORNER THIRD and MAIN NILES MICHIGAN JDHN F RUSSELL CHEVROLET PONTIAC SALES Sc SERVICE P F WILCOX MANAGER WILLSON HARDWARE and PLUMBING PHONE 5311 BERRIEN SPRINGS COMPLIMENTS Hazen Caulpe+zer Dlamonds 8: Iewclry E Z Terms BERRIEN SPRINGS 3121 OF 1 Buy HI Cf 'litz IQ: ' 'ces I Q Q or Q Q Q Q ' , Q - Q Q Q 71 Compliments HILSIGA EAU CLAIRE MICHIGAN COMPLIMENTS BENNERS MARATHON STATION Alice s Beauly Shop VVInrg IIILIIXILIII 1I In lllly I uson 1 11 627 Mechanic Berrien Sprmgs For Your FARM SUPPLIES ee Berrien Sprmgs Co op Telephone 3361 Ranlla Ladies Shoppe I IXNOXXN ll XNIDS 11 INI X Phone 7 2211 Berrien Sprmgs Compllmenfs to the Class of 1952 SPARKS LIIMBEII 00 BUILDING MATERIAL AND HARDVVARE 77 of L, . . . I I I or s I . . I I - I I I I I I . I Q 4 I I 1.1 . i wr-J., . 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