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WOOD Tire and Battery Service Phone 360 118 No. Main St. NATIONAL ARMY STORE Headquarters for W01'k, Camp and Sport Clothing 30 No. Main Street St. Albans, Vt. B. F.A. Mercury BFA. MERCURY Founded 'X-Migmmvlg' 1930 fbi! fQ2'1X,f1"' -.hEio,,f RY THF STUDENTS OF BELLOWS FREE ACADEMY VOL. XVIII JUNE. 1948 N0- 8 MANAGING EDITOR John Berryman AiSSI+ST'ANT lVLAiNiA'GING EDITOR Robert Barker EDITORIAL WRITER Graeme Francis FEATURE EDITOR Germaine Gregoire FEATURE WRITERS Rose Luneau, Joyce McMahon, Faith Greene, Jeannine Benson ALUMNI EDITORS Betty Muzzy, Claire Audette NEWS EDITOR Ann Kalahan REPORTERS Susan Hermann, Leah Whipple, Lorraine Butler John Webster, George Dacey VOCATIONAL EDITORS Patricia Vinal. Simon Winner SPORTS EDITORS Kay Collins, Roger Rheaume PERISCIOPE EDITORS David Livingston, Sylvia Shepard BUSINESS MANAGER Robert Lampman ADVERTISING MANAGER Alden Richards TREASURER Mariette St. Amand SOLICITORS Paul Desautels, Donna Kerr, Lorraine Bombardier, Ellen Picard, Janet Casavant, Carmen L'Ecuyer Joyce Wimble, Dolores Lacoste CIRCULATION MANAGER Kay Kenyon ASSISTANT CIRCULATION MANAGER Carol Bliss TYPISTS Anna King, Marilyn King, Marilyn Lemnah, Norma Wilson, Coleen Myott, Je-an Buckley YEAR BOOK PHO'TOG1RAiPHlER Leslie Willianmson FACULTY ADVISORS Miss Helen Adams, Miss Germaine Perrault, Miss Dorothy Thayer EUNHNTE Dedication .... I Editorial ...,,. Class History ,i., Class Song ..,. ...,,..... ,..,...,. Advice to Undergraduates ..,... Class Will ........,..,,,.. ,,,.,...... Class Prophecy .,... Hall of Fame . .,., . Informal Photographs ..,.. Senior Crinds ,i.. Periscope . 10 13. lf. A. M c r c u FACKULTY Front row: Thayer, Catlin, Curtis, Larabee, Perrault, Adams, Beeman, Beattie, Witters, Byrne Rear row: Webster, White, Greene, Ward, Prin. Sunderland, Griswold, Comi, Massa B F A Mercury 11 WE, THE Class of 1948, take pleasure in dedicating this our Senior Yearbook to Miss Germaine M. Perrault, the only teacher with the distinction of having taught continuously at Bellows Free Academy since its doors were first opened in 1930. During that period she has contributed much in time and ejort for the betterment of the school. The Student Council is indebted to her for valuable guidance and advice on hnancial problems, and as a result of her similar duties as business adviser of the Mercury, ufe are able to finance our school publication. Above all, Miss Perrault has built up and maintained the high reputation of the business course of our school and has proved her sincere interest in her students by helping many of them to find good positions after graduation. .mr 0wl'lf-Ishlv IZ 1 B If ,,.. , ..A.Mnl1,u . , ,....-ww MERCURY STAFF Front row: Kerr, Kalahan, Collins, Greene, Gregoire, Lacoste, Audette, Picard, L,Ecuyer, St. Amand, Wilson, King, Lemnah, Myott Second row: McMahon, Wirnble, Kenyon, Luneau, Casavant, Benson, King, Hermann, Whipple, Bombardier, Butler, Shepard, Bliss, Buckley Back row: Francis, Lampman, Berryman, Livingstone, Richards, Barker, VVebster, Dacey, Winner, Dcsautels, Rheume GOOD CITIZENS Joyce Newton and George' llfoozf F A Mercury Giving Our Best KK DD Boys and girls may not have the physique, the ambition or the will to work, yet We are like a group of track men. There are some of us who are always victors and a certain few who Hash through with an occasional triumph. Then, as in any race, there are those of us who are "also-ransv and the ones who had to stagger to reach the finish line. As the track men at present are training for their biggest race, the Olympics, so We have now completed preparation for our big race, the race of life. Our training will determine how we shall fare in life unless we get a sudden surge of energy. But where are we to get this immediate force? The only solution is by directing our own studies and bettering ourselves to a point where we are satified or very nearly so. How do we study alone? There are perhaps two chief methods that we can try, by observation and by reading. Scientists through the ages have made startling discoveries which have revamped the world. We do not claim to be honored with future Pasteurs and Edisons, but there is a great deal that we can study and understand. Abe Lincoln is perhaps the greatest example of what reading can do for a man. Deprived of school, he educated himself on borrowed literature and went on to become our great sixteeth president of the United States. Now we are about to leave our high school days behind us and go out to make our place in the world. We may wish that we had worked harder and ac- complished more, for it is understood that a task well done at the appointed time makes later responsibilities easier and prepares us to grasp opportunities when they come. However in spite of our failures and weaknesses we know that we of the class of 1948 will give to the world the best that we have and the best will come back to us. s i W x q , M I ' 'I A . W . . 'T ' Ar' 14 13. F. A. Mcrcu FOOTBALL Front row: Saurwein, Lampman, Chevalier, Mears, Richards, Ryan. Poland Second Row: Murphy, Sails, Smith, Pare, Wood, Goad Third row: Murff, Chevalier, Dacey, Guertin, Patenaude, Hunt, Morgan Fourth row: MacKay, VVallace, Burnor, McMahon, Webster' Top: Webster, Sargent, White B. F.A. Mercury , da L5 Claes History -S., ,,, lg f. , ' VO 3 l k By Norma Jeanne lVilson There we were, little frightened freshmen who were finally in high school! Not just any high school, but Bellows Free Academy. Eager and confused as we were, we registered in the gym and excitedly compared our registration cards. The next day we tore around the bui-lding looking for room thirty-one downstairs and twenty-three upstairs-thanks to the misguiding upperclassmen! But soon we secured our books and loose-leafs, and within a week we were off to a fiying start. Of course, we claimed Mr. Sun- derland as a member of our class, for it was his first year as principal of BFA. First we chose Frank Horan, joyce Newton, Betty Ann Ladue, and Maurice Chevalier as our class officers. Electing officers was all new and thrilling to us, and we felt pretty big and impor- tant, instead of the lowly frosh that we were. Then we were the guests of the sophomores at the Freshman Reception. We really felt honored, for juniors and seniors were not allow- ed to attend. In fact, this was our first chance to get acquainted with our new classmates. The Freshmen Class proudly stepped forward in its first dramatic appearance and presented the play "Elmerv in the junior jamboree. Miss Marion Curtis was the director. Those participa- ting in the cast were Bill Tuscany, Betty Ann Ladue, Nancy Kern, Norma Wilson, Donna Kerr, and Susan Hermann. Needless to say, we walkell off with the plaque in an easy victory over the sophomores. After all, weren't we the most talented Freshmen Class ever enrolled in BFA? After a busy year, it was soon time for our final exams. We had already suffered once before when we took our mid-years, but scared as we were, most of us came through with flying colors. And so we looked forward to our sophomore year, with our chests thrown out and our heads held just a little higher than usual. After an all too short summer vacation, we were back in school again. The routine and cus- toms were old to us now, and we actually looked down on the little freshmen! Then Maurice Che- valier as president, Douglas Godfrey as vice- president, Edward Brooks as secretary, and Alan Ferguson as treasurer, were elected as our class officers. After the previous yearls training, we were ready for anything. Why, some of us even dared to speak to Mr. Comi! Now it was our turn to give the freshmen a reception. Once again we enjoyed the usual stunts, races, and contests. In short we gave the newcomers to our school a cordial welcome. One of the special attractions of this year was the Dr. Maxim show which was given to raise funds for repairs on Coote Field. 'ijohn Henryv is still trying to figure out how to do some of those tricks. VVe are proud to say that when we were juniors, we were the first class to make a contribution to the Coote Field Fund. XV e were very glad when we heard that Mrs. Bachmann was going to direct the music classes, for we wanted to take part in the State Music- Festival which was to be held again after being discontinued for two years. YVe all enjoyed tak- ing part in the programs. except maybe Betty Martin. This year we presented 'Une jump Aheadv in the Jamboree. The cast, under the direction of 16 - g Wwfwg W Miss Dorothy Thayer, consisted of Ann Kalahan, Graeme Francis, Maurice Chevalier, Alan Fer- guson and Jimmy McTiernan. Something terrible must have happened because quite by accident we bowed down to the freshmen, who won the plaque. The Hrst Student Council was formed dur- ing our sophomore year. Most of us were in the dark about how it was operated or what it was for, but we all knew it was for our benefit, so we immediately accepted it. Our spirits and hopes were a little higher with the ending of the war, and we entered our junior year without a care in the world. Of course we all vowed to turn over a new leaf and study just a little harder, which was the same vow we had made the year before. As always, we upheld our reputation in the sports field, when the "Comets" walked off with the State Championship. Betty Martin, Susan Hermann, Donna Kerr, Joyce Newton, Pat Pud- vah and Anna King were the girls from our class who helped win the championship. And now we successfully sponsored the Junior Jamboree. For our play, we presented "Sugar and Spicev, under the direction of Miss I-Iortense Beeman. Those in the cast were Joyce Newton, Donna Kerr, Nancy Kern, Louis Dwor- shak, and Robert Lampman. Lady Luck must have turned against us, because this time the seniors copped the title of winners of the Willson Cup. Our Prom, we knew was the best one yet. To begin with, the gym was beautifully decorated in two tones of blue, supplemented by stars and birds with Weedis Imperial Orchestra at its best and one of the largest crowds ever to attend, we felt that this was indeed a gala occasion. Nine members of our class were fortunate in being chosen to go to Boys' and Girls, State. Those who went to Boys, State were Eddie Brooks, Bud Lampman, George Wood, and Larry Larrow, while Anna King, Celeste Gage, Betty Martin, Joyce Newton and Rose Luneau attended Girls, State. And now the most glorious year of our school career-the year none of us will ever forget-our senior year, lay before us. Up to now, it hadn't seemed possible that three years could pass so quickly. Um' senior class officers have been Eddie Brooks, Joyce Newton, Anna King and Paul Cha- B.F.A. Mercury bot, as president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, respectively. The first big event of the year was the hila- rious Senior Play, "Come Out of the Kitchen". It was a smashing success, with our own Miss Beeman directing. T he members of the cast were Joyce Newton, William Tuscany, Susan Her- mann, Maurice Chevalier, Donna Kerr, Graeme Francis, Nancy Kern, and Louis Dworshak. The prompters were Betty Martin and Mariette"'St. Amand. In the Junior Jamboree, which came ,earlier than usual this year, we presented "Luncheon For Six" with the following cast: Larry Larrow, Norma Wilson, Celeste Gage, Rodney Mears, Nancy Newton, Alden Richards, and Robert Lampman. Miss Beeman directed the play. Once more we stepped back into the limelight and won the Willson Cup. For the One-Act Play Contest, which con- cluded our plays for the year, Miss Beeman directed "To The Lovely Margaretf, Members of the senior class that took part in the play were Susan Hermann, Donna Kerr, and Louis Dwor- shak. This was only the third year that our school had participated in this activity and we are proud to say that BFA was chosen as one of the six high schools to compete in the state contest. Certain honors were given to individuals in our class. George Wood and Joyce Newton were elected Good Citizenship Boy and Girl. Betty Martin was chosen as an All-State Basketball guard. Anna King was the soloist to represent our school at the State Music Festival. Because of her high standing in the preliminary tests Charlotte Towle qualified as a finalist for the Pepsi-Cola Scholarship. Larry Larrow was pres- ident of the Student Council, with Louis Dwor- shak as vice-president. Also Larry was elected "Mayor,' of St. Albans during National Youth Week. And Germaine Gregoire, as one of the four delegates from Vermont, will leave on June 15 for Washington, D. C. to attend the National 4-H Club camp. Germaine also won a prize of fifty dollars for her essay about the Teen-Age Center. Continuing a long established custom in this school, we enjoyed two Senior Suppers this year. The first one, with Eddie Brooks and Joyce New- ton as host and hostess, was celebrated in true Christmas spirit iust before the holidays. The second one was held on St. Patricks Day and B.F.A. Mercury 17 Paul Chabot and Anna King were host and hos- tess. The "Mercu1'y', was successfully managed by John Berryman. Other senior members of the Mercury staff were Donna Kerr, Ann Kalahan, Kay Collins, Germaine Gregoire, Mariette St. Lemnah, Leah Whipple, Susan Hermann, Anna Amand, Marilyn King, Colleen Myott, Marilyn ing, Rose Luneau, Norma Wilson, Graeme Francis, Bud Lampman, David Livingston, Al- den Richards, Paul Desautels and Roger Rhea- ume. With so much activity and so many impor- tant events coming rapidly one after the other, the end of May and those last Iinal exams sud- denly sneaked up on us. The moment when we ,-1IInmmmunuuunu looked anxiously at the list of those who were exempt from their exams was at hand. It meant for some of us freedom from classes for a week and a half while others were in school. That ex- tra hour of studying was really paying off! And now, like a Hash, graduation week is upon us. Even though the word ualumnii' excites us and makes us more anxious, the thought o Halma materv slows down our pace and the cherished memories of the past four years fill our minds. Now we realize that We have com- pleted our high school career. Now we must say good-by-"Good-by, a word that hath been and must be, a word that makes us linger-yet good- by 9 Z J V .pwrflg if E Class Song Our graduation day is here, And we must bid adieu To the friends we leave behind us And the things we used to do, The trials and joys that we have known VVill always be with us, When We've left our Alina Mater And weive done the things We must. The class of nineteen forty-eight VVill soon be on its way, So we bid you all a farewell On our graduation day. CYVords and music by Maurice Chevalierj ,S no l i WV T I F W A Q V, A. M e r c ury i GIRLS' VARSITY iiii iiii i ,Front row: Williamson, Newton, Hermann, Martin, Pudvah, Kerr, Benson, Butler, Brooks. Standing: Strout, King, Maynard, Brooks, Peno, Bell, Hamm, Audette, Comi B.F.A. Mercury 19 Advice To Undergraduates f,,1 The class of 1948, one of the most dignified and brilliant classes ever to pass through the por- tals of Bellows Free Academy, is now in a posi- tion to give some sound and helpful advice. Dur- ing our four years here we have played hard an Ll worked harder. Although we have many times "rushed in where angels fear to treadf' we have taken the consequences in a creditable manner. However we have learned by experience and have proved that we are a capable, a progressive, and a worthy group of citizens of Bellows Free Academy. So rest assured that you will be fol- lowing no will-o-the-wisp when you consider seriously our admonitions and heed our warn- ings. Listen carefully! VVe advise the class of 1949 to follow in our worthy footsteps and to uphold all the principles that we have established in the past four years. VV e would remind you also that it is your privi- lege and duty to help Mr. Sunderland keep the underclassmen in hand. VVe advise the class of 1950 to excel in sports, not forgetting studies of course, so that they may maintain B. F. Afs honor in the sporting worlf! XVe know that you will have excellent coaches, and the rest is up to you. We advise the class of 1951 to take good care of the freshmen coming to our school next fall. We have heard that they will need direction and encouragement and surely sophomores will be able to fullfil that assignment with thoroughness and diligence. To the students of B. F, A. as individuals we advise: That Ronald Blouin seek instruction from Xlr. Massa on how tie a Windsor knot before he tries to tie it on any more of the dignified seniors. That Arnold Iacobs and Janet Brooks study Louis Dworshakis dance technique and learn to put into practice the Gilmore-Dworshak stroll- so youthful, friendly and dignified you know. It might spare the B. F. A. halls next year one more starry-eyed, lovesick couple. That lohn Webster settle down to one girl and not change every few months. After all there are not that many girls to go around. That Carroll Salls, when he plays ball in Barre again, watch the ball game and not the girls. That the person with the long geared stride and witty tongue, the one who is forever playing the grantlstand, try to stop acting like Iohn Barrymore and start acting like Iohn Berryman- serious, quiet and businesslike. Of course this person couldnit be Simon Winner! That VVilliam Bingham remember that his motorcycle is not equipped with wings, but if he isnit careful, he will soon have wings. That Iim VVallace when he goes to the Music Festival next year, kindly remember that there is a music festival. That Earl Poland ask permission to go bare- foot when he walks the halls with his girl. It isnit the ten miles a day he covers, but the price of shoe leather is going up. That somebody remind Roy McMahon that the parade is at eleven oiclock. Do I need to say more? That Alice Harvey come back to school even though a certain Tommy is leaving. That Furman Pryme try to remember that Mr. Comi's name is not "Hey there!,, That Ruth Bailey find the way to school next year even though Stinky wonit be around to es- cort her. That all the junior and sophomore girls de- cide with whom they want to dance before the last piece in a set. ,That VVilliam Bartlett try to pass history next year. The class is already overcrowded with vets -history vets, that is. That Duane Burnor gain control of his fast ball next year. He's got a big job cut out for him. That john WVood observe Gaye F rancisis technique and especially his ability to acquire a bright smear of lipstick just before the opening curtain of the Senior Play, You might need that technique some day, john. And last but not least we advise Geo. Dacey to try to stay as perfect as he already is. Enough said! The time has come for us to say good-by. We hope our advice will be taken with great earnest- ness. If by any chance it is not followed. the great door will be wide open for you. Do we need say what door? Class Will We, The Class of 1948, of the Ci-ty of St. Al- bans, in the County of Franklin and the State of Vermont, being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this our last VV ill an Testament, in manner following, tha-t is to say: FIRST: We do give and bequeath to the junior Class our great wisdom, fondly hoping that with what little knowledge they already have they will know enough to use it well. To the Sophomore Class we leave our out- standing personality and superb manners, as they will find these qualities valuable assets in their junior year. We do leave to the Freshman Class this for- mula: Hard work + concentration - loaiing in study halls : I diploma at the end of the next 3 years. Any failure to comply with the pro- vision of the formula may result in an extension of the time alloted to receive said diploma. SECONDLY: The boys of the class of 1948 will to the boys of the lower classes their own edition of "How To Win Friends and Iniiuence Peoplef, so that they too may get on the right side of the teachers. The girls of said class of 1948 leave to the girls of the three lower classes their sophisticated ways and ideas so that they may acquire a more ladylike appearance. THIBDLY: To deserving individuals we do make the following bequests: Item I Betty Martin wills her basketball uni- form to jane Wood with the under- standing that it will be cleaned and pressed before each game. Item 2 Graeme Francis wills Wayne Harvey some of his height so that he m-ay he seen as well as heard. Item 3 Frank Horan wills his swiftness for chasing fly balls in right field to John Walsh. Item 4 To Priscilla Smith, Joyce Newton wills her dramatic clinching ability. Item 5 Leslie Williamson leaves Rocky Houle his ability to get by with a minimum amount of effort. Item 6 To Tommy Greenwood, Robert Lampman leaves his round sense of humor. Item 7 David Livingston leaves' the maunv 5 4 'good jokes that he didn't put in the Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item I tem Item Item Item B.F.A. Mercury Lawyer: Maurice Chevalier Periscope this year to his successors. Susan Hermann wills to janiee Bell her outstanding ability to bluff her way out of any situation. john Comstock leaves his many ideas about running the school to Simon Winner. VVilliam Tuscany wills to George Dacey his ability to do a good jobof entertaining behind the footlights as well as behind the scenes. Nancy Kern leaves to Pat Vinal her well-known giggle so that she too may attract attention in assemblies. Tommy Swainbank leaves his girl- charming blush to Clifford Sargent. To Fenton Horan, Alden Richards leaves his best Toni Wave Set. Pat Pudvah leaves her many unused locker room jokes to Claire Maynard. Edward Brooks leaves his love of gos- sip to Sylvia Shepard. Celeste Gage leaves to Carroll Salls a generous portion of her musical ability so that he may concentrate on some tune other than "I love coffee, I love teav. To Jean Buckley, Betty Bard leaves her "quiet dignityv. Clarence Roberts wills to john Muril' his mania for chasing after the fire engines. The Five Year Boys leave-with smiling faces. LASTLY: we do hereby appoint the faculty of Bellows Falls Academy executors of this our last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills by us made. In Witness Whereof we have hereunto sub- scribed our name this 14th day of Iune in the year Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Eight. THE CLASS OF 1948 C D XVITNESSED BY: Mrs. Luna Tick, residing at Bellevue Hospital, New York City Mrs. D. Ranged, residing at Nuthouse Lodge, Plc-alsanlntville, N. Y. Miss NI. I, Wright, residing at NVaterbury, Vt. B.fF. A. Mercury 21 Class Prophecy Nows ours is only one more of the many classes that have graduated from BFA. But in twenty years when we recall those who have completed their education in this institution, the class of 1948 will be known as "the famous class". I-Iow do I know. I have that prophetic power given to every senior who writes the class pro- phecy. Suppose you take time now to share with me this power. On a day in june, 1968, I was idly drawing on a piece of paper when my boss entered and exclaimed with excitement, "I have it, I have it, I have discovered the model city from which to gain facts. And you are to verify my findingsf, Heluctantly I left the building to go to the airport. My assignment I felt would be another uninteresting experience. But at the airport I was greatly surprised to find everyone going to this model place named "Success,'. I secured my ticket with difficulty and finally boarded a plane. As I was settling down, the pilot went thru the plane. I felt that he was someone I knew, yet I could not place him at once. Later I recog- nized him as Lloyd jacobs. He told me he piloted his plane to Success daily. After a short visit he left and I settled down to think about what I might see. Awakening the next morning, I glanced down to catch a glimpse of my destination, a group of ultra-modern buildings surrounded by well kept farms. Trees of unusual proportions and beauty covered the small hills surrounding the city. Be- fore I could see more we landed on a huge run- way. A porter took my luggage and directed me to a waiting car. And what a carl It was so streamlined that I just stared. At last I looked at the driver and there was Norma Wilson. Norma, who I knew had wished for a '48 Cadillac back in high school. was now designing and manufacturing her own cars. She drove slowly through the city so that I might look around. We passed several interesting places but one 'fi particular interested me, "Swainbank's Old and New Carsf, Norma was just telling me how well Tommy did in this business when I saw a crowd of people before a store. Clancing up at the top of the building I saw two stout posts By Nancy Newton which held up two barrels. A sign swung be- tween them. It said "Roberts Barrel Companyf' Stinky himself stood outside watching the crowd enter. Other important places of business were Bucklandis Dress Shop, Morseis Milking Ma- chine Manufacturing Co., and Crossis Modeling Agency. The last of these three I recognized as the one which sent such beautiful women all over the world. Coming down the street was a man whose gait and bearing indicated prosperity to the nth degree. Could that be another of my classmates? Why, yes-it was Raymond Beauregard. Norma said he had become a millionaire by striking gold on the banks of Lake Champlain. This dis- covery led to the beginning of the now model city, Success. Two other progressive citizens were Gerald Tromblay and Catherine Berger, who had run a filling station and a hot dog stand respectively to gain their fortunes. At one intersection we were halted by a pa- rade marching up the street. The drum majors and majorettes were trained by Betty Bard. Norma said that she was an instructor at the near by college which was run extremely well by the master mind of Susan Hermann. Norma pulled up beside a beautiful hotel building situated on a hill overlooking the city. Roland 1fEcuyer, the manager of this impressive building, hurried over to my car. He talked with me several minutes and then personally con- ducted me to my room. Shortly after he left, a knock at my door indicated that I had a caller. I opened it to find Patricia Pudvah, president of The Chamber of Commerce, who I learned was to conduct me on a tour through the city. "We shall begin by visiting the mayorf' she said. Immediately I suspected it was Larry Lar- row. But Pat told me Larry had become bored with politics and was now a veterinarian. When we arrived at the city hall, we were conducted to the mayor's office by his very able recep- tionist, Mariette St. Amand. The mayor, who turned out to be Edward Brooks, had aged so much that I did not recognize him at first. No doubt the anxiety of his office had caused the gray hairs, or had he been experimenting with 22 peroxide again? After a short talk he turned i1n- mediately to the urgent business matters which awaited him. As we left, the chimes in the tower of the Episcopal Church, which I learned were rung hy john Berryman, warned us that it was near noon. We stopped to eat at a smart restaurant. Un the outside I noticed a sign which said, "Try Bronson's Baked Beansn. Then I knew that joe Bronson was the owner. The head waiter who greeted us was Dennis Coon, part owner in joe':, restaurant. The entertainers during the after- noon and evening were Nancy Kern, jeanne Perron, Colleen Myott, and that famous voice teacher, William Tuscany. All together they formed an interesting team. As We were sitting there a young man snapped our picture. Pat said it was the famous photographer Leslie William- son, who was known to us in school days as "john Henryf' Ever on the alert for new and in- teresting subjects, he and his trusty camera traveled near and far. After we left the restaurant I was conducted to a group of modern buildings which I recog- nized as Sue Hermanxfs college. Wandering through the halls we read some of the signs on the doors which indicated professors. They were Lawrence Richard, History, Arlene Sheehan, German, Robert Denio, Chemistry, and Donna Kerr, Mathematics. I found that Maurice Cheva- lier was the college football coach while Rodney Mears handled baseball and Graeme Francis, basketball. Celeste Gage was the music super- visor and Leah VVhipple was her accompanist. As we left the school I noticed several people gathered around a platform on which stood Clif- ford Chagnon. He was talking politics while Rose Luneau, news reporter, took his speech down at the rate of 150 words a minute. Clifford was hoping to succeed Paul Chabot as city treasurer. Paul was about to assume his new du- ties as city postmaster. Next we went through Robert Lampmanis printing office. Here we saw Monica Bashaw acting as fashion editor, Paul Denner as car- toonist, and Paul Desautels as editor-in-chief The press was now publishing besides their daily, Success Sentinel, George Wood's recent hook, THE MYSTERIOUS BLONDE. I noticed that Germaine Gregoire was Budis secretary an business associate. As we were leaving, we ran smack into Betty Niartin. who was chasing a small eollie. Betty, who as I remembered had not liked dogs, was p B.F.A. Mercury now the cityis dog catcher. The motor of her large red truck was being repaired by Roddy Corrigan with Andre Demers as his assistant. My attention was sidetracked by a huge bursf of applause which came from the cityis Sport. Arena. Pat pointed out the great ping-pong player, Bud Saurwein and his opponent, th famous detective, David Livingston. In different sections jacques Chabot and Frank Horan were engaged in hockey and baseball games respec- tively. It Was here we ran into three famous men named Roger Rheaume, john Comstock, -an 1 Reginald Yates. Roger was the city's well known skier, john the best fisher and Reginald the 'fa- mous hunter. We left hurriedly, for it was getting late. WVe passed a modern theater whose neon lights said: "See Marilyn King in her latest sensational role." Below I saw a notice which read: "Coming soon, Pascal St. Pierre, the great cowboy croonerf' Pat hurried me up a big hill which overlooked th'- entire city. On the way up we met janet Shepard who had become well-known in the art of more tain climbing. Pat told me that the trees we could see scattered throughout the town were planted by Louis Dworshak, who was an e pert in landscaping. The view also overlooked Paula Partlowis horse ranch. In the distance we eould see the large progressive looking farms o Stanley Webster and Malcolm Ladd. Pat sail Malcolm and Amos were arguing over thc boundary line between their farms. Representing them in their case were George Harmon and another lawyer. Georgeis secretary was Betty Ladue. The next stop was at the four-story hospital which was situated on the outskirts of the town Of course we met the two pretty medical secre- taries, Ann Kalahan and Kay Collins. The doc- tor who was conferring with some nurses was none other than Robert Saunders. The nurses were Anna King, joyce Newton, and Charlotte Towle. We passed two doors on which we read: Dr. Monica Marshia, Brain Surgeon, and Dr. Al- den Richards, Dentist. We peeked into Alden': office and saw Marilyn Lemnah busily writing. I concluded that she was his secretary. It was dark when We left the hospital and glancing at my watch I knew I had just time enough to go to my hotel, make my report, anl catch a plane back to my work. I was hoping im' hoss would he pleased with the survey that I had just completed. l certainly was, for l had seen .:Q. my classmates. T!! 23 F.A. Mercu W ..........,.,... ,, ,, BOYS, VARSITY Seated: Salls, Jacobs, Saurwein, Chevalier, Francis, Livingston, Sears, McMahon blaridingz Barker, MacKay, Webster, Seguin, White A VIIICERIJICADICKS Front row: Collins, Bashaw, L'Ecuye1', St, Amand, Scandingr: Belair, Vernal, Bliss, Buckley, Chevalier, 'Grover mum ummm:mmnnnnnmm B.F.A. Mercury numnnmnmuumumm mnnnnu in mmm mmmuu ' 9 9 0 HALL 0 FAME BOY Larry Larrow Leslie Williamson John Berryman Larry Larrow Ilarold Cross George Wood I Thomas Swainbank Maurice Chevalier Edward Brooks George Wood Rodney Mears John Berryman Dennis Coon Albert Saurwein John Berryman William Tuscany Edward Brooks Alden Richards Clarence Roberts Rodney Mears John Berryman William Tuscany Robert Lampman -umnnnIImII1unnniinnnnmmnuuuumumu mm-num mum muuuuunumn uunuwmmn Most Popular F rienclliest Most Dignifiecl M ost Pleasing Personality Class C omeclian Most Likely to Succeed Best Looking Most Athletic Luckiest Best M usician Best All-Hound Best Scholar Happiest Class Chatterbox Quietest Best Actor-Actress Best Dancer Biggest Bluffer Peppiest Nicest Smile Most C onscientious Srnoothest Line Best Extra-Curricular lVorker mmmIIIInnvu-IIIIIniIiimlmIInIin1IIIIIIIuInummmnmvmmvnnn nmm:IInnimvIIIIIninnnumnuuunuIuIIImuinumuuuunmnnin GIRL Joyce Newton Anna King Kathryn Collins Anna King Betty Bard Charlotte Towle Ann Kalahan Betty Martin Susan Hermann Celeste Gage Joyce Newton Charlotte Towle Patricia Pudvah Nancy Kern Kathryn Berger Joyce Newton Nancy Kern Susan Hermann Nlonica Bashaw Patricia Pudvah Charlotte Towle Nancy Kern Mariette St. Amand 1 J f'Q'v1g':f5f :' ' N, ,, ig A E iam , Q ,. gm. 1- :-I V -V A Vi Eg ' I-I 'wk A ,mx " ' ' , - H -' H3335 .. . :ff 1: ..., 'duly , Wav- -.W Ei ga . 15 W3""sg :pg ?,. , .,..., . .,,.. ., X ., . .. :. ' egg, ., " Q N f , 3 , , U i ..,, 3 . 'Jimi' F J ' ' if if A. 3 fi ,F 6, ,Wx.s'.::::: t . ': .' . .- - Dig M Weak X 5 ' :.f- ..,.. W ---V. , Mg -"- . . fi, Ei f wry 3: 'M Q 5 W fl ,gm ,gg 5 awww ag 4 W 352755 ,W,., ,6 :, .. -54-1 s ' -ffff fl .. Y wg, , fe: 2 M ,, ww-, 25? .i .,,, i ii X 0- .M M K' 1'f"'i-g,,. if sa- " 1 N-H Y 1 - f VH .-,: ,Q , ,Q , :., ,.,. . in .... '11 Y , " ii: 3555 Q5 , if fn 'z A TT wr ff 1 .. in 12 5 Q I ,dr . - A :. , 3,3 f . 2 . l . " " 3' ,ive .- .5 .... 1 , V f 5 iw aiy gy gig . 2.55 5 fzwgqgsy 'W fl' ' 0- W -f-' LM mf ., . . . s1?f2fgfZi5?r3: ,Z v-.v ., ., V I:-L. , M ,. ,MJ ..., "-' ,.,... '-'- : ..,... ww , ..., , , ,,.. , ' , 'H 1 iw-ll f fffr 35 -"' 1 Q "" 5fZ:f'?:1'3I-I-b' ' ,'ff:E:QsE'E - fag? 53 .5 'ff'fr1 ,fear - - iii . Q5 I xg ,.,. - p.::"Hf f Mt 1 xr! ff S .xg 5 R521 :. : f 2-7 -E': , ,,,,1 ,,,: :H.:j,:E.: ? 6 .,..: 553533 .5 'A 2222? 1 1 .if- .135 f .... iw Q '1 'f5i55 ' ,.,. fi Q qs 5 .:, w w 552 g i ' 11313233 :Z 1 , M9512 : w e ,5QQ,Zgx2.,:2qgQ i z- 53 5 Nwimiiiffw Ti 23? ---- ' 2mQw12S?fZi if. vs: N ri' ' -Q?5iTi:f.uifQa1Q, .Jw i Kris! lggli Qtr, I Ffh, 111 4,.' 'A I , W 2 5 Y I '4 '1 :A ' if 'ri a '15-5 X yr ft ff LX x x 'fag' M 2-2 , ., X f- A. 3 'ff vw H -I I I Q :N is as 2 M455 2 1 'st' fx L 'MJ B.F.A. Mercury nuuuuuuu1unnnuunnmnumIIIl1IIIIInuuuu1uuuuluIIIIumuuumnunnnv- Senior Grinds .. Ceirnaine Gregoire and Rose Luneau, Co-Chairmen Celeste Cage Susan Herman Kathryn Collins Frank Horan Robert Denio C1 aeme Francis Ann Kalahari Paul Chabot Robert Lampman Mariette St. Arnaud In 1848 gold was discovered in California. A century later another great event occurred in the nationls history, the graduation of the class of '48. nnnunmlmnmu mmm.Iummnnum-niiIiIIIIIIvun-unnnnuu-nunnunmnmunn-nunnnmmnIInnumumnrInInuuImmnnunnmum unmuuumuuuu mm:IIIIinIIIIIIIunumnunn1unnmuuunmuunnulnrIIIIInurxnIIIIxuIIIIIInIu11nunnnnnnuuumnIInInIIInnnnnnmnmun BETTY BAHD B ig' Ambition-To be an actress F avorite Pastime-Painting and fishing A version-Squares and spiders Conversation may be a lost art, but right here at B. F. A. we can nrocluce its master. The air effervesces with words when this gal "l'0lll Hiffhfzate holds forth but, despite the quantity, in this case the quality is there too. Honors: Highgate High: Member of Executive Council 11. 25: All State Chorus 125: Class Vice President 115: Dramatics 11, 25: Soft- ball 125: Basketball 11. 2, 35: B. F. A.: Senior Play 145: Glee Club 11. 2, 45: Band 13, 45: Typing Certificates 145 Shorthand Certificates 135. MONICA BASHAW V ig' Amibitionv-To go to heaven F rvorite Pas-time-Dancing A version-Ankle Socks Pew rersonified-that's Monica. She displays her rhythm and en-- thusiasm both as a cheerleader and as a smooth partner on the dance floor. Monica is'n't very large, but then, good things always con'e in small packages. Honors: B. F. A.: Senior Play Committee 145: -Glee Clrb 12, 3, 45: Graduation Escort 135: Senior Suprer Committee 145: Tennis 12. 3. 45: Cheerleader 11, 2, 3, 45: J. V. Caotain 135, Varsity 145, Captain 145: Assembly Program Committee 135: Junior Jamboree Usher 135: Senior Gift Committee 145: St. Petersburg: Freshman Play 1151 Dramatic Club 115: Allied Youth Club- 135, li. F, A. M c 1' c u r y 29 RAYMOND BEAUHEGAHD U ig' Am'bitionefTo make a million dollars F avorite Pastime-Playing basketball A version-Walking Ray is an easy-going sort of a fellow with a good sense of humor. He has a hearty "hi" or "hello" for everyone he meets. Ray has always given a helapfulhand when asked to do something. If he doesnlt realize his aanbition, we know that at least he'll have that desired amount in frien s. Honors: Senior Supper Committee 1413 Glee Club 11, 21, All Statc Chorus 11, 213 Basketball 11, 21, Baseball 12, 41, Varsity 121. KATHBYN BERCEP1 I! iz Ambition-To be rich F avorite Pastime-Reading and hiking A version-Snakes and spiders In this case quality and not quantity is what counts. She may not often have been heard in school 'but was often seen enjoying basket- ball games. Her skill in shorthand might help her realize her biz am- bition-fto be rich. Honors: Senior Play Usher 1413 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 413 Graduation Escort 1313 Librarian 13, 413 Collector of Dues 121: Glee Club Broad- cast 131 Junior O. G. A. Certificate 1315 Certificates 1Shorthand1 60 word 141, 80 word 141, 100 word 1413 Complete Theory Certificate 141: Typing Progress Certificate, 37 words 141. IOHN BERRYMAN II ig Ambition--To master the pedals on a pipe organ F avorite Pastime-Ringing' "Bells of St. Albans" A version-Dirty handkerchiefs An extraordinary person indeed! Yes, he is a quiet fellow who thinks a great deal. The absence of loquaciousness. however, is com- nensatefl 'hy the clearness of 'his thought, and if John has something to say, listen carefully, for it will be worth hearing. Tardy pupils should follow his example of never being late for school. With his sincerity and high scholastic record we expect to hear from him in the uture. Honors: Mercury, Vocational Editor 131, Managing' Editor 1415 Home Room Treasurer 131: Latin Club 1213 Projector Operator 13, 413 Ticket Seller 13, -41, RAYMOND BRONSON Il ig Ambition-To be happy F avorite Pastime-Hanging' Around A version-Catty people Joe is out to get all the enjoyment he can from life. He's one of the boys who attends every dance with a pretty young lady, but never the same one two weeks in a row. In fact he's 'been very active in the social life of B, F. A. Though this has kept him busy, he has also had time to he made a sergeant in the National Guard, so we're sure he'll get along well in this atomic age. Honors: Glee Club 11, 31g Basketball 1113 Librzninn 121: Fresh- man Sophomore Reception Committee 121. L C WBaF- A- .-.llf.'i'P.1f.f.,H EDWARD BROOKS B ig Ambition-To travel F avorite Pastime-Dancing A version-Growing up Who is this pleasant looking chap whose dancing we all hear so much about? Why, Eddie, of course. An irresistible laugh, a happy smile, and a good worker--that also describes Eddie Honors: Senior Play Committee 1415 Graduation Usher 1313 Ivy Day Speaker 1413 Class Day Speaker 141: Senior Gift Committee 141: Home Room Treasurer 121g Assembly Program 1313 Sophomore Freshman Reception Committee 121 :Junior Rotarian 141g Boys' State 131: Latin Club 1213 Junior Prom Committee 131: Junior Jamboree Committee 131g Senior Supper Host 1413 Class Secretary 12, 313 Class President 141. WREN BUCKLAND B ig Ambition-To own a dress shop F avorite Pastime-Keeping people happy A version-Green peppers Wren has taken part in a variety of school activities, as her list of honors indicates, but along with being' a busy person outside of school hours she has always maintained a fine scholastic average. Her friendliness and spirit of cooperation have made her a desirable class- mate-in fact, having those two qualities is a pastime with Wren! Honors: -Glee Club 141: Graduation Escort 1313 Accounting Cer- tificate 1413 Bookkeeping Certificate 1315 Typing Certificate 50 words 1415 Senior Supper Committee 141g Junior Jamboree Usher 1313 Home Ec. Fashion Show 1415 Special Assembly Programs 12, 313 Assembly Prci1grarr:UC-ommiittee 1413 Spring Concert Usher 12, 31: Senior Play Us er . IEAN-IACQUES CHABOT B ig Ambition-To be an electrical engineer F avorite Pastime-Reading and hockey A version-Snakes Look out! Here comes a flash down the ice. Why, that's Jake, the hockey pllayer, coasting' his way into B. F. A. from St. Eidmund'si: Jake's pleasant ways have won him many friends. although he has been with us but a year. Since hockey isn't played here, he has transferred his interest in figures from those on ice to those in math class, Honors: St. Edmund's Juniorate: Hockey 12, 313 Dramatics 12, 31. PAUL CHABOT B ig Ambition-To travel F avorite Pastime-Skiing A version-Lazy people Although Paul enjoys life in a quiet way, he has been active, not quiet, in working for the good of the school. No one need have an aver- sion for him for being lazy or for any other reason. Try to find any- one at B. F. A. who has any dislike for our likable Paul. Honors: Class Treasurer 1413 Grinds Committee 1415 Senior Sup- per Host 141g Shorthand Certificate 131: Assembly Program 1313 Home Room Officer 121, Collector of Dues 1213 Basketball 11, 21: Bookkeeping Certificate 131: Accounting Certificate 141. B.F.A. Mercury 31 CLIFFORD CHACNON ll ig Ambition-Be a success F avorite Pastime-Dancing A version-Back-biters The wit of the Senior Class The lone star of Stenography II, A fellow that's out for fun- That's Cliff-better pals are few. ' Yes, all of that and much more make up Cliff, for his sense of humor and friendliness are worth plenty. Honors: Senior Play Prompter 1413 Glee C-lub 11, 2, 3, 413 O. G. A. Certificate 1413 Shorthand Certificate, 60 words 141: Competent Ty- pist, speed 37 words 141. MAUBICE CHEVALIER B ig Ambition-To go to college lf' avorite Pastime-Playing sports - A version-New Look "Chevy'-', known for his singing and dramatic ability, is our Bing Crosby. An ardent athletic participant, he has received letters in the the three major sports of football, basketball and baseball. Honors: Senior Play 1413 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 412 Boys' Quartet 1413 All State Chorus 12, 3, 41: Double Quartet 1311 Class Will 14-3 Class 'Treasurer 111: Class President 1211 Junior Jamboree 11, 213 Coote Field Trustee 1413 Football 1111 Varsity 12, 3, 413 Basketball 1113 Varsity 12, 3, 413 Co-Captain 1413 Baseball 11, 213 Varsity 13, 41: Cheer Leader 1113 P. T. A. Program 1413 Graduation Usher 131. KATHRYN COLLINS B ig Ambition-To be a medical secretary F avorite Pastime Riding in a Blue Packard "Cli er" -- 1 mu A version--Chemistry Kay will be remembered for many desirable things: her charm and dignity, a friendly smile, her good looks, and her ability as a cheerleader. Honors: Librarian 1211 Mercury, Girls' Sports Writer 13, 41: Senior Play Usher 1413 Poster Committee 1413 'Graduation Escort 131: Class Night Usher 1213 Glee Club 11, 2, 413 Mixed Glee Club 1211 Grinds Committee 1413 Latin Club 121 Tennis 1211 Cheerleader, J. V. 12, 31, Varsity 1413 Assembly Program Committee Chairman 1313 Home Room Officer 1313 Senior Planning Committee 1413 Senior Party Committee 141. IOIIN D. COMSTOCK li ig Ambition--To own a camp at Lake Willoughby I" avorite Pastime-Hunting and Fishing A version-Females J. D. is one person who can make his own decisions and not be swayed from them by anyone else. John waswounded at Berchtesgaden, Austria, in 1945. He served 2V2 years as an infantry light machine gunner in England, France, Germany and Austria. He won nine U. S. ribbons and two French citations. A good record, n'est-ce-pas? Honors: Bookkeeping Certificate 1211 Home Room President 1413 Basketball Ass't. Coach 131: Member of Executive Council 132, -11. V--. 1. 3154- MF CHQ? , DENNIS COON B ig Ambition-To manage a business F avorite Pastime-Baseball A version-Formal dances Smooth on the dance floor and definitely entertaining in class, carefree and happy, that's Dennis. Studying is not one of his favorite pastimes but he does manage to "get by." However, if he hasn't al- ways been active in his studying, he has been energetic as a member of the National Guard for over a year. Honors: Senior Play Committee 1413 Glee Club 1113 Orchestra 1113 Basketball 11, 41. RODNEY CORRICAN B ig Ambition-To be an auto mechanic F avorite Pastime-Playing pinochle A version-Wise guys Roddy has several different things that he calls his favorite His favorite song is "The Army Air Corps." Could it be that this summer he'll take off like a big bird? His favorite President is Honest Abe. Could it be because they named an avenue in St. Albans after him? Red's favorite pastime is playing pinochle. Is that one of those games you can play by yourself? If not, can I play, too? 1P. S. I'm Noreen.1 Honors: Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41: Orchestra 111: All -State Band 1113 All State Chorus 13, 41: Junior Jamboree 11, 215 Football 121, Varsitv 13, 413 Basketball 12, 3, 41. HAROLD Cnoss B ig Ambition-To manage a business of his own F avorite Pastime-Hunting A version-Formal dances After overcoming the disadvantage of having hailed from the wilds of Hardwick and Barre instead of having enjoyed the golden opportunity of spending all four years at B. F. A., "Bob Oscar" has become one of our most popular boys, and little wonder, with his sense of humor, easy conversation, and liking for a good-natured argument. He has made many friends at B. F. A. because he has been one. Honors: Hardwick Academy: Basketball 11, 213 Varsity 121: Football, Varsity ,21j Baseball, Varsity ,1, 21g B. F. A.: Librarian 1413 Baseball 141. ' ANDRE DEMERS B ig Ambition-To be a .mechanic F avorite Pastime-fDr1v1ng A version-eFast drivers He's tall, dark and handsome Always has a happy airg On the run he sure comes, Merry, free from care. Andy is also usually on the run for a good time and he has the ability to keep things in high gear with his humor. Honors: Glee Club 1113 Bookkeeping Certificates 12, 31: Senior Supper Committee 1415 Accounting Certificate 141. H. F. A. Mercury ROBERT DENIO B ig Ambition+Get rich easy I F avorite Pastime-Tinkering with machinery A version-History Bob is one of the quiet, friendly members of our class. His pleasant personality and willingness to work is surpassed by none. Never a week passes when he is not asked to run a picture for some class or spin disks for the Saturday dances. He never says no to such a request and Bob's cheerful helpfulness will be missed. Honors: Grinds Committee 1415 Latin Club 1213 Projector Opera- tor 12, 3, 413 Assembly Program 12, 3, 413 Mercury Dance Committee 12. 31- - PAUL DENNER B ig Ambition- F avorite Pastime-Playing Sports A version- Paul came'to us from Ogdensburg, New Ydrk, just before mid- years this past year. Since coming here he has made many friends among the male population, but does not seem to take much interest in feminine companionship. 1Paul, you don't know what you're miss- ing!1 His activity in athletics at Odgensburg is shown by his honors, and while here, Paul showed basketball prowess in helping the Have- Its win the school tournament. Honors: Ogdensburg, N. Y.: Tumbling 1113 Hockey 1313 Football 1415 St. Albans: Baseball 141. PAUL DESAUTELS ll ig Ambition-To be a success F avorite Pastime-Reading A version-Domineering people - Paul is a tall, dark and-quiet-senior who has great plans for the future. Paul has decided that the place for him in life is working on a newspaper. With such plans for himself we're sure that he's bound to make that Big Ambition a certainty. How could he miss with all the experience he has had while associated with the Mercury? Honors: Senior Supper Committee 1413 Mercury Solicitor 13, 413 Basketball 1113 Typing Certificate 141. LOUIS R. DWORSHAK li ig Ambition-To do well in college F avorite Pastime-Driving' A version-English -r Louie, who joined the class of '48 when he came from Niagara Falls in his sophomore year, has become one of the important mem- bers of B. F. A. This accomplished gent established a name for him- self by showing his talents behind the footlights in many B. F. A. dramatic productions and also proved his ability on the basketball court. Honors: Senior play 141g Glee Club 13. 413 All-State Chorus 141g Usher 1313 Armistice Day Speaker 1313 Home Room Officer 141: Junior Jamboree 1313 State Contest Play 1413 Basketball 1213 Va,-- sity 1313 Vice President Student Council 1-113 Junior llUl,Ill'l1lll 1111: lla-In-gale to Montpelier l"orun1 1-11, A..kM,e r7c u 1' y CRAEME FRANCIS B ig Ambition-To be a Grantland Rice F avorite Pastime-Sleeping' and eating 1anything' but parsnips5 A version-Bats and parsnips Liked by everyone, disliked by none-that's "Gaye". He represents BFA as one of its best athletes for the past four years. He doesn't rely on athletic ability alone for his popularity, for he is also noted ici his dramatic ability. When he graduates, BFA loses a "reg-lar e er." Honors: Mercury, Assistant Editor 135, Editorial Writer 1455 Senior Play 145: -Glee Club 12, 3, 453 Grinds Committee 1453 Band 11, 2, 3, 453 All-State Band 12, 3, 45g Home Room President 1353 Gradua- tion Usher 135g Junior Jamboree 1253 One-Act Play Contest 1253 Latin Club 11, 25: Basketball 11, 255 Varsity 13, 453 COJC-aptain 145: ga1sebagl,bVarsity 13, 45: Tennis 11, 253 P. T. A, Speaker 1453 Ticket 'e er 2 . CELESTE CAGE B ig' Ambition-To be a music supervisor F avorite Pastime-Music A version-Destruction Personality-plus and a go-getter in all she undertakes-those are two phrases which well describe our Celeste. Perhaps someday we shall hear Celeste playing' the piano in Carnegie Hall for with her musical ability she'll surely go a long, long' way. Honors: Richford High: Class Vice-President 125: Class Treasurer 1353 Glee Club 12, 353 BFA: 'Glee Club 13, 45: All-State Chorus 1453 Graduation Escort 1353 Assembly Piano Player 13, 453 'Grinds Com- mittee 145g Home Room Officer 1453 Senior Supper Speaker 1453 Senior Supper Committee 145, Contest Play Usher 135: Junior Jam- boree 145g Junior Jamboree Usher 135: Girls' State 1353 Executive Council 1455 Home Ee, Style Show 1455 Assembly Program Commit- tee 145 Assembly Concert 135. CERMAINE CREGOIRE B ig Ambition-To be a secretary F avorite Pastime-Dancing ' A version-Jealous people A nearly perfect school attendance record, a ,qood scholastic standing, and many extra-curricular activities comprise Germaine's successful school record. With her pleasant nature and conscientious- ness, she will undobtedly retain the good record throughout her career. Honors: Mercurv Staff, Feature Writer 12, 35, Feature Editor 1453 Senior Play Usher 1455 Co-chairman Grinds Committee 145: Bookkeeping Certificates 1353 Typil- Certificate, 54 words 145: OGA Certificates Junior and Senior 135, 60 words 1453 Complete Theory Certificate 1455 Home Economics Dress Review 11, 253 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 45, Mixed Glee Club 2, 45, Ivy Day Speaker 1453 Senior Supper Committee 145. A li. I". A. M c r cf u r y GEORGE IIAHNION H ig Ambition-To be an electrician I" avorite Pastime-Music A version-Studying George is one of the schools most accomplished musicians, having attained the honor of playing his trumpet in the All-State Band for three years. This handsome chap's greatest thrill will be when he 1'e- ceives his diploma from Bellows Free Academy, St. Albans, Vermont. After that, he will give the thrill when he appears at your door as St. Albans' chief electrician. Honors: Orchestra 1113 Band 11, 2, 3, 413 All-State Band 11, 2, 31. SUSAN IIEHMANN li ig Ambition- F avorite Pastimc-Eating A version-Snakes and sneaks A care-free sparkling personality, a ready-for-excitement sort of person-that's our Sue. Here is a girl who really enjoys life and she helps mike it interesting, too, with her unlimited pep. Surely her dec- orative presence will be missed around B. F. A. next year. Honors: Mercury Reporter 13, 41: Senior Play 1413 Glec Club 11, 2, 3. 41, Double Quartet 131, All State Chorus 141: Graduation Escort 1319 Grinds Committee 1413 Home Room Vice President 12, 413 Senior Supper Decoration and Entertainment Committee 141 One-Act Play Contest 1413 Latin Club 1213 Vice President of Latin Club 121: Bas- ketball 11, 2, 3, 41, Varsity 12, 3, 415 Tennis 11, 213 Ivy Day Escort 131. FRANK HUHAN I! ig Ambition-To be successful I" avorite PastimewSports A version-Studies Frank has shown Grandland Rice ability as a member of thr- "lVlessenger" sports staff. He is extremely punctual even though he has to come all of .1 of a mile to school. His interest lies in baseball curves rather than the feminine type, but his real claim to fame is his ability to handle money. You're lucky you've got it, Frank! Honors: Class President 1113 Senior Play Ticket Committee 1113 Grinds Committee 141: Junior Jamboree Committee 141: Ticket Sell- er 15115 Football, Varsitv 12, 31: Basketball 1213 Baseball, 1Varsity 11, 2, 3 . LLOYD IACOBS I3 ig Ambition-To be a pilot I" avorite Pastime-Hunting and fishing A version-Dull days "lt isn't the size of the man in the fight-it's the size of fight in the man" applied to Jake when he was the snappy ball handler and Captain who led the Bobwhites through the 1946-47 basketball season so creditably. Although a first glance might give one the impression that Jake is a rather quiet and retiring person, a second look Vvguld, no doubt, reveal what the members of '48 have found out that the merry twinkle in his eye and his friendly smile are evidence that he is full of fun and a swell sport. Honors: Basin-tlmll 111, Vzirsilv 12, Il. -11, l':1pl:iiii 1113 llornv lloom l'I'i'Slll1'llt 1-11. FEI B.F.A. Mercury ANN KALAHAN B ig Ambition-To be a medical secretary F avorite Pastime-Talking A version-Boys Is Ann friendly? She certainly is. Does she have attractive red hair and a pretty smile? Yes, you've surely picked Ann, Plenty of other assets? Indeed she has, only she also has so many honors that there isn't room here to list both assets and honors. Honors: Mercury News Reporter 131: News Editor 1413 Librarian 1413 Senior Play Usher 1413 'Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Mixed Glee Club 1211 Graduation Escort 1313 Ivy Day Committee 1413 'Class Day Com- mittee 1413 'Grinds Committee 1413 Home Room Officer ,12, 311 Junior Jamboree Usher 1313 Contest Play Usher 1413 Senior Supper Com- mittee 1413 Basketball 11, 213 Assembly Program Committee 1313 Hcgme Ec. Fashion Show 1413- Ivy Day Escort 1313 Junior Jamboree 12 . NANCY IANE KERN B ig Ambition-To be happy F avorite Pastime-Dancing and reading A version-Spiders Good conversational ability, a contagious giggle, and excellent dramatic ability make up this swell person called Nancy. She also likes singing and dancing 1and Ted's Sweet Shoppe1 very, very much. Honors: Senior Play 1413 Glee Club 11, 2, 413 All State Chorus 1413 Graduation Escort 1313 Typing Certificates 1413 Junior Jamboree 1, 313 Assembly Programs 12, 313 All State Special Chorus 141. DONNA KERR B ig Ambition-To be a success F avorite Pastime-Walking my dog A version-Ill-mannered people Peppy, pretty, and impetuous is Donna. Since coming from Duluth, Minnesota, to join our class, she has made a commendable record at B. F. A. Her ability to guard on the basketball court and the talent she has shown behind the footlights are two of the things for which she'll be remembered. For Donna, life will certainly 'be "gaye" if a certain member of our class is near, Honors: Mercury Solicitor 13, 413 Graduation Escort 1311 Ivy Day Escort 1313 Home Room Officer 1213 Senior Supper Committee 1413 Junior Jamboree 11, 313 Jamboree Prompter 1211 Latin Club Secre- tary 121: Senior Play 1413 Contest Play 1413 Basketball 111, Varsity 2, 3, 413 Tennis 12, 312 Delegate to Youth Forum 1413 Dues Collector 1313 Glee Club 121. ANNA KING B ig Ambition-To be a nurse F avorite Pastime-Sports A version-Spiders . With her musical voice and pleasing personality, Anna will cheer many a patient when she has become a trained nurse. Here at BFA in addition to being a fine history student 1Anna thinks that one of the thinks she does best is to argue with Mr. Comi1, she also found time to be a leader on the basketball court. Honors: Class Secretary 1413 Mercury Typist 1413 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 413 All-State Chorus 141: Music Festival Auditioner 141: Gradu- ation Escort 1313 Home Room Vice President 1413 Senior Supper Hos- tess 1413 Junior Jamboree Prompter 1313 Latin Club 1213 Girls State 1313 Soloist, Spring Concert 1313 Senior Play Usher 1413 Band Con- cert Usher 1313 Athletic Banquet Hostess 1413 Ivy Day Escort 1313 All State Soloist 1413 Graduation Soloist 1413 Baskeball 11, 2, 3, 41, Varsity 12, 3, 41, Captain 1413 Tennis 11, 2, 31. ls. lf. A. Al U r ff if ry 37 MARILYN KING li ig Ambition-To be a secretary F avorite Pastime-Dancing A version-Conceited People Appearances are deceiving, In this case this saying holds truc because although Marilyn may appear quiet she has a remarkable sense of humor. Another fact unknown to some is that Marilyn pos- sesses a talent for singing. I Honors: Mercury Typist 13, 415 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 415 Graduation Escort 1315 Librarian 1215 Typing Certificates 13, 41 Shorthand Cer- tificate, 60 words 1415 Senior Supper Committee 1415 Tennis 12, 315 Junior and Senior O. G. A. Certificates 1415 Home Ec. Fashion Show 1415 Senior Play Usher 1415 Usher Junior Jamboree 12, 31. MALCOLM LADD B ig Ambition-To be a successful farmer F avorite Pastime-Hunting and fishing A version-none Malcolm has been a member of the Class of '48 but one year. How- ever, his friendly smile and attitude quickly made numerous friends. This summer he plans to continue farm work. If you see him headed for a stream full of fishes, you know that Malcolm will enjoy himself, as fishing is his favorite pastime. Honors: Future Farmers of America 141. BETTY ANN LADUE li ig AmbitionfTo be a private secretary F avorlte Pastime-Dancing A version-Parsnips and snakes Laughter is the best medicine and Betty has plenty of it. However trying a situation may be, you can be su1'e she will come through with a smile. Besides providing fun for the crowd, Betty was surely valu- able at all school functions. Honors: Class Secretary 1115 'Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 415 Graduation Escort 1315 Librarian 11, 215 Junior Jamboree 1115 Prompter 1415 Senior Supper Speaker 1415 Typing Certificate, 41 words 1415 Junior O 'G. A. Certificate 1315 Shorthand Speed Certificate, 60 words 1415 Class Cgfifgt Committee 1415 Senior Play Committee 1415 Class Night Usher 2 . ROBERT LAMPMAN B ig Ambition-To be an electrical engineer F avorite Pastime-Wood working A version-Studying Even if Bud uses no other assets than his good nature and wil- lingness to cooperate, he is bound to get along in life. Honors: Mercury Solicitor 121, Advertising Manager 131, Busi- ness Manager 1415 Senior Supper Speaker 1415 Junior Jamboree 13, 415 Boys' State 1315 Football 111, Varsity 141, Assistant Manager 131 Basketball 12, 415 Student Council Representative 131: Collector of Dues 1415 Senior Play Stage Manager 1415 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, All State Chorus 1415 Grinds Committee 1415 Typing Certificates, 35 words, 45 words 1415 Home Room Secretary-'l'reasurc1' 1115 lluml 1l, 2, 331, All State Ilzind 12, 2315 llasclmll 11, 21, Nfamigor 1:11, B. F. A. Mflozirg LARRY LARROW B ig Ambition F avorite Pastime-Eating A version-Tripe Here is a perfect example of a fellow who "goes and gets 'emi' Larry has been one of the most popular senior boys at B. F. A, and has served as a very capable president of the Student Council. Always congenial and friendly, he's ready and willing to help when needed. Doesn't that explain his popularity? Honors: Senior Play 145g Glee Club 11. 3, 45, All State Chorus 1455 Graduation Speaker 145: Senior Supper Speaker 1453 Junior Jam- boree 145 Boys' State 135, Baseball 1153 Basketball 115: President Student Council 145: Ticket Seller 145. ROLAND L,ECUYER B ig Ambition-To be a manager F avorite Pastime-Dancing and skiing A version-Walking Roland, or Sam as he is better known to his numerous friends, is a gay fellow who is also the dependable sort. He's always cheerful and happy whatever comes his way and especially if he has a chance to help his friends. Those are all fine qualities, and perhaps we should mention that another outstanding one is his way with girls-particu- larly one attending St. Mary'sl Honors: Assembly Program Entertainment 135 Basketball 11, 253 Bookkeeping Certificate 125: Typing Certiiicate 145: Senior Supper Committee 145g Accounting Certificate 1453 Collector of Dues 125. MARILYN LEMNAH B ig Ambition-To be a private secretary F avorite Pastime-Dancing A version-Snakes When you've seen a petite blonde miss with sparkling eyes and a friendly smile roaming the halls 1usually not alone5, you may be quite sure it was Marilyn, who is well known for her smooth dancing and her ability to make and keep friends. Her good looks. pleasant manner, and secretarial ability will be valuable assets when she be- comes John D. Rockfeller's private secretary. Honors: Mercury Typist 145, Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 45: Graduation Escort 135: O. 'G. A. Certificate 1355 Speed Certificate, 60 words, 80 words, 100 words 1453 Complete Theory Certficate 145g Librarian 11, 25: Typing Certificate 42 words 145: Jamboree Prompter 145: Tennis 1253 Fashion Show 145, Senior Play Usher 1453 Class Night Usher 2 . DAVID LIVINGSTON B ig Ambition-To be a private investigator F avorite Pastime-Playing basketball A version-Irritating people D-ependable, A-mbitious, V-igorous, I-ntelligent, D-ceptive 1on the basketball court5, that's David. Dave has a flare for everything, 1except maybe girls, darn it5, even mechanics. This latter ability was proved by the greatest electric motor ever produced in a physics class. His honors and favorite pastime indicate where his main interest in life lies. Honors: Mercury Periscope Editor 13, 45: Place Card Committee for Senior Supper 1455 Latin Club 1253 Basketball 11, 2, 355 Varsity 1453 Football 1255 Tennis 11, 2, 35: Graduation Usher 135. 13517, A5 M c r c u r y , fww YW ,favw BOSE LUNE.-XU B ig Ambition-To be a good stenographer F avorite Pastimc-Reading and music A version-Snakes To Rose goes a rising vote of thanks for the loyul anrl valuable efforts she has put forth for the school during her years at B. F. A. To do justice to her in a few words is impossible. In short, however, Rose is definitely a ,qirl worth knowing. , Honors: Mercury Feature Writer 12, 3, 433 Senior Play Commit- tee 1431 Glee Club 12, 33: Graduation Speaker 1433 Competent Typist Certificates 58 words 1433 O. G. A. Certificates, 150 words, X0 words, 100 words per minute 1433 Home Room Treasurer 143: Senior Supper Committee 1433 Girls' State 1333 Home Ec, Dress Review 11, 23: Com- plete Theory Certificate 1433 Co-chairman Grinds Committee 14131 Bookkeeping Certificates 12, 3, 43. MONICA NIAliSlpllA Ii ip: Ambition-To be a surgical nurse F avorite PastimewReading A version-Men Not much is heard from "Willy" but we are sure that as the years progress her tongue will vibrate more freely, Looking: at her amibition, pastime, and aversion we are stumped. She likes to read-- that's good, for it will help her in that ambition to become a nurse. But her aversion, men, doesn't seem to fit in. I ,quss she just wants to be associated with women doctors and patients. Hono1's: Librarian 1333 Junior Bookkeeping Certificate 123, Senior Bookkeeping' Certificate 123, Superior Bookkeeping Certi.ic-ate 1233 Typing: Certificate, 39 WO1'dS 1431 Basketball 1232 Ticket Seller 11, 2, 333 International Bookkeeping' Contest Certificate 143. BETTY MARTI N B ig' Ambition-To have a happy life F avorite Pastime-Sports and dancing A version-Dogs Anyone looking for Betty outside of class hours during' the win- ter months could always find her in the gym. And did you know that she made the All State girls' basketball team? She's a swell sport. Just say "Let's" and before you have finished she'll reply, "Yes, let's"! Honors: Senior Play Prompter 143: Glee Club 11, 3, 432 All State Cl101'US 143: Graduation Escort 1333 O. G. A. Certificates, G0 words, 80 words 1431 Competent Typing Certificate. 42 words per minute 1331 Senior Supper Decoration Committee 1433 Girls, State 133: Basket- bagl J V. 113, Varsity 12, 3, 43, All State 1433 Ticket Seller, Jamboree 3 . ROI DNEY NIEABS B ig Ambition-To play professional baseball I" avorite Pastime-Playing baseball A version-Turnips "There's the wind up, the pitch, and there it goes, ladies and gentlemen, out of the ball park and Roddy Mears has eclipsed Babe Ruth's home run record as he pounds out is sixty-first round tripper of the year." That's Rod six yea1's, two months, and seventeen days from now. If his high school playing is any indication, this prophecy is bound to turn up 1oops! your aversion!3 O. K. His senior year found him in possession of a trophy for being' B. F. A,'s outstanding' footballer in 1947, and one of the school Glee Clubis finest tenors. W Honors: Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 43, All State Chorus 13, 433 Senior SUDDBI' Speaker 143: Junior Jamboree 1-133 Baseball, Varsity 12, JI, -l3Q Football, Varsity 1-133 Student Council llome lloom Rc-press-i1l:itix'e 11133 .lumboree Ticket, Seller 17333 Junior Class 'lll'l'Il.SLli't'!' 1313, A F. Myer c 1.4 r g CARLTON MORSE B ig Amlbition-To own a large farm F avorite Pastime-Hunting' and fishing A version-Silly girls Skip is one of our quieter classroom students, although it must be said he seems to enjoy himself outside in one way or another. He is a memlber of the newly formd F. F. A., which he is proud Ito serve. His ambition is to own a large farm some day. Did you notice he does not want a silly farmerette? Honors: Senior Play Committee 141, Future Farmers of America 141, Baseball 13, 41, Football 121, Basketball 12, 41. COLLEEN MYOTT B ig Ambition-To play in an orchestra F avorite Pastime-Playing the piano A version-Show offs Here's a girl who is everyone's' friend. Even though she is reser- ved, she possesses the precious gifts of humor and friendliness, blend- ed with much intelligence. 'Colleen has many varied interests, but foremost among? them is music, Honors: Mercury typist 141, Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Graduation Escort 131, Typing Certificates 13, 41, Shorthand Certificates, Junior and Senior O. G. A. 131, Refreshment Committee for Senior Supper 141, Contest Play Usher 141, Basketball 111, Tennis 11, 2, 3, 41, Home Ec. Fashion Show 141, IOYCE NEWTON B ig, Ambition-To be a nurse F avorite Pastime-Nothing' special A verslion-Snakes and peas Popular, friendly, cheerful and helpful-that's Joyce. She is a good student and has always been an eager participant in school activi- ties. Honors: Senior Play 141, Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, All-State Chorus 141, Graduation Escort 131, Graduation Speaker 141, Home Room Secretary 141 Senior Supper Hostess 141, Entertainmenft Commit-tee 141, Junior Jamboree 13, 41, Latin Club 121, Girls' State 131, D. A. R. Medal 141, Basketball, Junior Varsity 111, Varsity 12, 3, 41, Collector of Dues 141, Class Vice President 11, 3, 41, Ivy Day Es-cont 131. NANCY NEWTON B ig Ambition-To be an airline stewardess F avorite Pastime-Playing softball A version-People who try to be funny You've heard of "the gem of the collection"? Well, Nancy is the gem of our class. There's nothing she wouldn't do for her friends, and everything is done with a smile. Could you think of lbetter qualifica- tions for a successful air stewardess? Honors: Senior Pl-ay Committee 141, Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Mixed 'Glee Club 111, All State Chorus 13, 41, Assembly Pano Player 141: Class Prophecy 141, Home Room Officer 141, Senior Supper Speaker 141, Junior Jamboree 141, Latin Club 11, 21, Christmas Play 131, Assembly Program Committee 141, Senior Gift Committee 141. li. l'. A. M 1'I'1,'Ill'U 41 PAUIA PART I ,OXV I5 ig Ambition-To own a dude ranch i If avorite Pastime-Horseback riding and reading A version-Show-offs Paula is of a very quiet and unassuming nature but that doesn't mean tibaft she doesn't have a very special place in the circle of iriends she has made at BFA. Once you get acquainted with Paula you fin-d that beneath that quiet exterior is a wealth of fun and good humor that make her a most desirable companion. Honors: Glee Club 111 Bookkeeping Certificate 1215 Typing Cer- tificate 141g Shorthand Certificates 13, 41. - IEANNE PERRON B ig Ambition-To graduate If' avorite Pastime-Dancing and fishing A version-Gold diggers Quite reticent, quite conscientious, and quite admirable! That's Jeanne. She has a grand disposition and a quick, bright smile. Jeanne is always ready for fun and likes fishing, especially when a tall good- looking guy named Bob is concerned. Honors: Refreshment Committee for Senior Play Party 1415 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 413 Graduation Escort 1311 Junior and Senior O. G. A. Shorthand Cerrtifieate 1313 Junior Jamboree Usher 1315 Basketball 1115 Glee Crluib Broadcast Usher 1413 Typing Certificate 1413 Property Committee for Home Ee. Fashion Show 141. PATRICIA PUDVAH B ig Ambition-To be happy F avorite Pastime-Athletics and dancing A version-Men A winning smile and a happy-go-lucky nature both belong to Pat. She'll also be remembered by her B. F. A classmates for her ability as a basketball guard and characteristic of being an agreeable com- panion With the pep and personality Dittie possesses, she'll have no trouble at all in fulfilling her Big Ambition-but as for her Aversion, well, we just don't believe it! Honors: St. Mary's High: Glee Club 11, 21, Play Nite 1213 Promp- ter 1113 Home Room Vice President 1113 B. F. A.: Glee Club 13, 413 All State Chorus 141, Basketball, Varsity 13, 41g Typing Certificate, 52 Words, 1415 Shorthand Certiti-cate 1413 Assembly Program Com- mittee f41g Senior Supper Decorating Committee 1415 Graduation Es- cort 13 . ROGER RHEAUME B ig Ambition-To be an accountant F avorite Pastime-Skiing and basketball A version-Fast Walkers Roger is a quiet, easy-going fellow who has all the qualities mos-t desirable when you are choosing a friend. He doesn't ever make a Elfat fuss over what he is doing but you can depend on Roger to ac- complish anything he agrees to do. But don't think of him as too serious, however, for he is always ready for a good time. With all of the commercial honors to his credit, there isn't much doubt that after spending some time in college in Boston, Roger will be a success- ful accountant. Honors: Mercury Sports Editor 13, 413 Glee Club 11, 213 Book- keeping Certificates 12, 2315 Typing Certificates 13, -11: llome Room Officer 1215 llasketlvall 1l, 213 Ass'f. lVIanager I"ool.Imll 1213 Dues 1'ol- lector 121, Superior Bookkeeping Certificate 1-113 Senior Planning Committee 141. W W5 1 A T Dr l31,.Fe,A- METWW LAWRENCE RICHARD B ig Ambition-To be a diesel engineer F avorite Pastime-Sleeping A version-Studying Clank! Clank! Here comes Sonny commanding the tank regiment. Like Napoleon he is a military man and can be found every Monday night drilling at the armory. But militarism is not the only thing that Sonny and Natpoleon have in common-for did1n't Napoleon have his Josephine? Honors: Orchestra 11, 213 Band 11, 2, 31, All State Band 1313 Football 12, 3, 41, Varsity 13, 413 Basketball 11, 2, 312 Varsity 1313 Baseball 'Manager 12, 312 Cheerleader 1413 Glee Club 11, 21. ALDEN RICHARDS B ig Ambition--To be a dentist F avorite Pastime--Hunting and fishing A version-Fickle women A loyal member of this senior class is Toni, also known as Baldy and Fair Catch, who claims he has more nicknames than anyone else in the school. As well as having many nicknames he also has a variety of interests-music, siports, dramaticis, and girls. Honors: Mercury, Solicitor 131, Advertising Manager 1413 Senior Play 1413 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 413 Mixed Glee Cllub 1213 All State Chorus 12, 3, 413 Junior Jamboree 141: Freshman-Sophomore Party Commit- tee 1213 Radio Program 1213 Basketball 11, 213 Track 1313 Football 12, 413 Tennis 11, 2, 313 Ski Team 1413 All State Soloist 141. CLARENCE ROBERTS B ig Ambition-To own a barrel company F avorite Pastime-Hunting A version-Conceited women One of Stinky's special ftalents is getting in trouble. However. he also has a special talent for getting out of trouble. Stinky's favorite hobby is women, so if sometime in the future you see a big cross- country van with "Roberts Barrel Co," printed on the side and some bekautiful girl riding with the driver, you will know who is at the w eel. Honors: Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 4, 51, All State Glee Olub 14, 513 Bookkeeping Certificates 13, 413 Home Room Officer 13, 413 Football 12, 3, 11, Varsity 13, 413 Basketball 11, 2, 313 Baseball 11, 2,412 Cheer- leader 13, 413 Collector of Dues 131. MARIETTE ST. AMAND B ig Ambitimm-To be a success F avorite Pastime-Dancing A version-Conceited people This dark-eyed senior is just bubbling over fwith life, and things are never dull when she is around. However, Mariette goes about her work and her many extra-curricular activities in a very business-like manner. Honor: Mercury Staff' Treasurer 1413 Senior Play Prompter 1413 'Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 413 Graduation Escort 1313 Librarian 11, 211 Grinds Committee 1413 Bookkeeping Certificate O. B. E, pin 12, 31: Typing Certificate 43 words 1411 O. A. T, Certificate 1412 Shorthand Certifi- cate 13, 413 Junior and Senior O. G. A. Certificate 131, Speed 60 words 141, 80 words 1413 Home Room Officer, Treasurer 1413 Senior Supper Committee 1413 Junior Jamboree Prompter 1313 Assembly Program Committee 11, 2, 3, 413 Tennis 12, 31. R. lf. A. M c r c u r y 43 PASCAI. ST. PIERRE R ig Ambition-To be a success F avorite Pastime-Hunting and fishing A version-Noisy places Packy is a returned sailor boy who spent 15 months in Uncle Sam's Navy. B. F. A. students will miss Packy's guitar playing and singing at the different programs. In his spare time, he goes Hshing and hunting. Did you notice he did not say what? Honors: Senior SupperAProg1-am 1453 Future Farmers of America 125: F. F, A. Basketball 13, 453 Assembly Program 145: Service Rec- ord, U. S. Navy 15 months ROBERT SAUNDE RS Il ig Ambition-To be an electrician F avorite Pastime-Sleeping A version-None Bob is a happy-go-lucky chap who spends most of his time smil- ing, except when he's playing pool. He is a bold adventurer who be- lieves in getting out and doing a t'little" work after graduating, Bob always has a good joke or a sto1'y to tell his friends to cheer them up. Honors: Glee Club 1153 Football 1153 Baseball 145. ALBERT SAURWEIN B ig Ambition-None F avorite Pastime-Basketball A version-Getting up in the morning ' Quite a boy is our Uncle Bud. His witty capers and rare remarks will be remembered 'by all his friends. His classmates aren't the only ones who will miss him, as the athletic department and the glee club will both suffer ouite a loss when they lose Bud after graduation. Bud's "Favorite Pastime" is hunting. What-may we ask? We didn't know you had a gun, Bud! Honors: Glee Club 13, 453 Home Room Officer 1453 Basketball 135, Vasrsity 1453 Football, Varsity 1453 Track 13, 45: Graduation Usher 13 . ARLENE SIIEEIIAN I! ig Ambition-To succeed F avorite Pastime-Eating A version-Snakes and spiders By nature an extremely happy and friendly person, Arlene can bo depended on to do her utmost to please those with whom she comes in contact. She's a conscientious worker too. With all these and many more qualities, how can she help but succeed? Honors: Glee Club 12, 3, 45g Ivy Day Escort 1351 Graduation Es- cort 135i Senior Play Committee 1453 Class Gift Cilllllllllititl' 1151 Iiaiin Club 12 . l l ,yyyy B. F. 3, M af airy IANET SHEPARD B ig Ambition-To graduate F avorite Pastime-Dan-cing and hiking A version-Snakes and nosey people Janet is endowed with such a conglomeration of pleasant charac- terstics it's impossible to pick out any single one which typifies the girl we know. S-he's a common-sense person, acting with confidence and frendlin-ess. Honors: Refreshment Commi-ttee for Senior Supper 1433 Glee Club 11, 2, 333 Graduation Escort 133: Junior and Senior Shorthand Certificates 133g Junior Jamboree Usher 1335 Glee Club Broadcast Usher 1333 Typing Certificate, 34 words 1433 Publicity Committee Fashion Show 143. THOMAS SWAINBANK B ig Ambition-To own a car F avorite Pastime-Fishing A version-History Tom holds the proudl record of 'pitching the longest inning' of base- ball in Northern League history. He pitched for an hour and still didn't strike anyone out. There is never a dull moment when Tom is around for he always has a joke wi-th which to amuse his friends. Honors: 'Baseball 11, 2, 3, 43, Varsity 13, 433 Football 11, 2, 33, Varsity 133g Home Room President 143. CHARLOTTE TOWLE B ig Ambition--To be a nurse F avorite Pastime-Arguing A version--Redheads Charlotte is a demure blue-eyed blond. Friends find that under- neath her quiet reserve there is sparkling wit and humor. Charlotte also has brains. She has proved the latter fact through her report card and the Pepsi Cola contest results. Honors: Senior Play Business Manager 1433 Senior Supper Com- mittee 143g Glee Club 11, 2, 433 Graduation Escort 1333 Librarian 1233 Junior Jamboree Committee 1333 Junior Jamboree Usher 133. GERALD TROMBLY B ig Ambition-To be rich F avorite Pastime-Baseball A version-Studying English Gerald is a full-blooded Frenchman who weighs 165 lbs. and is 5 ft. 10k inches tall. Besides these facts and figures we know that he is listed as a very loyal member of the F. F A. and the Aggie De- partment, where he spends most of his extra time. In fact. Gerald plans to continue in this field after graduation. A not too talkative fellow, he certainly sets a fine example for a lot of chatteriboxes. Honors: Glee Club 11, 23g Future Farmers of Am01'iC2- f3. 43: Basketball 12, 333 Senior Play Ticket Taker 143, . I l B.F.A. Mercury 45 ,WILLIAM TUSCANY B ig Ambition-To be happy F avorite Pastime-Loafing A version-Bossy women Bill is one of the type that can get along with anyone. He also can get along back stage during a play, can't he, girls? Bill is the class actor. the kind of actor the girls fall for. Honors: Senior Play 1455 One Act Play Contest 1355 Jamboree 1155 -Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 455 All State Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 45: Class Day Advice to Undergraduates 1455 Basketball 11, 255 Baseball 12, 3, 45, Varsity 12, 45. STANLEY WEBSTER B ig Ambition-To fly own plane F avorite Pastime-Hunting A version-Drinking and wild women "Amos" is a fortunate chap who knows exactly what he wants to do in the future. He likes farming and although an accident kept him out of school for a year he came back and took an agricultural course to help him run the farm he'll soon own. Probably he'll fulfill his Big Ambition by flying his products directly to market. Honors: -Senior .Supper Entertainment 'Committee 1455 Future Farmers of America 1455 Latin Club 1255 Football Manager 1455 Christmas Play 1355 School Band 11, 2, 355 All State Band 135. LEAH WHIPPLE B ig Amlbition-To be a concert pianist F avori-te Pastime-Loafing A version--Tomatoes There ju-st ought to be more people in the world like Leah. She doesn't let trouble trouble her and she never has any hard-luck stories to tell. In fact she's the best little pal you ever saw and is always ready for a good time and a good laugh. And she's always ready to izogpgrate when there's work to be done. Now do vou see why she rates ii . Honors: Mercury News Reporter 13, 455 Senior Play Committee 1455 Glee 'Clu-b 11, 2, 455 Graduation Escort 1355 Ivy Day Escort 135: Home Room Officer 125: Senior Supper Committee 1455 Junior Jam- boree Usher 1355 Contest Play Usher 1455 Latin Club 1255 Home Ee. Fashion Show 1455 Freshman Reception Committee 125. LESLIE WILLIAMSON B ig Ambition-To wbe a photographer F avorite Pastirne-Photography A version-Getting up in the morning You wonder who has contributed the most color to the class Of 1948? Why, it's none other than John Henrv with his flare for extru- hright shirts and flashy bow ties. This tall, dark, and handsome fellow has developed his hobby of photography to such an extent that there's no question about his succes-s in his chosen work, Honors: Home Room Officer 1355 Senior Play Committee 1455 Year Book Photographer 145. . FLQL4 WEE? C9 NORMA IEANNE WILSON B ig Ambition-To own a '48 Cadillac F avorite Pastime-Fishing A version-Walking Prettiness and friendliness best describe Norma. She is the tall fair-haired girl who has proved her acting- ability on the B. F. A. stage. If some sunny day you see a '48 Cadillac whizzing by don't be alarmed for it'5 only Norma going fishing. Honors: Mercury Typist 13, 41: Senior Play Committee 1413 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 415 -Class History 1413 Shorthand- Certificate 13, 413 OAT Certificate, 56 words 1413 Typing Certificates 13, 41: Home Room Of- ficer 121g Senior Supper Speaker 1413 Junior Jamboree 11, 415 Tennis 1 1, 2, 3, 415 Collector of Dues 1213 Christmas Play 1413 Ticket Seller 141- GEORGE WOOD B ig Ambition-To be happy F avorite Pastime-Attending sports events A version-Drunkards Sonny is St. Albans' chief rival to Charlie Spivak and his title of "the sweetest trumpet in the world." George also excels in sports and has won many a ibaseball game with his timely hits. Music and sports do not stake all of his time, however, for besides studying to obtain his A-studded report cards, he has a special interest in B. F. A., Fairfax that is, and the class of '49, Honors: Band 11, 2, 3, 41, All State Band 12, 3, 41: Graduation Speaker 1415 Home Room President 121g Latin Club 1, 213 Boys' State 1313 D. A. R. 'Good Citizen 1413 Basketball 11, 213 Baseball 1115 Var- sity 12, 3, 41g Member of Executive Council 13, 41g Dues Collector 1113 Cgiristmas Play 1415 Assembly Program 13, 413 P. T. A. Programs REGINALD YATES B ig Ambition--To be successful F avorite Pastime-Hunting A version-Fast drivers Reggie is one of B. F. A.'s out-of-town students and every day. rain or shine, hot or cold, he's ibeen driving in from the vicinity of Fairfield Pond. All these miles of driving experience convince us that his aversion is based on what he's seen, not just read in the paper. Having chosen the Vocational-Agricultural Course, Reggie found that his favorite subjects were shop and Science. Outsid-e of school his- chief enjoyment comes from hunting. What? We're curious! An easy con- versationalist, a generous 'person with his car and with everything else, Reg has made many friend-s and not an enemy. B.F,A. Mercury 47 o by David Livingston MOVIES OF 1948 WHY IS "The H01-an Blows at Midnightr George Wood always carrying a chip on his is The Man Who Stayed for Denner" For Whom the Bell Towlesv Anna and the King of Siami' Uncle Tom's Cabinv K'The Tender Mearsi' cc me ai ac Ladd, Son of Lassiev Lloyd Jacobs thinks that two heads are better than one-when they are on the same shoulder. Louie Dworshak says itis a long walk to his girlis house, but her father usually drives him home. Dr. Herman: "Is it one A. M. yet, Susaniv' Sue: "I donit know. Archieis watch isn't goingf, D1'. H.: "Well, how about Archie? Roger Rheaume: "Gerald Trombly has been in the country seven days to regain his strengthf, Paul Desautels: "I thought seven days in the country made one weekf, Gaye Francis: "I wish I could revise the alpha- betf, Donna Kerr: "Why, what would you do?,' Gaye: "lid put U and I closer together." Bob Saunders offers this advice: One thing about rubber checks is that the man who writes one can be sure of a long stretch. Monica Marshia: "Did you see iOliver Twist' last night? Bose Luneau: "No, I never attend these mod- ern dancesf' ls the class's favorite drink a Kay Collins or is it Saurwein? shoulder? Nancy Jane Kern always looking for pennies? Eddie Brooks always singing "Down by the Old Mill Streamv? Janet Shepherd always singing "Ba Ba Black Sheepv? Carlton Morse always talking in code? Celeste Gage always worrying about her blood pressure? ATTENTION all B. F. A. Seniors! Be on the lookout for Gene Autry alias Pascal St. Pierre Albert Einstein alias John Berryman Maurice Chevalier alias Maurice Chevalier Charles Atlas alias Toni Richards Mr. Wilson: 'Tll teach you to make love to Normalv Bill Tuscany: 'KI wish you would. lim certainly not getting anywhere? Jeanne Perron: "Boy, has Clifford Chagnon progressed! When he was a freshman he couldnit even carry a tune, and now heis going to be a mover. Class birds: Whipple-will, Martin, and Wren. Larry Larrowis biggest political campaigner during the year was Bob Lampman. VVhy was Joyce Newton the only girl to take Physics? Amos Webster says that the man who says one half of the world doesn't know how the other half lives never was on a rural phone line. Joe Bronson and Boland L,Ecuyer have their own opinions about why some people don't mind their own business-they havent' any mind and they havenit any business. ? 48 .-.. , ,, How Classy Are Yon? lj Who are our only two male redheads? 21 Who is our only saint? 31 Can you name these two classmates? CANNY WENT ON, CAUSE HOT CAB. 45 What is the class's favorite food? ANS. fly Bob Denio and Bod Corrigan Q27 Mariette St. Amand 13, Nancy Newton and Iacques Chabot Q40 Coon-Bergers. Short conversation between a master and his dog Stock: "Com Stock, fetch My-ott. Here, Iill open the Yates for you. My, but La-due on the grass is wet this morning. Donit bite. Harmon people isnit nice. Up north theyid be Shee-han today in the snow. Iid rather be here. Woodn't guys like Lem. Nah! He wouldn't at thatf, ' And Ann Kalahan comments: A girl is often like the ocean-she may look green, but she can get awfully rough. - A Stinky Roberts hands this out! Men who drive one-handed are headed for church. Some will walk down the aisle, others will be carried. Harvey Cross, to splendidly uniformed by- stander: "Shay, call me a cab, will ya?D Splendidly uniformed by-stander: "My good man, I am not the doorman, I am a naval oflicerfi Cross: "Aw right, then call me a boat. I gotta ig ww B.-Il A. Mfr c u r y Germaine Gregoire: "Paula, these cakes are hard as stonef, Paula Partlow: "I know. Didnit you hear our hostess say, 'Take your pick'?v John Henry: "Every time I kiss you it makes me a better manf, Pat Pudvah: "Well, you donit have to try to get to heaven in one night." W A budding young soprano apologized for hav- ing a cold as she made her appearance at the concert. She sang HI will hang my harp on a high willow tre-ee-eee, I will hang my harp on a high willow tre-ee-eeef, each time breaking the high note. Suddenly Andre Demers, voice came from the balcony: "Try hanging it on a lilac bushli' Monica Bashaw: "You remind me of the oceanf' Ray Beauregard: "Wild, romantic, restless, eh?', Monica: "No, you just make me sickf, There was a timid knock at the Kingis door. "If you please, kind ladyf, said the beggar, 'Tve lost my right legf, "Well, it ainit heref' exclaimed Marilyn, and slammed the door. Betty Bard: "Paul, donit use such bad wordsf' Paul Chabot: "Shapespeare used them? get homef, Betty: "Well, don't play with him any moref, OFFICERS Standing OF Anna King THE Q Paul Chabot CLASS p OF l 1 9 4 3 I Sitting Edward Brooks Joyce Newton 0I00Oi0O F,A. Mercu ry 49 'l00 H. A. DOWLING MAY THE CLASS OF 1948 CARRY ON ALL THE TRADITIONS OF THE SCHOOL AND THOSE WHO HAVE GONE ALONG. I HOPE THE PATHWAY OF LIFE VVILL BE SMOOTH AND NOT STREWN VVITH TOO MANY THORNS BEST OF LUCK TO EACH INDIVIDUAL MEMBER Congratulations from TWIGGS, Inc. THE SPENCER HOTEL Sz GRILL C. A. KELLEY 38 SOUTH MAIN i N ATE'S, Inc. Visit our Store for Athletic Clothing and Equipment V A Tennis Shoes, Athletic Hose and Supporters, T-shirts and Sweat Shirts A4..f.e. l. MAUDE WILCOX Millinery That Is Right In Style, Quality and Price 76 N. Main Street St. Albans, Vt. WEIMAN'S Women's Specialty Shop Congratulations Graduates North Main Street St. Albans, Vt. FASHION CENTER PROFESSIONAL CARDS PERCY C. WARNER L a W y e r St. Albans, Vt. DR. E. H. DUQUETTE Dentist IO No. Main St. St. Albans S. S. WATSON 8: Co. N. HENRY PRESS 48 No. Main St. Albans L . INSURANCE aww Surety Bonds, Annuities O St. Albans, Vermont W p SB. F. A. ' Mgegipgy 1' y 'W10b ClARKE'S Bowling Alleys Bowl for Fun, Health and Exercise 5 Federal St. Phone 963 Pete Barker GARAGE and Service Station General Repairing Tires, Batteries Accessories Lake and Pine Sts. Phone 402-W GULF GAS and OIL W. B. FONDA COMPANY Lumber, Coal, Fuel Oil and Building Material Since 1873 Tel. 1035 St. Albans, Vt. PElKEY'S PHARMACY ST. ALBANS, VT. PHONE 1001-W B. F.A. Mercury 0 "IT,S IVISE TO BE THRIFTYD PEOPLE'S TRUST COMPANY ST. ALBANS, VERMONT Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. BUSHEY'S SPORTING GOODS STORE Congratulations Frqm 16' Kingman St. St. Albans, Vt BLUE LION GRILL K , 71 NO. MAIN STREET I ST- ALBANS, VT. BUSHEYS ICE CREAM BAR 110 No. Main St. St. Albans, Vt. x CORRECT GRADUATING APPAREL For Young Men Graduates OUTFITTERS FROM HEAD TO FOOT MORTON'S Appropriate Gifts for Graduates L OLE B-if ALM e 'if' W '6I0 Gifts for Graduation HAMILTON ELGIN F BULOVA WATCHES FINE JEWELRY GIFTS FOR GRADUATION GIFTS THAT LAST AT Scofieldis Jewelry Store 30 Kinginan St. St. Albans, Vt. Congratulations From ENDICOTT JOHNSON I , ..l ' 'lVVNYl P RADIO BROADCASTING STATION WWSR 1,000 Watts-1420 KGS. VERMONT RADIO CORP., Inc. Office and Studios, 32 North Main St. hone 1390 St. Albans, Vt. -. g.

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