Benson Polytechnic High School - BluePrint Yearbook (Portland, OR)

 - Class of 1970

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Benson Polytechnic High School - BluePrint Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 130 of 260
Page 130 of 260

Benson Polytechnic High School - BluePrint Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 129
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Page 130 text:

INGEBRETSON, ERIK L. Ockley Green, Aviation, College IRBY, EDWARD V. Mobile, Ala. , Automotive, Football, College JACKSON, JERRY L. Highland, Automotive, Fre're fPres.J, Football, Wrestling, Blueprint, Col- lege JACOBY, RICK Woodstock, Automotive, Optimist QPres.J, College JASPER, GREG P. St. Stephens, Metal Fab. , Bronze Pin, Apprentice School JAUKEN, RICK Harvey Scott, Automotive, Service JESSUP, REX E. Kenton, Automotive, Work JOHNSON, ORIN E. Highland, Foundry, Football, College JOHNSON, PAUL W. Kenton, Graphic Arts, Work JOHNSON, STEVE J. Whitman, Bldg. Const., Krishna, Col- lege JONES, MARTIN L. Mech. Drawing, Camera, Beaver Boys' State, Class Treas., College JONES, TERRY M. M. Lewis, Body and Fender, Orange B. , Varsity Tr. Mgr. , Class Rep. , College JORGENSON, JOHN M. Portsmouth, Radio, Track, Camera, College JUSTICE, JIM F. O,P. Lent, Rad. -Elect., Optimist, Allegro, Cross Country, Wrestling, Rally King, College KAMM, GLENN J. Glencoe, Electronics, Craftsman of year, Minute man, No Plans KIPP, KENNETH W. Stmnyside, Architecture, Optimist, Class Rep., Football, Baseball, Wres- tling, Gymnastics, College KITZMAN, LEON R. Trinity Lutheran, Foundry, College LINSTROM, LOWELL K. James John, Graphic Arts, Glee Club, Work LIU, DOUG L. Buclcman, Aviation, NJHS, NHS, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, Col- lege LLOYD, KEN T. Irvington, Sheet Metal, Work LOBERG, DEAN M. Llewellyn, Automotive, College LOCK, JEFFREY K. Atkinson, Radio, Class Rep., Youth Adv. Council, PTA Rep. , OEO Youth Council, IRL, College LOVATT, BILL E. Harvey Scott, Architecture, Orange B., Football, Beaver Boys State, Bronze and Silver Awards, College LOWRY, PAUL D. Holy Redeemer, Automotive, Football, Track, Work LUNDEEN, MICHAEL R. D.A. Grout, Automotive, Work LYON, RANDY V. Chief Joseph, Mech. Drawing, College MAHR, PETER K. Harvey Scott, Machine, Craftsman of year, Eagle Scout, Prof. Enginners of Oregon Award, Mold-Maker apprentice four year scholarship. MARSHALL, PATRICK M. Parkway, Automotive, Work MARTELL, JACK W. Hosford, Radio Engineering, Security, College MARTIN, WM. J. James John, Electronics, Radio, Service MASON, JAMES A. Vernon, Print, Orange B., Track, Cross Country, College MASIN, TREVOL JR. Highland, Automotive, Be Happy MATTILA, EINARD W. Peninsula, Bldg. Const. , Apprentice School MAYES, CURTIS R. West Sylvan, Automotive, Fre're, Orange B. , FB fHon. Ment. All Cityj, BB, Track, College MAYS, RANDY E. Whitaker, Automotive, No Plans MCCAULEY, DAMON S. Gregory Hts. , Rad. -Elect. , Key, IRL, Red Cross, Swi.mming, College MCCOY, DAVID P. WHCS, Radio-Elect. , Orange B., Foot- ball, Class Rep. , College MCKEE, RONALD J. Woodstock, Graphic Arts, G. Arts Shop Foreman, Apprentice School MELAND, JOHN M. Beaumont, Electronics, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, College. MEYER, DAVID C. St. Stephens, Print, Orange B., Optimist fPresJ, Football, Blueprint fEditorJ, Wrestling, College MICI-IELS, VINCE H. Sabin, Automotive, College MILLER, LOUIS C. Faubion, Elecnric, Orange B., Fireman, R.C. Mtv. Corps fPresJ, Track, Football, College MILLER, MICHAEL H. Holy Redeemer, Graphic Arts, Swim- ming, College MILLER, ROGER C. Arleta, Architecture, NI-IS, Scientech, BIL, Guitar, NJHS, Class Pres., S. Body Treas., Class Rep. , Boys State, Student Gov. Conf. , Honor Roll 4 yrs. , Track, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, College MILLER, THOMAS D. Beaumont, Bldg. Const., Apprentice School MINNIS, GREG I. Holladay, Bldg. Const., College MITCHELL, ROBERT R. Sunnyside, Electronics, Work MONGUE, CHAS. R. Faubion, Automotive, College MORAVICS, WM. J. Portsmouth, Mech. Drawing, College MORGAN, ROY D. Wasco, Wn., Radio, Am. Red Cross, USAF MORIARITY, DENNIS E. Ascension, Electronics, Minuteman, Fireman, College MORRIS, THOMAS E. Highland, Bldg. Const., Service MROZ, NORMAN L. Alameda, Arch. Drawing, Tech Pep fEditorJ, Navy MUNSON, ALFRED C. Laurelhurst, Rad. -Elect., Key, Honor Roll, U.S. Bank Scholarship, College MURNIGI-IAN, PAUL D. Clinton Kelly, Arch. Drawing, Red Cross, Chess, Camera, College MUSTONEN, GREG A. Chief Joseph, Automotive, College NAGLE, MICHAEL A. Beach, lndust. Elect. , Archery, Soccer fPresJ, College NAIR, JIM V. Joseph Lane, Graphic Arts, College NEELY, MICHAEL C. Robert Gray, Radio Key, Orange B. , Golf, Mgr, FB, Class Rep., College NELSON, MITCH A. Ockley Green, Architecture, Tennis, College

Page 129 text:

GONZALEZ, JOE E. Corpus Christi, Tex. , Jr. H. S. Arch. , Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, Col- lege GRAHAM, GLEN R. O.P. Lent, Sheet Metal, Frosh Cross Country, College GRAY, NATHAN R. Sellwood, Machine, Bowling Club, Silver Award, College GRECO, RICHARD J. Sacred Heart, Elect., Kaybips, KBPS, Pres. , College GREENFIELD, JAMES A. Richmond, Electronics, Orange B. , BIL, IRL, NJHS, NHS, PTA Rep. , Class Pres. , Class Rep. , Craftsman of Year 1, Slide Rule Champ, NMSQT Finalist, College HALEY, RUSSELL H. Sellwood, Architecture, Optimist, College HALL, MICHAEL T. Hosford, Architecture, College HAMILTON, ARTHUR G. Mt. Tabor, Radio-Elect., None HAMLIN, MARK S. Abernethy, Architecture, Chess, JNHS, College I-IARTLEY, SCOTT T. Robert Gray, Machine, Craftsman Award-Drafting, None HAUS, STEVE A. Mt. Tabor, Arch. Drawing, Glee Club, Blue "B", Work - College HEINE, KENNETH A. Astor, Radio, College HEINEMANN, STEVE R. Woodstock, Indust. Elect. , Fire Squad, Work HEITZ, GARY St. Ignatius, Aviation, Engineering, Minuteman, Track, Football, College HENDERSON , GREGORY M. Brooklyn, Automotive, Fre're, Football, Track, All City FB, College HENNESSEY, MICHAEL F. St. Charles, Arch. -Drawing, Optimist, Orange B, Key, fPres.J, Football, Basketball, Baseball, College KELLEY, JAMES P. Beach, Printing, Ministry KEMI, ANDREW C. Rose City, Bldg. Const. , No Plans KINMAN, ARNOLD Marysville, Automotive, College KINNAMAN, MIKE L. Beach, Automotive, Work KLOECK, LOUIS A. ANIF Exchange Student, Belgium, IRL, Guitar, College KLUGE, E. AIAN Portsmouth, Elect. -Eng. , Pep and Sr. Bands, Band Sgt. , College Treas. , Silver Award, KLOTZER, CI-IAS. P. Portsmouth, Machine, Band, Navy KNOLL, VINCENT C. Alameda, Bldg. Const., Navy KNOPP, KEN L. Thompson, Aviation, USAF KOEHMSTEDT, RON Holy Cross, Automotive, No Plans KOEHLER, LOREN M. Arleta, Ind. Elect., Glee, Guitar, College KRIEGER, MARK W. Maplewood, Radio-Elect. , Glee, Col- lege KUNZ, GARY M. Hosford, Radio Eng. , Swimming, Col- lege KUPPLER, JOHN W. Brooklyn, Automotive, Band, College KUUST, RONALD R. Portsmouth, Machine, Apprenticeship School LAMARSI-I, GARLAND O. Ockley Green, Bldg. Const. , No Plans LANGDON, ROGER A. Unknown, Electronics, Service LARKINS, JIM F. West Sylvan, Architecture, Orange B. , Soccer, Golf, College LASZLO, THOMAS F. Glenhaven, Electronics, No Plans LAVALLEY, STEVE L. Kennedy, Radio, Radio Club, Red Cross Mtr. Corps, Track, Service LAWRENCE, MARK W. Rigler, Architecture, Gymnastics, College LEAVELL, TIMOTHY J. Gila Vista, Radio, JNI-IS, NHS, Orange B., Band, Glee, FB, Bb, BB, Machinist of Year, Bronze, Silver and Gold Pins, Class Rep. , College LEE, JACK W. Hosford, Aviation, Scientech, Eng. Exp., NJHS, NHS, Key, Chess, IRL, Orange B. , Aero Space, S. Council, Exec. Council, Tennis, Minuteman, Ath. Comm. , House of Reps., Player of week ftemmisj, Citizen of week, Boys State Host: Frosh Career Day and ColQ lege Visitors, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, College 'LEE, WM. Y. Woodlawn, lndust.-Elect., Camera QSec. -Treas.J, No Plans LEESE, RONALD J. Faubion, Electronics, Band, Wrestling, College LEHMANN, ROSS J. Kenndey, Sheet Metal, Cra ftsmanship award, College LEMONE, ROBERT D. Llewellyn, Pattern, College Q LESZAR, KELLY J. Sitton, Machine, Apprentice School LIMBRICK, LEON A. JR. Wilson, Photography, USAF LIPPERT, NORMAN L. Glencoe, Architecture, Chess, Golf, Honor Roll, Gold Pin, College HENSON, E. LEE Kellogg, Electric, Apprentice School HERWICK, MARK W. Peninsula, Graphic Arts, YFC, Clean- up, College HIGGINS, CORI J. Chapman, Architecture, Canada HIGGINS, DALE A. St. Rose, Radio-Elect., Red Cross Mtr. Corps fPres.J, College HILL, HAL J. Jim Bridger, Rad. -Elect. , Scientech, Kaybips, SB Rep. , NJHS, NHS, Debate Bronze, Silver and Gold Scholarship pins, College HODGES, JAMES H. Astor, Graphic Arts, Orange B, Civil Air Pat. , Cross Country, Eagle Scout, Class Rep. , College HOHNSTEIN, H. KENNETH Unknown, Service HOLCOMB, DAVID J. St. Charles, Aviation, Engineering, IRL, Honor Roll, College HOLZWARTH, PATRICK L. Fernwood, Radio-Elect. , No Plans HOWELL, TIM C. Wm. Clark, Machine, College HRYCIW, MARK V. Lewis, Metal Fab. , Wrestling, Service IKEDA, KANETAKA Couch, Architecture, Scientech, NJHS, Wrestling, NHS, Bronze, Silver, Gold Awards, College .

Page 131 text:

NOAKES, STACY L. Llewellyn Machine, College NOBLE, WM. J. Peninsula, Engineering, Fre're, Silver Award, College NOLDE, ROBERT J. St. Ignatius, Graphic Arts, Orange B. , Football, Wrestling, Class Rep., Min- uteman, College NOMIE, JOHN A. Joseph Kellogg, Bldg. Const. Ministry NORDAH1, MICHAEL H. Beach, Radio-Elect., Navy NOVAK, PAT O. Sitton, Machine, Orange B., Track, Work NYSTUL, STAN D. Portsmouth, Arch, Drawing., Key, Orange B., Camera, Football, College OLIVER, GARY D. Buckman, Aviation, Bronze Award, No Plans OLSEN, BRIAN J. Woodmere, Bldg. Const., Glee, Track, College OLSON, PAUL E. Duniway, Radio-Elect. , FB Mgr. , Class Rep. Craftsman Award, Minute- man, College OLSON, WAYNE Alameda, Arch. Drawing, Engineers, Wrestling, Bronze and Silver Awards, College OUCHIDA, GLEN A. Chief Joseph, Radio-Elect. , Orange B. , Wrestling, Host, Frosh Career Day, College OWENS, CIARK Holladay, Indust. Elect., Fre're, Foot- ball, Track, Honor Roll, College PALMER, EDWARD A. Kenton, No Plans PALUCK, JACK G. I-Iosford, Automotive, Key, Football, Basketball, Baseball, College PARKER, MARK A. St. Francis, Machine, Work PEAR, JEFFERY P. Madeleine, Machine, Orange B. , Cross Country, College PECK, CLIFFORD P. Beach, Voc. Elect., NJHS, Wrestling, Work PERSIJN, REGINALD C. Maplewood, Machine, College PIEPER, DONALD W. Collinsview, Voc. -Elect. , No Plans PIERCE, DOUGLAS C. Woodstock, Mech. Drawing, Key fPres. J, Orange B. , Basketball, Base- ball, Rally, College PIRO, JAMES J. St. Rose, Architecture, Orange B., NHS, Golf, Basketball, Frosh Senate, JV Rally, Class Rep. , College PITTS, ROBERT W. Brooklyn, Machine, Work PFALTZGRAFF, JAMES R. Rose City, Pattern, NJHS, NHS, B.l.L., Chess, Ambassadors, Engineers, Explorers, Music letter, Bronze, Silver, Gold Awards, College POMEROY, BLAIR C. Woodstock, Arch. Drawing, Orange B. , Optimist QV-P. J, Blueprint fliditorj, Track, Football, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Rally, At. Council, S. Bdy. QV-PJ, College PORTWOOD, GEORGE L. Woodlawn, Electronics, No Plans PUTNAM, WM. E. Woodstock, Aviation, College PRIEST, ROGER Lane, Bldg. Const., Bowling, Work PRODEI-IL, GARY J. Fernwood, Metal Fab. , No Plans PULS, GREGORY A. Rose City, Pattern, Glee, College RASMUSSEN, THOMAS C. Sellwood, Automotive, Navy RAYCRAFT, BILL G. Sabin, Radio-Elect. , No Plans REGISTER, STEVE A. Alameda, Pattern, Work REINIGER, LOTHAR K. Ockley Green, Automotive, NHS, Soccer, Bronze, Silver, Gold Awards, College RILEY, JOHN C. Sellwood, Automotive, Work ROBERTS, JOI-IN E. Sunnyside, Radio-Elect., Baseball, College ROBERTS, RANDY D. Vernon, Bldg. Const., Surs, College ROBERTSON, RICHARD S. Hosford, Foundry, No Plans ROBINSON, GREGORY D. Mt. Tabor, Aviation, NJI-IS. College ROCHAT, GEORGE L. Woodlawn, Radio, Gymnastics fCapt.J, College ROBISON, DONALD J. St. Ignatius, Electronics, College RONZHEIMER, CARL E. Joseph Lane, Chemistry, IRL, Stud. Council, NJHS, NHS, Speaker, Student Parliament, NMS Finalist, College ROSE, GORDON M. Robert Gray, Automotive, Work ROSS, STEVE W. Jim Bridger, Aviation, Band, Pep Band, BIL, Track, NMS Commendation, Col- lege RUSSELL, WALTER J. Astor, Machine, No Plans SANDVIG, MIKE O. Highland Park, Automotive, Service SCHINDLER, PAUL E. Beaumont, Electronics, Kaybips, Orange B. , BIL, Wrestling, Class VP, Sb Treas, Sb VP, Senator, NJHS, NHS, KBPS Station Chief, Finalist, State Radio Commentary, College SCHMIDT, VICTOR Mt. Tabor, Voc. Elect., Work SCHNEIDER, JOHN A. St. Peters, Metal Fab., Work SCI-INOOR, DALE L. Wm. Clark, Aviation, JV Football, Navy SCHORR, KARL O. Woodlawn, Aviation, Cross Country, Service SCHUELEIN, DVVIGHT R. Portsmouth, Bldg. Const., Glee, Pres. Band, Pep Band, Minuteman, College SCHULTHEIS, ROBERT D. Kennedy, Automotive, College SCOTT, CRAIG P. Wm. Clark, Bldg. Const., Work SILVA, SCOTT D. Fernwood, Body and Fender, College SKACH, ARTHUR R. St. Francis of Assissi, Electronics, Glee, Chess, BIL, NJHS, NHS, Honor Roll Q4 yrs.J, College SCHMIDT, RONALD A. Rose City, Mech. Drawing, Class Rep., College SECKELS, RONALD JAY Unknown, Art, No Plans SEIVERS, JEFFERY A. James John, Radio-Elect, Cross Country, College SHACKLETON, STEVE R. Sitton, Electronics, College SHIPMAN, STEVE R. Arleta, Architecture, Baseball, Basket- ball, College

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