Berkeley Hall School - Yearbook (Beverly Hills, CA)

 - Class of 1962

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Berkeley Hall School - Yearbook (Beverly Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 5 of 26
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Berkeley Hall School - Yearbook (Beverly Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 4
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Berkeley Hall School - Yearbook (Beverly Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 6
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Page 5 text:

We dedicate this 1962 Berkeley Hall Annual fo our oufsfanding faculty. Fronl row: Mrs. O'Connor, Mrs. Dlouhy, Mrs. Swan, Mrs. Upton, Miss Giles. Second row: Mrs. Mifchell, Mrs. McGee, Miss Niles, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Hall. Third row: Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Warne, Miss Scallan, Mrs. Owen. Fourth row: Mr. Richards, Mrs. Scallan, Mrs. Purtle, Mrs. Jeffries, Miss Leffs, Mrs. Kiclson, Mr. Nelson. Nof shown are Mrs. lwerf and Mrs. Van Tres. Thanks to the Faculty "Unfold the latent energies and capacities for good in your pupils. Teach the great possibilities of man endued with divine Science." These directions for teaching Christian Science were given by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Cpage 1285. The faculty of Berkeley Hall, by fulilling these directions, have guided and uplifted our Class of '62 through the years. Through their patience, enthusiasm, and unselfishness, they have taught us social graces and sportsmanship, as well as the scholastic work. Especially uplifting is the teachers' concept of their pupils. They never limit nor label a student, but help each individual to work to his full capacity. The greatest thing we have gained under their guidance is the practical application of Christian Science. The combined efforts of our teachers have made Berkeley Hall what it is. Not only the teachers that the class of '62 has had, but all the new teachers are giving future Ninth Grades the opportunities cherished by our class. Although we graduate and leave Berkeley Hall, their care continues. The work habits, the manners, and especially the applicable use of Christian Science they have taught us, we can never forget.

Page 4 text:

Class Song We Yreld Our Sh1eld CTO the tune of 76 Trombones D We are the Hftreth class and the best of all There IS no other class to make thrs clarm We have all worked so hard to be sure of each blue card And more than once we ve earned thIs fame Chorus It has been nIne months of x-l-y ND Our summer vacatron came just In trme But Mrs O Connor s quIps soon relreved the crack Ing whrps Our equatron sItuatIons Hne Chorus We have marched through the nursery up to Shreld Hall Wonderrng blunderrng tIl we made the top In Mother Goose burldmgs we began If all Oh those naps' If they only hadnt stopped' Brxdge-In the Fourth Frfth and Sxxth we had tIme to play Hop scotch jump rope wIsh we could have stayed Seventh brought a turnmg poxnt Erghth taught a learnmg poInt Nrnth our destrnatron has been reached Nrneteen and one good head constrture our class SRD In number bemg few we ve bettered the best In braggmg we never drd but the truth cannot be hrd You must agree we passed the test Chorus Class Day IS done DItch Day has come and gone 4TH Its srmply amazmg how tIme drd fly Now Graduatlons here Berkeley Halls become so dear Chorus What Berkeley Hall Means To Me By JANE PESANTE Berkeley Hall IS an opportunrty opportunrty to express the one true Intellrgence opportunrty to become a better Chr1stIan ScIentIst through darly experIence opportunrty to broaden our horrzons of learmng and understandrng opportunrty to grve of ourselves towards a common goal By KENT ATIRIDGE Many tImes I become drscouraged and am POSIIIVC I have been grven too much work But then I realrze that thrs work has been grven for my benefit and that by contmually workrng watchrng and prayrng there can be no lImIt to my progress Therefore to me Berkeley Hall 15 the key to the door of a more harmonrous and joyous world By DON KRIEGER Berkeley Hall means more than a school where one acqurres an educatIon It has taught me a way of lrfe The teachers have shown me thrs way of lrfe and I am par trcularly grateful for the contInued Interest of the teachers and of Mr Nelson after graduatron I see many students who have graduated from Berkeley Hall return and say how apprecratrve they are for the thrngs they have learned By MELODY PAXTON ThIs year each person has taken a part In our class actIvIt1es We helped each other on the annual whrch Involved a great deal of work We separated Into specral commrttees such as the edrtors the art commIttee the poem commrttee and others We showed enthusrasm for our annual by wrIrIng artrcles on certaln events and copyrng them over The office helped e mendously by typIng many of the artrcles and through t e Osherenko famrly our Annual was prInted It IS thrs krnd of thrngs for whrch we are grateful to t e people supportrng Berkeley Hall School and for grvmg us thrs rIch and wonderful experrence BY ANNE MOORE AND CHRIS BRIX On anuary 19 1962 we tearfully left our studres and spent many laborIous hours decoratmg the audItorIum In green black and whrte for our Shreld Dance Durmg the fortmghtly that mght at the stroke of 9 30 the Far SuperIor Nmth mounted the stage and sang rheIr hrghly orIgInal Shreld Song The curtams parted and a hushed srlence fell over our lowly subjects as they beheld our fabulous superror awe Insprrrng ShIeld Durmg the srngrng the mam audrtorrum lrghts were turned 0E so that the termrte Infested shIelds of the former classes would not look out of place The fame of Shreld Hall has now been hrghly Increased by the presence of the marvelous Shreld of 1962 The Makmg of a Masterp1ece BY CHRISTOPHER BRIX The Great ShIeld of the Class of 1962 began In the mxnds of the class The orrgmal Shreld desIgn by Barry Greenslate con srsted of a scroll bordered by a wreath and topped wrth a banner As a umted class we went to work After much consecrated thought the class chose the motto UnIty 15 reserved wrsdom. It was suggested that the scroll be contoured to gIve a genurne effect and that the wreath be three drmensronal and composed of separate leaves Some called thIs task too hard almost Im possrble or too trme requrrrng but the Nmth Grade boys tackled the job and soon had a solutIon After long drscussron debate and huntIng the proper color and qualrty of palnt and the method of applyrng lf were declded The Shreld was sprayed wrth nIne coats of whIte enamel the wreath wrth green enamel and the border wIth black To accom plrsh the buIldIng of the Shreld the Nrnth Grade boys gener ously relmqurshed therr lunch perrods study halls and gym perrods The grrls prrnted the letters and Inscrrbed the scroll wrth oI1r motto The finrshed products were assembled The result The Great Shreld of the Class of 1962' Shrelcl Song Class of 1962 BY JAYNE PESANTE DON KRIEGER ANNE ARCHER KENT ATTRIDGE CHRISTINE DOWNEY Tune of Surrey wrth the Frmge on Top IntroductIon Here s the Shreld that we present to you Whrch sIgnIlIes the class of 62 2 You wIll see our marvelous feat In all Its grandeur All pay trIbute to our royal Shreld Thrs IS the reason for bemg the best One that wrll put us above all the rest If you ve been searchIng then now end your quest Cause here s the top' Worked together to make IE excel Thrs IS the secret that no one would tell Arn t no class that s done half as well Or ever wrll' The scroll s for knowledge ID whrch we abound The wreath for vrctory and trIumph A desIgn that states that we re above all In case a future class should drspute It' Three brrght colors a wmkrn and blInkIn Am t no fmer ShIeld we re a thmkrn You can keep your shreld If you re thrnkrn That we d ever swap' For that shrny lrttle ShIeld wrth the Banner on top' . . 1ST ' ' ' J . 1 ' . . . . 7 , x ' Y Z I 1 - Y Q , . .I . ' . . n u 1 . ' 7 Y - , . - F- . I . I ,. ' . . . -I Q . . T - . - - n u . - - - nl - , 9 5 s ' J. ' , , u , . s ' ! I l I l - 1 - , n . . - We regret we have to say good-bye. - - - ' - ' Y Y Q . . . . i S 5 , . ' . . ' . . , , , . . . , I a . - ' , l 7 l 1 ' ' a 1. s u n , ' . ' . I. ' ' ' , 4 , , . . . . , ' , 4 ' - 1 ! . 2. ' n . , 3 . . . , . I 1 e Z , ' A 1 1 y . ' ' I - . 4 I 3 . ' ' . tr - - . . . , . . , ' . . I y ,I , , h I I - . I ' I - - I . y. v n a w s . h ' l

Page 6 text:

THE HISTORY OF BERKELEY HALL SCHOOL The real history of Berkeley Hall does not lie in the course of human events, but rather in spiritual unfoldment. In the summer of 1911, Miss Leila Cooper and her sister Mabel decided to open a private school. They were joined by Miss Mary E. Stevens, who later became the school's first prin- cipal. A small English dwelling was procured on West Avenue across the street from Berkeley Square in Los Angeles. Thus the school was named Berkeley Hall. Later that year the school opened with an enrollment of twenty-six pupils, ranging from Kindergarten to Fourth Grade. Since all the teachers were earnest students of Christian Science, the enrollment was limited to children of Christian Scientists. By the end of the second year the number of pupils had in- creased so much that it was necessary to find new and larger quarters on Fourth Ave. School opened in the present location at 300 North Swall Drive, Beverly Hills, in September of 1925, At first, four buildings were erected: the Junior Building, now housing the Intermediate classes, the Senior Building, the home of the Seventh and Eighth Grades, the office and the orig- inal auditorium, which now contains the Superior Ninth Grade, the music shop, and drafting rooms. This last building once housed a music department, a ballroom for dances which were held every other week, and an assembly hall seating 400 with a balcony, stage and dressing rooms. One incident shows the spiritual foundation upon which Berkeley Hall was built. When the cement foundation for the original buildings was laid, the city building inspector remarked that they were needlessly thick and substantial. One of the founders dreamed that the world came to an end, but these foundations still stood. The symbolism of this dream is appar- The Mother Goose Building First, Second, and Third Grade Classrooms rf-aim The Intermediate Building Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade Classrooms 4 ent, for the school has been placed on a firm foundation of Principle, and that foundation is secure. In the fall of 1925 Berkeley Hall opened on its new cam- pus with an enrollment of 120 pupils. The cafeteria and the Mother Goose building were next built. Soon a Ninth Grade was added, and six years later a full senior high was established. From the beginning Berkeley Hall had been a boarding school. The apartment in which Mr. Nelson lives, and two buildings since removed across the street on Clark Dr. were dormitories. In 1939 the main part of the auditorium, which was con- nected to the present Ninth Grade room, burned. The burned section was torn away, and the rest of the building was used to house the Nursery and Kindergarten. In 1953 the new buildings were built for these grades south of the campus. The Drafting and Music Departments, as well as the Ninth Grade, now moved into this vacated building. Mr. Nelson came to Berkeley Hall in 1941. A year later the boarding department was closed. Now all faculties were de- voted to the growing Lower School and the junior High. In 1953 a dormitory and lot on Clark Street were sold. This money was used to build a swimming pool and locker rooms. Most of the buildings and land of Berkeley Hall represent donations by Berkeley Hall parents and kind friends. The new auditorium, built in 1957, was one evidence of Berkeley Hall's generous and grateful friends. The tradition of Blues and Whites is over 25 years old. The original teams were called "Chis" and "Gammas." New things are unfolding every year, new changes, experi- ences and demonstrations, and each new class adds another page to the History of Berkeley Hall School. The Editors The Junior High Building Seventh and Eighth Grade and Art Classrooms The Ninth Grade Building Ninth Grade, Music, and Shop Classrooms

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