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 t(2A H-elu Ui u? M ekty (Hc JW dA'i AsUx. a SsOt ' SiV £A- 5eA o4 40 J U tn , V O CLoUxctJLc, AaS-Uz , 0 UA CX CtJ 4 - J ✓l H. Cj frX-c G Zz tfrCtl Cll iAA- lhAaLjtH UM lot dn ■OA-ltVU' Za cXA- %Zua c c claa) jn, w stsuMi) blAAA. o © J %U X O dti c c t ) oJxxJr fV' C y(- feZc4L • % ?V f€ crL oT y €w • .. a ? (jge X. ■ tKA , -Vc fj x J Vu o P Oii Vw-cV. cx- JZx33Li . cxr 3mtvw 4- JlVsoJC"" _£_ jrtxXXaA W. A -yr JL X X JlxXM . V au vVU i i , Hiww) j o -A. V a — u cVa- jl . A jvj V- jqJ ft iLOJua44) CMS4. , A- - ogAx Yax. . O CX VMjjAi CX- .... «- - VH_ «r A V -OC k_ CX A 0-r X £ u - J A , - r 5T JL - . ““n rS w juv- ag xW XL»y t«rr-l—- -i -fvN ) (ruj kUiK . - U L ...tlJfZ I A_ i -w Wua v. cju uo r hw . 3lwu— —a . « ru4- • J aSL Jxk . — oA_ V t wr Xo JZ wk 0 „ _ 6 -------------1 o-Xrcr- X -u% cJk arv . a-X S .S . --- Vi© UXjUt-6 - c U 'JL'44 JU . 4 A— M ,-»sU. - iz, zzz% Z? Jr v ' £j L. i a O-9-A- (j -o-Ak. . € u x vw-1 “ i — -vu v— o XOA y - a -W - - o - - Uu-. W«J« pfr- OX™. W JC 0 oX OJC AJxtvJA pu. wW Iw . Vo W(1A . - v . (W.. a ujcLx tOft 1 U6 o A- O-a bvu. jJUa. u i r ux. dx- J jL- A U3WA x A A r a - Oi tA PO D RIDA OKaaa A — awJL O . 4 ? 'lJtfr Ur+Ad- Vw X U Wtrv ' a_ “ cvwU w W f, oAJL ox 1UU 1 v V I . . wrvs- t x Vnm U. I ' fialuL aX pJU- Jkxuo' jUftx Cr LLJTA- J "Wo Vt LPVXju j oJC o W»Afl- . JL °J’, 0oiU Z4. v ttkAA A iX •- V ST dKxA V ) ot ck (xVa. U 0-0 L iA _M xZ 4 V—fi» X, Ww4A-V ‘VJWNft, (_tx Vkx iX jXl [ AX. (wA U - ) Mb 1 t If ysX.. 'O -a- aJIA — - r . — TJl —• l Wo- v- “ VJ Axjlx CAol u Im . JL o LftJ tS L ‘ °y r - o a-U-orv X J- JLm T 4 wouxJr TiM ° “ Vv ° ( r aAy . ‘dlxAA, Cc» O- J xs -r - » oJv-EL ACi l - T ‘ %vsxA4BERKELEY HIGH SCHOOL«■ - li-wAX WWe are fortunate that the Board of Education decided to have just one High school in Berkeley. With only one high school, all students of high school age, from all sections of the City—North, East, West and South—arrive at this one institution and complete their High School education in one of the twelve largest Senior High Schools in the State of California. Here, for the first time, students from every race, nationality, and religious background, associate with each other in the classroom, on the play fields, and in extracurricular activities. Here at school we try to prove that there are good citizens in all parts of the world, that different races, nationalities, and religious groups can learn to live together in peace and harmony. Naturally, there are few perfect individuals in the world; but with our personal imperfections, we should try to be good citizens in the community and in the school, and we hope to be judged as individuals by our peer groups. A whole group should never be criticized for the mistakes or activities of one individual. At Berkeley High School, just as in our City, State, and Nation, students want equality. They want to do right by others. They want to be respected. They want, and need, security. Our students are willing to take their share of credit for our achievements. I asked that my picture in the Pod this year be a picture representing various races in school. Here you see me with a Caucasion, a Negro, an Oriental, a Spanish-American, and one of our American Field Service students. Each of these students represents a group from Berkeley High School. Longfellow said, "All your strength is in your union—all your danger is your discord." I challenge all students in Berkeley High School to prove that we can stand together, work together, and live together. Doing this, we will perpetuate and promote the real spirit and morale of our school. Your Principal, J. Elwin LeTendre 4 KU U) ( ) O uD»OSm O-" WE STAND TOGETHER As we travel down that endless road that marks the passage cf time and human life, we are confronted by a great many problems which, sooner or later, must be solved. Perhaps the most vital of these currently facing our country is that of racial discrimination. The methods utilized to solve this problem by certain individuals in the deep South during the last two years have left a blot upon the history cf the United States. Yet even in the face of this, we of Berkeley High can be proud, for we have upheld our standards of unity, harmony, and equality. A quick glance at a basketball game, a band rehearsal, or a talent assembly graphically illustrates this point. Students and faculty of all different races and nationalities are there standing together to make Berkeley High the school that it is. But in a larger sense, they are not really different, except in personality. All men are created equal, and equal they shall remain. We of the senior class have reached the end of our three years at Berkeley High. When we leave, we shall throw the torch of democracy, and then it will be up to you of the lower classes to carry it to loftier heights than ever before has been attained. In closing, my best wishes and heartfelt thanks go to all of you, to the Pod staff, and to Mrs. Sidney Wales, who stood by us and was our guiding light during the production of this, the Spring 1959 Olla Podrida. Go in peace, DAVE JARRETT, Pod Editor 5FACULTY ADMINISTRATION FRONT ROW, left to right: Mri. Ryan, Mn, Hagopian, Mitt Harwood, Mrt. Ulry, Mrt. Casiidy. Mitt Janningt. CENTER ROW: Mr. Hernandez. Mr. Bellut, Mr. Daoust, Mr. Neal-ton. Mr. Hitch. Dr. Urlaub. BACK ROW: Mr. Auch, Dr. Olton, Mr. LaTendra, Mr. loney, Mr. Van Waynen. Mr. Van Palt. MISSING: Mr. Wan-rich. Mr. Okerttrom. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW. laft to right: Mr. Filut. Mrt. Blakely. Mr. Pendleton. Mrt. Waloi, Mrt. Pil-lart. BACK ROW: Mr. Barnet. Mrt. Smid. Mr. Copley, Mr. Collint, Mrt. Clark. Mitt Bennett, Mrt. Walker. Mitt Pace, Mrt. Bunt!, Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Patterton. MISSING: Mr. Ehlert. Mitt Harwood. Mr. K. MacDonald. Mitt Rodriguez. Mrt. Rott, Mrt. Schwimley, Mrt. Svane, Mrt. Teaney. Mrt. £mith, Mrt. lynd. aney, Mrt. bmith. Mrt. Ly HISTORY DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW. left to right: Mr. Thomat. Mitt Campbell, Mrt. Smith. Mitt Thickent. BACK ROW: Mr. Apperton, Mr. Johnton. Mr. Fiedler. Mr. Dunlap, Mr. Cummint, Mr. J. MacDonald. MISSING: Mrt. Hogan. Dr. Olton, Mr.YVditco fist Rodriguez. dler. ■ictelii'. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW. left to fight: Mr. Kiviat, Mr. Menken. Mist Shedd, Miss Nyman. Mrs. Ryan. Mr. Reynolds. BACK ROW: Mr. Akey, Mr. San Martin. Mr. Westover, Mr. Wehking, Mr. Auch, Mr. McGuire. Mr. Boyce. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW. left to right: Mr. Carr. Miss Weichselbaum. Mr. Calhoon. Mr. Boehne, Mr. Harvey. Mr. Caburi, Mr. Whitted, Mr. Dunk. 8ACK ROW: Mr. Emery. Mr. Nolson, Mr. Van Waynen. Mr. Anderson, Mr. Segedin, Mr. Manske. Mr. Rice. Mr. Kiviat. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW. left to right: Mr. Daoust, Mrs. Small, Repetto, Mrs. Peeters. Mr. Asturias. BACK ROW: Mrs. von Kaschnitx. Mrs. Pillars. Dr. Fialon. MISSING: Miss Jennings, Miss Ochoa. Mr. Schrump. Mr. Washburn. HOME ECONOMICS FRONT ROW. left to right: Mrs. Tenney. Mrs. Cassidy. BACK ROW: Mrs. Cory. Mrs. Speed. ART DEPARTMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Lawson. Miss Bartlett, Mrs. Weller.MECHANIC ARTS FRONT ROW, left to right: Mr. Cottarella, Mr. Millar, Mr. Lindttedt, Mr. Dunkum, Mr. Parkhurtt. BACK ROW: Mr. Cann, Mr. Otter-hoff. Mr. Harnandaz. Mr. Barruazo. Mr. Waltz, Mr. Rajander. Mr. Amdahl, Mr. Solomon. MISSING Mr. Bellut. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRONT ROW. laft Jo right: Mitt Haihimoto. Mitt Jachant, Mr . Leopold, Mrt. Sherlock, Mrt. Haaopian. BACK ROW: Mr. Gaynec, Mr. Loney, Mr. McNeill, Mr. Swinford. Mrt. Raven-al. Mr. Day. MISSING: Mr. Kiviat. MUSIC DEPARTMENT SITTING, laft to right: Mr. Lutt. Mrt. O'Neill. Mr. Haynet. STANDING: Dr. Blakatlaa. DRIVER EDUCATION LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Jghnti, Mitt Pace, Dr. Urlaub. SECRETARIES FRONT ROW, laft to right: Mrt. Walter. Mitt Shaw. Mitt Cannon. 8ACK ROW: Mrt. Nemetz. Mrt. Gordon, Mitt Carlton. NURSES LEFT TO RIGHT: Mitt Hopkint. Mrt. Letnini. LIBRARIANS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mitt Wood, Mrt. Catwell. Mrt. Rulofton. MISSING: Mrt. Wilbur.BOARD OF BILL CRAWFORD Pratidant Board of Control CONTROL This is our school, where the red and yellow reign—from the science building to the slope, from Biedenbach Field to the Community Theatre. Here, confined within our classrooms, our family of twenty-eight hundred has lived for the past semester. Physically confined, yes, but mentally confined only within the boundaries of our imagination, mind, and spirit so that we could plan, think, and work together—live together as brothers. We have planned and we have been successful academically, athletically, and musically. Our basketball team travelling to the Gridley Tournament, our Senior Play "Inherit the Wind" and the BOC sponsored Jazz Concert have all been successful through work, a certain type of united and closely guided work —closely guided by Mr. Ehlers, Mrs. Schwimley, Mr. Nealson, and Mr. LeTendre, with their knowledge, great spirit and unselfishness to help at all times, without regard to personal inconveniences. You, the entire student body, along with the faculty, are the ones who have made this a successful term. We have no one leader, no one person to whom the credit should go—the student body is its own leader. The president is forever being led, led by various situations, personal beliefs, and mostly by student ideas. It is hard to leave something that has given one the best of everything, but I must now give my final "good-byes" to a wonderful home that has shown me the best of hospitality and help, and to the special friends I leave behind, a student body to whom I am very grateful and will always remember. BILL CRAWFORD WILLIS NEALSON Vic Principal Sponior BOC 10JIM HEMPHILL Vic President MARY ERICKSON Secretary JOHN NOHRNBERG Treasurer MIKE ANDERSON Head Yell Leader LEOLA HIGGS G.A. President ROBIN PAXTON G.A.A. President RANDOLPH PACE Rally Committee Chairman KAREN WEST Senior Friends Chairman LARRY LOWELL “B" Society Representative MIKE ROGERS Jacket Editor RUTH KITTEL Honor Society President MYRON ARTIST DMS Representative CONRAD CHEVEZ H.I2 President STEVE BRODSKY L-12 President LARRY KENNINGS H-ll President MARTIN NAKAHARA L-l I President RAY OLITT H-IO President CLAUDE BROWN L-IO PresidentGIRLS' ASSOCIATION LEOLA HIGGS President Serving as G.A. President will always be my most cherished memory of Berkeley High School. I'll never forget the unity and thoughfulness of the girls who make B.H.S. such a pleasant institution. The cooperation and hard work of Shirley, our Vice President; Gigi, our secretary; Sally, our treasurer, and Peggy, our social secretary, have helped to hold high our motto ©f "Friendship and Service." Our activities of this term included welcoming the new girls, our girl-ask-boy dance "Avalanche," the lollipop sale, and our Dads and Daughters Dinner. These functions would not have been a success if we had lacked the guidance and supervision of Mrs. Ulry, Mrs. Schwimley, and Mr. Collins. To them and to the G.A. Council go my sincere thanks. My gratitude is also extended to Karen West, Robin Paxton, and to the student body who supported the association and helped to make this term a memorable one. Thank you again for letting me serve vou. I wish much luck to the new G.A. President and council. Good-bye. my friends. Forever yours, LEOLA HIGGS SHIRLEY PAGE Vice President GIGI TOPP Secretary SALLY BYERS Treasurer PEGGY TARR Social Secretary MRS. MURIEL ULRY Dean of Girls Sponsor12TH GRADE COUNCIL 11TH GRADE COUNCIL 1OTH GRADE COUNCIL 13BOB STRICKLIN ANNE RICHARDSON KATHERINE WHEELER Vic President Secretary-Treasurer Hat-check Chairman HONOR SOCIETY RUTH KITTEL PresidentVIRGINIA 80RS0N JUDY JASTRAM Vice President Secretary-Treasurer CSF TRINA JOHNSON PresidentSPECIAL PRIVILEGE SEALBEARERS FRONT ROW, left to riaht: Carol Mangrum, Marianna Wei»v Virginia Borton. David Lawton, Win Wang, Shari Evans, Katharine bngelsing, Pam Kimball, Linda Lovejoy. BACK ROW: Jpnet Gabriel Martha Brokaw, Judy Blanchard. Trma Johnson, Karan West, Kathy Page, Judy Galpin, Kathy Wheeler. MISSING: Linnie Bock, boug Moonitx, Ruth Kittel. SEALBEARERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Linnie Bock. Colin Bell, Sandra Lindsay, Sharon Hutson. BACK ROW: David Moonitx, Art Wong. Judy Jas-tram, Joyce 8urton, Jean McPherson. HONOR SOCIETY Much of the success of our activities is due to the help of my officers. Bob and Ann, to the assistance of the board members, Polly and Melissa, to the unceasing efforts of our hat-checking chairman, Kathy Wheeler, to the advice of Mr. Wenrich, and lastly to all the members of Honor Society. The sale of decals and the hat-checking has provided scholarships to graduating Seniors. Along with the CSF we sold plastic Pod covers for the first time. These profits provided the funds for buying next year's Honor Society pins. Serving as President and being on the BOC this term has been a very rewarding experience that I will never forget. Thank you for this opportunity and best wishes to next year's Honor Society. RUTH KITTEL CSF This term CSF has continued to recognize scholastic achievement through an active and unified program. The regional conference at San Jose State College was well represented by our chapter in an effort to join together CSF groups throughout the state. Our Sealbearers were honored at a special luncheon given by the Lions Club. Many activities, joint with the Honor Society, proved very profitable. Among these were hatchecking and selling plastic Pod covers as a new type of concession. A further recognition of the labors of the Sealbearers was also enjoyed by our twenty-seven lamp pin holders. A swim party and barbecue constituted this celebration. Many thanks for a successful semester go to Virginia, our Vice-president; Judy, our secretary-treasurer; Miss Repetto, our co-sponsor; and especially Mr. Wenrich, our ever-helpful sponsor. I know CSF will continue to prosper as will its members. I am proud to have had an active part in this spirited organization. A happy future to you all, TRINA JOHNSON, CSF President 16SPEAKERS' BUREAU "The word makes men free. Whosoever cannot express himself is a slave. Speaking is an act of freedom; the word is freedom itself.” One of our largest Speakers' Bureaus and a term crowded with school and community speech activities! Representing Berkeley High School at the Lions Club Speech Contest for Berkeley and West Berkeley were: Carl Bock, Sally George, Jim Hemphill, Petie Way. Their topic: "Complacency—A Danger to America.” Sally and Carl were the finalists for the Berkeley area. Speaking on Washington and Lincoln at patriotic gatherings in February were: Carl Bock, Patti Canham, Larry Crawford, Margot Dashiell. American Legion speakers included: Eddie Brown, Carl Bock and Petie Way. Chosen by the Speakers' Bureau to explain the activities of the Red Cross to PTA assemblies were: Carl Bock, Patti Ckinham, Conrad Chevez, Reed Devlin, Sally George, Jim Baylor, Marilyn Lange, Margaret Neubacher, Linda Ross and Petie Way. "Berkeley Hi-Lites," the Bureau's radio program, continued its merry way over Station KRE. Mike Anderson and Myron Artist were co-editors, with Mike Brown and Jay Manley as staff. Superintendent of Schools Wennerberg and Swim-Champion Sylvia Ruuska were among guests. Speech representatives to the DMS Council were Myron Artist and Mike Collins. On the school campus the entire Bureau spoke at classes and home rooms on behalf of student body cards, the purchase of Pods and senior play tickets, and membership in the Junior Red Cross. RICHARD EHLERS, Sponsor HI-LITES LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Brown, Mike Andorion. Myron Arfiif, Jay Manley STAFF POD STAFF TOP POD SALESMEN LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Bartel, Karon Glackan, Bov Carrington, Penny Fricfcen, Tom Gootzl. Editor..................................... Dave Jarrett Associate Editors.....................................Ken Revzan Judy Gaipin and Joan Villarruel Sales Manager............................Paul Walker Associate Sales Managers.................Myron Artist Frank Wright and Eddie Brown Sports Editors........................................Bob Bennett John Fitman and Bill Rohde Senior Picture Editors...................Linda Harnett Adrienne Kimura Copy Editors..............Priscilla Gong and Jim Baylor Group Picture Editors...Barbara Abell and Mary Waldo Staff Artists.Patty Cho, Gregg Howard and Ed Newark Staff Photographers......................Walter Caton Dave Cowee and Paul Lin POD SALESMENSTAFF JACKET STAFF Editor...................................Mike Roger Managing Editors.....Aaron Brandon and Bob Pomeroy Associate Editors.........................Alan Fong Tom Guilbert and Marian Barr News Editor..............................Janet Griffin News Staff...........Kirsten Oldenburg, Linda Harnett Sue Wight and Peggy Tan- Feature Editor...................................Ursula Kelly Feature Staff.............Moni Gatewood, Val Machek and William Segar Sports Editor............................Bob Bennett Sport6 Staff............... Colin Bell, Conrad Chevez and James White Exchange and Publicity.....Mary McCarthy, in charge Vicki Loo, Tom Sebree and Kendra Wincott Advertising.........................................Rod Camp Jan Adams and Judy Lunhonts Sponsor.............................Mrs. Sidney WalesSENIOR FRIENDS KAREN WEST Chairman Spring 1959 has been an active term for the Senior Friends. They have succeeded in carrying the motto of the Girls' Association, "Friendship and Service," throughout the school. They have met new students and welcomed them to Berkeley High; they have served in the cafeteria and lobby, at assemblies seating people, as proctors the first two weeks of school, and as ushers. Some of the special activities held by the Senior Friends in connection with the Girls' Association were a Dads' and Daughters' dinner, a lollipop sale, and a dance, "Avalanche." There were forty-eight Senior Friends this term, and I would like to extend my sincere thanks to each of them. I feel that each did her job well. My special thanks go also to my co-chairmen, Trina Johnson and Janet Gabriel, and to our very helpful sponsor, Mrs. Muriel Ulry. KAREN WEST Senior Friends Chairman FIRST ROW, left to right: Carol Persons. Kathy Pago. Judi Galpin, Judy Blanchard. Lois Talbott, Linda Harnatt, Priscilla Gong. Virginia Borson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ulry. Sua Dallatt. Sharon Hutson. Joan Villarrunl. Joyca Burton. Trina Johnson. Karan West Janat Gabriel. Linda Lovajoy. Adrianna Kimura, Sally Byars, Patti Canham, Sally Gaorga, Jaan McPharson. Vicki Bottari. THIRD ROW: Margarat Naubackar. Margo Colaman. Maureen B-iergin, Pam Kimball, Lois Ulvang, Ethal Ann Draw, Janat Tsukahira. Janat Griffin. Sua Wight. Sua Kahl, Win Banks, Claudia Kobalt. FOURTH ROW: Val Machak, Sandra Brown. Polly Ratcliff. Judy Jastroa, Carol Mangrum. Shan Evans, Robarta Lauren, Sylvia LePage, Katharine Yamamoto, Bernice Millar, Liz Wohletz.RALLY COMMITTEE RANDY PACE Chairman This term's Rally Committee has been larger than previous terms due to the size of our class. Because of the quantity of our class it has been easy to make up the quality of the fellows on the committee. Through the cooperation of each member of the committee as a whole we have had a lot of fun together. Of course this fun wouldn't have come without the hard work of each individual. Our concession which was the following: selling soft drinks at the school dances and basketball games was very successful. I would like to give recognition to my assistants: Danny Leon, Jerry Basinger, Larry Lowell, and Bob Tusjimoto. I wish to thank Mr. Nealson for his advice and help as our sponsor, for without it the semester would not have been a success. I consider it a great privilege and honor to have served as this semester's Rally Committee Chairman. It will leave a very pleasant memory with me. Many thanks to a swell group of fellows, and the verv best success to them. RANDOLPH PACE, Rally Committee Chairman FIRST ROW, left to night: Wayne Ditmuke, Chip Gash. Bill Ho, Sam Brown. Walter Taylor, Danny Leon, Dave Jarrett. Jack Leonard. Logit Smith, Fred Montgomery. SECOND ROW: Mr. Neelton. tpontor, Peter Benton. Juhani Oiaiarvi, Stillton Judah. Art Andrewt. Randy Pace. Rick Butchini. Jerry Batinger, Larry Lowell. Gordon Stevent. Let Hitchier. THIRD ROW: A«r«n Brandon. John MeCurdv Rick Smith. Willie Martinei, Ray 0»e«be' Marvin Neveu, Leonard Maddox. Bob Chitm, John Batchen. Shelton Campbell. Rod Camp. Mike Brown. FOURTH ROW; Randy Anderton, B ll Rohde. Frank Wright, Alexis Verhoogen, Keith Nicoles, Tim Kelly. LeRoy Whittle. George Takata, Bob Tsuiimoto, Jay Manley, Mike Jurt.YELL LEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Tuft, Sue Swatka. Mika Andtrion, Lindi Wolfard, Leonard Maddox. POMPON GIRLS LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Camoni. Wandy Phillip Elian Birnbaum, Gratchen Frattar, Lynna Chariot, Sharyl Smith. BICYCLE COURT LEFT TO RIGHT: Kaith Nicolai, Vicki Bottari, Rick Butchini, SAFETY COUNCIL FRONT ROW, laft to right: Mil Paca, Sharon Prindle, Kathy Whita, Judy Caiaroli, Jack Manning Bav Carrington, Ann Batchaldar. BACK ROW, Dr. Urlaub, Sydney Bahoh, Dabby McNamea, Buz Shulte, Taraia Varhoogan, Jamie Dean, Peggy Tarr, Myrtle Stephan .SENIOR MESSAGE CONRAD CHEVEZ Pr $id«nt As we are about to graduate, we look back over the three memorable years that we have spent at Berkeley High. For all of us, graduation will bring us sorrow and joy. We will never forget the friendships and acquaintances that we have made. When we first entered Berkeley High, our class showed that it had lots of spirit, but it wasn't until our Senior year that we find ourselves suddenly realizing that soon we will have to face the reality of being out of high school. We can all be proud of the fine record that our class has made; but most of all, we have many memories to cherish as Seniors: The Senior Play, "Inherit the Wind," the biggest and best production ever put on by a Senior Class at BHS; Ditch Day, the Senior Ball, the Senior Dinner, and finally graduation. All of these accomplishments could not have been possible if it had not been for you, the Senior Class of Spring '59. I would like to thank Mr. Tudisco, our sponsor, and all the other faculty members who helped make this term a success. Special thanks to Leonard, Jeanie, Joyce, and Pam for their wonderful assistance, and to each and every one of you for your excellent cooperation. Serving you as your class President has been an honor and something that I'll always remember. It's difficult to say good-bye to Berkeley High, but may I wish all of you the best of luck and success. Thank you, CONRAD CHEVEZ LEONARD MADDOX Vic President JEANIE HARDY Secretary JOYCE BURTON Treasurer PAM KIMBALL Social Secretary 24H-l2 CLASS COUNCIL FIRST ROW. left to riqht: Joyce Burton. Jeanie Hardy, Conrad Cbavax. Pam Kimball Mary Erickson, Laonard Maddox. SECOND ROW: Bav Franklin, Jackla Pote-Hunt, Bob Harwayna, Bob Sorrentino, Roqer SuHar. THIRD ROW: Shirley Paqa, Vick! Bottari, Laun! Rogers, laola Higqt, Bob Casselberry, Jerry Basinger, Mlko Brown, BUI Staats. Duncan Pannall. FOURTH ROW: Win Banks. Diana Icniyasu, Vicki Laa, Carol Parsons, Janat Brown, Bovorly Anderson, Pat Lloyd, PauUna Parker, Paul Walker. FIFTH ROW: John McCurdy, Jerry Feldman, Bob Tsukamoto, Ray Oxenberger, Jaye Cook, Gordie Stevens, Alfred Montqomary, Alfred Nakahara. BACK ROW, standlnq: Jeff Busby. CLASS HISTORY Juno 12. graduation day, will b« the climax of the spring class of 1959 as it walks across the stage to receive the diploma which will bo a key to the future. We shall leave behind three years of memories, some bad but mosty good. Starting out in the L-10 with more than 700, we became the largest class ever at Berkeley High. The "Varieties" bearing the theme "Thru the Years" helped acquaint us with our new school. With much enthusiasm we worked for the Spirit Cup which wo almost won by ma’ring second place. For the Soph Hop the social hall was enmeshed in sea atmosphere for "Shipwreck" with dress being anything that suited the theme. For tho Fun Nite concession, we had the marriage booth and for our class concession we sold popcorn. Tho Soph Hop "Wagon Wheel” was the big event of our second semester at Berkeley High. This girl's choice dance was set around a western bam dance theme. To increase the class treasury we sold soft drinks. In the L-ll, the dance of the term was our Junior Prom called "Fascination." Our concession was cupcakes and on Fun Nite our booth was called "Order of tho Garter,” so named because it was a ring toss aimod at legs. As H-l l's we had reached tho halfway mark, wo were now upperclassmen. We participated in many activities. "Manhattan Merry-Go-Round.” the "Varieties” being one of them. Our Junior Prom was a semiformal affair called "Pink Champagno" and our class concession was soft drinks. Then came our final and most oventful year. The L-12 semester was heightened by tho noon show and the sale of gremlins. And then came the long awaited somoster. We were high seniors. We wore finally able to do the prized and restricted. We tried out for the Senior Play, joined Senior committees, and some of us became Rally Boys and Senior Friends. The Senior Play was "Inherit tho Wind," a very dramatic and moving play, well performed by tho large cast of about 75 high seniors. Tho success of the Senior Play and the sale of sno-conos insured the class of a Ditch Day which was held in Soars-ville on May 22. The night of June 5 the Social Hall was transformed into ancient Rome, the setting for tho Senior Ball, "One Touch of Venus.” Concluding the list of traditional senior activities was the Senior Dinner with everyone coming dressed in whatevor outfit he felt suited the glamorous theme of Bohemian. This graduating class of about 600 is outstanding in many fields. In scholarship, this class rated high with 80 members in HS-CSF, 20 Special Privilege Sealbearers, and 5 National Merit Finalists. And in sports, wo were outstanding, producing 46 lettermen. What lies ahead for us? Whore will we go from here? A groat many of us will go on to higher education, some will join the armed forces, and some will have jobs. Whatovor our destination will be, the impression of our memorable three years al Berkeley High will always remain with us. I-10 Ray Brawler . Joyce 8urton Pam Kimball Kit Gibbs Terry Klaus Eleanor Simril President____ . Vice President.... Secretary Treasurer Social Secretary Pompon H-10 Bill Crawford Jerrv Basinger Sally Byart Mike Anderson Moni Gatewood L-12 Eddie Brown Jerry Basinqer Judy Galpin Mike Brown Lix White President. Vice President Secretary. Treasurer Social Secretary L-ll Conrad Chevex Brenda Dennis Carol Parsons Myron Artist Leola Hiqqt President. Vice President-Secretary Treasurer Social Secretary H-12 Conrad Chevex Leonard Maddox ... Jeanne Hardy Joyce Burtor. Pam Kimball H-l I Joyce Burton Conrad Chevex Pam Kimball Ray Brassier Moni Gatewood 25SENIOR DITCH DAY PLANNING COMMITTEE Jeanic Hardy, chairman SNO-CONE COMMITTEE Jarry Bajinqer, chairman Mika Brown, co-chairman REUNION COMMITTEE Laola Hiqgj, chairman John Norhnbarq, co-chairman SENIOR PLAY PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Jay Manlay, chairmanCOMMITTEES ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE Mery Erickson, chairman FINANCE COMMITTEE Joyca Burton, chairman Phyllis McDenila, co-chairman BACCALAUREATE SERVICE COMMITTEE Trina Johnson, chairman Leonard Maddox, co-chairman GRADUATION COMMITTEE Kathy Page, chairmanSENIOR SENIOR BALL PLANNING COMMITTEE Pam Kimball, chairman Win Banks, co-chairman SENIOR BALL DECORATION COMMITTEE Greg Howard, chairman Adrienna Kimura, co-chairman SENIOR BALL BID AND MUSIC COMMITTEE Patty Cho, chairman Lindi Wolfard. co-chairman SENIOR 8ALL CLEANUP COMMITTEE Danny Leon, chairman SENIOR BALL ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Eddia Brown, chairmanCOMMITTEES SENIOR DINNER PLANNING COMMITTEE Whitia Norton, chairman Jesse Evans, co-chairman SENIOR DINNER CLEANUP COMMITTEE Ala Varhoogan, chairman SENIOR DINNER DECORATION COMMITTEE Arlaan Adachi, chairman Sandy Lindsay, co-chairman SENIOR GIFT COMMITTEE Patio Way. chairman Bill Staats, co-chairman SENIOR DINNER ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Bill Crawford, chairman Halan Rohrbough, co-chairmanROBERT A8E English. Math Intramural Basketball, Craft Club BARBARA ABELL English Math Concert Band. Pep Club. Pod Staff. Pod Sales ARLEEN ADACHI Math. Art S'nkers Club GA Rep., Jr. Red Cross. Proctor. Craft Club. Honor Society, Senior Dinner Decoration Committee JAN ADAMS French. English CSF. Jacket Stoff, Proctor ROBERT DAVID ADAMS. JR. English. Math Science. Mechanic Arts Proctor, Football ERNEST AHLBORN English, Math. Science, Music Band CHARLENE AKERS English. History, Music GA Rep., A Cappella. Pep Club Dance Club. Operetta. Jr. Statesmen. Senior Ball Bid Committee FAYE LOUISE ALCORN Business. Music. Science. History Pep Club. Sinkers ALTA ALCUTT Business. History Proctor. Girls' Glee CHARLES ALLEN History Industrial Arts. English Track Manager. A Cappella PAMELA JEANNE ALLEN Math, English VAL ALLISON English, Foreign Languages GA Rep., HR Rep.. A Cappella, Jacket Staff. Pep Club. Folk Song Club BILL AMBROSE English. History. Foreign Languages Swimming, HR Rep. BEVERLY HELEN ANDERSON Business Education Rcc. Swim. Badminton Club. Pod Sales. HR Rep., Jr. Red Cross. Proctor DONALD ANDERSON Science, English, Music Harmoneers. Proctor. Boys' Glee MICHAEL ANDERSON Math. History. Spanish A Cappella. DMS, Speakers' Bureau, Hi-Lites, Head Yell Leader, HS. Sr. Comm. RANDALL ANDERSON English. Math. Foreign Language. Science Rally Committee. Football. German Club. Sno-Cone Comm., Sr. Ball Decoration Comm. RODELLA ANDERSON Business Education, English ART ANDREWS English Math. History Football, Gymnastics. 8lock B. Rally Comm., Sr. Ball Planning Comm., Baccalaureate Comm. CECILIA ANGUS Business Education Masquers. Diving Club HERB ARCHIBALD English. Foreiqn Language. Science, Math HS. CSF. Bowling Club, Young Republicans, Speakers' 8ureau. HR Rep. DORpTHY ARCIERI Business Education Proctor RAY ARMSTRONG Music, Art Intramural Basketball. Proctor. Track. Circle B MYRON ARTIST English. History. Languages Yell Leader. BOC. A Cappella. Speakers' 8ureau, Hi-Lites. HS. Sr. Play. Thespian Soc. LISBETH ASCHENBRENNER Latin. Math Discussion Club. UN Forum, HS. CSF. Pre-Med Club GEORGE BABA History. Vocational Shop. Math EARL V. BAGGETT Math. History. Mechanic Arts WILLIAM BAILEY History. Art Drama Club 4 terms In Honor Society “Sealbeerer •••Soecial Privileae SealbearerHistory Concert and Marching Band, BEE Basketball. JV Baseball, Circle B Soc. JOHN 8ALDWIN History Speakers' Bureau, Sr. Play. HR Rop. EVELYN CAROL BANKS Business Proctor, Pep Club. Recreational Swim WINIFRED BANKS History. Spanish. English Sr. Friend Co-chairman Sr. Ball Planning Comm. Sr. Play. Christmas Stars, HR Rep.. Teachers Club. Dance Club, HS JOYCE BARGMANN Math Pod Sales Masquers. Proctor. Costume Production GA Rep., Sr. Dinner Planning Comm., GAA GERALD THOMAS BASINGER Math. Science, English Basketball. Football, (Soph) Intramural Sports. H-lI, L-l2Veep, Circle B Secy-Treos., Rally Comm. JOHN BATCHAN Football Varsity, JV Baseball, "B" Track. "B" Basketball. Rally Comm., Circle "B". Block "B‘ JIM BAYLOR History. Science Manuscript Club, Safety Council. HR Rep.. Jacket Start. Pod. HS. tSF BOBBIE JEAN BEAVERS Business Education. Science Tennis. Sinkers DAVID BEECHER History Speakers' Bureau—Football Announcer. Half-Time Show Announcer COLIN ELDERKIN BELL Math. Science. Languages Jacket Start. Cub Staff (Editor), Math Club. Football Manager, HS. C$F MARGARET BELL Homemakinq Croft Club. Costume Prod., Tennis Club Rcc. Swim, Pep Club. GA Rep., Sr. Comm., Drama Club ROBERT BENNETT History. Language Jacket. Pod. HS. CSF, Pod Salesman LINDA MARIE BENONYS Sponish. Business Education Proctor, Aeolian Choir PETER BENTON Math, Science HR Rep.. Rally Comm., Jacket Start. Sen. Comm. HOPE BERGER Math. History GA Rep., Russian Club. HS. CSF. GAA Treasurer and Veep. School Clubs HENRY JAMES BERGMAN History MARGARET BILLING English. History. Music Leaders' Club. Marching Bandv Concert 8and, Sr. Dinner Planning Comm., Proctor, GA Rep., HS ARTIS BLACKSHER Moth, Mechanic Arts BENNY BLAKE Math. History, Science Intramural 8asketball. '"8" Basketball JUDY BLANCHARD •• Languages. Math. Enqlish. History Sr. Friend. HR Rep.. Varieties. Leaders. Sen. Comm., Dance Club. GAA GEORGE BLISS Math HS. CSF, Bowling Club ROBERT BLUMBERG History. Math Teachers Club, Manuscript Club. Russian Club. Bowling Club. HS LINNIE BOCK Math. Foreign Language Clubs. Pod Salesman, HR Rep., Speakers' Bureau, Sr. Ploy. Sr. Dinner Cleanup Comm. FRANK BOISSIERE Mechanic Arts. Math. History VIRGINIA BORSIN French. History. Moth GA Rep.. HR Rep.. Orchestra. Theater Orchestra. Sr. Friend. Clubs VICKI BOTTARI Latin. Math. Science GAA, Closs Council, Sr. Friend Operetta. Speakers' Burcou, Sr. CoTnm., HS DAVID C. BOWMAN History, ProctorLAWKCNOt BKAUBtKKT AARON BRANDON English, Moth Jacket Staff. Rally Comm., Children's Theatre. Masquers RAYMOND GEORGE BRESSLER III History. Math. Language Football, 1-10 Pres., 80C, HR Rep., 8lock "8", Circle "8" LYNN BRIDGES Business Education, History Masquers. HR Rep., GA Rep. PATRICIA BRIGHT 8usincss Education Proctor, GA Rep. IRENE BROCK Business Education ERNEST BROD Science, Math MARTHA BROKAW— Spanish. English Proctor. Tutoring. Leaders' Club. GAA Clubs 8EVERLY ANN BROWN Business Education Pep Club, Proctor. Sinkers, Rec. Swim CHARLES W. BROWN Math, Music, English Band. Dance Band, Modern Ja7i Club. DMS Rep., Talent Assemblies. Varieties. Theater Orchestra EDDIE BROWN History. Music Operetta, Junior Statesman. Thespian Soc., L-12 Pres., Pod Sales Manager. A Coppella Pres.. Speakers' 8ureau JEANETTE J. BROWN Business Education. History. Music HR Rep. MICHAEL ELLET BROWN Math History L-12 Trees.. Block "B" Sec-Treas., Pod Sales, Hi-Lite$. Rally Comm., CSF. Sr. Play ROBERT BROWN Vocational Arts. History Intramural Basketball. Proctor SAM BROWN JvqFootball, Varsity Football. Block "B" Veep. Rally Comm.. Proctor SANDRA BROWN Spanish. Music CSF. Sr. Friends. A Cappolla, Sec. and Pres, of Aeolian. Operetta, Speakers' Bureau. Sr. Dinner Decoration Comm. SHIRLEY FAYE BROWN History JEFF BROWN Math, Science Pep Club, Bowling Club. HS. CSF. Cross Country Track, Sr. Play DENNIS BRUCE Math NICK BRUNO Mechanic Arts JAMES BRUNTON Math. Science KELLY BRYAN English. German Dance Band, Concert Band. Varieties ROY BUCKINGHAM Vocational Arts EARLENE BUCKLEY Home Economics Dance Club. GAA Clubs MARINA BUERGIN CSF, Pep Club, Sr. Friends JOYCE BURTON Science. Lanauage, Math Varieties. L-lOVccp. H-ll Pres.. H-12 Trees., Pompon Girl, Sr. Friends. Pod Salesman JEFFREY W. BUSBY History HR Rep., Block "B". Small "8 ". Football. Golf. Swimming. Pod Sales RICHARD A. 8USCHINI Math. History Varsity Baseball, "8" Basketball. Rally Comm.. Block "B". Sr. Comms., Circle "B". 8icycle Court JudgeSALLY BYERS Math, History HR Rep.. Speakers' Bureau. Varieties. Pod Sales. Sr. Friend. H-IO Sec.. GA Treas. CHARLIE HOWARD CALHOUN English. History Versify Football. JV Football. B Track. Varsity Track. Block "B" WAYNE CAMIRAND Math. Science. English Chess Club ROD CAMP Math. English Speakers' 8urcau. Jacket Staff, Swimminq. Rally Comm.. HR Rep.. Sr. Play SHELTON DENNIS CAMPBELL English, Industrial Arts Block "B". Rally Comm.. JV and Varsity Football, AII-ACaL. All-City Football PATRICIA CANHAM Spanish. English. History GA Rep. Sr. Friend. Varieties. Spanish Club, Pod Sales. Speakers' 8ureau, Sr. Ball Bids and Music DON WALTER CARLSON Math Bowling Club JOE CARPENTER English. Industrial Arts PAUL S. CARPENTER English, History, German, Business Education Intramural Sports. Sr. Gift Comm. WALLACE JAMES CARR English, Math. Science Pep Club KIT CARSON History. English. Business Education JOHN CARTER Math, Mechanic Arts ROBERT CASSELBERRY English, Math Speakers' Bureau. Children's Theater. Talent Assembly. Sr. Play. Proctor WALTER CATON English. Business Education Pod Staff CHARLES CHAPPELLE English. Math, Business Education JOANNA CHASE English, Music, Language Marching Band. Concert Band. Pep Band. Orchestra. Theater Orchestra. GAA Clubs. GA Rep. CONRAD LEE CHEVEZ Spanish. English. History Pod Staff. Jacket Staff. HS. L-ll. H-12 Pres.. ASBHS Veep. Block "8". Circle "B" ANNETTE CECILE CHEW English. History, Business Education GAYLORD D. CHILCOTC English. History. Business Education. Music Varieties. Proctor. Pro Musica, Sr. Play, Drama Club ROBERT L. CHISM History hootoall. Track, Block "B" Sgt. at Arms. Rally Comm., Circle "B”, Sr. Ball Dec. PATRICIA CHO French. Math. English. History. Art L-ll Class Officer. Pompon Girl. Pod Art Stotf. CSF. Top Pod Salesman, S'. Ball B!d and Music Chairman. Sr. Ball Decoration Comm. MARGARET CLANCY English, Languages. History Spanish Club. Rec. Swim DONALD CLARK English. Math, Mechanic Arts Bowling Club TOBY CLARK CHARLES CLEMENS English, Math Speakers’ Bureau, Sr. Play MARGO ANN COLEMAN English. History. Spanish Spanish Club, rep Club. Aeolian Choir. Sr. Friend. Teachers’ Club Sec.. CSF. Pod Salesman. Sr. Dinner Planning JAYE COOK English. History Speakers’ Bureau. Drama. HR Pep. Young Democrats. Sr. Comm.. Sr. Play RUBY COOPER English. Science HR Rep.ALICIA CORELIA Business, English ANITA CORNELL Business Proctor, Croft Club. Pep Club. Costume Production DANIEL CORONA Vocational Wood Shop JOHN CORY History, Math, Music. English. Science A Cappello, Speakers' Bureau EARL COZART History 10th Grade Football, JV Basketball. JV Baseball. HR Rep. LAWRENCE S. CRAWFORD History. Enqlish Intramural Swimming, Speakers' Bureau, Cub Jacket Staff WILLIAM EDWARD CRAWFORD History English, Math, Science HS. CSF Varsity Basketball. Circle "8", Block "8", H-IO Pres., ASBHS Pres.. Sr. Graduation Comm. VIOLA CROFT JOHNATHAN CROWL History, Math. English HR Rep., Pod Sales, HS. CSF WILLIAM CUNIAL English, Math SUE CUNNINGHAM MARGOT DASHIELL SHARON DAUM English, Math GA Rep., HR Rep., Varieties, Operetta, Pep Club, Sr. Reunion Comm. BOBBIE DAVIS English, History, Business, Science GA Rep., Drama Club, Oiscussion Club JOYCE MARIE DAVIS Music, Homemaking. Spanish A Cappello, Pep Club, Proctor, Operctto GAA, Sinkers Club, Cinema Soc., Piano NORRIS DAVIS Science. Math Proctor OLLI DAVIS Spanish, English Teachers' Club, Sr. Reunion Comm., Sr. Dinner Planning Comm. DONALD DEAN Mechanic Arts Track SUZANNE DELLETT Math, English, Business Leaders' Club, Sr. Friend BRENDA DENNIS English. Drama Operetta, Varieties. Dance Club. HR Rep.. L-lI Veep GAIL DENNY English. French Operetta, Sr. Play, Varieties. Orchestra Veep DOROTHY DEON Business English Tennis, GA Rop., HR Rep., Pep Club BENJAMIN DePRUE Vocational Auto, Math REED DEVLIN French Harmonccrs, A Cappella, Operetta. HR Rep. ROBERT DICKIE Math, Language, History, English HR Rep.. HS DAVE DICKSON English, Math, Mechanic Arts Swimming GEORGE DIETRICH Science, English WAYNE DISMUKE History, Enqlish. Vocational Arts FootballDIANE DIXON English, Language. Math German Club Sec., Pod Salesman, Pep Club. Leaders' Club, Proctor. Sr. Play Publicity Comm. HARRY DODSON Science, English Math Track. Bowling Club. Sr. Dinner Cleanup Comm.. Sr. Finance Comm. HERB DOMONICK HELEN DONG English. Business Education GAA Club. Pep Club, Proctor, Sr. Class Reunion Comm. YVONNE DONLEY Business Education. Homemaking. English GAA, Pep Club, Proctor AUDREY DOUGLAS English, Music, Art Leaders' Club, A Cappella. Operetta. Varieties EUGENE DOWNEY English. History. Math. Science Track ETHEL ANN DREW English. History GAA Pres., BOC. Sr. Friend, Reunion Comm., Aeolian Choir. Swimming STEPHEN DUNN English. Moth. Science. Fore'qn Language HR Rep.. Bowling Club MARJORIE DUNNE History. Science. English Pep Club, GAA. Proctor ED DUTRO History, Music A Coppella. Operetta SAUNDRA DYELS English, History. Language Drama Club. Proctor HERB EGOROFF English. Math. Mechanical Drawing. German German Club. Bowling Club. Sr. Play CALVIN ELAM Music Weight Lifting Club. Marching Band. Tumbling Club ALEX ELISCHER English, Math Swimming BRENDA CECELIA ELLIS English. History. Homemaking. Business Education Pep Club. HR Rep., GA Rep. DONALD STEVEN ELLIS English, Math Intramural Basketball. Proctor, 10th Grade Football WILLARD ELLIS English. Math. Science HR Rep. JAMES ELLMAN Math. English JV Football, Circle "B". HS. Spanish Club KATHERINE ENGELSING French, English, Math Sr. Announcement Comm.. DMS Sec.. HS Sec.. Sr. Play. Christmas Stars. Tcochers' Club. Manuscript Club JENNY ENGSTRAND History. English. Music HR Rco.. Young Democrats. Swim Club, Folk Song Club WILLIAM ENOS MARY ERICKSON History. English Masquers Club GA and HR Rep., GA Sec.. ASBHS Sec., BOC. Sr. Comms.. Safety Council. Sr. Play CHARLES EVANS History, Math Electronics Club DAVID W. EVANS Science GLORIA EVANS Business Education. History Pep Club HAROLD EVANS Industrial Arts. Music. Mechanic Arts JV Football. Intramural Swimming. Intramural Basketball JESSIE EVANS English. History A Cappella, Aeolian Choir Pres.. Dance Club, Operetta GA Rep.. Pep Club. Discussion ClubSHARI EVANS •• French. Math Sr Friend . A Cappella. Operetta. HR Rep. GORDON A. FAWKES English. Math HR Rep.. Masquer . Stage Crew. Pod Sales BRIAN R. FEELEY Enqlish, Math Jr. Achievement. Sr. Play DOUGLAS FELDER History. English HR Rep., Track, Young Republicans JERRY FELDMAN History. English HR Rep. RICHARD FERRARI Math English Sno-Cone Comm. JUSTINE FERRETTI English. Business Education Badminton Club. Rec. Swim. Jr. Red Cross. Proctor FRED FITZGERALD Enqlish. Math ALAN FONG Math. History. French. English Jacket Staff, Discussion Club. Bowling Club BEATRICE FONTANA English. French. Math Badminton Club, Volleyball Club SHARRON FOSTER Homemaking. Business Education. English Bowling Club, Pep Club. Rec. Swimming ROBERT FOUKE English, History lOtn Grade. JV. Varsity Football. Track HOWARD FOWLER Math, English MICHAEL FRANCISCO Music. English Science Club. Pro Musica BEVERLY FRANKLIN English. Business Education, Language. History Speakers' Bureau. HR Rep.. GA Rep., Sr. Ploy. Varieties, Dance Club. GAA SHEILA FRANKLIN Business Education. Homemaking. English DIANE FREDERICKSON English. History. Business Education HR Rep., Bowling Club. Sr. Gift Comm. LINDA FREED History. English Operetta. Talent Assembly. Jr. Red Cross. Pro Musica, Masquers. A Cappella GLORIA FUJIMOTO English. Math. Spanish Croft Club. Sr. Ball Planning Comm. JANET NADINE GABRIEL French. Math, History GA Rep., Pep Club. Sr. Friends Co-Chairman. Ditch Day Comm. VILMA GABRIELLI English. Homemaking. Business Education Pep Club. International Club, Rec. Swim. Proctor. GA Rep. LEWIS GAISER Science JUDI GALPIN English. Spanish. History Yell Leader. L-12 Sec. Children's Theater. A Cappella Sec.. Sr. Friends. Jacket and Pod Sales. Sr. Play, Thespian Soc. ELLY GARDNER French. Math. English Synchronized Swim. HR Rep., Speakers' Bureau. GA Rep Sr. Play, Sr. Ball and 8id Comm. AUDREY FAYE GARRISON English. Business Education Junior Achievement WILLIAM GASH Math. History. English Talent Assembly. Varieties. Pod Sales. Rally Comm., Sr. Play MONI GATEWOOD Math. Language. English Yell Leader. Ff-IOand H-ll Social Sec. Jacket Staff. Varieties, Operetla. HS. CSF HARVEY GEE _______________________________________Math, English. History. Science Tennis Team, Bowling Club, Intramural Tennis. Basketball HOWARD L. GENOFF English, Moth Bond. JV Football, Baseball SALLY ANN GEORGE English, Languages Sr. Friend. Varieties. Operetta, HR Rep, Masguers, Speakers' Bureau. Sr. Dinner Decoration Comm. JOHN GHISELLI English. Math Band. Proctor CHRISTOPHER GIBBS English, History L-10 Class Officer Harmoneers. A Cappello. Sr. Ploy GLORIA GIBSON English. Business Education Aeolian Choir DAVID A. GILBERT English, History PAUL GLADNEY Science. Mcchonic Arts. Drama Dramo Club, Pep Club. Talent Assembly MARY ALICE GLAIVE Business Education, English Pep Club DAVID H. GODDARD Math, English Speakers’ Bureau, Sr. Dinner Cleanup Comm., Sno-Cone Comm. MICHAEL N. GOLD English. Math, Music Concert Band. Marching Band. Concert Orchestra. Theater Orchestro LESLEY SUE GOLDSTEIN Music, English Orchestra, Theater Orchestra,. Pro Musico. Varieties. Operetta PRISCILLA GONG English, Language. History Jacket, Pod. Sr. Friend. Folk Song Club. HS. CSF, Discussion Club Sr. Play KEASTER GRAVES History JV Football. HR Rep WILLIE GREEN English. History EUNICE GRIFFIN Math, Business Education JANET GRIFFIN English, French Sr. Friend, Jacket Staff News Editor, GA Rep., Masguers Club. Pep Club CATHERINE GRILLER English Science. Music Dance Club Operetta. Varieties, Orchestra. Christmas Stars MARTHA JEAN GROCH English, History. Business Education Proctor DONALD A. HAGEL8ERG English, History. Math ROBERT P. HALLAOA English, History. Math BILLEE JEAN HAMMETT English, Business Education GA Rep., Sr. Dinner Decoration Comm.. Teachers' Club. Pep Club JEANIE LaFAYE HARDY English, Languages. Science H-12 Sec., GAA Sec., ACoppcHa. Ditch Dav Planning and Entertainment Comm. Chairman, Dinner and Ball Decoration Comm. LORNE HARMON English. Mechanic Arts Marching Band. Pod Sales LINDA HARNETT English, History Jacket. Pod. GA Rep.. Dance Production. Varieties. Aeolian Choir. Sr. Comm. LILLIAN MARIE HARRIS Business Education Costume Production. Proctor BOB HARWAYNE Art. English HR Rep.. Swim Team, Folk Song Club. Pod Sales. Sr. Comm., Sr. Play WILLIE HAYNES English. MathMARTIN CLIFTON HEATIIE Math, Science Track, Football JAMES HEMPHILL Math, Science. History. English ASBHS Veep, HR Rep.. Block "8'' Pres., Varsity Baseball. Varsity Basketball, HS. Speakers' Bureau MARY ANN HENDRIX LENVILLE P. HENSLEY Mechanical Drawing, Enqlish Bowling Club JAMES MARVIN HERRON Math, Science ROSE HERSEY Business. Homemakinq HR Rep REGAN HESS History, English Speakers' Bureau ULRICH EDWARD HESS English, French. German, Math. History German Club RICHARD HjETA Math, Enqlish, History Intramural Football, Bowlinq Club. Sr. Finance Comm., Sr. 8all Cleanup Comm. LEOLA HIGGS English. Language, History Class Reunion Comm.. Pompon Girl, L-l I Social See.. GA Prexy. Junior Statesman. Varieties. Christmas Stars DIANE HILLERS English. Language, Business HR Rep., Pep Club. Speakers' 8urcau. Pod Salesman LESLIE EVERETT HISCHIER English, Math, Music Harmonccrs, A Cappella. Rally Comm.. Varsity Football, Operetta WILLIAM HO English. History. Math HR Rep.. 8 Track. Younq Democrats. Top Pod Salesman Bowling Club. Rally Comm.. Sr. Comms. JOHN HOLBROOK History Band, Concert Orchestra. Theater Orchestra. Photoqraphy Club JEANNE HOLBROOK English. Math, H'story, Language HR Rep., Pep Club, Varieties. Drama Club, Swim Club. Sr. Play SCOn HOLIMAN English, History Young Democrats. Children's Theater, Speakers' Bureau, Harmoneers, Sr. Play, Varsity Track FRANK HOLLAND English. Mechanic Arts Varsity Football. Pod Salesman CAROLE HOM Business Education. Art. English Pep Club. Sr. Dinner Decoration Comm. ORSON C. HOOKS Mechanic Arts 10th Grade Football KAREN HORDOS English, Business Education Proctor, Bowlinq Club, Pep Club HERMAN S. HOSLEY English, Mechanic Arts Track. HR Rep., Circle "8" CLYDE HOUSTON DOLORES HOUSTON Business Education. History Proctor GREGG HOWARD History. Art, English HR Rep.. JSA Veep. Pep Club, Art Service. Pod Staff MARSHA LOUANN HOWARD History, English Graduation Comm. ROBERT BEECHER HOWELL Enalish. History, Math B Swimming, Cross Country, Track. Speakers' Bureau ALBERT HUEN Math, Science, History Moth Club. Chess Club, Analysis Club. HR Rep.. HS. CSF FRANK HUGHES Moth, History HR Rep., Track. Block "8"English History Dance Club, Operetta, GAA Clubs, Sr. Play. Sr. Comm. JOHN J. HURTADO Mechanic Arts Vorsitv Football SHARRON LOUISE HUTSON English, French Pro Musics Veep, 8ank of America Plaque Winner Russion Club. Pep Club. German Club Pres.. Sr. Friend. GA Rep. DIANE MICHIYASU English, Latin. Math GA Rep., Speakers' Bureau, Pep Club, Sr. Dinner Decoration Comm.. HR Rep. JOAN ALICE HAYNIE JACOBS Business Education Junior Achievement, Pod Salesman JOELLEN JACOBSON English, Music GA Rep., Pep Club. Pod Sales, Sr. Ball Decoration Comm., Sr. Dinner Planning Comm., Ditch Dav Planning Comm. MARCIA JACOBSON English, French Historv. Math. Science Manuscript Club. UN Forum. Proctor, GA Rep.. Sr. Finance Comm. FREDERICK JAMISON Music, English, Language Concert Band. Orchestra. Dance Band, Baseball. Operetta. Varieties DAVID R. JARRETT English Math, Science, Music Pod Editor, Band. HS. Bee Basketball, Rally Comm.. Sr. Comms. JUDY JASTRAM English. Lanquage, Math. History Sr. Friend. HR Rep., Class Councils, Graduation Comm., CSF Scc.-Treas., GA Rep.. Younq Democrats Sec. JACK JOCHUMS Math, English Bowling Club. Swim Team, Intramural Sports. Circle "B", HR Rep., Speakers' Bureau. LINDA JOHNS Business Education Pep Club. Proctor. Costume Production, Rec. Swim. 8adminton Club. Leaders' Club DIANNE JOHNSON English. Business Education. Language Varieties, Proctor. Craft Club, Pep Club FHA. Spanish Club ED JOHNSON Art Varsity Basketball. Varsity Track. Circle "B". Block "B”, Sr. Play JOHN JOHNSON Math, Science. English Intramural Basketball. Operetta, A Cappella. Harmoneers TRINA JOHNSON English. Science. Math. Language CSF Pres., GA Rep. HR Rep., Sr. Friend. Children's Theater, Sr. Comm., Pod Sales MARIE ALENA JOHNSON Business Education, English Sinkers HR Rep., Masquers. Discussion Club. Sr. Play PATRICIA MARY JOHNSON English. History Business Education Pep Club. Aeolian Choir, HR Rep., GA Rep., Proctor CHARLES JONES Vocational. English Basketball. Talent Assembly, Noon Shows GENE JONES English. Industrial Arts, Science Boys' Glee HAROLD JORDAN Science. History STILLSON JUDAH English. History Block "B", Tennis Team. Rally Comm., Sr. Play, B Basketball LYNN JUGENHEIMER Lenguaqe. Art Drama Club. GA Rep. HR Rep., Pod Sales. Jazz Club. Pep Club DEAN JUNG English. Math. Vocational Electronics Club. HR Rep., Bowling Club. Proctor MIKE JURS Math. English Drama Club. Rally Comm., Sr. Comms., Sr. Play SUE KAHL History. Latin, Math. English UN Forum, A Ceppello. Operetta, CSF, Sr. Friend. Sr. Play, Sr. Comm. LAURENCE KAHN English, History Speakers' Bureau, Swim Team, Bowling Club, Sr. Play, Sr. Comm. JANE H. KANEKO English, Math, Spanish GAA ClubsOtl it English, History Latin, Music Masquers, Pod Sales. A Coppclla, Operetta. Teachers' Club. Sr. Play. Sr. Gift Comm. PHYLLIS E. KARP History. English, Math HR Rep.. GA Rep., Children's Theater. Drama Club. Pep Club. Varieties. Sr. Comm., Proctor. Pod Sales TIM KELLY Math, Spanish. German Science Club, Math Club. Chess Club, Block "8", Rally Comm., Track. Cross Country URSULA KELLY English. French. History Jacket. GA Rep.. HS. CSF. Christmas Stars, Sr. Comm., Sr. Play ROBERT KENDALL History. Mechanic Arts. Science HR Rep., 8en Franklin Club, JV Football, Sr. Play MARY CATHERINE KENT Homemakinq. History. Business Education Pep Club. Sinkers. Proctor ALENE KIB8LER Longuoqe. History. Moth, Business Education HR Rep.. Sr. Play. Folk Song Club. Drama Club. Discussion Club. Sr. Announcement Comm.. Pep Club WAYNE KIESER Math, Enqlish Football—JV, Varsity. 10th Grade, Track, Gymnastic Team. Block ’B". Circle "B" PAM KIMBALL Science, Enalish, Moth Languages Closs Sec., Class Social Sec., Sr. Friend, Sr. Play. Pod Sales. GA Rep., Sr. Ball Planning Comm. Chairman ADRIENNE KIMURA Math, English HR Rep.. GA Rep., Pod Staff, Sr. Friend, CSF, Varieties. Sr. Ball Decoration Co-chairman TONY KING Business Education, Math RICHARD KINGDON Vocational Arts Electronics Club RUTH KITTEL English, Languages Top Pod Salesman. CSF Scc.-Trcas.. UN Forum Pres.. Sr. Friend. GAA Council, Leaders' Club, Diving TERRY KLAUS Enalish, Moth. History L-IO Social Sec., Varsity Football. 10th Grade Football. HR Rep. LUANNE KLEIN Latin. Math, English Dance Club. Operetta, HR Rep., HS, Proctor PAUL KNUPP English. Math. Mechanic Arts CLAUDIA KOBELT Latin, English Speakers' Bureau. Sr. Friend. Varieties. Operetta, Leaders' Club. GA Rep.. CSF TOM KOLB Moth. English, Mechanic Arts Intramural Sports JANICE E. KRUSE German. Enalish, History Tumbling. Chess Club, Jr. Red Cross. German Club JOSEPH G. KUPKA Math. Science. Music Advanced Math Club. Speakers' Bureau, Pro Musica Club. Sr. Play. Operetta, Theater Orchestra, Concert Band ALICE La8RIE Music, English Concert Orchestra. Craft Club. Masquers, Varieties. H-12 HR Rep. STEPHEN LAI Math. Science. Mechanic Arts MARILYN B. LANGE English, Business Education Pro Musica. FHA WALT LATIMER English, Math. Science. History ROBERTA JOAN LAUREN Business Education HS, Leaders' Club. Sr. Friend. HR Rep.. GA Rep., International Club. GAA Clubs DAVID LAWTON English. Latin. German. Music German Club. Pro Musica. Theater Orchestra ARLEN LEE Math. History. English Football. Baseball. Block "B" DENNIS LEE HistorySTELLA LOUISE LEE Homemaking. Business Education Pep Club. Sinker . Proctor VICTORIA LEE English, Moth. History HR Rep., GAA, Sr. Finance Comm., Sr. Play JUDY LEENHOUTS English, French Theater Orchestra, HR Rep.. GA Rep., Operetta Varieties. Speakers' Bureau, Jacket Staff DANNY LEON Math. History Block ”8". Circle "B". Varsty Baseball. Football, Basketball. Rally Comm. JACK LEONARD English. History. Math Circle "B". Swimming, Rally Comm., Speakers' Bureau. Sr. Comm. SYLVIA MARGARET LePAGE Math. English, French GA Rco. HR Rep., HS, CSF, Masquers. Sr. Friends. Sr. Dinner Planning Comm. SUZI LEPAWSKY English. French. History Aeolian Choir, A Cappello, Rcc. Swim. HR Rep.. Children's Theater. UN Forum. HS. CSF LYNNETTE LEWIS Science. English. Math Spanish Club. GA Rep MICHAEL R. LEWIS English. Math. Mechanic Arts SAMUEL LEWIS Spanish, Math, English SPENCER LEWIS Math, English HR Rep. WINSTON C. LI Math. Latin Science, English Intromurol Soccer MAY LIM English, Homemaking. Math ALBERT E. LIND English, Math SANDRA LINDSAY History. English. Math. Languages HR Rep.. HS Board Member. Pep Club, Sr. Dinner Decoration Comm. Co-chairman PATRICIA LLOYD English, History A Cappello Chairman. GA Rep.. HR Rep.. Varieties, Operetta. Pod Sales. Sr. Comm. LIZ LOFTUS Art. English Manuscript Club. Rec. Swim VIRGINIA R. LOPEZ Spanish, English Orchestra. Spanish Club. Tennis Club. Speakers' Bureau. Proctor. 8owling Club. Sr. Comm. LORNA ANNE LORAM English, History. Music Masquers, GA Rep., Aeolian Choir. A Cappello. Madrigal Choir. Operetta JIMMY LOVE English. Math. History, Music Marching 8and. Noon Shows WILLIAM LOWDEN Math. Mechanic Arts, English Swim Team. Bowling Club. Block ”B" LINDA LOVEJOY English, Moth. Foreign Languages. Music UN Forum, Manuscript Club, GA Rep., Swim Club. Sr. Friend LARRY LOWELL Science. English Block "B" Pres.. Footboll. HR Rep., Track. Rally Comm., HS DAVID LOZANO Vocational Wood Shop Proctor VIVIAN G. LUCERO Business Education Rcc. Swim TIM LUNDGREN History, Math Operetta. Boys' Glee JUNE IRENE LYNCH Math. English, Homemoking Leaders' Club VAL MACHEK English. Math. Science. Language Jacket Staff. Sr. Friends. Operetta. Pod Sales. Sno-Cone Comm.. Sr. Play. HS. CSFLEONARD MADDOX Math, History, Music A Cappella Pros., Varsity Football, Track, H.12 Veep. 8lock ['B" Veep. Cheerleader. NANCY MALLETT Business Education Pep Club. GAA CAROL MANGRUM French. Math, History. English Pep Club, Sr. Friends. Ditch Day Planning Comm. JAY MANLEY English, History. Language QMS Council. GOC. A Cappella Veep, Sr. Ploy Publicity Comm. Chairman, Hi-Lifcs, Rally Comm. JAMES MARSHALL Math, Music JV and Vorsity Baseball, B Basketball GEORGE MARTINEZ WILLIE JOSEPH MICHAEL MARTINEZ English, Science. Industrial Arts. Vocational Arts HR Rep., Rally Comm. PHILIP STAR MASLIN Math. Science, German, History Math Club, Pod Sales. German Club MITSUKO MASUNAGA Business Education. English GA Rep.. Sr. 8all Plonnincj Comm., GA Decoration Comm., Craft Club RICHARD MAYERS Vocational Arts Varsity Track. Cross Country. Block "B". Weightlifting Club, Intromural Sports RICHARD J. McCALLUM Business Education, English, History MARY ANNE McCARTHY History. English, Music HR Rep., Jacket Stoff, Aeolian Choir. Sr. Play. Pep Club, Bowling Club CURTIS McCRAY Business Education. Science Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football, B Track, B Basketball JEMMIE LOUISE McCRAY English, History GA Rep., Pep Club JOHN CHANG McCURDY Math, Science Varsity and JV Baseball, Circle "B", HR Rep.. Rally Comm.. CSF PHYLLIS ANN McDANIEL English, Math, Language Music HS, Folk Song Club. Pro Musica. HR Rep., GA Rep., Operetta. Tennis Club larry McDonough English. History. Math. Science. Language B Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Block "B". Bowling Club. HR Rep., Intromural Sports JEANETTE McKINNEY English. Math Craft Club TEO McLEAN DEBORAH McNAMEE jean McPherson English, Music. French HR Rep. (3), Sr. Friends. GA Veep, Varieties. Operetta. A Cappella. Sr. Ball Planning Comm. RON MERRITT English, History Sr. Ploy JUDY MIKLEBOST Languages. English. Math Pep Club, Proctor BERNICE ANN MILLER History, English. Latin Sr. Friends. GA Rep., Sr. Play. Sr. Play Publicity Comm., Children's Theatre. Speakers' Bureau. Leaders' Club JAMES A. MILLER. JR. Business Education JV Football. Gymnastics. Intramural Basketball and Football JUDY MILLER Spanish History. English GAA HR Rep.. GA Rep.. HS. Pep Club. Operetta. Sr. Ploy RICHARD LEWIS MILLER JESSE MIMMETTRONALL H. MIYASAKI Math, Science, Latin, English ALFRED MONTGOMERY English. Moth, Mechanic Arts Rally Comm. DAVE MOONITZ Math, Latin, History. English Stamp Club. Math Club, Calculus Club BETTY MOORE Business Education Costume Production WILFRED MOORE English. History Intramural Footboll KARELEE KAY MORGAN Business Education, English Tennis Club RON MORGAN English. Moth HR Rep. JANE MORIOKA Art, English, Moth HR Rep., Tennis Club, Basketball, Proctor MARGARET MORRIS Spanish, Business Education MARY MOUTON English, History. Business Education S'nkers Club. HR Rep., Proctor PETER MURAI Vocational Printing Circle '■B”, Pod Salesmon. Swim Team LINDA JEAN MURRELL Spanish. English. Business Education HR Rep., Proctor. GAA Clubs EDWIN A. MUTOBE Mechanic Arts. Bowlinq Club. Golf Club DWAYNE MYERS Mechanic Arts ALFRED K. NAKAHARA English, History, Gorman HR Rep., Ditch OayComm.. Weightlifting Club. Jr. Red Cross Club JULIA NAKAMURA Math Languages, History HS. C$F, Pep Club, Pro Musica MITSU NAKANO English. Business Education Tennis Club, Diving Club. Archery. Top Pod Salesman, HR Rep., GA Rep. TAMAYE NAKANO Business Education. English HARVEY T. NAKAYA Math. English. History ROBERT NASH English. History Speakers' Bureau IRENE ANDREA NAVARRO Business Education. English Proctor. GAA Clubs. HR Rep., Junior Employment Work MURIEL NELSON English, History Pep Club, Jr. Red Cross Pres., GA Rep. MARGARET NEUBACHER English, Math GA Rep.. Masquers. Sr. Friends. Orchestra, Aeolian, Speakers' Bureau. HS. Sr. Play SHIRLEY NEVALA Home Economics FHA. Diving Club. Rcc. Swim. Costume Production MARVIN NEVEU English. History Vocational Printing Track, Block "B". Rally Comm. NORMA NICKEREL VON RAGENFELD Enalish. Latin, French History GA Rep., Discussion Club KEITH NICOLES History. Math. English Pally Comm., Bicycle Court Judge, Ditch Day Planning Comm.. Entertainment Comm. BOB NIHEI Vocational PrintingSABURO NISHIMOTO English Football, Baseball, Block "B" BARBARA NIX Homemaking. Music. English A Cappella, Aeolian Choir, Operetta ELIZABETH HOPE NOBORI English, French, Math Sr. Ball Planning Comm.. H$, CSF JOHN NOHRNBERG Math, English CSF Pres.. HR Rep. H-IO Class Council. Jazz Club. AS8HS Trcas., BOC. H$ Life Member WIGHTMAN NORTON Math. Spanish. English HR Rep., Dinner Comm. Chairman, 8id Comm. BRYAN NOSTE Moth. English Sr. Gift Comm., HR Rep. DEE NUTTING English, History GA Entortainment1 Fun Night Entertainment, Children's Theatre, Drama Club. Aeolian Choir. A Cappella, GAA Clubs SUE NUTTING English. History HR Rep., GAA Clubs, Pod Sales. Sr. Dinner Planning Comm. JUHANI OJAJARVI Math, Science Rally Comm.. A Cappella, Track. HS. CSF. Chess Club. HR Rep.. AFS-Studcnt from Finland JANICE F. OKUTSU Math. History, Latin, English Speakers' 8ureau Leaders' Club. Pod Sales. HS. CSF. GAA Clubs KIRSI OLDENBURG English. History. Spanish Jacket Stoff. Pep Club. 8owlinq Club. Pod Sales, Jr. Achievement. HS. Ditch Day Planning and Entertainment Comm., Costume Production. Sr. Play GERALDINE THERESA OLSEN English, Business Education Proctor MICHAEL ONGERTH English, Math Marching Band, Proctor, Discussion Club DEAN OPPENLANDER English GAIL OVERSTREET English, French. History Young Democrats. UN Forum. GA Rep.. Varieties. Synchronized Swim Club, Rcc. Swim Club RAY K. OZENBERGER Math. English, Business Education Rally Comm., Block "8”, Varsity Swimming, Proctor RANDOLPH PACE History, English, Math. Science Rally Comm. Chairman, Baseball, Football, Basketball KATHLEEN PAGE English. French. Math. History DMS Council Pres.. Sr. Friends. Pompon Girl. Operetta. Varieties. Children's Theatre. Speakers' Bureau, Sr. Play. Sr. Comms. SHIRLEY PAGE Business Education, English, Language Drama Club, Varieties, Operetta, Dance Club. HR Rep.. GA Rep., GA Veep THEODORE PAPENFUSS English. Latin. Math. Science HS, CSF, Science Club. Sr. Play. Speakers' Bureau ERNEST PAPPAS History. Enqlish Intramural Basketball, Bowling Club PAULINE PARKER English, Music. Languages A Cappella. Aeolion Choir Sec.. HS, CSF, Operetta. Varieties. Nurses of America, Sr. Ball Decorotion Comm. CAROL PARSONS Spanish, English. History. Math HR Rep., Children's Theatre. Sr. Friends. L-l I Sec., Sr. Play. Sr. Comms. CHARLES EDWARD PASCOE English. Mechanic Arts DOUG PATRICK Business Education, English Football, Band ROBYN PAXTON French, English, History. Math UN Forum. HR Rep.. HS. GAA Pres.. Children's Theatre. Sr. Play. Sr. Comms. JOHN LAYTON PEEL Math. Enqlish 8owling Club. Track, Choss Club. Speakers' Bureau DUNCAN PENNELL Math. English HR Rep.. Swim Team. Sr. Play, Sr. Play Publicity Comm., Sr. Bali Entertainment Comm.MARY LOU PEREIRA History. Business Education ARNOLD PERKINS History. Music, Science Harmoncers Pres., A Cappella Veep. Football, Track, Jan Club. Proctor LYNDA PERRY English Art HS. CSF. Pro Musica GERALDINE ANETTE PETRY Science. Math. Latin. English Dance Club. Pep Club. Masquers. Sr. Play. Future Nurses Club. Sr. Dinner Comm. GARY PHILLIPS English, Vocational Arts KATHRYN MARIE PHjLLIPS English Science, Business Education Dance Club. HR Rep.. Drama Club. Proctor JOHN PITMAN English. History Jacket Staff. Pod Sales. Baseball. Chess Club EDOLIA Pins History English Tennis Club. Sinkers, Drama Club. Pep Club ENNA POHL Business Education Red Cross. Dance Club. Jr. Achievement. Rcc. Swim. Christmas Stars JOANN POPE Business Education, Science, English KATHERINE POPOV English. Math. French. History. Science UN Forum, GA Rep., CSF. HS. Sr. Finance Comm. CAROL PORTER . Business Education Masquors, Rcc. Swim. Tennis Club. Badminton Club JACKIE POTE-HUNT English. History Pep Club, Proctor. Speakers' Bureau. HR Rep., GA Rep.. Sr. Dinner Decoration Comm. GRETTA MEREL POWERS English, Business Education. Science. Homcmaking Pep Club, Future Nurses Club SHIRLEY JENE PULLIAM Homcmaking. English PETER PURSLEY Math, History, Mechanic Arts WARREN FAY QUAN Art. Vocational Arts B Swimming DALE OUICK English. History. Math Chess Club. Intramural Basketball GARY RAHLVES English, History. Math Swimming. Stage Croft, HR Rep., Pod Sales DICK RAMSEY English. History. Math Stage Craft. Drama Club. HR Rep.. Sr. Play WILFRED RANDLE English, Math Swimming POLLY RATCLIFFE French. English Theatre Orchestra. Varieties. Operetta'.. UN Forum Pres.. Amcr. Field Service Exchange Student. Sr. Friends. Sr. Ball Decoration Comm. HOLLY REDFIELD English, Math. History HR Rep.. GA Rep., Leaders' Club, HS, Sr. Play, Graduation Comm., Children's Theatre IVONNA REINBERGS English. History Varieties, Operetta, Dance Club. Diving Club WENDY RENTZ English. Music A Cappella, Aeolian, Madrigal Choir. Masquers. Operetta. HR Rep. KEN REVZAN English. Math. History Pod Staff. HS. CSF ANTHONY RHODES Moth KEN RICE Science. Math Chess Cjub. Discussion Club, Skin Diving ClubCOTA RICE English A Cappella HARRIET RICHARDSON Business Education, Homcmakinq. A Cappella, Pep Club. Sinkers Club. Aeolian Choir, Craft Club JOE RICHARDSON PATRICIA RICHARDSON Art GAA, Proctor ROBERT RINGHAM JOAN ROBINSON Business Education FHA. Pep Club JIM RODDA English Block "8" Speakers' Bureau, Baseball, Proctor, Pod Sales BARBARA A. RODENMAYER English, Homemaking GA Rep., Collectors' Club BOB RODRIGUES English. Math Intramural Football, Sr. Comms. MIKE ROGER English. Language, Math, Science Jacket Editor. 80C, HS. Jr. Statesmen, Pod Sales, HR Rep., Sr. Comm. LAUNI ROGERS English, History HR Rep., GA Rep., Proctor WILLIAM R08ERT ROHDE. JR. English. History, Math HR Rep., Pod Salesman, Rally Comm., Jacket. Pod Staff Sports Editor, Chess Club, Sr. Comm. HELEN ROHRBOUGH English, History Pro Musica, Pep Club. Aeolian Choir. GA Rep., Masquers. A Cappella, Musicals BETSY ROSS English, Business Education Proctor LINDA ROSS English, History, Music A Cappella. Pro Musica. Madrigals, Folk Song Club, Proctor, Speakers' Bureau RACHEL RUBIO English, Business Education, Moth, Language Bowling Club, Sr. Comm. LOYD RUGH Mechanic Arts JOANNA L. RUNKLE English. Foreign Language, Science Masquers, GA Rep., Sr. Comm. SUSANNA M. RUNKLE English, Language. Science Sr. Comm., Alternate HR Rep. JUDITH RYGH English, Math Pep Club, Masquers. Proctor LAISTO SAAJAMO Mechanic Arts DESSIE SANCHEZ SAMMY SANCHEZ English, History. Business Education B Basketball. JV Baseball. 10- Grade Football, A Cappella. HR Rep., Circle "8" Pres., Track DENNIS R. SCOTT Math, English, History, Music. Science Tennis, Concert Band. Morching 8and TOM SEBREE MARY SETBACKEN English, Language. History GA Rep., HR Rep., Pep Club. Sr. Comm. BOB SEVERSON English, Mechanic Arts MARIBETH SEYMOUR History. English, Home Economics Proctor, Pep Club. Sinkers Club, Leaders' ClubANNETTA SHAW Business Education AURORA MARIE SHAW English. Spanish GAA, Craft Club VAROL E. SHAW Music Concert Orchestra. Pro Musica, Christmas Cantata RONALD SHIROMOTO Math, language. History, English Intramural Basketball, Sr. Comm.. Craft Club BILL SIEWERT ELEANOR JEWELL SIMRIL English, Business Education Speakers' Bureau, A Cappclla. Pompon Girl Jr. Red Cross. Pep Club. GA Rep., Jr. Achievement WARDELL SLAUGHTER Business Education. Math. English Proctor Speakers' Bureau. Weightliftcrs' Club. Track DERRILL SMITH History. English, Music Band RICK SMITH English. Math, Science Bowling Club, Speakers' Bureau. Sr. Comm., HR Rep.. Sr. Play. Noon Show L. J. SMITH Mechanic Arts Track. HR Rep.. Rally Comm. MARY GENELLE SMITH History. English Speakers' Bureau, HR Rep., Pep Club. Sr. Comm. RICHARD SMITH English, History Speakers' Bureau. Football. Circle "B", Block "B" TIMOTHY GEORGE SMITH English; Math. History Swimming ROBERT V. SORRENTINO English, Math HS. HR Rep., Proctor ANGELINA SOTELO English. Spanish, Business Education GAA Clubs. Leaders' Club, Spanish Club. GAA Rep. JO-ANN MARIE SOUZA Business Education Proctor LARRY SPENGLER Vocational Printing, English PHILIP SPHARLER Vocational Printing. English, Math BETTY SPRONKEN History, English Pep Club. Talent Assembly, L-IO Welcome, Reunion Comm.. Bowling Club KAREN ELIZABETH SPROSS Business Education. English Masquers. Rec. Swim DCBBIE FRANCES STRUNK Business Education Dance Club GA Rep.. Varieties. Operetta, Diving Club, Syn. Swim WILLIAM R. STAATS Math, Languages HS. CSF. HR Rep.. B Basketball. Pod Sales. Sr. Comms.. Speakers' Bureau KATHRYN STEPHENS English. Science. Language GAA Sec.. HR and GA Rep., Russian Club. Science Club. Children's Theatre. Drama Club WILLIE MAE STEPTOE Business Education. Home Economics. Crafts GORDON STEVENS Math. Science. English Football. Track. Rally Comm.. HR Rep. JEAN STEVENS Homemaking. Business Education Proctor CHARLES STCCKER English. Math. Mechanic Arts Proctor. Pod Salosman M RNA LOUISE STREETER Business Education Tcp Club, Diving ClubROGER STUTTER English, Math Circle "B". HR Rep., Track, Basketball, 8ond, Speakers' Bureau RAYMOND W. SYKES English, History, Business Education Math B Swim Team, Bowling Club ROBERT Y.TAGUMI Math, English, History HR Rep., Intramural Basketball GEORGE TAKATA Math, English HS, Intramural Tennis. HR Rep., Rally Comm., Varsity Tennis LOIS TALBOTT English, History, Language HR Rep., A Capoella, Operetta, C$F, Sr. Friends, Sr. Play, Sr. Dinner Planning Comm. CONSTANCE TAYLOR History Proctor, Pep Club JANE TAYLOR English. Math Music Orchestra. ACappella, Varieties, Operetta, DMS Council Sec.. Sr. Ball Decoration Comm., HS-CSF WALTER TAYLOR English. Math, Science, Music Yell Leader, Band, Dance Band. Rally Comm., HR Rep., Varieties Circle "B" MARY TENG English, Business Education HS-CSF. Sr. Dinner Planning Comm. DIANNE CAROLYN THOMAS English, Business Education Proctor, Drama Club. GAA, HR Rep. CARLETTA IRENE THOMPSON Business Education Rec. Swim, Pep Club, FHA LANA THORPE English, History BOB THRESH English, Math, Industrial Arts DELORES JEAN TILLMAN English. History. Business Education GA Rep., Jr. Achievement, GAA. Pep Club MARION PATRICIA TILTON English, Moth. Rec. Swim, Sinkers, Dance Club, Proctor, Spanish Club, Speakers Bureau. Operetta. DONNA TOM English, History, Business Education. GAA, Proctor. HS-CSF. GIGI TOPP English. History. Sr. Friend. GA Secretary. GAA Clubs. NANCY J. TORRENCE Business Education. Aeolian Choir. DOROTHY TRAYNOR Business, Homemaking. GAA Clubs. Drama Club, Proctor. MARIA TREVINO Science, Spanish English. HR Rep., HS-CSF. Tennis Club, 8owling Club. ROBERT TADAO TSUJIMOTO Spanish, English, Math. Rally Comm.. Intramural Basketball, Football. JANET TSUKAHIRA Business, Math, English. Senior Friends. Croft Club, HS-CSF. GA Rep., GAA Clubs. MICHAEL LEE TUFT Math. Science. Football Block B, Circle B, Track. HR Rep., Yell Leader, Varieties. GEORGE TURNER Business. Proctor. MABEL TURNER Business. Homemaking. Pep Club. Rec. Swim, Sinkers. Jr. Achievement. ROBERT TURNER Math, Latin, English. Chess Club. Moth Club. STEPHEN LAWING TURNER History. HR Rep. RODERICK TWAIN English, History. Languages. Stamp Club Discussion Club. Bowling Club.History, English, Business Education. Pep Club, Diving Club. LOIS ULVANG Spanish, English, History Sr. Frcnd, GA Rep.. Synch. Swin Pep Club, Spanish Club, Tennis Club, Sr. Ball Comm. BARBARA USHER Music, Science. History. Concert Orchestra, Operetta, Sinkers. Varieties, Aeolian, Pro Musica Theatre Orchestra. SUMIKO UYENO Business, Education, English. Craft Club, HS. Sr. Bid Comm. DONALD VEIRS Math. English. Varieties, HR Rep., Intramural Basketball. OLGA Y. VELA Business Education. ALEXIS VERHOOGEN English, History, Math, Language. Rally Comm., HS, CSF, Sr. Comm. AVELINA R. VILLANUEVA. JR. English, Science, Mechanic Arts Electronics Club. JOAN ANITA VILLARRUEL English. Math, Spanish. History. Music Pres, of El Club Esponol, A Cappella, Pod Staff, Pod Sales, GA Rep.. 5r. Friend. Sr. Ploy Publicity Comm. RICHARD VON BARGEN English, Math, Mechonic Arts. Intramural Basketball, HS. JAMES WADE Mechanic Arts. Math. OLLIE WADE Homemaking, English, History, Moth, Science. Pep Club, Costume Production. Proctor. LAWRENCE GLEN WAECHTHER English, Science, Mechanic Arts. LEO WAFFORD History. Business Education. Football. Noon Show, Talent Assembly. MARY WALDO English, French. Pep Club, GAA, Pod Staff. Pod Sales, Russian Club, Sr. Comm., J$A. MICHAEL WALKER English, History, Music. Band, Orchestra, HS, CSF. Golf, Jr. Statesmen. PAUL WALKER History. English. HR Rep., loth Grade Football, Pod Sales. Pod Staff. Sr. Comm. ROBERT WALTON English, History. Mechonic Arts. Electronics Club. WIN WANG Math. Science. English. History. HR Rcp. Proctor, Chess Club. Math Club. Lab. Assistant. JUDITH WARD EMANUEL WASHINGTON History. Block 8. MEDA-LOU WAY Math. Spanish. English. Science, History. GA Rep., HR Rep., Speakers Bureau, Pod Sales. HS. CSF, Chairman Sr. Gift. Comm. MARIANNA SHRENGER WEISS Matlv Latin. History. English. HS. C$F, Manuscript Club. Pro Musica, Dance Club. FRANCINE WELCH English, History. Language. Rec. Swim. GAA Rep. KAREN WEST English, Spanish, Math. HS Veep, GA Rep., HR Rep., Operetta, Spanish Club, Sr. Friend, Chairman Sr. Boll Decor. Comm. ROBERT MEREDITH WETHERELL Math, English. A Cappella, HS. SOLOMON WHEAT English, History. Math. 8asketball. KATHERINE WHEELER German, Math, English. Varieties, Operetta. Manuscript Club, Science Club, Math Club.GAIL WHITCOMB English, Math. Masquers. Pep Club. Sr. Dinner Planning Comm., Sr. Play. EDDIE WHITE English Mechanical Arts. Football. ELIZABETH WHITE English. History. Languages. L-12 Social Sec. Drama Club. Dance Club, Varieties, HS. Sr. Ball Bids and Music Comm., HR Rep. LEROY WHITTLE History, Business Education. Football, Track. EUNICE BERNICE WHYE. History, Businoss Education. Proctor. LYNN WICKLIFFE English, Business Education, Math. Hk Rep., GA Rep., Bowling Club, Sr. Reunion Comm. SUE WIGHT English, History. Manuscript Club, Drama Club, Pod Sales, Jacket Staff, Sr. Friend. GA Rep., Operetta. ROT WILLIAMS . Business Education, English. Football. Track. Proctor. Intramural Sports. SAMUEL WILLIAMS Math, History, Music. Jr. Statesmen. ACappella, Harmonccrs. HR Rep., Operetta, Football. SUSAN WILLI AMS-FOOTE History, Business Education. GA Soc.-Scc.. Speakers' Bureau. Masquers, Dance Club, Sr. Play. Sr. Comm., Pod Soles RONNIE G. WILSON History Business Education, English. Chess Club, Junior Achievement. KENDRA WINCOTT English, Spanish, History. Jacket Staff, Sr. Comm., HS. Pep Club, Bowling Club. JANE WINFIELD Science, English. GA Rep.t HR Rep., Varieties. Masquers, Sr. Planning Comm., Sr. Play, Swim Club. PATRICIA WISEMAN English. History. GA Rep., HR Rep., Varieties. Sr. Play, Dance Club. Sr. Friend, Sr. Comm. ELIZABETH WOHLETZ Spanish, History, English. Varieties. Operetta, Pep Club, Masquers, Dance Club, GA Rep., HR Rep. LINDA WOLFARD Spanish, History, English. Drama Club, Pep Club, Yell Leader, GA Rep., Operetta, Varieties. Sr. Comm. ROBERT WOLF English. ART WONG" English, Math. Languages, History. Stamp and Coin Club. Intramural Sports. HS. CSF Scol Bearer. DIANA MAY WONG English Math, History. Honor Society, Pro Musica. Pep Club, Pod Sales, Sr. Comm. ROGER WONG English, Math. SUZANNA WONG Business Education, Music. ROBERT WORSHAM Science, Industrial Arts. FRANK WM. WRIGHT History, English, Business Education. Bee Basketball, Pod Sales. Rally Boy, Circlo B. IVA MAY WRIGHT English, History, Science. Collectors CIud, Craft Club. DAVID WILLIAM WRINKLE English, History. Bowling Club. JIM WUERTELE English, Math. Intramural Sports. Electronics Club Pres. Amateur Radio. MARCIA JEAN YAEGER Business Education, English. Pep Club, Masquers. GA Clubs. Proctor, Aeolian Choir. KATHERINE YAMADA English. GA Rep., HR Rep.i Ainti mc rvcirvvy iamamviv English. Moth. Business. HR Rep., HS. CSF, Sr. Friend. Basketball Club. Sr. Dinner Dec. Comm. PATRICK YARNOLD English, Vocational Arts. DON YOUNG Vocational Arts. MACK YOUNG Science, History. Enalish. Concert Band. Marchinq Band. Baseball. Intramural Tennis. Intramural Football. ROLAND YOURD English. History. Math. Band. HS. CSF. CYNTHIA AUSTIN English. History. JOHNNY CANFIELD Vocotionol Arts. Math. History. English. PAMELA CASH BILL FINGADO History. English. LENA SARIO JUDY STEELE English, Music. A Cappclla, HR Rep. Proctor. Varieties. Drama Club. Pep Club. Christmas Stars. Sr. Comm. RON BATTELLE TONY BORJA CAMERA SHY ALAN KILPATRICK ARNOLD PIPER 51L-l 2 CLASS OFFICERS Stovo Brodlky Preiident Barbara Gragg Svlvi.i Ruutkd Vico-Protidont Socrotary Jl1' m CtnyA Johmon Treasurer Anno Troutloin Social Socrotary L-12 Class Message It has been a wonderful experience for me to have been able to serve as president of the Low Twelve Class this term. We have had the special problem this term of raising enough money for Ditch Day; and, thanks are due to our home room representatives and class officers in solving this problem. I would also like to thank our two patient and enthusiastic sponsors, Mr. Dunk and Mr. Akey, whose assistance made this successful term possible. Good luck to all of you in your next and last term at Berkeley High. STEVEN BRODSKY, L-12 PresidentL-ll CLASS OFFICERS Ann Batchaldtr Social S«cr«tary L-ll Class Message The L-ll class has had a tremendously successful year. Working with the H-ll's, we prepared and put on the semiannual Junior Prom, "Round About Midnight" which was a huge success. Our spirit is by no means weak. Ever since this class has been attending BHS our place in the spirit cup race has not been lower than third. Selling Gremlins as our concession proved to be a financial aid to our treasury. I would sincerely like to thank all the homeroom representatives, class officers, and sponsors, Miss Nyman and Mr. McNeill for aiding my program throughout the semester. It has truly been an enlightening experience to represent such a fine class on the Board of Control. Thank you for giving me this chance! MARTIN NAKAHARA L-l 1 PresidentH-l 1 CLASS OFFICERS Larry Kcnningi Cathy Cdplct Betty Bright Alan Kent Lynn Farris President Vice-Preiident Secretary Treasurer Social Secretary H-ll Class Message The spring of 1959 has brought our class another step toward graduation. This term has seen success and failure. But that is to be expected. We are a class of many people but we act as one. We put forth our likes and our dislikes in order to better our society. Next comes our Senior Year. This will be our biggest test. I know we will succeed. The credit really goes to my other officers and homeroom representatives who made this term what it was. Especially, I would like to thank Mr. Anderson, our sponsor, for his unfailing help. Representing our class on the BOC was indeed a privilege and an honor. May our Senior Year be a rewarding one. Thank you, LARRY KENNINGS H-l 1 President w «H-10 Class Message The past semester has been a very enjoyable and worth-while one for the H-10 class. We have all progressed emotionally and mentally and have developed many new friends and acquaintances. Our class has participated in many successful activities, including a tenth grade rally, a slope concession, and a Soph Hop, all of which have aided our progress. I would like to thank our sponsor, Mr. Burruezo, the great class council, and, most important, the H-10 class. Without their support and guidance, success would never have been accomplished. I shall never forget my term as H-10 President. RAY OLITTL-10 CLASS OFFICERS Claud Brown_______________________________________ Pr iid nt VlfA.Pratidant Kathy Rhoda Social S cr tary L-10 Class Message The past term I have been happy to serve as president of the Low Ten class. I have met new friends around school and on the BOC. The ways and rules of the school were different from those I had known before in Junior High School. The Student Body President, Bill Crawford, has been a good one, and I think that the students and faculty should be proud of him. Like Bill, the rest of the students on the BOC were helpful and friendly. They showed me around, told me how I should go about executing the office of president. It has been an honor for me to have served as class president, and I owe it all to my class. I want to thank each and every one of them for electing me. Mr. Rice has been a wonderful sponsor. We couldn't have had a better person to work with. Mr. Nealson and Mr. LeTendre have also helped me a great deal. I want to thank them all. CLAUDE BROWN L-10 PresidentEt ■»! »l 4 I"INHERIT THE WIND BY JEROME LAWRENCE AND ROBERT E. LEE "He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind."—Proverbs 11:29 Timmy , Kip Sunnv— Harriet.. CAST _____Kit Gibbt ....Ed Johnson ..Trine Johnson ___Linnie Bock Rachel 8rown Katherine Engelsing Jay Manley Judi Galpin Rev. Jeremiah Brown Charles Clemens Bollinger Platt Chip Gash Wayne Dismuke Moni Gatewood Himself Kathleen Page Pat Wiseman Carol Parsons Finney Bob Harwayne Photographer Dr. Kimball Dr. Amos Keller Dr. W. Aaronson Dr. Allen Pa ontgor Mike Jurs Brian Feeley Herb Eaoroff Scott Holiman Reporters, Jurors, Townspeop?e. Hawkers. Reporters Jurors, Spectators played by: Win Banks. Margaret Bell. Vicki Bottari. Eddie Brown . Jeff Brown, Joyce Burton, Jeff Busby, Mary Erickson, Shari Evans, Beverly Franklin, Elly Gardner, Priscilla Gong, Regan Hess. Jeanne Holbrook, Sandra Hughes, Marie Johnson, Sue Kahl Ursula Kelly. Alene Kibbler, Ruth Kittel, Vicki Lee, Val Machek, Ron Merritt, Judy Miller, Margaret Morris, Margaret Neubacher. Paul Nielson, Dee Nutting, Robyn Paxton, Gerry Petry, Holly Redfield, Helen Rohrbough, Rick Smith. Kathy Stephens. Lois Talbott, Sue Whitcomb. Sue Williams-Foote, Liz Wohleti. 'National Thespian Society PRODUCTION STAFF Director __Florence Schwimley Sets..............................Lyle Collins Technical Advisor_____________Herold Buettner Costumes---------------------Genevieve Cory Publicity....................... Sidney Wales Printing..................... Austin Welti Make-up-------------------------Everett Mason Head Usher........................Karen West Posters ............Greg Howard. Ed Newark Costume Crew............Dorothy Adams, Joyce Bargman, Margaret Bell. Janice Brown, Anita Cornell, Pat Crux, Yvonne Donley, Sillerdean Franklin, Marie Harris, Linda Johns. Margaret Lockheed, June Lynch, Betty Moore. Kirsten Oldenburg, Elizabeth Ross. Alyce Stone, Ollie Wade. Dorothy White. Make-up .—Don Hegelberg, Jeanne Holbrook. Sandy Lindsay. Properties _. Flora Barth, Deborah Greene, Jeanne Smith. Sally Smith, Karen Triplett. Stage Crew Walter Ceton, Peter Poirson, Stephen Stripp, Bob Pomeroy. Bill Clark. Ron Chairman, Jay Manley; Margaret Morriff, Geo roe Craig. Publicity Chairman, J Bell, Ray 8rossler, Diane Dixon, Beverly Franklin, Trina Johnson, Mike Jurs, Ursula Kelly, Bernice Miller. Robyn Paxton. Duncan Pennell. Kathy Stephens. Alexis Verhooaen, Joan Vil-larruel, Sue Wight, Jaye Cook. Student 6irector Liz Calkins 64REai; vouk tsiBl i ilhdENSEMBLE AND SOLOIST WINNERS AT THE FESTIVAL AT SAN FRANCISCO STATE THIS SPRING On page 63—The Madrigal Singers who received a superior rating and a Command Performance invitation: Jeannie Hardy, Shari Evans, Pat Lloyd and Joan Villarruel, soprano; Sandra Brown, Kathy Dole and Carole Higden, second soprano; Audrey Douglas, Jessie Evans, Dianne Lord and Wendy Rentz, alto; Juhanni Ojajarvi and Sam Williams, tenor; Jay Manley and Bob Wetherell, bass. Connie Neville, accompanist. On this page—The Piano-Woodwind Sextet, superior and Command Performance: Polly Ratcliffe, piano; Melissa Foster, flute; Bruce Haynes, oboe; David Lawton, clarinet; Joe Kupka, French horn and Tila London, bassoon. Soloists, superior ratings and Command Performance, left to right: Linda Ross, Joe Kupka, Louis Wright, Peggy Tarr. On the next page: 1. String Quartet, Command Performance: Richard Watson, violin. Peter We-hausen, violin; Andy Berdahl, viola; and Anne Richardson, cello. 2. Oboe String Quartet, Command Performance: Bruce Haynes, oboe, Jane Taylor, violin; Andy Berdahl, viola; and Anne Richardson, cello. 3. Mixed Trio: Bruce Haynes, oboe; David Lawtoj, clarinet; and Andy Berdahl, violin. 4. Pat Farris and Linda Freed, vocal soloists. 5. Clarinet Trio: David Lawton, Michael Gold, and Kit Ratcliffe. 6. Piano-Woodwind Quintet: Polly Ratcliffe, piano; Bruce Haynes, oboe; David Lawton, clarinet; Joe Kupka, French horn; and John Spitzer, bassoon. 7. Junior Woodwind Quintet: Kathy Kraft, flute; Randal Lawton, oboe; Kit Ratcliffe, clarinet; Conal Boyce, French horn; and John Spitzer, bassoon.CONCERT BAND DANCE BAND This past term has been full of many worthwhile and exciting events. Each year the highlight of the Spring term is the Northern California Music Festival, held this year at San Jose State College. The members of the Band worked long and hard to prepare themselves for the Festival. We made a very good showing, thus upholding the standards set forth by previous BHS bands. Included among our other activities were a Washington-Lincoln Memorial Concert, a concert held in Tilden Park, a Spring Concert held in preparation for the Festival, and a music clinic held at BHS. Many thanks to this term's officers: Bill Rentz, vice-president; Jo Chase, secretary-treasurer; Phyllis Cripps and Andy Benson, social chairmen. WALT TAYLOR President During the past semester the Dance Band has been busy with many exciting activities. As a result of tremendous effort and interest put forth by the members of the Dance Band, every activity was a complete success. Activities included: playing for assemblies, rallies, noon shows, the GA Dance, the annual DMS Dance, Lions Club, the West Berkeley Lions Club, California School of the Deaf and Blind, and furnishing feature numbers and supporting parts in the Varieties. On behalf of all the members of the Dance Band, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the assistance and cooperation given us by our band director, Mr. Robert Lutt. CHUCK BROWN Student DirectorORCHESTRA The concert orchestra has enjoyed a very active and successful semester. Under the able direction of Mr. Thomas Haynes, we participated in a lecture given in the Community Theater entitled "Creative Arts in the Geophysical Year." We also took part in the Junior Bach Festival, the Bay Section Musical Festival, and Graduation. Many orchestra members took part in the Solo and Ensemble Festival, receiving a large number of superior ratings. Also, a few of our players had an unforgettable experience in attending the Western Conference Orchestra in Salt Lake City as a part of the Honor Orchestra. The officers have been: David Lawton, president; Gail Denny, vice-president; Melissa Foster, secretary-treasurer; Jane Taylor and Andy Ber-dahl, social chairmen. MELISSA FOSTER Secretary-T reasurer A CAPPELLA The A Cappella Choir sang for the PTA on March 10,1959. During the same month the Choir performed at the Patriotic Assembly at school. Also in March members of the Choir performed at the annual Solo and Ensemble Festival where four soloists and the Madrigal Group of the Choir received superior ratings. The Choir also participated in the choir festival which was held at Stanford University. The Choir performed some compositions by contemporary American composers. Outstanding among these was Parts I and II of Block's Sacred Service. The Choir plans an A Cappella outing. OFFICERS—President: Eddie Brown. Vice-President: Arnold Perkins. Secretary: Judy Gelpin. Treasurer: Suzi Lepawsky. Librarians: Jeannie Hardy, chairman; Sue Kahl, Helen Rohrbouqh. Robe Committee: Sam Williams, chairman; Jane Taylor, Audrey Douglas.AEOLIAN CHOIR AND HARMONEERS This semester the Aeolian Choir and the Har-moneers concentrated their efforts in the preparation of music for two events. The first was the Music Department Public Schools Week Home Concert on April 21. Appearing in the Berkeley Community Theater with the A Cappella Choir, Band, and Orchestra, the two glee clubs sang selections from their Festival repertoire. The second appearance was at the C.M.E A. Choral Festival which took place on the Stanford University campus May 2. The Aeolian Choir repertoire included: Messe Basse by Faure, I Hear a Haip by Brahms, and Huswifery by Winslow. Hiro Imamura was the gifted accompanist. The Harmoneers sang: Three Sea Chanteys arranged by Bartholomew, Amo, Amas an Eighteenth Century Glee, and The Nightingale by Weelkes. The Aeolian Choir officers are: Sandra Brown, president; Annyse Pickett, vice-president; Pauline Parker, secretary; Judy Jurs, Marian Auerbach and Margie Cockrill, librarians. The Harmoneers officers are: Felton Joseph, president; Donald Carpenter, secretary-treasurer; Gary Watt, librarian; Paul Nielsen, wardrobe chairman. 70THEATER ORCHESTRA The Theater Orchestra, meeting every Thursday afternoon, is a chamber orchestra composed of members of the larger Concert Orchestra. The Orchestra has worked hard this semester to perform in the Bay Section Music Festival in San Jose. Mr. Thomas Haynes is the faithful sponsor. MELISSA FOSTER Secretary-Treasurer FIRST ROW, left to right: Katherine Engelting, Halan Rohrbough. SECOND ROW: Carol Bliss. Kathy Paga, Peggy Tarr. THIRD ROW: Charlat Brown, Jay Manley, Myron Artist, Mike Collins. DMS With each semester the Drama, Music and Speech Departments increase in size and popularity. The importance of the DMS Council also increases. The purposes of the Council are threefold: to represent these departments on the BOC; to publicize all school productions; and to increase interest and spirit in these departments. The members of this semester's council are: Drama: Katherine Engel-sing, (Council Secretary) and Jay Manley; Choral Music: Peggy Tarr and Helen Rohrbough; Instrumental Music: Carol Bliss and Chuck Brown; Music Appreciation: Kathy Page, (Council Chairman); Speech: Myron Artist (BOC Representative) and Mike Collins. Once again Mr. Ehlers has served as our sponsor and to him goes much grateful appreciation. 71 The DMS CouncilBLOCK "B" FIRST ROW. left to right: Colin Ball, Marvin Navau, Stiilton Judah. Ray Ozan-borger. Harland Bartholo-maw. Sam 8rown. Art An-drawl, Sub Niihimoto, Danny Paitano. SECOND ROW: Arlan laa Mika 8rown, Conrad Chavaz, Diva Park. JaH Buiby, Jim Hemphill. Bill Crawford, Larry Lowall, Gordia Stav-ant. Lat Hithiar. Rich Smith, THIRD ROW: Ray Branlar, Harry McCalla Rick But-chini. Laonard Maddo Mika Tuft. Roy Williamt, Bob Chitm, John Batchan, Shelton Cambell, Randy Pace, Jim Rodda, Danny Leon. Matthew Baggett. Wane Keiter. FOURTH ROW: Mike McGarth Roger Chickarinq, Dave Stone, Tim Kellev. LeRoy Whittle. Bill Lowden. Joe Richardson. Wayne Diimuke. Charles Calhoun. Richard Mayers. CIRCLE "B" FIRST ROW left to right: Frank Wriaht, John McCurdy. Jeff Busby. Rick Butchini, Randy Pace. Martin Nakahara, Shelton Cambell. SECOND ROW: Art Evans. Harry McCalla. Art Andrews, Sam Sanchez, Walt Taylor. Jack Laonard, Arlan Lae. Jerry Betinaer, Conrad Chavez. Roger Sutter. THIRD ROW: Gary Ramwall, Danny Leon. Bill Crawford, Jim Hemphill, Mika Tuft. Laonard Maddox, John Batchan, Bob Chism, Sam Brown. Pate Murei. FOURTH ROW: Ron Tsuka-moto. Kan Wilmerth. Nick Neal, Rick Moran, Larry Lowell, Pate Shipp. LeRoy Whittle. John Lewis. Dave Stone, Dennis Thornton, Don Hawker. BLOCK "B" It has been my privilege and pleasure to have served as the president of the Block "B” Society and as a member of the Board of Control this past semester. The semester opened with the FACULTY vs. VARSITY basketball game which was played before a packed gymnasium. I wish to express my appreciation to those faculty members who made the game an entertaining and successful venture. The treasury was replenished through the proceeds of this game and the sale of orange juice bars at the home games which enabled the Block "B" to enjoy its semiannual dinner. The officers of the club for the sprina emester were: Sam Brown, vice-president; Mathew Baggett, secretary-treasurer; and Bob Chism, sergeant-at-arms. Mr. Wilson's counsel was most valuable to me in guiding the Block "B” to a successful season. I also wish to thank the member for their participation and help in all activity of the club. LARRY LOWELL Block "B" President CIRCLE "B" The activity of the Circle ''B'' Society has once again been evident this semester by the participation of our members in the Spring Sports. This is largely due to the support of our sponsor, Mr. Ray Silva, and my co-officers: Dave Stone, vice-president; John Lewis, Secretary-Treasurer; and Pete Shipp, Sergeant-at-Arms. The preparation for the activities this spring were: a swim meet between the Faculty and the Berkeley High Swim Club, and also included in our activities will be the Circle ''B''-Block "B" dinner and the presentation of the Emil Lamar Scholarship to a graduating member. I would like to thank the members of the "B” Society for the privilege of serving as the Circle "B” President. SAM SANCHEZ Circle "B” President 74BOYS' P.E. TEACHERS MONT ROW. ItH to right: Mr., Mr. $ilv« BACK ROW: Mr. D«v!.,. Mr. H ck r. Mr. Wilson, Mr. Scott. Mr. row«W. Mr. Eickion. BASEBALL The Varsity Baseball team has won seven out of the ten practice games this season. Headed by Coach George Wilson, the Jacket nine started off the season by downing St. Mary's 3-1, while allowing only 4 hits. They continued to win over opponents consisting of Acalanes 6-4, Cal. Frosh 10-5, until Jim Hemphill and Lefty Gilson, two cf the starring pitchers left for the Gridley Tournament, after which the team suffered losses at the hands of Mt. Diablo 2-8 and Oakland High 4-9, and also St. Ignatius 5-9. With Gilson on the mound, they shut out Castlemont 11-0, and continued winning over San Lorenzo 5-3, Fremont 2-0, and McClymonds 7-3. before the league race began on April 7, 1959. Jim Couch and Ron Theobald seem to be the heavy hitters this season with Couch getting two triples and a home run, and Theobald picking up a double and a bevy of singles. Rick Buschini and Jim Rodda are also doing a good job at the plate. The Jacket Baseball Team wound up its season in a tie for first place with a nine-won, three-lost record to share League honors with Harry Ells.BASKETBALL VARSITY The 1958-59 Varsity Basketball team wound up the season holding down the number three position in the North Alameda County Athletic League, with a seven win, five loss record. The Jackets' over-all record for both league and nonleague games was quite good. Berkeley won a total of seventeen games while losing five. Berkeley defeated teams ranked high in the Northern Half of the state, but was not able to keep up th«= oace in the fast-moving NACAL. J.V. The Junior Varsity Basketball team had rather a quiet season this year, since none of the high schools in the Richmond School System had a J.V. team. The J.V.'s played a total of fourteen games. Of these, they won eleven, while losing only three, those being early season games. Under the direction of Coach Sid Scott, the Junior Varsi v rrrotured the mythical NACAL J.V. Championship. "B" The "B" Basketball team had another successful season under the guidance of Coach Elgin Erickson. Their over-all record for the season was twenty wins and three losses, while in league play, they won ten while losing only two. The only league losses were suffered at the hands of Richmond High, which ended up first in the league. The "B's" have won sixty-five of their last sixty-nine games over the past three seasons. Ed Johnson, guard Bill Crawford, forward Harold Gilson, cantar Jim Hamphill, guard VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Berkeley.. .67 Lincoln 43 Berkeley. 47 El Cerrito 45 Berkeley. ...51 Bishop O'Dowd.. .44 Berkeley.. 44 Encinal 46 Berkeley.. .58 Castlemont .49 Berkeley. .54 Richmond .. 68 Berkeley. 49 Albany 22 Berkeley. ....53 Faculty 49 Berkeley.. .61 Oakland Tech 28 Berkeley.. 47 DeAnza 39 Berkeley.. ...58 Oakland High .32 Berkeley. ...59 Alameda 38 Berkeley... ...74 Washington ...55 Berkeley... .40 Harry EJIs. 45 Berkeley.. .46 Fresno 42 Berkeley . . .68 El Cerrito. .. .47 Berkeley.. .50 DeAnza . .29 Berkeley. .80 Cal 145s 60 Berkeley. 58 Alameda .29 Berkeley .82 Encinal 53 Berkeley.... ..58 Harry Ells .60 Berkeley .54 Richmond 71 Solomon Wheat, forward 77GRADUATING LETTERMEN ARTHUR ANDREWS Football JOHN BATCHAN B Track. Football COLIN BELL Football Mgr. JEFFERY BUSBY Golf. Football, B Swim RICHARD BUSCHINI Baseball, B Basketball RAY 8RESSLER Football MICHAEL BROWN Swimming SAM BROWN Football CONRAD CHEVEZ Baseball, B Basketball ROBERT CHISM Football WILLIAM CRAWFORD Basketball CHARLIE CALHOUN Track. B Track. Football SHELTON CAMBELL Football BOB FOUKE Track JOSEPH GEE Tennis JAMES HEMPHILL Baseball. Basketball LESLIE HISCHIER FootballHERMAN HOSLEY B Track FRANK HUGHES Track DAVE JARRETT 8 Basketball JACK JOCHUMS 8 Swimming EDWARD JOHNSON 8 Track. Basketball TIMOTHY KELLY Cross Country WAYNE KIESER Football ARLEN LEE Football JACK LEONARD 8 Swimming DANNY LEON Baseball. Basketball, Football LARRY LOWELL Football LEONARD MADDOX Track. Football JAMES MARSHALL 8 Basketball larry McDonough Basketball RICH MILLER 8aseball PETER MURA I 8 Swimming SABURO NISHIMOTO Football JOHN PITMAN Baseball Mgr. RANDOLPH PACE Baseball. Basketball, Football DUNCAN PENNELL B Swimming JOE RICHARDSON Football JAMES RODDA Baseball GORDON STEVENS Track, Football SAMMY SANCHEZ B Basketball MICHAEL TUFT Football LeROY WHITTLE Track, Football SOLOMON WHEAT Basketball FRANK WRIGHT B BasketballTENNIS GYMNASTICS TENNIS GYMNASTICS This past semester was a successful one for the BHS tennis team. Rarely beaten, the team has gained recognition from many sports authorities. Midway in its season the tennis team had beaten Arroyo, Piedmont, and San Lorenzo in league games, and San Lorenzo and Mount Diablo in nonleague matches. They lost to San Mateo, which was a practice game. Names such as Judah, Hoogs, Chickering, Scott, Wayland, Duff, and Gee will always be remembered as the factors in the BHS flawless tennis team. The Jacket Netters finished the season in second place behind Alameda, with a league record of twelve wins and two defeats. Gymnastics, headed by Mr. Davies, is one of the Intramural Sports that will eventually become a team sport at Berkeley High. The different events consist of: parallel bars, horizontal bar, side horse, long horse, rope, rings, tumbling, trampoline, and the free exercise. There are eight active members of this sport of which the majority are tenth graders; therefore Mr. Davies hopes that next year they will be able to enter into some competition with other schools in the area. The most active members and their specialties are: Bill Brashear, 10th, parallel bars; Mike Brown, 10th, all around; James Gardner, 10th, horse and rings; Glen Jackson, 10th, all around; Art Andrews, 12th, all around; Bob Eden, 11th, all around; Bruce Kieser, 10th, trampoline; and Norman Nakahara, 10th, all around. 80VARSITY TRACK BEE TRACK VARSITY TRACK BEE TRACK The Berkeley High Varsity Track Team, midway through its season, had shaped up to look like champions. After losing to DeAnza by 61V2-51 Vi, they got together to win over Vallejo 61-52. Still shaping up and trying new men in each event, Berkeley lost to Castlemont and Encinal. Richmond, with its powerful team, took Berkeley by 65 2-47 Vi. After this stomping, Berkeley came back to win over Acalanes 75-38. According to Mr. Hacker, track coach, Berkeley should come through to win the NACAL finals, which is the only track meet that counts. Outstanding track teamsters are: Roy Williams, Tim Kelly, Leonard Maddox, LeRoy Whittle, Charley Calhoun, MacArthur Lyons, Eddie Brown, Ed Johnson, Mathew Baggatt, and Gordie Stevens. On May 15, the Jacket spiken won the North Coast Divisicnals to qualify for the NCS meet. The "B” Track team, midway through the season, had won four and lost three meets. Victories included Vallejo, Castlemont, Mt. Diablo, and Acalanes. They lost to DeAnza, Encinal and Richmond. In hurdles, Leonard Cotton, Norris Williams and Curtis Crouch were outstanding. Valmore Coumey did well at both the high jump and the broad jump. Distance men were Larry Ramon, Roger De Nault, Ron Bell and Maurice Halton. The sprinters were Leroy Douglas and Norris Williams. The pole vault was the special interest of Louis Richardson, Bill Zemsky and Clarence Jones. The "B" Track team also won the North Coast Divisionals on May 15. 81VARSITY SWIMMING Headed by Coach Ray Silva, the Varsity Swim team had, to April 7, won 5 and lost 5 of the practice meets. Mr. Silva suspects that they will finish in second place in the ACAL Meet. At the end of this season they will have met with seven teams that had won their own league last year. The most outstanding mermen according to the coach are: Jim Fabris (H-10) 400 free in 4:28.5 and promising All-American; Ray Ozenberger (H-12) 100 breast in 1:10.6, who also may make All-American; Harland Bartholomew (H-ll) 100 back in 1:05.1, which tied the school record; Bob Fox (L-10) and Mike Brown (H-12) who both swim the 50 and 100 free style; and Arthur Evans (H-12) diving. The Varsity Swim team took a second place in the ACAL Swim Meet. BEE SWIMMING The Bee team has faired better than the varsity in winning practice meets. With a record of seven wins and one loss, to Los Altos. Mr. Silva expects that they will have a good season. The most valuable swimmers are: Pete Shipp, who holds the league record in the 100 back; Wes Parker, also swims the 100 back; Jack Leonard, top sprinter; Dan Smith. 75 intermediate medley, and 100 back; Tom Hof man, 75 I.M. and 100 free; Tom Meyer and Fred Morgan, 50 butterfly; Dennis Thornton, 100 breast; and Don Hawker, 100 breast for which he holds the school record. The "B” Swim team won the North Coast Sectional on May 16. BEE SWIMMINGG.A.A. COUNCIL FRONT ROW, Uft to fight: Thaon Berkalay, Donna Gundry, Robyn Paxton, Kay Fox, Olga Handrickton. BACK ROW: Mr . McClanaghan, Ethel Ann Draw, Robarta Logan, Hopa Bargar, Lana Mock, Rabacca Sung. GIRLS' GYM TEACHERS FRONT ROW. laft to right: Mr . Angal, Mr . Mack. Mr . Millar. BACK ROW: Mr . Gragarton, Mi Vokral, Mr . Rich. Mr . Haydan. G. A. A. This term the G.A.A. has had a variety of activities. We started early in the semester with the sports clubs sign-ups. Tennis, Badminton, Ping-Pong, Swim, and Dance were among the clubs offered. On April 3 we had the G.A.A. Slumber Party—appropriately named "P.J. Prowl"—which was much fun for everyone. In May the Badminton Tournament was held in the BHS Girls' Gym. We rounded out this semester's activities with a dinner party and the installation of new officers. To my officers: Lana Mock, Donna Gundry, and Kay Fox, my thanks for their wonderful help and cooperation; and a special thanks to our faculty sponsor, Mrs. McClenaghan, for all her help. I consider it an honor to have been chosen the president of such an outstanding group of girls, and I wish the G.A.A. a pleasant and successful future. 87 ROBYN PAXTON G.A.A. PresidentPING-PONG Mrs. Miller, tponior SYNCHRONIZED SWIM Mrt. Angel, tponior SINKERS Mrt. Heyden. tponior DIVING Mrt. Rich, tponiorBADMINTON Mrs. Vok'«l, sponsor LEADERS Mrs. McCI«nogh«n, sponsor 89JUNIOR STATESMEN Active participation in damocratic pro cast ! is the objective of thy Jr. Statesman. This organization attempts to further personality and leadership qualities through regional and state conventions. Learning how democracy works takes on new d mansions for students who write, debate, and legislate measures of civic, state, and national consequences. Officers for this club are: Pres. Steven Stripp; Veep, lexi Blomeyer; Sec.. Pamela Oobson; Treas., Bobbie Pape; Sergeant-at-Arms. Peter Kegel; Publicity and Expansion, Nancy Cornet. PEP CLUB The Pep Club had a busy term supporting their teams in Spring Sports and assistinq in the management of the No. California Cheerleader Clinic which was attended by over 100 students. The Pep Club, sponsored by Mr. Willis Nealson and Mrs. Jane Sherlock, had Mike Anderson. Head Yoll Leader, as chairman and Sue Schwatka as secretary. The Pep Club promoted school spirit and formed the nucleus of the Spring Sports rooting section under the leadership of the Yell Leaders and Pompon Girls.SPANISH CLUB The El Club Espanol had a very complete and cxc ting program during the past term. Foreign students from Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Spain spoke at our various meetings. The annual picnic was held at Tilden. Aftor a roaring game of soccer, a combination Spanish and American potluck dinner was served. Spocial guests included tho Spanish-speaking foreign studonts at the high school. The officers this term are: Pres., Lix Urlaub: Veep, Dee Lloyd; Sec.-Treas.. Mary Krentx. CRAFT CLUB The Craft Club is a workshop for students who are interested in making jewelry, in weaving, in carving, and in tooling leather. It provides an opportunity for experimenting with many materials. For example, students may work w ih a groat variety of metals including sterling silver, copper, brass, pewlor. and nickel silver. It s a chance for those who have crowded programs to begin a new hobb ■ or to continue with an old interest. No officers. Mrs. Lawson is the sponsor. MASQUERS Masguers has been very active in all forms of dramatic art this term. We had a noon show and a show at Fun Nite from which we made a very good profit. In the future we l ope to produce a full-lenej h play and continue with our other activities. Our officers are Dave Johnson, president; Victor Clark, vice-president; and Jeanne Smith, secretary-treasurer. BOWLING CLUB The Bowling Club members meet every Monday at the Borkeley Bowling Alley, aftor school until five. They bowl on an individual scoring basis, on an informal, four or five man team. If the members wish to bowl in a competitive league, they may meet on Saturday mornings from 10 to 12. This term an Easter vacation tournament was held, and the trophies were bought with the $.50 dues per membor. The soonsor is Mr. Costarolla. The officers are: President. Betty Ann Reed; vicejsres'dent. Sue Selxnick; secreiories, Ann Your.g and Valerie Lee; treasurer, Dovid Wrinkle.PRO MUSICA This semester Pro Musica has changed from a fossilized rolic to an active, purposeful, and very much alive club. We have adopted a new plan whereby we have a regular monthly meeting on Tuosday, with refreshments, at which time tho members play ensembles and solos which they have practiced the other three Tuesdays of the month. The annual Pro Musica recital was given in the Little Thoater on May 25. All members took an active part. DISCUSSION CLUB The Discussion Club has adopted a new format in which a speaker will lecture to the group, thus providing a definite basis and framework for the discussion. Previous to this plan tho club spent considerable time on such topics as interracial marriages and religion. The generalities of the topics hampered the discussion, leading to the adoption of the above plan. Recont elections made Ken Rico president. Naomi Lowinsky program chairman, and Sylvia Selby secretary-treasurer. Miss Rodriguez is the sponsor. CINEMA SOCIETY The Cinema Society had a great deal of difficulty obtaining the films sug-guested by a student body poll. It helped the L-12 production, "Friendly Persuasion." The sponsor is Mr. Marquis Patterson. The officers are: President. Bob Pomeroy; vice-president, Jerry Wight; secretary. Georgo Harmon; arf director. Ed Newark. CHESS CLUB The Choss Club serves as a place for students interested in playing chess to get together. The members have an opportunity to play with opponents of varying skill. The members teach beginners and offer advice to those who wish to improve their game. There is a Chess Ladder, which permits members to compete for top place. The club meets on Wednesdays after school in Room 203. All new members, both beginners and experienced players are welcome. This semester's officers are as follows: President Juhani Oja-iarvi, vice-president Bob Turner, secretary-treasurer Bill Constance. The sponsor is Mr. Fiedler. 94COSTUME PRODUCTION Costume Production, which counts as an olcctive and an activity, is under the leadership of Mrs. Cory. The class con-sists of about 18 girls. Our job is to take care of all the costumes for productions at BHS, such as the Senior Play. Botwcen shows we learn about costuming through the ages and study the different styles of today. We also have a special assignment to do in which some girls will design and make their clothes. TEACHERS' CLUB Under the helpful guidance of its sponsor, the "Chalk-Breakers Club" had a very successful term. The officers for this term include: Maraaret Billing, president; Pat O'Mara, vice-president; and Margo Coleman, secretary-treasurer. The club was formed to help those students who already are interested in the teaching profession to decide if they are capable and really want to become teachers. Another of the club's objectives is to recruit students who have not previously considered teaching and yet seem to be people who would be assets to the teaching profession. FOLK SONG CLUB The purpose of the Folk Song Club is to seek knowledge of folk songs and to seek enjoyment by means of group participation. The activities of the club this semester have included performances by guest artists, lectures on different aspects of the folk arts, and jam sessions. The club is sponsored by Mr. J. O. Asturias and is led by the president. Larry Fisher. The program chairman is Ellen Shallit. F. H. A. The purpose of the Future Homemakers of Amorica is to provide opportunities for students to have additional experiences in planning and carrying out activities related to homemaking. Spearheading the club's activities has been its officers: Pres.. Cathy Carney; Veep, Ruth Kuxnets; Sec., Dolores Turner; Trees., Paula Davenport. The sponsors of this Club are Mrs. Speed and Mrs. Tenney. Tho club lists among its activities this semester: attendance at section and state meotings. Red Cross work, a house tour, a sewing club, and guest speakers bringing information on home economics. 95RUSSIAN CLUB The Russian Club is one of Berks. High's newest clubs. It was formed Idi semester under the sponsorship of Mr Donald A. Schrump. The officers of the club are: Paul Discoe, chairman; Douglas Grove, vice-chairman; Helen Fowler, secretary-treasurer. The purpose of the club is to learn about Russian culture and polit'cs. Activities include: movies, speakers, and discussions. UN FORUM UN Forum, sponsored by Miss Thickens. attempts to instill in the youth of today an appreciation of the purposes and accomplishments of the United Nations. Most of our members took the UN examination, and two papers were sent on to be judged on a national level. Fifteen members attended a Model UN at Cal in April, representing Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. This year's officers were: Polly Ratcliffe. president; Romer Greene, vice-president; Bill Rentz. secretary-treasurer. GERMAN CLUB The purpose of the German Club is to further interest in the linguistic, cultural, political and historical aspects of German life. It is also our purpose to explore Germany's role in the world of today and tomorrow. Formed only last semester, our program has included guest speakers, slides and participation in the activities of the Bay Area Ger-man-Amer'can Society. We would like to thank Mrs. von Kaschnitz for her help and advice as our sponsor. The officers are: Sharry Hutson, prasidentin; Mike Austin, erfrischunfens-m!nister; D ane Dixon, schriftfuhrerin. JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT The Junior Achievement is a national organizat'on sponsored by leading business firms. Its purpose is to acguaint students w th realistic business situations. A business is established by the students. Its organizat'on. financing, management production, and sales are handled by the students. Sponsors are available for advice; the final decisions and reipons bilities are the students.MANUSCRIPT CLUB Manuscript Club intends to provide a workshop experience of mutual help and criticism for prospective young writers who come to weekly meetings and read their works. Our most important activity is judging and screening material for publication in tho "Manuscript," a collection of the writings of Berkeley High students, especially Manuscript Club members. Officers who served this semester are Linda Loveioy, president; Eric Weill, vice-prosidont; Marcia Jacobson, secretary; Miss Bennett, sponsor. WEIGHTLIFTING CLUB Under the direction of Bill Hickox. president; Jim Bennett, vice-president and Al Nakahara. secretary; the Weight-lifting Club began its second semester at Berkeley High. High on the list of club activities is preparation for the club meet at which the winner of the Weightlifting Trophy will be decided. This trophy, designed to be a perpetual award to the member who makes the greatest accomplishment in weightlifting has been donated to the club by people interested in weightlifting as a sport. JUNIOR RED CROSS Junior Rod Cross at Berkoloy High School is a service organization open to anyone who wishes to join. At our meetings we work on projects to be sent to local hospitals or to people overseas. Ono of these was the making of clay ash trays for Oak Knoll Hospital. Also, assisted by the Futuro Homemakers of America, we baked cookies for the patients there. Our officers wore: President, Alfred Nakahara; vice-president. Donna Gun-dry; secretary-historian. Joan Easter-brooks; publicity chairman. Beverly Anderson; sponsors. Mrs. Ravenal, Mr. McNeill. NURSES Sponsor: Mrs. Hopkins.MATH CLUB This s«meiter the Math Club has been rather small. We have few lectures, speeches, demonstrations, etc. All we seem to do is to chew on various problems and ideas that the "dog" (a member) may happen to drag in. Still, we feel that we learn a lot from each other and from our sponsor, Mr. Akey, and we have a lot of fun. We hope that there will be more members next semester. THE ELECTRONICS CLUB Helping beginners in amateur radio and experimental electronics has been the main effort of this club. Outstanding H-I2's are Prexy WA6AFF. K6YHT. and K6QNZ; able assistants are K60S0, WV6DVC. WV6EBY. WV6EIQ. WV6ERH. and WV6ERY. Other "hams" are K6UVM. and. of course, "Boxo" WA6BZO. THE COLLECTORS' CLUB The Collectors' Club is a group of students who are interested in collecting, exchanging, and discussing different types of interesting and worth-while objects of valuo to them. The group meets every Tuesday after school in Room GI02 with its sponsor, Mr. Filut, to discuss business, exchange objects, watch movies of interest, or plan field trips. the club’s future plans include participation in the San Francisco Chronicle treasure hunt of Emperor Norton, and an invitation to prominent collectors of international fame as honorary members. INVESTORS' CLUB The newly organized Investors' Club, led by Bob Hallada, president-elect, is designed to educato members on security, values and the funct.ons of the stock exchange. Securities, bonds and other sources of investment are discussed. The activities includo guest speakers from various brokerage firms, visits to local investment companies and talks by club members. There are 14 members of the club. Mr. Milton Loney and Mrs. John MacDonald arc faculty sponsors.SCHOOL LIFE aAfter all there is but one race—humanity. — George Moore. . . thus teaching them that if they held together, they would continue strong. — Plutarch 104105 Works of art, are indeed, always products of unity. — Rainer, Maria RilkeBehold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. — Psalms 133j -777 'Jj } c- tjA C OC CLo, 7. o T1 w yv-t -u- £ OIU.S - K ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Engraving—California Art and Engraving Company Printing—Lederer, Street and Zeus Binding—Cardoza Bookbinding Company Group photography, seniors—Gavien McCullagh Student photographers—Paul Lin. Dave Cowee Cover—Gregg Howard s_  UsrZ£L V 7 jQ OA. 7A2A - ( 7ZAjZ ° yy - yuZ'te- , -M-cf sr? z j6 u s_ jTTi zt Js JS X7ocj. j? J7 'n-t-nej 7 P£). -A 7 m- '{jt ytjZ- Sc 7 CCo7 CTu ytAoZ 7 tio Lot-rt - us-e s- 3 U xn ?Si£Si_ Ccsr- 0=7 _jU-+ cAd £ZfS-2 2 S . P7?6ASa . ' yTUJ oSc -TT UMHcS £ + jTJu _Ztui rL. - ZAmjl Thzc -j ■ ■ tl tf J.a, jetc. 2f -' - -t J A c7 (3_ -- C -6 1 yC L 7 j a£c 7-A? tzAy y£cU s c . y c i yht f x u yT-O- ouL{ uClA o- x ' uyAu y '$ 7 Jcc cAi. 7 7 G Lst 2 ' -GU- -ylJL. 2Xt6r?zr -U(SL - -ynsx c A vaC77, 772227 , - ■ 27 7 7% 22 y "77 y - ? , _ Ai. _au yU z. ycA ylA 7 yjJ 6. CJ u ' 7A y Cjt6 6 y Acj Zon£ Jo jov2 4 ■-co-o f -Ja TAe. 7n 0 c . c Jz2. Cl G V- w . C T ca ?0A 6 OW QCrtyrd j CL A. e v pXi _ "Co 'WvjI-aAs '- yo ( CSU. CcAjC. £a c U AuOypjl? vJL v QA eAx2 „ vWoy JL 'tzWutc cJL e evo XT XTZ 'X£ ‘ SUJ X CXA 'j-( Oo Wxj co Hajl SLx db: £jlc , O LLcX CXa CV jZ_ y t_Co 7 c duc€_ U otJL “jtb C-VA, f GJAxJ $$L U 4 (_AA 'CKjL. 1 Q UcJLUO C3 4-‘a- -'3 uJLQ- £LaAxJL aJLC- VaA. A acl. to r A X3[ AAJCy $jJ _e ■§k - (axJUast; b cC XC CjJjJC fe WUXL y Wt $A£ib - W$lUVAK CX. 2 SUs3l ' CjCa YU CYV AAA- rQe. Jc wt v-£ o, ' re cfc $Lc -oA_ l jcjna o cnsvv,  ■ T , . -4- y 7“ -7 L, i, -Jt r • Jt'. - X%. 777 7JZTt ■'x f tX° C cUXX%f . S r its C3t L. V- r cx £j 2- _ 'Cc ' X' - £;- 'T r uJ s € a - at csS.. 

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