Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI)

 - Class of 1958

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Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 193 of 228
Page 193 of 228

Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 192
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Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 194
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Page 193 text:

Miller, Bobby-29 Miller, Darryl-88 Miller, Forest-38, 147 Miller, Gordon-51, 124, 144 Miller, Mr. James-13, 115 Miller, Kent-51, 164 Miller, Lewis-38, 118 Miller, Mary Jane-88 Miller, Patricia-38, 146 Miller, Patricia-51 Maller, Patricia-aa, 125, 127 Miller, Robert-29 Miller, Roscoe-51, 120 Miller, Ruth-39 Miller, Sherrill-39 Miller, Stephan-29 Miller, Ted-39 Miller, William-39 Milligan, Judith-51 Mindel, Myer-39, 115, 119, 144 Minikel, David-88, 111, 114, 126, 131, 144 Mitchell, Carolyn-60, 89, 110, 129, 135, 148, 149, 177 Mitchell, Donald-51 Mitchell, Duane-89, 137 Mitchell, Geraldine-89 Mitchell, Robert-51 Mitchell, Warren-39 Mock, Carol-89, 130 Mock, Judith-39 Momany, Leo-29 Moon, Charles-39 Moon, Ruby-89 Moore, Arthur-89 Moore, Phyllis-39, 146 Morgan, Anne-51 Morgan, Brenda-51, 121, 148 Morgan, Joseph-39 Morgan, Josie-29 Moritz, Sandra-39 Morris, Jerry-51, 138, 162 Nelson, Bonnie-29 Nelson, Mamie-51 Nelson, Sandra-51 Nelson, Mrs. Tora-23 Nemethy, Nancy-29 New, Sue Ann-51 Newberry, Larry-90 Newell, Vernida-90 Newton, Walter-90 Nichols, Barbara-90, 117 Nichols, Margaret-29, 118, 146 Nichols, Ruth-90 Nimtz, Dona Jean-52 Noack, Cynthia-90, 111, 114, 119, 123,135,142 Nodruff, Sandra-52, 132, 148 Nolen, Garla-91, 116 Nolen, Robert-91 Norris, Harvey-155 Norton, Ronald-52 O Oakley, Kay-91, 147 Oberle, Patricia-52, 128 Oberle, Sandra-39, 125, 127 Oelke, Christa-39 Oelz, Erling-91, 126, 142, 148, 175 Offerman, Richard-52, 138 Ogata, Shirley-52, 128, 147 Ogden, Barbara-24, 60, 91, 129, 137, 165, 176 Olson, Marlene-29 Omweg, Leland-91 ORCHESTRA-144, 145 Orlaske, Linda-52, 122, 128 Paul, Delores-39, 147 Paulsen, Sharon-52, 123 Payne, Donald-52, 124, 142 Payne, William-52 Peals, Marsha-59 Peapples, Gail-92 Peapples, George-92, 112, 113, 114,137,141,142,155,160, 169, 175 Peapples, Robert-39 Pecoraro, Josephine-92 Pedcle, Fred-39 Peden, Fred-39, 156 Peeples, Barbara-92, 147 Peirce, Barbara-39, 122, 127, 146 Pelton, Ralph-29 Pelton, Ronald-39, 121 Peppel, Lydia-52 Perry, Mr. J. R.-11 Perkins, Charlie-39 Pesko, Sonia-92 Peters, Alice-93, 111, 123, 135, 180 Peters, Barbara-52 Peters, Jack-52 Peters, Joan-44, 52, 110, 132, 147 Peterson, Janie-39, 121, 127 Petlick, Michael-29, 118 Petlick, Rebecca-52, 128 Petruschke, Fred-52, 137, 152, 154, 162 Phillips, Harriett-93, 115, 147 Phillips, Karen-52 Phillips, Linda-39, 123 Phillips, Marybeth-93 Phillips, Robert-52, 162 Phillips, Sheila-29 Orlaske, Martha Orlaske, Raymo -91, 178 nd-39 Ormsby, Bryan-29, 164 Morrison, Mr. Milford-12 Morse, Keith-29 Morris, LoAnn-51, 119 Morris, Sandy-29, 118, 142 Morse, Frances-39 Mo rse, Morse, Gaylene-29, 121, 134 Patricia-51, 148 Morton, Beverly-39, 125 Mosher, Sharon-51, 128, 142 Mott, Mattie-29 Moulas, Evangeline-51, 128, 148 MU AL Muirhe PHA THETA-113 ad, Darlene-39 Muirhead, Kenneth-29 Mulherion, Norma-89 Mundt, Christina-51 Mundt, Judith-39 Mundy, Barbara-39 Mundy, Patricia-89, 177 Murkey, Charles-39, 164, 174 Murkey, Stanley-155 Murphy, Marlene-51, 128, 144 Murray, Bonnie-29, 146 Myers, Floyd-29 N Nagle, Nelson-90 Namor, Norma-39, 121 Nash, James-39, 162, 174 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY- 114 Naumann, Max-39, 138 Neel, Lavonda-51 Negrilla, Robert-90, 126 Ormsby, Glenda-39 Orr, Richard-39 Osborne, Mr. Howard-17 Osborne, Marilyn-39, 117, 123, 127, 142, 144 Osburne, Wynona-52 Overley, Kenneth-52, 112 Owens, Mrs. Irene-15 Ozeran, Howard-91, 124 P Page, Donald-39 Page, William-39 Palmer, Larry-39, 115 Palmert, Steven-52, 137, 148, 158, 159 Pape, Caryl Ann-92, 114, 125, 148 Pargo, Albert-29, 164 Pargo, Benny-39, 162, 174 Parins, Nancy-29 Park, Dale-39, 112, 124, 142, 155 Parker, Mary Lee-52, 116 Parker, Ura Jean-39 Parks, Cynthia-39 Parks, Jane-39, 123, 127, 130 Parks, Joseph-156 Parritt, Connie-39, 120 Parrott, Gary-29, 124 Parrott, Stephen-92, 113, 114, 124, 142 Parvis, James-52 Patterson, Earl-92, 148 Patterson, Lee-39, 142 Patzer, Patricia-52 Pifer, Mr. Harry-14 Pierce, Charles-39 Pierson, Rochelle-93 Pillow, Bud-93 Pink, Pai-52, 115, 12a Pinkerton, Warren--52 Piontek, Patricia-39, 113, 142 Pitcher, Judy-53, 128 Pitcher, Patricia-39, 130, 144 Pitchford, Wayne-93, 113, 142 Platcher, James-93 Pliley, Judy-39, 146 Podian, James-39 Poe, Gayle-39 Pohyba, William-94, 121 Polaskey, Frank-29 Pollard, Herman-53, 137, 160 Pool, Donna Jeanne-29 Poole, Connie-29 Poole, Roger-94 Porter, Ernestine-53, 136 Pastelli, Karol-32, 39, 123, 127, 130 Powell, Glenda-39 Powell, Sandra-53 Powers, David-39 Powers, Lynn-29, 147 Powers, Robert-94, 126, 133 Poziwil ka, Jerry-156 Prediger, David-94, 162 Prentice, Patricia-53 Preston, Elizabeth-29 Preston, Wallace-158 Price, Barbara-39, 146 Prichard, Clarence-39, 164 Priebe, Priebe, Arlene-53 George-53 Priebe, Jim-39, 138, 164 Priebe, Margaret-94, 122, 135, 142, 148 Priebe, Patti-29, 116 Priebe, Roger-29 Prillwitz, Ronald-29 Pringle, Cecil-94, 137 Probst, Lonny-94 Provenzano, Charles-29, 164, 174 Provenzano, Nick-53 Pschigoda, Tim-39 Puckett, Jerry-39 Pugy, Bettie Sue-29 Pugy, Lorraine-40 Pullen, Norman-29, 147 Pullen, Viola-53 Pullins, Larry-40, 147 Pullins, Ronald-40 Purmalis, Andris-53, 124 Q Queen, Nancy-94, 130, 176 R Rach, Karen-53 Radmacher, Carol-40 Ragen, Kathleen-95, 129 Rahn, Mrs. Dolores-21 Rahn, Karen-53 Rahn, Margaret-53, 119, 122, 142 Rahn, Michael-53, 137, 156, 162 Randall, Jacquelyn-94 Randall, Terry-40 Rapa, Liviia-53 Rapp, Patricia-29, 130 Rau, Kenneth-94 Rauch, Shirley-53 Ravitch, Paul-40, 156 Ray, Lanny-40, 144 Ray, Sandra-29 Rector, Judith-95, 114, 122, 132, 135, 148, 175 Redding, Joyce-40 Redding, Wanda-40 Reed, Arthur-40 Reed, Connie-40, 136 Reed, Miss Mary-15, 113 Reese, James-40, 156 Reeves, Bill-40 Reeves, Roger-53 Reiff, David--158, 159 Reinhardt, Mrs, Annabelle-21 Reinhardt, Robert-40, 156 Reisig, Sharon-40, 121, 122,,132 142, 147 Reist, Darlene-95 Renner, Kenneth-40 Resetar, Mr. Albert-15, 164 Reynolds, Gloria-53 Rice, Patsy-29 Rice, Wilma-40, 147 Richardson, Jean-40 Richter, Harry-29 Richter, Millie-53 Ricketts, James-40 Riedel, Mr. Norman-16, 174 Rierson, Gwen-40, 123, 127 Riggs, Harold-40 Riley, Patricia-29, 130, 133 Riley, Steven-53 Rizzo, Dennis-40, 174 Rizzo, Sharon-53, 117, 128 Roberson, James-40, 162, 164 Robertson, Lila-95, 147 Robinson, Caroline-53, 130, 142

Page 192 text:

mfg mlazfiovfzf and good luck +0 'rhe Class of I958 nxt t Sq UML' V , 1 ' ' f iw, Ljmu, RJ wx lx Q CCC OLNCUK' C ,Q., ug" . Hy l I .K.-kr " .Aditi L W U.fLCw1,. DAQ Yo'UdMQ"V Q 0317, , , N L I W QWM .,-..., L' I , 1" K. I I, ff' C- X rx If gn , , FUPLJ' L,,C,ZfLL2,,.. , J ' HL I ' L' ., ,' f . .,.. ,,,. W! LUINC- C KL! 6L'Lf I f, Hd? 6c9j'Lx 'J Ll Llqhfffx, ff' M. vfffqxgfif ' x l A Qs ' . ' ,f 5, f L, ',, ffZLfZ,LO . I X V, Q -C1 LJ! ff! KLLUC! F ,f ' f f Q74 XV! ' Z'CfZZ-Z21ZM,,x CA 54ff fff412x 161, fix, A :ff K? . V - S-Nwii ,V I 2 , C ,4 by f 4 on. Q 'TWTW ffclglgkifqgbw ..u..,.., " - ...:'..'e:,., I. WMI. FHPESTONE PLANT CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY DIVISION of the CLARK EQUIPMENT COMPANY I88

Page 194 text:

Do you wont o full-time or co-op job? For young men and women who will be graduafing from Senior High Schools, and fhose who are or will be enrolled in 'rhe Communiiy College, Saranac offers co-opera- five employmeni' and iraining wiih your curriculum for ihose who are considering careers in Engineering, Mefhods, Time Srudy, Accouniing and Supervisory posifions. The Saranac Machine Company was founded in rhe Twin Cifies in l899. Hs person- nel designs and builds Conveniional and Special machinery for +l'le manufacfure of ship- ping confainers and packages, used for rhe shipmeni' of food, indus'l'rial and hardware producis, home appliances and building maferials. The confainers are made from such maierials as veneer, lumber, plywood, corrugaied and solid fibre-board and fabrics, aufomaiically 'fasfened 'l'oge+her by means of adhesives, wire siaples, wire and meial fashanings. The aufomafion principle is used in ihe design and operaiion of ihese mac mes. Saranac also designs and builds sreel-sirapping and wireiying machinery for bulk packaging of such producfs as newspapers, magazines, shingles, lumber, sieel and meial paris and qualify precision machine fools. STOP IN AND SEE US Perhaps we can be of some assisiance 'I'o you. May 'lhe furure be mosi' successful. Respecrfully yours, SARANAC MACHINE COMPANY .1 .- Engineering Time Sfudy I 90

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