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QAM QPGJZQCJQV Published by lhe Sludenls of BAYLESS HIGH SCHOOL ST. LOUIS COUNTY. MISSOURI 1 1 .XXXXKW an , , dyw. ta V. T9 , G . .,,.x .- -4?-W2 xl l 's Qs .Y "f --66 af, mr. 1.1- ,..f-""" ,,.-Y4 - .-f ir A gy 5 .. - "-7' 1' WW Y lg -if 7 Q Y Jw-, ' ! -H -W 1T"' !' 'A 'KA Y ' 'ffm ' L 3 It - - .,.4- w A E ,KM -- L kj E ' ' v IAQ., , , K. ,, I. ,Q I I .1 ,J , ' 1 - - -.Jn 5155 W -'A9 ' 7 ' - , -'1-"1 ly.. '. .f f, ai- i - f ' 'Q 4 F f- A ., '., . -,"'al, , .-,"' ,,' , ' ' ' 'lhl " is ' , k A x , , ' Q- 637. - ' ,. WJ - -'--vf-:rf-, , M.. ,.... ,,,,,, ""' ' ' - . 'fl'-1-Q9l.Jf3L23?wZv'-' 1 K ff f N , ' Q. V,f,j.j,'j.ff','f-"' 7' . 327. . ,, y . , v ' gd , A .... , , , ,,,, . , , ,, V ' ' ' ' , K ' f Ig-lf,-If 1 . ,' '74!v4sfrlf ' 1' I L . 1 ' p 1 .,.. - . 4 . -1-fp 1 A -, Q- 4' f++51+??5:f :Z-.21'f1': .1 if QI fa-:f I A '24-:+:+1-. f - . V Ltefr' , , qi. J ,, , ,f., .- JY ., , , , 1 I , 'Ll V Jvffrl ,jflclz .1-. 1' , fl: lrryl. .Jf,v,L,,,:,i,',' 4- U' up yr . . - - -' A I . . ' 1. ,zfvfligifgz-' 144-Q .ygibgg-'A ,-gf+zfZ"1:fi-'34,cf :b.f:f:'-'cfm Q-3 rffv f - - " W' f ' ' , ,--, -1'--1-h M -- . . ' '-'77,'gi'2f:-,-iQ5'f:15ffffS',3?7Z-':'17i,7fi'1-34I-is-f'fg.5..g.5411I-551,-fijfgibiftw''jfyfifififififi-'Al'.-if'-W' , - "M" Q -- ' V 1,-2417.'-'-1-1+1f:,ff::.'15114L3j,g.v:- 530, Ii Tll MRS. HASEU Any institution needs a leader, one who is capable and willing to devote his or her talents to further the education of its students. In Mrs. Bascom the students of Bayless High have found just these qualities. During her entire service to the furtherance of our education and talents, Mrs. Bascom has given freely of her time and effort to help us grow scholastically and otherwise. She has given everyone an equal chance to advance, has created a feeling of understanding between herself and the student body, and has never refused help to any one of us who needed her advice or guidance. Mrs. Bascom has made Bayless High School what it is. She worked unceasingly to give it the reputation it has today, and we owe it to her to uphold Bayless' high ideals. For twenty-six years she has strived to make these ideals materialize and has been successful. To you, Mrs. Bascom, we wish to express our sincere thanks for all you have done for us by dedicating the 1946-47 ORACLE to your honor. We shall miss your familiar presence in Bayless' corridors, 'but we Want you to know that you shall never be forgotten by us. May all your future undertakings be just as successful as those you have accomplished in the past. Thank you, best wishes, and God be with you. THE SENIOR CLASS OF '47, l ! l 3 1 3 i ' 1 W L ' , E1 r ll 5 lx L 6 1 1 "fi sllmilin 1 3 x. I .'. sw U N I A ll 'Alf 1' 1 , 5 fx Q N" -' ' 4 LT ' 1 li .fri f A 'K' 1 ,, ' Y 'Z Q ,ii is-5, ,Q , ,pf "ly u 5 QS -- ' A fT X" .1 -Ii:-Lac.. , 4 K f -1 'Q , ' ff? , 1 1 151 aaa 'I f - ' Y 5 N ' 5:1 , 5.33 Q-L, ni, H s -.75 sr --Yfgf-5-2QQ"A'j33-fi-'-4f77 "'r"'g3-1. VL- 'Z Zffr-If 1 , 1 'xi fpyf :all -b..,+ ws.l- Nm . , Y1 A g li ,, I , ,, g 5 ai W 5' ' " 15155 , .' ' . ff-121,51 'Il ,X king? 1 IL' - - 'J 2'?'L"5I ' 'Lf ' ,ia I 7 4 I . ,I I V 'f '-Jffkf I I I ' .1 " If v ' b V X l I - . as 1 ' 1 ' 1 - . 4 y l , .. "J 'I E 9' 'Z Z J. "fag ' i , T4 Y vb, . ' ' ' 3 - ' , :frm Jr"s' -' V ':41I " ' ' " ,., ' N .r -1 'LI' -n .7 1- Y f '- K Y ,ug ,.EL,,.:-iz-1:f.?-5"'j,r:3F5"-5, I Y A -4, Aki, N 'A 1 -' H? 'V nt. . 1-- FUREWURH As we, the Seniors, leave Bayless High We are partially closing the door on many hap- pily spent hours and memories. Its familiar corridors reflect the poignant memories of our Hrst high school days, the athletic events, the proms, and the thrill of graduation. We shall, however, return many times in spirit, as Well as in person, While we relive those happy days, and the pages of this book will beaturned many times in fondreverence. The beauty of our entrance enhanced by the early morning sunlight. 1 5 Our hall of YTIEITIOZT QS. ANNUAL Standing: Mary Kalafatic, Doris Erbe, Russell Chott, Carl Holstein, Betty Rueschhoff, and Anita Fliegl. Kneeling: Donald Breihan and John Coleman. Absent: Frank Balzer, Jacqueline Murphy. .4-1' . ' .u 7 STAFF MR. MITCHELL This year has seen a welcome addition to our administration. Mr. Mitchell has taken over the duties of the principal of our high school. He has proved himself a very capable leader in classes and sports, for he has spurred the Bay- less Track Team on to greater heights. The student body certainly appreciates his fine guidance and helpfulness in solving seem- ingly impossible problems. We are sure he will always be remembered by those who have had the chance to make his acquaintance as a teacher and friend. l-llllflllllllllllll OUR SUPERINTENDENT Our administration has been directed by Mr. Beck during 1946-47. He can often be seen briskly walking through the halls or sitting at his desk arduously Working on some current problem. In his first year as superintendent, Mr. Beck has instituted many changes which have been very successful in increasing the efliciency of our school. Thank you, Mr. Beck, for all your thought- ful consideration and help. We wish you many more years success as the superintendent of our dear Alma Mater. Qui 8 AIHVH ISTRATHI HUGO GOSS President JOHN RONECKER HAROLD HASTELUND PRED VASEL Treasurer LOUIS HENLEY Vice-President OTTO GESTRING Secretary fb- -, in "Pc imc! Mrs. Ka rdel History Miss O'Brie1 Arr Mr. Oberg Mathematics 1 Mr. Sheltoz Band Mrs. Lattimc Social Science Miss Wittco Laxin English Mr. Fickli Coach Industrial Arts Miss Harre Athletics English lvlrs. Elmo English Miss Gra Music Spanish Nliss Brasch Home Economic Miss Knie Commvrcc EIUR Ill SS OFFICERS President .,..,,. ..,.....,..... P AUL HALE Vice-Presidenr ..A, ..,.A.,. F LORENCE PI-IELAN Secretary ..,. ...., J ACQUELINE MURPHX' Treasurer .........,.. ....A..A...... E DWARD RADETIC Sponsors rr,..,., Mlss KNIEP and MR. MITCHELL 11 . X' X ' .A -NS '- 1 4. . X , - ll" x xv . M .v my . KX, NN JXN xx , 4-W 'K l 'il :fx 'V if. J 'ix .R X31 N4 . XNA X3 Y 1. 1 Q lf? . . . 'M Qijiyg A , a r Fr- , .Nl FQ H. N CJ VN' X- af is . ug' c , in .LQ . P, is if if '4 X . 6- . :fl x, , M 1 i . o '. LL! LD - U XS W T.. Nl . ci jf.. X3 ' Vx K 'N -wa - . ' . N-1' ,, 'X ' R XJ X A eg. X5 A . 1 ti 1 . "i " J if i , RQ ,J .3 -x 4 ll. RICHARD BIRA: February 17, 1929 Richard is a short fellow who has been at Bayless for four years. One of the more quiet members of the class, but friendly when one gets to know him. Of course, we know he has something behind that bashful air of his! Rich plays the trombone in our band and has been a participant for the last few months in the All-County Chorus. We have all enjoyed his company and wish that we could get to know him a lot better. A likeable guy. You bet! Best wishes for success. EUNICE ROTH: November 23, 1929 For short she's called "Purnmie." The only way she can answer a question is by the inter- jection, "huh?" Excels in laughing. Eunice and Lois are inseparable and nd each other helpful in writing themes. She is always busy before 8:30 doing her e ry home-work. G d luck Eu ice wtf ALTER HINKAMP: January 26, 1929 l Q is, a+'glKUJ,m"iX l "Vv'ally" is one of the most likeable and fun- loving boys of the class. His talents vary from playing the accordion to being a guard on the basketball team. What would the Senior girls do without "Wally" and his Ford? Yes, he has proven helpful in more ways than one. Keep up that swell playing, Wally. Bayless will always remember those grand dance tunes you played. Good luck! I ELEANOR KALAFATICH: January 27, 1930 This dark-haired lass has won many friends in her years at school. "Elem has a clear so- prano voice which she displayed many times. She regrets having bleached a streak in her hair. Her quiet, easy-going manner in addition to a grand personality will certainly make her a success in life. All our best wishes to you, Ele. DELORES HEARST: June 28, 1929 "Hirsh-Birsh" is a Senior with big, brown eyes. She loves to be with a crowd. Every year her hair is a different length, but we like "changeable" people. With her charming per- sonality the world will gladly accept her. Al- ways happiest when that certain someone is around. Bayless will miss her charming smile! The best of everything to alcheerful girl! , 9 W i all mf' ,,. M . I s , f 'l l. .- ' ' i yi' I V , , r i l J - l ALVIN KLEIN: y T July 25, 1926 L "Al" is our one and only Vet-and a valu- able asset to the class. He possesses a beautiful pair of eyes and a physique second to none! "Al" is a good speaker and the members of the Speech Class obtained much information about the Navy from him. He is one of the most traveled persons we know. Thanks for all those interesting yarns, Al. We really enjoyed hearing them. To you then, we wish all the luck that the future can hold. ELEANOR BANICI-I: May 13, 1929 Pretty blonde hair, exquisite clothes, plus a sparkling personality make up "Ele." She is a very popular girl as was shown by her being elected as our basketball queen in her Junior year. Another Baylessite whose favorite pas- time is talking. A participant in all sports and a leader in many school activities. Surely, "Ele" will take her place in the world. ARTHUR MARKUS: Q August 27, 1928 Gay, witty, and an interesting conversation- alist and a weaver of VERY tall tales. "Art" has been at Bayless since he was knee-high to a duck. His ambition is to be a butcher, and we certainly hope that the meat situation im- proves so that Art can realize his ambition. Art's sense of humor adds the finishing touch to any crowd. Lots of fun-that boy! Keep it up and you'll go places. U7 1 J' if .YA .8. X-fkjff M I ,I i - " V N o '- Q .4 bye C?,.+5.? ol Gr .N MILTON LEHART: October ll, 1929 A four-year "man" at Bayless who excels in being quiet. Milton is happy-go-lucky, and never worries. This fact we can all verify. "Milt" is Harashe's opponent in the sousaphone section of the band and really does a swell job of tooting that horn. Always prompt to classes. But-don't get the impression that "Milt" is an angel! Far be it from that, but it isn't often that we find him "in Dutch." Thanks for all the fun you've given us. SHIRLEY NIEBUHR: July 23, 1929 "Shirl" is a blue-eyed beauty with a spark- ling smile and a pleasing personality. As a pastime, Shirl likes to complain. She can usu- ally be found helping out in the music depart- ment. One of her well-known songs is, "Senti- mental Journeyf' And, another thing! By shrewd observation we have noticed that she has, on a very conspicuous linger, a spinell ring! We wonder where she got it? It seems to be dated 1946! Lots of luck, Shirl. ELMER SMITH: June 30, 1929 Tall, blonde, and handsome is this up-to- date fellow with the big blue eyes. For the latest Zoot styles you can always depend on Elmer. Sometimes quiet and other times---. This 1ad's favorite pastime is sleeping during classes. His pleasant sense of humor, girlish giggle, and jokes CU brighten many a dull moment. Our highest regards to you, "Elm," f , H lri lL A X yi! vi l, . , i yi 1 EDWARD RADETIC: January 29, 1929 Another blonde! And how! Always eager to aid a teacher UD. Ed's favorite expression is "Come on, kids, we want to study!" He is, strictly speaking, a lady's man: known all around school for his flashy clothes. We know all the fellas envy him when he passes in that flashy Ford. Also, the front seat is never empty. Need we say more? Good luck, Ed. 7f5E,,2,::5,,,..f KENNETH WooDRow:1"9Z' ' october 12, 1929 fp, Kenneth and Bob Litnn or vice versa. Either way you take it, it's a pleasant combination. Ken is tall, dark, and very friendly with a gift of gab-except in Speech class. As Mr. Beck said, "Why is it that they shut you up in other classes and in Speech they make you talk!" CAnd sometimes much against your willj Yes, Ken, you came to Bayless late in your school life, but we cannot express in words how much we have enjoyed knowing you. Loads of luck to a grand Senior. MARY KALAEATIC: January l, 1930 This tall, dark, slim Senior is one of the best liked girls at Bayless. Her ever-ready smile is flashed wherever she is. Enjoys mostly to be in the middle of everything. Her serene manner will take her far in life. Mary is a student-- and every teacher enjoys having her in their class. Her interests in life are general. Best of luck, Mary. DAVID HARASHE: November 10, 1929 This shy, but handsome lad causes quite a sensation among the girls. "Hersh" is one of the best dressed fellas in the class and has Won many a friend with his pleasing personality and witty disposition. It must take a lot of exer- tion and effort to produce those low B-flats on that sousaphone-from what We hear. fAnd we don't mean gossiplj This cheerful Senior loves the world and the world loves him. Go to it, Hersh! HELEN HELD: August 25, 1929 Jenny Lind? Why. we have one in our class! Yes, indeed, Helen, that's what we think of your voice. lt's a pleasure to listen to you sing and We hope that someday you'll get THAT break. She's a cute, jolly, black-haired lass who delights in driving the car. fPedestrians be- warelj She has played the oboe for a number of years and participates in the Mixed Chorus, Cilee Club, and-All-County Chorus. Keep sing- ing, Helen, we'll always be listening-no matter where you are! N I c il' y l - 1 W A 1, i lf' I ' l ,u al! L I c. li . A, MV .lr ' f X A . .f I ' H 4 l , ' , A, X L li ,i,. X 'f ' ,fc " My ' f M N Lf? Q4 N W N iw 'Y i il X i lx 1 1, i l N v r ijiv vi O! I A ' qi X., n. lc' i' A xf f xx ,lf J X f i l, Lay I . W E I RICHARD HERCULES: November 23, 1929 Ah, yes! Five foot eleven inches of merri- ment, genius, and personality. Answers to "Herk!" Rich expects to enroll in Washington U. to study CU engineering. This happy-go- lucky fellow is interested in math and science: his ability to understand many such intricacies is envied by all. This statement can be proven if you examine this book more closely and see that he was elected President of the Science Club. Best of luck to you always, "Herk!" LOIS KAYSSER: Nlay 30, 1929 Here's a girl with a charming personality. Lois' popularity has won her the candidacy for basketball Queen along with Betty Muller this year. Lois' refreshing humor can be heard echo- ing through the halls from Monday through Friday. Besides being very active, this little miss isn't so bad at solving domestic problems. Good luck, Lois. JOE BECKER: January ll, 1929 Quote, "I'm tall, handsome, intelligent, and intellectual" CU unquote. CThis is Joe's ver- sion of his personalityj This chap loves sports, especially baseball and basketball. He can usu- ally be seen strolling through the halls with a certain Senior. His ambition is to be a profes- sional baseball player and a part of this ambi- tion has already been realized, for Joe has spent several summers playing professional ball. Best wishes, Joe, maybe someday we'll be seeing you in Sportsman's Park. DORIS ERBE: January 7, 1929 "Herby" is Cone of the most studious girls inb our class. She was elected Assistant Editor of this "Oracle" and as Secretary of the Dra- matic Club. Any time the Seniors want to know anything, just ask "Herb" and she'l1 know the answer. Doris excels in playing the piano and is the chief accompanist for the Music Department, and plays in the Band. Doris and Dot-they're always together and have a good time playing jokes on each other. We wish "Herb" all the success life can hold. Another All-County Chorus member. HERMAN DOERINC1: April 23, 1930 Just a practical joker and quite a character! Most frequently seen with Ed. When anything foolish circulates around school, Herman is usually in on it. He always blames the girls for talking. Cf course, "Hemi" never talks? His favorite pastime is playing ball and Ending surprising things to say. Keep the world laugh- ing, Herm. MARION ANTONICHI March 5, 1929 Marion is more or less on the quiet side. She's a sincere singer every Wednesday night and also participates in the Bayless Mixed Chorus. She possesses a happy-go-lucky per- sonality and always has a smile for everyone. Marion is a very punctual student and the faculty enjoys her presense. We know she'll be a success in any profession. JOHN COLEMAN: February 23, 1929 Just call him "Johnny" He's a very popular lad-in more ways than one! Johnny is a very speedy typist and also an excellent ball player. He has helped Bayless to win many victories. Johnny was elected as Editor of this book and while others are engrossed in exciting novels, he can be found with his nose stuck in a his- tory book. Imagine-just for pleasure! His ambition is to be a history teacher. We hope you reach that goal, John. CGLETTE WILDER: April 7, 1929 "Willie's" laughter echoing down the halls signifies that she has arrived to begin work. Always rushing out of the building five minutes before the bell rings to go to work. Her favor- ite saying corresponds to that of another Senior which is. "Who me? I didn't say a word!" Colette doesn't believe that arguing with the teachers pays off. U1 Her ambition is to be a California songstress. We sincerely hope this dream comes true, Colette. Vg I .rf fl X U? . ff ,f' 1 - N l.Y ,- r t .,' f U ' f s I ' . . , . 1 ,., I ,, Q. iv 4 1. , a l I f . 1 'x SAJWN ,I fy 'X V ,Jai .V os lv I-I-If ff if , af J yf G jrfy M ff we LOIS LEICHT: February 9, 1930 Lois came to Bayless in her Junior year and has won many friends with her pleasant per- sonality. Lois is one of the most charming and humorous girls in our class. She has been active in Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, and Home Ec. Her chief interest is to be a librarian as is shown in 7th hour study hall. Keep up the good work, "Pat," ELMER MATERN: June 22, 1929 Elmer's amiable personality has Won him everyone's friendship. He was elected president of the class in his Junior year. Elmer seems to lose all sense of direction when taking a tour through a cave. Quite a cave-man! CYou'l1 never live that down, "Elrn."j The only way the Seniors could distinguish "Elm" from the donkeys was by his glasses and pipe. All our sympathy to those poor, dumb animals! But, as a matter of fact, here's one Senior who is really "tops" ANITA FLIEGL: August 10, 1929 "Shorty" is just a little bit of everything. Her ambition is to reach the very excessive height of five feet. Her saying . . . "All precious things come in small packages." Her giggle fwhich reaches from do to doj can set every- one into spasms. She studies just enough-no more. The World will gladly accept this little Senior. Good luck. DONALD FARSON: February 27, 1929 His name is "Don" and he is the possessor of a very likeable personality. He came to Bayless in his Sophomore year. The girls ind Don "drool bait," but deff! He can usually be found on a basketball team. His pastime is to see what's cooking in Home Ec and We don't mean food! Don is sure to become a business success with his many pleasing ways. JACQUELINE MURPHY: December 17, 1929 This Irish Coleen has gained admiration from all her friends as revealed by her being elected as secretary of the Senior class. Jackie is a hard worker and an asset to any organiza- tion. A Baylessite for only two years, she has made a hit with everyone. Her interests lie wherever there's help to be needed. Good luck -and thanks for all of your assistance, Jackie. She, too, helped make the All-County Chorus a success. 4 A16 ,V I If I' ,E . 'li' 3.51 9 . .Zi 7' fi .! ii' 'O - If 1 Q , 1 ' 1 iw E 'qty , . H. .di , W ' if 1 ' Y fl -5 I . 1 -1 1 1 -If . 2, ' TOM WHITE: .3 g if g , me October 30, 1928 ,,-f 'W , f -' ,--e Wil V 1 I 1' " Tom is quiet, industrious, 'and the star of Bayless' Track Team. He has a versatile char- acter and is a friend to all. Tom is one of the best dressed Seniors and is well-known for his witty remarks which add the necessary spice to any conversation. He hasn't decided what his life's work will consist of, but we are sure that he will be a success. BETTY MULLER: October 28, 1929 This tiny miss is one of the best liked girls in the class-proven by her being basketball queen candidate for 1946-47. The question of the year-"Will Betty ever grow?" "Mull" is 4'l2" of loveliness-not mentioning those sparkling blue eyes and a big smile. Here's one girl that doesn't have to worry about her hair being straight. A sense of humor and her inter- est in shorthand are definitely some of her plus qualities. DONALD BREIHAN: February 27, 1930 Don is one of our more quiet, industrious lads. In Study Hall he can be seen quietly observing the antics of the other rough-necks. Yet, to know Don is to want to know him better. He has upheld the standard of our class with his good grades: and has hopes of enter- ing a college. Here's wishing you a very color- ful future, Don. , 1 ,g .. Q .0 l ll., T' , . gl. ,gf if 3 4 .1 Q.. - O, .-V-f-rift ee: 'Y J' ' svjil A T ,Ki 1 ,,.,. , V, ,. fi ffl ' if i -ifhwf 1 I 1 ,.'A 17:9 ,Hi ,TJ g j 'J f 9 iff , Xi '-s E 1 le . is ' , rf?" x . M5 lb F 5,-'L ' 1-'lpff . 1 5,1 U3 I'l'l 'ill L U7 1 to ,lffsfee L99-f-W - 1 9 .- ,W .,, .'f',G,: ,-1 17 If 'jf .fpfeff fi, . la- fl ' . lwfvfylf. wr 1 -"" 124'-J fi . 1 f L X41 I 77, f L'A5'-- ff' Y- ay' 2 gift, fr 9' i"fji6?4,"v!':' GJ' 1 .54 24. .- Lf . if ,,-4 Lf',f'.,.. .. fp' QS- ' 47 X 117'- sig 3 3 s Z' N Si X Qs, ,,, g. N33 A gg! ca, SQA FRANK BALZER: April 2, 1929 "Frank," a hard-Working student, considers basketball and baseball his chief interests. For his thirty points in a single basketball game he was chosen Prep-Player of the week. His good nature has made him one of the more popular of Bayless' boys. I-Iere's an excellent combina- tion of personality and ability - especially along the mathematical line. He has been a decided asset to our class since his first day and We want to wish him all the luck in the world. VERA CORDES: August 26, 1929 Vera's a possessor of a quiet, yet appealing, personality and seems to be quite a typist. She has proven that business and pleasure can be mixed. Here's another one who loses all sense of direction when in a case. She is loved ,by all and there's never a dull moment when Vera's around. No matter what anyone has to say, we're sure that Vera will live up to our high expectations of her. Vera is strongly attracted to red hair and freckles. ARNOLD PRIEDECKZ September 30, 1929 A quiet lad who's pleasant manners have made him a friend to all. Quite a student! He is always in the company of two Bayless' nicest boys, Richard and Milton. Does anyone ever see Arnold wi.thout that big smile? Besides being an ardent lover of animals, Arnold is a sports fan. We know this good-natured lad will go far in the business world. Best wishes, Arnold. DOROTHY FISCHER: October 15, 1928 When you need help just call on "Don" Not only intelligent, but a very charming miss with a friendly smile. "Dot" has a deep, ro- mantic, alto voice which leads the girls in sing- ing. Another All-County Chorus member. This summer she attended Girls' State, a fact of which she is very proud. And rightly so! She is a talented pianist and we are confident she'll be a great success in whatever profession she chooses be it piano, or . . . who is he? Dot was president of both the Dramatic Club and Girls' Glee Club. Good luck. BLANCHE IBERG: February 27, 1929 Blanche is a very likeable girl and a friend to all. She has a passion for flowers. Wherever help is needed, Blanche is there and eager to help. Her Indian blood probably accounts for that beautiful, long, black hair. She aids in upholding the alto section of the Mixed Chorus and All-County Chorus. She finds school in- teresting, but then, school finds her interesting. too! Lots of luck, Blanche! ,QM M2215 M PAUL HALE1 f m september 7, 1928 Paul, who has been President of r class inc Q both our Freshman and Senior years, is a very likeable chap. He toots a sweet note on that Sax and has added much to our band. I-H56 extra-curricular activities are unlimited. But, all joking aside-Paul is a prince of a fellow and possesses just lots and lots of those things known as brains! One of America's future pharmacists. MARGARET SCHNEIDER: June 18, 1929 "Margie" is a quiet but pretty strawberry blonde. Where did you get those great big, beautiful, hazel eyes, Margie? "And after all's said and done, there's really only one-oh Mar- gie, it's you!" Studious, but not always. She has a hidden sense of humor that creeps out at the unexpected moment. People love having her near them because of her friendly, cheerful disposition. Because of classmates like her,school continued to be a pleasure for all. Lots of luck, Margie! DONALD HIRNING: March 14, 1929 "Don" is another charter member of THE band and what a musician! Quite a profes- sional! He plays piano and several other in- struments. This grand fellow has a pleasing personality and quite a sense of humor-our personal belief is that Don would make a good comedian as he has so often proved at our Stunt Nite performances. Thanks for the swell music you furnished at all of our entertainments. Loads of best wishes to a grand classmate. FLORENCE PHELAN: June 16, 1929 This blonde beauty was an active member of the Girls' Volleyball Team, and has helped sup- port the soprano section of the Glee Club and Mixed Chorus. She has a disposition that is a source of comfort and joy to her friends. Despite her quiet, reserved manner, Elo has greatly enlivened life at Bayless. We shall miss this sweet, friendly girl. M 11- . U ,NM-' hw Tft""xiZ-pewfg EDW N ALTEMATA: January 18, 1930 He is known as "Eddie" When you hear a low voice with a little chuckle, you know that Ed has just told one of his corny jokes. His personality has won him many friends and we know it will continue to do so throughout his life. This friendly lad has a bass voice which has helped to uphold the more diflicult passages of music in our Glee Club and Mixed Chorus. All of our best regards to you, Ed. for making yours a very successful future. BETTY RUESCHHOEE: December 28, 1929 Here is vim, vigor, and vitality all rolled into one. "Betz" is on her best behavior when read- ing a book. Dancing is her favorite pastime. Her charming smile, big blue eyes, and ringing laughter helps to keep up the morale of our class. Yes, she is quite a nice girl and we will all miss her. Our highest regards to you, Betz, we've certainly enjoyed your companionship. CARL HoLsTE1N1 December 16, 1929 Blonde hair, blue eyes are the qualities nature has bestowed on this versatile Senior. As a ball player, he is really super! Carl also excels in math and science. He has been known to be called "quiet," but those of us who really know him can see that this is not really so. He has a grand easy-going way about him and we know whatever field of work he chooses will hold many opportunities for him. Carl is Bay- less' top ping pong artist. Good luck, Carl. EDNA BEARLING: March 1, 1929 A charming little lady always willing to help the people who are in trouble. She can usually be seen with "Flo" "Eddie's" favorite by- word is, "Hi, Babe," or "What do you know. kid?" She enjoys taking Home Ec and we think her mind is set on a domestic future! Who knows? A vital part of her personality is the fact that Eddie seldom is without a piece of gum! Have a piece of gum, chum. We know she'll be a success in whatever path of life she 3 fad MLW A 'Pi' 521441 J ' """6 M-vcljld. RoBERT LITFIN: Arai! January 6, 1929 chooses to travel. Our shortest, blondgfella. Bob is more or less on the quiet side, and thus we hear little from him-in class. But on the outside, oh boy, can he chatter or can he? Another mem- ber of the band-a French horn player. Bob also plans on entering col-lege. It is rumored that he wants to study interior decorating. We hope you like it, Bob, and know you will be a success. , - - 1 DORIS PENTON: November 25, 1929 "Dodie" is a friend to all. Her personality is tops as shown by her being chosen as a maid for the basketball queen in her Sophomore year. Dodie is always ready to help whenever the l class or school sponsors something. She always has a helper at her locker! This laughing 151560 makes a grand dancing partner ancllllas a swel personality. Good luck, "Dodie."U ' of J' N se. XYJ1-.os WV ALLEN WEBER: September 26, 1929 A bee-utiful physique, eh stoo-dents? He is one bunch of brain, brawn, and muscle. A "cheerful, little earful" who is always ready to share a joke. Allen never says too much- but just enough. He possesses a charming, easy- going personality and is liked by all the teachers and students. "Al" Calthough he says he re- sents this nicknamej is ready, willing, and able to assist anyone in trouble. He has helped to make this old world a better place. Good luck! 23 5 tow will RY' . Fu ,iff aff' 9" ,x 91 Gffayrfi af lf wwf lf6"ffQ7l p LID e l.L1 LIU ALTON TGDTENHAUPT: July 7, 1929 Brown eyes, wavy hair, and a wonderful gift of gab-which, of course, often leads his footsteps to the ninth hour class. "Alt" is really very cheerful and excels in monkey busi- ness, also. He is a fine specimen of. American manhood and we can truthfully say that he is a very gentlemanly fellow. We know he'11 make an expert painter-yes, kids, that's his ambition. Let's not forget his telephone num- ber: you may need him some day. Good luck! JEANNE ANSLINGER: July 23, 1929 A fascinating Senior whose chief asset is twirling a baton in all of Bayless' parades. An- other Senior "ProXie" who has personality, a beautiful wardrobe, and a daring smile. She excels in pounding the typewriter: Jeanne is one of the best liked girls in the class. In her Junior year, Jeanne's voice completed the Bay- less Swing Band. Luck and success, Jeanne. CHARLES KUHNEL: February 14, 1929 "Chas" is another lad who came to Bayless in his Sophomore year. He finds Sociology interesting, and just loves to study??? Has that certain something that makes everyone en- joy his company. His favorite pastime is talk- ing-in class and otherwise, He possesses a smile that will take him through the business and social world with flying colors. Best of luck to you, Chas. AUDREY LIMMER: July 18, 1929 Even though you don't hear much from "Aud," she'11 always be around where there's laughter and fun, Working hard this year to graduate? Of course. Audrey and Colette make a grand team. She has gone to Bayless for a long time and we can't think of one without thinking of the other. She is cheerful and esy to get along with. Good luck, "Aud." RUSSELL CHOTT: July 28, 1928 Bayless' top camera man. Russ is quite an eilicient artist, too. We have all seen his beauti- ful posters and drawings around the building. He is also a member of Bayless Band, holding an important position in the trumpet section and helps out on the Baritone. We know this likeable Senior will rise high in the world. Russ is also the Art Editor of this year's "Ora- cle," and dida very fine job. LA VERNE BRINKMAN: July 5, 1929 LaVerne, better known as "Brinkie," is a charming miss with a sparkling smile. Excels in athletics and history. LaVerne is usually able to skid in at 8:24 for the 8:25 bell. This blonde has Won her share of admiration and affection. Her platinum blonde hair and a spirit of helpfulness make her a beauty as well as an excellent student. Best of luck in your future years. JACK PATRICK: September 16, 1928 Quiet, polite. and ambitious are the personal attributes that won Jack the title of the "best boy citizen" in his Soph year. Even though Jack is quiet he is known to all the students as a "regular fellow." Jack says that his favor- ite pastime is playing ball-but we learned from an anonymous source that it's really sleeping! Whatever it is, we know Jack, as usual, will do a good jobioffit. Accept our heartfelt wish for load ofxsgidicess, Jack. X ig 'Aka g .N 1, , 1 K A' ' A' 1 XT' 1 1 sf KX' '-1 ij. jixfixid ' iii BETTY WRIGHT: M' 1 , January 23, 1929 iw 'f,kVl.g Y You'll see her or hear her-but mostly hear her happy laughter. Always showing the girls the latest steps in dancing. Her heart throb is a handsome blonde. This vivacious brunette was a peppy cheerleader in her Soph year. Say, "Betz," who started that hair bleaching fad in school? Being active isn't her only attribute: she has easy-going ways which are envied by all. Good luck, Betty. kk XA 1 M, If , 17.1 A M A. X, .141 A I It .1 ,., o ' '1 -i".U -- -Ziggy, . .- 7- i:'f.'N 1:1 Liririri-i ' .' if i 4 7 Mfr A.Z6,fi,, JH IHR CLASS OFFICERS President .A..,,. ....... M ARILYN KOCH Vice-President.. ........ JAMES MATTHES Secrerary .....,. ........., B ETTY MERKLE Treasurer ........,............... CHARLOTTE BARISIC Sponsors ........ MRSL KARDELL and MR. OBERG h. -ln- 26 Jll IURS JOY LEMP: BOB STEVENS: V As light as a feather on her feet, A musically-minded lad is he, And certainly very, very sweet. When it comes to band, he'll get an ' HAROLD STEINMANN: Baseball is his chief delight, i ROSEMARY JECMEN: H 'd I r 1 r d d ht. e Ove O p ay I ay an mg A friend in need, She'll help indeed. DELORES LEHMANN: With always a smile as she calls, Delores has proved a friend to all. CHARLES PEDROLEY. He'll take on any bet, RAY BRDA: The luckiest fellow you ever met. What cares he for class or books, Zero marks or scornful looks? SUZANNE SCHLUETER: A tall, blonde lass who's really JOAN SALOMO: 'fesquireyw Although she's quite a diligent one, Of football games will she ever tire? She's always found Where there is fun. FRANK MAY: RAY UEBEL1 . . . Jolly and kind, To knew hlm is fl Um' T friendliness i 1' ed One of the nicest fellows you'll ever O nc In ' meet. JEAN GULATH: LILLIAN LEBAUBE: Calm, reserved, and very neat, Friendly, capable, and eflicient, AIWRYS digniiiedf and VCFY SWQQY- These qualities combined make "Sis" sufficient. - LES ZINGRICH: "A tisket a tasket '1- BOB SMITH: , Les made a basket." With a skating career ' He'll find fame near LAURA JAEGER: MARILYN KQCH3 Laura's smile is worth attention, In Class Work Shes our star' And her personality is worth some And in fun she's over par. ' melfmon' RICHARD WHITE: CHARLES STVERAK: Known now, known ever. UAH E here, an there, Pol-get Dick? Never! Teachers' favorite everywhere. EERN KETTLER: LORINE WIESEI-IAN: She loves to dance, she loves to swing, Lorine in her Work is neat, This girl can do most everything. A nicer girl you could not meet. 27 .XJ , Sf-J UT I H R Wx Q! JT? 3".Q5 yy Q B. -T X 'J X' ffm L I LEMP MAY KETTLER UEBEL XVIESEHAN VJINKELER STEINMANN LEHMANN LEBAUBE SMITH STEVENS JECMEN GULATH ZINGRICH MARKUS FREY BIESE MARLER 28 ,L-' .4 und' 4. if - 5 l C r-1 1 G ' , 4: ' 1 T .-mi iv J : J. 311 . , K f"i? " li' S , 1 ?2im.f1kE 3' - 5-:WQW ' P2 J I' .C ! ,f . 1 . - ' X QQ 4' BRDA KOCH PEDROLEY JAEGER BRUNS ECKEL MAN SALOMO WHITE SCHLEUTER STVERAK MASON UEBEL Qi- I JH IHARS- ! fa A 3 --A , xg 1 3 'ja' ',, .. , J W 'V ,. U X N. .Ty V, . , N' A X w iv' F' ' " , .J - , aw I, 'u H-- N 1 nr I 4 Lf A A :QA Www , 'I-,jf ,7 E, .f -,,?.f I,- JLLQ, fu ff 'C L? 'fLL-ffL!-L...f1f- -4lJv,,L:Z,f,'T.fvLf Q75 WM , - x 'lr : ' I' A -X , 7:7 I i .E .. Q3.Qff'5'.2' ! f ' Sl" .,1E.Q' fl '-fn f C" In QL! , ,AV ' fwiv ff"L.f1,Cftf- l E2 BIRKNER 'H HELD BARISIC KLEIN CRANCER GUTJAHR A B1RCHLER KALAEATICH PISCHER SHAW BUESKING .1OsTEs WINGRON MATTHES WILKE MERKLE RUNDE ERIEDECK CHASE MOHESKY SCHULZ THOMPSON BRENNECKE FARSON STAUSEBACH OEMPSEY COLEMAN 29 Ju Inks FRIEDA BIRKNER: JEROME FRIEDECK: A charming personality, true, and kind, His idea of a perfect day- She could be with us forever - we Less work and more play. wouldn't mind.. IRENE RUNDE: BEN HELD: Irene is always so sweet, In regard to talents, he has plenty, That tO be near her is 21 treat. In future years we'll admire our BETTY MERKLE: UBQHHY-" She may be short, may be tall, CHARLOTTE BARISIC: But in her crowd ranks first of all. Her friendly smile and pleasant greeting, JOAN CHASE: Makes one anxious for another meeting. Her dark hair and Sparkling eyes, MATT KLEIN: Will win her almost any prize. Plump and, short, thin and tall, MELBERN MOHESKY: Matthew Seems to beat them au' An all-round athlete: a swell guy too, BARBARA CRANCER: Eellas like him are very few. Atcharming personality, E IRENE SCHUI-IZ: Vim' vigor' and Vltahty' She does her bit, she never shirks, WILLIAM GUTJAHR: She really enjoys doing her school work Slow and easy, never a care, JEANETTE THOMPSON: Time and minutes, plenty to spare. Many a friendship will she Win, HELEN BIRCHLER: With her black hair and dimpled chin. "Mabel's" a blonde and lots of fun, JAMES BRENNECKE: We'll' certainly miss her when the year A friendly Voice, a Winning smile, ls done' Can be found in Jimmy all the while. JOHN KALAFATICH: PAUL EARSON. A little nonsense now and then, They say hc' is bashful Is relished by the best of men. But he is only Wise. ' JOSETTA FISCHEK , SHIRLEY STAUSBACH: if S.ql2i1te iiahliranlng lass' 1 A charming poise, a winning smile, mire an 1 9 In every C ass' Can be found in Shirley all the while BGB SHAWI BETTY DEMPSEY' Bob Stands up f2if1Y tau' A quiet timid little lass And does lots of his standing in the hall. Shefs bgen with us throdgh every Class' JACKIE BUESKING: CLARENCE COLEMAN. lin the ling Oflsports' She desi excel d Clem will surpass theiwoman or maid Ven m t 9 C assroom She ta QS a lea ' I-Ie'l1 make gabbing a registered trade. DALE JOSTES2 ARTHUR WENTZELI Baseball, basketball--basketball, track He says few Words, Maybe next year he'll be a halfback. But speaks Volumes. DOROTHY WINGRON: NELSON HOERNER: Dancing is her chief delight, By hook or by Crook, She loves to dance both day and night. Nelson gets through his hooks. He's fxgcgsatile, handsome, and always A quiehand charming. girl, We think he likes bangs and long, black Who will go far m this Old World' hair. HARRY WARNECKE: SALLY WILKEI giiiyhilsiiii biiiilvsiiifili' A Well-dressed Junior that likes a lot of JOHN SCHUH ' ' ' fun. - I Never a snob, she has a kind word for "Rattle, rattle, pop and floppy, everyone. Here comes John in his jalopyf' 30 nvnnmm sms i ww'V F' ' X v .x x. ,xl " 6' I 'Vp V' N' rv xx ...I lxf X LQ' ,rf-,I OFFICERS I -' OX pw , . . 4' We . J U Preszdent 4.4.,... .,.. M ARVIN T ODTENHAUPT W J, nk 5 is. JK . w, -V A xt M 5 Vice-President ..,,, A...... H ELEN SMITH y' I A531 -- V' - -1' X 1 x Secrerary .AA..... ......A. C AROL ALFELD -, ,W ,il .J Treasurer ...... , .A..A.............A...... ELMER BALZER L, ' fd fx , 1 . Sponsors ..,.. MRS. ELMORE and MR, SHELTON U , . , -, .'M 1 I" ' I 1 kJ?!x Nj QMW ww X , uf Vf 1 ,W + 31 'U .nj AV , v x V! SUPHII lllll PER IINALITIES EA Yllll IM Carol Alfeld-not talking about boys? Eugene Anderson-without his work? Elmer Balzer-as an outcast and forgotten soul? Anne Barisic-talking in class? Kenneth Beckerman-dating a girl? Jackie Bentz--not liking Affton? Dale Bertling-without his trumpet? George Blankenship-getting interested in a les- son during class? Catherine Bono-catching on to a joke? Patricia Boulache-on a horse? Gwen Brandschwede-without a corny joke? Frances Briggs-without her smile? Jackie Brinkman-in love? Jack Brueggerman-with blonde hair instead of his jet black? Betty Buchschacher-spending a quiet evening at home? Virginia Buckley-being punctual? Matthew Buneta-with blonde, straight hair? A H I E l l I I I Edwin Christman-without his much-used comb? Jack Christopher-as Cornel Wilde? Jerry Dieckhaus-coming to school every day? Betty Dieckmann-making noise? Joe Drazic-behaving in study hall? Jan Egleston-wiggling her nose at an M. P.? Bert Elam-not betting? Jane Erd-missing school? Jack Elaton-as not being "zoot?" Irene Euri-disliking music? James Goelitz-without his sideburns? Bill Gravette-talking to a girl? Joan Groth-with only one boy friend? Jack Hartman-not talking to the girls between periods? Gloria Hayes-not being lady-like? Pat Hochecker-with an empty house on Wed- nesday? , HPHIIIVIIIRE 1 I 'Y 4. I A X I ' A H I I IAA.: f 1 J a I RUESCHHOFF HOLTKANIP XVI-IITE GROTH ZIMMERER 1. , 'B -0' , J I 7 .R W I., I I' . x f il 1 v-fi I., BUNETA REISBIG HARTMAN PAUL UNDERWOOD SCHAEFFER BECKERMAN LEI-IART REICHARDT SNEED BALZER DRAZIC STAELY PATRICK BRANDSCI-IWEDE 33 -L '. 'I gm ,N , mf' Zia I x I f 'S PAVLOVIC ANDERSON WEINER BERTLING FURI fk, . , , ,I , , A Iwfgig I m W 1 51 H J . A ff' ,I v v r H s , Lvf: 5' .I -41'-'-7-" I -1:-iw M715-5-iz-.-, ,, +1 4: . 5 -, , BRUEGGEMAN SMITH BLANKENSHIP WILLIAMS CHRISTOPHER SHPHIINIHHE PERSH lllllll El YU IMAGIE ..... Shirley Holstein-being a lady wrestler? Jane Holtkamp-not being popular? Adele Kalafatic-not rushing? Jenny Krumrei-not athletic? Walter Lehart-as a puny, frail child? Tommy Limmer-with his homework and an apple for the teacher? Shirley Mason-disagreeing with a teacher? Marie Matejicek-with an empty purse? Martin Mayer--without a friend? Paul Merli-acting serious? Alice Patrick-not at a party? Shirley Paul-Without that laugh? Elaine Pavlovic-staying home? Shirley Reichardt-competition for Walter Winchell? Betty Reisbig-doing a 1-2 step? Cecelia Rueschhoff-with only one brother? Pearl Staely-passing up a good argument? Bob Stallard-Without his motor scooter? l Marion Schaffer-refusing to dance? 1 r Helen Smith-with straight hair? l F Delores Sneed-not having her lessons? E Jeanette Stegmann-talking against the Coast Guard? Marvin Todtenhaupt-Without that wavy hair and with a short name? Richard Underwood-without a corny joke that he has made up? Angela Vasel-not being bashful? Kathryn Vogt-at the "Lodge?" Leroy Waltemath-as 6'2" tall? Jean Weiner-not being friendly? Kathleen White-being crabby? Mary Ellen Williams-cultivating a distaste for Hancock? Robert Wolz-as a 5'1" boy? Eleanor Zimmerer-being serious? SIIPHIINIURES 1511 l I WH X 1 L I v X I 91 1,111 W L 1' jvfllfi V J Mil , X ,QT ' , W' .Az mi N. 1 IM, a 3 , N, , , fn W ,MU 3 A f DwfCPfkf" Lf I f 1' '- , . an 375.22 giwaf 1 x BUCKLEY WALTEMATH BARISIC FLATON ERD TODTENHAUPT VASEL WOLZ BONO MERLI BENTZ LIMMER ALFELD ELAM BRIGGS GOELITZ BUC1-ISCHACHER GRAVETTE BOULACHE DIECKMANN KALAFATIC MAYER BRINKMAN HOCHECKER STALLARD KRUMREI EGLESTON STEGMANN 35 TX. My 1' xx, X . . Nj ' HAYES HOLSTEIN MASON MATEJICEK voGT 1' .w N NIA President ....,, Vice- President Secretary ,4.,.. freasurer .................,......... Sponsors .,.. NH CLASS OFFICERS ,..,...WILLIAM DVORAK ...HHROBERT MOHESKY ,...e...RUDY ANTONIC .ARLINE NIEBUHR ss BRASCHLER and MR. FICKLIN 36 FRESHIVIEN PERSII ALITIES DONALD MOTTEL Likes-lunch time. Dislikes-bacon and liver. Hopes-to pass German. Regrets-the school does not have a cinder track. DIANE KONZELMAN Likes-someone. Dislikes--being called "Diz." Hopes-for the best. Regrets-wearing glasses. ANTHONY LUCAS Likes-Spanish. Dislikes-not having a lot of lib erty. Hopes-to play on the basketball team. Regrets-school. SHIRLEY ZINGRICH Likes-fun. Dislikes-conceited people. . - Hopes-for the best. Regrets-not being as fat as Arline. JOHN MARKUS Likes-hunting. Dislikes-girls. Hopes-for the best. Regrets-nothing. LOIS RISCH- Likes-Mrs. Kardell. Dislikes-any kind of work. Hopes-for the best of everything. Regrets-just being a Freshie. JAMES HOLTKAMP Likes-girls. Dislikes--English. Hopes-to graduate. Regrets-can't drive a car. SHIRLEY VONDERLAGE Likes-fun. Dislikes-riding to school on a crowded bus. Hopes-to graduate in 4 years. Regrets-only being a Freshie. DONALD LEICI-IT Likes-girls. Dislikes-work. Hopes-to get a motor scooter. Regrets-life consists of so much work. CAROL WIEGERT Likes-a certain Senior Dislikes-nothing. Hopes-he likes me. Regrets-being a Freshie. JOHN HENNRICI-I Likes-all sports. Dislikes-school. Hopes-to graduate. Regrets-that shop period is so short. DOLOR ES JECMEN Likes-someone. GENE KELLER Likes-women and sports. Dislikes-Civics. Hopes-to play basketball. Regrets-work. RUTH TOMASEK Likes-all oftmy teachers. Dislikes-nothing. V Hopes-for the betterthings life has to offer. Regrets-that I'm. npt smarter. ALBERT KONECNIK Likes-sailing. Dislikes-that I can't go out as of- ten as I like. Hopes-to play basketball. Regrets-I don't haveto work hard for a living. CAROL KUHNER Likes-civilized hair cuts. Dislikes-no one. Hopes-to drive the car next year. , 'Regrets-I'm only five feet tall. RICHARD LIABLE Likes-girls. Dislikes--to be called "Dick." Hopes-to get out of school. Regrets-that I'm not a better stu- dent. WILMA HEMMER- Likes-all play and no work. Dislikes-English. Hopes-to learn how to drive. Regrets-exams. CARROLL HAHS Likes-baseball. Dislikes-peas. Hopes-I never get as dumb as L. Biese. BARBARA SCHNEIDER Likes-easy sailing. Dislikes-certain conceited fellas. Hopes-to some day be a majorette. Regrets-I'm so tall? DANIEL HITE Likes-baseball and basketball. Dislikes-girls. Hopes-to play basketball. Regrets-that I am not as good- looking as Mohesky. NORMA GUTHLAND Likes--Bayless better than Affton. Dislikes-certain boys. Hopes-to graduate-some day. Regrets-I'm fatter than Gloria. DONALD GROSSMAN Likes-hamburgers. Dislikes-getting up in the morn- Dislikes-school. ing. Hopes-that life will be a "howl of Hopes--someone isn't kidding mc. cherries." Regrets-lbeing a Freshman. Regrets-UD what are they? 37 JOYCE HUSKY Likes-a cheerful person. Dislikes-conceited boys. Hopes-to grow taller. Regrets-being called "Shorty." BILL DVORAK Likes-baseball. Dislikes-work. Hopes-to make the basketball team. Regrets- -school hours. EVELYN KAPPEN Likes-all the kids at Bayless. Dislikes-the short lunch period. Hopes-to be a doctor. Regrets-the competition. JOHN DULZ Likes-Phys Ed Dislikes-Latin tests. Hopes-to graduate. Regrets-getting up in the morning. MARGIE FRANK Likes-ALI. my teachers. Dislikes-long lectures. Hopes-to graduate in four years. Regrets-having only one study hall. KENNETH ELAM Likes-hamburgers. Dislikes-school. Hopes-for more holidays. Regrets-that there are so few gym periods. HELEN FICKLIN Likes-a certain someone. Dislikes-conceited people. Hopes-he likes me too. Regrets-being only a Freshie. LEO BIESE Likes-doing everything I'm not supposed to. Dislikes-behaving myself. Hopes-I may become a "gentle- man" some day. Regrets-it seems impossible. JOAN DRIER ' Likes-someone. Dislikes-Monday mornings. Hopes-to be like my Mom. Regrets-school vacations are only three months. JACK DENIKE Likes-hunting. Dislikes-girls Hopes--to be a taxidermist Regrets-that I don't live in the country. IDA FLEMMING Likes-everything. Dislikes-English. Hopes-to graduate from Bayless. Regrets-I cannot drive a car. ROBERT DETJEN Likes-a good-looking skating part- ner. Dislikes-opposite of my likes. Hopes-for a more romantic future. Regrets-that I'm not a professional skater. FRE HNIE MOTTEL KONZELMAN LUCAS ZINGRICH MARKUS RISCH HOLTKAMP VONDERLAGE LEICHT WIEGERT I-IENNRICH JECMEN KELLER TOMASEK KONECNIK KUHNER LIABLE HEMMER HAHS SCHNEIDER HITE GUTHLAND GROSSMAN HUSKY DVORAK KAPPEN DULZ FRANK ELAM FICKLIN BIESE DRIER DENIKE FLEMMING DETJEN sl n' A Q 6 ,, F , .viv " -fl . f: fy.. J 1,17 Ai x" X if FH, 5 4. w Gs gr, 3 rm, ti . 'f ,, N Q V4 N Q.. "" A '4 'f A 'ff Q lA 1 -5 i 1 4 ,' T' lg "j u 'life gg-551 J- A R7 HM . 3 Lsgix' .1 fl 17155 K K ff 'Lim , . N XH-' " ia ' Y ,-DS: , N ' -F 'L 'pi' 10 w , , , ,wgggv-, fav , .QQ my-wi :C -N, A. Em . , , A ,M N, . 2. J. 1' ,. "' MAYER STEWART NIEWOHNER CURRY DINKINS WINGRON NIEBUHR PALUBIAK MACHINO BOESE STALLINGS WENTZEL LEHMANN DOERR DAILY SCHUH MANKOVICH NEEDHAM LILLICRAP CRAWFORD SLYMAN SCHNEIDER SNEED MOHESKY BARNETT RUESCH 5.75 STEGMEYER A Z AJ MUSKET -vw-'fini BERGMEIERWQI CATRON WOODRUFF ANTONIC REYNOLDS MURPHY ATZERT UEBEL 39 Flllllllllll DELORES MAYER Likes-History. Dislikes-English. Hopes-to visit Detroit some day. Regrets-more of my friends don't live nearby. ROBERT STEWART Likes-girls. Dislikes-having Latin. Hopes-to pass above named sub- ject. Regrets-I have to get up so early. PAT NIEWOEHNER Likes-Bayless. Dislikes-a few of the Ereshie girls. Hopes-to be an undertaker. Regrets--that I'm too young to drive. KENNETH CURRY Likes-hunting. Dislikes-red heads. Hopes-to be a Senior someday. Regrets-not having a steamboat. GLORIA DINKINS Likes-school. Dislikes-boys! Hopes-to graduate before I'm 20. Regrets-not being "sweet 16." ED WINGRON Likes-shop. Dislikes-English. Hopes-to graduate. Regrets-that there isn't a bus going from my house to school. ARLINE NIEBUHR Likes-a certain Soph. Dislikes-being called "Rooney." Hopes-for the best. Regrets-I'm not as slender as Shir- ley. DON CECHOJ PALUBIAK Likes-a certain girl. Dislikes-being so tall. Hopes-to make the basketball team and get a car. Regrets-not having a motorcycle. CAROLYN MACHINO Likes-everyone and everything. Dislikes-giggly girls. Hopes-to have a good position in the business world. Regrets-being bashful. ROBERT BOESE Likes-horses. Dislikes-school. Hopes-to be a jockey. Regrets-not being one as yet. BUD STALLINGS Likes-to be the owner of a new Buick someday. Dislikes-girls-they make me nervous. Hopes-to graduate in four years. Regrets-not having a drivers license. JERRY WENTZEL Likes--ice cream. Dislikes-liver. , Hopes-to graduate. Regrets-nothing. PERSII ALITIES RUTH LEHMANN Likes-school. Dislikes-conceited people. Hopes-I'll graduate some day. Regrets-being called "Babe Ruth." JIM DOERR Likes-nothing. Dislikes-nothing. Hopes-nothing. Regrets-nothing. PATRICIA DAILY Likes-someone. Dislikes-giggly girls. Hopes-for the best. Regrets-being shy. RAYMOND SCHUH Likes--Phys Ed. Dislikes-school. Hopes-to get out of High School Regrets-to get up in the morning. JANE MANKOVICH Likes-Civics. Dislikes-having tor stay after school Hopes-to graduate. Regrets-only being a Freshie. BERT NEEDHAM Likes--music. Dislikes-nothing. Hopes-to go places. Regrets-nothing. JACKIE LILLICRAP Likes-everything. Dislikes-boys? Hopes-for the best. Regrets-I'm just a Freshman. LEO CRAWFORD Likes-to sleep. Dislikes-girls. Hopes-to graduate. Regrets-work. BOB SLYMAN Likes-basketball and baseball. Dislikes-girls. Hopes-to play baseball. Regrets-I'm not as handsome as Adam. ADAM SCHNEIDER Likes-baseball. Dislikes--girls. Hopes-to graduate. Regrets-I'm not as handsome as Bob. RAY SNEED Likes-dancing. Dislikes-school. Hopes-to graduate. Regrets-that I didn't come to Bay- less sooner. ROBERT MO-HESKY Likes-baseball and basketball. Dislikes-girls. Hopes-to become a better sports man. Regrets-nothing. MARLINE BARNETT Likes-swimming and dancing. Dislikes-school. Hopes-to be a successful secretary Regrets-I am not 16. ARTHUR RUESCH Likes-football. Dislikes-girls UD Hopes-to grow to be more intelli- gent. Regrets-ninth hours. 40 NEIL STIEGEMEYER Likes-school. Dislikes-girls. Hopes-to pass German. Regrets-that I don't get the chance to drive more often. RICHARD MUSKET Likes-3 o'clock bell. Dislikes-school. Hopes-to get out of school. Regrets-going to school. JANE BERGMEIER Likes-dancing. Dislikes-my freckles. Hopes-to go to Mexico and show off my Spanish technique. Regrets-that I'm not taller. ROBERT CATRON Likes-putting my extra time on music. Dislikes-sports. Hopes-to become a doctor. Regrets-not taking Latin. JIMMY WOODRUFF Likes-to play softball. Dislikes-getting up so early to go to school. Hopes-to make good grades in school this term. Regrets-not working harder the first term of school. RUDY ANTONIC Likes-basketball. Dislikes-girls. Hopes-to graduate. Regrets-work. JAMES REYNOLDS Likes-skating. Dislikes-homework. Hopes-to be a professional skater. Regrets--that my career hasn't begun. DAN MURPHY Likes-most everything. Dislikes-literature. Hopes-to pass Latin. Regrets-nothing. JOSEPH ATZERT Likes-baseball. Dislikes-spinach. Hopes-I pass my exams. Regrets-exams roll around so often. LEO UEBEL Likes-girls. Dislikes-limburger cheese. Hopes-to get a motor scooter. Regrets-gym periods are so short. WAYNE LEVEL Likes-nice girls. Dislikes-going alone to the show. Hopes-to get a motor scooter. Regrets-not having one at the present time. JAMES PHELAN Likes-art and baseball. Dislikes-homework. Hopes--to complete school in four years. Regrets-that the school year isn't shorter. - EIGHTH HH Ill Fourth Gow: D. Stevens, L. Bryan, J. Whirehorn, R. Waltemath, D. Masterson, W. Kull, D. twcll. Third row: J. Wolf, W. Drewing, E. Schulz, D. Frieda. W. LeBz1ube. W. Goelitz, A. Haenni. Second row: E. Ebrecht, A. Purvis, C. Beckcrman, J, Soutiea, P. Wherle, S. Gardner, Miss Schenk. First row: E. Gathard, C. Litlin, F. Dresslcr, J. Matern. P. Craig, C. Machino. Fourth row: W. Dempsey, J. Holland, R. Dettling, A. Briggs. S. Elmo, D. Shoen. Third row: L. Fisher, R. Wentzel, R. Hinkamp, F. Neuf, C. Matern, W. Phelan, L. Meyer, C. Brinkman. Second row: P. Groepper, B. Hastelund, C. Daily, P. Grosscup, C. Blake, G. Huppert, Mrs. Lattimore. , First row: B. Kwitzky. E. Kombrink. T. Belleville, J. Moore, J. Antonich, L. Knutsen, J. Wilke. 41 NIIITHER ' CLUB HH PATRIINS' ASSIIEIATHIN MRS. VEARL MORRIS MR. E. L. LEHMANN The Senior Class of 1947 Wishes to express its sincere thanks and appreciation to the Bayless Mothers' Club and Patrons' Association for the help and guidance they have given us throughout our high school years. THE CLASS OF '47. 42 ETIVITIE Contemporary values and goals shift and change with changing conditions. But there is a set of stand- ards nearly universal which include: justice and fair dealing, honesty, truthfulness. observance of cove- nants, recognition of regularly constituted authority, due regard for the rights and feelings of others, coop- eration and mutual help, disposition to carry one's own load, tolerance, and respect for individuality. Assuming that means are adopted to insure under- standing of these standards, there remain certain tech- nics which may supplement understanding by stimu- lating emotions and thus produce attitudes. Among these technics are: ritual, music, drama, literature, art and architecture, sportsmanship, hero Worship. Cf course such technics will come to be viewed as means and not ends. It is important that all social institu- tions come to be regarded in the same light. Committee on Social-Economic Goals of America of the National Education Association 43 Third row: I.. Zingrich. A. Klein, J. Matthes R Shaw J Coleman Second row: H. Steinman, J. Becker. F Balver M Mohesky D Parson First row: T. White, W. Hinkamp, Coach Ficklm H Doering R Stallard LETTERlVIEN'S EL The Lettermen's Club. under the sponsorship of Mr. Ficklin, is composed entirely of Bayless fellows who have lettered in baseball, track, or basketball. The enrollment totals fourteen. In its initial meet- ing, the organization set up standard requirements for obtaining letters and standardizing sweaters for each of the sports. The Club planned to give dances and with the proceeds have invitational dances for club members only. The club officers are: President-Walter Hinkamp. Secretary-Treasurer-Herman Doering. 44 Fifth row: J. Bergmeier, C. Barisic, D. Palubiak. E. Matern, D. Hirning, E. Waltemath. B. Gutjahr, D. Jostcs, P. Hale, J. Kalafatich. J. Reynolds, P. Marler, J. Thompson. Fourth row: W. Hemmer, D. Erbe, A. Barisic. F. Kettler, L. Biese, I. Schulz, R. Wolz. J. Brennecke. M. Todtenhaupt, J. Hartman. Third row: L. Jaeger, M. Schneider, B. Iberg. D. Fischer. J. Murphy, J. Lillicrap, J. Bruegge- man, I. Furi. J. Fischer, J. Chase. J. Salomo, Mrs. Elmore. Second row: R. Tomasek, B. Stallings. R. Sneed, S. Niebuhr. E. Banich, D. Hearst, B. Schneider. J. Egleston. H. Smith. S. Rcichardt, R. Jecmen. First row: L. Risch. C. Kuhner. H. Ficklin, H. Held, B. Wright. D. Fenton. J. Erd, C. Alfeld, Illllllllllll CLUB The Dramatic Club of Bayless High School is under the leadership of Mrs. Elmore. The object of the club is to afford experience in actual dramatic production, to develop poise, to improve in posture, freedom and grace of movement, and control bodily movements. E. Zimmerer. A. Patrick, S. Mason. The ofiicers of this Club are: President-Dorothy Fischer. Vice-President: Paul Hale. Secretary: Doris Erbe, Treasurer: Joan Salomo. This club has contributed much to the perform- ances at Stunt Night, Christmas, and to the Senior Play. We can truthfully say that each member of this club has enjoyed every minute of the time and only wish that we could have many more such pleasant meetings. 45 in A , , P Standing: D. Breihan, A. Vleber J Schuh J Uebel Seated: C. Holstein, J. Patrick C Pedroley Mr Oberg MATH Illllll The second Math Club of Bayless High assembled on October 7, 1946 for its first meeting. The club immediately took on an interesting and sociable air. The officers of this club are: President-Carl Holstein. Vice-President-Allen Weber. Secretary-Jack Patrick. Treasurer-John Schuh. Sergeant-at-Arms-Donald Breihan. The purpose of this club, which is under the very able supervision of Mr. Alvin Oberg, is to teach one to think by analyzing and solving problems: and to acquire a better understanding of mathematics. During the year many interesting problems were solved and every member took an active part in trying to solve these problems, and the meetings were antici- pated with great enthusiasm. 46 .... - .af Ax. 'iv-.. Third row: R. Litfin, A. Friedcck. R. Hercules. Mr. Mitchell, K. Woodrow. J. Goelitz, I.. Uebel. Second row: B. Elam. J. DeNike. J. Fricdeck. I.. Biese, P, Parson, A. Konecnik. J. Christopher. First row: K. Bcckerman. E. Anderson, P. Merli, B. Gravette. R. Underwood, W. Lchart. Ell Cl Illlll This relatively new club is under the able super- vision of Mr. Mitchell, our science instructor. The club is divided into two parts, science and photog- raphy. The purpose of the scientific section is to give students a chance to do scientiic experiments and to explore things which are of particular interest to each of them. How could we forget their excellent per- formance on Stunt Night? The members who are interested in photography have learned how to take impressive pictures also wanted to know how to develop these themselves. Therefore, this became their main object. Many of them did fine jobs as many of the students can prove. The club officers include: President-Richard Hercules. Vice-President-Paul Parson. Secretary-Bill Gravette. Treasurer-Arnold Friedeck. The activities of this club are many and varied taking in agriculture, chemistry, and biology. 47 Third row: C. Rueschhoff, J. Lemp S Lutz L Wiesehan Second row: D. Sneed, Miss Braschler M Matejicek B Dieckman First row: E. Pavlovic. S. Stausebach K White H Birchler Hllllllll KERS The "Future Homemakers of America Club" was organized for the first time this year. It belongs to a national organization called the "Future Home- rnakers of America." The purpose of the club is to promote an active interest in the art of homemaking. Discussions are held on such timely topics as interior decorating, good grooming, etc. Many interesting things are planned at each meeting, such as teas and parties. There are twelve members and most of these possess club pins. For its ofiicers the club has chosen: President-Elaine Pavlovic. Vice-President-Shirley Stausebach. Secretary-Kathleen White. Treasurer-Helen Birchler. 48 Fourth row: K. Elam, J. Markus, D. Mottel. A. Konecnik. N. Stiegemeyer. D. Palubiak, R. Catron. J. Reynolds. J. DeNike, L. Crawford, R. Liable. Third row: I.. Risch. D. Leicht. Ci. Keller. J. Hennrich. D. Murphy, R. Stewart. D. Grossmann, J. Holtkamp, D. Hire, R. Tomasek, Mrs. Kardell. Second row: J. Bergmeier. R. Detjen, J. Wentzel, R. Antonich. R. Slyman, A. Schneider. J. Atzert. C. Kuhner. First row: I. Flemming. N. Guthland, G. Dinkins, M. Frank, J. Mankovich, S. Vonderlage, B. Schneider. J. Lillicrap. Hlll ERIISS Elllll The American Red Cross Club was organized in October. This club is made up of the Civics class which consists of 41 members. The first project that was completed by the Red Cross Club was the making of Hallowe'en place doilies for the War Veterans in the hospitals. The club also made two scrap books about American school and social life and our own community affairs. One book was sent to France and another to Egypt. These countries will in turn send the club a book similar to ours. Mrs. Kardell has charge of this club and we can honestly say that this group has done an excellent job in all of its undertakings. 49 Third row: R. Brda, R. White, F. May, G. Blankenship, C. Stverak, G. Keller Second row: Miss Kniep, E. Bruns, A. Wentzel, H. Wamecke, M. Koch. First row: C. Wilder, R. Lehman, C. Machino. P. Daily, I. Runde. llllllllll Elllll This socially-minded club is composed of sixteen high school students interested in learning how to play contract bridge. They believe, and rightly so, that skill along these lines is an asset. The officers of The Bridge Club are: President-Irene Runde. Vice-President: Eugene Bruns. Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Stevens. These people enjoy very much the forty-five min- ute meetings held in Room 100 every two weeks. This club is under the very able leadership of Miss Kniep. 50 Fourth row: F. Birkner. J. Mankovich, S. Schlueter, M. Schaeffer, A. Todtenhaupt, E. Smith, J. Groth, J. Krumrei, C. Kuhnel, N. Hoerner, A. Kalafatic. P. I-lochecker, I. Flemming, S. Wilke, R. Uebcl. R. Stewart. D. Murphy. A. Ruesch. Third row: C. Wiegert, L. Brinkman. J. Buesking. E. Roth. D. Konzelman, D. Jecmen, D. Wingron, L. I.eBaube, E. Eckelman. J. Gulath, E. Frey, M. Williams, J. Brinkman, D. Harashe, E. Christmann, M. Klein. Second row: Miss Harrell. S. Vonderlage, B. Buchschacher. K. Vogt, D. Lehman. M. Kalafatic, E. galafatich, J. Markus, B. Rueschhoff, A. Fliegl, B. Muller, S. Holstein, J. Weiner, . oese. First row: M. Frank. B. Reisbig, J. Bentz. N. Guthland, G. Dinkins, M. Barnett, S. Zingrich. B. Husky. D. Mayer. V. Buckley, J. Holtkamp. V. Cordes, S. Paul. Cheerleaders: B. Merkle, B. Crancer, A. Niebuhr. lllll An organized group of Bayless students, known as the Pep Club, is the core of the cheering section at the various basketball games. From this club the cheerleaders are chosen. At the games refreshments are served and the proceeds collected, including the club's monthly dues which are used to charter buses to transport the members to and from games away from Bayless. At the Pep Club meetings, which are held twice a month, the members learn and practice new yells and discuss any business that might be in order. The emblem of this club is a "B" which is sewed on to a beanie. At the present time, it boasts a membership of approximately sixty-seven Bayless students. 51 Standing: I. Flemming. B. Buchshucker, D. Jecmen. J. Lillicrap, C. Machino. S. Vonderlage J. Mankovich, B. Slyman. J. Doerr. Third row: J. Buesking, J. Brinkman, P. Daily, D. Konzelman, S. Holstein, S. Paul, J. Weiner Second row: J. Bentz, R. Lehman, J. Bergmeier, M. Frank, J. Egleston, S. Schlueter, J. Chase L. Biese, Miss Grant. First row: L. Biese, A. Lucas. B. Smith. R. Mohesky, J. Drazic, A. Schneider, J. Goelitz M. Buneta. All-A EHIEAN Elllll The Pan-American Club is used to further the speaking of the Spanish language in the United States. This club is connected with the Pan-American Fed- eration of St. Louis. In our school there are two such clubs, the Spanish I class, and the Spanish II class, respectively. The club officers are as follows: President-Joan Drier, Joe Drazic. Vice-President-Suzanne Schlueter, Jean Weiner Secretary-Delores Jecmen, Jacqueline Buesking. Treasurer--James Doerr, Jim Goelitz. This club is sponsored by Miss Grant, Bayless' Spanish teacher. These clubs hold their meetings each Friday dur- ing their respective classes. At these meetings pro- grams in which we play games, have contests, give plays, and sing songs, all in Spanish, are presented. One of the projects planned by this club is a Pan-American dance to celebrate Pan-American Day. 52 Third row: R. Schuh, R. Bira. W. Dvorak, R. Smith, J. Holtkamp, D. Hite, J. Phelan. Second row: Miss O'Brien, W. Level, J. Atzert. J. Stegmann, E. Kappen. P. Niewoehner M. Mayer. First row: R. Mohesky, L. math. Crawford. D. Leicht, J. Hennrich, K. Elam, R. Detjen, L. Walte ART ELHH Due to the already over-crowded Art classes a group of students, most of whom were not in the regular classes got together and organized a club This club, consisting of twenty-two members has undertaken the task of furthering the appreciation of art and cultivating new talent among these stu dents. It is under the expert guidance of Miss Leola O'Brien. And may we add, that the club has done a won derful job along those lines. We have observed the many beautiful posters and other things which have come as a result of this club and wish to thank its members for aiding us so greatly Whenever art work was needed. , 53 wig k , ... . 1 , 1.1, L Standing: N. Stiegemeyer. R. Chott, Mr Shelton B Held M Lehart Seated: B. Needham, P, Staely, F. Briggs R Catron MUSIC lllllll The Bayless Music Club was organized with one goal in mind-to create a deeper appreciation of line music among our students. It has made great strides in this direction since its first meeting under the competent supervision of our sponsor, Mr. Loyal Shelton. The activities of this club included attending a series of student concerts at the Kiel Auditorum and studying the lives of many composers. We of the Music Club feel that in becoming better acquainted with the lives of the great masters, we are better equipped to understand and appreciate their works. The officers of this club include: President-Ben Held. Vice-President-Russell Chott. Secretary-Pearl Staely. Treasurer-Frances Briggs. 54 BAYLESS'HlI1 Our band has attained new heights this year. Be- sides all their usual activities, the .members have been striving for a total of one thousand points which will entitle them to have their band letter. This has proved to be a very interesting contest. The band participated in the Stunt Nite perform- ance, the annual Music Nights, the Senior play, the Music Festival at Kirkwood High, and for the gradua- tion exercises, The membership of the band has reached forty- five this year and even though there will be seven Seniors graduating, we are sure the younger musicians will carry on where they left off. The following people will leave the band in June: Milton Lehart, Doris Erbe, David Harashe, Helen Held, Russell Chott, Alvin Klein, Richard Bira, Robert Litnn, Don- ald Hirning, and Paul Hale. Mr. Shelton has ably directed the band this year and we are confident that he will continue to do so in the future. 55 Fourth row: J. Anslinger, C. Wilder, A. Limmer, G. Keller, J. Brennecke. R. Uebel, K. Wood- row. E. Waltemath, J. Hartmann, M. Mayer, F. May, J. Uebel, E. Kalafatich, D. Hearst M. Kalafatic. Third row: D. Erbe, E. Bearling, M. Schneider, B. Iberg, S. Holstein, J. Markus, J. Thompson P. Marler, J. Gulath, F. Kettler, L. Jaeger, I. Runde, M. Koch, B. Wright, D. Fenton Miss M. Grant. Second row: S. Stausebach, H. Held, J. Lemp, B. Dempsey, I. Schulz, E. Frey, B. Markle S. Wilke. D. Sneed, J. Brinkmann, J. Weiner. S. Paul, L. Leicht. First row: A. Fliegl, B. Rueschhoff, S. Mason, A. Barisic, H. Birchler, C. Barisic, J. Fischer J. Chase, M. Antonic. The Bayless Mixed Chorus is comparatively small to that of other years, but it has accomplished just as much. Several of its well-known selections are "Hallelujah" from the Christmas Play, "Why the Chimes Rang," "Lost in London Town," "Emit- tee Spiritumf' "All Cilory Be to God on High," and "Dear Land of Home." There are approximately 65 members in the Mixed Chorus this year and they are under the very able supervision of Miss Mattie Grant. The organization of high school students has graced many an entertainment here at school includ- ing Stunt Nite, our Christmas program, and the yearly music festival. The chorus is accompanied by Doris Erbe. 56 Fourth row: J. Murphy. H. Held, B. Dempsey, D. Lehmann, R. Jecmen, A. Kalafatic, P. Hochecker, G. Brandschwede. C. Rueschhoff. E. Pavlovic, L. Brinkman, J. Anslinger, A. Limmer, K. Vogt. Third row: Miss Grant, D. Erbe, P. Boulache. C. Bono, M. Schneider, B. Iberg, S. Reichardt, L. Leicht, H. Birchler, I. Wiesehan, B. Dieckmann, B. Schneider, J. Lillicrap, I. Flemming. l. Furi, S. Vondcrlage. Second row: J. Erd. A. Patrick. J. Egleston, H. Smith. J. Holtkamp, E. Zimmerer, D. Fischer. C. Barisic, A. Barisic. B. Merkle, S. Mason. C. Wiegert, D. Sneed. First row: J. Mankovich, C. Alfeld. A. Niebuhr, S. Zingrich, J. Bergmeier, B. Husky, D. Mayer, V. Buckley. P. Daily, W. Hemmer. he Girls' Glee Club has completed its iifteenth as one of the many club organizations of Bayless h School with a membership of fifty-eight. his year the club is again divided into ,two sec- s with the following officers: nth hour class: ident-Eleanor Zimmerer -President-Jane Holtkamp etary-Helen Smith asurer-Jan Egleston th hour class: ident-Dorothy Fischer -President-Charlotte Barisic etary-Anne Barisic surer--Betty Merkle ' LHB The Glee Club meets twice a week under the direc- tion of Miss Mattie Grant. Doris Erbe is the accom- panist. The organization has ably succeeded in bringing together the musical voices of Bayless' girls and they have sung for several performances. The Glee Club performed on Stunt Night, at the Christmas program, and on our Music Nights. Sev- eral of the Seniors also participated in the All-County Chorus. They are: Doris Erbe, Doris Fenton, Doro- thy Fischer, Blanche Iberg, Jackie Murphy, and Margaret Schneider. The aimof this club is to create a love for good music and help those with little musical knowledge to learn some of the basic fundamentals of music. Much time and effort were spent to produce some- thing worthwhile for the public and we sincerely hope that our efforts were not in vain. 57 Fourth row: R. Sneed, R. White, W. Lehart, A. Todtenhaupt, J. Doerr, R. Stallard. R. Bira K. Woodrow, D. Jostes, J. Kalafatich, R. Smith, A. Wentzel, J. Hartmann, E. Bruns. Third row: Miss Curant, E. Smith, R. Underwood. C. Hahs, J. Goelitz, B. Needham, B. Gravette D. Harashe, D. Hirning, E. Waltemath, R. Brda, G. Keller. Second row: J. Uebel, B. Dvorak, J. Reynolds, B. Boese. B. Detjen. D. Leicht, J. Hennrich R. Wentzel, J. Markus, D. Murphy, L. Waltemath, T. White. First row: B. Wolz. R. Catron, M. Lehart, W. Hinkamp, E. Matern, C. Kuhnel, D. Parson E. Radetic. BUYS' ULEE Elllll The Bayless Boys' Cilee Club is maintained for the enjoyment derived from training the ear and voice to appreciate and to sing good music. The members of this club meet twice weekly, on Tuesday and Thurs- day. Besides this regular training the boys partici- pate in school activities such as Stunt Nights, the Christmas program, Music Festivals, and graduation. The club has its own officers which preside over the club meetings. There are two classes, the seventh and eighth hour. A The oflicers are: President-C7th hourj Wally Hinkamp, C8th hourj Elmer Matern. Vice-President-Milton Lehart. Secretary-Bob Wolz. Treasurer-Robert Catton. 58 THLETIE The principle of fair play may be stated as follows: "Men must play the game of life so that each will get as much as possible out of it." There must be fair play in all fields of human activity-domestic, social, religious, esthetic, educational, political, and economic -and everybody must be admitted to the game. Two methods of securing fair play at present are: the compulsory method, fair play, laws: and the vol- untary method, self discipline by organized groups. But fair play, particularly that represented by the con- cept of social justice, can be secured lastingly only by a shift from narrow individualistic and group loyalty to a loyalty to the common good. Committee on Social-Economic Goals of America of the National Education Association 59 BASKETBALL Third row: Herman Doering, Frank Balzer. Joe Becker Coach F1Cklll'l Paul Hale Dale Jostes Second row: John Kalafatich, James Matthes, Walter Hinkamp Melbern Mohesky First row: Donald Parson, Robert Shaw, Leslie Zingrich The school's 1946-47 basketball team started off with a bang-in the Wrong direction, with a first game defeat by Mehlville in overtime. After that game, the Bayless team enjoyed a ten game winning streak until another loss to Southwest was suffered in overtime. Winning again, we then were defeated by Jennings in an overtime game preceding their nine consecutive victories. At that time the team had a 20-3 record with all three losses occurring in over- time. The final game of the year QBayless vs. Kirk- woodj proved to be an evening of hard work for the live regular members of the team. These boys played the entire game and emerged as the victors. The final tabulation was a season's record of 22 victories and 7 defeats. We can therefore consider this year as very successful. During this year the team brought home these Hrst place trophies: one from Bayless' own Invita- tional Tournament, another from Ferguson Tourna- ment, and a third from the South County League. The team also went to Desloge and Poplar Bluff for games out of St. Louis. The Desloge try was successful as the game was a six point victory. After traveling to Poplar Bluff, the Bayless Bronchos re- ceived the Worst defeat of the season. The trip was enjoyable but We can not say the same about the outcome of the game. One of our players, Frank Balzer, was chosen as Prep Player of the week of January 16. Congratu- lations! 60 . "H TEAM From left to right: D. Palubiak. E. Balzer, R. Mohesky, Mr. Ficklin. Coach. "wi S 1 The "B" team had a 8-7 record for their season but the majority of the defeats were by four points or less. This will not affect the future of the l947- 48 team, however, because the fellows are tall, eager, and able to be next year's high point men. We hope the team will carry off many victories next year. J. Flaton, J. Drazic, J. Docrr, M. Buneta, G. Keller, Av w 1 ...W i 61 SSYSS SS BASEBALL SSSSS i Third row: D. Jostes. J. Coleman, H. Steinmann, H. Doering, M. Mohesky, B Shaw Mr Ficklin. Second row: W. Hinkamp. A. Weber. F. Balzer, J. Matthes, L. Zingrich, C. Holstein First row: J. Doerr, R. White, R. Mohesky. SPRING "46" With a twelve game schedule, live with city schools, Coach Beck started to battle the tough opposition with Harold Steinman and Herman Doering taking care of the pitching chores. The team won seven and lost five. The big name victories were those over Cleveland and Roosevelt. After the final game, a victory over Mehlville, the spikes were hung up awaiting the call for next fall. From this team Joe Zingrich, Ed Hannekan, Art Flaton, and Paul Buneta will graduate. A FALL "46" With seven returning lettermen Bayless, under the able direction of Coach Ficklin, began the fall base- ball season of 1946 which proved to be very success- ful. This team captured the County Championship with seven victories and no setbacks. This was the first undefeated team at Bayless in quite some time. The pitching burden was placed mainly on Harold Steinmann, Carl Holstein, and Jim Doerr, with the latter two showing plenty of new talent on the dia- mond. Carl Holstein also showed his batting eye with a nifty .4-28 average. Here's hoping the future baseball teams of Bayless will be this successful. 62 , mul Second row: J. Doerr, R. Slyman, A. Konecnik, F. May, J. Reynolds, G. Blankenship. D. Harashe, A. Schneider, W. Lehart, Mr. Mitchell. First row: T. White. R. Chott, E. Balzer. D. Palubiak, J. Flaton, D. Jostes, D. Farson. R. Stallard, An early spring brought our track squad out early last year and gave Coach Ficklin a good chance to get them into shape! We had a hot Freshman relay team which consisted of Bob Stallard, Elmer Balzer, Jack Flaton, and Walter Lehart. Russell Chott, Donald Parson, and Elmer Balzer worked on the high jump While Nathan Ficklin, Dale Jostes, and Bob Staely worked on the weights. Dashes were left to Donald Parson, Bob Stallard, Elmer Balzer, and Jack Flaton, and the distances were covered by Dale Jostes, Tom White, Russell Chott, Jack Flaton, and Elmer Balzer. The year proved to be a successful one, winding up with a nice meet at Jennings. 63 GIRLS' VIILLEY H LL TEAM q,......-.--n-- -.S ..- ' Second row: B. Reisbig. D. Fenton, J. Groth, S. Schlueter, L. Brinkman. I. Schulz. M. Schaeifer, First row: B. Crancer, C. Alfeld. H. Smith. S. Mason, J. Bentz, A. Barisic, J, Krumrei, Miss Harrell. The 1946 Girls' Volley Ball Team, under the leadership of Miss Harrell, participated in four games. Two of these were home games. The teams included F Affton, Hancock, and Bayless. This is the Hrst team that Bayless has had in many years, and we hope that the succeeding teams will carry on successfully. 64 STSTTS STSTTSTITS TRACK I-lab. Jennings Abh. Principia County S. County Total Farson 16 16 16 172 1 7 175 19 75 7710 Staely 2 O 2 374 1 5 374 Stallard 4 6 174 1 374 4 174 10 172 Chott 1 l 0 175 2 4 175 White 5 8 7 5 172 25 172 Jostes 2 174 ll 10 3 1 6 174 33 374 Ficklin l 1 2 174 172 5 174 Balzer 374 4 174 0 3 174 7 172 Flaton 1 174 1 174 2 172 Lehart 1 174 1 174 2 172 32 55 40 374 4 8 275 45 172 18513720 We were third in the S. C. Meet, finishing season defeating Jennings, 56-54, and have started right this season by defeating Hancock 75-53. Great things are anticipated this year from our track team. Good luck! BASKETBALL FG FT Frank Balzer ............ .. ....., 164 617109 Herman Doering ..,.... ..,..,. 1 19 607107 Joe Becker ............ .... 7 0 29759 Donald Farson ....,...,. S... 6 0 24766 Melbern Mohesky ..4.. .... 1 5 7720 Leslie Zingrich ..,... .... 2 4 21740 John Kalafatich ..,,. .... 1 7 4713 James Matthes ..,.i.,... ,... 2 6 12743 Walter Hinkamp ..,... .... 3 275 Robert Shaw ..i..,... ..., 1 071 Dale Jostes .,........ ..,. 8 8720 Elmer Balzer ..4... .... 8 5 76 Paul Hale .,....... ....... 0 171 TOTAL ....,............,................., 515 2417490 Won-22. Lost-7. Our team had the following honors First place in First place in First place in Fourth place South County. Bayless Tournament. Ferguson Tournament. in Brentwood Subregional. F 54 85 71 37 14 32 15 50 10 7 23 5 2 405 bestowed upon them: TP 389 298 169 144 37 69 38 64 8 2 24 21 1 1271 Frank Balzer-Second in All-District and Hrst in All-County. Herman Doering-First in All-County. Joe Becker-Second in All-County. Dale Jostes-Second in All-County. This was Bayless' most successful year. Never have we had so many honors in one season and we want to thank the boys who made this possible by their line exhibitions of skill on the basketball court. Let's hope that this wonderful record will inspire all those who will succeed you. BASEBALL Frank Balzer ...........,..........,.............. .. Melbern Mohesky ...,. ..................... Carl Holstein .......... Robert Shaw ....... John Coleman ................. 285 .......417 .......428 Won South County Champions ....,................................... 7 The winning pitchers were Carl Holstein, 3-0: Steinman, 2-0: 2-0. 65 500 353 Lost:- O . and Doerr, is W 5' wx H . f -QS, A Q Jr, , Siem. ---:iff A - --.q..g.,z,L+5.-v. k Y -sa -.c .4:.-...H ' ,, f-,-,-:sr 3353 , if , 1145 A956424 TT' V Z? if " ,,,-'U' 54.-.54 Ji Q- ,J A 1 iziif-1' ,. --v ' ' I Y' l in - 1 i a NLE'-' K I 4 Y xdli . I I Y" qw' AA fx N tw 4 ' 'gf ' ' ,, 4 ' if M ' 24-, ki! ' 1:7 vfjv x . ' 'IV " ' 2 ' ' 1 Z.. V ' ' 5' , :se w "2 Y Q 1 ' X' 1' ' :Lx '.7'g's. H.- X 'sqm 4 V -' H - 5 qfnq. ' - In-' ' iw ,i ' :: x? ". - .allsx f ,,- -L .-lm. . , ' ' "J" "V ' Q., 7 Y V 1-4 l 1- 52. I v ' I ' 1 L " ' 39 1 , , o . .L A .1 4 L yi H-Q L. t N .:.N , f- ,R 9 W f .1 u H+ 1 we i S. ,1 V1 ., - , , 1 51 'M ' if ' " 7' w. " "- L. W - 4 , X ,g ,, . 1 W -: r C.-s-7 f'. lr E213 X, 5- f Al 1 , ' ,gi .-1 l V I 'M iw k-M ' .V -E. 2 rf ' f 1-H V5 ' V l ' W If - Z g' 1 wi , 'i -, 1 1 ,Bl 4 f i, ' Y Z H ,Q Q 2? X, . , , 5 .,f" . 3.4 1, 3 5 I Y , 1 J , v A 26-4 , My . . k 'K Xu "' Q5 ,Ja From left to right: Four chucks and a chick. Our Jenny Lind. Doorway to Memories, What a plume! Threes a crowd. Here we sit like birds in the Lggk at the Birdie, Just like Dad. Peek-a-Boo. Maureen. wilderness. Our Queen and her escort, Closed today. Oh! how we danced. Giddap Horses! Bring on the food. Queenie, Queeniel Is the shortage really that bad? Ain't we the stuff? Our hearts are young and gay. Ah! Her Majesty of 1946-47. Bound for Cliff Cave. Another Helen Traubel and Jan Wc're Seniors. Her Majesty of 1945-46, All a-glow. August. 67 Elll Ill!! September 3-School opened. Everyone was rushing around renewing old ac- quaintances. September 16-First annual staff meeting. September 17-Fall baseball season opened at Hancock. CWe won 2-1.1 September 18-Class officers and candidates for queen chosen. September 25-First Senior meeting. September 27-Seniors started selling magazines. Tickets were sold for the student concerts at Kiel Auditorium. October 1-Listened to the world series games. October 4-F. B. I. lecture on how not to be a criminal. CNo arrests madelj October 7-School clubs organized. October 8-Bayless closed undefeated baseball season with seven victories, no defeats: defeated Affton, 8-5. October 9-10-Picture taken for the "Oracle," October 15-Magazine subscription campaign closed. Basketball season passes sold. October 18-21-Six weeks exams! Oh, brother! October 30-Soph party--very successful and very crowded. October 31-November I--School closed for the St. Louis County Teachers Institute Convention. November 8-Stunt Nite-enjoyed, as usual, by all. November 14-First student concert at the Kiel Auditorium. The Symphony gave a very impressive concert. November 15-Senior girls visited Ralston-Purina Company with Miss Kniep. First game of the basketball season with Mehlville. We suffered a defeat of 35-28. November 22-First home game of the season with Valley Park. November 25-30-Bayless' Invitational Tournament. Yep, you guessed it, we won! November 28-29-Thanksgiving holidays. December 6-9-Exams-again! December 14-The one moment eagerly anticipated by all, the crowning of our basketball queen, Miss Betty Merkle. The party was very successful Qbut after all, what party isn't.D December 24-Christmas Program presented by the Dramatic Club and Mixed Chorus of "Why the Chimes Rang." December 26-Normandy Tournament. Bayless defeated Maplewood 42-40: lost to Southwest 42-40: lost to Jennings 46-42. January 2-School opens after Christmas vacation. January 9-Lunch program begun. January 16-Second student concert at the Kiel Auditorium. January 22-Frank Balzer named Prep Player of the week of January 16. Congratulations, Frank. January 24-Horror of Horrors! Semester Exams! January 27-February l-Bayless wins Ferguson Tournament by defeating Aff- ton 40-26: Fairview, 49-33: Hancock, 69-56. January 29-The Bayless students arrived at school on time-only to find the roof had been blown off. February 13-Juniors selected class rings and the Seniors selected their an- nouncement cards. The public phone was installed in the lower corridor to the wonder of all. February 14-The basketball season closed with Bayless mauling Mehlville 48-16. The team finished the season with a 22-7 record. Bayless also wins South County Championship. Our high scorers were: Frank Balzer-389 points. Herman Doering-298 points. Joe Becker-169 points. Don Farson-144 points. 68 Elll HAR February 19-A group of Shakespeare's fans attended a performance of "Ham- let " February 20-Third student concert with the All-County Chorus singing two numbers at the Auditorium. Twelve Seniors from Bayless participated. March 7-l0-Exams. March 12-Seniors measured for caps and gowns. March 28-Juniors and Seniors were X-rayed. March 31--Music concert by both the vocal and instrumental departments. April 1-Bayless' Seniors begin night rehearsals for the annual Senior play. This year's title is "What a Life" and we are inclined to agree. April 4-Good Friday and we all had a holiday to attend church. April 8-Coca-Cola gave everyone a free drink. April 10-A Cappella Choir performed at County Vocal Festival held at University City High School. April ll-12-The Senior play, directed and produced by Mrs. Elmore, gave two very successful performances of "What a Life." April 15-U. S. Army film. April 18-Pan American Dance. Six weeks' exams. April 25-The band participated in the All County Festival at Webster Groves. May 29-A night long to be remembered. The Senior graduation. Everything unpleasant faded as the class of '47 marched up the aisle. The gym looked very beautiful as we remember it and we wish to thank everyone for a delightful four years spent in Bayless' rooms. June l-Picnic day and the last day many of us would be together for a long time. Memories are such nice things. June 3-The Junior-Senior Prom-enjoyed by all. Thanks, Juniors! SOUTH SIDE MACHINE CO. Established 18 9 8 'N ,515 'S,3.c1'w,vX . --,N PRODUCTION woRK T - mr.. ' 'KSN Heavy and General Machine Work - A H ., - f - "!',e-nc-NMA '? 'N I v '-if 1155: -EEE:---..L'i':3-at-H Two Electric Cranes to Service "9" '::::Et .:'1"'Ei" ""' ' w:-mlb... fl METALLIZING ' " " Large Shafts and Parts Industrial M achine Work Builders of All Types of Machinery and Parts 3761 EILER HUdson 7l7l Oflice Phone, HUdson 0230 CWE FOOL THE RAIND SOUTH SIDE ROOFING CO. Roofng and Repairing Promptly Attended To 4212-14 Gravois Ave. Henry Binder-FLanders 6010 St. Louis 16, Mo. Compliments of C. F. E. 69 ELanders 4040 STAINING AND GRAININC1 Paperhanging ALTON TODTENHAUPT Interior and Exterior Painting Contractors Residential and Commercial ESTIMATES CI-IEERFULLY FURNISHED 4914 SIEBERT AVE. AEETON 23, MO. Compliments of A E R I E N D Congratulations to the Class of 1947 X 1 HU lc House OVER 70 YEARS OE CONSCIENTIOUS SERVICE H. C. RUESTER. Presidenl 709 PINE STREET 3535 SOUTH GRAND, AT GRAVOIS CEntra1 1826 LAclede 3688 Compliments of WALTER FREUND BREAD CO. Bread with a Reputation AFFTON MOTOR COMPANY General Automobile Repairing Gas-Oil-Lubrication 8315-17 GRAVOIS AVE. The Most Modern Equipped Shop in Affton WM. HUEBENER . . . Proprietors . . . RUSSELL SNYDER 70 FL nders 5883 WILLIAM E. KESSELRING 3 Representing Metropolitan Life Insurance Company New york WALTER DOBRICH 4142 south Grand Blvd. 8716 GRAVOIS St. Louis 18. Mo. ST. LOUIS COUNTY. MO. For Quality Printing Service . . . Call ELMER V. KNECI-IT GArf1eld 3528 Residence, FLanders 7782 ELBEL '55 NELGNER, Inc., Printers RUBICAM SCHOOL OFFERS Thorough preparation for Secretarial, Stenographic and Accounting Positions. Efficient Placement Service without charge to employers or to Rubicam Graduates SUMMER CLASSES IN SHORTHAND AND TYPEWRITING Individual and Group Instruction DAY AND EVENING CLASSES 3473 South Grand Boulevard 4933 Delmar Boulevard LAclede 0440 FOrest 3900 WRITE OR TELEPHONE FOR OUR CATALOG Research . Development . Manufacturin Engineers . Designers . Machinists FLATON MACHINE WORKS Makers of Automatic Safety Clutches for Any Application V or FLAT PULLEYSCOUPLINGS, SPROCKETS, GEARS or SPECIALS 7l TULANE DELICATESSEN AND ICE CREAM PARLOR 4912 Weber Road Delicious Sundaes and Malts, Lunch Meats, Package Beer Cigarettes, Cigars and Candy Prop., A. J. MULLER Phone, FLanders 9627 J ,.. o o ID Diamonds yx ' 4 U PIU d P A tc 5 Perso IS p Wa tches Z Q' f 32512195 DR. EUGENE KIEPER O D Jewelfy AND DR WM F KIEFER O D Gpiumeirusis 5204 GRAVOIS AVE. Phone, HUdson 3240 NATIONAL MACHINE COMPANY Manufacturers Heckman Beauty Salon Furniture 8025 SOUTH BROADWAY ST. LOUIS ll, MO. 72 GEORGE M. WEISS Druggist 8 2 O 0 G R A V O I S FLanders 4419 Victor . . . "Relax with Wax" . . . Columbia BEROER's RECORD SHOP 7700 GRAVOIS PLateau 1040 Decca . . . Albums . Phonograpbs . . . Capitol Open Evenings 'Til 9 Insured Mothproof Cleaning Gardenville Hardware and Variety Store FLORI-AMBASSADOR EDWIN PADBERG' Mgr. Dealers in 8311 ORAVOIS Floanders 4565 Pa'n'Q9ffjjrajQ1 iifdware AFFTON SHOE SERVICE 8204 Gravois Road ST. LOUIS COUNTY Expert Shoe Repairing Frank's Quality Market Meats, Groceries and Vegetables 4 7 3 2 T I E M A N 1-lUdsOn 9 9 8 5 Compliments of WICHMANNJS QUALITY THE SHAMROCK MARKET MARY E- MURPHY, Prop- 801 LEMAY FERRY ROAD LEMAY, MO. 4947 HEEGE AVE' Phone . . . HUDSON 9801 Point Breeze Pharmacy A. P. KONZELMAN. Ph. G. Corner Lemay Ferry and Telegraph Road PLateau 1488 Compliments of Blue Ribbon Sanitary Products CO. GENE ...... DON . . . . BILL 6039 Oleatha Ave. FLanders 7123 Compliments of FLanders 8934 A-G STORE LIEBERS TANK CAR FRED LOHMEYER, JR. EDWARD J. LIEBER, Prop. . Choice Tank Car Gag Groceries, Meats, Vegetables and A Feed Bayless Ave. at Mo. Pac. Tracks 4889 Hanover Ave' 1 n VALLEY FARIVIH IHY EH PA Y Grade "A" Dairy Products LACLEDE 6226 LACLEDE 6227 P. J. KUNA Wholesale Dealer in Beef and Provisions 1819 GEYER AVE. Phone, I-IUdson 5688 We Serve Bayless School ELAM CDNTRACTING CD. General Contractor COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL BUILDING 6421 HAMPTON AVE. FLanders 6650 PLanders 6236 74 Hudson 9602 Compllmm' SWINHART SERVICE 701 Lemay Ferry Road PAUL PILZ LEMAY 23. Mo. WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS LOckharL 9892 Jake and Ann's Tavern JAKE AND ANN NIARONEY 570 Draught-All Brands Bottle Beer 4701 Oldenberg Ave. St. Louis R E5 C BREEDING DRY Goons Ladz'es', Men's and Infants' Wear 7740 Gravois We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps PLateau 9794 RUESCH BROS. Meat and Vegetable Market 8202 GRAVOIS ROAD When You Want REAL ICE CREAM Come to the H '66 L HOME-MADE ICE CREAM 8 20 6 Gravois Hours: 9 to ll A. M., 6 to 8 P. M. Thursdays by Appointment DR. LoUIs H. BENDER Chiropractor Res. and Office Phone . . . PLateau 9511 3802 Bayless Ave. LOckhart 9926 OLDENBURC1 TAVERN 4841 Oldenburg Ave. LARRY HOLMAN Compliments SOUTHERN HEATING Co. B. WESTEALL Bus.. HUdson 9464 Res., Sldney 6766 LUSICIC MONUMENT Co. Monuments, Memorials and Mausoleums Specializing in Lettering at the Cemetery 7349 Gravois Ave. St. Louis 16, Mo. PETER SCHNEIDER'S UNION Barber Shop 5220 I-Ieege St. Louis, Mo. FEDERAL COAL CO. City and County 4076 Bayless Road Lockhart 4900 HANOVER SUPER MARKET Groceries, Meats and Vegetables Phone, FLanders 0205 7722 GRAVOIS AVE. FLANDERS 9980 EIRICI-I'S MARKET 8227 GRAvo1s AVE. Meat-Groceries-Vegetables-Feed PLANDERS 7 00 7 SPARKY'S TAXI 24-Hour Service ART LEBAUBE 7309 GRAvo1s HILDESHEIM TAVERN 8100 Hildesheim LOckhart 9829 Prop., STEVE ANTONICH Open an Account No Interest or Carrying Charge E. P. BUESCHER, Jeweler Watches and Diamonds Guaranteed Watch and Jewelry Repairing 124B LEMAY FERRY ROAD PLateau 3452 Compliments of A FRIEND 76 I-IAEENER DRY GOODS Ladies', Men's and Children's Furnishings 255 Lemay Ferry Road Compliments of The LADIES of B A Y L E S S CAEETERIA We Strive to Please TEXACO SERVICE 8214 GRAVOIS STIPPEGS MARKET Groceries . Vegetables . Meats Poultry HUdson 9976 5040 Lakewood Ave. DOMIAN'S GROCERY-MEAT MARKET FLanders 9763 4679 Oldenburg Ave. HUdson 3540 DANBY FURNITURE Co. 5226-28 Gravois Complete Home Outitters B. GOLDRING Open Evenings IMPROVE YOUR DANCING Learn the Latest in Latin-American. Fox Trot, Waltz and Jitterbug REGINA DANCE STUDIO 3010 South Grand Blvd. PRospect 3857 GRETCHEN INN 8501 Morganford Road at Seibert Ave. Now Under New Management FRANK ANSLINGER, Manager MAYER'S MARKET Groceries, Meats and Vegetables Second and Delmount Lakewood, St. Louis County FLanders 9937 "Flowers for All Occasions" TODTJS FLOWER SI-IoP 6802 Gravois FINE FOODS 1 GRIESEDIECK BEER LOckhart 6610 At Kingshighway FLanders 9610 Established 1899 HUdson 5227 GEORGE TRAUTWEIN A L B E R T S Reliable Footwear and Hosiery P L O W E R S Headquarters for Real Goose Shoes 5227 Gravois Ave. C161 PLatcau 2413 Res.. I-1Udson 0629 DOW'S SHOE STORE TED'S SERVICE STATION Oil, Grease, Lubrication. Tires 8000 GRAVOIS AVE. Vulcanizing KENNETH C' DOW' Prop' PLanders 9842 8001 Gravois Visit For Guaranteed Radio Service THE DEN WALCO Pevely Ice Cream--Sandwiches RADIO and APPLIANCE CO' P1.atcau 1789 8333 Gravois Fluanders 9929 8624 Gravois WEIMER'S MARKET 8821 Gravois Flanders 9737 Quality Meats. Groceries and Vegetables GRAVOIS AKG MARKET Walter Dobrich Groceries, M eats, Frozen Foods and Liquors 8716 Gravois FLanc1ers 5883 Phone. FLandcrs 3 7 20 ERB'S HoME and FARM APPLIANCE Sales and Service 9030 Gravois Affton 23, Mo. Compliments of WILKE TAVERN 8713 Gravois LOckhart 9738 FLanders 0361 GEORGE MERTZ All Grades of Stoker Coal and Coke 4911 Hummelshiem Ave. GEHL HARDWARE 7446 Gravois Ave. St. Louis 23, Mo. FLandcrs 4580 Hotpoint Appliances MARGE AND VEN'S CONEECTIONERY Tobaccos-C and ies-I ce Cream 8 2 04 Gravois 'GEORGE CURTIN 342721 Miami Street Q18j Newspaper Delivery GARDENVILLE TAVERN 7 8 0 2 Gravois Complimenls of STEVE PAVLOVIC 'With Best Wz'shes of the SPEH MONUMENT Co. 10101 Gravois HUdson 2650 9424 Gravois PLateau 2421 Alfton Dry Goods Z6 Gift Shop Moved to New Location Complete Line of Courteous and Dependable Service SILVERS SERVICE STATION JIM SILVER, Prop. 7450 Gravois Ave. HILDESI-IEIM SELF SERVICE MARKET Fresh Meats, Groceries and Vegetables ELanders 9686 Proprietors . EDI AND PAULINE BRNJAC MARTIN LUBBES 8700 Gravois Ave. Q23D Insurance of All Kinds Notary Public--Loans Real Estate Loans Made for 3 to 15 Years LCICUQS, R8Gdy-TO-Wear Open Evenings FLanders 5420 FLandcrs 9810 X-RAYS Compliments of DR. FRANK G. PINCK JOE THE BARBER DQUUST 7262 Cfavois Ave. 8 1 24a Gravois A. P. L. Union Shop All Latest Popular and Foreign Records GRAVOIS MUSIC SHoP 4656 Gravois LOckhnrt 9855 SL. Louis 16. Mo. Compliments of TOM CAT STORE 8627 Gravois Ave. John A. Mairne, Prop. FL. 9951 Feel Hurt? Try . . . ZIMMERMAN,S "Foot-Rebuilder Shoes" All Shoes Fitted by X-Ray 1-1Udson 9623 JUDY'S SHOPPE 250 Lemav Ferry Road Dresses, Sweaters. Lingerie, Hats, Purses, Gifts. Cards INFANTS' AND CHILDRENS WEAR BEAVER HOME 'Ed AUTO SUPPLIES 5208-10 GRAVOIS AVE. Firestone Tires Phone . . . FLanders 8909 LOckhart 3 212 SOUND SERVICES MOELLINGER RADIO SERVICE Public Address Equipment 809 LEMAY FERRY ROAD A New Sporting Goods Store . . . A. R. HESSLER '55 SON 8327 GRAVOIS ROAD HUNTING AND FISHING SUPPLIES AND LICENSE CUT FLOWERS. . . PoT PLANTS. . .FUNERAL DESIGNS GEORGE ROTH, Florist 4920 SEIBERT AVE. FLanders 6555 MIDWEST BOTTLED GAS CO. Magic Chef Gas Ranges "Pyrofax" Gas 200 SOUTH THERESA AVE. Sr. Louis, Mo. U Compliments of HICKMAN FLOOR COMPANY 80 LGS' 1 4, N2 U1 l - 9 S' 1 b 1 - .r v 1 Q ..,- - "' fa- ' 53. ' 1 mx XX Q. , A. f -x X, . x n ,ln , I ,V . ' W .,,:.c vm- ,wa V. Q-, -.-- - ... - .-1, ,., ,J .... . ,,, --, ,.,,-, ,.. ...,.. ..... ,. 1 ..A11,....,

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