Avon High School - Highlights Yearbook (Avon, OH)

 - Class of 1958

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Avon High School - Highlights Yearbook (Avon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Q I u r 5 l 4 w President - Aloysius Hassel C. A. Barbu, Frank A. Root, Sr Ambrose Forthofer, and Weslee , Susan Svec Knable. il., Board! of gcfucation In appreciation for his never ending cheer- fulness and helpfulness at Avon High, we, the annual staff, faculty, and students, wish to dedi cate this 1958 yearbook to .... Mr. George Caso. In addition to his industrial arts, gym, and driver training classes, he advises the senior class and coaches the basketball squad. 1 QS J . upermtenalent WILLIAM I-1. ION ES wQI'll'LC'lpG! DAVID G. MULLISON X 7 Qrryk ,c-X . 53,9 Xkisii.E.,. - .aff ,Q yi AX X X YSK-r Nm Q X X X X X X X X .-:: .- sew- W -1-..:na:mm, xx N W K X XSS X X W Xu N x 9 , N-aa mg - - be-L QQ :. V. 'K " gx N 'B .X :,- 5.11 I R'm:.xw ' x Q ax -X vb.. X - 1 'N Q Y 'X ix .,.. -EE:.f?3'N xx xx xxx xx x A. ' x ' mm, g -X ,N A SX A S gf QSSQPNQ' . . .QW AX. isM.5v.- rw ASAP A 34 .eb , Q . KS 3M S1 .S .5-if " Q Wig SW A , ,mf +95 SS? kilwv :qw f ' J Ae, Q A A x if f XSS.. , - wx we XX sw Nw- NN ' X x -. 'MCSE . x AI , . X XSQXYY' Ox xx xv R QNXX N g 5, - Qvx . tis" ' rz, Mrs. Dorothy Zinser, Mrs. Mary Baird Mr. Iohn Brattoli, Mr. Robert Ferry, Mrs. Marie Staab, Mr. George Caso, Mrs. Esther Cooper, and Miss Carolyn Green. r Qus Cbrivers Goofs Miss Cecelia Long Mrs. Gertie Rausher Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs . Mrs . Mrs Mrs Ben Mitchell George Mitchell Leonard Gill Ben Mitchell Olive Mitchell Mildred Hejnal Carol Pincombe Gustocfian Mr . Fred Balmert Q X. X 5 X Q X X' Ax N X V X x wig' 3529? sws xwgf is Xe . - if A if X S' XX mmx gg K Agway. -- Y xx X k ' Xb X V A x S W , X 53. - A R F N QQ, NX X -gT.N.x,N - v 1 .fyf 'Skill 'V 2 Sass? N is + -ii S X SSP xx, 1:5 335?xQ?" W fs -3 K 3? SN? W5 51 iw S X. MANP RED BARTH KATHLEEN BAUERS " Fritz " " Kathy " DORIS BEASLEY 'ROBERT BECKER ll mis!! ll Bob!! Roy BILLINGHURST MARIE-CLAIRE BOUTIN " Roy" " Marie-Claire" CONSTIENCE CPEBST1-:R ARLENE CHROBAK CORDIS nAr1-enen ANNA MAY CORY DENNIQ' DANIIII-IIVIILLER nAnna Mays: Dennls IEAN DAVIS WILLIAM DECHANT "Jeannie" "Bill" I ELIZABETH DIEDBRICH ll ll LYN GAGNON ll ll RICHARD BKMANN "King Richard" CAROL GARATHY " C5101 H DONNA GAVORSKI DAVID GERDING " DORRE" N Daven SUE ELLEN GOETCHIUS llsuell LILLIAN HEVEKER '-Liu" THOMAS HRICOVIC ll ll IUDITH GUGGENBILLER ll ll ROBERT HOLOWBCKY ll ll KAREN IOHNSON ll ll MARIE JUVENILE RALPH KLUTER "Marie" -'Ra1ph" CAROLE KROMER MARY ALICE KRYNAK ll Kroll ll ll . Im - MARIE LITTLE PATRICIA LOCKE ll ll Patll LINDA LORENZ PATRICK MANNING "Lin" npatn I SARAH MARSIGLIA WARREN MEILANDER " Sarah" "Warren" DEAN METZLER LAWRENCE MURPHY 1 Hspcedn nllarryu RICHARD NITSCHE THEODORE NITSCHE "Dick" "Ted" VERONICA ONDRUS ELNORA PALMER "Vern1e" " Midge" ANNE PAPE ALFRED PETSCHE "Annie" "Al" AUREL PORUBAN SANDRA RIETH "Aurel" "Sandy" 1 I BETTY IEAN RIGGS IOHN ROSS "Betty" "Butch" WILLIAM SCHNEIDER GAYLE SI EBENHAAR llBi11lI llGaY1ell 3 TERRANCE SMITH LAURAi.1Sl1 SPAN "Terry" "Laurie" JOYCE STIFPLER b IQHN YOUNG "I0vCe" " John" CLASS COLORS Lavender and White Q CLASS FLOWER Carnations CLASS MOTTO ' KENNETH YOUNG "We Build The Ladder By Which We Climb "Kenny" Mrs. Marie Staab and Mr. George Caso utstancfafng WITTI EST Carole and Larry MOST POPULAR Terry and Anne MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Mary Alice and Dave BEST DRESSER Terry and Iean MOST INTELLECTUAL Ralph and Laurie en iors MOST ORIGINAL Tom and Linda MOST ATHLETIC Terry and Anne MOST ATTRACTIVE Lyn and Iean BEST DANCER CUTEST Gayle and Bill Lyn and Anna May sea " 23 CQ? 'LQ jf! 994 09 2 n 4 ass Gayle Siebenhaar, bequeath my long hair to Iudy Dossey. Dennis Dannemiller, bequeath my old track shoes to Bob and Dan Beckett. Donna Gavorski, bequeath my ability to get along with Bob Becker to Brenda Riggs. Mary Alice Drynak, bequeath my ability to enjoy school to anyone who doesn't7 you.'re miss- ing something. Kathie Bauers, bequeath my natural pony tail to Anne Henderson. Bill Schneider, bequeath my manly build to Ward Athey. Lyn Gagnon, bequeath the business procedures of the I. Schrader Co. to Miss Green. Dave Gerding, bequeath my brief case to Neal Hubbard. Anna May Cory, bequeath my ability to burp to Karl Gansler II. Sandy Rieth, bequeath my ability to get along with Miss Green in third period study hall to Ron Clarke. Iudy Geggenbiller, bequeath my freckles to Anna Mae Stockard. Vernie Ondrus, bequeath my green eyes to any cat who wants them. Carole Kromer, bequeath my ability to get along with Ridgewille boys to Sandy Hart. Connie Chester, bequeath my 5' height to Sandra Harper. A Arlene Chrobak, bequeath my ability not to date other boys while going steady to Pat Iindra. Warren Meilander, bequeath my "good handwriting " to anyone who would like to give Mrs. Baird eye strain. Iohn Ross, bequeath my jeweled "church key" to next year's prom parties. Dean Metzler , bequeath my mannerly way of driving to Ron Buehner. Tom Hricovec, bequeath my penmanship to Miss Green. Lauralia Span, bequeath my ability to get good grades to Marty Span. Anne Pape, bequeath my athletic ability to the G. A. A. Richard Nitsche, bequeath my ability to get along with the head librarian to anyone who does n't have a library pass slip. Al Petsche, bequeath my red sport coat to Fred. Roy Billinghurst, bequeath my latest formula for rocket fuel to Craig Ostrander. Betty Riggs , bequeath my French accent to Ron Sarraino. Karen Johnson, bequeath my glasses to Fritz. uniors Glass 0 1959 President ---------------------- Dan Hayes Vice'-President ---------------- Ron Sarraino Secretary -------------------- Betty Pretzlaf Sergeants-at-arms --------------- Tom Smith and Karl Gansler II ,J S I FIRST ROW: Larry Allen, Eileen Alten, Bob Beckett, Dan Beckett, Norma Bensol , Bennett Blakeslee. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Buer, Iim Bruder, Arlene Burkhart, Ann Davider, Vem Doberstyn, Bonnie Lee Dolance., THIRD ROW: Iudy Dossey, Nancy Forthofer, Carol Gahagan, Karl Gansler II, Marion Gerhardinger, Dan Hayes. -: X 5 . i K X X X X 'X v Qx X 4 X X X XX N X 'QNX E Q N W it X X X1 .. X A X Xt wg, - N X , H X X Q s X X X 5 ,Xfs g XX X 'X' Q5 4 W xx ox . X' R' .,,, f 4 we of 'R 1 N 5 -X RH . ' I':wXxXs NXN X. A X "gan RN QNX .X., Xw ' vi :. an y - - "1-ff XX XXXXX ,SX Xbixws - X X x X X X X xx 4 XX .,.. t ,X Ng,-1:51, , . N- the X xx K XX Q X X X X X I i x X 3 3:-its 1 '1 5X XXX Qkxx x X SXXBQN Xwwx fhXXk X X S Q5 Q X?Qx,,X X Xxx R ' :X :XF .1 w 'C t--. X. - .mx 'S -:Xs:1- X3-Vf ..2 -' X. V . ' X nw wc -' R' ws A X: X re-EX wig EX, -' -X " f' QQXQXN , x X5 f 'QQ 4. '- L - X -K .1 XXX.. FIRST ROW: Nancy Heinrich, Sandra Hemminger, Bob Hentges, Georcfe Hricovic, Neal Hubbard, John Iohnson, Pat Karmon SECOND ROW: Clarence Klasek, Pat Knickrehm, Chuck Kostalnick, Don Kuhn, Marge Lester, Marianne Metz, Judy Miller THIRD ROW: Ben Mitchell, Larry Mitchell, Craig Ostrander, Elaine Peterson, Bev Peters, Betty Pretzlaf, Maureen Richards FOURTH ROW:, Iudy Ridenour, Ron San'aino, Bill Smith, Tom Smith, Elaine Straub, Ierry Stumphauzer, Don Tiedemann FIFTH ROW: Betty Timar, Rose Timar, Hank Wojciechowski, Helen Wolfram, Paul Young, Frances Zilka Dick Zust CS,OpllO'l7'lOI'QS ass of 1960 President -------------------- Bob Petersen , Vice-President ------------- Larry Schneider Secretary -------------------- Wendy Albers Treasurer -------------------- Brenda Riggs FIRST ROW: Charlene Abfall, Wendy Albers , Eddie Alten, Harold Beasley. SECOND ROW: Dave Celaschi, Nobert Collopy, Vern Collopy, Wanda Day, Iean Falkenstein, Kathy Farkas. THIRD ROW: Richard Formanak, Joyce Forthofer, Leonard Gill, Kenneth Goscinski. F413 I .gis- ,, ,fegq xgi xv X, iXfX"'NX X NN NNN X Mg f XQXN x . X X X AWS. XX 'Km XXX v. .- QQXK. xg SX 'A A xX.X,XXX wx QTRN A X vw-QWXX X XS x x . X , 'XSONQT Q1 -f X X X X X.. Xwyk X Xxx Xxx 1 SK Q XXX X X F - XX wif wx 'SX 5 X 'S ' ? .. x ' . KK NX M x X ,XKS X XX AN. XX X fX..XX vfik X X-XSS, XXX 1- 1 X RN ikv i . SQX. - X 1 -fXxX:Xg' 5 xxx A W S XX X X X X X N S X wx X XX A X X HXXQ x 1 Q X XX, XXX X X R X X. , fcifs wi ASQ Y NYSR-Q5 X -15 is fx vi5xS:S,1 O Q X X -33 xx .6 . YR, N. X ,Fx W X x gx XXX QM X X W X Wk X xxx X w NX Nb X x 5 X X sg A x kXXYQw I ' X N5 X xxx x Xxx NR S Rx, N S x X X ,. W , 5x XX X wk -0- X . ix? , X W R 'Q gl YNY X :Ax S XF ww QXNEQN X N xi X . Z.Q'fQ '9' xx. -fx 5 .- XSQSEXS NX . .. QNX... WFSQLQ A AS x ww im? xN NSN . N X X xy X x X X 93.-A :fm-zaQ.:-.,mf:fX... x .X A X595 Eg wx. - 3 . xx xg . . . ,. Q XXX bwff X x X N xwx QW. SQ iw lbs ia . . x... X XQYSR 4 ,Nl Wwfff . X mi x x 1 X OX v x - N V x .-YO X XY X GQ X NX X Na X X S X XXXX RN X XS X X X-i -sw N 'f . Xk,, .Q Q .Qs N .Q .Q Q .QNX ' N Q A X -'QYWX - . ' NSS- W 6 Knew. lgx as -av, Y .. .X N Xxx x 1x Na, x .K v- 'NS' 1. FIRST ROW: Mark Packer, Pam Packer, Linda Peters, Sally Piazza, Ioan Pretzlaf, Iack Root. SECOND ROW: Wally Russel, Tony Sarraino, Sandra Schmitz, Kathy Schneider, Diana Shank, B111 Siebenhaar THIRD ROW: Marlene Sims, Ralph Sokolo, Sally Sole, Fred Sowards, Marty Span, Denny Staab. FOURTH ROW: Anna Mae Stockard, Eva Timar, Tommy Tomlin, Kenny Tripp, Diana Wagner, Gary Wagner. FIFTH ROW: Marge Weissert, Sandra Westerfield, Dorothy Wojciechowski, Iane Young, Tony Zlnsmayer. SX X I I if a 1 r ,Q XXX... 5. sg ,iw .'4X .Q X X I L. X XXX X i x 1 X XX 'X X9 NX . NX Y T' K -K S x Q X X X X XX X XXNYRWW' Y 5 Kww Xww x ,A 4, X ., x ' ff'-' Qfxv--' sf XX Rx. ,X nr. K +11 -qN............. X eu A X- xwwi X ,-XS JY , , M ft an f Q ,Q D Mfg! ' 531. f' .. N ' , :X X X 'MX -tv X X . X X' t g Mx 4 'f e 4 - .. . xi . ' h " Q S Y X 3 X 3 SX S X X ix X X X i"'9"' K X NX N NX X XM Y 'S + X S S. sX XX S ? , ' X . X., X K A X X E im N Nix nm,,...-X' TF XX Under direction of IACK EVANS CDCUICG QQWJ ixafelancf Qanczl 41 ' K XXX . -XXQ I X X XXX, XX R XX XSXX X v: - fl - XX X Xrj X - ' QNX- -X-XXX XXX: -XQXXXXX XX XX XX-XX -f X -5 X ,XXX XX. XXX: X X- 1 X X X-X XX? X XX X Xi? 'X I. .N XXX X . 5 X X XX W X .. X XX X. . N X. A S2 XS 4235 XX X XXX Q a g.X ug! X X 1 z WXXNFXXXTNXXX XXXX5- - S XXXXNXXXXXQX X X XXXXXXX 'NX N X. X X I-X. . X X XX XX - - X - X X X X .2 X X X - x X XXX N XM - E5 1 :X XX X. . ::,. X XX X N X X X XX X X X X X X5 ES X? X X A S5 XX? X XX SX X X1 X SQXQXX X Ig X ff ENSVN XX SX Q- XQXSX Xa ,Xl Jigs S, 1'5n g1?'g izg1,X.w .ix F 5 XX x X 5 ' 1 N ' is s S 1 wi ' X 1 5 I 2, 1 X 534 .xl . gi: vi X :swap . .1 'XWW XXX XX' - XX. A X 5. .X , X ,. 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X S QS N X X N ix Q xg Xi KN SX NX X Q X X O XAXNQ ..,,, . .J .,:,: Q: - x w xkwxwx xx Q I A X X 'ik X QW 'QVR '+P' '1 00" Q U X SNS " QE K e X x Q XX R XKQ vw? U xv Q :grit-Sfmtbe K .sf NN Nw ANN Tw. may A P t mm X K , naw.-w.m. N' 'Q' .. . .NNQ vw mi -- PM Q. Nm., x Wx -4 XX wxxix A X xxx x 3 X , 1 x . tk-'gwgs , L x M wwsg 9? -N -A x, x .. .. Fi Q? -- . rg QI' -v nb- , we -Q x f x 41- ' ' NV, hmm mu Q A Y 'Mmm Q ,K -.NN K Nm? Q Sim QHANK 'bfi N NN-gx, www 339 . ' fiwwsws -Q Qs: N ww' 'NN' fs A ml, NN 'Fw +L, mo re jqutograpfas D W 4 2 5 - Y A Complete Store For Builders ABBE RCAD LUMBER CO Abbe and Lake Road Phones Lorain 85-115 Avon Lake 33-123 Sheffield Lake , Ohio McCROBY'S PALETTE STUDIO o'o'0" ' on, o g 0 26925 Center Ridge Rd Westlake, Ohio Tr-1-4533 0 O ' 0.9. 0.0,- fd NATIONAL BANK OF LORAIN Our Savings Depositors Will Receive Interest October 1 At 396 Per Annum Insured Open Your Account Today--Interest Paid Lo-Cost Real Estate I Lo-Cost Auto Financing Loans Boat Financing Every Banking Service Including Trust 'Services NATIONAL BANK OF LORAIN 457 Broadway Saturday Banking. . .Free Parking if x m ' 've al' ' The Only National Bank In Lorain County THE CENTRAL BANK CO. A Avon Office-Ridgeland At Detroit Complete Banking Services Ample Parking Facilities Drivef-In Teller Window See Us About Your Money Problems t ITDIRRI. RISZKVE SYUTIM X S Community Room Available Free To Clubs 1 . v f' N K J f rw ,N .t n Congratulations To The Avon High Student Body For Successfully Completing The Following Projects: Football Light Magazine Drive Athletic Associ s ation Dramatics Club Finishing of Library Student Council 'I' E G2 F U E I.. m was... 44 t if Part of tho Columbia Gnu System The B. F. Goodrich Store ....... New B.EGOOdl'iCIl LIFE-SAVER Silvertown NEW AND BETTER IN EVERY WAY NEW BLOWOUT PROTECTION NEW PUNCTURE PROTECTION NEW IMPROVED WEAR NEW TREAD DESIGN NEW LASTING BEAUTY 12 3 Court Street Phone FA. 23711 61 FA. 23712 ,E-'sig Avon Lumber Co Building Materials All Types of Dimension Lumber Let Us Help You With Your Building Problems Phone: Avon 45-134 Or 44-219 Q "Free Delivery" 37500 Detroit Road , Avon, Ohio ie Compliments Of B. F. Goodrich Chemical Co. Avon Lake Developement Center Avon, Ohio West Side Lumber 81 Concrete Corp. Lumber-Bui1der's Supplies Transit Mixed Concrete "Watch For The Bright Yellow Trucks" Avon-Phone Webster 3-6156 E1 ' - yria Phone FA 2-4641 755 Moore Road Avon Lake, Ohio Compliments Of The City Bank Co. Convenient And Friendly B k' an ing Service 1 Since 1899 Main Office-Pearl at 28th Street Branch Office-Grove Avenue And Homewood Drive XNSUR4 e K " LJ rrnggfeagnvs Lorain , Ohio SYSTEM xf S AVEMB 9 0 'W uo.o o Q 2 7 uxnwu C .g uuwuna Q E I roluou f 15 ovosma A qv 0 A f -1. N' , 59- Burmeister Funeral Home Avon Belden Road Experience-Quality-Not Extravagant 24 Hour Ambulance Service-Ample Parking Completely Air Conditioned Phone WE. 3-3202 Avon Lake , Ohio The Hoop Now 3 Convenient Locations 1850 Henderson Levitt 61 Westlake Road 2017 North Ridge Road .-u Phone 8-9174 Phone CH. 5-9543 Phone BR. 7-6250 fs? .he'45'.i. , 3: N '- N M " ali 1 , , X N ,f L ,I ' 'Ir- . -0351? QW ing?- Air Conditioned .Taffy ' A .To Q I nv - At Qur Service Dining Room f-,lffi-.Lam A Coney Islands Barbecued Ribs French Fried Fried Chicken Carry Out Service Onion Rings Mushrooms 1. P. Diederich Sons Flowers 38599 Center Ridge Road Phone EMerson 6-4621 For Your Athletic Supplies See Us First Complete Line Of Rawlings And Wilson Sporting Goods Trophies -Sweaters -Jack ets Special Prices To Schools 734 Broadway R' X B' Phone Cherry 56-977 Compliments Of Anthony and Loretta Riegelsberger Rustic Drive-In Across From Westgate Rocky River, Ohio .Q, .,.. S Small r rw .,.,... Need Nor Be Expensive '-:7:-: . 11 . - ' -5 .jf ei :Ein 5.7, 3 When Purchased At In Elyria, ohio The Elyria Roll Arena Skating Every Day Except Monday And Thursday 7:45-11:00 Saturday And Sunday Afternoon Matinees 2-4:30 Monday-Open For Private Skating Parties r ' NR: 'sown . ,f .sw w ,Z v AA N Q3 - P in P' 1 , .S afar -1- i X j' s,.r Y 4 i ' ,X -- ' " I fl ,-X V1 x ' ' if PM Lorain Ohio The Lorain Banking Co. msmu 6th 6: Broadway ,. H alum ? E r "JZ".'JA' Drive In Branch Q 5 200 Sixth Street 'Me ta' Vermilion Office-East Lake Road Vermilion, Ohio rtniziiztnrxienrfiszznvs SYSTEM William H. Bommer, Complete Insurance Service Phone WE. 4-4510 Residence Nationwide Insurance In Service With People Lowe Chevrolet Sales Service Corner Of Miller'6f Walker Roads Avon Lake Ohio Rent Park Hall For Wedding Dances, Club Meetings, Etc. Modern I Elsie Biltz Orch. Square Dancing Every Sat. Nite Dancing Beer, Wine, Liquor 6: Food Avon Isle Park Phone WEstmore 4-8206 8. WE 4-4259-Book Your Day Picnic Or Carnival-Bar Open Daily 4:30 To 2:30 a.m. Route 254 Detroit Road 81 611 Av on, Ohio Sam Ross 8t Sons, Inc. 1005 Colorado Avenue Contractors 'And Engineers Phone 81-771 Lorain , Ohio The Lorain Journal Lorain County's Leading Newspaper Phone CH-5-6901 Lorain, Ohio The Elyria Savings 8m Trust Co. 4 Offices Serving Lorain County Elyria Avon Lake North Ridg evi11e SYSTEM LQ f-A' 0 5' H122 2 Mnmasn "' imma - o FEDERAL Rsssnv: E f roauoa If 9' DCIOSITOI W V. x ' .5 'Yusuf-9' Quality Flgwers Phone Cedar-36612 James Sova Florist 1480 North Ridge Road Lorain, Ohio Ra ptis Sheffield Inn Fine Foods Liquor-Beer-Wines Served In A Clean, Friendly Atmosphere "Oak Room" Available For Private Parties-Meetings-Small Banquets 5348 East Lake Road Sheffield Lake, Ohio Kriebel's Gardens Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Sheffield Village - Detroit Road Mitcl1ell's Garage Auto And Tractor Repair Road Service Phone WE 45401 3375 Long Road Greetings From Your Ben Franklin Store Locally Owned Nationally Known Stop 65 Lake Road Phone WE 33192 Avon Lake, Ohio Towner's Pharmacy Professional Pharmacist 35353 Center Ridge Road North Ridgeville , Ohio Smith's Country Counter Open Year Around Finest Country Produce At Lowest Country Prices Lunch Meat, Home Made Sausage, Homes County Swiss Cheese Phone WE. 4-5403 Route 611 Avon, Ohio Guaranteed Gift Watch-Clock S1109 Ie welry Repairing C. ll. c Prompt Service r H 8 Watches Saddle Building g Rings Next To Theater -+,ff-- 1 C ' tc-ww he Avon Lake, Stop 65 Medical Pharmacy Phones WE. 3-6274, WE. 3-3234 33463 Lake Road Avon Lake, Ohio Covault-Brobst Agency 201 Cleveland Trust Bank Building Telephone Cherry 4-1313 Lorain , Ohio Conrad's Coal and Mason Supplies Quality Service Office Phone WE. 3-6220 Stop 56 Avon Lake 01110 4 TE dim The Elyria Coca-Cola Bottling Company ' Elyria 1394 Lake Avenue-Phone 2479 Ohio xr G' - , Compliments Of The Tower Drive-In Theater Always A Good Show 2301 Lake Avenue Abbe Road Body and Paint Shop 24 Hour Wrecker Service Day Phone Atlantic 85-164, Lorain N' ht Ph lg one Atlantic 85-009 Webster 35-003, Avon Lake 311 Abbe Road Iohn Wrana Sheffield Lake, Ohio -'W Gene's Guilt Service 36815 Detroit Road Avon, Ohio Phone WE. 4-8204 Your Neighborhood Gulf Dealer Avon lake Recreation, Inc. 16 Bowling Lanes Automatic Pin Spotters Open l P.. M. To 2 A. M. Every Day Saddle Inn Restaurant and Motel Home Of Southern Hospitality With A Western Welcome Where Every Patron ls An Honored Guest Stop 65 West Lake Road Avon Lake, Ohio Parties Banquets Dances M eetings For Reservations Call WEbster 36-102 "little" Red Barn Ken McAllister Sheffield Qhio Best Wishes Prom Bear Furniture Co. Sheffield Shopping Center Lorain Elyria Sylvester Drug Store Prescription Food In A Pleasant Atmosphere Compliments Rieth Insurance Agency 737 Broadway Phone CH. 4-1963 Lorain Ohio Jo Portaro Beauty Salon fAngela DiLuciano, Owneri 567 West Broad Street FAirfaX 2-2226 Elyria Ohio Best Wishes From A Wilmot Printing Company 229 Temple Court FA. 2-9626 Elyria Ohio Lorain County's Largest Automotive Parts Distributor Machine Shop Service Warranty Service Phone FA. 2-5457 The Eldotread Company 107 Broad Street Elyria 01-110 Brandau Jewelers Let Us Show You Next Door To Sears. A DiHm0f1d In The Diamond Scope Phone FA. 2-7529 The Savings Deposit Bank 81 Trust Co. "Elyria's Oldest Bank With The Newest Look" Completely Remodelled And Air Conditioned For Your Greater Convenience And Banking Pleasure 59' uznara 3' "fDg'?,,gL,',25,""f We Pay 396 On Savings Accounts Q p ig Q ext . viuemoef' DetzeI's Garage International Trucks Ferguson And Massey Harris Tractors And Implements Sales-Service 323094 Detroit Road Phone WE. 4-2120 C. F. Miller Trucking Top Soil, Cinders, Fill Sand Stoney Ridge Road Phone WE. 4-4512 HiII's Motor Sales 81 Service Mechanical Service On All Makes Of Cars Complete Body And Fender Work Frame Straightening 6: Wheel Alighment Phone Day: WE. 4-6125 35060 Detroit At Iaycox Night Phone: WE. 3-6772 Avon, Ohio Compliments Of Avon Cleaners WEstmore 4-5137 367 37 Detroit Road Kiser's Tavern Carry Out Headquarters In The Heart Of Avon Melsport Tavern Liquor Beer Wine Colored Television Detroit Road Avon "Julius and Johns" French-Creek Tavern Beverages-Good Meals-Sandwiches q Corner Routes 611 And 254 Avon Phone WE. 4-8297 Ohio Avon Food Fair "Most Modern Independent Food Store In Lorain County" Store Hours 8-7 Monday, Tuesday 8-12 Wednesday 8-7 Thursday 8-8 Friday, Saturday 8-I Sunday Avon Detroit Road Ohio The Hoffman-Hubbard Company 200 Middle Avenue Elyria Ohio General Insurance-Bonds p The Northern Savings 81 loan Company Middle Avenue At Second Street 3 lf296 Insured Savings 3 IXZZ Current Current Eugene Hubbard Rate Rate Detroit Road Loans On First Mortgage Loans Avon Ohio Elyria Ohio For The Finest Desks , Chairs , Typewriters, Adding Machines, Earn 3 1f2'-26 Cabinets, Files, Office Supplies . Anticipated Dividends Time Payment Plan On All Machines. We Supply Complete Sales And with Service On All School And Office Furniture, Machines Security And Supplies . -i2,NS s-ini D Y Q rea. 1 , 2252- S i V Q 4 212, L ' , Y, ' Zir' ' 4 Q ' . Vlz A T Baker's Office Equipment Co Bak er Building Elyria Ohio Opposite Sears' Lot-Free Parking Accounts Insured To S10 , O00 Security Federal Savings' - 81 loan Association 1 2 0 0 Huron Road I L Across From Ha1le's Day's Hardware Distributor For Rawlings Sporting Goods Visit Our 2nd Floor Gift Department Lorain County's Finest Established 1896 Phone FA. 3-1626 365 Broad St. Elyria, Ohio Ostrov' s Complete Shoe Departments For The Family Footwear Needs "'Dress Shoes 'School Shoes' "Dance Footwear "Majorette Boots Lorain County's Most Complete Shoe Stores Elyria Lorain 345 Broad St. 524 Broadway Central Book Store 37 1 Broad Street FA. 2-7729 Elyria Ohio lorain Printing Company 1 310 Colorado Ave . AT1antic 8 -9 l 8 7 Printers 6: Lithographers Since 1 9 0 5 Lorain Ohio The Men's Shop "On The Square" First With The New Things Everything In Sporting Goods Class 8: Club Sweaters 6: Jackets Elyria Ohio Hess Pharmacies 148 Middle Avenue FA. 2-4525 112 East Broad FA. 3-1923 616 Cleveland EM. 6-6600 Elyria Ohio P AngeIina's House of Pizza 703 Cleveland .Street Phone Elyria EM. 60-543 Elyria Ohio Harryfs Men's Wear 700 Broadway,-300 Broad Street CH. 4-1404 Phone 3353 Lorain, Ohio Elyria, Ohio Fred 81 Stan's Texaco Service 36412 Detroit Road Phone WB. 4-4245 Compliments Of Avon Hardware 81 Equipment 36735 Detroit Road Phone WE. 4-7231 Avon Ohio Avon Ohio Katie Kreuzer's Country Place Ca5p9r'5 Garage 32045 Detroit Road Phone WEstmore 4-8292 Avon Ohio Piazza's Greenhouse 35688 Detroit Road Avon Ohio Hite's "Garden of Avon" Quality Fruits Sr Produce 35669 Detroit Road WE. 4-5895 Avon Ohio 36780 Detroit Road Phone WE. 4-5115 Avon Ohio Best Wishes Don's Barber Shop Avon Lake's Newest In The Saddle Building At Stop 65 41 Shop With Confidence At Hart's For Diamonds Lorain County's Largest Iewelers Two Friendly Stores 575 Broadway 219 Sheffield Shopping Center "Use Hart's Easier Budget Plan" 1 Norwalk Truck lines 1120 Colorado Avenue Lorain Ohio Paul's Auto Body Paul G Walt At Your Service Expert Body 6: Fender Repairs Auto Painting 217 Colorado Avenue Phone AT. 8-9129 Lorain Ohio "Furniture Of Distinction" Delis Bros. Furniture Co. Peter C. Delis 12-24 Broadway Phone CH. 5-6984 Lorain Ohio "Compliments Of" Crystal Clear Cleaners Lorain Ohio Compliments Of Gary Edsel Sales, Inc.. 5260 Broadway Phone CH. 5-6509 Lorain Ohio Compliments Of 8 lorain Window Shade 81 Gift Shop, Inc. 209 West 5th Street Phone 5-6223 lerry's Restaurant "The All-Night Restaurant" Real Hungarian Chicken Paprikas Every Wednesday 1631 Broadway Phone BR. 6-2281 Lorain Ohio Ceramics, Enameling, And Art The Clay Barrel "The Biggest Little Hobby Shop In Lorain County" 17th Oberlin Lorain Ohio Garber Insurance Agency ' Domestic Upholstery Insurance Of All Kinds 1354 Colorado Avenue Phone ATlantic 1-9 167 Custom Craftsmanship 243 East Erie Avenue Gordon Garber Bill Hemminger Phones Phone AT. 8-3134 ATlantic 8-3140 CHerry 6-3362 Lorain Ohio Lorain Ohio Compliments Of 7 Brown s Pharmacy Fountain Service 450 East Erie Avenue A Phone AT1antic 8-8213 Lorain Ohio Hageman Shoe Company 387 Broadway Lorain Ohio Hi-Pi Headquarters' Heisner Radio, Inc. 215 East Erie Avenue Lorain Ohio School Rentals Harry Herman Music Co. Broadway Building Phone CH. 6-3353 Lorain 01-110 Sam Klein Company Men's And Boys' Wear With Style 4 2 5 Broadway Lorain Ohio Mah Television - Appliance 445 Broadway Special Discount To Graduates New Owners Iohn Iones William Mays Lorain Chio 0wen's Record Rack Compliments Of 5 7 "Lorain County's Largest Stock S Of Records And Hi-Fi Phonograph" 611 Broadway 617 Broadway Sodas Malts Sandwiches Call CH. 6-1933 Hot Lunches Lorain Ohio Lorain Ohio For Lasting Memory Compliments Of Have Your Photographs Made By . , - Se moufs Jewel Mrchael s Studio and Y W Camera Center 622 Brvadway Lorain Ohio Lorain Ohio courtesy Of Sun.Way l Hour Dry Cleaning Sobel Jewelers N0 Extra Charge 641 Broadway 517 Broadway Phone CHerry 4-4074 Lorain Ohio Lorain Ohio Carek Horrst, Inc. Carpet Specrahsts "Say It With Flowers" 351 Broadway ' Phone CH. 5-6471 Wire Her Flowers Thru "Carek" 6500 Bonded Agents Carpet Cleaning Lorain Ohio Lorain Ohio Shank's Marine Sales 81 Service Outboard Motors Boats -Trailers -Acces sories 37399 French Creek Road Phone WEQ 4-4276 Avon Ohio Compliments Of Q Avon Pet Shop 37200 Detroit Road Phone WE. 4-4213 Avon Ohio TomIin's Service Tires -Batteries -Lubrication Auto Parts St Supplies-Towing 37135 Detroit Road Hemmingefs Sundco Service Front End Alignment Complete Brake Service Avon Ohio Avon Ohio Avon ServifeC0. Avon lake reed Mill Complete Welding A Lawn Seeds Light Machinery-G enera l Fertilizers Avon ohio Avon Lake ohio Mary's Beauty Salon Buck Hardware 81 Supply 37079 Detroit Road Phone WE. 4-5118 Avon Ohio Hair Cutting G Permanents Corner Of Nagel 8: Detroit Roads Phone 44-4574 Closed Mondays Avon Ohio "You're Never In Doubt When You Deal With" Prout Chevrolet 112 East Bridge Street Phone FA. 2 -4695 Elyria Ohio "Where Customers Leave As Friends Payne lincoln-Mercury, Inc. 230 Broad Street Phone FA. 3-32 60 I. R. Dall Ford Sales Pay More? What For? "Deal Vllith Dall" 100 Broad Street Phone PA. 2-4648 Elyria Ohio Economy Motor Sales, Inc. Oldsmobile-C adillac Sales And Service 101-103 Broad Street Phone FA. 2-4667 Or FA. 2-0724 Elyria Ohio Elyria Ohio Forestone Restaurant lipp's Tea 81 China Store Finest Foods Home Made Candies China, Glassware, Gifts Houseware 636 Broadway Phone 5 -5 34 1 Lorain Ohio lou's Dept. Store 812 Broadway Next To Stone's Grill Ladies ' -Men's Children' s Clothing We Give Eagle Stamps 7 1 4 Broadway Phone 2 -177 1 Lorain Ohio Drlscol Muslc Co. 1000 Broadway Pianos-Organs Musical Instruments Rent To Buy Lorain Ohio - Compliments Of 9 Dairymens Grade "A" Milk-Dairy Products ' Ice Cream l4l5 Oberlin At Your Door Or Favorite Store g Lorain Ohio ORchard l-2 300 WEstmore 4-4369 Trimmers Jewelry Diamonds -Watches -Iewelry 444 Broadway Lorain Ohio .I ' . GERHART I-NC. Serving Lorain 6: Vicinity For Over 60 Years Tip Top Drive In 1742 North Ridge, Lorain Phone CEdar 3-9863 Detroit Road Ohio Harmon-Nielson Co. Complete Home Furnishings 2063 North Ridge 'Road CRoute 2541 Phone FAirfax 2-3098 Vincent Ohio Howard Iohnson's Restaurant 895 Lorain Boulevard Phone FA. 2-3520 Elyria Ohio i0hnson's Grocery 4802 Detroit Road Fleet Wing Gasoline 61 Oils Groceries! 6: Meats Bowman's Ice Cream Sheffield Qhjho Dugan's Donuts 605 Cleveland Street EMerson 6-7.18 1 Elyria Ohio The lowe Brothers Company Home-Maintenance-Industrial 584 West Broad Street FA. 2-1824 Elyria Ohio WaIter's Shoes Distributors For American Girl Shoes 340 Broad Street Elyria Ohio Compliments Of Givner' s Tuxedo Rental "Tops In Formal Wear" "Special Prices Por Proms" 10th 6: Broadwav Evening Appointments-CH. 4-1892 Lorain Qhjho 'Pormals 'Cocktail Dresses For Proms And Graduation Over 150 Styles To Choose From Use Our Convenient Lay-Away Plan Sally Don O'N eil Center Nationally Advertis ed Watches - Diamonds -Jewelry Silverware MiIton's Your Credit Ieweler 544 Broad Street E1YTii'1 Ohio Price Insurance Agency Insurance-Surety Bonds 1 15 Fourth Street CH. 4-3207 Lorain Ohio Flash Cleaners O'Neil-Sheffield Shopping Center CH. 3-6212 Lorain 01110 Body And Fender Work Auto Painting Oak Motors Complete Auto Service 2240 Wooster Road 27303 Detroit Phone ED. 1-4214 TRinity 1 - 1 688 Western Auto Store Hardware-Auto Supplies Toys -Fishing Tackle Compliments Of George Billing Hurst 33452 Lake Road Phone WE. 3-3264 Riverwood Beauty Shop Rocky River Ohio Avon Lake Ohio Compliments Of leo R. Meyer Motor Company G1ad's Shoe Store O B 0 0 S t e r S Lorain, Ohio Marge's Beauty Salon Lorain, Ohio Fisher Brothers' Dry Goods Lorain, Ohio Brownie's Market Sheffield Lake, Ohio Avon Motor Sales Avon, Ohio R1gbee's Kiddieland Lorain, Ohio Nelis Wallpaper And Paint 858 Broadway, Lorain, Ohio T. N. Molas And 'Sons' Furniture- 936 Broadway, Lorain, Ohio UISIINEIIUN wigh Qchook COQQQQQQ and Qlnivensities PUBLISHING COMPANY MARCELINE, Mnssounl CZZZ711 THIS A NUAL BELONGS TO Z ws-V I I l

Suggestions in the Avon High School - Highlights Yearbook (Avon, OH) collection:

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Avon High School - Highlights Yearbook (Avon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 54

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