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Sv SNS E' xi fkfw A wwf Q55 N1 NR Q? N Q KS fx? 3 Qi as QSUIFQNRQXV X 4 QQ, K M f, M GMM AAU- IWLUMHWWM M M W2 im W ffwfwfv :fm M' QAM ilk! Wm It? ff 4 f 02' 3 fi,ff2ffMW'f'w'M Wpdff -A Q Riff' . ffjiff gk' 77,041 ave wg' K K5 E w Qf5Q Zi' X K , X Q? Q gg gggggigf J WM .MW wwgwwygffgg Miifbfa J,,mM f fx :Y . F X x X Q K. SQ +. . , ,gf 2." X ' Q .km K ' ff Q 9' zzw, ff fi i Y . Y i 5 ' Nw M , - 0 fm N X g ,mf i f f is 4,- . xf. f JK 5 5 4 'W' 5 X X is eg, if F ' O X. if s XE.: 2 X NX 1 F 1 W K wk: Nm XXQ-X f--X--- 1 .naw .. K Q ' .' ' gk fi vw-in -L W . H '-Q u S W . Q Q Q 'Y ' W' A Y Q x .2-" N A . . wnkww. " '- ,': - ., , ,,.. NR s . . X 4 Q . X K . L ix ""' .Ai X ' x X f N "" . X we I N Wm FY . X ' .,,.. h NW . iw : kk . L N X A . 2 'vqkfx "' - -ww Q X wx Q JS- N x 1 ,, X X X 'R 1 X Nxxlihk ' i - . 8 X" W1-- ..,. " W " xm m.h X 'N X Q Y wg w x ' X N . Ni Xxx M k k K. tl . ..,. gtrs vkiw K Ng K A x. xx X N 5 .,::, , X f, ,N xyxxx X x x U X X f x i m Q. N .. X' Q- 118 i Are they praying? No, just tuning up for the opening performance of Brigadoon. THIS IS BARRINGTCN HIGH SCHOOL Teachers enjoy after school coffee hours whi K ,.e.., S. Students are enthralled by the NASA assembly. 2 . 4 AN ARRAY OF VIVID IMPRESSIONS SCATTERED ACROSS OUR MEMORIES d th late themes and term papers. BHS sochops are complete with chiropractic first aid available. 3 OBSERVED, RECORDED, ACCUMULATED A lone teacher grades papers in a deserted building. Student voxces Jom together at the carol smg m the Chrlstmas assembly. 4- Getting back into a presentable appearance after gym class can consume hours of girl-power. THEY ARE FINALLY FUSED INTO ONE TOTAL IMAGE OF SCHOOL LIFE The undefeated Bronchos boost Mr. Frederick aloft in their wild victory celebration. 5 X KX L S S Nr X XX S5 1 . X X XX X is RX I - ES X X Sf N X X X k Q xp s. -E . " 2:1-X -. X' 4 wif- I R 1 . -sk I x QQ! X y XX . X K X X X S Q 35 Q Q SX X X A f nw -, . X. ' . . - X 4 X X N N 51E5Qi'?'-?2kiX XQTX R-S . A 'Nm S A X ,Q LL.L...x XX . I ZLLK xLXAx h SMS s S 1 MY 1- ,,,.,. U' xxxt N X X fmwivwvk N - xf 1 iw TQ:-JXXSLNQ X , X XXX: - Q- . 0 X .- X X I A Q - Q -' K I A -. X X X X X fl S' k ' f- 0 xg X X .Q . G Rig X K X ,i i- K X K . X E . I: I .5 N ,L X-ft-.S X X .,w?ifi-W--X,N.X.XXX .XX...X , alma X I " Q W M KW . AXXX 1 -- L X ,X S N 5 A ..X,X. MX ., X . fi 35 . . i X fn . X ,,, -vi 'XXX V .: L SSX, 3, , A vast treble clef announces the musical intentions of the Broncho band. An art student masters the planes and angles that dwarf her. ACC OMPLISHED OR ABANDONED, WE WILL LOOK INSIDE THESE COVERS A volunteer faculty committee discusses one of Barringtonls problems in an informal meeting. 8 H C ORRAL OF I 963 BARRINGTON CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS 10 9 '1 Q 'W' . 3 N . ' .f ' ii. 'C 0 .n x 5' 8 r' .N if N T Ps XE .gh X ' W' .9 NNI K 1 'ai , . .- N fs' V E' s Q gl ' gi A rx V ' ,D L " 5 if d A - It E, r""7'fgY - A' T sv an 'A 1 Q 1 'U up N, 5 V .Q' 0 .A 1 - l -1, .At A 4- 'A ,K 'aug if . I ' '., , . ' '-' who N +- ' ' - " - -' ' 'A' - Q V V h p , lr' I As. pl' R- Q. , 5- 14,142 QJ5, ' .,. 9. . -, --, . ' .5, h , .,..,, M -.- , A . --.,-- - ,, - .,, ,M 4 ,QM ,..- " ,- f '.':'r.,. W- , Q., , fo A N X -H.. H-w . 1 . , . H . I U , . R ' Jig V A A Aw 43,9 Q ur I ,Y-Ig 'JMB .J-'P' hw.. Q f yan ' ' ' f' " Wiw 'P .xp 4. tk '- - 5, K . .X ,,,xln:X,+ .gzip N J., ' Y ' Q. Q . 5. .Nr A. H . -A' On Q 'V ' 'rx' D'o4t0'Q., fy.. , 'lf 1 I, WN 'VZUQAAQ' , 'L ' O Why -' --5 1 5" 9 S H' Y ' Q 'nl.1".'Q.x ' X A ' Y V 1M,.,g,' , if xxx ' Ja., m",E'-Aff. ua, -4. - .A i ,Q Q ,, , - . . , Q A. -an Q 9 f f. .1-1 - . 0 N.. , .. M J ' 5' L. -Q- ,' . .1 .M -w. f : N 1 . : t.:.4?Y " A in-.L ,rin MK xQiM'7i.,.M r 'IAN E- bl-an -'Hu' Q -- . - . , W f E f ' ' Mm. .- gf " ew 'I '-'fix-14 ' ' - X K .. -. , fi , 1' pg-5 - -wx .. .5 I , , .V ' , 1 -'H-,, ' ' - . Q J: I s nf' 'lbw-9f"fx.5 KA F , , ,Eu-w 1 'W' C A .. V Q - ' ' 1- - Q, zxhyas.-rxfn N " ,. A f .wa 1 A' ab 1 ' '-ws,- W. n-1 X , - 1 ' 'T I '-., ' "f-N. N 1 5. -0 - .4 an J, . , Uv- gr ,A k "N . "F . -' P- -'M 955'f Q 'f . ..v-, , 0 B Yf , . ft.. n -l A - ,'.T,,.2'-N V I '- ' -. . - ,M K w.-no -- ,. , i lf , V ,,-ww . LA- -W ,. -,Io 'Q ai. , 3 W- N H nv- mn-W v vi tb '- ' P ' S .. . m "Qi Q y 'A' N Qi" if- ". F X M . W.m.' hmvms ' 'x Q .' mb .., + ffi - -v .3 v H 1 , . A-K ' ' I X it X "vm W 3 " Q I... 1 I N ' Q, - 'Wm . F- , . , .' of . ' c .- ' ' , ' . lc ftarimg ' ,.. J. . -' 'W J' .fy K -r" 'A - I ' lv-'7' - - :ii NN 1 ' 4. ' l 'IMF f 5 .."'1-1' 0 M I . ..f:1i., .,,.,' ' .. - -M 5-' I K . Q., Wx' .ll Q. ,B-A X -,tg gg .L g , if n N lil ,, .3-5 " ' ' ' "' 'WY . - . 5 X ' " I . - 4-A 7' 0'ii"" - 9' . ' g 5 M ag, ,N F ' ' ' 5, "L Q .8 ' 5 1 .Av 'vii' A Q. 0,5 vm R , O ul ' 0 - Q x , phi- vi .,, . ' ' P o 1 QJEWMQR . .0 - Ig - . - 4 1 in .sq 5' 4 I X . ., A L E '-, v 7' ' 'D , . ' A - ff ' 6 -C ' fy A . I 5 ' 'f n X t ' ' ' ' 5 . A Q vt' Q 1 ' . ' . ' ' s 'Q' A 5 'jg - 0 60. 5 ' 'fx' 0'-. v S :N":j.s l v, . O gl! , v Ki. ' xx -Q3 'I . ,, ' ' ' 1 ' cl W4 'et ' ' 1' 5 - : ' ." X ' ' Z! ' 'Y 1. U - ' . V "Os W u 9. . . . . . s - N . 6 Q 9 -Q ip.. 1 'QQ' . "R ff. Q 5 ,U .J i 3 . 30' TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication . . . . . 12 Staff .... . . . 15 Freshmen .... . . . 40 Fall Sports .... . . . 50 Fall Activities . . . . . . 60 Winter Activities .... . . . 72 Winter Sports ..... . . . 90 Sophomores ..... . . . 100 Spring Activities ..,. . . . 110 Spring Sports ..... . . . 116 Juniors ......... . . . 136 Seniors .... . . . 152 Advertising .... . . . 178 Index ..... . . . 196 Studying blueprints is an everyday occurrence for school board mem- bers Mrs. J. Meyer, Mr. E. Schwemm, and Mr. T. Fletter. The story of a new school year begins in the spring of the year before and is in full swing by summer. The school board, together with admin- istrators, makes plans, discusses budgets, and gen- erally keeps an eye on the necessities of education such as building and hiring staff members, while at the same time theyskeep up with educational trends and determine what will best fulnll Bar- rington's specific needs. By summer, they are often watching their plans being put into action: this year, they made available for student use a large library addition with its own classroom and a new reading lab. Scarcely is one thing done be- fore they are well into another project. At present, they are working on the possible building of a Middle School, to include grades 7, 8, and 9, in cooperation with an elementary district. THE BOARD PRCMISES BARRINGTON A BRIGHT FUTURE Seen here working on the District 45,5224 budget are board members Mr. J. Dow, Mr. P. Bash, Mr. T. Hanchett, and board president, Mr. M. Cassell. DR. ROBERT FINLEY, Superintendent of Schools DAVID W. BEGGS, Assistant Superintendent B.S.J., Ohio University B.S., Millikin University B.S. in Ed., Ohio University M.S., University of Ill-inois M.Ed., Ohio University Ph.D., Northwestern University AIMING WITH ADMINISTRATORS FOR FINER EDUCATION The administrative office is a vital center of Barrington education. As the executive officer of the Board of Education, Dr. Finley advises the board, while keeping in mind the over-all picture of our school system. Mr. Beggs concerns himself with curriculum work and advises both Dr. Fin- ley and the board on educational issues. In ad- dition, they both help with the selection of per- sonnel. Mr. Mlaite, as business manager, is respon- sible for collecting and spending funds and has to handle the budget for building plans as well. Despite their vast responsibilities and busy sched- ules, these administrators are never too busy to meet with teachers or members of the community to further the cause of education or just converse. Together with the board, they are largely responsi- ble for the ever rising standards of our school system. ARLYN E. WAITE B.S. in Ed., Northern Illinois University Mr. Gillis checks the plans for the extension of the library. ENLARGEMENTS AND ADDITIONS ' HELP CULTIVATE READING HABITS Progress on the new addition to the library is developing well. Getting the library in order for fall use is quite a tedious job. i 16 .. . , .Ms.,.t.Nu...ts --swwsxwe. N.. W. W.. Inu Students make use of the recently expanded facilities of the library. While formal instruction is stopped for the sum- mer, extensive changes are in progress to aid both students and faculty in the development of edu- cation. The reading lab helps the students to speed up their reading, as well as comprehend the ma- terial they are reading. The new facilities of the library give more room to the students and make possible a larger area for our book collection. The reading lab will play a big part in improving the students' reading abilities 17 Custodians, L to R: G. Trippon, W. Witte, J. Zboyan, Head Custodiang G. Wisniewski, R. Anderson, A. Droz, A. Hanley. SERVICE STAFFS Custodians A. Novy and L. Henning are two of our janitors who work round the clock to keep BHS spotless. Thanks to the hard-working janitors, the students are greeted every day with bright, gleaming halls. There IS never a. dull moment . in the work of a janitor. Q X x x E S X I STANDING: E. Fredin, G. Kevin, E. Luehr, G. Robertson, M. Mai, R. Holland, M Rieke, M. Sigwalt. SEATED: M. Hamilton, H. Bethel, A. Bratt, L. Dietvich, C. Megro. KEEP BHS OPERATING s The cooks can hardly resist the delicious food prepared for us each day. Bus Drivers, L to R: C. Kreeg- er, R. Thompson, W. Witte, G. Wisniewski, R. Koldreys, E. Novy, J. Goldman, Director of Transportation, L. Hummel. Rev it up, Jake! RICHARD R. PALERMO Guidance Director 1-- B.S., Edinboro State College M.Ed., Kent State University services- Large group testing is only one of the guidance department's many STUDENTS BENEFIT FRCM MANY SERVICES WHICH AID JOANNE AUSTIN MARY MCKINNEY JOHN THYFAULT Counselor Counselor Counselor B.S., George Williams College B.E., Northern Illinois University A.B., Colorado State College M.S., Northern Illinois University M.A., Syracuse University M.A., Colorado State College Miss McKinney helps a small group of students in interpreting a timed test. Mr. Soule illustrates a problem with the help of one of Mr. K.enney's Audio-visual aids. X 5 1 , HELEN BOEHME School Nurse B.S., Loyola University R.N, Cook County School of Nursing THEIR MENTAL, PHYSICAL, AND EMOTIONAL GROWTH. Large groups learn the Ruler of the Road before getting behind the wheel. Mr. ltlurphyz "Except for killing the motor, hitting the car in front of you, and stripping the gears, you parallel park very well." Som etimes Mrs. Boehme has to take care of people who are really sick, too gs Students enjoy the conveniences of the bookstore. STUDENT LIBRARIANS HELP IMPRCJVE LIBRARY EFFICIENCY Student Librarians: SEATED, L to R: B. Harkema, A. Huff, M. Walerius, K. Pellitier, L. Foster. STANDING: D. Schulz, L. Howard, L. Schulta, B. Huff, V. Nelson, K. McConnell, V. Erland, B. Elliott. The library could not get along without the help of the student librarians who begin their work in the fall. They donate one study hour per day to work behind the scenes. Checking in and out materials, organizing new books for use, filing cards, typing, and helping with displays are all many of the beneficial objections of the student librarians. As the year progresses, they assume added responsibility in the school program as well as learning more about books and other library materials. The bookstore is a new student service established by the English Department. It is stocked with over 850 different titles and the subject matter varies from American folk songs to Greek drama and best-selling novels. 22 Librarian, Miss McCarthy: Wisconsin State College, B.S mQsw,tws -.kk annual E in i i sk X " .. 1 t X is 5 T4 if X Attentive adults learn the basic fundamentals of electronics. sv 1 . 1-. : 5 -E5 ix5i 'K X .X . .X . .YL ,. 1 ' :i,X. X ' ' X X X X s XM . s vX X K NTS s5Xe.SQQysS ' 2.--Q eff X s S X QQ XXX t ix x S as X , X X t K tx EX X X X, X X x X X NX S X S X 3 ,Q F! 5. K., .... ,. E P' ' :I 5 . 5 5 Artistic adults try their hands at sculpture. X, 3 BEN J. RIISSO ' X University of Wisronsin. B.S. Northern Illinois L'niversity. XLS. I Q. t .Ji ' .. X, g l 1. E f l f f-1-Q. 5 'X .t Q , Jfptzggi? ' , Planning for Adult Education starts early in Au- gust. Setting up the -Adult Education program in- volves hiring people to teach the desired courses and programming classes. Information is sent out and publicity is started in September. Spring and fall sessions are offered and individual counseling is provided. Not only does Adult Education beneht the students but also it provides a chance for the people of the community to better themselves. e X , 1 if 'Rl Ti J. WALTER GILLIS University of Oklahoma, B.A. University of Oklahoma, M. Ed. Mr. Thoms, the assistant principal, begins his work at the end of the summer. He serves as both disciplinarian and friend to the students. One of his many tasks was the change in the announcements and the attendance pro- cedure. In the middle of the year student responsibility was emphasized by the disbanding of first and seventh hour study halls. Later in the year regulations on tardiness were modified. Increasing student responsibility is Mr. Thoms' main goal. Program planning for educational purposes is promoted by Mr. Gillis, our principal. During the summer Mr. Gillis helped in planning for the addition to the library. In the summer and throughout the school session Mr. Gillis has benn attending conferences. He attended a conference at M.I.T. where they discussed college admissions and is working on the reviewing committee for accreditation at the North Central. Association. Mr. Gillis is co-chairman of the planning committee of the National Association of Secondary School Principals and is taking part in a study of high school and junior high school programs. As well as working outside school he works inside too, doing such tasks as trying to initiate an honors program. Mr. Gillis is working to contribute to the growth and impor- tance of education. BHS ADMINISTRA TORS DENIS THOMS Lawrence College, B.A. University of Wisconsin, M.S. 3 5 3 E 2 I 2 Thies. Secretaries, L to R: A. Yech, K. Doody, M. Blackshaw, E. Engelking, L. Mrs. Benjamin, Registrar. COORDINATE ACTIVITIES WITH SECRETARY'S EFFICIENT HELP Throughout the summer the office staff spends many long hours preparing schedules and conducting registra- tion. As the end of the summer draws near, they begin to perform their regular secretarial duties of finance and communication. The staff types and records report cards at the end of the marking quarters. The office staff spends the entire year, while school is both in and out of session, making sure the school runs smoothly and efficiently. Mrs. A. Wade, Secretary to Mr. Gillis Mrs. Steinle, Switchboard Operator. Mrs. M. Kampert, Secretary to Mr. Thoms. "Really, dahling, we can't go on meeting like this." TEACHERS MAKE PLANS FOR THE COMING YEAR DURING WORKSHOP WEEK. Q Q SX X we . KO f Q Everyone gets re-acquainted with old friends. Scheduling busy auditorium facilities must start early. "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways . . . " Miss Angelese pulls ahead as they enter the straightaway. 1 il EUGENE A. ADAM MARK W. ALISON JOHN G. ANDERSON MARION L. ANDERSON Central College, A.B. University of Illinois, B.A. Northern Illinois Univer- North Park College, A.A. University of Illinois, M.S. University of New Mexico, sity, B.S. Augustana College, BA, , M.A. KATHLEEN M. ANGLESE Rosary College, B.A. KATHERINE J. BAER Northwestern University, B.A. Northwestern University, M.A. Go straight, turn left, and it's the one right past the girls'! ROBERT BEHN Hofstra College, B.A. Hofstra College, M.A. FRANCES BAKER Drury College. A.B. University of Missouri. B.A. LEO E. BENSON Illinois State Normal Uni- versity. B.S. in Ed. Illinois State Normal Uni- versity, M.S. LINDA I. BERGSTEN DORIS E. ANNA K. BRUCE BETTE BRUNSTING Illinois State Normal Uni- BREITENFELD Eastern Illinois University, Central College, B.A. versity, B.S. in Ed. Valparaiso University. B S. B.S. in Ed. Northwestern University, Maclyfurray Collette, M.S. University of Illinois, M.S. M.A. 27 LYLE A. CAMPBELL Trevecca College, A.B. Kent State University, M. Ed. I gel W 5,3 Nik .. .... Sw N.. Sf Q Intense concentration hand serious study are obviously present in the lan- guage laboratory. 28 HD b' h b ' vu o you lte your t um at us, slr. asks Gary CMontaguej Fink as an English class enjoys the fight. than Q SX X :U X NX N. ., X X X X Q XX X ,. ' X 5 X XXX S ... ..QX X Q5 3 X Q YF'-s1X'3-WNXQXX' 'NF14-.4 ' ,. A 4. X X XS X t x -s xr- X X ,XSX XMMXXN .. X:--N i " A X YXQ I p 1 - X XXX- xf 'X-ii :W J X X ' X Xyiiis. .TX E X.. XX XX XXX-X-X x XXX... XX - X -XXXXXXXX . -V+-Ne-Xw-XXXwX-.XX. X. XW...X-X--WXXXXXX, xilk, XXXXXXXXNXXXXX XXXXXXXX-XXXXX X - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX - XX X X...XX M WXWWW . X---NXm.XWXXXX..XX wwvw-XXN-fm-XX.XX Xwwww-XXQXQQQXXW-X-71. X XX.. XX-XXXXXXXSSNXX-.QXWWXXNXXX X: XXX X XX XX XX XX.X,XX..X X, XX X X XXXXX XWXX XX XXX X. XXX S six ,K xxx-Q X XX, OLIVE CATLOW Iowa State Teachers Col- lege, B.A. Iowa University, M.A. TRUMAN L. CHILES Illinois Wesleyan Univer- sity, B.A. University of Illinois, M.S. REMO JOSEPH CHIORGNO University of North Texas, B. Mus. Ed. Texas College of Arts SL Industries, M.S. WILLIAM E. CURTIS State College of Iowa, B.A. BARBARA DOUTHIT University of Illinois, B.S. JAMES P. EPPERSON Western Illinois University, B.S. in Ed. Western Illinois University, M. Ed. TOM FREDERICK University of Wisconsin, DAVID C. GEHLER University of Wisconsin, MARTHA GEHLER Northern Illinois Univer- DEAN A. CORNER DOROTHY L. CRIPPS Iowa State University, B.S. Southern Illinois Univer- sity, B.S. in Ed. Southem Illinois Univer- sity, M.A. The beginning step of molding pottery is in progress. B.S. B.S. sity, B.S. in Ed. UIHWXSMY Of WiSC0HSiI1, University of Wisconsin, M.S. .. i ie H ,.,, . I -"ee ,,.,, S ..,-. A ..,'.. 'A . l ,F . 1 1- ...' , PHYLLIS H. GEPHART VINCENT ANTHONY ARTHUR EDWARD ELAINE C. GJERTSEN IAMES W. GRAHAM DePauw University, B.A. GIAMALVA GJERTSEN Indiana University, B.S. Northern Illinois University University of Illinois, M.A. Northern Illinois Univer- Indiana University, M.A.T. B,S, University of Illinois, M. in sity, B.S. I . . Northern Illinois Univer. Ed. Northeiicl ghnois Umver- sity, M.S, sity, . . 30 L . L.:: , X str, -', I I llhk : K -kk -: ze L A i f A if Q s E! In er- ,. sf, ' H ' f'V'f7VWfffW'WW7VfWf WMV? WWWW X ff? is f ,l,, X f W X , h,,,,,L WZXWQ , 7 W If , X , f X ,Qi X Q1 f M f ' W7 J f ff ff M f M4 f f X VW! Z V f f , X f f ,,,, f ff f, ffff QM X f 1 '14, , f f f M A f, i , 5 d , 4, '- . ff Hz f f 4, f f f fvff WV? ff fy! x f 777 ft !2MMfff2jf1f ' M ff 4 NANCY HAHN GEORGE JOSEPH RICHARD C. JOHNSON WINSLOW JONES Coe College, B.A. HENKEL Northern Illinois Universi- Lawrence College, B.A. University of Illinois, B.S. ty, B.ED. in MUS- Ed. Northern Illinois Univer- sity, M.S w I An artist adds the finishing touches to l h fi fh ' . . , t C nenesso er 'lug Marilyn completes the firing of her pottery artwork. r MICHAEL J. KARON University of Illinois, B.S COLETTE K. KENNEDY Illinois State Normal Uni- versity, B.S. in Ed. CLAIRE KOCH Northwestern University, DONALD E. KENNEY University of Illinois, B.S. WILLARD W. KORTH Wayne State Teachers' Col- lege, A.B. Oklahoma State University, M.S. fl w Xk K-af Qs N B.S. n Northwestern University, M.A. iz:-ini- ' ' 'A 1 - , , S S Q Q 5 S e S Q s WW ,, sf l ANDREW F. KOSSTICK VECAL P. LAGER ANNABEL LEONHARD VINCENT L. University of Illinois, B.S. Southem Illinois Univer- Northwest University, B.A. LOMBARDO Sotithern Illinois Univer- sity, B.A. Bread Loaf School of Eng- University of Illinois, B.A. sity, M.S. Bradley University, M.A. lish, Middlebury College, University of Illinois, M.A. M.A. 31 ,TUDITH K. LYNCH University of Illinois, B.S. xx Cs Nx Q 5 A Chemistry student is one of many potential future scientists who may someday hold the secret to world peace. 32 .NX X X. .Wink In x Y X X .X X- X15 'X ,X ix N XX? ' 'Nl-'X ----Xi SSX QQ FN .X .gg Q X -ra X X Q 4 if QQ! V ,QW WM, ..m W f , X X M ' , A, ,.... ' W' ' ' nw f WV X5 XXX. X - -- X3 Se X . f FNS X Q - YYXQQQQ - X s is . -. SQ -2- I-:, Nz. EFX 55- lf? -X X X3 X QXQN iw .N X X XX,- X Q X X SX -TSX I X N15 if "NK warg. ROBERT B. LYONS ROBERT A. MADDING Northern Illinois Univer- University of VVisconsin, sity, B.S. in Ed. B.S. University of W isconsin, M.S. EDWIN A. MURBACH ROBERT D. MURPHY Adrian College, B.A. University of INisconsin, B.S. University of Wisconsin, M.S. RAY E. NEINER Northern Illinois Univer- University of Illinois, B.S. sity, B.S. University of Illinois, M.S. Eastern Michigan Univer- sitv M A JOHN A. NELSON VALERIE MARLAND EILEEN A. MCNAMARA RICHARD J University of Illinois, A.B. Rosary College, B.A. MEINHARD University of Illinois B S l University of Illinois M S Like all of her fellow teachers, Miss Werhan faces an almost insurmount able pile of homework. RICHARD M. PACE JOYCE A. PERBIX JOSEPH PLASKAS BETTY QUICK JOHN REAKES Northwestern University, University of Illinois, B.S. Northern Illinois Univer- Northern Illinois Univer- Western Illinois State B.S. University of Illinois, M.S. sity, B.S. sity, B.S. in Ed. University B E Northwestern University, University of Illinois, M.A. New Mexico State Univer M.A. sity, M.A 34- s.: .5 I JUDITH A. RUDSER ELIZABETH M. RUECK GRACE M. SARIUS M. ANNETTE SI-IEEL WAYNE SIEGWORTH Carleton College, B.A. University of De Paul, B.S. Se. Missouri State College, Iowa State College, B.A. Illinois State Normal Uni- University of Chicago, National College of Educa- B.S. in Ed. University of Chicago, versity, B.S. in Ed. M.A.T. tion, M.S. M.A. University of Illinois, M.S. JOAN M. SOLON ROBERT G. SOULE College of Saint Teresa, Northern Illinois Univer- B.A. sity, B.S. Northern Illinois Univer- sity, M.S. Mr. Chiorgno and Coach Reakes help Mr. Russo adjust his scarlet vest on MARY ANN DAVID R. TOMCHEK red-and-white day. TENCLINGER University of Wisconsin, Western Michigan Univer- B.S. sity, B.S. FRANKLIN D. VAN KATHY J. VAN NESS GRACE C. WANDKE JOAN H. WERHAN CHARLES A. WHITE BUER Illinois State Normal Uni- Northwestern University, Saint Olaf College, B.A. University of Illinois, B.A. Northern Illinois Univer- versity, B.S. in Ed. A.B. University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois, sity, B.S. in Ed. Northwestern University, M.S. M.Ed. M.A. 35 ."'H a sggeslxml SQL' 5' ' 3. ' A. ,S X fix Sir, fx., ,srl ya I M34 b A f s Pg.-has . ws i. H. 31 . x S m X X W Q X S, ,SS N X f X X X gxx X XX RX Q ax YQ e xx X wwf L.A.. . Q XS Q N In N .. lx XXX SX -R :ai . Sw xx xg S N S, Q .- xx X xx 'xx . Q s Q . -' lamnw- K 5 ix 'Af ,x Q 5 N X Ng- .Nb W 7 X S X x , :pk ,, 'iahrr - sm .1 -.i'r:S'aQ N Films, 5 . ' Y 5 'XX X X X X X X x 5 x S X Q S X Q Q XX XO Xi 3 X 9 S X AS xx X V X 'Rxs A1 X Qves 4- -Mx X I A , - I - . 3 X L. I ' K - .qw , 2 - .fw- Q k 832, 0 K . kkk .:,., .. , Q 1 'Q B N ' - 1- Y' 'Q n QQ1' 5' Q 7 I + xi Rf . w X5 "T"""'- 5 Q . f . A M -- gm, -WRQQQQ . t x T S Nia 3 Q x 5 -4 s Q Q SSS XX , - N .X ,S Q QQ X xxx. - X S X Q:- nw Q5 i si-A 55 L X X K E. WWW? N55 S - L .xL .. . 4 W l "I chatter, chatter ax I flow To join the brimming river, For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever." The Brook r X X X N X X X N N QXX Y- Y N, Q ww Q1 X X KWXKN K X I X Q X1 K eww SNS X- R ,w as of . X e e X e e Q ,A e e 1 YN Freshmen rush off to lunch after their first assembly as high schoolers. Freshman Day, sponsored by the Student Council, helps students become acquainted with high school life and functions. Students have an opportunity to meet their new teachers and classmates as they proceed through their shortened schedule of classes. Enthusiasm is aroused as the eager freshmen hear about the various school activ- ities and begin to feel they are a part of the BHS student body. EAGER FRESHMEN BRIGHTEN Freshmen register to start their new adventure of high school. Heavens, John Cobb, why that grin on your face? Each English class elects one representa- tive to be on the Freshman Board. The board then elects from its members a president, vice president, secretary, and treastu'er. Miss Baer, chairman of the class sponsors, meets with the group each week and assists in the initial planning of projects. Other sponsors divide up the responsibilities among themselves for the various activities. CLASS OFFICERS fLtoRj: T. Krueger, Secretaryg S. Welch, Presi- dent, T. Cruttenden, Treasurer, D. Shinkle, Vice President. UP THE QUIET HALLS OF BHS CLASS ADVISORS KL to Rlzl Mrs. G. Sarius, Miss K. Baer, Miss M. Tenclinger, Miss B. Douthit, Mr. E. Murbach, Mr. L. Campbell, Mr. V. Giamalva. 41 wmmssm X . QQ x xg: X xxg X .X. waxy V m ,,:. M X I gimix - NSY? E. .x N .S- 1 N1 X R S X3 SNL N .Q .. ' A 'XX ABXffQ2'Ys X Xe wwgggg 9 X , S53 s X K. 'Q i Qi X Aix A ,H HX S NNN X A Y N Ax 3. wi Sk S . I D 'N 4+ A --A Q QE X S m f X if S X55-" gg Q5 A 3 . NVE' II ' ,- ,gm xg , N . 8265555 in 'X :Q 11 ik X X x Q mv Y L, . , g X Q Al ,Qi Rs 3 . K1 i , - K.: N, 's wk as X-L 1,-9' I1 ' - 4 X Q XS X X X is x N .X 'xg Q QQ?-X S , EQ 5 SS 5 s 3 X X X X g X 1 N F E. EX X 2 Kg 'S x X XX SX 2 X S XX .- XX Xi Xi. e X Q KX Siwx is Xxs . Ng' SN is x..Q. kg, E XX X X X gf .X .X V. -A YXX XX -. N 1 fs iw S, -X 1 ai 15 X .X SXXXQ B ,ss -39" . X. X ' rgjn 'XJ K A XQQX wf X' qw X .. X -XX 1 X in A . 5. . Xg,X5XXXi. ' 5 X EXX MQQL XX X s..-,NwMX . X 52 X 1EEQE 5 S553 X X XXXX5 K W X5 X X Q .Qs X Q Xxx X S ix Y-'55 .X ' X X X XX... X XX wgggg .XS X Q X x X- -RX XX:- x R. X XX X3 5 xg ,X 9' X X' A ' X, SQ . X XX? Q X 2 X Xi X. S X X iSgg 1- 52 Xu -S I? C - N SSX: K '3 L . XXX: Q XSSR! - 'ks X' 321.25 ,XX1 k XX ask KNRNX. 5 X.. xXx 1? Si as 51' SN N X X X .XS A sg XXV Xs Mx X -5 5 Q X C' O fl- 3 X. A xl X V Ex .. X. .N X X . X wx. X k , . 1 F' V X X 5 -. X X X.. . S S S Q. Q XX .1 Q - X N S! - . 3 X . . w 5: ' ff. BYSNN P UN 'X vw W arm XX X W f ,z , mmm, S X X "K .f ai N QS' XA x 2 .. me . Q A r-wus. Q 3 xg QQ .. . wx.. N ' x QRS- K x gy 2 'SSS . .i.f:. 'ix . .FS U X x . xx -X5 Xa 5 M w murmur ,SAX JMX .. .S . ..., ,. . .. A ,.--. 235 X x K x . sf ww N. V NAA , , .1 X Q X gkxfixi - N, X, ... N .X .fx . QW.. ww . Q fi. .., W. Win gm. Q ., . :ff is N . X Qs .X . Q-N... .... .K wg -. . N ...N .Q xv X -3 Q X. X N X. . .-S' Nfib. . .- x . .3 wie . . .iwgx A . xNQ .. XS Q- .55 - X . 2. S N N X-i . .gi . . W .,,,. .5 K' I. .. Q Sig? ... bw S Xi. SX S . N Xg k XS S f. sw X X . X X N X 3 Ni XQXX X c .- my 3 X X N K X 5 .. . N. NN X -535. 1 ...Q Xxx is W . sk Q x Q. .... ikk . - .L 55.5 X X g M . . X . . A . Q . , . X X X .a .. 5. 1 . N1 QS' X .K SEE? . Qi. S t .X.: . r .. ...Qi , s .Q X N' QS X . . SQ .. Q N .N . .. ig .eng 2- . X 2 3 . .X .9... xg--: -- . me 'H N ' ik 5. ... Q ..... ' r . f iw FT ' W . X . . X X X X . . xx QQ X x . N. A X Xgx X k 3 k , .... ...A-.Q l f - ,, ZW f f W WM Q X . .S X Q . .ik ff. mel. .- X.. : 2 ., f Xw. 5 f K. K . -1... ff?-Sf E NTL .ex . E Mrs. Sarius and Mr. Chiles help freshmen register. ffii ititsfisiss. it iii S Garsh, this is the sharpest playpen! Freshman girls' practice modern dance. ROW I: J. Wfaller, T. Wright, YV. Wilde, J. Vandersteeg. ROW 2: C. Wise. ROW 4: S. Welch, R. Welty, J. Whitaker, R. Wilson, G. Windahl NVooten, C. Wilson, K. Whitting, L. Widerecht, L. Zandier, J. Vollmar. L. Wallack, J. Zimmerman, D. Eversole. ROW 5: S. Zmich, L. Williams ROW 3: M. Westerman, B. Wastcoat, M. Walerius, V. Wichman, M.. T. Walter, S. Webber, T. Wendt, M. Wershay. 49 The Bronchos come off the field for the last time as a unit. This group of ballplayers scored l a total of 303 points in the 1962 season. FALL SPORTS THRILL FANS AS BAND, HARRIERS, AND GRIDDERS EXCEL Despite the cold and rain, the band marches bravely on in the Home- coming parade. Jim Condill intercepts the pass which led to the first Broncho touchdown of the conference season. l I l Three Barrington harriers come past a marker and into the Hnal stretch. With perfect blocking, Bill Potter sets off on a twenty three yard run. -.X 4-www I I ,Y m Z on mwww W if 7 g my 4 ' 5 x' W""N-M NMR NX Sgi H S Ak V - .- .l X X . X ,M X , ,'xg P 'N 3 xg -- ..,,- Rf , X w.. . ,, x Itn Q y X 'A' X Q :XX f N. 6 x ii QX Q Q' N, 5 -Q., N ' , s i Q h xv i 1: -. V R 1 3 X mS,X X x Xxx Q NN Nb. N -fx A -xg. V ,:,N.9N,, N NN Xxx N NN, . W., , 4. 2 ii . 'E Q fit , xg X Q I -. 1 X 1 XF . 5 S 1' X Si 3 4' , Q 1, sk .X . ,sf ,N 1 W-N., Q e- gk sg E .,,, K ' ' W S Q is Q nw 1: Q e Ta? w x X IQ, QQ. QA ,Y Ns w X A, ..L:., ? M f K Vis- XXY S gm X Q? Q F 9' as 5 Y N QS Ns, jf Y -sm ax Q X X Q Q X X if X , Q ,K 3 x si 2 4 QQKFSS k ' .-KX. gg :gag - 2 fi in A k f fm x 5 - X. S Y F kg XX x X X A F' S exif? N3 Q WA' X is M xx x .5 f A X s. K X. . X K S X sw? Q Q - '-k, ,,: 841 Qflxi 'Z-I .X 5 ' I w,aP-fj,fw:i?a. Egg? -Im: K fl my ' 1-,. X-2 .fvxff 1' ff. - if 4 fx , -Q x x 5 SQ i X K I ' ,egg 'x ' . X Q 1 C., XX' , A .v 1..!,,L. 88.155 R :I if ,.,.jQ53.g.4gx,,,g,j-Aiagfvi .VS Ag ' I Q N 'f -' , 1 y., I at 2-,..3i e:j,'wW wM 552 ff 1s a,ii194?Q??gfm 1 ,Ks L, : ' -'- fxfg 31 f , 'X is -A - - as xf f I fQ :1fw ,QV-f V , .- X 'y z ', .5 X j x X - A , - ' D , - n., X 1 Q X - Y A, A 4, XY Xixl K - Bm... 8 fswis S A I s Q . ww M X. K --N an.- sw- E i .1 X QE . ' S E QS X :Q ily if s 8:3 1' . 1 ,us fix Cheerleaders and the Broncho didn't have any trouble getting the fans to cheer this year. HARRIERS TAKE FIFTH: BAND AND CHEERLEADERS BOOST FINE SEASON All-conference linesmen Dunn and Fink stand ready to enter the game. This Pony runner and his blocker display their touchdown power Coach Murphy gets the short happy ride to the showers which befell all the Broncho coaches at the end of this season. qs' 'QS Q ,',! K. i s- by X xx A . L. ,. . , ,gin - fx 5 S A N dw X A K X x. fax? lx f . 9 if f . MN' ' xx bk A' 1 AL S 2 Rig K X f fx ! X N gi Q 5? F N., K QP Q W ilu x ,Q xx Q X X E :,. :., LX Z Y it .If X in gtg A A x R W Q X X K i I Q ,gig X X Q e 9 1' NQQ sms Q X sw? N xx S' X XM? 5 Q Y x 2-Q . x l FRESHMAN FOOTBALL, ROW I, L to R: J. Reese, B. Altenburg, J. Mackey, S. Welch, J. Whitaker, T. Shay, B. McConney, S. Brodhay, R. Zboyan, P. Mandabach, B. Lynn, T. Cruttenden, D. Shinkle, T. Connol- ly, B. Siegworthg ROW 2: Mr. Nelson, Mr. Karon, T. Krueger, B. Jaburek D. Muehler, T. Dingness, B. Dickey, E. Lewis, E. Johnson, P. Bergquist 9 3 The 1962 Broncos famed "power sweep" swept them to unde- feated, untied seasons at the varsity, sophomore, and freshman lev- els. The varsity team broke all school, conference, and county scor- ing records, averaging 39 points and 450 yards per game. Individual honors went to eight boys who were selected to the All-Conference Team. In addition fullback Kim Wood was named to the All-State Team, while halfback Bill Potter received special mention. Elected ,the most valuable player on this record-setting J. Cooke, P. Gillis, G. Gibb, Mr. Corner, Mr. Siegworthg ROW 3: M. Spenk, P. Magnuson, A. Hogfelt, J. Etters, D. Savidge, D. Schumaker, B. Johnson, R. Hopkins, K. McMillan, B. Smith, C. Stewart, K. Bohn, M. Gulley, D. Kohlashe. team was halfback Steve Holzwart. The highlights of the season were the smashing 40-6 win over the arch rival Palatine Pirates and the 28-6 victory over the Dun- dee Cardunals which spoiled their undefeated season and with it their conference title aspirations. Barrington area fans who had the opportunity to watch the 1962 Bronco eleven in action can certainly say that this was one of the very finest teams to ever represent Barrington High School. 8 IN A ROW. . . BINGO! UNDEFEATED BRONCO VARSITY, SOPHOMORE, AND FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL, ROW I, L to R: Mr. Murphy, D. Tepke, D. Cavender, D. Bracht, W. VVessel, C. Mallon, J. Wangelin, R. Voss, R. Glowac, R. Smith, T. Serritella, M. Nelson, J. Anderson, ROW 2: K. Peri- man, D. Hudson, D. Lyons, S. Peters, P. Baker, G. Neal, P. Haas, C. Det- weiler, K. Hartwig, E. Dunk, S. Seher, T. Deboo, P. Melonasg ROW 3: J. Lynn, H. Schmidt, B. Roark, B. Delaware, D. Pepper, T. Potter, J. Johnson, T. List, P. Hoffman, M. McCarthy, R. Kenley, J. Mervis. VARSITY FOOTBALL, ROW I, L to R: J. Fisher, S. Holzwart, G. Mr. Gehlerg ROW 3: M. Jones, D. Honeycutt, G. Jilek, K. Guttke, J Fink, C. Mirs, T. Dick, G. Showers, D. Dunn, B. Potter, K. Wood, E. Clavin, E. Dugan, P. Knudsen, H. Paulson, J. Condill, M. Westfall Coe, B. Suwalski, D. Lindberg, Mr. Graham g ROW 2: Mr. Frederick, J. Wichser, D. Frederick, J. Buchanan, G. Hogfelt, R. Schulke, ROW 4. B. Santoro, R. Stamm, M. Landwer, R. Von Albrecht, M. Mueller, B. D. Meller, D. English, S. Block, J. Train, J. Jensen, L. Reakcs, D Hagemann, S. Laughton, E. Wichman, V. Neal, A. English, A. Parsley, Kreeger, R. Collins. FROSH FOOTBALL TEAMS SMASH ALL BHS AND CONFERENCE RECORDS. Barrington Barrington Barrington Barrington Barrington Barrington Barrington Barrington SCOREBOARD 32 Racine Horlick 38 Woodstock . . . 40 Palatine .... 48 Libertyville .. 28 Dundee .... Zion-Benton . McHenry . . . Crystal Lake . . FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF, ROW I, L to R: Mr. Siegworth, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Karon, Mr. Corner, ROW 2: Mr. Gehler, Mr. Graham, Mr Frederick, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Murphy. CROSS COUNTRY, ROW I, L. to R: D. French, T. Fenton, R. Busse, S. Williams, S. Welsh, J. Lemmg ROW 2: R. Hicks, W. Schoell, J. Westlake, C. DeLoach, K. Michaels, B. Burke, J. Nielson, J. Ariola, ROW 3: B. Dodsen, R. Oldenburg, R. McAdoo, J. Sutherland, K. Sexton, STANDING: D. Pepples, L. Haines, J. McMillan, T. Mills, B. Roesner, S. Walaitis, B. Sutherland, J. Tuman, B. Miller, D. Murphy, W. Webster, P. Hofts, C. Hughart, M. Timmon, G. Cardinallo, T. Ziegler, R. Kesler, P. Zdebski, Mr. Jones, Coach. DNSTANCE RUNNERS PACE THE TEAM THRU THE SEASON John Nielsen, most valuable player, and coach Mr. Jones watch some harriers run. This year's cross country team was improved over the 1961 team, though it did not represent the finest runners BHS has seen. Inspite of the number of inexperienced har- riers the team placed fifth in the conference. John Neilson, senior, was voted the team's most valuable runner. The undying spirit at the basketball and football games, the increase in attendance at athletic events, and the gen- eral high spirit at BHS - all these can be credited to the cheerleaders. Leading cheers at games was just a small part of the work that they were required to do. The cheerleaders helped organize the pep rallies, and they participated in cheerleading clinics. They never gave up trying novel ways to encourage students to come out and support the teams. FROSH-SOPH CHEERLEADERS: P. Thompson, B. Bash, M. Lahti C. Banger, K. Geary, B. Frederick, L. Kelley. CHEERLEADERS BOOST SPIRIT, SPORTSMANSHIP. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS, L to R: M. Reid, C. Gerhardt, S. Cruttenden, P. Baum- gartner, B. Putta, G. Engelking, D. Schurecht. 59 Mr. Tom Frederick, athletic director, head of physical education, and head football coach, who leaves Barrington after thirteen years. Barrington athletic fans were sad but proud when they heard the news that popular Coach Tom Frederick had relinquished his position as Barrington athletic director and coach to take over a post as assistant executive secretary to the I.H.S.A. He is leav- ing our school after thirteen years as athletic director, coach, and head of physical education. His position will be Filled next year by three different people, all selected from his own coaching staff. When Coach Frederick came to Barrington in 1950, he was football coach, and also coached frosh basketball and track. He became athletic director in 1952. In the years since his appoint- ment, the school has grown from around 500 students to 1350. Three sports, wrestling 119555, cross country f1957j, and gym- nastics C1960j, have been added under his leadership. Under his direction Barrington developed an outstanding physical education program and became an athletic power in Illinois. Perhaps most fans will remember his 1962 football team best of all. They were undefeated in eight games, ranked high in the state, and broke every conference record in the book. What Tom Frederick has given to t.he town of Barrington can- not be measured in terms of records and statistics, so the stu- dents want to take this opportunity to thank him for a job well done. BARRINGTON LOSES OUTSTANDING COACH TOM FREDERICK TO STATE POST TOM FREDERICK'S 1962-63 COACHING STAFF: ROW I, L to Kenney, Joe Plaskas, Andy Murbach, Joon Reakes, John Nelson, Bob R: jim Epperson, Andy Kostick, Dave Gehler, Tom Frederick, Bill Madding, Gary Anderson. Missing: Win Jones, Dean Corner. Graham, Bob Murphy, Wayne Siegworth. ROW 2: Mike Karon, Don i Student Council ROW I L to R' S Cruttenden Vice resident' P r J - ' 'P : ' Baumgartner, Secretary, D. Dunn, President, C. Gerhardt, Second-sec- retaryg J. Cobb. ROW 2: S. Wilson, C. Lorenz, D. Schurecht, S. Stroh, S Estefan A Sandi G Pickles Mr Van Buer S nsor ROW 3 R . , . , . , . , po . : . Kole, D. Muehler, B. Neiman, P. Thompson, L. Kelly, H. Suzuki, B. Hawley, B. Bash, M. Lahti, K. Heinemann, G. Jackson, C. Chapple ROW 4: B. Putta, M. Gerber, K. Geary, L. Ernst, N. Wisegarber, H Yates, B. Reed, M. Miller, G. Carty, M. Kincaid, C. Banger, J. Berent- son, Ray Engelking. ROW 5: K. McMillan, D. Savidge, J. Hallberg G. Armstrong, V. Dahir, B. Schwemm, J. Block. STUDENT COUNCIL COORDINATES CLUBS WITH REVISED CONSTITUTION. One of the main goals of Student Council this year was to create better communications between the administration and students in the school. While sponsoring a foreign child overseas, organizing Care Day, planning and carrying out Homecoming festivities, and presenting the annual Variety Show, Student Council worked continuously to make our school a finer one. Revising its own constitution, Student Council hoped to co- ordinate all clubs through a board consisting of all club presi- dents. This would tie most school activities together to work closely with the council. Next year, Student Council will continue working towards its goal to build interest in school activities through better com- munications. But what did I do? J CONCERT BAND, ROW I, L to R: A. Coleman, B. McAdoo, K. Etters, Schroeder, R. Weltz, A. Rice, T. Lindberg, J. Kolkmeyer, J Schmepp A M. Hawley, C. Cody, P. Donlea, WV. Wessel, D. McAdoo. ROW 2: D. Wessel, S. Bowker, M. Stiehl, K. Carnell, C. Webber, B. Rumsey ROW Ritzenthaler, D. Glaub, B. Rice, B. Nesheim, J. Love, M. McAuliffe, L. 4: J. Gerry, B. Wagner, N. Wright, M. McCaw, E. Fisher E Lewis D Coleman, J. Stiehl, D. Wing, B. Kerr, T. Harman, M. Pahl, R. Kenley, Miller, D. B6Cl'1t0l, K. Schneider, G. Gibb, R- DCPUB, B- JOIICS G Greffin N. Keisler, B. Kesler. ROW 3: C. Cassell, M. Johnson, D. Shinkle, J. P. Aznavoorian, L. Laureys. ROW 5: F. Pederson, C. Detweiler,B Carr BHS BAND PERFORMS FCR STUDENT FUNCTIONS AND Patience and endurance are required to make another Hne band concert recording. Our band was a great tribute to B.H.S. this year. They were a familiar sight at fall football games where they provided musical support for the team and performed at half times. The Christmas concert was enjoyed by the students. The Pep Band furnished enter- tainment at the pep assemblies and basketball games. The Dance Band supplied high-quality dance music for social functions. As the new year begins the band divides into two parts and prepares for their two concerts in the spring. The end of a wonderful year is cele- brated with a banquet and a trip to Lake Gene- va. DANCE BAND, ROW I, L to R: W. Wessel, J. Hallberg, R. McAdoo, meyer, J. Schniepp, A. Wessel, T. Lindberg, S. Bowker, K. Carnell, P R. Kenley, M. Pahl., B. Kerr, T. Kajander. ROW 2: N. Wright, J. Kolk- Haberly, M. Stiehl, A. Robinson. GAINS RECOGNITION FOR ITS EXCELLENT EFFORTS. PEP BAND, ROW I, L to R: D. Ritzenthaler, M. Hawley, B. McAdoo, ROW 3: J. Schroeder, R. Welty, T. Lindberg, J. Kolkmeyer, J. Schniepp B. Rice, B. Nesheim. ROW 2: D. Glaub, M. McAuliffe, L. Coleman, J. A. Wessel, S. Bowker, K. Carnell, P. Haberly, M. Stiehl. ROW 4: J. Ger- Stiehl, B. Kerr, M. Pahl, R. Kenley, J. Hallberg, W. Wessel, R. McAd0o. ry, B. Wagner, N. Wright, E. Fisher, G. Love, A. Robinson, B. Carr. 63 W Pat Baumgartner was the 1962 Homecoming Queen. PANDEMONI UM R : Pal enden, EIGNED DURING HOMECOMING AS THE Candidates for homecoming Queen anxiously await Denny Dunn's announcement. xx Tea.mmates brave the bad weather to cheer the team on to a glorious This year's bonhre burns bigger and brighter than exer before victory. 3 7 BRONCOS TROUNCED THE Z-B 'S AND THE SENIORS TOOK FIRST IN THE FLOAT CONTEST On Friday night the announcement of Pat Baum- gartner as 1962 Homecoming Queen and the lighting of the spectacular bonfire began Homecoming festivities. Saturday morning saw the climax of many hours' work of the clubs and classes sponsoring Hoats in the annual parade. Saturday afternoon parents, students, and altunni in the packed stadium watched the football team beat the Zee-Bees and the crowning of the queen and her attendants. When the wind had died down and all of the napkins had blown away, guys and gals danced in an "Autumn Carnival." And so ended Homecoming 1962 at BHS. SMILE, KIDS! It's Homecoming!! GIRLS' CLUB BOARD, ROW 1, L to R: K. Mizen, L. Kelly, N. Net- terstrom, A. Phillips, A. Hanchett, S. Church, C. Chappleg ROW 2: Mrs. Gehler, Miss McKinney, sponsors, B. Wastcoat, J. Wagner, H. Suzuki, C. Benninghoven, P. Pohlman, C. Banger, A. Sparling, P Thompson, J. Gruendel. CLUBS ENCOURAGE SPIRIT AND SERVICE WITHIN BHS PEP CLUB BOARD, ROW I, L to R: B. Jackson, Secretary, G. Fink, President, L. Holzman, Vice-President, ROW 2: S. Pettise, Publicity Chairman 3 S. Butzman, N. Schick, B. Reed, Representatives. Missing: P. Dunham, Treasurer. All the efforts of the Girls' Club this year were directed toward money-raising projects to form a scholarship fund to be awarded to some worthy senior girl in the spring. The novel projects in- cluded Sucker Day, Daisy Day, and Mr. Irrestible Day. The worthy recipient of the college scholarship was Karen Tichy. Pep Club membership this year exceeded 500, indicating the en- thusiasm at BHS for school spirit and team support. Pep Club was responsible for the numerous decorations in the halls, the special cheering section at games, and Pencil Day for needy children in other countries. Mrs. Rueck deserves a great deal of thanks for her unfailing spirit and service to BHS through Pep Club. W2 MJ x x 1: 5 . - 1 ,. ylxx .Q x,:...a. .. ,:- Qi M f. Q S ' XX' w G- . Q x -in egg.. x- N ff, Q- +1f1ff-MS.A- N - R A Q 2, mails iv:-15 X 0 D 5.1 iw ... . t gl, . 5 ' 1-W. 91-2 ' - 1 W 2 I 2 ' 5 i Xk..h x-?L VV A togctllonjtalk together. O yo poo :QL thc varlhg then and only tlwn xlrlll peace-.'f f L A F S Mmm ' 7 z1a'?g1 Qz s-ge x J. 23 "--.L x '-.' xl..- - Xxx I A V AFS PROMOTES WORLD FRIENDSHIP AND PEACE This year BHS was distinctly honored to have been the only high school in the United States to have five American Field Service exchange students. Money-raising projects to support the exchange students were the annual magazine sales and the interesting and unusual Folk Dance Festival which featured foreign dance groups from the Chicago area. Programs sponsored by the AFS Student Committee included the Christmas party, returnee day, and International Day when exchange students from other schools visited BHS for the day and participated in panel discussions for an assembly. Our exchange students follow a busy schedule during the year, visiting other schools, sightseeing, and speaking for many local groups. Special thanks should be extended to Miss Joan Werhan, the AFS advisor for the past five years who has coordinated the active program of the student and adult committees and has really helped the AFS organization at BHS to become unique in the country. Hope for better understanding between people of different countries is evident as these AFS returnees join together to salute the American flag. .s-, X .,.. , ....,,,, .. W A 53 F '38 5 Egg? ix wx is 5 5 XX . S N Qmx X X vf3wi'QivS f M kj 5 '- Q.- !'X Xi . 1-.S 5' Uh v NX SCX -K, . I". if Xe ff 5 x gi . ' . 'SSR , E x X ' . ' v X i Q xwk k , Q'-.Q X. b'R is f . fx A 4 .xv K sw, my-:. -04 .. 5 , " sm.. Q, Q x 1 X x VW' Ni , ..- ffq . Q. .- X. N. s Aw . X N, -F.. wg E 5 N 5 Qgws R gp X 5? . M Q 3635. QS' Wfxlfit. m 5 ' X X A .- if L. ,M t :Sf ' jr- , v "' 1 Q '. 4 W' 'gcv n ., M W A. A 5 g .i ,-,M Q. . K X.. K EX my.: .ii :- Q XX.. . R x 15 s- -. 9 1 X X Q' X xx T Q X i 91 X.. x A X., f 1 - . 51, "fx xx xx T , WX X A 5 xx ff X NX Q gms, N -. fc. 5 .... S . Y? f X v x XM "H ere it come sparkling, And there it lies darklingg Now smoking and frothing Its tumult and wrath ing Till in this rapid race On which it is bent, It reaches the place Of its steepest descent. The cataract strong Then plunges alongg Striking and raging, As if a war waging. . . And so never ending, But always descending, Its sounds and its motions forever are blending ..X. Fw -L ::.. - '- X - Students attend BHS assemblies in a brilliant display of fashion. Some students walk to school while others take the bus, but most of them arrive in their cars. l A TYPICAL DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SERIOUS STUDENT REFLECTS THE An increase of classrooms this year gives individual help to students in uncrowded rooms. ttt.. M S s 5- A Qssvgegs.-Q ,kg sown 72 Lunch hour gives students a Chancc to visit with friends in a delightful atniosplicrc, HIGH INTELLECTUAL STANDING GIVEN TO BARRINGTON HIGH SCHOOL. Gym classes give us the chance to limbcr up and try out thc latest cxcr- At the cncl ul' the day. studcnts arrive lminv and start their scrinus study cises. ing in a quiet orderly form-r. 73 I MN I 'B 'rxvr-' an I- wi I I GIRLS' CHORUS, PART I ROW I, L to R: C. Kujawa, D. Smith, Manning, M. Hull, S. Hallett, N. Smith, E. Figliola, M. Bottcher, Grossman, S. Babcock, N. Pahlke, B. Daum, C. Martin, P. Wuczynski, T Panker, K. Seierg ROW 2: B. Geho, B. Goldfen, L. Kempf, A. Huff, B G J Velleuer, H. Ding, C. Steinhauer, L. Schwacke, G. Brandstrader, C. Schick, L. Osborne, P. Keil, K. Duda, S. Staggs, M. Kampert, M. Angelica, B. Ferrarinig ROW 3: B. Ferries, J. Galloway, L. Stockwell, L. Gullbrants, K. Fransen, S. Smiddy, J. Kalck, W. Lawhorn, B. McAdoo, B. Elliott, S. Meyer, C. Meschewski, M. Westerman, J. Daubenspeck, J. Aslanoff, C. Turner, S. Marland, V. Gehrig, M. Benz, V. Irons, ROW 4: K. Welch, K. Perot, C. Thiel, L. Ward, S. Wyatt, D. lNilson, C. Croneigh, E. Smith, R. Close, L. Panzloff, L. Bailey, G. Bond, L. Tucker, B. Rock, P. Pelz, S. Hartwig, C. Pegelow, M. Searcy, J. Smith, D. Taylor, B. Harkless. BHS BOYS' AND GIRLS' CHORUSES PARTICIPATE IN A CAPPELLA SHOW, GIRLS' CHORUS, PART II, ROW I, L to R: L. Tibbens, T. Clark, M. Tianer, L. Williams, K. Lange, J. Traner, D. Taylor, K. Fletter, L. Potaczek, K. Whitting, S. Webber, J. Olson, C. Malmsten, R. Shaw, M. Schulke, M. Ammeson, C. Hanson, ROW 2: S. Holzwart, K. Molnar, N. Ryan, S. Sharer, A. Jordan, D. Smith, L. Sanders, L. Shaner, E. Dart, K. Heinemann, G. Manning, L. Kelley, S. Pope, C. Haseman, D. Etters, C. Higties, S. Parks, M. Moss, C. Anderley, L. Nash, ROW 3: S. Block, S. Nelson, R. Fisher, P. Collins, J. Richards, P. Parsley, S. Butzman, J. Gaston, G. Jordan, M. Reid, K. Miller, J. Jackson, J. Krock, B. Wastcoat, B. Frederick, B. Steinke, S. Truax, J. Anderson, P. Slusser, S. Etiang ROW 4: Hoover, B. Saylor, B. Hull, R. Biangardi, A. Pelton, S. Fitzgerald, C. Flato, J. Rudi, R. Knudsen, M. Walerius, C. Lawrenz, K. Keller, J. Wichman, R. Gerber, M. Malmgren, S. Pettingell, C. Olson, P. Petersen, C. Klaja, D. Sampson. BOYS' CHORUS, ROW I, L to R: B. Devore, S. Brodhay, R. Engelking, J Whitaker, D. Ream J Drover, J. Sutherland T. Cruttenden . ' 5 ' I 3 J Cowell, T. Mills, A. Wagner, J. Gebhardt, T. Hagen, ROW 2: R. Gibson G. Nikula, T. Baldino, T. Dingness, D. Lutton, F. Manning, E. Johni son, J. Juzwik, M. Spenk, D. Dein, B. Altenburg, R. Magnuson, C. Malawy, J. Treacy, T. Shay, ROW 3: E. Dugan, B. Gritmaker, J. Wilmes J S. Welsh, N. Heine, R. Anderson, P. Knudsen, D. Schumaker, G. Lenk C. Hite, D. Shatwell, J. Kampert, J. Swanson, M. Gates, A. Retzman ROW 4: R. Rand, J. Palmer, G. Showers, R. Von Albrecht, D. Lyons R. Hopkins, S. Blatnak, T. Manzke, L. Wallack, J. Westlake, B. Brewer K. McMillan, C. Mirs, T. Collins, S. Rische, R. Etters, D. Hudson, D Lyons. "THE RHYTHM OF SPRlNG" AND ENTERTAIN STUDENTS AT ASSEMBLIES More than 200 voices comprise the BHS Boys' and Girls' choruses. The Boys' Chorus performed at many assemblies in Bar- rington area grade schools during the year in order to arrouse enthusiasm among students who will be participating in the vocal music program at BHS in future years. Both choruses performed at the annual vocal music Christmas and spring concerts. Because of the increased interest in recent years in the vocal music program at BHS the department has been considerably expanded. Voices from the Boys' and Girls, choruses now make it possible to have three select vocal groups: the Junior A Cappella, the Select Ensem- ble, and the Senior A Cappella. Mr. Henkel directs girls' chorus in our Christmas assembly. Tension mounts as the body of Harry Beaton, played by Jay Cordill, is brought on stage. Mr. Lundie, played by Bill Neilson, tells the strange story of "Brigacloon." BRIGADOON AN EVERY-TOO Jay Cordill and Greg Luke perform the traditional sword dance. " 'Brigadoon' bloomed under sable skies" for the enthralled audiences that attended the 1962 operetta. The orchestra, Senior A Cappella, and Masque and Wig presented the production. By the magic of the stage, our auditorium was changed into a pleas- ant Scottish village. Through the antics of Meg Bracki and the fine choral work, the operetta was a wonderful success and it was declared the outstanding music and dramatic production of the year at BHS. -YEARS-TOWN COMES TO BHS A Cappella joins together in the finale of "Brigadoon." 76 ORCHESTRA, ROW I, L to R: B. Calhoun, C. Tolpo, B. Peletz, D. Glaub, A. Coleman, R. McAdoo, J. Halberg, J. Schniepp, R. Welty i D. Timm, J. Trestik. ROW 2: S. Etian, M. Ochoa, N. Newgent, C. P. Haberly, B. Hawley. ROW 4: N. Wright, J. Gerry, M. McCaw E Kozubek, I. Ketelaar, P. Gillis, D. Rosenfeld, B. Heineman, M. Shand, S. Fisher, G. Love, Mr. Adam, Director. Hoffman. ROW 3: D. Wing, L. Coleman, M. Pahl, K. Etters, B. McAdoo, ORCHESTRA PROVIDES A VARIETY OF CONCERT MUSIC. The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Eugene Adam, had many good productions this school year. They began the year by playing for the operetta, "Brigadoon." They per- formed at the N.H.S. assembly, the Christmas concert, the Spring concert, and at graduation. Highlighting the year, the Orchestra performed a concert of its own. With each performance, they showed their versatility and skill in the field of music. Bev, we are playing the "Nutcrackers Suite" not "Let's Twist Again SENIOR A CAPPELLA, ROW I, L to R: J. Carr, J. Weaver, K. She- horn, N. Meyer, J. Gruendel, G. Engelking, B. Putta, J. Bruso, B. Allen, B. Jackson, J. Wilkinson. ROW 2: N. Schick, K. Mizen, A. Thompson, C. Clark, C. Meyer, C. Kolder, C. Engelbrecht, T. Lever, A. Sparling, S. Sinclair, A. Boyd, K. Kunsky, L. Ernst. ROW 3: J. Weidenmiller, M. Lockwood, P. Pohlman, L. Mabbs, B. Forrest, R. Mackintosh, E. Rieke, J. Fisher, G. Luke, J. Bremer, J. Nomian, H. Cody, P. Gross, K. Olson. ROW 4: V. Dahir, R. Stamm, D. Wolf, S. Brooks, B. Condill, B. Rit- zenthaler, L. Remensnyder, T. Llalmgren, D. Evans, J. Cordill, D. Eng- lish, J. Tschoppe, B. Oldenburg, G. Armstrong, K. Fabrycy. FROM THE OPERETTA TO THE SPRING CONCERT OUR Singing is enjoyed by more than 300 students at B.H.S. The choral groups include Boys' Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Junior A Cappella, Senior A Cappella, and the Select Ensemble. The groups displayed their talent in various programs and assemblies throughout the year. All of the choral groups helped to make the Christmas and Spring concerts a success, and several groups contributed to church services in the community. The operetta "Brigadoon" and the show "Broadway's Best," presented by the Senior A Cappella Choir, were certainly highlights of the year. SELECT ENSEMBLE, ROW I, L to R: P. Thompson, L. Coleman, P. Nowlen, B. Witz, M. Lahti, C. Landgraff, L. Thomasson, V. Green. ROW 2: A. Biesterfield, B. Jensen, M. Balgemann, E. Turkevich, P. Pohl- JUNIOR A CAPPELLA CHOIR, ROW I, L to R: D. Volpe, S. Holzwart, K. Forbes, P. Collins, C. Hansen, S. Evans, L. Gundelach, D. Rieke, C. Fletter, M. DeBolt, L. Armstrong, C. Smith, L. Brady. ROW 2: J. Lewis, L. Tucker, J. Jurs, S. Stumpf, B. Dott, C. Jakes, K. Dalton, J. Schaefer, P. Hummel, J. Werhan, D. Lawson, C. Smith, C. Dowling, C. Ness, P. Du- gan, S. Skully, N. Shelhammer. ROW 3: D. Hauck, J. Walberg, B. Rourke C. Bean, J. Haggatz, R. Smith, R. Hicks, P. Noftz, J. Linder, D. Deck- er, P. Hoffman, J. Rainwater, S. Etters, N. Kramer. ROW 4: L. Kelly, P Pietch, T. Miller, D. Kreeger, A. Krock, R. Voss, D. Clarke, B. Nygren G. Neal, S. Peters, K. Periman, L. Kuly, D. Hudson, P. Babb, M. Miller. CHORUSES HAVE ENTERTAINED THEIR AUDIENCES WELL. man, M. Stirlen, P. Zook, K. Lockwood, M. Miller, C. Kincaid. ROW 3: H. Heckel, J. Hagedorn, C. Connolly, C. Banger, C. Robbins, P. Donlea., N. Phillips, S. Thompson, J. Rogers, J. Strader D .Kaiser W :ERA 1 wx mx 11' fx N- .xx siggv 5 5 X 12-: K .K S J af M K.. xY.:x xr S ff- " R Nw go -..k . Rs: X gs xg eff -S MQ Niki- X -S S S A w-A 5 S' . w .3 I Q xi K Q X A Q QE r xg X u e -if x Q.. E .- Q- an s .. X E .v--vs. gi as -'-- ' K. A S f. 4 l N , N i wi X L: X A Y 'swf F s Q wi pq., SE 5 I X X xyxg W RM s X X X 'X ' - sir. K ' K 1 3 3 s S MATH CLUB, ROW I, L to R: B. Frey, L. Foy, T. Fenton, D. Rosenfeld, Thompson, R. Isom, S. Blatnak, R. Knobe, J. Cordillg ROW 4: B. Con ROW 2: M. DeBolt, Miss Bruce, Sponsor, C. Minor, D. Dunn, K. nelly, P. Bratt, J. Buchanan, M. Fredricks, P. Haberly, P. Musschoot, R I Lange, B. Heinemann, E. Williams, ROW 3: R. Kerr, G. Morton, D. Shatwell, W. Brown. Missing: Mrs. Catlow, Sponsor. BHS ENGINEERS, SCIENTISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, AND ELECTRONICS CLUB fBarrington Amateur Radio Society WAQEDWJ ROW I , L to R: Mr. Lager, Sponsor - K9HWIg J. Brossard - KQVOW B. Brown, President - KQVPY5 P. Musschoot, Treasurer - WAQAHU 5 S. Kolupaev, Secretary - WASBMG: L. Schafer, WAQBPH3 ROW 2: B. Lindberg - WN9FRZg S. Walker - WNQFTB3 R. Freytag - WA9FVZ S C. Pitcher - WAQHRNQ ROW 3: D. Sartin - SWL, B. Salnick - WA9BVEg H. Thompson - WN9FRYg K. Bergquist - SWL, D Thompson -- WN9HSVg S. Jahnholtz -- SWL. Missing: J. McClure - WN9BYRg G. Yamashita - K9WZQ. R is FSA ROW I, L to R: Mrs. Rueck, Sponsor, D. Kopack, M. Williksen, man, B. Brown, D. Thompson, D. Sartin, P. Musschoot, J. Brossard, R. P Jones, D. Isom, P. Donlea, G. Loveg ROW 2: P. Rost, J. Zimmer- Newlin. MATHEMATICIANS WORK ON INDIVIDUAL PRCBLEMS. Inquisitive students promote and encourage their interests in a variety of Helds. Math Club offers its members a chance to study advanced mathematics and the application of math. Dur- ing the year visits are made where math is used in computers and business. Electronics Club members pursue their interests by working on actual equipment. Many activities include the operation of the club station WAQEDW. They communicate with stations all over the area and have sessions in radio tech- nology. Camera Club was started to further students' knowledge of photography. Pictures are taken of many different subjects and then developed by the individual to be compared by the other members. FSA students give demonstrations of their individual projects which have been worked on through the year. 83 CAMERA CLUB, L to R: B. MacNiven, J. Lefevre, A. Obermaier, D Powers, G. Lindskog, J. Brossard. BRONCHO STAFF, ROW I, L to R: K. Kaempfer, A. Holaday, T. Leh- Richardson, A. King, B. Nielson, J. Moore 3 ROW 4: S. Zavodny, B. Su- mann, N. Miller, P. Nowleng ROW 2: S. Stroh, M. Balgemann, J. walski, J. Edmonds, J. Bishop, D. Shatwell, B. Peache. Alexander, A. Hanchett, J. Sicks, J. Kittredgeg ROW 3: G. Nikula, P. 1 BRONCHO BECOMES A BIGGER AND BETTER NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL STAFF, ROW I, L to R: J. Jahnholtz, Ad. Manager, L. Aranow, News Co-Editor, Miss Kennedy, Sponsor, P. Dunham, Editor- in-Chiefg ROW 2: G. Smith, Copy Editor, D. Ribbentrop, Ass't. Sports Editor, G. Hansen, Sports Editor, W. Wagers, Feature Co-Editor, J. Rum- mel, Feature Co-Editor, B. Nygren, News 'Co-Editor, A. Spreyer, Managing Editor. 4 This year, many changes have been brought about in the Broncho, BHS's bi-weekly newspaper. Changed from 8 x 11 to tabloid size from white sheet to newsprint, all 18 issues of the Broncho contain more news, strong editorials, and more informative features, such as Hoofbeats, Editorial column, Student Council news, and fashion column. The editorial staff of the Broncho attended the Illinois State high school Press Association in Champaign at the University of Illinois in September. Over Thanksgiving week, six Broncho representatives attended the National Convention in Chicago at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. Both were attended with Miss Kennedy, the new Broncho spon- sor of this year. Thereis no doubt that this year the Broncho has become bigger and better. Students look forward to Ending their papers in their lockers fdelivered freelj every other Friday. We hope the Broncho will continue to be such as asset to BHS and will continue to grow bigger and better. l 84 l H J Resolved: The U.S promotes a common market for western hemisphere. This is one of the various problems discussed in debate club and in competition with different schools throughout the year. During the year freshman clramatics studies fundamental dramatics and produces one act plays to put on for the freshmen. Although these clubs are different in their nature, they both aim to better them- selves in every day conversation and basic speech. DEBATE CLUB, L to R: B. Nielsen, L. Foy, M. Nance, D. Thompson N. Petterson, Miss Brunsting, Sponsor. STUDENTS IMPROVE SPEECH USAGE IN DEBATE, DRAMA FRESHMAN DRAMATICS, SEATED: Miss Brunsting, Sponsor, R. Kujawa, M. LaRue, L. Schultz. STANDING, L to R: L. Wallack, M. Pahl, A. Hamalian, L. Lessmann, S. Lind, J. Larson, B. Huff, C. Tolpo, D. Lemmon. 85 K' kkh- Q A in , Q - NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, ROW I, L to R: Vice-Presidents: N. Wisegarver, C. Lorenz, Presidents: V. Dahir, A. Hanchettg Secretaries: J. Wagner, S. Sinclair, Mr. Meinhard, advisor, ROW 2: C. Gerhardt, B. Putta, L. Barile, K. Kunsky, S. Church, D. Ritzenthaler, S. Cruttenden, M. Reid, ROW 3: E. Baumann, K. Tichy, L. Ernst, G. Michelotti, S. NHS HONORS OUTSTANDING Membership in National Honor Society is the highest award BHS can bestow upon a student. Selection is based not only on a student's scholarship but also on his character, leader- NHS inductees take the oath of membership. I Bowker, S. Savidge, K. Kaempferg ROW 4: J. Krause, W. Wagexs, M. Jones, J. Rosenberg, J. Schniepp, D. Lindberg, H. Cody, A. Spreyerg ROW 5: Cobb, J. Anderson, R. Cogswell, P. Jones, T. Malmgren, B. Schwemm, B. Potter, N. Petterson, B. Carr, Missing: P. Dunham. HARD-WORKING STUDENTS ship, and service. Induction ceremonies are held twice each year at which those upperclassmen elected by the faculty are given the opportunity to take the pledge of membership. NHS contains in its membership a cross-section of activities at BHS - from athletic organizations to language clubs, from Broncho to Folk Club. 86 Ann Hanchett gives the introductory speech at the induction assembly for new NHS members. FTA, L to R: M. Ammeson, M. Bishop, President, K. Molnar, J. Nadler, L. Potaczak, D. johnson, Miss Lynch, Sponsor. Future Hornemakers of America prepares girls for their pro- fession of homemaking. From the beginning of the year activi- ties enable the girls to better prepare themselves for home and community life. Projects include a Mother's Dessert, Daddy's Date Night, coffee hours and bake sales. FHA BOARD MEMBERS, ROW I, L to R: A. Figliola, Treasurer, C. Kugath, Secretary, S. Gaunt, Vice-President, Mrs. Quick, Sponsor, K. Wendt, President, ROW 2: J. Gerry, S. Ziegler, E. Foelschow, S. Prow, Miss Tenclinger, Sponsor, C. Olson. Future Teachers of America sponsors activities which stress the fundamentals of classroom teaching. Some projects were practice teaching, distribution of apples to faculty members during Teacher's Week, and panel discussions including mem- bers of the English staff. A FTA, FHA WORK AND STRIVE TOWARD THE FUTURE FHA, ROW I, L to R: D. Sadork, E. Heinrich, M. Bishop, N. Scheer, song ROW 3: P. Huxhold, K. Molnar, A. Figliola, C. Olmstead, K. Hull, G. Vesel, G. Jourdan, S. Adkins, L. Zboyang ROW 2: L. Potaczak, V. S. Sanofsky, C. Benz. Leis, L. Jelinek, V. Graham, B. Freund, B. Elliott, L. Ward, M. Robin- FOLK CLUB OFFICERS, L to R: G. Armstrong, Vice-President, M. Reid, Secretary, R. Anderson, Treasurer, D. Hudson, President. Folk Club is a new group this year, formed to pro- mote folk music not only in BHS but also throughout Barrington. During the year Folk Club has provided entertainment by presenting its original and novel Folk Festival, sponsoring a new folksinging group, the Yeo- men, and by taking trips into Chicago to see well-known folk musicians. One of the Folk Club's unique activities is gathering at a cat's pad for an evening of folksinging - or, to use the more ethnic term, a hootenanny. ETHNIC STUDENTS SING AND STRUM IN FOLK CLUB FOLK CLUB, ROW I, L to R: K. Anderson, B. Elliott, M. Bohn, B. Rice, S. Chapple, J. Weber, W. Widhelm, P. Ford, ROW 2: G. Yam- ashita. W. Miller, S. Chapple, N. Wright, M. Helikson, L. Coleman, V. Green: ROW 3: C. Chapple, L. Goldhammer, C. Smith, P. Does, S. Osterman, M. Turkevich, M. Glazman, A. Boyd, A. Lunde, S. Church, - - A- A ROW 4: P. Pelz, M. Gates, P. Fifer, C. Tolpo, J. Forbes, R. Knutson, J. Wichman, G. Eiland, A. 'Colemang ROW 5: B. Forrest, G. Love, R. Rand, M. Stiehl, S. Jahnholtz, E. Coe, B. Suwalski, J. Hanson, P. Hoffman, S. Wright. l 4. ORRAL STAFF, ROW I fseatedj, L to R: N. Wright, L. Tucker, L. Schwacke, J. Lefevre, B. MacNiven, A. Hanchett, J. Daubenspeck, C. abbsg ROW 2: P. Zdebski, H. Cody, C. Comes, STANDING: L. Steinhauer, G. Yamashita. EXTRA FEATURES ADD TO A BIGGER l963 CORRAL CORRAL sponsor, Miss Bergsten with editor, Kris Knudson. -. V5 ss 89 Each year the Corral, our BHS yearbook, enters the hands of all subscribers as an exceptionally better book than the preceding year's. Each year the budget is set higher to account for the color and added pages in the Corral. This year an index was added and a basic page plan was followed in hopes to make our Corral a true All-American. The staff, limited as it was, worked hard and gave up many Saturday mornings and after school hours to meet those deadlines that always came a week sooner than ex- pected. Yet with early planning, which began in the summer, the book Finally emerged as the Corral of 1963. EDITORIAL STAFF: Kris Knudson, Editor-in-chief, Margie Bohn, Lay- out Editor, Karen Tichy, Business Manager, Linda Holzman, Copy Editor. 'll- - x SMQQ? x Sw X .1 - W-- . I . X XX f 'ax .vis-i wiv. W o NX 9 .. X-E 1-1: gl' V9 if x X K QS. 3 Q iii I , f .3 , -...nw 8 S s 6' K :E--Ayfxfgiggwwiww fw K M 1NW.N.x,.. ..xx.x X.,x XX.XQx. W ,N .. .W -- - R X gs . Lf WSWS- M M X K S S is is yy, sgi fgg , Sig :Qi K is A ii QQ Q, - NN X XX X YN -X X xx X X X xx N X X S 'Q ., .,,. X S x NNN ""4kx,w X av- XS ,X -A .: , A S X wazw ws: X X A E u g? X N N X x x I xi X X Es X 9 STURJX' 5 O N. w .JS ,xx Nmlbx Mx N W-QMM 4? XX .. N- xx 5- X x S- ' . 'vm Q, 5- 'X . R' - -S . ,F 5 fl ii. ff L cf i '. . -X A I -Q ' - E-Q ' i 1-.ff 5, I ' . , fm. -ww Q 1 N . . ! ,."'-.'Q Ag: 'X kai-ws,-Q HN , ' i AXNQQ .. ' X xL,. , ,. 1 NW" ' :wwf , Q51 ' XX .X x. f -,f ' -.QA X NSN N X X - as 3? Q ' .1 A M5 Ja, M .XXX Q W. 1 1 Q - -mi.: xx yn A NN Q . Q SEQ? ii? E X . fifil A f SKF S. S- Vvv ?-il. .. -..4 N A NMNM-N - N 1 w ' .x Y . . X .P . 'R' W 1 Q X ' Sf-x ,wx 1. f ,fn -5.. t - , .,...., , ,.. X X - f. xr 1-Q -N , ., ' .4 , tw-.Qg sx 6 ii? N Q ,....-- T " ! :, Q ' 21. .. A ' 6 . gy K is as H H Q -SQ X Q f- K- 1551 K. M X Q ,A E' H x.. s.. my X X X Q 1 A arms X Nw fx -- 4431 xxx, 53 wi s X x Q 8 , SL ., 5 4 X X X S w g - .. 5 . N fi, is lg L Qi X X what -E N .,.. .QQ X NN A x XX xx xg X :S N Z- xx K W N 7' i X FRESHMAN BASKETBALL, ROW 1, L to R: K. Wedig, Mgr., L. lack, K. McMillan, R. Schumaker, B. Dickey, T. Connelly, Mr. Ander- Benson, Mgr., B. Devore, E. Lewis, L. Altenburg, J. Mackey, S. Brodhay, son, Coach. B. Rigsby. ROW 2: D. Muehler, T. Stewart, B. Smith, N. Heine, L. Wal- Coach Eppexson talks to Glenn Neal and Paul Baker about tying up the ball without fouling. The Ponies finished a great season in a tie for first place. This team, its tallest player merely 6', controlled the boards and showed a tremendous defense which led to the down- fall of a number of favored teams. BASKETEERS HIT THE HOOPS IN Hampered by a slow start and a lack of height, the 1963 Bronchos won enough games to tie for fourth in the conference and remain a threat in this area. Fine perform- ances were given by All-Conference Guard Wayne Graver and Co-Captain Gary Showers. One of Barrington's finest efforts was their tournament defeat of Mundelein. Although their season record was unimpressive, the Bronchos show- ed fine spirit and promise for the 1963-64 season. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL, ROW I, L to R: B. Beal, C. Mallon, R. Hartwig, E. Dunk, W. Wessel, L. Nelson, G. Wilkinson, Mr. Epperson Voss, R. Hopkins, G. Neal, M. Timon, P. Baker, J. Johnson. ROW 2: K. Coach. Periman, Mgr., T. Roubidoux, L., Kerley, R. Watson, T. Moolinaar, K. VARSITY BASKETBALL, ROW 1, L t0 R1 R. Cogswell, B. Connelly, Williams, J. Condill, B. Grabenkort, T. Jahnke,,J. Jusits, S. Wershay, G L. Reakes, T. Malmgren, N. Oye, C. Mirs. ROW 2: R. Rigsby, Mgr., S. Showers, W. Graver, S. Block, Mgr. '63, AS BRONCHOS AND PONIES BRING HOME FOURTH AND FIRST PLACES. BRONCHOS 50 ............ 54 45 51 57 '51 69 51 46 53 65 61 56 59... 66 62 69 60 41... 71 54 SCOREBOARD Maine i'Vest Hinsdale ..... Dundee .... Arlington .... Woodstock . . . Zion-Benton .... Crystal Lake .... Palatine ....... East Rockford .. Libertyville ..... McHenry .... Elgin West . . . Dundee ........ Monona Grove . . . . Woodstock ..... Zion-Benton .... Crystal Lake .... Palatine ...... Libertyville . . . St. Edward's .... McHenry .... OPPONENT 60 ....61 48 62 56 ....47 ....64 57 48 ....63 60 ....45 72 ....48 62 65 ....45 68 ....53 ....69 60 Co-Captains Wayne Graver and Gary Showers get a new variation of an offensive play from Coach Madding during practice. X W Q B W .W - ' iii i f Y X5 51 X 5 -H Q S X mff Q, i X '?..' M K A x X , X 4 A fy, 5 a X fo x 4 ' s 1 K f .ll-if ' My ,,.5 4 5 'Q' .0 Em W ,fij3? f M ff ,ffl V Mm ,.., f 1 4 4h 4 :,A 1 'if 'I+ V A, ,, , fllilw ff Q? ..,j Q 3' Q ,saggy g i ,, , i q Q fl A-1 kk f iv: sl f AN " :SX - . X.. A X SK XX.. 1 Q, X X XS' if wg' Yffxx if : X X V. f ., :I yyvff .. QQ f- L X Xgff- 'X Nr Xxx 5 X ii Y Q A i n , Sb : " 'gif ' -FN XX W -X. X -. X XS Qt X X T X 3 X E X XX X X 5 X XX X 5 I X P' XX SX V- X, Q, N . - - i S NL ., .S - XXX NX S X x X XX RS .QNX XXX? X T 5 Q' X1 555 x X , . X9 X 'EE S ' A 5 X 53 X- . - it 1. f '1 X- "' 1 X Q EE X ' E X X Q? K X X - 4 X X 1- . A X k J -- X sm + Q X - X X XX. X XX N SNS .sf S . K 1 XX N f X Nz ' . X A 'L X -'-- ' - XX X -M X X 'W J 1 K S Q 3 X X X: X - Xi xi ii. X EX gf " .. , : X X fr X X5- S X. N :X fs ii ggi? L X i, 52 Xin V XX . ii E L-gt E gi m1. "'-'- , 2 M - xN. X. ,lw.,........1igio.o ff N-hh J, . e .M SOPHOMORES, ROW I, L to R: M. Bottcher, M. Benz, L. Aranow, K. Anderson: ROW 2: P. Babb, M. Balgemann, A. Biesterfield, K. Christie, G. Brandstraderg ROW 3: Kim Carnell, Gail Carty, J. Berghorn S. Chapple, M. Cermak, P. Aznavooriang ROW 4: A. Bergren, B. Beal J. Altenberg, T. Baldino, D. Bechtolg ROW 5: K. Brandt, G. Blackburn C. Banger, E. Bailey, ROW 6: A. Charland, G. Cripps, K. Andres, C Bean, ROW 7: M. Cameron, M. Black, G. Bowlin, P. Baker, LEDGE: C. Cassell, D. Cavender, F. Clark, D. Clark, D. Bracht, R. Anderson, L Burrell, STANDING: J. Arnold, D. Beda, J. Aslanoff, L. Brady, A. Bruce Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. J Sophomore Ponies meet in a huddle during a decisive game. SOPHOMORES, ROW I, L to R: P. Fifer, C. Eckert, P. Donlea, S. Fawcett, P. Dickinson: ROW 2: J. Cordill, J. Johnson, C. Croneigh, J. Deller, B. Ferrarinig ROW 3: E. Dunk, C. Connolly, A. Edwards, J. Daubenspeck., D. De Wolf, ROW 4: E. Fisher, A. Fitzpatrick, S. Flint, B. DeLoach, B. Dodson, ROW 5: D. Egland, B. Danielson, L. Ferrarini, G. Domine, B. Delaware g LEDGE: J. Drover, J. Doherty, D. Dein, R. DePue, T. DeBoo, C. Detweiler, STANDING: L. Coleman, J. Dowling, J. Fedota, B. Ferries. Sophomore Rusty Anderson joins with upperclassmen to form the "No Exit Trio." SOPHOMORES, ROW 1, L to R: N. French, B. Hinman, D. Glaub, V. Gehrigg ROW 2: J. Hagedorn, M. Gayer, M. Hammg ROW 3: K. Geary, S. Glassman, K. Forbes, L. Gustavsong ROW 4: L. Foster, R. Freytag, E. Foelschow, K. Franseng ROW 5: G. Garamoni, E. Gannon, G. Gref- Hn, J. Gebhardt, A. Goldhammerg ROW 6: K. Hamm, V. Green, J. Grossman, S. Hallett, G. Galvin, LEDGE: R. Glowac, B. Frey, R. Johnson, L. Haines, D. Freier, A. Giles, M. Greetis. Tee-hee, Princey! The glass slipper will never lit her fat foot! C'est la vie! So we can't all be Miss Americas . . . SOPHOMORES, ROW I, L to R: R. Holmes, V. Jones, M. Johnson, C Jelinekg ROW 2: D. Hudson, J. Irwin, P. Homuth, L. Gullbrants. H Heckel, L. Jelinekg ROW 3: L. Hopkins, L. Heinrich, J. Jurs, V. Graham P. Holaday, B. Jenseng ROW 4: D. Jackson, R. Jahnke, M. Huss, B SOPHOMORES, ROW I, L to R: V. Leis. S. Hartwig, P. Huxhold ROW 2: J. Kuhlman, B. MacNiven, G. Lapp, J. Mills, R. Kenleyg ROH1' 3: S. Grosvenor, D. Lunde, K. Lockwood, D. Kaiser, G. McComes, P. Moody, L. Kellyg ROW'4: L. Laureys, J. Marsh, L. Kerley, J. Love, Jones, E. Holicg ROW' 5: B. Geho, D. Gillis. B. Goldfen. M. Huffman. C. Hanseng LEDGE: P. Hoffman, R. Jurs. B. Heath. R. Hicks, S. Jahn- holtz, B. Hook. R. Haas. G. Morton, D. Moor. J. Love, J. Linder, P. Laughton: ROW 5: J. Kolkmeycr, Lahti, M. Liiller, M. Kincaid, MI. Heliksong LEDGE: J. Mirecki, A. Krock, P. Mclonas, D. Lyons, K. Hartwig. T. lNIoolcnaar, J. Lynn. Tarzans whoop it up at the Dames' Dance with their Janes. SOPHOMORES, ROW I, L to R: C. Martin, L. King, C. Landgraft, K. Kujawag ROW 2: P. Klein, G. Lehmann, S. lvfeyer, C. Meschewski, S. Lorimer, F. Mueller, J. Iddings, C. Kugathg ROW 3: N. Kokoron, K. Meyer, C. Meiners, C. MeKee, T. McFadden, M. McAuliffe, B. Klein, J l L. What, ME worry? Kalck, D. Kalkbrennerg ROW 4: B. Miller, B. Jackson, J. McClure, 'C. Michalak, P. Miller, S. Marland, J. Kingg ROW 5: D. Kopack, T. Mills A. Keisler, C. Mallon, T. List, J. Johnson, J. Mervis, M. McCarthy, Si Kleinfelter, G. Monsen, C. Krajcik, B. Kidder, M. Hell. aw. X X XX ENS SBSX XXX X :.g ,.iEQ X X Q X X Q X X as X .p .. RX XXXS XKXXXX XX 1 ,f X Qi X As X. Q, X . .gxf A img 2 N . X 'NX.M:i: f Q Q . X, K Q . X X: 5 X is-X Q X . ,lr X Mix X X f F fi! X X XX. ,SX XNQ3 X sf -ww Sf, NN X X Q S -SS 5 ,, i - X X .. All ix x X2 A XX A .XX X 5 W-X XX , f XX-X X KSXXQX XNXS X Q-wx X: X HQ, ,gf X is X NA NE X' K A-.Nw in K., fi, Qi QNX WRX 'Q X ',.K. iff X ,f X X .xv 'fu Yjilfi fax X . va . ,X 'iff yr FAA ,X X .Wx Qribyn- .fy- Q AX, Q X-AW? ' X f X X RQ S X KK SNS? ,I R EX 5 A ii - X S iii. X X ., is X X x. X f x g X X ix? XX X A. 5 X , ff A . A ,NFS 'Xi Qf X. 5 X. K X A A .XX E NL S - XSNNQX KX XX XX NX 3 Qiifx XXX . N X X gm N X. XM 'EX WX XX Q Q Q A X N X X XX X X ws, ...of .,...-0 . X X in . 'E Q: , Q ' gm Q ,,... ' gwwwwwv----.. ,,,, ,,,..,.., , ,. , ...,,,,. , "And see the rivers, how they run Through wood and mead, in shade and sun Sometimes swift, sometimes slow, Wave succeeding wave they go A various journey to the deep, Like human life to endless sleep." Grongar Hill 'I . x .' M X x 1 , X 3' X Sf sz MQ My si Q M wk sk A X X Aw .Q Nt kk. . AM NSN wx .Q W. X W .X... W Q NN wig... SSS.. S- S X Sw .. . . wx-LQ .Wi Nw Q Sis SAS X kk,-?s xi X Q wif' X Ss Qi? SSW- 'SAN Nm S X R in 52 ns E Abby Spreyer and Denny Lindberg make good keepers of the dragon. ss- Q . as Q remiss X -'X-- gs -s 5 .. 5 t st 5 he.. Mother - PLEE-E-EEZ! IN "EARNEST" AND THE MAGIC DRAGON'S PRANKS. "The Importance of Being Earnest" was Oscar VVilde's satire on the manners of 19th century British society. The play was performed at BHS with exaggerated and very affected mannerisms and expressions, much to the delight of the audi- ence. The great 'ltragedy' of the play occurred when the two young heroines discover that their Hances are not the romantic Earnests they once supposed. c'The Land of the Magic Dragon" was the Masque and Wig children's dramatic production, produced primarily for the Barrington grade school children. The unusual Chinese set- ting and the fanciful plot captured the imaginations of all those who saw it. The cast of "The Land of the Magic Dragon" certainly are a chamiing lot. 'l S s i sl Q El 3 ll l H Players satirize 19th century society life by adopting the affectations and rnannerisms of the times. THESPIANS FORM ANOTHER BHS HONORARY SOCIETY NATIONAL THESPIANS, ROW I, L to R: M. Gillilan, P. Gross, Sec- retary, T. Manzlze, President, A. Spreyer, Vice-President, G. Michelotti, Treasurer, Mr. Johnson, Sponsor, ROW 2: J. Zack, L. Goldhammer, S Sinclair, C. Clark, P. Treacy, S. Prow, L. Barile, S. Church, P. Baum- Bob Schwemm and E. D. Baumann portray a touching love scene in "earnest," National Thespians is an honoraiy society which includes Mas- que and Wig members who have worked more than 200 hours on various aspects of school play productions. Stars are awarded for additional work and merit, and the most deserving Thespians re- ceive pins at the climax of their high school theatrical work. gartnerg ROW 3: J. Weaver, J. Smith, J. Novak, M. Mclntyre, D. Lyon, C. Cassell, C. Lundstrom, A. Sparling, N. Giesen, D. Volpe, ROW 4-: B. Allen, R. Merritt, M. Cropp, M. McCaw, B. Nygren, A. Rice, B. Busse, B. Miller, J. Irwin. X -X X WX X XX K ' X SRV: N QXX N W X X QX' X X f XS . Nw-'N' x R x 5 1 -f 5 as :E - X X XX Q XX N X XXX Xxx' XSS QXX X ? Sk SN X X S XFX? W XXX XX X XX, :X X5 X XX- X ' -X XX E? 6 X 54 f " A XXX .X X QXXXXQ--sr X X X ' X XXX -'QXLXQ-XXX X -.-. X -XS X, , ' QX QXL X X LX zz- - ' X A H XXXXXQXXXX X X X XX i - V -X X ' 2 XX X? - X X W X X X N Xym K Fx 2:25, X X xws X .:- X X i XX-XX X' XX XXX - Mk X X XXX . X X X - ' - I X X X 2 if XX. X X X ' A 5 ' N 1 y XX f':3XX, 1 X 3 S X ,Xi X 7 XX X A, 1 5 . 53, X W QXXXXX x K f X X X X - X XX X X XX XX Lf K .XXXXXX X N 5 X .X RX LI P. '- X x X X X XX f f f X Rf- A W- ' X ' -' X K X X . X X N X X X -- XX XX ' XX-X-X X- K .XX 5'1"-I X -5 l XX X 2 .X X KX - X3 E :XX -X X X -XX X -w f x ,XXX. XXX XX 5 SX f - :- XX - XX X- k - gig . X , -"' X X X X ' X X ,Xf X QX - 5 X X 3, . X X Q X A-XX , -X 'X,. -: X X'XXX X i X XX .Q X m XS: X XXX 'X' X - W XXX X XXKK XXL K X x X- XX X X X X XQXXSC 1, - W X X XXX XX ,Q ,X S if F X AXX,-X -1515 3 XXL XX X X X - - 5 x XX f Q X X XXXXXXXXX ' X A h X X X9 3 XXX xii Xf Q k XXXX XXQ X- X E Xk A XXX K XXXXG X X XX X X ., N XXX " 'X' X X X' X X - sis X 2 .X m 'Q Q- . X X A X. X EX X L -X ' - 1 igX,X.XXX- 5XXXxi - 'if ' 'sei-:sei 'E f 3 'F X85 X X X -55 XX X '- X Y X X - X X X- Xf iXX 'L-f' , X ' X T XX 5 X XFN S QSQFYXQ f i X B ' :Ek XX X XXV? X - X X - XX- X - A Ki? X :X X X -X X I 1,5 x x ? X X 2 XSS? X .-1 1: X X.. ' S- X X ' X X X ,X X X X-K K fi' Xwigx-X Xf 1 "X: xx N w A - gyb A -, X X .X we . -X X .X x X A Iifr -:.':. X X-Q 1 X Q X X H , . X xf ff X X X R ks A' ..X. 1 , f kj X Xi " Q 1 ' " , X f. X fe A ' Xi .. ,t - - X S .. .XF 1 ' k C11 S Y' X X X YE G ' eksimxv - SA Q2 4 '- X k X Q -X XXX XX . 1 X is E if Q ki Q K, -N N N x X Ex x O X X X N a X wg X E, X 2 x:., S X Q11 X ww ' . X XV 5 Q x - I :Si K Q i.-NI - X ' .. XX iw f X XS x 6 QNX X NX X Nw we -its, 3 5 I fi' if Q t w - 525.1262 S 555 .X a 3 X E SES ' Q Q SX ,SX w '- .XXX KX . EX XQQPSKSNS ,WW S Y XR X Xw X: Yi-NXN QQQXF N Q Ex Q Xy J Sm-f 'ffs-NSW X f Xzsm X-QQ N: X. QQ N 5 w X X Wynn X . .S XR .. 2 Q SN X X. Y -Nix - X Y.. ...sf X .- :lax ' .. 1:1255-ik-:j:j.'N. if.. 'fi '71 .N X k 'X k K f-L . -Wg K .. . I .,., , - . .- ifffg ' X. -Q '33 ' 2 2 E-?:fj2':,1j ' 1 LLLL m L A . X . X g L F Xa- . X... ' . ..-- - SS? 2--:tw x- X. 1. WN- - s f : i . A . . E- I E Ekf 5 x f S1 K 2 f L ,. .si-Sem sk. . S YfS.x?'.' .ss ' P 2? J- S , iw.- " . Q K L. 5 x 5.5 xl. sixwc - 1. . f .QR -5 ix N W. -' K 5 Y E X ? . . E. . -- 55 5 3 ig- t iii if ' k ti: S 5 3 1 . misss - 4. X xii EY. Nik. :F . 1:52:55 -si ' i g X gig L I Ni.. km ig ...a wwiwx. XX N S kg A . S . -ww N12 A... : 3. W3 xw.. . .f X X i 3 x Lf. L K gi. A X as x 2 XX :HM 'Jn A X X-x wk-QL 2 A f 33 SR N g N Q fx wx r X x XE NX Sl 45 R -Sv , .Q X X. x gxwgwigwf f .gs wi' RW - -.X ig v 1 A Q Russ Stamm takes the lead as they soar over the last hurdle. SPRING SPORTS MEAN THE THRILL Golf team medalist, Bob Kerr, practices up for the big match. What am I doing here? 116 Broncho pitcher hurls his pitch to put out opponent hitter. OF A BOY RUNNING THE LAST LAPf Hey, wait a minute! That's my bowling ball Eric Twerdahl stands alert, while partner returns the ball. 117 Bill Potter hustles back to the bag after an attempt to steal second. THE ROAR OF THE CROWD AS THE BATTER SLIDES INTO HOME PLATE, X 'r Q . . Satisfied with his last slam over the net, Jay Cordill takes his match. Hey, a hole-in-one! 118 Pretty good, eh fellas? THE TENSE TOUCH-AND-GO IN A The hand-off from Russ Schulkc puts Bob Grabenkort practices his chip shots to thc green the Broncho relay-mc-n in the lead. 119 ' 1 'QW Tennisman, John Cobb, returns a high loft. Who dropped the box of nails under the bar? QUICK TENNIS MATCH, AND THE CHIP SHOT SUNK TO BIRDIE THE HOLE. Rounding third and on his way to home, Jim Condill scores again. , x x Demonstrating stance and backswing, Steve Blatnak gets ready to hit his iron shots. i W TENNIS, ROW I, L to R: G. Luke, D. Rosenfeld, C. Sullons, C. Cody, B. G. Monsen, D. Nelson, ROW 3: Mr. Kostick, D. Hewitt, D. Alberts, S. 3 Wills, ROW 2: P. Corrigan, E. Twerdahl, J. Cordill, J. Cobb, S. Shultz, Etian, D. McAcloo, D. Presba, K, Bohn, J. Halberg. l l l y GOLFERS WIN TITLE AS RACKETMEN GAIN EXPERIENCE l 'This year's tennis team possessed a lot of young talent, the top spring, helped the team tie Palatine for the conference golf five players being three freshmen, one junior, and one senior. The championship. The team won ten consecutive matches aftertwo team narrowly lost live dual matches by a margin on only one defeats. Senior Bob Kerr, the most valuable golfer, was the con- point. Junior John Cobb was voted the team's most valuable ference first place medalist with a score of 83. Next year the team I player. With just one year of experience next year's tennis team anticipates an excellent season with two returning juniors, one l should be able to win those close matches instead of losing them. sophomore, and one freshman. Mr. Madding, coaching the golf team for the first time this GOLF, ROW I, L to R: D. Windahl, P. Berquist, B. Connelly, C. Mallon, Madding, C. Michael, J. Stoetzel, N. Heine, G. Windahl, M. Helikson, R. Stoetzel, R. Grabenkort, C. Minor, R. Kerr, S. Blatnakg ROW 2: Mr. G. Bohlin, S. Wershay, A. Hamalian. VARSITY TRACK, ROW I , L to R: J. Fisher, S. Holzwart, D. Young, B. Forrest, M. Jones, R. Schulke, W. Graverg ROW 2: D. Shatwell, J. Clavin, C. Wyman, B. Oldenburg, M. Ochoa, B. Young, S. Wright, R. Stammg ROW 3: A. English, A. Rockwood, D. Frederick, Wichser, TWO TRACKMEN PARTICIPATE IN STATE COMPETITION. Two BHS cindermen proudly represented the school at the state track meet in Champaign. Steve Holzwart, competing in the 440 yard dash, and Greg lveichmann, tossing the shot put, were the Iirst Barrington trackmen to go downstate. Greg placed third in the State in the shot put event. The regular season was highlighted by such victories as the up- set over the Woodstock Bluestreaks and the second place win in the conference meet. Captain Steve Holzwart, varsity runner for his third year, was voted most valuable trackman, and Cookie Rollo, pole vaulter, was the most improved team member. The line record of the team was a real tribute to Mr. Murphy who was coaching the team for his last year. FROSH-SOPH TRACK, ROW I, L to R: R. Depue, N. Kokoran, J. Hansen, T. Connolly, B. Steinmetz, J. Treacy, J. Gebhardt, G. Grefiin, K. Rembowski, R. Hunter 5 ROW 2: R. Smith, T. Dingess, B. Altenburg, B. Roarke, L. Foy, A. Hogfelt, S. Walaitis, G. Lapp, T. Krueger, P. Melonasg ROW 3: J. Reese, M. Spenk, K. Steinmetz, P. Laughton, R. Holmes, H. Schmidt, T. List, B. Jackson, B. Delaware, D. Dein, F. Callaneng P. Knudsen, G. Showers, D. Slusser, M. McCaw, S. Lefevreg ROW 4: M. Stiehl, C. Rollo, G. Wiechmann, J. Jensen, B. Ritzenthaler, B. Beckwith, ROW 5: Mr. Epperson, R. Stetson, J. Skubik, B. Hagemann, J. Westlake, G. Neal, R. Von Albrecht, J. Ariola, S. Welsh, G. Love, Mr. Murphy. FROSH-SOPH BASEBALL, ROW I, L to R: B. Heath, J. Lynn, J. Johnson, L. Nelson, B. Beal, B. Miller, ROW 2: R. Haas, L. Laureys, T. Baldino, M. Cameron, W. Wessel, T. Rubidoux, R. Smith, D. Schumaker. ROW 4: R. Hopkins, P. Gillis, J. Ackerman, S. Scott, B. Peache, J. Etters, C. Hughart, D. Kolhase, R. Hicks, E. Lewis, W. Webster, R. Schiebel, K. Hartwigg ROW 5: Mr. Karon, G. Morton, L. Walleck, T. Moolenaar, J. Wangelin, D. Lyons, D. Bracht, A. Charland, E. Dunk, R. Voss, C. Michalak, T. Potter, K. McMillan, M. Timon, Mr. Jones. A W ANNQ Rv if' Q5 ng 5 Bm 912-. N. - 7 ix X SS S QM . X ES -W X A A g ex Q Q XXQS is Q 5 , -X N. .X - . XXXXXXXXXXQ " MiLLXX',X'Kf''x"f?iX5iligmsX-XX XX---53, X b M Q Q X X X XX ...... X V M A' A " 'A "Nix A: A X XX X -W--X - X - X ,- .X Xl M th A L Www XM XX .... Y X -X X K Xi --A XR S x M K W N '.'L A 7 ' A X TY' ...,,.. X X. X XX -nf L XXfXXfQfffl'7I XX --:- yQi -3 X XX mmm X X SIX XXXN ,MX XX , X X QXXXX X SESS LLL MQ-Q X XX- XXX X X -Qt:.XXXXXg -WM XX ESX? XXX - XX 4 A x ,Q KX X- X X ,m- - -- X XX P -- -X - - X X -X X X X- X ' ' xx X SX- ' ' X P 5 aiiwif' Q NPR XX S X gym S - X 'L ix R 2551: X N F- X Q I CIIQX K . 'K k 5 T5 W, I A :eggs SQ A X . ri Tiki X J X: X 5 XXI PM F . A ' X X X X- ' ' X 1 X X XX X X X ' XA M is X X X N 4 I w gf, j g i f 1 rf X --X A X l XX.X nw- ,X A ,K , X X X -X w ,I L21 , - X rl . s X ,, 5' X . 2 XX X r X If X - LX, X X XXX, X xt X -SQ is 1 2 X K X -X -X ' 5 Xfilif i - N SX Xr- - X . ' X' X 1 - XX ,+A 5E X X kiiw if X - A ,QQXQ-3 ,X A EX -X QQ -S N 1 V S X E X K X K X Q55 -S Y X , X fy K - sb K K-X V M-S - X XA Q XX S-5: X -- Qx .X X N - JX - f X gwsxi -fi-M X X- --X' X X- , X- - - ' Xf Q-qi J 'H X 'XS - Y - if . lg X X X X X- - X XXX- X X. - ,.X X X L - ' ki XXXX ' if X was , ,A5SkRXXxYn X Q X XX X 3 X-X X X: X X X gl-X X , :awx k -XX XX.vXX Y xx W X, ,f Q W .5 M XXX W X. 5. S X XXXQX X X X X X XX-- I '1 -'71 its 1 'Aly f WWW ,ff , 'Y lj dim Wi W , f' - X X X 1 XX , -X Q ggiig-.Iy X ' ' X X K .. R Q5 X X X if S -Q Q ' 77 X ..:, X ii - 5 X - X X - 'X X X X X XXXX . W w X QX 'fi l EB ,HE-35 X A 'EQ iii .,..- SB L.. X X NX. x XXX WX X3 ,A 'Q-XX X XXX! X X-XX .. 'N'--X., -. xM,X .X m.m:.. XX QS X XXX X E www fix X. X QX ,... K X . SE.. ' EX-X XX X mf,sXX vXXfXX .5 X K tt XXX, S , 5- S X X N X E X S X is X. X X55 . T25 X L : Q X E -X W. , iX :- XSSN .X.NNw my X 'Nw . N . XXX NX RSX R X 1 -- ie- X in T- 1' f?XSSXXSX EH XX X XXXFX. k X Y X X is X egggg X- Pg- k X X is X X ' XX E .. E: 'gif . .1 K SX A Q E ii X Q- ' F3 X X GAA, ROW I, L to R: C. Lorenz, Vice-President, C. Comes, President, Miss Perbix, Sponsorg ROW 2: M. Leeson, Point Chairman, P. Richardson, Treasurer 3 C. Schick, Secretary. GAA gymnast shows that flexibility is a necessity for performing on the apparatus. PROVE THAT BHS GIRLS ARE BOTH GRACEFUL AND ATHLETICALLY INCLINED. l Tennis players practice for their big matches. Pam Thompson demonstrates balance and grace. l l Denny adds names to his little black book. X Student Council members, working long hours after school on stage settings, script, and auditions, opened the curtain Friday and Saturday evenings on an entertaining and talented pro- gram. Featuring two categories, Fine arts and vaudeville, the eve- ning's entertainment was judged by a group of tive people, with three prizes in each group. Included on the program were several comedy acts, folk singers, soloists, a dramatic reading and some well-timed interruptions by an amazing young lady. Audience reaction was highly favorable as the show unfolded in the setting of a New York theatrical agency run by a tough looking customer finally revealed as Denny Dunn, council president. As the various acts auditioned for his approval the audience was allowed to enjoy their talents too. Ulti- mately, everyone was highly satisfied with the judges' decision which gave Abbie Spreyer Hrst place in the Fine Arts division for her reading of "Patterns" by Amy Lowell and the Salt Creek Singers Hrst in the vaudeville group. STUDENT COUNCIL 'S T963 VARIETY SHOW WINS AUDlENCE'S APPROVAL Have you heard the administration is cutting lunch periods to 13 min- utes! A peach . . . 128 gk x Si? W N XX ' Q-.N X x X N 3 5 Y qw X X K ' Y N Xxx, ,fm may O .Q -XX Q ,.., k X NX X N X , N Q 1 it XXR AQ., is 'x X xx W xx' - N X X xx X N XS X QE A T Z af. .X ,. 'fl k X, X . HN gf!" , SWL., ' Nw. ' 1 Q' we?" . 4 XX gf-1 'Y Q65 ...N ' N Q X ,Q RQ K X 'S K X N Q 5 Kgs, A ikww After many weeks of "prom talk" and eager anticipation, Prom -' night finally arrives. Couples inaugerate the evening with the the beautifully decorated gym, the couples are engulfed with I "Southern Splendor." The evening progresses and the atrnos- - phere is filled with bewitchment. AS SOUTHERN BELLES WHIRL ABOUT THE DANCE FLOOR, PROM GOERS Prom goexs are delighted by the southern decor. traditional Grand March past parents and relatives. As they enter The traditional Grand March be l 4 w 1 ht of "Southern Splendor." ENJOY A GRAND NIGHT IN "SOUTHERN SPLENDOR," THE 1963 PROM "Be bopa lula, She's my baby . . .', Romantic couples are uneasy under the anxious eyes of on I k Teachers get the royal treatment and really eat it up at the annual Latin Club Banquet. BIG MEMBERSHIP IN LANGUAGE CLUBS GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS, L to R: E. Baumann, Secretaryg D. Lindberg, Presidentg B. Carr, First Vice-Presidentg S. Block, Second Vice-Presidentg Miss Baer, Sponsorg S. Stroh, Treasurer. Freshman and sophomores form a large part of the German Club membership. 132 Large junior and senior membership in German Club indicates why it is one of the most suc- cessful school clubs in BHS. MAKES MORE PROJECTS POSSIBLE, AND MAKES MORE FUN AT BANQUETS. Herr Block sings the Schnitzelbank song. da ll mwwgy jf-X X 'WWIK NG it , A5535 3, U .Pixar-. is-Cv? 0,9 Sfnggnhef in d E gggfwhcfk S0e'S5Gfm'sW am. nemo seam cw ww ws 'A X Ffflf SM! . SPWNKMSS in s i. -x ., sm, 1 German Club members decorate Christmas tree in courtyard as one of their many services to BHS. xv, Q X ni X ',.y.-x u-1-:, -Z'X'XwX. uma-, xx xx ,Q '. .'. .Tk l.1.x.x,' , .3-1 e:a:s:4::::::::::3:s'Qs -xfxfx-x-x.:.x.x.x.f1.f1,, i:514:Q:i:N:sfunk .V 'X-avr-x-x.nx,,,x.nn.5, 3. Y R vs ? x X X Y SSP' A X , . -ff 3 QQ :,::- 1 Q m X '--' mp X LLm. LA L 3 X53 Q Q -S ' X A Q. X 1 x -5 ESQ 25 Eggs Qgiigg 4 X Q N L Q, X Wx 5,5 V ww X is Q f ' S A x,.xmxw:gg,uni3i ! . sung 1 K . gun K Q- wwi 4 .5 4 QR? .. , xq S Y X Q- 2- 2' S i x ii - 3 ' .M ififmf- ,iz ' Y pg Q- . - L Q :.' , .1 - :-. X. 'HS ,, , g- . , . X Wifi? V 1 X 4 ' ' Q' ASN f X N' E ws 1 1 " .sk ' x X . AX -1- ..,. f f N 'Kgs' -Pi xg s A 'X Nag:-2-+5 sk Q xl mm-. , f 1 Q 1' X, 31 .. . ,,,- 2 P , 3 X Xi: A A , X .. X W N E S . if ' i k il : ., O . -KX, Nyggg E ,,,, x,mmmmM,.WA.l. R ,mx Y, .L 1 .1 x X N X X xx R031 Ni QXN QQ 0 X X Xlixw X X is rx a X iiw X Six XXX X NSR :X Qi? 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X X X L - .X .XX X 5. QXX X X X x W X X XXNNV ' XX, XX XX X R XX X X X B. Calhoun s X? X X l 5? X X . . .b'-- X. 55. J. Carr . ....,. .... ----.A...-.. -.ggfr g . .QX A. X T . W . K i T. Chamberlain P. Charles R. Close X X-Xsfa, '- .f XXX R. Collins J. Condill Juniors enjoy a feast of Roman delica Double your pleasure, double your fun . . . N? N D. Decker R. Dickinson H. Ding 139 1 X D X . , L.-1 5, R XX J. Condon ...ri N ' ..... - .8 M. Cropp D. Dixon ' 1 5 -X.. X . . .. X-ne? X X R. Cote X -'1 Ts. ....-" ' X. -lruu cies at the Latin Banquet 'X QSXXXX 5 - ..... X .X X X N X.XX. X ...X X X X ex X X X X Sri N 'REQ' X X X X 5 X f J. Crumrine fig, . . F . .. X Q 'SS if , . I. Dixon N Ii' X IX- il E' D ... . X S fm- . X- 'T-X J. Coty Y R. Currid xv- .. ' ff: L5 .. . -.-- . ess .. X. , J. Dobrinski ' S '1 '- 1, L. Does F. Dolan XXX. F . K .X XX X 5 1 . f E . I L5 D XX EX. X ' X .X X X M. Donlea R f ' D X - ii' 2 . 5 :KQ 5. 5 A r as S XS X XX X X X X X 5 . , ,,T,, .X i .Q I Yi: X-1. 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X X - XX' L. Foerster B. Forrest D. Frederick W. Frick 140 A. Fisher XX f. X :X E' C. Engelbrecht -X QE: 'SSX J XW E X NS -X - X- .X .,... S , Q F .. S. Etters H. Fawcett T. Fenton gf' s . X XE 'LX XX-X . M ee'e U X. I K X S Y- S SX S X -- XX-X My Q Q ix Q... X ie X X X ' X X X Q X 5135- :Z-5 2 C. Flato R. Flubacher S. Gaunt P. Gawron B. Gelzer M. Gerber C, Gerhardt J. Gerry B. Grabenkort P. Gross ..E,,. 1 . .s-. - ,,,:,, . essf-n .E sees X X ee ex ax N gs K X . N N XQ Eugene: s - L. 1 -- K- Gllffke Hey, Barb, are you the devil's advocate? L. Hansen C. Hanson I1 il ef , K - . 3 X . ease :asf . X X D. Harris C. Haseman X Q YJ Jw 51' ,sr L. Hare B. Harkema D. Hauch L. Hays .Q - Nz Y. . fs .. - .se - ff an 1. 5 N e gs X X ss Q Egg. - . S sf.:--. ?!. 1 . ' - X X QR S A ix R. Heffernan V. Higgins F. Hoffman sssflssfasfeiii ' ge X.s-s T J' gsyn S. Hoffman 141 X ' L J E!! eil . . - ' . .s',...SE Q .ss N Q 51 3? . B. Grant B. Gritmacher SN ssssess X X s ik Q s Y ix ns X N is S J nik s Q R. 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' M ----- X XX-X : X-:X . . -..Ms X. so -- g W 6 Xa . X- :XJ -- 2 K ww X . -X XXXXXSX s T. Jahnke C. Jakes G. Jensen G. Jilek A. Johnson D. Johnson i .. . . Ns , ' C. Kaiser What. do you mean I forgot to touch first? XX - QNX ..,. . 33.5. XX-J -X J. - X XX-X Xgxssio- NX X X X XX X . .X S Q . Q Q XXXN C B. Kampert A. Keisler D. Knox X X X .... ,..,,..,,.. . Q -. ,,----- Xa . . . ..., , 5 .,.. . . .. .. """ " - . . X mr - .X X. -- . .X . . K ..-. f . J . - on f f - J X f--J' ' . K D. Knox P. Knudsen J. Knutson C. Kolder B. Koonz S. Kraeplin D. Kraft 142 XX 'i X R ..:,:3" is ,L . 'X ': XY! ' N. Kramer A. Kresin C. Kuhns . X NXN xx XS ' X S L X X X .. we X XX X N x xx fs? X X N mix K. Kunsky D. Larson NWN Wm 'lf X? W" ' . . y my X- - -X X 'Kh- X L. LaShure W. Lawhorn X S - 1 gi A X X Xx S. Lefevre X X X X , X X XX H X XXX si X X X x X EX XX X 5 S XX NX X, .- X x X X S si 5 J. Lewis Q' .. .:..- , . , ' Q :fl SQ-NX , 2 X Y X X XXX X XX X S X XX E' X X A55 X XS X Q X 1 S X X Q ASX y ' G. 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We fs K W V " 1 5 ws we-f With solemn faces, a little uncertainty, and a great deal of joy, the seniors step down from the auditorium door in their last exit from Barrington High School. WITH HIGH HCJPES AND MEASURED STEPS, THE CLASS Seated before friends and relatives, they listen and wait for that Hnal moment. Graduation is the source of many memories and impressions. To many parents, it is the mark of a job well done. To teachers and administrators, it is, each year and with each class, the visible evi- dence of the achievement of the first of the goals for which they hope the graduates will strive. And for the seniors themselves, though they be numb and slightly bewildered at the time, it is truly the beginning of life. As Mr. Gillis, our principal, stated in his farewell address to the senior class, "We do not know who first used the term 'commence- ment, in referring to graduation, but we do know that it is the very best name possible, for it is truly the commencement of a new life for each graduate." The year ends, the graduates leave, the yearbook is closed, but in reality, it is a chapter, and not the entire story, which has ended. 150 1 l l 1 1 sf .xt-F' X K. W ,vu -w 3 Bl 2 .sv . 31 .qw s ws. . , xx 3 xii. D ...ww A :il 1. .N Q Q? .gig mx k X X .1 f Nm Q fi iasg 'Q M: W... ,vm my Q5 ii! MMZW Q. g... .J- . x,..W.. x XQ i X xx 1. V 19 I ...Qi r"' -X Nimm- Q xk f Q 4 W -S - , . S or X fi N? .X-QQ, . ,gf-'X' V lf 'L .JV 'xk:,,,, VXA a , A t . g, ,. f +P ,A-V, . .. -.MA S, 5' .N 'UQ' Ni' tfkx W . .- .. Q EX' ,, . .W . .k f ' ...V - .ew ,xg Q.. Q Q z. . f A I f 2 fn ivy' R: 1.1 s X 'isktjw xl. K Sf? X .Q . ffw. V f 5553 Z 1 , ist f .1 fu y I Q A .RQ 5585 if if Q CLASS ADVISERS, L to R: Miss J. Solon, Nir. M. Alison, Mr. R. Nemer Mrs D Gehler, Miss J. Lynch. SENIOR CLASS ADVISERS AND OFFICERS 9 CLASS OFFICERS, L to R: Steve Holzwart, Vice Presidentg Vic Dahir Presidentg John Block, Treasurer 3 Sue Church, Secretary. GREGORY AHREN S Baseball, 2,3,4. JOHN ANDERSON Pep Band, 1,23 Pep Club, 43 Broncho, 2,3,43 Advertis- ing Manager, 3, Business Manager, 43 AFS, 3,43 Ger- man Club, 1,2,33 Class Board, 23 Quill and Scroll, 3,43 Concert Band, 1,23 Football, 13 Track, 13 Na- tional Honor Society, 4. ROBERT ANDERSON CNOT PICTUREDJ A SENIOR IS AN ENIGMA, A CERTAINTY, A SORROW, A JOY, A MYSTERY: . X, P X k 'f-E 31 X X. ,sis-s s ANDREW ANDRASHIE Transferred, Highland Park High School, Highland Park, Illinois, 2 3 Baseball, 2. AMBER ANKELE Pep Club, 43 FTA, 2,33 Spanish Club, 2,33 Girls' Club, 3,43 Stage Crew, 1,4. GARRY APGAR Transferred, North Plainfield High School, North Plainfield, New Jersey, 4. JOHN ARIOLA X . l 153 Pep Club, 4g "B" Club, 4g Cross Country, 2,3,4 Wrestling, 43 Track, 1,2,3,4. JOYCE ARMANETTI Pep Club, 43 Broncho, 33 French Club, 2,3,43 Treas- urer, 33 Girls' Club, 3,43 Camera Club, l. LORELEI ARMSTRONG Pep Club, 3,43 Broncho, l,2,33 AFS, 4g Spanish Club, 1,2,4 3 Historian, 4g Girls' Club, 3,4 3 Freshman Dra matics, 1 3 Class Board, 43 Girls' Ensemble, 3. 1 7 l PETER ARNOLD Pep Club, 2,3,43 Latin Club, l,23 German Club, 3,43 Basketball, 2,3. JEAN ARNY Pep Club, 43 Corral, 2,33 AFS, 2,3,43 FHA, 2,33 Spanish Club, 2,33 Girls' Club, 3,4. SANDRA BABCOCK Pep Club, 3,43 Broncho, 1,3 AFS, 2,3,43 Spanish Club, 1,23 Girls' Club, 3,45 GAA, 1,2,3,4. EILEEN BAUMANN Transferred, Crystal Lake Community High School, Crystal Lake, Illinois, 25 Pep Club, 45 Broncho, 3,45 Assistant Business Manager, 35 AFS, 2,3,45 German Club, l,2,3,45 Secretary, 45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 25 GAA, 15 Folk Club, 4 5 National Hon- or Society, 4. PATRICIA BAUMGARTNER Pep Club, 3,45 AFS, 2,3,45 Latin Club, 1,25 French Club, 3,45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 2,3,45 Business Manager, 2,3,45 Stage Crew, 25 GAA, 15 Freshman Dramatics, 15 Student Council, 3,45 Sec- retary, 45 Class Board, 3,45 Secretary, 35 National Thespians, 3,45 Cheerleader, 45 45 Plays, 2,3, JESS BEJDA German Club, 1,25 Baseball, 1,2,3. Homecoming Queen, HE IS AN ADVENTURER MOVING BOLDLY ABOUT AN UNCERTAIN WORLD, CHARLENE BENZ FHA, 3,45 Latin Club, 35 French Club, 1,25 Girls' Cgxb, 2,3,45 Masque and Wig, 2,3,45 Stage Crew, , ,3. JAMES BETHKE German Club, 35 Cross Country, 3. MEREDITH BISHOP Pep Club, 25 Broncho, 3,45 FTA, 1,2,3,45 Treasurer, 2, Vice President, 3, President, 45 FHA, 45 French Club, 2,3,45 Girls' Club, 3.4 SUSAN BOWKER STEVEN BLATNAK Pep Club, 4: Math Club, 45 Wrestling, 1,45 Golf, 1,2,3,45 "B" Club, 4. JOHN BLOCK Pep Club, 3,45 Spanish Club, 3,45 Treasurer, 45 "B" Club, 45 Honor Council, 3,45 Vice President, 45 Student Council, 4 5 Class Board, 45 Treasurer, 4' Football, 1,25 Wrestling, 15 Track, 15 Gymnastics, 2 3,45 Co-Captain, 4. MARJORIE BOHN Pep Club, 2,3,45 Corral, 3,45 Layout Editor, 45 AFS, 2,3,45 Latin Club, 1,25 Girls' Club, 3,45 Make-up Club, 15 Student Council, 2,3. 9 9 Pep Band, 1,2,3,45 Pep Club, 2,35 Latin Club, 2 French Club, 25 Girls' Club, 3,45 Math Club, 3,4 Dance Band, 1,2,3,4 5 National Honor Society, 3,4 Orchestra, 1,2,3g Concert Band, 1,2,3,45 Secretary, 2 Vice President, 3, President, 4. ANNE BOYD Pep Club, 3,45 Latin Club, 2,35 Girls' Club, 3,4 Masque and Wig, 2,3,4: Treasurer, 3,45 Stage Crew, 1,25 Make-up Club, 1: Math Club, 35 Folk Club, 4 Octones, 2,35 A Cappella, 2,3,45 Operetta, 2,3,4. PHILIP BRATT Pep Club, 45 "B" Club, 2,3,45 Math Club, 45 Foot- ball, 1,25 Wrestling, 1,25 Baseball,'2. 154 i TIMOTHY BREKKE Pep Club, 3,4-: Spanish Club, 2,3g "B" Club, 45 Foot- ball, lg Wrestling, l,2,3,4g Track, 1. JAMES BREMER Pep Club, 43 Latin Club, lg German Club, 2,35 Masque and Wig, 2, Freshman Dramatics, lg Math Club. 3, Greek Club, lg Class Board, 2, A Cappella, 3,4g Openetta, 3,4. ROBERT BREWER Pep Club, lg Stage Crew, 1, Gymnastics, lg Baseball, gs ,,,s, A DREAMER WITH A QUIET AND QUIZZICAL SMILE ON HIS FACE. SUSAN BRIGHT Transferred, Waukegan Township High Sch ool, Waukegan, Illinois, 3, Pep Club, 3,4-g Broncho, 3,43 AFS, 3,4g Spanish Club, 3, Girls' Club, 3,4g GAA, 3,4. STEPHEN BROOKS Stage Crew, 3,45 FSA, 43 A Cappella, 2,3,4g Oper- etta, 2,3,4g Cross Country, l,2. JAMES BROSSARD Camera Club, 43 FSA, 3,4-g Electronics Club, l,2,3g KENT CARNELL President, 1,2. BRUCE BUCHANAN Transferred, Bellingham High School, Bellingham, Washington, 3. WILLIAM BURKE Cross Country, 1,2,4g Track, 1. ARTHUR CADY Transferred, Prospect High School, Mount Prospect, Illinois, 3 g Pep Club, 45 Wrestling, 4. 155 Pep Band, 1,2,3,43 Pep Club, 3,4g Latin Club, 1,23 "B" Club, 4, Dance Band, 3,43 Class Board, 3,4: Concert Band, l,2,3,4g Orchestra, 3,4, Track, lg Football, 1, Gymnastics, 2,3,4. FRANK CARR Pep Band, 1,2,3,4g Pep Club, 4, Broncho, 2,35 AFS, l,2,3,4g Latin Club, lg German Club, 2,3,4g Treas- urer, 3, Vice President, 4, National Honor Society, 3,43 Honor Council, 3,45 Class Board, 4 g Concert Band, l,2,3,4g Gymnastics, 2,3,4g Track, 1. KATHERINE CHAPPLE Pep Club, 45 Bfoncho, l,2, AFS, 2,3,4g Recording Secretary, 3, Vice President, 4, Latin Club, 1,25 Gemian Club, 3,45 Girls' Club, 3,4: Corresponding Secretary, 3 g Honor Council, 35 Student Council, 4, Class Board, 1,3,4. 3,4. WILLIAM CREWS i E HE IS A DIRTY TEST JOHN CORDILL SUZANNE CHURCH Pep Club, '2,3,45 French Club, 2,3,45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Treasurer, 45 Stage Crew, 1: Masque and Wig, 2, 45 National Honor Society, 3,4: Class Board, 2,3,45 Treasurer, 3, Secretary, 45 National Thespians, 3,45 Girls:1 State Representative, 35 Homecoming Attend- ant, . MARILYN CLARKSON Pep Club, 3,45 Broncho, 25 AFS, 2,3,45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 25 GAA, 1,2,3,4. HARRIETT CODY Transferred, Mountain Lakes High School, Moun- tain Lakes, New Jersey, 35 Pep Club, 45 Corral, 45 Secretary, 45 AFS, 3,45 French Club, 3,45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Student Council, 45 Girls' Ensemble, 35 A Cap- pella, 45 Vice President, 45 GAA, 45 National Honor 1 Broncho, 45 Latin Club, 1,25 Stage Crew, 35 Math Club, 3,45 Tennis, 2,3,45 A Cappella, 3,45 Operetta, Society, 4. TUBE, A LATE TERM PAPER, AN OPEN ICE BOX EARNEST COE Pep Club, 3,45 German Club, 2,35 "B" Club, 45 Math Club, 3,45 German Band, 2,35 Football, 1,2,3, 45 Wrestling, 1,2,3,45 Track, 2,45 Golf, 35 Concert Band, 1. CHERYL COMES Pep Club, 2,3,45 Corral, 45 Latin Club, 1,25 Secre- tary, 15 Spanish Club, 45 Girls' Club, 3,45 GAA, 1,2, 3,45 Treasurer, 3, President, 45 Student Council, 1,2. WILLIAM CONNELLY Pep Club, 3,45 Latin Club, 1,25 Spanish Club, 3,45 "B" Club, 45 Math Club, 45 Basketball, l,2,3,45 Golf, 1,2,3,4. Transferred. Cherry Creek High School, Englewood, Colorado, 4. SUSAN CRUTTENDEN Pep Club, 2,3,-ig AFS, 2,3,45 Latin Club, 1,25 Girls' Club, 3.45 Representative, 35 GAA, 2,3,45 National Honor Society, 3,45 Student Council, 1,2,3,45 Secre- tary, 3, Vice president, 45 Class Board, 1,25 Treasurer, 25 Cheerleader, 1,2,3,45 Captain, 2,45 Homecoming Attendant, 4. VICTOR DAHIR Pep Band, 11 Pep Club, 3,45 French Club, 1,25 "B' Club. 3,45 Vice President, 45 National Honor Soci- ety, 3,45 Student Council, 45 Class Board, 1,2,3,4 Vice President, 2,3, President, 45 A Cappella, 3,4 Operetta, 3.45 Concert Band, 1: Football, 25 Wres: tling, 15 Gymnastics, 35 Baseball, l,2,3,45 Captain 4. KATHLEEN DALTON Pep Club, 2,3.4: Bronchettes, 25 Broncho, 1,25 AFS 1,2,3,45 French Club, 1: Girls' Club, 3,45 GAA, 1,21 3.4: Student Council, 35 Concert Band, lv. I I CAROL DEBOLT Pep Club, 2,3,4: AFS, 35 Spanish Club, 1,2,3,45 Sec- retary, 35 Girls' Club, 3,45 GAA, 2,3, J 156 CHARLES DELOACH Pep Club, 45 French Club, 35 "B" Club, 3,45 Foot- ball, 15 Cross Country, 2,3,45 Wrestling, l,2,3,4. DAVID DIEBOLD TERRY DICK Transferred, Michigan City High School, Michigan City, Indiana, 35 Latin Club, 3,45 Football, 3,45 Bas- ketball, 35 Baseball, 3 5 Class Board, 45 B-Club, 4. QNOT PICTUREDQ HE IS A SCHOLAR AND A SCIENTIST, SEARCHING FOR NEW ANSWERS MARY DOCKA Pep Club, 2,3,45 AFS, 3,45 French Club, 1,2,35 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 2,35 Stage Crew, 1,2,3. PATRICIA DOES Pep Club, 35 Broncho, 25 AFS, 35 Spanish Club, 2, 3,45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 2,3,45 Stage Crew, 1,2,3,45 Make-up Club, 25 Freshman Dramat- ics, 15 GAA, 2,35 Folk Club, 45 National Thes- pians, 3,4. CHARLES DONALDSON German Club, 1,2,35 "B" Club, 2,3,45 Wrestling, 1, 2,3,45 Captain, 4. PATRICK DONLEA ESA, 2,3,45 Treasurer, 3,45 Concert Band, 15 Foot- a 1, 1. MARGARET DUGAN Pep Club, 2,3,45 AFS, 45 Spanish Club, 2,3,45 Secre- tary, 45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Stage Crew, 15 GAA, 1,2,3,45 Student Council, 2,35 Class Board, 2,4. PATRICIA DUNHAM Pep Club, 2,3,45 Treasurer, 45 Broncho, 1,2,3,45 Copy Editor, 3, Editor, 45 Latin Club, 1,2 5 French Club, 2,3,45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 25 GAA, 1,2,3,45 Secretary, 45 Student Council, 15 Quill and Scroll, 3,45 Homecoming Attendant, 45 National Honor Society, 4. DENNIS DUNN Pep Club, 3,45 Latin Club, 1,25 "B" Club, 3,45 Math Club, 3,45 President, 45 Student Council, 1,2,3,4 5 Vice President, 3, President, 45 Class Board, 2,35 Presi- dent, 25 Track, 1,25 Wrestling, 1,2,3,4 5 Football, l,2, 3,45 Co-Captain, 4. ARTHUR ENGLISH Pep Band, l,2,3,45 Pep Club, 45 Latin Club, 2,35 Presi- dent, 35 "B" Club, 3,45 Orchestra, 35 Concert Band, l,2,3,45 Basketball, 15 Gymnastics, 2,3,45 Track, 1,2, 3,45 Football, 1,2,3,4. LINDA ERNST Pep Club, 2,3,45 AFS, 2,3,45 Latin Club, 1,25 Secre- tary, 25 French Club, 3,45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Make-up Club, 15 National Honor Society, 2,3,45 Student Council, 1,2,3,45 Class Board, 45 A Cappella, 2,3,45 Operetta, 2,3,45 Octones, 2,3. 'V X 157 KURT FABRYCY German Club, 2, A Cappella, 4 5 Operetta, 4 g Wres- tling, 2, Gymnastics, 1. M RY L EDOTA A OU F Pep Club, 3,45 AFS, 3, FHA, 2,3,4g Spanish Club, 1,25 Girls' Club, 3,43 Stage Crew, 1,2,3, Make-up Club, 3, GAA, 1,2,3. GARY FINK Pep Club, 1,2,3,4g President, 45 "B" Club, 3,45 Foot- ball, l,2,3,4g Basketball, 1,25 Wrestling, 3, Baseball, ' 1,2,3,4. A DAREDEVIL WITH A GLEAM IN HIS EYE, A LAUGH IN HIS THROAT, JOHN FISHER "B" Club, 43 A Cappella, 43 Operetta, 4, Football, 1,3,4g Wrestling, 1,2,3,4, Track, 3,4. CAROL FLETTER Pep Club, 4, Girls' Club, 3,4. CHARLOTTE FLINT Pep Club, 2,3,4g Broncho, lg AFS, 3,43 French Club, 1,2g Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 2,35 Blake-up Club, 15 GAA, 1. JAMES FORBES Transferred, Lindbergh High School, Saint Louis, Missouri, 3, Track, 4, Class Board, 4, Folk Club, 4. MARK FREDRICK Pep Club, 43 AFS, 4, French Club, 1, German Club, 3,49 Math Club, 3,4g History Club, 45 Gymnastics, 23 Track, 1. MICHAEL FREELAND Pep Club, 23 Spanish Club, 4, Cross Country, 1,2, 3,45 Track, 1,2,3,4. f ix, GEORGE FRENCH Cross Country, 2,4g Wrestling, 2 5 Track, 4, Golf 1,23 "B" Club, 4. DIANE GAINSBURGH Transferred, Bella Vista High School, Fair Oaks California, 3. ,IAN ICE GALLOWAY 3,45 Girls' Club, 3,49 GAA, 2,3,4. 158 Pep Club, 2,3,4g Broncho, 3, AFS, 3,4-g Spanish Club, MICHAEL GATES Pep Club, 2,3,4g Broncho, 2,3,4: Assistant Sports Editor, 33 Latin Club, 2,33 Wrestling, 2, Tennis 3' World Affairs Club, 4. HOSSEIN GHORASHI AFS Exchange Student, Meshed, Iran, 45 AFS, 45 Student Council, 4. NANCY GIESEN Pep Club, 3,45 AFS, 2,3,4g FTA, 2,45 Latin Club 1,2,3,4g Secretary, 4, French Club, 2,3,4g Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 3,4g Secretary, 4. A ROGUE WHO KNOWS THE ROPES AND THINKS HE CAN PULL STRINGS. MARGERY GILLILAN Transferred, Maine Township East High School, Park Ridge, Illinois. 3: Pep Club, 35 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 3,45 Stage Crew, 3 5 National Thespians, 4. MARY GLAZMAN AFS Exchange Student, San Jose, Costa Rica, 4, Pep4Club, 4, AFS, 4, Girls' Club, 45 Student Coun- ci, . LYNN GOLDHAMMER Pep Club, 2,3,4g Broncho, 4, AFS, 3,45 French Club, l,2,3,4g Spanish Club, 45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 2,3,4, Stage Crew, 1,2. WAYNE GRAVER Pep Club, 3: German Club, 1,23 "B" Club, 3,43 A Cappella, 2,3,4g Operetta, 2,3,4g Track, 25 Baseball, l,3,4, Basketball, 1,2,3,43 Co-Captain, 4. KAREN GRITMACHER Pep Club, 4, FHA, 3 5 Girls' Club, 3,45 Stage Crew, 25 Modern Dance, 2. WALTER GROVE Pe Club 24 "B" Club 34 Foo ll P s 1 i J J i tba 1 11273: wres' tling, 1,2,3g Track, 2. JILL GRUENDEL Pep Club, 2,3,4g AFS, 3,43 French Club, lg Honor Council, 3,45 Secretary, 4 g Student Council, 1,2,4. JUDITH HAAS Transferred, Lindblom High School, Chicago, Illi- nois, 3 g Pep Club, 4. PETER HABERLY Pep Band, 1,2,45 Broncho, 2 3 Assistant News Editor, 23 German Club, 1,2,3, Math Club, 4, Dance Band, 1,4, Class Board, 4g Concert Band, l,2,4g Orchestra, 2,43 Gymnastics, 2. 159 ' CAROL HAGEDORN Pep Club, 3,45 Broncho, 1,25 Corral, 45 AFS, 2,3,45 German Club, 1,25 Girls' Club, 3,45 GAA, 2,3,4. ROBERT HAGEMANN Pep Band, 25 "B" Club, 45 Electronics Club, 45 Foot- ball, 1,2,3,45 Wrestling, 35 Track, l,2,3. ANN HANCHETT Pep Club, 2,3,45 Broncho, 45 Cofral, 3,45 AFS, 2,3,45 Treasurer, 3, Secretary, 45 Latin Club, 1,25 French Club, 3,45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Secretary, 35 Make-up Club, 15 National Honor Society, 2,3,45 President, 45 ANNE HART Student Council, 3. HE IS A DRAMATIC PERFORMER, A VARSITY ATHLETE AND A LEADER 1 E GARY HANSEN Broncho, l,2,3,45 Sports Editor, 3,45 Stage Crew, 4. EUGENE HANSON Pep Club, 3,45 Latin Club, 1,25 President, 25 Span- ish Club, 35 Masque and Wig, 25 Stage Crew, 2 Math Club, 3,45 Folk Club, 45 Class Board, 15 Wres- tling, 1,2,3,4. KATHLEEN HARRINGTON FHA, 45 French Club, l,2,3,45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Make up Club, 35 Freshman Dramatics, 1. 1 ELLEN HEINRICH Pep Club, 45 FHA, 45 Girls' Club, 3,4. GAIL HEISE Pep Club, 45 AFS, 3,45 Spanish Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 45 Stage Crew, 4. DANIEL HEWITT Transferred, Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, New Jersey, 4. Transferred, College High School, Montclair, New Jersey, 35 Pep Club, 3,45 AFS, 45 Latin Club, 35 French Club, 45 Girls' Club, 3,4. MARTHA HAWLEY Pep Ban-d, 2,3,45 Pep Club, 3,45 FTA, 35 French Club, 25 Girls' Club, 3,45 GAA, 15 Orchestra, 25 Concert Band, 1,2,3,4. BARBARA HECKEL Pep Club, 3,45 AFS, 45 Latin Club, 1,25 Girls' Club, 172,45 GAA, 1,2,3,45 Student Council, 35 Class Board, N 160 WITH FOUR YEARS OF TRAINING PETER HILE Pep Club, 2,3,45 Broncho, 2, History Club, 4, Track, 2,,4, A Cappella, 2. LINDA HOLZMAN Pep Club, 2,3,4, Treasurer, 3, Vice President, 45 Corral, 3,43 Secretary, 3, Copy Editor, 4, AFS, 1,2, 3,45 French Club, 1,25 Girls' Club, 3,4, Make-up Club, 1, GAA, 1,2,3,45 Honor Council, 35 Student Council, 15Class.Board, 1,3. STEVEN HOLZWART German Club, 1,2, "B" Club, 3,4 3 President, 4 3 Class Board, 4, Vice President, 4, Football, l,2,3,4, Wres- tling, 1,23 Track, l,2,3,45 Captain, 4. , HARD WORK, AND FUN BEHIND HIM. FREDSIACOBSON CNOT PICTUREDJ JAME IIEN SEN Latin Cub, 2,35 Math Club, 3, Football, 1,2,3,45 Track, 1,3,4. MICHAEL JONES Transferred, North Central High School, Indian- apolis, Indiana, 4, German Club, 4, National Hon- or Society, 4, Football, 4, Wrestling, 4,,Track, 4. PARKER J ONES Pep Band, 1,2,3, Pep Club, 2,3, AFS, 3,45 Exchange Student, 35 "B" Club, 3,4, FSA, 4, National Honor Society, 3,4, Concert Band, 1,2,3, Orchestra, 2,3 3 Football, 2,3,4g Gymnastics, 2,35 Track, 1,2. ROBERT lIOPP German C ub, 2,35t"B" Club, 45 Football, 1, Basket- ball, 1,2,33 Baseball, l,2,3,4. JAMES JUZWIK Transferred, Kailua High School, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, 3. HARWOOD HOOVER Rocket Club, 1, Math Club, 3, Gymnastics, 3, Track, 3,-i. DOUGLAS HUDSON Pep Club, 3,4, Broncho, 4, AFS, 4, Spanish Club, 2,3,4, Vice President, 4, "B" Club, 4, Math Club, 3,45 Folk Club, 4, President, 4, Honor Council, 2,33 Football, 2,3, Track, 2, Wrestling, 1,2,3,4. BARBARA JACKSON Pep Club, 2,,45 Secretary, 4, Broncho, 2, AFS, 2,3,4, Latin Club, 1,25 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 2,35 GAA, 1,25 A Cappella, 2,3,4g Operetta, 2,3,4. 1g'i,,..v,: .A is 1 .Q X if Q K 161 KAREN KAEMPFER Tranferred, Ferry Hall School, Lake Forest, Illinois, 2g Broncho, 43 Latin Club, 23 French Club, 2,3,43 Girls' Club, 3,43 Masque and Wig, 3,43 Stage Crew, 2,3,43 GAA, 3 3 Math Club, 33 National Honor So- ciety, 4. LAMES KAMPERT ep Club, 43 Spanish Club, 1,23 Masque and Wig, 2,3,43 Stage Crew, 2,33 National Thespians, 43 Gym- nastics, 23 Track, 1. MARY LOUISE KAMPERT Pep Club, 2,43 Latin Club, 13 Girls' Club, 3,43 Make- up Club, 2. S E HE IS A SOLDIER OF FORTUNE OFF TO VISIT A COLLEGE CAMPUS, BRIAN KAMPERT CNOT PICTUREDH Transferred, Palatine Township High School, Pala- tine. Illinois, 4. LUCILE ANN KERIN Pep Club, 2,3,43 AFS, 3,43 Brancho, 33 German Club, 1,23 Girls' Club, 3,43 Masque and Wig, 2,43 Make- up Club, 1,23 Vice President, 23 GAA, 1,33 Bron- chettes, 23 Girls' Ensemble, 3. ROBERT KERR Pep Band, 1,2,3,43 Pep Club, 3,43 German Club, 1 2,3,43 "B" Club, 4g Math Club, 3,43 Dance Band, 1 2,3,4Q Orchestra, 23 Concert Band, 1,2,3,43 Golf, 1,2 3,4. ,IULI KITTREDGE Broncho, 3,43 Circulation Manager, 43 AFS, 3,43 Latin Club, 33 French Club, 23 Girls' Club, 3,43 GAA, 33 Student Council, 1. KRISTIN KNUDSON Pep Club, 3,43 Corral, 3,43 Editor, 43 French Club, 13 Girls' Club, 3,43 Make-up Club, 13 GAA, 2,3,43 Student Council, 2,33 Class Board, 2. STEVEN KOLUPAEV Transferred, Rich Township High School, Park For- est, Illinois, 33 Electronics Club, 3,43 Secretary, 4. ANET KRAUSE I mont, Illinois, 4. DENNIS KREEGER ransferred, Lemont Township High School Le 162 Pep Club, 3,43 Spanlsh Club, 43 B Club, 43 Class Board, 3,43 Football, 1,2,43 Wrestling, 1,2,3,43 Base- ball, 1 3 Track, 3. MARGARET KUHLMAN Pep Club, 4g Broncho, 2,33 Copy Editor, 33 AFS, 3,43 FIQIA, 3g French Club, l,2,3,43 Girls' Club, 3,43 GAA, LAUREN LAFFERTY Pep Club, 4g AFS, 3,45 French Club, 1,2,3g Girls' Club, 3,45 Freshman Dramatics, 1. MARK LANDWER Pep Club, 4, Wrestling, 1,2, Football, 1,2,3,4, KENNETH LANGE Pep Club, 3,4-g French Club, 2,3g Math Club, 3,43 Treasurer, 4, Class Board, 35 Wrestling, 1,2,3. AND A BUNDLE OF NERVES WAITING FOR COLLEGE BOARD RESULTS. PAULETTE LANGOS Pep Club, 2,3,4g AFS, 3, Spanish Club, 2,3g Girls' Club, 3,43 Make-up Club, lg GAA, 1,2,3,4g Cheer- leader, 1,2. STEVEN LAUGHTON Pep Club, 2,35 Broncho, 2,35 German Club, 1,2 "B" Club, 3,4, Football, l,2,3,4g Basketball, 2, Wres- tling, 1,-4, Track, l,3,4. FRANK LAUREYS Pep Club, 43 Basketball, 2, Baseball, 2,3,4. JOHN LEFEVRE Transferred, Alpena High School, Alpena, Michigan, 4. DENNIS LINDBERG Pep Band, lg Pep Club, 33 German Club, l,2,3,4g President, 43 "B" Club, 4: Masque and Wig, 4g Con- cert Band, lg National Honor Society, 3,4g Basket- ball, lg Wrestling, 23 Baseball, 1,2,3g Football, 1,2,3,4. ROBERT LINDBERG "B" Club, 2,3,4g Electronics Club, 3,45 Football, 1, 2,3,4g Basketball, 1gTrack, l,2,3. I 163 TERRENCE LINDBERG Pep Band, 1,2,3,4g "B" Club, 4, Dance Band, Concert Band, l,2,3,4g Orchestra, 1,2,3g Track, Football, 1,2,3,4. RICHARD LISEC Transferred, St. Bede Academy, Peru, Illinois, 3. MARGARET LOCKWOOD 1,4g 1,29 Pep Club, 2,3,4g AFS, 3,45 Latin Club, 2g Spanish Club, 4, Girls' Club, 3,43 Make-up Club, 1, GAA, 2,3,4g Student Council, 23 A Cappella, 45 Ope 45 Girls' Ensemble. 3. retta, GARY LOVE Pep Band, 2,3,45 German Club, 1,25 FSA, 2,3,45 Vice President, 3, President, 45 Concert Band, 2,3,45 Or- chestra, 3,45 Football, 45 Track, 3. CHARLENE LUNDSTROM Pep Club, 3,45 French Club, 1,25 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 2,3,45 Stage Crew, 2,3,45 Fresh- man Dramatics, 15 GAA, l,3,45 National Thespians, 2,3,4, RICHARD LYONS Pep Club, 45 Broncho, 45 Masque and Wig, 3,45 Stage glrew, 3,45 National Thespians, 3,45 Track, 45 Play, HE IS MASTER OF THE BEST PLANS AND LOFTIEST VISIONS, THOMAS MALMGREN Pep Club, 35 Latin Club, 1,25 A Cap- THEQDQRE MANZKE Della, 3,45 OPCPCU3, 3,41 Basketball, 1, Pep Club, 3,45 Broncho, 45 Masque and 253,45 Golf, 1,2,3,45 National Honor So- wig, 213,43 president, 45 stage C,-ew, CICW, 4- 3,45 Freshman Dramatics, 15 Operetta, GAIL MANNING CNOT PICTUREDJ 3,45 Plays, 3,45 National Thespians, 2,3,4. Transferred, Nepean High School, On- tario, Canada, 4. KENNETH MCALOON CHARLES MAUTER KNOT Pep Club, 45 Spanish Club, 15 Football, 1,25 Track, PICTUREDJ 3,4- Transferred, Walther Lutheran High MCCARTHY KNOT PICTUREDl School Melrose park, Illinois, 4, B Club, 3,45 Football, 1,2,35 Basketball, 1,2,35 ' Baseball, 15 Track, 2,3. MICHAEL McCAW Pep Band, 45 Masque and Wig, 3,45 Stage Manager, 3,45 Stage Crew, 3,45 Rocket Club, 1,25 Concert Band, 45 Track, 2,3,4. BARBARA MCFARLAND Pep Club, 3,45 Broncho, 45 AFS, 2,3,45 Latin Club, 15 French Club, 2,35 Girls' Club, 45 Stage Crew, 25 Make-up Club, 15 GAA, l,2,3,45 Student Council, 1,35 Class Board, 1,25 A Cappella, 2,3. MOLLY MCINTYRE Pep Club, 25 Masque and Wig, 2,3,45 Assistant Busi- ness Manager, 3,4 5 Stage Crew, 1,25 National Thes- plans, 3,4. 164 be W DOUGLAS MacKINLAY Transferred, Morgan Park High School, Chicago Illinois, 2, Spanish Club, 2,3,4, Track, 2,3. RALPH MERRITT W Broncho, 3, Stage Crew, 4. KENT MICHAEL Pep Club, 4, German Club, 1,2,3g Concert Band, 1 Cross Country, 4 3 Wrestling, l,2,4g Track, 2,3,4. AND HE WILL BRING SOME OF THEM TO FULFILLMENT IN DUE TIME. KATHLEEN MILLER Pep Club, 3,45 AFS, 3, FHA, 35 Girls' Club, 35 GAA, 4, Modem Dance, 3. NINA MILLER Pep Club, 23 Broncho, 1, French Club, l,2,3,4g Stage Crew, 2. ROBERT MILLER CHARLES MIRS CNCQT PICSEUIESERKJ WENDY MILLER "B" Cu , 45 Footbal , l,2, , 3 as et- Transferred, Chagrin Falls High School, ball, 1,2,3,4sBaSCba11, 2sT1'-ack, 1' ghal-grin Igalls, Ohio, 45 AFS, 43 German ella 2 3 4 Oper ,4, '1'C1b,4,M dW', u, ,Q app ,,,s, - 4,u Us u asque an lg etta, 2,3,4g Basketball, lg Wrestling, 2 5 Baseball, 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL MUELLER INOT PICTUREDQ Pep Club, 3, Spanish Club, 2, "B" Club, 4, A Cap- pella, 2,33 Operetta, 2,3g Football, 1,2,3,4g Basket- ball, l,2g Baseball, 1, Golf, 4. VERNON NEAL German Club, 1,23 "BN Club, 3,4q Football, 1,2,3,4' Basketball, l,2g Wrestling, 1,25 Baseball, l,2,3,4. LEE NEIMAN 9 165 9 MICHAEL NELSON Pep Club, 2,45 Latin Club, 2. CHERYL NESS Pep Club, 2,3,45 Broncho, 3,45 AFS, 3,45 Spanish Club, 2,35 Girls, Club, 3,45 Freshman Dramatics, 15 GAA, l,2,3. JOHN NIELSEN Broncho, 3,45 AFS, 3 5 Latin Club, 1,25 "B" Club, 3,45 Student Council, 2, Cross Country, 2,3,45 Track, 1, 2,3,4. HE IS A TELEPHONE OFF THE HOOK, A PIZZA AFTER THE BALL GAME, RICHARD NIGHTINGALE Pep Club, 1. JEAN NORMAN Pep Club, 25 Latin Club, 1,25 Girls' Club, 3,45 A Cappella, 2,3,45 Operetta, 2,3,45 Octones, 2,3. JACQUELINE NOVAK French Club, 15 Masque and Wig, 2,3,45 A Cappella, 2,35 Operetta, 2,35 National Thespians, 2,3,4. 'LAY O'LAUGHLIN ransferred, Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachu- setts, 35 Latin Club, 3,45 French Club, 35 Tennis, 3,4. ROBERT OLDENBURG Pep Club, 45 German Club, 2,35 A Cappella, 2,3,45 Operetta, 2,3,45 Cross Country, 3,45 Track, 2,3,45 "BN Club, 4. JANICE OLSON Girls' Club, 3,4. JOHN PALMER Pep Club, 2,45 German Club, 1,25 Stage Crew, 4 Rocket Club, 25 Track, 3,4. ALLEN PARSLEY Pep Band, lg Pep Club, 45 German Club, 1,2,35 Stu- dent Council, 45 Class Board, 25 Concert Band, 1 Football, 2,3,45 Wrestling, 1,25 Track, l,2,3,4. JAMES PECK Basketball, 1. 1 J 166 CAROLE PEGELOW Pep Club, 3,45 AFS, 45 Spanish Club, 2,3,45 Presi- dent, 35 Girls' Club, 3,45 Stage Crew, 45 Make-up Club, 35 Freshman Dramatics, 1 5 GAA, 1,2,3. RONALD PEPPER Latin Club, 1,25 Math Club, 35 Wrestling, 2. WANDA PERIMAN cms' Club, 3, GAA, 2. AND A FANATIC WITH PYROMANIAC TENDENCIES ON HOMECOMING DAY. NYLAN PETTERSON Pep Band, 15 Broncho, 2,35 Spanish Club, 45 Presi- dent, 45 Debate Club, 3,45 Concert Band, 15 Nation- al Honor Society, 3,45 Basketball, 1,2,3. SUSAN PETTISE Pep Club, 2,3,45 Publicity Chairman, 45 AFS, 2,3, 45 Publicity Chairman, 45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Student Council, 3. GEOFFREY PICKLES AFS Exchange Student, Christ Church, New Zea- land, 45 Pep Club, 45 AFS, 45 Masque and Wig, 45 Stage Crew, 45 Student Council, 45 Track, 4. PATRICIA POHLMAN . Pep Club, 3,45 Latin Club, l,2,35 Vice President, 35 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 35 GAA, 1,2,3,45 Student Council, 2,35 A Cappella, 2,3,45 Operetta, 2,3,45 Octones, 2,3. WILLIAM POTTER Latin Club, 2,35 "B" Club, 3,45 Secretary, 45 Na- tional Honor Society, 3,45 Class Board, 15 Gymnastics, 35 Basketball, 15 Baseball, 1,2,3,45 Football, 1,2,3,45 Co-Captain, 4. KATHY PRINCE Pep Club, 2,3,45 Broncho, 15 AFS, 35 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 25 Modern Dance, 25 A Cap- pella, 35 Operetta, 3. 167 SANDRA PROW Pep Club, 3,45 FHA, 3,45 French Club, 35 German Club, 25 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 2,3,45 Make-up Club, 3,45 Freshman Dramatics, 15 GAA, 1,25 National Thespians, 3,4 5 A Cappella, 2,35 Oper- etta, 2,3. REGINALD RAND Pep Club, 3,45 Broncho, 15 Latin Club, 1,25 Golf, 1. PAMELA RAWLINS Pep Club, 35 Spanish Club, 25 Girls' Club, 3,45 GAA, 1,2,3,45 Camera Club, 2. NEILL RAY Broncho, 3,4, French Club, 3, "B" Club, 4, Football 1,2,3, Track, 1,2,3,4. MARTHA REID Transferred. Wayne High School, Wayne, New Jer- sey, 3, AFS. 4: French Club, 33 Girls' Club, 3,4 GAA, 3.4, Math Club, 3, Folk Club, 4, Secretary 4, National Honor Society, 3,4, Class Board, 4 Cheerleader, 4. LAWRENCE REMENSYNDER A Cappella, 3,4, Operetta, 3,4 g Baseball, 1. HE IS A MAN OF LOGIC AND AN EMOTIONAL LIVE WIRE IN THE SAME INSTANT J LISA RIBBENTROP Transferred, Academy of the Sisters of Mercy, Gwy- nedd Valley, Pennsylvania, 3 3 Latin Club, 3, Girls' Club, 3,4. I BARBARA RICE Pep Band, 1,2,3,4, Pep Club, 4, AFS, 4, Spanish Club, 2,3,4, Girls' Club, 3,4, Make-up Club, 2,3,4, GAA. l,2,3,4, Vice President, 2, Folk Club, 4, Class Board, 1: Concert Band, l,2,3,-4. JUDITH RICHARDS Pep Club, 3,4, Girls' Club, 3,4-. KENNETH RIECK Transferred, St. Joseph's High School, St. Charles, Illinois, 4. DIAN RITZENTHALER Pep Band, 4, French Club, 2: Girls' Club, 3, Na- tional Honor Society, 2,3,4: Class Board, 1, Cheer- leading, 1: Concert Band, 1,2,3,4, Secretary, 3, Vice President, 4: Orchestra, 3. IOHN ROSENBERG Pep Club, 4: Spanish Club, 3,4: Math Club, 3, Na- tional Honor Society, 3,4, Wrestling, 2, Baseball, 1,2. CRAIG RUDI Transferred, Mather High School, Chicago, Illinois, 3. JANE RUMMEL Transferned, Kingswood School Cranbrook, Bloom- field Hills. Michigan. 3, Pep Club, 3: Broncho, 3,4 Feature Editor, 43 AFS, 4, French Club, 3,4, Girls: Club. 3,4: Quill and Scroll, 4. MICHAEL RUMSEY Transferred. Pope County Community High School Golconda, Illinois, 4. 168 S EY RICHARD RYAN Pep Club, 45 Wrestling, 3 5 Baseball, 2. ANNA MARIA SANDI AFS Exchange Student, Trento, Italy, 4, AFS, 45 GAA, 45 World Analysis Club, 4, Student Council, 4. NANCY SCHICK Pep Club, 2,3,4g AFS, 2, French Club, 1,2,3, Girls' Club, 3,43 Freshman Dramatics, lg GAA, 3,4, Math Club, 3 3 Honor Council, 2,3,4, Student Council, 1, A Cappella, 2,3,4g Operetta, 2,3,4, Octones, 3. HE IS A COOL CHARACTER IN THE HALL, A SOPHISTICATE AT CONCERTS JANE SCHIEBEL Pep Club, 25 French Club, 3, Girls' Club, 3, Fresh- man Dramatics, lg President, 15 GAA, 4, FSA, 1, Honor Council, 4, Student Council, 2. ROBERTA SCHLEIFER Broncho, 25 German Club, 1,2,3,4g Girls' Club, 3,43 Masque and Wig, 2,35 Stage Crew, 2,3,4g Freshman Dramatics, 1. DIANNE SCHLENZ Pep Club. 2,3,4: AFS, 2,3,4g French Club, l,2g Girls' Club, 2,3,4g GAA, 1,2,3,4. SANDRA SCHMID Pep Club, 4 3 Latin Club, 2, Girls' Club, 3,4. RAYMOND SCHMIDT Latin Club, 2,3,4g President, 4. DAYANNE SCHURECHT Pep Club, 2,3,4g AFS, 2,3,4g French Club, 1,2,3g Girls' Club, 3,43 Make-up Club, 1, GAA, 1,2,3g Stu- dent Council, 3,43 Class Board, 1,2,3,4g Cheerleader, 2,3,4 3 Homecoming Attendant, 4. ROBERT SCHWEMM Broncho, 2,3,4g French Club, 1,2,3g Math Club, 3 National Honor Society, 2,3,4, Honor Council 4 President, 4, Student Council, 41 Class Board, 253,43 Football, 15 Basketball, l,2,3g Baseball, 1,23 Plays, 4. JETTA SEJERSEN Pep Band, 1,2,3g Pep Club, 2,33 Latin Club, 1,2, Sec- retary, 2, Girls' Club, 3,4 5 Make-up Club, lg GAA, 25 Concert Band, 1,2,3. RICHARD SHATWELL Pep Club, 4, Broncho, 4, AFS, 4, Latin Club, 1,23 Masque and Wig, 4: Stage Crew, 4, Freshman Dra- matics, 1: Math Club, 4, Debate Club, 4, Class Board, 4, Track, l,2,3,4. 3 169 l 5 PAUL SHAW Pep Club, 3 g Cross Country, 1,2,3,4g Wrestling, 4, Gymnastics. 3: Track, l,2,4. SCOTT SHERMER Pep Club, 3,4g Spanish Club, l,2g Wrestling, l,2. RUTHANNE SI-IINKLE Pep Club, 2,3,4g AFS, 2,3,4g French Club, l,2: Girls' 2,3: Operetta, 2,33 Octones, 2. A LOCKER DOOR BANGING, A CRUNCH OF GRAVEL IN THE PARKING LOT, GARY SHOWERS SUSAN SHUETT JAMES SIGWALT Football, 1 . "B" Club, 2,3,-4: Football, l,2,3,4, Basketball, l,2,3,4g Co-Captain, 4, Baseball, l,'2,4. Pep Club, 2,33 Girls, Club, 3,43 GAA, l,2. REVA SIMPSON FHA, 31 Spanish Club, l,2g Girls' Club, 3,4g Stage Crew, l,2,3g Make-up Club, 35 GAA, 13 Modern Dance, 1,2. SALLY SINCLAIR Pep Band, 1: French Club, 1,2g Girls' Club, 3,43 Masque and Wig, 2,3,4: Stage Crew, 2,3,4g National Honor Society, 3,41 Secretary, 4: Student Council, lg National Thespians, 2,3,4g A Cappella, 2,3,4g President, 43 Concert Band, 13 Octones, 2,3g Oper- etta, 2,3,4. DANIEL SLUSSER Pep Club, 45 Broncho, 3,4g Stage Crew, 3,45 Tennis, 3,4. MARY LOU SM.ITH Pep Club, 2,3,43 Broncho, 3,4g AFS, 3, French Club 1,2g Girls' Club, 3,4g GAA, 3,4g Class Board, 3. NANCY SMITH Girls' Club, 3,4-3 Make-up Club, 3g GAA, 1,4-. PAMELA SMITH 4g Pep Club, 4-. ?" 170 I Transferred, Cooley High School, Detroit, Michigan, ROBERT SMITH SANDRA SMITH Pep Club, 3,45 Broncho, 2, Corral, 2,33 AFS, 1,2,3,4g Spanish Club, 25 Girls' Club, 3,-4, Modem Dance, 1: Honor Council, 2, Student Council, l,2,3, Class Board, 2. LYMAN SMITH Pep Club, 33 French Club, 2, Football, 3g Wrestling, 23 Baseball, 2. AN EMPTY SEAT THAT A JUNIOR CAN SIT IN BUT NEVER QUITE FILL ABIGAIL SPREYER Pep Club, 3,45 Broncho, 1,2,3,4g News Editor, 3, Managing Editor, 4, Latin Club, 2,3g French Club, l,2,3g Girls' Club, 3,43 Masque and Wig, 2,3,4g Vice Pres- ident, 4g Stage Crew, lg National Honor Society, 3,4g Student Council, 23 Class Board, lg Treasurer, lg National Thes- pians, 2,3,4g Quill and Scroll, 3,4. 171 KIMBERLY STEAD Pep Club, 3,45 AFS, 3,45 French Club, 1,23 Girls' Club, 3,4-: GAA, l,2,3g Mod- ern Dance, 2,3,4g President, 4, Math Club, 3, Honor Council, l,2,3. RICHARD STETSON CNOT PICTUREDJ Stage Crew, 1,2: Debate Club, 25 Stu- dent Council, 2g Football, lg Cross Coun- try, 2, Baseball, lg Track, 2. MICHAEL STIEHL Pep Band, 1,2,3,4g,Pep Club, 3,4g AFS, 3,45 Latin Club, l,2: German Club, 3,4: "B" Club, 45 Dance Band, l,2,3,43 Folk Club, 4g Concert Band, l,2,3,4 Orchfitra, 2,33 Football, l,2,3g Wrestling, lg Track, 1,2,3, . PHILIP STURTEVANT Pep Club, 2,44 Latin Club, 25 French Club, 3,4-g Class Board, 23 Football, lg Basketball, l,2,3,4. ROBERT SUWALSKI Pep Club, 2,45 "B" Club, 3,45 Math Club, 43 Foot- ball, 1,2,3,4g Wrestling, 1,2,3,4g Baseball, l,2,3,4. JUDY SWEDENBORG Pep Club, 2,3,4g AFS, 3,4g Spanish Club, 3,43 Vice President, 35 Girls' Club, 3,43 Freshman Dramatics, 1 2 Camera Club, 1. DOROTHY TAYLOR CNOT PICTUREDJ CARLENE THIEL Girls' Club, 3. RONALD THIES NELSON THOMASSON CNOT PICTUREDJ Spanish Club, 25 Tennis, 4. HAROLD THOMPSON Pep Club, 4: "B" Club, 3,43 Electronics Club, 3,45 Football, 2,3,4-5 Wrestling, 13 Baseball, l,2,3. SENIOR IS THE PRIDE AND JOY fAND WORRYQ OF HIS PARENTS RICHARD TURNER CNOT PICTUREDJ Transferred, iNest Morris High School, Chester, New Jersey, 3. BRIGITTE VELLEUR AFS, 43 FHA, lg German Club, l,3,4-5 Girls" Club, 3,4. JOHN VICKLAND Transferred, Bay High School, Bay Village, Ohio, 4. RICHARD VON ALBRECHT Pep Club, 2,-1-g "B" Club, 4, Football, 1,2,3,4g Base- ball, 1,2. JAMES VOYTA Pep Club, 45 German Club, 2,3,4g Stage Crew, 2. THOMAS WADE CNOT PICTUREDJ Stage Crew, 1, Gymnastics, 1. KAREN TICHY Pep Band, 3,43 Pep Club, 3,45 Corral, 43 Business Manager, 4, Latin Club, 1,2,3,4g Treasurer, 4, Girls' Club, 3,45 GAA, 1,25 Dance Band, 3, National Hon- or Society, 2,3,4g Concert Band, 3,4g Orchestra, 3. JUDITH TRANER Transferred, Regina Dominican High School, Wilmette, Illinois, 33 Pep Club, 3,45 Girls' Club, 3,45 GAA, 3,4-. JOHN TSCHOPP Transferred, Wheaton Community High School, Whea- ton, Illinois, 4, A Cappella, 4, Operetta, 4. 172 WENDY WAGERS Pep Club, 35 Broncho, 1,2,3,45 Feature Editor, 45 AFS, 2,3,45 Latin Club, 1,2,3,45 French Club, 3,4-: Girls' Club, 3,45 Make-up Club, 15 National Honor Society, 2,3,4. JANET WAGNER Pep Club, 2,3,4g Broncho, 2,35 AFS, 45 Latin Club, 1,2,35 Secretary, 1,35 French Club, 3,41 President, 4: Girls' Club, 3,41 Secretary, 45 Stage Crew, 1 5 National Honor Society, 3,4g Vice President, 4: Student Coun- cil, 35 Class Board, 2,35 Secretary, 25 Folk Club, 4. SCOTT WELSH RODNEY WAGNER Football, 1,2. THE IMPROVED BUT STILL UNFINISHED PRODUCT OF HIS TEACHERS HAROLD WALDER Transferred, Warwick Veterans Memorial High School, Warwick, Rhode Island, 4. SANDRA WALSH Pep Club, 2,3,45 AFS, 3,45 Secretary, 45 French Club, 1,25 Girls' Club, 3,45 Freshman Dramatics, 1 5 Modern Dance, 2, Student Council, 1,2,3. TEFFREY WEBER 'Pep Club 1' Track I 2 QEFFREY WESTLAKE ep Club, 45 Football, 15 Cross Country, 3,45 Track, l,2,3,4. EDMUND WICHMAN Pep Club, 4, German Club, 25 Football, 1,2,3,4' Track, l,2. ERNESTINE WILLIAMS Pep Club, 2,3,4g Spanish Club, 2,45 Girls' Club, 3,4-' Masque and Wig, 35 GAA, 1,2,3,45 Math Club, 4' Camera Club, 1,2. Pep Club, 45 Spanish Club, 45 Folk Club, 45 Cross Country, 3,45 Track, 2. KAREN WENDT Pep Club, 1,2,3,45 AFS, 2,3,45 FHA, 3,45 Treasurer, 3, President, 45 Girls' Club, 3,45 Stage Crew, 1,2,35 GAA, 1,2,3,45 Treasurer, 2. ALAN WESSEL Pep Band, 1,2,3,4g Dance Band, 2,3,4g Concert Band, 1,2,3,45 Orchestra, 2,33 Football, 1,2,3. 3 I 3 J 173 IOHN WILMES KNOT PICTUREDJ Transferred, Holy Cross High School, LaCross, Wis- consin, 15 Pep Club, 45 Electronics, 45 Latin Club, l,2. LINDA WILSON Pep Club, 3,45 Corral, 35 Latin Club, 1,25 Girls' Club, 3,45 Make-up Club, 15 GAA, 2,3,45 A Cappella, 2,35 Operetta, 2,35 Octones, 2. DAVID WINDAHL AFS, 35 Spanish Club, 45 "B" Club, 3,45 Basketball, 3,45 Golf, l,2,3,4. THE ANSWER TO SOME OF THE QUESTIONS, THE REASON FOR A SCHOOL NANCY WISEGARVER Pep Club, 2,3,45 AFS, 2,3,45 Treasurer, 45 Latin Club, 1,25 Girls' Club, 3,45 Make-up Club, 15 Na- tional Honor Society, 3,45 Student Council, 1,2,3,4. DONALD WOLF Football, 15 Cross Country, 2,35 Basketball, 1,25 Track, 15 A Cappella, 45 Operetta, 4. JOHN WOOD Spanish Club, 25 "B" Club, 3,45 National Honor So- ciety, 3,45 Honor Council, 25 Class Board, 2,35 Presi- dent, 35 Football, l,3,45 Co-Captain, 45 Wrestling, 3,45 Basketball, 15 Baseball, 1,3,4. SUSAN ZIEGLER SERGIO ESTEFAN l Pep Club, 45 FHA, 3,45 Vioe President, 45 French Club, 35 Girls' Club, 3,45 Masque and Wig, 2,35 Make-up Club, 35 Stage Crew, 25 GAA, 1. Exchange student from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 4. 174 Vic Dahir's extra-curricular activities seem somewhat questionable. A Which basket are you aiming for? MYSTERY, A JOY, A HOPE FOR A BETTER WORLD: A SENIOR. 5 it ' fr, x V . E Qs--N..M 'Q : . -M: K L 5 ' L if - X s e' x - :aw- , .1 B-Club cheerleaders displayed great finesse at the Faculty game. Seniors struggle against Homecoming gales to salvage their first place float. CThey did.j It's been a long time and they'vc come a long way, from 4th grade to graduation. M' R x -. get , 175 R X ss we S S 1 'Q - 5: N X x X 5 5 -rx kk xx rw Ss v SK .f -:'NfA'-'neil , ul am forever walking upon these shores, Betwixt the sand and the foam. The high tide will erase my fOOlIJl'lI1tS5 And the wind will blow away the foam, But the sea and thelshore will remain forever." Sand and Foam PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Thanks and recognition are due to the following professional men who have con- tributed to our yearbook: Dr. Kenneth B. Anderson Dr, Jerome R. Hansen, O.D. Optometrist Optometrist Jewel Center, Barrington 126-1 W. Main St., Barrington Lyle R. Barnum, D.O. Douglas J. Millin Physician and Surgeon Architect 436 W. Main St., Barrington 836 S. Northwest Hgwy., Barrington Caleb H. Canby, III Milton Schwartz, A.I.A. Attorney-at-Law 462 Signal Hill Rd., Barrington 110 S. Hough St., Barrington Dr. John Thomas Robert W. Donovan, D.D.S., M.S.D., PhD. Podiatrist Orthodontist 144 W. Main St., Barrington Jewel Center, Barrington ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Every year it is the custom for the editor of the CORRAL to write a note of thanks to all those people who. helped make the yearbook a success. First I would like to thank the backbone of our staff, Miss Bergsten, who made a real working unit out of the staff with her time and patience. Thanks, Miss Bergsten. Certainly the staff deserves a great deal of thanks for devoting many early Saturday mornings and much effort behind the scenes to put the 1963 CORRAL together. Don Harnrin was a big help and really a regular guy for extending all those deadlines we could never quite meet. Credit for all the 1963 CORRAL's unique pictures goes to Root Studios and the many tolerant photographers who were never too exasperated to keep their subjects smiling. A number of people not connected with the staff also deserve our gratitude. The CORRAL budget would never have been realized without the generous contribu- tions of the local merchants and the professional men of our community. The pa- tience of the faculty and staff during the hectic picture taking days can never be repaid. Special thanks also to Mrs. Virginia Booth of Barrington who donated her color slide, S'Hidden Brook" for our title page. And finally, we would like to thank our little French-speaking neighbors across the hall whose smiling faces and kind forbearance gave us increased motivation for this, the 1963 CORRAL. 177 For Styles For Every Occasion come to BOB AND BETTY E. MAIN STREET BARRINGTON DU I-2363 Best of Luck to the CLASS or '63 AEROQUIP CORPORATION BARCO DIVISION 500 North Hough Street BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS PEDERSON'S "bb" SERVICE Wishes Continued Success to U.S. Routes I4 8. 59 t he Class of '63 DU 'I-9817 IDEAL DELICATESSEN DUnkirk I-T063 Catering Service 208 S. Cook Street Barrington, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF AMERICAN CAN COMPANY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER BRAVOS OLDSMOBILE YOUR QUALITY OLDSMOBILE DEALER 440 E. Main sr. Du-1-3400 FREUND BROTHERS, INC. 125 N. Hough Slreel FARM MACHINERY - TRUCKS - APPLIANCES Telephone DUnkirk 'I-5300 Burringlon, Illinois THE TOY SHOP JEWEL CENTER Barrington, Ill. "THE STORE WITH THE BIG PLUSH ANlMALS" , S, fy el S J for College 5 for Finonciol Security ii for Things you wont to buy Eorn High Interest Get to Know Your Banker "where banking 0 34. .xi 'is aplea,s'wre" llli THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK flllfli' OF BARRINGTON THE HOLKE PRESS Commercial and Publication Printing 312 So. Hager Ave. BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS DUnkirk 1-0750 With the Compliments of HUTCHINGS BARBER SHOP 106 N. Hough St. DU 1-0818 O Good Luck, Class of '63 Roy, .Iim, and Chester DARKENS can supply ALL your sporting needs! 107 East Main Barrington, Illinois 381-0257 vlsn THE TEN PIN BOWL Northwest Highway at Exmoor Avenue for Your Bowling Pleasure 16 Automatic Lanes Snack Bar Telephone DU 1-5530 or DU 1-1348 RESERVE THE 300 ROOM Banquets - Weddings Meetings THE COUNTRY BUTCHER has the MAN-SIZED after-school snack 118B West Main Barrington, Illinois the finest quality in meats "1 .. S. E X ,. . 'f - ' - 'rs -g.,fl"'-X x ,Ti ggi tw ,. X .X . XQ KX 'XX X . .XX- sXXXLX .XWXX X S QNXXX X Sk X.x Qs ami svwv s , XXX .. X Q, 6:6 x X wc sQ SS f X X X XX X 2 X . XW' nf! S f :X-XX Nw I' xx 3 s 'Y S ' ,. X. . . X? it K ww X as ,Q-fgiiiii ,. x E X 1 X S . i X ' Bti? XXX: E 'QQ I W "1 , . X f -K . X Xxx . . X ' GX X .fx X UA Manufacturers GENERAL OFFICES WEST COUNTY LINE ROAD BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS of business forms N since 1894. Designers and Producers of Business Forms . . . and Forms Handling Equipment. I Compliments of S TI R LEN - PI EPER FUNERAL HOMES AND AMBULANCE SERVICE - CHAPELS - SHURTI FFFS 5 SNURTLEFF 6 COIMNVA LLIITIBERs.BUILDING7llai51I'f16 200 North Hough 149 w. Main sf. 53 s. old Rand RQ. , , , Barrington, Illinois Barrington, III. Lake Zurich, III. ALL PHONES DU I'34II BARmNe'roN DU 1 2722 Kids "by the CAR LOADS" AII Go to HAN K'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION For AII Their AUTO NEEDS 201 S. Hough DU I-0770 BARRINGTON XX -X X X .X-XXX X' X. .K -X XQQ. , . XXX LXQSX fs X QNX- Q '- SSSSS .QSF H XQXQQ Q . MM.. ... X Xygs L.. X XXXQQS X X . X X N KN -S Q SX .. Q XXX XXX -L.. -X .iff X' X X -. . i' ' Q E-ss . -SX X X XX X QRS? XX X - - . X 2 X, L X rx .X .fi' xxx X Xfegxy 1X9 XXX X QXXXX X2 f--.XX EX XXQX1-X. - g.X wx 5 2 f Q 3 . Q X . 'L . ,X ' - X XX X 'X i-Q 'W-5Y5XilXX-I .X N .. X 'X .. E T1 5-'i' 'F-'Q,Xkir55'k '-'- XIX 'G X fir-FQX X' X - ----- ....,.,X TXQQXXXQX KEN X XXX., - . . - -iXSi1is' X5--GSXR C S 8 S Q S Q iii Q iw 6 ,W XM. yi.. .... X X .xx X Q XXX .,X WW 2.'X-X-XXXXQXXXQX25.g:g:gg. -P.. X - X X X XX XX XX 5X . X XX... Km XX .. X .X .. .. .QS Sf. 5 -XX Y as ,X. S -- - - ws- X -. Xsi-XXX.---X.X .kg-XXXXXQ-.5gX...g 17-...XX -..5X.XXX-XX-X..-.Mg -:X-X. s X X X l . X X X.X.. . X ' - X. A 'X .. X.X:-X X ' . X 5 .X. K -. - ww-.mmQwQ.Q4..1,-,.4g' gg, ggbqxw NE X . NX . X M . gg .X '11" 1 Q " k . X x ' ' -1. Q- X1 .g .- 1 X N X xx ,ft N S wx 'X N Nils? Q 1. .X . F-fn, . X X X is X is ,,...... 5 wN...,.. . K W fwy " NX LE 5 img i SW i ' - X xx X of A X 5 . ii WX ,xg i .Y Q S -- me SW? i -.WZ . ex .. if wh 3. fx. X . . A ul' 52, " 'Q ,x. ,. r,.-, .QF , . .. . , RN .Q .xi ww 5 . www K M. .,...wQwQf -swzs. .,.,,.... s i 5, L 1- fe s - .. Q 'Ng ...ii K -Q ' if xi Y" XX NW f-bi x ...A ...wi . .... . . . - .. QR .. X. X Si - gs :Yi -- R X YXX, , .... - Qu 4 ix! Sl JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY I SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER WEEK IN . . . WEEK OUT JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MONTH 'N MONTH OUT E JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER BARRINGT0 DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MA N COURIER REVIEW IS THE NEWSPAPER FOR THE BEST NEWS OF SPORTS SCHOOL COMMUNITY READ THE Barrington Courier Review AUGUST DECEMB MAY JUI NOVEM APRIL MI SEE US FOR ALL YOUR PET NEEDS, DOG AND CAT SUPPLIES, AQUARIUMS, STANDS ETC , TROPICAL FISH, GOLDFISH, PLANTS, BIRDS OF ALL KINDS, TURTLES, HAMSTERS I I09 W. Northwe I H y. B gi III 'IOBN H FLYING FEATHER PET SHOP GUINEA PIGS - WHITE MICE DU I-1515 COMPLIMENTS OF EDWARD C. LOOK REAL ESTATE INSURANCE APPRAISALS VISIT M Du , M BERT'S BANK TAVERN AFTER SCHOOL FOR "HAMBURGERS," PIES, SOUPS, AND SHAKES 105 S. Cook ST. Barrington, CONRAD'S VARIETY SOUTH HOUGH STREET BARRINGTON ILLINOIS LIPOFSKY'S OF BARRINGTON DEPARTMENT STOR II8 S. Cook Street DU-I-4116 E Serving the Northwest Communities Since 1896 YOUNT FORD SALES, INC. 301 East Main Street Barrington, IIIinois COMPLIMENTS OF BENDER-REIGER, INC. 117 N. cook 210 s. NW Hwy. Barrington, Illinois DU I-2190 BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER FOUNTAIN SERVICE FINE FOOD REASONABLE PRICES CORNER CUPBOARD THE MOST POPULAR RESTAURANT IN BARRINGTON Phone DU. 'I-0682 Opposite R. R. Station I- CARRY OUTS - FOR PRESCRIPTION SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST, CALL DU-I-3152 0SCO'S HARDWARE Tovs I A o 0 SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY SUPPLIES SUPPLIES ' 0 PET SUPPLIES DRUGS 0 O HOUSEHOLD cosmsrlcs SUPPLIES 4 BARRINGTON'S MOST BEAUTIFUL AND COMPLETE SUPER DRUG STORE FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE TO SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY AS YOU SHOP OUR MORE THAN 30,000 ITEMS FILM PROCESSED AND WATCH REPAIR SERVICE AT ECONOMY JEWEL CENTER PRICES Barrington, IIIinois STOPI FAST T.V. AND RADIO SALES AND SERVICE ALL WORK GUARANTEED AUTO RADIO SERVICE GRAHAM RADIO 8. TELEVISION SERVICE I26 W. Main DU 'I-T020 DON'T DRIVE ON PAST BUY SINCLAIR GAS KRANZ SERVICE STATION 2'I7 S. Hough St. GAS - OIL WASHING - GREASING TIRE REPAIR BRAKE SERVICE MORRICE 8. HEYSE MOTORS, INC. RAMBLER IN BARRINGTON 220 West Northwest Highway DU I-0250 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '63 ARCHER'S BOOTERY, INC JEWEL CENTER Barrington, Illinois DU-I-0745 0 FINE FOOTWEAR WHERE FIT IS OUR CONCERN X sz. .,.. . - Y -X 'XF-X4 - X .. Wx 2 :c' .X .XXXXXXXX,XX.X, Nw X. A W' XS! XX , XX XRS XX XNX N CX!! , XXXw. X 1 XVfX5 ai yisg f X X fi 5. S51 , X X Xe X X X X 5 ei X X X Xi XXX. X . XX X. SS . X.X..X X X XX g XX 1 .X -1. EEXX 5 X . 5. 5 XXX X XX .XX .X XXX X XS X XX X , X W XX X EX X T XX I X tj X X 3 Q NW FXS SEX 'E X X X 1 X E r X XXX as NX. V X S F X. RX .XXX SX XX ' XX S. . XX. X FXS i ' Ki 12 RES X X X. i JAX X X XX-X--......,.,AY AX... N X sfo -- X X No X XX? XX. K XX., .r . XXXXX. X5 : EX X X .X .X . E X X XSS-G . X X IQ2Xfi.XiXx - X 5 .X... 5 X X i X, . X X X g XX X X XXX 5X5 XFX X XXX.. X X X XX .X X . X X ' fgwff X-X z ww Qi: "Xl" 1. X X X Xi: . .. X XXQXXRXXXX :X .X QR. X . X .X X X. tx r" Q 2 we xv- m 1: -4 fu :ts ,f 7 X S - X -X X .. K A X .X XXX- XX- XXXQ- X -NX-X - X. X X- .h......X. -. -XX. . .X X X Q X XE XX. .X X X X XX 'X -X- ....X . '-X i .X gif XX. X X XXXX f X X. Qyf XX. 5 ETX X . X-XXX X X X X. X- X. X X Q. " . XX XNXX K X i X X N E S N X X X XS X N X S E XXX 1 X X. X NAA X .....XXXXXX-WXXXXXX,XX.XXXgE XX XX SX S E X XXX si . FXXXXX S :Sf X, X. X g XX Xi? X MX X X. XX X XX XXX is X X X NX XX X .X -X X... 5 XXX X NXXXQX- i FX. BA.ON STATIONERS OFFICE SUPPLIES, MACHINES 8K EQUIPMENT STORE ADDRESS TELEPHONE OF Y0 R OFF CE U I IIO NORTH HOUGH ST. DUNKIRK I-2357 BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS COMPLETE DEPENDABLE TJ. SERVICE Q Eg. S0 S REAL ESTATE East Main Street Office: DUnkirk 'I-3450 Ba ington, IIIinois Residence: DU k' k 'I-'I075 ,L Ph Du 1-2160 After Graduation - "See the U.S.A. BARRINGTON in Your Chevrolet" IIAIIznIIEssEIIs BOB BURROW CHEVROLET, INC. 126 N. Cook St. BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS DU 1-2500 Paul Tell 113 West Northwest Hwy. E A 5 in f if :Xia YOURS ALONE IN ALL THE WORLD Nothing makes a home so personalbr your own as jqne photo- graphs, and leading decorators fam coast to coast endorse the use :yr good portraiture in home decoration. Picture your own farnibr - parents and children as you look today - together Jbr eternigf through the magic fjfne prcwssional photography. Telephone far an appointment now. Time to remember with portraits ROOT STUDIO 226 S. Wabash Avenue Chicago 4, Illinois HA 7-5200 if You'll feel like a QUEEN wearing clothes from the QUEEN'S RANSOM Jewel Center Barrington JOSTEN'S plays a big part in BHS life. 'k Class Rings Announcements Yearbooks Pins i' our .losten's Representative Don Humrin Box 'I67 Wheaton, Illinois Active members of many BHS activities can often be seen at FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION or BARRINGTON ll5 So. Hough St. Du-l-4242 Vic Dahir, an active student at BHS, is iust one of the many students you will find at First Federal. If you have any financial goal such as a vacation, car, or college, why not build towards it with savings at First Federal. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '63 FROM THE 1963 CORRAI. STAFF Compliments of BARRINGTON REALTY C0. 131 W. Main St. Barrington, Illinois H. H. Walbaum - Realtor John Walbaum - Katherine Watson Real Estate - Insurance DU 1-1641 BEST WISHES FROM AHRENS 8. CONDII.l HEATING coNrRAcroRs 238 E. Main si. ou 1-3021 WHERE THE BOYS ARE! SCHAUBLE BUICK, INC 206 N. Cook Barrington, Illinois FRESHMEN A Ackerman, ohn 22,42 Adolf, Ran 42 glbertsaejollln 42 42 x I AIESEE, lfrucgrg Altenburg, Bill 42,56 75,122 gltengurg, Larry Y 4 Amtiiiegiii Mtiggret 42 74,87 Anderley, Cynthia 42,74 Anderlik, Thomas 42 gngerson, gharorailil non, Aihngdes, cliiiir 42 B Bard, Debby 42 Bash, Barham 42,59,61 Bauer, Ken 42 Benson, Lawrence 42,96 Bentson, Michael 42 Berentson, Jane 42,61 Berg, Susan 42 Bergquist, Peter 42,56 Bergren, Allan Bianganii, Rolanda 42,74 Bielke, Bill 42,123 Block, Sherry 42 74 Bohn, Karl 42 56,98,134,168 Bond, Genie 42,74 Bracht, Joyce 42 Brodhay Steve 42,56,75,96 Bmmmelkamp, Ken Brookman, Barb 42 Brough, Eda Lee 42 Bueh man, Tom 42 Burrell Ron Busse, Bill 42,96 Butzrnan, Sandra 42,66 C Callanen, Frederick 122 Carroll, Gary Cha ple Suzanne 43,88 Clari, Tana 43,74 Clay Edward 43 Clysdale, Ma aret 43 Cody, Chip 4,262 Coleman Alicia 62 77,88 Collins, Penelope 42 Condill, Michael 43,99 Connelly Timothy 42,56,96,122 Conray, Bill 43 Cooke, John 43,56 Corr' an Peter 43,98 cewlli, leer 75 98,123 Cowell, inda 43 Cruttenden, Tim 4l.42,56,75,123 Culverhouse, Rose 43 D Dahir, Steve 42,94,99 Dart, Elaine 4374 Daum, Betty 74 Deboo, Jim 43,99 Degner, geffreg 43 Devore, ill 4 ,75,96,123 Dickey, Bill 43,5696 Dingness, Terry 43 56,75,122 Deerinelri, Sandy 42 Doherty, Pat Dolan, Michael 43 Drain Sharon Drauden, krdyl 42 Drauden, at y 42 E Egan, Heather 43 n ln , 'E is'llrHeadifii 42 61 75 123 E lged, girginia 42,99 Larr 43 ran Eslick, y Etian, S5lval7g3 tte , a Etteg, Did-he 43.74 Etters, keine 43ag6,122 tt , t Evixgsolie, Dd-vid F Farra, Matt 43 Fellers, John 43 Figliola, Emilia 74,126 Fisher, Ruth 44 Fitzgerald, Shirlgr 43,74 Fletter, Karen 74 Foerster, David 43 Ford, Susan 43 Foy Lawrence 82,5122 Frederielr, Bonnie 43,59,74 G Geelrill, Judy 43 ll INDEX Gaston, Nina 43 Gawron, Linda 43 Gerber Ruth 43 Gibb, Gny Lee 4a,56,e2,123 Gibson, Rick 43,75 Gillis, Pat 43,56,77,98,122 Godfrey Sandra Gooch, Thomas 43 Gotsch, Connie Gough, Jan 43,114- Grimelli, Lou Ann Groh, Nora 43 Grove, Cramer 43,98 Gulley, Melvin 43,56,98 H Ha en Tim 44,75 123 Hafuselt, Thomas 44 Hamalian, Armen 85 Hamburg Lenor 44,114 Hansen, jim 44,122 Harman, Tom 44,62 Hart, Pam 44 Harge, Erich 44 Hartlaub, Mary 44,114 Haseman, Cassie 44,74 Heiden, Sue 44 Heine, Norman 44,75,96 Heineman, Bonnie 44,77,82 Heinemann, Kathy 44,61,74,134 Heliltson, Mark 44 Higgins, Carol 44 Hire Charles 44,75 98 Hogielt, Arthur 44,56,122 Hogrewe, Jim Hoover, Jeanne 74 Hopkins, Coralie 44 Hopkins, Ron 44,56,75,92,96,122 Howard, Lynn Hrobsky, Peter 44 Huff, Barbara 44 74.85 Hu here, Cecil 44 58,122 Heil, Kathryn 44,87 Hunter, Ronald 44,122 I Irwin, Nonavee 44 J aburek, Robert 44.56,98 ackson, Gayle 44,61 anicki Mic elene 44 irkovsky, Jame 44 ohnson, Edward 44,56,75,123 ohnson, ,kmhn 44,99 ohnson, Iargaret ohnson, William 44,56,123 ordan, Amber 44,74 ourdan, Glenda 74,87 ung, Steve ust, Robert 44 K Kajander, Tom 45,63,123 Kartalia, Diane 45 Keislcr, Neil 62 123 Keller, Sandra 4474 Kelley, Linde 45,59,74 Kelly, Sheila 45 114 Kesler, Robert 58,62 Ketelaar, Ingrid 45,77 Klaja, Christine 74 Knaack, Robert 45 Khl1dSED, Ruth 4'4,74,88,114 Koci, Jeri Lyn-n 45 Kohlhase Don 45,56,122 Kelder, Jim Kola, Ronald 45.61 Kolkmeyer, Sue 44 Kovacs Louis 44 Kozubek Connie 77 Krock, ,fan 74 Krueger, Tom 41,44,56,122 Kufeldt, Scott 44 98 Kuhlman, Tim 44 Kujawa Richard 45,85 Kurowslii, Daniel 45,98 L Lange, Karen 44,74 Lapp, Donna 45,114 Larson, June 45 La Rue, Michele 85 Lawrenz, Cathy 45,74,114 Lemmon, Doug 44,85 Lenk, Gunter 44,75 Lessman, Linda 45 85 Lewis, Evan 44,56,62,96,122 Lind, Sue 45,85 Lindberg Paula 44 Lutton Dave 44 75 Lynn, Robert 44,,56,98,123 M Mackey, Jirn 45,56,96,12a Magill, Stephanie 45 M nuson Rae Donald 45,56,75,98 MRW, Greig 45,75 98,123 Malmgren, Michele 74 Malmsten, Cynthia 45,74 Mammina Cathy 45 Mandabach Peel 45,56,12a Manning, Floyd 45,75 Marquis, Paula 45 Marvin, Robert 99 McAdoo, Barbara 45,62,63,74,77 McCarthy, Kathleen McConnell, Kathleen McConney, Willis 45,56,98 McKane, Linda McKinlay, Richard McMillan, Ken 45,56,58,61,75,122 McMillan Tim 45 Meeker, Rosamund Meiners, Mark 45 Michael Gregory 45,98 Miller, Dennis 62 Miller, Na-ncy 45 Miller, Sharon 45 Mitchell, Charles 45 Mitchell, Steve Molnar, Kathleen 74,87 Morrey, Stuart 45 Moss, Mary Kay 74 Muehler Duane 45,56,61,96,123 Muscarello, Catharine N Nance, Marilyn 46,85 Nash, Lynda 45,74 Neiman, Robert 45,61 Nelson, Susan Nesheim, Barbara 62,63 Netterstrom, Nancy 45,66 Newgent, Nanc 77 New in Carol 4,6 Nield, Melinda 46 Nikula, Chris 45 Norrbom Christine 45 Nuccio, Linda 46 Nuccio, Lana 46 O O'Laughlin Anne 46 Olmstead, Candis 46,87 Orbeson, Robert 46 Ori, Joseph 46,98 Osterman, Susan 46,88 P Pahl, Mike 46,62,63,77,85 Parks, Sharon 46,74 Parsley, Pat 46 Paulson, Richard 46,98 Peeples, Dann 46,58 Pederson, Fred' 46,62,98 Pelletier, Catherine 46 Pelton, Ann 46,74,114 Perkins, Michael 46,99,134 Perosa, Robert 46 Peterson, Pam 46,74 Phillips Anna Lee 46,66 Plato, Ronald 46 Ploetz, Geraldine 48 Poggensee, Don 46,98 Pope, Sally 46,74 Porter, Rue Ann 46 Potauek, Linda 46,74,87 Pritchett, Wanda 47 R Reed, Harold 47,98 Reese, jack 47,56,98,122 Rembowski Kenneth 47,122 Rigeby, William 47,96 Ri an, Ted 47 Rocliwood, Bill 47,98 Rollo, Alicia 48 Rood, Clint 47 Rosenfeld, David 47,77,82 Rudi, Jill 46,74 Rrunseyq Becky 48,62 Ryan, orma 48,74 Ryan, Ronnie 47 S Sam son, Delores 74 Sandiars, Leslie 4774 Satterfield Scott 48 Savidge, Dick 47,56 61,6398 sei,-ler, Birdiette 48,74 Schiebel, Robbie 47,122 Schneider, Kent 47,62 Schroeder, Donna Schroeder, Jay 47,62 63 98 Schulke, Margaret 46,74 Schultz, Linda 47,85 Schulz, Diane 47 Schumacher, Bob 4796 Schumaker, Don 47,56,75,123 Schweizer, Harold 47,98 Scott, Steve 47,122 Seier, Kris 47 74 Shand, Mary jane 47,77,134 Shaner, Laurel 46,74,1l4 Shaffer, Susan 47,114 Sharer, Sall 46 74 Sharfe, Linda 46 Shaw, gil 46 Shaw, uth 47,74 Shay, Terry 47,56,75,98,123 Shelhammer, john 47 Shinkle, Davi 41 47,56,62 Siegworth, Bob 47,56 Slmek, Jan 47 Slusser, Patty 47,74 Smiddy Murrell 48 srnien, Bob 48 56 123 Smith, Deborah 47 74 Smith, Randy' 47,96,122 Soderstrom, red'48 Spenk, Mike 48,56,75,122 Sprenger, john Spicer, Brenda 48 Steinmetz Bill Stewart Charles 48,56,96,123 seielil, Jenn 4s,62,6:-1,123 Stockwell flames Stoetzel, Lczbn 48 Strader, Strassburger, James 48 Streck, Donna 48 Strombach, George Sturm, Sglvia 48 Sullons, halres 121 Suman, Marge 48 114 Sutherland, Bill 59 Suzuki, Helen 48,61,166 Sweet, Fred 47 T Tasovac, Virginia Thiel, Bill 48 Thies, Randy 47 Timm, Deanna 48,77 Tolpo, Carolyn 48.77,85,S8,114 Torrenga, Janet 48 Traner, Margaret 48,74 Trappey, Joyce 48 Treacy, John 48,75,122 Trebing, Susan Tredup, Raelene Tuman, John 48,58,98 V V d t ,J fl' v2iinfif,efffyee'49ey W Wagner, Bob 62,63 99 wnlerine, Merney 74 Wall, Ken 123 Wallack, Lester 49,75,85,96,122 Waller, James 49,98 Wallis, Sharon 49 Walter, Tom 49 Wastcoat, Babbie 49,66,74 Webber, Sharon 74 Wedig, Kurt 96 Welch, Steve 41,49,56,75,99 Welt , Richard 49,62,63,77 Wendt, Tom 49 Wershay, Michael 49 Westerman Mary Ann 49,74 Whitaker, lames 49,56,75 98 Wichman, irfinia 49,74,88 Wiederrecht, ee Wilde, Wayne Wills, Bruce Williams, Linda 74 Williams Harold Wilson, Cheryl 49 Wilson, Richard Windahl, Walter 49 Wing, David 62,77 Wise, Mary 49 Witting Kathy 49,74 Wood, iMary Wooten, Carolyn Wright, Terry 49 Z Zimiggmaiiiy Jenn 49,83,114,123 Zrniich, Sandra SOPHOMORES A Altenburg, im 98,101 Anderson, anet Anderson, ob 75,88,101 Andres, Keith 101 Aranfow, Leslie 84,101,134 Arnold Judith 101 Aslanoif, Janice 74,101 Aznavoorian, Peter 62,101 B Babb, Pefgy 79,101 Bailey, E izabeth 74,101 Baker, Paul 52,56.96,101 Baldino, Tony 75,98 101,123 Balgemann, Marg 78,841,101 Banger, Cindy 5 ,61,66,78,101 iaulr' BJiii"95 96 101 123 ea , o Bean, Craig 79,101 123 Beehtel, David sz 98,101 Beda, Debbie 101,114 Benz, Mar 74,101 Berghorn, John 101 Biesterfield, Arlene 78,101 Black Marc 101 Bleelehiim, Gail 101 Bohlin, Garen 101 Bottcller, Marcy 74,101 Bracht, Dave 56,101,122 Brady, Lynn 79,101 Brandstrader, Rosemary 74,101 Brandt, Kathy 101 Bruce Arlene 101 Burrell, Larry C Calneron, Michael 101,123 Carnell. Kim 99.101 Carty, Gail 61,101 Cassell Clyde 62,101,112,114 Cavender, Don 56,101 Cermak, Nllke 101 Chapple, Steve 88,99,101 Charland, Alan 110,122 Christie, Karen 101 Clark, Don 79,101 Clark, Frank 123 Coleman, Lynn 62,63,77,78,83,101 Connolly, Carol 78,101 Cordill, ljsody 101 Cripps, ene 101 Croneigh, Cynthia 74,101 D Danielson, Robert 101 Bagobensgeck, 5,2 ill-0'14,89,101,136 Dgiiifbegiii 743101,122 lgelaware, Roblglt 56,101,122 , K Dfleiilhhliifhee 98.101 De-Pile, Ru by s2,99.122 Detweiler, Charles 56,62,98,101 DeVVoll', Dale 101 Dickinson, Peggy 101 Dodson. Bob ,101,123 iigiis' Lee 101 t , ames Dorrghgz Gene 98,101 gongea, Pfnflly ?gi78,101,114,115 , o n Dlrixvcilri? John 75,101 Dunk, Ed 56,96,101,122 E Eckert, Christine 101,114 Edmonds, James 84 Edwards Alisa 101 Egland, Dale 101 F Fawcett, Shuri 101 Fedota, John 101 Ferrarini, Barbara 74,101 Ferrarini, Larry 101 Ferries, Betsy 74,101 114 Fifer, Patsey Anne 88,101 Fisher, Ed 62,63,101 Fitzpatrick, Andy 101,114 Flint, Steve 101 Foelschow, Elizabeth 87,102 Forbes, Kathy 79,102 Ford, Penny 88 Foster, Loren 102 Fransen, Kay 74,102,126 Freier, David 102 French, Nancy 102 Freund, Begg 87 Frey, Bert Q ,102 Freytag, Rainer 82,102 G Galvin, Gail 102,114 Gannon, Ed 102 Garamoni, Greg 98.102 Gayer, Maureen 102 Geary, Kay 59,61.102 Gebhardt, Jerry 75,102,122 Geho, Bonnie 74,103 Gehrlg, Vicky 74,102 Giles, Alan 102 Gillies, Dorene 103 Glassman, Sue 102 Glaub, Donna 62,63,77,102 Glowac, Ron 56,102 Goldlen, Beverly 74,103 Goldhammer, Alan 102 Graham, Vickie 87.103.114,1l5 Green, Valerie 78 88,102 Greeeie, Michael 102 Greflin, Greg 62,102,122 Girgshy, Jlm . Grossman, Janine 74,102 Grosvenor, Sally 103 Gullbrandts, Lennea 74,103 Gustavson, Linda 102 H Haas, Ricky 56,103,123 Hagedorn, Judi 78,102 Haines, Larry 58,102 Hallett, Susie 74 102 H K h 102 amm, at y Hamm, Ma 102,114 Hammond, rCharlotte Hansen, Christine 103 Harkless, Bonnie 74,115 Hartwig, Ken 56,96,102,122 Hartwig, Sandra 74,103 Hauck, David Hawley, Beth 61,77,1fB,114,115,136 Heath, Barrie 123,103 Hcckel, Holiday 78 103 Heinrich, Harry 103 Helikson, Marcia 88,103 Hicks, Ronald 58,79,103,122 Hinman, Elizabeth 102 Hoffman, Phil- 56,79,99.103 Holaday, Patricia 84,103 Holic, Edward 103 Holmes, Richard 103,122 Holzwart, Suzanne 74 Homuth, Pat 103 Hook. William 103 Hopkins, Lloyd 103 Horniman, Keith Hudson, Drew 56,103 Huffman, Marsha 103 Hull, Marilyn 74,105 Huxhold, Phyllis 87,103 I Iddings Jean 104 Il'1V1l'l, jeff 103,112,114,115 J izJoli'aiii411iig2 Zfhiffiiliihosltex 835381-1,88,103 iliieii cifefiene 103 elinek, g..inda727ig3 s , ts , giirgdn, Eariice 101 ohnson, im 56,94.96104,123 ollinson, kIari?6l262,103 nso , gnes, lliruczy 62,99,103 ones, Vicki 103 urs, fill 103 urs, ichard 103 usits, John 92,97,123 K Kaiser, Donna 78,103 Kalkbrerlner, David 104 Keisler, Al-len 104 Kalck, Jane 74.104 Kelly, Lael 61,8 79 103 Kenley. Richard 62,63,56.104 Kerley, Lindell 96,103,123 Kidder Betty 104 Kincaid, Mariclare 61,78,100,103 King, Judith 104 Klein, Bonnie 104 Klein Petty 104 Kleinielter, Steve 104 Kokoron, Nickolas 104,122 Kolkmeyer, John 62,653,103 Kopack, Donald 83 104 Keeieili, Carolyn 104 Krock Alan 79 103 Kiigafii, Cheryl 87 104 Kuhlman, glanet 103,126 Kujawa, C ristine 74,104 L Lahti, Millie 59,61,78,100,103 Landgraff, Carlene 78 104 Lapp Gary 103,114,122 Laughton Pete 98,103,122 Laureys, Lynn 62,103,123 Lehmann, Gertrude 84,104 Leis, Vernita 87,103 Linder, John 79,99,103 Line, Ann List Terry 56,98,104,122 Lockwood, Catherine 78,103 Lockwood, Gail Lorimer, Sue 100,104 gave, ieffrgg If-25103 g-a'UH3C,Joi:ndggi68:? ,114 L1223, iiiiiig 56,75,103,122 M MacNiven Bruce 83,89,103 Mellen, Charles 56,965,104 Marland, Susan 74,104,126 Martin, Carol 74104 Marsh, George 103 McAuliffe, ari 62 63,104 McCarthy Mike 56,104 McClure, jiiii 82,104 McCombs, Gmger 103 McFadden, Teri 104 McKee, Cindy 104 Meiners, Christine 104 Melonas, Paul 56 103,122 Mervis, Jeff 56,104 Meschewski, Christine 74,104 Meyer, Kay 104 Meyer, Sue 74 1.04 Michalak, carl 104,122 Miller, Byrd 58,112,123 Miller, Dennis Miller, Mary 61,78,103 Miller, Phil 104 Mills, Jlohn 99 103 Mills, earl 58,75,98,104 Miner, Mur-pha- Mirecki, Joe 1 3 Monsen, Gordon 104 Moody, Pat 103 Moolenaarm, Tom 96,103,122 Moor, David 103 Morton, George 82,103,122 Mueller, Fran 104 Murphy, Dan 53,58,98,123 N Nadler, Joel 79,99,106 Neal, Glenn 56,79,96,106,122 Nelson, Lenis 96,105,123 Nelson, Mark 56,105 Nickleski, Patricia 105 Nielson, Gary 106,115 Nikula, Garg875 84.107 Noftz, Pete ,79,93 99,106 Nowlen, Pamela 78,84,105 Novak, Russell 105 Nygren, Bruce 79,84,106,112,114 O Olson, Kristine 105 Osborne, Lucille 74,105 Ostrander, Wendy 105 Otto, Steven Oustcrhout, Julia 105 P Pahlke, Nancy 74 106 Palermo, George 105 Panker Toni 4,107 Panzlifll, Linda 74,105 Paradowicz, Pegfy 105 Pascoe, Wendy 06 Peache, Robert 84,106 122 Peletz Berrradine 77,105 Pelz, .Patncla 74,88 Pennington, Gordon Pepper, Dennis 56,123 Perlman, Kenneth 56,79,96,106 Perot, Kit 74105 Peters, Steve 56 79 Phillips, Nancy 78,105 Pietsch, Pat5y5 79,107 Pike, Bob 1 ,115 Pilgard, Mary 105 Pitcher, Craig 82 Pohlman . Pam 66,78,105 Potter, lm Potter, om 5699,122 Pritchett, Pat 105 Przeniczny, Ed R Rainwater, Jack 79,134 Randels, Ronnie Ream, Dick 74,107 Repmenn, Paul 105 Retzman, Alan 75,106 Ribbentrop, Anita 105 Richardson, Pam 84,105,127 Rische, Scott 75,105 Riter, John 105 Roark, William 56,79 105,122,123 Robbins, Claire 78105114 Rebiiieeh, Aiigsig 63 106 Roesher, Bill ,105 Rogers, Donald 105 Rogers, Jean 78,106 Rost, Phil 83,99 Roxwort-hy Bill 105 Riihideiix Thomas 96,105,121 Rumsey, Pat 106 Rushing, Jo Ann 105 S Sadorf, Darlene 87,106 Sadorf, Donna 106 Salnick, Robert 82,99,105 Sanofsky Sue 87,106 Saylor, Joyce 107 Schafer, Leo 82,115 Schambach, Suxann 105 Schick, Carolyn 74,106,127 Schauer, Apri 105 Schoenhofen, Ann 1M Schmidt, Herbert 56,122 Schmidt John Schulz, Dan 105 Searcy, Mary 74 105 Seher, Steve 56,98,105 Serritella, Thomas 56,105 Shanahan, Bob Shoys, Pete' Shultz, Paul 105 Sicks, lm Sicks, ohn 84,105 Silvey, Cynthia 115 Silvey, Cznthla 15 Sirvotek, hris 105 Skamfer, Diane 106 Smiddy, Sandra 74,105,1N Smith, Carol '79,88105,126 Smith, Donna 74,106 Smith, Elaine 74,106 Smith, Guy 84 Smith, Roger 56,79 106,123 Smith, Terry 98,106 Snell, William Stager, Jeli' 106 Stelnhauer, Carol 74 9,107,126 sreihlie, Barbara 74,106 Steinmetz, Kenneth 122 Stirlen, Mary Ann 78,106 Stoetzel, Heide H5 Strader, Jlll 78,106,126 Stroh, Steve 61.84,132 Studz, Susan 115 Suchy, Alan Sullivan, Kathleen 106 Sunderlaie, David 105 Sutton, andy T Taylor, Arthur Taylor, Diana 74,105 Tepke, Daniel 56,106,123 Thomasson, Mary Lee 78,106 Thompson, Donald 82,S3,85,106 Thompson, Pam 59,61,w,78,106,127 Thom n, Sherry 78105 Thrasliig, Rodney 106 Timon, Mark 58,96,106,122 Truax, Sandy 74 Tucker, Lynn 74,105,126 Tudor, Tyra 107 Turkevich, Elisabeth 78,88,106 T Co 74106 urner, ra . Twerdahl, Eric 106,117 V gan fglorrb Roiialdl3706 on as viiifi, Iaeraldtine 87,106 Voss, Richard 56,79,96,106,122 W Wa er, Arthur 75 Wagitis, Spencer 58,99,107,122 Walberg, John 79.107 Wall-is, Robbin 107 Walder. Mark Wan elin, Jim 56,106,122 Ward, La Voughn 74,87,106 Watson, Richard 96,106 Weatherly, Berton Weatherly, Pegy 107 Weber, Judie ,106 Weber, L rr 107 Webster Walter 58,106,122 Weiss, Holly Wells, Char es 106 Welsher, Maureen 1U7 Welzien, Charles 106 Wasil, Wally 56,62,63,96,100,106, Wilkinson, George 96,107 Wilson, Debbie 74 107 wire lzeihei-.i 78107 weld Robert 106 Wood, Johrm Wood, Nancy 107 Wright, Nancy 62,63,77,83,89,107 Wuczynski, Pat 74 107 Wyatt, Susan 74,106 -4 Y Younghusband, Alyson 107 Z Zavodny, Steve 84,106,123 Zandier, Batrick 99,107 Zboyan, Linda 87,98,99,107 Zemon, Mike 106 Zichal, Patricia 106 Ziegler. Tom 58,106 Zoo , Patricia 78 JUNIORS. Alexander, Jan 84,138 Allen Barbara 78 138 Allen Brian 112 138 Allison, Jo Ann' 138 Anderllk Ed 138 Anderson, Bill 138 Anderson, anet 74,138 Anderson, arry 138 Andresen, Jim 138 Armstrong, Greg 61,78,88,1 B Backhaus, Wilbe-rt 138 Barlle, Lynn 86,112,114,137,138 Baur, Thomas Beato, Eric 138 Becker, Dolrg 138 Beckwith, Boynton- 122,138 Benjamin, Paul 98,138 Benninghoven, Chris 66,114,134,138 Berentson, Sue 138 Bergquist, Ken 82,138 Bergren, Scott 138 Bethel, Ga le 138 Bielke, BSIXDBTB 138 Blaylock, Audrey 138 Block, Steve 57,68,97,132,138 Brlarton, Joe 138 Brown, Bi l 82.83 138 Bruso, Janet 78,138 Buchanan, Jack 57,82,138 Buse, Bob 58,98,112,138 C C ' , R ' 139 c3fS8f'iiro,ef'35a Callah M'k BII, l C Calapetro, Dwayne 139 Caiey, Alan Calhoun, Beverly 77 139 crrrr, Joan 78 114,115,139 Chamberlain, Tom 99,123,139 Charles, Patricia 139 Cherney Charles 92 99,139 Clark, dnrol 78 112,139 clnyin, John 5? 95,99,122,124,139 cloro, Ruth 74,139 Cobb, John 40,61,68,120,125,139 Coiswell, Ron 86 97.137,139 Co ins, Robert 57,139 A Adkins, Sharon 87,138 38 Colnslgll, Jim 50,57,91,97,120,123,124, Condill, Bill 78.139 Condon, Jane 139 Cote, Richard 139 Coty, Q,-Joan 139 Cox, iii? 139 Cropp, lchael 112,113,139 Cmmrine, Jim 139 Currid, Ray 139 D DeBolt, Mary 7982,139 noolror, Dan 791.15139 Dickinson Ray 99,139 Ding, Helga 4,139 Dixon, Donna 139 Dixon, Irene 139 Dobrinski, John 139 Does, Lee 140 Dolan, Frank 140 Donles, Michael 140 Donovan, Bill 140 ow lng t I8 , B""l-B""'5,'3. i?'14?1 140 Duda, ltorhg774,14o Dugan, Ed ,75,92,98,140 E E land, gudy 140 El1'iott, onnie 74,87 88,140 Engelbrecht, corllos 28,140 Engelki Gail 59,78,140 Englishngban 57,98,1ZS,140 Etian, Sionnonto 77,140 Etteis, Sue 79.140 Evans, Dave 78,123,140 Evans, Sandy 79,140 F Fawcett, Hugh 140 Fenton, Tom 58,82,140 Flgliola, Angela 87,140 Fisher, Albert 77,140 F fold, Per Fato, Carol 74,140 Flubacher, Ron 99,140 Foerster, Louise 140 Forrest, Bill 78,88,122,140 Ilflogaer, ,Allan 5 eric , ave 7,122,137,140 Frick, Walter 149 G Gaunt, Sandra 87,140 Gawron, Pat 140 Gelzer, Barb 140 Gerber, Miriam 61,141 3"h"'C5t' C825 33 UTY: UYCC r r Grabenkort, Bob 97,119,141 Grant, Bob 93 99,141 Gr-lrrnnohor, Bill 75,141 Grom, Edward 141 Gross, Paula 78,112 114 121 Gruendel, Julie 66,78,125,141 Guild, Joseph 123,141 Gundclach, Linda 79,141 Guttke, Ken 57,141 H Hallberg, John 61,63,77,141 Hallberg, Sue 141 Hamen, Dave 141 Hansen, Lucinda 79 141 Hanson, Carol 74.141 Hare, Leonard 141 Harkema, Barbara 141 Harris, David 141 Haselnan Candy 141 gooolrionyo 113141 3 r 357 He3'sernan, Ray 141 Hi?lns, Violette 114,141 Ho man, Alfred 88141 Hoffman, Susan 77141 Hogfelt, Gunnar 57,141 Homuth, Laurel 141 Honeycutt, Dave 57,141 Hope, Jim 142 Houston, James 142 Huff, Amelia 74,142 Hummel, Pat 79,142 I Iron, Richard 82,83,142 J ackson, Cheryl ackson, genny 74,114,126,142 ahnke, om 90,97,142 akes, Cheryl 79,142 ensen, Grei142 ilek, Glan 7,142 ohnson, Anne 14-2 ohnson, Darlene 87,142 K Kaker, Che-r 'l 142 Kampert, Bob 142 Kazimour, Frank 142 Keene Sue 134,142 Koil, Paulette 74114,115,142 Keisler, Andy 142 Kempf, Lenore 74 142 King, Arlene 84,142 Kno e, Rick 82,142 Knox, Dale 142 Knox, Dennis 142 Knudsen, Phillip 57,75,122,142 Knutson, Jim 142 Kolder, Carol 78,142 Koonz, Bob 142 Kraeplin, Susan 142 Kraft, Dennis 93,98,142 Kramer, Nancy 79,143 Kresin, Avis 115,143 Kuhns, Cheryl 143 Kunsky, Karen 78,86.114,143 L Lane, Chudleigh 143 LBBEOS, Harold 143 Lar in, ky 143 Larson. awn 79,143 LaShure, Larry 143 Lawhorn. Wanita 74143 Leeson, Martha 127,143 Leis, Richard 143 Lemm, im 9498,143 Leszcynsici, Jia 143 Lever, Terry ,143 Lewis Jody 79.143 lnndoirog, Godfrey 83,143 Long, Bill 143 Lorenz, Candy 61,S6.127,134,143 Luke, Greg 7V5,78,143 M Mabbs, Linda 78,89,143 Mackintosh, Rob 78,143 Magill, Stacy 114,143 Markiewitz, Susan 143 Lfashinter Bill 143 McAdoo, Dick 58,62,s3,'1v,143 McCoy, Bill 143 Meller, Dale 57,143 Mertens, Charmaine 143 Mertens, Gordon 143 Meschewski Jim 143 Morrohlro, Ronald 98,144 Meyer, Carol 78 144 Meyer, Nancy 78,144 Michelotti, Gloria 86,1l2,114,144 Miller, ignean 144 Miller, ary Ann 79,144 Minor, Charles 82,144 Mitchell, Chester 144 lkfizen, Kristi 5678,144 Molino, Tony 144 Moore, Jami 84,144 Musschoot, Paul 82,83,144 N Nelson, Dick 98,144 Nelson, Virglia 144 Neumann, lqggflflr Newlin, Roger ,144 Nichols Lou Ellyn 144 Nield, Sally 144 Nielsen, Bill 76,84,85,144 O Obermaier, Alfred 83,144 Oclloa, Mlchael 77,122,144 Olson, Carol 74 87 144 Olson, Karen 78,144 Ott, Melvin 144 Ousterhout, Nancy 144 Oye, Norman 97,144 P P l , H 57,98144 Piiiifriho, lilwrllo 144 Pettingell, Susan 74,144 Porter, Robert 123,144 Powers, Richard 83,144 Presba, David 145 Putta, Barbara 59,61,78,86,145 R Reakes La 57,97,145 Reed, h4rhnZ1,es,145 Reyer, Phil 145 Ribbentrop, Dick 84,99,145 Rlce, Art 62 68,98,112,115,145 Rieke, Dorothy 79,145 Rieke, Ed 79,145 Rigsby, Raymond 97 Ritzenthaler, Bob 78.122145 Robinson, Malgorie 87,145 Rockwood, An 122,145 Rollo, Cookie 93,122,145 Rood, Kenneth 145 Roth, John 145 S Santoro, Bob 57,90,99,1B,124,145 Satterlield, Sue 145 Saul, James 145 Savidge, Sue 6886,134,145 Schaefer Janet '19 145 Scheer, Nancy 87 145 sczlfrrwrln 62811486145 c oe o gang Schroeder, Arlene 145 Schroeder, Stephen 145 Schulke Russel 57,119,122,137,145 Schumaker, Janet 145 Schwacke, .Llnda 74,89.145 Scully, Shella 79,114,145 Sejexsen, Elin 145 Sexton, Curtis 58,98,146 Shay, Jolene 146 Shehorn, Karen 78146 Shelhamer, Nancy 79,146 Shroyer, Sally 146 Skubik, John 122,146 Slusser, Cherie 146 Smith, Connie 79,146 Smith, Janet 74112,146 Smith, inda 146 Smith, Philip 146 Snell, William 146 Sparling, Ann 6578,112,146 Spencer, Doug 146 Staggs, Suzette 74,146 Stamm, Russ 57 78,116,122,146 Steinle, Mary 146 Stetson, Dede 146 Stock, Alan 146 Stockwell. Loveta 74,146 Stoetzel, Ralph 146 Stumpf, Sharon 79,146 Sullivan, Nancy 146 Sullons, Carol 146 Sutherland Jerry 58.75,146 Swanson, Em 75,99,146 Sweeney, aren 146 T Tasovac, Kathy 146 Thompson, Audrey 78,146 'gibbensxv 74,146 racy, 1 lam Train, Jack 57,123,146 Treac , Peg 112.114.1416 Trestik, Jinet 77,146 Tucker, slie 79,853,146 Tuegel, Charles 146 Tuman, Luann 147 V Vance, Bill 147 V el, Vera 147 Viiizbe, Diane 79,112,147 W Walker, Scott 82,98,147 Wallack, Sharon 147 Wallis, Alice 147 Walsh, Sherry 136.147 Weaver, Judy 78,112,114,115,147 Webber, Carl 62 Webber, Richard 147 Weber, Gary 147 Weber, Jeff 147 Weidenmiller, Joy 78,147 Welch, Kathy 74,147 Welsh, Cleve 147 Werhan, Jennifer 79 147 Welshay, Steve 97,123,147 Weskalnies, Jer? 147 Westfall, Mi e 7,147 Wichser, Jim 57,99122,147 wrdholnr, Wendy 88 147 Wiechmann Gre 122147 willransonkjorly 578,147 Williams, ent 147 Williams, Stan 58,97.123 147 Williksen Marsha 83,147 Wilson, linyrnono 147 Wilson, Shaqn 61,147 Wolf Gary 47 Wright, Stephen 88,122,147 Wyman. Craig 99.122147 Y Yamashita Glan 82,88 89,147 Yrror, Holly 81.134,14'1 Young, Donald 147 Young, Robert 122,147 Z Zack, Judy 122,147 Zdebskl, Peter 58,89,147 Zeimet, Judy 147 SENIORS A A.hrens, Gregory 153 Anderson, Carl 86,153 Anderson, Robert 153 Andlashie, Andrew 153 2nkele,6kmber1E5lg3 PS3-fa an? Ariola, John 58,12r2,124,153 Armanetti, J-oyce 153 Armstrong, orelei 79,153 Arnold, Pete 153 Amy, Jean 153 B Babcock Sandra 74 153 aonrnnnfr, Eileen 88,110 112,132,154 Baumgartner, P8lI'lCl3 59,61,64,112, 114,154 Bejda,CJess 154 Benz harlene 87,114,154 Bethke, Gm 114,154 Bishop eredith 87,154 lzlnrnnir, Steven '15 82,12o,124,154 Block, John 61,91,99,124,152,154 Bohn, Marjorie Bowker, Susan 61.653.86.154 Boyd, Anne 7888154 Bratt, Philip 82,124,154 Brekke, Timothy 155 Bremer, James 78155 Brewer, Robert 155 Bright, Susan 155 Brooks, Stephen 78,155 Brossard, James 82,83,155 Buchanan, Bruce 155 Burke, William 58,155 C csay, Artlnir 155 Carnell, Kent 62,63,124,155 Carr, Fran-lc 62,63,68,86,132,155 Chapple, Casey 61,66,68,88,155 Church, Suzanne 64,66,86,88,112, 114,152,156 Clarkson, Marilyn 31,156 Cody. Harriett 78 5,89 156 cos, Earnest 57 88,94,98124,156 Comes, Cheryl 89,127,156 Connelly Wlfilliam 82,97,122124,156 cs.-dill, John 76 7s,s2,11s,156 Crews, willisni 156 Ciilggenden, Susan 59,61,64,86,156, D Dalhga, Victor 61,78,86,123,124,152, Dalton, Kathleen 79,156 DeBolt, Carol 156 Delrloach, Charles 58 98,124,157 Dick, Terry 57,124,157 Diebold, David 157 Docka, Mary 157 Does, Patricia 88,157 Donaldson, Charles 90,98,124,157 gonlea, Lliatrick an, argaret Diiiilinrn, Patricia 64.s6,s4,157 Dunn, Dennis 57,61,82,124,157 E lsnfgiglr, Arthur 57,78,95,99,122,124, Ernst, Linda 61,78,86,157 Estefan, Sergio 61,68 F Fabrycy, Kurt 78,158 Fedota Mary Lou 158 Fink, Gary 57,66,123,124,158 Fkher, Jo n 57,78 122,124,158 Fletter, Carol 79,158 Flint, Sally 158 Forbes, Jim 88,158 Fredrick, Mark 82,158 Freeland, Mike 158 French, George 58,124,158 G Gainsburgh, Diane 158 Galloway, Janice 74,158 Gates, Michael 75,88,159 Ghorashi Hossein 58,159 Giesen, Nancy 112,114,134,159 Gillilan, Margery 112,114,159 Glazman, Mari 68,88.159 Goldhammer, ynn 88,112,114,159 Graver, Wayne 94,97,122,124,159 Gritmacller, Karen 159 Grove, Walter 124,159 Gruendel, Jill 159 H Haas, Judith 159 Haberly, Peter 63,77,82,159 Hagedorn, Carol 160 Hagemann, Robert 57,122,124,160 Hanchett, Ann 66,68,84,86,89,160 Hansen, Gary 84.160 Hanson, Jerry 88,160 Harrington, Kathy 160 Hart, Anne 160 Hawley, Martha 62 63,160 Heckel, Barbara 160 Heinrich, Ellen 87,160 Heise, Gail 160 Hewitt, Daniel 160 Hile, Peter 161 Holzman, Linda 66,89,161 Htggsfart, Steven 57,52,122,121,152, Hoover, Woody 161 Hudson, Douglas 79,88,124,161 Jackson, Barbara 66.78.161 ensen, im 57,122,161 ones, ichael 57.8v6.98,122,161 ones, Parker 83,86,58,122,124,161 opp, Bob 123,124 161 nrwilr, James 75,161 K Kaempfer, Karen 84,86,162 Kampert, gdames 75,162 Kampert, ary Lou 74,162 Kefgen Brian 162 Krrrn, lLuAnne 115,162 Kerr, Robert 62,63,82,116,125,162 Kittredge, Juli 84162 Knudson, Kristin 89,162 Kolupaev, Stephen 82,162 Krause, Janet 86162 Kreeger, Dennis 57,79,162 Kuhlman, Margaret 162 L Lafferty, Lauren 163 Landwer, Mark 57,163 Lange, Kenneth 82,163 Langos, Paulette 163 Laughton Steve 57,124,163 Laureys, Frank 163 Lefevre, John 83,89,163 Jacobsolni Fred 161 Liligzerg, Dennis 57,86,111,124,132, Lindberg, Robert 82.124163 Lindberg, Terry 62,63,124,163 Lisec, Richard 163 Lockwood, Margaret 78,163 Laila, Gary 63,77,83,88,97,122,124, Lundstrom, Charlene 112,115,164 Lyon, Richard 112,164 M Malmgren, Thomas 78,86,97,164 Manning, Gail 74,164 Manzke, Ted 75,110,112,164 Mauter, Charles 164 Mc.Alo0n, Kenneth 164 McCarthy, Terry 164 McCaw, Michael 62,77,112,114,122, 164 McFarland Barbara 164 McIntyre, Molly 112,164 McKinlay, Douglas 165 Merritt, Ralph 112,165 Michael, Kent 58,165 Miller, Kathy 74,165 Miller, Nina 84 15 Miller, Robert.114.165 Mills-r, Wendy 88,165 Mirs, Chuck 52 57,97,124,165 Mitchell, Al 124 165 Mueller, Mich-ael 57,123,165 N Neal, Vernon 57123,165 Neiman, Lee 165 Nelson, Michael 166 Ness, Che l79.166 Nielsen, Jilin 58,99,124,166 Nightingale, Richard 166 Norman, Jean 78,166 Novak, Jacqueline 112,114,166 0 0,1-8 hl' s 134,166 Olderilgurglj lgggert 58,78,124,166 Olson, Janice 74,166 P Palmer, John 75 166 Parsley, Allen 57,166 Peck James 166 Psgsinw, Carole 74,167 Pepper, Ronald 167 Perlman, Wanda 167 Petterson, Nylan 5,5167 Pettise, Susan 66,68,167 Pickles, Geoffrey 61 68,167 Pohlman, Patricia 78,167 Potter, Wil-liam 5o,51,57,s6,11s,12s, 124,167 Prince, Kathy 167 Prow, Sandra 87,112,114,167 R Rand, Reginald' 75,88,167 Rawlins, amela 167 Ray. Neill 124168 Reid, Martha 59,74,86,88.168 Remensynder Lar1k78,123,168 Ribb fr 1 entm , lsa Rice, Bargara 62,63 88,114,168 Richards, Jniiitn 168 200 Rieck, Kenneth 168 Ritzenthaler, Dian 62,63,86,168 Rosenberg, John 3,168 Rudi, Craig 168 Rummel, Jane 84,168 Rumsey, Michael 168 Ryan, Richard 169 S Sandi, Anna Maria 61,68,169 Schick, Nancy 66.78,169 Schiebel, ,Rane 169 Schleifer, oberta 169 Schlenz, Dianne 169 Schmid, Sandra 169 Schmidt, Raymond 134,169 Schurecht, Dayanne 59,61,64,169 Schwemm Robert 61,86,112,169 Sejersen, Jetta 169 Shatwell, Richard 75,82,84,122,169 Shaw, Paul 170 Shermer, Scott 170 Shxnkle, Ruth 170 Shirgrs, Gary 57,75,95,97,122,124, 1 Shuett, Susan 170 Slgwalt, Jim 170 Simpson, Reva 170 Sinc alr, Sally 78 86,112,1l4,170 Slusser, Daniel 122 Smith, Mary Lou 170 Smith, Nanc 74,170 Smith, Pamela 170 Smith, Robert 171 Smith, Sandra 171 Smith, Woody 171 Spreyer, Abigail 84,86,111,112,114, 115,171 Stead, Kimberly 68,126,171 Stetson, Richard 122,171 St?lI1i, Michael 62,63,88,122,124,125, Sturtevant Philip 171 Sulvvallski, Robert 57,84,88,98,123,124, Swedenborg, Judy 171 T Taylor, Dorothy 74,171 Thiel, Carlene 74,171 Thies, Ronald 172 Thomasson, Nelson 172 Thompson, Harold 82,124,172 Tichy, Karen 86,89 124,134,172 Traner, Judith 74,172 Tschopp, John 78172 Tumer, Richard 172 V Velleur, Brigitte 74,172 Vickland, John 172 Von Albrecht, Richard 57,75,122, 124,172 Voyta, James 172 W Wade, Thomas 172 Wagers, Wendy 84.86 134 173,151 Wagner, Janet 66,86,136,173 Wagner, Rodney 173 Wa der, Harry 173 Walsh, Sandra 173 Weber, JeH'reg8173 Welsh, Scott ,122,173 Wendt, Karen 87,173 Wessel Alan 62,615,173 Westlake, Jeffrey 58,122 173 Wichman, Edmund 57,124,173 Williams, Ernestine 82,173 Wilmes, John 75.174 Wilson, Linda 174 Windahl, David 124 174 Wisegarver, Nancy 6l,68,86,174 Wolf Donald 78 74 wood, John 53,57,98,123,174 Z Ziegler, Susan 87,174 FACULTY Adam, Eugene 27,77 Alison, Mark 27,152 Anderson, ,kihn 27,56,96 Anderson, arion 27,137 Anglese, Kathleen 27,134 Austin, JoAnne Z7 Baer, Katherine 27,411,132 Baker, Francis 27,134 Beggs, David 15 Be n, Robert 27 Benson, Leo 27 Bergsten, Linda 27,89 Boehme, Helen 21 Breitenfeld, Doris 27 Bruce,.Anna 27,82,137 Brunstlng, Bette 27.85 Campbel, Lyle 7,27,41 Catlow, Olive 30 82,137 Chiles, Truman 30 Chiorgno Remo 30,35,51 Corner, Dean 30,56,98 Cripps, Dorothy 30 Curtis, Williom 30 Douthit, Barbara 30,41 Epperson, James 30.96.122 Frederick, Tom 5,30,53,57 Finley, Robert 15 Gehler, David 30,56,57,98,124 Gehler, Martha 30,66,152 Gephardt, Phyllis 30,100 Giamalva. Vincent 3041 Gillis, J. Walter 24.125 Gjertsen, Arthur 30 Gjertsen, Elaine 30 Graham, James 30,56,57,123 Hahn, Nancy 31 100 Henkel, George 31 ohnson Richard 31,112,114,138 ones, Winslow 31 51 58,122 Karon, Michael 31,56 99,122 Kennedy Collette 31 84 Kenney ,Donald 21,31,98,99 Koch, Claire 31 Korth Willard 31.137 Kosticlt, Andrew 31,99,124 Lager, Vecal 31 82 Leonhard, Annabelle 31 Lombardo, Vincent 31 Lynch, iludith 31,87 ,158 L ns, obert 34,100 lvzsddins, Robert 9.34,90,97 Marlan , Valerie McCarthy, Patricia McKinney, Mary 20,66 McNamara, Eileen M Meinhard, Richard 34 86 Murbach, Edwin 34,41123 Murphy, Robert 21,3-4,56,122 Neiner, Ray 34,152 Nelson, John 34,56,137 Pace, Richard 34 Palermo Richard 20 Perbix, Joyce 34,127 Plaskas, Joseph 34,123,137 Quick. Betty 34,87 Reakes, John 34,335,123 Rudser, udith 34,100 Rueck, Elizabeth 35,83 Russo, Ben 23,35 Sarius, Grace 35 41 Sheel, Annette 35 Seigworth, Wayne 35,56 Solon, Joan 35,152 Soule, Robert 21,35,100 Tenclinger, Mary Ann 35,41,87 Thoms, Dennis 24 Thyfault, John ZL100 Tomchek, David 35,100 Van Buer, Franklin 35 61 Van Ness, Kathleen 35 Waite, Arlyn E. 93 Wandke, Grace 35 Werhan, Joan 34,35,68 White, Charles 35 ummm vwwu .-K'-.."" iv V f , jfjiijf yy ff QSWVWER QW' MN QfiL Ww W Q , fibifw Mgffff' mwgyyy' gy MA Wgyfv Wifi ylfflffx ffnijbfw k W' ff U91 1 a wwgkoy x My ' Wivgiffif M9 ,ff MVA Jijglxvfw WWE XJ My in 40 wgfygwjgf NW fu Jw CM P riwfwi ' fMf3 N'DQJyfW ywbifwwiwigf WCSMM' Wf .f hi, , .,. .., ...M ,g..:.A.,. , ,,-V U ., . x , . .. , . .Y , Y ' , Q an . lS0.m.9f.Q1n.ey mfs' CAL! 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I I H211 fiwb QMLQMMQUJZA ?mnLm1 q:5Q,1- 'AIM W C90 4 , - . 351332 3 '?"f:if1ff'f'ff'-2 ff, 113,55 ff MPP ma sufmw-x's Imv1"65 fmamof,-fwepmudws hL4lU+ A , ,.., Mary Jo ALBANY Rawley, 133 Runnymede Ave., Wayne, Pa 19087 works as a secretary- linguist CEnglish-French? at The Budd Company in Philadelphia. She ls very much into skiing and sailing, enjoys traveling Ccruiscs and ski tripSD,and has a very verbal parakeet, woodstock. She is recently separated. Cecily ALDRIDGE Ward, 11830 Bairlington Lane, Midlothian, Virginia 23113 is working on an M.B.A. at Virginia Commonwealth University. She and John have two sons, David, 8, and Jeffrey, 6, Jane ALLIE Chapman, 8 Moss Lane, Amherst,. Ma. 01002 works part-time as a system analyst for Scott Graphics in South Hadley. Her husband Michael, whom she married in 1971 in Abbey Chapel, is a chemical engineer for the sane firm. They have one child, Nicole Elizabeth, age Zg, and are expecting their second child in the beginning of June. 1 Ellen AHMERMAN Couin, 3 rue Paul Valgry, 56000 Vannes, France spent three years in Upper Volta Qwest Africa? as a Peace Corps volunteer in Public Health before she and her husband returned to the U.S. to earn degrees in Agricultural Economics at the University of Tennessee. After spending 5 years in the U.S. the Goulns moved to Brittany where they are raising their two children billngually. Ellen teaches English part-time in Vannes. Rae BALDWIN Cousins, 117 Pawtuxet Ave., Cranston, R.I. 02905 is, in addition to being a wife, mother, and homemaker, a part-time stu ent in a B.S. in Nursing program at Rhode Island College and is also training to be a childbirth educator. She married Don CBowdoin '60j in Dec. 1966,. and they have 3 children, Seth,8, Anna ,5, and Kate, 1. Ruth BSCHTOLD Alexeichik, 32 Rockcrest Rd., Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 works at CBS Inc. as a Data Base Administrator.She enjoys gardening Cindoor and outdoorj, tennis, and riding. ' A Sharon BECK hormino, 205 Water St., Framingham, ha, 01701 was a child welfare worker in Chester County, Pa. until Sept. 1969 when she married Paul CBabson '65, U. Hass. MBA and new the tax manager for Chas. T. Ea1n'lnc. in Bostonl. She then worked for the Kass. Dept. of Public Welfare until their first child was born and lsynow a happy housewife and mother CEli:sbcth Louise is 6 and Ellen Carolyn is lv, Nancy BENJAMIN Stryker, 131 Olive Way, Auburn, Ca. 95603 teaches German part-time at a junior college and private school. She and Doug CUCLA '63 and new a high school science teacherl have a girl,Genevieve 7, and a boy,Shannon,b, and enjoy traveling CThey visited Austria.anlGernany for a month in l975D. Nancy also enjoys cross country skiing and belongs to her church's sacred dance choir. Mary Ellen BENSON Abrecht, 9 Eighth St. NE, Wash.. D.C. 20002 worked for 6 years as a police officer and for the last two years has been a trial and appellate attorney prosecuting local and federal crimes Ctitles Assistant U.S. Attorneyl. Her book, The Making of a Henan Cop,was published by Morrow in Feb. 1976. She is married, lives in an old row house 8 blocks from the Capitol Building, has another house, without plumbing, in Virginia's Massanutter Mountains, and enjoys hiking,travolling, and antiquing. , Carol BISHOP Bartlett, 927 N.Llberty St., Arlington, Va. 22205 is married to Michael fAmherst' '65 and new an attorney in D.C.D, and they have 2 daughters, Tara ,5,, and Jessica, l. Marylee BOMBOY, 382 Central Park West, 11V, New York,N.Y. 10025 was an administrative manager at cornell NYSSILR free 7f74-12f76 and is now Project Coordinator for uEducation for Equal Opportunityn, a one year Carnegie Corporation project to design an education network to enable clerical, service, and blue collar women to qualify for upgrading at Cornell NYSSILR. She is married, is studying Adult Education Administration at Teachers College, and enjoys living in NYC, the theatre, cooking, traveling, and hiking. Suzanne BORIS-MOLLER Bennet, 6 Gordon Place, London W8, England works part-time as EEC consultant for the Association of BritishCh1mbers of Commerce. She and Stefan CCitibank, LondonD have one child, Louise, 15. Ellen BRGNN, 6B Saddletop Court, Cockeysville, Maryland 2l030'received anM.A. in Psychology from Peabody College in 1969, worked as a clinical psychologist in a developmental disabilities clinic in Cincinnati from 1970-1973. attended nursing school at Christ Hospital,Cincinnati,from 1973-1975, and is now a clinical nurse in the pediatric neurology unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Marcia BRUMIT Kropfo 7 Centennial Dr., Apt.B-3, Syracuse, N.Y. 13207 received an M.A.T. from Oberlin College, spent 2 years in the Peace Corps in Liberia, taught for 5 years in an inner city school in Syracuse, and is now on a leave of absence to work on a C.A.S. in Reading Education. She is married to Roger Kropf. Elaine CALCOTE Britt, 45 Markham Rd., Princeton, N.Y. 085b0 worked for a year as a Management Analyst with the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and then in 1968 married James, moved to Palo Alto,Ca1., and worked for IBM. In 1969 they ,, moved back to N.J. where Elaine worked for Princeton University, first in budgeting and later as Director of Board of Advisers Cundergraduate advisingb. In 1974 she began nutgers Law School and will graduate UusJmw. Christa CARNEGIE, 51 Hillside Terrace, Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y. received a M.C.P. CM.I.T. '71D and a J.D. QSuffo1k U. Eve. and NYU '75j, worked as a Cambridge Consultant from 1971-1975, and is now a litigation attorney for the Port Authority of N.Y. and N.J., fighting Concords and white collar crooks. She is married to Tom Reppetto who is a CUNY professor and would Marti, 5, and enjoys tennis, skiing, golf, and Patricia Connor cala, 32 Jensen st. Apt. B-ll, from Rutgers in 1969 and since then has worked chemist. Sheila CCOPER Frankel, 15 Sherman St. Everett, be author. She has a stop-daughter reading. Edison, N.J. 088lf received an n.s. at Merck k Co. as a senior research ha.,02l49 received a M.S.W. in 1969 and has been a social worker in Hartford, hadison Cwisc.J, and Boston,She is presently working at a state institution for the retarded in Danvers, Ha. Her husband Robert teaches math at U.Hass in Boston and has just received a Ph.D.. He is applying for jobs for the fall so they may be moving. sara CSal1yJ cnooxs Myers, 15 Heritage ad., East Lyme, ct. 06333 has an M.s. from . the Univeristy of Wisconsin and an M.A.T. from Connecticut College. She is currently teaching Chemistry at Waterford CCt.D High School and serving as President of the New London Branch of the AAUW. Her husband Robert is a research chemist. Pamela CROUCH, 353 Sherman St., Denver, Colorado 80203 worked as a VISTA volunteer in Richmond Va. from l96?-1968 and,on and off since l970,has been a Social work Consultant Cemphasizing Developmental Disabilitiesb to the State of Colorado. She directed a VISTA Project in Developmental Disabilities from 197k-1976 and began work on a MSW at the UnlversitYCi'Denver in Sept. of 1976. She has been married and divorced, owns and is remodeling an 1888 house Chairman in Denver for MHC. in downtown Denver, and is Schools 3 Margaret COULTER McBride, P.O. Box 51, McCormick S.C. 29835 is happy with a great family Chusband John and girls Laura, 25, and Lindy, lj and interesting work as a general physician in a rural county of South Carolina. In June she will begin a Neurology residency in Boston.She plans to end up in Pediatric Neurology. Marilyn DAWSON Sar1es,M.D., 188 Morris Ave., Providence, R.I., graduated from Brown Medical School in 1976 and is now an intern in internal medicine at Roger Williams General Hospital in Providence.. Daniel Gage Sarles was born in Sept. of 1976. Susan DAY Burghardt, American Embassy Language School, Talchung, Taiwan,APO San Francisco, 96319: after July 1977, American Consulate General, P.0. Box 66, General Post Office, Hong Kong, B.C.C. is married to R.F. Burghardt,jr., a foreign service officer. They have lived in Viet Nam Cwhere they had Miss Schuck to dinnerj from 1970-1973, in Guatemala from l973'l975. and in washington QChinese training? from 1975-1976. They have two children, Helen, born in 1972, and Caroline, born in 1975. Mary Ellen DIETERIY Georoff, M55 Ardelean Drive, Owosso, Michigan 48867 received an N.A. in Physiology and Pharmacology from Duke in 1970, did research in pharmacology and cardiology at the University of Arizona in Tucson from 1970-1972, worked as a clinical lab supervisor at the Shriners Burns Institute in Cincinnati from 1972-1974 entered the University of Cincinnati Medical School in 19731 moved to Michigan in Jan. 1977 and completed her medical school electives at Michigan State University in April. In May she began a residency in Pathology in Lansing, mich. In 1972 she married Alexander, a metallurgical engineer: they have 2 doberman pinschers. Susan D'0lIVE Mozena, 183 Kckinley Rd., Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan H8236 received an M.A.T. from Northwestern in 1968. She taught U.S. history for a year at Baldwin School in Bryn hawr and history and English for 2 years at a private school in Grosse Pointe. She and John Ckashington and Lee '67, NEA Whartony enjoy being parents to, and treasure their good family times with, son John, Si, and daughter Elizabeth,2.Susan does volunteer work in the emergency room at Children's Hospital of Hichlgan one day a week, jogs 8 miles per week, and plays tennis, squash, and racquetball. She and John also enjoy dinners with friends, movies, and weekend trips. Ellen DUTCHER Nedas, High Trees, 10 Wyatts Rd.. Chorleywood, Herts. WD3 STE, England is married to Nick, is working as a computer programmer, and in the fall plans to move to New Jersey where she hopes to start her own business running riding stables giving lessons to children. . Jean DUTY Koch, Sbb Second St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11215 has received an M.A. in internati affairs from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and an M.A.T. in remedial rcadin from Harvard. She has been an associate editor of International Qrganisation, Boston and has taught learning disabled children in NYC. She has also lived in Bonn, where she taught at Berlitz, Vienna, and London where son Willis was born. She has been a full time mother for 2 years, is involved in community volunteer work, and is about to become a landlady of a Brooklyn brcwnstone. Elizabeth EGBERT, 27 Greene St., New York, N.Y. 10013 has an H.A. in sculpture from NYU and is a practising professional sculptor and p intmaker.She teaches preschool art at the 92nd St. YH-YNHA fthe classes' works are exhibited at the Jewish Museum, and has organized and is teaching art classes to children at the Third St. Music School Settlement. She is divorced and lives with composer Carl Michaelson. Jane ENGEL Schuessler, llO8 Oakdale Rd., Augusta, Georgia 30904 teaches reading to 3rd-5th graders in a Title I reading center. She is expecting a child in late Apr1l,and she and her husband hope to move back to Chicago in the summer of 1977. ona S ..b Virginia EVANS Longacre, 5530 Norgate Dr., New Orleans, La. 70127 taught for 2 years, spent a year in grad. school, and then married and taught remedial reading. She and her husband have 2 children, 13 and 3, and enjoy the new cultural experiences fhardi Gras, pirogue races, crawfish and oystersj New Orleans provides, Lois EVERITT Anderson, l6b24 Temple Drive, Minnetonka, Minn. 55343 is enjoying the challenge of teaching. She and her husband are working on a 26' x 30' addition to their house. In the summer they enjoy camping, tennis, and working on their cabin in northern Minnesota. Sandra FIEBELKORN, 500 East 85th St., Apt. 22J, New York, N.Y. lC028 had 3 jobs in Boston and then went to NIT's Sloan School of Management and received their equivalent of an MBA in 1976. She now is employed by Citibank's consumer banking group in marketing. She has had some fantastic vacations sailing and traveling oadly. Ann FLOBSRG hason, IMO9 Bailey Ave. Mcheesport, Pa. 15132 enjoys learning with her two children -they are good teachers. To keep herself growing she teaches meditation and Hmnuxyoga and does volunteer work for The Himalayan Institute Cyogaj branch in Pittsburgh. She also helps her husband with his schoolwork Che is getting a Ph.D. in International and Higher Educaticnl. Wendy FOAN Jones, 2370 N.Taylor St., Arlington, Va. 22207 is a housewife with a 3 year old girl, Mary Lynn. She also teaches nursery school, is a college lecturer in child development, and is a lecturer in parenting for the AAUW. Kate FOSTER'Oliver,U Donald Aye., Pembroke,N.H. 03275 received a M.S.W. from Columbia University School of Social Work in l969 and worked for 25 years as a psychiatric social worker at the New Hampshire State Prison. She married Ton CAmherst '67, Yale School of Forestry, h.S. '7lD in l968,and they have 2 sons, Andrew, born Jan. l9?5,and Michael, born March 1976, Sherry FOULKE Kelsey, 5765 Elgin Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15236 expects to receive a Ph.D. in statistics from Carnegie Mellon in '77 and is writing her thesis on measuring air pollution in Pittsburgh. She and ward Che battles polluters on the legal front? enjoy their big old city home Cexcept at gas bill timeb. They are delighted new parents since the birth of Webster Timothy in August 1976. Janet FRITZ Early, Box 391, Charlotte Court House, Va. 23923 practices law in partnership with her husband. Carol GSARY Schneider, 5524 S. Cornell Av., Chicago, Illinois 60637 is an administrator in a non-traditional education program in an urban university and has lived in Chicago, London, Cambridge Cha.D, and Walpole CN.H.l. She and her husband, a teacher of religion and personality at a Chicago seminary, have one son, David Matthew, 6, and hope to have adopted a Korean infant by the fall of '77. She has become moderately radicalized since MHC and is into semi-communal living, women's issues, educational reform, and legal issues concerning housing, crime, ctc. Elizabeth Ann GOBL3 Seegal, 31 Euclid Ave., Delmar, N.Y. l205b received an M.A.T. from Emory University in '68, taught elementary school for 7 years, and now teaches piano to lO children. She sang in her town's biccntennial pageantand has been secretary and treasurer of the Albany MHC alumnae club. She and Richard CBrown '66, Ph.D., U. Georgia '72D have 2 children, Amy, 8, and David, 6 months. They enjoy family camping and canoeing. 7 Connie CCorneliaD GRIFFIN Farmer, 2002 East Newberry Boulevard, Milwaukee, wise. 53211 received a Masters of Regional Planning from Cornell and enjoyed two exciting jobs in planning. when she and her husband Paul, a professor of architecture and urban planning, moved to Hiluaukee, she had a less fulfilling job. so she decided in August of 1975 to enter law school at Marquette where she made Law 3eview.She is very 1.,..... ' ..'., '-.-Ll- ....' --'Y .-.-J ' --.. 1. .... -l.Q A '.... .sawn 5 Nancy GRISSOM, 63 Smith Ave., W. Newton, Ma. 02165 is a manufacturing systems analyst for a computer manufacturer and owns her own home. Margaret HALE Teaford, 795 So. 5th St., Columbus, Ohio M3206 is the staff director of the Ohio Public Defender's Association which provides training and technical assistance to local public defe ders. She lives with her husband, 2 cats and 42 house plants in a restored 19th century house. Katharine HAMMOND Van Zanten, 385 Antler Road, Big Flats, N.Y. 14814 was a water ski counsellor at a girls' French camp on Lake Champlain in the summer of 1967, studied at the University of Salamanca,Spain in the summer of 1963, taught French and Spanish for 3 years in the Boston area, and has travelled in Europe and Guatemala. She has been a MHC Alumnae Fund caller for the past 2 years, is active in the Corning CN.Y.I Hospital Chapter A, and enjoys skiing, tennis, needlework, sewing, reading, and bridge. She married in 1969, and she and her husband have two sons, David, born in 1971, and Teddy, born in l97b, During the 1972 flood she and David were evacuated by boat from a second floor apartment window while her husband was away on a business trip for Corning Glass Works. Q h Q Pamela HARD Henderson, 6 Holemark Lane, Savannah, Ga. 31411 lived in Latin America for 7 years with her husband, a V.P. for Citibank who was killed in a helicopter accident in Cct. 1976. She has 3 children, Douglas, 7, Debbie, 5, and Amy, born July 20, 1976. Judith E. HARRIS, U33 Vernon Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19119 opened a private law practice under the firm name of Harris and Kohn in Philadelphia in 1976. She is presently on the Board of Directors of the Public Interest law Center of Philadelphia, the Education Law Center, the Women's Law Center, and the Nomen's Coalition. Judith HERRON Mosconi, 109 Stockton Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 19010 has 2 boys, is mem- bership chairman of the Community Civic Association, and is involved in co-op teaching. Mary HILDERMAN Smith, 388 Carrera Dr., Mill Valley, Ca. 9b94l is working on an M.A. in Archaeology at San Francisco State University. She has 2 daughters, Jenny 75, and Zoe, l. Susan HILL Lindley, 313 East 6th St., Northfield, Minn. 55057 received a Ph.D. in Religion from Duke in 1973 and is an Assistant Professor of Religion at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn. she and John CAmherst'66, Ph.D. in History, Duke '7uJ have 2 sons, Jonathan Michael, 7, and Nathaniel Eason, 2, and 2 dogs. Marcia HOLDEN Jett, 1113 N.Irving Ave., Wheaton, Illinois 60187 has worked for the past lO years and is currently an Admissions and Records Officer for the University of Illinois at the Medical Center. She lived in Chicago for 5 years before moving to Wheaton last August. Her husband Charles is a me agement consultant for Booz, Allen, and Hamilton. ,,ha.rcia enjoys needlepoint, camping, cooking, and decorating Elizabeth HURD Handel, 1315 Sheridan Ave.. Pittsburgh, Pa., 15206 taught for 6 years at Chatam College. She also taught one year of grammar in a girls' middle school where she learned more about pre-pubescence than she ever wanted to know. She also writes free lance articles and poems and had 2 poems published in the Fall 76 Paris Review, She has two sons,Gabriel, 5, and Sam, 4 months, who was born at home. 6 Barbara HUTCHINSON Hartman, M114 Fountain Green, Lafayette Hill, Pa. IQUMU is a Fcleaner uppern after 2 year old son David, is on the Board of the local League of women Voters and a Trustee of her church, and enjoys playing a lot of tennis and taking in the view of the 200 acre farm fsomeone e1se'sJ their home overlooks. Gail JACOLEV McDonald, 2505 McCallum Drive, Austin, Texas 78703 received an H.A. in Public Law and Government from Columbia in 1968 and a J.D. with High Honors from the University of Texas,where she was elected to the Order of Coif,in 1973. She worked for 2 years as a Management Intern, Office of Education, in washington D.C., for a year as a Planning Consultant, Texas Education Agency, for a year in the Dean of Students Office .at the University of Texas, and for 2 years practicing corporate and commercial law, specializing in sales and acquisitions, with Butler, Binion, Rice, Cook, a Knapp, a Houston law firm. She married H.P. McDonald, 1970 and enjoys remodeling houses, sewing, wine collecting, and reading. Carolyn JAGGER Friedman, 202 W. Chestnut Hill Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa. 19118 works 2-3 days a week for Research for Better Schools in Career Education. Her husband works for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, and they have one son, Michael, li. Mary Frances JETION Teplin, M503 Chase Ave., Bethesda, Md. 20013 received an H.A. in economics from Johns Hopkins University, has had several jobs, amd now works part-time for the Dept. of Commerce putting together balance of payment statistics. She and her husband, who was a fellow student at Johns Hopkins, have a 2 year old boy. Kristina JOHNSON Johnson, 51 Silver St.,North Granby, Conn 06060 has worked for 10 years as a Marketing Representative in the Data Processing Division of IBN in Hartford Her husband Clint works for Xerox , and he has 2 children, Melissa, lb, Cattending Miss P0rter'sj and Brandt, 10. They have 4 country acres and love to fish, garden, and enjoy wildlife. 'Diane KAROLI Belden. 77 Lisa Terrace, Portsmouth, R.I. 02871 enjoys being a homemaker to husbaniJeff Can officer with the Rhode Island Hospital Trust National Bankl and children Sharon, 5, and Keith, 19 months. She is involved with choral society, church choir, tennis, LaLeche, AAUN and their book fairs, italic writing, calligraphy, and card and certificate designing. She hopes to eventually pursue an M.L.S. Joyce KLING, 6210 35th Ave. N.E., Seattle, Wash. 98115 received a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center in 1972 and a LL.M. in Urban Legal Studies from George washington University in 1975. Last year she and her husband Tom Ginda moved to Seattle where Joyce works as Zoning Administrator for the Seattle Dept. of Bui1dings.' Jeenen Mary Kniccffr, We st. !'!argaret's convent, Box C, so. Duxbury, Ma. 02332 is a sister in the Anglican Communion living under the threefold vow of Poverty, Chastity,and Obedience. Ann KUSSNAUL-Cooper, 211 Major St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada is in the final stages of earning a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and is teaching economic history at York University in Toronto. Since graduation she has lived in Durham, N.C., Paris, Lennoxville,Quebec,. Toronto, Cambridge,England, and Toronto again. 7 Carole KUSTER Wortley, 169 No. washington, Ypsilanti, Mich. H8197 worked toward a Masters in Biology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville from 1967-1969, then until 1973 worked in electron microscopy medical research in Portland and Detroit, took courses in geography, sociology, and economics, and in 1976 received a Masters of Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. She has also been a free lance cartographer, done training for crisis workers, and is now into social service planning and very interested in crisis center work. She enjoys backpacking and cross country skiing. She married Jim in 1970 and they hope to move east when he finishes his M.S.W. 'in Dec. 1977. Katherine LAND Harris, 196 E. Willow Grove Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19118 works as an associate for an international firm of consultants to management. Her husband is an architect. A Michele LAPALHE, 103 Maple St. West Springfield, Na. 01089 taught junior high art for 2 years in Springfield and for the past 8 years has been teaching art at South Hadley High School. In 1973 she received an MAEd. from the University of Hartford, The Hartford Art School, and in fulfillment of the degree, she had a one-woman show in acrylic painting at Cornell Galleries, Springfield, Ma. She has traveled to Austria, Germany, Italy, and Portugal. Gail LENNSTROM McConnell, 3442 Seine Ct., Indianapolis, In. M6226 has moved 5 times in the last 10 years CN.Y.C., San Francisco, Philadelphia, New Haven, and Indianapo1isQ,fo1lowing her husband through medical training and military service. They hope to settle soon on the East coast with their 3 year old son, Derek. Gail enjoys being a housewife, playing lots of tennis, and teaching Lamaze childbirth classes which she finds an emotional and self fulfillment outlet. Ellen LILLICRAPP Jacknain, 188 Roosevelt Rd., Rochester, N.Y. 12618 worked for 6 years as a city planning and real estate consultant in Newark, Philadelphia, and Chicago.She then settled in Rochester with her husband Andrew and son-Giles, li. Along with wifing and mothering it, she works on the Town and County Democratic Committees, campaigning and doing research for local candidates, and is the VP of the local MHC club. CEmilyQ Ann LOUTREL Darby, 965 S. Gretna Green Way, Los Angeles, Ca. 90049 received an MBA Cspecializing in Quantitative hethocsl from the U. of Chicago in 1970. She is divorced, has 2 children, is enjoying being single, and plans to return to work in actuarial consulting, Joanna MACWILLIAHS Jones, P.0. 126, Orr's Island, Me. 03066 has an MAT from Harvard Graduate School of Education and is currently working on an NLS at Simmons. She taught elementary music in Lexington, Ma., and is currently the Music Dept. Head at Mt. Ararat School, Topsham, he. She is divorced and lives on an island with friends and animals. Marjorie MAKLIN Klotz, 260 Habersham Drive, Athens, Ga.30606 teaches hunt seat horseback riding and jumping, instructs preschoolers in swimming, serves as the secretary-manager of horse shows, and is an instructor at an adult riding club. She and Ken Cnssistant Professor of Comparative Literature at the U. of Georgiaj have one son, Daniel, 6. Marthe MANES Forrester, 50 Peguossette Rd., Belmont, Ma. 03173 received an MLS from Columbia in 1968 and has worked for the Columbia, Macmillan, U. of Georgia, and San Diego Libraries. From 1971-1975 she was head of Children's Services for the Watertown CHa.D Public Library. She is now a full time mother to Darcy, 2, and is looking for some creative outlet other than a job. e Nancy MCCANN Marcus, 24 Lindencrest Drive, Danbury, Conn. 06810 taught first grade briefly. She and her husband have 3 sons and she keeps busy with volunteer work for schools, the synagogue, and local causes. Sarah MCCLOSKEY, P.0. Box 635, Deer Isle, Me. 00627 practices law with her husband in a rural fishing vacation community located on an island Cpop. 3,0005 connected to the mainland by a WPA suspension bridge, the twin to Galloping Gertie which collapsed. They built their own house and grow and raise much of their food. Their most recent visitor was a fox. , Virginia MCHURTRY Teitel, 3292 Aberfoyle Pl. NW, Washington, D.C. 20015 received a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of wisconsin, taught for 2 years at a university in Alabama, and is now working at the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress. She got married in l9?M. Beth MELLIHGER Foster, 25 Kinsman Place, Natick, Ma. 01760 teaches part-time, has 2 children, Peter, U, and Megan, 1, and enjoys skiing, gardening, tennis, reading, and refinishing a house. Lesley MERRIMAN Lyman, SR 30131, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701 taught elementary school in Nest Hartford, Maine, and in Alaskan bush flogging camp and a Klingit villagel. She is now co-director of Alaska's only private non-denominational alternative school. She spent one summer as a highway technician and one as a Division of Parks laborer. She married Jon in 1967, and they live in a log cabin he built outside of Fairbanks. 9 Cynthia HODHY M.D., 36 Hawthorne Place, Montclair, N.J. 07032 has a full time 'dermatology practice and is on the part-time teaching staff of N.Y. Hospital- Cornell Medical Center. She is biographied in the second edition of The Eorld Hho's who of women. She loves to-cock, eat,lswim, photograph people, look'at. art, make parties, dance, and enjoy. Susan NOLINE French,l903 Ripley Ave., Redondo Beach, Ca. 90278 is a voucher examiner for the federal government and is working on an article or book on Virginia Koolf. For l0 years she and Bruce CHITD lived in Denver where he was an aerospace engineer with Martin Marietta., Now they Cplus a 19 year old greyhound and a 3 year old catl live in L.A. wnere he is with L. A. Aerospace Corp. He enjoys his work, does well, and they are outrageously happy. Priscilla CPamJ NOORE Proctor, 7 Peter Cooper Rd. IF, New York, N,Y. 10010 writes featu es for Parade Magazine Cshe is an Associate Editorj. She found her work as Chairperson of the Park Ave. Methodist Church Committee for resettling Vietnamese refugees a very fulfilling endeavor. Her husband Bill is a free lance writer who has authored 10 books mostly about the Christian faith. Susan MOORE Johnson, 1028 walnut St., Newton Highlands, ha. 02161 is on leave from the English Dept. at Brookline High School and is working on an Ed.D. in administration at Harvard. She and Glen have two children, Krister and Erika. Since MHC she has taught about lC00 students, thrown 500 pots, made 20 quilts, run a few miles, and become very happy. Eileen MOYNAHAN, 1430 Parkside Ave., Apt. 6, Trenton, N.J. 08638 received a Ph.D. in child psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1971, taught at Tufts University for 2 years, and for the past 4 years has been an assistant professor of psychology at Trenton State College. She is very much into tennis and plays daily. ' 9 Meredith MUDGETT, 500 E. 63rd St., Apt. IOG, New York, N.Y. 10021 received a Ph.D. in biochemistry in 1973 from the University of Illinois at Chicago, was a postdoctoral fellow of the Rockefeller University for 3 years, and is currently an assistant professor at Rockefeller University. Cynthia MUELLEH Parry: 7 Bittell Lane, Barnt Green, Birmingham, England had a 1967-1968 Fulbright Grant at the U. of west Indies, Jamaica, where she met Martin, a student from England. After their marriage in 1968 they traveled on one of the last voyages of the Liner Queen Elizabeth to Edinburgh where Martin got his Ph.D. in Geography and she got a Diploma in Education, after which she taught at a secondary school for 3 years. Then they moved to Birmingham,England where Martin is a lecturer in geography. They, Joanna, 3, and Charlotte, 1, plan to spend a 6 month leave in the U.S. and Jamaica from June to Dec. of 1977. Judith HUSGRAVE Fairbrother, 178 Commonwealth Ave.. Boston, Ma. 02116 has been leading a fairly settled life full of husband, work, cats, sailboats, cooking, and travel. She occasionally considers a radical job change from business to some form of culinary art. Patricia NASH Glennon, Box 243 Franklin Ave.. Millbrook, N.Y. 12545 taught high school English for 2 years, tutored a learning disabled boy at home for 5 years, and received an M.A. in English Lit in 1975. She married John in 1967 and is now a full time wife and mother CDavid is 7, Jeffrey 5, Peter 3, Bobby 2, and one is expected in Julyj who laughs, cries, and prays a lot. John has been an elementary school principal and has just been appointed Supervising Principal of Millbrook Central Schools. Cynthia NICHOLS Kettyle,M.D., 233 Nehoidcn St., Needham, Ma. 02192 has a private practice in psychiatry, is an Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and is the Assistant Director of Residence Training at McLean Hospital. She and her husband Can endocrinologistj have 2 children, ages U and 2. She keeps in touch with MHC directly through the January Career exploration students she enjoys having each year. Claire OFFUTT Leonard, 3282 Ilex Way, Beale AFB, Ca. 95903 is a pediatrician-geneticist working for the USAF part-time. She enjoys cooking, hiking, and camping. She and Larry Ca surgeonj have 2 children, Christopher, b, and Kathleen, 23, and they will be going to Johns Hopkins in July for more training. Harriet OONK Lindholm, Box 13156, APO, San Francisco, Ca. 96367 is married to Capt. Curtis C. Lindholm, a USAF pilot. stationed on Okinawa Japan until Aug. 1977. They have one son, Mark Gregory, age 4, and are expecting their second child in Sept. She is accumulating masters points in bridge. ' Josie PARKER Little, 22 Beebe Acres Rd.. Falmouth,Na, 025bO loves life on Cape Cod where she works part-time cooking, baking, and serving for the woods Hole Oceanographic Institute lunch room-coffee shop whose foods are all home made. She is also studying Braille transcription for use in a second part-time job starting this summer. She sews, knits, does crafts,and jogs Cane placed 12th of the women in the Hoods Hole-Falmouth marathonJ.She and Skip Ca computer center manager at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institutejhave a kindergarten age boy, Robbie. Jane PASOLLI Miller, 3253 5473 Sheffield Ct.. Alexandria, Va. 22311 earned an MAT and has taught, worked for a peace group, and worked for a U.S. Congressman. She is now working for a large law firm, doing management consulting work in the areas of housing and community development. She has one son, Benjamin, 65, and has applied to business schools. ' 10 Kathryn PAULSEN, 35 Spring St.. New York, N.Y. 10012 is submitting her second novel to publishers and is working on a third. She does free lance editorial work and writing, has edited wonan's Almanac CLippincott 19761, and has published a short story, a feminist myth of creation, in the anthology Egg Constellations fed. by Disch a Naylor, Harper a Row, 19762. Except for 9 months in L.A., she has lived in NYC since 1967. Susanne PERRY Villar, 303D Eagle Hts., Madison, Wise. 53705 received a naster's degree in librarianship from the University of Denver in 1968 and then worked as a college reference librarian at Central washington State College for 5 years. She now has a second master's degree in the history of science. She has 2 daughters and has traveled to Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, the Orient, and Puerto Rico. Sandra PERUN Nacht, 9 heda Place, white Plains, New York gave up teaching English ln a private school to raise 3 children CPeter, 6, Andrew, 3, and David, 5 monthsj and plans to return to some form of work when all the children are in school. Her husband is an attorney in N.Y.C. Karen PETERSON, M93 Anostown Rd., Vest Springfield, Ma. 01089 works for a life insurance company and enjoys bowling, golfing, playing cards, and reading science fiction, mysteries, and magazines. She owns a house with another girl and has a dog and a cat. 6 Martha PRICKETT, 83 Brattle St. Apt. 43, Cambridge, Ma. 02138 is studying anthropology at Harvard Graduate School and expects to complete her thesis late this summer. She spent 3 years studyirg Near Eastern Archeology in Iran and 9 months in Britain. Rosamond H. RICE,9 Constitution Ave. Apt. lA, Annapolis, Md. 21301 studied prehistoric archeology and early medieval history at the University of Edinburgh in 1967-l968,and from 1968-1971 was an assistant to the Director of the British Institute of History and Archeology in East Africa. Then in Nairobi Kenya she served as a researcher for a Kenya government official and as secretary to the Vdwminary Division of the Pfizer Corp. For 5 months in 1972 she worked at a dog track in Florida and in 1973 she earned a MSLS from Florida State University. She then worked as a librarian for the county and since 1974 has been a reference librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy Library. Virginia RIGGS, 212 Laurel St., Hartford, Conn 06105 was a research assistant at the U. of Vermont from 1967-1970, a medical student at the U. of Vermont from 1970-1974, an intern at St. Francis Hospital, Hartford, in 1973-19751 a resident in Nedicine at St. Vincent Hospital, worcester ha., in 1975-1976, and is now a Resident in Medicine at the U. of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, Conn. She is basically happy, is an active non-member of the Episcopal Church, plays the violin, and has gone on'lowerHback packing vacations on the Long Trail in Vermont Jane ROCHHORE Haier, 215 Fuller St., Brookline,ha. 02146 got her Ph.D. from the U. of wisconsin in 1975, taught French at B.U. and is now teaching at Wellesley and loving it. She married Stephen in 1969 and has lived in Chicago and West Africa and has travelled in Europe. Elizabeth ROSNER Richman, 7104 McCallum St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19119 received an M.S. in Clinical Psychology from the Hahnemann Medical College in 1974 Cher thesis concerned clinical and theoretical considerations of children's playland has worked as a School Psychologist at the Cak Lane Day School since 1973. She married Hershel in 1963, and he now practices Environmental Lay. The have 3 children, Barak David 7, Hanna Moira 35, and Joshua Adam, 2. Her volunteer activities include board memberships in community and charitable organizations. 11 Karen E. BONE, 575 S. Barrington Ave.. 3118, Los Angeles, Ca, 900U9 is an assistant professor of English at UCLA and will be on leave next year Ceither in Los Angeles or as a Resident Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute? on an NEH Fellowship for Independent Research and Study to research materials for a book on fairy tales and feminine fictions. She teaches women and literature courses, Shakespeare, and Rennaissance Lit. Karen enjoys the year round swimming, tennis, and bicycling opportunities Southern California provides as well as its opera, concerts, and Plays- Suzanne HOWELL Krick, 2213 Lancashire Drive, Wilmington, Delaware 19810 works as a computer systems analystfsupervisor, teaching programming classes. She also works part-time selling tickets at a harness race track, tutors a junior high student, and chaperones dances. She is married for the second time and has 5 step-children. Kathleen SCHMIDT, 516 First St., Annapolis, Md. 21403 has worked for the Dept. of Defense since 1967. She recently bought her second house, built circa 1875, and is renovating it. She also enjoys sailing. Marion SCHNEIDER Brown, 1161 York Ave., Apt. BD, New York, N.Y. 10021 was a graduate student in English at Columbia U. from 1967-1971. She and Alan Cwhcm Marion married in 19671 then went to Brussels where she completed her dissertation, Alan studied medicine, and they both learned French and lived a very good life. While in Brussels they frequently saw Wanda Pair Irisarri who lives in Paris. Their son Nicholas was born in Brussels and Deborah was born in 1976 after they had returned to N.Y. Christine SEIDEL Butcher, 21 Timber Hill Rd., Stamford, Ct. 06903 is doing the 'traditional homemaker bituendisalso helping out in a local nursery school and serving as membership chairman for the Fairfield Village's NHC Club. She is expecting her second child Hay 15. Helen SHIELDS,, 904 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19107 is a seco d year fellow in gastroenterology at the U. of Pa. In July she will join the staff of the Dept. of Gastroenterology at The Barnes Hospital of Washington University in St. Louis where she will do clinical work, research. and teaching. Leslie SMITH Rousell, 62 West 91 St., New York, N.Y. l002M is a MSW social worker, doing supervision. She also has a small private practice in psychotherapy and is studying to become a psychoanalyst. Her husband is an attending psychiatrist and also has a private practice. Susan STARK Noglom, 1720 N.Edgewood St., Arlington, Va. 22201 has an h.S.w. and works part-time at a family counseling agency. She and Geoffrey, an economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, have 2 children, Ian, 4, and Emily, 2. Sandra STEHN Clarke, l828Bryant Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minn. 55411 is a full-time Educational Media Supervisor in a MOS Black inner city high school. She and her high school sweetheart husband, now an attorney, are expectrngtheir first child and are restoring their Victorian home. Sandra is active in neighborhood preservation, tennis, piano, and Boundary Waters canoeing. Marguerite SUTLER Gray, 1039 Hasper Dr.. for the Boston YM-YWCA and then received U. of Michigan. She worked for 13 years served as Director of the Second Baptist in 1971. The have one son, John Martin, child in June. Ann Arbor, Mich M8103 worked for 3 years a HSN in Community Organization from the in Counseling Services and in 1975-1976 Day Care Nursery. She married Phineas age 3, and are expecting their second -4- Q 12 Lucille SUTTON, 14 Alberta Terrace, Cambridge,Ma. O2lb0 has been an editor of mathematics textbooks for two Boston area publishing companies for the past 7 years. She spends much time working on equal pay and opportunity for working women. Mary Ann SWEENEY, 312 Keleher NW, Albuquerque, N. N. 37102 received a Ph.D. in astronomy from Columbia University in 1974 and now works at Sandia Laboratories in Albuquerque doing electron beam fusion research. In 1974 she married Edward Ricco who would like to pursue dance criticism as a vocation but is entering law school this fall. They enjoy being in the South West and are remodeling a 1918 house in downtown Albuquerque. Patricia TANIS Sydney, 3007 Park Ave., Lafayette Hill, Pa. l9bb4 has finished her course work for a Ph.D. in art history at the U. of Pa. and is working on her dissertation. She taught last year at Drew University and will do so again this summer. She is also a part-time potter.Her husband David finished a psychiatry residency at Penn last year and is training to be a psychcanalyst.' Barbara J. THAEDER, 98 Troy Ave., E. Atlantic Beach, N.Y. 11561 spent a year traveling in Europe after graduation. For 8 years she has worked for Pan American's passenger service at JFK airport. She travels a lot, most recently to Peru. She and her co-workers celebrate an annual ski trip, a tradition started at MHC. Linda THAYER Wood, 28 Lexington Rd., W. Hartford, Ct. 06119 earned a law degree at Georgetown U. in 1970, practiced law in N.Y. and Arizona, and is now practicing in Hartford. She married Daniel in l970,and they have a daughter Emily, born in August 1975. . Anne TROSPER Kahn,6Ob2 Rockrose Drive, Newark, Ca. 94560 is a Marketing Administrator Cadvertislng, proposels, etc.I for an electronics company. She also does free lance work and hopes to work entirely on'a free lance basis by the summer Cpartly for her husband's businessj. She married in l969,and she and her husband have traveled to Europe twice and asia once and are planning a 7 week trip this fall. She usually takes 3-4 night classes a year just for fun. Mary Ann UNGER, 5 East 3rd St., New York, N.Y. 10303 has spent the last 10 years avoiding what she wanted to be in college: a sculptor. She has now finally made a commitment to that profession and has a studio. She will have her first major show this spring. Sue Ellen UTLEY, 12550 Lake Ave.S1hO2, Lakewood, Ghio 33107 is an attorney with a ' large Cleveland law firm, specialising in probate and estate planning. She owns a high rise condo on the shore of Lake Erie and is on its Board of Managers. She also is on the Board of Trustees of a Philanthropic Retirement Complex. She still plays bridge but has deserted knitting for needlepoint. Ann YAZSWCRTH Abbott, 1132 East Ave., Rochester, N.Y. 14607 is responsible for collecting and publishing information on her comnunity's human service programs. Using the ccunty's computer she edits and uedates e 3-volume Emmys Sorvlqee Eireqtirv She's getting her MBA at night. Her husband Ken QCornell '66, herverd Law '69, is in private practice concentrating on corporate and health law. Kate WASHTCN, 430 Nest Lake Ave., Guilford, Ct. 06527 worked in hospital admin- istration dealing with runaways, addicts, and alcoholics. She is now pregnant and for the first time, not working or studying C a somewhat difficult transition, she felt, that might have been easier had she known Betty Freidan was heading back to the kitchenl. She thinks a lot about women's issues and women's roles, and about work and not work.' Among the changes she enjoys are bird watching, Saws- lernilfe 1-'sewhnenu seamstress. or o . 1 3 Judy WASKIEWICZ, 69 Nassau Dr., Springfield, Ma. 01129 has worked at Mass. Mutual Life Insurance Company in Springfield, first as a programmer and now as a systems analyst, since graduation. She has traveled to Rio, Hong Kong, Hawaii, and Mexico, is active in the NHC Club of Springfield, and enjoys duplicate bridge, golf, bowling, and cake decorating. Lucia WEIGEL, lbb Main St., Cold Spring, N.Y. 10516 has a Masters in Elementary Education, as well as a Masters in Reading and Learning Disabilities, She currently teaches a self contained learning disabilities class at the West Point Elementary School at west Point, N.Y. . S Elizabeth WEISHANN Gonnerman, H104 Barnsley Lane, Olney, Maryland 20832 worked for a year in Chicago in cancer research and psychology research and for 2 years in Washington in dyslexia research. She and her husband have 3 children and spent l97U-1976 in Turin, Italy. She is waiting until the children are in school to return to work. Margaret WHEELER, 230 Essex St., Melrose, Ma.02l76 received an MAT in English from Harvard in 1969 and has been teaching English at Wakefield High School ever since. She has traveled to Russia, Asia, and several times to Europe and Arizona. She hopes some day to finish her needlepoint rug. Margaret wHITE Hughes, 58 Park Lane, Fair Haven, N.J. 07701 married Kevin CDart- mouth '66D in 1967, spent l967-1970 at the Keats Hill School in Naine,and was head of residence at Prospect Hall, MHC from 1971-1973. From 197B-1976 they lived in New Rochelle. Since moving to Fair Haven in l976 she is doing volunteer work with emotionally disturbed boys and is active in the MHC Alumnae Association, PTA, and a group which sends underprivileged children to camp. She and Kevin have 2 children, Patricia Ann, born in 1970, and Nicholas Adam, born in 1972. Anne HILBURN Gravenson, 12 Bedford St., New York, N.Y.l001U is a film editor and mother of a small boy. She finds her husband Gary an amazing person for whom she still has an insane fondness. To make sure she gets enough iron and vitamins she freaks out every four weeks. Carol HITT Garnett, 201 E. 17th St., New York, N.Y. 10003 earned an MBA in 1975 , and for 9 years has been with American Telephone e Telegraph Co. working on corporate planning matters. Her husband is a lawyer. Barbara-Ann WOLFF Haight, 1667 Union St., Manchester, N.H. 03lCb is active in thc League of women Voters and PTA and enjoys needlepoint, rug hooking,,and talking. She and her husband fDean of Students at a private day school? have 2 children, Alex, 7, and Becky, 3. V Judith WCOD Peck, 208 Cynwyd Rd.,Bala Cynwyd, Pa.1900b received an M.A. in Teaching Art from NYU and taught junior high school art for 3 years in the NYC area. She studied at the Barnes Foundation from 1972-1974, is now attending Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia, and is again trying to paint. She is active in the Phi1adelpht MHC Alumnae Club. She married Jim in 1967, and they have 2 children, Alissa, 5, and Adam, 2. 'ik Dorothy WOODNARD Hortmann, 2875 Briarcliff, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 married Bob in 1969 and in 1971 they graduated from the U. of Kansas Medical School. Themat the U. of Michigan they did the first 2 years of house officer training, she in pediatrics and he in internal medicine. In 1973 they joined the Army and spent a year in Korea and a year in Colorado, during which time she worked as a civilian pediatrician. They and Jonathan, age 3, and william, lg, are now back in Ann Arborm. She has been at home this past year but will return to finish her last year of pediatrics in July of 1977. Bob will finish his chief residency and begin a fellowship this July. They will be finished in June of 1979. Anne R, WRIGHT, 3860 Zbth St., San Francisco, Ca. 9bll4 is an educational research analyst with Stanford Research Institute and has just completed the Follow Through National Evaluation of compensatory K-3 educational programs. Her present research focuses. on day care and education of handicapped children. She enjoys California but also enjoys trips back East. Cheryl ZELLER, 70 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 10024 works at Merrill Lynch as a Senior Systems Analyst and studies fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Diane ZHEIL Lehder, M585 Gateway Drive, Columbus, Ohio M3220 spent 5 years doing psych research at Bell Labs in N.J. until son Todd was born in 1972. She resumed the sane job, part-time, until will, a supervising engineer at Bell Labs, was transferred to Columbus where Dana was born in Jan. of 1976. while in N.J. Diane spent a lot of energy helping a small conservation committee successfully fight city hall. Their literature has been distributed to conservationists throughout the country to help other communities and groups in similar plights. She is now studying photography at Columbus College of Art and Design. ' gwsw, X QYNM gf WW WV W X U sfo yy i5 wi XM Aww XML 1 A QNk?11f'A 'VD mf 55 W M EQ WMMTXWQWXWA V' JG W W ww K wg W L jf W . K YUM SKB Qgwiuwfvf W Af W WM, XWMMM WW - w U

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