Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI)

 - Class of 1958

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Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 191 of 228
Page 191 of 228

Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 190
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Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 192
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Page 191 text:

Jones, Barbara-49 Jones, Betty-37, 146 Jones, Charles-81 Jones, Eddie-81, 117, 148, 149 Jones, Glenna-28 Jones, James-37 Jones, Marie-28 Jones, Robert-49 Jones, Robert-37, 156 Jones, Robert-28 Jordan, Delda-81 Jordan, Donna-37 Jorgensen, Jerri-37, 146 Jorgensen, Robert-82, 126, 137, 152, 154 Joslyn, Cecil-37, 147 Joslyn, Phillip-28, 138 Judy, Rebecca-28 122, 132, 135, 180 Juengling, Adolph-49 Juengling, Gertrude-28 Juengling, Herbert-82 K Kahler, Mr. Hugh-14 Keefer, Jeffrey-49 Keith, Carl-37 Keith, Karen-37, 146 Keller, J. C.-28 Kelley, Annie Bell--82, 123 Kelley, Nathan-37 Kelso, Mr. George-15 Kennedy, Darrell-37, 138 Kesler, Dale-156 Kesler, Marilyn-49, 144 Kesler, Mrs. Mary-20 Ketcham, Larry-28, 164 Keyes, Mrs. Jeraldine-12 Kienzle, Jerry-37 Kiessling, Donald-82 Kiessling, Joan-28, 146 Kilgore, Beatrice-28 Krause, Warren-50 Kretchman, Gerald-37 Krieger, Larry-37 Krieger, Mary-37 Krieger, Roy-50 Kruck, Gerald-83 Kruggel, Darlene-37 Krumrie, Arnold-37, 142, 144 Kuball, Prudence-28 Kublick, Judy-28, 146 Kublick, Sharon-28, 146 Kuhler, Margot-50 Kunst, Karen-37 Kurbis, Carolin-50 Kurbis, Danny-37, 164 Kuschel, Mr. Bernard-18, 141, 142 L LaBounty, Edward-37 LaGrow, Donna-37, 147 LaGrow, Ervin-50, 147 LaGrow, Patricia-83, 117, 147 Lake, Thomas-37 Lake, Stephen-28 Lamb, James-29, 147, 174 Lamb, John-28, 147, 174 Lamb, Thomas-50 Lambert, Joy-50, 128, 142, 144 Lancaster, Peggy-50 Landis, Douglas-83, 126, 179 Lange, Ronald-B4, 114, 137, 153, 160, 167 Langer, Kirk-37, 121, 156 Langston, James-37 Lanham, Darlene-29, 146 Lape, Linda-50, 128 LaRatta, Arlene-37, 116, 146 Larkin, Elizabeth-37 Larkin, Milton-37, 174 LaRoux, Peggy-29, 112, 146 Killin, Kathryn-49, 131, 142, 144 Kilpatrick, Diane-49 Kimball, Janice-37, 146 Kimball, Vance-82 King, Jimmie-28 King, Kenneth-82 Kang, Loretta-28, 121, 146 King, Malo-37 King, Robert-82, 142 King, Ronald-28, 118 Larson, Ann Marie-29, 121, 146 Larson , Beverly-29, 26 Larson, Edar-37 Larson , Julia-50, 134, 136 Larson, Karen-32, 37, 127, 146 Larson, Laryl-37, 121, 122, 148, 165 Larson, John-84, 126, 142 LA SOCIEDAD PAN- AMERICANA-120 Kinney, Larry-37, 156, 164 Kinney, Roy-B2 Kinsel, Fred-83 Kinsey, Clarence-83 Kirk, Linda-49 Kirshenbaum, Diane-28, 120 Kirshenbaum, Renell-50, 133 Kizer, Margaret-83, 129 Klade, Nancy-83 Klemm, Pat-37 Kline, Connie-50, 148 Kline, Ralph-50 Klotz, Mr. Hilbert-22 Klupp, Dorothy-28 Knipschild, Charles-28 Knoth, Roberta-37 Knox, Shelia-28, 121 Koern, Mr. August-23 Koch, Freida-28 Koehler, Barbara-28, 125 Koehler, Lila-146 Korb, Michael-50 Kornelson, Connie-37 Kosbar, Carol-83, 148, 149 Kraemer, Mr. Ernest-17, 164 Lausman, Ted-84, 162 Lavanway, Mr. Carla-23 Lawrick, Joe-50 Lay, Janice-50, 128, 146 Lechenet, Harold-50, 147 Lee, Harry-37 Lee, Patsy-38 Lefon, Darrell-29 Lein, Stanley-50 Leitow, Don- 38 Lentz, Richard-38 Leonard, Barbara-38 Leonard, Patricia-84 Lerke, Kathryn-38, 136, 146 Leslie, Patricia-50 Letinich, Sam-50, 144 Lewis, Jeannette-38, 116 Lewis, Judy-50 Lewis, Mary-29 Lewis, Robert-84 Lewis Wilbert-136 Liedtke, Albert-50 Liedtke, Gisela-38, 146 Lingle, Patricia-29, 146 Lister, Carolyn-38 Litaker, Norma-50 Litke, Ronald-38 Littke, Anthony-84, 137, 160 Little, Birdie-29 Little, LeRoy-84, 126 Lloyd, Adell-38 Lobdell, Thomas-85 Lockman, Dorothy-38 Lodyga, Michael-50 Loftus, Tiffany-38, 122, 123 Loggains, Grover-50 Lohroff, Robert-85, 114 Lolmaugh, Robert-38 Lombardo, Anthony-29 Long, Kathleen-38, 125 Long, Mark-85, 117 Looney, Mary Lou-29 Lowe, Maxine-85, 116, 147 Ludwig, Judy Ann-38 Ludwig, Scott-38, 118, 142 Luebke, Mrs. Carolyn-13 Lull, David-85 Luther, Mr. LeRoy-22 Lutz, Carol Jean-29, 146 M MacArthur, Sharon-38, 115 Mace, Robert-85 Machacek, Mr. Clifford-14 Mack, Betty-38 Mack, Diane-29, 26, 146 Mack, John-38, 152, 174 Maddron, Thomas-50 MADRIGAL SINGERS--149 Magnuson, Elaine-85, 110, 119, Magnuson, Judy-29, 146 Magnuson, Marilyn-38, 121, 122, 142, 147 Mahler,-Robert-85, 152, 153 Mahoney, Mildred-38 Mahoney, Sharon-29 Maikowski, Aaron-86, 126, 142, 160 Maikowski, Carol-86, 142, 204- Maikowski, Mrs. Mary-23 Maikowski, Merrill-50 Main, Jerry-38 Malich,' Carolyn-38 Mammina, Madeline-50, 146 Mann, Anna Mae-29 Mann, Jerry-50 Manns, William-86, 162 March, Berry-36, 111, 112, 114, 132, 135, 142 Margiotta, William-29 Marion, Joy-38 Marks, Dennis-50 Marquart, Sharon-86, 148 Marshburn, Larry-50, 119 Martin, Jerry-38 Martin, Margaret-29 Martin, Wayne-86 Martorano, Roselyn-50, 128 Marutz, George-38, 147 Mason, Billie-aa, 130, 148, 149, Masterson, Robert-38 Mathews, Carolyn-29 Matthews, Charlotte-38 Matthews, Willie-38 Matrix, Frances-38, 142 Mattox, Linda-38 Maul, Nancy-50, 122, 142 Maxfield, Mary Jane-38, 112, 123, 127, 130 May, Michael-29, 174 Mayer, Connie-128 Mayforth, Robert-87 Mayr, Alex-50 McAndrew, Henry-38 McAndrew, Theo-29 McBride, Lela-50 McBride, Rachel-87 McCaine, Loretta-38 McCall, Tom-29 Macau, Sue-38, 130 McCaster, Booker-87 McCaster, Sandra-51, 130 McClellan, Robert-87 McConomy, Daniel-38, 164 McCord, Pat-38 McCoy, Dorothy-B7 McCoy, Jerry-51 McCoy, Jon-51, 138 McCoy, Lee-87 McCoy, Maxine-87, 116 McCoy, Robert-38 McCoy, Rosie-88 McCreaven, Lewis-51 McDermott, Tom-38 McDowell, Bonnie-147 McFadden, Dolly-51, 117 McFall, Minnie-38 McGhehey, Larry-51 McGinley, Linda-51 McGinley, Nancy-51 McGinnis, Bertha-51 McGinnis, Bessie-51 McGouge, Anna Queen-29 1 Leyden, Richard-84, 126, 130 148, 162 LIBRARY CLUB-117 Lieberg, Olaf-38 179 Mastbaum, Diane-86, 129 Masters, Barbara-50 Masters, Dewayne-38 Masters, Ronnie-38 Masters, Sharon-87, 148 McGrath, Ronald-29 McLeod, Allan-38, 142 McLeod, Barbara-38 McLeod, Bonnie-51 McLeod, Kathryn-88, 112, 123, 129, 142, 180 McMinn, Toni-51 McNeal, Barbara-38 McNutt, Dora-38, 123 Mechling, Kathrin-29, 121 Meeker, Billy-29, 174 Megna, Anthony-152, 162, 173 Megna, Darlene-38 Menchinger, Ann-88, 121, 146 Menchinger, Carol-88, 142 Menchinger, Erilynne-88, 113, 114,119,122,132,135,148, 149 Menchinger, Marilynne-38, 120 147 Mendenall, William-38, 147, 164 Mercer, Richard-51 Mertin, Erhard-38 Mertin, Helmut-51 Messal, Shirley-38 Metcalfe, Marcia-51, 147 Metz, Jerry-51 Meyer, Donald-38 Meyer, Rogeri-29 Meyn, Miss Margaret-19, 130, 131 Middaugh, Mr. J. L.-19, 122 Mielke, Faith-114, 134 Milderbranclt, Howard-38 Miller, Bill-38, 142

Page 190 text:

111.750 I 908-I 958 '50 Years of Industrial Progress Suppliers Io Ihe AuI'omo+ive Avialion and Farm Equipmenl' lncluslries 'Hydraulic and Mechanical Jacks 'Malleable Iron and Sleel Caslings 'Double Disc Brakes and Clufches for Farm Traclors 'Disc Brakes for Airplanes -ze A AUTO SPECIALTIES MANUFACTURING CO. "A Goocl Place 'Io Work" PIan'I's af S+. Joseph, Benlfon Harbor and Harlforcl, Michigan WINDSOR. ONTARIO. CANADA l86

Page 192 text:

mfg mlazfiovfzf and good luck +0 'rhe Class of I958 nxt t Sq UML' V , 1 ' ' f iw, Ljmu, RJ wx lx Q CCC OLNCUK' C ,Q., ug" . Hy l I .K.-kr " .Aditi L W U.fLCw1,. DAQ Yo'UdMQ"V Q 0317, , , N L I W QWM .,-..., L' I , 1" K. I I, ff' C- X rx If gn , , FUPLJ' L,,C,ZfLL2,,.. , J ' HL I ' L' ., ,' f . .,.. ,,,. W! LUINC- C KL! 6L'Lf I f, Hd? 6c9j'Lx 'J Ll Llqhfffx, ff' M. vfffqxgfif ' x l A Qs ' . ' ,f 5, f L, ',, ffZLfZ,LO . I X V, Q -C1 LJ! ff! KLLUC! F ,f ' f f Q74 XV! ' Z'CfZZ-Z21ZM,,x CA 54ff fff412x 161, fix, A :ff K? . V - S-Nwii ,V I 2 , C ,4 by f 4 on. Q 'TWTW ffclglgkifqgbw ..u..,.., " - ...:'..'e:,., I. WMI. FHPESTONE PLANT CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY DIVISION of the CLARK EQUIPMENT COMPANY I88

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