Benson Polytechnic High School - BluePrint Yearbook (Portland, OR)

 - Class of 1971

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Benson Polytechnic High School - BluePrint Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 167 of 264
Page 167 of 264

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Page 167 text:

Rose City, Pattern, USCG PLACE, DALE ' Lents, Machine, Techmen's Club, Service POND, GREG Llewellyn, Print, College PooscHKE', DON Rose City, Bldg, Const. , Key, Orange B, Pzro Baseball POUKKULA , JAMES D . Peninsula, Metal Fab. , Honor Roll, Work POWELL, MARK Califomia, Mech. Drwng. , College PRIMNIER, JAMES J. ' Sunnyside, Indust. Elect. , Orange B. NHS, Bronze-Silver pins, College PROEFROCK, DUANE L. Buckman, Elect. , Radio Club, Bronze pin, Service OUALLS, FRED ' Immaculate Heart, Automotive, Fre're no plans QUIGLEY, MICHAEL Holy Redeemer, Aviation, no plans QUINTANILLA, RICHARD Ockley Green, Aviation, Bowling, Pilot ' RADMILOVICH, TONY Welches, Automotive , Work RANTA, ROBERT Chief Jos. , Aviation, Key, Orange B. , Red Cross Corps, College REAM, LARRY Kellogg, Automotive, Work REED, RANDY Hayhurst, Elect. , Key, SURS, NHS Co lege REGELIN, KEITH Kellogg, Machine, College RENNICK, LARRY Hosford, Plastics, SURS, Class Rep, College RICE, GREG ' Binnsmead, Bldg, Const. , College RICE, GARY Holy Redeemer, Machine, SURS, College RILEY, MICHAEL Lane, Aviation, Chess Club, Aero- space, Red Cross MU. Crps. , Col- 3 Senior Activities lege RILEY, SCO TT Sellwood, Aviation, College ROBERTI, GREG L. Holy Family, Automotive, Optimist, College ROBERTS, JON Vernon, Machine, Work ROBY, JAMES H. Hosford, Aviation, Photographer RODLI , JAMES , Irvington, Elect. , Glee, Techmen, College , ROGERS , BOB W Ch. Jos. , Automotive, Work Rossi, TOM Woodstock, Aviation, Fall Rally, Golf Team, College ROTH, BRAD J. Woodstock, Ind. Elect. , Honor Roll, College ROTKOWSKI, MAX Buckman, Radio-Elect. , IRL, Chess, Orange B. , Tennis Team, College SALISBURY, BRUCE Glenhaven, Elect. , Work SALLAK , PAUL Automotive , College SCHLAF, JOHN , Laurelhurst, Plastics, FB 1-2-3, Col- lege SCI-IENKE, CRAIG Kennedy, Photo, NJI-IS, NHS, Bronze- Silver-Gold pins, NCTE award win- ner, College SCHENK, MARVIN Woodmere, Automotive , Optimist , Work SCHUSTER, DON Holy Redeemer, Elect. , Scientech, NHI-IS, NHS, NMSQT Commenda- tion, Engineers Math Award, Bronze- silver-gold pins, College SEIDNER, RICK Irvington, Automotive, Optimist, no plans SELLERS, RANDALL D. Whitman, Radio-Elect., KBPS, Col- lege SELLERS, WALTER L. Sabin, Elect., Fre're Club, Work 163 SHARINGHAUSEN, DALE Crseton, Bldg. Const. , Work SHELDON, EDWARD Hosford, Elect. , College SHOOP, ROBERT Buckman, Aviation, Campus Life, College SKACH, THOMAS H. St. Francis, Radio-Elect. , BIL, Ecology, Class Sen., NHS, Varsity Wrestling, College SLEBOS , DIRK - Glencoe, Elect. , Parliament, Col- lege SMITH, ALLAN H. Glencoe, Print. , Glee, Bowling, YFC, Minuteman, Mgr. Track, Col- lege , SMITH, DAVID H. Sabin, Radio-Elect. , Fre're, BATS, Tech Pep, Blueprint, College SMITH, GERALD L. Porstmouth, Automotive, Work SMITH, JESS E. Glenhaven, Elect. , Sr. Band, Music College ' ' SMITH, KENT J. Ainsworth, Radio-Elect., Guitar, Camera, IRL QPresJ, Band, Pep Band, AFS host, AFS Rep. , College SMITH, RICHARD A. Multnomah, Radio-Elect., Photo, Honor Roll, Bronze-Silver pins, Col- lege SMITH, RICHARD J. Woodmere, Communications, KAY- BIPS, Glee, KBPS, Work SMITH, TED os. Lane Elect. BATS no lans I 3 I P SMITH, TOM Ch. Jos. , Foundry, Marriage SORG , CURTIS Richmond, Radio-Elect, Plastics, Camera, KAYBIPS , no plans SPITULSKI, FRANK Blessed Sacrament, Orange B. , Min- ute Man, Honor Roll, Varsity FB and Baseball, College SPONSLER, MIKE Grgeory, Hts., KPBS, KAYBIPS, College STURM, RICK Woodlawn, Machine, USMC

Page 166 text:

Beach, Machine, College IvIacDONAlD, DONALD Sitton, Automotive, Work MADISON, MIKE Binnsmead, Mech, Drwng. , Guitar, Cross Country, College MAI-ION, TOM Abernethy, Drafting, IRL, Minute- man, Photo, College MAPLETHORPE, JR. , DALE James John, Bldg. Const. , Work MARIHART, ED Our Lady of Sorrows, Elect. , IRL, Orange B, Tennis Letter, College, MAST, DALE Arleta, Elect., College MCBETH, GORDON I Machine, no plans MCCARTI-IY, MIKE Kellogg, Foundry, Orange B. , Col- lege A McCOY, DARYL ' , Blessed Sacrament, Aviation, Ecology, NHS, College Mc KENIZE, LEON Irvington, Foundry, Fre're, All City FB, Orange B. , College MCKIM, KEITH ' Bldg, Const. , Orange B. , Work McKINNEY, STEVE Jason, Lee, Radio, Work MCKIVER, JIM Beach, Automotive, Work MCLACHLAN, BLAIR Vernon, Archit. Drawing. , College McPI-IERSON , RODNEY Gray, Machine, Service MEICHER, RON E. Creston. Arch. Drftng. , College MERILO, KALLE Laurelhurst, Radio Elect: , College MICHAUD , ROSS Harvey Scott, Automotive, Coifed, Blueprint, Work MILLER, GERARD J. Peninsula, Bldg. Const. , Work MILLER, TERRY LEE Glencoe, Elect., College MISHO , DONAID Senior Activities Creston, Pattern, Work V MOIST, JOHN Marysville, Arch. , NJHS, Frosh-JV Track, College Mocus, BARRY P. Machine, Work MONACO, PAUL St. Philip, Elect. , Minuteman, Work Arleta , Machine , College MORAN, TIM MOORE, ALTON Holy Cross, Automotive, Work MORGAN, DAVID Sellwood, Automotive, Work V MORRIS, TIM B. Jason Lee, Aviation, Orange B. , College MORTON, LESLIE Jos. Lane, Automotive, Optimist, Honor Roll, College. MOUNT, DALE Faubion, Sheet Metal, Service MOSS, RICK Hosford, Automotive, Service MULLEN, JOE Rigler, Drawing, Fre're, College MULLEN, CLIFTON Boise, Machine, Fre're, Work MuRDocK, BRUCE ' . Broadcasting, KAYBIPS , College MYRICK, CLINT Beaumont, Radio Elect. , Campus Life, NJHS, Ministry' NELSON, GENE Chapman, Radio-Elect. , NJHS, NHS, Fencing, First Slide Rule, College NELSON, PAUL Lewis, Elect. , Live NEWTON, RICHARD T. Couch, Red C. Mtr. Cpr. , Print- Machjne, College NG, JOI-IN Hosford, Aviation, Aerospace, IR.L, Ecology, Minuteman, College NGAN, WILLIAM Hosford, Radio-Elect, IRL, Explor- ers, Orange B. , Rep. , NJHS, Tennis Varsity, College NOVAK, JERRY Sitton, Automotive, Track Letter, 'I62 Service NULPH, DANIEL Buclcman, Automotive, Glee, Tech- men, Service NUSSBAUMER, BEN All Saints, No plans OLSON , STEPHEN Buckzman, Indust. Elect. , Wrestling 3-4, Football 1-2, Work PALMER, Cl-IAS. W. Binnsmead, Automotive, No Plans CONROY, PATRICK M. Grout, No Plans PATRICK, PAUL Holy Redeemer, Sheet Metal, Col- lege A PAYNE, STEPHEN Binnsmead, Arch. Drwng. , Pep band Band, Bronze pin, NHS, College PEAR, DAVID A St. Ignatius, Machine, College PECK, DANIEL Beach, Printing, Marriage PERRY, DALE Woodmere, Pattem, USN PEARSON, ERIC Queen of Peace, Printing, College PERSON, THOMAS Laurelhurst, Graphic Arts, Fencing, Minuteman, Photo, College GILL, PETER Irvington, Automotive, Ford Train- ing Program PETERSON, DOUG Mt. Tabor, Sheet Metal, Honor Roll 2-3-4, College PETERSON, JAMES Capitol Hill, Electronics, College PETERSON, JOHN R. Sunnyside, Electxonics, BATS, Ser- vice , PEW, Douc Laurelhurst, Electronics, No plans PFEIFER, BOB Harvey Scott, Bldg. Const. , NI-IS, College PHILLIPS, WAYNE ' St. Agatha, Radio-Elect., Honor Roll, Work PHNIGEL KEN '

Page 168 text:

STROMBERG, CURTIS Linnton, Graphic Arts, Campus Life, Ecology, Editor Tech Pep, College STRODE, RICHARD H. Ch. Jos., Graphic Arts, Chess, Pep Band, Band, NJHS, NHS, Photo, Parliament, Class, Rep, Bronze-Silver pins, College STERNBERG, ROBERT Buckman, Elect. , USN STEVEN, JERRY , Kennedy, Aviation, Work STEWARD, LARRY Faubion, Arch. Drwng, College STEWART, RONALD G. Highland, Bldg. Const. , Fre're, Minute Man, no plans. SUNSERI, FRANK St, Philip Neri, Voc. Elect. , SURS, College SWANBERG, JIM St. Andrew, Bldg., Const, College SYMONS, KERRY A. Hayhurst, Machine, Plastics, Red - Cross Mix. Crps. , Service TAYLOR, DAN C. Laurelhurst, Aviation, Research THOMAS , BOB Woodstock, Aviation, Aerospace, NHS, Soccer, Senator, Parliament, Bronze-silver-gold pins, Boys State, College THOMAS, TERRY Queen of Peace, Machine, Work TOBKIN, MARK W St. Francis, Printing, no plans TOKSTAD, DENNIS Beach, Radio-Elect., NJHS, NHS, Minuteman, Craftsman of year 68-69, sheetmetal, Craftsman of year, 69-70, Radio-Elect., Bronze, Silver, Gold pins, College TOMS , KEVIN Sunnyside, Elect. , Optimist, College TOROK, MARK W. Markham, Elect , College TOTTEN, RAY JAMES Jason, Lee, Machine, Demoloay, College TURNER, ERNEST Sellwood, Elect., Chess, College TUTEN , BILL Senior Activities Sabin , Machine , C olle ge TWISS , GERRY Q Hayhurst, Automotive, Key, College TJADEN, RON Brooklyn, Metal Fab, Orange B. , Bronze pin, Wrestling 2, Cross Coun- try 1, College UNDERI-HLL, JOI-IN Holy Redeemer, Bldg. Const. , Key, OB, Surs, Rubgy, Football-2-3-4, Baseball and Track 1-2-3-4, Gym- nastics, FB Captain 2-4, MVP 2, Most Inspirational, College VAUGHN , EDWARD Maplewood, Bldg. Const. , Bible College VELEY, ROBERT Marysville, Metal Fab. , Orange B. , Honor Roll, Service WACHTER, STEVE Rigler, Automotive, Band, College WADDELL, DIGGER Beatunont, Automotive, Marriage WALKER, JONATHAN Simon, printing, Bronze, pin, College WALLACE, PAUL Rose City, Machine-sheet metal, Pres. Q1J,' College WALLIN, RAY Sabin, Radio-Elect. , College WARD, PERRY Jason Lee, Pattern, Optimist, Col- lege GATLIN, WALTER Boise, Elect. , College WALTER, KARL Arleta, Printing, no plans WASH, DAVID L. Sabin, Machine, Aerospace fPresJ, VICA, Work WATERMAN, DON R. Chapman, Automotive, College WELCH, RANDY s. Holbrook, Automotive, College WENDLICK, PAUL D. ' Beach, Automotive, no plans WELLS , DEAN R. Sunnyside, Radio-Elect. College WELLS, srtvt Jason Lee, Elect. , MJI-IS, NHS, College l64 WHITE, DOUG Richmond, Elect. Key, Orange B. , College WILDER, ED. James Johm, Automotive, College WILI-IEIM, GERRY Sabin, Automotive, USN WILKINS, CI-IAS. Holliday, Elect. , Photo, College WILLIS , GLENN Peninsula, Bldg. Const. , College WILSON, JERRY Grout, Bldg. Const. , no plans WILWERS , CRAIG St. Chas. , Metal Fab-Machine, IRL Service WISECUP, ERNIE Whitman, Machine USN WOOD , JOHN Irvington, Metal Fab. , College WOODS, STEPHEN R. ' Abernethy, Plastics, Glee, Ecology, Work WOOLCOCK, CHRIS Jason Lee, Automotive, College WROBLUSKY, GERALD Vernon, Automotive, Work WONG, CHAS. Abernethy, Radio-Elect. , Scientech, Honor Roll, College WONG, FREDERICK B. Laurelhurst, Mech, Drwng. , KEY, IRL, Tennis, Wrestling, Rugby, Soccer, College YOST, STEVE Grout, Machine, Work YOUMANS, BRUCE Brooklyn, Autom otive , C olle ge YUNG, JIM Kenton, Elect. , no plans YUN, SUNNY H. Abernethy, Architecture, College

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