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JAHR 1986 VOLUME Published by the Annual Class of Ben Wl olb Junior High School Rialto, Calilbrhia , Teachers Led The Way Another year brought more students to Kolb. As our area continues to attract more people, our school con- tinues to grow. At least the student body grows — the buildings remain the same size. Kolb continues to offer students a variety of experiences in the classroom and out. 1. Mr. McCafferty smiles smugly knowing how many days it is until he won ' t have to worry about scheduling anything except a fishing trip. 2. Casual conversation was the order after lunch. 3. Mr. Benedickt watched over class working on an assignment. 4. Band drum section performing during the football volleyball pep rally. 5. Brendan Ramos led the band in marching practice. 6. Mrs. Greeley and Mrs. Freeman appeared skeptical as they noticed our photogra- pher. 7. Mr. Stanley relaxed for this picture. Attention Paid Off Cougars loved to show their spirit at pep rallies, parades, and athletic games. Part of our enjoyment come from getting out of class. Our teachers showed their involvement by urging us on both in class and in the competitions outside of class. 1. The first pep rally was well organized and the 8th graders won the spirit con petition. 2. Mr. Petrie carefully cut this piece of wood. 3. Mr. VanHorn assisted Brian McWhorter. 4. Mrs. Cereceres seemed " happy in her work " . 5. Miss Starbuck helps a student in the county program. 6. Mr. Richards watched to help a student avoid " syntax error " . 7. Jennifer Fewell offered herself as a target in the school carnival. 8. Cheerleaders and mascots helped us out. p n I Cougars Performed m Practicing routines, practicing classroom skills, practicing to be better citizens, and all of the rest added variety to our school days. We were pleased to make the attempts and sometimes a bit sad when we fell short of the goals we had set. 1. Sofia Perez dived to return the ball. 2. Brendan checked to be certain the lines were straight. 3. Mrs. Crider checked records with a computer. 4. Office practice students help us check in and out. 5. P.E. began with exercises. 6. It ' s hard to bite an apple on a string with your eyes covered. 7. Part of the drill team saluted the crowd. 8. Mr. Yeandle asked, " Are you sure? " 9. Mrs. Hite watched to see that we were all playing by the rules. Involvement Varied U- KOLB Class competition encouraged many students to participate in the many activities offered at Kolb. 1. Brian Miller directing a student council meeting. 2. Mr. Bene- dickt and Mr. Cook watched as the Cougars rolled toward the goal line. 3. Mr. Cook seemed amused at this phone conversa- tion. 4. Students participating at the Halloween Carnival. 5. Stu- dents participated in an " eating " contest at lunch. 6. Mrs. Cobb worked with students individually. 7. Mr. Patteson considered an answer. 8. Cheerleaders led us at the football pep rally. 9. Assemblyman Gerald Eaves accepts an honorary Kolb ASB membership from Brian Miller. 10. Yet another view of the football pep rally. Our Spirit Sliowed 1. Ms. Vander Kamp (PVK3) directing a question to her class. 2. Some seventh graders at their first pep rally at Kolb. 3. Students were not as hurried after school. 4. Mr. Rutmayer listened as a student posed a question. 5. Some of the guys getting ready for another day of school. 6. Mr. McClure questions a student who has been sent to the office. 7. Home-Ec classes invited guests in for Apple Crisp dessert. 8. Mr. Stanley ' s class saying the Pledge of Allegiance before class begins. 9. Judging from the clothing, it must have been a game day. 10 Maintaining a C average in order to participate in an extra-curricular activities meant that those who did had to keep their noses to the grindstone in class as well. We thought it tough to have a rule such as this, but did not complain too bitterly. IT Spirit Soared !BM« d 9NC " m 12 1. Mr. Malterud explained another law of physics. 2. Students in Mr. Vallentine ' s class followed as Bambi Paul read aloud. 3. One of Mr. Stanley ' s students appeared to be using a " hand telescope " . 4. Mr. Sanderson chided students to throw accurately enough to dunk him into the tank. 5. Denise Keys took notes in Spanish class. 6. Ebbie Reyes set the ball in one of the games. 7. " Who is that clown? " 8. There goes the ball over the net again. 9. Missy Redden sat for her mug shot for the annual. 10. Banners displayed class spirit at pep rallies. 13 We Presevered ;s i We had a different beginning to our school year in the 1985-86 school year. The weather was actually cool. There was so much changeability in the weather, it was hard to dress appropriately. Sonne of us dressed for the cool mornings and others were dressed for the warm after- noons. 14 1. " Are you here again? " asked Mr. Cook. 2. We didn ' t really look all that tough. 3. Mrs. Bassler questioned Nichole Garibay in her social studies. 4. Football coach Mr. Angel introduced his assistant, Mr. Sanderson at the football volleyball peprally. 5. Mrs. VVyand seemed to be having trouble with the projector. 6. Ebby Reyes digs for the ball. 7. Students in Mr. Vallentine ' s 1st period class said the Pledge of Allegiance. 8. Natalie Angle concentrated on her marching. 15 Busy, Busy, Busy Those of us who participated in the extras, whether through class competi- tion activities, lunch activities, clubs, or team sports found our lives were more complete. Rewards in the form of field trips or special assemblies gave us op- portunities we might not otherwise have had. 1. Dan Ortiz gets set up for his mug shot. 2. Bren- dan Ramos said a prayer that he would not get dunked again. 3. The ball sails by a Kolb defender. 16 I o Office Practice Library Aides NeviTspaper H Yearbooli Band Drill Team Tall Flags Letter K t Leadership Student Council Chorus O n s 1 17 " J Office Helpers } 18 Library During this school year, the library and office helpers have been a great help. They helped bring equipment to and from classes and the A-V room, and to give out notes and call slips to teachers and students. They also kept records and placed books back on the shelves. 1. Tony Dorsey, Sheri Clevenger, Kim Jacobs 2. Lilia Nevarez, Stephanie Edwards, Gina Faiello, Christa Gos- sage 3. Janell Sheffler, Anna Aldridge, Sandy Redwine, Chris Krueger 4. Valarie Borrero, Shelly Fish, Latasha Davis, Lisa Snyder, Sheri Leeper 5. Chrysta Byrd, Michael Emmershy, Connie Borrero, John Gates 6. Vassie Alevras, Chuckie Leger 7. Back Row: Lashawna Jackson, Tracy Howard, Ryan Baldwin, Malissha Layland, Brandie McGinnis, Lance Kienzle Front Row: Jennifer Ross, Keri Condon, Barbara Anderson, Carrie Little, Debbie Bergeron, Hazel Constantino, Robbie Shirley, Carey Miller. 8. Sixth period library students checking schedules for overdues and checking out books. 19 Drilled To Victory ifmst mf. 1. Listed from left to right First row: Kim Jacobs, Staci Richards, Marlene Zavala, Shelly Jones, Leila ElFattal, Cheri Hughes, Paula Clarkson, Heather Gallagher, Tammy Mahaffey, Jennifer Hearon, Karen Oates, Ann-Margaret Tovar. Sec- ond row: Denise Flores, Denna Vincent, Cindy Seeman, Tammy Becker, Cathy Alevras, Janeth Perea, Connie Borrero, Juli Bennett, Jenny McBride, and Me- linda Jeffries. 2. The drill team performing at their first Pep rally. 3. The co-captains: Jenny McBride and Melinda Jeffries. This Year ' s drill team practiced hard in order to be the best. They placed first place ir the Black History and Rialto Jaycee ' s parades. Although, many of the girls complained about the hours of practice, it didn ' t stop them from being the best. 20 Our Voices Soared This year we got a new director for our chorus. Mr. Luna came from the high school one period a day. We finally got some boys to sign up for chorus which helped in practice. Grades continued to present a problem for performances however. Mr. Luna really did a good job of preparing the students for performances. 1. 4th row, Nicole Bigges, Miasha Lee, Latasha Murphy, Monica Rodri- ques, Elizabeth Lord, Christy McCarthy, Delicia White. 3rd row, Ife Morris, Barbara Lee, Valerie Blood, Tyanna Morris, Tonya Garcia, Alex- andra Olvera, Missy UpDike, Robin Peele 2nd row, Lia Harrison, Al- mira Diaz, Kelley Amescua, Cindy Seaman, Tonya Dorsh, Sandy Spivey, Nicole Carr, Kathy Hill 1st row, Kelly Lord, Michael Purtle, Demar Mac, Donyell Collins, Lucas Marron, Jeffery Crawford. NOT PICTURED- Bodyie Johnson, Virginia Baird, Joey Lucano, Jennifer Fewell, Lori Cox, Danisha Richardson, Renee Reese, Monica Copel. 2. This year ' s chorus teacher Mr. Luna 21 Extra! Extra! Read All About It! 1. back row: Greg Warner, Jason Sparkman row three: Jimmy Wil- son, Mike Harbauer, Laurie Bouchard, Jenifer McBride, Jenifer Cox, Tara Hjorten second row: Daron Koch, Kathy Myers first row: Shanda Gibbons, Tammy Barnes 2. The students are working very hard on the newspaper. 3. The staff uses the computers for the paper. 4. The staff is making last minute decisions on the paper. The Kaleidoscope staff brought the school the news. Mrs. Lantz and Mrs. Coulson were the advisors for first and second semesters respectively. The staff once again brought home most of the awards given in the journalism contest at Eisenhower High School. It Wasn ' t Easy Producing the school year- book is a task that seems easy from the outside. Not having any idea of the difficulties in getting pictures taken and hav- ing things come out the way they are supposed to makes it easy to criticize. " Walk a mile in our shoes. " 1. back row, David Cox, Shana Moya, Suzanne McKee. Shannon Cliff, Kim Clark, Jason Cox, Christina Pauley, Jennifer Betcher, Frankie Barnard, Missy Redden, Chris Wright. 2. Missy and Kin wonder whether this picture is going to be used. 3. Suzanne checks proof sheets for pos- sible pictures. r 23 Flags Tall And Mighty 1 r This years Tall Flags were an auxiliary group that ac- companied the band in pa- rades and competitions. Al- though it may have looked easy, it most definitely wasn ' t. The many long hours it took showed in their skill- full routines making all of us proud to be Cougars. 1. Back row-Christina Smith, Stacy Toelle, Jennifer Fuel, Candy Hunt- er. Front row-Dyanna Mounts, Stacy Hambly, Theresa Love. Not present, Cclina Gaskin. 2. Tall Flags marching in the Eisen- hower Homecoming parade. 3. Christina Smith. 4. Candy Hunter. 24 Band Stepped Out! r 1. Listed from left to right First row: Danny Ortiz, Rashid ElFattal, Natalie Hamner, Sam Toailoa, Jay Moon Lee, Robert Gilbert, Chris Wessman, David Lowman, Natalie Angle, Mike Hansen, Rachel Morales, Robert Ben- nion, Danin Manny, Etanisla Lopez-Ortiz, Deshaun Young. Second row: Delicia White, Carolyn Shimmel, Veronica Hackethal, Emi- ly Morse, Wendee Hagen, Greg Carter, Shana Moya, Eddie Martinez, Jackie Dor- ance, Brian McQuarter, Brandy Fairchild, Sky Hampton, Brenda Veliz. Third row: De- Mont Jennings, (Drum Major Brendan Ra- mos,) Nikki Straham, Denise Garcia, Craig Conner, Alicia Gates, Tammy Bolduc, Beth Honaker, Stephanie Loupe, Sandra Corbin, Julie Pulman, Marcy McCellan, Kristin Gar- cia. Fourth row: Carol Angle, Shonda Gibb- son, Bremman Paul, Dan Zatto, and Rico Robles. 2. Brendan Ramos at the Band ' s first parade of the year. 3. The Band Director - Mrs. McCellan. The marching band once again par- ticipated in competition parades. We were well represented in those pa- rades. The Band brought back many first place trophies. The hours of prac- tice and marching were not always en- joyable, but hearing the applause at concerts and bringing home trophies from parades made it all worth while. 25 Leadership Led The Way The leadership class planned many ac- tivities through the year. Mrs. Lantz took over as advisor. The students donated lots of time and energy after school in planning the events that would make our school year the best. ,H K|MH| _ Wv i- 1. Back row: Manny Hernandez, Joe Willardson, Brian Miller, Candy Hunter, Carrie Mayse, Michelle Lewis, and Carol Angle. 2. The leadership class preparing campaign bulletin. 3. Joe Willardson typing in our activities for the year. 26 student Council Student council representa- tives represented the students views and opinions. They also kept students informed of certain events. 1. Ninth grade, back row, Jimmy Wilson, Janella Gordon, Chris Cobb, Emmett Cromwell, Kurt Warren, Scott Richardson, Donny Rentz, Saif Hamidi, Brendan Ra- mos, Stacy Hambly, Kristy Fodrey, Jennifer Cox, Carol Angle, Victo- ria Ross, Denise Keyes, Laurie Bouchard, and LeAnn Post. 2. Eighth grade, back row, Jennifer Hearon, Marcus Piazza, Arnika Brooks, Ericka Alton, Rachael Harper, Heather Wallace, Jeanette Burke, Cindy Wellings, Carrie Lit- tle, Pheneshia Phillips, Gilbert Ra- mos, Adrian Cain, and Shannon Gilmore. 3. Seventh grade, back row, Rosa Garcia, April Shoulders, Melissa Grim, Valarie Blood, Tiyawna Morris, Noelle Wocrtink, Marrina Gonzales, Gina Mariscal, and Gary Rorie. 27 Letter K 28 This past year those who made the Letter K club got rewarded by going on field trips and going to assemblies. They went to the planetorium at Valley College, the CBS studios, and saw a magician perform. 1. Letter K club on a field trip. 2. Those who were on Letter K for one year received an award. 3. Letter K students at the park. 4. Letter K students playing on the swings at Lilac Park. 5. Students playing Football. 6. Students enjoying the slide. 7. After getting off the bus students pose for a picture. 29 Miscellany 30 Autographs Please use this space to get the autographs of people on the facing page. 31 Go Cougars! 1. Left to right, Jenna Larson, Christi Fodrey, April Swaim, Cougar Mascot, Kim Clark, Laurie Bouchard, Joeli Crouch, Elizabeth Moran, and Trisha Harris. 2. Leading a cheer at a pep rally. 3. Doing a routine. ' -ft t , % f- ff j|fiTljf f wis« r mmmmmm ' im 32 Assemblies Skating Parties Dress-up Days Lunch Activities Field Trips t 1 V t i 33 ■ ' iii-W, ' ■jnm jf.:..-. ' 34 Playing The Game One of the assemblies we had this year was presented by Mr. John Alston. The title of his presentation was " Playing The Game " . He emphasized how important it was to " play the school game " . By using stories of his life and stereotypes he made us realize how lucky we really are. Part of his message was also that ' we don ' t know how long we will be here " . From this we were supposed to understand that since we have no guarantee as to the length of our lives, we should always try to do our best and to do it pleasantly, " because it ' s easy to act like a jerk. " 1. Jay introduces himself. 2. Mr. Alston explained the importance of school. 3. Hey, Marcus, what ' s happenin ' . 4. Students show their amusement. 5. Many students agreed with Mr. Alston ' s comments. 35 Dance Remembered k 36 1. Angie talks to her friends as the night goes on. 2. Joe listens as Brian, Manny, and Jimmy talk about the vacation coming up. 3. Missy listens impatiently as they announce the winners. 4. Joe handed out flowers to each of the contestants. 5. Huh, what did you say? ' 6. Students visit during the coronation. 7. Barbara is very excited about winning the Title. 8. Eddie was announced King and was very happy. 9. Some of the couples dance. 10. They announced the 7th grade Princess. Each year Kolb students look forward to the Christmas Dance. Many of them say it ' s the best dance of the year. This dance was well attended, and as usual, started and ended some romances. 37 We Rolled On Each year many of Kolb students attend the skating parties. Most stu- dents say that they enjoy skating couples the most. When a good video comes on all the students race to see it. 1. Sophia and Raymond having a good time. 2. Nicole and Elicia turn in circles. 3. Kirsten and Laurie learning how to skate. 4. Jimmy Wilson falling head over heels for his dream girl. 5. Does Missy ' s hand taste good, Jimmy? 6. Go Brian! 7. Mrs. Wyand and her grandaughter try to skate. 8. Laurie you can do it! 9. Students skate during the race. 10. OOH!! Someone is throwin loks. 38 Autographs %i, )»0 %li •♦ ii, i »V 40 Autographs ♦ i i si ' %»v •♦• sif 41 Rewarding Experimentsi r i i tf 42 1 IS AU. WWOW 1. Gene Love won 9th grade over all winner. 2. Mr. Richards gave Monique a hug when she was awarded over-all winner of the science fair. 3. Matt Klemm won 8th grade over-all winner. 4. Monique Mascetti won over all winner of the Science Fair. 5. Lisa Martin won 7th grade over all winner. 6. The winners of the Science Fair. 7. Some of the experiments entered in the Science Fair. 8. Some students looked at the experiments before they were judged. 9. Parents and friends view the projects. Each year the school holds a Science Fair. Students are sup- posed to do their own projects at home. They may use teachers as resources, but the project ideas are supposed to be their own. It appears that some of the best projects are those that are ap- proached at a different angle from those in the past. 43 Halloween 44 Each year as activities, the ASB sponsors dress-up days. One of the most popular of these is for Halloween. Some of the students spend a great deal of time and thought before they finally decide what to wear. It seems that nearly everyone wants to be something other than they are. 45 46 Autographs 48 Autographs 49 Football Voll eyball Boys ' Basketball Girls ' Basketball Boys ' Track Girls ' Track Coaches Back Up 10 And Punt! 1. The football team being introduced at the Pep Rally. 2. the Cougars con- gratulate teammates on a good play. 3. " I ' m going for a touchdown! " 4. " Oops! I Slipped. " 5. " I was almost to the goal line. " 6. " We ' ve got to get back into this game. " 7. " 24, 36, hike. " 52 ■ H f A ■■ ■ WUHM 1 H P a HiBi 1 ■IL [8 V i.J ' ' ■:- V BV 1 It P -«fc Kl ■ ' 1 w r IF il 1 ll • R ] |B va 1 1 i. iii 1 1 1 t 4H 1 H 1 ■1 f i.r ' d ' a i . ' f- ■::rsiir 5ii «- ■iBW ' s " " J=. " IC. .•,«W„- -£J- -■a :.- - i- ■ -■ ' . " Kolb ' s football team started the year well. As the season progressed, the competition got tougher. Injuries plagued the Cougars and they ended the season with a record of 2 wins and 4 losses. Pride was found by many of the players who realized that it really is " how you play the game. " S3 1985-86 Volleyball Team - ' i»? 5 Mr. Watkins, Mr. Stanley, 2nd row- Diana Arrington, Laurie Alarid, Eunice Juarez, Sofia Perez, Michelle Trotter, Gwen Sutton, Melly Huang, Delicia White. 1st row, Carol Angle Julie Peterson, April Kaminski, Stephanie Gilliard, Ebby Reyes, Tonya Williams. Nice Shot. Slam that Ball. Hit the ball a little higher. Good block, Julie. Way to go, Laurie. Let ' s do it again, April. 54 r This year we won more games than we lost. We learned some skills, enjoyed the team spirit, and the coaching, and were glad we had the experience. 5S Dribble The Ball 1 The 1985-86 Kolb Basketball team had a lot of talent. They had a lot of good players. They didn ' t have as many wins as they hoped, but they gave each team a hard game. f 9 - 56 H 1. Top Coach Angel, Kirk Warren, Don Rentz, Eddie Altamirano, Chris Abel, Calvin James, Wayne James, Jonnell Mosley, Coach Watkins. Bottom, Erik McElroy, Frankie Camacho, Song Leang, Scott Richard- son, Donyell Collins, George Theodorou, and Jay Glover. 2. Wayne shooting the ball. 3. Kirk dribbles and looks for an opening. 4. Calvin throws the ball in. 5. Where ' s the darned ball? 6. Jonnell goes for an easy basket. 7. Wayne does a fade-away hook shot. 57 GirVs Hoop 1. Top, Miss Higgs, Angela Davis, Julie Peterson, Delicia White, Natalie Hamner, Ms. VanderKamp, Candy Hunter. Bottom row, Tonya Williams, Melly Huang, Deema Nahas, Virginia Baird, Janella Gordon. 2. Shoot the ball, Julie. 3. I ' ve got it! 4. Oops! 5. You can ' t have it, it ' s mine. 6. Rebound, Cougars. 7. Now what, guys? 58 I m 3 L, zi l - V This year ' s girls ' basketball team had many good players. Although they did not win any games, they still kept their spirit and competed. 59 Run That Relay This Year ' s track team had many good runners and lots of record setters. The team put forth great effort to be the best. Ahhough, they did not win as many events as they would have like to, they still gave it their all. 1. From left to right, Coach Bendickt, David Lowman, Po Thou, Mike Har- bauer, Ron Johnson, Jeff Larson, Erik McElroy, Eddie Altamirano, Donny Rentz, Dean Haidl, Russ Bertram, Coach Hite, Saif Hamidi, David Cox, Brendan Ramos, Donyell Collins, Frankie Comacho, Scott Richardson, Johnny Atlas, Mike Hockman, Manny Hernandez, and Danny Ortiz. ■| % f 60 61 Run, Jump, Throw m L L " ' uu - u .ou ' • " is I 1. Top row, from left to right, Staci Richards, Deanna Jacobs, Victoria Ross, Staci Kremer, Christina Smith, Julie Peter- son, Melissa Kline, Coach Higgs, bottom row, from left to right, Jamie Davis, April Swiam, Kirsten Kremer, April Smith, Melly Huang, Angela Davis, and Janella Gordon. 2. Kirsten shows her ability in running the track. 3. " Jump over that bar. " 4. The crowd waits for the results of the throw. 5. Melly running the race. 6. " Nice throw! " 7. Julie comforting the other team before the meet. 8. " Jump the hurdles Cougars! " 9. " Show your " cougar power, Kirsten. " 62 The 1985-86 track team won one meet. There were several outstanding individual performers including Julie Peterson who set a new school record for the high jump. Many of the team ' s members won medals at the Redlands Relays. 63 Introducing Coaches Coach Watkins Coach Angel Coach Stanley Coach Sanderson Coach Higgs Coach VanDerkamp Coach Smith Coach Williams Coach Benedickt Coach Hite 64 Chris Abel Claudia Acevedo Anthony Akers Vassie Alevras Shirley Alex Crystal Allen Tom Allen Tyler Allers Eddie Altamirano Laurie Alarid Jose Amador Tony Ancona Adrian Anderson Charmaine Anderson Jason Anderson Tammi Anderson Carol Angle Alfred Arechiga Darie Armstrong Johnny Atlas James Bagwell Virginia Baird Ahmad Barakat Lonnie Barker Frankie Barnard Anna Marie Barnes Shilo Bartilet Jay Beaver Laurie Baxley Tammi Becker Tina Beighley Robert Bennion Juli Bennett Russell Bertram Nicole Biggers Richard Bingham Lamont Birks Jason Blackwell Connie Borrero Valarie Borrero Joe Borroto David Bouch Lauri Bouchard Shawn Branch Carmen Briceno Donnie Briggs Ronnie Briggs Matt Britt N 1 n t h G r a d e 65 Daniel Brown Ted Brunson Brandon Bryant Maria Buslillos Marina Butler Mary Cabral Francisco Camacho Paul Campa Kenneth Campbell Paul Cardoza Maurice Cardwell Stephanie Carranza Greg Carter Adelita Castro Dena Cale Culbert Cease Steven Chamberland Mary Chau David christian Philip Chung Tracy Clairborne Shanta Clardy Sheri Clevenger Mervin Clopton Donyell Collins Vickie CoUver Keri Condon Craig Conner Hazel Constantino Paul Contratto Colette Coulombe Mickey Coulon David Cox Jason Cox Jennifer Cox Stacey Cramer Eric Crandall Diane Crockett Emmett Cromwell Joeli Crouch Ronona Crowder Matt Crump Kim Dahlcr Jennifer Dark Angela Dascotte Angela Davis Dwayne Davis Jamie Davis Latasha Davis Simon Dcleon Sherry Dempsey Danielle Derose Alicia Dominguez Kelly Donathan Paul Duncan Lazaro Duran 66 fWJ) !! H )1l ••• ' Paul Feinblatt Ruben Fernandez Shelley Fish Michael Fisher Dave Fitzgerald Christi Fodrey Danny Franco Laura Freasier Rashid Elfattal Nancy Estrella Rita Gaffney Arthur Gaines Eddie Gallardo Irma Garcia Kristin Garcia Joseph Garza Richard Gaspers Steven Gibb Robert Gilbert Joel Gilkey Stephanie Gillard Robert Ginter Jerome Glover Theodore Goede Delia Gonzales Bennie Gordon Janella Gorski Jason Gorski Tamela Goshen Martie Gosney Christa Gossage Ken Gray Elisa Guido Mary Guinan Scott Gvesrude Wendee Hagen Todd Hagey Trent Hagey Dean Haidl Shere Hall Stacy Hambly Saif Hamidi Natalie Hamner Mike Harbauer Alicia Harkey Shareese Harris Trisha Harris Lia Harrison Lloyd Harrison Tim Healy Tim Hearon Danial Henley David Henry Manny Hernandez Kathy Hill Michael Hockman 67 Stacy Horton Melly Huang Candy Hunter Jamatto Irby Kimberly Jacobs Deanna Jacobs Calvin James Wayne James Doug Jara Edward Jay Melinda Jeffries Bodie Johnson Jermane Johnson Juan Johnson Ron Johnson Laura Johnston Sophia Jordan Eunice Juarez John Kaiser April Kaminski Maria Kaminski Sharon Kassees James Kauai Jennifer Kelley Elizabeth Kelly Steve Kent Denise Keyes Joseph Kim Scott King Melissa Kline Kristen Kremer Chris Krueger Donald Larson Jeffrey Larson Jenna Larson Eric Law Earnest Leak Keng Leang Jay Lee Chuck Leger Michael Lehmann Michelle Lewis Cynthia Liptrap Mikelle Long Paula Loudermilk Stephanie Loupe Jennifer Love David Lowman Jason Loya Demar Mac! Carrie Madrid Tammie Mahaffey Violette Maldonaldo Danin Manny Tim Manurus Eric Marko 68 Dereck Martinez Monique Mascetli Carrie Mayse Jennifer McBride Kylia McCain Christy McCarthy Marcy McClellan Melanie McCroud Erik McElroy Deanna McGowen Tammy Mclntyre Suzanne McKee William McQuater James Mead Dwayne Meek Raul Mejia Kathi Meyer Juan Meza Brian Miller Carey Miller Jack Miller Amanda Mingo Andrew Mirlo Xavier Mitchell April Mobley Mike Moffett Art Molina Rachael Moralez Lix Moran Israel Moran Drew Morier Emily Morse Jonnell Mosley Dyanna Mounts Shana Moya Ruben Murillo Tasha Murphy Patrick Myles Greg Nagel Deema Nahas Angela Neal Lori Nelson Lilia Nevarez Mike Newby Timothy Obregon Dawn Ojeda Danny Ortiz Augustine Pelayes Sofia Perez Monica Perida Julie Peterson Anthony Pointdexter LeAnn Post Anthony Pou Kristy Powell Jason Pritchett 69 Mike Purtle Yvonne Quesada Yvette Quesada Paloma Ramos Andy Ramirez Marianna Ramirez Brendan Ramos Jacquelin Ramos Melissa Redden Sandy Redwine Keisha Reeves Donny Rentz Ebby Reyes Kellie Rhode Jean Richards Duke Richardson Arnie Robles Scott Richardson Rene Robles Rico Robles Arthur Rodriguez Jimmy Rodriguez Monica Rodriguez Romona Rogers Richard Rose Jennifer Ross Samantha Ross Victoria Ross Nicole Sanchez Liz Sandoval LaShanda Astterwhite Jonathon Savage Kathy Scott Anthony Sebestyen Roy Seeman Don Seibert Lea-Ann Setinc Lisa Shaver Janell Sheffler Veronica Sheppard Carolyn Shimmel Robbie Shirley Christopher Shroads Barbra Silvas Scott Silvas Maleek Sims April Smith Christina Smith Francheska Smith Lowell Smith Mike Smith Shaun Smith Stacci Smith Lisa Snyder Robert Socha Deanna Standring 70 Jeffrey Stanfield Danny Stapel Heather Starwas William Stevens Terri Steward Aaron Strickland Valarie Sugura Christ! Sumner Gwen Sutton April Swaim Teresa Taylor George Theodorou Derrick Thomas Jeffrey Thomas Poe Meng Thou Byron Tilman David Trapasso Tina Trapasso Michelle Trotte Chanel Troy Richard Valadez Griselda Vasquez Linda Veatch Zeena Verdugo Patricia Verduzco Tracey Vigil Elizabeth Villescas Deanna Vincent Darrell Wallace Kirk Warren Chris Wessman April White Delecia White Karen White Ernest Wilkerson Joe Willardson Ayanna Williams Shanna Williams Tonya Williams David Williamson James Wilson James Woodall Christopher Wright Chan Yi Ann Zalek Dan Zatto 71 Claudia Acevedo Cheri Allen Tammi Anderson Tamara Andres Tammi Becker Jason Blackwell Anthony Bravo Chrysta Byrd Paul Campa Stephanie Carranza Dena Cate Jerelene Campbell Kim Clark Craig Conner Hazel Constantino Joeli Crouch Dwayne Davis Lowa DeRosa Sherry Demsey Alicia Dominquez Paul Duncan Stephanie Edwards Nancy Estrella Shelley Fish Christi Fodrey Laura Freasier Stacy Hambly Alicia Harkey Richard Hodges Solis Hodges Robbie Holmes Jamotto Irby Melinda Jeffries John Kaiser Jennifer Kelly Steve Kent Kristen Kremer Donald Larson Jeff Larson Michael Lehmann Dawn Ojeda Bernard McKinney Kathie Meyers Mike Moffett Steve Morris Deema Nahas Lilia Nevarez Gary Raymer Sandy Redwine Sean Sellers Carolyn Shimmel Lowell Smith Michelle Trotter Pam Velasquez Mat Villalvazo 0 f1 (1 72 Sama Abdulhalin Dennis Adams Heidi Aldrich Joseph Allen Augustine Alvarez Larry Ambrose Kelly Amescua Charlie Anderson Jabari Anderson Jack Anderson Mark Andrews Latonya Anglin Michael Apauty Chito Arellano John Arnold Manuel Aybar Estella Baker Jennifer Baker Jerri Barney Kouyee Battee Kami Baxley Dania Birks Richard Bell Justin Beyeler Valerie Blood Julianna Boccanfuso Tammy Bolduo Zina Boone Rico Borrero Ray Bowling Louis Bravo Anna Briceno Keith Brooks Angela Brossard Angela Brown Christopher Brown Jacob Brown Alan Burkland Wesly Bushnell Kimberly Bulter Robert Bulter Julio Calvillo Jeffery Carifi Paul Casalicchio Rafael Castellon Robert Castro Clifford Cecil Apryl Ceniceros e V e n t h 73 Angela Chamberland Alex Cheng Beth Clinton James Cobbs Hope Constantino Matthew Comer Laurie Conner Tralanda Contra " Corrinea Cory Rodney Coulon Damion Cox Oniko Cox Joe Crandall Alice Crawford Jeffery Crawford Arnold Cruz Dannie Curlee Angelica Daniel Marie Daniel Avilov Davis Jason Davis John Davis Kenneth Davis Lisa Day Cari Debourguignon Melissa Delagadillo Almire Diaz Kathleen Dickinson Sean Dickinson Cynthia Dorr Amber Douglass Mark Drake Richmond Dubois Susan Earnest Tracy Easlon Timmy Eck Brian Ellis Michael Emanuel Brian Estrada Eduardo Fabela Tina Falk Franze Farr Farlynn Farr Fearlynn Farr Link Feesago Craig Fielder Christine Fikter Kim Fisher Frank Flores Michelle Flores Adam Fodrey Kimsherian Ford Shawn Fowler Shenea Franklin Kameena Freeman Adrienne Futch 74 ' i K ' R Daniel Galuska John Garcia Denise Garcia Rosa Garcia Tonia Garcia Damesha Garrison Nathaniel Garza Jaques Gaskins Lee Gates Jeffery Gelinas Matthew Gentry Oscar Ghilard Shanna Gibbons John Gilbert Jason Gilkey Sheri Gilltes Shelbie Gilmore Jennifer Glawe Ana Gomez Marrina Gonzales Stephen Gray Kenya Green Melissa Grim Keith Grizzle Tanya Guidi Kim Gutierrez Angela Haidl Geraldine Hall Ryan Hall Krista Harrington Dwight Harris Sterling Harris Lonnie Hastings Lorie Haumann Brenda Hawkins Dejuan Heard Derrick Heard Eric Hill Richard Hinojosa Tara Hjorten Richard Hoak Damian Hodges Michael Hodson Charlene Holman Elizebeth Honaker Beverly Hover Damon Howard Nova Huang Korey Hudson James Iker Daren Jackson Lazar Jackson Lrod Jara Michal Jara Pearl Jenkins Warren Jenkins 75 Jason Jerviss Natasha Johnson Toya Johnson Andrew Jones Katharine Jones Annette Kelly Mario Kelly April Kennel John Kent Matthew Kirb Keith Kloster Jennifer Knight Lonnie Knox Daron Koch Mark Krueger James Larson Jesse Lechuga Michelle LeFlore Jerome Lewis Crystal Leyvas Jennifer Little Jennifer Logan Juan Lopez Naomi Lucas Robert Lucas Chad Lunsford Brandon Lytle Orlando Madueno Kajal Ma: Dawnae Manson Gina Mariscal Lisa Martin Adam Martinez Celesia Martinez Eddie Martinez Eric Matus Shanda McLellan Devyn McLellan Aimee McCormick Douglas McHaffie Celeste McVey Lisa Meador Jackeline Mejia Rebecca Melendez David Meyers Tracey Michl Michelle Middleton Tishika Miller Bettina Mims Robin Moe James Moffatt Irma Molina Anthony Montano Bradford Montgomery Claudia Morales Nora Morales 76 Leo Moreno Sheila Moreno Jason Morier Melvin Morrow Mario Moya Joey Mueller Scott Mullins Sean Murray Pilar Nairn Teri Navarro Shannon Nemzer Anthony Nett Jessica Nevarez Jeffrey Newcomer Michelle Nolff Tiyawna Norris Kevin North Gary O ' Leary Pablo Oliva Kenrick Olive Mary Olive Richard Orona Bremmen Pa ul Stanya Patton Adam Pearson Andrea Peavie Nicole Peoples Frank Pereida Michael Peterson Jeffrey Phillips Patrick Phillips Heidi Pineda William Pinola Patrick Pitts Thomas Ponder mSk Christopher Popp Amy Potter Fernando Prieto Veronica Puente Gregory Pounds David Puttre Shalonda Purtty Angela Quick Brian Quick Jerry Quick Dawn Quinn Siomara Quinlero Daniel Ramirez Kristen Ramirez German Ramos Marci Rawls Stacey Rehbehn Allen Renfeldt Michele Rentz Abel Resendez Elizabeth Reyes T; ■ 77 Henry Reyes Rudy Reyes Nicole Reynoso Mack Rico Margaret Ritchie Persida Rivera Claudia Robinson Jeffery Robinson Chris Rodriguez Leticia Rodriguez Louis Rodriguez Raquel Rodriguez Roberta Romero Gary Rorie Penelope Ross Leanne Roy Elaine Salsberry Michael Sanchez Natasha Sanchez Dionne Sanford Joseph Santana Defraim Santiago James Santos Jimmie Sauceda Alex Serna Gabriel Serrato Aram Shakarian John Sheib April Shoulders Deborah Shubeck Shawna Sibley Demond Smith Dwayne Smith Jason Smith Yuvonne Smith Michael Soldano Denise Soliz Wesley Sons Jason Spring Gina Sprviell Nicole Steele Veronica Stock i Annika Strahan Tracey Sumlar Brian Tanner Bryan Tanner David Tate Ryan Temple Edward Thompkins Heather Thompson Ian Thompson Joseph Thornburg Lori Tilman James Todorovitch Cynthia Tovar Joseph Trevino 78 Ronte Turks Jason VanHeerde Laura VanSant William VanSant Jo Vance Steven Vigil Christine Villafuerte Joseph Villapando Ignacio Villanueva Maria Villanueva Gary Visher Michael Walker Trenell Wallace Sonia Ward Kelly Washington Jeff White Nikki Willard Henry Wilson Lata Wilson Noelle Woertink Vennita Wood Julie Worthy Susan Wortman Tommy Wright Eric Wrightstone Tiffany Wynn Stephanie Zapalowski Jennifer Zickuhr Evonne Zinni Steven Huff Brian Savage Alberto Saucedo Christopher Scarcell Ramon Segarra Michael Scott Jason Sparkman John Spence Brock Brantley Brooklyn Cross 79 Sama Abdulhalim Scott Acma David Austin Tammy Bolduc Anna Briceno Scott Clopton Shannon Collins Almira Diaz Adam Fodrey Shenea Franklin Adrienne Futch Lupe Gonzales Rodney Harris De Juan Heard Charlene Holman John Kent James Larson Jennifer Little Orlando Madueno Jennifer Mangold Gina Mariscal Rhyan McLaughlin Lisa Meador Sergio Miramontes Sheila Moreno Joey Mueller Jessica Nevarez Amelia Ramos Natascha Sanchez Joseph Santana Tanisia Scott April Shoulders Paul Wood 80 Roy Abshire Shirley Acevedo Christopher Agard Jeffrey Aldrich Cathy Alevras Cody Allers Nicole Almaraz Ericka Alton Richard Alvarado Tony Alverson Cecilia Ancona Barbara Anderson Natalie Angle Carlo Arellano Rebekah Argiro Fernando Arias Kiven Arnold Diana Arrington Quinta Avance Stephanie Avila April Baily Lance Baker Sylvia Balderson Ryan Baldwin Candice Ball Mitchele Bargmann Jere Barnes Loree Barnes Tammy Barnes Santana Bayuk Eric Bein Marcus Bell Michele Benedict Deborah Bergeron Darren Birks Jeannette Bish Julie Blodgett Jennifer Betcher Sharon Blood John Boccanfuso Mariano Bonetti John Botello Raymond Bravo Richard Briscoe Arnica Brooks Christine Brown Kathy Bunton Judy Burkett E 1 t h 81 William Burnett Denise Byrd Adrian Cain Julian Cain Paula Clarkson Shannon Cluff Raquel Cluise James Cole Gina Camarena Tony Camell Andy Garcia Shawna Carlson Adrian Carrillo Robert Casanares i Gina Cervantes Lance Chastain Cory Chastain Richard Chavez Dorthy Chester Sandra Corbin Roy Corona Richard Correz Phillip Corez Rebecca Couch Sean Crees Eloise Crenshaw Jennifer Crowell Latonia Crowell Ivan O Ronald Curtis Stefanie Curtis Daphne Dalto Molan Daniel Alicia Darcy Chris Davis Priscilla Davis Tyrone Davis Scott Debourguignon Alisha Delp Frank Devault Kelly Dingeman Charles Dodd Michael Donovan Jackie Dorance Tonya Dorsh Felicia Duncan Christopher Duran Tammy Eck Leila Elfattal Diane Emmershy Michael Emmershy April Emslie Marc Englander Heather Ewbank Jose Fabela Brandy Fairchild 82 Sherric Ferguson Jennifer Fewell Sean Finch Christopher Flores Denise Flores April Ford Jeremy Fortune Kevin Foster Kalien Freenian Tina Freeman Steve Freitas David Fuge Lisa Cabaldon Robert Gale ale leather Gallagher Greg Gallen Teresa Galvez Daljandro Garcia Gregory Garcilazo Scott Gardener Leanne Garner Nicole Garibay Gary Garrison Celina Gaskin Alicia Gates James Gebhart Shonda Gibbons L Shon Brian Gilbert Colby Gilbreath Shannon Gilmore Kyle Given Eric Gonzales Michael Gonzales Consuelo Gordon Corey Gray Lori Gray Jeffery Greek Michelle Harper Steven Guisa Candida Hammer Veronica Hackethal Skye Hampton Jennie Harding Keith Harmer Raychelle Harper Ghassan Hasan Renee Hayes Marcus Haynes Mike Haynes John Healy Jennifer Hearon Ane Use Herman Kevin Hernandez Martha Hernandez Chris Herrera 83 Alan Hladik Paul Hodges Randy Horstmeyer Kathy Howard Tracy Howard Ivan Huang Christina Huck :kins ■ Charma Hu Cheri Hughes Lisa Idencio Kim Ingram Allynn Jackson Karen Jackson John Jacobs Shannon James Jason Jenkins Jennifer Jenkins Demont Jennings Jose Jimenez James Johnson Angela Jones Michelle Jore Jennifer Kelley Frank Kelly Kevin Kenley Lance Kienzle Katrina Little Matthew Klemm i Stacey Knox David Kong Anne Kurek Nicole KroU Tina Lamarque Monica Landis Kory Lane Craig Lay Malissha Layland Barbara Lee Jay Lee Glen Leftwich Jodie Leger Deanna Lerma Charles Lewis Jerome Lewis Sheri Lewis Tamicka Lewis Paul Lightner Todd Lindquest Macio Lindsey Robert Liptrap Angelina Lopez Etanisla Lopez Teresa Love Stephen Luna Octavio Madueno Steven Maldonado i imothy Genny Martinez Gary Maret Raymond Martinez Judy McGee Brandie McGinnis Denise McGowan Kirhon McKinley Bryan McVVhorter Brian Meech Brian Meek Mark Meyer Joon Min Sergio Mirammontes Mandy Mirlo Sean Mitchell Cami Mojescick Jorge Moran Tricia Morawski David Moreno Tina Mclntyre Robert Morgan Ife Morris Christopher Morse Tracee Mulder Carmen Murillo Bronson Murobito Angela Myles Deidre Overturf Walycia Owens Wendy Owens Kris Pasillas Carolyn Palmer Chad Palmer Chandra Parker Tracey Navarro Wayne Neumeyer Karen Oates Arvin Olbes Olita Olive Doug Ortiz Charles Patton Bambi Paul Christy Pauley Derek Peel Andre Pendergraph Emberly Pennington Norma Pennington Janeth Perca Niare Penrice Luz Perez Monrine Perez Rossy Perez Marcus Piazza Brandon Piddington Pheneshia Phillips Scott Poff Julie Polman Christie Ponce Shawna Powell Sherry Powers Leesa Prinzen Paul Perez Stephanie Putnam Breondan Ramirez David Ramirez Gilbert Ramos Jason Rawls Alphonso Real Carlos Reyes Daniel Reyes Maria Reynoso Renato Reynoso Jennie Rhode Nicole Rhode Staci Richards Georgia Robinson Chris Rodriguez Chris Rodriguez Stephanie Rodriguez Michael Rosas Timothy Ross Brian Runkle Erik Ruth Rasmey Sam Art Samontina Maricelia Sanchez Tonya Sanchez Mike Savage David Schmidt David Schreck Swahebru Scott William Scott Cynthia Seeman Louie Segura Jean Sellers Traci Setinc Sean Sharpnack Salem Sheib Jackie Sheppard Darald Sibley Pam Skeens William Skinner Arthur Smith Athena Sn Lauren Smith Randall Smith Jose Soto Carly Steffens Tyler Stotler Jennie Stovall 86 Robert Tanner Christie Tate Trayvon Taylor Alan Theis James Thompson John Thompson Markey Tibbs Sapati Toailoa Stacy Toelle Anne-Margaret Tovar Joe Torres Jason Townsend Cookie Turner Dennis Vaero Shavvna Vance Scott Vandewetering Robert Vasquez Brenda Veliz Sony Villesca James Vengarick David Wallace Heather Wallace Greg Warner Lori Watson Cynthia Welling Kelly White Taronica White Monique Wilcots Juan Wilfred Sandy Willard Keisha Williams Kesha Williams John Wilson leena Winston Nelson Yanes Brian Young Desric Young Monaliza Zamorano Charlene Zavala Marlene Zavala Ison Zibowsky b 87 Steven Causey Carisa Cobb Richard Gold Angle Gonzalez Corina Guzman Ronald Hall Mike Hansen Brenda Hawkins S tephanie Hilbert Allynn Jackson Shelaun Jones Joe Licano Paul Lightner Carrie Little Scott MacDonald Octavio Madueno Leo Rojas Michelle Walker Tristen Ward 88 Faculty Autographs 89 Miss Applegale Miss Bachman Mr. Benedickt Mr. Bradley Mr- Braggs Mrs. Cereceres Miss Schroeder 90 Mrs. Grcclcy Miss Higgs Mr, Hinkleman Mis. Johnson Miss Krogman Mrs. Stevens Mr. Vallentine 91 Miss Slarbutk Mrs, McClellan 92 Mrs. Chdple Mrs. Shevalier Campus Views 93 94 95 In Memoriam This year due to the tragic death of seven members of the NASA space shuttle program Kolb had a memorial in remembrance of the five men and two women- one of which was a teach- er- for their bravery in trying to explore the outer world. 1. Colorguards helping us to salute the Flag. 2. Mr. Cook leads us in the salute. 3. Mrs. McCellan and Rachael Morales play Taps. 4. Mr. Rutmayer reminds us of the purpose for exploring the outer world. 96 ■ •,s:i. ff :v -»4 - W . " ■» ' ' S-i? ' «it ' -rW! ' - " ■ «!?-,;:»;

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