Beresford High School - Watchdog Yearbook (Beresford, SD)

 - Class of 1948

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Beresford High School - Watchdog Yearbook (Beresford, SD) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 55 of 60
Page 55 of 60

Beresford High School - Watchdog Yearbook (Beresford, SD) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 54
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Beresford High School - Watchdog Yearbook (Beresford, SD) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 56
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Page 55 text:

I 1 GLENN LUTHER HOLSE I H1-E T3 q , fn-""? ' s uf JOHNSON I DARLENE Joxmsou If f I 1' X, v .. ,- .-kt, V RICHARD ' M A "ff R Y? .W -, J LETHA LAHSON '1... CORDELLIA M CORMICK QIVXJN. fu C 1 , I I POLLY MCDONALD PAULINE INBERG rx DARYL MGVAY: Homecoming Attendant-bg Boys' B Club-2,3,h3 Boys' B Club Off- icerh35 Football-l,2,3,h3 Track-lg FFA-13 Mixed Chorus-25 All Confer- ence-3,h5 Co-Captain-L. RICHARD M RRICK: Boys' R Club-3,h5 FOEEEEIII 3,53 Track-3,hg FFA-l,2,3,h5 All Con- ference-h. DOROTHY MULLER: GAA-l,2, 3,h5 GAA Officer-55 Girls' B Club-h, Girls' Basketball Team-l,2,h3 Girls' Volleyball Team-1,2,h5 Homemaking Club-3,h3 Homemaking Club Officer-35 Girls' Glee Club-33 Mixed Chorus-lg Girls' Trio-13 Beresonian StaffL3,h3 Beresonian Editor-3,h5 Quill- and Scroll-3,h3 Debate-bg Declam-33 Lib- rarian-2,h3 Student Council-1,23 Stu- dent Council Officer-25 National For- ensic League-h. I VM , un a? RICHARD' MERRICK DARYL McVAY L77 v I -1,1 on 'Qs' ,L IOOROTHY MULLER I L

Page 54 text:

1 U LLOYD gngbqc. RUSSEL omni: Track-3,115 FFL-3',hg FFA officer-by FFL Judging contest-by .V I-TA National comention-h. RONALD HANSEN. SALLY Hmnlznsom GAA-l,2,3,7-li Girls' Bl3k6fe ' ,JJ V -A ball Team-l,,2,l4g Girls' Volleyball Team-l,2,.3,fE Girls' Glee Club-l,2,3,h5 Mixed! Chorus-fx , l,2,3fg Band-1,25 Dramatics-3,143 Librarian-3-,kg Student. Council-lg Girls' Trio-l,2,3,l45' 'l Jjlp Girls' Sextet-I. MARY ELLEN HENLES Homemaking Club-152,35 Beresonian Sta-ff-31,145 Quilll, and Scroll-3,145 Librarian-55 Office Assistant-11. GRACE HENRIKSEM Beresonian Editor-3, hy, Class Officer-bg Homemaking Club-2,3,h5 Beresonian Staff-3,115 Quill. and Scroll-bg.Drm- WP matics-hg Debate-hg Declam-35 DAR Representative-by National Forensic League-L45 Whcvsw Nj Ml J' who-u. GLENN HOLSEx Boys' Glee Club-1,2,33 mea' crm-us.1,2,3'g Bam-1,2,3,hg Pep ami- .A f M l,2,3,l45 Brass- Sextet-l,2,3,hg Beresonian Staff-2.,3,h3 Dramatics-l,2,3,h5 Declan-l,2l,3, jj! 'L Q hgh Annual Editor-3,145 Annual Staff-25 National Forensic League-2,3 ,145 South Dakota De-O M! i MQ I' ' clamatory League-2,3 ,hy South Dakota Speech Association-35 Debate-l,2,3 ,145 Vocal Solo-2, j I, 33 Quill and Scroll-2,3,b5 Cornet Solo-hy Banquet Chairman-35 Who'a Who-la. LUTHER II-ILE: f 0 J pil Boys' Glee Club-1,23 Mixed Chorus-l,2,3. PAULINE INBERGz Homecoming Attendanfzng T- K 1 l,2',3,h5 GAA Officer-35 Girls' B Club-3,145 GRE' BasEtball Team-2,115 Girls' Volleyball 'fy ' 1-em-1,2,3,ug nomemaking Club-l,2,3g Homemaking club Officer-25 Beresonian smut-2,3',hs , Quill and Scroll-3',h5 Dramatics-3,143 Declam-3,145 Annual Editor-bg Valentine Court-3gVal- I entine Court Queen-hp Exchange Editor-3. DARLENE JOHNSON: Homecoming Attendant-hp GAA- WV U' l,2,3',hg Girls' B Club-3,115 Girls' Volleyball Team-L55 Girls' Basketball. Team-2,745 If 41,7 f fl G f Girls: Glee Club-lg Hanemaking Club-l,2,3,hg Beresonian Staff-3,145 Twirlers-1,2,3,h. l ,! RICHARD JOHNSON: Class Officer-33 Basketball-kg Track-35 FFL-l,2,3,l45' FFL Judging Con- , l A134 i .3-gi East-2 5 ' 'Q GRACE LLOYD RUSSELL RONALD SALLY FRIC K GRAHAM HANSEN HENDERSON RIKSHNT ,X JAMES KENNEDY! Boys' B club-Lv Basketball-l 2- Football- 11,3 ,Es Tra'c'k-1: FFA-1-,2,3-,h5, m off1cer.311,,2 1-FA Mg. ing Contest-1,2s Boys' Glee Club-1,2,3g Mixed chorus-.1,2', 1 sf ,L M do I 3. GRANT LAR.KINx Class Officer-Lp Bo s' B Club- - - , - kezbEII2I,E'TII', , 3 Football-l,2,3,hg, 1-1gck.1, 2 5 Bags' 3:23 f' Club-1,2,3s Mixed Chorus-1,2,35 nramtica-3. LETHA mn- B ' SON: GAA-3 ,143 Girls' Basketball Team-145 G11-1,T'-g7'o1E, 511 Team-145 Homemaking Club Officer-1,23 Homemaking Club- Al 1,23 Girls' Glee Club-l,2,3,h3 Mixed Chorus-l,2,35 Girls' 0 garish-152 Gigsll Tgis-hg Eand-3,143 Beresonian Staff-3,15 W ul an CTD ' 3 e ate- ' Declam ' Office hs Tvrirlers-3,115 Vocal Solo-l,2,3,h3-hiational Asgiietgglc gARg1IgN League-hs Exchange Editor-b. connELLn Mecomucm class Officer-lg Homecoming Queen-35 Homcom nh25mh lor Cheerleader-1,25 Girls' Basketball Team-1,25 Hqmemak.. 1118 Club-1,2,35 Homemaking Club Officer-3,145 Girls' Glee 'll-ub"la2a3 ,hs Milled Chorus-1,35 Girls' Sextet.-25 Libr-ar.. 19-11-2,3. POLLY McDONALD: Class Officer-2.3 GAA-1,2,3 ,145 Girls' B C1355 Glz-'ls' Basketball 'ream.1,2,1,5 Gi,-18' Volleyball Team-1,2,35 Homemalcing Club-1,23 Girls' Glee Cllfb-l,2,3,h5 Mixed Chorus-l,2,3g Girls' Sextet-lg Girls' TH0-hs Band-1,2,3g Girls' Triple Trio-15 Beresonian Staff 2,313-45 Quill and Scroll-3,115 Dramafbics-l,3,l13 Debate-lg Tieglgm-libs Photographer-1,2,3',h: Annual Editor-1.5 '1'vrirlers- 3 I , 0

Page 56 text:

DARLENE MURRAY: GAA-1,2,3,hg Girls' B Club-by Girls' Basketball Team-I,23 OEIS' Volleyball Team-1,2,3g Hanemaking Club-1,2,3,h. MARJORIE NELSON: GAA-1,2,3g Girls' Basketball Team-1,23 Girls' Vo1Ie?EJI Team-1,25 Homemaking Club-1,25 Girls' Glee Club-1,2, 3,245 MixedCho1'us-1,2,3g Gi.r1s'Sextet-13 Girls' T1-ie-2,3,hg Mixed Quartette-25 Band-l,2,3,hg clarinet Quartette-1,2,3,h3 Pep Band-1,2,3,hg Dramatics-lg Declam-bg Vocal Solo-2,3,bg Clarinet Solo-bg whws who. LEO NEUROTH. ARDIS NEVDAL: Hcmenaldng Club- 1g Girls' Glee Club-TLT SIEIITNISSEN?-c1?5?Ufneer-23 Girls' Glee Club-l,2,3,bg Mi1ed"CT1E-u'1"2's- , ,3g Girls' Sextet-2' Bam-1, 2,3,hg Band officer-ng nremetiee-35 Debate-1,25 neelam-Lg Flute Quan-tette-19 Flute Solo-2,3,bg Aeeempanist-1,2,3,hg Pep Band-1, 2,3,lA5 Who's Who. EUGENE NORDQUIST: Band-1,2,3nlt5 Brass Sextet- 1,2. BERNARD NYGAAHU'-C1: iotfrrese cer-23 Boys' B Club-2,3,h3 Boys' GIee UI m Chorus-2,35 Dramatics-35 Valentine court-3,lu Valentine court xi -25 Homecoming King-kg Student Council-15 Bvys' B Club Officerilgg Basketball-13 Football-l,2,3, bg Track-lg Representative Boy-3. ELDON OLSON: Basketball-1,25 Football-25 Mixed Chorus-2. ROBERTPESICKK: Boys' B Club-1,2,3, hg FFA-1,3,bg FFA ofrieer-hp BFe1"B't!IWUffieer-bg Football-3, hi Track-1,2,3,hg All Conference-bg Co-Captain-lu DONNA HONAI. LAVOHNE norms. - Quai' 'i ,wwww 'Www 41" us., - RJORIE LEO ARDIS SALLY EUGENE 1, NELSON NEUROTH NEVDAL NISSEN NORDQUIST W SW JVM' f' I 1 .f M! l, x tw fx? f s SAN suns: Class offieer-1,25 GAA-hy Gu-Ie' Basketball Team- - ' iglfilfs' Volleyball Team-by Girls! Glee Club-1,2,3,h5 Mixed ' cms-2,35 Band-1,2,33 Beresonian Staff-lag Dramatics-33 Accen- J . anisb-33 Pep Club-l,2,33 Piano Solo-2,35 Orange Feelings Ro- ,, em-ter-2. VIRGINIA SMITH. Howm snoozye Boys' B club-by Bee- fy- - ketball-l,2"3"1F'F', , 5 coil?-2,3'l?"1'F'-FI., 3 ac - CHARLES SUNDSTRW: ' ee Officer-by Boys' B Club-3,245 Track-1,2"F-5 eotb'aT.l11172U, M' , My , Basketball-1,25 FFA-1,23 FFA Judging Contest-25 Boyl' Glee L C1 1,23 Mixed Ghonxs-1,2,3. JACK swmnmsom Boys' B Club-by than-1,2,3,hs Foetben-2 T15 . 'GURJJUN'ToRnBz-mc: cleee - er-1,35 Boys' B Club-2,3115 BaskFEI1'-1'2'3"lF, , 3 Football-1, jf ,3, 5 n-een:-1,3,hg FFA-1,2,3,hg FFA orneer-L, FFA .Judging xy , st-15 Mixed chorus-3. W I

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