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1-L34 Bausdfucfqe eenllaaf all 911 School 1956 57 dedicated fo goecf SporkQmansf4:sp ' 4 X , f ,-' X, 4 JVM I x 7 1 Z. Q 11 I I 1, l 1 R51 V' TABLE Echo lnlroduchon Decllcahon Principal Admlmsfrahon School Personnel Class Hlsfory Semor lnfroduchon Semor Plcfures Semor Achvrhes Candudly Spealung Semor Hobbnes Class lnfroducflon OF CONTENTS Curriculum Explanafuon Curriculum lnfrocluchon On Sporfsmanshup and Bobcaf HISTOFY Sporfs Inlrocluchon Alumm Pafrons 15941 Farewell ,J ECHO YEAR BOOK STAFF Duane Lawrance Edufor Sally Landre Asslsfani Eddor Sfanley Davns Layouf EdIlOY Ronald Decker Asslsianl Layoul' Gary Eihe amy Rose Sa y Gene V Darlnng Phofography Ednior Armshong Assustanf Photography Jane Praff Ar? Edlfor Mary Tobey Assusfant Ari Ednfor Cheesbro Social Edlfor :eve Collms--Curruculum Edufor ond Proofreada: Douglas Besemer Curriculum Edlfor Charles Snmonds Adverhsmg Edntor Ruchard Palmaher Assusfanr Adverhsnng Charles Boyd Business Manager Roberf Smnfh Sales Manager Anihony Howland Boys Sporf Eddor Barbara Parlrar Girls Spor? Ednfor Martha Drachler Typusi Luculle Kunnsy Advisor Elonsa Hager Advnsor Edlfor ' ' , ,.,.. .,.r..r. 4 4 " ..,, ...,..,r .r..r.. . 5 " ' T. 6 4 r...r,, ..,.r..r . T, a ' ,. ....r ......r.,..., r.,, . I o ' ' .... 4. T. ' ' r,.r .. . ,...,r,r.rr. r..l2 ' ' , . .,....20 Bobcar Bequesfs A .,,. , . 24 ' ., . 25 A - 33 flglgpl ' ' . ., ...64 ,-1' ' , , A , as 4 ln' ,, or as f' 'llfljf-I , .. ,rr, ,.r. . .mac I! 1,1 2 .. , ., ea I I -. - . . H M. . A . - . ?fi9"D Zdm f 7956 57 During fhe las+ several years Bambrrdge Cenfral School afhlehc +eams nol onl have played many successful seasons bu+ also have won a commendable number of champions lps We 'lhe sensors fake pride In +he:r record for we know +ha+ ul' has been achieved only by fair play on 'lhe perl' of our players ln adduhon 'rhe sfudenfs who have no+ parflcrpafed on sporfs 'reams have enfhuslashcally en couraged The afhlefes and have conducled fhemselves credrlably af afhlehc evenfs ln recogmhon of lhe sporfsmanshlp shown by bofh a+hlel'es and specfa+ors al' Bainbridge games yef equnfable spnrlf of our feams We have endeavored fo demonsfrafe on fhese pages fhal' fhe splrlf of fanr play and of co operahon wafh feammafes fhaf us embodied rn 'rhe qualify of sporlsmanshrp as presenf not only on +he sporfs field or floor and rn fhe bleachers buf also rn every classroom and place of achvnfy af Bannbrldge Cenfral School Duane Lawrence The Echo Frrs+ publlshed In l9I5 BAINBRIDGE CENTRAL HlGl'l SCHOOL Bainbridge New Yorlc 957 Published by Deposrf Couner D8POSIf New York o - +he senior class has chosen as 'rhe 'rheme of +he l957 "Echo" fhe bobca+, +he emblem of fhe flghfingl l mlalllial Since he has inslilled info Bainbridge boys 'lhe principle fhal if is more imporlanl fo play fairly in every game and lhroughoul life fhan il is lo win every game or goal, and since he is lhe very epilome of lhal spiril which is expressed in lhis boolc, fhe Senior Class of l957 respeclfully dedi- cares ils "Echo" fo Mr. Emil Besl, who has been ihe physical educalion clireclor al Bainbridge for nineleen years, and now lhe able coach of all lhe sludenls in making lheir choices for lheir lulure careers. Duane Lawrence fbofwffrq Q Jfawf lhere arc lwo qualilicalions necessary for suc ccssfully achieving good sporlsmanship lhey arc lirsl lrundly sludenl uelalionships and second operallon WIll1II'l 'rhe reams Mrs Howland was inslrumenlal in leaching us girls lo be fair wilh one anolher nol only In gym class bul in every day living We lhanlr you Dorolh Chandler Howland from fhe bollom ol our earls lor your warm smile and mosl underslandmg guidance Though you have rehred from leaching we will always remember you Sally Landre It ,,.g 1 Ma. Zclwafuf ai- 'F' HMM Ay . . . wif s y 1 Supervrsmg Prmclpal Compehhve acflvuhes have physical values buf rhese values pale almosf Info lnslgmficance when compared wlfh fhose grea'rer values which come from a+hlehc sporfs al' fhelr besl values no+ only of higher slgnliicance +o +he mdnvldual fhan physical rowess or a heallhy body bu+ values which mould +he characler and de fermlne f e sfrengrh of our nahonal clvlllzahon self oonirol self reliance perspec 'hve perslsfence ablllly 'lo cooperafe courage 'forhlude and honor In +he playing areas of America lies one of +he suresf hopes for conserving and perpefuahng fhe vlrnlufy of our race Increasingly surrounded and lhreafened by lhe alluremenfs of luxurious soffness The playing area IS a crucuble where fhe youth of our counfry are fesfed and fempered under fhe lnfense hear of comperlhon and physical confllcf. A crucuble where poisonous elemen+s may be driven off and where ofher elemenfs may be changed m+o fhe ones of greaf value, and where enlirely new values are fused info a person's charac+er provided always fha? in 'rhe cruclble fhere us preseni un abun dani' quanhfy The purifying re agenf of sporfsmanshlp "Who misses or who wlns 'I'he prize Go lose or conquer, as you can, Bu+ if you fall, or If you rise, Be each, pray God, a genfleman " Edward R. Andrews Supervising Principal MR NICKERSON Mr Nlckerson as our grade supervlsor has an lm porfanf and responsible poslhon Hls schedule IS a very busy one as he musf dlvlde hrs fume among many 'obs asslshng feachers advnslng fhe cadef feachers solvmg chrlclren s problems rnfervnewmg parenfs and even planning fhe assembly program for fhe grades lf a child has some dlfficulfy Mr Nickerson falks If over wlfh fhe arenfs and feacher fhus finding a solu hon fo fhe pro lem Therefore I fhmk you wrll agree fhaf Mr Nickerson rs a very Indispensable member of our faculfy Claire .lobson SEQ Wllllam A Nickerson Elemenfary Supervisor amiga The Board of Educahon IS empowered wlfh fhe legrslahve and lUdlClBl aufhorlfy over fhe school In accordance wnfh fhe school law and expressed will of fhe Cl'l'l1en5 of fhe school dlsfrlcf If makes fhe polncles for fhe dnsfrucf All pollcles followed by fhe school sfaff and sfudenfs or used for admlnlsfrahon or operahon of fhe school sysfem musf elfher be sef by fhe Board or be In conformance wlfh Board Policy id F. L. Darlm O'Ho Nendllnger Kenne+h Eldred Clifford Whife Clarence Youngs Douglas Davldson A 4' . . . I . . . . . : I . My . I r r .k" . A Www . . . . g , V , E I - Y QR rrssr 5 ' , , A-, ' s 5 Q, ., V ,55 5 1, 1 53 I I . 2 93 B' Q ' S M' .ir 'Qs A r vw , ' 1 l r ,V I f A ' ' , s s , , 1 , rl Q l K 5? I I ..v K I Q annum-dell MR. EMIL BEST Guidance Direclor This year, fhe guidance direclor al' Bainbridge Cen- l'ral School is Mr. Besl, who is always willing fo falls wrlh a sludenl aboul' his personal or career problems. ln his quiel office he has helpful liferalure for each one. His underslanding advice and encouragemenl have chal- lenged many of us +o do our besl. Duane Lawrence Sdwol Nwue One of +he mosl nmporlanl members of our school faculfy IS our school nurse Miss Myrlle Pagelf Whenever we gel' an ache or a pam a cui or a bump 'lo Miss Pagefl' we go and we are sure of lindlng comforl and re lef Buf walch ouf if you are one of +he careless or for geflul ones' Too many larclznesses or fergolien excuses will find you un irouble for among her many clufues as school nurse IS lhal' of a+'rendance supervisor Mlss Pagell' IS school census 'raker 'loo Before school opens each year she has +he pleasanf 'ob of checlnng all fhe new babie ln lown' Our nurse asslsfs m denlal and physical examlnahons and also un fhe many clinics which are held af 'lhe school May we aslr one queshon? How do you do If all Mass Page'H7 Claire Jobson Mlss Myrlle Page'H' Whal shape would our school affairs be Ih If we dndnl have The excellenl' help of Mrs Black and Mrs Laird n our mam office? Their duhes range from assnshng leachers and sfudenfs IH mulllfudnnous ways 'ro complexs secretarial 'rasks Mrs Black dlslrlbufes mall +o fhe leachers boxes acfs as recephonlsl for parenls salesmen and vlsllors fakes charge of school banlung each week and audlls all bills for lhe Board of Educallon Mrs Laird lalres charge of all dupllcahng worl: order and dlsfrlbules supplies and helps wllh alrlendance They bolh handle all funds and recelpfs 'lou +he school s exfra achvlhes We are proud lo have such efficlenl and pleasanl secretaries In our school Claire Jobson 43 Mrs Rulh Black ,Q 5. 1 rs Louise Laird Lefl fo rlghl: Mrs. Klinelob, Mrs, Craver, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Pixley. Miss Woods. We feel lhal our cafelerla slaff prepares for us 'lhe besf meals ob famable In schools In 'lhls area' The dinners served on holldays and spe clal occasions are dellclous and planned fo perfechon Af I2 o cloclx we really appreclale our good cooks Sludenfs ln lhe hugh school who are seelung ways +o earn money 'Find opporfumfy here and lhe cafelerla also asslsls fhe classes In pulhng on dinners and holding bake sales Claare Jobson F 1' e Fle G e c ea e S H rc Ne dlnger Abs H Pck LJ 'QW BMI Our school buses are on fhe road 'ro puck sfudenfs up before some of us are even awake Our early +o ruse bus druvers are sure +o gel us +o school safe and happy as fhey are all mos+ compelenf Through 'rhe heavlesf ram or snow lhey pllol fhelr buses safely 'fo fhelr deshnahon ln a 'ob lllce 'lhelrs fhe responslblllly IS very greal' and drivers mus+ be prepared +o mee+ any sliuahon We are cerlam Bainbridge bus drivers mee+ 'lhese qualrficahons Claire Jobson A' W, W was h: i7i:i g wx V A y K V: E If is ,pq , V It ' Ku Vx, sf f . W - uw . I' 9.8 XI 1 I 16 is as , , 'U' - Kr ,md ., - 'K AF! I is If Ashley Crave, Carl Hu+chinson Ted Hamlin Ken PIXIGY Nol pholographedz Mrs. Hoy+ Fe+e Sloufenberg Maurice Wilcox Ed Wade Lesfer Slead MAINTENANCE We can 'rhank our many lamfors for malung our school so aHrac+lve bolh mslde and oufslde Wlfhm 'Ihe Iasl' year fhey have palnled lhe audnlorlum and nearly all +he rooms halls and lockers In gay and cheery colors Recenlly They have made a showcase 'For Mr Caseys porfrarl lusl oulslde 'lhe audl'rorlum In splfe of 'rhe condlflon In whlch we leave our rooms al nlghl' 'Ihey are always neaf and clean Ihe following morning Whenever we have any evemng funchons no mailer how Iale 'Ihe hour a lanlfor IS on Ihe 'ob lo gave a hand Our lamfors are Indispensable Claire .Iobson School Peucumel 75 YEARS OF SERVICE The labors of 'Ihese fhree men represenl' 75 years of conhnuous service Mr Wrllns VanDenburg fhe bus mechamc for 25 years and also a bus driver as served +he school conhnuously for fhls hme Mr Maurice Ireland a bus driver for 25 years has served fhe enllre 25 years on Ioracflcally +he same roure Mr Kenne'I'h Plxley served as a bus drlver for 9112 years and 'lhen fool: +he POSIIIOH In lhe school as cuslodlan Affer 2 years he became head cusfodlan and held 'lhe pOSI'I'IOI'1 for fhe remalnlng I3If1 years Maurice Ireland Wlllus VanDenburg Kennelh Plxley ' I I I I. 'I . . . I I I h . . . y ' I ' I , . I I I it 44am GMM la Goh Well nfs finally happened' Our class IS In nfs sensor year and I5 plannlng for graduaflon an June Of course fhls IS a bug surprise fo parenfs feachers and es peclally fo us' When we were way down fhere In fhe lower grades we dldnf even know whaf Iunlor hugh was lef alone fhe freshman sophomore lunlor and senlvor classes Buf as fume wenf by and we grew up physically af leasf we asplred soon fo be ln fhose classes We dnd have plenfy of fun In fhe grades Our firsf malor pro ecf was fhe sfaglng of a mmlafure circus In fhe second grade We offen had won ered whaf If would be luke fo be sfrange ammals Thaf cnrcus gave us an opporfumfy fo find ouf' We weren f qulfe as large as some ammals are fhough so If fook several of us fo repre senf some of fhe ammals such as +he zebra giraffe and elephanf We fried our skull af producmg a puppef show nexf And who can forgef our fea for our mofhers7 We really felf grown up fhaf clay' Our falenfs for acfmg were firsf revealed when we presenfed a play called Hlawafha and again nn lumor hugh when fhe Junior Hugh Dramaflcs Club enacfed A Chrlsfmas Carol for a Chrlsfmas assembly We began fo feel +na+ we were good enough for felevlsnon' Anofher acflvlfy ln grade school which we all enloyed was fhe making and sell Ing of fudge In fourfh grade Oh my aching foofh' Affer our carefree days In elemenfary school were ended we enfered lumor hugh where many new and exclflng experiences greefed us We sfarfed passing from room fo room for classes We suffered one greaf shock There was no recess perlod' When we enfered hugh school we had only one worry on our minds-Freshmen lnlflaflon' We dad survive buf fhaf day spenf In burlap bags and Inner fubes wlll be one of our mosf freasured memories of hugh school Tame conflnued fo fly plasf fasfer and fasfer' As sophomores we felf proud fo be a vlfal parf of hxgh school We sfarfed worknng hard fo prove fhaf we were fhe wuse ones Then we became lumors ah' ha' fhe fume had come fo gef revenge If was our furn fo lnlflafe fhe freshmen We musf have been very genfle wlfh fhem fhough because fhere were no casualfles reporfed' Thaf year we also had a beauhful Iumor prom wlfh fhe Garden of Eden as fhe fheme Thaf brnngs us abouf up fo dafe Rnghf now we have much on our minds Mosf of our fhoughfs are concerned wlfh earning money for fhe senior frlp Our mam agcflvlfnes af presenf are fhe senior play and fhe Echo Almosf all of us In addr flon are acflve parflclpanfs In many of fhe exfra curr cular acflvlfles offered us by fhe school Soon If will be graduaflon fume when a complefely new phase of lnfe will begun for us an even greafer change fhan fhaf whuch we made when we flrsf enfered school way back when Rose Mary Tobey U ll N ll . n I l ol I l,' is . lib Q: I '1 I'1J' .ifflk L Z gf PRESIDENT SENIOR CLASS ANTHONY CHANDLER HOWLAND Football I234 Basketball-JV I2 Varssiy 34 Baseball JV I2 Varslfy 4 Track I 24 Honor Socleiy 34 Presldeni 4 Sfudenf Council 4 Science Club 3 Boys Shah 3 Class Presudenf 4 Furs Squad 3 Trams: Squad 4 Echo Siaff Boys Sporfs Edlior Sensor Play 4 Cas? O A 111,17 CTI? H14-f' 'f Im, I-wif f w- .X Q0 I , f 1 'ni I Twirling l,2,3,4: Cheerleading-J.V. I,2, All-sfar 2, Varsify Manager 3, Cheerleader 4, Capfain 43 Soccer l,2,3,4, Cap- fain 3, Baskelball I,2,3,4g Volleyball l,2,3,4, All-slar 33 Sofi- ball 2,3,4, All-srar 3, Gym Assisfanf I,2,3: Press Club l,2,3,4g F.H.A. I,2,3,4g Pep Squad 33 Sporf's Council 3,4, Presidenf 35 Bank Teller 2,43 Class Vice Presidenl 3, Traffic Squad 45 Fire Squad 2,35 Daisy Chain, Prom Affendanf 3, "Echo" Sfaff, Pholography. Band I,2,3,4g Orchesfra 23 Chorus 3,41 Foofball-J.V. l,2,3, Varsify 43 Baslrefball-J.V. l,2,3, Varsify 4: Baseball-J.V. I,2, Varsity 3,4g Track I,2,4p Press Club l,2g Traffic Squad 4. , 1 A 53' FJDWT Chorus 45 Fooiball 3: Baslnefball-J.V. 2, Vorsify 4: Baseball--J.V. 2, Varsify 3,41 Tracl: 2,3,4, Capiain 4: Baslrefball Manager 33 Sfudenf Council 3.4, Treasurer 3: Science Club 3: Class Presidenf 3, Vice Presidenl 41 Prom King runner-up 35 "Echo" Sfaff, Treasurer: Senior Play 4, Casf. NANCY DORlS 3AREOl-"'-"Cl,lFll Cheerleading, J.V. 2, F.H.A. 2,4. 7512.5 DOUGLAS BURTON BESEMER Band 3,43 Orchesfra l.2,3,4: Chorus l,2,3,4g Traci 3, F.F.A. lg Sludenf Council 43 Male QuarfaHe 2.3,4: Aclivily Leffer 3: Traffic Squad 2,31 League Feslival I,2,3,4g Counfy Band Fesfival 33 "Echo" Sfaff, Liferaryg Senior Play 4, Business Manager. I2 W il gm fi ..,.....,.......,, SALLY ANN CHEESBRO Twirlinq l,2,3, Drum lvlaiorclle 43 Cheerleading-J.V. l,2, All-Slar I, Varsily 3,42 Soccer l,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Volleyball l,2,3,43 Howling 3,4, Capfain 3, League Vice Presi- denl3 Sporfs Council 43 Press Club l,2,3,43 l4.H.A. I,2,3,4, Prcsideni 2, Vico Presidenf 33 Honor Socioly 3,4, Vice Presi- denl 4, Adverlising Agenf 43 Banli Teller I,2,43 Library Club I3 Library Assisi-anl,23 Acfiviiy LeHer l,2,3,43 Fire Squad 43 Class Treasurer 2,3,43 Prom Ailenclanf 2, Prom Queen Run- ner-up. 33 "Echo" Slaff, Social Edi1or3 Senior Play 4, Casf. -PSOGTAS GLENN BUTCHER Band I3 Baseball-J,V. I,Z,3, Varsify 43 Red Cross Rrzpresen1afive3 Senior Play 4, Casf. RALPH ROGER CASTLE Foofball 43 Wresiling 2,3,4, Capiain 43 F.F.A. I,2,3,4, Treasurer 33 Siudenr Council I3 Fire Squad 3,43 Traffic Squad 3,43 Senior Play 4, Sound Effecfs. GENEVIEVE MARY COLLINS Band I,2,3',4, Secrefary-Treasurer Band 43 Orchesfra l,2,3,43 Chorus 43 Cheerleading-J.V. I,2, Varsify 3,43 Soccer I,2,3,43 Baslrefball I,2,43 Tumbling 23 Volleyball l,2,3,43 Soffball 33 Traclr 2,3,43 Bowling 3,43 Press Club 2,3,43 Library Club 2,33 Honor Sociefy 3,43 Sfudenl' Council Represenfaiive 43 Sfudenf Council 3,43 Science Club 33 Library Assisfanl 2,31 Acfivify LeHer 2,3,43 Fire Squad 43 League Feifival 2,33 Counfy Fes- fival 33 Senior Play Casf 43 "Echo" Sfaff, Co-Edifor of Curriculum. f,3 f - 3 fe o o o 0 GARY RAYMOND DARLING Pre!! Club 33 Honor Sociefy 3,43 Acfivify LeHer 33 B0y'S Slafe 33 Traffic Squad 3,43 Fire Squad 33 Pro- iecfion Squad 3,43 Senior Play Produclion 2,3,43 Oper- effa Proclucfion 2,3,4: "Echo" Sfaff, Phofography Edifor. STANLEY FRANK DAWS Band l,2,3: Orchesfra 2: Foofball 2,3,4: Baslrefball-.l.V. 2,3 Varsify 4: Volleyball 2,3,4: Baseball-J.V. l,2, Varsity 3,4 Capfain 4: Track 2,3,4: Press Club ll Traffic Squad 2.3: Sci- ence Club 3: Class Secrelary 2,31 Prom King 3: "Echo" Sfaff, Layouf. .MIDREY ::LLl:N FINK Transfer from Aflon, N. Y. ClJXlRE JEANNE .IQESON Band l,2,3,4: Orchesfra l,2: Cheerleading, Manager 2: Baslxefball I: Sfudenl Council 3: Acfivify l.s'Hor 2: Class Vice President 2: League Fesfival 3. nn-saxl. ir. -x.JviJ.. .J.v-xv. ---.C Orchesfra I: Chorus 3,4: Cheerleading-J.V. 2, Varsify 3.4: Soccer 2,3,4: Baslrefball 2,3,4: Volleyball 2,3,4: Soflball 2,3,4: Press Club l,2,3,4, Assisfanf Edilor 3, Edilor 4: F.H.A. l,2,3,4: Shzdenl Council I,4: Traffic Squad 3: Bank Teller 3: Aciivify Lalfar 2,3,4: Class Secretary l,4: Daisy Chain, Prom Atfen- danf 3: "Echo" Sfaff, Typing Edilor 4: Senior Play 4, Cast . , .QA , ,f "L .Y ' rl: L : iff fi' 7 1 i - ' :f1.1.:Qw ,,,, 125 gf V, g , 1? or PAUL LINCOLN DUFFORD, JR. Band 3, Chorus 4, Foofball 2.3.4, Track 3, Wresfllng l,2,3,4: Fire Squad 4. DUANE ARTHUR LAWRENCE Band l,f,3,4g Track 2,33 Library Club 35 Honor Sociefy 3,4 Fire Squad 3,45 Acfiviiy Leffer 3: Prize Speaking 3: Cilizen ship Conference 33 "Echo" Sfaff, Edilor. WINONA RUTH KINNE F.H.A. I. SALLY ANNE LANDRE Bend I,2,3,4g Orchesfra I,2,3,4g Chorus I,2,3,4, Secre- fary-Treasurer of Music Club l,2,3, Vice Presidenf Chorus lg Band Presiclenl 4: Soccer I: Basliefbell I,2,3: Volleyball 2,3: Soflbell Ig Press Club 2, Sfudeni Coun- cil l,2,3,4, Treasurer I,2, Vice Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4: Girl's Shale 3g Class Treasurer Ip Class Presidenf 2, Daisy Chain: League Festivgl in Orchesira I,2,3,4g Prom Queen 3: "Echo" Sfalif, Assisfeni Eclifor 4, Senior Play 4, Cast. NELSON EDDY LORD Foofball lg Baskelbell-J.V. I,2,3, Verxify 4: E,F.A. l,2,3,4, I-'residen+ 3, Sacrefery 45 "Echo" Sfafl, Assisfanf Phofography Edifor. ROLAND GEORGE NILES Foofball I,4g Beslnefball-J.V. 2,3, Var ify 4, All-Siar 3: Volleyball 2,3, Baseball-J.V. l,2, Varsify 31 Track l,2,3,4g F.F.A. I,2,3,4, Secrefary 3: Sfucleni' Council 2, Traffic Squad 4. I5 Band l,2,3,4g Baslnelball Manager lg Baseball I,2,3. Chorus l,2p Soccer l,2, Baslcelball 2,3,4q Volleyball I,2,3,4g Soflball 2,43 Press Club l,2p F.H.A. l234 Hisforian 3, Prize Spealung l,2,3,4, Traffic Squad 4 "Echo" Slafl, Arl Ediforg Senior Play 4, Casf. Baseball l,2,4g Wreslling l,2,3,47 F.F,A. l,2,3,4 Fire Squad 4: Senior Play 4, Cast .2 1 Foolball l,2,3g Baskefball, J.V. lg Baseball-J.V. l, Varsily 2: Wrestling Manager 33 F.F.A. I,2,3,4, Vice President 3.4, Fire Squad 2,33 Traffic Squad 2,3,4: F.F.A. Beslelball I,2,3,4, Capfain 3. Chorus Ig Cheerleading-J.V. l,2, Caplain 2, Varsiiy 3,4, Capfain 31 Soccer 2,3,4g Baslrefball l,2,3,4g Volley- ball l,2,3,4, Soflball 2,45 Track 2,3,4q Press Club l,2,3,4, Assisfanf Ediior 3, Edifor 41 F.H.A. l,2,3g Li- brary Club lg Sporf's Council 3, Secrelary 3: Bank Teller I,3g Acfivify LeHer 2g "Echo" Sfaff, Girls' Sports Edilcrg Senior Play 4, Cash Daisy Chain. I6 Band lg Foofball 25 Baseball Ig Track Ig Wresfling 2,33 Press Club l,2,3g Ac'rivify Leffer Ig Class President Ig Traffic Squad 47 "Echo" Sfaffp Senior Play 4, Casf. ,I Basketball 23 Senior Play 4, Assisianf Edifor. c,"l,"XflL7.b lli2.:U'i,llf,' 5' f2LPiXl'.,,f Chorus I,2,3g Fooiball 8lh,I,2,3: Baseball lg Track 8fh,I,2,3g Wresfling 8fh,l,2,3, Capiain 2,3g Pep Squad Masler of Ceremonies 31 Traffic Squad I,4, Capfain 4: "Echo" Staff, Business Manager. ROSE Ivlx'xliY TOBEY Chorus I,2g Soccer l,2g Baslzeiball I,2g Volleyball lg Press Club I,2g F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Presidenf 3, Vice Presi- deni 45 Prize Spealring l,2,3,4g Traffic Squad 41 "Echo" Slafl, Proof Reader 4: Senior Play 4, Cast rf' V f ,L J if ' V, ff? fs ,f fc? if ff ff .ff fi fi 'A -:Q 1 -H ' r , ' 2 ff M .fi i fs A ! 1 Ami. fy Q21 2 K-f . .. 5-M.. X- q ... -:fnf-f-A Wrestling l,2,3, F.F.A. I,2,3,4g Traffic Squad 4. I7 Z- 1 'F-:?' 2 , ' 5?iIlif fl-001 SALLY STAN lr, I "WI The Bug Momenl Hos Arrived o e lefl l ghf Genn Co s Sally Chess 0 Marlha D achle Efhel A rnsfrong Sally Wllllams Sally Land a Ron e Bulche Sian Dev s Clark Bugbee Ben W lco Sle e Flyzulx Charles Boyd Rg l lell l ghl Charles Boyd Cla he Bug ee e 9 Flyzk Ron 9 Bu che Ma ha D achler Wllllams Sally Choesbro Gunn Collins The Royal Courl! I8 Long Lrve +he Kung and ueen' A warm delnghllul sprung evenmg wil nessed lhe lraduhonal .lunlor Prom Malung lhls nlghl glamorous was 'the Garden of Eden fhe selhng of lhe dance floor Whal could have been a more perlecl ending fo all of lhls lhan lhe crownung of lhe lung and queen Slanley Davis and Sally Landrc whose :denhlles were lrepl secrel unhl lhe mage: hour of mndmghl when lhey were crowned The reugmng monarchs lor l956 l957 The lords and ladnes of lhelr courl were Chuclc Boyd belly Cheesbro Clarke Bugbee Elhel Armslrong Ben Wilcox Marlha Drach Ier Sleve Flyznlc and Genevleve Collms Sally Cheesbro X l Ql llemmi S ' Play "Scored Still" ii!! Q1 I A ,f " The seniors will always remember lhe lun lhoy had pulling on lheir play, "Scared Slillf' Mr. and Mrs. Williams, a young mar- ried couple, were oulslandingly played bv Sally Lendre and Bob Smilh. Chuclr lloyd and Sally Cheesbro added a greal deal ol comedy lo lhe play wilh lhn near drowning ol Chuclr on the second nighl. When everyone was "scared sliflf' Aunl Elilabelh, played by Barbara Parlrer, always broughl lhem baclr down lo earlh again. Marlha Dracliler loolm lhe parl ol a suspicious and curious maid and is finally apprehended by lhe Norwegian cool, Belly Prall. Rose Mary Tobey helped lo bring lhe play lo a climax when she reveals lhe escape ol a criminal. Tony Howland, lhe imposler, mosl as- suredly losl his fooling when he fall oul lhe door over lhe clill. Tony pul on a line performance as Uncle lonalhan. We are all convinced lhal "Rich" Besl should be a deleclive, Ho cerlainly acled lhe parl well in "Scared Slillf' Green flashlighl, black clolhes, and wig made Genevieve Collins so scary lhal no one know who she was. Lasl, bul by no means leasl, is Gerald Sherman, lhe escaped criminal, who lhrealened lo kill iusl aboul everyone lor revenge. Truly, we rnusln'l lorgel lhal Hlhe show could nol have gone on" wilhoul lhe help ol lhe bacli slage crew so ellicienlly direcled by is a map, il' is! Gary Darling. Whal a casll Whal a play! Truly whal a lol of lun! Sally Cheesbro Pul 'em u ,all ol you' P i Come on, you, gel up-! f .1411 was- xi 'ffl Q..-av ,, lx aff. 'i 41 . L. 1 iii ii vi. .f , I is, F H ' I ' Mi .gi Gil ETHEL ARMSTRONG SALLY CHEESBRO DOUGLAS BESEMER RICHARD BEST CHARLES BOYD GENEVIEVE COLLINS MARTHA DRACHLER THOMAS BUTCHER RALPH CASTLE GARY DARLING STANLEY DAVIS AUDREY FINK SALLY LANDRE PAUL DUFFORD IS 2 HAS 3 AIMS a'rhIeIlc a bum Icnee be a sIca'fer InIxe Sonla Herne a bowImg fiend been a varsufy cheerleader gain welghf a good dancer Iwm SISIGTS Ieach musnc never ln a hurry a blond crew cuI' be an Admural In fhe U S Navy aIways good for a Iaugh class presldenf been have fun on Ihe sensor Irup good In Iumbhng fo IhlnIx of ways Io gef In Iown geI rlch or marry a mlIIlonalre IuII of fun been a varsdy soffball player be a secrefary IlI1e Mass McNamara been cheerleadung manager be a dancer IuIxe Kafherme Murray usuaIIy Info somefhung IaI1en Lahn I Ihree years move on Mann Sireef where he feeIs sorI of shy been a champion wresfler In B C H S be a bean pncker an amafeur phofographer won a dlchonary In Jr Hugh sfop IaIung Echo PICIUFCS a varsnfy IooIbaII pIayer a IcnacIr for reading Shakespeare haf Ihe buIIseye a freckled face blond lusf moved from Affon pass Iranscruphon wlih IIylng coIors romlnenf In Siudenf CounclI een Prom queen ge'r Io school on fume shorf a long ways Io waIIc home be a mnnusfer af home anyway 6 ' ' I. . . TO I. ' i' 2. T 3. 1 . 1 I. ' ' f' 2. ' 3. ' ' i O I. 2. ' ' I' 3. ' I. ' iv 2. 3. ' ' . . If ' I I if 3. ' - Ig I I. I ' 2. ' ' 3 . . . . I I. 2. ' 3. ' ' CLAIRE JOBSON I. a commercial sIudenI 'X 2. ' 3. ' ' I. I I 2. ' , 3. ' I. 3. " ' " I. 2' . . . I . 3. ' " " ' I. ' 2. ' " " 3. ' I. 2. ' 3. . . . . s I. . . . z. If 3. ' I. 2.. 3. ' ' TONY HOWLAND NELSON LORD ROLAND NILES JUDY SHIELDS WINONA KINNE BARBARA PARKER ROBERT SMITH CHARLES SIMONDS NANCY BARROWCLIFF BETTY JANE PRATT ROSL MARY TOBEY DENNIS PAIGE DUANE LAWRENCE GERALD SHERMAN RICHARD PALMATIER IVAN WOODS a II rf a converIlbIe bowI a 250 game I'IoI Rod of BenneHsvlIIe Road been F F A presldenf be has own boss on a farm always clownung around been an all sfar baskeIbaII pIayer grow a IlHIe bursflng wlfh energy a shlny CIISPOSIIIOD Ive IIII shes 90 af e s a guy who peddles gas become a housewnfe Irnm In sfafure a dead eye hook shof gd married vcry hammy acfor no wanfed Car be accepfed In 'the Navy forever slnglng cowboy songs Ihe guff of cracking good Iokes gef ouI of school a former PennsyIvaman machine gun Iaugh usuaIIy busy wlfh FH A work a frlendly hl for all she meefs conhnue In arf work real shorf been F H A presldenf go Wesf aIways reading books Inved an Sudney several years nnvesf In a Presley gurfar Edufor of Echo Ihe hlghesf cIass average serve Ihe Lord rcaI s lm 1 gray Chevne Io rnde around nn bc Ihc shrfer af sfock car races ready wlfh a smlI'e 1 weakness for gsrIs gd 99f an hxs Amerscan Hlsfory R a a hwblf of sIeeplng In sIucIy haII be a wealfhy farmer egenfs I. i 2. ' 3. " " I. ' 2. . . . ' 3. ' I. ' 2. .s . 3. ' I. ' ' 2. . . . . 3. I' " ' , I asf Q I. hy I 2. 3. " I. ' ' O 2. 3. X ' I. ' 2- I I, 3. I. ' ' 2. . . . 3. I. ' 2. ' - 3. be a Ielephone operafor I. ' . . . 3' . . - I. 2. . . . ' 3. . I. ' 2. . . . 3. . . . In . .. .. 2. ' 3. I. -' I' 2. I .. . .. . . 3. 2 I I I. ' ' 2. 1 ' 3. 3 Og . . . . I. I II 2. . ' ' ' 3. 1 ll H0009 He, fr I 1317 G 'UZ he Fran D 9 fan? , W1 a gd x5 dai va! '43 Beseme s M ds Dori? Q pe, Tl O41 BN Sian 0 49-1: 'N A v 'av fx! yataisi is XC R6 gun ' X Oni D we 2 SM" Dawg Rubs!! 'bm ih otb H i is hu Sperm h Qulie 5 Who knows w , Chuck 620' 'I S ffy Von xy d 'A -U 4 52 if ..- 1 JF.. 'Wu M' Maw Bmlnkwg hn, ,S n h 1 hus dum mlqhq be-, ,- o H15 UQ 5 oi L sm! 2' Go11"'ew -,xx v and W' me Gln fx coax n A Charles lmonds A Town w If nie guard tho he may l wan and seq L0 oh "5 Hell sieal some CITY gg . . 1, ' "4 Sh , . S d fa rf hp . C I . -- Un 'rs I ' - W- rr Q 'Q W, ind n upk 9' ' ., HY. 0 Y' GY." Nh " lu yi 066+ ' LL ' 1 V V I I ' l f B b" 'iz ' f , f ' 0 - , , a f -Q , f + -5 fl A 'g-' A if 4' A 354: ,if jf. I- dr Nizrr 'Jud ' ' iym gs I " is Q f' V, M ' -"' I . , we a , A 1.. . M , ' - - . -wx , ,X A 1 "-i ., f -: '. b,.L . ' . ' w 3' 'W ' ' V A V ft .bk 5 K, - 3,15 ' - W g ig k'-W .5 I 41" 1 Pj. i r . f ' v'-. 1' "I 'l '57 1 ' - ' f , ' - Af' ' . A W" - Li.. ,g ., 1 "' 1 av .Y , -i . w - nf, . Xffmx A XX 'Y- K ,fb 'Tf"'ii. . S . M d V? Y we :L Cum NX Q ,en 0 J-M K lg ' R xx vi I J L K - -dv s 5 ,g - A QQ' , mg, ' K . AY97 "' I ,, , . NPO 4 b 1 , N ,, , M M All In .ylll 9.3 - ' I Soy- H . R 1 U boy!" fk - tn n , You Cd See, H - ' ' ' ' ,. . ll 'I X K 4 .I , 1, 7: h f . , ,ij 1 - a in ' ' NW H: ' ,, k,,. , ,.,.. -IIL M A . C, W l a. l ,, I, 3 0" .. 3 bb' ' ' S. . O V , . 'n be, Tony Rosxe Tony Howland Afhleflc and a scholar foo Prmcefon hes Che man for you Efhe, A TobeY es V0 ba e V9 1 rmsfforv Rose Maw S he 'Wet pie Cd e D79 'ng 9 a Roseorrager as d b nd ful D115 V S Ve ,One u,, fs fy S Come dsesb U 1 a hlCu'6 l'BCfb 8 C Xorgiur O ga r Pads' Barbara 5' imc KS arizliama, er Dua .S cw Sch, shew" HA wh 6, Ks 59 e 'ha Xn Q s bound fo Ca 55141 :mance ate xome,hH?3 H ew ow Uc hon ho! ma gm S " uw Gam Dargaxore qgrxens has rod Lhdrles 80 Uwnks mera an TAIWHVS Yo Wnh La he Cdpfdworkmg O In of n 6 S our frdckclzg, 9. f'h," .1073 'Q Mm: award We lhe class ol 57 wllh luclc bequealh lhese ulems ol mllnnle value lo lhe poslerlly ol lhe Bobcals ol B C H S So be nl Elhel Armslrong Her lew passlng English marlxs lo Munnle Lawrence Sally Cheesbro Her collecllon ol Elvus Presley records lo Doris Archer Nancy Barrowcllll Her ablllly lo gel up In lhe mormng lo Paul Parsons Genn Collins Her shorl legs lo Bruce Darll Marlha Drachler Her shorl blaclc halr lo Linda Wade Audrey Flnlc Her Allon lelephone number lo Eslher Davus Claire Jobson Her abellly lo lllrl lo Carol Klnne Wnnona Kmne Her black Chevrolel lo Arlhur Hager Sally Landre Her ablllly lo hul lhe ceulung wnlh a sollball lo Sharon Pol ard Barbara Parlcer Her long rude home every nlghl lo Roberla Black Belly Jane Prall Her black halr lo Eumce Moll Rosemary Toby Her numerous nelghbors lo Johnny Twlsl Judy Shnelds Her homemalung abullly lo Carl Feyerabcnd Douglas Besemer Ha long lrombone playing arms lo Johnny Supple Richard Besl Hls ardenl love ol lhe Dodgers lo Paul Hager Thomas Bulcher Hrs abnllly lo acl lo Peler Ogren Charles Boyd Hls beal up Chevue lo Gary Budlne lo replace has bicycle Ralph Caslle Hrs wresllmg umlorm lo Franlx Moll Gary Darling Hls 'ob doing slage worlc lo anyone who wanls nl Slan Davis Hls lunch llme meals lo Mrs Klnnelob Paul Dullorcl Has ablllly lo lreep busy lo Kenny Parlcer Tony Howland Hrs abululy lo play pmg pong lo Bon Nelson Duane Lawrence Hrs abnlnly lo play lhe euphonuum lo lhc llule players Nelson Lord Has Ag boolcs lo Fern Sheldon Roland Niles Hrs swlllness on lhe baslvelball courl lo Eruc Dem Dennus Paige Hus drum lo Mr Bracclo Richard Palmalner Hrs blond curly hanr lo Bull Slow Charles Snmonds Hrs scnenlulxc abulnly lo Buddy Moll Bob Smllh Hrs malh abnluly lo Dewnll Nulcs Gerald Sherman Hrs wenghl lo Paul Schrader Ivan Woods Hrs abululy lo sleep m sludy halls lo Kalhy Purdy f AZ' .. ' ' , Ijkbmlb 1 . ,. . D 'V ff. x fll 1, www eladfiai Eunice MOH Paul Hager PRESIDENT JUNIOR CLASS PRESIDENT FRESHMAN CLASS nr- 5 Bruce DarH PRESIDENT SOPHOMORE CLASS 25 , 4 I 'wfiff' A ' I gf, ' ff f 4 ' ' ,. I NA .,k . V x L K 18 5 i2 J V fx f ZS' - f ' X34 -I ,f Richard Marlin Kermil Loomis Fredriclc Smifh "a My-f 5,-1' Ben Nelson Kalherine Russell DeWiH Niles Minnie Lawrence 'W' , ,Q Slepllen FlYZ'l' Virginia Blclcford 6 S 'rf 1 W ff Wh? Margaref Delello Sharon Pollard Nahiena Yaw Arda Jane Harmon Thomas TuHle Emily Michel Sonia Slrengler Linda Wade 'Qi' 1 ,I fi. , ,. -. VN Pafricla Hubbard Doris Alcoh' Deann Walceman Q-v -al" 3,6- '-6' file ,.f Ji' , i.,,,, 4-2 5 ' of 1' we Ao How, 7 4 f 'S i R .x I fi N . . . . . . 5 Q . . . . . It . i 'i 4' I . el' , Q, Q 'J 1 . 4.:V iv I 1 in , f K 1 1 . i f i A is i i g I V. Q" , , 'af V ' , ,V l i' . 1' 4 new li ' iw' is ' -1 T iff' i ' O ', I V ii b 0 xi." T I . N , , if,- .aim . 43" N 4 P Read PGCIKGV Marne Presfon Keufh Morcfz Ann Lewls Fefe' Ogren Kaihleen Purdy hw , Ronald Woods Alan Harmon arl Fcyerabcnd 9 x Eunnce MOH Esfher Davis Shirley Palmahcr WYWQ 0- -cf' 1-N X' , lf ik .A Mnchael Callena Davld Schrader David Mon Ralph Lowe Roberia Black Bc-:Hy Macumber Sandra Davus ' 1 wo o ' PE A X , V, A fy.,-5 1 f?4?q,.J 01644 1958 ' ' nfs, ao 5 i . ' if 5 . k .milamf , -v Q. 'Ty Lt . I r + ' ' ' 'mf L, 1 ' 4 C Q I ' ' 311 ' fgfs' L b ' K ' A j,Qk,i ,fd K Ml if oo , o L Q o , L f xqa '51 1 ... o fi , U Q' HQ" V A ,, V K- I Inf? . -fy is ' H K9 Q, 5 4: ir, lb We 4, , 29 V K v , 1, f ... 6 X Q Y 5 i ll ff y 1 4,6 an , ,Q I X ' ' jj Q My MJ ir 1 S MM lv- wr ,va 40 ...X f- if a Q 2: , . 'G ea- S if 15' ly fx Ali, if ,1- wv' LQ we 47 William Sfowe Isabelle Winn Ronald Decker Gary Budine Eleanor Craig Donald Amey Gorden Dolpl1 Gail Pearsall Romona Pralf Bruce Darll Judy Lawrence Joyce Rosa Dawn Meek Doreen Day Mary Lewis Linda Boyd David Benedlci' Nancy Crawford arulyn Brush Thomas Mayer Beffye Bnclcford 1 Carol Kunne Eric Dean Mary Gifford Paul Parsons '1 l file - QB aff -, N f i: 1 JZ' XR liii ' if ' , 1 A - if" - ' 1 ' af.. M- in' f ' ,,- D. 1 15 ' 3 'J 5, I I '2 i V' L A - A' W , 1- -1 i e in i 1 Y on I . A xl ,.1. ' V ' Yfff' J I -J L ily! J l 5 ff M ' r ifir . we ' ' ' 4. 3:22 :Lg I ,Q D i ff. , -in r W., , I- l i " - V . A -5 ' I ' YI Zan Blanche Glnha James O Nell Lawrence Caslle Chrlsllna Howland Wayne Olson Carl GIl9S Shirley De Foresf Shirley Bowen Franl: Moll Sherry Tuclcey Parrncna Thoms Roberl' Lawrence Joan Sfralca Sheryl Hulberf Nelson MacPherson Dawn Benedlcf Doris Archer Nancy Wilcox af 1959 Donna Amey Fern Sheldon Joan Lord Douglas Wrlcox Lauram Moore Bonnue Davlclson June Banks YI?-W ir xgf! 0 A3 14' x X 'NC' va -dl' News' - "' 'L we ' r ff y , . 'Fir -- v' L r A, r 1' . L ofa , nf , , "if f Ja . , 1- Lg: ef A 1 r L1 L .z l" S .. to ' ' f J T3 A 'is rrlh . ffl L ' .aa ' 'ri'-'H lf sir 'FAQ ,r Q r 'rf - - L of L- ' i M Q --f S7 ""s L E ' L L S Slfl 6 lumix., 4: -q Q J A Y , -fr' !E ,V ' , yyry ZR yy l .k,-, fs PP' i ,lm ,i , -'QF ' igagqgl 3 1 gli s r . 1 s 1 3 ff' 2 I 9 4 I 'fa cf -4 . ' 1 P . ,," 25 , f 'QI' Q Md' f ff.- awry? gk V ll' 1 p Elf 'x I r V 9,2 2 0 -3'7" Sfeplwen Kinney Plwillip Russell Kennelh Barnliarl George Haynes Jane? Hayes Kenf Collins Beverly Casfle Elizabeih Carpcnfer Davicl Hellerud Terry Davis Charles Leonard. Dolores Ncicllinger Myers King Virginia Green Lincla Smilli Donna Meaclriam Toni Hulberl Diane Davis Donna Houclr Wilbur Haynes Qaedwwn 4., j".f, 51 1 " ty ,--. 6 N i f il, ' srls .f r ,W ,DJJ i ff -1 fu, if' -r ' Gwendolyn Slnnlon Phyllis Slnoecrafl Dnvicl Daly Jerry Lane Kennellw Ogren Blau 1960 1:5 1.-3' 1 James Lord Phnllnp Schrofh John Twnss Jerry Doolulfle Charles Sheldon abs Vurguma Huobard av 'G' an up ff vu- fx. Eleanor Hoy+ Rachel Nlles Carol Margeson Barbara Gnfford Margaref Thomas Arfhur Hager 3 fc ,A Q- N...-I .36- Fred Barse Roberf Mamusch Lulllan PraH Judy Hulber+ Elva SuHon Dolores Sherman Mary Barnard Qs lf-J 5? .x '-AWK Ralph Buller Teddy Armslrong Kennefh Parlcer Barbara Davadson Lmda Whn+e Walfer Scholz Paul Hager , ' VJ, 4 J "- J J I 5' ' .1 'R' , 4 : 1.3. V , . I ' ufnlb zzifgt W ,vi-,l l"f!"...w---sf J l n' vu I fa an . a., fo.. . A Q A 6? ,X 7 Q 0 'Q J. I 4 ' Y WT , 2 ' 3' 'i 19 ' iw R .., ,J , , J 1' ii lf A ' J: l Q Q K J , - - m y " . I V 1 so ,J ' l , C e ! I 1 , U J I , ' R as ,J J ' Q 4 " ' R J s us: V A 'L ' ' Q ' an Q -' 6 'Q NY-' Q a sry 4 , l I ll 32, -, ' f Q! 4, :L l y H so , .- ,.J"'l 4'f' , his ' 'J gf r A 1,,: fsfixh . X- sr L 'U' ,- s f ...ll J' Q 'Z' A .L.,, w-. ,- -Cv 41 M, Judy Hovey James Mnllus Alberfa Prenhce Nancy Harvey David Laird Delores Barrnnger Darla Dufford Bully Stafford Vnclu Johnson Deanna Ireland Ronald Reese Marfha Besemer Edna Boyd James Terzo Rufh Saam Emma Curry Rlchard Gould Beafrnce Harfwell Karen Hurlbur+ Jean Crawford Elizabeflm Hovey Gerry Ramon Kay Palmafier Thelma Besemer wie David Calleia Sfephen Wilson Linda Pollard Anfhony Schrader Ken+ Fargo Carolyn Selersen Joseph Daly Lou Davenporf Barbara Hubbard Wulllam Shuelds Jeffery Olsen Barbara Leonard John Supple Roberl' Fecal? Suzanne Neumulh Sarah Lou Dalessuo Samuel Dalesslo Margaref Curhs Barbara Figger Leo Conlclm Nancy Loudon Joyce Slunner Lewus Chapman Roberi' Besf 6. -G- Lf" vw if 1-'Tl 9' 41- ...-' X ff 4, rv , ,, A 1 a: , Q53 fl -vf ' ,f l " K 0 f- 35' ix" ...I tr" 4? na' C' .ai 4' Q 'er' F fix? H7 - ' - if 1 7 6- J J 1. -S " .5 ' A VA L I JK l ' if of ,ga ,,, f.. S W . f 1 .Ty ' rg, K3 , L Liv f 5 -ll a ly -ff ii 3. A, I I Lge? A . A Q fb S " We gy M A y wi' , J 5 X , , -1 ' 1 if hi A. ' . W J , , 'f 015 . 'L f' . ,S -vi., :I - I 1 K A 3, 'fl' A iw sq,-R' V4 .J A1 - si' 1, ., :L l. 3521. V ' 'f sv" i 1,49 X S0 HIE f-59 y Bonnie Lolxer Nancy Shrofh Ina Dalrymple Mnchael DeMaH'eo Rulh Bowen Bully Youngs Fay Parfrsdge Ar+hur Russell Daren Dean Harvey Fmlc Pafrlcla Yenson Douglas Benedncf Donna Doolllfle Kenneflw Prafl' Marguernie Moore Clayfon Babcock A s wafe Dedra Day Irene Shea Jane Davodson Edward Gllha Gu lr . 5 ,lg I va , rx ft .5 A D 1 1. ,i ykk if z 52 ' l ' ff, H- s - A . 1 L., x lx' ' Y t 25" "' S ' 5 M 5 if f - by L 'P 'Q' '- f , . - vw yn , A A , , V, . I 1 .f as Jr., , I 2135 . . a " f .-f' inf ' Q all .' 2' . QU N if 5531 if 2 , ,. x P 1 y,..j 6' X b. M' x. J. y I P' hz' V I . . ,N a sr l qs' ' 'L Seuenlfz Lsnoa Poly Jean Palmafier Dean Morefz William Mccaslin Richard Terry Dawn Terry Leonard Alford Bully Shaver Mary Moran Joan Caulfer Joe Wulluams Rufh Palmaher Yvonne Axfell Sfephen DeClue Donna Holalmg Cynllwla Lewns ohw Curling John McElroy Clifford Palmaher Sally Buclrbee Y J' 10 1 4,-I A f '74 Dorald Curhs ,W 'J' Q.:::..w 4 ,.,,. 'qv 3 X lf it K A iw- -i ,N ww j H :. ' f - ' W- ' ..'f' fl' ' ir!! A 1, I . 'T' hiv' . 4' it ,L rv' , . w'-1 X 41 1 l A l ' ' fa ' f M lim if , --L' 'V' K f r , ' .4 X 1 f , . F ,,, ff . 6. W ' ,sf ' J 'Xi ' 1' 'R' Q Q AFL or K 'Q ' ls A 9 Q 1' ,xx 'Q ,VI 'Q iw Ab serv. if-l.a?'o:e S-nawif-lf v ,A Y ' gavic l'i..i:bnf.,' Maris' Q Donut 5 K R , S J 5211... x Mi 1 - - lr f . I YES? smiik' ev mn-' Q-nv Hlkf 955' ww ,vs V+' - J , .J e'i..,f-7 if 'F 'Pi M af A ' EJ if d.. , S I Wh ww U' 'War 'rin 31 Qgi James Rosa Joyce Fosfer Anna May Welnhelmer James Giles Bully Rae Kirkland Marlon Crawford Melvin Sulfon Dennus Louclxs Paul Schrader Bully Monahan David Ennlsl' Raymond Alcofl Sfanley Hulberf Ronald Kung Carolyn Cevasco Kermrl' Nichols Lewis Mills Kay Barse George Fosler Fred O Nell Suzanne Green Roger Felslle Teddy Lord Nancy Hayes Barbara Parsons Nancy AlcoH Arrhur Chamberlain Mildred Moore Rrchard Lord Ellery Parker Viola Marlin David While Fred Murray Shlrley Macumber Ray Wilson Evelyn Buclclln Waller Gardner Linda DarH Ray Tnlch Raymond Neldlmger Louise Tompluns Lnnda Sherwood Roberl Feyerabend Berhe Jean Hulberf Margarer Fosfer Kenyon Bulls Rulh Pauler 'Kaur div .3 6' WMP wx .-.df EY W ...nw 11" av, vi' .Q s JV' 41' ff' f' W .V".. ' K 5 U 83, y K A T. K + ' 'ew f WLZM1 ' -cl 1 DJ , ' I .1 A I Q ' ' ' V 1 Ll " he fl V l 5 BYTES' 'ff - I Q aefe . . I I I r ,Y SWV Q ky .V 5 Andrew Woods ",' 3 ', W ' f "'e fi , , raer 1 e f "" W . . A d g , 6 y l,l.y . . -ff K K fw K A Vg. R W ' 1 ' :fu ,llr Qfi I . Q' 1, lffi W f e 5' K' 7.15 ,,, 1 . A 551 W ,Q vf- e y of L yy ,S VJNQ 'K' ""'-f Phofo by Gary Darl ng Flrsl' row le'H' fo righ+ R Tobey B PraH Second row leff +o righl P Ogren R Collins D Lawrence Absenf B Hohrelier PRIZE SPEAKING I956 Lasi spring parhcipanrs m ihe annual prize spealung confesf under fhe able dlrechon of Mrs Darling and Mrs Doyle presenfed a very 'line program of well delivered speeches and readings Pefer Ogren local winner in lhe humorous division wenf on fo win in ihar division in fhe Susque nango League compehhon We expec+ anofher excellenf coniesi' +his year since many of +he probable con+es+an+s also compefed in lasf years event Duane Lawrence ny -i " '1- K ,, Il, 446 The following sechon is a new addihon +o +he Echo. If confains pic+ures of +he school facul+y, of +he various depar+men+s of fhe high school curriculum in session, and of rhe exfra-curricular ac+ivi+ies of our school. Also included are +wo annual school acfiviiies, Open House and S+uden+-Teacher Day. A page is devofed +o each high school feacher. On ever one are brief descrip- fions of 'lhe depar+men+ which +ha'l' +eacher ins+ruc+s and of f e ac+ivilies of which he is a facully advisor. ll' is hoped lhai' from fhis sec+ion you will gain an idea of ihe way in which every +eacher confribules an imporfani parl' fo our school's varied curriculum. ln addiiion ihe Echo s+aff has fried fo show +ha+ +he feachers are very inferesfed in siudeni acfiviiies oufside fhe classroom as well as in if. We feel fhaf if Bainbridge s+uden+s can form a clear concepfion of wha+ fhe ieachers are doing for ihem, fhey will be be'Her able 'ro work fogefher wi+h fhe 'leachers in fhe 'rrue spirif of good sporfsmanship. Duane Lawrence G 5 I eff I Sally Londre DeWnH Niles Sfudenf Councul Presndeni' Sfudenf Council Vlce Presldeni' 3,4 qt .. , ."'f' '- f -.-I x , V i - f .Q 1-:141- .. Photo by ary Darling C f ' if 1, ' g V EKU QL!! vf -fylffy 1 ,ze-'fi X ff in 'f , fi N' if . 6 wx , 5' 1 'M ,' 1 "" l Gia- 3:3513 f Miss Phyllis Palmer Kindergar+en 1:7- Mrs, Eleanor Groff Mrs. Marieffa Darling Kindergarfen Exlfa Reading 5' Mrs Alice Davenporf Farsi' Grade Mrs Louise Weeks Fourfh Grade Mrs Norma Packer Flrsf Grade Mrs Teresa Hess Fnrs+ Grade GGJG G14 Mrss Doro'rhy Earl Mrs Rena Besemer Fourfh Grade Fourfh Grade Mrs Alfha Salzberg Mrs Mary Lawrence Slxfh Grade Sux+h Grade l:.':tb nqn s 1 'DW llll' l " '!"1!V 1 has-fr Mrs Gerlrude Shles Mrs Margaref Cheesbro Suxih Grade Maflwemahcs Junior Hugh N x N ff. ,gifisffii l X t 12. BL Sl, N . 1 A G. G 1 swf me ', srri L 't Us A 3 r. . f .- ' ,E Mrs. Gerfrude Daugherly Second Grade MISS Be6+"'Ce Hauber Muss Mildred Parush Mrs Alice Green Tlllfd Grade Third Grade Third Grade '7ew!w14 Mrs Phebe Shuberl' M,-S HameH. Vvllhams Mrs Emma Sherman Fnf+h Grade Fnf+h Grade Fnf+h Grade lflzenshup Educahon .lumor Hugh Englggh Junior Hugh Engllgh Junior Hlgh Sqence jumor Hlgh Aff 5 igfa Mrs Virginia Buflef James Palmer' Mrs Carolyn Lord Charles Alberf l EW G XL , Q .3 W Tony Howland as Duane Lawrence Miss Smilh Science Mrs. Hager Cilizen Ed. K D W'H N'l 9 ' e I I S 'gl Mrs. Doyle ,, kk .ar P' ,V f",.v- 4.1. A uni Slucfenl '7eac!zw fbcuf Lasl sprung a new aclivlly was successfully launched al Bainbridge Cenlral School ll was deslgnaled Sludenl Teacher Day and was sponsored by lhe Honor Sociely On lhal day each lumor hugh and high school lacully member lllerally look a back seal and relegaled his dulles and prlvlleges lo a qualified sludenl chosen wilh lwo excepluons from lhe Iumor or senior class The day was lnlended lo give lhe sludenl leachers a pracllcal knowledge ol lhe problems and loys ol leach mg and also lo and lhem In deciding whelher or nol ll was lhe besl profession lor lhem The sludenl leachers performed lheir dulues so well lhal lhey could have been mnslaken lor old hands an lhe business' The co operallon of lhe resl ol lhe sludenl body also played a large parl in making lhe llrsl Sludenl Teacher Day a greal success The facully lor lhe clay were as 'Follows Daryl Yaw Sandra Alford Gary Darling Nancy Craig Raymond Besemer Frank Corbin DeWlll Niles Genevieve Collins Duane Lawrence Rlchard Bradshaw Beverly Fosler Tony Howland Minnie Lawrence Dawn Kirkland Larry Pearsall Annellese Schneider Belly Elder Douglas Besemer Florence Cornell Sally Cheesbro Terry Harvey Sandra Gifford Roland Niles Phebe Harmon David Price Sally Williams Roberla Warren Duane Lawrence Genevieve Collins Mmme Lawrence Mrs Crane Mr Bowdlsh L anguage Guidance Roland Niles 5555 Mr Coe Agrlcullure , .4" ! , . . . . . . .. .. I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' as - as - I ' Y'7? 1 . Y, ,.,,.fw-' as s. I 4 at A' ,Ja f- - x . S i sl ill! 'iw 5 S 'Z we l ' W- as ' ' A "JL ly x A+ lhe Arl Exhlbal Mr Andrews and vlscfors Mrs Crane our language +eacher fallung Wlfh parenis Mr Morse shows off 'rhe shop Hyun Jfawie SPRING I956 One June evenmg fhe school opened l+s door +o 'I'he lnleresfed public and puf on a display lhaf was long 'ro be remembered Every feacher was presen+ fo falls wnfh vnsl+ors The arf exhlbl+ science ex perlmenfs shop prolecfs homemalc mg displays were only a few of +he worfhwhule shows going on All ihe grades displayed a cross sechon of work complefed by each sfudenf The people who avanled +hemselves of fhe opporunliy +o vlslf +ha+ nlghf benefiired greafly Score anofher suc cess for BCHS' 44 1 Qi!- Frances Baker Physical Educallon Girls Miss Baker Miss Baker IS one of a number of leachers who loaned our 'faculfy +hls year She is very easy fo gel +o know and once you do know her you will find she has qulfe a sense of humor and IS much lun fo work under Along wllh her advenl she broughl more sporls and Ideas for sfudenl achvlhes such as hockey possible swlmmmg In lhe lale sprung and an ouhng club for gurls She received her BS ln healrh and physical educahon from Brockporl' Slafe Teachers College We are sure fha? Miss Baker will prove +o be a very welcome member of our faculfy Genevleve Collins DANCING As +he abllnly +o dance IS consnd erecl an lmpor+anf assel In a person s social life a course ln dancmg IS laugh? +o +he sfudenl as parf of +he physncal educahon program Some of fhe girls In Mass Baker s gym class are shown learnmg basic sfeps of fhe fox 'Prof BASKETBALL Make fhal' baskefl Mass Bakers players can really sunk lhose shofsl A real sporfs enlhuslasl' our feacher loms m many of our games In class so lhal she can really show us 'l'he flne pom+s of maslerful playing a l s l' yy k . .. ' 1 Mr. Braccio "Take your +ime. Don'+ rush!! You've go+ plenfy of lime! J" Anyone who knows Mr. Braccio will quickly recognize fhese words. They are pracfically a slogan wifh him. Our highly-respecied band leader has skillfully direcfed our band for six years. If you have ever affended one of our concerfs, you will appreciafe his oufsfanding work. He received his mas'rer of music from DePaul Universii school of music. Mr. Braccio also lends his valuable advice fo fhe Honor gociefy, an organizafion which gives recognifion +o honor sfudenfs. By fhe end of fhis year, 'lhere will probably be over fiffeen members in 'rhe sociefy. Genevieve Collins Thomas Braccio Ill Ill Music-lnsfrumenial xlb, One of our mosi colorful or- ganizafions is fhe high school band. H is so popular ihaf fhe members are even willing fo play in fhe good old summer- fime. Firsf row, lofi lo righi: Mr. Braccio, S. Checsbro, J. Banks, S. Hulberi, G. Collins, L. Smilh, T. Hul- bert, S. Landre, L. While, B. Hubbard, V. Johnson, S. Ni-umulh, E. Armsirong. Second row: L. Hub- hard, J. Rosa, D. Neidinger, S. Deioresf, K. Purdy, l. Shea, D. Wakeman, D. Meachen, N. Wilcox, M. Delello, I. Sfraka, K. Russell. Third row: C. Seiersen, D. Day, J. Sipple, J. Daly, A. Russell, D. Niles, D. Paige, R. Besf, K. Morefz, B. Davidson, M. Lawrence, D. Laird, R. Besi. Fourih row: P. Tomp- kins, B. Gliha, V. Greeve, R. Black, L. Wade, S. Tuckey, A. Lewis, V. Bickford, M. Lewis, L. Lawrence. C. Jobson.FiHh row: R. Niles, D. Dooliifle, R. Gould, R. Packer, L. Davenpori, R. Lawrence, A. Hagar. P. Ogren, D. Bc-semer, S. Wilson, P. Dufford, S. Declue, D. Amey, W. Sfowe, D. Lawrence, B. Nelson K. Parker, D. Schrader, and fa-1 ffm al ,su Orrls Coe Agrlculfure AGRICULTURE Thanks +0 our eFfncnen+ agru culfure deparfmenl fhe fuiure farmers of Bambrldge wall be good managers and well In formed In regard fo how 'lhe farmer slands an fhns counfry foday Wlfh a good worlung knowledge of modern farming mefhods fhese boys wall be armed wlfh fhe essenhal fools of farming Mr Coe Mr Coe wlfh hls efficiency an lhe shop and underslandnng of agrl cullure as leachlng our farmer boys lhe modern melhods of farmmg He IS a graduafe of Syracuse Umverslfy where he obfamed a BS nn Agrlcullure Many of our seniors will remember 'the good hmes lhey enloyed In Ag classes Douglas Besemer FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Irs row l ff fo rxghl N Loom s C F yer band N Lo d R Palma?-0 M Coe R Cas le R N e Wilcox J Lane Second row L Cnsll T Mayer C Gu es Mo R Marin A Harmon Lawrence Third row C Leonard C Sheldon M Calle a W Haynes 521 M93 Phoio bv GarY D"l"'9 lf Rlnla lR'R ll - - -- - - - l l" V l - T gyms., ' , my If : K ,,.. K A ' X I ' 1 5, . . . X , , '. . . fr :M L' ':...., 3 'hx lr l F' 'y I 9 ' : . l , . 1: - n , . r , . ' r, r. , . l ,, . il 5, D, ' I . , 2 . cz, . , . 'l , F. ll, . l , . , R. Mrs. Corbin Do you know lhe correcf way fo sef a fable or how lo make a slip s+ilch7 If you're '21 J' noi sure, iusl' seek our our home economics feacher, Mrs. Corbin, who will give you 'P K i experl advice on any queslion perfaining fo fhe home. . A lf ' She is a graduafe of Pennsylvania Sfale Universify where she received her B.S. 'ix and Columbia Universify, fhere obfaining her M.A. degree in vocalional home ' f ,A ' economics. L ,,,,. For many a girl aboui' lo become a homemaker in praclice as well as in fheory, Mrs. Corbin has been a life saver. Mrs. Corbin is also 'rhe compelenl advisor 'lo lhe F.H.A., a large organizafion of lhe homemaking girls. Genevieve Collins Mrs. Dorolhy Corbin Homemaking In Mrs. Corbin's homemaking classes +he sfudenfs have fhe oppor- 'lunify of combining work and leas- ure as fhey learn fo cook ancla sew. Under her wafchful eye, lhe girls ac- quire fhe many skills of fhese arfs. Somefimes complefe dinners are served as a fesl of whaf fhey have learned. We are sure 'thai' many of 'rhese sludenls will 'lurn our fo be by. fine homemakers, lhanks 'lo Mrs. Corbin. -ss.,-sxx FULUTE HOmem8lCefS OfAm6fiCa Firs+ row, leff lo righ+: Mrs. Corbin, P. Thoms, N. Wilcox, R. Tobey, D. Wakeman, L. Wade, J. Banks. Second row: S. Cheesbro, B. Gliha, S. Deforesl, A. Harmon, T. Lord, E. Suffon, B. Prafl, B. Gifford. Third row: M. Drachler, C. Howland, N. Craw- ford, J. Lawrence, E. Armsfrong, D. Amey. Clncford Crandall Mafhemahcs Mr Crandall I hafe Mafh Mafh IS foo hard These are usually fhe famous lasl words buf nor If you falce Mafh from Mr Crandall who came fo u fhls year +0 lalre over our Malh deparfmenl He has obfamed a BS In Maihemahcs and Science from Harfwlck College We hope fhai Mr Crandall wall like Baunbrvdge well enough fo slay and conhnue +o enluven our Ma+h classes Douglas Besemer MATHEMATICS Few people reallze fhe :mpor+ance of mafhemahcs as a prachcal scnence From +l1e lop engineers +o fhe humblesf clerlrs a worlung ns very necessary Ma+hema+lcs us sirongly slressed In our curriculum because If IS essenhal un our lives Our courses range from business mafhemahcs and elemenfary algebra lo 'rrlgonomefry and advanced algebra Sfarhng nexf ear a new mafh rogram wx l be lnfroduced or sophomores offerlng +o fhem an ln1'e grafed course Including some plane geomeiry algebra frlgonomeiry and coordl nafe geomerry Bainbridge offers to nfs sfuclenfs under Mr Crandallsguldance ad equafe op orfunliy fo gam a good bac ground an mafhe mahcs lcnowledge of lhis subieci ,ss aa ' ' ' ' . F . - l . ' .' Ce l Mrs Cr me Pnlcr vous l'r1ncars7 If you don? lcnow whal lhls means loan Mrs runs s Frmnch CI ass md you soon well Mrs Crane as a grwduale ol Elmlra Collcgc wha n shc oblnn d 1 BS rn Lalln and French We Slf1IOfS owc hrr spccuul irlbulc bccause she loleraled us dur mg our lzsl lwo yc urs rn hugh school as our horncroom lcachcr Douglas Bcscrner STUDENT COUNCIL 'C' Mrs losmphunn Crane Languagcs FOREIGN LANGUAGES Foreugn languages Frcnch and Lahn are advised for all qurred for adrnlssnon io many colleges Forergn languagcs hclp fo augmenl and forhfy our lcnowledge of English gram mar and vocabulary Also rn Mrs Cranes classes much mcrenf hlsfory IS learned ln fhe sfudy of early France and of The Roman Empure The governing body of The sfudenls, fhe Sfudenl' Council, IS advised by Mrs Crane and Mrss Smrfh Wrfh fherr guidance, The Srudeni Councul has become an rnfluenhal organlzahon nn fhe school governmenf Here we see fhe Councrl drscuss Ing one of fhe many siudenf governmenf problems whlch arrse each year. . . c A ' 1 . xc I . Cr f' r . , . ' . . K ' Q ' - 1 1 r ' 0 . . ' I . . ' f .I .. .. 55 I Y T X 1 T X , ' ' Q rr ' ' . '- - X. fb, I . . W . In , I . college enfranls, and are re- . N - . I K I . . . Y . Edward Doyle Music Vocal Mr. Doyle Mr. Doyle, wilh his versafilily, sharp wif, and good humor, makes music a very inferesiing subiecl. He is a graduafe of Hhaca College, where he received a 8.5. in Music Educaiion, and is very successful wifh lhe grades as well as fhe high school. Always having lhe abilily io gef a full response from a class, Mr. Doyle remains one of our mos? popular Teachers. Douglas Besemer CHORUS Bainbridge is very proud of ifs senior chorus, numbering sixly-ihree members. ll is, we feel, ihe besf high school chorus in fhe Susquenango League. Under fhc skilled diredion of Mr. Doyle, lhis choral group has improved sfeaclily during fhe lasf five years, lo ifs presenl heighfs of alfainmenf. Douglas Besemer in lbw, 'Q '5 .,, .U ,v P. .' f Q. rr 'fl ii Q y J '- ' f. ,. , if ' 4 Fir? row lei? io ri hi J Lawrence J Hayr-s J. Sipplr-, A. Lewis, V. Green, B. Casllv, J. Lord, V. s , 2 . . . . V Biclrford, L. Wade,gM. Lf-wis, I. Winn, D. Day, K. Russell, S. Tuclroy, R. Black, D. Mr-acham. Second row! G. Slanlon, R. Niles, C. Howland, D. Nrvidlingor, J. Slralma, M. Drachler, M. Lawrence, D. Amey, T. Hulberf, S. Hulberi, G. Collins, S. Dnlessio. Third row: Mr. Doyle, J, Hulborl, N. Crawford, D. Walreman, B. Gliha, E. MOH, S. Landrc, B. Davidson, K. Purdy, J. Rosa, M. Gifford, B. Biclriord, P. Russell. Fourih row: D. Niles, E. Gliha, D. Amoy, K. Parlznr, R. Packer, R. Besf, R. Bull:-r, P, Dufford, D B r 1. Millus, C. Boyd, D. Schrader, R. Gould, L. Davenporf, D. Wilcol. Fifih row: A. Hager, . esemc , B. Nelson, W, Slow, T. Armstrong, R. Marlin, P. Ogren. 33 if-cg rs X r W T w Mrs. Doyle lf you see a pe+i+e reacher, hurrying from English 9 +o English I0 fo social sludies 9, and from lhere lo l'he slage for Senior Play rehearsal, or maybe back To her homeroom, you are looking al Mrs. Doyle. She is small, buf oh, my! she surely can furn oul a lol of worlrg and we'll Iel you in on a li++le secrel'--she expecls us lo also. Douglas Besemer ENGUSH The basic frameworlr of all h school sfudy s lad English The lmporlance f composnhon vocabulary and reading comprehension is be mg sfressed more each year Ma+h husfory and foreign lan guage sfudies all depend on a good worlung lcnowledge f English Mrs Doyles English classes are nnlereshng as well as educahonal and we expecl her presenf sfudenh fo be fhe fu+ure geniuses THANK YOU Mrs Doyle was our honored guest a+ lhe parfy held f Sally Landres affer fhe Sensor Play at which we fhanlred her f fhe fne lob sh did coaching The casl' of Scared hff saga' i I P7 1 Mrs Rose Marne Doyle English I0 Speech and Drama I igh i i in . n . O ' I I 1 I I I ' 2 . O , - . . V - I D 'xx X ll ll Q , B I n 2 X n l A, I K .y K Or I ' e ' in l 'A ' ll S ' ll ' x K' ' 'V x 5:51. Lf. Mrs Elolse Hager Clhzenshlp Educahon Mrs Hager Of wha+ lmporlance IS fhe cla+e I4927 If you donl' know fhls you should +ake a hlsfory course from Mrs Hager How she does I+ we II never know bul' she su ely makes hls+ory an m'reres+lng sublecl' Enllghfenlng us on 'lhe Dark Ages and glvmg us respec+ for our forefafhers she broadens our knowledge of The past so +ha+ we be++er undersrand The presenf world slfuaflons She IS a graduafe of Elmura College where she received a B A degree Genevneve Collins ls HISTORY ln her hlsfory classes Mrs Hager reaches us fhe hls+ory of lhe world and of our own counfry Also cl cusslon of currenf world evenfs has All 'roplcs are very fhoroughly dls cussed and durmg fhe recen+ elec hon campaign bofh world and American hlsfory classes slaged a poluhcal debafe for fhe benefif of 'lhe school As llferary advusor +o fhe Echo Mrs Hager confrlbufes much fo fhe produchon of fhls book Always ready wlfh fhe rlghi word or sen lence she fakes care of any clnffncul Nusa 3 hes 'rhaf may arise In composlhon 52 She IS always wlllmg +o gave of her hme +o help us We semors are very 'rhankful +o her for her generous assusfance fi . . , . ' I . - . 1 . I , I I ff , , . . . ,X .7-'MK k V ky l -,' E., .fu ,A ' 4 ' ' ' X ' K. . ' Q, by lift U g 1 . . , is- ' Q 'f D 7 ' . . ' , ' 'W an lmporfanf parl' In +hese classes. I l ' , fx -:FEA-4m....4 A 1 1 ll ll , g , ZX . . ' -, 1 I . . - F '- ' - X -l ' ll I -4 . Mr Huggins Mr Huggins good nafured absenf mlnded and quick wlfh a smlle IS puffing our fufure drivers on Ihe road al a swlfl rafe He us a graduafe of Ifhaca College where he ob+anned a M S In Physical Educahon and Driver Traumng He us assnslanl' coach and drlver 'rranmng lns+ruc+or and wnll long be remembered by Ihe sensors Douglas Besemer Franlclln I-Iugguns Icluo Visual and Drlver Educahonl DRIVER TRAINING Drnver Iranmng ns one of Ihe very nm porfanf courses Iaughl our hrgh school Due fo +he grownng number of aulomoblle accldenls caused by careless and lnexperlenced clrlvers many schools have aclopfed a driver framing course among Ihem our own Under Ihls pro gram sludenls receive bolh prachcal and Iheorellcal Iralnrng We feel Ihal Ihls course will help Io oblulerale Ihe so called road menace Douglas Besemer PROJECTION CLUB I rglvl P Sch ofh R Ma nusch K Collns G Pea sall R Pa++ M Hugg ns C Leonad G Dar H9 Phofo by Edgar HUYPS 53 ' I I I , . . I I In ' Lelf o I : . I' . - I I - I ' l ' I I r I ,A 3 ' , r , . In . gg-QQ Coach Jones X , f Alfhough he is new af Bainbridge Coach Jones has won a place in fhe ' - I? .HPVQ hearfs of +he Bainbridge boys and girls . He is a graduaie of lihaca College, A g T . 'Aq.V where he received a B.S. in Physical Educahon and he has also earned a M.A. .5 ,L in secondary school adminisirefion fro-m Columbia Universify His good sporfs- , manship inleresf and fairness wifh The siudenfs will always be remembered 'K .. 'W at lx Q l l ' '5 K l I by The seniors. Douglas Besemer A J Derwin Jones ' 'i" Physical Educafion--Boys I M Jones IS as po .Jlar n fhe grades as In +he hug school He Teaches sporfsmanship 'I' fhe younger sfudenis by means of relay races and clrcle games The elemenfary school young sfers enloy gym and all If has fo offer fhem as much as do fhe older sfudenis i 1 PI-lYSiCAL EDUCATION The mosl' popular course In our school IS physical educa hon lf IS designed lo leach sfudenfs io co operafe wafh ofhers fo gain confidence In Themselves and 'ro bulld sfrong bodIes The aclual program of s+udy Includes 'rhe rules 'funda menfals and acfual playmg of baseball baslrefball foofball volleyball soccer wres+lIng and fraclr Dancing and lIgh1'er games are also fea+ured Phys Ical educahon wIIl remaln number one on fhe llsf of besf lIked sublecfs faughf In BCS N' ei 5 NDF I . . I ' ' r. I ' my g is . . I A WX . VV , . J A . I . Q . o ,Xe ,- ' 3 ,J ' - If .,. Ei K . N pai K ' . 17, -' i llvw . , ' ,,. -. , Ti 3 ,Q s. EQQS -,e xx . , sg I , . . - . . . , . . I I I I i I 4 J I .I ' . I 'Ns " . .- I., , X , , W f g ' i I i A 5' I I I 1 . ' ' 4 ' " I I I i yi u 0 . A . . , . 5 A a 1 0 E , . . . J -eimitw 4 Miss Kemp We are very proud 'ro have in our music depar+men+ fhis year Miss 'Marjorie , Kemp who came +o Bainbridge from Miami, Florida, where she pla ed"professionally in The Universily of Miami Symphony Orcheslra. Now we may all look forward +o becoming professionals under her conducling. Being educaied in lhe sunny srafe of Florida, Miss Kemp obfained a B.M. from fhe Universiiy of Miami. Miss Kemp is doing an excellenf iob wi+h our orcheslra and we hope she will like Bainbridge enough +o slay and conlinue her good worlxs. Douglas Besemer ' n 8 - g 1- 15 ORCHESTRA Alfhough our orchesfra is small and has many young inexperienced players ll' is Improving swiffly under +he +alen+ed dnrechon of Miss Kemp Our mosf impor+an'r appearances were lhe Chrcsfmas Concerl' fhe Spring Con cerf and for fhose members luck enough fo be chosen 'ro aHend 'rhe Susquenango League Feshval We are all loo Ing forward fo 'rhe hme when our musical +alen+ shall have aHalned nearer lo perfechon 'Qi BHK N Qbifi 1- 1 Kula-L 7 ii PQ- Firsi ro leff +o rlghf Miss Kemp M Besemer M Delello K Purdy R Pauler J Rosa R Bufler Second row L Wade D Walreman G Coll ns S Hulberf S Tuchey S Green S Landre D Besemer Third row P Ogren D Meachem M Lawrence A Lewis R Black P Dufford Marjorie Kemp Music-Sfrings and Grade Vocal Douglas Besemer Phofo by Edgar Hayes W.,-:Marv ig.. 1 g Q I X , . . l . . . - I ' - - - 1, . - . .,,.,.,. ,. ' Ld. Q' ii 1' ' . . 'si'L We W M iii" ff 714' ' . ' 'KVM' -If ' W V I I ii N V , A be is ' ' rrs' -1 ' 'K ' ,z ' 'X 1 ,. . - ' 'J - x M .,.. v ..b. an . h .. XX 1 I, 5 as ' H ,J :ivy TX 'ug ' . a K D ' ' f K X M, lf' W Q so is Ka: ff A g gin .vyf A I ,.., l a: 4 ,1 , ff A if . K .V ,wg , , 4 J. gps, X . fa, ,L I Q r z.' frkis if' ' s 1 I 2. J E .T ,. T A ll , Q' faves l , Ah , 7 'R i 4' if in R ii , Q - 1 1 'N R s, 1 1 use y KL N , by g , wwe ,w 1 9 lt- . gi . 3 X -f,, ll :jk l 1' '4 Y W -'W 'K l L ms , Q e 4 N I f I . V A ' I ' P ,, , ., .,,. Af I , , N,-. , V, ,Y . ,, , y y - ,., B .B ' w, ' Z ' , . , . , . , . , . , . . 1 . , . , . i , . , . . . , . , . . p.. Mrs-. Kinney Our very willing arl leacher, Mrs. Kinney, is a person ol many lalenls. Whenever lhere are poslers lo be made or props and sels lo be painled, or queslions aboul bullelin boards lo be answered, we call on Mrs. Kinney, who is always generous wilh her help. Whal would lhe ECHO slall do wilhoul her! We make a guess-lhere would be no ECHO. Mrs. Kinney allendecl Prall lnslilule and Syracuse Universily where she sludied arl. il X We seniors say lhank you, Mrs. Kinney, lor all lhe help and lime you have given us. Genevieve Collins Mrs. Lucille Kinney Arl ART Beaulilul elchings, oil painl- ings, and inleresling designs and molils are all accom- p-lished in Mrs. Kinney's arl classes. These classes are re- sponsible lor our very inleresl- ing and allraclive bullelin boards, and al Chrislmas lime, especially, fhe school is beau- lilully decoraled wilh lheir work. Surely, we all are lhe richer because ol lhese con- XN - Xh ' lribulions lo lhe cullural al- A mosphere of our school. M. 51.44 'W-nf cs.:- 5. "fir Q Q o"'. Q4 0 I ' ' hfg M , H , D, L , S, Cheesbro, E Armsfrong, M. Drachler,.R. Tobey, S. l.andre, mfr? rlgxfnlgii gscdhg row:rsD, ihqcflrl, C. SZJSTCS, Prall, B. Parker. S, Davis, R, Smllh. Third row: C. Slmonds, R. Decker, A. Howland, D. Besemer, G. Darling. Mr. Morse rv Oul in lhe shop wing of lhe school, il' is nol' loo unusual l'o find an old J . , ig car wi+h a number of boys swarming over if. These are Mr. Morse's aufo me- -X 5 '7 chanics sludenls, frying +o learn whaf really makes a car "+ick." ln his indus- -' frial arls classes, many budding carpenfers and wood workers are being lrained. I Mr. Morse aflended Buffalo Slale Teachers College where he received a f K B.S. degree in lnduslrial Arls. Genevieve Collins ..v. , f'.' Willard Morse lnduslrial Arfs MR MORSES CLASSES A 'fable chair lamp bookcase and ceramics are all samples of work done m Mr Morse s classes A sludenl' wifh any nalural abillly in fhis area of sfudy should upon lhe complehon of his courses be a masler craffsman in woodworking Q. MNH ie' 6 J X 'ii 1 l S . I . n I n I a a l 1 ? 1 if A' , ' I 5 4 g V s ,f ' Ak tv -gg I xi N S ' , Q f X ' , 1 ' ' if . . l Y - .4-'43 K if X K ' V A av! , ,K Mrs Nnles Our Ilbrary IS a shmulahng place In which Io work or sfudy because 1+ is under I'he capable and efficlenl dlrechon of Mrs Nlles who rules II' wllh an Iron hand In a veIve+ glove She provides Ihe pleasanf afmosphere conducive +o +he enloymenf M, of good books Mrs Niles aH'ended Geneseo Normal School a'I Genesee N Y WW ,wifi -TX' LIBRARY CLUB Douglas Besemer Library The library IS Ihe cenler of lnfel lecfual achvnry In our hugh school I+ IS 'Io +he Inbrary 'fhal +he s+uden+ goes when he IS In need of mformahon for English socnal sfuclles or science or perhaps has a few mmu'I'es for read :ng Ihe lafesl' magazines books and newspapers Wnlh 'rhe and of Mrs Niles our library has become pleasanl place an which s+uden+s learn Io cooperafe and help Ihem selves Io gam knowledge Douglas Besemer Furs row IeH +o nah? D AlcoH I Wmn S Sfrnegle N Wllcox K Purdy E Mo+'f S Hu berr J Banks E Michel Second row A Harmon M Lawrence laha A L was Da E Crag Mrs Nlles Photo by Gary Darling r gm .b . . . l . I . . . . , ' I , . . I ' V i n s I . IN s.. x My N J gf?" fffii ... I I .ze - U HIM I I I I A , , I . . a mm .Ana - I , . . . .M X I -f 'fs ' I . A ', 2 - . - ' . . ' r. - ' . . . . , . I , ' . 1 - Q ' I - . - . B- G' . . Lewis, M. e ' , E, vis. . I ' . , Miss Smifh Whaf would B.C.H.S. do wi+hou+ Miss Smifh? We feel sure 'rhal' her greal en- fhusiasm and inleresl for her work mus+ be cafching and lhal' Bainbridge will send for'l'h some of 'rhose much needed scienlisls +o our coun1'ry's service. She allended Albany Sfafe Teachers College and Cornell Universily, where she earned a B.S. degree in chemisfry and an M.S. in embryology. Miss Smilh has con+ribu+ed much 'lowards Sfudenl Council, lo which she has been advisor for many years. Press Club also owes much 'ro her liferary skill and advice. f . . X Genevieve Collins '7' I 'f Miss Mabel W. Smilh Science , if CHEMISTRY CLASS In lhe lab, young chemisfs perform many experimenfs and manage surprisingly nol lo blow up lhe school, lalfhough some have friedl. The en+husiasm Miss Smilh has for her worlc slimulafes in her sludenfs a lively inleresf and curiosily in science. Genevieve Collins Pam Glad I l ,L., if.. . , ' - , .sg - , A 5 g y is ,yei y , Q . V gy , W y .7 A , .. , Z . - I E Q :W , 5... ,,., f 1,, ?v -4 -M V- i - ' A S - ' K I i , , 5 bv 5 , i ' - V- 3, A . ,, .7 2, A S h 2. Wrzfltf, '7 9- ' I f km E, ,y ,rr 'Vw I A I W ' 1:7 , ' .Z C k QQ ,l K M ' 5 Firs? row, lei? lo righl: Miss Smifh, G. Collins, B. Gliha, J. Lord, B. Parker, E. Michel, M. Drachler, L. Wade, D, Wakeman, B. Caslle, S Cheesbro. Second row: E. Davis, T. Holberf, R. Black, S, Pollard, A. Lewis, M. Law- rence, L. Pralf, B. Macumber, S. Davis, D. Neidlinger. Third row: C. Howland, E. Moll, L. While, M. Presfon, D. Alcoff, E. Armstrong, M. Delello, S. Hulbert, Founh row: S. Sireigler, S. Palmafier, V. Greene, E. Craig, C. Margeson, A. Harmon, I. Wynn, K. Russell. 59 1 i Mr Vncary If you donf belueve un mnracles vnsrf one of Mr Vlcarys Engllsh classes He IS our miracle man If you don+ lcnow no English you wall affer a year wufh Mr Vlcary He holds a B S In English from Hamllfon and a B S rn Llbrary Scnence whlch he earned af Syracuse Umversrfy The sensors wrll always remem h h enved un Mr Vlcarys English classes ber fhe gurdance whuch 'f ey ave rec Douglas Besemer George Vncary E Ish ll and I2 ENGLISH Thnrd and four+h year English s'ru denls lnfenslvely sludy some of The bcs+ worlcs of English lllerafure Wllh lhe help of Mr Vucary They learn fo analyze 'the cenlral 'rheme of each selechon and +o express +hese Ideas In wrmhng The course also Includes +o bulld a vocabulary befllhng a hugh school sfudenr A good com mand of our language IS so vllal In our daily llves rhar fhese courses are requlred of all Iunlors and seniors PINCH HITTER Due fo unforfunafe curcumsiances our compefenl' press club was func honing wlfhoui one much needed advisor unhl Mr Vocary began gnv Ing graciously of has hme fo fill fhe gap durmg fhe 'lemporary absence of Mlss Smrlh The ress club wishes fo fhanlr hum for rs asslsfance af fhus 'hme ngl' rr? word slucly enabling lhe boy or gurl - W H . . . V ' f " 'V ' , . .. Q Q sv . I X X . I . . . . 1 'Ql 1 ' ' ' ' . -' l A 9 Mrs. Winger Teaching commercial educalion lo our 'fulure secrefaries and sfenographers is Mrs. Winger. Whenever fhere are special programs fo be made she is ready and willing lo help, even fhough il' involves a very "inky" iob. Mrs. Winger graduaiecl from Margaref Morrison Carnegie College-New York Universily, wi+h a B.S. and came lo us in fhe early spring of l956. As a freshman advisor, she has fhe responsibili+y of gefling fhe class of l960 off fo a good slarf. Good luck, Mrs. Winger! Genevieve Collins H Mrs. Lucille Winger Commercial COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Any problems her sludenls may have are quickly solved by Mrs Winger Our proficienl' commercial 'leacher always has pracllcal help and advice 'for her sfudenfs We are sure lhaf her sludenls will make good in fhelr chosen fields sfenography or secrefarial work because of fhe insfruchon she has given 'lhem 0 i f 'V"9W'9 Wei I me sf E f 5 y ,, , . , e .El sslll l :Vi TRAFFIC SQUAD Phofo by Edgar Hayes Fursf row leff +o rughl l Woods B PraH R Nules R Tobey U Nlles Mrs Nnles C Snmonds E Mo+f R Lowe K Russell B Nelson Second row B Smllh E Armslrong L Wade A Lewus R Black K Purdy M Delello R Palmaher Tlwurd row R Caslle R Besf C Feyerabend R Woods S Flyzlli T Howland K Moreh G Darling FIRE SQUAD Phofo by Gary Darlmg Furs? row, leff +o rlglwl D Pauge, D Besemer, T Bu+cl'1er, N Lord, S Cheesbro. G Collms, C Boyd, R Decker, Mr Morse Second row B Lawrence, T Armslrong, D Sclmrvler, T TuHle, D Moll, D R M i G Sh rman, N Loomus, Lawrence, A Harmon, K Collms Thlrd row F Smnll1,W Slow, ar nn, e P Dufford, S Davis, S Flyzllr , N1 S, Q ' ll VK fi QA, I Q - W3 , H y S fil Q ., , 1 rl Q ,V Y 'I ' 049 ' ' l W-H - L '31-4 X95 vm "' 095' XX A x 40" Maisie E W "Dir-8 STUDENT coumcu. PM bv GW Daw Flrsl' row lefl' +o rlghl Muss Smnfh P Yenson S Hulberl' A Lewls S Landre D Nlles G Collins, M Drachler Second row K Lewls, A Woods J Daly B Besl' D Dey C Snmonds T Howland D Besemer E Dean, B Nelson 'fi-'mai Qfkfmn :oo Lx' Q1-smgnifien , QQHSMRSHP Q,w.oaa5H:P 91 in 5QV8CE Photo bv Edgar Hoyas Firsl' row, lefl' fo right D. Niles, G. Collins, D. Lawrence, T. Howland, S. Cheesbro, E. Mo++, Mr. Braccio. Second row: G. Darling, M. Lawrence, A. Lewis, R. Black, K. Purdy, D. Besemer. The dicTionary deTines sporTsmanship as The abiliTy oT an individual To be a parTicipanT of a sporT, and accepTing The resulTs cheerTully, wheTher Tavoring his inTeresTs or noT. The word parTicipanT in This deTiniTion refers To boTh The Team players and specTaTors. SporTsmanship is shown in The reacTion of The specTaTors and players before, during, and aTTer The conTesT. Some of The aTTribuTes of good sp-orTsmanship are: I. Being an honesT rival-fair play 2. Being a gracious loser 3. Being a humble vicTor--noT haughTy 4. Playing according To The rules 5. RespecTing oTTicials lregardless oT whaT you Think of Their decisionsl 6. Displaying Team play and school spiriT 7. RespecTing oTher players on The Tloor--Tor example-be quieT when an op- ponenT or one oT your own Team is shooTing a Toul shoT 8. Keeping a clean Tongue-cursing will never score any baskeTs Tor you! I Keep The Tollowing diTTy in mind as you parTicipaTe as a specTaTor or player: O vicTory is cheap DeTeaT can be sweeT The game is lusT whaT you make :T Winning or losing ThaT isnT whaT counTs The queshon is How did you Take IT7 ' ' Remember be a good sporT wheTher you play or waTchl ' Coach Derwln .lones 64' 11... Jura, of gmmzfe Badcda BC H S used The emblem of The BobcaT Tor The TirsT Time on The wresTling uniforms which were purchased in I949 50 The bobcaT was chosen because :T has The characTerusT:cs ThaT go wlTh a Tighhng Team Also The TacT ThaT our school colors are blue and whiTe made IT necessary To choose a symbol ThaT didn T have a deTlnlTe color WnTh The and oT The varsiTy wresTllng squad in The season of I947 Mr BesT piclzed The bobcaT IT was a wise choice Tor IT IS symbolic oT The Bainbridge aThleTlc splrlT B .lane PraTT 64 Charles Boyd TRACK CAPTAIN Speak I Sfan Davis BASEBALL CAPTAIN Fred Smllh Ralph Cosfle Tony Howland FOOTBALL CAPTAIN WRESTLING CAPTAIN BASKETBALL CAPTAIN 5 . - . ' li , T. H Ib f, N. B l'ff, M. Drachler, M. Gilford, S. Choasbro, Elnjkrhchwi gfigsslllilriihicivilhiigzvginid N. Vlliilczlx, E. Cgilpcehlzei, J. Banlrs. Second row: P. Shoecral'f,.J. Lord My'Lewis B. Davidson, D. Day, B. Davidson, V. Biclilord, S. Davis, G. Pearsall, K. Russell. Third -i I I S T lx S. D forasl, E Armslrong M. Praslon L Wade, V- GVOOQO. 5- . . Bl li, J. H . - 1 ' ' ' ' - lncglllars, CfcMargasoi:iioi:ourlh libvfzy M. Laifrence, S. Hulbarl, S. Landra, B. Macumber,DD..NeEdlI:gz. D. Wakeman. M. Delello, D. Archer. Fifth row: V. Hubbard, B. Parker. l-- MOON. E' UVU- - H' ' B. Gliha, J. Sfraka, L. While, E. Moll. hh' 571.0451 To say fha? vicfory is noi of impor'l'ance would be a nonsensical remarlx. Whelher a oonlesf is won or los+. +he way fha ou'I'come is 'lalren is of u+mos+ imporiance. The way +he confesl was played is 'lhe imporfanf facfor. This year, whelher i'I' was lmown +o +he sfudenls or no+, sporlsmanship has been sfressed consfanfly -be if accepfing fha umpires' decisions, being courfeous or giving up a wan+ed posifion. This all is sporrsmanship. There is always a place and a chance +o show good sporfsmanship. Respec+ of aufhoriry, respecf for people, doing +he iob and doing i+ well is good sporfsmanship. The im- por+an+ rhing is no? whefher you win or lose-buf how you play fhe game. Everyday living is a game. Miss Baker, Physical Educafions Direcior '7ea4n! PEP SQUAD q The lasl fwo years we have had a pep squad. lfs purpose ' is fo reach our cheers fo fhe sludenls of fhe school. Also, f pep squad members musf be o presenf af all games. This is a greaf hel in ihe cheering sec- fion. Alffough fhe pep squad has nor been acfive fhis year, we hope if will grow inlo a bigger and beffer squad. Barbara Parker bb L. 7- afwllfq faqfuee efzeefzfeacfefzet Lell +o riglair S. Pollard, B. Parlrer, S. Clveesbro, M. Drachler, G. Collins, E. Armslrong, capfainq S. Hulbert caplaing C. Howland, V. Hubbard, T. Hulbert D. Amey, D. Meaclwem. Q . . X, I . The Varsiiy dfaing fheir fevorifo cheer Qu, new jayyee gqugd look, nic, 1.-,ggfhg 'F'l'G'H'Tl" doing "The Team was in a Huddlo!" Leif BJ l g, s. --We VOLLEYBALL This year +he Volleyball Playday was held al Windsor. For fhe firsf playday of rhe year Bainbridge came in second by win- ning lwo and losing one. Marrha Drachler was picked for ihe Honor Team from +he A Team and Gail Pearsall was chosen from lhe B Team. Parbara Parker 68 .sr as i lo righl: Firsl' row, E. Armslrong, S, Williams, M. Draehlnr, D, Yaw. Cbnd row, A. Knapp, B, l'oslur, N. Craig, S. Pollard. Absenl, B. Parks-r, B Shvom manager. BASKETBALL The l956 baskelball leam was all sei lo lake firsl place al Deposif afler bealing Oxford 37-6, Sidney 20-7, and our rival of lasl year, Allen, 32-I4, bul due lo bad wealher, we never played Deposil. Wilh The six senior players, and 'rhc promise of candy bars from Mrs. Howland, we were ready lo defeal any school, which we did. Noi only was lhe varsily successful, buf fhe sevenlh and eighlh graders, and lhe freshman and sophomore, and lhe junior and senior class games were won loo, by Bainbridge, againsl Sidney. The scores were as follows: Senior game 2077, junior game 3745, freshman and sopho- more game 4l-20, sevenlh and eighfh grade game 36-2. Barbara Parker ga amz My TRACK Agaln afler bemg promised anofher candy bar fhe Bainbridge gurls 'rrack leam copped anolher vlclory The Track play da was held af Whlfney Pomf 'thus year and 'r ree schools affended Daryl Yaw 'rook firsl In fhe 60 yard dash In 73 Bev Fosler look llrsl' In 'lhe broad lump I4 SVI Barb Parker hed for flrsf In fhe hugh um 3 Sharon Pollard look fnrsl In fhe sofl all lh ow I39 8 Audrey Knapp look firsf ln lhe discus 78 5 and Bainbridge 'look fhe relay race endlng up wnfh a fofal of 32 polnfs Barbara Parker J If pfllf rlffff X L lo rlghl F l M La ence C Russell G Collins Second row B P rker S Pollard B Fosfe A Knapp Absenf D Ya SOFTBALL This year af The soffball play day fhere were only four schools They were dlvrded info 'lwo reams Bannbrldge and Affon were feam l and Wmdsor and Deposlf were feam ll Bam bridge played Deposll' and Affon played Wmdsor The final score was hed even lhough Bambrldge losf lo Deposlf I44 Barbara Parker Lefl fo rnghf Farsi row S Hulberf, S Wnlllams, S Murray Second row, Al' Wmdsor fhe soffball Play Day leam IS gel C Russell, E Armsfrong, B Macumber, M Drachler Thnrd row, B Gllha, flflg les? mlm-ITS INSTYUCNOHS from MVS Howland S Pollard, B Fosfer, A Knapp Absenf, D Yaw, B Sfevens manager i . . r - y H: X ,-.r ,- I ff' F f , . f, 1 if f T fy ' ,,-:fs willy TSS! ella ,T .2 lrs ,rovll . r,wr. l .I ,I .G w.. l ,fa Y cl 'f.,, Lefl lo righl, lronl row: E. MoH,, M. Drachler, S. Hulberl, S. Cheesbro, E. Armsfrong. Second row Mass Balmer B Davidson J Lord S Pollad B Parker G Pearsall B Gluha M Lawrence HOCKEY Affer playnng socccr for many years rl was dIHICUll for lhe gurls of B C H S fo adlusf lhemselves lo compehng In a new sporf Held hoclney ln splle of all lhe bruises which lhe players suslalned when They ralher lhan lhe puclc made conlacl wlfh fhc shclc lhe gurls really enloyed ul and were drsappomled whcn lhe playday af Greene was called off because of load wealher Barbara Parlcer Leff lo rlghf fronl' row D M Moore Second row P Yen son D Dufford N Harvey J Davidson F Parlrldge ,Mfr ezwxmem ' , .I , . I r Day, L. Pollard, B. Huhbard Mex W., WW' ' GW QW M X 0. om This is Bev's well-known fake off for the 80 yard dash J' fp '71 wav 0' 'f Mex' Ge f cs G 5x 91- 429 X xx 4-YZ.i-vera Heres flue whole gang lnclud mg fhe manager I' ef S" 0 'fr e,,, 1,760 Q0 '1 bw Wcjhe n bsseniom Y ug' 5 ri' ue V Lell fo rlghl Furs? row B Nelson S Flyzllc Second rov- G Budlne R Caslle R Besl K Pmrlcer R Niles G Dolph D Wilcox R Lowe F Smlfh Coach Jones Zzaolfiall 1956 A hcwy loss of experienced veforans was fhe mam reason for 1 dlsappoanhng foofball season af Bainbridge We fielded a green foam Despnfe a dlscouragnng sea son of one wln and four losses The leam shows brlghf promuse for fhe fufure since only 'rhree sensors played fhroughoul lhe whole season ln our lasl game affer fhe boys had had a IrHIf more expcruence we slaughfered Deposul A warnlng fo 'rhe resl of fhe league wafch om' nexf year' Tony Howland i Leff lo rughf Furs? row B Darlf T Howland T Armslrong S Davis K PraH T Tulfle J Mlllus Second row W Olson P Dufford A Hager A Harmon C Shel don C Leonard K Ogren J Onell R Slmonds D MOH' E Dean Phooby GayDlg : ,. ,. '. ', .' ' , . ,. u-f l- , - ,. I ,. ,. .. I , , . , 3 K' , , , i PhoohyC'yUf9 I 1- .- I ,. ,. ,. ,. s I- - .- .. ,. ,. ,. - v- ' I- I- ,.' ,. ,. . Nelson prepares lo 'lhrow Duflord runs 'lor a bloclc i.. Coach Huggins as I J The seniors Sian lars fhe sled ' I o fl 06, 0 The line forms :ls shell 1 L 5 Q., 4 1 1 ' My , ,lf 'A ,4 ' .4 I. , B- xi - i ' f VL " I if' eq - Flrsl' row lefl 'ro rlglwl Coach Huggms K Ogren S Kinney A Harmon R Slmonds r C Giles D Wllcox Second row Manager Cas+le C Leonard P Dufford T Tullle D Moll F Mo++ Manager Terzo 'l D WRESTLING Wreslllng like all ofher sporfs flus year IS suffering from a dearfh of eslablushed veferans WI'll'l much new ma+ernal I+ will probably lalce a year or +wo for fhe +eam +o 'fully develop Meanwhlle we are sure +l'1a+ Mr Huggms wresrlers will gnve fhe resf of fhe league mfereshng malclaes Due +o an Illness Ralph Casfle caplaun and an expernenced veleran wnll nof be able fo compefe fhls season So far fhls year flue feam has dropped lhree malches +wo of l'l1em by close scores Anfhony Howland Carl Gales l20 lb Ralph Doug Ken Charlue Frank MOH Unl'm'led ' 4 I ' 3 ' I , I , ' I , , . - , Phoo . . , . D . I 1 ' I ' I ' ' . , . , . hir -Ff - agar, fl . fl - A- Z ' I I I . I . . , . . ' I I I , . , , I . ' 1 . ' I I I I I T wo 9 s Gr X YXBY 092, X17 Buddy MOH I27Ib W I te 71 Yaux Y afsons ,X IQA S ,,,7o,ldS ,JJ l Teddy Armsfrong-I 54 lb. Badkeldalf mm? Flrsf row lefl' fo rlghf J ONell D Nlles R Packer P Hager D Daly Second row G Lane D Amey R Builer R Lowe B Sfowe Third row A Hager K Praff W Olson J Mlllus K Parlcer JAYVEE BASKETBALL The lumor Bobcafs lulre all young bobcafs have much fo learn A1 fhe midway omf of fhe season fhey have won fwo md losf fhree games ln some confesfs fhey ave loolxed good buf af ofher hmes lhey have played a ragged game The follow mg boys have seen lols of achon so far James O Nell James Mlllus Wayne Olson Read Paclcer DeWlH' Niles Ken Parlcer and Ralph Lowe ,HUT Ja!!! V -l2., Kiyl L W - . . 3 jf 5 l l .gl Qy A .J , S 4 v is I ' ' 2 3 4 J s 9 X. A y. 4'f-1-We ff? J R 1 yyr 4 u W H M104 when ll I LWBRIA: DWI A p Thd JAYVEE BASEBALL The Bobcafs layvee feam played good ball wlnmng sux and loslng fhrcc games Two of fha losses were by only one run Sev oral of The players showed much promlse for flue fufure Varsdy Tony Howland SPRING ALL SPORTS DINNER I956 qs X QXBRM, Q. Www ,.-f ,f Fron+ row leff +o rlghf R Bradshaw R Bulcher B Wllcox T Harvey F Drachler C Buglaee Second row leff fo rughf Coach Huggins R Besf S Davis B Nelson C Boyd R Nlles D Moi? manager B Wilcox T Harvey BASEBALL The I956 baseball season a+ Bambrndge was rafher dlsappomhng Despnfe +he fad' +ha+ we fielded a veferan feam we lus+ couldni seem fo wm +he +ougher games Afler gefflng off fo a fas'r sfarf fhe feam slumped and ended up wlfh a 3 7 record Clarke Bugbee won fhe ba'Hmg cham plonshlp and Sian Davis was elecfed cap fam for I957 Tony Howland f nf ff? ,, 47 7 4 ff ff if .. OUTFIELD Leff fo righ+ B Wilcox C Bugbee R Bradshaw IK INFIELD Leff +o rlghf R Nnles R Bufcher cap+aln T Harvey F Drach ler B Nelson C Boyd w-.v A nmhsl PITCHERS AND CATCHERS Le-ff fo rlghf FIfSf row S Davus Second row F Smlfh C Dixon R Besf VOLLEYBALL Lefl fo rlghl Flrsl row F Draclwler S Davis D Price Second row C Bugbee D Bame B. Nelson B.Wllcox Coach Besi R. Bulcher T. Harvey G. Gardner B. Darll. Singles, G. Dolph PING PONG Doubles eff' 1 ,Twfvf --f -i , - :hw sf Q 531' Lf- JM . , ,M S W ig' H 1 f Q ,L+ , sa lf . , ,M i i 5 .xi K , X JW, Ivy? K 2 3 W , 'I ff ,. V V 440 " 'f:-:.1f-- ro, ,U H. -:-1 '1 L Ei: N 1 1 . " J' Q L- 3 ,L 1 -gif s-,4 4 w Q N s N vga-f Pi - 1 V Q.. T 5 i 1 L L3 R. Collins, F. Corbin. VOLLEYBALL Bainbridge High School has been a real power- house in fhis sporf in recenf years. I956 is no ex- ceprion, as 'I'he Bobcals caplured +he firsi' league fournamenl, and 'rhen fhe Class B setfionals wifh apparenf ease. The firsr Team of Harvey, Bugbee, Nelson, Wilcox, Bufcher, and Drachler demon- sfrafed a rugged defense and devasiaiing offense. Tony Howland ,azz wwf sporis an fhe school PING PONG Whule we clucl nof achleve +he same success of a year ago our plng pong was more fhan adequa+ely represenfecl Frank Corbm and Ruchard Collins our represenfahves In doubles won fhe league hfle bu'f were beafen un fhe sechonals Gordon Dolph our single represen+a+lve was runner up nn The league Thus sporf a falrly recen+ adduhon +o +he B C H S reperfoure has been perhaps one of fhe mosf successful and fasl' rlslng Tony Howland l H wy,,,,,.X ' ' ' Wi U e . , 2, . ls. r - s . , J iff nf Al A. V," Y. Lefl fo righl: Firsf row, L. Pearsall, S. Davis, C. Simonds, F. Drachler, F. Smilh, O. Gerg capfain, C. Boyd, D. Lawrence, R. Niles. Second row, N. Loomis manager, D. Besemer, E. Dean, G. Dol h, C. Gardner, K. Parker, R. Lawrence, D. Price manager, G. Darling manager. Thircrrow, Coach Bub, J. Millus, B. Nelson, B. Wilcox, R. Shearer. B. Darlf, C. Bugbee, R. Bufcher, J. Greene, D. Parsons, C. Dixson, Coach Morse. TRACK Our 'fraclc feam had a successful season, winning bofh dual and fhree- way meefs. We came in fhird in lhe league meef in Norwich. Three boys were parlicularly oufsfanding. These were Ollie Gerg in fhe mile, Clarke Bugbee in lhe shol puf and discus, and Charles Gardner in lhe polevaulf. Fred Smifh, Charles Simonds, and Roney Bufcher were also very con- sisfenl poinf winners. Charles Boyd was elecled 'lo be capfain for l957. Tony Howland ' 1 nal" ff, I' X fy wif .I v xkj X,-J, ,. . g . 1... i 4 .Q yi? 4 1-wi ' 5" .Hn - waz" , J' 1 '. , , 9? 'HH ' .iz . 2 '14, 1.4 3. S Aggies" w.a'?q,,--fmag... , ,f fi f. , 1, ' A : ,A -' M - 'ii' 'i5?f"f'fgerfe S21 -'3 5 . ...l MW .. ,. M., U .?e,A., gif, , A , ks. F . ,gg C. Simonds, 2 D. Lawrence C' Gardner' wx fffl' Nl! ALUMNI 955 Charles Hager Sl Lawrence Unrversuly Vrolella Howe Oneonla Slale Teachers College Rrchard .lones Farmungdale Slafe Agrlcullural and Techmcal lnslrlule Eleanor Kunney Corlland Sfale Teachers College George Nelson Colgmlc Unrversuly Paul Nnles Morrlsvllle Agrrcullurwl Inslllule Bruce Parsons Broome Counly Technlcal lnslllule Raymond Parsons Broome Counly Technical lnshlule Shlrlcy Russell Flelcher American Plasllcs Corp Elrzabclh Srles Oneonla Slale Tc achers College Rrchw d Sfevens Baunbrldge Belly Slrcrgler Rrdleys Secrelarral School Blnghamlon Charlene Bennell Howe housewife Carol lobson Hohreller housewlfe I956 Balnbrldge LaVonne Andrews Balnbrndge Junc Aylesworlh McLeans Bunghamlon Ruchard Babcoclr Balnbrudge David Bame Unlled Slwles Navy Raymond Besemer Eureka Prlnhng Company Bunghamlon Rrchard Bradshaw Kenyon College Clarke Bugbee Unrled Slales Navy Jerome Burcher Unrlcd Slales Army Richard Collns Boslon Mass Franlc Corbin Syracuse Unrverslly Florence Corncll Jones housewife Unadllla Nancy Crang Buffalo Slale Teachers College Jean Davrdson Wrlson Memorial School of Nursing Blnghamlon Charles Dlxson carpenler Barnbrldge Fred Drachlcr Paul Smllh s College Ellzalaelh Elder Swulzerland Beverly Fosler American Plashcs Corp Chwrles Gardner Scunlllla Sidney Olhmar Gerg Unrled Slafes Navy Szndrw Glflord Scrnlullw Sldney Terry Harvey Scrnlrllw Sidney Phebe Harmon Onconfa Slale Te1chers Collc Carole Parlxer Dyer housewrle Bmghamlon Donna Wade Walceman housewlle Roy CUfllS Sclnlrlla Sidney Ronald Brewer Unlled Slales Arr Force Raymond Bunzey Scnnlllla Sidney Chwrles Burrows Amerlcan Plaslrcs Corp Loulse Harmon Corlland Hosprlal Allcc lvlllls Johnson housewrfe Henry Sherman farmer Norwich Cynlhla Coe Slcldmore College Belly Amey Flyznlc l'lOUSCWIfC Clara Slunner Scrnhlla Sidney Pauline lhoms Sloulenberg Cummings Sidney Duane Walceman farmer Nnneveh Darold Yaw Lyon Raymond Greene Donald Srlvey Unlled Slales Army VVallace Crosby Unrled Sfales Navy Roberl Hohreuler Unlled Slales Amr Force Lona lobson Loclcwood s Deparlmenf Slore Barnbrldge Dawn Klrlcland American Plaslrcs Corp lerry Kllnelola Unlled Slales Navy Rose Marne Macumber Carlova lncorporaled Brnghamlon Harold Mwmusch Unrled Slales Arr Force David Parsons Unlled Slales Army Clarence Pcarsall Umled Slales Arr Force Dwrd Price Unaled Slales Arr Force Carol Russell Amerrcan Plashcs Corp Annellese Schncrder Syracuse Unrversuly Rwlph Shewrer bCIFll'Illd Sidney Jo Ellen Shrelcls Balnbradge Berlha Slevens Barnlarrdge Phrllp Sloufcnberg lamlor Balnbrrdge Cenlral School Roberla Warren Fosler D Snell Laborwlorles Ben Wrlcox Fwrmlngdale Slafe Agrlcullural and Technical lnsfllule Sully Wrlluams Jennlson Plan? Hazel Woods calelorla Balnbrldge Cenlral School Dwryl Yaw Govmrnmenl Washlnglon D C 85 1 l"7 lv , f I, , ll N hir ff s l l - - ' ' l l. ' lf l . - . . . l . . l- ' . ' . . X . y ,I .. f X . l l' ' ' . l f l- . ' . U- n Ip. I. ' . I ly' . I . l . l' ' 1 ' ' ' . l l. . Sandra Alford llvesl, Borden Company, Juanila Haynes lHoyll, housewife . ' l l- ' l ' l ' 'Q . -. . ' ' I , r I Q , :ge f 1 , 3 , ' , . . Mrs Aaron Budme Mrs Wlllnam an BTI B71 dn an an BH an an an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs rs Mrs Marshall an an an an dn an an an an an an an Mrs Mrs rs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Gerg Maurice Wilcox Donald L Phelps B G Duncan Roberf Palmer W H Packer Leroy R Johnson Frank Shaw Gordon Palmaher Lynn Kllnefob Charles Thorpe Andrews CharlesJ Flyzlk Charles Lord Mllllard Howland Fred Murray Ernesf A Rus+on Frank Weeks Claude W Bu+ler Sr Foresf Bradlsh C TuHle Make Lowry E F Curhs Kennerh Wllcox Louis Fairbanks TFT' N W Boynlon an Mrs an rs an Mrs an Mrs an Mrs Kung Family Anonymous and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Fred Crane L Newfon Hovey Lewls Smlfh Duane Lawrence Graydon Smllh Waller Kinney Maxson Crumb Roberi' Parsons Ronald Smlfh r George Munk and Mrs Andres DoollHle and Mrs W S Campbell S E Palazzalo Mr and Mrs Slanley Price Mr and Mrs Archle Chapman Mrs Allen Black and Mrs Kurf Schnelder and Mrs George Evans Mamie Sands Alvah Marhn Mrs Mr and Mrs on Shaner and Mrs Leroy Griswold an Clyde Bullls and Mrs Glen Coulfer and Mrs Barlon Lorlner Sfrlegler Family Anonymous Mrs Ollve Warren and Mrs Anonymous Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Eldon Marhn Earl Brnggs Kermll' Hoyl Lynn Teelan Sanford Gould Dmgman Sns'rers Mr and Mrs Rolland Purdy Roberl Carlson an Mrs Anonymous Mr and Mrs Vmcenf Benlamnn Mrs Lucy Schlencher Bn an an Bn an an an Mrs Mrs rs rs Mrs Mrs Mrs Lewus W PraH' George M Skmner Herman Sfrasnlcsak Baker Meek Ernesf Bufcher Joe Pefrosky Henry Palmaher Mr and Mrs Wllbur R Smrlh Donald Gifford Mr Regnald Dunham and Mrs Paul L Michel and Mrs Kennefh Parker and Mrs Mnlfon R Slmonds v Donald R Tobey M'lss Rose Marne Macumber and Mrs Kennefh Aylesworlh and Mrs Forresl' A Flefcher Paul Landre and Mrs John Walerman Doug Davldson and Mrs Edwyn Hrlchcock and Mrs Harold Lee Anonymous S R Bennefr an BFI GH an an BH dn 9 an an an BTI dn dn an BFI an Bn and an an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Cec Mrs Mrs Clncford Whale Paul Holalung Charles Hager Gerald B Davis Clarence Pearsall Charles H Duxon John W Armslrong ale Hamlm Julian Varga Mamusch Buchan Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Fred Drachler Maurice MCGIDDIS Chesler Bame Alex Belokur Douglas Snyder Carl MacClagan Warren Corbin Harold K Salzberg Wilcox Alberl S DeClue Sandra Gnflord Mrs Charles Beauchamp Anonymous Mr and Mr and Mr and Rena D FrancusJ Chunglo Mrs Margarel Casey an an an Mrs Mrs Mrs an Mrs and Mrs e Sknnners af! an an an an an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs L Georgevnls W C Hor+on Sfanley Darling Roland James Clarence Youngs John Greene Ronald Boyd Ervnn E and Mrs and Mrs Frank Burke Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Giles Family Mrs Andrew Prohaska Mrs H A Fargo Mrs Henry Cheesbro Besemer George Granf Ralph Tobey Gran+ Reese Tobey Richard DooIlHle Cork Srrlegler Orville S Smlfh B J Benedlcf Lloyd Johnson Roy Johnson and Mrs Clarence Sherman Mrs Kafherm MoH and Famll and Mrs David Calhoun and Mrs Howard Wnlllams Wal+erJ Rouder Sr Mr Aushn Fmch Mr and Mrs Charles Groff Fred Drachler Jr Mr and Mrs Wllllam L Barrlnger Mr and Mrs Kennelh Barnhar+ Anonymous an an an an an an an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs William an Bn an Mrs Mrs Mrs Ber+ Lord Ted Franks Schrader Francls P Collins Marsdon Moore Ed Kueppel Carrol Niles S Payne Uern Davis Herman Welssflog Herman Schmldl Wllllam Nolan . ' ' . . Mr. . . ' Mr. d . ' ' Mr. d . Mr. . Mr. d . . Mr. d M . . Mr. . ' ' . ' Mr. d . . . Mr. d . ' ' P +. . Mr. d . Mr. d . ' ' Mr. d . . . Mr. d . ' Mr. . Mr. d . . ' ' Mr. . . Mr. d . Mr. Mr. d . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. d M . ' Mr. . Mr. ' Mr. d . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. Mr. ' Mr. . T Mr. d . . ' M . Mr. d . Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. d M . ' ' Mr. . . . Mr. d . ' ' Mr. d . . . Mr. d . ' Mr. d . . . . ' Mr. d . Mr. d . . . ' Mr. cl . . ' Mr. d . . , . . Mr. d . Mr. d . ' Mr. . ' Mr. d . . ' Mr. d . . Mr. . Mr. d . . Mr. d . ' . ' T d d ' ' Mr. d . . . ' . ' Mr. d . ' Mr. d . ' Mr. . ' Mr. d . ' Mr. ' ' D Mr. d . ' Mr. Charles Hibbard Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Beebe Mr. H.P. Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. d . Mr. ' Mr. d . ' ' ' Mr, , . . ' Mr. d . Mr, , ' . . lvlr. Cl . ' ' . . Mr. d . ' ' Mr. d . , ' . . Mr. d . ' . ' ' Mr. d . ' Mr, d , . Mr. Cl . . Mr. d . ' . ' Dr. Mr. d . . ' . Dr. Mr. d M . ' Mr- - Mr. d M . . . . ' ' y Mr. d . . . . . Mr. . ' Mr. d . . . Mr. . ' ' Mr. d . ' . ' , Mr. d . . Mr. d . Mr. d . Mr, . , ' Mr. d . Mr. d . Th ' Mr. ' . Mr. d . Mr. d . . , . Mr. A . ' ' Mr. d . ' . ' Mr, d , ' Mr. . ' Mr. d . Mr. d . MF- Cl - Mr. d , . . ' . ' Mr. d . ' Mr. d . . . . . ' Mr. ' ' - Mr. d . ' ' MF- Cl - l , ' , , , . Mr. d . ' . ' ' . . ' ' . ' Mr. d . ' . . . . Mr. d . ' ' BaInbrIdge Busmesses IN IowN Fosler s SPTVICC Sf when Lane s Meal lvlirlrel ArchIe S Hulbcrl Bulldlng Conlriclor Howlands Leadway The Palmer Slore H H Bluler Hardware Slore The Flower Baslccl Loclcwood s Famlly Slore GrIppIn s Gull Servlce Davldson Holman Corp F L DarlIn Insurance Agenl Barr s RddIO XI T V Sales 8: SETVICB VIcfory Cham Slore Jay s DIIICI' EmpIre Farms J G CorbIn and Son Insurance Agency Joe Slevens and Sons Dealers In Scrap Mellls Grwnd Cash Marker Goulds Afncan VIolels Arlenes Beauly Shop Truman s Pharmacy Cenlral Holel Bob and DIclIs SCFVICC Slallon AmerIcan PIGSIICS Corporallon Benlamm Barse Log and Lumber Dealer Leones Rcslauranl Demeree s Garage LaToureHe s Men s Slore BaInbrIdge G L F SGFVICP Bob s DIner Georges Allanhc SCFVICO Taren Furmfure Wood Insurance Agency DaIry Bar N Delzoresl Garage lnlernahonal Sales and ServIce Res? Haven TrIco Handle and Lumber Company Bdlnbfldge TGICVISIOH ServIce Algonlcnn Inn and Molel NeIdIInger and Pollard Ash and Garbage SCTVICG Charles H Eldred and Company Inc Lords VarIely Franlx LewIs and Sons Inc Lavendcrs Deparlmenl' Sfore Rays RadIo Shop J L SIppIe 8I Son Selh T Wheal Real Esfafe PIcIcwIcIcs Coal and OII BaInbrIdge News Vandenburgh s Garage Crosby s Barber Shop Thena s Beauly Shop Hulchlnson Fuel Company Wlllldm R Burfon New Yorlr LIT9 Noyes Pharmacy Insurance Company H J Fosler Jeweler Welcome Inn Roscoes Barber Shop Harmons Palnllng SGFVICB H H Coon Jeweler Borden Company Chemlcal DIVISION OUT OF TOWN SIIver Farm Daury NorwIch N Y McTIghe Company Jay Madsen Eqwpmenl Company Inc Balh N Y John Sexlon and Company ChIcago Ill Cooper Dccorahng Company Syracuse N Y Chenango and UnadIIla Telephone Corp BrocIIw1y Mofor Company Inc Homer N Y NOTWlCh N Y The DI POSII COUFIOT Company Inc Deposll N Y Cenlral SCFVICC SIGIIOH Sldney N Y BCl1dIX Avnhon Cor Scmhlla DIVISION Don Snydcrs SIDCIGIF Sfahon Aflon N Y P 5IdfWCy N Y Maslcr OII Company Affon N Y To our pafrons wIlhoul whom lhe produchon of 'rhe yearboolc would be ImpossIble lhe Class of l957 would IIIKQ lo exfend a mosl sIncere lhanlc you Ik I ,Jr I! , e . u , , . I , , c T' 'Q C . . . I I . , 1 . . , , . C I . . , . . . I - - , , I I . . . I - . . , , c r r I - - I l . . , . . . . . . . I x I I I I . . . I . . . . . I . , . I - I I , I .' I . , ' , . I . . I . - I . . , I I - I I . , I ' I . . . . . , I I I - f ' I 'I I - - , , . I I ' ' I I - 0 ., I I -I , I I , . I Vx - - - . . . If I -I ' - , , . I . . . . . . . . , , . , c . 1 Q I I , , . I I - - ' , , . . . , l Vie +he Class of l957 sincerely say Thank you +o Mr Andrews and fo our excellenf facully for Inspiring us In leadership scholarshlp and good sporfsmanshup here In school and wherever we go We reluclanfly bud farewell 'fo our fellow Bob cals bui hope lhal fhey wlll carry on fhe examples fhaf we have fried lo sef forfh fhroughouf our hugh school days Selly Landre ug ll ' Xzil' " :-Lg... ' :.....u.w.Q,-.....,24Is..:....--.,'Jw-x,4,...:.s,n. ' - f w.,-..-..'-fr 1+,...a.a.a,:.,,. .1 :' 4av:,vA.a..,-,. 4.....,-.:. .-.. -kv' ,-1 ,V 'LL0-A Y . T:-

Suggestions in the Bainbridge Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Bainbridge, NY) collection:

Bainbridge Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Bainbridge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Bainbridge Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Bainbridge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Bainbridge Central High School - Echo Yearbook (Bainbridge, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 39

1957, pg 39

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