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4 , r 1 0 D. .Q f -- , 426. " -I n nv ' I ll . s. f. 5 - 9 . ,an 'uh . ' 1 ., 0 X' lili. , ' In .. 'T ' l . . , Q. I . . . . Y ' ' - at Q , .P V ww' il an "1 - 'Mba ,Q-A 1: pw-VN ' I X ' 1- s -,,Qc'? . .Qw- '-21-. swf.. 1 Q la ?f 'VN T1 f I , . Zhi' 111.4350 .1 A," . 1sclII'lQ' I P.. olf. I 1 0 , -U 5 I1 . ' - , ' lun.- ' 0 I 0 ' --- the corillon volume iv belloire high school houston, texas What was this year, this fourth year of our school? For some it meant the end of twelve years of working and studying, the excitement of a senior year. For some it was the beginning of a whole new world with new faces and, more important, new ideas. To all it meant the parties and the games of football season, late English themes . . . mid-term exams. What did this year mean to you? What made it different from the others? How can we help you to remember it? In trying to capture the small things that distinguish one year from another, we have tried to know what this year was. Perhaps these pictures and pages will bring back the memories of crowded halls and worn book covers . . . In choosing our theme, a theme of Houston, we have tried to help you remember more than iust a year of school. In a city that is ever-changing and growing, there are the familiar things that we see every day. Besides these familiar sights, the street that runs past the school and the supermarket on the corner, we want you to remember the less familiar-the cleanness of the skyscrapers, the sultry green of the parks, the impatient sounds of ships docking at the port. We have searched the many, many events and faces of the past year and have tried to remember for you-with you. Only you will know if we have succeeded. PAM POPKIN .. .....,. e ditor BILL PICKLES ,..,............ associate editor KARREN COWDIN ........ calendar editor ANN DIXON ....... ...... a ctivities editor ANDY SEIDEL ....,c. ....,... s ports editor BILL NEAL .es..L... L... S enior class editor ALAN SUMNER se.... ......... c lass editor ANN RATLIFF ................ features editor KENNETH CARR .... correspondence editor TIMMY SMITH .e.............. photographer DIVIDER PAGE PICTURES Houston Ship Channel .........A....,..................Hw...,. ....,,. The Century Building .,,,......... , ..eee... The Inside of Delmar Field House H,,,....,,.,.....,.,,, Cullinan Hall of the Houston Fine Arts Museum ....... ........ Looking out of Hermann Park Zoo ....o......,........ North MacGregor Parkway .,,o.,oov,.. Con,struction on Memorial Drive oo.o... -page Page page Page page page Page TABLE OF CONTENTS Calendar ,....T,.. , ,,.......,,T, .,.TT, S Clubs and Organizations aaaa..,.-.a Sports ....,.aa,..s........ A ,,., ,- Faculty aaa,a Seniors Juniors P399 page page page page Page Sophomores .....,. ,----- p age 7 31 91 l2l T47 207 253 T, asa Vqyfmffig L LXIL 2 Ifli L-2, ,,. ,..: . Q ..,.Q.. , N 2 5, , , .L Lv l mg A W A gi - ,,-N.,,k -1-vm ., . ,,, - fwsxyzg ,"jff4Lx-"4-e1..WQ,i,f'NHix2n Milf " -t j ---' - Q. v fav v--1 .. g H '2 V - -:V --H 'kN":-Q".-1 "T1"'k . .. -- -- Ram 3 E' 'Q"df-uw 3 calendar WELCOME BACK! Ken l"Hello rhere"J Gupfon rides again. Should auld acquaintance be forgot . . . But Mr, Hollister and his new At first it was almost like vacation . . . lT'S FALL, 1958 sophomores didn't think so . And juniors . . . Seniors partied. had a sneaky suspicion that Mr. Ward's smile meant trouble later on. FALL WAS FOR FOOTBALL . . and, of course, mums. l Sometimes the cheerleaders fwith a liffle outside aid roasted marshmallows for ihe football team. Every morning rhe band practiced field formations for football games. THE VARSITY HAD ITS DAY . . . OTHER PEOPLE At powderpuff half-time the "Belles" marched. In spite of a stirring pep talk by their coach, the seniors were beaten by the speedy little sophs. PLAYED FOCTBALL, TOO We had a visit from the Lamar cheerleaders. The NDA Dance ". . . remember the time we tackled the San Jac coach?" BUT NOT ALL PLAY WAS ON THE FIELD Belles and Parents came to the football banquet . . . also a few other people. Yum . . . chomp . . . gurgle. ll. I don't care about your old sick mother, you MUST pay the rent! And every morning Johnny Mathis sa THE YEAR "Catch a falling star, and put it in your poc-ket , . ." ng. 0LLED CN "Cm-mere little girl, I have can-dy The Three Mo useketeers. Mrs. Patterson instructed the D.E. classes in the fine art of window displays. Gaah! A sour note on the DRUM? Remember "Yippeeee"? I6 Andrews and McFarland congrat- ulate Broussard after he is elected principal of Bellaire High School by acclamation. Girls' Chorus "suits up" before Thanksgiving performance. S. Wiley and G. Elliott T lbelowj with help of chorus I above I presented The Kabuki Theatre. Waa-ter! Biology lab assistant Nancy Flake dips up fifth of grape juice which has been fermenting for past three months. . . . CLASSES ...DANCES... While Faubus spoke down town, Bellaire had a rally of its own. Through it all, the Speech Depart- ment kept "cleaning up" at tournaments. Continued construction on the "Scepter Six" in Auto Mechanics Members of the Spanish N.H.S. made pinatas for Mexican settlement children. K. 'international girl counterfeiter makes good. ROTC feverishly Col-'nfed votes . . . And they were mostly for Nancy Van Eaton. for "Miss Merry Christmas." The junior class gave a Christmas dance party . . . AND THEN . . . . . . and then there were those other Christmas parties . . . . . . CHRISTMAS! Hail, Queen Lynda! National Sewing Queen In S he of f H fand Latin student! returned in triumph. memhje,-is 351579 feet, CARILLON sales went on. i Mr. Burns hunts for his secretary, who was forever hiding in the file cabinet. Band finals aren't as easy as they look . . . A HECTIC WEEK OF FINALS Finals left the school in shambles. Guardian of the Juke Box, Brian Shepherd, at the end of a long, hard, LOUD day. 20 Tired of life, bunky? 2 , . A? Aw -' "' A x Hey, guy, wanna buy some very slighfly used schoolbooks? The Big Nfghf --.,..---ff' aj ri .-.. AN END... Lg 43 No, no, son, don'r see your name here anywhere . , . AND A BEGINNING . . . Combo musicians consult on score . :z Waifing for a cue . . THE BIG SHOW OF '59 . 5 , 7 I , , i'!sl'Q.k'1 X fy f 2. , ,Q 355 ,f H Q Look A . 2 Hi .i q 2,3 , .y e -: .3 , H ii? I want esp ffl 3 , , , .,Z, A .vmsgf x ff ffm: Q .it sk 2: ' f .mmf , Q Q- ITIOFS l F . g 5 "OOMPH . . " OOMPH! But you have the AMBER spot- OU, favorffe dancers The usual artists light for the Rhapsody in . . . Johnny and Pat. and models show-stoppers BLUE number! . . "GIRL CRAZY" A cast of thousands, they said . . . The West-the Great Golden West . . . . 'f"1 CL-f ,vb BASKETBALL SEASON CAME 0.1. Q., L, 'fivwbl 'DH f" - fg,p'7M'L7AX Glov- U,-.1 ' f nv Y . "Hit 'em again, hit 'em again . . . N 6 Vp J 'C H hp Ib 'ff I I no-fhar's in FOOTBALL!" L 1.5 Come on, gang, you're a pep squad-show Come on, Pennick, what liffle pep some pep! there is, is for YOU anyway. Errrrk! Too lafeg might as well siop. Oh well, the band is peppy, anyway. One thing they DO know is which way is up! AND PASSED . . . During the game everybody And when if ended everybody sang fhe school cheered , , , song-whether we won Or lost. Star pitcher Phil Fuller played for the Bellaire Base- ball team . . . But that archery girl just shot my tennis ball with her arrow! . . . AFTER BASKETBALL . . . The boys played water polo . . . the girls raced for Mr. Atkinson, boys' swimming coach, who had iust fallen in at opposite end of pool. The amazing thing is that he dived from out of the water onto the board. fNeither of which are shownl. , ,. vi 3'- ' 1'- You d0n't have to be on the varsity to be a sport, . . . CAME SPRING SPORTS Coach Lyle listens in on conversation taking place between feminine gym teacher and boyfriend. Zap! Its a blfdj its a plane: no-it's David! the may fete court To us at Bellaire, Spring has not officially begun each year until after the election of the May Fete Court. This year the court, although it was elected in the second week of February, was not an- nounced tothe general public until March l. Since members of the court and their immediate families knew at once, but were not permitted to tell, there were many secret smiles and conversations on the sly with members of the Southerner and Carillon staffs, who were planning the May Fete program . . . sophomores cmd iuniors Www ,fe my rv"P"' ""-w...u,, P4 '54, seniors . . . PicTures of The courT were Taken This year in The Museum of Fine ArTs. The seniors sTand on The wesT sTairvvay in The new Cullinan Hallg The sophomores and juniors sTand on The sTairway of The main hall in The old museum. The sTarTling conTrasT beTWeen The old and new buildings is clearly demon- sTraTed by The clean, ulTramodem archiTecTure of The Tormer and The Romanesque, more elaboraTe archiTec- Ture of The laTTer. We wish To Thank Miss RuTh Uhler, museum curafor of educafion, for giving her valuable Time and advice in The Taking of These picrures, . , if .QQ Q 5 4' 5.9 ew,5 QM? Il., 1 f , S f 5 K I - I f I 1 gi X 3' f ,I t ,L.- ' Lfx 'X' QQ r s J, , -'35 5,3 W, 5 I , Q . .4 fifgb irrffg! ix- s 9' 5 is-"ia ak 351 ' . I f 1 ar f Q55 3 f nj, M, ,W . fx 1 Q xv. , ,N fa QgfQ:4fF f. 5 Y 4,-2 ,, - .. V gf, .I i . 'Vi k er ff , 3 I 5' -xi I 1 .V f VG . H Q ff' 1 AJy'f 1 ,QQ . 4 6, t AZ W kj-1 WNQSMQ 5 , 4? 3 5 F 5 ' f W . '-wfJ ' K 25' I Hsnkxm K HN, - . 1: f L A Q, clubs and organizations 32 AMERICAN LEGION CLUB The American Legion Club, an honorary organ- ization, is made up of vvinners of the American Sponsor Hiller dum Nina. Legion award, given to one boy and one girl from the ninth grade graduating class ot each iunior high school. The award is based on scholarship, service, and leadership. Nina Faulkner clusrs trophies, The club is responsible for the care ot the tro- phy case, the advancing of the flags at assemblies, and the sponsoring of foreign students. Presentation of flags. OFFICERS: Ankenman, Reporter, Lindley, President, Henderson, Vice-President, Langston, Treasurer, Ratliff, Secretary. Standing: Croom, Treybig, Thompson, Grivas, Boren, Mrs. Hiller, Langston, Bussa, Ratliff, Ankenman. Kneeling: Lantz, Morris, Hen derson, Lindley, Broussard, Brener. i . At Christmas time, the German Club hung decorative posters in appropriate places about the school. AUF DEUTSCH BITTE Seated: Newland, Lewis, Ramsey, Bossin, Carson. Second row: Bermann, Chun, Cohen, Hackett, Baker, Houston, Domash, Rentz, Fulton Strauss, Edwards. Third row: Lewis, Morgan, Morris, Larow, Johns, Butler, Coulthard, Barnette, Hanovich. Sponsored by Mrs. Della Lewis, the German Club, Auf Deutsch Bitte, or "ln German, Please" as is its motto, is organized for students of the German language and anyone interested in the German people and customs. At its various meetings the club saw movies of Germany, heard the German consul speak, and many times were entertained by a man known to them only as Uncle Adolph. Sponsor Mrs. Lewis speaks to the officers: Seated: Hackett, Publicity Ramsey, Vice-President, Lewis, Secretary. Standing: Bossin, President Newland, Treasurer: Houston, Committee Chairman: Carson, Vice-Pres ident. Sponsor Gehring hangs the Anchor Club charter. Members regretted Miss Gehring's leaving at the end of the year to take a position at another school. PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Faulkner, Harper, Chairman: Smither, Ramsey. SERVICE COMMITTEE: Jones, Crocker, Chairman: Creswell, James, Baker, Enquist. 34 C OFFICERS: Seated: Thompson, President. Standing: Hiett, Vice-President: Moses, Chaplain: Houston, Secretary: Parmley, Treasurer: Langston, Junior Director: Dixon, Reporter: Dillashaw, Sophomore Director. CNot shown: Popkin, Senior Directorl. Bellaire's Anchor Club had an active year, be- ginning with initiation of new members in the fall, and including a Christmas sing at Holly Hall, and club luncheon at Ship Ahoy. The girls carried on their "Little Sister" proiect, collected newspapers for the Opportunity Center, and sold cookies to buy special books for the library. The Anchor Club is sponsored by Pilot Inter- national ot Bellaire: and selection of its members is based on the highest standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. SPECIAL SERVICE COMMITTEE stacks newspapers for Opportunity Center: Faulkner, Langston, Chairman, Rankin, Hagood, Dreschel, Carl. The MEMBERSHIP COMMITEEE is always phoning members about meetings: Leatherwood, Emmert, Stephen, Moses, Dixon. FINANCE COMMITTEE plus one: Ratliff, Dillashaw, Galeener. Membership Chairman Popkin checks on those money-making cookies. SOCIAL COMMITTEE socializing: Eichner, Ames Blanton, Turner, Chairman. Top to bottom: Don Moore, Smith, Cook, Buelle, Williams, Burdette, Thaemar, Runnels, Stagg, Morrow, Arnett, Fellers. Booth, Hammond, Ash, Brownlee, Churchill, Glanzer. Patterson, Dasse, Patton, Sawyer, Herd, Daughty. Spaftord, Cutchall, Plowman, Freeman, Brah, Katz. Smith, Morris, Vaught, Turner, Lang, Dayag. Fisk, Hoffman, Heck, Sprong, Price, Mills. Johnston, Blewster, Loed, Garrett, Webb, Pickens. Frank, Contorn, Hainge, Balsley, Birran, Mannheimer. Haythorn, Manley, Nelson, Davis, Dahlman, Swilley, Drum Maior Gritf Evans and Twirlers, OFFICERS Top to bottom: Johnston, Assistant Drum Maior Hammond, Secretary Thaemar, Treasurer Evans, Drum Maior Daughty, Vice-President Haythorn, President DRUM MAJOR Griff Evans t TWIRLERS: Brazeal, Head Twirlerg Loyd, Cantrell, Elliot. THE BELLAIRE BAND ln addition to marching at football games and parades, and greatly adding to school spirit with music at pep rallies, the Bellaire Band also furnished the "swingin'-est" auditorium programs this side of Newport. Directed by Robert "Cat" Compean and led by Griffith Evans III, the marching band also served the school by fur- nishing rnusic for assemblies when requested, and by selling musical footballs. The newly organized Swing Band, led by Compean on sax and on trumpet, was constantly besieged with requests to play fusually "Lean Baby"J and could be heard almost every Saturday night playing at some dance in the Bellaire gym. BAND DIRECTOR Roberto Compean FEATURE TWIRLER SWINGING CARDS: Front: Compean, First row: Freeman, Contorn, Thaemar Daughty Patton Swilley Carol Kei-by Hammond, Nelson. Back: Wilson, Hoffman, Cook, Brownlee. THE BELLAIRE BELLES The Bellaire Belles is a 250-member girls' organization with a dual function ,fglguiljames -being a precision drill team and, at the same time, serving school and com- munity in various capacities. To become a Belle, one must have good scholarship, personal appearance, Q? character, and leadership, and must at all times conduct herself in a manner befitting a member of this organization. LIEUTENANT COLONEL PRESIDENT Linda Hiett Patricia Jones ,Xl ,srl ,A J r i Jl if Ll Q ll rl! ill' QQ ur t ll . I f ,,. TU lf ky' ,N up lx . ,f V jyjl f fl L J MAJOR OF DRUMS VICE-PRESIDENT ,s Q i if lvl Q Jo Alice Blanton Evelyn Crocker l V 4, l i , at T fy . , U iw J , L T9 l lf! l ,' it Qfljll , fglf N 'if' l' P' . . SPONSOR il v lllf l Mrs. Charlotte Smith lf! lt ll MAJOR OF BUGLES SECRETARY-TREASURER Debbie Brooks Ann Leatherwood f l REPORTER A familiar sight to early arrivals at football games . Terry Taylor the Belles lined up for inspection. ff Q' i CAPTAIN OF BELLS Suzie Webber dnl: ,fl C' 0 ,i, Top: Dixon, Ramsey, McKinnie Middle: Harper, Thompson, Brand Bottom: Howard, Shira, NlcEntee, Corporal Top: Croolcer, Jones, Taylor Middle: Curry, Leatherwood, Smith Bottom: Puckette, Kubricht, Emmott, Corporal CAPTAIN OF FLAGS Betty Wyatt BELL CORPS The two specialty corps, the Bell Corps and the Flag Corps, are corn- prised ot outstanding senior girls. Each consists of ten girls, including a corporal and a captain. The Bell Corps plays imported Swiss bells for civic clubs and school pro- grams, the Flag Corps bears the Ameri- can ancl Texas flags and the Belle colors. yr 74. V FLAG CORPS ' 42? so CIO FLIGHT ONE Since their first formal drill at the halt time of the l955 Bellaire- Lamar football game, the Belles A who are led this year by Colonel Nleridith James A have, weather permitting, marched at every Bellaire football game, including those held out of town. Besides participating in the halt-time ceremonies at football games, the Belles have marched in numerous parades, such as the annual Bellaire Youth Day Parade, and the Armed Forces Day Parade. Top row: Stowell, Turner, Carruthers. Second row: Rankin, Sparks, Watkins, Hunnicutt, Koehler. Third row: Qualtrough, Spencer, Rutherford, Martin, Ames, Moshier, Barker. Fourth row: Berryf Fowler, Heizer, Beasley, CAPTAIN, FLIGHT ONE Corporal, May, Corporal, Oliver, Corporal, Penland, Olson, VanEator1, Jean Parrnley ff f ,!' f ff ' ' ,J fn ' ' 1 f . X W Mi 5' 'AXLN mm , ir , J A ft Xt. Van.: ,V G! ' ' , t ' V m ' ,Q X we 'Q x f if X j'B2f-K ,f li- I n ' 1 1 U u 1 Y 7 it 7 M Top row: Norman, Smith, Stephens. Second row: Lackey, Emmert, Simmer, Pittman, Wukman, Third row: Taylor, Hill, Braswell, Behrman, Butterworth, Vogt, Dreschel. Fourth row: Strauss, Howard, Galeener, Comardo, Corporal, Cloninger, Corporal, McDaniel, Corporal, Moreland, Lanford, Parmley. FLIGHT THREE In addition to the marching activity of the football season, the Belles participate in many activities which benefit the school and community. The principal school activity is the publishing of a school directory every year. The girls also sponsor a magazine sale, hold a banquet honoring the football team, and generally boost school spirit. For the community the Belles sell Poppies for the American Legion, and march at the recreation association Little League Championship foot- ball game. CAPTAIN, FLIGHT THREE Sheryl Cole - I. , s of fr 1 'vi . .. . K , . 6 , , The Belles boost school-and ieam-morale at the Bellaire-Milby football game. FLIGHT FOUR Top row: Newberry, Pingenot, Bishop, White, Blankenship, Smither, Donaldson, Fleming, Queen. Second row CAPTAIN FLIGHT IV , Nanson, Reese, Jones, Davis, Bridges, Garrett, Robertson. Third row: Quillin, Watson, Lewis, Dodge, Slocum Suzanne Bacon Fourth row: Jones, Corporal, Rittenhouse, Corporal, Robinson, Corporal. '27 l TI? so -as ,ll FLIGHT FIVE CAPTAIN, FLIGHT FIVE Bette Barnes One of the outstanding military events of the season is Final Review, which is held in the spring. Each out- going officer then turns over her duties to the incoming officer, and the reserves move into the regular corps, taking the place of graduating seniors. The Belles also have an active social program, highlighted by the Belle Banquet and Ball. The Lamar drill as seen from upside-dow Top row: Moses, Currie, Tomlinson. Second row: Warren, Carl, Pickler, Stafford, Cook. Third row: Palmer, Herolcl, Wilson, Ozmun, Carter, Bishop, Stradinger. Fourth row: McPhail, Matthews, Nolen, Peters, Corporal, Richson, Corporal, Wayne, Corporal, Schnatterer, Baker, Collins. libs 44 the Bell x ,ll LIEUTENANT OF TWIRLERS Doris Hendon First social event of the year . . . 'the Belle Sock Hop. TWIRLERS Left To right: Chavis, Ankenman, Fitch, Corporalg Shirley. Top: Taylor, Grivas Middle: Chevonne, . K Haner Bottom: Jaring, Webb REGULAR RESERVES LT COLONEL Linda Hiett o T5 X ' 'Q E 7,9 P' is 'Y Q Q ss Top row: Rainbow, Lillibridge, Fraser, Winstead, Pehoushek, Flynn, Green, Patterson, Hagood. Second row Hinds, Firshing, Taylor, Boyd, Brendel, Walker, German, Strader, Scott, Daly, Gregor. Third row: Parlette Cabness, Barnes, Spinks, Creswell, Walters, Thompson, Treybig, Boumgarten, Parker, Flake, Chapman, Heck Setzer, Shelton, Froelich, Moore, Spiller, Straclinger, Ellis, Dillashaw, Wall, Smith, Burge, Smith, Anderson Tulley, Suttle, Hudson, Roach, Jenkins, Roach, Crawford. RESERVES Top row: Templin, Weisman, Frehner, Fisk, Kunkel, Broesche, Reitz, Eichner, Slaughter, Enquist, Brougher, Emmert, Teal, Howell, Cutbirth, Phelps, Croom, Leon, Harper, Adrian, Loyd, Nash, Whitworth, Matthews, ' Atkinson, Kaye, Enderle, Miller, Wright, Hoffman, King, Clyde, Clyde, Brennan, Nickerson, Jones, Rider, Paul, Day, Settle, Young, Howell, Gladden, Vogt. : ,N gg., E as f rf f i W K V N . 6 N J' I G Q :L Q , Q ,qs 7 A . A I .5 4 L 0 4 A R 'ee 1 e tilt, at at is ea W .DK E Q , A-Aja . A 46 BELLAIRE VARSITY ASSOCIATION Sponsored by Mr. Middleton, the B.V.A. represents the cream of Bellaire youth. These upstanding young athletes performed such services to the school as a B.V.A. hayride, a B.V,A. camping trip, and a B.V.A. initiation, besides bringing fame with their prowess on the athletic field. This year for the first time girls were allowed at the meetings, a practice which lasted for one meeting. Membership in the B.V.A. is based on high spiritual and moral character, as well as having lettered in a sport. The boys brightened Bellaire's halls every day for weeks in their crimson letter sweaters. Seated: Wolff, Putney, Scarborough, Kuhn, Dyess, Kneeling: Burge, Brennan, Weison Walker Samuels, Braswell, Maxwell, Fortenberry. Third row: Peschke, Bowden, Allums, Pennick Jones Porter, Beery, Hillary, Duryea, Douglas, Jarrard, Carson, Haase, Patrick, DeBoer. Fourth row Thurston, Henderson, Emmert, O'Heeron, Tharpe, McGlaun, Stanley, Crane, Newell. OFFICERS: Aren't they handsome! Dyess, Sergeant-at-Arms, Wolff, Secretary-Treasurer, Scarborough, Bouncer, Kuhn, President, Put- ney, Vice-President. A show begins in the Drama Class . . i i The love interest . . . 48 Please, oh please don't let her get make-up in my eye . . . Lots of constructive criticism on the painting of the scenery . . . collaborate. Director Pickett and choreographer Pennick And finally-"Girl Crazy"-with Hollywood-type production numbers . . . Under the inspired direction of Cecil B. De Pickett and using a raft of new sophomore talent, The Drama Department outdid itself again this year with their fall production, "My Three Angels," and their spring musical, "Girl Crazy." The musical thrilled packed houses both nights with its terrific choreography, Production num- bers, and Arlene Cohen . . . not to mention the entertainment afforded by watching Pickett at work in his paiama top at rehears- als. Remember the "Three AngeIs"? And the three stooges? Booster Sponsor Carmichael can't help grinning. This is where and how most Booster Club business was taken care of-Bill's house, any afternoon, no refreshments. School spirit is very important at Bellaire and the Booster Club played an important role in the organizing of pep rallies, selling of spirit ribbons, and generally keeping the students enthusiastic. Some of their better known projects were the iuke box in the cafeteria which always blared out the latest hits land we mean blaredl, the decorated halls on football day Ctrailing streamers and alll, and Jimmy Borland decked in a fig leaf and spirit rib- bons lcovered from head to footi. BCOSTER Chairmen of the Allums, Baker, Eichner, McCauley, and Sumner Committees. Claire Emmott was head Party-Giver for the Booster Club after football games . UB But, Bill, the campaigning is OVER! Neal with sneaky grin hugs Sweethearts Judy Oldsen and Sue Kinney-Shirley Harriman not shown. X Borland counted ribbons with a girl-so, of course, it took ALL DAY. COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Treybig, Hansen, Sales, Emmott, Social, Sheppard, Juke Box lSee Page 205 Borland, Ribbons. The officers on the day they gave free spirit ribbons away: Bowden, Lt. Booster, Strauss, Allums, Trail, Secretary, Neal, l Chief Booster and Keeper of the Shot Chart. 5I THE CARILLON STAFF This year's Carillon was positive proof that ten of the most diverse, unmatched individuals in Bell- aire High School could successfully publish a com- plete yearbook. We, by working night and day fmostly nightl, at home and away Cmostly awayl, legally and not Cmostly notl, still managed to carry on the "Never-meet-a-deadline" tradition set by the previous Carillon staff. Here we present these ten individuals land hum- MRS. KAY HENDERSON, Sponsor "But you should have asked me FIRST, HOU - - what they were always doing when they should ble assistants! as we best remember them, doing have been working on the Carillon. TIM SMITH, Photographer Only member of PAM POPKIN, Editor-in-Chief "You are surprised I spak your lan- guage . . ," 5. ASSISTANTS, The Lowest of the Low Steve Mitchell, Liz Currie, Todd Johnson, Chris Cantrell, Don Dunham, Catherine Carl, Eddie Glass Betsy Moses, Roy Bobo BILL PICKLES, Associate Editor With bills and pickles is Ice ! . fin, '-1 :f fldiii ia Hockey Club "BRONCO" NEAL and "SUGARFOOT" SUMNER, Class Editors , . . Cheers! ANDRES SEIDE A follower of L, Sports traditi on KARREN COWDIN and ANN DIXON, Activities Editors The Kneverly Sisters knitting ANN RATLIFF, Features "Miss Efficient, 1958" KEN CARR, Correspondence "Greetings . . i CHRISTIAN STUDENT UNION ""'I'4-Q-f ,J ' QXI f KSMW Bellaire High School is very proud of its large CSU. The membership is noted as being one of the largest in the state. This organiza- tion has had a successful year due to the capable leadership of its officers and the ever The CS-U. drew a increasing attendance at the Thursday pre- large crowd every Thurs- . d ' . school meetings. ay mommg Some of the members who contributed much of their time to the C.S.U. take a few moments off for a songfest. l OFFICERS: Allurns, Song Leader, High, Pres- ident, Holly, Pianist, Kidd, Vice-President, Harper, Secretary, Kinney, Vice-President. ENTRE NOUS OFFICERS: Dubrow, Secretary, Lewis, Treasurer, Mrs. Glass, Sponsor, Schaffer, President, Banks, Vice-President, Taylor, Reporter. Top row: Glass, Venghiattis, Pegoda, Elliot, Gerber, Shepherd, Edgecomb, Wiper, Ryals, Pickler, Leiman. Third row: Reaben, Scott, Frost, Werlin, Brougher, Bren- dell, Weir, Gruner, Dunn, Banks, Winstead, Heck. Second row: Schaffer, Emmott, Ratliff, Plotkin, Aronoff, Crawford, Van Dorfy, Beha, Miller, Tuma, Morgan- stern, Henry, Durbin. Sitting: Vogt, Slocum, Fulton, Kuhlman, Vogt, Lewis, Hirsch, Merriman, Taylor, Ellis, Barnes, Brooks. An Entre Nous member in authentic French costume. A little corner of the Montmartre and the Left Bank has been established in Room 305, where the French Club meets to hold De- Gaulle rallies and to generally promote in- terest in the French customs, language, and the newest French constitution. These Parisians can be heard singing the French national anthem and their song, the theme from "Boniour Tristesse." Mais 59-Jil jijlgubliil, .PWS KW. Glass MIXED CHQRUS Bellaire's magnificent Mixed Chorus played a big part in the entertaining of the student body with Their memorable assembly programs at Christmas and Easter, and with the work they did in the school musical. They still found time to sing everywhere at Christmas, to sing with the Youth Symphony, to give a television program, and to always prove a credit to Miss Lucille Leifeste and Bellaire High School. But we best remember them on the stage with Miss Leifeste diredlng- The "That's Entertainment" number from "Girl Crazy." The versatile mixed chorus even square danced . . . I The boys were always going downtown to sing . . . And they made a handsome bunch of cowboys in "Girl Crazy," BOYS' CHORUS Wynn, Grunsky, Butler, Smith, Hillary, Hudson, Sanders, Oelfke, Nordyke, Jones, Hoffman Patterson, Haythorne, Collett, Lloyd, Duren, Beastly, Griffin, Sands, Hughes, Alpha, Everly Bunner, Atoad, Smith, Darnell, Pegoda, Caldwell, Crosby, Humber, Staats, Bergus, Dillard Cunningham, Palmer, Helems, Mullet. We remember the Boys' Chorus singing "There ls Nothing Like A Dame" and "OId Man River"- We remember them in their bow ties boarding buses for singing engagements on TV, at the Rice Hotel, at the Chez Paree LoungeeMainIy we remember them as Miss Leifeste's pets. OFFICERS: Palmer, Dillard, Hudson, Helems, and Bergus pause at the piano with Sponsor Leifeste. 57 GIRLS' CHORUS The Girls' Chorus sang beautifully with and without the Mixed and Boys' Choruses in many memorable assemblies and P.T.A. meetings, notably the "Books Make Music" program and the Christmas assembly, which climaxed a week full of singing engagements on television, at San Jac, and at luncheons down- town. Much practice singing under Miss Leifeste's guidance goes into the preparation of a choral number. The Girls' Chorus-an ever-growing and improving group ,4 V4 Of course any assembly program WITH choral entertainment was much better than one without. i 58 Front row: Wadler, Axelrod, Cook, Shira, Bresky, Anderson, Barton, Mc- Cleary, Gard, Redfield. Back row Cochen, Clonts, Walker, Ritchson Evans, Weeks, Holm, Schultz, Brueg man, Coffman, Davis. Sponsor: Campbell President: Baker FUTURE TEACHERS The purpose of the Future Teachers of Bellaire is exactly what the name says: to further and develop interest in teaching as a career. These club members assist and learn from the teacher in the classroom, and sponsor such protects as the selling of Christ- mas cards. The officers pose: McCleary, Historian: Walker, Secretary: Ritchson, Treasurer, Shira, Vice-President, Baker, President. Sponsor Patterson That memorable dance in the San Jac gym. "Nifty Man" Bill Mathias A candle-lighting initiation ceremony and Judy Mevis managed the for new members taking the pledge. D.E. Store. .-. Delegates to the state convention: Holly, Behrend, Mont- gomery, Beasley, King, Hudson. Not shown: Mathias. OFFICERS: Mevis, Manager, Ammons, Vice-President, King, Historian, Behrend, Secretary, Montgomery, Reporter: Bishop, Treasurer, Decherd, Treasurer, Hudson, President. Runnerup Lorraine Myers with escort Hudson, D.E. Sweetheart Judy Drouet with escort Bishop, Runnerup Colette Montgomery with escort Ammons. The D.E.'ers arrange many eye-catching window displays such as this one. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION "Want to buy a Bellaire Pencil? How about a Cardinal decal???" The D.E. students were easy to spot around the halls and in their School Store, busy trying out their salesmanship on the stu- dent body. Besides operating the store as their financial proiect, Distributive Education Clubbers were busy with their Job Application and Sales Presentation contest, and making plans for their Employer's Banquet at the Shamrock for April 7. On the social side, they remember with a smile the bar-b-q Judy Mevis had, the All-City Christ- mas Dance with San Jac D.E.'ers, the Bowling team, and the fun at monthly club meetings. The Fort Worth convention was a highlight for eight lucky delegates. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA 'EgR"ii Ag class 62 Sponso M C rf adds oth pen rr the Iecfi Q ol The Future Farmers-long may they plow!-had another successful year as far as winning prizes at stock shows and expositions went. They elected their sweetheart and crowned her in a school assembly, they initiated the new project of plant- ing trees on the campus, and this year they suc- ceeded in crossing a chicken with swine. One of many F.F.A. projects- raising chickens. Six smiling candidates for F.F.A. sweetheart: Dorothy Lanford, Nancy Van Eaton, Ann Carter, Cathy Williams, Percine Arthur, Pam Lindsey, Sandy Whiting. And the winners! Sweetheart Ann poses with Runnerup Percine. FUTUR Sibyl Queen, voted "Outstanding Future Homemaker" poses with her escort. HOMEMAKERS IN FOODS LAB-Seated: Behrman, Voight, Tuma, Williams, Smith, Heinold, Jones, La Grove. Kneeling: Montgomery, Matthews, Emmert, Johnson, Baker, Angle, McMurray, McCauley. Standing: Moates, Carroll, Bumar, Jones, Huffman, Miller, Davis, Blythe, Davis, Newberry, Norman. The F.H.A.'ers showed their handiwork in a school assembly style show . . . Sponsor Vinson Sponsor Burks -IOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Bellaire group of Future Homemakers of America is a very large and active club comprised of girls taking the homemaking arts. Each period of Foods and Clothing classes selects its own F.H.A, officers, and the groups combine for meetings. The F.H.A. girls always boosted the Halloween and Christmas spirit with costumes, Parties, FOOD, and decorations: they kept up a display window at their end of the first floor: their school assembly was a lovely style show: and they entertained their fathers with their annual Dad and Daughter ban- quet. Daughter banquet. The Father- PERIOD OFFICERS: On sofa: Quillan, Queen, King, McCormick, Kelly, Borel, Kopecky, Carroll, Brand. Seated: Marshall, Hart, Morlan, Hudgins, Cooke, Cash- man, Soehlein. ll Al HOMEMAKERS POSE IN CLOTHING LAB-Standing: Becwar, Burrage, Heath, Bonner, Knutson, Smith, Skelton, Esposito, Mitchell, Hansard, Wilson, Evans, Morgan, Frost, Reynolds. Second: Crowe, Atkinson, Spencer, Dunn, Lindsey, Rosenthal, Hooper. Third: Stigall, Sipe, Voight, Suttle, Throgmorton, Whiting, Day, Proler, White. Seated: Steinbach, Hanovice, Howard, Kreedon, Dorsett. Settle. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS: Quillan, Treasurer: Day, Vice-President Wyatt, Secretary: Queen, President. Not shown: Cole, Reporter l Standing: Sponsor McBride, Dunn, Fletcher, Palmer, Paull, Ferguson. Seated Randall, Van Osdall, Anderson, Carter, Anderson, Payne, Knowlen, Staats, New- land. Officers rummage in the files: Norton, Hood, Bookman, Fleming, Falkenburg. SPELLI NG CONTESTANTS Sponsor Mrs. Haynes looks for a winning combination to equal last year's gold-medal winners, Catherine Carl and Barbara Grevsky. The Hi-Y is composed of boys high in scholastic standing and interested in the workings of government. The Club some- times takes trips to Austin for legislative con- ventions . . . and mainly serves as a reason tor Mr. McBride to get out of the house on Wednesday nights. HI-Y From this group of spellers will come BelIaire's interscholastic League Spelling contestants: Marshall, Cramer, Smith, Brown, Carl, Hart. sponsor-hitting the bottle again. l Mrs. Alice Johnsen, OFFICERS: Hood, Presi- Clenlf Zal, Secretary, Hanovich, Vice-President. JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE I BIOLOGY-Standing: Brougher, Crawford, Fraser, Tibbetts, Boydstun, Hoffman, Weisman, Kilmer, Broesche, Parker, Lewis, Johnston, Treybig, Wright, Strader, Clyde, Kneeling: Hussion, Durrenburger, Graves, Finer, January. The Junior Academy of Science is made up of two separate clubs-Biology and Chemistry-with separate sponsors, Mrs. Johnsen and Miss Wannall--and separate activities. The Biology Club does such things as taking a field trip to Baylor Medical, and the Chemistry Club makes and consumes large quantities of grain alcohol. CHEMISTRY: Hood, Gaines, Fulton, Posey, Voight, Brener, Dreyer, Dunham, Hanovich, Durrenburger, Chesbrough, Zal and two volatile genii escaping from distilling flask lHolmes Glassl. SENIORS-First row: Pierce, Broussard, Oakes, Lindley, Murray, Brennan, Atkinson, Hamilton. Second row: King, Hall, Lipscomb, Sears, Hire, Neal, Hammond. ,., Tommy Atkinson always delivered a singing "Happy Birthday" with the carnafion. The Kiwanis sponsor of the Key Club, Wiiliam Long. JUNIORS and SOPHOMORES: Chesborough, Furd, Morris, Broussard, Donaldson, Brenner, Leinneweber, Redmon, Gerber, Dullard. 68 KEY CLUB The Key Club of Bellaire, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and made up of boys outstanding in leadership, service, and character, served the school in various capacities. One of their special projects was recognizing faculty birthdays with flowers. At Christmas the Key Clubbers got the Yule spirit and sold mistletoe to the student body. OFFICERS: Dillard, Vice-President, Donalson, Sec- cretary, Atkinson, President. Not shown: Carr and Lindley. i Sponsor and dog, John Outterson. Many Key Club programs were movies on such current topics as this . . . 69 LIBRARY AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB OFFICERS: Swilley, Vice-President, Peters, Sec- retary, Dreschel, President: Mrs. Donaldson, Spon- sor, Streeter, Treasurer: Morris, Historian. AUDIO-VISUAL: Front: Hughes, Bickley, Turrentine, Whaley, Hanovich, Loeb, Hylander, Killey. Back: Garner, Richie, Verinder, Thomas, Campbell, Prescott. 70 These denizens of the library paste and spliced films not only keep the library books in order and run the movie proiectors when needed, but also sponsor Book Week, an activity which builds up the library fund to buy much- needed books and magazines. LIBRARY: Seated: Morris, Streeter, Dreschel, Swilley, Peters. Second row: Gassett Silverstein, Smith, Ori, Esposita, Baker. Third row: Quaidy, Left, Bryan, Edwards Pierce, Carrick, Hiller, Ehni, White, Taylor, Baxter, Hazel, Edge. Members publicize the "Books Make Music" theme for Book Week. LETTERETTES The Bellaire Letterettes, girls' counterpart of the B.V.A., is an honorary group made up of girls who have lettered in swimming, volleyball, archery, tennis, or bowling, and is sponsored by the teachers of the Girls' P.E. department. One of the year's high points for the Letterettes is the school assembly when they receive letters for their respective and respectable sports. OFFICERS: Anderson, Vice-President Pickett, President, Van Olphen, Secre tary: Wiper, Reporter. Not shown: Natho graduated President. - 4 45 Q First row: Loeffler, Tully, Sumners, Bailey, Natho, Anderson, Romick, Hochstein. Second: Plotkin, Burwell, Garmon, Ellis, Marshall, Hughes, Marshall Reinhart, Kinney. Third: Levi, Kaplan, Peterson, Phillips, Fitzgerald, Attebury, Bonner, Cook, Berry. Fourth: Thompson, Gossett, Walker Taylor, Ryan, Johnson, Northcott, Butterworth. Fifth: Norris, Steinbach, Robinson, Olmsted, Lindhout, Jones, Quillin, Lillie. comb. FIVE SMlLlNG SPONSORS: Smith, Durrenburger, Johnson, Hall, Hol- EEEEK! Mrs. "D"-a letter for ME? Qt- 49 P Sponsor Mr. Taylor was always leading cheers and holding Fidel Castro rallies in the classroom, "SlEG HElL!!" 72 But President Barbara Baumgarfen is pretty calm about it . . . maybe she's a Villista. Los Valientes members have their very own cards to present at the door when they say, "Taylor sent me Los Valientes is one of the largest and mont. Coached and Tyrannized by Dictator of students who are taking Spanish, have ever taken Spanish, are planning to take Spanish in the near future, or who happen to enioy tortillas and bullfights and all things espanol. i VIVA LOS VALIENTES! The TAMALE COMMITTEE poses. l Jose, Pedro, and Fidel. ,nsllt ..... "My name is Juanhano de Ryan . . ." Better known as "Johnny" or "The English photographer" to the stu- dent body of Bellaire, our patient, hardworking, and long-suffering photographer ALWAYS came through with perfect pictures, to which we say . . , Muchas Gracias! Some came in costume to have their picture taken . . . and some like Judy Oldsen just couldn't refrain from another "Sieg Heil!" 74 Old Mexican movies starring Delores Del Rio were shown at some Wednesday morning meetings Viva Los Valientes! Viva Mexico! VIVA ZAPATA!! This is a really spirited group-maybe because Judy and DeeAnn are in it, ln the old world atmosphere of the Spanish Village, the Los Valientes officers gather: Baumgarten, Presidente, Merri- man, Secretariag Kern Tesoriag Haase, Macero del Reyg Pucette, Vice-Presidente, Sherwin, Historiadora. The Popocatepetl Committee Ichairman in striped shirt on first row 1 eagerly watch as the Mexican flag is raised. All the Spanish teachers take a hand in spon- soring Los Valientes, with Mr. Taylor as cheer- leader. Based on the high principles of Vino, Women, and Song, this club met every few weeks To further interest in Spanish customs and sight- seeing trips to Mexico. And Shirley and Rita fole!2 danced at some programs . . . Caramba! Miss Slater, holding beautiful Mexican purse, poses with the Poettery-Making committee. And finally, the W. and P.R. Committee OFFICERS: Casey, Reporter, Morrison, Secretary, Marshall, Parliamentarian, Langston, Vice-President, Lindley, Treasurer, Bumar, President, Behrman, Historian. Left to right: Bosen, Romuck, Hoch- . stein, Bell, Cain, Becwar, Kantrovich. ,..., Q MEDICAL CAREERS The Medical Careers Club, sponsored by the nurse, Miss Whitten, was organized iust this year, for those whose interests lie in the field of medicine. One of the clubs most worthwhile projects was their Christmas party for the patients at Texas Children's Hospital. Millet, Delay, Mahost, Crawford, Keith, St rater, Diggs. l MCDERN DANCE First row: Tully, Jenkins, Hirsch, Cope, French, Harriman, Collins. Second row: Hagood, Emedean, Egner, Cocheu, Coats, Cook, Curry. Third row: Evers, Patterson, Mitchell, Van Dorfy, Reagan, Stribbing, McConnell, Lewis. The Modern Dancers with limber legs and black leotards were quite a familiar sight performing in school assemblies, s i drama productions, May Fete, and such dives as the Houston Club. Hope Holcomb, the even more limber sponsor, auditions aspirants to the talented group. OFFICERS: Treasurer, Hart, Secretary, Banks, Vice-President, Garner, President, Carroll. A leggy bunch of modern dancers MOd6fl1 d5fTC9fS practice a back up Bubbles Cohen in the soft shoe routine. musical of the year. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Being selected to the Bellaire Chapter of the National Honor Society is the highest honor the school affords. New members, selected on the ba- sis of high scholarship, leadership, character, and service, are inducted each fall and spring, and must maintain at all times the high standards of the organization. The Honor Society Initiation 4 i i OFFICERS: Carr, President, Crooker, Secre- tray, Faulkner, Vice-President, Popkin, Treas- urer. Seated: Houston, Ramsey, Oliver, May, Redd, Axelrod, Beasley, Popkin, Dillastone, Dixon, Second row: Walker, Eichner, Chun, Baker, Dodge, Barker, Harper, Frosch, Renz, Blanton, Crooker, Parmley. Third row: Puckette, Broussard, Faulkner Schaffer, Baker, Shira, McEntee, Hiett, Thompson, Hackett, Leatherwood, Rittenhouse, Shultz. Fourth row: James, Sum mers, McDaniel, Donaldson, Fleming, Jones, Bresky, Tomlinson, Cowdin, McCabe, Atkinson. Fifth row: Hammond, Sears Kidd, McLeod, Bannerot, Williams, Carr, Hamilton, Prescott, Simpson, Bowden, Bossin. A lim A - SPONSOR Nan Dupont T DQS' 'L SPONSOR Ken Gupton .fn u 197 SPONSOR Lucille Rulfs SPONSOR Shirley Wiley This ALWAYS happened at , tournaments!! Cohen and Harriet pose with the loot and Haufrect poses with a iug. NATICNAL FCRENSIC LEAGUE Bellaire's N.F.L. set some sort of record this year by winning four tournaments in a row: Muskogee, Tulane, Sam Houston, and Beau- mont- Coached and tyrannized by Dictator M. Mollie, the debaters and orators and ex- tempers Cetc.J were afraid not to come home with all the trophies. Alan Haufrect set his own individual record by greedily compiling more points at one tournament than most schools could muster. 80 Front row: Smith, Haufrect, Lurie, Lesky, Krull, Wadler, Faulkner, Lipscomb. Second Wakefield, Ross, Berg, Lewis, Timmy, Hackett, Donaldson, Carney. Third: Swiggles, Holley Lewis, Falkenburg, Kline, Cohen, Schaffer, Lane. Fourth: Bell, Keilen, Kitchel, Battelstein Kost, Hart, Haufrect, Kahn. Window perching: Banks, Brewssard, Carr, Broussard, Jones Dillard. OFFICERS condemn Keilen as usual: Brous- sard, Editor and Red Representative, Cohen, Secretary, Jones, Vice-President CExecutiveJ, Keilin, Vice-President, Carr, Embezzler, Haufrect, Drama Representative. Lf. Freddie Grimm lt- Paul Murphy BATTALION COMMANDER SPONSOR Bill Oelfke Marte Sumners ADJ UTANT SPONSOR Jim Broussard 5YlVla HUC-l9lnS EXECUTIVE OFFICER BELLAIRE R.O.T.C. ln this day of whizzing satellites and misguided missiles, Bellaire can feel secure knowing that the alert Bellaire ROTC is on guard, ready to defend to the death the doors, before school and at lunch time, resisting even the hardy BVA men who try to get in on cold mornings. Another service to the school is the Disaster- Fire Patrol duties they perform, such as running down the halls with stretchers during air raid drills. They are also responsible for the occasional greas- ing of the flag pole for May Pole day. RIFLE TEAM Sylvia and body guards: Top: Oliverp Kingp Bush: Peebles: Oelfkep Hudgins Bottom: Krpecp Morris: Krpec. Ronnie Bookman s'3 SPONSOR Bill WlllKeI'SOrl Phyllis Bumar First Row: Weinstein, Sanderforcl, First Lt. Exec. Second Row: Olivier, Short, Vacarro. Third Row: Alsten, Kitchen, Ellis. Fourth Row, Holmes, Stacy, 'Cross. Fifth Row: Adams, Whaley, Gluckman. Sixth Row: Kielir, Anderson, Zora. Seventh Row: Ducles, Larow, Cobb. Eighth Row: Smith, King, Rainwater. Ninth Row: Last, 2nd Lt., Bar- nette, 2nd Lt. "B" COMPANY COMPANY COMMANDER John Sturdevant SPONSOR Carol Parish , First Row: Durrenburger, First Lt., Krpec, Flag Bearer. Second Row: Silburg, Strauss, Bush. Third Row: Redman, Weisenthal, January. Fourth Row: Pinkerton, Hockman, Englesmith. Fifth Row: McGrew, Davis, Huettel. Sixth Row: Hull, Morant, Dotson. Seyenth Row: Gust, Osborne, Green. Eighth Row: Hazen, Crockett, Rosensweig. Ninth Row: Bogart. City inspection . . . "A" COMPANY SPONSOR Patsy Lindley COMPANY COMMANDER Ted Peebles The crowning of "Miss Merry Christmas," Nancy Van Eaton, with runners-up Magnolia Schultz and Judy Oldsen. First Row: Edgecomb, First Sergeantg Durrenburger. Second Row: Browng Prockg Young. Third Row: Britt: Whitefield: Oliver. Fourth Row: Mundayg Tuesday fHollickJi Jones. Fifth Row: Kellerg Danisg Parks. Sixth Row: Robertson, Childressg Stocken. Seventh Row: Carnig Angle, Ramsey. Eighth Row: Krpecg Morrisg Rambo. "C" COMPANY Hochman and friends. RED RIFLES The Red Rifles is the precision drill team that competes for top honors in intraschool and city competition. SPONSOR Anitra Lurie COMPANY COMMANDER Terry Molik Presenting the colors at a football game. l Back row: Dunham, Pierce, Moses, Mason, Brazeal. Second: Grubb, Weichert, Ozmun, Stadinger, Frazer, Johnston. Third: Dayag, Patterson, White, Nacol. Puellae Sedata: Cooke, Smither, Spinks, Nickerson, Boysturn. Sponsor Robertson ponit toga inpuellam. ROMANI HODIERNI 84 The Romani Hodierni, "Romans of Today," is Bellaire's subsidiary of the Junior Classical League and meets in the choral room to further interest in Roman customs and the Latin language. This year, the Latin Club gave Virgil a birthday party, celebrated Christmas as Satumalia, and held chariot races in the runarounds. OFFICERS DORMIENS: Spinks, Historian, Grubb, Secretary, Pierce, Vice-President, Moses, Treasurer, Smither, President. -ow SPANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS, Top: Eichner, Parliamentarian, Bell, Secretary, Second Row: Chun, Vice- President. First Row: Jones, President, Fleming, Treasurer. Bottom: Wadler, Report- er, Barker, Historian. New members are initiated in a candle lighting ceremony. The Spanish National Honor is composed of third year Spanish students who have maintained a grade average of B or better. Besides promoting an interest in Spanish, this group made pinatas for the children of the Mexican settlements at Christmas time. Top: Newell, Sears, Hunt, Chesborough, Hodges. Third Row: Rankin, Galeener, Lowey-Ball, Flake Howard, Parish. Second Row: Ames, McDaniel, McEntee, Popkin, Schaffer, Silverstein, Frosch. First Row Bailey, Brand, Axelrod, Davidson, Druschel, Melcher, Faulkner, Wukman. HARDWORKING CO-EDITORS: Martin and Lane. SOUTI- BUSINESS STAFF: Frucht, Advertising, Traupe, Circulation, Casey, PAGE EDITORS: Shirley, Third page, Pye, Fourth Exchange, Summer, Sponsor, Cohen, Managery- Glick, Advertising. page, Spinks, Second page. QUILL AND SCROLL MEMBERS: Spinks, Werlin, Frucht, Glick, and David again. This nosy bunch of journalism students does paper work, dirty work and EVEN- gets to write something for the paper once in a while, mile'-ss 'T7' RNER STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER HENRY, who is always there when needed, is not really tipsy, only tired. Sponsor Bigbee grins as she frantically censors an editorial. STAFF ASSISTANTS: Leff, Reeves, Carrier, Werlin, Hinrichs, and Gordon, Chronicle representative. The Carillon salutes their counterpart in the iournalism depart- ment-the intrepid Southerner staff. The two staffs cooperated beautifully throughout the year- the Southerner giving the Carillon free publicity, and the Carillon giving the Southerner such a lovely yearbook write-up. Further cooperation was evidenced in the filthy condition of the iournal- ism room, the stealing of lunches and English VIII books, and the mutual agreement to miss all deadlines by iust a little bit. The staff was glad to welcome back to the printing presses their sponsor Shirley Bigbee after a two-year absence. 87 SERIOUS-MINDED SPONSORS: Ivy HoIIis1er and Jeanne Wooters. The Council lN..ACTION!I This is action? STUDEN OFFICERS IN TYPICAL ATTITUDES: Carr, Vice-President: Smith, Ser- geant-at-Armsf Broussard, President Cin absence of Joneslg Kitchel, Secretary. ELECTIONS COMMITTEE STUFFING BALLOT BOXES: Standing: Maier: Morris, Chairman, Quillang Carney: Dillard. Seated: Broussard: Jones. OUNCIL Being a democratic school, Bellaire, of course, needs student government. This governing body has sov- ereignty over such weighty issues as "Shall we give the Esperanto Club a charter?" and "What shall we do with the Colonel now that football season is over?" The Council set up a committee which handled the student tutoring service, a proiect which, in spite of the fact that the chairman personally interviewed all male applicants, still managed to louse up everyone's program and accounted for the largepercentage of failures during the fall semester. The Council consists of 35 full-time members and TO alternates who are not allowed to attend meetings lest they develop ideas of their own. These stately statesmen, though seriously hampered by parliamentary procedure, voted to secede from the union and set up an independent state, and Sponsor Wootters was sent to Washington, D. C., with a chain around her neck. Big Project-Transportation of the Colonel to and from football games. Bill was un- aware of the camera, of course. TUTORING COMMITTEE: Cowdin, Chairman, Faulkner, Smither, Popkin Quillan, Hagood. FINANCE COMMITTEE WITH TROUBLES: Langston, Chairman, Lips- comb, Jones. PROJECTS COMMITTEE: Arnett, Haufrect, Henderson, Oelike, the handsome Chairman, Mcleod, Enquist, Stradinger. 89 1 an L f l 'Q . ff Lwgsi , .. iw? ywgrjvl -V ,Q -11 M Q A- E' wgxfffwwkax , Q ww ,vw ,Q ,,.,..mX ., k MM J. A.. W.. rg X.. ww, . m jggizvgfffjjfmy ,gg -fr mmm f!'X:Qw- gg, YM ii1fiw W g , -M may Q 1 :1f1mwammw K I W' , f gk L 6-1 1 U' f Bl' . r Whig!! Q V ,LI A fi L I LL v Q L bln if J u 'Ly f AJ! ' JL' W CL' , P YL" Llj KU' 4 , ' If ' ,witty XA' , L I ij I + L I jj f O XM ,Lf M154 My ev -J ft L, X I Vv7, L " ,AL M!! L Dj' N, L L K J JL If 2 J K C , 'lf ' P A dia 1 0 I L 4 L70 PL Lk f - f L ,lj ' Z bf .Cf LP 5 L Iv N I 41 A ylyflf 4 VV F, 04 JL' I C 9 L - ifxf ,V A I 4 uf X '71 ' I Tift 'DQ fl CD ' U7 li Ml LLL? U fyw' 1 U, W ALA ff U Ll P I 6 JP! I!! Q V6 7 j I L Lf ,wa '1 JL - 5 ' ff J 7111 1 LV ff L. 0 ' U' bn, 1 W, I, 2 X X ff 1 'N , 1 ff f 1 f ff N V 1 ,, M f K ' J I' 1 ,,, N' J , ,1 fl, ' f . L, f f X f f 1 V V w f L U , n ,' . x7 I .1- f ,, A 1 I , 1 Y 1 I I ,aw V x If I! V l Cl,fy' P! If ,f If 1, X - JL M U Q LH ff c 9 fb Wm 7 M7 fy N M W k W Q' M f w Q W kj fg L L jx Lp fb L0 If 1474, Ll' JJ 7 UL lf if L I 76 O!! WD 1 " fb!! fd ffl! 'W Q!! L Lg L M' J W M flu J LU, LIL W5 lf, pf 4 U9 PL 4 dbg J! ,jpg 'JL 1' D f 3 JM JW W NL ' L UW If JJ LL ly pfa! 411921 fx- f' 0 A w if ff -4, A " f J 1 , V J 1 , I 1 A , -N 1 X y 'J , r I 1 r, , 'N 1 1 1' '7 I 5 fx' , V , r If X , f N X , i . If I ,V . 1 f 4 , f 1 fif ,HW . fffk X U Lf I L Pu X f 1 Aj XL Vfjf 'gf c ug' b x P L qw fb U f 5 bf! 1 U9 Q LV 0 LL AP QW! M fu fb L' f 1 Ulf I Lfjd 2 DLL JLKIM L lv J Q lf 1 7 B 0 LP' I Q Ubi 8 X Q fb ,JU X if K LV f LL LJ 6 K W M f .f 1 ba ,db W' L , :V sports CHEERLEADERS JUDY BAKER DEE ANN MCCAULEY LINDA EICHNER l In addition to cheering, Bellaire cheerleaders also made torches for midnight rallies . . . ALAN DAVID BILL SUMNER ALLUMS NEAL FOOTBALL COACH SULLIVAN North Dallas ,,,, ,OO, Travis ...,. ,B Davis B, Sam Houston Reagan Milby ,a,,, Lamar , a,,,.. Jones ...Aaa4.aaad San Jacinto Austin s,,,ss, SCOREBOARD ,l 2 Bellaire O Bellaire -..,e.l4 Bellaire 6 Bellaire 6 Bellaire, ,. .,,,s 14 Bellaire sm...29 Bellaire 6 Bellaire 0 Bellaire, 8 Bellaire N l Patrick scores while Iinemen engage in friendly conversation. A GCOD START . . . GLYNN DYESS GORDON SCARBROUGH DALLAS KUHN TOM HILLARY Back Back Back Back Picked near the bottom in pre-sea- son ratings, the Cardinals showed what excellent coaching and all-out effort can do for a football team. To the surprise ot many and much to the delight of the student body, the team won its first five games, including a wet win in Austin and an extremely hard fought game with Reagan. Scarborough was always being chased FOR A SURPRISED COACH . . TOM PENNICK NELSON WOLFF Back Back Brennan sneaks off with pass from Hillary In the first game at the new Del- mar Stadium, Bellaire had many troubles, not the least of them be- ing Lamar's Redskins. In a bitterly contested game, riddled with fum- bles, Bellaire's iniury-ridden troops couldn't stand up to Lamar's depth. Even in defeat Bellaire's spirit re- mained high as they bounced back to beat a luckless San Jacinto team. S, W, PATRICK RAYBURN PUTNEY Back Back VIC SAMUELS JOHN O'HEERON BOBBY WALKER MIKE MAXWELL Guard Tackle Guard Center DWIGHT asm JOHN BRENNAN BILL PORTER BW SURGE n nd En Bac A SLIP IN MIDSEASON ,, TONY DURYEA CLYDE FORTENBERRY Scarborough, while watching a certain cheerleader, fails to notice safety man . . . and is stopped after mere 27-yard Qain. LeT go of my foot! In Their ninTh game The Cardinals rolled Through The fog and over Jones, as, much To The delighT of his P.E. classes, Coach Sullivan re- gained his happy disposiTion. To end Their season, The Cards beaT The favored AusTin MusTangs by a score of 13-8. In Their besT ef- forT of The year, Bellaire looked ex- Tremely capable on offense and de- fense, in The loackfield and in The line. AND, BALANCE REGAINED, . . . T i,,,, am? JERRY PESCHKE STEVE HAASE BRUCE HENDERSON BOBBY JARRARD n Tackle Tackle Tackle After pausing fo thank opponent for leiring go of foot, Scarborough makes touchdown. AN EXCITING END BOBBY THARP STEVE COSGROVE Back Back Note pained ex- pression on WolH's face as opponent takes bi1e of his finger . . . HARRY DOUGLAS BO WEISON MIKE WOOTEN BILL JONES Tackle Tackle End End . . . TO A SUCCESSFUL SEASON BOBBY MCGLAUN JERRY BRASWELL RUSSELL STANLEY Back Back Back ROBERT CARR Guard "B" TEAM FOOTBALL . . . For once the "B" team has -succeeded in outdoing its big brother, for this year the "B" team placed second in city com- petition . . . Top: Coach Lyle, Horridge, Stiles, Burdett, Litton, Schuster, Dee, Lewis, Rucker, Ladd, Snell. Third row: Burge, Marr, Anderson, Vesselka, Wolff, Brown, Norwood, Knostman, Leigh. Second row: Monger, Sheppard, Sears, Higgins, Canup, Mclntyre, Jones, Faldowski, Hammond, Bob- bitt. Bottom: Shirley, Carter, Klentzman, Faulkner, Lester, James, Pevateaux, Crane, Middleton, Lynch. COACHES SNELL and LYLE . . . Unfortunately, very few of the Bel- laire student body was aware of this since the average attendance at the aft- ernoon games was approximately twen- ty-five, including members of the Bel- laire team, the opposing team, and three small boys who live behind the school. However the Bellaire "B" Team will have their moment of glory, for most of them will one day get to play in the big stadium, under the lights, to a wild- ly cheering crowd. SUPPORT YOUR "B" TEAM!! l02 BASKETBALL . . . After winning the City Championship for the last two years, Bellaire got off to a good start in the same direction again this year. The team ended pre-season play with a rec- ord of 16 wins against only 3 losses-two of them to our old rival, Port Arthur. Under the able supervision of Coach Lyle, the team first demonstrated its scoring power in the Galena Park tournament. . . l BOWDEN l i ROSENTHAL KAMI NSKY i PENNICK CRAMER COACH LYLE Rosenthal makes sure of two against Lamar. 4 l Pennvck puts round ball In circular file. . . . And then, after capturing the first three games in the Jaycee Tournament, Bellaire and Milby collided in the finals. Trailing by I4 points at the beginning of the fourth period, Bellaire began to close the gap. lt was a race against time and, as happens all too often, the clock won. At the final buzzer, Bellaire was two points short. Losing to Milby did not dampen the Cardinals' spirits, for they bounced back and coasted to their third straight district championship in this school's short four year history. HILLARY PYE MORGAN ALLUMS I got it, you take ir! You take it, I got it! Bellaire won all of its district games and met Milby in the city playoff. Although Bellaire outgoaled the Buffs l8-12, Milby hit 28 tree throws to Bellaire's 8, and this proved to be the way to victory. With the end of this season Bellaire had stretched its city winning streak to 30 straight games. For the last three years Bellaire has not lost a district game. The Cardinals also placed two players, Tommy Pennick and Alan Rosenthal, on All- City teams. WARREN San Jac player gets in position for headlock. Since there was no competition for rebounds players fought among themselves. HUDSON WALRATH SCOREBOARD Bellaire ....... Bellaire sss,... ss,ss, Bellaire ,ss,... ..,.s Bellaire ssss,. . Bellaire ,,,,,ss ,,,,,s Bellaire ., ,,,, Bellaire ,,,,,ss ,,.ss, Bellaire ,s,sv.. SCH LESSLER GR IVAS I04 56 Jones ,s,,, 75 San Jac . 54 Austin , 64 Lamar 7 70 Jones C 70 San Jac ,,,,. 32 Austin ..... , 50 Lamar ,,s,, , "B" BASKETBALL The "B" basketball team, a group of up and coming thinly clads, provided Coach Lyle with food for thought of next year by compiling a 5-3 city record. The graduates of this organization will add promising framework of next year's varsity. It looks like Bellaire might get this rebound. Bellaire wins intra-squad game. r First row: Bush, Mahr, Pennick, Klein, Lopez. Second row: Stenson, Gimble, Frazior, Tip- pen, Becht. Third row: Redmon, Rodke, Coach M. Sullivan, Sears. Coach Middleton can run foo. Track boys chase rabbit around track. TRACK . . . Though plagued by a lack ot depth, the track team remains hopeful of taking several places in the city meet. David De Boer, a bright spot in the dreams of Coach Middleton, earlier this year in Austin set a new national mark for the cross- country race. Perhaps the brilliance of the spiked shoe set was hindered in that each afternoon they could be observed chasing the girl's archery team around the track. This is one of DeFoy's best throws, although it sailed over fence and hit a parked car. Gravell orbirs 8-pound shot from launching pad in rear of school. Neifher rain nor sleef nor low hurdles . . . X4. What do you think of people who go about fhings upside down? BELLAlRE'S TRACK TEAM BASEBALL Coach Allen outlines fundamentals of game for confused players. Samuels initiates new position- pitcher's advisor. ln Cuba this year baseball is a very popular sport, along with some other more lethal sports. Bellaire's team doesn't look much like a bunch of Cubans, but they will probably concentrate more on the game of baseball. For this reason they should do very well in district play. fhe fact that Bellaire has two good coaches, Howard Allen and Mickey Sullivan, an ex-Dallas Eagle first baseman, should helphour baseball team considerably. l TEAM: Crain, Abbey, Dyess, Scarborough, Sam uels, Beery, Pruitt, Wolff, High. BELLAIRE'S BOYS' SWIMMING TEAM SWIMMING This year's Swimming team shows good promise for this and future years. One of our iuniors, Andy Smith, who does most everything, is a likely prospect for All-State. Bellaire was fortunate to acquire a new swimming coach, George M. Atkinson, a graduate of Columbia University. He is considered to be a very good coach although he has never been seen to enter the water. Atkinson gets victory bath from devoted team. Non-conformists touch toes in mid-air. Swimming team spent many hours in diligent practice. ll0 GIRLS' SWIMMING . . . Plagued by numerous drownings, the swimming team got off to a slow start this season. The trouble was finally traced to woolen tank suits. Once this situation was remedied the members of the team became more confident and some of them began to swim on top of the water for a change. But your're not supposed to dive in the shallow end. I wish I could have stuck my lf Wasnlf Illls CIIOPPY foe in ,ci,.s,' in the English Channel. TOP row: Hiller, Van Olphen, Anderson, Robin son, Green, Sherwin, Hagood. Second row: Blythe, Ellsworth, Johnson, Norris, Olmstead, Bradley, Floeter, Haase. Third row: Champion, Woodard, Chernosky, Emery, Donaldson, Stein back, Evers, Drayton. Front row: Fitzgerald, Yokum, Swindell, Ueckart, Jones. SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING . . . The Aquadettes demonstrate an intricate routine for goggle-eyed photographer, Swimmers end practice with a John Paul Jones. To be perfectly honest I don't know very much about synchronized swimming, but I noticed that they seemed to enioy themselvesg as a matter of fact, I had a pretty good time too. The Aq-uadettes perform many complicated rou- tines, but thev spend the mariority of their time trying to wrest the pool away from the Boys' Swimming Team. BOYS' TENNIS . . . Early This spring The Boys' Tennis Team began preparing for The coming sTruggle in The depfhs of Memorial Park. All This preparaTion nearly wenT To waste, for once They arrived in The Park Mr. Lyle had Trouble finding his players. In spite V of This They should come in no less Than second place. " . . . and This is 8 racket!" Kneeling: Lowey-Ball, Lowey-Ball. Sianding: Hogue, Spedden, Cramer, Coach Lyle, ball. Who called ir? 'l2 GIRLS' TENNIS . . . The Girls' Tennis Team worked long hours after school perfecting serves, backhands, and generally annoying the construction workers. The team is sure to do well this year, as soon as they dis- cover which end of the racket to use. "Oops, that third floor window." Be sure to have your right over your left. Top row: Eichner, Graham, Frantz, Andrews, Johnson, Bonner, Frazer, Mullins, Marshall, Delay, Mrs. Johnson. Sitting: Winborn, Smith, Zincller, Cole, Coffman. "Oh, well, it's better than modern dancing." Top: Kinney, Coach Durrenberger, Jones. Second row: Voight, Phelps, Smith, Bailey, Ellis, Marshall, Hughes. Third row: Reinhart, Wills, Quinlan, Van Olphen, Anderson, Marshall, Sherwin. This year marked an all time high in The short career of The volleyball Team. From last year, when they ended The season in The cellar, they have lumped this year To Third place in The city. With The impressive record of 6 wins and 3 losses, They finished the season by beating Lamar'the last game at Lamar. Since almost half of The first Team is composed of iuniors, The outlook for the coming year is quite bright. VOLLEYBALL San .Iac team member can only watch as Martha Anderson spikes an un- returnable ball over the net. COACH DURRENBERGER ARCHERY "l shot an arrow into the air, lt fell to earth I know not where . . . 1' g 2 Eg .. TARGET TEAM: Lynda Veik, Rochelle Hockstein, Dana Tully, Patricia Romick. my coAcH Q., Hoicoivia 'Y' Pat Spalding, Sharon Pickett, Dana Tully . . . During the archery season this cry could be heard no less than five hundred or so times an afternoon as the Girls' Archery Team, Bellaire's answer to Sherwood Forest, warmed up for the city meet. After a few days of this, the girls began to attach strings to their arrows. In addition to making them easier to find, this also facilitated pulling them out of football players who had been practicing a "safe" distance behind the targets. In spite of the previously mentioned mishaps, the team managed to shoot up a second place in the city meet. Sharon Pickett won a third in the Columbia shoot, and Pat Spalding and Dana Tully won second in the Novelty. TEAM: Brier, Burdette, Coach Sullivan, Whitaker, Schlief. GOLF . . . These stalwart young men spend nearly all of their time on the fairways or in the rough looking for lost balls. To do this they leave school every day at two o'clock and can only be found at the nineteenth hole, looking for the green. l Johnson, Ligon, McCreary, Level, BOWLING Officers of the Bowling Club. Bellaire's quality and quantity of bowlers will no doubt this year set our school's best competitive bowling record. The teams have already beaten three other schools by taking an average of 16 out of 18 possible points each game. We hope that this will extend to another city championship for Bellaire. Boys' Bowling Club. Girls' Bowling Club. Wilh one minute to play, the score was Bellaire 60 . . . Lamar 35. ws ALL ovER NOW, BUT The lights at the football stadium are out, and the basket- ball fieldhouse is quiet. The excited cheers have all died down, and we can stop what we are doing and think back. There were happy times, when our basketball team soundly beat Lamar'sg and there were frustrating times such as the final game of the Jaycee tournament when the clock ran on . . . and on . . . and on. Although there were a few sad moments, most of them were happy ones for our athletic teams com- piled a great number of wins against only a few defeats. Gang tackling was always fun. Wish my legs weren't so long. ol Have you ever tried running a 440 after eating two hamburgers and a malt? WE CAN LOOK BACK AND SMILE! The final records of four of our maior sports teams give a good account of our school. At the end of the basketball season Bellaire's overall record stands at 52 wins against only 10 losses. The team records are: Football ccc..,..,c.. ,,... , t8 wins-2 losses "B" Football c.c. ..9 wins-l loss Basketball ...s.s... .,...., 3 O Wins-5 losses "B" Basketball ..,oo. 5 wins-3 losses Whenever we pause to think about this year, these are the things we will remember . . . Foggy football games . . . The Jaycee Tournament . . . The first game in Delmar Stadium . . . Mr. Lyle's lucky red socks. . . and . . . The spirit at the sodden football game in Austin . . . these we will never forget. ,wk wdiwv -- -F' faculty principal HARLAN G. ANDREWS a message from our principal The demands of an age when frontiers of the mind are characterized by repeated "break-throughs" leave little time for vacillation or time wast- ing activity. Your record is highly commendable. l congratulate you on the manner in which you have risen to the challenge given by your school and the times in which you live. The prediction of great service to your fellow man is a sound one. Please be assured of our warmest desire to be helpful and our best wishes for your success. L E i Q H. G. Andrews dean MAURYNE DAILEY During its short span of existence, Bellaire High School, through the achievements of its students both while enrolled here and in institutions of higher learning, have won recognition throughout the state and in many other parts of the nation, as an outstanding school. It has made and is continuing to make a record of which you, the student body, and the mem- bers of the faculty who have worked so diligently with you, can be iustly proudg and one which will inspire those who follow you to even greater ac- complishments while carrying on the traditions and ideals which you have established. W. L. Burns The tremendous accomplishments in academic achievement and student life at Bellaire have inspired widespread admira- tion. We are proud of the increasingly high goals set by this student body and faculty. We shall miss all of you who are leaving. May you have everything that is good for you. Mauryne Dailey assistant principal WlLLlAM L. BURNS GWENDOLYN KOCH Registrar ADMINISTRATION i JEANNE WOOTERS LAVERNE CARMICAL Counselor Counselor IVY A. HOLLISTER LANELLE DONALDSON Counselor Librarian OBERA CUDE Librarian TRULAH ATKINSON Attendance Clerk LULA MAE HARGROUE Clerk AILEEN BOSWELL MARY SUTTLE Secretary CORINNE WHITTEN OLIVE SHIRLEY Nurse Diefician Clerk RUTH HICKEY Department Chairman SHIRLEY BIGBEE MABLE GENE CAMPBELL DAISY COE CATHRYN CRAWFORD RUBY DEE THELMA DIXON EU-A MAE GEHRING L . A A X4 ,y A , y W 1 3 a Q ' K ii INEZ GOODMAN EDIS HAYNES KAY HENDERSON I26 MARIE KROULIK MARION MERRITT MARGARET PARKER SUE SMITH SADIE STREUSAND LOUISE WHITEFIELD SHIRLEY WILEY LILLIAN NICHOLSON IWW 'Z' ISI! RUBY RATLIFF i TOBY SUMMER I27 ACCELERATED ENGLISH CLASSES Still in the rather experimental stage is the system of maior works or accelerated classes. This year the English department has offered these special courses on the sophomore, iunior, and senior levels. The purpose of the courses is to present a challenge to the student. Because these classes are made up of small groups of eager and especially interested students, they are a challenge not only to the students but also to the teacher. Covering the required course of study before the semester is over, the classes are able to do interesting outside reading and research. For instance in addition to the regular work the sopho- more class read and studied Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe. In the iunior classes the students made an extensive study of the works of both Charles Dickens and Nathaniel Hawthorne. A most challenging course was offered to the senior maior works students in the form of a creative writing class. Under the excellent tutelage of Miss Crawford these students studied and wrote vignettes, formal and informal essays, poetry, and short stories. During the spring sem- ester the seniors studied literature from the beginning of time. As an outside project the students wrote a British version of the Odyssey, encompassing all that they had learned of European culture and civilization. l28 Arr became an imporfanr part of Mrs. Wiley's English Vlll class. Miss Hickey's junior maior works class discusses Hawfhorne. A class of eager sophomores answer ques- tions on Ivanhoe. Ohoo, not another speed fest! RIVERS LODGE Department Chairman GERALD BECKHAM MARGARET BLEIL RUTH GOODMAN AILEEN LANGSTON I30 GLENDA BROWN LAURANCE BOND ETHAN CULVER EDITH PATTERSON rv' LOUISE DAVIS .4 I I I 1 ISAAC CARTER L. M. CARTER J. S. GATES LESLIE LEDOUX l 1- if GEORGE SELENSKY CHARLIE BURKS ' I ..:' ,L f . I .- - mmz' N , 'I A .Qi ., fn L. - I -Q 1 gy w iz 'f my ' . MARIE VINSON l3I hi if . ROBERT COMPEAN NORMA HENDERSON LUCII-I-E LEIFESTE MOLLIE MARTIN JAMES MCBRIDE CECIL PICKETT LIBERAL ARTS I-IAZEL NIUI-II' THOMPSON Books made music so did the mixed chorus. B555 BRANNEN DOROTHY CARAM Department Chairman MARION BAIRD DAVID JASO WILLIE LEE JEFFERIES ANNE ROBERTSON JOE SLATER G. F. TAYLOR ,grad I 3 f-11" ' Fx HENRIETTA GLASS LANGUAGES -.11 -.f K A lyfiiaarssii I ADVANCED LANGUAGE COURSES Mrs. Glass leads the French Club through the chorus of an old gallic ballad. An ever increasing interest in other countries and other peoples has been felt in the foreign language department. For the first time fourth year Spanish was offered. The fourth year Spanish students spent the year reading complicated plays and novels in their extensive study of Spanish literature. Third year Spanish students also read novels and studied Spanish history. Not to be outdone by the Spanish department the Latin department had a class of third and fourth year students. ln their study of the classics these students translated Virgil's epic, The Aeneid and Cicero's letters and orations. While there were no advanced courses offered by the French department, the French students had in- teresting outside proiects such as keeping a diary in French and reading and reporting on a French novel. An interest in French was further evidenced by the large attendance at the French Club meetings where the language and customs of France were discussed by the members. Mrs. Brannen's Spanish VIII class read Spanish plays and novels. Mrs. Robertson seems pleased with the message on the board but her Latin V class just looks puzzled. 4 The Spanish National Honor Society made pinatas for their Christmas project, Mrs. Caram had her hands full with this large Spanish VI class. SOCIAL SCIENCE NAN DUPONT GEORGE ATKINSON Department Chairman KENNETH GUPTON MARION HILLER HELEN MILLIGAN MARY LOU MORTLOCK MARY F. PHARRIS HELEN SEALEY BILLY SNELL CHARLES STRANGE O. C. WARD SCIENCE in .5 -J J. M. BRANDSTETTER W. L. ELLERBROOK ALICE JOHNSEN MORRIS KEATHLEY GLENN MOSS PATRICIA MULLEN DR. RICHARD STRAHAN EMMALOIS WANNALL ALVIN ROGERS Department Chairman CLAUDIA HAYWARD RUTH LAVERNE JOHN OUTTERSON MAJOR WORKS SCIENCE COURSES Spurred on by the launching of Sputnik, the science department has set up a program for those students specifically interested in doing advanced research. The science major works program begins on the iunior level with an advanced chemistry class. In this accelerated course the emphasis is on individual research and proiects. The students worked in pairs on such proiects as making a spectroscope, testing heavy metals, and studying organic chemistry. The seniors who took physics were met by Mr. Outterson with open arms and with an accelerated col- lege preparatory course. In this experimental course prepared by M.l.T., the students studied generalities instead of specifics. The emphasis was not on memorized formulas but on deductive and inductive reason- ing. Experiments in class were merely exercises in scientific thinking. In physics the students studied generalities instead of specifics. Girls were definitely outnum- bered in the physics classes. :---X An invention of Bill Pickles demon strated by a colleague. Someone always knew the answers in major works chemistry. A sophomore gets help from a lab assistant. MATHEMATICS W. R. REEVES Department Chairman ' gs W. T. ALLEN NETA BURGESS JOYCE CANNON W. D. CONNELL GEORGE COX RUTHE DOWLEN ZORA GP-'NES 140 ELIZABETH MILLER GARY PRICE LUCILLE RULFS GLADYS HABERGER ALMA KEMP ADVANCED MATH COURSES This year advanced math courses were offered to all grades. With alarming speed the students covered the text books and advanced into more complex material. Starting on the sophomore level it is now possible for a student to take advanced math courses in Algebra I-IV, plane and solid geometry, trigonometry, and a special course in college math. For the first time it was possible for a senior to take two hours of math. This was especially beneficial for those stu- dents who plan to enter the scientific or engineering fields. I42 Sophomore algebra students seem puzzled. Mr, Reeves obviously enjoys teaching his advanced class in trigonometry. These students seem to be enjoying college math. Class participation was important in Mrs. Haberger's algebra class. He doesn't look like a major works student to us. And the Bolshoi Dancers made quite a hit PHYSICAL EDUCATION HOWARD ALLEN LT. FRED GRIMM HENRY LYLE ORA LEE MIDDLETON LT- PAUL MURPHY Department Chairman VIRGIL SULLIVAN DOROTHY MCGRAW CHARLOTTE SMITH Strange, girls seem more interested in photographer than in volleyball. HOPE HOLCOMB LAURA DURRENBERGER FRANCES HALL Department Chairman I45 n iv k F' -Q .-- ..- .- "Fl -A ima arqm :J . . A 3,,,.., ::'E'?i5?i3 Q QTDXSS. ' ""4MXT'f2122'E""" ,.,.,.,...0:,Q,N...w seniors officers ianuary graduates JANE RAMSEY MILBY PICKELL President Secrefary NQRMA MAY ELIZABETH OLIVER Vice-President Tfeaslffef officers may graduates ANDY SEIDEL SUE KINNEY President Secretary MARK BOWDEN DAVID ALLUMS Vice-President Treasurer CARILLON seniors work on . . . the yearbooks, of course. ABBEY, MIKE ADELSON, SALINE FTA 4, FHA 4 AKKERMAN, CAROL JO Archery 2-37 BOOSIEF Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-41 FHA .3-4, Treasurer 4, Girls' Chorus 3-45 Letterettes 3-4, Mixed Chorus 4, Modern Dance 2 AKKERMAN, RICHARD Booster Club 4, CSU 3-4, "B" Football 2, "A" Football ALLUMS, DAVID "A" Basketball 3-4, Booster Club 3-4, Lt. Booster 4 CSU I-2-3-4, Cheerleader 4, Class Treasurer I-2-3-4 May Fete I-2-3, Mixed Chorus I-2-3-4, Track 3-4 ALPHA, KEN Booster Club I-2-3-41 Boys' Chorus 45 CSU 3-4, Lo Valientes 2 AMMONS, STANLEY DE Club 4 ANDERSON, KAY Booster Club 3-45 CSU 3-4, Letterettes 3-4, Vice-Presiden 4, Swimming 4, "A" Tennis 3, "A" Volleyball 4 ANDERSON, MARTHA ANDERSON, TEDDY Booster Club 3-47 "B" Football 37 Hi-Y 4 ANGLE, LINDA Booster Club 3-47 CSU 2-3-47 Los Valientes 4 ARBUCKLE, DONNA Belles 2-3-47 Booster Club 2'3'4j CSU 2-3-47 FHA 2-3-47 Science Club 2-3 ARMSTRONG, CHARLENE Booster Club 3-47 Bowling Club 47 FHA 3-4 ARON, LARRY Booster Club 3-4 ATCHLEY, DELORES Booster Club 4 ATKlNSON, TOMMY Booster Club 2-3-47 Key Club 2-3-4, Secretary 3, Pres- ident 47 NHS 3-47 Student Council l-2-3 AXELROD, BARBARA Booster Club 2-3-47 Bellerama 2-3-47 FTA Ai Los Valientes 2-3-47 NFL 3-47 NHS 3-47 Spanish NHS 3-4 AXELROD, JOAN Booster Club 2-3-47 FHA 47 Los Valientes 3-47 Modern Dance 2 BACON, SUZANNE Belles 2-3-4, Captain 47 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-4 BAERNSTEIN, ELENE Booster Club 2-3-47 Los Valientes 2-3-47 NFL 2-3-4 BAILEY, SANDRA Booster Club 2-a-4, csu 2-34, FHA 2-34 BAINUM, DON BAKER, JUDY Anchor Club 4i Belles 2-3-47 Booster Club 2-3-47 Cab- inet 2-47 CSU 2-3-47 Cheerleader 47 FHA 47 Los Vali- entes 2-3-47 NHS 4 BAKER, LYNN csu 2-3-4, "B" Football 2 BAKER, PEGGY Auf Deutsch, Bitte 3-47 Belles 3-47 Booster Club 2-3-47 FHA 27 FTA 2-3-4, Vice-President 3, President 47 Library Club 2'3'4I NHS 4 BALSOM, TERRY 7 Booster Club 3-47 Bowling Club 47 CSU 2-3-47 FHA gf Let- terettes 47 Los Valientes 4 BANKS, JULIA Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 47 Entres Nous 3-4, Vice-Pres- ident 47 Girls' Chorus 2-37 Los Valientes 2'3'4i Mixed Chorus4 BANNEROT, RICHARD Band 2-37 Booster Club 47 NHS 4 BARNES, BETTE Belles 2-3-4, Captain 47 Booster Club 2-3-47 Entres Nous 4 BARR, JUDY Auf Deutsch, Bitte 2, Secretary 27 Booster Club 2-3-47 Csu 2-3-4, FHA 3-4 BARRICKLO, KENNETH Booster Club 2-3-4 BASQU EZ, JUDY Belles 2-3-47 Booster 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-42 FHA 2-4, Vice- President 2, Parliamentarian 47 Los Valientes 2. BAZARSKY, WALTER Booster Club 47 Los Valientes 47 Science Club 4 BEASLEY, ELLIS Belles 3-4, Corporal 47 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3'4j FHA 3-47 Library Club 2-3, Vice-President 37 NHS 3-47 Spanish NHS 3-4 BECWAR, MARY Booster Club 3-47 FHA 47 Los Valientes 47 Letterettes 4 BEERY, DWIGHT Baseball 3-47 "B" Basketball 37 Booster Club 3-41 BVA 3-47 CSU 3-47 Football 3-42 NHS 47 Mixed Chorus 4 BEHREND, BARBARA Belles 2-3-47 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-4 BELCORE, PAT Booster Club 2-3-47 Swimming 4 BELL, JUDY Booster Club 2-47 Los Valientes 37 Library Club 47 NFL 3-42 Science Club 37 Spanish NHS 3-4, Secretary 4 Some people had a hard time holding on to their senior rings. BELL, PATTI Belles 4, Booster Club 45 CSU 4 BERG, SARA Booster Club 2-3-4, FHA 3-4 BERGUS, MIKE Booster Club 3-4: Boys' Chorus 2-3-4, CSU 3-4, "B" Foot- ball 3y Mixed Chorus 2-3-4 BEYER, ROSALIE Booster Club 4, CSU 3-47 Los Valientes 3 BICKLEY, HAROLD Los Valientesg ROTC 2-3 BISHOP, DICKEY Booster Club 3-4 BISHOP, MARTHA Belles 3-47 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 3-4, FHA 3-4, Pres- ident 4, Los Valientes 3-4 BISHOP, MILDRED Belles 4g Booster Club 2-3-4: CSU 3-45 FHA 3-4, Vice- President 4, Los Valientes 3-4 BLACK, CLINTON BLACKLIDGE, JUDY Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling 3-45 CSU 2-35 FHA 45 Let- terettes 4 BLANKENSHIP, SUE Belles 2-3-45 Booster Club 45 CSU 25 FHA 4 BLANTON, JO ALICE Anchor Club 45 Belles 3-4, Drum Major 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 3-45 NHS 3-4 BLANTON, TAYLOR Bellerama 3-45 Booster Club 3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Los Vali- entes 3-4 BLOCH, GEORGIA BOOHER, SONJA Archery 2-35 Booster 2-3-45 Bowling 2-35 CSU 2-35 Girls' Chorus 3-4 BOOKMAN, RONNIE Hi-Y 4, Vice-President 35 ROTC 2-3-4, Battalion Com- mander 45 Red Rifles 2-3-4 BOONE, YVONNE Angelic Chorus, Harpist 45 Entres Nous 3-45 Romani Hoderni 25 Letterettes 3-4 BORLAN D, RONALD BOSSIN, BENJAMIN Auf Deutsche, Bitte 3-4, President 45 Esperanto Club 45 NHS 3-45 National Merit Semifinalist 45 Spanish NHS 45 NFL 25 Track 2-3-45 Outterson Fan Club 4 BOWDEN, MARK "B" Basketball 25 "A" Basketball 3-45 Booster Club 2- 3-4, Parliamentarian 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 45 BVA 45 CSU 2-3-45 Class Vice-President 45 Key Club 2-3-4, Treasurer 35 May Fete 35 NHS 45 Student Council 2 BRADLEY, PAT Booster Club I-2-3-45 CSU I-2-3-45 Girls' Chorus I-2-35 Mixed Chorus 45 Library Club I-2-3-4 BRAND, MAXINE Belles 2-3-4, Bell Corps 45 Booster Club I-2-3-45 CSU 1-2-3-45 FHA 45 Los Valientes 2-3-45 Science Club 2-35 Spanish NHS 3-4 BRAN DT, JANET Booster Club 4 BRATTON, DOUGLAS BREEDLOVE, JUDY Booster Club 3-45 CSU 3-4 BRENNAN, JOHN "B" Basketball 35 Booster Club 2-3-45 BVA 2-3-45 "B" Football 35 "A" Football 45 Key Club 45 NHS 45 Student Council 2-35 Track 2-3-4 BRESKY, ADELAIDE Booster Club 3-45 FTA 45 Medical Careers 45 Modern Dance Club 4 BRESKY, MARILLYN Booster Club 3-45 Medical Careers 45 Modern Dance 45 NHS 3-45 NFL 3 BROESCHE, ANN BROMBERG, ELAINE Booster Club 3-45 Bowling Club 35 FHA 45 Los Valientes 4 BROOKS, DEBBIE Belles 2-3-45 Bugle Maior 45 Booster Club 45 CSU 2-3-45 Entre Nous 45 Los Valientes 3 BROOKS, ROBERT Booster Club 2-3-45 Cabinet 45 CSU l-2-3-45 Los Valientes 45 ROTC l-2-3, Company Commander 35 Officers Club 3-45 Janitor 4 l BROUSSARD, JIM Esperanto 45 Key Club 45 NFL 2-3-45 NHS 3-45 Repub- lican 2-3-45 ROTC 2-3-45 Drill Team 2-35 Adjutant 4 l Quick, David, put some salt on its tail! Awright, men, do we vote "wet" or lldryll? BROWN, PHIL Booster Club 2 BROWN, TOM Booster Club 3-47 Bowling Club 27 CSU 4 BROWNLEE, ROBERT Band 2-3-4 BRUTON, BETTE Booster Club 3-47 CSU 37 Entre Nous 27 FHA 4 BRYAN, JAN Archery Club 47 Booster Club l-2-3-47 CSU 2-3-47 FHA 1-47 Library Club 47 Los Valientes 4 BUMAR, PHYLLIS Bellerama 37 Belles 2-37 Booster Club 2-3-47 FHA 47 FTA 47 Los Valientes 2-3-41 Medical Careers 4, President 47 ROTC Sponsor 4 BUNNER, ROY Booster Club 37 Nice Fellow CCarillon vote! 2-3-4 BU RGDORF, RICHARD BURGE, BILLY Baseball 3-47 BVA 4i Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-47 "B" Football 27 "A" Football 3-47 Los Valientes 2-3-4 BUTLER, THORPE Booster 2-37 Boys' Chorus 47 Auf Deutsche, Bitte 3-4 CALLAWAY, LYN DA Bellerama 47 Booster Club 47 CSU 2-3-47 FHA 47 Mod- ern Dance Club 4 CAMP, SALLY Belles 3-47 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-47 FHA 2-37 FNA I-2-3 CANGEMI, JOSEPHINE Booster Club 3-47 CSU 2-37 FHA 2-3 CANNON, ANNE Booster Club 3-47 CSU 37 Medical Careers 4 CANTELLA, DICKY Booster Club I-2-3-47 Bowling Club 37 CSU 47 Los Valientes4 CARR, BOB Booster Club 3-47 BVA 47 CSU 2-37 "B" Football 27 "A" Football 47 FFA 47 Los Valientes 2-3 CARR, KENNETH Carillon 3-47 Correspondence Editor 47 IBM 47 Key Club 3-4, Treasurer 47 Most likely to succeed 47 NHS 3-4, Pres- ident 4i NFL 2-3-4, Treasurer 47 National Merit Semi- Finalist 47 Student Council 3-4, Vice-President 4 CARRIER, LINDA Booster Club 3-47 Bowling Club 27 CSU 3-47 Los Vali- entes 3-47 Southerner 3-4 CARSON, KENT BVA 3-47 Football 2-37 Auf Deutche Bitte 3-4, Vice- President 47 NHS 3-47 Track 3-4 CARTER, DEANNE Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling Club 37 CSU 37 FHA 4 CARTER, STEVE Booster Club I-2-4 CASEY, PAT Belles 2'3-45 Corporal 47 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-47 Medical Careers 37 Southerner 4 CASHMAN, KATHY Booster Club 2-3-41 Bowling Club 2-3-47 FHA I-3-47 Letterettes 3-4 CHAVANNE, CLAIRE Belles 47 Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling Club 2-37 CSU 2-3-47 FHA 3-47 Entre Nous 3 3" N I CHENAULT, BILL Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-47 Medical Careers 47 NFL 4 CH ERNOSKY, GAYLE Booster Club 2'3'4f CSU 2-3-47 FHA 3-47 FTA 27 Los Valientes2 CHILDERHOSE, JEAN Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling Club 2-3-47 CSU 47 FHA 47 Romani Hodierni 2-3-4 CLAIRE, LORELEl Booster Club 3-41 Bowling Club 37 CSU 3-4 CLARK, LEE Booster Club 47 CSU 37 FFA 4 CLONINGER, CAROLE Belles 3-47 Corporal 4i CSU 2'3'4i Girls' Chorus 37 Mixed Chorus 4i NHS 4 COBB, THOMAS Booster Club 17 Los Valientes 17 ROTC l-2-3 COHEN, JERRY Booster Club 2-3-47 Southerner 4, Business Manager 4 COHEN, RONNIE Booster Club I-2-3-47 NFL 3-4, Secretary 47 National Merit Semifinalist 47 Track 2-3 COHN, JOEL Bellerama 3-47 Booster Club 47 May Fete 27 NFL 3-47 Student Council 2 COLBURN, SAM Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 3-4 COLE, SH ERYL Belles 3-47 Bugle Captain 47 Booster Club 47 CSU 47 FHA Ai Spanish NHS 4 COLLIER, BOYD Booster 2'3'4f Cabinet 47 CSU 2-3-4 COLLINS, COOKIE COMARDO, TONI Belles 2-3-47 Corporal 47 Booster Club 2-3-47 FHA 4 Modern Dance Club 2 WET! COOKE, LYNDA COOPER, CECILE COWDIN, KARREN Archery 1-2-3-4, Carillon 3-4, Calendar Girl 4, Creative Writing Club 2-3, Modern Dance Club I-2-3, Reporter 3, NHS 3-4, Student Council 3-47 Bluebonnet Girls' State 3, Prettiest Knitnik 35 Kneverly 41 National Merit Semi- Finalist 4 CRANDALL, KAY Bellerama 3-4, Booster Club 4, CSU 3-45 Entre Nous 3-4 CROOKER, EVELYN Anchor Club 2-3-41 Belles 2-3-4, Flag Corps 4, Vice- President 4: Booster Club 1-2-3-4, CSU 2-3-47 Library Club 1-2-3-4, President if NHS 3-4, Secretary 4 CROSSLEY, SUE CROWE, EDDIE Booster.Club 2-3-4, csu 3-47 "B" Football a CUNNINGHAM, GENE CUNNINGHAM, PAUL Booster Club I-2-3-47 Boys' Chorus 3, CSU 4 CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD Booster Club 3-45 CSU 3-4 CURD, HENRY Booster Club 45 CSU 4 CURRY, KAY Belles 2-3-4, Flag Corps 45 Booster CI 2-35 Class Secretary 35 Student Council I-2 CYR, PENNY Booster Club 3-45 Bowling Club I-3-4 terettes 3-4 DALTON, JOHN Booster Club 3-45 "B" Football 3 DARILEK, CHARLES Booster Club 4 I DARNELL, DENNIS Booster Club 2-3-45 Boys' Chorus 45 CS DAUGHETY, MIKE Band I-2-3-45 Booster Club I-2-3-45 NHS 4 DAVIS, FRANK Booster Club 3-45 CSU 3-4 DAVIS, PHIL Booster Club 45 Bowling Club 45 CSU 4 DAVIS, ROY Booster Club 45 CSU 45 "B" Football 3 DAUM, SANDRA Booster Club 45 FHA 45 Los Valientes 4 DAY, BETTY Booster Club 2-3-4, csu 2-3-4, FHA 3-4 DAY, MARSHA Belles 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling Cl FHA 3-4, Vice-President 45 Los Valiente DE FOY, WALTER CSU 2-3-45 "B" Football 25 Key Club entes 3-45 Track 2-3-4 ub 'I-2-3-45 CSU FHA 1-3-45 Let- U 3-4 5 Los Valientes 2-3 ub 35 CSU 2-3-45 s 2 2-3-4 5 Los Vali- DELANY, BOBBY DENMARK, KATHLEEN DE ROUEN, BETTY Booster Club 2-37 FHA l-3, Vice-President 37 Belles 2-3-4 DICKSON, FINLEY Booster Club 2-37 Boys' Chorus 47 CSU 2-3-47 Library Club 3-4 DILLASHAW, HARRY Key Club 2-37 Student Council 27 Swimming 2-3-4 DILLISTONE, PAT Belles 2-3-47 Booster Club T-27 CSU l-2-31 Library Club 27'NHS 4 DIXON, ANN Anchor Club 3-4, Rep. 47 Belles 2-3-4, Belle Corps 47 Carillon 3-4, Activities Editor 47 Booster Club 2-3-47 DAR Citizenship Award 47 Kneverlys 3-47 NHS 3-47 National Merit Semi-finalist 47 Most Demure 47 BVA Mascot 4 DODGE, CARL Booster Club 3-4 DONALDSON, MARY LINDA Belles 2-3-4, csu 2-34, FHA 2, NHS 4 Co-ed dorms at the University? Of course! And the one that got away was . . . DORSETT, TOMMIE LOU CSU4 DOUGLAS, HARRY Booster Club 'l-2-3-47 BVA 45 CSU 1-2-3-45 "B" Football 2: "A" Football 3-45 Los Valientes 37 Track 2 DRAKE, RICHARD Booster Club 47 FFA 3-4 DRANE, RUSSELL Booster Club 1-2-34, csu 2-3 DRISCOLL, CHARLES Booster Club 'I-2-3-47 Boys' Chorus 'I-27 FFA 'l-25 Mixed Chorus 3 DU BROW, DAVELEY Booster Club 37 Entre: Nous 3-4, Secretary 45 FHA 35 Los Valientes 2-37 Southerner 3-4 DU FRESN E, SUZANNE DUNLAP, JEANNE Booster Club 2-37 Bowling Club 31 CSU 2-35 FHA 2-3-4 DUNN, ALFRED Booster Club 2-3-47 csu 34, Hi-Y 4 DUNN, LINDA Booster Club 2-3-41 CSU 41 Entres Nous 41 Letterettes 41 Los Valientes 2-3 DUSHKIN, SUE ANNE Booster club 2-3-4, FHA 34 DYESS, GLYNN Booster Club 3-41 "A" Baseball 3-41 BVA 3-4, Sergeant- at-Arms 41 CSU 3-41 "B" Football 21 "A" Football 3-41 FFA 3-4 EDWARDS, DON Booster Club 2-3-41 Bowling Club 3-41 Auf Deutsch, Bitte 41 CSU 3-41 Library Club Aj National Merit Semi- FinaIist4 EDWARDS, JANNE Bellerama 2-3-41 Booster Club 2-3-41 CSU 2-3-4 EDWARDS, PAUL Booster Club 2-3-41 Library Club 2-31 Los Valientes 2-3-4 EHNI, GEORGE Booster Club 2-3-41 Library Club 2-3-41 Los Valientes 41 Science Club 2 ELMENDORF, PAT ELLIS, KAREN Belles 2-32 Booster Club I-2-3-41 CSU 2-3-41 Entre Nous 3-41 FHA 41 Los Valientes I-2-4 ELLIS, KATHI Booster Club 2-3-41 Bowling Club 2-3-41 CSU 2-3-41 FHA 3-4 EMBREY, JEANIE Booster Club 1-2-341 csu 1-2-3-4, FHA 4 EMMERT, MAX BVA 3-41 "B" Football 21 "A" Football 31 Key Club 2-31 Los Valientes 2-3-41 Most Handsome 21 Science Club 21 Track 3-4 EMMOTT, CLAIRE Aquadettes I-2-3, Treasurer i, Vice-President 2-31 Belle- rama I-2-31 Belles 2-3-4, Flag Corps 41 Booster Club 1-2- 3-4, Cabinet 4j CSU 1-2-3-41 Class Vice-President 'l1 Entre Nous 3-41 FHA 31 May Fete 2-31 Los Valientes I-2-3-41 NDA 41 Student Council I ENGLESMITH, TEJAS Bellerama 3-41 Booster Club 3-41 NFL 3-41 Student Coun- cil 3 ESLINGER, BOB NFL 3-41 Student Council 3 ESPOSITO, ANITA Booster Club 2-3, csu 2-34, FHA 2-4, Library Club 2-34 ESTES, WYLENE Booster Club 2-3, csu 3, FHA 4 EICHNER, LINDA Anchor Club 2-3-4, Belles 2-3-4, Booster Club 2-3-4, Cabinet 4, Cheerleader 4, CSU 2-3-4, Letterettes 2-3-4, President 2-3, Los Valientes 2, May Fete 2, NHS 3-4, Spanish NHS 3-4, Parliamentarian 4, Student Council 3, Tennis 2-3-4 EVANS, GRIFF Band 1-2-3-4, Drum Maior 4, ROTC Drill Team 2-3, Science Club l-2 FALLIS, DEBORAH FAULKN ER, NINA American Legion Club 2-3-4, Secretary 3, Anchor Club 3-4, CSU 2-3-4, Class Secretary 2, Class Vice-President 3, Los Valientes 3, Secretary 3, May Fete 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Secretary 2, NFL 2-3-4, NHS 3-4, Vice-President 4, Spanish NHS 4 FAUST, SANDRA FELD, CAROL Booster Club 2-3-4, Bowling Club 2-3, FHA 3-4, Los Valientes4 FELTON, DONNA SUE Booster Club 2-3-4, CSU 2-3-4, FHA 3, Girls' Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus 4 FENDLEY, BECKY csu 3-4 FERAY, JOHN Booster Club 1-34, csu 1-24, FFA 34 FINCH, DAVID Booster Club 4, Diving 4 FISHER, ANNE Belles 2, Booster Club 3-4, Bowling Club 3-4, CSU 2-3-4, Los Valientes 2, FHA 3-4 FITCH, ANN Bellerama 2-3, Belles 2-3-4, Twirler 2-3-4, Corporal 4, Booster Club 2-3-4, CSU 2-3-4, FHA 4, Los Valientes 2-3-4, Most Typical 4, Most Hilarious 4, NDA 4, Student Council 2 FOGLE, CHARLOTTE Come on, Coach, PLEASE lef go of the SWEATER! FORTEN BERRY, CLYDE BVA 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 "B" Football 25 "A" Football 3-47 Los Valienfes 2-3-4, NDA 4 FRANCIS, TOM FRAN K, JANE Belles 2, Booster Club 2-37 CSU 2-3, Entre Nous 4, FHA 3-4, Letterettes 3-4: Los Valientes 2 FRANK, JOHN FRANK, SUSAN Bellerama 27 Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling Club 4, CSU 2-3-47 FHA 2-3-4, Los Valientes 4 FREEMAN, BILL Band 2-3-4, CSU 3, Romani Hodierni 2-3-4 FRIEDMAN, GERRY Booster Club 4, CSU 4, FHA 4, Los Valientex 4 FRIEDMAN, MEL FRIOU, JIM FROSCH, DIANA Booster Club 2-3-47 Girls' Chorus 27 Mixed Chorus 3-42 NHS 3-4 FROST, BARBARA Bellerama 37 Booster Club 2-37 Bowling 2-37 Entre Nous 3-47 FHA 2-3-47 Los Valientes 4 FRUCHT, BRENDA Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling Club 3-47 FHA 3-41 los Valientes 47 Southerner 3-4 GAIRING, ROBERT GARMON, JUDY Booster Club 2-47 Bowling Club 47 FHA 47 CSU 27 Letter- eftes 4 GARST, JIMMY Booster Club 47 Entre Nous 3 GILLIES, BOBBY Booster Club 47 CSU 4 GLANZER, JANIS Booster Club 2-3-47 Belles 3-4, Corporal 47 CSU 2-3-47 Girls Chorus 27 Mixed Chorus 3-4, Secretary 4 GLICK, DONNA Booster Club 23-47 Bowling Club 37 FHA 23-47 Los Valientes 47 Southemer 3-4 GLUCKMAN, JOE Library Club 4 GLOTZMAN, RONALD GOODE, GLORIA Girls' Chorus I-2-3-4 GRAY, CAROLYN Booster Club 23-47 CSU 2-3-47 FHA 47 Student Council 2 GRAVEU., BOB Booster Club 47 Key Club 2-37 Trad: 23-4 GRAVES, TOM Booster Club 3-4 GRAZIER, MARY Booster Club 45 FHA 2-3 GREEN E, MAURY Booster Club 3-4 GRESHAM, EDDIE GREVSKY, BARBARA Booster Club 2-3-45 Library Club 45 Los Valientes 2-3-45 Medical Careers Club 45 Spanish NHS 3-4 GRIFFITH, DAVID Booster Club 3-4 GRISAFFI, B. J. Booster Club 4 GRISWOLD, LINDA Booster Club 3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-4 GROENENNEGEN, JIM Booster Club 3-4 GUESS, CAROLYN Booster Club 3-45 CSU 3-45 Lefterettes 3-4 ,J xl N4 And you wonder why we lost the Milby game L 'U You can't fell ME that's 7-Up GUEST, SANDRA LEE Girls' Chorus 3-4 GURWELL, slave Cleancutter 1-45 Exchange Student from Brazoria County 2-3-45 Honorary Carillon Member 4 HACKETT, AMY Auf Duetsch, Bitte 2-3-45 NFL 2-3-45 NHS 45 National Merit Semi-finalist 45 Southerner 3-4 HALL, JIMMY Key Club 2-3-4 HAMILTON, BRUCE American Legion Club 2-3-4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, President 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 Key Club 3-4, Senior Director 45 NHS 3-4 HAMILTON, JAMES Band 2-3-4, Secretary 45 Booster Club 45 Key Club 45 NHS4 HAN ER, LANCEY Belles 45 Booster Club 1-2-35 CSU 2-3-45 FHA i-45 Mod- ern Dance 'I-2 HANOVICE, ELAINE Booster Club 34, FHA 3-45 Volleyball 3-4 HANSON, DICK Booster Club 2-3-4, Cabinet 45 CSU 2-3-45 Los Valientes 45 Romani Hodierni 3 HANSON, JUDY Booster Club I-2-3-47 Bowling Club 47 CSU I-2-3-47 FHA 2-47 FNA 'I-2 HANSSARD, RICHARD FFA 2-3-4 HARBICAN, JANET Band 2-3-47 Booster Club 2-47 DE 4, Secretary 47 South- erner 4 HARPER, LYN DA Anchor Club 2-3-47 Belles 2-3-4, Bell Corps 47 CSU 4, Secretary 47 Library Club 47 NHS 47'Romani Hodierni 47 Student Council 2 HARWELL, SUSIE Booster Club 3-47 CSU 47 FHA 3-4 HAUFRECT, ALAN Bellerama 47 Boys' Chorus 2-3-4, Secretary 37 Key Club 3-47 May Fete 37 NFL 2-3-4, Vice-President 37 National Thespians 2-3-47 Student Council 4 HAYTHORN, RIC Booster Club Aj Band I-2-3-4, President 47 Mixed Chorus 4 HECK, BARBARA HEFNER, JEANNIE Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling Club 27 CSU 2-3-47 Drama 2-3-47 FFA Sweetheart 37 FHA 2 HELAN DER, ROBERT FFA 2-3 HELLUMS, BOB Booster Club 2-3-47 Boys' Chorus 47 Los Valientes 3-47 Mixed Chorus 4 HENDON, DORIS Booster Club 2-3-47 Belles 2-3-4, Twirler 3, Lt of Twirlers 4 HEWITT, JANE Booster Club 3-47 CSU 3-4 HEWITT, JOSEPHINE Booster Club 3-47 CSU 3-4 HIETT, LINDA Anchor Club 2-3-47 Belles 2-3-4, Lt. Colonel 47 Booster Club I-2-3-47 FHA 'I7 NHS 3-47 Student Council I-3 ,dwx QW .717 if-.L flu if ...qu-.4-r 4 YET:-f 'RQ' HIGH, RAYFORD Booster Club 3-45 CSU 2-3-4, President 45 "B" Football 25 "A" Football 35 Los Valientes 45 May Fete 35 AEFP 4 HINRICHS, SUANNA Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling Club 35 CSU 3-45 Los Valientes 35 Southerner 4 HIPPARD, LEAH HITCHCOCK, JOHN Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-4 HITE, GEORGE Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Key Club 3-45 Los Val- ientes 4 HOCHSTEIN, RACHELLE Archery 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 FHA 3-45 Letterettes 45 Medical Careers 4 HODELL, BETTY Booster Club i-2-3-45 Bowling Club 45 CSU I-2-3-45 FHAI-4 HODGES, MIKE Booster Club 2-35 CSU 2-3 HOFFMAN, ADELE Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling 35 FHA 45 Los Valientes 4 HOFFMAN, ROCHELLE Booster Club 2-45 Bowling Club 35 FHA 3-45 Los Valientes 45 Modern Dance 2 HOHLE, JEANETTE Booster Club 3-4 HOLLEY, DICK Bellerama 3-45 Booster Club 2-3-45 Boys' Chorus 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 DE Club 45 NFL 3-4 HOLM, GAIL Belles 2-3-15 Booster Club 1-2-3-4, csu 1-2-34, FHA 1-3 HOOD, BOB Booster Club I-2-3-45 Bowling Club 45 Chemistry Club 45 Am Chem Soc Team 35 Chess Club 1-2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Hi-Y 4, Secretary 45 Romani Hodierni 2 HOUSTON, JANYA Anchor Club 2-3-4, Secretary 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 Auf Deutsch, Bitte 3-45 Girls' Chorus 2-3, Vice-President 35 NHS 3-4 Gee, I wish I'd learned to read music. HOWARD, BARBARA Belles 23-4, Corporal 3, Bell Corps 45 CSU l-2-3-45 FHA 45 Letterettes l-2-3-45 Los Valientes l-2-3-4 HOWELL, DONNA MAE Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU I-2-3-45 FHA 15 Girls' Chorus l-2-35 Library Club I-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 4 HUDGINS, RAMONA Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 South- erner 4 HUDGINS, SYLVIA Booster Club 'l-2-3-45 Bowling Club I5 Belles 2-35 CSU I-2-3-45 FHA 4, President 45 ROTC Sponsor 4 HUDSON, DUDLEY Booster Club I-2-3-45 DE Club I-2 HUDSON, RADAR "B" Basketball 35 "A" Basketball 45 Booster Club 3-45 Boys' Chorus 3-45 CSU 3-4 HUFFMAN, KAY Booster Club 3-45 csu 34, FHA 4 HUGHES, DAVlD Booster Club I-23-45 CSU I-2-3-45 Library Club l-2-3, President3 HUGHES, HALBERT Booster Club 2-3-45 Boys' Chorus 25 CSU 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-4 HUMBER, JOHNNY Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 47 Swimming Team 3-4 ISRAEL, ALLEN Library Club I7 Track I-2-3-4 KAHN, ALFRED JAMES, MEREDITH Anchor Club 47 Belles 2-3-4, Colonel 47 Booster Club I-2-3-47 CSU I-2-3-47 May Fete 37 Mixed Chorus I-2-47 Most Beautiful 37 NHS 3-47 Student Council I JEFFERY,BlLL Booster Club 3-4 JEWETT, HARRY Booster Club 2-3-47 Auto Mechanics Club 3-47 CSU 2- 3-47 Los Valientes 2 JOHNSON, JIMMY Booster Club I-2-3-47 CSU 'I-2-3-4: Class President I7 Most Handsome I7 Most Likely to Become an Aggie 47 Student Council I JOHNSTON, CARLIN Band I-2-3-4, Assistant Band Major 47 Booster Club 2-3-4 JOHNSTON, LINETTE Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling Club 2-37 CSU 2-3-47 FHA 2-3-47 Los Valientes 3 JONES, PATRICIA ' Anchor Club 3-47 Auf Deutsch, Bitte 3'4f Belles 2-3-4, President 4, Flag Corps 47 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-47 NHS 47 Spanish NHS 3-4, President 4 JON ES, STEPH EN Booster Club 3-47 FTA 17 May Fete 27 NFL I-2-3-4, Secretary 47 Student Council I-2-3, Parliamentarian I, President3 JON ES, SUE Booster Club I-2-3-47 CSU I-2-3-47 FHA I-2-3-47 Letter- ettes 1-2-3-47 "A" Swimming 'I-2-3-47 "B" Volleyball 4 JONES, SUSAN Band I-27 Belles 3-47 Bellerama I7 Booster Club I-2-3-47 NHS 47 Orchestra 2-3, Secretary 37 Romani Hodierni 27 Science Club 3 KANTROVICH, FLORENCE Booster Club 3-47 Medical Careers Club 4 KELLOGG, PETE Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 3-47 Track 4 KENNEDY, DIXIE Booster Club I-2-3-47 CSU l-2-3-47 FHA 4, Secretary 47 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4 KERBY, CAROL KERR, BOB FFA 4 KING, CAROL KING, KAY Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling Club 27 CSU 2-3-47 FHA 37 Southerner 3-4 KING, LINDA Belles 47 FHA 4 KING, STEVE Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 3-47 Key Club 3-47 Science Club 2 KINNEY, SUE Booster Club I-2-3-47 CSU I-2-3-4, Vice-President 3-42 Class Secretary I-47 FHA 37 Letterettes 3-47 May Fete 1-27 Mixed Chorus 1-27 Most Beautiful 17 Student Coun- cil I-2-37 Volleyball 3-4 KLEIN, HARVEY Booster Club 2-3-4: Bowling Club 27 Boys' Chorus 47 Los Valientes 47 NFL 4 "With honor now we hail thee . . . 1 All right, be a spoil sport, throw the ball on the shore! KNOX, HELEN KOEHLER, BETTY JOAN Belles 2-3-45 Booster Club 2-3-45 Los Valientes 3-45 Modern Dance 'I KOONTZ, ERNIE KOPECKY, PATRICIA Archery Club 45 Booster Club 1-2-3-45 CSU I5 FHA KOTTWITZ, BOB Booster Club 2-3-45 Boys' Chorus 45 FTA 45 Los Valie KOU RY, KAREN Booster Club 1-2-3-45 Girls' Chorus 2-3, Secreta May Fefe 25 Mixed Chorus 45 FHA 45 Most Pop KRULL, JUDY Bellerama 45 Booster Club 3-45 Bowling Club 35 KRULL, LINDA Booster Club 2-3-45 Los Valientes 2-35 NFL 2-3-4 KRAUSS, JEAN CSU 2-3-45 FH A45 1 -3-4 ntes 4 VY 3: ular 4 FTA 2 KU BRICHT, MARY RUTH Belles 2-3-4, Flag Corps 45 Booster Club I-2-3-45 CSU 'I-2-3-45 FTA 25 Library Club 45 Mixed Chorus 'I-2-3-4 KUHLEMAN, KAY Booster Club 2-45 CSU 2-45 Mixed Chorus 45 Manager Girls' Senior Football Team 4 KUHN, DALLAS BVA 3-4, President 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 3-45 "B" Football 25 "A" Football 3-4, Captain 4 KUNTZ, DOUGLAS Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 25 Drama 2-3-4 KUPER, MICKEY Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling Club 45 Journalism Club 'I LABOON, BRUCE Booster Club 2-35 Bowling Club 2-35 CSU 3-4 LANE, DAVID Bellerama 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 Key Club 3-45 Los Vali- entes 35 National Merit Semi-finalist 45 Romani Hodierni 3-4, Secretary 45 Science Club 35 Southerner 3-4, Editor 4, Quill and Scroll 4 LEATHERWOOD, ANN Belles 2-3-4, Flag Corps 4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Anchor Club 45 Booster Club 3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 NHS 4 LECLERE, FRANCES Booster Club I-2-3-45 Bowling Club 35 CSU I-2-3-45 Entre Nous 1-25 FHA 2-35 Letterettes 2-3-4 LEFF, LEONARD Booster Club 2-3-45 Library Club 45 Los Valientes 25 Southerner4 LEFKOWITZ, SID LEIMAN, HELEN Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling Club 25 Entre Nous 45 FHA 3-45 Los Valientes 2 LESKY, LINDA Bellerama 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling 25 Bowling Club 25 Los Valientes 2-35 NFL 4 LESLIE, CHARLES LESTER, ELLA Belles 2-3-45 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 FHA 35 Los Valientes 4 LEVIN, JACK Booster Club 45 Journalism Club I LEWIS, ADELE Belles 45 Booster Club 3-45 Bowling Club 45 CSU 2-3-45 FHA 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 4 LEWIS, ANNE Auf Deutsch, Bitte 2-3-4, Secretary 3-45 Bellerama 3-45 Booster Club 3-45 CSU 3-4 LIN DSEY, GEO RGETTA Archery Club 2-35 Booster Club 3-45 Bowling Club 3-45 CSU 2-35 FHA 2-3-45 Letterettes 45 Library Club 25 Medical Careers Club 45 Modern Dance 3-4 LINDLEY, JIMMY American Legion Club 2-3-45 Key Club 2-3-4, President 3, Lt. Governor 4 LINDLEY, PATSY LINDHOUT, BARBARA Booster Club 45 CSU 45 FHA 'I-2, Secretary 25 Letterettes 2-3-45 Swimming 2-3-4 LOBB, JIMMY Booster Club I-2-3-4 LOEB, MIKE Band 2-3-45 Booster Club 3-45 Library Club 3-4 LOGNION, HUBERT Booster Club 1-2-3-4, Rorc 1-2-3 LONG, MARY ELLEN Booster Club 3-45 Bowling Club 25 CSU 2-3-45 Girls' Chorus 4 LU KERT, JOHN Booster Club 45 DE 4 LURIE, ANITRA Booster Club 3-45 FTA 3-45 Girls' Chorus 45 NFL 3-45 ROTC Sponsor4 MACKIE, GAIL Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 FHA 45 Girls' Chorus 2-35 Letterettes 4 MACOW, BARBARA Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling Club 45 Entre Nous 3-45 FHA 45 Los Valientes 4 Kenn, I have a petition here signed by 2,000 Bellaire students: get out of town! MALTZ, BARRY Booster Club 3-41 Bowling Club 2-3 MARTIN, FRANCES Booster Club 2-3-42 CSU 41 FHA 3i Mixed Chorus 4 MARTIN, KATHY Bellerama 2-31 Band 2-31 Booster Club 2-3-41 CSU 2-3-41 FHA 41 Library Club 3 MARTIN, MARILYN Belles 2-31 Booster Club 2-3-41 CSU 2-3-41 Los Valientes 41 Southerner 3-4, Editor Aj Student Council 2 MAY, NORMA Belles 2-3-4, Corporal 41 Booster Club 2-3-41 CSU 2-3-41 FHA 4, Secretary 41 NHS 41 Student Council 3-4 MEREDITH, DONNIE Booster Club 3-41 "A" Football 2-31 CSU 2-3-41 Most Typical 4 MEVIS, JUDY ANN DE 41 FHA l-2-3-4, Vice-President 21 Modern Dance 4 MILAM, HENRY Booster Club 2-3-41 Library Club 21 Southerner Photog. 3-4 MILLER, BUDDY Booster Club 41 CSU 3 l T 72"- MlLLER, CHARLENE Booster Club 3-45 CSU 1-2-35 FHA 45 Girls' Chorus 1-2-35 Los Valientes 45 Medical Careers 45 Y-Teens 3 MILLER, DOUG Booster Club 45 CSU 4 MILLET, KAY Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Library Club 25 Medical Careers Club 45 Romani Hodierni 2 MILLS, KATHIE Band 1-2-3-45 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 1-2-3-45 FHA 1-3-45 Y Teens 3, Secretary 3 MITCHELL, JUNE Bellerama 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-35 FHA 3-45 FTA 25 Los Valientes 2-3 MOLIK, TERRY Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 45 ROTC 2-3-4, Company Com- mander 4 MONTGOMERY, COLETTE Booster Club 2-34, csu 2-a-4, DE 3-4 MONTGOMERY, GARY Booster Club 3-45 CSU 3-45 NDA 4 MONTGOMERY, NANCY Booster Club 1-2-3-45 CSU 3-45 Girls' Chorus 1-2-35 Mixed Chorus 4 MOONEN, CHARLENE Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling Club 45 CSU 2-3-45 FHA 2-3 MOORE, DON Band 45 Booster Club 45 Bowling Club 35 Orchestra 1-2-35 ROTC 2-3, Drill Team 2-3 MOORE, JAMES Booster Club 2 MORENO, LINDA Bellerama 3-45 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Aqua- dettes 35 FHA 2-3 MORGAN, JOHN Ham Radio Club 15 Booster Club 1-2-3-4 MORGAN, WELDON "B" Basketball 35 "A" Basketball 45 Booster Club 1- 2-3-45 CSU 3-4 MORRIS, GARY MOTLEY, JERRY Auto Mechanics 2-3-4 MURDERS, DORA sooner Club 3-4, csu 3-4, FHA 2-3 MURRAY, BOB Booster Club 2-3-4, CSU 4, Key Club 3-4 MYERS, LORRAINE CSU 2-3-4, DE 4, Drama 2, Los Valientes 2-3, Y Teens 2-3, Vice-President G MCARTHUR, FOSTER Booster Club 3-45 CSU 4 MCCABE, CAROLYN Belles 2-3-4, Booster Club 2-3-45 Los Valientes 4, NHS 3-4 MCCANN, DENNIS Booster Club 2-3 MCCASKILL, BETTY Booster Club 47 CSU 3-4, FHA 3-4 Awright, now that you've knocked him out-get his wallet. SL? J 1, fm-ili 3 32 ll? , 5 M 5 +15 fi ,igfl Scar, I warned you that if we didn't win district this year . . . MCCAULEY, DEE ANN Cheerleader 45 Belles 2-3-45 Booster Club 1-2-3-45 Bowling Club 15 CSU 2-3-45 Los Valientes 3-45 May Fefe 3 MCCON N ELL, WARDIE Booster Club 45 CSU 45 FHA 45 Los Valientes 45 Mod- ern Dance 4 MCCOY, BILL Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-45 Los Valienles 4 MCCUTCHEON, TOMMY FFA 3-4 MCDANIEL, MELVYN Booster Club 'I-2-3-45 Bowling Club I-2-45 CSU 1-2-3-45 ROTC Drill Team l-2 McDAN IEL, MILDRED Belles 2-3-4, Corporal 45 Booster Club 45 CSU 45 NHS 3-45 Science Club 2-35 Student Council 2 MCENTEE, MARGUERITE Belles 2-3-4, Corporal 45 Booster Club 1-2-35 CSU 2-3-45 Los Valientes 2-35 NHS 45 Spanish NHS 3-4 MCFARLAN D, NORMAN MCKAIG, HARRY Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-4 MCKINNIE, CAROL Belles 2-3-4, Bell Corps 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 25 Mixed Chorus 4 MCLEOD, MILTON Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Key Club 45 NHS 45 Student Council 3-45 Swimming 3-4 MCMURREY, MARY CHARLENE Booster Club 2-3-45 FHA 4 McPHAlL, JANE Belles 3-45 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Entre Nous 35 Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Student Council 2-3, Chaplain 3 NATHAN, MARVIN Booster Club 3-45 Los Valientes 3 NATHO, MARGARET Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 FHA 3-45 Letterettes 3-4, President 45 Library Club 25 Tennis 45 Volleyball Man- ager 3 NEAL, BILL Cheerleader 45 Booster Club 1-2-3-4, Cabinet 2, Lt. Booster 3, Chief Booster 45 Carillon 3-4, Class Editor 45 Folger's Coffee-Drinking Award 45 "A"-Basketball Manager 3-45 IGNU 45 Key Club 3-45 May Fete 2-35 Most School- Spirited 45 NHS 3-45 National Merit Semi-Finalist 45 Stu- dent Council T-2-3, Vice-President 3 NEEL, EDDIE Booster Club 4 NEWBERRY, CAROL Belles 3-45 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 FHA 3-4 N EWLAN D, STEWART Booster Club 3-45 Auf Duetsch, Bitte 2-3-45 Hi-Y 45 Medical Careers Club 45 Science Club 2 NOLAND, RICHARD Booster Club 3-45 Bowling Club 45 Hi-Y 4 NORTON, GARY Booster Club 1-2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Library Club 35 Los Valientes 35 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 ROTC Drill Team 'I-2-3 OAKES, BOB Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-35 Key Club 2-3-4, Director 3 OELFKE, BILL Creative Writing 25 ROTC Rifle Team 2-3-4, Battle Com- mander 45 Student Council 2-45 AEFP 4 OERTEL, NANCY Booster Club l-2-3-45 CSU T-2-3-45 Los Valientes 45 Southerner4 O'HEERON, JOHN Booster Club 2-3-41 BVA 47 CSU 27 "A" Football 2-47 Student Council 27 Track 2-3-4 OLIVER, ELIZABETH Belles 2-3-4, Corporal 47 Booster Club 47 CSU 47 Class Treasurer 47 NHS 4 OSHMAN, JUDY Booster Club 47 Bowling Club 3j FHA 3-47 Southerner 3 OWENS, EDDIE PALMER, CAROL Belles 2-3-47 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-47 Library Club 2-37 Los Valientes 3-47 Medical Careers Club 47 Mixed Chorus 4 PALMER, NANCY Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 37 FHA 2-3-47 Los Valientes 27 Volleyball 2j Y-Teens I, President I PARISH, CAROL Booster Club I-2-3-47 Belles 2-37 CSU I-2-3-47 FHA I-2-37 ROTC Sponsor 47 Spanish NHS 4 PARKER, CHARLES Booster Club 2-3-42 CSU 4 PARMLEY, JEAN Anchor Club 3-4, Treasurer 47 Belles 2-3-4, Captain 47 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-47 Library Club 2-3, Presi- dent 2j Mixed Chorus 47 NHS 3-4 PATRICK, S. W. "B" Baseball 37 Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling Club 27 CSU 2-3-47 "B" Football 27 "A" Football 3-47 Los Val- ientes 2-3 PEABODY, NAN Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-47 Girls' Chorus 37 Los Valientes 2-3-47 Mixed Chorus 4 PEARCE, BARBARA Booster Club 3-47 CSU 3-47 Entre Nous 47 FHA 3: LOS Valientes 2 PEARCE, BILL Booster Club 2-3-47 Key Club 3-47 Romani Hodierni 2-3-4, Vice-President 4 PEEBLES, TED PENNICK, TOMMY "A" Baseball 3-47 "A" Basketball 2-3-47 "A" Football 3-47 BVA 2-3-47 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 3-47 Mixed Chorus 3-47 Mr. Lyle's Pet 4 Ready for a test run on the new Bellaire drag strip. PETERS, KAY Belles 3-4, Corporal 4i Booster Club 3-47 CSU 2-3-47 FHA 47 Library Club 3-4, Secretary 4 PETRICK, TOM Booster Club 3-47 "B" Football 37 Library Club 3 PFLUGHAUPT, ELLIOTT PICKELL, MILBY Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-37 Science Club 27 Class Sec- retary 4 PICKENS, DONNA Band 2-3-47 Booster Club 3-47 FHA 2-3 PICKETT, SHARON Archery 3-47 Belles 27 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-37 Letterettes 2-3-4, Treasurer 47 Swimming Club 2-3 PICKLER, PATRICIA Belles 3-47 Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling Club 27 Entre Nous 3-47 Modern Dance 27 Romani Hodierni 27 Science Club 2-3 PICKLES, BILL Booster Club 3-47 CSU 3-47 Carillon 3-47 Asst. Editor 47 Auf Deutsch, Bitte 47 ROTC 2-37 Money Changer 4 PIERCE, JAYNE Booster Club 3-47 CSU 47 FHA 3-47 Library Club 47 Science Club 3 PIERCE, PAT Booster Club 4 PINGENOT, JEANNINE Belles 3-47 Booster Club 3-47 CSU 2-3-47 Spanish NHS 3-4 PITCHER, BILL Booster Club 3-4, csu 2-3-4, "AH Football 2-3 POPKIN, PAM Anchor Club 3-4, Director 47 Belles 2-37 Carillon 3-4, Editor-in-Chief 4j NHS 3-4, Treasurer 47 Spanish NHS 4i Student Council 3-47 Chief High Exalted Wielder of the Whip 47 Most Carefree 4 PORTER, BILL "B" Basketball 37 "B" Football Qi "A" Football 3-47 "A" Track 37 BVA 47 Booster Club 3-47 CSU I-2-3-4 POTTS, DONNA Booster Club 3-47 Bowling Club 37 CSU 3-4 PRESCOTT, LANSING Booster Club 3-47 Chess Club 3-4, President 47 Library Club 37 NHS 3-4 PROLER, NINA Bellerama 37 Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling Club 27 FHA 47 Los Valientes 3-4 PROST, JAN EN E PRUETT, DANNY Booster Club 4 PUCKETTE, NANCY Aquadettes 2-3-4, President 37 Belles 2-3-47 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-47 Los Valientes 3-4, Vice-President 47 NHS4 PUFFER, BILL Booster Club 4 PUTN EY, RAYBURN "B" Football 27 "A" Football 3-47 BVA 3-4, Vice-President 47 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-47 FFA 4 PYE, WALTER "B" Basketball 2-37 "A" Basketball 47 Booster Club 2- 3-47 Southerner Sports Editor 4 PYLE, MARGARET Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 3-47 Ramoni Hodierni 2 QUICK, ELIZABETH QUILLIN, PATSY Belles 3-45 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 FHA 3-4, Treasurer 45 FTA 2-35 Student Council 2-3-4 QUINLAN, JOAN Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Girls' Chorus 2-35 Let- terettes 2-3-45 Volleyball 2-3-4 RADKE, SHARON Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling 2-3-4, Treasurer 45 CSU 45 Letterettes 2-3-4 RAMSEY, JANE Anchor Club 3-45 Belles 2-3-4, Corporal 3, Bell Corps 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 Auf Deutsch, Bitte 3-4, Vice- President 45 CSU 2-3-45 Class President 45 FHA 4, Sec- retary 45 May Fete 3-45 NHS 3-4, Treasurer 45 Student Council 2-3-4 RATLIFF, ANN Anchor Club 45 Belles 3-45 Bellerama 3-45 American Legion Club 3-4, Secretary 3-45 Booster Club 3-45 Carillon Features Editor 45 Entre Nous 3-4 REDD, SUZANNE Bellerama 2-3-45 Booster Club 2-35 FHA 'I-2-3-45 NHS 4 REEVES, BETTY Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling Club 3-45 FHA 3-45 Los Valientes 45 Science Club 2 REEVES, CAROLE Booster Club I-2-3-45 Bowling Club 3-45 "B" Bowling 3-45 FHA 45 CSU 'l-2-3-45 Science Club 35 Southerner 4 The Forward Look Cyclops changes diet from Ulysses to pizza. REEVES, FAYTH REEVES, TERRY Booster Club 'l-2-3-47 Chess Club 2-3-47 "B" Football 3 REMBERT, KENNETH Booster Club 47 CSU 47 Golf 4 RENZ, LILY ANN Auf Deutsch, Bitte 2-3-47 Booster Club 2-47 CSU 2-37 FHA 47 Modern Dance 3-47 Science Club 2-3 REYNOLDS, PEGGY RICHIE, RONNIE Booster Club 2-3-47 Library Club 2-3-4 RITCHSON, SHARON Belles 2-3-4, Corporal 47 Booster Club 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-47 FHA 47 FTA 2-3-4, Secretary 47 Romani' Hodierni 2-3-4 RITTENHOUSE, BETSY Belles 3-4, Corporal 37 Booster Club 2-3-47 NHS 3-47 Science Club 37 Swimming 2 ROACH, SUSAN Booster Club 47 Belles 47 CSU 47 Entre Nous 47 FHA 47 Los Valientes 4 ROBBINS, MARY Belles 3-4, Corporal 4, Booster Club 2-3-4, CSU 2-3-4, Girls' Chorus 4, Los Valientes 3-4, Romani Hodierni 2 ROBERTS, BARBARA Booster Club 1-2-3-4, csu 1-2, FHA 1-a-4 ROBERTS, JIM Booster Club 2-3-4, Bowling Club 3, CSU 2-3-4, Los Valientes2 ROBERTS, JOAN Booster Club I-2-3-4, CSU I-2-3-4, Girls' Chorus 'I-2-3-4 ROBINSON, LYNE Booster Club 2-3-4, CSU 2-3-4 ROBINSON, SALLY Belles 2-3-4, Corporal 4, CSU 2-3, Booster Club 2-3-4, Rep. 4, FHA 2, Los Valientes 3 ROGERS, CAROL Bellerama 2, Booster Club '2-4, CSU 3-4, FHA 3-4 ROGERS, JESS Booster Club 2-3-4, CSU 3-4, Los Valientes 3, Science Club 3 ROMICK, PATRICIA Archery Club 4, Booster Club 3-4, FHA 4, Letferettes 4, Medical Careers Club 4 ROSENBLUM, HENRY Booster Club 2-3-4, Boys' Chorus 4, Los Valientes 2 ROSENTHALL, LORRAINE Booster Club 2-3-4, FHA 3-4 ROSENZWEIG, BARBARA Bellerama 4, Booster Club 3-4, FHA 3-4, NFL 4 ROSS, ALENE Booster Club 34, FHA 3-4, NFL 34 ROSTROM, NORANN Booster Club 2-3-4, CSU 3-4, Library Club 2, Modern Dance 3 ROWE, JOHNNY ak, K-- YYY' RUNNELS, JIM Band 2-3-45 Booster Club 4 RYAN, CONNIE Booster Club 3-45 Bowling Club 35 CSU 2-3-45 Letter- ettes 3-45 Library Club 3 SAMUELS, VIC Bellerama 2-3-45 Booster Club 2-3-45 BVA 3-45 "A" Base- ball 3-45 "A" Football 2-3-4, Captain 45 Key Club 45 NHS 45 Romani Hodierni 25 Science Club 2 SANTULLO, LINDA Booster Club 2-3-45 Volleyball 3 SCARBOROUGH, GORDON "A" Baseball 2-3-45 "B" Basketball 25 "B" Football 25 "A" Football 3-4, Captain 45 BVA 3-4, Sergeant-at-Arms 45 Booster Club 45 CSU 2-3-4 SCHAFFER, HARRIET Bellerama 35 Booster Club 2-3-45 Entre Nous 3-4, President 45 Los Valientes 2-45 NHS 3-45 Spanish NHS 4 SCHARCK, TERRY SCHELNIK, JACK Booster Club 45 FFA 4 SCHEMPF, JAY Booster Club 3-4 SCHOEPPLE, JIM Booster Club 3-45 Bowling Club 3 SEALE, J. D. Booster Club I-2-3-45 FFA 2-3-4, President 4 SEARS, CHUCK "B" Basketball 2-35 "B" Baseball 35 Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling Club 35 CSU 2-3 SEGERS, BARBARA Belles 2-35 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 3-45 FHA 2-3-4 SEIDEL, ANDY Booster Club 3-45 Carillon 3-4, Sports Editor 45 Class President 3-45 Key Club 3-45 May Fete 25 Most Hand- some 3-45 Student Council 25 Sugar Daddy 4. SELLERS, SANDY Belles 2-3-45 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Spanish NHS3 Younger members of student body perform a demure little number for the football banquet. SELSKY, RICHARD SETTLE, JUDY Booster Club 2-3-41 CSU 21 FHA 3-41 Girls' Chorus I-4 SEWARD, CAROL SHANE, MELBA CSU 'I1 FHA 11 Girls' Chorus I SHANKS, GEORGE Booster Club 3-4 SHIRA, LINDA Belles 2-3-4, Bell Corps 4i FTA I-2-3-4, Vice-President 1-4, Rap. 31 NHS 4i Romani Hodierni 2-3-4 SHIRLEY, CLAIRE Belles 2-3-4, Twirler 41 Booster Club 'I-2-3-41 CSU 'I-2-3-41 Bellerama I1 Bowling Club 11 Los Valientes 41 South- erner 3-4, Asst. Editor 4 SHLENKER, GAY Booster Club 2-3-41 Bowling Club 31 Los Valientes 3-4 SHULTZ, MYRA Bellerama 3i Booster Club 2-3-41 FTA 41 NHS 3-41 Sci- ence Club 4 SIMMER, SANDRA Belles 3-47 Booster Club 2-37 CSU 2-37 Los Valientes 4 SIMPSON, DICK Booster Club 2'3'4f NFL 37 NHS 47 Science Club 2 SIPE, BARBARA Belles 2-37 Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling 37 CSU 2-3-47 FHA 2-3-47 FNA 2-3-47 FTA 2'3'4f Los Valientes 2 SKELLEY, TEDDY Booster Club 2-3-47 FFA 4 SMALL, EDMUND Booster Club 4 SMITH, ANITA Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling 3-4 SMITH, CAROLYN FHA 3-47 Modern Dance 3-47 Volleyball 3-4 SMITH, CARYL Belles 2-3-4, Flag Corps 47 Booster Club 'I-2-3-47 CSU 1'2'3'4i FHA l7 FTA 37 Girls' Chorus 4i Library Club 3, Treasurer 37 Modern Dance 1 SMITH, SANDRA Booster Club 4 SMITH, STEVE Booster Club Ai Bowling Club 4 SMITH, TIM Boys' Chorus 37 Carillon Photog. 47 CSU 2-3-47 "A" Hockey 3-47 NFL 3-42 Student Council 4, Sergeant-at-Anns 47 Longhorn Club 4 SOLIS, TONY Booster Club 47 Los Valientes 4 SPAH R, BRENDA Aquadettes 37 Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling 2-3-47 CSU 2'3'4i FHA 47 Letterettes 2-3-47 Los Valientes 4 SPALDING, PAT SPRONG, CYNTHIA Band 3-47 Booster Club 3-4 STAATS, DAVE Booster Club I-2-3-4, Rep. 45 Boys' Chorus 45 CSU I-2- 3-45 Hi-Y 45 Los Valientes 2-45 Science Club I-2-3 - STANCLIFF, TOMMY STANLEY, RUSSELL Booster Club 45 BVA 45 "A" Football 4 STETTNER, LINDA Booster Club 2-3-45 FHA 45 Los Valientes 35 Spanish NHS 3-4 STEWART, STEVE STONE, EDWARD Booster Club 2-3-45 Los Valientes 2-35 Science Club 2-3 STRICKLAND, VIRGINIA Booster Club 'I-2-3-45 CSU I-2-3-45 FBL 'I5 Los Valientes 2-3-4 SUMNER, ALAN Head Cheerleader 45 Booster Club 2-3-4, Cabinet 45 CSU I-2-3-45 Carillon 3-4, Class Editor 45 Cutter 45 May Fefe 35 Master of Sarcasm I-45 Most Popular 45 Student Council I-2 SUMN ERS, MARTE Archery 2-35 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Girls' Chorus 35 Letterettes 2-3-45 Los Valientes 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 45 NHS 45 ROTC Sponsor 4 I W - Y, YY f ,I ' ff? 1 M . Seniors follow with more dignified H 5, A A entertainment. ' we lf' up-W I' - l 1, f So it's ragweed? lt's the Icoughi thought that counts. SUTTON, ED SWEET, DALE Booster Club 3-4 TARSN EY, KATHY Booster Club l-2-3-4, Bowling Club 1-3-4, Letterettes 3-47 FHA lg FNA l TAYLOR, NANCY Booster Club 1-2-3-4, Bowling Club 35 CSU 2-3-45 Girls' Chorus l-45 FHA 3, Letterettes 3-4 TAYLOR, TERRY Bellerama lp Belles 3-4, Rep. 4, Flag Corps 45 Booster Club l-2-3-4, CSU l-2-3-4, Entre Nous 3-4, Los Vali- entes 4, Modern Dance 2 TEMPLIN, SlClP Booster Club l-2-3-47 CSU 3-4 THAEMAR, TED Band 3-4, Treasurer 4, Booster Club 3 THARP, ROBERT "A" Baseball 37 "B" Football 35 "A" Football 41 BVA 47 Booster Club 3-4, CSU 3-4 THOMPSON, HUNTER Booster Club l-2-35 Bowling Club 2, Chess Club 2-3-4 THOMPSON, MIMI Anchor Club 2-3-4, President 45 Belles 2-3-4, Bell Corps 45 Booster Club 2-3-45 NHS 3-45 Spanish NHS 35 Stu- dent Council 2-3 THRUSTON, EDDIE Track 2-3-45 BVA 3-4 TINDAL, JUDY Booster Club 3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Girls' Chorus 35 Los Valientes 3-45 May Fete 35 Mixed Chorus 4 TIRADO, CHARLIE Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-35 DE 4 TOMLINSON, JANETTE TRAUPE, CAROLYN Belles 2-35 Booster Club 2-3-45 CSU 2-3-45 Southerner 4 TREYBIG, JIMMY "B" Baseball 35 Booster Club 1-2-3-4, Cabinet 45 CSU 1-2-3-45 Los Valientes 45 May Fete 25 NHS 45 Student Council 2-3 TUMA, DALE Booster Club 1-2-3-45 Bowling Club 45 CSU 4. FBL I5 FHA 4 TUNNELL, DIAN Booster Club 45 CSU 45 Los Valientes 45 FHA 25 Mixed Chorus 3-4 TURK, LARRY Booster Club 2-3-45 Swimming I-2 TURNER, DONNA Band 3-45 CSU 3-45 Romani Hodierni 3 VAN AMBURGH, RONNIE Booster club 4, csu 4 VICK, SANDRA Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling Club 3-45 CSU 2-3-45 FTA l-2-3-45 Library Club 2-35 Los Valientes 3 VICKREY, DON Booster Club 2-3-45 Bowling 2-3-45 CSU 3-45 "B" Baseball 35 Los Valientes 4 VOSS, JOAN Booster Club 45 Bowling 25 CSU 45 Girls' Chorus 2-35 Mixed Chorus 4 WADE, RICHARD Booster Club 4 WADLER, ROBERTA Bellerama 3-47 Booster Club 3-47 Spanish NHS 3-4, Rep. 4 WAKEFIELD, DWITE WHITEFIELD, GAYLE Bellerama 3-47 Band 37 CSU 3 WALKER, BOBBY "B" Football 27 "A" Football 2-3-47 CSU 2-3-4 WALKER, LYNN FFA 4 WALKER, PATRICIA WALLACE, JEANETTE WALTON, NANCY 2-3-47 FTA 47 Los Valientes 3-47 BVA 3-47 Booster Club Archery Club 37 Booster Club 2-3-47 Bowling Club 2-37 CSU 2-3-47 FHA 3-47 Los Valientes 2-3-4 WARD, JOHN Booster Club 'I-2-3-47 CSU l-2-3-47 ROTC Drill Team 1-2-3 WARREN, DON "B" Baseball 37 "B" Basketball 37 "A" Basketball 47 Booster Club 2-3-47 Went to Dallas 4 WARREN, ERNEST WATKINS, BEVERLY Belles 3-47 CSU 3-47 Booster Club 3-47 FHA 3-47 Los Valientes 1-2 WATSON, TRACY Booster Club 1-2-3-47 Chess Club 1-2-3-4, Vice-President 4 WAYNE, BARBARA The more invitations you send, the more presents you get so . . . WEAVER, BARRY Booster Club I-2-3-4, CSU I-2-3, Los Valientes 'I-3 WEBBER, SUZIE Belles 2-3-4, Captain 4, Booster Club I-2-3-4, CSU 1-2- 3-4, May Fete I, Mixed Chorus 4, Student Council 2 WEEKS, MARY ELLEN Booster Club 3-4, Rep. 4, Bowling 3-4, FTA 4, Mixed Chorus 4 WEISON, ALLEN Booster Club 3-4, BvA 4, csu 3, FFA 2-3-4, vice-President 4, Ha" Football 3, "A" Foofbau 4 WELSH, LINDA WERLIN, ALICE Booster Club 2-3-4, Bowling Club 2, Entre Nous 3-4, Los Valientes 2, Modern Dance 2, Southerner 3-4, Editor 4 WHITAKER, BILL Booster Club 3-4, Golf 3-4, Los Valientes 4 WHITE, DON Booster Club 4, CSU 4, Library Club 3-4 WHITE DEAN Booster Club 2-3-4, Boys' Chorus 2-3-4, CSU 2-3-4, Li- brary Club 4, Science Club 4 .f 4 SX kk ff" fwvg r I f 1, Y 5... Mr. Bowden auctioned Andy off fo the highest bidder in the senior class. WHITE, FRANCINE WHITE, MARILYN WILKERSON, BILL csu 3-4, Rotc 2-3-4, sfaff 4 WILLIAMS, BILLYE SUE Booster Club 2-3-4, Bowling 47 Auf Deutsch, Bitte 3-47 CSU 2-3-4 WILLIAMS, CATHY Booster Club 2-3-4, FHA 3-4, Girls' Chorus 3-4 WILLIAMS, FRANCES FHA 4, Lettereftes 3-A WILLIAMS, JIMMY Booster Club 4, NHS 3-4, Spanish NHS 37 Science Club 2-3 WILLOUGHBY, JIMMY Booster Club 4, CSU 4, FFA 2-3-4, Vice-President 4 WILSON, BOB WOLFF, BOOKIE WOLFF, NELSON "A" Baseball 2-3-4, "B" Football 2, "A" Football 3-4, BVA 3-4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Booster Club 4, CSU 2-3-4, May Fete 2, AEFP 4 WOODRUFF, BETTY JEAN WRIGHT, KENNETH Booster Club 2-3-4, CSU 2-3-4 WYATT, BETTY Belles 2-3-4, Captain 4, Booster Club 1-2-3-4, CSU 1-2-3-4, FHA 4, Secretary 4 WYNN, CAROLYN Booster Club 4, Bowling Club 4, CSU 4, FHA 3-4, FTA 4 WYNNE FRANK Booster Club 2-3-4, Boys' Chorus 2-3-4, CSU 3-4, Los Valientes 3, Mixed Chorus 3-4 YELLEN, JERRY Booster Club 3-4 YOKOM, LYNDA Booster Club 2-3-4, CSU 2-3-4, FHA 4, Los Valientes 4, Swimming 3-4 Look, Jane, if I want to chew with my mouth open at the senior banquet, that's MY business . y fu 1 Wi Swan song. I98 YORK, JAMES Boosler Club 47 CSU 3-4 YOUNG, JUDY Belles 2-3-4, Aquadefles 2-3-45 Swimming, 3 ZAPP, STEVE Booster Club Af CSU 2-3-4 27 Boosier Club 2-3-47 CSU senior mos! beautiful -. v Wi"Hwef"" claire emmoit 5534 fffv, I .. , f ,, , P il , V' HL fy io alice blanion ,, I F AL if - If ,,f , I ww? if M, ,A . . V 5 Q , - . M A I N.., .sl W avi?" A 'J' M V 7 N 1 ,,,+,,-,J if f , J' A V M I 1 7 'U , I . W J 'wwf' wardie ihcconnell meredifh james marie sumners K senior most handsome andy seidel rayford high donnie meredifh foster mcarihur alan sumner senior superlatives iune graduates most popular ALAN SUMNER LINDA EICHNER most popular KAREN KOURY JIMMY WILLIAMS ELIZABETH OLIVER BILL JEFFERY ianuary graduates most representative most representative DORIS I-IENDON MARK BOWDEN qyk senior superlcltives most school spirited LINDA EICHNER BILL NEAL most typical ANN FITCH DONNIE MEREDITH best all-around LINDA EICHNER DONNIE MEREDITH most likely to succeed LYNDA HARPER KENNETH CARR w. I' 1. .fi .YL , ,-sk 321 qi ti mx K m ' -Lm- 3 XM. VX. ig ' E., f gn? ii? SK' J ' . fi YS, ' . - I VW 5. 'gh Y MV? WAR 7:21 Q. xi 1515.32 7 . 1 4' f f' f v f :kgs ,N N-1253 wed. z.. Q 1 A 3 ww : me 7 i' kv? ff,-19' Q has K - f' . V M 313 .K ' . . . H 1 :sguwQg,x 235552, .ff X y .L gg .vw .5 5' 1 Q F514 Swim , f f x 1151-f?f.' 'img-fig ff. - ggvsfg? M fig- fi , - 9 k if. aj,z.if1i'LfQ5e, f' v ' X' ,Y E -f?"g'Qif ." ,Xi ' Q im S Q ' V . Q , .L 'X 545- K. 4 Q, iiif'552f41F 5sffZ:Tff7"3f, y' 329g QW E A . ff +55 'i XR x.?Kfg??G-QP! Q is 335.95 X fs, Y, 1 W Q L 1. ,W-h Q- 'gif-E .f X Q ag L 1 'f- ' V- K PM Exwtfg -m'X?VY'?' Q 2 W U -, -A 5. -'YH I iq 'ESAWQ Q fm- if A if? 3 . fha f 1. .. -,,j1sgi'4'!?gX ' sn ,Q E 1h?F+,L5Q wax, 5-of Q3-ni g- My f ,,. , Q. i 3 K - .Q-s, i' .ffl . W X' "WA- ,.41-a. 35 52 , fw:g?fwf.4fW .m J , ll, ,fifix ' 2 1 - ' e 412.4 . if QQ U' vw 5 "' ,ff gg '. mg . .. .im .... Q .X S i As- W if ' V sf Mfigxg lv -, - Qgjj., . fl I . ' f 1+-x ' 1 ,.. V' .A ' my if :ifig2fLfi fQ+f 1 . 21 .Zgw-, ,'s4'-...a'ifi':3fu51 :"a,-Q4-fa "' fix! 254 . . . -ff"x1- . .1 ,fu gg, ' ll 7 .. I, -I-, f e, , , V-Y v 'Q x ,L '. KA 'sf V .zvyk 5 L, ik' K1 4.5 5, 53,Qe2fefgfA-,aka 4 Q-I f wry, , . , 4 A WM , ., . 0 I . . r I ff did' ,., z+f.u K+. is WY' .' A, ,I , ,ix wtf, A N'-x y ' xl' -- - :LQ pf. , Q X N N , ' Q ' e vii ,X M , ERN ' gr ff K, wx, ..I, - ,xr 5' , . Q x 4 1 4 it Q YN 1 Q 5 I, JF., ma, . , - , 51' 'XX Y 1 'fix' ',,...w1 X iw K f.. . 5-.Y f- ,. 1 xv. K , .. , V1 N ,, ., M. L 3. Q dw.. nz if 5 U' u5.c0'Q.L, :I-,Ib . Ni XE QE, QXQQE Ex EY gif -Q' Q? iililxi s I ,FJ 5 la "' I1 Sh X 1.-, he -Y ' , 1 J, 31 .i"5' 'T .W H ul ,L g,. 2- sim 'Q 'Jn ., 4 ,Q ,.' . J. Q, aft class PAT WIPER Secretary LEE TRAIL Treasurer 'T Adams, Vyron Agee, Deleese Agnor, Charles Aleo, Bettye Amerman, Jack Ames, Linda Anderson, Kathy Anderson, Vicki Andrews, Jimmy Andrus, Jackie Ankenman, Lyndal Arnett, Bob Arnett, Mike Arnold, Judy Arnold, Martin Aronoff, Gail Artz, Carol Baiamonte, Michael Bailey, Anne Bailey, Beckie Bailey, Randy Banks, Sue Ann Barker, Judy Barnes, Linda Barnefte, Sid Barton, Cynthia Barfon, Vidii Bateman, Diana Battle, Joel Bauman, Jerry Beasly, Dixie Behrrnan, Beverly Professor Werner von Bossin does il again. no' T? 2 G., . .RL J fi X31 N Berrnann, Mark Berry, Betty Birran, Alice Black, Steve Bleil, Charles Blend, Stanley Blythe, Joy Bobo, Barbara Bobo, Roy Bogart, Ernest Boll, Roy Bondesen, Kris Bower, Ronny Bonner, Pat Borel, Joan Borland, Jimmy Boudreaux, John Bouma, Judy Bowles, Pat Bradford, Brad Branscum, Sheila Braswell, Jerry Brasvvell, Judy Brazeal, Delores Breedlove, Beth Brener, Marvin Bridges, Carolyn Brier, Robert Briggs, Carol Brock, Donny Brown, Barbara Brown, Dale if 'YYY i1Q Q, Q-0 V? ., 'gr fi, lu: .Q Q i A gr Lzfk U :fa i ii ,,,, r sis? or A They keep felling Us hor wax doesn't really burn . . . They had to post guards for the rowdy Bellaire crowds during some auditorium programs. KPiease see page 2591 1, t.....Q ,,m.,.m Lew,,.'- -.J w--f'. 111a:t..1,, , - 1 time itffm-a ttwm Brown, Diane Brown, JoAnne Brown, Ralph Brown, Ronald Bruhl, Danny Bugg, Robert Burdette, Bill Bunnett, Ruth Burrage, Ronda Burwell, Lynn Bussa, Barbara Butterworth, Lois Campbell, Cochran Campbell, Lou Jean Cantrell, Chris Cantrell, Tommy Carl, Catherine Carney, Michael Carr, Paula Carrick, Gil Carroll, Nancy Carruthers, Jan Carter, Ann Carter, John Castleberry, Wayne Castor, Johnny Chaffin, Amy Champion, Bill Chancellor, Sharon Chavis, Ella Jane Chesbrough, Pete Chun, Margaret Churchill, Karen Clark, David Clark, Janet Clark, John Cleary, Ann Clouse, Kay Coatsworth, Ben Coalsvvorfh, Ralph Coble, Jerry Coillof, Connie Coker, Carolyn Coles, Bobby Collett, Bill Combes, Lynn Contorn, Don Cook, Becky Cook, David Cook, Donald Cook, Doris Cooke, Sherry Collins, Judy Collins, Linola Collins, Sylvia Copenhaver, Bobby Costlow, Gary Cowart, Tex Crain, John Cramer, Dick Crane, Taz Crawford, Rita Cross, Donna Culmer, Herman . . . and we wondered where all the boys were during the morning pep rallies. -yr Currie, Liz Curchall, Ronnie Dahlrnan, Terry Darnold, Roloerr Davidson, Melanie Davis, Beverly Davis, Mac Davis, Nancy Day, Marsha DeBoer, David Decherd, Caroline De Ford, Joy de la Houssaye, Arthur Dennis, Tom Denson, Barbara Deville, Jimmy Dial, Danny Dillard, Warren Dodge, Pat Dollahife, Mollysue Donaldson, Robert Dovvell, Bob Dreschel, Susie Duff, Downe Dunham, Don Dunks, Gene Durbin, Kay Duren, Larry Edge, Margaret Edgecornb, Clark Eclrnan, Michael Eclvvards, Denise The Kingston Trio was never like this! ?v.a.....rH sgweilrs agim -ff' Edwards, Sue Eifeman, Calisra Elliott, Toni Ellis, Dianne Ellis, Edward Ellsworth, Jackie Emmert, Susan Emrnotr, Sandra Emory, Mike Eng, Richard England, London Evans, Joany Everton, David Fader, Marilynn Faulkner, Mac Feinslein, Terry Ferguson, Norman Ferns, Mike Fisk, Julie Flake, Nancy Flerning, Nancy Fletcher, Richard Flint, Tornmy Fowler, Margo Francisco, Don Frankel, Lonnie Cosgrove, Kay Frazer, Nancy Freeman, Jirn Frosch, Rilcki Fulton, Cynthia Gaines, Barry 1?-4 g,,A.l fs., r. -Q we 3 You'll NEVER replace the Belles that way! Everybody who was ANYBODY went to the Lamar game. """'w.- Aww J use Galeener, Judye Gard, Malinda Garoutte, Chellie Garrett, Barbara Gerber, David Gibson, Bill Gilmore, Bill Glass, Eddie Goecke, John Golden, Walt Golub, Steve Gordon, Stephanie Grammer, Russell Gray, Judy Grazier, Jack Green, Gary Green, Steven Griffing, Elaine Grivas, Bill Grote, Bill Grubb, David Guest, Frances Haggard, Steve Halbert, Rita Hamilton, Mike Hancock, Bill Hanson, Linda Hanovich, Gary Hare, Charles Harman, Charles Harper, Richard Harris, Carl 'Dol gms-4' aim 5 Harris, PaT Harrison, David Harrison, Phil Hart, Howard Hart, Leah Harwell, Tony Hauerfield, John Hazell, Karen Hazen, Herbert Heath, Elaine Hedges, Jonanne Heibel, Richard Heizer, Olga Henderson, Bruce Henderson, Mary Henderson, Mike Henson, Ken Henson, Jane Henry, Betty Henry, Janice Lf l x J LVLL X J L! Nw .if XJ ,LW X 1 ll, pl , i VA Y Ml ry 'QV W x Jlllyl. llljlw 'X I i 'J x.i , 1 ix K V i l l NF l XIX ll i 1 1 . x X . QDWN X wxpylijdbw a lr f l l gl! i yb,iwii,l ,,, X . l , W, ll Mi jx QL, M ll Bad e be d e ii ,il Herolcl, Susan Herr, Hillman Hess, Bob Hill, Barbara Hill, Virginia Hill, Nelda Hinds, Jan Hippclwen, Fred Hoffman, Phil Hoffman, Vicki Hollis, Pai Holmes, Mike Hooper, Martha Howard, Patsy Howell, Judy Howell, George Howell, Rosemary Howze, Susan Hudson, Kent Hueftel, Milton Hull, John Hunnicuff, Cinda Hunt, Lacy Hurd, Jo Van Jackson, Judy James, Loy Jarrard, Bobby Johnson, Betty Jo Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson Gary Harry Janice Todd Jones, Bobbie Jean Jones, Dianne Jones, Jayne Jones, Marilyn Jones, Mike Jones, Tony Kaden, Hayden Kalman, Miriam Kaminsky, Robert Kaplan, Marion Kaufman, Stanley Karr, Carolyn M""T .-,J There was a noticeable shortage of chairs in the band 5 -xo.. Gul ,.-wa. irv in '47-'mfr , g , Keilin, Eugene Kelley, Judy Kelly, Mike Kendall, Jari Kennedy, Alta Ann Kenslow, Michael Kent, Loyce Kesler, Teddy Kidd, Albert Kieschnick, Jerry Kimbell, Carol Kimball, Kay King King, King King, Anna Jean Karolyn Mike Nona Kinzer, John Kitchel, Jean Klare, Mary Jane Kline, Dolores Konig, Sandra Koff, Gary Kowalski, Carolyn Kurose, Bob Lackey, Terri Landesman, Louise Lanford, Dorothy Langston, Marsha Larow, John Lavery, Carol Leaman, Loretta Lee, Charlene 'RL Q ll rl il 1 iv , 'P U .. , 'ff M. -an ,f4'l4w+ IU div' E' "Tw ER iifhfnaqn--ur-mea ,- -N IUCN 'ik-qv Bur we fold you over and OVER that ir was formal, 173, KJ Then you pour the wafer info The concentrated sulfuric acid and . . . Lee, Kathleen Lee, Vicky Leigh, Bill Levi, Lynn Levine, Dana Levy, Jerome Lewis, Jeffry Lewis, Mike Lewis, Sidney Lieber, Lester Lillie, Ellen Lindsey, Pam Lipscomb, Greg Lodge, Carole Long, Linda Looney, Ken Looper, Bill Lorton, Linda Lowey-Ball, Alfred Lowey-Ball, Albert Loyd, Delia Mackey, Bob Maier, Linda Jo Main, Richard Manley, Larry Marcus, Sharon Marshall, Valerie Mason, Nancy Martin, Helen Matthews, Judy Maxwell, Mike Medlin, Marie Belle if wg Melcher, Paulette Merriman, Rachel Miles, Judy Miller, Alice Miller, Linda Miller, Linnea Miller, Sandy Milligan, Patrick Milstead, George Mitchell, Carl Mitchell, Steve Moates, Ruth Montgomery, Susan Moon, Mary Jane Moore, Jim Moorehead, Sandra Moonen, Carolyn Moreno, Morgan, Morgan, Darlene Betty Bill Morian, Ann Morris, Karen Ann Morrison, Mary Kate Moses, Betsy Mosnier, Ann Mundy, Joe Murray, Bob Murphy, Dee Ann Murphy, Jerry Musgrove, Glenda McCain, Ronald McCarroIl, Pal This is vile, dear, really vile. . fa g ui CW K -4'9" " xii- McGIaun, Skeeter McCIean, Barbara McCIeary, Judith McDaniel, Melinda McDonaI, Dondra McHatton, Johnny Mclntyre, Dianne McKeever, Intz McKenna, Marian McLean, Gayle Nanson, Jackie Nealon, Alan Newell, Torn Nordyke, Larry Norman, Susan Norris, Frances Northcott, Kaye Norwood, Robert Newton, Dennis Oldson, Judie Olivier, Brian Olrnsted, Harold Olmsted, Frances Olson, Patsy Ori, Pat Ozmun, Sandy Patterson, Sue Patterson, Jack Phelps, Judy Parmely, Margie Payne, Sonny Peabody, Kathleen All the gang was at the Bellaire hop. 1'1" r4""S, I w 1 1 l l l l l s un: i . 1 P me ,. F V-g' Peets, Richard Pegoda, Johnny Penland, Penny Pennick, Ronnie Pennycuick, Kay Peschke, Jerry Pierce, Pat Pierce, Steve Pilcher, Carol Pittman, Marianne Plant, Joyce Plotkin, Joyce Paole, Jan Pope, Wendy Porter, Donna Posey, Jane Poutous, Lovie Prediger, Carol Prestridge, Sandy Price, Barbara Provacla, Joan Pruetf, Billy Puzin, Michelle Qualtrouglw, Susan Queen, Sibyl Quick, Karen Quillin, Linda Rabby, Pat Rainwater, Charles Rambo, Virgil Raney, Larry Rankin, Marla Q 11? 5 Hey, gang, Ier's get together! uf- 5 1 Al All civics teachers are non-pariisan. Reaben, Gail Reagan, Marty Reese, Becky Reese, Jane Redd, Nancy Redfield, Waynetie Redrnon, Chuck Reinhart, Judy Reynold, Sandra Ridge, Jim Riley, Sue Robbins, Sylvia Roberts, Barbara Robertson, JoAnn Robinson, Charlotie Robinson, Kris Rogers, Beverly Rountree, Mareia Rosenbloom, Sue Rossburn, Sandy Roten, Norma Roth, Sherry Rubenstein, Marvin Rutherford, Sara Lou Ryals, Judy Sampson, Lloyd Sanderford, Bryan Sanders, Ray Sarff, Jeff Sawyer, Steve Schnafterer, Linda Schneider, Craig Seale, Sharon Sears, Tommy Seay, David Settie, Pat Shayne, Judy Sheppard, Brian Sherwin, Bonnie Sherwood, Pat Siegel, Norman Silberman, Maura Silverstein, Merle Simon, Haryet Sims, Ray Sinciair, Julia Sivley, Judy Skinner, Cecille Slocum, Julia Smith, Buddy Smith, Cathy Smith, Dayton Smith, Harold Smith, Norman Smith, Sandy Smith, Sydney Smither, Mopsy Snead, Susan Soehnlein, Joan Sparks, Beth Spedden, Connie Speights, Jim Spencer, Patricia Spinks, Cornelia Stafford, Linda Stagg, Bill Stanley, Barbara Steinback, George Stevens, Annette Stevens, Jan Stephens, Mary Stephenson, Patrick St. Germain, Jhonny Slick, Bonnie Stordevant, John Stowell, Kenna Stradinger, Judy Stribling, Kay Strickland, John Strauss, Meta Strauss, Neil Sublett, Kay Suhler, Cynthia Summers, Melinda Summers, Ronald Swilley, Roberta Tant, Bob Tarses, Carolyn Taylor, Anne Taylor, Diane Teas, Tommy Terry, Margo Terry, Neva Thomas, Bill Thomas, Marcelle Throgmorton, Elizabeth Throgmorton, Mary Thornberg, tee Trail, Lee Tucker, Barbara Tucker, Mayre Tuliy, Dana Turner, Joyce Turrentine, Mary Sue Ullrich, Sheila Urey, Jane Van Eaton, Nancy Van Olphen, Willemien Van Osdall, John Varisco, Maxine Veik, Lynda Venghiaftis, Laurette Veselka, Shelly Vickers, Bobby Voighf, Jane Vogt, Janet Wade, Don Walker, Ann Walton, Nancy J. Walralh, Jay Warren, Carol Warren, Ruth Washburn, Max Watson, Luan Wayne, Helaine Webb, Judy Webb, Nancy Weber, Johnny 'vu' Hey, girl, what are you doing wirh that flag? You're not even a Belle! J -' J -1 But we WON, Linda, P si Weintraub, Joey Wells, Walter Wempe, Anneke Westmoreland, Harry Waite, David White, Elizabeth White, Philip Whitfield, Pattie Whiting, Sandy Wight, Judy Bob Wilhelm, David Willie, Pat Wills, Befty Wilson, Carole ,Wilson, Carole Ann Wilson, Dorothy WS? W W Wilson, Karen Wilson, Martha Wilson, Suanne Wilt, Harry Wiper, Pat Woodruff, Sands Worthman, Sabra Wukman, Carolyn Wukman, Marilyn Yancy, Doyle Young, Gille Zal, Rita Zeisman, Jean Smith, June iunior most beautiful stephanie gordon vickie barfon V iudy jackson faye kern rachel merriman iunior most handsome albert kidd . gary johnson pmmy borlcmd greg Iipscomb shelly veselka ...f- lv- i 3 . F 5' K' I fif if sophomores fu f5,Z'1.'3,.,Q.: 7. ,, -g- . ,M- - f1,.i1---:1 4 ' -, , -. w . 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I ,Z p hx Adkins, Mike Adrian, Jan Alexander, Sandy Alexander, Virginia Allen, Dan Allen, Richard Alley, Dan Anderson, Ann Anderson, Carol Anderson, Lynn Anderson, Paul Anderson, Shirley Anderson, Sue Anderson, Tommy Andrews, Julie Andry, Paul Angle, Curtis Anfhonise, Burt Armstrong, Mac Arnold, Martha Arnsberger, Cheryl Arthyr, Percine Ash, Ben Ellis Ashford, Daisy Atkinson, Sandy Attebery, Naiean Augat, John Avera, Don Babcock, Lon Baggeff, Carol 256 Bailey, Sandra Baisley, Linda Baker, Julie Baker, Sue Ballantyne, Lynell Ballard, Tom Banks, Margaret Barber, Sandra Barnes, Beth Barton, Judy Bass, Sam Bates, Bob Battelstein, Susan Baumgarten, Barbara Baxter, Kate Becht, Forrest Beha, Nana Bell, Judy Bennett, Ken Bennett, Sharon Berg, Lorraine Berkley, Jane Berry, Susan Berube, Bonnie Bettin, Joan Bettler, David Bibens, Paula Bingham, Katherine Birdsong, Paul Black, Randy Blandford, Barbara Bleuel, Danny Blum, Charlotte Boat, Linda Bobbitt, Bobby Bobbitt, Jean Boehck, Richie Bohn, Mike Bohnfalk, Judie Boll, Joyce Bonner, Elwyn Bookman, Bill Boren, Danna Bormaster, Lana Boyd, Jean Boydstun, Barbara Bradley, Beth Brady, Janet Brah, Bryan Brandt, Nancy . gh lays, -.,,U,- 'Ji' , 'i at M Qs A I , 5' I ,iff J it ,B A l Q- 'xg 'dl' tg if ,, , Q W ' '.i B tr-'T L1 if J if f Q.. .yy - Q It it S V' L , ' L 7.7, .,. , ,Qa- 137 ,,f',ff. , at mwtl LN. ta . ii lfitit it tta ' is S Qi! -i to J an P 'fs l iz " P i 3, W 'tli i , ? 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H i , - if 533' in . .,.,, Q W rw, il V M F 1' - 93' 'K , M.. ag. . W lla - "N 1 1 r n ' sn 'V , . 451 rf? Wx dll "" 'i "N ' 12 - is Q 'T' i ,.,..,..., . A 1 W N 4111 fa ' if W-v x -4, , 1 " 1 J ,,,.e 2.. fa 9, V V X' f i Ml Davis, Susie Dayag, Daphna Dee, Jimmy Delany, Danny Delay, Kate Diggs, Beverly Dillard, Karen Dillashaw, Patsy Dixon, Neal Doll, Dana Donaldson, Patti Sue Douglass, Judy Douglas, Mary Downer, Pam Drake, Doreen Drayton, Diane Driscoll, Clara Dubrow, Marsha Dunks, Linda Dunlap, Nina Duran, Sidney Durham, Mary Beth Dyer, Jeannie Eaton, Marsha Edge, David Edwards, Nancy Egner, Pat Eichner, Peggy Eiserloh, Scott Elbin, Ramona Lee Elliott, Justin Ellis, Barbara Emery, Judy Emmert, Lynda Enderle, Christie Enquist, Molly Evans, Carol Evers, Mimi Ewell, Marilyn Ewing, Bill Faldowski, Cliff Falkenberg, Howard Faulkner, Jean Feinstein, Renee Fellers, Joan Fendley, Joe Fensch, Pam Finch, Mary Jo Finer, Neil Finley, Margaret Finley, Robert Firsching, Randy Fitzgerald, Barbara Flake, Mike Fleming, Forney Floeter, Millie Flynn, Harrison Foard, Bobby Foley, June Forrester, Norlane Foster, Annette Foster, Jerry Foster, Mike Fountain, Sandra Fraley, Jacquie Frank, Kay Frank, Susan Frankel, Connie Frankfort, Roberta Frantz, Patti Fraser, Cynthia Frazior, David Frehner, Judy French, Rita Friedman, Stephen Fry, Lee Fulghum, Ray Gailis, Jerry Gairing, Gail Neuman, Alfred me ,i.e, . Er, ha.: ...ii I " f I . 1 I5 1 1: ,- 4, N A '1-: . as I l 'QQ 4 A tv 1 asf' if if 5' 13? fi ,ff 4 A 1 tt't 1r" . i. li' A 'Fi A' 5 ,t,, i Ilinl . , .i a., P Q , ,A ' :. f .irii ,' F g as F ' li ,W f t t . W V l 5. I 1 T 7 I g y ly, , , V 4- There is a roach in that cabinet, I SAW it! QW x Don't worry, Judy, just because no one is singing doesn'f mean that they don'r love us. l M f' , Y , r Z . .. . ,. 'aiu for E g f? ,R ef are M ' ' QQ: - A 1 eff .,E:- ...e, x VV LA - L k ill' . A in , 1il fi w il l ' X n n r i i i, t A YF A rr ' ' y , me e l C wi v tee M A.,,, C ' a 0 ' ' L Q A Xe ,4e ' e C C nee i A nnee Gardner, Garner, Garner, Garner, Garrett, George Carl Connie Eileen Mary Jo Gebhart, Marty Gee, Janita Gentry, Gerber, Frances Malcolm German, Nancy Gladden, Jeanie Glanzer, David Glass, Ann Good, Don Goren, Marcia Gosserf, Bettie Gofsdiner, Sherry Graham, Carole Graham, Kenny Grassman, Jimmy Graves, Graves, Grazier, Bonnie Jon Camille Green, Bettye Green, Pam Greene, Gregor, Gary Carolyn Griffin, Mike Grim, Ronnie Grimes, Beverly 262 Grivas, Virginia Gross, Carol Gross, Richard Gruner, Marion Guernsey, Pat Guess, Cecil Guinn, Dianne Haase, Dicky Haase, Steve Haase, Virginia Hagar, Richard Hagood, Peggy Hainge, Allen Haley, Jim Hall, Nan Halpin, John Hammond, Richard Hanssard, Roberta Harbeson, Hop Harkinson, Pamela Harper, Cora Sue Harriman, Shirley Harris, Mary Hartman, Margie Hauck, Jack Haufrect, Dale Hausman, Randy Harwell, Ricky Haynes, Bob Heathcott, Edward Hebert, Kathy Heck, Helen Heflin, Denny Heinold, Barbara Heller, Jannis Hempel, Starley Henson, Anne Herd, Crockett Hermont, Mark Herring, Suzanna Hessel, Candye Hickman, Frances Hicks, Bubba Hill, John Lee Hill, Marc Hiller, Liz Hilliard, Beverly Hilton, Annette Hirsch, Eve Hochman, Herbert 3 42. y -1 ," f . l X A Q 4' A 1, wg 'Y' K, 1 AWE, X ' :" J In l A . , l , ll v fl ,t if 'af 'sw' by ster l.- A - tl as lsl T f i s ' tr . 'J Q as fi' I' J l6 'Tf'T"' B ,, A.. l J f stef wr 3' sa S 1 'l 32514 , . 'F 'fn at Z , , I it ,, ,B .mi B E t I .Q -1 S X 5 K sn ..,,. , , .. W Q lv SS it -z s if V' ss , V , sv AK.. Wa, 'iii-if . f if K s mf, ,z- r' , as W S 2 srl i f t i . kk.iE- J ljff S E1:s?2'i ' '.,:-"fair W 1 a W.. vm. 1 mf 1 af Hodges, Diane Horridge, Mike Holley, Betty Holm, Judy Holm, Kathleen Holman, Vivian Holt, Yvonne Holtzlnger, Victor Hubner, Mike Hudson, Ann Hughes, Betty Hull, Dave Hyett, John Hyland, Jere llseng, Sallie Ingram, Susan Irvine, Vicki Jackson, Loretta James, Mike January, Larry Jaster, Jeanette Jenkins, Cathy Jenkins, Jimmy Johnson, Linda Johnson, Madeline Johnson, Peggy Johnson, Sheila Johnston, Gregg Johnston, Judy Jones, Bonnie Jones, Gary Jones,' Selwin Jowell, Pat Kahn, Arthur Kahn, Margaret Kamas, Ann Karnei, John Kasperik, Stanley Katzoff, Stephanie Kautson, Mary Jane Kay, Margie Kaye, Irene Keele, Marianne Keith, Martha. Kellow, Mary Ann Kelly, Colleen Kelly, Larry Kelly, Mkie Kelly, Nell Kendall, Rande Kern, Faye Kerr, Kent Killi, Albert Killi, Judy Killmer, Carey King, Carol Klein, Ina Rae Kline, Steve Klug, Shari Knosfman, Gary Koenig, Richard Kolar, Diann Kolar, John Kosr, Sherry Kofi, Randy Krarner, Ellen Krandel, Ken Krpec, Tony Kunkel, Ernodean Ladd, Doug Landers, Jean Lang, Carole Lantz, Gordon Larson, Cassie Laverne, Carolyn Lee, Elizabeth Lee, Gary Leon, Lana Lester, Darrell Levine, Nanefte . . , And Claire Emmotr read the morning devotional . . . , as ,. , fs . is 5, ,..-Q-4 an 'W G' or i ,Ev . 1 J if 'H ue, id Q- 'R T' if ,Nj A . L HPS- - ... "L .4 N , , , Q ,V W U , 5 w ,.,.,, K i is H : 1 vi , ,f , lk! -. . ,gy in ez.-,, - ' ' '67 , 1, . W " . . ri 5, fg I V .,,. Q ' . rf fl' 6 1' M " 39' fi- 3 1 l ' fl' ggy . , , , i 1 .W ,ii 1, L 3 L' n . ff , rg, Q, 5 as 'A S fi i . ' Q L- -1: 1, f ,,.,,, i A W ' L N 265 i BUF f " rg ,W is ' SSH 1' W. ls-if? A IQ ' 4 izirii , li ' 7 1 . 1 ss K , L NJ 'K sk- ' fails' - K V 'NJ M X 5 W' N , ,, ,. A.: K gas t 5' E22 Levit, Ann Levy, Mary Lou Lewis, Melanie Lewis, Natalie Ley, Silvia Lillibridge, Carol Lilienstern, Clay Link, Toni Liss, Vickie Little, Karen Litton, Ted Lloyd, Ralph Loeffler, Janet Loyd, Dinah Lucas, Deke Lyle, Joe Mabry, Marshall Machost, Betty Sue Maddux, Tommy Mahair, Bill Mahr, Ronnie Mannheimer, Hedy Mannine, Shirley Manteufel, Barbara Marr, Tessa Marshall, Eileen Marshall, Mary Edna Marshall, Mikey Martin, Jean Ann Mason, Dennis Martin, Linda Massey, Carolyn Matthews, Becky Mattison, Wayne Messinger, Dennis Melvin, Emma Jo Meyer, Jo Ann Miah, Lily Middlekauf, Charlene Middleton, Gary Miles, Glenna Miller, Barbara Miller, Brynn Miller, Lynn Miller, Nancy Miller Susan Mitchell, Marilyn Mitchell, Nancy Moentnish, Linda Montgomery, Billy Moore, Marcia Moorehead, Shirley Moran, Mary Kathryn Morgan, Georgia Morgan, Peggy Morgenstern, Carol Morris, Arthur Morris, Eugene Morris, Gary Morris, Jed Mullins, Melanie Muse, Ginia McAdams, Kathy McAnneny, Adrian McCann, Johnny McCormick, Diann McDaniel, Charlie McFarland, Joey McMafh, Lincla Nacol, Mae Nash, Martha Nelson, Douglas Nickerson, Judy Nirken, Annette Noblitt, JoAnn Nolen, Mary Nell O'Connor, Joseph Olson, Pat Ottinger, Nancy Ozmun, Ross ll an A A. , is 1. Nfl' " asf l ae l 2 ,Q fs 2 , P iii' me wr .J is x M I 'ff 24 ' fully if . L -it as Kr E x, , fy, 1 ,,. if I' X Even F.B.I. agents are found in our school. -'f 'F' Q vii is ,L:, 1 flllt ' I Nl iq sf x .4 ,I , i f ' ,355-,Q-I . Y. ,,t gr lt-is tm 2, ,C Q' 3- . , , 5 Sets 'va ii ""'3' in '53 is. - sf" 3 QQ 1 as N ' is as X Q i -!":::Mlyn V- N., QW' lie? . - 7 A, 5 2 r A W wtf - ' '97 , 'vu Here I am, girls . . to ,.s " N . P 5 i ' .. X 358, - A ff: ' ge ., L gg W ' ' 1-1 Wllsrri 1, L Q eerie?-7 , .1 T3 ,. "'- 1 Sfmt 'A f. . f ff: Qymft., , P P -f Y- :':, N t. E , W.. , i Q- .. we Wie: 1. . . .I fs I ar W, as .ts . .136 1,. ,uk Q:" ' f:, - 'W P sw 'P n .. ,sa -1 :ff , 'fi-gs., V y 'E 5 ,:, . .,.. fr g v Page, Nancy Palmer, Kermit Parisi, Linda Parker, Joan Parlette, Darleen Parr, John Parrish, Teresa Paul, Carolyn Patterson, Dianne Patterson, Gale Patterson, John Pehoushek, Carole Anne Peters, Anne Peterson, Holly Lynne Phelps, Kay Phillips, Barbara Phillips, Nancy Pistole, Carole Plovvman, Brady Pollak, Stephanie Potter, Susie Praytor, Wanda Pritchard, Paul Purcell, Bobby Purcell, Gaye Pyle, Edward Quaidy, Hilary Rackley, Charlton Raguse, Tommy Rainbow, Virginia 268 Ralston, Suzanne Rarney, Joyce Randle, Bob Rappold, Susan Rayner, Janet Record, Jenny Reichek, Stephen Reitz, Martha Jo Reynolds, Kenny Richardson, Bill Richardson, Mary Lou Richmond, Rod Rider, Sandra Richter, Connie Ricks, Janice Roach, Carol Roach, Dan Robinson, Nancy Robira, Phyllis Rogde, Jake Rome, Ann Rosenberg, Toby Rosenthal, Lynn Ross, Andrea Rosser, Carole Rossiter, Bruce Rossner, Marlene Rothcop, Harriet Roussel, Pete Rucker, Robert Rush, Jim Rutherford, Dennis Rutledge, Jack Sabel, Hugh Samuelson, Leah Sanders, Leah Scaff, Susan Schempf, Duff Schleeter, Judy Schmitt, Tommy Schnakenberg, Robert Schneider, Preston Schuman, Michael Schuster, Walter Schweitzer, Sandy Scott, Sandra Seale, Jerry Self, Richard Sears, Jack Sears, Jim uv "' ' War H ,. 3 rc . xiii: S T K L as fir A , 'X' F 5' it i il" - ,wif . , ,Q , f si , fy-A,,,,, 'L . ws if. lhf ' . 3' S 1 1, Q, e ,Q H , I dp mt ,, ilu M, , it ill N, ' t , 3 .. I .... L, ..., , . K V - 'ii is M , , We iii? r 'W S' f L ' ' , , ":i . szlllzl, e I V, A 5 ' in fl -. 42: ,. - 'RY ' ll ,,.,. , I Y J ',,-' . , I ' mi' V 1 '- Wi A i L ill' it ll l L ml l' i , , , lip was 'MWMM W'lW J M , vw i,i,,i..ii ,,.. 1 W ,ii,ii, , , Il'lil'lll53i " 'N it W , Wi li, , ,iii ,il llllw, 0, , ii W up llM l LMW- Wwi i ci L 'lil ,N i iiii L I J if ,f L ,MN lllll i " 'if' ills, ,L ,lg i J it it ,, , L 9 - it L L il "W lp U V """"il ' ,,,i. ii M' .llf L , llllw 1 'Wliilli . i Wall i i , y 1 fl ,wx """ ' ' l, il ' ,N W it L' lt 7 L iili L w L L il U ii it 1 i , My "" mr ' il ,i D ,,,, , , ,N will 1 my ,lim , it f , L , MM ' ll fwfr! il NW if L iiii L ll.- 'M' mv , wi.-it 'Wu-uw iiii i it it it ,,,t L f f ill i t L ,ill 269 vm nut uw, ml Eg, as Z.. ,544 . - . Q T 3 Q N x,zA,Q,mt,, V wt, '3 3 , S N I," A-1. c , X K .C J st f mfg . H5 .-sf .15 iii' , .Mix 3' RAN S! , if , it A., K 53- was -' " ,mesi w A - 12' :. if 455 gl S 1 it 7. of A ,,. ,C ,. Q Y, aff aim P H Settle, Ted Setzer, Paulette Schellenberger, Thelmarie Shelton, Patti Shirley, John Siegel, Ellanie Sims, Martha Sizemore, Joan Skelton, Sharon Skolnik, Burt Slaughter, Loysanne Smith, Andy Smith, Angela Smith, Cleta Smith, Darrell Smith Delores Smith Donna Smith Patricia Sinclair, Brownie Spalding, Stephen Sparks, Linda Spedden, Emmett Spencer, Madeline Spiller, Sandra Sprinkle, Peggy Stark, Winky Steacy, Larry Stein, Cathy Steinbach, Janie Steinbach, Sue Stevenson, Carl Stigall, Sandy Stile, Dave Stocken, Patrick Stolz, Bob Stott, Stephany Strader, Charlene Stradinger, Jan Strange, Kathy Stubblefield, Cheryl Stubbs, Janet Sullivan, Linda Suttle, Linda Swanson, Judie Swilley, Bill Swindell, Suzanne Tarsney, Bobbi Tarwater, Johnnie Taylor, Cliff Taylor, Jerry Taylor, Nancy Teal, Barbara Templin, Anne Ter Poorten, Marty Terry, Karen Tharp, Karen Thomas, Howard Thomas, John Thomas, Marcia Thomas, Patricia Thomas, Ron Thompson, Bill Thompson, Cathie Thompson, Kaye Thornton, Patricia Thrasher, Elwin Toenges, Pat Tolsky, Susan Tuma, Diane Tracy, Ressie Treybig, Karen Tully, Sharon Tyson, Jon Ueckert, Rosemary Uhlig, James VanDorfy, Patricia Vinson, Jackie Vogt, Shirley Wagner, Nelson Walker, Bill Walker, Patsy Wall, Nancy Walter, JoAnn Ward, Patsy Washington, Dorothy Weaver, Perry Webb, Sandy Weeks, Carol Wegner, Mary Ann Weichert, Phil Weisinger, Ellen Weisman, Susan Wende, Ray Wendenberg, Hans White, Cindy White, Kathy White, Tommy Whitworth, Mickie Wilhite, Nancy Wilkie, Mary Jane f, gi .551 -' . 3 , f,.k- E f S I it UP S i ff wtf 3? . Q .. B ., ' Willert, Mike Williams, Brenda Williams Carol Williams Jesse Williams, Terry Williams, Tommy Willis, Bluie Wilt, Janice Winstead, Betty Wint, Sue Wolf, Ronnie Wolff, Gail Wood, Lisa Woodard, Peggy Wooton, Mike Wright, J udy Wright, Mary i ' ' P I , .,,s' 'Mai V W V. s " -rr 4 ' I ,sar J - ' - " ssi, B W? ,,, 4 fi f, J- , 'li' l Xi? ' A gil., ivxi ,. A S y i rrk a t lf., 2 E , ig .., A:. . i 1 AIVZ V A A . , js NL? it :Z K A A V, 3 V gt ,L V K only Qsar - ,. J iirsa W , .: "' ---f . ,,,,- if B I wt Exeer-rises . . . ex-er-cises, we must do our ex-er-cises Wright, Raymond Wukman, Rosalyn Yaught, Betty Young, Mary Lou Zeigler, Barry Zindler, Helen Zora, Manuel McCaskill, Patsy sophomore most beautiful barbara ellis molly enquih toby rosenberg shirley harriman patricia smith sophomore most handsome iimmie brooks paul birdsong robert Finley neal dixon andy smith STARS, SONGS, FACES Gather the stars if you wish it so. Gather the songs and keep them . Gather the faces of women. Gather for keeping years and years. And then . . . Loosen your hands, let go and say good-by Let the stars and songs go. Let the faces and years go. Loosen your hands and say good-by. CARL SANDBURG SOPHOMORES Adkins, Mike-256 Adrian, Jan-256 Alexander, Sandy-256 Alexander, Virginia-256 Allen, Dan-256 Allen, Richard-256 Alley, Dan-256 Anderson, Ann-256 Anderson, Carol-256 Anderson Lynn-256 Anderson Paul-256 Anderson, Shirley-256 Anderson Sue-256 Anderson Tommy-256 Andrews, Julie-256 Andry, Paul-256 Angle, Curtis-256 Anthonise, Burt-256 Armstrong, Mac-256 Arnold, Martha-256 Arnsberger, Cheryl-256 Arthur, Percine-256 Ash, Ben Ellis-256 Ashford, Daisy-256 Atkinson, Sandy-256 Attebery, Naiean-256 Augat, John-256 Avera, Don-256 Babcock, Lon-256 Baggett, Carol-256 Bailey, Sandra-257 Baisley, Linda-257 Baker, Julie-257 Baker, Sue-257 Ballantyne, Lynell-257 Ballard, Tom-257 Banks, Margaret-257 Barber, Sandra-257 Barnes, Beth-257 Barton, Judy-257 Bass, Sam-257 Bates, Bob-257 Battelstein, Susan-257 Baumgaten, Barbara-257 Baxter, Kate-257 Becht, Forrest-257 Beba, Nana-257 Bell, Judy-257 Bennett, Ken-257 Bennett, Sharon-257 Berg, Lorraine-257 Berkley, Jane-257 Berry, Susan-257 Berube, Bonnie-257 Bettin, Joan-257 Bettler, David-257 Bibens, Paula-257 Bingham, Katherine-257 Birdsong, Paul-257 Black, Randy-257 Blandford, Barbara-257 Bleuel, Danny-257 Blum, Charlotte-257 Boat, Linda-257 Bobbitt, Bobby-257 Bobbitt, Jean-257 78 INDEX Boehck, Richie-257 Bohn, Mike-257 Bohmfaulk, Judy-257 Boll, Joyce-257 Bonner, Elwyn-257 Bookman, Bill-257 Boren, Danna-257 Bormaster, Lana-257 Boyd, Jean-257 Boydstun, Barbara-257 Bradley, Beth-257 Brady, Janet-257 Brah, Bryan-257 Brandt, Mickey-257 Breedlove, Davis-258 Brendel, Kay-258 Brennan, Pat-258 Briggs, Martha-258 Broesche, Barbara-258 Brooks, Jimmie-258 Brougher, Margaret-258 Broussard, Tom-258 Brown, Brenda-258 Brown, Charles-258 Brown, Donna-258 Brown, Helen-258 Brown, Russel-258 Browne, Herby-258 Browning, James-258 Bruegman, Judy-258 Brune, Barbara-258 Bryan, Bob-258 Bryan, Ralph-258 Bucher, Bradley-258 Burdette, Frankie-258 Burdette, Sally-258 Burge, Eddie-258 Bush, Gary-258 Byess, Evelyn-258 Cabe, Myrl-258 Cabness, Betty Ann-258 Cain, Mary-258 Calkins, Mary-258 Calkins, Dwight-258 Callicutt, Anne-258 Canup, Campbell-258 Capoot, Lowell-258 Carroll, Frank-258 Carter, Mike-258 Carter, Richard-258 Caskey, Kenny-258 Chadick, Bill-258 Chalmers, Howard-258 Champion, Frances-258 Chapman, Marty-258 Childress, Dottye-258 Choate, Penni-258 Christiansen, Dean-258 Claiborne, Lewis-258 Cloninger, Harris-258 Clonts, Catherine-258 Clyde, Carol-258 Clyde, Catherine-258 Coats, Betty-258 Cocheu, Peggy-258 Coffman, Sarah-259 Cohen, Arlene-259 Cohan, Susan-259 Cole, Mary Elizabeth-259 Collett, Sue-259 Cook, Elizabeth-259 Cook, John-259 Cope, Pat-259 Copeland, Connie-259 Coulthard, Richard-259 Covington, Bill-259 Crapse, Ritchie-259 Crawford, Ann-259 Crawford, John-259 Creasy, Carol-259 Creedon, Paul-259 Creswell, Cindy-259 Croom, Emily-259 Crowe, Terry-259 Crowley, Carolyn-259 Curry, Susan-259 Cutbirth, Vicky-259 Cutchall, Mike-259 Daly, Deni-259 Daniel, Randy-259 Darby, Margaret-259 Davis, Barbara-259 Davis, Joan-259 Davis, Molly-259 Davis, Patsy-259 Davis, Susie-260 Dayag, Daphna-260 Dee, Jimmy-260 Delany, Danny-260 Delay, Kate-260 Diggs, Beverly-260 Dillard, Karen-260 Dillashaw, Patsy-260 Dixon, Neal-260 Doll, Dana-260 Donaldson, Patti Sue-260 Douglas, Judy-260 Douglas, Mary-260 Downer, Pam-260 Drake, Doreen-260 Drayton, Diane-260 Driscoll, Clara-260 Dubrow, Marsha-260 Dunks, Linda-260 Dunlap, Nina-260 Duran, Sidney-260 Durham, Mary Beth-260 Dyer, Jeannie-260 Eaton, Marsha-260 Edge, David-260 Edwards, Nancy-260 Egner, Pat-260 Eiserloh, Scott-260 Elbin, Ramona Lee-260 Elliott, Justin-260 Ellis, Barbara-260 Emery, Judy-260 Emmert, Lynda-260 Enderle, Christie-260 Enquist, Molly-260 Evans, Carol-260 Evers, Mimi-260 Ewell, Marilyn-260 Ewing, Bill-260 Faldowski, Cliff-260 Falkenberg, Howard-260 Faulkner, Jean-260 Feinstein, Renee-260 Fellers, Joan-260 Fendley, Joe-260 Fensch, Pam-260 Finch, Mary Jo-260 Finer, Neil-260 Finley, Margaret-260 Finley, Robert-261 Firsching, Randy-261 Fitzgerald, Barbara-261 Flake, Mike-261 Fleming, Forney-261 Floeter, Millie-261 Flynn, Harrison-261 Foard, Bobby-261 Foley, June-261 Forrester, Norlane-261 Foster, Annette-261 Foster, Jerry-261 Foster, Mike-261 Fountain, Sandra-261 Fraley, Jacquie-261 Frank, Kay-261 Frank, Susan-261 Frankel, Connie-261 Frankfort, Roberta-261 Frantz, Patty-261 Fraser, Cynthia-261 Frazior, David-261 Frehner, Judy-261 French, Rita-261 Friedman, Stephen-261 Fry, Lee-261 Fulghum, Ray-261 Gailis, Jerry-261 Gairing, Gail-261 Gaiye, Virginia-261 Gardner, George-262 Garner, Carol-262 Garner, Connie-262 Garner, Eileen-262 Garrett, Mary Jo-262 Gebharb, Marty-262 Gee, Janita-262 Gentry, Frances-262 Gerber, Malcolm-262 German, Nancy-262 Gladden, Jeanie-262 Glanzer, David-262 Glass, Ann-262 Good, Don-262 Goren, Marcia-262 Gossett, Bettie-262 Gotsdiner, Sherry-262 Graham, Carole-262 Graham, Kenny-262 Grassman, Jimmy-262 Graves, Jon-262 Grazier, Camille-262 Green, Bettye-262 Green, Pam-262 Greene, Gary-262 Gregor, Carolyn-1262 Griffin, Mike-262 Grim, Ronnie-262 Grimes, Beverly-262 Grivas, Virginia-263 Gross, Carol-263 Gross, Richard-263 Gruner, Marion-263 Guernsey, Pat-263 Guess, Cecil-263 Guinn, Dianne-263 Haase, Dicky-263 Haase, Steve-263 Haase, Virginia-263 Hagor, Richard-263 Hagood, Peggy-263 Hainge, Allen-263 Haley, Jim-263 Hall, Nan-263 Halpin, John-263 Hammond, Richard-263 Hanssard, Roberta-263 Harbeson, Hop-263 Harkinson, Pam-263 Harper, Cora Sue-263 Harriman, Shirley-263 Harris, Mary-263 Hartman, Margie-263 Hauch, Jack-263 Haufrecht, Dale-263 Hausmon, Randy-263 Harwell, Ricky-263 Haynes, Bob-263 Heathcott, Edward-263 Hebert, Kathy-263 Heck, Helen-263 Heflin, Denny-263 Heinold, Barbara-263 Heller, Jannis-263 Hempel, Starley-263 Henson, Anne-263 Herd, Crockett-263 Hermont, Mark-263 Herring, Suzanne-263 Hessel, Candye-263 Hickman, Frances-263 Hicks, Bubba-263 Hill, John Lee-263 Hill, Marc-263 Hiller, Liz-263 Hillard, Beverly-263 Hilton, Annette-263 Hirsch, Eve-263 Hochman, Herbert-263 Hodges, Diane-264 Horridge, Mike-264 Holley, Betty-264 Holm, Judy-264 Holm, Kathleen-264 Holman, Vivian-264 Holt, Yvonne-264 Holtzinger, Victor-264 Hubner, Mike-264 Hudson, Ann-264 Hughes, Betty-264 Hull, Dave-264 Hyett, John-264 Hyland, Jere-264 Ilseng, Sallie-264 Ingram, Susan-264 Irvine, Vicki-264 Jackson, Loretta-264 James, Mike-264 January, Larry-264 Jaster, Jeannette-264 Jenkins, Cathy-264 Jenkins, Jimmy-264 Johnson, Linda-264 Johnson, Madeline-264 Johnson, Peggy-264 Johnson, Sheila-264 Johnston, Gregg-264 Johnston, Judy-264 Jones, Bonnie-264 Jones, Gary-264 Jones, Selwin-264 Jowell, Pat-264 Kahn, Arthur-264 Kahn, Margaret-264 Kamas, Ann-264 Karnei, John-264 Kasperik, Stanley-264 Katzoft, Stephanie-264 Kauston, Mary Jane-264 Kay, Margie-264 Kaye, Irene-264 Keele, Marianne-264 Keith, Martha-264 Kellow, Mary Ann-264 Kelly, Colleen-264 Kelly, Larry-264 Kelly, Mike-264 Kelly, Nell-264 Kendall, Rande-264 Kern, Faye-265 Kerr, Kent-265 Killi, Albert-265 Killi, Judy-265 Killmer, Carey-265 King, Carol-265 Klein, Ina Rae-265 Kline, Steve-265 Klug, Shari-265 Knostman, Gary-265 Koenig, Richard-265 Kolar, Diann-265 Kolar, John-265 Kost, Sherry-265 Kott, Randy-265 Kramer, Ellen-265 Krandel, Ken-265 Krpec, Tony-265 Kunkel, Emodean-265 Ladd, Doug-265 Landers, Jean-265 Lang, Carol-265 Lantz, Gordon-265 Larson, Cassie-265 LaVerne, Carolyn-265 Lee, Elizabeth-265 Lee, Gary-265 Leon, Lana-265 Lester, Darrell-265 Levine, Nannette-265 Levit, Ann-266 Levy, Mary Lou-266 Lewis, Madeline-266 Lewis, Natalie-266 Ley, Sylvia-266 Lillibridge, Carol-266 Lilienstern, Clay-266 Link, Toni-266 Liss, Vickie-266 Little, Karen-266 Litton, Ted-266 Lloyd, Ralph-266 Loeftler, Janet-266 Loyd, Dinah-266 Lucas, Deke-266 Lyle, Joe-266 Mabry, Marshall-266 Machost, Betty Sue-266 Maddux, Tommy-266 Mahaii, Bill-266 Mahr, Ronnie-266 Mannheimer, Hedy-266 Mannine, Shirley-266 Manteufel, Barbara-266 Marr, Tessa-266 Marshall, Eileen-266 Marshall, Mary Edna-266 Marshall, Mikey-266 Martin, Jean Ann-266 Mason, Dennis-266 Martin, Linda-266 Massey, Carolyn-266 Matthews, Becky-266 Mattison, Wayne-266 Melvin, Emma Jo-266 Messinger, Dennis-266 Meyer, Jo Ann-266 Miab, Lily-266 Middlekauf, Charlene 266 Middleton, Gary-266 Miles, Glenda-266 Miller, Barbara-266 Miller, Brynn-266 Miller, Lynn-266 Miller, Nancy-266 Miller, Susan-266 Mitchell, Marilyn-266 Mitchell, Nancy-266 Moentnish, Linda-266 Montgomery, Billy-266 Moore, Marcia-267 Moorehead, Shirley-267 Moran, Mary Kathryn 267 Morgan, Georgia-267 Morgan, Peggy-267 Morgenstern, Carol-267 Morris, Arthur-267 Morris, Eugene-267 Morris, Gary-267 Morris, Jed-267 Mullin, Melanie-267 Muse, Ginia-267 McAdams, Kathy-267 McAnnery, Adrian-267 McCaskill, Patsy-272 McCann, Johnny-267 McCormick, Diann-267 McDaniel, Charlie-267 McFarland, Joey-267 McMath, Linda-267 Nacol, Nash, Mae-267 Ma rtha-267 Nelson, Douglas-267 Nickerson, Judy-267 Nirken, Annette-267 Noblitt, JoAnn-267 Nolen, Mary Nell-267 O'Connor, Joseph-267 Olson, Pat-267 Ottinger, Nancy-267 Ozmun, Ross-267 Page, Nancy-268 Palmer, Kermit-268 Parisi, Linda-268 Parker, Joan-268 Parlette, Darleen-268 Parr, John-268 Parrish, Teresa-268 Paul, Carolyn-268 Patterson, Dianne-262 Patterson, Gale-268 Patterson, John-268 Pehoushek, Carole Ann 268 Peters, Anne-268 Peterson, Holly Lynne 268 Phelphs, Kay-268 Phillips, Barbara-268 Phillips, Nancy-268 Pistole, Carole-268 Plowman, Brady-268 Pollak, Stephanie-268 Potter, Susie-268 Praytor, Wanda-268 Pritchard, Paul-268 Purcell, Gaye-268 Purcell, Bobby-268 Pyle, Edward-268 Quaidy, Hilary-268 Rackley, Charlton-268 Raguse, Tommy-268 Rainbow, Virginia-268 Ralson, Suzanne-268 Ramey, Joyce-269 Randle, Bob-269 Rappold, Susan-269 Rayner, Janet-269 Record, Jenny-269 Reichek, Stephen-269 Reitz, Martha Jo-269 Reynolds, Kenny-269 Richardson, Bill-269 Richardson, Mary Lou 269 Richmond, Rod-269 Rider, Sandra-269 Richter, Connie-269 Ricks, Janice-269 Roach, Carol-269 Roach, Dan-269 Robinson, Nancy-269 Robira, Phyllis-269 Rogde, Jake-269 Rome, Ann-269 Rosenberg, Toby-269 Rosenthal, Lynn-269 Ross, Andrea-269 Rosser, Carole-269 Rossiter, Bruce-269 Rossner, Marlene-269 279 Rothcop, Harriet-269 Roussel, Pete-269 Rucher, Robert-269 Rush, Jim-269 Rutherford, Dennis-269 Rutledge, Jack-269 Sabel, Hugh-269 Samuelson, Leah-269 Sanders, Leah-269 Scaff, Susan-269 Schellenberger, Thelmarie 270 Schempf, Duff-269 Schleeter, Judy-269 Schmitt, Tommy-269 Schnakenberg, Robert 269 Schneider, Preston-269 Schuman, Michael-269 Schuster, Walter-269 Schweitzer, Sandy-269 Scott, Sandra-269 Seale, Jerry-269 Self, Richard-269 Sears, Jack-269 Sears, Jim-269 Settle, Ted-270 Setzer, Paulette-270 Shelton, Patti-270 Shirley, John-270 Siegel, Ellanie-270 Sims, Martha-270 Sizemore, John-270 Skelton, Sharon-270 Skolnik, Burt-270 Slaughter, Loysanne-270 Smith, Andy-270 Smith, Angela-270 Smith, Cleta-270 Smith, Darrell-270 Smith, Delores-270 Smith, Donna-270 Smith, Patricia-270 Sinclair, Brownie-270 Spalding, Stephen-270 Sparks, Linda-270 Spedden, Emmett-270 Spencer, Madeline-270 Spiller, Sandra-270 Sprinkle, Peggy-270 Stark, Winky-270 Steacy, Larry-270 Stein, Cathy-270 Steinbach, Janie-270 Steinbach, Sue-270 Stevenson, Carl-270 Stigall, Sandy-270 Stile, Dave-270 Stockton, Patrick-270 Stolz, Bob-270 Stott, Stephany-270 Strader, Charlene-270 Stradinger, Jan-270 Strange, Kathy-270 Stubblefield, Cheryl-270 Stubbs, Janet-270 Sullivan, Linda-270 Suttle, Linda-270 280 Swanson, Judie-270 Swilley, Bill-270 Swindell, Suzanne-270 Tarsney, Bobbi-270 Tarwater, Johnnie-270 Taylor, Cliff-270 Taylor, Jerry-270 Taylor, Nancy-271 Teal, Barbara-271 Templin, Anne-27'l Ter Poorten, Marty-271 Terry, Karen-271 Tharp, Karon-271 Thomas, Howard-271 Thomas, John-271 Thomas, Marcia-271 Thomas, Patricia-271 Thomas, Ron-271 Thompson, Bill-271 Thompson, Cathie-271 Thompson, Kaye-271 Thornton, Patricia-271 Thrasher, Elwin-271 Toenges, Pat-271 Tolsky, Susan-271 Tuma, Diane-271 Tracy, Ressie-271 Treybig, Karen-271 Tully, Sharon-271 Tyson, Jon-271 Ueckert, Rosemary-271 Uhlig, Janice-271 Van Dorfy, Patricia-271 Vinson, Jackie-271 Vogt, Shirley-271 Wagner, Nelson-271 Walker, Bill-271 Walker, Patsy-271 Wall, Nancy-271 Walter, Jo Ann-271 Ward, Patsy-271 Washington, Dorothy-271 Weaver, Perry-271 Webb, Sandy-271 Wuks, Carol-271 Wegner, Mary Ann-271 Weichert, Phil-271 Weisinger, Ellen-271 Weisman, Susan-271 Wende, Ray-271 Wendenberg, Hans-271 White, Cindy-271 White, Kathy-271 White, Tommy-271 Whitworth, Mickie-271 Wilhite, Nancy-271 Wilkie, Mary Jane-271 Willert, Mike-272 Williams, Brenda-272 Williams, Carol-272 Williams, Jesse-272 Williams, Terry-272 Williams, Tommy-272 Willis, Bluie-272 Wilt, Janice-272 Winstead, Betty-272 Wint, Sue-272 Wolf, Ronnie-272 Wolff, Gaie-272 Wood, Lisa-272 Woodard, Peggy-272 Wooten, Mike-272 Wright, Judy-272 Wright, Mary-272 Wright, Raymond-272 Wukman, Rosalyn-272 Yaught, Betty-272 Young, Mary Lou-272 Zeigler, Barry-272 Zindler, Helen-272 Zora, Manuel-272 JUNIOR Adams, Vyron-210 Agee, Deleese-210 Agnor, Charles-210 Aleo, Bettye-210 Amerman, Jack-210 Ames, Linda-210 Anderson, Kathy-210 Anderson, Vicki-210 Andrews, Jimmy-210 Andrus, Jackie-210 Ankenman, Lyndal-210 Arnett, Bob-210 Arnett, Mike-210 Arnold, Judy-210 Arnold, Martha-210 Aronott, Gail-210 Artz, Carol-210 Baiamonte, Michael-210 Bailey, Anne-210 Bailey, Beckie-210 Bailey, Rande-21 l Banks, Sue Ann-211 Barker, Judy-21 l Barnes, Linda-211 Barnett, Sid-21 l Barton, Cynthia-211 Barton, Vicki-21 l Bradford, Brad-212 - Branscum, Sheila-213 Braswell, Jerry-213 Brazeal, Delores-213 Breedlove, Beth-213 Brener, Marvin-213 Bridges, Carolyn-213 Brier, Robert-213 Briggs, Carol-213 Brock, Donny-213 Brown, Barbara-213 Brown, Dale-213 Brown, Dianne-214 Brown, JoAnne-214 Bruhl, Danny-214 Bugg, Robert-214 Burdette, Bill-214 Burnett, Ruth-214 Burrage, Ronda-214 Burwell, Lynn-214 Bussa, Barbara-214 Butterworth, Lois-214 Campbell, Cochran-215 Campbell, Lou Jean-215 Cantrell, Chris-215 Cantrell, Tommy-215 Carl, Catherine-215 Carney, Michael-215 Carr, Paula-215 Carrick, Gil-215 Carroll, Nancy-215 Carruthers, Jan-215 Carter, Ann-215 Carter, John-215 Castleberry, Wayne-215 Castor, Johnny-215 Chaffin, Amy-215 Champion, Bill-215 Chancellor, Sharon-215 Chavis, Ella Jane-215 Chesborough, Pete-215 Chun, Margaret-215 Churchill, Karen-216 Bateman, Diana-211 Battle, Joel-21 l Bauman, Jerry-211 Beasley, Dixie-211 Behrman, Beverly-211 Bermann, Mark-212 Berry, Betty-212 Birran, Alice-212 Black, Steve-212 Black, Steve-212 Bleil, Charles-212 Blend, Stanley-212 Blythe, Joy-212 Bobo, Barbara-212 Bobo, Roy-212 Bogart, Ernest-212 Boll, Roy-212 Bondesen, Kris-212 Bower, Ronny-212 Bonner, Pat-212 Borel, Joan-212 Borland, Jimmy-212 Boudreaux, John-212 Bouma, Judy-212 Bowles, Pat-212 Clark, David -216 Clark, Janet--216 Clark, John-216 Cleary, Ann-216 Clouse, Kay--216 Coatsworth, Coatsworth, Ben-216 Ralph-216 Coble, Jerry-216 Coillot, Connie-216 Coker, Carolyn-2'l6 Coles, Bobby-216 Collett, Bill-216 Combes, Lynn-216 Contorn, Don-216 Cook, Becky-216 -Cook, David-216 Cook, Donald-216 Cook, Doris-216 Cooke, Sherry-216 Collins, Judy-217 Collins, Linda-217 Collins, Sylvia-217 Copenhaver, Bobby-217 Costlow, Gary-217 Cowart, Tex-217 Crain, John-217 Cramer, Dick-217 Crane, Taz-217 Crawford, Rita-217 Cross, Donna-217 Culmer, Herman-217 Currie, Liz-218 Cutchall, Ronnie-218 Dahlman, Terry-218 Darnold, Robert-218 Davidson, Melanie-218 Davis, Beverly-218 Davis, Mac-218 Davis, Nancy-218 Day, Marsha-218 DeBoer, David-218 Decherd, Caroline-218 DeF,ord, Joy-218 de la Houssaye, Arthur 218 Dennis, Tom-218 Denson, Barbara-218 Deville, Jimmy-218 Dial, Danny-218 Dillard, Warren-218 Dodge, Pat-218 Dollahite, Molly Sue-218 Donaldson, Robert-219 Dowell, Bob-2l9 Dreschel, Susie-219 Duff, Downe-219 Dunham, Don-219 Dunks, Gene-219 Durbin, Kay-219 Duren, Larry-219 Edge, Margaret-219 Edgecomb, Clark-219 Edman, Michael-219 Edwards, Denise-219 Edwards, Sue-220 Eiteman, Calista-220 Elliott, Toni-220 Ellis, Dianne-220 Ellis, Edward-220 Ellsworth, Jackie-220 Emmert, Susan-220 Emmott, Sandra-220 Emory, Mike-220 Eng, Richard-220 England, London-220 Evans, Joany-220 Everton, David-220 Fader, Marilynn-220 Faulkner, Mac-220 Feinstein, Terry-220 Ferguson, Norman-220 Ferns, Mike-220 Fisk, Julie-220 Flake, Nancy-220 Fleming, Nancy-221 Fletcher, Richard-221 Flint, Tommy-221 Fowler, Margo-221 Francisco, Don-221 Frankel, Lonnie-221 Cosgrove, Kay-221 Frazer, Nancy-221 Freeman, Jim-221 Frosch, Rikki-221 Fulton, Cynthia-221 Gaines, Barry-221 Galeener, Judye-222 Gard, Malinda-222 Garoutte, Chellie-222 Garrett, Barbara-222 Gerber, David-222 Gibson, Bill-222 Gilmore, Bill-222 Glass, Eddie-222 Goecke, John-222 Golden, Walt-222 Golub, Steve-222 Gordon, Stephanie-222 Grammer, Russell-223 Gray, Judy-223 Grazier, Jack-223 Green, Gary-223 Green, Steven-223 Griffing, Elaine-223 Grivas, Bill-223 Grote, Bill-223 Grubb, David-223 Guest, Frances-223 Haggard, Steve-223 Halbert, Rita-223 Hamilton, Mike-223 Hancock, Bill-223 Hanson, Linda-223 Hanovich, Gary-223 Hare, Charles-223 Harman, Charles-223 Harper, Richard-223 Harris, Carl-223 Harris, Pat-224 Harrison, David-224 Harrison, Phil-224 Hart, Howard-224 Hart, Leah-224 Harwell, Tony-224 Haverfield, John-224 Hazen, Herbert-224 Heath, Elaine-224 Hedges, Jonanne-224 Heibel, Richard-224 Heizer, Olga-224 Henderson, Bruce-224 Henderson, Mary-224 Henderson, Mike-224 Henson, Ken-224 Henson, Jane-224 Henry, Betty-224 Henry, Janice-224 Herold, Susan-225 Herr, Hillman-225 Hess, Bob-225 Hill, Barbara-225 Hill, Virginia-225 Hill, Nelda-225 Hinds, Jan-225 Hippchen, Fred-225 Hoffman, Phil-225 Hoffman, Vicki-225 Hollis, Pat-225 Holmes, Mike-225 Hooper, Martha-226 Howard, Patsy-226 Howell, Judy-226 Howell, George-226 Howell, Rosemary-226 Howze, Susan-226 Hudson, Kent-226 Huettel, Milton-226 Hull, John-226 Hunnicutt, Cinda-226 Hunt, Lacy-226 Hurd, Jo Van-226 Jackson, Judy-226 James, Loy-226 Jarrard, Bobby-226 Johnson Betty Ja-226 Johnson, Gary-226 Johnson Harry-226 Johnson, Janice-226 Johnson, Todd-226 Jones, Bobbie Jean-227 Jones, Dianne-227 Jones, Jayne-227 Jones, Marilyn-227 Jones, Mike-227 Jones, Tony-227 Kaden, Hayden-227 Kalman, Miriam-227 Kaminsky, Ricky-227 Kaplan, Marion-227 Kaufman, Stanley-227 Karr, Carolyn-227 Keilin, Eugene-227 Kelley, Judy-228 Kelly, Mike-228 Kendall, Jari-228 Kennedy, Alta Ann-228 Kenslow, Michael-228 Kent, Loyce-228 Kester, Teddy-228 Kidd, Albert-228 Kieschnick, Jerry-228 Kimbell, Carol-228 Kimball, Kay-228 King, Anna Jean-228 King, Karolyn-228 King, Mike-228 King, Nona-228 Kinzer, John-228 Kitchel, Jean-228 Klare, Mary Jane-228 Kline, Dolores-228 Konig, Sandra-229 Kott, Gary-229 Kowalski, Carolyn-229 Korose, Bob-229 Lackey, Terri-229 Landesman, Louise-229 Lanford, Dorothy-229 Langston, Marsha-229 Larow, John-229 Lavery, Carol-229 Leaman, Loretta-229 Lee, Charlene-229 Lee, Kathleen-230 Lee, Vicky-230 Leigh, Bill-230 Levi, Lynn-230 Levine, Dana-230 Levy, Jerome-230 Lewis, Jeffry,-230 Lewis, Mike-230 Lewis, Sidney-230 Lieber, Lester-230 Lillie, Ellen-230 Lindsay, Pam-230 Lipscomb, Greg-231 Lodge, Carole-231 Long, Linda-231 Looney, Ken-231 Looper, Bill-231 Lorton, Linda-231 Lowey-Ball, Albert-231 Lowey-Ball, Alfred-231 Loyd, Delia-231 Mackey, Bob-231 Maier, Linda Jo-231 Main, Richard-231 Manley, Larry-231 Marcus, Sharon-231 Marshall, Valerie-231 Mason, Nancy-231 Martin, Helen-231 Matthews, Judy-231 Maxwell, Mike-231 Medlin, Matie Belle-231 Melcher, Paulette-232 Merriman, Rachel-232 Miles, Judy-232 Miller, Alice-232 Miller, Linda-232 Miller, Linnea-232 Miller, Sandy-232 Milligan, Pat-232 Milstead, George-232 Mitchell, Carl-232 Mitchell, Steve-232 Moates, Ruth-232 Montgomery, Susan-232 Moon, Mary Jane-232 Moore, Jim-232 Moorehead, Sandra-232 Moonen, Carolyn-2328 Moreno, Betty-232 Morgan, Bill-232 Morgan, Darlene-232 Morlan, Ann-233 Morris, Karen Ann-233 Morrison, Mary Kate-233 Moses, Betsy-233 Moshier, Ann 233 Mundt, Joe-233 Murray, Bob-233 Murphy, Dee Ann-233 Murphy, Jerry-233 Musgrove, Glenda-233 McCain, Ronald-233 McCarroll, Pat-233 McGlaun, Skeeter-234 McClean, Barbara--234 McCleary, Judith-234 McDaniel, Melinda-234 McDonal, Dondra-234 McHatton, Johnny-234 Mclntyre, Dianne-234 McKeever, lntz-234 McKenna, Marian-234 McLean, Gayle-234 2Bl Nanson, Jackie-234 Nealon, Alan-234 Newell, Tom-234 Nordyke, Larry-234 Norman, Susan-234 Norris, Frances-234 Northcott, Kaye-234 Norwood, Robert-234 Newton, Dennis-234 Oldsen, Judie-234 Olivier, Brian-235 Olmstead, Frances-235 Olmstead, Harold-235 Olson, Patsy-235 Ori, Pat-235 Ozmun, Sandy-235 Patterson, Sue-235 Patterson, Jack-235 Phelps, Judy-235 Parmely, Margie-235 Payne, Sonny-235 Peabody, Kathleen-235 Peets, Richard-236 Pegoda, Johnny-236 Penland, Penny-236 Pennick, Ronnie-236 Pennycuick, Kay-236 Peschke, Jerry-236 Pierce, Pat-236 Pierce, Steve-236 Pilcher, Carol-236 Pittman, Marianne-236 Plant, Joyce-236 Plotkin, Joyce-236 Poole, Jan-236 Pope, Wendy-236 Porter, Donna-236 Posey, Jane-236 Poutous, Lovie-236 Prediger, Carol-236 Prestridge, Sandy-236 Price, Barbara-236 Provada, Joan-237 Pruett, Billy-237 Puzin, Michelle-237 Qualtrough, Susan-237 Queen, Sibyl-237 Quick, Karen-237 Quillin, Linda-237 Rabby, Pat-237 Rainwater, Charles-237 Rambo, Virgil-237 Raney, Larry-237 Rankin, Marla-237 Reaben, Gail-238 Reagan, Marty-238 Reese, Becky-238 Reese, Jane-238 Redd, Nancy-238 Redfield, Waynette-238 Redmon, Chuck-238 Reinhart, Judy-238 Reynold, Sandra-238 Ridge, .lim-238 Riley, Sue-238 Robbins, Sylvia-238 Roberts, Barbara-239 Robertson, JoAnn-239 282 Robinson, Charlotte-239 Robinson, Kris-239 Rogers, Beverly-239 Rountree, Marcia-239 Rosenbloom, Sue-239 Rossburn, Sandy-239 Roten, Norma-239 Roth, Sherry-239 Rubenstein, Marvin-239 Rutherford, Sara Lou-239 Ryals, Judy-239 Sampson, Lloyd-239 Sanderford, Bryan-239 Sanders, Ray-239 Sarff, Jeff-239 Sawyer, Steve-239 Schnatterer, Linda-239 Schneider, Craig-239 Seale, Sharon-240 Sears, Tommy-240 Seay, David-240 Settle, Pat-240 Shayne, Judy-240 Sheppard, Brian-240 Sherwin, Bonnie-240 Sherwood, Pat-240 Siegel, Norman-240 Silberman, Maura-240 Silverstein, Merle-240 Simon, Haryet-240 Sims, Ray-240 Sinclair, Julia-240 Sivley, Judy-240 Skinner, Cecille-240 Slocum, Julia-240 Smith, Buddy-240 Smith, Cathy-240 Smith, Dayton-240 Smith, Harold-241 Smith, Norman-241 Smith, Sandy-241 Smith, Sydney-241 Smither, Mopsy-241 Snead, Susan-241 Soehnlein, Joan-241 Sparks, Beth-241 Spedden, Connie-241 Speights, Jim-241 Spencer, Patricia-241 Spinks, Cornelia-241 Stafford, Linda-242 Stagg, Bill-242 Stanley, Barbara-242 Steinback, George-242 Stevens, Annette-242 Stevens, Jan-242 Stephens, Mary-242 Stephenson, Patrick-242 St. Germain, Johnny-242 Slick, Bonnie-242 Sturdevant, John-242 Stowell, Kenna-242 Stradinger, Judy-242 Stribling, Kay-242 Strickland, John-242 Strauss, Meta-242 Strauss, Neil-242 Sublett, Kay-242 Suhler, Cynthia-242 Summers, Melinda-242 Summers, Ronald-243 Swilley, Roberta-243 Tant, Bob-243 Tarses, Carolyn-243 Taylor, Anne-243 Taylor, Diane-243 Teas, Tommy-243 Terry, Margo-243 Terry, Neva-243 Thomas, Bill-243 Throgmorton, Elizabeth 243 Throgmorton, Mary-244 Thornberg, Lee-244 Trail, Lee-244 Tucker, Barbara-244 Tully, Dana-244 Turner, Joyce-244 Turrentine, Mary Sue 244 Ullrich, Sheila-244 Urey, Jane-244 Van Eaton, Nancy-244 Van Olphen, Willemien 244 Van Osdall, John-244 Varisco, Maxine-244 Veik, Linda-244 Venghiattis, Laurette-244 Veselka, Shelly-244 Vickers, Bobby-244 Voight, Jane-244 Vogt, Janet-244 Wade, Don-245 Walker, Ann-245 Walton, Nancy Jane-245 Walrath, Jay-245 Warren, Carol-245 Warren, Ruth-245 Washburn, Max-245 Watson, Luan-245 Wayne, Lelaine-245 Webb, Judy-245 Webb, Nancy-245 Weber, Johnny-245 Weintraub, Joey-246 Wells, Walter-246 Wempe, Anneke-246 Westmoreland, Harry 246 White, David-246 White, Elizabeth-246 white, Philip-246 Whitefield, Pattie-246 Whiting, Sandy-246 Wight, Judy Bob-246 Willhelm, David-246 Willie, Pat-246 Wills, Berry-247 Wilson Wilson Wilson I Wilson, Wilson, Carole-247 Carole Ann-247 Karen-247 Martha-247 Suanne-247 Wilt, Harry-247 Wilson, Dorothy-247 Wiper, Pat-247 Woodruff, Sands-247 Worthman, Sabra-247 Wukman, Carolyn-247 Wukman, Marilyn-247 Yancey, Doyle-247 Young, Gille-247 Zal, Rita-247 Zeisman, Jean-247 SENIOR Abbey, Mike-150 Adelson, Saline-150 Akkerman, Carol Jo-150 Akkerman, Richard-150 Allums, David-150 Alpha, Ken-150 Ammons, Stanley-150 Anderson, Kay-l5O Anderson, Martha-151 Anderson, Teddy-l 51 Angle, Linda-151 Arbuckle, Donna-l5l Armstrong, Charlene-151 Aron, Larry-151 Atchley, Delores-151 Atkinson, Tommy-151 Axelrod, Barbara-151 Bacon, Suzanne-I 5l Baernstein, Elene-151 Bailey, Sandra-151 Bainum, Don-151 Baker, Judy-151 Baker, Peggy-152 Balsom, Terry-152 Banks, Julia-T52 Bannerot, Richard-152 Barnes, Bette-152 Barr, Judy-152 Barricklo, Kenneth-152 Basquez, Judy-152 Bazarsky, Walter-152 Beasley, Ellis-152 Becwar, Mary-l 52 Beery, Dwight-152 Behrend, Barbara-152 Belcore, Pat-152 Bell, Judy-152 Bell, Patti-153 Berg, Sara-153 Bergus, Mike-153 Beyer, Roselie-153 Bickley, Harold-153 Bishop, Martha-153 Bishop, Mildred-153 Black, Clinton-153 Blacklidge, Judy-154 Blankenship, Sue-154 Blanton, Jo Alice-154 Blanton, Taylor-154 Bloch, Georgia-154 Bookman, Ronnie-154 Booher, Sonia-154 Boone, Yvonne-154 Borland, Ronald-154 Bossin, Ben-154 Bowden, Mark-154 Bradley, Pat-154 Brand, Maxine-154 Brandt, Janet-154 Bratton, Douglas-154 Breedlove, Judy-155 Brennan, John--155 Bresky, Adelaide-155 Bresky, Marillyn-155 Broesche, Ann-155 Bromberg, Elaine-155 Brooks, Debbie-155 Brooks, Robert-155 Broussard, Jim-155 Brown, Phil-156 Brown, Tom-156 Brownlee, Robert-156 Bruton, Bette-156 Bryan, Jan-156 Bumar, Phyllis-156 Bunnar, Roy-156 Burgdorf-156 Burge, Billy-156 Butler, Thorpe-157 Callaway, Lynda-157 Camp, Sally-157 Cangemi, Josephine-157 Cannon, Anne-157 Cantella, Dicky-157 Carr, Bob-157 Carr, Kenneth-157 Carrier, Linda-157 Carson, Kent-157 Carter, Deanne-157 Carter, Steve-157 Casey, Pat-157 Cashman, Kathy-157 Chavanne, Claire-157 Chenault, Bill-158 Chernosky, Gayle-158 Childerhose, Jean-158 Claire, Lorelei-158 Clark, Lee-158 Cloninger, Carole-158 Cobb, Thomas-158 Cohen, Jerry-158 Cohen, Ronnie-158 Cohn, Joel-158 Colburn, Sam-158 Cole, Sheryl-158 Collier, Boyd-158 Collins, Cookie-158 Comardo, Toni-158 Cooke, Lynda-159 Cooper, Cecile-159 Cowdin, Karren-159 Crandall, Kay-159 Crooker, Evelyn-159 Crossley, Sue-159 Crowe, Eddie-159 Cunningham, Gene-159 Cunningham, Paul-159 Cunningham, Richard 159 Curd, Henry-160 Curry, Kay-160 Cyr, Penny-160 Dallis, Deborah-164 Dalton, John-160 Darilek, Charles-160 Darnell, Dennis-160 Daughety, Mike-160 Davis, Frank-160 Davis, Phil-160 Davis, Roy-160 Daum, Sandra-160 Day, Betty-160 Day, Marsha-160 De Foy, Walter-160 Delany, Bobby-161 Denmark, Kathleen-161 De Rouen, Betty-161 Dickson, Finley-161 Dillashaw, Harry-161 Dillistone, Pat-161 Dixon, Ann-161 Dodge, Carl-161 Donaldson, Mary Linda 161 Dorsett, Tommie Lou-162 Douglas, Harry-162 Drake, Richard-162 Drane, Russell-162 Driscoll, Charles-162 Dubrow, Daveley-162 Dufresne, Suzanne-162 Dunlap, Jeanne-162 Dunn, Alfred-162 Dunn, Linda-163 Dushkin, Sue Anne-163 Dyess, Glynn-163 Edwards, Don-163 Edwards, Janne-163 Edwards, Paul-163 Ehni, George-163 Elmendorf, Pat-163 Ellis, Karen-163 Ellis, Kathi-163 Embrey, Jeanie-163 Emmert, Max-163 Emmott, Claire-163 Englesmith, Teias-163 Eslinger, Bob-163 Esposito, Anita-164 Estes, Wylene-164 Eichner, Linda-164 Evans, Griff-164 Faulkner, Nina-164 Faust, Sandra-164 Feld, Carol-164 Felton, Donna Sue-164 Fendley, Becky-164 Feray, John-164 Finch, David-164 Fisher, Anne-164 Fitch, Ann-164 Fogle, Charlotte-164 Fortenberry, Clyde-165 Francis, Tom-165 Frank, Jane-165 Frank, John-165 Frank, Susan-165 Freeman, Bill-165 Friedman, Gerry-165 Friedman, Mel-165 Friou, Jim-165 Frosch, Diana-166 Frost, Barbara-166 Frucht, Brenda-166 Gairing, Robert-166 Garman, Judy-166 Garst, Jimmy-166 Gillies, Bobby-166 Glanzer, Janis-166 Glick, Donna-166 Gluckman, Joe-166 Goltzman, Ronald-166 Goode, Gloria-166 Gravell, Bob-166 Graves, Tom-166 Gray, Carolyn-166 Grazier, Mary-167 Greene, Maury-167 Gresham, Eddie-167 Grevsky, Barbara-167 Griffith, David-167 Grisaffi, B. J.-167 Griswold, Linda-167 Groenwegen, Jim-167 Guess, Carolyn-167 Guest, Sandra Lee-168 Gurwell, Steve-168 Hackett, Amy-168 Hall, Jimmy-168 Hamilton, Bruce-168 Hamilton, James-168 Haner, Lancey-168 Hanovice, Elaine-168 Hanson, Dick-168 Hanson, Judy-169 Hanssard, Richard-169 Harbican, Janet-169 Harper, Lynda-169 Harwell, Susie-169 Haufrect, Alan-169 Haythorn, Ric-169 Heck, Barbara-169 Hefner, Jeannie-169 Helander, Robert-169 Hellums, Bob-169 Hendon, Doris-169 Hewitt, Jane-169 Hewitt, Josephine-169 Hiett, Linda-169 High, Rayford-170 Hinrichs, Suanna-170 Hippard, Leah-170 Hitchcock, John-170 Hite, George-170 Rochstein, Rachelle-170 Hodell, Betty-170 Hodges, Mike-170 Hoffman, Adele-170 Hoffman, Rochelle-170 Hohle, Jeanette-170 Holley, Dick-170 Holm, Gail-170 Hood, Bob-170 Houston, Janya-170 Howard, Barbara-171 Hudgins, Ramona-171 Hudgins, Sylvia-171 Hudson, Dudley-171 Hudson, Radar-171 Huffman, Kay-171 Hughes, David-171 Hughes, Halbert-171 Humber, Johnny-172 Israel, Allen-172 James, Meredith-172 Jeffrey, Bill-172 Jewett, Harry-172 Johnson, Jimmy-172 Johnston, Carlin-172 Johnston, Linette-172 Jones, Patricia-172 Jones, Stephen-172 Jones, Sue-172 Jones, Susan-172 Kahn, Alfred-172 Kantrovich, Florence-172 Kellogg, Pete-172 Kennedy, Dixie-173 Kerby, Carol-173 Kerr, Bob-173 King, Carol-173 King, Kay-173 King, Linda-173 King, Steve-173 Kinney, Sue-173 Klein, Harvey-173 Knox, Helen-174 Koehler, Betty Joan-174 Koontz, Ernie-174 Kopecky, Patricia-174 Kottwitz, Bob-174 Koury, Karen-174 Krull, Judy-174 Krull, Linda-174 Krauss, Jean-174 Kubricht, Mary Ruth-175 Kuhleman, Kay-175 Kuhn, Dallas-175 Kuntz, Douglas-175 Kuper, Mickey-175 LaBoon, Bruce-175 Lane, David-175 Leatherwood, Ann-175 LeClere, Frances-175 Left, Leonard-175 Lefkowitz, Sid-175 Leiman, Helen-175 Lesky, Linda-175 Leslie, Charles-175 Lester, Ella-175 Levin, Jack-176 Lewis, Adele-176 Lewis, Anne-176 Lindsey, Georgetta-176 Lindley, Jimmy-176 Lindley, Patsy-176 Lindhout, Barbara-176 Lobb, Jimmy-176 Loeb, Mike-176 Lognion, Hubert-176 Long, Mary Ellen-176 Lukert, John-176 Lurie, Anitra-176 283 Mackie, Gail-176 Macow, Barbara-176 Maltz, Barry-177 Martin, Frances-177 Martin, Kathy-177 Martin, Marilyn-177 May, Norma-177 Meredith, Donnie-177 Mevis, Judy Ann-177 Milam, Henry-177 Miller, Buddy-177 Miller, Charlene-177 Miller, Doug-178 Millet, Kay-178 Mitchell, June-178 Molik, Terry-178 Montgomery, Colette 178 Montgomery, Gary-178 Montgomery, Nancy-178 Moonen, Charlene-178 Moore, Don-178 Moore, James-178 Moreno, Linda-178 Morgan, John-178 Morgan, Weldon-178 Morris, Gary-179 Motley, Jerry-179 Murders, Dora-179 Murray, Bob-179 Myers, Lorraine-179 McArthur, Foster-179 McCabe, Carolyn-179 McCaskill, Betty-179 McCauley, Dee Ann-180 McConnell, Wardie-180 McCoy, Bill-180 McCutcheson, Tommy 180 McDaniel, Melvyn-180 McDaniel, Mildred-180 McEntee, Marguerite 180 McFarland, Norman-180 McKaig, Harry-180 McKinnie, Carol-181 McLeod, Milton-181 McMurrey, Mary Charlene 181 McPhail, Jane-181 Nathan.. Marvin-181 Natho, Margaret-181 Neal, Bill-181 Neel, Nancy-181 Newberry, Carol-181 Newland, Stewart-181 Noland, Richard-181 Norton, Gary-181 Oakes, Bob-181 Oelfke, Bill-181 O'Heeron, John-182 Oliver, Elizabeth-182 Oshman, Judy-182 284 Owens, Eddie-182 Palmer, Carol-182 Parish, Carol-182 Parker, Charles-182 Parmley, Jean-182 Patrick, S. W.-182 Peabody, Nan-182 Pearce, Barbara-182 Pearce, Bill-182 Peebles, Ted-182 Pennick, Tommy-182 Peters, Kay-183 Petrick, Tom-183 Pflughaurt, Elliott-183 Pickell, Milby-183 Pickens, Donna-183 Pickett, Sharon-183 Pickler, Patricia-183 Pickles, Bill-183 Pierce, Jayne-183 Pierce, Pat-184 Pingenot, Jeannine-184 Pitcher, Bill-184 Popkin, Pam-184 Porter, Bill-184 Potts, Donna-184 Prescott, Lansing-184 Proler, Nina-184 Prost, Jeanene-184 Pruett, Danny-184 Puckette, Nancy-184 Puffer, Bill-184 Putney, Rayburn-184 Pye, Walter-184 Pyle, Margaret-184 Quick, Elizabeth-185 Quillin, Patsy-185 Quinlan, Joan-185 Radke, Sharon-185 Ramsey, Jane-185 Ratliff, Ann-185 Reed, Suzanne-185 Reeves, Betty-185 Reeves, Carole-185 Reeves, Rayth-186 Reeves, Terry-186 Rembert, Ken-186 Renz, Lily Ann-186 Reynolds, Peggy-186 Richie, Ronnie-186 Ritchson, Sharon-186 Rittenhouse, Betsey-186 Roach, Susan-186 Robbins, Mary-187 Roberts, Barbara-187 Roberts, .lim-187 Roberts, Joan-187 Robinson, Lyne-187 Robinson, Sally-187 Rogers, Carol-187 Rogers, Jess-187 Romick, Patricia-187 Rosenblum, Henry-187 Rosenthall, Lorraine-187 Rosenzweig, Barbara 187 Ross, Alene-187 Rostrom, Norann-187 Rowe, Johnny-187 Runnels, Jim-187 Ryan, Connie-188 Samuels, Vic-188 Santullo, Linda-188 Scarborough, Gordon 188 Schaffer, Harriet-188 Scharck, Terry-188 Schelnik, Jack-188 Schempf, Jay-188 Schoepple, Jim-188 Seale, J. D.-188 Sears, Chuck-188 Segers, Barbara-188 Seidel, Andy-188 Sellers, Sandy-188 Selsky, Richard-189 Settle, Judy-189 Seward, Carol-189 Shane, Melba-189 Shanks, George-189 Shira, Linda-189 Shirley, Claire-189 Shlenker, Gay-189 Schultz, Myra-189 Simmer, Sandra-190 Simpson, Dick-190 Sipe, Barbara-190 Skelly, Teddy-190 Small, Edmund-190 Smith, Anita-190 Smith, Carolyn-190 Smith, Caryl-190 Smith, Sandra-190 Smith, Steve-190 Smith, Tim-190 Solis, Tony-190 Spahr, Brenda-190 Spalding, Pat-190 Sprong, Cynthia-190 Staats, Dave-191 Stancliff, Tommy-191 Stanley, Russell-191 Stettner, Linda-191 Stewart, Steve-191 Stone, Edward-191 Strickland, Virginia-191 Sumner, Alan-191 Sumners, Marte-191 Sutton, Ed-192 Sweet, Dale-192 Tarsney, Kathy-192 Taylor, Nancy-192 Taylor, Terry-192 Templin, Skip-192 Thalmar, Ted-192 Tharp, Robert-192 Thompson, Hunter-192 Thruston, Eddie-193 Thompson, Mimi-193 Tindal, Judy-193 Tirado, Charlie-193 Tomlinson, Janette-193 Traupe, Carolyn-193 Treybig, Jimmy-193 Tuma, Dale-193 Tunnell, Dian-193 Turk, Larry-193 Turner, Donna-193 Van Amburgh, Ronnie 193 Vick, Sandra-193 Vickrey, Don-193 Voss, Joan-193 Wade, Richard-194 Wadler, Roberta-194 Wakefield, Gayle-194 Whitefield, Dwite-194 Walker, Bobby-194 Walker, Lynn-194 Walker, Patricia-194 Wallace, Jeanette-194 Walton, Nancy-194 Ward, John-194 Warren, Don-194 Warren, Ernest-194 Watkins, Beverly-194 Watson, Tracy-194 Wayne, Barbara-194 Weaver, Barry-195 Webber, Suzie-195 Weeks, Mary Ellen-195 Weison, Allen-195 Welsh, Linda-195 Werlin, Alice-195 Whitaker, Bill-195 White, Don-195 White, Dean-195 White, Francine-196 White, Marilyn-196 Wilkerson, Bill-196 Williams, Billye Sue-196 Williams, Cathy-196 Williams, Frances-196 Williams, Jimmy-196 Willoughby, Jimmy-196 Wilson, Bob-196 Wolff, Bobbie-197 Wolff, Nelson-197 Woodruff, Betty Jean 197 Wright, Kenneth-197 Wyatt, Betty-197 Wynn, Carolyn-197 Wynne, Frank-197 Yellen, Jerry-197 Yokom, Lynda-197 York, James-198 Young, Judy-198 Zapp, Steve-198 f 1 k' If 7! 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Suggestions in the Bellaire High School - Carillon Yearbook (Bellaire, TX) collection:

Bellaire High School - Carillon Yearbook (Bellaire, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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