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1 E ! J X ihW?, ,YN K'9' 1 ?'1'l" 1Xgg X i W- 179 i ' 1 It 1 'X .I H WJ 9 'r 1 1 , 455 'Q THEME The rapid transition which has occurred in America through scien tific and cultural advancement proves both educational and in- spiring. The 1941 Avocan presents a picturesque review of the year's activities and endeavors to con- trast the present with the past. THE LVOCAN we Q. 7121 fl mi Z,fiQ2ti!?JfU Q ,WW MYIXW WW XY Mxi XWNMM ,r I Q V Rkq vig I ,T , A A gg lm Lx. , L 5"f'x It X if 513' :I W J' 9-Xe 0 gs'-rx 9.9 ef.,-1 V99 he 51 0 AVN" l 'll sf' 5 5 Dear old flvoca, l1ow our lwcarls are loound lo llwce. lnllly clxolcc circle, Tl1erc's a place lormc. Golden days ol sludy Fill our llcarls vlfllx logllcsl praise, Vllorll and play as slmlenlslill our lwappy days. CHORUS: 57 Avoca, Alma Wlalcr, . Wg QW 7 7 c Loud our songs lo llucc we ralsc, Avoca, Alma Mann 5' Bless Thee all Thy days. -l-lay gloruous Favors, loyal sludcnls loudly img. Our loesl' clcvollons, we wlllw gladness luring. We fltlfl' FUTQQT Tllll, HESSCJ sclwool we love 50 well. We wlll ever love Tlwce wlmerc so e'er we dwell. W M My ,x J' f ' 0 0 +9 f? f x? h f ag .QP of Q C v ,I 'Q' 9 0? Q O ,QQ Nfl? X 60' 'sg if if 5 2: X IHIIEIUDIMEXIVINUDN 5 -lp... li- To our principal, Edward M. B1 whose untiring efforts and wide vision have made Avooa Central School what it who has laid the foundation of what it yet to be, and who has seen the school rise from a humble beginning to a posi tion of high rank among the central schools of the state, le gratefully dedicate this 1941 Avocan. HW, ake , is, is 3 x THE AVOCAN Q5- fam Q 4 Ziff iii Wei NPI' L12 I I' W fre I, IFMEIU ILIYY l Bottom Row: H. Harp, M. Hawkins, B. Mattice, L. Tillman, D. Shults, H. Connor, C. Wescott Second Row: R. Gaiser, W. Ghesbrough, E. Blake, M. Armstrong, H. MacMillan, L. Bullett Third Row: J. Mattice, S. Shults, C. French, M. Shults, E. Goodspeed, M. Hauss, G. Benjamin Fourth Row: M. Lyke, D. Carroll, E. Gardner, A. Rippey, L. Baker, V. Strong, B. Bruen Not Shown: E. McAllister, P. Fox One cold frosty morning in the year 1840, several boys waited furtively, but gleefully, in a country store opposite the schoolhouse. They were waiting for the bell to ring, but nine o'clock came, and no bellg nine-thirty and then ten, - still no bell. These boys, the night before, had palntaklngly climbed to the belfry, turned the bell over and filled it with water, knowing that by morning it would be frozen and no bell could summon them to class. Inside the schoolhouse was one large room with a long, low stove near the center for heat and desks were built along the walls. The teacher.was en- throned upon a platform where his all-seeing eye could detect the playful or the loiterer, and with a birch ruler bring him back to the pursuit of knowledge. Even with all that has been said and written about these early schools, they were a definite step forward in free, public education. It was left for America to provide universal education, Education was needed for everyone if people were to understand the principles and problems of American Democracy. Standards have been rapidly advanced for teacher tralningg men and women are entering the profession today to pursue it as their life work. America Marches On! - and with it, Education goes hand in hand. 'f!1..N 1 . 7, , I 'K CAXN, ff mm Avocm SIYMPIF From left no right: w. Jones, 1. Benson, L. Mattoonf L- Conklin. F. Crocker, M. Wilson Editor - Winifred Jones Asst. Ed. - Isabelle Hughes, Florence Olmsted, Stanley Fox Bus. Mgr. - Eileen Rundell Assts. - Betty Brown, Dorothy Wright, Gordon Margeson Art Ed. - Floyd Crocker Assts. - Viola Walruth, Donald Weber Sports Ed. - Irvin Benson Asst. - Mildred Towner Photography Ed. - LaVerne Conklin Club Ed. - Leah Mattoon Asst. - Carol Campbell Literary Ed. - Mary Wilson Trees, flowers and birds Democracy I see. For everywhere I look about, UNCLE SAM AND I United States of America I Peace hath our God given, It means so much to me: America he has blestg Now, my fellow-citizens, We must do the rest. We, who are the youth, TBI AYOGAN Even seem to know That our love for America Will never cease to grow. Can overcome the wrong If daily we set out to bear All our burdens with a song. You are our life, America, We'll love you till we dieg And we'll always be filled with pride 'When Old Glory passes by. Look about you, Americans, See your blessings hereg Look again, Americans, What have we to fear? Ellen Collins WHAT UNCLE SAM MEANS TO ME A century and a half ago a new government was ordained in America founded on something almost new to Europeans - Liberty. In the years that have followed, the United States of America has become a design for equality and justice, leading nations-and peoples to liberalism all over the world. Today this takes on new significance. With oppression and suffering being felt all about her, America becomes a sanctuary of these principles, not only to others who, in peril and distress, look to her for aid and relief, but also to Americans in whom are awakened a new devotion and greater zeal for making them secure. Uncle Sam guarantees us Liberty with happiness and security and provides equal opportunities for all his people. An American's life and possessions are his own, to be used for whatever he desires: he is called upon for his services and contributions only when the safety and integrity of the country is at stake. Ours is the right to worship God in the church of our choice, subject only to the dictates of our own conscience. The decisions of life are left with us. We are free to frame and carry out our own ideas, to criticize the government, and to suggest improvements. We are endowed with the right to express our views peacefully to others. But, this is only the beginning of the kindness of Uncle Sam. These personal liberties and many more are guaranteed to all citizens alike, to the merchant or the farmer, the minister or the office holder, the industrial worker or the business magnate. The franchise is granted to all citizens who are capable and deserving of a voice in governmental affairs. The great fortunes and opportunities of this vast land of almost unlimited resources are free and open to all who will only invite opportunity to their doors. As a student, I know the boundless possibilities offered in schools to every American boy or girl who is eager to prepare his life for a useful future. Probably the most precious endowment which Uncle Sam can offer is the felicity which we enjoy. In this traditional land of peace and comparative security, we are fairly safe from repeated and disastrous hostility and strife between nations which so often shatters the tranquility of human existence. In this country, states, of a size to be considered nations elsewhere, are joined in mutual friendship and diffidence, all deriving their authority from the central government. Here, peoples of scores of nationalities, religions, races and creeds, are united with one ultimate goal - to form a perfect democracy. Here we can pass our lives in happiness, comparative peace and reasonable abundance. Let us, as Americans, rally ardently to the defense of our beloved WLand of the free and home of the brave,W for in the realm of Uncle Sam, Compassion and the Golden Rule prevail rather than Oppression and Iron Rule. Fred L. Sharp 6 E- 67 pu: 2 , 3. , 3- i' VM X277 ff ff!! f 1 war fldll -THE LVOCAH X SS ff! j 1 W" I2 'fugaigiz if' E .rig-5-' , ,....-- if , ,5- ,.Q- ' . --,f' gm rl ,- ' ,,7, ,,, ' f if 5 --i -4,4 c y' 73 3 , 4 7 ' I ' ' fx ff 4 I ,f 1 ' E f ff 'aff 7 7:1 f ,, , , ' ff. 97' wg ,gg f n ,fn 4 T? EQQTAN 141' f ., 4,1 7 sq" if? T," 1 'H b Ami fl QQQXL I Y 1"X ,fx 1 591 I -s- mm svocur wf, bff President ftwyz. President Senior Clase, President F. F. A., Student Council Honor Club, Dramatics, Interclass Foot- ball, Basketball V1ce'Pres1dent lLQfu4p Jnu4f Literary, Honor, Hiking Club, Yearbook, Chorus, Public Speaking, Dramatics, Ping Pong, Archery, Interclass Soft- ball, Basketball, Volley Ball Secretary Treasurer Student Council, Home Ec., Honor, Hiking Club, Newspaper, Chorus , Honor Club, Yearbook, Archery, Dramatics, Ping Pong, Interclass Basketball, Soft- ball, Volley Ball Home Ec. Club, Ping Pong, Archery, Interclass Basketball, Soft- ball, Volley Ball In the fall of '29, fifteen frightened, yet happy students, found their way to the first grade where Miss Baker greeted them. Here they learned the three nR'sn and had their first glimpse of school life. Only three members of this graduating group were in that first grade class: Stanley Fox, Betty Brown, and Floyd Crocker. Others joined the ranks as the years passed by and our school life rapidly expanded. Exciting and puzzling experiences awaited the students in grammar school. However, through the patience and efforts of our teachers, this illustrious class passed from the eighth grade into a high school full of new opportunities and achievements. High school life has been both happy and exciting. In the junior year, the class entered the new modern monument for the promotion of knowledge, and a more proud or happier group of Juniors could not be found The highlights of the year were a play, 'Aunt Susie Shoots the Norks , and a very successful Junior Prom. At last the students came to their last school year of secondary education. The students of our class adopted their new title of nSeniorsn with the greatest dignity and pride and selected Stanley Fox as their leader. Through the ,ff earnest endeavors and cooperation of the faculty advisor, Miss Connor, and all the members of the W class of '41 the goal was reached: a trip to Washington, I3.C., and graduation ---the f C M, result of perseverance, hard work and f" , many happy hours of student life. X if 'r!ff',f n !y,, 4 s f X ,Lfff W ' 5 7 4 qllfh X E55 '- ,o "2 'M 4- 6 ,ft '.., ,f xbsQE.- 'd'ZC' 'QE F. F. A., Science Club, Airplane Club, Interclass Soft- ball, Basketball, Volley Ball, Football flfmlf Cgfalfvwiaana Qgq,,4,x F. F. A., Student Council, Science Club, Varsity Basketball, Softball, Foot- ball, Interclass Basketball, Foot- ball, volley Ball Science, Radio, Honor Club, Year- book, Chorus, Literary Club, Dramatlcs, Inter- class Basketball, Football, Volley Ball THE AVOCLN 49 HW Student Council, Home Ec., Science, Radio, Literary, Hiking, Honor Clubs, Yearbook, Chorus, Orches- tra, Cheer Lead- ing, Newspaper, All Intra-Murals .Mayw-WW F. F. A., Chorus, Airplane Club, Varsity Basket- ball, Interclass QMQ. C....,,,2..J.9.. Student Council, Home Ec., Hiking, Literary, Honor Clubs, Yearbook, Science, Airplane, Yearbook Chorus Orchestra, Drama tice, Public n Airplane Club Interclass Soft ball, Basketball Basketball Newspaper, Chorus Speaking, Inter Volley Ball Band, Dramatios, class Basketball Fgotball Archery, Cheer Leading, Ping Pong A1l.Intra-Murals I w x, 9 v 'x xx S A Wfwwwfp WF F WM e A 43? X Jig X X xwgk 6-' at xg M' gf Honor Club, Dramatlcs, Inter- clase Basketball, Baseball, President Home Ec. Club . F. A., Science, Honor, Literary Clubs, Dramatics, Band, Varsity Basket- ball, Inter- class Softball, Basketball, Foot- ball, Baseball Lniwwww Student Council, Home Ec., Archery, Literary, Hiking, Newspaper, Chorus Honor Club, Band, Orchestra, Dramatlcs, Cheer- leading, Yearbook All Intra-murals 10 TBI LVOCAN ,y ,NX 353- , an - , ,S 429,-.vm 'VQW-QgM"" Science, Hongz, Library Literary, Clubs, Home Ee., Chorus, Orchestra, Ping Pong, Arch- ery, D. A. R. Contest, Inter- olass Softball, Volley Ball F. F. A., Student Council, Literary, Honor, Airplane Club, Dramatics, Inter- class Basketball, Baseball, Foot- ball Home Ec., Library Hiking, Honor Club, Chorus, Archery, Inter- claes Softball, Volley Ball, Ping Pong Student Council, Home Ec. Science, Library Council, Honor Club, Ping Pong, Interclass Basketball, News- paper, Hiking, Yearbook, Archery, Dramatics Home Ec., Library, Hiking, Chorus, Honor Club, Ping Pong, Archery, Interolass Soft- ball, Volley Ball Jiillnfiiguvavvrlf - I..- THE AFOCLK l P.,., an-11-Xi I X X Elm, Home Ee., Library, Literary, Hiking, Honor, Yearbook, Newspaper, Ping Pong, Archery, Interclaes Volley Ball, Basketball, Softball ffycflffbvf Qfewcvrj Home Ec., Hiking, Grchestra, Honor, Public Speaking, Dramatios, Band, Yearbook, Inter- class Softball, Volley Ball, Bas- ketball Qs'-Jqwb Home Ee. onor Club, Chorus, Dramatlcs, Arch- ery, Plng Pong, Interclass Basketball, Softball, Volley Ball 1ICoQn.lkIol:uLENL Home Eo. Club, Honor Club, Yearbook, Volley Ball Ping Pong, lnter- class Softball QW! ZW Vyfwfvffeefwf F. F. A., Yearbook, Interclass Football Honor, Home Eo., Hiking Club, Yearbook, News- paper, Dramatics, Basketball, Cheer Leading, Archery, Ping Pong Reba! 1014411 F. F. A., Varsity Basketball Interclass Softball, Basketball, Football 0 jmmym Interolass Basketball, Soft ball, Football, Valley Ball, Varsity Baseball Soccer Basket- ball, bramatics, Honor Club, Ping Pong Z 443 f lix fx rlL2fx X 5 'Tin 5 ,T Mita xg' 11 1 E at ' Z . ' e 1 ., r 4 X S, 12 '-Qs' E? f'.:-TJ? Q ui' kl. :K 5-:LL -::El.. N ""'T'f::QiPT .- '+ 'Qs 'snug if Top Row: M. Stowe, A. Bardeen, R. Vightman, M. Hayes, R. Conklin C. Mitchell Second Row: S. Kennedy, N. Mattoon, D. Burns, E. Towner, A. Wood: E. Armstrong Third Row: F. Stoddard, J. Hoffman Fourth Row: R. Becker, M. E. Hopkins Eifth Row: E. Tadder, L. Millard, D. Wallace. D- 5589? Sixth Row: R. Fox S. Baker, R Donley, E J Ketch Q5 'ago 43' wg. AQQ. ,vi ' ,"5Q 59. K : 1 , . . . 9 I Bottom-Row: D. Preston, C. Collins, M. Mullikin, L. Wright, W. Wilson J, ' A '5- !Lf,. ' "i ' xgki V I X .iz fm suv , nl? CJon It-1 , A' fl . . ' K Gtov-pq 7 wx A.. i W, A . Q ,G G sr. us 9' Q3 Around the "S" starting from the top: R. Ron S se, N. Hevill, E. Shafer, J. Hudson, C. towe, E. Wagner, H. Mckinstry, J. Goodrich, T. Katner, J. Blanchard, G. Fosdeck, E. Loucks, G. Myers, A. Lyke, B. Webb, H. Barnes, A. Glover, J. Golfred, R. Stoddard, W. Mattoon, H. Weber, C. Mattoon, M. Chapman, E. Wright, F. Sharp, H. Griswold, A. Cooley, K. Kell ogg, L. Conklin, E. Collins, G. Keyser , . 48 Jfafcs TBI LYOGII 5'- 'QV' Top Row: S. Sager. D. Cleveland, H. Neu.fe.ng, L. Davis, R. Nicholson, V. Towner, R. Bennett, M. Fox Second. Row: K. Hayes, B. Story, L. Robords, E. Hammond., R. McKinstry, E. Harrian, M. Kennedy V. Wise Third Row: J. Kellogg, J. Burdin Fourth Row: D. Were, C. Walker Fifth Row: G. Hughes, IB. Rynders, E. Myers, F. Vesoslqr, A. Olmstead, F. Smith Sixth Row: R. Robo:-ds, C. Geer, A. Sprague, Seventh Row: J. Blake, E. Bardgen Eighth Row: M,Stand.ley, W. Hopkins Ninth Row: H. Armstrong, C. McAllister Bottom Row: K. Winters, L. Saltsman X TH! LYOC-LII' 6 I' 1 H .II 5 1 Q. , , W ,.n I fs Bottom Row: Second Row: Third Row: Top How: YN HTH IDA T. G. W. F. L. i Q ff Harrian, W. Robards, H. Katner, D. Bates, J. lyke, E. Dockstader, M. Wheaton, R. Parsons, M. Mattoon. Benjamin, E. Parsons, M. Shaver, R. Collins, C. Willis, L. Golfred, M.J. Gay, E. Vesosky, H. Mullikin, Ketch. Pound, K. Parsons, S. Remchuk, D. Wheaton, W. Wood, A. Harris, B. Wilson, F. Walker. Warner, C. Wightman, E. Robinson, J. Hope, M. Preston, B. Horton, V. Kilbury, H. Buckley, M. Cleland. 15 Top L ,fm Bottom Row: M. Billings, E. Hughe D. Lewis, E. Avery, C. Smith, V. Bates, N. Paine, R. Wagner, M. Myers. Second Row: T. Coots, A. Hammond, R. Chapman, J.No'b1e, L. Kidder, H. Mattoon, B. Scott, H. Sharp, E. McLaughlin, D. Carey. Third Row: D. Ke110gg. H. Green, T. Lake, C. Willis, W. Shaver, J. Rundell, N. Hayes. G. Evans, C. Pease, S.Sager, L. Gifford, E. Hode, Lt V. Nichols, M. Stone. ' L. Robbins, A. Green, M. Saltsman, A. Jones, Sager, M. Traphagen, M. Smith, C. Nichols. "' if K. Ketch, T. Wightmem, 0. Stanton, K ,-'in' XS f 9 , -Jafflr k ....... .- .-1'1Fvf:" X bv. Q W H is ask my R5 Seed s in xuf Muskefee r5 1 Bgak WOTFWS Q a Wclous Circle www . 3001? Week .95"...'.':."' ...Mk I - fir WWF?" 152-isir f Ili 1-A TBI LYON! MEIVII HVIIIES ' ml QUIW 3 lTfB'E EQ- -' 'ihgs f sf 'S J 'K 4 x 1 X X Lit 1 1 , ,,f-"xy M I F u SINUIUPIEN NF 5 Y QT 4 -jyi .1 f -1? it ' 'Ei ll!!-l at Z. Eigt, Q ,.:a: a,Mjf' ',V f L u , yi! 'fo im! J, , , 5 x 39769, , THE AFOGAN Bottom Row: F. Alderman, D. Wallace, L' C0nk1inv E- Bafdeen Second Row: B- Horton, D- Wright. F- Sharp. L- Banter' D' Sager Third Row: v. Gear, L. Livingston. S- FOX. D- Burns. B- Brown The student Council met once a month to decide what measures should be taken on questions concerning student and school activities. The first meeting was held on October ll, 1940. It was decided to lend Dana Wallace, School paper business manager, a sum up to ten dollars, to start the nstat1c.N At the December meeting the president appointed a committee to work with him, in consenting to parties connected with the school. They were: Virginia Geer, John Goodrich, Merlyn Stowe, Dorothy Wright. At this meeting the Seniors were granted permission to sell candy at basket- ball games. It was decided that two votes must be cast against an Honor Club applicant rather than one to eliminate favoritism and mistakes. The Council decided to compel Freshman to learn the School 'Alma Matern, under penalty of singing it alone in assembly. nThey learned it well.n The Student Council decided to have a shake up in the method of choosing Honor Club members. The new minimum requirements of the set up are: 801 monthly average, good school spirit, praise-worthy conduct, at least one extra-curricular activity for anyone taking less than five credits, and neatness to be decided by regular locker inspection. The application sheets were reworded to eliminate , Yes, No, questions. "" ! E i. M-- 18 qggigi-,inns-ir, i 'E-: Q F1 "- ""-'v:.'-17.7 'hi X I 1 k :' . 1 U .- I I .n - 1 941 I f s., 5 I 1 1 Q, Qu If 1 :lu , 141114, YQ! . . ' Bottom Row: C. Hughes, J. Hudson, R. Wise, A. Olmsted Second Row: T. Calkins, S. Fox, G. Margeson, L. Akins, F. Alderman Third Row: F. Hayes, E. Bardeen, M. Fairbz-other, W. Mattoon, J. Goodrich, V. Wise, W. Top Row: E. Loucks, B. Ry-nders, D. Weber, C. Geer, R. Becker, E. Armstrong, E. Drake Last fall, the F. F. A. attended the State Fair at Syracuse and the Bath Fair. The boys judged potatoes, horses, poultry and dairy cattle. Later in the year, the club was host to the County F. F. A. Rally. Here the boys won first place in shop skill and in judging livestock. The Christmas decorations for A. C. S. were made by the Agriculture IV Classy Don Weber was the artist. The entire design was made out of wallboard and displayed on the roof of the school building. The class was awarded a prize by the Avoca Service Club for having the best Christmas display in Avoca Monthly meetings of the F. F. A. are held in the gymnasium. At these meetings, the boys discuss farm life and the problems involved in farm work. The Board of Education presented the club with a year's subscription to the Farm Bureau paper. This gift has been appreciated and has become very educational. During the summer vacation, Mr. Bullett visits the farm of each one of the F. F. A. boys and gives them helpful advice concerning their projects. Each member of the F. F. A. keeps an accurate record of his farm produce and a final report is made at the end of the year as to the time spent and profit made. Two girls have taken the Agriculture course this year, and have shown their superiority in this line of work. The F. F. A. members review the year's activity with pride and consider it most valuable and beneficial. Hopkins IBIUNSIEN nwnsulvn Bottom Row: J. Goodrich, C. Geer, T. Katner Second Row: C. Stowe, E. Drake, E. Loucks TBI ANOCAI Third Row: E. Bardeen, G. Fosdeck, L. Conklin, J. Blake, E. Wagner Top Row: B. Story, R- McKinstry, H. McK1nstry, S. Sager, M. Kennedy The Bunsen Burners, organized under the supervision of Mr. Gsiser, have thoroughly convinced the students of A. C. S. that they are vitally interested in Science. The objectives of the club are to foster a greater interest in the study of science and to help the students plan for future activities in the realm of science. The meetings of the club are well attended, and a spirit of interest and cooperation is very obvious. The science club has affiliated with The American Institute of Science and Engineering Clubs. The 'Bunsen Burners' are outstanding in their scientific advancement and deserve commendation for their excellent cooperation. 20 I, L X' n pf .E :FZlIh. :Eiilh..f: I Xt X x. ,- K f 'l f rs AJ - .1-. 'ff X-,., i .sal 1+-.1 .4 L.--1.-':".5',2-."""'...-A . IPKAIUIIIIHD QLILIUIE. f- 5555 if Bottom Row: D. Burns, G. Benjamin, C. Mattoon Second Row: J- Blake, E. Wagner Third Row: F. Sharp, I. Benson. H. McKinstry Each morning during the school year, students are notified concerning ath- letic contests, club meetings and other extra-curricular events. A special news commentator Fred Sharp - sum arizes the latest national and international newsg James Blake comments on school news. Every Wednesday morning selections from the Bible are read. The radio broadcast has greatly increased and arroused interest in school life and all that it offers to students of A. C. S. This club, organized in 1938, has been of the greatest service to all the students and faculty members. As special features, the Radio Club has produced short one act plays and ,has given educational comments on the various movies shown during the year. 21 nm lvocin pwililwn' i""""-I QUMIIEMMMNCB Bottom Row: A. Wood, I. Hughes, C. Campbell, H. Parsons, L. Mattson, B. Brown Second Row: M. Reeves, V. Walruth, A. Lyke, J. Golfred, K. Kellogg, M. Goodrich Third Row: E. Tadder, D. Sager, E. Bowen, A. Cooley, M. Chapman, M.'Mullik1n Top Row: M. Towner, F. Stoddard, J. Hoffman, M. Wilson, N. Mattoon, D. Preston Homemaking A includes home project work, cooking and serving meals, clothing selection and sewing. During the past year, the girls have made dresses and clothing for needy children. Every two weeks luncheons have been served for the various teachers. In assembly a fashion show was featured at which time the girls modeled articles of clothing they had made. At the Father and Son Banquet the Homemaking A club served the meal and displaye their cooking art. The Homemaking B course has been divided into four separate units: house planning, house decoration, house furnishing and house care. The class has planned and decorated model rooms, a slip cover for the studio couch, and a scale drawing of the Homemaking house. At the regular monthly meetings, the members of the club have learned how to knit, how to make various kinds of candy and attractive gifts. Buffet suppers have been served and successful parties have been planned. Recently the club visited Wayland Chair Factory and observed the methods of constructing furniture. I I N Cwm 0350 C7Q 4hCIGlYWOvQf30 hi .fa uh Slhpfi dfvneh 51',vgvi1'nu6,litie.v'i3 us its-un Lubitsi-nhni csvtim- Faibat Cen ivvra-ali hu Amt Causal PYS1'-1 """- ""Ef"'HtTr?'?' Euhu li m I ,' Sitting: J. Hoffman, D. Burns, M. E. Hopkins, N. Mattoon Standing: D. Wallace, A. Bardeen, L. Wright, R. Conklin, R. Vlightman During the past year, the' Junior Class has sponsored the school paper in connection with their class work in English III. Four editions of the paper have been published and, according to the comments of both students and facul- ty, this has been a successful project. The editor and members of the staff wish to take this opportunity to thank the advisors for their excellent advice and helpfulness. Because of this, we, the Junior Class, have published a school paper far superior to any of previous years. This experience has taught us the fundamentals of journalism, coopera- tion with our fellow classmates, and, last but not least, it has greatly aided us in our study of English. Although the paper has required much hard work, it has been one of the most enjoyable events of the year. 23 TBI LVOGLI Ir- vi. " ' vQN 1,11 1? J-A 5431? r-'E-' I CSE 32 --. ...EZ-5:3 4 . 5 4. ". ,S , D f . 1 ,DU r .'- ,, ' . . f 3 -, L..: '-'H nu . 4-1' rl. , TL1 ,.--:am 1- 4. A V A rr---, 'r ' fi ,I 5-4 f..,E 4 D-A, . -- .4 .'::'m 2,1 li., A Ag- -L 'L 'fe' -b.n rift: ..---' '-' ae' 2. V-f I' . -5. 4- .Law , V - , A-..-, W - Y----- 'V- - S f X K I THE AVOCAN H .Q SIENIIIHP IF' 7. H I E X. A R T I . ' M M 1 7 r 'ff . K' 511 T .' 4: .4 El ' fi .a " ' il 4 1 1 HM :lf l T R 0 n B L E Sitting: M. Goodrich, M. Towner, D. Wright, J. Trojawnoski, L. Mattlon Standing: S. Fox, J. Wagner, M. Wilson, Miss Connor CD1rectorl, C. Campbell, F. House, G. Margeson JUN II QUDIFK, PLAY O H P R O M I S E M E 4a Bottom Row: L. Millard, R. Donley, M. E. Hopkins, J. Hoffman Second Row: E. Towner, D. Burns, S. Kennedy, M. Mullikin ,Top Row: E. Armstrong, C. Mitchell, R. Wightman, R. Fox 2k T 25 BAN M J. Noble, G. Stryker, C. Hughes, E. Hughes, R. McKinstry Second Row: C. Smith, S. Sager, E. Wagner, A. Sprague, F. Sharp, C. McAllister, H. McKinstry, V. Kilbury, A. Cooley Third Row: M. J. Gay, H. Armstrong, E. Collins, H. Griswold, A. Bardeen, B. Webb. K. Winters, J. Horton, M. Fox UHIUIIQIUS Bottom Row: M. Fox, E. Shafer, W. Jones, I. Hughes, E. Tovner, V. Geer, R. McKinstry, E. Baker, J. Blanchard Second Row: J. Hudson, K. Winters, T. Katner, C. Stowe, F. Sharp, E. Wagner, H. Armstrong, A. Sprague, F. Vesosky, M. E. Hopkins Third Row: H. McKinstry, J. Burdin, J. Goodrich, L. Conklin, H. Griswold, G. Keyser, B. Rynders, T. Calkins, G. Fosdeck Fourth Row: A. Cooley, N. Havill, A. Glover, D. Burns, E. Collins, A. Lyke, M. Millikinf E. J. Ketch, S. Kennedy, D. Myers, D. Preston Top Row: I. Benson, G. Myers, E. Tadder, M. Chapman, R. Donley, H. Weber, K. Kellogg, D. Cleveland, B. Webb, V. Towner, D. Wright, L. Saxton, L. Livingston CHDIPMEIHIE STI?-EA Sitting: C. Wightman, B. Horton, J. Golfred, A. Cooley, M. Mattoon, E. Towner, G. Keyser, B. Webb, A. Bardeen, C. McAllister, R. McKinstry, R. Donley, B. Brown, L. Warner, N. Havill, I. Hughes, J. Noble, W. Ketch, K. Winters, D. Cleveland, F. Sharp, V. Geer Standing: A. Sprague, B. Rynders, B. Story, L. Livingston, H. McKinstry, E. Wagner, R. Wightman, J. Blake, A. Glover, C. Hughes, G. Fosdeck, E. Hughes, C. Smith, S. Sager, R. McKinstry, M. Fox, Bottom Row: M. Mattoon, B. Story, H. Sharp, rf 1 F A 'e 0 I A - I G J if ff I J 5- , . IF' X 5, rfb sf BASEBALL W f "' x B .pf - If f .rf :ff Athletics for the 1940-'41 season at A.C.S. started off with softball. As this sport had not been included in interscholastic athletics until this year, our team was not too suc- cessful. The varsity surprised the school, however, by conquering an all-star team made up of faculty members. Bottom Row: R. Nicholson, G- Fosdeck, B. Story, J. Blake, E. Drake Second Row: J. Hudson, J. Goodrich, B. Wilson, H. McKinstry, A. Bardeen Top Row: M. Stowe, R. Becker, C. Mitchell, J. Hovey, R. Stoddard, E. Loucke IHSASIMELITHMLL Basketball came next and there were many candidates for both the varsity and junior varsity teams. No league games were won, but several heart- breakers were lost to slightly superior teams. The junior varsity won about half of their games - and adopted the name, "Mighty negate." We are anticipating a championship team when they become juniors and seniors. i Bottom Row: B. Story, S. Sager, R. McKinstry, J. Blake Second Row: R. Stoddard, R. Becker, B. Wilson, R. Wise, C. Stowe, M. Stowe, I. Benson Cmanagerj Top Row: G. Fosdeck, C. Mitchell, J. Hovey, Coach, R. Wightman, H. McKinstry, J. Hudson 6 Q K Ibm 26 'Nb-IR vi ' fc ' ! A .2 gl N 41-5 13. ' 'ff ff nl 'eerie E ?ugg,,- Tm: Avocm ' f- " ' A S B033-H8 and w1'9St15-T18 Champiofli G1r1's Intramural Champions 2' Bottom Row: T. Wightman, R. Wise, J. Goodrich, J. Blanchard Left to right: N. Mattoon, S. Kennedy, D. Burns, Top Row: F. Walker, B. Cragg, C. Mitchell, D. Carey, H. Mattoon, E. Towner, R. Donlay, E.J. Ketch, D. Sager. C. Ostrander, N. Katner Kon Goodrich'e shoulderl Ping Pong Boy's Intramural Champions vw Left to right: M. E. Hopkins, M. Wilson, D. Sager, D. Burns Left to right: E. Bardeen, J. Blake, M. Stowe, I. Benson, R. Nicholson. Cheerleaders 27 Bottom Row' S Kenned E Shafer C Campbell J Hoffman . . y, . , . , . Top Row: L. Mattoon, M. Wilson, R. Donley, A. Cooley, B. Bxovn . VJ wiin!lK 41 X. -.4-,,...4 111 'Nh , f "" ee 'g h 76 W KI C o 'A'T'i"'m'.!l'm,' lfnf -D ffl V , -' xii?-'C - i- 5. Compliments of a friend Compliments of RAYMOND A. FREEBURG Registered Architect X "1 ia R ' . ini 'f 'fff "S 'f 'ii P 2' 'if Q' ' "s .-. 3-7?-Q53 SUTDOL BU5Jff.x?",, 'g "ix:-h -L' 'ASK' ' i','x', Q. rs?y'7 NGO, 'S ."'5T'i xiiiiiiffff: R' '-".,-"'.-'! C ' irlgiifig f0NE ..,':i:g 9 Nznskzif 1 1':"f ?". ' .Ja P s 4- IJ. I W ,gi z., 2.55:--,U .- J, : .4sf5gp Wan 1, .- .J72,.". Wi:-Z.. , gizl ,. 3:3 1 ,,:, ,- W .-gszlf-S-f'?i21.f:ggg :- . . F:"'. :A MJ' .MAb W' Sa ery Q Cjeperwdabmy as ecommy A Model for Every Requirement Manufactured by IBROCKWAYMOTORCOHPANYINC Factory em General Office - c o R T L A N D, .N. 'I Compliments of THE L. W. SINGER COMPANY publishers of the PROSE AND POETRY SERIES used in Avoca Central School A. McHenry G Co. Quality Jewelry for over 88 years 106 Main St. Hornel1,N.Y. Compliments of the Womens' Civic Art Club Compliments of a friend Lest, , ' Q 1' 'A A'-'P'f 'x" ip -v ' 'A if 2' Z Jay? xg Autographs Ju 17053 6 720-4161. M44 K 91.966, , 0 RgSQ,kNW.a.?.a JMW CZ. W 'Y A9231 5"A"C7b?.S'i'..'35f.L+51.,4".'f'A" fffff 1 h 6 qc,-ffilsi A+. 53'-mga 'V' k tl 'uzigtopf h u' iirv . . 222.5-, 4 jjnngu Tfwww www ffwl. ww A ff PLANOGRAPHFD wm.J.K:l..l,.:f2 . .... .,.A A A , WWW i

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