Bentley High School - Echo Yearbook (Burton, MI)

 - Class of 1954

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Bentley High School - Echo Yearbook (Burton, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 43 of 66
Page 43 of 66

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Page 43 text:

CLASS PROP!-IECY CONT'D Detectlve Khne put out a general alarm on the car and we returned to the house. Carl Gusre was talkmg about Larry Avery and we were all wondermg what happened to h1m after graduauon I m sure you remember Larry He rsathe one who used to hft Carl off the ground w1th one hand and then drop htm We d1dn't have to wonder very long for Larry came swoopmg down from a tree 1n the yard He entered the house and after several Tarzaruc yells he mformed us that 1S now playmg Tarzan lIl the movtes He gets most of h1s pracuce by swmg mg from tree to tree tn the c1ty park He also told us to look htm up someume because he practtcally hves Wldl the bxrds In fact he says he usually shares a nest w1th a couple of spar rows I dec1ded to go out onto the terrace for a lxttle fresh a1r When I opened the door I knocked the butler down and almost gave htm a black eye. lcertamly knew the butler but I couldn t place hun. It was bothermg me Bestdes I couldn't flgure out why he kept peekmg at us through key holes and around corners He certamly was a nosey person to say the least Oat on the terrace, I found Margaret Kovacs She was busy learmng her lines for the pro gram sertes on Life Wlth Lu1g1 where she plays Rosa Nancy Dechmann Gene Fallis and Dave Atherton jomed us on the terrace. Nancy believe 1t or not IS a wrlter Not a wrlter in a truly hterary sense, but more as a statistlctan Seems she IS rewrmng the Kmsey Report She cla1ms someone has to undo what he has already done. Gene Falhs as you know always wanted to be a football player at the Umversity of M1ch1gan He d1dn't make the team as a football player but he does enjoy h1s job as water boy for the team Dave Atherton runs a gas stauon on the corner of Dort Hwy From what we hear Dave IS domg well m h1s business and seems to be makmg quxte a b1t of money at ll We learned though that hrs gasolme IS one part gas and three parts water Dave says h1s supply doesn't run out quite so qu1ckly this way to Marlane LeC1a1re hrs secretary John IS busy wr1t1ng a Dyer D1ct1onary carrymg all SLANG UAGE rn the Uruted States and 1ts possess1ons Marlene became h1s secretary after a t1ring experxence of chasmg rats m a brewery Seems ll was cheaper to have Marlene chase them than to buy a cat and feed ll B111 Katona and J 1m Horne jolned 1n our merrymakmg B111 Katona passed out cards for lus thrivmg busmess The card read W1lJ.1e s Drop Shop' or W1ll1e s Suff Shop We Embalm You Wh1le You Walt B1ll's undertaker's busmess IS quite prosperous J 1m Horne brought h1s banjo wxth h1m. He IS the one who used to s1t in bookkeepxng class and moo hke a cow He has a job w1th Ph11 Sp1talny's all g1rl orchestra and plays the banjo He played a couple of numbers for us and rf the orchestra sounds anythmg hke J 1m s banjo playmg l'll never understand how the band became so successful. Several of the guests began to ask about the butler No one knew who he was Several times I caught him watchmg us from around corners and watchmg what was gomg on But he always excused h1mself and hurrxed away Joan Vxckerman was the next arrtval at the party She was dressed 1n an outfit from the Latm Quarter m New York Cxty She has a job as ctgarette g1rl there. She was so a1thus1astic about her job though that she brought her ctgarettes w1th her and tr1ed to sell them at the re umon Do you remember Alva Mae Ives Adele? She was the one w1th the great gift of gab Well she came to the party and as usual she was talking about somethmg This time II was about her job It seems she has fmally attamed the positlon of Manager of Robmson s cred1t department We joined the other guests in the living room only to find that John Dyer was busy dictating ' ' ' ll ' ' Y 9 ll ' ' I ' ll

Page 42 text:

cuss Pnovutcv July 25 1960 My dear Adele, I was sorry to see that you couldn t make it to the class reumon last week at Lansing l guess training horses and Brittany Spaniels is quite a busy and tiring hobby I thought I would write you th1s letter and let you tn on a ltttle of the news about our old class of 1954 The reunion was scheduled for July 18th at Bob Mumford s home at Lansing As you prob ably know Bob was the Democratic Senator of our state but he was ousted from 0fflCe because of h1s Republtcan ideas I arr1ved at Bob's home about 1 30 inthe afternoon That old 1953 Bentley Dnvers Traming Car just 1sn't what tt used to be The doorbell was answered by the butler who looked very familiar but I couldn t place him, He informed me that Bob was out on the terrace w1th another of the guests whom I later learned was Rodney Draper I'm sure you remember Rodney He is the one that Bob Mumford used to pick on all the time in school. Tlus pestering usually ended m a brawl 1nvo1v1ng Lee Anderson Well Rodney is now a boxer I watched h1m vrgorously jumpmg rope and beatmg the hvxng day hghts out of a punchxng bag suspended from a tree limb He has a scheduled frght w1th Rocky Marctano and has been picked the ftghter most hkely to be knocked out in the first 5 seconds of the flght The butler Interrupted to,say that a M1ss Blame Draper had arr1ved and he thought that she might be 111 Elame was the one that was so quiet and when she d1d talk she squeaked hke an unoiled door When we entered the house, a noxse that sounded like a hurrrcane blowmg over the Gulf of MEXICO practxcally hit us in the face. lt wasn t a hurricane and Elame wasn t ill She was promenadmg back and forth before a large rmrror screechxng at the top of her lungs She informed us that she was a slnger at the P1zza House and the only way she could get a leave from her Job was to practxce That was just what she contmued to do Rodney fmally Jomed the rest of us tn the livmg room. We chatted about world events for a whxle and then the butler announced Carl Gusie. Carl Joined m the conversatron and we learned that he was in a fight and lost all but lus two front teeth so he has a Job in a donut factory makmg the holes in donuts J on Grahn Floyd Grooms and Tom Hockm Jomed the party a httle later but they never men t1oned therr Jobs or what they had been domg 1n the last stx years It wasn t unul Pr1vate Detecuve Russell Khne arr1ved that we found out the details Russell told us that Floyd who runs Floyd s Fresh Fish Market as a front also manufactures transmissions for the cars they p1ck up off the street Jon Grahn who used to spend most of h1s t1me bumpmg the dents out of his own car has of late been bumpmg them out of the cars Floyd repairs Tom Just pamts and resells the cars I d1dn t know whether to believe h1m or not untll I caught Floyd trymg to remove the transmtsslon from my car and maklng an attempt at flling the sertal numbers off the motor Seems he brought a new transmission and enough pamt to re do the whole car Floyd hkes his work immensely wrth one excepuon Thls I learned was the fact that ,T on and Tom held out on the profits and he d1dn t get h1s usual share We found Tom and J on counting money out by the garage. Seems they Just sold Bob Mumford s car for hun although Bob didn t know ll They netted S900 from It and J on and Tom took S400 ap1ece but were generous enough to let Floyd have the rematmng S100 I thought xt was mighty fa1r of them myself. U , . o 0 n ' - n I n . . ' . , . - u 0 n l . e Q e . . . . . . . e u e U 9 1 e . . , . , o . Q p 0 ' - . . - . . . , . . . n . . , Q 1 9 0 9 9 9 u . , . . . . . I ' Q e . , . 0 . , . , - . g n , Q

Page 44 text:

CLASS PROPHECY CONT'D and she brought the cred1t books wtth her because there have been no entrles s1nce she became manager She says that the state audltors w1ll be at the store some tlme 1n the near future and she thought tt rrught be H106 mf she would brmg the books up to date for once Ed B1rdwell and Wanda Tarno were marrted shortly after school was out They have a l1tt1e m1ss1on down by Flmt R1ver Wanda says that they have frequent v1s1ts from some of our classmates and that she keeps pretty well up to date on what they have been domg I know even m thls length of ttme you couldn t have forgotten J ack Pope He was the ladtes man of the class Jack IS a conftrmed bachelor and has a bustness all h1s own manufacturmg ladles hngerte whtch he sells to btg department stores Inhxs travels Jack met D1ck Smlth whom you remember was marrled before we graduated He has twelve ktds and claxms that he has to work all three shtfts at the A C in order to feed and clothe them He st1l1 clatrns that someday he IS gotng to get a Cadtllac Anna Stebb1ns Betty Meeks and Charles V1ers I found out 1n the kttchen eanng as usual Amta Stebbms told me she plays Beulah on rad1o and telev1s1on She says she 1S work1ng on the 1dea of marrymg Btll 1n real l1fe and that tt s work1ng out just fxne Betty Meeks was on the other hand cookmg up somethmg as usual w1th that farnlhar lookmg butler I d1dn t know what tt was but knowtng Betty anyone w1l1 be able to guess Betty plays the serles of L1fe Wtth Eltzabeth and My L1tt1e Margte on telev1s1on The parts sult her very well don t you dunk? Charles Vters ts a referee for m1dget wrestlers He doesn t look the same anymore and I m qu1te sure you wouldn t recogn1ze h1m on the street He usually ends up 1n the wresthng I m sure Adele that you w1ll remember Leo McClure He s the one that used to sleep most of the trme tn class Leo IS now a professor at the UHIVCFSIIY of Cahforma where he teaches How To Avold lnsomnta He s been qulte successful except that I found h1m 1n a corner tn the ltbrary fast asleep And of course you remember Raymond Pugtrure He was the one who never sa1d anythtng to the gtrls Well the poor guy was arrested for btgamy 1n up state New York but IS out of gall on ba1l posted by Robert Mumford so that he mlght attend the reuruon Pat Hoffman has ended up 1n an Old Malds Boardmg House She sa1d somethmg about be longmg to the OMA whtch turned out to be the Old Matds Anonymous Club lm not sure butI thtnk rt lS ln some way connected w1th the AAA A1COhOl1CS Anonymous Club of Amer1ca You should have seen Charles Blackhurst He was dressed ln ta1ls and had a large stove p1pe hat on top of hlS head He carr1ed several ctgars tn hts pocket and was smoklng one of them, Charles ts the mayor of Fhnt He ran on the Do It Tlcket Do lt when you feel hke II and when the c1ty has enough money Lee Anderson drtves a covered wagon from town to town sellxng some k1nd of snake o1l for Hamady Brothers He was ln Lansmg at the t1me of the reumon so he stayed over a week The only catch was that we all had to buy a bottle of snake o11 and I m sttll wondermg what I m golng to do wtth the stuff when II s only good for takxng away chewing tobacco odors Duncan Nell arnved at the reun1on rather late but sa1d hefhad a pauent that couldn t watt The pattent turned out to be Carol Sm1th Duncan Ne1l IS a psychlatrlst and has been treatlng Carol for some txme It seems Carol runs an alrport l1mous1ne servlce at Seeley s old atrport There 1su t an atrport there any more but Carol hkes to thmk so. . . . , . , . . , . . . . . , . , . . . . . match himself in worse condition that the contestants. I ' I I I l It 1 n. " ' . . I . . . , . . . - . . . , . ' . . . . . , . . , . . . , , . . . .... , .

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