Belle Fourche High School - Bronc Yearbook (Belle Fourche, SD)

 - Class of 1947

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Belle Fourche High School - Bronc Yearbook (Belle Fourche, SD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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I I I 1 8 ,. ,.., ,- .... , ..,A .. , V . , ..Li Y, V, Q, ,. L'.5' 1 ii-. ' 'V f ,-:'.:,.,ig-..'fg.L' ,..- ,:.:,.. .-x::-,?,.':m- r , V 'LP 7lae Bmw of 1947 Hawaii, 7fze Seniaa 61644 ol Belle Qawzcfze Scfwal Belle 4oww!w, Swllf fbakafa 6'cldoa--fflcvwin Selina Auatwd ZJJM--jawn Wand 4 'l'his annual of 1947 has been published to open memory's door and enable the happy thoughts of your school days to enter in. We hope it will help you remember your fellow students and teachers and your good times with them. We dedicate this 1947 Bronc to the veterans of World War II. May the peace they fought for and won never be endangered again so their children will not have to follow in their footsteps on the battlefront. Standing, left io right: Bonnie Heisler, Margaret Martens, Mary Ellen O'Donnell, Phyllis Hannah, Marie Carlson, Pat Davis, Wilma Hicks, Charles Shaykett, Lorraine Naugle, Clar Lilevjen, Mike Schmaltz, Rodney McElroy, Kenneth Brems, Jane Heinbaugh, Eva Lindstad, Creeda McClanahan, Donna Jean Sandon, James Ross. Seated: Margie Freemole, Janet Allan, Frieda Palo, Delores Kennedy, Marvin Sellers, Janice Wood, Marjorie Hejde, Irene Lakson, Jayne Hejde, Bob Gordon, Don Johnson. ANNUAL STAFF Business Manager-- ....... Bob Gordon Sophomore Page ....... - .... - ...... Creeda . D McC1anahan Circulation Manager .......... Marjorie Hejde Freshman Page .... Rodney McElroy G Seventh and Eighth Pages-----Janet Photographers-.- ............... Jim Ross, Allan Donna Jean Sandon , Typists ......,.........., Margaret Martens, Art Editors ..............., Frances Wood, Wilma Hicks, Eva Lindstad Mary Ellen 0'D0nHe11 Special Pages ............ Bonnie Heisler, Margie Freemole, Kenneth Brems, Juanita Howell, Don Junior Page------.Jane Heinbaugh Johnson Senior Pages .... - .......... Marie Carlson Girls' Sport Pages ........ Jayne Hejde, Frieda Palo Boys' Sport Pages ,... Mike Schmaltz Music Pages ..........., Lorraine Naugle Organization Pages .....e Irene Lakson Administration Pages. ....... Pat Davis Class Will, ............, Delores Kennedy Calendar.- ................. Phyllis Hannah Class History .,...... Charles Shaykett Sponsor .........,... ......... C lar Lilevj en Editor ---- Mawill Sellers Ass't Editor -... Janice Wood 3 'Zilla ofeanlazla rqaena f25'hecloa4 70p Afamla Nana Zaenla Nclcleel Nlhwhhm .,.,,,,,. ,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,. ,. ,.,,,. H., H .W ,H f., .,W,,.f - ' X w 42 f if X S N 'W- X H 4 V k x 'v Q45 A 'IL .,.,,,,.,,, ,.,,,,,.,,,,, 'Y E .! 'N, . , , 36 .17 V' 11,5 P P x S S1111111111 11111111111 ll IIIIIIII IW 111 11111l1111111111111111n11 1 1 1 111 1 IIIIIIIIII AE S S llll 011 llllll I lllll 5 . '3 5 S 14 ' x , 5 ' S W, Ill lllllllllllllll lllllflllffffllllfflllflllifflfllfll I f0fllWllWfI lflfl f 10015 R The world is not waiting for you. It waits for no one. But we must move forward with it and in the right direction. All your potential capacity for leadership is needed in building a new world. The sunlight of peace has broken unto the earth againg but you still must go out into a world that was thrown completely out of gear by the impact of war. The social, moral, and economic laws that guided us in the past have been thrown off their cus- tomary courses. These facts all mean that it is an uncertain world unto which we are heading. Keep in mind that there will be many more crucial periods of history in your life timeg and that there will al- ways be a need for skillful guidance of trained leaders. Though the world does not Wait for you, it needs you - youth of steadfast heart and dream filled eyes - and in turn you need faith to keep your standards high. There lie before you innumerable opportunities to earn distinction and honor in the world of tomorrow. W. Marvin Kemp, Superintendent JUWL, ,nw in ,Q Arnold E1'iCkS0!'1 Floyd Collins George Pridgeon Wm. Matson -9.61 Mrs Cecile Larson D. C. Muth Carroll Malvin STUDENT COUNCIL Standing, left to right: Keith Alberts, Mary Dyball, Mark Eixenberger Mr Arnold Adviser. Seated: Joan Newell, Lewis Pridgeon, Mary Ellen O'Donnel1 Darrell Nickelson, Bob Gordon, Lorraine Naugle, Doris Kapsa, Marlene Newkirk Virginia Newell. Here is wishing each and every one of you the best life has to offer. May your stay in Belle High be a pleasant and profitable one. The experiences you receive in your class rooms, in the extra curri- cular activities, the working on a committee for Jun- ior-Senior Banquet and Prom are all valuable to you. In the Senior year when it is Round Up time and your thoughts turn toward graduation, may your thoughts and memories be one of having had a pleas- ant and worth-while educational experience. Education is more than just accumulation of a mass of facts and historical data. We learn to live in harmony with other people. Through education new avenues of interest are opened for our inspection. Music, Art, Mathematics, Science and Home Eco- nomics and many more interests are developed. It is here we discover lifelong interests that make our social being that much more profitable to ourselves and those with whom we come in contact. Wm. Ralph Arnold. principal Wm 4 'QF Erma Callies Mary Jewell Dean Nona Ellis Maida Hoover Yr Wm if Frank M. Kober Mildred Lee 'W Q 1, ,R 6' 23 ' gk xi. swf QNJNQ H233 'vi' ,N L X d gzfifilsmp. I Luella Hackett Millicent Henderson 'Fm :Q we 1 A, ., . Clar Lilevjen Esther McLean fr is -M . W as-fx Doriene Martindale Charles McC1ung Laura McCutchen Nellie M. Peyton, R. N. Mildred Roberts , ,A HJ Harold Rothermel Freeda Summers R Anna Weber Esther Wiersma 1114: ullllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllllllll llllllllll IIIIIH Ivllllllillli llllllllllllllanllall ll Il llllll ll I 1111 If lflallzznmg ru llll mnlulnllllllll lllllllllllbilllllllll 1 Illllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllll lux llllll llllll llllll Dil Illll ,,.i-fl--l s 2 U s 3 s 2 s 2 -L-il.,- rff, K S s Q R S , Q N ., QQ , X , J X Q Q X .' W mxwxxvw X0-L' X . s Q s S s Q 5 S Q E 'S s Q s 2 X 1 i,,,,,y,,,fpufllllllllllilylllll IllWIIIIWIZWIIIIIWIIIIIIIIllllllfzluzllzfm uuumm 7:71 9 S S S Q E S S S Q Q S S Q Q Q Q Q S E Q Q Q Q Q Q Q S Q Q Q S Q 2' N Q Q Q Q Q B Q Q Q E S E S N N E Q K H E Wlll ll lfllllllfl llllll'-7 Janet Kay Allan Little Lulu A Kenneth Elmo Breml Bremsle Eleanor Esther Berglund muse Mildred Angelyne Clark William Thomas Craven ..Bm., umickeyn Pauline Marie Carlson Carl Donald Eugene Cutts .Donn Patricia Jean Davis MP3 .f Ronald Edward Freernole Ronnie Midge ai Bm Mi e A, X -l'- ., 'E . We Marjory Ann Freemole xl, n -- H k . -wzmgi - I A 5 ' iv l I- . were gg we . lk SSW., ffiisi, K - e Q f. fifgm, l if Y A fs s . Y af X Phyllis Rose Hannah ..Phyl., Jane Beverly Heinbaugh Swede Patricia Josephine Hayes Hezzie Cheryl Lou Glidden ..shen.y.. Robert Le Roy Gordon ..Bob,. . X w ill A Courtney Lyle Haussman ier Alva Henderson Elizabeth Jane Hejde Hegdee Junior v 5-1 Marjorie Euen Heade J ..Midge,, e i ,f so i 11 HCOTHEYH Yvonne Fern Heisler Bonnie ergaret Jeanette I-lenwood llmrlilil Gu-old Euzene Jackson Wilma Juanita Hicks uwm., Juanita .Tune Howell ..Nn.,. Donald Metz Johnson canons! Delores Dale Kennedy nxenyrl uG.n,yn Reginald David Kirby unezn Harvey Alex Kling Nick Irene Lenore Lakeon Alfonso 12 wwf mr Margaret Beatrice Marten: ' Skeezic' Q'jg5.'u- G- Rodney Hubert Mcllkoy A we W , 'V HM I Qs? H+' Robert Edlu Mosley ..Bob.. Agnes Lorraine Naugle Rune Janles Barry Ross Mary Ellen O'Donnel1 Donna Jean Sandon '-D. J. '-o. nr' Marvin Clark Sellers Blondie num.. vlan. 3 3' if K Q w ,,,?.UA e.,. Michael Peter Schmaltz Mike Charles Reginald Shaykett ' ' Chuck ' ' Gladys Ellen Smith Smiles Joan Marie Viergutz Joanie ar, Frieda Marie Palo npaly., f Hazel Margaret Redmond -.Tlnyn Marvin Lee Withrow uuaw.. J anlce Rae Wood Francis Louise Wood Francie uJ.nn John Junior Johnston J ohnn1e Allred Clarence Youngberg -'ned Richard Charles Martindale Dick 15 Harvey Lewis Leopold J un1or S . p . . we A 'l r's ummm. wx we Yiwifs wI l,w .IPSHP12 bv 'Rfk Back Row. left io righiz John Teigan, Melvin McTavish, Richard Youngberg, Don Olson, Bob Larsen, Eugene Chiller, Dave Evans, Ellison Priewe, Floyd Wennberg, Rulon Parks. Fifth Row: Bill Kirksey, Lyle Tauck, Victor Fondy, Loren Ward, Marvin Pritzkau, Gordon Maney, Jeff Thurston, Conrad Priewe, Paul Sisson, Lawrence Palaez, Gene Young. Fourth Row: Dixie Lee Middleton, LaVonne Grosse, Delores Roberts, Rex Nilson, Jack Ritts, Bob Mann- ing, Nina Bell McAmis, Margie Pederson, Beverly Lind, Jacqueline Reddick. Third Rowz' Esther Franke, Beverly Willert, Marjorie Kirk, Carol Paulson, JoAnn Coughlin, Jane Pluimer, Anne Hoffman, Willene Aho, Pat Smith, Helen Ankner. Second Row: Ruth Jensen, Mavis Carr, Mary Richardson, Kathryn Horton, Bonnie Karinen, Zona Webb, Helen Davis, Theresa Esquivel, Helen Wirlinger, Irene Jacobsen. Front Row: Miss Lee, sponsor, Virginia Bean, Viola Mae Roberts, Nina Enberg, Lorraine Manning, Ruby Robinson, Delores Erdman, Virginia Newell, Betty Shourds, Delsa Dirby, Ardeth Hicks, Mr. Rothermel, sponsor. QQANGER 1 a Q' is md- 5 in 8 Back Row. left to right: Delbert Justice, Archie Cessna, Darrell Nickelson, Dale Riley, David Snyder, Don Denzin, Richard Rosander, Bob Helmer, James Ginsbach, James Simmons, Roy Hansen. Fifth Row: Bill Cadwallader, Vearl Peck, Glenn Allcott, Jack Salem, Dale Gillette, Walter Robb, William Kling, Bill Kemp, Eddie Cessna, Bob Baird, Ray Garcia, Bill Hannah, Farrell Parks. Fourth Row: Anita Lakson, Grace Braddock, Shirley Thompson, Boyd Klinger, Bob Kelly, Wallace Erickson, Mickey Kron, Jim Durr, Leroy Hill, Francis Hayes, Gene Brownell, Marilyn Malvin, Jean Mauch, Marjorie Fuller. Third Row: Yvonne McElroy, Laurene Fowler, Kathryn Richards, Jessie Wood, Irene Brost, Josephine Shea, Janice Withrow, Nellis Helmer, Edna Brost, Pat Hillard, La Vonne Lash. Second Row: Margaret Mosely, Lena Richardson, Rose Perez, Valery Haussman, Evangeline Stockburger, Violet Gorder, Grace Ryther, Evelyn Henwood, Rachel Conner, Lorraine Hill, Shirley Frost, Barbara Clark, Sharon Hein- baugh, Allegra Bullis, Marilyn Klingler. Front Row: Mrs. MacLean, Sponsor, Betty Bean, Thelma I-licks, Peggy Hodge, Reta Anderson, Alyce Gannon, Cecilia Werlinger, Betty Jackson, Betty Russell, Norma Erickson. Bonnie Forde, Peggy Shaul, Ruth Thomas, Mrs. Roberts, Sponsor. 4 Back Row, left to right: Jim Matson. Don Freemole, Fred Zimmerman, Derald Carr, Jack Willert, Larry Ross, Jim Green, Don Shevllng. Barney Dirks, Bob Jones, Glen Fink, Jack Brandsberg, Wayne Lindstad. Fifth Flow: Fred Shourds. Dave Penn. Norman Durr. Richard Long, Paul Pluimer, Thomas Morris, Conrad Amen, Dan Doody, Rodney Priewe, George Bean, Wayne Wolff. Fourth Row: Shirley Gorder, Geraldine Volln, Bonnie Thornby, George Arbuckle, Owen Shay, Howard Tope, Grant Parks, Walter Thomas, Kent Robinson, Jo Ann Wyman. Beverly Kisslck, Norma Stephens. Third Row: Virginia Richards, Mary Jane Peck, Joyce Highsaw, Dora Eamest, Betty Brost, Irene Schnit- ger, Doris Pridgeon, Donna Kroger, Shirley McCullough, Beverly Penn, Donna Jean Penn, Donabel Nickelson, Ann Barbour, Dora Helmet, Helen Kindsfater, Grace Franke, Alice Dahlheimer, Charlotte Forde, Lorraine Tetrault, Vashti Merrill, Doris Kapsa, Mary Larson, Barbara Meyer, Alice Olson. Front Row: Miss Ellis, sponsor, Barbara Hodge. Anjolena Perez. Shirley Fuller. Peggy Smith. D0l'0ihy Davis. Diihe King, Louise Hedrick, Donna Nlva, Phyllis Fondy, Lenore Manning, Mrs. Weber, sponsor. ,4 x . J lliwqdllml Ml I 'It ati' 1 we Q -me ...L , he li 2 . wow fe ,,,, Back Row, left to right: Earl Hale, Albert Esquivel, Newman Walker, Lawrence Schmaltz, Richard Alberts, Melvin I-Iaeger. Keith Alberts, Gerald Phleger, Loyd Wallace, Don Gunhammer, Jack I-Iaskel, Robert Kirby, Dean Nolan. Fifth Row: Sherry Gels, Jack Slgman, Jack Cooper, James Stime, Max Osborn, Kenneth Freemole, Glenn Riley, John Kirk, Hugh Caton, Wayne Liggett, Franke Esquivel. Fourth Royv: Bethel Heebink, Judith Busfield, Hollis I-Ielle, Bill Meyer, Jack Frost. Robert Johnson, Jerry Simmons, Dalsy Norlln, Joan Graham. Thnrd Row: Martilla Smith, Frances Sloan, Ruth Nason, Nadine Richards, Doris Richardson, Alta Nelson, Bonnie Domnick, Marion McClure, Vivian Kirch, Beverly Haskell, Sally Williams, Dorothy Cessna. Second Row: Lurene Webb, Betty Smiley, Marjorie Hannah, Leota Wakefield, Erma Monroe, Deloris Oliver, Verena Lyons, Betty Kruger. Rose Thomas, Marlene Newkirk, Eleanor Crabbe, Josephine McLaughlin. Front Row: Mrs. Wiersma, sponsor, Jerry Conner, Wanda Howell, Jean Esquivel, Marion Durr, Phyllis Franke, Roberta Sturges, Eugene Hanky, Virginia Hodge, Janet Kelley, Joan Lilndstad, Rita Shmdoll, Theodore Speidel, Miss Callles, sponsor. Seaeniln Qaeda Back Row, left to right: Russell Wilson, Earl Davis, Robert Gorder, Armond Franke, Glendale Jelkln, Leonard Nelsent, William Davis, 'Herbie Halverson, Ed Staley, Harold Amen, Jay Townsend, Tommy Penfold. Fifth Row: Sally Nolan, Phyllis Brown, Jean Wyman, Donna Pelaez, Ruth Richards, Audrey Penn, Elaine Donald, Sylvia Wicks, Gladys I-Iaeger, Jean Lindstad, Janaette Amold, Susan Kissick, Rosemary Hanlfy. Fourth Row: Junior Franke, Louis Albert, James Went, Larry Larsen, Fred Kllng, Richard Justice, Kenneth Clary, Lewis Pridgeon, Alfred Young, Wesley Davis, Robert Thompson, Harold Riley. Third Row: Adolph Tessness, Jack Laree, Robert Haskell, Marvin Conway, Donald McClure, Jerry Brammer, Alan Gossard, James Adams, Delvin Dillon, Kenneth Richards, Jarold Scheet. Second Row: Alta Staley, Jeanette Clark, Lyle Anderson, Larmie Shea, Leon Anderson, Robert Shay, Wildred Tope, Garold Coleman, Earl Krininger, Dale Couch, Kenneth Amen, Donna Ericson, Phyllis Ankner. Front Row: Mrs. Henderson. sponsor, De1ores.Schnitger, Clara Ann Hegge, Thelma Redmond, Elaine Kirby, Joyce Fuller, Mary Lou Helmer, Janet Cessna, Joan Newell, Shirley Parks, Janice. Lindstad, MIS. Summers, sponsor. G -Swffff 1. Happy boys? 2. Leg show, I guess. 3. Having fun? 4. Working gals. 5. What's up girls? 6. The odds look good for Ken. 7. Winkin or blinkin? 8. Come one, come all. 9. Don't look down!! 10. Bashful aren't they. 11. Behind the eight ball. 12. That Newell babe. 13. Just relaxing. 14. Always smiling. 'll A -.......1.. ..-..,.'I'I ,-J...1- SVWWWIIIII IIHII Mllllllllll 0111011111001IIIWIMllllllllllIlllllllllllllvllllllf- S 2 Q S S S Q Q 2 Q E Q E S S E' S Q 2 Q Q Q .Q Q 2 Q Q -2 S N S N 5 . 4 Q 5 S g x ll I N S 'Q ' Q S ,-Q Q Q Q Q S Q N s Q Q 2 Q E Q Q f Q Q Q S S S Q' LJ S Q Q Q Q S Q Q f S S X I . N - S Q f 5 S ' I S S Q S 'Q S Q ' 5 :Ill IIIIIIIWIIIIHII IIIIWWWIWHIIIIIIIIHII 'ffl I' 01 IHIIIIIIIIIIIII llllllllllllyke ' 3 Q E E 2 E S Q Q Q E Q vim ummm 1 1 ' un Ill mn 1 mm u ma 1 mmm: rw 1 :mmm up 1 1 mm? 23 K E 1 Xe. , Ki A ,f ,U -z xhf ,V .vw qs, fn' ,QP F. u Il Standing, left to right: Charles CcClung, director, Janice Wood, Pat Davis, Lorraine Naugle. Third Row: Victor Fondy, Frieda Palo, Bob Baird. Second Row: Jo Ann Coughlin, Peggy Smith, John Johnston, Howard Tope, Garold Jackson. Front Row: Anne Hoffman, Jeff Thurston, Beverly Willett, Mary Ellen O'Donnell, Phyllis Hannah, Delores Kennedy. ii ll gala! Standing, left to right: Joan Graham, Charles McClung, director. Back Row: Marion Durr, Donna Niva, Erwin Rob- erts, George Bean, Kathryn Richards, Carroll Tope, Terry Pitser, Irene Schnitger, Janaetta Amold. Second Row: Diane Snyder, Gene Loomis, Arlene Hansen. Front Row: Bonnie Thornby, Shirley Brarnmer, Donna Erickson, Audrey Penn, Ronald Erickson, Charlie Franke, Sally Williams, Dora Helmer, Dawn Glidden, Tommy Penfold. 25 aalefwwa Back Row, left to right: Bob Baird, Dale Gillette, Victor Fondy, Marvin Withrow, Walter Robb, Glenn Allcott, Jack Willert, John Teigen, Rulon Parks, Larry Ross, Fred Zimmerman. Third Row: Paul Pluimer, George Arbuckle, Alice Dalheimer, Grace Braddock, Irene Lakson, Marjorie Larson, Janice Withrow, Doris Pridgeon, Jayne Hejde, Mary Dyball, Jo Ann Wyman, George Bean, Walter Thomas. Second Row: Barbara Hodge, Ann Barbour, Anita Lakson, Marjorie Hejde, Jane Pluimer, Beverly Kissick, Donna Kroger, Jessie Wood, Margie Freemole, Jo Ann Coughlin, Wilene Aho, Edna Brost, Sharon Heinbaugh. Front Row: -Phyllis Fondy, Virginia Bean, Thelma Hicks, Betty Russell, Pat Davis, Bonnie Thornby, Mrs. Hackett, director, Valery Haussman, Cheryl Glidden, Donabel Nickelson, Pat Hayes, Lorraine Naugle, Bon- nie Heisler, Viola Mae Roberts. 5 ' Erma! 1?J4'7aia 46 . Inq! :kv 1 335' ,,,,.,on-uni 1' Left to right: Marjorie Larson, Irene Lakson, Wilma Hicks, Jayne Hejde, Left to right: Cheryl Glidden, Lorraine Freida Palo, Frances Wood, Pat Davis, Lorraine Naugle, Janice Wood, Charles Naugle, Pat Davis, Margie Freemole. McClung, directory John Johnston, Garold Jackson, Mary Ellen O'Donnell, Phyllis Hannah, Delores Kennedy. sf, 11 mf gf., em Back Row, left to right: Theresa Esquivel, Josephine Shea, Grace Braddock, Irene Jacobsen, Doris Pridgeon, Jo Ann Wyman, Nina Bell McAmis, Shirley McCullough, Helen Ankner, Kathryn Richards. Second Row: Barbara Hodge, Bonnie Heisler, Cecilia Werlinger, Jane Pluimer, Margie Freemole, Marjorie Hejde, Jessie Wood, Laurene Fowler, Janice Withrow, Mrs. Hackett, director. Front Flow: Marilyn Klingler, Peggy Shaul, Betty Shourds, Donabel Nickelson, Helen Werlinger, Lorraine Manning, Shirley Frost, Lorraine Hill, Betty Russell, Thelma Hicks, Betty Ann Bean. ala' Seasfelflle ' Qmdei at fi 9 44 Q. 3 V :V .- - Av 4 ,327 , , ,,, . iz f M H r s Wi I M. 'V gy, V J ? ,, , 5 Q 5 a f 'Jam 'iff' T' Left to right: Lorraine Naugle, Shirley Frost, Left to right: Lorraine Naugle, Jack Salem, Cheryl Glidden, Pat Davis, Margie Freemole, pat Davis, Cheryl Glidden, victor Fondyl Marjorie Hejde. Not in picture Mary Ann Cooper. 07 Back How. left to right: Darrell Nickelson, Larry Miller, David Snyder, Don Denzm Mike Schmaltz, Dick Rosander, Harvey Kling, Bob Gordon, James Ginsbach. Middle Row: Ronald Freemole, Don Johnson, Don Smith, Owen McCullough, Ellison Priewe, Mark Eixenberger, Bob Hel mer, Marvin Withrow. Front Row: Ray Garcia, Reg Kirby, Jeff Thurston, Bill Kemp Jack Salem, Manager, Bob Baird, Junior Henderson, Bill Hannah, Clar Lilevjen, Coach. -f gl 'f M 1 J ff X Reg Kirby Co-Captain Belle Belle Belle Belle Belle Belle 7-0 Lead 6-7 Rapid City --.---.-14-0 Spearfish ----,,14-0 Deadwood ---.-----14-14,--.--- Sturgis Lemmon Clar Lllevjen Mike Schmaltz Coach Co-Captain QR B Belle Belle Belle Belle Belle Belle Belle Belle Left to right: Reg Kirby, Jeff Thurston, Junior Henderson, Don Johnson, Owen McCullough, Larry Miller, Don Smith, Mark Eixenberger, Harvey Kling, Ronald Freemole, Bob Gordon, Manager. 40-26 .......... ----------.---,--.28-29 -------------.--..35-20 ---------,-.-.---.50-25 .------,--,--,,,-,24-29 --.-- ........... 38-24 -------.-----.---.28-31 ------------..-.-.46-32 Rapid City Sturgis Murdo Hot Springs Sturgis Deadwood Lead Hot Springs Belle Belle Belle Belle Belle Belle Belle Belle Belle 67-23 .................. Custer 35-28 ........... -- Spearfish 47-28 ............ 44-22 .......... 49-19 ...,...,..,,........ Custer 35-28 ....... ....... S turgis 19-20 .............. Spearfish 43-29 .......... --.------.---.---.37-31 Coach fl. 1' Fu If-ny Wk, Captain Frank Kober Larry Miller Deadwood Rapid City Rapid City Lead Football Top Row, left to right: Larry Miller, Owen McCullough, Mike Schmaltz, Ronald Freemole, Marvin Withrow. Bottom Row Bob Gordon, Reg Kirby, Don Johnson, Junior Henderson, Harvey Kling. Basketball Counterclockwise: Junior Henderson, Lar- ry Miller, Harvey Kling, Don Johnson, Ronald Freemole, Reg Kirby, Bud McCul- lou gh. ug!! Back Row. left io righi: Donald Freemole, Darrell Nickelson, Bob Helmer, Ellison Priewe, James Ginsbach, Marvin Withrow, Junior Henderson. Second Row: Ray Garcia, Bill Hannah, Dick Rosander, David Snyder, Don Denzin, Mike Schmaltz, Ronald Freemole, Bob Gordon, Bill Kemp. Front Row: Larry Miller, Mark Eixenberger, Bob Baird, Don Smith, Owen McCullough, Don John- son, Jeff Thurston, Reg Kirby, Jack Salem, Clar Lilevjen, Coach. ' '7aa4i.L' Left to right: Don Denzin, Mark Eixenberger, Donald Freemole, Ronald Freemole, Junior Hen- derson, Reg Kirby. 01 '7umAJm4 Ghemleaalwu R9 Q44 Back Row. left to right: Norma Stephens, Jayne Hejde, Delores Roberts, Frances Wood, Marjorie Larson, Janet Allan, Mary Ellen O'Donnel1, Jo Ann Wyman, Frieda Palo, Irene Lakson. Fifth Row: Jessie Wood, Dora Ernest, Delores Kennedy, Mary Dyball, Marie Carlson, Jacqueline Red- dick, Shirley Thompson, Bonnie Thornby, Beverly Lind, Laurene Fowler. Fourth Row: Cheryl Glidden, Marjorie Kirk, Beverly Willert, Ann Hoffman, Margie Freemole, Jane Pluimer, Jo Ann Coughlin, Geraldine Volin, Irene Schnitger, Patricia Davis. Third Row: Lorraine Hill, Valery Haussman, Sharon Heinbaugh, Dixie Middleton, Marjorie Hejde, Janice Wood, Jane Heinbaugh, Bon- nie Karinen, Helen Davis, Zona Webb. Second Row: Norma Erickson, Mary Larson, Bonnie Forde, Doris Kapsa, Charlotte Forde, Virginia Newell, Betty Shourds, Delsa Kirby, Peggy Smith, Reta Anderson. Front Row: Marilyn Klingler, Dorothy Davis, Peggy Hodge, Donna Niva, Thel- ma Hicks, Betty Russell, Lorraine Naugle, Patricia Hayes, Bonnie Heisler, Ardeth Hicks, Miss Dean, Sponsor. 4445 Basketball ....... --- ........... Delores Roberts Softball ...... - ...... - ..... - Jo Ann Coughlin Volleyball ....... ...... D orothy Henderson Hiking ..... - ............... Virginia Edmondson Horseback Riding ..., Jacqueline Reddick BOW1ing ..,..... ................. J uanita Howell Mary Ellen O'Donnel1 Ping Pong ...... ............... I rene Lakson Bicycling ...... - ........ , .... Margie Freemole Tumbling ..... Ice Skating ....... Archery ........ Tennis ,..,.., Swimming ..... Roller Skating ,,,,...,-,-. Point Secretaries Badminton ..,... Betty Shourds Jane Heinbaugh Marjory Larson Janice Wood Laurene Fowler Shirley Thompson Bonnie Karinen Margie Hejde Bonnie Heisler DJJ' Spud Snafu Q Senior Basketball Champions EJ, G. A. A. Sponsors ff 'w Horseback Riding? Play Ball! Jump! -7' sag Fx Standing, left to right: Sharon Heinbaugh, Laurene Fowler, Reta Anderson, Lorraine Hill, Anne Hoffman, Donna Jean Sandon, Jo Ann Coughlin, Allegra Bullls, Eleanor Berglund, Yvonne McElroy. Betty Nairn, Marvin Sellers, Jayne I-Iejde, Grace Ryther, Marie Carlson, Delores Kennedy, Wilma I-licks, Margie Freemole, Shirley Frost, Louise Redmond, Alyce Gannon. Seated: Marilyn Klingler, Jack Salem, Frieda Palo, Janice Wood, Bonnie Heisler, Lorraine Naugle, Marjorie Hejde, Irene Lakson, Janet Allan, Miss Dean. Kneeling: Bill Craven, Courtney Haussman, Dave Evans, Bob Manning, Fred Zimmerman, Don Johnson, Owen McCullough. ','314Wv' If ,Mr :W I as Standing, left to right: George Arbuckle, Walter Thomas. Seated: Ruby Robinson, Bonnie Heisler, Margie Pederson, Viola Mae Roberts. Ill? R R E S Q Q Q Q H E 'Q E Q Q Q I s Q s Q x Q s R x E if S S Q E N 3 S R' N Q 0 111' 'J' i A 1' Q i E I R Q D, ' N Q I S s ' 1 Q 5 I f 0 9' 5 6 N 2 I I x X 2 0 - I s Q Q d . x Q 6 N s 0 8 X 2 N x . Q 3 n ' ' ' S 5 J x 5 is 'QQ f 5 5 S 5 1 1' S s I I X E 5 f 1' S 2 0' X - N R H 2 Q Q . X 3 W A V M UA Q E f N H B 2 N s X S S Q. 5 ' s x 5 B N Q mv s g 5 w im zuyfafunlazliuuzwlynlffzlmuzffmfll 11ll'H f ' s Q I Q ff, E 'fllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllIlllllflflllllllllllllllllllllllI9 37 I ,Q 2,56 sed 0 6 as K. 'AOQ tl KAW. e X vkogkvcitaxix Margie Freemole wig i :if -'Q . i ', Most Athletic Junior Henderson All Around Amyeiic Juanita Howell M09 Paw 6 xeda xo Succee Ft o vxkglv 5eueY5 9051 wawxn Our class, The Seniors of 47, is finishing. We have many qualities of interest which stand out as we review our past three years. During the sophomore year, the only quiet year in senior high, we sponsored a few school dances. We shouldn't say that it was our only quiet year, because at that time the juniors initiated us. As class officers we elected Juanita Howell, president, Janice Wood, treasurer, Lorraine Naugle, secretary, and Larry Miller, vice president. We were represented in extra curricular activities with five classmates playing on the football team, and three on the basketball team, Also Hi Times, Chorus, Declam, Glee Club, G. A. A., Cheerleading, and Tumbling saw a large number of our classmen participating. Our junior year held many features which we are proud to remember. We had to raise money for our Stork Club prom and banquet. To raise this money we sold magazine subscriptions. The sales net us S5l9.73, a record for the school. Aki 7m .llaywl limba? Swan Jayne Hejde Marjorie Hejde Bonnie rlelsler Juanita Howell All A round Pe,-sonam Mike Schmaltz Jam Y ce Wood P O O O Bozrsgnauty Go,-don Class officers elected were Marvin Sellers, president, Frieda Palo as secretary and treasurer, Mary Ellen O'Don- nell as vice president. Sport Activities amounted to having eleven classmen out for football. There were five classmen participating in basketball. And a number of the junior girls were taking part in the girl sport activities. In finishing high school eleven of the seniors started in the first grade and have continued through the twelve grades. The students are: Patricia Davis, Phyllis Hannah, Juanita Howell, Delores Kennedy, Bud McCullough, Larry Miller, Lorraine Naugle, Mary Ellen O'Donnell, Mike Schmaltz, Marvin Withrow, and Janice Wood. Our class sponsors are Miss Dean and Mr. Kober, who have been with us through the two preceding years. This year we are editing the eighth annual Bronc, and now, in leaving we extend a welcome to all who follow, we turn our places over to the next senior class. M -11m om of Aleph sam: Delores Kennedy Irene Lakson Marjorie Larson Lorraine Naugle SEPT. SEPT. SEPT SEPT OCT. OCT. OCT. OCT. OCT. OCT. OCT. NOV. NOV. NOV. NOV. NOV. NOV. NOV. DEC. DEC. DEC. DEC. JAN. JAN. JAN. JAN. JAN. JAN. JAN. G School begins, pupils register. National School Assembly, Mr. Everman gives a demonstration on liquid air. First football game of season is played. Broncs defeat Lead 7-0 on the home field. Broncs bow to Rapid, 7-6 on home field in football. National School Assembly Program. Mr. Parkinson gives a story and demonstration of India customs. Freshmen received third degree and are welcomed into high school with a talent program. Burning of the B in the evening. School is dismissed for Bronc Day. Juniors take high honors on their float in parade. Broncs defeat Spearfish 14-0. Juniors sponsor dance after the game. Belle chalks up third victory of season by defeating Deadwood 14-6 on the Bear field. Senior high dismisses to dig beets. More play than work goes on. ' National School Assembly. Bobo and Company puzzles his audience with feats of magic. Broncs tie with Sturgis in football, 14-14. School reopens after working in beet fields for six days. Lots of cuts and bruises. Broncs trample Lemmon 27-7 at Lemmon in the last game of season. High School dismisses for beet work again. Back in the old rut. No more beet vacations. Armistice Day holiday. Happy Day! Annual Staff is appointed. We did not know what we were getting into. Electricity off. School let out for the A. M. Who did it? Football squad is guest of Chamber of Commerce. Hear talk on soil conservation and a speech given by Ollie Olson, football coach for B.H.T.C. Thanksgiving vacation begins at noon. Many suffered ill effects after Thanksgiving dinner. Chemistry class visits sugar factory. It is rumored several cars did not return directly. Ahem! Lyceum number was given by Mr. Erman Gray, a Marimbist. Musical group present concert. Faculty Dinner. Christmas vacation begins. What else could we ask for. Broncs take Murdo 35-20 on home court in first basketball game of season. School reopens after Christmas vacation. Girls begin to play basketball in gym. Does that explain the black and blue marks? Broncs go to Sturgis and lose 29-24. Pictures were taken for the annual. No wonder everyone looked beautiful for a change. Broncs defeat Hot Springs on home court 50-25. Tumblers tumble during the half. Senior English class stumble upon Mr. Arnold's age. Clar became papa again to a girl for the second time. Broncs chalk up another victory against Deadwood on Bears court. Score was 38-24. Bill Craven hangs up a sign on Mr. Arnold's'desk saying, Toupe for sale. Slightly used. See Mr. Arnold. 40 JAN. 16 JAN. 17 JAN. 23 JAN. 24 JAN. 28 JAN. 30 JAN. 31 FEB. 3 FEB. 4 FEB. 7 FEB. 14 FEB. 18 FEB. 22 FEB. 24 FEB. 26 FEB. 28 MAR. 6 7 83 8 13 15 MAR. 14 8: MAR. 17 MAR. 19 MAR. 20 MAR. 24 MAR. 25 APR. 1 APR. 3 APR. 4 MAY 3 MAY 15 MAY 16 MAY is MAY 19 0 Seniors receive class rings. Broncs bow to Lead Golddigger's 31-28 on the Lead court. Many people lose money on bets. Senior girls wear red sweat shirts to school. Belle goes to Hot Springs. We win 46-32. School begins at 8 o'clock and closes at 3:50 o'clock to make time for hour semester tests. Broncs run over Custer 67-23 at Custer. School runs until 5 o'clock for tests again. Semester ends. Maybe I will decide to study next semester. Broncs defeat Spearfish Spartans 35-28 on home court. Senior tumblers perform during the half. Chemistry class makes rotten egg gas. Very unpopular with the rest of student body. ' Broncs play Deadwood on home court. Win 48-27. Junior tumblers per- form during the half. Juniors sponsor W.P.A. dance. A chance which comes very seldom for women. J Dick Martindale transfers from Lead to the Brain Factory of Belle. Broncs trample Rapid Cobblers in a very lop sided game on Cobblers court. Won 44-22. Custer Wildcats bow to Belle 49-24 on home court. ' Belle defeats Sturgis here 35-28. Sophomores sponsor a Valentine dance after the game. None can say that it wasn't highly advertised judging from the little verses which were announced. Spearfish defeats Belle in a tough fight 20-19 on the Spearfish court. Seniors sponsor a winter formal. This is the second annual winter formal. The first one was sponsored by the class of '46. The South Dakota State College exam is taken by the Seniors in the mor- ning. Annual goes to the press. Broncs defeat Lead Golddiggers 37-31. Sectional A Tournament at Rapid City. Lead 23, Belle 293 Sturgis 43, Belle 27, Rapid 29, Belle 43. ' State Class A Tournament at Sioux Falls. Sioux Falls 52, Belle 49, Wat- ertown 34, Belle 31, Mitchell 41, Belle 37. Saint Patricks Day. Every one is decked out in green. Mildred Clark became the wife of Ralph Braddock. Quill and Scroll banquet. Black Hills Press Conference. Track begins. April Fool's Day! A Lyceum number featuring a cartoonist Bob Wood, was given to the stu- dents. Good Friday vacation. Spring Music Festival at Rapid City. J unior-Senior banquet. J unior-Senior Prom. Baccalaureate. Awards Day. MAY 21-22-23 Final Examinations for underclassmen. Isn't it grand to be a Senior! MAY 23 MAY 24 Commencement. School is out, but just for three months. Final Reports. 1 41 61644 Wd! We, the senior class of 1947, possessing such a generous bounty of charm, kindness, etc., do bestow the following blessings??? on our underclassmates, teachers and friends. I, Janet Allan, will the good old Camp Crook tradition to Joan Mosely. Carry on, Joan! I, Eleanor Berglund, endow my pep and vitality on J eff Thurston. J eff's so quiet and shy. To Virginia Newell, I, Kenneth Brems, will my Pepsodent grin. On her it ought to look good. I, Marie Carlson, leave Bill Kirksey to Beverly Lind. Just for a year or two, though. I, Mildred Clark, bequeath my lily white complexion to all soap company advertise- ments. I, Bill Craven, will my love for pinning notes on teacher's desks to anyone who wants to get in trouble. I, Mary Ann Cooper, will my southern drawl to Delsa Kirby. On my old classmates, I, Don Cutts, bestow my genius for skipping grades. I, Pat Davis, gladly present my love for the Navy, but not my diamond, to Allegra Bullis. To Jo Ann Coughlin, I, Margie Freemole, will my fickelness in men. Jo Ann never seems to care for more than one man at a time. I, Ronnie Freemole, will my basketball shorts to Don Smith, even if Don does look cute in those long white ones. I, Cheryl Glidden, will my slim trim figure to Carol Paulson. I I, Bob Gordon, sadly will my nickname Boopsey and my freshman girl back to the freshmen. I, Phyllis Hannah, endow my love for Washington, D. C., but not the man in it, to Doris Kapsa. Maybe this will take Doris' mind off Spearfish. I, Pat Hayes, will my love for Lead men to anyone who likes high altitudes. To Bonnie Forde, I, Janie Heinbaugh, bequeath my natural ??? blond hair. ' I, Courtney Haussman, will my love for Nebraska and a few locks of my hair to Mr. Arnold. May it always keep him warm. I, Bonnie Heisler, will my fascinating giggle and my excess pounds to Wally Erick- son. I, Jayne Hejde, will my ability to have a steady man to Jessie Wood. Jessie seems to have a new man every week. To Donna Niva, I, Marjorie Hejde, bequeath my red hair and freckles. I wonder if Donna likes red? I, Junior Henderson, will my physique in a basketball suitto Jackie Salem. I, Margaret Henwood, will my snappy basketball playing to my little sister, Evelyn. I, Wilma Hicks, will my clarinet playing to Woody Herman. With mine and his how can he help but make good. I, Juanita Howell, bequeath-no! I refuse! I can't! I won't give Max Mulliner away! I, Garold Jackson, sadly give my love for old, banged-up open air cars, to anyone in- terested in air conditioning. I, Don Johnson, glady present my flaming red hair to anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd. I, John Johnston, will my flying ability to Jimmy Doolittle. I, Delores Kennedy, will my trumpet, Junior, and my corny wisecracks to anybody who likes to have things thrown at them. I, Reg Kirby, will my smooth voice to Sinatra. With my voice he might get some- where. To my little brother, Fritz, I, Harvey Kling, will my ability to make women swoon. May he enjoy it as much as I have. I, Irene Lakson, will-now wait a minute, have I anything to spare? ew waz I, Marjorie Larson, will my love for Fruitdale and surrounding territory to Anita Lakson. I, Harvey Leopold, present my noisy and loud ways to shy little Ardeth Hicks. I, Eva Lindstad, bequeath my extreme height to Don Denzin. To all underclassmen who carry life insurance, I, Margaret Martens, will a ride in my airplane, as soon as I learn how to fly. I, Creeda McClanahan, will all my height to Lenore Manning. With hers and mine Lenore ought to be noticed more. To Jimmy Durr, I, Owen McCullough, leave my broad shoulders. They may be a little big, at first, but he'll grow into them. I, Rodney McElroy, will my sunny disposition to Donnie Freemole. I, Larry Miller, sadly leave my Betty Grable legs to Helen Davis. I, Bob Mosely, will my years in chemistry to Rulon Parks, with the understanding that he enjoys the dark storage room like I have. I, Betty Nairn, will my love for horseback riding to Mr. Kemp. It's wonderful for reducing. I, Lorraine Naugle, will my musical ability and my genius for getting confused to Howard Tope. Howard's never confused, he's just ornery. I, Mary Ellen O'Donnell, will my long dark tresses and my Cadillac to all would-be man hunters. I, Frieda Palo, leave my ability to play a rough and fast game of anything to all future Belle athletics. To next years seniors, I, Hazel Redmond, will my undying love for sociology. I, Jimmy Ross, will my attraction for women to Connie Priewe, not that he isn't do- ing all right now. I, Donna Jean Sandon, give Bob Helmer back to his mother. May she take good care of him. I, Mike Schmaltz, endow my Navy experiences to David Snyder. May he profit by them. To Victor Fondy, I, Marvin Sellers, bequeath my executive ability. He'll find his classmates can be regular little devils. I, Charles Shaykett, will my love for teasing people to Gene Young. Gene never teases. I, Gladys Smith, will my love for traveling in a basketball game to all future track stars. I, Jean Viergutz, will my nurse's aid career to Teresa Esquivel. I, Marvin Withrow, will my notorious and wild adventures to Bonnie Karinen. Bon- nie never has any adventures. I, Frances Wood, will my quiet dainty ways to Charlotte Forde. I, Janice Wood, will my sparkling personality and my good nature to Betty Ann Bean. I, Alfred Youngberg, will my snappy dancing and my frankness to my brother Rich- ard. Richard always flatters the women. To our sponsors, Dean and Kober, we leave the hope that they never have another class like us. 0 To the Juniors we leave our crazy fads, our noisy ways and our seats in detention room. To the Sophomores we leave our books on 1,000 Ways to Antagonize Teachers. And to the Freshmen we leave our vast number of unusual experiences that they might profit by them. Signed this 23rd day of May By the 1947 Seniors of Belle High. 43 Um Bee! 3 4,5-we B- W x GF? f 1-4 s 1 U' TR ,si nl -Q W A I M tis A O L, M Qgx ganna! Snafzd 1. Waiting for a letter? 2. Just Bennie. 3. Oh, the sun's so bright. 4. Triple Indemnity. 5. Watch the birdie. 6. Beautiful background? 7. Need a man? 8. After the parade. 9. Hiding from someone. 10. Oh, such faces. ll. Gee whiz us? 12. Penny for your thought. 13. Posin.' 14. Juniors again. 15. Rough Sz tough. 16. Pretty proud. 17. Such a face. 18. Blow hard. 19. Mad? 20. Just Farrell. 04140 ' aiemld Adams Bros. Co. Adeline's Beauty Nook Bank of Belle Fourche Baroid Sales Division, National Lead Co. Bear Alignment Service Beckers Drug Belle Drug Co. Belle Fourche Bee Belle Fourche Implement Co. Belle Service Station. Jack, Bob, Max. Bert's Barber Shop Bob's Lunch Black Hills Power and Light Co. Black Hills Clay Products Co. Billing's Market Brooker's Grocery Bronc Barber Shop Butte County Motors, Dodge and Ply- mouth, Phone 54. Clara's Beauty Shop Coast to Coast Automotive Parts, Hard- ware and Skelgas Compliments of J. S. Baker Compliments of Leonard Hodge D and N Soda and Lunch Don Pratt Grill Dr. Geo. Lowe, Dentist, X-Ray Dr. R. M. Buck, Veterinarian Dryden's Photo Shop Eastern Clay Products, Inc. E. R. Hill, Real Estate First National Bank of The Black Hills Frey's Hardware and Furniture Glidden s Shoe Shop Grandview Hatchery and Locker Plant Hampton Hotel Henderson Electric Co. H. L. Sturges, Canvas Goods and Glass Howell Motor Co. Hub Clothing Hugh Kissick Transportation, Airplane Speed at Freight Rates Ideal Beauty Shop, Irma Kling, Prop. Ideal Cleaners J. C. Penney Co. J. H. Krenzien O.D., Complete Vision- Analysis, Glasses Fitted Kelley Electric Co. Kimport's Store La Belle Creamery Lampert Lumber Co. Mac's Electric Shop Marshall Wells Store Max Schuft and Son McDonald Implement and Oil Co. Meadowbrook Floral Gardens-A. E. Wiffin, Prop. ' Miller's Leather Shop Montana Dakota Utilities Co. Montgomery Lumber Co. Motor Inn Garage, Irish Kissick, Prop. Oliver's Blacksmith Shop Pattalochi Bros. Rainbow Chevrolet Co. Ranger Bowling Alleys R. F. Voyles, Insurance and Abstracts of Title Richard's Conoco Station R. J. Russell ' Round Up Service, Skelly Products Saunders-Young Lumber Co. Sid's Garage Sigman Service Station S. G. Smith, Jeweler Sly's Grocery Smiley and Clark, Lawyers Snyder's Standard Service Stockman's Recreation Super Creamed Ice Cream Shop Superior Cleaners, We call for and de- liver. Phone 403-W, Larry and Louis Texaco Bulk Plant Thompson's Garage, Hudson Cars Tri-State Bakery Tri-State Cafe Tri-State National Farm Association Tri-State Milling Co. Tri-State Motor and Implement Co. Tri-State Radiant Cleaners Thurston's Service Station Union National Life, Lincoln, Neb., Guy Voyles, Special Agent Walsh Service and Tire W. C. Shaw, J. I. Case Tractors F S 4 ? 5 J I i A T1 E .Fi 3 , A Aa 3 , i 1: T Q 1 35 .ci Zi

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