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KKW-- ■ Kl i 1 ' t- J. ' ztT. A.: ifSsilf v f ; ■ •• -- • Senior Year in Motion Green light: carefree years, no choices, no troubles, protection, A+ orD, no difference. Caution: senior year, slow down, make decisions, stop or go on. Red light: graduation day, stop, the end, decisions made, wait for change, new beginning, go on . . . CONTENTS BEGINNING AS THE YEAR UNWINDS GRADUATES UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES SPORTS FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION AD VER TISEMENTS 1 Donna Mona Editors Editor Donna Meeks Co-Editor Mona Liblanc Senior Section Patricia McAneny Co-Editor Dianne Bittokeleit Sports April Peloquin Business Linda Lewis Co-Edit or Diane Plouffe Art John Lewinski 2 Tf • • Tncia Dianne April John Standing, L to R: Michael Fabian, William Chappell, Doreen Picard, Michelle Benoit, Robin Bartlette, Laurie Wood, Jeff Prescott. Seated, L to R: Donna Danko, Gale Cook, Nancy Venuti, Alison Flynn, Patricia McQuade. Standing, L to R: Tina Sanford, Jane Poitras, Cindy Jensen, Roger St. Germain, Ernest Pelletier, Michael White, Michael Slason, Cindy Cole, Lottie Rhodes. Seated, L to R: Linda Peloquin, Donna Decelles, Cheryl Gagne, Betsy Loycano, Michelle Fluette. 4 We would like to take a moment to thank our staff and editors for their hard work and dedication. We would also like to thank our advisor Mrs. Flanagan for the guidance and assistance which she constantly provided throughout the year. Donna and Mona Mrs. Flanagan ■: r ■ nn We’d like to take this page to say a goodbye to Mr. Connors, our principal of four years. We wish him luck in his new position. Staff of’77 Until we reach our senior year, little importance is placed on the passing of a year. The seasons go by and time seems an unending commodity. We look no farther than a week in the future, and the only restriction on our time is our homework. In senior year, however, we find a deeper significance. We find we not only look to next week, but to next year, and to the entire future. Suddenly every beginning becomes important. We measure every ounce of progress from the past and the new beginnings. It is this progress which provides the assurance we need to overcome our many apprehensions. We take time to look around and to notice the friends and moments we treasure. Senior year, however, is not simply reflections on the past or even plans for the future. It is a year in anticipation of the future. We make our small plans, yet we still wait for the future to carry them out. 7 il 5 A ' 10 tiiiHf} ■■ : It’s Progressing — mamma s» ■ ' ■« ' ■■ -a %% . " ' " ' ■ ' ■ " j S vis£- . asc 5 ' - %U. --.- ' 5 b . ' 7 . V " - - W-V .- ; 5 • r - - v - i;-J ' -%i--• - • - -■, UUTi - 11 It’s Sometimes Apprehension 12 13 __ It’s Often Stopping to Watch, to Care, 15 s»$ z iui y r, And to Hope for the Future 16 Senior year is a tricky road to follow. It’s waiting and worrying for the future. It’s important decisions for the present. Yet, it’s still having a good time. ' __ The Local Rockettes fi wSss g ! " , 1 Hi 19 20 AW Oh No! Three Ronnie Gautreaus! 21 0 ■ MM — n—i mm Puppy Love Please don ' t hit me! Doctors fear that Fabian ' s socks have turned pink because they are becoming his second skin. 4 23 i ' it A SMMK The finished product. We’re ready for a night on the town. 25 PUBLIC TELEPHONE ' 28 29 A ' ‘ _i_ Mil Bunny of the year K 32 33 _ JUNIOR PROM Our Junior Prom Was Held on April 2, 1976 at Wright’s Farm, Nasonville, R.I. Jerry Seeco Was the Band and “In My Life” Was the Theme Song. HER COURT: Melanie Robidoux, Gale Cook, Amy Keane 35 We all had a good time at our Junior-Senior Christmas Party at Patrick’s in Uxbridge. The band was U.V.L. 38 is 39 SENIOR OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: John Bibbo (Secretary), Roger St. Germain (President), Michael Oram (Treasurer). NOT PICTURED: Alison Flynn (Vice President). THE CHARIOT IN MEMORY: RANDY BURKE Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves And Immortality. We slowly drove, he knew no haste, And I had put away My labour, and my leisure too, For his civility. We passed the school where children Played their lessons scarcely done; We passed the fields of gazing grain, We passed the setting sun. We paused before a house that seemed A swelling on the ground; The roof was scarcely visible, The cornice but a mound. Since then ’tis centuries; but each Feels shorter than the day I first surmised the horses ' heads Were toward Eternity. - Emily Dickinson MARK ACCORSI MICHAEL AICARDI " Mike " RENE ARCHAMBAULT JEANETTE ALLEN " J-Nut " DEAN BAGDASARIAN DAVID BAKER ’’Dave” MICHELE BENOIT PETER BERGERON " Pistol” CINDY BILEAU ’’Stretch” JOHN E. BIBBO JR. " Bibs” BRUCE WILLIAM BRISSON STEVE BRISSON JOHN BURKE DANNY BUCCHI 46 V.; :y v ' . : CAROL JEAN BUTLER « « f i DARLENE CAMERON LISA M. CANESTRARI FREDERICK CAPOZZOLI " Cappy” DENISE CAOUETTE MICHELLE A. CARPENTIER 47 FRANCIS CARTIER ” Frank” LAURA CHANDLER ERIC CHAMBERS JOHN CLANCY " Me Adoo” CYNTHIA COLE ” Cindy” CLAIRE COLLINS DAVID CLIFTON GALE LYNN COOK THERESA CORLEY ” Terry” ■ 50 ANDREW CURLL " Andy” DEBORAH DALPE " Debbie” DONNA M. DALPE WAYNE R. DALPE DARLENE DALTON TRACY A. D’AMADIO DONNA DANKO DONNA DECELLES 52 LINDA DESIMONE JANICE DENOYELLE PAUL S. DESILLIER 53 MARYANN DITTAMI ”Mae-Mae” RONALD DESROSIERS DEBRA J. DOGNAZZI ” Debbie” DIANE MARIE DOMMETT ”Di” 54 V. JVvTtf» « vmuBsm STEVE DRIER ’’Smokey” BRIAN ROBERT EBBS ”Ebbsy” MARK EGLESTON •’Eggie” RUTH ELLEN DUBOW JAMES EDEN ” Jimmy " MICHAEL FABIAN ” Spaceman” e mwmm m ' PAMELA FARRIS ’’Ferriswheel” DONNA FERRIS JOSEPH E. FLEUETTE ” Dreamer " 56 MICHELLE FLEUETTE ALISON FLYNN JANE A. FRAPPIER " Frappe” CHERYL GAGNE " Dazey” 57 GINA GIARDINO SANDRA GIFFORD DEBBIE GILPATRICK CHARLES GOODWIN ’’Chucky” ;,:a. v i ww-.v 58 THERESA GROUX ALANA MARIE HABIB DAVID HARRINGTON SANDRA HARTY RICHARD HOGGE CATHY HORACE PHILIP JOSEPH SUZANNE JOYAL ’’Phil” " Sue” AMY KEANE TANJA KLUIT 60 JOANN LADUKE KARL KRAMARZ " Big Red " KAREN M. LAFERRIERE GARY LAMOUREUX % JOANNE LARIVIERE •’Jo” TAMMY LEBEAU ROBERT LEBLANC ”Lab” BARBARA A. LEIGHTON JOHN LEWINSKI 62 BMW W CHERYL LEWIS " Charlie” MONA E. LIBLANC ELIZABETH A. LOYCANO " Betsy " LINDA LEWIS CHARLES W. LONERGAN " Chuck " SUSAN LUCIANO 63 CARL MAHONEY MEREDITH MAHONY DAVID A. MANCHESTER " Dave " MATTHEW S. MANGANO DARLENE MARCOTTE " Matt” 1 I 64 KEVIN MARSHALL ” Moose” ROBIN MARTEL ” Mouth” PATRICIA E. McANENY FRANCIS MARTIN JR. sonia McCarthy 65 JANETTE McISAAC " Jan” GARY McKELLICK " Wacky McKacky " PATRICIA. M. McQUADE " Trisha " DONNA C. MEEKS 66 HOLLY MELVILLE ” Little One” EDWARD J. MORGAN TIMOTHY PAUL NELSON " Tim " MICHAEL ORAM BRIAN PANDOLFI " Flash " DEBORAH PATRICK " Debbie " KAREN PARLIN DONNA PATTON DAVID PELLETIER ERNEST HENRY PELLETIER JR. " Ernie " CHARLENE D. PETERSON i: JOHN D. PETRIN ’’Big John” MARY PILLA ” Seymour” DOREEN PICARD ”Pic” DIANE PLOUFFE ’’Plouffie” 70 JANE ANNE POITRAS JEFF PRESCOTT " Major” BRYAN RATTEREE ROBERT POLLACK " Nerf " ARTHUR PROVOST " Chip " ALAN REMILLARD " Rem " 71 ANN REPOSA LOTTIE G. RHODES ELLEN M. RICHER FRANCES RICHARD ’’Frank” 72 MICHAEL ROBINSON " Mike” MELANIE ROBIDOUX DANIEL ROMAN TODD ROMAN " Danny " 73 ■MHI CLAIRE G. RONDEAU TINA S. SANFORD DEBORAH SCHROEDER ’’Debbie " THEODORE SEETHALER " Ted " MIKE SLASON " Slase " KATHY SOHL 74 ROGER ST. GERMAIN ” Saint” PAUL ST. LAURENT ”Wapa” MAUREEN SULLIVAN ”Moe” JEAN M. TAGLIAFERRI ’’Tag” RICHARD W. TAYLOR JR. " Wolfie” MICHAEL THERIAULT ”Tiga” 75 KEVIN TROTTA JAMES M. THOMAS PAUL A. TROTTIER " Trott " CYNTHIA E. TROTTIER ” Cindy " RICHARD UNKEL DAVID UNKEL 76 MARIAN WALKER NANCY J. VENUTI ’’Nanc” MICHAEL WHITE ROBERT WHITLEY CAROL WHITEHOUSE ’’F.C.C. ” LAURIE JEAN WOOD KAREN WOJCIK " Monkey” KEVIN ROBERT WOODMAN RICHARD WILLIAM ZAJAC KAREN T. ZARICZNY 78 TINA A. BEAUREGARD « DONNA ZIELINSKI MARC BOUSQUET DANIEL GUIDERA JUNIOR G R A D U A T E S TONI COOK ’’Cookie” a: JILL ANN ROTATORI JOANNE ROY ii VERONICA SMITH TOM STERCZELA ” Kraut” MICHELLE TRAHAN LYNN SWICKER ’’The Swick” : SENIOR INDEX MARKACCORSI 31 Hartford Ave. II MICHAEL AICARDI | 125 Blackstone St. JEANETTE ALLEN 179 Patricia Dr. Field Hockey; Spanish Club; Drama; Student Govt.; Gourmet Cooking; Cabaret Night; Track; Color Guard; Gymnastics. RENE ARCHAMBAULT 18 Chestnut St. DEAN BAGDASARIAN 886 South Main St. DAVID BAKER Saddle Back Hill Rd. mL.X ; " Track I. ROBIN BARTLETT 45 Newland Ave. Volleyball III, IV; Yearbook IV. STEVEN BAYER 37 Horseshoe Dr. ROBERT BELANGER 22 Lake St. Cross Country I, II; Tennis II III, IV. NANCY BELISLE 27 Rome Ave. Tennis I; OEA; National Honor Soci¬ ety. MICHELE BENOIT 3 Squire Lane { jm Pep Club I; Student Govt. I; Majorette II, III; Var. Cheerleader IV; NHS IV; Dean Study Program. PETER BERGERON 50 Woodland Rd. JOHN BIBBO 56 Phillips Drive Basketball I - III; Baseball I, II; Class Sec. Ill, IV; Italian Club I, II, III - Pres. III. CINDY BILEAU 51 Bliss Rd. DECA I; Chorus; OEA I, II; Basketball I. DEBBIE BISSONNETTE 20 Lafayette St. DIANNE B1TTOKELEIT 9 Country Way Pep Club I, III; Chorus I; German Club I, II, III - Treas. I, Sec. II; Cheering II; Volleyball III, IV; Tennis III, IV; NHS III, IV; Yearbook IV; Prom Comm. III. BERTRAND BOLDUC 9 Gaby Lane JV Baseball I. WAYNE BORDEN 212 North Main St. Track 7, 8, II, III, IV; Cross Country 8, 9, III, IV. MARC BOUSQUET 20 Janet Dr. BRUCE BRISSON 31 Lawrence St. Chess I; Golf I, II; Math III, IV; NHS III, IV - Treas.; Intra. Tennis IV. STEVE BRISSON 9 Liberty St. Football I, II, HI, iv - Capt. IV; Track II, III, IV; Var. Cheering - Capt. Ill, IV; HR Rep. II, Illr DONNA BROUILLETTE 91 Winter St. DECA I, II; Drama; Literary Mag.; Volleyball. LLOYD BROWN 204 North Main St. Hockey; Track. STEPHEN BRUMMITT 12 Arrowhead Rd. JUSTINE BUBBLE 77 Center St. DANNY BUCCHI 17 Valley View Rd. JOHN BURKE 34 Ann Marie Dr. CAROL BUTLER 403 Caroline Dr. Gourmet Club; Chorus. DARLENE CAMERON 34 Pearl St. LISA CANESTRARI 50 Oswego St. French Club I; Latin Club IV; Basket¬ ball I; Majorette I - IV; HR Rep.; NHS II; Var. Basketball Score Keeper; Prom Comm. Ill, IV; Dean Study Program. DENISE CAOUETTE 29 Praire Ave. Pep Club II; Tennis III. FRED CAPOZZOLI 25 Lemire Ct. Football 8, 9, II, III, IV; Track II, III; Boy Var. Cheering; Band I, II; Italian Club I, II, III. MICHELLE CARPENTIER 284 Blackstone St. Library Aide II, III, IV; Var. Volley¬ ball III; Nurse ' s Club II, III, IV. FRANCIS CARTIER 151 So. Main St. ERIC CHAMBERS 20 Harper Blvd. LAURA CHANDLER 42 Potter Dr. SUSAN CHAPIN 1 3 Sioux Circle OEA I; French Club; Pep Club. WILLIAM CHAPPELL 19 Rose Ave. Spanish Club; Drama Club; Yearbook; Chess Team. BRENDA CHARBONNEAU 7 Taunton St. National Honor Society. JOHN CLANCY 82 Maple St. Boys Var. Cheering IV; Basketball I - IV; Baseball I, IV; Summer Ba sketball I - IV. DAVID CLIFTON II So. Center St. CYNTHIA COLE 114 Caroline Dr. Drama II - IV; Pep Club II, III, IV - President; Yearbook; Italian Club II. CLAIRE COLLINS 108 No. Main St. Chorus; Gymnastics. ANITA CONLEY 35 Farm St. ELLEN CONSID1NE 12 Dorothy Ave. Spanish Club II. DONALD OiONSTANTINEAU 70 Pine Grove Ave. RONALD ' CONSTANTINEAU 41 Lin wood Ave. Basketball I. . . s h CYNTHIA COOK Middle Ave. Tennis; OEA. Ecology Club 8,1. KEITH CROZIER 27 Mendon St. Chess Club I, II; Football III; Student Council II; Social Chairman II; Tennis Team II. ANDREW CURLL 14 Horseshoe Dr. DEBBIE DALPE 230 Wrentham Rd. . Jrm DONN| DALFEjP 89 SfllUt.Eake Rd. Majorette I - IV; French Club I; Drama III, IV; Chorus IV; Pep Club I, II, IlfJ Literary Mag. %K2 WAYNE DALPE 585 Wrentham Rd. GALE COOK 194 Paine St. Art Club I; Drama I; Basketball - JV I, Var. II; Pep Club II; NHS III, IV; CYO; Yearbook; Dean Study Program. THERESA CORLEY 145 No. Main St. Drama Club I, II, III; Vol IV. R1NALDO CORRIERI DECA. J. P. CORRIVEAU DECA I, II; Intra. Tennis II, TERESA COURTNEY 1096 So. Main St. HI, PAMELA CREASIA 19 High Street DARLENE DALTON 24 Candace Dr. TRACEY D’AMADIO 176 North St. Softball I; Field Hockey I, DONNA DANKO 470 Pulaski Blvd. French Club I - Treas.; Pep Club I; JV Cheering II - Capt.; Var. Cheering III, IV; Yearbook IV; Dean Study Pro¬ gram . DONNA DECELLES French Club I - Sec.; Pep Club I; Ten¬ nis II, III, IV - Capt. II; Health Club III; Var. Cheering II, III, IV - Capt.; NHS III, IV; Yearbook; Prom Queen III; Homecoming Court. DONALD DELORME 457 Hartford Ave. Drama. 84 PAUL DEMARIA 135 Temi Rd. RON DEMARIA 135 Temi Rd. JANICE DENOYELLE 17 Oak Terrace DE I, II; OEA. ANTHONY DePOTO 21 Stone St. DECA; AV. PAUL DESILLIER 8 Taunton St. LINDA DeSIMONE 124 Plymouth Rd. Field Hockey; DECA I, II. JAMES DESLAURIERS 89 Rose Ave. Football I; Key Club. RONALD DESROSIERS 70 Spring St. MARYANNE DITTAMI 14 5th Ave. Field Hockey; Drama; Gourmet Club; Spanish Club; Chorus; Color Guard; Track; Cabaret. DEBRA DOGNAZZI 84 Village St. Millis JV Basketball I; Var. Basketball II; Var. Softball I, II; DECA I, II; OEA I, DIANE DOMMETT 42 Arapahoe Rd. OEA. THOMAS DONNELLY 159 Blackstone Street Judo. KEITH DORVAL 51 Brisson Ave. Football I - IV; Basketball IV; Tennis I, II, III; Track I; Drama IV; Spanish Club I, II; Gourmet Cooking Club; NHS III, IV. MARK DRESSER Grove Street STEVE DRIER 3JMohawk Path RUTH DuBOW 80 Standish Rd. Chorus; German Club. DAVID DUERNBERGER BRIAN EBBS 190 No. Main St. Football III; Tennis III; Chess III; Ten¬ nis IV. JAMES EDEN 83 Plymouth Rd. MARK EGLESTON Chess Team. MICHAEL FABIAN 6 Pine St. Chess Club I; Yearbook; HR Rep. II; NHS. DONNA FARMER 19 Ruthellen Rd. LEWIS FARRAR 413 Caroline Dr. PAMELA FARRIS 7 David Rd. JOY FECTEAU 90 Mechanic St. OEA III, IV; Pep Club IV. DONNA FERRIS 12 Rondeau Rd. OEA III. JOE FLEUETTE 101 Cross St. Drama Club; Math Club. MICHELLE FLEUETTE 80 Norfolk St. Tennis I; OEA III, IV; Yearbook; Math Club II; Pep Club III; Drama Club IV; NHS III, IV. GAIL FLODIN Chorus I, II; DECA III, IV; Color Guard II, III, IV. ALISON FLYNN 21 Robert St. HR Rep. I; JV Cheering I; Class Officer II, III, IV; Var. Cheering II; Spanish Club III; NHS; Yearbook; Prom Comm. Ill; Tennis II. JANE FRAPPIER 30 Arthur St. Drama I; Tennis II, III. CHERYL GAGNE 8 Squire Lane Student Govt. I; Tennis II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II; French Club I; NHS III, IVt Yearbook; Prom Comm. III. MARC GAREAU DEAN GAUDINI 110 Brisson St. 85 Baseball 1, II, IV. RONALD GAUTREAU 17 Squire Lane Cross Country I, II, III, IV; Track I, II, IV; Prom Comm. Ill; Basketball I. GINA GIARDINO 60 Winter St. Drama I - IV; Literary Magazine III, IV; Italian Club I, II, III; Tennis II, III. SANDRA GIFFORD DEBBIE GILPATRICK 18 Short St. CHARLES GOODWIN 258 Caroline Dr. THERESA GROUX 27 Silver Ave. Library Aide I - IV. DANIEL GUIDERA ALANA HABIB 4 Standish Rd. Cheering I - IV; Drama III, IV; Year¬ book; Gourmet Club III; HR Rep. II, III. WILLIAM HALFELDER 4 Silver Ave. £RIAN HAND $9 Chestnut St. DAVID HARRINGTON SANDRA HARTY 39 Lizotte Dr. LAURA HENAULT 39 Bertine St. 86 RICHARD HOGGE 60 Clarence Rd. CATHY HORACE DEBBIE INGERSOLL 4 Silver Lake Rd. Gymnastics IV. CINDY JENSEN 11 John Alden Rd. French Club; Volleyball I, II; Year¬ book. PHILIP JOSEPH 61 Linwood Ave. Concert Band; Stage Band; Italian Club; Math Club. SUZANNE JOYAL 3 Sunset Ct. French Club I; Pep Club I, II; Drama Club II, III, IV; Student Govt. Ill, IV; SAC IV; Color Guard II, III, IV; Liter¬ ary Mag. Ill; Yearbook. AMY KEANE 185 Farm St. Basketball I. TANJA KLUIT 397 Center St. Color Guard II, III; Lit. Mag. II, III; Gourmet Cooking III, IV; Pep Club IV; Health Club II, III, IV, Pres. Ill, IV. WILLEM KLUIT 397 Center St. KARL KRAMARZ 91 Newland Ave. DEC A. JOANN LADUKE 59 Ann Marie Dr. KAREN LAFERRIERE 31 Norfolk St. DEC A; OEA; Drama. GARY LAMOUREUX 65 Chestnut St. PHILIP LANDINO 48 Plymouth Rd. PHYLISS LANDINO 48 Plymouth Rd. OEA I, II. JOANNE LARIVIERE 12 Marc Ave. Majorette II, III, IV; HR Rep. I, II, III; OEA III, IV; Pep Club I; Prom Comm. III. CYNTHIA LAWYER 113 No. Main St. Pep Club I, II, IV; Drama II, III, IV; Color Guard III, IV; Lit. Mag. Ill; Student Council III, IV; Spanish Club IV; French Club I, II; Yearbook; Stu¬ dent Govt. Chairman IV, Student Govt. Day Delegate. TAMMY LeBEAU 550 So. Main St. ROBERT LeBLANC 55 Phillips Dr. JV Baseball. BARBARA LEIGHTON 353 Hartford Ave. Chorus I, II; Basketball; Gymnastics. JOHN LEWINSKI 55 Depot Street Drama I; Lit. Mag. Ill; Yearbook Staff; Spanish Club. CHERYL LEWIS i; ,-v 169 Temi Rd. LINDA LEWIS 323 Lake St. KEVIN MARSHALL 45 Valley View Rd. Baseball I; Football II; Track III, IV; Hockey III, IV. Yearbook Busines Editor. MONA LIB 21 A French Club I; Pep Club I, II IV; Math. Club II, III, Editor; Color Guard III Mag. Ill; Prom Comm MATTHEW MARTEL 23 Central Blvd. Intramural Tennis II. ROBIN MARTEL 1421 Pulaski Blvd. DEC A I, II; Chorus. CHARLES LONERGAN 18 Judy Lane FRANCIS MARTIN 32 slott Hill Blvd. BETSY LOYCANO 92 Farm Street Drama II, III; Yearbook Staff; French Club I, II -,Treas.; NHS III, IV. SUSAN LUCIANO 64 Rose Ave. CARL MAHONEY 63 Nason St. ..« ' . V c RON MAHONEY 63 Nason St. Track; Football. | UpP ' W :v ' MEREDITH MAHONY 80 Stockholm St. PATRICIA McANENY 19 Saddle Back Hill Rd. Spanish Club 8, I; Class Secretary I, II; Class President III; Prom Comm. Illf Latin Club IV; Field Hockey II; Softball II; Yearbook Sr. Sec. Editor; Drama Club 8 , 1 ; Pep Club I - V.P. sonia McCarthy 16 Daniel Dr. Pep Club; OEA. JANETTE McISAAC 6 Morin Dr. Var. Cheering III, IV - Capt.; Pep Club I, II - Pres.; Drama I; French Club I, II; Tennis III; Prom Comm. III. DAVID MANCHESTER 11 Rose Ave. MATTHEW S. MANGA NO 48 Nason St. ¥ Football I - IV; Track I, II. DARLENE MARCOTTE 46 Kathy Drive OEA. GARY McKELLICK 10 Bernier Lane Football I - IV; Boys Var. Cheering III, IV; Track II. DANIEL McLEAN 24 Wethers Field Rd. LORRAINE McMULLIN 34 Phillips Dr. Chorus, OEA. JAMES McPHERSON 247 Maureen Rd. Baseball; German Club I - IV. PATRICIA McQUADE 81 Elm St. Var. Cheering II; Spanish Club 8, I; HR Rep. I, II, III; Yearbook IV. DONNA MEEKS 25 Mohawk Path Prom Comm. Ill; Yearbook Editor : Chief; National Honor Society ill, IV Vice Pres. HOLLY MELVILLE 350 Wrentham Rd. PHYLLIS MERCIER v:-.W 20 Carrier Ave. Prom Comm. Ill; OEA III, IV - Pres.; NHS III, IV. JUNE MILOT 162 Blackstone St. EDWARD MORGAN 4 Pony Ct. JV Baseball I; Var. BasebalUII, III, IV; Var. Football III, IV. COLLEEN MORRISON 71 Plymouth Rd. JV Volleyball IV; Var. Softball I - IV; Var. Basketball I - IV. THERESA MOSCATELLI 40 Nason St. Drama I, IV; Volleyball IV; Chorus II, IV; Color Guard II; Pep Club I. JAMES MUISE 321 Hartford Ave. 87 k ' AFT lil lllkl • . J L.kVlACff v J Il ' iUWDtfntjfflm Math Team I, II; Chess 8, I, II, III; Football II; Student Govt. Ill, IV. DONNA NEWMAN 63 Ray Avc Drama I - IV; Volleyball III, IV; Spanish Club; NHS; Yearbook. MICHAEL ORAM 24 Newland Ave. Basketball I, II, III, IV; Baseball II, III, IV; Class Treas. IV. BRIAN PANDOLFI 66 Stevens Rd. TIM PAQUETTE 47 Mechanic St. JACI PARISI 433 Hartford Ave. JV Softball MI. KAREN PARLIN DEBORAH PATRICK 1095 So. Main St. Field Hockey I, II, III, IV; Basketball I - IV; Softball I - IV, RAY PATTERSON 91 Hartford Ave. DONNA PATTON 3 Rose Ave. Field Hockey. DAVID PELLETIER - 58 North St. Football I; Track III, IV. ERNEST PELLETIER 1401 Pulaski Blvd. Lit. Mag. Ill; Yearbook III; NHS III, IV. CHARLENE PETERSON 15 Potter Dr. JOHN PETRIN 11 Trenton St. Football; Tennis. MARC PETRIN 367 Lake St. DOREEN PICARD 10 Lake Shore Dr. HR Rep. I - III; JV Cheering II; Vol¬ leyball III, IV; JV Basketball III; Year¬ book. DENNIS PILLA 111 Maple St. MARY PILLA 111 Maple St. Drama II, IV; Chorus III, IV; Volley¬ ball IV. DWAYNE PLIMPTON 11 So. Center St. Tennis I, II. DIANE PLOUFFE 33 Elvira St. Drama Club; OEA; Asst. Business Edi¬ tor of Yearbook. ROBERT PLUMER 33 Lake St. AV; Drafting I. ROLAND POIRIER 19 Lake St. JV Baseball II; DECA I, II; Football I; Intramural Hockey I, II; Intramural Basketball I; Var. Baseball IV. JANE POITRAS 51 Lowland Ave. Prom Comm. Ill; Yearbook; Color Guard II. ROBERT POLLACK 31 Farm St. Basketball I - IV; Tennis II - IV; Cross ■ Country IV. JEFF PRESCOTT 144 Ann Marie Dr. JV Baseball I; Band I - IV; Drum Major II, III, IV; Chorus II; NHS III, IV - Pres.; Yearbook; Math Club III, IV; Stage Band II - IV; Cabaret Night IV. . CHIPPER PROVOST 1 Liberty St. Basketball I - III; Football I, IV; Track I - IV; Cross Country III; Boys Var. Cheering III, IV - Capt.; Class Presi¬ dent I, II; Band I - IV; Marching Band I - IV; Stage Band IV; Chorus IV - Pres.; German Club I, II; Intra. Basketball I, i BRYAN RATTEREE 39 Ann Marie Dr. ALAN REMILLARD 64 Elvira St. Basketball II, III. ANN REPOSA 68 Cooks Lane OEA III, IV. LOTTIE RHODES 5 Harper Blvd. Yearbook Staff IV. FRANCES RICHARD 50 Arthur St. Pep Club. ELLEN RICHER 84 Muron Ave. DECA I, II - Pres.; Lit. Mag.; Drama; Volleyball; NHS III, IV. JOHN RIZZO 12 Cedar HillRd. Varsity Football IV. PAULINE ROBERT 5 Pelletier Dr. Art Activities I, II, III. MELANIE ROBIDOUX 50 Lowland Rd. French Club I; Pep Club I, II. MIKE ROBINSON 10 Kathy Dr. Band I - IV; Tennis I; Chess I; Chorus II - IV; Stage Band II - IV. W STEPHEN ROGER 8 Grove St. JV - Baseball I, II; Var. Baseball III; German Club I, II, III, IV. NANCY ROGERS DANIEL ROMAN 29 Caroline Dr. Varsity Tennis. TODD ROMAN 20 California Ave. Spanish Club III. CLAIRE RONDEAU 181 South Main St. TINA SANFORD Yearbook Staff; Drama I; Library Aide II, III. DEBORAH SCHROEDER 21 Sheila Dr. TED SEETHALER 81 Rose Ave. MICHAEL SLASON 46 Arrowhead Rd. Football I - IV - Capt.; Baseball I, II, IV; Basketball II, III, IV; Boys Var. Cheering - Capt.; Class Treas. II; Yearbook IV; Intramural Basketball; Health Club. KATHY SOHL 44 Lizotte Dr. ROGER St.GERMAIN 22 Lakeshore Dr. Hockey I - III; Yearbook; Class Pres. IV; HR Rep. II, III; Prom Comm. IV. PAUL St.LAURENT 61 Lawrence St. Football; Hockey. MAUREEN SULLIVAN 730 So. Main St. Basketball I, IV; Yearbook Photogra¬ pher IV. JEANNE TAGLIAFERRI 24 Valley View Rd. OEA II. RICHARD TAYLOR 36 Prairie Ave. Basketball I; Chess I, II, IV; Football I - IV; Track II, III, IV; Boys Var. Cheering; Spanish Club IV. I MICHAEL THERIAULT 51 Oswego St. JV Basketball I; Var. Basketball II; Football I; Class V.P. I; HR Rep. II, III. JAMES THOMAS 25 Jeannine Rd. ROBERT TONER 424 Caroline Dr. KEVIN TROTTA 237 Depot St. CYNTHIA TROTTIER 20 Orchard Street Pep Club I; Color Guard II, III, IV; Chorus It, III, IV; Drama II, III, IV; Majorette I. PAUL TROTTIER 40 Orchard St. DECA III, IV. DAVID UNKEL 19 Brookside Rd. e|| Football II, III, IV; Track I, II, III, IV. RICHARD UNKEL 19 Brookside Rd. Cross Country II, III, IV; Track I, II, III, IV. NANCY VENUTI 51 Plymouth Rd. Spanish Club; Yearbook Staff; Drama Club. MARIAN WALKER 32 Arapahoe Rd. Color Guard; Gymnastics; OEA. MICHAEL WHITE 3 Sioux Circle Football IV; Prom Comm. IV; Year¬ book Staff. CAROL WHITEHOUSE 21 Stockholm St. Majorettes I - IV; Drama I. KAREN WOJCIK 238 Lakeshore Dr. ROBERT WHITLEY Pep Club. 53 Horseshoe Dr. LAURIE WOOD SHERILYN WILCOX 832 South Main St. Yearbook Staff. KEVIN WOODMAN 888 South Main St. ROBERT WITKOWSKI 12 Marion Rd. RICHARD ZAJAC Intramural Volleyball. 59 Farm St. Football I - IV; Baseball I, II, IV; Bas¬ ketball I - IV. KAREN ZARICZNY 411 Wrentham Rd. DECA I, II - Sec. Senior Chapter; Lit. Magazine; Volleyball; Prom Comm. Ill; Explorers Club. DONNA ZIELINSKI 20 Cabot St. OEA III, IV; Chess Team II; Tennis I; DECA III, IV. JUNIOR GRADUATES TINA A. BEAUREGARD 30 Irving St. OEA. TONI COOK 11 Taunton St. MADELINE DEXTER 25 Stone St. DIANE DORVAL 15 Pelletier Drive JANE FERLAND 61 Prospect ROBERT GOSSELIN 8 Newland Ave. i k LINDA LEHUTA 196 Blackstone St. PATRICE LONGO 43 Plymouth Rd. OEA. LYNN MATTHEWS 141 Ann Marie Dr. Tennis I, II, III. paula McWilliams 838 So. Main St. VIRGINIA NIBI 37 Apache Rd. Softball 1; OEA HI. LINDA PELOQUIN 19 Chestnut St. Yearbook; Asst. Historian to OEA. JILL ROT A TORI 640 Pulaski Blvd. OEA III. JOANNE ROY 60 So. Main St. Cheering; Tennis; Volleyball; Drama; Gymnastics. VERONICA SMITH 42 Rondeau Rd. THOMAS STERCZELA 541 Pulaski Blvd. Football I. LYNN SWICKER 14 Stone St. Gymnastics. MICHELLE TRAHAN 551 Wrentham Rd. KARIN VAN HELDEN 128 Depot St. JO-ANN VIENS 18 Lemire Ct. Pep Club I; Color Guard II; HR Rep. I. 1 ■ Hi ,»■ .1 19 O F F I C E R S JUNIORS (above, 1 to r) Robin Anderson - Treas., Sharon Giunta - Vice Pres., Jean Costello - Pres., Lynne Brooks (not pictured) - Sec. SOPHOMORES (left, clockwise) Bobby Mallard - Vice Pres. , Nancy Founier - Treas., Colleen McQueeney - Sec., Karen Trudeau - Pres. FRESHMEN (below, 1 to r) Michelle Rizzo - Sec., Donna Frappier - Pres., Debbie Kozak - Vice Pres., Laurie Frappier (not pictured) - Treas. 92 94 ' .ilj .:t it. -- i.i 98 99 HOMECOMING THE QUEEN (center): Claire Bedard. HER COURT (left to right): Frances Cote, Donna Decelles, Regina Hawks, Linda Luciano, Laura Perry, Doreen Picard, Diane Slason. 100 ■ ROW 1: Sue Haley, Karen Trudeau, Lynn Simpson, Betty Velasquez, Maryann Dittami, Jeannette Allen, Suzanne Joyal, Matt Hefferman, MaryPilla. ROW 2: Pat Flatherty, Pamela Powell, David Roue, Dianne Ringer, Jane Martus, Dodi Sohl, Linda King. ROW 3: Joyce Comire, Jean Simmonson, Pamela Parker, Dave Stochaj, Joe Fleuette - (pres.), Christine Joyal, Richard Finbow, George Petrosian. ROW 4: Ellen Tuttle, Donna Lavallee, Wendy Rowe, Kathy Unkel, Camille McQueeney, Keith Dorval, Teri Corley, Donna Newman. ROW 5: Laura Santini, Brian Speroni, D. J. Shaw, Mark Bentley, Mrs. Papelian - (advisor), Lewis Farrar - (publicity), Maureen Sohl, Alice Shumautz. ABSENT: Dee Joyal - (sec.), and Kevin Charest - (vice-pres.). DRAMA CLUB Mrs. P. Compliments of TIME SQUARE LUNCH 102 Compliments of KORNSTEIN’S 103 “A Defenseless Creature” The Senior Class Play Directed by Teri Corley MATH CLUB ROW 1: Colleen Wyatt, Pat Locklin, Sandra Deryck, Salli Gautreau, Dorthy Condon, Miss Tosches - (advisor). ROW 2: Carl Bastarache, Louis Farrar, Mona Liblanc - (capt.), Jeff Prescott - (capt.), Matt Heffer- man, Morris Belanger. CHESS CLUB ROW 1: David Barnes, Linda Schmitt, Mr. Cheever - (advisor), Thersea Granger, Joe Rioux. ROW 2: Mark Frappier, Ken Schmitt - (capt.), Terry Short, Matt Hefferman. ROW 3: Mark Eggleston, Eugene Thibidou, John Kauker - (capt.), Bill Chappell - (capt.), Bob Dona¬ hue. FRENCH CLUB ROW 1: Beth Bigelow, Debbie Falwell, Donna Pickell, Tracey McCrum - (sec.), Lisa Olbrys, Judie Hahn, Robyn Pimentel, Steven Guilmette, Susan Lavallee, Martha Miller, Donna Trudeau - (pres.), Siobhan Riley, Cindy Locklin. ROW 2: Gary Porter, Charlie Powers, Scott Belliveau, Debbie Beardsworth, Cindy Bourre, Laurie Lunt, Ellen Loof, Debbie Dai¬ gle, Kathy Lacroix, Donna-Marie Frappier, Lisa Fontaine, Cheryl Le Blanc. ROW 3: Sallie Gautreau, Debbie Rousseau, Tracey Dumas, Karen Boudrot, Elaine Brunetti, Theresa Bourre, Denise Arcand, Michael Trudeau - (treas.), Heather Urguhart, Mrs. Valorie - (advisor), Carol Corriveau, Lisa Arpin, Marie Fleuette, Sandy Paine, Maureen Hogan, Denise LeBlanc, Pam Belhumeur - (vice pres.), Debbie Jacobsen, Laurie DeMaria. GERMAN CLUB ROW 1: Garry Russell, Sylvia Russell - (vice-pres.), Hellen Onkenhout, Maura Martus, Ron Russell, Chuck Jensen, Peter Desil- lier, Jimmy Ollenborger, Marilyn Perham. ROW 2: Lewis Farrar, Heidi Moyer, Linda Stringfellow, Nancy Dalton, Denise Ringer, Ms. Landolfi - (advisor), Lynn Horan, John Ollenborger, Will Donahue, David Kenefick. ROW 3: Ellen Tuttle - (treas.), Diane Ringer - (pres.), Walter Stephansky, Robert Lahue, Thomas Sterczela, Bob Donahue, Matt Hefferman, Marguerite Long, Judi McElroy. 107 ITALIAN CLUB ROW 1: Lisa Harty, Denise Mackenze, Janet Maines, Linda Corvina, Teri-Ann McGill - (sec.) Teresa Calore - (vice-pres.). ROW 2: Sandra Borelli, Jackie Kauker, Elaine Ebbs, " II Capo, " Angela Morin - (treas.), Brenda Depoto, Christine Kleman, Michelle Rizzo. ROW 3: Jon Yuele, Bruce LaScola, Dom Caccavelli, Ken Bucchi, Mark Rizzo - (pres.), Rich¬ ard Engdahl, Tony Anzalone. LATIN CLUB FRONT ROW: Brenda Belliveau (treas.) Mary Jane Geary Kathy Kemp Joan Joseph Mrs. Gonnerman (advisor) Gerry Cintolo Beth Merolli Carol Fleuette Lisa Canestrari (vice-pres. BACK ROW: Dave Bouvier Nat Hefferman Mark Cappelano (pres.) Randy Watson Wayne Hontz Matt Martin Eddy Curll V- ' cH» £ awMSHT J A.a W i W f i I V KLi fPlfe ! - s } JPW ' 108 SPANISH CLUB ROW 1: Laurie McCrum, Sharon Brennan, Arlene Curley, Barbara Hakenjos - (sec.). Donna Johnson, Donna Kozak - (treas.), Laurie F arrell, Wendy Joseph, Cindy Lawyer, Marie Allen, Wayne Hakenjos, Laurie Giardino, Liora Kraus, Maureen Hart, Dana Bartels, Mike DaCosta. ROW 2: Kristy Campbell, Gerry Corley, Jean Costello, Bonita Jackson, Gina Soulnier, Karen Vose, Linda King, Wendy Fowler, Mr. Boyle - (advisor), Colleen McQueeney, Judy Loewienstein, John Morin, Pam Parker, Laura Santini, Jay Polk. ROW 3: Robin Willitts, Cathy Carpentier, Dawn Engdahl, Maureen Grider, A1 Kell, Claire Bedard - (social director), Tony Giunta, Bob Mallard - (vice-pres.), Jody White, John Usenia, Mark Ingalls - (pres.), Carl Zagame, Bill Walkowiak, Richard Perry, Sharon Pollack, Pat Flaherty. 109 ROW 1: Jeff Prescott, Lisa Canestrari, Donna Meeks, Bruce Brisson. ROW 2: Janice Denoyelle, Nancy Belisle, Phyllis Mercier, Donna Decelles, Cheryl Gagne, Michelle Fleuette, Miss Bonollo - (advisor). ROW 3: Alison Flynn, Michelle Benoit, Keith Dorval, Gail Cook, Brenda Charbanneau. ROW 4: Betsy Loycano, Mona Liblanc, Donna Newman, Daniel Roman, Earnest Pellitier. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Jeff Prescott - President Lisa Canestrati - Secretary Donna Meeks - Vice-President Bruce Brisson - Treasurer Compliments of MENDON GREENHOUSE AND FLORISTS no DEAN JUNIOR COLLEGE CO-OPERA TIVE ENRICHMENT PROGRAM ROW 1: Dianne Bittokeleit, Brenda Charbonneau. ROW 2: Michelle Benoit, Gail Cook. ROW 3: Lisa Canestrari, Joe Fleuette, Donna Danko. Compliments of MENDON COUNTRY GIFT BARN COLOR GUARD ■r? i U-iNG rrj HIGH school band I ROW 1: Lisa Beaulieu, Jo-Ann Martus. ROW 2: Maryann Dittami, Mona Liblanc, Donna Lavalle, Jeanette Allen. ROW 3: Cindy Lawyer, Cindy Trottier, Lisa Martin. MAJORETTES i | | I i | I | l i ; i t i i i { I { f J j i l | I | , i ( i ( ; l ; i | i | | , ». j f j f. i j i j i | i i I {»Ej 1 I i 1 F ■ I | I | ' t ’ ( | , i j t tfi | | KNEELING: Michelle Laferriere, Linda King, Carol Whitehouse, Janet Breau, Diane Marcet. STANDING: Luanne Toches, JoAnn Lariviere, Lisa Canestrari - (capt.), Donna Horan, Donna Dalpe. 112 -— ROW 1: Carol Fleuette, Lisa Dupre, Karen Edmunds, Janie Martus, Kyle Mac Leod, Carol Parkhurst, Linda Llewellyn, Jackie Merrill, Donna Souza, Esther Jordan, Cindy Mercer. ROW 2: Diane Ringer, Mary Pilla, Wendy Rowe, Mary Recore, Denise Parenteau, Claire Renaud, Jean Russell, Robin Wil- litts, Sharon Pollack, Laurie Thibodeau. ROW 3: Sherri Conklin, Linda King, Theresa Moscatelli, Donna Dalpe, Diane Pelissier, Mr. Rastonis - (director), Bernie Caswell, Richard Finbow, David Stockaj, Ralph Debay. ROW 4: Robyn Blondin, Betty Velazquez, Jo Anne Martus, Christine Biron, Arthur Tonelli, Matthew Hefferman, Bobby Dona¬ hue, Gary McKellick, Michael Caswell, Bill Reardon. CHOR US Mr. Rastonis - (director) Betty Velazquez - (president) Bernie Caswell - (sec.-treas.) Donna Dalpe - (vice-president) Compliments of HOUSE OF CHAN 113 BAND ROW 1: Cindy Stringfellow, Dawn Engdahl, J. J. Polk, missing - Bill Walkowiak, Lorraine Liblanc, Betty Velazquez, Pam Pow¬ ell. ROW 2: Linda Gleason, Scott Barnes, Sherri Conklin, Barbra Janukonwics, Cynthia Alexander, Bonita Jackson, Steve La Valley, Barbra Ingersoll. ROW 3: Steve Marcoux, John Morin, Tim Clifton, Ray Viens, Harry Charland, Ralph Debay, Dave Stochaj, Donna Frappier, Kevin Charest, Danny Arpin, Kevin Racine, Robert Murphy, Gene Pelland. ROW 4: John Wojcik, Mike Stochaj, Marc Rousseau, Thomas Flynn, John Joseph, Jody White, Mike Da Costa, Patricia Locklin, Russell Andrews, Jeff Prescott - (student conductor drum major), Mike Robinson, Philip Joseph. ROW 5: Ri chard Hardy, Mr. Rastonis - (director), Robert Guilbert. SENIOR MEMBERS Philip Joseph Jeff Prescott Mike Robinson Compliments of KAY’S RESTAURANT, INC. 114 STAGEBAND ROW 1: Danny Arpin, Richard Catalano, Gene Pelland, Robert Murphy, Ralph Debay. ROW 2: Donna Dalpe, John Joseph, Jody White, Mike Da Costa, Patricia Locklin, Bill Reardon, Tim Clifton, Mike Robinson, Philip Joseph. ROW 3: Mr. Rastonis - (director), Jeff Prescott, missing - Steve Brummitt, Bill Walkowiak. Compliments of REPLACEMENT AUTO PARTS 115 PRACTICING. . . 116 Parading SwmJH I and performing. 117 ;-s« ROW 1: Nancy Belisle, Linda Peloquin, Phyllis Mercier, Deb Dognazzi. ROW 2: Debra Leeman, Lorraine Gokey, Marie Hewey, Lee Ann Northcutt, Donna Gignac, Claire Collins, Joy Fecteau, Darlene Thomas, Michele Benoit. ROW 3: Lorie Clancy, Tina Minard, Michelle Lamoureux, Diane Plouffe, Tina Beaugregard, Jean Tagliaferri, Cathy Brisson, Cindy Crawford, Brenda Geary. ROW 4: Michelle Fleuette, Barbara Kempton, Kim Zielinski, Jennie Bodwell, Cathy Provost, Diane Fleuette, Ann Marie Genereaux, Nancy Felice, Michelle Trahan. ROW 5: Pauline Biron, Diane Biron, Christine Biron, Lorraine McMullin, Donna Zielinski, Jean Raposa, Janet Robidoux, Cindi Kent. OEA Compliments of MARION’S Deb Dognazzi - (treas.) Phyllis Mercier - (pres.) Mrs. Spencer - (advisor) Nancy Belisle - (sec.) Linda Peloquin - (asst, hist.) Not Pictured: Mrs. Robidoux - (advisor) Karen Laferriere - (historian) Gisele Bolduc - (asst, hist.) ROW 1: Donna Zielinski, Karen Zariczny, Donna Brouillette, Karen Laferriere, Ellen Richer, Debbie Dognazzi, Roland Poirier, Karl Kramarz. ROW 2: Gail Casavant, Lynn Lamoureux, Laura Perry, Maureen Lamothe, Annette Riquier, Kandy O ' Brien, Janet Heuklom, Lynne Oram. ROW 3: Jeannine Belhumeur, Chirstine Spear, Pat Debonise, Linda Allard, Debbie Belanger, Kathy Provost, Sue Bell, Janis Allard. ROW 4: Gail Flodin, Julie Butler, Robin Martel, Debbie Dalpe, Linda Desimone, Janis Denoyelle, Carol Cook, Darlene Decelles, Cindy Crawford, Lynne Brooks. ROW 5: Diane Locklin, Donna Beaudoin, Beverly Attwood, Diane Desplechin, Debbie Bissonette, Kevin Ranieri, Joey Bibbo, J. P. Corriveau, Paul Trottier. ROW 6: Carl Peterson, Mike Bartlette, Dennis Pontonio, Rick Paniss, Ann Marie Genereaux, Jo-Anne Petrin, Giselle Bolduc, Lori McGowan, Lynne Simpson, Steve Moll. ROW 7: Mr. Guillemette - (advisor), Diane Marcet, Tony Depoto. DECA FRONT: Tony Depoto - (recorder) Debbie Dognazzi - (asst, manager) Roland Poirier - (asst, manager) Donna Zielinski - (asst, manager) Karen Laferriere - (manager) BACK: Karen Zariczny - (secretary) Karl Kramarz - (vice-president) Mr. Guillemette - (advisor) Ellen Richer - (president) Donna Brouillette - (treasurer) Compliments of SAVE-RITE 120 DECA—MORE THAN A STORE Compliments of CRONIN’S 121 ROW 1: Colleen McQueeney, Alison Flynn, Nancy Belisle, Donna Dalpe, Gale Cook, Donna Patton, Donna Trudeau, April Peloquin, Dana Bartels, Mr. Doucette - (advisor). ROW 2: Karen Boudrot, Linda Burlingame, Robin Anderson, Barbara Kempton, Maryanne Dittami, Michelle Fleuette, Lisa Mar¬ tin. ROW 3: Pam Powell, Doug McDonald, Mike Dubois, David Vincent, Harry Charland, Dave Dalpe, John Morin, Linda King, Donna Neeley - (pres.). SKI CLUB Compliments of LEW ' S GETTY 122 HEALTH CLUB KNEELING: Lynnel Dion, Lucille Drainville, Lee Ann Northcutt. STANDING: Miss Dodsworth, Monique Dalpe - (treas.), Tanja Kluit - (pres.). Mary Kogut - (sec.), Jeanne Cote - (vice-pres.). STUDENT GOVERNMENT SEATED: David Roux, Jeanette Allen, Arlene Curley, Joyce Comire, Ellen Tuttle, Cindy Lawyer - (chair.), Tim Nelson, Christine Joyal, David Stochaj, Bill Walkow- iak, Sue Joyal. STANDING: Matt Hefferman - (vice-chair.), Mary Kogut - (treas.), Pat Flaherty - (sec.), Mr. Horan - (advisor). PEP CLUB ROW 1: Meg McElroy - (vice-pres.), Dee Joyal - (pres.), Lucille Drainville - (treas.), Lisa Harris. ROW 2: Dina Burill, Kathy Unkel, Mary Cole, Tanya Kluit. ROW 3: Nita Kerivan, Laura Santini, Jeannie Bodwell, Theresa Calore. ROW 4: Judy Cole, June Thomas, Joy Feceau. A UDIO- VISUAL FRONT ROW: Rick Fleury Wayne Hakenjos Frank Nadeau BACK ROW: Dave Dalpe Mr. Kowalczyk (advisor) Alan McKinley LIBRARY AIDES SEATED: Mary Kogut, Pat Carpentier, Terry Groux, Michelle Carpentier. STANDING: Ronald Lussier, Teri Bourre, Rachel Prat, Arlene Curley, Willem Kluit. 125 GOURMET COOKING SEATED: Nancy Lewis, Bonnie Lewis, Mary Williams, Tanja Kluit. ROW 2: Mrs. Papelian - (advisor), Julie McGowan, Linda King, Joe Gokey, Arlene Curley, Michelle Carpentier, April Pelo- quin, Mr. Gayer - (advisor). ROW 3: Dee Joyal, Brad Dorval. 126 DAR Ernest Pelletier GIRLS’ STATE Donna Newman FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS Hostess - Lisa Bartolet; Student - Maria Teresa Macedo Student - Ana Lucia Morais; Hostess - Angelina Moscatelli CLASS MARSHALLS Claire Bedard Darlene Decelles 127 Compliments of BRUNSWICK BOWLING JR. HIGH CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Shari Clunie (treas.) Lynne Horan (vice-pres.) Mr. Cleary (advisor) Cindy Burch (sec.) Rachel Hawks (pres.) absent: Mr. Dalpe (advisor) PHOTO CLUB ROW 1: Andrew Northcutt, Carrie Caron, Marsha Monday, Lynne Blaine, Robert Daniels. ROW 2: Robert Bonnello, Shawn Newton, Shannon Sanford, Glenn Muc- cini, William Chapman. ROW 3: James Higgins, Tom Brown, Danny Plummer, Steve Guilmette. ROW 4: Bob Burlingame, Paul Robinson, Mr. Lemieux (adv.), Roger Gagnon. N.H.S. Clockwise: Mr. Fox (advisor) Anne Marie Gervais Mike Trudeau Bruce Jansen Penny Wheeler SPOR TS TACKLING THE ODDS THE 1976 FOOTBALL TEAM VIAWKS hawks, ' HAWK HAWKS 1 HAWKS’ S ,haw ks hawks I V Aawks s , v c i iw j ' ' HAWj .) WWKS . j[ 1R r t 5 ji i(a HAWKS i AWKS HAWK g ft " l! V. . © ; j I mm AWKS | UJLWKC? 1 WIfS CJW HAWIfs { TOP ROW: Jim Sacco, Peter Bartlett, Richard McPherson, Jim Schoener, Art Tonelli, Bill Fernald, John Sacco, Bert Dan¬ iels, Tony Karakeian, Mark Mayewski. ROW 2: Bobby Donahue, Mark Rizzo, Steve Yuele, Dave Valois, Ryan Johnson, John Sherman, Rick Catalano, Mike Ber¬ geron, Paul Pellesier, Ken Bucchi, Bob Clemer, Pete Mancuso. ROW 3: Roland Constantineau, Gerry Belliveau, Leo Mayewski, Ron Powers, Randy Beals, Ben Bucchi, Don Cox, Mark Capalano, DanRajotte. ROW 4: Dave Unkel, John Rizzo, Chip Provost, Fred Capazolli, Gary McKellic, Keith Dorval, Eddie Morgan, Ron Maho¬ ney , Coach Johnson. ROW 5: Rich Taylor, Mike White, Rich Zajac, Steve Brisson, Mike Slason, Matt Mangano, Coach Quigg, and Coach Doucette. 134 TRACK AND FIELD yjj HCjty fcVl- ' P c «4 BACK, L to R: Coach Cournoyer, Raymond Beals, Richard Taylor, Robert Ferris, Steve Brisson, Randy Beals, Arthur Provost, Steven Delorme, David Vincent, Richard Staples, Donald Anderson, Gerald Daigle, Anthony Karakeian, Richard Unkel, Roland Constantineau, Robert Donahue, David Unkel, Kenneth Parker, Matt Mangano, Coach Christy. KNEELING: Diane Slasson, Wayne Borden, Maureen Hogan, Cathy Chambers, Mar¬ ianne Dittami, Jeanette Allen, David Dalpe, David O ' Donnell, Gordon Thomp¬ son, Ronald Mahoney, Kevin Marshall. SITTING: Richard Roux, Brian Pickell, Arthur Tonelli, Keith Gentile, Joseph Fer- relli, Steven Yuele, Shawn Beals, Richard Fluery, James Alane, Gerald Belli- veau. The 1976 Track and Field Team ended the season with a 4 win and 5 loss record. The wins were over Nipmuc 93-52, Blackstone Valley 96-43, Millis 73-72, and over Medfield 85-59. The losses were to Westwood, Ashland, Dover Sherborn, Holliston, and to Medway. At the Tri- Valley Conference Meet the team had revenge on Ash¬ land by defeating them and finishing fifth in the entire Tri-Valley. 135 EVERYBODY BUMP . 136 u GIRLS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM BACK, R to L: Gisele Rivard, Lou Richer, Sharron Giunta, Linda Burlin¬ game, Diane Bittokeleit, Kim Farrar, Terry Corley. KNEELING: Robin Bartlet, Doreen Picard, Jean Costello. Wins Losses 4 8 GIRLS JUNIOR-VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM BACK, R to L: Marisa Shea, Pat Carpentier, Cathy Carpentier, Margie Deziel, Tracy Andrews, Gerry Corley, Diane Lavallee, Kathy Broderick, Collene Morrison, Cathy Brisson, Barbara Kempton. Wins Losses 9 3 137 STICKLERS FOR PERFECTION BACK, L to R: Debbie Muszicki, Waunda Saunda, Barbara Harvey, Robin Anderson, Mau¬ reen Hogan, Janet Allen, Darlene Leduke, Tracy McCr umb. KNEELING: Colleen McQueeney, Debbie Patrick, Nancy Fournier, Donna Johnson, Marie Allen, Diane Slason. VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY 138 JV FIELD HOCKEY BACK, L to R: Debbie Muszicki, Denise Kemp, Sue Daudlyn, Maryann Dittami, Mary Der- osche, Barbara McFayden, Sylvia Russel, Sharon Pollack, Kathy Fontain, Lisa Olbry ' s, Jo Ellen Slason. KNEELING: Lori McCrumb, Barbara Hakenjois, Madelyn McAneny, Lisa Fontain, Sue Haley. 139 SUPREME COURT VARSITY Coach Bonollo FRONT (LEFT TO RIGHT): Mike Oram, Mike Slason, Bob Pollack, Bob Larden (manager), Paul Armstrong, John Usenia, Scott Has¬ kell. REAR (LEFT TO RIGHT): Steve Armstrong, John Clancy, Rick Zajac, (capt.), Mark Ingalls, Ron Powers, Keith Dorval, Coach Bonollo. . V. BASKETBALL TEAM 76-77 JNUHAn FRONT (LEFT TO RIGHT): Tony Guinta, Bruce Marley, Bob Mallard, Carl Zagame, Ryne Johnson. REAR (LEFT TO RIGHT): Bruce La Scola, Chris Santini, Larry Cox, Ken Parker, Rick Paniss, Coach Boyle. MISSING: Brian Trites, Dennis Laferrier. The Bellingham Varsity team ended the season with a 9-10 record. Two big victo¬ ries the Hawks earned this year were both triple overtimes, 70-67 over Dover and a 63-57 victory over Medway. The two lead¬ ing scorers were Mike Oram with 336 points and Ron Powers with 203. Leading rebounders were Rick Zajac and Kieth Dorval. Bob Pollack led the team assists and did the majority of the ball chores. Mike Oram also made the Tri- Valley League All Star team. The Junior Varsity under the coach¬ ing of Geoff Boyle also ended the season with a 9-10 record. Honorable mentions go to two fine players on the Junior Var¬ sity, Brian Trites and John Usenia. Coach Boyle 140 WALKING TALL Mike Oram 141 7.L. BASKETBALL JOANS 76-77JR. HIGH BASKETBALL ROW 1 (L TO R): Denise Holloway, Cathy Dzindolet, Cathy Stone, Capt. Kathy Lacroix, Capt. Cindy McDaniel, Wendy Schwenker, Helen Onkenhout, Cathy Connor. ROW 2 (L TO R): Mgr. Cindy Gleason, Mary-Ellen Burke, Susan Lavalee, Diane Anderson, Coach Xenos, Sharon Tomaso, Hope Bileau, Elaine Brunetti, Mgr. Dorinda Paniss. The Jr. High Girls Basketball team has been in existence for only the past 3 years. Two of which resulted in undefeated sea¬ sons, and this year ending with a 6-1 record. I wish to acknowledge the great team spirit these girls have and also the phenomenonal work and time Coach Xenos has given to these girls. By far the highlight of this years season for the girls was defeat¬ ing the Franklin High Girls Freshman Team. THE 75-76 GIRLS JR. HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM BOTTOM (LEFT TO RIGHT): Laura Chappel, Dorinda Paniss, Donna Frappier (co- capt.), Debbie Kozak (co-capt.), Cindy McDaniel, Laurie McCrum. TOP (LEFT TO RIGHT): Coach Xenos, Brenda Ferrelli, Donna Johnson , Joanne Renaud, Mary Kluit. 142 JR. HIGH BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM 76-77 7th GRADE TEAM FRONT, L TO R: John Lessie, Patrick Morrison, Scott Bryant, Scott Hammond, Mike Flynn, David Moll. BACK, L TO R: Greg Garrett, John Marcoux, Tom Tuttle, Peter Robinson, James Senay, David Johnson, Richard Brown, Coach Fleury. Missing William Lewis. 76-77 8th GRADE TEAM ■■■■ 1 ■ i i FRONT, L TO R: Bobby Powers, Eric Newman, David Perry, Ron Russell, Mike Tru¬ deau, Bill Redm ond. BACK, L TO R: Bob Lewis, Kevin Silva, Mike Gilroy, Tom Harrison, Jimmy Oram, Robert Baye, Coach Fleury. 143 76-77 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Armstrong, Domenic Caccavelli, John Platt, Bobby Thornton, Dave Boni, Gordon Leslie. REAR, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Gariepy, Steve Aicardi, Gerard McKinnon, John Halnon, Dan Provost, Mark Dit- tami, Todd Patrick, Ernie Post, mgr. JR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Corvino, Kelly Beaudoin, Rachel Hawks. ROW 2, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tracey Dumas. ROW 3, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kris Beaudoin, Cheryl Le Blanc, Maura Martus, Linda Craw¬ ford, Debbie Lamoureux. TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: (co-capt.) Debbie Lamarre, Lisa Oram, (co-capt.) Shari Clunie. 144 ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT: Doreen Picard, Colleen Morrison, Linda Burlin¬ game, Sharon Guinta, Barbara Kempton, Donna Johnson. ROW 2, LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Patrick, Donna Trudeau, Maureen Hogan, Tracy Andrews, Nancy Fournier, Colleen McQueeny. HOOP SKIRTS 76-77 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM 76-77 GIRLS J. V. BASKETBALL TEAM ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT: Maureen Hogan, Nancy Fournier, Madelyn McAneny, Debbie Kozak, Sharon Pollack, Angelina Moscatelli. ROW 2, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Haley, Colleen McQueeny, Chris Carpentier, Donna Johnson, Lenora Kraus, Kathy Carpentier, Pat Carpentier. 145 HOMEWARD BOUND. 9 J J fjl» JL IBS1 The baseball team had a fairly good record last season with 15 wins and 9 losses. BACK, L to R: Coach Ciavarini, Ron Marchand, Shawn Smith, Steve Rogers, Mike Usenia, John Usenia. SITTING: John Sacco, Ryne Johnson, Manager Carl Peterson, Ed Morgan, Rick Vadneis, Mike Laferriere. BACK, L to R: Larry Cox, Ricky Paniss, Scott Haskel, Wayne Sears, Ronny St. Gei- lais, Ronny Powers, Coach Baker. SITTING: Ken Schmit, Ken Bucchi, Tony Guinta, Bruce Marley, Gary Russel, David Valois. 146 BRINGING IT HOME 147 1 KING OF CLUBS. » Wins Losses Ties 3 7 3 For a young golf team our scores were very good. BACK, L to R: Coach Boyle, Jeff Vose, Ed Thornhill, Paul Armstrong, Bill Moore. FRONT: Tom Marcantonio, Bob Lemon, Capt. Mark Mendzela, Carl Zagame. •ii 148 ) ■ - 149 LADIES OF THE COURT i i A WINNING RACKET BACK, L to R: Lynn Mathews, Gina Giardino, Cindy Cook, Jane Frappier, Diane Bittokeleit, Denise Caouette, Donna Decelles, Pam Whitney, Darlene Decelles, Donna Ferrelli, Louanne Tosches, Donna Costa. KNEELING: Laurie Giardino, Jan Mclssac, Maureen Brouillette, Cheryl Gagne, Capt. Laura Perry, Diane Marcette. The Girls Varsity Tennis Team had an excellent season last year finishing with a record of 10-6. GIRL’S VARSITY TENNIS 151 RALLYING POINT. . . OUR RACKETEERS BACK, lard, L to R: Keith Dorval, Bob Belanger, Bob Attwood, Brian Ebbs, Mark Wante, Bob Mal- Mark Ingalls, Dick LeBlanc, Coach Cheevers. BOY’S VARSITY TENNIS 153 Xl.’di- 1 154 G E M S o F T H E D I A M O N D I BACK, L to R: Manager Joanne LeDuke, Debbie Dognazzi, Barbara Kempton, Claire Bedard, Sharon Guinta, Debbie Beaudoin, Linda BUrlingame, Colleen McQueeney, Judi Provost, Tracy Andrews, Coach Gayer. KNEELING: Janet Robidoux, Donna Kozak, Debbie Patrick, Kim Farrar, Joan Kivior. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Martha Mahoney, Cheryl Cook, Colleen Morrison. Ashland 2 Wins Holliston 2 Wins Medway 2 Wins Medfield 2 Wins Westwood 1 Win 1 Loss Dover Sherborn 1 Win 1 Loss Hopkington 1 Win 1 Loss Millis 1 Win 12 Wins 3 Losses After winning the Tri-Valley League Cham¬ pionship, the Girls Varsity Softball Team entered the State Tournament against Marsh¬ field. Though they played superb softball, they were unfortunately defeated in extra innings by a score of 4-3. Pitchers Mahoney 11-3 Burlingame 1-0 155 I Hitting. . . Scoring. Catching. . . (Great pitching ability exercised by Martha Mahoney brought her an 11-3 season.) 156 J.V. SOFTBALL BACK, L to R: Coach Verhoest, Marianne Costello, Jean Costello, Donna Trudeau, Nancy Fournier, April Peloquin, Darlene Leduke, Donna Farruelle, Barbara Harvey, Donna Horan. FRONT, L to R: Penny Dean, Jaci Parisi, Tracy McCrumb, Sue Daudlyn, Donna Beaudoin. 1 IN THE LONG RUN. . . CROSS COUNTRY KNEELING: Carl Zagame, Bob Larden, Debbie Mueller, Bob Mallard, Keith Gentile. STANDING: Mr. Courneyer, Bill Walkowiak, Mike Nutting, Dave O ' Donnell, Richard Unkel, Tony Guinta, Wayne Borden, JohnUsenia, Bob Pollack. NOT SHOWN: Mark Ingalls, Ken Schmitt. Debbie Muller (pictured right) has competed in the National Women’s Cross Country Championship for two consecutive years. FRONT: Donna Kozak. ROW 2: Alana Habib, Donna Decelles (capt.), Penny Dean. ROW 3: Michelle Benoit, Donna Danko, Laura Perry, Jan Mclssac, Claire Bedard, Darlene Decelles, Fran Cote. FRONT: Lisa Bartolet, Robin Blondin, Gina Hawks. ROW 2: Donna Hughes, Robin Roy (capt.), Sandy Richardson (capt.), Robin Parady. ROW 3: Jo Ann Parady. VARSITY 159 BELLINGHAM HIGH CHEERLEADERS 160 FACULTY c tI ' ii-r 1 J MR. FLYNN Principal m MR. CANESTRARI Vice-Principal MR. FRAPPIER Vice-Principal 162 MR. ANDERSON Physical Education MR. BEAULIEU Dept. Head - Science MR. BOGDAN Industrial Arts 163 MR. BONIN Industrial Arts MRS. BONOLLO Science MISS BONOLLO Math MR. BONOLLO Physical Education 164 MRS. BURNS History MR. CHEEVER MR. CIAVARINI History MR. CHRISTIE Science MR. CLINTON Italian and Business Special Education 165 MR. COHN Science MR. CONTI History; Social Studies MR. COURNOYER French; English MRS. D’ALFONSO American Geography MR. DALPE History 166 MR. DOUCETTE MRS. DUBOIS Math I MRS. EVERS Home Economics Science MR. FABRIZIO Math MRS. FINLAY Art MR. FARQUHAR Math; Science 167 MR. FOX Math I MRS. FLANAGAN Business 168 MR. GARIEPY English MR. FLEURY Geography MR. GAYER History MISS GIRARD Art MRS. GONNERMAN Latin and French MR. GUILLEMETTE Distributive Education MRS. HOAR English MISS GRAHAM Physical Education MR. HAYDEN Industrial Arts MRS. GRAY Business MR. HORAN Dept. Head, History MR. KEARNAN Dept. Head, Math MRS. KILBURN English MRS. KOCON Reading 170 MR. KOWALCZYK Geography MRS. KRAVETZ English MRS. LANGENBERG English MRS. LADOUCEUR Special Needs MRS. LEHR Home Economics MS. LANDOLFI German 171 MR. LEMIEUX English MRS. LEVESQUE Home Economics I MR. LINDSAY History MISS MANNING Science MRS. MACIOROWSKI Math f C . mr. McDonough History 172 MRS. McGLYNN Art MR. MURGO Health MR. MYETTE Special Education 173 I I MR. PEPIN Science and Math MRS. PERRY Art MRS. PIERCE Art MR. PLANTE English MRS. PARKER English 174 I MR. PLASSE Math MR. PROVOST Industrial Arts MR. PURICH Literature MRS. PLANTE Special Needs MR. QUIGG Science 175 MR. RASTONIS Band, Chorus MISS ROCHELEAU Science MR. ROOK Dept. Head, Business MR. SCHREFFLER Band, Chorus 176 MRS. SPENCER Business MR. TARDIF Science MR. THUOT Dept. Head English MR. SULLIVAN English 177 MR. G. TRUDEAU Math MRS. VALORIE Dept. Head Foreign Languages MR. A. TRUDEAU Math MRS. TURCOTTE Home Economics MISS TOSCHES Math MRS. TRUDEL English 178 MR. WADE Dept. Head, Industrial Arts MISS XENOS Physical Education LIBRAR Y 179 MRS. LEBLANC Secretary MRS. WILCOX Librarian MRS. KELLEY Librarian I GUIDANCE MR. HAMILTON Director of Guidance MRS. LEWINSKI Secretary NCE MRS. TRUDEAU Secretary MR. CREPEAU MISS DODSWORTH MR. GAUVIN MR. MOHAN •• :v sm MR. SANTINI Career Education OFFICE OF SPECIAL SERVICES MR. PRIMAVERA Director MRS. KHALKHALI Secretary NURSE’S OFFICE MRS. SZYDLIC MRS. SAMPSON High School Nurse Jr. High Nurse SUPERINTENDENTS OFFICE MR. MINICHIELLO Superintendent MRS. DOUGLAS Clerk MR. REED Business Manager MRS. McCOY Secretary MRS. LAVIOLETTE Secretary MRS. CANDLIN Secretary MR. QUIMBY Federal Programs Coordinator Mr. Yuele, Director of Food Services 183 BUSINESS Assistance Congratulations From Your GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Stanley R. Hamilton, Director Eleanor Dodsworth Walter R. Crepeau Leonard J. Gauvin William F. Mohan Betty Lewinski Marie Trudeau ’’Most Of The Shadows Of This Life Are Caused By Standing In One’s Own Sunshine. ” Ralph Waldo Emerson Benjamin Franklin Savings L 1 4m Rico ' s Fine Italian Foods • -v Routes j Bellingham At Youi Service ' ocl tail ing Room - ft Cm Through Wednesday lursday ana Friday tturdav % y 20 North Street (Rte. 126) ' Bellingham, MA 02019 7 Best Wishes rvj MILFORD FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOANS • . 246 Main St. Milford, MA 01757 !S6 sZfef . ' ■ • . l4£r A vl » I ' ■» _ ' mumm wJl r • v h fW _1 Olbry ' s Package Store Beer Wine and Groceries Maple Street Bellingham, MA Ilf _ Compliments of McCarthy ' s Walnut Hill Plaza t 3 1 THE ROSEWOOD Dairy and Seafood Restaurant 445 Hartford Avenue North Bellingham, MA 02019 Compliments of BIG BELL LIQUORS i Sincere Congratulations Rene ' s One Stop Cleaners Compliments of Greenleaf Finance Inc. The Finance Company With the Friendly Atmosphere 230 Main Street Milford, MA VERMETTES INC. Invites You to Have Your Wedding, Banquet, and Showers in Our Lovely Cardinal Room Tel. 769-0429 1347 Diamond Hill Road Woonsocket, RI 1 THE TUX HOUSE , .... ... . . Corner of Social and Mill Sts. Tel. 769-4289 Woonsocket, RI ROLAND L. CESARONI SONS 15 Prospect Street Bellingham, MA General Contractor Residential - Commercial Custom Homes Congratulations MADAME FORCTER ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE 118 Cumberland Street Woonsocket, RI NYS FLOWERS INC. 508 Diamond Hill Road Woonsocket, RI Phone 769-5894 Closed Wednesday Afternoons Open Sunday Mornings 8-12 Compliments of £ • A. ; • . | C® M HOWE PHARMACY Bellingham Center 966-0830 DUNKIN DONUTS 1431 Diamond Hill Road Woonsocket, Rhode Island (Tel.) 762-9840 Arnold Buono Franchise Owner Manager FORE COURT TENNIS CLUB Bellingham, MA 188 189 Courtesy of VENDETTI MOTORS INC. 411 West Central Street Franklin, MA A , THE HOME NATIONAL BANK OF Motor Bank 32 Exchange St. Milford, MA MILFORD 221 Main Street Milford, MA BRANCH OFFICES I oi 1 Plaza Branch Milford Shopping Plaza Milford, MA 190 est Wishes to the Class of " 77 " . Lorraine Kilburn, Pres. Nancy Landolfi, Vice Pres. Barbara Flanagan, Sec. Eleanor Dodsworth, Treas. Gil Trudeau, Credit Union Rep. ' —’ A : Read All the N ews in the Milford Daily News 159 South Main Street Milford 473-1111 48 A Main Street Franklin 528-2111 Congratulations to the Class of " 1977 " Ma Glockner ' Congratulations to the Class of " 1977 " Mass Electric Best Wishes to the Cla ss of " 1977 " B W Express 1117 River Street Woonsocket, RI 192 Best Wishes to the Class of 1977 THE BELLINGHAM SCHOOL COMMITTEE Harold A. Maines — Chairman Daniel J. Ranieri — Vice Chairman Robert A. Donahue — Treasurer Bruno Santini — Member Omer A. Plouffe — Member v Anthony C. Minichiello — Superintendent vvm TEACHERS AND i aa B? : % % Jgll j; THE Best of Luck to the Class of 1977 " Late Model Used Cars” A O SERVICE CENTER INC. 478 Hartford Avenue Bellingham, Mass. (617) 966-1920 Robert Antosh Good Luck to the Seniors of 1977 From CRYSTAL INDUSTRIES 95 Mechanic Street Bellingham, Mass. 966-1322 Best Wishes PINE ACRES DRIVI I] ' NG RANG rentham Road Belljpgham, Mass, THE CHOWDER BOWL Take Out Orders of Seafood Lake Hiawatha ' s Finest Restaurant Good m Luck From GAGNE PHARMACY A. P. Cassidy II 385 Pulaski Blvd. To the Class of 1977 Best of Luck • - - A % Congratulations to the Class of 1977 From STATE LINE FENCE, INC. LARRY ' S MINI CENTER 264 North Main Street CBellingham, Mass. Your One Stop Variety Store Subs - Deli Meats - Papers Groceries All Your Favorite Beverages 195 Pi SSi Mh| 8 fe m " g : Best of Luck to the -i - ass of 1977 From the MzU SllI BELLINGHAM PICARDS AUTO SERVICE 15 Pulaski Blvd. Bellingham, MA. 02019 Marchand Machine Works Inc. 435 Wrentham Road Bellingham, MA. 02019 Ground Floor Hair Design Compliments of Precision Cutting 146 North Street Bellingham, MA 02019 Co-Operative Bank Janet Pontolilo Stylist Brenda Fancuf Gail Earle Incorporated 1915 Milford, MA Congratulations to the Class of 1977 from Congratulations from ROSENFELD CONCRETE BELLINGHAM SCHOOL LUNCH Milford, MA PROGRAM Tel 473-7200 198 Congratul s ! © Cl a is of 9 rom m PONSORS w MRS. DUPRE mr. mcdonough MRS. J. SPENCER MR. BIRON ANN EDWARDS SHERI WILCOX DEBBIE MISS DODSWORTH JUDY McELROY MICHELLE FLEUETTE DIANE DORVAL MRS. KILBURN MR.FARQUHAR GERRY AND DOTTIE GAYER MR. SCHREFFLER R. AND MRS. DAVID L. FLYNN s W Jm mjt-iS - m : mk MR. AND MRS. wtlTIAM C. LEWINSKI mt V ' ” MISS VICKI BONOLLO : w x TOM TRUDEAU AND GALE COOK MRS. CECILIA McQUADE MR. AND MRS. THERIAULT MS. SHEILA McQUADE MR. AND MRS. BORIS LIBLANC MRS. OLIVE PICKERING MR. AND MRS. RENE R. TED’S OUTBOARD RON’S SURE OIL CENTER ’’FOXEN JOY” MR. AND MRS. ROBERT LEWIS MR. AND MRS. BERNARD PLOUFFE MR. AND MRS. GERARD PELOQUIN LINDA PELOQUIN AND BUD GADBOIS MISS GIRARD KATHY UNKEL BARBARA KEMPTON 0 .

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