Bartlett High School - Panther Parade Yearbook (Bartlett, TN)

 - Class of 1954

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Bartlett High School - Panther Parade Yearbook (Bartlett, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 17 of 96
Page 17 of 96

Bartlett High School - Panther Parade Yearbook (Bartlett, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 16
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Bartlett High School - Panther Parade Yearbook (Bartlett, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 18
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Page 17 text:

ln our lunlor year we were well represented in the elections of club officers Phyllis DeShazo was elected president of the Latin Club and parllamentarlan of the F HA Billy Hall became vice president of the Art Club Bobby McGee treasurer of the Key Club Pat Mahar reporter for the FHA Eloise Larson chaplain of the Chorus Carol Blalock re porter for the Dramatics Club Georgia McCarter historian for the FHA Sara House song leader of the F H A Marvin Howell sentinel for the F F A Frances Baggett business manager of the Gleaner Staff After working those cold winter nights in the refreshment stands at the football and basketball games to raise money for the Junior Senior Prom we at last reached our goal and entertained the seniors with a beautiful April in Paris setting The appointed place was the new gym and when the night arrived the gym looked gay with its many colored lights and flowers The following members collected honors for themselves and the class in the Junior year Nancy Sawtelle represented the school as the Lady an waiting in the Teenagers Childrens Ball of the Cotton Carnival Carol Blalock and Loudean Clark in the National Poetry Eloise Larson Annette Farley and Billie Nelson in Girls State Eugene Sanders Brack Herring and Don Harris In Boys State Eloise and Eugene Sanders as recipients of the Togas at the 1953 graduation exercise Well here we are the exalted ones' And all that waiting? Well it was fun lmaglne our delight on returning to school in September and having as our heritage the Senior Steps and the special seats in the auditorium and the lunchroom Yet at the same time we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our senior rings Elections for class officers soon got under way with these results Evelyn Peacher president Eugene Sanders vice president Jo Alice Davison secretary Charles Irvin treasurer Carol Blalock became editor of the Gleaner Jo Alice Davison became editor of the Annual and serving with her were Eloise Larson . . I I I 1 - - -1 ' 1 ' 1 1 - ' 1 ' 1 ' ' - - -1 1 . . .1 ' 1 ' - A -1 1 ' 1 1 1 5 ' , 1 ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 , . , . .- , . , . - 1 . i V . . I . . I I . I associate editor, Phyllis DeShazo, business manager, Frances Maher, associate business manager, Annette Farley, feature editor, Loudean Clark, club editor, Dot Clark, class editor, Henry Pommer, art editor, Brack Herring, sports editor. . I . . I I . . I 1 1 ' ' 1 1 ' ' . I I . . 1 1 ' 1 A -1 1 - -1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - - -1 , , , . 1 1 , , . , . 1 I . Club officers this year were Eugene Sanders president of the Key Club Ronnie Al bright vice president of the Beta Club Carol Blalock president of the Dramatics Club Eloise Larson president of the Beta Club Jo Alice Davison president of the F H A Audrey Edwards president of the Library Club Sarah Court vice president of the FHA and Chorus Sara House vice president of the Language Club Evelyn Peacher vice president of the Dramatlcs Club and secretary of the Beta Club Ben Summers vice president of the Key Club James Dempsey president of the FFA Nancy Sawtelle reporter for the FHA Shirley Ferguson treasurer of the Beta Club Dean Clark reporter for the Beta Club Bobby McGee treasurer of the Key Club Bob Bledsoe chaplain of the F FA and Chester Boswell reporter for the F F A Band officers were Dickie Totty president and Gerald Jenkins vice president Leading the band down the field at halftime parades were Rose Berretta as malorette and Sarah Court as color guard Leading the cheers with vigor were Shirley Ferguson as captain Nancy Sawtelle Sarah Court Sara House and Pat Mahar This year the lettermen of the football squad were presented with white packets trimmed in red and blue and bearing a red and blue B Seniors receiving these were captain George Johnston Glynn Jonakin and Billy Hall The senior class nominated three girls for the DA R Good Citizenship Award to be presented at graduation Loudean Clark Johnnie Sue Wesson and Carol Blalock From these the faculty selected Loudean Clark by secret ballot As we close wed like to recognize those who have gone to Bartlett for twelve years They are Frances Maher Pat Mahar Bob Bledsoe Bobby McGee and Dickie Totty Now with a look at the setting sun of our high school days shining with a tender radiance we turn and fix our gaze upon the day gust dawning with the hope that pros perity and happiness may attend us all in the future as in the past JO ALICE DAVISON

Page 16 text:

S EN IOR CLASS HISTORY As freshmen we were green and dumb But knew our senior days would come It IS frequently stated that class hnstory repeats Itself but thts statement us not altogether supported by facts as many hlstoruans have found to thelr sorrow As the task of funding new facts has thus year fallen to me I shall relate some of the expertences of the class of l954 In September 1950 one hundred ftve of us eagerly entered Bartlett Hugh School as freshmen under the sponsorship of Mrs J W McCre1ght and Mr Sherman Kelly At our furst meeting we elected Cltnton Nlchols president Ray Danlels vlce president and Muke Lsles secretary and treasurer Our next problem was chooslng the clubs we would lake to gown To gain our rtghts as full pledged members we meekly submltted to :nltlatuons during whuch we were at the mercy of the older members Even as lowly freshmen some of our classmates recetved some outstandlng honors Shirley Ferguson represented the school as Duchess IH the Teenagers Chlldrens Ball of the Cotton Carnlval Phyllls DeShazo recetved fnrst place tn the West Tennessee Lattn Tournament We were well represented ID sports thus year with Eugene Sanders playing on the mann strung of the B Team In basketball Others partlctpatlng IH basketball were Bobby Grlffln Glynn Jonaktn Bob Bledsoe Bully Turner George Johnston and Bully Hall As sophomores our tame grew a btr more nrgls For we d be senrors bye and bye Our sophomore class forged ahead this year wtth Mrs J W McCrelght and Mr Sherman Kelly holdlng the relns as sponsors Joe Taylor In the drtvers seat as presedent Jummy McKlnney as vuce presndent and Nancy Sawtelle as secretary and treasurer Then as now the band was faithful and always at the ball games to shiver wtth the crowd and help cheer our team to victory Hard worklng members of thus organtzatnon were Dlckle Totty and Gerald Jenktns Voted as class favorltes that year were Nancy Sawtelle and Joe Taylor Rose Beretta served as reporter for the F H A ln scholastlc ranks Phyllls DeShazo placed second In the West Tennessee Lattn Tournament As tumors we were really cock sure One more year we d be seniors secure Ray Danlels was elected presldent servmg wtth htm was Jack Owens vtce presldent Eloise Larson secretary and Eugene Sanders treasurer Our sponsors were Mr Jack Mankln Mr David McPherson Miss Betty Whttworth and Mass Hal Douglas , f , . Cannon, Jack Owens, Charles lrvin, and Chester Boswell. Out for other sports were Sammy , , , , A t , , , , . , , 2 . . . I . - I , 2 I ' ' 1 ' f '

Page 18 text:

C ASS PROPH ECY Seems IIke no tIme sInce 'I graduated from hIgh school But here It IS 1964 already As of late I have been doIng Undercover work for the F B I But some thtng lust happened tha-t may change the whole course of my lIfe My dear DEAR Aunt Mtnerva recently passed on leavIng to her only llVIng relatuve KMEI the enormous sum of S70 O00 Hmrnmmml I know what Ill do wIth the loot Ive always wanted to take a trIp around the world FIrst Id better resIgn my Iob LATER No sooner saud than done Now Im free as a bIrd to leave on my trIp Oh dear here s a letter from JOYCE LONG In Camp Gordon Ga Joyce IS workIng at the AIr Force Base as a secretary to the Commander General and he has gIven her a two week VBCBTIOH I belIeve Ill go to MIamI wIth Joyce Its as good a place as any to start my trIp The beach here at Mlaml IS beautlful lust as every one has Sald Those two people over there seem to be enloylng themselves I wlsh theyd turn around so I could see who they are Well lll be Its ANNETTE FARLEY and CHESTER BOSWELL I had It flgured rIght all along You know that gIrl workIng at the refreshment stand looks famIlIar I b6II6V6 Ill go over there and see who she IS Just as I thought SHIRLEY FERGUSON I wonder trylng to earn enough money to get to Hernando MISS where GEORGE JOHNSTON IS BWBITIDQ They plan to get marrIed when she makes enough money Poor ShIrley WIth Cuba so close at hand I bld farewell to MIamI and hello to Havanna I have been doIng a lot of slght seeIng but some one gust told me about boat races that are held at one of the beaches Now that sounds IIke fun so off to the beach Boy what a lot of NOISE Motor boats racIng people yellIng and mechanlcs WOFKIDQ on thelr boats Speak Ing of mechanIcs look at the grease monkeys I lust found None other than DOT CLARK GEORGIA Mc CARTER and JOAN PERKINS Whnle wanderIng around one of the boat houses I dISCOVeYed that I could rent a boat that would take me to JamacIa In only a few hours Goodness the tIme has past so fast that here I am In Jamacla already After havIng toured thas IS land I realIze that It Isnt all ITS plled up to be o I made reservatlons to leave on the next plane for a tour of South Amerlca Whlle WBITIHQ for my plane I was very surprIsed to see NELL MILLWOOD and her husband She tells me that CARROLL ROBERTS IS In HBITI and she owns one of the largest tobacco farms there Also that DOT LANDY IS In Bermuda on her honeymoon I seem to get a SUFDFISG every tIme I turn around The fIrst stop on my tour of South AmerIca IS RIO de Janerro Whlle passIng through one of the markets In RIo I heard a famIlIar VOICS Just as I suspected RONNIE ALBRIGHT Poor Ronnue I guess he lost ll hIs money gambllng and as a last resort has turned to sellIng coffee beans The second stop of Interest IS SantIago ChIIe The loglcal place to go IS to the capItol buIldIng I can take some lovely plctures there I WISh that woman would get out of the way so I can take some pIctures Does she have to sweep the steps rIght now Bless my soul If It Isnt LOUDEAN CLARK Now what In the heck IS she doIng here I hear a news boy on the street shoutnng about somethIng lm goIng to get a paper and see what thIs IS all about Glory bel The headlmes read Na tlonally Known Excavator BOBBY MCGEE Lost In Land slIde Whlle DIggIng for Inca Treasure How dreadful' I certaInly hope he IS found It would be a shame to lose someone as useful as Bobby ThIs hot weather IS begInnIng to get me down lm goIng to take a trIp north very far north Alaska to through to Alaska It Wlll have to stop In MexIco Clty New Orleans and ChIcago Mexrco Cnty came and went In no tIme Then came New Orleans Here I made one of the most startIIng dISCOVefleS GLYNN JONAKIN IS runnIng a hot tamale stand In the French Quarter The next stop IS Chlcago WhIle waItIng at the aIr port for the plane to depart I couldnt help overhear Ing a woman tell her frlend that one of The Most Wanted FugItIves had been captured rIght here In Chlcago Along Wllh hIm they captured hIs gun maul I thought they sald her name was MARY HUTCHIN SON but I cant be sure FInally I reached my destInatIon Here I was In Faurbanks Alaska Ugh' What a dIsappoIntment Theres nothlng here to see except mtles and mules of nothlng Wlfh an Igloo subdIvIsIon every now and then Here IS a subdIvIsIon beIng buIlt now I wonder who does the bUIldIf'tQ7 Thrs sIgn ought to answer my QUESTION Igloo ConstructIon Company Proprietors SARAH COURT and EUGENE SANDERS I never would have guessed It Sarah and Gene lust dIdnt seem IIke the COHSTFUCIIVS type As I turned around to leave I Spled another sIgn readIng , H H - . . .. I . , . . , , . . : ' . ' , ' , B I ' . 4 , I ' I ' I , . . . . . . . . , . . . , I ' I I - . . l . , I ' I I . , , . . W I what she's doing here. Hmmmm! She says that she is be exact I am told the plane Wonft go Straight I Q . . , . I ' ' u n . . I . , - , . , . . . l , - I ' - I . , - ' , . . . . ,, . I - ' . ' - ' - ll ' , S . . . , . . , I

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