Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI)

 - Class of 1939

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Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 15 of 96
Page 15 of 96

Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 14
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Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 16
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Page 15 text:

CUTLER RICHARD, 'Nix-on that stuffl' Glee Club, 2,49 Choir, 2: Cheer Leader 3: Band, 2,j. BALLARD, WILLIAM, 'He'd make a sailor of just the right sort with a dosen girls ln every port.' Football, 2, Basketball, 1,2. DAMON, ILIZABETH, 'Such a saucy little dlsh.' Football Sisters, 3 Q. 4: Basketbsll Sisters, 3. 9 S DEANER, VERA, 'She can toot her own horn.' Football Sisters, S,4: Basketball Sisters, 1,45 Drams and Music Club, 3,45 Big Sisters, 4 gand, 2,!,4, Student Council, 4, Senior Officer, 4: National Honor oclety, 4. DECIER, ELEANOR, 'Tall and slim and full of vim.' Football Sister jg Drama and Music Club, 3: Basketball Sisters, 4. SEYITT, HEITB, 'The wings of the air hold my fancy--now.' Student o oe, . DICKINSON, WARREN, 'Artist of 'The Tiger' and a good ane.' Hi-Y Club, 3,45 Tiger Staff, 4: Intramural Athletics, 3,4. DIXON JANETH, 'There is no need for words.' Latin Club, 2, Foot- ball Slsters, 2,J,4g Basketball Sisters 2,3,4: Drama and Music Club, 3 4: Usher Club, 4, Band, 2,g,4g Slee Club, 2,S,4, Choir, 3, 43 Big Sisters, 4: National Honor ooiety, 4. DODDI GTON, JANE, 'June weddings are nicel' Football Sisters, 2,5 4: Basketball Sisters, 2,3,4. DOSTBR, VIRGINIA, 'She wants to 'get married and have a home!'U French Club, 2, Glas Club, 4: Band, 2,Sg Basketball Sisters, 2,!,4 gootbagi sisters, 2,3,4g Tiger Staff, 4: Usher Club, 2: Drama and us o u . DRAKE BMERSUI, 'I'm not n student, and I offer no apologies.' DUDLEF ANDREW, 'Jitterbug in the 'nth degree.' Baud, jp Intra- mural Basketball, 3, semen, 2, 'npr Staff, 4. DUELL, LBATHA, 'So quiet ou don't know she's therel' Football Sisters, 2,3,4: Basketball Sisters, 2,3,4. ECKERT, LAVERN, 'A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confi- dent tamorrows.' ELLIOTT LEON, 'A real pal if there ever was ona.' Band, 2,3,4: iirls' asketbell Teas, 2: Football Sisters, 2.3.49 Basketball Sis- iz ters, 2.3.4. ILSNER, EDNA, 'Just naturally full of fun.' Football Sisters, 2,3 iaskstball Sisters, 2,3,4g Girl Reserves, 2,g. ILSNBR, EMIL, 'The Bashful Basket tosser.' ssketball, 2,3,4: In- .ramursl Softball, 3,45 National Honor Society, 4. 'LSON, ROBERT, 'Mayor of Riverside." Hi-Y Club, 43 Usher Club, 4: wtudent Council, 4. J auf' MBRY, CHARLES, 'Book larnin' an' girls don't mix.' HBRY, HARVEY, 'Intelligence leads all.' Basketball, 4: Hi-Y, 4: lser Staff, 4, Intramural Athletics, 4. I ERS, VERN, 'Whither will he 'End'ers.' Band, 2,3,4.

Page 14 text:

-' -5 -Jfzsg t' so , .X QS mv s ,f X kk N., 8 if 4 ignfgfwf -0' M Xas- . .11 ki k.kkk.. Q -. L,-E. : , DOROTHY, "Muts' to youl' Girls' Band, !,j: Basketball Si 2, .45 Football Sisters, 2,3,4g Girl Reserves, 2. PHELIA, 'Genial and happy with life.' Girl Reserves, 2: Sisters, 1. ESTBER, 'A French cutie, if we know our outies.' Basket- 3,4p Football Sisters, 5,49 Usher Club, 4, Drama and Girl Reserves, 2. BLYVEIS, WILLIAM, 'He has spring fever all year around.' Football 15 Glee Club, 2, Student Counoi , 2: Assembly Committee, jp Track, 15 Tennis, 2. BOETTCHER, ARTHUR, 'I thank the gods that I am not as other men.' Football, 2,3,45 Track, 5,45 Police Force, 3: Pros Committee, 3, Class Officer, 49 Senior Class Play, 4. BORCHERT, JUNE, 'The most charming girl we kuow.' Girl Reserves, 2: Drama and Music Club, 2,3,4: Basketball Sisters, 2,3,4g Big Sis ters, 49 Girls' League Council, 2,j,4g League Links Staff, 4. BRANNOCR, SARAH, 'She can 'Peckham' ood." Mariner Scouts, 5.47 Basketball 2,3,4g Football Sisters, S,3,43 Drama and Music Club, 4. BROWN, JACK, 'Watch the Fords go byl' BROWN SUZANNE, 'Have you ever kissed the 'Blarney Stone"7 Girh Glee Club, Z,5,4g Football Sisters, Pres., 45 Girls' Band, 3,43 Promethean, 3,45 Basketball Sisters, 2,j,4g Drama and Music, 2,3, Big Sisters, 45 Girls' League Council, 2,S,4. 'He gets around--' F.F.A., Sec., 1,2,j,43 Ushe Softball hat red beads can be quietl' Basket ters, 45 Art Club, 3. speare, here comes an opponent.' Gil Club, 2,5,4: Football Sisters, 2,S,4 her Club, 4. BYERS GEORGE, 'Kitten on the keys.' Latin Club, 23 Glee Club, 3,45 Escritoire, 4, Usher Club, 4: Greybric Staff, 4, Senior Cla Play, 4: National Honor Society, 4. CALDWELL, JAMES, 'I got out of high school, next college, then-- watch le.' Band, 2.3.45 Hi-Y, 3,43 Tennis, 2,a,4. CARTER, WINIFRED, 'A successful 4-B nember.' lee Club, 2.B.4: giotbagl Sisters, 5,41 Basketball Sisters, 5,49 Drama and Music ub, . CHADDOCK, JAMES, 'The feel of money does my soul good.' Greybr Staff, 45 Glee Club, 4. CLEMENTS, HERBERT, 'Live, love, learn--but 1ittle.' Basketball 4: Basketball II, 5, Glee Club, 4. CLEMENTS, PAUL 'Happy and content he goes his own way.' FootN 5, Intramural Basketball, 2.3.43 Intramural Softball, Z,j,4g Su Pause, 3. U CROWEL, RICHARD, 'He'll give us all a chance in the news.' F.F S. CULBY, BEATRICE, "Beesie' will be s happy arohitect.' Drama a Music Club, 2,5,4g Football Sisters, 2,5,4: Basketball Sisters, Mariner Scouts, 2. CUPP, SALLY 'And so she lived happily ever after.' Football S ters, 3,41 Basketball Sisters, 3,45 Girl Reserves, jg Drama and Music Club, 3,49 Band, 2,53 Girls' League Council, S.

Page 16 text:

5 Ngx CG Lx .2 . is A, N 9' ll ff w gs T , gs ij? i.Q tgg 2,9 s, 1 , ,Nfl , iiibf' .Skin EF Hffilsitsq . so Q, . 3 45, ' r sws'f rss .E1f - "'Qs? 1 ff?UQs sms? , fkisfsf s p HQ. 1 H uyfpw x .A H.: wx V R K r-N EPPIC, SOPHIE 'Neat as a pin-stripe.' Glee Club, 25 Football Sis- ters, 2,3,45 Sasketball Sisters, 45 Drama and Music Club, 45 Big Sisters, 4. ERTMAN, CLAIRE, 'She oan't be beatl' Basketball Sisters, 2,3,45 Football, 2,j,45 Mariner Scout, 25 Girl Reserves, 25 Drama and Mus- ic Club, S,4. EVANS, DARWIN, 'Nothing there is that bothers me.' Archery Club, 2 1 j EVANS KATHERINE 'Meekness is not weakness.' Football Sisters, 2, 3,45 Sasketball Sisters, 3,45 Big Sisters, 4. FAIR, THOMAS, 'When you've made 'a lot of money,' remember us.' FEATHER, DONALD, 'Women are my weakuess.' Latin Club, 15 Track, 15 Usher Club, 2,3,45 Baud, 2,S,45 Glee Club, 2,j,45 Choir, 2,3,4. A w ii N" NELLOWS, ARTHUR, 'Mau-about-town--Bainbridge.' Ri-Y, 4, Football ll, 2,35 Glee Club, 35 Latin Club, 25 Writers Club, 45 Prom Commit- tee, 2,j. FERRELL LOIS, 'Music is my greatest joy its pleasures never pale Girls' hand, 1,2,S,45 orchestra, 1,2,3, bien ciun, 1,3,4, sig.. Lambda Sigma, 45 Drama and Music Club, 5,45 Big Sisters, 45 tudeni Council, 45 Greybric Staff, 45 Senior Class Officer, 45 Dramatics Club, 45 League Links Staff, 45 Girl Reserves, Pres., 15 Carnival Committee, 45 Choir, 4. FILSTRUP, NANCY, 'What would we do without ber?" Girls' Band, 2,3, 45 Glee Club, 45 Choir, 45 Drama and Music Club, 2.3.45 Student Council, 45 Football Sisters, 2,g,45 Basketball Sisters, 2,S,45 Promethean, 2,j,45 Sigma Lambda igma, 45 Class Officer, 45 Nation al Honor Society, 4. know how to Society, 4 with 'Nice manners make a nice personality.' t isu't the work that worries me, it's the women 2,25 Prom Committee, 35 Student Police, 5,45 Na , 4. knows how to get along.' Hi-Y, 3,45 Baud, 2,3 4. FULLER, ELEANOR, 'Short, simple and sweet.' Football Sisters, 21 45 Basketball Sisters, Z,3.45 Girl Reserves, 25 Girls' Band, 2,3. GARBER, JUANITA, 'Thoughts are concealed in her heart.' Sigma Lambda Sigma, 45 Greybric Staff, 45 Basketball Sisters, Pres., 5,4 Football isters, 5,45 Drama and Music, 45 League Links Staff, 45 Latin Club, 25 Girl Reserves, 15 Glee Club, 1. GLADE, GEORGE, 'Future farmer of Anerica.' F.F.A.,Pres., 45 F.FJ V. Pres., S5 Apple Judging Team, 2,!,4. GLASKE, HELEN, 'If silence is golden, she must be a mlllionaire.' Glee Club, 25 Football Sisters, 2,S,45 Sigma Lambda Sigma, 4. GOLD, JEANETTE, 'There's 'Gold' in her every vein.' Basketball S ters, 35 Football Sisters, 35 Girl Reserves, 2,35 League Links Staff 4. GONIA, ELI, 'Just a Kid named Joel' Sea Scouts, 15 Boy Scouts, 2

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