Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI)

 - Class of 1938

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Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 24 of 62
Page 24 of 62

Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 23
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Benton Harbor High School - Greybric Yearbook (Benton Harbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 25
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Page 24 text:

I K 4 ' U S-'sq , A Z! X ' WEA namtmnwsmgammnmmn I H . , S .. nn I -.EilsSmmaSQSmnngaSm El wmasamaammmnmnmamo an imma nnimsnnwnu sm'mammnsanmammnn A :mmm nnmmmmaanQ2 msmsssmmaemn naman Q HQ SE E HEH FE H S x S ' ,:q,,, naman-S maadameanm HEESQ mSEmnmm,aanm S IUINIOR CLASS OFFICERS Warren H d ms' 5 Glenn Irel Ad ..........., ,,,,,,, , H J

Page 23 text:

Zaban Zurakov SELLS, JANET. These urderclassmen are fast! Aren't they? Big Slsters, Usher Club, Football Sisters. sl-IAFER, MARY. Very much a may. Big Sisters. Usher Club, Latin Club, Football Sisters. Home Economics. SHAPIRO, BETTY. It's nice to be natural, when you are naturally nice. Ambition-to be a stenographer. SHEA, ROSEMARY. She always has something funny to say. Girls' League, Football Sisters, Basketball Sisters. SHUNKWILER, WILSON. Never seen nor heard. Student Police. SILL, ROBERT. The boy behtnd the plow. Operetta, F.F.A., Band. SLAYTON, BARBARA. Therets a specfal friend. but lots of others, too. Big Sisters Pres., Basketball Sisters Sec'y, Greybrlc Staff, Drama and Music, Football Sisters, Girl Reserves, Dramatlcs Club. SMITH, DONEITA. Charming, dainty, and petite, ever beamlng with dimples sweet. Football Sisters, Girl Re- serves, Latin Club. SMITH, will she. engineer. SMITH. Glee Club, Sisters. SMITH, SPECK. EDWIN. She won't have to change her name "Eddt9',f B8.l'1d. AUIDIUOH-Q0 be 8 IIl9Ch8.hlC8.l EVELYNNE. Her charm ls her s'mpl5clty, Drama and Music, Football Sisters, Basketball LEE. He has a pleasant smile for you. GLADYS. A rare good lady. SPLESE, EDWARD. A man of few words. STANFORD, ROBERT. Our track star, cur student mayor, always friendly. always ,fair and square. Track Team, Band, Mayor, Hi-Y Club, Usher Club. STEMM, MARJORIE. All quiet-and then a giggle. Home Economics Style Show, Girls' League. STRINE, EVELYNMAE. Her heart is true to only one. Usher Club, Football Sisters, Basketball Sisters. STRUNK, GENEVA. Mama, that moon's here again. Home Economics, Football Sisters, Basketball Sisters. SUMMERFELT, WILLIAM. Greybrlc meetlng tonight, fellows. Greybrlc Staff, Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y, Camera Club, Theater Orchestra. SUNDAY, BETTY. Engaging as well as engaged. SUTHERLAND, MYRALU. Shtne, Sister Myralu, shine that apple. Football Sisters, Basketball Sisters. TACY, LESTER. I know, teacher, I know. Debating Team, Greybrlc Staff, Transferred from Coloma-Jr. Play, School Paper Staff. TAYLOR. MILTON. Do you see a "family" lance? Hi Y Club. resemb-Q TEMPLE, CARLE. He's building his "temple" with friends. Band, Hi-Y Club, Tennis Team. TEMPLE, MELBA. You have enough room in your "Temple" for Ruth. TESSMAN, JEANNE. Happy am I, from care I am frrc, why aren't they all content like me? Basketball Sis- ters, Football Sisters. TILLSTROM, JEANNE. I should worry, I should care, for I shall marry a mllllonatre. TROFFER, EDWARD. So long as that which isn't. why worry your head about lt. Craig TUTTLE, CAROLYN. A student, a friend, worth while, when Carrie is there, ltfe's worth Sigma Lambda Sigma, Girl Reserves, Usher Club, VOLK, ROBERT. Hts ntmble fingers dld put to shame the ivory keys. WALBRIDGE, GEORGE. Drum Major George best to be had. Band Drum Major, Basketball, Student Council, Police. WEBER. ELMAN. Just play, llttle boy, just play. Shop Training, Baseball, Basketball. a gtrl whlle. Band. ls the Student WEBER, HOWARD. Rain and snow cannot daunt htm when there's cheertng to be done. Cheer Leader, Tennis, Stage Crew, Inter-class Basketball. WEINHOUSE, REUBEN. Four years of friends and play for me, and books when I had time to see. Greybric Staff, Latin Club, Inter-class Sports. WELLS, DONALD. "Wells" are often deep. F.F.A. Club, Latin Club, Glee Club. WHITE, VIRGINIA. On with the dance. Girls' League agent, Blg Sisters, Girl Reserves, Usher Club, Latin Club Pres., Football Sisters, Basketball Sisters. , WHITRIGHT, WARREN. How "Red" could slnk those baskets. Basketball, Tiger Staff. WILLIAMS, RUTH. She always has her lesson. Ambl- tion-to be a nurse. WILLMENG, FRANCES. She's the finest kind of pal, so pleasant and so sweet. Senior Class Sec'y, Blg Sisters, Football Sisters, Basketball Sisters. WIT'-IEY, PHY IIS, "- and then she glggledk' Glee Club, Latin Club, -ervlce Committee. WOLF, RUTH JEANNE. The sun shines, the world laughs, and I am happy, too. Big Sisters, Football Sisters, Art Club, Girls' League Agent, Publicity Club. WOODLEY, GEORGE. Small, dark, and what a Romeo. Ambition-to own an Ice-Cream Store. YUND. CLARIBEL. Wtth an eller quick and Teddy smile. Drama and Music. Girl Reserves, Football Sisters, Latin Club, Basketball Sisters. ZABAN, DOROTHY. Out where the hand clasps a little stronger-that's where the West begins. Usher Club, Drama and Music, Football Sisters, Basketball Sisters, Girls' League. ZURAKOV, LEONARD. Fiddle whlle you may. Orchestra CRAIG. ELMER. Because today I am a man. Ambl- tion-to be a doctor. N0 PICTURES x CURRAN, LEON. His faults wtll never be known. 9 Hi-Y Club. GILBERT, ORVILL. I follow my father's profession. SE, LEONARD. Too bad he dfdn't have enough room by his locker. HETHERINGTON, RALPH. Hardly ever seen around. JOHAN, RAYMOND. Built for comfort but not for speed. Ambition-to be the best meat cutter ln the U.S. KIMBALL, NORMAN. Only good children go to heaven. SHREVE, HAROLD. A wolf tn sheep's clothing. SOVA, EDWARD. And what ever sky's above me, here's heart for any fate. WISE, HORACE. Getting any wiser?

Page 25 text:

JUNIOR S-Identmca tion fFtrst Rowj-Left to Right-Allklns, B. Allen, D. Allen, Allerton, Allls, C. Anderson, J. Anderson, Lantls, Antes, Appel, Archer, Ar - - brook, Avery, Baccash, Badt, Bakeman, J. Baldwin. ljsecond Rowj-Left to Right-E. Baldwln, arker, Bauske, Becker, Bedunah, Behlen, Bermlngham, D. Bishop, 0. Bishop, Bisnett, Blyvels, Boettcher, Brannock, Brown, Buckman, Burch, Burket. l1'Mrd Rowj-Left to Right-Byers, Calderwood, Caldwell, Carter, G. Chaddock, J. Chaddock, P. Clements, H. Clements, Coon, Crowel, Culby, Cupp, Cutler, Dallard, Damon, Deaner, Decker, Deetjen. flfaurth Rowj-Left to Right- Dewltt, Dickinson, Dixon, Doddlngton, Doster, Drake, Dreves, Dudley, Duell, Eckert, Elliott, E. Elsner, Elsner, Elson, C. Emery, H. Emery, Enders, Eppic. Uflfth Rowj-Left ta Right-Ertman, K. Evans, D. Evans, Fair, Feather, Fellows, Ferrell, Flglus, Fllstrup, Flshler, Flrehammer, Foley, Frazier, Freler, Fro- berg, Fuller, Garber, Glade. Lsixth Rowj-Left to Right-Gold, Gonia, Gorton, Graber, Grams, Graeber, Grande, Gray, Gunn, I-label, Hale, L. Hamilton, V. Hamilton, Hammond, Hampton, Hanner, Harney, C. Hartman. lseventh Rowj-Left to Right-D. Hartman, L. Hartman, Hartnell, Hauch, Hein, Hendrix, Henke, Hess, Heyboer, Hlle, Hill, Holder, Holland, L. Holmes, M. Holmes, Haltom, Holtz, I-Iomelchuck. Ustgntn Rowj -Left to Right-G. Howarth, J. Haworth, Hunt, Ireland, Jackson, Jones, Karbadon, Karnotsky, Keller, Kelley, E. Kent, L. Kent, Kimball, Klann, Kurbls, Koroch, Lake, Lambrecht. fN5nth Rowj-Left to Right-Langstafl, Leatz, Lester, Lietz, Litowich, Llxvar, LaVanway, Loescher, Lyons, Mabs, Marcus, Man- darlno, Martin, Maurer, Maxham, McDowell, McKee, McNeal. lTenth Rowl--Left to Right--Merritt, Mesl- row, E. Miller, T. Miller, Mlnott, Mitchell, F. Moore, V. Moore, Mull, Murdlck, Nelson, Nlmtz, Nixon, Belle Nybro, Betty Nybro, Osterman. Ott, Pagel. filleventh Rowj-Left to Right-Pangborn, Pavllclt, Paulsen, Payne, Pearl, Pedde, Peel, S. Peterson, L. Petersen, Pesko, Phalras, Phares, R. Phillips, V. Phillips, Piedt, Plggott, Platt, Pollyea. lfTwelfth Bowl-Left to Right-Polmanteer, Preston, Prlebe, Radom, Rae- side, L. Reaves, J. Reeves, H. Reeves, L. Reeves, G. Reid, E. Reid, Rlchards, Richey, Rinehart, Relter, Rock, Rogers, Rohl. f1'Mrteenth Rowl-Left to Right-Rutz, Ryno, Sabin, Sagerjhindeldecker, W. Schmidt, W. Schmidt. L. Schmidt, L. Schultz, Shultz, Shafhauser, Shauntte, Shuslnnan, Slla, F. Slmanton, J. Slman- ton, Skelly, Smimlotls. lQFourteenth Bowl-Left to Right-I. Smith, D. C. Smith, D. F. Smith, Snover, State, Steenrod, Stein, Steinke, Stiles, Stock Stolpe, Stone, Stubalt, Stump, Taylor, Tlllstrom, VanAntwerp, Vlclnl. lFlfteenth Rowj-Left to Right-Wade, Wakefield, Walters, Warren, Washington, Weber, Wegner, Wendt, Wldmoyer, William , Wlllmeng, Wokeck, Wolfe, Wolske, ,Wroblewski, Yops, Zlemke, Zlndler. ISU:- teenth Rowl-Left to Right-E. Rock, R. Zindler. IUNIOR CLASS Our junior Class claims a large percent of the High School enrollment. Now that we look back upon our freshman days, we partly realize what a trial we must have been to the teachers of Harbor High-four hundred "green" freshmen going around school in a sort of daze, wondering where to go next. It sounds comical now, but it wasn't then. We believe that we have our share, if not more than our share, of students in athletics, music, fbands, orchestra, and glee clubsj, clubs, and social doings. Although we might make a better showing on the honor roll list, almost all of us do our best. As seniors of Harbor High we hope to set good examples, that the underclass- men will strive to follow in our footsteps and that our teachers will remember us as industrious, ambitious, and peppy students.

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