Berkeley Hall School - Yearbook (Beverly Hills, CA)

 - Class of 1962

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Berkeley Hall School - Yearbook (Beverly Hills, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 11 of 26
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Page 11 text:

if " ' -S l "Nl - . T as z- - A is Q' " M LL 3, LL gf ,V ,L ' 7 M' . 1-2225 J' f-- r F7- , Q' L ' Y' , Q E ' A mi L 'E 'iff i ' 1 if I as t 'ir , j L 15,55 I I V - V' fa , iv ,I i I L 6. L ms, LL L 'N ..-5,6 'ML 1,,. 4 , ,Li Q 1- L c 'ii 73 Fm T-ff. file :ie L if LL ,r,f'L,, , 1 5, L LL rkly LLFLLLL Lx: - 'Q A- " ,psp ,.,f.., ,'.. gg xssgz L lt BERKELEY ' Q E it H A L L Lf: 1 ,iw 1 'f A .535 Sl , , L is M3 s c HID o L ., -:. A L , L I 'L 3 ,gm Y L J.. L , meat. mtg ! L j 'S 3 se' X ,ff "' , 1' it '- f77"J' N' A '58 qs . ' Z1 A 'Vw ' ' W , MRS ' ' We L My t WARNE ,tr n . ' " - .mfiii Aff fiiffevls-f i A 2 ,, A wwf 1 ' ., Q.: R it s x L L . ft . mi A L 'sv - rl 'K -I, 45 4 - A w- ia A at 2, , A L f it ' " -,TB . ,.,f'et.,, A ,5 Top Row: Paul Appleby, Julie Stevens, Laurie Thomas, Mark Bickerton, Dorothy Roelse, Catherine Woods, Dale Crow, Mary Ann Baker, Rommany Bennett. Second Row: Carolyn Carnesciali, Charlotte Pahlavi, Paul Purtle, John Steelsmith, Denise Day, Bradley Scott, Christine Sansone, Deborah Boughn, Lindsey Nicholl. Third Row: Richard Larson, Kent Bilsborrow, Linda Vogal, Arthur Mattison, Guy Veloz, Diana Daniels, David Greenwalt, Diana Ertz. Bottom Row: Mrs. Warne, Larry Charlston, Bob Moore, Susie De Windt, Kirk Honeycutt, Gail Hansen. ..-,PFD Fw . .' - .f- Valentines Day ZF ' L. , f ,L Q. ,L . BY DIANA DANIELS LL ,. ,.. i ,,, ,LL fr - V. -'A N 1f-:f 925 ,-A e 'L -1. - , He loves me, adores me, With a heart true blue! , w ill A special card on this special day, '-hi-I .ii I 17- JL ' For a special friend in a special way, 'K V ' Z1 A A The card I mean is a valentine, X ,VVLL L - Your friend will think it mighty fine. 'ff , With a heart of velvet, red as a rose, , ""' Q L,L', And a verse that tells wherever he goes if q u i'i , Do you really mean it?'Twas signed by you! L Q EQ , w 'fQ, f l L ij' if The First Home of Berkeley Hall HW' Dedicated to Two Little Sisters The Valentines' Secret BY PAUL APPLEBY Tall friends delight them with ribboned verse deceiving- To the little ones a day of luscious Waiting, Till the mystery box yields secrets, storms abaring, Not knowing younger minds are rich in sweet believing, So openly expectant, so confident in gift receiving, So eager to show Love in the Master's weaving. No simple card, no empty verse rejecting,- A11 love out-poured in graciously accepting. The Second Home of Berkeley Hall 9

Page 10 text:

THE SUPERIOR SEVENTH "Prologue" BY BOB MOORE Since the "stingy Ninth" has given the "Superior Seventh" so little room to write its novelties, this prologue must be short. First, I would like to explain that our highly literary class of journalists has prepared several essays for your enjoyment. Next, I would like to bring to the surface that the following articles are of superior quality and are the best of reading matter in this Annual. To prove this last statement, twenty-seven out of twenty-nine pupils in our class received "junior High Pen- manship Awardsf' Also, supervised by our "dynamic and under- standing" teacher, our class set an all-time high by getting twenty-one Blue Cards. Although these are just statistics to the average Berkeley Haller, they show how much progress the "Modest and Superior Seventh" has made. Another "first" our class made was improving greatly in the aerodynamics field under the capable teaching of the Ninth Grade's skilled technician, Mrs. O'ConnOr. She taught us how to make bigger and better paper gliders and showed us how to fly them! I will now turn you over to our superior literary scholars. The Assembly On Libraries BY GUY VELOZ The Seventh Grade this year gave an assembly on libraries. Debbie Boughn introduced Catherine Woods and Arthur Matti- son, who told us some of the purposes of reading books. Then Laurie Thomas, Carolyn Carnesciali, julie Stevens, and Guy Veloz talked about the ancient libraries, growth of libraries in the United States, and famous libraries of the world, including the Library of Congress. The class thinks this was one of the most educational Seventh Grade assemblies this year. Potential Picassos BY CATHERINE WOODS This year has been full of fun and excitement in art. Our first project was to draw twelve designs showing the colors and their complements. Next we drew twelve additional designs to show tints, tones, shades, and hues. Our third project was to make a color wheel consisting of eight to twelve colors. The next project was a paper mosaic, which was lots of fun. We then had to get a pair of scissors and cut! cut! curl- until we had at least ten shapes or designs which were combined into a picture without using a pencil. Our last major project was making decorations for the Sixth Grade dance. Our theme was "Peanuts" from the comic strip. We have all thoroughly enjoyed this year in art under Mrs. Richards' expert guidance. The Rain BY CHRISTINE SANSONE It comforts me to hear rain pour, To hear it knocking at my door- To listen to the thundercrash- To see the golden lightening flash! ' It makes the earth so fresh and new, It makes me very happy too, Especially when a rainbow spreads The lovely colors overhead. 8 Seventh Grade Hall of Fame The Seventh Grade Class Presidents this year have been Bob Moore, Mark Bickerton, Laurie Thomas, Kent Billsborrow, and Dale Crow. Our Patriotic Assembly By CHRISTINE SANSONE and LAURIE THOMAS On Monday, October 16, the Seventh Grade celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. Kirk Honeycutt and Richard Larson were narrators for the poem "America for Me", which was directed by Mrs. Dlouhy. The chorus was spoken by Dorothy Roelse, Rommany Bennett, Bob Moore, John Steele- smith, David Greenwalt, Kent Bilsborrow, Mark Bickerton, Larry Charlston, and Bradley Scott. Diana Daniels and Gail Hanson gave the history and description of the Statue of Liberty. The narrators then recited part of Emma Lazarus' poem, "The New Colossus," followed by Paul Appleby's story of the Colossus of Rhodes. It was an honor to the class to have Mr. Nelson choose our assembly for the Mothers' Club. Letters in Literature BY DIANA DANIELS In Literature, Mrs. Dlouhy read us an article entitled "The Little Red Raincoat" that appeared in the Christian Science Monitor. The class enjoyed the article so much that we wrote a letter of apppreciation to the author, Mrs. Zimmer. Each one in the class wrote a letter, and the best ones were sent to Mrs. Zimmer. To our surprise, a few days later we found that Mrs. Zimmer had written a personal letter to each of us who had sent her one. Included in each letter was a dilferent article written by Mrs. Zimmer in the past. We were pleased with her response to our writing project and are looking forward to further work in literature. The Book Fair By DOROTHY ROELSE AND RICHARD LARSON During March the Seventh Grade had the great privilege of starting a Book Fair at Berkeley Hall. Out class hopes that this tradition will be carried on by each successive Seventh Grade. We started our Book Fair by portraying characters from well-known stories. Laurie Thomas and Dorothy Roelse intro- duced such famous "people" as Tom Sawyer, Priscilla and john Alden, the Emperor of China and Marco Polo. The highlight of the Book Fair was our guest speaker, Mrs. Blanche Campbell from Campbells Book Store in Westwood. She brought many books which she reviewed. The books in- culded several award-winning novels for children. Our parents and the students of the Sixth through Ninth Grades attended this fair. All showed great interest, and many have purchased books that were reviewed. B-Day BY SUSAN DEWINDT This year in games, Mrs. Jeffries decided to liven up baseball by having "B-Day." Each girl voted for three team mates in her room to represent either the Blues or the Whites. The nine girls would make up the two teams. B-Day had to be post- poned for two weeks, but finally it arrived. Seven pitchers and four innings later, the marvelous, stupendous, colossal Blues emerged--victorious! Champions!

Page 12 text:

EIGHT'S TRIUMPH TRUTHS Our Class Motto: "Mind Sends Forth Perfection" By BETH HILL Our class motto was lettered by Beth Hill and Bonnie Nance. This verse, from Mary Baker Eddy's writings, was proposed by Agnes Montgomery. It has proven helpful in our school work as we have realized the truth in this verse. Since September the Eighth Grade has had six elections. Our presidents have been: Don McCarty, Ronald Krisel, Lyn Ken- drick, Melissa Bosler, Beth Hill, and Christine Morse. Our secretaries have been: Beth Hill, Melissa Bosler, Peg Savage, Ken Crow, Melinda McMahan, and Bonnie Nance. This year fourteen Eighth Graders have been able to keep Blue Cards the whole time. They are: Susan Attridge, Melissa Bosler, George Burnette, Ken Crow, Beth Hill, Lyn Kendrick, Nancy Kohler, Ronald Krisel, Carol Mau, Don McCarty, Chris- tine Morse, Jan Meyhaus, Bonnie Nance, and Peg Savage. A Challenge and It's Reward BY KENNETH CROW In this modern age we hear of computers and how they are used to solve almost any problem. On january 19, 1962, we received a letter stating that we were invited to see a computer at U.C.L.A. with which Mr. Anderson is working for a degree. On January 26, Mr. Nelson sent a letter challenging us. If we received 25 blue cards out of a total of 30, we would get to see the computer. During this period we worked our hardest and finally on April 4, we re- ceived a letter from Mr. Nelson saying "The Eighth Grade has earned the right to see the computer." Arrangements were made, and on April 13 we left for U.C.L.A. We entered a gallery there, and beyond the window stood several computers and all the units involved. We were then shown a movie, "The Thinking Machine," which explained basically why computers are built and how they work. . We then went on a tour which took us through the room where the computer was. ' Generous Donors BY CAROL MAU The tradition of the Eighth Grade has been to contribute generous funds to useful organizations. In December, 1961, the class decided not to give gifts but to donate to CARE. Melissa Bosler brought up the subject of the Christian Science Exhibit at the World's Fair. A box was decorated and presented to our class by Doree Citron for the purpose of donations. Each stu- dent gave any amount he desired to give. By the end of the week, we had collected 354015. Ten dollars went to the Chris- tian Science Exhibit and 5530.15 to CARE. On January 8 we received letters from Korea, Turkey, and Ecuador thanking us for our generosity. God's Warniiig BY DOREE CITRON I love the rain, a-coming down, It never, never makes me frown. It is magic, plain to see As it lights each shimmering tree. Yes, I love rain coming down Scrubbing clean all parts of town, God's way of saying, "Keep hearts clean, Keep thoughts bright, never mean." Envoi God's way is ever wise and true. I pray to reflect it in all I do. 10 Western Coloring BY STEVE BRADLEY This past fall the Eighth Grade was given gifts of two color- ful pictures donated by the Arthurs. One of these pictures called "Trail Boss," especially brings out the beauty of the West by showing a leader behind his wagon train moving westward. The other picture, "Fur Trading," also gives an impression of what the early days of the Wild West were like. A Gallery of Triumphs BY SUSAN ATTRIDGE Following the tradition of the Berkeley Hall art class, the Eighth Grade girls have put up the colorful decorations at the various dances. This was with the patient guidance of Mrs, Richards. For the Spring Formal, the beauty of Japan was brought out in brilliant colors. Thanks to Mrs. Richards this has been a year of triumphs for the Eighth Grade girls. Disneyland? No, McMahan's! BY JON JARVIS "Who would want to go to Disneyland when you could go to the McMahans?" This remark was made by an Eighth Grade girl a number of years ago. We were delighted to receive another invitation from Mrs. McMahan asking us to her house for our Picnic Day this year. Everyone enjoyed the swimming, tennis and paddle tennis. We had delicious food for lunch. Afterwards the boys played baseball and the girls bounced on the trampoline. We topped off the day by starting the 1913 Rambler Ccalled Sullivanj . It was a fun way to have our Picnic Day. Future Voters BY BONNIE NANCE Preparing ourselves to become good future citizens com- menced in the Eighth Grade during the second semester with the studying of the Constitution. This was the year's supreme project. We were eager to learn how our Constitution was made and how Congress and the Legislative, Executive, and judicial Departments operate under this great document. With Mrs. Hall's guidance we learned how a bill is passed through Congress, how an alien is naturalized, and how and where to use and display the flag. Many long hours were spent searching for pictures and putting them together into one informative notebook. We will never cease to be grateful for the good it has done us in helping us to know how our government operates and what our part in it is. Milestones in Science BY GEORGE BURNETTE During this Age of Space, the Eighth Grade boys have en- gaged in a wide variety of very interesting subjects in our science class. We learned about weather and the different parts of our atmosphere. We also learned about the fascinating world of astronomy, which Mr. Richards explained very precisely. Mr. Richards has explained very well the atomic structure of an atom and how a chain reaction starts. This year Mr. Richards has helped us to make our education more complete as we have proved the principles of science.

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