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Q26 IW? fffwfizfdf Rwffidfiwd wmv? J? jx! I J Q 0 0 IJEDICHTIUH To Albert M Bakeman, who has devoted so much time and effort to our high school problems, ve, the class of l9b8, dedicate this yearbook Mr Bakeman's counsel along with his abun dant sense of humor has guided us through fruit ful and happy school days We shall always remember him with love and respect 3 f .H+ U 0 . - 0 0 BUHHD UF EDUCHTIUH Vincent Gledhill President James E. Donley Harold D. Hunt Earle J House Stanley H. Peck let 2nd rd Nth Row Row Row Row Greene, C Achilles, B Ledin, A Sciarrino, McAllister, S Shults, L Fox, J Roe, V Signer Dye, E Pulte Armstrong, L Minlchello, M Shults, I Cunico, Wilson, H Jessen, K Desmond, H Robinson Blake, A Bakeman, W Smith, D Healey, W Snyder, Shaut, J Ledin, E Spraker Absent G Benjamin 4 0 : CI l 0 O R. Lamont O : Ee 0 Q I Q . , L. . 3 . : H. . . . W .... O : Ee I O O C E0 0 Q "' 0 N ,, M im EE' R+, HU I 1 X W 'ff' , K - - I , I , 5 , Tl A2 1 ' x K-, .sx s 4' X 8. g Ng xi x .wf"" U , fi lf, A A ,rf ' jf Lx xxx N D XXX A 3 ' x 1 N WXAX m Xu X XXXX-xx ' M Nw N w X - xy X. QW X X 90 u XV X , X ,, X MX" - ff' X N 2 M X -X N ' XA,-N K1 X Q . f . A Q X Q x X - l Y f K5 X, ,iff- ,153 jg, 5 Li- 'j5f, X XQENTL 13 'ff ff Student Council, Pres Yearbook Staff Basketball F F A Football Junior Secretary Chorus Richard Alderman 'Herby' Serenade of the Bells 'A brilliant mind and pleasing personality 5en10P Play Baseball JUn10P Play Football 5eU10P President Student Council officer Sophomore president Yearbook staff Future plans Scientist Walter Alsheimer halt My How the Time Goes By 'Quiet and unassuming Therefore one must know him to appreciate him Future plans Big League Baseball Vera Bates n rgyn How Soon? 'A smile and word for all ' Junior play F H A Senior play Yearbook staff Future plane Housewife ' 'X O -J " I ' U -' f . .weird 'Q gkfkffq xg gf? V -- iigfff " " L: W. 1:55 V6 . . . . 'Laugh and the world laughs with you Chorus Band Orchestra F F A Basketball 'A cheery grin, a qulck hello, Those things tell us why we like her so Junior play Senior play Yearbook staff Pres of F H A Raymond Calkins Calvert The Old Lamp Lighter Football Baseball Yearbook staff Student Council Senior play Future plans Farming Elmina Jones Minnie When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again 'Short, but sweet ' Junior play Orchestra Yearbook staff Band Eye staff Static staff Future plans Stenographer Doris Howie Doris In a Little Bookshop Basketball Future plans--Housewife Qkdr 7 'Hermon' Daniel McCallum 'Mao Duff' Four Leaf Clover When taller stories are told, I will tell them Junior play Senior play F F A Freshman Secretary Freshman Treasurer Student Council Future plans Farming Joyce Parker 'Pickle' Junior Vice Pres Senior Vice Pres Student Council officer fl 5 Orchestra Dramatics Club Lyle Hughes I'm My Own Grand Paw 'Why should I worry? Nothing is worth 1t.' Band Dramatics Club President Orchestra Junior play Chorue Senior play Sophomore Secretary Senior Secretary Future plans--Farming Now Ie the Hour True to her work, her word and her friend Junior play Senior play Editor of Static Yearbook Staff Future plans live on a ranch in Texas 8 0 I ' 1 . ,I ek Band Eye Staff d': ' x S ,,, 5 ' A in Junior play Baseball F F A Football Student Council Eye staff Basketball Yearbook staff ! Student Council Basketball F H A Yearbook staff Leslie Parsons Pepsi Four Leaf Clover 'An energetic, willing worker ' Future plans-Business School Margaret Ann Pease Marg Serenade of the Bells 'Sober, but not serious Junior play Chorus Student Council Yearbook staff Chorus Pres Basketball Library Club Future plans Culvert Beautlolan School Geraldine Preston Goan 'If I'm Lucky' Junior play Chorus Senior play Future plans Business School 9 I I I I F .I C ,nA' ke 5 j 7g -- 2915 1 f I I George Reynolds Murphy Too Fat Polka 'Let schoolmasters puzzle their brains With grammar and nonsense and learning F F A Track ff Static sta ggglgr slag Yearbook staff Football Dramatic Club Basketball Future plans Navy Laura Saltsman Near You 'What is life without a little seasoning 'ilu Freshman Pres Yearbook Editor Junior Pres 9en10P Play Senior Treas Cheerleader Student Council Vice Pres G A A Eye Editor Asst Static Editor Future plans Home in Denver, with white wood work In September of the year l9b4, 14 lucky pupils entered Mrs BenJam1n's Freshman class After January the number was increased to 28 During the year we held two parties at the school Our Sophomore year found thirty pupils in the class During this year the class h ld e s veral parties, one of which was held at the Bath roller skating rink By the Junior year our class had slowly diminished to twenty one Durin thi g s y ar the most exciting part was the Junior play, 'Almost Eighteen' We also held the most success ful dance in the history or the school, netting us S70 September, l9b7, found us ntering our long awaited senior term with Mrs Ledin as our advisor We presented the play 'The Night Owl' This and our Curtis drive brought in most of our money to be used on our trip Our Senior year came to an end with a trip to Washington and N w York City 10 7 u u D , Ol ,R sv if tx -v 'Salty' .' .45 K S I 0 . lilnssns 'x Qi! 559' N vm L x ' I A, el 0' 2, fi: fx, f ' 1 f 4 9 X L f. J, J 'W Y f' :X ,fi Kf .f 5 Q I Second Row Traphagen, Y Kellogg, M Wightman, B Germon, E Longwell, Whitehead, P Sager, H Kulikowski, E Billings, R Mattoon Third Row Bates, P Sherrin Helm, E Winslow, H Shlll, G Thorsen Fr derick, Mr Snyder Fourth Row Samuelson R Lewis The Junior Class started out with twenty two members and elected the following officers President, Marjorie Shill Vice President, Margelia Wightman Secretary, Yvonne Kellogg Treasurer, Carl Samuelson Student Council Representative, Robert Lewis Our first undertaking was a class party on February 17 A good time was enjoyed by 18 members and U guests February 23 we sponsored Heaney, The Magician and cleared a good sum March 13 we had another class party The class went to Bath and had their choice of going skating, bowling, or to a movle Our Junior Play, 'Calm Yourself', was presented April 23. The cast was as follows. Fred, Robert Lewis: Fannie, Gloria Thorseng Barbara, Yvonne Kellogg: Harold, Carl Samuelson: Lucy, Marcella Wightmang Jack, Robert Mattoong Mrs. Wonder, Helen Kulikowskig Mr. Wonder, Carlton Caster: Charlotte Traphagen: and Bill Smith. 12 . X' K wr X ' P L F V A v First Row: R. Wilson, R. Fox, C. Castor, W. Smith 2 co 0 Q s . L. - . . . , : R. . - . ' . . D. e . : C. , . SUPHUHIUHES ls 2nd rd Nth Row Row Row Row Billings E Day B Hughes B Jackson, F Fox, D Thomas Blake, P, Warner: J Ostrander, D Putnam, J Alderman, Longwell, B Saxton, D Hall, H Hoffman, G Slayton, W N P Cifsgfgnd, nayggpron, nr shaun, J Cleveland, J Grundel The Sophomores started High School with Mr Paul as their advisor They had a hay ride to Loon Lake, then went skating Toward the end of the year they enjoyed a party at Mr Paul's home When they became Sophomores, they lost a r w members but gained Ernestine Day from Arkport Mr Shaut became their advisor They had a dance and a skating party which they all enjoyed T3 sl x f 1 , Q Q 6 to 2 Me 0 ' ' . ' . 2 B. 0 ' ' ' D. Collins, H. Frederick 3 0 2 Ho 0 ' . . R. - o 2 so 0 ' ' . FHESHIHEH 2nd rd th th Row Row Row Row Hamilton, J Smith, E Shaut, T Muth Allen, T Costley L Frederick, J Davis, M Saltsman, Armstrong, J Vasko, D Owens, D Remchuck Keeler, J Lyke, R Bunnlng, F Kidder, E Golfred, D Harris N Shaver, D Cleland, D Mulliken N Soucy, S Hudson, E Jackson, B Wilson, C Cleland, K Gilbert, R Burdln, R Axtell Mr Ledin, H Shlll, H Ingraham The large Freshman class has Mr Ledin as its class advisor They were very active in School affairs During the y ar they had a Sadie Hawkins party at which food, zames and dancing were enjoyed by all. Also they enjoyed a skating party. The assembly, which they put on, was written by Lenora Frederick, a member of their class. lb X 1 , if dl .J 5. K 1 Q T .. Q lst. Row: C. Van Hueen, D. Razey, M. Pierce, J. Kellogg, B. Palmer, Ol O O O O o 2 Ea Q , o 0 s Ja O O O 0 3 I 2 Ao O l 5 O O Lb O : O , . I . I . O . O I 5 . 2 . , . . . . EIGHTH GHHDE SEVENTH GHHIJE SIXTH GHHDE HHH HHHDE 16 FUUHTH GHHDE THIRD GHHDE Al 17 SECUHD GRHDE FIRST GHHDE HIHDEHGHRTEH Z 1 W M E5 Bi g 0 Q- ' ev X I W x x X9 W is 'e ffl A V A g 1 P - -X ,Mx 1 X i 'f L-Rcqcfey , A sf ll .Av hfiv ff L fix' fs 3 hm If -A. O I 441005 xX Q5 -is 'i. .mrbfw GA' if df 5 W Jo 'H' 'fbi ,gf Q3-:A 'x 'B 114 --.-IA ln 'vw f-Q, 'WS- it 4 wax? nies.,-,w..,, V5 Q 5- if gs 1 'I K - E-fr' My jv- H '41 Oo Y1SNsW' gg A ,J if, ,r ,, lx QD G, .............. .,... . .. X A-6 'f Av UEHRBUUH STHFF xi Seated Standing Saltsman, E Jones Mrs Ledin, J Parker, L Hughes Bates, G Reynolds, R Alderman, R Calkins, Parsons, G Preston, M Pease, D Howie, W Alsheimer, McCallum EDITOR IN CHIEF AS'IqTANT EDITOR Laura Saltsman Lyle Hughes PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR George Reynolds Raymond Calkins Gean Preston BUSINESS EDITOR ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER Richard Alderman SPORTS EDITORS Leslie Parsons Vera Bates CLUB EDITORS Margaret Ann Pease Daniel McCallum TYPISTS.. .... ....... Elmina Jones Joyce Parker ART EDITORS.... ....Walt Alsheimer Doris Howie ADVISOR..... ' oolooxrso 22 STUDENT IIUUIICIL E P1189 R E Sh ut N Owens J Ald rman, R Wagnnrn egg ng: R Rygders, H Kullkowski Y Kellogg. G Preston' M Pease' J Slayton now K Gilbert, n McCallum, M S11111, R I-811165 it Samuegson gow My Bakeman, R Alderman, W Alsheimer, L a sman, Parker, R Calkins The Student Council is the gov rning group of the student body Walter Alsheimer is the president, winning the honor from Margelia Wightman early in the first s meet r Laura Saltsman was elected vice pr sident, Richard Alderman, treasurer, and Joyce Parker, sec retary Mr Bakeman is the advisor The Council is made up of two repres ntatlves from each class and one representative from each of the organizations in school During the year four of the Council memb rs went to Alfred Almond High School to talk wfth the principal and council members Later in the y ar all of the Council members, excepting the Seniors, went to the Student Council conference at Geneseo. 25 C I ' ls A 1' . I ,x s 1, , , , C ' , , r ' V Y ,, N H A ' . N 43 9 n v I ' n u -f n Q 0 ' Q : o ' , . . . 0 ' Q . o rd: 2 0 ' . . . the 2 0 ' ' , 0 ' S . 9 S Q 9 - o o o . S s 9 - , s E UHUHESTRH BHHD ZLL SEHIUH UHUHUS JUNIOR CHUHUS 25 FFH First Row Second Row Third Row Cleland, J Vaeko, O Hamilton, E Shaut, D Owens, Caster, D Mulliken Smith, R Axtell, D Hall, R Calkins, G Reynolds, Cleveland, D Fredrick, H Ingranam, D McCullum Burdin, H Shlll, Mr qhaut, S Saxton, L Parsons 'N-Q First Row Second Rom Third Row E1 K lloez, W Wizhtman, V Bates, G Preston, E Golfred B1ll4n9e, I Billings, L Mhlthead, Miss Lamont J Qmith hlnelow, J Lyke goetl y, J Davie, Allen, D Collins, J Ald rman 07 26 T Co 0 Q . o 0 C. . I W. o o 0 0 J 0 l ' U 5 f Ro 0 I v ' ' Af 'f .Q 5 1- 9 ,, k kt. V I 7- ' 'C L-4 2 Y. e U, ,, 5 , J , , ': E. - S L. 5 . ' , , , y A. ' . : T. e . E. . . e, A. . SENIOR PLHU P Alderman, L Saltsman, G Preston, R Calkins, J Parker, G Reynolds L Hughes, V Bates, D McCallum, D Howie First Row: P. Warner, P. Sager, E. Longwell, B. Jackson, Y. Kellogg Second Row: J. Alderman, J. Oetrander, B. Blake, E. Jackson,B. Wilson J. Armstrong, G. Thorsen, C. Traphagen, H. Kulikoveki Third Row: Miss Siznor, L. Salteman 27 o??ii , wi 1' g,,' 5 1 . 5 , 4' L H H H 5. 5.9! ax 30-I J i , ' x t, Q gig . g 1 -1 LH. . KL - 1 W, ' ' .gg ,-if . e ff: If , Y ' 2 - .. 132, C ' - EI . u ' : ',,,,1 '- ' 1 1,4 -- Y ff QQ X! Cs YXNX X E f ' X I 'QA HC' rm X Q., 2 off ,ffisi H- C f ,H w ,X ' 1 Zn f xx . y- I9 B xx ,K 5 xx X? I 1 2452-' 'Hay .-,, 5 Z M-, 9 Q 0 A D xx XX 5 FXR X J V YL, ,ff 1' N A f f j ,rg N "aid ff f - jg, ' 'J-7 if " "5-1, fsi' . 11.2 I C , 6'4" W g! . M I J' 'fi' f ' . -,Y 4 ' 4f - A 'f ' -if 1 ' 4 'f fnffff ' X9 , f - f 1 ' 4' 2 ? V A 4' : f .Z . , x N 71 -1 ' f ,3 -,ll Q 5224 , 4 ,V X K Y k- vu? in First Row L Parsons, W Silsbe , R Calkins, L Karr, C Samuelson Second Row S Cleland, R Lewis, G Reynolds, Mr Ryther S B Jacxson, C Traphagen, G Thorsen, M Wlzhtmar, Y Kellogg .JO .I W J my b ,sa 1 7 A . ,.A, q F Q .. A . , , I '3 if fs ,2 1, - I . - 4,!,4' Q 4 JUHIUH VHHSITU First How D Shill, B Mattoon, B Wagner, C Castor, H Hoffman Second Row G Slayton, J Vaeko, J Slayton, K Gilbert, H Longwell Mr Ryther B. Hughes, B. Blake, P. Warner, J. Oetrander, E. Jackson 31 17,75 V' , 'D it 7 I . I I ' 4 " ,b -. , Q .2 BT' 1 A k I k V sa f Y . , ' U H . ' "' 1 f : X S- - ,R , . if 2 . . . h . Q 2 o a Q o u u F S ,s. T ' . E ' 'fx I , . 1' 'X , xg V . X , , . -p 1 , I. A "' x -, BHSEBHLL M Of-N if First Row Second Row Riff Wagner, W Silsbee, H Alshicmer, L Parsons, warner, D Alderman wilson, W Smith, C Samuelson, H Hoffman, B Wagner Mattoon, Mr Ryther Junlun ,BQSHQQHLL Front Row Mr Ryth r, R Noble, R Evans, E Clark, G Slayton, L Samuelson, J Potter Second Row B Snyder, J Shaver, H Edgecomb, D Neu, R Lyons, D Danielson, A Dockstader, D Sager, T Shaver 32 F TBHL 393 SGW S gzggkg. W Alsheimer, H Hoffman, R Calkins, L Parsons, n ow N Shaver R Alderman D Shill G Re ld K G 3rd How Mr Ryther, R Harr1s,,Mr Ledln, yno B llbert SPORTS RECORD 1947 U8 Football Th football season was a successful one, wlth our team w4nn1ng six games whll los'ng only thre We won our s ctlon of the l ague, then defeated Hammondsport in the County s ml finals, but lost to Woodhull in the finals for the County championship in a thrilling game played at Savona Baseball The team played an leven game schedule in l9b7, winning five Th best game of the season was a 3 2 win over Cohocton who ended up County champs This Spring hopes are high for a successful season because many veterans are back, and the experience gained from the Summer baseball league has strengthened us Varsity Basketball We had one of our most unsuccessful seasons this year with a record of only 5 wins in 16 games, yet we did finish fourth in our own league An inexperienced squad, plus several mid season injuries contributed to a mediocre season Vtctories over Cohoctor, Savona, and Prattsburg high- lighted the s ason Les Parsons was high individual scorer with 123 points in 16 games Junior Varsity Basketball The J V 's had an excellent record this year with ll victories in 17 games The team captured the Championship of our own Eastern 'C league with lO wins and 2 losses. They then lost to Greenwood in the playoff for the County championship at Canisteo. With most of the squad expected to graduate to the Varsity next year a strong team is anticipated The team had no outstanding stars, but instead employed clever passwork and strong defensive play to build its record. 33 . I . V 1 I T ,i I 5. , . - ' 1" . 1314.45 ,- ll O : o , S . o . 0 ' 0 0 0 Q o ' ' 0 n , , . 0 . o , . . Q . V - ,. , . e - B . e. e e 5 9 - .. as n 9 I Q 6 V - c c ,- o , e Q D . o o c I u . CHFETEHIH STHFF 7, Hd I BUS DRIVERS ' -. .- . - - ,nina fu- - 31+ HUVEIJTISIHB 'O' S95 4 C fo of Q 6 fo A OO sf 1 Q 454 f QNX Q io X Nc fo-X? 646 2674 Af O4 2 44 4, xg . W A if ' ,, Q' A 4 Q QU Qxg Q L09 Sw Q' I OU X964 N Z5 xc, J X Q9 5 'f 0 QQ X-2 J We Q 5 x0 AO!! Prnce 5 Ccmdyn-B C Qodga QP i f Qhwikzf U f AEQUQZ MW ZWZZW 'TONY5 STORE ga ar Nojcnons O C Sm JKHS Resfaunxnif QW MW? t SEQ U 'je?ersom, E MZZ' .jimdwlf Wi V1nCewffHedhll Cowvan B Sit Jr I Wiamgaanf ,card C k VCA Gvn7a.lfmwnI4f Gwswo QMA fgwmxx CWC CY' CZ? Q5 : N Qoaefuaued, 3 6 x ev GAS 'U E I Phan Avoc Y . 9 I 7 . 7 f A 1 5 D It urs Q ' jigjqli fi z A W Wearin el K Q Ano H and Yl ,SQ ' Une orner 'ix Q Q "Russo Jackson Prof- . Q ' i P A P Y :th , ,pyihisv The esf ao,2NewY0rK P afoes O 'E ' Centra Office: Av0C0.,Sfeube.rL Co. 2 N-Y ' U I J f Q 5 37221.40 A- Yf A ' I . l QV r 41,0 9 ' A 0 -Y- . , -T gui - Q'-f - W CALKINS 1 f HAQowARE Wfaabzf lf, '77ZQAff4e6 ,Haier 9 eff'g3,F2 QWIGHTMAN fe ,easel Feed S 049004, QQMZLA WMWMAM Z X Uafzgrwdw fa Zfl0!7S SfGVGDOWHS Avoca Red WLWH ff? WWWJW ,QMZMQZ Jfmwmmea -fikdnaaw' jo! Jubmoff 1-Qvalf Farm Mn P !fjf4'Da,f Feds QPU C Thomas C Qfafzefwwzo pharmgg-y Bafh NY Phone 61 W Gmffw Jef M COHN 49 SON QQDWMJMUWQ Ouffifers fo My men women and ch fdren 'Q Wg? 3 Z Bai g l 37 Qdwflgfww WMM JJ5' WM YDIC fbbzh V Q 9' Service I , f 1 ' 1 1 V ff! p fl I 591' 1 Q Q -'C5' j"g"fEf', izf: f - av S D LW --rj 9 . , Q fy, N A Com fments ' 0 f W 3 . Shad ,U 5 V Q M f 1 e A fi ee -N ' e Q . K! r 25 Liberfy Sf. 2 e 1 ' ' Haskfn ville NA V- I - gf W 5 . , J 9 1 Q i S O " if 13 li M f f I jSQf if X J fl , . . . f 11 Ny. f -fy. , 5 777' A H Pease Gfoceree-D S and Hard wares Phone W0 F 1+ 7707zaAaAff4D1M4f Jammab WWA? vamw Howard Y Emma!! had 72? ikfaak 64 F L. Sm HW, if 49 QQQZMAWMV Dry G0odS Ready fo Wear BQH2, .QLf,Dmw,c2,.44n1eawzA The D ICI' e vafazffvjfw WWF? Pharmac Wxllwwfg azfjyfvw Zaman -fazfwuwwwf la coxanvp ,V fu? ew 47? 3 L berry Sf Bam NY Ph e 327 Qfmaaany dau! Medway Q -f0?41-nu .dbzfwaa 73,52 Comp! Cb77? -H-ARRY CLYMO WMMEJZQWE MW Wzdwca WGHCLCC Phare 4XvoC,a ISF-'13 ewmfffa 47 Q JD Reynofds 5 fo re IHI5 Mlnaey fds ff ah E P Sf Medic 178 14170, Genemf Mercfvand ze Q C55 EJ am Ph ne q3F'l3 Wallace G' CahUzaoZ7f74sg A5a4f!' 75 an 57mma 22 7M4,fz,.-JC Q0-gm, 7' Php 72 7,7 an G. EUGENE SCHUTZ Geneml TVMCKIH Baslc BLLIK Lvme Delvered and Spread w lace, NY 38 Phone flvacaf 93 FU! l Q We ' a a a , - , ' is .0 i E3 ,- l 'W' Ny N. . , . . ' 1 H ' ' 'K W igq ' fn" H 'V 'vw Y'-D A e 4' .7 . a ---- S. . 1 1 e, W, Q H i 7555! Z : - ' Q i ' J " I d A on 1 farvenfs 'I A Q - 3 of u W . ,, . It 1' . ng Grocer a ' re an 2 I . I. s xx f4 e , ...R Q -- ' 7' Xi Q I ., Ny I I my ' 3 . d 12' . .l, 'I X I 'f zu X , fk- '-9 al . - u I WI? Qf0 FQ h From ifffe JWQVW Gas Lzfjeizczszf H0uSe of Phafagrapb Bxffg my aww C ' WWA ZLzmw49fu7,,452w P1 ff B 5 52' WAWW Q Wa 0 cf 5 ?y?f',4-4,-af WSJ rv Fw fn vamp ff? 67 JMU L 1 QQ? PGS? Wl9hGS 7Zwwv -Gu 5,0 ii? SENJORS nc! Wada C iz Ms Lkiiers I ' QM 3 2 E N'- 0 rf GC 99 - . ' any fmefrfs Q J 7 of Q 5 ar any are f aff C tffjzf- r ef GFGC S -Z0 - ' 5 E05 er25f-oak -Q ' X6 Alam . E Z J . 1 30f77,D fAfH6ffZf'S . ' of V from ai Amway ' - - - ,- A LLC? Q, fglf' ' ffl' ez 'L 0 0' f 99 1 ' f are A V li' I v7Jh..ff,gv, w , Lv . . If 1' 1 I V v Lyvytv I, D V1 9 an VN 99:5 4' :ite J' .114 D l de, B 42. . '1 ' 5' Ar N 33' ' ' A-3 fl-ll " ' if: I4 ' x, ,,i. ,Q U . I 4 S x .. " -.f 0 . 9 -. 4 :, ,Blix W, is '14 , um s" Q, 5 3

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