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 - Class of 1951

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 HSta Niiiiml !l!i!i!i!i!!!ill II I Hi • ilia nnmiinn HU  edUc tio i FAYE CHANCE We, the class of 1951, gratefully dedicate the CANOE to Mr. Faye Chance for his interestand patience towards our class, and he is much admired by all for his cooperation and friendliness. We wish to express our thanks to him.A d i i 4 t n a. i i 0 PAUL H. EMERICH Superintendent Sociology, Business Law DOUGLAS H. WATSON Principal Journalism, Speech SCHOOL BOARD Glen Briggs Paul Emerich Edward Botham Oscar Lindt Candice Kolhoff Marcus McLaughlin LILLIAN FERGUSON English MARY GRAHAM Economics Home WAGNER Athletics BETTY History BURTON ALDRICH Music, History DONALD ASHDOWN Mathematics, Athletics JOHN BRAWDERS Sciences FAYE CHANCE Commercial, Athletics AUGUST LANGE Agriculture LLOYD NOGGLE Eighth Grade LLOYD NOTHSTINE Manual Training, AthleticsCARL GUETTLER Seventh Grade THELMA DRUPPEL Second Grade MAXINE KENDALL First Grade VICTOR KING Fifth and Seventh ALBERTA LONGNER Kindergarten LAURETTE LOSS Sixth Grade LUCILE MARBLE First and Second Grades WILLIAM MOWRY Fifth Grade, Athletics KATHRYN NOGGLE Fourth Grade DONNA OLNEY Music, Art VIRGINIA RADEWALD Third Grade MARIBEL WALTON Third and Fourth GradesMrs. Gark - Secretary Wilber Arnett, Morris Johnson, Frank Vanderberg - Janitors C. Guettler, G. Shaffer, H. Dilly, A. Bender, W. Arnett, R. Kiger, G. Vander-boggh - Bus Drivers 9n Appreciat UAJ a yvels CUyitfLs U s t yiit'V (Z ULd,'P ofi£ectf DELORES BERKHOLZ still has her quiet way, Being nice to people from day to day. MAUREEN BRADFORD is now Mrs. Heyn, And a Dishwashing Contract she has signed. ELLEN BROHMAN, a secretary is she, Doing her boss’s every plea. FRANKLIN GAUL is still on the farm, He gets up every morning at the sound of an alarm. PAUL GLASKE is famed for commercial art, To a poser of “Esquire” he has given his heart. MARY JOYCE HARDING is a stenographer you see, Anything else she couldn’t be. LUCILLE HARDY is now a famous designer, All those TV stars couldn’t decline her. RUTH HEIMBUCH at editing is a whiz, For in this field she knows her biz. MARCELENE HEWITT has a full time job, Keeping house for a guy named Bob. ROBERT JONATZKE knows all the cute tricks, And when it to cars that’s one thing he can fix. MARIE JONES is now a graduate nurse, It is said she is the best in the universe. ALEX KOLOSOWSKY is often seen wielding a wrench, If he was a mechanic this rhyme would make sense. RICHARD KRUGER is still milking the cow, After all these years he ought to knowjiow. A great orator is Mr. GERALD KUGEL, He speaks at the sound of a bugle. PHIL LINDT an insurance agent is he, A better or more worthy agent could there never be. JOANNE MERRILL works in Sparks Memorial Library, And her responsibility gladly does she carry. DONALD MOORE is a lawyer of merit, Words flow from his tongue with the ease of a parrot. In fishing, DEAN QUICK is doing fine, Catching more girls than fish with his line. CLARA BELLE RADDE as a secretary she didn’t barter, For it seems her ambition is to be Mrs. Albert Carter. ARTHUR RUDLAFF has revised his modern farm, Changing tractors for mares ’cause they’re less harm. DOROTHY RUDOWSKE will make a good wife. She’s been studying home-making most of her life. All the men rush to ride with DONNA SHRIVER Since she is the county’s first lady taxi-cab driver. DARRELL SMITH in the movies now is found. His latest picture is getting around. RUSSELL SMITH is a great football star. His fame is known from near and far. DEAN STAHLECKER now has his own drug store. If you go there once you’ll go back for more. With an all girl audience and double plays that are dillies, You’ll see DON STEINHILBER at second base for the Phillies. DARLYNE STUCKEY is now chief operator at Indiana Bell, When she will get married no one can tell. WARREN WALKER is very coy In R.K.O.’s movie -- “Lover Boy.” DALE WARSCO his first million has attained. He’s hoping the second won’t be long detained. HELEN WILSON thinks there is nothing finer Than to just sit and watch the exploits of Ralph Kiner. EUGENE WIRTZ still has his model A coupe, Spending his idle time in Chicago’s loop. KATHLEEN WUGGAZER has found the greatest joy of life At being an outstanding athlete’s wife.Clou. Will Delores Berkholz leaves her ability to blush to Sheila Gerard. Maureen Bradford leaves to go into housekeeping. Ellen Brohman wills her naturally curly hair to Carol Streight. His sparklying sense of humor does Franklin Gaul will to Chet Warsco. Paul Glaske leaves his bobby pins to Herman Saitz. Joan Dickson receives Mary Joyce Harding’s flirtatious ways. Loraine Hildebrand inherits Lucille Hardy’s blond hair. Ruth Heimbuch leaves her height to Audrey Neidlinger. Marcelene Hewitt wills John Boal her ability to skip school. Bob Jonatzke just leaves; “at last,” he sighs. Her studious manners should gladly be accepted by Carol Miars from Marie Jones. Alex Kolosowsky leaves his velvet speaking voice to Charles Lindt. Richard Kruger wills his long wavy hair to Jack Thierbach. Gerald Kugel leaves his ability in agriculture to William Pudell. Ronald Vorrath inherits Phillip Lindt's devilishness. Joanne Merrill wills her quiet ways to Blva Moore. Donald Moore leaves his ability to make the wrong statement at the right time to Ernest Hildebrand. Dean Quick leaves his witty ways in government to Harry Stevenson. Her height Clara Belle Radde heartily wills to Lary Ely. Art Rudlaff wills his gracious manner to Dean Wilson. Dorothy Rudowske leaves Janet West her boldness. Donna Shriver leaves her golden red locks to Margie Stroud. Musical talent is inherited by Henry Heimbuch from Darrell Smith. Russell Smith leaves gladly. Dean Stahlecker leaves his way with teachers to Lois Schmidt. Don Steinhilber leaves his golden “A” brains to Don Clem. Darlyne Stuckey wills her pretty figure to Daisy Eaves. Warren Walker leaves his way with women to Allen Enders. Dale Warsco wills his talents to Roger Jeschke. Innocent ways are given by Helen Wilson to Jack Naegele. Eugene Wirtz leaves his friendliness to Nancy Schlundt. Kathleen Wuggazer leaves her quick smile to Marjorie Brigham.Delores Berkhoiz General Course •Sugar is sweet and so are you." Glee Club ’48, FHA '51, Limelight 51 Maureen Bradford Commercial Course •The school bell rings--the wedding march." FHA ’49, '50, '51, Glee Club ’48, '49, ’51 •Cheaper By The Dozen" ’51, Volleyball’49, Limelight ’51, Library Club ’50, ’51, Canoe Staff ’51, Library Club (reporter)’51,“Life With Father" (staff) ’50 Ellen Brohman College Prep. Course •Ain’t she sweet?" Glee Club ’48, ’51, Basketball ’48, ’49, '50, Soft Ball ’48, ’49, Canoe Staff ’51, Arista Club ’50, ’51, FHA ’49, ’50, ’51, Student Council ’48, ’49, ’50, Limelight ’51, Vice President ’50, “Life With Father" ’50, •Cheaper By The Dozen ’51, FHA Secretary ’50, FHA President ’51, Treasurer ’48, Monitor Club ’51 Franklin Gaul Agricultural Course •It’s not what you do, but what you get away with." FFA ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, Football ’48, ’50 Basketball ’48, ’49, ’50, Track ’49, ’50, FFA Vice President ’50, ’51, Student Council ’50, ’51, Ushers Club ’51 Paul Glaske College Prep. Course •Who says only sissies have curly hair?" FFA ’51, Ushers Club ’51, “Cheaper By The Dozen" ’51, Monitor Club ’51 Mary Joyce Harding Commercial Course •Not fiirty--just friendly." Glee Club ’49, ’51, FHA ’51, Basketball ’49, Limelight ’51, “Life With Father ’50, •Cheaper By The Dozen ’51, Softball ’49,’50, Volleyball 49, ’50; Secretary ’50, ’51, Canoe Staff ’51, Ushers Club ’50, Band ’50, Monitor Club ’51 Lucille Hardy General Course •Full of fun and mischief too." Glee Club ’48, ’51, Basketball ’48, ’49, ’50, Soft Ball ’48, ’49, FHA ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, Limelight ’51, “Life With Father ’50, •Cheaper By The Dozen ’51. Student Council ’50, Canoe Staff ’51 Ruth Heimbuch Commercial Course •Short and Sweet." Glee Club ’49, Basketball ’48, ’49, ’51, Soft Ball ’49, FHA ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, Limelight ’51, Volleyball 49, Class Secretary ’48, ’49, FHA Reporter ’51, Monitor Club ’51Marcelene Hewitt Commercial Course “And what is so rare as a day in school?" Glee Club '48, Soft Ball ’48, FHA '51, Limelight '51, Canoe Staff '51 Robert Jonatzke Agricultural Course “I’mnot lazy folks, I'm just in love with sleep." FFA ’50, '51, “Cheaper By The Dozen" '51, Monitor Club ’51 Marie Jones College Prep. Course “Two legged dictionary." “Cheaper By The Dozen 51, “Life With Father" 50, Band Manager ’50, '51, Librarian Club '51, Arista Club ’50, '51, Basketball ’50, '51, Monitor Club '51, Debate ’51, Science Club’50 Alex Kolosowsky Agricultural Course “He’s just backward about coming forward." FFA ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51 Richard Kruger Agricultural Course “A truer farmer was never born." FFA ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51 Gerald Kugel College Prep. Course “All great men are dying and I feel sick." FFA ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, FFA Treasurer ’51, Track ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, Basketball Manager ’50, “Life With Father" ’50, “Cheaper By The Dozen" ’51, Ushers Club ’51, Debate ’51, Science Club ’51, Monitor Club ’51 Phillip Lindt College Prep. Course “Can’t keephis sense andnonsense separated." Football ’48, ’49, ’50, 51, Basketball '48,’49, ’50, Basketball Manager ’51, Baseball ’48, ’49, '50, ’51, Canoe Staff ’51, “Life With Father"’50, “Cheaper By The Dozen ’51, Arista Club ’50, ’51, Limelight ’50, Varsity Club ’49, Reporter ’49, President ’48, Debate ’51, Science Club ’50, Monitor Club '49 Joanne Merrill College Prep. Course “She will succeed." FHA ’49, ’50, “Life With Father" ’50, “Cheaper By The Dozen" ’51, AristaClub ’50, 51, Library Club ’50, ’51, Library Club President ’51, Monitor Club ’51Donald Moore Agricultural Course •Naughty nautical man FFA '50, 51, “Cheaper By The Dozen 51, Debate Team ’51 Dean Quick General Course •Who’s the cleverest person in school and why am I?" Basketball ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, Football ’50, ’51 Clara Belle Radde Commercial Course “She looks like she could cook. Basketball ’48, ’49, ’50, 51, Glee Club ’49, Treasurer 51, FHA ’48, '49, ’50, ’51, Volley Ball (Capt.) »49, “Life With Father ’50, •Cheaper By The Dozen '51, Canoe Staff’51, Limelight ’51, Ushers Club ’49, Softball ’48, Historian (FHA) ’51, Parliamentarian (FHA) ’50, Reporter (FHA) ’49 Arthur Rudlaff Agricultural Course •You can tell him by what he doesn’t say. FFA ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51 Dorothy Rudowske General Course •Don’t argue with me; I know I’m right. Basketball ’48, FHA ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, Canoe Staff ’51, Limelight ’51, Library Club ’49, ’50, ’51, Debate (Secty., Reporter, timekeeper) ’49, ’50, '51, Library Club (Reporter) ’51 Donna Shriver General Course “Who sez I can’t? Twirler ’48, ’49, ’50, '51, FHA ’49, Basketball ’49, '50, '51, “Cheaper By The Dozen ’51, “Life With Father '50, Cheerleading Club ’50, Volleyball ’49, Canoe Staff ’51, Limelight ’51, Glee Club ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, Monitor Club 51 Darrell Smith College Prep. Course •If only I could find someone to agree with me. Debate ’51, “Life With Father ’50, •Cheaper By The Dozen '51, Student Council '51, Vice-President ’48, Arista Club ’50, Monitor Club ’51 Russell Smith General Course •Every deck has its joker. Football ’48, ’49, '50, '51, Basketball ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, Track ’48, ’49, ’50, '51, Baseball '48, ’49, '50, '51, Glee Club ’49,'50, •Life With Father ’50, Limelight ’50, Varsity Club ’48, ’49, Tennis ’48, ’49Dean Stahlecker General Course “Sure, I'll try anything once. Basketball ’48, Glee Club ’48, '51, Limelight ’50, "Life With Father" (staff) ’50, Canoe Staff ’51, Class Reporter ’50, Science Club ’50, Tennis '49 Don Steinhilber College Prep. Course A more handsome man was never found." Football ’48, ’49, 50, ’51, Basketball ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, Baseball ’48, ’49, '50, ’51, Track '48, “Life With Father '50, Student Council '49, '50, '51, Canoe Staff '51, Varsity Club '48, '49, Debate '51, President '48, Monitor Club Darlyne Stuckey General Course “I speak in a monstrous little voice. Glee Club '51, Limelight '51, Canoe Staff '51, FHA '48, '49, '50, '51, FHA Historian '50, FHA Vice President '49, Latin Club '50, '51, •Life With Father '50, “Cheaper By The Dozen '51, Monitor Club '51 Warren Walker Agricultural Course “Guaranteed harmless.” FFA '48, '49, '51, Limelight '51, Glee Club '48, Basketball Manager ’49, Football '48, '49, Treasurer '49, President '49, Vice President 50, President ’51, Track 48, Baseball '48, “New Fires '49, Ushers Club '48, Honorary President ’50, “Boarding House Reach '49, Reporter’51, Monitor Club '51 Dale Warsco Agricultural Course “Aren’t I a panic, girls?" Class President ‘48, ‘49, ‘50, Student Council ’48, '50, FFA '48, '49, '50, '51, “ Life With Father" '50, Basketball '48, '4$ ’50, Track ’48, ’49, '50, '51, Vice President ‘48, ‘49, ‘51, Football ‘48, ‘49, ‘50, ‘51 Science Club '50, Glee Club '50, Science Club President '50, Monitor Club ’51 Helen Wilson College Prep. Course “Dynamite comes in small packages. Basketball '49, ’50, Glee Club '48, ’49, ’50, '51, Limelight Staff '51, “Cheaper By The Dozen ’51, Ushers Club ’49, Volley Ball’49, Class Reporter ’49, ’51, Cheerleading Club '50, Debate Team '51 Eugene Wirtz General Course “Laugh, clown, laugh. Kathleen Wuggazer Commercial Course “Take me out to the ball game. Basketball '49, '50, '51, Glee Club '49, Student Council’51, Secretary '49, Treasurer 50, “Life With Father '50, Volleyball '49, Limelight '51, Ushers Club '48Darlyne Stuckey, Phil Lindt Best Looking Kathleen Wuggazer, Warren Walker Best Personality Marie Jones, Gerald Kugel Most Likely to Succeed Darlyne Stuckey, Warren Walker Best Dressed Marie Jones, Don Steinhilber ■ Deepest Thinkers Ellen Brohman, Dale Warsco Most Popular Clara Radde, Don Moore Most Sincere Joanne Merrill, Bob Jonatzke Best Natured Ruth Heimbuch, Don Steinhilber Neatest 0nqpijMMKathleen Wuggazer, Don Steinhilber Most Athletic Delores Berkholz, Arthur Rudlaff Most Timid a c e a i Dorothy Rudowske, Bob Jonatzke Best Gum Chewers Helen Wilson, Darrell Smith Fastest Talkers i t Maureen Bradford, Dean Stahlecker Biggest Schemers Donna Shriver, Darrell Smith Most Musical Ellen Brohman, Paul Glaske Curliest Hair Helen Wilson, Frank Gaul Wittiest Mary J. Harding, Gene Wirtz Biggest FlirtsetaM Commencement Time y e are all donned in cap and gown, With happy, youthful face; We are about to leave our school To fill a different place. The speaker spoke on “Higher Aims;” The teachers glowed with pride; A parent with an anxious hope Did brush a tear aside. The glee club sang a melody; Pianos sent forth sweet songs; Our faces shone with radiant youth; The youth for which age longs. The happy carefree students are All launching out to sea, “God help us every single one To be what we should be.” Ruth Heimbuch Motto: “Tonight We Launch, Where Shall We anchor?” Color: Nile Green and Silver Flower: American Beauty RosesPresident Vice-president Secretary Don Crawford Ted Oliver Lorraine Hildebrand O cce 4 JUNIOR CLASS At the first of the year the juniors of ’51 gave the honor to the following students for officers: president Don Crawford, vice president Ted Oliver, secretary Lorraine Hildabrand, treasurer Carol Barefield, reporterB. Brandt and Shirley, Bill Robinson and Nancy Poyser were selected as our student council members. The class has had a roller skating party and also has sponsored the annual Christmas dance 'The Reindeer Ball". For the second semester the officers were elected as follows: president Don Crawford, vice-president Ted Oliver, secretary Lorraine Hildabrand, treasurer Carol Barefield, reporter Audrey Neidlinger. We are now in the midst of organizing a junior play which will be featured In April. We are very grateful for our class sponsors, Mr. Donald Ashdown and Mr. Burton Aldrich who have advised us. Being the largest class in the school with sincere loyalty and consistent co-operation in all worthwhile endeavors we should be a highly successful class. Row 1: Beverly Adams, Carol Barefield, Harold Bishop, John Boal, Beverly Brant, Shirley Brant, Robert Chandler. Row 2: Don Clem, Gene Enders, Betty Fryman, Sheila Gerard, Earl Hardacre, Henry Heimbuch, Robert Hill. Row 3: Bill Holloway, Roger, Jeschke, Charles Keeler, Lois Kettlehut, James King, Edna Klug, Janice Knuth. Row 4: Darlene Koebel, Lois Koebel, Diana Krieger, Dorothy Lansdale, Charles Lindt, Audrey Neidlinger, Darlene Paige. Row 5: Garey Pennington, Nancy Poyser, Janis Pudell, Bill Robinson, Jerry Roslawski, Ruth Rudlaff, Herman Saitz. Row 6: Donna Schlundt, Helen Schmall, Leila Schmal, Steve Slmko, Earnestine Smith, Adeline Steltner, Harry Stevenson. Row 7: Carol Streight, Betty Thran, Loretta Whitman, Darlene Zech, Phyllis Zelmer, Dean Zerby.Qlali. (OjJjiceAA As the Sophomores of 1951, we are very fortunate to have Mr. (Coach) Lloyd Nothstine and Mr, Douglas Watson as sponsors. With their help we elected class officers as follows: President - John Robbins Vice President - Ernest Hildebrand Secretary - Lois Schmidt Treasurer - Ronald Lucas Dale Whetstone, Ernie Hildebrand and Bonnie Oliver were also elected to represent the class as members of the Student Council. We are proud to say that many of the Sophomores participated in sports this year also. Among these were Charles Clark, Roy Prillwitz, Jack Thierbach, Dale Whetstone and many others. For entertainment we sponsored a roller skating party at Central Docks. The party was a great success and more were planned for the future. We also had a fine Christmas dinner, with a turkey donated by the school which was cooked by Mrs. Lloyd Nothstine. Being Sophomores we were privileged to order our class rings, which we did gladly. We awaited them patiently and everyone was well pleased with their arrival. All in all we are proud to have been the “Sophomores of ’51” and hope our Junior year will prove as satisfactory. Row 1: Victor Banish, Shirley Billett, Edna Bodtke, Barbara Burdick, Dorothy Carter, John Chandler. Row 2: Charles Clark, Allen Enders, George Fisher, Mary A. Fryman, Phyllis George, Robert Guettler. Row 3: Charles Harding, Cloura Higgins, Ernest Hildebrand, Nancy Jonatzke, Dennis Kettlehut, Virginia Klutts. Row 4: Paul Koehler, Robert Lausch, Leonard Lehman, Ronnie Lucas, Glenda Manasco, Bonnie Oliver. Row 5: Emil Pollard, Roy Prillwitz, William Pudell, John Robbins, Jr. Rudowske. Row 6: Lois Schmidt, Roger Smith, Bill Spaulding, Leo Spencer, Mary Stroud, Gretchen TenHoor. Row 7: Jack TTiierbach, Chester Warsco, Dale Whetstone, Dean Wilson, Ruth Zelmer.The Freshman Class had a hay-ride towards the beginning of the school year which was very much of a success. The class officers for the first semester were: Jerry Weber - President Larry Evans - Secretary Dean Ewalt - Treasurer Carol Miars - Reporter The class officers for the second semester were: Alice Schinkel - President Joan Ewalt - Secretary Joan Dickson - Treasurer Dale Ewalt - Reporter The class had for their sponsor in the year of 1950 and 1951 Mr. August Lange with Miss Mary Graham as assistant. Row 1: Paul Bowman, Glen Briggs, Marjorie Brigham, Lois Butterfield, Judith Calay, Marlene Craft. Row 2: Joan Dickson, Gail Dilley, Larry Ely, Joanne Ewalt, Norma Hardy, Donna Hoge. Row 3: Donna Fisher, Robert Hauch, Esther Heimbuch, Vera James, Betty Klug, David Kugel, Row 4: Charlotte Mason, Carol Miars, Jack Naegele, Faye Neidlinger, Patrick Riley, Eleanor Rudlaff, Row 5: Alice Schinkel, Nancy Schlundt, Matilda Schlutt, Marilyn Shaffer, Martha Shelton, Shirley Soben. Row 6: Marjorie Stroud, Carol Tillman, Marie Tropp, Bonnie Voight, Dorothy Wagner, Gerald Weber. Row 7: Anna Wilson, Shirley Zech.CiCfJitli Qlade Row 1: Fred Airgood, Shirley Alexander, Jeanneane Baab, Edward Banish, Blaine G. Brown, Bonnie Brown, Lowell Bruce, Row 2: Keith Burgess, Albert Davis, Daisy Eaves, Marcia Gark, Paul Gillis, Mary Griffendorf, Larry Hamrick. Row 3: Kennth Hora, Roberta Jesswein, Thomas Johns, Billy Lansdale, Ruby Lausch, David Lein, James Marks. Row 4: Patricia Martin, Marlene Moyer, Frances Nelson, Roselyn Null, Betty Patton, Virginia Phillips. Row 5: James Reimland, George Shafer, Linton Schinske, Marvin Schinske, Jim Shank, Mari- lyn Smith, Helen Stephenson. Row 6: Richard Stover, Charlotte Streight, Dale Stuckey, Gary Tillstrom, Patricia Tropp, Joan Vanderboegh, Harry Wilson. Student uucit Row 1: Shirley Soben, Margie Stroud, Katie Wuggazer, Don Steinhilber, Nancy Poyser, Nancy Schlundt, Bonnie Oliver. Row 2: Beverly Kerstedder, Doug Burgess, Casey Clark, Frank Gual, Dale Whetstone, Mr. Don Ashdown, James Reimland. Row 3: Shirley Brant, Bill Robinson, Darrell Smith, Richard Zandarskl, Ernie Hllderbrand, Charlotte Straight. The Berrien Springs High School Student Council, under the advisorship of Mr. Douglas Watson, met in September for the purpose of electing officers. President Don Steinhilber Vice President Kathleen Wugazzer Secretary Treasurer Nancy Poyser Reporter Shirley Brant A fine noon hour program was provided, under the supervision of Mr. Lloyd Noggle. Janet West and Lois Schmidt were appointed to supervise the game room, which they deserve special commendation for a job well done. Dean and Dale Ewalt have served well as volley-ball supervisors of Thursdays. Roger Jeschkeand James Kingefflcently handled movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. James King, Roy Prillwitz and Gerald Roslowski handled the table tennis assignment. The Student body has truly enjoyed the many activities that have been provided for them during the noon hours of the year. Bill Robinson and Dale Whetstone served as assembly committees under advisors Mr. Donald Ashdown and Mr. Burton Aldrich. The well planned programs proved to be entertaining and educational. We acted as host for an official S.W.M.C.A.S.C. meeting held at this high school in February. The Council sponsored the annual Junior High Field Day this spring.JUmeii fAt Row 1: Ted Oliver, Mary Joyce Harding, Ellen Brohman, Lucille Hardy, Helen Wilson, Garey Penning ton. Row 2: Charles Lindt, Maureen Bradford, Clara Belle Radde, Dean Quick, Warren Walker, Ruth Helmbuch, Row 3: Donna Shriver, Marcelene Hewltte, Delores Berkolz, Darlene Stuckey, Katie Wuggazer. The Limelight Staff consists of the journalism class, under the direction of Mr. Douglas Watson. They selected a new editor every two weeks whereby everyone had a chance to be an editor of the paper. The journalism class journeyed to Chicago November 24 and 25, to the National Student Press Association annual convention at the Stevens Hotel, for an entire weekend. They have conducted candy and cake sales throughout the year to buy more paper to have larger Limelights. The Limelight has been very successful this year and we are proud of it.Stall PAUL DALE LUCILLE ELLEN 30 cE ca e d° DEAN MavkeEn DONN After much hard work and last minute rushing, we have at last reached our long awaited goal. This is our finished product — the 1951 CANOE. We think it’s the best ever, and hope that in future years our CANOE will bring back pleasant memories of your days at dear old B.S.H.S. ClARARow 1: Dean Wilson, Allene Ludwig, Bonnie Volght, Ruth Zelmer, Donna Shrlver, Mary Joyce Harding, Dorothy Rudowske, Lucille Hardy, Helen Wilson, Darlyne Stuckey. Row 2: Dean Zerby, Belva Moore, Barbara Burdick, Joanne Dickson, Fae Neidllnger, Phyllis Zelmer, Delores Penrod, Maureen Bradford, Ellen Brohman, Jack Thierbach. Row 3: Mr. Aldrich, Charles Lindt, Don Clem. Garey Pennington, Herman Saltz, Ted Oliver, Dean Stahlecker, Charles Keeler. Accompanist Lois Butterfield. The Berrien Springs High School Glee Club has 35 members this year. The girls met on Monday and Wednesday. The boys met on Tuesday and Thursday. The combined group met on Friday. The accompanist was Lois Butterfield. Mr. Burton Aldrich was the director In the spring, the glee club attended the Berrien County Vocal Festival at St. Joseph. The director was George F. Strickling of Cleveland Heights High School. A music concert was given in April in combination with the band.Senior Band Mr. Burton Aldrich Mr. Clarence Clark The band, which consists of thirty-five members, has participated in many events this year, under the direction of Mr. Buton R. Aldrich and Mr. Clarence J. Clark. Last April the band traveled to Bronson, Michigan, to a class C regional concert band contest, in which Berrien Spring was placed to second division. Each member who participated received a medal. A Marching Band Contest was held at Buchanan, Michigan, in October, where sixteen schools participated. Berrien Springs bore away a trophy for second division. The local Lions Club sponsored a Haloween parade which we led. During the Christmas season we earned fifty dollars by marching ip the Christmas parade at Benton Harbor. We ordered green plumes to adorn our hats with the money. A Pep Band was organized to play at assemblies and at home basketball games. The members consisted of those who were not members of the basketball squad. We also marched at th e traditional New Buffalo marching contest in May. We marched on Decoration Day which concluded our performances for the year. We are proud of our band and wish to thank them for their splendid performances of the years. Thetwirlers for this year were Audrey Neidlinger, Ernestine Smith, Shirley Brant, and Donna Shriver. These girls have entered into many contests in neighboring cities and states, coming home with other medals to add to their collection. They have marched at football games, holiday parades and other important occasions.In September, six cheerleaders had the honor to be chosen to lead the yells for the football season. These girls were Sheila Gerard, Carol Streight, Beverly Brant, Ernestine Smith, Donna Schlundtand Bonnie Oliver. These girls also had the honor to participate in leading yells at a University of Michigan football game last November 11. Four girls were chosen as basketball cheerleaders. These cheerleaders have new uniforms consisting of green slacks and white battle jackets with Shamrocks on the shoulders. No cheerleading club was organized this year.Seated: Clara Belle Radde, Janice Knuth, Lucille Hardy, Ellen Brohman, Loraine Hildebrand, Darlene Koebel. Row 2: Edna Klug, Lois Kettlehut, Darlene Zech, Lorreta Whitman, Dorothy Rudowski, Adeline Steltner, Helen Schmall, Ruth Heimbuch, Miss Mary Graham. Row 3: Ruth Rudlaff, Marceline Hewitt, Maureen Bradford, Darlyne Stuckey, Mary Joyce Harding, Betty Thran, Phyllis Zelmer, Janis Pudell. Seated: Miss Mary Graham, Carol Tillman, Esther Heimbuch, Charlotte Mason, Betty Klug, Gail Dilley, Janet West, Shirley Soben. Row 2: Joanne Ewalt, Shirley Zech, Ruth Zelmer, Phyllis George, Shirley Billett, Marie Tropp, Alice Schinkel, Nancy Schlundt, Marjarie Stroud, Carol Miars, Marilyn Shaffer, Marjorie Brigham. Row 3: Marlene Craft, Anna Mae Wilson, Judy Calay, Dorothy Wagner, Nancy Jonatzke, Eleanor Rudlaff, Matilda Schlutt, Lois Schmidt, Vera James, Martha Shelton, Norma Hardy, Donna Fisher.The local chapter of the F.H.A. is one of the largest student organizations in the school. We have increased our membership to 60, and have made our chapter one of greater value to the members. Last June we sent two girls, Clara Belle Radde and Loraine Hildebrand, to the.F.H.A. Leadership Camp at Battle Creek. Last spring our officers represented the club at the State Convention held in Lansing. The regional meeting at Kalamazoo was well attended by members of our chapter. Many girls are working for degrees this year. Twenty-six members are working for a Junior Homemaker Degree; five are working fora Chapter Homemaker Degree; six are working for a State Degree and two are working for the most coveted degree, the American Homemaker Degree. Other activities of the club include the annual initiation dance in April. The officers elected this year were: President, Ellen Brohman; Vice President, Lucille Hardy; Secretary, Janice Knuth; Treasurer, Loraine Hildebrand; Reporter, Ruth Heimbuch; Historian, Clara Belle Radde; Recreational Leader, Darlene Koebel. Our club advisor is Miss Mary Graham and the chapter mothers are Mrs. Paul Brohman, Mrs. Henry Steltner, and Mrs. Clarence Smith.Row 1: Holloway, Tropp, Glaske, Kruger, Rudlaff, Moore, Kolosowsky, Hardacre. Row 2: Chandler, Bishop, Vorrath, Jonatzke, Mr. Lange, Warsco, Gaul, Walker, Kugel, Helmbuch. Row 1: Jones, Hoge, Dapkus. Row 2: McBee, Smith, Petzke, Evans, Ewalt, Reisig, Ewalt, Kerstetter. Row 3: Banish, Kugel, Wagner, Myers, Enders, Bauer, Dinges, McKinney, Rudowske, Kettlehut, Sherwood. Row 4: Bulkowski, Lausch, Koehler, Lehman, Clark, Warsco, Mr. Lange, Chandler, Spaulding, Hildebrand, Robbins, PriUwitz, Spencer. F. F. A. The membership of the Future Farmers of America at Berrien Springs High School consists of boys enrolled in agriculture classes. Mr. A. H. Lange is the agriculture teacher and directs the boys in their F.F.A. activities. The purpose of the club is to encourage leadership, scholarship and cooperation among our Future Farmers of America. During the past year 20 freshman were initiated as •“greenhands” and 18 Chapter farmers. Three F.F.A. members applied for the State Farmer Degree. These statewide awards are given in recognition of outstanding farming programs. Members that applied are Warren Walker, Gerald Kugel, and Dale Knuth. Only the top two percent of all F.F.A. boys in Michigan may be selected for the State Farmer Degree each year. As a group project, the chapter provided colonies of bees to ten F.F.A. boys and a pure-bred gilt to each of two members. As an award for their agricultural accomplishments, twenty-four members were given award trips to visit farming areas in several neighboring states and Canada. One Saturday during the football season, the F.F.A. members, along with the third and fourth year Homemaking classes, toured the Campus at Michigan State College and attended the Maryland vs. Michigan State College football game. The club officers for the past year have been Dale Warsco, president; Franklin Gaul, vice-president; Henry Heimbuch, secretary; Gerald Kugel, treasurer; Warren Walker, reporter; and Arthur Rudlaff, sentinel.Photo. Club Seated: Janet West, Alice Schinkel, Loraine Hildebrand, Judy Calay, Cretchen Ten Hore. Standing: Jim Shank, Ron Lucas, Mr. Brawders, Jim King, Harry Stevenson, Donna Fisher. The Photography Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. John Brawders, was organized on October 1, 1950. Officers elected to serve the year were Loraine Hildebrand, President; Glen Briggs, Secretary-Treasurer. The purpose of the club was to stimulate the students’ interest in photography. The club met twice a month to develop films and make prints. During the first semester the club held a bowling party for its members. We are planning now to buy an enlarger to help expand the clubs capacity to completely service its members.A Uita Glub Row 1: Marie Jones, Carol Barefield, Ellen Brohman, Shiela Gerard, Diana Krieger, Bonnie Oliver, Row 2: Mrs. Ferguson, Darlene Paige, Charlotte Mason, Darlyne Stuckey, Dorothy Carter, Nancy Jonatzke. Row 3: Jack Naegele, Phil Lindt, Shirley Billett, Faye Neidlinger, Lois Butterfield, Phyllis George, Dorothy Lansdale. Row 4: Emil Pollard, Charles Lindt, Charles Harding, Gretchen TenHoor, Delores Penrod, Joan Dickson, Norma Hardy. ARISTA CLUB The Arista Club resumed its usual duties this year with Mrs. Lillian Ferguson as its advisor. We elected Sheila Gerard as President, Ellen Brohman, Vice President, Bonnie Oliver, Secretary, Diana Krieger, Treasurer, Phyllis George, Reporter, Charles Lindt and Charles Harding, as Circus Maximus. We conducted a Christmas Party and went caroling. Singing songs in Latin and English. March 9th a group went to Lansing, Michigan to participate in the Junior Classical League Convention. We presented a skit “Pyramus and Thisbe Ala Mode” and sang “I Love You a Btishel and a Peck in Latin. Later we presented it in front of the High School as an assembly. The Arista Club held their Annual Roman Banquet April 23rd. The first year Latin students were slaves and served the members and guests. During the three course dinner the members and guests reclined on the floor in true Roman fashion. Everyone wore togas and wreaths. The low tables were beautifully decorated in purple and yellow. After the dinner the first year members were formally initiated with Darlene Paige as Pontifex Maximus. The Latin Club has improved immensely and we are fully justified in saying it is a successful club.1 fditesiA, Club Row 1: Gerald Kugel, Earl Hardacre. Row 2: Frank Gaul, Paul Glaske, Ernie Hildebrand, Ronald Vorath, Norman Baur, Henry Heimbucn. JUltAaAu Club Row 1: Marie Jones, Dorothy Rudowske, Dorothy Lansdale, Charlotte Straight. Row 2: Joanne Merrill Loretta Whitman, Dorothy Wagner, Lois Butterfield.Mosutobi. Club Row 1: Joanne Merrill, Mary Joyce Harding, Ellen Brohman, Darlene Stuckey, Marie Jones, Ruth Heim-buch, Donna Shriver. Row 2: Warren Walker, Darrell Smith, Dale Warsco, Don Steinhilber, Paul Glaske, Gerald Kugel. Row 3: Henry Heimbuch, Ronald Vorath, Robert Jonatzke. The MONITOR’S CLUB has been re-established this year to maintain order in the halls during school hours. The USHER CLUB this year has been on duty at every basketball game, seating the spectators and encouraging them not to cross the playing floor. The members were divided into two teams, whereby each team ushered at every other game. A new chairman was chosen at each game. The Club was under the supervision of Mr. August Lange, who has done a marvelous job in helping at the games. The LIBRARY CLUB, which was organized last year, has vastly improved under the direction of Mr. Douglas Watson. New books have arrived and we now have a fairly complete library. A trained student librarian is on duty all hours of the day, including noon hours and four o’clock, as a school service in aiding students to locate library materials and to withdraw books. A work room has been established in room twenty-seven to process books and hold meetings. We hope for the club to be of more service to the school next year.SesUosi Mr. Gilbreth Mrs. Gilbreth Ernestine . . . Frank ...... Jackie....... Dan.......... Bill.......... Fred.......... Anne.......... Lillian....... Martha........ Mrs. Fitgerald Dr. Burton . . . Joe Scales . . . Miss Brill . . . Larry ........ Cheaper By The Dozen . . . . Darrell Smith . . . .Joanne Merrill . . . .Ellen Brohman ..........Don Moore . . . . Donna Shriver ......Gerald Kugel ......Marie Jones ......Bob Jonatzke Mary Joyce Harding . . . Darlyne Stuckey ......Lucille Hardy . Maureen Bradford .........Phil Lindt . . . . Helen Wilson . Clara Belle Radde ...... Paul GlaskeCAST OF CHARACTERS: Father Vinnie Clarence John Whitney Harlan Cora Mary Skinner Rev. Dr. Lloyd Dr. Humphreys Dr. Somers Margaret Annie Delia Nora Maggie Dale Warsco Maxine Stock Darrell Smith Don Steinhilber Donna Shriver Paula Hardy Mary Joyce Harding Lucille Hardy Gerald Kugel Russell Smith Phil Lindt Ellen Brohman Marie Jones Darlyne Stuckey Clara Belle Radde Kathleen WuggazerjbeAate. GLjA The Juniors proudly presented the annual Christmas dance, Reindeer Ball, December 22 in the high school gymnasium. Ticket Chairman - Shirley Brant Decoration Chairman - Bill Robinson Clean-up Chairman - Carol Barefield Refreshment Chairman - Audrey Neidlinger Advertisement Chairman - Carol Streight Chaperons - Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ashdown and Mr. and Mrs. Burton Aldrich The theme song was "Marshmallow World;" Everyone enjoyed dancing to the music of Harry Diffinderfer’s Orchestra. The gymnasium was decorated with red, green and white streamers fastened to a large silver ball hanging in the center of the gym. The stage, where refreshments were served, was decorated with red and green streamers and a large picture of Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer. The doorway was arched with pine-boughs, and flowers. Pine boughs separated the bleachers from the dance floor.GltAiitmai.fyoothall Front row: Coach Nothstlne, Crawford Roslawskl, Steinhilber, Russ Smith, P. Lindt, Quick, Hill, Robinson, Clark. Row 2: Manager Burgess, Robbins,C. Lindt, Saitz, Wregglesworth, Oliver, Spaulding,Whetstone,Prilwltz, Manager Shank. Row 3: Ely, Coach Ashdown, Schmal, Wilson, Weber, Briggs, Lucas, Roger Smith, Harding, Pollard, Coach Mowry. The Fighting Shamrock's football team of 1950 was the suprise team of the "Little Eight Conference.” They compiled a good record and were feared by every team in the conference. Two guards, two tackles and the best half-back in the conference were lost by graduation, so the 1950 football team had to rely on sophomores and juniors for their line. The final outcome was Berrien Springs having the lightest team in the Shamrock history and also the lightest in the conference. Football Co-captains and Queen Regardless of size the Shamrocks finished third in the “Little Eight Conference” and had a season of four wins, three losses and one tie. We will lose four good players for the 1951 season. Don Steinhilber and Dean Quick were two of the finest ends in the conference. Phil Lindt was a very good tackle and Russ Smith was our backfield "Work Horse". The Shamrocks have some good boys returning, including Ted Oliver, "All Conference Center", and Charles Clark, "All Conference Guard", and many others. Coach Lloyd Nothstine says, "The Shamrocks have finally got their teeth into the Little Eight Conference and next year will be the year to bring home the bacon". Don Steinhilber, Ellen Brohman, Phil LindtVaASitif Basketball Coach Faye Chance, Don Clem, Jack Thierbach, Charles Lindt, Herman Saitz, Roy Prillwitz, Don Crawford, Don Stienhllber, Dale Whetstone, Dean Quick, Russell Smith, Richard Tropp, Assistant Coach Don Ashdown. The Shamrocks have had one of the best seasons in Berrien Springs basketball history. Coach Barney Chance in his first year as head basketball coach had a wonderful season. The Berrien Springs Shamrocks ended their season with a loss to St. Augustine at Kalamazoo, Michigan, March 10, 1951. The Shamrocks, with Dick Tropp, 6’ 6”, and Russ Smith, 6’ 2” leading them, had a season record of sixteen wins and five losses. The Shamrocks scored 1,202 points to their opponents 965 for an offensive average of 54.6 points and a defensive average of 43.8 points. The regular players scoring for the year were: Dick Tropp, 283, Russ Smith, 263, Herm Saitz, 192, Dean Quick, 182, and Charles Lindt, 131. There will be three of the five regulars back next year. They are Dick Tropp, Herm Saitz, and Charles Lindt. Other members of the varsity team who will be back include two juniors, Don Crawford and Jerry Roslowski, along with three sophomores, Jack Thierbach, Roy Prillwitz, and Dale Whetstone. The boys lost by graduation are Russ Smith, Don Steinhilber, and Dean Quick. Don Clem will be unable to play due to age limit. BASKETBALL RESERVES Seated: Jim Shank, Manager. Row 1: Mr. Chance, Roger Smith, Ronald Lucas, Chester Warsco, Garey Pennington, Charles Clark, Charles Harding, and Mr. Ashdown. Row 2: John Robbins, Ted Oliver, Dean Wilson, Robert Guettler, Charles Keeler, Jim King, and Emil Pollard. NINTH GRADE Seated: Donovan Reisig, Larry Ely, Jerry Weber, Gene McBee, Carlton Kerstetter, and Lanny Smith. Standing: Mr. Mawry, Larry Evans, Paul Bowman, Pat Riley, Jack Naegele, Dean Ewalt, and David Kugel. EIGHTH GRADE Seated: Lowell Bruce, Dale Stuckey, Linton Schinske, David Patton, George Shafer, and Robert Shem-barger. Standing: Dick Stover, Paul Gillis, Ken Hora, Fred Airgood, David Lein, Jim Shank, and Mr. Mawry. SEVENTH GRADE Standing: Larry Clem, Lowell McLaughlin, Jesse Bright, Casey Clark, Floyd Steinback, John Wolcott, Don Shembarger, Harvey Wagner, Robert George and Robert Gray. Seated: Mr. Ashdown. Row 1: Bonnie Oliver, Donna Shriver, Clara Belle Radde, Audry Neidlinger, Carol Streight, Shiela Gerard, Diana Krieger. Row 2: Nancy Poyser, Carol Barefield, Phylis George, Marie Tropp, Beverly Adams, Belva Moore, Coach Wagner. Girls’ basketball was started early in October with a large turnout. Mrs. Betty Wagner, our new coach, had a tough time selecting a team of fourteen, but the choice that she made proved highly satisfactory. Our six game schedule included New Buffalo, Edwardsburg and Niles, there being two games with each of the three teams. Bonnie Oliver and Diana Krieger were charged with the management of the team. A new M.H.S.A.A. ruling discarded the traditional reserve team.fcaAebaU In 1950 the Berrien Springs Shamrock baseball team finished second in the Class “C” Conference, the same position they finished in conference play in 1949. Coach Lloyd Nothstine says, “The 1951 Shamrocks team members are laying plans for a championship this year.” The Shamrocks must develop a pitcher to take Duane Wrigglesworth’s place and a short stop for Dale Sunday’s. Both were lost by graduation. Although the Shamrocks have not played any regular 1951 season games, as the Canoe goes to press, the outlook for a very good team is bright. The 1951 schedule will include Bridgman, New Troy, New Buffalo, and Edwardsburg in conference play and some Class B schools. fiaak Row 1: Charles Lindt, Chester Warsco, Garey Pennington, Dale Whetstone, John Robbins, Roy Prillwltz, Jack Thlerbach. Row 2: Dale Warsco, Charles Harding, Charles Clark, Gerald Kugel, Russell Smith, Herman Saltz, Coach Faye Chance. Track at Berrien Springs has vastly improved in the last couple of years and this year the school will be represented by one of the best track teams in years. With a large turnout of Sophomores there will be about 20 members out for the squad. The team according to Coach Chance will take in many important meets including Albion, River Rouge, the Regional meet at Kalamazoo and the State meet at Lansing. We will also participate in all county meets and expect to have a much improved meet at Berrien Springs this year. According to early reports there are three Seniors out for the squad; Russ Smith who will run the hurdles is one of the best hurdle men in the state, Dale Warsco who is very good on short runs and Gerald Kugel in the mile. Garey Pennington, Herm Saitz and Chuck Lindt represent the Jrs. with Pennington in the relays and field events, with Saitz in the relays and short distance and Lindt in the hurdles. This should provide a very able trio. The Sophomores provided a very good field of nine with Jack Theirbach, Dale Whetstone, Charlie Harding, Chuck Clark, Chet Warsco, John Robbins and Roy Prillwitz. Theirbach, Warsco, Robbins and Harding will make a good quartet in the short distance hurdles and relays, Roy Prillwitz will help us much in the mile where he proved a very able man last year. Whetstone will improve his ability greatly in the hurdles and become an outstanding man with Chuck Clark adding much by helping in the half-mile. With these bright prospects Coach “Barney” Chance ably assisted by former Albion track-ster, Coach Don Ashdown are very optimistic about the Berrien 1950-51 track team.NAME DELORES BERKHOLZ MAUREEN BRADFORD ELLEN BROHMAN FRANK GAUL PAUL GLASKE MARY JOYCE HARDING LUCILLE HARDY RUTH HEIMBUCH MARCELENE HEWITT ROBERT JONATZKE MARIE JONES ALEXANDER KOLOSOWSKY RICHARD KRUGER GERALD KUGEL PHILLIP LINDT JOANNE MERRILL DONALD MOORE DEAN QUICK CLARA BELLE RADDE ARTHUR RUDLAFF DOROTHY RUDOWSKE DONNA SHRIVER DARRELL SMITH RUSSELL SMITH DEAN STAHLECKER DON STEINHILBER DARLYNE STUCKEY WARREN WALKER HELEN WILSON KATHLEEN WUGGAZER DALE WARSCO EUGENE WIRTZ Se+uoA NICKNAME “Lorrie” “Jellybean” “Pork Chops” “Frank” “Casey” “Alabam” “Blondie” “Tiny” “Flirt” “Bob” “Jonsie” “Alex” “Rich” “Kugie” “Fat Boy” “Jo” “Muggs” “Horsie” “Slim” “Art” “Dot” “Shorty” “Smitty” “Deak” “Stahlpecker” “Steiny” “Dar” “Lover Boy” “Willy” “Kate” “Doodles” “Gene” MOVIE STAR Vic Damone Gordon MacRae Farley Granger Jane Russell Daisy Duck Alan Ladd Dean Martin Guy Madison Vaughn Monroe Joanne Dru June Allyson Red Skelton June Allyson Daisy Duck Doris Day Gordon MacRae Arlene Dahl June Allyson Costello Vaughn Monroe Guy Madison Jane Powell John Wayne Costello Doris Day June Allyson James Stewart Scott Brady June Allyson Mae West Ava Gardner « PASTIME Walking thru the halls Skating 4-H Club Borrowing combs from Verle Newland Basketball Bowling Skating Stevensville Reading Movies Driving around 4-H Club Sleep Reading Eyeballing around Basketball Movies Baseball Movies South Bend Play Piano Deans Dairy Chamberlin Drugs Baseball Playing on the piano Farming Movies Skating 4-H Club Flirting » • Quide SONG EXPRESSION LIKE TO DATE USUALLYSEEN WITH Nevertheless “Why” Boys Marcelene Hewitt Be My Love “Give ya three guesses” Ray Ray Heyn or C.B.R. Orange Colored Sky “Don’t know do ya?” Dale Mary Joyce Harding Delores “Huh?” Delores Delores B. Tennessee Waltz “Doey-Doey” Can’t comment Verle McKinney Lady of Spain “Why Shore” Newland Ellen B. Claire-de-lune “Beats Me’ Boys Darlyne S. All My Love “Give ya three guesses” Dar Dilley Darwin D. Harbor Lights “Ya, I am” Dick Darlene K. Third Man Theme “All of them” Girls Rich Burkett Tonight We Love “Also, too” Undecided Books Tennessee Waltz “Guess so” Hoffchield Bob R. Third Man Theme “Maybe” Girls Someone Bushel and a Peck “Question” I’m not fussy Donald Duck It Pays to Be Ignorant “Ummmmmmm” Girls Seniors Nola “My Gosh” Senior Girls Summertime Nancy Warren Walker Don’t Fence Me In “You know it” Gloria Russ Smith I’ll Never Be Free “You Doe-Doe” A1 Carter Maureen B. Lucky Old Sun I don’t date Ronald V. Orange Colored Sky “Oh-Brother” Certain Boys Edna K. All My Love “For Pete’s Sake” Pete S. Marcelene H. Chopin’s Polonaise “I betcha” Don S. I Got Plenty of Nothing “Wouldn’t that frost ya?” Kate W. Kate W. The Thing “That’s for sure” Anyone Trouble Third Man Theme “Prune Juice” No one Darrell or Phil Deep Purple “Oh, Fudge” No one Helen W. Peg O My Heart “I’ll be darned” Usually girls “Lye” Wagner Thinking of You “Oh, Brother” John W. Gloria Bell All My Love “Oh, Buster” Russ S. Russ S. Lost Chord “Oh! Baloney” Ellen With overalls on Tennessee Waltz “Yes, George” Anyone A skirt Compliments of GARDNER’S SPORTING GOODS Phone 3—2946 St. Joseph MILLER EQUIPMENT International Trucks - Parts - Service, Farmall Tractors Farm Implements and Accessories, Feeds - Seeds - Spray Materials and Fertilizer BUICK SALES AND SERVICE Phone 60F2 Baroda Michigan GAREY ROOFING COMPANY All Types of Roofing Siding — Home Insulations 'GOOD ROOFS SINCE 1913" St. Joseph Michigan CO-OPERATIVE FRUIT ASSOCIATION Fertilizers Spray Materials Field Garden Seeds Fruit Packages General Insurance EDGAR G. OTT AGENCY Baroda, Michigan Phone 38F12Compliments of BERRIEN SPRINGS POLICE DEPT- Compliments of MERLE STEMM INSURANCE AGENCY 53 S:3 3 3 S Best Wishes From THE GREEN LANTERN RESTUARANT Bill Athans, Proprietor Phone 2011 Berrien Springs BERRIEN AUTO SUPPLY Wells Kaiser, Proprietor VINCE’S SUPER MARKET Phone 73611 Berrien Springs Phone MARSHALL URICK Plumbing And Heating 3841 EARL SPAULDING REAL ESTATE SERVICE Phone 3701 Berrien Springs J. L. WHETSTONE MOTOR SALES Dodge Plymouth Our service is complete Body Repair, Painting, Battery, Electrical, Radiator, Lubrication. •Official A.A.A. Service Ph™- "l11 Compliments of BERRIEN BOAT AND APPLIANCE Berrien Springs General Electric Appliances Automatic Air Heating Conditioning Johnson Motors Boats JACK’S BODY SHOP General Repairing Phone 3488 Berrien Springs MODERN BEAUTY SHOPE Mrs. Rosa Lee Mosier Proprietor Phone 4621 Berrien Springs Compliments of RANGE LINE GROCERY AND SERVICE STATION For Better FURNITURE With Style And Comfort TROOST BROTHERS 403 State Street RIMES AND HILDEBRAND "Make This Your Store” St. Joseph St. Joseph MichiganThe greatest investment of life is to spend it, for something that will outlast it. ROYAL BLUE STORE Phone 6711 Berrien Springs Compliments of PRODUCERS CREAMERY Drink More Milk For Health Congratulations Class of '51 Phone 6154 Benton Harbor MARCUS A. McLAUCHLIN OSCAR J. LINDT Insurance Automobile Financing Complete Service Phone 2051 Berrien Springs Compliments of WOODMAN OF THE WORLD Clifton McNeely, State Mgr. Clifton Fox, Representative KESTERKE GARAGE Expert Mechanical Work On All Makes Cars, Trucks, and Tractors Phone 3211 Berrien Springs Compliments of STOVER’S GROCERY AND MARKET SHANK’S Men’s and Boys’ Furnishings Phone 7-1611 Berrien Springs McOMBER CO. Insurance and Real Estate Established 52 Years RANITA LADIES' SHOPPE Well-known Brands of Ready-to-wear for Ladies, Children and Infants. Phone 7-2211 Berrien SpringsCongratulations STANDARD OIL COMPANY Hubert Mead, Agent Compliments of BARODA LOCKER PLANT Phond 38F3 Baroda, Michigan Compliments of FAULKNER’S Five to Dollar Store MODERN APPLIANCE Youngstown Kitchens—Bendix Automatic Home Laundry-Ranges—Refrigerators—Freezers—Radio —Television— Phone 6121 Berrien Springs JOHN F. RUSSELL CO. INC. 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Knollmueller, Proprietor Phone 5911 Berrien Springs Compliments of DEAN’S DAIRY INC.Phone 4351 Burton Burgoyne TAXI SERVICE CHAMBERLIN Drug Store Berrien Springs Sheaffer Fountain Pens Whitman Chocolates Hallmark Cards Double Kay Nuts BERRIEN SPRINGS STATE BANK Berrien Springs, Michigan Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 1891 Sixty Years in Service 1951 Compliments of Compliments of GRINER’S FUNERAL HOME JSSSSSS5SSS33S Compliments of C. E. KIEFER Real Estate Compliments of BILL’S STANDARD SERVICE Compliments of WILLSON HARDWARE AND PLUMBING THE JOURNAL ERA MOYER AUTO SALES William D. Moyer, Proprietor FORD SALES SERVICE Parts Accessories Phone 3711 Berrien Springs KRAUSE PHARMACY Photographic Equipment And Supplies CONGRATULATIONS May the future of this community be as brilliant as the record of the class of ’51 THE YALE TOWNE MFC. COMPANY Berrien Springs Division Berrien Springs, MichiganCompliments of Compliments of BERRY THEATRE GEORGE SMITH Accredited Since 1913 BERRIEN SPRINGS PUBLIC SCHOOLS ADMINISTRATION Superintendent — Paul Emerich H. S. Principal —Douglas H. Watson G. S. Principal—Carl Guettler BOARD OF EDUCATION President —Marcus McLaughlin Secretary— Candice Kohloff Treasurer —Oscar Lindt Trustee— Glenn Briggs Trustee — Edward Botham OFFERING Vocational Training Commercial Training Music Course General Course Pre-College Training A Well-Rounded Program For All OUR AIM-To help students to do better those desirable things which they will do in later life. MAKE BERRIEN SPRINGS YOUR SCHOOL'fycuxAeot SjUci+lUU cUu4fuU ) C. 4h M i. 0?KlcA44 H t451 

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