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1986 HIGH SCHOOL d£)edicati on ( izia : Instead of dedicating our yearbook to a teacher, as has been the custom, this year we elected to dedicate the Lamp to Todd Malizia because he played an important part in our past and his death affected all of us in some way. Some of us attended elementary school with Todd while others did not meet him until junior high; but all who knew him remember his great sense of humor, his personality, and his special attitude on life. It was his attitude that gave him the courage to keep fighting his leukemia. The fortitude he displayed during his battle taught everyone who knew him that, they too, should keep fighting — no matter how bad things get. Each of us has our own memories of times spent with Todd and we will cherish them forever. We may not think of him as often as we used to but de- dicating our yearbook to him is one way for the Class of 1986 to take Todd with us as we leave Berlin High — WJi was inst a h ' e was just a ooy rom a Sma (it own BERLIN — It has been a bad month for the world. A princess, a president-elect and Todd Malizia died. For Malizia, however, there will be no international dignitaries, no special news bulletins. After all, he was just a young boy living in a small town. It was just a few years ago Malizia learned he had leukemia. It hit him hard and caused his hospitalization. He lost weight, hair and precious time. But it didn’t stop him. He recovered sufficiently enough last year to return to one of his loves, sports and starred on a Midget Football team that won the town championship. The youth was cited by the league for his outstanding play, and was also honored for his remarkable comeback. But the disease became worse and Todd was again forc- ed to the sidelines. He gave it his best shot. And anyone who says Todd Malizia lost his bout with leukemia is sadly mistaken. Because in the final analysis, when the crowns and presidential seals are laid aside and only the things of which character is made remain, the young teenager from Berlin will be holding his head up just as proudly as any royalty or head of state. School. DEDICATION DEDICATION 3 The Class of 1986’s yearbook was designed in the format a scrapbook to serve as a reminder of our past years at High. Four years of events that were important to the Class ’86 have been included. Each of us has our own memories of high school life we will treasure forever: the dances, skipping classes, late, Mr. Galvin’s speeches, Senior Court with its toilet- trees, Homecoming, walking the halls, 3-hour detentions, Lounge, Animals of ’86 — Delta House, the parties, caught doing things we shouldn’t have been doing, good with our friends, and all the others. In future years, this “scrap- book” of memories will remind us of all the fun times we had while we were in high school, and they will never be forgotten. 6 THEME THEME 7 r Spirit The week of September 8 through the 13 was celebrated as Spirit Week at Berlin High. Each day both the students and the faculty participated in various activities leading up to a pep rally on Friday afternoon. The purpose was to promote school spirit in preparation for the football season ' s opening game. On Monday, called Color Day, students showed their spirit by dressing up in the color assigned to their class. Tuesday was a combination t- shirt beach bum Hawaiian Day. Wednesday was Costume Day, and was followed by Decade Day on Thursday which had students come to school in the dress of the 40’s through the 80’s. Friday ended the week with Spirit Day when those students participating in a fall sports wore their uniform shirts. The other students wore red and blue, the school colors. Overall, the week was a great success! Greg Lasky smiles after eating his pie. 10 SPIRIT WEEK Spirit 2) ance Seniors Bob Marciczkiewicz and Tim D’Addabbo Kelly Ingalls shows her brother how it’s done. SPIRIT DANCE 11 I ing Jfarveit 2)c ’ance In early November the Class of 1987 received their class rings and celebrated by holding the Harvest Ring Dance. The dance was held at the High School on November 15, 1985 and music was supplied by “Sam,” a local disc jockey. Junior Advisor Mr. Smith The Seniors get down l 12 STUDENT LIFE Senior Chrissy Pohlmann These guys say they’re number one. Seniors Jeff Krug and Jill Maguder. STUDENT LIFE 13 Underclassmen Michelle Morrell, Karen Drake, Chris Senaldi and Allison Hodgson These Juniors pose for the camera. Jl omecomincf ance 2 ), The 1985 Homecoming Dance, sponsored by the Stu- dent Council, was a great success with over 200 students attending. The band, 100 Proof, supplied the music and decorations of red, silver, and white created the perfect touch for the theme “Nights in White Satin.” Sharon Jones, President of the Senior Class, introduced the Homecoming Queen and her court to the guests, and the memorable night continued. The SENIOR class knows how to dance. “100 PROOF " Queen Niki Bozzuto receives a congratulatory kiss from the mayor. Ladies and gentlemen . . . The 1985-86 Homecoming Queen. Sophomore attendant Allison Hodgson with Bob Ferrero is proud to represent her class. STUDENT LIFE 15 r p. PovJer Puff The dale: November 11, 1985. The place: Sage Park Through the rain and mud the senior girls took the junior girls down in a 2 10 Powder Puff victory The senior girls walked on the field refusing to give up their title of being undefeated, after beating the Class of 1985 with a score of 14 0. The senior girls had a great team coached by Bob Sisti, Pat Ralph, Todd Pampuro, Rob Pugliese, and Greg May. The junior girls had a great team as well coached by Rocky Urso, Tim Dalena, Chris McHale. and Jamie Dubuc. Karen Prefontaine started the game by scoring the first touchdown with a seventeen yard sweep around the end to put the seniors ahead 6 0. Then quarterback Kim Stanowski scored the extra point conver sion with a run around the end. In the second half, Kim Stanowski connected with Nikki Bozzuto for two touchdown passes to put the seniors ahead 20-0. Lyn Spendolini added the finishing touch to this mud bath by kicking the extra point to make the score 21-0. The senior girls walked off the field, once again, as winners 16 STUDENT LIFE (looking Uor a “S, enior drowd On December 17, 1985, the Berlin High School Cooking For A Crowd clfess hosted a luncheon for the senior citizens of Berlin. With help from their advisor, Mrs. Pamela Dennis, the luncheon was a success. After lunch, Mr. Bob Kelly and his chorus presented a Christmas carol sing-a-long to the senior citizens. A great time was had by all. Kim Gardner Sing-a-Long Cooking For A Crowd Participants STUDENT LIFE 17 18 STUDENT LIFE (Berlin Jdigli Watching Band The Berlin High School Marching Band had another busy year with the extension of the football season and two competitions to perform in. The end of the football season did not mean the end of the band’s activities. It then began plans for Christmas and spring concerts and the parades in the spring The band could not have accomplished what it did without the leadership of the Drum Majors, the officers, and the Section Leaders. This year ' s Drum Majors were Joe Mora and Karen Prefontaine. The officers were: Sal Urso, Rocky Urso, Kristin Pfaler, Terri Luisi, and Cindy Kasulis Section Leaders included: Kristin Pfahler, Tom Meskill, Lori Serafino, Sal Urso, Charles Kaczor, and Marlene Eshoo. The band would also like to give special thanks to Drill Instructor Skip Varga for a successful season The band and its opening set. The Drum Majors Karen and Joe with a look of confidence. The Berlin High Redcoat Marching Band The woodwinds in a performance. 20 STUDENT LIFE Senior Drum Major Joe Mora Mr Karam and his Drum Majors, Karen Prefontaine and Joe Mora. Mr. Karam and his bell players. Senior Vin Muir STUDENT LIFE 21 2W 5, earn Seniors Cindy Surowiec, Jill Maguder, Capt. Anna Maria Fiducia, and Chrissi Pohlmann give one last smile. Drill team’s awesome streamer coordination. The 1985 1986 Drill Team. 22 STUDENT LIFE Chris, Cheryl, and Cindy end a perfect routine. CoL SbnitJ, our earn an Cjuard d CoL our (juurd The 1985-86 Drill Team, led by co-captains Annamaria fiduoa and Audra Brandish, and the Colour Guard, led by Co- capiains Kelly McCormack and Caroline Chyra, started off the year by combining efforts and performing at the fall pep rally to the song " Don ' t Lose My Number. " During football season the two squads performed during half-time to “Aztec Fire”, Puttin’ on the Ritz " , “Boogie Down”, and " Always on my Mind " The Colour guard, Drill Team, and Marching Band also performed at two competitions this year in East Lyme and Nor- walk Basketball season also meant entertainment supplied by the two squads during all home games. The girls performed to music supplied by the Pep Band. The Colour Guard’s co-captains led the squad with the help of Evalisa Pulcini, former Color Guard captain; advisor, Mrs. Frost, and senior members; Karin Berger, Sarah Bugay, Elke Ruepp. Marlene Burkarth, and Amy Erickson. The Drill Team consisted of sixteen members and two alter- nates Graduating seniors included: Annamarie Fiducia, Cindy Suroweic, Chrissi Pohlmann, and Jill Maguder. Perfect moves made during the football routine. The 1985-1986 Colour Guard Senior Marlene Burkarth shows determination. SENIORS — Capt. Kelly McCormack, Elke Ruepp, Marlene Burkarth, Amy Erickson, Sarah Bugay, and Capt. Caroline Chyra. STUDENT LIFE 23 The 1985-86 Berlin High Cheerleading Squad, show their support for their foot- ball team. Why aren’t senior Kristen Pfahler, and juniors, Missy Pethigal and Kelly Tolomea watching the game? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a pompon? The Cheerleaders at one of the last home games of the season. 24 STUDENT LIFE a eerfecidt eri This year the Berlin High School Cheerleading squad was made up of many dedicated sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The varsity captains are Sherry Ciaffaglione and Lynn Spen- dolini. Their squad consisted of eleven other members; seniors Nicole Bozzuto and Kristin Pfahler, juniors Chrissy Dabrowski, Karen Marholin, Karen Tolomea, Marci Naldi, Missy Pethigal, and Kellie Tolomea, sophomores Karyn McLaughlin, Laura Weston, and Cheri Wilson made the squad complete. The junior varsity team was headed by senior Loreen Combrowski and junior Lisa Gollnick. Their team members were Laura Jacubiak, Pam Zadrowski, Cheryl Rease, Ceil Simeone, Jenn Miller, Krstyn Bratina, and Sandy Seitak. Both squads were busy this year. They began by putting together spirit week, sponsoring the fall sports’ pep rally. Some of the pep rally events included; tricycle races, pie eating contest, toilet paper wrap, tug-of-war, and the bubble gum blowing contest. The night of the pep rally there was the traditional spirit dance. Not only did the cheerleaders cheer at the football games, but at wrestling matches and girls’ basketball games. The ’85-86 squad’s .contribution was greatly appreciated by everyone involved. The Cheerleaders during a break at a Basketball game, show the spectators what a pyramid looks like before . . . STUDENT LIFE 25 Lisa Krustof, Mary Orlowsky, Debbie MacDonald, Kristin Chris Ludko, Brent Ireland, David Pfahler (Coordinator) Lynn Spendolini, Denise Morin, Kelly Mancini, Rob Pohlmann Maudsley, Missing: Tamara Mitchell. MEMBERS — Joya Stella, Denise Morin — Secretary, Giselle Cyr, Esther Munoz — Historian, Kelly Maudsley, Julie Zembrzuske — Vice President, Christine Witxel, Heather Karam, Cindy Kasulis — Treasurer, Jennifer Bertagna — President, Sylavia Brzezinel, Mary Orlowsky, Debbie MacDonald, Elizabeth Lewicki, Leslie Dottor, Sue Saltzman, Christine Motto, Thresa Peck, Theresa Luisi, Jennifer Dempsey, AnnMarie DiSarro, Susan Prefontaine, Diane Reeve, Jennifer Gavle, Lisa Krystof, Kristin Pfahler, Lisa Surowiec, Ad- visor Mrs. D’Angona St u l enl (Council Christine Marinelli, Gisel Cyr, Karen Tolomea, Jennifer Miller, Heather Karam, Cheryl Tiderauf, Kyleen Carpenter, Caryn Oldzie, Cheri Wilson, Sue Tedeschi, Leslie Cottor — Cor- responding Secretary, Jill Maguder — Treasurer, Nikki Bozzuto — President, Sharon Jones — Vice President, Karen Prefontain — Recording Secretary, Mrs. Virostek — Advisor, Celeste Durand, Jennifer Wowk, Chris Webster, Jenny Graham, Pam Schubert, Patricia Goz- zo, Julie Todeschini, Elke Ruepp, Julie Bandzes, Bob Marciczkiewicz, Chrissy Dobrowski, Tam- my Bergenon, Amy Swanson. 26 STUDENT LIFE Row 1: Dana Ciancimino, Ed Sampt, Mary Catelli. Row 2: Jennifer King, Cindy Kasulis, Charles Kaczor, Jennifer Catelli, Mrs Bates. Wall, 3, earn Row 1: Cindy Thibault, Pam Wallace, Cindy Costa, David Woodruff, Ed Sampt. Row 2: Scott Buckley, Mr. McNulty, Mr. DelGiudace, Chris Webster. Row 1: President — John Percival, Karrie Bienas, Treasurer — Ken Frisk, Vice President — Mike Vene- ziano, Dave Sirois, Mark Fitz- simmons. Row 2: Caroline Chyra, Sherry Ciaffaglione, Patrisha Gozzo, Julie Todeschini, Secretary — Kim Gardner, Shelley Carin- ni, Advisor — Pam Dennis. J4£RO. STUDENT LIFE 27 Row 1: Sherise Fetterman, Lisa Todaro, Denise Morin, Lisa Cardello, Chrissy Sum- mers, Mrs. Valentino. Row 2: Tammy Grham, Kristine Lindgren, Cheryl Durante, Laura Hamilton, Treresa Peck, Kathy Abair, Sue Degrandi, Lori D’Amor. Row 3: Mrs. Trider, Tracy Eckstrom, Cindy Sunowiec, Anne Todeschini, Jodie Mc- Quarrie, Karin Mihkels, Laura Cayer, Janet Cap. uMnedA Row 1: Dena Lamkins — Secretary, Chrissi Pohlmann — President, Cindy Kasulis — Treasurer, Joanne Kasulis — Vice President. Row 2: Raj Parel, Scott Morric, Brent Ireland, Rob Pohlmann, Bill Pucci. Row 3: advisor Mr. Ornstien, Cheryl Siderowf, Jennifer Catelli, Dana Ciamcimino, Jennifer King, Diane Reeve, Elisa Morales, Joy Skorpuski, Kristin Pfahler. Left to right: Dorothy Ste- pien. Secretary; Christine Chutkowski, Treasurer; Ra- jesh Patel, President; Mrs. M. McMahon, Advisor; Beth Turgeon, Vice President; Tammy Graham. Missing from the picture are: Elizabeth Baretta, Lisa Cardello, Bonnie Fields, June Dyer, Caryn Oldziey, and Barbara Mitchell. media CU 28 STUDENT LIFE Row 1: David Woodruff, John Marshall. Row 2: Jason Pajor, Dave Seaburg. Lynn Spendolini — Vice Presi- dent, Mr. Kelly, Annamaria Fiducia — President. MEMBERS — Abby Seelye, Kristin Brigandi — Secretary, Jennifer Wowk — Treasurer, Darie-Anne Emmons, Wendy St. Amand, Kathy Bittner, Rebecca Lamore, Kristyn Bratina, Bethany Rideout, Holly Guite, Jen Glennon, Laurie Manzella, June Dyer, Carloe Buckley, Chris Buckley, Karen Spendolini, Lisa Krystof, Bruce Springer, Jennifer Jeknovortan, Amy Jacobson, David Pelletiei, Rich Peronace, John Marshall, Mary Ann Radavich, Anne Todeschini, Laurie Cayer, Stephen Quenn, Gary McPhee. oruA Row 1: Cheryl Slipski, Cor- inne Pawlicki, Cindy Kasulis, Mary Jo Puglisi, Marleen Eshoo, Lori Serafino, Christine Senaldi, Katie Criniti, Mr. Kelly. Row 2: Joseph Mora, Vincent Mure, Rick Ryba, Sal Urso, Joe Mancino, Bruce Springer, Sandor Dized, Jason DeGroff, Kenneth Bober, Thomas Meskill, Tom Fiori. Pep Panel j azz Sand A STUDENT LIFE 29 E r Xi ne L. Row 1: Jeff Spiegel — Managing Editor, Kelly McCormack — Art Editor, Mary Catelli — Literary Editor. Row 2: Cheri Wilson, Jennifer Catelli, Marie Kaczor, Holly Guite, Ed Sampt. rsCiterury Ilia yazi ne Row 1: Cyndi Costa — Business Editor, Melissa Brown — Editor-in-Chief. Row 2: Kristin Brigandi, Chrissi Pohlmann, Cindy Kasulis, Sue Tedeschi, Joanne Kasulis, Tammy Bergeron, Kelly McCormack, Laurie Radavich. 30 STUDENT LIFE ' I Row 1: Joe Schumann, Skip Thomson, Sheri Current, Atillio Lacana, Ingrid Taylor, Laurie Cayer, John Kelly, Steven Sirko, Laren Solek, Heidi Kuhnly, Chris Degasperus, Andrea D’Amico, Paula Vernale, Connie Gravowski, Karin Mihkels, Sandy Rice, Loui Eliades. Row 2: Rich Labbe, John Heindricks, Erin Hart, Jim Han- son, Tommy Faipler, Billy DeBlasio, Larry Woodward, Ernie Mazzerella, Steve Michaud. STUDENT LIFE 31 r ona tJk onor The annual induction ceremony on February 28, 1986, was the focal point for the members of the Berlin High School chapter of the National Honor Society. At the induction, thirty new members were welcomed into the ranks by the officers of the socie- ty: Eric Reed, President; Kristen Pfahler, Vice- President; Lori Serafino, Secretary; and Ken Bober, Treasurer. The members of the society once again sponsored a tutorial program, using their study halls to assist underclassmen who were experiencing academic dif- ficulties. Members also joined forces with the members of the Girls’ Service League to conduct the annual school enumeration survey. Profits from the survey were used to finance three scholarships for deserving seniors. Under the advisorship of Mr. War- burton, the Honor Society also awarded book awards to those students who had consistently achieved Honor Roll status. President Eric Reed, Secretary Lori Serafino, Treasurer Ken Bober, Advisor Mr. Warburton, Vice President Krister Pfahler missing but not forgotten Row 1: Advisor Mr. Warburton, Ken Bober — Treasurer, Eric Reed — President, Kristen Pfahler — Vice Presi- I dent, Lori Serafino — Secretary. Row 2: Charles Kaczor, Steven Mancini, Sharon Jones, Mary Catelli, Kelly Mc- Cormack, Marlene Burkarth, Kelly Ingalls, Christine Pohlmann, Kim Stanowski, Tom Galvin, Joseph Mora Thomas Meskilh 32 STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE 33 February 28, 1986 inductees to the National Honor Society. 1986 and 1987 National Honor Society members, en mass. 1986 odamp The staff of Berlin High’s 1986 yearbook. Lamp , first came together in September to plan and produce a record of the Class of 86’s high school experience. Elected a s officers were: Karrie Bienas, Editor in Chief; Cindy Surowiec, Photograph Editor; Karen Mihkels, Design Editor; Julie Bandzes, Literary Editor; and Julie Todeschini, Business Manager. Cheryl Slipski, later signed on to manage the book’s index. Under the leadership of this editorial group, and under Mr. Scannell’s direction and Mr. Pasco’s business acumen, the staff decided that a structural theme of a scrapbook would allow them to best show their recollections of life at B.H.S. Also early in the year, the group decided that a dedication too would be an appropriate gesture to a departed member of their Berlin group. From the initial meetings through the end of February, staff members met most Mondays and Wednesdays. Karrie directed and planned, Cindy scheduled pictures and typed innumerable class and club lists, Karen drew and drew — everything from the cover design and divider pages to the little sports figures on the sports pages, Julie B. assigned and edited write-ups and composed the feature essays, while Julie T. sold, assigned, and pursued ads. Other 86’ers who contributed included: Joe Campagna, Anne Todeschini, Sue DeGrandi, Kelly Longoria, Jill Maguder, Karen Moody, Sharon Silguero, Kathy Abair, Sarah Bugay, Karin Berger. Finally, on February 25, the Lamp was finished. Mr. Denny Galvin, the Taylor Publishing representative came and took all 168 pages of layouts, pictures, and copy; representing a lot of hours spent by a conscientious staff to prepare a lasting memory for the 1986 Berlin High seniors. 1986 IJearbooL Staff Elke Ruepp, Julie Bandzes — Literary Editor, Karrie Bienas — Editor in Chief, Julie Todeschini — Business Editor, Cindy Surowiec — Photo Editor, Joe Campagna, Jill Maguder, Jeff Spiegel, Scott Buckley, Cheryl Slipski, Mr. Scannell. 34 STUDENT LIFE Design Editor: Karen Mihkels Photography Editor Cindy Surowiec Editor in Chief Karrie Bienas Literary Editor Julie Bandzes Cheryl Slipski LAMP STAFF — Kathy Abair, Sarah Bugay, Jeff Krug, Joe Campagna, Jill Maguder, Bruce Greenhalgh, Sue DeGrandi, Dawn Wotkiewich A STUDENT LIFE 35 36 SPORTS SPORTS 37 %otU( The 1985 Berlin High Redcoat Football team fought its way to an overall record of 4-6-1. They were led by Quad-Captains Darrell Wing, Jeff Krug, Bob Sisti, and Roger Larson. The offensive line was led by linemen Paul Hackney, Craig Dywer, Jamie Dubuc, Bob Sisti, Mike Armstrong, and ends Jim Soyka, Tony Sachetti, and Bruce Greenhalgh. They opened up the holes for quarterbacks Tom Galvin and Marc Carosielli, and running backs Larson, Wing, and Tony Leotta. The defense was led by linemen Sisti, Hackney, Dwyer, and Greenhalgh, linebackers Larson, Dubuc, and Rocky Urso, ends Greg May and Brian Mongillo, and backs Wing, Krug, and Chris McHale Other senior starters on the 1985 football squad who contributed greatly to the team are Gary Russell, Frank Albert. Mike Webster, Jeff Gostyla, Pat Ralph, Rick Smolicz, Bob Quarti, and Jeff Powers. The Redcoats in a takedown. The 1985 Berlin Redcoat Football team. The coaches: DiCicco, Day, Potash, Pelligrineili, Pepe, Bacarro. The senior football players. The Quad-Capts.: Wing, Sisti, Coach P., Larson and Krug. 38 SPORTS Senior Quad-Captain Jeff Krog. The Redcoats at their best. Senior Quad-Captain Roger Larson tackles his opponent. Tony Sachetti Senior Quad-Captain Darrell Wing gains extra yardage. SPORTS 39 Sophomore John Morton, Senior Quad-Capt. Roger Larson and Junior Chris McHale Senior Quad Capt. Jeff Krug Junior Chris McHale Senior Quad-Capt. Bob Sisti 40 SPORTS The Redcoats at practice Senior Paul Hackney Senior Tony Sachetti Seniors Bruce Greenhaulgh and Roger Larson SPORTS 41 occer Captains Joe Campagna and John Morell led the 1985 Soccer team to a 5-10-1 record. The team, coached by Coaches Morell and Caruso, had its first win of the year (6-0) against Wolcott and later went on to the highlight of the season, a 2-2 tie against 6th ranked Farmington. 1986 seniors on the team included: Joe Campagna, Craig Rutkowski, Mike Lamoureux, Tony DeGrandi, and Matt Glennon. The Redcoat Award, signifying the most improved player, was given to goalie Dan Dasey, and the Coaches Award, given to the most valuable player, was awarded to John Morell. Coach Morrell inspires the team. The 1985 Boys’ Soccer Team Captain John Mor- rell charges the ball. Dan Dacey Captains Joe Cam- pagna and John Morrell 42 SPORTS ' I Coach McCabe gives the team some advice. iris Soccer In ' Berlin’s Varsity Soccer team ended its third season with a record of 8 wins, 6 losses, and 2 ties. The top scorer for the team was sophomore Robyn Trevethan with 15 goals to her credit. Other players with high scores included: Alison Hodgson with 4 goals, Stacy Squires with 8 goals, Debbie Larson with 8 goals, Marcelle Poulin with 3 goals, and both Amy Jacobson and Amy Weston with 1 goal each. Varsity members included: Robyn Trevethan, Anne Hodgson, Alison Hodgson, Stacy Squires, Debbie Larson, Marcelle Poulin, Tracy Bartlett, Chris Senaldi, Patty Bittner, Michelle Boisseneau, Donna Klapatch, and co-captains Amy Jacobson and Dawn Battaglia. Coaches Sheila McCabe and Diane Cavaliere were proud of this year’s team and, with all players returning next year, hope the team’s fourth year will be just as successful. 1985 Girls’ Soccer Team SPORTS 43 The 1985 Redcoat Cross-Country team started out weakly, but built itself up to a strong finish in the Northwest conference. The team, strong in talent and determined to win, was coached by Jim Keefe who is con- sidered to be one of the best coaches in the NWC. Keefe guided his team to a 10-9 record in the season’s competition. The team was lead by co- captains Greg Szczepanik and Bill Pajor. Sophomore Bill Stanowicz proved to be a strong member of the team which also had outstanding ef- forts from Jeff Spiegel and Pete Reznicek. In the Northwest conference, Greg Szczepanik took third place and Bill Pajor took fifth place. The State Championship meet, held at Timberlin, had Bill Pajor placing fifteenth and Greg Szczepanik placing twenty-seventh. Pajor was the only runner in Berlin’s history to qualify for the State Open. Co-Captains; Billy Pajor and Gregory Szczepanik. Bill Stefanowicz, Chris Ludko, Gregory Szczepanik, Billy Pajor, Raj Patelli, R. J. Naldi, Edward Sampt, Young Win, Jeffrey Spiegel, Peter Reznicek, Steve Ryba, Bill Frink, Mike Kurpiewski, Joe Lima, Paul Phaneuf, Steve Gentile, Coach Jim Keefe. and Gregory Szczepanik and Billy Pajor Bill Pajor Szczepanik. Gregory 44 SPORTS The girls finish another victory. The 1985 Volleyball team finished its season with an outstan- ding record of 20 consecutive wins and one loss. Coach Bob Tarigo guided the team to the semi-finals where Berlin fell to Hale Ray after two tournament wins against Griswold and Ellington. Berlin, the first ranked Class S team, was undefeated in the Nor- thwest Conference. The team was led by Co-Captains Pam Wallace and Kelly In- galls, and other senior players included Kristina Dizes and Lucy Daddabbo. Other outstanding varsity players were junior spikers Marcia Basile, Patricia Gozzo, Michelle Bedard, Lynn Swanson, and sophomore setter Michelle Cote. The 1985 Volleyball Team SPORTS 45 The 1985-6 Berlin Redcoat Boys’ Basketball team established itself ear- ly in the season with an impressive performance as Tournament Cham- pions at the Old Saybrook Christmas Tournament. Dave Sirois was selected Tournament M.V.P., and Dave Allison and Mike Veneziano were recognized as members of the All-Tourney team. Coached by Head Coach Ken Parciak and Assistant Coaches Phil Crockett, Bob Tarigo, and Nick Pepe, the team, by the end of February, had played to a 7-9 overall record and a conference mark of 5-6. Senior Captain Mike Veneziano, playing point guard led the team. His most impressive outing came against Prince Tech when he scored a career high 26 points. The good record of this year’s young team promises great things for future editions of Redcoat basketball. The 1986 Redcoat JV Team Back row: Coach Crockett, Coach Tarigo, Mike Guiner, Mark Biloz, Paul Violette, Dave Allison, Joe Pera, Todd Martin, Coach Parciak. Front row: Ed Malley, Ed Mayer, Mike Veneziano, Dave Sirios, John Capodice. 46 SPORTS — QiM EasLiUl The Girls Basketball Team of Berlin High showed an out- standing record at the end of their season. With captains Kelly In- galls and Kim Stanowski, (along with other seniors Pam Wallace and Connie Grabowski), they went on to win sixteen games which ties the all-time record for single season victories. Their overall record was 16-4, their conference record was 11-3 and the team placed second in the NWC. In a game against Farmington, the Lady Redcoats made 86 points. This score set an all-time scoring record. The Girls’ Basketball Team coach’s award went to Pam Wallace. Kim Stanowski, Patty Gozzo, Tammy Borkowski 48 SPORTS Y -X ( jymnasticA Amy Swanson The 1985 86 Gymnastics team, led by Captains Kellie Tolomea, Tracy Michaud, and Marci Naldi, ended its season with a 2-7 record. Coach Don- na Liljestrand, and assistant coaches Karen Liguori and Janet DeMay helped the team work long and hard to achieve their goals. Each girl had the opportunity to compete on vault, bars, beam, and floor. This year’s team includes: Dawn Gagnon, Monika Liss, Tracy Mascarucci, Michelle Mailhot, Sandy Deutsch, and Sue Ludwin. High scorers included: Amy Swanson with a 7.42 average on vault, and Dale Rio with a 7.43 average on floor. The Coach’s Award was given to Kellie TnlnmoA nH thp Rpdcoat Award to Tracv Mascarucci. Back row: Michelle Mailhot, Pam Zadrowski, Laura Weston, Captain Marci Naldi, Amy Swanson, Monika Liss, Sandi Deutch. Middle: Captain Tracy Michaud. Front row: Manager Jodi White, Dawn Gagnon, Dale Rio, Cap- tain Kellie Tolomea, Tracy Mascurruci, Jennifer Glennon, Sue Ludwin. SPORTS 49 50 SPORTS XiJrestii n Th«? Redcoat Wrestling team continued its winning tradition by compiling a 15 and 3 dual meet record Key dual meet wins came against Daniel Hand High School and our arch-rival. Avon The wrestlers also claimed their third straight Invitational title by winning the St Paul ' s Tournament The second consecutive Northwest Conference title was won by extending the undefeated mark to two years in conference competition The team was lead by a strong Senior class which included Tim D ' Addabbo (107), Ralph Mull (128). Paul Hackney (HWT). and Senior quad captains Todd Pampuro (121), Sal Urso (140). Jim Soyka (147), and Bob Sisti (169) The season ' s closing weeks were highly successful with the Redcoats dominating the Northwest Conference Tournament with seven champions: Scott Boissoneau. Rob Galas. Jim Soyka. Rocky Urso. Bob Ferrero. Paul Hackney, and Todd Pampuro who was also voted the Conference ' s Outstanding Wrestler The final weekend of team competition saw the wrestlers win the Class ‘S” State Championship by scoring 234 points. 25 more than their closest competitor Berlin added two more state champions to its growing list with Junior Rocky Urso at 157 lbs Rocky completed his second consecutive dual meet season undefeated Also winning a state title was Senior anchor man. Paul Hackney Paul dominated the tournament by pinning all of his opponents except for his Final ' s opponent whom he controlled throughout the match Quad Captains Todd Pampuro, Bob Sisti, Jim Soyka, Sal Urso and Coach Day. Back to front: Craig Reese, Art Tolls, Ken Catrona, John Carlone, Mike Serfino, Jay Yuskis, Dan Pilewski, Scott Ingalls, Derek Sanderson, Tom Mezzio, Ed Mosher, Dan Munson, Sean Garvey, Joe Wilametz, Pete Veleas, Tim Dinda, Coach Day, Scott Boisoneau, Larry Oneil, Fred Orde, Bob Ferraro, Rob Galas, Rocky Urso, Mike Arm- strong, Ernie Mazzarella, Tim Dad dabbo, Bob Sisti, Todd Pampuro, Jim Soyka, Sal Urso, Ralph Muli, Paul Hackney, Coach Doug Bartolomeo. Coach Day Bob Ferraro Tim Daddabbo Captains Todd Pampuro and Sal Urso. Tim Daddabbo, Bob Ferraro, and Ralph Muli prepare for a match. The Redcoats warm up. Captain Bob Sisti congratulates Mike Armstrong. Todd Pampuro shakes hands before a match. SPORTS 51 Led by Co-Captains Mike Sirois and Craig Helmecki, the Berlin High School Varsity Baseball team finished its 1985 season with a record of 12 wins and 7 losses. It was also the second consecutive year that the team competed in the State Tournament; where they had one winning game. The team’s most valuable player was pitcher Craig Helmecki who had 9 wins. The Redcoat Award was given to Darrell Wing. Seniors Roger Larson and Darrell Wing will play again on the 1986 team. The players watch the action. The 1985 Berlin Redcoat Baseball Team 52 SPORTS Craig Helmecki The team hears a lecture. J Senior Roger Larson Senior Darrell Wing Mike Sirois r « , J. VV T i - % T » k SPORTS 53 The Redcoat Track and Field team ran. threw, and jumped its way to its record of 7 wins and 5 losses They were coached by David Scannell and Assistant Coaches Sheila McCabe and Janet DeMay and led by tri captains Frank Rettich, Jeff Baclaski. and Derek Sanderson. The captains were backed up by veteran per formers Greg Szczepanik and Bruce Greenhalgh. Other outstanding performers in- cluded: juniors Mike Lamoureux, Eric Reed, Tom Lineen, and Tom Wlash; sophomores Rob Galas and Brian Coletti, and freshman Cory Talbot. In the State Championship meet. Greg Szczepanik placed second in the high jump and sixth in the mile. Bruce Greenhalgh, Frank Rettich, Derek Sanderson, and Kevin Budney also gave great efforts in the States. The State Open was held at Willowbrook Park and had Greg Szczepanik placing ninth in the high jump and twenty-fourth in the mile Berlin’s 4x100 team, consisting of Rettich. Talbot. Sander son, and Budney, placed sixth. The 1986 co-captains will be Greg Szczepanik and Bruce Greenhalgh. Mike LaMoureux The Boys’ Track Team of 1985. 54 SPORTS Laura Jakubiac, Rita Feole, Lisa Lindsey, Marcelle Poulin. Led by Captai.s Rita Feole and Lisa Lindsay, the Girls’ Track team became the NWC champions. They also performed very well in the NWC Meet held in Wolcott and several girls went on to the State Meet in Ledyard. Those girls were. Lisa Lindsay — 300-hurdles, Rita Feole high jump, Sharon English — the 1600, Donna Klapatch — the 800, Diane Fiori — discus, and Michelle Boisineau, Marcelle Poulin, Tracy Ravizza, and Donna Klapatch — 4x400 relay The team, coached by Al Pelligrinelli, Sheila McCabe, and Janet DeMay, had a very successful year with a winning record of 9 and 3 and also had many girls achieving their personal bests in their events. The 1986 senior participating on the team was Doree Zuder. Chris Violette, Amy Carlson, Patti Gontarz, Tracy Ravissa. SPORTS 55 The 1985 Boys’ Tennis team, coached by Sal Caruso, aced its way to an overall winning record of ten wins and four losses. As Captain of the team, Chris Torrossian kept the team psyched and the excitement flow- ing. The Redcoat Award was given to Chris Torrossian and the Coach’s Award to Ed Angeli. The 1986 Varsity team’s goal is to capture the NWC crown. The team will be coached by Rex Smith and led, once again by Captain Chris Tor- rossian. Other outstanding veteran seniors Steve Mancini and Joe Mora, as well as junior players Charles Blake and Dean Faucher will help lead this year’s team to victory. Abe Kazanjian THE 1986 BOYS TENNIS TEAM — Joe Mora, Steve Mancini, Rob Pohlmann, Chris Torossion, Abe Kazan- jian, Charlie Blake. 56 SPORTS Tracy Hibbard The 1985 Girls’ Varsity Tennis team, coached by George Hall, ended its season with a tremendous record of 13 and 1 Led by Captain Tracy Hibbard, the team played an excellent season of tennis which earned them the title of 1985 NWC Women ' s Tennis Champions This was the team ' s 10th consecutive year in the State Tournament The NWC Tournament had Tracy Hibbard as runner up and Laurie Giandomemco placing 4th in the women ' s singles First place winners of the Mixed-Doubles Tournament were Tracy Hibbard and Chris Torros sian The consolation winners were Laurie Giandomenico and Ed Angeli The team went undefeated in its league Their one loss came at the second match of the season and they experienced victory after that The 1986 seniors on the team include: Elite Ruepp. Melissa Brown, and Chnssi Pohlmann Elke Ruepp, Mr Hall, Melissa Brown, Jennifer Bertagna and Chrissi Pohlmann, Laurie Giandomenico SPORTS 57 r The 1985 season for the Berlin High Girl ' s Softball team proved to be a total success as the team finished with a phenomenal 21 and 1 record. Under the coaching of Ken Parciak, the Lady Redcoats were undefeated in regular season play for the first time ever, clinching the NWC Championship and earn- ing the top ranked position in the Class M division. In post season action, the girls advanced to the quarterfinals where they were defeated by Seymore by one run. The 1985 team was led by senior tri-captains Lori Mongillo, Debbie Dabrowski, and Ann Regan, all of whom were selected for the All-Conference team, along with senior Sue Austin, junior Pam Wallace, and sophomore Stacy Squires All-State selections included Lori Mongillo. Ann Regan, and Pam Wallace. The 1985 award for most improved player was given to Pam Wallace, the Redcoat Award to Debbie Dabrowski. and the Coaches Award to Ann Regan The 1986 seniors on the team are Pam Wallace. Kim Stanowski. Kelly In- galls, Nikki Bozzuto, and Lucy Daddabbo. The team gets a pep talk from coach Parciak. 1985 Conference Champion softball team Coach Parciak wat- ches practice. Senior Kelly Ingalls gives a big smile. 58 SPORTS The Berlin High School 1985 Golf Team, coached by Don Bates, closed the season with an 11-8-1 record. The golf team won the 1985 Northwest Conference Championship. The team seeded 5th in the State Division I championship and placed se- cond one stroke behind Avon. This was the highest position ever attained by the Berlin High School golf Team in a State Tournament. The team consisted of Captain Andre Greco, Paul Veneziano, who received the Coaches Award, Phil Josephson, Jeff Gostyla, Tim D’addabbo, Bruce Springer, and Mike Gallo. Bruce Sp ringer From left to right: Andre Greco, Bruce Springer, Mike Gallo, Tim D’addabbo, Phil Josephson, Paul Veneziano, and Jeff Gostyla. L 60 SPORTS Girls’ Track Coach A1 Pelligrinelli Overall; 10-3 NWC; 4-0 Boys’ Track Coach David Scannell Overall; 7-6 NWC; 3-3 Golf Coach Don Bates Overall; NWC; Softball Coach Ken Parciak Overall; 21-1 NWC; 12-0 Boys’ Tennis Coach Sal Corrso Overall; 10 4 NWC; 7-4 Girls’ Tennis Coach George Hall Overall; 13-1 NWC; 7-0 Volleyball Coach Bob Tarigo Overall; 20-1 NWC; 10-1 Cross Country CdSch Jim Keeie Overall; 8-9 NWC; 2-3 Boys’ Soccer Coach Robt rt Morell Overall; 5-10 1 NWC; 5-8-1 Boys’ Basketball Coach Ken Parciak Overa ll; 7-10 NWC; 4-16 Girls’ Basketball Coach George Hall Overall; 16-4 NWC; 11-3 Gymnastics Coach Donna Lilj Overall; 2-7 NWC; NA rand Baseball Coach Paule Baretta Overall; 12-8 NWC; 7-5 Football Coach A1 Pelligrinelli Overall; 4-6-1 NWC; 1-3-1 Girls’ Soccer Coach Sheila McCabe Overall; 8-6-2 NWC; 4-4 Wrestling State S’ Champ Coach Jim Day Overall; 15-3 NWC; Undefeated Champions SPORTS 61 62 UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN 63 TJreih reihman Offi iceri Chris Marinelli — Treasurer, Karen Spendolini — Vice President, Mrs. Lilgestrand — Advisor, Cheryl Rease — President, Deb Larson — Secretary The Class of 1989 started off its freshman year by contributing vocally and colorfully to the enthusiasm of the September Pep Rally. For Spirit Week, the freshmen chose the theme of “The Carebears,” which helped them get involved in the spirit at B.H.S. Money was added to the class treasury by the first fundraiser, a magazine drive, in which the entire class participated. Class officers were: Cheryl Rease, Karen Spendolini, Chris Marinelli, and Deb Larson. They worked constantly with Mrs. L, Class Advisor, on new ideas. In June, the Class of 89 hosted a Senior Breakfast that will not soon be forgotten by the graduating seniors. nu. Jlitj.dranl Wr . CoL aiacovo Row 1: Deb Larson, Cheryl Rease, Christine Barile, Christine Morinelli, Karen Spendolini, Dan Ayers, Todd Cote, Gary Bizier. Row 2. Marc Chamberland, Marci Albert, Tammy Bergeron, Meg Baker, Melanie Bocoampani, Cathy Barken, Mike Cap, Jeff Chant, Ben Corso. Row 3: John Akasie, Chris Bober, Gary Andruskiewicz, Scott Boissoneau, Sebby Addamo, Craig Albert, Renata Brzezinek, Carole Buckley, Kristyn Bratina, Sean Chamberland. Row 4: Brian Bloor, John Carlone, Chris Buckley, Lynn Carling, Marilyn Burkarth, Tammilyn Borkowski, Sarah Brown, Colenn Chamberland, Tim Colite. L 64 UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN ' 65 W, Witte,, Wie WcQuire Row 1: Tammy Mauran, Ronette Marino, Jen Miller, Milissa LaFlamme, Rachel Kavarsky, Kerry McCormack, Heather Karam, Rebecca Lamore, John Marshall, Greg LaPlate. Row 2: Tracy Longoria, Marie Kilian, Laura Manzella, Christina Luca, Tracy Mascarucei, Jennifer Jeknavorian, Debbie MacDonald, Gary McPhee, Mark Larson, John Cehmus. Row 3: Brian Lamoureux, Brian Lewandowski, Scott Mcltock, Jeff Magader, Eddie Hornkohl, Brian Johnson, Mike Kromidas, Martin Lomehn, Steve Ludwin. Row 4: Alan Kumm, Owen Hughes , Ken Kraut, Dave Jones, Jay Labbe, Mike Kurpiewski, Guy Matteson. Row 5: Mike King, Don King, David King, Linda Haynes, Tim Hanson. 7f]r. J4anbury 7f1r. jj riltinylium Row 1: Mary Orlowsky, Jennifer Miller, Tom Moody, Brian W. Norton, Leonard Mora, Steven Miano, Phillip Palandy, Rich Peronace, David Pelletier. Row 2: Sean Murphy, Tom Mezzio, Dzung Nguyen, Eric Miranda, Paul Phaneuf, R. J. Naldi, Greg Pelke, Kris Pawlak, Stacy Oliver, Linette Pauley. Row 3: Rachel Nevill, Elisa Morales, Kelly Newell, Rhon- da Olisky, Michelle Morell, Larry O’Neill, Steve Percival, Chris Powers, Tom Pethigal, Scott Percival, Gary Porter, Jerry Paleczny. Row 4: Amber Mitchell, Amee Miller, Susan Prefontaine, Shelley Pulcini, Sue Quarti, Fred Orde, Ken Pera. Row 1: Bonnie Fields, Karie-anne Emons, AnnMarie DiSarro, Sandy Deutsch, Scott Dubb, Bobby DePianta, Scott Crossman, Bob Ferry, Tim Devivo. Row 2: Donald Derosier, Louis DeMaine, Debbie Dexten, Lisa Dube, Celeste Durand, Michele Fastiggi, Linda DeFrancesco, Billy Faulkner. Row 3: Jennifer Fitzsimmons, Carrie Gish, Kim Freeman, Jennifer Gable, Adelma Gozzo, Linda Greco, Laura Gollnick, Damian Gallo, Paul Fontaine, Scott Cox. Row 4: Ed Crowell, Jay DelGrosso, Steve Gentile, Bill Frink, Kenith Haines, Scott Gentile, Rob Greenaugh, Mike Gagliardi, Jeff Foran, Tom French. uci w Ryb Will Jjlw.ii Row 1: Joy Skorupski, Pam Strom, Joya Stella, Kris Vaillancourt, Ceil Simeone, Sandy Swiatek, Ann Sochanski, Cheryl Siderowf. Row 2: Tracy Salsbury, Laurie Radavich, Cynthia Stillinger, Art Tolis, Steve Smolicz, Eric Serafin, Bill Stefanowicz. Row 3: Dale Rio, Lisa Radavich, Jackie Stevens, Tricia Serafin, Deb Soderburg, Brenda Skoczylas, Jimmy Steele, Dave Srigris, Steve Tardif. Row 4: Mark Rivera, Shawn Scalora, Roger Seaburgh, Bob Ruta, Lizia Se- quenzia. Dawn Schmidt, Kathy Sargis, Sharlene Ravizza. Row 5: Brent Russell, Wesley Richards, Richard Rice, Rick Ryba, Ed Sampt, Stephen Quinn. Row 6: Sandy Zarotney, Ivy Violette, David Woodruff, Aaron Webster, Joe Williametz, Scott Wenzel, Peter Veleas, Jay Yuskis, Amy Weston. Row 7: Kris Whitcomb, Clarissa Zambory, Marni Willis, Joe Villara, Wayne Wright, Tom Weir, Cathy Zigmund, Pam Zadrowski. 66 UNDERCLASSMEN Wr,. ViroU. Wr. 2)onJe, Wr. Cali,,. Wr. Orn,tein, Wr. J. owel UNDERCLASSMEN 67 Sopl. omore Off:. icen Clare Reibeling — Treasurer, Robert Ferrero — Vice President, Katherine Criniti — President, Robyn Trevethan — Secretary, Miss Schabach — Advisor The Class of 1988 started the year off with a big splash by winning the trophy for most spirit during this year’s Spirit Week activities. The class treasury benefited immensely from a candy sale, netting over $1,000, which will be used for future activities. Prom Committee chairpersons Jennifer Colaresi, Maria Krug, and Tracy Tighe began preparations for next year’s Junior Prom. The Class Officers: Katie Criniti, Bob Ferrero, Clare Rebeling, and Robyn Trevethan worked closely with their advisor, Audrey Schubach to make the sophomore dance a huge success. Wiu ScUacL Wr. U)JQJu Row 1: Rob Battaglia, Bob Brown, Jason Aziz, James Ahern, Mitchell Barnat, Tom Bernardi, Dan Benjamin, Ed Adamcewicz, Fin Biscoglio. Row 2: Roger Carlson, Brian Ceruti, Clare Reibelingi, Jennifer Catelli, Danielle Chicoine, Kyleen Carpenter, Cathy Bobinski, Susan Campell, Lisa Carfi, Cathy Cancil, Francine Bogoslofski, Frank Bocompani. Row 3: Darlene Bouthot, Robyn Trevethan, Kate Criniti, Aimy Carlson, Liz Baretta, Becky Abramski, Lisa Blake, Marlene Carlson, Shelley Campbee, Scott Anderson. Row 4: John Capodice, Tyrone Aiken, Bob Ferrero, Rick Bar- bagallo, Marc Carosielli, Kathy Arute, Tracy Bartlett, Lisa Cardello, Tab Borkowski, Marc Boucher. L 68 UNDERCLASSMEN nirs. bunuL, Wr . Bales Row 1: Jennifer Glennon, Jody Grzybek, Dawn Gagnon, Irene Fasakis, Kim Dunn, Amy Forauer, Melissa Cote, Karen Chmiliwski, Michelle Cote, Diana DelMartino, Chris DeBlasio. Row 2: Dana Ciamcimino, Chris Chutkowski, David Fraser, Steve Faulkner, Jon Dempsey, Eric Galas, Michael J. Gallo, Mick Giana, Sherisz Fetterman, June Dyer, Tammy Graham, Beth Funk, Renee French. Row 3: Lori D’Amore, Karen Drake, Jen Colaresi, Sandor Dizes, Jason DeGroff, Jeff Dubac, Jim Dinda, Tom Fiori, Steve Erickson, Keith Glagau, Joe Clifford, Bob Cooley, Dan Dacey. m. Vfleetino, We. CeocLel Row 1: Marie Kaczor, Holly Guite, Donna Heslin, Elizabeth Guzzardi, Keith Kauarsky, Lisa Kazersky, Kim Kavarsky, Kerrie Hamm Row 2: Michael D. Gallo, Kevin King, Jackie Jeske, Amy K. Miggins, Anne Hodgson, Alison Hodgson, Sean Johnson, Scott Ingalls, Michael Hines Row 3: Sandy Pa jor, Lisa Maili, Micheli Nye, Bailaio Mitchell, Caryn Oldziey, Erika Norton, Jason Pajor, Donna Pawlak. Row 4: Brian Morrell, Brian Mongillo, Ed Mayer, Karyn McLaughlin, Denise Paquette, Robert Murphy, Bob Pandolfo. Row 5: Doug Morrill, John Morton, Billy Ogden, Ed Marsher, Brian Paul, Todd Nelson. J UNDERCLASSMEN 69 Row 1: Dave Maloney, Tim Maudsley, Russell Matthews, David Reinhardt, Wayne Plourde, Greg Rettich, Vin Rossy, Mike Piskorski. Row 2: Jennifer Manzella, Maria Krug, Judie Maxwell, Monica Liss, Dena Lamkins, Julie Pitts, Audrey Ranieri, Mary Ann Radavich, Mike Russo, Jon Rosinski. Row 3: Cindy Levosseur, Michelle Kroll, Heather Richotte, Mary Jo Puglisi, Chris Ludko, Joe Mancino, Chris Mantzaris, Gary Lamb, Gildo Pistritto. Row 4: Jack Lotko, Todd Martin, Bill Pucci, Dan Pileaski, Robert Poglitsch, Jeff Richards, Chris Roy, Ernie Manuele. 2V. Dukman, Wr. Purcial Row T. Steve Weisel, Todd Veronesi, Gil Thibault, Bob Wolf, Seth Walowski, Ted Tighe, Eric Westman. Row 2: Noel Viel, Tracy Therrien, Sue Tedeschi, Laura Weston, Tracy Tighe, Jennifer Wowk, Chris Violette, Beth Turgeon, Cheri Wilson. Row 3: Scott Trevethan, Mike Serafino, Amy Swanson, Chris Senaldi, Corey Talbot, Dave Seaburg, Jennifer Talbot, Kim Seafin. Row 4: Dean Wotkiewich, Mike Solek, Lester Saizan, Durane Sobczak, Drew Speer, Sefer Sevimli, Rich Scalora, Scott Simard. Row 5: Sue Slimskey, Mellissa Sacco, Dorothy Stepien, Tammy Salonia, Sharon Sibley, Rhonda Saymour. 70 UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN 71 junior Offi iceri Rocco Urso — President, Mr. Smith — Advisor, Leslie Dottor — Treasurer, Karen Tolomea — Secretary, Michelle Bedard — Vice President The Class of 1987, under the leadership of their new president Rocky Urso and vice-president Michelle Bedard, had a dynamic year. After winning the hallway competition again and having a successful Berlin Fair frit- ter booth, the class prepared for the Junior Prom. It was a great event with WTIC-FM disc jockey Gary Craig providing the entertainment. Leslie Dotter and Karen Tolomea continued working hard preparing for a super senior year. m., Wry Wolf Row 1: Kristin Brigandi, Leslie Dottor, Giselle Cyr, Chrissy Dabrowski, Sherri Curren, Wendy Ciezynski, Shelley Cararini, Joanne Cerpovicz. Row 2: Karen Tolomea, Audra Brandish, Warren Catlin, Scott Buckley, Cindy Carlson, Paula Cousino, Sylvia Brzezinek, Mary Cooley, Michael Cordi. Row 3: Dave Allison, Mark Bilosz, Brian Coletti, Tim Dalena, Colby Caron, Joe Chambrello, Bill Chevalier, Matt Carpenter. Row 4: Leo Bragg, Daniel Baretta, Sharon Bar- rett, Jennifer Barton, Liz Bors, Mellissa Angeli, Marcia Baslie, Rocky Urso, John Bosco. L 72 UNDERCLASSMEN 1} U. w. v iy, nh. fo r r Row 1: Steve Fries, Mark Fitzsimmons, Paul Fastiggi, Dean Faucher, Jamie Dubuc, Laurie Giandomenico, Rhonda Frisk, Kelly Diyulio, Jennifer Dempsey. Row 2: Chris Foran, Paul Gemmell, Todd Helmecki, Abe Kazanjian, Cindy Kasulis, Amy Jacobsen, Corrie Haines, Jennifer King, Beth Grant. Row 3: Tricia House, Kathy Gorski, Laura Hamilton, Jeff Greenwood, Patricia Gozzo, Jenny Grahm, Angelina Grasso, Lisa Goolnick, Laura Jakubiec, Cheryl Durante. Row 4: Mike Fagan, Jim Frederick, Mike Siner, Ronald Fuschillo, Robert Galas, Kristen Dimugno, Kim Gard- ner, Cheryl Durante. Row 5: Dawn Battaglia, Patty Bittner, Michelle Boissoneau, Michelle Bedard, Jennifer Bertagna, Chris Bloor, Charlie Blake, Michael Armstrong. ?llr. Vyjcflufty, Vln. i ufenlino Row 1: Jamie Motyka, Tanya Olisky, Theresa Peck, Christine Motto, Sandy Leicach, Chris Lee, Maria Lopieiato, Karen Marholin. Row 2: Lisa Krystof, Sue Ludwin, Laurie Occhi, Kim Patterson, Esther Murv z, Tamara Mitchell, Denise Morin, Marci Naldi, Becky Parent. Row 3: Jennifer Needham, Corinne Pawlicki, Bill Peckrul, Joe Lima, John Morall Steve Miller, Andy Pastuszak, Kelly Maudsley. Row 4: Terri Luisi, Tracy Michad, David Maule, Mike Pauley, Glenn Mihal, Dan Mihon, Tony Panes, Rich Labbe, Tim Maule. Row 5: Karen Levesque, Mike Lembardo, Eddie Malley, Marc Phaneuf, Dan Munson, Donna Klapatch, Elizabeth Lewicki, Suzanne La Page. A UNDERCLASSMEN 73 Vh. SpU r (, Wr,. Drder, Wr . O ' Bri.n Row 1: Mike Rogan, Gary Ridel, Rich Roberts, Jim Stevens, Mike Smolicz, Mike Shine, Cheryl Slipski, Wendy Ross- ingnol, Pam Schubart, Cathy Potanka. Row 2: Bill Schuster, Dave Sirois, Ed Ross, Jeff Spiegel, Ronald Stack, Milissa Pethigal, Tracey Ravizza, Caorlyn Woodruff, April Thurston, Bruce Springer. Row 3: Susan Supernant, Christie Silver, Susan Saltzman, Anna Ruscito, Meredith Sullivan, Marcelle Poulin, Dawn Queally, Christine Zigmund, Lisa Surowiec, Christine Witzel, Julie Zembrzuski. Row 4: Bethany Rideout, Kathy Quarti, Krisi Pletz, Jill Quarello, Diane Reeve! Chris Webster, Scott Walowski, Paul Veneziano. Row 5: Craig Rease, Jamie Raymond, Billy Petit, Pete Reznisek! Daryl Sobczak, Randy Schmidt, Matt Smith, James Tedeschi, Crystal Taylor. Row 6: Dante Roccasecca, Rob Pepe, ' Joe Pera, John Tacchi, Skip Thompson, Paul Violette, Dale Walk. Row 7: Dave Sweden, Lisa Todaro, Lynn Swanson Mamie Whitehill. 74 UNDERCLASSMEN SENIORS 77 78 UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN 79 ' S8 Prom Queen Sharon Jones, King Rob Pugliese, Attendants: San- dy Bianco and Kristina Dizzes Seniors Nikki Bozzuto and Sandy Bianco SENIORS — Carrie Bienas, Paula Vernale, Sharon Silguero, Ana Fiducia, Lynn Spendelini 80 JUNIOR PROM Katherine Jane Abair Kat " A real friend walks in when the rest of the worid walks out " Memories Times w CAROLINE and SUE RICK and family Florida 83 ' , 1- 1 1 83. Jr Prom. Band football games. Sue’s party, swinging at Timberland. Mrs T rider. " Paw” L F D S Drop-ins. friends, being late, good times w S B K B Sue ' s all mghter Pygmie Village. St Elmo ' s Fire. Nights out w the N B guys, the " Res. " Cruzin ' around, get ting lost, asking for directions. Lake P w Rick learning to waterski. McD ' s. 1 • .sf Me ' I ike s Mom. Dad and family, weekends, long walks, time alone, roses the beach. 9 3 83, girl talks w Caroime and Sue, The Brochu ' s and Lavender ' s DtsJikr Fights, waking up early, good byes, being sad Ambition College. Marriage. Success and happiness Frank H Albert “You can ' t always get what you want but you can try " Memories MARCI — Nov 4. Blue Bomber — mailboxes roadtrlps. sussmans — 21 For 21. Bill ' s Boat — Hamburg Cove, Gardners Bay — ski mg. URI FRAT. 86MPH, camping at Burlingame. Christine. N B Plumbing — IRA. Arthur T ' s, town league Basketball softball, reagals — Bill. Enjuns, Hot tub parties. Kevin B Cot tage. Elmers. Motown. CD ' s Lake. Football 25. J V Baseball with Nick C.. Steve Miller Band, all nighters. weekends, out in back, initiation. D lux homes. " Shout. " drop-ins. Beach. Animal House Likes T and A. Family friends, snow days. Steve Miller Band, beach, quarters, GT. R and C. 151 Four wheeling the Who. the Stones. John Valby (yo-ho). days Dislikes Card parties. The Day After. Crying girls, VT Ambition College and Success Donna Lee Andruakiewicz “It ' s a mystery, still everybody tries to see why something good, could hurt so bad. " Memories The summer of " 85. " party at Bantom Lake, met Tony 8 10 85. Moodus. 8 82 1 85. SM, Vac w Karen. room service, talks w Cathy, my party buddies Karen. S.M . J P . tig, D.C.. Ml. trips, Hampton Beach w Cathy. 3rd Island. Rhode Island, Powder Ridge w Steve. Karen. Jami. " Hey. I can ' t ski!”. Foreigner w K.O.M T W B . mushrooms w T.C., DD Likes TONY. Mom. Dad. Tom. Gary. Tom. see my sis Kerrie, K.O.. K D . C.S.. SUNSETS, skiing. The Eagles, taking trips, the Beach, roses Dislikes Stuck-ups. rainy days, good- byes. waking up. preppies, wasted time, misunderstandings and B.H.S. Ambition College, marriage, and to lead a happy, healthy life and to have lots of money Karin Diane Berger Berger. {Berger Buns) “Live for today Dream for tomor row Leam from yesterday. " Memories FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Florida ‘83.’ all my high school crushes. Black Jack Shellac. 74. the " strut.” " hi ya cube. " Endoplasmic Reticulum, " what a hunk! " , sweet 16 and never been kissed 7 , the DQ crew, K.E.S., S.F J.L., Color guard, bus rides to foot ball games (the signs). Notes to Boo gay during class. Homecoming. Junior Prom, a great senior year, senior ball, and all the fun I shared with my friends! Like s Summer, the beach, pay day. Power house, study halls, gorgeous days, nice people, no homework, cute men. having fun. being liked, weekends, “boogeytn.” going out. get ting a tan Dislikes Getting in trouble. Beckley Gardens, gaining weight, rainy days. Monday mornings, being sick Ambition To be successful at whatever I do. and lead a long, healthy, happy life Karrie Ann Bienas A man has his will, but a woman has her way Memories Friends, my family. Cinderella 7 ' . Todd M . Talks w D W . SJ Unforgettable doings w Dawny. Dnvm w Sarvd. " Now that ' s suicidal " Laugh attacks ' sleepouls. Bry Adams 9 16-85 ' Sundays w Paulie. Ed. Honeybee ' EP " Can I hold your hand 7 ” Summer 83. 85! Yaw ' Rcky Nk. Elks parties. CCSU, My shopping moods, workin at the del. lazy days w Shar and a full glass. Initiation 85 ' Hmcg 82. 85 ' SHOUT ' " yea right get " Animal House 86! get bent 7 Sage. syrup 7 Taco Bell, Jilly " OH MY GOD ' ' Butter 7 . Like s Sentimental conversations w EP ' 14. " special 7 " C tails. Roses. Couth, toned bodies, beaches, dark tans. Pallas Athene. Floyd. Rugby 7 , spending time w Ertc ' Dislikes waiting, calling it a nlte. 28th. skinny ankles, boredom, braces Ambition To live a happy, healthy and extremely wealthy life with a special guy ' Julie Ann Bandzea " Don ' t follow where the path may lead. Go. instead, where there is none, and leave a trail " Memories Good times with Sharon. Elke. Jill. Laurie, and all my friends. Tom — 11 3 82, the parties, green and white polka dots, " geeks.” Joe — C’s POLO. LIVE AID - 7 13 85. Springsteen — 9 6 84. driving with my friends, " the other one. " Fort Ruepp. skiing with Elke. freshman and senior years, ex neighbor Bob. Imtta tion ' 85. Drugstores, walking the halls, P-Puff football. Boston w Deb. Biology w Mr K . Nay and Tom. " Oh My God!! " . Perma jnn Like s: T, S, E, J, L, my family. Sweente. Christmas, winter, Springs- teen. sunsets. Boston, smiles, weekends, snow, skiing, laughing. Percie. Dislikes good-byes. rain, headaches, hot weather, tests, boredom, nightmares, waiting Ambition success, wealth, and unlimited happiness Sandi Bianco " The moments may be temporary but the memories last forever " Memories 10 2 82. Dave. Moorland N B with Dawn. Mt Southington. Pink Floyd, creep, wassels. Birdie- Birdie. Jill Jill . Boom!!, good times with my friends, parties, initiation 85!, Talks with Karrie. Madonna Concert. Homecoming ' 85 with Jim. " Oh my God!! " Atlas Likes All of My friends, cookie. POR- CHES. NING. Red Roses. The Beach. Madonna. Mom and Dad THANKS ' . Dave Dislikes MONDAYS, good byes, stuck-up people. BOCO 85 " preppies, homework Ambition To have all my dreams come true Kathleen Marie Bittner Kathy. " Bittner ' ' " I was a dreamer, but perfection is con- suming and it seems we ' re only human after all " ONJ 1977 Memories 3 3 84, " The accident. " J.R.D.. Tom. the crew. Kurt and Wen dy. " smoked out. " 4 8 85, 5 6 85 — “I ' m movin out. " Mom and Dad. Patty and Kris. Robin and Gary, falling asleep at the drive in. no way!. Connie. Doree, study. 7 years with Mr Kel. AV. chorus, color guard. Z28. IERNA. J.C some people care. BIG TIME!. 7 4 84. 7 10 84. 6 months. J.B . Tom Irena Likes TOM. my friends, happiness, love, rainbows, parties, chorus, the crew, K S . W S . good times. Cujo. Mr Kelly Dislikes Berlin " snobs. " nosy people, arguments, accidents. EIP. Pictures Ambition I don ' t want to be rich or famous, just happy J 81 Rosanna Blan afloi Rose " All Dreams are made of silver linings. I follow my dream with a pocketful of Gold ” Memories John " 10-2-82. " my family, all my friends. Amenta family. Maria n Gary. John Casablancas. Sensei Funk. Mendan Shonn Ryu dojo. Thursday and Friday nights with Angie. Hampton Beach with Deen and Mrs C. Summer of 85. Montego Bay. Daniels. Lonens. Harbor Park. Le Jardin. Shaharazods. Peach tree, cruising in the Black Trans Am. Suzuki GS 55E. EB Crew. Stowe Hill, vettes. KSI with Janice and Angie, the Pavillion, Miss Ct Teen ' 85. male dancers at Mirage. California. Hawaii. Florida. Brawl at Vibes. Liquid lunches. Cheerleading. Drill Team. Smugglers on Sundays. Class of ' 86 Dislikes Waiting. Dirty looks, getting snagged. Monday mornings, rainy days, good byes. Gaining weight Ambition Making all my dreams come true, and living my life to its fullest Kenneth M. Bober Penchon Bobze. Mr Ad Lib " The road ahead is paved by its creator " Memories Wubber Woft, Bloop. Freshman football. Superman. Berlin Fair, drumlme. Spirit Dance. Friday nights. Movies. Bowling. Fuh. Pseudo God. " I ' m Awesome.” 10th grade quote. “!‘m good at every sport. " lead foot Mancini " I’m a good dnver. " Yellow lights. 75 mph, the Black granada, the tank, cruising, cheerleader pyramid. " It ' s somewhere on the screen " Bundy. Bosedrum. football games, friends, bad track record. 0 to 60 in a 4 hour, dragging, band, " rat with a this long. " Florida, hose, bufus. hulio Likes Women, drums, music, skiing, hockey, baseball, football, " sting. " causing trouble, dances, competitions, bus rides, fishing. French. Having fun Dislikes Mondays, homework. Chem 1 1 . History. Shakespeare. Lit Ambition To be a Nuclear Physicist, nch. and be married Melissa Ellen Brown Mel " The grand essentials of happiness are something to do. something to love and something to hope for " Memories My friends, my family. Myr tie Beach ' 85. getting my dnver ' s license. Tennis team " 84. 85. 86. " Coach Hall, " cookie. " sleepovers. my 16th birthday, roses, shopping sprees, fami ly vacations, walking, getting my contacts, all the good times Likes Mom. Dad. Sarah and Katie, laughing, smiles, the beach, sunny days, bright colors, buying clothes, weekends, summers, honesty, skiing, tennis Dislikes Getting up early, rainy days and Mondays, term papers, dishonesty and goodbyes Ambition To achieve the goals I set for myself and be happy Michael Scott Bloor Scott Psycho " Don ' t take life too seriously, you ' ll never get out of it alive " Memories radio station. Farm shop. Green house, wrestling, and tryouts Likes Girls, radio station crew and ABBY Dislikes Homework Ambition Live, learn. Love. Make money and be happy Nicole M Bozzuto Knickers " Follow your heart, lead with your mind, and I ' ll see you at the top " Memories Eng w Warbs. Fearsome 4some. CANADA and BBB allmghters 10 8 83. Scott and the Dart Soc w Mr Hall. THE CHEVY ' NW C Champs 85. INTENSITY ' The Boss x 2, Lynn ' s G T ' s and serious chats. Sun football and movies w the gang Ned ' s FOOT and Gina ' s encouragement T I The Imperial, full moons. Farles and Jay Heather ' s understanding. Lynn ' s humor and Tommy ' s laugh ' The love and support that my family has given me has made ail my memories so very special Thanks Mom and Dad ' Sarah Joan Bugay Happiness lies in our destiny like a cloudless sky before the storms of tomorrow destroy the dreams of yesterday and last week " Memories BERGER BUNS. 82 83. and freakin ' out over Loverboy with Kat and Chic. 9 3 83. old drop-ins. Fla ' 83. band, the MAV, sports car. boogeym ' . with K B . funky hand pves. nympho moods, " catch ya on the flip side. " MGS talks with M S . All 3 years of Colour Guard, crazy Sr bus ndes. BBJ. " be achm " it. Rocky Neck, Junior Prom. DQ crew. C F . E A , K B . S S . K P . v mr mistys, F A ‘s in- itiation. my French 4 class, crazy shop pm. fat fights, chasm male muscles, rot ten chiquitas. and the best of times with everyone Likes Bill, weekends, all my friends (especially my best. Karin). Grandma $.. Dad. Mom. Laura. Rudy. The Pauls, the beach, parties, good grades, snoopy, and goin’ wild with the class of ' 86 Dislikes busy nights at DQ. fakes, ex ams. New Englanders, and cellulite Ambition College. Marriage, and ex treme wealth Kimberly Jane Bunton KIM " If you wake with the sunrise and all your dreams are still as new and hap piness is what you need so bad. the answer lies with you.” Memories " Bloody Heat. " OPRB, Parties at Moonstone. The Hippies. Big E ' 83. the summers of 83. 84. 85. Lake Hayward. Rhode Island. Jumpin ' Jacks Tavern. Renbrook. Skip M Likes Parties, Motorcycles. Guitars, drums. Jimi Hendrix. Led Zeppelin, Punk Rock, nice people, being dif ferent. Iggy. the Ocean, smurfs, lighters. Y J , J D Dislikes B H S . People who don ' t give other people a chance, people who assume things, people who believe rumors, people who don ' t like other people because of the way they look ' Ambition To move to California, and make " Bloody Heat " a success Marlene Elizabeth Burkarth MAR " A smile is a ray of sunshine " Memories Mom. Dad. Marilyn. Being happy and great times with all my friends Kel. Anna. Mar. Lor. Jaim. Bena. Ken. Steve HILLSIDE (in the hearse with Lisa Lisa), alpha phish. Band trip ' 83. football games, basket ball games. 557. 923. Color Guard, peach fuzz. cow. whatever. G.B , 9 28 85. Gloria, the M crew, WGAF FOARD. " Was that my imagination? " , the toe patrol. Senior Court, the motor cade. SMCC, going shopping. TTB, summertime, the luau. swimming in the snow. LABATYDATIAO. vacations. Vermont. Florida. FTLDWS. 408. 701. Alissa. Carrie. Janeth. California " 85. " Mexico " 84. " Caymen " 82. " B H S Dislikes Rainy days. Monday morning, my alarm clock Ambition To be happy and successful m everything I do 82 Mark Burleigh Mark " Life ' s a beach, you burn, you peel, and then you die " Memories May 14. 1985. I missed The Weekend, boat trips, KELLY. I LOVE YOU! ' Randy the best friend you could ever have " Sunday football games East Berlin vs Berlin. I love you Bobby and Mom. study w D A and K O . Pearls Like s Kelly, waterskiing, snowskiing, fast cars. Big 4x4 trucks Dislikes Big egos, goodbyes, rainy days. Monday mornings Janet D. Cap ' Happiness is not having what you wan! but wanting what you have " Memories DINO 3 28 84. Tracy. Wayne M. Chris. CS and RV rock. LD and NC in OP VH CL WT, HLP. 2 at the window. " Eck and the little tree. NP w DR and family. Od»e. N H S Senior ball w D R 1 ikes CW D. beaches. CWTP VG. classy people. IG VBE, long walks on the beach, lasagna, roses Dislikes cliques. February 19th 1982. 2 13 84.8 5. Sundays Ambition Family and successful, wealthy accountant Laura Lee Cayer Laurie. Lour “Even a blind man knows when the sun is shinin ' Grateful Dead Memories Freshman yr w the class of ' 83. good times w Elke and Frank Partyin w " the girls. " Permagrin! J M in per 3 study Mr K ' s bio w Kann " de seeds ' " . K P s gym class “Time to Change. " rehearsals w Mr Kelly ' open your eyes “ Hootin ' and Tootin ' . Don ' t be Freakin ' . “Take a Chill Pill. " " How do you spell bowl?” The Cabin. Orange St (Thanks Bucci). " Feelin ' Groovy " Jim 6 26 85 Class excursions Likes Camping, hiking, horseback riding, time alone, full moons, sunsets. The Res . walking on the beach. The Grateful Dead. The Beatles. James Taylor. The Rose. Chinese Food, sauce, snowdays. road trips w Barb and Kar. J W and All my good friends Dislikes Getting Caught!, being ground ed. 3 hrs , cotton mouth, good-byes, curfews MORNINGS ' , totaled Novas, homework. Tapioka City. CRASH 1 1 83, 5 18 85 The end of the line, a cigarette and no light ' Anibition To Live, to Love, and to Laugh " Nadine Ann Charamut Deen “I ' ve been dazed and confused for so long it ' s not true " Memories Cliff W 10 6 84. 7 04 85. Hampton Beach " 85 " with Rossana. MUSCLES ' Liquid lunch with Rose Daniels. Lonen ' s. AD. SP. DO. Glen. Newington. Cruises to Sound View. Cliff ' s Apt . Skiing with Andrea. Alabama Stammers, Lines to live by. Male dancers at Mirage with Rose and Angie " GET. " Florida trip for me.. Rose. Elke, Jill. Julie. Andrea and Sharon of " 86 " Mom. Dad. Dor. Misty and Faith Harry (California girls) Likes Tattoos on guys, nice tans, muscles. Cats, spending money, toasted almonds. GOLD and DIAMONDS Dislikes FAT SUE. lines for the bathroom, not getting what I want ' , smelley jock hallway Ambition To own my own travel agen cy and travel around the world To be RICH and SPOILED Joseph Campagna Joe “Something to do. someone to love, and something to hope lor are the true essentials of life " Memories My Family, all my relatives an d friends Thanks. Sports. Soccer Capt 84 ♦ 85. V P 84 85 86. ITALIA. Summer of 84. 8 3 84 V M " If you love something set it free, " weekends in N Y . Summers at the beach. " Don ' t worry about it. " " Do I look O K 7 " . " No cute ' " . Destination Like s Nonna ' s cooking. N B . Italian Festivals. Dancing. Kids. Massages. Sleeping late. FOOD. Italy ' s Beaches. Relaxing. LIFE Ambition To live. love, laugh, and learn Mary Catelli " Always tell the truth, this will gratify some people and astound the rest " — Mark Twain Memories Dungeons and Dragons (kill that stupid ogre ' ) Math Team (don ' t forget the doughnuts!) being called Ann. Jennifer. Jenny, and Jen. getting up at an awful hour for the whale watch, summer reading list (may I never see 1984 again in my life " ) Ambitnin go to college and never have homework over the summer or gym again Russell William Chamberland Russ “If you want to cheat, think of the doc tor who is operating on you who has cheated his way through Medical School " Memories Mr Lattanzio ' s World History Class. Playing on the Berlin Tennis Team. McDonald ' s. Berlin CYO. Last year ' s embarrassment in the job assembly. Last year ' s food fight in cafeteria. The field trip in Business Law. The Underclassmen ' s Award Night. The Pep Rallies. Ancient and Medieval History Likes Cincinnati Reds. Cincinnati Bengals. Computers. Mr Lattanzio ' s most famous saying. " Gear out of here ' " . Business Classes. Gym. Study Hall. Good grades. The good, quality Education I received. The choices of activities Duhkes New York Yankees. Science Classes. Ceramics Class. The School’s Pizza. Surprise Quizzes, the Smoking Lounge. The crowded hallways. Dou ble Labs. Taking the SAT. Term Papers Ambition To go off to college to major in some sort of Business Field or in Computer Science Anne Elizabeth Churchill " If music be the food of love, play on ' " — Shakespeare Memories Florida ' 83. Maynard ♦ Rampal concerts. Mr Goodrow ' s class. Pictures at an Exhibition Mr Boon shafts ' stores, antics during CVYWE. Northern Divisional ' 84. HCDTE ' 84. HSYMP ' 84. All state ' 85. getting rides from “cousin " Tom, talks with Angie ♦ Hope, going to Burntt with Deb. lessons with Mr Soloway. double rehearsals. Fiddler on the Roof. pit. weekends spent in Maine Likes CVYWE. Billy Joel, pizza, lobster, fermented cider, the beach, red sunsets, and true friends Dislikes Marching, acid rock, country music, meatloaf. college boards. Mon day mornings, dishonesty, goodbyes Ambition College, and a future filled with happiness, success, and wealth 83 Caroline Chyra Chick Chick “Out memories together may they never end. always together, forever friends. " Memories Great times w KATHY and SUE. Debi. Todd. Honda 83. Partying with Berger and Bugay. " Wanna Brownie,” Chop ins. Colour Guard. Mom Frost. Band prac . Football games. JR Prom. Algebra notes. All the good times. McDonalds w Tomale and R S . Summer of 85 with the N B guys. Sue ' s all-nighter w Kristen, Kat and Sue. F M F C . Bay wake up ' . Longlails w Kat and Susita. Pigmy Village. Riverside, Cruztn Likes Freshman yr . T R . and Lover boy. Family. All my friends. Parties. Being happy. Fridays, smiles. Friendly people good jokes, Captain M Dislikes Bad moods. Goodbyes. Being late. Getting lost, tests. AFD Ambition College, and to be the hap- piest I can in everything I do Jennifer Anne Corazzo Jen, Aiynetle (Bobby Aignerl. Bobs " Act as if were impossible to fall, and you can become whatever you wish to become ' ' Memories Spirit Dance 85. L.G.R with Muffy. ducks, winter vacation, lunch, jock hall. Junior Prom. Lynn’s, Homecoming. Senior Court, football games, late passes. 1 am tennis. Tacos. Tonic Water. Christmas Slocking. New Year ' s. Bushnell Park. 28. parties, and all the other good times I had at BHS Likes Roses. Autumn, the ocean, quiet beaches, friendly and spirited people Dislikes " Many flavors. " March, reading Dostoevsky, mid-terms, insen sitive people Ambition My ambition is to become very successful in life, without ever los ing a sense of reality Mark John Cote Pressure Cooker " Life throws you some hard times once in a while, but in the long run it ' s not all that bad Memories Mill Pond Attack. Tammy 1. Tammy 2. Tammy 3. Skid and the Cactus. Electronics III with Mr Wolfe. 360’s in the Cote Comet Car. Humada Humada. Blushing in Mr Warburton ' s class. Camping in the quarries. Rhode Island. Sleeping in a Cadillac. Breaking my collar bone. Flip ping my dirtbike. The loop coaster. Weathersfield cove. Vermont. Playing quarters with Paul and his cousin, my first speeding ticket. Rocky Mountain Spring Water, lots of good times with Tammy 3 Likes Tammy 3. my best friend Paul. Motorcycles. Rocky Mountain Spring Water. 4x4 ' s. money, girls. Vettes. par ties, weekends, camping, skiing, hun ting, electronics, and all my friends Dtshkes Tickets, homework, the Day After, blushing. Mondays. W D . New Coke. Pacers, putdowns. and losing a friend Ambition To go to college and become a computer technician, live comfor tably. and be happy Lucy Daddabbo Luce " Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars” K C Memories Softball. Volleyball. (K F A ). K M . Berlin Fair 1985. M C . Mr Smith’s Algebra 2 class. " Lem mon, " T C . P G . Hurricane Gloria. 4 days with no power. Skiing. J A . snow Jac. Toga. J P . K Q . AS and SB Likes M C . Summer vacations. Clinton Beach, camping. K M . K Q . Listening to music, art. guys Dislikes Mrs O ' Brien ' s journals, dissecting a cat. gym class, needing passes when out of class Ambition Go to college. Get a good paying job that I enjoy . Travel around the world. Florida summer 1986 L Sherry Marie Ciaffaglione Sher. He " Like a river to the seas. I will always be with you. and if you sail away. I will follow you " PC Memories Great times w Lon. Mom. Dad. 14. J P ' 85 w Chns, 2 16 85. WO 6958. 92. 82 CMCH. Jr and Sr Navy. One More Night. Misquamicut 85. The Imperial. Europe 84. yachts. CHEERLEADING. T B . 91 miles” 5 27 85. The Carwash. Countdown, massages, wallets. O A O-A 1 , I S E . If this is it. beach trips. Chinese fire drills. Muful Z. get together Likes Engapmahc. Polo Cologne. 17. beaches, sunsets, holding hands, ram bows, starry nites. slow songs Dislikes APRIL 85, rumors, saying good bye. rainy days Ambition To live my life to the fullest and make all my fantasies become realities Cynthia Lynn Coata Cyndi “There ' s a shadow hanging over me. Oh yesterday came suddenly ' Memories Football games, color guard, skating. Double dating with Cindy T . Maria Z . and Nancy, sailing shoes, skiing, mono - my tutor. Small world — right Andera. first love. Sussman ' s — ‘Deli Duo ' at Beach, learning to drive. Mom ' s camaro. beach runs. Col lege parties Yale. UCONN. Petunia pig snuggles. Drive in. Jr Prom, danc ing at Vibes. Agora, etc . Elm Hill “I can ' t do that ' My curfew " Mom. we stopped for pizza, and " . Grand ma shut up 1 . My Guys Big hair, no teeth. Joe Jr . Boogie. Boogie. Boogie. G Dick. Mr Green Jeans Like s Skiing. Skating Beach snowstorms music Fireplaces, popcorn Chinese food — ice cream shoes puppies late nights — surprises and guys Dislikes Homework housework curfews Goodbyes bad attitudes Phoneys Ambition To be all I can be ' Paul Raymond Couaino Memories Driving to school. Lunch. Don ' s V W . Mine and Mark ' s Apollos. Driving on school grounds. Hurricane Gloria. Mrs B . Rhode Island. Ver mont. Beach. Cruise Night. 67 GTO, Marlborough. East Hampton. Becky. Speeding through school parking lot. Mark Cote Commet car. Mill Pond At lack. Quarters with Mark and My cousin. Slick Chic. Camping at the quarries. Riding motorcycles with Mark Like s Becky. Ford Trucks. Food fights. Motorcycle riding. 4x4 ' s. Friday nights. My best friend Mark Dislikes English, getting up in the morning. Sundays Ambition To be happy for the rest of my life. Timothy J. D ' Addabbo Tim " Live your life one day at a time because that ' s the way it comes " Memories Times w Tracy. 10 2 84, P F . C M , T M T P . and J C .. Getty 7 23 84. " p f Get in this car ' " . " No. not at all sir.” S M C C . Albert ' s House. Hey Strech ' . Where ' s Reese. The Morning After. Brawls w C M . Algebra " notes " w S.P . Swallowing Quarters. Regal, " That ' s Bad ' " , " You ' ve Got No Clue " " I Tell You.” Oats. Engun Joes. Mickey-D ' s. 4 years’ wrestling w Buddy. Animal House Likes Tracy. Mexican. The Who. Fami ly and Friends. Beaches. Food Dislikes Getty Gas Stations. High In tensity drilling, hunger. 3 30 85. BA ' s. SIR. Mornings Ambition College. Politics, marriage and success J 84 Nancy Jan? Dagala None Nothing can replace the memories that were made Mentone Georgetown 85. N B Sox ‘85. Whalers games. Favorite Fan. Basketball, softball. K P . Mr Hall. •Huckleberry. " Vibs. Bubblegum F ' s Dogs walkm al messly. Mom and [ A .) on the highway. Pam driving in reverse Meow Angora. Mercedes. Punches ‘ 44 Cyndi C ' s adventures. NBHS bovs locker room with John D tour 84 Ek»xer short parties. Drag rac mg Soil.” This ' bloody " vacuum (leaner Hampton Beach. Poco, Polo. ha n( » J f) , K S . KM. Spaghetti I Sports. Dancing, (ieorgetown, Ovrrh Berlin Fair. Parties. Idracab. Flirting Hockey games. Wrestling. Baseball games 1 1 4t 4 Snotty people. Exams. SAT’s. Monday mornings, good byes H S " Ra.-. Days Amb.iv . m Medical Career happiness and success Travel all over the world Brenda Day Bren " I ' m a believer. I ain ' t no deceiver " ' t ' Memories Mike. 280Z. Red. Captain M Rebco K.S . SR. CD. Junior chemistry crew The Wall T M Lun chtime smoking Mel’s water color class. Road trips to VT Saratoga, sum mer of ' 85 ' ! Cape Cod summer of 85 ' S L Stow hill Pat Percival Friday Night card games skiing Likes Grateful Dead. Harleys. Mike, Good friends cruising. Led Zep Dislikes Flashing blue lights, working weekends. Kids. Preppy ' s orange sta lion wagons Ambition To acquire a degree in Cosmetology and travel across country on a motorcycle Christine Monique DeGasperis Dena " Somewhere out on that horizon, out beyond the neon sky. I know there must be something better — but there ' s nowhere else in sight " Memories Summer of 83. all my friends, the tower summer of 84. all the good times w Karen and Sam. places and faces, truly destined, many arguments with Chris, the big one. Steppenwolf Concert. 10-28 29-85. All nighters. Berlin Fair ‘81. " It’s 10 of Sunday " 8 3 85. 12 31 84. J L . VG . " Summer of 85. " cruisin ' m the lemon, leaving she oof. Summer school ' 82 Likes 74 H Dis. my friends and family, sunsets, camping, hiking, partying at Bob ' s, days off. C S N . Bad Co , weekends, traveling Dislike s BPD. heavy metal, filthy packages. H. getting in trouble, good byes, step system. Bootin ' , needles Ambition To go new places and see new things Susan Ann DeGrandi Sue " Through the years, through all the good and bad. the sweetest days I found with you The class of 86 " Memories Family, good times w Kathy and Caroline. " 82 " Southington crew, catsup B. tardies. N Y “84 " KT and T E . C A . Mrs Trider parties. 8-17- 85. J G . talks w Kat and Swine. Jim 5 am 7 . MCD ' s, cruisin. Deny ' s at 4 am. 3 stooges. Madonna concert, St Elmos Fire. Tamale. Fest K B . get ting lost. N B Res. Clinton Beach, camping. 8 24 85 Billy. P Village, hog. buf but. Chester, good friends Likes Sunsets, walks on the beach, weekends, money. Fruit Loops, and daydreaming Dislikes Rainy days and Mondays, be mg broke, waking up early, wedgies, and goodbyes Ambition College, happiness, success, and finding Mr Right Andrea D ' Amico Ange " Some of the most important things in your future are the memories of your past " Memories Michael 12 184. the Beach. Gmton. the Pavillion. Shaharazods. Scott ' s parties at Fame Mountain. Vibrations. Lobster nest, the fight at my Brother ' s. Eating again 7 Summer of 84. " Hampton Beach with Deen, Beth ' s 24th Birthday. New Year ' s Eve ' 85. ' vaccaro ' s. white Russians. Skiing with Deen. Cruising to the beach with Heidi, Stowe Hill with Donna. Barb, and the S Kens crew. Newington Par ties. Italian Fest “85. " How bonng Vermont was Likes Mom. Dad. My Sisters. Kevin. Jill, the Pajors. Mike s friends, my friends. Gold, getting my own way. Par ties. Pink. bars. Lobster. Saturday Nights Dislikes Teachers who think they are always right BHS K L . Being the only girl, staying home on weekends. Liars Ambition Traveling, school William Louis DeBlasio BiMy " Crash n Burn " Memories New Year ' s Eve at Fischers. Boening up the mountain with Steve M English classes with Craig D ' 85 with TD. Gmo 8 Ball. EBUFD. Early morning cruises in the Monte to Mis quamicoit. Daytona Beach. 4th of July Party. B F shift at the sign. Stowe Hill. VW ' s. R T H Q . Notes to V B . EJke ' s. Wood and Metal shop . camping trips up the mountain ' 84 Van Halen Con cert. Mike K look out for the cat Likes Nine ' s. Monte Carlo SS. MX. Chevelles. Theresa Peck, snowmobiling Dislikes People with attitudes. K G . Mopars. Dodge Trucks. Yamaha ' s. Preppies Ambitron To become filthy rich and share it with someone I Love Anthony Nino DeGrandi Tony " If you try your hardest at something you can never really fail " Memone s Italy 85 ' . Corrie and homecoming, skinhead. Track 84 ' . 85 ' . but not 86 ' . Mr Lattanzio ' s US History Hey pal clear out ' , soccer ' 84 ' 85 scrowgmg. figure eights, winning Mike ' s 35-dollar wax job Driving for 2 hours and 100 miles to see a Berlin football game Only 27 more exits to go Cliff The Vukey mobile Go. Go. Go Beach runs The Raidiator Crew Pwt. Pwt Rut ' s nose Likes Dallas Cowboys, the color green, skiing, mmm ballgames. war games, camping and all the good times Dis ikes The 800meter run, school lunches, my middle name. McDonalds. Hawaiian Apes Ambition College, the military and to be successful in whatever I do Kristina P. Dun Bena " Although the moments have passed by quickly, the great memories will last forever " Memories Berlin 84. Hey Ray do you know her ' . Great times with Jaim. Ray. Mar. Missy. Kel. Lor. wtmpies and san dor. Gr 85 — 7 22 ' . Jaim wanna pick me some flowers 7 Are we going to Gr for 7 or 8 weeks 7 " ohh the phone.” 9 28 85. " Is it my imagination? " Holy pink elephants. The “M " crew. Ray ' s swim shows, stop sign what stop sign 7 Volleyball 84 . 85. Hay ya big dummy. K F A J P 85. Jaim — where ' s the water 7 Sirhc. My car - Bart. Pookie. Matilda ' . Strawberry soda. Whiplash How come you got a roiling hospital bed 7 . Ralon and Shaer — our gun Likes GAF. WAG F F O A . Rolling donut, wash 84. Lobster dinners ' , stunod. sick. " . Oh no. my keys!, " the Dislikes " good byes " ' Ambition To live a healthy and happy life and to pursue a career in business 85 Ac hill DiSarro Ag " How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it Memories Tim 1 12 85. 2 14 85 VAH ' . ANL!. E T Nancy G and Chris L . Gucci ' s and Limos. thanx gram. J p “85. " Girls Soccer. Coach McCabe. Italian Stallion. Parties, good times w Laura H . Meriden Mt John Casablancas runway modeling. Tara. N C . hunners. Marcelle alter per 6 . FERG FOREVER ' my bud ED. (ha ha)! Likes Tim. the family, walking on the beach, sunsets, limos and PIGMIES. 57 ' Dislikes Mondays, rainy days, snotty people, two faced friends. Chili. TREKA and DIVORCE Ambition Marry Tim, modeling and languages Loreen Marie Dombrowski Lon. Reen “If you touch me with your smile. I ' ll take you to paradise " Memories All the GREAT times w Sherry. Jr Prom w Bruiser. 89. Misquamicut 85. Jr and Sr Navy. Mulful 2. 91 miles, cheerleading, Janet and Dino. Florida 83. CMCH. band. If this is it. beach trips. Queen Loreen. CRAZY, yachts, countdowns. Pixie, oaoa, ISE. " NIK. " Jenny G. Pauls, smile, Gordy. Sr Ball, my twin, pch tree, wallets. W06958. Get logethers. car wash. Re n Reen. Cindyioe. Thanx Sherry for being part of my BEST memories at BHS! Like s Mom. Dad. Kimmy. Danny and Family, esp. Nonnie and Grandpa, pink roses. GWIW. watermelon sherbet, beaches. 17 Dislikes APRIL 85. Rumors. Goodbyes Ambition Wordprocessing To live my life to its fullest and make all my dreams come true Jennifer Driscoll Jen " It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all " Memories Dean 2 4 83. Todd Maliza 9 17 82. Good times with Dean. " V Wee s. " beach 10 11 84. Long talks with Molly and Cathy. Cathy ' s great coordination (stairs, O.J ) her pineap pie sundaes. Mine. Cath ' s and Doree’s great adventures. " WELL SHE ' S TRY ING! " . CURTAINS? NO! ' . " 23 — Look at those Birds!”, all my friends. Jeff. Karp, and Alan. Sexy Chris. Mobil, working with Dale " BUGS. " Pete. Sunday mornings " HELLO.” SUMMER OF " 84. " Sharon J Lake George, chocolate attacks. Welch ' s. Bonfire . Roses, going 4 wheel in. 17th Day, the reservoir, gib, per 1 Jr. Sr year. " Don ' t Bark at me ' " , Cath. " Did ya ever!? " Likes rainy days, true friends, roses, being happy, rainbows, sunsets Dislikes Breaking Up. UES. stuck ups. broken promises, goodbyes, losing friends, head games, tests Ambition Accountant, happiness! Karen Marie Dorbuck " Give me silver, blue, and gold the col- or of the sky untold, my rainbow it overdue " Memories Summer of ' 85. Mis quamicut Beach. 9 21 85. Rog M " Wanna run it 7 " . R 91. GAS. USA LD. DA Like s Walt 4 14 83, summer, cruise mtes, JS. CH. JC. Mopars. Salem. N H . Iroc Z ' s. weekends. Black Sab- bath. N J . My family, and purpose Dislikes Mondays. 11 25 84, Bad drivers and stuck up people, winter, braces, rocks, and pep rallies Kelly Ann Dunn Red no butterfly should be denied its wings " Memories All the good times ' RS ♦ KD. The Van. The River. Chris W W Get it in Connecticut. Madison. East Warfmg. Domino. Laura. Shane. No way ' Trust Me ' Hubbard Park. The Duck, Mulligans. Do a shot’ D+D Wed ding. Dtablos Clubhouse. Casper. Jon ny Angel. G.G , G B . Bad Girls Rock, Little Red Fox. KKK. no priorities. Lit tie Dreamer. Just another party Thanks Ame. Mom. Dad Joshua 12 22 84 TUCSON " " My Lady in Red, " collect calls. I Love You. Babe Like s Harley Davidsons, long rides, summer nights. Tucson skies, tattoos. Peachtree, good times, good people, being free. TAZ!!! Dislikes BHS. jock hall, being shut off. NBPD. lies, snobs. Southington girls. D F C ' ». decisions, good byes. 6 17 85 Ambition To be back where I belong Craig Dwyer Memories University of Rhode Island. Moonstone Burlingame. Next Door Neighbor, Kevin ' s Cottage, senior skip day with Ed and Bill. Newington trip with R P . S P . Parties at Albert s. In itiation. Tony ' s hips. 75. BHS Foot ball. Coach P . Frank 86. Rob 74. Tnp to Foxburro with Leotta Likes Weekends. Gino ' s class Dislikes Stuckup ' s, Middletown, losing. Mondays. Detentions Ambition To explore the Amazon Jungle Tracy Lynn Eckatrom Troy " I shall be a free spirit, and no one may set my place or time ' " Memories Watch out for that tree ' P U G with Janet. Kris . Craig 9 20- 85. K B . 2 12. 2 at the window. H L . W W . EV . Wolf, Arcades, Sue D . Kris, Wayne M NBGH with Sue. " Hey we re on her oxygen tube ' " New Year’s " 82-83, " D R with the Limo. Hey are you on D R G.S.? Florida w J. and F . Hey. have any MONEY 9 Con certs with friends. NEED A LIGHT 9 Where ' s the house. Ut Oh ' " Ask urn. ask um . Slow Down. Quarters. What ' s your name 9 Want a B 9 SURE. Why not Likes Drive ms. C D . Mom and Dad. " scary movies. " Z 28 s. My EXP (ESP). Talks with U Bob. and Kris, Dislikes Rainy days, sirens, cliches. D B ' s. CAR PAYMENTS, buses, liars, one night stands. 2 19 82. BARNEY CARDS ' " Ambition Physician ' s Assistant. Hap ptness. Marriage, and Family 86 Amy Beth Erickson Aim " All our tomorrows are filled with what we dream today " Memories Color Guard. Mom Frost. My family. Lisa, Chrissi. Kristin. Sum mer of 85 ' with Sal. Rocky and Kristin. “In a field. " Oklahoma. Pigtail Patrol, C A and Slurp. Old Drop Ins. Bubbus. New York. Freshman Picnic. Thumper at the lunch table. Powder Puff. Chet and Nick. L O . Band Rehearsals. Foot bail games. Brierley ' s with Lori, sparklers. Doc ' s class, " what do you think you are. driving? " . Westerly. " Will the guy in the back seat please turn around " Likes Friends. Color Guard. Hot Air Balloons. Teddy Bears. Cape Cod. Studies and the Class of 86 ' Dislikes Fakes. Enemies. Exams. Good Buys AmbitK n College, marriage, and a long, happy life Tom Faipler Tom People try to mess me up then I just beat them up. " Memories The pines. The wall. Mel. Lanky Likes Good fast cars, women. Working out. getting crazy, going on trips, full moons, getting out Dislikes B P D . punk rockers Ambition To have a wealthy life Annamaria Carmela Fiducia Anna Tuiiic Memories Friends. Mar. Drill Team. " Shoobeda. " Babycakes. Megan. Nightmare on Elm Street. " Freddy Kruger and Tony. Chorus. Comp 2. Oklahoma. " 1985. Sandor. The " Big E " with Lou and Goose. Chemistry 1984 1985. Lisa Lisa Concert. An namana Telephone L. »32 J 2 . T P.C.C., " Bimbo.” I give a ”10. " Shopping with Mar. ‘Sound of Music " . " Forever Friends " , and GNP Academy Likes Mom, Dad. Ang. Claudia. Lor and Laurie. Mr Kelly, and singing Ambition To be a very successful at torney and have a loving husband and family Marlene Marie F.ahoo Mar " Nothing on earth can make life more worthwtle than the sunshine and warmth of a beautiful smile " Memories Gonzo mouse. Mar fKermie. G B ), Kel. Taim and Bena 9 28 85 — The M crew. Hillside. CO W . peach fuzz. WGAFFOA Rolling Donut, whizzing hockey stick. EIGHT 1 " . Cheerleading. Soccer 83 4. S M Bob ber. The Lush. Is it real or is it my im agination 1 . Holy pink elephant " . Air guitar. The phone. I taught him everything I know ' . M camp. BURGER BULLETS ' . Cape Cod. B R . yah yah yah yah. T Z . Fred ' s philosophy, sect leader. It ' s blue ' Likes My family. Paula. Miss, and Brutus The M Crew, especially Lor. unicorns and candy Dislikes seafood, math Ambition College, happiness and to be 5 feet tall Paul Joseph Ficka " Well done is better than well said " Memories S M C C . Getty. " The stack. " NBPS T and C. Ira. PC. Bessy. Regal Bill. Enguns. camping. " Not at all Sir. " R The D. shooting. Cat. reuben. Gentlemen. Alberts, mick e d ' s. Trombosis. Mexican, cruisen ' in the beemer. chit chat with K T . 735 csi. homer, warehole. Han bury righchtttt. initiation. Hey yo. aight. football, the morning after. Lasky’s mobile, " don’t gag. Man " " Shout " Animal House Like s B M W ' s. the family. T and A. all my friends, beaches snowdays. Steve Miller Band. Yoho Yoho Dislikes SIR. 3 30 85. T P . getting gasoline Ambition Success, wealth and happiness Lisa Fongemie " When life doesn’t go the way you want it to. you can never surrender " Memories Some teachers, school dances, locker 558. August 5. graveyards. Maine. Riverside. Cathy, scary movies with Karen and Cathy, laughing loudly in quiet places. Eva. Karen ' s cottage. Cathy and screen doors. Great Adventure. Bruce con- cert. Junior year. Florida. Savage Hill, my 18th Birthday. Twilight room Likes Snow days. Fridays. Saturdays. Last period study, rainy nights. Bill, friends. General Hospital, money. New Jersey. Farm Shop crew, storms, sleep mg. Cathy, men Dislikes School, homework. Mondays, tests, car payments. Guiding light, locker 557. crowded hallways. New Coke Ambition Become rich, retire at the age of 25 Receive a single, long stem rose from a handsome gentleman every day for the rest of my life Kenneth Brian Frisk Pegion " The world is full of kings and queens, who blind your eyes and steal your dreams It’s Heaven and Hell " Memories ' 74 Nova. Friday the 13th. Montville Ambassador. Gmo. Clear out, Frosh hoop 1-17, Chuck. Beaches. NOSES, birds, sknnt. “getting together and celebrate. " Skids. Mr T. Mr X. Grisweld football, hockey, tkng lghng with Skid. Mac. Pajor. Vt . B S ing Likes 1 50. weekends. Sat nights, driving till on E. winning, parties, fishing Dislikes lines, waits, not my way. Mints, no gas. no cash, red dots, getting caught, loneliness, losing. B S Ambition To Live. Love, and Laugh Anthony David Gagliardi “The mind is a ternble thing to waste " — United Negro College Fund Memories Wrestling. Sponge ' s smokeshows. Cruise Nights. Four wheeling, snowbanks. Bill ' s truck. Col- lege fair Likes Wrestling. Powerhorse Gym. Cruise Nights. Camaro Ambition Become a brain surgeon 87 Nancy M. Gajda None " You can ' t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need " M J Memories Going out with Kris, shop ping sprees with Karen, our dirty notes in 10th gr Bio.. " Tern, you got the bag? " . movies with Kris. Karen and the ' Karate Kid.’ Dnvers Ed with Tracy. Mitts and Fluff, family. Business Gub. Band. " Pam how ' s C.K ?’’. Music Camp. Pay’s swim showa, my friends. Florida ’85, " Aggie, what street are you working tonight " , summer of 84 ' and 85‘, E.B pool. Typing per 1, Steve’s jokes, our ' gang car ’ Likes M J STONES. G H . New York. Rainy days. Dallas Cowboys, and Dislikes Good times coming to an end. liars, snobs. ♦ tests Ambition A wealthy fashion designer Donald P. Geachimaky Jr. Skip “You only live once so enjoy.” Memories W D Crew. K S W S Beach runs, signal 50’s. Flood ’84. B.C. Cumby’s Crew, Cruise Nights, summer of ’84. parties. ’66 Nova. ’59. ’67. ’70. VW. Camaros, el Cammo. ‘69 Cutlass. Illinois National Guards cutting crew. Nuts. Olds, Lunch. Paul’s Bronco. Bug ging in Hadam, Leaving school for fries. Ms B. Florida. White Sands, smoking lounge, speeding through parking lot. motorcading Likes K S W S. Chevys. parties. Shel ly. Dude. Dave, study hall, Science. Ford Trucks. Good Fights. Friday Nights. Jackie Gomez Dislikes J M T M English, school. Fords. Mr S School lunches, T D Mrs C. Mrs S Ambition Be happy and get a good job Matthew Glennon Matt " From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen, now there’s a way and I know that I have to go away. I know I have to go ” Cat Stevens Memories Summers on Nantucket 84 85, T G Leaps off phone booth, youngs. Per 7 study, going to feed the rats. Percival field 83’. Elmers. Muse. Danae, Surfside Roadtnps to sconset. Rebel without a clue?, P tee shirts, top making sense at 2 a m.?. Vineyard 84. Mad Jam. dumping the ped, hitching to R neck 6 18 85. S B W.Z , harriot and Lucy. Joe D . pool hopping. " Let’s go golfing but just 1 stop first,” Hobart weekend. NY 84 MZ. J K " not on his lawn ” Cll, Ethen. Rec Like s My family, summer, money for nothing, the Zaccheos. beat up chevets. sand and Naves. Cat Stevens, T.G., E R . J M . S B . gram . G.H . M P . individuality Ambition College and success To travel the world at least once. Thomas Gavin " You know what truth is? It’s some crazy thing my neighbor believes H I want to make friends with him, I ask him what he believes He tells me. and I say yeah, yeah — ain’t it the truth?’ " K Vonnegut. Jr Memories Dad and family. Football, freshmen hoop with Chuck. M G . Cat Stevens. Dylan. Coach Pepe. umpiring, Burger O Rebel Without A Clue, slam dunking, white boy. " I’m T G , yeah, yeah, yeah " " He hit me In the nose Harold and Maude, skiing. Rec Hoop Pamela Marie Glatz Pam “People are people so why should it be you and I should get along so awfully " Memories O P R B " Bloody Heat. " Maple cemetery. Gary Andy, Sound view. Moonstone, riverside, tweetie and Sylvester, psycho killer, all those haircuts. Renbrook. Giant Killer tweetie Bird, Summers of ’83. ’84. ’85. Jumpin Jacks. Little Johns, G.D. Car, P.D.. A.S . Parties. The Hippies, mm motorcycle. Peewee theme. Lake Hayward, squid. Big E. Psycho. R.I., Skip M Like s Punk rock, being different, iggi. Led Zeppelin. Jimi Hendrix. Guitars. Garfield. Drums, people with a sense of humor. Y.J Dislikes B.H.S.. People who don’t give people chances People who don’t like People who don’t like people cause of the way they look Ambition Move to California, become a hairdresser, and make Bloody heat a success Jeffrey Goetyla Gus " It’s been real” Memories At A. Jock Hall. Cats A, R the D. Initiation. 50. Noogies hoop team. Albert ' s Backyard. Regality, ha ha’s. Golf and Football. Shootin Beaver. Lynn ' s get togethers. Placen tology. brown tank. " Gentlemen. " Breakfast with Stud. Ed ' s phone pole. Slip’s hair, Senior Trip, hoots, Occum. Krug ' s Pharmacy. Weasels stoge’s. Bangin Teo. Trombosts. Tats. Burger O and D. Greg and Bill Burgers. Kristin are they real? Likes 1 50 pm. Mid June. Delta 88 ' $. Passing Time. Venz ' s Nose Dislikes Aunt Bunny. 9 20 85 . The morning after. Senorita. $3 bills, tours. Hall H S . Goodbye friends Ambition College, then a law or political career Connie Grabowaki Conns. Coneman. Coo ie " Live and let Die " " I have become comfortably numb " Memories Junior Year. Vt . skippen in N B with RB.PV WS, Crazy Ker mit. in the boys’ room. Cousin It. Good times, screaming in ears and halls, smokin lounge, skiing in Vt . Making a mess. Awesome S . B S A froot loop up the nose. 4a B . Herby blue. Killing Mom ' s car. scared L S . Aimes. Ah L S . Herby blue. Crafts class, huge unicorns and big clowns. My white hair, B L . Cool Committee. My best friend Pale. L S . " Love ya ' Babe ' " Likes Smoking, men. money. FAST CARS, unicorns, fantasy Land. SS monte. Racing. Gg Ld . Iroc Z. friends. Harley’s Dislikes 3 hrs . waiting, getting caught, homework, rainy days, narks, nerds, geeks. KB. KN. J D . B»g Dumb Jocks. Wh ' s, A s. B S Ambition To go to C.C.S.U for Draf ting classes for 2 hrs and famous, with a couple men on the side Bruce H. Greenhalgh " Winners never quit. Quitters never win” Memories Football 86. Coach P . Baccaro, ' 83 season. Bunnell FN, MB. Homecoming game ' 84. Beating Wolcott ' 83 Football ' 85. Jump pass. Get pumped Berlin. States, the Beach 5 10 85. summers on the Cape 1. snow days. Parties. U2 concert. The Kids of " 86 " Likes BHS Football, competition, win- ning. family, the Beach convertibles, the Truck. 86 Fairhaven Ma . getting crazy Dislikes Middletown Tigers Football Team — 9 26 83, homework, getting up at 5:36, Final Exams, losing, Stupid mistakes Ambition To move to Moracco and study the characteristics of Wild Boars J 88 Mari Beth Gronkowaki Jell i Bean " Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance, they make the latitudes and longitudes " Memories Who ' s Beth?, Middletown. I Year ' s Eve 82’. December 11. 1983. Mobile man, Sussman crew. Kathi. Dave. and. Pam I didn ' t forget ' , friends in M H S . PS t)W KG. DC, and CB. the wall TKiF.RS Meg . Laverne and Shirley, friends at BHS — Cyndi (small world huh?), Cindy. Julie, Kelly. Mamie Crystal, Cheryl. Thanks for making t fun " Like Weekends, vacation. The beach. Windy Jays and T immi Bears 5 30 a m . Sussmans. Mon days, and homework Ambitton To succeed Paul E. Hackney Jr. Junior. Hack " Keep the pressure on and you can beat anyone " Memories Wrestling ' 83- ' 86. Buddy, The original Hack mobile, the I H . Frosty. Rock and Sal. Mike A . Maria. Debbie. Kristen. Lori. My little sister, skid kid. Powers. Roger. Getting killed by Buckley. Wethersfield match my sophomore year. Football my senior year. Frank ' s house. My special ladies Val and Barb, special thanks Likes Football. Wrestling. Nonmint cho-acters. Hack mobile. Money. Friends All wrestlers Dislikes Mint Characters. Anyone who always talks about cars, basketball Ambition Make millions of dollars or become an accountant I ' m not sure which Liaa Lee Haynes Lis " Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams telling myself it ' s not as hard as it seems ' ' Memories DARREN 10 83 (W 1). Freshman Year. The Wall. Mel ' s ceramic class. Strucaly ' s class w S. R. lunch and rocks. DT ' s cellar. F crown. Tower. M . J . D . Good Times w B and F. S and A. West Main St . Agora Stevie Ray. Valby. Sussechalet, Fiddle contest, swim parties, bars. Hamonassett campgrounds. Niantic camp trip 7 85 w B. F. D, M. D and K “condos. " July 4th R.l. beach trip bust, good ol ' days. " That ' ll teach ya! " Pines. Holiday Inn elevator Likes Darren, my family, friends, par ties, " Blizzards. " F and F. beach, camping, dancing, romance, allmghters. Darren ' s Charger. Led Zepp. friendly guys, cuisine, excite ment. Art. Summer Dislikes Ma s jokes, mornings after, regret, sweats, no money, waiting, bad news, cold weather, big mouths, punks, cons Ambition Fortune. Happiness. Satisfaction Sharon Lynne Jones Mini. Shar " It is possible that blondes also prefer gentlemen " Memories Vic. 10 27 84, Julie. Elke. Jill. Laune. Steve. Don. All my friends, at Heartland. Parking lot parties. Gnzz ly. Ft Ruepp. Jill ' s cottage. Jr Prom. Homecoming ' 84. “The other one. " " There ' s no moon in Maine. " Anna Banana. Florida. Room 219. Graphic Explanations. Jim ' s shorts, c tails with Spud, B«g G. " Dancing " with Jill, sum merlime with Jen and the Driscolls. Lazy days and a full glass with Karrie. Mom. Dad. Dave and family, " princess. " Schiebah. Creeks. Joey. Matt, " Hey. Frank, got any ? " Dislikes " Certain People. " being depressed. 6 29 85. ramy days, feel ing alone Ambition To marry a coal miner and live in a trailer park in Pennsylvania Kelly Ann Ingalls " That it will never come again, is what makes life so sweet " Memories The Pines. 9 28 85. Lisa Lisa at HILLSIDE. Basketball. Volleyball. Softball. Kimmer. Peach fuzz, " whatever. " Alpha phish. Mickey D ' s. The Hearse. Mar. Lor. Mar. Bena. Jaim. S M . KB. Hoop party at Doug ' s. Talks with Kim. Great times with Trish. LABATYD. Locker 331. The " M " crew. Breakfast with Kristen. East Hampton Likes My family. Kim. " Scotter. " Sports. Maine. Nana, sunsets. Pep. and weekends Dislikes rainy days, waiting in lines, and good-byes Ambition To live a happy and sue cessful life Charles Paul Kaczor Chuck " Good things come to he who waiteth if he worketh like he while he waiteth " Memories My friends. Ken, Hose. Eric. Raf. Steve. John 1 . Vin, Lima. Lori. Kelly. Marlene and everyone else. Florida ' 83. 85. Band prac . football games, competitions, track. Javelin, section leader. Math Team, Dtcicco ' s coffee and organization, leadfoot Man cini. Worg. pseudagod. Julio. Fred ' s speeches, the Fonz and Bus el. foot ball and bowling with the guys, the tank. Ken ' s relaxing golf and Risk games, the Granada ' s acceleration. Ornsteins ' s D and D. when Ken finally beats me on a test, hoping, wishing, daydreaming. Goodrow ' s class. Adu. Chem class, shinsplitting " you ' re out of the way. " " wheel. " Like s vacations, holidays. NY Giants. Red Soxs. Fridays, track, band. A s on tests and my family Dislikes Getting up at 6 30 in the morn- ing. Morning English classes that last for an eternity, egos, good byes Ambition To be successful m the career I finally choose, to be wealthy and to get married someday Joanne Kasulis " I’m as free as a bird now and this bird you cannot change " Skynyrd Likes true friends, freedom, smiles, summertime, snowstorm, " stairway to Heaven. " concerts. Led Zeppelin. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Jim Morrison. ZZ Top. " The Breakfast Club. " people who make me lau gh my brother, vacations Dislikes boredom, school, pep rallies, fake friends, cliques, hypocrites, peo pie who think they ' re better than others, pessimistic attitudes, soap operas. The SAT’s Ambition To be happy and free to do what I want Sharon Marie Kaszycki Sheb or Shar " In every living thing there is a spirit to be free " Memories MZ — " I don ' t want a divorce! " . Paul ' s daily shocks. Buddy Bob and Peggie. Bondo Mobile. " Beep. Beep ' " . Breakfast with B B . Nov 24. 1984 — (CRASH ' ROLL. ROLL). 12 29 84. Whoder 7 . Total phone. " Spike calling Nightowl. " Skating W CT. K R . R L . PF SCREAM ' . Woolworths w Tracy. ST w Kns. My car ' , the funny chair. Junior Prom — French Toast, in room movies. Mom ' s waterbed. B F — 83. REO. Halloween — 84 Likes Joe. vacations, snowstorms. 65 Mustangs. Horses, walking on the Beach Dislikes 2 sided people. Mondays. Liver, veggies, mornings. " You ' re so stupid sometimes " Ambition A Happy Life J L 89 John Kazersky Kazoo “It ' s been such a long lime. I think I should be going " Memories Getting in trouble. D R Smoke Shows in Auto. S.O.. All the Girls. " C.G Smoking in the Boys ' room.” mornings up Stowe Hill, leaving lor lunch. Smith ' s Class. Camping trips up Lamatation. Power Shop Likes My Family. The Michauds. C N , P.V . My friends. Fords. Street rods, nice cars, snap-on Tools. Mid State Motors. Drag racing, body work. Hon da CRs. Motocross. Skiing. Snowmobil mg. snow Dislikes B H S , School rules. B P D , Flashing Blues. Stuck up Jocks. Red necks. D W I . and S M s Driving Ambition To have my own Auto body shop, and enjoy John J. Kelly " It ' s time to go out and make my way. I might get rich but I might get busted " Memories Dave ' s parties. The Wall, 7 3 85. AJ. DC. J S . EW. RK, coll trips. V O Nov . 84. Dlrtbirds. UTS. the pit. Jonesin. The Unknowns. Fr . 1 and 2. EM 10th per 7. Gmo, free per. two lunches. 4 27. 85 Was sle. the cabins, camping, concerts. T‘s room Likes Music, Jimi. J P G and R. Floyd, GBP B parties, girls, M and D. Family Dislikes 4 19 84. BPD. not having money. Ambition To live a long and wealthy life. Marilyn Kiel “It is in dreaming the greatest dreams and seeking the highest goals that we build the bright tomorrows ” Memories Trudge to the Sludge. Rome Night. Friday shopping sprees with Sue. dances and parties with KD. HK. SH. and MM. Halloween ’83. long talks with KC. Berlin Fair Day. many good times and hilarious conversations with Hope. Coney Island. Wednesday night Junior Achievement with RV and CW. chemathon ‘85 with JK. CK. and JT, having two study halls in my senior year. Spirit week ’85. and working at MARS Like s good literature. Funny movies, music. New York City, roller coasters, chocolate, baseball, tennis, and laughter Dislikes boring people and mornings Ambition My ambition is to become a successful prominent registered dietitian Deborah M Kilduff Yebbie Debbiedeb “Hearts get broken and dreams may die. but love will always survive " Memories freshman yr PB. BC. ES. PH. homecoming. Marine Bk Trips, yellow truck 84. RZ. 8 15 84, Berlin Fair 84 ' . Spirit Dance 85 ' . Animal House. Toilet Paper. Motorcade. Lance 82 — Spirit Dance, First aid, Karen. Scum Patrol. Broken Horns, friends, dreams. Wendy. Film Gass, Munch Munch ' Like s Senior Court. Cruise Night. Film class. Mickey D ' s Dislikes Stuck up people ' , G L Ambition To become rich and famous and take the world by storm! Jeffrey Alan Krug JOZ KRUG " No matter where you go, there you are. " Memories Good times with Laur. BALL 84 ' 85 ' . Rainy day Practice. Crazy with Ursooo. PuD ups, Nice shots. " Intense.” Golfin with Gus Glen non. My TAPE. Dnvin to R I with J M and Butler. CARDS with Trombridge. Coon. May. Russell. Dubuc, Spud. Trambosis, Power, the regulars. Pass ing with Lasky on Rte 84. Finding clovers with Sisti. Goshen. Larson ' s forehead. The Red CAR. 4 am. Hot tub dives, weigh station, crush T G Likes The CONVINCER. sleeping in jeeps, L P . J B. F B.A . Bunk, the burgs. Pep. the Phaneufs. the weez. J M . E R . Spud. Russo. Tyrone, 4 leaf clovers. Initiation party. “Spanish Olives " Dislikes Drowning in my porch. Losing, no aspirin, being awakened, burnt. Middletown Ambition College Heidi Kuhnly Gypsy " First thing I remember was asking Papa why for there were many things I didn ' t know, and Daddy always smiled and took me by the hand saying some day you ' ll understand . " Creedence Clearwater Revival Memories Dave. 190 Bar. weekend jams, beach, parties. Bronco ' s, stumps, jade inn. friends back home, somers. 4 town fair, fiddle contest. 4th of July, factory rd. Mason Hedge Band. Berlin friends. Being a blond. C Cod, S.G. parties, all nighters, Dave ' s rustang. C S N concerts Likes David, parties, oldies. C C R . C S N . Zep. Van Morrison. 4 wheelin. trucks, summertime, hippies. Redheads. Cheech and Chong. " Rocky, " " Dave ' s mustache. " freedom, romance Dislikes punk rock, rainy days, hangovers, cops, narks, having no gas. goodbyes, moving, nuclear war. prep pies, jalepeno juice, last call, rednecks, going home, wasted time Ambition To live my life with David Barbara Ann Krukowaki Barb " May I always have the kind of morn- ing after the night before that makes the night before worth the morning after " Memories Fran 11 83. the wall, freshman year, camping 7 85. B. D and N. quarters w JN and DO. gym w Sandy and Karen, sauce w Laur. per 7 ceramics. Stowe, calligraphy w DG, New Year ' s 83. all nighters. " Let’s take the day off.” snowy weekends. The crew. 7 and 7. The pines. Fiddle Contest, Dio Concert, rock fights w JL. Stevie Ray Vaughn ' 83. The park. Deb s parties. Holiday Inn elevator and Kitchen Likes sunsets, beach, nice guys. Sun- days, swimming, hiking, all my friends, rainbows. Gusano Rojo Dislikes getting caught, rednecks, cot- tonmoulh, B-ll. RIPD. running out of gas. rainy mornings Ambition To be prosperous and content. Richard Labbe 90 Attilo ana Michael Lamoureux Mike “All the best men in the world are dead and I don ' t feel too well myself Memories soccer, track ' 85. Canada ' 81. Coach S.. Coach M . sore feet. New Year ' s ' 85 to 12:30 am. My Family, summer vacations at the beach. Wildwood, Florida. Eating at “Uncle Joe ' s. " my friends, R I . the Saab, The Fairmount. Ed ' s car to Monteville. Mud Run. SC . N H . The mall. Doing deliveries. 7 4 85 Like s Nice cars, friendly people, sum mer. weekends. The Beach Dislikes Stuck ups. show-offs, tests, bad grades. Mondays, and Radar traps Ambition To set my goals and succeed Roger R Larson Hog o “For all you do, this one ' s for you. " Memories Cheryl. B.H.S Football. 38. Rhode Island, trashing Sr Court. 66 Chevy Impala. FA. GL. CM. Down in the Back, my friends. N Y Eve. par lies, yellow trucks. YRI. 86 ♦ 87 mph. class of ' 86. Homecoming. ' Junior Prom “85. " Old Time Rock and Roll. Steve Miller Band. Shout. Regal ' s Ver m«mt Old Saybrook. class of “85.” Blue Ridge Farm ' s. Kensington Or chards. 21 cases. Burlingame. Goshen. Jeeps. Frank ' s car stereo. DW. TL. TM. Freshman year. Being late, carbohydrates l ike My Parents, sports, going out. The Alberts, skiing. 4 wheeling. Christmas Dislikes Losing. Middletown, cheap shots, rumors. Plainville. Sussman ' s. Scars. Wolcott Tech Ambition To go to college, and have a successful life Greg Laaky Reese Memories REGAL. URI. parties, camping at Burlingame. Billy ' s boat. Coonie ' s garage. 67 Chevy. Christine. Kevin ' s cottage. TeDie UNK. Dooo Buc. Paul and Richard Kiniry. Alberts. T and T. Hey Baby what ya doing tonight. N B P S . Hamburg dove IRA Likes 1 50. Fridays. Regal. Mexican. Steve Miller. Arthur T’s, lunch breaks Dislikes School administration, crying girls. Stuck up girls. Homework Ambition To be a kid all my bfe Andrew Lawson Ace " Beyond the Right s of passage lies a test, a song, a dream " Memories A red rose and a girl named Amy. Christmas in England. Mr Frost ' s faith and encouragement, creating Brain Bowl Bonanza. Arch enemy ML and garbage cans. Mrs Lilgestrand ' s conversations. Mr Delconte s excellent guidance. Mr Peppe s small stature but big heart, audition for Hartfords school of the performing Arts, walking home. Mr Karam s help, my family ' s never ending patience and love that kept me going Likes laughter, independent unstuck up girls. Autumn. Winter. Films. Music. Poetry, art. animals. Mr Bnttingham ' s interesting classes, the cancelled " spenser " show. Dislikes Ceramics, stuck up people, hunting. James Watt, garbage cans, in fatuatmn. Reagan administration. The A Team Ambition To write and direct films full of fun. laughter, truth and love. Kristine Marie Lindgren Kns " Memory is the Treasury and guardian of all things " Memories Our " Gang " Car — the Drive ins Lonnie ' s swimshows and " The Booze " The man with the pink shirt The Parties — 10th grade Bio with Nanc Mom and Dad New York — our Limo and Fifth Avenue with Nacy and Aggie Business Club Harold ' s “wonderful " jokes — Tracy — " Are we lost’ " Tracy — " There ' s a cop behind you! " Likes Steve D — Bruce Springsteen All my friends - and cute COPS Dislikes Good-Byes Monday Morn ings Rainy days — Hangovers Ambition Go to College and then work with ha ndicapped children Anthony P. Leotta Tony " When you win nothing hurts " Memories 32. 33. Coach P and staff. 76 Charger. Flip, weekends. URI. foxbore w SKID. talks with Jill. Schallar Used Cars. Burlingame. Junior prom, freshman year, drop-ins. Homecomings. Junior year. Bud over the bridge. 76 mph. Hey man what the Ffff. Smitty. Elmers. Locker room talks. Football practice. 78 Challenger beach w Darrell. Bob. SKID. Jock hall w Danell. fenderbenders w Darrell. Senior year Likes Family, friends, girls, roadtnps. weekends. Money. Football Dislikes Getting up for school. Cops. Rumors, bad grades. Middletown foot- ball team Ambition College, career. $$$. and a Woman by my side, make more money Thomas James Lineen Lankeen Memories Track. 83. 84 . 85. 86. Mudruns. 300 hurdles. 2nd place. NWC. J V. meet Vermont. Sugarbush. Per 1 Electronics. Mr Wolfe. Craig ' s cactus. Per 4 History. Mr Lattanzio. Hey Pal. Ventura Days. Landscaping with the car. Coke, runs with Bob and Mark. Sleeping in Cadillacs Weathersfield Cove. The carnivorous eggplant. Ski trips to Vermont. Three Mountain Lodge Likes Coke. Rocky Mountain. Spring Water. Skiing. Hiking, cycling. Ver mont. all my friends Dislikes New Coke. Mudruns. 300 hurdles, dropping the baton, homework. Getting at G A M Ambition To be an Electronic Technician 91 Kelly Longoria Holme s " It ' s worth the price to have one thing in your life that’s absolutely perfect” Memories TOBY 7 30 84 4 4 85. Fairfield. Beach house. Summer of 85 ' . per 4 Horticulture with BA. J B , W N . Plain view. ANDY 6 26 85. Cable T V . Cruise nights on Berlin TPKF. . Blk Fjirlane, Jod that’s yoor sock ' Dad. Pammy. Tra. Uncle Pete. B B . Eric. Angel. Cujo. Scambies. Phill Collins 6 22 85. Jod ' s Dad. Nancy. Rich. Hurricane Beach Party " Jill. " Ronnie. Steve Hot tub Nites, Arnie ' s Place. Cruising in the truck. J T . A T . M . staying up ’til sunrise. MY BEST FRIEND J M ' Likes 70 MONTES. Cruising, sunsets. SKITTLES, full moons, unicorns. Burger King. Lighting, calzones. NICE BODS. A P . Jet Skiing. Quads. Cosmo Dislikes D R. Monday Mornings. Spanish. BERLIN, looters 9 26 85. cops, no power, two faced " friends " Ambition To have lots of money and live on the beach on a tropical Island Jodi MacQuarrie " You can spend all your time making money — you can spend all your money making time " Memories The Suncastle. beach w HOLMES. Jet Skiing. Hot tub Nights. Arnie’s Place. World famous cookies, toll booths, painting lessons, rugby players. MAGGS 9 18 79. trail rides, horse shows. 4 H. N Y C . every Nov , Span ’84. the O D . F A scooter. AAMRR 83 ' . Southwick. N H S K . Moracco with M L , June 16, 1986 with J K . PITTS. Earth Science w K M . Florida NS B, good times with K L . A T . J T . MIT. K O . K M Likes GPZ 305. Quads. Skiing. Mags. Mercedes, roadtnps. concerts, skittles, beach people — RS. S.S . " Jill. " R G . N G . waterbeds. 911 sc. NICE BODS, weekends Dislikes SOCIALITES, headaches, speeding tickets, being broke, getting up for school, stop lights, jelly fish, sun burn. 9 27 blackout, per 1 gym. exer ctsing. school bus Ambition To be happy and get as much out of life as possible Steven Mancini Boom Boom " Why do something yourself, when someone else can do it for you " Memories four fun high school years, setback. Dicicco’s jokes, the contusion in advanced chemistry class, a year with McNulty. Fred and the Redcoats. Hose. Bobzi. Chuck. Eric. Bufuss (Vin ny). two awesome band trips to Florida. Mr Orstein’s D ' n ' D. Mr Goodrow. Mr Dktcco ' s McDonald coffee, and Sat morning murder football Likes A hot day at the beach, a challenging game of tennis money in my wallet and a girl in my arms Dislikes Mr Dicicco’s microscopic handwriting " . Summer book reading Ambition To graduate from medical school and to be successful in life Tom Lugli Shaggy " If the action isn ' t around, go looking for it Memories Summer of ' 85. ' Cruise Nights. 4 by 4 Runs. The beach. S T . Power shop. Smokers after school. Carabettas. Swimming at Memorial Pool. The Pool Hall. Roostering. John ♦ Matty. Cutting classes. Bean balls in gym class, and Neck Braces. (7 16), (97). Wasted Weekends. Parties at McDonalds Likes Mopai. Beaches. Parties. Hon da. Smoke Shows. 100, Summers. Ski mg with the Y Dislikes Chevy s. Getting Busted. Get ting stuck. Stuck up People. A few teachers. Jock Hall. B ♦ W ' s Ambition To be happy with whatever I do Jill Elizabeth Maguder Memories Times with B. Jr and Sr year. Good times with E J S L . Spud, laughing with the girls, going out with the guys. Room 219 crew. VOJ. Taco Bell. House in R I . Road trips to R I , talks w Tony. PPPB. Animals of ' 86. Decorating Sr Ct . Voulez vous The Geeks. " Birdie Birdie. " Drill Team Ft Lauderdale. Comm Drug. " Anyways.” The Luau. Powder Puff. Bars. Gosh. The rat. Jr Prom. Sr Ball. Jeff ' s pool parties. Poo Minty. Weekends. Parties. Manu. 9 25 2. Permagnn. Jill Jill Boom ' Likes B. Mom. Dad. Jeff. Lindsay. Nan. Sunny, my R L P Elke. Julie. Sharon. Laurie. Rose. Deen. Ang. and all my friends who I had a great time with Dislikes Waiting, traffic, ram. WPAG. crash diets. J J . rumors, wasted time, rude people, good byes. BCT Ambition To live my life to the fullest Robert J. Marc it zkiewicz Bob " What a long Trip it has been " Gr. Dead Memories 28 Warner Rd. Kens Vet Hospital, football. Frank ' s parties. T L (Hey Man). Chester. Stretch, my neighbor Julie. P F and family. Hey Reuben. Camping at Hammonnasset. R I with Greg. The Lakes. Regality, in itiation night, Sunday football at Griswold. The Old Port. Chrissi ' s Lake. Leotta’s gas, fights with Lasky French fries. Shout, drop-ins. Animal House Likes Mom. Dad. Ev and Monica. music, animals. Yogi. The Beach, all my friends, cards, parties. YMCA. money to waste, life Dislikes 20 hr weekends. Mondays. losing. SIR. lOU ' S. Breakin. drivin with Lasky. being homeless Ambition Wealth. Power. A Happy Family and to become a great veterinarian Steven L. Mauran Steve. Junior Memories Fire of " 84. " Mt Washington. Alaska. Cold rivers. Gungah Dihn. Meriden Mt the tower. U2. SKYNYRD. Bob Segar. Road Trips to Anywhere. Hansons. THE TAN VAN Bungay Lake NOW THAT ' S A FIRE " Likes Chevy ' s. ChrysleT. HEMI. Me OLYMPIA — John in Alaska. Built cars Dislikes Ford cars, newer Dodge cars, getting up early, nothing to do Ambition Become an Electronics Technician, move to Alaska, and be happy L Gregory W May Greg " Always put off til tomorrow what you could have done today " Memories Skiing. A T.C mg, Mailboxes with Gary and Spud. Steve Miller Band. Regals, Football. 29. Town League basketball and softball White Lighting and GP 400. Sussmans value case. Road Kill. Shooting at Harts, tweedy btrding. Suitcases. Ber muda cruise. Drop-ins. Duke Boys. Musky fishing. Caramel. Doc ' s Class. Holiday Inn 22 1 Likes Snowdays. Steve Miller Band, beach. A. T.C ing, ATC 2SOR. Rossignol. stocked refrigerators. McDonald s. Parties. The Stones Dislikes Mondays, rainy days. lOU ' s. Commies. Halftimes. Losing Ambition To clean my room And to do something on time J 92 Ernie Mazzarella Max . Spa . your life to the fullest today, because there may be no tomorrow . " Memories Wrestling. Buddy. The Pines. Willard School. Doug. Ricky. My six Lovely Ladies. J M , TO. T H . L K . TP. IT, Berme and Scottie (The Room). Berlin Bowl Parking Lot l kes Good tunes, my Trip to school, in between periods. Good Parties lh%likes BPD waking up. walk to school, and all the rules Ambition To get as far away from Benin as possible 1 ?! Cathy McC ' aig Cat the answer to all your problems " Memories Lisa. " Girl ' s League " Junior year, friends. Farm Shop. Trip to Spain. Karen ' s cottage. Tommy. Karen. Karl. Farm Shop football game. Christmas party. First date with Tom. Mr Smith. Autumn. Lisa ' s surprise parly, school dances. Hurricane Gloria Likes Summer. Fridays and Saturdays. Farm Shop Crew. Lisa. Tommy. Karen, vacations Dislikes school, rainy days. Mondays. Jocks, socialites Ambition To go to college, be happily married, and have two children and a monkey Kelly Lynn McCormack Kelmeco. Kellogg " Find time for laughter, smiles and love, nothing else matters quite so much Memories 4 19-85, CCY summer and friends, camping in a wet tent. Dreher ' s cottage, color guard (what party 9 ). Honk if . cheese nose, my driving disability and Mobil ' s shrubs, cake met dent. Tom Gram, it ' s a bit nippy, head nurse. Vt . Risky Business wkd . 5 10 85. pnmo ' s, spot. Gary ' s, sign stealing and other crimes. H S . bundi. bedroom window. Miss Priss. Dan. pre exams, air guitar w Meg. toga ' . Fla 85 green M M ' s. pretzel rods and fruit roll up scars Likes Mark, my family (it ' s family night ' ), art. my true friends, being alone, bright eyes, yellow. Monty Python Dislikes clones, any form of bug. fat. humidity, sunpoisoning, busy signals, saying goodbye Ambition To become a successful graphic artist, move to Ocean Dr in Newport and enjoy life with a husband and daughter named Chantal Steven Michaud I Did It My Way ' Memories Mornings Up Stowe Hill Before School With J M . J K The truck. 70 Nova. " The Key. " The WALL, camping up lamo, Vidoxs. 9 13 85. long Cruises. The Beach Likes Motorcross. Snowmobiling. " Jamie. " Long L ' s. The Drags. EZ Money. Skiing. Gold. Benders. Break ing rules. Led Zeppelin. My Friends. The Beach. Partying. Chevys. Four wheelm. Smoke Shows Dislikes BPD . Flashing Blues. Mon day mornings. B H S . Administration. People Who Know It All. Wise Jocks, seeds. Nares. Stuck up people. Being Broke. Hangovers Ambition To be Healthy. Wealthy, and Wise, and To Live My Life to its Fullest ' Thomas G Meskill Judge “The sling of pain will dull and finally fade away " Pete Townshend " Memories SMCC. Getty. Florida ' 83. MFGmg. The Beach ' s. Zucchini. 21 cases, the Volvo. Florida ’85. Alabama. B-hole. Lawrence. The Percussion sec lion. " From the bery. bery top Albert s. Bill and Regal. Injun Joe ' s, camping. Mick e D s. " No. not at all Sir " " . The Brass Lion. Terrorists in Bicentennial Park, and everything else I ' ve failed to mention Likes Nicole, The Who BMW s drums, weekends. The Redskins. Ran dango (Trombosis). Magnum, sleep Dislikes Cheerleaders. Sunday morn mgs. S I R . waking up. Berlin P.D Ambition knowledge, success, and whatever else follows Karin Mihkels " AD you touch and all you see. Is all your life will ever be ' ' Memories Vermont. 3 9-11. A.O.. Shane. A B . concerts with Anne. T and T. pool Mit. 4 6 84 11 5-6 A B . 10 26 84 Dave B . Esto par ties Can N J . N Y. E $.! M J ! L.L. and M K . Beacon Beach. Lakewood. Labor Day 84 . 9 21 84, snowdays. sauce, trips with Laur and Andy, purple lips ' . Laurs ' laugh ' The lemonade stand — A w J and Bud ' Ladies ' Night. Drivers Ed w K.O — KHS ' Lake Carmel, The Dead w Laur. Mom. and Tom Clapton. DK ' s boat. L.D at Block Island. Cold Pills ' The VAN. DT. KR. good friends. 9th grade science w Mit and J . 10th grade science w Laur Class Excursions. Likes Food, Taco Bell, skiing parties, dancing, the beach, family, vacations. E S ' . Bukowskis Dislikes R I P D . 7 4 85. two faced people, bars, getting burnt, getting caught. " Wadder " Ambition To inherit a fortune, move to Beverly Hills, and party! Karen Sue Moody Care " Some people come into our lives and quickly go Some stay for awhile and leave footprints in our hearts and we are never ever the same " Memories Summer of ' 84 MIKE 7 26- 84. Carmela and her guys. Lucy com plaining constantly about guys and whatever else is on her mind. Chrissy and her crazy ways. My brother ' s first day of school Freshman year, listening to Abby Junior year. Cindy ' s accoun ting troubles, yearbook staff. K A in typing for two years, picking on Greg. Concession stand at football games Senior year Likes all my friends. Mom and Dad. my brother New York Mike Dislikes Hurricane Gloria 9-27-85. 1 14 85 — breaking up with Mike — The Army Ambition College, being happy, to en joy life, and become a Secretary L Joseph A. Mora Hose. Zep " Some Are Born to rule the world — to live their fantasies — but most of us just dream about the things we ' d like to be Sadder still to watch it die than never to have known it For you the blind who once could see — the bell tolls for thee " Memories Biking with Erie, working with Vm. Rehearsals at Vin ' s. DMA. Eric. " BOBSIE. " BOOM BOOM Chuck. Raf. John L . " Bufs. RUSH. Ferndale Drug. McDonalds Food. Don na. Junior Prom, playing football with the guys. Drum Major. " Dude Bob Kelly ' s " Jazz Ensemble. George Parks. Jay Bekenstein Likes Donna. McDonald ' s French Foes. Rush. Yamaha Dislikes End of the summer waking up at 5 30 AM Amhifion To go to college, and to live happy and successfully J 93 Ralph J. Muli Mumbly " Nothing is really boring unless you’d rather be doing something else " Memories Friends. Wrestling. Coach Day. Oats. Egg Warfare. Aardvarks. Wide Ties. Wrecking Crew. V ♦ V in Biology. Rocky Neck ' 85. New Year ' s Eve at Ricks. Mr Goodrow. 7 10 84 7 17 84 , 7 23 84. 72 Top. VAN HALEN. RUSH. And FIRM Concerts. Quasi Labs. Terrorism in Bicentennial Park, B P.D . Parties, maneuvers. " Eshee Beshee. " The Bannana Mobile. Quality Inn. Shout. Animal House Likes Lisa. M oney. Wrestling. Winning. Miami Dolphins Dislikes Homework. Spanish I. II. III. High Intensity Drilling, dieting Ambition College. Success. Wealth, and Marriage Rafael Munoz Raf Rav Memories Whipped cream and fruit, football. 180 spin. Physics class Likes Mercury Capri. Saturday nights. 72 Top Dislikes Cops on Demmg Road. Geometry and Calculus tests, brown nosers Ambition To drive a Porsche to work while having the Lamborghini at home Vincent Mure Rufus “In Your head is the Answer. Let it guide you Along. Let your heart be the Anchor, and the Beat of your song " Memories Conquest (The Rise, the Fall, and the Rebirth), football at McGee, the Quick mobile. " But Vin, " “I know that.” Dude Bob Kelly. Joe. John. Bill. Eric, the Beach. Quasi physics. Fred. K G B . Feedback. Leo. The Car. Rehearsals Like s Rush. The GIANTS. Music. Play ing Bass Ambition To Become Independently Wealthy Catherine Nesta Cathy " I ' ve got to set myself free, that ' s just how it ' s got to be. I know it hurts to say goodbye, but it ' s time for me to fly " Memories Mom. Dad. and family Jen. Doree. Kim. and all my friends. Tammy Virginia. 7 17 83 7 24 83 Pud dies. " the three days at Vermont with Lucy. Kim. Connie, and Keith, “froot loop”??, " herby blue. " the trails. Junior Prom. 3 26 85. Dorees parents, " c tails. " 44.” Jeff — " Don ' t bark at me!! " , going to the beach with all my friends. McDonalds. Alan ' s laugh. Jen ' s dog Lily, towtrucks. John F Likes " Pineapple sundaes.” the beach. »4. blue, weekends, true friends, sum mer. holidays, spacing out. golden retrievers Dislikes WAITING, two-faced people, arguments between friends, good byes Ambition Nursing, happiness and success Jamie Ann Neagoda Jaim “Times may change us. but our memories will be forever " Memories Times with Ralon and Kristina. Did your car run away 7 Drive through any puddles lately 7 Where did the water go 7 How about 8 weeks in Greece " Hey Bena — got an extra set of keys 7 ' Strawberry soda incident — your car” " Are you gonna roll the win dows up 7 ” Want me to pick you some flowers 7 Lost on Arch Street. Motor cade 85 ' stop sign what stop sign 7 Sirhc. mij. evets. CMJM. Doc — Don ' t cry " Gaf That ' s disgustin’ " " kick any cars lately — stay away from those red trucks " " Bena. Ray. Lon. Mar. Mar. Kel. " Hey Ray do you know her 7 " Family. Friends. Vaca- tions. WGAFFOA Rolling Donut 9 28 85 Holy Pink Elephants. " Is it my imagination 7 " the " M " Crew The lush is sick " No really. I ' m Fine " Weth Br St undo Dislikes Goodbyes. Rain. Puddles. Rumors. Lies Ambition To be happy and healthy, and pursue a career m occupational therapy Michelle Newell Mn " Lately it occurs to me. what a long, strange tnp it ' s been " Memories getting in trouble. 9th grade gym with Sandy and Karen, my bet with Karen. Berlin Fair ' 83. my base ment. Memorial Day ' 83, Karen and Chris. T and T, New Year ' s Eve ' 83- 84, Roger Waters concert with Jodi and Dave. Stevie Ray at the Agora. Atlantic City w Karen, skiing with J M . flipping Mike ' s car. parties, good times with J M . sauce. Karin. Anne Like s MIKE, shopping, vacations, cats, the beach, neat cars, skiing, pizza, all night ers Dislikes gym. stuck up people, rules. waiting, getting caught, blackouts. rainy days, goodbyes Ambition To be forever rich and happy Edward G. Odiehoo Head Addition " All great men die young and right now I ' m not feeling too well " Memories 2 16 85. Senior Ball 85. The 71 Blazer. 66 Catalina. 71 Delta 88. The green Hornet. The am bassador. Skipping. Freshman Hoop. Turfing at Timber land. Pool hopping. Senior graduation Party 82 with Morta. The Firm with Soup, night maneuvers, egg warfare works, feeding Morta de Quarta. New Year ' s Eve. Senior skip day 85 with Skid and pugs Likes My parents. A M C ' s. All my friends. High Speeds, chases, off roading. smoke shows. Blazers. Gino. Skipping. A M X. ' s, SSTS. money, shakers Dislikes Telephone Poles. Fake Peo- ple. Stuck up girls, BHS. Authority. Teachers. Administrators. Foreign Cars. Four Cylinders. The BDP Ambition To Attend Yale Medical school and eventually become a brain surgeon Karen Kristine Okulicz K° " It ' s not who you are. It’s what you do that takes you far " Memories B-ll. KM at Dr Ed. Agora. Concerts. Skiing w J M . Everybody ' s w Anne. Mit Semorline. AC basement, twilight zones, jellystone park. Donna vac 85- Ac room service, pointless conver the bet. Pink Floyd, vivid colors, the best brother. Beaches, talks w S M . Mun chies. and the best of times Likes Fast cars. Capt . sleeping late, all nighters. cozy evenings, starlit nights, thunderstorms, heat waves, tak mg trips, beaches, lifeguards Dislikes big egos, going home, good byes, gloomy days, alarm clocks, phone bills, mornings after, broken hearts Ambition To live life to the fullest, travel, marry, never lose my youthful spirit 94 William Pajor Hill " The mind is a terrible thing to waste " (United Negro Fund) Memories Montville. Timberland, Gym vents. “Hey Jim. " East Hampton Hill, off roading with the delta 88. pushoff. Canada, ‘why is the moon round.” Drafting 3. Your Grit. “Pick up your books pa. " over the rock, bomb shelter. ‘‘Gary let ' s go fishing. " Muskies. the STUD. The leg. talking like a brotha with Russell. Dropping the gloves. Rocky bulwinkle. Rec leage. Johnny Roaches. Fighting Tompkins. Beating Bossy at hoop. Road kill. The crasher. D ♦ D with Krug Like s Gino ' s per 5 class. Lower Lane Yellow sign. Orchard roadrun. snowbanks. Rabbit Blasting. Bunks fishing. Venzs skating. P B C . Billy Smith. Jai Alt. Lasa Dislikes Chnstain La . Track. Driving in Sponge ' s car. Gag ' s talking. Mon days. Knomes from the west Ambition To swim the Amazon Then go to college Susan E. Pancello Sue As natural as the sun ' s path across the sky Mrmuncb Darryl 83. Mom. Dad. Eugene. Cindy. Donna. Karen. Dean, Nights »ut with Chari, curbs. Tony R ' s. N H S the hill, cal and coke. Good nmes with N C R B . CS. DD.BM ab DG.RG.DL.GC.KD. Vibs. Watch Out. Char ' . New Year s Day tradition. Oh well, where to next. Sound view. The Beaches. R I with K Q . AB SB. Cape Cod. Bern ' s class Thanks Mom and Dad Lilies Darryl, skiing, roses, skating, dancing, movies Dislikes Mondays, last call. " B P D . waiting, headaches. Rainy days, unhap py faces Ambition To go to college and have a happy life Deborah Lynn Pawlicki Paws " But if the while I think of Thee, dear friend. All losses are restored and sor rows end " Memories Class of ' ‘86.” Florida 83 and 85 Kathy and Caroline, band rehearsals with Fred. Football games. Jamie. Karen and my cat Fifi in anatomy, music camp. Heartland. Hap py Meals. Homecoming dances. Doc. B Gor C L., relation ships and friend ships, movie nights, being a senior. New Wave Music. Con. and my locker Likes Fall nights, time at the beach, sunsets, time with friends, having a good time Dislikes Homework, long weeks and short weekends, bad days, good byes. Monday Ambition To be happy and to become successful in the medical field John H. Percival Mack " Vem Vidi Vici " Memories 10th grade Per 7. Spots. Luggs. Sarge. cutie. Hank. Gino. Sum mer of 85. Stan. Fred. Pigeon. Skid, the Wall Stuttering. Buck Teeth. Mel. Pencil Necks. Riverside with Al. Staf ford on Friday night. Going racing with my Dad wherever the schedule takes us. PAR. Gram and Gramps at the beach. Sting 29. The Silver Bullet. Warbs. And ND. The Spnng of 86. KB.BD.KS.SB.JM .AT.KD Likes Women. Fridays. June August. Friends. No homework. Gagging on Gary. Hockey. Working on the race car. the beach. 57 s. GRADUATION ' " Dislikes Sunday Mornings. April 17. 1985. Homework. Jimbo. Wednesday morning. Mad Dogs. AIDS. Green Teeth, and long hair Ambition To Become Healthy. Wealthy, and Wise Todd Richard Pampuro Stretch " You can ' t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find, you get what you need Memories 3 7 85. Pinhead. S M C C Tom ' s Parties, Trambosis (flandego). Guts. Lynn ' s " get together . ' NB. L S Talks with Karen. Buddy. Iowa. Wrestling. Knstm. Camping w C O Y the Pyramid, Sandy S.. Homecoming ' 84. CC (B B). Times w D W . T L. P F . Fighting Darrell at B H S . " Hey man what the ? " . " If I had a dime " Hey Rueben. SANDY (H B ). Jr Prom. C Hunts w Paul. Gagging on each other. " This isn ' t good " Likes Family. Friends. Regal. H Pie. Parties. Bess and The Phoenix. Wrestl mg. Football at Griswold. Electric Squirt guns. Bugs Bunny Dislikes Mint people Stuck up Girls. Haunted Cellars. Cutting Weight. Losing Ambition To be happy in whatever I do. Daniel Paul Paquette Slip. Claude " A thousand skeptic hands won ' t keep us from the things we plan, unless we ' re clinging to the things we prize " Memories Basketball at Prince Tech, my 17 pt game. My many 0 point games, following EO ' s pathetic car to Montville. getting chased by strangers. Bob S ruining my newspaper, the TV show. Canada 81 . Uncle Joes Like Foreign cars. Georgetown, money, movies. Martin Short. Alex P Keaton. TV Foreign Music, suits and ties, success Dislikes Boots - Jeans and plaid. High Noon, pessimists, people who won ' t dress different unless all their friends do too. right end of the radio, 99C movies Ambition To become a successful, happy, and healthy Entrepreneur Karl Pearson Kristin Pfahler " If love doesn ' t last forever, what ' s forever for? " Memories Andre. 4 6 84. cheerleading. Europe 84. Doc ' s class McDonalds at 9 30 w Amy. Sal. and Rocky, talks w Paul during Chemistry and physics. Band trips to Florida. Jr Prom. Homecoming, summer of 85. “In a field " talks w Todd. B B B w Chnssi. Spirit Dance 83 — " Wanna Brownie " 15th hole at Timberlain. shopping w Beth and Kelly. 4 a m . our Hawaiian luau. sparklers on M s lawn, getting lost w Carolyn. " Who ' s Rmont. " Frank ' s Initiation Party, the all-nighters w Carolyn. Sue and Kathy, cast parties, shopping in Boston. Per 4 study w Jeff and Jeff, all the great times w Andre Likes weekends, the beach, the good times w Amy. Chrissi. and Karen. Par ties, football games. Mom. Dave, red roses, hugs Dislikes Good byes, tears, rainy days. Mondays, fighting Ambition College, to be married and live a happy and successful life 95 Caimtli Pistritto Carla " A friend may not last forever but love does ” Memories Chuck ' 82. The Italian Fest ' 84. Darryl R , Sicily ' 84. Fontane Bian chi. Claudio, bars, with Tony on pi . Capt M . D 6 b 84. Joe 11 14 84. Karen getting thrilled in Mass . Sebby C . Tim (Canada). Navy Base. Keith. ' 83 Mr Wow, K getting a piece of the action. David 8-18 85 (Sicily), topless beaches. Granpa ' 82. Sicily. Frank M S M 8-3-85. Christmas ' 84. H-calls. Bill Souder Jr Likes Traveling, meeting people, being alone. Survivor and Journey Dislikes lies, two-faced people, rumors. loud noises and drugs Ambition to travel for a long time and be successful in life ' " It takes both the sun and th e rain to make a rainbow " Memories " The Europa. " Europe 84. Drill Team. Powder Puff Football. Sum mer of 85 w D B . LYNN ' S " GET TOGETHERS. " Tennis w Mr Hall ♦ the girls. Rash and the sex machines, " The Imperial " Pigtail Patrol. BBB w Knsten. " What a Mother ' " . C.A and Slurp. Twinkle fix. Karen and " The Boat. " " Trigger. " Animal House. " Can I sleep in your car?’ , " Oklahoma. " The beach. The Steak Club (2x), " Why be normal? " Like s Bruce Springsteen. Parties, smiles, my friends, white Rolls Royces and red Porsches, first snowfalls Dislikes Snobs. Break ups. Mid terms, getting up in the morning Ambition To discover what my dreams are before I try to realize them. MONEY ' ! ' Sandy M. Pollicita " You only live once, but if you live it fully, once is Enough ” Memories Initiation. Florida ' 82. New ington Trip with R P and C D Injuries. Homecoming. Jr Prom. Budney ' s cot tage. R P and his Pinto. Summers in Florida. My McDonalds chair. Parties with my boss in work. Spaghetti on A. B s white dress. R P s sickness at G.M s Albert ' s house. Algebra " notes " with T D Senior skip day. Moonstone. Finding R L and T H in R P s car " Talks w C.D . " Ed ' s car at Willard Likes Bud. parties, beaches. Rortda. Ronda girls, money. Sleeping late Dislikes Mornings. 10 20 84. B A ' s work Ambition College. Sportscasting. Mar riage and happiness Karen Elizabeth Prefontaine Kar ' Til follow the path and find my future I’ll follow the wind, and let it determine my dreams " Memories " youth, " spirit dances. Canada " 83. " Nikki tied (races). $65 00 per?, which room tonight?. Ronda " 83 " ♦ ”85. " Dances, all my friends. Lynn ' s house. “Franks. " beach. D.Q Buddies. Talks with Chrissi. Roger library. Drum major " 85. " Be-Bop. Dead man ' s curve. Zweiblesons (steak club). Powderpuff. Football. " One More Night " 3-30-85 Likes good times, memories, hot tubs, the beach, love, animals Dislikes Rumors, liars, good-byes, ex- ams. people who talk too much Ambition To go to college and have a successful career with animals Most of all to fall in love with the man of my dreams and be happy Robert L. Quarti Morta. Chicken Chest " The best is yet to come.” Memories Freshman year Graduation Party. VH concert. Cruising in Ventura with Lank. Power Wagon. Ed sports n cars. Wrestling at Sals. Lurcho Bomb. Griswold Fireworks — wars. Sponger ' s Reversers. Hyper. What da Heck. Mobil crew. Baja Carts. ST strip road. Zicky ' s civic, streakin ' . Wood Dealer Choice, smokers. Wasted Weekends. BBG Likes Pike Racing in the Super Sports. Motorcade in the Lemans. Riding in the Lemans. Riding in the Baja IH. Hallway brawls. Getting even during parties Dislikes 11 11 84. Getting blocked in by BW ' s. Dragged by carts. Jock Hall. Speed limits Ambition Do my best, be happy L. Jeffery John Powers Jell " Alls I need is some tasy waves a cool breeze and I ' m all right " Memories TA ' marks, Crystler crasher. Timberlm Raceway. Fla with R R , Catch that wave. R I with E and S. Cold beverages. Shakers. Quarters. Parties at Alberts. Lil sis and the crew. Initiation. Hornet. Road trips 70 . BHS Football. Coach P . Vermont. Ski ' n at sundown. New Year ' s Eve at Sals ' , and Megan ' s " 84 " Likes Tight pants and sweaters. Mud dy practice. Depth. Weekends. Shep s Hort Class, O ' s cottage. Study ' s. Albert ' s parties Dislikes Stuck ups. Sittin. Middletown. Losing. Mondays. Rules. R Ambition To be successful in whatever I do. and make lots of money Robert Louia Pugliese Pugs " Take it as it comes " Memories Times at our place. J R prom, U R I Weekend. Moonstone Beach. Skiing trip. Budney s Cottage. Mill Pond Attack, Feb 9. 1985. Race to Rhode Island. Pa Pa Gino. Parties at Alberts. Regal ' s Pinto Bar Royal Spruce. Mexican Quarters. Football. Ed ' s Shnozzola, The Catalina smokers Like s Doree. the weekends, pumping iron. Rocky and Dolly, beaches Dislikes Stuck-up people. Mondays. PR ' s. Pintos. Red Necks. Zeeks Ambition College Patrick J. Ralph Howdy " It’s not what you know, it ' s who you know, that gets you through life " Memories McDonalds. Trombosis (Fandango). Frank ' s House. Elmer ' s. Sunday football games. Riding — Gnss In The IH. Junior Prom. Rocky Neck. Shaharazod. Dancing with Liz. Being a doctor for Sue. Animal House ' 86. Paul ' s CHT CHT. Food Fights. Removing J.C. ' s locker door (All of them). Night Maneuvers. Scavenger Hunts. Frosty. 4th of July Griswold bat ties, toilet papering cars. Furniture in the parking lot. M 80 ' s in JC ' i lawn. F B and F I . Division St . Bill " Regal. " Talking with Liz B about Bob F ' s Jeans Likes Anti mint characters, playing cards, football games, spending time with friends, terrorizing J C . listening to R S make fun of the freshmen, the Frosh girls ' shorts in my class I taught Dislikes Radar on lower lane. J c . mint characters, grits. Motley " Daryl " Crue Ambition To own a business empire and crush the working world competi tlon around me 96 ;=: Eric Reed • Work like it dll depends on you. pray like it all depends on Clod " Memories B H S Track Team, cycling with Joe, Football at McGee. National H S . Dicicco ' s coffee. Summer of 85 ' . McDonalds, " the cage. ' ' chief. Beata Z . My first Mud Run. Honda CX5(H), Patty D . " Get a REAL Job ' " , Hoser, Raf Vm, Steve. Robsie. John, the Nimitz. Chuck TOO meter hurdles, " Welcome t - the Twilight Zone. " The Saga Exit Stage Left again. " Take off ' " . 12 turn. Zap it to me. " Warp drive. You Can Never Go Back. P I G likes (Toting Vacations long rides, summer weekends. Track, football, sleep. (..hmJiows class. Good music. Dislikes Getting up at liAM the acci dent, the Peru Express wmdspnnls. F.nglish first period, shin splints Ambition To become an electrical engineer start a business with my brother, and live a good happy life William Ringroae Bril " Life is a maze, time is the way. fate is the end . " Memories cutting r.c.. 8 11 84. the barn, volleyball. Y M . Square. YMCA. 3 20 85. The Rez . 5 17 85, les zeat. jumpin ' , bombing. Halloween 82. The shop. Snappers. Silver Lake, twister. Riverside. Crutch. Likes parachuting. S.I.R . freshman year, delicious cafeteria food. Dislikes PPPC, bus, junior year. English Ambition Happiness, success, and lots of money. Gordon N. Robinson Sponge " But Officer " Memories Timberland. Reversers. 77 concorse. The Cordabalor. Baja. Almost GTO. smoke shows. Tubing in Farmington. Turf in. Pool hoppm. Dealer ' s choice. Motorcode 85, snow bank crashing. Boulders Cruise nights. New Year ' s Eve. Blue Ridge. 30 Days, crashing, running cops weekend at powers. TAmarks. streakin. Like s Fast speeds, getting crazy, wild weekend, cool smokers Dislikes Flashing light. Breaking down. no gas. disappointments Ambition To live happy with lots of money. Sandra Rice Sandy Sam " We live in a world of illusion where everything ' s peaches ' n cream We’ll all face the scar of conclusion But we spend our time in a dream " Steve Miller Memories Past summers. ESP. 81 ' , 83 ' ♦ 84 ' . Gr 9 gym with KS. BK. MN. " Field Trip. " 85 ' ♦ all the good times I ' ve shared with Deens. all the good times with Don. HR. with warbs and my wake up crew R R+R. 12 31 84. " Let ' s leave " C S N . The tower. B D . Karen S. Laur. Karin M. Barb, and all the rest of " the girls. " S S with L H ♦ K O a few teachers Berlin Fair 82 Likes My friends, the beach, weekends, days off. camping Dislikes BHS. and all of its stuck up students. 3-hour detentions. Heavy metal, working weekends Ambition To live a satisfied, happy life. Robert Ritchie Bob " Does Anyone Remember Laughter? " Memories Elevators. The Cuda. second lunch. The Reservoir. The road warrior. Torino GT. Bob Dude. " DAZ- ED AND CONFUSED. " Night Rider. Off Reading. Ragged Mt . " HEY HEY WHAT CAN I DO? " . Baker and Ed.. SI AC . TPG47. Gran Pnx Driving. U2. 90125. Smoke Shows in power. 340 Magnum. R T. TA. AAR. Stripes. 11 5 84 Like s Mopars. Led Zeppelin. Weekends. Summers. Vacations Dislikes Camaros. Fords. Speed Traps. Mondays. Flashing Blue Lights. Jock Hall Christopher Rozycki Chris. Zicky " Do it while you can " Memories Studies in the cafe. Honda. Elevators. The Dead. Zeppelin. Ed. Bob. Bob. 442. GTO. Weekends. Trips Hacky Sack. Skiing. ' Been Dazed and Confused. ' Like s Lounge, concerts. 442. Hacky Sack, Frtsbee Dislikes Jockhall. preps. Chevys. Mondays Ambition Make someone happy while you are happy Elke Sabina Ruepp “Take A Walk On The Wild Side " Lou Reed Memories Frank 10 16 82. Great times w my friends, my family, Jill. Jule. Shar. Laur. Bong. All my fri ends. 1 17 83. My Animals. " In the Even ing. " Amadeus, " geeks. " H. Beach Party, summer, weekends. Initiation — 85. beach. FLORIDA ' . PPPB. WPAG. Permagnn. VOJ. 219 crew, poopers. Tacobell, Germany and Austria, yaw. R I . Frosh and Sr year. Old Forge. The Monte ss. ' Honda CB900F, Shop ping. Polo. H Drug. Colour Guard. Voulez vous . Pooh-Minty. P Puff Football. Tennis. Skiing, Snowmobiling Ambition College. Happiness. Success L. Alan Ruesicky 97 Gary Russell Gar. Gus " No one can make you feel inferior without your consent " Memories Cards, parly hotline. Mur ray. Stanley. Soyka. »23. Parties at Coomes. the tub. road trips w Troy. Rhode Island. Spuds field, crazy Leo ' 84. " Bugs Bunny. Doc’s class, foot ball. Rec league, getting lost. ' ' It’s a good thing to do. Musky fishing. Frank ' s parties. The Duke Boys. twee ty birding. Rocky and Bullwinkle. Junior Prom. Johnny roaches, camping out at Harts, cappy dogs. Mac Donalds. A T C mg. " It’s the starter. " Leotta’s flip. Lasky ' s House. 73 Montego Mx. Road Kill, good times with Laurie. “The bird w Pampuro " Likes Mom. Dad. vacations. Beach weather, salt water, fishing, seafood Dislikes Mondays, alarm clocks. I.OU ' s, nose bleeds, commies, shin splints, big heads. Hypocrites Ambition College, wealth, and success Craig Richard Rutkoski Hut " Hard work is the key to seeing your dreams come true “ Memories Vacations in Florida, Chuck Madigan’s freshman basketball. Phil ' s half time talks. " Only 27 exits to go. Cliff. ” Three months with Dawn. Pwt ' . M M M Ball Game. Losing golf balls to Gus. " Clear out of here pal ' ” The Nooch. Cadding for Gary Pmns at the GHO. Dire Straits concert. Junior Prom. Tony ' s clothes. Soccer. " That ain’t workin . " 10th grade Biology class. Crazy Kristin. Aunt Bunny. LISA Likes Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Eddie Murphy tapes. Boca Raton. Inmsbrook, Working at pools Dislikes " Phil " del Castro. Definitions. Suicides. N Y Giants Ambition College. Get a high paying job. Retire in a condo in Tampa. Florida Anthony Sachetti Toe “It is better to look good than to feel good 1 " Memories Karen Tolomea. Sept 17. 1983 Vermont Mom. Dad. White Sands. Mr and Mrs Tolomea 1. Coach P . Hunting on Saturdays. Gus. pancakes. Puckoms. Wing. Leota. Kellie T . Fishing with Mr Tolomea. Farmington RiveT. " Big Boy. " The boot. Football team. Training Mick to hold. Frank Albert ' s back yard. Intense practice, thin thigh pads. Anna. Zup per. Skid. Working f R the d U haul exit 9. Duck Season. Lynn ' s “get togethers. " Unkis. Peckral ' s Farm. Hot spot, field goals. PAT ' s. Regality. Nug gey. sit down Sal. Flipper Likes Saturday morning football games. Coach P . Mom ♦ Dad. football practice. Gusoes W ancke house, fishing with Mr Tolomea. kicking field goals. Howdy. Karen T . My little chickadee » Dislikes Monday mornings, moods, morning after. Aunty Bunny, shaving, homework Ambition play football in college and major in sports medicine Lori Ann Serafino Lor " Time may change us. but our memories will remain forever ” Memories Hillside, cow. The Mcrew 9-28-85. Holy Pink Elephants, air guitar, recuperating. WGAFFOARD. Kel. Mar. Mar. Bena, Jaim, my Family. Princess. I taught him everything he knows. Hockey Stick Heaven. Cheerieading. Burger Bullets. Cape Cod. T Z . peach fuzz. yeh. yeh. yeh. B R . Fred ' s philosophy talks, section leaders. It ' s blue!, is it real or my im- agination!? The toe Patrol Dislikes Mondays. Rainy Days. Good-byes Ambition College. Happiness. Success Abigail Jean Seelye Abby " We don ' t need another hero " Memories April 20th 1985 Scott and Grover SAP " Animal " Martha ' s Vineyard Driving with Scott and Lucy. T yke Pavano Land Likes Scott. Family. Goodtimes. Good Friends. Drives. Boating rainbows. Hot air balloons, smiles. Hugs, babies and private places Dislikes People who don ' t know anything that think they know everything Ambition A good life with plenty of love Wanda Sibley Memories Even though I came on my last year. I enjoyed Berlin High School very much Sharon Lee Silguero Gismo " The roads ahead are unknown but the memories behind are unforgettable " Memories Mom and Dad and Family, my Best friend Paula. " Louigie, " All my friends J N, S B. S D. K A. Freshman year — KE.MR — 6-15- 85. Lake George - 7 27 85. Senior Ball " 86. " California. Connie ' s screams. Dean ' s Big Mouth. Jill ' s Morn ing " Hi. " cruisin in the firebird M A Bow. Bow. Bow. M+M ' s. Gismo KaKa. voulez vous Likes Summer, the beach, sunsets, purple, pink, weekends, parties. Lake George " 85. " " The Vernales " Dislikes Waiting. " snooty people, staying home, my Green car. Rainy days. Mondays, goodbyes, getting stuck ' Ambition To live life to its fullest David Simard Dave " If I got anything out of this school. I got myself out " Memories My ' 72 Gran Torino, the pike. Florida. Mickey Finns. Goat meet. Ned. C D . before work, road trips, cruising. Frankies Likes GTO ' s. smokers. Joe ' s goat. Red Hot. Cruise Night. Charlie Daniels. Motley Crue Dislikes school, jocks. 3 hours, bread trucks Ambition To become independently wealthy 98 Lucia Simon Lucy " Take lime lo be friendly, it is the road to happiness, lake lime lo dream, il is expanding your horizons, take lime lo look around. Ihe day is too short lo be selfish " Memories Paul. Summer of 85. V T with K T . C N . C G . April 23. 1985. four years in English class wilh Kim. working with Karen S al Food Marl Ihe weekends with Paul. Berlin Bowl. Driving up and down ihe Berlin “Tpk in Ihe Sky hawk, all Ihe lalks wilh Rich P . Mom, Dad and my sister, Per 5 with Paula and Connie in JR year. Giving Sharon S (Gizmo) a nde every morning Like s Paul. Mustangs. Fast cars, winter, summer. Red, loud music. Go tng lo the Beach, All my friends. Frootloops Dislike s wailing, being late, ram, fighting, two faced people, rednecks, backstabbers. Big mouths. Good Byes Ambition To own a restaurant business and lo be very happy in life Robert P Siati Bop Most ’ ll ain ' t over til it ' s over " — Yogi Berra Menu met 55. 157 169. My friends. Coaches P. Day staff. Oats. Cap! . football games Wrestling Matches. Maneuvers Summer " 85. Newington Hockey Team, ihe hatchery. BPD scavenger hunt. Save s workshop. Last second victories. Sal ' s philosophies. What the Heck. Da Ha. Quality Inn w thaving cream, appliances. Reminiscing w Jim. Sal. Rock. Me Goodrow. Doc s class soup Dislike Giving up. Pam. R B s Locker stones wrestle offs Likes Dallas Cowboys. Girls. Victories. Corvettes, Money Sleeping late. Jim’s Father Mr ♦ Mrs Urso AmbiUon Success, wealth and a future that will make History Karen Solek Dot " If the sun refused to shine. I would still be lovin ' you. when mountains crumble to the sea. there would still be you and me " Memories 6 9 85. 6 28 85. summer of 83 ' . good times with Sam and Deens cruisin ' in the lemon. Meridan Tower, places and faces, truly destm ed. 9th grade gym w Barb and Sam failing gym. saucin ' , class excursions, everyone at Kooks. Soyks. Steppen wolf concert. C.C.R . all-nighters Likes Keith, summer, beaches. Led Zeppelin, the old tunes. Novas. Chevelles the truck, parties, working w Lou at F M . days off Dislikes Twofacers. backstabbers. burns, selfish people, filthy packages, bad deals, good byes Ambition Live. Love. Laugh Steven Sirko Scirpo " You can ' t always get what you want " Memories CG. Stowe Hill. Harts. Get ting Arrested. Hanson’s field. S C. K S. M D TTN P B Vodoo Childs. Bombers Likes Beach. Lunch. Fridays. Weekends Parties. Fishing. Hiking. Girls. GL Dislikes Rules. Some teachers. Preps. Joe Studs. Jocks. 3 hours. BPD Mon days. Journals. H W. Stuck ups. S B Ambition To become a Carpenter and build a new world my way ' Rick Smolicx Smohche Memories 68. Football Murderweek. Coach P . Savs woodshop. 73 Plymouth Satellite. Football practices abusing WB Metalshop. Sav. ”83 " Woodrow Wilson. Meridan Mall Skid Turner. 84 JV. Football 5 2 Avon. Tolland. Boston Fenway Likes 68 Mustangs. 67 GTO Softball. Football. Woodworking, sleeping late. Saturday Night Live Dislikes WB, School. Homework. Murderweek. Monday Mornings Ambition To be healthy, wealthy and to have a successful career James Darryl Soyka Jim " Never relax at all with your back to the wall " Memories Maneuvers. Pyrotechnics. Newington Hockey team. Quality Inn. Summer 85. Iowa 1984 and 1985. Real serious discussions with Gary. Ye ole camping trip. Memorial skate hop ping and crashing. Ms Milum ' s class Raping spanky. Magoo. stick of Doom. H drug, sleeping in Hartford. Blake residents. Bop. Bake a cake. Robert Plant. B P D Sr Ball. Stan. Murray. Rocky and Bullwinkle. Russels f rod Likes Coaches Day and Oats. Hornet. URed Sox. I H $ U R U KB.BHS football B H.S. Wrestlin. Baby Bats, 19 Fred Lynn, Large Plots of Land. Pull ups. Sharpastian. Tammy. Greg ' s dogs, biking. Floyd Dislikes Darrell Wings L09C. Bop ' s Laughter. Bop ' s wrestlin outfits. RB ' s Locker roomtales. Bob Surplus. Mint Characters Ambition To nail ducks to the wall. I and later fly helicoptors and maybe a triathalon or two Heather Elayne Speer Hea " Time slips through our hands but memories stay in our hearts " Memories Phillip. 8 18 84 3 30 85. " I want to get to know you. " MELPHS. cheese-knife, fearsome foursome, all mghters. My dinner parties, long talks w Meg. late night swims. Martha s Vineyard w Lynn. canel. floss your teeth lately — cln? R D — you can dance — come on ' , sign steeling. BBB. S H . REASONS. L R C TURN THE PAGE. Per 7 w Meg. Miranda. We ' re going to the zoo ' . Lynn ' s Wedgies. 20 mcnuggets from P G and P D . CA — 85 BG . EK . PM. ♦ MK - AS Tracy — A S.I.J A S . want 2 M L 9 Likes My Family, Phil. S.C. big sweaters Long rides and bacon cheeseburgers, the Marions ' . Martha ' s Vineyard ' Dislikes Monday morning, goodbyes, crying fits. rain, talk to me ' F I. — 85 ' knives Ambition College, health, wealth and happiness Lynn Carol Spendolini Spogetu " Our memories together, may they never end. always together, forever friends " Memories Freshman year. BBB nights. Fearsome 4 some, Football games. Cheerleading. Summers in Rhode Island. Martha ' s Vineyard w Heather. laughing attacks with Meg. Good talks with Nik. Pep rallies. JR Prom. My " Get-togethers. " All mghters. Albert ' s parties. D W . G.L . B M School plays. Long talks w T S . Moons. The " look with Marci. " S A . Good times with my friends. Parties. Convertibles. 16th B-Day Likes Wild Weekends. Ravioli ' s. BEACH. R I . Skiing. Togas. Chinese fire drills. Red roses. Teddy. All My Friends. My family. Thanks Mom and Dad Dislikes 2 9 85. Haunted Cellars. Good byes. Wedgies. Rainy Mondays Ambition College, success and happiness 99 Wendy Anne St. Aroand Tootles. Angel “Love is like a rainbow that leads you to your dreams " W S and S R Memories Kurt 3 11 85, Talent nights. Plays. TB 83-84. Florida Escape 1985 w Kurt. The W D Crew (no more), 7 years w Mr Kelly. K D . PT. KB K C. KM. DC, M K . B J . L J . 4 6 85. Animal House. Class ol 86. Class of ' 84. friends. Senior year. 9 13 86 ( 7 ). Pep Rally ' s. C.G., Happy H.O., " Jarheads " (D H . B G . S P .). Sgt B . S R . advice from all. football games. Girls League Dance 1983. El Camino ' 73. Lotto. Likes Kurt R Steenhoff!. Music. Chevy ' s. Cruise Night, Drive-ins, Kurt ' s family. Sm L. friends, changes, dreams Dislikes Stuck up people. Immaturity, Ford ' s, clicks, rules " ' , being alone, be mg controlled Ambition Maybe go to college, become famous, get married and live a happy, healthy and successful life Kim Ann Stanowaki Kimmers “Everything is only for a day. both that which remembers and that which is remembered " Memories Mong ' Softball and hoop. Double overtime Plainville game. Coaches Milum. Hall and Parciak. Val ' s house after pgame. ' 85 NWC S ball champs. K P s. cottage, quiet Twiggy. Coffee Buddies. LA K.H " Freak a oid. " Central S ball and v ball games. Mass w flyers, Kristen. Tully ' s. " Just Be Good To Me 1 ' ' Mali Scenery. Hoop Camp. Girls ' State. 4th of July ' 85. Raton. Pammy. Keller, Dawn. Dolby. My Aunt and Uncle MOM ' Likes Music, Summer. Tans. Muscles, Pictures. Memories and life. eyes, and smiles Dislikes Mean People and Goodbyes Ambition To experience and leam all that I possibly can. To lead a happy and successful future. To share special times with special friends Christopher Michael Steciak I Chuck “Don ' t let the past remind us of what we are not now " Memories The mill pond attack. JC and RV " The Rock. " Bristol, " T. " kew. John. Skip. Markevich road trips to New York. L M and Dots at the beach. D.Z . J D and C.N . what babes, the Pajama top sisters, TW at Skinners. Fuzz on my CB. I’m sending the bill. C Drug before work. Dave ' s Hypo. “Hey Horawitz, " “The Big Cras h of ' 85. ' ' VH " 84. " “socla Ned " Like s " 65“ Goats. Chevy ' s, money, parties. Friday and Saturday nights, concerts, traveling, pumping iron Dislikes Mopars. bondn buckets, stuck up women. Monday ' s PR ' s. Red necks, zeeks. wimps, mint jocks Ambition To be an Electronic Technician Cheryl Suprenant " Travel light in life, take only what you need a loving family, good friends, sim pie pleasure, and someone to love " Memories Tony 11 18 83. My Fami ly. My friends, Jennifer. Barbara. Paula, Beth, and Sue Talking with Bar bara and Sue. Bern ' s Reprographics class per 5 + 6. Junior Prom. Senior Ball 5 12 84 Joking around with Bern in A 4 Talking with Mrs Knopf, playing with little kids in child Development in C l. Joking around in English in A 7 Junior year likes My Family. Tony. 11 18.83. sunny days my fnends. Movies, talking with the gang, my job. taking notes in history. Dislikes Rainy Days, mean people. Monday mornings, surprise quizzes Ambition Get married to Tony and be happy, healthy, and enjoy life Cynthia A. Surowiec Cindy " Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the trip worthwhile " Memories Rocky Neck 83. 84. 85. 8 8 83. Hawks Nest 84. 85. Uncle Fester. Floundering. Malibu. T and T. Grant. Mailtruck. Lifeguards. " Chris and Mark. 8 number games. 9 ft. wall. S600 Kinichiti. What ' s summer for? Maaxx. Fruitboys. ' Dats stupid ' Formal Dances. ' But CAN I?’ Florida. G F H D . Drill Team. Bus rides to foot ball games. ' Honk if you ' re ’. Nor man you old poop. H O Y L T. Thp Thp Thp China. ‘Don’t look at me but Floss your teeth lately? ' QOQ. Barbie. Chester. Hobby horse Likes Summer. Todeschim ' s. Mom. Dad. Vacations, movies. Thorpe. Beach Money Lol. Uncle Joe. Aunt Shirl. Fridays Dislikes Mondays, rainy days, tests. J S.T A.. H B . being late. feet, good byes, heartache Ambition Health. Wealth. Happiness and Success John Sullivan John L. " You can’t get something for nothing; You can’t get freedom for free " Memories Band with Fred. Rich. Skip. Bob. and Mom Frost. Mr Goodrow, Kingaroo. and Bundy Florida. Egg Warfare, football with Kackzor. bobsie. boom bom. Eric. Hozip. and Boo-Boo. V and V in Mr Kirschtem ' s class. D and D with Avi. Aardvarks. Ralph. Phil ' s mega tests, pocket pool, wide ties me.. Terrorism in Bicentennial Park. Pirating Computer games. Mr Dicckio ' s coffee. Mr Handbury ' s Quasi Labs. Setback. Rambo. Arnie Like s Money, women. Time Magazine. The Journal, covert coperations. Foot ball. Rush. Dire Straits, skiing, G Q , Camouflage. Rambo Dislikes Homework, summer reading, moustaches, wide ties. Mint Jocks. Marlboro ' s Goats, and Communism Ambition Attend college. Join the Ar my. and become President of the U S Megan Mary Suranna Meg " The moment may be temporary the memory is forever " Memories My family incl. Bo, our eights, fearsome 4 some. 115-83. T M B B B . midnit swims at L P. laugh attacks with lynn, serious talks with Heather. Long Toe, Primo, cheerleading 82 84. Florida 85 ' . Toga ' Gang Bath, night maneuvers w kel. Shar. Cindy. Summer of 85 ' . 3-14 84. Mid, Ron . full moons 7 15 8-9. Elton John. S.T ' s Per 2 with SB. L B I . cats. MPI with JP. CD and SP. playing bells with shar. drummers. Bud- m. Reasons. S it . Per 7 with Heather. Babycakes. all nighters. my pinching technique. $5 dollars. Annamana telephone!. The " party” Tank, air guitar with kel Likes My family, cruisin ' in the conver tible. holidays, weekends, payday, snowdays. all my friends, etc etc Dislikes Mondays, tears, goodbyes, succotash, car troubles, floating things Ambition Nursing. Health, wealth and happiness Gregory S. Szczepanik Hyper " As I travel the long road of life, I feel my ways will change towards the better part of my knowledge " Memories The Leg. Red Honda. COY. Beach Canpont. Boys ' State. Mud runs. Hunting Fishing in Georgia. Driving tractors. Track. Reservoir run. " Hey Jim, ' ' Fish Hat chery. L L Yellow Sign, chanawang. Weekend missions. Egg. Appliances. Warfare. Motorcade. Cowboy Hat and Boots. 12 1 84, Junior Prom, states. Stall el. Jeff Szczepanik ' s ways. Long Talks. Cruisin. T bowl " 84. " Scavenger Hunt. Lunch. Mint Like s High Jumping. 1600 meters, waterbed. spiffy dressed, delicious foods, my brother ' s talks, time to myseH. campouts, going away on vaca tion. study hall, gossip Dislikes Zhods, rainy days. BIG MOUTHS, homework, dogs that bite, rumors, peer pressure Ambition Get a marvelous education, which will take me on my way to a pro- sperous and easy life 100 Amanda Jan Tacctii Mandy " Take it slow. Take it nice, il it comes easy take it twice.” T D " 85 " Memories Summer ' ' 85. " Mom and Dad. John and Jenny. Debbie. Jamie. Jason. Michel Susan. Whaler Games Florida ‘‘85.” The Moon, docks, best friends. Summer friends, summer N an ' Power station with D H . ||g0gy Crue. Day Trips. Camping. Par ties n the summer. Garfield (Jamie), love tree. Trust Me Jamie drove l ,k es the Beach. Summer " 85. " Fridays Day Trips. Honda. All mghiert ramping. The phone, heat, g., , tr rated. Friends Q km Mondays. Not being trusted. Two faced people Not Getting my way R D TZ.ND AmKr. ' Ni To be happy and try to do very thing in life I possibly can Also try t. fulfill all of my Dreams Julie Thorpe Juelle. Jules " I decided long ago never to walk in anyone ' s shadow, if I fail, if I succeed, at least I ' ll live as I believe " G B Memories Memories of TB with SC. old Calvins. Meg and MPI. 8 17 84. MAAXXX. TRAPPED ' 5 27 85. Un cle Waldo. The Whisker. Right ' . Sal sais cofe. Bop sais Tea. Talks with JT. the swings. The Vega. 92, 94. 86. 91 miles ' !. Thp Thp China. Norman, you old poop ' . Ethel Thayer. Hobby Horse. Long Beach Island. The Vata Vapors TS. motorcades with JT, Cind and Jul. JT. SC, KB. Sal. BOP Likes The beach. Summer of 83-84 85. Laura Ashley. Bruce. LBI. Lit chfield. My Family Dislikes Should have, could have, would have. Tuesdays. Rain Feet Mint. Orartde Vegas Ambition Health and Happiness. Ph D in Psychology. Red Mercedes 450 si. Julie Todeachini Juelle " Goodbye stranger, it ' s been nice, hope you find your paradise, glad to see your point of view, hope your dreams will all come true " Memories RICK. Junior Prom. Rocky Neck ' 83. ' 84. ' 85. Mrs Biff. Thelma T F . 9-ft walls, number games, the jeep and $600. doctors ' office. Tweaky. " No Guy Hawks nest 84 and 85. Tanqueray. 8, the mailtruck. Mark. Ed Ted Fred and Jeff, beach weekends with Rick, canoe trips, the Firm. Genesis. Skiing with Jodi and Rick, motorcade with Julie. Doc. D T . Homecoming 84. 20 x. GFHD. JC. JM, KL. KM. Cmdy and Jul. Likes Sunny mornings and warm nights Dislikes Headaches, calories, empty promises, lies, and 10 2 83 Ambition Dark blue, convertible MG Cindy Lee Thibault Cm “It is not how much we have, but much we enjoy " Memories Beach Runs. Cruise nights with N E . T M . Vibes, sunrise in Ogun quit. Trip to Maine. " It ' s been Real ' Proms. Westbrook ' 85. Madison ' 84. shopping sprees, " cane Gloria. 9 29 85. Let s go Crazy ' ”. Kill ington. Horsebck riding with C S . The River. Mousse fights, first date Boston. N Y Trip. " This is True.” ML.RR. C S . going down the river He turned her into a dog ' . " Hey blondi ' " . " A D in the media.” sliding with D P . C.P . M S . babysitting MC.J.C Likes Sunnses. quiet times. Ogunquit. Close friends. Trail riding, canoeing, sunsets, skiing. Roses, walking on the beach at sunrise. Brothers (sometimes). Dislikes waking up. Junk cars. Homework, misunderstandings, good byes Ambition To be really happy m whatever I choose to do with my life, hopefully something in the medical field Anne Todeschini " Live every day like there ' s no tomorrow ” Memories Hawks Nest ' 84 ' 85. J M the mail truck. Ed - Ted Fred. Mark Grant. Kinichiti. the canoe trips. Good times with Karin. Everybody ' s with Karin. JM. MN. KL. tanguray Cindy. Parties, the lounge. TM. Ladies Night. Labor Day ' 85 Michael, the races. MF. are you American 7 Anesette and Charlie. Where is Spain? Andy Likes Vacation. Mom and Dad. danc ing. music, racing. Camaros. the Mihkels Dislikes Mondays, stuck up people Ambition Happiness, money Christopher Torrosian Chris " There are two paths you can go by. but in the long run there ' s still time to change the road you ' re on " Memories Montvllle 9 13 85. Crocket. Freshman Basketball with Chuck Going to Foran Windshield Drive back from Beefsteaks Bill D and my dog Newington trip with " V. " Bob. Jim. Pugs and " Skidder " LIPS Dtiv mg with Ed. Mr Baretta. Caruso Fight with Farmington coach Beating Peter Depa my freshman year 5 17 82 Fighting with the Farmington coach for the second time Likes Tennis. Hockey. Canadians. Dennis Savard. Caruso. Weekends. Mac . Zep . Going to Hockey Games. Celtics Dislikes MINTS. Mondays. Walking to School. Authority. The System. Islanders. Farmington. Bruins. B P D Ambition To be wealthy and successful. Kim Turner Kimmers (W T F ) " Our memories together, may they never end. always together, forever friends " Memories Keith (Boo-Boo) July 4. 1984 summer of ' 84. going to Vermont with Cathy. Connie. Lucy and Keith, going out on weekends with Lucy and Cathy. Outside at lunchtime with everyone, The day I met Keith, seeing Lucy ski for her first time (What a joke) Aug 14. 84 English with Lucy for the last 4 yrv Jen D Karen S, Sandy R. Connie. Cathy N. Lucy S. Larry W. and everyone else! Likes My friends, family, camping, ski ing. the times with Keith. " Calumets gray tent. " " Pirnc.” The beach. The Park. " Trucks " Horses, family Dislikes Having anyone be mad at me. some days at school To have an argument Ambition To live in New Hampshire and to work with little children. To be with Keith forever Salvatore Urso Sal " Don ' t rob yourself of being you by try uig to do what others do — Life is an adventure DARE IT! " Memories Night Maneuvers. Friends. 12 1 84. Egg Warfare. Cheryl. Sum mer of ' 85. Freak Mt Crazy Crew ' 84. Motorcade ' 85. Griswold, my house. Appliances. T bowl ' 84. The Truck. 5 mpg. BPD. Freshman wk ends. " Come on over. I ' ll be ready ' ”. Phone Calls. Scavenger Hunt Likes Hangm . 1963 International. Cop Cars. Colt Quarts. Fireworks. Summer. Coach Day. My parents. Summer plays. Cast Parties, ad lib solos, sunny days. McMurray Dislikes Bad weather, mint. The Shaft ' 83 and 85. Boys ' State. Hi intensity drilling, problems, arguments, work. " Cnpe Sake ' ” and co Ambition College — Always be happy ' 101 Mic hael J. Ven«zi«no III V ' ‘Accept your limitations, then exceed them " Memories All the good times. Griswold. Egg Warfare. Shoe leather express. Near deaths with Ed. Toros- sian ' s Tennis fits. Ambassador, interna tional. Skylark. Atlanta airport. Mat thews office. Da Ha. Montville. Freshman Sophomore parties. Sum mers at Sal ' s. BPD. Scannel per 7 (He He). Initiation ' 86. Freshman hoop. Phil’s halftime talks. 26 suicides. Aquinas ‘84. New London Killingly ' 85. Chuck Madigen. Ken ' s lectures. New ington. THE (X) Likes Family, friends, hoop, tennis, beach. Prince. Sugar Hill, being under dogs, trying to golf Dislikes Mint characters. Hard rock. Macanroe, stuck-up girls. Rules. LOSING Ambition College. Wealth and Health. Happiness Paula Ann Mariella Vernale " Even though the living is sometimes laced with lies it ' s alright. The feeling remains even after the Glitter fades " Memories My best friend Sharon. C P . 12 10 83. all my friends. Lucy and Connie in Mr O ' s chem class. JR Prom with Sal. Mom and Dad (my bud dy). Harbor Park and Shaharazods with Rossana Sandi. Pavillion. Cal 83 and 84. Emily and Etore ' . stowhill. Lisa K L T . Johnski and Steven Darlings. Sun at L S Q with Bill. Al and Lisa. Beach. Jaquising. cruisin in the firebird with Doug. San Francisco. Tia Wanna Likes Italians. Fast cars. MUSCLE BOUND MEN T Tops. Porsches. Italian Fest Dislikes Liars. Dirty Looks, waiting, goodbyes Ambition To live in CAL. own my black porsche. to be rich and Live my life to the limit Ralon Marie Violette Lonnie Ro. Roll. Rob Ray " Wear a smile and have friends, wear a scowl and have wrinkles What do we live for if not to make the world less dif ficult for each other? " Memories Swimming. Traveling with Witz and Amy to Seattle. Colorado. Ohio. San Francisco. Ft Lauderdale and especially IOWA ' Excellent times with Jaim and Bena. B- 1 . " Don ' t be sad Jules " Long Talks with Kimmer “Get out your gun! " S.O.S.. my buddy. Dave. Mike Bud ' s flat tire my Mercedes — whiplash — " Rigghtt " C S the rock. MAINE. Grammy and Grampy. Mom. Dad. IV. UNC Arizona and Os Likes Swimming, eating, smiling. Dislikes Mushrooms all kinds — Feb 25th. " Crash. " Rainy Days Ambition To always be happy and to succeed in all I do Preston Vukas Vokie " Of all the things human which are strange and wild. This is perchance the wildest and most strange " By James Thomson Memories Talent Show 84 ' . Rehear sals. Track 85 ' . radiator crew and those just passing through, soccer games, beach. EM Classes, Mr Smith ' s Algebra II class Likes Horror movies, music. Italian food, guitars, moonlit night, hiking, fishing Dislikes Running, vocabulary, term papers, waking up in the morning, six teen hundred Ambition To break into the business world or the music profession Pamela Jean Wallace Pam. Pommy " Seize this day ' Live it For in today already walks tomorrow " Memories Ralon. Twiggy. Kimmers. Dolby. Nancy. Softball 23; Basketball 25. Volleyball 18. K P ’i Cottage. C.K.; obnoxious green bug; K.L. ' s nourishment class, making all state with Annie and Lon. Kelly, going to Val ' s after the plainville game. Coach Parciak; Coach Hall. Coach Tango; Practice. Community Field. Sage Park. New-Old Gym. Ralon ' s swim show; Saturday practice; softball camp. Florida. R.S Patience, " level swing " , my bat; 1st base, " huckleberry " Like s Mass . waterskiing. Mom and Dad; Softball. Volleyball; Basketball. Whalers. N B Red Sox. Mt Southington. Mt Snow; tubing; W H . Ryan ' s Dislikes Good-bye; Exams. Freckles Ambition Go to college for business accounting and play softball Be the best at whatever I do Be happy, wealthy, and win the lottery Thomas Joseph Walsh M J Walts “Nothing is opened more times by mistake than the mouth " Memories Track ‘83 ’84 " 85 " 86. Prom ’85 with Pam. good times with Pam ’84 ' 85. Lankneen. Cote and Chicken. PU; M2, Landscaping, killer squir rels on warm up lap. E.R . Trip to Europe. Germany. France. Belgium. Holland (Hofbrauhous — the whole thing — gumby) Rocky Mountain Spr ing Water. Mr Lattanzio ' s History class period 4. Hey Pal clear out of here. The radiator crew. Sugarbush and North. St Paul ' s Fife and Drum Corps, meets. CF and DA. St Pete ' s Cheats, Let ' s go for 40 guys, the first Likes Rocky Mountain Spring Water. Track. Skiing, javelin. 800 meter, nice people, girls. Cote. Lankeen. Pam . The Club. July 26. The first time Dislikes Mondays, homework, the day after. Choafe. losing. 1500 meters and above, shinsplits. Freshman year Ambition College. Military, to make a lot of money afterwards Mike Webster Rambo " If you love something, set it free, if it doesn ' t come back, hunt it down and kill it Memories War games. Beach Runs. The Blue Light 1984 South Catholic game Talent night Westbrook. Karen. Parking lots. Meriden Mt . movies with Cliff. Tony, and Preston Caroline 10th grade 1985 Murder week. N E . Hur ncane. Roy Traybright. Lockerroom fights, virtues. Junior Prom. Blowing up my hand Valentine dance. Radiator Crew. " Con REO " Likes Westbrook, war games. Karen. Caroline. Kim. Ofdsmobile. Football Karate. Money. Booting, winter sports. Jogging, weight lifting Dislikes Russians. Middletown. Empty tank of gas. Big Egos. English Moslems. Summer Ambition Senator Clifton Robert Wind " The union of the mathematician with the poet, fervor with the measure, pas sion with correctness, this surely is the ideal ” — William James. 1879 Memories Talent Show ' 84. Summer ' 83 Beach runs. 84 election. Driving a hundred miles to see a Berlin football game. Flonda ' 83 and ’85. The radiator club. Gino J Lattanzio. Keep- ing Mike in line at any social gathering. Freshman Initiation. Hoop with Dave A and Dave S . Taking Chevy to River side E M III Likes Music. Fine Automobiles. Travel mg. Money. Close Friends. Camping. The Finer things in Life Dislikes Rudeness Ambition Travel the World. Chief designer of FerTan. and or a profes- sional musician 102 Darrell M. Wing Chester “Don ' t be ordinary " Coach P ' 85 Memories State Finals, Coach P Foot ball. Baseball, wrestling ' 83. Leotta ' s money. Skid ' s laugh. Todd ' s length. Summer with Tracy. Middle B. Big B. Little s Larson ' s temper. Lasky ' s boat, our friend at Regal Trip to U R I East Beach. Hey Man. Bob ' s brain, talks with Bob. )ock hall, pep rallies. Sal ' s Varsity baseball, freshman year. New Year ' s. Key ' s to victory, pre game nerves, oxen otta. Toe. Parties, out the front window. Lynn and Nikki ' s spirit, sports, and on Like s Murder week, summers, fnends. football, baseball. Tracy and family. Jeep, weekends. Albert ' s parties. U R I Burlingame. Bob s attitude, lock hall with Leolta. all of H S Competition Dislikes Losing. Middletown. Pregame. Plainvilie. goodbyes, mint people. B P D end of H S . IOC. Skid ' s ders Ambition Becoming competitive and having a great life Dawn Marie Wotltiewich Happy times may come and go but memories last forever Memories ROSS 8 25 83. Mom and Dad. (talks w K B ). Summer of 83 and H5 (N B w S B ).. Camper. Camaro ' s. Rhode Island. Rocky Neck. Bryan Adams. Paul. Wolcott. Wtbry. Chooch. Sparrow. Pike. McD s. Reservoir. Early Mornings K B 4x4 s. Willow Brook Fast Cars, sleep outs. Beach. (N H ) . K L . Lady Jane. All my iriends. Cruism. getting lost Likes My good buddy. " beach, fast cars Foreigner, late nights, weekends, parties, 86 Dislikes Half and Half. Stuck ups. liars, warm br . waiting, close calls, bees. Monday ' s, being bored, goodbyes Ambition To be wealthy and to become a nurse Larry Woodward Doree Catherine Zuder If love Doesn ' t last forever. What s forever for 7 " Memories Robert. Feb 9.85 Times at our place Jr Prom Dreher ' s cottage Kel ' s driving Madeline’s talks. Adven tures W Nested and Jen Risky Business. Weekend Kel s cake Inci dent C Tails G and T ' s Definitely. Family. Vacations. Aruba. Racing to Rhode Island Mobil ' s shrub. Christopher ' s talks Karen ' s mouth " Hey Baby F F bowling. Car wash. Skiing. " Oh rob my cigarette ' s in the window " Armpit w Inga, " the walk. " Thanks Mom. Dad. Sean. Gram. All the times W Rob Like s Rob. Mom. Dad. Sean. Gram. Monty. Nester. Kel. Jen Traveling W Gram. C ho wing. Aruba. 84. 85. 86. U 2 Chns chi chi ' s. Snow Dislikes Mondays, rain, diets, disagreements W Rob. being agitated Ambition Nursing, happiness, health, and to spend my life W Rob in Aruba Maria A. Zovich Mki " We all need the clowns to make us smile " - Journey Memories 12 11 82 J R . The auditorium TR. in the woods? 1 " B K walking the pike. T R " Grapes’ " . Berlin fair 83. S K I want a divorce ' ' " The seat hit me ' " Halloween 83. skating, cruising the pike. The radiator crew. T W . P V Mr Smith ' s Algebra 2. 4 28 85. Nick, " pregnant’! " P F . 3 30 85. " French Toast ' " , bondo mobile. " BEEP ' " . " B B has no B ' s! ' . Special times with Mile, paper ring. Cheese boxcar, wizard. Night Owl. Spike ' M W . Italy. " Whoder?”. Guidow The purple tie. Being an x mas elf with Wendy Likes Sunsets at the beach, long walks. The Saiga ' s. New Youk. roses, snowy nights Dislikes Prejudice people, arguing, goodbyes Ambition Happiness 103 Most School Spirit Bruce Greenhalgh Lynn Spendolini 104 Nicest Eyes Janet Cap Billy De Blasio 105 Class Blusher Mark Cote Marlene Burkarth Most Artistic Dan Paquette Kelly McCormack r fjotaUei 1986 Most Friendly Timmy D’Addabbo Sharon Jones Class Clown Kelly Ingalls Tommy Meskill Most Likely To Succeed Laurie Cayer Gary Russell 107 Most Talkative Karrie Bienas Greg May Class Flirt Greg Lasky Sandi Bianco 108 IflotableS Most Athletic Greg Szczepanik Kim Stanowski Most Mechanical John Kazersky Jen Driscoll Most Studious Charles Kaczor Mary Catelli 1986 109 1 Mere We Me!!! 112 ,jiilu2 At SWtf Hi 0 £ , - ( ux»- p oy L rnJ- -. y ,i r l y fa 23 " i lax. yyj ' r-— Q f ' ' ’ " 3 jpf - 4 f J a 9 « ,Aw% o .. 3W n« i BECAUSE LIFE IS NOT A SPECTATOR T SPORT BEVERLY, Rccboh TENNIS FTTNE the RUSSIANS I0PIA ■W m m V T TANNING CENTERS q.vV 114 SENIORS o " ' • I » _ tfHUOtS k r V SUPER BOWL SUNDAY GEORGE CARLIN 8f w i l Q s £ JOHN VALBY and A ■ - ohn Coooor M »ncomp V leomt to the remaking ot Apoca ' pse Now Sean Peon, addressing his wedding guests Why M«? ID FOR AFRICA fHE REF m SENIORS 115 Pete Townshend does his Rockett es imitation for the BBC hot doesn ' t have a leg to stand on. Neither does Roger Oattrey. ClrsS favor-oxs HflU S iofetg - oe.«-T p ’ oT MoV L toifem N ' fteA - 9, 10 eu- srn-u-r g.ftOlO ‘ g.T P r 0»0 ' ' C » »-3M ftcxfiJiSS Srt Lv.tsj MAcLftIKiV RUboM : cdCio 14 . -X TV 4 . C C. O ' n m j a nr r cnc 116 SENIORS -ty. shoo • Mo»X (=prtT Footi CH N)V t 7 3 e crtt. epob ' S HOCfT TVlCHUJ- »o 60 « CH ' • OOT ' • ftUOVt-TS. Tufi wav : C oWt l4 t SpC- Karen Prefontaine, Lynn Spendolini, Chrissi Pohlmann. Sherry Ciaffaglione, Nikki Bozzuto, Lori Dombrowski, 118 SENIOR CASUALS Nancy Gajda, Maria Zovich, Sharon Kaszycki, Kris Lindgrin. SENIOR CASUALS 119 Kathy Nesta, Jen Driscoll, Doree Zuder. Top: Anne Todeschini, Paula Vernale, Andrea D’Amico, Karin Mihkels, Larry Woodward, Barbra Krukowski. Bottom: Lisa Haines, Attillio Lacanna, Heidi Kuhnly, John Kelly. 120 SENIOR CASUALS Cindy Thibult, Lisa Fongemie, Cathy McCaig. 122 SENIOR CASUALS SENIOR CASUALS 123 Chris Torrosian, Bob Quarti, Ken Frisk, Pat Ralph, Mike Veneziano. Steve Mancini, John Sulliv an, Eric Reed, Vin Mure, Joe Mora, Charles Kazor 124 SENIOR CASUALS Karrie Bienas, Dawn Wotkievich, Jill Maguder, Sharon Jones, Julie Bandzes, Elke Ruepp, Sandi Bianco, Rosanna Blancaflor. Jeff Gystyla, Jeff Powers, Paul Ficks, Roger Larson, Tom Meskill, Darrell Wing, Greg Lasky. Kathy Abair, Kristen Pfhaler, Susan De Grandi, Caroline Chyra, Amy Erikson Pam Wallace, Kristina Dizes, Jamie Nesgoda, Ralon Violette, Kelly Ingalls, Nancy D’Agata, Kim Stanowski A SENIOR CASUALS 125 Thomas Galvin, Ken Frisk, Dan Paquette 126 SENIOR CASUALS SENIOR CASUALS 127 Lucy D’Addabbo and Karen Moody L 128 SENIOR CASUALS Paul Cousino and Mark Cote SENIOR CASUALS 129 Gary Russell and Greg May John Percival, Mr. Latanzio, and Ken Frisk 130 SENIOR CASUALS M Pre- Vacation Week at 8 MS MONDAY Another week has I have so much homework! • SENIORS 131 TUESDAY A n assembly lasted most of the morning. We all fell asleep. During study we went to senior court. Mr. Hanbury gave another exciting Physics lecture. We had a test in math. Tried the Salad bar at lunch. 132 SENIORS SENIORS 133 Because of the vacation, (He was in a good WEDNESDAY in English. we ate breakfast In lunch we read Data Board We visited the kids in Child Development mood!) We took a lot of notes In study the Then we had Anatomy with Mr. Kirchstein 134 ACADEMICS Thomas Galvin Principal Donald Delisle Assistant Principal Maureen Walsh Assistant Principal Jeff Wayne Director of Media and Independent Study Christina Archer Paul Baretta Art Coordinator Physical Education David Matthews Assistant Principal and Athletic Director May Ambat Reading, Dept. Head Gail Bates Mathematics Joseph Calise English Christine Colaiacovo English Judith Cowell English Philip Crockett Jean Curtis Sandra D’Angona Mathematics Science Technician Foreign Language. Dept. Head J ACADEMICS 137 Dominic DelConte Guidance David DelGiudice Science Pamela Dennis Home Economics, Dept Head Robert DiCicco Mathematics Morton Dondes Social Studies Gloria Frost Mathematics 138 ACADEMICS Fradell Fuhrman — Science Susan Gombar — Special Education George Hall — Social Studies. Dept Head m Ricahrd Hanbury — Science Martin Innes — Mathematics Richard Kaminski — Mathematics Paul Karam — Samuel Kassow — Music Coordinator Scholar in Residence Robert Kelly — Music A ACADEMICS 139 Karen Loughery Student Teacher of Mathematics Susan McGuire Foreign Language Raymond Lowell Business Mia McMahon Librarian Janet Lucco Physical Education. Dept Head John McNulty Science L 140 ACADEMICS Bridget McVicar Student Teacher of English Emilio Merlino Art Jeffery Miller Business Alice Mitchell Guidance Violet Murphy Social Studies Judith O’Brien English Spero Pappas Guidance Psychologist Evelyn O’Hagan Special Education Avi Ornstein Science A ACADEMICS 141 Kenneth Parciak Physical Education David Pasco Industrial Arts Albert Pelligrinelli Physical Education Mark Peters Student Teacher, Social Studies Robert Recor Industrial Arts Patrick Phaup Business, Dept. Head it. A A A A A 1 Fred Russo Science, Dept Head Robert Poglitsch Industrial Arts Stan Sangeloty Guidance, Dept. Head 142 ACADEMICS David Scannell — English, Reading. History Mark Schmidek — Special Education Audrey Schubach — Foreign Language Miner Shepard — Science Kenneth Sherrick — Mathematics. Dept Head Ursula Spiegel — Science Ernest Spieler — English. Dept Head Rex Smith — Mathematics Marsha Strucaly — Art. Attendance Boss A ACADEMICS 143 Saverian Torino Industrial Arts Betty Trider Business June Valentino Business Carol Virostek English Thomas Warburton English Chris Wolfe Industrial Arts. Media Production Assistant 1 John Horrigan Media Production Assistant Diane Wolf English £ Barbara Brown Media Technician Clerk L 144 ACADEMICS Florence Gontarz Home Economics Aide Delores Knopf Special Education Aide Mabel Holmberg R.N. Anne Belomyzy Secretary Ester Criniti Secretary Linda Kargul Secretary Rosalind Ward Secretary Shirly Revoir Attendance Officer Russell Baldwin Head Custodian ACADEMICS 145 Congratulations , ' £ l OS 5 of 1986 ' , 7J0e unit rnWti ou. . lIlianKs for,4he x? ' memories. ' ooHucK, , » ' r M ckM i m. • Compliments of Plaz orist 9 Webster So. Rd., Berlin, Conn. 06037 r CSk5B 828-5196 VjrjtUW Prom Flowers — Flowers for All Occasions 146 ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENT 147 148 ADVERTISEMENTS CLASS Of iQfo Mfty cUl your m 2Mories be ihe best. FroM the freshwen ciass of ' 87 87 j i t k ai. $rier(ey- olimon Dlte DLriit . Ktnunfton, Cl 7 223-5492, 225-6336 ADVERTISEMENTS 149 Jo Jke CL aAA 1986 Jrom = 7 . ’ jrinn i Wl, ere Xjounq Cldulti Can 3i nd IdJearina 9 st PP are Cdor Cvery CX ' ccaAion Dfaue %jour pictured Dal, en Jit sierra Studioi Certified fKofeiiionuf photographer Walter s of Meauti ul piitureS your tkoite o JJooraJ Outdoor photography facL ’ayes nJ Dolio 478 South ftlain St. flew Sri tain flower $- (Polled- fcenBington JFurntture 913 FARMINGTON AVE KENSINGTON, CONN 06037 _ Jfoufilian TEL. 828-4133 yQ ency Jtl Dorms of insurance aKensington Cjladd Co. Jnc. Jit JCinds Of Qlass jokLnys Class of 86 ' i Jou look man elous j.t. g... . pt .0 g.„ • m . uu g... • ( templet Store Dromlt Store WinJet Seem KpoirJ 830 ' IXJilhur Cross Dkiyhuay Merlin. CD 06037 f oo„ 828-9303 828-6341 Anthony C amitleri 1020 Dmrmimftoe Xm Proprietor DCensioftom, CD 06037 ADVERTISEMENTS 151 152 ADVERTISEMENTS £ W. Will A rum r 9 enc V 3, ndurance 865 A arming ton Avt ACansinfion, CA 828-3584 Dyna Wash Washer-Extractors M CORPORATION 37 Commerce St. East Berlin, Conn. 06023 203 828-0311 Wicron Co., Jnc. 586 foaming IQoaJ IZartin, Cun. 06037 DJapluma ( 203 ) 828-3566 828-4341 £im Oi flu Conyratulati onA CiaAA of 1986 Atom the d. m. Ooj c, om jany Country AarmA ProJu luce 1,6 Witt St. B.rtin, CD 06037 D.l Vo. 828-1,54 C onyratufationA to ,!u Cta. of 1986 IRVING R BECKER. R PH WILLIAM R CARLONE. R PH FERNDALE DRUG On Bu tint n Dfoui c3tta[t(i PHONE: 828-0325 41 CHAMBERLAIN HWY KENSINGTON. CT 06037 ADVERTISEMENT 153 Business 828 4886 A Music nl fin Wusic Center, 3nc. 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CONNECTICUT 06037 TEL 828 6391 ran Cfioounni Curt. Dj.xLni -Ctbbit Santtrrt JJburt.n. CurJM. Sufki. jo I.Cou.L ‘Jt tpkont 828-0 466 1020 CJarmington Jot. JCtntingion , Comm. 06037 Good Luck Redcoats OVKK YKAKS NBT TOURS 828-0511 • DELUXE CHARTER COACH SERVICE • PACKAGE TOURS ARRANGED FOR GROUPS AND SCHOOLS • ESCORTED NBT TOURS — CALL FOR DETAILED INFORMATION • SCHOOL BUSES AVAILABLE FOR CHARTER RENTAL • EXCURSIONS TO DOG TRACK THE NEW BRITAIN TRANSPORTATION CO. 257 Woodlawn Road, Berlin, Connecticut 06037 ADVERTISEMENTS 157 C ongratufati ons Class of ’86 ! Manufacturers of Cups and ( ontainers JbivisioH of 3ndnilri.S O J BriJyarJ Ian. - K.niinyton, C 3 06037 1 203 ) 828-6338 Sherwood industries litc. SHERRI-CUP • SHERWOOD TOOL • WORTHINGTON METAL tO h ]ain St., - Kvn iinyton . ( 3 06037 ( 203 ) 828-4161 158 ADVERTISEMENTS Ifflorcinde dford Jf nc. J4ave jou Jbn DorJ - lately? Jest Wishes to the C lass of 19H6 Worande Sard 1 nc. 250 Webster Square KJ. Jerlin, Conn. 06037 828-3546 VILLAGE 3SSSSSS83SSSS3S CATERERS Ml Occasion ( atering with Stair 166 Witt Street Bertie. CD 06037 828-5333 ihiJ 828-9569 -Xu pi a IXenovating Co., J)nc. Steeptefmcle — DnmreJ Service TTjaSonry — painting — XV a ter- proof ing Hoofing — Hoof Hepairing — ( uu hing Steam C taning — Qo J Jitafing Delis lupia, pres. 250 Wilbur Cross . Uigltuag Berlin, CD 06037 j UUC A Custom Tailoring and Alterations ALL TYPES of LADIES, MEN ' S and CHILDREN WEAR Tolophono 828-5519 MEW WEBSTER MILL PLAZA 13 Webstar SQ. RD. Berlin CT 06037 ADVERTISEMENTS 159 DJ. 828-am V. B. Bandy Bo., Jnc 21 W.t Stn.t feerfin, CD 06037 V«o Britain Bandy Bo., J, nc. %eCaro jewelers ltd. Hoy 2trmm. II Wrljtr Sy.or. Hoad Bor in, CD 06037 B,st of JCucL to tlio C lass of 86 Wkofoia o distributors Candy — Dobacco — Cigars — Cigarrttrs — DJ.B. 4. 4 — Soda — Sundries — co 4 .KodaL Di m - Brook , Bond, - Co fm - P.f.r prodati. c omnium Hu d rut, 35 Wrist,, Syaar. JUk CD Hd. 828-6584 Hi, Lard Dodxia Hf Hit lard Ok. Hf 160 ADVERTISEMENTS VIII i62 must. i2erlin , (VlJ 06037 828-1804 161 ADVERTISEMENTS Congratulations From Your Yearbook Photographer We Hope You Will Continue to Think of Us LORING STUDIOS New England ' s Leading Portrait, Wedding and Yearbook Photographers 162 ADVERTISEMENTS I would like to express my greatest thanks to Yearbook Advisor Mr. Scannell and Business Advisor Mr. Pasco. Both gave Julie Todeschini and myself, as well as the entire yearbook staff a great deal of their time and effort towards the completion of this year’s yearbook. We would like them to know that their hard work was greatly appreciated. Without them, this year’s yearbook would not have been a success. Karrie A. Bienas Editor-in-Chief Mr. David Scannell Mr. David Pasco EDITOR ' S MESSAGE 163 s eniori Abair. Kathy 81, Notables. 28, 125, 168 Albert, Frank 81. Notables Andruskiewicz. Donna 81 Bandzes. Julie 81. 1 1. 121. 124, 26. 34,35, 168 Berger. Karin 81. Notables, 15, 23 Bianco. Sandra 81. Notables. 124. 80, 168 Bienas. Karrie 81. Notables. 27. 124. 127. 80. 34. 35. 17 Bittner, Kathy 81. 29 Blancaflor. Rossana 82. Notables. 124 Bloor, Scott 82. 129 Bober. Ken 82.29, 32. 167 Bozzuto, Nicole 82. 15. 1 18. 26 Brown, Melissa 82. 57 Bugay. Sarah 82. 23 Bunton, Kimberly 82 Burkharth, Marlene 82. Notables. 119. 23. 32 Burleigh. Mark 83 Campagna. Joseph 83, Notables. 121. 42. 34 Cap. Janet 83. Notables. 28 Catelli. Mary 83. Notables. 27. 30. 32 Cayer, Laurie 83. Notables, 10. 28. 29. 31 Chamberland. Russel 83 Charmut. Nadine 83 Churchill. Anne 83 Chyra. Caroline 84. 27. 125. 23 Ciaffaglione, Sherry 84. 27. 1 18 Corazzo. Jennifer 84 Costa. Cynthia 84. 27 Cote. Mark 84. Notables. 128 Cousino. Paul 84. 128 Daddabbo, Lucy 84. 128 Daddabbo, Tim 84. Notables. 11. 60. 51. 50 D Agata, Nancy 85. 125 D Amico, Andrea 85. 31, 120 Day. Brenda 85 Deblasio, William 85. Notables, 31 Degasperis, Chris 85, 31 Degrandi. Anthony 85. 122 DeGrandi. Susan 85. 28. 125 Diaz, Iris 85 Disarro. Aggie 86 Dizes, Kristina 86. 125, 80, 168 Dombrowski. Loreen 86. 118, 168 Dorbuck. Karen 86 Driscoll. Jennifer 86. Notables. 120 Dunn. Kelly 86 Dwyer. Craig 86. Notables, 168 Eckstrom, Tracy 86. 28 Erickson, Amy 87, 125. 23 Eshoo, Marlene 87, Notables. 10. 29. 1 19, 168 Faipler. Tommy 87. 31 Ficks, Paul 87. Notables, 124 Fiducia. Anna 87. 22. 29. 1 19. 80 Fongemie. Lisa 87. 122 Frisk. Kenneth 87. 27. 123. 126. 130 Gagliardi, Anthony 87 Gajda. Nancy 88. 119 Galvin, Thomas 88. 126, 32 Geschimsky, Donald 88 Glatz. Pam 88 Glennon. Matt 88 Gostyla. Jeffrey 88. 60. 124 Grabowski, Connie 88. 31. 48 Greenhalgh. Bruce 88. Notables. 41. 54, 127 Gronkowski, Maribeth 89 Hackney. Paul 89. 41. 127. 50 Haynes. Lisa 89. 120 Ingalls. Kelly 89. Notables. 1 1. 45. 58. 125. 48. 32 Kaczor, Charles 89. Notables. 27. 123. 32 Kasulis, Joanne 89. 28 Kaszycki, Sharon 89. 1 19 Kazersky, John 90. Notables Kelly. John 90. 31. 120. 161 Kiel. Marilyn 90. 168 Kilduff, Deborah 90. 44 Krug. Jeffrey 90. 13. 38. 39. 40 Krukowski, Barbara 90. 120 Kuhnly. Heidi 90.31. 120 Jones. Sharon 89, Notables, 121. 124. 80. 26. 32 Labbe, Rich 90. 31 LaCana, Atillio 91,31, 120 Lamoureux, Michael 91. 54. 168 Larson. Roger 91 . 38. 39. 40. 4 1 . 52. 1 24. 53 Lasky, Greg 91. Notables. 10. 124 Lawson, Andrew 91 Leotta, Anthony 91. 121 Lindgren, Kristine 91. 28. 1 19 Lineen, Thomas 91, 54 Longoria. Kelly 92 Lugli, Thomas 92 MacQuarrie, Jodi 92. 28 Maguder. Jill 92. Notables. 11. 13. 22. 121, 124.26. 34 Malizia, Todd 2. 3 Mancini, Steven 92. 56. 123, 32 Marciczkiewwicz. Bob 92, 1 1. 26 Mauran. Steven 92 May, Greg 92. Notables. 130 Mazerella, Ernest 93. 31. 50 McCaig, Catherine 93, 122 McCormack. Kelly 93. Notables. 30. 23. 32 Meskill, Thomas 93. Notables. 29, 124. 32, 161 Michaud. Steve 93, 31 Mihkels. Karen 93. 28. 31. 120. 35 Moody. Karen 93. 128 Mora. Joey 93. 20. 21. 29. 56. 123. 32 Muli. Ralph 94.51.50 Munoz. Rafael 94 Mure. Vincent 94. 21. 29. 123 Nesgoda. Jamie 94, 125 Nesta. Cathy 94. 120 Newell. Michelle 94 Odishoo, Edward 94. 126 Okulicz. Karen 94 Pajor. Bill 95. 44 Pampuro, Todd 95. 121, 51. 50, 168 Pancallo. Sue 95 Paquette. Daniel 95. Notables. 126, 168 Pawlicki. Deborah 95 Pearson. Carl 95 Percival. John 95. 27. 130 Pfahler, Kristine 95. 28. 125. 32. 24. 26. 168 Pistritto, Carmella 96 Pohlmann. Christine 96. 12. 22. 28. 57. 1 18. 32. 168 Pollicita, Sandy 96 Powers. Jeff 96. 124 Prefontaine. Karen 96. 20. 21. 1 18, 26 Pugliese. Robert 96. 80 Quarti. Robert 96. 1 23 Ralph. Patrick 96. 123. 168 Reed. Eric 97. 54. 123. 32. 167 Rice. Sandra 97, 31 R ' ngrose, William 97 Ritchie. Robert 97 Ruepp. Elke 97. Notables. 11. 57. 121. 124, 23. 26. 34 164 INDEX Robinson. Gordon 97 Curtis, Jean 137 Rosicky, Chris 97 D ' Angona, Sandra 137, 26 Ruesicky. Alan 97. 129 Daniels. Susan 138 Russell. Gary 98. Notables. 10. 130 Day. James 138, 38. 50 Rutowski. Craig 98. 122 DeJohn. Margaret 138 barhetti. Tony 98, 39. 41. 12 DelConte, Dominic 138 Seelye. Abby 98. 129 DelGiudice. David 138, 27 Seraftno. Lori 98. 29. 1 19. 32. 167 Dennis. Pamela 138. 27 Sibley. Wanda 98. 129 DiCicco. Robert 138, 38 Silguern. Sharon 98. 80. 168 Dondes, Morton 138 Simard. David 98. 1 18 Frost. Gloria 138. 22. 23. Ill Simone. Lucy 99 Fuhrman, Fradelle 139 Sirko, Steven 99. 31 Gombar, Susan 139 Sisti, Robert 99, 38. 40. 41. 126. 51. 50 Gontarz, Florence 145 Smol»c 2 . Rick 99 Hall. George 139. 57. 48 Solek, Karen 99. 31 Hanbury, Richard 139, 132 Soyka, Jim 99. 50 Holmburg. Mabel 145 Speer. Heather 99 Horrigan, John 144 Spendolini, Lynn 99, Notables, 29. 118, 80, 26 Innes. Martin 139 St Amand, Wendy 100, 29 Kaminski, Richard 139 Stanowski. Kim 100. Notables, 125. 59, 48. 32 Karam, Paul 139, 21 Steciak. Chris 100 Kargul. Linda 145 Sullian. John 100, 123 Kassow, Samuel 139 Suprenant. Cheryl 100 Kelly. Robert 139,29 Suranna. Megan 100 Kirchstein, Harold 140 Suroweic. Cindy 100. 22. 28. 34. 35, 161, 168 Knopf. Delores 145 Szczepanik, Greg 100, Notables, 44. 54. 126 Lattanzio, Gino 140, 130 Tacchi. Amanda 101 Liljestrand, Donna 140 Thorpe. Julie 101 Loughery, Karen 140 Todeshini. Anne 101, 28, 29, 120, 161 Lowell. Raymond 140 Todeshini. Julie 101.27, 121,26.34. 35, 161, 168 Luccu, Janet 140 Torossian, Chris 101. 56. 123 McGuire. Susan 140 Turner. Kim 101 McMahon. Mia 140. 28 Urso. Sal 101, Notables, 29, 126. 51. 50 McNulty. John 140, 27 Veneziano, Michael 102, 27. 47, 123, 46 Me Vicar. Bridget 141 Vernale, Paula 102, 31. 120, 80. 168 Merlino. Emilio 141 Violette, Ralon 102, 125 Miller. Jeffrey 141 Vukas, Preston 102, 122 Mitchell. Alice 141 Wallace, Pam 102, 45. 27. 58. 125, 59. 48 Murphy, Violet 141 Walsh. Thomas 102, 54, 61 O’Brien. Judith 141 Webster. Michael 102, 122 O’Hagan. Evelyn 141 Wind. Clllton 102, 122 Ornstein. Avi 141. 28 Wing, Darrell 103, Notables. 38. 39, 121, 124, 53 Pappas. Spero 141 Woodward. Larry 103, 31, 120 Parciak, Kenneth 142. 47. 58. 46 Wotkiewitch. Dawn 103, 124. 127, 168 Pasco, David 142 Zuder. Doree 103, 120 Pelligrinelli. Albert 142. 38 Zovich, Maria 103, 119 Peters. Mark 142 Phaup, Patrick 142 DacJty Poglitsch. Robert 142 Recor, Robert 142 Galvin, Thomas 136 Revoir. Shirlev 145 Delisle. Donald 136 Russo. Fred 142 Matthews. David 136 Sangeloty, Stanley 142 Wayne, Jeff 136 Scanned. David 143. 54 Walsh. Maureen 136 Schmidet, Mark 143 Ambat, May 136 Schubach. Audrey 143 Archer. Christina 136 Shepard. Miner 143 Baldwin, Russell 145 Sherrick. Kenneth 143 Baretta, Paul 136, 53 Smith. Rex 143, 11, 12 Bates, Gail 136. 27 Spiegel, Ursula 143 Belomyzy. Anne 145 Spieler, Ernest 143 Brittingham, Stanley 137 Strucaly. Marsha 143 Brown. Barbara 144 Torino, Savefjjan 144 Bryers. James 137 Trider, Betty 144. 28 Bryers, Kathryn 137 Valentino. June 144, 28 Calise, Joseph 137 Virostek, Carol 144. 26 Colaiacovo, Christine 137 Warburton. Thomas 144. 32 Cowell. Judith 137 Ward. Rosalind 145 Criniti, Esther 145 Wolf. Diane 144 Crockett. Philip 137, 46 Wolfe. Chris 144 INDEX 165 patroni Andy and Angie Zuder Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Frisk Carmen and Elizabeth Urso Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schubert, Jr. Claude and Joan Paquette Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Seelye Complete Electrical Services Mr. and Mrs. Norman St. Amand Daniel and Karen Wing Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sirko Diane A. Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wotkievich Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mancini Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pampuro Edward and Faye Szczepanik Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krug Ev and Louise Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Amenta Irene S. Bandzes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Corazzo Janet and Paul Vukas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Galvin Jodi’s Mom: “M” Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lineberry Judge and Mrs. Thomas Meskill Mrs. Carrie Sullivan Lee and Walt Wallace Paul and Patricia Eshoo Lester and Nancy Simard Ray’s Garage Miss Caroline Ray and Donna Porter Mrs. Paula Bugay Rita and Joseph Scheyd Mr. Mrs. Charles Todeschini Ruth and Hap Greenhalgh Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Okuliez, David and Karen Stanley and Elizabeth Surowiec Mr. and Mrs. David Kiel Stanley and Susan Pajor Mr. and Mrs. Donald Prefontaine Steven Frisk Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCormack Thomas and Fredrica Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mazzarella William and Arlene DeBlasio Mr. and Mrs. Fred Faipler William and Joyce Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bianco, Jr. William and Katherine O’Leary Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lamoureux Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Bittner Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pentore And a special thanks to: Mr. and Mrs. James Ingalls Herbert and Janice Speer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeGrandi Micheal and Beverly Veneziano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mora Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Ritchie Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Pohlmann Mr. and Mrs. Edward Odishoo Mr. and Mrs. John Bozzuto Richard and Margret Burkarth Ron and Doris Kaszycki 166 ADVERTISEMENTS AUTOGRAPHS 167

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