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ff--"' mwug ,--- ,J- Kvgrx LIBRI f XM KF? 1.9:-ff' Y .--:::'-Kim---. .av J "" ':f'fPI, Q Oat.. - X D ad., D We, the Juniors of nineteen hundred and fifty- two, dedicate this yearbook to the Senior Class in the hope that it may help bring back pleasant memories throumh out the years to come. We wish them every success as they leave Perlin High School for the last time, but we hope that they will not forget their Alma Mater and the Junior Class who ded- icated this yearbook to them. Whe Wditor My 74 YW 0 A, so Q- iiaflia. 9 QW Qfpxdv g13,,.15-M AMA +A O5 CWM Xffsffiigw WW fllff ' 9',1,fg+' 45445 Editor Winifred Miller Assistant Editor Harold Hamsher Business Manager: Shirley Hostetler Assistant Business Manager: Faun Yoder Printers: LaRue Oswald, Carl Maxwell Jokes: Barbara Gerber, Theodore Conn Sports: Paul Mueller, Donald Hamsher Calendar: Lorene Miller, Erdine Hochstetler, Annabelle Miller Artists: Carl Maxwell, Winifred Miller Activities: Melba Aling, Celesta Kaufman, Milan Miller yJr'J5YJ', z oFF1cEas jig, A of 5 . DMM A UN 'MIN vw f' X R ! B 5 ' J hminisiraiinn Back Row: Miss Edythe Boyd, Mr. Thomas Coulter, Mr. Wilber Yoder, Mrs. Celsus Mast, Mrs. Sevilla Jaberg Front Row: Mr. Glen Mast, Mr. Oscar Miller, Mr. Roy Miller, Mr. Vernon Miller PQ if X 5 , f' 'BNI IX If ' ""'S Orlin Voltz 'He who sitteth upon a tack, yea he shall RISEPH Dale Kaser nCaesar was short, Napoleon was short, and I'm not so tall myse1f.n Ted Wengerd 'Oh Maryland, my Marilyn-' Vernon Weaver uwhy speak sense when nonsense will do as we11.N Carolyn Mast UA young lady with lots of dashg she chose her Romeo from the Senior Classu Dwight Voltz HA olush--beautiful but sometimes inconvenient.n James Miller nwhen I get out of here I'm going to show Einstein a thing or two Donna Mast NThey say love makes the world go around, catch me I'm getting dizzyln Marideane Kieffaber HI can live with- out poetry, I can live without walking, but who in the world can live without talk- inrqn Delilah Kaufman uI'm here--even if I don't tell every- one.n .i k , 6 he 5 Dorlee Bixler Nway down South In the land of cotton, Boys like Don Are not forgotten--.N Betty Mast nHer mind is here, but her heart is else- whereu John Gerber nM1hhOWl by mid- night, studio: bi dai, wo'11 111 mia: h m w an ho gon any. " uLife is easy, smoot and slow, do what comes and lot the rest go.n Abnor Behlsbloh HISTORY In the fall of 19h8 twenty four ambitious students gathered at the foot of the nMountain of Knowledgen to be- gin their upward journey. We chose as our guide Gene Oswald and as his assistant Ted Wengerd. Betty Mast was appointed Secretary and Treasurer of the group. During the first year of our climbing two new members, Ursula Kandle and Esther Stutzman, chose to join in our journey, giving us a grand total of twenty six. When we gathered in l9h9 to continue our uplard climb, we found only twenty three in our group. Ursula Kandle, Esther Stutzman, and Janet Troyer decided they had traveled far enough and chose another path in life. Ted Wengerd headed the group and Dale Easer filled the position of Vice President. Betty Mast took up her post as chief bookkeeper and finacier. During this second part of our travel the group undertook the grave project of selling basket-ball pins. In case any of you are interested there are still some for Shleq In September, l9SO the enrollment of our group took a nose dive. Only sixteen brave Juniors returned to continue the climb. Donald Speelman, Karl McClure, Loil Stutzman, Anna Miller, Gladys Miller, and Alvin Erb, felt that they had attained enough knowledge and left out meager group to travel on alone. Shortly after we had resumed our travel Gene Oswald grew weary of the journey and also left us, leaving us with fifteen. This was a year of much work and excitement for us. We presented the play entitled nHere Comes Charlien and also sponsored the Nsunshine Boysn. After many headaches we completed the tedious task of pub- lishing nThe Beaconn, and also honored the Seniors by spon- soring a Junior-Senior Banquet. Da e Kaser led the class through this busy year of travel and Jim Miller served as Vice President. Betty Mast wxs given her familiar job as Secretary and Treasure. Only twelve of our original group gathered in 1951 to complete the final lap of our journey. Mary Troyer and Marie Beechy chose to complete their education elsewhere and Donald Hamsher decided to resume his travel with the Juniors again. We gained two new students, Carolyn Mast and Donna Mast in this final year. Jim Miller was appointed to lead the class through their last miles of travel and Carolyn Mast assumed the responsibility of assisting him. Our faithful secretary Betty Mast again assumed her responsibilities. We presented the play entitled nCom in' Round the Mountainn and also operated the refreshment stand at the basket-ball games. During the steepest part of the climb we Seniors took a day off and visited the Ohio Caverns. After these four long years of climbing we finally reached our goal. an VLKQQ POTW TWOU, TOO SAIL ON! my Uenry Y. Longfellow Sail forth into the sea, O ship! Through wind and wave, rimht onward steer! The moistened eye, the trembling lip, Are not the signs of doubt or fear. Sail forth into the sea of life, 0 gentle, lovinf, trusting wife, And safe from all adversity Upon the bosom of that sea Thy comings and thy goinfs bel For gentleness and love and trust Prevail o'er angry wave and gusty And in the wreck of noble lives Something immortal still survives! Thou, too, sail on, 0 Ship of State! Sail on, O Union, stronw and great! Humanity with all its fears, With all the hopes of future years, Is hanginf breathless on thy fate! We know what Master laid thy keel, what Workman wrought thy ribs of steel, Who made each mast, and sail, and rope, What anvils rang, what hammers beat, In what a forge and what a heat Were shaped the anchors of thy hope! Fear not each sudden sound and shock, 'Tis of the wave and not the rookg 'Tis but the flapping of the sail, And not a rent made by the gale! In spite of rock and tempest's roar, In spite of false lights on the shore, Sail on, nor fear to breast the sea! Our hearts, our hopes, are all with thee, Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers, our tears, Our faith triumphant o'er our fears, Are all with thee,--are all with thee! I, John Gerber, will my height to Richard Kaser, my quietness in class to LaRue Oswald, and my softball playing ability to Vernice Begley. I, Abner Schlabach, will my ability to get along with 0. Miller to the Junior boys, my good grades without study- ing to LaRue, and my mimeographing ability to the Junior ad printers. I, OrlingVoltz, will my ping ping ability to Dean Inks, my F's in German to Larry Rottman, and my back seat to any- one who gets it. I, Dorlee Bixler, will my quitness to Winifred, my car to Faun, my bashfulness to Lorene and my books to whoever can use them. I, Ted Wengerd, will my curly hair to LaRue, my white bucks to Carl Maxwell, my souped up Dodge to Donald, and my ability to keep my nose in my own business to Dale and Betty. I, Dale Kaser, will my shortness to Mr. Yoder, my luck to have freckles to Virginia Oswald, my dandruff to Mr. Roy Miller, and my buck tooth to anyone whose mouth is big enough I, Vernon Weaver, will my ability in music to Dean Inks, my messed up hair to LaRue, my ability in sports to Milo Troyer, and my dead tooth to anyone who wants it. I, James Miller, will my studiousness to Pete D., my chess playing to Vernice Begley, my batting average to Maurice Mullet, and my pride in the Seniors to the Juniors. I, Betty Mast, will my height to erness to Miss Boyd, my ability to be to Melba, and my ability to capture a I, Carolyn Mast, will my ability Annabelle, my slen- tardy and skip school man to to get time to Carl Maxwell and my light complexion Barbara Gerber. to school on to Theodore. I, Dwight Voltz, will my white shoes to my blushing face to Donna Mast and my love for the Juniors to next year's Seniors. I, Donna Mast, will my shortness to Shirley Hostetler and my ability to play the piano to Winifred John Menuez, I, Delilah Kaufman, will my quietness to the Junior girls and my attendance at school to Annabelle Miller. I, Marideane Kieffaber, will my blue eyes and dirty saddle shoes to Faun, my back seat on the bus to Erdine, my excess weight to David Hensley and my short finger- nails to Shelba Kaufman. CLASS PROPHECY After a very trying day of school in which the Seniors had caused Mr. Roy Miller numerous headaches we find Mr. Miller tossing restlessly in his bed, trying in vain to sleep. After hours of tossing he finally falls into a troubled sleep. As he sleeps he dreams a long dream which takes place ten years later. In this dream the prophecy of the class of '52 is revealed to him. On the particular day as Mr. Miller is traveling to school he is amazed at the sight of a huge mansion along Bunker Hill Boulevard. He stops to inquire as to who lives their. In answer to the doorbell a lovely lady with a baby in her arms and five additional children hanging to her apron strings, appears in the doorway. Who is it? None other than the wife and children of Ted Wengerd, President of Wengerd Slate Inc. Mr. Miller is invited to enter and in a few minutes Ted appears. After a short chat, Ted decides to take Mr. Miller for a tour of the city of Berlin since all seems to be new to him. nBy the wayu, Mr. Miller asks,nwhat's become of the class of '52?' uWel1, Betty Mast, of course, got married Martin the summer after graduation. They have to Ralph a nice home in Orville. Ralph just recently redecorated the White House, but unfortunatly Betty couldn't make the trip with him, as she was too busy caring for their five little painters. The building we are just approaching is the city hos- pital. Donna Mast has just resigned her position as head nurse of the hospital. After completing nurses training she married Dwight Voltz and since the first addition to the I' . family has arrived she is practicing her caree Dwight is my business manager and they live in By the way, Abner was the designer of the He is a well known architect. I guess he is a woman hater because he says he is far too busy a woman. Q at home Millersburg. new hospital. natural born to bother with John Gerber has recently purchased a ranch in Colorado: He is determined to get away from all women. He is still too bashful to pop the question. Notice that large Chevrolet garage across Dale Kaser is the owner of it. There's no use the street. in stopping to see him though, because he is always home enjoying the Kids. Dorlee finally captured one of her Swiss sweethearts and has settled down in a cheese factory. As yet they have no little cheesemakersgDorlee's nerves won't allow it. icon'tJ CLASS PROPHECY fCON'Tl Up on the third story of that building Jim Miller is practicing dentistry. He is married to a girl he mot at college and they now have three little gcnuis's of their own. Carolyn Mast completed her college education a few years ago and got a position as lab. technician. She fin- ally settled down to one guy, though, and is now happily married. At present they are living in New York and as yet have no family. I just read in the paper this moring that Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Weaver are the proud parents of three baby girls. f Vernon luckily inherited one of his father's farms and seem to be doing quite well for himself. Say, look at that crowd entering the gymnasium. The Globetrotters are playing tonight. By the way Orlin is on of their forwards. As yet he is single, but the prospects are good. His sports seem to take most of his time. Delilah is living the quite life of a farmer's wif . But I guess I shouldn't say quiet, with those eight chi dren running around. Look out for that car, we're going to crash! Ther is a loud crash, and who emerges from the wreckage but Ma rideane Keiffaber. She still hasn't learned to drive. Fortu ttely no real loss resulted from this tragedy. Mr. Miller tame through safe and sound with the exception of a few m re hair, and with Marrideane-'s financial status, she will easily be able to purchase another new Cadillac. The excitment of the accident awakens Mr. Mille only to realize the Class of '52 has not yet graduated. nnguxg L 1:50 lug LJ: L wmwm 9- 'Ir .. 13:13. 1:-3. Did You Know That ---- Hr. Coulter plays the drums? The alto section of the girls' chorus blends well? Darlene likes to take Scholarship Tests? Dale and Betty messed up the typing room? Melba has a hangover? Celesta is going to take a trip with Tom? Lorene is worried about Carl? Janet called Donald on the phone? Dorlee's nerves bother her? Faun is interested in Gerber's Baby Food? w I, X. Ji SENIOR wHoiHs WHO Curls of gold Upon his head, This cute fellals Name is ---. l This guy's got a Senior pal, They dress alike each day, He's got a nbutchu and always Has something bright to say. She thinks that Fords Just fill the bill, Soon we'll hear wedding bells In Strubbleville. She is tall, She is blonde, Of two Senior chaps She is very fond. She rides to school In a limousine, Sometimes her temper Can be seen. His sports and his cackle Have won him fame, He's a wizard in every Kind of game. He's smarter than Einstein, In fact he's quite crazy, We can say lots of things But we can't say he's lazy. 2 Hexs got lot of freckles, Likes to be ith the girls, He thinks t at the Freshmen Are really pearls. He lik little minnows And Sophgmores blonde, A nicer guy Can'not be found. She's real short-- That could be worse, Someday she will be a nurse. Another future nurse Is next in review, Her hair is brown, Her eyes are blue. He's rather quiet, But a very nice guy, It grieves his heart To tell English HGoodbye.n Of all the class She is the most shy, She likes New York... We wonder why? He makes the cymbals crash In the great Berlin Band, And if you ever need him, He'll gladly lend a hand. JI XLQI 1I:Y HP- lL:I QL L fn. I. ,nt .rw ln. 1. ,-ni. Ram it ing jam it ing Seniors' heads are hollow, Cram it ing slam it ing Still there's more to follow. Sing with us, make a fuss, We are so elated, Say HGoodbye to Berlin BighH-- We're glad you're graduatedliil .PMLJQQLJLJLJLJL V JLJLJL n A n n an ls as an :wif on u 0 Junior was heard repeating the flag salute - I pledge alles lance to the flag of the United States and to the republic for which it stands. One naked individual with liberty and justice for all, , 3-mx N -ST Q 'E I H ill! img Juniors fgilp BACK ROW: Theodore Conn, Paul Mueller, Carl Maxwell, Milan Miller SECOND ROW: Mr. Thomas Coulter, Barbara Gerber, Faun Yoder, Melba Aling, LaRue Oswald, Donald Hamsher FRONT ROW: Annabelle Miller, Erdine Hochstetler, Vini- fred Miller, Lorena Miller, Celeste Kaufman, Shirley Hostetler Secretary: Shirley Hostetler Treasurer: Paul Mueller ,, LQYQRST Y OFFICERS ff . N President: Annfabelle Miller i X Vice President: Winifred Miller 1 X' f JUNIOR WHO'S WHO Hefs tall and dark And couldn't be wiser, When he wants to travel He jumps in his Kaiser. She's quite tall And in the play, She was an old lady With hair so gray. She's short and quiet, At typing quiet snappy, If you say nA1v1nn You'll make her so happy Tall, dark, and handsome With a haircut so short, He loves to argue And is a good sport. Women, Women, everywhere As far as he can see, From Mbg. to Holmesville They crave his company. We can say she's tall We hope she doesn't mind A nicer classmate Would be hard to find. She's tall and blonde, And KHAIQ dignified. A good sport too, That can't be denied. She is tall, She's a pest, Of all her subjects, She likes Home Ec. best. The shortie of the class With hair so blonde, Of a boy named Ben She is very fond. He's the silent one In this class of ours, Shop is his favorite subject, He can work on it for hours. Shefs our only redhead, Drives a car when she dare. She seems to like a boy Who also has red hair. This guy is quiet Except when he's mad, Girls with high voices Make his heart glad. Hefs the clown of the class, But a very nice guy, He seems to like Millersburg, We all wonder why?!!??? She's the brain of the class At music she's a master, Plane service to Walnut Creek Would be a lot faster, A dangerous woman driver Is this next Junior gal She thinks a guy in a Plymouth, Would make a wonderful pal. as:eaeeeaeaeeeasseaeaeeeeeeeaeaeaeeeaeae Lorena uYou must be upside-down today.n Winifred NWhy?N Lorene NBecause you're nose is running and your feet are smel1ing.N Betty Uwhy must you leave my party so soon?n Carolyn NI think everyone has seen me by now.n ,,..:' ' 1 0 50 M V F if W Y ,ff vqi Sophomores BACK ROW: Mary Alice Schlabach, John Menuez, Larry Rottman, Harold Hamsher, Gerald Conn, SECOND ROW: Mr. Oscar Miller, Cletus Alberts, Ivan Stutz- man, Gladys Mueller, Susie Troyer, Sandra Mullet, Bonnie Edwards FRONT ROW: Edna Slabaoh, Ruth Edna Sommers, Marlene Snyder, Shirley Gerber, Bertha Miller, Dar- lene Oswald, Vernice Begly X 0? Q-A 3 N4 :J fgw 542 7 f Q. f , S0 OFFICERS ,f '- KQV fi-1:1 X Harold Hamsher: President A ,-ii' N Sandra Mullet: Vice President X xx 1 Gladys Mueller: Secretary-Treasurer : K-E T1 E .I X L- SOPHOMORE WHO'S WHO 1. She is tall and has dark hair and eyes. She is quite frequently seen whizzing through Mt Hope in a black Chevy. So far the Sophomores have been unable to make her attend our class parties. 2. She is one of the quieter members of the class, but is always a lot of fun. She has a small brother who is very popular with the Sophomore Boys. 3. This girl is the most studlous member in the class She does most of the worrying about the Sophomore finan- cial problems. She has blue eyes and plays an alto sax- aphone ln band. M. He is the handiman of our class. He is rather short and quick on his feet. He seemed to enjoy the rear left hand corner of the wagon on the hayride. 5. This girl hails from out Benton way. She has dark wavey hair and very dark eyes. She thinks the cym- bals are the most important thing in band. 6. He is tan with light brown hair. He is very good natured and usually takes the raps for the rest Qf the Sophomore class. 7. He is the Romeo of our class. He is usually seen brushing his hair. He had his plans quite upset the night of the Freshman-Sophomore hayride. 8. She is tall, has blonde hair, and blue eyes. It seems she has lately taken a special liking to the Senior class. She is in extremely good mood since the Spring Musical. 9. He is rather short with light brown hair. This is his first year at Berlin. He finds it difficult to sit quietly through the second and third periods in the afternoon. 10. This boy is the president of our class. He is a very ambitious young chap and spends most of his time down at the west end of town. ll. This girl is usually seen with two other Soph. Girls. It often times becomes necessary for her to leave study hall due to her giggling spells. She is particularly fond of the Hamsher family. 12. This girl is tall and slender and is in all three choruses. She likes to run around with Marie Beechy. Could it be Marie's brother????? SOPHOMORE'S WHO'S WHO CONT'D. 13. Agirl of short stature she has brown hair and blue eyes. She is quite frequently seen with a certain Junior boy. lh. She is a girl of medium height and has dark hair. She seems to take a liking for butch haircuts, especially those of the sophomore boys. 15. She is a dark haired girl of meduim height. She represented our class at Wooster in the Scholorship Tests in World History. l6. She is of meduim height with dark hair and eyes. She is seen in school very seldom. She seems to prefer housekeeping?1!? 17. He has brown hair and is one of the shorter boys in the class. He has a crush on a certain freshman girl. 18. This blonde is extremely fond of the Junior Class She enjoys going home with another Sophomore girl. Could it be her cheesemaker brother??????? 19. This girl is very short and is a blonde and lives close to Baltic. She thinks that Seniors with Chevys are just about tops. 20. He is our high-pressured salesman. He plans to make a career of selling Rawleigh products. He is our ladies' mann sees:eeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeaeae Sophomore Favorite Sayings Bonnie: nBless Blissln Darlene: WThe nerve of some people's children!N Marlene! NOh, Gravylu Mary Alice: WGood Petein Gladys: NOh Geeln Larry: NHoly Smearf' John: WThink we'l1 make it, Pidge?n Harold: 'Beans1ln Gerald: 'Holy Geronimolu Shirley G.: NOh.Noln Paul: WIS your sister expecting me tonight?n Rosie: nYeah.W Paul: nHow do you know?n Rosie: WShe'e gone out for the evening.N E X , X RE HN ,A-"""""""!'L l L, I N . H---..., ni..-J , X ,f 'tw ff Freshmen BACK ROW: Lorena Miller, David Hensley, James Johnson, Peter Dauwalder, Faith Kiefabber, Rose Marie Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Miss Edythe Boyd, Shelba Kaufman, Fanny Kauf man, Joan Kaser, Milo Troyer, Maurice Mullet Joanne Miller. FRONT ROW: Mary Stutzman, Joan Stutzman, Richard Kaser, Dean Inks, Eileen Mast, Elsie Yoder, Ada Kaufman. OFFICERS I President: Maurice Mullet Vice President: Lorene Miller Secretary-Treasurer: Joanne Miller 9 FRESHMAN WHO'S WHO 1. He is rather short, wears glasses and has blue eyes. He gets the giggles quite frequently and is also an artist. 2. He is the tallest boy in the class and hails from the town of Benton. He was the only boy from our class to take a deelamation. He likes sports and also a certain Freshman girl. 3. This girl is rather tall, she has blonde hair, blue eyes and is a whiz in her studies. She seems to like her seat in English class and is quite often seen riding in a black Ford. M. This girl is the Vice-President of the class. She likes sports and was an Intramural leaderx She was also a cheerleader. 5. She is another short member of our class. She has blonde wavy hair. She seems to take a liking to talk- ing and also going to Elida. 6. He is of medium height and is president of our class. He gets good grades in all his classes and was on the scholarship team. He likes sports and was also an Intramural leader. He seems to take a liking to the town of Trail. 7. She is quite plump and the secretary of our class. She enjoys sports and was an Intramural leader. She also won the girls ping-pong tournament. 8. She is short and has blonde hair. She is very good in her studios and is usually seen with one of her classmates. She hates to see the Seniors leave. 9. She is rather short and a new member of our class. She attended Holmesville last year. She blushes very easily especially when the name NHaroldn is mentioned 10. She is of medium height and has brown hair. She is another new member of our class and hails from greiricksburg. Her favorite sports are softball and Table en So ll. This fellow comes from Benton and another new addition to our class. He is rather short and has light hair. His favorite subjects are Science and English. He and another Freshman boy are always together. Qcon'tI FRESHMAN WHO'S WHO l. He is rather short, wears glasses and has blue eyes. He gets the giggles quite frequently and is also an artist. 2. He is the tallest boy in the class and hails from the town of Benton. He was the only boy from our class to take a declamation. He likes sports and also a certain Freshman girl. 3. This girl is rather tall, she has blonde hair, blue eyes and is a whiz in her studies. She seems to like her seat in English class and is quite often seen riding in a black Ford. M. This girl is the Vice-President of the class. She likes sports and was an Intramural leader. She was also a cheerleader. 5. She is another short member of our class. She has blonde wavy hair. She seems to take a liking to talk- ing and also going to Elida. 6. He is of medium height and is president of our class. He gots good grades in all his classes and was on the scholarship teami He likes sports and was also an Intramural leader. He seems to take a liking to the town of Trail. 7. She is quite plump and the secretary of our class. She enjoys sports and was an Intramural leader. She also won the girls ping-pong tournament. 8. She is short and has blonde hair. She is very good in her studies and is usually seen with one of her classmates. She hates to see the Seniors leave. 9. She is rather short and a new member of our class. She attended Holmesville last year. She blushes very easily especially when the name uHaroldn is mentioned 10. She is of medium height and has brown hair. She is another new member of our class and hails from Fredricksburg. Her favorite sports are softball and Table Ten s. 11. This fellow comes from Benton and another new addition to our class. He is rather short and has light hair. His favorite subjects are Science and English. He and another Freshman boy are always together. lcon'tl FRESHMAN WHO'S WHO CON'T 12. This girl hails from Holmesville and is a new member of our class. She has a pleasing personality and a very nice person to be around. She is also quite fond of our presidents 13, She is rather short and a faithful member of the class. She enjoys her classes very much and does good work in them. Sho is usally seen with another member of the class. ih. She is of medium height .va has light brown hair. She is easy to get along with and a nice person to be a- round. She is also the bookworm of the class, and likes when the name nTimothyn is mentioned. 15. This boy is originally from West Virginia. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. He likes sports and is another of the class's artists, He has a pleasing personality and is nice to be around. 16. He is just about the shortest member of our class. He likes sports very well and was an Intramural leader. He gets good grades in all of his subjects. 17. She is of medium height and is very brilliant in her subjects. She enjoys sports and also dramatics. She and a certain Sophomore boy seem to get along very well. She was also on the scholarship team, 18. He is tall and has curly hair. He likes sports and is the Cheesemaker of our class. He also sings bass in chorus and plays the bass drum in band. 195 She is another of the new members of the class. She hails from Fredrieksburg. Sho is of medium height, and has dark hair. She gets along in her classes very well also enjoys sports. .- JLJLJ' n ab as Freshmen Favorite Sayings Lorene F. HI don't eare.n Dean I. nOh pitylu Faith K. HYou dumb heifer.u Dickie K. Hholy Smearu. Jim J. uwhe knows?u Maurice M. uCome, come now.n Joan S. nGee whiz.n Ada K. NNutsH v 1 ,. X. . Y . .-ti,-4 N.. , , . '-y""H,gc-F'-L:-'-'-.f I - .1 ,, , 1 - 1G32'67? "f 5 f-.-'45 ,- r . - '1' - '19-fffvfw -'ST, "" 51FL5'VXA'i"il'-".Ux':' ' X x iw "1 .- ' . 1,15-.'.1,: ' 1 'I-fl rp-U--'C fm' f ' I 1 .'-- 7 - ,y,'.,!-X, '5'j.f'1-1: .2 I . . .. . , . , , , - ..fwf..- -, I ' A ' 3 .- 4 -gg :ini . . i 1 . H , J. .4g.1jgfv3..52'Ws 1. .,,.-53413, 1 If- H a... , 4, ' flfff .4 :hind V, . . 4, ,. 9' V. X .k. ...Q .V -' 71' '- ' 1 3 Q 1: ' rv :L if ig.. I I AV , I i . 4-fir' A . .. Q' S ' . I It 5 :ii 'Q It :- -ff 42 U ff 2. 1' Y Naij -, 2 .2 '12,-1 'I ,Hg . ..f .. X fa: ' 35 .' Q ' ,f P. 7 ew, .-g 2' . A . wg 4, ' 51-V E " " . tr.. '. .j 1 ' 5 n f 1 .gg J. : Q., 1 k gr L-1 A xanga, ,- Q . 5'-. . lj., 12, I 'Liga ,345 1' . E, V 5, -. JI . . . M' J' Y I n ,Lv 1 . . tx. .I ,, . W 14 . ' , .P afraid' 551 " .A-1298 :-.2 .59 : .v A, ' ' '- ggi .F --is 5 ,JA-. 1. Lf, - .W . .cud-534 Lf gl, .J-QE... 1. 5.12 fsgf , ,.. ' -': .f,- - 'H' ja'ifaS?'mf ,f-wg A'-.Q-33' I " . H HE, . ..- -z- L- v - fr. V5 Ke..'.:w H 15125 H ' I . Jn.. ' J. 1: gg' - I, -.Z jlg-35 "AL, .H , t Lf-' ' 5 :Q tl nf aw" 'Eh'-.. 1'. . f 1 1 v 1. , -Q 'meh -4,2 1 Y ' ' I N " -hw ' F' f - -R 34 W ,.1 - - ,1 . 5' . FIX! . Tu.. , .. N, . f , : 1 . .- . ' ' 1 E ' mf' . + A ' mf" ' 'Qt .. 5: --1 '55-'f 412 . ' 1 a '23 -. 1. . 4 ' . . 22: P, . f - 61 'PA ' i 5,1 1' 1 . -QL nf?-g , . 5. . ' 5: ' , , M." ,t r, . . 1 I , I .5 K, ' ,, , if l ya 'SCI ' A fl .. u. ' .. 5. N, r . v .."'f7 L- 1- f. 1 LQ ..--,- lfsx 11 5 2 ,,.v4:'2 , eff:-2 . - 5 ' . J 2-sa wg", Z .y Q r ' ' J . in Q., ' -5 ' . Q' ig f .74 'HV X, - ' "' ! . 1' "L: 'ui ' 1 at . N .- 9 5 g- N, , , . 131. L .. - . .ex .- ikf' 'v ' r r , 'f +5 - 1.3 1.2-.-y. fm., .. Q lv nr. 'A .Q 2 . 1, wg. 21,14 i 37 s X J- , N Ah. gy ' 5- U Q 4 . I f I Hu. L .:-fit wry. sg v . 1 4 V .fr H152 'VK - ' N. 1. X Q 'ui' .' 3. f 1,9-ti - .1 , ff X ,, --XM .Ln - -.. .. . ,s ., I 785. Vg . s I . ff' . PMT, . 4. , ' " - f .v,. 2 'f'-, N ff,-35511 :X ' ' J gf A '-IQ-fx fr: 4' . . r:1... -- 1- H 1' -ww ' 1'-L. ' Q .gs wg f XJ. ' -1'Qfi.'l' . 3 .- 'gm 'nx .,,!y."' Q . 1 .. .U-'f' :A 31 " r. J. lx . -1-wwf...-,,, .3 r. E D, , .gf g gy.. . - - .- gy, ,. . . - . ,P '- 2n.'7'y 1f'.i,m:'3.-Q. f 3 . - -. . .fx-5' . .3 L,5,g.35,,.f - 4 . 1 X 1. W I. I. wg.. , k , Y. 1.1.3 1-1 . 'Sf'f753"'4- 01:3 I '. - N '9?f2'vfj X ' IQ. asv- -b . .f , X ' f f -. f, g,,N.4 , . , 1.1. I- L -. I, -yi. .7. h. f-A. f 1-iv.:-, , 1 M 7: 4 Uni? v"'-'- 1 "-334' , Qu... 1 Q- ..ef..4f - J , Mig. l f Q ,Ni ,,-.p ' 1 , L ..- ' "mp, s, if .fixing X 3,-. H N QM, ' 'HL ' .. , ,J-' 41.514 H v,fgx',r.i 4 f ,. -if ' . g f . "f 1- - Y ,J - -2"' 5 y A .Uvff 5.-Q.fR' 'WH J 'A 5 ' . A - - f ' .figs -253 ' r. ' ,-iq. 33,2 f f 3 ,fs j -'wx , , ' vu ri' ' W' ' ff.. A ,.. .- , - .X A .. L. . fq",f." J g,. n L 4 1, ,41M'lw..,4 i K..-4 .N .5 ,N Av . ww ' . , .3-,H I M. 'gr' 1 df V NHL, r Q.. .X ln? -V -4.53.3 Az? .Q , . Up.,-,im wx 4' ff fw V . J A H . . I . .w-h.f-.- wry: I , X: 51 "7-' 1' VA, ,tp 4:5335 ' x "-115.5117 '..'Y- . A-5 Rift- 1 5 . ' ' 'I-A I' if 3 Q5 J . . . . 3 1 .trf" ' 4-1' 7' f .ri ' -'sin-f frimfefai' -We A , -1 ' 1' .42 .L -arf me'-4-1' . -'uy. f - .3 4 1 . . AV -A551 -. I - A gy' cf,Ql2?j4-" 'Sq-Ai, .I-.:.g N,I,' ' I F547 t . .5 !' ' . bl -. ' .. x.,,r-- X yi. .. , . - . " .. ,.:"' nmlf v .-' ' 4575" AJ' -L-5' 4'-" 'W . Wrj- ' ' J- V ' ' .4,-' , x 'V - ff-' ' ' ..-ii f -La'-V.".'.'-. -. X -,J 5' ' - .-F'-N 3 K' . ,v u My -,y.'-jf. 4, 14,1 . 4. 1 -,.1f.A.!.,.' . Y., .4 .- fp L L 1' ...fl ?1'.--fr' A 1 5 M. 'w ,-- ,. -I . ' . ,:.'cQ' , - 1 ' ' " " 1 ' L in . W ., , . V . , - . V ' ' 1? . 4 . .' . ' I 1 'in All ES 58: JUNIUH H IGH Grades S 61 6 Back Row: Mr. Glen Mast, David Yutzy, Merle Mullet, Abe Miller, Iade Troyer, Mickey Schmidt, Rebecca Kaser, Bob Weaver. Middle Row: Carol Hoagland, Carol Martin, Rozella Mullet, David Hochstetler, Dianna Hecker, Janice Hamsher, Sue Miller, Donald Mast, Glen Miller, Judy Yoder. First Row: Sherman Yoder, LeRoy Mullet, Stanley Yoder, Constance Miller, Christina Miller, Dale Wurthmann, Gladys Kaufman, Carol Mast, Arlene Kandel, Nora Miller, Merle Alberts. Grades 7 8 8 Back Row: Mr. Vilber Yoder, Jeanette Volta, Margaret Dauwalder, Kay Hummel, Wilford Conn, Omar Erb, Tim Miller, Mary Ellen Mast, Katie Mast, Katie Yoder, Eleanora Hensley, Robert Miller, Roger Dunn, Ruth Schrock. Middle Row: Tim Johnson, Merwyn Conn, Floyd Voltz, Nelson Kaufman, Jim Miller, Stanley Kaufman, Mary Miller, Mary Ellen Hochstetler, Velma Stutzman, Jennie Miller, Nancy Mast, Virginia Oswald. First Row: Danny Yoder, Alfred Miller, David Jr. Miller, Loyal Kaser, Richard Yoder, Roger Miller, Marion Mast, James Mast, Marilyn Begley, Jaunita Mullet, Deanna Philabaum, Ruth Sommers. Last fall we started school with 37 pupils. In the winter one of our pupils, Nelson Kaufman, transferred to Bunker dill. However, Raymond drnkel entered our school in March, filling in Nelson's place. During this school year we have had much joy and happiness in different projects carried on by the pupils of our room, such as the dobby Snow. Scnolasticly we set our aim to finish on top in Holmes County in the State Sth Grade test, and succeeded in reaching that goal. On May 13 we had our graduation exercises and pre- sented the operetta nTom Sawgern to a capacity crowd. We say farewell to our th grade--may you do as well in your future endeavors as you have in our room. GIIBUES X32 9HADES 384 Back Row: Second Row: Front Row: Back Row: Second Row: Front Row: Grades 1 H 2 Mrs. Sevilla Jaberg, Mary Voltz, Sharon Kandel, Jimmy Oswald, Kenneth Hostetler, Rita Mast, Randy Hu mel, Aden Kaufman, Bobby Voltz, Dick Edwards, Tom y Kaser, Carol Miller, Douglas Sommers, Mary Weaver, Karen Miller, Ronnie Newnham, Larry Richie, Jacob Richie, Arthur Mullet, Karen Brown, Mary Esther Yoder, Harold Kaufman, Ronnie Stutzman, Bruce Hecker, Wade Mullet, Leslie Os- wald, Leslie Schafer, Ricky Miller, Gordon Miller, Elsie Yoder, Martha Hostetler, Dean Stutzman, Charlotte Mast, Darrel Kandel, Joyce Hamsher, Ruth Ann Mast, Gloria Lint, Mary Jane Kaser, Ervin Yoder, Wynn Mullet, Wayne Crilow Grades 3 R L Mrs. Celsus Mast, Arnold Willems, Pamela Mullet, Joyce Mast, Lois Mullet, Clyde Voltz, Minerva Kaufman, Judy Koenig, Bobby Kaser, Willis Mast, Gene Yoder, Robert Hochstetler, Dale Mast. Virginia Mast, Philip Miller, Mary Ellen Mullet, Carol Lint, Mary Miller, Lizzie Yoder, Faye Miller, Gary Yoder, Max Miller, Gerald Miller, Larry Schla bach, Linus Millers Elaine Miller, Wanda Sarchet, Larry Lee Mast, Keith Crilow, Sharon Stutzman, Jimmy Miller, Frances Troyer, Fred Newnham, Vivien Crilow, Buddy Stutzman, David Mast, Elsie Stutzman. 1 4 w :kg-.,. , ' t y f if" Vw, X L'x..m,v I1 , f W, Gy slx' A NX fi ' f M 9 I K, N X X X i X ff 5' . lg wg? xx xA .x Xxx. .X X xxx Wk 1 ' 1 X , . , I , 1- ' , f . . V 'T - " . F' K' f-' ,f I I img , XX X X N, '55 V71 if 3' S X x I !! . K7 EFX, Q A u g h A m , X47 ' ' Q if ga, -' Q ' Kifgiigff ' Q xg va Ns, mf. if dw iz ' , X15 , - an -Las. 'Xi' ' i 3 3 - f g ,. X ,I x" ,, of ed Q A 3 0 M' QQ 'SLD-q,e.Mi'v-...A Q,,Si'v4'x"xLg5,,3:cs..33,VbSg,g,AvJjl ' ', ' QA .. - gwibk QL 'WL NNRNNG-fs - b kurxgbmx xxx Q. U' or 1 1' M01-ne., X Y 'XS XX 'X b o. 'xktlx 6 .th -xxx oAX,Q.0Qn-X1 QYTRNNN husk o1xQ,Q..1-'N D as N'xXXQ.vsXovG , m.mX Q"e5'-LQIA ours high sw.-v'g 'vux Q,we.e,FX 03 " SL "' ' J: J 9 5-'Q J A. L SPRIV' BWUP COWCTWT Nav 9, 1952 Almeria - March -------------- Little Suite for Band ----------- Henderson Field - March ---------- Teddy Bears' Picnic -------- - - Q Malrchooaos n Q Q u Q u 0 uv in O 0 School Band Minuet in G-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 R 2 Grade Rhythm Rand Saint Mihiel - March ------------ Argentina - Overture ------------ Chateau Thierry - March ---------- Washington Post - March ---------- Santiago - March ---- - - - - - - - - - - School Band Manila Bay - March ------------- Student Prince - Overture --------- Rough Riders - Gallop ----------- Disc Jockey - Novelty ----------- Custers Cavalry - March- - - ----- - - School Band Selection- - - - ------ - ----- - hth Grade Flutophone Class On the Mall - March ------ - - - - - - General Lee - March- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - Men of Ohio - March- ----- - - -- - - - - - - - School Band anna: 11111 - -King Erickson - -King Pratton - -King Selected - - King - Bhehtel - -King ------Sousa - - King - - King Romberg - -King Walters - -King - -King - -King Fillmore Ellixeh Qhnrus BACK ROW: FOURTH RON: THIRD HOW: SECOND ROW: FRONT ROW! r"f ff' Ada Kaufman, Bertha Miller, Marlene Snyder, Elsie Yoder, Eileen Mast, Shirley Gerber, Ruth Edna Sommers, Donna Mast, Annabelle Miller, Joan Stutzman, Edna Slabach, Mary Stutzman. Rose Marie Schmidt, Faith Kieffaber, Lorene F. Miller, Mary Alice Schlabach, Melba Aling, Ted Wengerd, John Gerber, James Johnson, Peter Dauwalder, Carl Maxwell, Milan Miller, Paul Mueller, Orlin Voltz, Betty Mast, Carolyn Mast. Mr. Vernon Miller, Celesta Kaufman, Winifred Miller, Harold Hamsher, Vernon Weaver, James Miller, Lorene A. Miller, Larry Rottman, LaRue Oswald, David Hensley, Shirley Hostetler Barbara Gerber, Theodore Conn, Faun Yoder, Dorlee Bixler, Dwight Voltz. Darlene Oswald, Shelbe Kaufman, Erdine Hoch- stetler, Fannie Kaufman, Joan Kaser, Gladys Mueller, Susie Troyer, Joanne Miller, Bonnie Edwards, Sandra Mullet, Marideane Kieffaber, Delilah Kaufman. Dean Inks, Richard Kaser, Gerald Conn, Cletus Alberts, John Menuez, Maurice Mullet, Dale Kaser, Vernice Begley, Ivan Stutzman, Milo Troyer. Qggs nw G ff HANIST Q , Zi S f Shirley Gerber X' lb 'I , CO LIBRARIANS gig Sandra Mullet, Jim Miller I Zllixeh Tfnsemhle BACK ROW: Ivan Stutzman, Dale Knser, Harold Hamsher, Vernon Weaver, John Menuez, Cletus Alberts, Vernice Begly. TVTRD ROW: Theodore Conn, Ted Wengerd, Paul Mueller, Peter Dauwalder, Carl Maxwell, Orlin Voltz, Dwight Voltz, James Miller. SECOND ROW: Mr. Vernon Miller, Susie Troyer, Dorlee, Bixler, Mary Alice Schlabach, Faun Yoder, Shirley Hostetler, Betty Mast, Carolyn Masta FRONT ROW: Winifred Miller, Sandra Mullet, Shirley Gerber, Erdine Hochstetler, Darlene Oswald, Annabelle Miller, Edna Schlabach, Lorene F. Miller. vqfw LIBRARIANS V Q Winifred Miller f' Dale Kaser K ' PIANIST Lorene Miller 631115 Qhnrus BACK ROW: THIRD ROW: FRONT ROW . .J M Annabelle Miller, Edna Hehlabach, Joan Stutz- man, Donna Mast, Erdine Hochstetler, Elsie Yoder, Eileen Mast, Shirley Gerber. Shirley Hostetler, Faun Yoder, Faith Kief- faber, Lorene Miller, Mary Alice Schlabach, . Melba Aling, Betty Mast, Carolyn Mast, SECOND ROM: Mr. Vernon Miller, Gladys Mueller, Joan Kaser, Delilah Kaufman, Hoanne Miller, Bonnie Edwards, Sandra Mullet, Marideane Kieffaber, Celesta Kaufman, Dorlee Bigler, Ruth Edna Som ers, Marlene Snyder, Mary Katherine Stutzman, Bertha Miller, Darlene Oswald, Shelba Kaufman, Susie Troyer, Hinifred Hiller, A. Lorene Miller. SW, nb 441.15 PIANIST: Winifred Miller LIBRARIANS: Betty Mast 23 Shirley Gerber 0 ' --SPR ING- GRADE and HIGH SCHOOL America the Beautiful- CHORAL FESTIVKL April 22, 1952 Flow Gently, Sweet Afton- - - - - - - - - - All Through the Night- Drink to We Only With Thine Eyes- - - - - - HIGH SCHOOL MIXED CHOWUS - - - -Ward - - - - - - -Soilman - - - Welsh - - - - - - -sngiish The Broom Song Six Little Ducks Little Fly Upon the 'all Over and Over I Bounce My Ball 1-ZGRADUS Moonlight Bay- - ---- - - - - - - - - - ------- Wenrich The Little Dustman ---- - - - - - - - - ----- F - - Brahms Shine On Harvest Moon- - - - - - - -------- Bayes-Norworth HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS' CHORUS The Frog in the Well- Three Blind Nice- - - - - - ----- - - - 3-A GRADES Ole Buttermilk Sky- - There Are Such Things- Ole Arkfs a Movorin' - HIGH SCHOOL 7IXED EHSEUBLE Git on Board, Little Children -------- The Old Rugged Cross- -ucncnagnqn-nn A Nighty Fortress is Our God- - ---- - - I Would be True ---- HIGH SCHOOT 'IXTD CUOQUS Fire Song ------- nonssunsnbousp The Church in the Wildwood- - - - - - - - - Cherubim Song ----- The Holy Hour ----- 0 Troubled Heart Be St HIGH I Need Jesus ---- - Guide Me, O Thou Great 7 Rise, Arise ------ Here In This House- - The Lord's Prayer- - - HIGH S-6 GRADES 111----I---I- SCHOOL GIRLS' CHORUS epoch:-Q-:us Jehovah ------- -8 GIRLS' CHORUS SCHOOL VIXTD EUSTVELE - Selected - - -Round Carmichael - - - Adams - - - -Cain - Spiritual - - Benard - - Luther - - - -Park - -Selected - - -Pitts Bortniansky - - - Nevin - - Hamblin - -Gabriel - Hastings --Jwmmn -Beethoven - - Nalotte MUSIC How many of you ever think of music as a wondrous link with God, taking the place of prayer when words have failed us 'neath a weight of care. Music, that knows no country, no race, no creed, but gives to each according to his need. Herbert Spenser reminds us that music must take rank as the finest of the fine arts as the one which, more than any other, ministers to human welfare. The great organist and composer Johann Sebastian Bach was asked one time how it is possible to achieve such perfection on the organ. His reply was, nPractice it well, and you will find it quite easy. You have as many good fingers on each hand as I have.n ' Niccolo Paganini amazed the world with his marveloup violin technique. Many people thought he must have supernatural powers, and when he was in London, a crowd followed him to touch and determine if he were actually flesh and blood! During his life, he was forced to publish letters from his mother to prove to the world that he was human. His stage appearance as well as his playing were responsible for the impression he created. Someone called him a dark form- looking as if it had risen from the underworld, but he said that all thoughts of Paganina's oddness and eccentricities vanished at the moment in which the marvelous master placed his violin under his chin and began to play. S. Parkes Cadman gives music a spicy terseness when he says, nNobody dreams of music in hell, and nobody conceives of Heaven without it.n This reminds us that music is the only art on earth that we are able to take to Heaven with us. A fine definition of music with its relation to the tones that constitute it, is found in Norman H. Hallis statement, nTones are the materials used to produce music, Like the letters of the alphabet, alone they have little or no mean- ing, but when arranged according to certain general rules of spelling and composition, they produce wonderful melodies, chords, and compositions. Some of us may be tempted to question the value of music for the large majority of people it is just for the few with inborn musical talentg listen to this conchusionz music is designed for the masses, it belongs to the masses, it is one of the principle means outsi e of Christianity, to refine the masses. It has been proved many times that people who love music, are in music groups, or encourage music study, have higher ideals and appreciations. Here is wonderful advice and encouragement to those who are studying to sing or playg play always as its master were listening. Schumann gave us this phrase. rf- n0'5 Speech ,sf 'I' i' Q THE GREE N PASTUR ES IN THE CANDY STORE. + 'bm 65,?oPPuESG904- so QQ 5 2 .vb Q of 2:91 I gf g i P7 ' 5 'QP' Q up " md W ,aw v,,x,oFTHE SPECIES Sinheni Gfnunnil 'W-was Back Row: MP. Oscar Miller, Paul Mueller, Ted Wengered, Faun Yoder Front Row: Shirley Gerber, Betty Mast, Mary Ellen Mast, Richard Kaser . 9 If 1- .gh OFFICERS President: Faun Yoder Vice-President: Ted Wengerd Secretary-Treasurer: Shirley Gerber 4. DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP TEAMS Those who scored high in the Preliminary Scholarship Tests went to Wester College to take the District-State tests. Those that took these tests were: Darlene Oswald, Riologyg James willer, Chemistryg Maurice Mullet, General Science, Bonnie Edwards, Plane Geonetryg Annabelle Miller, American Historyg Jean Hershberger, World History, Paul Mueller, Senior Social Studies, Joan Kaser, English 95 Gladys Nuellerg English 105 Uinifred Miller, English llg and Betty Mast, English 12. POETRY We had two entrants in the county poetry reading con- test that was held at Clark High School. Faun Yoder read, nMy Lost Youthn by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Joanne Miller read, Hsong of the Shirtu by Hood. Joanne won a superior rating, making her eligible for the state finals at Columbus. OHL ACT PLAY In the County One Act Play contest nThe Chipu was pre- sented with the following participants: Marideane Kieffaber, Ted Wengerd, Dale Kaser, Jim Miller, Abner Schlabach, and Carolyn Mast, Miss Boyd directed the production. .Row iQ 5 f 4-fam! .Q- , kg,f- 3 'vs TOM' Q .Q hi-tis ii? in f G-M65 11WlLBER BOYD x Q . , .. ! it - Lib , F- T 5 ,MQ ,sk VH, L - an Lg, ' 7 WY : ' F ' IRENE RUBY EMMA The Junior Glass Play On April 18, the Junior class presented the rip-roarious three-act comedy entitled uThe wager Miil Beaver.u we had a very good turn out. The characters were as follows: nGazella Upshawn- Shirley Hosteiler, nDoreen Upshawn-Lorene Miller, uHarland Upshawn- LaRue Oswald, uTlllie Toothacren- Melba Aling, uCanasta Brownu-Faun Yoder, uHank Petersn- Theodore Conn, uBernice Beaverw-Winifred Miller, nBeasley Scudderu- Donald uamsher, 'Miss Verbena Van Wyckn-Celeste Kaufman, nDickey Van wyckn- Paul Mueller, uPrentia Proutyn-Carl Maxwell, NThe Faceless FienduwMilan Miller, Our Director was Mr. Thomas Coulter. We all had a wonderful time in mak- ing it a success. At times play practice got a little boring, but we trudged on through. We of the Junior Class would like to thank the teachers for their cooperation in letting us out of their classes one period a day. The play wasn't too bad after all, was it? ff I 1 ,f , I f 4 .J 4 .lfixl Y'J N 0 T5 .PV ,Q 'I S 'Y 9 I .50 we Cammy B f' M 124 N I ff ' 4"ra" 120 D"""' QQ ,L , G " 'W' fa, Q 1' Q 1 ah Q ,V 1 5 .,. . X W . 'i' fl I Stlloox. Beano 'U ?fbP Q fs- "' 4.l 18.4, -':! Wolff- wonekv N ,wi gax :MW ROY DO um 'f 9 QQVN LAH co'JLfER USCA Q vow . , '02 R Que glikoxfm ? p5F9 RDNYL f F xgELEQL E.. - 5- X , r, ,ga :ae -A496-9 Q QM - Q f cf - PMN 5 MELDA vnmrf liglilmg DARE: 15414 9. 559 Q.. G1 NQQK Qs qw? - QM GN L :Amer QSQUL 'ALARUE o IV J' ' V' ' e mlm GOLO veff' QVQ ww gh ZEQW TED if -MIM Pmfvf Jake , Lowly one, your space is small And your rewards are few, But remember that the mighty oak Was once a nut like you. R XX. ' ujslff- rx'Gx'xliX V543 a ,K B . 'ty NUT WH E min Ic vga . ,Q w 2 2 1 .xx 5 J M Yi, , f K XM 'vw X ? X J s K .wxiv 5 X 1 f if ,f'fi.f m 'Www 5? lik W fef,,-dw' L R ' f i D 1 if L x -fm 3 .,,.5r: .5 , , . F Varsity s i s 1. L 'iw 'LL. ' 6 " V' ..-.. ...f few Coach Wilber Yoder, Gerald Conn, Dwight Voltz, Theodore Conn, Carl Maxwell, Jim Miller, Ted Wengerd, Orlin Voltz W6 Dundee S9 Keene 91 Sugercreek 56 Clark 62 Shreve M3 Nashville M7 Dover St. Joe S3 Sugarcreek 63 Dennison l Fredricksburg O Dundee 51 4 League nu County Tourney 44+ Strasburg Tourney VARSITY RECORD They 62 39 31 Su 2 32-rs 2 Znas 2 44 62 70 Ripley Glenmont Ripley Millersburg Roscoe Killbuck Smithville Strasburg Walnut Creek Ripley We 55 fl? ZS 35 Z3 Th 551 36a 90 N 4 1 56 67 S7444 41' C E5 if X, ..... will Faun Yoder, Lorena Miller, Shirley Gerber iw! IU AAU, , X X09 X YW QS Reserves BACK ROW: Coach Wilber Yoder, Larry Rottman, Donald Hamsher, James Johnson, Peter Deuwalder, LaRue Oswald, Tim Miller, Manager. FRONT ROW: Dick Kaser, John Menuez, Ivan Stutzman, Maurice Mullet, Harold Hamsher, Wilfor Conn, Manager. Dundee Keene Sugarcreek Clark Shreve Nashville Dover St. Joe Fredricksburg Dundee Big Praire We 25 in 32 25 16 16 ua 21 27 RESERVE RECORD They 35 23 22 3 if: 3h 37 60 Glenmont Big Praire Millersburg Roscoe Killbuck Smithville Strausburg Welnut Creek Big Praire Glenmont They 23 60 22 6 7 28 23 25 60 23 Baseball Team --,W m.zQ.,w4, . ,, n BACK ROW: Coach Wilbur Yoder, Harold Hensher, Larry Rottman, Jim Johnson, Peter Dauwalter, Maurice Mvllet, Tvvn Stutzman, Dick Knser, FRONT ROW: Vernon Weaver, Gerald Conn, Theodore Conn, Ted Wengerd, Dwight Voltz, Orlin Voltz, Jim Miller. POSITIONS Catchers: Theodore Conn, Jim Johnson. Pitchers: Dwight Voltz, Orlin Voltz, Gerald Conn. First Base: Ted Wengerd, Larry Rottman. Second Base: Dick Kaser, Harold Hamsher, John Menuez Short Stop: Jim Miller. Third Base: Orlin Volt7, Gerald Conn. Outfielders: Maurice Mullet, Vernon Weaver, Peter Dauwalter, Ivan Stutzman. ATHLETICS Athletics plays its part in the scheme of a high school education. You are either cheering section, a cheer leader, Many contend that athletics our schools. We, who are coaches as a whole, but parts of them may engrossed in winninw that we lose pose and value of athletics. Our athletics should help to not just phases of it. a spectator, in the or a member of the team are over emphasized in feel that they are not be. We may become so sight of the real pur- develop the whole being It should develop the physical side of the individual by giving exercise to his body in some manner. It should develop the social an organized and whole- side by the contacts that are made with others the little nicities that should be developed. It should develop the spiritual side by demanding clean living, self control, honesty, a full effort, manly acceptance of defeat and a recognition of a need of a strong faith in our fellowmen. If these qualities are being developed, I feel such a program can never be over emphasized. BASEBALL Baseball is the sport used here at Berlin High to occupy the fall and spring seasons. We feel that we are giving the boys an opportunity to that has a national interest. In participate in a game the fall the boys are playing baseball at a time when interest in the game is at its peak because the major leagues are winding up their seasons and then the world Series. In the Spring again we are playing baseball at a time because the major leagues are in spring training and paring for the season ahead. I feel we have had a good season this past year I appreciate the cooperation of our boys. I am sure ! we will be missing the Senior boys who will graduate. Ted, Dwight, Orlin and Jlm have given Berlin High four years of good sports. The best of luck to you boys as you go on l1fe's way. Berlin 3 Baltic Berlin 12 Clark N l Big Prairie N 7 Dundee N 3 Smithville 8 U 21 Clark " ll Sugarc re ek l " 3 Nashville W ll Big Prairie 10 W Killbuck H ll Beach City 2 W W, Creek " 0 Beach City 6 " 5 Kinbuck LaRue: Coach, did you take my time on that last lap? Coach: No, but you sure did! 2 U o Z3 n U o H m P' Ui B FJ o D' n-m 'U CVC! Hg m Q. o d n a o H m m cf U1 OD-J NGO U1 Junior Athletics pin: SIHOOL CALENDAR September 13 . School pictures....look at the birdie!!! 17 Sophomores ordered class rings and pins. 27 Eight Jr. girls were late for History--need a longer noon heur?????? October 9 Band members went to Band Review at North Canton. 10 All-County Band Pageant at Mbg....what key is the Nstar Spangled Bannern 1n???! 12 High School Gypsy Party, sponsered bv Juniors. 25 Community Halloween Party at School. November 2 Juniors sponsored Doc Williams, made a fertuneg Sopho- morons performed major operation on a frog. 15 Hunting season openedg boys take French Leave. December S Every Pupil Tests ---------- groan!!! 8 Senior Play, WComin' Round the Weuntain.n Fair. 17 Senior pictures arrived. Rat population decreased. 22 Sophomores all in a dithcr. Received classrings. January It snowed. February 8 We beat Walnut Creek!! March 28 Three one-act plays heard. Our p1ay,nThe Chipn rated good. April 2 Athletic Banquet. Roy Bates spoke. 18 Jr. Play,nThe Eager Miss Beavern. Stupendousllolossalll May 5 Jr.-Sr. Banquet, Hawaiian Theme. Keverything but grass skirts! 9 Oscar received invitation to move to Applecreek. 11 Baccalaureate lg Sth Grade Commencement, opperetta WTom Sawyern 1 Commencement--Last day of school---Weire rid of the Seniors---YIPPEE2!L1 eeeseeesaeaaeeqeeheeeeesesesaees GONE WITH THE WIND CAN YOU IMAGINE..... The Senior's carefree school Daplee being bashful? Beacon meetings days. Roy's hair not mentioned in Go Down Moses nGene With the Wind'? Gou1ter's curls Betty raising a family? Caro1yn's NHeron Coulter being afraid of spiders? Shirley G.10g chain Our teachers playing ball? Winnie'S "Eh" class ring Carl and Donald not going to Mba Sandy'S love for Ntruth Jim getting to school on time? or c0nSequenscs.N The seniors treating the Juniors U. S. History tests like human beings? Lorene Ao Canadian bOyfTlOnd Going Stpaight hgmg after bgacgn ShP0VG meeting? WSE SER I V: 'xxx 991 Q x. LQ 7 s K ig! J Q X4 ig' 4 W 1 A6 if I Zi Z 1 q ff Q j tal - Lrg' 'P uf 4 i 291419 T E15 9 f x ' X M 4 .f 44 R 51.5. WEETXQEEED ' QW QHRJQQLQQQAQ. RUUFWM3 QPUUTWMB fix FEEDS YQEQWS 270 MW WU Xi1U2SYf3 U H203 QDUWUGD Y .V . , it Y 47 , P1zooL15'f'E5 OF Q01-mu GLM, LI MESS CRUSHED STCNE Qwrwae AND QIDHQMQQQS OF MULUQT QU MINES 1 0rx4,f, 114-a. M V,.. 1. WV ' L. HOLMES UMESTUNE CU fsssamo. PH, fem N ww mmm: omcf-mwaw wruvxowrz Q cfamcsa CT Qfw'E'A1y,HE'H QQQQCEM ,Q GENERAL STORE HARDWARE SHQES DRY GQCDDS GRGCERIES IT PLEASES US EO PLEASE YCDU BERUN, I Qs-no A1600 EiACEf755 '5iUYE'3 Q 13EREHJEWEMAHiEU lX'f-, 1 XXI .f Az EUEM3 SERVQEE lb GEYER AND UEEMINQ UDUMPS. ELJER IDLUMINQ FIXTURES. Weuben Minds! QZHE A-YXUD!KXf5 Us U51-HN U4 3 3 3? ff? 2 ESTABLISHED 1870 39 MXUEGEQ GDEHUQDX MT HCPE lUWfff?Q CU, X LH CG'DbGfl3llUfUUf ELUNUE CDU: U3U, UU.UDUfU2 QiUU5U3 flUUfS Y7VU'iU?U2Uf UO DUJU?Uf UIQ alll!-NR UBUJVS fn!! rj- IDGQDUQE U h PH UYQQLQZQ? Tiff MU IfHGDU5Uf GDEHUGDX , , . N IWW C N QL LO U1 wa i HJ? .I ! , 1-I' +3 Q lil! I..r l,.. I:Q Il y!!. ipfii w'iFlLiuTlIC'Q1 QOMl5'LiMEFxlT'3 - OF , X if BUY U AND WUPTHMA M in 4243! KVQW N fif Q , dlwj. .22 f CC. u. x. ,ful ml. ....,g-.---.-,.......1..----..1- rxcvcms--mv 1-Q- -, Q - -+-- mwcum Qfvavuts fQ:fimafQ422?f 7 maUiU2n.mN-W U1m,E i5 ,,i1-Q-QCQWO ...,.....-.- 1-moms EUUNTYE-PREM u3umQmu aww :NC FEED, FElUH.iZER, SEED,!-XPPLVXNCES, GASOUNE, KERGSENE, LUBOILS, W GREASF ETC UDB-mbfgjui NASHVIHLLEOY- 2131 MHLERSBURQIQQ 6 WALNUT CREE14-:34P2 4021455 Uifgi fp fffVff-2 70? P1-153155 2 5 hofmesvflfc 0. . 1 .-.1-I--Q Q.-.-it .----3--.-1 l...""T.."""N'I'.,,.. BE UN ELEIIIITLIR LPLLQTTTILEITI EIIIELTQTQTR Lx Lhwg ' PI-I.-f-III?-4'23XI' BEN N, CD. E I I Tkrm- FEED- HQNQQLIQSFLLD SAID QERVICE , IIIEGI UIIIU SUGARCREEK EARIVIERS EQUITY S E NIACTLR C L Q If I E II LI D N M I I N V T I FERTILIZER N I-IAY GRAIN E I IDI-L55 ------SQRQIQIQI ,gcLIIIII3I2IIHg, IVIANUEACTUERS QE FINE QUALITY EACE BUILDING BLCCK SLEREIRI4-'EU U ' i , cervwumims QE M ME. HEEPE EEEVMQQ EU O , AME!! MT HOPEN ---- CHD IWEEEPS GUEE SEPWEE OWTTN P -'I LLER mi JUNCTION OF ROUTES 3Q?f62 Q EW EEEVMUQ 'LF S0 Ei SQ E 40 QB- SQ' E RED RQSEI E of EE 5 PH.--- MBGr"""" 4Q3Y BENTONLDHQO HERUN T ECI-ilQ PEEEE QASOLINEQREASEQIL, TIREEATTERY S,?EPY'CE E E48 ENE EUME3EP AND 4 A P ENVAPE STAR RT.-M MEG ,OHIO , U M BER HARDWARE BUILDING, SUPPLIES 5 PA! N TS ENAME LS , FNSHES Hmm Sammi mom 9 HLIUT-'f-I-"l iMYElQS FUNERAL HOME AQASRHEEECE M W O W UYEVQS ws 1 ws M A Q SALES-G-5E12v'xCE l WW IW HW an 4 59 4 GD T d 'Q L -A E, TRAIL BQLOGNA TRAIL 0:-MO BENTQN- - - Gmc . cmeu'u:m11 cchcaaasms we :gax,ffamv was CHEESQ2,-5 JQHN L, MUELLER Hg., operator' and manager' U ff is S300 oo OO CHfNW1OH1Of ,, , A, SQSNYUESQ Yau CAN aw Moms BUT You cfxw :sw 13511512 THAN A '-ff," X1 f '9 A-ZA' 'fi '1' f " YW ' 3'-:fp-""' 5151 V, CHNQM Hgj U iff M IMS HKJT IDRQE EVERY TBMEIF YQU ' MA-STLH CH!-Wvi, QHK5 CHARM HW J ESS SH U I3 haf-xngmggg M19--W1--gmcansso FIS!-Wu DUWUE: mscs-fmnmaiv CHARM, CHIC ' ' Q .s AYMUNU L. RABEI? 1, .Q ,. JEWELER Q own 2 x '13 Q ' WATCH!-LUCK REPAIR 1 1 ,,,"'.X ' CHARM,Q+-110 -E om l'-QUUHE 3 GENQQMER DRY GQQDS F Q ww 1 PHCDNE 54 . PHGNE 304 Q-GU 30 0 3. W JACKSON ST. MBC. 1 ' '- - - - fm If WHZWHS-1' Um sw U? VWHGC. g f MBE. 25353407 QH1Q cowwumems iN0a1MAN's-1 GF BAKEIQYQ-T3 Bread- asuries THE P t U H ,U was . 0. X , 1 .3 i EJERV!A2GOIl P O ml E Grindinjegtliijir-'seeds E PHGNE 19-F-21-BERLnN TRW """"""""f 0 ABE 13, YDDER CQNG'2f2l3ifll?'N'S CUSTCXQIRJASGQQING BULLDCDZING W fwny notj clean that O D 0 GROWN UP pa S P H ONLELi--- MBQ478 MU3Q3.U2j't4G3 PHGNE BERUN Q51-3 J' V 1 I L . . wx M131 nm ff ix,ffQ'xfv'wj 5-PY ......-.... ,ppm ------i , W, l.. , if--'-"M Q-M Qmi21sYa mwniam xs 'Q-X--'X -N fx i az!! .4 KF X',fLQ,X1.Yl Q5 - f -Y.-... FEEDS -----""""' i Q ? 3 PHQNES: FNAECAS3' xvqgg, BRLN. x M RUN wg- P+4CfNE QQ- MQUWHQS 'EUNKEHQ HILL MEMS ff 3gfr5:f',1g.jqg42Q1.-xy: .-.1 - v-,.,--iq, -'.3E"'f' ' :Er ,..,iiz-- ll ' X -3 . rv r . 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Pipe and Fittings SUGARCREEK---W Q .Mao of-no 0202086399933 A uaumuinwuiuz 33016301 CUSTOM BLJTCHERING H::MUi1-YkUSB:':Il+ Wh ETAIL olesalefif R x BERLLNLPHQNE fm 12 L wefxvuz MQTOR CQ 1:-CAD: LLAC CHEVROLET'--"-1-"BULCK NEW PL-ILLA.-W DGVER SLHLMEALHAS STERE KGDAK CAMERAS farm LAL RX THE CQ XREElNING, ,CLYDEw5QRALPH MILLER DRY GQQDS L Cozsmcauronsj 'CREW RULETL L W 'A'd"L-P WE 1 1 L Q3 f2N ie3?Q ?a? Q.gQSEmQg3Qd,S EL L M CHIC ' 1 EWDEZQ M BQRT 5 "-if" Q. Where nFr1endN Meets WFriend. BQYD3 QHOEQ ffff xxxx QUALEEQ WTELE mcg:-+1 PLACE A EVERHART'-HATTE RY EUNERAL HGMES A L Zh Hour Ambulance Service PHONES: Shanesville- 9 N Sugarcreek.119J A aCHLABACH .,.....,.---1-..-- QQMPL1 WST ELECTRIC Mae. 0510 ' 'Y' -. .,.-.-.-n MSE55aT59E,.E fix. XVVE- BADGER Pveka as M IELER LPM! Buacva. aTANDfxQD Q2 E .-I-1 S ESEL TO? ECQNQMY DRM-nm GRQCERY 'S Scosamm SHOE STQRE HCDEEMAN DRUGS -A ---- Af- f Y' 1 ln' YW 1 ' P.. ,1 . V H -V V - .,,,.: , , MARTINS JEWELRY MUzLE12'a S LCCKER SERVICE IVVNUN ESTIL Samara S SHQE aroiae' oem 5LEciSETE'ZifESTSS S SUGARCREEK SHEPEER MQCDMAW D0uQu-xaamaaa-m.ER Aawesav Qwsfaa CQ. IVVXC H Q NE Sf-ICP S E WP-ELVTE RSMSCS EI? F, M. MELLQTTE Q0fwfggfEfm5f 10+-INSQIXVS TRLICIQINCE -W STQRE HOMEI2 FARVEI2 OSCAR MILLER WENGEIRD LIME 3' ' , I A A I v. A. I I , UWEJQEJQEIICIDELEDEEEEII I-IQIQIQISEURGER ROGEIQ E JIM CASEY I DILWOLFE I EMISEECTQIQ E EI I f I VEIQNQAI IVIIELLER num CIEGDGDEIDS REAL ESTATE I THE IUNIICECLEASS I I WISHES T0 THANK ALL DONORS GADVERT I SERS I EOR THEIR CCDNTRIBUTIONS WHICH MADE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE

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