Baugo Township High School - School Bell Echoes Yearbook (Elkhart, IN)

 - Class of 1954

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Baugo Township High School - School Bell Echoes Yearbook (Elkhart, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 43 of 168
Page 43 of 168

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Page 43 text:

Class Wall We the proud graduatang class of l954, leave our last but not least wall and testamony to be read as we leave dear OI Jamtown High These last thoughts and requests are somethang we wash to be remembered by I Pat Arthur, wall the tape on Jam s rang to Patsy Smath I I Max Bemaller, wall my flattop to Wallaam Leslie Walma Bumpus wall my seat an fifth hour assembly to Daxae Korth Dean Burket, wall myself to anyone who wants me Jam Cook wall my draver s lacense to Larry Lape Nancy Cook, wall my abalaty to stay sangle to Gayle Stanley Terry Deak wall my green and red corduroy pants to Jack Samper Jean Ehret, wall my abalaty to panch to any one smart enough to tak Terry Fallas wall my photographic abalaty to Bruce Mclntosh Dotty Fawley wall my shorthand books to Mary Clark Don Foster, wall my red haar to anyone who wants at Wallaam Foster wall my gone cool cat kaaser to Allen Dobbins Karl Gaugler wall my meanness to Ball Whasenhunt Janet Grant wall my old boy friends to anyone stupid enough to ta Ronnie Hale, wall myself to Peggy Johnston Barbara Hamilton, wall my shortness to Dorothy Kring Robert Hendershott wall my love to Patsy Smath Jo Hoover, wall my abalaty to get along wath people to Helen Rowe Lois Housour wall my bookkeeping abalaty to whoever wants Jam Kavas wall my way wath women to Kenny Eakans velyn Kring, wall my bookkeeping to Carolyn Futrell aviary Krang wall my fun an Ha C to everyone Ball Kubatschek, wall my mechanacal abalaty to Dave McKee Cherel Kuehm wall my natural curly haar to Wannae Holcomb Marguerate Lanton, wall my advanced bookkeeping book to Mary Ann Nelson Tom Lunsford wall my car and my dravang abalaty to Verlee Slemmons k them them Connie McCoage, wall my abalaty to get the folks car to whoever wants or needs at Larry Maller, wall my Hot Hudson to Larry Lape Larry Metcalf, wall my basketball abalaty to Jam Henkler Varganaa Makel wall my 'ob an the dame store to anyone that s dumb enough to take at Rollin Mercer wall my tallness to anyone who wants at Lloyd Morgan wall myself to all the Jamtown garls Kathleen Neely, wall abalaty to Love Em and Leave Em" to Gloria lulaano John Parker wall myself to Astrid Larsen Betty Perkey wall my labrary aob to someone wath lots of tame Don Russell wall my hot Packard to Dack Bailey Jam Russell, wall my knowledge of women to Don Caesaolka Wallaam Sample wall my artastac ways to Margaret Berry Paul Schumacher wall my apprecaataon of classacal musac to Paul Kauffman Sandra Shagley wall my typing abalaty to Danny Secor C R Simmons wall my abalaty to get along wath the teachers to Jerry Mattan Jam Stallter, wall my shot rod" to Larry Moore Varganaa Troup, wall my secretary s book to lvamae Sommers JoAnn Voorde wall my quiet ways to Ann Daefenbaugh Lorna Wenger, wall my seat an the cheerang sectaon to Janace Cook I Harold Wyland, wall my lattle black address book to Jam Henkler To the Junaors we wall the gay tame spent on our Senaor vacataon an New York To the Sophomores we wall our abalaty to get along wath everyone To the Freshmen we wall all our fun an the four happaest years of our laves We the Class of 54 being of sound mand and body an the presence of each other, the ro erty of the underclassmen for years to that the foregoang statements are now p p wnnesses Arthur Knepp Signature Class of '54 ll Jam Kavas James C Russe Paul Schumache do hereby solomnly swear come f I - . . , . . . . . I ' . l . , . ' ll - - . . . . I ' I ' - - . . I I, ' . I - ' . . , . . I - . . . , . I, I ' - I If D I I ' e it. I - I - . . . . I I l 0 " Q 1 , ' I, . . I . - . . . I I . . . . I , ' ' ' e . I, ' ' , I, ' ' ' . f I - ' 0 I, . . . . . Il . I . . . . I, . I . . . i ll E . . . I Il a . I . . ..- . Il . . . . . . . Il I . . . . . I, . . . . . Il I . . . . . . I, John Luse, will my curly hair to some lucky girl. I' . . . . . , . . I, ' ' ' " " . II . . . . . I, I 1 . 1 I . . 1 . I ' . ll . A I . . ' I' I ' ll .I I ' 7 I, . . . . . . ll I . . . Il I . . . . . u I, I , . . D Il . . . . ' ll . . I . . . . I' I , , . . . . I' . I . . . . . t If . . . I . . . . . I, ' ' " - I, . . . - 7 . I I . . - . . Q l r - ' ' I I ' . .

Page 42 text:

T,,,S,S1999 Clqgg Pruphecy .atm Theme,,o,,.,I.S0 As we enter the metropolIs, we see on the rnght hand sIde of the street the world s largest chemlcal engIneerIng plant owned and operated by our old school pal John Parker who Invented the new flea powder Scat O Flea Upon entermg the plant we are greeted by lmss Jo Ann Voorde who IS Mr Parker s prIvate secretary After VICC presIdent Tom Lunsford has shown us through the huge and Interestmg plant we are ready to contlnue The next buIldIng we see IS the bemlller Jersey Dalry, run by none other than our old frIend, Max Demlller As we are talkIng to Ivur liemlller, a salesman from the Nash garage walks up We are surprIsed to see It IS our buody wIth those pegged pants Lloyd I Iorgan Then we are Introduced to the personnel dlrector of the daIry, Ronnle l'1ale As we contlnue on our way we come upon a dress Shoppe run by the wealthy old maId WIlma bumpus ohe tells us that the Norld s famous deslgner betty Perkey, who Invented the ljustle wIth a Hustle wIll VISIT her thIs afternoon As we leave we haIl a TGXI whIch IS drIven by Don Russell bolng on down the street, we stop and snlff the aIr We smell the wonderful aroma of the Jamestown Cake Shop run by two old sour doughs Bob Hendershott and Larry Mlller who learned theIr baklng know ledge from the famous and Ignoble boys home economncs class After the head baker, JIm Kavas, QIVSS us a sample of hIs wonderful pastry the hole wIth no doughnut, he sends us next door to the gun repaIr shop As we enter, we are greeted by the co owners, Blll KubItschek and Rollm Mercer The head sales man, Don SIX gun Foster tells us that busIness IS boomIng WhIle we are looklng around, Terry Fallls who IS the chlef photographer for the Jamestown Dauly News comes to take some plctures of the gun shop We ask hIm where we can get some plctures developed and he tells us there IS a camera shop two doors down run by JIm Cook As we come back to the street we see o hearse go by drIven by C R Slmmons We stop hIm and notIce on the Slde of the hearse Gaugler Funeral Home We ask hIm If It IS run by our old school pal, Karl Gaugler l-te says It IS and tells us that busIness IS dead We stop for lunch at a very swanky restaurant run by our old school frIends, Evelyn and Mary Krlng We learn that the concert hall wall open about two o clock Before leavIng the establIshment, we buy our tIckets for the afternoon show The program on the marquee reads as follows Vocalusts, Barbara Hamllton and Pat Arthur the noted trumpet player Paul Schumacher, and the accompannst, the world famous pIanIst, Sandra ShIgley NotIcIng the future shows, we see the world famous ballet dancer, Cherel Kuehm Wlll be there In October We park our car about a block from the concert hall and walk the rest of the way As we enter the hall we are approached by two ushers who we notIce are John Testo and Harold Wyland and they show us to our seats SIttIng In front of us are three former classmates Vnrgmua MIkel Conme MCCOIQS, and Dotty Fawley We have a short VISIT wIth them before the show starts Lorna Wenger, who used to be a clerk In M Wolfberg and Son s Store In Wakarusa, has now opened a large department store and IS dolng a better busIness than Wolfbergs, Sears and Roebuck, and some other large stores Upon enterIng the store, we notIce the neat desIgn on the wall and counters We learn that It was done by Jean Ehret, who graduated wIth us from JHS Lorna tells us that the busIness manager for the store IS our old frIend Kathleen Neely On a bulletIn board In the back of the store there IS a poster QIVIDQ the Colosseum s programs for e week lt has lIsted for Saturday mght a game between two professaonal basketball teams coached by John Luse and Larry Metcalf lt looks as If It mIght be Interestlng, so we decIde to attend As we are Wdlflng In lIne for our tIckets, we meet a doctor, Dean Burket, and hIs nurse, Joanna Hoover, who are pullIng teeth on the street When they fInIsh, they tell us they are to be the physncuans at the game Slowly we move toward the tIcket wlndow and as we approach, we observe the tIcket gIrl IS none other than a member of our senIor class Lols Housour At game tIme the teams and coaches are Introduced The announcer says the referees for the game wIll be JIm Russell and Terry Deak The game IS close, but John Luse s team wIns In an overtIme, 77 to 76 After the game we go to the Stallter Hotel, owned and operated by JIm Stallter The desk clerk turns out to be MarguerIte LInton After we get our room, the bell boy, BIll Sample, tells us the waItress, Janet Grant, wIll be up to serve us a mIdnIght snack We sleep very well and belueve It or not, are served breakfast In bed by Nancy Cook We get up and It IS Sunday mornmg, so we dICIde to attend the church whIch IS across the street from the hotel The bulletIn says the pastor s none IS Rev wlllldm Foster and a guest mIssIonary, Vlfglhld Troup, IS to speak. We are not sorry we attended the servIce for the program was very InspIratIonal. We go back to the hotel, pay our bull, and check out. We walk own the street of the metropolls for our flnal look, for we probably wIll never see it agaln. By. Lorna Wenger, Dean Burket, John Luse, John Parker, f Jlmtown ' ' - I . I I - - l ' I" ' - 7 ' I , . 1 ' . ' , . 1 . . ,, . , . . , . . I . .Y , 1 ' ' . I , ' . f' I . . . . X I I . , , x . , , . I I ' - I . . . . I , . . - H u ll . . f - . - I ' I , . I . , . . . . II ll . . . . . . . . . I . . I . 2 I I ' ' , . ' I I . -- I , . . I - . . . . . , , . . . I th . . . I . I , . . . , . ' u I Q s n ' I . . - . . . . - I . . . . . . . . ' I ' a 1 n 0

Page 44 text:

CLASS OF 1954 Lure' 9 - m5 ' 4 .J I' 1 K LHa'JLl Lbrzf raillo if Ubin annn Voord 151 John Muse .LL Ox -I pp va. lu.. df, 1 cibI'Lv.La ul tx gf .L .La ,U U3 ' uatfy ,Q PM-fav mw'QcnLwr 40" 1 01318 groan IRPV I'.1.I'1f' J Hn " f 1' ' J.. . ' .A 7 L i ' . 7 , . .4 7 v ' 'Y . ,qgqggig M4 , -1 x. -g .Q -n .A ,I 5,4 ,, N j , A. e"' s , M IAQ 4 Hr' , s ' 97 ,f2 Y K K 4, '1 sw, . g ' -fn 1 5 M -L ' In . - . z c-.QA:. C, 4a,.Zi Q. ,FY 2 'f ' 0 f F 1 gr, 1 ,, -Q 'f -,mf Lkj .4-J A 4 Na I 1 y at I ,AX ..... . -nfl' . ' , -4, K .. l'.-' I ...4.g,.i - U- A-4. ALQALLI --T , 9.4 . I ff M, - ", 1 if ,L , Mfr ,VA -u.4.4as.vJ i 6, XI Lads LIS K V, , 4 gn Ji f QQ .... , .. Q "' rw I f , A I , I V xv, 1 A 5 . , , Q V, - YN' izzgxgf' qv' F N -urn 4 ' nl Q l.. 1 N I 4 O I v .J A QM A, ,. NZ 3 L 'N 9 ,,. -- , s- 9 . - . ,I ' .V 5? 4 f Y Q' ' A W-J .Zip ' , fd 8 Y Asif QXA, , 2: ,A L I 4 A v,.FM?. . ,n 1 FFA my , ,, . 4' U

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