Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI)

 - Class of 1939

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Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 20 of 96
Page 20 of 96

Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 19
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Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 21
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Page 20 text:

x " w W, , A' J ' f. ' lb J ITN! N W Xix 'ii' s is :as f' X X as Tw t ag 'Q R QAQRP 'QQT 9f?5: ki'Vjm ! H 8 We cw-'VCV 41725 McNEAL, LAURA, 'Laughter has a great appeal to se.' Girl Reserves, 3. MERRITT, RUTH, 'A girl of silence, a girl of sense.' MESIROW, LUCILLB, 'Alwags up with Dane Pashion.' Band, 45 lsotbal gisterg, 35 Basketball laters, 35 Draua and Music Club, 35 Usher u , . METALSKI, HENRY, 'My 'all' shall be put into everything I do.' Foot ba ' 2. QILLRR, EYELYR, 'She'e quiet because she thinks s lot.' Football lsters . MlLLBR,'TRlLMA, 'What a housewife she'1l nake.' Football Sisters, 45 Basketball Sisters, 45 Orchestra, 2.3.4. , N Nl X l q, .Xt fx ,W wj E5 MIROTT, HECTOR, 'Just a little boy at heart.' Band, 1,2,3,45 Glse Club, Z5 Operette, 35 Football, 2,3,45 Track, 1,2.S.45 Orchestra, 4 MITCHE L, ROBERT, 'A little boy with big tboughts.' Hand, 1,2,S,4i Glee Club, 35 Operetta, 35 Football, 2,3,45 Track, 1,2,3,45 Orches- tre 4. MOGlL, CECILE 'Ceolle's playing will bring her snooess.' Girl Re- serves, 2,45 brass and Music Club, 2,45 Basketball Sisters, 45 Writ ers Club, 45 Orchestra, 2,45 Big Sisters, 45 National Honor Sccleh hm ' n,n..f - X5 U S' MOOSE, FRAgiLIN,PiHe's a prince of a fellov.' li-Y, 35 Baud, 1,21 4' eni r a a 4. MULL, STANLEYTs'Wisi,nen say nothing in dangerous tinee.' li-Y, L 45 garnival Cossittee, 45 Tiger Staff, 45 Band, 2,3,45 latlcnal lm r oeiet 4. MURDICK, CRARLOTTE, "Chlck,' 'Chick' here, 'Chiok,' 'Chick' tberr Band, 1,2,3,45 Glee Club, 1,2,3,45 Sigue Lanbda Sigue, 45 Drana an Music Club, 2,3,45 Girls' League Council, 45 Girl eservss, 1,l,35 Senior Class Play, 4. . W ' 'I see the girls are beginning to notice ne.' Cnt'Hthat out.' Football isters, 2,3,45 Girl and nslc Z,3.4. one--.' Latin Club, 2,35 Girl Reserves, 25 Yoo n and Music Club, 3,45 Dranatlos Club, 4. RYBRO, BETTY, 'I'u t'other.' Latin Club, 2,35 Girl Reserves, 2: Football Sisters, 35 Drana and Music Club, 3,45 Dranatlos Club, 4. OTT, RUTH, 'The eyes have it.' Girl Reserves, 45 Glue Club, 25 la tional Honor Society, 4. PAGEL, IRENE, 'Boys are ny hobby.' Football Sisters, 35 Girl Re- serves, 2,35 Basketball Sisters, 3. PANGBORN, NORMA, 'She'll go a long say on her personality.' Girl Reserves, 2,3,45 Football Sisters, 2.3.45 Basketball Sisters, 2,3, Draua and Music Club, 2,3,45 Glen Club, 3,45 Choir, 3,45.Drns Maja 2,3,45 Latin Club, 25 Drasatlcs Club, 45 Greybrie Staff, 45 Carnlw Cosnittee, 45 National loner Society, 4. PANOS, TED, 'There will cone a day when all good neu shell be oall to the end of their-.' PAULSEN, DONALD, 'Undertaking life isn't a hard job for se.' Gln Club, 3,45 lntrasural Basket all. l.3,45 Track, 3,45 Student Polk 3,4.

Page 19 text:

ufwpf OUQLQUQW KLANN, ESTHER, 'lapgi with her own thonghts." Football Sisters, 25 Mariner Soouts, 25 ee Club, 2. HOROCH, KENNETH, '0h, he can swing a wicked pitoh.' Football, 35 Intraaural Basketball, 45 Intramural Softball, 3, HURBIS ELSIE, 'She has hair like honey and s disposition to fit.' Football Sisters, 2,3,45 Basketball Sisters, 2,3,45 Drana and Music Club, 3.41 Big Sisters, 45 Girls' League Council, 4. KUTSCHINSKI, ALFRED, 'Au Einstein Protagee.' Band, 2,3,45 Orches- tra, 2,3,45 National Honor Society, 4. LAKE, GENEVIEVE, 'Self-control is what she wants.' Basketball Sis- ters, 25 Football Sisters, 25 Usher Club, 3. LAMBRECHT, MARION, 'Enjoy what you have, and hope for what you lack.' Girl Reserves, 25 Girls' League Council, Sl Football Sis- ters, 2. LANTIS ANITA, 'lt is the lind that lakes the person.' National Honor Soolet . LaVANWAY, DUNOTHY, 'A sharp word never cones out of a good heart.' Basketball Sistera, 3,45 Football Sisters, 3,45 Girl Reserves, 2,35 Latin Club, 1,25 lee Club, 1 2,3. LEATZ, NORABELLE, 'A laiden in all her charl." WM AESTER, ELIZABETH, 'A aaiden sweet without pretense, blessed with 'eason and couaou sense.' Greybric Staff, 45 Si aa Lalbda Sigue, 4 lootball Sisters, 3,45 Basketball Sisters, 3,45 Mariner Scout, 2. .IETZ, WARREN, 'Doesn't he grow dee-vine aonstaches?' F.F.A., 1,2, 5,45 Judging Tenn, 3,45 Intrenural Softball, 3. .ITOWICH, M0 TON, 'Taint funny, 'Bud." Cheer eader, 2,3,45 Grey- nrio Staff, 4. 1-ajft' OSCHER, ROSEMARY, 'Sbe'd be a social worker.' Glee Club, 3,43 ootball Sisters, 45 Basketball Sisters, 3,45 Drala and Music Club, 5 Girls' League Council, 4. YONS, CONNIE, 'She does a good Bob of reportiug.' Basketball Sis- ers, 25 Football Sisters, 2,35 raua and Music Club, 2,3,45 Cheer- eader, 2,3,45 Band, 2,35 Choir, 3. ANDARINO, THERESA, 'Wbat sweet delight a quiet life affords.' Girl eserves, 2,35 Basketball Sisters, L KRCUS CLARA, 'A grin for everyone.' Usher Club, 3,45 Drala and lege Club, 25 Football Sisters, 2,35 Basketball Sisters, 25 Glee u 3. lR:lN2 ELNER, 'To judge this aaiden you lust know ber.' Usher .u , AURER, FL0RINE,'HMau-er' her would suit ns plenty.' Basketball .sters, 2,3,45 Football Sisters, 2,3,45 Drala and Musib Club, 2,3, Pres. of Girls'League, 4. NHAM FRANCES, 'Blonde journalist of the Tiger.' Band, 2,3,45 get Staff, 45 Drana and Music Club, 45 Football Sisters, 45 Bas- tball Sisters, 45 Mariner Scouts, 2,3,45 Big Sisters, 4. DOWELL, LEO, 'He has set his goal high, and he will reach it.' -Y 4: Band 2 3 4' Latin Cl b v .... 0.3.4- KEE, MARGARET, 'Maigie's our or anist.' Football Sisters, 2,3,4' sketball Sisters, 5 Drala and Nusic Club, Z,3,45 Art Club, 3,45 g Sisters, 45 Glee Club, 3,45 Choir, 45 Dralatics, 45 Girl Re- rves, . R :iv ,gy k 'Q 5 tt Q E ab Q

Page 21 text:

PAVLICK, JOIN, '0ne, two, three, you're out.' Intramural Basket- ball, 2.3.4. PAYNE, JEAN, 'A Payne--but never a pain.' Girl Reserves, 1,2,5: Drama and Music Club, 1,2,j,4: Big Sisters, 4: Glee Club, 3: League Links Staff, 4: Sigma Lambda Sigma, 4: Basketball Sisters, 1,2,j,4: Football Sisters, 1,2,3,4: Band, 1,2,3: Dramaties Club, 4. EEARL, GEORGE, 'The mechanism of life isn't too intricate for me.' and, 2, . PEDDE, ERNEST, 'Even the worthy Romer sometimes nodded.' Football, 2,3,4. PEEL, LORRATNE, 'Pounding the keys is music to my eers.' Football Sisters, 2,E,4: Basketball Sisters, 2,3,4. PETERS, HEL N, WA red head with a temperament to match.' Football Sisters, 4: Basketball Sisters, 4: Drama and Music Club, 4. 'ETERSEN, LOIS, 'Our chan ion athlete.u Football Sisters, 2,39 Kasketball Sisters, 2,j: Girls' Tennis Teen, 2: Girls' Basketball 'eam 2. 'ETERSON, SHIRLEY, 'Beauty isn't only skin deep.n Football Sisters, ,S,4: Basketball Sisters, 2,3,4. BARES AGNES, 'Not a bit 'Rusty.'H Basketball Sisters, 2,S,4: ootball Sisters, 2,j,4: Drama and Music, 2,j,4: Girl Reserves, L EILLIPS, ROLAND, WA leader he'll be, to swing for you and me.n and, 1.2.R,4: Glee Club, 4: Operetta, 4. IEDT, DAR ELL, nAnother State Cop in B.B.H.S.' Manual Arts Club, : Glen Club, 4. IGGOTT, FRANCES, nbignlty and poise are herein Baud, 2,3: Basket- ill Sisters, 4: Football Sisters, 3. IATTS, BOB 'There's only one for mel' Football, 2,S,4. WLLYEA, ALBERT, 'Are you goin ny way7' F.F.A., 1,2,S,4: Triangle ub, 1,25 Greybric Staff, 4: Camera Club, jg Writers Club, 4. IIEBE, GENEYIEVE 'The quietness of a home shall be mine.' Foot- .11 Sisters, J: Basketball Sisters, 3,4. ,JILLJMW DQM, SBELDON, 'Yes, I have enough roon.' Student Council, 4: - , 4. ESIDE, BETTY, 'She and Halliburton.' Football Sisters, 2,S,45 lketball Sisters, 2,3,4: Mariner Scouts, 2,S,4: Drama and Music, 4: Big Sisters, 4: Bend, 2,!,4. KVES, LOIS, 'Mer business-like air will bring her suoeess in the xiness world.' Drama and Music Club, 2.3: Football Sisters, 2: sketzall Si , 2.3: Mariner-Scout, 3: Usher Club, 3,43 Senior W: 6 IVES, BARRY, 'Cool and conditioued.' F.F.A., 2,j,4: Football I II, 2,3,4: F.F.A., Basketball, 4: F.F.A., Softball, 3,4: Track ,4. YES, JEAN, nGood nntured is but one of her virtues.' Basket- 1 Sisters, 2. YES, LOUISE, 'She has her 'Bopes." Football Sisters, 2,53 Bas- bmll Sisters, S: Usher Club, 4: Dramatios Club, 4. -Q.? ,K 5 g , , or R Q gl 'Q fn ,ye 'lb ,J 4 N':h?Q9Y'vWi --TUE A 1 L f at .."'f Yfgwjgf 'is' A , in

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