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i ' ,» ■) ' ' ' ■ ' ' 1 ' |V wr riM v ; i .. t sHWHI Mr - yOUSSy i . B 1 ■ T gcjv,» fljffiafcaWMr , • ' i £ JHMHDRyT »( B H|H| HBb : ; 4 firwfff til Wtvv«W« WBbw|m« TfflBBgHgL ;•-VV’ ' “S. w ,T ’If:: W?t.H- : S.! I JETi ' | % 1 Bwsi v ' , 11 Hi VwPH ddP - ?tv ' !, v ' Tvfei . f A. , . ■ IjnE r XiKi?STv «fr ji _ l ■ " . ■ ’’JWk EPILOGUE BELLINGHAM MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1969 Ms His t.;’ i.V! 3 Chris Spont, Sports Editor; Chris Biron, Billegene Nadon, and Estelle Hardy, Business Editors. Mr. Ayotte, Business Advisor. It is now that our task is finally accomplished. Our Year¬ book has gone to press; not without the usual frustrations, and hard work. It is at th is time, too that the staff should extend their thanks to Mr. Robert Heron, Mr. Julien Ayotte, and AAike Hachey. To Mike we owe our deepest appreciation for the many hours he has put into this yearbook and al¬ though an underclassman he is indeed out good friend. Mike Hachey, Photographer. Michelle Masse, Co-editor; Mr. Heron, Advisor; Anne Wheeler, Editor. GUIDANCE ' • - ' JWJMZW J© MUKSHOTB 1 Dedication . A 3min t strict ion ... TacuCty. . Under cChsrtnen. . . Seniors . Sen iorA cti viti es Activities ' . .... Sports .. M icfeUehiasse- CoEditor CSristineSpont-SpoftsEp Cfirigtz rt£Biron r t , c TdifritfeneNawnr 1 ors D i aneUkstonArtEdi top M. i cnaeJSdaEi tfiU Wpf} MjfHeTon — Advisor The class of ' 69 would like to dedicate their yearbook to Mr. Stephen Foster, in recognition of the time and effort he has given to our class and our school. Those who have had him in the classroom as a teacher know of his patience and ability. He has always given, both in the classroom and outside, unselfishly. He has shown himself exceptional both as a teacher and person, and we, the class of ' 69, would like to give him our thanks and love. 6 aaEMgwa . . -■ _■ ■ __- - - _•_ Appreciation We would like to thank Miss Fiore, our class advisor, and Mrs. Hannigan, our co-advisor, for having co-ordinated our efforts so successfully. Miss Fiore has carried on on the same high level on which Mr. DeLellis had left off. With her Spartan endurance, she has survived our chaotic class meetings. We hope future classes in BHS w ill be fortunate enough to benefit from her guidance, but perhaps she may find a more lucrative career as Ruth Buzzi. We would like to also extend our thanks to Mr. Robert Heron, our yearbook advisor. His quiet and gentle good nature has endeared him to the hearts of the senior class. We will always remember this guide of our lives with deep affection. Mr. Minichiello ADMINISTRATION Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers. Alfred Lord Tennyson Mr. Manning Mr. Frappier Sa .. M " L r- Superintendent t Mr. Minichiello Anthony C. Minichiello has served as Super¬ intendent of the Bellingham School System for the past nine years. His dedication and efforts have brought our educational system to new horizons. With degrees from both Holy Cross College and Boston University his qualifications are surpassed only by his vast experience. Truly, there are few words available that could emphasize the effect this one man has had on our rapidly expanding town. ' _ ' 1 ' ’ _ Principal Mr. Manning Bellingham High School has undergone num¬ erous changes since this building opened in 1964, and many of the changes were incorpor¬ ated by our principal Albert A. Manning. He became principal at the end of the 1966-1967 school year and due to his knowledge, wisdom, and, most important, foresight we of Belling¬ ham High School owe him a deep and sincere thank you. ' Mr. Frappier Being one whose job is to enforce rules and designate punishments, Gerard E. Frappier does it well and is one of the most respected men in the entire school system. At Bellingham High School, Mr. Frappier is omnipotent and revered. When he gives an order it had better be done, but yet he is a truly compassionate human being with whom one can share almost any problem. A man like this is difficult to find, and we who know him value his friendship and guidance highly. AAR. LINDSAY FACULTY " A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. " Henry Adams AAr Canestrari; Mrs. Kedian MR. CIAVARINI jila ' ■ ■ , ; • ‘ i ■ - . .r r :• ' • -• ««•• •- " ’ £ • • MRS. KEDIAN American Literature 8; English II MRS. HANNIGAN English II MR. MORIN English I, III English Department MR. BRISSON English lll-IV MR. CANESTRARI English I MR. CREPEAU English II MR. FOSTER, Dept. Head English III MISS FECCIA English 8 Math Department MR. THUOT MRS. WALSH English IV MR. SULLIVAN English 8 MR. KEARNAN, Dept. Head Math IV, Geometry, Algebra MRS. LIGOR Math 8, Algebra I MR. TRUDEAU Algebra II, College Review Math MR. CONTI History 8, Math 8 MR. GUERNON Geometry, Science 8, Math 8 Science Department MISS FONTAINE, Dept. Head Chemistry, Physics •■■i ;w «■■■ «■■■ ;■■■ ;■■■ ' ■■■ 9mmm •am fsssi fsssi MR. FLOOR Biology, Science 8 MR. BEAULIEU Science I MISS MANNING Chemistry, Algebra I MR. MINICHIELLO Science I, Biology MR. LIEBLER Science 8 Home Economics MRS. TURCOTTE Home Economics I, Home Management MRS. EVERS Home Economics 8 Social Studies Department MR. HORAN, Dept. Head MR. BIRON U. S. History, Law MR. MOHAN U. S. History MRS. BURNS History 8 MR. LINDSAY World History I MR. TREMBA MR. CHEEVER World History I. II MR. CENEDELLA World History II, POD mr. McDonough World History I, II 17 ■ ■■ •■ ■ ■ ■ ■ . . i Art Department MISS STEVENS Ceramics, Art Business Department MR. SMITH, Dept Heaa MR. AYOTTE General Math, Business Math MISS FINEGAN Typing I, II MISS FIORE Steno I, II Typing II MR. NIEDZWIADEK Bookkeeping I II g6i»a3H5w yHMai MR. PARKER General Business . ■ Foreign Languages MR. HERON, Dept. Head French III, IV; Latin I MR. GAUVIN French II Industrial Arts MR. WADE, Dept. Head Drafting I, II; Metal II MISS SIBSON Spanish I, II, III, IV MR. CIAVARINI General Business; Italian I, II MR. BOGDAN Metal I; Wood I MRS. VALORIE French I r 4 v» » : r 4 ? Vy V y. W ' -V ' • ' li ' ■ Industrial MR. BONIN Shop 8; Shop Math MR. PROVOST Wood I, II Music MR. CHAMBERLIN Band Physical Education MISS WOODS Physical Education, Girls MISS TOM Physical Education, Girls AW-Wt ,v i i ' if b fsSiW . ? i‘%’4-h } i •’ ’ . ii-i ’ MR. PALMER English I, Creative Writing " If he can survive—!! " MR. ANDERSON Physical Education, Boys " The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. " MR. BONOLLO Physical Education, Boys yZ ' ‘ ? Kt % w ' vj X ?vTvN k Irtij Staff MR. DiPIETRO Guidance Director MR. TRUDEAU Guidance Counselor MISS DODSWORTH Guidance Counselor $ ' vV}h» .; ' MRS. HACHEY Secretary MRS. FERRELLI Nurse MRS. LAVIOLETTE Secretary MRS. YORK Secretary uiiuiiui MRS. TREMBA Secretary MRS. LEONE Library Clerk MRS. KELLEY Librarian i s J MR. PASICHNYK MR. BRISSON Custodians MR. CLOUTIER MR. HENAULT ._, MR. BONOLLO J ■ ' ■ ■■ g ' ijgfl_ SM Cafeteria Workers MR. ROSE, Dietician —and everyone pours. ■ 11 Biology Students UNDERCLASSMEN " Our youth we can have but today. We may always find time to grow old. " Berkeley ;s f oo.’Krt • •. ?« F r e s h Under the direction of Miss Feccia and Mr. McDonough, the Freshman Class organized itself, so that it appears only chaotic, not a shambles. This, however, is normal for freshman year. We are sure that as sophomores their shaky confi¬ dence will become firm, and they will achieve the potential they show as a class in the long four years ahead. 1 s o P h o 0 The Sophomore Class should have an enjoyable time next year as it breaks into the upperclass ranks. Guided by class advisors Mr. Paul Smith and Miss Nancy Finegan, these students will be looking forward to such events as the arrival of their class rings and the Junior Prom, and will be maintaining greater responsibility and leader¬ ship in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. Their efforts and achievements will be beneficial to both the school and themselves. I MU Inninrc Elizabeth Kelly, Secretary; Diane Roy, Treasurer; Bradley Wong, President; John Minichiello, Advisor; Paul Hennessey, Vice-President. This year ' s juniors have done an excellent job of keeping up to the guiding lights of the school. From the day the juniors received their class rings, they were welcomed as upperclassmen. Moving through the year, the class planned to have the Junior Prom at the Sheraton Biltmore. Under the direction of Mr. John Minichiello, the juniors have proven themselves to be leaders and are sure to have a great year in ' 70. Best Wishes to next year ' s senior class! 32 Class Favorites Elizabeth Kelly, Bruce Ratteree Reina Garvin, Cynthia Bozek Robert McDaniels Deborah Decelles CLASS OFFICERS—Ellen McNiff, Mike Martin, Phil Skrzat, and Paula Brisson. Advisors—Miss Fiore, Mrs. Hannigan SENIORS " Those were the days my friends— " McCartney Bob Ottavi, Danny Ranieri, Eric Peterson Mike Martin, Helen Pelland, Rick Hammond, Jeamne Phaneuf « " 0 V.J-. ' J I Philip Skrzat Student Government Joseph Blais Boys ' State Honors Li Paul Arsenault Christine Spont Girls ' State Paula Brisson D.A.R. Boys ' State Boys ' Nation - ■ -■ ■ , ••-:vy- RICHARD ALGER " Rich " Horace JOHN ALLARD " Every man makes a figure in his own eyes. " Homer ELAINE EVA ADAM " Moderation in all things. " Theognis JANET RUTH ANDERSON Jan Bashfulness is an ornament to youth. " Aristotle DAVID ARNOLD " Enjoy when you can; endure when you must. " MARCEL AREL " Discretion in speech is more than elo¬ quence. " Bacon " High aims form high characters. " Tryon Edwards DEBORAH JEAN AYOTTE " Debbie " " Good humor is the health of the soul. " Stanislaus PAUL E. ARSENAULT " Paul A. " SUSAN BAISLEY " Sue " " The one prudence of life is concentra¬ tion. " Emerson PAUL BARRETTE " Paul B " " A wise man will make more opportu¬ nities than he finds. " Bacon PATSY BEAN " Beanie " ' A light heart lives long. ' LINDA BEAULIEU " Lynn " Character is higher than intellect. " Emerson JOSEPH BLAIS " Joe " " A laugh is worth a thousand groans in any market. " Lamb JESSIE BONNER I know a lady that won ' t give an echo a chance. " Congreve | . PATRICIA SUZANNE BOUFFARD " Pat " n " I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills Psalms PAULA BRISSON " There are a few things that never go out of style, and a feminine woman is one of them. " Jobyna Ralston GERARD BOULAY " Jerry " " Let them call it mischief; when it is past and prospered, it will be virtue. " Aw DAVID ROBERT BRADLEY " Dave " " Murder will out. " Chaucer MICHAEL BURGESS " Milton " " Thoughtful, disciplined, intended in¬ action. " John Randolph ELOISE CATALANO " All grand thoughts come from the heart. " Vauvenargues JANET CEDDIA " Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are. " C. E. Stowe STEVEN CHAMBERLAIN " Steve " " There are more men ennobled by study than by nature. " Cicero KATHLEEN FRANCES CLOUART " Kathy " " Nothing great was ever achieved with out enthusiasm. " ROBERT CHOFAY " Bob " " Without consistency, there is no moral strength. " Owen GENE CLINTON " Red " " The man that blushes is not quite a brute. " Young MARIE CLAIRE CHEVALIER " Happiness is the harvest of a quiet eye. " O ' Malley Emerson CLAUDIA COMASTRA " Good will is got by many actions. " Herrick ANNE M. COLLAMATI " There, little girl; don ' t cry! " James Whitcomb Riley GERARD H. COTE " J.V " " It ' s always fair weather when good fel¬ lows get together. " Richard Harvey KATHLEEN M. CRESEY " Kathy " " There is no instinct like that of the heart. " Byron LINDA CRONIN " Diligence is the mother of good for¬ tune. " Franklin PAUL CROTEAU " P. C. " " Suit the action to the word and the word to the action. " Shakespeare CAROL ANN DAIGLE " Restraint is the golden rule of enjoy¬ ment. " L. E. Landon GARY CUMMINGS " Boo " " Why should life all labor be? " Tennyson ROBERT DANKO " Bob " " Everything is sweetened by risk. " ALBERT DANN " Al " " Somebody up there likes me. " CLAIRE A. DAUPHIN " It is only great souls who know how much glory there is in being good. " Sophocles DIANE DECELLES " Di " " Nothing is rarer than real goodness. " Rochefoucauld PATRICIA DARLING " Pat " " Nothing is so strong as gentleness. " Francis de Sales DONALD DEMERS " Don " H. W. Beecher " A man ' s character is the reality of him¬ self. " JANICE C. DUBEAU " Jan " ' Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm. " Bulwer RICHARD DORVAL " Rick " " All things are accomplished by diligence and labor " Menander RONALD DULAC " Moe " " Excellence is never granted to man but as the reward of labor. " Johnson RICHARD DUBOIS " Dicky " " Repose and gentleness are the badge of a gentleman. " Emerson DEBORAH ANNE DUPRE " Deb " " I shall laugh myself to death. " Shakespeare PAMELA DUNCAN " Pam " " All things come to her who will but wait " Tancred MICHAEL DUPRE " Gomer " " Silence is the one great art of conver¬ sation. " Blair ROBERT PAUL DUPRE " Boobie " " For he can conquer who believes he can. " Dryden 49 " Common sense is not so common. " Tyron Edwards ALAN EDWARDS " Opinions are stronger than armies. " Lord Palmerston VIRGINIA CLAIRE FIDLER " Ginny " " A good action is never lost. " Calderon -j ;■ !k: DAVID FISHER " Dave 77 Act upon your impulses. " E. Tennent ALICE FOURNIER " It may be for years, and it may be for¬ ever! " Joulia Crawford KAREN FRUEH " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. " JUDITH ANN GALIPEAU 77 Judie 77 v-ui luouy „. ... w certain characteristics of a vigoroc tellect. " Johnson CHARLES GARCEAU " Charlie " " Our first impulses are good, generous, heroical. " L. A. Martin DONALD GALUZA " Gopher " " Entangling alliances with none. " Jefferson ROLAND GENTES " The excellence of equanamity is beyond all praise. " Buck RALPH GODIN ' Responsibility educates. " Wendell Phillips NANCY GELINEAU " Nance " " The highest wisdom is continued cheer fulness. " Montaigne SUZANNE MARIE GOULET " Sue " " Good nature is the beauty of the mind. Hanway ij rNv irt .» ».v. ' LINDA ANN HALLFELDER " Accuracy is the twin brother to honesty. " C. Simmons creep. " Dickens RICHARD HAMMOND " Rick " " The actions of men are the best inter¬ preters of their thoughts. " Locke ESTELLE HARDY " Man has his will, but woman her way. " KENNETH HENDERSON " Kenny " " The happy warrior. " Wordsworth Bulwer JAMES E. HART " Jimmy " " Life will give what you ask of it. " E. Nesbit THOMAS J. HEAVEY II " Tom " " Character is in him. " H. W. Beecher KENNETH HEUKLOM " Kenny " " What a rare gift is that of manners! " DAVID KARAKEIAN " Dave " " Earnestness is enthusiasm tempered by reason. " Pascal LESLIE HILL " Les " " Discretion is the better part of valor. " Shakespeare GERARD KASS " Gerry " " When angry, count ten before you speak. " Jefferson PAULA KEANE " A good face is the best letter of recom¬ mendation. " Queen Elizabeth SALLY ANN KEARNAN " Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul. " Pope DANIEL KING " Dan " " Adventure is the road to fortune. " JANICE L. KEY Jan " The riches we impart are the only wealth we shall retain. " J. Brotherton " Our deeds determine us. " Eliot George LOUIS KNUST GRAICHEN " Goose " ALICE LAMOTHE " Al " ' ' Knowledge of our duties is the most essential part of the philosophy of life. " George W. Goethals VICTOR KNUST GRAICHEN " Vic " ' A face that can smile is always good. ' ’ ' RICHARD LAMOTHE " Rick " " Brevity is the best recommendation of speech. " Cicero DIANNE LANGLOIS " To know how to wait is the great secret of success. " MARK LASCOLA " The universe is not rich enough to buy the vote of one honest man. " RAYMOND LEBLANC " Ray " " There is not a moment without some duty. " Cicero RONALD LeCLAIRE " Ronnie " " In all things preserve integrity. " Pa ley ROBERT LECOQ " Bob " " The actions of men are the men. " Locke MICHAEL LUMENTI " Mike " " No one knows what it is that he can do till he tries. " RICHARD LONGPRE " Dick " " Every man is a volume if you know how to read him. " Charming ' ' . ' -, LESLIE ANN MARTEL " Les " " Silence and modesty are very important qualities in conversation. " Hazlitt HAROLD MAINES " Harry " " It is motive alone that gives character to actions. " Bruyere ' KATHLEEN ANN MARTIN " Kathy " ' This world belongs to the energetic. " Emerson MICHAEL MARTIN " Mike " " Talent alone cannot make a writer. There must be a man behind the book. " Emerson MICHELLE A. MASSE " Mitch " " Few have imagination enough for the truth of reality. " Johann Von Goethe Picture Not Available MICHAEL MclNNIS " Mike " ' Brevity is the soul of wit. " Shakespeare dennis McLaughlin " Punchy " ELLEN McNIFF " Happy is she who dares courageously to defend what she loves. " Ovid JAMES MERCURE " Jimmy " " Labor is often the father of pleasure. " Voltaire DANIEL MILETTE " Danny " " Live while ye may. " Milton ' Panting time toiled after her in vain. " Johnson Picture Not Available KAREN MARIE NAGEL ' The meek shall inherit the earth. " Psalms ' » ».V» " (S ' ! DEBORAH NEWCOMB " Debbie " " Great objects form great minds. " JOHN NESTOR " Some were made to follow, some were made to lead, but all were made the same. " Longfellow " An appearance of delicacy and even of fragility is essential to beauty. " Buche ANDREA NICHOLSON " Men show their character in nothing more clearly than in what they think laughable. " Goethe GUY NICKERSON " Nicky " ELAINE BERNADETTE O ' KEEFE " Individuality is everywhere to be re¬ spected. " Richter ROLANDE L. PARENT " Follow but thy star. " Dante HELEN PELLAND " A wise and understanding heart. " Kings ROBERT OTTAVI ' Bob " ' A gentleman never inflicts pain. John H. Newman ERIK PETERSON " Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue. " Confucius MARGUERITE JULIET PELLAND " Peggy " " They that know no evil shall suspect none. " Ben Jonson DONNA MARIE PINSONNEAULT " Don " " In order to have a friend, you must be one. Emerson WILLIAM PLEAU " Bill " Victory belongs to the most persever- Napoleon DENISE M. PLOUFFE " A fair exterior is a silent recommen¬ dation. " Bacon HENRY PICCHIONI " Men of few words are the best men. " DOROTHY MAY PONTONIO " Dotty " ROLAND POULIN " Rol " " He that has patience may encompass all " Franklin " How hard it is for women to keep counsel! " Shakespeare DANIEL RANIERI " Danny " " And seem a saint, when most I play the devil. " Shakespeare JEAN REMILLARD " Jeannie " " Character is destiny. " MARGUERITE B. ROBERT " Maggie " " Here ' s my hand. " Shakespeare CAROLYN RHODES " A good mind possesses a kingdom. " KENNETH RHODES " Kenny " ' Men are but children, too. " Philip Stanhope BONNIE RILEY " Ask me no questions; I ' ll tell you no lies. " Goldsmith NORMAND ROBERT " Norm " " Silence as deep as eternity. " Carlyle ROCHARD A. ROCKEL " Rick " " Let all your views in life be directed to a solid, however moderate, independ¬ ence. " Junius PHOTO Not Available DIANE ROSBOROUGH " A mind conscious of virtues may bring to thee suitable rewards. " Shaftesbury ELLEN RUDEN " A kind heart is a fountain of gladness. " Washington Irving JOAN SAWYER " Coolness, and absence of heat and haste, indicate fine qualities. " LINDA PHYLLIS SCHAFER “Lin " ' Aim at perfection in all things. " Chesterfield WILLIAM R. SCHMIDT " Bill " " Be always sure you ' re right—then go ahead. " VICTORIA RUDICK " Vicky " " Peace is rarely denied to the peaceful. " Schiller David Crockett CHRISTINE ANNE SIKONSKI " Chris " " Ideas in the mind are the transcript of the world. " Addison DOROTHY SCHROEDER " Dottie " " Tell me with whom thou art found, and I will tell thee who thou art. " Proverbs CHRISTINE JEANNE SIMONDS " Chris " " The secret of success is constancy to purpose. " Disraeli PHILIP SKRZAT " Egg " Flower of our young manhood? ' Sophocles The CHRISTINE ELLEN SPONT " Chris " No limit but the sky. STEVEN SMITH " Steve " " The virtue of the soul does not consist in flying high, but walking orderly. " PATRICIA ANN SOKOLSKY " Pat " " He. who sows courtesy reaps friendship. " PAMELA SMITH " Pam " " Moderate desires constitute a character fitted to acquire all the world can yield. " Dwight Cervantes ELIZABETH STILPHEN " Liz " , MARILYN JEAN STAPLES " Delicacy is to the mind what fragrance is to the fruit. " A. Poincelot " Fortune may find a pot, but your own industry must make it boil. " Gay i PHYLLIS LOUISE TOSCHES " Phil " " Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low; an excellent thing in woman. " Shakespeare MARY TUTTLE " Margie " " Life has no blessing like a prudent friend. " Euripides RAYMOND VADEBONCOEUR " Ray " " Present in body, but absent in spirit. " GENE K. WALL " Imagination rules the world. " Napoleon STANLEY WASLEWSKI " Mike " " Interest speaks all languages. " Rochefoucauld DIANE FRANCES WESTON " Di " " True art is reverent imitation of God. " Tyron Edwards ■Hi ■ KAREN MARLENE WOODMAN " Karry " " A good disposition is more valuable than gold. " Addison JOANNE ZARICZNY " Jo " " Good sense and good nature are never separated. " Dryden " Have something to say; say it, and stop when you ' re done. " Tyron Edwards JOHN ZINNO " Eat, drink, and be merry. " Ecclesiastes DAVID ZAZZA " Za " An outstanding event in Bellingham this year was the Junior Miss Pageant. Senior girls who distinguished themselves were Kathleen Martin, who was voted Miss Congeniality; Amanda Gardner, who was runner-up, and Diane ' Weston, who became our own Junior Miss. There are just not enough adjectives to describe all the talent embodied in her. She ' s really fantastic and we are extremely proud of her. She later dis¬ tinguished herself at the Massachusetts Junior Miss Pageant and won the Miss Breck Award for hairstyling. Paul Arsenault Kathleen Martin, Miss Congeniality; Diane Weston, Bellingham ' s Junior Miss; Amanda Gardner, Runner-up. Paul Arsenault has indeed brought a new glory to Bellingham High School. He is the first boy from Belling¬ ham to ever have been chosen for Boys ' Nation and one of two chosen from the whole state. He has distinguished himself in school in mock elections and will certainly succeed in the future. His academic achievements have changed the outlook of most people towards our school. H r .tfrj.n We ' d sing and dance forever and a day McCartney Paul Arsenault debates for Richard Nixon as part of a P.O.D project. Eric Peterson, Helen Pelland, and Billiegene Nadon prior to the production of " Murder Takes the Veil. " IKK U iK-CiMt ' »5 CaS " K2 -a c I Hhw I «. = eritaE Eer ' rfcM— Mary « src C ' rj E -;r ■ V ' !. ■. ' -w Our class, in its junior year, undertook the task of producing " Murder Takes the Veil " . The play was highly successful and we take this opportunity to thank the cast. Miss Fiore, Mr. Foster, Mr. Crepeau and other faculty members who offered their assistance. Steve Chamberlin and Kathy Cresey Mr. Foster and Cast Sue Goulet and Janice Dubeau Diane Decelles and Mary Tuttle Helen Pelland and Billiegene Nadon The Program Committee of the Senior Class has beer keeping busy this year. The distribution of Thanksgivinc baskets, as well as the sale of Christmas trees and th party for the retarded children, have kept these Senior from worrying about a lack of things to do. e Joe Blais, Diane Weston, Nancy Gelineau, Kathy Cresey, Pat Boutfard, Carol Daigle, Marilyn Staples, Rolande Parent, Danny Millette, secretary Cheryl Phillips, chairman Dennis McLaughlin, and co-chairman Sue Goulet. Class History BLAST OFF! Time: 8:00 a.m. Date: September 7, 1965 Destination: Outer Limits Skyrocketing upwards at last! Launched into new surroundings we were well on our way. Insignificant little freshmen? Maybe so, but as a team we were ready for any obstacles—even those gourmet lunches. Oh, the mental anguish of those first few days! Let me see, right-left or is it left-right? . . . Oh no the bell ... A late slip . . . the office . . . Are you kidding? Discouraged? Well, maybe a little, but with the leadership of our newly elected officers: president, Gerard Crotty: vice-president, Gerard Kass; secretary, Janet Boucher; and treasurer, Alice Fournier we were reassured of a smooth flight. Now that we were settled, things began happening. Freshmen-Get-Acquaintance Dance—we were the center of attraction . . . Dancing with Seniors, WOW!—But we can only do the fox trot!! Excitement and enthusiasm prevailed throughout the basketball season as our team led by All Star, Glen Gariepy, managed to bring home the Tri-Valley Crown. Sports were looking up in every field that year. The novelty of a football team was just too much to take. So as the first stage of our rocket dropped, we ventured forward in search of even GREATER EXPECTATIONS. Up, Up and Away! The lift off was a success. We had something to look back on and at the same time to push us forward. With the guidance of our advisors, Mr. and Mrs. Hannigan, and the assistance of Gerard Kass, president; Daniel Ranieri, vice-president; Gail Whitten, secretary, and Paula Brisson, treas¬ urer; our ever-increasing momentum was put to good use—We sponsored a hair-raising Halloween Dance. Just a little more self-assured, who knows we might even bunk a class! It was a year of frustra¬ tion for the faculty . . . bomb scare after bomb scare . . . What a way to start the day!! . . . Everyone outside ... It must be at least 20 below out there! . . . First period down the drain again. Aw Gee! However uneventful this, our second stage may seem, it gave us a sense of belonging and unity. Now that we were half way there, an extra boost of ambition speeded us onward to the next phase of our quest. Let ' s follow that Star. Nothing was impossible, not for our class. Headed by Robert Dupre, president; Daniel Ranieri, vice-president; Gail Whitten, secretary; Paula Brisson, treasurer; and our advisors, Mr. DeLellis and Mrs. Hannigan, we were ready to meet our challenge. Finally upperclassmen! Our shiny new rings were symbols of authority. For some strange reason junior hands were always in sight those first few weeks. As we looked ahead to our senior year class ' financial situation became the primary concern. So with the X-mas spirit we eagerly set out to sell the most beautifully attractive pine-scented candles to be had . . . Would you Believe?? Thanks to Mr. DeLellis we reaped a profit of over $1000. Proud of this fine accomplishment we became a class of many wonders; indestructible and unpredictable. What could possibly go amiss? The best was yet to come. Good old Mr. Rook supplied the moral support with his famous last words, ' ' you dummies ' ' . . . Determined Mr. Foster just never gave up—even though we didn ' t get it. The biggest event of the year was drawing near. In no time at all we made the wise choice of Kathy Martin, Prom-chairman, and Sally Kearman, co-chairman. ' The Impossible Dream of dancing in gowns and tuxes under chandeliers at the Sheraton Biltmore was becoming reality. 86 With the coronation of King Dennis " Punchy " McLaughlin and Queen Gail Whitten and her court of princesses, Paula Brisson and Ellen McNiff, the evening reached its height. Somehow we man¬ aged to dance as elegantly as possible to the bunny hop and Mexican Hat dance. Twelve o ' clock came much too soon—thank heaven for those post-prom parties. Now that we were flying high, overflowing with initiative, bounding with energy, it was no time to quit. We blazed our trail to fame with the shocking performance of " Murder Takes the Veil " . . . Just think, a chance to be discovered! . . . Work, Work, all the time Work, but it was well worth it. The entire class worked together as a synchronized machine to make the play a most cherished and unforgettable experience. We will always be grateful for all the time and effort put forth by our devoted directors, Mr. Foster, Miss Fiore, Mr. Crepeau and Mr. DeLellis. What more can we say besides " Thanks for the groovy play. " How can we ever forget those wild escapades at the New Moon and Pizza Pit after each performance. As a finale to this great weekend it was over to Deb ' s house for a swinging class party . . . Anyone for a swim? ... It was definitely a day that will head the list of our fondest high school memories. Our delight was marred only by the departure of two exceptional teachers, Mr. Rook and Mr. DeLellis, whom we came to look upon as true friends. Words cannot express the appreciation we feel for everything Mr. DeLellis has done for us. Can the future promise as much? There is but one direction to follow. Time is running short. With a tinge of regret, the third stage became a part of the past. To reach the unreachable. Whatever it may be, No matter how hopeless, No matter how far. We were inspired by phrases from " The Impossible Dream, " a song that embodied the undying spirit of our class. Faced with the greatest of our undertakings, we began the task of encapturing four years of growth and learning into our yearbook. As an appropriate theme, we chose " The Impossible Dream, " symbolic of graduation—The Glorious Quest. The loss of our advisor, Mr. DeLellis, was compensated by the replacement of Miss Fiore—our small but mighty class activator. It was extremely important that we select capable leaders for our final stand as a class. As a result of election , Michael Martin was given the presidency, with Philip Skrzat, vice-president; Ellen McNiff, secretary; and Paula Brisson, treasurer. The hope of the school was receiving its much desired accreditation. Early in October we underwent three tension filled days of evaluation ... Be yourselves . . . Act Naturally . . . They told us . . . Oh sure!? ... So many strange faces roaming the halls ... in and out of classes taking notes. Three long days and then months of doubtful waiting. Just in time for Christmas, the news of our well earned accreditation was proudly announced. Once again as a traditional Thanksgiving gesture of the senior class, food baskets were given to the needy families in town. Always on the move—Putting " Our Best Foot Forward, " we were sure to make headwav. Ama¬ teurs? ... No more. Directed by Mr. Crepeau, Miss Fiore, and Mrs. Kedian, and encouraged by our previous success, we staged an almost perfect performance, except for a little adlibbing. With the help of those February snowstorms, time seemed to be passing us by. Before we realized it Senior Week exercises were approachmq. Senior Commencement . . . Our " Sunrise and Sunset " . . . The beginning and the end. Kathy Martin re-elected chairman of the prom and Mary Tuttle, co-chairman were responsible for the evening ' s success. The Class Banquet . . . Our trip to Ted Hilton ' s ... so long awaited, and now a mere happening of yesterday, only to be remembered as two days of excitement and joy. Graduation was now in our grasp. Molded into young adults and trained as leaders of tomorrow, we leave our small world happy and proud, yet with sad hearts. Life from here on end is what we make it. " Somewhere there ' s a place for us. " The class of 69 is forever indebted to those members of the faculty who have helped in any way to make our four years at Bellingham High a little more fulfilling. by Diane Decelles and Deborah Dupre 87 Mike Lumenti, Eric Peterson and Rick Dorval. Danny Ranieri and Janice Dubeau. Best Foot Forward ACTIVITIES When men are employed, they are best contented 7 Benjamin Franklin jatm ■ 2 ’■ - x-1 Library Aides -nsr i ‘ - ' Mrs. Kelley would find it nearly impossible to manage all the work necessary to main¬ tain our library if it were not for the help of her efficient aides. These girls give of their own free time in order that we may have a better library system. I Mi.chelle Masse, Vice-President; Mary Tuttle, Secretary; Karen Woodman, Treasurer; Christine Spont, President; Miss Adele Sibson, Advisor. National Honor Society The National Honor Society, with Miss Sibson as Advisor, has become more active this year. It has plans for several fund¬ raising events and an induction of worthy students in the spring. mite M Newspaper This year the newspaper, under the direction of Miss Fiore and Mr. Foster, has undergone many changes. No longer is it the production of one class, but now it is a project that the entire school may participate in. Besides being profes¬ sionally printed, the newspaper also has a new name, The Sounds of Scripture. The literary stan¬ dards are high and one may be proud to be a member of the staff. Sealed: Michelle Masse (editor); Christine Lebeau (co-editor); Advisors Mr. Foster, and Miss Fiore. Future Teachers of America The main objective of the F.T.A. is to show interested students the many as¬ pects of the teaching profession. Installa¬ ti on of Officers was held with Mr. Mini- chiello as guest speaker. Several students interested in a teaching field formed a panel to ask questions about their planned professions. Plans for the future include a visit to a teachers college. Mr. Minichiello, Advisor; Cathy Santini, President; Deborah Martin, Vice-President; Phyllis Tosches, Secretary; Treasurer; Kathy Hilton, Program Chairman; Jane Martel, Historian. us a a m m »: i Future Nurses of America Under the direction of Mrs. Ferrelli and Mrs. Turcotte, the FNA is again an integral part of our school activities. These public-service minded girls will one day be ministering health and good will to the ill. Frightening, isn ' t it? As always the Athletic Association has been keeping busy. Collecting money at the basketball games, on the buses and selling candy are just a few of the many things that they must do. Perspective The Perspective , the school literary magazine, has become an extremely popular publication. With the aid of Mrs. Kedian and Mr. Brisson the students have re¬ vealed some very good literary pieces. Mr. Mohan, Advisor; Sue Goulet, Treasurer; Marilyn Wong, Secretary; Bill Brisson, Vice-President; Kathy Martin, President Student Council w% ii 51 ' ' " Y i %r Hnyfb ' 1 ■ ■ The fickle finger of fate award goes to . . ' Very interesting!! ' ' The year of 1968-69 has been a very active year for B.H.S. ' s Student Council. In September, one representative and one alternate were elected from each homeroom thus enlarging their membership from thirty members to sixty-three members. Essentially, the Student Council will act as a mediary among the stu¬ dents, faculty, and administration. If there are any problems or ideas to be acted upon, they should be brought up at a Student Council meeting. As in past years, the Student Council started off the year with a very successful dance in honor of the football team. The third annual Student Council Banquet was held at the Beverly Club. Right on its heels came the annual Student Council Talent Show which was a big success. After returning from Christmas vacation, the Council started plans for the Winter Carnival Bell which was held on March 22. Much more was to follow. OOPS! I just want to swing! " Thanks to the determined efforts of Miss Fiore and Mr. Mohan, this club was formed at Belling¬ ham High. The leaders of the 80 future Jean- Claude Killys were Richard Hammond, President; Debra Dupre, Vice-President; Rolande Parent, Treasurer; and Mary Tuttle, Secretary. The big activity of the Ski Club took place February 20, 1969. Would you believe 2 busloads of " skiers " traveled to Mount Snow? The trip was a huge success—no broken bones. It was difficult to de¬ termine who enjoyed themselves more—the teachers or the students. 99 The Drama Club, under the direction of Mr. Crepeau is one of the largest organizations in the school. Their first theatrical attempt will be a one-act play, " High Win¬ dow " with Chris Bi- ron. Bob Fontaine, Helen Pelland, Mike Martin and Linda Wheeler. This play will be entered in competition. Other plays will follow. Drama Club l French Club _ OFFICERS: Mike Martin, Chris LeBeau, Program Chairmen; Michelle Masse, President; Mrs. Valorie, Advisor: Linda Zajak, Vice-President; Denise Dupre, Treasurer. Lynn Daigle, Secretary; ' AUDIO-VISUAL The Audio-Visual Aides, under the supervision of Mr. Morin, supply the teachers with projectors, screens, rec¬ ord players, etc. Their faithful per¬ formance of duty has made it much easier for our teachers to introduce various teaching aids into the class¬ room. Chess Club Coached by Mr. Cheever, the Chess Club has had a relatively good year. The many matches have shown their ability and they have retained the Mostek Tro¬ phy for the second year in a row. The team will be handicapped next year by the loss of Captain Mike Dupre. Engrossed in thought! Trophy Presentation. GLEE CLUB club, the emphasis is often on chatter at rehearsals rather than music. However, they do manage to get to the music, doing a thorough job, directed by Miss Faith Martin. They sponsor three concerts a year, all successes. , ' 4 “jf ' VW.ii Vijft? Majorettes Under the capable leadership of Captain Phyllis Tosches, this year ' s major¬ ettes—Priscilla Biron, Deborah Hammond, Pauline Riendeau, Dora Tosches, Cheryl Laviolette, and Linda Wheeler, and Deborah Gadboishave once again proven themselves an added attraction to the Blackhawk band. Surely none of us appreciates the efforts these girls put into their fine performances and we now take this opportunity to thank them. That Blackhawk Marching Band returned to high school on August 25 for its first pre-season. For 3 days, Mr. Chamberlin taught new and vet¬ eran band members how to march in the patterns of motion style. As Bellingham is one of the few bands in the state that marches in this style, the band is beginning to gain in reputation as well as experience in marching in this difficult style. Bill Brisson was chosen drum major and Phyllis Tosches head majorette for the marching season. The Concert Band strives to perfect both Classical and popular music. The Stage Band rehearses Tuesdays at 7:30. This organization has appeared at many school functions playing in the modern " big band " style. A tour of high schools is being planned for the spring. I . : : . • Blow in his ear and he ' ll follow you anywhere Excedrin headache number 167 , 504,211 Is this any way to run an airline? Hi! I ' m the Pillsbury Dough Boy! My mother wanted me to go to Hollywood Dear Abby i 4 it. 1 4 rV ! V-. " ■■m " By sports like these are all their cares beguiled " Goldsmith MARSHA BENNETT MR. LINDSAY SPORTS BRUCE RATTEREE Kneeling: Karen Marshall, Captain Paula Brisson. and Julie Bouffard; Standing: Cindy Bozek, Dotty Bartolet, Debbie Hanley, Reina Garvin, Joan Alexandrowicz, Linda Minnis, Dotty Ferrone, Joanne Baker, and Diane Roy. Some friendship shown at a Norton-Bellingham game. ' No! You ' re supposed to be on THIS line! " Joanne Baker, Debbie Hanley, and Karen Marshall lead a cheer. Bellingham High ' s cheerleaders voiced the football and basketball teams on to victory in grand manner this year. Captained by four-year veteran Paula Brisson, the squad, guided by Mrs. Carole Horan and Miss Lois Woods, sparkled at every game. The newly formed junior varsity cheerlead¬ ing team, comprised of Mary Kay Tuttle, Mary Jane Flynn, Judy Scolavino, Gail MacDonald, Carol Frappier, Jane Martel, Carol Durkin, Linda Zajac and Ruthanne Rushton performed at J.V. boys ' games. Another fine varsity squad will be had next year when all but senior Paula Brisson re¬ turn to cheer. CAPTAIN PAULA BRISSON. I I I Front row: David Staples, Paul Hennessey, Russ Peloquin, Bill Pinhiero, Steve Godin, Brian Attwood, John Zinno, Bill Bailey, Scott Bayer, Steve Lebastie; Second row: Keith Farrar, Jim Cronin, Charlie Garceau, Leslie Hill, Bruce Ratteree, Gene Wall, Denis Hardy, Paul Croteau, Punchy Mc¬ Laughlin, Anthony Mancini, Bill Oliver, Bill Matthews. Back row: Capt. Danny Milette, George Maines, Tony LaPlante, Mike Burgess, Phil Skrzat, Daniel Watson, Jerry Cote, Dave Fisher, Gerard Chevalier, Albert Dann. In its second year of varsity competition, the football team, although it had a losing season, showed considerable improvement and future potential. Displaying great spirit and fight at every game, the team captured their first two victories on the varsity level. After defeating Auburn in a Jamboree scrimmage, 6-0, they defeated a favored Hopkinton team, 18-8, for a league win. Outstanding on offense this year were halfbacks Punchy McLaughlin and Bruce Ratteree, and quarterback Phil Skrzat. Defensive stalwarts were Paul Croteau, McLaughlin, Al Dann, and Denis Hardy. The captain of the team was Danny Milette, and the Most Valuable Player award went to a deserving Bruce Ratteree. Head coach Mr. George Anderson and his assistants, Mr. Harry Lindsay and Mr. Jim Bonollo, did a fine job and their efforts are greatly appreciated. No. Name Position Ht. Wt. - Class 10 Matthews, William QB 5 ' 4 " 135 Fresh. 11 Skrzat, Philip QB 6 ' 1 " 175 Sr. 12 Remillard, Lionel QB 5 ' 8 " 145 Fresh. 20 Ratteree, Bruce HB 5 ' 10 " 160 Jr. 21 Cronin, James HB 5 ' 9 " 150 Fresh. 22 Cote, Jerry HB ' 5 ' 10 " 165 Sr. 23 Clark, Robert HB 5 ' 9 " 140 Fresh. 24 Basile, Paul HB 5 ' 2 " 120 Fresh. 25 Bissonette, Robert HB 5 ' 9 " 140 Fresh. 30 Hill, Leslie FB 5 ' 9 " 155 Sr. 31 Bayer, Scott FB 5 ' 8 " 140 Fresh. 32 McLaughlin, Dennis HB 5 ' 10 " 170 Sr. 33 Oliver, Wilmot FB 5 ' 10 " 170 Soph. 40 Staples, David HB 5 ' 8 " 150 Fresh. 41 Clark, Leslie FB 5 ' 8 " 145 Fresh. 42 Labastie, Steven HB 5 ' 7 " 140 Fresh. 43 Hardy, Denis HB 5 ' 8 " 155 Jr. 50 Milette, Daniel (Capt.) C 5 ' 11 " 200 Sr. 52 Baisley, William C 5 ' 10 " 215 Fresh. 60 Chevalier, Gerard G 6 ' 0 " 180 Fresh. 61 Fisher, David G 5 ' 10 " 185 Sr. 62 Greeno, Robert G 5 ' 8 " 150 Fresh. 63 Thayer, David G 5 ' 8 " 145 Fresh. 64 Farrar, Keith G 5 ' 9 " 190 Jr. 65 Croteau, Paul G 5 ' 10 " 160 Sr. 67 Garceau, Charles G 5 ' 10 " 195 Sr. 68 Attwood, Brian G 5 ' 6 " 150 Fresh. 70 Sacco, Nicholas T 5 ' 6 " 135 Fresh. 71 Robinson, Paul T 5 ' 4 " 130 Fresh. 72 Collamati, Jeff T 5 ' 6 " 135 Fresh. 73 Dulac, Paul T 5 ' 10 " 160 Fresh. 75 Greeno, Donald T 5 ' 10 " 175 Soph. 76 Dann, Albert T 5 ' 11 " 205 Sr. 80 Burgess, Michael E 6 ' 2 " 190 Sr. 81 Zinno, John E 5 ' 10 " 155 Sr. 82 Laplante, Antoine E 5 ' 10 " 150 Jr. 83 Hennessey, Paul E 5 ' 10 " 150 Jr. 84 Taylor, David E 5 ' 10 " 145 Jr. 85 Martin, Michael E 5 ' 10 " 145 Sr. 86 Peloquin, Russell E 5 ' 8 " 150 Sr. 1968 Bellingham Football Roster ■:k X-rj C .V-»0 «v Punchy McLaughlin receives. Bruce Ratteree runs with the ball. 114 Dave Taylor tackles. y-i; !tv;t ' H ' -W- " • ' T« " Please don ' t take my football! ' Hey, did you hear this joke? Well " Here I come, ready or not! " " Did we win? " The Blackhawk Wall. 1968 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Cross Country Captain Jimmy Hart Coach Gary Parker ' s Cross Country team finished the 1968 season with a commendable record of five wins and five losses. Outstanding for BHS were Captain Jim Hart, Ted Bennett, Ken Heuklom, Art Ferland, Bill Thibeault, and Mike Magee. Jim Hart was honored by being named honorary captain of the Tri-Valley Conference All-Star team, and Ted Bennett was awarded the Most Valuable Player award. The harriers are looking forward to an even better season next year. Top runners Jim Hart, Art Ferland, and Ted Bennett with Coach Mr. Parker. " Ready or not, here I come! " Billy Pinheiro at the starting line This year ' s track and field team is studded with many experienced participants. Ted Bennett, Tony LaPlante, Donald Greeno, David Tay¬ lor, Jim Hart, Jim Mercure, Bill Pinheiro, Harold Maines, Bob Chofay, Dan Milette, Arthur Connelly, and Bill Schmidt will be back in uni¬ form. Top point-getters Ted Bennett, Tony LaPlante, and Donald Greeno (holding records in the 220 yard dash, the 880 yard run, and the pole vault, (respectively) will set the stride as the team, coached by Mr. Anderson, Mr. Lindsay, and Mr. Palmer, achieve success. Billy Pinheiro and Ted Bennett in the relay iC;i ». •« rv ' r f .r «c n . «x Mh V ‘l M ■ Front row: Paula Fisher, Laura Mercer, Robin Crawley, Diane Verhoest, Caroline Mazur, Kelli Richardson, Pat Heuklom; Second row: Coach Miss Tom, Debbie Rhodes, Nancy Ottman, Robin Andreola, Jean Powers, Judy Richards, Marsha Bennett; Back row: Dot Wharton, Pat Dupre, Cindi LaValley, Marcia Bradeen, Chris Daniel. Left wing- Left inner- Center forward- Right inner- Right wing- Left halfback- Center halfback- Right halfback- Left fullback- Right fullback- Goalie- -CAROLINE MAZUR -MARSHA BENNETT -CINDI LaVALLEY -MARCIA BRADEEN -SUSAN KENNEDY -PAT DUPRE -DIANE VERHOEST -DEBBIE RHODES -CHRIS SPONT -PAT HEUKLOM -DEBBIE NEWCOMB Varsity ' Aw, don ' t yell. Miss Tom ! ' 1 Girls’ Field Hockey The Girls ' Varsity Field Hockey team, coached by Miss Victoria Tom, put in a fine effort this year as the girls won their first victory, lost nine games, and battled their way to six ties. Scoring goals during the season were Marsha Bennett, Cindi LaValley, and Chris Spont. Co-captains were Diane Verhoest and Debbie Newcomb. The newly formed Junior Varsity finished the season with a record of two wins and ten losses, goals being scored by Jean Powers and Kelli Richardson. v - r Marsha Bennett, Most Valuable Player, battles an opponent. Co-captain Debbie Newcomb. ■ ■•••.v »» « Softball V. Paulette Trudeau behind the plate. The girls ' softball team, coached by Miss Lois Woods, is looking forward to a successful season. Returning veterans are Shelley Zinno, i Connie Kanaski, Joyce Accorsi, Diane Verhoest, Paulette Trudeau, Nancy Ottman, Cyndy LaValley, Sandy Bileau, Susan Belhumeur, and Christine Spont, and many new players are expected to try out for the team as well. JUNIOR VARSITY: Standing: Janet Cimmino, Debbie Bucci, Susan Whitley, Barbara Carey, Gail Verhoest, Helen Frow, Paula Fisher, Laura Mercer; Kneeling: Pat Bartolet, Donna Roger, Captain Diane Verhoest, Cyndy LaValley, Diane Durzano. Girls’ Basketball Cyndy LaValley scores for the JV ' s. , .. One down, two to go. VARSITY— Standing: Manager Marsha Bennett, Claire LaBelle, Susan Belhumeur, Paula Dupre, Connie Kanaski, Shelley Zinno, Nancy Ott- man, Cassandra McDaniel, Miss Lois Woods; Kneeling: Co-captains Mary Tuttle and Chris Spont. The girls ' basketball team had a very successful year, ending the season with a 12-3 record, and finishing in a third place tie in the Tri-Valley Con¬ ference. For the second year in a row, the team, coached by Miss Lois Woods, was invited to partici¬ pate in the Southeastern Massachusetts Girls ' Invita¬ tional Tournament. High scorers were Chris Spont and Cassandra Mc¬ Daniel, and Connie Kanaski, Shelley Zinno and Nancy Ottman played fine defensive ball. Mary Tuttle very capably set up plays and contributed greatly to the scoring. Paula Dupre, Claire LaBelle, and Susan Bel¬ humeur also saw plenty of action. With the only losses being Mary Tuttle and Chris Spont, next year ' s team should enjoy another winning season. The junior varsity girls, with two victories to their credit, were led by Diane Verhoest, Debbie Bucci, and Donna Roger. Cool-Cat-Cass. ;j -tkuKft ' £ ■ - A j rZmAf-jtAt Season Record Shelley Zinno goes up to block a shot. " How ' d I get into this mess? " Bellingham.37 Bellingham.33 Bellingham.33 Bellingham.39 Bellingham.45 Bellingham.37 Bellingham.36 Bellingham.30 Bellingham.29 Bellingham.51 Bellingham.26 Bellingham.47 Bellingham.47 Bellingham.54 Bellingham.40 Bellingham.38 Alumnae .22 St. Mary ' s .24 St. Clare .11 Nipmuc .35 Hopkinton .29 Mills .20 Milford . 4 Medfield .31 Dover .39 Holliston .29 Medway .53 Milford .24 Hopedale .30 St. Clare .27 St. Mary ' s .31 Bourne .47 ‘Tournament Game 122 INDIVIDUAL SCORING PLAYER TOTAL SPONT .228 McDaniel . 153 TUTTLE . 75 KANASKI . 69 OTTMAN . 21 DUPRE . 5 ZINNO . 3 LaBELLE . 3 BELHUMEUR . 1 Cassandra scores two for B.H.S. Going my way .. . ! ' ? ' » V‘Jj mrr Dave Karakeian takes a cut at the ball. Baseball m Al Dann crosses home plate. ' COACH ROGER CANESTRARI Coach Roger Canestrari ' s Blackhawk nine will be trying to regain the Tri-Valley crown this year. After staying in contention for the greater part of last season, the team lost to both Norton and Hopkinton toward the end of the schedule and Hopedale picked up first place. Bellingham owned the Tri-County League championship in both 1966 and 1967. With many experienced players, consisting most¬ ly of seniors, returning, the Blackhawks will un¬ doubtedly have a winning season. Veterans in¬ clude Dave Karakeian, Don Galuza, Phil Skrzat, and Gerry Boulay in the infield, and Al Dann, Bob Dupre, Bill Fournier, and Brad Wong in the out¬ field. Pitching will be very capably handled by Bob Dupre and Al Dann, and Marcel Arel should be behind the plate. Outstanding new talent will also be appearing on the varsity. Marcel Arel takes a base. 1969 CAPTAIN BOBBY DUPRE (at left). ALBERT DANN " YOU ' D BETTER WATCH YOUR STEP, BUDI 4 , ' - — ' ■ I .:v, , .• ‘A y. Hal Mm j [ j % m . •f DON GALUZA i » ■ ——— 1 ■ imm ‘ ■ 2 AUSE I ' M BIGGER THAN YOU ARE! " PHIL SKRZAT ■ GUY VAN HELDEN Tennis " No! Don ' t hit me! " Coach Mr. Cheever ' s tennis team is opti¬ mistically looking forward to a winning season. Last year ' s team finished in second place in the Tri-County League, and was invited to play in the Bay State Tournament. Many veteran netmen are returning, and among outstanding performances should be those of Dave Zazza, Don Demers, Russ Ar¬ nold, Mike Hachey, Bruce Crepeau, and Guy Van Helden. Ml CAPTAIN COACH PHIL SKRZAT r+t Z ' 4 £iiH ROGER CANESTRARI SEASON RECORD Bellingham. . . . . .71 Franklin . . . .39 Bellingham. . . . . .50 Alumni . . . .36 Bellingham. . . . . .73 Nipmuc . . . .66 Bellingham. . . . . .66 N. Smithfield . . . . .44 Bellingham. . . . . .87 Norfolk . .. .40 Bellingham. . . . . .63 Blackstone. . . .43 Bellingham. . . . . .71 Medway . . . .46 Bellingham. . . . . .73 Millis . . . .61 Bellingham. . . . . .88 Hopkinton . . . .79 Bellingham. . . . . .72 Medfield . . . .43 Bellingham. . . . . .78 Holliston . . . .68 Bellingham. . . . . .72 Norfolk . . ..55 Bellingham. . . . . .72 Blackstone . . . .43 Hopedale . . .60 Bellingham. . . . . .43 Norton . .48 Bellingham. . . . . .46 Dover . .85 Bellingham. . . .. .68 Nipmuc .... .58 Bellingham. . . . . .53 Norton . .69 Bellingham. . . . . .63 Hopedale . . . .81 Bellingham. . . . . .56 Front row: John Zinno, Mike Burgess, Phil Skrzat, Mr. Canestrari, Bob McDaniel, Larry Minnis, and Paul Peterson; Second row: Gerry Boulay, Don Galuza, Gerry Cote, Brad Wong, Peter Martel, and Bruce Crepeau; Third row: Managers Paul Basile and Lionel Remillard; Bob Fafard, Ken Heuklom, Rex McGough and Manager Bill Bailey. The Blackhawks again proved to be one of the top powers in the Tri-County League as it finished the season in a three-way tie for second place in division B, along with Nipmuc and Norton. Hopedale captured the number one spot. Under Coach Roger Canestrari, the team compiled a 13-6 record and retained the James J. Keough and Frank Flynn Memorial Trophies by easily defeating Franklin and Blackstone (twice). Many a team was overwhelmed by a deluge of points from Captain Phil Skrzat and sophomore Bob McDaniel, and, along with Phil and Bob, Mike Bur¬ gess and Larry Minnis gave Bellingham one of the tallest teams in the league. John Zinno provided a lot of hustle, and Don Galuza was an outstanding ball-handler and play-maker. Seniors Phil Skrzat, John Zinno, Don Galuza, Mike Burgess, Gerry Boulay, Gerry Cote, and Ken Heuklom will be lost through graduation, but Coach Canestrari should have another strong team next year, centered around Bob McDaniels, Larry Minnis, Brad Wong, Peter Martel, and many up-and-coming ball players. 133 Senior JOHN ZINNO Top Performance: 29 points, Hopedale Sophomore bob McDaniel T op performance: 29 points, Hopkinton Starting Five Senior CAPTAIN PHIL SKRZAT Top performance: 34 points, Holliston Junior LARRY MINNIS Top performance: 19 points, Blackstone Senior DON GALUZA Top performance: 13 points, Holliston 135 A fine shot by Milton. " " Satch " goes sky-high for two points. Phil Skrzat raises the score. Chalk up two for Zinno. " Gee, I wonder how they do that? " INDIVIDUAL SCORING PLAYER F.G. F.T. T.P. SKRZAT 128 83 339 McDaniel 117 42 276 ZINNO 68 35 171 MINNIS 37 34 108 BURGESS 31 41 103 GALUZA 29 42 100 WONG 19 10 48 BOULAY 8 11 27 COTE 8 7 23 MARTEL 7 6 20 CREPEAU 6 7 19 HEUKLOM 4 2 10 PETERSON 4 2 10 McGEOUGH 0 6 6 FAFARD 1 2 4 TOTALS: 467 330 1264 Front row: David Pinsonneault, Les Clark, Paul Peterson, Douglas Curtis. Albert Ricciardi, William Brisson; Back row: Bruce Crepeau, David Staples, William Pinheiro, Steven Hennessey, Michael Parisi, Edward Sikonski, Ronald Parisi, and Coach Mr. Trudeau. Absent were Michael Hachey and Gerard Chevalier. Battling John Zinno of the Varsity. Coach Andy Trudeau ' s Junior Varsity had a winning season, finishing with 11 wins and six losses. Two teams, one being composed of freshmen and the other of sophomores, were effectively utilized. Top scorers Paul Peterson and Al Ricciardi led the team through an exciting season. Mr. Trudeau is optimistically looking forward to next year, with a team revolving around Ed Sikonski, Gerry Chevalier, David Staples, Les Clark and Al Ricciardi. Junior Varsity 138 RICHARD COURNOYER. The Bellingham High School golf team is looking forward to a most enjoyable season according to its coach, Mr. Mohan. Last year, the team finished in second place in the Tri-County League and all the members are returning. Last year ' s MVP, Richard Cournoyer, heads the list, followed closely by Dean Maculan and Dave Frappier. Others on the team in¬ clude Rick Dorval, Jim Collin, Tony LaPlante, Mark LaScola, Dan Ranieri, and some promising new¬ comers. Other than the standard Tri-Valley opponents, Bell¬ ingham has scheduled matches with Milford, Woon¬ socket, Franklin, and other neighboring towns. Ac¬ cording to Mr. Mohan, the immediate future looks bright. Active seniors in gym class Mr. DiPietro proctors at college boards Mrs. Walsh ' s English class. SENIOR PARTICIPANTS “Every person is responsible for only the good within his abilities, and for no more, and no one can tell whose sphere is the largest 7 Gail Hamilton ELAINE EVA ADAM 421 Center Road National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; F.N.A. 1, 3, 4; Pep Squad 1; Class Play 3, 4. RICHARD ALGER Mendon Street Tennis 1, 2. JOHN ALLARD 171 South Main Street Football 1, 2. JANET RUTH ANDERSON 71 Shiela Drive Yearbook Staff 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Class Play 4. MARCEL AREL 1111 Florida Avenue Baseball 3, 4; Track 1; Basketball 1; Video Aid 3, 4. DAVID ARNOLD 55 Maple Street Band 1, 2, 3, 4. PAUL E. ARSENAULT 30 Trenton Street Cross Country 1; F.T.A. 2; Track 3, 4; Student Council 4; Boys ' State Delegate; Boys ' Nation Delegate. DEBORAH JEAN AYOTTE 10 LaFayette Street Prom Committee 3, 4; Pep Squad 1; F.N.A. 1. SUSAN BAISLEY 80 Locust Street Yearbook Staff 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Prom Commit¬ tee 3, 4. PAUL BARRETTE 191 Wrentham Road PATSY BEAN Hartford Avenue Softball 3. LINDA BEAULIEU Lake Shore Drive Senior Prom Committee 4. • LORRAINE BEDARD 31 LaFayette Street Junior Play 3. CHRISTINE ANNE BIRON 91 South Main Street Athletic Association 1; Drama Club 4; News¬ paper 3; N.H.S. 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4; F.N.A. 3, 4; French Club 3; Prom Committee 3, 4; Year¬ book Business Editor; Class Play 3, 4. JOSEPH BLAIS 14 Morin Drive Program Committee 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Ski Club 4; Class Play 3; Boys ' State Delegate 3. JESSIE BONNER 76 Jeannine Road Senior Prom Committee 4. PATRICIA SUZANNE BOUFFARD 60 Freeman Street N.H.S. 3, 4; Newspaper 3; Program Commit¬ tee 4; Prom Committee 3, 4. GERARD BOULAY 11 Pine Grove Avenue F.T.A. 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Class Play 3; Prom Com¬ mittee 3, 4. DAVID ROBERT BRADLEY 201 Caroline Drive Class Play 3, 4; Drama Club 4. PAULA BRISSON 12 Liberty Street Student Council 1; Library Aide 1; Cheer¬ leader 1, 2, 3; Captain 4; Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Yearbook Staff; Class Play 4. MICHAEL BURGESS 1020 South Main Street Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Football 3, 4. ELOISE CATALANO 16 Cedar Hill Road Prom Committee 3; F.T.A. 3; Ski Club 4; Class Play 3, 4; Student Council 4. JANET CEDDIA 239 Temi Road N.H.S. 3, 4. STEVEN CHAMBERLAIN 101 North Main Street Class Play 3; French Club 3. MARIE CLAIRE CHEVALIER 61 Center Street ROBERT CHOFAY 40 Norfolk Street Track 3, 4; Football 4. GENE CLINTON 5 Lake Shore Drive Baseball Manager 1; Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4; Football Manager 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Drama Club 4; Newspaper 4; Yearbook Staff. KATHLEEN FRANCES CLOUART 18 Squire Lane Prospective 3; Class Play 3; Prom Committee 3, 4; Yearbook Staff. ANNE M. COL LAM AT I 1281 Pulaski Blvd. F.T.A. 1, 2; Prom Committee 3, 4; Yearbook Staff. CLAUDIA COMASTRA 74 Mendon Street Pep Squad 1; Ski Club 4; Prom Committee 4. GERARD H. COTE 40 Hunt Street Baseball 1, 2, 4; Football 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN M. CRESEY 1 Glenbrook Avenue F.N.A. 1; Prom Committee 3; Class Play 3, 4; Yearbook Staff; Drama Club 4; Program Com¬ mittee 4; Prospective 4. LINDA CRONIN 774 South Main Street Prom Committee 3, 4. PAUL CROTEAU 21 Summer Street Football 1, 2, 3, 4. GARY CUMMINGS 19 Farm Street CAROL ANN DAIGLE 882 South Main Street F.N.A. 1; N.H.S. 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Prom Com¬ mittee 3; Chorus 4; Program Committee 4. KENNETH D ' ALLESSANDRO 164 Ruth Ellen Road LUCILLE C. DALPE 11 Trenton Street ROBERT DANKO 470 Pulaski Blvd. Class Play 3. ALBERT DANN 47 South Center Street Football 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3; Captain 4; Sk Club 4. PATRICIA DARLING 470 South Main Street CLAIRE A. DAUPHIN 14 Center Street Class Play 3; Chorus 3, 4; Prom Committee 4. DIANE DECELLES 11 Pickering Avenue F.T.A. 2; V.P. 3; N.H.S. 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Newspaper Staff 3, 4; Prom Commit¬ tee 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Girls ' State Alternate 3; Ski Club 4; Yearbook Staff. DONAL DEMERS 101 Moody Street Basketball 1, 2, 3; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Ski Club 4. RICHARD DORVAL 460 Wrentham Road Cross Country 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; Track 1, 4; Golf 2, 3. JANICE C. DUBEAU 591 Wrentham Road Class Play 3; Chorus 4; Student Council 4; Year¬ book Staff. RICHARD DUBOIS 29 Lake Street Football 1; Track 2; Golf 3, 4. RONALD DULAC 90 Pleasant Street Football 1; Golf 2, 3. PAMELA DUNCAN 106 Pothier Street N.H.S. 3, 4; Yearbook Staff. DEBORAH ANNE DUPRE 20 Chamberlain Drive A.A. 1; F.T.A. 2; Newspaper 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Student Council 4; Ski Club 4; Yearbook Staff; Drama Club 4. MICHAEL DUPRE 1087 South Main Street Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Chess Captain 2, 3, 4. ROBERT DUPRE 70 Linwood Avenue Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Scorer 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 4; Class President 3. SHERRY ANN DUTTON 67 Donna Road Prom Committee 3, 4. BONNIE EATON 7 Grove Street Prom Committee 3, 4. ALAN EDWARDS 149 Lisa Ann Drive VIRGINIA CLAIRE FIDLER 109 Ann Marie Drive Class Play 4; Drama Club 4; Yearbook 4; Ski Club 4. DAVID FISHER 4 James Street Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 3. ALICE FOURNIER 590 Pulaski Blvd. Class Treasurer 1. KAREN FRUEH 9 Rondeau Road F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Yearbook 4; N.H.S. 3,4. JUDITH ANN GALIPEAU 5 Squire Lane Newspaper Staff 3; Class Play 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Yearbook Staff. DONAL GALUZA 60 Pickering Avenue Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4. CHARLES GARCEAU 20 South Center Street AMANDA GARDNER 93 Clarence Road WAYNE GARVIN 72 North Main Street Track 2, 4. NANCY GELINEAU 190 South Main Street Student Council 3; Newspaper Staff 3; Prom Committee 3, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Program Committee 4; Yearbook Staff; Class Play 3, 4. ROLAND GENTES 23 Cranberry Meadow Road Prom Committee 4. RALPH GODIN 251 Lake Street SUZANNE MARIE GOULET 31 Woodland Road Student Council 3; Treasurer 4; Ski Club 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Co-Chairman Program Committee 4; Chorus 3, 4; Class Play 3; Bas¬ ketball 4. LOUIS GUERIN 86 Wrentham Street Class Play 4; Tennis 1. LINDA ANN HALLFELDER 72 Rose Avenue F.N.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Literary Maga¬ zine 3; Drama Club 4; Prom Committee 4. RICHARD HAMMOND 1 Coderre Drive Tennis 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; President Ski Club 4; Drama Club 4; Class Play 4. ESTELLE HARDY 21 Brisson Street Newspaper Co-Editor 3; French Club Presi¬ dent 3; Yearbook Business Manager 4; Class Play 3, 4; F.N.A. 3; Prom Committee 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Student Council 4; Drama Club 4. JAMES E. HART 400 Center Street Cross Country 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4. THOMAS J. HEAVEY II 8 Mendon Street Football 1, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Drama Club 4. KENNETH HENDERSON 10 North Center Str eet Tennis 1, 2; Cross Country 2; Ski Club 4; Prom Committee 4. KENNETH HEUKLOM 1183 South Main Street Cross Country 1, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Base¬ ball 3, 4; Drama Club 4. LESLIE HILL 160 High Street Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3; Baseball 2; Tennis. DAVID KARAKEIAN 151 North Main Street Baseball 4; Football 3. GERARD KASS 29 Pond Street Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; Vice-President 1; President 2; Student Council 1, 2. PAULA KEANE 185 Farm Street Drama Club 4; Ski Club 4; Prom Committee 4. SALLY ANN KEARNAN 5 North Main Street A.A. 2, 3, 4; Color Guard 1, 2; N.H.S. 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Prom Co-Chairman 3; News¬ paper 3; Ski Club 4; Student Council 4; Prom Committee 4; Yearbook Staff. JANICE L. KEY 41 Valley View Road Class Play 3, 4; Prom Committee 4; Yearbook Staff. DANIEL KING 123 Farm Street Tennis 1, 2. LOUIS KNUST GRAICHEN 77 Mendon Street Football 3; Tennis 3, 4. VICTOR KNUST GRAICHEN 77 Mendon Street Ski Club 4; Class Play 3. ALICE LAMOTHE 45 Cross Street Pep Squad 1, 2; A.A. 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Class Play 3. RICHARD LAMOTHE 101 Mann Street Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 3, 4. DIANNE LANGLOIS 21 Trenton Street Prom Committee 4. MARK LaSCOLA 18 Saddleback Hill Road Golf 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Prom Committee 4. RAYMOND LeBLANC 347 Hartford Avenue RONALD LeCLAIRE 19 Bliss Road Swim Club 3. ROBERT LeCOQ 5 Glenbrook Avenue Cross Country 2, 3; Track 2, 3. RICHARD LONGPRE 35 James Stree ' Baseball 2. MICHAEL LUMENTI 155 Stella Road Class Play 3. HAROLD MAINES 88 Farm Street Track 2, 3, 4; Football 3. BRIAN MANCINI 11 Brian Road LESLIE ANN MARTEL 33 Central Blvd. A.A. 1; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3; Newspaper 3; N.H.S. 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Yearbook Staff. KATHLEEN ANN MARTIN 11 Hartford Avenue Student Council 2, 3; President 4; Perspective 3; Editor 4; Drama Club 4; Ski Club 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Prom Chairman 3, 4; Yearbook Staff; School Reporter 4. MICHAEL MARTIN 371 Pulaski Blvd. Football 3, 4; Perspective 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Class President 4; Drama Club 4. MICHELLE A. MASSE 501 Pulaski Blvd F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; French Club 3; President 4; Newspaper Editor 3, 4; Perspective 4; Ski Club 4; N.H.S. 3; Vice-President 4; Student Council 4; Drama Club 4; Library Aide 3; Prom Com¬ mittee 3, 4; Yearbook Co-Editor; Class Play 4. MICHAEL MclNNIS 196 Temi Road Class Play 3, 4. dennis McLaughlin 89 Ann Marie Drive Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Program Committee Chairman 4. ELLEN McNIFF 462 Hartford Avenue A.A. 1; Newspaper 3; Class Play 3; Prom Com¬ mittee 3, 4; Class Secretary 4; Yearbook. JAMES MERCURE 15 Paine Street Football 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 2; Basketball 2. DANIEL MILETTE 190 Pine Grove Avenue Football 1, 2, 3; Captain 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Pro¬ gram Committee 4; Ski Club 4. DONNA JEAN MUELLER 57 Mendon Street BILLIEGENE NADON 432 Center Street A.A. 1; N.H.S. 3 ,4; Newspaper 3; Class Play 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Ski Club 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Yearbook Business Editor. KAREN MARIE NAGEL 134 North Main Street Drama Club 4; Prom Committee 4. HOLLY NELSON 71 North Main Street Class Play 3; A.A. 4; Prom Committee 4; Year¬ book Staff. JOHN NESTOR 34 Sheila Drive Football 1; Cross Country 2, 3; Track 2; Basket¬ ball 2. DEBORAH NEWCOMB 112 Farm Street Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Prom Committee 4; Yearbook Staff. ANDREA NICHOLSON 351 Hartford Avenue 143 N.H.S. 3, 4; Newspaper 3; Prom Committee 3, 4; Basketball 3. GUY NICKERSON 359 Nickerson Road Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ELAINE BERNADETTE O ' KEEFE Depot Street Chorus 3. 4. ROBERT OTTAVI 10 Central Blvd. Tennis 1, 2; Basketball 2; Track 2; N.H.S. 3, 4. ROLANDE L. PARENT 466 Hartford Avenue A.A. 1; Newspaper 3, 4; Ski Club Treasurer 4; Drama Club 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Program Committee 4; Class Play 3; Yearbook Staff. HELEN PELLAND 34 Lake Shore Drive Class Play 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Student Council 4; Drama Club 4; Newspaper 4; Year¬ book 4. MARGUERITE JULIET PELLAND 10 California Avenue N.H.S. 3, 4; Class Play 3. ERIL PETERSON 19 Mohawk Street Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; N.H.S. 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Class Play 3, 4. JEANNINE PHANEUF 45 Elvira Street Yearbook Staff; Student Council 4; Newspaper 4; Drama Club 4; Prom Committee 4; Class Play 4. CHERYL PHILLIPS 174 Blackstone Street Newspaper 3; Prom Committee 3, 4; A.A. 1; Program Committee 4; Chorus 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Class Play 4. HENRY PICCHIONI 10 Roy Street DONNA MARIE PINSONNEAULT 8 Chamberlain Road F.N.A. 1; A.A. 1; Pep Squad 1; Prom Com¬ mittee 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Newspaper 3. WILLIAM PLEAU Plain Street DENISE M. PLOUFFE 366 Lake Street DOROTHY MAY PONTONIO Third Avenue Newspaper 3, 4; Chorus 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Swim Club 3; Drama Club 4; Yearbook Staff. ROLAMD POULIN 20 Locust Street DANIEL RANIERI 26 Lake Street Vice-President 2, 3; Golf 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Class Play 4. JEAN REMILLARD 10 Coderre Drive F.N.A. 2, 3; President 4; Drama Club 4; News¬ paper 3; Prom Committee 3, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Yearbook Staff; Library Aide 2; A.A. 1, 2; Class Play 3, 4. CAROLYN RHODES 40 Locust Street F.N.A. 2, 3; Secretary 4; Drama Club 4; Per¬ spective 3, 4. 144 KENNETH RHODES 269 Lake Street ' Football 1,2, 3. BONNIE RILEY 85 Maple Street Ski Club 4. MARGUERITE B. ROBERT 5 Pelletier Drive Basketball 1; Newspaper 3, 4; Ski Club 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Library Aide 2; Drama Club 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Class Play 3, 4; Student Council 4; Yearbook Staff. NORMAND ROBERT 41 Center Street Track 4. RICHARD A. ROCKEL 17 Maple Street DIANE ROSBOROUGH 345 Hartford Avenue Ski Club 4; A.A. 2; Prom Committee 3, 4; Glee Club 4. ELLEN RUDEN 21 Easy Street A.A. 1; Prom Committee 4; Yearbook Staff. VICTORIA RUDICK 211 Wrentham Road F.N.A. 1; Prom Committee 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Class Play 4. JOAN SAWYER North Main Street LINDA PHYLLIS SCHAFER 779 South Main Street F.T.A. 2, 4; Historian 3; Newspaper 3; Prom Committee 3, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Yearbook Staff WILLIAM R. SCHMIDT 107 Farm Street Track 3, 4. DOROTHY SCHROEDER 21 Sheila Drive A.A. 1; Prom Committee 4; Yearbook Staff. CHRISTINE ANNE SI KONSKI 200 Pulaski Blvd. F.T.A. 1; Class Play 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Ski Club 4; Chorus 3; Prom Committee 3, 4; Soft- ball 1; Yearbook Staff. PHILIP SKRZAT 10 Florida Avenue Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cap¬ tain 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Vice-Presi¬ dent 4. PAMELA SMITH 98 Hartford Avenue Glee Club 1; Chorus 4; Drama Club 4; Class Play 4. CHRISTINE SIMONDS Harper Blvd. STEVEN SMITH 205 Farm Street PATRICIA ANN SOKOLSKY 51 Stockholm Street F.N.A. 1; Ski Club 4; Prom Committee 4; Class Play 4; A.A. 4. CHRISTINE ELLEN SPONT 30 Bliss Road Student Council 2, 3, 4; N.H.S. 2; President 3, 4; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; A.A. 1, 2, 3 4; News¬ paper and Yearbook Sports Editor; Ski Club 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Field Hockey 3, 4; Captain 2; Softball 2, 3, 4; Co- Captain 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' States Delegate 3. MARILYN JEAN STAPLES 280 Lake Street N.H.S. 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Program Committee 4; Class Play 4. ELIZABETH STILPHEN 296 Lake Shore Drive Basketball 1; Library Aide 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 9 4; Class Play 4; Drama Club 4; Prom Com- | mittee 4. PHYLLIS LOUISE TOSCHES 15 Cedar Hill Road Class Play 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; F.T.A. I 2; Treasurer 3; Secretary 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Student I Council 2, 3, 4; Majorettes 2; Captain 3, 4; I Yearbook Staff. MARY TUTTLE 360 Hartford Avenue F.T.A. 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club Secretary I 4; Prom Committee 3; Co-Chairman 4; Drama I Club 4; N.H.S. 3; Secretary 4; Yearbook Staff. RAYMOND VADEBONCOEUR 11 Wrentham Road Chess Club 2; Perspective 3, 4; Drama Club 2; Class Play 3. I GENE K. WALL 55 Easy Street Football 1, 2, 3; Newspaper 4; Ski Club 4; | Sports Editor Newspaper. STANLEY WASELEWSKI 60 Rose Avenue DIANE FRANCES WESTON 74 Blackstone Street Newspaper Staff 3; Class Play 3; Perspective 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Drama Club 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Program Committee 4; Library Aide 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 4. ROBERT M. WHALEN 468 Hartford Avenue ANNE WHEELER Potter Drive Colorguard 1; Majorette 2, 3; N.H.S. 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Newspaper 3; Drama Club 4; Class Play 3; Yearbook Editor. DALE ALAN WHITING 501 South Main Stree-t Prom Committee 3, 4. KAREN MARLENE WOODMAN 53 Mendon Street F.N.A. 1, 2; N.H.S. 3; Treasurer 4; Prom Com- I mittee 3, 4; Class Play Chorus 4; Yearbook I Staff. JOANNE ZARICZNY 78 Mendon Street Newspaper 3; Prom Committee 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Class Play 3, 4; Year¬ book Staff. DAVID ZAZZA 20 Central Blvd. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 4. JOHN ZINNO Brookside Road Football 1, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, ' 2, 4. GAIL WHITTEN Mendon Road, Cumberland ' » »«.y p t Compliments of JOSEPH L. VENDETTI Caryville, Massachusetts Compliments of THE CLASS OF 1971 PRESIDENT: ROBERT McDANIEL V. PRESIDENT: ARTHUR KNUST GRAICHEN TREASURER: GEORGIANNA PARENT SECRETARY: HELEN MARCOTTE BROTHERS of the BRUSH Compliments of WHITTEN CORPORATION Compliments of VARNEY BROTHERS SAND AND GRAVEL, INC. Producers of Red ' ' E ' Mix Concrete JOHN J. CASEY INSURANCE AGENCY Auto—Fire—Life Accident—Health—Casualty North Main Street Bellingham, Massachusetts 966-1600 229 Main Street Milford, Mass. 473-4045 THRIFTY SUPER MARKETS " BE THRIFTY SHOP THRIFTY " I 10 Main Street Blackstone, Massachusetts Best Wishes to the Graduates from the CLASS OF 1970 PRESIDENT: BRADLEY WONG VICE-PRESIDENT: PAUL HENNESSEY SECRETARY: BETTY KELLY TREASURER: DIANE ROY Congratulations and Continued Success to the Class of 1969 MARCHARD MACHINE WORKS, INC 435 Wrentham Street South Bellingham, Massachusetts Compliments of BOUFFARD ' S UPHOLSTERING STUDIO 60 Freeman Street So. Bellingham, Mass. 154 MODERN PLANT MODERN METHODS WOONSOCKET TIRE SALES, INC. 767 Social Street Phones— 762-4400 762-4401 ' RETREADING AT IT ' S FINEST’ Compliments of ROSENFELD WASHED SAND and STONE COMPANY i - m i-mi.— 1 - . 1 Compliments Compliments of of E-Z r MARIETTAS HANDBAG FASHIONS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS 226 No. Main St. Bellingham, Mass. HOSIERY 225 Main St. Milford, Mass. GLOVES Telephone: 473-0181 Expert Handbag Repairing MARIETTA and MICHAEL CATALANO Compliments of NEW ENGLAND RUG Compliments of 156 MOSTEKS HARDWARE Ertuid Luck F ta O th 6 Class of LI Se m s Roebuck and CarnpanLj Walnut triiiPtain WnansorlCBti .lG. tjblQS estaurant " Where Good Food Makes Good Friends ' Full Course: Breakfast Dinner Supper 945 Providence, Highway Norwood, Massachusetts Telephone: 769-2030 ■GU (1 aasryL Route 126, No. Bellingham Fried Clams Onion Rings Shrimp to the graduates of the 69 PRESIDENT: HERBERT J. CHAPLIN VICE-PRESIDENT: RAYMOND LADOUCOUER SECRETARY: WALLACE ROBERTS TREASURER: JOHN E. TUTTLE W BELLINGHAM LIONS CLUB I 157 I , Compliments of COLLAMATI WOODWORKING 1281 Pulaski Blvd. So. Bellingham Kitchen Planning, Cabinets, Remodeling ROBERT C. HOWE PHARMACY 15 Mechanic St. Bellingham, Mass. 966-0803 - BELLINGHAM LUMBER the Village Haven " we cater to weddings and banquets " Main St. Forestdale, R. I. 762-4242 ; 158 Best Wishes for a Successful Future! Country Charm Beauty Salon 501 So. Main St. So. Bellingham, Mass. KAY and GEORGE WHITING 1 Good Luck! Sarah Coventry " fine fash ion jewelry, shown in your own home’ ANNETTE MASSE 883-8896 BELLINGHAM AUTO SALES Hudson-Checker New and Used Cars Tel. 966-1230 TEXTILE MACHINE SHOP Automobile Acc. Mechanic St. Route 140 D. J. MOORE Bellingham, Massachusetts 21 I Summer St. So. Bellingham, Mass. 159 Everyone in the BELLINGHAM TEACHERS ASSOCIATION is Rushing to Wish the Class of 1969 Every Success in the Future PRESIDENT: MRS. ERNESTINE TULUMELLO VICE PRESIDENT: MR. EDWARD SULLIVAN TREASUER: M. ROBERT PROVOST SECETARY: MISS CAROL MANNING r Best Wishes from CARYVILLE GARAGE Complete Front-End Service Body Work and Painting 44 Hartford Ave. Caryville, Mass. VET ' S PACKAGE STORE ARMAN D ' S SERVICE STATION BELL HAVEN MOTEL Route 140—Cape Highway Bellingham, Mass. Swiming Pool Completely Modern Open All Year Phone: 473-5060 Area Code: 617 Compliments of BILL ' S AUTO TOP UPHOLSTERING 440 South Main St. Hopedale, Mass. Phone: 883-8050 Compliments of WALTER D. RICHARDS WARWICK SHOPPERS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE WORLD 21 Elvira St. Bellingham, Mass. Good Luck and Good Health to the Class of ' 69 GARELICK FARMS CARTIER ' S FUNERAL HOME 151 South Main St. Bellingham, Mass. Serving All Faiths LEWINSKY HEATING CONTRACTOR American Standard Fixtures 10 Maple St. Bellingham 966-0469 Compliments of SAWYER ' S ROCKLED0E FARM Bellingham, Mass. Compliments of GRENIER SONS PRINTING PIETTE JEWELERS 196 Main St. Woonsocket, R.l. " The store where a bride ' s dreams come true. " Compliments of BRISSON OIL SERVICE Color TV Stereo Phonos EL GEE PRODUCTS BAR SUPPLIES 883-8896 THE MUSIC NOOK Everything Musical 190 Main St. Milford, Mass. Musical Instruments Records Compliments of the BELLINGHAM POLICE DEPARTMENT —■— THE Compliments of: STUDENT COUNCIL BELLINGHAM MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL ADVISOR: MR. MOHAN PRESIDENT: KATHLEEN MARTIN VICE PRESIDENT: WILLIAM BRISSON SECRETARY MARILYN WONG TREASURER: SUZANNE GOULET 64 Compliments of COOKIE CORPORATION OF NEW ENGLAND Compliments of THE CHINESE BRASS R AIL RESTAURANT 5 Central St. Milford, Massachusetts 473-9710 " The Best in Chinese Food " M V f o W M Telephone: 883-7989 JOE ' S GARAGE JOE and FRED ZAZZA First Class Mechanics Specializing in All Hydramatic Transmissions General Repairs 20 Central Blvd. (Off Pulaski Blvd.) South Bellingham, Massachusetts ip.- ' 26 Wrenthem Rd. Bellingham, Mass. 165 Compliments to the Class of 1969 BELLINGHAM ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA PRESIDENT: CATHY SANTINI VICE PRESIDENT: DEBBIE MARTIN SECRETARY: EILEEN LUCCHESI TREASURER: PHYLLIS TOSCHES 166 BLACKSTONE WOOL COMPANY, INC. ALPEN ' S Junior—Jr. Petite—Misses Apparel Downtown Milford STEARNS AUTO Used Cars General Repairs WARREN J. STEARNS, Prop. Bellingham, Mass. 966-1220 Continued Success to the Class of 1969 KING FORD Rt. 140 and Milford, Mass. ft 9 The Jinest In WooU WOONSOCKET TYPEWRITER CO. Busine ss Machines—Office Furniture 237 Main St. Woonsocket, R.l. RALPH C. PILKINGTON Tel. 769-0709 167 ARTHUR ' S BARBER SHOP ASSUMPTION C.Y.O. AUGER ' S BEAUCHEMIN SON, INC. BEL-AIR GARDENS, INC. BELLINGHAM GROCERY PACKAGE BELLINGHAM HOBBY SHOP BELLINGHAM VARIETY MR. AND MRS. R. BERNARD BIRON BLACKSTONE POTATO CHIP CARROLL ' S PERFUMER CHARLIE ' S BARBER SHOP MISS CATHERINE CHOFAY MR. AND MRS. PHILIP CHOFAY MR. AND MRS. WARREN CRIMMINGS CRONIN DONUT SHOP FALK BROTHERS FONTANA ' S FLOWERS AND GREEN HOUSES MR. AND MRS. LUCIEN J. GAGNE THOMAS B. HEAVY HILLTOP FARMS STORE IDEAL DAIRY OF BELLINGHAM, INC. KORNSTEIN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE LOU ' S MARKET J. P. MAILLOUX SONS, INC. MARTINELLI ' S BAKERY MRS. LYNDON F. MURRAY MILFORD CANDLEPIN BOWL MILOT BROTHERS MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM J. NADON NEILAN ' S PHARMACY NEW SHANGHAI RESTAURANT NYANZA MILLS NYS FLOWERS CHARLES OLBRY ' S PACKAGE STORE OVER TO PHIL ' S RICE ' S PHARMACY RISEBERG ' S CLOTHING STORE RAYMOND J. ROBERGE SOCIAL DEPARTMENT STORE MR. AND MRS. STANLEY W. SPONT STEWEY ' S RESTAURANT STONE ' S CITGO STATION TRAHAN FURNITURE STORE MR. AND MRS. JOHN E. TUTTLE WALTER ' S SERVICE STATION OUR SPONSORS! Walnut Hill Plaza Woon., R.l. c Things Go U Better With K E 168 9Mwt ' r P8 £ 1 Iy Xk ; % ) ; , - v V’. ' nl h l l. fcfl Ks . ' -i r - i L, -b ' •f 1 fifc. •i I - l ' -.K ■P M. jjk II TaV ' . • Ur g r XgHpag

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Bellingham High School - Epilogue Yearbook (Bellingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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