Averett University - Pendulum Yearbook (Danville, VA)

 - Class of 1948

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Averett University - Pendulum Yearbook (Danville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 16 of 112
Page 16 of 112

Averett University - Pendulum Yearbook (Danville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 15
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Averett University - Pendulum Yearbook (Danville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 17
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Page 16 text:

' Cizmfmmw me L wb- 'fi' if , , , , K , . . . ..,, r 35:72 . Y .H , , . - A , . , - ,, ,. - r-MM ' -4 - W - ' H' -' ' ' 'A ""' ' " K ' "M "-'J' '5-1U , K' ',, - 2 F ' Qr14:1l',E" 'I-44--4' ,-'-..4:il-g-'-511.5-fJIZQ""'1' QL. if-iii'-A-fx --"f " - ' "' ' , , I I' , - A..,,w,... , . Q Y Z 7 Z 1 ,, 2 .,: , 'fi' f Z7 17? 5 7 f .4 K? ff' ff '4 4 'f TEACHERS AT WORK MARY E. MCCAIN Secrelarial Science ELIZABETH OTWELL Speech and Dramatic Ari ANTOINETTE PARKER English DOROTHY J. SHIPMAN Librarian LUCILE SKINNER Piano PHYLLIS STEVENSON Organ and Theory LOIS MOORE SWANSON Horne Economics ELIZABETH WEAVER WINSTEAD Secretarial Science GEORGE ALVIS WINSTEAD Chemistry , .5-QLQ Eveff Q Lin! 0 :eP9 . lulhorlobvl , If Anefind bo -hlP '21 111' fi this Pl i ness to nu 1-his Pl willy to by 'h' nie rule a1waY5 1: other sure, WBF5 ag 1. is only til' ,abide bb nam the :hem UP' The Stu if YOU '32 the haf' over Wd' membeis, stand inl0 aw ula!l0l'l5v oil t are wise 2 in flhlprve VIISS Jl Bl ,lfxny lllg ports HW? .'anl," 5253 hvsical SJW i ns eil? Sh hp n A. , lloclzcy :mlm if ' ll live. lli: ublicily 211' 'c can CNP? 'ith Slrallll mme time eurgc WHS i 1 the sclmg-l all opens . amos havc ing pool 1- 'vryllay exe ll' lhosc wl lnlcresll: . Ilh Ellis J ance clull v 1 Tuesday 'xc Folk D Onrlal' Ever. nel some n' The png 1 for anyn: .shes In pig aflc for th' om dilllfllig I llllQl'CSl.l I. Mlri JQQQQ eds nmorn 5 'eanul On Suplfn C. the s'l'1'Qll Cllll dinner in en' juniors cal Whils usmes llw .ave peam Nc all le xnnder al ' ll was, ll class tn n have "PL Grsl in el ul fun ar sclwol w H peanua bv the 6 sludem H name Aim' li HWS he: 'H ima' ,Slgnln conlim the nn QXIYA K l'2lll!'n ,Olin n Were Thi wh 5 :- S I Ill N llhuql M PNQNJ

Page 15 text:

TEACHERS AT WORK CLAIRE JENKINS Health and Physical Education L. D. JOHNSON Religion HOWARD W. LEE Religion and Sociology MARTHA C. KNIGHT Housemotlzer MARGARET LANHAM English CHENEY WALKER LEA Director of Public Relations ELNORA INCIADDEN LIGHT Piano fy 1 J! ' - ,"f' ' ,, i . . X' Nw -. ,fy 6 Qi f so MARY LEE MARTIN Secretarial Science MARGARET ANN MASLOFF Assistant Librarian MARGARET N. MATHENY Secretarial Science I. c M M .... i I -

Page 17 text:

e ges lnmpleleu F ' ' J' "' 'V' -J I t. I R I Hong, X A i i I l :literary Soclely' ' Iona e a x G Y - , Ol' YGSI' NBIIIGC meme . . . Red Y- Q rl urne I 0ffn,erslnI,rodu1 B stlldellt 0 y e Club Begins Discussions I-O55 H S i i . 'M"i""U'N M'V0l'ilv lwuh-r's fir l --AM :x""""""""4 25, ill lllf' :w:i:eifm" rurhtv ninlli Q.-Wing' ul' - 1 ll' h , , I G N1-mn-I'hilo elm if-I - i H ...td ' , E . .. f-rv 1-lmll-sl nn Nziny i-:ill-ntslilig 1-vunls me p nu- . I C I ll lflfrpfinin, thi' X H 1 l ul hm lkvl, l::.lximlllmmi Inst MMV' h"W"l'l'l', llicriuvml for llw lnlcrimlioiml R0l1xLion::I p a a SIZE rr iyflfill llllfrllry :gm-if-g,j,,,i , :Twiy .f ww S UK 0 - 1' wen svruluil l'll'HnrUQ mm! - - - ' ir- 'l'l ' 'l lm ie' Ha. N UW". "0 luwin f tl - - , .. .. ... - - . ' - 1' .- -i lvllllb of Avulull, tiolltgt. it L ll 1 ' . , . , . , li "' l""l5' mating tha lx,.lnQls.l 1 Ttulyilllrif lv 5 .-Xislrimv In-Q-siflllm is Gem! rlqiixlt-C0m,t,l.m.d with lvhp Study mill discus- The qwdcnts of Averetl, Ciillwrh HH' LW0 Pl'0H:1lr::i1,s in Lum, ,g,.,,W f lhorilv of tw Simon ouic i is :tm I' S iris witch Q ' ' - ' ' - f x? A ' U'0f1L UH I urs' ic "amos 0 UH VI" I ' -- i - h 5. .M . H -- - ' -l Q V l . l- f ' -ll :vnml inte1n.xtmn.il ll fl U ,S i , Zn- lcd quite u v ' , I .W - union., Lf, vretl Coll'-'rZ0 Nl llmur'-S of fihuui- ollmxri' H10 S"'l""il3' Ullivulis iii? iilllkixtiniSll0llSUl'0ll bb' the Cul' Rvjillivfmlwrs or ull' Avlfrett Collegr viimniflhlliil October 9. A concert wuh FUIHHIIC Willffll fwviffty eneli would ip null honor," lt is tht- l.0ll?llp:slYI:Z lllxllllnn- Q-Ollllvil liwiiiln-rs, ,H-1, ,N 1-OI ,fcgic lq,,.il,wmQiiL fur lllL0l'l111li0l11Mm IHS: Umt "Wi 1'ec-emily with Lyon in the Avqrctt audilflflunr fo. The Cf,m,,icL,:d mtg Wm the Sghtml that tuiy stxluiiwnlnn s, Pence. who 1g1uqhL.ny' the Q-lLll5Sl1l7llS0t0I.' to doc' :min html ol' thu local dmv- John Gul-ncy, the well known fmthcug Lfmlfgll the bulletin lwurd as H! is pl,-dgc and lil-omxslwlyfsualiwl 1. ZEX and Bmulmm HMM' the president' H mm Wm big 23:1 the tvork the Ave1'etLlb:U-imyie who was a memher ofor 3 . Imssnle. 4 ss .tu uphold it wb hltivit I-the pmimn In-l-simlt-nil . lm 1 q looking Q-orwnril to the lirst ol' the ing was hom OHIISUIIS yvmf. A med- Mctmpomiun Opcrg Colngdnlfqr thirp' 'I NEMO I 'NHS l'lK'dK'? mlllflf ' 4, Y . N Yip-0 Prqgii- E i N Lnmuoy eirlit. meetings which is L0 be h the .IIN 'l Clllvnilwr 26, wit 'ind of nine YCUYS- I url L J lC3lfCfll . .. ..,... Bebe Jf ll to the best ol llvl' HNN5- uhhh Q... "nl -- MPUIILU' Vnnrr . L l' l lwt- in October The m 'fulfils and fzicullv nclvi' - h pin h crformerl in thirty oratmiqymu President A ,' the rules of the school. There will ' uumly and Twnsuwii' PM Tvuslov siiinztinies held .in Mr. gmkv Nuns mi this Y4'2lll"S ti, umm' lrtiilxycrl fifty dmcrcnt cimwiscw'-'Ull'y . . .... V U Keel ways be rules in one germ ort XIII- ROK E lhlmwzs hgmw, hut fm, uw most Igxlrlckgilllie activities discussed illlli Ejurncy WHS Hvcomvwicd tNL'ws Reporter ..., ., . - - -: in-'el-'. ' " ' - . - -' ' ,f-' '. hex .md .xlthoukh out L ou nt V n lfiblkiklll , ... ,t,I'l-'- N . ure Qunclurletl ut the colle1:0- islmw, L U thc ilO!wflll1liS with talent Pl illi 1 Morilim- ChdPl-UH. .. . .. .,Marianna Rru - -s H' tl it thev are the ldfbf- ll NIH P- -' is cud! ' 'l 5' 1' 'WW COLl1'-- ' ' 1 5 . ' ' four Pf1f'SLud- L ' ' ' " .Qs agua. m A h. H t H Qhuum N at resident ..,. ..,. S 1ll'1l lo Ilnlllmul The full tuple of the Iwiternzitia Him WM, I Ihr st in llonu- Nllmilm. Iliq selections, f-UVCII ln From LH Critic, ,....,. .,..., . Joan Suntu, - oe. . ' 'a . u X , ' ' - gnu flux .md mil iii connection uid-'15 A 'lruaisurui-, Gvm. '1-uvlm. Relations tflub has not yet betiilhns ammdv i'l.qU"1L wursv whit-h inciullgd sonirs H1 Emfhghla L pc P' 1. PHILO . Tide by mom- V H 0 mh't has Q01 KVI' N Cidudi but d""inl35 the Winter m0lC0u1's4-, i l Mimi :mil :I nutrition and Germfrrl- They wine t Q Ly 1 icmdcnbl "" "" ' -... ,..... A ngela San! ith the establishment t .x . - 1-,.cQid0,lt x the discussions will com-crux either Al 'I full ' - - mugs pm.tiCu1u,.1y enjoyahle 0 ntVice President ...,,, ,...Venda Sha mem up. n Q h 'ww Pwqmml . ., .. .loam Samtuol-i Unite' Nnlimis, Russia, 01- Imlef ,,,L.L,liHK fm-Ili flair. lhf-1.0 Wm he H lege Students. Om, dQservlr15Z EJecretary,,, luuvuqbr 'LCC Morg, The Student Council is nskmK thi! SC4"'Y'l'U'li Q N -. ..Leo Guinn: Durinlr the ycur the C2ll'llCl:f'C lercslvfl in 'd- .5i'ud'3'llS who are in- was Guion's "All Day on ther If pews Itt-porter, .,,. . ,. . Carol Luc you would road tn-or--mf Plfclic If . t imasui-er, Ann Kwlinu dowmom fm. Imcmnuunul 'mm' Rod CI-iigiiglattliis Avvrctt Col- Vu Song Written especiallqggch :CCC S,:1J1:vlaiii,L.,. I ,...,.,. .. Kitty Graha ,Q hnndbgok and possi 5 0 h x h DPS . Semis to the L-lub ten or twelve booits 111 . Gul-my, Another song W cncorctent Critic, ..,......, Marion Macaull .-el. with one of the Studcirtl Cougiciift-simlciit ,,., , Belly Hmmm! and pamphlets' 1-me uf Chu,-gc, on tremendous ovation was an . . . Q . iembers, PGYUHPS YOU C011 UW 0' 'CL' I'I'vsimlL-nl, , , Pm-15 - .- 3 world conditions. nm.. HH 'w.... H . .und it better. Then YOU Could PKSW- 19 Trcus. . . lllxirv ilidalldiilli Usually. U10 Jlllllfll' members of the xto action the sentence: "Th0S0 T01 5 K ni w - ' not chosen until the cnil nf V b f knowlcdi TPT clul .nc lations, to the est o my ' E uv, x U0 WM' lwwcvm-. ol-1 ,i re wise and just, Mui if is my t ' -S3'lVi1l Kildull' nicnilicrs ' ' . hs -v- and support them." u 5 CH .... .. ., ......,. Belle J .- - tl i' S'-lmQU'1'5' LQ Treasurer, Venda Sliirilxig mi DS X . l BEGINS .ACTIONI-.-tml, A YI-?2?i,l?i ll i- Vice Pres, 5 'Gem' Thomm H i ' I ' X ' I. V A K I ' - v SCC Q T-,. .... .. ,mu LCD Rlucnlmm: The lm I A: .itiq P,ji..slU1o1.ltlL- HJ: audi .its . ICXIS., .... . Carol Lucas 'X Stand the L Q Ii i su img t ll mtv- it slumcnl. ALPII.-X SIGMA iworld in I, a ew ith. says llvss Jenkins, our iicx-pwsidcntm mms Club C il Slflli cilixcalion teacher. 1liss.lcn- ' " A 'Q Pal Ayres q,,,,,,.,,q,q,,.,' l 2 says sho will hack ul' :mY DIZIIIS W A A a a r W A. .-X have ' - . W -vclwy season opened Slumluy, Sep- a e in ll l-rr 212 with prnclirc from four p I Y tivo. Bliss Jenkins said from the 1 lieily and interest sliuwn thus far Th W 7, 1 has been officially iw :an expect 11 goml season A grmnc Pm ,S 'hifi liresented the chapel i 01' U10 Comlng Hallow 1 Strulfurtl has liven scheduled for Puri 'fm rHlU"Sd11y. October Ili. The l azaar. Last year's i L' time in Duccinlwr Gaines with U-Odiulfc ff th? lJ1'0L?l':m1 was to in- I was Z1 great successl V20 Waslimgluii lliirli and tennis the Que-tqlf' 0nlCCI's of the WAA and i HTC looking fofwafi ie school are also planned. Basket- gm-il mu mmmg0"5 and t0 get more better event' IFS Ei opens after hockey season and r..f out .for SP01'Is and gcncmnx, lttle bit of effort Lf cs lvxrc been Dlwiiiiul The swim- 'mc the 'MCVCSL and sn -'gi ' ' Ch I ii . .. . . lcticsl I Il 111 alll- S OO. X I pool is open from four to tivo ylluy except Fruluy and Saturday. President of the - "Qld membx :hose who wish a dip. El1CZ0t Boothe, opened ?li1dd1?iI'Zifi'la?ii1' tercslinzr ulul-s have been formed 0? thsscailgliig the various activities Bliss Jenkins llll'0Cllll1I. Modern which th . A1 A skit followed in I0 cluli will meet from four to live alters WCQOWCOFS and Sports man- 'ucsday and Thursday afterxiomi. dance rele introduced. The modern Folk Dance Chili will meet on JOVCC ifiup gave their imPl'ession of lay evenings. Swimming Cluh will dagwc W I-mars poem. TTCUSS 2- folk some night tlllfllljl' the week. cl b i as prcgmltcdi and the Hockey e ping pong lable has been set Jr anyone who has free time and is to play Plans are also being - for those who want Lo learn hall daiiciixgr. lf enough people show tcrcst, these plans will be carried ss Jenkins thinks that Averett 1 more spirit. but this Jnust f--.mu the stufle"" " - 1- f xW ek' Q amile-esiablished l "ag - Q ' tom! tember 10th Ill XX arhmg Sep l ini Associailfm Oil ,. the Aun rea gave ett Coll0g0 from 'hat a rs and mer in hon0f of the Scum tt this ' iors retufnmg to Axmc d ld Jun' ' d' ussing new an 0 While WC xD 'Ou still ' Q-tion Of ' 0 5 N255 the qxezm.. was brough UP 150311 sang their Song. A few cheers Tliuodiled br U10 cheer leaders. e -w .. lll'0side1T:-lclilgil Bugket Boomc' and Claire Ca' MCS' vicopresidclllil The Sports niarisi heel-eta"Y-treasurer. Ayres: tenms THF-Ts 3,1132 h0Ckcy' PHL Un' Ann -Sui 501715: badmint- Gumn- . nt 1005 baseball, Lee V H 'i, suiniiniiig, Peggy Vance, l'?isOiKii7g1dlur.GenC Taylor: basketball. 'The me gi2Tkeg'J0neS' Diane Stevcnsoll, An- d antos, Dot Muehleisen, Flor- ence Bakos Gene and I mbers of the cast wg,-Q i ' rene P - and Jean C . -. - Ta5'U1 14119 Richev The h leads, . - ' c eer i1'l?QDramatic Club .Hi Holds Tryouts On Monday evening September 2 pealmdlied with amazement ani dau asthc Question and asked will i CY . b r the sem V decided 5 I A 'vast iiesixgixie the old tradition abt? A 0 ,, . to ' "Peanut Week dliuilgiso: week' .1 to eighth. Peanut wee d L m they ,fun and H0110 Each Sw cpl ced in H001 will ha? hal-1-nliiigi Shire will, tu Qn cto C V hi Peanudrawmg of 3 peanut by egcd the thie Peanut YOU will n ' udem. Ulf Ong of vour classmat9Sf name o ' . xthout let- fter learning who she iS:0EiwiL1 places ng her know, each dad, in her l'O0m Small gifti 01' Cilanutn This will . - ' ur . ' 'gning mfg? abgveek. The last mt: Of N tinue I qt a. week You win presgnn iiiml-urn name ,Xtra nice gm and Sig ' fc,-C th v tt1nE her lcnew that you W- YO le e who was so sweet U9 hc' on , . ut. were hu pean 1 mvcd to be one 1 1-me eel-t has P eu io 29th, the formal opening of the Av- erett Dramatic Club was held. The old members, as well as those wish- ing to join this year, were present. .The Dramatic Club has as its Presi- dent Joan Santucci with Miss Eliza-I beth Otwell as faculty advisor, Thci club holds meetings every Monday, night and it gives one semester cred- it and allows three cuts a semester. At this meeting the new people were required to fill out a form stat-I ing their names, whether they wishedi to act, prompt, take care of lights,! make-up the players, or work back stage. Requirements for admittafncei to Delta Psi Omega, the national hon-. orary dramatic fraternity, were ex- plained along with the mention off several other activities the club spon-' sors throughout the year. Each mem-' ber is awarded a certai-n amount of points for work done He must earn A w Y dagvs m AVN , . a definite number ofipqints in order S I S R C I-f A S S .up hfmme , -- -- THE CHA TICLEER group of committeesgi music, and refreshmll' eir jobs to perform Lzaar as an added atiil g forth more of ouri 'ttes. I , with the exceptioxf will be split up into ucli half having: its iresent. Several sugf llrezxtly heen submit? i are: cakes and eand telling, knick-lcnacks, and crocheted arti lls divided there wil q of friendly competi e is to he a prize axyi at booth represented,if of which will be thei lat certain hall. Wha, 1 ask? That is to ren', i the actual rewardinj' r the profits from sq' h any small amount xy have to offer. ' if: of tne best booth- intake of money, decg - 'and originality! H nice will iw' l Owe E . l 01111 1111 ' vi ces C5 . 0 014 Ltlie Ofbmeetlhrs of the r 1 C6 g' o ' 7 Vere PFS, Th etobl. - .Bieffe fge of new.. F' C lldge aves -. al-Ol , S I 13 ' an 9C'r '10 og Cf3lk,eLUC3gl eta 9011 lege Of 010389, hp Ope e V' 6 fl to 'Ce b 4 fleeemg e H115 Qapllg t was a . 1 Mans O g""e ptoers 1 f e rd the calol' the vel'-Vai Ely 817 C0 . Jclf 1 Oct del. l hllng . 191 fhibil' trys? ax AN Q yi X 1 Sgf Ca rnpusq 6 . lvefn years U11 ett was ago U16 bi I9 the H wil d , iirees awjrounds ha? d Stage dshrubs' 1, May Da eveloped HV1, f ' y ,- or lands ffxercis 8.55 Ca Gs, TxoN Ymany U1 ping is n ' ' INTERCOLLEGIATE Pnsss Assocm ' .W A -7- -:Up L. . ay h ow, lE:gi:s2zFo?i5H::Il!oI:diiaBxA SCHOLASTIC Passs Assocnvrrow T ' I M t. The furnishings A olf.er" is anywwe fjerged upjn afr thee ave Obi MEHBER OF INTEKCOLLEGIATE Pbmfsalan nw- :Loo ver rm, sphere of the Smexclusiveness, all Ontlll pla es and Sn .and im We is t l he no-nniy Su 'C 'D A Ph. N h 'Est ex I A "f'd th the Pmderg " G Q' Rec-it I after! as P11-ea busfrvved, E 1. , ""- ' ' Q ,9. H 5 es 0a r 2 w S 'r A F P Gllllg I otc anffmy Ufumn Dance October 11 ,veil b UnpZarb'e sfeackgfvundhave .,......PRI8ClLLA Nzwstt -- lying Averews .y Slud he A ,'e1'e1 ps will for .ln-Chleg H ' " ""'A' " """ ,... .......,. UAW Kmmn , K fb t autumn dance Spon - 8111 "1vh,,e of th bfipla "2 um' ' """"" "4' ' "G:f:L?nSNA-r!iiTc?i Every Wednesday 85 Chapel mme en' 4 y he Student mw.,.,..... . slred , M1.,.l' S IBM- - dow- - e SUM- Cer, f.L.' l

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