Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics - Nucleus Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI)

 - Class of 1922

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Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics - Nucleus Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Cover

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4 I vc BENQ, . 6 0 S' 2 5 f-53. if X51 .417 HOG ' fa 3 6 9' X A X Elan' - M N 5ose?NxKvx.e Smalih 3 '45, I , ' . PI'P'vWiw1MIUlfllr1VFf!uW 'W :Th CELLS' , ass Q4 HUM' X FOREWGRD By means of combined effort and the coefficient of qualified forces, and the willing response of those whose kindly guidance we sought, and the assistance and support of the faculty and students as a whole, we, the staff, are able to present to you the Nucleus of the Class l'922 of the Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics. ' This book is, in a measure, a record of a record classg a record class, not only because of its advantage in size and quality over those classes of previous years, but because of the splendid co-operation and unusual accomplishments among its membersg and above all because of the enthusiasm that has kept up the spirit of yearning for efficiency, of loyalty to our school and of trust toward the attainment of our ideals. We have endeavored in these pages to perpetuate happy memories, to promote happier thoughts and to promisethe fulfillment of the happiest wishes and the highest ambitions of those who after us shall respect- fully and lovingly abide by this our Alma Mater. -Editor. 3 KL QQ ' mos 'G I f x Behiratrh in illlliza ilhrth ilfrmrh mhnnr pmmnal interest aah implirit rnntihrnrn in ua han? inapireh nur heat rffnrtzg anh mhnzr zplrnhih arhimnznwntn aah hrautiful rharurtrr have num nur rrapert aah lane. '4 G-'SLE' ,nur f A RUTH FRENCH, Chemistry, Nutrition Diploma, The Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics 5 556 L' Eze, , se 'f""Q HQ 'ix Q JOHN HARVEY KELLOGG, President, Medical Dietetics .M.D., Bvllrvvza-c Collvgcg LL.D., Olivet College. F.A.C.S., American Collvgc of Surgeons. 6 GALE' 46 FQ- , i 3 ES num-Q Q LENNA FRANCES COOPER, Dean, Institution Administration Pif1I0z"f'. l7n'.1'r'l ,ll.Tlif'lfI" B .S., Tcaflzcrs College, Columbia University,- Silpcrvisizxg Dietitian, Medical Depzw-'l1nc'ut, U. S. Army, 1918-19. 7 ' IL' 2-,iw 2 are loyal, 8 5' 7 has XSW5' N i UD P I 9 U :FQ K7 fmaa 1562 Ji xfirzmic '-2' ,Af I ' N ff fm: 'S' -0 f S 7' F1 x5Ii,.'33'gSs 7 Nvfz ,... .-4 ..- n 3 373 X235 F s S3 ,359 I -4 I0 Ig grin 0 2 Nc Q .-11 I G3 fe, ,, e 4 ,, I A ,.. il 3 ' 3,2 'J x 7 jf S:-.60 ,B XQ3? 7 I fluff' fx Q Mr Q? - -1 ,P BX H ' v ,Uv W' mob ' , 43 13 72 ,fav li z I 9 QP "' E ?3 c Ms, HUNFQ, -A ag I n f ' I !'Y'L't I 1 541 ff Wiiifff ' .. Q . ' 'hff-25" s, 0:1 H , X 1. -f-132-' '--2:'55::, 1 X t.. ' I' xiI,g.fg:.." I I ' , '. ' n ' ' l .'.'. 1 I .. h, -. if! 0 ' --.S-1 wi E fa 9 'Q , 2 : " F ' S E2 '50 'f .2 v4 .Ng V sN Lf? 1. E. . Q , V j . it f, -,.,.,g-:G Xff 1 . . ff 'Nxt' f'N 45" uf'5'11fmFf:f' - . ' , . if ' 1 fl . . - . I ' '5 154.31 ' , f H ?'. ' -- 'Q ' f 3115615 -'ff-i'4f"- EE! . ., . -' Mrmlylb .flux g la ,fr 1 - -.. . QQ - N---.-4-.,f E"'f I - - .f4m:'mwjmW4aff' gs N K . ' .- 'v 1, nf f' G EE 52- X N - ' g,.,4gQg5E:ff:sQAX W-E -1.,,eiX-'iegkyhx I- 5 , 1 X f UNK - 4 5 , 1 635 . 1" 7 5 VM vm N31 ' N ffl: - :f 1 ' Z h 213, rpg" S 5, 1 jr x ' --'P.:. gk: Erin x Qifi X ,- ' . , , -'1 fT1r1 J'-aff' , .u,,:.Pg,l qmillimrqmlllh, ?3:6x3v,',,. V fl 3:55-'grfgzf .,,.'-4-"axx,,,,-timmy wq5:'5,LM -,Hl,5'qI3,,,, qWgm.:" -. 1, fu A N Qyogeixl'-.1' 5:9 XHM, - 1 ' ,Qf1.':'f9L'.Zg '31 .f' '25,-cw ".,'r.-5,E.,:::.jFff- QNIM 1:94 If ' 1 03. f"!"i'5:1dixll 1 .'qf1' , V 211.57 ,ZQQJSM -riff, .1LQf-'JBL-A 15 ft in NIL '- r i i MARGARET ALLEN HA-LL ...... Critic Teacher, Foods Diploma, The Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics. VVELCOME B. LEWIS ......... Chemistry B. S., Alfred University, M. D., College of Medicine, University of Illinois, Head of Chemical Laboratories, Battle Creek Sanitarium. MARGARET RITCHIE ..... . . . Foods Diploma, Skidmore School, B. S., Teachers College, Columbia University. DR. MITCHELL . . . . . - Nuffition Ph, D., Yale, B. A., Mount Holyoke. MANLEY J. CAPRON . . . . . b 3 - - PhYS'0'0gY M. D., College of Medicine, University of Illinois. CORNELIA L. SIMSON .... Critic Teacher, Textiles and Clothing Diploma, Mechanics Institute, 0 . . B. S., Teachers College, Columbia University. 16 C31 L lf? a ffix, 2 ' me ' 'Q G. M. DOBBIN ....... .... B acteriology M. D., University of Toronto. Head of Department of Serology and Pathology, Battle Creek Sanitarium. IRENE THOREN ..... ..... C hemistry Diploma, The Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics MR. BULLOCK ...... . . . Asst. Bacteriology Royal Queen Victoria. K LILTAN BABC-OCK DAVIS . . . , Psychology and Pedagogy A. B., Milton College. Graduate work, University of Wisconsin. C. C. HUBLY ....... Dietetics M. D., American Medical Missionary College. ANNA MCCAULEY ........ Institutional Cookery Diploma, The Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics. 17 gi, IL. Q HUWIQ ' Ex i l WILHELMINE E. KE B. S., University of Wisconsin, Ph. D., University of Chicago. MISS MAUDE VIRGINIA MOSS Y - - - . Biology English Martha Washington College. Boston School of Expression. W. F. WATT .... . Economics, Sociology A. B., University of Michigan. MISS SARA HARRIS ........... Foods Diploma, The Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics. ESTELLA NORMAN ........ School Physician M. D., Pennsylvania Women's Medical College. MISS JEAN HOWE ....... . Home Nursing R. N., Battle Creek Nurses' Training School. l8 L 25236 9 I HENRIETTA RIDDELL ..... . Physical Training Diploma, Sargent School of Physical Training. MR. WILLIAM DREVER ..... . . . Musician OSCAR BEUCHEL ...... Institutional Laundering Manager, The Battle Creek Sanitarium Laundry. MR, H, MARTIN , Arts and Crafts BEULAI-I M. KILMER . . Registrar MRS. A. MARTIN . Arts and Crafts 19 S3 79- Hx 4 5 Un the Ziarnltg who haue rheerfullg anh patiently lahnreh in helyalf nf nur ehurattnn me hu hereby extenh nur atnrere gratituhe. 20 sf','S",f'e E H is We Can-Will We? NVe, the class of 1922, can be apostles of good health, and we will. We can serve our fellowmen by disseminating the laws of .biologic living and the principles of efficient eating. God created man in his own image. Our bodies are divinely devised and intricately constructed machines. Through dietary sins this image has been weakened and has become easy prey to deficiency diseases and tuberculosis. Its resistance to infection has been lowered and its stature stunted. Dr. Kellogg says that appetite is nothing more or less than a disposition to draw upon nature's storehouse for a new supply of living substance, and digestion is that wonderful process by which foodstuffs are changed to blood and then to living tissue. The need of the body for life-giving nourishment is all too often met with indigestible, unwholesome, abominable rubbish. We as dietitians and teachers should be able to intelligently feed the body, to select chemically adequate and scientifically balanced diets. We can strengthen the defense against disease and all other enemies of good health. We can instill respect for the human body and appreciation for a properly functioning digestive system. We can materially increase the efficiency of the human race through intelligent eating. I Our preparation has been thorough. Through affiliation with the Sani- tarium we have had unusual opportunities to observe nutritional experiments and dietetic progress. The course of study has been wisely selected, carefully arranged and ably taught by a proficient faculty. Much of the success and many of the advantages of this school are due to the untiring efforts and broad experience of our dearly beloved and highly esteemed Dean. To her we express our sincere gratitude. We would also pay a tribute of respect to the Superintendent of the institution, whose splendid achievements and staunch principles have been a constant source of inspiration. Dr. Kellogg is a world renowned physician, surgeon, author and nutrition expert. The predominating purpose of his life has been to ameliorate suffering and to teach his fellowmen how to live. With divinely inspired vision, exhaustive research and extensive experiments he is serving humanity and doing much for the betterment of the human race. What are we going to do, girls, With the years that are hurrying on? Do we mean to begin, life's purpose to win, In the freshness and strength of our dawn? 21 Ge L ll' 3 HWQSIEH Q A. s s - R f "You pass through this world but once. Take it as you find it, but leave it better," is a terse, significant statement. You have spent two years studying, learning and preparing. Education is accompanied by responsibility. Proverbs says, "Happy is the man that getteth .wisdom," and also, "If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them." The value of our education will depend largely on the use that we make of it. We have a mission in life. With youth, strength, adequate preparation, a high aim, noble purpose and impelling motive, there is no goal beyond our reach nor prize impossible to attain. We can achieve some great and worthy end. Our opportunities are unlimited. Everything in the world depends on the will. You have to think high to rise, For out in the world we find, Success begins with a fellow's will. It's all in the state of mind. Grenville Kleiser says, "Today a thousand doors of enterprise are open to you, inviting you to do useful work. To live at a time like this is an inestimable privilege, and a sacred obligation devolves upon you to mlake the right use of your opportunities." "How can I make the most of my life? What is the highest aim that I can set before myself as a life ambition? How can I make the world better for my having lived in it?" These are questions we should ask ourselves. Find out where you are going and then start. You will never get there if you don't. ' Keep on studying. You have studied to prepare for your work, but when work begins, study should not end. Your mental powers will atrophy, your capacity for achievement will be limited, your career will be handicapped if you fail to keep on studying. Work. Work patiently. It takes God three months to make a squash, but a hundred years to make an oak. Work cheerfully. To do good work you must be interested in it. "Do what you are paid for and then some. It is the 'then some' that gets your salary raised." Select some worthy goal and progress towards it. There will be "Slough of Despond," "Hills of Difficulty," "Giant Despair," and "Doubting Castle"-- but you will get there. "There are thousands to say that it cannot be done, There are thousands to prophesy failureg There are thousands to point out to you one by one, The dangers that wait to assail you. But tackle the thing with a bit of a grin, Take off your coat and go to it. just start in to sing, As you tackle the thing That you want to get done, And you'll do it." 22 UIIIIIIVIIIIII fa 5 llHIIIIIIIIIIHIIIllllllHlllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I x'j1QifQI5EcQEQsQ?H 'P t IIIIHIIUIIINIIIWW''Wwvmlwilivllllilw .. N 'ty iillllllli ,n 'lll 9N'lIIn.'1l K Cla X ,Ffid-X gl Ii jg N L Null, 23 Kathryn Andrews Maude Baker Pauline Bailey Lorna Barber Dorothy Bovee Lola Brandt Marguerite Clark Marjorie Coleman Elizabeth Cochran Minnie Cohen Elizabeth Collins Katherine Cone Winnifred Conwell Isabel Cooper Idalee Cowling Grace Darlington Lucile Daugherty Anne Davison Rietta Dillon Mildred Dobson Leatha Ermlich Freda Fenton Mildred Frye Lucia Fordyce Annie Mae Glenn G-Liber 3 MFE? ax t l Class Roll Nannie Hacker Helen Hall Helen Henning N elle Highsmith Alice Howells Olivia Hollowell Miriam Hunsicker Ruth Kelly Barbara Kennedy Kathryn Koehler Ella Mae Kusterer Angelia Legget Cecil McKercher Esther McKinley Mary McKittrick Clara McKinstry Eloise McCreery Ruth Martin Jeanette Martin Merna Monroe Annie Paul Moon Madeline Mowrer Maybelle Morgan Minnie Olson Cleo Peck Lois Pettibone Alice Rheinheimer Hazel Ricker Doris Robbins Catherine Rourk Alice Ryder Isabel Schilbach Rachel Schwab Helen Shannon Dorothy Snell Louise Sprague Josephine Sutfin Della Tomlinson Marybel' Treibley Agnes Vinson Gladys Waite Gertrude Walters Lorabelle Warner Joy Wangen Roberta Wilson Gertrude Wehler Clara Wolf Una Wood Frances Wood Carmen Zetler 24 A U1 1? s gkgjnun a R 27 Z' ' me ' '3 President .. . . Vice-President Secretary .. . . . Treasurer . . . .....-.........-..-..... CLASS OFFICERS . . . . . .Anne Davison . . . . Helen Shannon . . .Cecil McKercher ...Annie Paul Moon Class Colors--Purple and White Class Flower-Violet Class Motto-Deeds not Words 25 Q L fs 526 M ax 'ix 4 5 ,7,,:.i H-if A 1 xx 'Kg . .tx , t ' - '. ff 31, " ,. iyfnx 1, ,M !,Nf1'4QEtl V K 5 ANPR K.fLS3nta Fe, New Mexico ff" 3' f. 'L ', 1, 1 gk ,' 1: J ,Q t Tqhcher if KK' J xg , Alf? ,' .' ' -1 U ' .1 ' V1 ' L .St ei? Cyuncxl, ' i225 Basket Ball. i , 5- Se e rylvfalgxlfr surer of Q ,W H fe4tE6oq,,Qffcg Athletic Association. A 522 ' f " W I' 1 qw P, V, it , ' 5' "fx 1 ,,, -W k Y ' 5'Ni.:..fv l yi: 0-aim, .-'Q-P':1":.'M:' X'U?.7":1 , ,J .ff wH,s'r3wE'i KP ir. ' 4' Q5 . -X ,ffm-.fw4iZi ?1f2 A , " ,jf N-42,1 f 'Qffkr-V ,.y,,,+, , :uf n v -57'f'9??Xf7M?g5f-YP! af" ' V+ M "' Q EXP - g fa-W, 1?.9gmf.,'-,Rsggayivan-2 " l y" 'iw 1 g.. 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Battle Creek, Michigan ' Dietitian MILDRED FRYE . . Battle Creek, Michigan Dietitian A 0 H. rl, 6.520 46 4 5 31 IL ami Q 'fx 5 . Cornell, Iowa Wx r x V f LLL ff, x df' 1 f' L 'fv g,Uc1:AfFoRD'YcE 1' x W. ,g3,'g.f ' 'JMX 3 , HELEN HALL . . . Dietitian 5,5544 H' A 1 A ,r I, L, Axwxlericus, Georgia L wax, X- MH .V --'z E . 3 V M, 'J -75,15 4 . f Exgi, .big we 1,2 L if fi: L1 W ' ' if v L, X. f , F ,. Joheaboroughp fllllllqggg A Dietiziang '5 ' Q . Adrian, , , W, ,Aa ' vw ..-1 1 ' 5 1 -x. 'H' vi 4 ww, L1 I 4. 1 uma, - M wat' . ,A fi TQ , . ,-fwgalk . f '5-4. of 1 '-Nfl'-f"'K,1 ,X Michagaifl ,.. 32 GE-'Z' 3 HMC' a n Gr 4 OLIVIA HOLLOWELL . Farmer City, Illinois AQ 9 II. Dietitian HELEN HENNING . Benton Harbor, Michigan i ' .E Dietitian A e II. 'NELLE HIGHSMITH .Q . Pelham, Georgia if Dietitian a X. Q Dixie Club. 5 ALICE HOWELLS . . Scottdale, Pennsylvania A Teacher E'fKi5Qystonc Club. I l T 33 gui? A 4 5 ,A " f , ,p H . ' ff, 1" ji- um' Vx ' K" Jai? " ,.-gk' .J , .4 . , . 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K. g Student Council: Reorganization Committeegg ANucleus Staff, Photographic 5' Editor., ' Lt 5, T' E, K WINNIE-OLSON . . Q Detroit, Minnesota V. rt -t 38 SN t t ,lt-A , Teacher . P23 t W ' . . . . Cardington, Ohio ,h LQ::Vf ', lK. g,gQ1nQiasfeV'lSecrefary5 '2l. P "' ,,t' A- I' " 1,-TT., I, ' I t ' MQ.Qi3'f7 V t I 5 t A ' 'Q tfffglffgfffuf ff ,IIOIS PETTIBONE CSIMMONSJ Armada, Mich'n 7. J-QQLWMA Teacher HW: 1395 ,- 1 A .QA 'BA"l'I'1'N'ucleus Staffy fex-Business Manager. ' Wflfd' 554-mf "W ffl tt ti A .. . ixgggil, .. 'A 'T""l7W'iawi7-'?"1ff'5Q:gst 'G -- M vii?-tf"fw pw nt .'3"3M'5 1 W nw.. 7 . .,.zhnA-fiffiiliw' ' "fW'WL. -. ' " 'W QA nos 'Q 'lk f' 753. If . ' ,X 'R . Q f fr "- ', If ' ,Iv-'x 33,1 I 'kj' X- sf- 1 B1-IEINHEI' BR.'1Germama, Pennsylvama 5 xx fjkff 12 , Diegitian 7' WA V' V : Bk::gketball,f2'!Keystone Club. .. - f I - ','! ' , N- 'f' Q' ' ,W . V ,-- 1 ,- f - '4 W T? N,Lf,,g'f?f '14, A f'i'5'F?f" 'Q y' ,. . 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K.g Nucleus Staffg Advertising Man- 'agerg Basketball. ' ji RACHAEL SCI-IWAB . . Wolcotville, Indiana ' Dietitian I HELEN SCOTT . . . Port Jervis, New York Dietitian New York Club. 40 Basketball: Reorganization Com- Q mittee: New York Club. t 4, 6,320 6 Y f ff it , i i Xi, L: I I ij r , fl B-"2 N i i' ' 'l H It iCoatesville, Pennsylvania ,Ai ,S. 'K.!iKi, ChairmanlilSenior Class Vicc-Presi- f'v,,' 1, My N f,-131.24 rf' ' AMA!" - 1 ,i ivmliqg R, . "Y i. ,' ' , -'J 54 " " 3, 5 .. P' . Dietitian v ' ' J v 4 ' 1' ' . , 4den-txg eystonet Climb. .fi 5 t i. f V I 1- nj. If 1 k tfiivi. H" i I ,,P.v.,y,1tNlJPu IQHTMI . f ' t 1 fftfffflif if , 'fi'7"ii7Q7i'ii'l'.t',fSigm-',d 1, .. ,. i, -,.st,a.x,, . Toledo. Ohio , ,L ,A RM?iwAt,vf,i' t 1 t Dietitiditf i,,' ' i"Q- K.'teNiic1ttis Staff, Joke Editor. H -W, + K M ' 5 , , V . ii- FLQUISE SPRAGUE . . Battle creek, Michigan T i, Dietitian iviten. i JOSEPHINE SUTFIN . Keuka Park, New Yorlg Dietitian i , A 6 H Treasurerg Niucleus Staff, Business 1 41 Q?i+fQ i we we iv, 'MARYBEL TREIBIQEY' Snydertown, Pennsylvania L Dietitian l Keystone Club. Q l i. i i J- - Dietitian ' Dietitian A 6 H3 Dixie Club, President. ' ' Ls, GLADYS WAITE . . Syracuse, New Y Dietitian , A 9 II: Student Council, '21g Basketballg f Nucleus Staff, Social Editorg New York Clubg Business Manager, Home Economics Athletic Association. i 1 K ' ,iv L ,' ,V xii, . , . .u+Ng!,n7'.f,t g""'v 4 TP" . ,+-'3Qf'i. ' . , 9 'Q .nw-"' is 5.3.1, 'LCS'-, ,M .,.: J' I C30 lil! s. 'VY 'VT : :DELLA TOM-LINSON . Hutchison, Minnesota i AGNES VINSON . . . Laurel, Mississippi 1. Q-QQ 'a 42 I ,ig ty! SHIV? Q e Gift' g if e f: ,GEIQTRUDE WALTERS Three Rivers, MiChig3ll z L bi fi I 1. K i 5. K. Dietitian SEORABELLE WARNER . Bedford, MiChigHll :xi I .J , A Sith I -fi P 'F 5. Dietitian 5 4 WANGEN . . . Ludington, Michigan, ,H I Teacher LA ' Q wif ,1 it ti EW 4 fir F, , . .B FRANCES WOOD . . South Haven, Michigan 1 i , Dietitian fn... - - K. i' i i iiii .51 vi",faii:i QT 'QQ , I if, , , 1 .- ' , , ,N K- i.. A,1,,.fi'1i.-iM,i5- ' . MAJ. . 'fi' i . 2.1 V 1 1 i , 4. ., 43 ' Q, xiii? Q 4 5 ,, i Sk, 1 X 1 w-1 AY'V,' :Rr ! , .,,v tw, Y , i Y- 1- i , 'XIX 'f A? BOBHQUQA Wggsorqf . . . Toledo. ohio Q " A " fHf'Teacher ,A ,f"'q.. r -lv' Ji, S. i' fv."w,?f 'lb 1 A M ' , Q' 1 4,,. - Pi 8 . GERTRUDE WEHLER . . . Algona, Iowd ' Dietitian A A 6 H. CLARA WOLF ..... Marengo, Iowa Dietitian 44 Gi 1'1" fq. E Ex 5 UNA WOOD . . . Battle Creek, Michigan Dietitian A 9 II. CARMEN ZETLER . Youngsville, Pennsylvania Dietitian A 9 II: Keystone Club. VVIANNIFRED BEATTIE . . Pontiac, Michigan S. K. K. Dietitian 45 lla Ewiem gd . l l Class History In the fall of 1920 a great training ship, devoid at first of its colors and a pilot it could call its own, was launched upon the stormy sea of college life. On board this ship were bustling workers eager for advancement and recognition, and soon the ship was manned from its own crew with Lorna Barber Cat the wheelj and the colors, purple and white, flying proudly from its mast. The motto, "Deeds, not Words," could be seen shining through the mist. So immense was this ship and so speedy was its course that a collision with other ships seemed unavoidable. In fact, a rather forcible meeting did occur one night between this ship and the good ship Initiation, but due to the great prowess of the crew and the strength of the new ship, it sailed away, feeling it had been thoroughly initiated and ready for whatever came. Many social functions as teas, dances and hikes were enjoyed by the crew on board, which broke the routine life of the sailor. As the ship neared, for the first time, the dangerous final zone, many anxious faces peered overboard, but after sailing through dark and stormy waters for two or three days and nights, those on board passed through the zone safely and none the worse for the mental strain. Soon after this our crew picked up a few stragglers who immediately became rough and ready sailors, serving whenever ordered. The ship continued on its course, each day bringing its round of orders and pleasures, and the crew weathering the storms and gales with their eyes only for the first port. just before reaching this port, those on board being of a neighborly 'disposition, decided to give a banquet to the crew of the ship 1921. On june the tenth the port was sighted in the distance, and on june the eleventh the ship sailed into the port of S-E-R. A By this time, the ambitions of the ship's workers had reached the high water mark and so they stopped at this port but a short time. They soon embarked with Andy Davison as pilot and Helen Shannon, Cecil McKercher and Annie Paul Moon as the skipper's mates. Thus was brought about a feeling of con- fidence and readiness to cope with greater and more important problems. Soon after leaving port the crew was entertained by a house warming in the Alpha Theta Pi cabin. Following shortly was one given by the S.K.K.'s. Soon the School Spirit invaded its cabins and introduced to the crew his boon companion--basket ball. Upon discovering his good qualities, the members of the crew urged him to remain and many an evening he was raided by the force on the ship 1923, but his persistent nature each time kept him from sinking. Parties, dances, etc., made spicy with mental struggles, kept the ship plung- ing on at full speed. Each day the crew were preparing themselves to handle 4b Guia-LIL' QE Q 'lx 5 the problems which they would encounter upon their arrival in the 'destined port. After having clear weather and clear sailing for so long the crew awakened one morning to find themselves in the face of an exam wind storm, and escaped being sunk only by the summoning of the cram crew. The crew, with their characteristic energy pushed on through the deep toward the destined port V I C E. Through the voyage the ship's men displayed spectacular bravery and an Alpha Theta Pi scholarship was awarded to Clara McKinstry for the excellent work she had done while on board. Finally they reached the great goal of their ambitions-the goal of SER-VICE-and with its colors still flying proudly from the mast, the great ship reached the last port of its journey. The journey was such a perilous one that during it a few of the passengers were drowned. Throughout the long journey the colors were at half mast but once, and that was in commemoration of the loss of one of its crew, Winnifred Beattie. After each had received distinguished medals for his work on board the ship for two years, the members of the crew temporarily disbanded and began searching for jobs on boats, preparing to sail on the great seas of College and Professional life. MAUDE BAKER. 47 g a g R A NUCLEUS STAFF Editor-in-Chief - - Assistant Editor - - Ex-Business Manager Lois Succeeded by - - Literary Editor - - - Assistant Literary Editor Art Editor - - Advertising Manager - Assistant Advertising Manager Joke Editor - - - Assistant joke Editor - Social Editor - Photographic Editors - Faculty Advisor - - Critic - - - RUTH MARTIN - LoRNA BARBER PETTIBONE CSIMMONSD JOSEPHINE SUTFIN - JEANETTE MARTIN MARY MCKITTRICK ELIZABETH COLLINS ISABEL SCHILBACH BARBARA KENNEDY DOROTHY SNELL - Lor.A BRANDT - GLADYS WAITE MADELINE MowRER i ELLA MAE KUSTERER - IRENE THOREN LILIAN BABcocK DAVIS 48 65122 Q E n x 49 SLE HDWCQ, s, . as f l Class Prophecy If Was a llaaliflfalifafm SDYIHZ daY, the kind that puts life and vigor into one's veins. I couldn't resist the spirit of adventure, so sallied forth. While walking through a meadow I became VCU' flwuglltful, andthe more I thought the sadder I became. Strange for me to be Sad- What Was the reason? Why. in a very few days we would be parting from each other, the Class of '22 would be scattered almost to the four corners of the earth. Not YIOUCQUS Wllefe I Was gfilng. I stumbled over a log. I was surprised to find myself just entering a wood, a beautiful place carpeted with dark green moss and wild flowers: trees and shrubs hung low with heavy foliage. Birds were singing cheerily and butterflies were playfully chasing each other among the trees and blossoms. It was indeed an enchanted paradise. I seated myself on a soft cushion of moss and leaves and gazed around in astonishment. In spite of the loveliness of the place I couldn't help bu-t think of the separation which was so near. Suddenly I heard the branches ahead of me crack and spring -back into placeg someone was approaching! I looked up and beheld a jolly little fellow clothed in blending tones of brown and green. He belonged to this bit of fairyland. Somehow he noticed my feeling of loneliness and began to chuckle in a mocking way. I stared at him for a few seconds and in spite of myself I laughed too. Still chnckling, he sa-id: "Thank yon. In my kingdom everyone is happy. VVon't you tell me wihy you are so sad?" I related to him our two happy years together, and that in a few days we were to part. Again he laughed, and told me to come with him, as he had something to show me. Silently we made our way through the wood and came to an old oak tree. Near the ground where the roots separated was a small hole. The elf told me to put my hand in. Obcying, I pulled Out 8 scroll Of p21rCl1ment tied with purple and white colors and a cluster of violets. Dear old colors, how much they mean to us all! I untied them tenderly, and there, written at the -top in old-time style, was "Ye Noble Class of '22, S. O. H. E., as Reviewed in the Year of Our -Lord, 1927." Andy Davison. our worthy president, still holds her title, but now as the president of the largest spaghetti factory in the world. Helen Shannon is dietitian at the Waldorf Astoria, i Cecil McKercher has left her profession altogether, and is a model in a fashionable New York Shoppe. Annie Paul Moon is treasurer of a Sailors' banking house. Barbara Kennedy and Mary McKittrick, renowned blue law workers throughout the west. l Dot Bovee, assistant to Doctor Mitchell in the rat lab. Martha Cullop, Mildred Dobson, Minnie Olson, and Mildred McCauley, "the four M's," Dancing Academy, Goguac Lake, Michigan, magnificent mansion of modern movement. Agnes Vinson, a famous ballet dancer. Clara Wolf and Jeanette Martin are assisting Miss French in nutrition work in Indianapolis. Grace Newhart, critic for demonstration cookery classes. . I Cleo Peck, Lorna Barber and Joy Wangen have established a matrimonial bureau. -Dorothy Snell and Alice Rheinheimer, still lovers of cats, and are running a cattery- Chi Chi reigns supreme. Ruth Kelly and Marjorie Coleman, ex-Mack Sennett bathing beauties. They are now taking up the drama under Fox. n Helen Scott received her B. S. degree at Columbia. She is now Assistant Dean. Della Tomlinson is a clever detective, and is employed by Clara McKinstry to find out if Clara's men acquain-tances are married. Ella Mae Kusterer has become a famous prima donna. n Freda Fenton and Isabel Cooper are missionaries in the jungles of Africa. . G Alice Howells and Roberta Wilson are quietly settled in Marshall, taking in sewing. Helen Hall. "billing" clerk of Adrian bean factory. g Elizabeth Collins and Nan Hacker are successfully managing the kitchens of the San. Pauline Bailey is making a study of mice on a cheeseless diet. . Kitty Koehler, Golia Leggit and Frances Wood are experimenting with a. "heighth" diet. Lucia Fordyce is hostess of the San. Olivia Hollowell and Alice Ryder, of Newport and Palm Beach, have established an infomation bureau on a paying basis. "Tex" Cohen is editing a paper, "The Way 'to a Man's Stomach." Miriam Hunsicker and Grace Marshall have established a home for retired and aged dietitians on the shores of the Lagoon Pond. Louise Sprague has just completed her seventh improvement on the Victrola. Records automatically change with no interruption. 50 ll-1 3- S'l"li?a ' b ll Treibley are running an orphanage for homeless boys. Lucile Dougherty and Mary e e Helen Henning has at last received her appoin-tment in Hawaii as private dietitian to the diabetic president. Q Mildred Frye has put Goldberg ou-t of business by publishing her cartoons, "Foolish uestions." Winnifred Conwell, Betty Cochran, Nelle Highsmith, Leatha Ermlich, and Catherine Cone are still around the San. What would life be without the grand march? Kate Andrews is in charge of a private school for boys in Denver. Frances Cooper assists her as dietitian. Carmen Zetler spent her money faster than pay day came around, and is now in the poorhouse. Madeline Mowrer, "Jiggs" Walters and Doris Robbins, "Three Little Girls in Blue" tea room at Three Rivers. Rachael Schwab and Hazel Ricker are running a beauty parlor in the Arcade. Ruth Martin is house director at Henry Cottage. She has installed cold showers. Maybelle 'Morgan and Eloise McCreery graduated from the P. E. School in '25, and are now coaching D. S. athletics. Merna Monroe is head of the experimental laboratory in a herring factory. Marguerite Clark and Una Wood are stationed in Greenland trying to locate a new variety of spinach. Isabel Schilbach is publishing a strict training table die-t for basket ball players. I Ill3aker and Brandt, producers of Comic Records. Maude cracks the jokes and Billy aug s. I Gertrude Wehler-a second Ruth Law. She is as much at home in an airplane as she is in a truck. Lorabelle Warner and Rietta Dillon have taken over Liberty Park, and -today it is a safe place for D. S.'s to find amusement. Anna Mae Glenn has spent three years in Nova Scotia, and is now lecturing on the advantages for dietitians in Nova Scotia. ll Jod Sutfm has established a polytecnic institute for those desiring to become "jack-of- a -tra es.' Idalee Cowling is supervisor of women's gymnastics at the San. Esther McKinley, composer of the latest Broadway hit, "The Periwinkle Sweater." Catherine Rourk is sole owner of a well known tea room in Bat-tle Creek, "The Ham- burger," on West Main. Grace Darlington is studying electricity to learn more about the "Watt" ' " ' h 'suremeina Gladys VVai-te-you wouldnt know her. Digniiied and quiet, s e reign s p hospital .for deaf mutes. f I t rned the scroll to the elf. He placed it in the old oak Having learned our ate, re u UCC, and peering in I saw several other scrolls tied with diFferent colors, the prophecies of all the classes of the School of Home Economics. I thanked the little elf for all he had done for me and bade him farewell. As I was nearing the San I suddenly remembered -that the rest of this beautiful day gust tbe spent in the library reading a 300-page assignment in -Doctor Kellogg's "The New ie e ics." G. W. WAn1:. 51 lla es i l Student Council Purpose.-To act as a medium between the Faculty and Student Body in presentation of matters pertaining to any phase of school life. ' OFFICERS ANNE DAVISON ....... Chairman LILLIAN WHITE ...... A . Secretary ADMINISTRATIVE AND FACULTY MEMBERS Miss LENNA FRANCES COOPER . . . Dean of School Miss MARGARET Rrrcms . . . Faeulty Class Advisor Miss MARGARET HALL .... Faculty Class Advisor STUDENT MEMBERS Anne Davison Lillian White Lorna Barber Lucile Martin Ruth Martin Evelyn Carson Madeline Mowrer Hazel Boyd Kathryn Andrews REORGANIZATION COMMITTEE RUTH MARTIN ..... Q . . Chairman MADELINE MowRER Senior Representative JOSEPHINE SUT!-'IN . Senior Representative LUCILE MARTIN . Junior Representative EMMA Cook ..... Junior Representative MARGARET RITCHIE ...... . Advisor Purpose.-To make plans for the organization of the Student Body into a Student League and to draw up a Constitution accordingly. XVe present the first four Articles of this Constitution: V Whereas, We, the Students of the Bat-tle 'Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics desire to co-operate with the faculty in the interest of creating a spirit of closer association and understanding between the two bodies in the upholding of standards of the school, we do hereby, in accordance with the "Agreement between the Faculty and the Students," organize ourselves into a Student League. Article I. Name. This association shall be called the Student League of the Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics. Article II. Purpose. The purpose of this League shall involve the advancement of school activities. Article III. ' Members. All enrolled students are members of this League. Article IV. ' Organization. Section 1. Oliicers. The officers of this League shall be a President and Vice-Presi- dent, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The President and Vice-President shall be elected gem the incoming Senior Class and the Secretary and Treasurer from the incoming Junior ass. Section 2. Student League Board. The executive work of the Student League shall be centralized in a Student League Board, which shall act as a source of responsible advice. 52 TRI? Mr QE Y 5 53 3 LIST' .55 s W' fx- N1 " fy j Gem, E: J - N no 5 lf' A. 54 G Il- , uunfqf Q R 55 N Ex 5 ,S Q5 IQ, n ' 1 ' U x Vim? ,, QM fx W ,Ji .- L1 A 5 " w Sv f is xx -9-fb ,Lf sv 3 Y' FN smug 56 Q ll HDHFL' EA Q .sg A mm 57 GL nur, 'E 9 Q 19 ' 5 5 58 ,Qcrs 2 A HZ ea 'ix ,H W Q W... 1'-W " ' f' XQXKKK ' F31-. 72 f W M mm K n u u u n 0 n 1' ff fy K N X s,f?i, ?pf if g? ,ff , K. X -ff' W - 'P IU fiwgfsl Y ' K x V ,, Q x ., X-fx-I KX J 6 G J' x Q H.: JUNIUUQ M 23 r Ckidmfisifvg 9 f? 9t?fQ, ? 9f?'94 1, ififaekf ,f Q: ,gg . 4 1 I ' ' V W I' 'VL it A ,fr 52' Z1 i 4 iQi g i G if ll? Q nuwrcg 4 5 junior Officers LILLIAN WHITE, President I CAROLINE MILLER, Treas. KATHRYN JENSEN, SCC- Mary Ammerman Dorothy Ashley Lois Barton Esther Beach Mrs. Olivia Becker joan Boeyinck Beulah Bowen Hazel Boyd Phoebe Bradshaw Doris Buck Evelyn Carson Nelle Cissna Isabel Connor Emma Cook Doris Crossman Frances Dante Lucile Davenport Katherine Diehl Katherine Diller KA'1'HERINkZ DIEHL, Vice-Pres. Class Roll Hannah Halperin Mrs. Zetta Hamilton Sylvia Hart Esther Heltenen Elizabeth Hayward Geraldine Hoffman Catherine Holsapple Kathryn Jensen Mildred Jones Ellen Iulyan Rubye Keith Martha Ann King Ai Dorothea Kiuchi Kathryn Knickerbocker Esther Kugel Myrtle Lacy Ernestine Latimer Eleanor Lowe Annie Mahaffy Lucile Martin Dorothy Martin Avis Maule Agnes Maxwell Caroline Miller Florence Miner Helen Nichols Florence Otterstrom Mrs. Clara Pruet Gladys Robertson Marion Sears Rietha Shirley Julia Shoenberger Mary Strong Roma Staudacher Elsie Wells Thelma Wheeler Lillian White Gratias Whiteis 61 sewers .6 1 C l Perseverance Seated one day by my window I was weary and ill at ease, As I watched a spider spinning Its web among the leaves. ! He spun with a gentle persistence, That would suffer no defeat: Though to me it seemed a task He never could complete. The wind and the rain descended Upon the silky web, And the spider hung suspended By just a tiny thread. I watched with keenest interest To see what the spider would dog K And ere I had completed my lessons His webs had numbered two. Then later on, in the twilight, I peeped again to see, And another web was broken- He was working on number three. And in the early morning, When the air was warm and pure, I saw him waiting in his house, Contented, dry, secure. And when defeat o'ertakes us, Its effect we must not mind: But start again with persistence, Our own defects to find. For are we not God's children, With brain and mind and soul? And if we work and trust Him, He will help us reach our goal. M 62 95515 sf E I 5 5 Junior Basket-Ball Squad MARTHA ANN KING, Captain HAZEL Boyn GRA'rIs WHITEIS A ISABELLE CONNOR DoRIs BUCK DOROTHY ASHLEY HANNAI-I HALPERIN PI-IoEnE BRADSHAW ANNE EARLE, Coach JOAN BOEYINCK GERALDINE HOFFMAN LUCILLE DAVENPORT MARY STRONG CAROLINE MILLER ELSIE WELLS KATHARINE JENSEN ELLEN JULYAN THOSE RECEIVING NUMERALS Dolus BUCK MARY STRONG GERALIJINE HOFFMAN CAROLINE MILI.ER MARTHA ANN KING ELSIE WELl.S 63 GE-'Z' 49 uwgiqx a f-1 Junior Song Tune : H ortensc Juniors, Juniors '23, We're all as peppy as we can beg Anything there is to do- We jump right in and push it through. First, we scrub, and then we cook, And learn everything in the chemistry book. Surely there can never be Another class like '23l NVe're the juniors of '23g We ain't good looking, but as smart as we can be just before we have an exam We all get busy and cram and cram. Study makes people bright I hearg Then we've studied for about a year. The cleverest things you ever will see, Will be the class of '23. JUNIOR YELL junior Class Rah! Rah! Junior Class Rah! Rah! Who Rah! Who Rah! Junior Class Rah! Rah! CHORUS Tune: "Old MacDonald" 1. Sanitarium has a school, Eighi, eighi, oh! In this school there were some juniors, Eighi, eighi, oh! With a Junior, junior here, And a Iunior, Junior thereg Here a junior, there a junior, Everywhere a Junior, Junior. Sanitarium has a school, Eighi, eighi, oh! 2. Girls-chatter. 3. Dormitory rules-mustn't. 4. Exams-cram. 64 - Qc: ' I uni X5 X 'Q - Staff Literary Editor Art Editor Runyia KEITH Douoruv Asunsy Business Manager Joke Editor SYLVIA HART K.NTI'IliRlNl5 Drum. Junior Editor MARTHA ANN KING 65 'YK N-...Q Ahh' Q huts QQMU-v mg., '01 tat "1--f s Bgvw .inn 66 GLC' f Q I A Home Economics Fairy Tale Once upon a time there was a KING'S daughter whose highest aspiration was to become a COOK. Her favorite game as a child was making mud pies down on the SANDY BEACH. On the day when she became of age she put on her most befrilled and LACY frock and appeared before the KING, saying, "Father, though in your eyes it may seem of MINOR importance, my greatest ambition is to become a COOK." However, the KING, who was a CROSS MAN, frowned and answered, "My daughter, if you persist in this, you must bid farewell to KIEIITH and kin. Though it SEARS my HARTT to do so, I shall make my brother ROBERTXSQSON my heir. So saying, he drew his royal robes about him and departed. The princess, with hertcheeks as WHITEIS her gown cast herself on the royal DAVENPORT and wept WELLS of tears. Then saying to herself, "BUCK up, be STRONG," she rose and left her father's house, taking with her nothing but seventy-seven sacks of LILY WHITE flour, the gift of the KING'S MILLER. From then on in a little LOWE room in a side street she learned to COOK. At first she made only little cakes and cookies to attract the school boys with their pennies and NICHOLS, but after she had had a great DIEHL of experi- ence she thought, "SHIRLEY I am now competent to COOK for my father, the KING. BOYD up by this hope she made a wondrous pie. Then wrapping it up carefully lest she MARCtheQTIN, she said to a CSJMAULE boy who stood nearby, "Will you call me a CAR, SON P" Soon she arrived at the KING'S palace. When her royal father had tasted the pie he took her by the hand and led her to the throne. He then proclaimed her first COOK of the KINGdom, and stated that by living up to the family motto, "Never be DACUJNTEQDQQ' she now, more than ever, had proved herself to be truly a KING'S daughter. H. B. 67 itfje a is The March of the juniors And there dwelt in different parts of the country, girls who had heard of the fame of the Battle Creek San, tales of which had gone forth to many lands. Who, when September, 1921, came, did pack their trunks and set forth on a journey to this institution there to enter the School of Home Economics. And here they were shown many things by their Big Sisters, the Seniors. who guided them on the Road to the places where schedules were made and Classes found. And of these classes there were various kinds and wonderful things did these juniors, as they now came to be called, have to learn about. Such as micrococcus catarrhalis, bacillus feccilis alkaligenes, polymorphonuclear-neutro- phile, the digestive tract, and normal solutions. And while shrieks of protest were frequently heard, they were useless, as these things were made to be learned. These same Juniors also learned about Diets 5 that no meat was to be eaten, and that bran and spinach were more to be desired than coffee and hot dogs: yea than chocolate covered Brazil nuts and Welsh rarebits. So tons of spinach and bran did they valiantly consume. . And there were other sore trials because of a many-headed monster known as Dormitory Regulations, who made it unpleasant for girls who were noisy after "lights out," and who swept dirt under beds. But with "Obedience" as a guide this too was safely passed and the Juniors continued their march. One, Lillian White, was chosen from among their num.ber to lead the march -and direct them in their various undertakings and right well did she perform her duties. Margaret Ritchie, who also taught them to cook, advised them, as did Jack Bullock, who dwelt among microbes and learned many astounding secrets of their habits. And it was this man who, when the Juniors challenged to Basketball the Seniors, did offer a ram for a mascot, which was accepted with howls of glee. And when they reached Exams at the end of a Semester, there arose a mighty wail, but the Faculty did laugh in derision, hardening their hearts, so that the juniors were forced to submit and pass this Trial of Knowledge before they were allowed to proceed. And many many Happinesses did they find along the way. So thus accom- panied by the Spirit of Good times as well as the Spirit of Work they reached, in June, the time of Commencement, the Parting of the Ways until the next September, when they again will return to S. O. H. E. ' R. M. K. 68 G L' EQ , ,556 'unfaqgw . sf .Q " xp' ml. 'M 1.35 lu if :Shi QI If . 4 Q I' 5'm'vL'e-5 I' 69 1 . a ff After Exams fWith apologies to Kipling, VVhen the Juniors' last exam is over, and the ink on the pages has dried, When those who have passed are rejoicing, and those who have flunked have cried 3 We shall rest-and faith, we shall need it, sit down for a breath or two, 'Till exams of another semester shall put us to work anew. And the girls who are smart will be happy, and those who don't study-not sadg For it's the way of the Junior lassies, no matter what comes, to be glad, Each will start work again with a spirit, determined to do and to dare, For the motto of each single Junior is always: "Play up, and play fair!" And only the teachers shall praise us, and only the teachers shall blame, And no one shall work for grades only and no one shall work for fameg But each for the joy of working, and seeking a goal now afar, Will study as all juniors must do, for exams are as they are. R. M. K. u Class Mottoes - BACTERIOLOGY-Use a mixture of common sense and a few facts. CHEMISTRY-Define and give an illustration. HOUSEHOLD ADMINISTRATION-When in doubt, use whiting. FOODS LABORATORY-Learn proportions and methods for making white sauce. BIOLOGY-Originality is the spice of life. No matter how original, just be original. 70 QQLQ Q1 me 'AS ' Fwy 17 some eg Ks-AI-, , A a 'n 7l06o4f '5 atrial' W i'n'te1-in nvvida M 05559 I -,N A , i A 'X Az ' E Agnes Q. w.o.u.. ' NOT fALLOWED whv? 71 'fun !QA1kg'.xn.. . Fx R' 57 if I IIQX i Y A5 Gao-5a"" Occ:-n. " Tiff! As-css 4a.e.,,,,,, Un ll 5 72 55 s' is Q Qi l McCoy The house of McCoy is a house full of joy, With six lusty girls and mistress, Dietetics the theme and good eats the scheme, Where loyalty reigns in the "House of McCoy." There is "Florence" I've seen, who reigns like a queen, When the duties of home fall to her: She stalks through the hall, and quiets them all, And work is resumed in the "House of McCoy." "Elizabeth's" ease, like the soft sea breeze, Brings a calm to the weary heart. She is true to the San, eats protose and bran, And banishes meat, in the "House of McCoy." Then "Doris" comes next, with the strong pretext That two meals a day are sufficient, That milk should be malty and food should be "Salty," And love reigns supreme in the "House of McCoy." And tall stately "jerry" doth make us quite wary, If we don't toe the mark when she rules, For her two-story length and her ponderous strength Holds tight on the reins in the "House of McCoy." "Lucile" works a charm, without much alarm, On the rolls of the Battle Creek High. They wander at will to the top of the hill, And seek for their refuge the "House of McCoy." But "Mary," 'tis true, is wondering who Is keeping late hours in the parlorg She hustles about and "shoos" them right out, And locks up the door in the "House of McCoy." Our. "Mother" steps in, with her clock and a grin, Should they stay past the hour of ten-thirty. She pushes the bell, and they know right well, They must take to their heels from the."House of McCoy Dr. Capron: "As you pass out, put your alimentary canals in the waste basket." i Mr. Watt: "It is true that after forty years of age one acquires a ceitam immunity to death germs. Speaker in chapel: "Success, young ladies, has four conditions." Voice from rear: "Tough luck! The dean will kick it out of school First Junior: "Say did you see Caroline shoot that ball P" Second junior: "Yes. She always uses her head in her shots." A word to the wise: "Exams are really not so bad-" Oh, yes, that sounds consolingg It may be true, but just the same I think I'll do some poling. 73 DH dini L QM MEG, i f "Failed in Bacti, flunked in Chem," We heard her softly hiss 5 "I'd like to get the guy who said That ignorance is bliss." Ernestine in bacteriology: "Now if you used goat cells-" Dr. Dobbin: "Of course, sometimes we do make the rabbit the goat." Miss Simson in chapel: "All straight Juniors please report at the Annex ng room at-" Loud clamor: "Let's all be round shoulderedf' We scheme, we toil, we pray, In wretched plight. For what? Three meals a day, Our sleep at night! Annie: "My, you're tall, Ellen." Ellen: "I'd be a lot taller if there weren't so much turned under for my feet." The potatoes' eyes were full of tears, . And the cabbage hung its head: For there was grief in the cellar that night, For the vinegar's mother was dead. Beulah Bowen: "I got zero in my chem. quiz." K. Knickerbocker: "That's nothing." Beulah: "What's nothing?" Katherine: "Zero." Laddie: "Isadore, Isadoreg whom do you adore?" Sandy: "Theodore" Mr. Watt: "Now, is that clear?" Junior: "Clear as mud." Mr. Watt fsweetlyj: "That covers the ground at any rate." For Sale-Boston bulldog. Will eat anything. Very fond of children. Dr. Capron: "Give me the name of one of the intestinal juices." Hannah: "Succotash." fsuccus intericus.j Men, men, go away 3 You make the students' life too gay. 74 m f' Mildred Jones: "Do you ever gamble?" Sylvia Hart: "Sure, come on. You chase me." Lois Barton in Bact.: "Can you inherit hay fever ?" Dr. Dobbin: "Well, you might, but don't blame mother and dad for every- thing." Dr. Key: "What are the other kinds of cells P" Student fhazilyj: "Well, some had round holes in and others had straight lines " Dr. Key: "Well, it's nice to have that much of a memory, anyway." Miss Ritchie Ctesting custardj: "When you put a knife into the custard it ' ' Il should come out clean, provided it was clean before you put it in. Favorite expressions of Dr. Dobbin: "In the dining room across the street." "If a person speaks of one, they mean the other." "If you could estimate by metabolism how fast a person lives." Some love two, some love three, I love one, and that is me. Mr. Bullock fchanging Bact. laboratory sectionsj: "I'l1 switch you in pairs." Dr. Dobbin assigning seats: "Each one would have a number and if anyone wasn't here I'd just count the absent chairs." Gentleman entering the shop: "Is this the store that advertised for a man to retail canaries ?,' lost Clerk: "Yes, do you want the position ?" Gentleman: "Oh, nog I was merely curious to learn how the canaries had their tails."-Selected. Sandy Beach didn't Hame her slide in Bacteriology one morning. Now she is going to charge admission to the "Movie of the Bugs." Hutch: "Say, did you ever kiss a girl in a quiet spot P" Doc: "Yes, but the spot was quiet only while I was kissing it."-Exchange. Francis Dante in Pedagogy: "Mrs, Davis, aren't there any fairies ?" A SINGLE ATOM Auntie Dubb gave Baby Sue A dose of Hg C12 Sue is with the angels now And Auntie still is wondering how A single atom of cl Can make such change in Calomel. A -American Druggist. 75 em ., xi H ax 5 History in Brief of North Lodge The ground was purchased from Judge Graves, 1 whose home was on the site where the Annex now stands, and North Lodge was built in the year 1873, by Erastus Hussey, 2 that strong-minded and close-mouthed individual who so gallantly helped 1,000 slaves to freedom in Canada. Hearsay has it that North Lodge was the scene of these activities and it certainly was disappointing indeed to find that this was not so. However, the site of the College Building was the "old home" of Mr. Hussey and here he kept the Battle Creek station of the famous "Underground Railway." Our North Lodge bears its name in memory of another North Lodge built long before "San" days. This North Lodge stood on the site of Oxford Cottage on the opposite side of the street from the present North Lodge. It was an old, square, frame building used as a dwelling place. It was in the upper floor of Old North Lodge that Professor Bell 3 started his school, and among his first pupils was our own Doctor Kellogg. It was from Professor Bell that Doctor Kellogg gained many of his ideals and his wish for greater things. What a man Professor Bell must have been! So, in memory of this place, North Lodge was given its name some time ago. Up to that time it was known as the Hussey Cottage. Tragedy did not pass the present North Lodge. It seems that a contract was let, exactly as now, for the erection of the home. A "gamble" was taken, as always, with a possible rise in lumber, a strike among the carpenters, or a 76 QLD S534 ""' QQ, 5 e scarcit of funds. The contractor met a difficulty-there was a big jump in the Y price of lumber and the unfortunate man had nothing wherewith to raise means to overcome it. Morose, disappointed, in view of his impending and ultimate ' ' h N tl ruin, one morning he was found hanging to the rafters. For some mont s or 1 Lodge knew not the sound of the hammer or rasp of a saw. Could it be this incident that gave rise to the "haunted attic ?" But sunshine and happiness were not missing. Elder Hussey, as he was known, loved his family and the greatest peace and contentment reigned there. S the class of '22, as other classes, have had our tragedies and sunshine o, we, there ever since the Sanitarium bought the home from Mr. Hussey's daughter, d it for a Cooking School and Club Rooms Mrs. Susan Denam Hussey, and fitte tl e fir t floor and a home for women physicians and teachers on the second on 1. s , Hoor. We know the tragedy of a cake failure and fallen biscuit and hard bread and the sunshine of a perfect gold cake in demonstration and splendid apple jelly in the autumn. We are proud of North Lodge and we love it as it stands, well back, on its broad green lawn among the whispering pines and nodding mock orange and old lilac shrubs. May the incoming classes appreciate it and love it, work in it ' T. M. S -1 and care for it as devotedly! . U'rr N, l d Graves a man prominent in early Michigan History and the writer of the C D Ju se . article on Erastus Hussey's life to be found in the Battle Creek Public Library, Volume XIV, page 79, Michigan Historical Pioneer Collections. ' C25 Erastus Hussey, a pioneer of Battle Creek and prominent in its earliest history. Refer to the above Volume in the Battle Creek Library. CSD Professor Bell brought his family of two daughters, one of whom is Mrs. Eva Bell Giles, Columbia Avenue East, Battle Creek, Michigan, to take treatments at the ' ' ' f B ttl Health Institute. He afterward became one of the most highly esteemed citizens o a e Creek and taught for a long time in the Seventh Day Adventist College. He was the author of a grammar widely used by teachers at that time. We are deeply indebted to Mrs. Giles for the greater portion of this article. Mr. George Murphy -assisted greatly by giving the source of many of the facts concern- ing The Underground Railway. 77 Q X A GP n E fik L Augfairlg lv-u.Nd1 4,1 8371.5 I: ll.yfocE-N1' N Aug51'l'1 oylsl i0ME','I11E5 C jspnlrle nlqvmf, O lfsdtuv-I' 'to 01-aL.r:lR's ' L f0YAL,' 'frff' 'h-u.5'. N 7jc.e +0 All xvqagvd. 10... A -Lincoln he1'efs'1ka qpu J , AA Mo'H1!'7i ,6lY+dll A A.N'4r. nl 78 silk gb 4 E"'fQ-if QS 1 ' W - V 3 3 Q 'nw-H.. ,QW . Nsvrrm' .. f 4 1 ,XX ,bn A1 i 'fi . .Az--. . . ,A ,, , W. WL, 1-fm . .4 1 1 4 x f 1 f 1 , ..4 -.' .' Vw , - - . z .f.f,,p:a - H QTKYSKW 'f W'-tg"1PQ24.rJgf':A.. , . . X, 4. 4-nl. -,w5'3ggy91N w . - .. X W w,S,,j-A' 25,5 VF!-IIT! f ' my gb ww ' -1-, JA5.x.1' Y? MQ, ' s-.- 1: ' ' 1" . hfvgfg vm:-Til' xf .ey 'nfs 79 G if IZ' ies ,unfyqg ' HQ 5 .E T!xgp145 N wk' WASMNQTQN f' Q- .F SO W-if ua: '4""""l'Ii:2 . , A 'L Q M., ff1,..f-f.m,, hnjnm Conf ,fb-" f. M 'fwxm-so 'I ke. Htfnl' 'I ,xx fl. 0 Ld." I 'Thg Chisl, Har-4,91 nd. c-kLvnfu1, Q . 81 How Firm H' ' I Ou., ,Ute F'ou.-wil-finw. nLL'l1lf..v4 Rv Clvuxvch, C fl li? 1 MMG- Riu A19 A j .P x Q5 47 'Y' 4 'Bake rife Sn 82 Qfuzsw 499 'EWG' W Q, L. -,,. X I ARNoLn CofrTAGE S3 N RUQUC5 GL? V53 0243 'ix Q 5 . GFIHQIMJ Irusnni- ' '+hFiUm, nf 'nw quu lwnve. Tha. Hfrilw Hmyftouns. I UTUST mnrvclluug "' . -XX 'Fur-Tuna.. ,ji Q XX, b X .... She sind, If! cunfmcx all daft C-PWC? in CUYM-K ,Minnss. - Citric hu-1. Erasmus: U . Sh. li. xuickglsksluvu Sgr, Blau-gigs Rush Gnr ls! Tm" 'mi A"f"'X I . U .1 - r ' ' U US:d'K'u DinKf 'Sim an shqnf 13 nu New 'W' H 'Snuumkf' was an lah.. - W3 - . tt ,mill X In situ!-I I nuur Dvwrhhs mils 'wus Qubv-VF W1 1 1 ff-5,1 Q ' W spcdlnlslclivavsi US, m l'N-re-rwfm :Xue-wg W ..,'u, DN vm, Ctr-in 'fan and vcd-W-nhl ' .- b x A W 'mann X X I ' ' NEW' uS'X'on qi:-lg, 5 uk? 1 CWNA.-YTn. 'Thksls ro.nXX-xSof'Buu5f'gf 'F'w9'- " " 84 G fr' Q, A -Mic 'P A , L u p . ' U y , if Q J X - Wu I , 'A ""T A-" "',L . A V 4 K . " V -ni" . 5 ' it A PP, 6" . PNQV1 Q'm"1L Q f X 'W W 1 V '+L 85 QL E2 Q6 HD IQ-L A fb x l ! . . 'W Al , I :ltr v 3 X ' ' IQ-CBP ' W? Bafffe Creek HZTCTQ U ,- . .,f "1 "Sm 1 le S" 1. . IE, N lgnf' . I I The group of glrls who lwe m town bauyhff' Ei uiffbriunf' V 9' 337 75 'fl' Liv 1 ow. Sunsh inc " ,S ,I I7?oas77n7" Upon this page you see. You'1l never End in us a lack Of pep or loyalty. too-Loolwes If ' . TB In s ' 5 fam! Gfllzorfq 86 Q Q f x .N . WZ 7-ZXXN 'P' x , J -V J ff rm-fiiw f' if 'ff ,:!!'pZyfgWmfV lfiilff. 'Qy fx 1 I I1- ut :AX g51. , ., X 1" 'Ugg "'fy' ."', 4 il fynllg fi' ig' lm' l f- Ls . f 1 ff ' -A n- ' -'EN ,I ,Q ' . - A3 ' ff' ,. k X IIQ. 4i, , I. 6 'K fl-'sl . ' PN 'bs H 4 FW!- e-F All Svnrnritg 87 Q Ct nba MQ - T A SS L H F E an I 5 G3 PATRONS AND PATRONESSES DOCTOR JAMES T. CASE MR. M. W. WENTWORTH MRS. JAMES T. CASE MRS. M. W. WENTWORTH DOCTOR M. A. MoR'rENsEN MRS. ROLAND HARRIS MRs. M. A. MoR'rENsEN OFFICERS ELIZABETH CANFIELD ...... . .... President ANNE DAvIsoN .... .... C or. Secretary CLARA MCKINSTRY ........Vice-President LOUISE SPRAGUE Guard ELLA MAE KUSTERER ....... .Secretary CARMEN ZETLER ......Chaplazn JOSEPHINE SUT!-'IN . ...... . ..... Treasurer HELEN HENNING . ....Muszczan Lorna Barber Almira Brosius Elizabeth Canfield Marie Casey Lenna Cooper Marguerite Clark Anne Davison -- Rietta Dillon Angie Estill Doris Polhemus Ruth French Mildred Frye LENNA FRANCIS CooPER. . ..........Sponsor ACTIVE MEMBERS Margaret Hall Helen Henning Olivia Hollowell Dorothy Johnson Ruth Kelly Mrs. Kendricks Marion King Ella Mae Kusterer Mabel Larsen Anna McCauley Clara McKinstry Merna Monroe Catherine Noel Alice Rheinheimer Alice Ryder Lois P. Simmons Louise Sprague Josephine Sutfin Celia Urban Agnes Vinson Gladys Waite Gertrude Wehler Una Wood Carmen Zetler Helen Hall MEMBERS TAKEN IN APRIL, 1922 Honorary Members Senior Members Helen S. Mitchell, Ph. D. Annie Mae Glenn Sarah Harris Nelle Cissna Hazel Boyd Phoebe, Bradshaw Hannah Halperin Rubye Keith Martha Ann King Junior Members Catherine Rourk, B. S. Ai Kiuchi, B. A. Katherine Knickerbocker Lucille Martin Florence Otterstrom Rietha Shirley Roma Standacher 89 Q39 L g, - it IEW f 1 ia In August, 1921, the Sorority found its home at 112 Manchester street. Six- teen of its members, who were Seniorvstudents, have lived in the house all the year under the chaperonage of Miss Marion B. King. The house has on the first floor a spacious hall, a large reception room, a living room with an open fire- place, a large dining room and kitchen, one sleeping room and two sleeping porches. The second floor has also two large sleeping porches and six bedrooms, the largest of which has an open fireplace. The furnishings, including two vic- trolas and a player piano, help to increase its homelike atmosphere. The Soror- ity entertained its patrons and patronesses, the students and faculty of the School of Home Economics at a housewarming early in October. The house has seen many such meetings since then which are recorded in the Social Calen- dar, Deep appreciation comes from the Sorority members to Miss Cooper for her approval and permission in allowing the establishment of the house. We are also greatly indebted to our patrons and patronesses and to Mr. Cyrus Good- rich for the invaluable assistance they gave us in locating the house and furnish- ing it for a dormitory. The plan of running it was based on institutional linesg two girls being chosen to care for finances and books and two chosen monthly for a House Committee to attend to the general management and to assist the chaperon in enforcing house rules which adhere to the general "dormitory regu- lations" of the School. We have been unusually happy in our house this year. It is with regret that the Senior members leave it-we want to be here next year and enjoy those family breakfasts on Sunday mornings. The establishment of a home for the Sorority has meant a closer affiliation of its members, a taste of real sorority life and has broadened our vision for the finer things around us and before us. We hope that those whom we have entertained formally and informally have enjoyed with us the feeling which a real home imparts. 90 , nv :Q R S. K. K. PATRONS AND PATRONESSES DRs. HARRY AND NI-:'r'ms KNAPP DR. ANn MRs. WALTER F. MARTIN DR. AND MRs. GORDON Donn1N I-IONORARY MEMBERS Miss Lenna Frances Cooper Miss Margaret Ritchie Miss Cornelia Simson Mrs. 'Lilian Davis Miss Irene Thoren Miss Blanch Andrews Miss Lorena Van Dorn Absent Member Ruth Williams Mildred Suet Ruth Bochman Lillian Hack Mary Harkins Helen Shannon .... ALUMNI MEMBERS Madge Jewell Mary Jones Clara Vansweringen Marge Roberts Priscilla Eller OFFICERS ........-......... Mary McKittrick .... Ruth Martin ...... Helen Shannon Mary McKittrich Ruth Martin Pauline Bailey Dorothy Bovee Frances Wood Miriam Hunsicker Mildred Jones Lillian White Carolyn Miller Doris Crossman ACTIVE SENIOR MEMBERS Kathryn Andrews Lola Brandt Winifred Conwell Roberta Wilson Isabell Cooper Madeline Mowrer Doris Robbins Dorothy Snell ACTIVE JUNIOR MEMBERS Lucile Davenport Kathryn Diehl Florence Minor Dorothy Ashley Cecelia Urban Violet Hughes Katherine Jones Thelma Pfeiffer . . . .Chairman .. ...Secretary . . . .Treasurer Gertrude Walters Isabel Schilbach Elizabeth Collins Jeanette Martin Frances Cooper Cleo Peck Emma Baughman Sylvia Hart Katherine Jensen Dorothy Martin 91 IL, g m if f x 'ix 4 Honorary Members 92 GLM QWUIQ! Em 93 fl? GH1?l'1- 'Q L., 1 5 94 we Lf 13,9 EIIIIIIETY Sept. Sept. Sept Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. N-ov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. I an. Jan. Jan. jan. Q, 49 is f-' Social Calendar Registration Day. Juniors got lost going to classes. First Chapel exercises. Talk by Rev. Phelps, "I will, I ought, I can." Senior class otiicers elected. Mass meeting of the three Sanitarium schools in the gymnasium. Chemistry quiz in the afternoon. Faculty tea at North Lodge. Join chapel of N. S. P. E. and D. S. in San Chapel. Community singing in the gymnasium, led by Mr. Lawrence. At Assembly the Alpha Theta Pi Sorority presen-ted the scholarship. In the evening a Costume Pageant was given by the D. S. School in the gym- gasium -on the second day of the fifty-fourth anniversary celebration of thc an. Alpha Theta Pi housewarming. ,Faculty reception to the three schools in the gym. Mr. Litz, former congressman, spoke in chapel. His topic was, "He who loves God best serves man most." Teachers' Convention at Ann Arbor. Miss George, supervisor of Public Health in New York City, spoke in Assembly. In the afternoon a tea was given by the school in her honor at North Lodge. Hallowe'en party in the gym. D. S.'s entertained the Nurses and N. S. P. E.'s. Pumpkin pie and cider for refreshments, fortune telling, Blue Beard dens, clowns, hobos, gypsies, n' everything. Miss Treen, of Boston, gave us an interesting talk on Woman's Educational and Industrial Union and School lunch work. Hallowe'en-ghosts, witches and black cats haunt the cottages. Classes were dismissed in the afternoon to hear the talk on "National Parks," given by Mrs. Talman East. - C. E. Society of the Presbyterian Church and B. Y. P. U. of the Baptist Church entertained the San students. Alpha Theta Pi annual party at the Post Tavern bridge room. Miss French gave a report of the Nutrition Work under Dr. Emerson of Boston. Knox Gelatinc demonstration. ' Sorority girls put up Thanksgiving baskets for seventy-five poor families in Battle Creek. , New York Club had a real Thanksgiving feast at North Lodge. Miss Simson had the honor of carving the turkey. The New York Club was organized November ll by the New York girls of the three schools. OFficers were elected: Ann Davison, president, Rosalie Allen, vice-presidentg Margaret Kelly, secretary, and Catherine Diller, treasurer. Miss Kilmer returned after a visit to her home in De Kalb. M. A. C. Senior Institutional Administration class visited the Sanitarium. They were entertained at North Lodge club rooms by the D. S. Seniors. Carol singing. Junior Christmas party in N. S. P. E. club rooms. Seniors presented Dr. Capron with a gift upon his departure to Europe. Beginning of Christmas vacation. Back at work again. Everyone reported having a jolly vacation. Chapel exer- cises. -Dr. Bishop told us about the proposed new calendar. Dr. Mitchell chaperoned the Seniors on a skating and tobogganing party at Goguac Lake. Senior Chapel Day, "Mock Faculty Meeting." . Miss Ca-therine Noel, class of '21, arrived from Bellevue Hospital to take up duties at the San. I At Assembly, Miss Chambers, Dietitian at Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, spoke about the "Duties of a Dietitian." We also had an interesting talk on "Thrift" by Mr. Woolley, of the Indianapolis Life Insurance Company. Senior dietitians visited Nichols Hospital. U A false alarm at Lakeview! One of the girls in the Nutrition group rang the fire alarm. Lunch room work started at Lakeview School. Miss Phillis gave us a detailed lecture on dyes. n 96 ge e """fc- E I an. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar 31 2-3 4 6 17 22 ,f A H I 7- Seniors visited the State Hospital at Kalamazoo. First Semester finals. Mrs. Mortensen entertained the Sorority at her home. Dietitians gave a Valentine party for -the school at the club rooms. Dr. Pritchard gave a very interesting talk on T. B. Isabell Cooper and Frances Wood gave a breakfast at North Lodge in honor of Sally Bingham, who was a student here last year. 24,25 8x26 Student Volunteer Convention at Hope College. Dr. Amelia Wood, of the Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May 26 6 10 11 13 15 18 20 24 25 31 31 1 7 19 20 21 29 l Sanitarium, attended. Anna Mae Glenn, Ann Davison and Evelyn Carson represented the D. S. Schoolp Rosalie Allen and Fumi Takemoto, the P. E., and Ann Van Lopik, Orpha Bowers and Gertrude La Fevre, the Nurses. A very pleasant and profitable time was reported. Celebration of Dr. Kellogg's seventieth birthday. A banquet was held in his honor. This was prepared and served by our girls. After the banquet a reception for the entire Sanitarium family was held in the gymnasium. First basketball game-Juniors 22. SCl1i0rS 21. A party was held in the club rooms after the game. The Seniors proved themselves good losers. Dr. Dobbin gave a very interesting talk on "Ireland," relating a few of his per- sonal experiences there. Mildred ,Iones entertained for Mildred Suit at a card party at North Lodge. Second basket ball game. Score: Seniors 15, Juniors 13. Dr. Hubly's last lecture in "Medical Dietetics." The class regret very much to have his part of -the course ended. New York Club entertained the Dixie girls from the three schools at a St. Patrick's party at -the Y. W. C. A. Last game-a tie. The Seniors celebrated the close of the season by an impromptu party in the club rooms. ' Dr. Kellogg gave his first lecture to -the Medical Dietetics class. Dr. Colver gave an illustrated lec-ture on "Nutrition in Public Schools." He out- lined the Nutrition work being done in the Battle Creek schools. Annual S. K. K. party was held at the Athelston Club. In Assembly, Mr. Fitzgerald talked on "Woman's Work in the VVorld." The constitution of the Athletic Association was read by Dr. Mitchell. Ofhcers elected: Caroline Miller, president: Kathryn Andrews, secretary and treas- urerg Gladys Waite, business manager. Senior basket ball team had a dinner at North Lodge in honor of their coach, Miss Decker. At this time she was presented with a camping outfit in appre- ciation of her work. 81 Apr. l. Style show at Post Theatre. given by the S. S. K. Sorority. Keystone Club entertained the New York and Dixie Clubs at a "Fools" party, in -the P. E. Club rooms. Keystone Club had charge of Assembly exercises. Catherine Diehl gave an inter- esting history of "Pennsylvania," and Maude Baker added to the occasion by reciting "An Ode to a Pretzel." Chapel-Prof. Fink, musical critic of the New York Evening Post, talked on his experiences as an author. Prof. Irving Fisher, professor of political economy at Yale, talked on "Health and the Advantages of Health." Seniors and Juniors started their baseball practice. Miss Alta Decker was chosen by the Seniors!-as Senior 'baseball coach, and Miss Jane Woodruff as coach for track. Miss Elta Wheeler was chosen by the Juniors as their coach for both baseball and track. Assembly exercises-Mr. Smith, president of one of the local banks, spoke on "The Citizenship of Women." S. K. K. dinner-dance, wi-th gentlemen guests, at Post Tavern bridge room. May Day Breakfast for the Senior class, given by Miss French and Dr. Mitchell. The Nucleus goes to pressl ! l Eat, drink and be m.erry, for tomorrow we diet! ' 97 Q lsfif Q5 5 Pageant of Fashions Given by students of School of Home Economics October 19, 1921. This very unique style show covering a. period of 400 years displayed costumes of hoops, skirts, bustles, panniers, or pantalettes as the period demanded. Every radical change of women's dress from the styles of the early pilgrim to the mode of 1921, including the demure costume of Civil War days and the long slinky slit skirt of 1914 with its accompanying "debutante slouch" was featured. These rare old costumes were made of materials that might well be the envy of the modiste of to-day. Real lace, feathers, flowers, imported fans and parasols with carved handles. Paisley shawls and silk shawls of Chinese designs were very pleasing accessories, and gave added interest. Every fashion and detail of fashion is influenced by the social and political history of its country. The Puritan of 1620, piously garbed pilgrims, were the first to appear in the style show. The cast of characters was as follows: 1620--Pauline Bailey, Ruth Kelly fPuritansj. Colonial 117301-Mary McKittrick, Isabel Cooper fDraped Costume Pannierj 1799-Avis Maule CCostume of the Directoryj. 1840-Leatha Ermlich QI-Ioopj. 1855-Annie Mahaffey QPantalettesj. 1859 1862 -Maybelle Morgan CSecond Empirej. - -Winnifred Conwell CEnglish Walking Costume, showing the decline of the hoopj. 1865--Marjorie Coleman CLong Straight Lines, no hoop, high neck linej. 1870-Lorabelle Warner CLong Full Skirts, with bustlej. 1874--Elizabeth Collins fHeavy Black Satin with Real Rose Pointe Lace, Bustle, Overskirtj. 1878-Cleo Peck fRed Satin, with Velvet at S30 per yard, Bustlej. 1885-Louise Sprague CPlain Long Skirt, small Bustlej. 1895-Julia Shoenberger QBride's Costume, no Bustlej. 1898-Gladys Waite fPuE Sleeves, Flaring Skirtj. 1904-Esther McKinley fBlack Lace Gownj. 1909-Gertrude Walters fFull Skirt, very high Choker Collarj. 1914-Elizabeth Cochran CDebutante's Slouchj. 1921-Francis Dante fEvening Dressj. 98 Q 19 e in M I w , x -T I . A ' Q 'J I ,-x.n.-frgglj'-NXNK-s.N7'X-X M' 4 N F nb ff' 4lff'1W"'.1f':!wVM . X W If X ly Fl f . ',.!' x 1434 .M " CIP ' ' 5' f , rgantzatrnna l g 0 ,gy hai, I f. ln, I x A. I 'ul 3- ,, ' +1 . .K A! AQ ya.. llltggflvfx. 5. , gl' Q "'kgLQ l Q V' c , - , - XA, Q: if fs '. I, n y 3 ,X-' V X mv A f . L N k JJ JNXRMT XX f ' iff ff -U -i f N' VS 'L' aim X ' 2 ' , vp , ' x -1 -- 14 q s " Nik ju W1 "kv W if "4 iWg'f1i'ligggH ik? I :I ' ."'f'-i'J"n" 1 X x x - - - X v faf.-?.f.f:w:: 'tiff NE J 1 Fw 'XS xx x fr- 1 un.: :P - , M ul' I f 1, J!-,L j ,my ni .waxy QM .v ,, , - - I K l 1 -' "I.':: f"f Xl',:W,gX'Q 1 ,f WMM e-rf 4 4 .,.,,QXfQ'NQfx X ' I V1 I "Rj"'g'fQ Kxgygqx " X ' H -, - ' , . 1......1. ...-. . 3 4 4 ,l z, X W If 517'-Za I if c I dvi -I - gn:-7 Q ' ' -5.-:in '35 ' 'L' 1 - F-'im 4,21 F-Q3 4151 A A X "1 R, X l Q I qw 1 I1 nb' X11 XX X5 H gc If f , . ' 5? xx fm f .xxx XX I I 53 Nxt 3' A X "" ' Ms is ff ' 41 N f S L . fx,'fl,A 2-,rj 4715 ix! I Z X 99 Cable " Q Q UWI, 79' 25 Q 'ZX ' f Senior Basket-Ball Team Marguerite Clark Nannie Hacker Annie Paul Moon Josephine Sutlin Elizabeth Cochran Alta Decker, Coach Kathryn Andrews Esther McKinley Alice Rheinheimcr lsalael Scllillmch Gladys Waite Kathryn Koehler l00 li , 4 X59-1 na: , ,n-iupln-1 tl in pun- , H1 -.,r" if:,, . . - 4. i V T -l - - ' Ltdlin: Virginia "Beagles" Rubye Keith .... Phoebe Bradshaw Texas "Beefhead" Minnie Cohen l Mississippi "Tadpoles" Agnes Vinson Annie ,Mahaffy .. Idalee Cowling .. Kentucky "Corncrackers" Elizabeth Collins Mildred Jones A labama "Lizard" Georgia "Crackers" . . . . . .Roanokc, Martinsville, Virginia Virginia . . . . .Rangcr, Texas Laurel, Mississippi ..Boonsville, Mississippi ....Gulfport, Mississippi Flemi ngsbu rg, . .... Smiths Grove, Kentucky Kentucky Thelma NVheeler .... Hamilton, Ken-tucky Annie Paul Moon ..... ..... G adsden, Alabama Katherine Cone .... Atlanta, Georgia Nelle Highsmith ...... Pelham, Georgia Catharine Rourk .. Savannah, Georgia Annie Mac Glenn ..... Americus, Georgia "Whelp" Ruth Martin Tennessee . . . Jackson, Tennessee lOl inf ,-:W H' Wav, fa if 'iff Carmen Zetler . . . Evelyn Carson Dorothy Martin Maude Baker . Kathryn Koehler Dorothy Bovee Alice Rheinheimer Helen Shannon Miriam Hunsicker Alice Howells Keystone Club Elizabeth Cochran Catherine Jensen Catherine Diehl Esther Kugel Caroline Miller Mary Saylor .. ...President Vice-President . . . . .Secretary . . . . Treasurer Lucile Daugherty Marybell Treibley Marion King Emma Baughman l --..M ,,,, -W -,,,,,M,,,,., ,i,.,,.. ,,,,..-.,., ..., ......-,. ....., -...-.....,.-..l..--.V-A I 102 s "We Q' Tp' not 'ul '3 ' 4 .' I' fa, 4 - "I ll W ll lllllll m ---E-E711-' ff 4 "M ll. W '1 'I i" """""' ,iwllulliiiI.I!in:fi,. ...iefhi.l" xl'Jlli!!:i " -Zgf Z '-'Wylie' -lllvil' y 7 3 ,Z ,mul X M'iaaaTiiT We es THIRD DEGREE MURDER The small room was dimly lit by a shaded light. A girl, determination written on her countenance, stood with hand upraised. There was murder in her eye. It was midnight, the fury of a raging storm could be heard without. Slowly, her hand descended, firmly clutching a heavy club. Bang--I! another cockroach dead. Faux Pas-To get in good with Faculty, burst into room full of dignified faculty. Look breathlessly around. Frank, "Oh, Gosh, let's get out of here!" Pass word around campus March 1,-May 1, 'WVho else has the mumps now P" THE MYSTIC THREE There are three words, the sweetest words In all the human speech- More sweet than all the songs of birds I Or pages poets preach. This life may be a vale of tears, A sad and weary thing- Three words and trouble disappears and Birds begin to singg Three words and all the roses bloom- The sun begins to shineg Three words will dissipate the gloom And water turn to wineg Three words will cheer the saddest days. "I love you!" Wrong by heck! It is another, sweeter phrase, "Enclosed-find-check." COMPLETE PROTEIN Dr. Lewis, illustrating types of proteins: "Now for an illustration of chromo-protein, there's Frecklesf' 103 gem fx f si""" QQ f HIS SPEED Spice: "Are you dining anywhere to-night ?" Freck: "No, I'm not." Spice: "You'll be awfully hungry." Mr. Watt, in Economics class: "Miss Kennedy, what did man do after the Hunters stage?" Barb: "Oh, he planted a few 'Vegetables and things.' " A NEW ORDER "Please," gasped Cleo, the young wife on giving her first order to the butcher. "Please send me a pound of steak and some-some gravy." HEARD ON A B. C. STREET CAR Alice reading car advertisements: "Enjoy a chapless winter with-" Maybelle-"We do." ODE TO BARBARA By the grace of God And my heavy line, . In two hours more He will be mine. Shanny: "I got 50? in my intelligence test." Min.: "That makes you a half wit, doesn't it?" Loud shrieking in Min.'s room.: Madeline walking in: "Another basket made!" Dr. Key, talking to a class in Biology: "I promised to show you a very fine specimen of a dissected frog which I brought in this parcel." Undoing the package she disclosed some sandwiches, a hard-boiled egg and some fruit. "But surely I ate my lunch!" HE'S NO FREAK - Kathryne H., on shopping tour looking over Victrola records: "Mr. Farley, have you 'Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes ?' " Miss Ritchie: "Show the class the meat and tell them where it came from." Miss Murphy: "Binders" "What makes you so small, Juggs ?" "Oh, I was raised on condensed milk." Freck: "Did you hear the latest gossip?" Barb: "No, what is it?" Freck: "Oh, I guess there isn't any then." Miss Ritchie at 9:10 as six late-comers stroll in: "Will you please remember next time that this class begins at nine sharp ?" Elizabeth Collins: "All right, Miss Ritchie, but if I'm not here go right ahead, don't wait for me." 104 . gi' nor. M They sat on the garden stile The youthlet and the maidg "The stars above are not as bright As you," he softly said. She lifted up her lovely eyes Toward Luna.'s golden light. "The moon above is not as full As you, my dear, to-night." MONDAY EVENING QUESTION BOX Maude Baker: "Would a tape worm become seasick on a peristaltic wave?" "Mother, have you seen my belt around the house?" "No, Sylvia, did you put it around the house ?" EXTRA! EXTRA! 31,000 Angora goes mad! Swerves from vegetarian diet, eats three fat cockroaches. In dizzy whirl over bathroom, bites off water spigot. Swerves for five hours unassisted due to high resistance built up by vegetarian diet. Later found calm and still in death. Autopsy shows toxins due to recent high protein diet. Our idea of a delicate girl is one who catches cold when she tears her hair net. "Hello!-Are you there P" Central, H812 Green." Voice, "No, drank one too soon." Mr. Watt to his Sunday School Class: "Will one of you little boys tell me who led the children of Israel into Canaan ?" No reply. ' Mr. Watt sternly: "Little boy on the end seat, who led the children of Israel into Canaan ?" "It wasn't me teacher, I only joined this Sunday." Marybell: "Did they take roll to-day in Psychology?" Izzy: "No, they tried to, but the class was broke." Voice from under covers: "What day is this ?" Roomie : "Saturday." - B. K.: "Call me Monday." 105 C5115 g gi, ' H l 5 ,Q RESULTS OF A VEGETARIAN DIET "The other day I found a man 90 years old crying." Milly Jones: "Why was he crying?" Sylvia: "His father spanked him for throwing stones at his grandfather." SURE DEATH TO DOUBLE PNEUMONIA Stick your head in a pail of cold water three times and draw it out twice. A girl walked by a target range, The soldiers were entranced. In fact she was so beautiful The bullets even glanced. She wrote to him and said: "Dear Tom, won't you invite me to the prom? If you're too bashful I've got Jack" "Fine, bring it all dear," he wrote back. Schwaby and Bill walking down the street. Schwaby speaks to young man across the street, Ask your friend to join us." "Oh, Bill, this is so sudden, he's the new minister." , Miss French: "What is the compound CH2O ?" Pauline B.: "Sea water." "No Doris, not all cuckoos have wings." THINGS WE WERE PAID NOT TO TELL 1. How Helen Hall put in her time at noon. ' 2. Who sends the printed letters to Lorna. 3. Who Carmen's new acquaintance was during the last food sale. 4. Why Agnes is always so noisy. 5. Why Merna always puts john McCormack's records on the vic. 6. How Heinie completed her physical exam. 7. What jo's favorite song is. 8. Why Clara likes married men. 9. Why Ella Mae and Heinie are always together. 10. How Miss King gets to work on time. 11. Who ate Alivia's quince preserves. 12. "Honey 5 oz." FAMILIAR PHRASES "Twenty-five cents for leaving your lights on." "Has the mail come yet?" "Is the heater on ?" "Hold 'em, Yale !" "Who is coming to breakfast this morning?" 106 6151? Nl' 'Q ' 5 5 "House meeting at ten." "I got a good old bargain today." "Have you read that cooking reference?" "It's five-thirty, kids: get up for basketball practice." "Will some one please curl my hair ?" "May I use the cleaner when you're through?" "Room rent due tomorrow." SO THEY- SAY AT BAKER Outside Junior: "VVhat do you do when the elevator at the Annex isn't running ?" Marion Sears: "Oh, take a cockroach down." julia: "Girls, I spent hours over my physiology notes last night." Ernestine: "They must have been under the mattress then." Cecile: "Why is there so much electricity in my hair!" Gertrude: "Because its attached to a dry cell." FISH ON FRIDAY julia: "Do you want a nut Sundae P" Annie Paul: "I always have a date on Sunday." Place: Third Floor Baker. Time: Eleven fifteen P. M. Footsteps heard. Maude Baker: "Who goes ?" No response. Maude: "Who goes ?" Answer: "Dr, Mitchel, quiet hour." Maude: "You pass." Patient at San.: "Miss Saylor, could you tell me what a calory is?" Mary: "Sure, a calory is an experiment done on rats to find out the heat value of the various foods." A DAY AT THE ANNEX. 2:00 A. M.-Evalyn starts for work. 5:30 A. M.-The faithful three leave for basketball practice. 8:45 A. M.-Idalee shows signs of awakening, soon has others up after her mail. 9:10 A. M.--Mad rush for classes. 12:00 P. M.-Nell Cissna tries to think of an excuse for getting out of classes. 3:30 P. M Mary Saylor awakens and finds herself in chemistry class. 6:00 P. M Rest hour for girls with overworked brains, such as Esther Kugal and a few others. L ' 1 107 GI-Lil? 7:00 P. M S-10 P. M 10-11 P. ll '15 P. M 12 2 2 3 4 :00 A 100 A. l5A 30 P. M :00 A g r eg .-Mary and Kugal don bathing suits and spend the next hour roll- ing down the hall trying to reduce. Ringling Bros. take a back seat when these two perform. Spent with several well known authors. Everyone rushing to bathroom, where screaming is heard. Sandy insists there is a leak in the roof, as she felt cold water from above. Use an umbrella, Sandy. .-Romantic Joanne sneaks out of her room, takes flight through the window, stubs her toe on the fire escape and falls into her be- loved's arms.-End of a Perfect Day. A NIGHT AT THE ANNEX .-One by one the chosen few assemble in Room 1512 for a card paffyf ?J .-Occupants discover that they are locked in. -Dashing, daring Hazel Boyd, the human flyer, is life saver. Does wall walking, climbs into window of next room and opens the door. Idalee assists the hostess in serving shrimp, lemonade, pickles, grape juice, chilli sauce and fudge. The missing ace found under the bed. -Hostess bids guests good morning.-End of. a Perfect Night. A. O. T. HOUSE PRANKS House Song: "Straight is the way." ' Andy has lots of visitors at the tonsillectomy ward because of the fact that some one else has a chance to talk. Jan. 15-Fish arrive from Iowa. A few of the grils show preference for this kind of fruit. Aromatic esters float from room to room. We are now using "Sodie Ash" in laundry work, dishwashing, cleaning, etc. Softens water and doesn't harm materials. Remember the B M 20 ratio? Carmen was at a loss when asked to explain said ratio in Nutrition class. We all wonder why. ' When Alice entered chemistry laboratory class a wee bit late, Miss French said, "Alice, I see you have three hands, a right hand, a left hand and a little behind hand." Alice repeated it to Ella Mae like this: "Miss French says I have three hands, a right hand, a left hand and a little behind time." Competition Once we had a little dog, His hair was short and dark, Hot fritters burned his little nose, Then from us did he depart. 108 CLI? 9 29, m f Place-West sleeping porch. Time-Midnight. . Action-Inmates peacefully sawing wood. Out of the silence of the night comes dreadful sounds, the frightened voice of a woman. "Help, help, a cat!" Then silence. The musical harmony of a cat chorus heard off stage. Some day Alice will appreciate real music. THE PRETZEL CDue apologies to MacDonald's "Where did you come from, baby dear ?"D Where did you come from, pretzel dear? Out of Pennsylvania into here. XV hen did you get your coat so brown? Out of the oven as I came down. To whom that little taste do you owe? . Only those from Pennsylvania know. NVhat makes your form so curved and sound? A baker's hand shaped me as I came round. XV hence that hardness so natural to you? I felt something known only to few. NVhere did you get that salty taste? ' The Sheik brought it to me from the desert waste. t What do they use you for, pretzel dear? Most people like me with their mug of beer. But how did you come to us, pretzel dear? God tho't of Pennsylvania Dutch, and so I am here. Maude Baker. Shanny fin Chicagoj: "Which end shall I get off at ?" Conductor: "It's all the same to me, ladyg both ends stop." Sally treading sign down at the lagoonj: "Can't Fish Here." Frances fabsentmindedlyj : "I don't know, can't they ?" F lees in Her Night Dress-Boston Herald. Isn't she the little cootie! DUMBBELL! Salty fsleepilyj: "Set the alarm for two." Mary: "VVho's the other one ?" ' ASK LOUISE, SHE KNOWS! Did you ever go To the Post and sit Upstairs, way up stairs? And it was black as night And during the play p You got terribly excited And stood. right up And sat down again Quickly,-but not in Theright place- And the fresh man you sat on Said, "You're a nice one !" Did you? 109 Qcdi bfis fa we n The Four Buckle Galosh VVe have a ninety-pound D. S. named Marybella and once upon a time, up- L on the dance floor, she re was allowed to breeze. Now Marybella had a dear friend named Stout who -- was forty pounds over-weight and carefully counted her vitamins. She was very fond of Cream Stack Pie and never went to dances but stayed at home and entertained ...- the Lincoln girls and minded the curling tongs. Z One night as slender Marybella I was leaving the dance pavillion at K Tsukalas Dancing School she threw a Galosh. Now, the 5 r prince of the Bentley Shoe Salesmen was attending the dance and stumbling over the Galosh, he picked it up and 5 of was immediately fascinated by it. Something in the rattle of the galosh and its general outline made him think of the old 4 Y bus back home which used to run from the depot to the Central Hotel. The Prince of Bentley Shoes grew sentimental and he vowed that if he could ever find the maidenly calf that would snugly fit the circumference of 'the top of that Galosh, he would propose i marriage to its owner immediately. 1 L And now our Prince began to haunt the dance floors. He spent his evenings at the Elk's Club, Bill Ryan's Halls, Tsukalas, and Masonic Temple, but never once did he meet the wioman of his dreamsg and everywhere he would see slender Marybella, but he could instantly tell that she could not fit the top of his beloved Galosh. The Prince was rapidly losing hope, when one day as he was going into Sunshine Cafe he saw a calf on the step ahead of him and his heart gave a flutter. It was Marybella's friend Stout going after a piece of Cream Stack Pie. Readily, the Prince of all the Bentley Shoe Salesmen fitted the Galosh. It was perfect! For the first time in all his life, the Prince actually saw a Galosh fit a maidenly calf. He was about to pro- pose, when up stepped a gentleman with 'Q T such an air of preponderance M that our Prince hesitated. In JM' ' Aw . fact, he changed his mmd and Y gg: ,T decided that such conflicting X I I emotions had overtaken him 4 -s , that he would no longer dwell A TA ul on his fancy for the fit of that X l I 110 Q? llqlffv 'Q si'0"fr Qi, if? s Qs ,Q , i ' , T' T' HDBQM " Galosh. It is needless to say who the gentleman was that stepped upon the scene of action. Galosh under arm, our Prince wandered away and no .-. more was heard of him, until one day Slender Marybella was trailing down Washington Avenue, and beheld a familiar object, something which resembled her long lost Galosh. The Prince in a state of Precox Dementia did not recognize Marybella's ap- proach until her voice startled him to his senses. He had never heard her voice before. This time our Prince was in love. Why had he seen her so many times and yet never recognized the Cinderella of his dreams? True to our fairy tale, they are to be married and we wish them happiness through at least four pay days. ff--1 Q2 x Cf .-.XS---Ib ii HZ SLI? s Q- ' ua: 5 THIS MONTH'S FAVORITE RECIPES ' PARADISE CAKE Three lemons, four cups flour, two eggs. Mix the sugar carefully with the chopped nut meats and fold in the citron, being careful not to scorch. Cook slowly at 420 degrees for 2M hours in a waffle iron, and serve with sliced pimentoes. HOUSEHOLD HINTS fConducted by Mrs. Ike N.'Cookitj To remove spots from clothes- Soak the offending article in Benzine for three hours and hold in flame of blowtorch for three minutes. You will soon find that the spots have entirely vanished. To restore color to gray hair- This simple home remedy is here disclosed for the first time. 1 First carefully remove the hair en masse and clean thoroughly. Leave over- night in a solution of lampblack and shoe blacking. Sew securely in place and your friends will hardly know you. , To fry potatoes- You will Find that meat, eggs or potatoes will not stick to the frying pan if the bottom is carefully removed before frying. QUERIES AND ANSWERS Mrs. S. W. E.: To prevent cakes from falling, tie them securely to the ceiling with a two inch manilla rope. This can be bought at any fruit stand for a fewucents. Mrs. T. N. T.: You will find that your bread will rise much faster if a liberal handful of gunpowder is sprinkled in the bottom of the pan and a quick fire used. -From "Gargoyle" YOUR LIFE PROBLEMS fDiscussed by Helen Thensomj Dear Miss Thensom: ' I am sixteen years old, grey eyed and have a mole under my left ear lobe. I am not yet married and my hair has commenced to fall out. My tears spoil my complexion. Help me to stop them. Hairless Orphan. Dear Orphan: I can sympathize with you, for indeed, I was an orphan once myself. Have you tried a shampoo? If that does not help it I would conclude that the cat 112 s a A C I in 'your eye no doubt frightened the mole which ran up into the roots of your hair. A mole trap can be purchased at any hardware. Never let it be said, my girl, that you bawled because you were bald. Dear Miss Helen : I am a refined young lady of excellent parentage. I have always been in the best of health and am of an athletic inclination. - I am, however, troubled with an excess of hair on my upper lip. I allowed it to grow for some time thinking it would become discouraged. But it still persists and interferes with my eating. Should I accept the offer from the side show? Anxious. Dear Anxious : Your strange tale makes my lip quiver. I have found that equal parts of lemon juice, KDK, carbolic acid and iodine is an excellent mixture to enable one to remove burdens of which you write. If this proves futile why not enter the Durham-Duplex contest? You deserve it. . Dear Miss Thensom: A I met a bobbed haired girl named Margaret at an all-campus mixture. She has refused me time and again for the son of a rich smoked herring producer. She painted before. Now she paints before and after. 'Should I resort to stripe ties. I own stock in the Dexter water works and stand ready to meet any and all comers. Thomas. Dear Tom : Your story sounds Fishy. Rejoice that you still are able to resort to Frost Bites. Your words remind me of a personal experience: We were sitting under the golden glow of the porch light when it suddenly went out. He had to, and I wanted to-so we both laughed. Have you tried Ypsi? Go east, young man. and grow up with the revolution! -From "Gargoyle" 113 QXG ETW. we 'TWA AFTER TWO YEARS AT THE BATTLE CREEK SANITARIUM In these days of indigestion, It is often times a question What to eat and what to leave alone. For each microbe and bacillus i Has a different way to kill us, And in the end they'll gain us for their own. There are germs of every kind In every food that you'll find In the market or on the bill of fareg Drinking water is just as risky As the so-called deadly whisky, And it is often a mistake to even breathe the When cold storage vaults I visit, I can only say what is it air. Makes poor mortals fill their systems with such stuff? Eat a plate of fine pigs knuckles ' And the headstone cutter chuckles, And the grave digger makes a note upon his And for breakfast prunes are dandy If a stomach pump is handy, And a doctor can be had quite soon enough. Eat the lovely red bologna And you'll wear a wooden kimona, And your relatives 'll start scrapping about And the foods that people mix Will float us cross the river Styx, Or start us climbing up the milky way: While the meats we eat in courses Mean a hearse and two black horses, cuff. your stuff And before the meal some people always pray. Fried liver is nice, but mind you, Friends will soon walk slow behind you And the papers will have nice things to say. 114 C ' ffm Eat the juicy ripe pineapple And the sexton dusts the chapel, Apple dumplings kill you quicker than a train. When you eat banana fritters Every undertaker titters, And the casket makers nearly go insane. Eat a plate of nice fried onion And you're fit for Doctor Munion, While sauerkraut brings on softening of the brain. Though a radish seems nutritious, It's behavior is quite vicious, And a doctor'll soon be coming to your home. The inviting green cucumber Gets most everybody's number, And green corn has a system all its own. Eating lobster, cooked or plain, Is only flirting with ptomaine, While the oyster sometimes has a lot to say. And the clams we eat in chowder Makes the angels chant the louder, For they know that we'll be with them right away. -Anonymous. COMMENTS ON THE NEW DIETETICS Our good friend, Dr. Kellogg, has sent us a copy of his latest novel, "The ' th fact that we've New Dietetics," and we know we're going to like it, despite e read the first nine chapters and not yet discovered the heroine's name. We can hardly wait until we reach the chapter entitled "Nuts." We know a few of 'em ourself. Dr. Kellogg's books are voluminous, but they have nothing on Mr. Wells' w. k. "Outlines of History." Reggie Leitch says he read three hundred pages before he found that Joan of Arc wasn't Noah's wife. I Instead of Walt Coggans slogan, "Say it with- Bowers," might we suggest 'Say it with vegetables ?" ' A passing thought: The onion was the first wireless telegraph. I Two Californians having succeeded in making milk from rice and a very fair imitation of meat having been made for years by Sanitarium processes, bossy might as well concentrate on the leather business. They sought to kill the fatted cow and turn her into steaming stew. "Not so," said little Dr. K. "A cow has udder work to do." much about foods as the little doctor "on the hill" we fear that we'd never enjoy another meal. Wonder if Doc ever went into a one-arm'cafe and ordered "milk toast," whereupon the waitress with the Titian hair shouted to the kitchen, "A grave- yard stew ?"-Moon Journal. . If we knew as 115 g m s- AQ,x ax f l Miscellaneous "THE DIETITIANH "Let me feed the nation," A wise philosopher said, "And I care not who makes the laws, If I take care of the bread"gt For a man's entire destiny And the life that is led Is always depending Upon the manner he's fed. The success of a battle, Thus Napoleon decreed, Depends not on arms Which it surely did needs, For weapons were necessary, That' he also agreed, But the glory and honor Depends on the feed. Thus, in both peace and war,,we see Food has a definite mission ' Which rules mankind's every act And the wily politician. So all honor to she who rules The kingdom of the kitchen Who holds the sesame of food, Her highness, the Dietitian. W. R. Chynoweth, M. D. .l.l..-. This school has been honored and our senior class specially privileged by the associations with Miss Ella B. Elwell, Miss Anne Genkow and Vivant Mary Stewart. Dr. Stitt, Surgeon General of the Navy, became interested in the work of this institution through Miss Cooper's Government service during the war. He sent these three navy nurses to take a special course in dietetics, nutrition, physiology, economics, sociology and cooking. We trust that their work has proved profitable, and that by means of their study here the nutrition of the Watch Dogs of our country will be materially benefited. 116 rr, Ife A 5 , S. O. H. E. Honor Roll Tune-The Rosary The hours I labored for thee, Oh, Honor Roll! Are as a string of "D's" to me. I count them every one apart And wish for each a higher mark My chemistry! My chemistry! Each hour a zero, each zero a Hunk To still a heart in Anguish sunk I count each "D" unto the end And there a condish' is hung, And there a condish' is hung. Oh, the fears that come and go, Oh, little gain or greater loss. I count each f'D" and strive in vain to make The Honor Roll, Dear Dean, To make the Honor Roll. 117 G-Ll? " 'ix 5 We wish to extond a word of apprecia tion to the advertisers for so kindly contributing to this book. 118 X GUI PP , ,fig Wulf, - X me 1 8 Q n Yllyx mmm KW Q 1? X, tl M WI """" MYR NN 'N ' I .fnswx 1 I, llllmf 1 , 0 "0 X 0 7lW. , Q gf Q WL., ,- X A W E32 nj ' Q f f' W LV 1 f 4 , V Y i a - Y -, - A 3. 11 ' Q 5' ' f- ". 1 w , -A: i 5 ' ff f?a A 1 fig! 5 05110 'A 5' ,gifditl 3 I x - , + . .. : 4' 6 lE-Ca7lins-- X ' "Fife ll-u1n1l:7n1u:in1u:1n.-ni -n1l:.-scfncf 4 gn, u1n-n-pu1n-nl-..- EATI G FOR EFFICIE CY This booklet is a condensed set of health rules-many of which may be easily followed right in your own home, or while traveling. You will find in this little book a wealth of information about food elements and their relation to physical welfare: also effective weight- control diets, acid and bland diets, laxative and blood- building diets. "Eating for Efiiciencyn and "The Sanitarium Book" will be sent free of charge on request. Both books will be found of interest and value. I... The Battle Creek Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Michigan Z '5'j: I1-u--ltini 1 1 .- .- ..- 1 1 1 ...-...n--ss.---1----..-.1 1 1 1 .- 1 1 1 -. 1 1..- . . ..,.-, .. ....-..- . -.,...-..,..-.........,.............. . ....-...... .,..., CHOOSING A VOCATIO While choosing one's vocation, why not choose something that is distinctly a womauis' work and one which will be of service under all circumstances? Take a course in Home Economics. The BATTLE CREEK SANITARIUM Scnoox. or HOLIE Economics offers two distinct two-year courses. THE TEACHERS' COURSE fits one for teaching domestic science in public and private schools. THE DIET!TlAN,S COURSE fits one for institutional work in hospitals, dormi- tories, hotels, clubs, schools, orphanages, cafeterias and lunch rooms in factories, Y. W. C. A.'s and Y. M. C. A-'s and office buildings--for the position of Labora- tory Technician and for Social Service Work, such as Visiting Housekeeper and Dietitian. The demand for graduates has been far beyond .the number available. Now is the time to enter this field of service. For students desiring it, employment will be given in some of the departments of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, if enrollment is made early. Many students meet the expense of board and room in this way- Tuition and living expenses are moderate. For illustrated prospectus, giving full outline of the school's curricula, terms and entrance requirements, address REGISTRAR The Sanitarium School of Home Economics BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN l l l I : ! . l .. in :: ll ri l i: ll a ! .. il ri i J. ri A l ,i .. l ., ., ll n l l :: l : ,I .i 1: 1: ll .. .. ,, .. 'I . II Nl 'z . li ii W. ll . . ll ll .. ,. il . .. ll I l . I .. li "' -.....-..--------- - -------------- ---E---ir .. 1 1 1 ... 1 .1..1....1..1 1 1 1 1 1..1..lu1.g1q1 1 l r' A SPLENDID PROFESSION FOR GIRLS THE BATTLE CREEK NORMAL SCHOOL OF 'PHYSICAL EDUCA- TION offers an unequalled opportunity for training in a profession whose scope is so rapidly widening that the demands for physical directors far exceeds the supply. The three years' course of training, with the six weeks of summer camp work, qualifies the student not only professionally but also develops her physically to the highest point of efficiency. Some of the special advantages are the close association with the Battle Creek Sanitarium, with its world-renowned facilities--the course in hydrotherapy and massage, medical gymnastics, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and gymna- siums, laboratory equipment and the constant safeguarding of the students' health. Entrance requirements-a high school diploma or its equivalent. Graduates given Life Teaching Certificates by the State of Michigan. For information and catalog, address LINDA M. ROTH, M.D., Dean Battle Creek Normal School of Physical Education BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN in-I..-lglqqigglnigginl 1 ..- ...- 1 1 1 1 1..1g.1......1.l1q.1u1q.1.1111-q1nn.-l,1gl T-' - H- t ninigl-.ll-.11gg...'11gg...5.1.p-gqQni.l1n-.g-uu-u1.p1.n-n.-.p1u.Qq1q.- XXXX The Battle Creek Sanitarium and Hospital Training School for Nurses Medical, Surgical, Obstetrical, Children, Dietetics, Hydrotherapy, and Massage. CAf- filiation three months Children's Free Hospital, Detroit.D F This school offers unusual advantages to those who recognize the noble purposes of the profession, and are willing to meet its demands. Owing to the great need for many more nurses, caused by the War, students will be admitted at more frequent intervals than usual. Section of classes will be admitted in Ianuary, March, April, July, September, and October, and such other times as vacancies occur. Requirements: good health, power of endurement, graduate of an accredited high school. For detailed in- formation, apply to the- Nurses' Training School Dept., Sanitarlum , BATTLE CREEK - , - MICHIGAN is ...-..----..-----n---- - --------- - - ---------H 4 -'I' 'I' . I I I I I THE STUDENTS Post Tavern I I HANDY I SHOE STORE I I 1: for , I I BALLET SHOES ' :I GYM SHOES COHCC I TENNIS SHOES i SCHOOL SHOES T ll DRESS SHOES H II EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING I 1: Go To KTo the left of entnnoel II II One Block South of Sauitarium I I - - - - - - - -..-.......-..-..-..-..I. .i....-..-.......-..-..-......-..-....... ....- -. "Have you done your outside reading?" "No, it's too cold." -TAR BABY. Weickgenants Dept. Store 68 EAST MAIN STREET A very complete showing of Suits, Coats, Frocl-as and Ready-to- Wear occupy our entire second floor. Genuine Values are alweys offered at this store GLOVES HOSIERY NOTIONS CORSETS DOMESTICS UNDER WEAR MILLINERY DRESS GOODS Infants' and Children's Dept. Floor Covering and Draperies -q1q-..p1u1u1. 1 Why do you call that car regulator? All other cars go by it. I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I' I I I i I I I I I I I I I I I -1.11.-1 E I 51 S 25 L mf Eg S I-1 'ffl 39 Ln I EULA rr 2 S562 mg, I Fvgflz E? Q C53 Ib: Z Zn I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I -i- 'I' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I' H Compliments of ,lv 'I The obert's Shop 36 N. Washington Ave. - DRY GOODS AND MEN'S FURNISHINGS We anticipate your wants in the best merchandise obtainable, especially the ' many things necessary to your profession HOSIERY BATHING SUITS UNDERWEAR BATH ROBES wAls'rs' P KIMONOS MIDDIES and MIDDY SUITS Qualities Beyond Competition N Low Expense'Accountable for our Low Prices Near the San. The First Store Down -u1 - -nn1uu.-.u..qn1n-u-In1 - 1 1 - - 1nn..-lu1n--ul1uu--un1n1n-...1n.-gl.-n.1.1 1 1 twin., Art: Here comes a plucky girl. Bart: How do you know? Art: Look at her eyebrows. il -SUN DIAL. iniuvu1u1llju1ll-ll--slim--lI1lITll1ll?ll?llf1o tlolillr-ulini:ln-unruly-111:11 - 1 - 4 1..1.,? L f 9 I :: oELL RS Q PI i 1 li ' i' or if U Cleaning, Dyeing, Pressing ll , 1 ' 4 . 2 Preserve the fabric by Master cleaning A Safe Place if A ! and dyeing methods without odor. 1: I ,, ' Garments insured against fire, bur- tQ Trade glary and theft while with us. re ll h , A it WILL H. SPINK I P--P PM I - - Pythian Temple, 61 E. Main Phone 741 BALXTTLE CREEK, MICH. in We Give S. 8: H. Stamps Every Day 1' I -..-.....-.................................... ........-......g. .i....-..........-.............-..-.......-.....-..-....,... lTIi"llTllilliIl?llllillilllllilill? l w . Il Holly Helman H u COATS, SUITS, DRESSES, BLOUSES ,Q DUNLAP, BENDEL and KNOX u Hats V 1' Licensee for the Best that is made ll so west Main sf. Bam.: creek, Mich. nz-Ili!!-11:-il11:-n-us-ll-:nl1uu1n:ll:-ul1uu1-ll-sitio Jain Candy Crabb Candy All Stores ,' 4 -mi-1n1n1qq1u1iup1q-1.1. O chemist of skill investigate: Answer this quiz of mine: I think I lmow what carbonate- But where did iodine? --Bunn. Twvv-n-u-u-n-n-u--n-n--.-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-u-n- -- ..-------Q-u-u-n--n-n-nu-n-u-n-II-I K nl A Th G d I-I lth C f H e oo ea a e u Cwashington at Championj ' I l H Ll Here you will find that clean 1, and friendly atmosphere along L with the finest cookery that makes H an eating place so enjoyable. I .f,........-..........-.....-..........-.........-.....-.......... "I have a. good job at the confectioners "W-hat do you do?" "Milk Chocolates." .,.-,...................a.....-.-.-.......,, I West Encl Pharmacy I ll 222 W. MAIN ST. POSTAL SUB STATION 1 I a!s-1n1q:1n1qu.-.n-n-.qn-nu-u:qa-al1ll11l--cl-n 1110+,,i,,-,,l -THE SHOWME. lillllxiflltllllli lltllif-lll1llTlI'l:illil:i llllll SOFT WATER SHAMPOOING MANICURES ' Alward's Hair Shop Marinello Method Expert Marcelling PHONE 217 Post Bldg.--Second Floor-208 .Igin.-n1.1.-nu.-uinn1:I.-ln-1:1--1.--.nu1..-.uu1..1 ini ini iqlinillil-.Q 1 1 -nn1.pllp1 i l V u- 'R' V Turn: -l1nu1un1nn1nn1n1l1 - 1n-nu-1:11-1:11-is aTn1n1nn1nn1u1n--ul-ln--n1lu1lu1u-u-nuxnrn-1 N ig W e ll l ' H . rr ,, H " and Class Pins . 53 West Main Street . I , 1 Supreme value, beauty and orig- L , ' inality, are combined in our col- , DRUGS, KODAKS K lection of fraternity jewelry, H ' I ' and class pins. We will dupli- 1 1 and Il cate old designs or work up at- SODA 1 tractive new designs to suit your 1' ' ,, discrimination. " H ' ll ll 'l Look for the Yellow Owl Sign ff C- C- Thoma You will find Our Service , " JEWELER AND OPTOMETRIST H if different ll 9 West Main Street. ll 'i""1"1ll-H11 1 1:1-n-nl:sirius-uu1uu1ul1:u--au1ual ag.-nu-:u1nn--1:1111ras-ul-nexus-1110:-uxun-ul1oa1q1gg:. Is Mary a friend of yours? Freck: Yes, what has she been saying about me? Int u1nn:u1lo1n1n1n1n--n1:I11:1n-u-n1uI1u--u1u-nn-n1un1nu-uu-a1uu-n-n-u1nI1nl--ll1hu-nn:na1n-1n ll 'l 5' u nu H School life is just one paperpafter another! is Letter paper, envelopes, "scratch" paper, books, theme paper, carbon and type- ' l writing paper, followed by more letter paper for family and "very special friend" ,, correspondence. lf You can buy all of those papers here--and many more. All the equipment of E school life that a book sto-re can carry, we have. T ll ,, "Go to Fzsherfv Fzrsf' . N for Books, Stationery, Olhce Supplies, Party Favors. w N E. C. FISHER 8z CO. H 12-14 W. Main Street. 1 LuiIllllilllll1llillifll-IllilIlill-ll'3lliilliilllillilllllilllil!lillilll-4CIlilllilllllllllllillTlflTll'U'llill1llTlQill Horace--To me you are the breath of life. Doris-Let's see how long you can hold your 'P breath. l1ln1un1u1ln1uu1u1nn1nn1:n--nn--ninu-no-11:11:11:-ll: n!u-uu--u-n--n-mixes-uxnin-:n1ln1n1n1n1ln1no-lla L H X U l A Tribute to Your Success T ll 4 0 I 1: H ll ' ll T from ll ll ll ll ' 'l Greenhouse: 245 South Avenue " . " " - 25 E. M ' S V - " If L. W. Robinson Company .. am met ,, , N I, Member of H " ' FLoRIs'rs' TELEGRAPH DELIVERY ' H Post Bldg. Battle Creek, Mich, H xl Phone Bell 254 Automatic 1346 " M " BATTLE CREEK, MICH. " 1"""'i"1ll1ll1u1 1 -n-ll-ul1Il1ll-ll1ll1ll1l0f 40-nxluinu--1:1u-u-u-un--nu-nn1n1nu-cun1nu1 --n1uin l "Things You Do-11'f Svc ll l1 Elsc'wlzc'rc"' 4 ll l . , . Austin s China Store 1' . El if Opposite Bijou i 'l ...... -..-..-..........-..-.......-..-..-..-..-..-..i. Prof.: When was in the Bible? Sophisticated Soph. tablets on the 'Mount. 'H' 'P l 1 I 1 I l l l l 1 l Bell Phone 420 Citizens Phone 4135 H. A. PRESTON CO. FINE FOOTWEAR Agency For Stacy Adams Shoes 7 E. Main St. Battle Creek, Michigan ...1..1n1n1.11111..1 1......1p111111-1111,1..11.1. medicine first mentioned VVhcn Moses took the -VV AG JAG. The Originality of VOGUE. HATS and the excellence of modes and ma- terials lead us to feel that we are indeed fortunate in controlling ex- clusiwfely their sale in this city. You are invited to view the new arrivals. gd, . g VOGUE SHOP -1 K1 f I MRS. B. V. WELSH - ' 9-11 Arcade I ' Bio-Logic i Prof.: What is -an oyster? Stude: An oyster is a fish built like a nut. -BURR. "What do you think of my dancing pumps? "My dear, they're immense." -11-11-n-11--1-11- -11-11-11-------11-11----11-ok ' l "everything for those who are ill" " Parker-Jones Drug Co. Photographic Supplies and Chemicals Agency Nyal Family Remedies ll l STORES: 5: Bijou Entrance, 47 W. Main St. ii Near lnterurban Station, 56 S. jefferson Ave. -.11-11111- 111111111-11-11111-111111111111llieeio T ll I ll -i- -VIRGINIA Ram.. Wishing you all succcxm. in your fulurc life. H. A. Bromberg JEWELER AND OPTOMETRIST MAHLON L. GORE, Associate Bromberg Bldg. Monument Square -11-11in-.111111q1111111.-.1-11...11111111111.-11.-ggi " """""" """'l' l I H Golden Pheasant Cafe i On the other side of McCamIy Park ll ll lf A Popular Place With the Students N Chop Suey Ll 'ibi"""1' 1'11111111'1"11111111'11111 1 1In1uu1 Can a prohibition agent Hale a sailor into court just because no matter whcrc he lands, He is always touching port? Qirilinrnu-II1nnunlnininlillinillsuIn-1:1un1nu1nn- ll Electrolysis Marcel Waving Facials, etc. Manicuring X l, Marinello Approved Shoppe l' BLANCHARD-Wo1.c.AMoon ll 605 Post Bldg. ll 1 Tel. 803-I 605 Post Bldg. n rx l T t. ll l . .. l . xl V l I I L C o m e .pi.fv 'au XP' to the Silhouette A , j for the best food -for p ri Va t e p a r ti e s - for unique gifts - . for your silhou- ette. llr at 'l' n : ,l ll l 1: rr l F ll T I T 'I' T l , 'HO-il1ll1n1n1n1n 11111 an-uu1:n1nl1ll1n1nolu .i,-qq1u-- 1.41.-u.1n4-mi-nu1m11-nn-1uu1mq.-m1.,.., inil' l f Nays Grocery Store . lu- s-uniuni 1nn- -1-spin -nu-n in--I1 --nr-lu-if Uk:-ln:-ll1ll1u1n:-u-ui 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - - Charles W. Centner 56-58 WEST MAIN BELL PHONE. 22 I . . 9 0 9 Beautlfully Tailored Reacly-to- H Q l :L l Wear Garments ,,, .l I Cloaks Suits and Millinery M cl t P ' " H ' - 0 era e nee? ,, Correct Apparel for Women You will enjoy a visit to our 'Nl ly N Arcade Bldg. 49 West Main St. l' ll sig-nn--un-nu1u1u1nu--un-nnxunxnn1nn1uu1n:1n-:in-u1uu-:nie Q.-un1nu1nn-nu1nn1uu1ul-n 1 1 nxu-nl1lu1n-al joe: Sweets to the sweet. The funniest thing in the world is a fat Sephcnc: Oh, thank you, may I pass you man-the saddest thing in the world is a fat the nuts? woman. -GOBLIN. Qu-un :1111 nu1nn1nn1nn1 -mi 1nn1uu-an-ul 11111 nnipnuznu-u 111111111 nn1nu-0? 5 l l l ll 4 l rr l The Place for Good Groceries Special Attention to Students H I , V l F you want anything in the line of fancy preparations for sand- T' wiches and cold lunches we have them. l' We specialize in fancy nuts, figs, dates, prunes, salad dressing, green ' l goods and everything good to eat. 'l ll I1 I . . . 1: Q One Block South of Sanltarlum, 34 N. Washmgton Ave. ' ll Born-1 PHoNEs s fl .....---.- .--.-.M-.-1.-.1----..--.-.-r---.--.-.- - - - - H - - - -.-4 A soft answer often results in a new en- gagemcnt. oltl1ln1ll1 1-luiuuinn 1111 u-u-ll-u- 1111:-O!! in--QI1 -ll-1ll-lain:luilu-n1ul--ll1ul1u1 -- - I I PHOTOGRAPHS iM.MaaS8t Onftyf , N - H " The impression IS too general that we do , H H only the very high-priced types of work. In I FINE CLOTHES AND FURNISHINGS J correction of this error we call attention to FOR MEN AND BOYS l the fact that we make good standard work 4 H as low as 35.00 per dozen, and liberal dis- l counts to class orders on all grades. J W ll The Doty Studio l 27 West Main St. Battle Creek, Mich. 42 Washington Ave., N. I aiu-un1nn1nu1nu-ll- I-H1 1 1n1Il1 1 1ul1ll1ll-1lllo sio-n-ll- 1ll1ll1ll1ll-1ll1vll-lu--u1ll1Il1 1 1ll1lt!l "1:lverybody's simplv mad about mc," ob- "I think electric baths will do you good." served the Insane Asylum keeper. "VViIl they charge me much?" Q 1"'1l"1 " '- 1 1 1Ilu1ll1nu-nn-ulilliuu--nl:-Ilill1ln1nl1nu1uu1nn1nn--In-un1nn1nn1lu-lu1nl-- - -1 -- 1-uu11'!' V I I c I I 5 f 6-8 WEST MAIN STREET 1 I 1 I C I1 o S u e a n ci C a e I I , . I I We Guarantee Your Satzsfactlon Q I I I Next to Central National Bank Bell 2374 I :: T I .iu1un1nu-uu- -ll-- 1111 III1 -nuinniun 1111111 uu1nn1nu1 1un--nn-un-nu1uu1nu1nn-nu--nu-:nu-mls Waiter: "Have you got frog's legs?" Lmidlady: NVhat pnrt of the chicken do "Neg rheuimatism makes me walk like this." you wish? -BANTER. Boarder: Some of the meat. please. "Hubby, how do you like my marble cake?" - SUN D1 xl.. "I never saw' a better imitation of marble." Stnde: "Is this a free translation?" -JUDGE. Clerk: "No, it costs one dollar." Olniniul1un1ln--niuinu-u--niln1nn1un-ln1ln1ul-ln-g? o?u1ln1nn1ul1uu-un-W1nn:-nn1nn1ln1nu-uuiuuiuunr n-ml-l!l 2 I . 1 An Excluszve Fancy Work DEAL I Y I 2 More - - . .. I I I I Stamped materials of all kinds, yarns, crochet T cottons, embroidery silks, and books of in- : - : H struction of all kinds. A section complete for I J babies. Royal Society Package Goods. We do Jeweler and Optometrist I hemstitching. II I I 1 MAR TIN 7 i IARTNEEDLEWORICSHOPT 'I 72 VVest Main Street Opposite Post Taven. T .T 'F' 4' minus-un-nn1un1nn1nn1n--nu-nu--nu1nl-u1uu1nu1n--un--u -uu1uu- 1 - - clan--ln 111111 I11-nl--un 1111 nn1nn- n-uu- gem.-ywwe THE WOMAN'S SHOP A "Thi Yanks are com- 1ng," u d th d - . . , ,ist as h'2mIf,epa,2d FQ, 4042 MAIN S1 REET, WES1 an extraction. I u Battle Creek, Michigan 0i"""""' 'Ui"'-"-""'-"'-"'1'l-Il--Il--Il-I - I I BA'rT1..13 CREEK, MICHIGAN I I ' - -'-- ---I-------------------+ Somlc women are so fond of arguments that they won't eat anything that agrees with them. 21.14'v' v --:W :' ifgigm v 'rwiiim' -: -1-- -:mv..':-.nmamam v -M - -' . ..... ...:. .::r. .-::. .5 M.. ...... ..Za,.....,,:...,'!Q...i.,.:,z:r.::..... .::.'::: .. 1... .... mn .::.".:'-Eg' ""':::'::':-r'::.:':... ..... .... .,... ....,,,.....,.... .... ., 1. . .,.. ...,......,,......,....,..........-....... .,.. ..:. .... .. .::,:,....3:::,,..., ..,, Y.. -,-,,-...,-.. -- W..- ...N, ., ... ..-A ,....,Y, . -, - . V Y-L l!-:-:A+ I3 Y X311 Q ffl IAA!! W 1, 'J MM K' K. '1- 1 ..,. .,.. "'Wv1wf?" -'iff in 11 '.Q- 1 ,'1:" .1-.. W E 5l '1 ,ff v f ,ING A X .... 1 . 11 ----. -- .1 ' ' ' . " YY1:5ss:ieiasss:s:T'211222. ' W R . N , ..... 4 I X X X ix' v u M N '13 :T X I mmap!! mmggmw mmmmmmgggg ,-ni ujiri -Ji I tlr: '1:i:,::u L: n I F i PF H LEP J H ifi? 6 7 'lfdvl I roununcrnoons X 1 1 111111111 lf -111 H :K NM xjflll Mu j 2 :Inari ff l Hy I will ,Il I I ,yin .QNX y JII1 'ff' 'ilowafll' xnxx 1 IHUQ 5 5 X 1 Jn- Mu f ll JHFQPHQ N I 1 I l N 37 Q li' L5 CQ Xi? Q 'H f wx ,fSy"x9Efm fmjw C+ 1' M111 fy?-'W "l 111, Wm.:-1-f'1N lyk S 'H ' 1 f 1. ff w 1111 f61!x'15'jf3N' 4013! 0X 'W Xxmn ,gf 1 I -rE1-- .J OLLALITY ENGRAVINGS and prompt dehve have btult for us one of the largest en ravmg and art establxshments ur the counhy' Courteqy co operatxon and personal mterest m our customers are addxtxonal mducements we offer m return for your busmess JAHN G. OLLIER ENGRAVING C0 554 WEST ADAMS STREET CHICAGO, ILLIN'OIS .r 1 f p 1 4 z J UVM' 9 lf!! 5 vrfkx-:1 1 AS 1. , gw L. 1 ...,.. .1 .. ..,... ..'17" Af .. NX' W' 1 , . f' 111- 5 ' 1. FEI? 5 EW 1' 12,5 ' rl' ' 'N' T ':l?s' 'W Q '1'.f.?1.:55:'V',sl 5? 155.2 231, ,314 uhm' , '1 my X 1 gtlg 1.2 s 115111 1, 4 ' . . . ., r' 5, Q ' " X :Ep .511 .1 rag flew jf ily? ,115 1 1 3' fi-11-PI-::.l,s1 X--. -1.-61511111 11 Ns., 32' 51 ? 1211112 1? f" 'f 173 fa' H' v f. 'E 'XTX .- n -.N 5' le? " :'1"::::15: 51 51:5 ilzlix' . , '5 1 ue. .vm ' - aasae-.a' +P 1 1' ' 1- -l 3114,-,H , -.J I- , '1' 1 11' 1 5-5 "5 - ' ' ns' IK-:!'::'3.f: MI-'. HQ 1 ' fail' lr.. . X - . I . . 1. -I..X K. 1 .43 il 2112511 N 1 an ' -. - I 5 .--1.52 ig-fre,-'-'. ' -: 1 11 1-1 vii 5:15 .pix F1 9" 3 T kg, .I-:..I, ell.:-1. I !! X .J :il 3545111 ,' 5-FU" ' - l I 3 ' 15' ' f:: W 111113 lf fIg::3l' " ''-l?'.,lfz-,1:i:'.?.Er:-,.1 Mm P .1..:1 - . In 1.1 -:gl Q5 - 1:-11a1r1,zs1s2 K Sf' u " !'::'-lu' Q J 1lQ5"1f. 11115 1 :EH '--I-l::-. E 51:1 Ilf1iF" V.-as ..- N 1 " ,1 5.1! 1- 'iislfg I F51 g I . ' Eg 1 S1335 xiglg' ' 1 11 1 1. ' 1-1 ' 'E 9 1 USE. bizits ga,1m': - --'A- -'1' JH, .,', :-in dielsw 1 ,TH - T.. , , ' .1s114g1gf1, i,!'1eh,sfzz1fSg., '. , .,,- 1.11-g'1nm:'1-'Ju-1Il1 , fl. ' If 1 -' Ii F 1.. , .. . .:i5fE:1f.':fIf1.1' wiiij 1' s 1- Q . 1 1 Ll - 1 1 I, 2 1 Q ,-1 .Ljl'l,lll'l'l 1--" --'-f I 1 V! 21 EEN X1 1.2 141523 P EI - 1, Hi: 1. , x 1 . ., 1 A 1 ,N ,. ---M' ,f , ,s. 15 g ' ,, 1 I 'n f i1 pa? Q, :Ng-1.,?EYts ' I Pai W 1- X. N- , , 1' 1111151 , Q.-IW sifiihg 1ff.11'1aiis1L531fz'""'?'1!'11T ' f .7 I11ff.m!':'m!55''1f"!9f Mfg? QQQME1 'ini X o fo- .... of , Qgffilf' 61..,'11,!gl1.'.1 Efialigf N111' 1-11 15.1615 'o Q- M- M ' 1.515 'jxif f Sa. I::1E'E'1 "I "fin, , i1g,'2'11! ,1fs!1f" ' - , 1 -f .'.-J-:f"1g1w N .:!'51i1111" , .Q '!::: mls' li -?.,g,u?11srQIi5i .4. .1 1 111.Q' ':'1iiE!iEEf41! 51 1 meal 155'-iw M W1 .11hg,I.1111 H, YW' I if -'HH l,l1'lU1lx1, -qi k1lI!I!g!1l15!s"'!iEf' 'f?i'1:gig!11. 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'xl J ':?,, """'i'ff533 ' izfil aiili W Q-F.-.w1..f?ies!fE3.M . sf,.f'e'i1w" "A'A .17 '1 V Eliir 1' if f 1ri .1 ,f i1."i"'.1f1F11f51- 2"1:IUl1I'1' A W1 1 f1'if"'11 '-'U9i.5fg1.gL1' v1sgHa1?1gN2?' 'iff 4 larsl 15" A I, , 1. .. .... .1 ,,,,,, ,g , . .., 111, V , 1, , .1 v., .,, ,,,,...,.,.,. , wits Z!1's'?i'm5'1- 1 ' 1 1 1 -1 . 1.-1ss1.111111Q5f' :-1 I'-1. 11 , fn 1 .5-4111, .1..,,, ny 1 1. 11 .1 .155 1.-1-11 I- -1 --- - 1115 Q, JJ jiff? 15 ,5'g21111..f' -' malt... , fi-M111 UI !1!z!zf11111 .ui...!5se1111.11.1t1ib'.- ,.!f.1i3.H 1.'1'z111......m11sizi11.1. 'wr5!!!1s?a1s1sxss1ui!2av12ft:iq' ' 2.11113 '11 5. sg' KF:-E H fi N - .... , " Ar -H H 1 -- .- 1-..1- II , , ...-af.. gl H 5!5:l ET - 1 11 EF, 1ff'311 f 5 - 1 21:11 11216 2131: 1? 1 ' gf ' , .2V1g1's!4 1 . , 51 Iii! 'S . S . 1 gfgfsq :F l- . , - . L 5 -1 QP 2:95 EE ' , , I 5:25 .1a:a4s,.1s - 1s ara? 'msg 52 ii sfnii F:-5 Ui , ii! 5:3 ,EVEN 51 ' 1 ZE52: 11312 1 1 elf! a or aff :cr in mar-9' r no pa att n.r i 5 HEIEii?-112344-1-3s21LQQ 'i"'1'f, """"' ' ""A""A" 5 fifbf flf """' """' 1 'mznrgzmwzsfiafrgiirr i "" ""' 5 """ fix ? """""""" QL g ""1 ""4' 3 """ Q4..a,-........JJ,?2fgf , , 1EPQESLVFLE25.71l5g'iE5."i 2-'ii5'4."-ii3".el-,N 2f.'2i2.L'SQ2."!-2 ..'2.'4iZ'5iL'..E'.i12112.21, slab 4 I 2524 " :Un in is I gf I! if ll if If V r I AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics - Nucleus Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) collection:

Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics - Nucleus Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 1


Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics - Nucleus Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 1


Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics - Nucleus Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 72

1922, pg 72

Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics - Nucleus Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 24

1922, pg 24

Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics - Nucleus Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 25

1922, pg 25

Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Home Economics - Nucleus Yearbook (Battle Creek, MI) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 127

1922, pg 127

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