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1 I r N. r. .l U' V. o,,- V '. VNV? -. nug- ,. -r Tiff , , TNI" -1 silt' -I-. x'r I:-.' ,-N , I-1, nm- ,X fuk ur, . nl, - x . 1 ri . 3, . 1 yr . 'Il ' n 5-F.. .., ..f , 4,5 N, Aw, k K fi-!1.,'1f:':'.' . - ' -K -,1 Iii-X:.k?Y:ERHLX ' W W 5150 wi ww W ijlgaqxg '25 'Sy Y. if fi xjx .' A v- P a 'lbx vi ' Q , -1-5 --fx - 3A , , 1 Q 5, ,, Lxqp ' 'J-. N-.xx X1 K If kx ' K X ji? ' x 9 ' .J ,Q K H Ax 'BP UG '- V W ' Q -i, 14 x44 Q -mia Q Oracle W I 1 3 9 Ways std U! N X PROLOGUE C7 it J'D F it l Since the beginnings of Time, vo MIK-E7 Ou UJQRQN IDM Al llts Qwitinixlieif tfloutlsgppj IN Quccfl ,BDU LMQKG fflorN7 QKNA, XDQIJIAIT QUQiQql man has been In search of the future. . He has looked forward in owe and bewilderment, 5 vkklls lm Bl " fearing and yet intensely desiring Z Q l"l' Xl Fl H to discern his fate through the beaded curtain of Time. il IM CAI AMI A I I During the Grecian Era, his desires were fulfilled Sgxlg What' withtheadventoftheOracIes. T7-Si JI97QKS 'UNF C0 j These prophets, with their mystic powers, closed the gap between man and his future. with op Their visions brought the answer to man's eternal question, "What shall become of me?" N 1 J Now, the Oracles exist no more, ' lost with his dust is the power of prevision. . Yet, Man, unaided still gropes for the future, I , and occasionally catches a glimpse of his meaning will I qi! through the hazy mirror ofthe past. As students, we, too search for our destinies. K r , And with the search comes the desperate quest for a word, a look, a movement which might reveal if o fate lying ready at our feet. H The Oracle, 'I967 is your past, look hard at its pages. ORACLE Remember each moment of your life, and perhaps if that moment is perfect, You will see a Vision of the Future. llrsfglgsfic. we MEM IWVZTSW . ACADEMIC .......... CLASSES .... . . . ATHLETICS ....... . . . MQW 23 ffffiflwf ORGANIZATIONS ...... ACTIVITIES ..... . . . I I6 A I WMV. v Students crowd Qhe cafeteria as Qhey fill their lunch trays wiih a familiar entree- hamburgersl A Vision of Leisure Ray Kreurz naps peacefully in c library siudy hail. 4 --gnu. ::'s':.- iiicigygc-dx l'2.:gi:-.. :req- , -L.. 3311:i5 .. :iglgtui iNU'Qg,55:., 'iig7Uj5.,: 'Sze-H., L4 5' 42332. .!,.i:K i-L-.5 ' ififrgf Q., V - -.NUM crm- - i:,,i ti ., ASP AEM: : Mrs. Elmore, Mr. Stout, Mr. Knackstedt, and Mr. Williams find relaxation in the teacher's room. The fatiguing pressures of everyday school life go on incessantly, tensions mount, tempers flare, nerves stretch to the breaking point. Teachers and students plan their time praying fora moment of leisure, a moment to relax. For teachers that moment may come as they enter the hazy faculty lounge. Here members can talk quietly, sip a Coke, or simply relax, away from the noisy hustle of activity that goes on outside the door. For students, the moment may occur in a boring class, where a soft chair or ci handy desk lends itself well to a short nap. Whether the time is lunch-hour, before school, or between classes, each of us needs his moment of rest, a time to refresh and renew. So we linger in the shadow of activity, xx hesitating for a second, hoping that in some secluded corner we will see A Vision of Leisure. -so ment" -'Et X ee Junior, Kathy Lauis, finds enioyment in reading -'wi :JY -W , . 4 . , Q Mr Busch and Mr svw exploan fo the Senior high swaem one of flwe many perplexing problems of chemis- rfy, dmmfng aceric acid and Checking Us bonmg point Sludenvs snuggwe an comprehend solmiom in mcvh as Mr. Williams explains G 'rig pmblem. -xi .wt .N Y' I v The flight of mon's life is determined by his quest for knowledge. Under the influence of the humanities man learns of his past as well as ofthe present. Comprehending math and science gives man a general conception of the future which can be applied to his foundation of education. Through the teaching ofthe practical arts, home economics, shop, typing, man learns much to aid him in his future occupation, Physical education not only strengthens the body, but also helps to develop man mentally through group and individual relationships. Education is the foundation for man's knowledge, but the real key to activities and accomplishments is man's own experience. Our accomplishments will bloom from our past perception of knowledge. Fulfillment of the future will be seen through A Vision of Learning. The rhythmic beat of the drum brings coordination and poise to BHS girls os they do modern dance exercises. Bob Woods and Pam Dowd learn as they searc and discover in the library. lx ,xx A .. t asus. - 1 '!F' Spirited rumors, Pam Neff, Gail Erehenberger, Debbie Marshall, and Mertiri- Here these Students defend their pletferme ee they Seek Dennis Moore, pefrifipme in Student Body Forums, mangled by Jam eleevierv of Student body president ter the '67-'65 wheel veer- As the year begins school spirit awaits a new master. Seniors bring with them memories that rekindle spirit in their last year at BHS. Juniors, anticipating their promotion to senior status, foresee a chance to cultivate leadership that they will need in the following year. Though, new to the ways ofthe Senior High, Sophomores try to ignite spirit for future races. Thus, each year begins, and thus, each year ends: the seniors leave sadly, and the iuniors rise triumphantly, and the sophomores pledge more participation. But within each heart lurks a tender place for Bayless and every student looks farward, hoping to recognize A Vision of Spirit. Seniors devote their alter school hours to decorate for Senior Day during School Spirit Week. 8 I 1 fi' .- Siudenf body cheers Bronchos onward as they score 2 for Bayless. A Vision of Spirit s., 4... Q... Nw..- N' .. X nav '43 fl J ' - ' -m iii' . .., . , A , hifi V A wif A, r' - T 'y-fi- A 'xl .., fi Kj -. - Q iv i: 31- f ' 2 so' ' 1 F F7 F, ., 4 ' 1 - r A .. -was - " n who ' pr zo , ii Q ,LQ M j ' ' "l. ' I X 1 ' X xr i li Q' 'N 2 ,, ,. v W ,U Q , ' Y 9 E ,ft I F Q in f ri A , A E ' 3, Q3 1 T ' s ...lx ' ,, i ' U' fe ! Preparing for their Hrs! class-sponsored dance sophomores string sirecmers in on oitempk to irunsform vhe room into a "Mod Hop". 1 1 ti til :S e Mr. Croddock illustrates o few "tricks of the trade" to his iournalism students. Since schooling began there have always been, in one form or another, outside activities that expand and improve our general knowledge. Through certain activities such as publications, we develop a sense of teamwork. Others provide chances for future occupational and vocational development. Dances, banquets, and club oFFairs give us important practices in social graces. Though the years may blur their memories, time and again we will look back with pleasure upon A Vision of Activities. .. .:'e:!! , X ,, : . . 5 4 ,J U! f rzm fi ' 'L.. 1. ' f 59 xx g 1 S YI fllf V' Q- m-Q "wharf Bob Fischer and Carl VanAIstine investigate new angles for dromatics pictures. Since the advent of man, the arts have played a major role in the development of civilization. Through them, we have found a way of expressing our inner turmoils, yeornings, and frustrations. We have experienced the exhilaration of accomplishment and known the warmth of deep human communication. Whether the work is o painting, a song, a photograph, or an impressive piece of drama, it is, nevertheless, our own, an unoliencble part of our being that cannot be erased by war, by violence, or by Time. Though mankind moy look back upon this era in a thousand years, there will still remain one eternal proof of our existence. This proof will be found through A Vision of the Arts. A Vision of the Arts .gg 'Ry-1 .X is Two careful artists, Dave Metfert ond Bill Giachetto, give attention to water color techniques under the guidance of Mr. Coughlin. lik, , T i D Fun: as ister: timber: c at lalltim Faces as well as voices portray mixed emotions oi choir students as rehearse for up-coming concert. Members of the Pep Band ignite spirit at basketball games through at halftirnes. ey i t they Backstage before curtain time a more experienced Gail King gives Vince Hirning an assist with make-up. music , -WM., 13 Juniors, Sue Fcssler, Mike Meyer, and Senior, Greg Conroy, use their imaginations to create a vision in oil. Our future lies in tomorrow's shadows. It haunts us day and night, torturing our minds and imaginations as we grape tor a plan ofthe new existence that we will experience after leaving our alma mater. Each student mus! search for himself, for Destiny depends onthe individual, the one who will be the maker of tornorrow's world, the one who will mold its future. Man's role in the drama of tomorrow's creation is an important one, But it is now that each of us rnust take the proper measures to determine our true goals in life, for we will not be allowed to waste one precious scene. Only through proper training and guidance, tempered with ambition and initiative, will we look into the crystal ball of knowledge and behold with ioy A Vision ofthe Future. Mr. Sater, guidance counselor, talks over me luture occupa- tional plans with Greg Scan. i,, 4 -ni .I occupa- 4! 'J ,J Nfis' Liane Cutsinger, along with other Juniors, gets measured for senior rings and anticipates their arrival. Kev Sims and Terri Lieber lend a helping hand ta Mr. Keller in measuring Madelyn Westlake for graduation cap and gown, which will permit the Seniors to step into the future. X X 3 I , 4 ---1 1 9:1291 A vlsloN OF Ag, The administration, faculty, and assistants have through the years organized, directed, and maintained the Bayless School District. Although originally one building and a handful ot students constituted Bayless, the district has grown to be a complex institute of learning. A continually increasing enrollment has led to added personnel, improved methods of instruction, and expansion. In the future, the progress of Bayless lies in A Vision of Academics. N of ACADEMICS ! Bmess "" if llll Mr. Bell and Mr. Ernst combine their efforts to improve the efficiency of the senior high school, o o o k Board and Administration Wor The purpose ofthe Administration is to execute the decisions of the Board. Superintendent, Mr. George Baxter, Principal, Mr. August Ernst, and Assistant Principal, Mr, Robert Bell, must put into effect these decisions. It is through their efforts that school policies can be carried out. Superintendent, Mr. Baxter, reviews policies before he makes an important decision. ' High Kimi. The Board of Education has one responsibility: to maintain a high standard of education within the Bayless School District. Through foresight and careful planning, members must coordinate an eltective and orderly school year for elementary and intermediate grades, as well as for junior and senior high schools. The various everyday problems which Board members must meet are often compounded by unusual or conflicting circumstances which arise during the yeor. Work To Improve School Facilities Seated: Quinton C. Keller, vice-president, Milton H, Fox Jr., tl, president, Virgil E, Boehm, member. 19 Mueller, member: Stanley J. Boehm, treasurer, David P. Sims, secretory, James gunna 'P EARNEST BAN, Mathematics, MISS JEANINE BUBASH, French, MERLE BUSCH, Science, MISS LOIS CHARLES, Homemaking, PAUL COOPER, Industrial Arts. Faculty Gives BERTRAND COUGHLIN, JR., Art, KENNETH CRADDOCK, Language Arts, Journalism, MRS. ANN DUCHEK, Latin, Language Arts, MRS, ESTELLE ELMORE, Librarian, WILLIAM GATLING, Language Arts, Speech. -15" r-" MISS ANN HARRELL, Physical Education, RAYMOND KELLER, Social Studies, Dramatics, THOMAS KIEHNE, Instrumental Music, JAMES KNACKSTEDT, Sacial Studies, ARNO KRACHT, Language Arts, 20 .A lf +I -.juli Je MPN 'T ,rw Guided ll ME U"I. W IU IW: WM We + Gives p Am: s WSC 1 - 3 .,, Nw 4-. A 4-5 THOMAS LOMBARDO, Physical Eduwnun, WILLIAM MALLOY, Language Arisp Miss MARILYN ' MASSMAN, Mathematics: JAMES MCCLINTOCK, Business Education, MRS. MARIE MILLER, Science: WILLIAM NOLAN, Social Studies. Guided Instruction v L I MISS KATHLEEN POHLIG, Language Arts: MRS. JESSIE ROSENOW, Special Educutiony HOWARD SATER, Counselorg MRS, BAR- L BARA SCIORTINO, Social Studies, RONALD STEELE, Business Education, I if I Q wx at ...S me HOWARD STREET, Social Studies: GARY STOUT, Sciencep MISS TONI THORNE, Spanish: SOL THURMAN, Sciencep ROBERT WILLIAMS, Mathematics. ff., ., M I ' 3, JCB Q I A N L u N , 71 kk . Q4 f I 4 . , , , Q , x, .,-.1 V, ' ,QM , '-' I ... ' 0-' ' - ' , I H iff rg.. f, , .mimi .-iff - 1 . ,' 1 21 Z 'ae Secretaries, Miss Noonan and Mrs. Wilde, fl-'lllll students' requests during u busy day. Mothers Club officers are: Standing ll. to r.J Zelda Lovelace, Rec. Sec., Elvera McFarland, Pres.: Joyce Jaby, Treas. Seated: Marcella Mueller, Corres. Sec., Lorraine Hardy, V-Pres. Parent Groups and Patrons Association officers are: ll. to r.l Robert Dierkes, Treas.g Mignerane, Sec., Norbert Cuba, Pres., John Messman, V-Pres. Paul 22 School Personnel Perhaps The least acknowledged of all school employees are the service personnel. They, as well as the parents organizations, work behind the scenes to improve and refine school operations. By ministering to student needs, personnel members render an invaluable service to Bayless. Through financial allotments, parents organizations help students carry through proiects which would otherwise be impossible. i 'l, . 'l'41'sh5, 4 fkdbmf Mutron, Mrs, Bacher, includes lunchroom soles among her many duties, -rsonne Refine School Operations .Wd K Mrs. Fiizgeralcl, school nurse, ministers to sfudenls wiihin the Bayless school system. k l d Mrs. Reinheimer, Mrs. Sveinbruegge, Mrs. Schumacher, and Mrs. McCauley. Senior High coo s inc u e 23 A VISION OF M55 E3 Just os society is divided into economic classes, so students are divided into ditterent classes, according to their levels ot learning. Although these divisions seem unimportant in lower grades, as students reach high school, they find that class divisions govern school lite. It becomes a note of distinction, a very dehnite part of one's character which gives students the energy to work tirelessly on projects that will prove their class has the most school spirit. Whether it is for a dance or a skit, a poster or the school song, class divisions give students the desire to better their school. For there lingers a hope that in future generations, , Bayless students may look upon some of our endeavors from 1967, qof CLASSES ! amass I1-I MII? llll -. N KATHLEEN HAHN Class V-Pres. '66, Pres. '67, S.C. Rep., Sec. '66, '67, SASC Delgote: MASC Delegate, Latin Club, Trees. '65, '66, Q5- ' JAMss MARriN Class Senator, Pres, '67, V-Pres. '67, S.C. Pep., Treos.'66, Pres. '67, MASC Honor society, Pres. '67f FTA: FHA, Delegate: Cross Country: Dromuvicsf mc, Sec.-Trees. '65, Pres. '66: Pep Hoff Sim- Clubg Library Assistant, Oracle Stuff. ,595 ,MG J' 1' Jun JACQUELINE ZIEMBA JUDWH MU'-'-'NS -il' 'F cms sec. '67, FTA, Pres. '67, FHA, Class Trees. '65, '66, '67f s.C. Rep-1 sweierres Club, V-Pres. '67, GAA: French Club, rim. '66: Latin Club, WWW Pep Club, Pres. '67, Basketball, v6l- "' FTA. PNC. PSP CI-fb: Science Club. -.-:mv Ieybully Hockey, Concert Choir, Hur- Gymnastics: Oracle Stott, Prom Re- .6,., meneires, Broncho Smit, Ed. '67. P0f'ef' Former Juniors Become Between the innocence of iunior high and the dignity of adulthood, one Gnds a rare species called Senior. There is no woy in which o senior may be defined, but he can easily be identified by his activities and ideas. He constantly informs underclassmen of his superiority, he dislikes homework, regulations, lunch line duty, and Monday mornings. He is always the last to arrive at school and the first to leave. He gets a big kick out of dances, Burger Chef, and "playing it cool". He thrives on six hours of sleep per night and lives only for the weekend. He rushes to class, crams for tests, ond makes the most of dating privileges. He con be put oft a basketball court, but not ol? the world, he can be kept out of trouble, but not out of life. He expresses his independence in many ways, ond finds moments to contemplate the vision ofthe future. He is indeed a rore and wonderful species . . . Senior, I967. 26 I8 sv, vm I N 'e1, BW: r '67, SL mx '56: Lneln clk, 'P 5d"l1Cl1l sun, pm h C0lTl6 STEPHEN ABLING Latin Club? Science Clubp Dramatics, Oracle Srqfi CHRIS ALBRECHT Lalin Club, Science Club, V4Pres. '67. LINDA ALEXANDER FHA, S.C. Repq Gymnaslicsp Marching Band. SANDRA ALEXANDER French Clubg Honor Socieiy, Sec. '67g FTA, V-Pres. '671 GAA, Pep Club: Hockey: Volleyballf Gymnasvicsg Cancer! Choir: Harmonelreg, 059 'Z -I Graduating Class of '67 451,77 CHERYL ALLEN GARY ARMBRUSTER Science Club VfPres '66- Truclcp TV Asslsfant. JANE AssAr FTA, Pep U JANET BACHMANN S.C. Rep.p French Cluby FNC, V-Pres. '66, Pres. '67. 27 Cl by Concert Cholry Omce Assisvanvf Broncho Svaff. 'R gl 'ik TERRY BAHN sc. Repq Dmmoeics. KENNETH BAI RD BARBARA BALDI Gymnastics. ANNE BARWICK SANDRA BATTEFELD S.C. Rep.: Pep Club: Gymnastics. RENEE BAUGHMAN FTA: Secretaries Club, Sec. '67: Pep Club, Gymnastics Class Ring Symbolizes REBECCA BEATTE S.C. Repq FHA, Speech Club, Pres. '67f Brancho Staff. SHARON BECKER FHA: Secretaries Club,'Pres, '67, GAA, Treas. '677 Pep Clubg Basketball: Volleyball: Hockey: Gymnastics: Oiice Assistant. 28 55" ,f- J Q-R5 und wf: P: 'J :MES WTB aut DLWA Trix! 51: Senior lifts-fi LYNN sscxmelen ED BERTRAM Truck. KEITH BEUER Baseball. CHARLES BIRMES Speech Club, Pres., V-Pres 66 Track Cross Country TV Assistant Dramutucs Broncho Stall. JAMES BITTER SUSAN BOHANNAN Class Pres, '65: S.C. Rep Senior Prestige MARIANN BONTE Honor Society, V-Pres. 67 Secretaries Club Pep Club Trees 66 C eer leader, Captain '66p Gymnastics Broncho Stuff Orocle Maud 65 JUDY BRAINERD MARILYN BROWN French Club, Latin Club. BARBARA BUCHMANN FNCp Secretaries Club: Gymnastics. JAMES CALAMIA Track: Student Manager, Basketball. THOMAS CARROLL S.C. Rep., V-Pres. '67, Science Club? Trackg is-nd "7 lr"f" Crass Country. Seniors Set Example llorllndt GARNET CAVANESS PAMALA COLEMAN Speech Club: Gymnasticsg Broncho Staff. ' CARL COLLINS Baseball, Basketball, Co-Captain '67. GREGORY CONROY Basketball. WV, QE g , Q 'Na' qu. for Underclassmen ROBERT DICKNEITE MARGARET DISCHBEIN FHA: Speech Club, MARILYN DISCHBEIN FHA, Speech Clubp Omce Assusvcnf Roseau ooensrs s.c, Rep,: FHA. HELEN CONSTANTI Secretaries Club Oflice Assistant SHARON COOMBS FTA FHA DAVID COY JERRY CUBA T 3, I 2 I F yr! "H: ROSEMARY DORN FNCQ V-Pres. '67g Speech Club. RICHARD DRAKE S.C. Rep.: Trcckp Concert Choir, TV Assiswnh Drcmakics. Faculty Members Give Q "X I W IX W PATRICIA DRESTE Class Senator: FHA: Speech Club, Sec.-Treas. '67, CATHERINE DUGGAN Gymnusfics. EDWARD ECKERT PAMELA EIRICH CIass Senuior, Sec. '66p S.C. Rep., Sec. '66f Latin Clubp FTM Drcmctics. DAVID ELLMER Track: Marching Bundy Siege Bundy Orchestra: Pep Bondi TV Assisi- cnt. GARY ERHARDT 32 mei! 'M wa Ihiiw-7 54' mv I' Seniors mmm H1158 rx, H, Secffe NANCY IIIGUSUI if U.: Se, 5 vm: mmm T5-I1 Wm IIIJM Wm 'I 1: :ml Wm Us Give i A, Dvumotie , Tl wi ROBERT EVANS Track. DIANE FEAR FHA, V-Pres. '67p Speech Club: Omce Assistant. Seniors Helpful Guidance CYNTHIA FELDMEIER FTA: FHM Secretaries Club: Speech Club, V-Pres. '679 Office Assistant. NANCY FERGUSON French Club, Sec. '67f Honor Society, Sec. '67p Science Club, Bronchc Staff. DIANE FLEDDERMANN Latin Club: FTA: FNCp GAAg Sp WILLIAM FLOWERS TV Assistant. KENNETH FLOYD Photographers Club, Pres. '67g dent Manager, Dromorics. WANDA FAYE FORD S.C. Rep.: FTA? FHA, Pep Club. eech Club: Gymnastics, 33 Science Club, Speech Clubg Basketball, Stu- 5 'sv .- r f .1 Q 'IS So bg MIKE GLENN Latin Club: Bcskelbcll. JANIS GLIEDT KATHERINE GLOWACKI Class Senuvorg Lclin Club: LINDA GOETTE Pep Club. X' f FTE ' , 'Zh - LYNN Fox w5:J5'g I 1 1 i - 4 . Class senever, TV Assievenr, nfemenee, Oracle seen. P Va ,L If . ' ,U nf . Pnmcm GILB 1.1 ef Lovin Club, Pep Club, v-Pres. '67, Cheerleader, cepreaf. 167. f 4 . -H Baton Twirlerp Marching Band: Stage Band. 'A Senior Leadership ls K 1 f"? ,e f IW4 A fall, hw - 5, FTA, Secretaries Club, Speech Club, Drumuvics. ' . ' s TQ . 4-J , fe 7 34 LINDA GLAIRON M-Lglpll S.C, Rep.p Honor Socieryp Pep Club, Science Clubf Marching Bond: Orcheslru, WT, C. " Concert Choir. W, JOHN GLASNER Ewing offtm, ip ls EDWARD ooswear BARBARA GRAHAM S.C. Rep.: FHA, Treas. '67g Gymnastics: Oltlce Assistant. CAROL GRAHAM .- FTAQ Secretaries Club, Speech Club: Concert Choirg Harmanettesg Omce "W ' Assistant. GERALD GROSSE Evident in Student Council ELIZABETH GUNTER FTAf FHA. JEAN HAMILTON GAA? Hockey, Gymnastics. JOYCE HANSCHMIDT FHAp Gymnasticsg Omce Assistant. THOMAS HARLAN 35 Basketball, Student Manager: Track, Student Manageri TV Assistant KATHLEEN HARTIGAN Latin Clubf FTA? Secretaries Cluby GAA, Sec. '67y Pep Club, Basketball: Volleyball. RICHARD HARTMANN Latin Club: Concert Choir. LINDA HEITER S.C. Rep,g FNCi Photographers Club, Pep Club, Broncha Slam Globe Repor- fer. SHARON HELTON PHIL HENDRICK5 Class Senaforp S,C, Rep.: Speerh Clubp Broncho Staff. RICHARD HEPPE Track: Cross Country. .l!' ' .aI -v-:I 1 x.. Senior Spirit Explodes VINCENT HIRNING Dramahcs. ROV HOLST Baseball: Basketballi Brcnchc Sfaff. 36 V ' 'K at Basketball Gomes V' M15 Q -1 , f . . 'ff 4 ' "'limWM,1flvx E' Y , wr... ROBERT HOOP5 Science Club, Latin Club: Marching Band, Stage Band: Pep Band: Orchestra: Concert Choir. SHARON JERCICK LADONNA JIRAL Debate Team: Library Assistant. JAMES JONES S.C. Rep., Speech Club: Conceri Choir, Dramalics. VERA KALKBRENNER FHA, Pres. '67, Oracle Skull. LINDA KELLER S.C. Rep.: French Club, Sec. '66, Latin Club: Honor Socievy, Orclieslrag Bmncho Staff. CAROL Klssewmen Laiin Club: FTA, see. '67: Gvmfiwifse GAIL KING Class Senator, V-Pres. '65g S.C. Rep., FTA: Photographers Clubp GAA, Pep Clvbi Speech Club, Sec.4Treus, '66p Cheerleader, Gymnastics, Concert Choir: Harmonenes. 37 CHARLES KNITTEL s.c, Rep., sAsc Delegale: swge sand. ofchewn, BARBARA KOERNER DONALD KORTE Science Club, Pres. '66: Cross Counlry: Baseball, Student Manager: Dramatics Asslsfanl, 100 Mule Club. KATHY KRAUS Class Senator: Secrelaries Club: GAA: Pep Club: Cheerleader: Gymnastics: Branchc Stuff, Seniors Reminisce Over RICHARD KRLSTOF Class Senator. KAREN LARWILL French Club, V-Pres. '66, Pres. '67: Honor Socieiy: FTA: Concert Choir: Libra ry Assistant: Dramalics. TERRILEE LIEBER Class Senator: S.C. Rep.: GAA: Hockey. DALE LILBU RN 38 Pusl S IUNN lm: Sch-,C :X 5.5: WWW km Illljggwi , W ykig WMM ll Ellllhv Mak S v lV6I' ,y Chain , f Q X Post School Years JOHN LYDON Basketball, Student Mcncgerg Concert Choir: Drumaticsi Broncho Stuff, SHARON MACK Pep Club. CHRISTINE MAUL S.C, Sec. '67: Latin Club, FTA, Secretaries Club: Pep Club: Science Club: speech Club: Library Assistant. DENNIS MAY S.C. Rep.: Speech Club, Marching Bondi Stage Bond: PEP Bondi Conte' Choir. BARRY LINGLE EDWARD LINN JANE lOEHR Gymncsticsg Office Assistant JUDY lUENI NG Gymnastics. 39 .1 X 64' 'S 11 .4 Q ...L -1 'W yr., sus., CHERYL MEIER Class Senutory S,C. Rep.p French Clubp FTAg Pep Clubg Science Club: Carmen Clmirg Hcrrnonettesp Drcmutics: Oracle Stull. TONI MESSMANN Latin Clubp FTAp Secretar ies Clubg Broncho Stoll. Seniors Make Final SANDRA MEYER FHA, V-Pres. '67, FNC, Sec.-Trees. '66, GAAg Science Club: Basketball: Hoc- key, Gymnusticsg Concer DANIEL MICKA TV Assisrant. LEO MURRAY JOSEPH MUSKET CHRISTINA NASH FTA: Secretaries Club: ERNIE NEIDEL Baseball: Basketball. 40 tChoiry Library Assistant. Concert Choir? Offlce Assistant. my Will, l. M WJ H lg: :LV lloowb. Prepd llllll NOON! EEE, 5' Wll.llNl OTTB lrn Club: ice l um om, llllll Cl-fb. Sw 6115 M31 C IU: 51:1 Glll Um Clrm WC Clui GM llmlwral UNM My : CWM incl ellsullp lim. ARTHUR NOCKUNAS Class Senator, Photographers Club, Sec, '67, Science Club: Baseball, Student Manager, TV Assistant, Dramatics. PAM NOONAN FHA, Oliice Assistant, Broncho Staff. Preparations for College RALPH NOONAN Speech Club, Broncho Staff. WllLIAM OTTENS Latin Club, Baseball. LARRY OTTO Latin Club. SEMA BZLEI Foreign Exchange Student from Turkey, Honorary Member of all clubs, Oracle Stan. GAII. PAUL Class Senator: S.C. Rep., French Club, Treus, '67, FTA, Treas. '67, Secretaries Club: GAA, V-Pres. '67, Pep Club, Sec. '67, Basketball: Volleyball: Hockey: GYmnustIcs: Concert Choir. 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Q .l JS MARLENE SCHIMMER Class Senator: S.C. Rep,y F 5 7 9 P Club: Gymnasticsg Concert Choir: Harrnonettesp Drarnaticsp Sophomore Pil- TA FNC Photo ra hers Club: Pep Club: Science grimage. GEORGE SCHMIDT Latin Cluby Science Staff. Club, Marching Bandp Stage Bandg Pep Band: Oracle 43 ,Q 5-I-" i ug '-x nt tx THOMAS SCHMITT RITA SCHOENING Class Senator? Latin Club, Sec. '66p FTAp Secretaries Clubp GAA, Treas. '66, p.-es, 167, Pep Club, science club, Treas. '66, Buskevbull, captain, volleyball, Hockey, Captain: Library Assistant. JACK SCOTT Baseball: Basketball: Concert Choir. BARBARA SIMON Broncho Stafti Globe Reporter, Speech Club. KEVIN SIMS Marching Band, Stage Bands Pep Band, Orchestray Concert Choir: Dramatics Assistant, DONNA SMITH S.C. Rep.: Secretaries Club? Pep Club? Marching Band, Pep Bands Orchestra. Spring Prom Highlights SHARON SMITH FTA: Marching Band, Stage Band? Pep Band: Orchestra: Concert Clwlf Omce Assistant. SHIRLEY SMITH Class Senator: S.C. Rep. 44 N9 W lm! 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Q PATRICIA ZEHNLE FTA GAA Basketball Broncho Staff Sensors Not Pncturecl MIKE BOEHM RICHARD FINKE TOM FITZGERALD JAMES HOLDER NICK KOVACICH JOHN LOOBY THOMAS MULLIGAN MICHAEL OVERKAMP NANCY THEIRJUNG lv Class Senators Kstandingl Rick Scharlott, Candy Lieber, Cynthia Feather- stone, Karen Murphy, Mr. Busch, Sponsor. Cseatedl Janet Miner, Judy McFarland, Barb Bonham. Class Officers fseatedl Rosemary Mizerany, Pres,g Amy ooelung, sec., fsiqnaingm Kathy Zelfmunn, V-pres.p Dennis Moore, Treas, Juniors Study American 17 1 Sclfx Vickie Arnold ,., Joy Atchison 'K . 5 Marcus Balch X Betsy Baumer Donald Becker as Donna Becker Carol Beg Carol Bertz Barbara Besel Virkay Boehm ' . T1 AQ 91 1 4 -Ci 4 1 l ' D in x -v k e . , , ... A: . L 1 D -f - 1 .f - 4 l lg K 5 ,fx- v rx ,Lv :S - 'f 'fl 'ii D l 6 D' 0 all 'L' ' SQ" . A ' ' 'I X ' r 2 r. 4 is X f x if V l L v X 1 xa, . ' " L L l, Z? - llwwfil ' A fi D- 25 """v Wu 37. : 6 W! '-, rany, W 9 I-, yvl .:.l ll-maiigi 2 "Z," I lix Nmfl. 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L V Richard Kapac Y -Q Lf A Karen Kaunovsky 4 A Sieve!! Kfdllei' Vicki Lafller - Daniel Lange ' , S Michael Larkin fu' . I I Q 315 r L X ' A Juniors Sponsor Prom sa K ,Ps v ' 2 ,vhs lvl. x ' 1 fjj j eii WQQ ! .-- 2 " 711.1 :fa 5 I li! ,L' , 54 ,.-- D Gary Meyer E , A Mike Meyer VV rv' 'Y n- 1, if i5 -, f H Debbie Meyeroll 7 ,,. Q ' " 'x 1 9 sl , .,. na f. Pav Mieka - -- f a- , I - X Donald Mignerone I L 1 C f f3?'f'Lf '1 4 Y X vi, , "" - -"16'5-T'-. 1 . ,if June! Miner 1 1' Kclhy Minges 'f " Z? ' ,X 4 D Rosemary Mizercny I -A - . , - , -X. f , , fl, ,,.. ' . Dennis Moore sf- ,ur .sjf A Karen Murphy K vf If ' ' . bf' is .33 n KX -R L f T0m .v i ff I' av by Christmas Cord Soles Joan Ncbe Poirltio Nash . 4 , ,- ,-. ,. "' "' "' " jg Pamela Nell 5-Le X. ... Randall Nelson , . v, . , dl 1 lp N Elaaaa Nerl . -t X gl y e V1 . QQ X. x -ana Vialafla Newell L 1 X ,nga ga 'V e-7 ff ,, 1? 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YZTJ t '31 5 M -QL! , It N i rg A X Nga ,al 1. - In Juniors Prepare for The Edward Schoening ' ff CQTM ,GU Robert Schuiahn 45, K 2 cn Herb Smith ..-I-.. :Lf Ruben Smith . 7 fd . Q". Joe Snyder , ' iw, N - X . lj-rx 1' an YM' Nu - William Staub 5 ' CIiHord svebe ff. f f 'OG 5 " " Dnvad sreznrnsee 'if 'vx K Q, K4 Carol Steitz If ,,'X Y I. Y j Frank Stephan 1 tx 4 - -- A as 56 U 51 nv MJ: nf Mr' PM ' ww T' MM' igrald l Edvwd Sandra Daniel David 'u Dnrlerq On-C x J v Yl W' l WW wird ,rphii h ith sr ggub 96' W' W nf' Robert Stephan Randall Stevens Michael Sturmo Sharon Tabers Margaret Telthorst Arline Thornton Patricia Till Terry Tonsing Nicholas VanPatten Ronald Vonkees Edward Vernon Sandro Vahs Daniel Walker David Walker Darlene Walton On-Comi KF Aa .1 is 4:- , .Jug I ,, 4 ,- ,-- .- W lf. at Q 11, "" -N nr , '51 W 0,0 N ,f '.- ,.,, we YQ. B, 1 ,, , , ,' Y 1 ':- eq, an-J N- yn 4 i f . -r '- --, 0 ' l-L--- ,7 '- , , ,nh-.G I vstix. -. A..-1. -.-A, :-' C to if -he X - . , KM hs it - ' i Q A " I ri ' " K. n x. ' -4' -W ., . . i jx -4 X , . Q., , I ' 5, . '1-' ' 5 ' X -.4 1 It .I I ' X .rr .. X W 2 i , l kk ' .xr - QW 'c - ' , fp - 'TZ K ' "' . , ,sg ' e I Q 1' ,J . . V l XIX :A 'Q Y "' ' " A if 2 fs ' 'S' . 1' A Cx rl r ' Xxx T. S xx. .Nl ' x " . l 1 ,..i , X .4 .ui ng Senior Year gg N t .Qi at V 'fig . I X it J 'N 1 . ff, vw. Vx x N i Q X vv ,f 3 ' f ,Z ' l 1 l 1 , lt" RQ! l 57 .a'1-, ,-Q. like Til ' .iq Illll A ,.. 9 Kathy wal: Dorothy Wester Lindo White Jim Whitney Rich Wintermantel Joseph Wohlstodter Robert Woods Joyce Wooldridge Kathleen Zeltrnann Gloria Zingfirh Class Omcers: seated: Debbie Teich, Sec.: Karen Hartigan, Treas. Standing: Greg Scott, V-pres.: Steve Tronchilla, Pres. Ronald Abling Eric Abrams David Albrecht Brion Andrew John Antonich Michael Austin Marian Balek Bonnie Barrett Debbie Bosch Wayne Basch 5. ' Class Senators: standing: Dan Latal, Chuck Emmenegger, Art Spellmeyer, Greg lmhof, Mr. Nolan, Sponsor. Sealed: Cathy Lewis, Barb Patt, Danna Rall. Sophomores Emerge as a M.. fa X , 4, , , s A If 'f 71 , fu M A . , Q Y Q 1 4- '25 sy , .Q .bf su 'A 2 'g T, Q 5 W , s Q: ' A ' t 'Nw ,,+. , .. i n ' , Lyme: es. . , ,Q , , xx J 7? l We ' fl fviw - - HLSXJZS any Ayn Blum A .5 52" 6 j - ,: f ' soya V , Qi U v .v ,xx -QV, . :,.' x X Q., s L, .'f, i- f'f"i'i'w 1 -,xlmfezl ff L 4 Ii A Q? gifs E " l ' A .aa ti l in 58 Um 1 ggev, M llhy lem l GSO ,ll .1 Terri Bosch Janet Baumann Cindy Baur Karen Beasley Cheri Becker Karen Beers Susa n Benz David Bergsieker Jerry Bierman Diane Blackmann Debbie Boehm Lester Boggs Letcher Boggs David Boll Howard Bands Unique Class fx! - ..... Lx ...,, ga, as 5 NX lx ll . -Q E: -e. xx N l fx X A QI' ul 'O . -. fi Qe- F ""' 15' , "1 - 1 Q-,J .' I A 5 A- . w l f :ll-M .- A 1 of '69 lf ,g D , -,- A' A4 'I' -1-:gf I .. . 'X "v ' f, ,X n X 1 Y ' ' 1, 33 . -- S- xg , , A- Y "' I veil' B -V , .Jag 51318 132, llhx. Ieibrmfz, Lhfi-'11 59 Connie Brand Mary Braydic Scherrie Brenna: Sharon Burgeois Darlene Bux Karen Byrne Nancy Calarnia Randy Calamia Tom Campbell Karen Ccsfanis Linda Castellano Brenda Chafrnan Jim Clemens Dennis Coy Deborah David Debble DeArriba Tim Dellert Mary Dicknelfe Mary Dirclcx Deborah Domianovlc Teresa Dooley Linda Durawski Larry Ehrel Richard Ehrhardt Linda Eichler r -X 4 'ix QA ii-' ' vi' Q IQ' Xl I- xxyJ"J E 1 ,rx we ei all . . A 'c l X , ,, 1 f' - A . e , ' I l ' ,,,e 8 gin TQ 'ia i ' . . ' -. 2 """4' ,X l 5 l e 351 W I X Ay 1 A l KK ' I ,, lp ' 1 Q T' -g e.:-32" l :9"""'i ffiw i ere ,,el.f,- eh V43 0 ' Quis- . we i .pe D e. .11 4 X -ei . 'L' ' ,V -I I, , an 'ff' i A f - 'i D M Q X 1, . ynxin Q 'L ' 4" , . 1 ' X . 1-Qi'!!'Le .,?+,e 'W X' ' d N Sophomores Fm a ew Wqy, I A . f W ', Henry Eirich H: Te i n J Diane Elders , 'A ., A l fy Barbara Lee Ellerbeck ., , 1,"'f , Barbara Louise Ellerbeck if 'V N ' ' V r Deane eume sf D ,KRW K ' rrw, D , .,,,f-, MU, 4, , ' zlejiilleiif' 1 ,f 'S y K ' ,L Sieve Emme "'h FL 5- V 4, 5' f Charles Emmenegger ' 41' " if ' 'Z , . Larry Farrington I - Vp-.fre V4 , "". - fe ' 'Q' 'M'-. ,f Dennis Feist X v, ' W Y' YN tj! Frank Feldmann A M . f ,W i X J L Q . . em. ' A Q 60 we , 252 f W 'IT '13 Q1-'dl' M . 'vi , ' 'ff X Us if al .J fff ' T7 X r If I :hi Q , lr 5 r A h, ' L Q Q' . w m , 1' " A . -X 1 W ' L.: L.. 1 'M X 1-- ' YJ.. .. 5 A , l rr :ty LII :N 'V , Lf x, w 3' "' N 3 ae I 'K' "r . - ,L 3 i " Way of Life in High School Gary Glover Jane Goedeke Gary Gaelzhauser David Graham Robert Grandstall Mary Grant Russell Graves James Guelker Dorothy Hammock Peggy Harig I Patricia Ferguson Dan Ferrario Jeannelle Finke wayne Fankenbuefgef David Flanery Torn Forisler Gloria Foster Jeanene Foster Guy Frank Marilyn Frazier Marilyn Fries Donald Fuller Edward Gestring Ted Giles Karen Glenn ,,.,-v-. - 1, ,. " " fd- ' fe 2. X- . , l , . . Z' fa i AN if 4 61 Q ,vs aes- Q A e, ,,. we y, x 2 "FX fi X 71 fx 31:2-a xt, i b for' 'fiv e i M - L K , fm ,,. t fff .H ' A -M , QW, Q .f - . ' X7 R ii 1 f .J " N- fx" ' kia fr George Hoppe Joseph Huddleston Norbert Huddleston Glenn Huff Jane? Hvth Ron Illert Greg lmhof Betty lntogliuta Michael Jercick Robert Kessler Claudio Kinder Gemey Kindler James Knehans Cynthia Knittel Barry Koenig . , 5 M" , , ,1 , 'S fi 'I 8 'i V Sophomore ,. ,we Z4 x ia: I K ' ' " 1 im - WM, Karen Hartigan Torn Hortmon Nancy Hecht Dan Hedgpeth Cheryl Heppe Pat Herrington William Higgins Judy Hill Alon Hinkie Jeannette Hodges Activities Open , ,K e .,,,,, h , ..,., 4 fig, 5 A f . ,gf ' Q, A52 K K fl JM r 4, 62 A ... , A.: 'f ' V1 'e lf- . A Ex . eu, fc X' K 'f fi of , ' -ea 1 , ,Q + . , I . W . of V V5 'M ' ' - Lf' .X i Ne . fc " ' w A . , , ', ' vu' f .7 K Cy' I 1 4 fig! ff, ' -' k r 4 ,. A, L '2f1L.'1: 2' fwf , f W Michael Koerner Donald Kopac John Kane James Kramer Cheryl Kraus f "W M A.: g':: , 'S bv g so 'Q' it V? Raymond Kreufz Steve Kuse - p, 4' Janis Kuhn ll M 7 ,"'ql ' x R A x John Lamar rs Q 4 C.. ' rg. ' Dan Latal ' Xgi ' ""! or ay , 1 .' 2 1 X' 5- . .a I ors to the Future! 1 " Calhy Lewis '- lv X, A ,Q-.2 .I ,o r cnnoo Lewis ., r 95. N. X 4-f Alan LaeKeIman A - ' 551 5 3 1 75 " I Marina Lombardo Y f Rf., A l ' A William Luppens 1 . fx v ' 'N .3 J 'f49""H oovao Moohovo u r'Jsw qi ' A , -1' 5:-ax L ol? Q X' or: as Marsha Machold x' . 5 , ,Lu 1 ,M -- .30 , Sharon Maddock - if o ' , ' A r T: , Nr f - RQ ' .... X ,.- Thomas Moono - di N, r ' ,J ,' , 1 Michael Markus v of V 1 X fo f L Richard Mofohou .N-it A Q 3 F 1, 'Q Joseph Mavhies - " i .X ' N -, . 'X G.. Deborah Mayer N f f Q " N ' ,. ff xv cm Menhard ,, 4-f . . ,, ' , 'J ' , Kennefh Meyer , 'G it 5 , A " f' A K' N V . ' v x f 63 Chris Mezines Nancy Middendorf Carol Miller Marilyn Miller Barbara Malafaay Debra Moellering Curt Muelken Gary Mueller Mike Mulder Carol Murray if I K r W .--' 'sf l 3 Q?"-v , If .H .kj MR. ,, 1 cw . ff l llg: 1 , 2 GN . ff f X f X INV. ,,...4-a Q 9 , 13 . 'l Nl Greqi' EXp6Cl4 Sophomores Hove I ig zu px ,V, Y. W. ,4 V ,-X , 1. '-my Na' . My fqbn f . 4 1 ' ' ll l 44 K r . ff? 'vs X 43 .E l Y ji N fl, I , 4:33 I N V ' - K -,fl af it , : A, A ,X A , W, r fi' ' L, JV. " , " l ' if, ,iffy fS 5 0 G.. 934 ' ng Q" i l 'fl . .fif 1 I ,ri A y ai ' rl A 1 I A ' . 64 .-5 43.53 V, 1-40 , I , My Stephan Myers Carol Oebermann Harriet Oiile Carol Ostmeyer Roy Otto Karen Overkamp Barb Pctt Dale Paul Carol Pelikan James Peters Karen Peters Robert Peters Keith Petty Nancy Pinksvon Patricia Fries Mike Quarluccio Patrick Quint -.l X v 'N 2 V, 4 'S' P L "' W' . 'U William Rake y H 0, X V w V '-- Lf -- Donna Rau ' . V .,,,- , ,.- 1- . -4 Q , fe! -- Ronald Roberson r K . N ,X I , i ,K r f any-' , Q , A K X ' I V -X X 'A Carol Roberts S-3 fi ., .fa ,. slamberh Robertson Ld N ' ' N K "x " Kaihleen Rohrbach ,i ,.A -.7? ' I'-. X ,Z Charles Rulfes , ' ,, , --- comm Rudd , ' 1 ' xx' Ii i i ' f C ' Y ireui Expecfahons or omlng ears V i i v Randy Rumn Terrie Ruskaup 3"'W fi 1 5 :Q A W Joann Sauer L.. A. A -. John Scarianc 'ff ,T-I' Linda Schachameyer . ah, i , A ,fb ,VIFW gf VI ' i " iw . Z.. it-1 ' Qi. Q f , , , as V Linda Schatz .' -WH' Gilbert Schev - i' H "' N David Schirmer -5, ' ' J Cheryl schmeef 5 Q Patricia Schmeer , 'I A. Ht, -'v-. i i- ,.. Qfinvmzii' ,Q-if K I Lynda schmaai fu ve. - 'N K H" Patricia Schmidt A 9 L, 5- Ronald Schmid! 'M ' " 4 "' Carol Schnider Gregory Scott K , 1 65 1 XL Gail Sease Kathleen Siebert Goddard Smith Paul Smith Arthur Spellmeyer Deborah Spiro Roberta Staely Deborah Stetson Barb Stimac Ed Stabie Donald Stoppelmann Stephan Styles Patricia Symsack Vicky Taylor Gary Tayon vs vf ., , S? -:: A Qt 1 ' 5 as i x , 4 Ql"f 5 v .A - lx ,fi ' l t HA, .J ' v- 4" V Yu 1- G.- . , news ' X, , N-,J .-.1 n-Vx .-,r, f 1 "". L' ' 4 . , .. S3 'Sv .7 , ' 6 . -, Ke . xg '1- r I A' ,IL l'c' K JI '+'el 2 v '-ff I rv., U. X B 'x ff K 557 W 9 ,, In A, f- ..,- f u x A Debbie reach " b .5 .- ' -I Jan Tekotte xv 9 ,, l Qi ' " Debbie Tendick -ffl Q E ' Ev' Bonnie Thien 'F X l V- g ' Frederick Tossick , N., V N Stephan Tranchillo .L H . :Vx "Q - Kenneth Turner L' ' 'V-:v l ' A ' Deborah Vie cl, J ,' Carolyn Viilier ff J ul Richard Vogelsong 66 v "5 .X . 4, 54' A fin., 6' .1 Ca.. . N.,- .. .. X V .. fl 'f X 1, R 14 L' fl' I ,- I x'i-X 4 Douglas Vogv Hurry Walker Paul Weber Richard Weber Berry Wegener Karen Westlake Deon waegen Erwin Wuesf W '3 ,, san wumh Marvin Yoder I X4 A V b ' ' - Thomas Zeller A. . vk, A, 'rv I sum zingffch XJ I "1 - Scan Zlcfic I ,. A. , ' Mod-HQ-p for "ln" Crowd Sophumores develop "Communications Breakdown" during school dance. .x XL- , A VISION OF i As time travels onward, the Seniors look back upon their many sports activities, but as they look to the past, the remaining classes look to the future. Sports to an athlete is a plan of leadership and participation welded to determination and natural ability. Even though some athletes prepare to depart, their records will remain for future sportsmen who will follow in their footsteps. On the courts and in the fields they will carry on the tradition of Bayless- l a legacy of sportsmanship N and the will to win. By perfecting their bodies, girls as well as boys increase and enliven their minds. ln future years, records broken in high school will set guidelines for accomplishment, thus, reflecting a Vision of Athletics. tl0l ATHLETICS amass ll ' W' llll W! ff VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling: Tom Manfiu, Mark Chard, Russ Torlina, Mike Glenn, Carl Collins, co-capfain, Ed Schoening, Marcus Balch, Arnie Zehner, cofapiain, Roy Halsl, Dave Dave Mefferr, Cliff Svebe, Don Mignerone, Tom Harlan, coach Sleinkisfe, Mike Quint. Standing: John Lydan, Rich Winvermantel, Lombardo. Awards and Viciories Inspire may fa ngm for mme, mary, ihe afoncim fun ener emi: in f h d locker room lecture. 9 y a o Ie ressing room alter a 70 Roundb spas- - . f. -- -1 cs.. lil 1 54:35. , e': -1 Ac . 1 all l552'gf:. cw:--fr., '5A'fS:.t: Vilig-it-I lum. M l154,.,,' 'fi 'eip ., cam., i llil N-L 13 ' Baz. Tcl-. 512 farml- unlmg ' : ln., "W lrgf' ' 'lc-4 liiumw lt-4 rect- I: .R . A Srhuening, riun, court tpire Roundballers The Bayless Varsity team, sparked by Coach Lombardo, had a successful season, ending with a record of ii-TO. With the return of five senior Iettermen, and the addition of new members tothe squad, the team seemed to have much spirit and fight. The team's efforts proved very rewarding as the Bronchos finished third in the Bayless and Hancock tournaments. Sportsmanship was an important quality possessed by each member of the team. The reward- a sportsmanship trophy won during the Group ll Tournament. Russ Torlina eases in a lay-up shot which is gaad for two points, as the guarding of the Hancock Tigers seems not quite strong enough to stop the Eronchos, 71 30 l' 'W As The clock runs out, the Bayless five awaits lhe arrival of the Russ Torlinu shoois for fwo, but flue aromas go bU"O'lMel"Vl'le'5"'U"- dawn in defect before 1he Hancock Tigers. cg g Y-:Aj , 5 f , ,Jef 3 ', ll fs ,- 'fe rg Y' ggi -f? L Bayless "B" Team Bottles 'ro 9-8 At halftime, all eyes and ears seem Vo be focused in his direction as Couch Lombardo inslills the incentive of viclory in the Bayless Bronchos. X N 72 Wife: mi : , life. : dur'-X: llelf K. We fs. llle seq W5 .I cl Q55 lil. 'Fury I1 N r Vw' x .1 , . I -- ii Ar r i -vvl ol vie "B" BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling: Greg seen, Erv wuesi, Coach Stout, cheek Emmeneggef, eeeeepiean, An Spell- Dave Graham, Steve Tronchilla, eeeeprean. Standing: meyer, Make Austin, Gary Mueller, Keivh Perry, sau neue, i0 The Bayless "B" team, coached by Mr. Stout, had an exciting season 2 with a record of 9-8. , After fighting very hard ' during the sophomore tournament held in our gymnasium, " the team finally won 4 the second place title. With the height and potential of certain individuals, it is likely that many ofthe boys will be seen onthe varsity court in the years to come. Mike Austin leaves the Hancock Tigers helpless as he stretches lor a lay-up sho!- 50 E es Q Qs Q l Ig X11 G ,t: f ' 'L i J V' ' if if ' ll -L 'ff . " -1- 11 V x Q ll' -- . fe 1 .. 1' e, . ,sy 551 W3 e 3 5 ge, ' 'W .' f' f Z V W V l , i M 6 -J ff e ' - I - l .V ' ,. , 'J'-X -' "..o- Q 'N ' l ' Y K 'L V. M1 sd ' ii, " xl J 'vv , A 1 . , y , f 1a- -..'l- ny' -U , f ' I N529 f? A Q if? X 1 ' , . H 2 xx xy as , ,Q rx L' ' Llllff s of ' ' 1 'I ,V in X A JUNIOR-SENlOl? DIVISION TRACK TEAM Sitting: George Hoppe, Randy Stevens, Chris Quartuccio, Mark Chard, Doug Picker, Dan Clarke, Jim spandel, Ken Meyer, Dennis Mignerone, Dnve Al- brecht, anne Besel. Kneeling: Randy Calamia, Torn Lnvnui, Marvin Brand, Don Gerwitz, Howard Oldham, Ken Holder, Dave Jones, Kev Scott, Ed Bertram, Kevin O'Heron, Dwayne Schirmer, Jim Cox, Ron Van Reese follows through for the completion of another discus throw. Mark Silhavy. Standing: Frank Stephan, Coach Gathard, Wayne Streib, Ran Rose, Darryl Eaves, Ron Van Rees, Bob Maddux, Dave Meffert, Mike Glenn, Mike Scheu, Howard Bonds, Dave Schimmer, Don Korte, Jim Calamia, Coach Lombardo, Rick Scharlott. BHS Cindarmen Burn This year's Cross Country team, coached by Mr. Lombardo, had a hard luck season. They had the fight, but couldn't form victories. The Senior Division had a O-4 record. Junior Division runners were more successful, ending the season with three wins and one loss under their belts. The Senior and Junior Division cindermen had a fair season, but not as good as expected. Mark Chard, an outstanding performer, and many underclassmen plan to return in the up-coming season to spark next year's efforts. lrcck i GSH con' 'ii WW Se- Viiwtennrel Q.. Ewa, in A l:m Zulu, A, v T 5 , f-.1 "gi 6 45 ' gl B al., . , .l' fi' ,Wie 1 5 Xi Wayne iimddvi, s, Um o, Rick Uiii .li i s Q N ,germ ,x x lu .si 4 s f' Track with Field Events CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Siflingz Bruce Besel, Jim Cox, Dave Jones, Sitting Second Row: Don Mignerone, Mike Meyer, Mike Winlermantel, John Laffler, Sieve Tranchilla, Greg Emhon, Dave Sfeinkiste, Rich Wintermaniel, Bob May. Kneeling: Ken Holder, Tom Zeller, Art Spellmeyer, AI Zehner, Randy Wohlstudter, F' . . ...i 44 .I K df-,3 f-4-7--N ana Coarh Lombardo gives a crilical appraisal al crass country el'Tar1s. Marcus Balch, Jim Spindel, Dennis Mignerone, Howard Oldham, Randy Stevens, Standing: Ken Meyer, George Hoppe, Don Clarke, Dave Meiierv, Mike Scheu, Don Kane, Mark Chard, Coach Lombardo. , m , '43 ' ' f- kick Q' ' A fi ,- f ' 'KJ CW, ', wel gl 4 E 75 .1 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Sitting: Roy Holst, Dennis Turner, Ed Vernon, Bill Giachetto, Cliff Stebe, Tracy Green, Joe Russ Torlino, Arnie Zehner, Jack Scott, Marcus Balch, Ed Goewert, Chuck Emmenegger, Gary Mueller, Randy Wahl- Schoening, Byron Rumn. Standing: Coach Parks, Brad Foerstel, sludter, Ed Goewert, Chris Petty, Student Manager. BHS Batmen Slug Their Way I l la Dennis Turner slides into home-plate utter smashing a long-bull 76 The Varsity batrnen finished 1967 with a better than average season. Sparkecl on bythe hot bats of CliFl Stebe and Gary Mueller plus the experience of Coach Parks, the Bi-IS boys slammed their way to a winning record. Good hitting was excelled only by superb pitching efforts made by such hurlers as CIEFF Stebe and Jack Scott. H, TI ' ff di MI M' ,ill ,E PW' fps ,Ah ,fu wh dDC W fc ni loo Sn 'ii meat- 7 in Fwg, Stun um? is " l l Q i The "B" Baseball team, coached by Mr. Stout, ended a good season in l967. Many of these young, experienced BHS batmen will be back on the diamond next year, playing varsity ball. The competent fielding ' and hitting ofthe "B" boys was supported by the fine pitching of Dave Faehley, a promising freshman, who will probably benefit varsity teams in coming years. -L .ln -1741. TALJV ',,4-u- A'-1,.,.f,.-.1...f P' 4- vw 1: . A ' - " Dave Schirmer gets a piece of the ball but fails to keep it in lair territory. en, lm I v Wnil i Nay to a South County Championship "B" BASEBALL TEAM Front Row: Erv Wuesi, Greg Scott, Ted Gilei, Tom Zeller, Don Fuller, Student Manager Buck Row: Carl lorry Farrington, Bill Rake, Ken Turner, Middle Row: Russ Graves Calvert, Dave Faehley, Bob Ottens, John Rogers, Dave Waarley, Student Manager, John Antonich, Art Spellmeyer, Dave Schirmer, Ned Doelling, Greg Wilson, Coach Stout. Lf ':: F' ' 'w 13 -W' W se 'R 2 Q 'I I-Q f J l 1 i 12. -...- un, me Gridiron champions were from 4th Hour gym class. These boys showed great endurance and skill on the field, 4th Hour netted the volleyball honors during t he indoor season. S Intramurals programs give students The chance to participate in both team and individual sports. Many on after- school hour and early morning sessions are spent in preparation forthe heated Contests. Gym Classes Juniors Byron Ruffin and Randy Wohlstadler ore ping- pong doubles winners. Sophomore Steve Tranchilla won the singles crown. x.. lst How l in Jvne. Engl Netmen Ty which um :uvrled uw ., lst Hour bafmen wind-up 'he inlramurals with a team vidory in June. Engage in Intramural Competition I Nelmen Tracey Green and Sieve Abling show 1l1e great style which won lor lhem the iennis doubles award. Green also carried away the singles title. Y , ,V Y I , , x I ' Y , 1 c 1 l ' Y 3 . . af' ,- X. . X f rg 2 gl Q 4 f Q ff if 3 E . : r ir ,, 2 ,f , f, ,f A 2 2. P Z 2 . 7 5 f 4 ,f i f ' 2 .1 1 , , A .,, , ,. M15 5. CHEERLEADERS Kathy Zeltmann, Mariann Bonte, Pat Gilb, captain, Gail King, Kathy Kraus. The Bayless High cheerleaders led the fans in cheering the Bronchos through cz successful season. Even when the team was losing, the cheerleaders kept the spirits high ond the fans roaring. They introduced new cheers throughout the year, and were very good representatives of the students at home games as well as away games. Their control of the fans, and the respect shown to them by the student body, paid oft at the Hancock tournament when the Bronchos received the sportsmanship trophy. Girls Promote Spirit Pat Gilb and Mariann Bonte lead fans as the Bronchos achieve another victory. 80 ite M QL he Yeci' N ' ly, lc? Weef the will dihe dill' at , W G tied fe? Cogcltt N65 l wD5 Playa wliicli was El ii not W' ol Pafllecq Thro i try' H Nom Mmf, im H im, lril achieve i r The tlrst glrl's sport of the year, hockey, begins the last week in September. The many after-school practices, and the drills resulted in a tied record of 8 and 8. Coach, Miss Harrell, was pleased by the season which was equal, if not better than that of past years. Through Athletics xl .lg XIXFQ I . x xx! ll., 4. H" -1--.., i- , , ' " 5' - -. r , T 1 . Q .V- .g.g.- 7 - Y I i I-illllu T 551:12 lint big-'--+7 ' 'f.s"' -M 'l ,,-,N , Eh, fi-fygcgg, QQ: Q., 1 .wr .x Q5 . 'PT , .2 . Y 'ft' -. . .,,, , E, , . . -- ge f -,f A -' -"if ffm-' H - "H 7 f - "'1':Tf:1LTJ'?4 ,gan v - , .. .k "2"..,54,., - , - 4 A , t -H 'NMA-y.. -v ' , , . -, . . . -1 ' '."i4E'5 ' Ref'-A: rw 1'-.bfi 5,-jg, -'t!,' -il ' 1 .- 1 rz..-,ce -Sw . iff. -fa --s-..AL'-' M if 2 '. I AK ' A forward lunge by an alert back steals the ball hom the dribbler as another after-school practice is completed. R' IQ 4 - 1 X.. i I ,K ,I rm - - . b 5 ,I -I - V X H' I .D Q , r K 2 K ' fe a' - . X9 HOCKEY TEAM Sitting: Gail Paul, Sharon Becker, Sandy M9Yer, Rita Schoening, caprnan, sue Tervcer, Linde Weber, Jean Hamilton: Kneeling: Joyce Wooldridge, Arllne Thornton. Janet Horvath, Sandy Fava, Liane Cursinger, Mary Kay ,IX Byrne, Standing: Gall rang, Linda Key, Penny Becker, clone Frank, Judy Foerstel, Kathy Rohrbach, Karen Hanigan, Barb Malernny, M155 Harrell, coach, 81 GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Sitting: Gail Paul, Sandy Meyer, Rita Sehoenirig, captain, Sue Terveer, Sharon Becker, Back Raw: Sandy Alexander, Pat Zehnle, Arlirie Thornton, iff i1 Gail ana sehoenang raps the ben into the possession ot Bayless varsity to complete a suceessiul play. the 'M' ' 'Al - 8 n v 1,1 Fuller, Kathy Rohrbach, Donna Becker, Lione Cutsinger, Miss Harrell, coach. Girls Basketball The Bayless Girls' Varsity Basketball team had ci very successful season, ending the year with a record of 6 and 2. The girls, who were encouraged by the coaching of Miss Harrell, displayed a winning spirit which contributed to their outstanding record. iran Mira :W www' Wi it-gteilll' ipiniitf Sec GR iii i e The Girls' "B" Basketball team, although having a disheartening season, showed much patience and good sportsmanship throughout the year. Having only two experienced basketball players, the team fought very hard to finish with a 3-4 record. Cutiinggi, i Barb Mizeruny shoots for two desperately needed points as the "Battling B rem" revs another game slap away. GlRLS' "B" BASKETBALL Kneeling: Barb Mizerany, Debbie Foerstel, Bev Hacker, Betty Walter, Sandy Froelich, Lorraine Teich, Karen Glenn, co-captain, Karen Hartigan, coxaptain, Hogrebe, Gloria Frank, Miss Harrell, coach, Janis Kuhn, Karen Byrne. Standing: Mary Layton, Judy 83 Miss Harrell has spent much of her time to produce a Varsity Volleyball team that could work with unity and coordination. The team practiced and trained many evenings to achieve a winning record of 4 wins and 3 losses. Having fought with much determination, the members even retained a winning spirit throughout their losing matches. Girls Gght hard in the after school playohs of intramural volleyball. Volleyball Spikes Ending VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: Sitting: Liane Cutsinger, Fran Haushal- Sharon Becker, Miss Harrell, Rita Schoening, Elaine Russom, ter, Mary Kay Byrne, Donna Becker, Kathy Zeltmann, Arline Sandy Alexander, Sandy Vahs. Thornton. Standing: Sandy Meyer, Eileen Saeger, Gail Paul, D I K J J i -'-rf: X . ifiifumvial B VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Lefl to Right: Sally Minges, Rell, Marilyn Frazier, Cindy Nash, Diane Brinkley. Penny Becker, Sue Oster, Debbie Teich, Barb Mizerany, Marcia Spieckerrnun, Pal Fendi. icsriiy Roiiriwfh, Mrs. Rogers, Nancy Hecht, new ling of Girls' Sports Season The "B" Volleyball team, drilling after school in many practice sessions, succeeded in matching the record ofthe Varsity team, 4 wins and 3 losses. With cooperation andthe leadership of Mrs, Rogers, the "B" team displayed a winning spirit throughout the season. Kathy Rohrbeck iumps to make o successiul spike during an alter- rieeri prqnice session. 85 A4 ,fx Ig i I .s. N Seventh Hour gym class poses after capturing girl's From the girls' gym classe various teams are formed which provide an opportunity to work together to obtain as well as individual titles in some areas. Seniors Rita Schoening and Sandy Meyer won both the lawn tennis and badminton awards. Rita won the tennis singles crown, hockey championship. Linda Weber displays the form which won for her the free throw title. Intramurals Softball winners were from the lst Haur gym class. .0 ' l 4 Wi lar rcls in I Q yn TL- W by l Seniors Mmiufm some and Kolhy Kraus won Bnskelboll winners were the girls from the ls! Hour class, ,he ping-pong doubles 'me While 'he Singles Completes Girls Sports Program of BHS . .r"' run ww-- ii """" Igggl E55 ll ' llllll' 5 llllll' Illi':i V!- if s aage-" Ai NM . .V 7 K sfsihl Kclhy Kraus displays 'he coordination required lo perform Third Hour nehed lhe volleyball zhamplonship in innu- l I various routines in gymnastics competition mwc P GY' 4-,of 352215 Lv ' MZ? ?ff?"Wf '25 I -,Sf ' ': 5 K" f Wg Y Y Q :Cf 5 Q Q ,VV V E J A VISION OF OR While classroom activities are important and necessary in discerning the future of on individual the clubs and organizations to which a student belongs are also essential in determining the type of person he will be. Although extra-curricular activities give students an opportunity to develop a sense of leadership and responsibility, they encourage a feeling of pride in personal accomplishments. Throughout the years, various groups have been formed at BHS to satisfy the interests of nearly all the students. Their functions give members practice, experience, and a chance to cultivate talents in the categories that hold their interests. In the future, students' abilities to take part in government and social proiects will reflect in them a Vision of Organizations. . . of , oRoANizATioNs - - I llll il llll STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row: Mr. Bell, Sponsor: Chris Maul, Corresponding Secretary, Kathy Hahn, Recording Secretary: Tom Carroll, Vice-President, Jim Martin, President, Bob Fischer, Treasurer, Mr. Kracht, Sponsor, Mr. Williams, Sponsor. Second Row: Barb Stimac, Gail Eichenberger, Donna Smith, Cathy Lewis, Debbie Teich, Gail Fuller, Martha Rich, Linda Alexanderr 3 I N it Roberta Staely, Janet Tindall. Third Row: Joyce Subert, Sema 5zIi5, Linda Glairon, sue Terveer, can Perri, Linda Keller, obit Meek, Linda Heiter, Marlene srrrirrrrrrer, Barb Walter, aber izbwr Bill Rake, Charlie mites, Henry rirabir, Don Becker, Dana Runge, rbrry bqrrrr, Mike srrrrrrrr, Debbie cbrrrky, sue Elders, Bonnie Kerley, Joyce Wooldridge. Student Council Unites Classes While pitching pennies at the French Club booth, Rick Scharlott tries to win tickets for prizes at the Student Council Carnival. This year, the Student Council, sponsored by Mr. Bell, Mr. Kracht, and Mr. Williams, enioyed seeing many of their activities carried through. Starting out the year will a fall "Hello" Dance, Student Council then produced an active School Spirit Week which boosted, among other things, a delicious pancake breakfast and an exciting Student-Faculty game. The announcement of the new Student Body President for 1967-1968 was accompanied by the "Mod-Hop. The year was then topped-oft by a gala carnival held in the Senior High Cafeteria, 90 hr Nei ex' Siam My I into o i Semu ir. Gull :lr law: Dann Elden, ISSSS 'igii HOP- Pam Neff expresses her appreciation for having been selected as Student Body president for the '67-'68 school year. Smoke gets in their eyes, as the members of the Student Council prepare the Pancake Brealrlasl, into a Working Crganizoiion A normal Student Council meeting-crowded and exciting. ' , f- ff f vffir' 1, "gF'3f I B J, f.. , Q 'f rif hvi I ' bf ln I K l - K , fnsiiix , ' " L .4 l 5' , W A1311 A K ,,.,,kxqg:'R s ek-1 il" i 1 ei -1 X, W. t 4 V , 4 v pf.. ' 3 ' iv LJ- 2 , ' wg-Ai: f, X fl X 1 5.5, fy' , Ni I far' . Q , ,. ,xx I X5 l' , X ,A fi 7 ii, .4 LX 91 A-f The FHA, a branch of home economics sponsored by Miss Charles, helps to prepare its members for future careers in homemoking. Throughout the year, the girls prepared among other events, the Teacher's Buffet, the Honor Society Banquet, and the Sports Banquet. To raise money for their club, the future homemakers sold candy and recipe cards. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Front Row: Linda Alexander, S.C. Representative, Barb Walter, Secretary: Linda Weber, Song Leader, Sandy Meyer, First Vice- Presideritg Vera Kalkbrenner, President, Diane Fear, second vice-President, Joyce Hanschmidt, Historianp Barb Graham, Treasurer. Second Row: Barb Schmeer, Karen Dooley, Cheryl Alter., JOAN. ouaftucms, Rosemary Mizerany, Vicky Newell, Pat Dreste, Barb Hobson, Sandy 6 . 'nf , H 45 1 , ww f K3-. , . ga xr. 4. M? . A " 3 be rw Y 1.5, Qllilfl , v .fy my It , , ,M 12" ,Q ' at , . i f - t "Q", , , ' . 5 , , f Y 4 ,L V.: 'l xwi Q - - Y -N ,fluffy ' iii " -Q , K V3-'Nur ,K f t , 'i l t ' fe l t Miss Pohlig and Miss Bubash enioy delicious delicacies at the Teacher's Christmas Buffet. RMS ' gms. like I iki Ec fl:-e e Clubs Prepare Students lorful Vohs, Becky Beatte, Carol Steitz. Third Row: Linda White, Betty Gunter, Sue Zingrich, Marilyn Dischbein, Barb Ellerbeck, Kathy Hahn, Liane Cutsinger, Gail Robertson, Sue Steinkiste, Gail Masek, Bobbie Doerste. Fourth Row: Karen Hess, Sharon Coombs, Betty Sauer, Pam Noonan, Margie Dischbein, Eileen Saeger, Elaine Russom, Rita Schoening, Sharon Becker, JoAnn Sauer, Rose Elchinger, Fay Ford, Dotty Wester. 92 its ist ut lr: : 'i it ti O fl i Cl N, L32 ' r Pali ?. t the lenrlieii idents for lu Yr r 1. u lr .t , for FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Front Row: Mr. Knackstedt, Sponsor, Carol Kiesewetter, Secretary, Gail Paul, Treasurer, Jackie Ziemba, Presiclenl, Sandy Alexander, Vice-President, Gail Eichenberger, S.C, Representative. Second Row: Cindy Feldrneier, Carol Graham, Sue Terveer, Linda Schachameyer, Future Vocations The main purpose ofthe FTA is to give students a chance to look at education from the teocher's viewpoint. By observing and teaching the first and second grades, the members become more aware ofthe possibilities of the teaching profession. This club, sponsored by Mr. Knacksteclt, also took a field trip to SEMO State College with funds earned through a bake sale. 93 i.. 5. ii 9 l l . Li Jean Wiethuchter, Vickie Newell, Sandy Vahs, Third Row Linda Key, Coral Wagenblasl, Fran Haushalter, Chris Maul Gail King, Carol Pelrkrrrr, Betty Wegener, Cheryl Meier Fourth Row: Renee Baughman, Faye Ford, Sandy Fava Barb Walter, Sharon Smith, Kathy Hahn, Semen Ozlu. 93" 1 F r gil' Several members of the rm work at the annual bskesrrle. Ek f --.v lr ,sw Tjtx mg--ef , N, ' 5 S513 fp ,. I FUTURE NURSES CLUB Front Row: Linda White, Treasurer, Rose- Sponsor. Buck Row: Barbara Buchrnann, Modelyn Westlake, Diane mary Dorn, Vice-president, Janet Bachmann, President, Pot Nash, Fleddermonn, Sema Ozlu, Faye Ford, Sandy Fava, Linda Key, Secretary, Joyce Woodridge, S.C. Representatives Miss Thorne, Beth Robertson,Koren Hess, Karen Dooley, Science Introduces By making Christmas puppets and Easter baskets forthe less fortunate, the Nurses Club, sponsored by Miss Thorne, helped bring happiness to many people. lt also gave members on opportunity to get on inside view ofthe nursing profession. 1- X -5... " t Anil.-141. TA rip Miss Thorne helps the future nurses molce baskets for needy children. 94 5ciENCE ppnser dent: Cl' Miller, E New ,Q .W ,V l e r il l l l i l,l ,gg li T kill Wnlrli, in el lava, li-ill in lrorluces W .nom rd rl 9' W' science CLUB Front Row: Mr. Stout, Spcnscrg Don Becker, sc. Representativep Curl Von Alstine, Secretary: Don lqorle, pmt. deritf Chris Albrecht, Vice-Presiderltg Bob Hoops, Treasurer: Mrs. Miller, Sponsor. Middle Row: Art Nockurias, Jim spindel, Linde New Ideas to Students 'XE Q2 .0 f' Future scientists prepare skeletons for Craniology Display. 95 l Glairon, Nancy Ferguson, Sandy Meyer, Joyce sirlsen, ueleerie steel Chris Maul. seelr new Dennis Meere, lcen Meyer, aes Yr . Stephan, rern Carroll, ieien Heppe, Glenn Heel, Debbie nerne la nevic, Norbert Huddlesrori. The Science Club, sponsored by Mr. Stout and Mrs, Miller, engaged in several proiects, including cl Craniology Display. These projects and educational field trips taken by the group, 1 helped the future scientists to explore and strengthen their knowledge in diverse scientific fields. l 4 r X - -, s as L4 '- The French Club sells candy in an effort to raise money for club projects, The French Club, sponsored by Miss Bubosh, is designed to give students a chance to apply their knowledge ofthe French language and of French culture. During French Week, the club roused o spirit of festivity with its French street signs ond French candy sale. Foreign Languages Acquaint ev 1 5... FRENCH CLUB Front Row: Miss Bubash, Sponsor, Kathy Rudd, Vice-President: Gail Paul, Treasurer, Karen Larwill, President, Linda Keller, S.C. Representative, Nancy Ferguson, Secretary. Middle Raw: Roberta Staely, Pat Sched, Elizabeth Robertson, 96 Vicky Newell, Judy Bell, Pam Neh, Carol Wilder, JOY Atchison. Back Row: Cynthia Featherstone, Darlene Bux, Cathy Lewis, Judy Foerstel, Gail Eichenberger, Jeanette Foster, Sue Steinkiste, Joyce Wooldrige, Barb Walter. S ll LVN Stl nip, Sewnd ludi cqucini E 7 ' ' L 1' l i i t li? ii! ,nfl K K wide r , .wi ii ,fe W W. 'rx X 1 Psi i . M16 LATIN CLUB Front Row: Mrs, Ducheli, Sponsor: Joyce Subert, S.C. Representative: Bal: Fischer, President: Arline Thornton, Vice-Presidentf Linda Weber, Secretaryf Dennis Feist, Treasurer. Second Row: Sharon Stetson, Sue Terveer, Chris Maul, Debbie Beg, Roxanne Tekotte, Terri lmhoi, Sue Rieger. Third Row: Students with World To bring a dead language alive for her students, Mrs. Duchek sponsors the Latin Club. This is one of the few activities that welcomes junior high as well as senior high students to its ranks, A field trip to a showing of "The Bible" highlighted the year's activities. The executive bca Linda Schachomeyer, Joyce Urbeck, Gloria Zingrich, Carol Debbie Baker, .louis Kuhn. Fourth Row: Doug Vogt, Ge Schmidt, Letcher Boggs, Carl Van Alsline, Bill Rake, L Boggs. Beg, orge eslef fd of me Lovin Club plans cn upfvmifis 'mfingr i i l t Y i i av ' A fs. ,"t- GAA Front Row: Miss Harrell, Sponsor, Sandy Alexander, Sports Manager, Sharon Becker, Treasurer, Rita Schoening, President, Gail Paul, Vice President, Sue Terveer, S.C. Representative. Second Row: Sandy Vohs, Barb Besel, Mary Kaye Byrne, Leanne Clutsnger, Jackie Ziemba, Kathy Zelt- 1 mann. Third Row: Debbie Teich, Barb Mizerany, Kathy Rohrbach, Sandy Meyer, Linda Weber, Pat Zehnle. Back Row: Jean Hamilton, Eileen Saeger, Elaine Russom, Joyce Wooldridge, Donna Becker, Arline Thornton. Girls Organizations Recognize Athletic Only one qualitication is required to ioin GAA. A girl must have acquired 550 points, through on active participation in sports. At basketball games, the Girls Athletic Association, sponsored by Miss Anne Harrell, sells candy and buttons to Bayless fans. ln the spring, members attend the annual Sports Banquet. The GAA picnic gives active members an opportunity to initiate the new members. EI GAA members sell candy at home basketball games ta supplement group funds. 98 Cieerlezdw' Week. Abi 3 PEP i bmi Puvl, Mrs, 'viii Cen, Sqn, ithy luzlr me 'hletic l, 50 poirilsi ticipotion ,cieiiorli me Harrell. il15 mquel. s niate The Pep Club, co-sponsored by Mrs. Sciortino and Miss Pohlig, is an organization which promotes spirit at basketball games, track meets and baseball games. The club is divided into committees each carrying specific jobs. These girls are extremely active during school spirit week as it aids ciieeireeeeie rouse spirit at Pep Club eeeiieeiee feiiy eiiiiiie seiiii in SPOf1SOfif19 mvny activities. Week. Ability and Promote School Spirit id fl PEP cius xiieeriiigi Kathy kieiie, ceir king, Perry oiib, Mefieiiii Barrie, Kathy Zeiimerin. Front Rewe Miss Pelilig, Sponsor: Geri Peel, Secretary, Jackie zieeibe, President, Linde vvebef, rieeeeiei, Mrs. seierrine, Spenser. Second Row: Barb siimee, Betty Inf veerieie, Marina Leiiibeiee, Debbie reneieii, Debbie Teich, Debbie Cefrflv, Barb seiieeiii, Peiiie Dewe, Gear relief, Jeeiieiie Fosteri Sflfidv vehe, Debbie vie. rriife Row: Marilyn Fries, chris Meeiiiee, eeiiiiie keiiey, Jenei Koester. 99 seine ozrb, Liiiee cieiiee, neiiee sim, Mary Kaye Byrne isieiiey Hecht, Joy Aieiiieefi, Herb Besel, Pal Nash, keieii Byrne Amy Deelliiie, Patty Schmidt, seek new Debbie Dirckx vieky Taylor, Sue Terveer, Bonnie Thein, Debbie David, Carol Cber mann, Rita Schoening, Donna Becker, Kathy Rahrbach Cridy Feeirhersrone, Lierie Cursinger, Fran Heeshelver, Chris Maul Sp' . ee Students Learn Self-Expression Through :nas wg es 2:3 325 'Eli wig-q,r.Efli mt t'4t.r'z3Eil r.i'5l nmguflil CW, - ll T ,A C- Y- - xr L-tl ww W. we III. Fel, if ' The Speech Club, composed e of members from the speech t class, has many activities throughout the year, Its T prime concern is the Christmas skit, given during the annual Christmas Program. Under the guidance of Mr. Gatling, the Speech Club takes tield trips to various radio stations to observe speech techniques in practi- cal application. Members also have "participation" days" when they give recitations or sing songs. i A iw? ' H ll Q l .. ss- . , 4 i-.-...- .,,. KAW' 4. ,W M Mugs, ,nj . xi si l H: f ' ' . to :W ' f, Mary Jane provides a touch of folk spirit at a Speech Club meeting, Y SPEECH CLUB Front Row: Mr. Gatling, Sponsor: Marilyn Disch- bein, Secretary-Treasurer, Art Spellmeyer, President, Don Mig- nerone, S.C. Representative, Tim Dellert, Vice-President, Second Row: Barb Simon, Darlene Bux, Terrie Cooksey, Sue Hardin, Pat Dreste, Gail King, Linda Weber, Carol Graham, Janet Tindull, Jean Shaeler, Cindy Feldmeier, Becky Beatte, Teresa Dooley. Third Raw: Dennis May, Diane Fleddermonn, Janet Huth, Rosie Elchinger, Dorothy Weber, Diane Fear, Margie Dischbein, Rich Finke, Tim Sargent, Mark Chard, Rich Weber, Jim Jones, Ed Bertram, Mike Ringhoter. Buck Row: John Antonichi Larry Hoaser, Mike Boehm, Joe Musket, George Starts, Steve Rose, Dave Mefiert, Bob Koon, Gary Rauskaup, Tom Harlan, Joe Fischer, Rich Kristof, Dennis Bonk, Bob Woods. 100 ri ,X i i . i r : 0 h Speech cmd Drama U9 ed ch H9 gram. V. I 5 di- uf +4 i fo i G l PHOTOGRAPHERS CLUB Front Row: Carl Van Alstine, Treosurerg Stephan, Nancy Colomia, Linda Heiter, Randy Calarnia, Ken Arthur Nockunas, Secretory-Vice-Presidentp Dennis Moore, Presi- Meyer, Mr. Coughlin, Sponsor. Buck Row: Roberta Stoely, dentf Bob Fischer, S.C. Representative. Middle Row: Bob Charles Rolfes,Mike Kemmis. Photographers discover dark room, new techniques for developing in the xh- Visual Groups Educate Besides being an enjoyable and educational adventure, the Photographers Club also serves a very definite purpose. Members ofthe club and sponsor, Mr. Coughlin, ore responsible tor supplying pictures forthe yearbook and the paper staffs. Photographers give up their after-school hours to develop necessary pictures for pressing deadlines. tdy Culumin, Ken Roberta Staely, lucate Dale Korte adjusts the sound during a program. Students Through Services Dedicated to furthering education through electronics, the volunteer T,V. crews, led by Miss Beulick, provide educational programs for the intermediate classrooms. These programs range from music and science to art and penmanship, - ' ' S Il Mk TV ASSISTANTS Kneeling: Bill Flows' D"'E me' Dm Don filo! LTI?M51C.G"eQV1If"li12'n'f.T2L't1 Abrlge , t - , I L , res o es, was t , aergmekef, Mme ncemmts, steve Emme, Jtm Holder, St-ev: Sgr 9 sions' Mm Loeaeymnr John Mmm. Ray Papish, Dan Loral. Standing: Miss Beulick, Tom arise, 9 Kraus, Donna Smith, Helen Constanti, Barbara Buchmann, Mr. Steele, Sponsor. Back Row: Janet Koester, Betty Sauer, Kathy Glowacki, Eileen Saeger, Elaine Russorn, Donna Becker, Rita SECRETARIES CLUB Sitting: Renee Baumann, Secretary, Sue Terveer Treasurer, Sharon Becker, President, Jackie Ziemba, Vice-President, Gail Paul, S.C. Representative. Middle Row: Cindy Nash, Mariann Bonte, Kathy Schoening, Chris Maul. Feldmeier, Toni Messmann, Chris Volunteer Services wa, , . 1 Under the guidance of Mr. Steele, these girls learn the fundamentals of becoming a secretary. As an ciid to learning, prospective stenographers type Term papers for other students. -M 'x Mariann Bonte types a term paper to replenish the Secretarial fund. l04 iwwff Km LS" liende losing the the relicblef perlorm wwe iucli as F "rg liiding st. fe the library A to iid book ihey ulsa rc Qiiiqf Cir., Mx Nw lurhrriurir, M, Suiter, Kntly 1 5ecle', Ryu arvices ggmlllg BCH i I fi kk "4 1 UBRARY Assisrrwrs Fronl Row: rzeberve sweety, Joyce suberv, E lryere, Rita Scrroening, cm Men, Kerry Herr, Candy Lteber Keren Leryyrii, seedy Meyer, Kerry Rorrrbuclw. seems Row: Mrs. cyrrme reerhererere serrrre Kerlcy oeri seirrerreerger Rendered to School Easing the burden ot tlte secrelories, the reliable Ofnce Assistorrts perform numerous clerical duties, such os filing, mail ond message delivery, Azding students in their quest tor knowledge, the Library Assistants give their time to find books ond onswer questions. They olso collect tqnes, sltelve ond process books. 1: 4 'l .xox orrrcs Assismrirs rrerrt Row: rem rsieerer, BeNY SMH Gnd Clrris meer., Joyce Hqrisfhmidr, Bere ererem, Carol ererem, Sew Miss Neem, Mrs. vyride, Helen cement., leer Wnetlrucriterr Diss 105 A 5 . .94 Y Fegdmyen giqeoe 5e--P Srrgrgn Berke' Jane Lcehr, nd Row- Mermye rrree Eiee- sreger, Jtyie Horn Mvrilvrr ttbeiri ...,.vu+v ..s..-,.e. . HONOR SOCIETY Front Row: Barb Walter, S.C. Representative, Joyce Subert, Treasurer, MariAnn Bonte, Vice-President, Kathy Hahn, President, Sandy Alexander, Corresponding Secretaryy Nancy Ferguson, Recording Secretary, Mrs. Elmore, Sponsor. Middle Row: Kathy Rudd, Karen Lcrwill, Sandy Meyer, Gail Eichenberger, Linda Gloiron, Amy Doelling, Linda Keller, Arline Thornton, Pam Nett, Kathy Zeltmann, Barb Bonham. Back Row: Chris Maul, Sharon Becker, Eileen Saeger, Don Korte, Carol Beg, Rita Schoening, Dennis Moore, Bonnie Kerley, Liane Cutsinger, Fran Haushalter, Scholastic Achievement Honored The Alvin Oberg Chapter of the National Honor Society, sponsored by Mrs. Elmore, is based on Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Eighteen new members were selected by the faculty for membership this year. A banquet followed by the candlelighting induction ceremony highlighted the events ot the year. Sondra Meyer lights her candle to become a member of the National Honor Society. -,al aw' ff' 51 dn 19" ,ez Q lf! PC H 17 ua if tri Se it may ng iiinm Ihnmton, Pm N: Chvii tml, Slant be his als,-,, H. fm ItnuiI:I+ To the Students of Bayless: Bayless! This is the name which will always be alive in my memories, and which will remind me of the most wonderful year of my life. I remember the first day when I came to Bayless. I thought I was alone and a stranger. But the same day at the assembly, I was welcomed by the pupils very warmly, something which I didn't ex- pect. All through the year I worked with them, I shared both their happiness and worry, and I ioined their activities, I wasn't a stranger anymore. Bayless was the home of warm feelings and close friendship for me. Sema 6zIU dvi Sema bzlij, Bayless' foreign student of I966-67, is Q native of Turkey. BHS Welcomes Turkish Student At Senior Talent Show, Sema leads students in Turkish I Semu, donned in her ndtive costume, discusses AFS week with President, Jim Marlin. . Missa Rf.: x., '57 's f Z pea' K e, .. jak' ' , 'i BRONCHO STAFF: Standing: Rich Wintermantel, Fischer, Carl Van Alstine. Sitting: Kurt Schlette, Kathy Georgia Gliedt, Barb Simon, Paulette Gaynor, Bob Rudd, Jackie Ziemba, Linda Heiter, Nancy Ferguson. Many hectic hours of writing, re-writes, layouts, paste-ups are put forth each month to produce the BRONCHO. Reporters are prompted to do extensive research to develop a "nose for news," Editor-in-chief, Jackie Ziemba and sponsor, Mr. Cracldock make varied assignments for stories and features. BRONCHO STAFF Sitting: John Lydon, Mariann Bonte, Rose Mizerany, Toni Messmann, Kathy Kraus, Jane Assaf. Standing: isis igm 2 J Publications Record Phil Hendricks, Ray Holst, Becky Beatte, Pat Zehnle, Bob Koon, Chuck Birmes, Pam Coleman. J: 11 ORACLE STAFF Slmng George Schmid! Kathy Rudd, Judy Mullins, Kathy Hahn, Serna Ozlu. Standing: Art During long after-school hours members ofthe Oracle staff, sponsor, Mr. Croddock, and editor, Kathy Rudd, work on yearbook lay-outs. Compiling pictures and writing copy are only a few of the many details which rnust be completed before o deodline can be met, ORACLE STAFF Snmng Joy Aichison Debbie Domlanovic Bonnie Kerley, Georgia Gliedi. Irv'--V, X -ef sersuore BAND Front new: Aflrne rnernlen, Mary Leyren, Linda eieraen, Lelcher Boggs. Second Rowe Renea Kerr, vein Neli, oeug vegr, Bonnie Kerlev, Gary sen, Alan Loefielman. mia Row: Lester Boggs, Karen Retry, George Schmidt, Jim Knehans. Fourth Row: clenare Kinder, Jener i-inn, Peggy Lerufne, Rich Tahari, John Glasner, Bob Neli, Dennis May, Keith Petty, Dave Ellmer, aeb i-ieepe, Charles Crouther, vieky Newell, Jennifer sfery. Back Row: Don Mignerone, Janice Kramer, Karen Rosernanri, Kevin Sims, Georgia Gliedt, Gail lvlaseli. Senior Band Entertains The Senior Band, under the baton of, new director, Thomas Klehne, presented several concerts. New ideas were combined with old traditions producing the Fall Concert, Band Night, and Pop Concert programs. The group also participated in the annual school picnic parade, annual band festival, and presented its third annual concert for Park School. hunt Inv: P: Herb Sn'-V ' Emir, Dm: Karen Gig-- Thro If , .. J -1. '-6143! H F ul , . . , 1 lf. 1 X. 'r-""k?, ,ff iQ, 4 2, 5 ,Enid I .A vi b KH' Qu - . ' xl 1 K K il? A T ' ff fgswf 1 Rl I Q It fjgbm, -. -! JY, H A , , fgsyq ,' ' 1 If V . ff I X9- ,nd 1 fl ', I . N -J, O rl Orchestra Bllngs d l his talents with the orchestra at the Christmas Assembly. Mr, Thompson isp nys ORCHESTRA Front Row: Linda Keller, Susan Steinkiste, Darlene Schnorbus, Joan Kiesewetter. Second Row: Linda Key, Nancy , .lean Oberhuus, Jan Tekotte, Rich Carr, Linda Weber. Third Row: Jeanette Foster, Dianne Harlan. Fischer, Pat Baumer i i i i l l i i l l l l l Fourth Row: Mary Ferguson, Doug Vogt, Herb Smith, Donna lmntlin.: Smith, Pam Neff, Vivian Deno, Vicky Newell, Jennifer Story. Clievly Hem Back Row: Mr. Kiehne, conductor, Janice Kramer, Kevin Sims, Ailene'lhc"' Denlsehxr. Karen Rosemann. H2 Herb Smith, Dim well, Jenniler Story Kramer, Kevin Simi, Brings Culture To Bayless Front Row: Lorraine Hogfebe, carol sem, Gun Eachenbefger, cherry Heppe. second now: Linda claim, Mary Layton, Arlene Thornton, Debbie Berry, Debbie Deflrriba, Renee Kern Denise Pachiva. Fourth Row: Joyce Wooldridge, Karen Glenn, Adding a bit ol culture to Bayless High School, the Orchestro develops talents throughout the year. Under the direction of Mr. Thomas Kiehne they present the Christmas program, the Pop and Autumn concerts, and Orchestra Night. As a hnal service to the school, the Orchestra performs annually at the graduation. Mike Quint, Dave Ellrner, Charles Crouther, Bob Hoops, Mike Boehm, Karen crm, een Kiseppef, sham smith, ami. Row: Linda Schachmeyer, George Storrs, Dennis Feist, Mike Slrahcr, Vance Straumann. 1 X' -,cb SQ. CHOIR Front Row: Barb Besel, Pam Dowd, Darlene Bux, Marlene Schimmer, Cheryl Meier, Jackie Ziernba, Gail King, Linda Weber, Pat Schmidt, Karen Byrne, Linda Glairon, Sharon Smith, Sandy Alexender, Karen Remy, Pam Neff, Sandy Vohs, Barb Bonham. Second Row: Mr. Thompson, Terrie Cooksey, Barb Ellerbeck, Mary Kaye Byrne, Carol Graham, Sue Terveer, Chris Nash, Barb Part, Voices Each year the choir puts on four concerts forthe residents of Bayless School District. Public concerts including the Christmas program and Choir Night give students a chance to display their vocal talents. Under the direction of Mr. Thompson the choir also attends an annual festival at which they are rated with other county schools. ll4 Denise Vanek, Debbie Vie, Carol Sieitz, Donna Becker, Jean Schaefer, Karen Murphy, Judy McFarland, Dairy vveerer, Jeyee Litty, Margie Reeder, Ariane rhernven. there Row: Chris Mezines, Mary Braydic, Carol Oebermann, Marsha Machold, Cathy Lewis, Pat Quint, Paul Smith, Mel Gausling, Don Mignerone, Steve Kratzer, Steve Eccher, Bill Rake, Eric Abrams, Dennis May, Judy Hill, Carol and Instruments Join rrirnr, lvr-is 9 iwnh In 1012 min Sauer, Ref Dennis Feist, lim llinumarw, Ray K lam Fitzgerald, G Smit. Toi STAGE l Cami 5 plum, 1 52 'H..' Tri' Donna Berk, Pelikan, Lynda Schmidt, Carolyn Villier, Gloria Foster. Ndorlmid Fourth now: Joyce Wooldridge, Carol Beg, Virkuy Boehm, Joann Sauer, Ron Vanllees, Jim Jones, Charlie Crouther, CW' Derrrrae Feist, Jarrr Jackson, Kev Sims, George svorfe, Vance Swinging music was provided throughout the year by the Senior Stage Band. The Stage Band provided entertainment at several basketball games, at meetings of the Patrons Associations, and various other social and extra-curricular activities Quill Pill siroerrorrrr, Roy Kreutz, Marcus Boleh, Chuck Errrrrrerregger, if fnfwif rom Fitzgerald, Greg soon, John Lydon, Jerry Cuba, Jack May, Judy Hill. CW: Scott, ij' TS'r' liSh lS"t smoe BAND rrorrr Rowe Doug voor, Porrr Nea, Herb srrrmr, Mike Straher, George Starts, Sharon smith bass Back Row , Coral Steitz, George sehrrraoi, Gary Burr, Larroo seiroehorrreyer, move firmer, Bob Hoops, Charles cronher Dennis Moy Mr piano. Middle Row: Kevin Sims, Mike Quint, Vance Straumann, Kiehnmconductor, F As students meet and accept the day-to-day responsibilities of class work, term papers, and book reports, the routine of school life becomes for them a dull and lusterless existence. The long, intricate process of learning breeds boredom, aswell as a feeling of restless tension. In order to alleviate the pressure of education and to give students and faculty a brief respite from the demands of learning, school groups sponsor various activities throughout the year. Whether the activity is a basketball game, a dance, a play, or the Prom, its purpose is the same: to give students a pause, a moment to refresh before renewing efforts to acquire knowledge. Sometimes the activities are prepared and planned for weeks or months in advance. Yet, more often they are instantaneous, "spur of the moment" things, like a pleasant conversation at lunch or the bustle of an after-school walk to a waiting bus. Though classes are essential to mental growth, outside activities are also important to the human spirit, for such moments of enioyment are the foundation of memories that will endure a lifetime, a lifetime during which we recall ioyfully, through the midst of time and sadness, A Vision of Activities. ACTIVITIES - BAYLESS - llll ' Iill Senior Renee Boughmun enjoys friendly conversation and u iuicy apple during lunch hour. V Avoiding construction obstacles, students wal on cool full afternoons. Fall Months Bring New Styles lced in buck of school to get to their waiting buses , ..e. -W Q, . , ' 'Qi ' ?1'f'Z. 2,4 -.v af .K .v"f,w 5 l 195, Dning earl lmm na prublm and Fveslimqn umung ph ""' We ew Styles 'K ,f 5 FN ,ttf K- s -J t wxdi 1 4 , --.4 L . During early months of the school year, students became accustomed to painters and construction problems. Phil Hendricks looks "ted-up" with the whole Idea during a pie-eatlng contest held at the Sadie Hawkins Dance, ond Situations to BHS Freshman Ben Kloepper and Sophomore Jim Clemens were among the underclassmen who shocked BHS students with new styles in the full of '67, "Gramps" ,colds Ricky rom. U, Pud took, on in 0 sccne tram "on Borrowed Mme." C Sneaky Filch takes the lust long ride up Main Street in Gopher Gulch. E -pq .if , xww 3 1, , - ,xsxxx .im v.. ' ' I' ',P"f . k f -'i'.V-S12 -L "Sv ,IM M7 .,:'T7' . af 4 Q :W . 1. M' ' ' , ,539 ' V . 11, 7,111 , E Winter days bring cold wealher, warm cools and a long walk io busses alter school, Boskelball Highlights Winler l 3 2 MNT M- "J", .Tl My Marlene Schimmer and Lindo Heiler lake u well-deserved res? during K.P. duly at the Pancake Breakfast. l20 l Acllvill Clld E--.- H lm:-Q my mx - .I ,. iii l. i sh r V '41 1 and o lung wall Winter Q X I I.- R ,.,.,, - l' i ll' , , y f M--Q fi 1, Teachers w Activities Chuck Emmenegger takes cs decisive sho! during u "B" Basketball game, one of the highlights of the winter season. vefffu -3.-- Aww,- '1-.. . N., 's- V,-, V . X A ork diligently over semesier grades, 5753 I ' J v i ii ei-5 I I Junior spirits parade around me gym dining me School spam Assembly 121 in Bob Koen and Mr. Craddock discuss complications of the Journ- alism booth, one of the many activities sponsored at the gala Student Council Carnival. " ,f,....L. Short sleeves become proper attire for leaving school, as March brings on early spring. Spring Performances and Preparations Students and parents alike enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the Sports Banquet, held in honor of BHS athletes. Sophisticated seniors, Kathy Kraus, Diane Fleddermann, and Madelyn Westlake enliven their outside study halls with a strenuous game of Chinese iump rope. 'ne iiiclrf Drake sim in-Q Mint. Flou 4 5'--' H? 5 ,.f I mi' ,.. L , . , 1' W .. ' L .,.X , ,, - . I .,aiK:, ':1'.2..-M '+:.sf513' .. 5 M- ' - , , - x f. A- ,V ...fl W ,.- , ' 7 ' 'A - L, K , V , 0 . v kk ' ' -A f 1 K 1 .4. V pM,,bfg:'j- . , rf, ' 1' . - fn " A ' - 'V L , X ',,. - A -v'm,,....." ' - ,,-.,,L,,, ,,,, A., ,-A M, , . , -w""" 'CED Smiling faces on formally aitired s enverioinmenl ond dancing following a mognificenf dinner. iudenfs were evident during Q festive evening of MQW , , N .. , A .W J? if 'I X Nfl if f'j , lflfwcfivigt ff' gr 'N 1 ,A 0 '7jf6fcU Q, picififiil f ' xx. Ogg yr - 1 ,ifqefrtlifcg up 7 fl Y xx Mgxifff' , MA , waSf"'CeC'l I 1 .lf 55' ,- lpzlri :' n Q9 12 - J W 4. n2lff?', W WW' N 766 f me ff '. dy welcrirffiff fn ,Ai A. nmlimclf ' V ' ' clthelffisf 5 if c if Mary June Jones reocls o prophecy about seniors who are seen at c circus in their fufure. l24 1 Festive Prom Climf The Junior-Senior Prom, held in the Mayan Ballroom, Bel Air East Motel, provided memories as ' "Eternal as the Sun." An exotic atmosphere was created by the junior class for their guests-the Seniors ,i as well as many of the faculty. lt was Beef Bourguignon os the dinner entree, welcomes, congratulations uiewi i' lll J Q05 rug!! 5' r J- , mi , i 'C Milli, t i if Hlwifi 1 ff 94,1 i l 1 fi 0 'V' and dancing to the rhythms , of the Jerry Gotler band. Wifi UfiLjdfl'lD'JLf'J,J tb, A y, LJJJ-P'lJ0Lbfjolf QW ff jgfi i MACC' W M55 0 r 'tm wi ff tim obo l 'l wwf 57 QM U ff' A lWPPY Couple Seems wrupp p pp g beloe Qu unch served in c ocon in favors I9 Pf0m Climaxes Social Season and School Year 'FA A 1 A.. K"'x , N , 4 , V O ,Yv , 3? e L 'L . . . Nz gg! f A ij. Gig Q A 1 - V x Y - ' , 1 P vw. ' if I L' "' x A "'f," . , il 2 H T 2 1 Q" "F, QPF? :L LQYSA-, N A, ,g f ' gy f f' ., Z -Z' t I I ig-gy Ag. xg . pm A, L, . ,L X , , X1,.,.,: , ', 5 A' 92 -rw ' f' :xx 'Q Y h 1 I 1? Q0 ' J 4 'W v 33 3 'ly 4 -E, f T N, X ' l r x l. x, l Last minute preparations and chatter marked the anxious rna, ments prior to lining up for the canrrnenrernenr program. aginning and an End-for the Class of 1967 The Graduating Class of I967 was the largest ta graduate in the history of Bayless. One Hundred Eighty-Four proud seniors became young adults on the evening of June the Second and took with them Memories of Bayless High School Aere Perennius On behalf ol the Bayless Board of Education, Mr. James Fox, Jr. board president, awards the diplomas and offers his cangrairrlaaians to the Class al 1967. The Oracle Staff wishes to thank these rnemb . , . kl toward the publication of this yearboo Roy's Barber Shop 4227 Bayless Dr, S. Hendricks 4006 Bayless Artistic Floor Tile 8630 Gravois Schramm Hardware 8624 Gravois Dr. Earl L. Dick, Optometrist 8620 Gravois Liebers Gas Station 4036 Bayless House of Dollman 8419 Gravois Garner's Tom'Boy Market 430i Seibert The Donut House 8500 ivlorganford Gus Berry's Mobile Service 8631 Grovois J. Bitter Class of '61 ers of the community who contributed A special thank you is extended to the Senior Class of T967 f generous contribution to this year's ORACLE or their 128 l r 1 4 F i f I I 7 far xhe' :wwe X P ..,f. , , ' N,ak'5 1 ., "f fL L 1- 'if . V e,:.4.- , J' Q z'-" '..:..wi.,,- , A, .. -1 ' 17. .. , ."f :,. ...fu ,fl yiwz 1- n , ,.,'-., .s .Az ,X .K ,M- n 'W' 5 ., .-T35 125 W:-fx y :,- K. H-Vg: J .,,v ,- 'Zak 1 ., V vw X .,a' ,f. V2 1 ,Nr-L gn F. -,rgL4g: ff' ...,, v A t 4 zz' 1 lm 1 3 VH, l 4- 1 5,- , 1 Q Q vc ' I xv-

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Bayless High School - Oracle Yearbook (St Louis, MO) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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