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%wt. 4 o-f my u ti ( ryuj£g Q oJLy l y C y , ' • -J jfO e3 ij L U UlC A .. ' (OV t( ' LtuDOn 1 Q LUdJu V JtJ n w able , CDU5TCJ i)Ha,v e -v n bJUOULj Old JOLOUJ: OD UOU Ouu [ -4oodl LuCb Loet-h M Koi jtmt J h uf 1- bmv ew © i hi J e l - ' uf eyvu mg d V-Qco eJuca uoiiue cp - opp COi ct ) r V mujy cjpu uKJb ojj t) apoa;t V J e- ' hcox cy Q Tcw Cij V iiO |5aj - :m- iJjDa THE " yea R ' d F T H E D 0S = : ct ci [ 055 OOO its 5 HERtT W2 6.P DABB FOREST PARKGA -f .r SRmti RH»tii:riCrff,«4 j -i: ncT? r ::niz ' ii ' - i T rMUt i:t» .ni ii I ' i I Babb has always been a spirit-filled school. This year is no exception. Everywhere our students show their enthusiasm and support for Babb ' s teams. Our cheerleaders are a vital part of boosting the school spirit. Students as well as faculty attendance at the games is another example of the involvement in school spirit. Even though our teams may not always show a winning score, they are winners in the at- tempt and the camaraderie between players. •2: I I I ' i LlJtirii«if5 4«i W?. i,« t3f 5.w niC f ' ' .LX t if %H£ P ' iirt u K:i:r»i li ' :y !.Ui w f ¥fK n i ri :nL jf if t f ' . ' UKi m ' ' T«i£;; ? «rc ' W« K ' 3 I W Since television plays such a vital role in our lives today, we thought it would be interesting to let the stu- dents vote to pick their favorite situa- tion comedies. The results below indi- cate your choice for the top five televi- sion shows: 1) Growing Pains 2) Who ' s the Boss? 3) Facts of Life 4) Night Court 5) Sledgehammer ItMNillUlMlMW 50NY gzaaE f (T l GOIOE K , .i , Ij1, ■IW- mm A wM 1 ■ ' jiv p sujk r mi yr nni iH ' t ' rri,- iKt X ' T u: i •Mtr-? »tNir :i w wic .;. ::no» 4 - ? » :? i« o O • % ► o □ o O ♦ o 7 cTTjn 1 1 1 c 1 ? :n 8 s I " ■•■ If ■ f I i I IUx?t.i« S? H i 3riCtfi « ? rf c .i n ' :;o 5f.M ? -» ;f ' i R4J:b ».f 5ss fl .v ' . » dfU9 ' P i ry M Klt-i nii ' !f Sfli3rj» menu. ? A» ' ii;rti%7 H«i yW- ' ' ty ' i i nc s.v n.c; ' d ?M«- p - 4 MUit ::iT f!;istt ■ The first day of school is always very exciting. The halls that were once empty are now packed full of students wandering aimlessly from class to class. Everyone gets to see old friends and meet a few new ones, too. Students and teachers both say good-bye to their summer vacation as they look forward to a new year of experiences and challenges. ' um,j«jH»«i yi4zi R«4 i H io? .H :nLy fif M Pr 4rMUi i Babb ' s faculty is composed of loyal individuals who are compe- tent in teaching their field areas. They give countless hours instruct- ing their students both in and out- side of the classroom setting. The faculty ' s responsibilities are wide and varied, ranging from teaching to ballgame duty. Without its fac- ulty, a school could not exist. ' «»,,W.,lkj •Htt :, • • ' !5 U«ft.i«» 4t« ;y«i i f nxin ' ;o af ?H i-i ;? r » « ' !SHum.i«?»H«-erM:tf»i« ■! -. t M ii i«B.. fl m W ' ?HlLmiiiSJ Lt ;fyt rf JO? -f.imL:k ' 9 it t PrurMUKi: f?Rim.J«7M «i ;y1Ctf1 ' . S4 tW J t t ' K n IUri AX ' t iU % P ' i4rMUK:i • • o o o o O • 1 A ♦ A o ♦ O Mrs. Donna Leoni is the recipient of this year ' s annual dedication. Mrs. Leoni received a Bachelor of Science de- gree in math from Georgia College at Milledgeville. She has been a dedicated teacher at Babb for 14 years. Mrs. Leoni, head of the math department, teaches pre-algebra and geometry. She is quite active as an advisor for the Hi-Y club and she also attends Jones Memori- al United Methodist Church in Forest Park. Thanks again for all of your hard work and congratulations, Mrs. Leoni. ISsrtr ' «iX nl ' £i:fU.4 r mi ' 10 ' fiRAm«7 H«i Miin « ta .U i« ? C7? rk .L::, f Lt %M P ' rmiUHi Hiuatti SJHkt i stut , f Kin i::nAzt ' f if- Pr 4fMUK:: 11 !£ v: nmj H? i r4i iK n: r itJiiki4 12 R5i « vr « ' «ri - ' ' ? " " «iir ' - i As school begins each year, the family taxi service gears up once again. Cars continue to re- place feet as parents are conned into shuttling their teens to school. Fees for this service range from dishwashing to cleaning up your room. ;5«5««f ' MiiX n eni 4 t sJiU v: nmj H i 4 ' it ' ::i %cy n itJUmfi •t ti ' wai 13 - At ' ' - ii ' 3itJLi f Am ' i : nmJ H -(i 4 ' s ' AK n: ri- itjti i . Chris Blanton, Cristy Watkins BABB ' S BEST n J - .- Tiffany Saunders, Alvin Laws Chris Farmer, Brandy Stallworth .« )f H si? mt::nu. i f i.m ' i v: nmj H? i ' 4i ' i.tXytCY iiitjti hi .«3;sftf H ii? nieru.« i t mi ' v: n% ' Jf H i 4f i.f::7 ' %cy i it:xi T ' «Bimi%JHhLfc yi :: 4 ty !.i: f fCifi t.;. . Lunch is the social time during the school day when students get a chance to visit and catch up on what ' s happening. It ' s also a time for a change of pace from the routine of the classroom. 5y j.iIJ ' Kff y: J lft ri UKi t r -t - 4 l »:ni: r«rciM . 4W K! y .ci i Teresa Adams Elisha Aldred Andy Andrews Michelle Arnold Sean Arnold Silento Barnes Leslie Bates Shondale Bennett Jill BetsiU Tonya Blalock Oliver Boatfield Shannon Bonner Charles Bowen Danell Bowen Mark Bowen Robin Bracey Todd Brannon Shondrell Brooks Stephanie Brown Terry Bryan Brandy Bryson Paul Bunch Pamela Burgess Matt Boyce Millicent Burnett Samantha Burnett Amy Butler Michelle Byerly Christy Byron Kim Campbell Dray Cann Carla Carter Carrie Carter Wendi Carver Adam Castellaw Gina Chaves Leon Chosewood Sajid Clark Chris Cline Steve Coleman Dwight Condrey Frankie Cornett Lee Cook Melissa Cook Dawn Courtney Tina Cox Paul Crisp Bobby Daniel Joy Daniel Shawn Davenport Stacey Davidson Ami Davis Amy Davis Jerrod Davis Kevin Davis Jana Day Courtney Demooney Billy Denney Dusty D ' HoUosy Karen Diefenderfer Heather Dockery Kim Dollar Shelly Duffee Kristy Dye Jason EUedge Selina Ellis Todd Elmore Jason Farmer Stacey Folds Jonathan Forrester Travis Foster Chad Fox Leonora Frady Tony Freeman Dale Friend Brandy Galloway Robert Galloway Brian Garrison Rudi Gilchrist Micca Gillespie Lisa Goforth Angela Gooden Michael Gordy Tommy Gordy Jason Grantham Jennifer Gray Myron Green Cedric Greer Brian Griffin Dude Guy Michael Hall Aggie Hammond Lee Harper Trayon Harris Cathy Hartley Kathy Hearn Paul Henderson Brett Hicks Tawana Hill Bruce Hines Angle Hinton Jennifer Hires Christy Hodges Jamie Holt Rhonda Hood Amber Hughes Eric Hunter Sandy Ipcock Ebony Jackson Jerome Jamison Billy Johnson Eric Johnson Laura Johnson Bobby Jones Charlene Jones Jeanette Jones Tomika Jones Hazel Jordan Sammy Juarez Ruth Ann Kelley Antonio Kendrick Shannon Kimbell Adam Kitchen Michelle Lane Scott Lawhorne Jennifer Lawrence Sherry Lendzian Tomeaka Lester Alisce Little Bethany Lorton Misty Lynn David Mack Jason Madaris Aron Major John Malette Pheng Manyvong Stephanie Maroney Tim Marshall Terry Martin Tonia Massey Maggie Matheny Edward Mates Kevin Matthews Mike McGinty Wayne McNorton Angela McWilliams ' - ' jV I Andy Meeks ' ft " ' u l Lani Meuse L aIh Chris Middleton Jf rj Sean Megan ffra Carlos Monroy Kevin Moody Mike Morgan Lisa Morrow Andy Murphy Shelton Murray Stephanie Nastopoulos Cassie Nix i Elliott Noll Melanie Odom Danielle Ogletree Damion Olejnik Brian O ' Neill Stephanie Orrel Herb Osterhout Math Outhavong Shamil Owens Brian Padgett Joe Padavanno Terra Pafford Dale Palmer Frederick Parker Sherri Parks Billy Peel Heather Pemberton Scott Petty Phonesavanh Phannavong Soulaphonh Phannavong Tom Phansavath Jerry Phillips Gary Pourron Jeff Powers Danny Price Robert Proctor Jimmy Ragland Lawrence Reeves Dawn Richards Mary-Ann Ritter Brian Rivers Tony Roberts Michael Rogt Sue Rogers Chad Rutledge Reshaun Saffold Shanda Sanders Ampavahn Sayaphat Nick Sengsouriya Deanna Senter Alicia Shamlin Sheetul Sheth Lee Shin Christy Shockley Chris Short Mel anie Sigmon Nicki Silas Dondee Slaughter Kathy Smith Scott Smith Wendy Smith Pam Sneed Mindy Snyder Ammone Songsy David Sothsavath Phetmany Soumamane Brad Spector Susan Stanford Jennifer Starnes Jonas Stevens Richard Stewart Alan Still Clarence Stokes Shane Stover Keesha Stripling Robby Swearingen Nikita Thornton Shelly Thurman Brian Titman Ginger Tomlin Tuan Tong Remonica Turnipseed Ashley Turpin Kenneth Upton Daniel Vaughan Scott Vessell Scott Vincent Sisouranh Voravong Zanita Washington Melanie Watson Satonia Watson Turenia Watt Drew Weaver Gwen Webb Tony Weems Lahronda Welch Bryan Weston Alycia White Irma White Darrell Wilbanks Stephania Wiley John Williams Lakesha Williams Troy Williams Jessica Wilson ill " y{:!:!»- ' =»«i 30 s Elisha Aldridge Quentin Alexander Kim Aired Bobby Anderson Kelly Anderson Natasha Anderson Alan Appling Kim Atkins Denver Ballew Michelle Banks Wendy Barnes Mae Barnett Steve Barrentine Lori Easier Cindy Bass Judy Bates Leslie Bates Travis Bayne Kelly Beasley Robert Beasley Nyssa Best 11 Hr 1 1 i Tim Black Shane Blankenship Chris Blanton Amy Bohannon Roy Booth Marsha Boyd Chuck Brewer Selina Brogdon Kerry Brown Taurus Bryant Michelle Buffington Monica Bullock Donna Burch Brad Byerly Byron Campbell Ron Carney Becky Carter Erica Carter Carlonda Chambliss Enoy Chanlyvong Anousone Chanthelangsy 33 Mark Chapman Christina Cheeves Celeste Clark Kerry Clark Pam Cmar Jenay Coates Jennifer Conklin Keith Cotrell Angela Cowger Shannon Crews Michael Cruce Deana Crisp Kelly Crumpton Jennifer Davis Melvin Dawson Willie Dean Brandy Dease Brenda Dillard Linda Dillard Paula Dobbs Heather Dorminy David Draper Carey Driver Paula Dumas Bobby Edwards Steve Edwards Yukra Elder Erika Evans Kelly Ewen Chris Farmer Casey Fletcher David Floyd Doug Frazier Cindy Freeman Jonathan Fryer John Fuller Torre Garcia Ronnie Gamble Jennifer Ganzel Henrietta Garner Jennifer Garrett Jason Gibson Michel le Goddard Dusty Gordon Robert Gossett Tim Graham Mike Grant Felita Gray Xernona Gray Lindsy Greer Drayton Greer Amy Griffin Reni Griffin Kinetha Gwinn Jenny Hall Allison Hallmark Carrie Hammond Tara Hanes Janie Harper Ronnie Hartley Ricardo Haynes Yolanda Haynes Kevin Heaton John Hensley Mickey Hinson Lena Hewitt Matthew Hicks Shannon Hilderbrand Beth Hill Shun Hill Dennis Holcombe Robert Holdcomb Debbie HoUoway Montrice Holman Prissy Houston Brad Hudgins Allen Hutcheson Thuy Huynh Louie Ingle Adam Ivy Scott Jinks Garrett Johnson J.J. Joiner Lamar Jones Ralph Joyner Robbie Kay Potoria Kelly Randy Krumm Shawntee Lance Julie Latham Alvin Laws Lynn Lee Davao Lemon Brian Litteral Tina Lockley Kim Locklear Chantell Loney Wayne Long Ron Loudermilk Teresa Ludvigsen Bobby Lyon Amphone Maniphonh T iv-i flj QflQ Hi ' M f flra HB B BS= - B April Manning Jason Martin Sonya Martin Carla Matthews Cheryl McCuUers Stanley McNorton Angie Mears Sandi Messick Lenny Meuse Tricia Meyers Daryl Mickel Angela Miller Eric Miller Beth Milton Barbie Mitchell Don Moore Wendy Morris Chrissy Morrow Laura MuUinax Jeff Murphy Christy Nash Nikki Nastopoulos Andrea Nelson Mae-Lee Newton David Nitz Jesse Olverson Missy Parks Casey Parker Kenny Parr Jamie Parrott Chad Pearson Josh Pearson Anousone Phannavong David Pharathikoune Josie Phillips Dawn Plews Jennifer Pollard Lee Poumanee Dodi Powell Tracy Pratt Chris Puckett Tony Pyle James Ray Keith Reid Kim Rhea Joe Richter Lashunda Ridley Rachael Roberts Chuck Robinson Nancy Resell Apreschael Ross Rusty Rust Shantell Sanford Tiffany Saunders Leslie Scogin Mark Scott Christi Shaw Lamont Shepard David Smith Laquanza Smith Schawanda Smith Manola Sondara Deborah Souder Delores Souder Thorn Sparks Brandy Stallworth Kim Stamper Tikita Starkes Brian Still Marshall Story Shane Stroup Tom Sullivan Chuck Sumner Chris Sweatman Amy Sweekard Michelle Tackett Sandra Taylor Billy Tidwell Michelle Tilley Mark Townsend Luong Tran Mai Tran Noge Tran Tony TroUinger David Tucker Rachel Tumlin David Turner Jan Turner Michelle Turner Robin Upchurch Khamphao Vannavong J A special word of thanks to each of those who went the extra distance to help make the production of this year- book a possibility. To all of the faculty and staff members who put up with the countless interruptions to their classes, a special thank you. Also, to Robin Johnson, a word of gratitude for the time and effort you took in the photographing of the basketball games for the Annual Staff. There are many others who do much toward the making of this book. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you. Jennie Vandiver Kevin Vasser Michael Voclain Jason Waldrop Tonya Ward Christy Watkins Marcey Welch Jill Wells Sherry Wheeless Alan White David White Phillip Williams Paula Wilson Latoya Wimbush Marcus Woods Wendy Woods Rusty Wright Shannon Wrye Towana Walker Steve Wallace Kwang Yi Mike Young Stephanie Young . ■ WHO ' S THE BOSS? Shirley Beck Bookkeeper Tommie Rayburn Secretary Babb ' s counselors provide a vital link between students and faculty. They are always available to advise students when there is a problem or when someone just needs to talk. These ladies have a wide variety of duties which they perform well, to the benefit of the entire school community. Trudy Warren 8th grade counselor Ann Childers 9th grade counselor ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Babb ' s principal, David Hawkins, has been a strong leader in our school for 20 years. His interest and concern for the students and school are his first responsibility which he fulfills in an outstanding way. Many thanks, Mr. Hawkins, for the countless hours you devote to making Babb a great place to learn and work. This year Babb added its newest administrative member, Mrs. Patricia Johnson. She serves as our Instructional Lead Teacher, which is a link be- tween the faculty and administra- tion. She has also been Babb ' s li- brarian, and also an English teach- er. Welcome, Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Ann Keech has been an enthusiastic member of Babb ' s admin- istration for the last 5 years. Her dedication and determination to make Babb the 1 school in Georgia make her a true asset to our school ' s staff. MATH DEPARTMENT Donna Leoni, Eva Lee, Barbara Lawrence, Ruth Willner, Gail White. The math department has 5 teachers, who try to urge stu- dents to do their best to math- ematically prepare for the years to come. The science department has 4 teachers this year. They all try to teach students how to approach their problems in a scientific way. The stu- dents get hands-on experience doing experiments in the labs set up by the teachers and lab crew. Joyce Gibson, Beth Bates, Dr. Bones, David Jenkins, Darrell Martin. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Byron Campbell, Pam Cmar, Carey Driver, Dr. Bones, Jan Turn- er, Miciiael Cruce, Jenay Coates. SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT (standing) Sue Driver, Ted Key (seated) Jeanie McJunkin, Judy Key Babb ' s social sciences department, which is headed by Mr. Key, is responsible for instructing students in Georgia history, ge- ography, and economics. These teachers work hard to make sure students are in- formed about how the world used to be and how it is today. (left to right) Charlotte Wilkes, Gail Cone, Jean Bowen, Nancy Phillips, Sherry Van de Motter, Sandra Starr, Bonnie Strohm. The English department is made up of seven experienced teachers whose job is to teach students to com- municate effectively in speaking, writing, and reading. Mrs. Bowen is in her second year at Babb as depart- ment chairman. MINI DEPARTMENTS (left to right, front row) Pau- la Hattaway, DiAngela Tay- lor, Kathy Keller, special education; (left to right, back row) Jimmy Norris, chorus; John Kirby, industri- al arts; Bonnie Kitchings, home economics; Joe Curry, vocational a rts. There are many small departments at Babb. The special education department teaches students how to cope with the world around them. Chorus teaches stu- dents the basics of music. Industrial arts students learn to work with wood, metal, and other materials. Students learn to deal with different aspects of homemak- ing in home economics. Our vocational arts program teaches students to under- stand the working world. 4, % The Babb PE department this year consists of 5 coaches who see to it that all students participate in all of the physical activities of- fered in the gym. This as- sures that each person un- derstands the impo-tance of good physical fitness and may strive for a healthy body. (left to right, front row) Robin Johnson, Barbara Westray. (left to right, back row) Mike Walker, Leonard Moen, Jer- ome Mathis. • • PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Custodians Lunchroom Staff Mabel Sutton Chhon Long Rollo Haynes Charlie Swanson Montha Chansiapeng Mabel takes a break Left to right, Carolyn Southern, Lindee Pace, Elaine Willingham, Phyllis Whitfield, Anita Rutledge, Ann Crenshaw ! a a at ions ■(t ■; HnJ {Hf »f ' ' l Tlu:iT ' i{t:»i r ' t f ' ' ' rs ' f-M .-AM II infiLiiiiiraiiiii li MX l ' : I l srtf ' ' iyj i;ierU-«4 f lii ' ' y: HmJ H? i 4 ' itZ ' ti::,ri i lfJH4fr4 Hn ' ART CLUB Left to right kneeling: Tiffany Saunders, Mae-Lee Newton, Andy Andrews, Shannon Wrye, Robbie Kay, Jason Gibson. Back row: Mrs. Driver, Carla Matthews, Bobby Lyon, Kevin Heaton, Robert Beasley, Casey Parker, Tim Graham, Chad Rutledge, Latoya Wimbush, Wendi Carver, Amy Davis, Tommy Futch, Gwen Webb, Lisa Goforth. The Art Club is a helpful organization in the school. It designs posters depicting various school activities. The club also helps students who are interested in a career in art, giving them an opportunity to put into practice the skills they have learned in the classroom. The Beta Club is an orga- nization where students are invited to join if they have maintained a high academic record. Students must con- tinue to maintain a standard of excellence to remain in the club. Janie Harper, President Left to right, front row: Alvin Laws, Millicent Burnett, Danielle Ogletree, Shannon Bonner, Stephanie Brown, Stephania Wiley, Melanie Sigmon, Wendi Carver, Ammone Songsy, Gwen Webb, Jill Betsill, Tara Hanes, Curtis Echols. Back row: Mrs. Key, Allen Hutcheson, Jeff Murphy, Dusty Gordon, Carey Driver, Lahronda Welch, Deanna Senter, Michele Banks, Becky Carter, Randall Wright, Brandy Stallworth, Louie Ingle, Scott Smith, Joseph Richter, Michael Morgan, Mike Rogers, Adam Castellaw, Brett Hicks, Kevin Heaton, Denver Ballew, Daryl Mickel, Kwang Yi, Ms. McJunkin. SYMPHONIC BAND Left to right, seated: Deanna Senter, Willie Dean, Michele Banks. Second row: Heather Pember- ton, Lahronda Welch, Michelle Lane , Jana Day. Back row: Courtney Demooney, Kim Atkins, Kim Yarber, Amy Sweckard, Nyssa Best, Shelley Duffee. Left to right, seated: Jason Martin, Carrie Driver. Second row: Jan Turner, Becky Carter, Tony Freeman. Back row: Latoya Wimbush, Kevin Davis, Kim Cruce, Billy Peel. Left 10 right, seated: Shane Stroup, John Fuller, Adam Castellaw. Standing: Monica Turnipseed, Randall Wright, Mark Townsend, Allen Hutcheson. Jill Wells. Babb ' s Symphonic Band has been one of the most successful organizations in the school ' s history. Over the years, the band has received recognition from musicians and music teachers literally from coast to coast. Mr. Wilson, the band ' s director, has continued this outstanding tradition. This year ' s band has received one of the highest honors possible: an invitation to present a concert for the National convention of Music Educators National Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to these special perfor- mances, the Symphonic Band has an active performance schedule which includes football games, band parent meetings, school concerts. PTA meetings, and district festival performances. Left to right, seated: Heather Dorminy, Eric Hunter, Dusty Gordon, Christy Shaw. Standing: Tara Hanes, Potoria Kelley, Byron Campbell, Steven Coleman, Brian O ' Neill, Sandy Ipcock. Left to right, front row: Ginger Hackler, Tracy Pratt, Christy Nash, Richard Gill, Doug Frazier, Byron Campbell, Amy Davis, Terri Brooks. Second row: Kim Campbell, Shannon Kimbell, Christy Bryon, Lynn Lee, Brenda Dillard, Kelli Beasley, Kerri Allen, Monica Jones, Susan Stanford. Third row: Leonora Frady, Selina Ellis, Jennifer Lawrence, Keesha Stripling, Shanda Sanders, Andy Meeks, Drew Weaver, Jimmy Ragland. c H R U S ' ' Left to right, front row; Shannon Bonner, Rani Didier, Wendy Smith, Maggie Matheny, Kathy Hearn, Kim Locklear, Sherri Parks, Second row: Jennifer Garrett, Sheryl McCuUers, Henrietta Garner, Montrice Holman, Dodi Powell, Shun Hill, Mary-Ann Ritter. Third row: Jason Madaris, Christy Hodges, Dawn Courtney, Judi Bates, Brandy Bryson, Stacey Davidson, Jeff Powers. The Future Homemakers of America ' s purpose is to study and learn cooking and sewing techniques which will be a valuable tool for them in the future as they care for themselves and others in day to day living. The advisors are Mrs. Bonnie Kitchings and Mrs. Charlotte Wilkes. Left to right, front row: Jessica Wilson, Tonya Ward, Shannon Crews, Selina Brogdon, Reni Griffin, Nikita Thornton, Angela Gooden. Middle row: Shannon Hilderbrand, Bethany Lorton, Tonya Bla- lock, Debbie Holloway. Angle Hinton. Shannon Pollard, Melissa Cook, Jenay Coates, Jennie Van- diver, Ginger Tomlin, Mrs. Kithcings, Mrs. Wilkes. F H A ■ ' ■H-f- . Left to right, front row: Tonya Ward, Special Projects Chairman; Shawntee Lance, Treasur- er. Back row: Debbie Holloway, Vice-presi- dent; Jennifer Pollard, Publicity Chairman; Jennifer Davis, President. Left to right, front row: Shane Blankenship, Lucias Starks, Mike Young, Jason Martin. Middle row: Donna Burch, Marsha Boyd, Linda Dillard, Kinetha Gwinn, Schawanda Smith, Prissi Houston, Tracy Pratt, Kelly Crumpton, Missy Parks. Back row: Raymond Engler, Scottie Jenks, Mark Scott, Adam Ivy, Wayne Long, Christie Nash, Angela Miller. The CVAE VOCA Club is centered on projects to im- prove the students ' ability to obtain and hold jobs by help- ing them to understand the responsibilities needed to ef- fectively perform their jobs. Mr. Joe Curry is the advisor. • Left to right, front row: Stan McNorton, Ricardo Haynes, Luong Tran, Tom Eraser, Noge Tran. Middle row: Yolanda Haynes, Allison Hallmark, Tonya Ward, Deborah Souder, Laquanza Smith, Josie Phillips, Michelle Tackett, Mickey Henson. Back row: Reshaun Saffold, Robert Beasley, Tony Pyle, Chris Puckett, Ralph Joyner, Tim Black, John Souder, Todd Elmore. C V V o A C E A ooO OOo The 4-H Club is an ex- tension of the University of Georgia through the County Extension Office. Students can participate in worthwhile community service activities, gain leadership skills, receive awards for hard work in the Teen Leader pro- gram, and compete on county, district, andstate levels in various project areas. Left to right: Amy Grif- fin, President; Josie Phil- lips, Girls ' Vice-presi- dent. Not pictured: Oli- ver Boatfield, Boys ' Vice-president; Brad Spector, Secretary. Left to right, front row: Lee Cook, John Williams, Dale Palmer, Robert Galloway, Bobby Daniel, Mrs. Lee. Back row: Mr. Martin, Ginger Hackler, Tromane Stokes, Brian Titman, Dusty D ' HoUosy, Josie Phillips, Kenneth Upton, Amy Griffin. Left to right, front row: Billy Tid- well, Jason Waldrop. Back row: Josh Pearson, Jamie Parrott, Eric Miller. The Industrial Arts Club provides further study and use of tools and ma- terials for students interested in this art, practice, and knowledge of the techniques of the teade. Left to right, front row: Mike Hall, Jamie Parrot, Eric Johnson, Ron Carney, Jeff Murphy. Back row: Mr. Kirby, Billy Tidwell, Jason Waldrop, Eric Miller, Josh Pearson, Scott Smith. Mrs. Donna Leoni Louie Ingle, Mr. Hi-Y Mr. Ted Key Left to right, front row: Lee Cook. Milce Grant, Mike Rogers, Brett Hicks, Brian Garrison, Billy Peel, Louie Ingle, Kwang Yi, Lee Shin, Kevin Heaton. Second row: Mrs. Leoni, Tony Freeman, Tony Williams, Bobby Daniel, Matthew Hicks, Herb Osterhout, Micca Gillespie, Chris Farmer, Don Moore, Wayne White, Shaun Davenport. Back row: Alvin Laws, Carey Driver, John Malette, Drew Weaver, Joseph Richter, Tim Graham, Chris Blanton, Tony Pyle, Jeff Murphy, Keith Cottrell, Jonathan Fryer, Daryl Mickel. Left to right, sitting; Kwang Yi, Chris Farm- er, Louie Ingle, Brian Garrison, Keith Cotrell. Standing; Tim Graham, Jonathan Fryer, Daryl Mickel, Alvin Laws. " To create, maintain, and extend through- out the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character " is the pur- pose of the Babb Hi-Y. The Hi-Y is a Chris- tian club whose main objective is to provide a helpful bond wherever one is needed in the school or in the community. Some of the club ' s projects include a canned food drive, Christ- mas caroling, and adopting a needy family. IE A m 69 During this year Tri-Hi-Y has extended helping hands to the community and the school. They helped sponsor a needy family at Christmas, and read monthly to Lake City Elementary School stu- dents. They also attended various conferences in which they learned how legislation is enacted, and were also taught how to become better Christians. President, Jennie Vandiver TRI-HI-Y Left to right, front row: Janie Harper, Jenay Coates, Nikki Nastopoulos, Terra Pafford, . Danielle Ogletree, Wendy Smith, Stephanie Brown. Second row: Amy Griffin, Jenny Hall, I Jennie Vandiver, Angie Mears, Tara Hanes, Michelle Banks. .-4t?0 Left to right, front row: Janie Harper, Jenay Coates, Christy Hodges, Jill Betsill, Shelley Duffee, Mindy Snyder, Joy Daniel, Danielle Ogletree, Wendy Smith, Stephanie Brown, Rani Didier, Maggie Matheny. Second row: Cindy Bass, Paula Dobbs, Jana Day, Math Outhavong, Brandy Galloway, Cathy Hartley, Christy Shockley, Angle Hinton, Stephania Wiley, Melanie Sigmon, Samantha Burnett, Millicent Burnett, Michelle Lane. Third row: Nikki Nastopoulos, Dawn Plews, Becky Carter, Amy Griffin, Angela Miller, Wendi Woods, Jennie Vandiver, Shawntee Lance, Angle Mears, Tara Hanes, Terra Pafford, Stephanie Nastopoulos, Nicky Silas, Jan Turner, Carrie Hammond, Tawana Hill, Kelly Beasley, Michelle Banks, Christy Watkins, Jenny Hall, Ms. Bates. Ms. Beth Bates, Advisor Newspaper Staff Left to right, front row: Mrs. Cone, James Thomas, Jonathan Forrester, Stacy Folds. Back row: Beth Mihon, Angela Miller, Amy Griffin, Wendy Woods, Matt Boyce, Richard Stewart. Not pictured: Co-editors Kelly Ewen and Casie Fletcher. rr ' 4 j Si«k WW .1 i Mm : .jr The Newspaper Staff is responsible for collecting in- formation about our school and its activities. This infor- mation is written to inform, the students and teachers about what is happening in the school. The information is type set on the computer and then cut and pasted onto dummy sheets which the printer photographs for the final edition. Math Club Babb ' s Math Club is open to Xth grade students ulio lake algebra. They parlieipale in aeti ities that help with their math skills and they also com- pete m the Clayton Coun- t Junior High Math Competition each year. In 19h!7 our team placed 3rd in the county, a first for Babb. o ► o o • O A Left to right, front row: Adam Castellaw, Lahronda Welch, Heather Pemberton, Math Outhavong, Scott Smith, Brian Garrison. Back row: Deanna Senter, Mike Rogers. Brian O ' Neill, Eric Hunter, Danielle Ogletree, Mrs. Willncr. Stephanie Brown. Randall Wright. Jason Waldrop YOUTH TO YOUTH Youth to Youth is a club made up of students ' who are against drugs and alco- hol. Their purpose is to show students that you can have a good time without drinking and taking drugs. Youth to Youth partici- pates in many conferences that enlightens students on the dangers involved in drug and alcohol dependency. Left to right, front row: Mrs. White, Scott Lawhorne, Dale Friend, Cassie Nix, Wanda Tshudy, Ms. Childers. Back row: Andy Andrews, Joseph Richter, Louie Ingle. Alvin Laws, Willie Dean. STUDENT COUNCIL f Left to right, front row: Kenneth Upton, Mrs, Thompson, Rusty Rust Second row: Christy Hodege, Wendy Barnes, Irma White, Brandy Stallworth, Millicent Burnett, Paula Dobbs- Third row: Bethany Lorton, Jason Waldrop, Joy Daniel, Brandy Galloway, Jennifer Lawrence. Deanna Senter, Xernona Gray. Fourth row: Dawn Plews, Carrie Hammond, Louie Ingle, Mindy Snyder, Donna Burch, Michelle Banks, Pam Cmar, Silento Barnes. Carlos Bagley Back row: Christv Watkins, Jeff Murphy, Willie Dean, Mr. Norris. Tim Graham % The Student Council is composed of some of Babb ' s finest students. Representatives from each homeroom work together to help Babb Jr. High a better school. They woric on their own projects, and help the other clubs with their pro- jects. Student Council is a vital part of life at Babb. STUDENT ,••, Left to right, front row: David Nitz, Carlos Bagley, Phetmany Soumamane, Fran- kie Cornett. Back row: Shannon Crews, Wendy Morris, Angela Miller, Ebony Jackson, Kim Rhea, Pamela Sneed. Left to right, front row: Christina Cheaves, Christy Watkins, Lahronda Welch, Kelly Beasley, Stephanie Young, Herb Osterhout. Back row: Tiffany Saunders, Brett Hicks, Amy Bohannon, Mike Rogers. • Left to right, front row: Scott Vin- cent, Dusty D ' HoUos y, Drew Weaver. ASSISTANTS Left to right, front row: Curtis Echols, Missy Parks, Willie Dean. Back row: Elisha Aldridge, Holly Cirka. Left to right, front row: Nicky Silas, Christy Shockley. Left to right, front row: Ron Loudermilk, Billy Denney, David Phillips. Back row: David Mach, Matt Hicks, Bobby Jones. CANDID CAMERA W. ' i .:% . ' : .■ . ' ' ' Hir, :• T ..■. J . 8th Grade Scoreboard FOOTBALL SCORES VS Forest Park North Clayton Riverdale Morrow Pointe South Mundy ' s Mill Adamson 14 12 6 6 6 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL BABB VS 21 Mundy ' s Mill 26 Adamson 21 North Clayton 21 Morrow 20 Forest Park 16 Adamson 18 Pointe South 1 42 Jonesboro 15 Riverdale 37 Forest Park Tournament y 29 Jonesboro 14 Pointe South 36 29 30 36 47 36 IV 33 72 UJ). 9th Grade Scoreboard FOOTBALL SCORES 5ABB vs Forest Park 6 r North Clayton 6 I Riverdale 12 k Morrow XN Pointe South 6 " Mundy ' s Mill Adamson Jonesboro 27 26 24 8 29 26 20 34 BOY ' S BASKETBALL GIR LS ' BASKETBALL BABB VS BABB VS 41 Mundy ' s Mill 39 18 Mundy ' s Mill 37 51 Adamson 39 28 Adamson 29 40 North Clayton 55 26 North Clayton 23 61 Morrow 39 23 Morrow 61 57Forest 13 Forest park 25 Park 39 25 Adamson 6 45 Adamson 36 15 Pointe South 47 36Pointe 41 Jonesboro 16 South 55 45 Riverdale 14 52 Jonesboro 53 27 Forset Park 31 36 Riverdale 51 65 Forest Park 62 Tournament 13 Morrow 47 Tournament 40 Riverdale 55 9th Grade Football ■jUIiWlLj (Left to right, front row) Don Moore. Shane Stroup, Davao Lemon, John Fuller. Kwang ' i. Shannon Wrye. Second Row: Keith Cotrell, Drayton Grier, Chris Blanton, Jonathan Fryer, Phillip Williams, Kerrian Brown, Alvin Laws, Jerry Phillips (manager). Back row: Jeff Murphy, Jason Gibson, Tim Graham, Louie Ingle, Jesse Olverson, Daryl Mickel, Steve Barrentine, Torre Garcia. 10 15 20 21 30 32 33 35 38 42 50 54 55 60 62 64 70 71 72 77 82 89 90 UCMJLL-dULjCiJ} (XJm (X £ajuc , ' (Lia vJU Di C2 cxL fO hris Blanton Robbie Kay Daryl Michel Kerrian Brown Jay Olverson Jonathan Fryer Jason Gibson John Fuller Drayton Grier Kwang Yi Wayne White Don Moore Tim Graham a 2 Shane Stroup Davao Lemon Steve Barrentine Keith Cotrell Torre Garcia Jeff Murphy Shannon Wrye Phillip Williams 8th Grade Football Left to right, front row: Kevin Moody. Carlos Bagley, Andy Andrews, Adam Vance, Shondale Bennett, Vanna Thammavongsa, Tonte Kendrick, Eric Johnson. Second row: Paul Crisp, Nick Sengsouriya, Silento Barnes, Lee Shin, James Thomas, John Williams, Elliott Noll, Chris Short, Ed Turner, Drew Weaver. Back row: Mike Rogers, Dray Cann, Billy Wood. Tony Roberts, Mike McGinty, Sean Arnold, Steve Coleman, Dale Friend, Tony Weems, Jerry Phillips (manager). This year ' s 8th grade squad proved to be a team with talent, spirit, and raw determina- tion to make their goal to be the County Champions. They achieved that goal. These Bulldogs provided an exciting season for us, and we wish them the best in the future. Con- gratulations, guys! 43 44 45 46 48 51 52 54 55 60 61 62 64 65 70 72 75 76 77 80 88 90 Kevin X Tony Roberts Steve Coleman Tonte Kendrick Carlos Bagley Dale Friend Nick Sengsouriya Andy Andrews Vanna Thimt ( vongsa Adam Vmwe, r ay ann -S ' Sean Arnold Ed Turner Elliott Noll Mike Rogers John Williams Kevin Matthews Bill Wood Mike McGinty Eric Johnson James Thomas Scott Vessell Terry Brian Tony Weems Paul Crisp Coaches: Leonard Moen and David Jenkins 9th Grade Boys Basketball ♦••. (Left to right, front row:) Daryl Miekel, Jay Olverson, Terrance McDowell, Jermaine Higgins, Drayton Grier. Back row: Shannon Wrye, Alvin Laws, Chuck Robinson, Kerry Brown, Melvin Dawson, Tom Sullivan. .••♦ 8th Grade Boys Basketball (Left to right, front row:) Jerrod Davis, Sean Arnold, Tony Roberts, Kevin Moody, Carlos Bagley, Second row: Micca Gillespie, Lee Shin, Frankie Cornett, Tonte Kendrick, Tony Weems. Third row: Managers — Chris Blanton, Carrie Hammond, Dawn Plews, Amy Griffin. 8th Grade Girls Basketball i I I ' (Left to right, front row;)Rhonda Hood, Dawn Courtney, Courtney Demooney, Joy Daniel, Christy Dye. Second row: Deanna Senter, Shannon Bonner, Stephanie Brown, Sue Rogers, third row: Ginger Tumlin, Michelle Arnold, Alicia Shamlin, Mary Young. Back row: Shondrell Brooks, Christy Watkins, Ms. Westray, Michelle Banks, Shannon Crews. 9th Grade Girls Basketball (Left to right, front row:) Xernona Gray, Michelle Tilley, Misty Lynn, Yukra Elder, Jennifer Davis. Second row: Natasha Anderson, Cindy Freeman, Chantell Loney, Nicey Gwinn. Back row:Ms. Westry, Erika Evans, Portoria Kelley, Carlonda Chambliss, Montrice Holman. Cindy Bass Jenny Hall Tara Hanes Nikki Nastopoulos Brandy Stallworth Jennie Vandiver Shelley Duffee Brandy Galloway Cathy Hartley Angle Hinton Danielle Ogletree Terra Pafford Stephania Wiley (Left to right, front row:) Paul Bunch, Rani Didier, Randall Wright. Back row: Gwen Webb, Eric Hunter, Brian Garrison, Scott Smith, Samantha Burnett. The Quiz Bowl is a yearly competition held in metro- politan Atlanta. Each county holds a contest where Forum classes compete by answer- ing questions on various sub- ject matter. They do re- search to find the answers to prepare for this competition. Each school has a team for each grade level, with the county winner going to the Metropolitan Quiz Bowl. Quiz Bowl Teams Forum 94 (Left to right, front row:) Louie Ingle, Jason Waldrop, Ron Carney. Back row: Daryl Mickel, Keith Cotrell, Jamie Parrot, Jeff Murphy. A handsome face, a winning smile, Weil-mannered, intelligent, and kind. With a creative imagination that brought Exciting new ideas to mind. He was loyal to his school, his church. We liked him from the start. He loved his friends and family. He ' ll live always in our hearts. February 12, 1970 — January 31, 1988 Bonnie Strohm In Memory Tony Leoni — - o -rS 5 £ 5 Vls m , Ul u . T o MT 5 rv o CU I V C ;t n — .Q j Z 0 oJL- W JOS . Y , !i ;jj3 ,, 3 , , ocvx . t v o.Yx S " itXO J J I ' - ■3. .i- 73) « -: c ' w - don ' UK (V , T ' - v - " =f1- f ' - ' (jOjUwA. LD •1 CU GLiLd (l bt AtdU ±€(viti£ f . ((9 ia buitXi U V-t f ' in odJ J O h f rv. every c-U,y, frA i cJg yCO 2 lOt- ' " - O) ' i i . do yco imecin cq S ' ' oa ( t dcn f y r h ' l u ky d c y ou VA- nV ' ' hfQ l Tcci a iOi t op yc » o free ' Oasl anJ e fjj • ra i he l H,ipe €r j -• 1 1 M fijiM-cg; . - .■■ ' %. '

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