Benton High School - Arrow Yearbook (Benton, KY)

 - Class of 1960

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Benton High School - Arrow Yearbook (Benton, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 32 of 120
Page 32 of 120

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Page 32 text:

2 unions Pfcsiifcvlf MIKE MORGAN Vin' P1't'.iftfl'I!f DAVID DARNAl.l. Sccrefargy ELEANOR FERGERSON Treaslzrcr 'IEAN GURIFY Rcjwrfci' ADA ASHER Hixforian H ,www KIONDA GII.I.IAM History of The junior Class of 1960 The Freshman Class of 1958 had sixty-three "verdant" members that really tried to live up to that title. When we descended on Mr. NX'arren in Civics, Mr. Dodds in Algebra. Mrs. Rider in English, Mr. Powell in Science, and Mrs. Mofield in Home Economics, Fm sure they all gulped twice and sai.l, "Alas!" However, in .1 few weeks we settled down long enough to elect our class officers. Our President was ,Iohn Seel: Vice-President, l.arry Henson, Secretary, Eddie Phillips, Treasurer, Bobby Draffen. For our Beauty Queen we chose Sharon Chandler. Four of our members, David Darnall, Mike Morgan, Nlackie Vfoolfolk, and Don Sloan made the "B" team in basketball. Elected as Fresh- man cheerleaders to support the "B" Team were Phyllis Bearden, Sharon Chandler, tludy Fleming, -Ionda Gilliam, Brenda Rose, and Gail XVard. The Library Club chose tlonda Gilliam as "Sadie Haw- kins." XY'e were indeed grateful for the patience and assistance of our sponsors, Miss Hazel Newton and Mrs. -ludy Small. Sophomores wear "wisdom's crown," but after our daily sessions in Physical Education with Mr. Farris l am sure he wondered about that being true. As our second year in high school progressed, we elected Mike Morgan, Presidentg David Darnall, Vice-Presi- dent: janet Nall, Secretary: Alcan Gurley, Treasurer: Eleanor Fergerson, Reporter. For our Class Favorite we chose Paula Kinsey. The Library Club chose Aludy Fleming to be "Sadie Hawkins," and the "F. F. A. Sweetheart" was jonda Gilliam. On the basketball team we placed l.arry Coots, David Dar- nall, Mike Morgan, and .Iackie W'oolfolk. W'e were very proud when the following were initiated into the Honor Society: jane Ann Hicks, -Ionila Gilliam, Linda Cunningham, Sharon Chandler, Eleanor Fer- gerson, Judy Fleming, Carole llohnston, Gail NY'ard, Phyllis Bearden. Paula Kinsey, Ada Asher, .lean Gur- ley, Mike Morgan, David Darnall. Eddie Phillips, and Richard Anderson. XY'e were grateful to our spon- sors, Mrs. Mildred jones and Mrs. Inez Rider, for their assistance. Juniors are supposedly "tried and true." We are doing our best to prove that this year. Our Class Officers are Mike Morgan, President, David Darnall, Vice-President, Eleanor Fergerson, Secre- taryg jean Gurley, Treasurer, .Ionda Gilliam, His- toriang Ada Asher, Reporter. Elected as our Class Favorite was Paula Sasseen. Helping the basketball team in achieving success are the following: David Darnall, Larry Coots, Mike Morgan, jackie XVool- folk, and Lloyd English. Three of our juniors were elected Varsity Cheerleaders. They are Sharon Chan- dler, ,Ionda Gilliam, and Paula Kinsey. Several mem- bers of our class have been active in the Music Department since we were Freshmen. They have participated in Band, Chorus, Orchestra and "Show- timef' They are Nancy Young, Don Nimmo, jean Gurley, Eleanor Fergerson, Judy Fleming, Frank Thomas, jack Johnson, Phyllis Bearden, ,Iudy Ross, Paula Yates, Lonnie Cook, Brenda Darnall, .Ionda Gilliam, Gail XVard, Ada Asher, Sharon Chandler, jerry Austin, Randall Dowdy, johnny Morgan, Phil- lip Rudd, Weldon Solomon, and Eddie McDermott. "Thank you," Mrs. Bettye Farris and Mrs. Janie Mofield for your much needed assistance as our sponsors. The Junior Class is looking forward to the Banquet and Prom, and then we'll add this as an- other plcasant memory of the Class of '6l. XVe are proud of our class, and we know that in our Senior year we will have many more wonderful memories to add to our list. W'e may not be too grave and dignified when we are Seniors, but we hope to make our class one of the outstanding classes to graduate from Benton High School. I know we can do it!

Page 31 text:

PXUI XIORROXX th to stay 111 the lzbra to the Sophomore boys they med at IIKES T Bono steaks shr1mp sleeplng late and DOIIIIIH the Rebels DISLIKES TOINIIOCS and term papers AMBITION To he an A11 Force m1ss1le eng1neer and send 1 locket to Mars BARBARA GOODMAN I lcaze my place as tht only qzrl tn Physzts class any gzrl who wants tt' LII-CES A MAIIIIO lll Cal1fo1n1a water sk11ng organ IUUSIC bemg, happy 1nd havlng a lot to do DISLIKES Radms playmg constantly gett111g up EITIN not ICCCIVIHH any mall md unhappy people AMBITION To be a happy successful Reglstered Nurse and vxork In a Chlldrens HOSDIQ2 IALK HURLI Y I leave my posztzon zn Mrs I'arrzs tofjee squad the nelt worthy lab assrstant LIKES Tracy French fr1es and money DISLIKES Noxsy people g0S9lD school AMBITION To retue from the Alr Force and hte m Cnnth Amerrca ruth The Commander PIC C I XX ARNIATH I leate 11111 natural curly hazr to anyone who lzkes LIKES Skat1ng ba ketlyall and golng places DISLIKES Concclted people getting up at 6 '50 and belng l1st at sevung Ill Home Ec AMBITION To he a success 1n secretarlal work IORI 'I IA I IEI DS I leave Bt nto11 Hzgh wtth unforqetable memorles LIKES Loud musnc DISLIKES Grovung old AMBITION To l1ve a long l1fe f1lled vuth happmess and success IANI IAINDRUM I leave 11111 alnltty to stay zn Mrs Pace s ltbrary a whole hour to Janette and Juntor tl thmk you need tt J LIKES Skatlng talklng l1fe savers and most people 1n general DISLIKES Two faced loud mouthed people tell1ng someone good bye and a dull mght AMBITION To be on the top lookmg down and to a 1 t Powell 'VIARY MARSH I have 77111 aunt t""'PJ ways to Martha Ann LIKES Skatmg talk1ng and to argue wxth Peggy DISLIKES Nosey people and tests on Mondays AMBITION To be happy and to be a success ln everythmg l attempt SANDRA LAINDON Johnny I leave to you any and everythtng I have you ll need tt LIKES m7TB1rds the color blue vsater sknng art bongo HIUSIC and goin to Murray DISLIKES DEll0lI belllg bosse and a certaln black eve AMBITION Eat sleep and be merry lf nt knlls every cow 1n Texas A'NlNl:l IA ENC I ISH I hate my determmatzon to graduate after mar rtage to Susan Myers Do you thmk you can do 1 LIKES Bemg happy housekeepmg and changmg B go E on October 22 1957 DISLIKES Honeymoon wrecks bemg IH a bad mood dark ra1ny days and being late AMBITION To always excel IH my major subject ENGLISH' IVANI RUDOLPH To BARNEY I leave lots and lots and lots o lWhat elsel BARNS LIKES Food sleeping and havmg fun sleepmg and havmg fun and food having fun food and sleep mg DISLIKES Havmg to get out of bed AMBITION To be president of a llquld Hershey bar company KAY HELTON I just leave I couldnt get here on tune anyway LIKES Skatmg sk1lng and chocolate milk DISLIKES Concelted people DIZZH and bemg called 'MERT or Murtle AMBITION To be a physlcal educatxon teacher TRACE DOWDY I rant leaze anuthmg betause I need eterythmg I have LIKES Jack mythology French frles DISIJIIKIEE Gosslp losing ball games and Saturday AMBI ION To travel and see the ru1ns of anclent GIPGCC and Rome Xl! IOR ADAMS I leate my abtlzta to slt tn szlent medttatton tn e study hall to the Jumors LIKES Sleepmg eatlng readlng glrls FCCYBHIIOH and lots of money DISLIKES L1ver gethng up early gomg to bed early and term papers AMBITION To become an electrical engxneer 1n e fleld of rockets IRII- DA REED I wnll my abzlzty to talk all the tune and say ab solutely nothmg to Gale Ward Now Gale they ll call you The Yak LIKES Roller skatxng Rebs double datmg French fr1es and coke PBYIIES DISLIKES Glrls who cant mind their own business SfHVlDg home on Sunday afternoon and belng blamed for thmgs I dldn t do AMBITION To marry a IYIIIIIOHBITQ with one foot ln the grate and the other on a banana peehng RICHARD IOC UE I leave my loud mouth to Teddy Kinsey although doesnt need tt LIKES Food sleepmg and most sports DISLIKES Tomatoes term papers and gettmg run AMBITION To be a success ln whatever I do PAT HURLEY I leave my abzhty to get along wzth teachers to I'heo Gammel and Dwzght Hawkins now you boys wtll flunlc everuthzng LIKES Huntlng hlstory and 100 mlle trlps every Saturday mght DISLIKES Term papers and people who dont like me and separate tables AMBITION To become .1 full professor of Hxstory at a Umversity ANN GRII I Y rn just glad to be leavzng LIKES Slllilfllel hamburgers w1t.h tomato catsup DISLIKES Gloomy days moods and loud mouth cope AMBITION To marry a bllhonaxre and tour Zula land SARAH VAUGHN I leave my shorthand book to anyone who wants tt LIKES Pizza skatlng .14 Fords and a certain N M boy DISLIKES Nosey people and shorthand AMBITION To be a PRO VINE grower C IENDA HUILHEN5 ROBERTS cant leave anythtng LIKES Musxc dancmg roses food fun Christmas BHS and marr1ed hfe DISLIKES Bemg late rushed or broke hnllblllv muslc pxzza and wearing glasses AMBITION To be a successful wxfe and mother KENNY PEEK Dear hearts I leave you peate and tranquzlzty LIKES Sports cars and l1ttle red headed people DISLIKES Monday mornings losmg at anythmg and SULLINS AMBITION To go to do-and to be happy R C RILEY I leave my plate zn the Sentor Class to Sharon LIKES Huntmg cars Sharon and food DISLIKES Cold beans and Jealous people AMBITION To go to college be the flrst person on the moon and to have a happy l1fe ED IONES I leate my Ideal legs to anyone who ts wtllmg to mess with that NEET LIKES Jack Paar. Il Pensereso, and Shakespeare. DISLIKES Calvin Hoffman AMBITION To be h . ., . , ,, I leave my 1 ility .' K ' ' ry ' r A ' A ' - ' - 1 . , ,. . , 27 At ' .' vu I' ' K " ' . v A ' ' ' th to A .' . 1 . .- A f ' ' ' 1. V Z I 'h IO l . K I ' ' '- . v ' At " . J : ' . s ' . ' Q W A : H' V 4 . ' 3. , , ' Q 0 h ' he 'I ' . A Z I out of the library. U . , I , l n be Lpil.. 0 a .. '.. ' - 55 - 1' I ' . 1 , 'Vs 'H l- . 1 ', ' . ' 1 v f ' 1 L . ' 3 , ' ' I ' , ' ' A , , 1 1 I ' ' - . ' , ' ' r A 1' I ll? I 2 ' . ' . . E I I I 1 . 4 , I V . K A . . . ' I ' fl lv

Page 33 text:


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